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The Mail Herald Jul 8, 1914

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 '«►♦♦ -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f
If ♦
-f                REVELSTOKE -f
•f                            -f
4- Chief     lumbering,     railway, -f
-♦- mining,      agricultural     and -+
ff navigation    centre    between -f
•f Calgary and the Pacilic ocean -f
If -f
-f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f
The Mail-Herald
♦ f«f + + + -f-f-f ♦ ♦♦ -ff-f
-f -f
■f -f
Published twice weekly —
Read by everyone The recognized advertising medium (or
the  city  and  district.
-ff-f + •$■■*■ «*•-*■"$- -f-f-f ■+ + +■
Vol. 20-No 48
$2.50 Per Year
Government Will Rush
Work on Road to Summit
of Mount Revelstoke
Chit"' 'perintendent of Dominion Parks Arranging
fo. ^struction— Two Cangs to Work From Both
Ends ; Road-Work Starts Tomorrow Route
of Road Being Inspected Today Enthusiastic as
to Beauties of Scenery
Arrowhead   Putting  on   Gala
Attire   for Great   Orange
Celebration on Monday
mountain and made a report to the
Dominion government as to the suitability of the country lor a national
park  and  the wonderful  scenery  that
he encountered is     impressed vividly
upon  his memory.   "Mr.  R.F.  Green,
member    lor      Kootenay,"    said  Mr.
will himself   Harvey,  "has been  urging the prom-
the     work.    Today   he ia t'1  commencement of     the work and
inspection of the route,   >-*l>eedy  completion  of  the  road,    and
Work will be started tomorrow
liy the Dominion government ou
the Mount Revelstoke automobile
road and will be pushed to completion with the utmost dispatch.
P.  t*.  B.  Harvey, chief superintendent  of   Dominion   parks,   arrived      in
thc city yesterday and
making  an
accompanied by P. E. Maunder, superintendent of the Vobo and Glacier
parks. Tomorrow William Fleming
with a gang Ol ">tl men will commence
work on the upper end of the existing road and later work will probably be pushed (rom both ends.
It is Mr, Harvey's intention to complete the road from the upper end of
t.he present automobtle road to the
summit tins summer. Pour nnd a
lialf miles have already been constructed by the provincial government and nine and a half miles of
road will probably be built this year
to extend the present road to the
summit. Thle will bring the end of
thc road to an elevation of 6,060 feet
Mr. Harvey is enthusiastic as to
the beauties of the park and is impressed with the Importance of completing the road as soon as possible.
in conseiiuerce I am here to get the
work started at once. The Revelstoke
national park is unique, There is
nothing like it anywhere in Canada.
The scenery is superb. There iB no
other place where from one spot a
more magnificent or diversified view
can lie obtained,    '.''nun one point can  terwards water and
Next yeai   n.\     Improvement    that
may be needed to the stretch of road  ilerivay after     which  he    will
built  this year      will  be made     and   Waterton lakes park in Alberta
le seen regiments of splendid moun
tain peaks clothed with glaciers, thc
pass of the .Ionian, the Eagle pass,
Hie broad Columbia valley, nnd the
city of Revelstoke lying at the foot
Of Mount Begble. 1 have been talking of the wonders ol the park wherever I go and have been urging people
to visit Revelstoke to see for them-
Belves. When the road is completed
I have no doubt that great numbers
of tourists will come to Revelstoke
to enjoy the beauties of thc scenery*'
Mr. Harvey Will be in the city until
the Work on the new road  is well un-
B. H. Atkins who was at Arrow
bead on Sunday, says that the town
ie making great preparations for the
Orange celebration which will be held
there on Monday, July 13, under the
auspices of Arrow Lakes L.O.L.. No.
23811, and main line Central County
Orange Lodge No. f.90. The town is
already putting on gala attire and
will give visitors n hearty welcome
on   Monday.
Orangemen from the main line and
Arrow Lakes districts will royally
celebrate the 224th anniversary of the
famous Battle of the Boyne and 'the
program for the Arrowhead celclua-
tiuu is the best ever prepared. In the
morning the Orange parade will be
held followed by speeches by .1. II.
Armstrong, R. W, Grand Master of
Uritish Columbia; Rev. W. 0. Calder,
Rev. M. Phillips, and J. M. Toombs,
Past Grand Master of Manitoba. Af-
land  sports     of
Basket of Fine Speckled Trout
Taken from Half Way Creek
—Traps   Lifted
Two more bears, making six this
season, were secured by Hart Munro
In his trails up the Jordan on Sunday.
Han.   Munro,   Frank   Tillman      and      T|„, tender of the  Warren Construe
Jarvls Armstrong, left town ut Sjtio- company of Portland for the lay-
o'clock a.m. on Sunday for the Jor- ing of bitulithic pavement on McKeu-
dan trail and returned at 7 o'clock _ie iiv,,„lu. and Eirst street, was ac-
in the evening. Resides the exercise j cepted by the city council at a special meeting last night. Tbe tender
of  the   Warren  compan>   was  JSW i0
Council Lets Contract-
Pavement Construction to
Start Within Ten  Days
Warren Construction Company is Successful Tenderer
—Price Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars Below
That of Only Other Tenderer Box Drains to be
Replaced With Vitrified Pipe More Fire Hydrants
to be Installed
derived from a 28 mile walk they se
cured the two black bears, a yearling
ami a three year old, and In an hour   ,
' i lower than that of Henrv  J.  Kaiser
with rod  md line caught a basket lull
of speckled  trout  in Half-way  creek.
all descriptions will be held and excursions will be run to Halls Landing and Arrow lake summer reBorts.
Special exrursion rates are arranged on C.P.R. trains and steamers
from Kamloops. Golden, West Rcb-
son, Slocan City and intermediate
loints to Arrowhead and return. Tic-
kets will ba good going Saturday,
Sunday, Monday and returning on
Tuesday following. A special train
Will leave Arrowhead at 7 p. in
Although the water is still rather
high for fishing, their catch was an
Unusually good one, several fish
measuring 15 inches lu length being
As the hot weather of the past week
is beginning to cause the bears to
lose their winter coats, Mr. Munro
1 as taken up his traps until next
Boason. Mr. Tillman secured some
i ood photos of both bears while Jar-
vls acted as official executioner.
of Vancouver, who was the only other tenderer.   The tigures were:
Warren Construction company, 859,-
Henry J. Kaiser, {60,042.29.*
The city engineer's estimate of the
cost of the work was 860,678.33.
workd for the town. Revelstoke is
work for the town. Revelstoki is
continent," remarked Aid. Smythe,
when the contract  was finally let.
Mayor McKinnon said that the only
point on which he was doubtful was
as to the advisability of laying the
pavement on the upper end of Mc-
Kenzle avenue where there were wide
The advisability of installing additional hydrants and ol replacing existing box drains before laying the
pavement was discussed hy the council. It .vas decided that Aid. Need
I.am with  Chief Foote ol the fire bri-
The formal opening of the Girls'
Hub new club House at Vernon took
place last week, and many guests enjoyed the hospitality of the club at
tne two "house warming" events. On
Wednesday afternoon. despite the
tor l.envy rain, about forty guests were
entertained at a reception.
According to the terms of the con- gade should  Investigate  the  hydrants
tract the work must be started with- tiuestlon.   The box drains  will be re-
ir   Hi days.   Aids.  Smythe, Bell   aud placed  with  vitrified  pipe.
Pradolini     voted  for accepting     the A.C.F.   Haddon addressed the coun
tender,   Aid.   Needham   voted  against cil regarding his position on the city
and     Aid. Bourne declined to     vote. |,'aU stall,   and  after the represents -
Mr. Bourne said that he  did not think lives of Warren     Brothers,  the War
the city was securing proper competition but he did not see whut could be
done if the pavement was to be laid
this year. Aid. McSorley was absent
"Gentlemen,     we have     done good
itn    Construction    company  and    of
Henry J.  Kaiser had been called into the council chamber and  notified
of the awarding  of  the  contract   the
council adjourned at 11:15 o'clock.
other roadways may be constructed, will return to supervise the road con-
l.ast  year Mr.  Harvey ascended the struction from time to time.
Entertainment Closes Locally Grown Cherries of
Galena Bay School Year    Fine Flavor and Quality |
Galena    Bay, B.   O., duly 6.— The     The ranch of H. c. Garner, ou the
most  interesting event in the school tlreely creek  road,   above the power ]
year,  the  annual  school  closing    ex- plant    nnd one and    a quarter miles ,
amlnatlon,    took     place  on  Friday, from the city, is just now well worth
June 26.   The school room was taste- v.   visit.   On the ranch  arc 9."i cherry
fully decorated for the occasion with trees laden with fruit that is a rred-
maple branches and wild flowers.  In it to the Revelstoke district aud     a
the afternoon parents and friends ga- striking  demonstration of tbe fertili-
thered to view the pupils'  work   and ty of the country and of its advaiit-
listen to spelling,  reading, and poet- ager for fruit growing.     Mr. Garner
ry,   which  was uniformly  good,      the specializes  in  the      Bing   nnd   Royal
children iu all cases showing steady Anne varieties and in appearance and
progress during the year under thc
tutilage .f Mrs. M.B. Hyhnni. The
honor rolls of in order of merit, were
awarded to Henry Shaw, Kthel Ash-
bnrner and Lizzie Dedoosseuco.
