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Entire Passenger Train on the
Northern Pacific Left the
Rails — Snow Caused Disaster.
Helena, "rept. 25.—Burlington
passenger train No. 16, which left
Helena for the east by way of
Billings, ul midnight, collided with
a freight iruin near Young's Point
this forenoon.
Nineteen passengers are reported
killed and many injured. The
entire train jumped the rails.
A relief train is now being made
up at Livingstone and will bring
the dead and injured to that place.
The trains were scheduled to
pass at Young's Point, but the
flagman of the freight could not
get a warning to the passenger
train in time because of the falling
Bnow. The express car telescoped
the smoker, and iu this most of the
casualties occurred, none escaping.
The express messenger, K. W.
Leduce, of Spokane, escaped with
a few bad bruises. He found himself covered with express and
baggage and managed to crawl out
through a small hole. That he
was not killed seems marvellous.
The passenger train was in
charge of Conductor T. M. Griffin,
of Billings, Mont.,who is uninjured.
Engineer Joe Bessinger, of Billings,
after setting the brakes, jumped
through the cab window and is not
seriously hurt.
Among the injured is John
Wagner, of Coleman, Alta., whose
leg was broken.
In one place five bodies were
packed on top of one another, in
another seven had to be torn apart.
The beach is strewn with salmon cases
and gasoline drums.
Captain Farrar of the Hattie Gage
ilei.ics the statement made by Captain
Wagner and says that it was inripossi
ble for the tngB to get in near enough
to the wrecked vessel to do any good.
The crew of the Hattie Gage say that
Captain Wagner is raving mad and
that no reliance can he placed ou his
statements while he is in this physical
and mil     I condition.
Captain says Crew of  Tugs
Could have Saved People
Wkakuel, Alaska, Sept. 24—Ore
hundred and ten whites and Chinese
were swept to deat'i when the canneiy
bsrk Star nt Bengal broke to pieces on
Coronation island. Twenty-seven, including Captain Wagner, were rescind
and are nuw here, physical and mental
wrecks Irom the terrible exposure and
hardships which they underwent.
The seafaring annuls of the Pacific
coast have no more horrible record
than the destruction of the ill-fated
bark, and the deaths of tlie men who
were carried away while two tugs stood
'I'll send those tug boat captains to
San Quentin for cowardice," gasped
Captain Wagner as he was brought
ashore, unable to sit up and with voice
sunk to a hoarse whisper. The captain
o! the wrecked hark cursed the masters
of the Hattie Gage und Kayak for
cowards, who stood by and saw human
beings peiBh tiy the score when they
could have saved every one of them.
Sobbing like a baby, the burly captain of the Bengal told of how bis
vessel was allowed to drift on the
rocks, while these tugs stood by without making any effort to rescue ber,
until she broke into three pieces.
"They cut loose trom ub anJ ran
like tbe cowards they are, and let us
go to certain death. We were in ten
fathoms of water. The wind was uot
blowing so hard and tbey could have
held on to ue as well as not. We were
in plenty of water for four hours while
tbey wen. .landing by and we hoped
that every miniiie they would come
alongside. For four long despairing
hours we burned blue lights, hoping
against hope and those cowards bung
off in fear and saw good men swept
away. We blew on the nicks and
pounded to pieces. Something bit me
■ud when I came to I was on the
Two seamen, Muiraud 01*60, got a
boat off tbe Bengal and reached the
shore before the bark broke. They
remained on shore helping those wbo
were washed off, to safety and pulling
the bodies of tbe dead beyond the
reach of the sort. The captain wss
unconscious when Muir and Olsen
rescued him. Twenty-four others
reached the beach alive, but the remainder were thrown up dead. Muir
and Olsen dug 15 graves and gave the
white men burial, but all the Chinese
were lelt where they landed, as it was
physically impossible to bury them.
The Kayak took Ibe survivors off the
beach and brought them here. The
cable ship Burnside went to the scene
ol the wreck, but arrived there after
the Kayak had steamed away with tie
Captain 8'amford of the Hurnaidc
reports tbe vessel a total wreck, the
tops of twu masts alone being visible.' way in 181*0
Rev. J. R. Robertson of Revelstoke Wins Second Prize.
The Vancouver Province of Sept.
24th, says: The following interesting
annnuuceriieiit. wus made to-duy by
Mr. A. C. Flumertelt of Victoria:
'Some months ago 1 offend prizes
for the best papers touching Immigration into the various provinces of the
Dominion, and the Dominion of Canada us a whole. This competition induced a gieat many talented men
throughout Canada to express tlieir
views on tbis nust. important subject,
some fifty odd excellent papers being
received, whioh were submitted to the
following gentlemen: Proliosor Alexander of Toronto university, Dr. Porter, Dr 0. E. Moyes and Dr. Fryer of
M.Gill university, Dr. II. S. Bridges
of St. John, N. B.- Dr. H. Vl.Toiy,
president ol the University of Alberta;
Capt. Ctive Phillips Wooley, Col. F. B.
Gre.oiy and Mr David Wilson, inspector nl schools tor British Columbia,
who bail kin.Ily consented lu ncl aa a
commit lee for ihe put pose ol awarding
the prizes.
"The winners are aa follows:
"British Columbia—B E. Uosnell,
"Provinces of Alberta, Saskatche-
wan aud Manitoba—W J. Hobertson,
321 Esquimau road, Victoria.
"Ontario und 0_uebec—A. Pinto-
JoBeph, 113 Grand Allee, Quebec city.
"Maritime provinces—W. E. Mac-
leilan, Halifax
The successful competitors writing
on the Dominion as a whole were:
First, C. F. Deacon, 24 Brighton road,
Charlottelowu. P. E. I, and second,
Rev. J. R. Rohertsou, Kevelstoke,
while honorable mention is given to
papers by F. B. Williams of Ottawa
and L  W. Makoiski of Vancouver.
Kamloops Defeats Revelstoke
in a Ten Innings Game
Last Wednesday afternoon at Kamloops Kevelstoke was defeated by one
run iu the tenth innings alter an
exciting game. Kamloops started
the scoring getting home (our runs.
Kevelstoke then woke up and scored
six iu one innings, At the beginning
of the 9th the score stood 8 S in favor
of Kevelstoke, but Kamlnops evened
up and in the I Hi Ii innings scored lhe
winning run. Scott pitched a splendid game, and Ebcrlcy did good work
behind the bat Dulgleish recovered
his reputation hy making a three-base
hit. The game bad plenty of errors
on both sides but was a good one
Trap Shooting
Kevelstoke trap shooters returned
from Armstrong yesterday morning
and report having had an enjoyable
time aud a successful shoot. Four
teams were entered (or the interior
championship, viz: Armstrong, Enderby, Vernon and Kevelstoke, the
latter being represented hy Messrs.
J.G.Barber, W. A. Sturdy, A. J.
MeDonell and A. Mcltae Armstrong
won Ihe mair.li with a score of III,
Kevelstoke being a close second with
42. In addition to the trum shoot,
there were eight sweepstakes iu whioh
the local men shone to advantage,
W. A. Sturdy securing 3 firsts 3
seconds and 2 thirds; A. J. MoDonell
2 flrst, 2 seconds and 2 thirds, and
Baber 1 first, 4 seconds and 2 tbiids.
Our local shots are to he highly
complimented on their markinunship.
Editor of Globe Offers to Resign
Toronto, Sept. 26.—In an article iu
the Globe, J. A. MaoDonald, managing
editor, under his own signature, says
tbat if Premier Koblin's charges as
to the Crow's Nest Pass railway and
the Globe, aud Mr. Jail'ray's connection therewith are true ho will resign.
He leaves the issue to Mr. Willisou,
editor ot the News, and former editor
of the Globe, who was on the platform
when Mr. Kohlin made his charge
tbat the Globe was given 250,(100 acn s
ol the best coal land in America for
its   advocacy of   tbe Crows Nest rail*
The Liberal and Socialist Candidates Address the Electorate at Revelstoke on the
Issues of the Campaign.
On Wednesday nicht Smith C-rtis,
Liberal candidate fur Kootenay, met
the electors st '.Ins Opera House.
There was a good audience. W. I.
Briag9, President ot the local Liberal
Association, occupiel the chair. On
the platform was alio Mr Davidson, the
Socialist candidate, who was present
by invitation. A representative ot the
Couiervative Association was invited,
but no cue answered the invitation
The chairman opened  the  meeting
by calling on Mr. Davidson, who  said
this contest was not a question of  the
personality of the  cand date,  but   of
the     interests  represented.     Society
was  divided   into   two    classes—the
capitalist  or   owning   class and   the
workers.   The 1 arer constituted   the
great majority; they owned practically
no property and must sel:  tlieir  lit.or
to     the   capitali-ts.    The    capitalist
class  iu   this   campaign   was   repie-
sented by the   Liberal   and  Conservative parties.      He wai aorry the otlur
half ot his opposition   was  not  there.
The real issue in litis campaign wbs:—
Are the means ot   life  to  remain   tlie
properly of  a   small   section   of   the
people—the   cuiiitalist   clasi—or   aie
they to become the property  of  mankind ?    Mr. Smith Curtis  would   tell
them the Conservative  pirty  was the
most corrupt that ev. r cume down the
pike, and lie believed i'.     (Laughter).
Mr.  Goodeve   bud    a   lung   string   of
charges of graft against the Liberals,
and when ho  had   linislnd  there  hub
not. a 'iiaii in   the   house   who   would
not believe him     The only issue then
bel ween them wa* who would  do  the
grafting?   (Laughter and cheers) Mr
Curtis would -h iw   the   Liheia's  hud
done Ihiiir best to   keep  out  Asiatics,
but   they   still   kept  a-coniiug.    Mr.
