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The Mail Herald May 16, 1914

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 ■ ■■iiiHiigsaaiiieiiia
Railway Junction and Divisional Point. Headquarters for
Columbia River Navigation.
Hub ol Timber Belt, Mineral
Zone, Agricultural Lands and
Vast Water Powers ol B. C.
■ *■
« H ■ IW I* M P !■![1 '» 1 W B IB P W
The Mail-Herald
r«is s ■« « ii ■ » * i s 4'Sa
B ■
(g Circulates  twice   per  week am- B
S on? the  prosperous  citizens  of 3
S Canada's     Premier     Province. 9
(g The      recognised      advertising aj
g medium  lor  Kootenay and In- 9
g tenor British Columbia. (ft
Vol. 20-No 33
$2.50 Per Year
Ninety-five Square"*'.*'les
Area of National Park
Order-in-Council Declares Area to Possess Features of
Striking Natural Beauty--President' of Conservative
Association Sends Telegram of Thanks to Member -
Boundaries of Park  Defined.
Dominion Sawmill Company's
Stock   Destroyed — Mill
The area of the new national park,
created nj the government by order
in conn :il passed on April 28, is 05
square miles. A copy of the order in
council has heen received in tne city
by T.J . Wadman, Dominion Lands
agent, it eletines -the boundaries of
the purs: and state's that it possesses
features of "striking natural beauty
including glaciers, mountain peaks
•end waterfalls which attract large
number.- if tourists and make it adapted for purposes of a scenic park."
Thc order in council is as follows:
Where is various representations
have been made to the Department ol
the Interior that an ana in the.vlc-
ir.ity oi Mt. Revelstoke should be set
aside as  a   National   Park;
And vhereaa it has been found upon
investigation that this area is not
suitable tor mrposes ol ordinary set-
tlemcnt but possesses features of
strikn -' tural beauty, including
glacier-, mountain peaks and waterfalls, which attract large numbers ot
tourists and make it adapted for
1 Urpos  -ie-  park,—
Therefore the Governor General in
Council, under ind in virtue of the
provisions ol section IS of the l)o-
minion     !•*■   •       Reserves and Parki
Act,   I  .    leo. V.  chap.   10, as amend
eel b> chap.  18, is pleased
to ord'- nd   .i   Is   hereby   ordered  as
Tin-   -lands,    hereinafter described,
situat   I Railway  Belt in
Britlsl n         are set  apart  and
establ Dominion Park    to
he kn. . - ■      Revelstoke National
1 ark,   (\/. —
Don I   Tlie  BOUth-wesI   cor
ner of !  quarter ol Sec
tion  It'   Ti wnship _t, Range 2.    west
ol the  - ' ■    liah; thence easter
ly foli       i  I      south boundaries of
>.-rt;     - ■  I   12  in  said  Town
ship   ind I           tb  boundaries    of
-■ cl:   .- i •       md 10 in   Tow nshlp
21, Range the south-east corner
• if     :- said Township;
thence I             following  the    cast
boun . Section  in to    the
north       * .if      the  Section;
them following the south
east   c
north) •
ary ol
ion then   '
right  bai .,
to 11
< r;    then
thc rij
to its
appro I
25, Rs
the rl
Section;     thence
•  i ne east,    bound-
it, or the extens
the point of Intersec
a.'iidninn    Creek;
ly  following     the
hnacudainn Creek
Illecillewaet Riv-
•i  easti rly  following
I   Illecillewaet   River
tb   3 lver  Creek  in
•i e i   7, Township
-• ..f the Filth Mer-
: th-westerly follow Ing
Silver  Creek  to  its
junction with au unnamed creek in
approximately Section 2. Township
26, Range 2U, west of the Fifth Meridian; thence westerly and southwesterly following the light hank of
the unnamed creek to the point of
intersection with the north boundary
or the extension thereof, of Section
16', Township 25, Range I, west of
the Sixth Meridian; thence westerly
following the north boundary of Sec-
tian I")', or the extension thereof, and
the north boundaries of Sections IC,
IT and Is of said Township and the
north boundary of Section 13, Town-
si tp 25, Range 2, to the north-west
corner of the said section 13.; thence
southerly following the west boundaries of Sections 13, 12 and I of said
Township, aud the west boundaries of
Sections 36, 25 and 24 of Township
:. I, Range 2, to the north-east corner
of Section 11; thence westerly along
thc north boundary ol said Section
to the north west corner of
the north-east quarter ol the Section
thence southerly following the west
boundary ol the said north-cast
quarter to the north east corner of
the south west quarter ol said Section; thence westerly following the
north boundary of the said BoUth-
v.est quarter to the north-west comer of the quarter Section; thence
southerly following the west boundary of the said quarter Section to
the north-east corner ol Section 1":
t hence westerly following the north
1 oundary ol said Section 10 to the
north-west corner ol the north-east
quarter ol the section; thence southerly following the wesl   b      ■'. iry    ol
rl ast ball of s.i id  Si ci ir  10   to
tbe place of beginning, containing an
.unite aiea eef  95 square ir.iles.
Clerk   of  the  Pnvv   Council,
A  telegram     expressing to     R. F.
Green,  M.P., member lor Kootenay,
i be gratitude ol the Ri vel
Bl-rvatlve Association for the
work performed in securing the park
lor Revelstoke and In obtaining
geological eurvej ol the Big Bend district has been sent t Mr Green by
A. E. Kincaid, president of the Revelstoke  Conservative [tl
is   as   follows:
it. v. Green, U, P.,
House of Commoi -. Otl
Un behalf of the Conserval
elation 'if Revelstoke' wish to thank
v-c .11 foi   your splendid success In   se-
curlng order In council for Rev.
National  Park, for your work   ,
i ur   interest   for   geograpl ll
for the Big Bend    district     P\
othei  letters of thanks will follow.
\.  E.  KINCAID.
President Kevelstoke I
servat Ivi    I -       itlon.
Fire which broke out in the lumber
yards of the Dominion Sawmill company, Three Valley, at an early hour
this morning, destroyed the entire
stocks of lumber. The mill was saved with great difficulty and this was
largely due to the pre).apt action oi
the night watchman, Archie Rutherford, who was badly burned in his
efforts to check the tire..
The cause of the tir> is unknown.
The loss is estimated at §100,000 and
is fully covered by insurance.
First of Board of Trade Excursions Left City Early
This  Morning
John Manning Scott
buried at Brampton
The following report of the funeral
of John Mam.ing Scott, formerly af
Revelstoke, is from thc Banner and
limes of Brampton, Ontario, of May
7 "The remains of John Manning
Scott, who died at Kamloops, B.C.,
i n Thursday last were buried iu
Brampton cemetery on Tuesday of
this week. Decease',! was the last
surviving son of the late Judge Scott
county judge of Peel, and a barrister
by profession.   Deceased  practised  In
The first of the excursions organized by the hoard of trade to visit the
mines of the district left at 5 a. m.
■ a the steamer Revelstoke. The stein.er will take the parly to Beaton
from which trips will be made by
load to Trout Lake and Ferguson
lhe mines in the locality will be examined.
This is the lirst of a series of excursions   planned   to  bring   the   busi -
'Revelstoke Hospital is
Splendid Institution
Building and Equipment Unexcelled in British Columbia
—Inspector Unable to Find Complaint - Operating
Room Contains Most Modern Equipment X-Ray
Machine—Bright Airy Wards —Able Medical and
Nursing Staff.
"Not a fault to find" was the ver- neither surgeons nor patient are indict of Inspector Ue Grey after <i convenienced. This alone cost 8178
thorough inspection of  the  Revelstoke In   tne  1""m  are  appliances  for   atei
hospital.    It is      a  report,  in     which
ilizing and a large and. well ap -
pointed   instrument   case   full   of      the
tl-osc  who  visit the hospital mvari-   ^uttering  tools  ol  the  surgeon-.      In
ably, concur.   From cellar to roof the   connection  with   the  operates  room
building is constructed on the most is a chloroform room in which the
cess men of Revelstoke in touch with approved modern methods, its equip- patient is rendered unconscious with-
the     mining community and to gain   ment  is  complete and  thoroughly  ef-   out being disturbed by the sight     of
Bclent and the human  element leaves
t.othing to     be desired.      Physicians
and surgeons whose reputation      for
sr ience  and  skill  extends across the
continent  are  daily  practising  at thc
knowledge which may be useful in
stimulating the mining industry. The
committee having the trip in charge
consists of S. Sutherland, chairman,
A.  K.  Kincaid, T. Kilpatrick and  II.
McKinnon.   The party is expected to   hospital and the  management  of  the
reach the city on Monday on its re-   institution and the efficiency of     the
Farmers Institute for
Craipllacliie District
Craigellachie, B. C., May la— An
Eagle River valley Farmers' lnsti -
tute meeting, for organization purposes,  was held  in the store  on Sat-
nurslng stall win the warmest praise
from all who us patients or visitors
have gained an intimate knowledge
of the institution.
the Implements lor operating, Th.-,
sterilizing devices are operated by
foot or knee so that it is unnecess-
; ry for any handle to be touched by
Burgeon or nurse after the hand?
I ave been sterilized, "Then is also
a special sterilizing room, operated
by electricity in which dressings, bas
ins and instruments m ly be cleaned
and rendered free from Infection I
any source.   A  Berles  of  pilot   \\-':.x-
Owen  Sound nnd went from there to urday  last.    Practicalh   every   ranch-
Revelstoke, B.C., about 15 years ago. ,.,- j,, ,,,- near Craigellachie is now   a
He  had   neen  at      Kamloops  a  short member,
time.    He  was  married  but   has       no       phe      Canadian   Pacific  railway  arc
There is nothing forbidding     about shows  when  the  electric  current   is In
the    appearance    of    the    hospital, operation.   On each flooi
Built of warm  red brick and bearing linen  rooms,  lavati rl(      tnd        bath-
the nain   ol  good  i.nn  Victoria,  it rooms all  fitted  with  tne  mosl
las  an   inviting  and  comfortable  ap- en, devices.
pearance which is strengthened from On tn.- ground door in add I
tic  tunc   the   visitor   arrives   at    the the  public,   private  an 1    Bemi-pi
spacious    portico    from  which     the wards  then                                   ..     iu
hands..mc  stained glass  doors   open, which   minor  surgical   i   -
An  inspection  e.f  rue  i,nadir;    gives tended te, also provld  I v. ■
an   imp ■     I        ol   efficiency,   scrupul- i oiler  and  sterlli  I    -
ous cleanliness,  and  ,.|   sen ace       em- tiiis  Moor  air  four  private  wards,     a
ployed te, its utmost te. aid suffering
family.   Besides  his  wi low Mr.   Scott   |„Sv around the graveL washing plant   , ,       .,
.    , ,     ,.        „ , i uhj an nun ui.  Lia _mB yi        humanity,     but there   s  also an at-   ma ■    -,• and  X-ray
Is survived  by  bis mother    and    one  which   is  expected   to  open  up  short
sister-,      who  live  in  Toronto. De-   |y.    Some  grading  has to be  done in
ceased was about   15 years of age ami   the back  track and  surveyors       have
had spent all his life up to the time  been on the ground during the   past
when he graduated from Toronto Un-  week.
iversity and the Ontario  Law  school j    J. Ferris was in  Revelstoke during
mosphere of sympathy and   kindness  the latest   pattern.   *l are all
tlat go far-   to remove   the awe and  filled with Banitary  n itti
aversion  with  which  hospitals      are   there isa bell  wil
in  Brampton,  bis native town.
tbe earlj   pert  ol the week,
No Action Taken on
Post Office Move
A m     i
■ executive of    the
l oard • - field yesterday af-
ternoe • iider the recommendation • ifftce Inspector thai
the offli I be temporarily moved to • . tilt church. It wus
decid'.' ' the executive should
take but that the president
and sec " • pursuance of the in-
structi-i. • the board at its recent
meet, il vice     I ostmnstcr
Young ■ board is col In favor of   i   . Vi    it   the present time.
*e   E   CRKAM   FOR
dalntloi dish
i                      friends,    with
*;■:   MADE
Oand            i id    a finishing
t            ■               leaner.
w •>   ■ fo    'in Candy Spec
ie'               . I'litu pei lb. nt
>!'...    .............
(I.  s.  McCarter     took the ground
that it   was the duty ol the board to
try t.) prevent disci ntent. ll"
thought that if Improvemi :- could
be        made that     wo '.! I     make
moving     the     office
would  be advisable that  ::■       move
be made.   If an agltati m       ■.-"    he
would   favor  calling    I ::.e'"t
Ingot the board to conslde   tbe mat
ter but he thought the board would
j be  ill   advised   te,  h. I ■    the
dispute    if     avoidable.      He  I
the executive should take no action
and made the suggestion regarding
negotiations by the preel and
secretary that was adopted
T.  Kilpatrick believed that thi  de
cision   rested  with  the  l 0
I al tiiei'iit al   i it lawa.   i ■ First
st t had offered t" epalr the present   post   oilice  and   the of
postmaster's wishes. The inspection
had started tbe agitation by reporting   that the post office « n    the
we.rsi  iii iiiitiHh Columbia
\     K    Kiln.,i,|  thought   thi   e'"titrov-
ii ij tee small t,. involve tbe board ol
trade, He did n"t think the post
office department would be dictated
to     in the    matter o! a temporary
 ve     II 'god  that      the   ;•■
element should i liminated
Those present were \v. M   Lawrence
A     B,   Kincaid,  0.   B H
Mard.'ii lid,    I*    Kilp,I'- 'A     11
Managing Director  of   Petroleum Products Company
Gives ihe Facts
Tin1 following Official statement
was made to The Calgary Daily Herald yesterday by A. W. Diiigman,
managing director of the Calgary Petroleum Products company:
"Yesterday at   12 o'clock the driller
ii the cuble, Joseph B. Brown, ile-
tected gas and a smell of oil, and
notified the managing dinctor, who
v.,s at the well as tli.' tune, 1 knew
then from the character in the change.
e.: the sand that we were likely to
encounter a horizon of oil. 1 ran one
'i..ite' ditch in the afternoon when the'
gas volume increased, and at 5:30
when we ran tin' baler th" result was
a nice showing of high-grade oil in
tin   well.
"The cbaractei "f the oU is high
grade, .uni appears te. he coming in
t.    the  wi-11  at   a  fairly      steady   rate
at the present line-. As to tin cap
ucity of the well it is premature for
anyone t.. express aa opinion as to
the amount (,| the flow. We have ta
ken nine or ten barrels, and there i".
oil in the well to the amount of 140U
.1 151 I feet at present. Tin' well
made One slight flow, but this is an
ordinary occurrence iii territory
where gaB und oil ure struck iu combination.
