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The Mail Herald Dec 18, 1909

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 ■   " Empire " Typewriter ■
For enee of operation nnd perfection
in   re.-ui'n   pr duccd,    thin   machine
;6 ui.Miip..*.-..' I.     |',',',-lf,;i   t'ach
Interior  PublihingCo.,     •     Aficuts.
'    Visiting Cards
Make a Suitable Christmas Gift
We have a good variety at
a reasonable price
Interior Publishing Company
i   -
Vol. 15 -No  91
$2.50 Per Yea
Here's a Willing Victim
Begging for  a home.   Same
with all our goods
Juicy   Beef,   Tender  Lamb.
Corn  Fed Pork. Hams and
fi' ''mil   /    .,.' i, -,_»'■< „.        \ ll>. w.vmcin    miner   meat «
'tl','™     /a"'"-'   'P.~i"ilh\      J.
i^A'%^^:'-^UpA Saner Kraut, Fresh Eggs, 8
I  I  I ShFtT      I ViT'iTTT Vavm Sausage.
Fresh   or    Frozen    Turkeys,
(ieese, Ducks, Chickens, Broilers, Oysters,  Mince Meat and
, anil
I freight shed for a day or two, was
Isold by Mr. Munro, of the C. P. R.
; freight shed staff, to 11. Mauudrel, h,r
•?20 which was alao contrary to the
Mr. Maundrell ■ stated to tho J. P.
that he did not know ho was breaking
tho law in buying tho deer and hnv -
ing it in his store. e '
The     J. P. read tho   act regulating
tho    handling of game out   ot season
saying   thnt no    morchant or butcher
., ...   ,      - . ...        may  have  n   deer      iu     his  possession
NEW  Higil     C0lll_IllSSI0[hW8S   longer than five days after tho close of
a Fake Affidavit.
Leapold II. Dead—Peary Recog
nized—Vessels Fog Bound—
! the season, nnd in the case of a    pri-
valo family  M     days,   Tho close sea -
TTTprr ; vn m conn m umi i k ai-uuu.i
/ i i i i ) ' i.
Maundrell Meat Market
Phone[25l.    I'. 0. Box 181.    Revelstoke. B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head O if ice   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized       I""    -      $10,000,000.00 |
Capital Paid Up -      -      5,000,000.00 |
Reserve        ...       -        5,000,000.00 §
Hi-anchi-H ..r Agents al "11 principal pcinta in Oanndn. £*«
Xio'iitB iii tli-1, Hii,al" and United Stales—U.ndon, England, >$f
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Chicago-Flint   National Hank,  Ootn Ex- •,•,,
"hiiiigi'N',,i.'iiil Hank,   s.'.tii.'   Seattlt'National Bink,   Rau Ft-an- Jjg
eis.o  .iV.-!!- P,ii-g,> Mnvad.i   MiM••nml  Bunk      Spnkmm    F,«i-hiiiigi< S
N'lliolllll   I'.illk HP
Savings Sank  Department g
Deposlta of $1 aud upward,  received, and Interest'allowed nt  jgj
current rate from dale of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. »&
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    &
Brussels, Dec. IS —Ki g Leapold
died nt 2::iu o'olook yester. ay morn
ing. A telegram from hi-i .inline •
the Pupe to th- cardinal in attend inne
say- th it Ihp King wae married io tin
Counte-m Vaugban, with whom li-
Inid been living at S.iu Remu i.i 11IU8
Prince Ali.pr-, tbe I eir apparent is a
Bon of the King's brother, Phillip. A
P'OvUional dictatorship will he ap
pointed by the government until the
lat'tr's a coi.si.ui to ihe throne The
monarch refused tn be reconciled to
bis daughters up to the laat.
Washington, I>ec. is—Tlie National Geographical Society lust night
publio'y Bcc'nimeil Commander R. E.
Peary 'he discoverer of <he north pole,!
and i" recogiiiisitiou ihereol pre-cntetl
to bim a gold medal
Vancouver, Dec. is A heavy fog
ha- In d up sli ppuig ' era   The Inr. is
A ru. _-1 ii - tt E-nprefw ot Chiiin aie  in
Engli h Buy    Tbe   former wauls  'u
ge' i i and   lhe  hitler  is  wai ing  fori
mails In clear fur tbe Orient.
Melbourne,   I ee.   IS— Sir
11 id bas Uen appointed  High Com
niH-ii'ij. r f>ji   th,   ,'..iiiiii"iiiie.ilth  at
New Viiil'. Dec. lb —1). S. u.-bun,
-icrc'.iry i I lhe Arcic Club, aiinoum -
ed tuiiighl t li.it Oiipinin Loute bus
verbally contieseil -lm ho Inked the
r. •-•nl allid vit, in "Inch he said that
be Iuul prepared data f"i Dr. Frederick
A. Cook.
Ti ro- li , I) c lr- —"tin- i lib .'.il n
ivI'isb Columbia "ill n .i li, com
P end lm    lour   oi Ibe ii-iiis. in, , 11
son for deer commences Nov.  luth.
The defendant wns fined £50.00 and
costs and the money paid to Mr. Mun-
roe for tbo purchase oi tho doer paid
into court.
The deer will be given to the hos-
pitnl for the benelit, of tho patients.
The Choicest Gifts
Can be Secured for Your Friends,  and at  the
same time Save .Money,   by making y'-'ur selections of Christinas Gifts from us.
The Secret Is This:
We wish to Clear our Large and Well-Assorted
Stock, ami to do this we will sell to you at a
small advance on CASH COST whatever you
choose to select. Call and See Our Goods
It will Pay You to make your First Christmas Call here
CATHOLIC—Rev. Father i Coccola,
pastor. Services are held on the first
and third Sundays in every month at
the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10.30 a.m. High Mass and
Sermons; '2 p. in. Baptisms; ■2.A0 p.
ni. Sundny School; 7.?,ll p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and  Renedieliuu.
Mothodisl,—Rev- T. Vi. Hall, Pas -
tor. Services tomorrow it, usual
houi'-.. Sunday Sehonl and Bible
Class ni 12,30. Epworth League Service on Monday at 8 p. in. Litoi-ary
departmont, prayer .peeling service on
Wednesday at 8 p. m.     A ivolcomo to
Si, Peters, Anglican.—Itev, C. A.
Procunier, M. A., Rector. Fourth
ueorge s,,nt],lv ;n Advent, Holy Communion
S ii. in. matins mul anti-communion,
7.30 p m Evensong. N" Sunday
School until fuithei' notice.
The. rector will be pleased 1.. meet
any uew or intending momher of tho
congregation, if they will leave their
names and  addresses at   tho rectory
Baptist—Rev.W f Freeman, pastor.
Sunday moruing Btibjoot—"The
Boost of ihe Christian". Evening
subject,   "The   Loneliness  of  Chris,"
"The place of tho homo in tho nation's life" will be tho subjocl under
disoussion iu the meu's class All are
cordially invited to these services.
imi mi'u ul lhe Canadian Nort hen
is'" have steamers in operation on the
Pioitio before tbat time," said D.D.
Mann in an Interview here
L.tid n, Die 18— Joseph Cham- Jiriuary '3tli ia h' dato fixed (oi
lerlaln, who again is a candidate fur the elections of mayoi and aldermen
ihe II..use ol Cu imi", is in Rirmim- for ,he cit>' "' Revelstoko for the corn-
fa in  bus •.. ritter , be preface "I a poll- in8 ?eat
tied pamphlet   In which   he  ulrongly J, P. Forde, Secretary of thu Mouu-
giippuits Ibl  |   ni  n nl the  ll'.i.s'  ..! iniueering  Club,  saw  Hou.  Thos.'Tay-
I,.,,|. ii, !■ | cling the btldge,       \     »n lor when  here  regarding a griini      ,,f
election cry  Mr.  Chamberlain  mlnptl *'""" f'"' ,1"' opening "f u  trail   he
■ .boliiion ..I   C'deniin,    (   i he lvv«'" ,h" '"'*>' ""ll  Mi    Begbie,  ..nd ii
,,,,,,, i- understood the Koverumont arewilh
l|..n-e "I  I"nl ,       ,        h
uiir to nuiKe lhe lii-nrii.
lhe Sunday afternoon gathering ai
tho V. M. C. A, have been popular
this year judging by the number who
attend. Tomorrow the Rev T. \V.
Hull speaks about the "Joy of Young
Manhood." This meeting is open in
nl! men. The association building i<
open "ii Sundays from H n. in. iill lo
p. in. Straugers are invited to come
in nt any time.
Second Mate Kerr Risks his Life
in Saving Brother Officer
from Death in Icy Waters
of Lynn Canal
A heroic rescue under coi di i--iih
winch uoiild have d u id mai.y a
man was perform-d by Set-o d M*'e
Ki rr of the steiner Priuceea Ei.a,
Oapt. Whiteley, whieh returned Iron
tbe stormiest passage those on board
have experienced to Bkagway, Jui eau
land Suuer.
Second Ollici r Kerr diied into
Lynn Canal with ,he tin rmoineter
ashore registering four degrees below
zero and a howling yule blowing to
rescue Quartermaster McGee wbo bad
fallen from the ship's ladder when
going on board. McGee was stunned
oy the great cold when he Btruck the
water anil would huve been drowned
iiud not t'ecoud Ollieer Keir seen bim
f.ali, ai.d, turowing oil bis cohi, sprang
into the chilly, ite-fleoked water,
Kerr reached tbe drowniug quarter-
n.aster quickly and other ineinbers of
the crew assisted rescuer and rescued
on bosril, ivlv re thoy were hurled
down into the engine, room and rubbed
energetically to keep warmth in tbeir
thoroughly chilled bodies.
High School Closing
il   eh
Doyle & Ahum, Ltd.
O  The Little Folk's Store
♦ ♦
A Store Full of Toys from 5c. to $20
Each and every article ut a very reasonable price.
A Nice Place to Shop; everything on the
Ground Floor.
Remember Manning's lor Fresh Candy
They are made To-day.
Vesterday,    the     high
im  the Christmas holidays.
At   the end  of  the closing   session  ii
vory pleasant   hour was  spent   toget
ber.   The pupils    ol  the    high  sel I,
already awake t.. the -|iiit ol tho
season, presented their principal, Mi
Mii._l.iuti in, witb a beautiful cut gloss
qowl accompanied by a dainty card
■ if good wishes.
Mr. Mac I.auiin, in accepting tho
beautiful gift, gave expression to his
sincere appreciation of their good will.
He assured them that In- prired in"-t
highly of all things lhe good will ol
the pupil- under him.
I   Mi.     Manning,   chairman    ol   tbo
school  board,   then    delivered   0  short
address upon the recent Couventh "I
School Trustees, hold nt Chilliwack
B, C. In n pleasing and Interesting
' tniiiii.i'i hi- gnve " bu.',1 digest ol the
proceedings ol tho couveutlon, point*
int' oui iliu the burden of thought,
thai ,iiibueil tho convention, wai tbo
iielfiiii, i.f tho youth "f British Columbia.
Mr.   Pollock,   pn'" ip.il   "I   tbo    publi.'
, li'.i.l na    then ' ill'-.I upon ,..     nd
i.s. students.   I ho applause lhal
greeted ,    >..    ninplj  rewarded     bj
III    well -."i'i.' I,   iliiiii^.hii.il    in k
II.- nmpli ii i/."l ' lie Pill inuiii ..( i hi-
pi,\i...i- -|M-nl,i.i. and in n few words
in.eight out the Emmonslt) ->> thopro-
iil.-m i.( education and utated his up
pn" iniiini nf the ""uin sITort, pul
forth in tho British Columbia Trui
(or il      i ■ .'--fui -oluiioii
rhe ici I session ..,' I'.'O'.i wai then
declared   losed,
Miss C. It. Paget will not receive on
Friday next.
Miss White,     of   tho   hospital stall,
left  on  Wednesday  for   ,he east        (oilier Christmas holidays.
.1. P. Watson, of the Impel inl Hank
stalT, leaves tonight for the east ou
Iiih Christmas holidays.
On Wednesday Mrs. a. It. UoClono*
glum   entertained n number ol (.lends
iu honor     of the emit   ol Mr,    \      |-..
ll. 0, Piiiiguian, of ihe Kamloops
Branch ol the Canadian (lank oi
Commerce, will be in charge ol the
local branch   during the absent f
M,     \    II    Allen       Mr.  and Mrs.      Al
Ion li'iii*. for il '■'' tonight
lh.' Xi .iiiii; People's Wills! < Tnl, im.i
Tuesday nigbl for lliei, weakly ,"iiiiiii
inenl iii the homo oi Mrs. Chas [Inl
li'ii. I lm prltOI weie non by Mi • .1
lli'lll,     lllel    plate   flioile,   nil.I    Mr       \
'in,,-     A    dainty    .upper was servod
alter    which dancing brougbl n most
enjoyable   aliening    t"   n   'lose.
James J. Hill on Railroads of
Lieceutl> J -I Hill snid un the sub
jeel ol ".Future Transportulioii Requirements:" "Thn problem <>f Jiudiug
railroad equipment today is uot what
it waa t»'n years ago, Thero are
plentj of cars und engines. What is
needed now is lorminnlo, and they are
tho hardeel things to got. Tho only
way. it' tho road lias the money, in to
luiy improved property in desirable
locations, tear down the buildings,
nnd erect terminals on the siteH. Thai
is dreadfully expensive, (Visa i" may
destroy whole business Bootions Iiul
whom it can bo done ii may not prove
u Bimplo business proposition i«> l.i t
tho money.
"The demand i^ overywhori! for more
service. Tho railronds have inol thut
demand as far ;is thoy could hy increasing ti Hicienoy of their equipment, luu thero \- a limit to tlial
kind of development. I think that limit has boon pruetically roached in
tho Large t-ontrod. I lioro ura only
three ways, then, of raiding lho money, Ouo id i" wail until the increased
trafljc provides il. That is ll very
slow way. Another is i«» raise the
freight nnd pasuongor turiHs. And
tlm last is to borrow tho money { in
whieh event, plainly, (ho public must
pay tho mtereBl in the form of charges for Borvice.)
"I have ior yenrs boon urging that
the building up of a transportation
machine commensurate with tlie
growth of the country should not only
l>o permitted but encouraged in tho
only tuo possible ways—lirst, by on-
COUraging capital to invest in rail -
road construction, inn loud of scaring
it away by hosUlo and unjust logifl ■
laiion;   ainl  M-ooud,   by  a  eomprHiiuii -
give and rational system of waterway improvement. '1 'hero ih no Other
way now, nor will there ever be, hy
whioh tho business of tho country can
bo dono."
#«&# 0Q>tit&$$$'P$Q$$QO$$Q$$»Q*<
Deer Out of Season
II    M Hindi. II appeared brforo .1.  II.
Le kion, •!   P., In-, nlghl foi  lm iun
.1 tit 01   III      111    I <■-  ion  .l.o ill;      I Ilo
. ,,i,    ll Kington,  pi..1 ue i.tl
i  tabic,  laid     Ilic Information.     I,
ippeai    ' hal  ' lie deoi t" question was
being   hipped from Vslu ,"f, ,"    Sni
kat. hi-wiin,    and    "ii renehlng  Uuvol
tok,   H i    held bu. k In   I    xx   Brad
.Imi- ,t    I'   It   ne ni   "i. il.. ground
il      .     antral)   la lhe law      m
hip 'le-t  ou,  ol II   ,     dining the I lose
•«s.n?,   Th« deer, ittet lying   In   'hs
Well Known Horseman of Mounted Police Dead
Ilmi jl  Hay  .lun.Minn,  Sask.,  ll'"'.
10,   Inspector Ohuroh, ll. N. W. M. P.
OUO  of  lhe lli-il,  horsemen   ill   the      em-
pin-, riditin master al tho depot-bar,
nulls at  Regina, ami woll known in
—    '. i.iuiei-tioii   with   inspei'lions   by   royal
ly  ami  i it Ini   notables of  lhe forco at
New Pastor for St. John's Church SZemt.t%irP£t,oiH;Z
Bev. XX   I.. M.-Kiie, moderator oftltoPnd l','il"'' A,tl""' "' Connaught, dur-
Presbyl.'iy  of   Kamloops,   has  racolvod   'n8   lll"il   v'"iN'      ""'      '""'"' olbiiing
n ciiblegnon from Qlnsgow, Sen,Inmi, |ln'" "   eommlssloit    In his own regi-
unlit iii ISnglnnd. Cliurolt attended
ihe Quobeo tercentenary by speolal re-
quosl with bin famous ohnrgor "Qoo."
announcing the aocoptunca by Hev. ,\.
O,   Melvin,   It.   A.,  of  thn  appointment
to  St    Johns   Pri'sbyterian   Chuivh   a,
Revolstoko,  lo oommenoo duties early i11,  rtM" ■triokon with pi monln while
niimbi'i   travelling   ",, olllainl business. Before
.miiig ,o Canada bo wai  riding    in
in January.    Mr.  Melvin has u number
ol (rlondl in  this vicinity who will be
glad in learn ol bis appointment, Do
was formerly stationed ul  Arrowhead,
bu, lue morally ben taking n posl
giudunte I'oui'riii in Theology at Glasgow.
..It'll..lot     tl
of    III.
Xmas Groceries
The Plum Pudding or Fruit Cake will be O.K. if the
ingredients purchased here, especially if cooked by a
Kootenay or Saskalta Piange, which will happen to a
great many in Revelstoke.
Our stock is complete with New Season's Goods,
comprising Raisins. Currants, Peels, Nuts, Dates, Figs,
Glace Fruits, High Grade Candies in Bulk or Fancy
Packages, Cigars, etc., all the tinest we ean obtain.
We are showing some nice designs in Cut Glass. ?lso
Limoges' ware, Fancy China Vases, Cake Flates, Een
Bon Dishes, Jardinieres, Dinner and Tea Sets, Toilet
Carving Sets, a splendid line of English Cutlery,
Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc.. in all sizes at prices to suit
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    PlumbinS
Crockery    Glassware    Sherwin-Williams Faints, etc. J
be afraid of
your shadow
make &cjood
Cop> rl^st*, i0n7
br /? /~cJ"'c"n '■ '-"TTy
Vou can't cast a shadow in the dark, and you
can't stand the light ttnltss ycc are dressed well.
Wc can dress you well let us coat you over
with oni- ol our Blue, Black, or Grev Heaver overcoats, li will please you. We satisfy otu custom-
eis. We .sny "customers" because when a man
once lets us clothe him he becomes a customer for
A clearing sale of Boys' and Youths' Overcoats
and Pea Jackets, sizes from 22 to 35—$1.85 to S<■.7s
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $5,000,000
Moving   I'ielures   lo nigh,.
Arrangements 1 nve recently b--en conp'c-led undei   «hlrh  the  bro/tchaa
ol mis bank
me abl« to issue DraftA on the principal poinl*
in the following countries:
Aii'tri it-Hungary
Finland                            Ircl.vud                          RuftfttA
It, '!^,, ml
Fonito»*                       Italy                            Servta
Bra iti
Pnnca                      f*p*o                     Siam
iiiiie ..ns
Fr'ch Cocbin-China   J.i\a                            South Afnr*
Germany                     Man, Imna               Strait■ b«.'tticiu#«ti
Gn-at hntain              Mexico                       Surdrft
Oreeca                       Norway                   SwtlirftMd
1). lark
Holland                    Penia                    Turket
krl.uid                          PbUUptn^ Ulanti*.     Writ lndin           tf%
Faroe Islands
India                              kouniama                       and cKcwtMr*
revelstokei:branch~a.   H.   ALLEN,   MOR.
Xmas Presents
TOYS ,,i every description   Dolls, Doll's Darts, Huml mIwIh.
Rooking Hones, etc,
FANCY  DRESSING CASES, ManicurePleoos, Military
Brushes, Bent's and l-mln-"' Travelling Sett,
PERFUMES   lb"-' French and Bngllffa innke-, Atomlurs,
ripen, Bmokers' < >'>t nt>. (ik», and Cigarette Oaaas,
KODAKS and (..iii.i.i mul everything you need witb them
xmas cards   Thousands to ebooM from,
BOOKS by Hundreds   tbo I'oets,  nil  beautifully bound In
Leather and tho New,-, Hooks in Cloth,
; mil. IN   Wh LOOK AKOINH A I
G. R. Macdonald's Drug Store
£&e flDaU*1bcratt>.
interior publicum Company,
Subscription   Rates
Iccludir,,; posl ig<  . i England, luited 8tat*R
aad Canada.
By :ii« vear .-hrouKh iK'SlotHc' fc-'-*1
Half       " " *'      I-*
guarier " " "   W» .
J Jti     KIN UNO pruiuptl) WCWUtBd al reanuu- ,
a Die taw*.
ftHMc—*_.d*-u.   Bufcwonptloud paj-ablu id <w  ;
. aUCC
■ *,- .' auliuM luoent   per line Brut Insert!)   .
■   • .. ,        ■'.   uttai tueiii  Uic ru 11
| ,   Sl it. ■--. I ■.* ll 112 llllWt lllAKt bDU
r. in    • rid   geueral  iraalnuj-is an
-■   |        ■   .■  ,:. th  per muitth.
.--'   '   -;■    ,       23    p(r    cm',,    'td-
atlarraget-   nnd  Deaths,
: ion
:   -.     \;_   advertisements
ii a,-) roval ol ,.)f ui n ageuiout,
.:, , ,   .'. ;. nsoil   \ • .• rtisemenlt':—
, H. tp W in led, Bltuatioiw
un . atom     Vacant,    Teach) ru
... .,;■   h mio W tailed, 1" wordd or
.-- .-       .ui:   udditiotml  lints  1"   cunts.
.i. .. ,.• advurttrtcmuota must
,   ■..  i «.. .ii.   i;i< Hia) and Kriday ut
• secure *<«*! dUplay,
■ i:, . -1    s      N   •   ii titad   on matters ot
  I umm inioaUone to Kdi-
■   .-■    ...     woinpaoiod   bp   name  o[
*..:. ,,. fo  publication) but
Kight Roomed   Houre nn   Second   S-r-et,  clute  in   to
centre of Town, at $25 PER MONTH.
Six K omed House on Fifth Street; all modern except
furnace; exceptiouallv warm for winter,  at   $25  PER
Seven Roomed Uou=e nn Third Street; p'limbing com-
rlete,ai$25 PER MONTH.
Kive Roomed House on leased land fur sale at $200
i-'nur-Rooint-d   House on  Fifty  coot   Lot,   for  sale  at
ol his foes. The station officials
thought discretion the bettor part of
valor und did look out, nnd boat a
hasty retreat. On the police being informed the chief arrived and at once
put him under arrest. On being sear,
died nothing moro formidable than n
big incut sandwich was Found on tbe
prisoner in the pocket where ho had
threatened with a supposed revolver!
Needless to say that tho hold-up "'as
| food for much though,!
.1 w.   1
\ I I.,   I.II I
ANU    M ' ll'i XI    INSl KAN'T
-....., -<_■ ul kuuu faith.
nhool I be brief
OflCVS 1     l.WIKKIAI.   1 'ANKjtl IL0IK0  llKVEL
Hone] io .'.Ai..
Ofllce.-: itevulsixike. H C
Cranbrook, B, I'.
.iEO. 6. ilCCillll.H
i. M.  t'lKKKAM J. A. ELUWBY,
ncvelntoite. Crannrook.b i
Ii.u ris-tci
Solicitor, etc,
Solicitor for:—
The Canadian Hank or Commkbck,
Tut Molsons Hank, Ktc,
Provincial Land Surveyoi,
Mining buiveyoi
Kugiueeiit g
McKenzie Avente,
till*, nti. Kkvkl»tokji
You'll Have to Hurry
Car  of
' \' '' "'■"'■ ?
** _$S8P
P. Burns & Co., Lid.
Snowshoe Club
A very enthusiastic meeting     of tho
■ Snow   Shoo  Club nils hold  on  Thurs ■
day nigh, at  the City Hull with good
attendance.       XX.  H. I'ratt, as president,   occupied   tho   ..hair.   The   principal business transacted was  the collection of subscription feos and lho uoni
inatioii ami rucoivitig of now members.
Much  in lores t is bein..' taken  in      the
Club  this  yeai   nnd  with  n  inomber
ship ..,' aboul fortj  n jolly time is anticipated.   Thi'  ..Hirer-   for   lhe      your
are as follows:
;    I'l-osidunl.W . II. I'l.ni.
Seerotury-treasiirer,   A    ',.   Uruokor
Field Captain,  J,   M. .Mm tin
It was decided    lhat  two nights     ti
week,  nnnicli   ruesduy nml Thursday,
bo set apart     for Club    run-.   An tin
season  advance*  ii   i-  probubl
snow shoe  races  will bo hold,
"camp  lire"   nights,   "bear  fee
other novoltioi   will bo introd
udd i.i the -p.in  of the soaso
first  iramp of the reason will  bo held
ou  Thursday,  December 21,  and      all
members  must    meet   at  ,i  rendezvous
outsidu ,u the oporii house punctually
at S p. m..   Field    t iiplnin   McMartin
will then decide the course of the even
ing':   llili.
I hill
I hii,
MJ BKVJtuSToKE, !>. C.
All  L.'Ulll'tll'"
, ai.., k -•
it, . kv
jdressi J i" P">-i
,,l 11..1C pi. Ilipl
c. w. o  w.
It is with a view to rein, dying this
I condition that a resolution, proposed
on motion ol Hon. G. E Foster has
paused the House of Commons to appoint u select committee to inve-ti-
gam tho different systems of proportional representation, and the nrgu •
ments therefor with a view to the adoption of the principle in federal elections if  the evidence in fnvor of it is
Police Court
C. A. .Miller, n lumber-jack ivas
brought before the Magistrate Thurs •
day evening on a ''lunge of theft from
one Cameron ol 8200 on Dec   llth.
Chief     of Police    Parry prosecuted.
The     prisoner elected    for trial beforo   *' public competition, except iii the -
,.,.,, , ,     ,     '1  ," iiul settlers, who require  tlie  t
S\ ."-• il-sis   ul''   REOUUATIONS   cicv
MINION      LANDS     U'll'illN      THI
ll WLM \v   BELT   IN   THK   l'Ki'V
A  HCENSHI tu cul tlmbor can be ac
jiilinl   oiny   at   [untile   eompeUtlon.     /
rental  uf {5 pei  iHiuare mile Is obargei
iur ull  Umber l.ertlis except  thuse ultu
itea west uf Vale lur which the rcutul Is
it the rate ul fi cents iter aero per annum
in addition  tu  tlio rental, dues at  Un
following rates are ehurg.e*l;—
Sim n     luiulj.l,    'M   cuts    po
feet   H.W.
Hallway lies, eight and nine feci lung
t i-'i mid l 3-4 icnis each.
Shingle bolts, 26 cents a cenl.
Au uilu-i   products,  ■',  pel   >-oiti  un   lie
A license Is issued so soun as a berti
s ki nited, Out in surveyed territory ni
miln '• '-nti ,i" "ut "ii 11 lierili until in
ictiisc.  has made i survey ilier.....'.
Permits lo eul  timber are also grant..-.
pel    lliuusand
u,..wv c.ima  no. 220 the  magiatrate.   Miller  ut  tirst   plead-
Mouniam view camp. no. a^u        ifiuflicientlv strong to mduco <he mem-     ,.,,,,, , .
__,«    i    s, oed  iuul   P.uith  Wl'iIh-jiu»>» «■   . .;.,..       _    ,. ed     not    pinltv    but      the magistrate
ItiimuU ..-rV.-™-1^",..... ii ..1    vuiiu,   Wik.ii   bon: of  tho  Dominion  Parliament      to I      , .  .    " ,   ■ ,    °
explaining   the     lucauitiu   ol   the  term    S->'V    w|iiiout   conipctitluu
'  ... '     lhe   du-.a  paiable  under
SiST month, in SeUirK H.ul.   Vlalun
men cordiiUy Invited lonttond,
jolts' CAitLSON, Con. Com,
J   .UilNTYUt. Clerk.
Wih.ii   bon: of th" Dominion Parliament
favor the change
uuiu.  tile  tlm
■,- tnr tln-ir own use.
Settlers   and   othors   may   alsi,   ot'talr
K-titiii.a tu >'ut up lu liKl ,.'.irds ui wood I'oi
p.'iniit ar-
F. O.  E.
81.60 por thousand l'eei B.M., for siiuar-
lutber und aaiviogs of any wood ex
■op: uHk: from 1-2 to 1 1-2 cenls per linen
foul fi.r bulldinii lugs, from 1__ 1-2 to '.'
