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The Mail Herald May 9, 1914

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 ■ H » H 1*1 l«l Ml*1 H i I I ! i«l l"J M
■ ■
■ Railway    Junction and   Dlvis- ii
■ ional Point.   Headquarters (or M
■ Columbia    River     Navigation. '*':
■ Hub of   Timber   Belt, Mineral 11
■ Zone,  Agricultural    Lands and Ih'i
■ Vast Water Powers of B. 0. g
m a
.   ^ i im ll il ll ■ llHPn
•A    _ ,	
The Mai
IS      ^W
m m
a            THB MAIL-HERALD *
!■! Circulates  twice  per   week  am- i|
a ong the prosperous ciiizens of M
a Canada's     Premier     Province. H
a The      recognised      advertising .aj
B medium lor  Kootenay and In- 3
a terlor British Columbia. A
ii ppipni v 11 a a a i
%   I. 20-No 31
RKVElSTOKE. B. C.  MAY 9, 1914
$2.50 Per Year
\   -,
Promising Industry Established
by G. S. Adams—Has
Thirteen Animals
A unique Industry winch he is con-
Bdent will prove successful, profitable
and capable of wide expansion, has
been established hy George S. Adams the McKenzie avenue jeweler, on
his runcli near the city limits. It is
a farm tor breeding murtcn and On
it already arc thirteen of the quaint
little creatures whose lur is so much
prized  by   women  of  fashion.
Mr. Adams, who hus the faculty of
seeing opportunities that arc overlooked ny others, came to Kevelstoke
last July and took a homestead with
thc express Intention of taking ud-
vantage of the Bpeclal facilities for
raising marten which the Kevelstoke
district niters, for from the neighborhood ol Revelstoke some oi the
best marten skins that the country
produces are obtained. In addition
ranch hi- has given contracts to trap-
to the thirteen marten now on his
pers to obtain  for     him seven  more
Before coming to Kevelstoke he had
made arrangements for procuring live
marten from trappers and the lirst
denizen of his unique breeding establishment was obtained last January.
The animals have all been captured
in the Big Bend country or at the
back of Mount -McKenzie. They are
interesting little animals and although shy, so thnt it is necessary
that they Bhould not he disturbed by
strangers, they already know .Mrs.
Adams who feeds them and will eat
out of her hand or ctimb upon her
dress. They are ■; i't in a wire enclosure on the Kevelstoke marten
farm.   They  i particularly active
und  In  their Wild  slate can  run down
n rabbit. Me ■. squirrels, rabbits,
and birds are their natural food,
hut they are thri li en a mc it diet
under the cure of Mr, and Mrs. Adorns.
Mr.  Adams Intends to sell the produce  of  bis  f  : .,  :.t  breeding    pur -
P083S although the skins of the an
inn.Is  kept   in  C ate  usually
more valuable tb •  of the wild
animals on account of their being
obtained In prime c ndltlon.
The marten is of the cat or weasel iri'-ie. It is larger than a mink
and its fur Is in three grades pale,
brown  • nd  dark eik lar    being
most highly prized. The pelt.s vary
in value from •■--',*>" to 850 each.
Unlike the mink tl B marten is a dry
land animal entirely. It has qluws,
and a bushy tail md can climb trees
ns easily as the m< ll active cat.
The marten bra is 01 e a year and
there nre usually from two to seven
in the litter. Th • fur is in eager demand.
Hi:A * TIES   nl-'  Si'KXKRY
C.  a.  Withers   g  .-:.ii manager ol
the Dominion ■ innda Guarantee
mid Accident Insui ace Companj ol
Toronto, and I! I       ..tier, branch
manager at  \ df the   same
company,     wc:- Revelstoke on
Thursday.   Tht y 'ken by  A.K.
Kincaid  thi : itlvi     ol the
company here for Bl lUtomoblle ride
to the end  ot     1 id up      Mount
Hew li irk.- i the) "•' rs both    de
lighted   with   the .ei,iful   view     to
bc obtained from tbe uud. The ll.e
minion ol Canada Guarantee and Accident   Insurance  ■■ tr.pany holds $-V
COO    of      RevelSt   -.-■     . nils   and   Mr.
Withers  takes  |    :i   Interest  in      the
city,  with the  possibilities of which
he   was  deeply ,1.    "Never,"
bc said  "have   i   leen  more  picturesque scenery  tl        that  in the   neighborhood  of  Revelstoke,"  and  he  believes that the City is destined to be
the  great      tour;-*:      ci ntre  of      the
mountains       In  Revelstoke.   he said.
bis company     does a  good  business,
and he considers It  a city with prospects equal to tht ie ol any city   in
the west.
| ...........  m t. n tt
Bl X
| PURE B*i i I CANDY IN A ra;
1    i*i,i-: \\ .*, 8T0RB    «
1 Order candy with thr .ether ■
|«i things you di ■e.i to entertain '■*'■
(■*     your   friends ■
!■< Watch our Window   for   our (!
i Candy Special loi  today only [i]
|                   PODND   \T ■
imi                .MANNING'S. *
m i
b a m a a a - ««■■»>*■■*
Worthy     Headquarters     for
Masonic Craft—Centre
of Social  Life
The Masonic Temple on First street,
now practically completed, will be
the most commodious building of its
kind in Ibe interior of British Columbia, Not only has It ample accommodation for the various branches of the
Masonic Order, Including the Blue
lodge, the Rijal Arch Chapter, the
Oommandery aud the Chapter of the
Eastern star, but it has in addition
accommodation for dances and social
I'u notions of all descriptions which for
convenience and space is unrivalled,
and it has the additional advantage
t hat the lodge nnd social departments
are entirely distinct.
On   the ground   Moor  is a spacious
ballroom measuring :ili by Tli feet with
ceiling Hi leet high, admirably lighted
and provided with a polished maple
Moor most suitable lor dancing. Above
id a musicians'* gallery opening
int., which is the men's smoking room
Wiih lavatory.
lu connection with the ballroom is
also a ladies'cloakroom with kitchen
and lavatory, all of ample proportions
and well lltted.
The lodge room is a handsome anil
spacious chamber containing the implements used iu tbe ritual of the
Masonic craft, Opening into the lodge
room is a preparation room and there
are also regalia looms for lhe Blue
bulge, Koyul Arch Chapter anil Pre-
ceptory. In connection are also a
s, aoious banquet hall, fitted with folding doors, anteroom with telephone,
kitchen and lavatories. The entire
building is heated by a furnace in the
The Masonic fraternity which at
present consists of the Blue lodge and
Koyul Arch Chapter, with the Chapter
of the Eastern Mar, will soon be expanded by the formation of a Preceptor)', the dispensation fur which litis
already been applied for.
O. \V. Abrahanieon it. ihe contractor
who bus charge ol the construction ol
the building. The Masonic order in
Kevelstoke is numerous and energetic
and tbe Temple is already proving
not only a worthy headquarters for
the ciall .but one of the chiel centres
ol the social life of the city.
Order-in Council Pass-cl Yesterday Revelstoke
Now Tourist Capital of Rockies Efforts of
Kootenay Member and Local Associations
Crowned  with Success—Boon to City.
Purchasers   Have  Option   on
Properties Standing On
Same Block
A telegram was received this morning    Irom it. K. Qreen, member for
.Kootenay, notifying T. J. Wadman,
Dominion Lands Agent, that an ord-
er-in-coiuicil was passed yesterday to
set aside the area embracing the
summit of Mount Kevelstoke and the
entire Clack na Cooditi Range as a
national  nark.
For two years the Conservative
Association, the Bourd of Trade, the
j Progress Club und other organisations have been impressing upon the
government   the  advantage  of  creat-
j ing this park In the vicinity of Rev-
I elstoke and Mr. Oreen has tuken special  interest In the matter and    has
I lost no opportunity of urging the
request    upon  the  government.   YeB-
I terday's order-ln-councll is the gratifying result.
The land in question is ideal for
park purposes and the urea contains
scenery   probably  unexcelled,  not on-
j ly in Canada hut     in the world and
.the park will undoubtedly I ccome one
of the great playgrounds of the Am-
i i ll an  continent.
The decision of the government   Is
of vast Importance to Revelstoke. It
means the official recognition of the
city as the great tourist capital of
the Canadian Rockies,
; The establishment of this great
national nark will turn the eyes of
tourists toward Kevelstoke and will
cause the Canadian Pacific railway to
redouble its efforts to secure for its
lines the great trafflo thut the park
■night,  attract.
It will be the cause of the copious
advertising of Revelstoke throughout
the continent and in Europe and
wherever tourists are to he fuund.
It will in all probabilty mean the
speedy completion of the automobile
road to the summit of Mount Kevelstoke.
j The park will be a source of profit
, to Revelstoke, will mean the rapid
' growth of the city, and will provide
for its citizens a means of recreation
unexcelled  in the Dominion.
Mr. Green, through whose persistent efforts and influen :e at Ottawa,
the boon to the city has been mainly
secured is expected to send further
I details by mail to those chiclly interested.
The Van Home block on McKenzie
aveuue al present occupied by Q. B,
Adams, joweler, and the London Oys
ter and Chop house has been sold
this week to the syndicate which hud
recently     purchased the     Revelstoke
Oyster and Chop house. The deal
was concluded hy ll. il. Horobln,
I The same syndicate has taken options on the buildings containing the
Trueraan studio, Hemlnger Uros.
barber shop, Hobson's bakery and
Reid and Barton photographers.
Should these options be taken up
the purchasing syndicate would huve
control of half a McKenzie avenue
block nt the extreme end of thc street
abutting on thc C.P.R. trucks and
there will no doubt be much speculation as to the purpose for which the
block hus been purchased. The entire property if the options arc taken uii will cost neurly $50,000. .Mr.
Horobln who will leave on Sunday in
connection with the deal says that
the purchasers state that they are
acquiring the property for investment purposes.
Stimulating Lecture Delivered
to   Board   of   Trade-
Vast Resources
m Soiariss be
Paid to Aldermen
Shall salaries be paid hy the city
for the services of aldermen? That
was one of the questions debated at
the meeting of the city council last
Aid. Needham was stiongly in favor of the suggestion. He said that
paj was necessary to enable a poor
man to serve on t.he council. The
aldermen U..s: money in uttending to
the city's business and often they
at fleeted civic business because they
could not ai'.ord to give it preference
over their own. If aldermen were
paid they would give the civic busi-
i.e.-s letter attention.
Aid. Bourne did not think that the
time was ripe for paying salaries to
aldermen but his colleagues favored
thc proposal. Aid. Bell thought that
•:'iio a year would not be excessive
remuneration for an alderman's loss
of time.
On the suggestion of the Mayor.
Who also approved of the idea the
bylaw committee was instructed to
find out what was being paid by cities similar to Revelstoke.
The Ladles' Aid of St. John's
church Intend giving the now popular
church entertainment, "A Ladies Aid
Business Meeting at Mohawk Cross -
roads," in Tapping's rpera house an
(Friday evening. May IG. This entertainment has been given with outstanding success in hundreds of
i .'ie--', towns and villages in Canada
and the ' nitcil States .ml has been
reputed In 90 percent,  ofthe places.
The entertainment is given by M
members of the Ladles' Aid. it is
vet-,   bright and amusing, while   rn-
llned   and   dignitieil
Mrs. V. II. Hooley lelt on Weilnrs
d.i> U) spend a couple of weeks In
Vancouver where she will be the guest
ol  P   llemley.
Toronto Firm's Tender Accepted
—To Enyage'Engineers—
Cemeni sidewalks
The tender of R. C. Matthews aud
Company of Toronto of 836,850 for
S10.UU0 of j'. per cent. Civic bonds
Was accepted by the city council at
its meeting last night. Aid. Bourne
dissenting on the ground that the
price was too low.
The paving question also came up
nnd it was decided to engage an engineer of the Bitulithic company to
report on the paving asked for in
the petitions presented at the last
meeting. Payment of uldeimen, the
enclosing of the baseball grounds,
cement sidewalks, dog taxes aud
many other topics were discussed and
it was alter midnight before the aldermen wended their way homeward.
The accepted tender for bonds um-
ounts to 9..I2 per cent. The tenders
were as follows:
H. C. Matthews und Co., Toronto,
836,850; A. E. Ames Co., Toronto,
$.36,843; Canada Bond Corporation,
Toronto, 836,017; C. H. Burgess and
Co., Toronto, $35,615; Terry, Briggs
and Sluytoti, Toledo, at the rate of
"•T.O.'i per cent.; Wood Gundy and Co.
also made au oiler on an agency
Cement  Sidewalks
The necessity of cement sidewalks
was discussed and the public works
committee was instructed to report
on the question to a special meeting
to be held on Tuesday, the idea being
to construct whatever sidewalks are
necessary  by local improvement.
L. Howson and J. E. B. Dickson
appeared for the baseball club regarding the enclosing of thc baseball grounds on Ninth street. Mr.
Howson suggested canvas screen,
which was estimated to cost $0M
the baseball boys promising to supply thc poles. Mr. Dickson said that
permission had been obtained to carry the fence to thc river bank. In
Kamloops, Lethbridge and elsewhere
similar fences had been erected.
Mayor McKinnon promised that the
council would consider the mntter
and communicate with thc baseball
H. N. Coursier asked the council
for relief respecting his sewer tax.
The sewer was a main sewer and
had been built as an outlet for the
city. He was taxed on 27.*i feet. Referred to committee for consideration
R, Tapping, representing thc Agricultural Society urged the purchase
by the city ol a site for a public
W. T. Stein and Co., city auditors,
repotted  that all    taxes outstanding
( Continued on Page Four.)
Winnipeg Business   Men  Will
Pay Visit to Revelstoke
This   Month
Assurance was given by (bulge
Bury, Vice-President and General
Manager of the 0. P. K., in a letter
read al I lie Board ol Trade meeting; on
Thursday Evening that the company
has no intent ion of permanently reducing its stall ill Kevelstoke.
lion. Louis Coderre wrote In reply to
a letter from 0. li. Macdonald, secretary, that a geological survey along
the Columbia river north of Kevelstoke would lie made this year and K.
I*. Qreen, M. P. explained the necessity of removing the office of the district engineer to N< Ison and gave
assurance that if conditions warranted
the change the engineer would make
his headquarters in Revelstoke. Arrangements ior entertaining ihe Winnipeg business men's special trade excursion Were also discussed. The
parly, which includes the executive
heads of the leading financial, industrial and commercial linns will stop at
Kevelstoke on May 21. Then- will lie
75in the excursion and the secretary
ill response io a ici|itcsl bas provided
an article on Revelstoke to be published in the daily paper which will be
printed on the Haiti.
