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The Mail Herald 1909-12-29

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 " Empire " Typewriter J
fur vute ol uperutiun nnil pir'ccion I
iu it-Mil'i- pr diictd, thii- machine I
j8 unrurpHSted.    l'i ic—flit) Cnfh I
Interior PublihingCo.,     -   Provincial Librarf
The Mail-
Visiting Cards
Make a Suitable Christmas Gift
Wfb.iv. a good variety at
a ri asonable pi ii e
ntcrior Pulilishinij Company
Vol. 15-No. 93
$2.50 Por vt ar
«T« Mr
Thanks !
Thanking our many patrons
for their liberal patronage throughout the year, for their unstinted
praise and universal satisfaction
in our desire to please them with
our holiday attractions, which have
given us the best returns since
our incorporation.
Hoping for a continuance of
this patronage, which we will endeavor to reciprocate by giving
better values, courteous treatment
and keeping an  up-to-date stock.
| Power Contract Witn the C.P.R.
-';•        -bunerai business
Meeting held lti3t evening- Present:
I'im .Mayor, Aida Wells, Pradolini,
Macdonald,. kimborky.
Smith, Keary *.' Chace, engineers
for power plant, enclosing contraot
with city for designing and nuporvi -
sion ol installation oi dam aud plant,
und inspection of nui-liiiieiy in lac -
lory ni a remuneration oi '■■■ por com.
on tlm amount expended. Kelerrcd to
tlm 1 in-, Wnter and Light Committoe.
Hutchison claiming IW dam
Lawrence Hardware Co.
J rTi
(Wl -r
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hc.Kl  Ott'CO     Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
5.000,000 00
Hi i.„.|ii- i Amenta .ii di inliieipiil i" in'i- In Cnnaihi,
AeeiiiH in Hee.n lli-ilnh mill United Hlillea Lulidnu, Knglnml,
l.l.vds lt.u.k, l.liniie.1. Chlcngo- Firel Nitiomil Hank, Cin-ii Ex
ehango Vfttionul Hunk. Senttti -Siwltlv National Dank, Sun l-'nin-
oisco—Well* Kng,. Nevad.i National Hunk Spnkanu—Bxi hiuige
National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
DeiHielUi of ifl and tipwaid,  received, nnd interesl allowed at
currenl i-ale from dale of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
This is the season when all men
and women make new resolutions,
and this is a good idea. Start the
year with fresh ambitions, fresh hopes
and a determination to do your best
this year. That's the resolution we
have made, and are going to put
forth every effort to live up to it.
Maundrell Meat Market
"Phone 251
P.O.Box 181
ages tor water being lurncd oil from
sleiiiu laundry, 'llie Mayor said tlio
water hod to be shut oil from the
steam laundry nnd Chinese laundries
iu order to molie tho sewer conuec •
tions. Keferreu to City Solicitor.
PUWttli CO.MKACl' WITH 0. 1'. K-
llie Mayor said -Ur. bury' had approved ot tne price suggested ol 2.25
per lvilowalt Uour tor supply ol power, uuO Had asaed him to moot Mr.
busteed, wmcu no Old. S>upt. lulpai -
ricK also called on him, ami n was arranged io havo tuo contract prepurod
tor completion.
uio    correspondence with tin; C,  1'.
It., on tuo power question was read.
-Ur.  Wells.    Is tne ciiy  liable to any
I mu Mayor; Wo nr.: quite 9alo when
the uew plant is insiiiik.il. I lie gas
producer plant is now giving thorough
satisfaction n-- nn alternative, running sutisiaetorily tne otner day tho
w-tiuie llower auu light supply.
I ,U0. .ilieooiiaid: t thina ue: oiler
of tlie ' . 1'. K. lo pay 'J.'J.l per k. is
n migiity good one.
1 lie mayor:    I   tniiik wc should make
n live year contract on tinu oasis.
I    Alii.   iMuioerley:    I noro  Bliouid   lie    a
'proviso to protect tno oity in case tho
dam is wasnod out.
I    Aid. .Macdonald'.   li  i.s hotter to get
the iiiing used up now.   'Ine city lost
heavily neiore tiirougn its dilly-dallying Willi nils mailer.
llie city  clerK said  tho rate    would
give  tne city  tuo minimum revenue of
*2o a uay ior power.
I    Aid. Macdonald   suid  even if     they
, had to use the gas producer     in   the
[ case of a break down, the cost to the
ciiy would not bo more thuu 2c. per k
ns showu by the  superintendent's report of cost oi operation.
lh.- Mayor considered thai when
I hey had now got things satisfactorily arranged, ii was important to the
city to have it closed.
Aid. Macdonald said (he city hnd
'littered heavily from failure to complete this contract when it was ar -
ranged on a former occasion. This
mutter hod beeu talked over for live
years and uotiung done. Now they
had tiie opportunity to close it up.
87000 a year from tli.: C. P. K. was
ii  nice addition I., their revenue.
Aid Pradolini: Yes, and n benefit to
tlm town.
Aid .Macdonald moved, thai the city
agreo to enter into a contract to supply tho C. P. R. with power trom ihe
1-t ol .May at 2.2:..-. per k. for from
Tn to ljn h.p. for n period of
Aid.  Well-     What  i.  the rale
ged  in Kelson for power?
lhe  Mayor:    1.2;,.',   per Kil.
In reply to Aid. Pradolini ihe .Mayor
said any of tho city's cuslomors     using as much    power as the ('. P   R„
ivould gel ii nt ihe «ame rate.
AM. Mnedonald's motion was ml-
lhe Mayor roportcd having  ine'  ihe
llospital   Board,   nnd  mude  tho      proposal   of   the   I Ily   Colin.'il   for   flee   III''
dical trcatinonl und hospital accommodation for eity patients, Supt, Kilpatrick ..in... nd i.iv strongly to ilm
proposal, lie i ihe Mnyoi i then pointed Dill tho hoi pi tnl hnd lh" bel of
it ii- ilm .ity had not cost 'he hospital  8J8 fol   the Venr,  while  lhe   Water
.■md light supplied free iiii- worth (3D
io Kin ,-i month. The hospital board
I.ii.I  ii   over  for  ,i  mouth    laid   il   over
in u very knowiug way, whioh moatit
•helving ii   iill  idler lhe elections
.M.l.   I'm.I..Inn   -uid   the  hospital hud
not -ome of the wiiiiiL' done themselves
Ilie Mayor snid in (Jetoherlie saw
In. Sutherland and cntne i<» a suiis -
fuctory  understanding,  Inn  when      he
u-ked  lh    Sutherland    xplnin    the
nrrangoinonl lo ilm meeting, Dr. .Sutli-
erliind «uiil ii wns a matter ol their
gelling their share of ihe eily work.
The bills would show lbs. Sutherland
nud      Hamilton   hnd     Iheir  shure  uud
thai there wu- no discrimination.
In replj io Aid. WelU ilm Mayor
-nd n  was customary   for hospitals
|.> u'-l grunts from the .ily und puy
for their water and light,
Vld,  Kimberley approved ihut  Idea.
Aid. Maodonald said if ilm Hospital
Hoard Iuul not control over the doctors lm did not see how tbey could do
much better,
Aid. Wells favored making an an •
n'liil grunt  nnd .hnrgitiH  thom  for  lho
light and water.
Aid. Macdonald suggested asking
the city should be placed on tho
same husis us the companies who contracted with them.
Tho Mayor: That is what we are
asking for-
Aid. Macdonald: 1 don't thiuk they
understood that.
The Mayor favored giviug a grain .
charging ior the water, light and po -
wer, and let tho hospital charge the
city thu usual ratea.
Aid. Pradolini: Is ilm hospital a
public or private iutitution?
Aid. Wells: Il was originally stun -
ted us u public, institution ,but it is
oraotically n private one uow.
Aid. Macdonald aaid things hnd
gone on smothly . for oight or nine
years and it was a pity t" have any
trouble uow. He wns in favor of letting tho thing go. It wiih the least
they could do in give them wator and
The Mayor; Should we do more
then- pay the doctors us well,'.'
In reply to a question the Mayor
said there had been no bills from the
doctors for the hospital.
Aid. Macdonald: Them is not much
kick coming then if there ure no bills.'
iu reply lo Aid. Wells the city clerk
slated lhu doctors sued the cily for
one ease ui  ilm hospital.
The Mayor said the doctors aued lhe
eily for $7,50 for a case attondod by
Dr. Hamilton at the hospital,to whom
lhe Chief of Police advised him lm had
given no authority, lie had asked for
the details of lho case but ihey had
never given him the information hu
asked for ns to who the man was and
he told lhom llll tbey did so Im would
not pass  the account,
Aid. Wella moved thut the hospital
be charged with ihe witter, power and
lignt lor tlio year, irom January 1st,
ItluU, so tual tho city's revenue may
bu correctly shown, und that tlio hos-
pital ou made u donation at tne end
ot each year ot me amount so aooited
less cost oi city putionts.
Aid. IMiiioermy stud every kilowatt
oi power turned out oy tue city
snouid oe accounted for.
Aid. VlOlls contended the city books
should bhow a tun anu irue account
en mu w'liom ol ine services renamed
oy tne oily.
i.,« Mayor suid tno hospital was a
good institution—iue  be&i   tut-y  nau in
io,vu—out no wuun.<i io suu tuo     city
labor Party Issue a Manifesto
Against Lords
Ilm Loudon Daily Chroiiiclu «.( Dae.
tfi<< roiitmiis ,t mtiiiifento iHHUad by
tho Labor partyt which stiyu:
"A general election lias beeu (orcud
upon tlie country by tho action ot the
Hnu.it' of Lordtj in rejecting tin-     budget.   The groat  question whioh     you
jure tn decide is whether thu L'eora   ori
the poople ure tn rule thia country.     |
"l.ach ueuBiou bincu tlio luat gunoi'ul
election  important  bills upon     whieh j
tho house ol commons hml sponi much!
time have been mutilated or destroy   |
I od by iho Uoubo nf Lords, an irroBpon i
ible body which ivproaont-; nothing
but its nun class iutetesid- Nol eon
ten* with thin, they now claim the
li^ht to decide what taxr: shall W>
paid, upon whom they shall be levied,
nnd for what purpoeo thoy shall bo
spout, They also claim to dictate tho
Uato at whieh parliament hIiuiI bo dissolved. 'Ilio timo haw como to put an
oud to thoir powor u> override ' ho
will of lho Commons."
Britain anu Many
London, Dee. -o.- Liberal spoil-bin
er.s have beeu prodicuny early hostilities between bntaiu ami iiormuuy in
uio event ol a U'ouservative victor} at
tne poits.
liieir arguments appear lolurably
souud and tuo Conservatives, indeed,
aro mumng nn attempt tn answer
inon . tiioir view eviuoutiy being tnat
an .augio-tiorniau war would no popular in tuis" count ry. Appareuuy tueir
juugiueni is correct.
i no inuory id lunt a Cpusorvativo
victory will Uyvulop siluatiuun in Uotli
tiuglttua and *>otiuuny sucu as will
lOitxj iiuintMiuie notion uiong tuo liuus
so long tiuVootueu oy tno wur pun tod
in euctt oouuuy. iwo _bngiisn L-ousor-
vhuves ou one siuo, uuvu ior   moutns
lUVytcU    Ug^lOabiV'1    ite   UU    UgUlUSt OUI'-
mtiuy  nu   ti.u  gtouna  tuut iigtitlug    ih
uuuuu  to oon.u ftuuuoi" or  i.vuji  uuu Luc
BUUUei    tt   uUtla        Cvilif        it)   ovuinl tuo
uiiaiivuiii)       1 nluuua   Uuv til   UUiM^JBbitit/u
tJOtvscOU    tliU  liv Hi   iiatluus   Will,   totut.
receive iair cousiuoiuliou.
Aid.'Welh' tuo..jj\ was passed uu •
Y, M.  C.  A.
A lurg«ly signed petition waa 'v -
ceived asking ior tho renussion oi the
taxes for the yeai, and it wns resolved to make a grunt equal to tho
amount thereof, on condition that u
reading room froo to tho citizens bo
the mooting  then  udjourncd.
lire at Hume-lawson liancne
Shortly after «* o'clock nn Monday
evening hio broke out ai tho ranche
houso at Uio liume-Lawson rancho at
HdlinmBon's Luko oast «.[ the lllecilli-
waet, and in tlio apaoo ui a couple
ni ii(utr_i itio whole b true ture wan a
mass "t sinokni^ ruiuR. Ju>*l how tho
tno originated is not known bul  it is
•mpposwt that, cither a defective line
or Btove pipe admitted tlamo to the
woodwnck, whioh being <iry would ignite very quickly. Four daps were liv
ing in tho haUBO at the time the tiro
brOKO out and were goi ting their sup-
I>cr and making preparations for go -
ing to bod I tin flames spread rapid ■
ly and in spite of tho assistance of
neighboring residents* II. K. Hay, L.
M. Hagar and others who worked
hard to BaVO any valuable articles of
furniture that might ho in thn house,
tne building was gutted. Much of tbe
contents of the leui-io were Bnvod ub
were aUo tho barns and outbuildings.
Alt. Hume Hlatoa that the hottflO was
«»niy partly insured, which will nm
COVOC the InHn; the pnlny is issued
from the Kootenay Agencies. Asked
ns tn what he Intonded to do about
building Mi. Hume said that at pro-
sent no decision had ^oen arrivod at,
but it was probable lhat a lino uow
farm bouse would ho put up. lho
burned building Will   a -ub
laniial [rnino struoture, and hatt been
| the  scone  of Hc\ei'ul       snow  slim-      nnd
doighing party   receptions.
Wreck onl P.R,
lteginn, Dee. 21.   A  bad » k     ne
.'lined   nil   the   I'     I'.    It.   Illllill   line, hull
ii   miln eii-l   iif      ilm  eily  ul   mi eurly
hour this  moruing,   when  a yard    eu
gine mot      ii  Westbound freight   in     ti
lieadoii  collision,    the ongiuo  nnd   Ien-
der ni ihe yard engine wore smasltod
into scrap iron, whilo tlm freight   i'i,-
^ine wns badly      dumaged    und      live
(rolghi ini- completely wreokod, lhe
caboose was doitroyYd liy lire, started
by tho stovo, but tlm remainder ol
the train was saved from burning,
Wlint Ilm yard engine was doing oil
tlm iiiiiiii linn ul ilm lim., ilm frelglll
wan dun is not known, but it i,s understood  Ilm l.  P,   II   officials "ill ink
tor nn Investigation.
uimir much naiu
i'arts, _Uct. io,— tue uj^ uu*iug oi
the lireuanuugnt oi tne air, ' 10 uago
Moment-buyaru uingiuie in wuiou au
utieiupt win be maue to sail trom
i'arni to Loudon, is prueiicnuy coin-
plute. the marl, it was stuiou totiaj
will be made during tuo hrst stroion
ui good weather, i Uo receiving gar
ago ueur lAUidon i.s ready, tuo Ollieer
iu charge having loit Uompeigne,
l' i unco, w here no studied Die vuriou i
tucks ui sufolj anchuiiug the big
lho builders oi tho ship declare that
Loudon i^ entirely at tno mercy ot the
inwuiiiiL dirigible and duriug the projected evolutions "\-n the hmgUah cit^
it is proposed i«> demonstruto ihi.-. )>>
droppiug dummy bombs upo/i King
i_.th.ai.i-i palace and iho hoiw^u ui
pai iitMlli  it.
PlePt tor Lan&aa
\ iei u ia,   Hoe.   :!'.,    It   is   undei'a d
that ilie cruiser Apollo hus been purchased by 'he Canadian Government,
iun' will bo used as a training ship on
tic in-iii' station, Another report
say ten millions Will he spoilt nn tie-
du ii yard ai   Lsquimalt.
\lu.ui.-al,  Ure.      JO. -Hon.      ■-   duu)
l-'nlier,     at tin*   Canadian Club pi *-
eeodod   iu ^llow   what   Canada       might
learn from bthor couutrios, Italy     in
part i iil.ii-, lie -ait), tt as a COUnt i y
hum which Canada might learn much.
Par from boing a poor country, it is
i i< h uud prosperous] c land flowing
with milk und honey< Agriculture
i- there carried ont un oxton?iv< icion
tiiio principles, u strong contrast tu
tl" ilipshod, hasty methods adopted
by Canadai l he oonsiderod 'hoixi
weit gi ater i ■■ ibilities in trade bo
iwo' ■   Om two ut i un tries.
We wish our friends
and patrons a Prosperous and Happy New
be afraid of
your shadow
make &<good
Vou can't cast a shadow in the dark, antl )Ou
cin't stand the light unites you are droicU well.