"Al! estimates as t.> the daily pro-
Suction at the present time are premature and not to lie taken too eerie.usly as we have only touched tho
top of the sand (not Dakota sands aa
Intimated), and we cannot tell till
we get deep what the probable production will be.
"No arrangements have been made
for the sale of tin production to anyone, and until we obtain more definite data regarding conditions, possibilities and probabllltlu no reports
a list be accepted by thc public a I in
any way authentic unless such retorts are given  out  by  the managing
"It Is the intention of the board
te. keep the public fully apprised of
tin absolute facts au 1 Conditions ill
I elation to tha strike. We ran say
Alth  great  satisfaction   that  the out
Was Crossing Stream on Log
—Body Brought to Revelstoke in Boat
pal lent by which a a -
at    an]   b
Althou      thi . -      t t
building   are    ol    s
brick  and   : thci
anywhere In thi
sound in,ie- regarded, A visit to the
Revelstoke hospital while it may not
reconcile one tee the thought of ill
health goes far toward removing th,"
dread and anxiety with which sick-
nd its consequent • i ire generally regarded.
The hospital is three spacious stor-  en, a spacious n
ies  in  height   with basement aud    In   range and tray carl
conjunction is a   nurses*   home, bright    nui
airy  and  comfortable.    The  height   ,.f   leating
the ceilings,  the  wholesomrncss       of   building.   Au  addil    I
the     atmosphere,  the     amplitude of   is the eond'; I
light,  and   the      freedom      from  'lust,    Ing.    la  the  nurs
Strikes .mi' immediately.    There      are   well  lighted
no dark spots,  not ji room  hut      is   Bowers',  a  che ry  and  w Ml  lurnie
'Hooded   with  daylight,   no  dust   laden   sitting  rooi
R. Christie, J. E. Bland, and B.H.   crannies.   The  vacuum  cleaning    sys-   after their     tiring labors  ;
Johnston arrived  in the city  on Wed-   tern  is  Indeed  one of the features    of   can  enjoy   well  earned   :
nesday bringing with the,,,'the body   tne '"'l'i""-'-   Every  speck  of     dust   [ort.
is sucked away and the air is never     Not thi
contaminated as is the case when the   the  building   is tht
old fashioned br n is employed. Di
On   th.'   top  Story   is   the   maternity   rej-ng guprerac.  H
ward,   [n it are six bright bedrooms   two huge bo
•.villi ., cheery convalescent  room tbe   main building,   •
whole Iront of winch is windows commanding   a   delightful   view   of      city
ami mountains.   Every i•■■; t■. t    and
sclentIfic device  Is provide i (■•'.
ther and child  Including  a  mot
heel   mounted  ou   rubber   t ;*«-«!   .-,
in which the occupiei  , .',  repose
any desired position,
Descending     tbe     rubbei
of C, Elliott of Kamloops, who was
drowned on Sunday in Uownie Creek.
Elliott was crossing the creek on u
log when he fell into the water. He
l swam some 200 yards and climbed
onto u rock from which In appeared
to slip. He sank, the body being
picked up two miles below.
Tin    body       was   taken   by   Christie,
Bland ami     Johnson    l'i    Mosquito
landing where a COW boat was pro
Cured In Which the body was taken t"
Kevelstoke. The journey through the
lush fiom the BCene ot the accident
was extremely arduous for those car
lying  the  lio.lv.
Dr.   Hamilton,  coroner,   took   statements  from   the' eye  Witnesses  of     tbe
cataatrophy and decided thai an inquest was Unnecessary.
The party of which BlllOti was one
lift Revelstoke ou May 6 by steamer
for the north to lurvey extensive
timber limits In the Big Bend country. The party consisted "f T. Cummins and H.H. BbbOtt of Revelstoke
| with      D.   p.   Valley,  C.N.  (Key,      R.
Christie of Kamloops ami .1. A. Parsons of Golden, ami B. Johnson. II.
Home,    Q. Shannon, < . Dewar,    c.
Jackson, C. Klliott and 1). Slavin of
The body  Is at llowson'-t unileilak
ing parlors and  the provincial  police
arc  making  enquiry  BS  to the  relatives of  the  dead  man  of  whom  nothing is known.
iv  sufficient, the gni b
which  als,,  i ,■ .t, tp,-  bath
ery.    There are
( "!'   maids'  t.e- md -  . i
.■ -'  i ■■■•      i      heal
device of rel
stairs   to   the   H .1   below     .„,.•   all'.'..
at  the public and     semi prl\ ite i
private wards  i erved    I antonutle    ll ■   . ond !■>
medical cast       Hie public  ward ■ I it is In |
lams  I, beds allowing ample
between.   The room     h   bright, any     beloi    I - rb<
and scrupulo  - ■.   clean.   On this Hat  „,.   •. • bujlu
as well ai  on the ii..i bi low is a semi   ,r .       . .,
private ward,   one containing
and   the  Other   liv   beds.    The   pnv.,1- . ,„   , ,,
wards   have eacn   .,,-. lOdatlon     •;,.,..., ,,,-     ,,,,.
i ne patient  and are comfortable an
inviting  rooms.
On the doora ol many ol the private wards are   ieen  the  ltam<M of var
ious fraternal organisations which
furnished the rooms, in tbe maternity  ward   isa   l.iom  founded   !.;.      the
I adies auxiliary, in the ti..■ .t below
looms furnished by the Knights   ol
I ythlas,   Free     Mason I,   IJn Is   iiuxil
buy ami Rebekabs while the   Orange
lodge and Pi "t hei hood of Railway
'Irainmen   have'   eaeh   fill nisheel   wauls
i n the ground flooi.
The appliance! In connection with
the wards an- unSUrpa-SOd in British
Columbia.    There   are   larger   hOSpil
I the vi
ipen ts v,ieir and roomy     with
•■bii i,     beds a u  be
wh..'|.-,1     The   systl 'i.   e f   vi i a:.da and
'*■-'• ' '     ap-
(Continued on P ,.• ■ ■*., :r,
. . . .
English  Oulde  (showing places    of
interest)—It  wub in  tins very  room,
sir, that Wellington received his llret   *'lH N""" that  in  Revelstoke but  none
commission. j better   equipped   or      more   skillfully
American Tourist—Indeed, And how   tended.   On   b  Moor is a diet kit-
much commission did he got.               |(1",»     with  (lectrlc    sieve on  which
  .              | special nourishment may be prepared.
The fruit crop in the Okanugiin    is   The operating   room  is as near    pet
said hy experts to be exactly a fort-, lert as possible     In  it day  or  night
night earlier this year than usual. ! are alike foi' oVOT the operating table
bok is very satisfartoiy. and we feel | Cnerries are very forward, and npri- shines a 600 candle i ower electric
quite  hopeful   of  the  development   of, cots arc already  thc size of a  small .light  enclosed      ina  patented dovtce j JR
OBT IT  VT        , .
THB sri, vi. ij  •.',:. "        „
Special   this   Week k
"THB   MAY til BEN" ■
Cream Sundae a .*■ liclous ■
lee Cream with Fruit -. Nuts ■
and a deli' ie.,-  Ha n *
thing original, ■
Have von  tri"d  our ("nor »
late Vit BundauM,
"THB  BOG Ml  Pi.ui.
merclal oil and gas Held.
' nut.
| which  carries away all  heat   so  that     ...........   -,*-<«<_ .-.'AGE TWO
SATURDAY,    MAY 10, 19U
Bargains in Shoes
We have on   sale  Children's Shoes  in sizes
from 6i to 2, selling at Bargain Prices.
Ladies'  Oxfords selling  at less than manufacturers' prices.
All these shoes are selling at greatly reduced
P. o. Box 840,
Revelstoke. B.O.
First-class wood, dry or green     .
full   measure,   prompt  delivery.
>c   TERMS   C.O.D. unless other-
M.   wise arranged.    Discount for
1    cash.
A Phone Rush < Irders to
■   in   SILK GOODS and   BANCY
THINGS.    Prettiest C signs.
1'll.l.oW CUSHIONS
DRKSSX1 UUNG,    Fll Guaranteed
n- for ladies' costumes made in
-  ■ .,' to suit ■ pi   . il "••!' rs,
The Revelstoke Nurseries
Vi. H..POTTRUFF. I koi
Coal mining ritcbta oi the PomlnioD
tn Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Al-
frtft, the Yukon Territory, th«
North-west Territories and in a por-
:. of the Province of British Col
umbia, muy be leased or . term of
twt-nty-oue years at an annual rent
a*, o! tl an acre. Not mi re than
i .'',•.' acres will be leased to one ap-
; .cant.
Application for letaie must .f owli
I y the applicant ID person to the
Agent or Bab Agent ot tun district
.:. which the righti applied for art
The lease will In lode the coal mia-
ing rights only, but the leeeee may
te permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be eon-
Sldered nece«w»rj lot tbe work.ng of
tl.e mine at the rate of 110.1)0 an
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
subdivisions of sections, and .n un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap ■
i   i ti.t   himself.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee ol tt which will be refunded if the rights appl.ed for art
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty ehall he paid on the mer
chantable output of the mine at tht
rate of five cents per ton.
Tbe person operat.ng the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tbe full quantity eOf
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, suoh
returne should lis furnished at least
once a year.
For full Information application
•hould be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to tbe Agent or Hub-Agent
pf Dominion  Lands.
m. W. OORT.
ami tr
i ■    •
A  i,    1 • igei
ORDERS   VI \ \    Hi.
LEFT A I   illK
Kootenay Agencies
PHONE    46
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
nonnnughf   Ave.    .    Rnvnlili.ke
(111 illiin I'lll l.er Women,   f.'e ei bog r,r three for
ll".       ild iii. nil limit ."tieri'i. '.r meiilc<l |o »i,v
IMl'll reel;    [ll  |lril ' I     K ruiir.U.   |i«l H
Vitality: for  N.r'i' iiimI I'.rnln: Ince/eimen "grej
Hi        e Ti.hu III hllllll     Oil   '"■.  , ■ " I'ler, ,,,
- I'er ( .  io lire, < mnrM, i-r '■)' mull i ei r ft.t
iTl"-.   'Ii.ii Bcoi   , ■ turn, (;«.. gt i.iii, irlnei
UB0R!        LABOR!
of all kinds, furnished,
Skilled and Common Labor, Railroad and Loggers a Specialty,
Western Labor Exchange
I', ii. II.ix 200 Phone 318
Ciinnki iiiiN-   Vancouver and
Kamloops, B.O.
One Half Block West of Molson Bunk
I Buy a |
You will get a
full season's use
out of it.
100 per cent ol
your snapshooting opportunities
will be realised.
You will get the
t   value  and
lowest   price   in
NEW Goods.   _,
Free   instruc-
Hiadly given.
Atthc Trueman Studio
McKenzie Ave.
Canal will Aid |
Lumber Export Trade
The department ol trade aud com
lueroe Iihb been making an exhaust -
ive inquiry into the foreign market
for Canadian lumber, and particularly the British Columbia product, in
view of the expected opening of the.
Panama Canal, the trade commissioners in Great Britain and through
out the world have been asked to
make a special report on the subject.
U. H. Boss, trade commissioner to
Australia, writes: "Exhaustive*; iin -
quiries  have been  made  in  Melbourne
i i nil Sydney with a view of ascertaining why British Columbia exports of
Douglas lie to Australia are decreasing, while shipments from the Pacific Const ports of the United States
have substantially increased. Taken
as a whole, the importing of Douglas lii into A>ustralla from the l'nit-
iil Slates and Canada has for some
l line heen unsatisfactory business to
the Australia trade. Many of the
large saw millers in Australia have
recently ceased importing cargoes.
'Ihey have gone out of the cargo business, as they have found it pays
them better to buy in parcels or part
cargoes, often when steamers are
actually  on the voyage.
I "The cause of the change in the
olel established procedure is simply
that the American shipper has found
it more profitable to gamble on the
freights than to make a profit on the
lumber Itself. The bulk of the Douglas lit- comes to Australia on time-
chartered   steamers.    Every   day's  de-
| la,\ counts materially, either in load-
irg, bunkering or discharging, and
because the United States ports provide quicker facilities foi loading
than British Columbia ports, it makes it more profitable for the shipping or selling brokers to load cargoes in Washington and Oregon
Should Have Good Chance.
He says the pressing needs at British Columbia ports are better facilities for the quick loading and hunk-
'i coaling at Seattle coast rates. He
adds: "In the opinion of the Sydney
Importers it only requires a series of
regular supplies of British Columbia
Douglas fir in the chief Australian
markets to establish a name for its
quality and rutting. This should cre-
ilte, in due time, a demand for Brit-
len Columbia lumber (as apart from
ll'uget   Sound   and   t.he   Columbia   riv-
I er) that  would not require a continuation  of the subsidy."
The acting trade commissioner   at
j Leeds, Eng., says: "There is a Concensus 'if opinion that tbe opening of
the Panama Canal will prove decidedly advantageous to the lumber export trade of Uritish Columbia In expediting shipments to this country.
The cost of transport would be reel need, ind thus lower the price of
lumber to the buyer, and this, it is
expected, will induce him to use the
wind more freely, but any great demand will be h matter "f somt time
In coming to a head."
The Hamilton Spectator says thui
■ hi re are between 800 and iiOfl citiz
that, burg who bave not yet
ipplied for dug tags. Vie can only
conclude from this thai the Hamil-
tonians who visit Victoria are , ithe;
among the negligent class, >r else
they  leave then- tags at  home.   \ ie
'    e,|ei|list .
A    DouglsiR   Tourner
Now is the time to get a good
wheel. We have a splendid line
in both o^VIens and Ladies' at
right prices, also full stock of
Tyres, Tubes, Lamps, Saddles,
and Repairs.
Baseball Goods -we are leaders in
these. Come and inspect our line.
Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, Cricket, Croquet, and all
Sporting Goods.
Sherwin Williams Paints.
Kootenay, Saskalia and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg to announce that tbey have opened up offices at the
comer of First Street and Connaugbt Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you to
call and get particulars, and net in on ground floor prices.
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
President. Sec.-Treasurer
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
3DnnDDannnDaDDDDDDi_Dr rnaannaaonoDDCODOc: pre
^/tlt&ayj the   lie ft
"ShamrocKl' "Butter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
_ iaaoaaa_K_aaaaaaaaDa
Selkirk   Hotel   Restaurant
Opening up under new management
Mrs. M. M A.RTIN.SON Img^ to anno una to the Revelstoke Publio
tli it she intends to open up this restaurant and run it in strictly
first-class style- Kverythlng up-to-date and strict attention
given to its patrons.