Goodeve would show   it   was   the  intention of the  Libera   narty to   colonize   Canada    witli   Chinese.     Both
these parties were equity   responsible
f.ir the  large   number   of  Asiatics in
the country at  the  present  time,   is
they allowed iheir   masters,  the capitalists, tn bring them in so as to get a
cheaper class of labor.    On that, point
it did mt make any   ililV rcuce   which
of the old parties came into  power, ns
while   they   were    both   pledged    to
Asiatic exclusion   ihe  Asiatics would
still come   in.    It   wai   the   working
classes who were  responsible for  ibe
agitation against   tbe   importation   of
As-iatic labor.   The   only   iasue then
was whether  Laurler  or   Borden   was
the hest man       After all was said and
done they did not offer a single thing
in the interest of the working classes.
Right here in the   railway  yaid   they
saw Bpecial police brought from acrois
the   line.      What   for—to   keep   the
workerB in su'jection while they were
being   exploited   by    their capitalist
masters.     Smith   Curtis   would   tell
them about the prosperity  of  Canada
but they would remember that  uuder
Liberal rule   the   soup   kitchen   und
bre.d 'ine hud been in vogue in  every
large city in Canada during the  past
while .    Why was it  that  there were
thousands of men able and  willing to
woik and unable  to got employment ?
Tim. was lhu   question    tlie   working
men ot  Canada   were   askiug   them-
selvis.   The capitalist sought as much
profit as possible.     Profit  was   something  for   nothing.    Tlie interests of
labor demanded a   higher  standard uf
living,    Tbat meant less  profits,   and
it   wss  impossible   for  one   man   to
represent  both   these  interests.   The
Socialists iiiiide no attempt  to  represent the   capitalist   class,   hut stood
for the interests of the working class
alone.   The present  system  was  one
of legalized robbery and they as working men had  sanctioned  that system
by their ballots.      If they wero dissatisfied with  the  present   system   they
would mark their ballots for Socialism.
Smith Curtis was received with
cheers. Hn began by asking how
much ol the 60 or 00 minutes occupied
hy Mr. Davidson was devoted to mere
assertion and how much tu logical
argument. He would prove that Mr.
Davidson was a lirst-cluss representative of what ho would term illegitimate capital and that he (the
Speukoi) waa a representative he
hoped of the laboring classes, (Cheers
and laughter). Aftor all the fight
c i me down to tho issues between the
Liberal and Conservative parties and
it was their  duty   to  consider fairly
Ton Will Wail
io Vain
If you w?it with the expectation or hope of finding better grades of Teas
and Coffees than we are
now offering to our customers.
Bolh are chosen on account of their select quality and both give
the greatest satisfaction t<  those who are used to the best.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily
Watermelon*, Cantaloupes, Apples, Plums, Pears, Peaches,
Green Com, Tin nnl, ies. Celery. Cauliflower, Cabbage. Cucumbers, etc.
Hardware, Stoves, Paints, Etc.
We have a line of Fishing Tackle, Guns. Ammunition and
Camping equipment—the best Stoves imp Ranges on the
market. Sherwin-Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes aud
dry colors.
Bourne  Bros.
er clothes for little
Swell Dressers.
-opyrl-j lit, 1907
When you send your little men   to   school  you
wish them to have on good clothes, don't you ?
To wear good clothes is a good habit.     Is it not
well to begin good habits young?
Your little man will study his   lessons   better if   J
he has a bran new suit.
We can give you a good   two-piece   rough   and
tumble boys' suit.
Good for every day and Sunday too.
Headquarters for clothes for little men is at
McKinnon C& Sutherland
to L
At 8 Per Cent.
and squarely which of these two
parties they preferred to place in
power at Ottawa (a voice : Sir Wilfred L.urier.) With reference to the
Socialist position, he knew tbey bad
the present system and that there
wore evils in it aud that it was necessary tu have those evils removed.
Tbey should go step by iMp to correct
those evils. They would not abolish
parties. There would always lie
people who were satisfied with things
as they were and people who were
dissatisfied. Sir Wilfred l-auriei
came hack to them after 12 years uf
administration and asked for a renewal   of    their   confidence.   What
issues had the Conservatives raised
snd promised to carry out tbst would
justify them in voting to turn tha
l.auner Government out and put ths
Conservative Party iu power T The
Conservatives had only one platform
and there was only one plank in it
that would make them better off.
The Liberals bad undertaken to build
a new transcontinental railway Irom
Coast to Coast twice tbe length of tht
original C P.K. line, and while he
believed in Government ownership ot
railways he considered the Government had apopted the next beat plan,
tbe assistance ol tbe road  by guaran-
Conllnued ou 1'mic Twu THE MAIL-HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
She Mail-lb; vato.
11A>  AT
Barristers, Solicito:*.:-    Etc.
Parliamentai y,    Departmental
and Patent Otlice Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.        Harolu Kibher
Barrlstera, SoHcltorti,
_. U1L_A>
11. 0.
|.H A B
Omoxs:  Imf-Biax,  Bans  iilock,  Rev
8TOKB, 11. 0,
Money lo loan.
Oillce-: HevelJloko, R ('
'iF.ij. s. UoCabteb,
A.  M.   1'INKIIAM,
ItovelslokH, B. C
(-'rHiibriK'k, H ( ,
Cranbrook, B. tl
J. M. -Sco'-t i.L
tcurr   A   BIIIGGS
Vv'. 1. HriKKs.
Provincial imii,
Min ng Stuveyor
Engine ring
McKenzie Aventtr,
liux 108, Bevelstokb
Certificated Teachi'l'
Piano, Vocal Theory.
Musical Kindergarten
Classes lor young children.
Studio ovei
STR.iTHt'ii...., Alta.
FELSTOKE,    -    HI'.
Membar-* Alberta A-
H. M.   WllItiDlMITuS
Strathpona, Alta
ucitiiioii of Arcbiloots.il
W. A. WllllililNllloX
Rerslstnks, B. ('.
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
tXbe _1&ai.*1bera-b
Banff Hard Coal
now receiving a fill
We arc
different six     of this Coa.
mestic fuel on the market.
supply of the
the   best do-
All orders will be promptly   and  satisfactorily attended to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open Grate.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
MONEY to Loan
solicitors for Molsons (Jan
First Street. Reve    oke.ij   l'
J^OBKRT SMITH $700,000.    Under the Liberal rule the
revenue hud increased to$.1,000,000 on
a 2c. rate and the surplus was $1,000,
000.      New   post   offices   had     been
opened wherever required, and   letter
boxes distributed through the cities, a
vrlSS M. R. CREIGHTON proof to them that the JLaurler (im
-'-'- I eminent    wa.   a   lirst class   business
| government.
.Smith Curtis then proceeded to deal
with Socialism.     He  snid capital waa
saved labor  and   that  civilization d
peuded   on saved  labor.      There wa
however,   another   kind    of     capital
which  was   got   by   take-offs in land
j r    M. i. W. A.   WHIDDINGTON   and   money,  high  tariffs, etc   Tlmt
was   stolen   don.   them, and   lie denounced    the    right   to capital gut by
such means.    (Cheers.)   The Socialist
remedy   was   not   leasable.      Iiii saw
wrongs and wauled them lighted now
—not 50 or 100 years hence.      Messrs.
Taylor and Davidson  could  not point
to tiny hills or resolutions in the inter
estB ot labor hut what had his support
in the legislature, or  to any measures
where   he   stood   for   these dishonest
capitalists.     The   time   was  coming
when saved  labor  would be regulated
hy law and   he was in   favor of   lhat
Labor   should   not tie   afraid oi   law
They had the votes and it the law was
not right   they   could change it.    lie
wanted tlie  votes ol  the independent
thinker.    Mr. Goodeve was very much
out of  sight when   lie [ought against
the interest of the. striking miners at
Rossland,       He (the speaker, was or.
posed to   giving   land   tn railways and
had   always contended that if   monetary aid was given it should be secured
by   lirst   mortgage,   excepting where
public  lands  would  be  benefitted by
the construction o! such railway     He
fought tor   that   whether   opposed by
Liberals or Conservatives,    Where was
Mr. Davidson in these matters"  When
Mr Clifford got   his charter for a railway and (5000 a mile he (the speaker i
voted against it.    When Clifford came
back to the   house   to renew this subsidy   where   were   Messrs.   Davidson,
llawtliurnthwuite       and      Williams?
What would   you expect them to di —
vote against it:      But did  tbey do it?
Noi    They   said.''Take  the subsidy."
and Clifford and the Grand Trunk got
1750,000 to  $1,000,00. ol   tbe people's I and a white British Columbia (cheers,.
money.     They   had     to, get     good   II.        t     .-      tbe       •■■:.',■<.   f   the
measures and good men to carry tbem   Labor   Department   and   a    system
nut. He knew Ml Davidson did uot ail .pled ul transporting labor from
gtt titles to tneir lands in Ke-iei I gei a cent out of It but he lacked tbat I points where it was scare* and thus
st.ke. When ihe l.aurier Govern-1 stamina and back-bone necessary to preventing labor waste. Tbe Oonier-
ment came into power that condition Iproteot tbe interest of tbe people whom jvative pi tform nas do plank on tbs
wa'promptly remedied When the lhe represented. rake the Columbia Oriental [uestion and Bowser had
C i.-' ratires were in power they had ami Western grant. rhe C.P.B had ta-cn _eni -nr' i .!•• Bordsn and
pay   for   their   homesteads    The | lost tlieir right to that ind to grant it itiffei   •     ,      meet tbe ease ol Brit-
Tbcral. a n
And so tnuct; <
Tr.m it hard'.:
To talk abou-.
•li bad lo thsbsitol as,
...id iu itio wursilnl u-.
hohoovoa any ut u^.
. ,t r.s?l of us.
t. .TURDAY, SEPT 28,1008
i outiuood froin Page Ons.
tee to the extent ol eleven million
doiiart, at which cost the Dominion
i.overnment had done lor the province wbat the llunsmnir gnveriinn ut
had pn pi Mil to do by land grants to
the Canadian Northern to the va',,ie
of $30,000,000,—a steal which he gi-ve
all credit to Messrs, McBride and
Hawtbornthwaite for preventing.
