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The Mail Herald Jun 6, 1914

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 !*♦••♦■♦♦ •♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
ff ♦
♦   +
f- Chief     lumbering,     railway, >
■♦■ mining,      agricultural      and ♦
)♦■ navigation    centre    between -¥■
♦ Calgary and the Pacific ocean -+pj
The Mail-Herald
♦ ♦♦ ♦ + ♦ ♦ -♦•♦ ♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦<»■
■♦■ -f ♦  -f-f-t- ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
-*- -f
+ THK    MAIL HF.ttAl.P -t-
Vol. 20-No 39
/ e
+    PubllSfied     twice     weekly—    ♦
■ir     Read hy evei \ (ibi'-i-The J-ecoi;-     «►
->   nised advertising medium lor   ♦
--r     the  city  and  district. ♦
♦ r "t
•f-f-f >->--»- -»--♦--»- jfc*> + ♦ ♦
$2.50 Per Year
Identity Unsolved    Two Men
Missing But Neither Likely
to be Dead Man
While standing on the old whurf
cm        Wednesday evening        last,
iwatohing    her husband haul in drift
wood, Mrs. Steed noticed what looked like a bundle Of Old clothes float
jiast. She called Mr. Steed's atten -
tion to it saying that it looked like
ii dead a.an. Mr. Steed hooked the
object, and drew it to thc shore, It
proved to be a much decomposed
Mr. Steed, Constable Oarnett and
H. N, Coursier got the body ashore
and it was taken to Howson's undertaking  parlors,   The body is that of
a sh.eit,  stout  man ahout 45 years of
■age, The face Is much disfigured and
is unrecognizable and the body is
much decomposed, Of the clothes
little Is left but the man apparently
wore .i black and white striped shirt,
khaki col red overalls, and loggers'
Only t - o ni'-n are known te. be
missing. Of these,  Walter  Stain-
Oft,   was   dl    '-n-d   in   Surprise  rapids,
about below Beavermouth,
ahie. rs ago     while boating
on      the lumbla,    He  was a   man
abi       10 years of age, of stout build
ll in height and an    old
time  tra] ;   r.     The  bod;,   of  the  dead
man i ted In HowBon's   lin
den, irs on Thursday morn
ing :.. •'-.    McBean   who knew
Btai Mr. McBean   did   not
think 1     t thi   lead man was be.
St., ,.:' dj Is said to have been
found in Kii lasket lake hut Mr. McBean saj th ii :t was not the body
of Stab    '
The    : -. known to be miss
• •raid,     who   was
woi     _• at the Pioneer Placer Mines
oo  !' i        •      In tl ■• -i'i Ing     ol
i • .ei,       who    formerly
drove i   P. Burns i- Co., left
the 0 tei in December,  1909
for Frei saj 8 Albert  Stone,
to work ne, He stayed there
tors coupli f months and then left
alone foi R .'-'stoke to arrange
about ' : lyments on some lots
he owned ... Vancouver, the pay-
i eii ,,n which were then due. He
ave been lost in a
blizzal i. "as  never  seen  again,
altlie 'i '      search   was   made
He v mg     Irishman of stout
build,  ■•'   ■ t.   !- iii.  in  height. Fitz-
gerald  at   I ie  that   b I was lost,
would     i ...   ha\ • bi e n wearing
snowshoes      I       moccasslns or rub-
nd as  I   '   dead  man  taken from
tbe river was wearing loggers'boots
it is thought that it lannot be Fitzgerald,
From the- appearance of the body it
;    .   • ' tell how long it bad
leen in the water, alt tough probably
for s ime mi nths. it maj he that ot
some unkno> ■ man who had at some
time fallen Into the river at old
tow here and loi t his life.
There    IV thing    in the pockets of
the dead man hy which he might be
identified except a cheap watch to
Which a le - ■ guard is attached.
Dr. Hamllti .. coroner, inspected the
n mains and decided that an Inquest
was unnei - ry, No Indentlfleatlon
could be bi ed and tbe body was
Imried yes-  : lay,
William '... McLauchlin. a pioiior
mining tn. if tbe West, and one of
the last forty-niners died nt Kaslo,
B.C., aged 84 years. He crossed tie
.Sierras Int    California in KI9
More than 858,000 young trees are
heing set out this spring on national
forests in L":nh and southern Idaho,
and the season is reported as particularly favorable to their successful
ii a ii n k i I a s h s m a a a i
m m
II TEA       COFFBH    and   all a
p| HOT  DRINKS   with   HOME- ®-
{■ MAD?:      Light    lunch,  served H
■HI during   summer   months. a
If; Wh.     ".-••r      you   prefer,    a a
(■1 delicious     cup    of tea or an a
[■ iced  drink  at  the  fountain. !«i
■ 8
«* C i idy    in    Window i
Mj per   pound  today only at        ■
Plans  of Exhibition   Building
Submitted — Electric Sign
on Mountain Proposed
At the meeting of the board of
trade on Thursday evening it was
decided to wire to U.K. Green, M.I'.,
asking him to endeavor to arrange
with the     Dominion     government to
Surveying Gang Took Death of
Companion as Warning-
Grow More Careful
T. R. Cummins left yesterday for
Downie creek. In the Dig Bend he
has gangs surveying 302 timber limits f,u Pennsylvania people, on which
the owners are paying $35,000 annual-
have a geologist sent to examine the j ly  in  taxes.
Arrowhead oil and gas field, plana ol No trace has yet been found of the
the exhibition building that it is pro- relatives ol Charles _lllott, a mem-
posed  to erect ut  thc station      were : ber of  one  of     the surveying  gungs,
also examined aad a resolution was
passed asking the city council for a
grant of $300 toward the cost of construction und erection of the building.
The plans of the building have been
who was recently drowned at Downie
creek. A Mrs. Hodges of s2l Sheridan avenue, Chicago, has written to
Fostmaster Young asking whether
the name of the dead man is Elliott
2 Railway in \\m
iat »
Selected surgeons
prepared by P.   Q.  McQuarrie.    They  or "Elliott,     and it is   hoped    that
call  for a  handsome structure,  roofed j som8 clue  may he obtained from  her.
and  with  plate  glass sides  which per- ;     ,.      ., ,   .,
, ' Mr. Cummins says that the survey-
mit  the  display   of exhibits  iu  every
direction. I ors who     were recltless *lt  lilst      ln
A letter     was    received from   Mr,   mossing streams nre now much more
Qreen regarding the Revelstoke post-   (.ireful.   When  they first went     into
office as  follows: the Bi- Bend tj,e, agr6ed  u, work _„
" I found your night letter of the Sundays and only rest on wet days,
7th awaiting me on my return from but since Elliott was drowned ou
Westfield, N.Y., where 1 was called oy Sunday they have decided not to
the sudden and critical illness of my j work on Sundays, regarding his
sister and in reply will say that 1 death as bad omen,
have h'en pushing this matter SB
hard as possible and am informed ti
the architects department that the
are busy preparing the plans, so th
tenders can be called for, The fact
... the matter Is toui ie tbat there
are so many buildings to be erected
Ihat  each   has   to   take  his  turn.      I I
will go after then, again toduv with '    Tht new ^'"J'"" '':-ciliC Bailway
a   view of seeing if it is not possible   Medical association has appointed its
Burgeons for British  Columbia as follows :
I ancouver—Dr.   Wortblogton,      Dr
. ihlan,  Ur.   A..W,   Hunter.
Coquitlam—Dr   Davies.
Mission—Drs.  Stuart and Fr .
North Bend—Dr   McOaSey,
Ashcroft—Dr. Wightmsn.
Merritt—Dr. Williams.
Kamloops—Not  yet made.
.Salmon Arm—Dr. McPherson.
Vernon—Drs,  Morris & Arhuckle.
Reve'isr.e; .—Drs.      Sutherland    and
Golden—Dr. Taylor.
Field—Dr. Gordon.
Greenwood— Dr. McLean.
Grand Porks—Dr. Kingston.
Trail—Dr. Thorn.
Rossland—Dr.  A.B.  Chandler.
on—Drs. Rose and Hartln, Drs.
Visitors from Calgary Investigating Gas and
Oil Possibilities—Businessmen's Excursion
Visits Hall's Landing and Arrowhead -Well
Caves In but Gas Still Coming to Surface.
The interest iu the oil and gas situation is unabated, yesterday a party of Revelstoke business men went
i.11 a special excursion "il the steamer Revelstoke to examine for themselves the gas field at Halls' Land.
Ing and Arrowhead. The boat left
Revelstoke at S a.m. and made Us
lirst call at Halls' Landing where
Hall Brothers showed the well where
at a depth of I I feet a big liow of gas
was struck on Tuesday. The well hat
caved  in but a pipe was thrust into
Pitt  Meadows  oil   wells  as   being  thc
best  on  the   Pacific  coast.
Two wells have heen sunk. In the
first oil hearing sands were struck
Willi oil of high quality. The burning
of the derrick and the attendant delay made It necessary for a second
shaft to he sunk and this bas also
been productive of oil of a very sup-
i rior quality,
At the present time the shaft lias
been sunk I,ITS feet the drill passing
through lib feet of rock. ln charge
of the operations is     Marshall      11.
the ground as far as possible and the Finch, whose wide experience in Pen-
gas burned freely. Samples of the nsylvanla, Ohio and other producing
gas were taken for analysis as well oil-fields, including Mexican fields,
as samples of the peculiarly oily soil lends   weight   to his statement that
through  which   the  gas  bubbles. the  indications  he  has  found   at    thc
Afterwards    the steamer  went      to I Itt   Moadows  fields are better   thun
Arrowhead reaching Kevelstoke on its I hose discovered in the Mexican fields
return at 6:30.   Those who took part and at least equal to the greatest of
In the excdrslon were n.H.li. Abbott, those   if the United stalest   M. Sou-
Sidewalk   Bylaw    Passed —
Pavement uylaw is Given
Second Reading
E. C. Hadou, Vi. H. Horobin, C, R.
Macdonald, T. Kilpatrick, 11.M. Parry, L. Wood, Will. Foote, W.H. Wallace, o. t. Blbb, R, Tapping, F.
Young, Jim Chitsas, R. Lawrence,
W. M. Lawrence, .lack Hume, C. B.
Hume, H. N. Coursier, ti. W. Bell,
."I. S. McQualg, E, Corning, .hid Mc-
construction     fi reman,     who
has also had a wide experience states
pi n vely that the indications are
The  mlnometer,  when  operated    on
tne   l'itt   Meadows,     indicated   oil    in
- ■!   • t ties.   So  positive  were  its records, that  Mr. Paterson, with Mi
.i.   Harvey, W.F.  Paterson,  Dr.     R
i     and    Lieut.-Gov.  Paterson
to hurry matters along a little.
"You will, [am sure, he delighted
tee learn that the pork has bec.i
[azetted   and  the  Revelstoke  park  is
nOW   ail    ae. •    fact."
A letter was [rom Charles
I-'.   Roland  I I  of the  Winn,p.'.'
Industrial bureau expressing appreciation of the reception by Kevelsto'."
of the Winnipeg businessmen's excar
T. Kilpatrick, who was in the chair
remarked that a letter of thanks had
been sent to Mr. Green for his services in securing the national park.
Mr. Kilpatrick suggested the establishment of an electric sign on the
mountain advertising the advantages
of Kevelstoke. p.H. McVity thou.- •
that the sign should bo so placed
that it would be seen by travellers
before  reaching  thc city  so  tbat the: '■.■uctix,
sould     arran re - i st ly over.   H.   I. \
McSorley - -   ited    Panfl and also
thought  that  pamphlets    advertising !
the city should be placed in all Can- '
adian Pacific railway hotels, Mr. Bibu
thought  this a      good   idea,   he  said
that tourists do not bear anthing of
In discussing a good advertisement
for Revelstoke Mr. McVity suggested
substituting "Capital of Canad-.'s
Selkirks" for "Capital of Canada's
Mr. McVity. W.H. Wallace and H.H
Macdonald were i|.pointed a committee to secure photographs of the
Trout bike district which the Can i-
ilian Pacific railway had promised io
use   in   its  folders.
The sample of gas sent to Trail for   subscribed  $40,800  inside    forty-eigl,
I ours,      The company   then   foi mo.
Rossland Lumberman to   Cut
For Forest  Mills   Moves
Mill from China Creek
W.   A.  Anstie,  managing director of
the Forest Mills of British Columbia
returned on Thursday from a visit to
J Nelson und Cascudp.   On    Wednesday
tract  with   J.S.   Des-
A- Thiakison  was elected a member   champs    >f  Rossland,   hy  which      Mr.
of the board. Deschamps  will erect a     lumber mill
Thc request  from  N'elson that Rev-   a* Nelson on     a     site owned by the
elstoke  interest  itself  in  the  Chahk"   Forest  Mills to  cut  lumber for     the
Mika celebration was referred to    h •  company.
Women's Canadian club. The mill, which will be moved from
Those present were W.M. Lawren ■ •, ChiUa creek, .Mil bc erected on the
W. H. Wallace, Mayor McKinnon, (,. i site °' the old Yale Columbia mill on
H. Lawrence, T. Kilpatrick, O. i . tne waterfront, now thc property of
Hibb, H. H. McVity. W.H. Horo ,.,i, tlie Forest Mills of British Columbia.
II. J. McSorley, Vi. H. Pratt, 0. H. ] lt wil' have a capacity of lO.nOu a
Hume and F.  Bourne. j day  and  will   employ  40  men.   Work
  will  be  started     at once on cutting
PUBLICATIONS ON AGRICULTURE   K>me  3,000,000  feet  of  logs  now    at
analysis did not rea:'' tbe smelter In-
I..it   and  no satisfactory  report could
be made. Another sample of tbe gas
is being Bent to Calgary today for
This morning applications for leas
( rn oil rights '.-.ei -'■""' acr is in the
railway belt two miles [rom Revel
stoke were filed in the Dominion
lands oilice in  Kevelstoke.
Visitors fiom Calgary and elsewhere are in tbe city Investigating
tin' oil and gas possibilities of the
rio interested was H. Manning >n
tin- report of the strike of gas at
Halls' Landing and with the report
on the Arrowhead oil field by Professor Aughey, as published in
Mail-Herald on Wednesday, that ,.e
took the first train to the scene and
Investigated the report for himself.
"The Mnll-Hcrald has not exaggerated the facts in the hast," said Mr.
Manning on his return. " People Le'8bton
who put their money into wild rat
oil schemes at Calgary, when they
have such n good thing right at their
doors deserve to lose their money, '
he declares. Mr. Manning went t'1
the scene of ' the strike of gas at
Hulls Landing and heard the :a.
bubbling through the soil. When
lighted the gas blazed into the "lr.
Determined to prove beyond Joubt
that there was no deception Mr. Manning took a shovel and went into the
bush where he dug u hole for  himself
was called the Vancouver oil ,<■ Na
tm al  11 .i   e -,, up „,.,.
Experts    visited    the    well at. Pitt
el.   -   ,   and   when   the   lirst.   iii'licn'
tions were Btruck  they showed  marked  interest  in the high quality '>f the
• e       nds,   The drillers, however, seat
drill through the oil stream  anil
tapped  an  ateslan  well,  which   seat
a constant  flow of water to the sur-
f.u    -.-. ith  the oil.   The experts then
declared that     if the drillers    could
separate the water from the oil, they
Would  have  oil of a   very   fine     gradi!
and in commercial quantities.