Give us a call
Open until 12 p. m.
Wanted I v-.ues of Revel *
M;iil-Herald   ol
January 10th, 19J4
January 17th. 1914
January 21st,  1914
Kindly Send Copies to the
Mail-Herald Office
Tiii-ic  ,ii•'   '.'■' ■  telephi nti  in
Hair Falling?
then Klop II I    Stop II now '    Ymi
un do it witb Ayir'i llm> Vigor,
I'm ■ not color Un luir
A.    \j            ,.                       H.'le  l*r J   II   ATfrCu
<.k Your f)o<tor.        ««,.,.,  (•.,,,,1,
[I  .im announced some months ng.i
ir office Intended to t ,;.n
Imei ts    with . ae ni n
■ Ing t.i the fact, t i it ilie
ra ted e »r.onai vc
ed lapM lire
• <   il of 'lee-   \iM.v Rifle Ai o
Informed a  London  ,,i., . i:, i
He   et     1110    ailiUI  I   ll'H   ll
id  !■'-i'ii overcome,  no!  nv
nti i • 11 - - -.   Imi    I y   nil-
- f I'll'    I     pe,     .,lle| I1.!'
carrj  oui some' further
nents  Kdtb the rifle     I Ml m-u
e'" .,f the rifles wore us< il f ■■
■ .,.
in s' pacts the . Ifle ail in *i <•
' ||_I1<   I    •■ ' pi i l.el Ion <f     I '    I'llll   :i
• trajootorj and . il i.••. I
II, ■.( Are, and it 'a as ■ '■ 1 nn' I f
i ' ped   iti.it   It  would   piov"      i  h0  11 e
best service arm In tin' orl I, '*. is
possible, of course that the ntl ntlon
he,.', being devoted to tbe •■ i ip
iie'iit of automatic iIflei m n* pio
diicc something better, hut in the
ii i bars Is no nteni t > i "f
abandoning I he govet nmeni      inli ", i
, en  tO   thnt   end
The new rifle, wiiich \. ,,n -ii" u>oi
| hi  pi Irtclple,   calibre ,278, is i ithor
costly to make the net     cost   being
I abOUl   118  and   the  total  actual  v nrk-
inu time to iiiakc even one of   them
Is  iiIioiiI   tr.   In mi rn.
Hiiiinni't land   ami     Nariiiiiata,       .lip
■later towns facing each other     on
iikniiiii'iiii   Lake,   have   Icon   Joint 1 by
n telephone cable.
From Maker to Wearer
Our six years' experience measuring, coupled with our
large number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
ffU irantee a fit. The largest assorttmnt of samples in
the city to select from.   Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre C& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumers' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
Phone 254 f
Doors, Windows, Mouldings.
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Fire Clay.
Lumber, Lath and Shingles.
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
i SATURDAY,    MAY  16, l'.Hl
*Y. M. .C. A.
The question of establishing Y.M.
C.A. community work in Kamloops
waa freely discussed at St. Andrews
Hall on Friday night, says the Kam-
ioops Standard. After the refreshments had been served Mr. Ballan-
tyne, general Western Canadian sei.-
rctary of the Y.M.C.A. addressed the
■big gathering showing what great
work could be done in communities
like Kamloops without building ns
experience has proved that in the
smaller cities a very importa.it and
necessary work can he done vlthoit
this big sxpense, After a chOi'oitfta
discussion f the matter it waa ibe
unanimous opinion of the meeting
that a campaign should be started
at once t .-•■ ne the necessary funds
to carry on community work in Kamloops foi i period of two years. A
number i [ two-men teams were formed to '■ '.  ■' operations at.   once
audit    i-        [i "I   they   will   be   accord
ed ungru •:. _• a ipport  by Kamloops
as a unit.
I     ■  I
"Smith Is a man of quiet tastes,"
observed  the i ild Fogey.
"Not much 'c- isn't," responded the
Grouch. 'I ate dinoer at the same
table with him one night."—Olncin -
nati  Ki.
When law  about   printing
untrue  advertisements  comes  in force
it will : — ty to enlarge all the
penitentiaries to provide accommodation foi • rletors of circusses,
advance igeats if theatres and a lot
more folk ' suggesl to the Minis
ter of Jus1 ' it, ". b leVl i else may
be require ( t > the line, circusses
should ■ What would a
circus be Wit I posters telling of
its unp ii i nagnificence, and its
origin..: . from tho wilds of
New Ou Ireland i. and the fellow
who lets - •• us snakes bite him.
Raising of Cattle
Vital to Province
"1 never have believed and I don't
believe now that five-acre plots of
land for agricultural purposes can
ever be a success and I would remind you that the smallest holding
oliercd by the British Columbia government for pre-emption is forty ac-
ics—and that is little enough, says
A.H.B. Macgowun, M.P.P. He pointed out that the raising of cattle was
vital to the province in view of the
system of meat trusts prevailing here
and such ruislng could only be done
mi farms of reasonable size. There
was too much speculation in tb.? necessaries of life.
He laid emphasis upon the fact
that the British Columbia government was throwing open pre-empt -
ions at Fernie and Cranbrook and
elsewhere in the province and quoted
from a very complimentary article In
the Seattle "Post-Intelligencer," referring to this action of the government. He referred to the-"pernicious
system of location hy agents and
thought it a mistake. He spoke at
length of the wise action of the gov
ernment with reference to liquor r.r,d
social problems, expressed a hope
that the fisheries would finally bo
placed in the hands of the province,
nnd quoted the reported statement, of
a prominent Socialist with reference
to the report of the Labor Commission to the elfect that if that report was acted upon ' we Socialists
can go out of business iu British Columbia."
It has been frequently maintained,
says the Kamloops Standard, by
mining men of note that tbe Kamloops camp is composed of some of
the best mineral properties in the
west, only lacking capital to ' more
fully develop them. This being provided, there would be a big impetus
given to mining in the district, tbe
various propositions to be handled
being likely money makers. One of
these exceptionally rich properties
lies on the north side of the Bulmnn
lease on the government road in
North Kamloops, the claims being
celled the "Imperial." Samples brought into town last Saturday show-
rich native silver in symetite rock
to a width of 150 feet of which there
is a large quantity, the rich metal
being of high grade. These samples
also showed good percentages of gold
and copper. The "Imperial" is on
the same ledge as the Batchelor
claim, and outcropplngs show at different  points for over fifteen  miles.
The "Imperial" is only one of several other valuable claims in that
vicinity and demonstrates thnt, with
more capital Kamloops will be a noted mining camp in-the near future.
for ejiiirdoii and farm are best
for B.C.soil. See Catalogue foi
solid guarantee of purity
and _• or in in at ion
Send now for Copy free
Sutton S Sons.The Kind's Soodmon
R»a din_ Enjtll and
A. J. Wo o d w a r d
Victoria      &       Vancouver
615  Fori-   Sf. 6(,7 Granville St
ion agents ran British Columbia
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B.  C. Land
Surveyors  and  Contractors.
P. 0. Box 347       Kamloops, B.O.
Braach  Offiee—Watson   Realty  C:
11. C. Land Surveyor
Oilice, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Block
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
_______ . |
Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How do you manage to see
Just what the time of day it is
With your watch upon your knee?
The lirst entire cherry  orchard    to
be   planted  iu   Siimmei'lnnd  has    been
put   in   by   Gabriel  Marshall  Wl
len Is   to  experiment  with   a   St.'aig*pt
Crop of the very  finest cherries.
fashion Says-.
" Gems of the Jvweller's Jirt."
Tin Set.r
Br.r.g you good fortune.
F ie lustrous enamel,
three-pin sets, also with
Ic. from $1 to $7.
Dro-j in and see.
Vat rtela
A dainty jewelled siiken
bow in the latest shades
for up - to - date wear.
Quite a noveltyand sure
to be popular.
The Diamond Hall" $
Thomas Cunningham, Inspector of
Fruit Pests far the province, has
issued circulars which ere of importance to all importers of fruit and
vegetables. To guard against the introduction of the potato moth from
the State of California, all shipments
of potatoes coming from any State
or territory south of the International boundary must be accompanied by
an affadavit stating the precise locality where grown, the names of
shipper and consignee Hand date of
shipment and number of packages.
Without  the above  particulars      the
customs   Will   not   accept   entry.     Also
to guard against  fruit or other  veg-
infected     with codlin moth
Mr.   Cunningham  warns all  concerned
that   any   ears   found   to   be   so       in -
fected  will   be at   mice sealed  and ordered ...it  of     the province        Thei i
measures are taken  to protect Brit
Ish  Columbia  from  destructive    fruit
and     vegetable pests     which, in the !
case  of     codlin  moth,    have  already
rest tli" province a large expenditure
in  the  past  two years.
35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
Advertisements,  Catalogues, Folders,
Circulars,   written  and   designed.
:     Sales   Organised     :
0. B.  N.  W1LKIE
Office: Lawrence Hardware Block
W.  H.   WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 313. Revelstoks
KOOTICNAY    LODGE,     No.   15  A.F.
aud A.  M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Third
Monday in each month at S p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,   Secretary.
of coffee has a lot to do witb -'an-
ing the day right. If the coffee be
rich and fragrant it starts you out
feeling lit and tine, f'orsuchn ott'ee
come io us. Our coffee is carefully
selected nml expertly blended. It
charms liy its golden brownness and
enticing fingiai ,  satisfies w        its
richness nml body,
Charles v. Law, Vancouver, his
been appointed Canadian represent .-
tive of ll. A. Thomas, the Welsh so 1
magnate and associates, who are interested in the proposed PacificPea^.c
River and Athabasca railway. He iaa
just returned from a conference with
the capitalist.-, and will leave next
week with a party for Athnbuse i
Landing to explore the country o
ithe west of that point and in Norcb-
'era Uritish Columbia. The tirst portion  .ef  th" railway  is expected  ! i  be
constructed  from  the Nans river   to
t.11>   tin-    Groundhog coal   basin.        K
II ■• J   part)   Will  work  up  the     Na is
I.ver;   ,i  Becond  party  will  start      at
Prince Albert  and work northwester
Iv. and ., third party will start at
th" I'eaee river crossing and work
'■    t   ..ml   BOUth.     It   is   expected   thut
"'■ Idea 'ef the location .if the
line will be arrived at by autumn.
o. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp.  No. IM.
Meets     Second    and    Fouith    Mondays   in   each    mouth    in  Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  woodmen  *iu
cordially  invited to at'-end
H. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
COURT    MT.  BEGB1E    NO. 3161
OF I. 0. F.
Phone 41
hobsons    ShilohWk
Box 734
The   family   remedy    fur   Concha   ond  Colds.
"Shiloh costs  so   little   oi.d clou   i.o much
The   Mail-Herald   Job   Department is
Now in Full Swing;
All classes of printing promptly and
tastefully executed at strictly reason?
able rates.
Wo have one of the best and largest
equipments in the whole of the Interior
and can "deliver thc gocti" from the
• mullost   card    to    the   largest   poster.
Estimates gladly given.   Ring vp JVo. 8, or drop in
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
in Month. Visiting Brethern are
cordially   welcomed.
H.  V.  MORGAN.  0.  R.
G.  W.    CARTWRIGHT,    Rec.-Sec.
Meet- every Second and Fourth
Tuesday In the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren cordially Invited.
Dr. Mcl.e in, Die.
H. L. Haug, Sec.
SELKIRK.     LODGE  12. 1. 0. 0. F
Meets every Thursday evening lr
Selkirk Hall at H o'clock. Vlsltlm
brethren  rordially  invited.
(WJI.li RANOfi   LODGE, No 26
\b i - ••'.• 'ty Wedii' a.lay
evening it 8k, Visiting
brothers cordially invited
ll   KBMPSTBR, C. C,
('.  0.   K.   CANADIAN   ORDER OF
McKENZIB   1372
Court Meets in Foresters Ilnll,
over Sinythe's Pool Room First
and    Third   Wednesdays   ut    8:30
0,   D.   SHAW,  0.   R.
A.   II.   MA1KT1ANT,  Rec.-Sec.
Housekeeping Is Not the
Task It Used to Be    .
MODERN invention has dene away
with  much  of  the  hard work.
For instance,  the  cleaning   and
polishing of hardwood floors, the dusting
of moldings, the tops of hi^h furniture,
the stairs, unaer the radiator, etc.    These back-breakinij tasks
are now made easy with the
With it you can dust, clean and polish a hardwood floor in
the time it formerly took you to get ready to do it.
Besides, you do not have to get down on your hinds and knees to dust
under the bed nr other hard-to-get-at places, or
to stand on a chair lo dust thc top of the high
furniture.    All of the hard work is now made
easy with the O-Ccdar Polish Mop.    It gathers
all the ill. 1 or ilia Irom everywhere and hoUa It. Tl.e mop ii
easily cleanesd by milting anil (Len renewed by pouting on a
lew ilrcps of 0-Cc.lat Polish.
Try It at Our Risk EiSS&f'itfS
do not fiiui it laiiafactnry In erery respect we will mura j iuf
ir.e.niey.   Tlie price i.« only ii u %nd u v.iii Mn Ui price la-uiy
Uines over in a short time.
By a mistake of our shippers we find we are
overstocked with O-Ctdar Mops for this week
only.    We  are  clearing these out at    $1,25
Revelstoke Hardware Compaq, Limited
By sending to your friends those Photographs
you have been promising them for r..< i.ths. Our
styles are up to the minute and the price is right.
The World's Greatest Invention
The flew  Edison Phonogioph
No Needle Required ■ • Dicmond Point
Disc Records ■ - ■ Non-breakable
No Horn      -   ■   ■   All Cabinet St\le
H0WS0n Sr CO.     ::    Sole Local Jigen
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .
But there few people
knuw what n wife i Bel
anil   New /.i'.. nd Buttei make     .    .        .    .
P, O. Box 208     GROCER & BAKER     Phone Mo. 13
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
MON I KI   VI. 01  l.i
New S.S   "Laurenlii 0 lum
First (. I.is,    $92,50.    Second Clam    $5
One Class ill   Cabin Service
Kxprent s s   ■ Teutonli ' I    .,-       . i - s     *
:u, ,-   , i 1 "iii Vn'«  Steamers ,,,
.s.s.' reel lon^ I i
Second Class    $50 and up,    Third C v -    S  '
■oi l.i NS rOM N I l\ I RI'OOI
One Class >IIi Cabin Service
■s.s. Arabic i      Splend .1     i S.S. (
ii, 000 ious   600 feel long    Twin Screv      1.1,0    lo »-        I el ouk
Rati . |
J     Steamers
Fast Express—One Cluss   Hi Cabin Service
8,S,  St,   I'.uil | | S s    \,.„   \,„;,
S.S, Si. Louis s s   Philndelii
12,000 ions   s.vl reel Ion*    I ■    11,00 feel long
S.V1'   AUo • ■<•■ •    I hird ( Imi al J13.7 .