At the end of tlie session, tea, cake
and strawberries were partaken of.
The National anthem and suitable
songs were sung as a fitting close to
en enjoyable afternoon and thc gathering broke up with expressions of
appreciation to the teacher, and good
wishes to the pupils who have shown
a keen interest in their studies during the past term.
flavor the cherries are excellent.
Mr. Gain".-, who expects to pick
over inn crates of cherries this year
is supplying the local market and
says that his product is in keen demand, tin his farm, wi.ich is known
as the Adair homestead, there are
over 300 fruit trees all of which are
thriving and giving prospect of a
1 envy crop.
New Mill at Nelson to
Cut in September
The driving of piles to support the
new mill which is being erected at
the waterfront on the site of the old
Yale-Columbia mill at Nelson, for J.
b. Deschamps, the Rossland lumberman, who hns a contract to cut lum-
ler for the Forest Mills, Limited, of
British Columbia in NelBon, has been
started and work on the construction
of the mill will go right ahead until
completion. The new plnnt will have
a Capacity of 40,IH)0 tt. per day.
There are already 3,000,<KIO ft. of
logs at the site and Mr. Deschamps
hopes to be able to commence cutting
on or about September 1. At present
lie has enough work in sight at his
mill it China Creek to keep that
plant In  operation  for another year.
Armstrong and l.iiniliy. the two
towns nt the northern end of the
Okanagan valley, which celebrated
Pomln'on Day, were thronged from
early until late with crowds of visitors, who enjoyed to the fullest extent
the good program of sporting events
put on at each place.
The current issue ol the British Columbia Gazette contains notification
of the following appointments: Robert Neil Campbell, of Harper's camp,
to be a justice of the peace; Harold
HuStln Hincks, of Langford, Vancou-
\er island, to be a notary public;
Richard Evelyn Mitchell and George
Pilmer, both of Victoria, to be clerks
in the department ol agriculture from
the first day of April, 1911; Viva Josephine Foxmaule Babington, of the
citv of Victoria, to he a stenographer
in thc department of agriculture from
".he first day of April. 1914.
Champion Wrestlers to
Meet at Revelstoke
Connolly and Sutherland Meet
on Friday   Clapham at
:    :    SAM CLAPHAM     :    :
Light-Heavyweight   Champion   of England   who will challenge
the winner of the match between Pat Connolly, Heavyweight Champion ofthe World, and Hob
Sutherland, of Kelowna.
Advertisement Brings
pick Results
Here is mother evidence of the
quick and satisfactory results obtained
hy uiing the advertising columns of
the Mail Herald
Penticton.B.C. July 2. 19H
Isterior Publishing Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Dear Sir.   Please kill oor id. and send
oar accoost, resalts   having been so
satisfactory that we are all sold ont of
early fruits.    Yeurs sincerely,
■Co-operative Frnit Growers,
A. J. Finck. Sec.
Halcyon, (3. ('., July 7.-The hot
weather for the past week has
brought the lake up.
W. F. Palmer and family and J.
Milton and family, arrived on Thursday from Kamloops. They expect to
remain three weeks.
(von taking tlie baths,
Reid Johnston and William liarr
leave on July 11 foi Skngway, to
spend their holidays. Thc former will
return to Kelowna where he has been
appointed Canadian Pacific railway
Sam Clapham the light heavy-
woight champion wrestler ot England, will challenge the winner of the
I out between Pat Connolly of Van -
couver and Rob Sutherland of Ke*. -
Connolly and Sutherland meet in
thc Revelstoke opera house on Fn -
day for a two falls match at catch-
as-catch-can, and one of the best
bouts ever seen in Canada is expected. Orders for seats have been pouring in from all quarters and W. A.
Smythe expects a bumper house.
Wrestling is said to be a most exciting sport to watch and as the game
is something of a novelty in Revel-
htoke the inter"st is exceptionally
leen. Sutherland, two years ago at
Vancouver, wrestled with Counolly
for three hours and 1"' minutes, each
securing one fall, anil tin- fans say
that it will be exceedingly difficult to
pick the winner of Friday's match.
Sam Clapham, who Intends to challenge the winner, is the light heavyweight champion of England and a
wrestler of international reputation,
On Monday afternoon next at Arrow-
lead, he meets Hugh Taylor of Nakusp, during the Orange celebratt ■:.
in catch-as catch-can style Wrestling
under Police Cazette rules. The match is under the auspices ,,! L.O.L..
No. 2.183 and takes place in the K.,of
I .   hall.
This is the seeond tour of Canada
by Mr. Clapham, who was one of
Hackenshmldts' trainers tiefore his
bout with Qotch, In addition to
challenging the winner of Friday's
match he is ready to meet anyone of
the same weight as himself, which is
IT.'i lbs. He is also ready to wrestle
one nt a time the whole police force
of   Revelstoke  including      the  jailors
Pat  Connolly  of   Vancouver,   heavy
weight    champion   wrwtler    of   the
world, win. :ie>vts Bob Sutherland of
Kelowna.  in .i two  (alls match in the
opera hous.'  e.;   Friday.
|    Halcyon is forming a baBfball team  und undertakes to throw everyone of
ans shortly
match with
expect      to arrange    a
Wigwam   or  some  other
them within one and a half hours.
Sam Clapham commenced wrestling
when  he was thirteen  yearB old, and
when  seventeen  annexed the  north of
coming  England amateur championship, after
belt, in token ,,f same, which lie BOW
Clapham has wrestled with the best
men in the world, namely Frank
(.Jotch. Hickenschtnidt ,.:. ; Mahmmit.
the powerful Bulgarian. Thi   English
champion was Hacker.selm.;.It s training partner prmr to his last bout
with Qotch.
Some interesting notes in eonnec-
tion with Clapham'a physical development ,r. With a weight nf IT'itbs.
lie has i biMp hirer than that nf
Frank Ootcb; a chest measurement of
IT inches; an expansion i.f seven inches, and an IS; inch neek. He
claims tei !.■■ tiie best developed man
of his weight  In the world.
Tne accomplishments nf the versa
tile Knglish champ d.i n.it end with
wrestling, however, as he is recognll
id as a well posted physical culturist
and an "Xpert in matters relative to
the anatomy of thc muscles. He
studied medicine and surgery for
three years at a famous Kiiglish col
lege, and put in fifteen months under
in eminent Osteopathic physician ol
Official  notification  of  the
William  llnyd  arrived  on  Thursday   into ,-Mt 0f the act to regulate the-jvards entering the professional ranks   ■■■■■■■■ ...mmn.*
after spending two weeks nt the CoaBt nt.res and   kiiiematographs    has    been land  defeating  in   his  first  two  mat
visiting  Vnntnuver,  Victoria,  Seattle Kiven to theatre managers in the city .ches Ravltts the   American nnd Hec
Tacoma  and  Portland. I,v      Provincial   Constable   Rothwell. j tor,  the Italian  jn jttsi
Mrs. Boyd is expected home today
liV Provincial Constable Rothwell. tor, the Italian jii-jitsl, in less than
The new act came into force on July j tive minutes each, ln his open chal-
1 and iinder the regulations a license  hinge to any man  in Fngland.  which
of $75 is collected annually from mo-
was issued following the two matches
mentioned, seven men accepted, ciap-
Sep ,,ur windows for particulars ol our Free Trip to
Vancouver and Qold Watch
A    large number    of      llalryonltes,
fpent Dominion  Day at Nakusp.  Oo- Hon picture theatres by the provlnc-
ing down on the s.s Piper and return ial government;     it    is payable half bam  won Jix clear-cut decisions   and
ing  thc eaame evening.   Thev   all    re- y**-rly.   All operators of motion pic- drew  with the remaining   challenger.
.        . ture machines are now charged a He- Later,  before  the   National   Sporting
ease of $1 and must bc over the   age club of London he won the light heavy
Harry     Carpenter   of     Revelstoke, o( ,.g yc;irs nnd of Hlrictly temperate weight championship  of  England anil
spent a few days last ffert at   Hal- habits. , was presented with the   Lord Lonsdale , ■] # 1 V, ;■) rg)gjflg ijf a a Ijggg
p.kt it v,
CAMPERS'SUPPLIES-Tents, Stoves, etc.
LAWN GOODS-Hose, Reels, Mowers.
PORCH REQUISITES-Hammocks, Netting.
HOUSE NEEDS—Screen Doors and Windows.
PASTIME WANTS-Fishing Supplies, Rifles, etc.
KITCHEN NECESSARIES -Refrigerators, Freezers.
DRIVING COMFORTS—Lap Robes and Dusters.