Wo cm dress you well let uj coat you over
with one "f u-ttr Blue, Bl.iek, ot Grey Btavcr _,\ei-
coats. li will pliTtM.- yuu. Wc baiisfy ou. cuj-ti-m-
c;.s. We say "custon.ors" because when a man
once lets us clothe hirn he becomes a customer lot
A clearing sale ot Ii. -.;   and Youths' Ovprcoats
.m.l l\-,i Jackets, -.i/es from 22 to 35 -$1.85 to S6.75
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently be«-n completed undi-    which the brenche»
of this Bank aie able lo Issue Droits on tne pnncipal points
In llie I,-II miiig countile-.-
AuslriaHunfurj-     Finland
CreH Greec*
Dcn-a.H Holland
Stffpt Icrland
l-'aroe i ...nJ» India
Formosa h.ilv
France lapan
Fr'ch Cochin-Chins  Java
Germany Manchuria
Greal IVilaln Mix;,
Noi way
Pur* la
Phitlipine Is'm.!s    Wesi Indies
..ml 1 ispwh
«£VtLSrO«£d.a«»'VCrt-/>.    H.     ALLEN,    mor.
local Option
Winiiipvg,   Hi'.',  'i'i     ll'1-  1.'.nil "i   Ilm
il... il option ii.ti- in  Munii.ilm   \,..i.i
llllS     .l.liW--    l-i^tlti'l'll    lllllllll l|llllltii--l  ui-ii-
milled in ilu- "dry" column, -1 voting
"in.1." A ilii/in lion-Is nn' wiped out,
lln'ii nn- -<7 "'liy'' luwn- nml inuiii ■
.ijnlliti.". 'i. Munii.ilm, nnil 52 "wet",
l.ii'i'iHi-' wi-iii lust \i'sl.'iilui in Car
mini, SI1011I I,nke, S'cabltl, (Jlenboro,
ll'.llnii'l   nml 1 iii'iwiilil.
ihe Hospital
iny Pi,lunm To-nlghl.
Kitchener Coming
Montreal, Doo. 23.—Lord Kltchoder
nooompanlod by   his brothoi-, rieneral
Walter     lilieluinor, ({ovuruot ..f Bi-r-
iini'lii, will     visil Canada nnd I'nited
States ilu- coining iprlog
Hfovillg   l'i.iiiii'. Tonight.
I |„,   Ulilllun     ul   lim   l|..-|.il .-
I,,     _lu,i.k  il..-     [ollowiuy
j.-iiil, ii'"i. i"i   'nu    ' I
iii.,-. tu ih'.' bospii
,   ilu-,    . ..ni.I.   Unu boi -! 1
unu I   \ ,11 .iiiiii^,-     ui..1 '._ .  ...I.-.
(.'. II.  limn.   .-.   ' ■ '-'I'
lluuinu   I'.L.        U - '  'I"'
Mi  ■  1'. ki 1 .   ' lue  ranges,   om
dot, lomoni, -ii. cans ui noup, -ix   ol
tomatoes, twelve .-f is-u^.
Mi     k. nwiiiil- One box "i .■ ■■
Kev, nml Mm.  1. xx. 11 ill -unu box
..I orangn
Mrs.   VV,   II.   '—i'i 11 11      1    Mm,,.,    l'i.",
and pi. kloa.
Mrs,   t'"l nn.,, ■ I   'lal,-.
Moving I la urw To-night
Christmas at the Club
i 1.1. ■,!.',.. L)a) n-i ^pcut s|uiuiij
jut plciiKiiutlj m u.c ItuvolslokeClub.
\    ii, post y.'iu    .1 large quantity   ol
.    ...... !., . t     .11,.!    -.'Iisulllllllo
.   ,..,_.   wore  'ii-.liilmi,•!  iniiini    ihe
1 -.;.   iu tin, 1 1  mul neody,   <\ fc.ut-
ol   lh' OVSning  wns  u prununtutiou
I ol 11 handsome .-nuquu to ,1    V. 1'crks,
iliu popuiur    club niowurd,     liy  Supt.
Kilpatnck  un bcUuli ul  thu ineuibors.
Camborne Public School
Kuport     ui     thu   Camborne public
1 school im ths month ot December:      ,
Uighast average [■■, ■■■■,.■   obtuin-
cil, unvu Abey; least uuocm uml tardy
uiiiiks, Percy (lu.., bunt general con-
Juot .Mm\  Lado,
Promotions,    Mildred Henry   Senior
• I'lnrd to    Junior Fourth; Will Otto—
1     - Primer to Seoond Primer, THE MAIL-HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Cbe  flDafl-lbcralb.
: v BUSHED  W fc D   ES»U\    iM)
>ATC til   1 V    Al
Jntcrtor publishing Company,
Subscription   Rates
.    : . .   gp ■•■ • „■        I ugluud, I'nited .-i.t't-
.. -1 i  umda,
'.'.-■■: ■    -•:  podtofft • . *.' x
HBmit .... L.5U
-.' .. I.Wj
KIN*! INU promptly i seouted at reabou*
I f it.U--   I .v.-!      - ibccnptious payable iu ail
* -vnL'o.
Lvgal uoticea lu oenu pei  luu- ftrul  Insertion,
b por line •-.*-_ i« tmbnequeni  Insertion
Uotwurvtaoni • Non par iei lu lintw make ono
i.    tston     inU   general   bu^iuc^-i.  nu
m ■ monl -   ^- ■    pt'   ni. h   por  mouth,
l*reteir«d   poHitioiiH.   ^5    por    cent,    utl-
dii' ■_.».    i      ■-    MarrimfOfe   mui   Don h
: Ai.   .».!'.. rt i-'-ii.unl ■
-.. ;  ovali     liu management,
,\   i. ' - ■ ;    LU      '   I     '.' :■-   ■-    ;  ■ •■ '    ■-■ .in Hi-.
Lgei      W wted, Help  ^ tiiloti, Situations
v   i auti    '1 cifiu'i.-
rt autod, i" would "i
..--_.     ■ i ;    tuidil mini    uue   l(|   uuutb.
i   tUlilgOe   Ul   -    Wtill t<   .IU. >;:■; i-riiii'li'.,-  tniisi
■h-in t»j a ii. in. 'lucodaj   uud t'ridaj   ul
Men week ut doc ut tfuuti display.
t   .uKr..~i*u.M'i.M.'i. iuvilod   mi mailers ut
, u all"   iiut-'it-t.   Uoiumumcauone wj  Iwli
writer, not iieceoaani) iu  publication, bui
u eviati.it.u ui jsutM 'aiUi.   Uorrwpuudouc
ciiOUld  LH:  U.-i-.-I.
Ufi.^tw: :    lMCfcHUL  . AM*   BUILDING ftKVBL
Kiglil Roonicd Hon p on Second Siprl, (.■'esc in lo
wniieuf fown    i $25 PER MONTH.
Six 11 "ii-i-.l ll-.n-i-on I'.l h Slieel; all modern exfrpt
Furnnc-i cxi'Mptinualh warm (oi winter, at $25 PER
.-in ii liu.inii'il llniisi' nn Third Streel; p'urabing com-
plme.at $25 PER MONTH.
l'lve [loomed 1 l.i ii -e- nn Ir.i-ril land lor suit- al $200
Four-Roomed House od Fifty Foui Lot, for sale at
KKAI.   I - I \ I I .    Mil,    l-'IKI    AM
ll't N'l    IXSl'N \N't I
b.UKl, b. d.
Dittoed. KeveUU*
ito. d. McUaktbb
m.  ____..  I'IMMiS
J. A. IIaIHi.1.
CrimOiuuH. li. C
JJ.llll-L. 1
Solicitor, etc.
S ilicitoi for;—
1'klK  IA.-.AIUA.N   Ba.SK  OB  t'oMMKHCl.
TitK Molsonb Bank, Ktc.
tflHST tit.,        ItEViiLSTOKK, U.L.
^ilii.Ki' SMU'Ll
l'i,.-. im ui. Lund t-i.ii i -.■>'•■,
M itinig .-^ui veyoi
I'.llgn.eel nn,
McK us. .'■    I- urn .-,
In,A   illti,   UlS\ UXbTUKi
You'II Have to Hurry
-*»'!• ■
Car of
;   -Vl'Vi- ■"  '   ?"■:   ,— _ ,-.:J-"
'-    '-■   V     ':-.     ', *.%-'■■ i' "
■ • \ v# 'r^i
UKI'  VOI K  OltllKKS  IN  K XttlA
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
\l.ii |> \   h\ l.l.l.li'ii.
in in i im i -
'-   .   Kl.\ Kl..-.'1'llM■-.    li.   I
I.   ||, iiii I. illlull-
itdi-essi .1 tu I'ot
I Ml    Inllr  p|-OIII|
nfllci*,   H"i. I-...K- .
^       -ll , ,-u     I. 'II.
C   W.   O    ■ri
Mu,.,...;.'-   V.ow Camp   No.   2^9
»MccU Second And V urlli Wcitininlayd
eRch moiiiti, in Selkirk tl.n. Vi- ,n w0,
In       ■-.-.. ..i> .....ud LOattclid.
JOHN i AltLbON, Urn. iinn.
j   SlctNTYllii, Ulcrli.
KKVKLSrOKli ALl'.li: No. I'A
F. O. E.
■      _i     ire lieM it. tin, Sni. il;.
M.,        - —'. ■       ■   '        -     ,il       Ki-:. t      '
.      • .    ■■ . Ilaltj .uvitiu. ,,n,|  i
T    J.  W.M.ftH    I'mmiiim.
Kontcnay  Lodtjo. No.  15, A   F. tm A. Ml
.„,„.   .m.l   il,i-   ,i ill   |..-i'iinl   ui   ill.' Iiui;. Ilulllci ani-.     I lie    I
inn   ol   lllll'li    rati', .ui    lol    ill"'   ' mull na\ .■   Iioell   Itlill   wil
U 1  l,i   nil  iiiii. nre nilluijj  In lei   il..' I'lie  liirliliii(.   lins  1
: I   thul    i-   in   ever}   man   hnve   llie \.\   i  poreli   licln-  ior  resiil.
ii|,,„.i   iian.l (or n yciu  ul   leiist. will   I"-   -nil   furlliei   iniproveil   lij    llie
liM.   ,I,\,-Iiiiuiii.ni    ol    ..in    i-it}     an.I iiiliii.lii.ii.nl   ul   -iri-i't   nre   lights,    for
lerritorj   should   be   the   loilestnr   thai supply  ..i  ivhieli   the ...inra.i   lins been
should   Iw pennii ii-il   lo  [{iiiile   i Ies- let,     I'hu  aim-   are  in   reiiiliness      an.I
iiini- ..i  li. \.'i- i"k'- .iiiiniL   in.   I'liiniii ii..- nre lamps will i><- In  position wilh
yenr.    In   soil       siiHulilc    ioi tiiuli in   lhe  nexl   Iwo  weeks.    A  sewage sys
iigriciiltural,  fruil,   uml  poiini'j     • " -. leiu   has  lieen  provided   foi   lhe      inosl
un,   lmnl   i     il.i.ii.laiiily   lilesse.l        l.i I populoun   piu-l   ol   lho  eily.    The credit
a.,ud use be ma.I.-   oi    ii.   uml  lei    un uf  lhe . ii\   has  I n  -..  improved   thai
ollui-l   be  ma.i.'   to   have   the  laud  sell it.   lasl   ilebeiitures   realizeil   lhe   high
led by a  good    class  of     settler.-   wh i   price      iu   lhe   histon   ol   the eity.
cun  be depended ou   to do __ I devul \rraiigeinenl,   li-ive   been   lumle   for the
opint-ul   work  an.I ensure  the besi      .n installation   uf   un     up-to-date    power
citizenship. I'lanl   |iro-   lint   foi   lin    ible     re-
II lineral  ri   uiirec-s ol   I lie di  iriel piii-eii of  lhe eiij   foi   m-.m years
,,,-,. ,".i.-i..,i.     I .-.   the     isivi taineil alieiul.      n  111-
l.in.ii a    I he ii '   resource roi mble   wilh   fi
ure   gi-eul.   nnd   us   then growin eei      tilled  ll .hut-
iimrkei  i"i   lui    there   now iluwn  of   tin-  e\i
Holds for mills mul " ■
opening   u[i  f       '
' 5       ultnir wil •   lunihi
ll-l-MJ.'-li  1'till I.i.        ,l,„.   ,,[   i,,,.   |||„-
   ,, ,, „    	
r u,8 num Muudi .
rl        ■ . ■:     ■
s . ran    cm. -.)■-..
'   ■-■-'-- come
-,,;>-»  -. tract to tl a good
J. T. POLL' i  K. il -.I ouriste
■ K.\-. ■)  kit ■■> se. hi   ... udvai  - general-  sh
,.,,.,,,,-,,,„■,- , ,   i    ,ii   n-          'J  i"  ' '     ' '    '
SELKIRK LODGE l.. 1..^'  K  ^ 	
K^^V.    la)   eremutf In   Sel    mem  Ol  i"."1!]  ■■■    Lhe    ■
I Visitiug br«tbre    >'■   uin bo mude worth ss i
• ' '
ill'.' hotel proprietor rhe nu i ol
moral reform haa been promoted
A greal  «ork     towardi  securing     u
I'nited   Revel I iki   hn    been, accompli ■
shed by  the «iping  oui  ol the fooln
ol hostility  that  foi-mei'lj   e.xi '"'1  bo -
twoeii  the uppei   n'.l low-ei   tow ns, and
mm I.  crodil   i    dm   '"  'I   I"  "','" -'
I'llurt- the ll .' i" .'-."" ml the whole
■iti   i    due. •
With this r rd behind il lhe retiring council hai much to bo proud of,
and tho cith-pus owe it much. While
the Mni .a La- . ii "ii almost the whole
of his time i" civic alTaii-s, ho hus
boon nblj bucked up by the aldermen,
who have spared noil hor time nor effort i" give tho city the best service
of which they were capable. 'Iheir
work for the interest of the city hus
taken on an average two uights a
week, in addition to many duy and
committee meetings, representing u"
amount uf lime mul otTort, tho money
value of which cannot bo computed.
Thero is n vasl amount ol kicking
ubout lho high tn\ rato il'is yoar.
livery progressive city has to go
through this period ol growing pnine.
Wiion it is considered that- thn oduca -
tionul facilities .the oity affords ac ■
count for n third of the tax, nnd
ihui another third is abeorbod in
special ratea lor which tho city got
special benefits, tho remaining third
does nui appear to be nn extravagant
allowauco for administration nud gen-
eral '.isi'-' improvements. 1 ho sower -
age system wns absolutely necessary
to the sanitary condition of tho oity,
and it is bettor to pay interest on the
cost of such work ilinn a much larger
sum in iii".li.nl nn.l funeral expenses,
such as musl result from opidemics
that musl inlulliblj occur in .alios
where sewage ami drainage nre neglected.
The oity ul Kevelstoke l- uow doing
■t vast and rapidly developing business of  il st   progressive character,
ami ii i- iitiportaul lhat, in the selection of n new intiyoi an.I aldermen,
'■ai.- should bo lakon to secure lhe
services il possible of men who nre ac-
ipiiiinled uiili ii- aiiaii-. Those who
Ii.u.. fonnerh nerved the ,-ilj are
therefore valuable, from the knowledge
which t li.-.i uiil lii'ii.L. io t In- council
ho.al.i. I liis is pai li'-uiai l\ ilnpol'l mil
li, v i.'.i "I i I... I'a.-i Ilinl lin- new |'o« ■
01'   |.lalll I-        lmilm    ill-lull...I.    an.I    n
knowledge   ..i   the  c litious   « hi.-h led
up I.. tl..' adoption of ilm present
plan- i- es -.mi ml, 'I here never was u
lime   iii   tlm   history   of   th,.  rii.    I h.-n
ii     -in-     t- iiul     ilmi   in.  mistakes
-hall lm n.a.lr. sueh a- would almost
.'.•M.iinli ensue in n board  irely inin.nun    ol   ;:-   llllllil'S,
C. P. R.
oormallj     ■   ■    :   i.:*lj.
ALBtiKT AKMAN. N.i..     JAB   ilATHll.
Cold Ranise Lodge, K. cl P.
No. 26,  Revolstoke, B  C.
li       -    > ■ - v   ■ BuN
.'l   -x- • ■ Aadun
ik_       I--
t  e   -x\i~u. i ..
ii a. bttui . a    ' ■• .i
Cbc riDaiUlbcuaU)
IHJ   DXtSU   \s \i.
•i-.•   .,   ..'..-
i VUJU    ^ ••   ■ UH   ll<
w ..a.  ..^ mi  um  *;....,. i yuu j
•. .     .'   ■ ....•_•  t e i    ■   .
t~au juu, txm  luu uiu j, ■
\ MM    '-     p«il HUI ■   ,        *
. -     •• . ...       II .ni.|,
- « B    ■ l |   r. ,.  ,i   .    lQUk    ,i(, .    ■ I,-■:.
