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The Mail Herald Jul 4, 1914

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 <♦■-♦•♦ ♦♦♦ ♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦♦
r* ♦
■♦ Chief     lumbering,     railway,
-♦■ mining,      agricultural      and
^ navigiation    centre    between
•♦ Calgary and the Pacific ocean
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The Mail-Herald
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-f Read by everyone—The recog- >■
-f nized advertising medium for ♦
-f    the  city  and  district. ♦
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Vol. 20-No 47
$2.50 Per Year
LVuor License Bylaw
\kes   Licences   for
Mrtenders Compulsory
Reduction Staff at City Hall—First Street
Sewer . > be Relaid Tool Shed as Temporary Market Closing of Government
Road is Opposed.
At its meeting last night the city
ioune.il decided to reduce the stall in
the city hall by one member and to
teplace about  500 feet ol sewer     on
Kirst street before laying hitulithie
pavement. A lengthy liquor license
bylaw was Introduced by Aid. Smythe, which provides for the compulsory licensing of bar tenders and in
discussion ol the proposed market
site Aid. Smythe brought forward the
suggestion that the city tool shed
bhould be ('.inverted into a market.
The request "f the school board for
closing Government road between the
two schools was laid over.
• The council which commenced business Boon after i o'clock, did not adjourn until I 15 a.m. All the mem -
bers were  present   with   the exception
of Aid. McSorley and Aid. Pradolini.
The new liquor license bylaw    was
introduced and given its second reading. It provides among other regulations for the issui of licenses to barteu
ders, which are to be compulsory. The
license's  may  not  be  issued to women.
All holders of    licenses   must be 21
years ol ns" and British subjects or
residents ol Panada for three months.
Th'e bylaw also deals with the issue
of wholesale hotel, restaurant and
special  1 i iti<■ r-  licenses      and  provides
epenaltiea fot offences.
After some discussion the council
deluded to reduce the city hall star!
by one member and that the services
of the member of the stall temporarily engaged be dispensed with.
Aid. Smythe made a new proposal
regarding the much discussed market
site. He did not think that the city
was in a position this year to buy
the sit" .in which the city had an option and be proposed that the city
tool   shed   be  converted  into a   public
n.arkct Immediately, which he said
could !•" done at s cost oi from 876
to WO . Thcre would be room for
five stalls. He thought the price asked for tlie proposed market site was
as high as that asked for business
property, He did not think property
was like'ly to take any big Jump in
the near future. With the sidewalks
nnd pavements under construction the
city bad as much as it could handle
this year.
Aid. Hell did not think the city
could ever obtain an option on the
proposed  site  as      cheap  again      but
would probably bav< to pay double.
The ranchers wanted tbe city to buy
a central market site before prices became too  high.
The mayor said tbat property was
steadily advancing. He paid 86200
for 10 f'-et of bis property and he wns
now asked WOO a foot for another 20
f-eet. He suggested thnt thc tool
■bed be converted into   a temporary
market and that a site be purchased
as  well.
Aid. Smythe said that he also proposed to introduce a bylaw to license
Chinamen so that they could not sell
too  cheaply.
Aid. Hei! told of an instance in
which he paid $2 to a Chinaman for a
crate of strawberries and sold them
for the same price. The snme China-
nan Bold a similar crate to one of
lis customers for $1.86. One advantage of the Chinamen whb that they
enabled the housewife to buy cheaply
He did not believe In putting nny
handicap upon the ranchers.
Aid. Smythe did noi propose to license white ranchers he said.
The mayor said that the council
had no power lo prevent ranchers
from selling  their own  produce.
Aid.   Needham  said   that   some  Chi
iiamen  sold   too  cheaply   because   the
landlords charged too low rent    for
their  land.
The matter was laid ovar until the
petitions  no*   'li  Circulation  are  pre-
■toted to the oouncil, Aid. Smyths
neommendlng that the tool shed bo
i;eed as a temporarj market even if
the market site were purehasod.
On motion .if Aid. Hell seconded by
Aid. Smythe it was decided to re
idnce lhe sewer on  First strctt, star
ting at the lane near the Empress
theatre and extending ucross McKen-
v.ic avenue for some .">00 feet, before
laying the new sidewalk if found
necessary. Aid. Needham voted against the proposal.
On motion of Aid. Bell seconded by
Aid. Bourne, it was decided to pay
F. H. Allwood ''17.". a month while
employed by the citv. Aid. Needham
dissenting on the ground thut the
salary was too high.
(!. S. McCarter wrote concerning
the closing of Government road proposed by the school board. He said
that the council had power to close
any street or lane by bylaw but recommended that the title to the land
hi- investigated before action were
taken as the closing of the road
■night cause the roadway to revert to
lhe original owners of the land.
The sentiment of the council seemed
to b"'opposed to closing the road
and the mntter was laid over.
Ii. Trimble, road superintendent,
wrote thnt he was unable to recommend thc government to pay its
share in cash for the laying of a sewer to tap its property ou Fifth street
as the government will not require a
sewer on the property and the expense which would he nearly 8800
would be unjustifiable at this time,
t A request of Mrs. D.M. Calder asking for a crossing to her property,
was referred to the public works
committee with the understanding
that her request  will  he granted.
It was decided to grant water supply to houses as requested by R. Z.
I Crawford provided that a satisfactory deed be given to the city of a
lane for right of way for the water
The Canadian Peace Centenary as -
BOCiatlon wrote asking if any member of the Revelstoke committee will
attend the conference.
Taxes   Paid   Nearly   Eleven
Thousand Dollars More Than
Last Year at Same Date
On June 30, the last day for taking
advantage of the discount on tax
payments, N. R. Brown, provincial
assessor, took in'at the court house
no  less than  $10,008.88.
There is no evidence of hard times
dlscernable at the court house, tax
receipts this year being nearly 811,-
nun  greater     than  ut  the same time
last     year.   S  heavy     payments
have been made  is.siin  being received j its     might, and the burden  of     the
on one day from one tax payer.
The tax receipts this year as com-
1' ued with the same date last year
are as follows:
School    tax,   1913    8 4,707.01
Land tax,   1913   24,471.67
Long Climb Test of Endurance
— Tell Tales Round
Camp Fire
Un Thursday last, P.P. Giflord, the
physical director of the Y.M.C.A.,
took a number of boys up Mount
Kevelstoke. The party started about
l:l*i with their packB upon their
backs, tlie packs consisting of blankets and provisions supposed to bc enough for two meals, but really enough for four.
With the sun pouring down with all
Many Attractions Make
Dominion Day Delightful
pucks on their backs, it was enough
' to test the mettle of any boy to
■ make those hills, and the tirst stream
.vas hailed with delight. After uir-
taking of nature's beverage, aud
splashing a liberal amount over their
heads the boys started off again.
Arriving at their destination,     the
loads   were  removed,  and  as  it   .vas
C. B.  Hume
and children,
. who, with .Mrs. Hume
left on Thursday for a
Total    S2ti.17-.7t
School tax,      1014  %  1.102.S0
Land tax, 1914   35,625.94 not quite supper time the boys made
  u search for berries, which were plen-
Total   839,728.74 tiful.    Supper was partaken of about
 — li;30.    After supper a tramp wus tak-
,in and at dusk a great camp tire vt s
tour of Eastern Canada,
Shattered Love Romance
Revealed in Police Court
Old Sol Blazes Down While
Sports    Are    in
Revelstoke Secures Series
of  Victories — Shirt
Waist Dance
Telis of Work of
Colonial League
The Honorable Mrs. Grosvenor,
whose advent has been for some time
anticipated by thc Women's Canad -
Ian club of this city, arrived quite
unexpectedly and unannounced last
Thursday morning. Her letter to the'
secretary having been delayed somewhere, was the cause of this contreps
which was     promptly remedied.       A
motor pnrtv of Ave or six club mem-   thought it time to get  up.      A
bers     was     hastily collected by tele-   was    kindled,  breakfast    eaten,
started. Seated around the fire tne | A shattered love romnnce was re-
boys were required to tell one story i vealed in the police court yesterday
each, and every one proved himself morning when Dominic Sirianni was
m adept at the art. The band playing  ,.„„.,, gon .,„,, costs for llssiu,it   upon
Posn  Sirianni.
Dominic had sent  money  t.
in Revelstoke was also enjoyed, the
music sounding delightful floating up
ihe hillside.
Beds were made and all crawled m-jto bring her from     Italy to Canada,
to them but not to sleep. With from  the intentions on both sides ut that
two   to  four in a   bed  there  was  .lot
much  room  for  those on  the  outside
if the bed witii the four, consequent
ly there was much argument us     to
who   had     the  right  to    tbe    most
clothes.      About   four  o'clock,     th
Dominion day was scorchingly beet
hut that did not deter the sport enthusiasts of Revelstoke from enjoying
an excellent series of games, almost
every branch of snort being represented in the day's program, Including baseball, cricket, football, tennis
and lacrosse. The day was loyally
observed in Revelstone, the stores
>vere closed. Hags tlew from every
mast and tbe citizens gave themselves
i ver to a day if enjoyment. Many
were the excursions into the country
hy automobile, behind horses and on
loot and many parties left the city
by train on fishing and other excursions. The Revelstoke t<eara played a
league baseball match in Kamloops,
end a number of fane accompanied
the team and saw one of the best
games of the season.
A.  K.  Kincaid who with his family
.vent on a  picnic excursion  in his au-
Rosa   lomobile along the south  road  made
a discovery which he believes will   be
of great benefit     to holiday makers.
He found a cool spot     where during
matrimony.   The lady,  lho hottest    part of an exceptionally
her abode witb Domin-  hot day it  was necessary to light    .,
ure and use heavy wraps in order to
keep    warm.    He      intends   to    cl-.,'.
away the undergrowth    and initiate
the publie' Into '.<■!.. t  he says is    the
time     being
who took up
j ic's father,  proved  tickle and  refused
to marry Dominic. On Wednesday
.evening thc disappointed lover went
(into  Rosa's room.    She objected     to
phone nnd     the distinguished visitor '■'she» ill  washed clean by 6 o'clock,
I iken for a spin through the wonder- when a  big tramp over the hills was
ful scenery surrounding the capital of taken in.   Arriving back to the camp
Canada's alps.   As might be expected about 9:30, scouting games were   m-
Mrs. Grosvenor     was charmed     with bulged   "'•   The  boys arrived  at the
the magnificence   of ^   on Friday morning at in:*'.0     and
majestic sweep- enjoyed a good swim, which was   the
river-views,  the finishing     touch to    a very pleasa.it
quiet beaiitv of the ranches, all com- outing.
Hned with perfect weather conditions Tho8C     who took part in the trip
•i  halt was made for half an hour at were  Everett  Eaton,     Leo Goodwin,
St. Francis hall where Mrs.  Kennedy Graham Bruce, Harvey McLean, Rod-
entert.vined thc party to tea and ice <'*?   Jen!             Jack    Brown,  Richard
cream.   Those motoring  were,     Mrs.
what she beheld,
the mountains, tbe
ing     curves of the
Orange Parade Through Streets
of Arrowhead   Life Boat
Race on Program
Orangemen hy hundreds with thcii
wives, children aud friends have already signified their intention of attending the Orange celebration at
Arrowhead, B.C., on Monday, July
13, under the auspices of Arrow
lakes L.O.L No. 23S3, and main line
Central County Orange Lodge No.
The grand Orange procession will
form at 10:30 a. m. and parade
through the town to the school
grounds where addresses will be delivered by J.H. Armstrong. R. W.
Grand Master of British Columbia;
Rev. W. 0, Calder, Rev. M. Phillips,
and J. M. Toombs, Past Grand Master of Manitoba.
Athletic and aquatic sports will
commence at -' p.m. and will include
life boat race, single and double scull
races, single and double canoe races,
mixed double canoe race, boys' foot
race, girls' foot race, men's 100-yrd.
dash, tug of war, log rolling contest.
Two brass bands will furnish music
during the day. Arrangements can
be made by parties wishing to visit
thc gas fields at Hnll's Landing during the nfternoon. Sightseers can also pay a visit to the biz slide. Here
u mountain split in two and half of
it disappeared int.. the lake. Halcyon
Hot  Springs sanitarium is only    30
minutes away  by  O.P.R.  steamer.
The united Ladles' Auxiliary will
sell iee ereatn, tea and lemonade.
Proceeds in aid ol the local churches.
Special excursion rates are arranged on C.I' R, trains and steamers
from Kamloops, Hidden, West Robson, Blooan cltj and Intermediate
points te' Arrowhead and return. Tic
kets will be good going Saturday.
Sunday, Monday and tettirning on
Tuesday following. A special train
will leave Arrowhead at T p.m. for
Vi. M. Lawrence. Mrs. Sibbald, Mrs.
Kennedy, Mrs. Coursier and the guest
■jf the day. At 7::l0 the Canadian
club, as many as could attend, nut
on Mrs. Coursier's lovely lawn for a
rocial hour and the pleasure of hear-
[ng a short address from Mrs. Grosvenor on the work in which she is interested, viz. that of the Colonial la- '
telligence league. Three summers ago
in company     with     Miss Ella Sykes.
Jack  McKinnon and  P.  F.
Two and Half Years
for Killing Sweeper
H. La Motle Virgil, a former resident of Revelstoke, was on Tuesday
whose~vieit here "last year will be re- , sentenced by Mr. Justice Gregory to
membered, Mrs. Grosvenor toured two and a half years imprisonment.
Canada collecting data as to the pos- He again persisted in his plea of in
gibility of placing educated getit'e- nocence, but was scathingly denounc- j
women from the old land iu suitable cd hy the judge. He had been found
situations iu the new land. As a re- guilty of manslaughter by driving
suit this league had been formed a id down a street sweeper on Granville
Lad  progressed     most  satisfactorily,   street bridge.
situations for hundreds of capable "I have nothing to say excepting
women had heen found; the utmost this, thnt my conscience is perfectly
care was exercised that both the ap- clear," said Virgil. "It is unfortuii-
plicant and the position should suit; ate that we have not been able to
incapable women were never thrrst prove it was not my car."
into positions they were incapable of "I must say tbat 1 quite agree with | for the midday luncheon, and loon
filling,  but   the specialty  of each was   the   verdict,"     replied   his    lordship,   after the swing and Hports were     in
lis  presence and screamed.      He put   best  picnic  ground   :n  the  nelghbOl
ibis hand over her mouth and she de-   l.ood of Revelstoke.