All to be had at
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing       Tinsmithing       Electric Supplies
AU classes of portrait work.
Hand-colored photographs and enlargements a
Developing and printing for amateurs at reasonable prices-    Best work and speedy delivery.
Bring us your next order, we are certain we can
please you.
Small Jobs a Soecialty Free Estimates Given
The World's Greatest Invention
The JVew Edison Phonograph
No Needle Required
Disc Records    -
No Horn       -   -
■ Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
HoWSOn Sr CO.     ::   Sole Local Agency
From Maker to Wearer
0.ir six years' experience measuring-, coupled with our
larjfe number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
gu irantee a fit. The largest assortmenl of samples in
the city to select from.    Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre (& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 33
A^e-its for Consumers' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
Dominion Security Co., Limited
We ire th roughly in touch with the Real Est it
tion in the Interior and can furnish
n thesesul      ■ i.   Come in and nee its il .    .
P. 0- Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 5
A. McRae.
Get our price or. Cement.
We carry a stock and
are the agents here.
SAM   MCrTVlAHON L'*hx and heavy Wagons, light and heavy
Sleighi, Buggiet, Cutters, Plow;. Harrowa
General Blacksmith Farm Implements.  WaKonn mnda nnrt ropairait
Agent for John Deere and Company and International Harvester Co.
Farm Implements
Notice is hereby given that at the
meeting of the Board of licensing
commissioners for the city of Revelstoke to bc held next after the expiration of thirty dnys from the first
publication hereof application will be
made by the undersigned for permission to John Clayton Tupping to
transfer to Selkirk hotel company
limited, the license to sell liquor by
retail in the hotel premises known as
the Selkirk Hotel in the city of Revelstoke.
Dated June 8th, 1914.
Selkirk Hotel Company, Limited.
000 square feet. In conversation wittn
u press correspondent, Manager I*.
Mullock-Webster stated that a lurgw
number of Vancouver manufacturer*
huve applied for space to exhibit their
wares. The annual exhibition will bm,
held September 30 to October 2.
With n majority of ^3'J votes over
her nearest competitor, Miss Dora
Jordan has been elected queen of the
t'hako Mika carnival at Nelson.
That 1, J. E. Bland Of Arrowhead,
B, O., intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands of the Prov-
ini'r of Uritish Columbia for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
gas on the following described lands
in the West  Kootenay District:
Commencing nt a post marked J.
ll. nml planted at the south west
corner ol 440. South East corner
lost. Running SO chains west, thence
80 chains north, thence 80 chains
east, thence SO chains south to point
of commencement, Containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated this 23rd day of May,  1914.
•H.H.n.p. JOHN   E.   BLAND.
The Cranbrook Agricultural association issued their annual prize liBt
this week. The list contains some
good prizes and portrays some interesting events to he pulled ofl on September   15  and   10,
While there are no definite clews on
which to base their theory the police
of \ iiiiciiiiv"! fear that O.J, Mcl.jiieen
a young bank clerk who recently disappeared may have been murdered by
a gang of Russian bank robbers.
Announcement has been made by
the Portland Rowing club that it will
be represented in the race for the diamond sculls of the west in Nelson
liuring thc Ohahko Mika week.
The corn which was supplied hy
the farmers' institute is showing up
well around Fruitvale. It is hoped
Hint it can be successfully grown in
that district, its it will make a good
addition to the other fodder crops for
winter feed. Nearly every rancher
is going in strongly  for pig raising.
Some of the people of Wydiffe *hi»
tiled on homesteads May 1 are already on their land and thc other*
nre making preparations to be t.hrrif*
Judging from  the number of birdm
nnd  deer  which are at present  being
seen the  sportsman can  look  forward,
with  confidence to the advent of    a.
successful season among the game.
II. B. Blggar, Ol the engineering
stall of Snrrej municipality, and lately assisting Vi. S. Vivian in the assessors .md collector's department at
Clover dale, was the recipient of a presentation at the Cloverdale municipal
1 all, on the occasion of his departure
for Spokane, owing to the ill health
of Mrs. Biggar.
That I, David Hall, of Halls Landing, B. 0., intend to apply to the
Commissioner of Lands of the Prov
incc of British Columbia, for a license to prospect for- coal, petroleum
and gas on the following described
lands in the West Kootenay District:
Oommencing at a post marked D.
H. north east corner post, and planted twenty chains east of south west
I corner of Lot HO, running south 80
i chains, thence west BO chains, thence
north SO chains, thence east 80
chains to point of commencement.
Containing 040 acres  more or less.
Hated this 23rd day of May,  191 I.
J.lG.np.     Per John E. Bland, Agent.
Marked activity is being displayed
by the Empire lain.her company in
developing its timber limits at Cowichan lake. A tug has been constructed for service in connection
with the company's logging camps at
that point. Two new yard engines,
also, have been secured. With these
additional facilities it is expected
that the daily output [rom this date
forth   Will   be  between  3f"  and  40 cars.
Suddenly stricken ill at the end of
his run from Nelson to Grand Forks
ou Thursday evening, Engineer John
!•;. Kennedy, for the past, lii or IT
years,  a  locomotive engineer out ol
Nelson and Trail for the Canadian
Pacilic railway, was taken to the
Grand Forks hospital, where he died
on Saturday night at 8:30, Mr. Kennedy was in Trail before going to
Nelson, having for years run on thc
Old narroK guage lino to Itossland.
lie  is   survived   In   Nelson   by   his wife,
.his si a. daughter, Mrs. David Wade,
nnd two little children, aged about
I've and three years,
The permit tor the new immigration depot for the Dominion government at the fool .ef Thurlow street,
Vancouver, north ol the Canadian Pacific railway trucks, to cost 8300,000,
was taken out from the building inspector's otliee last «iek. It will be
four storey, reinforced concrete
The Kaslo Horticultural and Fruit
(!rowers' association have decided to»
market their fruit'througli the Kootenay Fruit Growers' uuion again thin
ivy Holland, an old-timer who hns
leen at. Ainsworth for the past 26
years, and who has been acting peculiarly for some at intervals is now
insane and is wandering around arm-
led with a gun and carrying lots of
ammunition. Provincial Constable
Williams has been trying to get him
all the week, but this is practically
impossible while the man stays in
the bush.
The dredger for work in the south
channel of Nanaimo harbor has arrived at Nanaimo, and is now tied up
The dredger will remain in Nanaimo
rntil the work is completed, Major
G.B, Hughes, the son of the minister
Of militia who was recently appointed Dominion district engineer for
Vancouver island is now in Nanaimo
I iipervising the dredging and rock
crushing  operations.
Rev. S. Everton,   who  hus  been
sistant   principal  of      Okunugun   Hap-
t.ist college at. Summerland,  has beat
appointed to tbe principalship upon
the retirement of Dr, Everett Sawyer, who has had to resign on account, of eve trouble. Dr, Sawyer.
however, will still be connected with
the college in the position of For—
Ward Movement  secretary.
Crown Timber Agent E. W. Heckftt-
was in the district last week making1
a tour of the timber limits in the up—
pei portion of the ChiUlwack valley.
While there he travelled over neiirlj-
all the limits und found everything ta
he in good shape. The warm weather
of the Inst week made every thing Iik«
tinder, but care is being exercised bs
nearly everyone in the handling ol
That   I, J,   0,   Kirkpatrick,   of     Arrowhead,   B.C.,   intend   to   apply       to
the chief Commissioner ol hands of
the province of Uritish Columbia for
a license to prospect for petroleum
and gas on the following described
lands (n the West Kootenaj district:
Commencing at a post marked 'J.
orth east corner post | and planted on the west bank of Cranberry
creek close to Government bridge fol-
lowing  bank ot ■ ■:.  south     v'l
chains,  thence we<t  SO chains,  thence
' 1st   -II Ctll'lllS
tee point   i f    commencement.     Con-
re or less.
I day "f May. iii I.
.1.  C,  Kirkpatrick,  I.ocntor,
: e   ... a    \.-'.t.
h I'l'i-
•• I
■   •    n  70 of the
ptrollw of Wnt-
II. It. MacMillan, chief of the forest branch of the Provincial government, states that as yet only a few
small and unimportant tires have
been reported as a result of the recurrence of dry and hot weather,
out  any   material   rainfall      he  feared
that the department would have some
.'•••nous   conflagrations   to     combat.
