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The Mail Herald May 30, 1914

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 '♦'-♦-'♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ "♦ 4 '-*»- 4- <f *♦ -f ♦ '♦
H- ♦
♦                 REVBLSTOKE -►
-♦■                             -f
-♦■ Chief     lumbering,     railway, •*■
-♦■ mir           agricultural     and -*■
•♦■ nr       •'to).,     centre    between 4-
+ Calgu.        %j      Pacific ocean +
!*♦"                             ^4fc._   ■ ♦
The Mail-Hepald
♦ ♦♦ -»->4- ♦ •*
♦ -♦■■»■
♦■f ♦•■♦•♦■
THJ?  -JtAIL-HERA1*<i*t)
' —fir. >
-*•     I'ubl.shed     twice   'weekly
-*•    TUjad\v' everyone— The^eco
nizc't'l-. advertising  meflftnviM
•4-    the  city  and  district.
+ + + -*■-*--♦■■ + ■¥■*■ •*•¥ + ♦ -»-
Vol. 20-No 37
$2.50 Per Year
Thousand  Dollars  Reductions
on Masonic Building and
Picture Theatre
The court of revision of the assessment of the city of Revelstoke was
held in the city hall on Wednesday
evening, Mayor McKinnon and Aids.
Bell, Bonnie. McSorley and Needham
presiding The assessment of one
building was raUed (rom J-JOO to WOO
and ti number oi others were reduced
thc Masoni: lodge und u picture theatre iby I      ich and other lots und
buildings by lesser amounts. The
appeals and decisions of the court
were us [ ill  " a
Taylor, T.E.L., lots 1 and 2, block
29, 8551 left iver for measurement
of lots
daniels ft • . house *$*250, not owner.
Mas ale Ige reduced from $10,000
to J"
Lawrence Hardware company, ware
house  ,-"!''      Assessment   sustained.
Lawrence  Hardware company,  lots
1, 2 at : block 5, $450. Sustained.
Lawrence Hardware company, picture reduced from (7,000 to
Col ■■; H., V.I.. tin and 07, reduced fr 0 •    $1200.
Bain, •s >*.\Y., V.I.. -.'5, 81250.
Bust .
Mol . itB 7  and   5,   block 12
1800,     3ustained,
•    Hale.   Stanley,   lots  .'. and   1,   block
4, $71
Dick- ' Edgar, house reduced
from >: 515110.
McK ■ I. and R.R.H., lot 19
Llock         i ".    Sustained.
Kn:-.:"- Pythias, lot  'JO block 2,
514i" I to M'.'i't'.
Hi' . VI.   i K.i;. A. i   lots  - to
6 ar : Sec. -'.. -Ti"". Sus-
Bir i.,      lots      '.  and li.
llock ■    reduced   to   H500.
Re tei ii Agencies, N.p:.;
of N.*W   .    ■   I  part  section  S.K. 1  of
N.W.  . S '.stained.
Di lots 15 to IS, block
'A, jr.'"      -  stall  .1.
Foot ■    '     *    building lot 20 block
26. ra -' ei t.e $500.
Estimates Call for
Higher Tax Rate
Seven Thousand Dollars Increase Over Last Year.—Tax
Rate Probably Twenty-three and Half Mills as Compared With Twenty-One Last Year.—Cost of Police
and Schools Too High Say Aldermen.
The city council last night spent the chief item of which was $8,05" for
the greater part of the session in dis- salaries as compared with an estim
CU8Slng the estimates. Strong disap- ate of $7,110 last year. After a dis-
proval was expressed at the amount j cussion which at times became bent
required for police and school purposes .and the school  hoard  and  pol- ,
passed   unanimously   requesting     the
ice commissioners nre to be asked to   board    Q, Uc(, * cummlssioners  tf
Conference of Heads of Fire
Protection Service Held
in Revelstoke
ed, a resolution moved ny Aid. Pradolini seconded by Aid. Needham Was
U.   11.   Campbell,   director  of  fores-
11>• tor the Dominion of Canada, 1).
Roy Cameron, inspector ol forest reserves, James Evans, chief forest
ranger, of Salmon Arm, T. J. Wadman, chief ranger for the Revelstoke
district, W.R. Peacock, tire Inspector
for the railway commission. Roy Mo-
Donald, lire inspector (or the railway
trict and C. R. Mills, forest usslst -
ant, who is making a forest survey
in the _ig Bend, held a conference in
eflect  economics.   With  the  exception , furnish estimates for the  year     ana  commission  for the  Kevelstoke    dis
of these two items the estimnt./,, as I that they   bc   kept withiti   last   year's
prepared by City Clerk Gordon, were figures or made lower,
adopted.   They  show  un  increase    in      Aid.  Needham contended that     thc
expenditure  Of  $7,0l>0  over   those    ot   chairman of the school board ran tho ! Kevelstoke yesterday for the purpose
lust year and if the police and school   city in respect to school matters and [ °*  mapping  out  the  forestry  protec-
hoard     estimates  remain  unchanged, i that the chief of police ran the   city
will require a tax rutc of some 23.50   '" police matters.   He thought it wus
mills as compared with 21   mills last   eils>'    to get policemen   and that   it
year. was   Ilc,t   necessary  to  keep   a    large
Administrative expenses, which in- force when the city was quiet. Any-
clude otliee salaries $2,"sii, and W one would do for a policeman, he
interest on temporary loans, show a Sliul- On Monday he saw a gang of
reduction being $66211 in this years' men drinking on the river bank and
estimates as compared with $7105 last lLc Police ordered them to move. He
The supplementary estimates were laid on the
table ofthe House of Commons on Thursday morning by Hon. W. T. White.
■_7Vlinister of Finance. They
include $15,000 for wharf
at Arrowhead and $10,000
for investigating the existence of radium bearing
ores in Canada.
Thirty Men. Thirty-two Horses
and Six Tons of Supplies
for Pioneer Mines
Public safety which includes police
salaries $8050, prisoners' maintenance
$1200  and  jail  expenses  shows an  increase from $10,41U last year to $12,
1150 this year.    School exptnses
put at 832,430.94 and lire hall cxpen
ses tit  S3293
Inst year.
tion service for thc summer. Up to
1 the present there have been no tires
! in the Kevelstoke district this year
and the lire prevention Bystem is
' row so excellently organized that it
is hoped that in the future disastrous
I lires will he avoided.
The  Dominion  and   provincial    governments me now cordially co-operat-
i bought they were too officious. j inS in the   work "f     protecting the
Aid. Bourne contended that the po- ' forests from lire and  many   new   de-
Visitor from Mexico Says Villa
is   Murderous   Bandit —
Huerta Strong Man
lice   force   should   be  reduced.     When
\ices  to facilitate  the    work    of thc
one man left two     men were put on   'angers  have  heen  adopted.   The  use
In his place.   If the town was quiet- I of tlle telephone is one of the chief of
arc  er salaries should be less.    He advo- : Ulese-    Prom   Kevelstoke  a  telephone
cated     notifying the police    commis- ; !ille nms 2S "lib's north which     has   Hermann is at the Hotel Revelstoke.
,8 compared wit i 84490   sioners that "the city v ould not pro    > l'>'"  »CQ.Uired  hy  the  Dominion  gov-
| vide more money than last year. Nei- ernment.    At Laforme creek  1-  miles
Ernest   A.   Bradley  accompanied  by
H.  Vi. Randall, mining engineer     of
San  Francisco,   who  will  act   as sup
irintendent   of      the    Pioneer   Placet
mines  on   French   creek   in   the      Big
Bend, Tu miles north ol     Kevelstoke.
left yesterday morning on the steam
er Revelltoke tor Downie creek      on
their way to the  rn>neer mines.  The
mines which have  been closed    since
| last  February     will    be  reopened on
the  arrival   of   Mr.   Bradley  and   Mr.
I Randall  who  are  taking, with  them 8
ictew of 30 men to     work the mines,
and  ti tons  ot  provisions  and  mining
supplies.   With   them  is  Harry   Cook
I of Revelstoke who  will be engineer  in
I charge  of      the   plant.    They      go  by
boat to Downie creek and  thence by
t rail to the mine.
On Wednesday Mr. Bradley dlspat
ched 22 horses under the charge of
Packer McLean of Kamloops by road.
They will meet the boat at Downie
creek and pack the supplies to the
mine which will be reached on Satui
day. The horses include thc mine
says ,,aek train which has been at Kamloops since  the  mine   closed  and    a
"The     United     States has put its
money  on the  wrong   horse,"
R.  Hermann   of     Sultillo,     Mexico
speaking of the United States' action   <»r of horses bought by Mr. Bradley
toward the  Mexican revolution.    Mr.   ;,t ,;rassy lake'    Mr-  Randall will re
main at  the     mine but   Mr   Bradlev
'north  a  lookout station has beeu es-
The    question of salaries to   alder-   son only had three policen.cn, he said
Aid.  Smythe said    that  he    under-  tablished and a  branch  telephone line
men   was  referred to but  the council
did not  seem
to think that finances stood th<lt there were 25 prisoners in "*"1 ,ie bmlt three imll*s UP tUe
would allow of the proposed salaries ^ city jail and no one to take them ! mountain from which a wide view of
being voted unless a reduction   could  out to work.   He thought  that     the  the surrounding country can be    ob -
police had their hands full in looking tained. Other lookout stations have
after the bohunks in town. He bce" established on Mount Uegble at
would like to see half   e dozen   more Green sUlk' aml llt Leancholl.   By the
Construction of
Cement Sidewalks
be effected in the police estimates.
The estimates for the year are as follows
Administrative     8 6,629.00
Discount on taxes     2,1 ,00
Sewer note      2,000.00
Public  safety    12.:l.*i0.00
Fire  brigade      1,285.00
Health      2,542.00
Public convenience       8,470.00
Public   schools     32,430.01
Special rate account   20.37O.S3
Public charity  	
Taxation       $17,C_S.26
I olice       3,500.00
Sundry receipts    1 1,—S1.6
School   purposes   $22,881.42
Special  rate     11,612.57
General purposes   20,723.87
Dead Prospector Well  Known
in Revelstoke-Evidence
at Inquest
Stn:g-:'. ; through the woods
near Buteda i    the north    coast
imtil ■. -• [rom loss of blood
froni'a a his leg, then to lie
down  • ts  the  probable  fate of
Orvili'.- DeWitt Hoar, a prospector
from   ' '   sh., son of Orville De-
Witt .   t  superintendent   of
lion.1 .      -.-it  Oolden.   and   who
is br ther-i v of H. and J. Laughton ol -* ike. The body was
found on " lay.
The - brought t.i Vancouver ai  ; ."St   held.
Acr rd ig " the information received 'i iVlnclal police. Hour
i ad irospecting and some
time - lay accidentally shot
l Imsell t n .-'; the leg. He managed to ge    • instance    towards
Cam] apparently   collapsed.
When    he found there   was a
tout!.. ;    • nd   the   limb   showing
that   the d             man    bad  tried   to
stauncb • of blood.   His rifle
the agenc death  wound,   wns
fotinel >hi I    -' •■ body.
men  on the force if necessary.
Aid. McSorley thought that three
men on tbe force would be enough.
By being too severe with men w.irking on , the tunnel the police kept
them from coming to town and the
city depended a good deal on the
money  they  brought to town.
Aid.  Bcil said that the police commissioners had discussed the   police
1,500.00  Question.      Last spring they    decided
t that   it  would  not  be advisable    to
reduce the force.    If the council made
a   recommendation   the commissioners
.   would  srive  it  due  c.'msideration.
Aid. Pradolinl's opinion was that
the force was too large He said tlie
police went about in couples, which
Was nut necessary. II- moved the
resolution which  the council adopted.
On   the  item      of   pound  expenses,
Mil.~lo.JiJ   ;i.-,m    coming  under  review,   it      was
Lest   discounts    13,481.65  resolved   on   the suggestion of    Aid.
"   Hell  that   the      poundkeepei   be
Total   $48,328.62
Expenditure  *li,.-2v.v,
Surplus      6,500.00
The   police  estimates    as  furnished
by the city clerk amounted t.e su,:1.".
in •
Btructed to keep cuttle and horses off
the streets.
In the absence of Mayor McKinnon
Aid. Bourne took the chair. All thc
aldermen were present.
Believed to be Present in Ore
from Big Bend   Photographic Test
(Com n   • 1 ,in Page Four.)
dmi!■; | . . . . .i n i § a in
OFPflE    and   all
HOT   D LINKS   with   HOME
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■hi    months
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ei             -      Clip    Of  tea  or an
|i   :            't tin  fountain.
in   Window
p ir  l         1   today only  at
181111P1» ■ Uf Wfllil
('. R. Macdonald is DOW convinced
ol the wide circulation ot the Mall-
Herald and ot its value as »n advertising medium. Since the Mail-Herald published the report that he was
testing a sample of ore from tbe Big
Bend (oi the presence ot radium be
litis had. he declares, scores ot enquiries from Kevelstoke people ask -
ing tbe result of the experiment and
when  in  Sicamous on  Empire    day
almost everyone be met wanted to
I now what had been the result ofthe
The photographic test of the ore is
i ow concluded but no indication of
nullum was shown. Mi Macbeiialel
is now testing another sample from
ihe Big Bend district In which radium  is  believe,I   tee  l,e  present.       The
process is to wraps photographic
plate  in  paper,  placing on  it    a  key
end  suspending  over  both   the  sample
of ore.   if an Impression of the    key
i ftel ii few days is found ■ m the plate
the itre contains radium. The snm-
I le   that       Mr.   Mardonabl   has  In his
possession is similar to radium ores
found elsewhere. Traces of radium
have   been   recently dlsn'vel ed   at   Qol
di n,
Will be Sent to Calgary for
Examination by Oil
Several samples of natural gas col
lected at Arrowhead wire brought to
the city on Thursday evening liy
(apt. Korslund and have been sent
, in securely seuled bottles for examination and analysis by various oil
experts, and it is probable that the
Dominion government will be asked
ti.   send an   expert   to  make  an      ini-
partlal report on the probability   of
finding oil.
Bas can be seen in many places
bubbling through the Water Of Arrow
lake aud many of the excursionists
to Halcyon hot springs on Sunday
watched the gas rising to the surface
and the him of Oil spread over the
Last winter holes were made in III*
Ice over where the gas rises and on
putting a lighted match to the open
ing a (lash was visible as the gas ex
tibuled. In another case a sealed gas
pipe was inserted through the ire and
tilled with, gas, a small opening In
tin cap ot the pipe wns then made,
and the gas burned steadily.
V-Mterday   at     Hall's   landing.     Dr.
W    H    Sutherland  and   Mr    Hall  tilled
i Continued on page Five)
use of the telephone the location of
tires can M immediately reported
t'lid tire fighting parties summoned.
Connection has been mule with the
Dominion government and Revelstoke
telephone lines and arrangements
have been made with the Canadian
Pacific railway and with the lumber
companies to ptovide men for tire
Bghting work. Each ranger will be
provided with a portable telephone
by which connection can be made
v- ith the telephone wire at any point
the presence of a tire reported and aid
summoned. This is the latest device
known. It will carry 100 miles and
i  ily  weighs  3 lbs.
Trails are being constructed .it
Donald, Ilea vermouth und Spilla
machine to _ facilitate the forestry
protection Work, cabins are being
built for the use of rangers aud
caches of tools for tire lighting have
I een made. A new launch has been
built for use on the Arrow lakes.
The forest rangers under Mr.  Waa
man are now also provincial lire wardens and are authorised to issue per-
,nits for burning.       Formerly   these
I ermlts   were  Issued  by   various  othc-
tsls and  the forest   rangers  were r.ev
er  certain  whether  smoke  arose  from
n forest  tire or from  the burning    of
slashing.    Now      they   know   exactly
where a  tire  is authorized  and can m
Fpeet  the locution  before  issuing      i
permit.   The  prevention  of  fire  originating on the railway  track  is   at -
tended  to hy the railway commission
which  appoints  Inspectors who patrol  the  railway  rights of  wuy.