\V. M.  Lawrence   proposed that a
Committee from the board meet the
parly at Halcyon Hot Springs and
0, K. .Maedoii.ild sUggMted I hat all ell-1
ilcavor be made lo have tin- party stay
long enough lo be driven through the
On motion of .Mayor Ml Kinnon il
was left to the chairman to appoint
a  committee   to make the desired ni-
rangemente and i . Kllpatrlck appointed Mr. McKinnon, Aid. bell and Mr.
,1. 1). Sibbald, jr. brought up the
posi otliee quest ioii and on his SUggM-
tion a resolution was pasted Instructing the secretary   to   telegraph   the]
postmaster-general ami ll. F. Qreen,
M, 1'., asking for immediate construction of the new post office,
Mr. Kllpatrlck said that whim T. J. j
was in Ottawa he had learned that the
plans hail been   found   to  provide too '
small a building and instructions bad
be-in i ■■ -ned   lo  prepare  new  plans as .
quickly as possible.
A rumor that the post office was to I
be moved to the Baptist church was
also discussed.
Mr. Bury'S letter read as follows:
Deal Sir :    You   will   no   doubt   be
pleased In bear that your hoard is under a misapprehension in regard to
our intentions at Kevelstoke as mentioned in your letter of April 8.
There is no intention to permanently
Huge Rock Crashes
info Passenger Train
The midnight train from the west
was four hours late on its arrival in
Revelstoke on Thur.-day morning owing to a rock slide which had occurred
two miles wesl of North Bend.
On Wednesday ,vi ring a huge boulder
weighing some 100 ions, crashed down
upon the track, between the tourist
and  dining ears of train No.  18 west
bound. Both cars were badly shattered and the eooks ami an attend
ant in tbe dining eat were scalded.
No passengers were seriously hurt al-
cbougb some suffered from shock.
Wreck trains and cr-ws were dl -
patched tothe scene from Vancouvtr
and North Bend and the track was
speedily cleared.
Assistant General Superintendent
A. _. Stevens, of ihe Pacific division,
accompanied the special relieving train
which, with ihe wrecking equipment,
was despatched to clear the track. His
private ear was a It ached to lhe special.
The diner, observation car, pat lot
ear, pulluiun and tourist sleeper were
detatched and taken back to North
Bend, Ibe test of lhe train comprising
the day i oaches and tile baggage, mail
and express oars being sent forward
wiih very little delay.
Dog Taxes friust be
Paid at Once
(Continue 1 on Page    Four.)
An  animated  debate  on  the  collection  of  dog  taxes  was  introdUO '.
Mayor       McKinnon   ut the   council
meeting last night.
Aid. .Smythe said that thc Chiel
ol Police reported that the majority
of due taxes had been collected except in a few cases in which the o'lli-
ets had promised   to  pay.
Aid.   Needham    declared    that be
knew of live persons who had not
been  asked   to   pay   the  tax.
Aid. McSorley said that thc duel
had reported to lum that he had
collected $400, more than had ever
been collected  before.
Aid. Hi 11 remarked that a few dogs
running around sometimes looked like
The Mayor did not think the police
went after thc tax. Aid. Smythe
thought they did the best they could
but the Mayor contended thnt a
house to house canruss should be
Aid. Hell said the police came to
his house but found thnt he did not
pOSSeSS  even  a   cat.
Aid. Needham declared that many
taxes hail not been paid. He said
that he would prepare a list of some
of the names and produce it before
the council. A. McRae had not paid
the tax for his dogs.
Aid. Dell remarked that the dogs
in question were not in thc city limits and no tax could be collected.
It was finally decided that the
Chief should be instructed to make
a linal effort to gather In delinquents
and report to thc council at Its next
\t the conclusion of an interesting
address by 0. T. Blbb I n mining and
the   vust  possibilities   that  it      con -
tains for the province and f"r the
Reveistoi.e district in particular the
board of trade at its meeting on
Thursday evening decided to appoint
a special mining committee to go lu
to the question and to take what
ever stepB may seem advisable to
promote the mining interests of the
district. Mr. Blbb was enthusiastic
as to the richness of the mining territory of which Revelstoke is the
centre and thc board thoroughly endorsed his view thai the time had
arrived to take serious steps to interest thc capital necessary to development
.Mr.  Blbb in his address showed the
commanding   position  of  Revelstoke
in  relation to the known  mining areas.    He spoke of the difficulties that
■had been encountered in  the  past   in
. regard      to  concentration,   eupecia
; with respect to the zir.e contents   of
the ores and showed bow recent k .
ledge and modern appliances were overcoming  those  difficulties.    The  ab
sence  of any smelter in  the  country
capable of economically  treating sine
ores and the penalty  imposed on the
zinc contents of silver lead  ores had
heen  seriously  detrimental,   and mon
ey  bad  been     wasted  m  the  dumps.
With gold ores trouble had also been
encountered. Orapbite n I   ■   gold
greasy and it slipped over the am
gamatlon plates causing serious lot
Conditions were now far me.re fav
orable. New machinery had been i
ployed satisfactory In thc Vim i
States and the way was paved foi
taking advantage of new Invent
and for the treatment oi the oi .-
Mr.   blbb  showed   waat   mining
done  for C dor ido,    i tab,  y
Arizona  and  other  st et,.s  arid      | ,
great   cities      and   | mpa
had   arisen  subsisting  on  the  mi;
industry.     Monta) ine  last    ;.
produced $0,000,000 (rora its mines.
Last year British C ... produced
' 1,000     and     there  were 301    . (1
Bquare miles of unprotected mln
in. is   m  the  province  and  only .,
small      fraction   bad      niei   pro;, •
mined.       Tributary     to    Revelstoke
there    were  1 ..• 20,000      M
of mineral  belts.   He had t
ed the belt  for  12 I miles and      bad
never seen a     district    where valuei
were more uniform.   In Colorado the
deposits   were  not  so  extensive      and
British Columbia bad In addition wa
ter powers in abundance,  timber and
water  transportation.   Alter  the i
untry was opened up Br,t,s!i Columbia could     produce     ■ r threi
quarters what  thi j   ■
i ssults  sum
In the n..:.
ed   m   Britleb   I le
mend--.:  the  print : i
■       • a
I    Si OUld -i;^
could tei; : -. t there
ted.   \ i>it  - t •
.,ith in    mining    i
thought  ; • |
,'s 1-1
la and ;t could do ao In
th.- board
their     members t ■   vtstl  thi
with   excellent    results .     Evei
should boost.
An     animated   dlseui ■■• i
the   lecture.   T.   Kilpatr ck    who  was
fContlo ad ,.n l .:-.  s*o'ir1
"BUG \l!  BOWL"
Our Special  J,■,. Crpflin Sun-
dae    thle   week   " I' nl •.'
Marsbniallow Bui dae."
Fresh itipplv nf   " M. Ib.-i "
and    " Moiis "    Cl olalei
just arrived.
"SCO AH   HOW I.  '
s	 1FA0E TWO
SATURDAY, MAY 8. 1014.
Wash Dresses
American Wash Dresses, exceptional
values at $2.00
American Waists
Beauties at 85c
Just another instance where our
purchasing direct lias placed us in
a position to secure better than
ordinary values. Every woman
can find use for one or two of
these garments.
Ladies' Spring Coats
Bought from three of the best Canadian
manufacturers—no two alike-all goods
coming to hand in the last few days by
Our stock is kept fresh and up-to-date
by fresh arrivals by express from the
Fresh eggs are 16 cents a dozen in
A new hotel Ih being built at White
Kreil   Milton  has      opened  a  cigar
store  in Hope.
Mr.  Qunnint
iu  Clinton.
Iiuh opened a bakery
P. 0.   Box   848,
lu-vcMoke, B.O.
Firsl -class wood, dry or green
lull   measure,   prompt delivery.
TKRM9   C.O.D. unless otherwise arranged.    Discount lor
Phone I'ei-li i irders io
W|M>> K K> X K . -> ClHlxTKlklKlKlMlUlK'e
Dealer in  Sll.K GOODS and  BANCY
THINGS.   Prettiest Designs.
DRESSMAKING.   Fit Guaranteed
Buttons for l.i lies' costumes madi in
tn iteriftl to suit special orders.
The Revelstoke Nurseries
Con! minir!* rigbts of tbe Dominion
In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Al-
.eprta, the Yukon Territory, the
N er'h-wcst Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased ior a term ol
twenty-one y ire at an auuual rent
al of II tn acre. Not more thar
2,3ii(i acres Will be leased to one ap
Applicat:on for lease must be mad*
ty   the       , -   ;n  person    to    the
A*-«nt or Bub-Ag«nt of tbe district
.: wr,:ch the rights applied for »n
111   nted.
Ths lease wlil Incl ;de the co il mining rights only, but ths le«ee maj
t,« pernrdtt<ed to purchase whaUver
available t.i'ace rights may bs con-
s.dered neceeiary loi ths wurk.ng o(
tbe mine at the rats ol 110.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must
bs described by esectjons. or legal
sub-divisions ot sections, and in un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by tbs ap -
(dleant  himself.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee of $4 which will bs refunded lf th* rights applied for ar*
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the mer
chantable output of the mine at th*
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Aifent with sworn return*
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tb*
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
-rights ar* not bring operated, sucb
returns should bs furnished at least
©nee a year.
For full information application
abould be made to ths Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to tbe Agent or Sub-Agent
cf Dominion Lands.
m. W. OOBT.
Buy Your Plumbing
Supplies Direct From
Us and Save Money
WV- are the largest plumbing house In
Brltf-sh Columbia .elling direct to the
public. We buy In biff quantities and lell
for cash. Thus we save you the mlddli
man's profit and you do not pay for th*
bad debts of others. Foi tins reason w-
pan Bell for less than any other plumb*
Ins house or plumber In Britlth Columbia.. Compare our prices. For lnstun
Our prl*?-? for i-inr-h km! van (zed pi]H> is
*t.fl.- per 100 tat; J-lnch
Pipe, 90.20 per 100 feet;
1-Inch   jilp^,  f!).i:» per   100
CAN*     BELL     VOL      FOR
Oet   your   plumbing   eup-
pMee  direct   from    us   and
lava  money,   S.>n<l  along your speclfl'-o-
tlons  and   we   will   give   you   price   com
p>te delivered in  your town, by return
mall,   WITIIOl'T  COST TO  YOU.
Then   compare   our   prices   with   othors.
D^n't  paj   two prices for your plumbing
supplies     We  can  supply  everything for
your   b-.itbroom   at   (real   saving   to   you
Writ** us today about jrour plumbing and
hiating problem*.   It will cost you noth
In*   for   ad*. 1
Remem-ber    thai
we     save     you
money     on     ell
plumbing       and
beating   euppiUs
■ ^__--_
sure   to n ;T   "iriej.    :;
snd tr) onr f
are abs,    .
Eros. Ltd
COMPLETE S1G v.n*«wr.b.c.
A. ir.  THIAKI-2
UBOR!       LABOR!
i ii,-'i.
hi Li-
ORDERS M \ >    BE
Kootenay Agencies
PHONE   46
Western Labor Exchange
i ■ . ii ,1
K .t ii.
One H      I W
Dr. Campbell,   of   Piinceton,   lma
I ought .'in auto,
A dancing  school  will  soon bc op-
II nl in Pi Inceton,
The Grand Union bote] at Hedley,
is being enlarged,
jaok   Evans nf Oroville   died     In
' i.\ ttien  this month,
Waller   Nixon   wm   foliml   dead      in
Hope a few days ago.
[ke McLeod has bought the Koote-
i aj  hoi11 at   Rossland.
There are 1,5(13 people In Merrltt,
nml only one scavenger.
F. O. Wlnewiser 1ms bought the
■., uill  Cafe  In  Kamloops.
Rbubard la being shipped from
Mission City to Australia.
Charley Ritcher is In the Hedley
inis]iital with a broken leg.
Julius Marat, formerly of Sumlon,
died   In  the oast last month.
■   Clay is being Bhlpped from   Boss-
1 urg to thc Grund Forks smelter.
For two years there is nn open
Beaaon for bear In British Columbia,
On May ll thc government will
sell town lots in Quesnel by auction.
Near Wilmer, Thomas Starbird,
committed  suicide  hy  taking poiBon.
Jack Cbism is   blacksmith at   tho
l'iiuieiT mine in the Lillooet district.
The Hats below thc lower end of
Barker rt lie are being tested with a
Keystone  drill.
At Kelowna John Ward was lined
i?:.'.*) and costs for having venison in
his possession.
The Milk Ranch of over 1000 acres,
near Clinton has been bought by
James  Wardell.
F. N. Daniels, formerly of Armstrong, died in Revelstoke this month from cancer.
Hy rail this summer passengers
from Port Alberni can reach Vic -
toria in six hours.
R. W. I.ipsett is starting a paper
at Banff to be called the Rocky
Mountain Courier.
A  stick  of  lumber 22x122 and  65ft.
long  was rccentl.\   shipped  from Port
Alberni to Halifax.
Thc shipments of butter nre     con-
-:r from New Zealand
l,i British Columbia.
The contract will be awarded this
week for building the ( anada North-
em   railway   to   Vernon. j
The farmers at Lumby in thc Ok- '
anagan will Import cows from Un- ,
tario, and re-open  their dairy.
The Ontario government is offering
1  to the prospector, who   will
er radium In tbat province.
■   'all  there  were 330 bartenders
working In  Vancouver.     Now   there
y 300 employed in that city.
v.   .1,   Moffat  nas    been    appointed
, i collector   ln
' .   Ol   • 125  a   month.
''.  !•'.   (Valmslay,  of      Hope,
n   o] eratlon  for   appen-
I m .  a few days ago.
'   I']
ii die
1  us,
Belfast  '.v - ■ k i >
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,   Hot Air and Furnaeo
work a Specialty
Oonnaught Ave.
Stop. Faffing Hi
Hall's Ifair  Rencwcr   certainly   slops
falling hair.    No iloulil  about it whut
ever.     Vou will surely be satisfied.
Imo   trwi
:- da. /    another
man   ■    -
colossal stupidity oi thi
punishing   attempts   it  jelf-desstruc
tion   ll   given   a       tOUCh   Of   Hie  grim
■ Jnirtior by the prosecution of ,i
Hamilton man on the charge oi
stealing the razor with which be
tried to end his life,   i ■! ml    Blobe,
Blmer Oaffert oi Cbesaw, eon
ted  suicide  some  time  ago  OWlng   to
the fact that he had an Incurable dll
ease.    Me was cngagei] lo  marry Miss
Ruth strong oi Republic, Apparently she could not live without him,for
one day last week she committed sui-
11ill- at his grave by taking pollOD,
Such devotion Is rare IIicbo days.