; i ares,  seized  her by  the throat    and       In  tennis  the   Revelstoke  club  play-
pushed  her     onto the bed.    A. charge   id  Salmon  Arm.    In  thl   doubles  tl.e
of   assault   was   afterwards   laid      by   score  was   .' to   1 in   favor ot      Revei-
Rosa Sirianni. itoke,  while the singl<es  were    a  til
I    The magistrate snid  that defendaut   with a  score of three sets each,
jbad  no  right  to    go  into  complain-      Revelstoke also played Salmon Arm
ant's room   nor to assault her.   The  at cricket and swured an easy victor]
lact that he had paid her expenses to  after a  game  in   which a  splendid  ex-
I'anada   under   promise  of    marriage,  l.ibition  was provided.    With  a
was no excuse.    He would,  however,    of 200 for six   .vickets  Revelstoke de-
only inflict a (inc.                                  clared its Innings ifterwards
                      getting  Salmon Arm out for  \u2. winning by five wickets and '."> runs.
The   amateur   baseball   mated)   ended
rictory for the Revelstoke team
ovei  Malakwa by 15 to .'.   The working   boys  scored   a   v;ct..ry  over    the
school   b, vs  by 1" to S.
The football match was keenlj contested. Vernon was unable to score
While th,' Rl velst I team had two
goals t,i its credit. A lacroMe match was als.. played • ■ ;, two local
teams the score ending two all.
In the evening a shirt waist dance
was held in Masoi Ic ball and was
veil attended and proved t" be one of
the  most   enjoyable  functions  of    the
summer,   The excellent flooi  was   in.
if possible, better condition than us-
nil.     Tbe   music    was   all   '
bi'  desired    md   every   dance   was    en-
cored.   Daint]   refreshments were served at     midnight.   The dance lasted
St. Peters Sunday School Have
Picnic at Cricket
The otlicers, teachers and their
friends of St. Peter's church Sunday
sehool to the number of about 160
lad their annual summer outing at
the cricket grounds last Thursday. It
vas a most huppv anil successful plC-
i.ic. and both old and young thoroughly  enjoyed  the day's program.
Instead of hiring busses and motors
all the funds were devoted toe treat   t.ntii the small hours ot the mornine.
Tb. . ■     Mrs. Q.S    M.
of fruits and sweets, and rash for  the
various races and games.
Camp   was   reached   in   ample     time
considered. In Montreal, Toronto "and for the satisfaction ol the jury
end Ottawa secretaries appeared most I wish to say that t hi > need have no
most in demand; in Winnipeg, sccre- qualms, You have been properly con-
t irles, teachers, nurses and home vict.ed and the notice and the Crown
helps. In the west they found it ad- arc to be congratulated on the prcp-
visable to locate an agricultural een- aratton of the case. You ran over
tre and this had been done at Vernon and killed a poor man shovelling
where a ranch of 13 acres was in op- snow. You had not the manhood to
tra tion, six acres in alfalfa, six acres turn hack and see if you could render
in small fruits and vegetables. Hous- assistance. In spite of your strength
cS and barns had been erected, the you ran away like a craven coward,
complete initial (wet being 815,000. A,t no time have you shown the sllgh-
All the farm work was done by wo- test spark of manhood," Unqucst-
men ns well as the care of the cows ionably Virgil was the worse for
and 300 poultry. Each womun gave drink, added the judge who also crl-
rer services free for one year in re- ticized the company in which Viregil
turn for the local experience gained wus in. Too many people had been
by which each would become qualified killed by reckless autolsts in Van-
to undertake a similar agricultural rouvcr nnd as a lesson to joyriders
venture herself. Mrs. Grovenor spoke and others, he would he sentenced to
warmly  of the splendid  prospects   of 'J years C, months.
Canada,  the  optimistic   spirit  of  Its 	
people, and said that while she had j j0im Black, an aged retired farmer
noted financial depression on either'of Cuclpli and maternal grandfather
coast, this was not the case In the „f Dr. J. H. Hamilton of Revelstoke,
interior, At the conclusion of this could not stnnd the excttemont con-
interesting nddrcBB, light refreshments sequent upon the Ontario election.
..ere served by Mrs. Coursier. A He was In Sam Carter's committee
stroll through the charming grounds room when it wns announced that.
i nder the moonlight wns altogether • Mr. Carter wns elected, nnd without
delightful as was also tbe motoring ja moment's warning he fell over and
homeward Anally in the cool twi- expired. Death was due to heart dis-
light. ease.
constant,   motion   till  supper  time,ml
as the children sat. down to this repast they sang lustily and patriotically "The Maple Leaf Koreier," nnd
"God "save the King.". One of the
beat events was a baseball game.
Camp   was  'itriiek   about  7 p.m.
Officers Installed by
Odd Fellows Lodge
Cart t, Mis. .ih   Hamilton, .md Mrs
*■:. n   s   y.-i.e  ■
AT SALM 'v-   \!:m
'•ai .••• i... ■ • ..,; tbe Salmon
Arm    i tion. The
results of the | Ml !••
[ntermedl  I i    ill, Salmon  Arm
vs.  Bnderby, won bj  tb" former    by
le   to   2.
Senior baseball. Knderby ,-s Chase
won by the former b]     ; t.   '
Football, Salmon fcrm vs. Bnderby
won  by the former,  i-rore  1 fl.
Selkirk   Lodge,    I.O.O.F.
A meetinc of the Revelstoke   tgrl •
cultural association will be held     at
the   -ity   hell   00   Wednesday,   July   8,
at 5 p.m.   The huesiness will be ret -
Installed ing prize net   report ol    decoration
otlicers on Thursday evening,
which refreshments were served
ofllrerH arc:
A. (l.  Duck, N\ Of
Robert   Miller,  V. G.
D. Bell. Warden.
Jas.  Goble, Conductor.
J. Nlcolson, Inside Gardian.
A.  W. Bennett, Outside Gardian.
David Babbitt. Chaplain.
8. Bloor, R.S. V.C.
C.  Robinson, L.S.V.O.
J, Lyons, R.S. N.G.
0. Ainslie. L.S. N.G.
H.  Ferguson,  R.  Scene Supporter.
R. Hodgson, L.  Scene Supporter.
G. Trickctt, Organist.
after committee and complete preparations
The '"r v'rr"ri:' and New Westminster
exhibits, It Is an important meeting
and all members -hrc asked to attend
■ 1
.......... sum■
GET IT AT                     g
"THK BUG \i;  BOWL "        ■
LADY   CARAMELS             ■
.'".  Cents   a Ib.             ■
OBT IT AT                   ■
•* tiik sua mi bowl "      a
........ t . ni[S'£M PAGE TWO
Saturday, July 4th, 1914
The Last Day of
Our Big Sale
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Sale closes. Do not miss this
opportunity of buying high-
class goods at greatly reduced prices.
We have bargains in every
Department and we certainly
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PORCH REQUISITES-Hammocks, Netting.
HOUSE NEEDS—Screen Doors and Windows.
PASTIME WANTS -Fishing Supplies. Rifles, etc.
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Our six years' experience measuring, coupled with our
larfje number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
jju i ran tee a fit. The largest assortment of samples in
tbe city to select from.    Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre C& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumer*' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
Notice is hereby given that at the
meeting of the Board of licensing
commissioners for the city of Revelstoke to be held next after the expiration of thirty days from the first
publication hereof application will be
made by the undersigned for permission to John Clayton Tupping to
transfer to Selkirk hotel company
limited, the license to Bell liquor by
retail in the hotel premises known as
the Selkirk Hotel in the city of Revelstoke.
Dated June 8th, 1914.
Selkirk Hotel Company, Limited.
That T, J, ]<**. Hlund of Arrowhead,
13. C, intend to apply to the Chief
( onimissioner of Lands of the Province of British Columbia for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum anil
gus on the following described lands
in the West Kootenay District:
Commencing nt a post marked J.
B. and planted nt the south west
corner of 440. South East corner
post. Running 80 chains west, thence
SO chains north, thence 80 chains
east, thence SO chains south to point
of commencement. Containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated this 23rd dny of May, 1914.
Jl.lS.n.p. JOHN   E.   BLAND.
That I, David Hall, of Halls Landing, B. C, intend to apply to the
Commissioner of Lands of the Prov
inec of British Columbia, for a license to prospect for coal, petroleum
;;inl gas on the following described
lands in the West Kootenay District.
Commencing at a post marked D.
H. north east corner post, and planted twenty chains east of south west
corner of Lot HO, running south SO
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
iorth SO chains, thence east 50
chains to point of commencement.
Containing 640 acres  more  or less.
Dated this 23rd day of May, 1911.
J.lO.np.     Ter John E. Bland, Agent.
That I, ,1. C.  Kirkpatrick, of    Arrowhead,  B.C.,   intend  to  apply     lo
the Chief Commissioner of Lands   ol
the Province of British Columbia for
a licence to prospect for     petroleum
and   gas     on the following described
lands ill th" West Kootenay district:
menclng  at a  post  marked  'J.
K.  tmrth west corner postl and plan-
•   the west   bank of Cranberry
■  to Government bridge fol-
nk ol Baid  creek   south      SO
thence w<>st  s0 chains, thence
north 50 chains, thence east SO chains
I     commencement.     Containing 640 acres more or less.
■  this  J 'rd  day ol May.  1914.
I    C   Kirkpatrick.   Locator.
•   -   I.ehn  E.   Bl •'..-    •
S  * '•■     '   Application for   thi
■...    ' Works.
■   •   i   that  '•*••    *■•
•    Mills   of   I
I Watei
the ]
w    \    •-.
Railway Company
to Provide Exhibit
J. Forsyth Smith, provincial markets commissioner, spent a day in the
city last week on his way to Calgary
Mr. Smith had just returned from
h trip over the fruit growing sections
of the American Northwest. He states there is no doubt but that the apple crop this year will be a large one
though earlier bumper estimates have
been considerably reduced by heavy
Mr. Smith was much interested in a
project brought to bis attention by
U.I.. Rowe, assistant commissary for
i he Canadian Pacific railway at Sicamous, for the erection of a kiosk at
Sicamous fur tlie advertisement of
Okanagan fruit and products.
Mr. Lowe proposes to erect a kiosk
16x10, about 911 feet from the west
ind ol the platform at Bicamousf
There would be a plate glass display
frontage on two sides, of a total
length of '.\2 feet, fitted with a slant-
i ii tr surface rising to a height of 4
feet .md callable of holding iS trays
for the display of fruit, besides shel-
vimi f..r panoramic views, decorative
ornamentation, etc. The Canadian
Pacific railway will donate the site,
and the Publicity branch of the Department of Natural Resources will
arrange for a special issue of advertising pamphlets describing the various sections of the Okanagan, and
\, ill also supply attractive placards,
for the displays. Mr. Lowe has taken
the matter up with W. E. Scott, '
deputy minister of agriculture, who-
bas promised to let him have the use
of a large number of jars of preserved Okanagan fruits for the display.
The various shipping organizations iu
the valley will be asked to supply
fresh fruits in season, and. if the scheme is carried out no effort will bc
spared to make the kiosk windows as
attractive as possible, and to keep
the fruits and products renewed as
oiten as may seem desirable. Mr.
Lowe himself proposes, personally, to
supervise all arrangements.
The idea isthat all the various districts of the Okanagan be represented
m the displays, and the boards of
trade throughout the valley will be
isked to contribute to the erection
jnd  upkeep of the building.
"The strongest point about the
scheme, to my mind," said Mr.
Smith,   "is  the fact  that  Mr.     I.owe,
who is regularly    Btationed at Blcamous, oilers to take charge of all details,     while the amount of thought
ind energy he has already devoted to
the matter makes it  certain that nothing that he can  contribute to suc-
cess  will  be ladling.    Too  many  such
buildings, erected fur advertising purposes,   retain  the original  exhibit unchanged  from  month  to  month,       a
stale  and   unattractive  monument  to
the  unprogresslvc spirit  of those rc-
-|e..n-il.le fm- it.  Such a  kiosk is not
worth   tu.. cents to the district, it is
evpected tn advertise.       But
i" date exhibit,    arranged and
nalntained  in the best possible mnii-
ler, placed when, it     may command
•  ■   il tent lien ..f thousands of the tra
veiling   public   ii,   the  course  of      the
year   .end the  effect   "i   winch  is supplemented   by  the judicious distribn -
I literature, provides one of the
— t   Of   ill   means  of  advertising    the
* les "f .i  district."
i ..mr .md IfK.k  ii ..nr   I riangle Sad
Irotii    gii.irnnti'".' I"r tytT.
PRICE   6 l.B. IRON   S3 ')()
Bltlfflatei givM free
// you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Huraid Want Ads
\V.   U    R..«s,  minister ol lands
I lined  from a   brief  tour of  his
■ . and .i vis,i to Ca.gary.
■ '.ei, in t be Interior of
•. e-    immei   Is opening
I reeling ■•! confidei in
rhere 1    in assurance   of
the   mining Industi
ettei   basis,  and  with    a
in   III   till'  pi ail le
the ...iilook foi the lumber
much better than it has
, time |
'.   Larson, of \ ancouvei, mining
t wi ■ k i..i tin' Prank
:■ the north fort    of    the
Ketti, den   he will ex inline
I   mining  properties    ami
report t" the provincial government,
■   into the   question   ol
■e.   ,,f   l|,,■    K'ttle        Valley
that i
Now is the time to get a good wheel. We have a splendid
line in both Mens and Ladies' at right prices. Also full
stock of Tyres, Tubes, Lamps, Saddles, and Repairs,
Baseball Goods—we are leaders in
these. Come and inspect our line.
Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football,    Cricket,    Croquet,     and    all
[Sporting Goods.
Slier win Williams Paints.
Kootenay, Saskalia and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
We aie thoroughly in touch with the Kt'iil Kstute, Mining anil Timber
situation in tlie'Inteiior and can furnish you with valuable information on these subjects.    Come in and see us at your pleasure.
First  Street   ami  Oonnaught  Avenue.
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
^/Htvays the   "Best
"ShamrocK' "Butter
P. BUBNS & CO., Limited
_, -i/i w
L £11
you need can be had at our
yard. Enough material in
stock to build several houses
the size of this one.
Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
General Blacksmith
Light and heavy Wagons, lipht anil heavy
Sleighs. UuRgies, Cutlers, Plows. Haitows
Kami Implements. WaKonBtnado.inrlrepair.il
Airent for John Ooore and Com piny aid International Harvaster Co.