Hra\«.>   la i   au<    ■   Again
> a-«      •
j   '   UH   '■■ lltl   _.
';r iny hia ■     .     UtMpttll.
1 liuJ'   1<" ■>     ti 'i v. mi   i    ,. ,, Ui .
Iw  iue   uuu>«nt?u   j    .■ '      t
Columbi ■   *
i . ■
fflHt Dti     ■
i" ■
'   ■
.   ■ ' ,
.  !<
■   ■ .
:'  ■
- .
Baptist Church
in.-  services   in   ii.,-   Itnptisl      elnn-eli
were  given   ... .a   lo   llie eelebrati f
'h' I'.i'ih '.■! i'hri~i. In ilm morning
ilu- i . i * -|...h. oi th.. spiril of
I'lil-i.-lllui.      IL'   -il-l   ii   via      .-mmlly
tlai mil lhe spiril of
iii.-  'lai   Wa     ihni   of a      i-hilcl. lllis
:-,.  ■   ,.i   lho   Kino.loin:
1,01-oin,     a.    a   lil til-        -hilll
tin Kill  -i         a" i lod. "
ll imility,      limple
fnill                  ■  - -  • -•■- -.    an.I      ..i
giviiij       , not for i .ne ila;       in
'•hoir i beautiful n
iu the Hi
liephi i'i-
-  a- .. i   , radio
mviour,    ulso
mgcl    "ii>;     of
..'. ■ ■ .,- [expected
'   i.     :, i ■
.   .
■a hem .
•   Revel-
Catholic uiiurcti
Hn. [mssengoi' traffic on tin. i . 1'. R.
now i' particularly heavy nnd nil the
trains, especially west bound, are
rammed witli peoplo taking their
Christmas  holidays,   On  January 2nd
11)10 ih'.- double dully Irnnsi tin.anal
will I... discontinued; thai i- trains
Vo. i'O and HT «ill run .withoul any
material changu from tl"' present sche
dtil.'. ,\ new innovatiou has been sinr-
ted by tho C I'- R. "ii this division,
namely a local passongor train which
will commence on January 2nd 1010,
['his train will bo mado up here und
leave daily nt 5,15 p. in- for Vancouver. This move on the part of the
(.'. p. li. to accommodate our public
will bo greatly appreciated, an a local
train hus been n much folt want in
Return of the Favorites
On Now Years Day oui ''ity will bo
\-ifiitoil by J. 0. and Aggie Marion
Suilii ami company players. Thoy
are booked for ono week. Whilo here
they will produce some of tho strongest plays on tho American stago today Their opening offering will bo
wiih n Grand Mutinoo on Now Yeara
Duy in tlm world famous society
drama, in four nets, "Was She io
"This play improves on every ap •
poaruueo."—Edmonton Bulletin,
"Its simplicity und purity gives n
picture of overy day life, holding lhe
audience in rapture and admiration .
.Not n falsehood or spectacular show,
mn a true picture taken from the
beauties of nature. In it ono losos
tlio picture fiction and looks upon
stern reality, for grandeur and purity
it has in. oqual. The comedy is
bright  nml     sparkling,  which   causes
the  -i  sober minded to burst   into
laughter,  a play  never  t"  be forgot
tru with two hours solid nmusomenl
Presented  by  u cast   lhal   eiinnol      bo
surpassed,   with   a   costume equipment
..f  rare  beauty,  and  a   scenic  produc -
lion of eluboriil mpli'ii'iii—.
Mr. an.I Mrs, sin'iz wish to lliunl.
mn .iii/.ai- h.i pa-i favors, an.I hope
I..  i Iheir old friends  heir return.    \\i-hni__        ami   all   a   Happy
New   Yenl-l
New years at V. M, 11
'lh.- publii are eoidialK iuvilod to
alieiul ih" Open House at ilm 'i. SI.
('. \_. Nov Veil'.- nighi, mul liven.   I'..11..n inu   i--   t In-  prograin:
(irand   March    All   Classes,
Maivhim.' an.I Wand Drill Jlllliol
Appi na    Hoik    Senior Class.
Mai   Work   Special  Jiliuor  Class.
(In -   Intermediate I'lu—f
Kick Dull Game, U. 0, l',_ i-. ih,.
i hums
Vim-iiI  --.,1...   Mi.   I'im,I.   Lefeaux,
I'li'liminaii..- of lhi' •li'l.'rh--.l..hii -
-.-li   Houi
Uufrosl in-.
In   llie   afiei ii   Hi.,   i or|e,\    II..m.i
vs. th.- Revel i.I,. M,.-. hnve a bowl
inij  . oniest.
Vi   I  p.  ui.,  a   basket   bull   game will
a   between  lho ' lophers      und
Railgpi    "i'  ilm  intermediate  h-uinn-.
\ i iilor.  ure  iu\ ited  to  those games,
Swedish Social
-   indinai nn     Aid and   IV-llow ■
ship  Society  hold    u    most  enjoyable
social  .rn  Moudaj   livening  in  the ..Id
1   Ifollowi   ll'ill    A   largo  number   ...f
people  atteudod,   including  ladies  nud
The hull wn- prettily decor
at.'I aiili flags, bunting mi.! greenery,
.  gigantic Christinas  tree, boau
full;    ind    In i.fulli   adorni'd formud
il .'  ..'iiti-'.   oi  .ittin- ii,,n   f,,i    iin, young
me      Vu .-vi .'H.iii  si, ul programme
- ndered     followed  by   a   lilghlj
  in;     far..-      whieh  wa-  i-reditablj
n    Ien tl     I'h..  lofreslimonls  wero      of
' tblo   being  loudud uiil;
id   'Mia.'-  '..  which  full  tii-ti.-i- was
done In- young  and ..hi.   Tin. utmost
 Unl,   nnl  il   i-   difficult
1  II mc   ll losl
... "pi.   oi    ii I-I,-,
ind  up   i   '-.ai   ploasaul
111(1   'I."   I"-   .1   lodgo   hnve    ev
ll    '-' i.'   Inn iiiL'   tli.'      inosl
A   II \l'l"i     \ '.D   i    '■
\ I   Mi
I ni    .   I  w    1 I  ,1 I.
'•ow   Uiai  is.   hi.   eiuoriug  ol
■ t  ysiir  uy  mfto  in.; ■   i..   ■
..    to   liul^    tno   nuUliCl   nml   pll
.-•_ ...: anuuiuw lo Biiumuur .-. iiiiviin ■
tae 0.'-'. ii.aif-is ol liiuir cily iin-.
tril.t.   il*  lilt uupic-aiuii  is uvoi'.  i.i.u
ital wi,,  is., iij.iu.g intu Uio weal, .xe*
tulUatnei   will   bo  '.i^iiiie.'l,   .'sow   on
I III   '
Ink,,  will  Iii
lion      il. - I
I.n. I-     I
ian    ...   • llidali
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.' ■ 11 . ■ •
'    '• "■      '**   ""U   ''   ll"     IO   il    th,-   ,',..„l.l    | f   I I'll-   I'oli.i      Id,
pwpi. wUl imii together loyally  ana mg tho pa(lt two   ,.u      ,.,
"•■"""-"    '■"'"   ^   ■""     -'   "•* fu)1   .I.n  im. •     ovenlful    and   |,    . .
Slime ol   U." good   thing!  that   mil    I."    (,|1M,„|   |„   ,,,,,  (,,,„,,„   ,,,   ,,       , , ,. ^^^^^^^^^
going.   8o lar m the federal and pro , ,.   |ml]t    |inve been greiiilj      ,„.    """" "l'""t'"       '''	
vinciaJ  poiitlos    an    concerned,   thou ,,i    i;,. idouliul     ti""'    i been  '"' '   ""' i   operntiiig
may I." -'-ni i'M.      el   wl   I Innled  with   Dec    uml  pioviiled   nitl uily,   Imlli -,.  publii   and
-   ... m..
- il
■-, In   found
.- ■ in
I,.-       I.., ..
...  I.
St. Peter's
i liny,     li.      'I     l iii,
I     ill) Iii.il     .
1 ,.   ' .  -i
■ a.    i.'.l   li
.1     I..i..
Baptist Sunday School
i      ■',       '   imi i 1.   ,>iiM«liiy
lii'M    lust
1 nil   (' mui -.
Pi'll'l     llll llf
n   -i .'   nlijrh
i«toi    fhrintirin   i!'■'■,
r i]|, liiixel,
ilii       tunny
I IL .        Mil        UK)
-I,im- nn hid
\ ■ '■ lit-      liy
III    Mi.-      ,|,
i     i|uu ii       lhe
iiiiii-     i'1'iy,
■ I        'l>l|l  III.I   I
■ '1,1      lllll
lit tl   ,  im- hr-
H*      u    I'    i    ■ i' i u I      with
llll       I,, [||<
1 "         I     I  III   'I        •  "I Ix.
M f       II' >"     ■ ■' IVI 111 ni    11(1(1 1
i      I ~i Imii.I    V\ in I  ,    i- .. |)| ■•   - j I * i_'    |»''-"-
(i mmi)  I'HiTii-. nt  tho
II.   i. fi i I-- I   In   ihr   fm i   tlmt
wm     ell ■ upport ■
■  i      i h-it   tin    tveekh   ofToringf
Mt    I' ■ i-i.-' ol lhe tvftoh
i y o 9
Is Now Nearing The Close :
Its Trials and Troubles,
[ts Worries and Woes
Aro a Thing of The Past:
Let's Forgot Them.
1 9 1 O
Slowly Rises to View
With Hundreds of Blessings
And Pleasures for You,
And Good Things Galore:
If You Open The Door
And Let Them Come in :
Then Just Let Them.
And Among The Best Things
To Be Found Right at Hand
Old Royal Crown
The Best Soap in the Land
And The Beautiful Premiums for Coupons.
ois, presented Miss Jessie Byrdo, the
church organiRt, with a ¥i>0 gold
piece, in appreciation ol her faithful
service. A collection was taken, and
the I'litcrtiiinmont which was success -
fui  and enjoyable terminated.
Hospital Whist Driue
Tho annual progrossivo whin party-
hold undor the auspices of the Ladies
Hospital Guild look plnco lust night,
lho Mayor having kindly placed the
council ohainbors at ilu- disposal of
thu ladies. A largo number of tickets
were sold, but only twolvo lablos were
filled wiih actual players. Tlm hand
some prizes wore won by-
Mrs. A. B. Kim-aid. silver bon bou
Mrs.   i      J-   \iiinu.  Mui,a  cream   uml
sugar set.
B. M. Allum, Shaving  Minor.
IV,  It.  Robertson, Silver kuifo.
A  vory dainty supper hud been pro -
pined,  iihirh     was much   appreciated,
several of the   young people assisting
ilu- ladies nf  the     (Jiiiltl,      The affair
will nol  u verj  substantial sum  to lhe
Ladies Guild Treasury.
Snow Shoe Tramp
E.  A.  Bradley has returned from his
onsteru trip-
Mr. StorU left Christinas Dny on   n
holiday trip oast.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis (nee Mrs. C'rnge)
nro on a visit to Rovelstoke on their
honeymoon trip, being tho guests of
-Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Wells.
Judgment     awarding plaint iff 815UU
damages was given by Mr. Justice
Mtirpny yesterday in tho case of Fer -
nolle vs. Gibbons Company,
On  Friday and    Saturday and  Mat
nine     ut     3,80 o'clock on New Years
Day  at   lho      Kdison   Parlor Theatre.
New  programme of ill tores I  and      in
struriion will bo put  on.
Rate iuul lux payers are reminded
ihul De.-etnber ,'tlsl. is the lust o.-.y
ou which the discount on ihis year's
tnM-s will be allowed, and ..um-.i
should be puid bofore Hint date in
order to secure thu lower rato.
« Shoe uml Ski I'luli mi i
at rendezvous outside the opera hoi.so
last night fm thoir lirst regular semi-
weelili run. lu -pile of other .iiiiae -
ii.m- a large uiiiiiboi of ladies and
iveiiileni"" enthusiasts turned out and
iu chnrgo "f field Captain .McMuriin,
swung off at ii lni-1. pace ill tho Mr •
oction ui Long's brewery, where u
hull un- made A -till .limb i lien
taxed l In- .'..iliac1' of 'lie parti . but
iliei wore well rewarded In the glorious    view      t.. be  had ..f  ihe .ily  by
llig.!l    fl     the   I'ell.'lle ol,    the    loner
slo| f    Mi    Revel luke.      Sliding
down tin- ^iee|i ,1,..In nm- i'i.mi bench
to bouch proved exliiliarntiug exercise,
.iiei the tramp wound up al ilu- Dotol
Revelstoko, the party dispersing to
their homos, lhe next .lub run will
luke place un Thursday.
St,  Peters  Sundny School  will      ro
assemble on  Sunday  afternoon    noxt ,
at   il -uui ;iine. J.3II o'clock.
Ai ilmi [iiiin. former!) nl Hamilton,
Out., brothel of Mrs. li. !•' Tuokor,
lui' taken up Pliologi-npli) in Mr
Tucker's Studio.
Mr.  Frank  Mnumli
mil   M,.s lr
Reduced prices rm Skates nt liouruu
siiuilei i up wml other liockv)
Siii-kh nl  itourno Pros.
WANTED.-A     lady    atonographor,
salary Son per month    Apply     ollice,
Ihis paper.
Cull iu and see our two carpet
spoclale.—0. B. Ilume &■ Co.
FOB  SALE,—Good driving  and  riding mare.   Can bo seen at  Um Hovel
Btoko Sawmill Company.,  Big. Eddy
If you   buy   nu  Ensign  Caniern    .-ind
mi   Ensign Film, you will buy no     ol
her.—Sold  ut  Tllckor's  Studio
WANTED KNOWN.—IIoubo to rem.
near school house.,  11    N, Coursier
(lui small balance ptonk of caloit -
.liii^ ni oua-third 'ho prico ut Bews
Drug Storo.
New Musi. Folios at Bewi Drug
Witch Hazel and Cold Cniain toi
Chapped hands and sorn lips, at 'h?
Bows Drug Storo
Don'l forget your holiday reunion ,
uud huve ii family group tuken at
Triiemnn's Studio. Open unlil Mon
■ Iny  evening, January 3rd,
Court of Revision
TAKE  NOTICK  thai   I   shall   hold  n
Courl of Revision and Appeal, under
Maundrell, "I Armstrong, sponl Christ- tll0 p,„vision of the "A»»e»«menl An"
l"18 '" ,l"' rilv "!i ,l"' l--1"""" "' 'I'e'1'' respecting the Assessment Rolls for
brother, Mr Harry Maundrell, of ihe ^lt, nBvolatoltE
Maundrell  Mem   Market.
I'he V.  M   r,  A.  will observe     ihe
^ssessinenl   Dislricl, on
WEDNESDAY,     TlIK    20th  DAY  OF
firsl Suuday ol the new vein wiih an al the hour of ion o'olook in the fore
appropriate address uud sung service, noon, nt the Court House, Revelstoke.
from ith" io i p in. Every man is Dated ni Revelsloke ihis 28th da)
invited to tgla gathering. I of Decombor, 1909, d'Jflif.
Mi    uud   Mi...   A.   MeRu leriuined ''■  M. FIELD,
n Inrgo number ol friend-  al   "Glen   ' Judge ..i  th" Courl  "I Revision,
rry  Hull" ou  Monday evening     in' ami Appeal.	
I'  "'  Mrs.  Fred  IC»te,v,  win.   wu-   "      XTT    i    XT rn   p n
i'.   : i      of ilm      family 'luring lhe I W   A   JN     1    ill JJ
'lm-iiu-'i. Iiolldnyi I ■   ■ .■ — '
,   ,.             \\t ANTED - llinil.le  nmy   Bunk-
lh.. uniiiial   sun.lai   School Enter.   \\    |.,„ ,„.,, „,  ,, k,,,,„,,.  ,i,.hiM.,
i iiiiiii, nt   iu i...line.'iiui, with  Sl. John:,   position,   Inbv   IJUUlflfd.      Ile'eieiiies
Pie  In I, nan   chllrcll    will   beheld        ol,    >-"v"'        (i I'idll.ll I-of Olll ill lo Hll-il,l SS
I ,       - .„, ., Coll-l-e.        lh lleVllle. APP)        \\ .     N.