'Iins  aii.tii  a silver gray muakrat
■ -   lake,   by Mm.
and  Chariot   Ricbtei   ol  Kere-
the I Iroundhog dis
ter,  Tom Darnel   trap
["■'!   II   .,,'•-     II    WOlvei ine- ,   and    80
Al   I-* -i ',ie   Jam, s   Gordon   was sent
f'.l   Seven   'lays,   foi    heating   a
'   rei tauranl   oul  ol tbe   price
of a meal.
At   Kelowna  George   \IrKny       was
,;iviti six  months In  |all lor     stesal
■ien be wan nlgbl     policeman
in that town.
Largs ocean steamers will     never
land    it   AhIiii .ft,   as   it   would    cost
too inueh to dredge the Fraser   Bnd
1'boiiipMon   livers.
Last     week the      I'lini-eton     .Star
was   published a   ebiy   earlier,    owing
to  absence  of Ihe  staff.      The  staff
should  remain absent.
The Kelowna Courier now owns
a linotype. It is u well supported
paper, ns the live business men believe ill plenty of publicity.
Now is the time to get a good
wheel. We have a splendid line
in both cTVlens and Ladies' at
right prices, also full stock of
Tyres, Tubes, Lamps, Saddles,
and Repairs.
Baseball  Goods  -we are leaders in
l\    these.    Come and inspect our line.
|Ln    Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football,   Cricket,    Croquet,    and    all
Sporting Goods.
Slierwin Williams Painis.
Kaotenay, Saskalia and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
heg to announce that lliey have opened up offices at the
corner of First Street and Connaugbt Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you to
call and gft particulars, anil get in on ground floor prices.
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
President. Sec-Treasurer
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
^/Hkvays the   'Best
"ShamrccIC' Butter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
_ laaaaaaaoDaaaaaaaaaaajjaaaaan
Selkirk   Hotel   Restaurant
Opening up und^r new management
Mrs, M. MARTINSON begs to announce to tin- Revelstoke Public
that she intends to open up Ihis restaurant and run it, in strictly
first-class style. Everything up-to-date and strict attention
given to its patrons.
Give us a call
Open until 12 p. m.
From Maker to Wearer
Our six years' experience measuring*, coupled with our
large number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
Kuirantee a fit. The largest assortmont of samples in
the city to select from.   Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre C& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consum ers' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
Phone 254 *
Doors, Windows, Mouldings.
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Fire Clay.
Lumber, Lath and Shingles.
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd. SATURDAY, MAY S,  l'.IU.
Your Eyesight
IS Important,
II* you are having any kind of trouble with
your eyes you ought, for your own sake, to act
at. once,
Don't put off the test.   Delay is dangerous.
Weakness or strain readily adjusted now ut
u moderate cost may lie most expensive and perhaps Impossible to set right if allowed to develop.
Advice and Information willingly -given hy
F. G. Bews, Optician Sr Jeweller
'I'o gel up a first class meal with
tlie aid of our canned nnd   lull tied
groceries. The most dellolous, etc.
thai li'i'd only lua |ng lo he ready
tor the table,   The fish and nie.il
lionises are equally   convenient to
prepuce, Qood housekeepers always haves supply of such things
<m hand.   The ii"si of them obtain
them ill Ibis grocery
Phone 41 Box 734
\a ■■■■»i
iw ir a i
f \'^    /'' *:Y Qr^! Ml
r,'-_    ^'~7f- '' ^ K\J
Your dreams of hearing the music you want
when you want it have been realized by the
Edison Phonograph
When a few friends drop in and conversation laps, you
need Edison Music. When you are alone you want Edison
music. When you desire a particular piece played or sung
by a particular artist you can have it, at once, on the Edison.
The  stroij;.   jicaily motor of tlie      ought to hear ihem loday at your Ed-
Edison is  slwayi dependable.   The      ison   dralei«.
diamond reproducing point enhances      >- quality,
the woudefl ol the thousands of lieau-
t.lul   selections.    Tlie   new types  of
hornlefs  iniliunirnts — the Ambeiola
—are phonographs de luxe and you
Edison Fhonogiaphs and Records are sold by
The tone   is constant
I Douolas TciiTiSr - C. R. Mtimli
5 Reel Feature 5 ;, Snows, Starting 0-45, 3
Douglas Fir is Tree
with Great Future
There arc trees in Canada whose
commercial Importance is clearly on
the wane, According to one of tho
latest bulletins of the Dominion Forestry Brunch, the valuo of tho white
pine lumber cut in 1912 was one and
a half million dollars loss than in
1911. The cut of hemlock decreased
.'10 per cent; tbat of cedar decreasod
27 per cent, and tamarack, the lumber production ol which has decreased uvcr 411 per cent, in thc last two
years, bids fair soon to become commercially extinct. Uf the six leading
tree-Hpecb'S in Canada, Douglas Br
was the only one wliose lumber production Increased in 1912. In tbo
province nf British Columbia alono,
Douglas   lir  formed  over  07.7 per cent
of tbe tntai lumber cut, ami British
Columbia is at present by far tho
richest timber province in Canada,
containing, according to some estimates, ime hull the merchantable
timber wealth oi the Dominion.
Tbis remarkable tree obtains a
height 'if nver Jlin feet witb a trunk
in to 12 feet in diameter, forming,
alone or mixed with hemlock, great
forests extending 100 [piles north of
tbe International Boundary. Its natural range extends In Canada to tho
eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, where it grows to
a height of 130 feet and a diameter
of four fiit, and is considered one of
the most Important timber trees on
the Dominion Rocky Mountains For-
tst Reserve, which covers nn area of
nearly  21,000 square miles.
It is also widely distributed throughout thc western United States, b«-
Ing able to stand considerable climatic variation .uiel being practically
immune to insects or tungus diseases.
Dr. C.8. Sargent, one of tbe greatest authorities on American     trees,
describes the W md as bard, durable,
and largely used for all kinds ol construction. According to a COCODt
Dominion Forestry Dranch publication on the "Wood-using Industries
ni Ontario,' it is increasing in popularity in that  province for decorative
purposes as   'it bus an    attracttlve
grain and Ugure Wnich readily lends
itself to staining." Douglas fir construction timber is shipped to      ull
pal '.   e'f  the  world.
The Douglas iir has been introduced
into Europe With great success and
large forests have been planted which
■ ow yielding handsome profits.
Germ my and France purchasi every
ynir large     quantities of seed from
the  Indians  in British Columbia.
for garden and farm ore best
for B.C.soil. See Catalogue for
solid iJuaninleiMif purity
11 ml _ior in hunt ion
Send now for Copy free
Sutton & Sens.TheKind's Soodmon
Rtaxdin_t K..f.iland
victoria      Si       Vancouver
<■!■-  I,.rt-;.l fct? dronvlllo SI
I C___E,_DS f
Civil Engineers
Dominion anil B. C. Land
Surveyors  and   Contrnotwrs.
P. 0. Box 317        Kamloops, B.O.
Braach   Ullli-e— Watson   Realty   C*.
II.   W.    EDWARDS,
Bear lings Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
:I5 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
Advertisement-,   Catalogues,  Foldors,
Circulars,   written   and   designed.
:      Sales    Organised      :
Wc are clearing out our stock of Dishes
at prices never before offered to the public of
Revelstoke. We find we must reduce our
stock in this department immediately, and
are offering these goods at greatly reduced
Just a Few Prices to Convince You
Cups and Saucers.   Reg. $3.00. Doz. Sale Price $1.95
8 Inch Dinner Plates   "     3.00     "      "       1.95
2.50     "       ••       1.50
0. B.  N.  W1LKI13
Olllce: Lawrence Hardware Block
6 Inch TeaPlates
5 Inch Side Plates     "       2.25.
Covered Vegetable Dishes 2.00
Come in and See the Different Stock Patterns on Display
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Rargf s.
W.  H.   WALLACE,  M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 313. Revelstoke
KOOTENAY    LOBGE,    No.   15  A.F.
and A. M.
Regulur Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Third
Monday in each month at S p.m.
Visiting brethren ure cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,    Secretary.
By sending to your friends those Photographs
you huve been promising them for months. Our
styles are up to the minute and the price is right
A Nova Scotia newspaperman   has
refused, at the bar ol the Legislature
to divulge the name of thc writer of
n letter to his piper. If thc paper
accepts the responsibility, as it must
why so niurli ado about the identity
of the writer? The publlO interest
Would often be seriously prejudiced If
public Inquisitor! were nlways able
to break Into newspaper confidences.
—Toronto Mail and Empire.
On a recent Sunday atternoon at a
large sanitarium devoted entirely to
treating tuberculosis, a young Methodist minister was preaching to the
assembled patients, nurses nnd doctors. In a most vivid manner he was
describing the great peace, contentment and happiness to he had in the
>world to c',me. Suddenly one of the
patients, a girl of about -'" > ears ol
age,   Inirst out crying.
"What is thc matter'" was the
i_'ieiiclal chorus, as the rest crowded
around  her.
:'0_," she sobbed, "I wish he
would stop talking ah.ait heaven. I
am here paying 118 n week just to
oep out ol that place."—Life.
Thc following list ol special additional Farmers' Institute meetings
at which lectures will be given oi
livestock and horticulture has now
been Issued by the Department of
Agriculture. Cortes Island: At
Sanson a Landing, June 9; subjects,
"Poultry and Horticulture." Texada
Island: B. A. Puln's ranch, (lillis Bay
June 10; "Poultry and Horticulture"
Howe Sound. Gibson's Landing
Scboolhouse, .May 29; Poultry, Hogs
and Horticulture," Moient Olu':
[house, .June .; "Poultry, Hogs
and Dairy Cattle, and Horticulture,"
: locan Valley; Perry Siding
June 5; "Poultry, Hogs, Dairy Cat-
I ■ id Horticulture," Bayne's Lake:
Adolph Hall, June 0; "Poultrj
and      Horticulture."    Ri ■  1:    Old
Cit) Hall, June II; "Poultry, ll igs
and Horticulture." Rich] ond: Ei>-
urnc: June 12; "Poultrj and Intensive Culture."
I-*.il I.-1 Bei nard V'aughan, in an ad-
dress to the Aldwycb Club, declared
that religion was the only thing
worth advertising. Nevertheless, he
admitted, other things needed advei
us, ment—even footwear, clothes or
soap. He belonged, he said, to the
; oldest and biggest advertising linn
on the planet—the Roman Catholic
The church believed that she had
wares that defied competition, and
she put them in her shop window,
proclaiming for all she wus worth,
"Come, even you without money
and  buy."
Why had they music, the ritual and
preaching in the church, if it were not
to advertise the supplies they possessed for the demands of the human
soal' In view of these being so
splendid, they were justified in making use of advertising.
"The  Roman Catholic Church,"  he
r.included, "to use the phraseology of
the  United  States,  has  'heen  on  the
oh,  'J.CO'i years,  and    has  'delivered
'ie foods' all tne time."
O. W. O. w.
Mountain View Curnp,  No. Hi.
Meets     Second    and    Fouith    Mou-
duys  in  each    mouth    in   Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  ar*
cordially  invited to at lend
H. W. EDWARDS. Clerk.
OF 1. O. F.
NO. 3-1G1
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
in Month. \ i-itin^ ISrothern are
cordially   welcomed.
H.  V. MORGAN,  C. R.
G. W.    OARTWRIGHT,   Rev.-Sec.
The World's Greatest Invention
The New Edison Phcncgiaph
No Needle Required ■ ■ Diamond Point
Disc Records ■ - - Non-breakable
No Horn      -   ■   ■   All Cabinet Style
Howson Sr Co.   :: Sole Local j:,
Meets every Second and Fourth
Tuesday in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren cordially invited.
R.  Gniiit, Die.
L. Haug, Sec.
-ELK1RK     LODGE  It, 1. 0.  O. F.
Meet» /every Thursday fvnini Is
-Ulkirk Hall at 1 o'clock. Visiting
hr»thri<n  enrdiRlly  Invited.
The   family   remedy   for   Courh«   oml Coli'n.
"Shiloh cost*  »9   little   ar.d doci   to much'"
Meets every   Wednesday
evening  at 8k.   Visiting
brothers cordially invited
c. o. f. canadian order of
foresters,   mount
Mckenzie 1372
Court Meets in Foresters Hnll,
over Smythe's Pool Room First
and    Third   Wednesdays   at    8:30
G. D.  SHAW, C. R.
A.   H.  MARCHANT,  Rec.-Sec
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .
But there  arc   Still  a   '.i '■'■   "people   who  • '
know what a safe ■                 i Bell's 1
anil   New Zealand Battel make	
*-        n -     , , x nnAAFn     O.    Dsi/rn >_>__ _______   _.t —      ,i .. •
P. O. Box 208
Ph.v-. Na  aa
New S.S. "Laurentic"
Ql  ! BEC
New S.S.
First Class   $92.50.    Second Class   $53.75   Third Class   -
One Class III) Cabin Service
Express S.S  ['Teutonic"]   Twi„ Sirt,w Slcamera   f&S '
.i.SJ reel long l I  514 lei I long
Second Class  -$50 and up    Third Class   $31.25 nnd up,
One Class (II) Cabin Scivilc
s.s Arabic i     Splendid     i s.s. Cymric
16,000 tons—e600 feet long]   TwinScrew      13,000 tons- 60" I ■■ ong
Rate, S.i.t.T.s |     Steamers     I Iv.ue, $52   0
Fast Express—One Class 'Hi Cabin Service
S.S. St. Paul I | s s   New York
S.S. St. Louis ■ s.s.  Philadelphia
12,000 tons—454 feet long   J {   11.000 tons   576feel long
S.i.1' -Also carries Third Class al £33.75.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets, Etc.. apply to
COMPANY'S OFFICES, 619. 2nd Ave.. Seattle
Revelstoke General AgentHes—C.P.R, Ticket .\grnt, Revelstoke iPAfiK FOT'R
Zhc AafMberalb
lellU.lSllF.il    WKliNISIUY    ASH
Local  Reading Notices  aP.d Business
locals 10 cents per line eaoh Insertion., magnet. In the smiling valleys and
Minimum local ad charge 25 cents, j „„ the fertile benches of the moun-
Display advertisements 25 cents per tains ol    Uritish Columbia are   the
homesteads     of    pbysiclans,   soldiers,
greatest authors     with  a  technique  I OR NEWSPAPERMAN,
and  artistry worthy  of the approval I    A man     was arrested  (or    begging
.if the discriminating audiences of the  who explained tbat he was an nuth-
world's capitals. or *" ^x,iH";  '"l" fm't that _ man
was reduced to     begging would     be1
But, after all, there is nothing ex- „_.„_,, (n ,tM,f to CftllBe   BUBplclon
traordinary In this fact.   The charms  tnat he was either nn author or   an
of British    Columbia ere n  powerful  that he was either an author or an
inventor.—Mail  and  Empire, G
Committee to Boast Mines
(Continued from 1'ago One.)