-en - per cord fur wood. 1 esnt fur fano"
."si.-:   n  e. nis   for  raltwav   tips;  and   6<
'heft,  he pleaded guiltv.   Miller   -luted
Ono effect of it would be that where Cameron had given him  the monev to
three or more candidates are running ilook fttlcl. fol. him whye he waa     jn
for a constituency the elector     would   tho hospUa] ani, „hortly  ,.,,-,„,. ,,,„. h(,
be required  tc. state on hi-, ballot  his   i,n,i   __,   ,1,.,,,,],      ,.„„,.„,,,„ri„,, „ ,,i,;„»    'e,"is Per curd fnr shingle bolts,
"au goc iiuiDK.    lomemi.ienng notlmig      Leases for graniiig purposes are Issueo
Urst  uml second    choice ol candidate,   nlori, until h       k ;       ,     ,      d   for a  term  of twenty-one years,  ai  *
so rs  io Avoiil      ,v,„i» ,,„,;„„ ,„„,•.„• ,    , i rental of two cents per acre per annum
so as to avoui     xuiate \oting  poiiei.   {oum|  ,lu. moncv ^one Coa,   ,a„ds   may   be   |)urclin»e,l   at   Jn
Another   feature   of   proportional   rep -,-,,..,, , ,     , , UP1  ant. fur soft coal and iii fui aniiira
I , ' hie.   Parry   ileposcl   that    Cameron     ''"     Not   mure  than S20 aci-s   may   b'
resentutiou      is      tlmt    known  as   tin-        . , •        ',■.,,, ,      i icuulrwj  b\   cue individual or cuinpauy
II,re svstem    b which    instead of cot     "       W"    "kc" '"'"k "'  ll,c (ju0''"''    ho'      Ro      "•   "'   "'« nu" "< '" «'nla Pur "-'n
Mare system, b which, instead of tot-     ,   ant)  ^ . pollnUs „ oollecte(3 „„ the gro,.,_
ing  in single electorates, elections are ,     ,       .    ,        ,    , , output.     ,      ,     ,  ,
, . to   the   hospital   and   then  went    down      t-nirles   tor  land   fui   agricultural   pu-
made bv     t,,^,-,,,..,    .i... .„,,.,, .,.-.„, _
provinces,  the main argu-
».*t '■-
».-•'.   .A.
■ "■ - ment being tinu  such a system would
.   -..\.  ii..-,i>L, result in the selection of the best men
'.  V;,;-' -roe from local prejudic.
f'.-i    nt :uii   a;    *	
i- ;i,    ^ lMtiaffbretl ■...■■ -_^^
reu    n.riiKiiy   we
Lancashire Mills
to the red light district  and spent  all
Camel m's money.   Miller claimed that
Cameron had given     him the money,
ne ha ! ii •     ked him foi
Ci iei   '     "      id Cameroi   bad
•taken  I ti    b,    Xi
pusi_o uiaj   he made personally al the lo
SELKIRK LODGE 12, I. O. 0  I".
Moel_- every Thurs
■ iny   eveuiug   iu   Sol    Week   owing
klnm Hall «t $ o'clock
 rVisiting t.rethroii are
i.ir.nsi • invited t. attenit.
ALBiKT iBMA.V. S.U,     JAS. MATHIK -i:c
■'.:   land    'tnce  for  lhe disinci tn whlcl
the  lund   u<  be  taken  ju  is situated,  oi
ft      iiuiuea  inder desires,  he may,  ut
,ill     ll   ii to the .Minis,er i.f the Interim
a Ottawa the ..'uminiaHluuer uf Iinndgia
Ion at   Winnipeg, ur the  loea! agent   folio   District,   within   which   the   land   li
lated   receive uuthurtj   fur sums om
■ ■: .!..■ entry for him.
A   ;■'.   ul  Jl'.  Is chargi-d   for  hunicstear
when  then     Millei     id passi ■     f    '•'."-■'    ,       ,    ,
. . A stiller wh.   lias received an entry fu-
Notices wen   p   told   i  homestead, is i«iuire,l to perform th,
■ '1 ■   .ns connected therewith un.fpr nn.
■ _'   tin   following  plans:—
. h -   realdenci   upot
■ . '   '■    .tu! in eaeli  yea:
London, Doc
od in Lancashire todaj    latiiif     that   ' ""'•'
tl" mills ii'inl.l gi ime next ,This he d        it >g Millei
:■. : -
Cold Range Lodgre, K. of P.
•io. 26, Reveletoke, B. C.
Fire at Banff
\A".r-   . Vr.KY   .VKilSK.-b.VV
»1   ex.-e] t loud w   luind. ■
:m:, xooia. in            ddlel .w
Kail    «i    9    > •: Km,    Vlsl.in
amgatsare cordially  nviio .
T   P.
BlUTH.C. ''
U, H   BBOi.'K, K. uf U. ii e
J   B. St'OTr. ii. uf F.
Cbc rtDail*1bera^
Uui IV, De       I.—A I
house en    -.',"■
lhi   fire]   . '      Me   iu     ide
promptly      ind
Children Burned to Death
m     KlMY, DEC. 1-   1909
'.    I'M  ' i   • ' \ I Ins
• ity vol
■   ' Iri     hn
■   he pn
truth.   Camel luring thi   lerm uf threa yeari
I • ' iti     ol the Department >"
-   . .    a settler lo brlna IS acres undei
M    . tlyaMon. but If he orefers he may sui,
.'e stock: and 20 head of cattle, lo he
iwn pruperty. wilh buildings
.    . ir ■  ,-.r ic''-nim"da!lun. wil, be n-qinreo
lead ot culUvatlon,
,; father (or mother, '.f tb.: fu
iH.-eaeed)   of any  persun   whu   li
make a hnrnestead entry u:,d-i
■   of   ihi-   Act,   resides   upon
vicinity   of  the   land   en-
."•r-iu, as a   .uiiiPBteail
■ . ■   - nenti    '  ihe  Act as  tu  reel- i
1'ialnliig   patent   may   bt- '
sueh per* n residng with Hip
ir nv.tker.
li    . -   permanent
. firming  land   owned   by
..end.  the
-. ■        ■ n  ■        the  Act  aa to resident-*
■i.n,    ■'■  satisfied   by  reeldence  upun   th*
■a'.',   land.
ApplleatfOn  for  patftnt should  be mad.
,   , .,.,f,ire the Inesi
 si ttad insper
.'1'.:.   fOT   -I   p-i •• '. 1
'    -It     ii'iiitliB'   nulle.
•i   «•,'",,   '.,   if,-   .'• mmlaalotier   of   !>
.   Iviuds  ai   Ottawa,  of  his  Inten
«■    w   iriRT.
ti'- It'.r  of   the   Intern-
im|M^ -■■"   ^
What Our
Means to You
TT means that the flour contained in bags and barrels
so trade-marked is decidedly
whiter, a peat deal stronger
and more nutritious than
other flours.
ii means Wat the (lour has been
properly aged to mature its
full strength,
It  means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
li means elimination of uncertainty—"your money back"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs more than theotht-r kind,
hut worth llie difference.
Western Canada   Flour Mills  Co.,
Mm   ., Sr. BoMPacs, Goobrich, Brandon.
'' '...   IV peir. Manitoba
-.'-»■ aBBgg'
A boi. ot clioi olalis ■«? the
ftlwaya-accoptnblc ki,i io __: ria
of All ages. Tho rDiinpisi iu-.
Uism-and no m.r» ,hc*i d uver
think hi* wife is imat lhe choc •
late at«Ke,
But   the  mil-  ..I   no  ■.,-. ■   will
" stnn.l     Lu  "    | r    . In hili -
Tbev w.nit the besi nnd the brsd
i- Foley's "Cntiiuliiiii ' 'i'i 11"'
rich. e\t|tii- itelv-lliii mr.I nul
chocolate chocolate*.
Made of purest ingredients,
flavored with Ihe iiiiturnl cinted
fruit. they are in every nay the
most delicious coiifci-liiiiis sold
1 ..I.v'- "Cnnadinii < iiii" < hoco-
lHte- are the best for lhe ^iti- of
ih" \Vesl Buy n box iuul sen
for yourself
In I Inintv Boxes u lieri'Ver uuoil
' (inly i- Sold
Foley Bros. Larson & Go.
Hamilton in Ojrkness
■ i i..|.,.
■• i"'"i»"'
In tin
.: n
"...   hou ■    ■ ed
II . ..  .,
■    .      -
llllbel        .,|
tod l""i       in-
• '     I  :"":   ll   Illld    '   : ■ a
While      in      ia. i
* ii"  ■ e ii       majority in  the
II" . ■     :      iniiions, ii ■.   ■ i ■ hal
the Coi         I •    ,       ,   ■,■,! "'"""■   r "'  R,itl
there  in  ,   .p rl   to  iheir numbon euien{ horo ""'"'
and that    a largo i imbei  ol citizens "•' wn« givii     an exhibition in  the
..:■   •'■     I epr. entcd.   More lor- proienco ol nn Immci rnwd,   whon
.: I-.   , iBd in  hii aoioplatic    collided    with n  I	
Britiil                    partii    being  .    o- Tbe Impact turned  lho inn hino   com'
vcrte     poiitions.       Tbe Legislature il plotoly ovot and Bleirot fell     In     ihe
almost       relj     adi   it]   ol Consort •■'"""'       "" "" i In 11     nn tl    loll
-,ie*.   Yet under tho majorit)  lyilom fii'l". and it in foared, In, rnully I iri
tbi Libviols „re not reprcscutod. Hii "'"hint' *(. wwcksd
Aeroplane Accident
, Oli-llll c.   Ill
ll    ,
a ro ■   tho  I .       li eh innol  « .
•if  tho  mo ■   i.'in..i knbli   foal    "f
year,  and w ho  h ,    had  moro  nni r>«
'• rnpe   Irom    den 11     thai
ii i
•I I    mi i n
\ :i:n vu k AD. H ' .
Special   M'l'iiiiun irivi-n  to commercial
men   and   inuiista,    Kirst-nlass sample
■   '    • i hen   iii  liritish CllllllM-
i       ."'"Kii./ I Ipper  Arrow  Lake.
W. J. Li^htburrK?, Prop.
W A N T 1^: I)
If Rust Doth Corrupt
Royal Crown Cleanser!
There's Goodness in Kvery Grain:
And a Coupon on Kvery Can.
It Scours lhe Dull Spots:
It Polishes The Dark Side .
It Brightens The Home!
i,"'",o    iS\
.... ..i;'.   »
:'..• t-S-jAjJ-AL'l    Hi'/I
■", '■
Your Xmas Gift
For a Suitable, Sensible and
I'leiisiiii; Present for Father,
Mother, Brother. Sifter or
Friend, there ta iiolbini; lo
coiiii'ivro with a Handsome
Piece of Furniture. We have a
New Stock.
('nine and choose your Xmas
R. Howson & Co.
" ■
ll l|    :"' ■      , it    (hit
"1        llll       ' .'II,..      I '..
1 "" i   ' he  "in     fi .i„   .., linen,
l""U  ui,.-.
1 u tin.    li  fol c,  ho ■" .a ,   tl.in,
."■  '         :   i                                 . pul        III.
hand it, I,,. ,„, knl  nnd I ighl   the .
hu inr     .""i ol   vital np| I through
ih" fold       '.i  ii,,. doth  t.. be n  very
(ormidabli   r, i .:■ ni     "Vou had bettoi
Inok out," growlod Mi n gamer;   n  ho '
kepi th, bond   lilted In thi dUrnctlos
: j      '     ,
- ■ fi    ipf il I
i ■    ■■ •■■ •■ gifi . m ■ n   ■
-' ■ in nt iii- in
^       mntinud with I-*-." \  ttcrMnfl
111   |    .ftfpflid, In.   ' i   •''!    I  .
[n ' Itfnndfi   c i   pi lhi
Vukor   * h lei ity lhi riafflh      I   '
) FOR CA1 M'm.i -   rr
0 .        ■ I., iti   i .1   i i I n j ■ , i, i
'  ; i    ,,   ■ ,|     i
I ,    ,   i I,. -
Rypje Bros., ijmiti r
I       l   Vol.|(8  SlI'C,
;■ • ONTO
II, I I.
vv' ^ i il'
\\       IV ,i.i.
II"'• i
in ,
in    l.'I.N'l     l.'i   ,1	
. I .  . i Iiiil boii»e froil,
h i      Appli  nl   Mull
i   i i i.i.   > ii.l.e r   io
..,1      ,     ,-l  in  ,    w..t 1,    il
'.I      II 'X   'Hi iu   i bin
The Vernon fire showed the need
§f our
The best sale-guard In wbicb you can invest. Kvery hotel should
be titled with these as a mutter ol safely to occupants. Kvery house
should bale one oil ils rool.
I  III        , I  I       II     ■ t   I I
nd i   .,i i....ii.i .1 h ii .  nml ..ui
■ .   i    ii iiiiii,    Is   .1 ng .1 ib oil
•   "      \| | li I - I'  f.iiiunl. jlev.
li i
■ I II
Ii dii ,i nml Mi i\ ing
ii ., I'..' mill,   It. i. I
I. il.
I.VHt      -I  , I.I. I.        ■     lllll  Ilu     -al"
I'       ||    „.,'l ■ ',1     I'.l"  I   bioi--.       ('      11
I ii i i.    .1. in I' b   S i ei ,.    iieiir
tii \ ■   lui  Ave,      Iv .ti  lung mtlsl g"
IitH     I-: ,.  '   '
/  il,i:\MMI ... .1 IV   - ov. It. pai, ii V
' ill    I ii ■ Ing   mul   I'.iiii.   st w i'u
Vppl, In  Mis.  CimiIi,  T«| |ih H  HI'" ►.
i npi 'it'
J'V ll!   Ill- vl       I'','' ' 'bi"l   Ui'i'ln-   l"l
L'Kbt   ll"ti-i kn p'llh!       Apply  nl
Mail  II. I'lid  (Jfllc .
Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Hus 65 Branches in Canada, antl Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Brunches     Interest allowed at highest currant rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
' m ''
Scotch  Whisky
The Maturing Process.
Everyone knows tbat whisky, no matter
how good, no matter how carefully distilled,
must possess age in order to he palatable.
An unmatured whisky, even though distilled lr m the very best barley, is harsh to the
taste—bites the tongue.
It is not, however, so generally known thut
in ord r to proper/if mature Scotch Whisky, it
should be aged in Sherry wood.
Distilled in the Highlands o( Scotland, (rom
pure, malted barley, Watson s Whisky is stored
for years in Sherry Casks and the capacity of
our warehouses is such that we never need to
withdraw any lor shipment until we are quite
sure it is matured to that degree of "mellowness    for which our brand is famed.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A mild, liorou jbly i„.,.„,..l Stoic),.
"NO. 10"-A(„ll-l-.„l.fd. richly fl.vorcJ Scotcb.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited -   Dundee.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose llour, May,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Reans, Peas,
Rarley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated Kny-
lish Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
suitably furnished with thu choicest thr
market rtfforjls. Rest Wines, Liquors antl
Cigars.    Ratts $i a Jay.    Montlil) r-»ie
J.    ALBERT     ST03STE      PROP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock tl a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut   Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Iinpinveil.     I'lral-l'lnss in every respect,     All modem eunveiiiencee
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Mayoralty and Council j
19 10
For Mayor
dr. j. h. hamilton
For  Aldermen
walter bews
f.  Mccarty
A.    J.   STONE
Committee Booms-Selkirk Hall—Open Daily
To the Electorate of Revelstoke
A very large number ol the representative citizens of Revelstoke having requested me to become a
candidate for the position of Mayor of Revelstoke, I consented upon the understanding that gentlemen in whom
the electors would also have confidence would undertake
to run as Aldermanic candidates, in order to ensure the
election of a Council competent to deal with the serious
situation confronting the Citv of Revelstoke.
Briefly the object ol myself and associates, if
elected, will  be :—
To face the financial situation by obtaining a
complete grasp of the City's finances, and take the citizens
into out confidence by issuing an absolute!) correct and
plain statement so thai the position will be clear to all,
and then take the necessary steps to restore the credit of
the city.
By the practice ol the strictest economy endeavor
to reduce a rate of taxation which is not only becoming a
menace to our own citizens, but, which because of its
most unfavorable comparison with the rate prevailing in
oilier cities where the assessment is no higher, aud where
water, light, and power are also municipally owned, and
other advantages of sewerage, cement sidewalks, etc.,
prevail, as in Revelstoke, is at the present time prohibiting the investment of outside capital, despite the fact that "
Revelstoke has natural advantages far in excess of those
of other cities. A fairer method of valuation is also a
To give a good, clean, progressive administration which shall command respect throughout the city,
and by restoring confidence on the outside, lay the foundation for that development and prosperity which this'city
has the right to enjoy.
Finally, I would add that having been promised
the co-operation of the best and most practical men in this
city whose one object is the welfare of Revelstoke regardless of every other consideration, you may be assured
that the council you are asked to elect are prepared to
give you the administration which the crisis we have
reached demands, and on that ground the support of
their fellow citizens is solicited.
Faithfully yours,
Import direct from country ol origin.
,i, I'liiM.
thu 22nd.
,i   roeeivn Wild-
\V. XX Fouler left "u Thursday nighi
for it low days vii-ii   to the .nasi.
Mrs. \V. I- BKggs lin- returned f-om
an nu extended visit   to Now Won.win-
.'. Loamy, crown timber agent, waa
in lho city thin week making hia ollicial inspection.
i Mrs. D. Mclntyre loaves tonight for
a fow months visit to Vancouver and
other Sound cities.
' Miss -Mary Paget returned homo
from Ynlu College yesterday to spond
tlio Christmas holidays.
Misa McEachern has returned from a
throo months visit to hor sister Mrs.
Trunmaii, at Vancouver.
| Mr. R. F. Green and lire, Union
wont soulh this morning lo mend
t'liristiniiH with friends  at  Kaslo.
I Messrs. Neil and Arthur McKachcrn
iouvo after the lirst of tho yoar for
Edmonton, where they will make their
Inline home.
Miss Frances Paget returned homo
[■yesterday from the south. Miss Paget
' litis ticon appointod teacher iu tho
1 pulilic school  here.
It. .1. Watson   has returned from   a
hnsiness     visit to Golden     ind Kli'O •
j loops.   Mr. Watson is still lirmly convinced    that     RevelBtoke is iho mist
progressive city in  tho  Interior.
will   In
the   liiuldiiiK  ll'1'
Oliver Twist tonight.
Comr and bco "Bortio" burning t'tm*
ching from tho Cowboys.
Shirt-waist dance in tlie opuru house
New Yeura Eve, under the auspices of
tlie  Pythian Sisters.
Keep tlie date of tlie I'ythiuu Sisters New Years Eve dance in tha
opera house. A good time is guaran,
teed  to all.
^Saturday being Christmas Duy ilm
Mail-Herald will not be published, and
we shall be obliged it advortisemeiitH
church notices and any other items of
which notiee is required ure sent in
for our issue of Wednesday, Dec. iiii.
Addressing G corgi uu Lodgo, A. Y. fc
A. M., Toronto, Won. W. J. ttauua,
said: "The Government determined I"
sec t lint ho tel men should keep hotels
and provide accommodation equal to
the rates they charged. Those who
refused to do so would havo their licenses canceled, During hi> visit to
the Old CoUUtrj last year, he had
Btayed at several hotels, where tln-y
providet 1 splendid accommodation at
reasonable rates, uml made good profits therefrom without looking to tho
bar-room to aid them. Similar conditions viould luw.- to prevail in Can-
ad.-i. If those people in the hotel business now • mi Id not or would not provide the accommodation thc\ would
have t<> go out of businesn and muko
room for  those  who  could.
Suites open i veiy evening till Ninas
Holly lor 8»le at Bourne Hros.
New pei lumps and atomizers at
Be*f drug store
Skate-, li'iekey Slicks, S110W8.1.118
at Hiuiriie Bros.
Ento-i llurl|uit'~ tine Xnuis Stationery at Bens' Drug Store.
Place your orders wi h ns fur Turkeys, Gee,-e, Chickens nnd Ducks fur
Christina.—Bourne Bros.
Pocket editions—' Songs ol Sourdough," and "Ballads ot "Cheeclisko"
at Bews drug Btore.
Fiec demonstration of Brooke Bund-
tea in our store today and Monday—
Bourue Bros.
A storo full of high class fancy goods
— Bews drugstore.
Safety razors, carlio-magnet.io razors,
pocket knives, carving sets, St'verware
Lots of nice things lor presents at
Buirne Bros.
A large stock ol the latest fiction at
Bews' drug Bttue.
Come in and try a eup of Brooke
Bin ds' tea today or Mo- day. This i,
•he hest tea on the market— Bourne
Have ynu pern Tucker's special offer
and prizes given from Nov. 16th until
Deo. 81. It is worth join while to
visit hit studio tl.
Howson's    Furniture   Store is    the
place to get useful presonls for  Xiiiun.
Fnticy Chairs, Tallies, .etc,
Howson's Furniture Slow is un ui-
traotlvo place fm pretty goods. Cull
and soe lour new Pianos.
Xnius    goodr      a,      Muciloiuild's Drug
The Methodist Cliurnli Rundsy
School will give their flhristtnss entertainment on Tuesday evening, Dec.
21st. A splondid progra.uim, will be
rendered by the school under eapahlo
leaders, consisting ol songs, cboruves,
and recitations. Sunday School children Iree, other children under 11
years, Die., adults 25o, Proceeds toward Sunday School accommodation.
ivlnter nnl thai i new wire si,on
cleaning device will he elected "ii Ibe
roof mi Uml snow will mil I"- allowed
In accumulate weight, Ju-l i ow
there is perhaps the Huesl sbeel of ice
in,he link lhal Hevelstoke Ins ever
Boon'and particular care will te paid
to the Bill-face dining llie skating
season. A new ele 'llie motor i- now
being installed to drive the organ, Il
is intended to have several outside
hockey teams in this winter and
arrangements are lieing made for a
series of matches.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
Bonnie Brier Bush
In [an McLaren's beautiful .story
'•The Bonnie Biler Bush/1 whieh
comes here on December 80 h, theatie
goers are to be entertain* d wiih h
hai uiing play in which Scotch life ii
putiayed with u simplicity and ihh
humor such as |* raielj f, und id the
attar da\ per forma i ee.**. McLaren's
ah*s of Scotch lolk have ptovennne
of Lhe iiios' ain ees-ful In, k dramal 1*
nations now being used foi i-tugt
pm pones*
The   iole  of the  old   Sei loti   nlil« i
L ichlau     < ampbell,    has    been     ]n
mm need b> prominent critics a  iniu*
t' i piece of cbaractei creation and om
of tho most notable In the history of
tin* drum a.
A company of metropolitan players
und a nuw and beautiful scenic production are promts) d.
VM arailabla Dominion i-iiud- witbm ttie
KmiwM) Kelt in British Columbia, may
iz« boioMt«*dM by nny perrou who ie tha Kilt
bead of a family,nr any male over 'I yaara uf
a«re, Nj the extent uf nue-fiuartsr sectiun of 1W
acres mure ur Imp,
Entry, must bs made personally at tba local
laod unice fur the diatn. t in winch tha laod ie
situate: Eutry by proxf may. however, be
maua od certaiti ruuamooa by tha father,
= ,'tber. tton-dsugbtor, brother or sistar of au
luieuthng homesteader.
Tbe homes eader i.- required to perform tha
ruiiuiti, tj-   cutiiiecied  tbeiewub  uuder one of
tbo IuIIum iug i ..... ■ :
(1) At least mx months' jrat»id»Dce upoo aud
culiiTauuu uf u.u laud tu each year fur threa
[8] If tbe father (ur mother, if tie father i>
iiiH't*H-'M j ui tbe buiuetaeauer retaaea UpUD a
t..nu in tue viciuuy of ibe laud eut*-reu t< r, ibe
'• -p.. r.m.oi,;- as lu rebiueuce ,i.ny i>*> aatu>bad
by nucn pes- >u residing witb "me faihar or
(3|   If the tettler ha:- bu permaLeut raeidadca
u|v„ :,,: H..HK t. I..; owuei. nj   inoi   iu   <n» viuiu*
I.)  ft    I. Is    Li'Ui''.'   tail.     Ui-     0",l.i.l sUi%l.-i    ab    lo
r snietj" e tmtj te Mtti.-iiiHi   l>   n »iut>ut_.a upun
iUf ett.d 1   Ud
tin in uiL.-' uotlen 'u nrlttug khould be triton
In liiu »- u iiw -i nor i-l . i :■. . . . Lot. us at
Uliimit ■ 1 lUIUJivlua Ki m[. )   mr pn oui
i GAL - m.i iL^* (igin- u,;.> t»o .eH^(_<^ fur
ptxttd   ol    lwtb-)*«*b«   itof«
un.ru   luau   i^uU
jo   itiuiltu.ttti  ur
a     lut.   latb'o,   LVr   IMbtM
ir.U \JO   iue    llieKLa.i  elni'
raulat   ul   il   p«r   nt.lv.
■ ■ roa   .-ujii   i*.  i to otu
it.p .u)     a r j*. >
p< r U*ti aiiuii    t> < um
•.•Ml   UllUBd. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
W. H   i UHY,
.' "i ■... uf iba Jui.ui».ur ul tut LutAUittt,
N U.—Uoaatbuniad pubinaii>-u ui   tbit> ad
ien. yuitul »i,l u-.>l uv ua.'l Iur.
I IT ANTED   KNOWN -- FiirnUhnri
\\     room to rent   'vlth breakfast if
required.   Apply at Mad*Ilt*rald.
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Home grown fruit and ninn menu
trees, grow11 hi upland soil witb
out irrigation in the only part ol
the American continent not infested ivitli the San Jose Bcale—
Oaiden, Kield and flower eetd.—
Tested stock from tlio best growers in tbe world—Wire fencing
and Oalcs—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Hee Supplies, Cut 11 lowers,
Spraying materials, etc.—W'bite
lalior only,—New 157 page Catalogue free
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery South Vancouvir
Revelsiok" Umu Ul.trlot.
Ulatllul ol  \> im rvuuliuay.
T'.Ku .Nou^e ilirtt i, di. iv. Lawson.
Ol Keielaiok*. Ii'."i-.'k, .'(-.1, iuui.'i at
nppi.v tor i"'i iui--u'i, io iiur^utoe tue
toiioiviug UbHuriueu laniio-
Uuluiiiitnciiig hi a p,-, p..ititedK, the
Bontii i'ii.-t corner "t L__ut Nuo*, and
inaiKc, " 51. K. Uaiv^oni, .Noilu^t-iii
Loinei- I'obl"; tOence IU chains soutu:
thence tit cbains ive.-i; tuence 'OJ cumin,
north; theuce #i euaiua eaol! ilieuee
_*lch,uiib noiih lo nut- ot Lot t/jOc-i
ibence along t.aiil line to place of com
Dated Octobel lblh, l'Aiy.
Nov. 17 if.   MlNMli K. LAWSON.
Union Hotel
I'ntler New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Hupaira of all  kiml- neatly  cairied  ou
Bicycle and Gun work a specialty
KatiinaleH gfven on any class
of work.
Front    Street.
KeveUtoke Laud District
Distiict ol Hest Kooteuuy-
Take notice that Roderick Wiltiajii
Lindsay, of Ferguson, LIX ..occupation
ini'icbrtiil. iutui.de to apply for par-
mission io purchase tne following
descrilied lanU;
(Juuiuieucing at a post planted on
east boundary hue ol Lot <e>06 about
4u chains nonb of sotilli-east corner of
said lot, lbeuce cast 2'J chains, tuence
north 20 chains, thence west 2D cn«ius,
Ibence south 20 chains to point, ot
Dated Oct. 1th, 1809.
Ai.ex \ndek McKay,
oc 'An Agent for K. W. Liudssy,
Kevelsloke I_and District.
District of Wesi Kootenay,
Take notice lhat Walter i\ Confaii.
of \\ innipeg, Manitoba, occupation
printer, intends to apply for permif
siou to pin-chase tbe following descrih-
eil land:
L'limniciii ing at a p..si planted at
the re-entrant south-west corner ol
Lot 7B7S,: thence west 4U cbaius; tbenee
south Ml chaius: ihence east 40 chains:
thence north 40 chains in the point ol
commencement, and containing inn
acres, more or less.
Date Sept. 27th, IM*.
Kevelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay-
Take notice thnt \unie !__- >ui-.;i Cop
Ian, of I'nionlown, Pennsylvania, I'.
S.A., occupation mniiied woman, intends to applv for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner cf Lot 7900;
theuce south '&) chains; theuce eiut 30
chains; thence soulh '£) chaius; ihence
east 4U chains; iheuee noiih 40 chains;
Ibence west HO cbaius to ibe , oml of
. iniiiueiit, n.ciiL and containing 200
aci es more or less.
Date, beptember 27th, 1909.
ocd.^     ANNIE LUClaA CUPLAN,
Skating Rink
It. Smith, P. L.S., and J. Edwards,
Hiipei inteiideiit of construction on the
new government trnliic bridge over
the Oolumbia, have made a careful examination of the skating rink Ibis
week and report that the structure
became distorted several years ago
and that since then there has been a
alight increase of distortion. The
braces Which   have   been   put  in   I lie
frames and especially the cables
placed this summer appear to be sulli
olent'to prevent any failure of tbe
framework,   The management of tbo
rink state that many improvement,,
III the mat tel ot tin- Land Regis i y
Am and iu tbe matter of the Title lo
the S. E. quarter ol Section 6, lowii-
bip 2ls, Range B, Rest ol ibe ml,
nnil' Ian 1'X , |.l 50 acies and 'he
1.1' R. ngni-ot-iinj , I'ltAilice ol B. I .
V\ li.ie.i- lhe Ceil ill. aie ol Title No.