The rangers in the various .list nets
mc this year belter equipped thun
ever before to cope •aith any emergency that    may  arise,  aad      witb the
.    operation of the settlers and those
who frequent the timber areas they
,,,,,,-,, v.,iy hopeful that there should
be   few. if   anv.   disastrous   lires   this
Come and look ,-it our  I riangli
[rom   guaranteed (<■: -
f'RlCF.    6 LB. IRON   SV90
BftitnatC    .''■ BD free
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want it try Mail-Herald Want Ada
Milton  P.  Chamberlain,  for     some
resident of Syringa  creek was
■ ind   dead   in   his  shack  at   that set-
:     with     ins head practically
bli wn from his body by the discharge
[rom  on"  barrel  of a  double-barreled
hotgun     The body      was found     by
rd Arnold, of s.i nn.:.- creek and
matter was reported to the prov-
police and Prot Incial Constable
King with Coroner Hartin and
'■i   visit.',I  tlie scene of the
i:   gedy,   Chamberland   was found ly-
■   : i"   tide of hi-- leal.   His dog,
be i. id appniently stabbed   to
Was  'lead   on   lhe   lied,   and     iu
01 HI '   Oi   tiee'   1 ■'111 1:nl-   was  found
arred  remains of  any  identifi-
■  pers  ihat  he  nail. The case
■ .'-'d     by th.. provincial police
ii "ii i     dellber itely planned
11" had  used tin- only    shell
ed   ,a   :n Ing   the   shot,
ll   10 Winchei ter     refle
■ In'  shack.     The
[hi  te. Nei
.       . speed
Kaslo   about    I 1:30
'i Imi 'i ;    night ami   after
•.  ■       . ...   time   ,,i
Into   Ma    Hank       of
i ■,   A merle i  .md  t be post
■ ie. Inform
- bed Chiel Provincial
in." Apparently
• I    -       •     t he ii        work
by Chief <■' Poll the   men
e eai   i nig,'by the
'ml,   Mil",   lad   plaited   the
'•f       the   party
• f.,i   tin- hills in  i In   vicinity of
■ /,   Chief 'l'i iiiiei  railed pri v
•'iii Constable Williams and the po-
base    i" tin- .I,aperadoei,
iiMr ia iha    day eai"   man was nr-
ted   n the vlelnliv of the city,,hut
■ •.. on proving an   ilibi,   Thr
• nub for the men occupied the whole
Mi.-   lulls    it   the   rear   nf   Kaslo.
in,i the main lake being ncoured by
hy the Kaslo police and others. The
i henry is put forward that the men
■nine up Kootenay livei and the
innn   lake  from   Bonneri  Kerry,  Ida.    '
Hon. W.R. Ross, minister of lands,
has received an invitation from the
director of the l'nited States getting-
• al survey ti attends conference of
the district engineers of the water re
source branch, to be held at Wash
ington during the week commencing
December 7 next. There is also a
request that Mr. Ross should sub-
nil ,i paper dealing with the water
resources of this pri vince.
Residents of Vbbotsford and vicinity are getting worked up over the
[•osstbility of oil being found there
A company operating under the name
e.i the Abbotsford nil and (las company, limited, is drilling for the fluid
There is no doubt in the minds of
the   people  about   tlie  L'lis  part ofthe
concern; that part of it being proved
to tlie satisfaction "f all before the
commencement  of the well.
A charge of murdei has been laid
against B, M. Burdett, of South Vancouver, ind Mrs. Sheldon, a midwife
of Lytton, and formerly of Burnaby,
in connection with !!.• death ol Mrs.
Burdett in the general hospital at
Vancouver. The charge was laid as
the result of a post-mortem examina
tion by the crown. Mrs. Burdett died
of hloodpoisoning, following an alleged   illegal   operation,   said   to have
been performed h> Mrs, Sheldon at
her borne at  Lytton,
Stockholders of thc British Columbia Copper company, who have elect-
id not to exchange their shares for
(hose of the Canadian Copper company, ire organizing to protect their
tights. A circular letter has bcem
sent to the shareholders announcing
that the committee is calling for a
voluntary assessment of two cents a-
.-.hare to create a fund t- put tho organization una permanent  basis.
The new  electric sterilizer,  purchased for the  Vernon  Jubilee hospital by
the   Women's    Aid Society, and the
(Jirls* Auxiliary, with part of the nirt
proceeds of "The Pair of NatioiiH,**
bus arrived and is now being installed. The purchase i '. Lie sterilizer, an $811(1 machine, wii; leave t.he
Md societies with a handsome cash
balance on hand, tin' disposition ol*
which  has not been decided  upon.
The receipt of a grant of ?_,500
from the provincial government towards the building fund of the Northern British Columbia Agricultural
ind Industrial association, at Prince
Rupert, has now enabled the directors to call for tenders for a section of
lhe proposed exchange buildings for
which plans have been prepared by
Architect J, Gilmour, The city made
n grant, of 95,000 and this with the
money from last year's fair and the
government grant will provide ample
funds  for  the  tirst   wing  covering 10,-
Mrs. George Parker, of Boundary
iake, has n curiosity in trie shape of
i. night blooming cactus or to be more
correct Phyllo ('actus. This plant is
probably the only one li, tl.e district
or for that matter tlie only one in the
Fraser valley. Tbe peculiarity of this
plant is the fact that the flowers remain closed during the daytime, hut
i pen as soon as it becomes dark.
After i few brief hours of glory, the-
flowers dose and die.
\n enormous grizzly bear was kill—
i el on White mountain, south of Kelowna. last week by the Forestry service crew, which was engaged m put-t
ting up a telephone line. Mr. Larsen,
i. member of the crew, put two shots
into the brute the lirst day it came
to the trail. The animal took tothe
brush, but having only one gun in the
party, no pursuit was made, though
-.: blood trail was plain. The next
morning four men with three guns
took up the trail, ami after going
about .M") yards came upon the wounded grizzly, which showed fight at
once. Alex. Crawford, with two
shots into the head, stopped the rush
of the brute, however, and it soon
died. The hide measures eight by six
feet, the skull between the ears i8
thirteen inches across, and the claws
arc three and a half inches longf
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Sherwin Williams Faints.
Kootenay, Saslcalta and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22 ■WKDNRSDAY,  JULY 8,  1914.
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Sutton 5 Sens. Th« Kind's Soedmon
I<t*nd]n^ Enjglond
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(IS  rorl   SI 6fc7 Grorwillo SI
SOU ACtNTX roa British Columbia
A   Real   Lever   Simulation
A  strKiBtittnrwivd gennrntm
nfffT    lmin   mi   fHtnlilltrii'il
firm.     Wn  run 8lv>n,t away
\uitln-    to   thotUMdl     1-t
|tOn|iffl   •.'!     Oftt     tli-t
worltl      i     t     hiiito
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run   ■   > ' 'i to *-*''nr
» I     '    ll,     WhlOl)
. ten   rr"ti
(thi ■    mtelim    w
ge nr tub ■   " • I Ul),
■li nl I       ii   t An   ad.
VftlltA    I Iff firv.il.
ions  offor.     We «pect  toi   to tell '   d ■ min
■l-otu   »»   ind   nhow   thtffl    tlie    Immu k»U')l
I»*m t think thli o(T« t«Ki n f>'t   to  "■ ''111   ••''.'.
35  c«nti (,. ii>.>-  ni,.)  n<n   si- inn
»■ n i- sins/.''   Willi imh * i in ' ho> »i.
m<        •—    -■  ' ■    i n ii.iii i,nn     n
;»w.nr-. tum.W |, ni. &ruwMlii
■ l>.,
Perpetual Timber Supply
Object of Government
A perpetual timber supply, result -
iiiK from systematic methods of cut-
ting is commonly, antl correctly, supposed to be tbe chief purpose of making forest reserves.
Another purpose, scarcely, if at all
inferior, is that of regulatm)* tbe runoff from tbe water-sheds of rivers, on
which, on account of the fact tbat
the land is unsuited for fanning,
through its beiiiK too poor in quality or too rocky, or being at too high
a level and so exposed to frosts,
trees  form  the  most  profitable  crop.
Forests maintained for this latter
purpose ure called 'protection forests'
I'nsi-'iiiiy the best example of such a
forest, and certainly the largest protection forest in the world, is the
. Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve in
A.lberta, which now bas un area of
-ti.silti square miles.
Fortunately the Dominion govern -
ment early recognized the value of
Mich protection forests, and by tbe
j creation of forest reserves in the west
the great rivers of the plains having
their source in these water-sheds were
saved from the disastrous Hoods, the
low water stages, and the tilling up
of the river-beds with eroded soil, so
characteristic of the rivers originating in the denuded water-sheds of
j the eastern   United States.
In this latter region many areas in
tne Appalachian mountains, which
i cover a large part of Pennsylvania,
I Virginia, the Carolines and other
i estates were very severely cut, and
| have been rei cntedly swept by tire, so
that the foreits bave been entirely
destroyed. When rain fulls on such
an area, the water runs ofl almost
' immediately; if on the other hand,
thc area were covered with forest, the-
I soil would be mom spongy and able
Uo retain water, and the water would
be hindered in running otl by the tree
roots and the debris on the ground.
Moreover, thc water, in its rftpid "'ni-
ofi, gradually takes with ii .ae soil,
and, where the soil covering the rocks
is thin, it is apt to be washc'i away
entirely. Hence there is loot any
possibility of growing a new forest
on the now bare rock, l'he soil car-
| ried away eventually found its way
tc the larger rivers ana huibors, and
did actual harm bj silting these up.