.•Inch each insertion, single column.
lawyers, journalists,   artists, authors,
that  tbey may   ,.nj,,y amiii a   comfortable competence earned from the
Legal advertising of any form, also
•ilc eminent  and Municipal Notices 12
cents t'it line first insertion   and   ■ 8
r. n's per line   subsequent    insertion*,
allowing in lines to the Inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses }5.
Applications (or Transfer of liquor sol] tho care free delights of climate
' " ''   -sT-r'°- | scenery, sport,   and health thai   Bril
Land purchase notli-ee, $7.on Ish Columbia offers in bo greal   profus
Water Application     Notlves, up to ion,
100 words. $7.50, over l»0 words    in
, : oportion.
All   o'hi'i'  elates  I  ndvci Using not        	
ided In above to be 'barged    at
rate to be arranged with manager on  BRITISH COLUMBIA'S
Criticism,  for     British    Columbia
The editor ofi the Moose Jaw Times
lias  written  a  lengthy article       outline! actors of world wide reputation IllnlnB "   B0hem8   (,f his own for   re-
Who  Have  forsaken  the    busy  baiia.s   f°mlDg "',". "^tar. by the creation
of      a      thirteenth      month.      Some
ol   men   and      surrendered   the     ureal ■
"   ""     M,u<-   such      stan      may      be      taken       in
such     step
in the chair, thought it would be
difficult for those who were not ex-
perts  tn arrive ut the values.
Mr, Bibb recommended that the
members take samples for themselves
and have them assayed so that they
would know what there was. He re-
Commended strongly the use of newspaper publicity.
Mayor McKinnon suggested that
tbe money stringency might have an
adverse  elfect   but.   Mr.   Illbb  believed
•'ice Insurance placed in the most reliable companies,   Prompt
settlement of all claims.
Cftll ami see  us  about Accident or  Life Insurance.
delay.    We are nt your service.
Money to loan on first, mortgages.
Do not
J. D. Sibbald, Pres, J. D. smmiai.ii, .lr
pecuniary returns of their professions   curse  of  time,   but Moose  Jaw  does   tlmt   thm'  was   l)','»<.V   Of  money
And   who   will   say  that  tbey
not made the wiser choice?
eON.Jt,    1       II
jjntci'toi" UMiMislMiui Company?
—  I bond issue wi
•l.'RDAV,  MAV
1!H I.
consumption only, is made of    the
Ottawa   government's  proposed      assistance to  the Canadian     Northern
railway on  the ground  that tbe new
depreciate thc    value
of the security held  by  British  Ool - 	
umbia for the assistance granted   in ] itlcs.—London Morning Advertiser.
mil look the right place for launching the movement for the change,
Besides, think of the consequences
just at  tbe present    time ol having
the  period  of a   three  or  six   months'
note shortened—Edmonton  Journal,
Old age     pensions    would abolish
much ol tin   degraded pauperism   of
inodom times, and maintain sell- rc-
spei'l for those who wish to cling to
It, Count your ,aged poor in country
refuges, asylums and jails, and you
will be more impressed with the need
of such social refarms. Count the
half-starved aged   poor  who   half  live
on a pittance or on alms and you
will be converted to the real need of
a state movement that is broader
than any of our local restricted chur-
For the lover of nature nothing
can he more enchanting than a jour-
i,e y up the four miles of road, as-
cendlng a thousand feci toward the
Bummlt Of Mount Revelstoke, either
leisurely on foot, on horseback or in
the   more   impetuous  automobile.
Delightful as this trip Is at every
season, the present i.-i perhaps the
time  when  nature and  the  marvelous
Bcenery can be most perfectly enjoyed. The fresh green of the new-
born leaves of the poplars, tbe verdure of Lhe grass, the olive tint ofthe
catkins, the more sombre shade of
the firs combine to create a harmony
Ol color that other seasons may riv-
;tl     but surety   cannot   excel.    The
' ountain brooks babble and sparkle
in the  rays Of  the   vernal   sun and  all
nature seems te. rejoice at its release
from the bondage of winter. The air
blows pure   and Invigorating,  waft-
with   it  the  scent  of    the  pines
of slicing.
Where   Could   found       a   more
;i ectacli    than that    which
Its If as one  mounts.    Below
the panorama of th.' fertile valley
through winch the sinuous Columbia
t lies its way. a valley dotted with
ufortable homesteads, with orch -
is,  In tin' lirst    glory of blossom,
• tl tlful      ■ vest to be  Bfitjgj.
■   by the cl. bi ens. It
is a   valley  wide I    tile  and   the
ring    rive but a bint  of the trans
:        •   ii   that  '.'-ill be wrought
■ . i .  avails    nimself of     the    riches
■ ■     atun       'licrs
the way of endorsatlon of bonds   by
the  province.
The criticism is of the wildest character, for instead of weakening the
province's security the agreement
that Mi. Borden proposes will materially strengthen the position of
the  province  with   regard     to      the
Money from England
for Injured Man ^v
The  far  reaching Influence of   the
Mail-Herald  is shown  by the follow-
Canadian Northern railway. |{ng  letter    from  Fred  Taylor,  dated
The agreement provides for a bond   from   South   Devon,   England,      with
issue, to be  guaranteed by thc feder-   wnlch was enclosed a check for 810:
,   ,     j.    .     ., .    ,     , ....     To the  Editor of the Mail-Herald:—
al government, to the extent of >•!.>,-       ... ,,    , .    _,       . ,
Sir,—-Having lived  in Revelstoke ofl
000,000.   It provides also for thc el-  „_,, __ f()r m |n(|t twe,ve yfinrB|    j
imination  of about a  third  of      thc   take a  great  interest  in  your  papers
common stock     of the company and   which    I receive    regulgrly.   In your
gives to the  Dominion government 40   l88ue of the  lth inst* l note «"at you
are  making  an  appeal  on   behalf    of
per cent   of  what  will  remain. ,. ,    .       . ..   .   .        ,    .
the unfortunate man that has lost
Consolidation  Into the  parent com-   hjs ,,.„„,_ am,  „lost  -, hig flngerB 0_
puny  of the  various subsidiary  com-j his other hand.   Kindly  bc good en-
panies is stipulated  for and  in  case    OUgh  to let  Mayor  McKinnon     have
of the company failing to implement  ll"' enclosed cheque on behalf of thc
..     _ Injured man now lying in the  Bevel
any   of   its  obligations  the   Dominion
stoke hospital.
iB to obtain an additional fifteen per
cent, of the common     stock, giving  rjlaresdale, Teignmoutn  Road, Torre
it   control of the system. Devon, England.
So far as the countrj  at  large   is	
concerned the bargain Isa good one.   Y. M. C. A. ANNUAL MEETING
fl    ecures the     completion of      the TO BE HELD ON MONDAY  country and made a total failure of
thc country could show the goods.
Mr.   Kllpatrlck  believed  that,       the
present time would be the beginning
of mining in the district.. Timber
and rial rstate were quiet, but. there
was always money for speculation,
and be believed that it would now
be available for mining. He suggested   thai   the  business  men   might   (lev
' ei.ni a claim themselves to show their
Mr, Blbb believed tbat such a pol
icy would secure quick results. He
said that tliere was already n plant,
in New Denver to deal with the zinc
problem and mentioned the Lanark,
the Silver Dollar and the Hva as
mines likely to soon resume operations. Dr. Schurz a representative
of the German smelter combine had
been investigating the Windermere
district, Mr. Hibb thought Revelstoke the logical spot for a zinc
W,  AI.  Lawrence thought that con-
fldence  on  the      part  of  the  business
men  was  needed,    lf  they  had  it they
could  boost.   He     advocated a  visit,
the    mines and the taking of sani-
i.   Mining  was the  backbone     of
I the city.
('. ii. Hume thought it a matter of
Interest. Many of those present bad
every confidence in the mining in -
dustry. He knew there were immense mineral values iu the Trout
Lake district. He advised the appointment of a standing committee
on  mining and systematic advertising
Mr. McKinnon believed that if the
board were as enthusiastic and confident as Mr. Hibb there would bc no
delay in thc solution of the problem.
Mr. Bibb's visit would do much to
restore enthusiasm.
i*. R. Macdonald remarked that
money was no object to thc big companies and literature should be sent
to them.
Aid. Hell proposed that the business men should start a claim and
make a  shipment.
Mr. Kllpatrlck mentioned that  one
of the disadvantages with which they
had to contend was that many ljirgc
companies  had  spent  money  In     the
3 Reel Feature 5 By the Famous Players
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Big Bend to be Surveyed
(continued from page one)
Council Sells City Bonds
(Continued  from Tape One.)
Bysfcm. it squeezes forty millions The annual meetlnRof the Y.M.C.A. u'° minps* He mentioned an tool water out ,.f the stock, lessening will be held on Monday evening, Mfly st*,nC(> in tl,e Lardcau where an Kng-
contingent dividends ami making 11,.'it h o*. 1.ck. Speeiai,uinted invita- !,Sh.COmpany hm1 s»»k money inn
lower  freight   rates  more  preebable.   It
let IngS
t.e,11- have been mailed  to the mem- ,"t*'lll-v unsuitable concentrator.
bersa il their lady friends are cordial- Mr*  Hil'*> sai<1     that did not occur
the entire system under the  |y invited. A special program ha* been "°w*   A carloml of   °™ was always
railway ,-,,n,mission.                                irranged   consisting  of  solos,   brass ""'ro"!-'n|y tested before a conccntra-
ge held      by  quartet,   orchestra   and   an  addre-s to* was Duilt"
I  the  1,0.1,  Harry  Ballantrne, ol  Calgary, Ald*  H""ni" thought that  for   the
went<                      la         .1 ■••.      \.k. business men to start    shipping   ore
^^^^^               Kincaid will present ihe report of the "lUl'1  be an expensive     proposition.
•     th«  f .                             ,        idol what '" "urcested that members   fill()uld
So  far as  the  mort.
:ice is strength-
reduce our Staffs or the work done in  have been checked and notices of ar-
conneotlon   With  our locomotives at  rears of taxes issued.
Revelstoke,   Our recent retrenchment    The council decided to reject      tho
in your town was solely the result of  application from S. Trut/.ic for dum-
the depression in business throughout ages against the city for injury while
tlie west, and the necessity of roduolng. working for the corporation.
our expenses to meet  if.    Similar re-1    Horace Manning wrote on behalf o!
•Dictions have  taken  place al,  many.the     I.O.O.P. proposing to purchase
other towns situated along our lines,   a  block of lots in the cemetery,    the
Diiectlv business increases,  however,   object  being to erect a suitable I.O.
the amount of work turned out of our o. B\ monument     The offer will   be
shops will naturally expand, requiring considered by a committee.
an ipcrease in our present operations.      On the paving question being     in-
I am pleased to reassure you on this traduced Aid. Bell, seconded by
as I appreciate how such an impression Aid. Smythe moved that au engineer
Is liable to disturb not only our em-! be obtained from the Bltulltblc.com-
ployees but the many interests Inlpany to prepare plans and give un
Kevelstoke with which it is our wish estimate of thc cost of tho paving,
to be closely allied In friendly relation-.The resolution was adopted,
ship, Yours truly, GEORGE Hluv. Aid. Needham advocated leaving tbe
In his letter Mr. Green said: "Dour matter until next summer.
Mr. McDonald, 1 have your night lei-j Aid. Hell said that the petitioners
ter of the 2nd and in reply would Bay wanted tlie pavement and that it
that the department were very anxious would be discourteous to turn down
when the oilice of the district engln- the request without Investigation,
eer of Yule,  Caribou  ami   Kootenay  The engineer's services would  not be
was split up  and  we were given  un
office lor tho Kootenay alone Hint this
very expensive.
Aid.   Needham  contended  that
Do1 vernment  is  subject    to   was acconphshed by united effort. The
n8  tb ■      nrov-   r '*■ the L-e-ie       ixiliary will le
office Bhould bo opened at Nehon and rity was not ina position to handle
In fact were very iu»istent that Nelson the proposition this year Tnxes
was the only place and lhe office W8re high enough. The ratepay-
Bhould he placed there on account 0f!er8  would  have to  pay  }J0 mil)       at
take a  week or so and go prospecting Itlu! k'lr'it ,,,llk "' lllt' w<"'k' "l ,e*8t.at, least.
Directly  below.    r .. ^
'   ' •* es Revelstoke, a  Don r
toj     Itj    di .      ihed by distance    to  r,.  „.,,,.. . .....
• ml      givej
ty mount ts capped  fl, th„ .... ,ter
; i,  their  t'.ises cloth-     The
ed with forest ms  tion  of thi
idow, or verdant  1 .1-1.1,:
[tt   falls.     !,;.,-
\ Is drift        casting tL 'r 1 .       to I
re fail  "f
than the last to meet to t
"Thi rs"      as  the
...... ,.,y       j9 REPOSE   tS   RIGHT.
'    '     irrostorm-     "If the prov
 ■       t fault     of I 1, .uiei
e •■ reason for the faliure of concen
rs      was   that  the  ore  changed.
,.s  had  been  the experience in the
: li' thought that  a  report on
■    Kn-   Bend  country   would  be       a
■al   help.
\!d.   McSorley believed thnt a com-
Ittee should be appointed to famll-
themselves  with   the  claims.
Mr    Hume's  motion   that a  mining
, id
   ^^_^^^_.    th' ,ion government
which  thie remarkably talented com-   'he   Liberal      party
• '
' peach   rommittee  he  appointed   was carried
"••" "f nr   Sutherland the
*  'ef the committee     was1., . ,,•,.,.
'uni'   nid   K,l,,„,-i,'       ' "'  '""""y "l"'1 KeVeli,(,"k'-' *UI
1     'Htrick    suereati     ' ^T"0"- «»on demand the government b atten-
'    ef   the   ,r     tl    t   1   "    l "" IU"UI"' °"nm' "nh" *ovenw,m-
>ped to show w,,,t' had    7  """*„? ^^l "^ T ?" "",',''"
.    . ,      ,,r   >|ri|, *■"'    Bl   we will probably be able to have the
' Office  again  placed at  Kevelstoke as
to Ml    Bfbh '., tliiegov,-,,,,,,,.,,,  seen,   very  emphatic
sp" in living lo ai run « the work ol these
*   *"■    T. Kllpatrlck '
tt    McKinnon,    w.   M,
'■     W.   Wood,    W.    II     Wal
bald,  |i .   a.    Hobson
0.  li   Hume,     Dr
Sutherland.  K   Bourne,  W,  Bews,  H
the present time, waa being done on    Aid. McSorley   was   ot   much  the
the Kootenay and Arrow lakes. (SIime optnlon a8 A1(]   NoC(llmm    He
1 was able to persuade then, to openi (M(i „ot (lljnk tl)(J cjty WM jn ^
the oilice at Ki'Vulsloke so thai, aliial   .jnn      t„ a,.   ,h„   _ ,   ,
.,.,.. 1 tlon      to "°  tlu   paving  but thought
iniglil be made as to whut her il  wasl.i,,.,  .-,   ,..,,,,.,,,  ,,„ „     ,      ,.