9,9&&* in ibe .iiiiiv. hen.li .mui i- j,,
Un- uitllie ol Peter Ucutl ll is been lost
or tlestroii'o and application has been
inline to llie for a duplicate tllerciif
Notice iH hereby given tbat i duplicate ceilillcate ot title to lhe above
hciediltuiieiilH   will  be   issued   at   tbe
expiration  of thltty days   irom ibe
date uf the Hist publication hereof
mill s.. in lhe meantime valid objection
to   tbe   i.i in U-ar y   is   made   lo  me in
Dislricl Kegistrar.
Land Registry Olll.u,
Kamloops, 11. C.
Dec. 15, 1909. Dec 18-lm
TO OUR PATRONS having hoard
that a rumor is being circulated that
other put lien, other than tho owners,
havo tho management of the Opera
House, ive uiih to assui" our palrons
nnd the public that tho statement is
not correct. All dates required by our
local patrons, or tho travelling show,
will bo held and protected by tha undersigned. Thanking tho local patrons
for thoir liberal use of the opera hou..
wn remain,
Yours truly,
Kor people who use mi'k it is very
Iniponaul that they sb uld nn-isi i.p-
oii having a t eniltc.le fiom a qualified
veterinarian hat tb,- rim. wbii i, pro-
iliic, h :n,-tr.-e fr, tn '1 i.l-e:. iin.m- antl
all o ber nit-case genus.
It U calculated i hat over 60 p c. nf
lhe cows oi bt. U. aie inoie i,r i*mt - f-
lecled Mill. Tubei-CUlMda, and a lain.ly
whioh >s now ill town lu.t one of Heir
children thiuugh milk in.in a mv.
ilfeited Wilh tubeicuiosis. Hut per-
hapn the worst  tealure of tin -n genus
n- tliat thev remain iu ibe human ays
torn fm at leant U years and theu. under favorable circumstances, develop
disease and death.
Our cows are all certified to be Irrt,
from all diseoiie. We Sell clean milk
In cvere,I bottles. Special in Ik in
half-pint bottles for babies,
T. Lewis' City Sanitary Dairy
ftlaudfaoturad for all elaaaaa of  boUdtnft
for aala \u larga^ur small Quantlliai
nt tlia lowaat pri^ai for raih.
All atti'ii of baildiuf and plaatcnag
Voters' List,   1910
I Wisner, L,
Woodland,   J.   J,
Woodland, A. B.
Whigham, Robert
Wnllcden,   Roht,
Young,  Frank
Agnew, Mrs   H
Anderson, John
Auttin, Cba:c I
Armstrong Mn
Ams'.'j, Joe
V'i'-   Frank
\.-:.-. •    :_.   Wm    '
Allen,  A.  U
Aldri Ige, L. J
Arcb-.roug.  W
Property ownci
A   «
llo'ib,    Hold'.'
Aiab'ic. P, '".
i ire     Geo
Ban >n, Dom.
'!•      1
13,   . .-     Ur     Ml
il   B
lid]        Ml:,     A        M
lici .-■ hi, U
Belliotiki, J-
Blackberg, A
Blake,  Mrs.  ti.
Bourne, Mrs. I ■
Bregolcse,  Mrs.  A.
lirown, 1*. Vi
Bron u, C. i •
Bro« a I ■■'■ ing,  Mrs,   H
Bi    .. Hugh
Ur i ■    Mrs. M,
Boem,  Mike
Bolton, Mr-.   .-    il
Bregoleae, li
Builey,   John
Bonallo,  David
Burn, Win.
Bell, Vi. H
Bradshaw,   I    \\
Black. '.-".
C ul-   -Iii".
i olarco, ' ■
Cameron, II, '
Cancolliere, A.
Carmichael,  Jas.
Carachio,  A.
Casciato, Mr_>. J.
Casciatu, Doiiuto
Casciato,  Kug.
Catlen, Loige
Colacurcio_, C.
1 Via :urcio, F.
Colac.ii'.io,  Angelo
Colacurcio,   M.
Comozzi, Ten -
Comozzi, S.
Copeland,  R.  It
Corning, Mre. E.
Corson, Mrs. A.
Corson, Frank
Coughlin, Mrs. H. E
'Jranford,  K. /
Crawford, A.  B,
Cocorochio, P.
dimming, H. I1
Campbell,  Wm.   E
Corson, Ernest
Campbell, Jas   A
Cousins, Herb
Corson, C. T
Ciaci, All.
Callin,  Jos.
Com&ssi, bi KaSaUs
Uaetn,  ,loe
Damoer, Mrs. M.
Duir.'.r, Y
D'Arcangolo, G.
D'Arcangelo, F.
Deola-, Joe
Decorpo, Dom,
Dctoe, Nuzio
Defoe, G.
Defoe  Angelo
Deioe, Annabel
Defoe, Joseph
Dent,  Mrs.  I
Donald, Jas.
Daniels, A. G.
Douclctti,  Angelo
Edwards, Ceo. V,
Farrell, Wm. E.
Fittent Dom
i letcher    John
■_ ■. a, C
.'     i.  ..i ■
PI iiii]
1 ignelli, ' •
F«rgnson, il   11
e,   I   P
Fia    _.:..   Aug
Hi  mo   \'it
ano, Don.
„.   w
.• -    M
r    '    -,   '.i".   li.
Hooley, Frank
Hylaud,  Robt
Humphreys, Mi-- '
Ilnr-.,', Clarence
Hope, Thos.
Hook, Theo II
John-o-.,   II'.
Johnsoi .
Johnson, Jno. A.
Johnson,  Jno,   I.,
Julian, Mi-. 1'.
Jackson, D,  E.
Keegaii,   Mr-. II    W
IConword, All.
Kennedy, J, D,
Kimberley, Goo.
Knowlton, Mrs. E,
Kmipster,  Henry
l.umana,  Pasqualo
l.amiiua, Sal.
Laughocd,  II.
Laurionti,  F.
Leo, Mr:   A
Lewis, Tho.
Long, Tony
Lonzo, Mr. M. '■
Lonzo, Joueph
Lundell, Chao. IS
Laiighlati,   II.   I
Property Owner  l0WjB| Thos. A
Mi y, Ed. -I
Mackenrot, E. A
Maddaloni,  A.
Mallo.v,  Mi.--   A,
Miinii, M.-. M,
Mauloy, Juo. V.
Marchcsou, Angelo
Mathie, Mrs.  L.
Micklojohn, Ce...
Mensing, Carl
Mi.ieli, Teresa,
Miller, A.  E.
M,iller, >'. C.
1 Moran,  Mrs.  .1.
Morgan,   Isaac
Mlliv     I.e..
jMuxwoll, Juo. A.
I Mathie, Jus,
iMiddlemas,  -I"-.  S.
'Ids,''Mathie, Jas
McCall,  Robert
McDonuld, It. U.
! M.'iliinie., Jns.
1 McGuire, Mrs. .1.
"       Mclntyre, A. N.
"ner McKinnon, II. I".
MclCinnou, ll S.
McKinnon,  Miss D.
''       McLcnn, I). H-
McLeod, Dan
McLeod, John
McRae,  Mrs,  A.
Mclta.i,   K,  G.
McFarlane, N
McRne,   John
McConnell, I).  A
INorberg, Otto,
Newsomc, Chas.
Orsetti,  F.
Osborne. Wm.  ll
Osborne,  Lewis,
i Overton, M.
Pettipiece, W. C.
Pagden, Thos.
.Palmer,  John
Palmer,  Mrs,  J.  D,
Parte, A. N.
Patrick, Mrs. M. I.
Patrick, Louis
Pettipiece, E. B.
householder  Pettipiece,  J.  K.
; Phipps, A.  E.
Phipps, Mrs.  A.  I.
Phillips, W. 11
Piscatclli, Sam
Pollock,  Jno.  T
Pontuso,  Antonio
I'l'iiloliui, Archillo
property ownor   Pvatico, Dom.
Pradolini,  A.
Pugsley, John
Purvis, A. P.
Pugsley, Josephine
Purgato, A.
Pradolini, 11
Padovan,  Luigi
Pi oui, Felix
Parker,  Phillip
Ragnolli,  M.
Reedor, J. II
Robertson, Patot
\ Robinson, J   It
Robinson, Fred
householder   Rodgers, Jno   R
property owner   Root,   i    I'
property  owner   Ross,  Yuill
, Rtttht rf ■' I,   I
It ion I
_ ■ ' fi .:.'
-.' ' •'■ :     '-ii
- .-.-.    Wn!t»r
R   Di
Sine   I'   r
jiriai        \  .
Sirrionni   Augu tii
.-li.uM.i    ti
Pi I
-lin'l.     -'•:..
Inid      Mi     M   '•
- on ■  , l fi
-i-i'!_   ■■    Mi •   '.    \l
- ■ .     , Hi     Katl
i   Stingley,  -   11
Sturd;,   iI
-imp-' '.    .1     S
Sturdy, Wm. A
Statifler, , Ieo, <i.
Taylor,   Hon.  Thos
I,.-..",.  Mrs   i.   M
Tovin, Alfonso
Thornton,   .1.   II,
I hompson, ll   •'
Torak,  Andrew
treat, Chas. A.
Trimble,  Ed
I rimblc, f liirolino I.
Thompson, Wm.
Tapping, Clayton
Urquhnrt, Robt.
Urquhart, C, D. A,
Vug.in,  Frank
Viiiighan, ,'.  II
Wostman, Poler
Williamson, 0, ll
Wilson, ll. S,
[11    | ■■! ' '_    ' Ol lier
II'. Il-elli. Iller
properli    oil tier
proper!}   owner
properly  owner
proper,,i' owner
householder ' r\
propet'ty owner
Armstrong, Willis J.
Armstrong, Mrs Susie
Anderson, Mrs. Mary
Anderson, Chas.  E,
Allen, A.  H.
Austin,  Ed.  E.
Aldridgo, Jos.
Aokman, Jl   R
Allen, A,  H.
Bain, Mrs. T. W,
Bain, Miss M.  E.  J,
Barhei, J, Guy
Bews, Walter
Boll, G, W,
Bongard, Ed.
Biitniii,  Mrs.  II-  A
Bourne, Frank
Brown, II. A.
Briggs, W.  I
Briggs,  Mrs.  II    1
Burridge, Ed.
Bourn.',  I'..  J.
Byrnoll, I'.. A.
Bingham, John
Boll, Goo. E.
Blackloek, It. It,
Belhune, Wm. S.
Bruce, Bonj.
Bates, Fred
Bain, Thos, Vi.
Bnnyiin,   John
I'.ii.iin.  XX.  ,1.
Bews,  Harry
Caley,  John
Carf, Mrs. II   ,'.
I nrpi'iiter,   Ily,
Campbell, J.
Clark, fl.  M.
Mrs.   lt.
Corning,  Ed.
Corley,  Mrs.   B.
Corley, Miss M.
Clay, !■:. M.
Collie,    A.
Crick,  Mrs.  A. (i.
Crick, A. ,'..
Crowo, A. XX.
Carlson, Swan
Curry, Wnt.
Carmichael, Juo.
Cnrter, I',.   II.
Davidson,   Audrew
Dickey, Wm. Jno.
Downs, Mrs.  S.
Donaldson, Wm.  U
Dunn,  Win.
Levesque, A. P.
Lindmark, Chas   F
Lawrence, W. M.
Manning,  H.
"        Manning,   Mrs.   A,
property owner Mitchell,  C; W,
Maundrell, II. I-'
Moore,  Jas.  Win
property  owner
property owner
Dallas,  J.  A.
Foote,  Mrs.  XX.  A.
property owner   Flindt, Mrs. M. A.
householder   Foote,  W.   A.
property owner   Foster,  W    XX.
Fromey,   E.  C.
Frisby, Mrs. L-
Frasor, Dan C.
property  owner   Vnu,  F. II.
Fulton,  V.  J,
Fleming, Wm.
Fleming,   Mrs. N.
Freeman,   Wm.   P.
I Gordon, Mrs, M. E.
Gordob, Robert
Gould, John
Govett, XX.  H
Graham, Mr-:, 1. J
Giddiiis,  Joseph
Grant, Ale.v.
Gillan, C. E
Haig,   rhoa.   I .
Hamilton, Dr. J,  il
Hanbury,  ll,  J
Hamon, C.  E
Harvey, Thos
li ib on, Alex,
ilo..,. ■ ,   p. tel
h   isohc der   H   vso,     Roberl
Hows I.     i.
Hum-,  Mi     I
Hum". C.  B.
:. ■;
propert;      ,
■' .
'! .
1 .per"     wnei
.  ,,. ■     .    n
Kill I        I
l\ ini aid    Mrs    M .
pi ipnrl
pr.ipeff,  ownei
propertj   uwnei
property owner
K nn aid,   \
I    1
I ain -.   1
• I
l   . ■ .   M .
I iwrei
I av rei  ■ .
Leo, Mi      \. ,'.
I.el'iiiii . ,    U      »
I ' ' .   qua,   Mr-     \
Lewis, I .  ||,
Lindmark, I It i
I iiniiiniik,   Mi
Lundell,   \.   I
Lynch, Fiixl .1
'Lyons, .1   II
Loot,  M   A
I Lee, .lohf
w   ,i
tt    M
Mi   n
[■' ,i
Milchell  F.   R.
Mulholland,  H.
Marion, Wm,  A.
Meek, John
Mason, John L.
McCarty,  Frank
McCarter, Geo. S.
Macdonald, C. R.
McCleneghan, A. D
McDonnell, A. J.
McEachern, Neil
McDougall, J. P.
Mclntyre,  John
McKenzie, D. R.
McKenzie, J. H.
McKinnon, Jbo
McLaughlin, W,
M.-Lenn, Dr, E.
M.'Lciin, Angus
McLean. ,1, K
McMahon, Sum
McSorley, II. J.
McSorley, John
McRiiry,   Mrs,   Mary
McRury, Robert
McKinnon,  It,  C.
McLiiurin, I). L.
McLouuan, J, P.
Mcluerney, Wm.
property owner
property owner
II. S,
property ouuer
McDonald, D
McDonald, -I
McNeill,   A.
McCarter, Go
McCarter, Ge
McKinney,   II.
North, rim-.
Vormnn, Sum
Ostonsen, Olal
Paget,  C,  11.
Paget, IO. IV.  II
Paget,  Miss   IC,
Purler,  ,1. .1.
Perks,   .Ino,   V,
Pratt, XX. II.
Ramsay,  li.  11.
Roescr, Frod
Ross, .Mrs. Jam
\.  II.
property  owner
property ownor
Robertson. W,  B.
Robertson,  Geo.
Rao, D. M.
Robbins,  S, G.
Sutherland,  S.
Samson,  John
Sawyer, Richard
Sawyer,   Henry.
Scott, Mat.  J.
Sibbald, Jno.  I).
Skene.  Chas.  R.
Skene,  Mrs, C.  R.
property ownor
property owner
property ownor
a gent
property   owner
.1.   II
J.  P
Mrs. M.
Jno.  II
, ll. SI.
propert v owner
property  'inner
Sneddon,   Jas.
Sutherland, Dr.  Vi.  11.
Sutherland,  Lilian  M.
Sweeny, Thos.
Squarehriggs, R,  S.
Smythe, D. R.
Smythe, XX'. A.
Spring,  E,  A.
Sutherland, W, H.
Sibbald.  J.  D.
Sibbald, J.  D.
Tapping,  Robt.
Tapping,  Mrs. E.
Taylor. J. Ed
Terry,  Fred
Teller,  Jas.   I'
Trimble,  Robert
Taylor,   Edwin
Vsughan, C    11
Watmore,  Mrs   II
Watson, R. d
Willis, Dan,
White, J.  II
Wilkes, C,  J.
Wiliii ms* -..  H m
Waters   R.   V.
Wai        Jos   P
Wadi J.
i   ...      Jas
Wile -     'ohn
'' lack   I
\ui • ■
tbrahai I fin ■
Ukill  .   P.    I)
....    •
properly ownor
proporty ownor
property owner
. - . I,
'•.   .1
- ■     i    I
., ,,.,l,l  ,1
"        '   ••        II
1 i. Mi    li
i    '    Wm
'       llin,   Mi      \
iCn    man,  Ml      I
I   I'll III.Ill'u
■in. ttm
 M-lliii, A.
I'h'il'l.i    I'"''.   Inii'.    I.ilm
ll.,- it    li.   p.
Devine,   J.   J.
Doll, L.  H.
Downs,  Thos.
Dow, Alex.
Ellis, Geo.
Duck. A. G.
Edwards,  Ed,
Edwards, N. I
Edwards,  Mrs.
Elson, Mrs. W,
Ellis, Geo.
Field, C. M.
Fink, Henry
Fleetham, Mrs   M.
Forbos, W. A,
Fleetham,  F.
Gillian,  John
Gibbons,  Rand
Gospel,  W.  J.
Gowing, A. G.
Granat, Aug.
Granat, Olga
Green,  R.  W.
Graham,  Ed, A
Grant,  Alex.   li.
Hack,  Mrs.  Antiti
Haggen, Mrs. Annie
Hack, Mrs.  Annie
i Hnggen, Mrs, Aunit
' Hnggen,   li.
Hall,  Miss M. A.  I,
Hamilton, Wm,
Hanson, Odin
lli.flstroni,  Gus
Ilcnri.li.  Boil   M.
llolti.ii, Chas.
Holten,  Mrs. C-
{ Holland,   Robt.
Humphreys, Vi.
I Hyatt,   Murk
Haggen,  E. A.
Hui lock,   II.  .1
Jamieson,   Mrs,
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson,  Mrs. A
Johnson,   Angus!
Johnson, Goo.
JollilTo, Vi. II.
Jamieson, ,las.
' Jackson,
Kellie,  .1
Keriiaghan,   Jno.
| King.  Wm,
Kington, 11,
Lane,   Iterllin
Laiighlon,  Robt.
Law,  XX. A.
Lawson,  Mrs.   M.   h
LoFoaux,   Stanley
Leslie,  Jno.  A.
Lovesquo, Eug.  E.
Long, -las.  E.
Lund, Gus
Lund, Mrs. Gn-.
Mnddocks, A.   li.
Menhenick, Cory
Micklcson, Jno.   E.
Miller,   Mrs.   F„
Mitchell,  Delia
Morgan,   Joseph
Morgan,  Mrs.   R,
Morris,  Mrs.  Janet
Morris, Mrs. Alice
Morris, H. C.
Monatt,  Alox.
Murphy, Pat
Mara, Juo. A.
McCarthy, Mrs. J,
McCarthy,  Dennis
McDonald,  Stewarl
McGregor,  Alox,
McKenzie, Mrs. D.
MoKenzie, J. B.
McMahon, Wm.
McMahon,  Mrs
McNeill,  A.
McRae, Alox.
McEachern, A
McDonnell, W.
Neodham, Saml-
Noodhain, J.  II.
■ Nelson,  John.
Naglo, G. B,
Orton,  Mrs.  Ant
Perry,  A.   tt'.
Peterson.   P.  A.
Payne,  Mrs.  J_.
Pen-in, Julos
Peroslnni, Joe
I Peterson,   P.   R,
Pool,  Wm,   B.
Powers, Delia
Pratt,  tt.   ||.
Raboucherc,  A.
Rnbouchoro,  Mr-
Reighley, Jus.
Ros .   Mrs.  tt.
Roussoll,  Tlm-.
-.nlli'li't'soll,    Jul
Scott,  J.   It.
t,  Mrs.  Eliz
eti, II
Mi      .1.
bbnld,  Mrs   A.
in r, Mi     I
"    ll       Mr       \|.
lhe,   Vm;   '
-a..'l.ll    I
Spaulding,   \    I.
ing,  Mi      t
il    Mi      11,..
Steed,   II...
xtonov,  H    I'.
I     \
.   Mrs    \    I
ibnch, Paul
nd    -In-
"'.-,  John
in '. li. J
i .min, on,  tWn
.. >,
property owner
proporty owner
property  owner
property owner
property owner
I soholder
properly owner
I...i.-el...I.Improperly   oll'tter
the. Voters List ol the said City have
mot and considered this list and I
horsby cortify that this is a correct
list of persons entitled to vole at
Municipal Elections in the City of
Rovelstoke for tho year 1910, passed
by such Court of Revision.
I List of persons iu tho Rovelstoke
School District, but outside of tho
Municipality, who are entitlod to vote
at tho election of .School Trustees for
the said School Pistri.-t, during lho
year 11110
Adair, E
Bornarducil, A,
Bourke, Mrs. P.
Cameron, F. W.
Cabrini, Miss Fraucts
Camozzi, Joseph
Cnmpbell, D. R.
Campo, Charles
Carlson,  II
Clarke,  Jon
(Telland, James
Colbook, 11.
Colin,  Bruno
Collpltts, rt. II.
Crawford!  Jamioson
Critolli,  Joseph
Doyle.   II.   N.
Doylo, Mrs. II. C,
I'lll/clto,   Gllisi'ppe
l-'oi'gusou, Duncan
I'lcicher, Jiiiiiis
Fraser,   Fred
Fuoco, Giuseppe
I'tioco,  Mike
Gni'tiian, B.   F,
(Inch,   Mike
Cooell, t'larence
Gi'iinttroiu, I'lnis.
Gianer.  All.
Ilnner,  James
Hamilton, Wm,
Hanson, A. A, G,
Hill, 0.
Jnhelkn, tMius.
Jlliian,   Mrs.   Annie
Laforme, Goo.
Lablnnc, Geo,
Lnblnnc, Louis
Leslie,   Wytlcll,   tt.
I.ozzi,  llotuin.'i
Lnnil), Mrs, 11. -I.
Mnloy, Job
Marino, P.
Martin,  Mrs.  Siiruh
Menoiti,  M.
lenotti,   Pasipiala
pr.ijk'rly   owner
properli' owner
properly owner
properly  owner
property  owner
property ownor
properli-  owner
property  owner
S, igfi
-halt ,
li.   II
I'm  ■   ,   lie.
I -ni.i..   ,   Id      I
i ,-.i..i,   III
Walsh,   \   K    11
(Veal,    \j„-
Wells,   I     II
Willu,   F     I.
tl.,.,J......,  Jas,   I
Woolsey,   Ha-.nl
).i..|..'il\   owner
l'i"p.it>   owner
proporty ownor
ol ihe City of Revolstooo, horoby certify    Hint    llie   Colli,    ,,f   lievisioll   illllv
Mcintosh, Dau
McEacheru,  Arthur
McMahon, Thos.
Millar,  Ruber!
Murton, Jas.  II.
McCann, William
McEachern, N. A.
Nixon,  John
Notley, J. L.
Palmer, Chas.
Pickard, Ed.
Pisacrota, N.
Porter. T. R. M.
Potruff, W. IL
Rannllo,  Andonio
Ringer,  John
Scarlno, J.
Shardlow, Mrs, L. ,
Shurima, John
Shurima, Mrs. F.
Singer, Wm.
Sirinnni, Domiulc
Skinner, —
Skinner, Thos.
Smith, W. E.
Sproat, G. M.
Tyson, William
I'ppcr, Mrs, S.
Van Home, Bert
Walson, Vi.  G.
White,  Jas.   II.
Wilson,  Tito:,.   S.
Woodruff, W, T.
Why Pay Kt-nt \\l:<-n you
can  I Iwn \ mir 11 ome ?
ie«i   in  ,bt   Council to review
i\vtllini_;s,    limiting  |_,ots
and   Acreag'-.
Also  1'itisincss .Property
First Street
LP. LeBeau
Corner Third 5-& Campbell Aye.
HorsEShoEing & Carnage Worka SpEcialty
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
llffvfVI|>**lWlWffV ^
the (Irand Trunk Pacific Branch
Lines Company will apply to lhe Parliament of Canada, at its present sessi- n,
for*an Act Anther amending lhe Aci in*
corpora ting the Company, Chapter 9<) o*
the Statutes of 1906, as amended by Chapter 86 ot lhe *■ tatuies of 1909, by authorizing the construction of the following
additional lines o( railwayt—
(1) From n point on the Western Division ol the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
between the easl limit of Range 11 and
the west limit of RatlgO 17, west of the
third meridian, Ihenee in a southwesterly
and westerly direct iun to a point
in the vicinity of Calgary, Alberta*
or to a point on the line whieh
the Com pan) is authorized, under para
graph 14 of clause 11 of saiil Chapter 99.
to consirticl to Calgnrj 1
(a) From n point on the proposed line
mentioned In pnragraph (1) between the
easl limit of Kangc jo ami the wt st limit
of U inn»' 2K, west iH the thinl meridian,
thence in an easteil) ami Kontbcastutty
direction lo Kegina or t»> a point in ihe
vicinity thei colt
[t\\ From n point on the proposed lino
mentioned in paragraph {i\ between the
east limil t^l Range ij and the west limit
ol Range lowest of lue second meridian,
io Mouse Jaw, er toa point In ihe vicinity
1 ji From it point ou the Western Division of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
between Aitlaml and Waltiwright, tlience
iu au easterly ami southeasterly direction
to a point on ihe line which the Company
is aiithoii/t d, under paragraph 13 of
clause it of said Chapter g , to be constructed to  H.iltlttoi.l;
is) From RegitiP, 01 .1 poinl in lhu
vicinity thereol, thence in a southwesterly
and weiiierl) lirocttoti lo l_,etlibriilge, or
tt- h point in the vielnih oi Lethbridge on
the hue which the Company is, under
paragraph 14 of clause 11 of Mild Chapter
')[), authorised to COnsllYCt  (iiMti   Calvary
to ihe southern boundary ol  lhe Province
of Alberta at or near CoutK
161 From a point on the mam line of
thr Western Division between MoOM lake
and Tele Jaune Cache, thence through
the drainage ol the Clearwater River,
Bonaparte River, SetOtl and Anderson
Lakes and the Lilloet River or the Squa-
mlsh River, or between the lasl two
Rivers, Io Vancouver, Mrltish Columbia;
authorizing an issue of bonds to the extent
oi $30,000, a mile of the said lines of
railway, numbered (1) to (5) inclusive and
comprising the said lines within what are
defined by the said Act as the "Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta Extensions")
authorizing an issue of bonds to Ihe extent
of $50,000.00 a mile of the said line oi
railway numbered (6) and comprising the
said line within what is defined by the said
Act as the "British Columbia Extensions)"
and also amending paragraph 11 oi' clause
tt of the said Act, as regards the southern
terminus ol llie line 1 hereby authorized,
Dated at Montreal this 201b day of November, 1909*
Solicitor for Applicants.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot Air
Pipe and Furnace Vtfork
' Oon naught Ave.   •   Revelstoke
Palace Restaurant
McKensie Avenue
Kruil, Ciinilii-H, Ciftn rn,Tol ttt co.
MchIi* 35 centF.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
Ri,w Furs Boughv
Uash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Fura.
Christmas Gift Suggestions
The useful is combined with the ornamental in the splendid array of Holiday-
merchandise which weare showing for the Christmas trad§. Useful gifts are
always the most appreciated by your friends. We have "Just the things"
you want. Now is the time to select your gifts when lines are complete.
Come in and examine our stock. We can suit you both in price and quality.
Look over this list, it will help you when you come to do your shopping.
CILVERWARE that's the
nearest thing to solid
silver—wears for years, is
rich in design — that s Standard Silverware. You 11
know it by this trade-mark.
Its wearing qualities  are
absolutely guaranteed.
You 11   like  it   as soon  as  you  see   it,  (or the
It's the kind o( plate that wears well and the kind of design
you never tire of.
We ve just received some of the  latest  Standard Silver
designs and we would like to show them to you.
designs are
you call in
Round/Trays $2, 3.25, $5, $6
Oblong Trays,"$13, I2.50J,
Man's Best Friend A Safety Razor
All the new Gillette Models in Gun Metal. Silver and Gold Cases
The Autostrap and Arnold's Fountain Safety at $5.   Clauss Safety in
leatherette cases at $2 50; The Ever Ready $1; Christy Hoe Razor $1
Shave well Safety Razor 35c; and The Marvel at 25c
A Christmas Gift
of Silverware
We   would   like   you   to  see   our  Christmas   display  of
silverware.     We  have  some very handsome  pieces and
sets in  the very  newest  designs—and  tbey are plated to
last  lor  years.
See  this  display now.     We                             /'"t\       *£L
are   sure   it   will   help   you          *"vN      \**B"i£_>r 12
settle    the   Christmas   gift                  \\
problem.                                                      j
This handsome set with tray                1
$15.00       cFjw     W
tui                      ^Mg>^                   .-_•                  V.                                   ^.mmmW^^
Fish Sets
1,   Leatherette cases, silk lined; silver-plated Linden nml
|ienrl bandit's,   Miik^s 11 handsome  present, nt
$7.50 a case.
Children's Knife, Fork and Spoon Sets 50c.
In Leatherette
Cases, plated
Pearl Handles
3»        „-*'_,._». ^J
fr~_ -
In Leatherette
Cases,  plated
Pearl Handles
Skates !    Skates!
A very acceptable present ul Ilii* season
is a baud-uine \mir of skates. We keep
them in hII makes, shapes and sizes, We
can lit tin1 child "1 7 to lli'- man with
lhi' large feel.
A good preFODt at this season. We have
iln< heavy Rooky Mountain pattern nt, Hi,
.Men's Club Shoe at $4, and the Ladies
Cltll) Sli,n- ni f3 .Ml. N'o hr.riii In limit
them o 'er.