Twelve  -.ears  auo   tbey   could   not
They also supported the amendment
to the education act providing for a
portion of the cost being removed from
the genera"! revenue to local taxation.
When .Mr. Davidson and the othir
Socialist nn in hers voted for these
things they represented capitalism
rather than the toiling masses.
When ibe Taffe Yale decision was
given, allowing ilu seizure of union
luods, be got Hawthoruthwaito In'
biing in the hill to protect the nni ns
and the act was even written in his
words. (Cheers.| Had he remained
in the legislatuie he would have endeavored to have another clause In
punish false advenising for men when
astlike was on hut was prevailed nn
to leave out that clause from the original bill lo get the rest through. Sii|-
puited by Hawtbornthwaite he also
was instrumental in passing the
Workmen's Compensation Act—one
of the linest measures evir enacted.
The Sncialist memlers, Messrs. llaw-
thornthwaiie, Williams and Davidson
had the balance of power in the legislature and could have done much fur
the cause of labor. Por instance that
laud given lhe CPU. should have
been sel aside as an endowment for an
old age pension fund, and he would
still advocate III per cent of the public
lands being set aside for that purpose.
He would also advocate that 10 per
cent of the public lands be reserved
(or education bo thai the cost of education should be in tittle provided fur
froin this instead of from the ordinary
revenue anil local taxation. Would
they rather have Ins policy than that
of Mr Davidson With reference to
the unemployed problem that could
be dealt with by giving men unable In
lind employment the opportunity of I
clearing up the public lands and |
charging the coat to the land. There!
need then be no hoboes—all must
either work or starve. Tbi Oriental
question could be solved by the Provincial li ivernmiiit puttii . a tax I n
employers of oriental lalss- • quivalent j
to the difference between the cost •(
white and ' inental labor, and if returned he would do his best tu have
the 1 minion adopt an effective Natal
Act.      He   advocated a white Canada
the work isi an effective manlier. Aa
to the charges ol gr id In. light against
the Government, tin re had been
charges against. Dicisls, I tit no charge
agsini-i mi nil ers ol the government,
whu had tnklii slips to invesligle
these charges and punish those who
were guilty. Many of these olhcers
were old appointees of the Conservative party.
Smith Curtis concluded his speech
amid three cheers and a tiger heartily given by the audience.
Wedding Bells
A very interesting wedding took
place in Knox church on Thursday,
21th inst., at 2 p. in., when Wm, E.
McKenzie end Miss Constance Roman
weie united in marriage. Rev. J. R.
Robertson performed tlie ceremony
and a large number ol friends were
gathered iu the chinch to see the
young couple wedded. Mr. Walter
Hill supported tue groom and Miss
Olga Roman, sister of the br'de, acted
as br'ilcsmsid. The brid .1 bridesmaid were bent fuly Ire and
carried each a i ferns i isea.
The Wedding ,\. i ! was p, y.d by
Miss V. McK i " tier usual efficient manner. A p. ie ceremony was
performed nnd congratulations given,
the wcdd.ng party and guests repaired
to the homo ol Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnson, Fifth street, where the wedding
feast, was spiead, and lo which a lur_.e
number of guests sat down. As the
bride's cake was being distributed, Mr.
Robertson made a suitable address to
the wedding party au-.i also lo tie
host and hostess.
A 1 uge number oi beautiful presents
were given to Hie hr.de, and a large
nuiiiiier of friends cilitd to wish tl a
happy pair the joy and prosperity of
life, Toe popular young couple left
by the evening train ou their wedding
trip to visit the coast cities.
Thanksgiving Day
Monday. November 9th, has been
decided on as Thanksgiving Day th s
yea r.
I.   O.   F
. -— -   igbl**, *.'(. . oltil, meets 'Juil uud
ul, Mnudays iu Oildfellows Hall, unit m Opera
ll..ii u Vtsltlug lirettireli cordially iuviled lo
J.W. Uablund, C..B.
II  W. Kdwabds, K.H.
c. w. o w
Mountain View Camp, No. 229
Moot*   Keiiniiil  anil   Kulirth   Wednesdays in
,'„..|i iiiomli, in Halkirk Hull,   VlsltJn   \Vn,i,i
num oordlally lnvlt_nl to al lend.
Vi. 11, AUMKTItONH, Cun. Coin.
.1   Mi'ISTVItK. Clerk.
F  O. Et.
Tlis, ragular s Hu-tii are beld in Ibe Selkirk
Unll I-i nud :tr.t Tuesday of eucli iiinutb, 8 p.m
-it sn,- liMll.riiii lire cordially invited,
J      I.Klsl.IK.   f'ltKslUlKNl1.
W. K  VcI.-CCHI.IN.SkcbktaRV.
Kootenay Lodge, No. IB, A F. * *■ **.
Tlie riu-iilar meetings are bald iu tbe
Oddfellows Hull, on
tlie tbird Monday in
nurli ni'intli at H
p m Visitiiu-brotli-
ren   oordlally   wel-
SEI.KIR'.:    ODGE No. IS. I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday
I,. at 8 o'clock"
Visilin. brothron oor
dial     iuvilod  lo at.-
1  ma'I'll IK. Bso
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 2R, Revelstoke, B. C.
MKl-.l-     .i.r.Y    i    UNE-DAV,
s-X'i'pl :     III V, i-llirsd. y ot
saoh .i-ll.-lnnv '
Hall     Ht     • ,■«.     Union-.
Kuii(his i      '  -Si iih      vlle.l.
(J   H. HRi). K   K   nl   H   .l:.1
i. ii. Bcorr, ii ot r.
L.urler  government   st'od   for   free
tnetteadi and removed that impost.
When he urged the lead bounty l"
promote -.1." di.-.i'...pit,tnl .! the mining Industry me Liberal governmei I
g«ve effect to it—which was one way
,t proving better terms for British
Columbia. When '.tn- l.aurier gov-
iroment  came  iuti    powei  in 1898
there wae DO timlasr poltcj
—ttie timber lands went lo party
beeUrl, as in the caie of   Mr. Ili-rgsron
•.ilio icoompanled Mr   Borden on ins
t'iiir ol the province and who bad thus
obtained frum 0,000,000 in 7,000,000
acres ot Valuable timlssr.    The latimcr
Covernment   provided    the    timi-er
should Us | ut up to the highest, bidder. The minister, Hon. I'\ Oliver,
wns one nl the most honest and
cleanest men at Ottawa, ami had gone
through the province p.i«..nally to
find out the conditions fnr himself and
provide the remedies required,
Daring the Liberal administration
the trade ol Canada had grown In   lhe
tetalol 18,600,000,000 and produoeri
got the benefit of this immense sunt.
The bank deposits   held mainly hy the
laboring classes who represented  9fi
per cent, of the community, and these
nnd grown under Liberal rule from
1183,000,000 to $637,000,000. The
pn-t ollice under Conservative rule
brought a revenue of $8,000,000, on a
lk, rate   and   theu   had   a   deficit nt
was » steal      The speaker and others|ish Columbia.
prevented '.I    going through   but after
McBride oame into power !„■ proposed
to give the 0 I' K B0O.00O acrea worth
$4,000,000.    If' bad not the necessary
i    i ity to carry this out  *it li.nit',1 be
aid of tbe Sociallit members Haw
thorn th waits ami Parker Williams
supported   tbe meal      Davidson did
not VOte, but went into lint corridor
ralher than vote for or against, it,
Wan it better to be represented by
Socialists who supported such things
or by men who like himself Stood up
for the rights nf the masses? Haw-
thornthwaite thus   handed out to tin
C.P.R.   in   much   more   Illegitimate
Capital with whioh   to   grind tbe faces
ol their employes.   'Loud obeers).   If
I ti conclusion he pointed out tbe
Liberals bad Ihs-oi doing lometbing
ami they should be judged by wbat
ihev had done, Hi' favored the pro
posed Hudson Bay railway whioh be
thought should be buill and iperatsd
by  I'i.veriiiiieiit.   tin'  Georgian   Hay
canal, t he deepening of .lieWeliai.il
canal, and all measures which W IU d
enable Canada 10 handle its trade
wiihiti its own borders,   He supported
the addition   "f    Nisivfonudla.id ' . tlie
confederation so tbe i nited States
should not control It, and the strength-
eningof the bond between the different parts of 'he British empire, nt
which Canada a« tlm rii-hcit, most
populous  and    powerful   'actor in the
Boarding    School    for
i iniilren ni   'iti Denominations   .ul.
' .lory Studies,
'•!•..,.      Pian-9,
I ['I:       .111,1    ..tin's
11 I' S.  , I si■ ni
OPENINQ     SEPT      let      1908
reputation is i potent factor to he considered us it ia synonymous wilh the
quality, merit and prices of the eouds
sold. If you ileal at Hastings, Doyle &
Alluni's you will km w you will be
treated fairly, no ■■ at" r how you may
be lacking in technical knowledge of the
value aud quality of jewels nf any Lind
We keep only the best, and choicest
Where gold is used it is marked with the
carai samp, with silver it ia sterling, it
genu, and piecious atones tlieir quality i
fully guaranteed.
Limitc d
A New Carpet
from our choice and handsome
stock ot AxminBtcr, Wiltons, etc.,
wilt give you both pleasure and
satisfaction when you see the ricb
and beautiful effects ol tlie colors
and patterns and the durability
ot the fabrics Our carpets arc
made hy the best manufactures,
and are made to wear well, as well
as to look well.
'.¥'■■    Sivii, /-ji.'__a!i Xiiiiu-.
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Import direct fiom country ol origin.