A  new company capitalized at   $1,-
I   0,   is   Icing      formed
The city council at  ;-s meeting last
night   passed      first   and   second  read
ings of  tlie  bylaw  pi ivl ling  for   the
laying of  hitulithie  pavement.     The
bylaw for the laying of cement sub-
walks Was also passeii. The bltulith-
|C I.y law would bave bee:, given Its
final reading but for the opposltlou
ot Aid. Needham who *. • -t. ■ i against
it and thus Succeeded In having the
third reading postponi '. ...til the
next meeting ot tlie c .icii'.. when if
it obtains a majority ot the council
it will he passed, AM. Bourne expressed his disapproval .ef tlie paving but
declined to vote ac ilnst it Aid.
McSorley was absent, ■ \ Is. Pradolini, Smythe and Bell -. ted for
the bylaw.
The bylaw provided for hitulithie
pavement 33 ft. wide ' -• street
from the  west   side  il ivenue,
to  the  east   Bide   Ol   gOVi I  I
and  "eii ft.  bitulithlc  pavi in Mc
Kenzie  avenue  from  thi
Victoria  road t.. the       iti   side     of
Third      street
pavement   with curb i .de   of
the street from     the     s mth -
Third       street       t,.  the   :.. : ;!■   side   I I
Eighth   street,   t.i   'e  ,     as
a   local   lm] ler   the   pro
visions of the local .:. .: act.
F.  (Vllwood was - glneei
■ -nl  the ■■'..■
the city council.
For  pavement   "'' ft the cost
will he s:.;-, ;,,.,- lineal foot ol
I-,;, : ty ,,i   .    - t. front
i   :   | ■•    .
,. -  propei ty
Foi       -.
will bi
ting      pi., .>;■ ;■       .;
Ths eost   ol
over   1".  ye   : -
avenue the i -   an
nualh   per im. ...i        ■ . ■
the other streets     .- '■..■■■
a,, nt  will  be onlj
ivill he 55 c mts per : foot     on
Ud.     Necdhan the i
Btructlon    of   ai . •        Aid.
witl     tbe   S: ylhL'   1"'li,v'*li   tbat   bitul
i  board of directors-   ""   "   T  "  '   ''   :  "    **»■ '*
I:   ui.,;,-,.   Paterson,    H.   li.   Welch.    S^ing bitulitbic tl :   Aid.
Bourne while not  In favoi  ..r >
li'' could smell  the    gas plainly lid Akiminu crock, which lies iu the Sul-i-
on putting a match to tbe hole;'-, -re tr-eek  valley, not far from the proven
wus a  distinct explosion  us  the   gus oil field in Alberta, Allen G,  Nichols,
took  fire. of Los Angeles, editor and owner   of
"I am perfectly satisfied in invm.n a  periodical,  Oil  Industry, and uuth-
mlnd    that   it  is  mineral    and    not or of a noted work on oil, a Californ-
niarsh gas,"    declares    Mr. Manning, ia  expert of some considerable stand
"Where the     gas comes      oat    >f tic ing,  reports that he finds the geolog
sod  is clay and not. swamp     il tie ical  conditions  in  the  Akiminu    dis-
VOlume seems to me to be  too  great trict to    be     exceptionally favorable
H.   H.   Welch.
i    Ige    Grant,     Dr.  Robert Telford.
,         .    .,          ,    ,   ...  .            ,,.      ,,. , declined  to  Ol            (                osal
Joseph   Seward of   \ictona;   Win. Wil- '■
lard  Kitchen,  J.A. Harvey, K.C.;  W. CEMENT SIDEWALKS
C.  Paterson, T.F.   Paterson  and   F.L. A  h>'klK was P<"                   ri.-ing the
The new    company has construction  of cement sidewalks    as
-••;"',    treasury stock.   It is   known f°llo'>vs'
as the Pitt     Meadows oil Wells Co., A slx f""t sidewalk     on the  north
Limited. BldB  of  F"'st   -;;' ''                    th''  east
Up    to    the present  time no stock Blde "f Wvnn str'*l't  '■   th,   •■-.. -t  side
'.a . he a offered to the public.     AU "f Pord -,■"'",,
iii..  money  put   into the  drilling has A"  el*ht  foot   cement   wall;   on  the
'    a personal from the pockets of the "'"'"' *''■'' "f Second street from Mc
gentlemen Interested.   It is now   the Kenzie avenue to and     including  the
intention of the company to place a ,!!iy    between     McKenzie uud Orton
limited amount of stock on tho mar- ;ivnmip.
Ijg^ \  -uv -*""t  cement  walk ■■-   thi  nor
NICHOLS FINDS OIL.. tb and     south Bides Of    Third  street
from the west Bidi ol McKi
ue to the east Bide of Rol
Examining    the    oil   lands    along
Nelson, owned by the Forest Mills.
The  department  of     agriculture at j
Ottawa haH available for free distribution upwards of two hundred pub- j
licatlons  including  reports,  bulletins,
and circulars.   These have been issued,  from time to time, by the sever-
lllli ■-'ilffllHlHHB
For the second time this year there
v ill have to be a special election for
filling a vacancy on the Vernon board
al branches and deul with almost ev- I of school trustees. H.W. Knight huv-
ery phBse of agricultural science and >rK tendered his resignation. The
practice. A list of these has been previous election was caused by the
printed  in  pamphlet  form  giving the , icsignation  of W.  H.   Rice.
title, author, and date of each. This t "	
list is for free distribution and may ,    BU8INBB8 MEN'S CONVENTION
be procured     on    application to the 	
publications     branch of   the depart-      A convention of the retail business
department of agriculture at Ottawa,   """"-n °' the Okanagan  valley  will   be
Ileld in Vernon on June 9, under the
Ileal estate in Kamloops according . auspices of the Retail Merchants As-
I to   the   Standard   is   picking  up  and |socintion.   An attendance of from f.d
this year will see. it i< anticipated, a j to 80     is expected     from the towns
resumption of good times there. i throughout the valley.
f.ii   anything  but  mineral  gas. ' for accumulations ol oil.
The presence of gas has been 1 i own       He  was in  Vancouver a few    weeks
at Arrowheud for year.i Mr.  Manning ago and on the special reuuest of the
W»a     told.    So great has     been the Columbia Oil company he went up to
Bl'Iply that     boys havi bi-en  in  ti"- Corbin, a station on the Crows Nest
hil.t  of   lighting  their  ck ttlng   link Pass  branch  of  the Canadian  Pacific
in thc winter by boring liol-s  in the railway  and    from    there    went into
Ice placing empty tomato cans    over British Columbia's own oil  field.    He
the holes and lighting the gus us it jf  now confident that the oil is there
came through  a  hole     bored  in  ihe Completing his examination of     the   «
bottom of     the    cans.   Mr.  Manning field, he went to Pincher, Alberta and   J)
carefully  examined  the  Character    cf from  there reported  by  telegraph   to   f
the soil  through which the gas rises, the Columbia Oil company thc result   a
A si>. foot     cement    walk    . ;. ,-.,
north am1 si uth    Ides .ef Third Btreet
from the west side of McKenzie at
enue to  the east  side ol  Rob  >i   ..-.
A  six  f	
tb   and   south   Bid      i ...-tt.   Btreet
between the     wesl  side of McKenzie
te)  the  east   side of   R     . .   nue,
A six foot cement walk on the
north and south sides of Fourth
street between the west side of Mr
Kenzle avenue and the east side of
Vernon avenue.
A six foot cement walk on tin  west
side of   Connaught   avenue  from    the
(Continued   on   Pa,re  Five*!
He describes    it    as clay  'uivii-
of   bis   inspection.     He   says   that   he   t[
peculiar    odor and  being  of  an  oily carefully examined  the holdings       of g
nature. the   Columbia  Oil  company   on   Akl - g]
PITT  MEADOWS. mina creek. Besides finding conditions ®
Interest centres    about    the  opera- exceptionally   favorable  for  accumu - (S
tions now    going    forward    at  Pitt latloni of oil, he reported that    the g
Meadows in     the Bcarch for    the oil work    already     done helped to prove pi    CHOCOLATES
streams  which are stated  to uiiderly the     presence     of oil theic iu  large « VARIETY.
the level section of bottom land east quantities. <J|
of   the  Pitt  river.   Indications     are      The  Columbia  Oil  company's    well 9
favorable the opinions of expert drll- is already down (100 feet and   oil   Is n\
lers  and  geologists  being  that     all being  produced    there  in  commercial g
signs  and  conditions  point  to      the  quantities.
aililflfllllggii PAGE TWO
SATURDAY.  JUNE 6,  1914
I Buy a
Vou will get a
full season's use
out of it.
100 per cent ol
your snapshooting opportunities
will be realised.
You will get the
best value and
lowest price in
town. Perfectly
NEW Goods.
Free instruction gladly given.
Atthc Trueman Studio
I McKenzie Ave.
A. Douglas   Tourncr
«■ M
I must be oul oi mv present premises
bj July 1st. St.ir-.iii.i.'. on the 17th ol
June will hold
Auction Sales
Every  Wednesday
and Saturday
at my new place "f business opposite
Mail-Herald office.
Ain-t ioneer
I'luuie Xni
Kootenay Agencies
PHONE    46
The Revelstoke Nurseries
This Is the LAST MONTH of the Contest for
The   $100   Blue  Enamelled  Range
Coupons to the amount of 1000 votes entitles you to a
draw, One cent, (or one vote
Every dollar spent Rives you FIVE DRAWS. All will
be placed in a hat, und ibe lirst one drawn will get the
$100.00 Range. A chance of a lifetime. Ask lor coupons I'm- every purchase.
Watch,   om-   ('outest   Window   for   Bargains
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing      Tinsmithim*       Klectric Supplies
Exhibition Commissioner
Comes to Revelstoke
WINNIPEG, JULY 10. 18, 1914
"The Meeting Ground and Market Place Between Eastaud West.*'
A Ci I Livestock Exposition. The Wonderful Piny Show
Scientific Gas Engine Demonstration " The Siege of Delhi"
Dominion Experimental Farm Exhibit The Water Carnival
West's Bigge-st Race Program      Working Model of the PanamaOanal
BEACHEY    World-Pamous Aviator,  Looping the Loop and Flying
upside down.
$75,000for Premiums, Purses und Attractions,
Entries Close June 22nd. Prize List on Application.
(let Ready und Conic.    You'll be Interested Every Minute.
Secretary und Manager
ol' nil kinds furnished,
Skilled and Common Labor, Railroad .uni Loggers a Specially,
How to Save Lawns
From Dandelions
Western Labor Exchange
IV O. Hex 2(KI Phone 'US
Connections   Vancouver and
X   lllll.ei'l'S.   If.l    ■
(in,- Hall' Block West of Molson Bank
&       '
In  Manil *• :-:-':    V:
... ..the
■• : ni   ol
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Ho. Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
-WORK    8HOP-
Connaufht   Ave.    -    Rovol«tok«
■ . x > ■ ■ i > i > ■*> | ■ | mi ■!-!-)■!
»  ILL. nULLl i
8                 P   ii.   Box       . • -„
J-                R, cl-io-K'-. B.C. .
" ■     ,-- wood, dry or green ■
I full   measure,   prompt  de ■'
n ■•; v. ■
■ TERMS   C.O.D. unless other- -!
— wise arranged     Diecouni for •_•
■ i »_i
Phone R ish I irdero ">
■ s
in   SILK Ol »ODS end   RAN< .
THINGS,   Prrttiest Den
DRESSMAKING.   Fil Guaranteed
Buttons for ladies'   costume made in
malerial to suit special orders.
ing right
sub dl
f,,r  shall
■ j   Hhull    I ■ ' ■•" nver-
■    '
rate ol '      ■
Tfip  ; ne sh.ill
furniwii  the Agent with sworn returns
account 'he full    quantity   of
,Ticrrh ,'fiy the
• hi reon     If  the  coal   mining
rights   ire  not being operated,    ouch
returns should be furnished at   least.
once  a  year.
For    full     information    app!;
should  he  made  to th"    Secretary of
the  Department  of the    Interior,  Ottawa,  or to the  Agent, or  8uh
Of Dominion   Lands.
W.  W. TORT.
The tiret dandelion of the season is
welcome because it in a harbinger of
spring, but its fellows quickly wear
out their welcome because they swarm
over and ruin our lawns. Due of the
things difficult to understand is why
some lawns arc almost absolutely free
from this pest, while others close by
are drowned in a sea of dandelion
seed.   Thc  owner  of   the   injured  lawn
works us bard as tbe happy possessor of the lawn free from the weed,
his efforts appear useless. To such
unfortunate victims the national department of agriculture holds out
hope of success.
Out     "ll    the top Ol each  dandelion
plant  and   apply a   thimbleful   of salt
to the root exposed, Tins will kill almost   any  dandelion,   and  so  it must
be placed only on the top of the root
ofl the top
ilting the root is lab
-  ■■ tap root  grows d
thi   top   en
• bicker     growth from the
ti  do  rhe  work
si -'il.'el.     The
f thi        de  from  lawns in
■  '
nade   n
the al
-•     ■ Thick
■   '
• ■
• i'liii   w ith   fertd
il    ■
'   '
Nelson, B. C, Juno 1.— Various
ranches along the west arm have
been visited by W.A. Lung of Peach-
land, B. 0., exhibition commissioner
for the provincial government, who
at the Hume hotel' expressed the opinion that the people of this district
did not.  realize the  vulue or  excellence
ol the fruit lands in the mountain-
( us valleys of the Kootenay and
Boundary district. The object ol Mr.
I ang's visit wns to interview thc
ranchers and look over their places,
arranging at the same time for suitable exhibits of Irult which may be
shown by the provincial government
at the exhibitions throughout Canada .lining the coining Bummer and
fi il,
Natural resources of all kinds in
the province will be exhibited during
the summer and fall seasons, according t" Mr. Lung including the fisheries, mines and lumberii g in ex-
I ibits of which the finished product
will be featured. Tbe uction of the
department In featuring the finished
I roducts of the lumber mills of the
province instead of the raw product
of the forests was taken nfter consultation with the ('oast Lumbermen's
•association at Vancouver. The mineral exhibit, which will be shown at
tlie fairs, is being prepared by W.
Fleet Robinson of Victoria, provincial mineralogist, and included in this
exhibit w-ill be u showing of Koote-
i ay   marble,  which  was arranged for
I y Mr. Lang during his visit to the
city. An exhibit of pulp from the
pulp mills of the province has also
leen arranged and will  be featured.
Among tbe new features that will
be Introduced in the tour of the fairs
tl roughout the Dominion this year
will   be   that    lectures   on   the   various
industries will be given and Illustrated with motion pictures and lantern
slides. Films depicting fruit grow -
Ing,   fishing,  lumbering,   mining   and
other scenes have been secured and
Mr. Lang expects that two or three
half hour lectures will In given each
day at each  of the fairs.
This  publicity  work   will    also    be
conducted  at   the obi  country      fairs,
i e   the   display   Of   ; late   fruits     is
the   big   feature,   according   to     Mr.
Mi. Lang visited rust, n "ii Saturday, where he looked over the
la aches of that district, and lie ex
pects to visit Kaslo today before pro-
Cceding up the Arrow lakes to Revelstoke  en   route  for the  coast.