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets, Etc.. apply to
COMPANY'S OFFICES. 619.2nd Ave.. Seattle
ReveUtoke General Agencies- C.P.R, Picket Arent, KeveUtoki IPAGE POUR
SATURDAY,    MAY 10, 1914
Zhe flDatl-Deralb
Local Reading Notices ard Business
iiocals 10 i-ents per line each insertion.
'Minimum local ad charge 25 cents.
Display  advertisements 25 cents per
T.nch each insertion, single column.
pices. On this occasion the Trout
I ake district will be visited, but
later excursions will visit tbe Albert
Canyod, Camborne nnd Arrow lakes
districts. Today's excursion will
probably extend over three days, the
party returning to Revelstoke on
due fact the expedition makes plain
that the representative business men
of Revelstoke appreciate thoroughly
the  great  importance  of  thc   mining
The tirst number of the first financial-commercial daily journal to be
published in Canada has been issued
in Montreal. It is the Journal of
Commerce which appears under the
editorship of Hon. W. S. Fielding.
The field for its activities in the Dominion is considerable and rapidly
i xpanding and if the high standurd of
its first issue is maintained it should
secure a prosperous and useful career.
industry and that they an determiu-
Legal advertising of any form, also,', u to neglect nothing in their power
■Government and Municipal Notices 12
•cents per line first insertion and 8
«:ents per line subsequent insertions,
tallowing 10 "nes to the ineh.
to promote thc welfare of the mines
and of those operating them. When
tl ey are ready to abandon their own
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.  ' usinesa for three days, at no incon-
Applications for Transfer ot liquor  siderable cost of money and inconven-
CLicenscs  $7.50.
Land  purchase notie-es, $7.00
Water  Application      Noti.-es,   up   to  tlit- territory
100 words, $7.50, over 100 words     in
All other classes of advertising not
:ne hided in above to be .barged at.
■ate  to I"' arranged  with  manager ou
ience, for the sake of getting in clos
er touch with the mining interests Oi
they need no further
evidence of good faith. They are
genuinely anxious to co-operate with
those engaged in milling in all that
duo promote its welfare and that
they Will be met with cordiality by
the  people  of      Trout.     Lake  no  ane
The   mining  industry  of  the   Revel
stoke district  well  deserves the tribute  paid to its importance.  The  dis-
j trict    is rich    in minerals — of that
; there  can  be no doubt.   It has    experienced      its periods of depression,
- ■'■ ■   but that it will eventually be a pro-
SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY.        ' ducer  of  vast  mineral  wealth,   which
The creation by the Dominion gov-[wl" »"t '"»>• milke the n'inp °Pera-
•rnment of a great national park in tors Prosperous but which will also
the vicinity of Revelstoke cannot fail l*''°'»ote j» 8rea* de«ree tllP «rowth
to prove of substantial benefit to the "'^ Prosperity of the city of Revel-
citv.   The development of     the park  ",okc.  is certain-   0ne l,f the fllctorB
vill   promote  the  welfare  „f  the  city   *hIcn  WiU  *msU'"  that ,lay  iS fl  bet'
, ., ,.,.„ „  ter comprehension of what the coun-
t'Oth    on  account of lhe expenditure '
.,,  , , r,      i ,   i,.,    „i   try offers.   The business men of Rev-
thut will  be  made  in  Revelstoke and      '
After making all due allowance for
tbe tendency to put the most favorable construction possible upon the
words of those who are in a position
to give information regarding the
progress of the oilboring operations
near Calgary, it is apparent that the
outlook is encouraging. The mere fact
that Mr. Cunningham Craig continues
to stick  around  means a good  deal.
Edmonton Journal.
interior publtsblng Compacts
. iso beans.' ,.f    the splendid     play-
ilstoke  will  see  for  themselves    and
L-round that will  be provided for thc
,   tl.ey  will   afterwards lose no oppor
t unity to spread the knowledge which
i eople of the city.
  ... „„       ,,,„   they have themselves acquired.
With  its magnificent  scenery      the       '
■i-arli  will  bea  magnet drawing tourists to Revelstoke from every corner
Of the  American continent  and   trom The  false  advertising  bill   fathered
j. uro-e I >'  the      minister of justice     ns     an
The Canadian Pacific railway     will amendment to the criminal code    is
v.ithout   lee.iht  recognize the attrac- Pkely to prove one of the most  im
tiveness ol the  park  and  will  employ 1 oita.it   business  measures dealt   with
.•   as a   means   of   securing   additional l>   parliament   at   this session.     It   af
• traffic for lis lines. That bets misrepresentation of (net in any
great corporation does nothing by advertisement, whether In newapn
halves and from the advertising that ins. on billboards, sums, or other
•■,. park im.I Revelstoke will receive media. It strikes at a phase ol com
...  |t£  ■      .    the city will Immensely mercial   llsbonesty that  bas    grown
.       . , ver bold. The penaltj named in    the
■      ther   adVgutage   will   be   derived    Mil   isa line  |.f  ■<-'  six  months  m
Horn the advertising that Revelstoke jail, audit is rather ,. pity tha' "
v ui receive in conjunction with the cannot be retroactive te. reach s..me
i.,rk from the provincial and Domln    of     the      sharks    wh,,    perpeti   ted
 ,tS. swindles   11,  the   la" ite   i	
.   ,..   ...      cannot  afford to do   The immediate Idea behind tin- legls-
r.othing Itsi I latil '       '    Provide authoritj  I
It  cannot  rel>  alone upon the pro    Ragi     *     nd     tdaclous n    ri
vinclal  and      Domtnii i   governments   tatlon ■•:  I      ertj
I the Canadian Paclfii e that t
■ • .    || ■ md t" make   i rotecth ;    will   be ol
•   ■ ties  i.mi   attractiveness of thi
.   iwn.
• ■:   •-..-,• blng   il ■ ■   ■■■
.•.' ■    ol
..... ■   ,,.      ,,(
■ ir of the sc< '.''I v
r Revelstoki
• of the nn I i> and
.   .                          of  tbe
.    . ■'     ■ -.ni,''
*     I      ' '     '
■'I'll .it
i tra
•..  t... • i toke is
iH        ll'' He
Ive and     srould  11
■ ■ ■   ■ nent.
Othei   metbodi     ' I  for ths
the full benefits   thai  thi
■ "i: -  might be adopted
The people of Revelstoke must
allow the opportunities that no** pre
sent  themselves to pas« unheeded,
Now   is  the  time   t"  .ot1
Tbe first of the excursions under the
eusplcea of the board of trade lor the
purpose   of     gathering   Information
vhjrh   may   be  of   assist in,ee  in     promoting  the      mining    industry of the
district tiibntarv  to Revelstoke left
tins morning under favorable   mis -
voked ley ai
Veet m<
I      ■
dead  letti
el.uu   i
',   ' .
ment  I
.    ten        li..      '
• r iravelii
hour.    Thai    is   a   species   of   m
resentatlon,  bul  a  pi would
I.,-.,. i,. protei ■ 1 by finding
thi- ri-.ii distance    Pei ■ ■• will
much application 'if the tal iti
te, trading In merchandise like cloth
mi-, groceries, hardware, nn to   real
■   ' ,ii-  or  storkH  and   iiouils.      It      ih
needful in every branch of builnes i
Hays the Nelson Dully News. "The
first Issue of t.he Kevelstoke Mail
Herald since the lire which destroyed
ii,'iili of the plant, and also the linn.
niidei the editorship of1 Mi I'*.. G,
Rooke, late of thn Dully News, bas
Just come to band.    It. looks like    ,i
newspapor,   And it is ens."
The etiquette of royalty does not
permit that one of its dukes shall be
engaged in conversation until his
Royal Highness has first spoken. But
an Advertiser reporter over-stepped
the hounds in requesting Trincc Arthur to pose for his picture. The
duke was not indignant. Rather was
he gracious in complying, and' later
on he engaged in conversation with
thc same newspaperman with the average of Incidental conversation.—
London  Advertiser.
Canada possess at thc present time
the best opportunity in her history
for the encouragement of foreign capital, especially from Great Britain
and the United States. In thc former country, thc Chancellor of the Exchequer has just announced a budget
which calls for upwards of one bil -
lion dollars— an extraordinary large
! sum of money to be raised in a single
year. The land laws, insurance schemes and other social legislation put
into effect by Mr. Lloyd George are
causing a considerable amount of
British capital to seek investment
abroad. In the past, Canada has
been regarded as a favored land, and
and if proper precautions are taken
by 'Ins country, there is no reaso'i
why we should not continue to attract large amounts of British capital.-  Montreal Daily  Journal of Com
lllrl ce,
Hi.       Saturday     evening  at  exactly
T  I  ,    '. !,.'ii   nightfall   was   further da:
kening one e.i  the tew secluded bush-
■ ■•  within three miles oi the cltj
a      wbippoorwlll  set    up   his
■•all.    \t '.hat hour, and
■ i  prevail, the little song Bpar-
■■•ith ins lasl   sweet    note
of fan the dis ippearing  da].
then  i w.. e ir tin ee minutes  t bi I
.,f the trees and
then  hack
.-le ., minute after   a
il   ban.!, and In" i
ii rools
■   •
ben a I
i , .
•    . ■
St. Francis Social
'       e.f .
■ ■   • whi ted to be
• muse
furnished i>v * he  ■ inderful
■  of    the     milliners
" hlch ui not show
tli '''e ie, harrni ny of coloi»,
.ii least in '.veil i lie permanency of
• <.i kmanship on the pai t of the dec
orators. The courl of ludgei award
"i to Dominic Cashaf ■ the pi Ize for
the um .1 e.i Iglnnl nnd i scorning ores
Hon Refreshment! of cake, coffee
mid sandwiches were enjoyed and
games nnd music indulged In until 11
o'clock .
Old-lime Ladies Aid
Successfully Presented
The presentation of an "Old Time
Ladies- Aid Meeting at Mohawk
Crossroads," by the ludies of St.
John's church last evening in the op-
cia house was an unqualified success.
The twenty-four women who took
part were dressed in old time costumes, some of which were
unique, and all of which caused much
amusement. The stage was arranged
as an old time parlor, and with the
many colored und quaint costume3,
presented a tine appearance. All the
participants did their parts udmir •
ably, and elicited much applause. At
the dose of the ladies aid meeting i
slant program was presented hy
some frii mis ol Mrs. Green. Miss
Paulding sang a very catchy song en
titled "Jamiiiy Face" und received a
very hearty encore to which she gra
((fully responded with "Love's Old
Sweet Song." Mrs. Dixon's recita
tion received deservedly hearty applause and slid briefly responded.
Miss Millie Robertson, possessed of a
si lcndid stage presence and pleasing
voice, sang very sweetly "Come 8ing
to Me," and as an encore gave "The
Rossary." All the* numbers were
much appreciated and generally applauded. The ladies are to he congratulated ou the suc.^ess of their efforts and the splendid bouse which
gleeted them. A fuller account will
will appear in our nc.it issue.
Fire Insurance placed in the most reliable companies.   Prompt
settlement of all claims.
Call and see us about Accident or Life Insurance.   Do not
delay.    We are at your service.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
J. D. Sibbald, Pies. J. D. Siuuai.d, Jr., Suc.-Treas.
Turning Out Red Cedar Shin- Celebration at Arrowhead to be
gles—In Operation for
Ten Years
One of the important industries of
the Arrow lakes is Simpson's shingle
mill at Galena Hay where fifteen men
arc employed in addition to another
fifteen engaged in getting out shingle
bolts. The mill which has a capaci
ty of" 110,000 shingles daily is well
equipped and bas shipped the famous
Simpson's red cedar shingles to the
I rtiiries and elsewhere for the past 10
years and has operated every season.
Ralph Simpson, the proprietor of
the mill, has a complete outfit, owning rigs and horses. The limits from
which the shingle bolts are obtained
are on the Columbia river and at.
Galena bay.
best on Record—Sports
and Excursions
Revelstoke Hospital New Arrangement for
Medical Attendance
(Continued from Page One.)
proval  of  the    government  inspector
en his recent visitl
Tbe  hospital  which  tan  acconmio-
1 date T.i patients without over crowd
irg has in connection branch hospitals at Chase and Arrowhead, The
Ohase hospital, provided chiefly for
tin- employees of the Adams River
Lumber company is attended hy Dr.
ScatChert,      with      Nurse Smith       in
; charge of the nursing operations.
The Arrowhead hospital which was
opened in 1'JII.*) by Dr. Hamilton with
Nurse   Evans  now   Mrs.   Smith   I'rqn -
'hart, in charge, is at. present closed
but may be reopened in the near future.   Of  the  main   hospital   Dr.  W.H
Sutherland is medical superintendent
and Dr, Hamilton assistant superin-
tendant but any medical man may
practise at the hospital. The matron
Is Miss Jean Matheson, Miss Fraser
bus charge of the operating department and the remainder of the nursing staff consists of Nurses Beamish,
Esplen,  Geiger,  Moore,   Hell,  Oharl •
li n,   Whitehead,   SvenSOn   and   Willett,
with   Probationers  Leonard  and Law
son,    Miss  Matliesoi   lias  recently opened  a   training  school   and  thc rcpu-
i .1 ion   . ef      the   hospital       is  so  high
ei   nurses win. have gained exporl-
ere are     much .a demand and
:,.l  the training school  is likely   to
ecome an  Important  feature of   the''
g. <id   Wulk   dune by  the hospital. The
i ngineer  Is  Douglas  Blackwell      and
l llllam   Hughes  is  gardener.        There
ne ni addition an efficient  cook,    a
.   tl       ik and four maids.