Carving Sets
We  have  three-piece sets, in   Buckhorn or Bone Handle,
guaranteed finest quality  steel, in  handsome plush-lined
eases.    An appropriate and seasonable gift at
$4.50, 5.00, 6.00, 6.50, 7.00 to 15.00
Boys' Tool Chests
\Ve have lhe sets in a small box for the
very stun II buy and we have better sets for
tbe birg-r buy-, nnd we have sets that every
household should have with good tools in
ilieiu from 35 cents to $6
Ladies'   Companions
We have a small assortment of this line
lhat we go', Irom a traveller's samples, got
tbem at cost. Selling at $1 25,1.50, 2.50, %i
Electric Goods
If you Hunt to please ibe Old Folks give
Ihem a nice portable Klectrjc Limp or a
new Chandelier for lhe silling room. Come
and innke a selection. We have some
beauties with 6ilk shades at $3 and $350:
some wilh fancv domes Irom ifl 50 lo 13 50
Burnished Brass Chandeliers in 2, 3, and
4 light at from $S to $15, complete with
shades and lamps.
THERE'S nothing so acceptable for a wedding
gift as a piece of silverware.
Of course, you must be sure
that it will wear well. The
absolute certainty of long /^r%^\
wear is assured when
you see this
That means the best silverware made. Rich in design,
perfect in workmanship, and
plated to last a lifetime.
Call in and we'll show
you some of the latest designs in Standard Silver.
Berry Dishes
$4.oo to $7.oo each
Rifles     Rift
Rich, Sparkling Cut Glass
Tin re is nothing you can give u lady lhat will
please ber more than a handsome pieee of nul
glass. We offer you this season the best selections of the world's markets, ir. beautiful designs
Glass Water Sets
The   popularity   ot   this   bin-   Inst   season
induced us lu offer Ihem again ibis year.
Colored   Pitchers   mul   Six   Tumblers at
prices ranging from $1.25 to $2 Per Set
Covered   tilass  Cheese    Dishes,   New   and
Handsome 76c
Four Piece Table Set, comprising 1 Sugar.
Cream, Butter and Spoon Dish at
$1.00 and $1.50 Per Set
Vinegar   Bottles,    Ketchup   Buttles    and
Pickle Jars at      25c each
What will please the boy better than a 22
Rifle? Ask him! We have them in various
styles and makes at   $3, H, *4.65, $8 50, *12.50
Fancy Glass Lamps
To your friends on the Farm a Lamp is very
accent al le, and we can give  you a   beauty  for
si, »1.26, $1.50, $2.00, *2 50, 13.25
This Handsome Water Carafe Only $6.50
Here we give another illustration of one of our
numerous cut glass dishes. Note the exquisite
design. Thoreis something superior about our
cut glass—a distinctiveness which fascinates.
Look at this gem, only $4.50
Flat Ware
lleje i? where we shine. We certainly can
show you a stock tu select from tbat will
astonish you. Knives, Forks and Spoons
in all the best make-. Rogers-' 1847, Wallace 1865, Roger Bro-.. Meriden and Kng-
lish goods. Oneida, 25 years' guarantee.
Fruit Knives in Cases, Pearl and Ivory
Handled, Butter Knives in Pearl, Ivor
and Stag Handles. Sugar Shells in silver
and gold. Pickle Forks, Nut Cracks and
Pick-.    Pie Knives.    Berry Spoons, Csdles.
Nice Chinaware
There is nothing moro suitable, more highly
appreciated and more often shown tn friends
than a good piece of China.
We have a selection here that is second to
none in the province. We are showing the very
latost designs in Crown Derby, Coalport, Royal
Worcester, Copeland's and Aynsley, and in a
Royal Doulton we have all the favorite piecr-F,
Coaching Scenes. Bayenux Tapestry, Knigbts
in Armor and many otbets In Wedgwood weare showing an entirely new line. just the line
when ynu want a single plate for your plate
rack.    Prices ranging from 50c up
Lawrence Hardware Company
Do Your Christmas Shopping Earl). Do It Here. Do It Now
We have a beautiful Assortment of the
Famous   LIBBEY  Cut
Glass.    Salt Dishes,  Bon
Bona.    Salads,    Nappies,
Candlesticks, Water Sets,
Knife Rests, Sherry Sets,
Cream and Sugars,   Cake
Plates, Celery Dishe,
Whiskey Sets,   Vases,
Water Bottles, etc.
Call and See our Magnificent Display of the
most  pleasing of all
Civic Elections
lo the Editor, Mini in-
Bit -in year last issue you pul
.twr   ._ -■ '     - ' i'1' " '
.  ....    ...     nan     :_■■•■"      - "'''I bo
-..:.'..    '
-mil lorui a     •:.■'■'   -mull   allot '
. ■ _    ..:_      ._:..'     ol  i ourao- 1 ■ |
,        ...  ; . v    mdi c land
 i   iny defence,
. ..-•      . ■ ■■ ■ '      ifter u
. its men born.   All  I     i an
_  ihat  il     - u iij In     and olbnre
ivi11   the majorit}
. • .-.:■_    IVfl-p lo
uture-t in  llicii own
:.•: urs   thai   mi mbei    ol
Cluo do, there v
presi '. I :  1"''
-.-   •..        erj   ill-direi ■
iggesi     ...       - n  ■  ■
•. . ; w ll     ■ 1   the
ib    .. ■   -.
V'I ... to u
........ mpo inilud
so carefu iy in hit.? 1
■i •   that  tbi  fui    li kei  reforrc
.- publish. . .: "•.'.-1' |"i. i } our
pspei     Sunlight      n fen . .ui
ite of tu to   the
poii ■    to :   ". .. bi   Mi    I ditoi   you i un
. ._ bim, befori   youi  ni ■.'  i    ie,   to
roalh  . .      imethinj      I he mo ■ -  inter-
,.-_■• aud  rightl t-titri     urouud
majority,    fur which poi itiou,   in
the .'..'■   ■_,.. ler    re,  Do. toi   Lluiuiltou
named    Whal   • .pel iei   • .   ;.■ i gonul ■
.-   . •. ■   uivi   ibvlity, umouut ol time,
and    utl   .   [uulili   ttioi        thu   doctor
...   to bring to I hn     i-ity's
loirs      ' loi   tl     ,-oleri   lu judge,
but  al    :■. n.1      li    t  tli n   ...   i    fu ii _
. •   musi     tandinj   up, u hich is moro
.    ■      ■        . o\        eem to  hai o  ' ho
pluck to li
I? I may  bi ■■■ cxprvi     an
pinion upon our city affairs I     must
iy  that personally 1 tliinli we     havo
• ••-.. r had a battel  M ij-or than tho one
■*-e have     at present,     ior oven those
vh    ,'•,, iki      "■      ve t.      admit
thai   ho  has     dom      moro   work, has
more exe ative ly        trongot mun
than any who  have yet occupiod   this
poei-.ioL, any  -    tsatiou of graft     ••!
dishonesty ir  municipal  a.-Tsirs   under
iiie administration I have    not heard.
Than     ii ni i-    willing to     tok« this
oxpeniivo snd -.hankls-is position again
—why rfcaage''
Before dosiLg i should like   to call
th« et'entlon of our oitizens to the utterly absurd and inefficient  syaieiu ruder -xhich  w-»  ar->  running out -ic
bUE.QMGf =    What     rau w-e expoct   b it
expensive     ollapses     and ■.-..■i-i ■_•-   if
'■« persist in putting amatti.tr..,     and
teen won have nol mado any repute
lions. ;:_   : arg«  oi  the  :ity
et    we have     been doing   praeti
since :-    ■:        .   .       '■'■: .-      .
compary w                                           .  ■
wnosij :h   '  m     ol
a  "goi ■' '■'. ••   : ■      was
RIGHT politically? Our water, power
iigtt, roads md jthei departments,
require a good man as manager, com.
iu isaioni r   .-• ay i     - wl atevci  ■•- i u iy
ill bim,    ind ■■••'■ i    w
of a goo   ■ -.;l'.._   to keep an eyo
•l . :_..:.: •_.. all these things. Pi i -
perl-. o|
fould plac<   i 1 of I mdn Is ol
''   ',-■ ■   i ol dollars  pei   ye i  la     the
:  in   ■ to bo i      iblj play-
■ d with  m '    n a tod,    i  wl o at best
,'.-■" , lisgusl
■ "■ r a single yoa e b    im I
ri ty i        ■    . mplica ted ti
-. halt ti
_ .:     *ole ti t hi
• ■-■     -. iu eighteci
ini is I .1
■••.-.- i wb may bx-
rei m, ou-.
tii ol        lequato
...   ■
. ■ . ■ ■     ir chi
•■ • . i-rii
-i.e the eflr-rts nl part moyorn end
-ouncile, lor th<w have acted up lo
• heir ability und under the condition!
i ri I-.,1.1 i ould ii"' hui o done better.
IVc have ourpelvei to blame for the
ton '. ".in wc stand fur, nnd now
liai'o    the pleusuro    and exporlenco ol
-     'nf
In ron.■lu-i....      lb    li.lii.ii    there   i
ne i'-'.i-'' ing  li iture  lo oui      po.'!inti
pei i imi lit  ^ i'-w ol uur fellow citin ii
and  that is  'hat  all Mould uuito     in ,
ontributing  towards o  tombstone lur
my men who line; worked in tho city's
interest  as Mr.  LindmnUt 'i is, In   li.e
ii     ppj  evont of ''i- dcinii e; « ■   \ ,11
nol enquire     into moth os.       In     i he
nil mu' i lo : how coiToi : [oi-,n I let I
li-iciidi. .mui liiin w hile I'lii'ini... |,.'i I, ,
Voiu-s truly.
IV. W.'l.r-'.l-'KAl
Our Xmas Number
Tin Chl-lsl inns nliinbei of tbe M til.-
Huh mu » ill ho i—in il mi Moinluy
nexl. Tbe Inenl matter will include
holiday iviile-np of tbo stot-i'H and
business I,,ni.-, -. alao un llliiHliaied
uii i. !.■ on Bevelstoke, descriptive of
the cily, tbe district nntl it- resources,
Tbe general articles are  "Christinas]
in ill xico, ' " Testimony of tii-eut. Men \
to Jebus of N.iznreth," "Ry  'In- Cool, |
tj.iir. Luke,   "TbeStoiy   I tlie West,"
••How  ;,. Keep Xiiuis,'   "Tbe  Living
Art,"   "A   Ninas  Pi-ayet-."     There is
ul-..  ..   poem    entitled    " Cbt-istniits
il ii uitig, '
The ftonlispioce Ibb full pngecolored
picture taking us its subject n Canadian buy ul Christinas with bis snow
abovi I uml toboggan, .Ynolliur full-
page illustration lakes us ils sul.jecl j
the discovery by tbe bappv child of
ils rin-lsl iiin-< stn- king liy lhe Vnlu
file on i In i-'.iiius iiioi-iiiug,
i II !•< i ■illustrations  are:    Child  und
Dor,   Mother  nnd   Child   ttt   Prayer.
Canadian I'm . u Sci-nes, such us  Dairy!
C tt tb-, Taking in Ilm Root Crop, Harvest  he I'iiiiii, Picking nnd I'ack
in,- l'i nil, Threshing tbe Wheat Crop,
Planting Potatoes, The Cuttle Hnnclie. i
Maple Sugar Scenes, The Good Sliep
held. He Lcudeth .Me in Gt'eeu Pas-
t res, Ontario Lake Scenes Pt-epiring
foi Cln i-t m.i-, A Gond Catell, Const-
lug.  A  Winl .is I ay
The Xiiiu- edition nf tbe .Mail
Heuai.o "111 form nn Interesting
s iiivenb to si ml to f. iends.
tie's'1 ranching lessons caused mu.-h
anuisement, ill.- scenes showing bronco
busting being verj realiaiic Spe-iil
pictures lor Christmas week havob_.ui
secured, nnil first class progi-amin< s
will he shown
Too M: nf Dogs
Man}   i |>le  have  remarked  un   the
lutgo number of dogB lhat uro lo be
seen in this city. For n city of about
3,500 people, '."I clog licences issued
for 11109, according to tho records in
the i 'm ollices, is nul a i rry hii_.li
average, giving only otio-foTlieth ..f n
dog to .-.nli person, In the city nl
llnvonfortl,  Wost,  in  tlie wesi   ol Eng
land,   r mis  show   thai   1000  dog  li
i-piii-es war., is-iii-.l lust your, the |iopu-
laliuii nf lhal  tow n being  a  little loss
than ll    li   i- very doubtful     thul
under  such  riivuuistunccs even  sucli  u
handsnnie     rovei      would bo  worth
oii\i.i Twisi to-night.
WANTKD Double eiltt-y Bonk,
keeper or tlinektepei' de-ires
pnsltinn, fuhv i|liallfled, llel'. ii-nees
given, Giuiluu'e of (liit.n io Hu-inrss
College,     I{.-ll.-\ ill,.     Applv    W.   N.
Illllil, iill'e nf Muil  Hernld.
Edison Parlor Theatre
The usual excollont programme wns
provided last night nt the Edison
ruilor Thontro, nnd will be repeated
tonight The dratniitization ol tho I
well kn..wij work by Chas. Dickens,
"Oliver Twist" ii- in itself on iiitoreit-
ing entertainment, The comedian? are
unusually good "Moouatruck," de-
. iting < toper's voyage on a stove
pipt monoplane. "Tyrants Dream''
oi    lie taming of a selfish mun   "Ber- ,
We have a few lots left on
the beautiful Rowling Road right
close to the River Road car
line, and commanding an unsur-
passing view.
$275 and $300
Tonus $26 cash, Balance,
$10 per month.
We can recommend those to
bring good returns on the investment.
We havo also a number of
Rood lots in Lynn Valley, North
Vancouver, on the new car
line. With the early construction of the Bridge across
the Second Narrows, these lots
will more than double in value.
Prices from $250 up on  terms
$23 cash and $lo per month.
Dominion Stock and Bond
Corporation, Ltd.
Winch Building;   •   Hastings St.
Rail Lines Port Arthur and West
Fan? and Th rd for Round Trip
Dec  21st to 25th
Dec. 28 to  Jan. 1
AH   Tickets  Good   Until  Jan.  5th.  I9IO
Fur Full Particula
C.   P.   R.    AGENT
The logger's work is strenuous might) strenuou h is a
class of .vork where strength ia required in ihoe As a
hoe breaks at the veakesl p int, a good loggers' shoo must
be strong throughout. It i- >'•<> use to make il with solid sole
and weak upper good leather is useless with poor workmanship, and from end to end, from the first peg to the las team,
there must be thoroughness in the make-up of the './Kor.-'
Tho Ames-Holden 1 »wrs' boots arc built just, this
way—no flinch -no fluke, Thoy arc made for tho man who
wants service--for the man who bucks tho liru: hard for the
man who does things   in fact they were made for you.
If you need a loggef's bool  a-1-- foi the AMES-HOLDEN.
a   Patronize
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock §f printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
oMenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - I^oose Leaf
Account Forms - Ball Prograrns
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam J
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
■.-  i
Agents frr the famous
$60.00 Cash
Take all the small parcels Home that
you can.
Remember there is always a rush the
last few days, make your selections now.
Store open every evening now until
WW       A|
Rules of the Game : Give Something*.
Give the best you can. When in doubt
give gloves.   Consult this list, It's here.
You can make the loved ones merry
with substantial and handsome gifts.
Tarry not!
This is to Help You-Just Run
ote the Offerings
Everything put up in Fancy Holly Boxes that add Holiday Attractiveness to
the Every Day Worth of the Goods.
From a Maiden
From a Boy
From a Girl
From a Man
From a Woman
From a Ycuih
House Coal $',1.50
Slipper, $1.50 lo 2 75
Grip Tug- 20c. each
Gloves $1 00 to 5 01.1
Skating Shoe-
Souvenir Spoons 5Qc
Dress Soil   Pl'Olecllir $3 50
Handkerchief Bux $1 50
Brass Ink Stand 50c In So on
Silk Uinbiella $5 to 8 50
-Yurf Pins 75c lo 1 50
Cnff Buttons 76c lo $1.50
Sweater Coats $3 75 to 7 00
K tutor Strops $1 25
Jewelery 50 -. to lo.oo
Toilet Sets, $2 50 to 10.00
Utility Box 50o. to 1,60
Razor Simp $1.25
Poekei Knives 35-. t" $1,50
SllfelV   lia/.or $5.00
Shaving Mug- 50-, in 1 00
Shaving Mirror 1 00
Handkerchiefs 20c lo $1 25
Neckties 35c. to $1.25
Shaving Minor $1.00
Sofa Piilowo $1 00 lo 5 00
Fancy Back Combs Sl to $10
Barretts 25c. to $5 00
Belt Buckles 26c. to 5.00
Paris Vests 1 00 lu 5 00
Hand Purses,2.00 to 10.00
Hand Hugs, 2 00 to 2000"
' Photo Frames, 50c to 2 00
Drosses, 10.00 to 20.00
Fnncv Waisls, 2.50 to 15.00
Pearl Brooch 2.50
Lace Pins 50c to 7.5o
Silk Brushes $3 00
Pipe- Sl 50  ti 7 60
Hook- $3 00 to 7.50
Silver Pencils 25". to $1.00
Crip 1.00 to 7.00
Corset Covers, 50c to 2 00
Cuti Buttons 50c. lo 5.0o
hn--- Suit Protecloi §3 50
H'.ix Sl.mourn  35c !|i ,'i 00
Trunk 5 00 to 10.00
Silk Underskirts, 4 50 to $20
\\ riling Case 1 60 lo 50(1
Tobacco Jar $1 50
Funt t lluse 50c. in Sl 50
Clolb Cup 75c. to 2.00
F.- y Collars 50c to 5.00
KiinuliMS. 1 00 to 5.00
Tablet Papers 50c to 7 50
Tobacco Poiicb 75u. In $2
Gloves S1.50 lo 3.50
lloiice Shoe 1 50 lo 2 7.r>
Neck Scurf i5c.
Pearl Necklet. 1.50
Boxed Papers 35c. lo 2.50
Neck Scurf 75c to if2
Shaving Mi.i'oi Ifl 0U
Photo Frame- 50c lo 1 00
Fnncv Bos Hondk. 1.50 to $3
Box Linen Hniiilk. 1 50 to $3
Armlels 25 . lo I 25
Silk Umbrellas 4.50 to looo
Polka 1.00 lo 5 00
Kid Cloves 1.00 to 7.50
Hair Combs, 50c. to 5.00
Cloves 1.50 to 3.00
Neck Scarfs 50c. to 75c
HarJetti- 35c to 3 00
N-ck'iis 35 . lo •'■1 25
Slippers 11.50 lo $2 75
Sui- Cu.'.? $2 50 io 18 00
Box giiuranteed hose 2.00
Fnncv Suspenders 75 I. to 2 00
Fancy Suspenders 75c. lo 2.00
Su«peuder Sets 1.25 to 2 00
Boxetl Frills 25c lo 1.00
Pupetrie .'ioe. to 1 00
flair Ornaments, 1.00 to $10
Siik Hose, 1.00 to 5.00
Sn-nender Sets $1 25 and 2 00
Silk Shirts $5 00 each
House Slippers 1,50 to 2 25
Waist Length 50c. lo 10.00
Motor Scarfs 50c to 1.50
Fnn- v Vesti-$4 "in io 8 5H
ll'oven $1 50 to $3 50
Cuff Link- 75". lo $1 50
Fnncv H««e 50.. (,, 1 5(1
Patent Dress Shoes 3 75, $4
Dress Lengths, 1.50 to 10,00
Boxed Hatidk 50c to 2 00
Cuff Lmk  Sets $1 00
Mufflers 75c to $2.00
Colored  Poplin Slippers 3 50
Motor Scarf. 1.00 to 5.00
Belts 50c to 3.00
Sweater Coat.- $3 75 lo 7 00
ITaiicv Ves.ts $4 50 to 8 50
Club Hugs $2 50 to 18 00
Hockey Boots 4.00
Silk Umbrella, 4.50 to 10.00
Neck Wear 50c lo 3 00
Fancy Suspenders 75c. io $2
Mufflers 75c. lo $2 00
Pipes Sl 50 lo 7.50
Patent Boots 5.00
House Slippers, 1.50 to '2.2■ >
Neck Chains 1.00 to 6.00
House Sl'pper-  1 50 lo 3 25
Pair House  Slippers,  1 50 to
Hnt Pins 25c to 2 00
Pair Cloves, 1.00
Hockey Boots, 8.00
Lion Brand Suits, 5,oo tow
I'n tent Boots, 5 00
2 25
Hair Barrets, 35c to 5.00
Sweater Coal, l.oo
Sweaters, 75c to 1,75
Sweater,- 75c to 1.75
Mu ic Roll, 1.00
Grip, 2 50 lo 1800
Hair Ornaments, 50c to 5.00
Suit Cuue, 2 5o to 5 5o
Gloves, l.oo
Overcoats, 5.oo to U.oo
1    A
Hand Mirror, 75c to 5.00
Hair Ornuiienis
Sireet Ci loves, 2.00
Hat  Tin Holder, 75c
Fountain Pens, 2 50 tn 5.00
Boxed Writing Paper 35c. to
2 00
Wiiling Case, 1,50
Bedroom   Slippers,   Sl,50  to
Fancv Bells, 50c to 1 50
Cluh Bug 2.5u to il.oo
Pocket Knife, 35o to 1 25
Neck Ties, 35c to $1 25
Neckties in Boxes, 75c to 1.25
Sweater Coat, l.oo
Armlets, 25c to 1.25
Slippers. 1.25
Lion Brand Suit, 5,00 to il.oo
Hockey Hoots, -l.oo
Pocket Knife, 35c to 1.25
Muffler, 75c
W     .
Cut Glass Articles, 75c to $20
Elastic Belts, 75c to 5 00
Pearl Penknife, 50c
Sewing Hox. 2.00
Pin Cushion, 65c to 1 00
Belt Lengths, 50'. to $1.50
Handkerchiefs, 15o lo $1.25
Hockey Boots, 3.00
Knitted   Neckties 75c.
<tloves, l.oo
i'ul'1 Links, 75c
Hand Bags, 1 00 to 15.00
Japanese Cup und Saucer, 50
Belt Pin-, 25cto 1 00
Mufflers, 75c
Neckties, 35c lo 1.25
Tie Pins. 75c to 1.5o
Luce Scarf, 75o lo 3.00
to 2 00
Lion Brand Suit, 5.oo to sn
Handkerchiefs, 15c, to 1.25
Hand Hags 1 on to  2 5o
Fountain Pens, l.oo to 5.oo
Fine China  Pieces,£(>>to $10
English China Pieces, 50c to
2 00
Box Bon Bons, 50u to 'A 00
Neck Wear, ,n>c lo 5,oo
Mechanical Toys, jj.'m to $5
Overcoats 5,oo to 12,oo
Magic Lanterns
Fine Soups, 25o tn 3 00
Bi bs. 5oc to 2 oo
Magic 1.-interns, 2 5,i
Sleds, 75c lo 5.110
(iames, 35c to 5.00
Silk Umbrellas, 5.00
Box   Handkerchiefs,   50c   lo
Boxed Frill-. 25c to $l.no
Magic Lantern
Fine Underwear
Lace Pins, 50c. to 5 oo
3 oo
Fancy Collars
Letter Hack, i.00
Collar Boxes, 75c to 3.oo
l.ancy Hosiery
Fancy Combs
Scurf Pins, 5oc lo 7.oo
Hats and Caps
tl loves, l,5o lo.3.oo
Watch Fob, l.oo to 1.5o
Fancy Suspenders, 75c to $2
House Slippers, 1.76 to 2.25
Hookey Boots, 4.on
Felt Slippers, i.75 to 2.25
Neck S.-nrfs, 75c to 2.oo
Cuff Lnks, 75c 75 1.5o
Suspender Sets, 1.25 to 2.00
Fancy Slippers, 3.6o
Hox Confections
Box Confectionery
Neckties, .",5c to 1.25
Tie Pins, 75c to 1.56
Mufflers, 75c to 2.oo
Patent Pumps, 3.76 to l.5'>
Cut (lln-s
Hockey Boots, 4.oo
Knitted Tie in fancy box, 75c
Mulllers, 75c to 2,oo
Pocket Knife, 35c to 1.25
Hockey Boots, l.oo
House Slippers. 1,75 to 2.26
Suit Cases, 2.5) to 18
Cuff Links, 75c to 1.5o
Gloves, wool, Hoc to 1,25
Cuff Links, 75c to 1.5o
Cut Glass
Patent Boots, 5.oo
Travelling Bags, 2.5o to $18
Hockey Boots, 3.oo
Gloves, 1.5o to 3,6o
Tie Pin, 75c to 1.5o
Silk Hose, l.oo to 3.oo
Gloves, 1.5o
Handkerchiefs,T6c to 1.25
Ties, 35c to 1,26
Gloves, 1.5o to 3.5o
Box Confections
Bracelet 2.oo to 7.5o
Purses, 6^c to 2,oo
Fancy Vests, 1.5o to8.5o
Handkerchiefs, 15c to 1.25
Handkerchief Boxes, $l,5o
Music Roll
Sweater Coat 2,00 to 5.00
Sweater Coats, 4,5o
Fancy Sitspenders, 75c to $2
Travelling Bigs, 2.5o to SO
Gilt Clock
Wool Skirt, 2.75
Fancy Hose, 5o to 1.5o
Fancy Hose, 75c. to 1.6o
Neckties, 35^ to 1.25
Fountain Pen
Silk or Nett Waists
B- It Buckle, 25c to 2.oo
Fancy Suspenders, 75c to $2
Fancy Vests, 4.5o
Hockey Boots, 3.oo
Lisk  Pad
H.iir Ornaments
1  B .x Friliings, 26o to l.oo
S.ispencler S«ts, 1.25 to 2.oo
Sweaters. 2.75
Hazor Strop
Manicure Set
Jabots, l.o.i to3.oo
J Collar Pieces, 25" to l.oo
'Slipfiers, 1.75
Magic Lantern
Safetv R tzor
| Handkerchiefs]!
Watei   Fob
Fancy Silk Shirts
Boxed Paper
F.mcy Collars
1 Hair Ribbons
■  --
Magic Lanterns
Useful and Pleasing Christmas Gifts
[-ancv Neckweai Golf Coats, Lined and 1 nlined Kid
Gloves. Drtssmg Jackets, I iressinj.; Gowns, Christmas
Umbrellas, a biMUUlul range of bilk Waists in assorted
colors. Fancy Net Waists bilk Underskirts. Fancy Hose,
Km Setl—Separate Stole Separate Muff, Table (.'ovei,
I ible Linen anil Napkins, Hand Bags, Xmas Handker-
bids. Eiderdown Comforters. Children's Golf Coats,
Sweaters. Windsor Ties, Tarns, Toques, Men's Xmas
Hall Hose, Xmas Ties in Fancy Boxes, Mocha Lined
Gloves, Suit Cases, etc.
\\ arm Winter Coats l'or Ladies and Children, Latest Styles.
Buy  Your Xmas Hat   Now    while   you   have   an   opportunity   to   take   advantage   of the   greatly   reduced  prices.
liu wiih 0111 New Bakery xve are ablfi to do siill
better- l'i) 'lie HOME MADE BREAD, a beats
,iil that is made in li (.. 'lit a Loaf ami yon will
eat no other.
Prepare in good time lor Xmas. \\> have a
lull line ol" Choice Groceries and can supply you with
all your requirements.    1 Viler early.
im.omi an G.     Wt     HVaIaIa       P.O.Box uo*
Grocer   a.m>   Bakjtcr ,
oooooo o-oo-oooo -0~ck>0<k>-0-ck><k>-0^
See this List of Nice Gifts for Xmas
I'm: i.aihks
Nice Furs,   Blouses,
Xmas Slippers
1 laiulkereliiefs.
1 l.indkcrehicls
(.hains, etc.
Handk. Sachels
Braces, Neckties
Cull Links,  Armlets
MRS.   A
First    Stroct
Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Ij,   .,-•-_- . :  -i ■   1 ouuty 1 ."ii 1 uu
|, •■    ludgc    1 01 ii  li   '■• "   '"'   ■'"" '
■■■,-.•     , i'    l'"   '!•••'.."I    ll'1
A genei il ■ i«e 1 . if thi level.- tokr
■j   :: .■,,......,,. _•    .   ub   will a.- hold n.
... . •■ li ■ " tl ■ tltiy, Dec '•"-'■
11  - 0' lock p. iu.
la tho recent Jinderby poultry ukow'
■I i\iunon ut mis .m  secured   isi
prue tui-     bull .Leguorn Lounoiet. una
tal.,  -i 'i .   iii    .   -■.!   lor  liufl   1 .egnoru
0. u Mackleiu and X\ \V. Shufer, ot
ttiuwpeg, havo |ust purchased '•I,'".'"
acrea ot Iruit lauUB nt Jouasou'e
Crsea, Arrow Lase. iue purenaBB
prioa amounted to sio.WU
Sir. "uned Gribbie, ol Toronto, oue
oi tue participants in tuo labor striae
at cape i/iutuu, wm lecture ia tli...