The increased irregularity of How i-
the streams— excessively full in the
spring and as scanty in midsummer—
greatly lessened tbe value of the water-power situated on them. Accordingly an agitation sprang up to take
steps to reafforest such areas as ubovc
referred to, and after some years the
Weeks Bill was finally passed in 1011
setting aside $1 l,0un,ouo for tne purpose of conserving the navigability of
navigable streams, by baying up und
ultimately   re-afforesting  the  denuded
lircas on Important water-sheds. Ait
present over me and a half million
acres in the Appalachians have been
purchased or approved for purchase.
The right of .he federal government
to expropriate such lands by purchase hinged on the power ol promoting navigation, given by the Constitution, in c. lain the Dominion government was also given the regulation of navigation by the Uritish
North Ainei 'a ,ct of 1867, and it
has In en suggested that,, in tho3C
[arts of easte, 11 Canada where waste
water-sheds Cleurlj exert a detrimental Influence 01 the navigability of
rivers,   the    U i       n     government
'should co-operate with the provincial
governments in there establishing and
conserving forest growth, Such a
water-shed is thai ol the Trent river
issued by the Commission of Conservation, us tie result of repeated lires
about   150,000     icres are practically
desert bind. Tl i Trent \alley canal
which passes through this region has already con the Dominion
government upwards ol $10,000,000,
and, as the above report points out,
the re establishment of a forest cover
on this denudeii water obed for the
conservation of water.supplies is one
of paramount importance to the canal. The reme.ly for the many evils
following deforestation as pointed out
in this report is the carrying out of a
policy of conservation under Dominion, provincial or municipal control.
The work of . imping out tuberculosis in cattle is .'bout to be mnde
national in charm' jr in the Dominion. By a recent federal order-in-
Council regulations have been authorized which will empower the department of agriculture to enter into an
agreement with cities for the definito !
object of eradicating bovine tubercul-
OSis from all dairy herds supplying
milk to cities. This has been under
contemplation with the minister ol
agriculture for two years, and Its
adoption will be the mesne of very
materially assisting the work so
thoroughly set about by tbe govcrn-
I ment in this province.
Mrs. Good Housekeeper!
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lie decided to operate but Mid tbe
stone was too large to remove and too
hard to crush. I returned home and
was recommended by a friend to try
They relieved tbe pain. I took two
boxes and went back to the specialist.
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Coal mining rights of the IV:
::. Manitoba,  Saskatchewan and   Alberta, tbe     Yukon    Territory,     tbe
North-west Territories and :n a por-
•   d of the Province ol liutish
bia, may bi    -        for a term   of
twenty-one year? at an annuul   rent-
... ol     >1 an acre.   Not more   thar.
I 2,560 .icres wil I .one ap-
I    Application for lease muat be made
hy the api a to    the
igenl ol the dl Tict
111 which    the rig r   are
ell i.ited.
The ll•. - le the con'
• ■   I   • .1
available eurl ici   i igl I
the mil      ' -:
sub-divisions     '       •      -       I  m un-
purveyed ten
for sh ill    be staked oat
1 in-, ml
led b)  1 fee of tl
-.'. the rights a lor   ar
not  iv ui.- lie, but  ; *■
royalty   shall   be   paid on thi
chantable output of the mine
1 lie    t five I'i'iits \pt ton.
The person opei   I •   mine sh.ill
furnish tbe Agent with sw.irn returns
nccountinir for the full quantity of
.nerchae.* hie CO il mil '1 t! I ;
royalty thereon If the (•'>.■>! mining
riirhtn .ire not lielnu operated,
returns should he furnished nt least
i nc"  !\ year.
For full Information application
should be ninde to the Serretarv 'f
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion  >LandB,
W.  W.  CORT.
net   < pin lot Women., f. ■, \ ,t or tli-.-nlnr
JHi.se.IM nl k.I I'- ,v- ,-i ■ ■ i totnv
ii I lf,-.i.n rie'cij !..| | r •      I    ^-   mti.1   Dai i
VltalltyifM Netrre and Bfaln; li
nutter '•, a Tno.li    rill bul .1 -. ■ i up Us
• $'• «t di .-• •■ ittt  ni '    i   -
Zhc flbaiMberalb
All products of the soil of the tem-
i erate zones come to perfection in the
Revelstoke district, but the Queen of
Flowers appears to particularly de-
lii.'bt in the peculiar conjunction of
soil md climate. The glowing sunshine paints the petals    with hues of
Local Reading Notices and Business   ,lu.  |nost  delicute tint  while  tllB ab.
Locals 10 cents per line each insertion
Minimum local ad charges 25 cents.
Display advertisements '-'.") cents per
inch  each insertion, single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices 12
rents per line first insertion and S
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing  Id lines to t.he inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses 85,
undance of moisture and fertile soil
encourage the growth of a riot of
The ibundance of roses obtainable
in Hevclstoke and the extraordinary
perfection to which the blossoms attain offer an opportunity for valu -
able advertising and  for  beauti&ca -
Applications for Transfer of Liquor tion of the city.   Portland is noted
Licenses 87.50. ,_ th(, ,ltv ilf ro8ea a„l, jts poge ffig
ml prospecting notices $7.."i0.
Land   Purchase   Notices.   $7.
Water Application  Notices,    up   to
Itivals bave won for it the widest pub-
licit}*,    Revelstoke   with a   little   cure
■JfiO  words,  87.50,   over   100   words  in   might   become  known  as  the  Oanad-
■j roporl ie m.
WEDNESDAY,  JULY  s,  1914.
ian City of Roses,
Tbe lirst step toward this ideal
would i"' tei encourage the cultivation  ,if  rose      bushes and  to do  tbis
the plants must  be made easily   ob-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     taii.al'!".    If  Livers ol      llowers,      the
SHttCrtOt ipUbltSbttlfl  COtltpan.  Woman's Canadian club or some ,ib-
(i   organization which haB the w'i'i'e
E. G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.   0j .•,,,, Clty at  heart  were to obtain,
. • hrough a local Hoi Isl i ose bushes in
1 wholesale quantities and     were,     by
 ^^ personal solicitation or otherwise to
ensure that the busheB were purchas-
THE MOUNTAIN ROAD ,.,i ,,,„) panted by every householder,
The announcement that work  is to   ln ■'     year   or   two every  garden  in
Start  immediately upon the extension    Revelstoke   would      have   become      a
ley the Dominion government of   the   bower ol blooms.
automobile road to the summit     of     The planting of    n sis  dong those
Mount Revelstoke will be highly wel-  streets   where a space  remains     be-
,.   Tlie completion    ol    the road  tween the     sidewalk and the bouses
is necessary to make the beauties   of   might   also  be encouraged and  would
the  mountains accessible to tourists  bean  Important   factor in  Increasing
ond to rendei  the  park oi the high-  the attractions of     the city.     Rose
•-t   value te  Kevelstoke,  and  tins fact   shows   would   add a   spiiit   of  eniula-
Las   been     recognized  by  Mr.  R.  P.   Hon and would increase public inter-
member for Kootenay, who
- been not only one ol the chief
factors .n obtaining the reservation
■ ! the national park but also in securing tbe early construction "f tbe
: oad.
ist as well as provide an agreeable
diversiD.i for the Bummer, Finally,
when roses became plentiful, a carnival eef roses might be organized tha
.'.mil I     uttracl       t'liirists     and   make
known the name .if Revelstoke   from
At  a  period  when the demand for ocean to ocean, and pleasure and pvo-
labor  is  less  keen  than  usual  the ex-   'et   would   result.
•    liture if £16,5011,  which is the am-
unt set aside in the estimates    tor  MUST ACKNOWLEDGE AUTHORSHIP
the construction of the Mount Revel-
road,   will   be  particularly  ap-
ited, tor with inconsiderable ex-
ns the     money   Bpenl  on  road
■' action will go into the pockets
ul tho-   actually working upon    the
. iad.   By them it   will  be spent     in
■  !.■   ind it will provide an ap-
ile stimulus to the business of
• ii   city.
i Ing   d     the San Fl i
ition   Will   vastly   mcrii.se       the
-•   traffic ne North     \ni
■  and -i great   pi
of  the tourists  will  not       only
■it tl bill   will  bi
if  the   -.'. I      the
■   .-.•   S'ational | ark
ntain ai
tion of the 1
.   '
im    It
Will    -'    . •:..■    city,
in  Revelstoke of a   creat  tour-
Tha   Mail Herald   bas   ri coived    f« >r
publication a  letter Bigned "Parent"
i't id -en;- i in  in i ipos il thai
-\    I lie   I'll .
e   ped
letter is welt writi
i     l)J     tile       '
priests in Quebec did a like sort of
thing, much ado was made over tbe
matter, and there was talk of tyranny and undue influence and protest,
and even lawsuit. The principle behind the clerical action was the same
in each case. The circumstances may
not greatly allect it. Tbe wise preacher will think long before he decides
to mix political matters with his
greater message.—Montreal Gazette.