The hospital is governed by h hoard
licfa  Is ib \ '.nil  to its task  and tuk-
;i   en.tin.,Mr  pride  in   the  mstitu
■ I  in the' great   work  it is pcr-
i    Kllpatrlck  is  president,
rl Willli   Armstrong secretary, Lord
trathconn  is one oi the  life direct
1 and  thi     oard  Includes represen
: etives  nf      lhe   unions      and   lumber
ills - to n.e hospital w uh
e.t three  representatives
i ei nn ent,
tal vi I-- en- -un  in  I'.ifll and
'in *    The iniiiiling as    nl
1     ol    Which lhe
- lenl   ii   ifie earnest
III       I bell         'I'll. III..IS      T.lVlei,
• iheil.
ri.e ei ..:.     Immense
hei 'i pi .ut i'ii 11 v sell
ni  Canadian    Pacific
the    government
■ I.'i  n.e lumbei   mill  employes
I hi   rate  ol   • I .'.*.      per
month 'li   married nn n and  , '• rents
onth f.,i  single    men in return
 ve  (in   hospital
•   enl       i     medical    attendance
• I  foi    themselves and
provlm mi     govein
ncnt subscribes 'i'1 cents i"i  bead for
,,.ii • 'it. except in.it. i inty eases
md in return the hospital treats free
e. ,i,n,n- eases mi behalf ..f the gov
e i ntiieiii    The nt v i.r Kevelstoke pro
vnies free  vatei   lighl .md power in
■ i.nn for which the i ospltal treats
lie ,1 il nte rases for which the city
in rnHpoiisIbb' free e,f charge. During
the past veur there has been always
,it least one ruse of ihi'i description
in the hospital. For other inscn thr
fees are 810 a week foi public ward,
(18 a week for private u'linl nnd U)
, n   week   for   maternity  i uses.
.7. s. McKay,     superintendent    of
Canadian l'acilic division one, with
Conductor K. Urquhart have return
ed from Vancouver where they at
tended a meeting of the board of
the Canadian 1'neilie employees Medical association ol Uritish Columbia.
At the meeting the agreement between thc Canadian Pacific railway
and the Canadian Pacific Medical association of Uritish Columbia was
drawn up and accepted.
A draft of the agreement which will
be entered into between t.he doctors
to he engaged by the men and tne
association  was also drawn  up.it the
ireetlng in     Vancouver and   will be
submitted to the doctors principally
Concerned at a meeting which will be
held iu Vancouver on Tuesday nest
between the doctors and ihe members
of the board of the new association,
'Ihis meeting will be attended by Dr.
W.   H.   Sutherland   of  Hevelstoke.
Tiie officers elected by the board
dining its deliberations at the coast
\ ere:
President—K. W. Peters, general
superintendent of Uritish Columbia
division of the company.
\ lei President G. R. Thompson of
*l rail.
Secretary-Treasurer—A, M. fnnesl
Executive Committee- !■'. W. peters
and Dr. ,\. p. Proctor, representing
the company, and Messrs. Shaw, Km
ms and Wlntorholder af Kamloops,
representing the employe- ol the company.
At  the       meeting  notice..  ,,f   motion
were given "f amendments to the bylaws   ind   constitution   ofthe   new    ns
sociation one which when Incorporated   in   the  bylaws,   will   enlarge     the
i umber of members on local committees so that all classes ni employes
will bave a representative of their
. wn choice nn the committee,
Will Launch Sicamaus
on Monday Next
Work on the new steamer Blcamous
which is being constructed at the
' inadlun Pacific i n llway companj 's
bblpynrds at okanagan Landing inr
service mi Okanagan lake, is well ad
vanced and the ing now steamer will
he launched mi  Monday next.      The
:-leiiiieinis is practically of the same
' iiiui.' ne ns   and   type   as   lhe   steamer
Nasookln mi Kootenay lake nnd the
Bonnlngton mi the Arrow lakes, with
ih' exception that ibe will not bave
the a coramodatlon afforded   mi   the
t( xhh decks of the  latter  two Htriitn-
iiii.   'lhe service mi     Ckanagan lake
Is almost entirely H (lay service and
tin   In i tli accommodation required on
the Blcamous win therefore not be as
linge  ,in   thnt of   lhe   llminingtmi   a id
.Ian,ih M,   Bulger  of Nelson,   master
•hipbulldei lm tde Canadian pacific
British Columbia laks and rlvoi service, win supervise tin1 launching   ,of
the   new  steim.ei   oil   Monday.
The Twelfth of duly celebration to
be held this year at Arrowhead, is
oxpected to exceed alt past records in
respect to attendance and interest. It
is estimated that from IBOO to 200O
visitors will he in Arrowhead on tbe
occasion of the event and Orangemen
fiom Kamloops, Notch Hill, Salmon
Arm and from along the Arrow lakes
have already signified their intention,
of joining in tbe day's fun. Excursion lutes will be arranged on all
trains and a special train;from Kamloops to Arrowhead will probably lie
An    enjoyable  program,  containing
events  of  special      interest to  both
men  and  women,  for  old and  young,
I as been arranged. During tbe day
steamer excursions will liyive Arrowhead for Halcyon hot springs and
other points of interest along       the
II ke, At Arrowhead there will be
speeches, athletic, motor and canoe
racing, log rolling and childrens
laces. Plenty of music will he provided and hands from Kamloops, Na-
kusp, Salmon Arm and RevelBtoke
will he present in addition to High-
land pipes from Nelson.
A. Johnson, County Master, in conjunction witb L.O.L., No. 2983, of
Arrowhead, and the business men of
the head of the lake city, arc sparing no effort to make the demonstration   the  best, on  record.
Amateur night will he next Friday
al the Hmprcss theatre when the audience will get. fun by the barrel—.
get the hook. The usual run of high
class motion pictures will he shown.
Amateur   night   will   be  evi ry   Friday.
i loud prizes are offered.
1 .Mary Pickford will be seen in Collies, a great four real drama at. the
Empress theatre today. Miss Pick-
lord   who  is  the  youngest  I layer      in
the great famous Players   company,
is considered to he tin' greatest, little
actress that was ever shown on m
screen, This four reel feature at the
Kiuprcss tonight. Starts at 6:46',
with three shows. It Includes all tbe
news of the world in motion picturna
mid a  splendid  comedy and  first-clnsa
A piny that has received the public
endorsement of such  men as president
Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt miiat
have a substantial character well out
of lhe ordinary. Through the medium ol the press both these great
lenders have expressed their opinion
that "Tin' Woman" is a play every
American   should   witness.    In   a   vir-
lle, fearless mannei it deals with the
greatest evil the American public baa
Jin face today, corruption in poUtloc
It yncbronlies the grim light that ia
now     waging betwoon the    powerful
I "Machine" and those younger representatives  of a      public    that  is   nml
ii wakening to its rights!   "The Wo-
mall" 'Vill he presented for the brat
time   iii   this city   May   lKth,   at    tha
opera   I SS  by   Miss Felton and  the
Allen Players. The management recommend "The Woman" as one of
the most intersting offering! «nver
made by  this popular company
Hli men broke Into the store of
thc Forest Mills at Three Valley on
Thursday   night   and   stole  three palTI
Of     lee Ct f
"Yes," said the old man, "I find
my strength Is failing somewhat.
"I used to walk around the block
every morning, but lately I feel e»ao
tired when I get half way round I
have to turn rornd and come back.'"'
Co-ed That was a pretty speedy
fellow that you m't lant night.
wasn't It?
Ypsl Person—Lord not
Co-ed—What do you mean?
Ypsl Person—Why, he would think
It out of place to kiss the Blarney
stone until he had seen It for at leant
the third time. 3ATUHDAY,    MAY IG, 1014
Two Preliminaries Before Big
Event   This   Evening
Both Fast Fighters
Boxing faiip are in for a treat to-
i.ight when Willie Mack the great
Nova Scotian boxer tackles that rugged local youngster Bobby Evans.
Foth boys have been training faithfully for the coining contest and they
will be able to step the entire fifteen
lounds at a very fast clip.
Mack, who is a stranger, has made
friends since his arrival and their
ire quite a few who figure him too
old a general for the local boy. Ev-
ans, who has trained harder than ever before is saying little but letting
Ms many admirers do the talking for
bim, and though Bobby will be outweighed about seven pounds this
«'oes not seem to worry him. Both
boys have considerable at stake in
tonight'B event, as Promoter Wil-
loughby has promised the winner a
chance at Eddie Shannon, the great
Seattle light weight who recently
lent diet Ned.
Hesides the main event there will
l.e a six-round preliminary between
.'tick ("aider of local tame and Frank
I'tirns a very clever welter weight,
who is training Willie Mack. The
'uiir round curtain raiser will bring
together Johnny LeBeau, who bus
been improving crcatlv of late and
Cus Cockroach. The first bout will
start at (.':'t0 and the main event will
be  held  off until  In:l'i  giving every -
ne plenty of time to see the star
'out of the eveniug.
Main event, 15 rounds, Willie Mack
vs.  Bobby Evans.
Special event— Jack Calder vs.
Frank Burns.
Curtain raiser— Gus Cockroach vs.
l.'bnny LeBeau, For light weibht
ihampionsbip of the (ity.
Revelstoke Loses First
Game at Kelowna
The speedy  little lighter who  meets
Bobby Kvms tonight.
School Lacrosse League
Ready for Matches
A lacrosse league consisting of
three games has. been formed in connection with the schools. The games
| will take place between Central and
Selkirk schools on May I'll, 'JT, and
June I. The High school which holds
the shield .it present cannot compete owing to lack of numbers, but
the shield bas been ch illenged for by
the  pulilic  schools.
*l ROUT   AT
Cricket Club Arrange
Okanagan Schedule
At a meeting held by the Revel-
-luke Cricket club last night the fol-
li'wing schedule was drawn up:
Leave Kevelstoke July 19; play at
siimmcrlainl July 20; at Okanagan
Mission July 21; at Kelowna July 2'_;
ii Armstrong July 23; at Vernon
July 24; at Coldstream Ranch, Yer-
i mi.  July 2 .
1'ractices will be held on Monday
. ml Wednesday evenings end Batur
Jay afternoons.
Reginald Upper, Canadian Pacific
I all way constable i't Sicamons, was
in the city mi Thursday. He says
thut lishlug on Shuswap lake is not
yet good, I'p to the present a spoon
has been the lure for the elusive
trout but the fish are beginning to
to take the fly.   At the beginning of
the  week   he  rowed  seven  miles  without  uetting a strike.
Fishing at    Arrowhead  is reported
to  be  good.
Zip—What have you there in your
Yip—Fly paper.
Zip -Quit your kidding! I know
they can't  rend.
Summer tickets for swimmers are
now being issued for use at the pool
at   the Y.M.C.A.
An  American girl was taking a Liv-
' erpool  girl  home to the States with
ber, and  toward the end ol the jour
ney remarked:
"It is delightful to feel tbat we will
sight  Sandy  Hook  this  nfternoon."
"Shall we?" exclaimed Inr friend.
"That, will be nice. Don't tell me
which he is I run always pick a
Scotchman out of a crowd."
Hard luck again\ attended the home !
team when thc played the first game '
of  the  season  with  Kelowna  on  the
enemy's grounds.
For the locals Eddy pitched a
good game and had he,bad good i
support the result would doubtless
tave been different. However, there
is still ample time for the boys to
1 ring home  the  bacon.
The following is the result by in -
Kelowna—runs 7, hits f>, errors 0.   I
Revelstoke—Runs 2, bits 5, errors ■;
Revelstoke— 0 1 0 0 0 (Ml 0 1.       •   I
Kelowna—-J 2 0 0 3 0 0 0.
Struck out by Mclvor 8, by Eddy
7; bases on balls, Mclvor 4; Eddy I;
two  base bits,  Oldfield  and  Dudley.   |
Batteries—Kelowna, Mclvor and
Powles, Revelstoke, Eddy and Pulley.
Fire Hall too Strong
for Business Men
The eames of the preliminary league are becoming more interesting.
1 he fire hall defeated the business
men last Wednesday evening, but
when Manager Woodland gets right
into the game and has his team properly organized, the manager of the
fire hall, Haug, will find it difficult
to quench the spirits of thc business
men. All business men interested in
1 aseball are requested to make it
known to Art so as to avoid any
delay when the regular schedule begins.
Wednesday night's game went four
ii Hints and ended four to one in
favor of the fire hall. E Burridge
pitched a great game for the fire hall
ivhile 0. Corson for the business men
not only held down thc runs but scored the only run for his team.
On Friday evening last the railroad
boys met the business men in a spectacular  game  "f baseball,  some fast
and furious plays were made.   Manager Lyons did not play as he had not
thoroughly recuperated from the last
game,    and managed his   team   from
the bench.   The business men    fought
I ard to win   the   game even to  changing pitchers and trying to kill base-
runners.   The score was 16-8 in favor
of  tlie      C.P.R.   On  Monday  the  lire
\ all  and Beavers will clash.   Spectators  may  look     forward  to a lively
game,     as     Manager   Samson    (the I
strong man)  bas strengthened       his J
I eain greatly, so it is ijiwgested that |
hall  bring along there    hose '
v. agon to keep the dusv down.
Manager Hay of the Y would like
to have some of tbe local football en-
tbuslaati challenge the . team.
Success in Business
If you have a good thing let the public know. The merchant that does not
talk about his wares is committing business suicide. The best way to talk
about them in this town is to advertise
in the cTVIail-Herald.
"It covers the ground"
Our advice and help, gathered in 12
years experience of publicity, is at your
service. If you want ideas, a scheme outlining, estimates of cost—either for space
in the Mail-Herald or printing—we will
gladly oblige.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
New Cretonnes and Chintz
For Summer Draperies—all new goods—imported lines—a wide variety of designs
and colorings, most beautiful color effects- -materials for furniture covering, pillows,
cushions, and bedspread covering. There is inspiration for the Housewife in a
glance at this assortment	
From 15c to $1.00 Per Yard
A lot of mussed bedspreads at new low prices. All imported English and French
Bed Spreads, honey comb, Marseilles, Dimity, etc. None of them seriouslv hurt
and all at good prices	
$1.90   2.90   3.90
New Frillings—The most popular dress accessory at present. No dress suit or
coat is complete without a touch of Frilling. Some very chic and dainty ideas in
the new color effects and in tlie new Nets and Tangos  	
Popular Prices, 25c to $1.00
COTTON RATI NFS    The most popular of Dress Materials this season.    A good
range of tlie newest colors and some of the very latest with floral pattern	
35c, 40c, 50c and 65c
Fvery day we are demonstrating our position in the high class ready-to-wear
Ladies' garment trade. No day passes but we get something new to show and we
are only too pleased to have a chance to exhibit them whether you wish to purchase
or not.    A lovely new lot of Wash Dresses just arrived at	
500 Boys Wash Suits An overstock Go on sale this week at an attractive price.
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Boys from i to <S years can be fitted.    At	
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Men's  Furnishing and Shoe Dept.
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Straw Hats
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and tans.     Price 75c a pair.