The Dominion  government il issuim;
posters appealing specially to differ
ent classes of the community, lot:
gers, settlers, miners, residents of
cities   and   others      and   these  posters
will  be frequently changed so    that
they always look new and interesting
They impress upon their readers the
I disaster ot tire ami tbe best    means
to guard against it. The posters
will be printed in English, Chinese,
Russian  and  various other  languages
The forest rangers ior the Revelltoke   district   under   the   supervision
!of Mr. Wadman ate Robert Edgar,
Hugh Smythe, John Malcolm, WH
liain Leslie, John Ringer, John Lew-
Is, Rob"rt Armstrong, w. s. Rennie,
\l\ Kennedy, Robert Wisted, Kdward
Robinson, T. M. Scollle, A.c. Fisher
T.  Brown  and  .lames Hawkins.
ipects to return  to  Revelstoke dur
He left Mexico last  March where   he   in>, ,hf gummer
tad  large  mining   interests   and  sup-
1 lied aerial tramways for the mines.
The revolution bus practically ruined
Mr. Hermann,   who   is now   looking
ever conditions in Canada und may *
decide t.- remain here.   He says that      Thc city council last  -jght pagj
business    men    who    were    worth    a   resolution  for   thi .ction       of
quarter of a     million dollars apiece additional cement  sidewalks thii
tave left Mexico penniless, many On motion ol Aid. Bell seconded by
having had their property confiscated Aid. Pradolini, a resolution was pas
by the rebels. sed that ctmei ,i ,,„
Villa,   the  rebel     lenaer,  Mr.  Her-   west side ot Connaught avenue   from
man  says is a  murderous  bandit who   Second street  to  Thud  street  and on
c.intie.t     either read or write.      Car-  north side on Third  street from  I   ■:
ran,a.  who is spoken  of as a succes-   caught avenue  to      Kootenay street,
sot  to President Huerta, lived in the   and on half block on north sin.
same  town  as   Mr.   Hermann,       who   rnd street from     McKenzie
describes  him as     a farmer of      the. east to the alley and a mx foot side-
most     ignorant type.   On the    other   walk on north side ■•? First street t>p-
fcand Huerta isa man of much  Intel     tween  Wynn treet..
Ilgence  who  was  educated nt  a  mill  i	
tary college and is the type of iiiiiii'nri/ri CTfll/C
needed tu pacify Mexico, which task MLVlLO I Villi
he might have acconi dished but for
the heistiiitv  nf the li ne i ptates.
The only way by which Mexico may
be     pacified  is     by employing stern
neasures is M,. nermann's opinion. I Took Passage on the Wrecked
He   Is  confident      that  the  task   will •
never be accomplished I.y the present
rebel  leaders,   lie   believes that the
-tales  will  be obliged to in-
"The United  states     will
Liner   Fate   is
Estimates ed the total lose eef life
the Canadian  I acme railway
have   to   Shoot   the   rebels   instead    Of   stems!,;,.   Emprt
land was
sunk early on Friday it the Quit ol
St. Lawrence are 104*J.
Among th eveJ to bavi
on board were Mr. and Mrs. Charlees
sllowing     Huerta   to do It," is Mr
;i-it-.i inn's prediction,
Mexico, according to Mr. Hermann.
is one of the richest countries in the
world.   It  is,      he says,  the  greatest    ErlckSOH  formerlv   of 1 toki   and
eer of oil, the largest producer  .,(„., .A„lM, ,,. MaUkwa   wh
ver.  the second   largest producer   Ul(.,r   -.,   ,,,   Bw( Ur,     H,,ss.
Evans of ComapU  .  si-ter  in  law  of
iie.,1 ge    1 ...      Mr.
•rent  to I
F. W. Martin ■   -   Martin ol
Revelstoke is also believed to   havi
Among others from British Colum
ll ■'.  • ■■'■      Ml -    B. harbour.
Florence Barbour,     Evylyn Barb..at.
R   Crillin   '•*■   Barrti    '   *>*.    Langley
Last  Wednesdaj  evening court Mt.   ;,!1 "' Bllverton   Mr», B.B. Cay, Ool
rartter,   t.O.F., held its first locla   ,:'       M*-   Tu   ej       Kamloops      0.
at the Roy Smythe ball.    The cbaii   Branson, Fernie. B.C.;    \   Bwaaaon,
was taken at 9 p.m, by George Roes,   Kamloops;  B    S'<elson,  Kamloops;  D.
wh.i    is  financial    secretary    Ol    the   Poulox, Nelson. |i. J. Brickton, R.e:,.-
lodge,  and  who  in a  few  well  chosen   lan''
words,   welcomed   the members and     -X|r   Crillin, Mr. Barrie, Mr. Lang
their friend, to   Mt, Cartler'a    tirst   ley.  Mis.  Barbour and Misses   Bat
SOCial.    Although,   he  said,   the  name bOUl   of  Silverton   were  in   RevelStok
Mt.  Caftler was  new   to  most   people, two   Kttkt  ago  een   th.r.   way   to   F.iil-
still   the name  behind   it,   I.O.F.,  was to-d  where tin y  bad  bought  land ami
enough   tO   guarantee   its   security and ul"*"'   they   Intended   to   live.
Id,  and  it has timber of enorui
llue. All it needs is ..
i: nment,
Court Mount Cartier
Holds First Social
with a membership of SB in two mon ■
tba,  ill   business   people,   and   further f,
applications   Of   six,   it   showed    that £
the  present  members  were alive      to jjj
I ualneSS,    The   program   was   as   tol- g
lows.      under      the    dirertion  ol   Mr. ■
Haddan: ■*
THK  BUG \l.  l.nUT
Membera of the institute win take
notice  that  tbe powder  on  hand  bus
been sold out.   There will he no more
I ordered  until  after the spicial   meet
ing on  June 6,
There will be ii special meeting on
June 6 of the institute Members
kindly  take notice.
Piano solo. Mis« Creelman; song. ■
Mr. Fulton; rending, Mr. Cbisholm,
song, Mr. Haddair song, Mr. Duck.
Piano selection, Mr. Allen; interuiis-
lioo with ire cream. Song, Mr. Fulton; recitation, Miss Urucc; song tp.
Mr. Haddnn; piano sob). Miss Creel- ■*
man;  piano selection,  Mr.  Allen. ■
At   midnight     refreshments were    ■
Krved  by  the ladles of the court.
SPECIAl -  Tills  WEEK
Iffff|*i ■ f|
.   .   . V .   . PAGE TWO
Bargains in Shoes
We have on  sale  Children's  Shoes  in sizes
from 61 to 2, selling at Bargain Prices.
Ladies'  Oxfords selling  at less than manufacturers' prices.
All these shoes are selling at greatly reduced
40 REID <& YOUNG *
S P; ii.   Box   340,
■jj- Kevelstoke, B.C.
gj    First-class wood, dry or green
tgt full  measure,   prompt de-
m livery.
A TERMS   0.0. D. unless other-
A wise arranged.    Discount for
Phono Hush Order* to
Dealer in  SILK GOODS and  BANQY
THINGS.   Prettiest Designs.
RESSMAKING.   Fit Guaranteed
Butti n~ for ladies' costumes made in
any material to suit special orders.
of till kinds furnished,
Skilled and Common Labor, Railroad and Loggers a Specialty.
Western Labor Exchange
P.O. BOX 208 Phone.'118
Connections   Vancouver and
Kamloops, H.C.
One Half Block West of Molson Bank
The Revelstoke Nurseries
rights oi t     I
..  Saskatchewan ami    Al
•  •     Yukon   Territory,     the
■  •   Ti rritories and In s  por-
-   ■     f thi     ■   ■• ince ol British   Coed foi       '' nn   of
:   rent-
tion 1 t bi made
•_..■• •      | the district
tbe t pplled foi   are
•.I min-
hut the lessee    may
....      .      purchase
.  for the workin?   of
the mini    t thi    rate of   tlO.i
 ry ti-.e land must
■    : s, or   lcfral
lions   of   sections, and   in   un-
tbe tract   applied
ill     ie staked out hy the   ap-
• •;t  himpelt.
K,.rh application must be acrnmpan-
. g fie < f |S  which  will    be refunded   if the  riirhts  applied  for   are
• available, but  not otherwise,   a
ralty    shall    be    paid on t.he rr.er-
■   output Ol the mine at the
■ |   : \,   centi  per ton.
The  person operating the mine shall
Turnifh  the Aeent with sworn  returns
r,cci ur.tlne  for the  full    quantity    of
merchantable coal mined and   pay the
royalty  thereon    If  the  coal  mininp
vicbts  .ire  not being  operated,    such
returns should be furnished at   least
-re a year.
For   full    information    application
should be made to the   Secretary of
the Department of the   Interior, Ot-
-awa, or to thc Agent or Sub-Agent
f Pemininn Lands.
so pr>:
mgh his itomach.
b  yours il
.■il    ind    perfr.'tly
si-p. ed, i ir      endship,   we
srea'i" -        ■ .nrs
A. fi. TftiAKiflON Managw.
Kootenay Agencies
PHONE   46
Buy a I
You will get a
full season's use
out of it.
100 per cent ot
your snapshooting opportunities
will be realised.
You will get the
best value and
lowest price in
town. Perfectly
NEW Goods.
Free instruction gladly given.
Atthe Trueman Studio
L     McKenzie Ave.
Lardeau Valley Rich
in Mineral Resources
In the general mining revival that
is becoming more manifest each day
the Lardeau valley, one Ol the richest part nf this district, will largely
share. Already signs of Increasing
interest, .ire noted in that, rich bit
of mineral territory, stretching frqm
Lurdo on the south to Kerguson on
the north, and lying on both skies of
the Lardo river and the bnsin ol
beautiful Trout lake.
In the valley of the Lardo arc indications o( approaching placer mining activity, for It is known thnt the
yellow metal Is there in large quantities .md the proper   methods     of
i.andltng the material along the lied
of the river must yet be devised. This
will probably soon be accomplished
however, and the country in the vicinity of Gold hill will in u very few
years   pel Imps   become     one     of     tlie
largest cold producing sections ol
the province, remarks the ICaslo
The finding ol nuggets nnd line gold
by dredging or otherwise on the river
bottom naturally gives rise to thc inquiry, "Prom whence has it. conic'.'"
It did Dot Come down from the skies,
ergo, it must have rolled from some
where oil the adjoining hills, therefore there is gold somewhere in those
peaks as well, and heaps of it.
There nre few sections so strongly
mineralized as the ground along both
sides of the Lardo river and capital
will be all that is require, to bring
the attention of the world to those
deposits and turn the country into
n big mineral producer. Gold, copper, silver, lead, zinc, marble nil of
these there is in abundance and no
doubt many other kinds of mineral
as  well.
Around Trout lake and Ferguson
are to be found some of the most
promising propositions in the district
I igh grade as well as low grade.
Some of the properties on the Groat
Northern mountain, just north of
'front lake, will, when opened up,
make that ramp one of the largest
and most  prosperous  in  the province,
\t Ferguson the Ajax is said to be
panning out well, and that camp like
Trout lake, is suid to he surrounded
1 y  semes  of undeveloped  claims that
have till     the earmarks of becoming
Now is the time to get a good
wheel. We have a splendid line
in both cTWens and Ladies' at
right prices, also ftill stock of
Tyres, Tubes, Lamps, Saddles,
and Repairs.
Baseball Goods—we are leaders in
these. Come and inspect our line.
Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, Cricket, Croquet, and all
Sporting Goods.
Sherwin Williams Faints.
Kootenay, Saslcalta and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
A   Doughs   Tourner
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Hot  Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
—WORK    3HOP-
Oonnnuifht   Av« R«vol«toke
Buy Your Plumbing
Supplies Direct From
Is  and  Save  Money
W*   ar*    f*fc#     %rt:*w    pltr** *   nr     >**i*»
Br tlftli     "••'.imbla    MlIlM    Airt*    to    rti«
»Hl       *-   btiT   |||   PI* r}u*nr!TtiW aim]   f
fdf   i-A4> ThM   -»•   ■*»-»*   /OU   th»   mid-'
RMUTl   p-*>f1f   »n«1   ftya   1o   a*"   pay   bf
'^ dftbti at rtfctri     Foi t»_i j-***^
'■••       u    -in*   o*h«»r   p   i
B      •*   j
'•**     n*r    ■'   - ?r\r*a     y0r   Vr.s   i
Our   prt-"   *o- *--< • uI.Me4
%*.t*r> Mr   \ vi   %*•    j in^h
**_/>     -~    < iy)   •*«*
taeh   ptp*,  fn.i"
no \f *ttf;r wh st t»m
vkkd rv tiiic PM«mvrt
■%mi nr.Kma vont »k
CAN     HK1J.      FOC      Wilt
pi tra   <ti-*<-*    rtom    aa    a»4
•*»•   nKin»T     '-"utA  AieVnc  rwr   ***'" ►**■-*
Mona  aivl    *•   wM\   j|t«   /va   ptl-r*   I ■
pi#f*#   d»llT»r>J   >n   *r»«r unm   br   "■   i
m»ji. wfTwofrr cotrr to t«
Thmr\ oom par* *v prlMt «K» Itk^fl
'Mn't v+y t-wo -frle-M I*t yonr pH/m*.
«np9it«fl V« mn mp§tj vmytkf* tor
rnwr bttHr+mm at frmt «vri_f t* fan
Writ* uj* teMlar -.***■* f*ar j>uu_n*in« •'-'
bnatinc pr«W«0-«. U vIM i-nmt fmm m^
tm    tm    a**l"
»»      ■ ai v •     ft*
phmhtni %*»A
Bros. Ltd.
166   PfWnBK
COMPLETE $16 -—~- _.c
Dominion Security Co., Limited
heir to announce th.it they have opened up offices at the
corner of Kirst Street and Connaught Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you to
call and get particulars, and get in on ground floor pricei.
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
The potential agricultural resources
of Canada are indicated by flie fact
that not more than 2.6 per cent of
the total land area of the nine provinces iB DOW  under cultivation. This
le a statement in a bulletin issued by
the department of trade and commerce. The total land ureu of the
nine provinces is placed at 1,101,316-
H3 acr is.
it  is   estimated   that   within   the
boundaries     of     the    nine provinces
there isa  total cultlvatable area   of
I1U,'.!.".I.HOli  acres.   This   takes   no   account   of     forest     and    swamp  lands
which     may ultimately be tilled nor
• ! northern areas, of which tbe agricultural      possibilities are at   present
. :.known.    The area  under cultivation
given  as S3,000,000 acres.
In   Prince  Edward   Island  sii.ni   per
;   the   total   land   area   is   occu-
led    as  farm   land.    In  N'uva   Scotia
cent   is   occupied     as   farm
:     In   New   Brunswick    •_**>.:■.<■   per
ent "f the land area is occupied with
■   pei  cent cultlvatable.     in Quebec
cent  is     occupied    with     l'1
iltivatable, in Ontario 9.3"
• ' ■ upied,    with    -.">    per
lit lv itable;   Manitoha   8.28 and
katcnewan     K;i'.i   per     cent
*   j     per rent,     Alberta   10.06
t   i'i   per cent;   Ml it isij
only   1.12  per rent  Is    OC
. 20 per cent cultlvatable.
^/lltvayf the   *Bejf
"ShamrocK* 'Buffer
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
Selkirk   Hotel   Restaurant
Opening up under new management
Mrs. M. MARTINSON beg* to announce to the Kevelstoke Public
that slu> intends to open up ihis restaurant and run it in strictly
first-class style. Everything up-to-date and strict attention
given to its patrons.
Give us a call
Open until 12 p. m.
i/i.:    \T  MELSON,
im '.■ im i re
ei    Nelson   I.V    I hiff   .IllS
(ice H th  tbe beat Ing  ol  the
'  Han Ison  vs.  tbe Coosolidat -
melting company    The
till li   'i timing   *:i,000 damages
ill  of sustaining a  broken
ther  Injuries al   the  Bllvei
rjollai     mine at Salmi, m    January,
I  '.     *'. li • andei      Macneil  ol  Fernie,
'■ ■   tbe plaintifl and Hand I
IVragge for tbe defendant com-
i any.
glass vs. Douglass, in which
I'oiigiasH ia aski/ii' the court foi
i ludidal separation Iron her hus-
liand, i« the second case to be heard,
Hamilton* Wragge represent tbe ap-
i Leant  and Kied c. Moffatt, the re
h indent..
The ease of u.s. Dobart of Ward-
ner vs. Peter Land, also of that place
asklnif for f27,000 damages for al -
leged libel, Ryan vs. the Canadian
Pacific railway for 116,500 damages
i mi Bhackleton and Simpson et. al vb
Foote ef all, are the other rases that
v ill bt heard during the session. (1.