"""   lu     "7nl,1«   n(    '"m    '"   ll'" Ilu,,.,,,,,. 'Mail ll.-i'.l.l.
iinn. h    Ni. i-hiirge for iiilini-sioii bui  _	
a  i ..He. lion     ii ill I..-  lal,.-i Infra)
' i" ii '
Ml--   E.  (Tiaiiibi-rlain,  head    of    ilm'
i', It.  II  Milliner)   "Iall, leavos lo
iiiclil   on  ii   m,i  months'      ii-il    eusl.   Alne.    Cm. In-   ei'ii  it. the mill.   Revi I-
Mi.     Clliimllerl.ni,   mil   iin   St.   |'„i,|,   sl nke ,'vi ,i inill ('....  Lul.^
loloiilo   ami     hi,-     .ilie     I.,   al I,ail   lhe    /   11,1''. A N I N'G ll I d  I'l'-SN'nil, Kepilil'ilig
imlliueii   opening,  ami  bin   -I.,.-!,    fo,   '       ""ll   l>V'iiu   and   Plain   sewing.
. I Apply In MIB.  Cook,   Pill pll'g  llloek.
1     ''"■   ",lr "'   '    I'I''."I"!  pi. mi" ue    -|Vn"|(  i\\tXY     F,,,,,,..!   |{ ,  |„,
t"d In   ihe fm     Itiograpli (',,.,     ,,f   1^     L'ght   lb o-i'keeping.     A| ply nl
Neil     Vlllk lhe.I'I,I,,'     i.    e ) „,„|     M  ■ 11-11 • I'J h I   I )ITh'e_	
lhi    i"    i    lull ..f i  ting     -im WANTED   Furnished     apartments   or
1 .  '         I'he   I I"..  "   n   western room, well healed, liy a couple;  no
tor)   in   -.ii    i    an „iu„.iii..     pi, . hildi en. a ppli  P.O. Box 01<i, City.
iun  ami is both eviling  uml Interes-
ling.    II mod Ies,      ilm   Mui.I      uml WANTED,--To    lot—Fl'OIlt   bedroom.
Dwarf,"      nnd    ilm    "King  of   police" '"     central    position on Third  Streel.
aro both good,       lhi   programme will Well .heated, eleulrln  liulns, bath,  hoi
l.e    lepealed    lOlllglll Oil     El'i'l.ll     llll'l     "'I'1 '"IA        Ullli'l      812 pl-l        lllUlllll
Satni.Ini      i..   iiill   be  [ ,'ii"l      a    Read)   f"i    upation      January   oth
new  programme and Matinee at   'I An  Appi) tin- oil..   Revehloke General
,,' ,,, :   Nm.   Y«ar- Dt) ' Ag'-ncios.
WANTKII    KNOWN       l-'iirnislied
loom to lent,   -villi break Inst  it
n iptiied.    Apply al Mnil-lli-i'iild.
IjlOB 8ALIS—T.'rtiiTiif llenvy^WTirk
'    Horses also,i Riding and Driving p
Christmas in the City
l -irii-tiuiif. lilOil haB passed into bis*
,c , with nothing in particular to
.listing, lull it from its predecessors .
The wtuiher wus beautifully tine, ilm'
cold. Many citizens indulged in sleigh
driving, while others took walks, but
the majority kept within doors, silling round cozy liros allowing the
warmth and comfort to instill into
them ihe spirit which Christmas
breathes over all. Tho city was very
quiet and there wus practically no
drunkenness ou the streets, und the
police report the town quiet und orderly except whon a few jovial spirits
making the most of the season, wore
wiling away the hours not wisely but
loo well. The duty of placing fellow
subjects in durance vile at such a season is a most unpleasant task, nun
the police, with their good judgment
und sense nf what is right in union: -
ing tho law, were able tn ensure a
peaceful night.
I'he services ut ull tin- churches were
woll attended.
Christmas has passed, a season "f
joy and gladness, where llie pust is
buried .and bygones are bygones, ainl
whon lhe hand of forgiveness nnd ol
friendship, mul charity is oxtonded lo
nil by all. Our own country enjoys
pence and prosperity, nml in Revel -
toko there ure feii who cannot enjoy
some measure of Christmas cheer, und
look forward to beginning soon nn-
other year in hope and confidence.
The nursing stall aad patients ''ele -
brated Christmas Tide with muoh enthusiasm, and the festival proved a
huppy time. All that could bo done
wus carried out to lighten tho lot of
the patients and to instill into their
lives the happiness whieh is always inseparable from this season uf the year
Decoration-, were profuse und muoh of
lhe   sadness      which   is   the  almost   in -
variable concomitant of the sick was
dispelled by the gladsome palliatives
During the afternoon ihe members
uf lhe Baptist and Methodist choirs
visited iho patients, rendering appropriate music, enrols and glees. llie
Ladies Guild presented each patient
with a dainty pot plant aud a suit -
able present while a large number of
gifts were sent in by the citizons. The
nurses entertained a number ot friouds
at dinner, a most enjoyable time being spent, The usual Christmas fart-
was provided for those patients who
were able to partake of it und no effort was spared to make the occasion
one of rejoicing.
Special attention was paid to the
inmates of the local jail and to those
whose fate it wns to drag through tho
long day without n touch of good
fellowship shared in by their more
fortunate brethren on tho outside For
these recompense was made in the
way of n more substantial bill of fare
than that usually served, and Christmas was made as merry and pleasant
n day ns could be under tho oiroum-
Every preparation for the festive
day wns made in all the hotels and
restaurants in tho city, Even the
most fastidious could liml no difficulty
ill getting a real first class dinner on
Christmas Day. Special menus had
been prepared and the tables were
laden witli all lho time-honored aim
daintiest delicacies, turkey, and plum
pudding being the centre of attraction. Each houso reports excellent
business wiih large crowds and iho
old old story was fittingly celebrated
everywhere. The decorations of many
ol the hotels were triumphs of art and
taste giving uu appearance of festival
and celebration.
From reports of tho city luorohunta
und the store keepers, tlio Christmas
trade, although slow iu tho commence
ment, brightened up exceedingly lo-
wards Christmas eve nud a large volume oi business was done, exceeding
by a fair margin that of Inst year.
Few buve reason to complain of this
year's Christmas, aud many state
that tho results lune been bettor than
anticipated, which speaks well for
tho prosperity of the town iu general.
-Money was freely eirouluted and the
keen, joyful enthusiasm of the buying
public during Christmas week, uud especially Christmas eve, was pleasant
to see. The general opinion round
the eity is that tho stock this year
put in by tho merchants was lhe best
that has been soon in Hevelstoke yet,
the seloctlon and quality being as
good as uui, be secured in miy big
eastern house. Never wns Ilm faot
more strongly demonstrated lhal our
people should buy ul home, than 'luring the rocout holidays and ihe merchants deserve all onoourngemonl Irom
the public.
The Zinc Industry
The milling convention which     mot
at Nelson has i-nilorsed u rosollltlon
to tho minister of mines calling .attention lo (he depressod statu of Ihe
zino milling and smelting industry,,
and requesting I hat Ilm Dominion (in
verumeiit conduct experimental work
as will ileleiinine definitely Hie practicability of llie eeiiuoniicnl Irealnmiil
by eleelro lliertnlil or eleel r.i elieinienl
process, of these ziue ores,
A   committee consisting    of    John
Keen ol Kaslo, S. Fowler of Aini ■
worth, J. Qroonstrool of (he Big Ledge
W. S. Loper of the Lucky Jim autl F.
K. Beeslnn wa1, appointed to carry
oui  Ilm decision" ol the OonveBtlol
Christmas at the Chnrches
The usual Christmas Day services
wore held at Sl. Peters church. A
large number of communicants attended the early celebration of Holy Communion. Matins and Holy Communion was held ui 11 o'clock, the service
being fully choral. Rev. C. A l'i"
cunior, in his sermon, referred to
Christmas Day as a day of giving,
taking as his text "Thanks be unto
God for his unspeakable gifts" from
the Curinthians. lt wus u da) of joy
when tho song of love wns snug by ull
Christian peoplo. He pointed out that
the principles oi Christmnstide should
bo instilled into nil, und forgiveness ,
peace and goodwill should be the keynotes for lho coming year. Let everyone wipe the slate clean uml turn rivor
n new leaf, forgetting nil grudges
against one's fullowmcn und banishing
,d will to our neighbors.. Christianity will sanctify our lives, innke our
iiomos rospectinilo and elevate the liv-
ng principles of lhe world. God sent
nis beloved son for our redemption,
nnd il should be our duly to take example und love eiieh other uitli pure
pourts. "Do unl" others as you
would thoy should do unto you" was
a Christmas motto, and if professing
Christians will turn to God lm will
pardon and cleanse them from -in.
und lho) will roceivo the groatcsl nt
nil gifts, thai of oiornnl life- Christmas is sueroil nnil il wa- ihe duty nf
ull poople to give their hearts and
their whole solves to God in appreciation of his unspeakable gifts.
Appropriate music was rendered, including the beautiful old Christmas
On Sunday the rector, in his evening sermon, referred t" the fact thut
this wns the last Sundny iu I'.'"'.', und
thai tin- opportunities ive hud lost
und neglected would never return,
Waste nf tune was -a terrible thing,
nnd stress wns laid nn the fuel that
during the coining year increased ef •
fort should be made in innke use nf
God's i_;ifts unci in return serve him
more devotedly nnil thankfully. There
were many who had neglected ihe services nf liml uml had been very lax in
attending church services, und he hoped that in 1111II there would be a greater interest taken in the church mul
lhal the people would tnke advantage
uf thon- greal Christian privileges.
Poople must rouse themselves und real
ize more their religious obligation?.
The church was prettily decorated
wilh white llowers-
Christmas Dav- coming «o close ou
to Sunday, it was decided lo hold the
festival on Sunday, consequently no
service was held ou Christmas Day.
I'ho Sunday morning service was well
attended, excellent aud inspiring music
Doing rendered liy the junior choir,
t'ho church was beautifully decoruied.
i'ho Rev. T. \V. Hall took as his text
iwo versos from Luke 11, in and 11.—
"Unto you a Saviour is born," and
I'ouimenccil by dwelling on the fact
that lho disappointment of the priests
serilics and phai'isees when Christ wus
revealed lirsi io the shepherds, was
greut, touching us that Christ will
nelp lhe lowly und meek. God revealed himself lirsi lo ihe shepherds then
lo lho sages. Chrisi's birth wus u
coueeded fact und it had worked a
great chnnge in ilm world,
cutting the chronology of history iu
two, Chrisi's birth hud wrought vast
changes in the religious world.
In the evening service Mr. Hull look
Matthew ll, In us his text, relating
to the wise moil of the easl coming to
lind ilu- Christ, and dealing wiih
Herod's false worship nnd treachery.
The offerings of tin- wise men were
symbols of lioiv Cod should be worshipped und his omnipotent deity.
Hold symbolized Christ as ii King.
Frankincense us a deity uud a divinity.   No church, suiil th,. preacher, hud
ever       prospered       who     tried    lo   rob
Christ of his divinity. Mv rr symbol-
ized suerifiee und death in  the tomb.
The wise men l'uv;o adoration with
liieir hearls us well n- wiih their
hands. example vhould be followed
by everyday Christiana uml each of us
possess  whal  Cod  deiuunils,  mid  all of
us should offer our l.ne uml affection
to   God   even   if   «e   huve   lm   gold       Or
other offerings, Devotion and enthusiasm characterized the congregation,
the whole sorvlce uml music being
most     Inspiring,   t lirlstmna   anthems
wore suiil' us well as a sacred -..I.. by
Mis.  Cameron.
The Civic [lections
t    Editor  Muil-Hernld,
.Sir,—I'leuse tilluw me space through
the columns of your valuable paper
for a little comment re the torth coming   :ivic election^.
In the tirst place it appears puyrfin^
strange t<> the average citizen thut
our Chief .Magistrate snouul personally
invite a few to meet our memoer at
t Iip L'lllO, while tuo .^elKirK Hall is
rented foi' our meetings. Tho citizens
are not all members of tho Club, anu
would foci inn of pJnce then1 witnout
an invitation. Why was that meeting
not called in the Selkirk Hall, anu
give u-:. tin' working class, a fair
ehauceV Now, Mr. I-.tutor, as an out
Conservative, I think nil the citizens
should have a chance to mention anything tiun1 think besi for our memoer
to brtng before parliament aud for the
gtiod welfare of" thin distri.-t.
I.ft u> In' broad in our viewH, and
allow all mon lie' rights and privil -
egeH wo like tn enjoy ourselves.. Thou
wny should a few men at ilio Hub,
undor tlio protoxt of a public mooting,
undcrtuko to cut and dry things—to
control ilu' distriel of Kovdstoke in a
hurry by l>rin;_rin_-! out all thr eandi ■
dates for mayor and aldornion, just to
make tho little band complete, to
please our young friend tho doctor, h
may be worthy of nolo that there
are many heavy tavpayor.-, and good
old pioneers, mon who havo liy then
enterprise and many years of consistent vork, proved their faith in Jiov -
elstoke and made it a city—men who
have some knowledge of our civic affairs, the public works, .and other administration? Why not give some «>f
ihe pioneers iho preference for mayor,
not throw lhom over hoard fora now
comer, a young man untried, though
ho may shine brightor in society.
There never was a time since incorporation whon wo needed meu elected
to represent us who are cautious and
with force of character to practise
economy, to protect the credit of tins
city, than at tho present time. This
is food for thought. The young doctor's right bower threatens to spoad
many thousands of dollars to put
parties out of business who would
dare to ofTer to b'ring other caudiadtes
into the field. Wo would like to know
am we in Canada or Russia? Has
tho doctor and his little chosen clique
got us by the throat, to force the
pill down us whether we like it 01
Who is behind tho guns? What can
all tiiis money talk by the gold-bugs
menu? Is it possible that they de -
sire to tompleto the bankruptcy oi
tho city, got it into the shoriff's hands
to have it sold undor the hammer, foi
three or four of those gold bugs to
buy   it,   and   have a   monopoly;     then
tell the common working folk Lo keep
off tin? grass? Now, Mr. Editor, as a
heavy rate-payer I should consider it
only fair to our citizens thut the mayor be brought out by public convention in tho City Hall, nol by aii\
ring or clique, then let oach war;
pick out their own aldermen. More.
the public might load to much civi.
nfonn. What about old timers? Whj
not call a public mooting in the citj
hall and  talk matters over?
I  thank you for your space.
Yours truly,
A  pioneer of 'SG. Hevelstoke.
Grip and Password
Operator Murdered
North Hay, Due. 32, Retlwuter, a
Ihlg Mtation on ihe leMii-kamiiiu' \
Norihern Ontario railway, 50 mile-
lioi'tll of hero, wa- the ttevne "f a
lii'il lui murder l.t-l night, lho victim
boillg operator \\. I Dyvnil, Ilio I ia
go<l> occurred aboul -i\ o'clock, when
a man entered tho i(ation and became
boisterous, lb -on attempted to eject
tho Intruder ami a light OH*liod, Suddenly another man rushed in and
siiud, [)\-oii with a club, iiu-hiiiu hi-
skull,   and   ho   -ank   dying   lo   l lie   ll	
Royal Governor
Reports from  il"   onul   .late     lhal
lhe Iiul I  Connaught,   the   Kiiil-'-
luoiher, ina\ poialbly succeed l-ml
Urny it. (tnvetiuii (ienerul ol I -inn.In
next year. The appolnraonl "ill lie
n"eiie.l wiih favor Imiii in l-.nglnnd
uml   i iiiin.l:!    The   Montreal    Herald
slnles ilmi only the fnninil -i- quit■- •
eeii.e nl  lhe nuthiiritien al   Ottawa  is
wanting lo make it sn accepted (m-t
I. 0. F.
Monday night the annual mooting of
Court   Mi,um  Begbie wn« held.     The
ollicers elected  fnr  the your   1910   are
us  follows:
I'. C li.   I'n... X\. Garland.
C. tt.   Hi". ('. Hart.
V. c. it.   I',,,,. Austen,
Ci. Hep.--II.  McKinney. i
l'i. IMiv.   Dr. Sutherland.
Hoe. Se.-.   If, Hdwnrds.
tin. See.   II. K. 'layman.
Wi.r.   hens.-U.   Boll,
Woi. Orator.—ti. flobol,
Sen. Wood.- .Thos, Smith
.luu. "    I'. Butes.
Sen. Bua.-W,  McMahon,
.lun. lieu.- -C. I Iordon.
Courl  Trusteos.—Bro.  I!. Gordon, II.
M' Kinney.
I  linn,   e       (    mi I tOO,      III...        II.     lid •
Edwards, II.  MeKinnoy.
\. P. \ A, M,
I he annual election ol oIIIcoi-h of
kooteiiuv |,odgo \". Ui, \- P. ti A.
M.. mi- held in ilm Ma-mi, Hull on
Monday, Si. Jnhii'n night, There mis
a large attendance, tho Hev. c. A,
I'riiiuiiii'i  oi'i. inline us Installing ofll-
Tile    mil    ollieet-    ;i!'e:
IV.  M.   .1. T. ['alloi-k,
s. W,   i;, (Iordon,
.1   W.   .1it. Thompson.