Fairs     that   will   be   visit.'d    during
tie toui by the provincial government exhibits include the Central
Canada fair at Winnipeg from July
10 t.e -.'a; Brandon July -J" tp 215; Bas
katoon, August *'. to S; Regina, July
27 to August t;     Edmonton, August
II to Ce; Toronto, August 30 to
September 12; London, August 80 to
Sept.  I-.   Otlatt    . "lib   '      J t ' '1':
t.. I*'; Ottawa, Scptembei !2 to 111;
the  i 'iterant maul  ii i congress
rtobet       -    9 where ex-
grown   e,a   irrigated
ireas throughout thc province will be
featured; ami tin   Canada  Land   and
•how . i ictober 21  to 2:1.
Thv   family   remedy   for   Cui chfl   n: d  Colt
"Shlloh costs  so   little   cr.d doci   _o much'
Ayer^s Sarsaparilla
Tonk and alterative.  Irxrratr* Rtrrn(Jth.
Ktttorei healthy functions.   No alcohol.
Sold for 60 years.
Ask Your D«xtor.
im&e mj 0, .r.' r ■
M nnfrMkl. (
Kcklarul   fell      off On(
Wa,   'ihHcrvcr
could nn! swim and fi om   ■, :■■
■   also   have   lot    b
propellor of 1 be bo it
Ing i" the aurface     1 ll ■
were   nil   young       lads,       lent       hill lis
Boutwell, a  boy of about   A  -fear* of
ate,   pulled   oil  bin  clothing    mil   ll il I
ly jumped  Into the water .md |,r., i,-',,
1 im to shore riie rescued imi had
gone down for t.he second timet1 nd
1 .ei    .(;, I lowed  iiuh ii 1 1 .ni
to tie assisted  borne  bv  Din <
Iluy Your Plumbing
Supplies Direct From
Us and Save  Money
W.-   ar>   ty,.   mr,.,'   plaml,,nr   how
■1    CVumkll    »<■ Un*    direct    t,.
I'ublt'-     Vi.  heir In  bl* qunntlltM tnd  I'
for  r_*h      Thu. if ri,.  fm   -h»e>  mldtl •
inan'i  p .,, ,i0 no-  p^j, for
Dad  t\*i,l. f,f othi-rr     Fo»  mil muicri
,e    .ttiv   o(h*r   ■   .
--In   Dlitllk   '
j™ •     ;.-•-    reir    Vrtr..       K'.r    lr '
1-. rutted
si.n-.   ..,  I'm f,,|   1 in-^ti
■    , «<!  --O '■  ',     tMl
sii.ir, per  mo
NO    IMTI m    « IMI    VOI
ir.r.i, tv riiK ri.i miiino
*■>!> iir.tnsi. 1 ini » 1
' in -hi vol um
■ eir   f,luml,lnf   tap
P   H   ilr.rl   from     u.    .n4
M   -        •n#y     H*nd   »loi*£   f«nr   ejp,e-:'   ..
•!■.'•   tnd   *,   iri!    rii -   you   priee  ron
:>'»•*    A.'tv.'.fl    lr    meir   In—'n     by    '*■
mail.   WrTHOIT   fOHT   TO   VOt.
rk**    '..rnptr-    .vr    fUtm    "III,    olli'-r
I',',"'   pty   tw«   prlr#t   for   four   plirml' ■
rappIlM     Wt   ntt   aupply   •••i-thlntj   toi
/ni—   trei.rttMii   tt   *r-.*e    taring   \.    .    ,
Wrt>.   ii,    net,,   tbttl   re.ir   ;.',u„M,,»   and
I" •',,,*   proWAtna      11    vll     en.1   fot   Orel
It*    tor    e*4..e.
R«m»m4i«r    1>>n
wt     a a v t     Ton
mrmty      eta      t
[•'■M.Mtlf »"•
b»*tlM    "W"
Bros. Ltd
165   PKNDKU
COMPLETE $K, v.««wn.r.
Now is the time to get a good
wheel. We have a splendid line
in both <_7Wens and Ladies' at
right prices, also full stock of
Tyres, Tubes, Lamps, Saddles,
and Repairs.
Haseball   Goods—we are leaders in
these.    Come and inspect our line.
si    Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football,   Cricket,    Croquet,     and    all
^Sporting Goods.
Sherwin Williams Paints.
Kooienay, Saskalta and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg to anr.onnce Hint they have opened up offices at the
corner of First Street and Connaught Avenue for tlie purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you lo
call and get particulars, and get iu on ground floor prices.
, We also make a specially of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
^/lltvays the   "Best
"Shamrock^' "Butter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
Selkirk   Hotel   Restaurant
Opening up under new management
.\l ■<. M. M -V'.' rin."~ iv h ■,-- ' i ilium im,. to i.h i Revelstoke I' tbllo
th it she Intends t>' open up tbis restaurant und run it in Btriotly
first-class style, Everything up-to-date and Btrict attention
given to its p I--
Give us a cal
Open until 12 p. m.
From Maker to Wearer
0.ir six yevs' ex'jsrien-:'; m?asurini?, coupled with our
large number of satisfiel cutorners, is surely a testi-
m my worthy of yojr favorable consideration. We
gu irantee a At. T.ie larijHt assortment of samples in
the city to s \t- -t frim.    Impaction invited.
John Mclntyre C& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consu-n;rs* Tailoring Company, Toronto.
your Barn, Chicken-house or Stable.
We have 20 Barrels of partly air-
slacked LIME to move out at
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd. 1
BATURDAY,  JUNE 0,  1011
LooK. For
This Sign
«**''■   <S0ffij^S>»«™<>
Let us estimate for your next job, or ask
us for ideas, specimens, information—we
can help you.
We Vrint^
Catalogues - Billhes
ids - Cards
-   /Menus
Ball   Programs    -
Books   and
Loose Leaf Account
Fotms   -
Programs - Weddir
g Stationery
-  Tags
Memoriam Cards    -
Lumber Forms, Etc.
Mail-Herald Electric Vress
Revelstoke. 23. C. Phone No. 8
That . .
m    m
Vays you
Your business status is often judged by
the style and quality of your Printing. A
poor circular hasn't half the convincing
and business-bringing power ofthe better
one. A cheap and common-looking letterhead loweis your credit will*, the wholesaler.
Vays Vs
You are delighted with MAIL-HERALD
Printing for we do our utmost to please
you. We have the staff, stock and equipment to deliver the goods -SO we get your
next order, sure. Then your satisfaction
results   in  recommendation and so   our
business grows.
Advices from St. Michael's say that
Captain A. Rartlett of the Stcfans-
son Arctic ship Karluk is contident
that the crew, which is stranded on
Wrangcll island, bas sufficient provisions to last until a relief ship reaches them.
The owneis formal notice of
abandonment of the Empress of Ireland as tendered to the underwriters
does not preclude the possibility rl
an arrangement for salvage, but.
leading London underwriters seem to
discredit the idea that salvage could
possibly pay. Even if salvage •■■■eve.
snecessf-.il the cost of the operations
ami tie' oust of rehabilitating tie
ship would almost certainly exc ■ -.1
How to deal with the growing Menace eef the militant suffragette agitation is becoming a problem of-tremendous Import in England. All et-
forts ol their well-wishers to persu
ade tbe militants that tbey are re-
tarding instead of advancing the
cause have been in vain; they are
convinced that nothing but force will
achieve their aims, and they bave
been applying themselves with renewed  vigor to outrages.
Special coins with designs com-
memorating the century of peace between Canada and the United States
i will, in all probability, be issued as
current tender by the Dominion  gov-
I eminent on January 1. 1915. and
throughout the year. The pieces to
be sn designed will li'.-.ilybp -'."> cent
and -"ij cent pieces.   The obverse side
I of the coins with the King's portrait will be retained and a suitable
design commemorating the peace centennial will be east on the reverse or
"tail" side. The same idea may also
be eitended to postage stamps. The
United States govern nent has al-
ready adopted the scheme.
. Pope Plus X sent his blessings to
Sir Thomas Sbaughnessy, Laly
Shaughnessy, their daughter Edith
and Mr. Rene Wartin Redmond, on
the occasion of the marriage of Mr.
Redmond and Miss Shaughnessy.
I Governor Davidson of Newfoundland, has beeu, created a knight commander of St. Michael and St.
George in the King's birthday hou -
ors. Francis Berteau, auditor-general, in created a companion of the
Imperial service order.
A dispatch from Lanchow, province
of Kan Su, reports that "White
Wolf,"  the notorious brigand,     has
looted  and set      lire  to the    town  of
Ning     ChOW,    All   missionaries      and
| Americans are  safe,   but  the Christian   Alliance  station   was  burned.
An editorial printed in Bl Imparc-
lal, the most Inflcantlal and widely
read paper In Spain, declares Ool,
Roosevelt's approaching visit is undesirable. The El Imparcial editorial recalls thai Col. Roosevelt fought
as a volunteer against the Spaniards
and declares thai his actions were
most unfriendly  to  Spain.
The constitution of the tribunal
which is to inquire into the Empress
Of Ireland disaster was announced ol-
ficially by Hon. J. D. Hazen
on receipt of the news that the British government has selected Lord
Mersey as its representative on that
body. The other members will be as
forecasted, namely: Sir Adolphe
Routiner, Judge of Admiralty iu Quebec, and Hon. E. McLeod, Chief Justice and local judge of admiralty in
New Brunswick. Lord Mersey, it is
expected, Will sail for Canada at the
end of the week, coming over by the
Mauretania. The commission will begin its inquiry immediately on his
. arrival.
Housekeeping Is Not the
Task It Used to Be
[ODERN invention has done away
with much of the hard work.
?ot instance, the cleaning and
polishing of hardwood Hoots, the dusting
of moldings, the tops of hi'jh furniture,
the stairs, unoer the radiator, etc. These back-breaking tasks
are now made easy with the
With it you can dust, clean and polish a hardwood floor in
the time it formerly took you to get ready to do it.
Besides, you do not have to fret down on your hands and knees to dust
under the bed ur other liatd-to-get-at places, or
to stand on a chair to dust the top of the high
furniture.    All of the hard work is now made
easy with the O-Cedar Polish Mop.    It gathers
all the .tn r it elirc From everywhere an.i boldi it.   The mop i,
easily cleaned by WMhlnc auj then lenewed by pouring on a
(cwdrur, uf O'Cedar Poll b.
Teu If -<t rini- Riclr   T'r '*• "™ "*'"'lf ***' " 'h
iry It at KJUT RISK   Ili:i uodenundlntl   if ' m
do not Iiiui it satisfactory in eery reaped we wilt return >   ur
money.    The price 1s only ILS0 and il will save it, price many
timed over in a abort time.
By a mistake of our shippers we find we are
overstocked with O-Cedar Mops for this week
only.    We   are clearing these out at--$1.25
Revelstoke hardware Company, Limited
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Ranges.
Items  for  Kevelstoke Agriculturists.
Treat the potatoes for BCab hetore
"More min more grass.' not"more
rain  more  rest."
Choose the stallion carefully. Mis
Influence is great  upon the progeny.
Keep the cuit in out ot the rain for
a few weeks Immediately alter being
Do not leave tiie horses shoes on
too long. Feet are ruined In this
i much to do with the growing of a
i good crop of potatoes as has the
land upon which they are planted,
and the Kind of seed put in. Do not
bother to look at the calendar for tlie
condition of the moun but be sure
I that the land, the seed and weather
are right, then plant.
••'■•   ,
e .    .
ni tbe splendid bread on jrour
friend's table will be found in a
visit in this bakery. Just a glat ce
at its golden brown crust, its snow
w bite body will tempt you in rj
a loaf. Ai d after thai trial co
fin t her argument w ill lie ni i ■ esai y
in order to make you use oui
lei i nd regularly.
Phone 41 Box 734
Feed oats to tbe
even though they
good pasture.
working  horses
have  access  ti'
The teacher was telling the children
. highly embellished story about I
. anta Claus, and Willie Jones began
giggling with mirth, which finally got
iyi id bis control.
"Willie.' What did I whip you for
yesterday?" asked the teacher severely.
"Per lyin'!" oromptlv answered
Grass is the best feed for the mare
* soon to foal.   Keep her out on it as
much as possible.
A Held wet May is said to favor
bumper crops of wheat, and hay. Thc
bams should be full next fall.
If it is intended to spray mustard
this   year  read      what  Prof.   Howitt
says   itiout the iron  sulphate  appli
The rural school is deserving of and
if reports arc correct requires more
attention than the average rutcpa>-
61   gives It.
It is likely to be a treat season for
weeds. Wet weather causes difficulty
in lighting them, and makes it dOUb-
ly important to sti> t curly.
De careful    in    starting the hard-
1  Iii.n» on  glass.    Vie have MSD
bad cases of indigestion caused by
turning 'em tired horses out onlux-
loua tender pasture,
Ths bMl stallion travelling your
dlsti n t is not s bit too good for
your mars no mattsr what class nin-
may be in. Do not stop at price but.
make quality the measure to detenu
ine the sire.
If you are selling the lust, quality
ol tm in produce insist 00 getting the
1 est price. It is thc business of the
producers of the high class article to
see to it that inferior goods do not
hold tbe price of their go.nl things
Many s man who has spcnl t la-
best of his life on the farm and Iiuh
retired tothe city to spend hiB de-
rlinine yeurs feels the pull of the
growing things nt this season ol the
m .1    .ixl  would  bS far happier out in
| the country,
A cull    pasture isa   necsnlty on
most lurms. CuIvch (fo not do well
in close coiitlniiiient lu summer and
for best results should huve the run
of a puddork liy night and be kept in
diikened box stalls by flay, All cannot be so kept but every Mil ownst
i in  provide the paddock.
v,,-  ib. not  think  the  phase  ol  the
at  time  of      planting  bus    us
The World's Greatest Invention
The Xew Ediscn Fhcncgrcph
INo Needle Required
Disc Records    ■
No Horn      -   -
- Diamond Point
Al! Cabinet Style
HoWSOn Sr CO.     ::    Sole Local Jlgency
Early yesterday Arthur and Ray
Stroud, eight and twelve year eld
brothers were playing with a .22-cai-
hre rille, supposed to he not loaded.
The gun was In the hands of Ruy.
the elder, when it went oil, the bullet passing through tlie neck of Arthur, who died live minutes later ol |
hemorrhage. The accident occurred
at the ranch of thc parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Stroud, in D.X. Valley, -
live  miles from  Vernon.
j Robin Hood Flour
makes a delicious, light, sw eel !• af of bi ead,
with a beautiful gold,en crust.
Try a loaf of om- HOME-MADE BREAD,
with a pound of our AUCKLAND BRAND
jou will be pleased.
g. w. b i _ i_ i
P. O   Box 208
Phono No. 23
A Good Friond To GIN PILLS
The letter below is only one of many
that show how GIN PILLS are regarded i
by those who have used them.
"I think it mv duly to tell you Hint
OIN PILLS are a sure cure for Kldnej
Trouble and La Grippe, I suffered so
much with my kidneys and l, i Grippe
until I used GIN PILLS, and now would
not lie without them in the bouse. 1
shall always recommend GIN 1'ILLS to
stiyons I know is suffering with their
Mrs. m. Tti-Ti.Ku. Vvncoi-vi k, no.
GIN PILLS are sold on h positive
guarantee of money refunded it they
fall to give relief. 50c. a box—6 ior
f.1.50. Sample free il you write National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited, Toronto.
TAItl.KTSare the Ideal t<>nic for pale,
thiu people. 50c a box -6 lor %i.50. jq7
Mi>\ 1 REAL 01 I HI (* I l\ I Rl 001
.N,'\' S.S, "I aurentii 15,01 0 lorn New S.S,   -v,
Find Cl.es-   $92.50.    Second I - -1 ' '■'-     J
One Class (II) Cabin Service
Express S.S. " 1 1   -        B     ...«,.„„,„      |S.S- "Cai
582 feel I, I    Twin  SirtW  s'   ""-    I
Second Class   $50 and up,    Third Claw    $ 1       and up.