S. McCarter of Kevelstoke, Ib appearing for  Foote et al.
From Maker to Wearer
Ojr six years' experience msasurinp, coupled with our
large number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
ga irantee a fit. The largest assorttrnnt of samples in
the city to select from.   Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre C& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumers' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
your Barn, Chicken-house or Stable.
We have 20 Barrels of partly air-
slacked LIME to move out at
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
1 SATURDAY,  MAY  30,  1011.
on the table if it cornea from
this bakery, for it will surely be
needed. People who ordinarily
eat only one slice of average
bread invariably take two or
more when thev once taste ours.
Suppose you try a loaf or so.
Then you'll know why our
bread makes bread haters into
broad lovers.
Phone 41 Box 734
Later  estimates  on  losses   lu       the
storm which swept tbe hcadi ol    the
lakes plane t.he damage between 8800-
000 and $GO0',0O0 With Uve men injured,   one   probably   fatally,   and        the
steamer Prank C. Ball driven
it  has been arranged between   tha
Canadian     |l'(icilic. railway company's
The World's Greatest Invention
The A[ew Edison Phonograph
No Needle Required
Disc Records   ■
No Horn      •   ■
■ Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
HoWSOn Sr CO.     ::    Sole Local Agency
*   * CANADAand EUROPE  *   •
Ni'v. S.S   "•I.aurcntic"
Firsl Cl iss   $92.50,
15,000 ions -
Second Class-  $53,
New S.S. "Megantic
Third Cluss    $32.50
One Class (II) Cabin Service
S.S. "Teutonic"*!    -   •    c c, fS.S. "Canada*
, . T win Screw steamers       -., ,    , ,
i82 teel long I I   514 leet long
icond Class   $50 ami up.    Third Class   $.'! 25 and up.
One Class (II) Cabin Service
bic j      Splendid      | S.S. Cymric
S S. A
16,1   Oi ms   •   '  feel long!   Twin Scroti
K.ev, $53.75 I     Steamers
no ton--
MMi reel
Fast Express—One Class III) Cabin Service
S.S. Si, Paul I | S.S. New York
S.S. Si   Louis s.s.  Philadelphia
I J,On   ions    554 feet long    ) {    11,000 tons    576 (eef. long
$55    Also carries Thin! Class al $33.75.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets, Etc., apply to
COMPANY'S OFFICES, 619, 2nd Ave., Seattle
Revelstoke General Agencies—C.P.R. Tickel Agent, Revelstoke
Fifty cars of freight on the Grand
Trunk railway west of MadawaBka,
about 2'Ui miles from Ottawa, wens
destroyed by Are <m Tuesday.      The
cars  were loaded with telephone polefl
end   pulpwood,
Sentence of four years' i enal servitude was passed on Charles Edward
l'l'iini'i, a  London stock  broker, after
trail at  the Old Bailey on    a charge'telegraph     and    the   British Paciflo
of fraudulent eonversio'n of share cer- Cable board to Inaugurate the week-
titleates  in   connection   with   the   Mar-  end   letter   service      between     Canada
COUi  scandals. end  Australia   Inoludlng  the    Fiji    is-
i lands commencing on Mav 'J(i.
Fifty-live black foxes aggregating in
value 8120,000  arrived  at  Saskatoon     Suffragettes   who    slashed pictures
from  Prince  Albert, and      were  trans-   In   the  National      Gallery   and   Royal
ferred to tbe Canadian Pacific   rail- Academy,     with     several     window
v ay  tor shipment   to Prince  Edward smashers,     were convicted  and sen-
Island,    The   shipment   comprises    al- tencod.    Six     months      imprisonment.
most   the      entire  catch   in   Ibe   north vas  ordered   for  each  of  the    picture
during the past season. destroyers, while the window-smash -
irs iii ,iii cases wore condemned      to
The King has consented to lay th«
foundation stone of tbe new offices oil
the Ni'w Zealand government In London, which ,'irc tn be erected in the
Strand, next to the Adelphi theatre,
ou the northern side, where s Bltu
was recently Beeu rod, it is oxpeoted
that  the ceremony     will   take place
early   in   July,   and   that   the  building   Mils.    Thi
will  be  ready  for occupation  by    the  tempt
terms   il four months.
George Brown, a convict, Is dead
todaj . having made a human torch
nf himself in the observation coll of
San Quontln penitentiary by pouring
Oil  over  bis  clothing and  then  touching a  match  tee the saturated garm-
was  Brown's  third      at -
t"   email,it.  suicide.    Brown
autumn   of   next   year.
v as serving
-1 urglary,
three-year term     for
The  personal   property  left   by   Bar
in     Btrathcona and    Mbunt Royal, Although the mails have been used
former   high    commissioner for Oan-,for transportation of everything from
ada.  amounted  to  $23,257,000.     The pumpkin  seeds to  babies,   under  tbe
precise value of     the real estate left puree!  post   system, tor the lirst time
ly the testator,  who died  in London in the United States a collie, has been
in   January   last,   was    not   made  pub- mailed.    The   casket   was   sent      from
in   but the fact  that the duty   paid Lufkin to White city for the burial
amounted   to 34,189,190 indicates that of an  infant.    The size and  weight Of
lis   entile   estate,   real   and   personal, I lie  casket   conformed   to   the   require
had a value of 827,928,000, menis ol the postofflco     department,
,,, ,   ,             ,,,.,,,        , ., and the postage'amounted to twehty-
Tliesdav   was  the  hottest   day   ofthe
•"      . one cents.
year thus far in  New York city. Half
a dozen    prostrations from the heat President K. M. Parsons of the vil-
werc    reported.      Not  for thirty-four lage   of   Weedsport  has  sounded       a
years has  the temperature climbed so clarion  call   for  bachelors  to  conic to
high before on May 2C.   It reached 90 his   vitlage      and     marrj  65     wid-
degrees     officially and    was reported ows  who  own  property  there.      The
higher in  various  parts of town. Re- town bas too many widows, he says,
ports from  up state indicated a gen- adding     that     lie   knows    ii.',      of
eral   beat    wave in   t.he   country     dis- I hem      who      would    marry      again.
trlcts.   The mercury rose to 9o in the  Friends of rl xecutlve see an Ethi-
Bhade In several places. opian in the woodpile.   The village is
The reunion of the Church of Set   is00n t0 v"r'- "na •!>"»icil'i'1 lighting
Robin Hood Flour
makes a delicious, light, sweel loaf of bread,
with a beautiful golden crust.
Try a loaf of our HOME-MADE BREAD,
with a pound of our AUCKLAND BRAND
you will be pleased.
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
land ami t he United E ree church al
ter 20 years' quarrel seems now in
Sight of realization. The Church of
I Scotland committee in joint assembly
at Edinburgh Issued a report con -
talning a draft of articles of teglsla
tion for a union of the churches. At
the Free church assembly, Rev. Dr,
Young moved the adoption of the
union committee report asking the
assembly to reappoint the committee
to continue negotiations, This w..s
agreed to by a large majority.
i-hint. Parsons opposes it and wants
the i\:> votes to carry the proposition  his   way.
London, May 28.—Beginning yesterday the "Brink before ten law" will
lu rigorously enforced In Scotland.
The  act   Is      aimed    at  the      "black
seiuaii." namely, the i pen-air workers in the shipyards, who are addicted to ante-breakfast refreshments,
generally a gill of whisky followed by
a pint of beer. This is not only detrimental to health, but leads to excessive drinking at other hours, The
loss  to the licenses is   not estimated
except In Aberd  where then- Is no
"I.lark squud," ami where it will
probably mean a reduction of   3330,-
I'UO  a  year.
The stale* it a business houM is
reflected In ll ■ itatlonery. It Pn>
in lisve I."- i •"■' that's going, We
give yon the highest ..naiity :it Its
lowMt price.   V**. estimates.
Electric Press
We offer yon expert service. Print
Is nnr business and our liot>t>> ime.
Tothe besl selection "f imper anil
type we add orijp'n&lity and smart*
iicms of design and i a pill delivery,
Success in Business
If you have a good thing let the public know. The merchant that does not
talk about his wares is committing business suicide. The best way to talk
about them in this town is to advertise
in the cTVlail-Herald.
"It covers the ground"
Our advice and help, gathered in 12
years experience of publicity, is at your
service. If you want ideas, a scheme outlining, estimates of cost—either for space
in the Mail-Herald or printing—we will
gladly oblige.
For the past two years the city of
.douse Jaw has been boring foi gas
at .1 point within the city limits and
after getting down 3,'MXl feet without
I rospects, it was decided at a special meeting of the committee to   (lis-'
continue     operations.   Over     $40,	
has heen expended on the project and ' GOOD
all  that tbe city has for this outlay i
Is  a  How    of water,    amounting    to 	
1,500 gallons an      hour,  saltish       in '    „ ,    , , ,
, .     ,    . . i    Tne  meeting of the western  branch
quality and   -1   degrees  in    tempera-
turi. of the Canadian Mining institute op
,  itned    at     Nelson on Thursday,   The
 —:    j
^^^^^^^ j program  included  papers  on      " Sug
gestions for Organisation and Conduct of Safety Work :n Metal Mines"
by Edwin Higgins, of Pittsburg,
Pennsylvania,   mining  engineer     for
the l'nited States Bureau of Mines;
i n address on "First Aid to the Injured," by Dudley Michel, of the department of mines, Victoria, who also demonstrated the use of the resuscitation apparatus known as the
I Ulmotor; "The Copper Deposits of
East Kootenay," hy Stuart J.richo-
' Held, of the geological survey of Canada..ind a contribution hy Professor
Arthur Lakes on " The China Clays
of Cornwall, England," which is a
FUbject Of which the professor made
B study      during his recent      visit  to
Cornwall, an Interesting contribution by A. I). Wheeler of Ainsworth,
entitled "Tbe Story of Early Koote-
ray," which gives an account of life
lr the vicinity of Kootenay lake ln
| the eighties and  nineties;  and a paper
"The Radium Rage," by F\A. Ross,
consulting engineer, Spokane, giving
the commercial phase of the radium
question rather than its scientific
side and Illustrated hy several radiograph   lantern   slides.
What in  the opinion  of  I.    W.  Wll
llamson, general secretary of tbe provincial      Sunday school    association,
will in all probability be the biggeHt
teiigioiis convention ever held In
Nelson is being arranged (or October
next, when It is planned to bring the
provincial convention of Sunday
schools and Sunday school workers
to the city. Four of the leading Sun-
du\ school workers of the continent
are expected to be there on this occasion and a large assiui,binge Is
looked forward to.
Housekeeping Is Not the
Task It Used to Be    ,
ODLRN invention has done away
with   much  of  the   hard  work.
For instance,   the  cleaning   and
polishing of hardwood floors, the dusting
of moldings, the tops of high furniture,
the stairs, umicr the radiator, etc.    These back-breakini.' tasks
are now made easy vvitli the
With it you can dust, clean and polish a hardwood floor in
the time it formerly took you to get ready to do it.
Bcildei, you dn not have to get down <m your hands and knees to dust
under the bed or oilier liard-to-gct-at placet, or
to stand on o chair to dust the top of the high
furniture. All of the hard work is now made
easy with the O-Cedar Polish Mop. It gathers
all tier ,11 I e.r .iirt hum everywhere end botdi It. Tlie ni.e? li
easily cleaned lev muhlng a"-t it»c" renewed by pourine on a
lew dropi of O-Crilar 1'uli .h.
TV.,-   If   •«   C\..*   Dlolr      T""',   'WOWbole   elll'l   «   lU
Iry It at Uur KlSk   ,i,:, unawsttiidliwl   ll | m
do not iiiui It ..m.i u'eeiv ui erery re peel we well r. turn . iul
ir.onry, '1 lie pried Is only $1 SC aad a will uve; 1,3 plied 1.. ...y
uhk'3 over in a ahull lime.
By a mistake of our shippers we find we are
overstocked with O-Cedar Mops for this week
only.    We  are clearing these out at    $1.25
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Limited
Your dreams of hearing the music you want
when you want it have been realized by the
Edison Phonograph
When a few friends drop in and conversation lags, you
need Edison Music. When you are alone you want Edison
music. When you desire a particular piece played or sung
by a particular artist you can have it, at once, on the Edison.
" The strong,  steady motor ol  the      ought lo hear them today at jour Ed
ison   dealer
io quality
The tone   is constant
Edison is always dependable. The
diamond reproducing point enhances
the wonders ol the thousands ol beautiful selections, lhe new types ol
hornless instruments — the Amberola
—jtfe phonogiaphs de luxe and you
Edison Phonographs and Records are sold by
A. Douglas Tourner - C. R. Macdonald
Reports received [rom Nelson, B.C.,
Mate   that   a   wealthy   Canadian   rem
struction contractor has bought a
heavy Interest In the Silver Hoard
mine, near Ainsworth, B. ('., -
i y Spokane men, paying approxlnr. -
ately $100,000 cash lot the stock says
the Spokesman Review, Local ol
t rials ami directors ol tin- Silver
Hoard company, a few days since, re-
lused to i-itiiri deny or confirm the
rumor, hut (ruin reliable sources in
formation corroborating the deal was
It is learned iiso thai the pn
is being equipped with a new hoist,
conipressol plan! and sawmill, to be
riivcii hy current from tbe electric
lower station ol the Consolidated
Mining and Bmeltiitg company ol
Canada, and thnt u transmission
line from the No, I mine adjoining
the Silver Hoard, win be built at
i nee.   Tin* new machinery Is now   on
the ground and Will he Installed anil
ready to operate by June 15, Slnp-
ti.ents are to be re> urued within the
next 30 days, and plans alread) outlined provide for working the prop -
erty   more  extensively   than   at.      any
previous  period Mince     development
1 egan and the output will he increased materially.
Reports received recently from the
: iipei inteiident state that development lias heen continued uninterruptedly since shipping was suspended
last lall. and that thc ore bodies
I .uve heen exposed in a number of
places, A ne*- ore shoot was opened
recently  in  the  800-foot  level   of  tbe
i ave workings and the vein has heen
crosscut Ior 50 feet without encount
ering the banging wall.   Ore   enougl
t,,  ke-p  the  mine  shipping al   I
ty for a number of months Is already
. locked "ie'. at 6 development  will be
continued     until     shipping     beg
It l- said that the Introd iction ol
new .-.i]iit;ii mt,, ti,. , impany will
not entail any change In thi
ment, and t'; it there will be no
changes made In the directorate until the annual eleel ad pei baps
not then.
"Well,   Uncle  Josh,    how do     you
1   it ten;   that   heer   don't   >eei;i,     t,
1 elp  none."
"Hon  did you take It?"
"Tahlespoonful   afore   meals."—Life.
At the  Noble Five men in the   S11• -
(all   repairs   are   being   made   to       tht.-
tramwaj, and the management of the
property ims been assumed by T. H.
Lincoln, M. K., who is the successor
to T.I, McAllister who has left for
the coust.
SATURDAY.   MAY  30,  1914.
We ofler Consolidated Oil  Shares at
89 rents, par value one dollar.
•on the market.     Handled exclusively
I y a well known and responsible lirm.
Fiscal  Agents
Otfices also at Edmonton  and
Medicine   Hat.
bead of population to (ij acres. The.
live stock production has Increased
wonderfully, In the Inst four years
the number of cuttle, sheep, lambs
and hogs slaughtered for home consumption and export has been 10,-
700,000, and during the same period
the Hocks and herds of the same animals have increased 8,326,000, Canada is now a Bteady importer of New
Zealand dairy products and mutton.
Progress of this type may not be en-
tirely  due     to the system of    cheap')*"* j" Winnipeg after spending a week
Canadian Pacific Railway Will
Gridiron Valley Shortly,
Says Vice-President
David McNicoii.    vice-president   of
the Canadian Paciilc railway, arriv' as that of a family household, in this
'caao  the   Methodist  household,    part
I Of  the household ol faith;  and     ex -
and in forming a choir. In her houso
tire Methodist cause in Itevi lstoke lie-
Kan. References were trade to the religions awakening which followed the
labors of Mr. Turner and Ms beloved
successor, the Itev. Charles Laduer;
and the line feeling of fellowship
which obtainod. One and another
could recall the cottage prayer meetings of those times; and spoke of the
gracious Influences which prevailed.