Trens.. X\   ll. I'ratt,
Chaplain.    Kev. ( .   X.  Hroeii u.n-,
>e.    c. .1. Aman,
S,   D     Mr,   II.million.
.1.   ll.    W.   Heii.,
D. ..f i .   II. V Coursier.
-   -     I. Wilson,
-I-   ,-     W    It    Imlieils.ni.
I   i.     X   <i. Brooker,
I'yler,   ll   Solloy,
Two Interesting presentations     wore
mude iiiiiiiii.'      tl veninii liy   II    N.
Coursier, II I-. II. Smythe receiving a
Pntl   Master's   jewel,   ulld   Kev.   C.       A.
I'liieiiniei u handsome cut gluss water
set,  for  his   Imiii;   nml  faithful   lorvlCOS
ti, secretary, Al the conclusion "f 'he
lodge business, ar, adjournment wns
nodi "> the Union restaurant wherep
piimptuous      repast    was  prepnred  by |
Stewart  McDonald,   a  lun^ loust  lint
lieing honored, lho proceedings closing
with the toast "Happy to meet, sorry  ,,
to purl, happy to meol again."
jiiopsis uf oiiiiiiuian Homestead neguLtions
B. C. in London
AM ..v-.ilabl-   Liom.uum Lauds within  tin
tutu   tm^ueu l.y
1  <-".lU fl  tt lu . 11).ti
a, i   .(j» »i i in ■
rtn inuru or loss,
n) |)«i dm whu is ihu boi
in) it ac i.vor ti )t)ar.- .
uu-q.iurtur .itctiou  ul  li
j-nir) ijusi bt) in tile personally Ht lho lui
inu.. ..du. inruiHUt-iri l iu wtmb 1 b« iao.
sio.uti-;    tt. uj   i.)   J'fi.x)   mti),   in wuvti,
HI.i.u    UU    . Oflrtlil      UbUlWOUtJ    U)     LllO    lltti.
■s   ilior, ouu u.iUKiiiur, bruliter ur tu. ler «»i •
iii.titiUu.tf ii'iiies'tmuor.
'J ho hi
1= euuer i_> required Ui ierfo
utuutjcieu iuu ittuii ui,uu.
\'i Ai luuai cii ni.u_ii.iib' ro.-iuo. ce i.pouHiii>
cui.iv.i.iuu v i um liiuii iu Uuufc lea j t'-r ibr i
UJ   It ibe Uther 0-r muthor, if the father ib
1'"',fc '   ""' lotiuer  ri-siuos   up. u u
Ci,   il
The isbiie of the Graphio, of London,
England, November 20, contains a full
page illustration of » farm scene at
Duncan'si Vanoouver Island, entitled
"An English landscape under Canad ■
ian .Skies." lho following al«o appeals:
"Tho Honorable •). U. Turner, agent
gonoval for British Columbia, in the
course of a recent conversation in
which ho describes tho province an an
excellent country for Englishmen, ?.^J\fUiul lUu
sfiid: " 1uireuieuia
'"Think what a beautiful country
the province is. I sometimes think
that there is nothing quite so beauti -
fui as Englisb scenery; but then, 1 am
an Englishman, and on visiting British Columbia again 1 thought that
nothing  cuuld  oxcol   lho  glorious seen*
oi'V   I hole.'
''Though an Englishman by birth ,
Mr. Turner has spent nearly Irt years
of hi- life in British Columbia, ol
which  provinco ho became premier   in
18D5.    Perhaps   his   admiration    of   thej    N Bt—Unauthorized pubbuatluu ul  Uue ail
scenery i- begotton of the fact     that j ™"""»UB1" *"' ** * wm luf.
in many pan- il resembles that of rural   Englund.   The picture on  the   op-j NOTICE,
posite page is  thoroughly  English   in     Kevelstoke LauU Uutiiot,
lelike   rusticity.    Uritish   Colum-        uioti lut ui   u »..-»_. tvuoU nay.
beloved by  retired  Englishmen, |    '1,tkd ***'«*» uiai i, *u. Jv. Luwhuh,
because of the Eng  ^"vT^t: iT"**">»»**  l"ltua lu
b,ujj,,j) iui- (jL'iuji&Biuii lo purchase uu
there,  anil      no   Luiiuv> uib tiebul'lUcU lando;
of  iis   English '    Cuiijuii_riiunbiu a post plauted at ilu-
elite   mu)  Uo  sttlt.-lim.
pa a   U   rualUtUtf    Willi    Ilio   1'illlUl    Ul
bo suulur basin;- iiQiimtbCM iti.-itibliCfc
jj-uu laruuutf i. utl I.V...OU b) in in iu >lio UUUi
,) ul ..is UuluebteuU. ine iui|ti.iuinoui3 as U-
\ muoic e um) uo aiuii-iiou u)  raoiueuce upm.
bix on utlia' uotice in wriliutf bhuUld bo yivoti
...    il.H     1.0H Uiinaiuutil'   i'i    i tlllillili'll   L'lUUa    111
I lUluuilua lu HpPO  lor paiout.
i ual. — t unl tuiiiiiiK ritfliltf oui) bo lea&ud lui
h pet Kxl ol iwtnj-ui u )tiara u< an unu uio
renlitl ol 11 pur ui_.ro, Nul (noro imiu iit«Mi
acios bball bu luu^ou lu one luuimituii or
cou.p.iii)      A mj-thy  ill  lhu   Hilb ol  livo  UUUte
per tuu ahaii . o i oiiociuii on ihu tuerutiauiabie
jual nuubd.
I'cpui) of lhe Alinin.tir ul tho luiorior.
it.-   In
officers and others,
jsli ways of soe
doubt also by rei
sconory. The ape
which up publish
at Duncans, un lh
v'ancouvor Island,
district i> very bi
of  the  river  arc  n
lion,   eonsis
men  <.f  ih
opre.-ents a scone
Cowichan rivor in
The  si enory   in tho
uliltil.    The    banks
o mass  of vegelu -
ousisting   mostly   of   ma idea hair       ,
•nnl other iom-.    Here and  there small   a.
waterfalls break     through- the   ferns,'
presenting   a   charming   fairylike   scene
A'ild duck, geese grebe and  teal haunt ■
the  river,  and   trout   afford  line  sport      j
for  the  angler.    The  ('owichan   valley |     '
■h  famous  for   its cattle,   which   thrive
ou   lhe  luxurious   pasture.    Duncans is
fortunately  situated at   the mouth   of
the Cowichan, on the railway     which
runs from  Victoria  tn  Nanaimo.  It is
aboul   I"  miles  from   the  capital.    The
fertile   Cowichan      valley   Hos   between
Kennedy      rnnge     and      the  Seymour
range, and  the river rises in a  lako of
the same  name  as  itself.   The   valley,
which     is     in latitude  IS degrees 7."
minutes,    enjoys  a  beautiful  climate .
In  tins   respect      though,   it  resembles
England  from   the  puint   of  view      of
scenery,  it  is    a  decided  improvement
on the old country.*'
The Citizen, the well known in-mr -
ance, financial, banking and municipal
weekly of London, in an article en ■
.itled "Ambussmlors of Empire/' giv-
_'s tho following biography of Hon. J.
II. Turner, agent general for British
"The Hon. .1. II. Turner first went
to Uritish Columbia in 1862, Ho was
•lecled n« city councillor of Victoria ,
the capital in 1877, nnd served two
years in that capacity, and three year."
187U to 1881, as mayor. In 13S6 ho
ivas elected to represent Victoria in
the leginlativc assembly of the province and joined the Covernment of
tae Ilon. John Uobson in \b$" as
.ninister of finance and agriculture, lie
■vas returned by the samo dintrict as
member in six subsequent elections,
jontinuing in the same cabinet position until lftii^, and again in 1899 to
1901. He was premier of tho province
from IhWi to 1898, and introduced the
oudgol for IH years. Mc Turner also
brought in and passed acts for thfl
encouragement <>f fruit growing, dairy-
nm, the formation of fanners banks
and agricultural societies, and changed ihe financial system by the introduction of M per cent inscribed slock.
He joined the firs! company of volun *
tcora in 1864, retired as lieutenant
colonel. He received the Ko nihil raid
medal. Mr. Turner wan appointed
ayent general for the province in London by an aci of lho loglfllhturo passed unanimously by that house in
1891, and ha- rendered ibilish Culum.
bia also distinguished service in this
soutu eiiBti cot uur ot i«ot 8,00b, auu
iiwiMii " M. K. Law sou's Noi tu-wt m.
OuiUer fuel ; tueuce io chains south}
thence 4*J chaiub wtth ; iheuee 2/L) cJianib
Liulih; Li.eia_.L- ZO uUaiua ea-i; I hei ice
^Uuortiiio uurih tu iluu ut l-ut &,bOc;
ilivoce along sal a line to place ol luiu-
uieuce uieut.
d Ueiubur 18bli, lb* 9.
j Ll.    iUINMii lv. i..>\\.St>N
L iISi    Until,
Ml   ill
^   LuliU UlaU iLl.
11 Ma,   1\oUU:|id.) .
i    Ui.ti    ItuueiicK  \\ llhalli
1 L'I ^UStill,   U.U.,UCCUp'il.lUll
i.i i.oa   u,   uppl)   lur pui
pu. i ii.i__.i-   i no    luiiuto aifc
uli.g   ai   u   p bt planted un
Ul)      O..L    i i    i.   i   ..sU.I itbuUi
i,1.1 id i 1 -ouui-i ,.ai i . i nti ui
Hit-1 in   i,i^, Z\J clittliib, LliCllUi
.li vv cat '£U * lium*,
aiua    ...    I".II.   in
,1. I . II _£U Cljaltlb,
iln.,1.1      s..lllll    Ul
, ,'ll.lljl'lll t un l,L.
iMiiu uti *. I,, mun
_Al.l..XA.M'l-.ll AIcKaV,
A^L'IH  I.n   It.   XX,   I.U.llM'l
t'ti Uluke LuhU Lf>niii t.
ioi i iei oi  befit Kuuteimy,
.i^i' iioitcu ih.it  vv.uiei  1'. Uunlaii,
U itu.(peg,   iViaiiUoUU,   uctUpu.Liot.
aii, iut.ei.us   iu   up pi) loi peiUiiti
iu (mu l i.a.-ic llie luiio»vloD uconii'
(im. ul ng at a putt piauieu at
11- i in inin. buUiU*v\t'ol cui mi ui
|i iVt   i.i in e KL.-i. 4U chit.ii-; iiii uti
i.    IU i ll.uu.-} lui IIH   I'.ibL *u Lli..in   ,
' i ii,
UO  ll
• lu
Klidig     llll
... ., ,yuU
. .it.ii.iv t\ i ONKMUt.
L .
±N.  0*-L±U-
im 11 idol   \\ tot Kouieiiay.
* *    ""I "   U.Utl.lU   w
h iu   u| po   «"   pi Uuleai
u...-.      I II       1     11"" ll'g   Ul ht I I.  I l      	
I    Uiil Ilii   liUll£       rtt       it       I"   ci     I   l.lllll'lt   .1
iii     cvii   li Wii    tiilioi     ul     Lu.      U'OU.
mint iniiii  zu i haihbj IhL'hue eitb  mV
ii, id.-; i in i.ee b< Ui li Zu i li.m..-; i hi lu •
aoi   lu i in.iii,-; tie in \   uut lh -lu thn I nrl
Hi lilt'   l\l»l     OU Cl l.ll lift     til  i III    , Oil it   Ol
oiiiid* i.ii luem   aim     ciuitUlnin^   -t/t
i   , L'ft tin >l'l    Ol    U'ftft,
U...I, oepli inin ( 27ih, irtuh.
..  iiu     .viNiNlh bUll^v i ul'i.A.N,
Ki'i-p tlie iiiiii-, Now Ynir's livo, (or
tlm I'ylliiiin SlstOI-d Sllirt Wniil iliinii!
in tin- 0|i-rn   llouao.
UlllO VHBAIl, It i .
S|il'i'iul AltCllllllll llivi'll In I'liliitiil'l'riiil
men nml Inu ii-tH. Flrgt-ltllim KHIn|ill
ronnin. Flne«l m-i-ni-iy in Rrltlflli Ciiluui-
hla, overlook I nn; Upper Arrow l.iiko,
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Pipe and  Furnace Work
111 ill,   lll.ll trl ill tl.l'   Lillill    Itl'gib  l\
Moi .iiul ii. tin- uml it r ut   ilu- Tiiif   In
I In-.-i.   I'., lpi.il'li-1   I'I    .-III nn o,    tlJWII
hip  OS,   lllll'K«   (I.    Hltl   "I    llie   lilli
men luu   n xi.i-jii   6U   ..cii'.  mui   ,n.
i r a. i 'ni..-iii-«"> 11'i "* "i h. i.
\\ Ini I'll-, lin ( t-i i lllciiii-ut  I il i' .\...
l',ll.'l."> I 1 I, I III' lllll,\i III'! I'lll, jll||l.||lh ll
I l.i' liillllt' nl   I't-ll'l  ,-l'nl.   ll   n  In I'll |u»
ui ilt-ninii I'd mill ..pplic.i Pin hue in,
III,mi' In mr lin  11  iliipln.il.   I Ul II 111 :
Nulice In lii'ii-ii)- givi-ii ilinl ii ilnp.i
dill . i-i Iiiii'.ii>- i.I Ii. le In . In- nli,,i,
iii'iiiliiiiiiii'iiii- will i.i- Imui'U hi Hn
enpiiiition ul iliniy iin j- iroui ilu
iliiiL-  nl'  ilm  llihi   piililniiiii.il lieieul
llllil Ha ill llll' llii-'tlillllli' Ml I ill uliji'i (mn
In tin- riinlliii) in Illiiilt.- In nn- in
UlBlili i Ui'gieli'ui',
Lnnil Iti'Ki-liy OlMnu,
KiimliiiipN, 11, C.
Di-i-. 15, lnnil. Hn  IH-Iiii
I'AKK Mllll i: ili.H   I  l'"i'i   Iiui.,1.1
I'euiin, uf Ti'.'ii  l.nl.i., It. C. ...-.iipii ,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,iiuii engineer, inteml i" uppli  for [jer-
Tinsmithine, Repairs,   Hot  Air )nlMtpn  lo purehaM  lite fnllnwlng  ilo
.erlbod litii'l-.
i'niniiH'ii. ini; ni  u posl  planted     nt !
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   llll.    I    \X.    .OIIIIT    .,f    Inl     l7-_.'>.      llll.ll.'..'
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelatoko eaal 20 oliuiim, lliunco north HUchnlna,
_ I ibonco woat -U cIiuiiih more ur loim i"
_^ j Inkn bIioi-o,     thonce son tli ouiitot-ly n-
M_nl_n_CP   l_r|iclfl II OH II i   ><ji>k l»l«' »hore iilii.ut 30 chains to ilu-'
i a hill lycdiaui am s w ,.,„.,„„. „, lot imi, ,,„ ,„„.,,,
McKensie Avonuc 'along wontoru    boundary nl  lot '17M
nbuiit ill ohalns to point of 1'omnn'iiri.-- .
Kriiil.X'nnilicH, Ci^iirH.Ti'l'itcco.      mvn, „m| containing 40 acros moreor
MchIh 35 reiitn. loss.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor    Decombar loth, lmw.
Rail Lines Port Arthur and West
Fare and Third for Round Trip
Dec. 21st to 25th
Dec. 28 to Jan. 1
All Tickets Good  Until Jan. 5th, 1910
For Full Particulars  Apply To
C.  P.  R.   AGENT
nofactnrprl fur all clas-i? uf   bnilditifrs
fm Mitle in iartff?.'!' BOiftll qtiAUtittas
ai thfl lowest price* for r^h.
-' It kinl- *i( hnilditut andJi iRB'cinp
Repeim .if nil  kii.ii- i emli   i-uiiiel ..u
liirjrl.'Ilinl lull, n.ll, ii ..peridlly
K-liiniiii-s nfri'ii "i. any i-Ihim
of \iork
Front     Street.
Union Hotel
I inlt-rN'tv Miiiipgiu.int
Stewart Mecdonald
Propr Et r
Wl y l';i\  Kent w hen you
can Ow n your 11> met ?
Iwfllings,    Building  I ots
and   Acrcag/-.