«%%V««%%%V.%%*-«%«%«A««yt*« -«v%/%-_/%4_. V
IIKAU IIKKICK:  (U1.0ARV,   Aj.iikkta,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers and Dealers 111 Live Stock. Markets lu all lhe nrlni'l
pal Cities und Towns of Alhi'ilu. British Uoltinihi-i nnd the Yukon,
Puckers 'i.f th-* (Vlehrat'-il Krnn'l " Iinpoi'iit r" Hams mul Bui on,
~M    and " HI)Biiii.ii k" Bund L'lif L'll'd,
Kur AurriciiUnru. Implnmtiiit-i. OftrrUgOS, Wntfou-. Ktc. Juliii
D-Wrt Plouffhs. liolino Wnn.nir. i iumilit ('HrriaKB (rompftojr'a
BtlKgfWi IM-get jr., Uunteu Shi. lor- nnd ('Ultlvators, Wltonl-
wrigti. titi'l ItlHcksmith WurV flitaixlwl te Hora-B Itootiig h
Central Hotel
_-B-,     REVELSTOKE, B. O.
Newly built       Kirst-claus in every reBjiect.    Ml modern convenience.
I.ar_;e Sample Kooun*.
Rates $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   man_.^emt-nt
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBERT     STO__ST_E      _PR.OP>.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boaghb
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
be (the speaker) was defeated In thisI Empire  -ihould   lead   in   tbe   policy
content it, would be by tbo corporations | whiob c!ir Wilfrid   l.aurier hud shown
the way to carry out, They would
mui- build up one o| the greatest na-
tioni the    world    hpiK ever seen.    The
United Hums would be Kind lo join
tbem in   establishing a laotor so pow
nrful ns   to   control tbn  peso, of   the
world  and   hasten the duy when nnr
would be no mure.    (0he?rS.)
Kroin a local point nt view the Lib
ernl Government had shown every re-
jsiuil for the IntetMt nf lliivelstnke,
baring already spent f 100,000 to pro-
tent, this c.ty   Irom the  inriwds nl the
Columbia   Hirer, with another ^wkki
provided   tor, which   would   complete
inch us thn Cunadian Northern, lhe
C.P.K  and the  Trail smelter working
secretly, ami by the independent conservatives, who knew be wus rigbt,
voting Kguinst bun.    (A voice:   Never;
Independent Conservatives should remember that no long as they returned
members who stood tor these steiils
Socialism would grow and continue to
grow. (Obflen.) Thn C.P ft. also
owed the province $1,000,1X10 tor taxen
uu their Crow's Null lands and lluw-
thornthwaite, Parker Williams nnd
Davidson voted against the collection
of   that   debt   due  to  the   Province.
Notii" la hs-pstsy given Hi.,t Ilio-
tings, linyie A All,iiii. Limited, will,
three months aftei  rials  npply In llie
I.U'llli'lliilO   I,.,'., 'I I I'll   Hit   oilliiil   fill   II ||
Order In I rmncll  < hanglne  ths ' om
pany's name t" "linvl«- A Allum. I.int.
Dated the HBthd i. ol June, 1009
II UtVBY, Mi I  i 111 i ii A I'l'.KII *.M,
Hollcltori   for  Itisllngs,  Dnyla A Al
Iiiiii    l.llnlli'il jly   I lllll  m
air       " Don't   do
rtm " llll yuu nun rli'iii
ivlial.ii Imsit. liy >l'l ul
"flashlights on Human Nature"
mi hi-ftlMi, dlHWUMi IflVOi Minn liigiiiuiil iiuM'iiliigf
Tell* ■- Imi. yi»n 'I <i<k g dOOtOT) Dill (fOD t 1'Ur.T.i
.'io |i t«i'H, )I|ii>iIi ni »■■! ..'■' ••'■ni '. hnl iiiiiiiiii«li]-"n
if «■"-■ i-Mii'l ut '»   U) .ii.y rvliiM for t'oMingn,
to fimitn.
M    HILL,  PUB. OO.
17tt IMI 7Btb#_r»at, NIW YORK
Queens jfotel
Best liranils 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish C'rceK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNQ, * Proprietor
Revelstoke l_"ul District,
in ti ii i ni Wesi Kootenay,
Take notiee thut .loliii Mii'luii'l Doyle
nf iti-veiniuk,', li.ii., Manager, Intends
in apply for permission to piirohasetbo
following deacribed landi
Ooimnenclng at u post piutocd on
the i-iiHterly bunk of I he ('ohimliiu
Hiver nl Ihe northwest corner of   Ixil
H77I Orniip I, Kootenay, and marked
"John M. Doyle's inutn-west corner
fu,'it," ihence easl 40 chalnsi thence
north 10 chalnsi thence west 40chains
TAKK  NOTICK  I hat    I.    .mini I
,).lilies Hn low. of Nukui>p. II. C, oil llll.ll ion, farmer. Intends to "pply for
permission in purchase ihu toiluwii i:
di",, illicd I.,ml <
Coinineni'liifr ill a post pbiiited al n
polnl twenty (20) i linitis. hhhI of a point
elghtv chainssnnih nf ihe snulhwest
mer ill Lot No.  H.I III; theme suuth
more   or   lesa  In  Ibe easterly hunk of I Ml i hnins., I ll e oust 40 (ha im-, Ihence
the Columbia rlvsn thence southerly , ih to olialns, Ihence west 40Chains,
along tho liank nf said river 40 ohalns| in polnl nf i-nmiiienaeiiie.nl snd enn-
more or Ies to i ho point nf commencement,  rnntalnlng  180 norei mo.ieor
.lilllN  Mil IIAI'.L DUVI.K.
Ily liiu Agent, lien. S. Met'.iilei ,
Duted JunnSnth, inns j27nod
iniiiiiiK one   hundred   and   silly (UKI)
at ies mure or less,
(SgdJHAMI'KI..lAMKH llAlll.liW.
Dili-iT.Inly II. HUM.
ReveUiuki Lgnd Dletrtot.
iiimriri ni «<*f<i Kootangf.
Tik*notiui iiiii I. N'nii-ii T MmL hi
H.i.f Min*-. lltg . OfflU|-gtlon Hrokrr, ini-ii'i-*
tppl* for !■•*' mt--i'.ii io jiur.-bft«c lho (ollou
id. <lCiM:rii><) liiii't-
' i.Diiii.'liritir Bt ■   !■"-!   pUlltCd Ht tht' tlOIIIII-
wmi  rnrnir ol  i"t   -,n.     n    omhrll Vallev
wit'.nl :.'.   tnll'-a   W pat   -.F t Ip- vri'-t nhnrc of   Ar-
f the hotel licnsn now' held bv me In | fB&&7f%£ leitf^saVj.
 .   _. .^- .       Hotel at | obalna sail, tasoea to efaalns aorta, usees So
tifelti. ss.... . ..[is.iiitiic so ..ri'.. more or Is...
Ims MpUli IMS.
NOK.MAN T. .MAlliJiqll,
Niiiii-e Is hi-rcliy given  that Ibeun-
derslgned will, al the explnitinn of one
uionth, apply lo lhe Hiiperiiileiiilent
of Peiiviiniiil Police for il llun.fei In
I 'iiiiunil inu Hotel  I'liinpiinv.  Limited,
i iispect  of the Coronation
Camborne, II. C,
Paled Ibis Hnl day of Atlgtlltl lOHH.
atigtilui CilKY MknHINKK.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Carrion Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agentfi to annoy you.
Buy direct and get Irees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,   Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest estab-j
lished nursery on the mainland 1
of B, C.    Catalogue i'ree.
Green Houses and Seed Houses I
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamshi
Quebec ^^^^^^^^^^
Sat. St'p.2t! Lk.Manitoba
Kri. Oct. 2 Kmp. Britnin
Sat.   "   10 Lk.Chiunphun Kri. Sep.23
Fri.    " 16 Emp. Ireland Fri.  Oct. 2
Sat.    " 24 Lake Kiie     Wed.    "   7
Fri.     "   4 Kmp. Britain Fri.    " 1(1
Ittermediale Seassn from Montieal
and Quebec
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$00 00   $4875 $2875
tst. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$72 50       $42 50        $27 so
Other Lakr Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
I'liciip rules to At hint ic Seaboard
points  in connection with steamship tickets
PnssengiTH blinked tn Ni rway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hiiinliuig and
all other conl hie tal porls.
Foi' furih r information nppl to
T. W. Bradshaw,   C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.O.P.A.
llevelsloke. Vancouver.
4 DAYS    -    4 DAYS
September, 23, 24, 25, 26
Larger and Hetter than Ever
Free   Entertainments  Daily
Eagles' Day, • Thursday, Sept. 24th
Children's Day, •  Friday, Sept. 26th
For furl her Information or
Pl'iise List, write to
D. 0. McMoprls- - Secretary
BOX 95, NEL80N, B Ci
St o rape
All Kinds of Light and  Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Woial,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71, House Phone 7
TKNDKUt. are requested lor the
purchase ol Lots 12 and 13, Block 57,
nittiate on Eighth Street near MoKenzie Avenue, in the City of Revelstoke. These tine building lots belong
to the McDonald Estate, and will he
sold at a sacrilice to close up the
estate. The highest or any tender
not necensarily accepted. Forward
tenders on or before 1st of October,
I'.lllH, to the undersigned.
Barristers, Vancouver,
ltw, 4ws.
>.|. U in i'i
Br Jotio K, Taylor, hii ...in.
Sixty days after date I intend lo
applv lo the Chief (/OinmiHsloner of
Landa and Works for permission lo
inn i-lwiae the following described
Beginning at a post planted al the
soiith-eiiHt corner of Lot No. 8o(lll |iur-
chased by Julius Oiuignl. running
west 30 chains; thence hoiiIIi 21) chiiinn;
thence east 20 chains; thence north 20
cbains to point of commencement,
Dated June 24th, 1008,
Enwann Wolf, Applicant,
jly 4 D. Dewar, Ageat,
Notice Pace Above 1
It Signifies Peace.
draft is operated
at the front end-
no work—no danger—no leaning
over hot pots—no
getting steam in
"Ordinary" direct
draft operation
is over cooking
top —mostly requires a towel-
always a scorching job—some-
'*--•-' times disastrous.
Notice this Scowl!
It Signifies Trouble.
Which Pace Represents the Wisest Mind?