Farm Implements
Sanitary Washable Water Paint
Over   One  Hundred   Beautiful Art   Shades
Write for Illustrated Booklet—"How to Decorate"
■■■»■■«■ -■■■•■■
■ ah   obangei   ot   advertise
■ menti   must  positively     be
■ handed  Into thin     office by
■ Monday evening in order thai
■ lie    Change  shall   appear   in
■ Wednesday's   Issue,    and   any
■ chi m"'M intcinir,i  f,„-  Batur-
>W day's inane must bs handed In
■ not  later     fhnti       Thursday
ip evening  of each   week.
■ •
skw Mil.i, TOR WHITE
The White pine Lumber company ol
Spokane will build a large sawmill
,..ii Westbrldge aboul 'i" mllastrom
Qreenwood Ths mill win have n capacity eef  ,000 feet  ol lumber SVtTj
.'I      Iioiiih.   TIip company  own*      Its
own townslte, and     will begin   this!
lummsi tn iie.t bouses for itn    em-
ploySM,    I*   ih  tbO Ighl   that the tOWU
will  have a  population n(  luon. ns the
company will employ upwards of 300
\  cording      to   :i   ynehec     law      a
uuxi mu Btani tl; Hutu ol hie de- j
teased   wife,      but  it  does not allow
1 he ivoman to marry the brother ot
Ler iinciiNcd husband,
In Abhotafurd and around the town
AlihotMlord, 100 acres ol land bavo
heen recorded for oil, and a Vancouver company will soon begin drilling
MAGIC r»othEi
What is Doing in the Province
Scott, deputy minister of agriculture, hotel  building live storeys  in  height,
after a vi3it to Creston district with Five apartment house hlockB are un-
M.8.  Middleton,  assistant  provincial der    construction    besides a score ol
horticulturist. residences.
The appointment of Charles Hodg-
kinson as inspector of noxious weeds
ut Kamloops has been confirmed.
The Indians are having success this
year lishing at the Hagwilgct canyon,
near Hazelton. Spring salmon are
running in large numbers and some
very  large fish have been  pulled out.
The ores brought Iron, the Union
mine at Gloucester camp, contain
very  high grades of  gold and  silver.
The new exhibition building in
Grand Forks, costing $s,0t>i* will have
a floor space of about lO.HHO square
In Harrop, B. C., poultry fanning
is becoming quite Important. There
are ahout 2000 young chickens there.
The new government bridge at
Lytton was opened for public traffic
on June I--. The old bridge is barred
to traffic hut is to stand till low water,  when  it will be  dynamited.
While not officially made public, it
ia stated on reliable authority that
the miners of Vancouver island, on
ntrike for over a year, have voted by
it majority of 1,2'ifl to continue the
industrial struggle.
On recommendation of the finance
committee the Nelson city council has
decided to increase the salary of the
city clerk and treasurer from :?17."> to
V-IK) per month, and the Bulury of thc
chief "I  police from $126 to 8150.
Paul lake with its beautiful surroundings is receiving an increasing
popularity among Kamloops residents, and the many attractions for
the holiday maker which the district
provides are making the place a favorite camping ground.
The provincial board ot health
again draws attention to the benefits
to be derived from protection against
typhoid fever. Typhoid prophylatic
will he supplied free of charge upon
application to the acting secretary of
the provincial hoard at Victoria.
Now that the railway is opened to
■Port George, several gangs have beeu
put on at different places along the
line hy Foley, Welch i Stewart to
load the contractors' outfits which
are to go through to Fort George for
use on the Pacific and Great Eastern
Present Indications .ire that the
raspberry crop will he ver> heavy
this season. The large area of bushes that was burned In the tire which
swept around New Hazelton two
years ml-., is now beginning to recover and will he again producing
berries this  year,
.1. ll. Sobdell was struck bya westbound express lour miles east of Fernie. His last known address was
Flat creek. Alia. He was killed instantly. His age was about 25.
Kara! Chootz wis found dead in his
hhack here, the aftermath of a Slavonian christening.
"In the 25 years that I have been
in the province I bave never seen thc
countr\ mi sue), excellent condition-
it is a marvel—the hay, grain, vegetable and fruit crops are looking
tine," states William B. Scott, deputy minister ol agriculture, wh" wis
in Neis.m alter a tour of the Okanagan, Simllkameen and Boundary agricultural districts.
Th it any man dispensing liipior
in his bouse, even although he   may
not have taken payment, is liable to
thc penalty provided for iu the infringement of the Liquor License act,
was decided by Magistrate Simpson
in the case of John Kimi, who appear!'.1 before him in the Nanaimo police court, charged with disposing of
Uudor at his residence, 128 Watklns
street, on Sunda]. June 11.
The fust  through  freight train from
ti„, ,,,<t .n the Grai d Trunk Pacific
arrived ir New Hazelton last weclc.
Besides several new cars for use iou
the road at tin western end, there
were   sev-i.il   Cars   of   machinery   I'.fiif
the drj lock at Prtnci Rupert. The
first foreign ear pulled over the new
road was one belonging to the Coal
and Coke company. From now on
freight will he moved rapidly over the
Q.T.P. especially for the railway
Th" mine    managers    examination
board   .vhich  has  been   meeting  in Na-
nainio bus announced the results of
examinations conducted on   May 19,
an and -i it Nanaimo. Cumberland,
Merritt and Feinielor first, second,
and   third  class  certificates.      Niurty-
ilve candidates sal for thc examinations al tlie different centres, of these
■even were successful in the examln-
tlon for firsl class certlfi<cates, ll
for second class and '■■'■ for third class
cert Ideates,
A sportsman from New Zealand,
has presented a herd of young red
deer to the province, from his [arm
at Burnahy jail.
John I'. White, international president of the United Mine Workers of
America, has wired $100<l to the local
secretary ot that organization in
Fernie for the windows' and orphans'
fund of the Hillcrest disaster.
tt. Johnston of  Halcyon has  accepted the position of     Canndiun Pacific
railway telegraph operator ut Kelow-
ua,  where the company  is about    to
1 open an office.
Because he refused to answer two
summons charging him witb a breach
of the clog muzzling order, A. Tider-
ington, of Cowichan Lake, wus fined
880 and 816 costs in the provincial
court, Duncan,
Thn Canadian Northern railway will
ship over 15,000 tons of rails into
Uritish Columbia. About *-00<l tons
nre to be used in Kamloops district.
The new smelter at Hidden creek,
built by the Granby Consolidated
company, is working steady and turning out large quantities of ore.
Donald MeCurley, of Silverto a'us
badly injured in a runaway while
driving to Silverton Irom the Van
Roi mine. His condition is considered serious.
The Nakusp-Kaslo railway, running
from the Arrow to the Kootenay lakes was inspected ou behalf of the
provincial government by F.C. Gamble, engineer of the railway department.
That an organized band of chicken
thieves are at work among the poultry yards, around Penticton is the
opinion of several bird fanciers who
have suffered heavy losses lately
through the depredations of something that appears to covet the
young fowls to an abnormal  degree.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Noel, of Lil-
looet, have returned from their trip
into the Bridge river country nnd
vicinity, They shot a grizzly seven
feet, and a black bear eight feet long
Mi. Noel reports everybody in good
health, crops looking tine and a general appearance of prosperity throughout the entire district.
A. B. Haigli, chief fire warden; H,
S. Nelson, New Denver, and Jack
Regen, Sandon, returned (rom the
scene of the fire at Galena Bay to
Halcyon. They report about 26(1 acres of old slashing burned over, but
no damage to growing timber.
The Knderby Growers' association
hus written to the city council, disputing tht liability of the association
for payment, of trade license. The
council considered the matter and decided to give the association until
the end of June to pny thc amount,
at the expiration of which period legal proi dings will be tnken, if settlement  has not  been  made.
On Wednesday a local centre of the
St. John Ambulance association was
formed at the British Columbia Copper company's Mother Lode mine, at
Greenwood, at a meeting held in the
hall at the time.
.1. R. Campbell, formerly of Princeton, now of Fort George, has erected
n large block in Prince George and
has one of the finest drug stores in
thn north. Prince George is the new
town on the Grand Trunk Pacific, out
of which the government recently sold
lots to the total value of half a million dollars.
A curiosity in what appears to be.
the result of cross-fertilization is to
1 e seen in the garden of Mrs. Char
ley Roberts. Four-Mile, near Nelson,
where at the top of some foxglove.
1 hints are caiitebury bells and hollyhocks blooms. Dp to the tops of the
rlwera the bio mis are true, the
strange flowers appearing only on the
upper part of the plants.
Track laying on thc Coalmont section of the V.. V. & E. line through
the Simllkameen is to be started
early next me .nth, stated J.H. Kennedy, assistant chief engineer of the
line, who has recently returned from
a trip over the Hope mountain route
in company with A.H. Rogeland chief
engineer of the Great Northern railway. This poitlon of the nailway is
to be used jointly by the Kettle Valley  railway   and  the  V.,  V.   & Iv.    In
accordance with an arrangement between the two  lompanles.
Last week marked the departure
from the ferrj landing at Pitt
Meadows of the tirst mall for Silver
creek where a post office bus now
been established, and irom now on a
gasoline boat Will make the trip on
Tuesday- and Fridays of each week.
*' he rapid increase in the number of
settlers in this new section of the
country has warranted the postal
authorities in opening a branch otliee
to be known as Silver Creek P. O.
Capt. Hemstead, a well known Pitt
river pilot, Is the mail carrier.
It is expei i that the Grand Trunk
Pacific authorities will hive the big
drydock at Prince Rupert in opera-
lion before the end of the present
yeur. The completion of tins greai
work will mean much t.i Northern
British:   C la,   and   especially     to
Prince Rupert. This rapidly growing
city will bave a new industry this
coming winter. Many ol the big
coast steamers that have hitherto
been compelled to make their head-
quurters elsewhere will be overhauled
in it3 harbor. It will be able to
boast of the 1,'irgeBt Moating drydock
on the Pacific, with an equipment in-
cludlng every up-to-date device for
handling ships up to -'O.Oimi tons.
Frank Foley and Alexander Cam
eron, both of Cranbrook, met with an
accident in the Moyie lake narrows
on Tuesday morning. They were out
fly lishing from a canoe when the
boat capsized, and the occupants
found themselves struggling to reach
the shore. Cameron held to the boat
which was pulled to shore by Foley,
who is an expert swimmer,
Murphy ,i Fitzgerald are very optimistic about the Copper King claim
at Olalla and this summer hope to do
a lot of work on the claim. It will
only be a short time before teams
haul in the ore to town for shipment
over the Great Northern railway, they
say. They have procured a lease
from Mr. Northey of Olalla and will
secure the necessary equipment from
In a few duys the second crop of
alfalfa will he ready for harvesting
around Summerland. This fodder
crop, which will soon be a large item
iu the annual production, is already
assuming considerable proportions,
and is having the result of greatly re-
duclng tbe importations of hay, etc.
The rirst crop, gathered in May from
last  year's seeding,  was a  good  one.
Al Goodhout and son, of Albas, are
up ou Humumilt lake, where they are
preparing their cabin for the winter.
They are also clearing some land for
garden. Al Goodbout's cabin will be
one of the most modern of log cabins
in the district, inside measurements
Hxlii feet and a sourdough front lis
lii feet. It is quite a fad to build a
sourdough addition  in that district.
A .ire occurred in one of the contractors' grading camps within a
mile 0f Ashrroft. The tire, which
stinted in the afternoon while the
men werv on the grading, burnt tne
whole camp to the ground, nothing
was saved, most of tbe men losing
all they possessed except the clothes
they stooel up in. while u considerable
amount of cash and bills went up in
smoke also.
The British freighter Robert Dollar, Capt. Morton, completed the
loading of her cargo of 5,000,000 feet
of lumber at Galena Bay early this
week and sailed for New York on
Wednesday. She is expected to reach
the Atlantic by way of the Panama
canal. If she does so. she will be the
first boat through the canal with a
cargo from British Columbia for the
Atlantic coast.
Building operations are assuming
targe proportions nt Prince Rupert,
and tenders are being called for several substantial structures, The federal government asks (or tenders for
:. five storey granite and brick block
to house the post office, customs
office and the numerous other departments of the government, Also tenders for a third-class Immigration detention building to he erected at the
quarantine station. The school hoard
is about to let a contract for a 813,-
000 school house Frank Clapp will
Immediatelj   Bred  a liO-room concrete
His honor, the Muyor of Chilliwack
will be taken on his first flight in an
aeroplane when he arrives in Sumas,
July 4, where he will make an address ut 1:30 in the afternoon. M.
K. Hunter, the youthful aviator, who
will make three tlights in his Curtis
biplane in Sumas, July ". and 4, will
extend a personal invitation to the
Canadian official to accompany him.
Whether the mayor will accept is not
know n.
The Penticton Dehydrating company
is going ahead with its enterprise,
which is to utilize a new process for
the preservation of fruit. Half the
capital stock of s|ii,0uii bus been subscribed and a suitable building has
been leased. It is hoped thut the Dehydrating company will br able to
pay 1i cents per pund for peaches,
and that With this price a new era
of prosperity will open for the growers.
A four year old boy fell off the gov-
ernment wharf at Summerland and
was saved from certain drowning hy
Ihe pluck of William Snow, n boy
BCOUt, who dived twice in order to
tescue the child. Steps are being
taken among the otlicers of that local
troop of H..y s, ts te> secure recog
nition of the gallantry of Scout Snow
by award of the silver medal for life-
saving' by the provincial parent
scouts organization. Scout Sne.w
was lirst taught to swim at the annual camp of the troop two or three
years ago—another instance of thc
Bplendld work accomplished by the
scout movement  in  flic  training       ol
boys in useful knowledge.
Mrs. Good Housekeeper!
Have you tried
For sealing your jellies and preserve jars
Dl UKCTIONS Melt a stick of Canowax in large cup. Pour over jelly
after same is hard in the «lass. For preserves, dip top of jat in
liquid wax below the ting. A coating of pure white wax will form
making jar airtight.
For the Laundry
Makes clothes white without rubbing
DIRECTIONS—Out one stick in small pieces and put in boiler.    Makes
clothes white as snow.
Price, only 20c a can
10 sticks in each can
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
1 needed an
Elevator until
I saw thu Book."
THAT'S what a
mCTchant said
in our office recently. We had just
sold him an Elevator for
use in his small, hut growing factory in a little town in Western
■Ontario. He is enthusiastic over the economies he has been enabled to effefct through the installation
of a small hand-power Elevator costing but $70.00. He
has discovered the setcrrt ol efficiency in handling goods and
filling orders. He has learned how to cut out unprofitable
methods and reduce the cost of labor by eliminating waste
time and neeedless effort.
Perhaps you may find in this Book the solution of your
most difficult problem.    Isn't it worth writing for?