The pastor, Rev. Lashley Hall, presided, and referred to the gathering
Zhc flfcaihlberato
i    l.i l-MKIi   WEDNESDAY
li.  ROOKE, Manager and Editor,
and  ample credits,  hut. assuredly
large part of it is.
in  Pentlcton and other points in   the
" I tended a welcome to those whom   he
Okanagan valley in British Oolumhla j Bpoke 0, ,1K 0ld'friends.   Letters were
"On  every  hand   throughout  Okau-   read  from  Mr.  Turner and  Mr.   Lad-
The reopening of thc Pioneer placer agan valley there is evidence ot great ner—unable through sickness to     he
mines on  French creek is another j,,.   development     in fruit farming,"    he   present    which, touched  the  heart,  aa
said.    "I was struck with the nun.her   it served to indicate the drawing   to
dlcatlon    o(    the development   ot  the   ^ ^  (,rclmr,K  whidl ure dottcd llU   Q cUm, _f     ,,,,,  ,.„. ,,„>..„ tuj,       .,
Big  Bend  country.                                          0Ver  the district.      Prospects arc for these  faithful   pioneers.
a splendid crop this year.   I motored Interspersed     between  the speeches
Fifteen    thousand    dollars  (or    the   from   Kelowna   to   Vernon and   every- were  vocal  se.ectlons    liy   Mrs.    I'ug-
wh.irl  at  Arrowhead   is a  substantial   where found farmers vcry optimistic, din  ami   Miss    Paulding,   Mrs.  Fleet-
sum.   The needs of the Kootenay con-  Market ''"' Brltisb Columbia fruit is ham and    Mrs, Walter Hews accom-
.                  Increasing  every   year     in     sympathy pinying;   and a   sextette   Composed, ot
with   the  settlement and  development W.   Hews,   Paul   Samson  and   Mesdain-
Ottawa.                                                           ,,f   prairie  provinces.   The i|unlity  of is  Dent,  Ciessmun,  W.   Hi ws and  F.
produce,    in    my  opinion,    compares Hews.    Miss Austen gave a   humorous
The Dominion government evidently   very favorably with the fruit of Nova recitation.   Reports were read of the
appreciates      tl norinous   value    ol   Scotia  and  Ontario  and   is  ahead    of various  activities  of  the  church  dlir-
the     timber   wealth   thai   it   possesses   fl"' California article. Ilng  the  past  year hy   Mr.  C.illord, for
"Transportation  facilities for fruit  the Sunday school; Mrs. Corley,   for
in   Uritish   Columhia   and   the  Import-   , ,,,...    ,,   ,       , .       , ,. ... .   ,„   -
from     BritiBh  Columbia    have    often   the  Ladles  Aid  societv,  aud   H.Hews
ance  of  protecting  it  from  lire.      The   bee|,   crlticlzed   but   the   fact   remains   f,,r  the  linanccs.    Mrs.  Ilowns,    prcal-
The tour •■'. the west from Winnipeg  Qre protection service in Uritish Co- that the fruit is there, and it has to'dent  of the Aid, spoke of the valu -
to Revelstoke by the Winnipeg busl-   |ura_ia under the administration   ol be got out of there.     The valley   is  able services rendered hy the ladies
ness mm was no doubt onJoyaWe and   ,,„, Dominion and provincial govern- taPPed hy different Canadian railways jo! the church.
,   , ,,,„    ,,.:,, , , at   various suitable  points  and  sulli-      Before hrruking up for refreshments
full  of  Interest,   and   during   the    tup   ,„,.„<,„  ,8  thorough      and   modern  and ,      ., _    ..      _  .     .    .. ,
cicnt means for the shipment of    the   the election took place of society re-
acute   business     men, such as those hB achieving a work     which   benefits trult are already at the command of, presentatlves-Messrs  Flockhart  and
who   composed the party, could   not  not onjy ,|1C preseDt generation   but the railways, "hut there is little doubt .Tourner,   Mesdames Foote   Johnson,
3ntcnoi* ipubltebtng Compans
Fire Insurance placed in the most reliable companies.   Prompt,
settlement of all claims.
Gall and see us about Accident or Life Insurance.   Do not
delay.    We are at your service.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
J. D. Sibbald, Pras. J. I). Sibbald, Jr., Seo.-Treas.
fail to gather   much useful Informa-  generations yet  unborn.
Hon and to learn lessons which will   	
I i put to good use on their return
home. And while they have gained
knowledge thej have also enlightened
others. In the brio! speeches made
during  their  tour  they   bave  dropped
valuable hints and given modestly
sound advice,
Mr. J. A. Banfield, one of the
speakers at the dinner given at Nel-
Bon In honor "f the Winnipeg visitors, emphasized the importance of
rncouraglng home Industry    He urg-
but that they will be dealt Willi as and Jones, being thc ones chosen,
they arise, to the best interests of Refreshments were daintly served in
growers and public alike. Tbe Cana- the parlors, presided over with ber
dlan Pacific railway will spend much usual grace and tact by Mrs. Ilowns,
~ ' money in the Okanagan this year and 'assisted by a number Of the ladies
next    and      we  will   gridiron  it  with   and   others   and   speecliii.aking      was
1 tul ber Mowers are worn on some
of the new bathing suits at Atlantic
City. Rubber Ib quite common at the
beaches  during  the   bathing  season.   -
\ ancouver Province,
railways before  long.
Tomorrows Services
The iiuestion  of  the  destruction   ol
dandelions and  other    noxious weeds
in  Nelson  was brought to the atten-
ed the  people of Nelson to use so far   ti()n  of  thp  councj]   lllBt  evening    by
.-is possible goods made in Nelson. A   Aid. Stark. Kllective means to stamp
similar policy niivtlic part  ol the peo-   out   this  nuisance should  be  tnken hy
,  .... iii      .li      n..n      the civic authorities.—Nelson  News.
pie of Winnipeg had, be Bald,    con -
tributed materially to the growth of
that cityv'"l It would benefit equally
other centres.
.A   Kansas city  minister recently  re
minded his congregation that Eve did
It is advice te. which the people ol   ,,,„ ,.,..,M/,. s,„, |.,,.k,,(| ci0tblng    until
RevelSl     ■ '■    well   give  heed.    No-   she ate the apple.    "And,"  bc added,
.   Rre there to bo found citiasens  "'  wish ., few of the women of   my
more loyal to the Interests ol their
, tv i more determined to further
Its pri .'■ --'. but a remlndt r of the
obvious method by winch the
pri spi rlty ■ f the city may be foster
ao   harm, for it  is   often
methods    that    an-    great      - II The      •
citr/en    wjj]   dentlj   satisfied   with  lhe Bilvei
lum of exchange.    If tn. ■
congregation  would eul  au apple."
Kansas City   Star.
The "ffort t" promote thi i ircula-
tlon of copper coinage In the city
ioes ni •   ippe n  to be meel ing   w ith   I
St Francis Church, McKenzie   Ave.
end Fifth street,  Pastor,  Itev.    J. 0.
MacKenzie.   Sunday    services:—  Low
.>"ass at 8 a.m. and     High Mass   at
10:30 a.m.  every      Sunday.      Sunday'
school for the children at 2:80 p.m.,
I'enediction and Rosary at 7:30 p.m.,
Confessions Saturday  I to 6 and 7:30
to  '.I  p.m.  and  Sunday  morning  ",:30
to 8.   Weeks days:—Mass every morning at 7 o'clock, Confessions     before I
Mass.    First  Fridays —Mass  at  S  a. '
m..  Benediction and  Rosary at    7:30
p.  ra.
St. Peter's,  Second   Si.,   Hev.   C.   A.
Procunier, rectoi     Whit  Sunday. The
Ving   are   the   services     ll   a.m.,
Matins and Holy Communion; 7:30 p,
tcsumed. Mr. Howson and Mr. Llndmark moved thanks amidst much am
usement—to     the old-timers   among
the ladies; Mrs. Dickey wa.i prevailed
upon In make a speech; and Mrs.
Den! added to the stone of early recollections.      Mr.   Manning  congratii
lated the gathering on tbeli  numbers
antl interest, and the good reports
that had heen heard,   As the pastor
statetl   it   seemed   like   i   family   at the
fireside. Appreciative remarks were
made by Mr. Hews touching the open
hospitality of the landmark home for
so many years; and it was learned
with pleasure that Mrs. landmark
and her daughters would be coming
lack for the summer. It was a late
hour when the gathering broke up,
after singing with crossed hand —
• oid  he  With  you  till  we Meet  Again.
Also new line of
Silver Deposit Ware,
Clocks and Umbrellas
J. G. Barber
Dies From Gunshot
(Continued from Page Oue.l
Kv msong; Sunday school al  2:Si
i verlooki d.   H    every
nt  of insisting on  procur
ing goods  made  In  Revelstoke  when
ai i cli -    re  manufactured    they
do much toward making  Revel
ity.    A  polii y ol    tins
pted        the beginning     an 1
.-,    my •   ■ ■   Indlca
.   t] .nr   ni 'I  good  cltts
us thej    migl I
can well afford t until
t    I  ,   I     I  I  .- •. ■ '
Dingman Spouted
Oil io Black Diamond
Metii.eiiist  church,    McKenzie   five.,
!.■••.    l..,-hley   Hall,      Services
e    .e.rsinp and the hearing ol
: i ipounded   are
That his death was due to the ar
■ Idental discharge of bis rille was tht
rerdicl ol the coroner's jury in the
. ise .if Orvelle Dewttl Hoar, Mr.
Hoar, with a brother and nephew was
; rospect ing on
Princess Royal   is
'   "   "■"'• •*" '' i id,  near Klekane Inlet.  His brother
i  nephew on May .'J weni over to
'   Wallace's cannery on Wark island for
•    b by  laymi
ipplles   . : el  he went  out   W ith
\  dii
The t ol the British Columbia  i,iv,.,; .
on     agriculture   terd
■••■•• ng   Bummary   of  ma
I it  Sew   Zeah
to fat mere over long
-..  the  New
da    In
■ •
■ ve   im-
■    • - •
. ,    . . .    . ..
The loans ,:•■        le on the Oral mort-
•        | • fe,r
shoot something to supply fresh
•   f.u   the larder,    lhe other two
• n   their   return   were  to   pick   him   up
r a point where he had moored his
A r    II .!."■
ines that
Rich Ore Samples
for Railway Exhibit
hurch,     Hev.     J.   W
,1      when   they  came  hack   tha     canoe
... there but he was not     In
Not  getting   any   answer to
Mondaj  at    bouts    they  thought  he    had    gone
■.I, oni and    wi nt    to    their
did   not   appear   later
•   iteil hut lie  was not
nd  nil  the nexl  day  when      (Tire
. ppell came across bl   di i d
The  Indications   were  thai   he
lipped  when  going   over a bit
Kround and    dropped     bis
ed    by    the
fall. Tl i   neal   his ankle
Will Give District
Wide Publicity
Norman S. Rankin, genera! publicity agent for the department of natural resources of the Canadian Pacific railway company has written to
T. Kilpatrick, thanking him for the
description of the Revelstoke national park sent him last wick. Mr.
Rankin says:
"I am extremely obliged foi your
letter    of    May      22,    giving   me    so
I romptly    description of the   Revel
stoke national park, together with
IS views which are excellent, and
which I hope will brim: much publicity' to the district. 1 am sure that
Thc Traffic department would work in
some of the side trip matter you suggest. ,,nd   if yon  care to supply  it to
me with photographs, I will forward
same   with a       personal   letter   to   the
General Publicity Agent ,.t bead-
Drunken Man Gets
Bullet in Leg
Located on main  line     Grand Trunk
1 acilic nnd Pacific Great Kastern rail-
mans.    Navigation    in     three directions.   Big     commissions.   Knay     t»
.sell.     Extensive     advertising     campaign.    Prospects  sent  agents.   Writ»
today for exclusive agency.  PAOIF115
aids St., Vancouver, R.C.    .M30 pd.
RELIABLE DAIRY Wants orders for
6 gallon for more) shipments of
fresh milk. Middlemass Uroa, Arrow Lukes, 11.C. Jti.pd.
WANTED—Boy to learn printing
trade. Good opportunities. Apply Mail-Herald.
REQUIRED ~ Furnished house bj
June 2llth. Apply Mrs. Marshall,
Hox  713,  phone   in. M..*!0pd.2t.
FOR RENT—June 1, modern houae on
First. street. Apply Revelstoke
General  Agencies,  Ltd. t.f.n.p.
WANTED- Good strong girl for
house work (German preferred).
Good wages to right party. Apply Mrs. R, A. Upper.    SI.802t.np.
'• •        .nil be
Dldtime Reminiscences
at Methodist Reunion
it n
if eai  ■
lar hack   as
es,    R     11   ■■ C    ft
t   Llndmark,   made
Early this morning Norman Fraser
was trying the doors In the business
part ni the city, apparently with the
intention of    effecting    an entrance.
One of the doors was thai Ol D. Mac-
phcrson's shooting gallery and Mr.
Macphcrson tired, the bullet from ,i
'.'J rille entering Eraser's b g. Preset
was Inter arrested. This morning ho
appeared   in   the   police  court   on      'l
drunk and disorderly charge and was
remanded hy Police Magistrate Hamilton who afterwards extracted thi*
bullet  at. the hospital.
When Ralph Sing woke up yesterday he found that a Pair of punts
that   he'   bad   washed   and   bung   up  t>1
dry had disappeared,   lie afterwards
met   Mike   Zidik   and   recognized     the
trousers   Zidik   was   wearing   us     his.
As  Zidik   refused  to  restore  the clo-
f    this   italaph told   the   poller and Zidik
nas    arrested    by Constable Terry,
h     the   Tines  mi.i ning  be  was tined  S2.">     and
. .i ihat it would  costs or 30 days by Police Magistrate
for    him     to ' Hamilton.
el   with  suicidal
City Goes Oil Mad and Police Are.
Needed to Keep the Would-
Be Investors in Order
Stock  of Company Which Made-
Strike Advances from $12.50
to $200 and Still Soars
C I!   Macdonald has
'■I r the
'    * '■'!  the loans   ,,., .   ■ . ),,,.,,   ,,,,,   boftr(j   ,lf
; re ufi ti.i" ;er  cent  ■•( the value of   intern:    I
the property, Including the improve-  rtructed r- • the Canadlai   Pacific
ments for which  money is being  bor    ' '>"'      U,"'""r   "'"'"   " "eh  brongl
rowed.  The   tommlssioner.    ren,„re Xvu'ni   m"'" *'"    IT"" '"""  "     m 'h,',u'
pltcbblend, the mineral  fr.,,,,    which  chord In the hearts id   and
the strict      application Of a loan  to    radium   is  extracted.   The  ,,re  .       . omert,
the ; e fOl   which  it  was borrow-   from  the Big Mend. It  ie< ;,re ,.,,
ed. and give it out only ns the work      Another     sample consists of     rich   audience   would   he  collected   for   lei
progresses,    Short   term   loans       are
supplied   by  the  banks.   The  impetus
looking gold quarts obtained     "niy   rice on a    Sunday out of tbe hotels
eleven milei north ol Revelstoke, .;  lores'     when religious s«
• n refill
earn i   an ■- <pei t
I  prospect  ■      He   had
;. ei,.ieie   tout nlquel above
lund  and bad  strolled  ..  long
■ uh at  bad
ippened before exba
Me  leaves a   wife and   Bvi   children
In t nice,   Wash    riftw n   .• an     ago
i well know n In Revelstoke nnd
either   Intel ior   point bl      • i   was   n
i     employee   In     iMponslble
rapacity for the 0   P   it    He owned
"Another company   that  haa    been
doing a tremendous business the laat
few days is tbe Prudential Oil     and
(las company, limited, capital *1 ,WI0-
oilii, nnd     bead oilice at, "04a Centre
street.        This    company,    which    i»
officered by some of fbe beat known
men in Calgary, has sold an Immense
number oi its shares at par, $1, and
lias Biitticient, funds in hand now    to
assure  thorough  prospecting  and  d-a-
vclojiment of     its     ntimetous  leases
which  arc scattered  throughout    the
heart of the oil district.     The hold-
inga lie in the     Oeorgcson Held,    the
I Hrooks Held and the Mowhray-Berke-
FiiU  HKNT   Furnished  boUM (or  few , ,.y  fleW ug we„  a8 th)J okttokR    (]JB_
months,   H. McKenzie, Enquire   ol
.1    lleck. at.J.3,  n.p.