London, Toronto, Montreal, YVInnlpef. Vancouver, St John, Hamilton Calgary
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
Look for this Trademark
This trademark makes every
man jud ;e of fine hand-tailored
When he finds the Fit-Reform
Wreath, he has found everything
that constitutes the best in tailoring.
Cloth, trimming, workmanship, style, fit and
wear—all arc included in the guarantee that goes
with this trademark.
It is a good thing to look for and a mighty
good thing to find—and you will always find it in
the petiume Fit Reform Suits and Overcoats, made
by th . lounder. in Canada ot hand-tailored garments.
Suits and Overcoats, $ 1 5 to $35.
i levelstoke,  B. C.
tbe Municipal Oouncil of the Corporation of the t'ily of Re.i'latoke intends
to undertake the construction of
Boulevards on  certain  at reel a within
the City of  Revelstoko, lo wit*   Mc-
Ki-n_.it* Avenue on both -sides from the
norlh side of Third Street to lhe north
side of Eighth Street; and op both
sides of Third Street, Fourth .Street,
{Fifth Streetand Sixth street, from the
past side of McKenzie Avenue In the
west side of Vernon Avenue, nud on
both sides of I lung Ins Street from
King west lo CP.lt. right of way,
according to specifications and estimates prepared hy the Oity Engineer
appointed for the purpose, and to
assess the expense or cost thereof upon
the land or real property abutting on
tlio par*s of such streets as above-mentioned and lo be lienomtcd thereby!
and that a statement showing the laud
or real property liable to pay the
assessment Iherefor, and the names of
the owners thereof, as far as they can
be ascertained, together with Ihe sped-
llcalions and estimates of the Oity Engineer,  antl the  proposed  assessment
and report thereon of the oity olerk
arc now on Hie in the otlice of the Oity
Olerk anil open for inspection by all
persons during offlce hours.
The eslitiiiili"! cost of the work is
$4420.01, to be borne by the owners of
such properties as abut, on the pails
of nurli streets as above mentioned.
Any objection lo the proposed un-
deiliikiii' nnd assessment therefor
shall tie made by petition to lhe lily
Bunnell within EII'TEEN Ilii) days
from the (late hereof, the persons entitled to petition being the owners of
the binds Affected thereby.
Otty Clerk.
I l.d ed I bis Illtb day of Hrpte I mm
Certificate cf Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2
Vivian Luck No. 8, Vivian  Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No.  5, Vivian
Luck No. 0 and Silver Orown mineral claims, situated in the Laidenii
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Wheio    located;—At  Head of  Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that   I.   O.  B.  N.
Wilkie, acting   as   agent   for   Hector
Politer,   F.M.C.   B7.86,   and   George
Johnson, F.M.C HUfAM, intend,  sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining   Recorder   for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of Hie above
And further take notice that action,
under seel inn 117, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2_th day of .May, A. I).
w my_7 Trout Lake, B. 0
Certificate of Improvements
Skortkuin, Driimhiininon and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situ
ate in Revelsluke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located;   On the north side of
OOUgOT Oleck.
Take notice lhat I, William I. Brlggl
of  Revelstoke,   B. 0., Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certifloate No. B0_£B, acting
an agent for and on behalf of His Majesty King Edward VII, In tbe Right
of toe Dominion of Oanada Free Min-
er's Oertillcale N<i.BH42K7, Intend sixty
days from dale hereof to apply to the
Mining   llecmder   for  Oeitlflrales of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice thai act ion
under section 87 must ho commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificates
of Improvement..
Dated this 2nd day of July, in.
jly 4 W. I, Urhm.1-..
Addressed  by  E. T.  Kingsley
Dominion Organizer
On Sundny night E. T. King-ley,
Doininiou Organizer ol the Socialist
Party ol Cauada, gave an ac'dnee before a gin d audience on .enounce
and the position of the workers in
society, that has seldom been equalled,
if ever, here before for simplicity and
He lirst pointed out the revolution
that had taken place in industrial
methods and showed that where a
man used to produce commodities fnr
hia own use by hiB individual effort
and his own tools, this primitive
method has been revolutionized by
machinery which was so much more
economical, and men to provide themselves now with the necessities of life
had to have access to the machinery
of pro.luctiou which was not owned by
the workers hut by the master class
The master class used to corral tbe
laies by physical force, but they
found it much more economical and
aoiei to asBtime control of the machinery and lhe necessities of life;
then the slaves will come around
when tbe whistle blows providing tbe
asters can make a profit out of their
labor; if they could not, then the
Blaves are perfectly at liberty to hunt
job lor themselves; if they cannot
lind a job, he sarcastically added, that
they should not break the law; if they
hud not got the price they should not
eat, if they cmld not pay for a bed
they should not sleep, and us it was a
crime to be without money, they,
should therefore always have some.
He showed clearly h.iw impossible
it was (or the wage slaves to buy back
with their small wages all the commodities ihey produced by their labor
and the surplus, over und above wages,
taken by the masters, they (the
masters) were absolutely uuable to
use up. In past years this surplus bad
been exported to foreigu markets or it
had been destroyed and u.-ed up in
the 8onth Atrican, Russian and Phil-
ipine wars, also Used for new development work such ao railroad Ci instruction and factory building. Now there
is no war of any importance on, and
machinery becoming every day nioie
productive, had piled up uncon.umed
products on the market, which the
wage slaves were uuable to buy back,
to sucli an extent that the masteis
had laid off the workers by ibe million
aud closed down the workshops because they could not sell their productions—the former export mnrketB
are rapidly being closed hy these
nations producing these manutactund
articles tor themselves by their own
cheap labor, and not only are they
doing this, but also invading even
our own countries with their wares.
Here we have a situation which is in
itself the condemnation ol our so-
called Christian civilization, and the
Ariter would very much like to know
why the churches havo nothing practical t i say on this subject and aim
why iheir members keep religiously
away from a Socialist Party ineetiiip,
especially if held ou a Sunday. Can
i be that Ihe Socialists aie teaching
the Gospel ol Love and the Brotherhood of Man, white the chinches are
rapidly hi coining mere Bounding brass
and tinklingc) inbals ? The S'cinlist
Party to day stands und points out
the (acts to the churches and to all
men and asks it them "Now what are
you _,oing to do about it ?"
Continuing, Mr. Kingsley pointed
out that unless something unexpected
happened such as an enormous war or
sonic oilier oatustropby to destroy
surplus products, we are already in
the death throes of our present competitive system of society and that
never again will we have the capitalistic prosperity ol the last lew y ars.
What a atate ot affairs ! Here we
have food and clothing piled up in
our stores, warehouses and factories
while millions of men stand face to
face with starvation; hundreds of
thousands of women sell tbeir honor
for an exUteuce and millions of children 1*0 hungry and naked. What
Christianity 1 What civilization I
What love 1 No wonder ChriBt went
up into a mountain and wept over it.
He would do the same thing today
and «uy to Hie churches exactly what
he said before, without making any
exception ot Kevelstoke, (or theii only
seema to be about two hundred people
here sufficiently inteiested in tlie
problems to listen lo a man who
understands them. The speaker concluded by showing that a workingiuan
who voted for any ot tlia old parties
was a traitor to his class; thut a
worker could not lie a Liberal, Con
servative, Democrat or Republican bb
there parties were essentially capitalists standing tor a slave exploiting
system ol society and lhat the nearest
they were to lieing ol thrne parties
was to he their tools, and tbat only
hy completely overthrowing the
present form ol Ownership of publio
DCOeSlitlei  and   substituting  the   On.
operative commonwealth elmld   we
hu-ie to have peace and treedum.
Coursier's   nut   ooal   makes steady
tiros (or cookiug.
CIO0K—Find i-Inss, white workman,
. iv,mis to change, Uualaiiiees
-niisfiiciiiin. No cheap niilfli considered. JAS. BISHOP, Cottonwood.
B. 0.
mediately for lhe Onion Hulel,
Arrowhead, Apply tu W. J. Light-
hiiriie. Arrowhead.
DRESSMAKING     nt      reasonable
terms.    Apply Mrs, G. W.Green,
Fourth Street.
FURNISHED HOUSE to Rent-Apply to Columbia Agencies Ltd.
FOR SALE—Arrowhead Drugstore
for Sale, possession   November 1.
I Apply to M. .1. Donovan, Arrowhead,
B. 0, sep 1(1 _l
South Track
FOR SALE—Two good
Apply   to  Mat bison
Milk  Cows
&    Crowe,
FOR SALE- CHEAP- Nine first-
l-lus   11 liry Cows.   Applv lo   Hox
808, Am.     ...id. Sat 12-8od
FOUND Gold Watch, owner can
have same by proving property
nnd paying for this nolice. Apply E.
J. Mary, Thild Street.,
X     ll Is.    Mnternll_
ally.   Highest quiilittratliim
H. H„ Hox 155, It.'Velstoke,
_L.i   aide house ui-xlilnor li
i for engage-
ise.s ii specious. Address
., B. 0.
in    riinit'nt'i-
io   furnished i-.> s wanleil for ligbi
housekeeping.   Apply al Mail-Herald
Apply nl i
-Upstairs work or din-
li\- I'xperie in ml woman,
tu M   Abel. Gulden.
WANTED—A giind general servant
f'sr ii family nf t n o.    Apply  to
Mrs.   A
Hank l'i
li.   Mi
ii li'iii-e.
Oli'iii'ghnu.J li
hoti-is    p ,t t Iv .I'm nisln
8 roomed  linn-.. $12-Apply C
Agencies, Limited.
d.   $25,
I'iiivi i lu  i ni. s.iiis  live, fur  hliehy
the day nr hour at t,.ns,ninl.le terms.
Rs'giilai street Ir p- all day.
STANDS-Uuion Hotel. Plume 27.
Oriental Hotel, Pimm IS.