Op«ra House, on luonuoy, DeceuiOei
lilac, at __ p. m . on tuo Labor movement,
W. A .Stutdy, late of tb-.- Lawrouco
Hardware C'o , hui joiued 'lie -lull ol
Bourn.' Bros , and it. now iu charge
of tbn hardware department. A large
rtoi L ui hardware will be kepi auu
tli« department rearranged uml con-
uderably enlarged.
Th* Hindoos hu- uiil drifting buck
iu India. They do not like living
iier.* They have been working Btead-
liy cine--- they arrived und many of
-.hem huvu ue-.-u suviuy up money to
take them buck to their own country
'.-.'here they can live on a few cents a
duy. Many Hindoos have been Bending money regularly to their families
iu India, and soino, though few, up.
pear to be satisfied with tln-ir change
of abu-ie, und climate and good wages
paid     11D
Christmas Groceries
\-   vain
IJainli, s,
shoi I lor I lirislmiis'Groi-cries ami
il ... om lino liml "ill intere-.! vou
including K.iiMiis, Ciii-ranlK-and Peels, all choice fresh fruits; Nm-.
Table Raisins, l-'igs, Bales, L'liry.slnlized Prints, Oranges an.I
Bananas.    Toiniiloes and Lettuce to order.
Our own innke, guaranteed superior io any others on ilu- market
How on View
contain Supply Company
General Mcrchandi-e
«arr:"__r:s____a> tnwa, msmmii
,     Gene
Telephone 248
I,_., js.j atf m-Mivxr.r-,.   t
Your Insurance
Is  one ol   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look afler this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Leave your    order foi   dr\   I'n    r.cinl      In Ijulmou    Arm     several Cliinumeu
with H   X   Coursier have boon fined for   running gambling
game,  in tlieir laundries.
An accoptnblo Uhristtnus gift, red or!
black cocker spaniel pup, from     best I    Tli.   gymnasium     classes aro getting
stock iu America.   Seo .'   J, Devine.     ready to put on ,i special programmo
.,„_, ._       for the New Year's nt   Inun.'
NOTICE.—Will   the  party   i .turn   liy j
Monday nexl  the roll of wire netting,     I'   Burns & Co   havo just recoiled ti
token from  lho post ofllce,  and   n-oid  car ui prime poultry far  liieir      .'...-,il
itiotk.a    Turkoys,  geese,  chicken*  and
ducks nil fresh killed, Outario l.i1.
further action.—Fred Frasot
Any sittings mude up to Saturday
ImIi, will hnve your photos before
Christmas. Wo hnve electric printing
light. .Morning sitting preferred ut
Truemun's studio.
'II... I... nl public offices ■■!  the   pro ■
vineial  government  "ill be closed   on
Friday December '-'lib.  and  ou     I'n
dav Deo. 31st.
Novelty and Staple Styles
for Holiday Giving
Box upon hox of Handkerchiefs,
plain and fancy, lino embroidered
pieces, or selections of a dozen or
a half dozen. Handkerchiefs for
the schoolboy or sir], for the
dainty lady of fashion, grandmother and all the rest. When you arc ready to choose your
glfl handkerchiefs you will find here every kind you have
ever situ before, and many that are new this season.
Choosing becomes an easy process because the kind
that you want is bound to be anions: them.
Prices, too. is an important consideration when one
has many gifts topurchaae and that is another reason why
this is lhe place to .shop. In handkerchiefs,- as in everything else, you will find that our splendid value-giving
policy prevails.
We quote all prices from 25c. per dozen up
to $2.00 each. If you wish to embroider
initials we will stamp them free, on Six
or more, costing 15c. or over.
Here arc Furs for the little Girls Vou Love
If you have thoughl of giving Xmas time happiness
to some little girl will you allow us to suggest a pretty
Fur set? Hy our long experience we know we can help
you not alone in the selection of good
Iki rs and pretty furs, but in the matter of savings ihis Store's system of
pricing enables ymi in purchase the
very goods you want al a little less
price than you expected t<> pay.
A ei-. Ily !•' i S,.'| |,,i ,i Xa.a- (J ifl will
I,mli,i I,,,, ,.\, H si inkle wiib ibl glil .ml >.i„ li
l'i' us bnppy in. a  iti-k.
ll is v..ur (..AiliM|.
Illll-H  III    ,■',,!■    i-    III  ■    in..I.
lbs     mining   lllilli     lie -
. prm-iii., ii,,, Kin
.-snvii'K "pp"! t iii .j
Bearskin Muffs nnd   Puffu      7tc Ei'Ch
While Lamb ( lifts, 75c. and SI 00
Angora OoMar and  Muff S4.50
Ermine Sets *;j no
Wiilto Corny 81 ts S3.0O
White Thibot Sots 8r, lo tlO
F" O B C   CJ   O   O        Ci O   O   O  S .
I'lii Hrsl ihoii ■■ .1 particulai
people   ::i   writing pa pei   Is
.   .   i    ine ■
1 '  ■      Lawn is de
: •    thi    iir-;--   popul 11
rn   ;. indi n     ■ - the .lay
l\ e hat many -i\ lea in
V.. - pacsnges m prices
from 75c, to 35, H.-llv boxes
Ml. 81.25, 81-511
Bews' Drug &'Statianery Stare
-.XT  HI Ml    BUX K
Oold  Uaugo  Lodge   So    20,   Knight-- Uliver   hvisl  to-n
oi  Pythius,    an     concluding  arrange [-he bowling       e.-igue i    pi ivokin^
ments for the pm hs i        tne lot und .„■„,,,.   .,,,,,,,„!  ;.  ,,,. .  ... .,          .    |
building on   birst   itreot  adjoining   tlie ..,„.,,     |(|l.      Kevelstoke      Mi   ■     "•■■'
Mm.     th,   erection  ol   u   line   I'ythinu rlown  befoie tl                        Wi Ineidn;
Hull  and  business   block  on   thai   site
will   piui.uu.iiv   be     uuimi need  early   il
1 - I lie m
I i    -l i IUK' ,,
^     Sowmuu,   lh. • viimoi      ■ ■ •
fo    ibe new  ■ ■
IIOtlr.0  toiin. • ..■',•'
ty uf hii
operutions.    liunli     lious.
'■■i^W^'   ''     ■ ■ ■"■-% VA--,"
■    ' i T.   -  - ■     .' _■ . i {■ ..' *     ■'. ■>*■-.-
VIM r-.    :.      ■  AW, ■ v',:i»>
,.,.   ted foi
.;.-.■■ i star! the
will i.'   uiad
A      ■ .
■•■   ■
..uui-    '
Unu.   ;'
lent   oui   undei I'
.-      ar, f»f Winnipi
mtee i
'gxSgl ■:..,'       vk'V /i   ' ''-'
,'   «y *Jtl#.   :■- "   >vfi?;_»V. •    ■ dr- .»«Bv
-i iti*.^.. W__r,v...   - ,t _; .«&.
|f.   "
■_■ ..     1
Don     A tii
I      :    < rla
! .   ;   , i,    I .. n 11
Men's Fancv Vests   A Silk Umbrella
Silverware. Sterling Silver
Purses    Purses!    Ladies   Mand Bag
Everythinu in the  lewelry lane.
. i
■■.   roaumod oi    I'm
i   . i i,i.im.
■■ o ,i  .I,,, . ,.-,   ;„'.
J. Guy Barber
ly. and in many eauo ciangorou
enough ... enti i Dro to iprond to thi
building if the (Iuob wero In nny   wa)
■    I ly.   People nn. romindod  that It i
compulsory  lo     hat a i lean  i hlmney
Woroovei      i..,.,;,i   ..,,)„.,  „( the     firo
brlgadi    tun i  i.. n . Iiimnej   fir.
isidnnl ol ihut houae
till'   <  V;.«..,..»- -    i.lilllili-1
2,o0 to 7,
,.     ,     ...
.i-.-i.ii ii,.i ippi |.ii...■ ,-,i
for nu-n ... ■■•. tn $2
Kam '■■    i ..na,ui.i'i..i.
n«l«i     Ai inlel     and   Om
I .'i i in nil p..|.,.t,n     i:i.I.       put   tip
ii  In,lui..      I..,., II  l„ *L. Wl
'•il1      XX',- liiic i.n i ien-
.ii.u.,'     \i i iv    ul   in, n'a
in     n.iny    pleiuing
HI'   I Ol   ll ll,'-  III I In...-.'    III.Ill
2.50 lo 7.50
W "   .it '•   .• p.-i'i.illy    .1 iuii^   m
'.     .   i"      I'I nn   Silk    .iiitl   Willi
, .     111 M |,
Un li i nn y Mik border Iiii.
I ... Id . I Ik.ii liiir..'l n.i 6Uc
I1   It iii,  liu,'ii  with imi i.i),
I foi SI.
Lin.ii b   .nihil   I,uU.. I.V in In,
\ll imi up i-  1 in. j buxoa
^Now at its Very Best, Brim-
full of Happy Suggestions  for
Yuletide Tokens
Tin sinrc ia Literally Cratnmetl with (lifts of Quality,
S'i'Hin-s-s nml l'.-i iiilni'.-'s. They have been seleoted from tho best
wholeenle houpps throughout the Kiurt, They are suitable presents
for Men mul Hoyt-j all Iiiiii in Quality nntl Low in I'rice.
-  Make   This   Ycur  Gift-Selecting   Store.
A Neckwear Bargain Men's
,,u::';;','vu,:;:;;:;l,-u\,l;:r,1:;; Fancy Hosiery
dm   l'i bi-
50 Cents
• lusl ilu- I IiIiik   fill' biui-i'Wi'iit
livery   mini   appreciate* "liu uf
i hive.     M 'iin'  i-i'itl   ktvnll iun--,
Pi-Ice* $1.60 tu $10,
ruini'iuiniiii. nml tliuasy, ii
splendid vm lol v.
Mocha illlt lined $1,75 Ui .'t>_;.',ii
Wuiil lin. il ssl to ffl 60,
Kid. lit...I ur iiniiiii.il Tn.in
$I.L'."> In $2.50,
Wu  have n big   -bowing of
.ill I net ive Styles, Hull   will   noln-
iiimil Uu- iiuiiieiiiiite attention
ol Ninas Shoppers,
35e to 1.25
Bradley full fiuhloned inulller
His light in ound the neck, n
gn-iit xeller al 75c.
Plioenlx Muffler in nil colors
nt 75c.
Neokscai-fs in fancy silks und
poplins, n dainty gift, #1 to .S_J.7.">
Pull Ilr.-.-H .Si-Hi-fis $2 50 to $1)75
I brlgadi    turn    oi
// the '.i' i.. i     i,i   n
)) - ill have to poj
■Ji bj  tho   nil
McRae Mercantile Co. Ltd.
The Home of Good Clothing
Local Merchants Have a Won-
derful   Array  of Holiday
Goods Temptingly Displayed
(Ihristiiuui ttt ittrxirn
folic! i:i turn, aid armctl with ,-i pole, proceeds to strike the swinging pinate.   Three trials  are permitted.    Sometimes man)'are blind-
HRISTMAS in  Canada and the  United States moans fur the     folded   before  a  successful  blow  brings  iho  sweets and   bon-bons
girls and boys the coming of Santa Glaus, the hanging up of     rattling to the lloor.    Thon there is a race and a scramble for the
itockings, the Christmas tree with its candles and pop corn and     dainties.   Thousands of  these   piflates arc  broken  each  Christ"
 ,'  .,:,..     .!,.,.: i..:..,.:   .,., i   ...!..,.. ,;,,,,   r...,  , i,...,.,      _-.,,,_-,.,,   .,.,.!   ,1.,.  ,,.,,,,],.,-_,  ,,,,,■>,,,, 1 ...1-, t..  ,1,,.  _■,,-,>,. i __  ,.n'tl,   •.   ,,,,1	
S;.opp'nj Brisi
.    Chi
1 :   i-   ui. -
i   iir'
il -     ■!'
ll    .-,.11,.'
■       . ..
1      .          '   .
'   ll-l
lime,    ii
.  ■_   ■     ,■ :
i„.,,,.'„  n
-     th.
l-L'l     lllllll-
■  iii    in
. ". ies,
id    n   ull
.   1     nil     ..
.. :  an 1
il      llie
'     .      :
_       1. .
i   help     in
■ :
.    build
■      ri   llll
..     .        1
'         '
,        ■       '
k   \
'         -
,          ■
I    •
lhe       - t bi
as f, i
found in     the
man;, ■_•.'.
"'.'■_•. . • jilt
bra I .   .'
l:   -.     ■■      ■ I   .    '■■    I
bright array oi gifts, skating, sleighing and tobogganing for tli
o are so fortunate as to live far enough north.
Christmas is celel rated in a very different way in Mexico, the
next door neighbor to the United States on the South. Would
you liki I" go with me lo spend the Christmas season in Mexico?
Then  wc must start some .lays before the ini.I.Mr nt' December, for
■ ,   fi   livities there are long continued, starting nine .lays before
i.:: tmas    the  twenty-lii'th  of   lh i    as  you  all   know,  and
ing until the Feasl  o   the  Epiphany on the sixth  ol   January;
■   entire time is i mi  I ing delightful jubilee.
If,   instead   of  a   tedious  railway  journey,   we  had
Aladin's wonderful lam]   and could simply close our eyes,
■   .  lamp, wish and be there, whal a change we would
: : cl upon opening them'    We would close our eyes upon a
countrv ol ice and snow and open them in a land of white
sui     ii e, of skies as blue as those of Italy, a summer land
of lovely llowers.    Only on the lew lofty vulcanic peaks
iw ever soon, and not even the mosl daring ol you
■ Id dream of tobogganing there.
Instead of shoppers hurrying to and  fro, muffled  in
warm el..tiling and furs, we would find canals crowded with
flower laden boats and market plazas thronged wiih gaily-
dressed natives. Flowers are sn cheap that even the must
humble home ean afford sprays of ihe beautiful Christmas
plant, Xnehe Beuno.
As there are no chimneys, the children do not try to
stav awake on Christmas Eve to see Santa Clans descend
with his pack. Only in the homes of American residents
do the children hang up stockings. Among the Mexicans
the custom is unknown.
The celebrations which begin on December sixteenth
and continue until the twenty-fifth, are called Posadas.
The word in Spanish means an "inn," or abiding place.
While the celebration was originally religions, it is now
only partly religious and has become a very gay and sociable
occasion. The Posadas arc limited to the cities, but in those
places the poorest as well as the richest families hold them.
The origin of
the Posada is in
the gospel story of
the birth of Jesus.
Caesar issued a decree thai all the
world should be
taxed . so Mary and
Joseph went up to
|. rusalem to be en-
■ Hi d.   Mary madi
j. urney on an
ass  which  Josi ph
Each night of
nine whicl   I Ile
n . y is suppi is
.   !  lo   have take:;.
■'   v   were obligi i
ask  for shelter
ich     '.'.as    ofti '
ri fused.    On     the
■ day,  arriving
Bethlehem, they
 d tl e cil
peopli   anil   i
: 'a.,  either ii   pi
:  r  them  to  rest
Ai  last   they  I
,-'•• •   :•■ a stable
■   ':     there     the
i hrisl was born.
In   " ler lo
brate this j
fully, the  I
begin   with
■;•■■ ■     at   '■■ ■    '
Each ' ' ar a
usi   is cl    ien ii
family i "
•ig a gr mi
fri '       ai  I  tl '
r nil
nighi   '
. s1 field. 0r
tl tii
season and the vendors perambulate the streets with a pole across
the shoulders on whieh are suspended the grotesque figures, li is
quite a common sight to see business men hurrying home carrying
these strange-looking  tissue paper trimmed figures.
These are the chief features of the Christmas celebrations in
Mexico, so different from our own. A merry lime, ihe girls and boys
"i Mexico have to be sure, but don't you Ihink we will be quite willing
i" stav ai home another year for a real holly and mistletoe Christmas
wiih jingling bells and a frost-bound earth?
i altar and
.     ■   ■
i   '
m oi ' .   •• | ■ M
utmost p On thi i
is al       v '■      • the lita
a general g I  lim       vhich
! ' ':'•'.'. i     .
• "    ■ Iii  |        an I out ol     iom
I I        i.atio   n ■•   . .   -
■    blazi    '      ard in e er 'din   I
The i linati takes the place of I     '
i     ha]    I. carthi in ! iom
md stream     if I      i       i ma Ic up
ballet g       moi ,   a •   ■ tnd
.    ■ ■       iid ■ '   all r:d,     The jai     i i nil ol
eels, rattles,   '   isth     i    : - rai kei .     'I ie bren       ; of I
■'    follov     '   ■ and  is an  exeii     ;  ■       |,
I In    pal io,     It  is   .'i   leinl
ling ai  : I hen en li per ion desiring to lake pari  i, blind-
Iiul:-.   jewel   i-nses,   mirror   [ilute   I'm s,
w i-i I ing wis, smokers re pushes, brushes, funey lenlher L'oods, silver novel
lies of ill kinds uml ,i lm-,,,, ,1,,,;,.,.,,(
lir-i eluss gifis suilnble fur yuiing nnd
..I.I.     \   I'enliire uf lhe disphi)    is      lhe
hirgc   und   liemiliflll     lu. i,   uf   oil lur
I'hi'isimiis   curds,      pusi   curds,  I ks,
tt ruin..;   desks,   cu -.   (mio   , lima   ami
Ini. u l)|-ii.-. lh,' whole show ll I., nib an
luce lhe prices iniiilerule and lower
llmn miiiij ...u-.i.il eiiies. \ visil Iii
ibi- -i..iv Hill aii,pi, repu.v unyoiic
» luu irles).  .'iiini..ri   uml   i alur ure
kepi    al   a   high   ■ Ian.I.nil
I he    I'llluee   is   lhe   llcliirhl        nf        llie
ehildreii  and ih.' hupp)   hunting irrniind
fin   old   mul   yniinir.      \   .,„.. i„||v       lllis
year  is   ihe  I ie  inu.I,. cund)   of      all
kind-,   u   Iniiii   industry    Ihul   few   |	
I'le  rcnli/c  i-  milking   -u  li  -ni    lm
purled    .1 uliilcs   und    liuvellies in
i-iuiilj ure -i.n ked, while u splendid
-.■!... i i. 1  i In i-inm-   eriiekers   stuck
suiiulile ii.ui,,n- ran be mad... This
lirm de. lures ihul llic.t hnve lhe lurg
.'-i slock ..i tuj - belweeii tt inuipeu
and Vun.'iiuver, and llie prices eertuin
ly  eumpuri'      f.-ivnrnbly.     \mung       lhe
aili.l.-   suilnble  fur  pr ill-   lire  dulls.
trains.   ,-iean,   and   clnekwnrk)   gii -,
bums, horses and curls, mug-ie Ian
I.tii- elc, und main nlhel' luys luu
inuu.'I'.u- l.. in.ml iiiii, r\ en ail i, le
being fresh uii.I hriirlll, lhe ttllnle Ile
ine    iiriisiii'iillv    displuyiMl.    A    full liu.'
"'   '"»'■>      - I"      sinnker.s    supplies.
brass   wnre    I     bunks,   make  up      u
spli'iidid       seleclinn.     Sal i-ia. l iun        is
iriinrni I  an,I  lhe  prices  us   lira       as
ii \   . il)   in t'liiindu,
111 \   ItAliUI-'.ll
I Ills   si,,rc      |,r,-ein-       an   nllrai-live
pi ie iranee,  i lie     tt indow   disphi)    ami
hint   i-nunlers  being  cved-dingl)   lush-
fill.    Pvcrylhing     ihul   can   be   wished
i..r   in   di.'lllliillil   line-,   pins,   brunches,
•i'i  fniiei   jewel.).  i-      i,-1,,|.i iugi\ dis
phi) -I.     \i ii   ihe   leu.hue   lines    ure
: ..m.'   leallier   n.u,'Mine   and   ilres
-inu  h.il;-.     silver iu.mni.-I  iimliri'llus,
lea   and   ...li els   in   ipiiiib'liple plate
and -..lid silver, lal.I,. ware and silver
urti.'les   nf   all   I I-.   brush   -el ■-.   luilel
iud   inaiiieure  -ei-.   sumkers   re.pushes,
l.-'.u.nihil   liuvellies  ai   luw   prices.   I'm.'
:i splt'iiilid .'Imi.'.. iur ('lui -l ma- pres
.•nl -
mn i r a   \i ii \i
\ -    Usual    I lli-      III III    i-    .all \ ilic  a   line
lil f -mall jewelry, such a- dm nils
pearl,   ruin,   sapphire   and   npiil   rings,
pin-,   l.r lies,   brucelels,   and   Inckels
und ear rings. Severnl novcllies in
bell buckles and funey wure ure mui
.ruble. Included in ihe seleclinn ure
hniiilsuin,. urtieles in -..lid and plaied
-ih,-r. table wure, leu ami . ..lie. <e|s,
i..ilei    -el-   and   iiiunieure   seis,   clucks,
s'llVl'l- UMI L'uld 111..Hilled llllil. I,•Iius.
I'I'..!..   frilllles,      jewel      ea-e-   ami   a    line
line  of  Chiiiii  uml  .ui   irlnss,  all   -uii
llllle   for   gilts   al    I..H    priees.
c. ii. iii in-: \ in
lli-    made   nival    prepul lllinli fur    llie
' Mi-m.u-   hulidiiys and   ha-  seeiired  a
..ia_.ir.li. enl   stuck   ni   Up- I,, dale all icles
u  "\er;,   depurtinent.    tt'ilh   ilu-  iii-nd
lui t   i lie  new   ele. i ii.   ele\ ulur i Iii
.'■on   I.a-   reiirrungeil   ii-      ilepnri nts
in.I during   ihe  l.i.,;. -  will  I,.oe  ihe
'In)     land"   UU    lhe   111   I    ll  Ilel'e   I
.   l.-il-L'e   and   vnl'iell   Oiicll   ■■!   ull   ll."   Ill-
•" '    '. .\ -,   calue-   ami   . nihil, n'      g Is
irli  'call.,    displayed;   a   dele i i        fui
11 •       , l.ihlieii'-     ,-\ e-     w iih   ii i.derale
In   il,.-   men'-   depurtnii-nl     ure
'   ' I... 11 led      sW, 'liters,      ... ii      ami
.   I      nipt.i led fr    I.ml.ii d,      . la    \
• I   "al -,   i. J    lu.se   in   buves,    	
ippi .   .       I'..'I    nml   c. .1.1     1 1
•'  .Ha   .  .lull  limp   and   i ali-.-. fulli-j
. ■ ■   i. .      mil    iispeuilei   -el    in  li.oe
■ eh   fm   | uu     .lin-ircr,   llrudlcy,
III     -'a     I led   and   -ilk ninth"! .
■ .     '        lie   I.n.'     ui   uii   design   .    hand
.a   ha '   .   pipe     in   ' a  e   .   . llll'   link   . pill
' I  • .ell ll III        lhe    fall")
,i     I n   ellullj    ami ilvel
uilel      . '   ,    |.w el   . a  .    .      il\ ei w are ,
in .       ,   ii . ..    .      all ick   . iht'l
           ,   'lamI.      I.   . pel
." •    .    I I    I.a;'    .    im hI.lin-    llie new
."   '            halher        de - i e „.        live, 1,,'ead
' '  a    .    .nd   a   I .i   prel tj    tilings   ul
■ • w      ami      I I Ii   ll   de  en.     Iii   ordinal a
 I      a.    n.i   .   Ion! ud   ■ ape      and
■>l   .   fun. '    " lli   l   .   i a,   -ilk       and
 .'.i iui     Ilu i. i ■.   in   bnxi.     and
i I        .a   duintj    ....in.ii .    I'hina
'   '. •    I.-   '     '..ia|i    un     le." I.   iiu'liid -
1        I imii  ■   .    \ i  o i in    and
u    '""I     Kui a    Duiiltnn,  Jnp-
■ i'i   tt'ure.    .,.,   ,,,,,1   otlll'l   .   and   line-l
'   ll      Hill      ul  ml, .].. ien.
■ ■    ' and ome   gifl   .     \   full   line    in
'I     fu ■.   . • i.   .   in Iud •
bh- <li •      ;■ ■   \n, , .   i ,,. k< r
'"    ■  ii   be hnd ul   I".' ■
l'i......hue-  and   I,..ii   nuns.
■ i. a. in vim:.
I- showing u Ime new slock ,<i i he
hn.-i   ...iii-  iii  imported   Knglisli cloths
an.I    Iweed-.   a-   well    a-   Uniterm]        for
tin. > vests, Th..e win. are intending
purehusei-s fur new   , I,., I I..... 1.1     in
-peel lllis stuck, I'll ami Wear are
•I. Mnrgllll, Uii) Ma..h.i.aid and I'.
Ilossei   are   all   duing   ii   -le.a.U        link
nude   lhi-   sea-Mii.    mine   ||„,;r K|mra
■•I   rliii-liua-   |, urunaae.
i-:. x. spiiixii
uu-   lh    reu-.ui ibl)    well   ami   tilled     a
lung fell wnnl in ihe eh) in ihe nuy
nf repair wurk iur hnrness ai.d -add
lery. This rhii-ima- a puriieiilurl)
line ami lirsi class -i..,k ha- been po.
cured and includes hnrness ..i all kinds
addles, hnrse nlL's Hunk-. iali-.'s,
sleighs rubes, hell-, -kale -n ips, rug
.Imps, whip .'lui,,-, Icjeine-. wnlei
proof ami ninny oilier nrlieles In lea
elier ware. A speciull) i- being mnde
in   I'.ere-I'unl  and   I  ana.Inu    gentlemen's
bunts   and   sh         I he   window   displll)
i"   lltlrnetive   and   up I.i dale,   and   pe..
pie   will   .1..   well   In   bvsj I    lhi-       |ir-i
class uud  well   wlecied  stuck,
\liil MAIN   Sl PI'IA    Cll'Y.
Iius prepnred fur ihe Chrislmus
Hade on :,„ exlensive -.ule. \ spei ml
:\   ilii-  yeur  i-  a   lurtri'  -n..k   uf   i,,\s
and   children'.,    g i-.    a-    well   a-    full
lilies uf fun,.) ami staph- irrucerics,
Sinn luble liuvellies, mid ,,i i,.-, en -
nimble urtieles.
r.  U    Ma, DON U.I).
\-   in     previuiis      ,,.,'n-   ihe  "Curuer
il"' Cbrisliiius   -.u   mid  purtieiilnrly
'ine siiicli ,,i urtieles suilnble i,„- gifis
i-  displayed.    Ink   -ian.!-.   Chalelaines,
uioker-    ri'.pii-ii.-.   (irninupl -   and
I'I",i..  lo   in  silvei   und  gill,  lira--
tt'ii-c,   sufely   ivc.ii'',        ilvei'   i iiiieil
m mi. ure -ei-. brush -ei-, dressing
cases,   sewing   .-uses,   . lucks,  ai izers,
ill in mail) new and prell) designs,
■ lie   si'uwu.      I.ealhel    ,...„„l-   of   „||  k,,„|.
new   mn..hi,- wiih  hand-  bindings,
-iher  pb I  e I-  ,,i  even       desi rip
o    minor-,   lunhje   ami   whist    -el-.
and    oilier    liuvellies.      I he   displu)     in
el       a   full      hi f    lu.-k-    and   lliil-
Viniis  Curds,   Minunii  -   and  folder-  a-
well   a-   Inenl      v lew   .        Mull)    I,.,,!'   lac-
ai.d deeoriiiinns,     \   line  I,, f     dulls
general  brie a  liru.-,  perfumes  .a,   forin
a   ehuiie   -eleeliun   fui    I he   hliliilu)    -.•:.■
PMOTOiiu \i'in:i;>.
I..  P.  Tii.kei   i-   pri.|iured  In  lukesil-
liiiL1-  fur Ltroup-,  p.n nail-  ei, ..  finish-
."I ill     the    llllesl        sl) le-       on    pleglllll
iii'.iiui-. \ faiiiil) co.up or purtruil
ileal I)    ununited   make-   a   \ rn    .appro -
pilule   I'hri-lluu-   gifl,   and      always
grenll) uppreeiuleil. \ ii-ii in ihis
studio   will   repu)   an).me   wh,,   i-   Innk-
iuc   fur   ph -  of   I... al   i iew -.       iiiiiiiii
lam scenery, as presents. \ larg-c -i'le. lion enn be had ami lhe ttiirk i- of
lhe   highesl   .piahli .
ll. II. Tiueinali i- al hi- studio over
lhe Maedomild block and will lake sh-
lings   fur   porlraits   ele.   in   ihe   newesl
-I) le.
I(l-'.ll) .^   Mil Ml.
Have mude nmple pen ision fur   ihe
'  liii-linu-   ll-mle   and   are   nuw    showing
a   li Ini-li I'   c I-,   nil   suilnble
 lni-inia-   uiil-.     Ineliuled    I u-
il"'   ciieral   li f   la.lie-   and   .'Iiild -
ien'- ware. fur-, w inter routs, lin.lllri -
ilk     scurfs,      iluiiil)    blouses,   gloves,
"oe    .     I,au.Ilu 1. Iilef-.     ll.'W      -|\ le     ladle-
.nllar-   and   bells,   liuir   ...inb-.      upol'li
Inuks brellns,  f, j   pin-  ami  ul Iiei    nm-.   milliner)    of  all   kind-,   lal
i e . Ilshioll col." ami iiiiiii) . .1 her
pl-elt)    thine-.     Inn   men   are  fan.)   bill.