0 .... .tnat   it   would  be good  policy  to  get
or was mil tbe right place loi-it.   Sev-  .,,. „„,,;„„„- ♦„ „■»,„.    .-u .. iL
V      ... .1       engineer to show what the people
eral times since the office was opened nrD up n~ninRj.
ihey have lieen very anxious toiiiuke,     .,,,      ,.,.., ,   ... .,.,...
'. 1    . ., Alt1'    ''Hl'ilini   regretted  that    the
the change and   at  Ibe   present   tune I ,.„, i( ,„„  t.   ,  ,, ,,   .
h . ,.,,,. petition tied the council to one kind
duty huve insisted  Unit  loi- the con-  ,,f     „„„„.„„ ,.,,,,
. 1   .,       «i J Pavement.    He had     heard  that
venioneeoi the work the otliee must there lmd bt.en troul)le _,th ^.^.^
K"u as you'litiinale in your telegram I,C PaV«ment "> Oalgary.   He was   aN
raid that hitulithie was not suitable
to the climate.
The Mayor said that employing tha
engineer would not make hitulithie
com] uls.iry. The grades would be
practically the same.
Aid. Bell said that e\cellent results had been obtained in Vancouver.
Aid. Pradolini recommended culling
for  tenders  for  various pavements.
Aid. Bell said the petitioners wanted hitulithie or nothing.
Aid.    McSorley advocated grunting
I in 11 business-like way snd to bave
I In in placed   ill   the  most  convenient
place.   Yours faithfully, K. P, Grbkn,
lion. LouisCoderrewrote as follows
regarding tbe geological survey:
"Dear Sir, referring to your letter
I '■•    It-   is   a    com-   power,   ' '■■rests  „f  the
'     "   Macdonald   and   of the 6th Inst, respecting the making I **e ,"1" rU,,,'fl rci»e8t to fence     in
  of a geological survey along the Ool-I   e   l>''1"    cro"n'l9-   He thought    a
umbia river north of Revelstoke thhi|g        eam was n pi>i**ndid ndvertiBe-
\  Toronto man has  i„, „  Ih„,,.,,.,, : J''*"'* I beg to say that I am Informed Iment for thc town and Bbom be en-
pany of exceptii •     tl        m  stoke cy will re but h      . by Mr. Brook, my deputy, that thislr"'"';l,;'''**
1...     •._!..    ......    .,     .^    .      1     ...     ;.,    .u.   1    ,   inert    thorn    tr.    kao,    ,1 ,. ,Bv,,.i..    »___.,_.    .  I.   1 1 1..    I I ,     , I       't    V-'US
its repertoire only plays   that in the keeping -ef iir.  w.   H
the test of time and are clas-  land,"  says a  contesmporary.       Re
sirs of the English language, and   it  pose is the right word all right
produces   them   with a   restraint    and
with artistic comprehension that arc
Hut  perhaps  the      most  remarkable
feature of this theatrical     organise -
tion is the fact that the company  Is
■   ■ e", brought    i,v iii's "i„,,',"   work baJ «l"''«ly been planned and |   Ir* w"s (loci,lp<1 to rcfer the mutter
irapher.   This ws       i        rhero the  appoved and a topograpbioal par*^|    .   e pubUc worto"Mnm*ttee.
should  tiav> lasted  as long   as   judge  dictated   to  the   |ury  and    ti.! I will start work on lhe main lineol'llu
Is     surprising.-- Edmonton   wry asked  the     defendant   for
•'""" otee.   ProviMi
('. P. K. this year and wink northwards towards the Hig Bend country.
Yours very truly, LoUIB tCoDERRE,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Medicine Hat. News:--Anyone who
recruited from among the ranchers has had experience with Chief lirucn
of tne Okanagan. Among the orch "t"1 the police force knows thnt the
ards of that  salubrious valley   bavo  " ' '"'*" '"'  "l" '"**'•'• ■""!  its
been living sequestered, actors of ex-  v" , '   ' m*lh   " ls '*" ""'   D«"
ing locked up In a cell with a dirty
perience and talent who are capable |hob0i   .,,„„,,,, ,,.|lH ,„„„,„ ||(, iiV(ij|_
ef  producing thc  masterpieces of the  able for clean drunks.
Krafchenko case  bas lefl   ,,   .., > ........  Kmmun  _  . | 	
:     !"   '' i  ■ •        All I'lnnges of a Is must poi      ■
1  ,l",       ' ' '""'y     1"*    handed into  thi.    ■     Tbe  Alpine  Club  ol  Canada       has
7f""f,h";  "•<* - offlee bf Monday evening   io    ,   irranged to bold
81M "   ' * "f   ""'   -'' ' '    to   rtllcll « order      (hat   the  ebangS shall
she hns  been   subjected,    Yet   ., , - tppMI   )n   w,.,,„„ „,„--,   ,...,.
A resolution was pnssed notifying
J. ('. Tapping to repnir the sidewalk
in front of his property within five
days, otherwise the city will do the
ITpon  the invitation of thc government and lumbermen of Novn Scotia
Ooulei                ef„s to n   ■' pn. i ft
■■"' thai    inctj  pei cenl    if thi          n'
i Ic In thi   town     where  tl ii \m
crime            immltted would I
Ing to Blgn a  petition asking t-.,   n,, I Hi
commutation of     Krafchi i .
fence,      Calgary Herald.
.    irranged   to   nolil      a   summer  camp
m  this  year  In  the  upper  Yobo  Valley, | it hai hwn dccided t(J ho](, thp
(i|| in the main     range of the Cnnadian
*******     -J---BI    ■■_■ __^^^^^H    ^^^^^m     annual  convention  of     thc Canarlinn
and  nnychan-n.  Intended fir    'rf  Rockies,      The camp is to last from   Forestry  Association  nt   Halifax    N
S.tn    ays      l-M  ««      be    B  July   m   tO    August  11,  and  accom -   (,.,  on  September 1  to 4,  1   I A^
n-inn,-(1        in       not   I  ater   than      IS,   mnHatlnn   will   be   tirnvlrlerl   Inr onn'„„„ .
rangements are under way whereby a
m     not. I atT than    *"■'  modation  will  be provided  for      200'
T'1'ie-day     evening of    ea.h    A persons.   The site of the camp   will numb9r of prondnent adintateato^
wMk.      Burinrn men pi.u,e   * be „ „ eighteen mile, from   Fleld. hlml)Crmpn Pnnd ^,?t<~^
<* and will be pitched near the     timber   will take „„ act've part in the   con-
feet, vention.
take  nole of fh<- above
WS HUP IP ■»'FVn:j[i HJI BJ   Hne at  an altitude of 6700 1
All.  It. H. PO.
Parent,   1.  I.   ..
Spranger, c. f.
Kenney*    c.  f.
jOldlield,     s.   s.
Sensational  Finish to  Match ■ ruiioy. c.
with Kamloops -Spran-
ger's Great Ca.ch
| Dudley,   2b  2
Derr, 3b	
JAndresen   lb,
'Alberts,   r.   f.
Biddy, p   	
■I    24
II     1
•i\c:iiii'>  buttled for Spranger
All.   II.   II. PO
ill     7   11    _7
Undismayed hy their reverse at
Kamloops on Wednesday the Revelstoke team came back strong on
Thursday and in a sensational linish
thut set. the [ans will with delight,
snatched a glorlOUS victory in
the tenth Inning by a score of li to 5,
Prom the start of the game to the   Mohlet
last ball pitched there was some- -UN Ih. ..
thing doing every minute and the MrC'irter, ,
fans  bad  the  time  of their  lives.     In   Wells,   :'.   f.
ihe   eighth    with one    run against Baird    Ih. .
them Revelstoke made a mighty ral- Mace,  I.    f.
ly  nnd     put over four  runs.      Kara- Williams,     s
loops came  back in the ninth      with Irwin,    r.  f.
three runs,  tying the score.      In  thc Hewitt,    p.
tenth  Kamloops  went out in    order,
and   Revelstoke  in  a  sensational   tin- U
isb  put   in  the  winning run.    >t  was Revelstoke—0 1 0 0 o 0 H 0 0—1
Pulley  who  did  the  trick.    With       a Kamloops—2 0 0 II 0 0 (I 5    —7
mighty swat he put the ball over the      Stolen   bases,   Parent 'J,    Spranger,
fence scoring Andreson from second. Dudley J,     Mohler,    Wells 3, Baird,
Dudley started    Revelstoke's  grand Mace,     Irwin;    two base hits, Wells;
rally in thc eighth.   Beating the hull Double      plays.   Oldfield    unassisted;
he stole home and tied the score and struck out, by Bddy 8, by Hewitt 10;
before  Kamloops had got over  their j,ageB on  |m|lgi  (lfl  FlMy 6>  on- Hew.
fright   Herr  stole home  from  second, jtt :!; wild pitches. Eddy  1, Hewitt 1;
The  star  fielding  feature  was  centre i,jt    by      pitched    hall,  Baird,  Derr;
fielder Spranger's one hand    catch in passed halls,  hy Pulley 6, McCarter
the  eighth.    He  grabbed thc  ball  off |;  wild  throws,  Eddy   I;  left on bas-
Moher's bat, falling over the fence in eB(  Revelstoke ii,     Kamloops Hl;first
doing so. on errors,     Parent 2, Time of game,
No better game was ever seen     in 2:*»0; umpires,  Munn  nnd Gifford; at-
Revelstoke  and  the boys have  made tendance, 660;  weather, clear; scorer,
themselves  solid  with  their support- Cunningham
ers.      "They are i greet little team.	
I wouldn't have missed thc game for, vKnNON WII L HAVE
HOO,"   said   one  perspiring   fan   in  a "   C00q _all tbam
husky voice ns he started homeward
Thc score.
Schedule Arranged for
City Baseball League
Below is thc schedule for thc Y.M.
C.A. league which 'Commences on
Monday. May II. Preliminary games
begin at (1:80 o'clock. The first will
take place on Monday hetween tho
Heavers and C.P.R. Both teams aro
determined to win and n hot contest
is certain.
Preliminary schedule for May:—
Mondaj   11—Beavers v. C.P.R.
Wed.   13—BUB.  Men  v. Fire Hull.
Friday 15—BUS,  Men v. C.P.R.
Monday  IS—Fire Hall v.  Beavers.
Wed. 20—0    P.   It.  v. Fire Hall.
Friday 3*2—Bus.  Men v. Beavers.
Senior   Y.M.C.A.   baseball   schedule'.
Wed.  27--Beavers  v.  C.P.R.
Friday 20—Bus. Men v. Fire Hull,
Mon.   I—Bus.  Men v. C.P.R.
Wed.   t—Fire Hall v. Beavers.
Fri. 5—C.P.R. v. Fire Hall.
Mon. 8—Bus, Men v. Beavers.
Wed.   10—Beavers  v.   C.P.R.
Fri.   12—Bus.  Men  v. Fire Hall.
Mon.   I.V-Bus. Men v. C.P.R.
Wed. 17—Fire Hall v. Beavers.
Fri. 19—C.P.R. v. Fire Hall.
Mon. 22>—Bus, Men v. Beavers.
Wed. 21—Beavers v. C.P.R.
Fri. 26—Bus..  Men v. Fire Hall.
Mon. *."J—Bus. Men v. C.P.R.
Fri.   '—Fire Hall v. Beavers.
Mon. C—C.P.R.  v. Fire Hall.
Wed. 8—Bus. Men v. Beavers.        6
A.B. R. H. PO. A,
2b.     Moher
lb.    Zilka
t*.  McCarter   .",
c. f.   Wells     I
ib.    Baird       I
s.s.    Williams
1. f.   Mace   ...
r.   f.   Hewitt   ,
P.,    Peters  ...
The line-up for the Vernon base-
1 bnll team in thc B.C. Interior Leag-
rj ue, which includes Vernon, Kelowna,
j Kamloops nnd Revelstoke, haB been
. completed and promises that this
q city will give the other teams a
0 strong fight for the pennant.
q Of last year's team, Dnie, catcher;
:j  Fossas,  short;   Williams,  pitcher, and
0 Eastman  centre  field,     are  retained.
II The new     men are     Schied, pitcher;
1 Kreke, first base; Gill, second; Knec-
_  lands,  third,  and  Gleason,  right field
g  The latter men have showed up    exceptionally well in recent   games    in
1. f.   Parent     4
Lb.    Andrcscn   ... 4
s.s.  pldfleld    :i
('..    Pulley   S
2b.   Dudley       4
Ib.    Derr   4
r.   f.   Alberts  .... 2
c. f. Spranger
P.,   Webb    ...   .
• Tenney 	
• Fisher  	
A B. R   H. PO  A. E Seattle,  having    played    with      thc
q Knights of Columbus team in a game
o against  the  Senttle  aggregation    of
q the Northwestern League,  when    the
0 Knights te.un held the score to 3-0.
" By a single- run, made in the eigh-
** tli inning, the KelOWnn B.O.I. LeBgue
- baseball team defeated the Vernon
" players In the opering game of the
" league scries at Vernop on Wednesday.
Boiibie Evans to Meet
Edmonton Scrapper
Bobby Evans the clever little fighter, who has on more than one occasion, won renown in Revelstoke,
will Saturday next meet Willie Mack
the Edmonton boy, who is said to
be a whirlwind, and some scrap is
promised thc funs. Mack is n Nova
Scotian and a game boxer who is
said to be fast nnd determined.
Bobby Evans is confident that he
can take Mack's measure and he is
showing great form in his daily work
outs at the Y.M.C.A. Mack whose
last battle was with Frank Barricatl
in Vancouver will arrive on Sunday,
and will make his training quarters
at thc Y.M.C.A. Bobbie will be at
work every afternoon from 2 to 4
and ne invites     visitors to     see his
| form so as to get a line on the prob-
' able result.
' A couple of good preliminaries by
local scrappers will precede the big
:13    0     I   :in     .->     I
•  Batted for Spranger in the 0th.
•Centre field ill  the 9th.
Kamloops—fl 0 u 1 o 1 n o 3 n.
Revelstoke—'I 10 1 I 0 1.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The  Shuswap   Lake     Boating  Club
Two  base  hits.      Oldfield.    Dudley,   will hold its annual regatta at Sica-
Pulley, Willinms nnd Baird.; sacrifice
hits, .\Iohler2, Peters nnd Alberts;
base on balls off Peters 3, Webb .*>;
hit by Webb, Baird and Willinms;
struck out, Peters 6, Webb G; stolen
liases, Williams, Dudley, Derr2, Alberts.
moils on  May  21 and 25.