LOST   Female   tan   and   white bull i
terrier,   Return to Mis. Butler, IU
Pourtb street. lt.SOM.D.p,
Foil   RENT—Furnished room for JS
a  month.    Apply W.R.  Mail Herald.
P.  McAllister has supplied a Sample were held  In the log ho,is.
to agriculture has     been  tremendona   of talc from  Hope     mountain     It   I.  „s on the hrow of  the hill  go,, '   '.","""'   ''"'T     '"    ,N"rU,"n
While Canada  was coming near to   a   from  tbis     thai   talcum   powder       || ,.,  old   town;   'lee,.   Rev    .(,,„„., Tn, „ ,.,.'.,.".'.'„'' .  ''I"™*''1/"
standstill  in agricultural  production.   ""'lU' "ml there Is said to he a  Whole
mi supplies of live stock have  aetu     '"""n,ili"   '""  ""*   mineral   to   be seen.
It   is  worth S<0
sjiend   this   summer
redd quarts.
pi'.spertlng     for
ally decreased,      in  thc Inst  eighteen
years New Zealand haa Increnaed land   s«mp]P  |R  of  iron      pyrltea
under cultivation  from 2} acres   per  from thc same locality.
er,  fumed  through  nil  the  Kootenay*
and   the  Interior, shepherded   the  first
a ton   i New Tort |Methodist  cause,   in  this connection |
The  Organising   meeting  ol  the   Sy
for  Special  recognition  aa having    so'u r     Arm     District   Farmers'     In-
and  17 s ton In  Revelstoke. r   Mrs.   Rickey could   not   hnl   ,„„ie    In
FOR RKNT -Small (urnished house.
Immediate possession. Apply to
the Revelstoke Oeceral Agencies,
Ltd. t.f. n.p.
einii forwarded   the first beginnings eUHute is hilled tot June -".
C.olden opportunity for hustler. Sell
WtM/>W RlVKR. British Columbia,
Townalte Lots and Acreage. Coal,
Gold, Timber, Agricultural InndB and
raterpowcr     immediately    available.
Now is your chance to get In on
one of the beat propositions ln the
Calgary  oil  field.
Oil Stocks Bought and Sold
Next to Star Theatre, Revclstokejr
,_Mines       Timber       Real Estate RATTTUUY,   MAY  HO,  1011.
tage Fir:
Salmon Arm Will Play
Revelstoke Wednesday
The Moral Effect
gf Athletics
ham (captain), Q, Miller, .1. Maley,
F. H. Bourne, 0, M. Field, w.
Iriar, F. Hinds, R. Dabell, I.. \Y.
Wood, 0. Hartley, H. ,1. Parker, Q.
Cartwright,   A.   [■',.   Ilavey,   O.Q. War
McDonell Wins Coat
at Sicamous Shoot
At the Sicamous trap shoot on
Monday A.d. McDonell was high gun
breaking 19 out of 26 birds and winning  a  handsome  shooting Coat.
The following is the offlolal Hat of
prlM winners at the Sicamous regatta:
Long distance race.—I, L. H. Congreve, cup, which is now the property
of Mr. Congreve with two consecutive wins. -', 11. A. Drown, military
I,rushes. 3, W. K. Finliiyson, Hash -
Ten mile open.—L, H. Congreve,
cup; 2. H. A. Brown, meerschaum
pipe; :'., M.A. Gillis, mulriple battery
4, Abbott and Black five gals. I'olor-
Rowing race.—1, J. W.
Stetson .hat*. -', R. Kendall,
i. T. Gregory, 2."> cigars.
Swimming race.— I, R
safety razor; 2, (1. B. Gardner, shuv
The tirst cricket match of the seus-
n will  he  played  on  the  Revelstoke j 'This article Ib     merely a few aug
grounds on Wednesday,  dune A When  KCatlons showing how good or     bai
Hie    Salmon      \rm und    RevelBtoke  tralta In character can be developed
teams  will  meet.    Salmon   Arm      ul-   [n athletics,
vwi.va has a strong team and a good [,\,r example, you may beiplaying
game is expected. The Revelstoke tennis, and your opponent has retrain   will be selected from F.  Fleet-   turned  the  bull,  which strikes      the
lark half of your line. 1 believe thc
rules state that if the hall touches
the line it isa good hull and is considered in play. In this particular
Instance you full to ret inn the hull
and according to the rule the point
goes to your opponent. This is supposed to he a friendly gume and you
are therefore acting as your own
umpire, Your opponent does not
i-now whether the ball hit inside, on
nr over the line, and he unite naturally asks you if it. was a good hall
or not. Now, what will determine
your reply, will the amount of Latin
you know, or law, or history determine your answer'.' No, character
alone will determine whether you are
honest enough to tell the truth.
, If you yield to temptation and say
the ball struck outside tlie line then
you are worse for having played that
game. If on the other hand you are
I onest enough to Bay the ball struck
outside then you are a better person
for having played that game.
I Again, you may bea busehull player. It ia your turn to but and you
succeed in hitting the ball fur out to
left field on a high liy. There may
he but one umpire, und he is busy
watching the hall, he is not looking
at tirst or second base. As a buse
runner are you going to .touch tirst
base or cut it?
What will determine     your action*.'
Will   your   hutting average,   or your
Business Men Easy
For Fire Hall Team
Last evening thc Fire hall clashed
with the Businessmen. Some strong
hits were made according to thc acora
IS to 5 in fuvor of the tire ball. Now
that the league games have com
'neiii'.il, every captain will bavo bis
team out for practice, ao that the
spectators can look forward to
watch the best amateur hull.
on Monday evening commencing at
0:80 the Businessmen play the c.i'.R.
Batteries last night were, Fire hall
Burridge and Bruce; businessmen,
Corson ami Young.
Hay Winner of
Billiard Tournament
The billiard tournament closed on
Thursday night, when the bye was
played on between Paul Smnson and
.1. L. Hay, the latter being the winner. Mr. Hay selected us his prize
one of the  hest tennis rackets avail-
Samples of Oil Taken
(Continued from 1'age One.)
;.n cigars
ing mirror;     3, T.  Gregory, thermos
a   ability  to steal  bases determine whe-
handicap.—1, 1.. 11. Oon-
J, M. A. Gillis. safely
Gregory, live gallons of
F. Harrison, 50 cigars
Five mile
greve, cup;
razor; A, T
Folorlne; I,
Ladies' rowing race.—I, Miss Tan
queray, lot) tba. Hour; *., Mrs. M.
Field, *'Ibs. tea.
Five     imie ..pen.—1,.  H.  Congreve,
Club 2j mile race—1, H. A. Brown,
silver  and   L-lass   berry   dish;    2,    T.
Iregory, l1"1 lbs. Hour; 3, F. Gregory
collapsible     drinking cup;     I, Vi.  K.
Finlayson, ham.
Greasy pole.—T.  Gregory, ham.
Secretary Thomson of the Y.M.C.A.
arrived home from Vernon on Friday
eight.   The Canadian council selected
him as one of the secretaries to as
-,st   in  carrying     on the association  y°ur opponent a dig ...the ribs when
ther you cut lirst base or not. No,
character alone will prompt you to
action in this us in every other case
l I do not know of anything In base-
1 all rules that gives a runner right to
rut any base, therefore to cut a base
is a deliberate breaking of rules, and
a violation of an agreement entered
into with the other team that you
would play the gume according to
the rules, und 1 want to add right
here that a hnserunucr that cuts any
luae, cuts more out of his character
than he does out of the infield. There
| is altogether a feeling that it is foxy
j to cut liases. Some runners are deliberately coached to do bo at every
possible chance, such u coacber is a
menace to clean baseball and should
I e eliminated.
Basketball oilers a greut opportunity for a tilayer to play the game
like a man or like a knave.   Planting
the referee is not looking will lead
you to take a business advantage of
your fellowmen  in  later  life.
The mental process which work out
dishonorable acts in athletic competition, are exactly like those which
work out dishonorable deals in business and politics. The dishonest
athlete is an undesirable citizen, direr had leadership athletics can do
much harm, athletics under good
leadership can he of untold value.   There  is  no activity so attrac -
AMERICAN TOURNAMKNT  tive t0 mc" und boyB as athletlcs.
There is a story told of an old man
that used to go about with a lantern
looking for an honest man. In these
days of corruption and evil in general thc honest man is much sought after. Of Biich men there ure not too
many. There ia a greut need in every phase of human activity for men
who will neither tell or act a lie,who
will not steal in any form, men with
high ideals, und with a pronounced
'sense of honor.
There were recently turned loose at, it was nearing the close of a tight
White lake by D.B. Mitchell and the Kame with the, Giants and a team
Tappen hatchery stall, laO.IMtO land- that was pushing them hard for first
locked salmon. These are considered place in the pennant race, the pitch-
specially sporty fish, and in a year or er for thc Giants waa in a hole and
two White lake should become a ren-   all in,     and could not seem to       be
work nt thc military camp. Tlie
program consisted of musical enter-
'ainments, lectures, talks, and relig-
lOUi services; also canteen, supplied
with all kinds of soft drinks, homemade pies, ice cream, ban, sandwiches ..ml candies. Writing materials
and reading matter were supplied free
for the use of the militia and hun
In'Is of letters were written nnd
mailed to all parts of the world.
The membership of the tennis club
1 us been steadily increasing, so much
so that the club proposes holding a
series of American tournaments for
members only, thc first to be held on
Wednesday, June .'1. Thc club bas
three beautifully kept courts.
ilevous for fishermen.
The Okanagnn Telephone company's
gang under the foremanahlp of E.G.
Webster, are pushing work on the
various extensions. Part of the crew
iB now working on the Canoe line,
nnd work on this extension is also
teing rushed.
+ .*. + + -* *• ■*- -*» 4- +■*-+ ■♦■ ♦ ■♦■
+    B.C.I.   LEAGUE   STANDING    -*-
4>   ♦
•* The  standing  of  thc tenniB -»-
•4- in  the  R.C.I.  League follow: -♦-
+ Won I,oat -f
^-    Kclownn     'A 2 -♦•
-♦-    Kamloops   4 ' ♦
'-♦-    Revelstoke     2 3 +
-f    Vernon       1 *• +-
* -*. ■♦•  ♦-►-♦•  + + +  ♦ ♦ ♦ -*  **■♦
uble to get out, and it was at this
critical stage of the game that Christy Matthew-son was sent for. There
is $1,01)0 in it for you if you will finish the game Christy. Instantly that
man of honor answered, I would not
rut on a uniform today for any price
because I promised the best friend I
ever had, my own mother, that I
would not play professional baseball
en Sunday. I do not break promises
that I make to my mother. Again
the Giants nnd Chicago White Sox
were touring the world, in their series of exhibition baseball games. The
Kansas city fans were very anxious
to sec Mntthewson. Great wiih their
disappointment, when thc manager
of tli* Ginnta announced that the
tcterun pitcher never pitched on Sun-
t'a' I, and he never went on thc diamond i 'i Sundays. Mntthewson, the
man that  is    considered  the  greatest
an oil can with the natural gas. Od
being lighted the gas hurned steadily
lor  15 minutes.
G. S. McCarter reports thnt thc '
people of Nelson are deeply Interest- '
ed In the discovery and anxious to '
join in any undertaking for its de- I
A, B, Collett has staked 12 miles
of "il land near Merritt in the Vicinity   of   Key   lake.
After staking the deposit Mr. Collett in company With R. Gillespie of
Vernon, brought In with them samples which after analysis have proved  to he good oil.
Y.r. Gilllespie after examining the
discovery said: "It is dilbcult to believe that such a good thing could
have been lying so close to our door
without having been discovered before, but seeing is believing and on I
visiting the discovery one cannot but j
acknowledge that the material is
there in  great quantities."
It is known among old timers in
the valley that the Indiana have
known ol the existence of crude oil
in the valley for years, hut its source
has so far never been traced.
As soon as sufficient cupitui has
been secured, arrangements will be
made to install testing and drilling
machinery when it will then be ascertained as far as, possible, what the
quantity is.
Dr. Dawson in his recent geological
teports states that here arc sure indications of big bodies of petroleum,
etc., in the region round Merritt; old
timers too have told of using oil and
gas Found in that district.
A good deal of attention is being
given to the Investigation of the oil
prospects of the Flathead valley, ia
South Kootenay. Two new syndicates
have entered the field and propose
drilling for oil. The Royal Canadian
Oil company expects to assume work
. n Akamlna brook next month, its
i rilling rig being In ph.ee and ready
for a start. The Peerless Oil company of Vancouver proposes to begin
work next month. Another company
will operate on the Kishenehna. The
Sage Creek Oil company of Kumloops
will also start. Oil hus been found
north, south and east of the Flathead
though not yet proved in paying
Ralph Arnold, who is considered
one of the highest authorities on oil
on the continent, will arrive next
month to begin his investigation of
I the section, and future development
will largely depend on his report. The.
discovery of oil at Black Diamond,
Alta., is stimulating a desire to
prospect the British Columbia side of
the divide, where admittedly favor-
sble prospects are obtainable.
Arrangements  are  being   made    by
British capitnl  to put down    several
| wells to test the possibilities of   the
Fraaer valley for oil.
I    Some California oil men are   look
! irg  into the possibilities of drilling
for oil in the Fraser valley.
i pitcher of his day in fact the greatest pitcher baseball has ever had, is
a magnificient specimen of the perfect athlete, a glorioua example     of
j what clean living will do, the great
weilder of the baffling fade-away la a
college graduate, a member of the Y.
M.C.A. His admiration for the
church nnd its work, causes him always to refuse to play baseball ' on
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke s Departmental  Store
Ladies' Waists
Two new lots of Ladies' Waists, quite
remarkable  values,   consisting  of  Balkans,
Sailors, Middies and a lot of the new soft
voile with open neck. The workmanship
and finish are of a quality that appeals to the
critical buyer.    Two lots,  j-piece	
$1.35 and $1.90
Ladies' Skirts
Any woman who has the notion that a
smartly draped skirt must he expensive
should ask to see the new loi that we have.
All the new ideas and cloths from	
$3.90 to $10
Children's Wash Dresses
A sample  lot of Children's   White   Wash
Dresses,   lit girls   from   i   to   io  years.     A j
wonderful   nice  lot—no  two  alike—and   all |
beauties.     Special  j
Boys' Wash Suits
About 500 Hoys' Wash Suits have come
into our hands at a good reduction on regular
prices. To fit boys r to 8 years. All the
newest styles the market afiords grouped in
these lots at	
90c, $1.35, .$1:90
These are Underskirt days.
The makers of the Queen quality Silk
Underskirt advise us that they have addressed
a letter to every lady in Revelstoke. We
have a lot of these famous Silk Skirts and
they are on sale now at	
A mixed lot of Skirts at $1.90 and a  line of
Satin Skirts, i>uc.
New Goods
New Frillings, New Collars, New Laces,
New Embroideries, New Hose. New Gloves.
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dept.
The OLUS Shirt
For  M
Made for men who appreciate comfort.
The man who wears a belt but no suspenders will surely welcome the shirt which
does not slip up and sag. The shirt which
has no tail.
A wide variety of patterns and styles.
Prices, $1.75, $2, $2.50. $3.50 and $4.
HIP-GRIP Trousers
They grip the hip at the sides; no uncomfortable folds under the belt at the
back and front. Your belt is an ornament
and is not necessary to keep the trousers
up.   They come in _	
Plain Gray Worsted at $5 a pair.
Gray Flannels at $5 a pair.
White Flannels at $7.50 a pair.
In our Grocery Department you can get anything you may require in Suple or Fancy
Groceries. We are making a specialty oi Summer Gocds just now and have some fine
lines for picnics and camping parties. All our goods are new and fresh and the best quality
we can buy. In tinned fruits nothing can touch our line of Hunt's California fruits. In
Pickles we have Crosse & Blackwell's and Heinz. The names of these two firms are a
guarantee of quality. For your breakfast in camp you will need either Swift's Premium
Ham or Bacon—it's impossible to get anything better. Does this windy weather leave lots
of dust in your house ? Try Dustbane when sweeping and see how much easier it is.
If the flies bother you we can supply you with Wilson's Fly Pads, Tanglefoot or some fly
catchers. If thc high cost of living is worrying you call in and see us and you won't need
to worry.