".I   ■   Ips,   i k   tie..   .Jui,-.   -ill,   mntll
.■!■-. -inukiie. lounge jnekets, I,Ill-he .
• nli link-, lie pili ami new design in
Hosiery, lhe stuck i- 0M-i.|itinnull)
......I  aid  the choice excellent,
\. iinitsov,
Hn      a   nu,. well   .elected  slock      ..f
tuple   and   fun.)   groceries,   I hri-ima-
llke-    and   pn-lri   ol   nil   kind-,       mime
meat,    millllgll   grnpes, llllllo ami    Villus
fruil'.   date-,   lie-,   mil-   and   ulmonds,
besides   othei    lable   delieneies,       PI	
liuddliL... ale a pe, iall) made frnm
the fun,.ui- ..Id Piiglish receipl a- used b)   ihe  lute Queen   Victoria;  Xmas
lr le.'uraiiui, ,  .amlies  nml  crystal
ized fruil-'. Col., fur eukes, puddings
and all kind- nl bakery ure now beiny
l liken.
M, l.i NN \\   d   I'd.
lhe i„   ot   tin   most  artistic   uml
llltrnnli in   lhe  cily,   lhe      .1.
con bi ii .,  tastefully     ear
ri." . aire  nf   lhe      lloor
-pa '    III        li    lie    lllllllll    prettily
d ing   ll   splendid s(.|-
.    novoltlos, stloh as
,   i .    i neks,   fie  hungers,
. ' I'.,!"'   'I'll.,. CHRISTMAS AT THE STORES
u iw .when     i
'   gui
'   ;
'l fiom I',
jl.uc  nnd  handkerchief
be   ■   id
\   heu-
ed und
case-,    -ewil :  '  ■   al" i    I     ;: .>'!.<
things,   pretl;     iiiii  duint).   Othei   :■.■
slli'll     i-   fill-,   woollen   g
fm-.   Indie
.ds, ' liihlren's      P ' '
if-.  , iishiuii   ■
ii   work.   I   ,1 ■
I"-.     I
I. is,
all. I   I.. e    st)
ha'    | ,:    .    Ileulltil'lll    linel       - -     :
'•      ■
I'sslUg     I'll..      Ill
I) t\\t\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Ihe   wind.. ' :
I      J(J
client  an.I      " '
.   j
llicllliles   ■ lie ill  pi
lor  tin
er   ul   .   nip
a i I I."   -to, k   and
tt I \ .      '   11 I
lllll]   di-plu)     ur.
"I   all
I ll
■ "ii .   ami   all   purses
lie   suited.
M \, MM.I II    MKA'I   M \l;hl.l       %m\1
ked    Will
_r fi
i I
,i in
I   I'lo-.l;
every resj
... i  thi    liv,
business linn  have rutered  for    a brisk
1'hristmus   trade and  lie."  several  car-
luuds    nf    lb-si   ' lass  g i.  displayed.
Prime  beef.   polk,   iiniitu! .   game   of   all
kind-',   fish,    uysters,      turkeys,   g	
ducks,   umi   pniiitry  with  full   line-    of
I      .1,   .'nl   I.M
■ -a ■ _
date  m,    '-
.  •fm\\\\\\\\\\\\M^^ffh,,,,l-.
■ -t... k  ..I     ■       mil
id i n
■       ■   mil   • ■
.   k      ■ I.--.
ham-.     Ililenn,   -au-
iges       ■. ,. ,
l.l   uther   lhi
ike   up   !
he   stuck
, hi.li i- fresh and guni-ant I  I he I."-'
■.   .
hi)     gifis.     |.l
:   ■ . _'        Ull 1    t f .1 Vi     .
'        11    .
uur).   Christmas  turkeys are     .|
lhe side
lilt) ,   and   a   \ i-it   lo   thi-    -t.u
hut   unly   lh" In
-M\  i i'i '-   •   '■■    Ml   - I'
will   .'..llllil..'   an)',Ule   t
..I- nre kepi  and  ihul  the clu.
is excellent.
lelllllv   carried   nil
The display  ha-  been  t.i-
I, und every  sutisfm ■
■ ii      ,,
Hun   ean   he  uhlan
:■'■■■       '
"J      u _•• '.    llUel   ..   :      I   .:
:•   .
I'.  I'd UN'S St CO,
elves  l ihul
lllilli.      '. 'i
In   iinfii'ipuiii!
nf   a   l.ea'.'.   Christ
i- trade     this lirm h
ive   IanI   in      a
ami   exeelleiil   supply   of  season •      |m(j
.md-      in   the  shnj f   turkeys,      , iL,,m
puuhn   and  prime beef,      pork.
• ■'.:■.     '''   .   : i .4	
uui' ugi
!ii I,,.    _ .    ible fur pivst-nl e       be
t hi ng     ■ ■   ■    bra nil
li-li, mull.mi.  mi'
.f  ihe  ti,
uysters.    The    stock
lulity  mid     -peciall)
■ ■   ■       inle'l pi|
■I    I 1,1 ler-       II   :      •
id   iniiie   should   mi--   samp
line   lh.
ids.     \-
uu-  an   aura, tne   nppi
elaborate deeoi ati-m-  v
,1    the   -toi"
•arui. e, and
ill     • .input.
\      a.-     ll
-. i liMn/./l
iri.  I st
fuvoriibl)   wit!
uu)   in  llie pr..-. n
imi i;m: iiiios.
lhi-    -I,
re presents an
ill rail ive mid
...        .....
the   ...   •
' .'   ■
li      uled
w- il   us   \nia-
hoildnv  lik.
ap| eal'a!l.'e,   ill
Ii   a   lu
_• I . • .     i .
id      handsome     -tn.-k.   An
.■fui  urtieles  -I,
iWll   ai"   [I u
I 'hillll uf ail   ih"  he-1   make., "in __'!
II     \l.'\l-I IMS.
\l   .utl,
ry and table ware, silver pin
e,l goods of all kind-, brass ornaments
fancy   lamp-,  -kale-   and   a   fill!   line  ..I
ill  nick  niicks   suilnble f.
r   pr lit-
ii'i      M  K,
nnbei      . -'
line    lor  tin
"     ■
pa if . il
\   large mid  "hui. .•  line of  fa", y       nl ■:
staple   gr lie-    i-    -how 11.    us    well
. kl"'.. II I I Iti
dies  in  b,
.iues   and   other
fresh and dried,
.biiiet   ami     .  hii   .
Ities.    P.uii-   both
P.  It.  Ul  , .
lias   a  1
an li   a-   Hull .na
me"'-   fu
kind-.    All
'        .
lie-,   date-.   ,_,,.,,„
ami    .hui
iiiuiiu   lMMMMM^t\t\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\W
ai..  i       Iker. I
mils ami aim,ni,|. f,
from w hi.'h to pur. 1
mistletoe    for
rm    t   line    rang'-     collars,  lints, caps.
it.   -
i'    :        "i
       I'e.u'iilluiis     ar.
"ked.     All   g I-    are   first
■    ■    .     :■ -     ".-
I'm-     ..f
•  .  I. ... .1
ir-t   .ia--    mil      ■   n
. :       :    ■    . '  ' 1        ..,,,:.
pr - miicieruti
|'\i;i.t si ppi v co
Have   a   large   stock   ui   tl'.eli,--   II,.
iieluding   Uoyal  Standard,   and      l'i
lion and    I
rues   n.i,
I   • ■  '
t.  ll, I."
M. HAP   Ml I.i   \N'I II I    i ii \
I   :    '
feed,     hi kei
md is now
h.i ri<JHH____IH_^^HH_______iH____IH__^^BH^I^H
la-l   I I  m
d other  thi
.  ■
ui:\ KLSTOKI-: WINK 4   SPIKI f Cl)
IM-  a   lun
,1  exeolle
I      ol
lied   li
piur-, w liiskey,  briiiid) , gin
il". and  I r.     Ml   .1...  , I.
d   - a     i, : mi-, i -   of  a
l lll'iet)    of   -pi; it ..   wines
f   llU'll'     '  .'
11 i s I, i n . Ill ' i • - I ■ :
and Ibl 11   I
fun.)   vol-    in    .. •        ..I.,I- .
-■'!'"-.   _!''■■..        i. " ,.! -.   all       in
p..pul '1
. ■   :    e.    t"..".    f,
' i
and      I r   nuike
Chi'i-tma-   pr m
Mi;s   \  i;   . uii K
\ i
Ha-   a   lii'.h
-to.k       ol
id   fa-hioiiabl"   e I.   in   lad
■ I  A.
id   I    '     '•
lab!.    ■ ....
unu    ill,   ■  ■
Mi Kl\'...      ,.,    -i,i,    |;|  \\|
epi   ami  prices are <
and     alii.c I
"i I ■  a thriving I
linsini        ■ ■!
I,,   lu.n ,,f tin
Nenl,   ."■.'    '    ,   !    •
[KN.-t   tlli
ip to-dule n   ■.
...     •' ■..
" ;
intr    tnd     .iiiiiii
lo. k   . '     ■■ .   .    -,.|    •
'        ■
' ;
tuple groi erii-s, b ■■ ■  :
al   supplie .    I'he  Chri lit  ,     toil
I ■   unu  "all;.    In.
id   i-   in id,"    ;p   ol
i'   I ll.
eric .  ■ .ic.- di      i.-ii      "a
..I   all   kinds,   . ani..      iii   '   ii y   bi
Chi'isiinas   tree   noi.-liie
mnl\      .... kn
■: ■
md  many   uther   things   suitable      fo
a-mi.   Christians cnko ai I  :
pudding -  me  a  -f.e. ialty,   the   n  i|x
being  the  best,   Pastry nf  all   kinds
IIOTPl.s   \Mi in si'U'UWl s.
)•    . "... restaurant
i M       fare hut
'■,.,'   ,1.,  ... ■
porh pies,  cream  pu
'r .•   , frcsl
r"   w ,     i ,•   ■ ■
,   A   h
• ■   ■     .
day.    The    li
tin  ai"     i ,. |   u,
. I  I n
tn provide their |
hell     |l ,-
for any  Xm ,     (lippiT and  cal        .     . '
f..r   Iheir   good .    I'.-   window   .i: :
.md slur.' docornti ■    k-i irk  oi u I
and tho whole cfTn I  is artist!
Mi KINNiiV   I l'i Wl   STOHP.,
Ihis    establNluneiit    is  n  wel.
'  111 SSMAN   a    \lll|(l(|SON
Revelstoke District Second to
None in Mineral, Timber and
Agricultural Wealth—A Paradise tor Sportsmen,
COM Ml'.l \ l;i\ Kit
i ■:.. book I.) Pi
:.'.■..• : "Thi Collin
t ■".. it-   Mvihs,  it-
tt    I).   1.) lium,
Hiver,   it- hi--
•ii'-r), ii- Com-
"All  the other
_■>■.-   - eni    regioi
-     bow     hefu
_"• ti   river  und acknowledge him     a-
ihe king    f .-.11"
Professor   Lyman,  looking out      int.
...   fui ire,   -ees  the Columbia earryim
■   rid'-  ■ ■ ufli
.-   .
„!  it-   hark-
as   [„ipi
When   I.,    had   fairly
'.:■•:'"•   :•■ ider  to  tl pen  sen,
■:   th.-
ba kward  again, culling up
of the    Hid World who sui-
-.--.-.   then  unknown    sens  of
■ -ter-    and   r  mm
• inlllg        "I'
.' - ! ' I linger   ' l"W -
Ilk-      il      Oriental  .  i-tuw u\ -
I i iei   ".
• ■    ■ •
null-- sitil-
-        ■ ' ■ ■    ■ .    |   • \ .   bu.
lies, .       tie)
111.    ■ :'    Ilia',.
-.    v
I     L       1'
l-p '
.....      _
ui   ,]'-
.1   P.
• ...a .   ..I   I'.' nn
frnm    in.
d   pud.
;. -.  explnrei's
• .   ■      ■ • : -...h ing- i iew
.   gn lain   Inu -
lice    tt I, ,1
I !'.      i 'olumbia
I   thutiglu   I
bul   I   la
■ -.   I   i"
something      . :'
I.   irul)    tu
ui .    v. hei     u
lh,      tthul,
•   it-   '        ,-. ii  I,."!
« i:\i.th.
liar-    i.
iMmii  be.
■PI" r,
■ '  -
■   " .
I'n in)
|    .".'..'
.    .-"      I   li.
..:. tnl   o
tl     latter I
■ M,, .■        •     m I
■ . ■       hou
'   I
'   •_•'• mil.
Beyond doubt, Christ is the founder of the lirst true'Church; that
is. that Church, which, purified from the foil)- of superstition and the
meanness of fanaticism, exhibits the moral  kingdom of God upon      In
earl h, as lar
it ean be di
deposits  huie  been found wit li
ne by man.    Iininaniiel Kanl.
ling that  is here snid can ap] ly, even wilh lhe inosl  distant
lisres] eel. I., lhe r.
d character of I
csus t linst.
was a  virtuous
ile-.   und   ul   I,
Pish    Creek,    hi    ll.
of   I'amli.
and tin amiable man.     The morality lhal  he preached and practised north nf lhe norih-enst arm
was of  the  must   benevolent   kind;    and   though  similar systems of hake,  are extensive irnld-bon
morality had been preached by Confucius and liy some nf the Greek nf proved value,  ihe e..l.l In
philosophers many years befure, by the Quakers since, .and by many
iuetnii   Muiin-
lieillit)    uf
I'm.  miles
i   of    Ul'uw
Miine lodes
ne   sulli-
'Iiiiiii" i la I    \ uiil,'
known   uual
till,   lliuiigh
ilisl-   have  bunded   il   will
till  a  -. lew   (n
Une   ileleh
pinenl    mu
il   wurk   l.
in  be handled eeiini
riaii.   whether  i.
Ily. Tl
.ill     free    tu   all.
• w   ot   nperul
men in all at
ii has mil been exceeded liv nnv,     I'hontas Paine
lallle   of   this
il-   lowest   onl.
property   is   hi   /I
Highest of till rei
igious symbols are those wherein ihe artist or
|u .el lins risen ml., a | ruphel .   am
and  worship ihe same.
ll  il
irrted it in litis manner, look iu
all men can recognize a present
uut  ask  lo what   length  man   has
.f X.-iz-
i . .ur divinisl symbol,  |esus
■ \ nni.line    w
ell slump-
II   prnbiibl)       lie   r,..,ui,',.,
•essflll       Ileal Ill    ol    thi
.1.1  and   -'ilier  Miln
mineral   -priu
liws    unie    upp
ni   lllis   seed'
areth. am! lli- life and lli-- biography, and whal followed therefrom
Higher has the human thought not yet reached; this Christianity and      I"
Christendom    a symbol of quite perennial, infinite character, whose      and i umburiie   gi
significance will ever demand  to be anew inquired  into, and anew      -1 1 down at  pi
made manifest.    Thomas Carlyle.
'I he question of the justice of Jesus' condemnation depends upon
is the judgment which is formed ol lli.-- character, If He had been
only ti Galilean Rabbi, the tribunal of history could not rightfully
reverse that of Caiai has. In the mausoleum ol the noble dead, there
is no | lace to erect, by the side of Confucius of China, Buddha of India,
and Socrates of Greece, a statue to the memory of Jesus of Nazareth,
lie is either the Son ol God, or He was a false prophet ; lie was either
more than a philosopher, or less than a true man.    I.yhliii Abbott.
II- operated I.)   hyilriiulii
the   I'All,   IK-li'l   I'lileriol
lilll   ull
.1   lhe   pn
>l   full   ll
iiurul  ussel  ui greut   suniti
min spring
ll'     Villi
f d al   Albi rt Cun
id   Ciirin-  Creek.    Kxti
springs exisl   in  i
point    elu-e    lu    llll
he    Pie    Pen.!.
jestis Christ belonged to the true ri
i] en eye the mystery oi the si
ih    I)
shed with its beauty, he lived  in  it, and  had  His b.
Alone in all history, lie estimated the greatness of man.    One tr
if prophets.    1 Ie saw with
rnwn by iis severe harmony,
ing  there.
true  to  what
is in  vou ainl  me.
le saw that God incarnates
llimsell m man. and evermore goes lorth anew to lake possession of
His World.    Ralph Wai io Emerson.
Everything in Christ astonishes me,    His spirit overawes tne,
and his will confounds me,    Between  Him and whoever else in the
■rid, there is no possible term of comparison.    His ideas and  His
.•ntiments. the truths whieh 1 le an
nounces, lus manner nl convincing,
:- i ! i' i
;.'. ,c/'.,. Win,..; are not explained either by human organization or by the nature of
ariiliiiinmi nt (hrrat ittrn In jlrsiis nf Nazareth
things.    Napoleon Bonaparte.
If we attempt to discover what it is in the personal character of
111< IST'S character grows more ] mre, -tiered and lovely, the better     Jesus Christ, as shown in His life, that thus attracts such permanent
know Hint.    The whole range of history and fiction furnishes    admiration, it is not dillicult t
n nn age when the ideal ol
■ ' ■:'■'. V. ■■■
' v.'. .'■'■•-..... ■                    ■.!»
.,,   :*_#>."$ M;     ._-'"
A   k  %*'    "-v ■ .. -
Bt*--'.'.- ____■_■
■h.a :
i ML -*t.**
■■^SgjS'gg ^^^* i ,-, i^CU    ;.^v
**&. *-?
■m \
%■■■-    |
. .-:*-__ttW__M0________BriH
r ■Li1'?!™!.:
_____f_^\..'.                                                  <m.\\\\
1 'jn*"
mmmM^t^ir^^ ^M
SbSH*' "■
, - 'gs&frwmBBF
-. %»•'V' v
'»V- ■
[.-y.-..#>>* j. ..^yr
(• tS-ILj
:   ■.
'> M  ■■■
no parallel to it.    Christ i- the glorv of the past, the life of the     religious life was realized in the Baptist's withdrawing from men, and
it, the ho] e of the I'utt
mnot even  understand our-     burying himself in  the ascetic solitudes of the desert, Christ  came
selves withoul Him.    Philip Sehaj
Jesus the Lord became a sacrifice for sin; a pattern fur .-ill right-
icss;  a prcai her ol the Word which I litnsclf was;  a corner-ston
to remove the separation between Jew an
1 Gcntili
■oth     their        tin-Church;  a Lord of nature in His miracles;   a conqueror of dea
bringing religion into the hearts and homes of every day life of men.
l'or the mortifications of the hermit, he sui>siittiled lhe labors of active
benevolence;   for the fears and gloom which shrank from men. he
terccssnr of     brought the light of a cheerful piety, which made every act of daily life
or of death     religious.    He found the domain of religion fenced oIT as something
rk   nml   milling   hu-   In
.   In   l.i'.n e   I hal   wilh
U'WI'l.S'liiK I'
III I..lllllllll
and the power of darkness in III.- resurrei lion.
1 le fu Hilled the whole      distinct from common duties;   and He threw down the wall of scpara-
II.ll. lull
ku-p.     \l    Hab
it     Allien     I'all)..11
and rust   nf      N'n
counsel ol God, ] erformed  His whole sacred ollices anil anointing on
earth, a.. omplishcd the whole work nl the redemption and restitution     '"
ol men to a stale -u| i rior lo the angel . and rccolli iled or establisl ■ d
tion,  and  consecrated  the whole sweep of existence.    ( unningham
.1.-1   und
of   lhe   I..
all t lungs ac
irding to the eternal will oi tne Father     Fi in
onl\ i
n,ni.     ex
Uo vou think He came, the true and |'crfccl Kii
li appears, as respects the person of our Lord, thai its ordinary
hibition  to ordinary  hearers and spectators was that  of a  man
....  : in lhe Lest and holiest and tenderest ministries, unions all the
again, ami U
ave tin   w
: - fi ire, w i
• I    :' a law . a ruler, a
mildest of human miseries and trial
il one teaching in word, too
ilv kingdom?    God l'i i
and  forever.
li   was   I Inti.  \v
Jerusalem, that is 1 le now tons tins
.   .!,    ......,,. -,. • the best and holiest and tenderest lessons, and claiming, unequivocally
•       and witli' iut appeal, a paramount authority for whal He stud and did,
lM.: but beyond  this asserting respecting Himself nothing, and leaving
oil    the   l.i
llllil,    e-p.
e,niid   he
backed   In   sulli-      Thi
iu      la. I    ll
liritish  C
nl in tin
scale   dial   ...
.Ill    if   ail    tin
if   mills.
i li'iimut i-m.
iplaini-   the   (rend
laie.'K   .III
the  IM.
having salvation, the head and I I Iom whicl
.,,, %_-.        be mo\ ed,    t harles Kini   •
To bring life and imniort ility       ighl
future cxisti nei n  "       mil
most . a] ai ions inti licet; l •   ■ ■ I the gi
the thotight n '        ' ■     '
Him elf i      -  freely judged by the character of His Words and deeds.
Tl ■       I  the fair gloss of His manhood, we perceive the
■ His di  inity     If He is not now without an assailant, at
"     ut a rival.    If He be not the Sun of Righteousness, the
able ilovoh
lh..   SiK
bullied   and   sli
; His life for His friends and that sticketh closer than a      ter nu
Dollar,   ami   I
..hawk   Creek,     bell
mil,-  ubuve  I'aiuli.
is    -l.aled       lo
In   all    purl-    of    III.
the    hotel-. \t
ill    In
hotel    buil.lil
refuge nnd - sit] pi ■:"  '    the mil
I   unl "''' "'' '   '    : ' '
r, tl     unl iiiiii     Consoler, the constant Guide, the everlasting
'   .■      :.:: aii must confess, ihere is tn. other lo come
ini    Hi   -    i       Willi un li  Gla I stone.
1 . . .it 	
our Lord and Saviour J
dear childrei     uml      	
the te    lui thcN
y   ......,,.
ex] n       ■        ich l
1 deseri
......   .
b       ine, i
.....    ■ •.,.       ... .
restorii     tin   	
•' ■  : the
'      '
' ' :
:   ■     .',   :.       f  tin
did  nol
iid suffer i
trim '   '      ntrai      II-
followed tin
t thosi
: •
I'    '.     .   .
"::..■; intnrv tort.'l
,v,-i v of li fi
: -:" :
• ■ ■ nnl lib
re of jo;      Jesus told
.. trii f among unbelievi •      „t mn
ut. on i hn .-.'■'
than tho ■   ■... ] ,, r]jr] nol pra  li-.- it.      /,
J,   us has been the i
;      ible to sn    In all pfi ■  ■      ■ |j ,,11 agi
unl   language
I'llU    :       .;.;     uol
11     II   I.
'   ' ■..    ia  '    .   er I lim nol      ■ i I., lie in
'.'.■ rejoii.  '.■■ ith jnv tinsfifid      e and full
Harriet fie, lu <
I....1)   of   ure   in   -ie
III the I.aide
mine  -till  eunlinuc
uf   itself,     This   min
lhe     l..'11'.leail        ule
Hull    In
ll.'M    -pill
It      .hullhl
.1.ill.iii   n.r  gliosis   In
lit- derived frnm   i In
.eellenl   iiecumn
.kine  fur  Hi" bi
I-   lhe   -hafi   In
aink   te
pi'u-peet    lh,
I'JIM    feel     III
Pur   1.1  vent
ill -hip  thi-
id   for   a in
aniolie-l        Hu
jhiiorl I uf
hn-   11,
d ul i onl ive  11
-I.  I.i'iill   i-   a   IllViil'lle   -|
iie-i-     whu    i t-it   ii  ii
ds and
,1    will)
il  lu
..i      Hoii-l.ui   hi
lhe  llruudi
The   li-hi
.,| \    f.'U
p   i Iii- w inter.
shuuld   huve   ih.
_dih.nl I
sl   ul linl u.u    uf
I'he    ttill-h
dill 'I""I
■  pruspec
er   II. i iu-l-
,1-.     'I'll,
pee II
ell    for tl
...tl.e   .Ilk.
II VHi: \l Lie MINIMI   IN   P.. C
!    ..I     \l
.11. cl,Inula
I .like,
II   bi
ill Ii! the back.
I'.IIIC.'     Ill     tl
I lend,
likeh   localities
ch dis
I   ,   Ien
fm   ,|, vi I.
I.'  I   I   reel ,
ha       ll.
healil)    which
......  ill"  rich,, i
I" I
Pili hb lend.,     mid   I Hi nonte
IWIIlg     to
intent-,   iii
ll III.
d      als   li
foiiml  iii   Uritish  Ci
ilia/lte    aie      wt
It... I   Ink,
,1    tt   iv, I'll"
the   uld   I
hi   l
Ii   -.ar.lun.'   lur
p.u   ]...in,i
.      .  id
lh.    .lord .
ike   I
...        ,|    thi
\   ill.
.f     P,
in ii     loii,   I'nfortiiiiutel)   Ilu
t   mini)   prosiieelors wh"  wo
■    .    '• .'h,|.'.|.
n   .
,'iil/e   ll   ui
ll,   if  lh.
th. .. .  I. ii   'I
I.,. I.-.'
1 '
of  lh.- M.dl Merles  wlilc-h I., will
Pii , o. .      I '
(Col linn, d   on Page   Five CHRISTMAS   MORNING.
In the rush of the merry morning,
When the red burns through the gray,
And the wintry wurld lies waiting
pur the glory of the day;
Then We hear a fitful rushing
Just without upon the stair,
Sec two white phantoms coming,
Caleb the gleam of sunny hair
Are they Christmas fairies stealing
Rows nf little sucks to fill?
Arc tbey angels floating hither
With their message of good-will?
What sweet spell arc these elves weaving,
As like larks they chirp and sing;
Arc these palms of peace from heaven
That these lovely spirits bring?
Rosy feet upon the threshold,
Eager faces peeping through,
With the first red ray nf sunshine,
Chanting cherubs cume in view;
Mistletoe and gleaming bully,
Symbols of a blessed day,
In their chubby hands they carry,
Streaming all nlong tbe way.
Well we kiiuiv them, never wear)
of lllis innocent surprise;
Wailing, watching, listening always
With full hearts and tender eyes.
While uur little household angels.
While and gulden in the sun,
Greet us with the sweet uld wclcumc,
" Merry Christmas, every une!"
i.l,nu.i ,1   r
I ' a
..  ,i"   ." •  i    • ..,-   .■".-:.'!
.''!■'.;" :■      '. ' i.
•   .    prairii
-r|,"">    "h"v                                       '    '   " flu        tel   I
ll..'!.'    in    iheir    "ll,.1,   fo,    a    -ull,   .           ,( [.,.__(    ,,.,         ,    ..   .,,;.;„    ,,..   „        r||
»""l,h  ll'"  -Ni-t.-n-    of   Al.i.!,   ii        llii .,           ,:.,...!.:   hi    .I,-   Don    .     .
I'"1'1    '""'    ~"11-"1'    '   U   -•'-    i-    II      ,   .,   ■ ,.'    „.,      ,|,  ,,       „,..„
by   the   | i       got ernmenl New
flMPP.I! regubiiioi      ne  being  bi uighl   ii     for
The limber a--e,  of  ihi     ■              of leu                  Iluniti    u   lands In   which
llriiisli   Cnliiinliia   i     m n m ■   •     ;.:    is '   i-   ■■.■'•'   '."t  ihese binds     will     i,.
-leu.Id)    in. lea-me   in   value.     Nnl-lll   of •           lhi.-.     •      the)       : •       '■   Hell   of   mill-
Hevelstuke, on   ihe Cnbimbia  river nnd ■'-   limln-i   b)   lhi    sawmill   companies,
.1-   u i.num i- -.     ,t   i-   estimated    then '■"   Immesi,.ailing  .,n  lerms   similar    to
.,,;■ .'inon  sipmre  mile.  ,.f   liinber,      •. thosi   in',    i :   ...   ".   Depiirtnienl      of
lhe   West    of    Pelel-loke   i-   UUOlllCI   I.',"..        '    '      llltel'iul '   " II 'lipilll,-)    .'!
sipinre  mil.-,   and   n.   tn,-  suuth    •■■<.. prairie   bind       Pi-nvh          land-      in be
i-   prububl)   an,al.."   Ittillll     mure miles, taken  up i.       u      is,-   u  hnmesteiiding
ll   i-  ,-liin,' I   thi-   I,I,ihe,   wil!   ai,.,-       '"'   ''"'"-     "   '    -    ""'■ '"   l;""'-     '"""
ae.'   nm   I nn   feel   lu   the   s.pu.re mile '    ' " '' "    '          "  ;''   '        '   ':" '"-
lull    if      il    -I Id     .mil    ran   half   thai. ""'nips.    '■'■'■   >'»-   Wurk   will   eust     irum
the    future    bef..ie    lhe    | „ ,,,be, i ng          m„| '■"''"    :"    S|'""     ''■      '      '       "I"'-''""-'    "1.     Ihe
iniiniifueliiriiig  i rude of  Hevelstuke and '<'■''"'•   "'   ll"'   ;i";"'   -'"'"'''-   This is
district  i- ..i a  um._riiiti.do ulmn I     be-      d.er.-furc and      isll     pi	
i I   rninprehensinii.    Sawmills ,,,        '    : ' -       I'11    ' ""''   "   "   ' "' ■
opera     at    Hl-velslnke   bl     bull          till P'elel    lu                 tin              I   llll   lend        fo,
st wii' mill. i-:v \ MINi-:. c NML'ihni-:, 1'-. c
Kevelstoke      Suwmill     ( on puny   and ,.-. iipiiiiun  and        uv.-ition  n=  pro|
hi   How man     I.umi.."   i   ui i' ui)         ii ■     h    privnti      '•■.   .   -.     ind willing!}
\ nu when. I   ll)    lhe   Aio.w    1   ik"-   I..!',- p         lhi    ■ ■."                   ■     :■■■■      l!           1    ll   '
ber C puny;  a'     Comapli.i   .. eld by                       •         ...  In- bouuht
'iilihoii-   l.linibei    Cuinpilli)     a'        tt  . :a-    ,■•'..''.   'hoc    I,-.,    lo   tell    .  ■
wain  In   the le"  I..iiiiii."   Con l.e',.  al       re .   ,' usi    >i   ;i I   ft!.","  un    i re,
Three  Vulle)     I.)   ti..-      Mmidj   l.umbei m  • i-)   l'-rn     foi     I. tied   1 uid.