A large crowd of members of tbe
Kamloops Golf Club'nnd their friends
attended at the new links to celebrate
thc opening season of goll. Mayor
Crawford was the first to tee off nnd
after a little preliminary work made
a  magnificent drive that  would  huve
"Up to the eighth inning thc best
fame I ever saw," was the report of
Dr.   Hamilton  on  the baseball   game ] <h>ne credit to a professional.
nt Kamloops on Wednesday In which i 	
Kamloops scored B in their half     of
the eighth and pulled out a  winner       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
by 7 to 1. j    (Jet  out to     practic and keep up
Summary   ol     the   game at Kam-:the enthusiasm as there is tbe mak-
loops on May 6th! |ings of a splendid  team.
During the first duys of his life the
pig    is not  very resistant to unfavo-
able surroundings.      Cold    and damp
quarters nnd  clumsy  sows have been
the cause of a  large part of the mortality  in litters.   During cold weather the tendency is to supply large quantities of straw for bedding.     This
makes it difficult for the young pigs
to get  "out from under" and  many I
of them    are     crushed   by the sow.
Small amounts of cut straw arc bet- '
ter.   A guard rail about eight inches
wide and      nailed   to  the wall  about
eight inches from the floor all     the '
way round  will  keep  the  pigs    from
being   snuee7cd      against  the     wall. '
When pigs arc vcry     sn all a lantern I
hung in the portable hog house   will
make them comfortable and save     n j
good mnnv thnt otherwise would not !
pull  through.
A school  lacrosse  league has    been
formed and  prnctices will Ftart next
If it's anything  in seeds you    require—ask  for
They arc handled by all reliable merchants and recognized
throughout Canada as standard seeds of the very highest
quality and thoroughly tested for purity and germination.     Look for tlie box at your dealer's.    You can
obtain Steele, Brigg's Seeds everywhere. _-
-•- --  - WINNIPEG
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
New Wash Goods
Fancy Patterned RATINES ln Stripe and Flower
Effects at 35c and 50c
EPONGE in Plain Colors - Tan, Fawn, Cadet,
Brown, etc., at 40c and 50c
All Wool RATINE, with Raised Self Color Fancy
Figures, in colors of Cadet, Brown, Tan and Navy,
at 85c
Latest Blouses
Hxve you looked over those BLOUSES that
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Besides the low neck styles that are so
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lines with high neck. You will find them
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Neckwear Novelties
the new ideas to wear with low neck waists
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Children's Coats
A Manufacturer's Lot of CHILDREN'S
COATS, for little ones 6 months to 6 years.
Some very cute styles at — $1.90 to 10.00
Silk Underskirts
Spatial showing this week of the " Cucie "
SILK UNDERSKIRT. Very light, no bulk
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stride.   Made of Queen quality silk. ...55.75
White Bedlinen
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HAMMOCKS—new ones—all the sun-resisting colors, some new styles and new weaves.
A cute affair at 11.75 for Baby —what they
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 $1.75 to  12.50
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Cool Summer
Wear For Men
Straw Hats
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PURE SILK in tans and blacks. Price
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Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon   Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Boyd, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .    .    .
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rates $1.00 a Day and Up Phone
Furnished Rooms by the Day. Week or Month
Mrs. H. J. Haneuiy,   -     Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout.     Housekeeping Suites.
Seven miners were killed when a
magazine expoldod In the Great Extended Hustlers mtno at Bemligo,
Australia, The bodies were hurled
Isil feet through the air.
The olreua license fee    in Winnipeg
has     heen    doubled,   The   restriction
means  that  the larger circuses     will
in' required    tn pay sumo u day for
ihe privilege of showing in the city.
Because of the great cost that is
now involved iu its maintenance, tho
Congo Free State, tho rubber plantations of which enriched and disgraced the late King Leopold of Bel-
glum, is to be sold by the Belgian
The British government will re-
consider its decision not to partici -
pate in the Panama-Pacific Exposition at San Francisco, ami it probably  will  decide that  Great  Britain
shall   officially   lie   represented  at  tbo
lair in a distinctly modified form.
it is learned that, among the bequests of a public nature continued
in the will of the late Sir William
Whytc, are substantia) donations to
Manitoba College, the Winnipeg General Hospital, and Knox Church, and
a personal bequest to Rev. Dr, Duval
who for many years wus Sir. William's minister,
The railway hoard declines to issue
an order compelling railway com
panies tb provide tor the reservation
Ol Beats during the day time in their
tourist, cars. It is pointed out that
tourist ears are really second class
sleeper-, used by those taking a long
journey who cannot alTord to pay for
lirst class cars.
Robert Baird, formerly of Zealand-
la, Sask., has been appointed inspector of municipalities, unit O.W. Ross
_f Fernie, chief clerk. Mr. Baird is
a Canadian by birth and for some
years pust has heen manager of the
Royal   Hank   of   /.ealamlia.    Mr. ROSS
has been Fourteen years In the province, for the last three filling tho
position     of     city   clerk   at       Kernie.
Formal Inauguration of the new department     will take place in a    few
Corner View
and Douglas Streets.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
The disease called rabies bus made
Its appearance amongst the dogs of
the Cowlchan  district,  according   to
the Provincial Board ol Health. Two
plcious  eases  also  occurred  some
1629 montbi  ago ai Mission.     The disease
has .iii.',.iied  in Oregon and possibly
In the state of Washington as well.
•   ■ pei b "1 ol incubation of rabies
Of  the      in
is not yet apparent, so it is
I       upon  all   tee    be  on  the
u   furl ■   ■ aks.
annual report of the Vancouver Bi ard of Trade- has been iss1:. a! in
the I
are to he sent to the Agent-
[ 1
Lond i       tribution In
:'itry.   Thi   ■ '    s    full
I   the
■  the devel-
■  ■  •
Prince Alexander of Teck, third son
of the Into Duke of Teck und brother
of Queen Mary, is to succeed the
the Duke of Connnught as Governor-
General of Canada.
The Sonoma County Poultry Producers' Federation has issued a manifesto urging all poultrymen to in -
sist that senators and congressmen
take Chinese eggs oil the free list nnd
put at least a six cent tarifl on them
Hon. Frank Cochrane, Minister of
Railways, sails for Canada from
Liverpool today on the baurentic.
Mr. Cochrane has heen absent about
two months on account of his health
and   is  said   to   have   completely     re
Confirmation of a report of the native revolt in ihe Portuguese Congo,
and the killing of twenty white men,
including some Protestant, und Cnth-
idie missionaries, has been    received.
Many other missionaries have lied
from the affected district, according
to dispatches from    Boma,     Belgian
Congo, The natives are led by a
chief  from  San  Salvador.
W. McA, Johnson, Ur. James Stru-
thers aud Byron F. Eldred of New
York and Or. A. 10. Barlow of Montreal, all of whom are interested iu
the Johnson Smelting corporation,
have arrived in Nelson to look into
the possibilities of establishing there
un experimental smelter to experiment with the Johnson process of
-■leet!-.i thermic smelting of complex
zinc ores.
Three lives were lost and nearly
a million dollars in property was
swept away as a result, of the Moods
on the south Canadi li, and Oimar -
ron rivers in western and southern
' klahoma. Twelve large railroad
and one wagon bridge fell into tbe
waters, and bottom land cro] a ror
hundreds of miles along the Oanad
Ian .uni two hundred miles along the
i imarron were destroyed.
The outlook for the peach crop ol
1914 near St. Catharines, Ontario, is
the most dismal in a quarter of a
century. The consenus of opinion
imong growers points to a greatly
reduced crop. Many growers in some
portions of Grantham and Clinton
Townships will venture to say that
the loss runs as hi^-li as I'D per cent,
and in some instances is practically
complete. The mild weather of last
December, followed by the extraord -
innry cold spell in January and February, is credited with the damage.
The season will be in great. con-
traat to last year, when many grow-'
ers found it a difficult problem to
dispose of the yield.
May 7
June I
July 1,28,80
Aug. 18
May II
J line 11, 21
July 22
Aug. 12
Sept. 7
Mav 20
Julv 8
Aug. 20
Mav 1.1
June   Ul
Aug. 5
May 25
July 1(1
Sept. li
June 17
July 15
Aug. II)
May 11
J uni' IS
Aug. (1
May 20
Sept. _
June 11, 25
Aug. 20
Mav 25
Julv 11
Aug. 27
| May ll
j June:!, 24
I July 1. 22
Aug.  12
May 7
June .*>
July 28, III)
Auk. 18
Sepl. 7
Cut This Out and Keep the Season's Fixtures Handy.
"Twelve Slorloi of Solid Oomforl"
In tho centra of things—theatres
Hint sloruaon both skies,   lluililmjr
abolutcly fireproof—com rete.ab el
and marble.
Willi Baths—S2 pet d..y ei>
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Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
J.    -_____J_3J_03E^T     STOZTnTIE _?3=2,0_P-
Union  Hotel
A. P, LEVBSQUB, Proprietor
ted 1
lie    ii re significant
Five men  were arretted
piclon of being Implicated    In
.■'ler  '.f   f.imi ,,      a
lumberjack, whose body wa 1 found on
' tnday,  thh I.   mi
non, ;ii  ' he  |ui ci Ion  of tbe    <
(reek   md   Dichlande  roads,     Berry
man, according to the rerdict  of tho
coronor's |ury, was violently done to
(lee.'itb by persona unknown  The body
was covered with bruises   and    vith
i1"' mai I : of caulked shoes,  Sli ribs
were broken arid    the head    bruised, I
The post mortem    had shown
death was due to    Internal hemorr
hage, I
The  United  States  department     of
culture has ordered   that     here-
all  cases nf Chinese eggs shall
e  branded     "Product of     china."
I ieretofore thi y have   been labelled—
Fresh    Pullets."   Chinese eggs    are
mailer than standard,     and readily
.   Attempts      to
■   tailed.      Rot
e      ' ggs are In
d condil rei lived.
It will pay you to
make a call at
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working, clothe.i
for the bush. I make a
specially of trigging
Shoes, I'nnts, Sot, Shirts
Bliuikets and everything
reunited inynnr business.
. - ......
Has No Use  For  Perldlers  Selling
Worthless Medicines
Crookstairs, Ont
I was pestered la I   • ■   ;■ with a tra-
lid   be bud heard
that I wa-. troubled with Rheumatism,
I told him 1 bad been and be wanted to
■ell me some othermedicine   [answered
eii    - 11   taking  GIN   PILLS,  the
infill' mr   that   ill,I   mi-   anv  good.
I   told   bin  th it   I  h id  li 'el v   rieOU ■
other medicines but none had done mr
any good but GIN  I'll,I,', and   that   I
always kept a hox In the house,   GIN
I'lI.I.S bave dime me- nn.re good thai:
any other medicine I have ever taken
Don't he- Imposed Upon, Don't ai i-epi
substitute-';, if your dealer won't luppfj
vou with GIN PILLS, at the regulai
irtnll price of $0C. a box, f, for M.JO,
send direct to us. Sample lm_ free if you
write National Drug and Chemical Co.
• if Canada, Limited, Toronto. 205
Manga-Tone Itlnod and Nerve Tablet!
•re the best all round tonic lor pale, thin
bloodless people.   50c. a box.
SEP @  1
in living in your own home. Vou
tak.i pride in Bxlng it up in adding
improvements every nine in a
dues not require a lot of cash, We
»iil pin you in possession of a
home it' you bave a little cash ami a
real ambit inn lo uivti it
A. !•:.  Kincaid, Manager.
McKenzie Ave.
A. Douglns   Tourncr
Wanted Issues of Revelstoke
Mail-Herald of
January 10th, 1914
January 17th, 1914
January 21st, 1914
Kindly Send Copies to the
Mail-Herald Office
Jj L) ^"i*;vr
Come and look at our Triangle Sad
Irons  -guaranteed for ever.
PRICE   6 LB. IRON, $3.90
A. G.    DUCK
Estimates given free
In the    Estate   of     William   Empcy
McLaUChlin,    deceased.
Notice is hereby given thut creditors and others having nny cluimt-
against the estate of William Bmpey
McLauchlin, deceased, late of Revelstoke, II. ('., who died on or ahout
tbe iith day of December, 1913, arc
required to send i>y post prepaid or
deliver to the onflerslgned Solicitors
for the Executrix named in thc last
will of said deceased on or before thc
•lid day of June, 1914, their names
and addresses and full particulars of
their claims and demands, duly verified with the nature of the securities
(if any) held by them.
Notice is further given that, after
that date the Executrix will proceed
to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which she shall then have
notice, and that she will not be liable
for the said assets or auy part thereof to any persons of whose claims
she shall not have had notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. O., April
1st,  1914.
Solicitors for the     Executrix of the
last   Will     of     William    Empey McLauchlin,  deceased. Apr. 22
gii'iiting Pill for Women. }5 li box or three for
Jlo. Hold at all Drug Stores, or innllec] to any
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Vitality;for Nerro nnd Brain; Increase* "frro"
matter ;a Tonic—will build you up. il a box, oi
two for J*,, at dme ato-ei, or hy mil! on rwrfrt
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Ontario. SATURDAY, MAY 8, 101-I.
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Live merchants and manufacturers instantly recognize
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Sanitary Washable Water Faint
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New Zealand Cannot
Cet Canadian Timber
In a report received at the department of trade and commerce from
W.A. Beddoe, Canadian trade commissioner for New Zealand, thc statement is made that the United States
has supplied nearly the whole of the
timber imported from the rucific
Coast for the past yeur. For soma
time particular attention has been
devoted to this subject. Large 1m-
porters In New Zealand have been
placed in communication with lend -
Ing Canadian mills on the Pacific
Coast. Exporters have submitted replies to their letters and the matter
has been well threshed out.
When tenders have been invited for
cargoes eef one million to a million
and a half superficial feet, some
reason baa been advanced why the
Lumber could not be supplied, the
following arc verbatim quotations
from letters of large mill owners on
the Pacific Coast which ure given us
Some  Excuses.
"1. Ne>t sufficient time between
now and the date .vhen tenders must
be in t,) enable us to get suitable
"2.   Lumber  has been  produced  in
j the  States very  much  in  excess     of
| their domestic demands,  forcing   thc
mills to look for an export murket.
'3. 'there is no timber available
at  Vancouver.
"I.    We  cable    our     Frisco agents
nnd asked them to offer us half million  feet of Oregon to load at Vun - i
couver and we bad a  reply buck  'not I
obtainable  here.'   "
Many    other    examples    could    be i
given,  taken  from letters received by ;
) the New Zealand importers.