Also Business Properly
First Street
the   (irand   Trunk   Pacific   Hranch|
Lines (,ompan\ will apply to ih**   Parlia-
nit'ttt of Canada,  at  itn  present   ses-»i- n,
for an Act fvuther amendinjf lhe Act   in*
corporatinjf the Company, Chapter 99 0*
tht* Statutes of 1906, as amended hv Chap-j
ter 86 ot ihe Matut<-s ot 1909, by author*!
iziny   lhe construrtion ot   the  folio wing-1
addiiional lines oi railway)—
(t) From a point on the Western Di-
visii n ot lhe Grand Trunk Pacific RaHwd)
between the east limit of Range \l and
the west limit oi Range 17. west of the
third meridian, ihence in a southwesterly
and westerly direct inn to a point
in tlie vicinity of Calgary, Alberta,
or   lo   a     point    on     the      line      wInch
I the Company is auihoiized.   under  para
graph 14 ol clause 11 of -aid   Chapter 99.
\ to construct to Calgao :
12I From a poinl on lhe proposed line!
I mentioned in paragraph  (1) between  the!
east limit ^f Range k* and Ihe west limit]
\oi Range .H, west ol the   third   meridian,
thence in  an  easiei ly  anil  southeasterly
cliii rlton 10 Regina or to a point   in  thei
vicinity iheieol;
(j) Fiom a point on the proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (*1 between the!
east (imii of Range 24 and the west limit!
Of Range 27,west ol the  second   meridian,!
to Mouse Jaw, or to a point iu the vicinity
(4)    From a point on the Western Divisl
ion of the Grand Trunk Pacific K.tihva>|
between Ait'and and Wainwright, them
in an easterly and southeasterly dtrectio-il
to a point on the line which the Compan'T
is authorized, under paragraph 13 oi
clause 11 of said Chapter gn, to be conJ
■traded to Battleford;
fO    From   Kegina,   or  a  point  in   tha
vicinity thereof, thence in a southwesterly!
and westerly direction to Lethhridge.   otf
to a point in the vlctnih  of Lethbridge on
•he   line which  the  Company  1-,   undei
paragraph 14 cf clause n of ••aid Ch^ptei
99, authorised to constract from  Lalgsf}
to the southeru boundary ol   the  Province
of Alberta at or near Coutis.
(6) From a |v«int on the main line ol
the Western Division boiveen Moos.* lakJ
and Tete Jaune (ache, thenoe througtT
the drainage ot the « leirwat'-r Kt\erJ
Bonaparte Ki\cr, S. to-t a d And- r^oil
Lakes and the IJtloei River . lli. >qua-
mish River, or bel »e« 11 lhe la si iwc
RiverSi to Vancoi v r, rii h (\<iunii'ial
authorizing an is-u- ol b •■ ds to iherxieul
ol $30,000, a niih o' the •'aid lines
railway, num bere ( ) i (;) inclusive and
comprising lhe saw! Imi s within whal ani
(lined b) 'h.-    a d A. I as the   '*Manil<'hal
Saskatchewan and   Albert a   1 x rns.n^j
tuthohzing nn issue ot bonds to iheextiilL
of $50,000.00 a   milt*  ot   the   saui   line  ol
railway numheied (6)   ami computing thij
said line wil bill what 1- defined h\ the
Aci as ihe "British Columbia Extension**||
and also amein.'i' g paragraph 11 n^f • lausJ
11 ot the said Ai t, as n gards ih« s.MilherJ
t  rminus ol Ihe hn-   lb< reh\ authorized, (1
be constructed   fri m Regina  to the Inter
national   Boundary   at   or     near   N* rtl
Ponal "
Dated at Montreal ihis zgth day of Nov
em her, 11)09.
dec 29 1 in        Solicitor 'or Applicants.
for Fall Plantim
CHRISTMAS FHOTOS       Bjlbs from the Best Europeaj
Have v« 11 •!•» 11   ( urkw's m .en! f (1  r
md ],r''it>m, gfvf*n frnm  Nov.   If) It   iinti'
[>< r, 81,   I    "■ worth   yom   «hib   »(■
,MM'»   hi»  ** ud(... 1 f.
FOR $1.00
T T AVE you a Iriend who smoket?
*■    No nicer Xma» Kilt could be
found thun this Pouch.
It [1 mude in genuine antelope
It ither, lined with bet qimlity
rubber, and is mounted with tterlinft
lifver shield. Engraved with any
itinni'jirnin and delivered pu*t*piid,
for $1.00, to ti■ v M'Mrr*.* in Canada
except the Yukon—Order hy the
number' 616,
Our hmiiiomel)   illu«lr«lr<t   l*t  r*'«  Nti*
, .m<- ot Ditmonda. Jtwalrr, Bilvrmara,
1 cillier. A*i« Ooudl inj piOVtllMt, (ret
RYRIE BROS., Limited
154-13* Yonne Sireet
and Japan Growers.
Hum' enwn Iruit mid oriinmentii
tn-'-, firuwii on uplai.d noil with-
- t 111 if 11. 1 in the only pwrt ol
tin- An crirBi, n.1.'ill, nl nut in-
dhiiil wiih the Bun Jom Kc»le—
dunlin, Ki. 'il mul FloWSf ee. it.—
I Willi >turk lr- III lhe l«-^t |nuw-
en  111   Ilu    wm 111 — Wire    lini'ii.K
■ nd (ini —Spray pumpe, Kertil-
i/> rr, Bee Bnppl'ri, Cut H'ower*,
Bprejing nmlrrUln, ito.—\\ hite
lui" 1 imii.—New 1S7 page Cute-
lomiC Irie
M.   tl.   HENRY
GrifiiIoum-sand Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCX)L*VRR,   ll. <'.
B-inrli  Nursery Sontd Vaneonvei
To Trappers
R'.iw Fura Boughv
dash Prices Pai<
F.   B.   WELLSJ
Scotch   Whisky
A Record of Nearly a Century.
It was in tlie yiar 1815—nearly a hundred
years ago—that the first gallon ol Watson 9
Whisky was produced-
It h distilled to-day  in  precisely  the  same
careful,   conscientious   manner   as   when
p'aced on the market.     We use the old'fas
ed    Pot    S ill   and    distil   only    from
Not a quart is ever bottled until we have
lirst assured ourselves that it is thoroughly
matuted -and that maturing process, hy the
way. takes place in Sherry Cask", a method
recognized by experts as giving a specially fine
So (irmly do we believe in the unvatying
excellence of our product that we guarantee
absolutely every bottle fold under our label and
Insist     on
___—■________■ J J..  __ll_IIIJI*W—
"THREE STAF"- A mild, tboroufllily matured Scoieh.
"NO. 10"—A lull-bodied, rlcbly (lavon-d Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited      Dundee.
For  Mayor
du. j. h. hamilton
Sk.    ii.
lh IIHMMIIIIH—lllllllll  lilill I H  I 'll     illllli
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store I i Committee HGOIUS—Selkirk Kail—Open fiiiiiy
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Hems, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Pa et  Supply Coy.
E   W   B   "JGET
suitably   furnished
market affords.     1
HO 1 Ll
with   tht
l-si Wines
Cigars.    Rates $i » d.i)      Month!)
ALBFE r      STON El
, :-^^-^^iHWt!'i!;|;iBHiS
Corner Third 5*&CampbelUv
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are   disposing  oi  their  entire   Stock   il  i
small  advance on cost.      It will pa\ you tp
investigate   tluir    prices    on    Diatm
Jewelry,  Cut   Class,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited j
To the Electorate of Revelstoke
A ver) large nutiibei ol the rcpiesentativc citi-
zens ol Revelsti ke having requested ine to become ,i
candidate loi lhe p isttion ol Mayoi of Revelstoke, 1 con-
seiiteU upon tne unJerstaniJiiig thai gentlemen in ivhom
the electors would also nave coulideuce would undertake
to run as Aiueimanic candidates, in ordei to ensure the
election oi a Council compitent ii.-Je.il with the serious
situation conir. nting the city of Revelstoke.
Ui iell> the object of my s-eit and associates, if
elected, will ue :—
lo face the financial situation by obtaining a
complete grasp ol lhe City's finances, ami take tin. citizens
into our confidence l>\ issuing an absolutely correct and
plain statemeni so that the position will be clear to all,
.mu then i.ii.e- lhe necessary sti p-, io restore tiie credit ol
tne city.
Uy tbe practice of the strictest economy endeavor
iv- riduce a ra ixa ion ivliu     is not ■   ■ ■ coming  i
im im. . ■    .      - ut,   w 11ni, because ol  its
iral ile   i. mpa ■■  pre\ liling ni
... .,        a nd w he i e
an pally owned,    nd
cwerage, cement  sidewalks,   etc,
is in Kevi at tne preseni  time prolnbit-
itsidi e taci thai
lu'i i '. xcess ot   m^se
ii is a.mo a
gi nnistra-
..: city,
en .    'in ■
I  u
less  .
.— .
r_3 - *.
wrss'fhri ai
inti'**.i   m   $     ''-* ■
B. M. R.
we   have
E Company Prove Themselves
Successful tntertair.ers
' Kloshe Nanitch" in a filling  motto
for uu.' uockv Mountain Uuugeri i \-
i uying as it does lim kuen itiertues
uad vigilant wat'iunj wludi in Ilu
n.in' ci e\ oi'j ; r " soldier aud ever;
loyul rvgimout. Sever belore haa tlie
lotal 1-. company acted up to their
watchword aa al present and whereas
formerly tne uuUtia waa seldom given
ti tnought by Itevclbtoke people, uow
liu; movement haa been popunarized ,
aud it in salt; to say thul tuo citizona
ate proud ol [*'. company, ami taKe a
livulj iutereat in thoir progress. Ulii -
■ ri - anil men have a sl rung bond oi
union between thein realizing that
uucli and ever) man must cany out
ni- pan to the betterment of thu
wnole and tho oletiation of a high
• lanuai'il of success, "AU work ami
no i'iit\ muKos lominy a unit boy,
ami excess oi worn haa more man
in"iu<nii\ Bunt many u prominent soi-
'iu-1 tor a sjit-ii in tlm j nonipaon a
laro," \*\ Uoinpauy have a nappj
kuuuK ci taking Lie's worn and piuj
to ine tun ami tuo dinner on thurs-
uii\ niKijt, Lieing tne Ural aunuai
Uiiristuius uiuuer ueld oy tue un iters,
ami men, was tno wmu-Up 01 a vei^
succesaliu social yoar.
The drill haii was very tastefully ao-
coratod, wmle the newly Utted out
| ollicera men nnd armoury, were arranged to accommodate a large number of guests. Dinner waa servod in
tne main hail and at the sound of a
bugle "come to lho cooli door boys"
a large gathering of ollicers, U. C.
men and guests hint down uml did lull
justice to the imii und liberal euliti -
lion sol beforo them. '(bo Uevelatoko
tSymphonj I Ircheslra rendered se\ eral
selections and were giv.it!> appr'ecia-
dinner the tables wero
tin-  programme  common -
'Another Attempt to Climb Mt.
u-.J. Alter
cleared um
cud .
!    Captuiii
lUpicd     till
I I'liiel lun ,1 ul thu
Viojosly the iui.-,
Nntiunul Am In.in.
1 jueai■■• wild responded to liy A.
' Scott, .'ni.unu of No.  I'„ i i.., R.
11 1   It!
J mg  ii ns "lli
' lowed   l.»\'   iii
! of P., who refen
I being   a  military
I of Canada,
R   Gordoi
nun   I.
K    P.'s  at
I lm defence
eforrod i.. ilu
' local mi'ii took pm i in tin
' uud  iinn  ji   un?  the duty ■
il  ,ili
lake  riuhtnn   training  for  ilu
il. im ■
Bcriptivo cornel ■"!" and reeitation
Lance ' orp Muek i is the comediai
ol the evening, bis selection l."in_,
i-. in lily encored.
Several  exceili ul   and   lughl,     enter
tinning  exhibitions      in  military exer-,
i-isi   ':■■■ Serg   i'.iiiii-..ii (late Ml Lau-
i   '    .t  [an. '• in in.in!  .ni'i  sword oxi i
. also liy Serg. Shardlow in bay-I Hie interesting faot of the wilderness
.,.,. • manual and Indian clubs. Mr. west of EdmoiMon is that a distinguish
Aldndge gave a pleasing mandolin so-.ed party of British Alpine climbers
lection and the Sympliony Orchestra have attempted tu scale the icy sum-
snowud their uunh. mit of ^'nml "ul"<>". 180 miles uorth
A uld Lang Syne and God Save tEe ol Hevelstoke and have failed. Two
King brouglit the fuuetion to a close,  points     stand    out  distinctly  in  tho
F.  Company  is to be highly cumpli-; all-"T of lh>* "to-uipt, und this failure
 nted uu the selection and prepara. h-'ho Best is that while they failed they
lion of the dinner menu, and the ev - Wit more than repaid for tho lung
mi will always bo a popular annual|journey just to have seen and to
iiavo stood ip tho presence of this
' "King uf the Kockies." Tho party
wore twenty four days, i-eucliing tin-
t'uut oi the mountain from Edmonton.
.11 John Swift's uoniUBtiiiid or. lhu
t pper Athabasca, Aug at, ili.-y met
Kuv. ti. It. B. Kinney, a ho hod
"L'uuk'd" theu. Kinney warned mem
unu they wiih iou late, out mey pus-
lied on. Ou SoptemDer 7 thoy began
ine ascent. Wnuii they hud gone with-
,iu twelvo hundred teet oi the summit
1 ol mis mighty monarch ot the lints,
j whusu icy mown sits 1.J.7U0 feet ooovo
, liiu sua, tne tauiuus tsiviss guiuo, illor-
| uz lucieroiueu, turned to luu mun lol-
loiuiig hnu and wuispeied Uouisely,
i.-oimu." winun is tne name ot tne
i wunu wiud ui Switzerland, wnicn com-
i jjuius witu uur "Umuuun.." And lo
I uiure oievv uuivn ttui'uss tuo glacier tui
' ivind wuiuii mauus gu.ug una, lu tue
i .ups inu "t'uiiiiu' unugs uol oiuy a
maw, But oueii an uta.uucue aud
num otiii-i- mining deuls, but lute de- Lomeuinos suowers oi iue. must o, iue
vi'iupiiiuiiu., aim tuo roceipt 01 letters Lamuara Kuuw> ttnU ueU(jr guu u,^
trom widows aud others, oouvmcea inu Luow M.0i-itz knew, a.m tuey nuliwi .
tual ihere was somotlung shady udoiuLV8U ,ls th,,y lluK(.,| Ul0 Nloim br0iU
in., honesty oi purposo of Jlr. M.o - over UV1 el.ngs iim| tilu nltfUl ,e)1 ,K.
i rossau. burthor inquiry corrobora - toro tij0y coluj CMupa um eiauier over
led this suspiciou, aud I dovoted a . wnich they wero travelling. It was
page "i inu Lardeau Eagle, whioh i wlUl groat dilliculty Unit thoy made
puolished ai I'erguson ut the tune, to thoir way back tu the timber belt.
mi expose of JlcCrossnu's methods and j|10 socom] point rcforrcd to above,
prospectus iiteruturu. this resulted in ;a t|„, mteiesiing fact that those Brl-
lhe cuck-luuch "business" men ul tho ti3h ulimbors did uui. doubt for a mo-
pay roil couiro" meeting uud pro- melll ,|ml .y,-. Kinney had reached the
soiitmg n tiuimil 1,'ibiu to jours truly  siiiiuuii.   Ou tho contrary  Lhoy ucccp-
ted  his  stutoment    nnd  i-ongiauilftt-iM
him   heartily.   Professor Goicnion,   ol
1 lillllliloloj jdUiliiiiliii
liditor,  .M.ni'liui'ahl,
Sir,—illuuy iluil-ituiuld readers
tlio tvuui.'ii.ii.', will I'ouiciuuur tho ad-
vi'in mui curoer ol unu nuv. i narlos
». _Uci_<rossau in um i i_x.iit Luko uis-
uut in ui.'i-^. Amuug otners i ■ ae -
uepiou i in- slaieuiuuis anu purpose oi
im.i reverend geuuemaii uuo in con-
juih.uwii inin Luu' inoiupsou, liiiiiy
i.ai'iui,  I'liiiiK  iiuiien unu .unu ftiitiii-
ll.-.ll, li. A., uuguUillini U.u HlllO nl Ulu
.tlULl'UpUllUlll        giUU|l lip       lUU    .Milt.,
rorK, up to mis suigu ui tne pro-
ud1 .iugs tne trunsuciiou was marneu
wuu  uo  louturos   to  iniiuiuuiiaic      it
iu uu  shape ui a boycott— ipiit udvor
tising.    I he ..in. ■ iiuo wus ilun   I   was
fi reed   i"   lui   lii>
should forovei   si
lo  prove ouco  in
Villilli.lll.il,    lot    11
,d   (for  lilii.ii      I    foi-outo,     has
lloady colluu     iiiuum
i_; prtiUes).   Bul  just   Kobeou "Ono of  (he Show tiauos     ui
>1"  (hal   ""I" is     a   tho IVorld," and Mi. Ilnstiub » uOscup
! draw   .-i 11 on lion    to   tion of ilie big hill scums to uonouoi-
liiu followiug dispatch m to-day's Van  „i,, fro£. Col an's opinion.
couvev tinl III. i i      i,  -,-  ■ i       ,
I liu   Uritish  puny  was i-oui^^_«3(l   ol
Los     tngolos,  lie.. 22.   1,'ui.i.   .  IV.  the     following:     Geoffrey   Ua»w.gs,
McCrossan, who,  ii   is nllogod,   would   Bradford; A.  I,. Mium, I_oudon; L. b.