ONE PRICE AND QUALITY FOR EVERYONE We have just finished unpacking
a new shipment of Crockery and Glassware. Among this lot are some very pretty Rose
Vases of good quality and very cheap. A good line of drinking glasses and cheap water
jugs, also a very select line of Crown Derby and Cut Glass as well as our usual well known
stock of Dinner Sets. Any price you want. Stock patterns in white, gold and blue, and
white} Dinner Sets, and a good line of Fancy China in odd pieces. We have now a full
'ine of Limoges China. PAG! BIX
Never Too Cold
Where hoi medicinal waters are tluj most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon   Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm, Bo\i>, Prop.,  Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .    .    .
Notes from the cTHines
Roj Wethered Iihh resigned his position  with  tin' Consolidated  and hus
During tlif latter part ot last week
nearly 300 tons ol ore were shipped
iipt'nt'ii ;in office ns
at   Spokane.
mining engineer i from the Maestro mine nt. Aiinsworth,
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
R?.'.es $1.00 a Day in I U Phone 1629
Furnished Roorrs by the Day. Week or Month
Ml .    H. J. I* ■ ■ *
Steam Hta" I Thi >_ghout.      Housekeeping Suites.
Corner Vie*
and Douu
Jack Laughton, Proprie!
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Good'Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
I afe in Connection
Central Hotel
First-Class in
a 1
All Moderi
Special Week!*. Ral ••
8uita!'l*. furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Bear Wines, Liquors and
Cipars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rates.
J\    ALBERT     STONE JP_E^O_?-
Union   Hotel
A. P. LBV KSQUK, Proprittoi
• -
During the     past     your there has
been a decrease ol l.omi  in the num
bor nf prospectors' licenses Issued In
thi.s province.
it is likely that a meeting ol the
shareholders nf the Itlu Mines, ijtd.,
will be called shortly for the purpose
nf making arrangements for nn in-
crease "( the capitalization of the
/.ine shipments from the Blooan for
April tliis year amounted to 507 tons
as compared with U4 tuns for the
corresponding month last year. The
standard and the Van Rol mint's at
Fllverton wore tho principal shippers,
For tin' Mist four months i>f the
year, ending April .".ti, the Standard
mine at Sllverton shipped in crude
ere and concentrates approximately
,000 tuns, must, of which was handled al the Trail smelter. Besides a
large amount nf zinc nre and concentrates was Bhipped to Hurt iris
rille, Oklahoma,
The power dam near the mouth of
Twenty Mile creek, on the Simllka-
mi'i'n river, (or the Hedley Mining
company lias been completed. The
work was started last fall and con1
tlnued throughout the winter. The
bridge over the dam was started last
week and the ditch and flume are be-
in>; rushed, Already a large part of
this work is ready for the lumber.
The company hopes to have the power plant ready before the low water
nexl  fall.
When li. I'ark was (lown from
(ioltlhill   last,  week  lie  was  showing  a
gold nugget In a small «iass bottle,
taken, be said from Lardeau river
bedrock, There was about two dollars' worth of gold In the nugget and
with it was Borne Mark Band, that
would also appear to carry values.
Bedrock was found on a placer claim
in which Mr. Park is Interested, by
the sinking ol a shaft at a point
where the deposit of dirt and gravel
appeared to be shallow. The plan is
to investigate the bedrock by drifting from the bottom of the shaft. —
'i bai if conditions are now favor -
,iM<e in tlif district the Premier will
at once Bend a competent mining en-
■ ' nine mining propertied
■ • tb,. North fork was tbe text of a
wire received In the city yesterday
fiom Ernest Miller, member for Grand
Forks, now at \ ictorla, \ i eplj has
foi .'.mi ded statin.- t a.it c indl-
tions •  are   favorable   for
rk.   The proposed exaunl
■ ■•  ■- on  thi
Fork  by     the  provlnci il govt
.if de
: Fork camps.    I!
in :■
I        already
t fori
in  n
'     ■
il .1 •
ford  people mean* much  I
tion,   i
id zinc '.rfj
Ton I a   bece&me
rot the
pi a
of :i e.rif  ton  ' I"' trie fur
i ice, i"it  .■ hei "■' the      piInciplea
r\ ill   wm k   otlt   in ii   t''ii   ton      '
rematni to In seen It li si i ted th ti
i a t.he strength ol tbe posslbtlll, ol
the carrying oul of tin- elect rlo smri
i ing experiments at Trail, an •■ irti i n
mining concern has made an offer to
(i Nelson min of 175,000 for a prop
ert.y ho owns in t.he Lardeau and
whir.li carries i large proportion of
its mineral values In tbe ihape 'if
/inc. -Kasio Kootenaian,
The Slocan Star mine at. Sandon is
looking well, according to late ro-
lorts, and fiO men are being employed on tho property.
II   has  I i   reported  that a shoot
of zinc ore six feet wide has been
found in the U.S. mine in the .lack-
son  basin,  iu  the Slocan.
The Hewitt   mill has been running
steadily for a couple of weeks, audi
it is said, is saving over U5 per cent
of  tho  values  in the  ore.  If  this  is so
of the process, many proportles which
heretofore could not bo worked at a
profit, "ill become paying concerns.■-
Blocan  Record.
Free milling gold  ore showing tho
i i'ii I tiling without tho aid of a ina^-
l.ifyiiu;   glass   has   been   discovered     iii
a ii foot ledge iii the Coqulhalla pass.
The discoverers are prospectors
Thompson and   Merrick, and    Oapt,
Hlytli   L,   Cleaves   and   Frank       Fritz
I ave staked extensions,
A Lethbrldge dospatch to the Oal-
garj Herald says that twenty or
more students from the mining school
of McGlll university on their regular
annual jaunt to tlie mining districts
of Canada, have been in Hint city.
Dr. .LU. Porter, bead of the depart
ment of mining of McGlll, is in charge
of the party and is accompanied by
two assistants, I'rofessor ,1. M, Bell
and C.M.B. Cooper. The Btudents
visited  number si\ shaft of the dealt
Collieries, The party   spent   sev
eral days visiting the mines in the
1 ass, at I 'olt'inan, Fr ink, Blalrmore,
Kimberley.      Nelson     and    Rossland.
Hon, Hugh Armstrong, of Winnipeg, does not appear to advantage
in the circulars to which his name
was attached In connection with the
financing of the Lucky Jim mine.
Bo ■ t Ime ago a syndicate, with
which Mr. Armstrong was connected,
w.i- organized In Winnipeg to Bpecu
late iu Lucky Jim shares, of which
they bought up a large numbei at a
low rate iu the West. The financial
trouble of Lucky Jim arose mainly
out of this questionable transaction,
Thi companj was already grossly
over capitalized, and the new bond
Issue of s|.".n.iii:it represents probably
the full value of the propertj. Why
was the report made on tbe property
I y A.G, Larson nevei Issued to tbe
shareholders so they might know the
truth'' It would have been better to
! ave wound up tin' old company than
make the mine the subject ol I
led  financial  jugglery under which it
i intuit  possibly i perated witb fin
."iicial success,   Mining  It", ord,
A decided economy in fuel consumption is
effected by using nickelled steel in
oven. It attracts and horns the
heat far better than most oven
materials. See the McClary dealer.
Sold by Bourne Bros., Ltd.
for aarden and farm ore best
tor IS.C soil  Setf Cut.doou.- for
solid tftiur.uitoi' of purity
and germination
Send now for Copy free
Sutton SScns.Th* Kind's Sosdmon
R • —i d i n^ **_ n/f land
A. J.Wo o d w a r d
Victoria      &       vaneouvor
»IS rorC  Sl\ 617 Grnnv.llo St
Civii EQnglneei
Dominion and B. C. Land
Bui vcyors and Goutractoi i
I'.   'I.   BOX  :M7,   Kamloops,   B,  C.
Branch Office- Watson Henity Co.
Kill.AND   (*,.   IIARCW
13. 0. Land Surveyor
Office, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware illcck
'. .-.^    ■
ti ■ ■■:
e.:    '
"Twelve Storleiol Solid Comfort"
In tlio centra ui' thlnicj—tin' tn <
and stares or. butlmhh -.   Ilulltllnn
lllieillll.'lj   I'll, .pa,I,I      , e.Ue  |,.|,... i,  ,|
nml marble.
V, i'.h Hnl lis - S2 pet il.ij up
ii'.ir Rugs Mounted. Purs clei
and Dressed.
35 Second Street, Kevelstoke,B.C.
Accountant and Auditor
Collections and Adjustments
Otliee   Taylor lllock
Office Phone .!-"'. Kes. Phone 303
A.hi   tueiiicnU,   Catalogues,  Folder;
Circulars,   written  and  designed.
Sales   Organised
0.    B,    N.    WILKIE
i ifflce   Lawrence Hardware Wock
W.  11.   WALLACE,    .U.Li C.8 \.
lie ix 208 Teleph me
Revelstoke,     .  C.
15  A.F
LODGE,    No.
und  A.  M.
Regular    .Meet ugs    are    held    in
New   .Masonic   Hall  on  the  Third
Monday in each mouth at 8  ;, m
Visltini      liruthren    ure    coiaiali?
wolcon ■■
v. W.tkk BEWS,  W. M.
■I'*1".    GORDON,    Secret..: -
Until He Took GIN PILLS
Buffalo, N. V.
"I have !>een a Pullman conductor on
the C. 1". R. ati'l Michigan Central lor
the last three years.
About lour yeirs ago, I was laid up
tvitb intense pain iu the groin, s very
sore hack, aud sutTereil most severely
when I tried to urinate.
I trt'.itnl with my family pbysii ian
ior two months for Gravel In The
Bl idder but did not receive any benefit,
About that uni", i met another railroad
nam uh" had been similar!, affected
■nd whi been  ured by GIN PILLS,
11' ng been ^iven up by a pro.
minenl im   •• h i t:e.ite.l him for
• i i'.".-.     li' is now running on the
roael and is perfectly cured,   He strongly
GIN   l'i 1.1,S which  I
li '■      '• ith the results th.it the pains left
me entirely."
igaiidChemical     l\UU I LlNA I  AuLINULo, Ltd.
Without the advice of an expert is
rather  risky  bUBineBB.    And  it is very
costly to make
Whj not let us sl mv you some
ht'iisfs that, we know are all right.
It    is    OUT   business   to  know    things
about propert] which you might
i ever Bnd oul till too late, We offer
our services treelj    We know we can
s.tv.e   vou   both   ti   and   money.    We
done it f.u pientj of others,
C. W. o. w.
Mountain View Camp No. JJ'.1
Mcel Second ami Fourth
Monday In each month in
Selkirk Mall Visiting Wood
men in c irdially Invited to
a; '.'inl.
H.    W.  Kin1, UtDS,  Clerk.
COL'RT    MT.    BEGBIE No. 34C1
OK I. O. t
Meets in Be, Francis Lodge Room
every   Sec .nd  and  Pol .'th  Monday
in month      vi; ting brethren are
cordlully  welcomed.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT    Rec.-Sec.
.  mited, l oronto.
A. E, Kincaid, Manager.
Bruins Iii Builders' Supplies
N'otlce i- hereby given thai  1 will,
s| ;u  on the  16th day of June, I'.'M, at the
I ..ni   of   I"' '.n  a.m..      at   the      Court
House,  in the City of Revelstoke,  B.
rite fm im w   Mi, .i i tied Oats
I rom   nianufacl met    in  consumer
• '      ••II..t Minus  SIlV
ing on   Windows,   Donrs,  Mould
'f     Hnl Id Ing   Papei
Hell    K"    e I   , I , | ll ,1 | ■■ 1,1 ||
III ' fl   I  I   'i   III        Sole 1 !,,■,,. pi |{ .
I'.IIH   I       lllelll
dn ot   oil
■' 11 ■    panel   ' 1 < .■ • i     foi   dai k
^t.iui ni dhIiiI ||   ,o
Window     l-'l'illne. %\  .ill
i„K,,   Ft i » sim,  C.,   "Her  for  Hale   hy  Public  Auction
,,■     ,,.,      ,   ,     ,     I    , nt an upset  price,  the following Gov-
KieryOoiitf in stork   loi   Immediate ..     _,
hlproent     We sell to anyone    ship ernmen*!   Lo!     In    the Townslte     of
niy»i"ie Gerrard, being part, ol Lot No. 5704,
Og.        District   "(   West   Kootenay.
Lltt  of  Lots.
Lots 11 and  12, Block  I.
Lots i to 18, Block S.
Lots I, fi, 7, x and 9, Block  t.
Payment of lot? sold may be made,
i ne fourth at time ol sale, and the
I al.nice in one. two nnd three years,
with Interest on deferred payments
ut the rate of six per cent, per annum.
Dated at  Bevelitolw,  n.  c,    tbis
llth  tiny   of  May,   I'M I,
June 16 Oievrriimcnt Agent.
Meet t every Second and Fourth
Tuesday in the Selk'rk Hall.
Visiting "•-tluea cordially in-
H. L. HAUG, Secretary.
I. O. U. F.
Meets ev. i v   Thursday  evening lu
Selkirk  Hall  at  B  o'clock.  Visiting  brethren cordially invited.
JAMEE   MATII1K, Secret try.
A. IJ. Gushing
sllli PoWel SI I tei
*\ unci
i   n 0
Me ll.-
rnlitlni fin leer Women,  y- n imi er IhrMfor
|lu,  Ho.a at all tinig HI   nr nulM to any
idttffMon n-'.-ti i..i prlee     i ie,. g n.1. iiRta
PH0SPH0N0L FOR MEN. K\.:,";;.;
.'iteiiltv;iter N'T'" n-oi Rraln; Inereaact"grev
l 'tier";fl TOnlC    IVtll bllllll ) III Up, . 1 ii I.OT. ,,
• fot ej\ at 'Ini [ «' ...... . r 'it   tn ill     'It
if price*,     , ,  H bo, :   ,   . I,,,, ,, , .,     ,t   ,   ,|htrj||
Meets every Wednesday
event g nt Sk., In SeUirk
Hall. Visltine- brothers
cordially Invited.
McKENZIE   1372
Court Mee*    in    Foresters    Hall,
over  Smythe's   Pool  Room  First
and    Third   V'dnesdays   at    8:30
G. D. SHAW, C. R.
A.   H.  MARCHANT,  Rec.-Sec.
Transfer     Draying
H.andling Pianos a Specialty
F»hone 42   -   Night Phone85
,« SATURDAY,   MAY 80,  1914.
io tlie Province
Fire which broke out last Tuesday
destroyed the shingle mill, lumber
'i ill and a quantity of lumber belonging to the Royal City Lumber and
shingle company at New Westminster
ine loss is estimated at $8,001),
mostly covered hy insurance.
Hon. Martin Uurrell lias reorganized the dairy and cold storage branch
and has raised the fruit division of
it to the status of a separate branch
under a commissioner, for which position Hon Johnson of Forest, Out.,
has been selected, J.A. Huddled remains as commissioner concerned
with all matters dealing with dairying  and  cold   storage.
Hugh  Chrlsbolm,  aged  28,  a   miner,
Who was taken to the Kaslo hospital
two days ago,   left the hospital  with-
i ut permission ami went to his mine
at.  Six-mile and took a string     and
j tied a stici'  of dynamite about    his
i head.   Me  exploded  it and  died     instantly.    He   had    worked  all  winter
j at the Bluebell  mine and never     before gave indication of having an ill-
I a la need  mind.
The steamer "Honnington," on the
1 Arrow  lakes had her rudder torn off
(n Tuesday, after which she drifted
i on to the wharf and lost the blades
of the stern wheel.
Ilr. Scharschmidt, travelling secretary of the Uritish Columbia Conservative Association, has returned
from a lengthy tour of the interior of
the province, which embraced all the
northern portion of the Cariboo district, including Fort Fraser, Nechaco
McBride and other points. At the
I laces named there are strong local
< rgani/.utions, antl the Prince George
•association has just come into being
It is proposed that, the three associations shall select a central executive
for that district. The northern part
i'I the Cariboo, which will probably
he a separate electoral district he-
fore the next provincial campaign,
will comprise the territori adjacent,
lo the main line of tbe Grand Trunk
Pacific railway from Tete Jaune
Cache to Port Fraser, the southern
boundary of the district being in the
vicinity of Blackwater.
The best WAX to buy is
It's real English.    Get a sample
Sole local agents -LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO., Ltd.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer ind Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
for the' bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
reouire<l ill votir lutstneBB.
JT f)      t fi
\ r:$'A/:'*»•£
i   Wa r/l    \\l •*• -a-v-
Come and look at our Triangle Sad
Irons    guaranteed for ever.