Mr. Beddoe goes on to say that in i
cases were quotations have been Be- ;
cured, the Canadian prices have in-
variably been higher than the Amer- |
ican and the business has been lost. ;
Reciprocal Trade
The largest importer of timber in
New Zealand states thnt he is buying
shingles from Canada and paying
more money for them than if he purchased Redwood from California.
This gentleman has an exhibit at the
Auckland Exhibition, of Cnnudinn
timbers, and prominently displayed
is a notice.
'This timber from Canada is paid
for by New Zealand butter.'
This is intended to stimulate a demand for Canadian timber, by thc
suggestion of reciprocal trade. Tho
transportation (question being Rettlcd
the only obstacle appears to be the
price. If the Canadian can sell as
cheap as the American he can secure
the business.
TWKi.VK HUNDRED AND FIFTY TRACTS "f in and ion Korea e&oh t.e he panted to pro,pectlT« «ettlen In tlnnwinR open
Twenty Thousand Acres of Rich, Southern Goorgla Laud, whloli i» admirably adapted te. the Rrowlus ol celery, iireel and
Irish potatoeB, canteloupea. water melons corn, oats, cotton, huy in fact, nil staple oropa grown in this fertile section, aa u-rll ,u a larg«
variety of seini-tropieni fniit.es. ami the f&mnut Iromenaely profitable p&per-shsl] pecana.
Providing yon are eligible under theolasalfioatlona prescribed by ns, you are now offered an excellent opportunltj to break a»»y from
tne drudgery and toil of a small wage, or working (en- the benellt of landlords, and go hack to a land of pleutv, to which, if granted, vu will
hold n warranty deed and abatraot.
Tlio best security on earth Is tho earth llsoll'. and land Is thc basis of all woaltb, Owners ol productive la nds
are ocnollting by the Increasing high cost of living, while othors arc suffering from It.
Aa Opportunity to Secure Rich. Productive Land Without Capital.
Von will not he required to leave yonr present surroundings now. All
we ask of those to whom we grant tracts is that they plant, or arrange to
have planted, a crop of one^if tho above-mentioned products within three
years, after which we will have it operated (harvested and replanted) for
grantees, in consideration of II per cent, of the net prollts derived from
the sale of tlie crops thereby allowing the grantee to pursue his or her
presontoccupation until such Urns as they determine just what the yield
"1 their acres amounts lo. Consider what this may moan as a source of
Income, when statistics diow thnt the yield of one acre of celery amount,
ed lo (1,8(18 lr.. and that »ne acre of well-eared for paper-shell pecans, in
full bearing should net its owner as high as (300,00 per year. We
are of tho opinion that after it. Is proven by actual results obtained in
operating the land that tliey will need no further urging, and waste
lime iu locating In th la laud ol plenty.  We alio require grantees to occupy
t In- liinil Within ten years, or sell Is to some one who will occupy It; otherwise ii reverts back to the grantor.
The land Included In this opening la located directly on ami inljoining
lhe Atlanta, Birmingham and Allan!iu Railroad, about IU miles west of
Rrunawick, a thriving city of tlfteeu thousand, and having direct Hloaiu-
Bhlp service to New York and Bolton, and excellent railroad transportation facilities to all points. The average temperatura for six months of
line year, from April to October, is 77 degrees; tlie climate is most health.
ful, line) invigorating, ami there is an ample rajufall of 50 inches per year-
As we are extremely desirous of having settlers ioeate on this property uud assist in its development, and thereby greatly Increase the
value of surrounding ami intervening property, which we will hold, and to
increase the traffic along the Atlanta. Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad,
and thai faetlttate the service, w-o feel warranted in granting theso tracts
to those who register with us. We also have in inind business and residence plots which we will offer for sale after the opening, but which will
not he included in it- We have '• monoy-malc'.ng afterward" considerations in this liberal-minded opening, siuilar to those of the North-
them 1'acitk and other railroads when they granted thoir lands, and we
expect to benefit thereby, a* well as the ones who will receive the tracts_
We have also planned to develop what is .h-signed to be ,iie best
equipped, most, up-to-date, sole—ti&0,Oommercta] farm and orchard in existence, it mil consist of six thousand acres and will he inducted in this
opening. All who register and receive trails will gel the benefit of tit*1
experiments and scientific methods in ,ogue thereon. \vhil<* we are ar
ranglngto prevent over-registration, we will avoid man] disappointments,
sinh as oiinrded in othei land openings couduoted hy the United States
Government ami railroads, hy grant ing those who register in excess of t.bo
number of tracts to he granted, au Interest In tins commoNta] farm and
orohard enterprise, in ihe hop,- that they ma) Liter locate in ..ne of our
tell, n  Mitl-S,
Examination of tho land will choorfnlly be permitted.
and the opening will he held al lire 1 w 111 nv\ n. Wayne County, Ci-'iigi.i, one
"I the Btations of the A. li. ,v A. Railroad, which is loeiteJ en this jern-
perty, ami will occui as soon after registrations a- arrangements can i*.
The presence of those roistered will noi be neaoessa try a; Hmw n.uwn
on the opening day, unless they wish tei .at ind, fee, there will Ik- no favor.
Itlamahownanyone.   It will be conducted by a committee aelected fe»r
the purpoae, and I ii r -i;!stored will be notified eef wheat thej have been
granted, as aoon as possible.
With tho cvor-incroaslng popnlatlon of this country there
is no corresponding incroase in ths area of land, and naturally as tho population increases and Books thc land in pursuit ol health, hnpplnoss and independence, it Will continue
to bc harder to aocuro.
The proaperous and contented class in Kurope t.e,lay an? the deseenef.
ants of those who secured lane) there when it w.is plentiful, while tlie descendants of tle.se who obtained in, land are now the p-t-uits ml
slaves. You must realize that this nny bc your last chance
to secure land ln this country without a largo outlay of cap"
Hal,so it should not be necessary to 111 <-• vein tee act at once hy feere.er.iril-
[ng us the application f<n registration attached io this announcement.
Southern (leorgia lliilroiiil-l.aml Development llureau,
Washington, D. C.
Registration Department:
I hereby make application to register for I'm it and Agricultural Railroad-Land Opening, und furnish you with the correct answers to the following
Name  City	
State Street or R. !•'. D. No.
.Married or Single Widow, Widower or Orphan.
Nationality Do you own over teu acres,,! land in the United states    	
If my application for registration is accepteit please send me. without obligation, further and complete Information and particulars, laoludtng
maps of the land, showing exact location on the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad, its transportation .facilities, .igri.-ultura), fruit ami outgrowing possibilities, etc.
Very truly yours,
..  _BH_____SM
Tbere will be much city work going ou in Vernou, begit.ning practically at once. On Monday the rate-
payers, by a more than three-fifths
vote, save their sanction to the issue of .$10,'iOK worth of tlebenturos,
for permant road improvements nnd
for $">IHHI for waterworks extensions.
In addition to these two undertakings tenders are being called by the
city  for     815,400  worth  of      cement
I sidewalks and for $15,000 worth of
'concrete pipe, part of the supplies
necessary to the $90,ih>0 undertaking
of installing an underdraining system and bringing the sewage disposal
works up to proper standard.
It is also proposed to pave nearly a
mile af Seventh street, an undertaking which will necessitate an expenditure of about 920,000. Vernon
residents will, in every case, be given preference where labor Is employed  on citv   works.
Snip—''What is the luckiest day to
be born on?"
Knip—*'I haven't the sliphest idea,
I've only been born on one day myself.*'—The Scout.
Flour .trial is essential but-
it is not your work!
Flour varies from time to
time in baking quality. This
is because wheat continually
varies according to soil conditions, etc.
Therefore, if baking results are to be constantly high,
baking tests are essential.   It
Ol IDITWis i"m-;lS()nal)1(' U) expect you
rllRI l«_r to make these tests at your.
\ expense.
^ So from each shipment of
^       wheat delivered at our mills
\      we take a ten pound sample.
I    This   is   ground   into   flour.
I   Bread is baked from the flour.
I  If this bread is high in quality
^ and large in quantity, we use
^the shipment.   Otherwise we
^ell it.
\ By simply asking for £our
baring this name youyean
always be sure of mor^/bread
and better bread.      *f
\      y
.<,    More Bread and Better Bread" and
"Better Pastry Too" «
Newspaper edictors in China do
things differently. This is how the
editorial arbiter of thc "Tsin Puo"
declined a contribution to its columns: "Most venerable brother of
the sun and the moiii, your slave,
bows nt your feet. I kiss the earth
before you. I implore your permission
to speak and to leave. Your most
venerated manuscript passed before
our eyes, nnd we were ravished by it.
With fear and trembling I return it.
If I ventured to publish it the president would order mo to take this
jewel as a model and never depart
from il or have the audacity to publish anything inferior to it. Hut
my long experience of letters has
taught me that such pearls can be
produced once, and once only, in 10,-
i'0'i years. So I must return it. I
entreat yon to forgive me. I am nt
jour feet, the slave of your slaves."
Government of British Columbia
There will be offered at Public Auction in the Cities of Vancouver, Victoria and
Prince George, Britisli Columbia, the Government holdings in the Townsites o{ Prince
George, Fort George and South Fort George, comprising in all 2,350 lots.
May 19th, 20th, 21st, Vancouver.
May 26th, 27th, Victoria.
June 9th, IOth, Nth, Prince George.
For full particulars, descriptive literature and maps apply ARMSTRONG &
ELLIS, Selling Agents for Government of British Columbia, S04-5, Birks Building,
Vancouver, B.C. Telegraph Address "Armlis". Code: Western Union, or A. B. C.
5th Fdition.
At the annual meeting of thc subscribers to the Vernon Jubilee Hospital the following twelve of thc old
board of directors were unanimously
re-elected: Messrs. Henderson, Ball,
Dickson, Glover, Mcgaw, Jacques, W.
H. and R.C. Smith, Verhaegen, Suear
Dicardo and Neil. H. W. Knight,
Fred Billings and ex-Mayor J.T. Mu-
trie were elected to the board to succeed A. E. Asbcroft, George Hcggie
and G.C. Johnston, resigned. The
Provincial government is represented
on the board by Captain Armstrong
and L.A.C. Kent, and the city council Ik represented by Aid. McKenzie
and Aid. Clement. Thc president was
in receipt of a letter from Hon. Dr.
Young, Victoria, saying that a
cheque for the government's contribution ol R5O00 would be mailed at
once, the Vernon ratepayers having
voted a like sum to clear up thc in-
istltution s $10,000 of debts.
The   Mail-Herald   Job  Department is
Now in Full Swing
All classes of printing promptly and
tastefully executed at strictly reason*
able rates.
wc have one of the beat and largest
equipments in thc whole of the Interior
and oan "deliver the goodi" from the
smallest   card   to   the  largest   poster.
Estimates gladly given.   Ring vp Jfo. 8, or drop in. ►•AGE EIGHT
F. Davis of Kamloops, was at the
King Edward on Thursday.
W. W. Foster went, to Kamloops on
Friday   morning  returning today.
J. V. McNaulty, editor nnd assistant manager nl the Western Lumberman, has heen  visiting the city.
Rev. .1. W. Stevenson went tn Golden on Thursday, returning ou Friday.
T .'. Wadnmc went to Field and
Golden on Wednesday, returning on
ll. A. Danford e.f the O.P.R. baggage department,  was in (he      city
on   Thursday.
Mrs.   Hnynnn   M.   Smythe  will     re -
ceive em Thursday, Maj 11 and not
again this season.
Robert Gordon, registrar of voters
will hold court of revision ol t.he voters list on Monday, May l\ at 1"
o'clock, at the com i   hi   bo,
Mrs. Ernest H.8. McLean, will not
receive on Saturday, May lii. but will
be at home on Saturday, May -3,
.and  not  again until  October.
l.e 01 te A, SalVUB Of Seattle, engaged on the double tracking of the
C.P.R., wis iii the city on Thursday
and stayed at the King Edward.
D. McCailland and J. Roily charged with being drunk and using obscene language on the street, were
each ':i tei (ill md costs by Police
Magistrate  Hamilton  this morning.
News reached the city on Wednesday of the death on that day of
Frank Corson, manager of the Dominion hotel there and father of Cecil Corson,
J. C. Ready, it.s.A,., .-■ ill and crop
instructor for the provincial government,  registered     at  the Revelstoke
hotel on Wednesday an [ wjnt east On
the   following   day.
D.   D.  England,  superintendent    of
government   -'rounds,    Who   has   been
at the King Edward while supervising the laying out ol the court house
grounds, left for the coast on Thursday.
High School Inspect ir McLaurih,
visited the high school last Wednes
day. ib' expressed himsell as entirely well pleased with the standing
' isses, and witn tht splendid
b .   ling aa.l cquipn
I V illiam  Brj m.
■ ej     with   riding   on   a   Canadian
Pacific railway tram without paying
their fare told Magistrate Hat Iton
a hard luck story at tin- polio I
this morning and «
ll       Thomas Taylor, Minis!
Public Wi ei  for Revel
stoke, was guest of honor al an en-
t i   a'   a rowhead last
night  and return's 1 this
tn com]
Trimble he left on Thurs i. y for     a
and id   ir. connection with
road   construct i public
An extensive strike
tion of t
I.  •
try   to
• ■ K-overn-
• leet      a
It is pi
t'p to the val
■!   >*■       i :
ing and try t       I parcels
insured  will  be
due r.otice will be .-
i    •  .'"-n   1200  and   1 I"1    '•
■ -,t in    Canada snd tbe
- will sail I'u  ■
way, this week te, attend tbe
rial celebratl m 'if then
lence, according t< A E, Disney
general agent of the White Bl tl Line
and E. Charley, representative of the
Ounard Steamship Line. Tbe Sons of
Norway, who are organizing the
transportation arrangements, eh irt
crcd a special vessel and trains to
convey the excursionists, and "Senator Knute Nelson ol Minnesota plans
to give an address to n large number of the delegates tomorrow from
thc steps of the Capitol at Washing
ton. A contingent frr m Vancouver
Jeft. last week.
Thc Kamloops ball team registered
at the King Edward on Thursday.
.lames Evans of Salmon Arm was
at thc King Edward yesterday.
Lyman Root of Toronto, was a
guest at the Revelstoke hotel yesterday.
Mrs. 1). 0. Fraser and son of Nelson, were at the King Edward on
Rev. C. A. Procunier went to tho
coast on Tuesday, returning at the
end of  the  week
Jack Shuttlewood has arrived home
from his ranch to spend the summer
with his parents.
J, W. Ainsworth, engineer in charge
of double tracking on the C.P.R. was
at the Revelstoke hotel on Thursday.
Owing to other attractions on Friday, May 10, the annual meeting of
the Women's Canadian club is postponed until further notice.