One Class (IIi Cabin Service
S.s  Arabic 1      Splendid      | S.S. Ct
In.1 Hi ions   ie" fret long]   TwinScrevt      '   ' ong
Rale, tS.s-5 "J I     Steamers      ' Rati    -
Fast Express—One Class > 111 Cabin Service
s.s. Si. Paul I I S.S  N. v
s s  St   I . s.s.   Phi .
12,000 tons   554 feet long    I I    11,000 tons   57b leet long
$55   Also can ies Th rd Class a1 J11 75.
For Sailing, Illustrated Booklets, Etc., apply to
COMPANYS OFFICES. 619.2nd Ave., Seattle
Revelstoke General Agencies- C.P.R. Ticket Agent. Revelstoke
<-_s-«ss-W-M-»-»--»-w^aw-IW>SWw»-i--w ii i    i   »y
Tfai -t.it.ui* of * builnw bouM li
refl«< ted mi ii- -uii'iMTv. it Math
to hftVM tin* i»f-t thitt'i going. \* i
give you tbe niglifal quality tl III      Electric Preaa
lnw-Mt pti0V<    KtM ••■'t una .i'-.
Wi otu i v ti i \\ > it nnlif   prti l
i* nui l n-iiM >■" it tl on   lifi  > ■«   Ion
In the bnl ■*• If n-.ii H pabti   ttl
t jjmt **. add ■' itlnaliti   inl »in»rt-
B*M <>f dttlgn <ii'il rMfihl tli In 11 >
SATURDAY,  JUNE 6,  1914
Zbe fl&atMberalb
Local Reading Notices and Business
Locals 10 cents per line each insertion
.Minimum local ad charges 25 cents.
Display advertisements 26 cents per
inch each Insertion, single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices 121 gin
cents     per line first insertion    nnd 8
cents  per  line  subsequent  insertions,
. (lowing  10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses 86,
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses 87.50.
Land Purchase Notices, $7.
Water Application Notices, up to
11>0 words, 87_.50, over 100 words in
possesses added to cheap fuel would
make Revelstoke one ol thc most favorable sites for manufacturing in the
Dominion. At. Arrowhead or Revelstoke thc establishment of a large
smelter might be expected Which
would stimulate the whole mining industry and remove one of thc greatest difficulties with which It at present hus to contend. Pulp mills and
other factories would spring up and
new era  of  development would  be-
Many Anxious to Befriend Child
Saved from Empress Wreck
—Mother Drowned
tribute to their cost.
Sntertor flMtbltebtitfl Company
E.  G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.
SATURDAY,  JUNE 6,  1014
Much  curiosity  has  been  expressed
as to the identity of Mr. Cunningham
Craig, the     British expert,  who has
been  reporting  on  the  Alberta    oilfields.   The  Calgary   Herald  in   replying  to  an  attack  by a  Toronto  pub-|
licatlon   upon  the   Calgary  oil  situa- .
tion and upon Mr.  Cunninghan, Craig
gives an account of his achievements,
.    ... ,.   ! the number of bad things he decrcas-
iind position  m  thc    scientific world.,
, .      ! cd—it would, on the contrary, he in-
is  tlio consulting .    ., ,,     „    ,
creased—if  thc  first  and  greatest  dc-
Ul1 , siic  of  their  perpetrators,  which    is
company,  ol  which   Lord  Stratbcona   always to escape notice were gratifi-
was the recent chairman.   He is con- ed.—Montreal Mail.
suiting  geologist  of  the  Burmah   Oil ! 	
company, one of the largest and richest in the  world.   He has been     for j
at a similar, if not greater ratio, as
in the past ten years, it would be a
wise and necessary policy to provile
for these future inevitable road needs
by borrowing money for permanent
road building. It would assuredly be
a policy that would have much to j
commend it and as the Minister »ug-
gested, would be justified by the fact
that it is      right    that those people
„  • .*„ *i,„ --„-!„„„ i„      .-v..      Canadian     Pacific railway    officials
who come  into the province in     the '
ure being inundated with letters from
future and reap the advantages from   mMy pa_tfl Qf the Umted stttteg M(J
the public    improvements created  in  Canada in which applications for thc
advance for their benefit should con-  adoption  of little  Florence Bnrbou-
of Silverton,  B.C., are made.       Thc
story of the rescue of this child, with
her winning inannerB and simple ways
and the loss of her widowed mother,
" I end her sistrr,     has touched     many
THE  NEWSPAPER SPHERE.        [ heurts and scores     are desiious      of
„„     ,    ... ,    ,, „      giving  ber a  home.    Not   only  letters
The legitimate   task of    the papers   " .
but telegrams  containing  inquiries as
is to  keep  the  public  informed as to   ,,, ,„,,. ,„,,„.,, ,,„„„. lind the poSHi|lin.
to what is going on.   It is not their   ty of adopting ber have been received
fault if bad things happen nor would      The company is taking no action at
Mr.  Craig,
geologist i
it  says
f  thc   Anglo-Persian
Although the indications of oil and
gas in the Arrowhead district may
not be sufficient to convince an expert that oil and mineral gas are
without doubt present in commercial
quantities, This at least may bc said,
that the Indications are apparently
extremely favorable, and that there
is good ground to hope that development ofthe natural wealth will prove
f much Importance to Revelstoke,
to Arrowhead and to adjoining territory. How wide that territory may
It is Impossible to estimate, but
it is improbable that the. gas or oil
field is confined to the territory
where tlie indications have been so
i.iit tl at they could not be overlooked.
There can be little doubt thnt the
. '1 or gas field will before long be
thoroughly  tested.    Tlie   matter  is   .>(
bo much Importance, the possibilities
:.- so great,  and   the outlook  BO fnv
rable that the people "f the dis -
trict concerned cannot  fail to ascer
tain tbe true facts. This will cost
something bul the reward will he
treat if hopes an- realized. The prov-
The  peoples of the  world  are  get-
eleven years     one of the     experts of   tl_g int() clo(.pl. ft_d cloger touch with
thc geological survey of Great Brit- | each other and they are becoming
ain. He is consulting geologist of ; more aud more convinced that the
thc colonial     office and has occupied i doubles   between   governments      and
! among governments should he settled
the same position to the governments    -..,      . .,     ,   .  , ....
! without the   butchery and   the horrors
of South Africa, Trinidad and the L-d Ulf> jnlinite sorrows of war. And
Barbadoes.. He isa member of the i this is the chief reason why the eyes
Institute  of  Petroleum  Technologists j of  the      world  are     today upon  the
present. First the relatives of the
little girl must be heard from. On
their decision the matter will rest,
and then it is felt that, if anyone has
a claim to the child it is R.S. Crellen
who also comes from Silverton.
It was Mr. Crellen who took the
child when the ship sank beneath
them and, placing her urms around
Ms neck,  swam to safety.
He saved her life, nnd now that her
mother, Mrs. Thomas W. Barbour has
gone, he desires to make her his
daughter. As yet, however, nothing
definite has been done.
of tli-eat Britain and one of the council of twelve which governs thut important body.
Evidently  Mr.   Craig's  reports   are
worthy of consideration.
mediators and the delegates now assembled at Niagara Falls.—Buffalo
A  new era is    apparently    at hand
Oil Situation Possessed
of Dramatic Side
Fire Insurance placed tn the most reliable companies,    Prompt
:.i-i i ii-nie-iii of all claims.
Call and see us about Accident or  Life Insurance.    Do not
delay.    Wi" are at your service.
Money to loan on tirs: mortgages.
J. D. SimiALi), Pres. J, D. Siiiiiai.h, Jr., Sao.-Teens.
Also new line of
Silver Deposit Ware,
Clocks and Umbrellas
J. G. Barber
ing for nnd the production of pretrol-
Chas.   W.   Holliday,  of the  Alberta
Associated  Oil  Fields,  gave  the foi -
lowing very interesting interview:
"A combination of circumstances,"
for the  internal  waterway.  With  the   he said,   'make it possible, even  very j cum offers one of the most attractive
coming of thc railways, traffic on the   probable,  that  with the striking    of lines of activity in  which  speculative
rivers ind canals thnt could only aa   "'' i" commercial quantities a rival- capital  can  engage.  The experts and
commodate craft of small draft   fell   <>' wi" spring up of n most spectac-1 technical  men     who have conducted
away.    All  over  the eastern  part   of   ular      nature.    A  rivalry     that  Will investigations  here;    and  there      are
America are to  be  found  once    busy   force the     complete     opening of the many of     tbem;     have    been almost
waterways on which there Is no navi-   field at a rapid pace; but at tbe same unanimous  in their conclusions as to
gation   whatever.   But   attention     is   time a  rivalry  that  will  bea protcc- the promise given by geological con-
of thc Dominion  is the task BO great   belng riipjl|lv t,irned to these   again,   tion to the smaller operators engag- ditiOttB and surface indications. These
and  nowhere  bas  it  been  so success- j Thirty  boats were recently placed by   'n6 'n tne business, such as they have facts arc now in the possession of thc
fully  grappled  with  as under  the ad-   that  famous      "come-back",   Charles  never enjoyed before.                                j financial    centres   of     the     east, thc
ministration ol Hon. Thomas Taylor   W- -M",sp. '"> the Erie canal, each ca-      "The Standard Oil, the dominating south, and of     England.   New  York
B]11 ....    ,'..,     pable of carrying fifteen hundred tons   force in     more than a score of     the and  London  capital   is  beginning   to
of freight.   They will  !„■ operated hy   wild's  greatest   oil  fields,  is known realize  the  promise afforded  by    thc
ance  "'  hl8  ,aB'      budget speech  took    electricity   and   run   between   Buffalo    «•"   have  had  their  representative    on peculiar  commercial   conditions  exist-
occasion  t.i  refer  tn  the  Increasingly   and   New   York,   some on  a  three-day   tlle ground for some time hast. With Ing.   The  result   will  undoubtedly   be
heavy  burden mi  tlie  government  for  and  others on a  four day and a half   ,lie  demand  for  pretroleum  products an intliix of capital     for use    in the
The enormous task witb which t.he
minister of public works has to contend in the construction and maintenance nf roads and bridges is sel -
dom  realized,    lu  no  other province
loads, trails and bridges, consequent
upon   tIn-  increase in   population  and
development,  The number nf    people
coming into     thc province sinci
cei sus of  1901  he est Imated   at   130,-
day schedule.—Edmonton Journal.
ine   of a   gas or   "il   tield   would      not
The  death   took   place  recentlv    "f
■ nly  brin-  direct   pecuniary  returns   census >.f  1001  he estimated   .<t   130,-     ,„. „.,,    ,,,       , ,    .        ,
'     one   win,   is said   to   nave been   "tie   of
to those who placed their money    in   hou,   ifiO.liOO  of     the   present   popala    the  world's  chief advertisers —T.   J
project  but     would   in  addition   tion "f half a million being employed   Baratt.   He it   was who  made  Pears
benefit vastly the district    is a  whole   ,„  lumbering,     fishing,      mining and   " '     i'1  word.        When   he
.,nd all its residents. farming,  and  scatter.'.!  Irom end    to
One ■..- y estimate the result end nf the province.     Tbesi
that would follow from  thi   creation   require  road     o
of a pi the    im-  mean.-- ii   n ised
id  of  Revelstoke.   treasur;
titles -i if en. rn oui
tanci     *' ■      piplna     ol  thi   gas   poll I t, and in 1 -•
ti   Ri .. st .'Ki  would
entirel;     •*■   - bh     and   thi
rate far    cheap -
that for gas manufact        ■ •  tg
red from In Medicine Hat thi
tural gas is used for beat
• lid   be  similar- will
• -   •      •     stoki     Great sai Ing way it ic
«ult In     the cost ol 	
fuel i oormoui  ben- ultin at •  •
' • id to the     T
ent ol •-..•
•   Mi lieu •   Hit, for t
the advantage* of local
tbe city at present counti
Pension Your Wife!
You may leave  your wife
" well fixed" when you die
But her lack of business experience in administering your
estate may cause it to dwindle away and in a few years
leave her penniless.
If, however, you Invest In an Imperial Life policy, you '-an dlrecl
thai tin- (' |iinv pay to her .< regular yearly income aa long a
■he lives, Under this provision tne Company guarantees to pay
not lest than twenty yearlj in .talinents.
in this <v iv you '-an relieve your widow of the anxiety, trouble
and ii"k wliii Ii tin- Investment of the Insurance money would in
volve if pa iri to her in a lump sum at your death,
11 you would like to know more about this nnd many other liberal
feature* of Imperial policies write for particulars notr. Your doing «o will place vou under no obligation. It may save you a lot
of future anxiety,
leonnrcf W. Wood, District Manager, Revelstoke, B.C.
Tb*  Inire'-'eitl f.lfs tn*" |ihIi1 ill jii'illte, I-. [iiillrylmlilwrs iilinifl ten timni an much hk
thr, 'a tiel IMttd by all u(Ii*t oontpanlu <■ a.ii.i,.h.-.l in fun,iU in Un- i.est. 10 yuan*
ver the   business   ol   the   manu-
of this    Boap,    thi    greatest
'-■ thi   ' ompany had spi nl
Its product  ■■-•
I hills for mi
that  iie de
( iced ' this: " Vdvertls-
It  was
■•-.-■■• that
. -    ■ -      The t
wed   '.,
teadily gaining on the rate of pro- district along lines already familiar
duction the world's fields, it is hurd- to thc local public, and that wc will
ly possible that the Standard will not see tremendous activity here. If so,
enter a district of the richness that tl.e next two years will see a develop-
Albertn  promises to be. ment of     which     we can have but a
•The Rothschilds-Noble-Royal Dut- faint conception as to its value to
(h Shell Combine of Europe, and the the province and the Dominion of
.treat rival of the Standard, is just Canada as a whole,
as surely on the ground. Tbe recent
activity of tbe Rothschilds Shell interests in Invading tbe Mexican and
California territory of the Standard,
and notably the recent purchase of
-ne Union Oil company i'l California
for $_IO,ilOO,'30ti, makes it certain tbat
ae Standard win havi the fight of
its life tn control a new field on British territory against    its European
c. j-.  I;.  ENTERS GAME.
-'   \l
It was young Mrs. Robinson's   first .
dinner party, and she    was suffering
all the usual terrors ol the Inezperi-
i need iinst.i ss. |
However,   the   cook   feisetn   the   oc-,
caslon splendidly, ami. so far as   the i
dinner Itself     was concerned,     Mrs.
"Railroad domination in the States Robinson  was delighted,
pave the Standard a sweeping control T|„. im|y ,(y in tbe ointment    was
oil,   The advantage  tbey  cannoi jane,   jane Was the new parlor maid
"i"' * 3aeM i» Canada. But men- Bhe was slow, clumsy and her waiting |
■ tin   railroad factoi brings us wa8 bad.   But, In addition to   these
•  *' slderatlon of the third pow- faults, she insisted on  keeping     her
erful force to enter the oil game here mouth wide open.
'  ■   Canadian Pacific railway This so got on Mrs. Robinson's ner-
their unassailable  financial U.K that al  last  she exclaimed.
i.-ir ownership ol   rights "Jane, your mouth is wide open!"
"   alternate  section  under      a jane withdrew her gaze from    the
portion nf what bids lair to be roiling and     Id   looking down with »
best   'if   Uhertn's  'eii  sources; cheery smile
It m need 11      -      •. ■.   -
■   •
- .