PRICE)- b LB. IRON, $3.90
Estimate* given free
A Sunday school teacher, after conducting a lesson on the story of
' Jacob's Ladder," concluded by saying: "Now is there any little girl or
1 oy who would like to ask a question
i about the lesson?"
Little  Susie looked      puzzled  for a
: moment,  antl  then  raised  her band.
A   question,      Susie'.'"    asked     the
"I would like to know," said Susie
"if the angels  had  wings,    why   did
I they have to climb up the ladder.'"
Thf  teacher  thought for some mo-
nents,  and then,  looking about    the
j class, asked:    "Is there any little boy
! who      would  like  to    answer  Susie's
question       Everybody's Magazine.
When the side of the trench in
i which he was working, preparatory
Iii tlie laying of irrigation pipe ac-
loss tbe Kettle Valley right-of-way,
en the eastern bench near Penticton,
caved on Wednesday afternoon, T.H.
Barker, a laborer employed by the K.
V.R., recicivcd injuries, which caused
lis death ahout an hour later.
When they first come, the best time to
break them up. One standard remedy—
Ayer's Chcrn/ Pectoral.
Sold for 70 years.
Ask Your Doctor.     Mj
. C.ArerCo..
.,1. «' 1.,.
Reports from all parts ol the
Kootenay and Boundary district indicate that the fruit crop this year
will be the largest in history. A
comparatively light crop last year, a
favorable winter, an early spring and
the absence of frost and other favor- j
able conditions have all contributed
to prolific bloom and reports indicate
that so much of the bloom has set
that much thinning out will have to j
be carried  out during the summer.
Extensive preparations are being
made for thf Western Canada Irrigation convention,     which will be held
, in Fenticton ln August. Among the
speakers from a distance who will be
present     and     deliver  addresses are
11'rof. Frank Adams of the university
of California,  J.   T.     Hinkle of the
j state of     Oregon    irrigation depart-
! ment, Don H. Dark of Idaho, and
many other men prominent in irrigation affairs "f western America. A
legatta will be held on the second
day  of  the  convention.
Comptroller W. Young, of tbe wat-
t r rights branch of the provincial
government, is making a trip ol in-
Bpection through tlie okanagan country. At Vernon he held a consulta -
tion with a number of property owners of Mission Hill, who are desirous
of forming a water district for irrigation purposes under the provisions
of the new act. Mr. Young promised
that the department would have    a
survey made and secure an estimate
of cost, both of a connection across
the valley witb the Grey canal and a
1 umplng system from tbe lake.
Ambulance centres are now in pro-
it ss ,.f formation in the metallifer-
t us and coal mines in Uritish Columbia. W. Michel, who was appointed
i > tlie provincial government to take
up the organisation work in this
connection, recently had a conference
«ith the executive committee of the
St, .leelin Ambulance association. Major F. C. McTavlab, honorary secretary of the ambulance society, has
received aelvice from Sir. Edward
Worthlngton, medical officer of the
1 uke of Connaught, that His Royal
Hiithness who will arrive in VancOU-
-.'' en August 31, has expressed him-
self as willing to attend a demonstra-
Word has been received from the
militia department that the organization of the Enst Kootenay Infantry
regiment of Pernio has been port-
poned for another year owing tothe
lack of funds. The building of the
armory  will also lie delayed.
"Did you come back on an ali-steel
"When the waiters and porters finished plucking me, I felt sure that it
was."—Birmingham  Age-Herald.
The spring assizes ut Fernie   havo
been  adjourned  until  June 1,     when
'in   <   i  :    ..m ..      will   be  tried  before
Mr. Justice  I a ment.
The   family   remedy   for   Coughs   and Colds.
"Shiloh costa  so   little   and docs   so much;*
TWRliVB HUNDRED ANU BTKTY TRACTS "( Bts ami len acre* each to lie cniiiteil tn prospsctbe settlers In throwing epen
Twenty Thousand Acres of Rich, Southern Georgia Land, which ia almirallv adapted te. the growing ■! rotary, -meet ami
Irish potatoes cantelounea, water melon-* oom, oats cotton, hay in tact, all staple crops ^peun in thin u irttlfl section, »" well as a large
variety of semi-tropical fruits, antl the famous Immensely profitable paper-shell pe<cans.
Providing you are eligible under tbeolasilficattoni pre.scrihed hy ns, you are now offered an excellent opportunity lu break away from
the drudgery and toll of a small wage, or working for the benefit ot Uiullonlii, and go hack to aland of plenty, to which'it granted, yon will
hold a warranty deed ami abstract,
Tbo best security on earth Is tbe earth itsolf. and land is tbe basts of all wealth Owners of productive lands
arc benefiting by tbu increasing high cost of living, while others arc suffering from it.
An Opportunity to Secure Rich. Productive Und Without Capital.
You will not ho required to leave yuur present aurrounilinRH now. All
we ask "f those to whom we grant traotH is that they plant, or arrange to
have planted, a crop nf one"-if the ahove-mentloned products within three
years, after which we will bare It operated (harvested and replanted) for
grantees, in consideration of 85 per cent, of the net protits derived from
tlie sale of the eropi, thereby allowing the grantee to pursue hi.i or her
present occupation until such time as they detertpine just what the yield
of their acres amounts to. Consider what this may mean as a aource <>f
Income, when statistics ihow that the yield "f one acre of celery amounted to >i,'2j-3.ij. and that ene acre of well>cared for paper-shell pecans, in
full bearing should net its owner as high as -"iOO.OO per year. We
are of the opinion that after it is proven by actual results obtained in
operating the land that they will need no further urging, and waste
time in locating in tli is laud of plenty. We also require grantees to occupy
the land within ten years, or sell i. in someone who will occupy it; other-
wise it reverts hack to the grantor.
The land Included in this opening is located directly on and adjoining
the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Ballroad, about 26 miles went of
Brunswick, a thriving city of tUteen thousand, and having direct steam*
ship service to Sew York and Boston, and excellent railroad transporta-
;inn facilities to all points. The average temperature for six months of
the year, from April to October, is "7 degrees; the climate is most health'
ful, aud invigorating, and there is an ample rainfall of :>d inches per year*
As we are extremely desirous of baring settlers locate on this property and assist in its development, aud thereby greatly increase the
value of surrounding and intervening property, which we will hold, and to
rnoroase the traffic along the Atlanl i- Birmingham and Atlantic i; ulroad,
un I thus facilitate the service, we feel warranted tn granting thsso tract*
to those who register with us. We also have in mind business and residence plots which we will otl'er fnr sale after the opening, but which will
not be included in it- We have "money-making afterward" con*
■adorations in this liberal-minded opening, sinilar to those of the North-
thorn Pacific and other railroads when they granted their land-, and \>»
tion of locul ambulance teams.
expect to benefit thereby, .i« wit im the ones wh<> will receive the tracts
We have also planned to develop irhal designed to be the best
equipped, must up-to-date, scientific.commercial !.>,rm aud orchard in ex-
istence. It will consist of six thousand .'ure- and will be included in thU
opening. All who register and r'-'eiw tracts will gH the benefit of the
experiments and ictenttflo methods in vogue thereon. While we are ar
rang ing to preventnver-reiristration. we will ..%< .it many disappointECfit*.
surh as occunied in "ther land >p>Miin1„-» conducted bj the l'nited Stat**«
Government and .railroad.!, h> granting thi.-- w\ register la excess t>f the
number of tracts to be granted, an interest In this cf-mmercial i arm and
orchard enterprise, in the hope that they u ..■ later locate in one of our
tOWn Site-'.
Examination of tho land will  cheerfully be permitted.
and tlie opening w ill be held atBrowntown, Wayni County, teieorjtia, one
mi th" itatlom 't the v. B. .v I  Etatlr a I, «t., t> .- located on this proper:*), and will occur as noon after regis) rati* n- ai .vrr*n»;ementt>   can ^
The presence oi those registered will not be :.• pessary at Hrowntown
on the opening day, unless they wish to ■."■ nd fi r tr.ere will be no fa**or.
itisin shown auyone. It will be conducted ! ;■ . committee Mde.-tad for
the purpose, ami those re^tered will hv notified < f wh.it they have been
granted, as soon as possible.
Witb the cvcr-incroaslng population of this country there
is no corresponding increase in the urea of land, and naturally as the population increases and seeks thc land in pursuit of bcaltb. h_,ppinos. and indap jndence, it will continue
to bc harder to secure
The prosperous and contested class In Europi today are the di seend
nits of thosa wii.' - ■ ir,-1 Ian i t-L-r-j when it * .-; ;■ ndful, « bile the de
■oeudants of those who obtained no Un I ..:■ hop the peasants and
tlavss. You must realize that thi? m iy be your last chance
to secure land in this country Without a large outlay of cap*
ltal, so It should not be necessary to ur^ .        ones b> forward
ing us tbe application for registratl ■ i .ii:. u 11 ■ tbii .^'imineement.
Nt;, WASHINGTON, I'. <•.
re ; an*-*, r- to th.- lollowin:
southern Georgia R illroad-Land Development Bureau,
Washington, D. C.
Registration Depai tment:
I hereby make application to register for Fruit anil Agricultural Kailroad Land Opening, and furnish foU with th"
Name City    . 	
State Street orH   I    !». >        ..... 	
Age Murried or.Single Widow, Widower or Orphan occupation 	
Nationality Do you own over ten acres of land In the United St.ite*                 	
If uiyapplieatimi for retjifitration is accepted,pleats send me, without obligation, furrier in i I tmplfl e        nn  tion  ..; I |   rtirulars! •ncludiiu
-nans id the land, ihowlng exact Incatitui on the Atlanta, Kirnimghara an-i Atlantic lUilroad. it- tr knspon ktloo faoUltles, Mgrii lltuntl, fruil
growing possibilities, etc.
\»ry truly yours,
Are rhe best grain insurance that you
can have against fire or damage of any
•ort. They are proof against rodents
that enaw their way into ordinary buildings and carry away the farmer's profits.
Tbey save storage charges by enabling
you to store your own grain until you can
Obtain Better Prices
Klevator,  built   of   concrete   maintain  a  dry,
even  ftinperatut*.   They cannot  rot.   rust  or
bum and require no repsiri or paint—in ihort
they are the cheapen kind oi elevston thc grain
farmer can build.
Let ut tend you tlie free Look *'Whst tht
Farmer can do with Concrete". It tell* all
aboot concsetc faraa buddings and how to hmilA
them, and abcut ioacvu ot efker things that
rhe turner can buid of concrete.
•Winers ImforatttWa lum
»■* Cmeat Cosapany limiui
S30 IksU BmiUiMt, MmIimI
Public Clamors for This Stock at 50c a Share
Tlie ilcmand for our stock continues at an unusual rate an J the balance of thc allotment made 1 day or two ago at soc
will he cleared out now in a matter of a short time if thc present Belling pace is maintained. The demand from outside
points increased yesterday and our entire force is having all it can do to cope with conditions. At the same time excellent progress is being made with the issuance of certificates.
Have no Regrets.     Buy a Few Shares Jlfotv in the
Commercial Oil and Gas Co., Limited
Our directorate is well and favorably known, not only in Cal-
Kary but in outside points. The company is organised on sound
and conservative lines and in usinn every cent of money turned in
for shares on actual development work. General expenses are
being kept down to the last notch and in evorv way the funds of
our suhscrihers are lieing wisely and carefully administered.
Our property consists of approximately ~>ami aorei situated close
to the OitiKinan, Mowbray-Hi'ikeley, Dome Oil Co. and Phillip-
Klliott Groups and is fully «s promising a formation in the e«ti-
mation of experts aa those of any of tho companies mentioned.
Our Directors
14. T. D. Aitken, Harrister-at-I^w, Calgary; Frederick A. Kil-
bouro, Broker, Calgary; J. 8. .McCainmon. Broker, Calgary; H.
II. Rogers, Broker, Calgary; F. L. Ha.«z_rd, M. D., Calgary; Wal-
ter S. Newton, Broker Calgary; William Hackney, M. D„ Calgary, and F. T. Wright, Broker, Calgary.
Get Your Order in Wow While the Price is 50c Only.
Thll issue will be gone vety Kliortly and the price will advance steadily toward the point where the stock will be taken off the market. You
need have no fear of taking Hock iu this company, Development will be the keynote and every move is mnde onlv after careful, sane consideration, _      , .,   _,
Send Vt This Coupon With Your Payment To-day
Commercial Oil and Gas Co., Limited, 70t* Centre Street
Cali my.
'.".e_" —.       .    .shares of your capital stock at
for same.
Commercial Oil and Gas Co. Ltd.
700a Centre Street, OALGAKV, ALTA.
Rogen \ Wright, Fiscal Agents.
Please al.     ,nC. —snares
50c a share.    I enclose  to pay for
Phone 118900
SATURDAY,  MAY  30,   1911.
AROUND Tlif (11Y
"     E. Lovan of Vancouver, was ut tha
'  Hotel Revelstoke yesterd 15
I. Hale ol Calgary, ta among    the
guests nt  the'  Hotel  Revelstoke
Geo. A. Cushlng of Calgary, is registered ut the Hotel  Revelstoke.
W. H.  Jones ol Nelson,  la in town
.-• lying at the Hotel Revelstoke
T. Kilpatrick left yesterday tor   a
visit ol .1 lew days to the coast.
The board of trade will meet   next
Thursday  evening In  the city  hall,
D. Roy Cameron,  Ins • ir "f for
,--t reserves, Is at the Hotel Revel-
st ike,
£,  n   Cottrell  Inspect ir of dlspat
•■■ era  tor  the  Canadl 1      ' clBc  rail-
>.i ,v is at the Hotel Rev ■ stoke,
• '11 Thursday mornln 1 ■■ beri  Ken-
it .lv was convicted ol   I noi lerly con-
: . t  and  released  01 • tded  Ben
Swan   Carlson  baa        1 I  hla cow 1
.  by  the  Babcock  tester,     The
1 rerage ol the herd •■•■ is l.*J per cent
. •  butter.
W. Taylor, a vagrant    > is allowed
t-\ ■, hours tn leave tov a   ij     Police
Magistrate     Hamilton     >ti Thursday
Hon. Thomas Tayloi in Ive In
Ri' ilstoke on Saturday night        He
Is expected ti 1 !>>■ lu to * wo or
'■■ days,
R   H.  Campbell,   director of tores-
try  for the   Dominion,  is :n  tlie city
iflictal     business,  ata    ig    I  the
tei  Revelstoke.
James, Evans, chief Are ranger of
mon \ii'. is in town to
[er with R.  11. C tm] bell   director
■ • forestrj for the Di  ■
Dr. R. H.  Kerr of V'ancout ir,  is at
I ,■ '.I   Kevelstuke.    |i"    Kerr    lias
' barge   ol     the    ' medic tl    work ior
ira Foley, Welch an i 3tuart
Norman Fraser nf N •■ -    form
erly chief despatchei   loi   tl ■ Canad-
Pactfic     railway at Nelson and
east,,].,.. ta in tow:;     He is a guest
at the Hotel Revelsi
ck    results are
a -.nt    ails  111   the   Mail H 11 tl !.    Miss
K   Podanj  of C 'aigell in-
- ■ ted a wai ' i Mall-l ierald
rites,   "Please   withdraw  advertise
ment.   Place found Srst   Inser
■ lonstable  Tei ry wl Mi
ronald, convicted    ■■  I     I the
on, to Kai Tu 'sd ij
w here he will serve a s
ed    •
Thursday,    v.hi e  in   •■*. n      ips hi    I
led    the    grand
...    ,  pi.