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SATURDAY,    MAY 10, 1011
Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon   Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Bom). Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .    .    .
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Eighty per cent of the Saskatchewan wheat crop and live to 10 per
cent of the oat crop acreage have
1een seeded.
The committee investigating electoral purity decided thut on account
of the lateness of the season and for
other reasons it would make no recommendations.
The Unionists held the seat for
Great Grimsby, created by the death
of Sir George Doughty, by a reduced
majority. The rigures being:— T, G.
Tickler, Unionist, S.471; A. Bannister
Liberal, 8,193. Unionist majority
-i S,
A tremendous sensation was creat-
In turf circles when it became
known that the famous unbeaten race
horse, The Tetrarch, favorite for the
Derby, sustained an injury to his leg
Trainer Peers idvlsed Capt. D. Mc-
Calmont, owner ol the horse, to
scratch it from that classic, and The
Tetrarch was officially snitched from
the list of the Derby entries.
The report was issued last week by
the jury of sis eminent French physicians appointed to judge the entries
for the SI,000 prize offered last year
by an anonymous reader of Le Matin
for the discovery of the microbe of
rheumatism. The report states that
no competitor siirticicntly establishes
the discovery. Consequently, the donor renews the offer for the present
year, doubling the amount of the
prize money, the competition closing
December :'■!, I'.III. It concerns only
the discovery of the specific microbe,
No question of treatment for rheu-
tr.atlsm is w. rolve I.
Premier Asquith's promise of amending the home rule bill and John
Redmond's refusal to approve such a
course leads several Unionist newspapers to consider the prospects of a
general election  much nearer.
Rev. Father Loiselle, parish priest
at Riviere Canard, has been suspended Indefinitely by BiBhop Fallon, of
London, because, it is said, he refused to give testimony in a clerical
case which arose out of the bilingual
school controversy before the dioces-
;ni court,
As promised by the prime minister
in the House of Commons, he announced the procedure under which
the momo Rule bill is to be passed
the Home Rule bill is to be passed
I y parliament. The original bill is
act and the government will make
themselves responsible for an amending bill to enine into operation simultaneously with the Irish government bill.
The Couri of Appeal concurred unanimously in dismissing the appeal
made by It. A. Bonnar on behalf of
Percy Hagel and John Westlake, asking that a new trial he granted on
the ground that the trial judge's
charge to the jury in some instances
was improper. The appellate court
found that if in some instances the
trial judge had done so, there was no
evidence to show that any miscarri-
!•:(• nf justice had resulted thereby.
The dismissal of this appeal means
that the two prisoners convicted of
helping Krafchenko to escape from
tl • police Btation musl serve their
sentence of three and two years respectively.
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rates $1.00 a Day and Up Phcne lo29
Furnished Rooms by the Day. Week or Month
. II. .1. !! inbi i*i.   -     Proprieti
Steam Heated ThrouKhout.      Housekeepir." Suites.
and DougUl
Conditions Sound
in Mining Industry
Hoi      n Ti >!>■..   Minister    ol
Public Works, has just returned L*ow
an extensive * ::' of t'ne proving and
as far " isl Ig iry, Bays t'i- Vic
toria Colonist !l" comes back more
convinced than ever that conditions
in British i re sou rl,     He
.!-! thai  the o
for the rain 11..  could hai liy
"I fii Revelstoke t
Ml      l.e    ;■-;
\ mosi
' (ul  feeling the   whole   c >...■
inanity  as   I     I       I tture.     I
Kasiee.  -., irook,    Wardiii.-,
a i ii •
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street. Revelstoke, B. C.
Good'Accommodation.       Reasonable Rate*^
Cafe in Connection
6IN PILLS Brought Relief
Larder Lake, Out., March 26th,
"I had been Buffering for some time
with my Kidneys and Urine. 1 was
constantly passing water, which was
very scanty, sometimes as many as
thirty times i day. Each time the pain
was something awful, aiiel no jest at
1 heard of your GIN PILLS and
decided to give them a tried at once.
1 sent my chum 6o milea to get them
and I am pleas ed to inl m.:i j ou that iu
lees9 than Bix hours, I felt relief.
In two days, the p.ein  hnd left me
entirely.   1 tne,'. about half a box and
today I feel as well as ever aiiel my
kidneys are acting quit.' natural again
GIN* PILLS soothe the irritated
Bladder—heal the sick, weak, painful
kidneys—andstrengthen both these vital
organs.   Money back it they fail.
50c. a box, 0 for 12.50. Sample free
If 3 on wrin- National Drug anil Chemical
i"o., of Canada, Limited. Toronto.     170
•   .   mieisty   mornin",
.'.' ■    .     dy wai   tin' we tther,
nccei to meet a Bmooth guy
ill ia leather.
p into ni;.  taxi
1.1 ia wheedling teene;
■ ek  nu' half  a  mile- away
And Boaked me fourte     bom
Central Hole!
Abrahams""   l-iros.
First -I "hi- •
A!! Modi
1 ei cm
Special U
furnished with the choicest the
marr"> affords. Besl Wines, Liquors i
Cigars.   Rates $1 a'lay.   Monthlj rates
J".    .AJLIBEIRT     STONE _?_EiO_P
Union   Hotel
a. P, l.i' . 1   '■       Proprittoi
'   to       (he
twentj iuirlng
iii'.eit tbe dllferenca e,r ;,, i<
mer remarked that anyone otighl  to
that,    and    ■ m 1 thai    k
ihorl tailed I nIQ
I e.av   with   hll   h ■ ol,    en.I   u|i|ln
ha did  10,  in' ' ould n il  sat;     while
« long tailed    one   n i1     i etng thai
I -.    1 1 i  1
deal tn on
Buy Your Plumbing
Supplies Direct From
Us  and  Save  Money
•he    wr^nx*   pitmrblag   i.>oiw   in
'"■  'l«h    Co'ambU   lelllai   .Jifrot   to   the
'A« buy In  Mj rjuantul«ft and ■
Thun   w»  mva  you   th*  ml»M
no   p»y  for    1
fot  ihii r***>ri
."..-r   D   ■
Bnttfb Co
..-Iri-i      t »r   1
.11     ' •■
I '
M 14) - [fl   *"■>
»■» 1-.   par   100
"-i *i iti nn w 11 n nw
vfi ii i\ tmk PH Mmvii
«Mi   MK.\TIS<.   IASY    Wh
»* *s     IKI 1      vol      POl
t MM
■ ir    [ilumtiJnit   i«p
:»   *%   lil r tei    effeOIB     un    »r»4
■■•i'i       **nrt   *e+in#   four   »l>     I'   fl
I long  *t\4   w*   wti    gkn   rcw   otUx	
;■»•■»(»    d«|lr«rod    tn    ynnr   Iwn     Nt    r.    Hfl
■tall,  WITHOUT  cwr to vou.
11 par*    aur    \rrVr#m   with    oMi^m
,.■ >    two   pri""*   Trtr   fonr    pltflUt)  n
n^'I'e      Wa   oan    tu *,**»*»r   »v«rjrr hln*   tOf
r    '      • < ■ h rwwn    at    gr+n-    navfi^    to   fOU
WTltt  un t*4ar  at«oui   po it  pitimbln* an-1
bOitlBf prn*W*»rn#.    Il   ti:    mm   yoa  not'
\ng    for    arf.i
MMriwrnOiar     lln'
«•■•     ■ a » a     ♦'*_
manay      an      all
phmhlnf        anrl
Bros. Ltd
166   PHNDEB
Bert*.     ,.
COMPLETE $16 ?.»«--«. _.r.
May 7
June I
Julv Lil, :<U
Aug. ia
May li
June 3, *_l
July 22
Aug. 12
Sept. 7
Mav 20
Julv s
Aug. 2(i
May 18
June lo
Aug. 5
May 25
July 1(1
Sept. li
May 11
June IS
Aug. (J
June 17
Julv ir>
Aug. li)
May 20
July 8
Sept. 2
May 0
,Tune3, 24
July 1. 22
Aug. 12
June II, 25
Aug. 20
Mav 25
July 11
Aug. 27
May 7
I June 1")
Julv 2::, 80
Aug. 13
Sept. 7
cc rn
"Twelve Stories of Solid Comfort"
In Hi.' centre of tlilngi—theutiva
and stores on bntli -,i,i,<,   Bnlldina
nbotutcly fireproof—cuiinrete,»li.
nml marble,
With Batiis—S2 pir (l.v li
kThe Guaranteed "ONE DYE for
1 All Kinds ol Cloth.
Cl«an, Simple, No Chance ol Mlitaket, TRY
ile!   s,.,,,, ,,,,-| ,,.,., ,,| , 1   ..., Ilooklcl
i 1 Ij.J'il. :'..„ ii-ll,. 'e.,,,1..,ut.... l.litnud,.Moiittral
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothe*
for the bush. I make a
specialty of LogginL;
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blnukets ami everything
required invotirbusiness.
111  living 111  your nun home,     \»u
taka pride In fixing ll up iti adding
improvements every ODCe in a
eli.rs in,1 n quire a I"' of • .1-I1. We
will pill you in possession of 11
home it vim I1.11e d lil 1 le cash and u
real ambition to own ii
A. B, Kincaid. Manager.
Com*and h»'k al otu  itlanglc Sail
Irons    guar iiitred foi ever.
PRICr   6 LB. IRON   $>90
Etlttmitei given free
Notice is hereby given that 1 will,
on the 16th day of June, UI14, at the
hour of 10:30 a.m., at the Court
House, in the City of Revelstoke, li.
('., offer for sale by Public Auction
at an upset price, the following Government Lots in the Townslte o!
Gerrard, being part of Lot No. 5704,
District of West. Kootenay.
List, of  Lots.
Lots ll and 12, Block 1.
Lots 1 to IS, Block 3.
Lots   I,  il,  7,  8  and  '■',   Block   I.
Payment of lots sold may be made
i ae fourth at time of sale, antl the
balance in one, two and three years
with interest on deferred payments
at the rate of six per cent, per nu-
Dated   at   Revelstoke,   B.   (.'.,    this
llth  day  of  May,  191 I.
Jul e IC Government Agent.
In    the    matter of    thc "Companlei
la the mat I r of Cummlngs Tr
Con |e hi;.     Limited.
■ 1 ereby given that tin
above named company have passed ..
special  re olutton as follows;
"Thgt the Company be wound u]
voluntarily and that Henry N. Phillips be aiiel he is hereby appointed
llquidnl "i (or t he purpose of such
winding up."
And Notice is further u'iven thai a
meeting of the Creditors (if any) ol
the Company will be held at the offices of Harvey, McCarter and Company, Imperial Bank Block, Revelstoke, on Wednesday the •JTth day
■ if May, 1)1 I, nt   the hour of -J o'clock
In the afteri a and thai all en-.in
ms nf said Company are required to
send on or before said    27th day    ■:
May, r.M I, to Harvey, McCarter aad
Company,   Revelstoke,   B.C.,  Solicit
ore for thc    undersigned Liquidator,
I heir   names,   addresses   and   purlieu
1 ns   if their claims.
Dated  this  12th day of May,  191 I
It.  M iy   le. Liquidatol
In the    Estate   ol     William   Bmpey
McLauchlin,   deceased,
Notice is hereby given thai oredil
ms tnd others having nny claims
against the estate ol William fflmpej
McLauchlin, deceased, late of Revelltoke,'B.C., who died on or about
the' nth day Of December, 1913, ore
required to semi by pout prepaid or
deliver to the .indersigncd Solicitors
for the Kx.'cutrix named in the lust.
"•'■in ol laid deceased on or before the
lid da;, .ef June, 1H14, their names
ntid addresses and full purtlculnrs of
their clnitns und demands, duly verl-
llcd with the niituro of the securities
(If any) held by them.
Notice is further given that, aftet
that date the Executrix will proceed
to distribute the assets of the de-
tensed among the parties entitled
thereto, hnving regard only to the
clnitns of which sho shall then have
noticn, and thnt she will not he liable
for tbe said nsHcts or auy part thereof to any persons of whose cliiimn
she shall not huve had notice.
Duted nt Revelstoke, B. 0„ April
1st,  1914,
Solicitors for the     Executrix of th»
Inst   Will     of     William   Empey Mc-
LauC-ltn,  deceased. Apr.  22 SATURDAY,    MAY 16, 1914
The   Retail   Merchant
Will   Find   it   on   Page   8
CUCCESS in retailing depends very largely upon the
kJ appearance of the slore and tlie systematic arrangement
of Ihe goods displayed. How to get the most profit
[""I1 ey,"y s1uare inch °f floor space is explained in this new
■a jo E,levat0•^," sent free uP°n request. On pages
8 and 9 the retailer's problems are dealt with specifically.
Fill in and mail the coupon below. limited
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It's, real English.    Get a sample
~m  i .M i in
M.■■£•',  j---  >•*)■-'-'—**•-     *■'--;■*.,<*-'-• __,
Concrete Hog Houses
and Feeding Floors
Enable you to raise bigger hogs and
better pork without heavier feeding. A
concrete feeding floor permits the animals to clean up all the feed without waste, and
eliminates the possibility of your hofl contracting
disease.    To you thev
Mean Bigger Profits
Hoc houses of concrete are sanitary, easily cleaned,
maintain an even temperature and give plenty of
light and air, which tend, to better the quality of
pork.   Concrete will not rust »r rot.   Never needs retain
or piloting, It "ill outwear nny oilier material far farm
■trueturei.    Write for this beautifully illustrated free book
"What the Farmer can do with Concrete," It «liowi how
to build   Hoc  Houses,  Feeding Floors and many  other
thingi the farmer needs.
Farmer's Information Buroau
Canada Cement Company Limited   ,
B2» M.r.ld FluilJ'-i Moatioal J^.^aS^M
w ■ a(t<n ."ii tipm sen Im   Prlat
ih our bnautWM isti.l oui bobbj   too
le, tht- boil n,'l<tt-tmn ef i.y    anil
ui-,, Ht- uii.i leriiiintiit. sina smart
 ■, o| doilgll UM tiil'l.l ,l»-h»ar\
Tim HtatilH n(  o   IiikIiukh  limine  ll
ii'ilieie|„ii iii itn stationary, it i'«> -
to liars Lbs boat ilmt'n JmiIiik   Wt
ttitll ytlll   llll'  lllglleFNl    .|e|l,l|l\     H I     11 1
VllwVut   |irU'«.       t'lt'l' t'HtllllfttHH.
Mi.il  MriHlH
11.-  in,   Prm
Sole local agents    LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.. Ltd.