IO0  di .-!• • i
• i
'.f carbonic acid gas    An opet
of feed wati wit i,  ample   de
positing and filtering an anger i
often tbe simplest solution    k.,i neu
! Ion e.f the pei n srdneea
Implying the presence of sulphates In
the   water,   It In   usual   to   re*OI t       i  ,
chemical purification. Special appnr
atuH are available whnii are capable
of combining the two operations for
both kinds of hardness Permanent
hardness may niso pr reduced by en
PllOating a   part   ofthe   action   of   Hie
■  lion eef a Natural Rcsour-
•   -    roughlj  organized
■ o  band le    in b s   business  In  all   its
nd,  laatl,    tbi   ti anicon
tlnenti md greai steamship
:,iies of their eewn to distribute   their
I roductlon to the world; snd    it    is
ei   • 'i .1  the t wo gigantic oil
' omps e   Ke,| 1,1    will   have   all
Dpponent  worthj  ol tbo strength   or
"However, what  might  bid fair   to
ie<'.me .i inthlesi   a,ii  foi  i upremacy
■   '  of the Industi v may
■   to i.e a   stralghtforwai 6    con
- to the rules for
food "f tbe ioen.      The iiritlKh
• tl  hei  Intense Interost
n tin- outcome of the \Ibeits oil pro
n,     wimtH pretroleum;   wants
shiploads e,f it.  •.•.anu the full    pro
■i ii te.i, poi ilble fie.iii thll  i Icbesl   of
• >i  col 'i.oil  possessions   Ths  Bi it lib
iiovornmenl   «iii   not  tolerate      any
ime of    procedure that    will mil tall
Unit production.' Britain will umpire
the contest and see fait play,
"]   know   it   Is,
ma': i i,  1   opened    it
A   young   Kskiii'o   lived   ii   beautiful
maiden who lived Ina hut near his
own, bul her parents would not bear
of the mat eh, and sternly ordered the
young maiden to discourage ber lover's entreaties, One night a great
storm broke up the ice, and when the
young man ventured out lie found
that a great erevase yawned between
the two huts, im closer examination
however, be found a narrow Rtrip of
Ice that bridged the abyss, and hav-
Take Notice that—
(I)   The    Council  of    the  Corporation of the City of Revelstoke-
intends to construct as a local
improvement,  an 8 ft. Cement
Sidewalk  on—
Ca)   the north Hide of Second street
from  McKenzie avenue to and
Including    the    alley    between
McKenzie    avenue    and Orton
and  a  6 ft.  Cement  Sidewalk on—
la)    the  north  side  of  First Htreet
between thc cast Bide of Wynn
street to the west side of Ford
the north and south sides of
Third street from the w^st
side of McKenzie avenue to»
tbe east side of Robson avenue;
the  north  and  south  sides   of
Fourth street between thc west
side  of   McKenzie   avenue  and
east  side of Vernon avenue;
the      west   side  Of    t'ounaugbt
avenue from  the south  side of
Second    street     to the north
side of Tli ird street;
the north side of Third street,
from the    west side of    Connaught     avenue    to   thn east
side of Kootenay street;
and   intends   to   specially   asRess    a
part of the cost upon the  .. ml abut-
tlng directly on the work.
il')   The estimated cost of the work
is si |,nun  of  which  85,940  is    to    be
|e.,nl by the Corporation.   The estimated special rate per foot frontage ia
SI,75,   The special assessment   Ib   to
he paid  in 20 annual  instalmentB.
(3)    A     petition    against  the  work
will    not avail    to prevent     its "on—
Hated this Cth dny of June,  1914.
Cfty Clcra-
( c)
Armstrong lake, within the Bear-
tooth national forest, Montana, is said
to rival thc famed Lake Louise of the
Canadian Rockies. It lies at an elevation   of  7,000  feet  surrounded   by
tuwei-inj!:   mountains.     A   good   road
■au.iouslv   Crossed   this,   he   crept   wMch  cun   h(J  ^^   ,_   ha|f .   (]ay
I by automobile, connects it with the
railroad at Hillings. A rustic hotel
has   recently   been    completed,   and
toward  the home ,,f Ins adored  one.
lie  entered   the  hut    and   lound   the
i nconscloui family slumbering peacefully III I heir sealskin deeping tings.
Very gently, sons not to alarm her,
he raised the lady in his iirms and
inrrird her with inlinlte care across
the frail brldgt "f ice tn his own hut.
Then      he    hurriedly     destroyed   the
holler   Itself,   hy   the   use   of a   Closed
purifier   In which   the   feed   Water      ih "Thul,   we   have a   situation   utipar- bridge with a few blows of his axe.
subjected   ton   high   temperature    tin- nllellrt  In  the history  rif nil Undines;       Only  then  did  he  awaken  the      underpressure.    These  me   questions    lu i.   situation   offering   opportunities   to COnSClOUl   form       inside   the   Bleeping
•Tltlng   Chemical   determination   toga the  smaller   Independent   operator   ne bag,  but when she emerged  he gsve a
tlier  with   the best  ndvlie  obtainable,
Engineering Magazine
wi   possible  before  nnd   '.erhaps such   great  rry and vanished into thc night
as  will  never  occur  again,   Prospect-   it wns the maiden's mother.
many   trails   make   the   surrounding
region accessible.
Finals in Tennis
Tournament Today
Tennis players and visitors crowded thc Hevclstoke tennis club grounds
on Wednesday afternoon to enjoy the
first days play in the mixed doubles
American tournament. Some hard
games were played and the finals will
take place this afternoon.
This is the first of a series of tour-
.laments to he played during the season nnd some very good tennis will be
seen. Gents doubles and singles and
indies doubles and singles will be
held. In those tournaments every
player has to play against every
other player and those winning the
greatest number of games will receive
i  prize.
Baseball Meeting
on Monday Right
All interested in baseball are Invited to attend a public meeting in the
.ity hall on Monday night at 8
j'clock.   June S.
Takes Revenge on Kamloops
Three to Two is the
The Hevclstoke team was there with
j the bells yesterday afternoon and
demonstrated to the funs that in
spite of their recent defeat they can
put it over Kamloops without much
trouble. Three to two wus the score
with Hevclstoke at. the big end of
the stick. It was n great game and
those who braved the elements were
well rewarded. Eddy pitched a good
game aud the Revelstoke lidding wus
of the big league variety.
Kamloops-      AB.   R. H.  PO.A.   E.
Mohler,    s.  s.  ... 3     0     0
/ilka,   Ib   I     0     1
McCarter,   c  4    o    2
Wells,  c.  f  3     0-    0
Baird, .ih  3    0     1
Williams,   2b    I      0      1
.Mace,    1.   f  4     1)     0
Hewiet,  p.,  r.f... 3     0    0
Peters,   p.,   ri.f., 3    2    2
Race Track Proposed
For Salmon Arm
A movement is on foot to have a
race track built on tl.e agricultural
grounds provided suitable arrangements can be made. Wc understand
that one party who is interested in
track events is willing to construct
a track providing certain privileges,
to run for a term of years, are
granted. This matter will likely
i come up for consideration at the next
meeting of the directors of the Agricultural society,—Salmon Observer.
7   21
Game at Kamloops
Was km Contest
Wednesday's game at Kamloops
was a good one with both teams
Bghting all the way, although thc
score ended 8-2 in favor of Kamloops. Revelstoke was dogged by !
hard luck and their hoodoo had evidently not been shaken ofl. They
took only seven regular men with
The score was as follows:
AB. R. H. PO.A. E.
AB. R. H. PO.A. E.
The Y.M.C.A. football eleven would
iike to have a game with the C.P.R.
or R.M.R. teams next Thursday evening.
Kamloops, we bave been waiting for
a  visit from you
And are glad to say we bent you, by,
a score of three to> two;
And  why  don't  you  take your licking
as -my loser ought,
And  don't     chew  the  rag  ahout  it,
and he a true sport. i
This chewing the rag is easy, but it
isn't  playing the game,
Before a  crowd of     baseball fans    It
looks very tame.
esn't show    any sportsmanship,
you  will agree with thc same.        ,
We  ilc  claim here   in   Revelstoke,     we
can  take a  licking too,
Ami  when   we do  get  licked  we don't
Chi ,v   the  rag  With   you;
We can  take a licking just like  men,
that's good enough  for us.
And after the game is over we don't
create a flips.
Pfe hope  to  see you  Kamloops come
down to us again,
And hope there     will be no chewing
the rag from your captain;
We will do our very best to beat you
once again, $
And if this should be tbe case it will
cause you intense pain!
—lska   Bibble.
Parent,   3b  3     0'    0
Dudley,    2b  3     0     0
Oldheld, s. s 3     1     0
I ulley,    c   1     0   (52
Derr, c.  f  4    0    2    2
Spranger,   lb.  ... 4    0    0  10
Webb,  r.  f  3     111
Eddy,   p  till
Bdrns,    1. f  10    0    1
Parent,    3b,   .
Dudley,    2b.  .
Oldfield.  s.   s.
Pulley,   c   1
Derr,    c.   f.   ..
Sprunger,   lb.
Eddy,    r.  f.   ..
Webb,    p	
Burns,   1.  f.
2!l     .*'>     li   27   10      I
Innings     pitched—Peters,   7;  :i   runs
and ."> hits; Hewitt, 2; no inns and I
Struck out —By Hewitt, 2; Peters,
V; K7; Eddy, I. Hit by pitched ball
—Webb by Peters. Base on balls —
OH Eddy, 2; Peters, 2; Hewitt, 0.
Stolen bases W Oldfield, 2. Sacrifice
hits—Wells, Parent and Burns. Passed  balls-Pulley,  1.
31    2    4   22   10    2
AB. R. H. PO.A. E. '
Mohler     5     0     2
Zilka      3     1   SO
McCarter    4
Wells      3
Baird      4
Williams     4
Mace   3     0    ii
Irwin   3     2     0
Hewitt   .*!     2     2
0 15
0 1
3     2
Next Monday evening tbe Business
men clash with the Beavers. ThiB ia
the first time these two teams meet
in the present league and a good
tame is looked  forward to.
32      -     S   27     7     2
Revelstoke—0 10  I 0 0 0 0 0
Kamloops—1 0 0   I 0 3 0 0.
Stolen    bases,    Spranger, Irwin, 2;
2 base hits, Mohler, Baird, Hewitt, 3;
home run, Williams; struck by Webb,
5;  by Hewitt,   15;  bases on balls, ofl
Webb, 5;   Hewitt, :',;     hit by pitched
ball  Webb,  passed  ball,  Pulley.  Umpire,  Holmes.
iContinued from Page One.)
south  side of     Second street to the
H'ith  side of Third street.
A six foot cement walk on the
north side of Third street from the
west side of Connaught avenue to the
east side of Kootenay street.
The request of the board of trade
for a giant of ,**'.00 toward the construction of an exhibition building
at the railway station for the (lis -
play of exhibits was referred to the
public  works committee.
A letter from the school board was
iei eivcd asking the concurrence of
the city council lu the proposal to
close Government road between riec-
md and Third streets. The request
was laid over until the next meeting
uf the council.
The mayor brought to the attention of the council a bill for $580.75
for furnishings for the new high
fchool. He said that he declined to
fign it without the authority of the
council. Some of the material he
thought, ridiculous. Aid. Smythe also refused to sign thc check and it
wag laid over. The account Included
(hairs, shades, library tables, diners,
cabinet, desks, arm chairs, carpets,
hall rack. mirror, toweling, book
cases, cheesecloth, picture wire, picture hooks and other furniture for
teachers' rooms and otliee of the high
Aid. Bell reported that he had obtained options on land for the proposed market site.
It was long after midnight before
the council adjourned.
Zentaro Kuwiikc, professor ol' I'm-
i-stry at. the imperial university of
Tokio. Japan, has been making a tour
of ths national forests of this country
to learn the government's methods of
selling timber und or reforestation.
Preparations arc now being made
to make the Y.M.C.A. July first
sports of interest to all. Football,
baseball, lacrosse will be the features
Negotiations with outside teams are
now  under  way.
We should have expected rather
more notice in the New York press
than wc have seen ol the fact that
last Sunday was the hundredth anniversary ol the first passage of a ferryboat across the East river under
her own power. It was a Fulton
steamer called the Nassau and was
ime nf the events of the time. There
had been ferry transportation before
by boats propelled by oars or sails,
but the law governing its operation
did not rqulre the ferrymen to serve
the public "during a tempest or when
he Cannot sail." The lessees of the
new enterprise were Robert Fulton
and William Cutting. A Long island
paper nf the period described the little craft us "noble" and later proud
lv noted that she had made forty
trilis on a Sunday and carried at
one time 549 passengers, a wagon
and two chain. It also stated that
she had covered room below stairs
where passengers were secure from
the weather, a luxury thut had not
been enjoved upon her scow predecessors. From this beginning the ferry
system became one of the forces of
development between the two cltieB
and contributed much to the upbuild,
ine of both. Now, with multiplying
bridges and tubes, the ferries have
become an actual embarrassment to
the consolidated municipality. They
arc still an occasional convenience,
hut no I'Higer profitable to operate,
and are becoming almost as much of
nn anachronism as the horse-car Un-
fs.-i-HpringficId  Republican.
Physical director Giflord of the Y.
M.C.A., left this morning for Williamson's lake with a dozen of tbe
Junior  buys.
Qfcanap Caiiegs Has
Successful Kes;
It  is  reported  that   beginning  this
month   tlie   local   Stores   will   line  and
all Inaugurate a cash system and cut
out   credit   entirely.     This   will   be   a
hard blow to tunny of our citizens who
run up big accounts, operate luxurious motor cars and who otherwise
like like princes at the expense of the
"common   citlien"   who   "pays   his
way." —Kamloops Standard.
Okanagan college, the educational
i-eat of the Baptist denomination for
Western Canada, has again closed its
doors after a year of extremely sue -
CessfUl work from the academic stand
point, and the customary dignity attended the el,,sing exercises. The
work in the college department is
carried on in affiliation with McMas-
ter university, Toronto, and the class
results in these examinations are not
yet available. Fifteen matriculation
certificates oi McMaster standing
wars awarded, .me conditionally and
the customary number of piomotions
in the academic department were announced by the principal, Dr. E. W. j
Sawyer. In the music department
six diplomas were awarded by the examiner from tbe McGill college of
Music. Toronto, In the commercial
department 13 students earned diplomas in the various courses, embracing
commercial law and procedure, book-
keeping, stenography, typewriting
and kindred subjects. Students which
Okanagan college has sent to prominent eastern universities have ranked with distinctions, testifying to the
sterling work which thc local Institution is carrying on, though not yet
in a very large way.
Several Summerlanders are report
ed to have benefitted in the Calgary
ell discoveries. (J.W. Morfitt Is reported to be the holder of a large
block of Dingman stock, and Prof.
W.T.Hroad is also interested m one
of the pioneer companies. B.H.Sherk
a termer Summerlnnd orchardist and
now farming in the Calgary district
is said to hold n quarter section for
which he was crently oftcied 850,000
for oil exploitation. Others in this
town have benefited in varying degree
Irom thc bundling of stock.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
Hume's Garment Sale
is on During June
We have an immense stock of Children's,
Misses', Girls' and Ladies' Wash Dresses
you are going to get them during June at
bargain prices.