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name and address. I hen tear
it off and mail at once. ^ ou'li
get the book by return mail.
Don't  put  it  otf  and  forget.
IN   THE   MAI'.-IH R \1.P
c*   !•;   ii..u.s, ..f ll llton, P.A, de-
vine, ol Victoria ami J.0. Carlm and
c. T, Little, ..I Vancouver,   who are
makinr    i   '".n   fr..r..   tin   ii.nst   in  au
automobile, arrived at Balfour from
Nelson, Tbey were pleased with the
run from Nelson ami described Hi''
road as a boulevard in comparison
with certain parts tboy bad traversed
previously.  Thej   lefl on  the  Nasookin
for SirMnr. en  route to   Kiln.ontoii but
Mill return t" Balfour for a few days
next   week
"The community of creston is to he
congratul ited .t the results which it
has ichleved in the past three years,
.since 1 last visited tins district. I
whs astonished .it thi greal change
Hint bas bei iflecl ■ ',. Where on my
last visit to -in' community there
weii' large areas of wild land, arc
iii.w ie. be found a magnificent acre.
.nre ..f clean, well eared for orchurdB
uni it Is estimated that i: carloads
■if (nut will '.e shipped from rreston
this season, which is an enviable
showing when one considera the fact
that the fin st growing industry was
practically only started there about
Ave pears    igo,"     said William   B,
Scene from "The Shepherd op run Hills"
Opera House, Monday, July 6 .,'u     .',...,
.r. -,, _.    ,  ,__,» „i_t_,.
» » «-   ■» «_ «_ VJ   »   <_^l
tiAlUKUAlf,   JUL.V   4,   11)14.
Gbe flfoiil-tocrafo
l'l'lll.lSHKU    WKHN1 SHAY
REVBL8T0KK,  ll. i'
optimism.      .Md    mines are   proving 'f()r dog-catcher     because   his friends
their worth, new mines are being sat-  said hc could be ele«ted without any
[ isfactorily developed, and there is un- ieflort1a* *U:  nnd  Ht  loaBt *>m mPn
promised     to vote for him.   On elec-
mistakable evidence that public     at-   tioll d„y Jude Rot ;i, vote8i a„d     .g
l ent ion is being directed to the groat   now in jail for misrepresenting in his
possibilities that the mines oiler for  report of campaign expenses.     From
'the employment of capital.    The ag- hio ccl1 Jlldc sent thiH message tothe
.      .   „     . ,. , .      ..      ricultural wealth is also being devol- f?or^T   I'.!"'* let any man get'*
Locals 10 cents per line each insertion b into his head that  there is a loud call
Minimum local ad charges 25 cents.    ' >"'(l and cuch y««r makes the agri - ,,„. hiB servlees and thnt thp peoplc
Display  advertisements 28 cents per  cultural  industry a  greater asset   :to can iie trusted.   Any man who belicv-
inch each insertion, single column.       I the city and tothe district. cs he is popular and can win a polit-
Legal advertising of any form, also,   Tll(1 condltlon of thp h,u.VCBt on the leal office hands down is an ass or   a
Local Heading  Notices and Business
Government and Municipal Notices 12
prairies, directly and indirectly       nf-
perverse  fool, as  it  were.   As to  mv
cents     per line first  insertion    and 8   ' _. j)ersonnj  con(]ition,    my  wife refuses
cent* per line subsequent Insertions, Ifects t0 a srcat extent tbe prosperity to _et    mp 0llt of JHili and   for thp
ellowing  1" lines to the inch. J of Kevlstokc and the crop prospects lirst time in  my  life I  don't     blame
Applications tor Liquor Licensee 85.  are now excellent.   Reports from the her.   She it was who told me thnt ]
Arrangements   Completed   for
Wrestling   Bout   Between
Connolly and Sutherland
VernonWhitewashed in Exciting
Game — Local Team
Shows Good Form
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses 37,50,
Oil  prospecting  notices $7..*>0.
Land  Purchase  Notices,  $7.
prairies are to the effect that a bum-  couldn't  he elected to anything,  and
.,,i ■   '  replied  hv saying that women know
is  assured.   All  danger    of ' '    • womon hnow
nothing of affairs politic,
and  the farmers   was honest w,th  mp;
per crop
frosts  has   passed,
She   alone
my friends lied
Water  Application  Notices,    up   to  are looking forward to one  of     the   to   me,   and     I now regard them as
100  words,  87.50,   over   li'O  words  in   best, if not the best, harvest on ree-  slimy    flshworms    In    the grass."—
Atchison Globe.
\ i oportion.
interior publtsbtng Company
Manager and Editor.
SATURDAY,  JULV   I,  191 I.
Thousands of men are being em-
j loyed in railway construction and
improvements from which the city derives benefit. At the tunnel at Rogers Pass alone some three hundred
men  are employed and     are likely to
be employed all winter, of itself a
considerable population tributary to
Prospects were never better for a
continuous improvement in local con-
c'.itions, and  thcre was never less ex-
Everything   is   lining up   for   the
great Connolly-Sutherland wrestling
match in the opera house on Friday,
July 10, Sutherland says it took
three hours and l'i minutes to throw
him in Vancouver and that it is going to take Connolly much longer to
do the trick this time.
W.  A.  Smythe received a  wire from   Boal,   but   with   Jack   Allan   as    goal
Connolly   today  saying   that  he    ac- ,keeper,      the      ball    could    not    get
through. j
schools as     directed, of 10 cords   or
dry Fir or Hemlock. .11.11,n.p.
Essences of Root Beer, 25c bottlas
makes live gallons of beer at Macdon-*
aid's drug store.
Get special prices ou Rattan chain
and Jap matting at Howson's.
A large shipment of Pinupplea, for
preserving just in. $3.00 per dozen.
J. Mclntyre & Son. t.f.n.p.
Nice assortment ol Sachet powderct
and toilet waters juBt in at Macdonald's drug store.
Go to Howson's for your carpet
squares, draperies and curtnlnB. It
will pay you to look over their large
cepts   the   match   at   Kevelstoke      for
July   10 so there is no chance    nf    a
One of the best games on Dominion   Btocir
Pay  was the    football  match  played _      ..   ,    ...     ,            .   __.       .   ..
' Smythe's Employment Office, hoid-
1 etween the Vernon Young Men's club ing    Government License, can supply
and the local team    in the morning, lall kinds of he*p for farmers, railway
Both teams showed good form,     and constructors,     logging    camps   land
thc game was interesting throughout., clcarers,      sawmills,      and    odd  jobs
At  the start the     Vernon  boys kept around the city.   Send your applica-
forcing the    ball  in their    opponents tions to Roy Smythe, Revelutoke.
Look! Look!—yes you can if jou
get those glasses fitted at J. Guy
business men of the city.
The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne,
and his consort, add one more disaster to the tragic history of the reign
of thc aged Kmperor Francis Joseph.
His brother Maximilltan became a
dupe for Louis Napoleon and was shot
in   Mexico. Maximillian's  widow
Everywhere the Impression is crowing that the period of financial stringency is passing away and that better
times are con.inc. and the more hope-
atlment thai prevails will bean
important factor In bringing about
the Improved situation.
In Revelstoke as elsewhere the feel-
-,ng of optimism is growing, and no-
v. here in I'ana.la is the spirit of optimism more fully justified. Revelstoke in common with other cities
niuBt profit from a general improvement in conditions, and there are in
.'liliti'.n Important circumstances
from which tbe city will benefit in a
i eculiar  legree.
Next year the opening of the Pans
ma canal exhibition at San Francisco   will   create   unusually   heavy   pas -
senger tratlic     across    the continent,
.-.nd the Canadian Pacific railway will
obtain   a laice   share   ol   the   business.
Hailw.,' activitj i„ all departments lllt|1,v „.(.e l)f C08t ;iml aS ea8y
will be Immensely stimulated, more obtain as water
men will be employed and in..re money [mt Into Circulation, Kevelstoke
" e'i the mosl Important railway centres on the ronte will be one
■jl the cities most favorably affected.
The Indian war picture at. the Empress theatre this evening is a splendid til iu, The Rosary is a great photo play and two other excellent films
arc shown the Red Mask, a drama ol
frontier life and Love and Dynamite,
a Kevstonc comedy. An extra good
program is arranged for Monday including a Thiiihauser comedy, a thrilling Italain drama and Willie the
[■use for pessimism on the part of the   Wild      Man,  another      most amusing
i omedy.
"The Shepherd Of the Hills" Harold Bell Wright's novel, which holds
thc record for being the largest selling American work of fiction, has
been made into a play by its author
with the assistance of Fishery W.
Reynolds. It will be given its first
production in this city at the opera
house,  Monday.
The  play  isa story  of     the Ozark       ";
„        mountains and its people and all   of   then
After the tirst   I minutes play, the        _________________________________
hitch  in this big match.   Orders   are (l all  began  to  circle around  the Ver-!    Straw hat   dyes-Tic a  bottle,  makes
pouring in     from      all  over for scats   non  goal,  and  alter some nice passes   your hat  like new  any  color,  at. Mac
from  outside  points,    and  also  local,the ball went  through, which brought   donald'S drug store.
orders. |i.   volume     of cheers.    Again  the ball
Sutherland  two  years  ago  at  Van- | was placed  in  position,    and  after   a
couver, wrestled with   Connolly   for few minutes more play resulted in anil  hours   and 15   minutes,   each   secur-   either goal for the local  boys.  Score,
_-0, fir.it half.
The second half was fast. The Vernon hoys were determined to get two
coals,   but  with   Sniiky  and   Hartley
as back it was impoosiblc to get past 	
The halves and   forwards were play -
ing  good  ball,   and  kept   the  Vernon   FOR    SALE-New  four-hole  cooking
stove with reservoir. Western Green
Apply S. eGale,   Rokeby Aiv.    t.f.n.p.
ing one fall. Connolly of Vancouver
Claims the heavy weight championship of the world.
Gait coal Is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke hy the Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Go to Mr.  R. Tapping    for
garden plants.
WANTED—Clean cotton rags, 5c.
lb. paid nt Mail-Herald Office.
Three to   One in   Favour
Beavers in Fourth-
Go up in Air
team from scoring.   The game finished 'J-0 in favor of Revelstoke.
Thc game  will  be kept   going,    and
it   is hoped to form a three team league in Revelstoke.
The teams lined up as follows:
V.M.C.A.—J.   Allan.   B.W.   Sankey,
G.   Hartley,      W.   Robbins.    H. W. H.
I Marshall, McFadgen, H. Provins,   .!.
large crowd of fans who found   Patterson, .1.  Hay, A. Marchant, H.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ way  to  the Y.M.C.A.  hall  field   "'ig.
,  ,       .„. „ ,     , „.     that  vicinity,  which  promises    stage   hist nii,ht were treated to a very fast |    Vernon—A,    V.   Vlcken,   A.   Bl,    lig
lotta still lives hopelessly   insane. The    . ' ^                      ....
characters out of the ordinary.     Thc
heir to the Austrian throne died amid distressing circumstances at Mey-
erling. And the Empress was murd-
ii ed in Geneva.
production, which has been made hy
Messrs Gaskill and MacVitty, is said
to he one of extreme beauty, this picturesque mountain country lending itself to the best in the scenic artist's
exhibition of baseball, the Fire Hall gin, G, Avles, W. Bristone
team downing the Beavers to thc 15. Harwood, L. Baker, K
tune of 7 to 3. Th • Beavers appeared to bave thc game well in hand up
till the fourth inning, the score being
:: to 1 in their favor, then the fun
started,   the  entire   Heaver  team took
I. Brure,
li.   Hepburn.   .1.   Keech,  S.  Seymour.
Aft"r the big game a challenge ball
game   was   played   between   the   working boys anil a   picked  team  from  the
FOR RENT— Rooms to rent witb
board. Near post office, excellent
cook, moderate terms. Apply
S. Gale,  Rokeby avenue.        t.f.n.p.
TO RBNT—Furnished rooms witk
light housekeeping privileges. Apply :!'.i  Fourth  street. It.p.
WANTED — At once.    Girl for light.
household  work.      Apply  Box 20&.
,11.1,t.f.  n.p.
After  all,  the  only  way  to cure the
drink evil  is to  make     whisky  abso-
halloon ascension and they did not  )hm,  g'cll00i9i   Th(.  -am0  W11S „   V1,,.y
Francis church,   McKenzie Ave.
And  it is ii .!   likely  that   it   will     he
necessary t.. wail until the exhibition
ened t.. fee' its beneficial effects,
The  railway  company      may  be      ex-
'.'•e'f"e!   t..   take   "ally   steps  to   put  its
rolling ste.rk  ami  track  in condition
'.■ handle t., the !,, st  advantage the
.i bat    is te.   i,e ex
the I    rists thi   .selves much
enefit   aril    .. 11 ic      Hundreds     will
•   •   city te.   ■. isit  the  national
to I
A  policy  of     this      St.
hind would in  six  months forever do   r.nd Fifth, street, Pastor, Rev.   J. (.
away with the     curse of Intemperate   MacKenzie.   Sunday    services:—  Low
liquor   absorption.     Ia   that   time    all    xass
the dipsomaniacs would be dead, and   10:30
ibe balance of the people ivould   not   school  for the children at 2:30 p.m..
drink whiski   because it would be too   benediction and Rosary at 7:30 p.m., >
'heap   to     be     popular. -Greenwood   < onfessions Saturday I to 6 and 7:30
Ledge, I to il  p.m.  and  Sunday  morning  ",:30
  to 8.    Weeks days:—Mass every morn-
SINCERITY BEST POLICY. 'n* nt " o'clock, Confessions     before
Mass.   First  Fridays —Mass  at   -   a
Sir .lame, Whitney took office when   m.   Benediction and  Rosary al    7:3d
'•'pie had  become tired  of double   p    ra
dealing    and      hypocrisy.   They   were
come down to earth until the Fire
Hall had scored ii runs, thus winning
thi  game by the score of 7 to 3.
Next Monday night the C.P.R. team
meet the Fire Hall, these two teams
are at the top of the league and the
lacs  are   issurcil  of a  fast  game.
hard fought one    and resulted In   a
W in for the working boys by the score
of - to 111. The butteries were Corson and l.ee for the working boys,
anil Goodwin and Goodwin for the
FOR SALE -Five roomed house on
Lot II, Block 56, Fighth Btreet.
Price reasonable. Water and electric light. Apply H.F.S. Box 69.
Prince Rupert,  B.C. J1.1S p.
TO RBNT—Two or three house keeping  rooms,  use  of      motor  washer.
etc.   M.   A,.  Mail-Herald.