'' pun):  al       luu     I.)      in.       II : I,,.   Ini  :    ti until   1,'eVi-l '..k"  i-  par ■
Lumber Cumpany; at      Sicumuii.      hi ij.-ul.-irli     ■-■       ...   led   i"   fruil-gro« -
■he   Muiiureh      I.iiii,ber  Cumpnny;      at me.   -n  .'.   :'.o!...,    mil   :■    nine    wiil,
Slm-wap  Ii)   ihe  Ad.mi,-   Lun,her Cum-       .,,    I,,'..-..        ,   . ...     .      e 1  dairying
puny; und at llerrurd b\   tn.   i   inu \; .  .   .  ;.. ,,   ,      cherries,
I'imber   and   Sawmill-   i nmpai y    Two endidly.      1 ittle
more  mills   are  in  he   put   in   .",     Shu ....                   ctplired   aad   :!     .-
-"■ap Lake, one ai   Nak, puinl ..,.•    .•'  :■.       _■ ., .', humidity ■_:
front    fake,    while        a-       . ' ,-    ,,.,". ■,.       |j„.-.     ■.._•    ■ :..     |,omologist         of
coiiiili)   is u|.ein"l   up  iui!.)   mills   .'. ■..    |i  mini  n  .... .   inneiil   re.-enlly e.x-
be rei|iiired  lo handle ihe growing .        .            'i,,,t    Hevelstoke
iniiuil  i..r  lumber  for   the  building     a ...   grow   I   •    :•■         pples  for    export
of   lhe   i ust   prairie. a     my   f|                                f   P.ritisll   I' ■',.':'
The  i nriel i f   i imbi i    main] bin
ure  cedur,   I'u.      pine,   hi ml ick,         nil -■■. .         ■   . •                           i;.   . | •   ,,
spiinc.    lhe ..input   ,,f   H„.  mill.    n..w -■. ,w...:.,. -   beal   :•.■  world     at
opern ti hit     around      Uevel     ike,     ..■  I '   . . , ■ ■,       Kvhibitioi      Iwo  yours   .,._".
which  .1..   their  banking   ... ine-     here, fhen                               n  ,rket   fol       this
is  est ilu ii ted  ll I   nVer  7,    feel     nf f rtl i 1              big   r»'l                      it   those who
.V-. -
*" i.
fl   r
th *  B
III   Ml'   \T  Ni
II   Wl   I.
saw ij   lumbei      pei   d .        I hi
gives  eiiipl.lymei.i   ■ •-   iboui	
LAM)   nn:   -l I I I UMI'N I
llilhei n.    eltleliielil     ■:     hi ,
boon   Impeded   !'    til '    tii       ,'■
fm i   ' hal   th.     iiiiiitr)        for tin
pur!   heal il)    I min rod,     n   tl
olcariu _   .. -i       dval In      I net
ll.'ts    lie.-1| a       loW        !■' ■     - I lllll
howi". ."',   to  the  iill       lllel '     '
el'li   methods,       'hi     difli.-uli
l WH MID ii'l'l'l'.i;  MINK
■■■ bi rry culture.
I'ou is rei .i\ h g tl   r./is-
itlenl and i    on., of the     most
.lil ible   in.'  i' l'i" ndent  brunchos ..f
■ u ii   ■ ,
• I,"  lie-t  potatoes
f .11 ' ■      i        'In.   tain...i       \«h -
iiiii a greu     future is before
thi      .      I  profit lllll    faun   ■ nip
H     i- tin       o«t nf I ind ""i tn
■ui ■     ■   i .     th)   w hen       ■■ .in -
the ]       ie, it inii-i     be
ovorcomo,  and  a sl                  Ing plant             . .   ..     | that ton ncrei in   Brit-
is at work within   i nul" of 'he      it)         ,   ,       ,. ;,-      ,   •   , , , p. „   „    .hl„
wt""1' '    ''"■"""-    ':   ■'                                  160 ■-                          rie     lh,     .--ain-
■•     : "•   b ii.l   imrkel   is    uch     tlmt,
• ■."'. . ipid   levelop -
rate of   in acre   i  d ,-     V    ■
plan'     w ill   I..-   intrnd       '
work with   th"     new        ull
Continued   i  Page Light i PRGGRESSiVI
The Gateway to the KGOtenays"
—Situated io tiie Kldst ot
Great National Resources—A
Railway aid Tourist Centre
. ■.
i-'.ru. i
.     ... I-Voin
■ ," 11 n
lie   Kouteni)-,       In
lie   "ill)
•    f C: 11111111.1
• ■     nnji,
tl.,-   S I"       re -
■'  11 .■  .   Fortune''
eroiis  mail    ...
_    '    hi-     I'.l-I       tlll'l    a-    the
.,'ib-tiil      :-      he   K -
ISTKU   r-ll'l   VITUS'.
Ill   find    nu
. ■ • iwnsiti
I'l'.'ttil) :',!'"'!       -.It
• here    il      ,-,!"-
line        the Cumuli in
ni       the
i.     t, Uuitwuy,
lie  j       itiu
I ' i i Ii greii
a lllll     -outh,
■.   .    . -."'  miles   ..!
I In•re tii,
'   : .      • .   be    ui ■     tin
,-eslors, tulll-
■• '■   ■        Ure ely men
ving      li    tin mil,
■'■ .    great   titm-..   nt
'.'.'.       '!'■■'       .      Il'l
,. ' "
.   big    ■■,'!.-      wbile
■ .    tiles.
.-    " _     . a
1-,  .Sul   trbai
.   .    ■■ • -• iifurd
md ind  lievelstok.
;. "     j   greal   re ■
■   ■ . ' inti 'n t u ■
i  ii.-v. ' ■ _
■   .   ■
  en  tin
it oi
•   ■
•        ' '       ;   .   '
'!■'■■■ ing
•    ■        ind to I n
:.-      - • i   ■ il
■_.-■        m wh   h to radial.
■   levelopinent ...     -
•_■ idy  the  pi gov
ernment        ■ . rrangi
■ "   _■
tern about I        bo extend 11
." :    i     ' '.    which
'mm  their   • line  il ■' h   to
Revi ... -, ..
ith 1    m thi    poinl 'I
,    , i       -.,
.■..,-     he Grand Ti
iy in ruin brand .   ",
r,- ?
^f/pZ£2ZZ?Z23ZZZZ;^- ZZZZZZ,
iS       ALGONQUit. '■" '    ■	
li| thr (Haul. Qpuirt Ijakrs
OUT "i Chicago, ihe i wiii i rails of steel known us the I irand Trunk
Railway,   take you,  via   Detroit  or Sarnia,  to Toronto,  (.he
natural gateway  to ihat   wonderful  wilderness known as the
Highlands ..! (Intario.
l'r..in Toronto other trails had north, northwest and northeast
into an Outer's Paradise, so vast and so varied in its scenic beauty and
attractiveness that tlie in coining tourist, having read a lew ol" the many
descriptive pamphlets which picture the various resorts, suffers from
an embarrassment ol riches, lim no matter which trail yuu take, it
will lead vnu into a land exceedingly fair, for there are thousands of
lakes and resorts between Toronto and Hudson's Hay that are indescribably charming and attractive. There arc the Thirty Thousand
Islands nl' lhe I'.corntttn Bay, threaded by the splendid steamers of tlie
Northern Navigation Company, lor iln.se who like to sit and lounge
lazily aboard ship, and watch tiie islands drift by like play-house seems
of childhood. And there, away to tlie norih, is Temagami, made more
interesting recent Iv by the marvellous discoveries nearby of Cobalt and
Gowganda. probably the richest silver fields in the world. Temagami
Lake, with iis many islands and its three thousand miles iif shore line.
and two attractive lintels lor those who want hotels, is an extremely
fascinating spot for those who waul to get "back of the people"—
"beyond ihe settlement". In the lakes, reached by short portages
from Lake Temagami, the best Pass fishing to be found ou i'n.- continent ean be had. From the head ..l Lake Temagami, the canoeist
may drifl down the Montreal River, lind splendid fishing and have a
glimpse rn' ihe new mining fields along that stream.
ll vm ittke the trail due north from Toronto, thrci ■ r four hours'
ride will bring you to Mttskoka Lakes, and to the Royal Muski ka 11..id
—the Ponce de Lion ..: the north. A few miles farther up the line,
you arrive at limits-, tile, where pretty little lake steamers wiih
romantic Indian names, carry ynu dowi Fairy Kiver, a ross Fairy
Lake, to the Wawa, easily the most charming and k-lighi umi
hotel tola  i..uml in the I lomiiiion     Ti ere is 1    nil tennis and
entrancing trails that wind aboul  ihrough il Thei
are amph airy i    ms     I       t and     Id water, bra lsl
light ■ rl, all 1      ■     U-rt      n     rl      I civilization with tl
v. 1 at the back-dooi      In a l     er i	
n vi lvingseai
the incoming steal 	
young couple in l
... ...
where l      argest ti
is that wonderful
Tl rse, is rn
lai I for the i
....    . .   ■
is 1   iug so!
Tl e general
the 1
A cor] 	
... ....
pitched, 1
t trail
i ■ ■
•' ai   a	
must '.urn his face to the North.    And nowadays the North no longer
means anything but Canada and ils fastnesses,
One ui these "silent places" ihat is jusi beginning its passing, and
vet is within thirty-six hours nf Chicago, twenty-four hours of New
Vork City, and twelve hours of Buffalo, is ihe Temagami Forest
Reserve, situated ".nil miles north oi Toronto in Northern Ontario.
Tlie Reserve is a practically unbroken wilderness of 5,000 square
miles of forest and water. Lake Temagami, shaped much like a giant
octopus, has IHH square miles of water. 1,400 islands and :',,()()() miles of
shoreline. The whole Reserve is a network of lakes and connecting
streams, lying in an unbroken forest, Here the campers can go for
hundreds oi miles by canoe and portage without seeing a clearing, a
house or a w hite man.
Nature was in an ironical mood when she made tlie Temagami
region. To the eye it is a beautiful mingling of forest and witter and
hills. The hills tire solid rock. There is nothing here for tlie farmer.
There is nothing here lor the grazier, ll would be a paradise lor the
lumberman, lt may be a second Cobalt Cor the miner, li is unexcelled for the citv man. win. yearns to get near in nature's heart.
Seeing these tilings, the Province of Ontario created a playground of
5,900 miles of forest reserve lor the people,
li seiins almost ridiculous to speak of a country as a wilderness,
when there are time hotels on iis principal lake and two steamboat.
lines running on regular schedule. Moreover, there is ihe Hudson's
Bay Company's post on Bear Island, in the body oi hake Temagami,
with its store and church and little cluster nf dwellings.
But this is literally till.    There is nothing else.    Here and there
you may catch from the steamer :, glimpse ui a tent showing while
against the gray of tlie rocks and the green of thi' forest;  ynu may sec
tiie spiral srai .ke of a camp lire in tlie distance, and you may even meet
■ ■■:: a-- a . a-" « paddled by campers or anglers.    Bui over all bangs the
■   ■   and mystery ui the wilderness.    The hotels and ihe post bul
emphasizi   I   -   solitude;   the steamer's course is but one path in the
Behind the nearest island it is quite possible to run into a lordly
■ .: •   bii   ri  ';   li er or a lumbering bear.
V   tin right and left, before and behind, lies a labyrinth of islands,
• nd the i lands yet other labyrinths of portage and lake and
■ ■       ■ : the virg.n a.test.    Some of the Reserve is even
■   -ear ; arties from ihe Keewaydin Camps found and
... -. and a.hle.! them to the (iovernment Map.
It am]  thei   ; gets into intimate touch with nature
ngs thai an  -   I it  I ks, such as self-reliance, decision,
■ purpi Rubbing elbows with a hundred other
  is good training for the a],nm-si ring
•  liie to show up the lazy boy and the
tin   yellow streak, and to effectually
Also this life near to Nature induces
nt v ays.
-   ai   b Ily to the wilderness, and iu return
"' ■ _■':.. physical, mental and moral.
earm rl ;■. take care of himself in the
. ed in an_\' walk of life to which
: robably the most healthful way
here i me ; a- g 1 fishing, bcau-
•vater for drinking and bathing,
..    . ing routes and all tiie pleasures
dtitude of 1,500 n> -Mini) feel
:  "tith or the entire slimmer
Sui h ti region is the territory
" 'tali.I  on  the (Ittawa
'. :n. about two hundred
n nr. tl and seventy miles
Otta    ■
■ hal has already won
f ioking lor new fields
■   noi    et em n iai lied upon
is   not   in   .    jill tae.
main anrac-
; ' n load true
for the
■   ' tilled
,'...■   a
there being no hss
Continued Inun  Pace Three I
, I a mn i nu i mu l orrespniiileiil
The    \riow    fake-   mill-    lune    eh.-cil latest   styles of ell,ill,     I. u, lie-   luil.u ilic
fur  Hie seiisun.  Hi.uitth  several  men ure n   s| billy.     \   ehnice  line  ..f  mnleriul
I., he ke|  duing  repnir wurk. for bine)   vest,   i- shown,
ll„- i .      P.   II.  ure working   „  stoma                                ,:-  hM'^'P
shovel   eleiiring   Hie   mud   -lid.-    w hi. I, lln     a   cnrietl  and   ii| bile  line  of
lllueked    their    trill-ks    near    the    mill. lhe    lah" I    I  led    chillis,    IW I- ele.
n.i      "ii   nf even      deseriplbm. Tlmse
l'"l".   IP  Mel'nrthy, nl lhe -.-.  Pi,,,., _.,„,   ,.,..,   ,,,,,.,„„„..   ,„   lm,    , h„m.,.K,..
'"'i*'"1    l,'"'l<    ''"""    "    "'I'    '"    lhe   ea-l. ,„.   ,,,„,,    ,',,,.,„|.    ;,   ,„.„    - f        elolh",
ale     hi-   lulu i Hue   fine   i-   ,'
seen   III   lhe   w I I   hnuse.
In I..
Would    do    well lo    ill-peel     lhe    __' Is
  shown    here,     '.lllllllll    und   lil    arc "liar
Waller Martin, whu fur  the  pusi      II      ''"" ''    l'',m,'>   vests uru it s|ieeiully.
yours  hu-  had ehiirge uf ihe   l-'.vu mine IIHUSnN   ,V   III.
al   I'.ainliurne,   pnssod   ihrmigh   here on Furniture   and   I -eh..1.1   gumls form
lleliirhtflll   -..une   fur   I'hri-llnu-    pro-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nl-.    Tin-      firm    hnie   I   parti."llui'ly
Oon  a-   foreman. r,„,.   _.,,„.],   ,,,   ,',,,-,,;,,,,,.  ,,f  all   kinds, in-
i;   Tn.ilh amis. Irwin noted a- dele      ,,|,"li"»!   I"11'101'  s,lUa>   ""''"   l,Me*   '""'
g -   f,,r   trruwhend  ul   Hie  Cunservn vh,l]r*'   ""u,'r  ^""k   "'""""'   I'"""'"
live Convention  held  at   l\unloo|is  Iuul
hi-  wai    I.,  i he  N'lliriiel   mini,  on   _■
Creek,   where   he   ha-   llcccpleil   a   |
eek.    P.nh   report   -in'"ess  and a  most
ai.,).able   lime  al    lhe   big   "al herinc.
und  ..Hier  urtieles  suilnble  for  purlor,
dining     room     or   bedroom       Picture
fra -.  carpets,  eurluins,    uud   Cliiiiu
form ii varied nnd lirsi  class cliuiee.
.1.  .1.   Mclluirhrnn hugged a  li leer .1    p,| pp.
Ihi-  week,  milking   Ilireo of  H rea
\     llll'ge     a—or nl       ..I   sensullitblo
Lt ill s   .an       lie    bought    here   uml    II    1 i-it
lhe   low ii   -eeiii-    lo   l.e   full   of        men        lo    the   store       will   |'0|lll)    am on	
these  days,   and   ull  huve  m y,      so      pun ha-,'  belli.     I'he  stuck   includes full
lures   he   lm-   Inn.led   -,,   far   thi-        -eu line-   oi   new   stylish   men's   goods,   ti,-.
business  mining   the Inenl   houses  i-   re       senrves,  cullurs,   funey   vests,       Immure
purled   good. junkets   and   eierytlinnj    thai    is   lleees-
i.     I'he   stock    I-    new    und    reliable.
\   Christians   free  and  -... ial      m....l
in.I  prices   in  -nil   nil  p.
time  i-  being     arrange!  in ciiuueclii
with      the      Presbyterian   C -I,   and Mel.NTVUK &  SUNS.
Sun,lui   School,  u.,,1  under   the   train 11 uvi   a   nice  display  nf  -tuple      ami
ing  ni  Mr-.  \\.   I,'.   Keid.  and -..me     of faini   groceries,   in. lu.line   table  fruit-.
Arrowhead's     musicians      ihe children      aula and  eundies, citrnii i I. etc,  n-
In.I  fair   tu  supplying  a   treat   lu (hose well  us  full  lim-  of general   men's siip-
ivho  mail   ihem-elv"-  uf   ll pp.irliiu plies,    as   eigurs.   eigarel le-,    tobaccos,
ill     of    hearing    theii'   elllei'l nillli I. llllil     1111111)'     ulllor     lll'li'le-     Sllitllllll'     for
  Christinas  gil'is.
  tnd nuw   iii ■■ lu-i ie  w,...I.I add
fast   niirhl    au eiilhusinstie   ling llml |,|»»'i'.'   \>eZ""> •'"  '""""     '""l  ""
wn-   held   In     the   Hookey   \-.„iaii.ui ""M  ''emeinb.-i   iliui while enjoyim; tho
in   the  room- al   lhe skating   rink  w he,       -'""l   ''"""-'  «''"' wliiell  we  me bl I
Ki-riimteini'iils   were   eompleled for   ihi- "llh  '""' families  around  us  we  musl
season's   I key,   Ollicers   for   the   -eu           ,'"1'-"'1   '""   '""  fortunate  brethren
s.m  were  upiiu'iiuoil  ns full,,u-: ■""l   l'-}   '"  make   iheir  Christmas      a
,,       . ,              ii       ,,   , lil'1-'   I.lijl.h'l    nnd   lumpier.       "Peu.e un
President,   IP   M.-K in;   Secrelury- ,         ,          ....
111,.-.    Hope,    llllil    lhe fill-
ingei-s   were  elm     ('.     P.
llh   and   .jo.1.1   will    I..wul.
the    basis    nf     '     life     llli       I ' ll I i - 1 lllll-
.-III.I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
DW"*-'  »■"; -   M""'    '"   '"";:, "■     '''lir'vil-'chHs'l'nms   shopping  earl, .
'—'••   """'   V.   M.   C.   ,\.   team   Thus,      fm.  ^ ^  ^  J',   t|1|<|   „
IliUie.      Iliele   will    Ile   u    generul    pru"- ,           ,                                       III".
'                                                                    ' muki-   ihem       -n.e      and   -..ill,   and   It
ti.e  uf all   tennis   In-niglit. ,                                      i i           i   .     ,1
innke-   then,   sour  .mul   lilue,   when    the
T.unuiiuw   night   the  busii       men       |, ,,,„„..  j„  .,  „.] |,|n|,   j,,.,    h,.,',,,,.
and   the   I  .   P.   I.',   hue   their   lirsi  prill- ,|„,         ,|„j     uii',.-   when   lhe        crowds
(i.e.   and     Pridii)    lhe   city   mid   \ .   M.       ,,,,,,,. ,,,  .,.., |,jflI,   ,,,,.  ,1,,, hm'e.aiu- ,,f
C,   A.   pru,li.e.    If   there   arc  am     per [I,,.],.   |iv„.      p„,v      .,   rawhide  f,„       the
sous  win. phi)   Hi.   num.. and  lune m.l lonelier,  nnd      hi-  -nil  will  i-eiise      lo
,v-i     joined      lhe    n iiiliun,   if   Hie) „„,.,„    „„   ,1,,.  |„vw|   ,,,„|   |„v]|u,   |m,„.
hand   in   iheir  mums   tu   all)   of       ihe      ,|,er bui   .,   nice  new   inee,.|,h ; bui  a
IlllUle   llluU.l_.er-    lhe)    will    he    sIlMUhI  ll|l I,.I    f,,|     -i-h"'     \llllie,    .Uld ||    ^llll fu,
»ilh    .' ..I   the  teams. brnther   P..ink.   and  a   pair  nf        kah-
.  fur 11 rami).       and      n     kite for   Pllele
Hank.     In    I..       make   lhi-   Christum-
siuini, j..i.ms as n ,|;,i   in   Mny; I n
up and bluw  your money, in  Hu- guud
U'"1'""   "ln"''   M" '   W-Pl'o-ulent      oU!.f,Iw|li |      M.„Vi    |,,.„..     | |„,
'*   d,e I .t.in.bm,  Par  railway,   has     |,UI.|V.|)1U.|V> whm   C'l.risimas shn|i
New C. P. R. Hotel
aPi'i-oved  ..f  Hull'..,,,'.  .,, -ile   Pi...!.., |,|ow   vol||,    wcn|()li  ,J](1W
u-  the sile of  the proposed  I     P.      U.
lOlll-isI     hnlel    ill     Kn  .lcii.,1.        Ihe  "l|o|,.
na- snuifesteil  hi   P.  «.   Peters, C.   I .
MePherson   und   II.   IV.   Will-.       ll       i-
lllldei- I ih.'ll th"     I I      Will     be
ear1)     l_ri\'e   lhe   Weiiry   eh-rk-'   a   show
H-   ...ir  thoughtlessness   ,tt:n   smothers
.'ill     the    lil He    " I     lie    du;     We'll'    fui    -
eeiful   nf  H tilers   win.   their    lieavi
Aeroplane Accident
:   i-;
H •
Hi-k-  pursue:    hetlei     ha   lhe children
lc"<l>    "'   ■'"'■ I"''     '•I*1    "av"1       eln     lainli    a.   Old   Saul:.'-       lluor,
'"  llin' :"" iljl>   mn>   I"' I""'1''1      Hum  ,,, bring  mum kiitzoiijn ,,-r   to
'>  available   .......  ii  nexl year. ,,„.  ,u,„{ f,,|k.  |n  ,,„.  .,,„.,..    |,|() ,,„.
children nii-i- rod ailtos, bin   a inunke)
on  ti  stick,  -iigar     inuiiiu-  and  . audi
grnll    niinili.i|i.   ihul    will        make
Consliiulinople,  ll...   111.    M.   Illeirot,     ll"'m  -''''■ h">   ll"'"1 ,l"ll« wilh "'""'-
lhe    Pie,,"!      Wruphuil-I.    ,1 hu-e lliclll '''"'l>'   ''">     ll"'"1 « lo»      l"''"'-    ,l''"
:      Hie    P„eli-h   'h.umel    ll n        'I'"""    ll1""    V«»"f«l>lf.   bu,   du   ,,   earl)
nf   the    i   renin.liable  f-at.   of    the     '-"'" "'" ""MIA  (,,c,'k* " 'll'"1""'"
year,   and   who   ha.   had   inure   nirruw 	
II ape     i leuth      limn   am    ulher .   .
I .   A.  ijiiiiitui.t.   the munuger ul       a
III lah.l .     luel     Will.    ItllOlhlll        el loll       ||l» .
I li.'.i i ti. ,-i I   ■ oiu|i,mit .   win,   wa-   "hal'ged
eid.nl   here  Inihu ■  ,    , '
ul   rernie.   wilh   hniiiiL'   c'lieii   ll  ,'heipi.
"" "'    -IU""  "" "*hibitiui,  it,  lhe     ,',„ >|s ,|,-,,u„ ,,,, .., bnnh In Crnnbrooli
I '   "  "'   '"'   " "" Ul1'    ul"'"      lo ihe ,ir,,|,,i..,.„- ,,f n  l I I,,  Movie
'"•     ""'l'la Il"1"'1      ""''   '•'   ll""-'''         null...   am    funds    tu   hi-   neili.    at
n"'     ""I'"'     """"'l     ''"      '"■"ll" '" Ihut     IllStitlllioll,     It,'.-      lllulled    u.U       nil
pleleh    and   I'.l."lol    fell        III        lhe        miHIIOIldel!   -elitellee
ia- md lb-  wa     injured  ull   lhe   lefl
nidi      iiiii   i!   i    feared    inlernull) It
II ue   .....   wrecked,
Hi ;ii'     —    .—7, 1
l,',l, Til   tin     .MIA „ » 1    /./,I/Ill  ,   -,/
inr (n , ii-.ii,m/1 l Vi.
in u,. neknuwlcdue  reeeipt   of  ihe  He -
 H ember  number uf the  Fruit   Mu^uzlne,
^^M "ht.'.l  In    Maxwell  Smith.    The      mmi.
New Pastor tor St. John's Church '".',,'1, "'■" ?hirtwS;nTotilnonpuriM
Re, u , „,,;,.,,„,,. ,,,,,„ ;',iV"r','''l'IN'''T';i''N,-,i srT
.,                       .   .. In   I'. I..   I'mpiier, nf lhe  Needle-, alsu
I ret l" :" y  "i   Ka il...p ,  ha i  reeu ved ,   ,              -.  i           ,         ■■
, ,            ,          ,   ' the Ivolownn,    Sulmnn   Ann,  Vornon,
II enuli   i.m  Iron   fJlu   ".v..  Scot and, u ,              i   ,          ,   ,      , -    ,
Nolson,   aud   Arruw   Lake  dilplnys    at
anmnin ing  th" a   eptunco Ic   iei. N. ,,     o    ,         .     ,   ..,                  '
,,     ,,  1           ,,     .         ,    .          ...... ,||(,  snoi^nne   ,\pp],. Slum.
'•     M.l'. in.   13.   A.,   ,,f   t|,„   „|,|„,inn,,,.,,1
to   St.   Johns   I'u   Inierian   I'hiu.h   ul ll   i     pleasing   to   nolo   that   several
Revel toi..  1 , commence dullo   curly uf our citizona have commenced     glv
m January,   Mi. M.l   i, hn   ., uumbar ing iheir housos names,   The idea   is
ol friend   ii   thi   vicinity who will bo an extremely guud one, being progres-
glad to learn of hi   appointment,  He si,e as well as demonstrating tho fact
wa   formerly   inti tied nl   Irrowlioad, that pcopli   take pride in their   home"
bu,  lm    recent);   .-     lal .      i  pu n It i   to he hoped that die naming nf
-■: idu  -.      nirsi   ,!i Theologj   hi'Hus- housci  will boeomo general throughout
. froi
lii-a ii t;     ul     lhi
ed  ami
: ■      ' I      .'       v -
■      '        lh,
ulir g»tnry nf thr Ifl r si
B V   1 SA H li 1. C .  A KM ST ROiNT, .
iWrittcn Specialty for this Edition.)
I' no where is it more true than nf the Prairie Provinces
of Canada, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
thai tiie old order is passing away and all things are
yielding to the new. Manitoba is a staid, sealed, lor the
most part thickly populated farming country. Groves or
"biuli's" of trees, .Manitoba maple, cotton-wood and oak,
that in many casts have grown from seed protect the comfortable rural homes from fierce winter winds or the to..
penetrating rays of ihe summer sun. Tlie rural telephone
has robbed ttie life of the farmer's wife of tlie peril of
monotony and loneliness.    The farmer feels a glow of pride
convenient method or to entertain the frequent guests who
chug-chug up to her door, leaving an odor of gasoline in
their wake. Others arrive in smart pony imps and
carriages while not a few come mounted.
True, the lirst year the homesteader siill builds his
dwelling of sod. and this frequently is made to suffice not
only fm' himself hut also for whatever live stock he is
fortunate enough to possess. His shack is his ark where
he and the members of his family occupy the room at one
end and ilie members of his domestic menagerie the room
at the other. If he hasn't a family, lie isn't always so
last idiotts.
But  llie homesteader is not long content with his sod
house if he be ti worker. -and the West i.s no place for the
shirker.    The soil will yield not only a living but a com-
to   see   some   KK.M.
West  at   last,"   sin
"Better wear your best bill and tucker," warned the
host, w'ho laughed at her enthusiasm.