We have about ioo of those Boy's Wash
Suits left. With each we give the boy a
nice Jack Knife on a chain. All good
washing Suits of percales, linens, etc., in
3 lots at
90c, $1.35, $1.90
A great collection of Ladies' beautiful
White Wash Waists and Blouses. Every
Blouse in our stock is included in this sale.
Middies, Sailors. Balkans, Ladies' Voile
and Muslins. The prices you will find interesting.    They are
$1, $1.90 and $3.90
Special Table of Real Bargains
Misses' Serge Skirts, Women's Petticoats,
Girl's Serge Dresses all ai each
No two alike. Lovely White frocks and
nice, colored Wash Dresses. We have
too many of them and they must be sold
this month.    They are
1.90, 2.90 and 3.90
We are goin
entirely out of Carpets,
Linoleums, etc. When in the store have
a look at the attractive prices we can give
you on any of the above.
A lot of Jap Matting at 25c
A lot of Blair Carpet at 35c
New stock of Hammocks now on sale.
1.75  to 12.50
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dept.
Summer Shoes for
the Little Ones
CHILDREN'S SANDALS in sizes from
il to 2. Heavy, flexible soles that wear.
Nice, soft uppers that do not hurt the kiddie's
feet.   The best that money can buy.
1.35, 1.50, 1.75, 1.95,2.00
from 5 to 2. Dark tan double toe. Spring
heels.    Heavy, flexible soles.   Soft uppers.
$1.75, 2. 2.25 according to sizes
"New-Welt" Brand. They come in blacks,
tans, white horse and gray calf. Just the
thing for summer. Medium weight flexible
soles. Nice, soft uppers, no linings to tear
and roll up. Either button or lace.   Sizes 5 to
All sizes, 5 to 2. Medium weight sole.
Ankle straps.
1.50 and 1.75
Children s Shoes on
the Bargain Table
For the balance of this week only, about
fifty pairs Children's Boots and Slippers.
Extraordinary values.
85c a pair
$2.50 and $2.75 a pair
Boy's Cool Summer Suits
Very Special
NORFOLK SUIT-Good strong Khaki
twill, unlined. Bioomer Knickers. Sizes,
25 to 30. Just the thing for hot summer
wear.    Saves the price of a real good suit.
$3.50 a Suit
In our Grodery Department you can get anything you may require in Staple or Fancy
Groceries. We are making a specialty of Summer Goods just now and have some fine
lines for picnics and camping parties. All our goods are new and fresh and ihe best quality
we can buy. In tinned fruits nothing can touch our line of Hunt's California fruits. In
Pickles we have Crosse & Blackwell's and Heinz. The names of these two firms are a
guarantee of quality. For vour breakfast in camp you will need either Swift's Premium
Ham or Bacon -it's impossible to get anything better. Does this windy weather leave lots
of dust in your house ? Try Dustbane when sweeping and see how much easier it is.
If ihe flies bother you we can supply you with Wilson's Fly Pads, Tanglefoot or some fly
catchers, lf the high cost of living is worrying you call in and see us and you won't need
to worry.
ONE PRICE AND QUALITY FOR FVFRVONE We have just finished unpacking
a new shipment o( Crockery and Glassware. Among this lot are some very pretty Rose
Vases of good quality and very cheap. A good line of drinking glasses and cheap water
jugs, also a very select line of Crown Derby and Cut Glass as well as our usual well known
stock of Dinner Sets. Any price you want. Stock patterns in white, gold and blue, and
white! Dinner Sets, and a good line of Fancy China in odd pieces. We have now a full
line of Limoges China. 1>A0B SIX
SATURDAY,   JUNE (*.,  lOli
Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Boyd, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .    .    .
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Kates $1.00 a Day and Up Phone 1629
Furnished Rooms by the Day. Week or Month
Mrs. II. ,1. Hanbury,   -     Proprietn
Steam Heated Throughout.      Housekeeping Suites.
Corner View
and Douglas Streets.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street. Revelstoke. B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in s
All Modern
Special We< kli Ri
suitably furnishei] with the choicest the
market affords. P»e?t Wines, Liquors anri
Cigars.    Rates $1 a -Jay.    Monthly rates.
J".    ___-_L_3__-_=LT     STONE PBOP-
WW is Doing in tlie Province
havi'   been
near Harrop,
Wild strawberries promise
g lod crop this year in the
district of Grand Forks and
is already ripening,
Annoyed to anger by tinkling bells
on neighbors' cows, Mrs. J.W. Holm-
strong, eef Vernon, killed one animal
with nn axe and mutiliated two of
the others.
i'. ul    Mill |    It is expected  that Creston,   B,  0,,
will  have a  record crop of  fruit this
I yeur.
to be   a 	
oulying     Courtenay  now supports three   in-
the fruit duotrfeB,  the creamery, the  condens-
j ory and the     new   cream cheese factory which started last week.
for garden and farm ore best
for B.C.soil. Sv>o Catalogue for
solid guar alitor of purity
and germma t ion
Send now for Copy free
Sutton SSens.Trw Kind's Soedmon
R»ndjn_t *_.njsj 1 _nd
Victoria     ti       Vancouver
l>l -j  Fori  St. 667 Granville SI-.
A judicial separation from her
band, K.I.. Douglass, of Nelson
granted t
At a special meeting of the school
trustees it was decided to erect an
eight-room fireproof school In West
Point Grey on the present site.
Justice Hunter
together with
Jack   Mellot    if Andorson  lake,  has
glass, of Nelson,  was  S(mu,  -00(j  looking  ..re oil one  ot   his
Mrs.    DouglasB by    Chief  claims round tho lake.     He recorded
In the supreme court 80me ciaim8 ai Llllooet, then left for
the   cuBtody of the  ,|„, Beat (lf hia Btrlke.
"Twelve Stories oi Solid Comfort*
ol' thiii rn—theatres
les.    Building
.. u,. . roof—concrete,alee I
a...i :.i irble.
With Bathi—V.'. per <l.iy up
The hank clearings in Victoria for
the month of May aggregated well
over $20,000,01)0 and this figure compares very favorably with the uggre-
gate clearings for the same month of
last  year.
This summer the Duke and Duchess
of Connaught will visit. Uritish Co-
lumbia and make short trips at all
the Important cities. Their royal
highnesses will make a trip right
aeioss the continent.
Donald Ross, the Nelson hockeyist,
■vas sentenced to thirty days iii the
provincial jail by Magistrate Mulligan at Phoenix last week on a
charge of obtaining hoard under
false pretenses.
It is rumored that the rector of
Elko, Baynes and Waldo, Hev. A. E.
Bruce, is likely to accept an important post near London, in the old
country. Mr. Bruce has spent some
fourteen  years ill  the Dominion.
Hon. W. R. Ross und Hon. E. G.
1 rior, of Victoria, were nominated as
members of the provisional committee te. form a pie.visional association
for western Canada at the recent colonization congress ut Battlefocd.
The British Columbia Copper com-
I my now have 11,000,000 tons of
positive ore     blocked cut on Copper
mountain, ni rding to the Princeton
Star. Two more drills will he put to
work an.l the number of workmen In-
Some one had the nerve to locate
some oil claims on property belong-
- Archie Parquharson of Fernie
on Saturday and rumor has it that
\-r!.i.- has donned war  paint and fen-
J. il. Halpin, superintendent of the
bridge construction for P.G.B., states that the bridge camp at Fraser
tlvor bridge was closed down, as they
could do no more work on tbe bridge
till fall, on account of the high water
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B.  C. Laud
Surveyors und Contractors
P.  O.  Box  347,  Kamloops,  B.  C.
Branch Office—Watsou Heulty Co.
B. C. Laud Surveyor
Office, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Block
H.    W.     EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
3a Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
Accountant  and Auditor
Collections and Adjustments
Office Taylor Block
Office Phone .i-:-2. Res, Phone 303
It has been decided by the provincial department of education to build
two new school-; at Waldo and Baylies, respectively, during the coming
I eii ya Waldo being the most populous area is to have a sehool of two
depart ments
titers and will  not
rest until
; unlshed
the offender.
\   in--/.
day   not
il iti-i-
toria on
,   .J Ilia    13,
Is to
i ■■    called  Dollar
Day  and   is   n
after the sum of money at which every     merchant  is going to *"11 some
bia    stock
I In Howser, as in all other parts of
his district. M.S. Middleton, provin
cial horticulturist, reports that the
crop prospects and outlook were never
letter nnd u considerable amount of
improvements and extensions are bc-
ing made    by the    ranchers in that
C. Hardy, and Brie Drury, who
were among the successful candidates
at the recent McGill university examinations in the science course, left
.est week for the interior of Vancouver island on a tour of exploration
scientific research work.
without the advice of an expert is
rather risky business. And it is very
costly to make
Why not let us slow you some
houses that we know are all right.
It is our business to know things
about property which you might
never Bnd out till too late.   We offer
our service's freely. We know we can
save you both time and money. We
have done  ii   [or plenty of others.
O.    B.    N.    WILK1E
Office: Lawrence Hardware Block
W.   11.   WALLACE,    M.LLCS.A.
Box -'id Telephone 313
Revelstoke.  B.  C.
aud A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Third
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,   Secretary
C. Vi. 0. Vi.
Mountain View Camp No. 22'.)
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month ln
Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.   W.  B3DWARDS, Clerk.
A. E, Kincaid, Manager
Robinson, wi. con-
irand   Forks  branch
for   the
. ttansferred   t..
• .'wart
The Courtenay Herald is the name
of a   new  weekly  paper,    issued    for
st time on Thursday. Thc pub-
hera are A.E. Filmer and A. V. M.
It  is a five-column,  six-page
iper,  well  printed and in every way
lit to the publishers aud Cour-
i . ■ . 'i o
Come and ln..k at our Triangle Sad
irons   guaranteed foi ever.
PRICE-6 LB. IRON, $3.90
Estimates given free
COURT    MT.     BEGBIE NO.  3461
OF I. O. F.
Meets in St. FrancU Lodge Room
every Second nnd Fourth Monday
in  month.      Visiting brethren are
cordially   welcomed.
H. V. MORGAN, C. R.      '
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
Meets every Second and Fourth
Tuesday in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren cordially invited.
II. I.. HAUG, Secretary.
I.  O.  O. F.
Meets everj   Thursday evening in
Selkirk  Hall  at   B  o'clock.   Visiting  brethren  cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
dealt with by the Dominion  iu     ac-
cordance    with the regulations gov-
A  regrettable accident occurred on
l.ytton     road last week.      While
Harrison   Was   making   a      sharp
• irn near the halfway house his wag-   '''"■"'-' 1*""is '" the nulw'-'>'
turned over,  burying him  beneath
■    Hews to the hospotal at     ^ indication that the lumber mar-
r icre   be lies In a precar-  k,n Is bri8btening is shown    by   the
tlon departure of     300   loggers     for Co-
  u.ox,   when-  the camps of the  Fraser
River   Mills are  opening.   This    will
Meets every Wednesday
evening at Mc., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordinlly invited.
Union   Hotel
\. I'. [<BVBSQUB, Proprietor
e 'T If     If
-on ms
take I iterial mi
•" i
Poultry farming is becomli -   , u-:\
ii so iiinnv of   tbe
lam hers   have   I ikcn it    up otfl a    bin:
!• than ever before,      .1    Mc
Connell i <is tine Hut n ith 500 young
chlokana, mostly White Wyandottei
ex siater with bia wi.it- Leghorns
has been very successful as has Un,
Peter Porter, with her Rhode inland
iteds.   Altogether there are over2000
young chickens  in  Harrnp.
• .    ■. •. evening
C :...ii   White,
• lef for      Sunderland.
'-■'I     ti the      new
i   i ... re-
I   i i take
publli    .v..rks    is
■■•■  L   Inn-  lake.
rill    extend
-nt of es-
will  cov
Won h     31.
Ubernl    has
.    solicitors
tiOl -.'      I ■■    | H
 ■ irred
-I- '.lei roads that are
prlvati       i-e, i.       \,i
'.i  fid
■ii    Greenup
• .hi    to!    ' D)   ,,f a dor
'e'-    \ii .   Greenup
thro rn froi .   ..   , rough
,i   e.i. ,.ii ..id  r.,a.| neat   the   city
IIOUM,   an   arm   being   i' .' I a .-'I
'    ,       tl|l-       I.e.
itended thai  tin- I'u
tei minus •.! th.   I inadl in  Pad-
■  railway would t t Port  Moody,
II was foi .-, time, tine Dominion
arnmeni put a reserve upon a
•■ area of In ml .,„ the shores of
Porl Moody harbor, the North arm
of Durrani inlet and BedWPlI l,ay. Although the terminua whb afterwards
tatabliahed at Vancouver the landa
I ave remained under reserve since
.Im iiiary r>, 1887. Thev have now been
withdrawn  from  reserve and   may be
mean    considerable towing work for
the circle F   ileet   when  the Bpring
freshet has subsided,
So favorably bas the season open-
i e| in the l'-'ii'l d'l Ireille valley thai il
. dy hay making has commenced In
the valley, Salad of all kinds is being ci i from the open and gooeeber-
ei ... in • gathered, while ln the
Bower gardens roses, geranluma   and
| iin.it li en    an    in   bloom.
John E. Maaon, for the past four-
w ns fishery inapector in the
Comox district on Vancouver Island.
died on Sunday at the aire of 85
years Mr. Mason was born at Roul-
H'-liI,     Rosa  hire,  Scotland, He waa
M'll   known  in  the coast   section.  The
remain were put aboard the steamer
Cowioban last evening by the T. Ed-
warda company for shipment to Comox.   where  the      funeral      will  take
place   On   Wednesday   from   Courtenay
to the cemetery at Bandwick.
c o. f. canadian" order of
foresters,   modnt
Mckenzie 1372
Court Meets in Foresters Hall,
over Smythe's Pool Room First
and    Third   Wednesdays   at    8:30
G. D.  SHAW, O. R.
A.   H.   MARCHAN'T,  Rec.-Sec.
Tin    Victoria  special   h.iard of  trade
committee, engaged in the Investigation ot the high cost of Living, is re-
1 'it'd to he making arrangements
for a conference with a women's organisation which is also Interesting
Itself In the matter. The Dndlngs of
tbe loint l.ody, it is thought, will bc
useful  in  the preparation  of a ense to
lav before tin- Dominion commission
whirh is engaged on tbe same subject
and which Is expected to be In Vic -
torla for thi5. purpose of taking evidence in  the eeuirse of a few  weeks.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.    WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make ■
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets ami everything
reanirerl iiivnurbunineim.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a • SpeciaJty
Phone 42    -    Night Phone85
'    Te'       p.
I'titutlug Pill lor Women.   (Sal   C or ttircoi',;!
|l0.  hold at nil In , - Bl •   . ni in   li a to nny
'■ I'ln-11.11 r.<e-;, .,:.. ..   ,„,  A j,,,, .,
. --, Ciiiiinrii.i... lm  rlo
* IM Inr; f..r  Nrrv,- nriel . r
m itf"f":« Tonic—will btti . .   .    1. ■  , r
' P <-'■ «t Una >'   - - '     : r   ■■•I, |
"f|.r!';e.  Tub.Scoi,.
PH0SPH0N0LR':,;'<X SATURDAY,   JUNE  6,   1014
TWEIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY Tll-VCTS of Hvn and tin aorea eii.-li t.i ha gruited to proapei-tive settlers In throwing open
Twenty Thousand Acres of Rich, Southorn Goorgla Land, wliieh i- ei'liiiiral.ly ■>•! ipttvl i,, the growing nf celery, sweet and
Irish potatoes, oantetoupes, water melons .-.irn. eats, cotton, hay- in fact, all staple crops grown in tins fertile section, as welt as a large
variety of semi-tropical finite., and the famous immensely profitable paper-shell pecans.