C. TU INR0S6, Proprietor. Phono 41
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week
Single   meals   -
25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS   -  $5.00
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Lauding ( during stage of high
water) at 6 a.m on Tuesday and
Friday, fur Downie Creek nnd   way
points, returning a.one day
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ltd., on Mondays snd
Thursdays at 1 p.m., aud must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for tbe limit Lauding at 5:1111
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
co-neciB with the steamer on arrival
hack in the evening, and makes
special tripB, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. Hill,. Dates of
Bailings may hu changed without
M        1.--/1X ■^____fa_a^is««y|_g=iv>_
w// .'/A \ \ \ iV*Sns ■_
//////iiii', v-.v.,s
._._.-. _:?^^,
-     "•  aP\
iti --
■;^i_p£v       I
_t"_^ -VT rVC. !■*■.-
V- r^A
i I iftreji.' i'
___V»7    I
■ XRIi/i   I
IlITi'Tii >
§', i i' i i,'i i i
-.■■Ifl i ' t ! I
Hi1   !
! I
are made weekly of rur Suits and Overcoats, made
in London, Kngland, to our customers' special
measurements. Our message to you who reside
over seas is this : —
It is worth your consideration "
i   11
- the perfi tion of fit, style and finish at the minimum
of cost. For years past we have made tailoring our
s pei ial   ' ■ '• . until to day it is no i rrt ii n 1.1 say
that our i :ouse 1 lasts the fint ti pment and organisation iti t .■ ;' lorii . \\' i !il. V I ■ , alised
in the nrt i ... ng clients n Iii i r-si as, and, ni re-
over, not only n fitting, but a : ducing the real
' American fashions. There t no need to pay exorbitant prices fur
~-~--U'<' *. your t.uloring requirements. The mi r tailoring is bai ked by our
*V'.;V. unreserved guarantee to refund ei rj t i nt ol i nts' money when we fail to
give absolute satisfaction, No other Tailoring House on e. iii I the Atlantic dare offer
such an unqualified guarantee. Whether you desire your clothes tailored in latest New York
style or latest London fashions, we guarantee absolute satisfact n. Tin pi imple.
Merely fill iu a P-.'-tcard, aud address same to us as below, asking for oui selection ol materials,
Bj i turn you will receive our latest assortment of patterns, togethei with latest fashion-
plates, instructions for accurate self-measurement, tape measure, all free and carriage paid.
We dispatch your ordir vlthin seven days from receipt, audit' yuu do not approve, return the
goods, and we will refund your money.
SUITS and OVERCOATS to measure
$5.14 to s20<_
The World's
Measure Tailors.
(Dept. B 85).   60/62   CITY   ROAD,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.
Addresses   for   Patterns!
For Toronto and East Canada :
For Winnipeg and the West i
CURZON   BROS., oo  HENDERSON  BROS.   Hit     hS!   I. 279 Garry Street. WINNIPEG.
Pimm mention Hits paper.
Notice of Sale
Pursuant to lhe Oilier of lhe County
Court of West Kootenay, holden at Rev-
elsloke, made in the fiction of Big Bend
Lumber Company, Limit- .1, v. Columbia
and Kootenay Railway and Navigation
Company and Charles B, Kirk and W. J.
Kane, there will he offered for sale with
the approbation of W. E, McLauchlin,
l_.sq., Deputy Registrar of said Court at
Ihe Court Mouse, in lhe City of Revelstoke
on Wednesday, Ihe 30II1 day oi September,
1908, all and singular that certain parcel
or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the Town of Arrowhead,
B. C.| and being composed of Lot No.
Four (4), Block No, Seven (7).
On the lands is said to be a two story
frame building 20x26 with seven rooms.
The properly will be offered for sale
subject to a reserve bid.
Further particulars may be had from
Harvey, McCarter & I'iukham, Solicitors,
Imperial Bank Block, Revelstoko, B. C,
or from
W. E. McLauchlin,
Deputy Registrar at Revelstoke.
Dated   at  Revelstoke this 41I1 day
September, 1908.
All Work Promptly
and Neatly Executed
All   kiiiiln   of   new
HiiilriH in
Wah Chung, ■ Front St.
i'. u. Hox, 2011. Phone 2ts
Miuiiifnntun.<l foi       oIhhhos of uuilriiiiKri
fur Hiil-n In lar,.* or .mull 111111111.11(01-1
ut tli" 1'iwii.t lirictm fur CUD.
All kind* ol hiiil'linir nnd t>lnM.lcrliij(
Ravel-stoke Luul I' sn ii-t.
Dint riot nl'  .Voul KsiiiU'iuiy.
Tako notion that Uiuitfe MuOuHcr,
Si'., of Hi'VrlHiiikc, U.I , .\j.'iit, in-
teiiils iii ii|i|'!y I".ii- 'ini'inission tn pui--
cli.-i-ic 111" lull niiiu; ill'UCl'illl'd laiiils.;
C'liiiiiiiciiiiii'. nl 11 pust planted nn
the west liank of tin* Oolumlilii River
al ilu- suiitli-i'iisi corner of Lot si'ti.'i,
Gi'iiup 1. KnotenuT, and luatked
"Geoige MeOai'ter,Si-., Dortli-east cor-
ni'i [11st." theuce west K) chains;
thi'iicu south 211 ishniiiH; i hence i'nsst 2n
chains more or lens in the west bank
nf ilu- Columbia rivert thenee northerly along the weBt bank nf the Oolum*
bin nver to tbe point of commence
uiciil, iinnlaininK 2ii acres more or lesn.
Ilv his agent, Geo, s, McOartor.
I )n ted JuneaOth, liHW, j 27 mid
Take Notice thai mi days after date
I An Inn BS, l.viins, nf Beaton, li. ('.
ini(ipiii.iuii, pniipi'cttii', Intend to
apply for permission t» purchase the
following described lands situated on
1'Vh River, in West Kootenay div
lib I,
Utiinmenclng at the nnrth-easl enr-
mt i.I A. I). Mnikiiy'si piei'inpli hi No.
7 HO."-, mid marked "A. 11, Evan-*,
N"i ih-ivi'Kt Oufner   Post,"  ihence 8
(Iiiiiii-. tn west line nf MiKiiiiiiin's
pre eiiipilini; ihence Wl chains south,
theme 8 chains west to MacKay's,
I In in e nut III 50 dial Ills tn point nf cum-
nii'iiri'iiii'iii, ciiiitiiiiiinK I" acres more
in lis.8,
Luiiued Angitsl 8rd, 1808.
A. E, KVANH, Locator,
, nt
llevelstnke Land District,
Dim Hut nf West Kootenay,
Tnke iiiii iee 1 hal  (I. Brink, nf Hal.
cy II. 0., Cruiser, Intends tn apply
fni' permission tn purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
the east aide nf Upper Arrow Lake
the south-oast corner of Lot 2481, a
marked  "G. K. Hiink'H North-West
On.ini'r Post") thenee east 20 chains)
thenco smith 20 obaiUSI thenee west
20 eh.mis  In  the  lake  tdinie;   thenc'
iiiii'iiniiy along the lake shore 2n
ehains more 01' leiH to thu point of
oom mencement, oontalning to acres
moro nr Iiihh.
(i. K. DRINK.
Dated AUgUJt 6th,  1808.
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Coll for  Estimates and  Advertising Rates
Certificate  of   Improvements
Minn It mineral cUIra, >ltut« In tin Trout bi"
MIntaK inn.lon "t WmI K "..i.-ii-.v DUlrtcl
ivIiiti' locaUnl;   u tl,,- In-aii "I ii"iit Cr»«i Bsalii
niljsniiiii: tli'- |.'.,|..,m mitis'i'l 'Iiini  l."t  l'..7.
Tnkn notice that I, 11   Smith, I M.c. 1SM.B,
ni-tiiiK u iiic-iit f.r.1   I'.  Ms.i-'i/i-   I  H.C No,
leu. 'i in'- ii.I ..xi) .tn • Irom the tl .t- befool, n.
applj to the Muinm Bacordor ioi  . UertlflcM   nl
ltn|ir,i ii'iiiisni.. lor ilu  pun' I obutolni n
Orown (iruit nl tins nt...i.. I'laim. ^
Ami turttMtr ink,'  notice  Uiit   sotloa,   'ni.tssi
Siii'tlun .17, tnii.t 1st1 conmeneed bofore tins t..u-
anre nl hiiisIi 0-rlilic.it" "l linprisusmisntii.
Dated Hit. Mill 'Iny Ol June. A.U.. KMS.
■A      D 11    -Ml . li
fur tins I*.,,,. „1 n itii|illi'.it«. c-rtillrulis „f title
to Lot i".i;. Uroup One, liistriet nf Kootenai*,
" True IT-.nri'" Mlin-riil ('laitii (oxoentlngul
unilh Idea um' livi.irtliiiitiTi'Nt tin.rein),
intention In issue nr tlm j'xpiniliun of
iiinntli nftcr tl"- lir-t pinilientlnn horool n
I iiu|iiii.|iti. al the (Vrii'li'iite uf 'I'llIts fin- i nt
lew,uroup iiini. Dtitrlot nf KooWnajr "Trus
h i—i.r. iiiiii,nil claim (exi'i'iitinKan nndli Idea
line-twelfth titlen-t tliL't'isiin ill tho natui- of
ihomae Downi*. erblon i ertiii'-.-ite t.iinti.i the
17th ol   larch, I«l7,anil nunimsri'il sane.
11. K, MACLKllli.
|i|-l t let  lll'Ki- 1 i   i  .
Lnnil Hi-Kislry NBliso, Nelaon. B. C.
•st'pletiilKir 10th. IM, TIIE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. G
A ftl 1^*1  |1*|  ■*♦*_ l*t*_ -*-?_ _*_■. e'.Pa '^ ____________fc___tl.
»^,' *^' *x* Ti' "X" TI™ Tx" T," T* 3_* "X' '-I-    •*.■
f Sunburn f
| Tan and |
f    Freckles    f
.T. IL
W Bet a BnMle uf nnr Eldei ±
■^ Flower Cieam, .1 uat wbat *3.+
•i.   you are looking for. (tt
l|l SOLD AT 4$.