_?____ _srs_.i: smythe Narrowly Beaten I   BUSINESS L0CALS
a.m.  every      Sunday.      Sunday • J
flftpP FvPltinn  RsPP'   p'IyPaPer8' Btlcky and poison,
HILGI   LAulLlliy IIQuC kindB at Macdonald's drug store.
All   pupils      Contemplating   entering
('    R.   Thomas,   driving   the   Uritish   the   High     School   Commercial   Class.
Columbia     Motor   company's entry,  are requested to band In their names
pulled   oil  one  of  the    most  thrilling   to  the secretary   of the School  Board
sick of rulers who talked well,
large     pretensions,     gave   rigl
promises and  ruled  iniquitously.  On-
t irio h as ready   fi ir a  man «I
what hi * lid what h
ne   t
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      have     premier  prompt I
*  rough the   efforts •■(;,..
"•ir   R.F. Green, M.I'., has been     ,.s    something thai I not nn
ihed in the neighborhood of the  Si'e.   Temperanci n_1  reforn
city, and     to take advantage of the   lelegatlons     -
OF  1
.  Rev,
C,  A
'eats  of  the afternoon,  nt the    Van-   immediately.
...liver auto meet on  Dominion Bay,
when  he drove his car In so close    to
thi   fence that  It almost touched the
rood when he Bpurted past     w.  ll.
Smythe,  formerly  of  Revelstoke,   who
was   driving a   Sterns   car.   the   prop-
4t. Jl.lS.n.p.
Tenders  will   be  received  by  the secretary of the Bon 1  of Scbool Trus- .
tees, up  to and  Incl  '''iig  July  tfitb, i
for  the      delivery   to      the    separate ;
Hi    RENT   Nine   .roomed   furnished
house,   Immediate  possession.     M.
A.   Mail Herald. It.   p.
A Good  Friend To GIN PILLS
The letter below is only one of liiunv
that show how c.i.N l'i l.i.Sme regarded
by those who bave used tbem.
-  Trinity.   The  following    Is   prty of the same     firm,  at  the last
list        •      services    -  a.m     Hol>   mm on the final lap in thi   Vancou-
!  a.   :: ..    Matms and   ver   ibampionshlp race     of  10 miles.
Thomas   beat   bis   rival   just   one-fifth
.   7::'"   p •
the  rector.
natural     attractions that the Revel-
thing worth  while from previous ml- '
•        \\e
^H^^H^^rashli v
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,  hut  thev  had   ■ I.
listrict has to offer Thog( -eferred   :■•       I liseourses.—11  a.m.,     "Who    and
■   - ■  railway • ind that the   Pri ' with I
[ these direct tisfacl *
1-e  ; : ■    • per service.   Theme     "   The
and when hi I i thing  N'" "• God."    >Regular si
it   .■- is done.   After all, a
I e.f „  wide    agricultural  conscienl e wi     med.
ess of develop-    lualities as     we 	
Vancouver News Adveitiser.
In  view    It    is
; a  rich  mining
'.  a second, but he certainly took   a
esperate chance   when be performed
the feat  as  be had inst  room enough
get   through   and   win.
Girls Basketball Match
Feature of Day
ment, and I .- and agri
•■■•■■ ects are bright. Ev
ry vie ■   :   I    the mining district trl
•rv   •      |
returns  full    ol
Johnson    becac
Got Your Home Mortgaged?
Then, of course, you'll pay ofl ihe indebtedness in time.
Hut suppo>e you should die suddenly    will the mortf-
foreclose, or will your wife be able to meet iho payments?
Xnd ■ ike a big hole in brr resources?
en, wh) not enntire  '-  repayment,  ■•-  elhe live  or die,   bv
nl an Imperial £ndoA rt I ,   li     I     the amount ol the mortgage?
ll   is   thr    surest   way
11 aidre,!- of men have adoptpd fi..s method.
• . -i-i! for protecting the home.
Write for   further   particulars  today".    Tomorrow may be
too late.
Leonard W. Wood, District Manager, ■•vetntofca, B.C.
Office Phone* 392 OPPICC     tavlOR slock Na*. Phone 303
It.* ImeperUI I.if* ti»- r-»<»f In [inellt* t'e policyholder* Hltmut t*n lim'1" »« mnrh a«
the 'l-   paiil by nil   il.-  ci'ilipaiiiHi -■ a-. Ui-tc-.l in {.'anaiU in the I-.it 10 y.urn
bun Ri i    .'.
E   McGi   •  ■    ' ■
3res*    In
' • r       WiII   pi
■-'i, "   Strangers and
II ne «er
• Petroleum Limited.
(Non Personal   Liability    f
corporation.        henneo    niirro'inrlir, i-
Monarch In Calgary Oil tieida. whirh
hftn Htiuek black crude oil (fell
finnnced.    Good literature,
honrrt of rlirert.ord, who nre (ill nu'-
rpmfnl   biisinrfKi   ni»ri.   Drilling   cor,
traeted for nnd win Ht.nri .,i
Opcnlnc prlrc low, rapid fine mr
tain, ITor reservations nnd furtbei
particulars wire or write, giving
references to II Leonard Humph
rcyH, Noehren-Mnnnii Petroleum,
Limited.       22-24
if I he Dominion
I ay celebration     ■      i be basket ball
■ • 'i ot   tbe     .-'ikirk school
• ■ i two      I'- teams. The
iirls put up a groat pame and could
iive  many  h..y«  teams a  hard      run.
I • fei .'e.i   hail     a
but   managed to
•. iiit v .md escap- .
ed from the Held uninjured    J, Qor
• me keeper,   The Red team
was !!■ ■■,- two goals to one
Ined up as follows
it'-dt.     \imie  Morgan,  Capt.,  Kate
■ i"t   McMahon, Polly
Muriel  Lyttle
lilues      la,r.II ■.    M.n kenrot,
Margaret McLeod,     Dorothy
Laura Beech, Hazel Kugbes
The Revelstoke
Steam Laundry
Is an  Asset to the City
No Asiatic Labor Employed
PAY ROLL $800 a Month
All  spent   in   Revelstoke
lirst Work Guaranteed at
Reasonable Prio-as.
r.itroni/.i' Home Industry.
Phone 142
Kevelstoke Steam Laundry Co,.
I Ull J It'll.
"I think it my duty to tell you that
GIN 1'ILI.S me a sure curt- for Kidin-y
Trouble and l.a Grippe, 1 suffered so
milch with mv kidneys and Ln Grippe
until 1 used (',IN PILLS, and now would
not  bc without them in the house.    I
shall always recommend GIN PILLS to
anyone 1 know is suffering with their
Mrs. m. Bdti.br, Van<coovbr, b.c.
GIN PILLS arc sold on a positive
guarantee of money refunded if they
fail to give relief. 50c. 11 box—6 for
(ta.51 ■. Sample tree if yon write National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canad-,
Limited. Toronto.
TAIILKTSarelhe ideal tonic for pale,
thin people. 50c. a box—1> lor Jj.jo. 20?
The annual general  meeting of the
-tiuswiij,  Lake  Boating club   *ai held
nt Sicamous, the following    offleern
being e'ected for    the ensuing  year    -
1. fi. Congreve, commodore; .1 .1. Om
ment,  rice-commodore;  w k   Kinlny
'■er,, rear commodore; H |, Lowe
captain; H. A. Brown, .secretary and
treasurer. After paying all KpeuaSS
in connection with tb" regatta, the
handsome balance nf *2n|.|o |n hank
Dominion    Hank   was shown. |   very satisfactory atart
The Tango Beads-
Chambers,  Kdmonton,  Alberta.
it   for licit vein's regatta,
Also a new line of
Silver Deposit  Ware,
Clocks and Umbrellas
df   J. Guy Barber   df
'.*,- SATURDAY,  JULY  1, 191-1.
Kamloops Noses Out Victory
by One Run—Scored
Only in Fourth
The host game in the Uritish Colombia interior league this season,
was played on July 1, between Rev-
"lBtoke and Kamloops nt the latter
place on Dominion Day. Pans who
saw the game state that players on
that dny could easily he classed with
the big leaguers, The game was to
i. great extent a pitchers battle, Killeen for Kevelstoke and Hewitt for
Kamloops doing splendid  work.
Up to the third innings no runs
were scored, but in the fourth, Revcl-
•,'lst.oke got  1  and Kamloops ',1.
This inning brought the fans to
their feet with excitement. Kamloops were hatting. There were two
men on bases and two out and Kii -
leen had 'J strikes on Williams, who
made a home run, bringing in the 'J
men on bases. This was the lirst and
only inning Kamloops scored in.
One feature of the game was O'Niels
fielding petting I put outs to hiB
?redit and. every one a difficult catctu
Below is the box score:
A.B.  R. H. PO. A. E.
Parent,  3b  3     0     0     2     1     0
Q'Niel,  c. f  4     0     i»    4     ti     0
01 ltield,   s.s :!     1     il    0     1     0
Pulley,    c  3     0     0   12     0     0
Derr,  r.  f   1     1    ".2     1     0     0
Barnstead,   1.   I., t    0     2    1     0     0
Killeen,   p   I     0    0    0    2     0
Dudley,    2b  4    0    1    0    1    0
Spranger,   lb.  ... 3    0    0    1    0    0
32 2 5 24 5 0
Ali.  R.  H.  PO.A. E.
Mohler,    3b   I     0     0    0    2 0
Zilka,   lb  3    0    0'    7    0 0
McCarter,    c.   ... :i    0     2   14    3 0
Wells,    c.   1  3     1     0     10 0
Baird, s. s  2    10    2    0 0
Williams.   2b.   ... 4     113     *2 0
peters,   1.   f  'I     0     I)     0    0 1
Irwin,   r.   f  *'.     0     1     0     0 0
Hewitt,    p  3     0     H     0     1 il
38     •*!     4   -27     8    1
Peters  ran   for  McCarter  in  eighth.
1 -2 3 -1 5 6 7 8 9
Revelstoke ■ -   00010100 0—2
■ ■* 1 ii 2 'I 1 0 0 1—5
Kamloops   —     0 0 0 *1 n 0 0 0   — 3
0 0 0 1110 1   -1
Stolen bases, Derr 2, Spranger,
Parent, Pulley, McCarter, Wells,
Baird, Irwin: home runs, Williams;
struck out, by Killeen 11, by Hewitt
;4: bases on balls, oil Killeen 4, ofl
Hewitt I; hit by pitched ball, Mc-
Carter; passed  balls. Pulley 2;   time
( game, 2:07; umpire, Holmes; earned runs, Kamloops I, Kevelstoke 1;
left on bases, Revelstoke 7, Kam-
loops 6; tir.-t on errors, Revelstoke 1;
Weather, clear and hot; attendance,
1500; scorer, Cunningham.
Revelstoke — Parent flew out to
Williams: O'Neil out, McCarter to
/'.ilka; Oldfield walked, but was put
out in an attempted steal at second.
Kamloops—Mohler flew   out to Derr
/.ilka  Hew out to  Barnstead; McCarter  .vas hit  by a pitched  ball       and
took lirst; Wells flew out to O'Niel.
Pulley out, Williams to Zilka; Derr
'inned; Barnstead scratched an in-
held hit; Killeen fanned.
Baird,     Williams and     Peters were
inch retured with three strikes.
Dudley struck put; Sprunger got a
! ass and stole second; Parent fanned
O'Neil out Mohlear to Zilka.
Iewin,  Hewitt  and  Mohler fanned.
Oldfield struck out; Pulley fanned;
Herr hit a liner to center, and later
Ftole second; Barnstead singled to
renter, scoring Dorr; Killeen funned.
One run.
Zilka Hew out to O'Neil; McCarter
fouled out to Parent; Wells walked,
i nd stole second; Baird got a base on
D balk by Killeen, Wells going to 3rd
and Rnird stealing second; Williams
slammed out a home run, Wells and
Baird scoring ahead of him; Peters
flew oft to O'Neil. Three runs.
Dudley fnnned; Spranger flew out
to Wells; Parent out Hewitt to Zilka
Irwin singled to right field and
ftole second; Hewitt sacrificed, Old-
field to Spranger; Mohler bunted, but
Irwin wns put out In trying for home
Klllen to Pulley; Zilka out Dudley
to Spranger.   No runs.
O'Neil flew on*, to Baird, the latter
making a beautiful one handed catch;
Oldfield bit one out into left field,
which Peters muffed and reached second; Pulley out Mohler to Zilka, Old-
field going to third on tho play; Derr
hit to center field, scoring Oldfield;
Derr stole second; Barnstead fanned.
One run.
McCarter singled; Wells went out
on a foul to Parent, but McCarter
got to second after the ball was
caught; Baird fanned; McCarter went
to third on a passed ball; Williams
Killeen fouled i 'o McCarter;
Dudley flew out to Williams; Spranger fanned.
Peters out Killeen to Spranger; Irwin fanned;  Hewitt fanned.
Parent walked; O'Neil out Williams to Zilka. Parent going to second; Oldlield funned; Pulley walked;
Parent stole third, Pulley stole second; Derr fanned,
Mohler out Killeen to Spranger;
Zilka walked; McCarter singled to
left field I I'eters was put in to run
for McCarter); Zilka went to third on
a passed hall; Peters stole second;
Wells funned; Baird wa-ked, Williams
Hew out to O'Neil.
Barnstead out McCarter to Zilka,
Killeen fnnned; Dudley got safe on a
bunt; Spranger Hew to Baird.
Innings Declared Closed With
Six Wickets Down—Score
Nearly Doubled
Splendid Games on   First of
July — Salmon Arm's
Good   Exhibition
The best tennis seen this year was
exhibited on July land 2 when Sal-
noii Ann played the Revelstoke club
here. In the .doubles Kevelstoke won
nit two sets to one, aud in the singles it was u tie three sets to three.
For the local club Sibbald put up a
splendid game. In one set R. H.
Fortune of Salmon Arm had Uve
games to one against Sibbald, but
was beaten 7-5 after a fine uphill game
on the part of Sibbald. Fortune put
up a hot game in the next two sets,
and won them. The Salmon Arm
|.layers .ire good sports and it was a
greut pleasure for the members of
the Revelstoke tennis club to entertain tbem. It is expected thut they
will be here for the annual tournn -
ment on August 26-27-28. After the
games on the First tin visitors were
entertained by Mrs. L. W. Wood.
The score was as follows:
Salmon Arm vs. Revelstoke, played
July   Ist,   1914:
J. I). Sibbald and B. R. Reynolds
!..st to R. H. Fortune and F. D.