The coming celebration of tbe hundred years of peace between Canada
: and the United States is bringing out
a great deal of valuable information
regarding the wastefulness of war. It
is one of the most encouraging signs
Of the times that business men are
now looking upon war from an economic standpoint,     Heretofore,   war
appealed to the passions, prejudices,
Mid patriotism of the people of the
world; lately, hauliers and business
men are putting war to the acid test
of economics and are finding out that
war is one of the most  wasteful   and
useless undertakings imaginable. -
Montreal Journal of Commerce,
Rimouski, the little town m the
St. Lawrence, wblcb has become a
familiar name in tbe last few duys,
is remembered by many thousands of
colonists as the first place at which
they came into actual touch with
their new country. On u clear day
both banks 'if the river bave beeu in
sight to the emigrants for some
l ours, but opposite Rimouski the
steamer comes to a stop for the tirst
time since  leaving  Europe,    A  quaint,
, little beam engine tug briugs off the
letters for the ship and takes off the
few  passengers  who may be destined
, lor that port of the country. The
"patois" of the French-Canadian is
beard lure for the tirst time by the
emigrants tnd when the journey is re-
newed up the great river to Quebec
they feel that they have really arrived   in   I*. ma di   at   last.   -Westminst-
ei  Gazette.
We simii try once more to get correspondents of The Colonist to under
stand certain things, and if we do
met succeed this time, we shall give
it   up.
Ait  least,     .en   twenty   occasions    we
have stated     m the most prominent
,,i>  that  letters will not be printed
ia this ;>aper except over the proper
signature eif the writers. For 10
years no letter has been printed by
iper unless so signed. Vel ev
. i ■, iaj brings one or more letters
which do n"t complj with this rule.
Once a.ore and for    all, we will Bay
.[respondents   uiay   just as   well
elves  the trouble of writing letters, intended for publication,
they  Wish then, t.i appear over
U,    shall   doubtless
telling     ns
• bat    we
es    i"
thej are
The Revelstoke
Steam Laundry
Is an  Asset to the City
No Asiatic Labor Employed
PAY ROLL $800 a month
All  spent   in   Revelstoke
Besi Work Guaranteed at
Reasonable Prioes,
Patronize Home Industry,
Phono .142
Revelstoke Steam Laundry Co.
As the result of strong efforts made
by  I lie    Kelowna  delegates at the ,-p-
cont convention in Victoria, thc provincial convention of the W.C.T.U.
will he held  in  Kelowna  next  year.
The regular service over the new
Kaslo .v Nakusp line will commence
in .inly i"e, according loan announcement made recently by W.O. Miller,
divisional superintendent for tbe Canadian Pacific railway company.
Mr. Marshall delivered his parting
message to the Baptist people at
Peachland, on Sunday morning last,
and left for Summerland in tbe evening from which place he started on
Thursday morning for his old home
in England.
The provincial board of health
draws ittention to the benetits to be
derived from protection against typhoid fever. Typhoid prophylactic
will be supplied free of charge upon
ippllcntlon to tbe acting secretary
of the provincial board at Victoria.C
Flypapers,   sticky   and   poison,     all
kinds at Macdonald's drug store.
■\ll   pupils      contemplating  entering
the    I nil     School   Commercial  Class,
are requested to band in their names
to the secretary of the School Board
immediately. 4t. J1.15,n.p.
R. Behrent ladicc tailor and designer for Chessman and company, left
Saturday for Ni"- York. Mr, Behrent is eager for information, as to
what will bc the prevailing tendency
for the next six months, he will return the first week in August.
Tenders will be received by the secretary of the Board of School Trustees, up to and including July Ifith,
for the delivery to the separate
'schools as directed, of 1(1 cords ol
dry Fir or Hemlock. Jl.ll.n.p.
Essences of Root Beer, 2.ric bottle
makes live gallons of bei r at Macdonald's drug store.
Get special prices on Rattan chairs
nnd Jap matting nt Howson's.
Nice assort nu lit of Sachet powders
nnd toilet waters just in at Macdonald's drui.'' store.
Co to Howson's for your  enrpet
Squares, draperies  and  curtains.      It
will pay you to look over their largo
Smythe's Employment Office, holding Government License, can supply
all kinds of help for farmers, railway
constructors, logging camps land
elearers, sawmills, and odd jobs
around the city. Send your applications to Roy Smythe, Revelstoke.
Fifty suits, your choice made to
order in our own work rooms.    July
sale price *$28 and $30 a suit, regulaer
K38 and 840, Now is your chance tal
have your suit made to fit you.—*
Cressman & Co.,   Limited. J1.29.n.p_,
Look I Look!—yes you can if you
get those glasses fitted at J. Guy
Straw hat dyes -Tic a bottle, mukM
your hat like new any color, at Maodonald's drug store.
Gait coal is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the RevelBtoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Go to Mr.  R. Tapping    for     your
garden plants.
WANTED—Clean cotton rags, f>c. per
lb. paid at Mail-Herald Office.
FOR SALE—New four-hole cooking
stove with reservoir. Western i ii een
Apply S. Gale,   Rokeby A,v.    t.f.n.p.
FOR RENT — Rooms to rent with
hoard. Near post. Office, excellent
cook, moderate terms. Apply
S. Gale,  Rokeby avenue.        t.f.n.p.
WANTED —  At   once.    Girl  for light
household   work.      Apply   llox  205.
.11.1,t.f.   n.p.
FOR SALE—Five roomed house on
Lot 11, Block 56, Eighth street.
Price reasonable. Water and ele^
trie light. Apply H.F.S. Box 69.
Prince Rupert, B.C. J1.15 p.
FUR SALE—Rubber Tired Buggy.—w
Apply to Bus Driver, King Edward!
Hotel. It.  n.p.
The Tango Beads-
Also a new line of
Silver Deposit  Ware,
Clocks and Umbrellas
df    J. Guy Barber   df
f thi
'    '
• n bas wi
Bing and
Royal Ann
Ripe, luscious .'V iii
of highest quality
'•ie « n i.y II i..<,.,i nei
on in- ranch "i, Gr«»elj
1 ieek i• .iii. I:. tullei
fi. in Revelstoke, tor
-ah    at   HoIihoii'h  ami
Bell's grocery stores oi
.ii ihe ranch. I Irdei -
received by mail to
P.O. Box 741
Revelstoke, B.C.
nre -x, ■ the ite i• i-.-    i provf
I     it     Will     e-O-TV-
bai n    h
■   ;.e.,pie   in  Toronto  are  object,
ing   that   Protectant    ininiHf th      nre
tiling   their pulpits u piaren   from
which   to  ftddreil   politic*!   argument*
to     th' ir       hearer.".      VVher   OfttboliC
tion of the     mine* In the      y
!<• 1     tO    tl-   ■
'      '
iii    tli" '    |    ■' ■ ■ ' Hie
I       l.orne   rreek   rieai
Ha" Hon    'here n   new   KtrH   |,r,.|,..
;.i|l     n   (lie   plnre   of   l|,,.    . QOdflD
re   f..r  the   11.T.I'.     Am   b   u-milt
die man win killed and one no badly
injuicd   thnt   hr  mm  brOUgbl   !.,      the
honpital   for   treatment.
NELSON, B. 0., July 13th to 18th, 1914
Six Days' Continuous Amusement
Hydro-Aeroplane Flights Daily
This is the first Hydro-Aeroplane to fly in the Dominion oi Canada. IT STARTS! Runs along
the water at the rate of a hundred miles an hour and then rises from the water—up-up-up thous-
anda of feet into the air.    THIS IS A BIRD !
Wild West Features
Including Broncho Busting, Roping, Bull-dogging Wild West Mexican Steers by men who competed and won titles at the Calgary Stampede, Winnipeg Stampede, Los Angeles. Cheyenne and
Per '.:- '":■ Rimnd Up-
This is the Greatest Aggregation of Star Performers Ever Gotten Together.
Sixty Oarsmen from Toronto. Victoria, Vancouver. Portland, Coeur d'Alene and Nelson, competing
in International Rowing Events.
E. B. Butler. Champion Sculler of Canada, will meet A. M. Pfaender, Champion Sculler of Wetftern
America;   W.  N.  Kennedy. British Columbia Champion: Frank  Nott, Vancouver and T. D. Des
,., nf Nelson, for the DIAMOND SCULLS OF THE WEST.
nig from all parts of the earth to the
Kootenay-Boundary Old-timers Re-union
which is to be held in a real Old timers Log Cabin.    If you are an old-timer come in and register
during Chahko Mika.
HORSE RACES   Big Purses Offered
First PriM  .$400.00 Second Prize. $250.00 Third Prize, $100.00
r- IKK WORKS  -The capture and burning of the Steamer Nelson by Kootenay Indians.
Lightweights   PRENCHY VAISE, Champion of Canada, vs. CHARLIE LUCCA for title.
M.ddleweights   FICANK BARRIEAU, vs. BILLY WEEKS, for Middleweight Championship
of Canada.