*   C. R. MACDONALD'S     §
& Revelstoke, B. 0. -m
.♦. .'t'e  .*fr>  t*t*- .♦*» e't'a  .*_.- t*!*.  .4*. _*_._ _*_». _^*. ."fr.
Ifl if* rj,l <^,» t^> *^T *£* *$,* t^t >^|,i 1^1 IJ,i 1*1
Mackenzie-Roman—In Kn ■■ Church
Thursday, Sept. 24. by 1 •. .1. R
Roherteon, Mr Win. E, McKenzie
t" Miss Constance Roman.
Local and General.
K H. Trueman, photographer, is in
the citv  and   will   remain   until   the
28th, '
Rev. T. W. Hall will Jpreacb in tbe
Methodist church at Kamloops on
Smith Curtis, the libers' f-andiilile
fur Ko'itenay. addressed a public meeting at Arrowhead ou Thursday nighi.
The preliminary work commenced
today in connection with the installation ol a new nre alsinn system for the
Thematriiiii<ftbe hospital desires
to remind t,,*j public that Tuesday
and Wedneoday, Sept. 20th mid 30th,
are donation days
Tonight—'Christinas" and "How
Jones Lost hiss Roll," and "The Balloon   in   an    Electric   Storm," at the
Edisoi) J'urliir Theatre.
The New Westminster Fair opens
ou October 3rd and will close on Oc
roher lotli. The 0, P. K. are giving
reduced rates fnr the fair.
Harry Mcintosh, Halcyon; E, Du.
punt, llevelstnke. Httd S. C. Smith,
Vernon, were the judges at the recent,
horse race meet at Vernon.
The 20-ton driving wheel tor the
engine at the power bouse has just
heen raised and is ready to be dropptd
into position in its bearings.
A number of our prominent citizens
are taking advantage of the excursion
rates to the Westminster Fair and will
leave next week on a visit to the coast.
W, E, Biggs has un onion paie.h
that is yielding nver 11 tuns to the
acre. They are Yellow lUnveiH and
of very even size—Armstrong Advor-
Tiie l.idiei of the Maccabees are
giving a dance at the opera house,
Oct. 2Uth Music will be furnished
by the Independent Hand. Tickets
il a Couple, extra  lady .50e.
Mr. Joseph Lonzo left at ttie Maii-
Hi'KAi.n   office   fr.ur of the largest OU
cumbers ever grown in Uritish Col une
Iiii and a fine   sample   ol   celery   all
ft i i his ranch east nf the city
* ie in receipt ol a letter from
r" i .lay." drawing attention to a
qua between twn prominent men
.it i , ity. Tl.c em rcspondonee will
not Ue published tor the reason tlmt
we do not Itw* ti"si it is in the public
int-rrest tr. give publicity to u matter
tbat affects ippnrently, only t.lieiivn
men. Men will quairel, ami so will
Meal [on Bread
alone would not lie unpleasant if it wens our bread. The
loaves that eome daily from
our ovens so crisp and appetizing have j flavor that appeals to the palate. People
don't eat nnr bread from a
sense of duly. They Bat it
because they like il. So will
> in when you come to try il.
Will il be today?
to our splendid stock of Fall
groceries, including the most
reliable lira nils of canned
meals, fruits,flail, vegetables,
etc, We handle mine but
the purest products the kind
goods having a guarantee
of quality, In ordinary or
louse groceries, like tea, coffee, sugar, butter, cheese,
spices, etc, we alsu carry the
standard qualities only. Our
Iwuys fair,
HOVSOft    fSL   "BELL
p ; ; si
Karn is King
Tlm right Piano al the right price.
Call and see us before yuu buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Eaton   Hut-but
and Crane's
Note  Papers
.   •.; ge stock jusi i ei < ived
Prices on  Hulk Goods
in   151.   to 75c.   j -.(iiii e
lope* 1 5c. to 75c. pky.
.   !   .-■',- pai I. ages.
'■■ .       .V   : I :,__, Si t   uner)
Alfred Qrover, an Englishman, a
bridge tiuilde , died in the hospital at
Nelson Wednesday f om injuries resulting from a fill! irom a bridge 50
miles west of Nels hi, lie fractured
bis skull.
A meeeing of the Ladies' Auxiliary
will he held un Monday, 28th inst., at.
3:80 at the Y.M.C.A. All members
ivhn are  interested  in  the  Y.M.C.A,
work are cordially   invited  to  attend
this meeting.
Tbe Im al conservatives held an or
gaiii/.iitioii meeting last night in their
committee rooms, upstairs in the 1'.
Burns block. Committees were appointed and all plans laid for the work
of the forthcoming election.
The annual general meeting of the
Ladies Auxiliary to the hospital will
he held in the oity hall on Tuesday,
Sept. 29th, at 8:80 p.m. All interested
in hospital work are particularly requested to attend. Election of ntlicers
will take place. til
Rev. .!, R, Robertson has received
word that he has been awarded the
iecond prize for an essay on "Canada"
which wue offered last February for
npeu c itnpetition by Mr. A, ('. Fltnu-
inerfelt of Victoria. Both lirst antl
Becond prize essays are to be published
lin pamphlet fin in in  th. near future.
I Delegate Kennedy, Toronto, made a
vigorous attack on Socialism at tTie
Trade and Labor Congress nl Halifax
on Monday, in which he said "Tbe
congress was responsible for men going
through the country preaching an
'ism' that a great majority of honest
tvorkingmi'ti nf Canada did not believe in."
It has been discovered that morcurj
I is a specific for tuberculosis     Medical
I nspector C. M. Hihbert, of  the navy,
ii<   transmitting  to the department a
paper    by    Surgeon    li. L. Wrighl
treatment of tuberculosis  by mercury
nt Navy hospital nt New Fort Lincoln
Colo , says   "We are almost convinced
that   mercury,   judiciously   used, is a
I specific iu the treatment   til   tubdrou
' It -is in all nt  its forms,    It Bhould be
borne  in  mind tlmt -unu nf the cases
'therein reported  wet"   at the time tbe
j mercury treatment   was   commenced
1 apparently al deal h's d 101     \ nd ' hi 1
lean he no doubt that thpir   live,   si	
An attractive exhibit at. the fair last
week was the buttled winter from Halcyon Hot Springs, which is becoming
a favorite beverage by all who use
mineral waters. It is rich in lythin
und other properties which make it 1 f
great, value medicinally, and nuw Unite
a ready sale in all parts ol tlie province
—Vernon News.
The heights of Mt. Victoria weie
again scaled on Wednesday by a parly
ol courageous climbers, Mr and Mrs
Hugh Bruce and their guest Miss Unburn Thomson of Orillia, Ont., Mrs.
McBride, Misses Elsie Hooley and
Edna Bruce and Messrs .1. Hooley and
C. Newsoni. While it is a pretty stiff
climb and they were all very tired on
their return, they are loud in their
praises of Victoria Park and Grass
bake on the summit, and say that Hie
inspiring view of the surrounding
mountain peaks and glaciers as well
as that of the beautiful river valleys
and tlie city below quite repaid them
for tlieir trouble
Social aniPersonal
Mrs.   F. B,   Lewie   lelt    Thursday
evening on 11 twn months' visit tu
T'linuitii and other eastern cities.
Mrs.   D.   McCarthy    returned   on
Tuesday iniirniiiiig from Vancouver,
where she has spent the last three
months lor the benefit of  her  health.
Mr and Mrs R. M. Smythe left last
evening for 11 visit to Vancouver and
the Sound cities   While in Vancouver
they     will      tie    the    guests    nl    Mrs
Smythe's mother, Mr- .1. tl   !>atr&g)i.
CATHOLIC,— Kev. Father Ooocoltt
pastor, Services ate held on the First
■md Tbiid Sundays in every month
it the following hours: 8 a.m. Coin
iiiiiiiii,11 Mass. 10.'HI a.m High 1 ass
nnd Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School: 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction anil Benediction.
St. Andrew's Presbyteri-ah—Kev.
W.-C. Calder, pastor, Sunday. Sept, 27
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. iu. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday H p 111.
Knox I'kksiiytkkian—,1. R. Robertson, B.H, minister. Sunday services
at ll a in. and 7.30 p. 111. Sunday
School n< d Ph t r'a Bible Class at. 2*80
p.m. In the morning the Annual
Child ith'a Day service will he held
when nil the children of the several
families a'e asked to be present
__>eniiig snbji'isl ' The Hope of Solving
line of I ha \ 01 Id's Greatest Problems."
(in,>d Music. All welcome and stiau-
•4eis >pseiaily invited.
Methodist—Rev.T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows •—
Morning sorvic at 11 o'clock, Sunday School and Bible Ola, * 2:30 p.
D_. Evening service a1 7 li 1 p.m.
Rev. ,1. W. Dickinson, ot Knu loops,
will preach a Bund iy Scboul serin, n
In tbe morning, mid give a short address at the Suit Isi School rally at
2.30. The Sunil..y School scholars are
invited to the morning service, and
the parents are invited tn the Sundny
School. In the evening Mr Dickinson will preach on the Educational
Work ol the Church All members nf
the Kpwnrth League are requested to
lie present on Monday evening at 8
o'clook. Election of ollicers will be held.
Wednesday evening service, 8 o'cl ck
V cordial invitation is extended to all
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class nt
2.30 p. m B. V. P. U Monday al. 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. All are invited to these services
Morning subject, "Temptation"', evening subjeet, "Has Everything lis
St. Peter's (Anglican)—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M.\., Rector, Servicea oil
Sundny as follows: 8 11.111. Holy Communion. At 11 a ut Matins, ami
Sermon. 7.30 p.m. Evensong. 2 30
p in    Sunday School.
Lord's Day Alliance
Rev. T, A. Monte, general secretary
of the Lord's Day Alliance of Canada,
addressed a fairly well attended meet
ing in Knox Church on Thursday
night. Mr. Moure's address lasted an
hour ami was listened to with great
interest. Those who not present
missed 11 great opportunity. During
the servic* the choir rendered a beautiful anthem, and Mrs. Bews sang
wilh much appreciation. A liberal
collection was taken iu aid of the
work of the Alliance in B, O.