'"""  up •>1".     i" i-'."!'l in exchange   Amory of the London  i'imos; ni* oro
KM:»m  I You Don't Have To
Cent rai Hold
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
„|   |m|U    ' ■ ■ I 1    ■   ' .    .-■-.' I |   l'-|"" I.        .Ml   IIU'ili'lli
!   ■   '  I     ,
. ■ [ivory re
SauiJ'li' lloo
Go out lide ol Reve        Lo m;
youi   Real   Estatt
rhe Revel Loke Land I Id.
have Um' be ,\ bargai        he: ity.
Lots $150 up.   Acn ,   $100 up.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rate^
Revelsloke, B.C.
.1 Kootenay A^encie^ Ltd^ Agents d
1 ^UlUlUllUtllWllMlWlllUlWilUlWlllUllll*
1 "i   iii"  i oitntry.   Uisoiplinu was  uoues
saiy lor young  nun.   The  li,   ii.      li.
I wore luyul  to  thoir country  uud  loyal
to  themselves and     Revelstoke     was
! proud of them.
Mayor   Lindmark,  who   was   heartily
cheered, complimented th uupany on
their turnout and referred to the p"i	
I uf the ChriBtmas season,   tie said thul
i lho  H.  II.   R.  was  tho i lens ul mini
! hood in Revolstoko nml the pvoplu
wore proud ..( ilm company which was
"t !;runi bonetil lo the ciiy. Uo than
ked them for lho manner in which
thoy hud stood by him hs Mayur and
this would be the .Inst occasion liu
would speuk to tlii-m ns C'hiof City
Ungii irnto. Ho inun."I a rest nud
hoped thai in- ollorts had bei-n appro
iuted, and promised thai ho would
. "- ur  forgot   1".   Co.    Uo   refei led       tu
 inn;  wiih  Lord Charles  Berus -
'nnl w lew years ago when in- lord ■
-hip -mil iinn though liu was u man
"i |ieacc yol Ici I.uui.mil hnve an in ■
my second lo none ami peace will con-
ni .,
II i 'uuiiinghani Morris, in t-espou ie
i" ih" toasi to Un- Press, said thut
' no  local   pri   -  hud  am „\ -, done      all
unlil   help  '1 an." of  ilu-      li.
II    '■'     nuil  i Id  . .uiiiini...  io 'l-i .-",
mid   ii   i".   iiii.-     arouse  moro em In' ■
nisi     pi ople ..i   Rovol tone    in
i iferred I i-iolly   <    lie
ililisheil Cauadiau  nuvj   and
i'n i   that i ana.la's  Boldiers
mighi   lm ■ ailed  upon    lu
tli '■ '" " "i  ' a ipiro.
'   .    oi lired   i tiesu  ma	
inn ■■   prop um ion i  for   war,
"fti   VIS   poi "Hi   |"ira
beii ,  ' lumplihod  iu  tho
■ "     "'   ii .- u     ,,iu    in
■ i■"■ , would ' ....- a lead-
in    .      ipouiiding -a    ...   na
a gi. -i    i. <i     in -
 -     -.ii ugl i,..i
mu'      nation  "i      lho
i   I.ii i ii ... pouuod,
...   pm
lull aud i u.u
...ia an i;i„..|i     in
 i  ma i(    ii
ll'"      . Is m .'!•   n Rm     i h
uteni      '■. I...  i,ml
and i I
■ ■ , mul !'•
i"   .   . lev     "..I   in
iinmi    i ..in
turn mi
.     Co.  mui i,|    ilu,
i:    '
■. Imi
n in       \h
"       Nil       ...ililmy
n i  \i    ll    ll in pliro       i ol
[I        ■   i       '.'. illinn      -I - org
.    r ■        ml    Old
i ml" i"'in.'    nidi
od    ll    H    Mil lured   the llmo
huiioroil     I i,i '
i i Luke,, lu  I
i , li      I iuul     l.ll .i
lor mining stock boi'ore ho was nrres
led, tried and convicted ol circulutini;
lalsi    .i.'iiiim ui ,  colicoriiing  lhu   valui
• a alleged  nun.'- m  Mexico, escaped   ,
got-the-inouoy      friuudi
"lie\."' UlcCrossan «uui
petiiteUtiarj   sontouce by
pay a fine of $1,00U,
lliullgh   iny
Ii'u7n   lm-   OUt,
I lun hu wus yniliy ol all 1 ever said
"' him, ami hus darod lo ropoat his
..|..iiiii..iis in Culiforiiie n.uv soems
moru •"! min Ulan ilmi I ondoiivorod
to "give ihu . amp a blank oyo."
N ours null.
er,  It
iiui  Capt, ll.  Amory nud mr. buna's
Swiss guide, Moritz Indoibinon.
Speaking of liiu grondour ui     Mount
Robson, Ali. iiastings Baid it wa^-     '.
Jeifries-Jolmson Fight
promising iu maguilleeut peak, ihe uuitneiiy iacv
ut which wns a tromondoue piecipico.
ihere was a greut glacier ou tuo niouu
tuiu, winch lie uudetstood was to bs
oalled 'Ivuiney glacier.'' in llrinoi- ol
Mr. Kinney. Ilm rivur, winch rose on
lhe glacier, suid Mr. UastingB, divid-
"il into um streams, one of which
llowud unu ihu Uorth folk uf the fra-
serr iver, and so into Ilic Paritiu oc-
'"iii, wiiile tho nl luu' strouin Oowod in-
i" ilm Smuky rivor, thonco into the
Ponrce rivur nml so iuto the Arctic oe-
"iiii. Tin ihu north judo uf tno moun-
tuiu there wore twu gtaoior lakes lor-
1111■<I by lhu melting uf tlio glacier. It
was a Bceno of greut ueuuty. l>roat
blocks ui ieo were oonstantiy breaitnig
"li ihu glucior's tongue, Inu crusu 00-
nig uiulinii- many nines usvuy. Tho
grout glacier on Mount itooson was
led by smallor glaeiors trom ttie south,
west and eust.
.'•an  Francisco,  I  23.  -Tox Ricknrd
«ii". w,iii Jack Gloiison, lauded thu
proposod ,li'iiri, s.,i,,1,„_.,,„ iiyh,, |.
said l" bu uu his way lo Ihis city.
Further, ii U rumored, lliekard will
consult wiih certain local capitalists
and Bportsmou concerning tho big lighl
and if sulli,min financial backing is
guaranteed ii may be Bettled delinite-
ly ihut lhu null will bo pulled oli' in
this cily.
Corbetl Buys: IVhon Jub. .1. JoHrlct
climbs om 0f a pi-izo ring on lho ovon
ing uf July   Ith  uoxl  in a wcsiurii city
maybe Suit  Lako or    Sun Fl'anciaco ,   Vl'y<    came   homo  Wednesduy  for
ih.. wojl.l will cheer him ns ihe     real   Wirislinua holiduys.
"''''""I'1""  "f   "":  ll"-v-    i'"'^"" Ul"      Mr.  and    Mrs.     Esley  came in  from
time ho eiilorod thu squared cirulo and   XuUm t0 Bpond Ulull. ulu.1BUUllg aoU.
days with Sir.  und iUrs. A.   MuKnu.
lhu datu is December iiUt.. tor   Py ■
thiiiii Sislers dniii-e, opern house.
K- W. Haggen, of iho dominion sur-
ihu -'.'"iiul liml lii! lull ii hu mil huvu
disposed of all ihu claims uf Jack
Johnson io thu title of world's ohampion."
\ ancouvor, Burko, tlm Vancouver
tlroman fightor pul ii ull over his opponent li.ui.'iiy, the Australian pug,
in uin.. rounds, '1'hoi-o wus simply nothing to it but Burko Irom ihu Bret,
In  ui,. opoulng  round hu showed     a
terrible | ch ami bud Uohorty grog
Ky by lhu time the hull rungj in thu
-""nul lm '."nt ilm kunguroo lu lhe
lloor ilii". unu"., ami iii n„. third he
knocked him down lovou times, Uo-
miiy wuu uu lhu Hour when  lho round
in".id  ami in i.inI    throw  up
Mrs. L. Sulluwuy ciiniu in from Vancouver   to spend   Christinas  with Mrs.
A. Pradolini moved last week into
his hiiuusuitie new house un MuArihur
Mrs. C. B. 1'ugul untenanted thu
yuiing pouple lust Heuiiosiluy nllur-
iiuuii at luu iu honor of Miss Muri.il
Miss Muriel   buck left on  Christuius
nigui   uu  a   visit    tu   I,uu..I.ni,   Mun.,
lium   whole she will gu   lo   Vancouver
lhu   wnoio  the I dully   will make  theu   future home.
It,   lluwnuu    and W.  Kiug leave   to-
H. McbornncK Arrested     71;1 h,r Na"coT ,"",lUB rvr
ol   louKiug  over  lhe ducidiug  ol pinna
ll"iu. n\"    M.l. I     stod   Williiim   and arcliltocturul designs lor  thu uow
II. i ...a i   M. Corun. I,   ii     hu  Btoppod    "li   "'"iu  liuildiug  of   Howson  tt  Co.,    to
ih"  PriucoBB  May  on  luu   arrival      in i bo erected    on  .Uol__.uu_tiu  uvouue nuxv
Vnncouvoi  num thu north,   It is   al • spring,
logod  MoConniok dolraudod merohanti      ,.„,. j, i;i Ho|mi)B/ who hos j^tr,,.
'"  "'"'""" '"'   oui  -I sovoral  thous- tlrod ,,.om tho   dulrict e0lnmuntl   5t
 '   l"11'"      "'  "'  S 1".    Pot'  lho   V|0t0rift( h(la buou ma(i8 honorary Col-
I" '  "w  ,l"' MoCormiok ban car- ono|   uf   th(1   lu2nd   lat[ilIient> Hook,
""' "" " builUlnt 'P'J   bl1'      "'  Mountain RaogOW. Col. Holmes Is W«ll
I',,,,"'  Itttpert,   ".'I «a    ,„, his wny to  khi|W|i   in n^i.toi,,,   ,mvill({ ,.0C(,DUy
'' " "" ' '"'  "'""" mspuuted the local P company K.M.K.
pi in,-    Ml I 'ii nn. k   1.".'Ulii"   iu -
..■•I  in  ii  transaction  in  which      lu-      St Peters church choir ha.-i  lost     a
■■. .   hllegod to li"--.  ili-fi.iu'i'.1 Mr. ('. valuable member in the departure   ol
li. Rand    The charge n   i'u. illy wiih- Miss Murlol     Buok    from Rovelstokl.
drawn, Miss Buck has fur soma iin..   been     a
M i '..in.i. k  i- a    "ii ..i  il..   I nu     i. imilifiil  imii  reliublo uiembui     ,f     llie
-I '    ma I,,  \l    I1 .     i  iwn    .   ......   . I oholr nml  hor loss will  bo  ,■ y.n   uii
mill th.   trrowhi id I innboi  ( orapany During hor resldenoe horo she huh inuJo
i lull,   imi wu-     wull- a Inrgo citclu ol frienki who will deep-
known  ni  Kamloops and  Enderby,        i ly rognit hor departure. THE MAIL-HERAIJ) REVELSTOKE, B. C.
■ w
We are gradually removing our Dry Goods
stock up ptairp. Some
big bargains in Ladies'
Skirts up stairs.
Take elevator.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke
and surrounding towns and settlements. Our aim is to place before the
purchasing public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Friday Bargains
40 ladies Underskirts
In Sateeu-i, Percales, ete., all black,
made in frilled aud rutiled styles.
They are a traveller's line of samples and sell at from If2.SO to %\
apiece in regular selling, gel one ut
SO ladies Top Skirts
In Cloths, Cheviots, Serges, Panamas, a good range of sizes and
colors. These are -f5 to $10 t-kirts,
Ihe biggest kind of a bargain at
Fancy Groceries
Leave us your order for your
fancy groceries for your New Year's
dinner, Tbe best und newest
Cranberries, Celery, Figs, Nuis,
Raisins, Oranges, Olives, Pickles,
.1.ones, .lellies, Dates, und everything thui'r nice and dainty.
Fancy China
See our wiudow for Fancy CupH
and Saucers. A few lines left over
from Christinas which we will sell
at 26 per cent discount. Come in
early and gel your pick. This is
a snap.    Don'l miss it.
Some of the friends may have been missed in the hurry aud
bustle of ChrietmaB shopping a New Year Gift would be
appropriate. There are plenty oi useful and appropriate
u'fts for Baby, Sister, Brother. Father, Mother, etc.
To  all  our Patrons and Friends
we extend  a most kindly Greeting
Trusting that each and all have had a
splendid Christmas time and that all
may enjoy a Happy and Prosperous
Year in 1910.
We recognise that without generous support that it would be impossible to maintain a business of the volume and proportions that the  turn
over of C. B. HUME & CO., LIMITED,
has assumed.
With the attitude  of good  will
toward all men we thank you for sharing in our prosperity.
Au endless variety of holiday bargains in articles suitable
fui New Year (ofts, at puree pleasing prices. Lome iu nnd
look Ihem over. No trouble to show goods. Start the New
Vear right by purchasing your gifts here.
Mail 0 dere.
_\)lephoQe Orders
Send the ohildren tn
the store.   Come y virself.
Have our city trbvellsr
call at your home for
Holiday Bargains
Faney Suspenders
lhe balance ot our tancy suspenders, armlets, suspender sets,
etc., will be closed out at close
prices, and must go before the
New Year
Keguiar *2.0<J set fur $1.16
" 1.2.5    ' for 75 cents.
-'.00 suspenders 11.35
1.50       "       '-'Octs.
125       "       76 cts.
1.00       "       tiO cts.
"       75c.       "       50 cts.
Men's Mufflers
They   must   go at   ore*-,  and   if
price*  will help tht-i-e will insure
tbeir speed) departure:
Rr-gu.nr 12 00 Muffler for 11.26
3 50      "       12 00
1.60 90ots
1.00       "       >i0 ct-
75c.       '•        V) ctf.
Fine Confectionery
Beautiful packagw- I boculatM
and Bun Hons for Holiday Qifti
cannot be excelled.
Fruit i ake ami 1'luui 1'uddinga
in packages, fresh, and put up
undei unitary condition!,
We are glad to inform the public generally that the results of our year's business show a marvellous increase  over  any previous  year.     Especially  the Holiday  Trade which exceeded any
and  all  of our  wishes   or  expectations.
We Wish Our Many Friends
and Patrons a Happy and
Prosperous New Year
^_^—^_._—WWJ ■»■»—WW^IW^— _|iwc—Mi—< Ml——I—W I I —I  »'!_■*■■ —   "    Will      I    HIT mt   I       ^rir '-*
Keep ia mind ibe date, New Yoar
■   .   • .   the P) ibiuti Sisters  dance
Por lhe beui lit >f tliose w-lio Uo nol
lance nm l'l'iiu'iii bisiuru 'ii" provio
iug euros .\ew  leans  bvo
■    mg    ■  -ii-   w. i     I.I    ■- n
...   held  ...   tno   'i--ni"-ii '   l'i rn   "i
I   , : ■     ■ ■.    ■    ■.   m   :;..'.n.    \  lull      m
.,....-,. ■   .     \l..i,ul.'ilii""lili.i
luo    mien  '"i   i."in''-'i:i>   lugnl   laps
■■ .   a ,.,..'    ii   '. quorum.
■ li    Moniluj,   Jiuni n-j   Unl,   Fill)   Liri
_...,..- _N.i. 1 will In,1.1 it- milium .■""■
nun ul on., "i- .iiul i-oi'iuve tno liuiin
i nil repi irt i il  11 ie yeur,
I'ho  longc i  ilu ilm  w inter    lui-
...in., and gone and  llie ttnys will -	
begin   '     lenjrllien  oui    i-   'ii"  iiii.imi-
Sja ui
i :,,_■ Loudo Slouk l-Ai Lung" ii.i- .i
opted  and      will  lisl   .-|i>."i.","i'u      ol
'jiuuii       trunk   t'ticilic   ruilway   ii pur
L-eut Ijoii'I-   isslll '1 uui   i.-i'L'    ._;. i.
i:., tlovui   monl   oll'n i-u « ill   bi
dosed  triduj   li'--   Ulst.,  following tlio
,;,i..in  u iifii   ih...  festive      .Ini -
_; .-::■. ,_.