Nlckolson, 6-8 and 4-C.
H. W. H. Marshall und B.R. Rey-
i.obls heat .1. H. Harrigan and K.
Buckell, 2-0, 8-6. ti-2.
H. H. McVity and W. H. Wullace
beat H.H.  Verity and W. Balfour, 6-1
4-6,  6-4.
Revelstoke  wins   12  games to  39.
Played on July 2, 1914:
B. H. Reynolds heat F.I). Nickol -
son, 6-0, 6-2.
J. 1). Sibbald lost tu R. H. Fort
I'ne, 7-5,  I ii,  l-ij.
L. W. Wood lost to .). H. Harrigan
2 i, 1-6.
W. H. Wallace beat H. Buckell, 6-2,
It. Patterson lost to Verity by delimit.
F. Allwood beat B. Balfour, 6-3,
6-4, Revelstoke wins three; Salmon
Arm wins thtec. .^.-e;—Revelstoke
."il games, Salmon Arm •».. games.
The Revelstoke cricket club wns an
easy victor over the Salmon team in
their Dominion Day mutch. Revel-
hit up 2^0 runs for six wickets, and
declared its innings closed. Salmon
Arm then went in and scored 102,
Kevelstoke winning by five wickets
and liS runs.
It was ideal cricket weather, and a
splendid exhibition of the game was
given. F, 11. Bourne played a dashing innings for his ii:'.. He did not
give a single chance and Was finally
taught brilliantly altera magnificent
hit over the boundary. Maley and
Hinds were well set when the inning
was declared closed.    Maley had made
' 'Ci and Hinds *!l both hy sterling cricket. For a long time Maley and
Bourne were partners and together
raised  the score from 77 to 116,    be-
- fore   being  separated.   Allwood    was
I cleverly caught after be had scored 13
and  Rothwell gave a good exhibition '
for his 25,    He played at     first care- |
fully hut hit out as soon as he   had
mastered   the  howling.   Fleetham wub
| clean bowled alter scoring eight by u I
beautiful   ball,      Millar  al60  got into
double figures.
Bowden was the star of thc Salmon
I Arm team. He made u beautiful 5U
not out. Verity was the only other
to get into double figures.
Dabell   bowled  excellently  for Rev-1
elstoke,  taking three wickets for   14
runs.   The score was as follows:
Rothwell c.  and b. Verity   25
F.  Fleetham,  b,  Harrigan      S
Allwood  c.   Fortune,  bf Meek   12
Brier c. Bowden, h. Verity     4
Bourne c.  Harrigan, b.  Balfour ... 611
Millar,   b.   Verity     10
Maley, not out    33
Hinds, not out   34
C.  M.  Field    _
R.   Dabell     _
L.  Vi.   Woods    —
Byes      9
Leg   byes        2
Bowden,   H.,   run   out,  b.  Rothwe   ii
Meek c.  Millar, b. Fleetham     ll
Harrigan, b. Allwood      8
Verity, b. Rothwell   13
Bowden, H.N., not out  .*30
Buckell, b. Allwood     3
Ash ton, c. Allwood, b. Dabell     S !
Fortune, c.  Rothwell, b. Dabell ...   8 |
Nlckolson, b. Dabell  „..   4
Balfour, run out, b. Maley     (i
Crest,  b.  Maley     n
Byes  „„    4
A return match will be played on
August  I  at  Salmon Arm.
Junior Team Will
Play Salmon Arm
On Saturday last The Salmon Arm
Observr was In receipt of the following letter from Revelstoke:—
Dear Sir,—After taking a look over
your valuable paper we find you have
quite a boys team. If tbe boys of
Salmon Arm would like to play the
boys of Revelstoke a game of baseball
at Revelstoke we would be quite willing to pay their expenses here, and
it they would Hire us to play at Salmon Arm we would play them under
the same agreement.
Hoping you will give ub a game, I
remain, yours in sport,
O. Corcorochla.
Note—We have no  plnyers over  17.
The contents of this letter were
promptly communicated to N. Rhlers
captain of the boys' team, who said,
"Sure,  we will give them a game."
Dates only are now to be arranged
Deafeated by Y.M.C.A. Fifteen
to Two   Burridge Pitches
Beautiful Game
On the afternoon of the First of
July the Malakwa baseball team received a severe beating at the hands
of tbe local Y.;M.C.A. team, at the
lerreation park. The local boys had
a Slugging bee for nt the end of the
ninth inning they had pushed IS runs
across the pan, while all that Malakwa could register was two. Malakwa
pitcher" did prett\ well and with
good support in the field the game
would not have been nearly so onesided. I'itcher Burridge of the "Y"
team pitched beautiful ball fanning 11
Malakwa batsmen. The boys from
•dalakwn attribute their defeat tothe
difference in the diumonds. the one
at Malakwa being much softer than
that of Revelstoke.     Thc score:
Innings —1 2 ,*i I !j fi 7 * fl—H.H
Malakwa — i till (l 0 2 0 0 0—2 5
Revelstoke—   1 ii 0 ,1 J 2 tl 1    —15 43
Batteries — Burridge and Trendler;
Bolleau and Corley and Johnson and
The sehool boys did their best at
lacrosse on Dominion Day, only two
1 clng sent to tbe bench for slugging.
The referee waa fair in his decisions,
i nd the came ,,nded In a draw, 2-2.
With coaching, Revelutoke may look
forward to tome great lacrosse in
the near  future.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
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 '     $1.90, 2.90, 3.90
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Leave your orders for berries as early as possible.   We will deliver them
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Best Prices     Best Quality    Best Service in Town ri.an srx
SATURDAY,  JULY  1,  1914.
Ripe   Okanagan   Fruit
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CHERR1KS--Binus, Royal Anns, Lamberts, and Dukes,
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RASPBERRIES   While they last $2.00
Rxpresn rate $1.85 per Itxi lbs.   Your
order will receive immediate attention.
Co-operative Fruit Growers, Box 6, Penticton, B.C.
The Uritish Columbia company will
continue to operate Uh smelter at
two-thirds capacity for tho present.
U was thought a while ago(that the
plant would lie closed until the proposed new mill is built,— Boston
Where hot medicinal waters are the moBt wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism antl olher chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms   Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rates $1.00 a Day and Up Phone tb29
Furnished Rooms by the Day, Week or Month
Mus. H. J. HANBURY,    -      Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout.      Housekeeping Suites.
•nd Douglas Street* VICI OKI A,    __>.   C
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
Kirst .1 -l.,..- .i   ill
All   Me el.-i H  I'oni
i      ETfevff ,   •
Special Weekly R:r
At the tirst Bitting of the Supreme
court in Grand Forks lust week
Qeorge Baylin sued the Grunhy company for $90110 damages for a broken
let; that he sustained while working
for the Granby in I'hoenix. He was
awarded *fli*>i!0 und costs.
The Coalmont Collieries ship tive
cars of steam coal weekly and are
Increasing their force to keep puce
with the development necessary for
an enlarged output and the building
.ef a tramway and tipple, The com-
pany is also said to be interested in
projects which will mature shortly.
That a revival has taken place in
Ooalmonl requires only a visit to
At the recent annual meeting of the
shareholders of the Rio Mines Limited, it was decided that the present
company shall go into voluntary liquidation and a re-organization take
place. The capitalization of the new
company is to he 1,500,000 shares of
a pur value of 10 cents each. Of this
stock 000,000 shares will he divided
pro rata among the shareholders of
the present company end the balance
of liOO.CHO shares will be treasury
stock and is to be used for development purposes. The directors elected
were as follows: O. F. Ostrandcr, G.
Drummheller, John Hunter, Spokane;
W. E. Zwicky und J.W. Power, Kaslo.—Kootenaian,
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Argo Mining and Tunnel company, was held In the company's otliee in the Ladysmith hotel.
Greenwood, on Thursday. All were
satisfied that good work is being
I'one nnd confidently look forward to
i he time when a rich strike will be
made, On Sunday the directors und
a number of shareholders inspected
the nine und were surprised at the
amount of work that has been accomplished. The following otlicers
were elected for the ensuing yeur :—
Ola Lofstad, president; Jas. McGratb
secretary, The directors are:—F. L.
White, John Carlson, W, 0. Arthurs,
ii. M. Floyd, A..O. Johnson. I'hoenix
Jei Mi.e McDonell, Anaconda.
In New Hazelton, J.W. Stewart  went  Into the workings   at   the
Silver     Standard  mine.  It      depends
largely,   said   Mr.   Stewart,   on     how
e,rt'      we   strike   when       we   get
b th,  crosscut from the bottom
of the shaft just what the nature and
•    • r e.    •.,. \   work will  be.       If
- I  al   that depth     tbe
is we start a long cross-
eut tunnel from    about the    present
This will  it.e  away     with
\   iragon road will be
The tunnel to c
It I i as good
t the 371 foot le I
it be     long
A vein of solid steel galena haa
been exposed on the Treasure mountain Summit camp.
Ou Copper mountain enough positive ore is now* blocked to provide u
2,000 ton smelter with ore [or the
next 10 years.
K. a. Lambert has part of his crew
ready to begin sluicing on Granite
creek ns noon ns the wuter lowers to
i liable him to reach bedrock, where
the values in gold and platinum are
' Andy Jensen is down from Summit
Camp and reports progress on the
various mining propositions in that
promising section, He will put some
men at work on interests in Sutter
creek basin, .1. C. Kiley has staked
several  claims mi  the  new  strike      in
the Coquihalla.
As BOOI1 as the wagon mad is completed to Wlnpsaw camp, silver IcaJ
ore can be hauled to Princeton and
■shipped to Trail smelter. The Whip -
saw is without question, one of the
best high grade camps us far ns proven. Capital and enterprise ure re-
quired for development.-- Princeton
Frank Fritz bus a large body of
good grade ore showing, nnd brought
ir some excellent samples. There is
ao possible doubt as to the extent
and value of ore bodies in this locality, and it is safe to predict that before long "Twenty-three" will be one
of the big cupper producing districts
of the west.
It. looks like a revival of the old
'placer days to see Chinese miners
hawking piatina ore about Princeton,
hut no imyers. In less than three
weeks' time these men recovered 10
oz. nt piatina ore besides gold. With
their usual reticence the Chinks
would not tell where they got it but
it is supposed that it was mined on
the upper Tulameen river.
Hilling the week two milling men
were in Hope from Summit Damp.
They report work being carried on
there, but state progress is badly
hampered by luck of a decent trail into Summit from the Hope side ofthe
range, as at present all supplies have
to be taken around by Princeton and
packed hack to a few miles of Hope.
—West Yale  Review.
At the 2'!-Mile on the Skagit, several claim owners are doing assessment und development work with excellent results in every instance.
"Doc" Collins hus two men at work
on the Lucky Boj an 1 an assay made
on the Uth inst. gave a return of
■•"'.'.n."> per ton—gold, 0.10 oz.; silver,
I0.S oz.: copper. 17.'J per cent. This
was not, a picked specimen, but a general sample taken from the lode.
Since then :i richer grade of ore has
been struck.
Have You a
or acquaintance out-of-town who
would like to read all that happens
in and around Revelstoke from Sunday morning to Saturday night?
You got tired of writing everyhody
does—let us tell the news in the
most interesting way it can he told,
graphically,   fully,  and truthfully.
Here is Our
Castlegar ranchers have been busy
the past few days picking and crating
berries bir the market. Captain Wil-
lough of Stewartsvllle to date has
shipped ..ver 30 crates of strawberries
to Moose Jaw, Regina and other
prairie cities and reports that the
berries are arriving at their destlna-
excellent condition.
Fill in the attached coupon, enclose
$i only, and we will send Kevel-
stoke's best newspaper to any address
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FULL MONTHS. Take advantage
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Sirs: Kindly send The Mail-Herald for six months
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for which I enclose the sum of SI.
Yours Truly,
possess the personal note that ordinary printing lack*. Drop in
the Mail-Herald ami ask fnr quotations on our printed facsimile
typewriting Letters, circulars, mailing cards, ,vc, with all the
effectiveness of real typewriting at a fraction of its cost.
■suitably furnished
mar rds. Bes' Wines, Liq . ira and
fars.    Rates $1 a day.   Moi
Union   Hotel
A   P. L-BVBSQUE   •*
ty t
.'   I
This tra
ably bi
The latti
Ings of [ree
iwards nd of     I
The 'ree gold bearii has
noi*   been traced sly  foi    n
e!   • mi i- of "ver 1 wo ilong I he
[e ni. which should be sufficient to
disprove the assertion thai the sold
is "pockety "
We are now located in the store
next to the Revelstoke Meat Market. All damaged goods to be sold
regardless of cost. Full line in all
departments. Bargains for one
and all.
Baker SATURDAY,  JULY 4, 1914.
Bf Frees
"Twelve Nl oi ii•!■ of Solid Comfort"
Iii the contra of tlilnw—thontroi
in eel Sinn's on both «l(lo«,    HllllilillK
atolutoly I'iri'inuuf—L'oncrelt.',iiU'L'l
niiil marble,
EUROPEAN l'i,AN■ -S\ ,„,-,l,„ „,,
\\ li!i Bafhi     S7 prr tiny up
B. 0. Land Surveyor
Office, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Block
RKVELSTOKE,  B.C.      J.31p
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
nnd Dressed.
35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
and A. M.
Regular MeetingH are held ln
New Musonic Hall on the Third
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren ure cordiully
ROBT.    GORDON,    Secretary.
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.    W.   EDWAiRDS,  Clerk.
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE  NO.  3161
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in  St. Francis Lodge Room
every  Second nnd Fourth Monday
.n  month.      Visiting brethren are
cordially   welcomed.
H.  V.  MORGAN, C. R.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
Meets every Second and Fourth
Tuesday in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren cordially invited.
DR. McLEAN, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Secretary.
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phuiiblnf anil
hentleaj    .ejppllrr
Bros. Ltd
The Karl of Wemy^H nnd March, the
"father of tlie House ot LordB," died
on   June 30.
Two more bodies have been recovered hy diverB from the sunken hull of
thc steamship Empress ol Ireland.
One was the body of a man. aged about 30, tbe other ot a little girl,
admit seven years old. i
The Arctic expedition under the
leadership,of ('apt. T. Muiin, leaves
Peterhead, Scotland, in the whaling
vessel Albert, iu which has been In-
htnlled a powerful set of internal com
luistion, crude oil engines, dipt.
Munn's syndicate intends to establish
trading posts in Northern Baffin land
and   to  search   for   alluvial   gold.   The
vessel will return to Scotland in the
autumn, hut ('apt.  Munn will winter
in   li.ilhu  land.