At the meeting of the city council
last   night      a   resolution   was  passed
protesting against the intention of
the school board to sell thc old high
school building.
By order of tbe Noble Grand all Odd
Fellows are requested to meet at 8el.
kn!. Hall, at 1 p. in. on Saturday, to
atlend the funeral of the late Bro.
Thomas Stuidy,
Mrs. Gullivan, wife of R. S. Gulli-
van station agent at Arrowhead and
Mrs. A. S. Bentley of Arrowhead,
spent Thursday in the city staying at
the  Revelstoke hotel.
M. Grady, proprietor of the St.
Leon hot springs hotel, who has been
Btaying at the King Edward left for
home this morning, He will ie-open
the hotel early this season.
L. ri. deVeber, manager of the Nelson branch of the Hank of Montreal,
spent last niurlit at thc Revelstoke
hotel. He was returning to Nelson
Irom a week's holiday spent at the
<■•> ist.
W. O. Miller superintendent of the
Kootenay division of the C.P.R. passed through Revelstoke on Thursday
to attend thc meeting of the board
of managers of C.P.R. employes medical  association.
ii-. Tuesday evening tie regular
monthly social af St. John's V.l'.S.
will give place to the Tennis Club
social, which will follow an hour's
, on  the court   at  lhe  Mansi.  All
people  are  invited.
The reorganization of a company of
infantry of the Rocky  Mountain Rangers,  the   I'l.'nd   Re t,  18  leiw au-
wd  from  i ittawa,   i' -  designs -
■ ' I'"'     Company,     with
t '-..'.n.
The Ladies' \ .1 Soi iety of the M<   h-
odisl Church held t hpit aunu il mi e ti .:
for the election of ofllcei son Thursday.
when Mrs. Downs was reelected presi-
ind   Mrs. i oi lej.   secretary.   A
'.ei y !■■;.. i -    was pilS -nl.-il   md
i    -    McKay
e     ■
trch.   He
■   the church rn
., md i as made      i
...    [eparl   -
1 but so far as Is known
no .. - i yet taken,
'11 tlie ,,,| i„,„,-,i ,,f the Methodisl
. church rnei ii. ' be church parlors on
w ednesday evening prloi to them	
Ing of Conference, which convenes In
Kamloops next. week.   It was decided
to hold a ii. '.'i Ing of the i ongi eg itlon
and friends on  Wednesday.   May -7,
when an Interesting gathering is ex
|i"e led.    The history of the chut i h
I will be reviewed from early ds
! reminiscences of old times given by old
timers.   A program is being provided
and it Is Imped the occasion will be n
general rally ol all friends, old nnd new.
speeches will be made, the year's re
ports read, and olectlon of society re
pi I'Mi-nlativns take place. Itev. Lii.-h
ley Hall leaves for Kaiiiloops early on
.Monday morning.
The Allen Players will appear at
the opera house for one week, commencing Monday, May 13.
The great comedy drama " The
Truth" will be presented this evening at the opera house by the talented Orchard Players. Last night
to an enthusiastic audience they played "David Oarrick" With admirable
talent. The Orchard Players provide
a treat of which every lover of the
stage should avail himself.
"Monte Oristo" by the Famous
Players all-star company will be shown
at the Empress theatre on Saturday,
starting at 6,48 with three shows.
Those who have never seen " Monte
Clisto in motion pictures see some-
I hiug lluil the singe eniinol produce
This gnat feature is one of the lltiesl
pi cl ores e\ei shown in the city. 11 is
in live pails and tile ever-popular Animated Weekly giving all the latest
iiens in motion pictures including the
Baseball Globe Trotters, New York
and Chicago Chilis, return home',
Sports in the Philippines, whale 45 fl.
long beached, with the Elks in Host on,
opening of parliament in England, The
ureal movie comedian. Ford Sterling
signs contracts to appear with the Universal Film Company to appear in
Universal comedies. Ford Sterling is
the greatest comedian in the picture
business today and used to play with
the Keystone Co. The t'tiiveis ,1 pays
$150,000 a year for this great artlsl
and he will appear in lhe Empress
comedies soon. The audience will see
him sign up mi Saturday night al the
Empress. Last, but not least, will lie
the latest fashions from the Ladies'
Home Journal.   Grand orchestra.
Well-known Old Timer of Revelstoke District   Was
Police Sergeant
Honey From
A line of $50 each or three months
in  jail  was on  i'uursday indicted   hy
Police Magistrate Hamilton  ou Mike
Qruicb  and      Nick Gareticls,  charged
with taking money from  the pockets
of  Joe Lask while he lay unconscious
on  thc ground      at  thc  back  of  the
hospital  on      Tuesday.   Four    bright
youngsters      Tom       Di cl.ard,   Bobby
.'en:.ard,     Arthur Cartwright      and
Howard     Bradshaw     described how
they had      discovered  Lask  in       the
crass  while they were playing     ball
and how Gruich and Garstick     came
up  turned   Lask  over and  took some
S3  In  silver  from  his  ; ockets,  after-
Bending Constable Terry to the
Lask Bald that he     had been work
r  Bruce  and  McGuire  and  had
town to buy.: pair of shoes
lie  had  only  had  one drink and was
he felt  ill.   He    ba i
tver in  his i ocket  and had
when he came to town.
fTUCkwell   said   that   Lask   on-
I S- when he came to town and
eirank  from
•• ■    ' square gin.
■-    Terry     told   e.i
■ is      and
risonera   after    be beard  tbat
•   the :..   it y from   the
Ilan who a
illy  and   as
■   ■ an      In
■   ■
■   ■
runl       I did not ki
oners guilty
Thomas Sturdy, father ot W. A.
Sturdy of the Kevelstoke Hardware,
and one of the best known old-timers of the district died on Thursday
at his home on Sixth street. Mr.
Sturdy who had a store at Malakwa,
came to the city eight weeks ago suf-
terlng from pneumonia uud went to
the Revelstoke hospital.
Mr, Sturdy was formerly sergeant
of police in Kevelstoke and retired
three years ago. Ho leaves a wife
one son, W. A. Sturdy of Kevelstoke
und one daughter Mrs. James Hay of
Vancouver, lie was a prominent
member of the Oddfellows lodge, under whose auspices the funeral will
conducted   tomorrow.
Mr. Sturdy who was 7s years of
age was horn in Godetich, Ontario,
in Kiti, and was educated in his native city. In 1 ^82 he n.oved to Winnipeg where for seme time ho tilled
thc position of sergeant of police. He
subsequently moved to Emerson,
Mun., where for a. number of yenrs
he was chief of police, cftcrwnrds accepting a position as chief of police
at Portage la Prairie, where he remained for eleven years. Eleven
years ago he came to Kevelstoke,
where he was a member of thc police
Throw Away that Old Hat of Yours and
look over our Stock of Straws and Panamas
They offer a cheerful change from the
ordinary run of Hats.
Our Leader Panama $6.00 is going very
strong.   Others at $8, $10, $12 and $13. 50
All Styles. All Prices. For every member of the family.
:Rae Mi
.ae mercantile Co.
The "Styles Shop" for Men and Boys
ifj I Or. I inr Minimum 25c.   Co_li in Advance $
TO RENT—Large Front Room, suitable for one or two gentlemen, 119
Second street. West.
WANTED- An Energetic, ambitions,
reliable man to act as agent for
Revelstoke and surrounding territory for a Dominion registered
Company, Apply the Merchants
Casualty Oo.,218 Central Building,
Victoria, B. C. M.O
WANTED TO RENT—Small Furnished House or Housekeeping Rooms.
Apply D. P. Mail-Herald Oilice. Al I
WANTED TO PURCHASE-A Revelstoke lot, close in, 50 feet or CD
feet. Replies, stating price and
terms to A. McDonald, Three Valley. B.C. Apr. 11
SPECIAL   juat in-full ratiRe of MARY JANES
See our window display of WHITE HOOTS and SHOES.
Ladies' Nil Buck Hut Inn High
Hoots $5.75
Ladies" White Sat in Pumps.. $4
Ladies' nnd Growing Gills' High
White  Canvas   Button   Boots
with low heel      $3.25
I,adiis' White Canvas Colonial
Pumps $2,25
Ladies* Nil  Buck   l,iiui|i-i.$4.00
Misses' White Camas Strap
Sli|i|ieis $1.75
(Ihildren. White Nu Buck snap
Slippers     $2.40 to $2.75
Children's White Nu Buck Hoots
from $2.75 lo 3.00
infant's White Slippers 45c
Tomorrow's Services
"Are   you   going."      "Where!" to
the ladies of the Altar Society of
■St.  Francis    church "at home" on
May  12.
Not specially prepared—Not Doped,
therefore no keadache in a carload of
thc famous "Humbser," or "Pilscn-
er," The Kaiserhof Beers. Try it at
ihe  King Edward.
Look!   Look!—yes  you   can   if  you
-• t   te ise glasses fitted   at  J.     Guy
May 25—Dance in Masonic Hall uu.
der i In' auspices of the Ladies Hos-
[.it. l Guild.
o lid be without it, the
healthiest of all beverages, the mat-
chless     Humbser."   Phone your ord-
t in- King Edward.
' ■   of   nome cook
•  'iie     Mt.,,-    Society of st.
it   t i.e I iiin.e of    Mrs
<i.   Robblns     on     Tuesday next,
Mav   I-'.
Seed  Potatoes,    Farm  nnd  Garden
Methodlsl Church, Mackenzie Ave.
Pastor    ltev. Lashley Hall.
Services lor public worship and the
hearing of God's word read and expounded are held on Sundays ul 11
a. in. and 7:iill p. iu. It is hoped that
all Bltangers, visitors, and friends attending the servieis will feel very
much al home.
Tomorrow morning theme —"The
One Untried Path"; Evening — "A
Sunday School/and Bible Classes
meet at 2:31) p, in.
St.   John's   Churcn,    Rev.   J.  W.
Stevenson,  pastor.
Regular services will he held next
Sunday. At 11 a.m. the subject will
he "Thc Fourth Commandment" and
at 7:30 p. m., "The Strength of
Young Men." Sunday school und
Bible classes at. 2:30 p.m.
St. Peter's Second Street, Rev. C.A.
Procunier,    rector.
Fourth Sunday after Easter—Holy
Communion at 8 a.m.; Matins and
Litany ut 11 a.m.; Evensong at 7:30
p. m. The Lord llishop of New Westminster nnd Kootenay is due hy arrangement for the sacrament of Confirmation nt Matins, hut whether he
will reach thc city in time from To-
i ronto, is problematic.
Missionery will Hold
PresbyterlBn Services
11. A. Boyd, a student of Robertson college, Edmonton, has arrived
in the city and will take charge of
the Presbyterian Mission work along
thc railway from Blcamous to Rogers Pass. Ever since the railwaj
went through the Presbyterian church
has been carrying on this work nnd
during the past three years has had
men in the held both summer und
winter. The main points under Mr.
Boyd's care will he Rogers Pnss,,
where service is held in thc school,
Albert Canyon and Malakwa. Each
of these places will receive weekly
service. Solsqua, Craigellachie, Taft,
and Three Valley will also have regular services. Another student is be-
Ing sent in to minister to thc men
working on the tunnel. His headquarters will be at the West Portal.
Next Sunday Mr. Boyd will hold services at Solsqua, Malakwa and at
Men who contemplate mntrimony
these days should realize, says the
Calgary Herald, that ir is easier to
get a wife than a domestic servant,
and thut, in modern day household
i conomy   both  are  needed.
In thc   death of     John     Manning
I Scott, Kntnloops hns lest one of its
best known citizens. For the past
two years he had heen police magistrate.   Deceased,  who was   13   years
j of age, was the son of the late Judge
Scott of Brampton, Ontario, nnd
prior to his appointment in the lat-
I ter capacity practised for pome years
us a barrister and solicitor in  Kam-
I loops,   and  previously  in  Revelstoke.
; Mrs. Scott accompanied her late husband's remains East on Thursday
lust, after a service in St. Paul's
church, and the funeral and interment took pluce in Brampton on Tues-
dgy.   Deceased  also  leaves  a   mother
I nnd sister, resident in Toronto.
Garden    Tools.—At    Bourne
; Church
■•   -   i ie
........ mSBSB **" HaliW)
M i be  pi H ,• oi   i he
new motor geneialoi  foi  I he
Km pi •■    rheati e mot ion pic
This  will  he install.
week and will «ive absolute-
Iv the finest motion pli
in British I olnmliia
The Empress Tie itri
picture screen Is ih •. ;;o
giving all the actors life size
TONIGHT:   "MonteOrlsto"
Iv the  Famous Pin Vers All
SI a is.
Absolutely  Fireproof,
OALT COAL i- handled exclusively
is Revelstoke by ihe Kevelstolw Gen
sreJ AgeieriM, Ltd
Thp cornet thing is of course    to
treat       your  friends   to  Koine  of    thc
matchlaas "Hmnbser,"  Vavaria's fln-
■ er.   The King Edward.
' omie and icit in Howson & Co.'s
furniture  parlors,  continuous  recital,
new Edison phonograph.
Just, as it has beer put lip in Germany for hundreds of years In wooden kegs No Patei I .'■ i>op»-t.hnt
im tin' way you get the fatnaui
"Humbser" and "PUsener" Kaiserhof
Importation!.  Oo sale at the    King
Thc ladies of the Altar Society of
St. Franeis cliurrh will he •'nthomc"
at the resld<snce of Mrs. s. g. Robbins on Tuesday nest, May 12, from
:i to li o'clock. Culinary, Handkerchief and Candy tables will be provided and a goodly display ot tempting delicacies on sale. A silver collection will bc tnken at the door.
Special Rubber Prices
Fountain Syringes, each $1.25
Hot   Water  Bottles $1.60 to S2.50
Elastic Web Abdominal Supports 02.60
und S3.00
Athletic  Supports,   eaeh   SI.00
Guaranteed Tonic
Kexall Bamboo Drier Blood Builder lo
restore tbe clow of Health        Si.so
Kexall Beef Iron nnd Wine the pleasant Spring Tonic Sl.00
RezaillBIond Tablets to enrich blood..   .60
Kexall Celery nnd Iron.Tonic for greater strength and better appetite., si.co
Rexall Kidney Pills 60
Kexall Liver Halts.. .   35c. ami      .60
Take a Kodak with
yon on your trips thru'
the mountains
Let us develope and
print your pictures
Everytliingin the Kodak lineal this Store
Moth Preventatives—
Oedar and Lavender
Flakes. Ideal Moth preventers 25c
Lavender  Flakes 25c
Moth Balls 26c
Bell's Moth  Rags 60o
NYAL'S AUTOMOBILE POM 11      Easy to use and
makes  your Automobile look   Vie new.      Per  bottle


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