I •      i '.       -     -    I ■:   .Hi.,, io   '   1.1"   "i" ' "I
ll   '-.*     eeverul      now plu\_, I'm   Ihen
, •    • ;  . "      I'.'ln.      I I       I-
luted thui    i big dt .unu ivill li"      liiu
probable   .ilioice.
i-i.- _5I i -   :: -   -
■'  ■ h'   II'.-.,  XX. C.  tin   - ■
>'■.   :• . -   .    .     , - -     .' .      HJ I    j "       '  loll    Inn.
rn   •. well   tilled pur.-" nil
;-.. ilry  ll    I.- vi
-;.-...        nun l'yil
_.'._.' - •.    it uudu
ttiug oui iug in ilu- i
.- •■' -r
rt ord
Ki■■.    iir.  Mcltae  oi   liu  le     thai
ii-■    M.  'i.  Melvin wul arrive in  bevelstoke un  ___.iun.lii,   tiie  iil-,1   an.I i\nl
take .-harge ut    iho     services  ai
'onn'a Lnuri-e   Sunduy  next
rhe    edit lepurlmei I ol        : ••
__ltii-lleraid  begs   to acknowledge
• :f.    I  ■■ ■- I :.. isiniae   lard Irom
■-.-.. .:  - ' ,  ' ■
and dainty,      u 1 form ■
venir of Chiialmau  ;
. : •;  ladies      ol   ' .-.■■   Cal
will  uo.u  uii  entertainment,   "'■
. . i evening, on  lhe hi ■:   lliui
January,  .v.   -..-.-:   home        ill      ivei  ■
• ..', iiud     pin"'     west        \
tabli . - ■■ .'ur,.-.
i;:-. ...    n   ...     i■> I U
partmenl  at   Oil i» ..  .
oi ii. . i.i
ing .Sovembei
■■■■:■:    i it   ..    :   ere
dlip .'• r . (| |
i :..•   j;.--.    W,      '     '..:■:,   ■■ I. i.
been put r of St Johns 1
A . tl ■ ,
Jii.":.!.-    ....
aumbei I.   .Mr.  Cal
der ,i
Work   will •   . . ■   ■
md hi!! di . ,'
men! of  hu  lam..   .
'.he I'ulumbia river
1111— _■__■___■_—iB__—g3
1909   New Year Greetings   1910
Alter the most successful year 1 have as yel en
joyed I taki great pleasure in thanking: my manj
customers and friends for their kind patronage
and take this opportunit\ of wishing you one and
and Lrusl 1 maj enjoy tin- pleasure of serving
you again during the coming year.
Your Insurance
Is   uin- nl   tin-   niusl   important   it'-mis
in yuur business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this br.tnch of yuur business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Mi.   i.ii - "■ .
,,  tiilli-lli    .'.    ii      liuiukl
opairs nn  ilii
(rom  i
i -,-■
mi    [>'
6 Wo take this   opportunity   of
9 extending  to all
A Happy New Year
0   P. 0   BOX 208
St. John's Church
would  never  leuvc   Rovelstoke  until  In.
i-ould .1" so honorably. II.- toll lio
Du SundiiS lasl I"'-' W. C. I uldei Iuul lullilled thi-. vow, lu another
,-losod Iii- pastorate of nearly ten! year li" lell In- could sny tlint In.- ow •
yoras in thi iiiiin. ut i'i" evening or '■! no mun anything and ii Bpurod for
vi"" iii Si. .Iiiiiii-- Prosbytoriau church n i"« yean would .lmnl when, somo
Mi-,   ('nl,In-  preached   l.i-   farewell   Her     i unl with a comfortable living. Thero |
mun I,, a :...,.,.| congregation ""in
].,, .-,1 ,,),, tly "i In "I'1 i-ongregulion
,,i .-'i. Andrew Mr Calder took " •
his i.'M ih" words ol Si. Paul in his
addrei before King Agrlppa, iVcl - 20,
22, "Having therefore obtained help
..f Clod I        continue      unto
ihi day  " Al'i'-v        dealing
iiiii.il.      with      tin.    ."ii"       "1        the
ind  ..i  Sl.  Paul,  Mr-  Calder referred
win. no tini" in hi:, career 'mn In- sell-
ii-   oi .-I i ilm."   h.- p... .... oil   ho  could
meol cvoi'2 obligation. Mr, Calder referred iu ih" aiiit'iil.' .,f In , brother
ministers, fhoy had listcuod tu everything about him, to liiu disadvautago,
believed ovorythitig nnil nevor gave
Iiini nn opportunity lo defend himself.',
He was leaving th" service uf tho
church  without  regrot,  with  his  faith
i,. the     fuel   'hu      'li" wo.-ds  "f   ih" iii Iii'. brother ministers in ruins,   Mr.
t.-\i  suited  ill" ch t Iii-- Bervicc n- Calder closed his sermon with mi oar-
■i  mini. ;,i   .-i  iii.- Gospel,   naving ob- nest   appeal   to  lhu young   peoplo      in
mined help ol    Und lie Inn! continued -mil-." right  tho standard uf their lives
'intu  ihis .1,.-      I'v - ;■   foui  venr  ago j and through tin.- years though trouble
I'.-'.   .1 May,   liming with icvcn other md sorrow  might como the God     of I
young    m.-ii h.  i'.n-   tivilaiiieil iu     St. light   would   •"•-   them  through.      Mr.
David-    <'Inn. li  in      ii il\     ..i   Si. Calder took ocension  tu thank his for-'
.John,   V   1'..   Thirteen  yenrs  of      his mer | pie    ui St.  Andrews for   their
ministry   Iuul  been   ipetil   in   tin-     |a.. kindly    remembrance     of bim  ill     the'
i-iuce oi  N-.-«   l'i un v i.I.    II" had  (111- substantial  gifl     of n few  nighi;. be •
...1   tli-  pulpit   oi   ll   ri   '■ ml ir "lini-gos fore.
ind   tin. i.  mi    ion   I "i'i . Ith ging    ..ii" 	
■■in  ui. i.
In I ii    i-egiiliii
mi     In   I  :-:■  Mr. (.'
i mu  linn   v. iiii  hi.
Board of Trade
ggle\ iH
■   .
1 ll.      I
■   .
.   ■
iimas 2t me tdison
J Happy Ssw Vear
I i   'i ul'i:   INI 'KKAiiLli
1    pri'ipei Ity and   |ny id
living d'n Ing 1010 mi" ilii. mi, nt i p..ii uui gond
wishes iinn- uuiild In no
limit t.. . rhi'i.
For Ilu- fiii'iully inti'iiM
and kiln1!"-•- "! our putinns
dm mg 10O0 ivi are t hunkftil
and extend i" m e ami . li .A
Veiy Happy New Vear,
Bews' Drug ^Stationery Store
W.   HEWK ll.    '       .
■    '
IIM.il   lit   I
i      .
Iiniid lu lie fi I V.
M.  II
|     M,     i       '. -
.. ,,,;.        A'   ,i    ling  ol  lh"   ICxoclilivc    and
In    lii'i  -      l'i   Hi   |."i lath.ii    I 'omlllitlcCN ni ill"
Ni'in   spending      sume llimnl  nl   I'l'iuli- ou  Monday, it   was i-e
:n..inh-   a'   ilm  "nusl   in   mission   nml. solved,  on ninth i ,),   p.   Mi-Leiinnn,
Hr.   I'uldi i     inppi-d  ou-r  for n   nioiilh um-hikIihI In    \,   Hi-itue.
In   IJ.--"!-!.,!..■   | April   lllilli)  mi   iii- way      Whereas  a   railwn.   ihrough   llie    fold  ilu-     prtiiriei.    li.-.-.ii in-.,   u  imaiii lm  bin   ■ ■''■■}   norlh  oi  llevelsloke und
■ii,i-  "till   li    il,    iu  loi-nte ni  Sl.   \n "."ui.-.'iiii"   "iiii   lhi- i-itj   i-   neecssary,
drew,   ,'lliuvli   In'   lli-i'epled   and   wns    ill- "U'l   whereas   lh"       provineinl   govel-n
ducted    li.-  ___'.' i L   of   \ugusi   of   lhal mi-ill   ha-   niliipied   a   puliii   advoi-at-
year.    Mr    falder   -lai.-.i   lhal   a        n ing   lli"   giving   of   liiiuiii-bil   a--i-a.-iii.e
ministei   in   the regain,   ministry   us    a '"  railways,      nnd      a-  ive believe  the
luili        mil   In     mi    iiinari   ivnrker he j best   and   eusiesl   I'oiile   for  it    railway
had given  forly years of hi- servii-e to '-   '"""   ""'   Vellowhead   I'm  .      down
ll iii-eli.    During      ih.- ye.-n-i        in." ;l"   i alleys  nl   lhe  fu   and   fiilnm
.    ■ iking   his    mis- "i"   rivers  iheme  -..uih "n-i   i iu   I'Iiitu
nud   Id-   errors   of   iiidgineul     he Valley.   Mabel   Lake.  While   Valley, und
had  lieei      faithful      in hi-  iirdiiialinn lllninngnii   Valley,  ami   ilieiu-e   In   \ au'l he  ue.-,kin—   nf   lhe      pulpit ''"'lv' ' •   "''   tIIitil*   ii   advisable   in    the
he   fell      as   a   iiiymaii   and   lun! iliteiesis  of our citj   and  distriel      In
."'     onliriiieil     in   ilirnugli the years uppniiu   a commit ti f our citizens in
i-e u.u!,  wus   ihe failure  to pre- act   either  individually   or   collectively
in thai  plain fi>i-m Li which '"  ''"'     ''apneity of represeiitiitivi's of
■ uld   liiiow,    lie hnd l,u*   b"iird   iu   the   pin.-iir.-   beforo    the
.  ..".. ilili'erenl   liiilw-a,.   i-oiii|iaiiies   the   admin
I rm   hu   no   mail luge-   ot   ihis      route,  and   to      colled
lo     |,j.    i„  mui   ,,„ ■ uch  ilutn   a-   ivi mli I  aid   in   the  pre
iii|   of mu   i liiiins
i lie   i illnw ing    reiilleincii be
.     ■ pp iillimillee   to   .1.-1   in   Ihis
■   ,      |    |pii     •.. mill h ■       *li    ■,       A     Mi Une,   lelinveller)
1U|  »,. A.   II.   '■ Unu, .1,  M    Kellie,   \    It.    Mill,.  . i,„ , him,      ll, Sutherland,    r,   |-\
..,.,. Liii'liiiurk.    \     I      l'i,,,||,.,.  U    S.    \[.
. ..    .... farter.   U.   li.   \ igle,   .1     |i    Sibbald .
:   ,| I".   II    Weli-,   «.   l'..,ian,   IV.   ||.   I'm,,  ,
i ''     I. I .   lin-. i,  ('    H       Mac
.      I I.   .1.   Mllell'lliell,   I        '.      Un .
'.   i Iordon
re nn           iifei              ■   •■ the event ol uui  of thii com-
. .  .   •     111     ee   beilic  able   lo      vi il nnv    ,,(
Irate   l'"             '■'      "llieial ■  of  an, of      the
,.,,.,       "HIP mil'    In-' I'    i"  lie   inn reste I      in
ro tie,   ilmi   said  person nr      per
. ii   -"ii-   i"  lie gi' .-I.  credentials fnun this
.,   ii- nil for this purpose.
Hi on    ex.'halige      ,,y-.      '   \
inoli  place .ni  Weilnes
Deceiubei   -.  al  ,"i o'clock
lhe bride'   pnrenl  . r.i'i
'■ ■    H    !•'.  wl     Kev,   IV,  Vi.  Abboll
ly In   d   -a mntrhriony
ui. ""ii   ilnughter ol  Mr   and
md '. go  I'.,,.,■
eily. Vliss Mm.,
ed  ii     In id   ui.ml.   while    <;.
ipportcd  I lie  i in.   Af-
moiiy   I    I'ln...   party,
ii    down to   a
on, the tii       hei 111I.v do-
hr)    iii'hi'iniiiii-
iniple were    re
■ uue   j >ui
i    |(c el tnke,
 hi "
lb iviili ilu    a im]
■    ill happiii.   .
■ in
I    . led
p ini"l,  from    .lit   i
'      Uovilie
We are going to end the year with a lot of money
savers for our customers. Next: week we begin
stock-taking, and we wanl to get a lot of goods out
of lhe way. Profits will be sacrificed ami in a good
many cases a good part "of the cost. We have no
room in our store to carry nver goods, and these
lines must go.
Ladies' Winter Coate
Jusl what you need for this cold weather. Heavers,
Diagonals, Tweeds, etc., all colors and sizes from 32
to42,   HALF PRICE.
Fine Winter Furs
Vnu know the line we carry and how reasonably
tbey are priced. Mull's, Throws, Stoies, elc. All up
to date in style.   Take your choice at. 1-3 OFF.
P. G. Corsets
One of the best wearing anil best fitting corsets on
the market. We bave all sizes and all prices, but
we want to close tbem out at once'and offer them to
Drawn Linens and Battenburgs
Our line is always lhe most complete in the town.
Scarfs, Shams, Table Covers, Doylies, etc. They
are all new stock, and this week we offer them at
OS-Q''     O Q   O   D   S.
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year to all
s; It S.   A.   (i .   (RICK
First   S*ro*>t       -        Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Wedding Bells
$«M MMI -«- MMMMi flMMRR <
$26 per ton
No.  1  Timothy  Hay $22 por ton
Lowest Prices on Bran. Shorts, & Wheat
Uoneral M. ichanei  e
■   krvjBWK:   ':... ,'M ,
1. •.:, -.rfWfc*--.*.--.* -.. i. irf'-.i'I.UJJWa
Telephone 218
'I H    :
Whon   th
will  lie     ..     - pii "him hii
company and   -
Tho Clu.-f  uf   I'olii-e  won      In
of  any     donation i    ol                 met      "   ■           ' idi 1       denll     bim  n
■ ■lull,im.   for Home of  tlie  nm. .1. .i  blow   und frnm   tvhinl	
ih.. ..ii   lui'.I     who lm  .        reel .    '' " ' bul lie    . -     in,i
iliteh     ..i       ".iiii.:'       ipp rei  in then
inline       II  I...   ha' '■     u-li    iri    li
il.    roi|UO  '"'I   I"      100   "    I.""    nl       'le    i    •    li
,"l.   "i   ,i in   the  ' l,i.-T   III   p ill   ■     •' Ul
11."     ihu ..   i
et    I
I     ii   I I     III   'ill     |":';.i
I     I      l.,i ii ■ i,     |.ii   ; ,t,,
il  ii- I ■ ■   ■   i    ,' ,.,      | i   I  ,,|
li n. ll n
I'i'd i nn I Hn list   l •,', i, ,,, |,„    ., ,,
i '.",.'.11
"        ' ' "i. S'." i K 'ivi ' n
i Mi i ■■ i      ...   ,
\ hi M iliiliniivel   un    hi   . I l|jj|   i, | .
li      i mull ii
1 I'.    \l I     I'I   I I l(sn\
01  <■,,   ii i   ..     ■  rhe ^
T,.      P_,H.,fl_._.HHJ_._.l.
Io Correspondents
  hi .iin,, ihni  Jidit'i . !■•■ thon
'i'"1 '' I     hi     ..ll.-. ■  l.i mli        ',    leu..,. ,..    [icrsiinal  I u
'i'l"'l  "- W'l       ' :     cni      I,    . olui   tl I may all  bo  true
IU  had  n.    - he  (I'd   M   11
January 1st., 1910
Grand Maiinne and Night
The Popular Favorites
.1.   G.    AND   AGGIE   MARION
Supported by his excellent Company of 11 Artists
.lniiiiiiliiiH in Koaiiiix "Ule-Splillhiji Coined)
\  s,. in,- i-i..ilm tinii ..| Kluborale Coinplulencai,
\l \\   \l  Mt s MX I I.M I-   \ I   .ni
\| U   ^ I   \K s Mi,II I    VT Hiij
Price, .sue-  mill 15c
Prirea, Si.oo, 75c, uml 5 >c
s.iie ni M.'ii-ilonide's Drui; Store
Mil.Ml tN     "I 'riilali I 1."--.
Wl 1 >M.sii.\'i     "Hi lh nt Sliamlon
rUESDAV— "Celebrali-il Cine.'
rHtlRSDAY    "Two Orpliaim'
I ilAl-SU.. A,  .A mH.r.«_^il*U_50u_£.- I
Start 1910 Right with an All in the Mail-Herald


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