Providing you are eligible under tlieclassillcalioiH prescribed Lv us, you are now offered an excellent opportunity to l.reak away from
the drudgery and toil of a small wage, or working for the benuli'. ol landlords, and go luck to a land of plenty, to winch, if granted, you will
hold a warranty deed and al.stract.
Tho best socurity on earth Is tho earth itself, and land is the basis of all wealth. Owners of productive lands
are benefiting hy the increasing high cost of living, whilo others arc suffering from it.
An Opportunity tn Secure Rich, Productive Land Without Capital.
Vou will not be required bo leave your present surrounding* now. All
vre ask of those to whom we grant tractB in that they plant, or arrange to
have planted) a crop of one)o(the above-mentioned products within three
years, after which we will have It operated (harvested ami replanted) for
grantees, In consideration of 2S per cent, of the net profits derive! from
the sale of the cropst thereby allowing the grantee to pursue hU or her
present occupation until such time as they determine just what the yield
oi theli acres amounts to, Consider what this may mean as a source "f
income, when statistics show that tht-yield of one acre of celery amounted to $1,288 (5, ind thai »ne ncre <>f well-cared for paper-shell pecans, in
full bearing should net its owner .*n high ai 3SJ0.QO per year, Wd
are of tlie opinion that after it \< proven by i 'tual results obtained In
operating the land thai they will need no further urging, and waste
tunc tu tooatluglnthislandof plenty. We i!■ irequire grant leston 'cupj
ihe land within t-"i years, or sell t;to souieonu who will occupy it; other
wise Itreverti hack to the grantor.
The land included in thn ripening Is 1 icated directly on aud u (joining
the Atlanta, Binulugham and Atlantic Li tilroad, about 23 miles west, of
Brunswick, a thriving city of fifteen housand, ind having ittraol steam
ship service to Mew Vork aud Boston md es silent railroatl transportation facilities to all points.    I'   t ■■: ' ' * i:*".*u:ii*-' for *-ix  111 -:itii> •■.
the year, from April to October, is ;7 degrees; the climate U moit health-
f ;, md Invlg tratiug, and there Is an imple rajnfall of 60 inch-'- per year.
As wo arc extr nnelj desirous »( having - ittlera locate on this property ami assist In it*- development, and thercbj greatly increase the
value of surrounding and Intervening property, which we will hold, and to
inoreasethe traffic al < m the Ulnntt, Birmingham and Atlantic u idroad,
and thus facilitate the service, we feel w irranted in grauting theso tracts
to those who regisl ir with us. W ■ also have in mind business md residence plots which we will otter for sale after the opening, but which will
not l.e Included in it We have "mancy-mikin; afterward" con-
sidenttons in this liberal-minded opening, sinitar to those of the North-
them Pacific and other railroads when they granted their Ian is, and we
oxp-jcl ' t bjnatiS thereby, a» w.Uas tbeonas who will receive the tracts
We have also planned to develop what is designed to be the best
equipped, most up-to*d ite, BCienttflc.comniercial farm and orchard in ex-
tstence, 11 will e insist ->f six thousand acres and will tie included in this
opening, All who register and receive tracts will get the benefit of the
experiments and scientific methods in vogue thsreon. While we are ar
ranging to pr ivonto\ sr-reglstratlon, we will avoid many disappointments,
■ueh as ...-curd id In oth r land openings conducted by the United States
Qovernmentand railroads, by granting those who register In excess of the
number of tracts to be granted, an interest in this commercial fartnanfl
orchard enterprlze, in the hope that they may later incite In one of our
town sites.
Exxmination of thc land will  cheerfully bc permitted,
and the opening will bib dd al Br iwn town, Wayne County* Goorglaj ope
ol tli- stations of the v. It. & A. Railrov.l, whi >h is iocited <»n this property, mdwllloccui is soon ifter registrations as arr&ng.tnents  can be
m.i le.
Tne pre- mce of those registered will noi be'neoessary at Browntown
on the op ming I >>, unless they wish to attend, for there will be no favoritism shown anyone.   It will be con lucted bj  . i onimittee selected   f"r
the purpose, md those registered will be notified "f wh it they have heen
ji inted, as so tn as pnssibl -,
Wi th the ever-increasing population of this country there
is ao corresponding in_rcas_ in tha area of land, and naturally as tho population increases and seeks thc land in pur-
sat*, of health, hipplnssi and Laiepeadeaae, it will cjntinuo
to b. h\rd_r to s joaro.
The )irospcroits an I contented .-la-s in Hump ■ tu liy are the descend •
ant- of th us who secure 11 md titers when it was plentiful, while tlie  de"
s'-ciil nits of those wi htalned no Ian J are now the psasants   and
si ives. Yoj mut realize that this may bo your last chanco
to assure land in this country without a large outlay of capital, si it should not be ne :e-isary to urg i you to act at once by forwarding us the appllc itlon for registration att i she I to this announcement,
NO, WASHlNlU'ON, 1). C.
Southern Georgia I! lUmad-Land Development Bureau,
Washington, D. C.
i     Isti itlon Depai tmenl
I hereby make applleati in to register for Fruit and Agricultural Railroad-Land Opening, and furnish you with the correct answers to the following
Name  <'ity .
St ite
Married oi Single
 Street <t R. F 1*. No
. Widow, Widower oi Orphan	
, Occupation
Nationality  Do you ownover ten acres of land In the United .States	
If my application for registration ■- accepted, please send me, wi j*"ion, further and complel • Information au 1 p irticulars, including
maps ofthe land, chewing ex ict location on th. Atlanta, Birmingham an I .tlanti ■ li lilroad, its transportation facilities, agricultural, fruit and nut-
growing P' sail illth -. etc
Very truly yours.
Notes [[um the Nines
i i
If the Cay Hull ol the City of Revelstoke to increase or decrease? You
will unhesitatingly acknowledge that a local Newspaper is essential to a
crowing city. It is the best advertiser for the city that it could possibly
Have you, Mr. Revelstoke Merchant, realized the vast number of
eastern catalogues that have arrived in your city since the advent of
the parcels post system ? Have you grasped the meaning of this attempt
ie' kidnap the business which  is rightfully  yours?
What are you doing to counteract ti is encroachment of the man from
the East ' \ ..ur remedy lies in thckcnl newspaper. Have you sufficient
faith in the articles you sell to tell thc people ahout them ! Of course
. : have, therefore you must advertise your Roods. Let the MAIL-
HERALD perform the duties of a salesman—It will be a good investment
| e >u I
Look after \oiir own townspeople and those in tbe surrounding country.
The MAIL-HBRALD goes far and wide, is eagerly looked for, is positively demanded. The subscription list increases daily. Your announcements
in the MAIL-HBRALD will be looked upon with absolute dependence. It
is your medium. Support the MAIL HERALD and you will not find it
wanting in its assistance to make Revelstoke a city of Bound and remunerative business for its merchants. The MAIL-HERALD has a big
pay roll—advertisements are the life nlood of the paper. Keep tbat pay
roll for Revelstoke, allow It to circulate here. Send your money away
rnd it never comes back; spend it at the MAIL-HERALD office and you
will get a dozen chances at It during the course of a year.
Thi' Surprise mint' at Sandon has
resumed shipments.
The dredge on the Quesne] river has
not yet started digging.
The Slocan Star mill is expected to
be running by the end of this month,
A large body of ore has been struck
at the Wonderful mine in the slocan.
iu the Keithley district the various
small hydraulics will soon lie iu full
Last week the Maestro mine at
Ainsworth made a shipment of 200
inns of ore.
The Moorhead Mining Company
has been piping steadily for the past
week or so.
An eight-foot vein of copper ore
has been struck on the Discovery
claim on Bight Mile ci-eek, near
Spence's bridge.
The Hewitt mill in the Slocan has
been running steadily for a couple of
weeks, and, it is said, is saving 03 per
cent, of the values in the ore.
Forty tons of complex zinc ore
chosen from lhe mines in the Slocan,
has been shipped to a zinc smelter at
Hartford, Connecticut, for experimental purposes.
The net earnings of the Standard
mine at Silverton for 1918 were $731 ,-
22."), according to the annual report
just issued. The dividend payment
for the period was $60(1,001), and the
cash surplus on December 31, 1018
was $2lii, 148.
It is expected that the mill at the
Wilcox mine, in the Ymir camp, .will
shortly resume work. In the Yankee
Girl, the Dundee and tbe Wilcox.
Ymir appears to have three proved
mines which will probably be extensively operated before long.
The Silver Standard mine near New
liazelton is the biggest producer in
the district. Last summer it sent out
a trainload of ore that weighed 282
tons and yielded $80,000. Its output
last winter was over 70u tons of hand
sorted ore that ran $114 to the ton.
The Hemlock Creek Mining Company, which is exploiting a body of
auriferous gravel on Hemlock creek,
a tributary of Clearwater lake, has a
Miiall force of men at work c instructing flumes and installing pipe lines
; with a view to hydraulic operations.
The   wagon   road   between   Lynch
i creek and the Union mine is   in  fairly
I good condition and several trams are
| now at work  hauling  ore.    Two  different outfits have a contract for hauling a thousand tons each.     The ore is
being treated at  the  (iranby  smelter
at (irand Forks.
It is Stated that on the strength of
the SUCOessful treating of /.ine ores by
the Johnson proposed experimental
plant at Trail, an Eastern mining
concern has made an offer to a Nelson
man of $70,000 for a property he owns
in the Lardeau and which carries
values in the shape of /.inc.
The quarry of the Okanagan Granite
Company on Okanagan lake, a few
miles below Okanagan Landing, is
said to be in butter shape now, ard
showing pink granite of better quality
than ever before, despite the large
amount of stone quarried for the construction of the nan court house iu
Enormous gains have lately been
mode In the amount of gold handled
by the Vancouver government assay
office. For the first ten days in May
7,000 ounces of gold dust wen- cashed
at a value of $112,000. This was seven
times the business done a year ago.
The gold came from   many different
places iu the   Yuk    Kootenay  and
i larlboo,
E. Tlmms, R. I). Vanhorne and P,
Perkins discovered a quarry of varle-
grated marble on the south fork of
Kaslo creek and have spent a good
deal   of   time   in   developing   it   last
summer, From specimens displayed
in   Kaslo the product  is  capable of
taking a high polish.     The  black part
is of the deepest black color and the
white is like snow. This material Is
suitable for making mantelpieces ami
other ornamental stock useful in the
building art, such as tiling, wains-!
cotlng, brackets, etc.    This quarry Is'
about a mile and a half up the south
fork road and close to  transportation.
Mining men are much interested in
the outcome of the negotiations being
entered into with the object of securing the Johnson syndicate, of Hartford. Conn., to install a 10-ton experimental electric smelting furnace at
Trail. The success of (be method
advocated by the Hartford people
msani much to this section as a large
number Of properties carrying complex silver-lead-y.lnr ores would become
of value. There dOM not appear to be
Uiy doubt About  the Johnson   people
having made a practical suocen of a
one-ton electric furnace, but whether
the same principles will work out in a
10-ton furnace remain! to be seen, ll
is stated that on tbe strength of the
possibility of the carrying out of the
electric smelting experiments at Trail,
an eastern mining concern has made
an offer to a Nelson man for 176,000
Firebox linings withstand years of use because made of McClary Scmi-Stecl.   See a
M\QI2ffG   You'H notice the linings are
V»  S       made in nine pieces. There's
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OWN organization, whether
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Please ser.d me vour Book.
I'm ;i proper) y In- owni in the Lardea i
and which carriei •< large prop rtioi
of its mineral valuei in the ihape nl
A few men have been al ».«). on
the Society (.i. I mine near Moyli thll
■prtng in another endeavor f < > locate
the ore body which the ownert aw
confident exlat there. The property
adjoint the 8t. Rugene mine, owned
by the Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Company, i< baefor yean
1...II operated by working minen ami
proipe<9ton who haw taken their pay
largely in share- of tba company, eo
that the enterprise bai been much in
the nature  of  a   miner's'  cooperative
partnership, About !?")■'i.uno hiw been
spent on development, nml the value
of the ore shipped would probably
amount to half thai niuob, Tbe stock
is held by many persons in various
parts of the province and has been up
to   as   high   as   40  ce-nt.s   ii   share.
Phoenix Pioneer.
The grading from Kive-uiilf creek
into Princeton Is liable to open up
....n,.' !■■..■.! copper showinKS, as the
line goeR through a good group o(
copper clnimn, before entering the
Blmilkameu or Princeton coal basin
hp the rim of this biinin to the north
mi.] south is uplifted hy the cupert-
frroui iepositu of the  Himilkumeen.
Notia    • that I will,
on the htii da) "f June, 1914, at the
hour oi i" (i a.m., at the Court
Houpe, in the ("ity of Revelstoke. B.
O.i offer for nule by Public Auction
at an upset price, the following Government Lots in the Townsite ol
llerrard, being part of Lot No. 5704,
DiBtrict of West Kootenay.
List of Lots.
Lots 11 and 12, Block 1.
Lotl 1 to 18, Block 3.
I., tl 4, I*., 7, 8 and 9, Block 4.
Payment of lota sold may be made,
cne fourth at time of sale, aud tha
balance ln one, two and thrw years,
with interest on deferred payment*
at the rate of fix per cent, per annum.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. 0., this
llth day of May. 1914.
June H Government Agent. Page bight
C. H.  Temple of Winnipeg.
the Hotel Revelstoke.
A. U. Mountain of Siani is registered at the Hotel Revelstoke.
The bonrd of railway commission -
ers will sit. in Revelstoke on June is.
Mr. and "Mrs. J. Malum of Scotland
rre registered   it  the King Edward,
Miss Haigt of Edinburgh, Scotland
registered at the Hotel Revelstoke
A Carter ol London, was among
tbe guests ;it rbe Hotel Revelstoke
J.    W.    Young of
the King Edward.
Golden,   ia    at
Vi. B.   Kii
ing the city and
King  Edward
if Golden,  is visit-
- registered at  the
Miss Rittan of London, England, is
staying at the Hotel Revelstoke.
A. B. Dixon, of Kburne, was at the
King Edward on Thursday.
A. J. Kent, of Vernon, registered at
the King Edward on Thuredap,
A. I. Thompson, of Vernon, Is at the
King Edward,
J. P. Woods, of Cranbrook, was at
the King Edward ou Thursday.
Harry Hughes, of Arrowhead, was
among the guests ae the King Edward
on Wednesday.
L. M. Herod, of Kamloops, was
among the quests at the King Edward
un Thursday.
Mrs. .1, A. Campbell, nf Revelstoke
came in on Friday to visit at tbe home
of .Mis. Geo. Smith,—Salmon Arm
i Ihsei-ver.
.Master .Inliii Winger was brought
down from Kevelstoke hospital on
Thursday ll'ght, having had his fn-
iui-eil  fool   amputated.    Salmon  Ann
Robert Clare, *>*• w. Com nd B,   Observer.
W. J. < lerbr icht   il  NTelsi ii, Canad
tan I'acitir rail-.-.:.,   mdltor, is at the
i tei  Revelstoke
Edited by Mrs. W. A. Sturd)-
T   Emms of Ha
ii • Edward I
arrived at  the
Mrs. Haj   Sre -Hie,  wife of     Capt.