Revelstoke Sports  Carry Off
Many Prizes
Last Wedne.tlny night  a group
young men   might   have  lieen
Moving Pictures
On   Mi 1 I •..    11.'.   Tuetdaj evi 1
there wlU 1* .11   1.1' is- i'Ii   '._■     ;
gramme at the   Edi«on parlor theatre
-. me aplend I -      cts wil  be pot   u
On   ',-1. :.•..'I-. Thursday even-
tug. • 1 .- ■ 1 .   _•   • dude I   ■■ -; I-■:,
lid 1   ib drama    ihi    is O linen
Hi s    -       1 .    -tnnd 1,11
their   .- Ifl Ji.'l
• - • ,■ in ■ ■ ■ lorneci
pulling ■ •. ■. hi ■ y u can gel
cleo        -    ng cosl frot
Knox Church Y. P. S.
The y, iing people of Knox Church
were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Teller nt tlieir home last Moiidai
evening. Tin ie was a good attendance of the young people who all
enjoyed thf'i ■• Ives to the fullest.
During thu mulling a short business
meeting wns held and ollicers elected
lor the ensuing year. The executive
will comprise: Mr. J. (i. McLean,
president; Miss M McKinney, Miss V
McKinney Mi-a M. Matheson, Miss.I.
Johnstone, ami Mr Williamsun.
Orange Meeting
On Tuetdsy evening next  a   public
meeting will tie   held   in   the   (Ipera
House under the auspice"   of  I, O L.
Addresses  will he   delivered   on   the
<tnry and principles nf   lb'-   Orange
\ -      1       and . li ■  necessity   for iis
11'. !' .minion,   by   Mr. J.
V\     iVInii ley    (,r lineial    organizer,
.11 d 11       It. J     Mclntyre,   proviuol.l
grand rhnpliii     .-iti_ing  and   instrti.
music bv local   talei.l   (lining
\l 1--   McKinney   »ill
. .   de il   le piano      1 ne ,'luiii will
be lakei »< 8 o'clock    Adnij-siott tree
For Sale
cedar    il    uond—llevelstnke
1 ni s-sai Agem ies   I'd.
of __^__1__	
feen at the station, en route to
Kamloops to havo a try fur some
of the Irtick events tit the Knmlonjs
On Thursday afternoon the
sporls started with 100 yards ilasli,
aud, as expected, Astle cleaned Up
this event in 11 seconds, with T.
Muiin, of Kniiiloops, Becond,
In the 220 yards dash a surprise
packet came on hand when Williamson, familiarly known as the
"Mut," beat Astle 'almut 3 feel, giving Hevelstoke 1st. and 2nd.
The running broad jump wns
won by 'I. Hope with IT feet, 71
In the shot put Revelstoke hud
no man to enter owing to March
being unable lo get away trom
The running high jump went tn
Kamloops, being won by Millar
with Crowe, ol Kevelstoke,   second.
In   tlie   pole   vault,   Crowe,   of]
RevelBtoke,   won    in   eusy    style,
having bin little competition.
Next came the Relay race and
here Revelstoke ran up against a
snug, for although the boys ran a
very hard race, Kamloops won by
u tiiuil sprint on the part of T.
Munn whu ran last for them.
The banner event of the Meet
wis the 10-mile Marathon which
was run on Friday, the prize being
a large cup presented by Mr. Har-
graves, of Kamloops. W. Millar,
A. Glenn, of Kamloops, and U.
rainier, of Revelstoke, were the
starters, and although (jlei)n and
Millar tried to wotk Charlie and
get him worrying, they did not
succeed. Al 5 miles Millar dropped
out und Palmer from that point
increased the pace and kept to the
front. Just as jibe Dtli mile was
being finished iu front of llie
grandstand, Glenn sprinted past
Palmer amid loud applause, ile
held it just about, ft second, for
Charlie shot, past him like a comet
and pounded around tlie truck like
a well oiled piece of machinery.
The finish was not exciting as it
was till Palmer, but lhe race all
through was very good uud Palmer
deserves great credit for tbe way
he upheld lhu Revelsluke colors.
Time:—1 hr '■', min. 21 see.
Assurances were given lhat Kamloops will compete in our Thanksgiving day road race, so we shall
have an opportunity ol seeing Glenn
run here on that. date.
W. G. Astle, the track team captain, fulfilled his duties in a very
satisfactory manner and the success of the Meet was largely due to
the way in which he kept up tbe
good fellowship feeling amongst
the boys.
Business Locals
Shot guns, rifles, ammunition of all
kinds, fishing tackle at Bourne Bros.
Nocualjust now iu Coursier's warehouse.    All gone direct off tbe cars,
tin   to   Bourne   Bros,   for  heating
stoves,  cook   stoves   and ranges, stove
j repairs, stove pipes, etc.
Rocks and rubbish tbe color of cnul
will not make a lire Coursier's furnace dial burns nicely all night.
W.J Curtis, Piano Tuner, will visit
Revelstoke in October Orders left
with Mr. li. Ilow-on or Lewis Bros
will receive prompt attention
Don't fuss and fret about fuel.
Coursier has a car, a car, a car and
another ear of mil and furnace conl
You should buy your
Furs early and have
so much more good
out of them. A nice
Fur neck piece is
almost a necessity for
the cool evenings.
We are showing a line assortment in Isabella
lo...,-Persian Lamb, Get man Mink, Alaska Sable,
Fitch, etc., in neck pieces and muffs, arid can give
ymi splendid values.
in White Lamb, Thibet, Ermine, etc., and some
Fine Warm Lamb Ruffs for the little tots that can
be washed.
oxirsr _B-____e__:___!_E_-_r
Entirely Under New Management
Just anived—11 large cneigument of tlist-claeacunfectioniry,
A splendid tisooriiiieiit nf Bread and Cukes delivered daily.
Wedding und Bin Inlay OakeB a specialty. Special terms to
purlins and liantiuols.    .-vfieriin 11 Teas.    Lunches put up.
J. I_. Hl_Al>RICK.
1/VIIt SALE    .Small Cull I Sell   Keedi I
ft    St'ive Iii gum! condition,     Apply
M lll.-il III M.ll utile
1 with a limit If 75, Paying concern
Wtile "Pari mil',   otlhe I IPs paper.
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
"        paid up 2,2oo,ooo
Rest, and undivided profits       225,ooo
President   sir 1). II. McMlllin., K.O.M.G,   Vice Presidents'— Edward Gur-
ney and ('apt. Wm. Robinson.   Gen. Man.   .1. W. de'C. O'Grody.
Special attention paid to Savings  Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from date of deposit and credited quai'tei'ly.
Open every C P. R.  Pay Night, alto Saturday Evening, from 7 to 8 p. m.
A General Banking Business Transacted
The smallest, account receives  from  US the  same  careful attention
as the largcHt oue.
Office   Corner First 8t. and Con-naught Ave.
A.  F. D.  LACE,   Manager   Revelstoke  Branch
for the BRIDE
If ynu sish to make
a really use nl and pleasing
Gilt In tlie Bride, see our
assortment of
Cut Glass
Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry
Ollicial  Issuer uf Marriage
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, Hasten. Star, Grand
View, Flora Bell ami Eureka miuoral
olaims situate in tht* Revelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootonay Districts Located on the Norlh side of the North-east
branch of Laforme Croek.
Take nolice that ., Guy L. Williams,
Free Miner's (Vrtificato B 1,3*65, as agent
tor Qharl.es Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate- B94266; for Kd. Adair, Free Miner's
Certificate I394351; Samuel McMurty, Free
Miner's Certificate B942621 Walter Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate B94265; F, G.
Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate II94264;
Gilborl Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
B942C1, and R. F. Greer, Free Miner's
Certificate H942O3, intend 60 days from
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvement!*
for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further take nolice that action under Section 37 must be commenced before
Ihe issuance oi such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 17th day of September, 1908,
sop 23-npv 83 GiY L. Williams.
Fall Millinery Opening
We extend a most cordial invitation
to you to visit Our Millinery Department 'ind view the exclusive models
gathered there,
The Second Week of Our
Sale establishes new records for
Great Bargains and Values
Dress Goods
We are offering a -i-i pei cent,
discount on all  DRHSS GOODS,
In stripes and plain, 25 \"'r ,l'n'.
discount on this splendid line
ni Goods.
Ladies' Costumes
v>    [X.r   ' ''nt      I MSI mint    mi   .ill
Regul . • , ' and .-' :<> at 50c.
per pair Vou are a, lured 'il
1 /■,',(]  bargain,  as we place on
unr counter I  50 Odd |>airv
Blankets, Comforters
10 pel ' 'in di ,< 'unit. All our
Wool Blankets in Grey and
White, bought direi 1 Irmn one
of the besl nulls Only iii stock
.1 few flays.
Ladies' Blouses
White   Lawn  Blouses,   50 p_r,
cent. Discount
Clothing Department
(Iiiil Pants at I*i2.25 per pair.
Wor.sttil Suits at $11.50.     Regular
Sid. 50.
Hoys' Suits selling  froin $-.,-.0 up.
Men's Overcoats.   Reg. $t_     Now
Men's   Best   Overcoats with   Satin
1.a pels.     Keg. Sid.     Now $11.
Men's Odd Pants
100 Pair put in stock this day,
good, heavy Tweed Pants at $1.35
per pair. Heavy and dark grey
tweed, double and twisted wool,
the kind that regularly sells at $3.
Now Sale Price $2.25.
Boys' School Boots
The good wearing   kind  at 20  per
cent, discount.
Men's Boots
Regular $3.00.    Now  $2.25.
Ladies' Boots
A job line.    Reg. $2.50 and $4.00.
Now at *i.50 a pair.
Mackenzie Avenue        REID      «&     YO TJ N G Bevelstoke, B. C.


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