That, General Villa's advance guard
has captured the important city of
Agues Qalientes and Is lighting to
hold it Is the information given hero
liy persons who are In a position to
know what is going on.
156   PENDEK
lle'l'l       16
COMPLETE  $16 Vwcwr. B.C.    1
Two militant suffragettes, Oeorglna
Lloyd .mil Phyllis North, crentcd a
Bcene ol violence today when brought,
up for trial at the Carnarvon sessions
mi charges connected with ii window
smashing campaign on June 2 at
Crlccteth in the constituency of
Chancellor uf the Exchequer Lloyd
George, Tlie prisoners fought like
Wildcats and it took live wardens to
keep them in tbe prisoners' enclosure.
Each of the women was sentenced to
three months' Imprisonment,
Fire did damage to thc mill prop-
nty of the A. Cotton company, at
the corner uf Sixth avenue and Birch
Street, Vancouver. The dry kiln containing 2,500,000 feet of shingles and
a quantity of dry lumber, was wiped
out with a Iiihh of 810,000, practically all, however, covered hy insurance,
Tlie moulding factory wns also burn-
id, the inss being $5000; no Insurance
Tin' main mill is still intact and the
tire is now  about out,
One  robber  was  killed  and   another
desperado and  Deputy  Bherlfl M.   0.
Dully, 'il Heppcr, lire., were wounded
during a gun battle that occurred in
a chair car   on    Oregon-Washington
Railroad A Navigation passenger
train Nu. "e westbound early today
when three masked bandits held up
the train  two miles east of Meacham
r.n miles east oi Pendleton and robbed the passengers and express car.
The wounded robber and his companion escaped into the wild mountain - j
ous country and two posses are in ,
pursuit. One is led hy Deputy Sheriffs
James Kstes und Joseph Blakeley, of
Ibis   city,   and      another   bus  started
out. from i.a Grande,
Civil Engineers
Dominion  and B.  C.  Land
Surveyors and Contractors
P.  0. Box 347,  Kamloops,  B.  0.
Branch  Oflice—Watson  Realty  Co.
I.  0.  0.  F.
Meets  every  Thursday  evening   in
Selkirk  Hall   at   8  o'clock.   Visiting brethren  cordially invited.
JAMKS MATHIE, Secretary.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at *-k., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially invited.
McKENZIE   1372
Court Meets in    Foresters    Hall,
over  Smythe's  Pool  Room  First
and    Third   Wednesdays   at    8:30
G. D. SHAW, C. R.
A.  H.  MARCHANT,  Rec.-Sec.
—Dealer in—
(Prettiest Designs
DRES8MAKINC:    Fit   Guaranteed
Front Street
Lower Town
Coal mining riu'hts ,i| the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
terta, the Yukon Territory, the
.North-west Territories and iu a portion of the Province uf lliitish Co-
lumbia, may he issued for a term of
twenty-one years nt an annual rental of ,1 an acre. Not more than
2,860 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for are
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
he permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be con-
Eidered necessary for the working ol
thc mine at the rate of S1O.O0 an
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
subdivisions of sections, and in un-
Burveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be Btuked out by the ap-
I licant himself.
Each.application must bc accompanied by a fee of ?.ri which will be refunded if the rights applied for arc
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine nt the
rate of tive cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
loyalty thereon If the coal mining
rights arc not heinc operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a yenr.
For full information application
phould be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    •   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
for the lunli. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, .Shirts
Blankets and everything
required invonrbnsineis.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
tralfttlng Pill for Women— |.r» n box or threcfor
flu. S<>:<1 nt nil I*niR' ■Store'*, or mnilert to any
addVeuon receipto! price. THI Scqheli. Dura
di ,Ht. Catharines, Ontario.	
PH0SPH0N0L FOR MEN. ljj___
Vitiiif :for NeWTe mul Brmlri; Incroi »"fn»y
mntter mTimie—willbnlldyou up. *3i box,ci
two for p, nt drug »v»fM, ot hy mall w r b i
efprlc?.   Till Ecor.'::.i. DncoCo, -t. i.'i.'.urlrn,
Or* iri.
Keep  coughing:   that's one way.
Stop coughing: that's another.
To keep the cough: do nothing.
To stop the cough: Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral.   Sold for 70 years,
Ask Your Doctor,
U.il, te J C. A.arCo .
lliT'eni   1' ,i art.
In sentencing Alex Yos6ltz at tbe
Vancouver assizes for attempted murder to a term of two years and eii
months, Mr. Justice Gregory said
Yossltz bad attacked two men witb
an axe after a poker game in Koot-s-
nay. He, the judge, had acted on the
representation that the men Yossltz
had attacked hud kept his pay rhetck,
that they were In the woods where
redress w is not at band, and that
Yoilitl hnd a wife nnd family on
whom the brunt of punishment would
full. Sentence ie to date from the
man's arreat in February.
The nimble ad L-ets the slow customer.
As i rule a last will cure a toothache  in 21 hours.
Patrick McKenna dud in Barker-
viiie last month.
l'ut oil on your hook when you go
Bsbing in Calgary,
Corporation laborers in Kelowna
are   .mid 30 cents  an   hour.
An auto Btage is being run between
Princeton   and   Merritt.
An   addition   is   being   built  to    the
1 uspitai at ChiUlwack. I
Dr, Turner, a dentist from Vancouver, has located'in Pentlcton,
A cobbler has opened a shop in
Princess Camp,  near Princeton. ,
South America is nearly twice as
large as the whole  of  Europe.
The  fullest   nn'      demon    is    getting
reads  to bite a hunk out of B.C.
At Clinton a two storey addition
is being built to thc Clinton hotel,    i
This veai Canada will cut bay and
clover   from   S/JM.OOO  acres of  land.
The tirst claini near Rossland was
staked iii l-*7. and called the Lily
In Alaska 10 men are surveying a
railway routl from Fairbanks tO the
At Coalmont the coal company is
building ni aerial tram at a cost of
S ] 50,000,
There are 15,000     moving    picture
show.-  in  the  United   States.      Tn  the
world there are ii0,000.
With their husbands, two women
from Seattle, ure prospecting on tbe
White river in the  Yukon.
At Hosslnnd free milling gold ore
las iecen struck, in tbe 1200 foot level of the War Eagle  mine.
The liiisini'ss houses, recently burn-
id down in tbe big tire at. Atlin, are
I elng replaced by new buildings!
In Canada this year, 11,204,800
acres are planted in wheat. This is
189,000  more  acres   than  lust  year.
Large quantities of coal ure being
thipped from Coalmont to Princeton,
for the steam shovels working on tbe
(ire from the Hen Hur mine ut Republic, is being shipped to tbe smelter at Hidden creek. It goes north
via  Seattle.
It  will  be a  long  time before    the
i Blue  Funnel  steamers  call  at  I'rinc.e
Rupert.   They are too busy on more
southern  routes.
! Tbe Chisuna is the nume of a
! steamboat that is being built at
jwhitehorse. It will he launched
in August, and will he 100 feet
| long  and  90  feet  beam.
Calgary Oil stock broke™ nre pushing business in Seattle nnd other cit-
,ies across the. line. The leading news
paper of     Seattle  refuses to publish
'oil stock ads from Calgary.
At  Snrdis 20 years     ago.  Murdock
McLean   shot   a   wildcat   that   wii^le
ed 'JS pounds.   The animal wns stealing a  hen at the time.
Two men from Dawson recently
landed at Whitehorse, looking for an
I.old   where the guests take on*   their
1 outs when  they  go to bed.
| At home Penticton produces 2,008
I'U'gs a day, and In addition has to
buy x 111,1)00 worth outside in order
to supply the local demand.
The sawmills   at  China     creek and
Coalmont  are     cutting  large quantities  of  lumber  for  McDougall  &  (lu
'brie,  the  railway contractors.
The products of 21 tons of milk in
the form of sweet milk, cream and
ice cream are being daily shipped
from ChiUlwack to Vancouver.
While   on   his  way  to settle  at Kort
George, Arlow Maybee died at the ^3
■Mile House ill heart, failure. He was
H  native of  Montana, and bud fought
In the Philliplne war.
Iii I88S a bind of prospectors located thc tirst. oil claims In the Flathead valley. There are many oil see-
pagee in that district but up to date
no paying lU'lls have been found. The
drillers should not lose hope until
tbey hav" sunk wells from ilOOO to
1000 feet deep.
Along t.he river of .Ionian in Pule- ,
stine the Standard Oil company has
leas..I a tracl of land for 90 years .
that is rich in gold, silver and oil.
It is expected to produce more oil
than all the oil tiehls in Canada or
the United States. The Jew should
hike      hieini      There   may   yet      he  oil
stocki iii the old camp of Jerusalem,
David  Whltely, better known as Red
Paddy is In the asylum at New West- i
ninster. He is harmless and is permitted sometimes to make visits out
side the asylum, always returning on i
time. Paddy, years ago, accompanied Ool. Topping to Spokane with the
lirst samples of ore taken from the
I e Roi  mine in Rossland.
The Dominion -hip Building & Dry
Dock Co., has acquired 1,400 feet   ofl
water front,  just east of Port Moody
The dry  dock   will   he   1,111)0 feet long'
and   11)0  fee',   wide  at   the  gates.    The ,
total cost  will he s.",, 01 ii 1,1111(1 und when j
the  Industry  is in  full  swing it    will1
i inploy   T,o|lO   men,   and   pay   half      a
million   dollars a   month   in  wagesf
Oroville  looks  like an   Arizona tOWn
It   is   surrounded   hy   dry   hills       und \
sage   brush.    It   is  Riled      with   cheap
shucks  and      plenty   of   room.      It is !
920 feet above     the sea,  and    a hot
spot iii  the  summer time.     The   old
part of the Peerless hotel  is deserted
with  tbe  exception  of    nn  occasional |
bedbug,   Oroville now has two of thc '
best hotels ill  the state.    It will be a
big  town  someday,   for  it  has    many_ |
natural   i■.■sources,  and  the  king       of j
1 ooBtcrs, Frank Dallam.
for garden and farm ore beat
for B.C. soil. See Catalogue for
solid dueurantee of purity
ana germination
Sand now for Copy free
Sutton 4 Sens The Kind's Seed-awn
R»—idji _J l.n/jlnnil
VkIoob     a,       Vancouver
• IS rorl  St. *t7 6ronvill»»(
salt a«ints ro« ibithm Columbia
Oil! Oil!
F.!. Simpson
i Formerly of Cranbrook,
K amloops and Victoria)
General Broker
Calgary, Alberta
Queens Hotel Block
I would be pleased to
handle any commissions
for my friends and others
who desire to transact
business in lhe Oil Fields
of Alberta. The chances
are good for legitimate
speculative profit, but every well will not be a
We aim to handle
stocks of only lhe best
Companies. We will do
everything we can to ascertain the facts.
(iooi) POLICY
It's good policy to think of the future.
It's still better policy to provide aegkini-b
the mlsfortunu il may have in atortt
for you. Thi' surest way of protecting
yourself anil family is a
with a reliable company.   The high
financial standing ami lonn business
career of the Kootenay A(?enci(>H
makes il absolutely trust worthy.
Your time mav lie near at blind.
Don't delay.    Take oul a policy now.
A. K. KlN'CAin, Manager.
S 10.000.00
1 mii~: be out oi mv present premises
by July l-t.    -■ irtii       n the 17th of
Ulllf     .\:\]    1.' lie!
Auction Sales
Every Wednesday
and Saturday
at my new plai e ol 1 nslness opp arte
Mail Herald ..live.
Phone 350
Baggage Ti ansferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and  Piano-moving  a
Phone 4'*'—-"'     N'.cht Phone 148
.1   ii. 01 KTls
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Hot Air and Furn.-.ee
work a Specialty
\ Oonnaught Ave.   -    Revolst r ke
Kelowna        Vernon     ,   Kamlnnps ( Revelltoke
Mav 7 MayM M.iv ll
June 4 Julv HI June 18
Julv 1.23,30 ' Sept 3 Aug. t)
Aug   13
May tl
I June 3. 24
I July 2_
Aug. 12
Sept. 7
June  17 May 20
July 15 | July8
Aug. Hi        ] Sept. 2
May 2d May 18
Julv8 June  Hi
AT KAMLOOPS.     i Aug. 28 ; Aug. 5
Mav 0
June 8, 24
I July 1. US
Aug. 12
[June 11, !_5
Aug. 20
Mav ii
Julv 14
Aug. 27
May 7
June 5
1 Julv 23, 30
I Aug. 18
Sept. 7 rAGB EIGHT
SATURDAY,  JULY  1,  1914.
Those having items for publication Mr. F.W. Laing Is home from What
in    the   Mail Herald social and per- shan to spend the holidays with his
uonal column,    are requested to call family,
up phone d2. Mr flQd Mrg   H   (,   Macdonal_ uml
Miss Hayden  ol   Kamloops,  is  the baby, returned to Spilllmachlne     on
guest fm a tew days ol her o\*l friend Thursday,
Mrs. J. ll. Hamilton.
Mrs,  (Dr.)   McPherson of
Am-., is visit inn her mother
ter Mrs. and Miss Hyati
Master Walter McRae    and Arnold
Salmon McCarter. returned at midnight     on
and  sis- , Friday     (rom   a   rather     unsuccessful
fishing trip of three days at Salmon
j. Gordon, who has been on a
two weeks vacation among old
friends at Nakusp, is expected home
lorn irrow,
Mrs,  Ernie Root has visiting with
her •' ei a few weel b, her motbei Mrs,
Audrain   ind  her brother    Mr Aud -
rain from Winnipeg
Mrs. Corson,  who haB been  making
her home In Kamloops lately. Is now
In t iwn     visiting al  her   old home,
where hei   daughter,   Mrs   Wardell is
Ar. the annual     convention  of the
Political Equality Leagues of Hritisb
Mrs. Lashley Hall of   this
city  was re appointed to the posli ion
of i rganizer for all the interior.
Mr.  and   Mrs.  McGregor  have  rented their lions' and moved to   North
luver tor   iix     months,    In tho
i   i change of    climate   will
hen. lit     the     health ol    their Becond
.ter.  Kathleen,
At the tennis courts on Wednesday
afternoon, Mrs. H.H. Oodard, Mrs.
II. Stokes and Miss Jean Hyatt, presided at the tea table. The refreshments were most tempting and the
table was artistically decorated with
cut flowers.