At se\ei -thirty the spirited learn of bays and a smart
double seated wagonette were waiting at the door. Tlie
wife of lhe host came down the stairs, a becoming cloak ol
latest cul only half concealing a dainty frock ihat had just
arrived from Toronto. Pun clothes were soon forgotten as
the road was taken along the river, overhung liy willows,
straight towards ihe foot-hills, behind whieh loomed lhe
mountains bathed in the glory of the selling sun. As the
golden light deepened into crimson then faded to gray, the
horses were turned and lhe trail followed across the open,
free prairies.    Night was descending as a pause was made
i' uui k Davs
iii seeing his broad wheat fields where a dozen or more of
Ids own sleek, well-led horses are attached to his reapers,
in seeing ids own ..unit threshing lhe golden grain. A
Steam plow turns over tlie furrows of rich dark earth and
when a break-down occurs lie doesn't wait to hitch up a
horse. He cranks up his auto, jumps in and has made the
return trip to town for necessary supplies or repairs in less
time ihat it would have taken to prepare for sueh a journey
in the good old days.
Progress in its march has covered Saskatchewan and
even in tar west Alberta, the seeker for novelty is prone to
sigh, "I have come too late." And the "too late" has
come about all within the past few years.
The day of the big ranch is rapidly passing away and
so well known a Canadian writer as Agnes Deans Cameron
petency to all who put intelligence and energy into the
lilling. In a few years at most, tlie cabin gives place to a
prosperous frame dwelling, with substantial stables to
house the increasing stock. The trees which have been
planted t" beautify and give shade, like everything else,
are yielding their best for this gracious soil.
As more and more of tlie land comes under cultivation,
the danger of early frost killing the crops decreases. It is
a well-known fact that cultivated land holds the warmth
from the sun's rays much longer than uncultivated. Men
of optimism, but at the same time experience and gond
sound judgment, state that the dav is not far distant when
the menace of frost will cease to alarm the tarmer of the
Middle West.
In recent years, the ample rain-fall has insured against
at a gate al the end of a long avenue of trees. Lights
glowed in welcome from every window of the house at the
other end.
Through a garden which could only be guessed at by
the fragrant odors, and across a lawn the guests were led
by one son of the household while another led the horses to
the barn.
Within was no sound of revelry, no rustic badinage,
no "loud laugh that speaks the vacant mind," but rather
a highly cultured mirth. The hostess, a very grand lad)',
indeed, in spite nf twenty years ou a ranch, far frum
cities, and not too easy years al lhal, in lhe beginning al
least, wore an evening gown of irreproachable texture and
A telej.hone iu lhe hall, mission furniture in ilu- living
.'   .._.;.'.
If..'-tmif,-. ■
m, '
is responsible for the statement lhal scarcely half a hundred droughl and fur* iter insurance is being given to set tiers in room, a piano, pianola, 1,. .ok- and magazini , greeted the
ol these are left in sunny Alberta,    Passing with the big the irrigatii :: dip ia - under ...nsi rtt' lion in districts where eyes ol the visitor from ihe east, who despaired on the spot
ranch is the picturesque cow-boy, tho hero'of every boy's moisture   during      rmer   -■ a   ms   has   been   insufficient, of ever getting to the West of Dreams
mmanci It is characteristic of thi \\ est n I i      an for improve- Tl gh the Wesi is a hustling, Ini tling, t-nmniercial
"The Soul "I Sn loii. I.,".' an 11 a grain "i '.'.hen " sii nl     bul   I .   I   •■ em     "Make  the country, the western people arc genuine g iod   p iri i, and
('■    Wurman, and  I"'  inighl   have ndded,  "The  Soul    :  ts     and  tin       pulai follow   is   the wholesome  amateur spurts  like  everything  else  llottrish
Alberta, also"    eotild he linvi t le it rhyme I   mall     Thi tii    elevator hamlet there, baseball, loot ball, tennis, crickcl and particularly
(,railuiilly rven the private raiH'lu      I     ine tl        mil hustling town of to-day because it lacrosse and polo.    And the bridge fiend, loo, is fun   ; ii
acres aii' being pushed back to the beautiful, grn        I es in its Is in ins]    ing others with this that I tee West land, and the devotee of the aftern   m tea
hills whieh kneel lii-f'in  ilu   Knekii It tial   pul '        lays  fine An eastern eity is only becoming aware of tin   '., I that a
I       lim even li-.   i.i.  i;.   iinriiiimnii    invnsim and     mcrs a watei  supply not western suburban town composed of a water tank   I
advanced civilization     Ann        nl     Chinamai   reid 1 g To morrow, grain elevators and n   in I nain   ireel hn
ihe  inisiti'    "i "i.i.ai   .ban.  -a   11 ii 11,    and Icavi   ilor in a sma     Ubcrta town wa il   manners and customs when the western hatt;''	
ample   i    i"  leli'phoni'  hei   ordei    lu i   I I I tl ..•■■.   party at a round   and   leaches  the   eastern   cit)   sotin    in       inti
pro' im inl 11 it,a I phiini'.'tii i-linl wilh in :     ilu  ti t mil     listanl This, in brief, is tin    lory of tin   Wesi.
llll     Vi llll I'
thiii.   '!,..'- '   u
ry lo lhe nurlli      II
-I     ,[    ,   |„    esi,      •
t heir mu e th.
win.",    lhi        "ilia
iif biiihliui
Crows   N'i       p,i th,   I-	
I' . . ■     II    I win      ...
* lew   il n.pl." iun  uf  i
head   and     Kooi.i    ■
would    oiineel   lhe  It.  I      -      ■
Crows  Ne-i    vsteit
lin.    ul    liovi l;e,   tl
I 'in    th"     real esi   rail' , ■   •
P'l'l ti    "     I '' "   III,li[   :.
Xt    pr     liev,     tuke Ill,       ll.
.pial'lel'.     nf    the       \|. . , .   '
.-nap  Hit i-i-'     .f Hie I'a      linn  Paeil
railway   . uni| ml   ilu    Ib-v.
Hoard of Trad    have tin
the m in.ijeiu." i uf thi   railwa;      om]
all)'   lhat    theii Ile    el
lar_""l   aad    • , .; •
■ '..   ..'    I
.  bin   lhe   I
,..,. i,„, , ■
I   I N id _-   111 I. Ii LH PL A K.-
■ :    '   .
greal   A        .- tii-ld
ind   the great
the  Cm iu   U        ,--,   tin
Ve-..      Zealand      \
.    the   Si .   ■ ,
.full!       thai   " ,
.'■■'..'.    Jul
■   ■..-■.                                            *                                            -s" 1*.             ' W     J^^*1 J   —I
•"'"''•'"               ■ "v*         "* -V"   ~^j?-T_fc"
vu               '■ ;; -~_    *■&-■*• i*'9'\
M   '■   '<■   "O''.           "'- '    '•    «*-'. ''■"'    "   f'T;" <'2*e*fZr-    flfi
*%£&*&$$. ■■ tf$: -■-            *'
, lie   llevl   liar.
I'he   nurth     i-  a vast        „,|„v,      ,
".iniitii     ot  know        woalll
mineral,.  und  hind f       '
grow ing   and   eul lie   rami
I 'olumbiu   i ii er  is i       gable fm
I'm  mile-   nnrtli    if   I,',
tile   e\eepti f .       •
six iuih-  ul   I Vies I   and   Death  Uu
■irnund   w hi. li  it   is  pro|
■i   trumwu)   wii. i
tions  warrant,  und   i.m   id,   n lii.-li thi
D'.niiiiinn i ,..■,..,. .
prillliilll   nl  S|fi.	
The  Culiimbiii      rivei _
south inun   lleveUto ._       lu   '.
run    hike-    f, „■   „   .1,.'.,           ... ,                   -,;,,,   •, ;   \ | ^    ,   , o|
I'he   mngniliei lice  uf tin       •   ■   ■      ■ I                        Ullage |           -   I  hy   ■
-team   bonl   trip   north II                         In   mun   diiecl   risefi
ihe Columbia  river eu          In          f ■.                   ,.■■. ■    ...   ...          ... .    .
A   I'd UIS'I   I  i NTRK. ,„i       f somi   Ion,
Tin- cili/en-    of  Ue ■ til,               iin bike, whil    lhe    \1; i
on   making      lhi     die   .- . •-. st   tnui •                   rule     nre i  mow   i
centre  in   Uritish  Cubmil         V   mon .-,                I,     | .... .
taiiieering   ' '            Ih-i          .   • hide tb,. summits ihe,
•'   ll       p. bei, f
feet,     mi!   Mount   11
• wn    il pn     ut, bi
■      • ."     How,   ■
.....     ...
lhe   eyi u
ul   ll.. ire  lowi
Hie A      .    nul  tin    -•
'    gi
I      range llii     in:'',
I the beuiil       ;  the \i
i_.        lhat i    livid
bi lupin ed      wi".
-u iizerla,   I
M, KF.N7.II-: AVKM I    1:1.'. KLSTOKK
■. n w .   Sw H /.a bmd ha   uo
' hi    i"  ■'!';.   of     BU
Louise   or   DTI uu,   and lh. '
■ ■ <   best know:, ol the Rock;
M. ! ■■!.   .   thorc   are  many  Iik*
. i which  lhe public ha- nut yet
and i-  tnku .     -. ■
tion   of   lhe  i ioverni, ent,
_'|e.'l,e   '    nl ail.'lbl.      i- • I
ihnpc ..I  foo  ■ .  e .   .
Uld      i' e   Hi  M-      Ilia.!,
e       |h|" lo tOUl '       '
lim.■ . ii,.  ii.uld'. gro •■                                            ..I    Iii one     rcspoct      th-
recognize    dint     the 1 L'niiad          mountain   climber   has  no!
md all  'I.    .".,'.'• -'.-                              ges of his Swiss colleague,
land    nl!..,    .  nnt • here are unusually bad, and
mountain   ol Uril ■_■:..■  more dc'   ilt  and dar,
world's play-ground, ■    ■  pool track fm- horses,
articlo really  brilliant  record-break
A gem ' .'ion   ig. .  ■ : •                             out  "i -I,., question.     Ir
'he truo mountain i-lin •   hi trover,   tl"'   mcks   are
nf the w.,,' i: but that dav I UNLIMITED RESOURCES
(Continued lioni Page I'.ie
the   im.-t   favored   spots   up I lirth
There are  tl -and.  uf families   I'n ing
in   Lnglaiiil    lodiiy,  families nf  roliiio-
ment,  culture  and distiuetiun,   fumilios
Sllt-ll    Its    yilll        wuuld       weh.une   UUUUIg
■   "i   '.'.■ .-:..   liri . '.  .   ..ani ■ i.m   with  both  .alius,   who  would      be
. ■.   -till   import-   s .mill  of  fruil   an onl)    .... gbul  to , nu  and uecupy
ill) meel pi    I'lllelil       iM'l    and a   lug   lull   un   lit,    ueres   uf   a   pour      nr
    prc-on!    ;■:  "I ,   li   '       fhell    '''."i" appl "hard   in   full   lieaiinc.   if    lhe)
• !..■       L'renl     .'. I        -tend gluwillg ...uld   lhi     ..   ut   a   lea able  eusl,"
..-.■   ti   trkoi : tin   ian thing   ihe   valleys   nf   the    Culiiinbin
!"...      peupi md   ilu    ia nil" and  ' ai   Uin"-  and  their      iriliulur
■- :.-   ..'-"-.I.    .' a!     n   the lie ies,  for   I Ml   mil.-   north   uf   lievelslukc,
iiui   .■ .wing    lulu iiliinij   ih.- i olumbia   river  fur  nn miles
I  *<TV
<   *&Wi
■ •■   V'V'j • ciL
*s -*»» fM*'*
1%^ .<#"'
'ps   ■,: , jf ^:m,]-o;j s -,   -v. pit.
A- &&{■   t- iff J thisritZs': f;H/'".'.'-'ri':. i "
! I> I IX*!  - I' INKY i liKKK   I'.l.Hull. n.N C,   P
.'     ■'   begin    lu suuth  nf   Hevelstuke,  in   the   lllocilliwn-
.; , he   ] il    '"''•!.       for et   valley  to  lhe     eusl     and   the   Caul.
:■    .-■:.-.     jll       III   •      lliell OWIl I'll--    tn    lhe 11,-1,    ill    the   l.allei- llf
fruit .-up] evei   !"■  depen • Pi-h   nnd   Salmon   river-   iributnr,     tu
■ ■     -    ih> gonial     ' i  Pri- lhe north east  arm of Pp]ior       Vrro,,
lish I    _■'."' ..a   \ •■ •■> - an lake.      and  idling   the  shore:      of   the
.-■ ■.-   •     u the P lupe fu,        he'n I   ike   in   the      vicinily  of     Arrowhead,
■   . ■ liiiloiin   Pay.   Comaplix,   Peatoi      II
:•_  .-   -• it, '    _'    .   "•        ■ li,   led cyon,   St.   I.e.ui.      Wh itsh a .   Pii .
.  ■     ■ II  '■ Creek,      Nakusp,      lue   Valley,   I nwei
.  .■    ,      ' .■ ■      '  s.  \rruw   I   ike.   tin    Narrows   and      othei
>" - .    ■      • . :.:■'.'"""■ poinl-   w ill   lm   found   th"   besi      ' "
.:'. '       -'■        family,    .'   I eight- and   ftirmihg   land-,   with   an   alia
,', tr- hard-  - ret an-   uji   t.. of water and  limber fur fm
S-:.     .;        . r.      Wl  n   ..- iipntiun      i- ing,  and   fur  Ing   buililini     ivben        I.
- -    ' .ive  -n'..   . r. sired,    He  'I'rniii   I uki      -        me beau
'■   ■.- ;    •' ' '..        ,'•-  -    " ■;■■ ■   :.   : '        Wllllt I iflll itiul       ivitl ill   sui]
:     -    I -  _   •_•'  .    .    I  indepcndi   I       life SI'i '1:1
thai    "' ■■       f   the  •■   it-ur in   Pii- In   must  of  the  stri   n
tish  ''   ' a .'• 'ho     iki -.  good  :i-i a _ ■ .■  •'   .■
ffiulu tu Kery (Chnatmaa
BUT there is a better thing than the observance
nf   Christmas    Day,    and    lhat    is.    keeping
Are vmi willing to forget whal you have done
for other people, and to remember what other
people have done for you; to ignore what tlie world
owes von, and lo think what you owe lhe world;
to put your rights in the background, and your
duties in the middle distance, and your chances to
do a little more than your duty in the foreground;
tu see lhal your fellow men are just as real as you
are, and try to look behind their faces to the hearts,
hungry for joy; to own tliat probably the only g 1
reason for your existence is not what you are going
to get out of life, but what are you going to give I"
life; to ."lose your book of complaints against the
management of the universe, and look around ymi
for a place where you can sow a few seeds of happiness are you willing c. do ihese things even for a
day? Then ymi can
keep Christmas.
An- you willing io stoop down
and consider lhe
needs of lil tie children, io rcmem
ber the weakness
and loneliness of
people wlio are
growing old; i"
slop asking la.v.
much your friends
love you, and ask
yourself w hei her
\ mi love t hem
enough. to bear
in mitt'! the I ii
thai ' r peopli
liavi    '      bi
'   ' :■''.:''
iry  ti.  understai  I
I i
altr Silting Art
THERE is a line art which is much neglected
among us. and lhat is lhe art of living together,
not so much the art of the wife living with her
husband, or a husband wilh his wife, lun lhe art of
lieing a smooth-running wheel in the great machinery of the world-the art of nol squeaking, or
slipping a cog, or stripping the gearing, or otherwise disturbing tlie harmony of lhe huge engine of
human life.
Nor is it odd lhat this art is neglected, when
vmi come i" ihink of it, for most people are ignorant
of tlie existence of such a craft, and if informed
of it declare ii of no importance. Hut this is not
so, for the man who sunlios iulo its necessities
discovers that il covers the whole ground of domestic
science. The man who is clever enough lo understand lhal unless he makes a good citizen he cannot
expect good government, will alsu be shrewd enough
to see  that unless lie makes a good son he cannot
expeel harmony in
his father's house.
And if these
i wo im],iirlant
faeis are comprehended, lie will nol
need lo be lold
lhal to make a
good husband will
ensure the happi
ness of one woman,
and lo Le a good
father will round
mn his share of the
responsibility i n
lhe balance of tile
universe. He lias
earned his righl to
live, move, and
have his being together wilh his
fellow-beings, for
he has successfully
learned the dillicult ai't of living
together, Anonymous,
Nu man is
made i inly fm' himself and his own
pri\ aie affairs, bul
iu serve, profit and
benefit others.
A iThriHliitaii JilntiUT
at Prince of Peace, and dwell within
Christmastide.    Enter the bus,'
ded ways, lhe quid homes and
and  iom 1,  every  human
■   Thy great love, and in its
Lear -"...I will and charily to
into all ihe pre ions hope that
tmas 1 lay, and Pel], each to
1 life Ihrough Thee.     Look
■ •■.,,■   , all |l,   and   lice
and I he darkness
' ■ r and joy to all mt
i' I a].i aneas reign
1I1SI    if the I .al..   i radled
!"■     "i . in om giving
■   I in .u ■ epl in;.,
raci   i'; . in i" cry
lhi   pi.ul re
1.   !   i, 'i,.  high
it '.- men."
i ML  l.i n.ll'   i iN C.   P,   ll,   L\ST i iF
I ,.:    '-'',.'-     —       ■',''■ I       .
ada, speaking p. thi Koya \gi
tural .-•.:•■■' «ho« a ; thi
"Fruil  gi   ,s a..  .■   ■■ .ui  ia     ,■..!..
a quin :  the      •:; ■.:.  th •     ,f  beint
beautiful   art I.    well pro-
Bt&bli ind tstry. Altci ti m . ■■
wait of fivi years, I mden tan i tin
»• - ler may 1 forward ■■■ :■!.:■ od
able certainty to a net ii ome ofSlOO
to 1150 per Bere, after all expei ■ of
culUvatlon have been paid.
Gentlemen,here i- a state "f thing!
winch appears to ■ ,:".' thi opportunity
of living under >■'■ ',. idial ondltions
aa struggling hutnanit) t. .'• nnly mc-
nviirl     ir. reaching in     ut." oi  two of
P.  .-.      ii   :   _-..   .
;,,_■:.     tnd 1
• ' :■   a:,         I         i
:■      k, bl
.' ".'       1   ■   ■
I"       ..".'
wla.   kl.-.'..
lh    I..
uia i   and
besi   of   1. ..'.'
ia, ionally   peon,    .
a-  ".,.
to thi
llll, •
),',■■.•: '..'  •
'I."     1,"
porial  P. ii ', uf i
and  Can
There aro       ei   '
ch    thn
Tlutcl  Ih
,'    Cum
a.lian   Pacific   Uailwai   Company,    and Inenl   lodges,
conducted  by   A.   A.   MeDonell, lo ). Ubieties  receive a  due  -hare ,.f „t •
and the Central, conducted by  Messrs. leutiiiii.    flier,.      are      un.   recreation
Abrahaiu.snn   Bros.,   eater   special!)    lo      „. m|S| ,„ „      M..K„n/i„ Av„ _   iul<1
(he     tourist      trade.   Thorn are  Hue,.     ,, ,!„.,. |n  ,,.., w_,s(  .,..,, ,., ,, |ly
llootors,       three   haw   lirm.-,   two   illini -       .j-,,,,   ,,„,,.,.   |.;|.   .,„   ,.._,„,    ,...,,„   (|...;.k
""'"   -""''s-    r"   h""-"'-   I"lrl°1'   lh'M' und     i-   lhe  pla.e       where     lhe   annual
ire,   -eve.,      gener.il   stores,  two  hard' .,,.,„.  ,„■  ,,„.   AwH«-iill uml   Sneiel, and
ware   -ture-.  -is   leal  estute  nnd  iii-ur- ,■■,.,, m,,,,,       ,.  1 ,| I
aiue lirm-.  Y.   M.  I'.   \.   wilh excellent
gyninnsiuni   and   limiting   alloy,     three l.ncrusse,  fnutbull,    hut-key,    crieket,
lire brigades,   Iwn     drug stores      twn      ;""      i'e|nvsenleil      in     iheir  r.-| live
(..hue..,   -ture-      mid   billiurd   salnuiis, ,'"1,~-  :""1      '"'"      "''"   -upi""i'd.      A
skating   mid      curling   rink.     Duminiuii     I Il0'      -".ieti      hu-   I n   nrgunizod
..rm.uiri,  with  eurps  ..i   Uneli)   Mimn - •""'   is   ''"'"-     s|ilondid     wurk,       lho
(uin   Uimgers,   two   lodge-rooms,    four snnw.sht.e  Club   at hnd-   In   the    social
item-  furnishing      -iur,-.      thr In      si'1'' "'   ll"' "inl"'''- enlerlaii ni-.
poods  stnr,-,   two   inilliueri   -,,,,,-,    a ''"'   I'riivineial  government   i-       i-
delitist,   iw,.   surveyors  ami  ,-iiil      ,•„ sli-m-liiig   a   I radio  bride,,  acrnss      thu
gineors,  .me   luunufiu-tiiring  eonfeetinn ' '"'""'bia   river   ul    Uevolsloko.       this
or,   twu      iviitchinnkors,   three  barber-, bride.•  will  open   to      settlement       ihe
two linkers  and  confectioners,
hinds ,.n   the  west   side ,.f ihe Cubini ■
laundry,   uue   ma, hi,,,,  simp,   , emi- ''in   .iver.   mid   result   in   a   roud   thro'
■leekli   newspaper   and   printing   ullice. ll»'   v--"~u'   I'"""   botweonUovelstoko and
une .lub.  three  meal   -hues,  buurd  of ''"' "kiinngiin  Valley,     whieh    rnnnol
trade,   trad.-   and   labor  cuuncil,   pnsl      ,',il   "' hecome f     tl„. fuvori.to
ollice, expiess ullice,  nm liver)   stubles ''..iiie- uf lonrisl   ti-nvel.
live  tenmstors,  two  snsh  nnil 'door die Kevelstoke  '.-   luu.I.pn.run -  fur      the
toi ies,  une cement   pipe fneliiry,      une      Homliiiiin     (',,-,    Dopiirlmoiil       for
brick  yard,  i    iindertuker,   three tail ''"'  ''"stern  sectiun  nf   British  Colum -
urs,   mining   etminivr,     Iwo   breweries,      ''in,  and  for  lhe  II ini.ui   fund, Tim-
florist,   wine     and     spirit    warehouse, '"'''•   ■'""'   l'"i'''-'   Pniiservntion   Admin-
'uur  restaurant-.   ,w,,   I (milkers, une '-naiinii  of  the   llepnil uiein   nf   ihe  In-
.".Idler  and   harness   maker,   twu blnek ('-riur.
^'"'"i-   ■""l   "I l-wrights,   f    build- frum    the niiilh      end    nf  MeKonzie
ers mul    enntruclurs,     ..„,.    arehileel, \venue the citizen ur Inurisl seeking n
lu..  tinsmilhs.  two pluinbers  Iwo him       rhnnge fr  heal  oi siinimer ean reach
l'or yards,      twu    .In—  makers,   tole- ,|„.  sniiunil  ..i  Mmim   Uevelstuke      by
I'1""1" ''""'paii). .I,,.  I.inilmnrk Trail  in the -hurt  -|,.„'e
fhe uli'iiirs  uf  ih,. .-ii)   me  managed     "•' ll"v" ''■"" -■   .imirno)   lieing made
l.i   lhe  mayor  .and  -i\   aldermen,   liev.      ''i   -ml.lie    burs      ..n  foot   u-   (he
elstoke   i-   heuilipiarlers   for   the   nllieos Irnveller   mui   desire,   lhi   lhe   summit
nl   the   Prol i.i. inl   iluii'iamieiu.   iii,'lu.I "'  this nioiini.iiii  frnm  f SOI HI i,, Tl MMI 11.
iug   i.oiciunneiii    \...,"it.   Mining        Ue '»   heighl   nbnve   sou-level,   he  mny  , ,,-
.urder,  Cl,.,!,   ..f Count)   Courl,   Uogis mi    il"'  gruiiiloiir   nf   N'nture's   solilmle
trnr   ..I   Supreme   Conn.   Itegistrnr    of amid   prollj   lillle   lake-   shnduived    in
Birth-. Deaths and Murrinj,-. Slipon
dim-i   Mug-istrnle.
fhe Sii|.ieu„. ('nun hnld- hull'i.'.irli
Assi/es,   Hn-   l..nn,i    I unr,   -ii- uiulltll
I),  the Sii|ieii,li,uv  Mngistrnto's C i
sit- weekK . uml Hie I in Pulice I '..un
I'he   .il)    ..« ii-    lhe   water   -uppl) . el-
''.'Hie liglll .'Hid p..lie.' plaillS, ,'llld hnlel a .unl met fur lurgol) in.re..sine
H.i-  plain   In   putting  ir.  :i  new      .lam
of re-infuri-od ei ret...  lilted  up in th,.
most    upludule   mn r.   ami   onlul'u -
ing ihe plum tu meet th,. gruwing in
diistrinl ritipiiremenf- of the .in und
nippl.i   power   I-   lhe   l .   P.   U.   simps,
Hi ii • ompull) llll, ilic piumi-ed In use
Ihe puwer supplied In the , iti . The
POWOI plant in. Iinle- || ._..,. Iiruilnei'i
ail\ili in   of  '.'ull   I..i..   eiipaeili .
I he w.ihr -uppl) -i -imii gives n
lire-.me uf Inn pun wis lu the -.|ii.u..
inch  and  ih.-  iir..  briguile.   are elie.iii,.
llllil     Well     -1",,.,.".I 'fhe    eili      ]. I,.,
nished thruiigliuitl with lhe must up.
'" 'I'""   ele.iri.        mitiiinnti.    lire   lllnl'lll
-i -i.an
H.nine ihe pa-, join n soweriigo
-;.   '.„,   I,.,    I,",.,,   iusliillod,
Hevelstuke   lake-   pride   in   I,,.,   odlu-il-
Uonill il- lllilli, .11 -,    whiell    e.,|i-i-|     uf    11
PUbli "I I    Uial    I,llth    -"llunl.    hull,  ,,f
whieh    ale    under    Hi, |,ll'l    llf    teicll
Bl       "I ill"    hic'lle   I     .iltllillllieiil-,          -nil
wh..  I, r e given exeellenl  results.
A  le. plial I    maintained In  cuntii
biltion   -I  ihe railway mul  lumber employees   within the   sphere   ol   benefit,
'ub idisted   bj   the  provinolal   govern ■
"" "'.   mul    ,      lu, in. inlly   |,   great     .in •
'■'"" A new «inL. ,,[ |,ri,.]<p ,„,,
s'uii.i in height, bu. ju 1 been added
tn nu ei  increasing demaiuls.
Presbyterian,  Anglican,   Baptist, Mo-
tluslis'. nnd Catholics hnvo tbeir ro-
speetlvfl churches.
Tlie principal friendly Bodctios and
inde*  unions  are  all  represented    by
the '.-row ih of bulsmil und jin,., or
gainbul nver ih.- gruss-curpoted stmids
I luu .ui er the purl,-. strew ll v ith
lluwer- lhal p.■il'iime lhe air mid relievo   lhe    ne   w iih   the   in..-I   lieuuli -
fui  ..f  nature'-      riilurillg.    \   li-il      tn
lhe   park   i-  eiijuied     In    all   win.  nillke
il.   nml   lh iilra-l   belli he   bull.,   nf    the    l.ll-)     "ill     all.I    the    stillness
..I the iiioiiuiaiii summit, guarded as
it were hi gtanl uiow-elud peak- thnt
raise iheir jagged pinnacles heaven -
ward all nrouiiil, liiiL'.'i- iii the memory,
lllh." -.."ie- within easi reach uf
lhe "ill, and which ale well worth
visiting, are lhe Silv." Tip Pall-, ut
Kiuhl Mile Crook, talcing in ihe .anion    of    the    Colllllll.lu.     lhe     111"",lllll n.'.
Canyon, and ihe fall- uu ihe Jnrdnn.
New   -ii r   Mi.   Begbie  and it- gin -
eier-    mil)     he    added    In    the    atllaetile
-een,- eu-il.i   reached  from  ihe city, as
the   Mount di ring   flub  propose      to
build then a trail whieh .an be reached fi.un the eily i iu lhe I 'olllttibin rivor  I,ridge.
Ihut      Hevelstuke  hu-           uf  tin
brightest fut ii reg bel'..re ii uf nny cit)
in Briiish Columbia there i- nnduiibt.
uml ihe nonorql opinion nf those ae-
ipiiiinied with 'its splendid geographical  p..-iti.m    and     resources aoknow
ledge-    Hint    il      i-   destined    lu   be.'ultl.
ibe Spokiu f the Pncifio provinoe,
the  l.ui  ii -ge Tribune says   thai
luu miles uf the Urand Trunk Pi,eili.
railroad iu P. C. i- practically a prni
lie mad thai i an be built in eighUi.T.
months with white labor and imp
plies brought in via Ashoroft, Three
hundred miles of tin- run,I is located
nlotlg navigable rivers and a l.irgi
portion uf tho line can be graded for
R12.000 a mile. Plenty nf whilo labor
can be obtained if the contractor,; wil!
pay from $2 to fibrin n Hay and hoard
nnd treat tl,,- met. square.


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