Big   Harvest  in   Okanagan—
Drydock at Prince Rupert
—Fraser Navigation
Port Coquitlam Ib the point most
likely to get the Western wheaat elevator, according to Reeve Marmont
in a report to his councillors on re-
turnlng from Winnipeg, where he
went in the interests of that district
When on thc point of commencing
cutting after a sh.ut-down of two
weeks, the sawmill of Sullivan Bras.,
located at Sullivan station on the
Fraser Valley line of the B.O.H.B.,
caught Are, damage to thc extent of
$-5, I b< Ing  caused.
Between two and threi million feet
of timber now tloating in Sooke lake
will he sold by the city. Bids for
this material will be called for by
Water Commissioner Rust. The logs
bave been cleared from off the lake
shores and watershed, and the great
majority of them are of excellent
lumber  producing  quality.
The Trince Rupert drydock is said
to be making splendid progress. One
of the papers of that city observes
that, to anyone not familiar with its
technical features, it is not easy to
grasp the details of the great enterprise. "Yet," it continues, " the
work now is reaching such an advanced stage that anyone can comprehend its huge scope readily. Out
of the piles of steel on the dock are
being reared lofty frameworks. The
sbipsbed construction is well under
way and a start is being made on
tne pontoons.
A record day in halibut receipts is
reported from Prince Rupert, thc Ca>
nadian Fish & Cold Storage Co. taking i;- 273,000 pounds, or over $1<V
1100 worth ot fish. The Carruthers
brought in 130,000 pounds from a.
ten (lavs' trip, the Foster returned
with -o.iiiiO pounds after thirteen
days away, a week's work netted the
Zebassa 30/000 pounds, while the
Reef came in with 20-,*X)0 pounds. Besides, it is said there were a number
eif small catches by independent boats
TWKT.VK Ml NDHKI) AND FIFTY TR\0TS "t five nml tun Hires eaoh tn lm treated to projective settle™ in MirowiiiK open
Twenty Thousand Acres of Rich, Southern Georgia Land, whloh Is Eulmtrably adapted t.> the iroiving ol celery, sweet and
Irish potatoes. cantelotiDOS, water melons cnrti. oats, cotton, hay in tact, all staple crups grown in this fertile section, as well aa h lar^e
variety nf Bemi-troploa) fruits, and the famous Immensely profitable paper-shell pecans.
Providing you are eligible under theolaaslficattons prescribed by us, you are now offered an excellent opportunity to break »x<hv from
he drudgery ami toil of a small wage, or working for the benellt of landlords, and bo hack to a land of plenty, to which, if granted, vou will
h ild a warranty deed and abstract.
Tho bost security on earth Is the earth itself, and land is tho basis of all wealth, Owners of productive lands
are benefiting by the increasing high cost of living, while otbors aro suffering Jrom it.
Ad Opportunity to Secure Rich, Productive Land Without Capital.
Vou will not he required to leave your present surroundings it'iw. All
we ask of those to whom we ttrant tracts is that they plant, tir arrange tu
have planted, a crop of one""f the above-mentioned products within three
years, after which we will have it operated (harvested and replanted) for
grantees, in consideration e,f 'Ji, per cent, of tho net profits derived from
the sale of the crops, thereby allowing the grantee to pursue his or tier
present occupation until such time as they determine just what the yield
°f their acres amounts to. Consider what this may mean as a source of
income, when statistics ihow that the yield of one acre of celery amount
eel to >1,''18,45, and that ene acre eif well-cared for paper-shell pecans, in
full liearinn should nut its owner as high as U<J0.<00 per year. We
are of the opinion that alter it is proven by actual results obtained in
operating the land that they will need no further urging, and waste
time in locating in this laud e.f plenty, We also require grantees tooooupy
the land within ten yeai-, or sell i. to someone who will occupy it; other
wise it reverts back to the grantor.
The laud Included In ilii- opening is located directlj on ami adjoining
the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad, about $6 miles west of
Brunswick, a thriving city ol fifteen thousand, ami having direot steamship service to Sew Vork and Boston, and excellent railroad transporta
tion facilities to all points. The average temperature for six months ol
the year, from April to October, is 77degrees; the climate is most healthful, and Invigorating, .md there is an ample ramfall of .'id inches per year-
As we are extremely desirous of having settlers locate on this pro
perty and assist in its development, anil thereby greatly increase the
value of Burroundtng and intervening property, which we will hold, and to
increase the traffic alon? the Atlanta. Birmingham aud Atlantic Railroad,
ami thus facilitate the.service, we feel warranted tn granting these tracts
to those who register with us. We also have iu mind business anil residence plots which we w ill oiler for sale after the opening, but which will
not be included ill it- We have; "mousy-making afterward" considerations in this liberal-minded opening, slntlar to those of the North*
thern Pacific anil other railroads when they granted their lands, and we
expect to benefit thereby, as w-dl as tbe ones who will receive tbe tracts
We have also planneei tev develop what is designed to be the best
equipped, most up-to-date, scientific.commercial farm .tnd orchard in ex
ist, e.  It will consist of six thousand acres an.l will be mclueled in this
opening, All who register and receive tracts will get the benefit of the
experiments and scientific methods in w,gue thereon, while we are ar
ranglngto prevent over-registration, we will avoid man) eiisappointment-i.
such as occurded in other land openings conducted by the I nited States
Government ami railroads, by granting thoie who register In excess of the
number of traets to be granted, an interest In this commercial farm aud
orohard enterprise, In the hope that they ui .y tat ir locate in one of our
town sites.
Examination of thc land will cheerfully bc permitted,
ami the opening will be held at Browntown, Wayne (" mty, QeSorgta, oue
of the stations ot the A  is. a \. Railroad, which is lecitod on this pro-
perty, sml will occur as soon slier r if titrations a- arranegsmonts can hern.ul.-.
The pressence 'ef those registered * ill not bs aseseessafy at Browntown
j  on the opening day, unless they w ish to attend, for there will tn. no fa.oi
; itlsm shown anyone,   It will tie conducted hy a committee selected   f«*r
the purpose, aud those registered will be notified ot what tbe] have been
granted, as soe.n as possible,
Witb thc ever-increasing population of this country there
is no i'jrr.es,uii l;u. increase in the area of land, and natui-
| ally as thc population increases and seeks thc land in pur.
suit oi health, hippinssa aad in Jopjaiinco. It w.ll continue
to bc harder to soejre.
The prosperous and contented class in Kurope today ar-i the foaoend .
ants of theism win, secured Ian 1 tlu-rd when It « ,- plentiful, while the de
soendants of those who obtained no laud are now the peasants and
slaves. You m_u realize that this miy bc your last chance
to secure land in this country without a large outlay of cap -
Hal, so it should not be- sssary to urg   you •" s tl at once b> forward
ing us the application tor registration a v. i.die 1 to this announcement.
ers to the following
southern Georgia RitlroacbLand Development Bureau,
Washington, V. c.
Registration Department .
I hereby make application to register for Pruit and Agricultural Railroad-I.aml Opening, and furnish >,.u with the correct ans
Name  City  •.	
State street or R. V. I). N"	
Age M„rried or Single Widow, Widower or Orphan  nccupalioii    	
Nationality Do you own over ten acres of land In the United states	
If my application I..r registration is accepted, please send me, without obligation, further and Complete Information and [etrticulaTs.ine.-Uhn-
maps of the land, show in. exact location on the Atlanta, Birmingham an,I Atlantic Railroa I its trans;,.,rt LtloD facilities, agricultural, fruit am! nut-
growing possibilities, etc.
Very truly yuurs.
twenty-two employees t
Portland Canal -Miner.
the job."—
'lhe new  Latlysmith     Lumber com- j
I any  has received  an  order for     5,-
the  total  tnaklng'the  largest    catch   °00'000 ""ingles from  an eastern firm
ever hn.nii.-ht to the port. end  thp   *vork ot  c"«i"--' these     baa
already     been     commenced   in   the,
above        company's      Bhingle      mill,
which is located here.    It is estimated that the work  ol  filling the order ,
will  take ahout  three  months.     The j
Ehlngles are to lie eighteen inches in .
length  und  nearly  half an  inch       at ,
the   butt.   They   will   I e  sent  by  way |
of the Panama Canal.     The order is j
Faid  to be one nf  tli' largest     ever I
given for British  Columbia shingles,
but it is likely to be followed hy oth-
era when canal tratlic has beeo     op- i
encd. I
Preparations  arc  said  to  tie  under ,
way  to  make  ' Island       the.
■Javigatlon  lias  been   open  on    the  "Boney island"  e.;     N'anaimo.     The,
upper  reaches  .if the Fraser river for  idea  Is to establish  a  summer park
three weeks, according to advices re-ffor the use of   Nanaimoites and otta-
teived   ley      exchanges.   The  Ashcroft  er visitors, with  ntrtilar launch con-
ie  irnal <ef May ■_' publishes a report nection with Nanalmo.     The     point
te. tie effect that a gasoline     yacht selected for the     pl« sure park     is
came down the river  from Fort  Geo-   ideal  in  every   respect.     Not only is
ree.   carrying  live  passengers a  week   it a natural beauty point, but a vcry j
previous to that date.   She lum     in little development  work will greatly
tow a  barge with a  number of men.  enhance its man}  advantages.   There
which she landed at White's Landing,   ore about Inn acres In the piece, with
where thn   will locate camps for thc  nearly two  miles  .•!      waterfrontage,
construction contract of A. E, Griffin   On one side is     Taylor   Hay, facitiK
who will build  the second  twenty-live   the city,  and a  short   ela-tance across
miles  .ef the P.G.E.   south  nf     Fort  thc strip of land is Pilot Hay, facinp:
Tlie Canadian government is about.
to install a large telescope at Saan-
lch Hill, seven miles fiom Victoria.
It is to be a "2 inch reflector. Its
length will be over :iti feet, but an
arrangement of mirrors at the top
>m11 give it the equivalent of His feet
foe.il length. The weight of thc re-
Pector win he about two tons. The
tube is t.e l,e nf structural steel, and
will L'ive it the equivalent of 108 feet
it> weight will he a limit eight tons,
'lhe moving parts of the instrument
will  weitrh nearly forty  tons.
',' orge,
en,  the last   lap      of a  tramp    from
Spokane tn Prince Rupert,     F.d.  N.
i'lark    arrived  at   Sniithers on    Fcb-
the   gulf.    Until   hays   will   permit     Of.
leathers   Wading   well   out,   and       tbe
bottom is of line whit.- sand,
Business condition! throughout the!
The reproducing point of
the new Edison Cylinder
Phonograph is a diamond
It was appropriate that when Mr. Edison was
seeking the utmost perfection in sound reproduction he should find that this power lay in
the diamond. He discovered it in the course of
more than 2,500 experiments, always looking toward
rarer sweetness, mellower,
stronger tone.
He has equipped every
new Edison Phonograph with
a diamond-point reproducer.
When this marvrlomly impervious tip rest* uepon
lhe surlacr of the unbreakable Blue Amberol
Record, the hravirr pteilure can produ* e but
one result -v\und^rlull> increased volume combined with rarer tWegrtnen. I iejr a Blue Amberol
al your hJuon dealer's lodav.
F.diton Amberola I
H«'Diim,«d.P.e,nt r.-ie*o«luci»f,
- 'rntif mot,*, worn, ...t
An,, end lutofnit., »M< Ix-^u-
tifully d««!|n*d in l_>K^tiay.
i tr- «uun walnut and oak.
A complete ling ol 1 dnon I'luenojiaph! and Records will bc lound at
IS  and  since has concluded his   Okanai-an   ville\   and      the  prospcctH   ly  uct  upon   Information  and  Invest!
journey i.y reacnlng Prince Rupert tor a bumper crop tins year are gate sueplcloui Incidents; this ar-
Leaving Spokane on February is, he splendid, according t.. '.. \. (Staples,\rangement, combined with thc new
traveled on fn..t tin..ugh the Bound- travelling freight agent for tbe Oana [Brand Act, should be effective again
ary and Kootenay district! ami   up dian Pacific railway, wh.. has   com- ■* prwent malfeasances.   These mea
In  an   surei will be further  dlSCUMSd at the   priCl    ;•■   •  IW  nf  >\~2;  eighteen       of
' • I n.ee-t SU<CCesSful st.iek
sales ever held in the Lower Fruiter
valley  •      • ■ ntl>   at    M.   K.
ranch at Matsqul. Twenty eight     COWS   Hold   at   an      average
to Port George,    whence he followed  pleted a tour of the district.
the Grand Trunk l'acirtc to Rmithcrs.  interview k'lven t.. The Sun.meriand.next meeting and resolutions nralted  them told at an average .f 1301, and
six of then, averaged i'ii",. The hiRh-
i st price received for one cow waa
.:.'"•; Every eow, excepting one, ofl-
ered fnr sale eras a llolstein grade,
and  the   exception   wai  a  prade   Jer-
Mr,  Clark and a Companion, in     the   Review,   Mr.   Staples   predicted  that j'"1   presentation to the Central asso-
wintei   of  1908-9,    accomplished     the   there  would  be abOUl   3, I  carloads! elation   mcctlm:      to  held   at      Aeh-
feat      of     tramping  acrosH Canuda,   of fruit shipped from  the valley thll,croft on June 9,
from Quebec     to     Vancouver, a dis.   fall.   This  estimate,   he  said,       was( 	
tance of 3,351 miles, making the trip ( based mainly on tigures given him , The opening of a large section ol 1
in IIS days. The doughty "musher," I by prominent orchardlstS, He de-. land for pre-emption in tbe vicinity f('>*' winch brought $197.50. The to-
nndcr the terms of a wager, started clarcd that providing there was no of Cranbrook has created consider- •"' proceeds nf the sale ot twenty-
on his present trip without a cent of misfortune through frost or disease,' able activity in that district. The eight cows is |4,916. The animate
money. the Okanagan  would   harvest tho big-( Herald    says:      ".Several  partieB    Of iwU1  R,e'>'  '" tn< Eraser valley.  Blev-
  gest crop In Its history.   He gave tho ' newcomers have been Hbown over the ,en ot tbem  »i't( purchased by dairy-
■•Work  is again  progressing In tho   promise that there would bc more re-j district in  thc last week.   On      last |:r"" fr"m Barnston   Island, opposite
face of the lug bore of the 1'nrtland   frigerator     and  fruit  curB avallablo  Friday a party of homeseekers   from jCoiiultliim; three went to Ladner, five
Canal TunnelB, Limited,    which    last  than  heretofore,
v eek  was In a distance of Over 8,060
Oamroie,   Alberta,  were driven     out I went to t'hilllwack and the remainder
to thc lands which are being opened  werc P'trchaBed by farmers from tha
fret, and the drills were working in j At a recent meeting nf tho Ki.m- »y the government. On Saturday
the Richard section claim of the loops Farmers' Institute there was two parties were taken out. One
Portland Canal Mining company's an animated discussion on the neces- fi mily, from I'tntlcton, B.C. decided
holding!, It is thc Intention of Gen-jslty of stringent regulations with re- to take lands near the mission and u
era) Manager W.J. Klmcndorf tocon-(ppcct to range cattle. Evidence Is rarty of four from Claresholm, Allot tl.
tne     tunnel   to  crosscut tho  said to bo accumulating as to losses ( bcrta,  were driven north of
Creen Vein.   At the same time drift-   indicted upon owners by Illegal means , On Monday, interested people
ing  is In  progress  in   the ground    of   and  drastic steps  will  have to       bo
tin   iUnder Creek Mining Co. As Boon .taken  to discover and apprehend ol-
ns ventilation can bc provided In the  fenders,   From thc trend of the dis-
] drifts on the No. 2 vein and thc No. .cusslon  it appears tbat a  rango rid-
13 vein,  additional men will be added,   or will be nccef'ury in each district,
i At the present time the company has; a man with authority to lmmcdiatc-
Creston were driven out, and on
Tuesday Mr. Russell was kept busy
The local nutoists have greatly assist
ed the work of the board ln furnishing free motor cars for the various
parties  of homeseekers."
country  surrounding Clayburn.