Something For The Kids    FREE STREET FAIR
Including Mt-rry-Go-Kound, Ferris Wheel, Ali Kinds of Side Shows.
Path* Bro* Will Take Moving Pictures of tbe Various Events, Those wishing to book rooms In advanoe apply
i,, R.O. TBViOTDALK I' '> Box Ml, Nelson. B. 0. Single fare from all points in B. C. Special reduce'.!
rates from State of Washington mnl nil prairie points.
I'nr Of-Olal Program and Premian List write GEO, PATERSON, Manager Nelson Carnival (Jo., Limited
I   E ANNABLK, President, Nelson, B. C. "WEDNESDAY,  Jl/LY 8,  1014,
taoe rrva
"Officers    Elected — Arrangements Under way for
Match wiih Vernon
An anthusiastlo and  well attended
meeting of adherents ol Canada's nn-,
tionnl game assembled al tin'    city
(mil on Monday evening ami organized the "Revelstoke intermediate la-
iieHsc Hull." The chair was taken
ley H. Manning, who Impressed upon
tin' gathering tlie necessity for play-
Ing u clean game. Players should not
imagine, In' said, thai their Htickw
were axes with which tn cut one another down. Rough play had been
tlie greatest foe to lacrosse in Cana-
i.'i. The following Officers were elected:—
ll. McKinnon, Hon, Pres.
H. N. Coursier, President.
H. Manning, Vice-president,
H. Cooke, Secretary Treasurer.
Karl  Dickey,  Capt.  and Manager.
Executive, J. Maley, Donald Calil-
•r, H. t'lioke and Thomas.
The club will hold practices   every
Tuesday and     Friday   ami   arrangements will be made to send a team
to Vernon to play the Vernon team.
Kamloops is Opposed to
New 6sll Schedule
Yesterday's Inland Sentinel of
Kamloops says
"No little Burprlse is felt, and in
some quarters a feeling of disgust
• .as beon created, in consequence of
, suggestion that is being urged respecting the Championship of the Interior Baseball league. Kamloops
Kelowna, Revelstoke and Vernon corn-
ins' the league, and the lirst named
.,[  these  teams   has hid the   good   for-
iii,• s,. far tn outdistance the others
•hat     the'    pennant seems    within  its
grasp, The proposal is, however,
now being mooted that after tlie next
contest a fresh series ut gam<es should
■ee started, ami  that  Kamloops  is the
winners oi the first sines should, un-
css again victorious, meet the winners ''! "In' second sines iii three
e« !,. decide the championship.
■It is said that this scheme iB belli!;   Strongly        Urged,   ami   even   that
-,,ni,. gorl .et coercion is being exercised  to carry  it through.     Certain
■' the other     teams are reported to
■ave declared  that  they  will dropout
..! the league if the project is not put
into operation.   The president of the
league  Mr.   Macdonald  uf   Vernon,  is
rranglng to call a  meeting at   Sal-
ion     Ann     to discuss tlie proposal,
Inch   the   Kamloops    representatives
m  be  trusted  to  resist to the      utmost.   The Kamloops men have achieved their present position only    by
• ■     I,ard work and meritorious play
.n.l there is b stpiu^ feeling that this
Attempt  to filch the fruits of well deserved     victory fiom     them Is not—
playing  the  came,
"tin  Wednesday  nest   the  Kamloops
team will take the ueld as reconstituted after    the departure of Baird
..ml Hewitt. These two players Will
!. missed bui Manager Wells is of
opinion that the recruits obtained arc
e.f a hiirh standard and that the Combination will not suller greatly. This
. pinion, however, does nut lessen his
legard fur the players who have left
(or Edmonton, He is, indeed, quite
enthusiastic about tl.e ipialifications
of f{. Hewitt. Tbis player, he de-
I.lies, has a ixood arm, fine speed,
and a useful curve, so that under skilful tuition he would develop into a
player uf brilliance. Mr. Wells did ns
a matter of fact write to Mr. Chus.
A. t'omiskey. president of tbe Chicago White Sox, advocating the merits
of Hewitt and HolicititiK the Kood offices of thc I'hicnpo president in his
behalf. However, before any arrangement in this connection was possible
Hewitt had accepted the Edmonton
oiler. No sooner had he done so than
hf received an offer from the Ben vers
mi that his play in the Interior League would seem to have nttrncted attention away from home."
Match Against Yarnon
Being Played Today
The baseball team left this morning
for Vernon where it. will play against the Vernon team ihis afternoon.
Killeen will pitch for the Kevelstoke
team and it is expected that the team
will give a good account of itself.
Malakwa Appreciates Fair Report -Hopes to Arrange
Another  Match
Fire Hall and C.P.R. Tied Until
Final Inning   Game
The must exciting hall game of thc
season was played uii the Y ball tield
on Monday evening, the Fire Hall
i eating the O.P.R. by - to I.
At the end of the fifth innings the
score was tied, each side having
three runs to its credit. An extra
inning had to lie played. The fans
were wild with excitement. The Fire
Hall started a slugging bee gathering
five runs in their half of the inning,
while t.he C.P.R. could only register
une. The following is the score hy
O.P.R.—0 I no 2 1—1.
Fire Ball—i) 2 1 0 0 S—ti.
Batteries—NichollS and Goodwin;
Burridge and  Bruce.
The teams lined  up as follows:—
Fire Halt—Burridge, Bruce, McLeod
Haug, ('aider, McCarter, Mulholland,
N.   Mel.cud,   Maley.
C.P.R.—Nicholls, Goodwin, Daniels,
Lyons,  Lee,  Webster,  Watson,  t'orsan
Trap Shoot Prated
By Shortage of Pigeons
Owing tun shortage of clay pigeons resulting from a lire in one of the
large factories in the United States
rn. trap slum!  was held last  weekly
the   Interim   IcniMie.
To the Editor of the Mail-Herald:—
Sir—On hehalf uf the local ball
team I wish to thank you for your
fair report of the .Inly I game and
to publicly thank the Y.M.C.A. for
their courteous treatment extended to
us during our stay. The Review was
Inclined to he sarcastic in comment -
ing upon it but considering the source
we should worry. They printed the
posters with "boost amateur sport"
' in  big type at. the bottom!
For live of our men this was their
first game in four years. We have
but ten men from which to select
nine ami live so far apart it is almost Impossible to get, together. We
work just as hard as the Y but are
handicapped by  local conditions.
We hope to arrange for another
game later in the season which will
result in a change of our line up as
well as the score.
EARL SWAN, Secretary
Malakwa, B.C.,  July 7.
Archie Bishop is
Chemfin of Northwest
The feature uf      the     second day's
shooting     at   the   Calgary  Gun  club
tournament  was the winning of    the
two    championships.      The  first  was
the Alberta championship which went
to Crnbbs, of the Northern gun club
of Edmonton.    This title was held by
1 Archie  Bishop  last  year and he was
\ down  a  few  birds  on  his lirst day's j
shooting ami consequently it cut him j
out   of the honors.
In the second half of the handicap,
.". hundred bird event, for the championship of the Northwest, Archie
showed rare form and won the event
with a Bcore of 96. He broke !!' out
Ot his last. 50 birds getting a straight |
on trap number two. He shot splen- j
didly throughout the day and well ]
i-ervi'd the coveted honor.
Nelson Makes Sweep at
Coeur d'HIene Regatta
Hartley.   Dabell   and  Bourne
are Highest Scorers—Victory
by Innings and Run
The annuul Greenwood fair will be
I.eld on Sept. J4 and 26. Subscriptions will be received nent week nnd
the prize list will he issued early next
Anson Cornell of Columbia University, is expected to arrive at Kam-
iiiups in the small huiirs uf Tuesday
morning so as to be able to take bis
place ah short stop In the game ng
iilnst Kelowna on Wednesday. (In
this oiraslon, by the wny, I'eteru
will pitch for Kamloopi,—Inland Sentinel.
By  winning all  three rowing events
the senior singles   doubles and fours.
Nelson, B.   C,      crews made a clean
sweep of all six rowing events in the
second   annual   aquatic  carnival      on
The   Kevelstoke  cricket   club  scored   Coeur     D'Alene lake.   In the     single
another victors  over the Hartleyon - Bllcll event, T.  DesBrisay,   champion
mas at   the     beginning of  the week,   scullcr of the  Northwest, defeuted V.
winning  by  an   Innings  and  one  run.   .Ulpn  of  Vancouver.    In  the doubles,
For Revelstoke Dabell made 36     and   victoria  was  second,  Portland third
Bourne  35,  eacb   playing  splendid  in-   ..nd  Vancouver fourth.   In the senior
Dings, four's  event,   one      mile  and a  half,
iu the llaitbyoiiians secmd innings   Qoeur D'Alene was second,     Victoria
Hartley  lilt      up   12 in dashing style.   third    an(1   Vancouver  fourth.    Time,
In  the lirst     innings  Robbing    made   -  niinutes,   10 seconds.
top score with  14. ,    Neman Rops of Portland won   the
The scores were as follows: uml(,r w..tr,r ,ind i(>0-yard swims.