Thr gun club members who attended the trap shooting tournament at
Vancouver this week, returned luBt
evening unladen with spoils. They
are confident that if some dozen or
less shooters had not shot over them
they would have brought home pocket fulls of prize money.
Mrs. inn ind daughter, Miss Alberta and Miss Alma 11 iti of Van-
couver, md Mr. Arthur Iliff, of Toronto, who is returning from a trip
to the coast, are the guests this week
of Mrs. Jenkins, Third street. Mrs.
IlilT   mil   family   are  on  their  way   to
(intarlo to spend the summer.
Mrs. R. H. Montgomery of Vancouver, enme to town this morning to
visit for a week with her cousin, Mrs.
K.H.S. McLean.
Miss Ida Robertson went east at
noon Friday to make hor home In
Moose Jaw, where she will join the
teaching stall In the full.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Llndmark and
family arrived from Vancouver by the
noon train on Friday. Mrs. Landmark
nnd the children will spend the summer in their old home here.
Miss Robinson, Miss Currie, and
Miss Slack of Albert Canyon, went
on No. 18 to Victoria last evening .
where they will begin next week a
months' course in physical drill, at
t he summer school.
Hon. Mrs. Norman Grosvenor and
maid were guests ut the Hotel Revelstoke this week. Mrs. GroBvenor,
who is related to the Duke of Westminster, is one of the managers of
the Colonial Intelligence League, to
whose interests she is devoting much
of her time.
Mrs. Robert Howson's mother, Mrs.
Campbell, who is here on a visit,
met with a painful accident yesterday, when she had the misfortune to
break her wrist by u bad fall down
the back stairs of the Howson resilience. Dr. Hamilton promptly set
the injury but MrB. Campbell is still
suffering quite severely from the
shock and some painful bruiBes.
man, a street sweeper killed on Granville bridge hy an auto driven by
C. Whitcomb of Glucier, is at
King  Edward.
Miss Vera Matterson eif London, is
here enjoying a few days visit, at the
home of her uncle Mr. .1. 1J. Sutherland.   Miss  Matterson has been  holi-
N ixt  Wednesday   the    union picnic
of the Methodist     and   Presbyterian
Sunday schools will leave the C.P.R.
;:   (   gpeciaj   traln   :lf   g   a,m,   .laying  for six      months  in  Bermuda,
;,     Uberl  cany,,n.   Children are free '•'"' «'"'*'  "f her brother t'i",t*   Le0
and  adults  are  welcomed  at   a  dollar
i ac.
\ sei viie' if unusual Interest will be
held in Sr. John's church on Sabbath morning, July 5, when Miss Wc-
Qregor, secretary for   the    Women's
Matterson. From here she goes next
week to Summerland to visit another brother. Mr. Victor Matterson of
the  Imperial  hank at that point.
\i the regular monthly meeting of
thc W.C.T.U. held yesterday afternoon  at   the home of  Mi's.  Laing,      a
Missionarj   society   oi  the  I resbyter
Ian church In Canada, will occupy the jepkndid argument   for equal suffrage
..... was read by  Mrs.  L.  Hall,  who after
wards gave notice of a motion to bc
Mr. and Mrs. c.B. Hume with their brought before the next regular meet-
two hoys, Bob and Bruce and the ing of the union, "that this branch
baby, Btarted >n the noon train on ol the W.C.T.U. express themselves ln
Thursday for a long holiday in New favor of the principle .if equal fran-
Brunswlck, it the home ol Mr. chlBe." No meeting will be held in
Hume's parents During their ab- August but the union will meet it
will take charge  the home of     Mrs.  W. B.  Donaldson
. Miss Burpee
of the resld ince
I the firsl  Fridaj  in September
The ladies   il  the Methodist  church |    A scene fron I gn ited   the
were abundantlj      blessed with     ice  eyes ol the tin
cream    weather for 'heir lawn social   annual lawn     social  ol
last  Tuesday     During   the   afternoon  church last     Thursdaj After
when the heat     was Intense, refresh-   the trying   heat of     one of the  • im
•   tables     were Bet  up inside the  mer's hottest days the     wale,     ,-..,,;
-e the  young people's class  lawn set in its ta I, I
•   •    , good   trail'  6was
• •ti     with home     made cookl istibl    Inviting.   Nearly   ..
ci -. buns and jellies findln |    >f small ts
a rei':- b usual      Strawberries    inei    ind bright witl
and ice cren      I       cake    and coffee  sies      ■■••• I  there
ir.   In tl
of the *   'd June events
wit ■ used and  well   who Hi
i ever changing crowd
who enjoyed the       son's good things
to a the church « .• a trilling
■tly played by thee:'. -enable
Hedges of     pine     trees    ani
if     colored     lights added st
Itching influence to the
;  those i        id i-  White a
■   I in makln t the social a e
Mi,   i orley     i id  Mi -   '■'   xln,  things
bad charge of the sale table and   cl
■i , ■ Mrs     Jo:.,
M. " Mrs   '.Visit-   he lutlfull
i r,  Mr-.  Wadn tn,  "•' Mrs. I
-    '•'       Da ■■ is     Mrs     En .-        mt boot
Mrs   Wait'
were the recep-  chiefly, to a
..... . .
••■ t at t
it im. and the girls aux-   hna ii
the ladies
-    servi ' - ■
rard for I el
ch favor they
Paper Picnic
For Sale
At   the  Fountain, Today
Only, our
American Sundae
Frksii Salted Peanuts
26c per lb.
A pre!
with  ;.      ■ h and carried       i
bouquet   it pink  .      -      he  -as    it
il tei      Mi,,, Nettie
vhc   was   pi r"d   In
b mquet   if  re :
Mi.     Allan     n   MacDon ild att
Mi    McPherson as gi After
tony the wedding party and
friends motored to the Victoria hospital where a lovely supper was giv-
en hy    Miss Matheson,     matron, of
whose stall     Miss Bvenson has 	
tei iome time a hlghlj regarded mem-
bei After supper, ue.com pan led by
toasts, the cutting of the brides cake
followed ny a host of good wishes,
the bridal pair left on the midnight
train /or Nova .Scotia where they will
upend three months at. the groom's
i Id home, The bride ffal the recip
lent Of a great many presents. Both
Mr. and Mrs. McPherson have many
friends here who join in winning thorn
long life and prosperity. Tho expect
to return in September and take up I
I residence in RevelBtoke
K. Vi. Laing is in town for the holidays.
W. A. Gordon, city clerk, returned
on Wednesday from a visit to Nelson
I'.*, i*. Hadden and B. Lemon, of
Grand Forks, were at the King Edward  on  Wednesday.
\ son was born to the wife of
George D. Shaw in the Quceu Victoria
tospltal on  Saturday.
The wooden sidewalk is being removed on Third street preparatory to
living a cement sidewalk.
Miss Ethel Mclntyre left on Saturday to spend the holidays iu Revel-
Btoke.—Salmon Arm Observer.
\niiing the guests at the King Ed-
'•aid on Dominion Day. were Mr. and
Mrs.   J.  Milton of  ECamlOOpB.
Mr. Goheen won the tirv ;er,/.e at
the Empress theatre and Dynamite
: lendei son 11 prize Last
Mrs. Moran   whose bous
cently destroyed  by  Are   has let     a
contract  to W.   A   Foote  tor a new
Mrs. Kellli . . let a c 'iitract to
.lr   Webster for clearing her lots  on
• of the
firing     the    canyon
the     board  of trade
A  special
Bru •'■
- •
Empress  Theatre
RD I .
svai |
■ great photo pis \ f
upon an emblem 'if pu
Red   Mi k      I"
life, nlte." ;i
" The Path of Gen I ii     In I part*
Kn-  B 11.. ii in.   " How Phi Inn
won    his   Sweotlieai
houser comedy,   " Maria Roma,'
thrilling Italian di in..      Wiih,
lb" Wild Man," OOUiedy
(i. E. Grissey, Vancouver, spent
Thursday at the Hotel RevelBtoke.
Geo, Ii. Ninns of Winnipeg, arrived
at the Hotel Hevclstoke yesterday.
G. H. Greenwood, provincial police
constable uf Sicanious, came to the
city  yesterday.
A large audience listened to the G.
Verdi band concert in the cool of
Thursday evening.
Miss Scott of Dalworth, B.C., was
in the city on Wednesday a guest at
thc Hotel Revelstoke.
Commodore H. A. Brown of Sicumous, was a guest at the Hotel Revelstoke on  Wednesday.
S. Ni'.'dhan. is putting a new roof
on the Hevclstoke Oyster & Chop
house and otherwise repairing the
Mrs. George Rhodes is the winner
of the handsome blue enamelled range
fiven away hy the Lawrence Hardware company.
Hon. Vi. J. Bowser, attorney geu-
eral, passed through the city this
morning on his way to Edmonton,
Whence be will tour the northern part
of the province.
(in Monday night the Shepherd of
the Hills comes to the opera house,
Thc company is said to be thc best of
five companies touring Canada, and
the United States.
The $10 gold piece given aw.ay    by,
the  Apollo theatre on  Friday    night
|was won hy  R. Tapping.   The second
prize,  three months free     admission,
was won by Miss Florence Cayley.
William Davis and Ncls Johnson
appeared before Police Magistrate
Hamilton tins morning on vagrancy
charges. They were ordered to leave
F. D. Nicholson, 11. H. Verity, W.
Balfour, R. H. Fortune, J. Harrigan
J. S. Priest, the tennis players from
Salmon Arm, were registered at the
Hotel Revelstoke on Wednesday.
During     the     St,  I'eter's    Sunday
'school picnic on Thursday, some   unknown person borrowed  the    rector's
i imera.   Mr.   Procunier   will   develop
' the !ilm for the     borrower if he will,
return the camera.
Hart Monro accompanied by Frank
Tillman, visited his traps up the
Ionian on Sunday and returned with
the skin of a tine hear caught in one
Of the traps. This is the fourth bear
led by Mr. Monro this year.
Five men arriving in .i speed launch
early vesterday morning attempted
to rob the Bank of British North Am-
i rica at Kaslo. Chief of Police Dc-
\itt and other members of the Nelson force, have left to join iu thc
hunt for the bandits.
tor Hewitt Bostock, leader of
the Liberal party in the senate, returns today to his home at Monte
creek. He spent yesterday in the city
on his return from Ottawa and yes-
evening had a conference with
\ McRae, 0. It Macdonald and oth-
• r Liberal leaders here
Methodist     and     Presbyterian
Sunday   ichools .ire having their an-
, cnlc to     Albert     Canyon on
next,   The  train  leaves at
may be had
officers of     either
hanged    at
for railroad ticket, it is
•  parents, i ■ [ardless of denomination,   .'.ill ink.   advantage   of
' -i" and help tbe children
iut Ing      \ny      young
coming, need not be
they   have
Refl will be pro-
■. ided
Holiday Specials
A Clearance of Summer Goods
at  the   Height  of   the   Season
75 Men's Suits
2-  and   ,}-piece  Tweeds   Worsteds  and   Serges.     Former
Prices up to $20.oo now     $19.75
Men's Wash Vests
in every size and pattern. Former prices up to^.'O, now 1.50
Men's White Canvas Shoes
Regular prices 2.75.    Now
A Big Special
in Men's and Boys' Straw Hats. We have.set aside an. assortment of values up to ,5.50, your choice of any now
at     75c
McRae Mercantile Co.
Holders of the family purse oan here, today, buy shoes of sound
quality at an extremely small outlay. Our business is growing
by leaps and bounds; tlie result of your appreciations. Here's
soni eof our appreciation specials or a remarkable good value.
Ladles' Fine Ktil Oxfords I'at
tips culian heels, usual V&.i6
l.'iilii'.i' nml growing ffirlis sel<   |
ei ted gunmetal rnlf, medium
heel ina [.in boots,usual63.26
Misses' Patent button Boots,
cloth tops, umial s:i
l.ailien' unil growing girls' dongola kiit laoe boots, patent
tops, leu* heels, usuai . $8,116
Everything for  cool or hot weather
It's   not your  head;   It's your  LIVER
Rexall Liver Salts
35 and 60c a bottle.
Just a little in a glass of cold water before
The Rexall Store
The Rexall Store
T. J. Kolilcr of Seattle, was iu
town oa Thursday.
H. Cook and Miss Cook of Kamloops, were at the King IOdwaril on
M. E. Moses and D. M. Donnan of
Vernon are registered at the King
Vi. A. Palmer of Salmon Arm, was
' 11 guest ut thc King Edward on
Ainiong the guests at the King Ed-
1 ward ire E. A. Westman nnd W. A.
jWilmot, hoth of Nelson.
J. Millon and son of Kamloops, arrived in the city-on Thursday, and
registered  at the  King  Edward.
Among the     guests at the     Hotel
Revelstoke arc     S.  Milligan,    R. G.
Foley, .1. I'. Corley and I.. Kerney ot
1 llarier.
Tin' following tourists registered at
tlie Motel Kevelstoke on Thursday:—
Mr. and Mrs. ED, 0. Urown, Santa
Maria, Cal., P. A. Finney, A. C.
Vronati, Pasadena, Cal., Mr. and Mrs
Alex Lowenson and daughters, Portland, Ore., Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Crellin
I au Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hol-
maii. Portland, ore.
Suit Against Hospital
Committee is Dismissed
Judge  Swanson  on  Monday  last in
Kamloops gave judgment in a case in
which  J.E.  Lacey and Ai.B.  Mallow
as secretary and chairman     of     the
Salmon  Arm  general     hospital committee,   respectively,     were  sued  for
the sum of 8500 hy CO. Sjoqucst, ot
Kamloops,  on account of work  done
in  preparing  sketches,  plans,  estim -
ates,  etc.,   on  the  proposed  hospital
j building by "W.A.S. RichurdB, of Kam-
, loops.   On      behalf of the committee
'Messrs Lacey and Marlow had signed
1; contract with Richards.
The hospital committee was prepar-
:edto contest the  case,  but thiB  was
[not necessary,    the judge  dismissing
the action     with costs     against the
plaintilT on a legal technicality      re -
Carding procedure.   Richards had  assigned the contract to Sjoquest,  but
Judge Swanson ruled that the assign
j ment was not absolute, and Richards
was the man  who should have   been
been plaintiff in the suit.     He is still
entitled to do so in his own name.
Revelstoke OPERA HOUSE
One Night, Monday, July g"Kh
in -
A Dramatization of Harold Bell Wright's Great Story
"Shepherd of the Hills"
Complete Scenic Equipment.      Company of Metropolitan Artists
PRICES: Reserved Scats ?5t & J I, den. Admission 50c.
Seats on Sale at Macdonald's Drug Store.


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