The 61 -Mile Houee, north of Ashcroft, wus burned to the ground a
♦cw days ago. f»AGB  EIGHT
W.A.  Anstie who has been  indisposed, is able to be out again.
Mrs.  W.  A.   Sturdy  returned      on
Thursday  night  from  Winnipeg.
Mrs.  J. Hayh of     Arrowhead,  waa       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
at  the  Kiug  Edward on Thursday.
Mrs.  F.  M.  Gibson  and  family left
H.  H.   Rickelson  of  Vancouver,  the   for  Winnipeg at the  beginning  of the
noted trap     shot,  is at the     Hotel* week
J. E. Bland of Arrowhead, has -been
staying at the King Edward.
G. S. McCarter went to Golden on
Wednesday,   returning  yesterday.
Thomas Thornton of Port Hope,
Int., is at tho Hotel Revelstoke.
B. 11. Johnston of Downie Creek,
was at the King Hid ward on Thursday.
A. W. Lee, auditor for the Dominion Express company, was at the
Hotel Revelstoke yesterday.
W. Waddel has taken up the duties
of tire ranger at Three Valley for an-
otber season.
Mr. and Mrs.  William Lloyd of Hal-
Mrs. E. A.  Hillman of Calgary was   cyon  Hot  Springs,  registered at  tha
in the city  yesterday,  staying at the   King Edward ou Wednesday.
King Edward.
The   infant  daughter   of  Dr.  W.  H.
Mrs,   \.  vi.  McBaln of Bear Creek,   Sutherland, died on Wednesday night
was  in   the  City  on  Wednesday,  stay-   The  funeral   took   place  on Thursday.
Ing al  the King Hdw trd.
Jesse Scruton  left yesterday forth,'
east.    He      will   visit  Calgary,       Ed
monton,   Toronto,   Ottawa   and   Mon
Miss Tryphosa Parker has opened a
Studio above the McRae Mercantile
for tuition in piano, singing and
voice production.
W.  A.  Anstie returned from Nelson
en Tuesday  anil     went to the Revel-
Tomorrow's Services
Mrs. .1. Caley of Arrowhead) formerly 'if the City hotel, was at the
King Edward on Wednesday,
Nurse Esplen   >f tbe Revelstoke hos
pital Stall, has been summoned east
owing te. the Berious Illness of her
A. li Robertson arrived in the city
i-ti Thursday to take the place on
tne stall of the Molsons bank of H.
Driver who is ill.
St. Peter's Second Street, Rev. C.A.
Procunier, rector—The Lord Bishop
of New Westminster will be at St.
Peter's for Confirmation tomorrow.
The fifth Sunday after Easter (Rogation Sunday). The following is a
list of the services:—S a.m., Holy
Communion; 11 a.m., Matins and
Confirmation; 7:30 p.m., Eveosong.
i nthem at Evensong "Seek Ye the
Methodist church, McKenzie Ave.,
raster. Rev. LaS-ley Hall, Services
for public worship and the hearing of
God's word read aud expounded are
held on Sundays at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p. in. Tomorrow morning, Frank
I aUlding will preach in ihe absence
of the pastor.    At the evening service
.Vrs. Lashley    Hall will give an ad-
.il ess.
St.   John's   Churcn,    Rev.   J.   \V.
Stevenson     pastor.--Regular services
Go to Mr.  R.  Tapping
garden plants.
for     your
Remember the Allen Players at the
opera house, commencing Monday
night.   Secure your tickets early.
Not specially prepared—Not Doped,
therefore no keadache in a carload of
the famous "Humbser," or "Pilsen-
er," The Kaiserhof Beers. Try it at
the King Edward.
Look! Look!—yeB you can if you
get those glasses fitted at J. Guy
Muy 25—Dance in Masonic Hall un.
tier the auspices of the Ladies Hospital Guild.
No home should be without it, the
healthiest of all beverages, the matchless "Humbser." Phone your order to the King Edward.
Seed Potatoes,
Seeds,      Garden
Farm  and  Garden
Tools.—At    Bourne
stoke hospital on     Wednesday owing | tomorrow at  II a.m. and 7:30 p. m.,
te, ail affection of the throat.
Mrs.  G   Ralph Lawrence will     re - I    Judge  Thompson    of      Cranbrook,
celve on Monday, May 18, at her
new home on McKenzie avenue near
the recreation  park.
H.  H.   Horobin   has
H.  M.  Parrj  two lots
police station for $800,
and - In Block  11.
bought from
opposite   the
Thi >  are lots
was at the Hotel Revelstoke on Wednesday on bis way to Golden, where
he held County court on Thursday.
lie- returned to Revelstoke on Friday
Mrs.  Hume and     Mrs.  Jack  Hume
Will receive on Thins,lay. May  '-'-. at.
thi   home ol     Mrs.  Hume,  Mel
■ •■■■• i ■■     nd no!  again un autumn.
Mrs.  H. N  Coursier will not  reci h
in Tuesday, May 19, but instead will
receive on  1 May  25,  and   as
usual  on   the  third  Tuesday   In  June
till October.
Charles r   I indmark arrived in the
city  fre:r.   ■. on   Wednesday.
Llndmark  and the Misses Llndmark at ipected  here in  June     to
1 tl net  in Revelstoke,
Ri v   w    i:    \ ihmet.  Catholic mis-
•   th.   district,   has taken  up
I Golden,   from   which
.! he.lie peo
m Field to Slca-
Jisses     Rhei :
■  .   on    Wed
Hill   Mil     ll.
.;     Mrs     \   Johns
•    resi
A letter was received from S
F. C. Barry, ledger keeper of the
1 ical branch of the Canadian Bank
ol Commerce, has been moved tothe
.-cattle branch of the bank. The
cy on the stall here \ ill be filled by ,J. C. Unwi of Crestbn.
Sunday school and Bible classes at
2:110 p.m. The monthly meeting of
the managers will be held on Tuesday at 8 o'clock.") and prayer meeting
on Wednesday at S o'clock.
Dr.  W.  II.  Sutherland will leave on
v  to attend ,,  meeting of Canadian Pacific railway surgeons in con-
wit b the new arrangements
being made   by the Canadian Pacific
railway employes Medical association
St Francis Church, McKenzie Ave.
End Fifth street, Pastor, Rev. .1. C.
MacKenzie. Sunday services:-- Low
Mass at - a.m. and High Mass at
10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday
school for the children at 'J:.'!!1 p.m.,
Benediction and Rosary at 7:3(j p.m.,
t onfessions Saturday i to 6 and 7:30
tn '.i p.m. and Sunday morning 7:'!0
I to S. Weeks days:—Mass every morning at  7 o'clock, Confessions     before
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mass. First Fridays—Mass at - a.
The regular monthly meeting of tha  ;1'-   Benediction and Rosary at    7:30
directors    of   the railroad Y.M.C.A.  P- m.
will be held  In the board room    on
GALT COAL is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Secure your tickets early at Macdonald's ding store for the great
dramatic success, "The Woman" at
the opera house Monday night. Miss
Vernon Felton and the Allen Players
all  next week.
The correct thing Is of course to
treat your friends to some of the
matchless "Humbser," Vavaria's finest beer.   The King Edward.
Come and rest in Howson & Co.'b
furniture parlors, continuous recital,
new Edison phonograph.
Just as it has been put up in Germany for hundreds ot years—in wooden kegs—No Patents—No Dope—that
is the way you get the famaus
"Humbser" and "Pilscner" Kaiserhof
importations. On sale at the King
You Know How
Important GOOD
Clothes Are
Better choose yours where there
are none but good ones to choose
from. Your style, color and size
$15 up.
Some Special Reductions in Boys'
Wash Suits and Straw Hats
McRae Mercantile Co.
The "Styles Shop" for Men and Boys
lay  evening  next,  at   ■> o'clock.
b Includes    election of officers
lecting of chain:, tu  [or Ibe var
SV, C, Calder, sccretaty treasurer of
Farmers'    lust it. it ••   wlshi
uotlfj  members thai ot     un
In   deliver   |. ml       	
1 le  Is 1 e ;, ph rfvi       11 went  down  in the allej   an
•   few   era]
articles themselvi
The assist.mt district attorney V;.s
conducting a case iu thc criminal
court,   a large rough shoulden
18   in   the   witness   chair.
'An'   then.'"  saitl   the  witness    'we
:   II ii
i>    Stu
i        ■ Tl  .
broken  into a sealed
" \h."  said  thi - inging
islvely. "Now,
sir,   1   want tl 6  jury
and    tell     them just I ow
"Wah •■   "
■• Vdd
el tell them just  bow
10 RENT—Two furnished housekeep
ing rooms; also two bedrooms.  Apply ,-7, Fourth street. May2U
WANTED An Energetic, ambitious,
reliable man to acl as agent for
Revelstoke and BUiTotiudiug territory for a Dominion registered
Company. Apply the Merchants
Cosualt} Co., 218 Central Building,
Victoria, B. C. M.9
CLAY—At RevelBtoke, B. ('., on May
:i, 1914, to Mr. gnd Mrs. W.M. Clay,
a son.
JATHEWS    \t   Revelstoke, B.C., on
May   It,.   191 I,  to Mr.  and  Mrs. W.
Mathews,   a   daughter.
Stop and see, just to satisfy yourself that there is
style, class, distinction and originality in our new
Summer models.
Ladies' Fifth Avenue, Now York
Colonials in patent leather	
Ladies' American Patent Colon
ial Pumps  with  lonir,  recedihg
top ami Spanish Cuban heels.  .
Ladies' Coliinials in patent, tan
and gunmetal leathers	
 4.00 to 2.75
I possess the personal note that ordinary printing lacks. Drop in
the Mail-Herald and ask f..r quotations on our printed facsimile
typewriting. Letters, circulars, mailing caul.. _c, with allj.tlu-
effectiveness of real typewriting at a fraction ol its cost,
•■What is going on?" asketl the tcr-
rlfied Btranger in Central America,
"Revolution," replied thi man In
the uniform.
"Who  is  the  leader of  the  rebels?"
"Di.n't know yet, That's what, this
is  ahout."
•-   are      getting      *i   expensive
that fried eggs will he used  next  (or
"Wh.   not?   1   ahoul I  think  the ef
feet  would be rhlc."
phone 28 BEWS DRUG STORE Phone 28
Health Granules      -      25c per tin
Citrate Magnesia   -    25c per bottle
Rexall Health  Salts. 50c per bottle
Enos Fruit Salts $1 per bottle
Welsh's Grape Juice. . .40c per pt.
"        "        "    .. ,7.se per t|t.
Lemonade  Powder 20c per tin
Willard's Motor Lunch
beats the world. . ..$1.50 per box
Every piece different.$1.35 per box
Criterion, per package 85c
I'ltim Pudding 25c per box
Poultry Remedies
l'k.\ , T'S Poultry Pood	
 25o and 50(
PRATT S Chick Food
 *' 1    1
PRATT'S Ijouae Killer..25c
PRATT'S ' lape Curt- ...25c
PRATT'S Roup Cure .
PRATT'S Cholera Reined 1.
Call t tn I gel a lueiik i free
of cheerge 1 on the care
of poultry.
The Time [to  Kodak
A full stock of films ami
cameras now in stock, prom
No. I Brownie at $1.00 to
No, 3A Special at (160.00.
New 1914 Catalogues.
I.   ii| 1
. rtntende it In
will   ID] I
guidanct     ol
I indent Di   1
is 11 ia     week at Karoloo
"■*"' '* ' commit-1 n       A|,   r|,,iriK,,B  ,,f   ,„|V,
ire bi attended ..nei the   ■    meets   must positively
whole    session      has  evidently     beet     «
ably organised,   Rev. w. 1...       •
flail of Revelstoke, bas been iui     «
i ir the presidential chali     hy  ■
lit v    B,   Manuel.    ){,   K    Hlillinan ; ■
is  secretary anil  11    J,  Mclntyte     ..|   .
Nelson, formerly of Revelltoke,   a     »
distant     secretary.    The     delegate!   |
ek"     Of
fe 111     Abbot's     laundry
« tt
from  Kevelstoke are  Ret
f.nd Frank rnuldlng.
W Ushley
handed   Intn   thi.      Office   by ■
Mninlay evening In ordi 1 thai ai
thi    obange ehall   tpi ■ ni   In ■
Wednesday'! leeue,    ind  any ■
changes Intended  foi   Batui ■
day'H Ihhiic ff 1 ti nt   I.e  hi> 1,.led 111 a
not  later    thai,      Thureday a
evetiim- of each  ateek :1\
m *
Change of Play
Every Night
Popular Prit
25c. 50c. 75c.
Miss Verna Felton
The Allen Players
Opening Bill:
"The Woman"
The Dramatic Success of the Season
I In- Medicine Hal News of April 7th says of the Allen
I'layer.s production of "THE WOMAN": Miss Felton may
have kiv.mi other performance, this season as genuinely
artistic hh thai of Inst night, hut she certainly has not given
one which was more effective with her audiences, as the
•trained and breathleM attention and frequent hearty applause
amply ceatined,


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