F   E   Ti 1 " ■•  in, pi
the  1 'unadi 1     • rail-
who «.e-       Reve •■ ■   ■ with the
••'.-:. 1
w;!l  return  to
ha intends to  I
■ ol 'he Reve   to      '   -
ta! 1
*   ' I
the     post
"     Lilt     tO
■ * " * that it is
tne a I
  the pre 1
- ■   .   •  . ■ •      -
■■' Incoi poi itlon    The   ■  I
Springla 1 Faucet
*v sneouver, with a capital ol I
'* 1! imbla      Indust rial   I COT]
V&ncouvei       155,000;     Columbia  Oil
Company,  Vancouver   II  IOC
oner, Bailey A Co .  \ mcouver,   fSO,
001      Great   Western  Mines Develop
ment  Co., Vancouver, $25,00(1   r .t. ■
national     Athletic  Club    . . icouvw;
'■, ■  Mason Com]   nj. Ltd., \ ai
er, $10,000;     Linguistic   Printing    A
I     lishlng  Co.,   Vancouver,  1950,000;
Melmore KtpnmHhip Company,    Van
<" iver   15,000      \'ew York Cut Rate
Bhoe  stores.   Ltd .   Vancouver,  $17,-
000;  Valley Lumber Company,    Van
COUVer,  $50,000;   Western  Canada   Llq-
u^r f'ompnny. Ltd.. Vancouver, *2<wi-
0<00. Licenses lmve bPCn issued to the
following eTtrn provinrial companion
Halleld'l,  Ltd.,   Head.   Wrightson    gr
< i.      Ltd., North West Lumber   &
C immlBBion Co., nnd Th II OTilvie ft
fr.ne, Ltd.
J. J. McKay of Vancouver, le at
the Hotel Revelstoke.
H. R. Brydon Jack. Vancouver, is
at the Hotel Revelstoke.
P. Cooper of Arrowhead, is registered at  the King Edward.
R. U. Oervers of "Montreal is a
guest at the Hotel Revelstoke.
.!. D. Sibbald, jr., returned on
Thursday morning from Calgary.
Among the guest* at the King Edward is George Williamson of Notch
Charles .1. Christian of Vernon,
registered at the    King Edward (fSB-
James 0Vfins of Salmon arm, registered     at     the    King Edward on
*_hui'silay_. '  1  _
Cyril Miller has left for Reglna,
where he has taken a position In   a
law  eillice. ,
Mr. and Mrs. MacGllys and son of
Glacier, are registered at the Hotel
J. 1). Sibbald left on Wednesday foi
Toronto, owing to the serious illness
nl  his sister.
The Masonic temple is receiving its
final coat Of paint. John McLeod
has  the  contract.
<;. S. McCarter returned yesterday
from Nelson, where he had heen attending the assizes.
Among the guests at the King Edward on Thursday was W. R. Peacock .of Salmon Ann.
.1.  Williams of Three Valley,      nr
rived  in  the city  tins morning   and
registered at the King Edward.
Convicted of vagrancy Robert Ford
was yesterday morning given 15 minutes to leave town hy Police Magistral"  Hamilton.
A.   !•!.   Kincaid  returned  from   Kara
loops  yesterday   where  he  had    been
attending     the     grand  lodge of the
Knights of Pythias.
\r. old time chiavari ending with
music and refreshments was given at
the Forest mills building last night
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. George
H. .1. McSorlej n Ived a telegram
Kamloops ihis morning stating
that   K.   H.   Corson,  manager  ol   the
Dominion     hotel      there,     died  tins
morning.   The     funeral     will
Thomas      C'lui
tendent 1 S'orthwest  laundry in
who  lias sold  oul   Ins    In-
t> rest   In      Winnipeg,    estei d 1 -
an    Inspection     ol    thi     Revi
laundry with .1   view ise.
\, special  meeting
instituti rum
take up matters "ed to
■ ird "f    rallw 1 ■■
at   its meet
if fencing t' ■
A. C. Yoder of Nakusp, Is at'the
Knit:  Edward.
Gordon Sutherland of Comaplix,
arrived in the city on Thursday and
registered at the King Edward,
Rev. R.J. Mclntyre of Nelson, formerly of Revelstoke has been elected deputy grand chaplain of the Orunge
grand black chapter of Uritish North
Dr. W. H. Sutherland leaves on
Friday for the east and will sail on
June 30 from New York in the Oceanic to take part in the clinical congress of surgeons of Nort'i America.
The tour starts ia Paris on June 20
and ends in London on August 3. All
tlie great hospitals of Europe will be
visited and clinics given by the
world's most distinguished surgeons.
Thosa haying items for publication
in the Mail-Herald social and per-
bonal column ure requested to call
up phone -•
Miss Deett Raugh of Golden, is thc
guest,  of  Mis.   Ilnwson.
Dr. Brett Of Hand sanitarium, spent
a  few  hours    In  town  on  Wednesday
Mrs. H. J. Bews will not receive
on Tuesday. June 2, nor again this
Mrs. Haug of Sixth street, has returned from an enjoyable month's
holiday at  .McLeod.
Passenger engineer Thomas Sting
ley, has returned to this division
fiom  Vancouver for the summer.
Mrs. J. A, MacMlllan and children
have gone to speud a few months
with her husband at Spillimnchlne.
Mrs. Stevens, primary teacher at
the Central school, has resigned her
position, to take effect at the end of
winch  closes il
t to  I
a steam sbovi
W.  H.
Uni, w;i- .,r the   ■
Wedoe I led out ol < ourt    the
igreeing     b
I without costs     to the company     In
1 •  (rom   .vhoin  marble lo
■   in,use i,e,ei  bei
talned     through   plaintiffs    SI
and    Ihncklel in sued  foi  *1700   G
Met 11 tei      appeal Bd   loi   defendants,
and A   M, Johnson for the plaintiffs.
Mi   and Mi n, 1 ieorge Wady ai rl ■« 1
Irom England .yesterday morning   Mi
Wady  who is Inspector ol telegraphs
and telephones for the Canadian Pa
Clflc   railway,   was   man ird   in   Kenny
Compton,     England to     Miss B,   i.
Knotl Mr. and Mm. Wady who are
residing temporarily In the Forest
Mills   building   were   met   al    the "la
tion  by the other residents ol     tbe
building and   given   a   vociferous   wel
rome. They will latei reside it the
Bonguard house.
Mrs    romlinson and  Mrs. Procunier
will  receive ou Thursday,  June 4, at
j the  rectorv  and  not  again  till aut -
Mrs A. J. McDonell hus visiting
with her at present, her sister, Mrs.
I ratt, and three children from near
Mrs. Manning will noi receivi on
Wednesday, June 3, but on the following Wednesday and not again until ' ictobei
Mr. Bert Lawrence returned (rom
dcGill untversltj Montreal, on Friday morning's train, and way wel-
comed by man) old friends through-
tlve wishes     to
thank    Mrs     R   c.  Lawrence     very
for enter-
tee the   pil
- laj evening.
W.  C. T.  U.  regular monthly
11 be held    I  I lome of
• lr-.   Kipp,   Seventh .    Kn-
rk i
i 1
.1 ■
Ha   the
life Ion
illy  perambulate I   I
site beside tbe telephone axeba
leciend itreel    ■ I
usefulness   uh   the   I,.,r>i--   ol   the
-r lodge
Thanks to I he   ipli I did   • ol -   dI tbe
team"  of  the   vori<oi<i  courts and     th"
e , opera!Ion of the weatbei cleik the
members nnd guests ol the Ravel
stoke lawn tennis club enjoyed them
selves "top hole" imt Saturday af
ternoon. Mrs. and Mish Sibbald and
Mrs. Reynolds provider! an excellent
lea aad were kept busy serving the
thirsty players aad their guests. Mih,
and MIhm Marsh.ill and Mrs. McVity
will  bave     charge'    of    the ten table
next Saturday, and I advise all those
who do not care to play, but who enjoy jolly, sociable afternoons, with
good games to watch, aud refreshments for which the Revelstoke women are noted, to send in their)names us "Ton" members ifee $-) to thc
committee Mrs. Wood, Miss Marshall
mid Miss Hurdie, or to a member of
the club executive.
"All the pie he could eat" was the
title of a moving picture reel run oil
with huge success last. Wednesday evening at the home ol" Mrs. Ralph
Lawrence. It. appears that Mrs.
Lawrence hud oflered a pie apiece to
the local baseball team as an Irresistible inducement. to do or die last
Monday In the buttle with Vernon.
(if course a popular impression does
exist to the elfect that women kind
never, never pily up u wager, but
IS reputably pious individuals of our
city can testify that Mrs. Lawrence
is a splendid exception' to any such
lii'l'Usat.ion.    An   immense   amount,    of
originality was displayed in the arrangements for the pie festival.
Crimson satin ribbons outlined a
miniature diamond on the snowy damask. Crimson the club colors was
displayed aa well as a lovely centre
bowl of carnations. Life like.
though not life size replicas of the
players stood, each man in his place
cleverly fashioned out of peanuts
and tooth picks. Hut of course the
main attraction was not the men but
the menu, the most unique menu of
13 pus. "A ".stood for apple pie and
some more of the alphabet, stood for
,, dozen other kinds, but the bneball
boys stood for the bunch, nnd luft
ii.et so much as a crust. The basemen especially distinguished themselves, winning lirst honors in the ca-
I aclty test. Delicious colTee accompanied the feast. Afterwards, those
who were able, put on an impromptu
pie.gram of music interspeised with
. nsiderable lively humor befitting
the occasion, It la a safe bet thnt
Revelstoke can lay her money on tbe
home team whenerver the Inducement
is sufficiently appealing.
The scholarly address delivered by
Lev. Father MacKenzie on Thursday
evening, before the members and
Liicsts of the Women's Canadian club
was listened to with the deepest interest. The subject chosen "Notable
Women ol the Thirteenth Century"
gave small inkling of how absorb -
ingly entertaining the lecture would
prove.    The  chair   was   taken  by    the
new president, Mrs.  E.H.S.  McLean,
and with heron the platform' were
Mrs. Kennedy, corresponding sccie -
tary,   and      Rev.   Father     MacKenzie,
the speaker ol the evening. Mrs. McLean in a few Opening remarks drew
the attention of her audita ce to the
fact that tins occasion ielebrated the
completion ol the first yeai in tbe
history of   the    Women's   Canadian
Club   "f   Revelstoke.    She   referred     to
tue clever presidency of Mrs. Sibbald
whose skilful generalship had safelj
steered  the Boclety   through  its     in-
lant year. "Double OUI mi mberslnp"
she suggested as a slogan for the
coming   year'.    Father   MacKenzie first
congratulated the club on its efficient president and then for its splendid ideals. "But it is not, in my
opinion, sufficiently tar reaching that
you  study  only   the    aits,   literature,
I istory  and   Institutions   of    Canada,
l! ..en should extend this to Include those of all pen i.ls of history"
be ad led. Our object was to progress, and this presupposed direction
ffbicfa -h.mid always be toward the
•   ideals.   True,  womanhood    is
0 f the no le il  Ideal 1 ol the prea
ent  pi it  becomes   wo-
i.-ii  well the consequences
■ •'  their action,   The women of   the
little known as be-
II nglng   ;n  particular  to  that    period.
Miliar     with certain
In  Roman and Orel k hlBtory.
ind, tbe nun ol that
D nile  and   Ib.gei   Doc in
veil known     1 bi   13th   1 onlurj
•marl 1 tile era In fa   I >i
teachers, states
ind moralist     11   •
in lal, political and
' ■ Ival    from  11   oar mod
id 11      ■ -' ■ ■    Mac \uiev
compai entury to a high pla •
a   .vi.nii thi -ii   rivers   of
;     greatness bad theli source,
formation ■■( oui  language
and tbe dawn ol    English literature
imen of tba! time were worth)
of tbe  men     A       In plra! Ion
hlgbei iieai, iti source, so
Dante'a sonnet to the cbaractei of
tbei ef wo
manhood In the Divine Conn dy proVM
ihat women thi n were H1 Intellectual
companions loi tbe greatest race of
end  then   Influence  waa regard
erl as   11 portion   nf   the age     To   men
turn si.nn in..1. particularly, Ellis
i.eth of Hungary is notabli as tba
tirst settlement worker, the great
model ol Christian charity and noble
humility Blanche ol l aatlle is nn
example "f a wonderful woman ruler.
when  as  regent   nf  Kin nee she govern
ed   with   great   sagacity      Mabel   Rich.
wife   ,.| a   London      tradesman   stands
lis a   model   mother.   Who   trained    her
rons   in   haliitH  of  fortitude  and   good
dliclpllm.   One ol these s.ms,     Bd
You Know How
Important GOOD
Clothes Are
Better choose yours where there
are none but good ones to choose
from. Your style, color and size
$15 up.
Some Special Reductions in Boys'
Wash Suits and Straw Hats
McRae Mercantile Co.
The "Styles Shop" for Men and Boys
that are leading the Footwear Fashion parade nnd not.
trailing on behind, you must visit our shoe stoic. It is
bere that yon see displayed Colonial pumps styles ilinl are
coming in—not going out. Styles that Hie uncommon
that will give you footwear exoliisiveness, in tans, suede,
patent kid, gunmetal, Nii-Huck and canvas.
inund, became a tamouH Archbishop
of Cantebury. Isabella, queen mother of Henry 111. is an example ol
spirited independence. CO-edUCatiOC
was carried on In the Italian universities, especially at Bologna, though
not permitted in Paris nor in the universities formed hy students withdrawing from l'aris, such as Oxtord
and 1 ambrldge The nineteenth
century need not flatter itself
that It      Is the tirst      to
possess tins progressive spirit.
Those previous eras are notable, the
times ol Char] inge, of Roger Ba
con  or  Dante and  the .'lent aisance in
Elizabeth's  reign.    Why  education retrograded   In   intervening  centuries  It
would be difficult  to say.
The lecture closed with a quotation
of  lines on   ' Woman's  sphere."
Mrs. Stevenson in moving a vote
nf thanks tothe speaker, voiced the
sentiments of those present when she
spuke of how remarkably modern
were the women ol Ton years ago,
with their problems of social service,
CO-edUCation, prepared funds. and
political aspirations. Mrs. A. Mclntyre seconded this motion. Various
members  ol   the   audience   spoke        Ol
their appreciation ol tins masterly
address, and extended their best
wishes to the Canadian club for many
happy returns of the day.
Mrs. Coursier moved and Mrs. Sib-
I'.ild seconded a vote Ol thanks to
the Bchooi board for the U6e of the
high school room. The meeting then
adjourned to the next loom where a
social hour was enjoyed. Mrs. Rob
bins and Mrs. W.M. Lawrence pour-
eel tea and coffee a! a daintily appointed table. \ beautiful birthday
cake adorned Kith one candle was ar,
icceptable present from Mis. Coursier aud  OCCUI I  a   position  of honor
liuting   tbe  evening   two  lovely  gcl-
rctlons were eung by a ladies quartette composed ol Miss Parker, Mrs.
Bqlinrebrl • • .,   Mrs,  K.   Hews and Mrs.
A concert and dance under the aus
pices of St. Peter's church will be
held In Masonic hull on Friday. June
19. The concert will be under tho
charge of Miss Parker.
Get   special prices  on  Rattan  chain
and .lap matting at Howson's.
Go to Mr. R. Tapping lor your
garden plants.
Look! Look!—yes you can if you
get  those glasses  lit (eel    at   J.      Gu?
Go  to     Howeon'B  for  your  carpet
Bquares, draperies and curtains.     It
will  pay you to look over their large
Seed Potatoes, Farm aud Garder.
Seeds, Garden Tools.—At Bourns
The Anglican church is giving a
concert and dance on Friday evening
June 18, in Masonic hull. Miss Parker is to have charge of tho concert.—
Tickets 75c.
GALT COAL is handled exclusively
in  Revelstoke by the Revelstoke Gen
eral  Agencies. Ltd.
Will Ask Council
To Close Road
At the meeting of the school board
last   night     reports      on  the  schools
were     given     by  Principals Gordop
I ColpltS and  Paterson.    The board de
! elded to ask the city council to cio».
the  road   between   Seciind  and    Third
'streets s.i  that   the  public  scbool am!
high   scbool      will   be  OD  ;ne       hir.'e
The   board   has   sold   the   Old     hlgl
IChOOl  to  0.   W.   Abrahams II  lor 820C
Picturesque Revelstoke and
Selkirk Mountains
rn Postcards in Hook. .-\sc*
New Revelstoke View Book
',11 Views sdv
Many   New   Postcards   of
Local Views
25c a dozen
Tanglefoot Fly Paper.
Wilson's Fly Pads.
Fly Coils.
Insect Pou der.
"Anne of Green Gables"..
11.. M. Mont(fomerj 1
" Riders of Purple Sage " ..
Ijane GriM )
" The Common Law "    75c
(Robert Cham her.'.)
" The Harvester " 75c
iilcne Siration Porter)
"Trail of Lonesome Pine "
(John Fox,  Jr.)
" The Crossinjr " 75c
(Wlmlon Churchill)
for   rheumatism  and  constipation
35c and 60c
bews'  The
Store   bews*


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