Smellie of Proct ••. with hei  children
• the Hotel Revelstoke,
D. T. Main, master mechanic ol the
Canadian Pacific railway at Vancouver, was it * "'■ - I ■•- Revelstoke yes-
r 'iday.
The annual lawn social of the Ladies'   Md .ef the Methodist church will
be held on the church lawn on    Mc-
.- avenue on  June 26. ,
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Goodeve regis
tered at the Hote   Revelstoke yester-
■ i   .    «  their waj   to  the coast.   Mr.
the n ilwav
comi lesion.
r Lougl ; son I ;- toi
Loughe-il ol Calgi ry will . rrive Saturday   ifterno tki    Bouth.
In town bi I ■   I
G.  S,  McCarter.
K.  Mi-Hiiin goes to day  to t'miimins
creek to survey timber limits, Cummins creek Is about 120 miles north of
Kevelstoke and 18 miles below Beavei
W.S, Daniels, drunk and disorderly,
was Ordered to be released ill time to
catch the west bound train on Thursday, lie had been causing a commotion at the railway station. He had
on him a ticket for Vancouver, but no
The Enterprise brewery i> being
re-built of cement blocks and when
finished will be one of the most substantial buildings in Revelstoke.
About six feet is being taken off the
front ot* the building where it is on
the street and the building Is being
enlarsed about the same amount at
the back and Hot b Bides.
IVii'i   Peterson  lias returned from
bis ranch a;   Downie creek suffering
'min an Injured leg.    His dog chased
a porcupine and returned full of quills.
Mr. !'■ ierson extracted the quills and
^v-   v Anstie ■   '•'>'   in doing   so   pricked   his   lee.   Next
troma visit to Nelson and Cascade.   ,UOrning it  was swollen  to twiceits
He hi .-tract  to J.   S. Des-  siz   anc\ Mr.  Peterson was obliged to
champs of R who will shortly   ,,.,„,„   U)   Reveist0ke    foi    medical
■ struction at Nelson of
:. luml er n i'.i "I. tl •■ . :'•- owned by
the Forest  Mills.
Dr.     md Mrs land   eft yes
•  for  the east.   Hr.   Sutherland
al '..ni ion.
lied. I'rrpubart,6on ofRobei-I L*r(|U-
ii ■ i. ol !(>". elsti ke, i - foui 'h yeai
prizeman in medicine at McGill uni.
xjersity, being al t'... head ol his year
pany the clinic ;ress  and taking 10 honors out of 11 subjects
of surgeons   ■(  North   Aimerica       on   R. ti.   Lawrence,  st n nf  W. Al. Law-
their torn   of  Bin M of  Revelstoke, is another who
■ ■ the  iitmn Mon-   bus won distinction nl   '   G   , he hav.
. ing passed his sei ond yeai   uu i .    : ex
animations witb living colors
Dr. Weiss, . •[ ;                    ty of Wisconsin, has- i  •  r-      !;- s s "aiebriggs, J:	
estry  branch of the provii t     ■"""-'•*  Ki Vli  .       i^.   Me-
. mi   .| - to ■■ ''  !"M*    ' ' '] '■'•'  ;"
■  oper-   Gwnd lodge i I the Independei
ch opens in
to-morrow  and  i
hViday.        i    Jamieson
John     SI     rt       : i Jon y,   grand   master   repiesentii
red with vagr I Steve 3 md  Mi.   K
guilty t
I :.:i-. Me Kii
.   Magistrate 1
were remanded  lint
vi.   f. Cou thai
•     •    •        •-. ■':
-    .     ranc
ster   of   Capt
■    ■  .
that     largi
fteeken |
•-", rt take advant
age eef th- pre-emptio    ofiei    --       ..'
fr>me     90,00 Fort  I
land district    On  •' tbs «per-
ial otfi.-.-rB of     the land department
will       be       ln      attendance       at
Fort George.     where    another  10,000
Acres will be opened t.> the pi
Georre    Bury,     v ■ lent   of
• ■ ■• Canadian Pacific left Wlnnl]
Thursday for Vancouver on his fimt
regular Inspection trip ■.( the company's llneB this year He will pay
particular attention to the Okunagan
and the Weyhurn-Lethl,ridge linen and
will inspect the Kettle Valley railway progress with a view to rushing
*be line to completion thiH summer
or ln the early autumn. Mr. Rury
will visit Pentlcton to confer with
''resident Warren. Mrs. Bury will
Accompany him as far as Banff. During his trip Mr. Bury will stop off
r •  Revelstoke.
inquest on Man
Killed at Saimon Arm
• ■
,,t.-.i     the   (
;ndcr,  fastentl
red Internally
the sfli  * '■  lied     A vsi
diet accordingly  was rendered.
Dei • i        i- to Salmon Ann   a
little over .... . --, 'r'.m t.he pralr
i' .    He  lea ■ ' li i«   with   ..
family of small children. At his request the funeral will take place Id
Bdmonton, Where he formerly resi'led
and   the   widow   will   take   up a  home-
stead in an endeavor to keep her fan
Hy of small children,  most of whom
are hoys, together.
Thos3 having items for publication
in the Mail-Herald social and personal column are requested to call
up phone '_')">.
Mr. Sam Wright has moved from
Fourth street aud has taken a house
at, 53 .Second street.
Mrs. Miller and her mother, are
enjoying a trip through the Windermere country  this week.
Mrs. Sam Needham who has been
holidaying with friends at Spokane,
is expected home on Sunday.
Mrs, ,1. Kit'ke and wife were up
from Arrowhead for two days this
week, guests at the King Edward.
Mrs.   Sutherland   and  children are
acce-impaiiying  the doctor as far as
Ottawa,   where   they   will   spend thc
summer    at     Mrs.   Sutherland's old
Miss Alice Bell the talented daughter "f ii. W, Bell, has gone to Otta-
wa to pursue her musical studies at
the conservatory of music In that
The     executive    of      the   Political
Equality league are  requested to at; '
tend a   business   meeting  in   the  high
school   next   Tuesday   evening   at      S
On    Monday      evening in  the  high I
school building at 8:80 p.m., Rev. J. I
A.  Sheppard    will    address the    Wo- '
men's  Canadian   club,   taking as    his
topic "Canad i."
The Ladies'  Add of St. John's held
their final meeting for thc season on]
Tuesdaj   afternoon  in the church parlors    Business affairs were wound tip
until the first  Tuesday In September.
Mrs, Trueraan and two boys who
have heen living for a couple of
years in Bdmonton, returned to town
on Thursday morning and are occu-
pying their own house oa McKenzie
Mr. Harold Rei.l. accountant in the
Imperial bank here, has beeu trans-
to the  Imperial  hank,      Kain-
•  today for his    new
position.   Mr.  MacDonald accountant
• ■ tes   Mr.   Reid's place '
bi •.'
Mr.   Edward  Gurney and his     Bon
into,     beads e.f   the large
manufactory     known as the Gurney
'.1  hours  in
lay.   They expi
beaut;    and
Mr.  Bert Lawrence     received     the
-   Friday   marning  th  I
Sill.   Bert
■   Ha
cunier, V:
Mrs.  Drquhart,
that goes with the year. Out of 11
possible honors Fred won ten. To
say that his friends here are proud
of him is to fall far short of the
mark. Fred has brought credit to
himself and his home town by winning honors every year since he entered McGill and consequently we
were prepared to hear similar newB
again, but to find him dux and prizeman of his class in the premier col -
lege of Canada surpasses our most
sanguine expectations.
The annual election ol otlicers of
the W.C.T.U. which was held last
month resulted as follows:—President
Mrs. F. Laing; vice-president, Mrs.
Campbell; recording secretary, Mrs.
Kipp; corresponding secretary, Mrs.
Creech; treasurer, Mrs. McBean. Thc
first meeting under the new ofticers
took place on Friday ufternoon at
the residence of Mrs. Kipp, 11 members being present. The annual fees
were collected and money voted for
the rescue  home and mission work and
for an Increased distribution of temperance literature at local Institutions.    Mrs,   W,      A.  Sturdy  read      a
paper 'en the temperance situation in
Manitoba at. the present juncture and
the part, taken in it by the W.C.T.l".
as well as by the women of the Political Equality leagues, both of
which organizations have passed res-
Olutions that they will support the
Liberal Labor and Independent can -
didat.-s  In   the  Coming elei-ti.in.   These
three parties have pledged themselves
to a referendum in favor of the
"Banish the Bar" policy on the temperance question, and have also promisee! to grant the franchise to the
women of Manitoba in event of being
electe'.I to power. Many of the clcv-
erest women of Manitoba have taken
the platform and are giving addresses in support of Liberal candidates.
Votes >ef thanks wore passed to Mrs.
Sturdy and to Mrs. Kipp for the use
Of ber house. The meeting then adjourn'' !.
The tournament of    the tennis club
Of the      Methodist      and    St.   John's
young people which nras to have taken place on Wednesday, did not come
otf owing to the    fact     that though
the members of the club were in good
trim, the weather was not.   However
the young      people had a   good  time.
They      adjourned      to  the   Methodist
Sunday school  rooms,  where an   impromptu program was rendered that
delighted  the gathering.    The pastor
•aiiiiii.'ut with devotional exercises and a few  well  chosen
remarks.   The  numbers  on   the    pro-
.'!• im    were    as follows:   Pianoforte
solo, Harry Maxwell, solo, Mrs. Bews
recitations,   Miss  Austin;   solo,    Paul
iison: boIo,  Mr. Hadden;  solo, Mr.
May;  recitation,   Mr.   Hay.  solo,  Miss
Paulding;  trombone solo,  Paul  Sam-
' d by a bright little speech
•  Rei.   .1.  u.  Stevenson  In     re-
to the chair; solo, by Mr. Ful-
I   n and and chorus by Mr. Pauld ng,
!   Paulding,      Messrs.      Bews and
m,  after  which all participated
In  games.   Mrs. J. Hume,
genial  hostess of     the     evening,
ntert Lined  the club had    made
I   e is for a delightful reception
-  ■• Uwn of her residence hut Mr.
ai   company  dropped  on      and
the arrangement.   The delicious
which  she had prepared  were
erred      to  the      Sunday  school
■  were much enjoyed.    The
expressed  great  apprecia-
her kindness and of the   en-
ent  notwith-
f rain   and  wind.
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strangers and
visitors always   wel-
St. John's church, Hev. J. W.
Stevenson, pastor.—On Sunday thc
minister will occupy the pulpit ut
both services. Morning address,—
"ThOU Shalt not Kill"; evening, —
"Christ at the Classes." Sunday
school and Bible classes at 2i30 p.m.
Strangers and visitors welcome at
all  services.
Smythe hail on Wednesday 10th June
All members are    urgently requested
to attend.      Special  business.
2t.Jn.10 n.p.
The Anglican church is giving
concert and dance on  Friday evening
.lum   Id. in Masonic Hall.    Miss Park
I cr is to have charge of the concert.—
' Tickets 75c.
This week the board of governors
Ol the university of Uritish Columbia expert to he able to advertise for
tender! for tha science building, t.ho
frst of the structure to be erected
at the university «lte.
\ it last
-   aching  stat-
e.f Oa' '...'   tunnel    end   many   Of
are ac. I by their wives   and
: ■     ipOrntmenl     '
lent minister has b<
for  some  time.    Tbe   Home      Mission
board of the Presbyterian rimreh   of
i . have [dared In charge Rev.
I'.. T. 'trown, graduate in theology
fl om  Glasgow university.
\ telegram that reached the rlly
last, .-vening announced thnt Mr. Fred
Urquhart has pnsHed his semi final
medical examination in Mcfiin at the
tip top  of  his  e.laqs,   leading  his   yeur
and   winning   the   highest   scholarship
Church, McKenzie   Ave.
tor, Rev.   J, C.
. ces:—  Low
.ad       High   Mass    lit
'■ i  I Iren !i p.m.,
I Ro lary at 7:30 p.m.,
a]    nd 7 30
■ m.  and Sunday morning   i  10
Wi     i daj      Ma    evei;. morn-
■■' i . I onfeseione    before
k ■ t   Fridays    Ma .s at 8 a.
al     e .-,.
p.   m
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church will hold their annual lawn
social and sale of home cooking ou
the church lawn, McKenzie avenue,
Friday, June 26, afternoon and evening,  (weather permitting).     Gt.J-lnp
A concert and dance under the auspices of St. Peter's church will be
I eld in Masonic hall on Friday, June
lit. The concert will be under the
charge of Miss Parker.
Get special prices ou Rattan chairs
end Jup matting at Howson's.
Go to Mr. R. Tapping for your
garden plants.
Look! Look!—yes you can if you
get those glasses fitted at J. Guy
Go to Howson's for your carpet
squares, draperies and curtains. It
will pay you to look over their large
Seed Potatoes. Farm and Garden
Seeds, Garden Tools.—At Bourne
Gait  coal  is     handled    exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke Gen-
ral   Agencies, Ltd.
Court Mt. Cartier, I.O.F., 1 tt-. will
hold a   regular   meeting   j,,   the    Rov
RELIABLE DAIRY Wants orders for
6 gallon (or more) shipments ol
fresh milk. Mid llemass Ilros, Ar
row Lakes, B.C. J6,pd.
FOR RENT-June 1, modern house on
First      street.       Apply   RevelBtoke
General  Agencies,  Ltd. t.f.n.p.
TO RENT—Two furnished bousekeep
Ing rooms;     ilsp    two large   bed.
rooms.   Apply 57, Fourth street.
All members are requested to meet
imthe lodge room, Selkirk hall, dun-
day evening .June 7 to attend Divine
service at the Methodist church.
Be on Hand bj  6:30 ok.
J.6  It.  n.p. BY ORDER.
M..re  than   ?;,    In   f-.-s  ..n  silver
aud crossbred  f..ve.,     shipped     Iron
Prince Albert, for    export last
were collected b,i F, Bradshaw,
katchewao game warden, who
just  returned to     Regino fiom
All told, it is expected that these
aeon's exportations will be worth
about $120,000 and tbat the provlnc
ial  revenue      will   be  not    much  less
than 116,000.
e    a  OF  ENGLAND
■. ond Pi., Rev. C   a.
81       rei tOl .    H'.-ast     of       Holy
... Holy Communion;
, Bvensong; Rev 0, A Pro
»ll   preach at all services,
Methodist church,   MeKensle Ave.,
Pastor, ft«-v. Lashley Hall.    Bervloes
for public womhip and tia. bearing ol
God's word read and i (pounded art)
held on Sundays at 11 .. m. and 7:30
p in. Thn pastor will occupy the pulpit at both services, ll a.m theme,
"Winning HoiiIh." 7 30 p.m. A special address will be delivered to the
Woodmen of the World on "How can
'. man make the most of his life."
At 2:'lfl t.he Sunday school nnd Bible
rliiHHCs   meet.   To  all   of  the  services
The %Ka£l Store
liig Wheel Lemonade Powder.	
 per can, SSc
Mineral Health Salts Aperient	
 per can, 2i>c
Oitrate of Magnesia Zfrc
Welsh's Drape Juice.. . ,40c and 7."ic
Montserrat Lime Fruit.Juice...60o
a refreshing Toilet... .25c and 60c
HATH   POWDERS—for  making
the bath exquisite and sparkling,
unexcelled   for their   refresh ing
Turkish Cup Sponges.   1.00 to *s.oo
Mandruka Sponges .10c to LM
Baby Sponges 10c to 1.125
Three excellent Talcums you
will like
everyday want and guaranteed
to givt foot|relief ... .per can, 25c
KODAKS, All Camera Supplies, FILMS


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