A. K. Davey, c. Robbins.b.Hartley   2     The municipal  council of Summer-
C. Field, c. Merchant, b. Hartley.. HI   land  and  the      Okanagan   Telephone
H. Dabell, c. Bridge, b. Hartley ... 36   company,  have   arrived  at an  ami';-
K.  H.  Bourne, C.  it b.  Hartley .... :)j   i,hie settlement of their differences in
F. Hinds, c. Merchant, b. Bridge.. -5   regard to the location of a new   line
G. Miller, c. Sanders, b. Bridge ... 11   to be erected by the company.     The
Whitby,   b.   Cartwright      fl   dispute reached such a degree of bit-
W.B.   Parker,  c.&  b.  Cartwright... 17   terness at  one  stage  that the whole
Fleetham, c. * b. Hartley   10  construction crew of the company wub
H.   V.   Morgan,  not out      t>  arrested  for  "loitering and breaking
Rothwell,  b.  Cartwright      1   up" a street, after their refusal     to
Leg llyes   15   tease work when ordered by the reeve
  ,,.0      Hosrner has been  one seething hot
lotal   ..  lbs
bed of excitement  for the past week,
HARTLEYONIANS. __d a rk)t almcst broke out on Btv.
c. Bridge, c. H„urne, b. Fleeetbam 2 (ra, occa8lt,n8i The 8hutting down of
t . Harrison, c. Hinds, b. Dabell.,.. 1 thp  mi[]eg S(J      8uddenly CllU8ed    the
F. Saunders   I.D.W., b. Fleetham ... 0 merchantB t0    rMlli2,e    0n every    as-
Q.  Cartwright,  c.  & b.   Dabell .... 6 „lgnm(,nt they  ueld,  therebv     taking
(,. Hartley, l,. Dabell   6 almost every cent coming tothe men
W.   Robblns,  b.  Parker   14 fboge credit was then cut off      The
A.  Maddocks,  b.  Rothwell  7 ,,alan(.e o( their  wageR tbcy are   un-
A.   M^rcbunt,  b.  Rothwell    7 ab,e  t_  fcecur(,  unU,  next _eek    and
F. Whitby,  b.   Parker   '1 many of th(,m hfl_e not a cent to live
j. Clapperton, not out   0 on    jn tbe   mPantime.-Fernie     Free
H.   Cooper,   ti.   Rothwell     0 pre68
Total    57      Local officials of the forestry     de-
Sccond Innings:— 'partment are  preparing to construct
C. Clapperton, r. & b. Hinds     0  B  building for  lookout purposes    on
W.  Robblns, r.  Kield, b.  Hinds ... 16 . Little White mountain, about 22 mil-
A.  Merchant, l.b.w., b   Da\ey   l.'es from Kelowna.   The existing trail,
A.   Mnddorks,   b.   Hinds       0  made last year,  is     being improved,
G, Hartley r. Miller, b, Fleetham. 42 so that lumber can be taken in, and
(.. Harrison, c, Hnthweel, b. Dabell 4 ' the actual erection of the station will
V, Saunders, e, Bourne, h. Dabell 5 soon be begun. As the site is above
Cartwright,   c. Field,   b.   Fleetham   0  7000 feet above sea level, it is above
H. Cooper r   Davey, b. Dabell      3   the  timber line on  bare rock,  and it
P.  Whitby, e.  Rothwell. b.  Dabell.. 16 | will be necessary to anchor the butld-
\. Reid, not out     4   ing down to ensure safety from    the
    \iolent gusts of wind to which it will
Total      U0 | be exposed.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
A special lot of Corsets, all white, any size, new style at.
Some very handsome Wash  Dresses have come our way at a very low price.    These
will fit misses K| to 20 years and in ladies' si/.e ■*,:*• to an.     ; lines of them	
 '    $1.90, 2.90, 3.90
3 lines of boys' Wash Suits for   boys i tn .X years.    We have gone all over these lines
and find we have too many so reduce the price to     90c, $1.35, $1.90
Saturday Hose and Glove specials     Several lines of Hose at 35c or ; pairs for $|,
and a lot of lisle and  knit silk gloves at the same price  . .  35c or-3 pair-; for $1
A new lot of ladies' cool summer Underwear.    3 lines of Vests will gel your particular
attention at each      15c, 25c and 35c
Parasols this year in high fancy colorings.    The new tab shape, bell shape and durbar
shape in cerise, paddy, tango and purple at      $3   to $6
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Depi.
Men's Straw Hats—All the balance of our big stock at prices which make it easy
for anyone to keep comfortable. All the better grades on one table and at one
price—Boaters. Brazils, and Soft Straws, price, each      1.00
Straw Hats and heavier Brazils and Splits, real bargains, price, each. . .     50c
Men's Neckties—Three big lots that afford you all the new shapes and colorings
at genuine bargain prices'    Must be cleared out at once.
Lot No. I — Men's four-in-hands;     they include many   Irish   Poplin-;,  heavy  cord
Silks, and wide end ties, price, each         50c
Lot No. 2—Men's  four-in-hand—splendid   wash  silks   in   light and   dark   shades.
Medium end shapes and narrow ones for the close-fitting collars, price, each 35c
Lot No. 3—Men's four-in-hand and string bows, include many neat wash ties and
bows of light and dark shades, price, each      25c
Children's Shoes
Absolute snaps.    They run in size up to 10 but do not include J  or   •'...    >• me of
them sold as high as $2.50 a pair.    All on the table at one price, a pair      $1
Fruits for Preserving
We are getting STRAWBERRIES and RASPBERRIES from our own ranch now. These
Berries are extra fine quality and heavy crates.
All our Berries are overweight. In CHERRIES we have the Okanagan
stock, Royal Ann and Black Cherries, you can't get any better for preserving.
SUGAR is cheaper now than it has been for some years. Now is the time
to stock up. In FRUIT JARS we carry the " Improved Gem" in pints,
quarts and half gallon sizes also the " Economy " jars in pints and quarts.
Leave your orders for berries as early as possible.    We will deliver them
direct from the ranch whenever you want them.
Best Prices     Best Quality    Best Service in Town 1
r_.om BIX
/>. #/MS <S CO., LIMITED
^/Hkvays the   *Best
"ShamrocK?9 'Butter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon   Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Boyd, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rates $1.00 a Day and Up Phone lb29
Furnished Rooms by the Day. Week or Month
Mrs. H. J. HANBURY,    -      Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout.     Housekeeping Suites.
Corns: View
and Douglas Streets
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abraharnsur.  Bros.
All  Mi dern I   nvet
Special Weekly Rates
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. nes, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly ral
Union   Hotel
A vein of solid steel galena has
been exposed on the Treasure Mountain, Sninn.it camp.
On Copper mountain enough positive ore iB now blocked to provide A
2,000 ton smelter with ore for the
i.ext  ten   years.
ll. H. Stewart,     manager of the
Consolidated company at Trail, was
over to the Princess camp    tn the
Simllkameen district last week.
There is a good showing of ore in
the Florence Mining company's mine
above the Princess creek landing between Ainsworth and Wood blcrry creek
The vein tills the whole face of the
adit and galena occurs freely in the
quartz,   The Florence company is   a
Spokane   organization.
Seven thbusand six hundred and
twenty-two tons of ore from the
mines ol the Kootenay and Bound-
dary were treated at the smelter of
the Consolidated Mining & Smelting
company at Trail daring the past
week. making the total tonnage
treated for the year to date L73,SC1
W. B\ Brewer of Hu/.eltou has tak-
en i bond on the Silver Pick a promising galena property on Nine-mile
mountain. The claim, which is located a mile and a half from the Silver
Cup, is to be developed this season.
The owners are Ben Peterson and
Sperry t'line. The price has not been
made  public
As the result of the recent re-building snd enlarging of one of the copper furnaces at the Consolidated Min
Ing md Smelting company's smelter
at Trail, the company's mines in Ross
land will likely he called upon for an
increased shipment of ore. Four copper furnaces are now running at the
f-melter. Heretofore the mines have
sent down from six to s.'ven hundred
tons per day. The four furnaces will
now accommodate three hundred tons
additional per day, and this ore
must Come Irom Rossland mines.
Ur. i'.W. Drysdale arrived in Rossland on Wednesday and is commenc -
Ing his season's work for tbe Geolog-
e.i'.ii  Survey "f Canada.    Mr.  Drysdale
spent last summer and part of the
winter iu Rossland in connection with
the  report  on   this camp.    Since  then
he has i i: engaged n. Ottawa,     in
completing  this   report.   If.   addition
■ •un thorough    Investigations
I   'Sflland   mines,  and   the  geo-
.t [on  in tins district, the
much   ol   the   tield
v.-.irk done hy '...th R.W. Brock, dep-
•    tei   "f  mines, and Dr.  O.K.
0. L.achmund, general manager for
the B.C. Copper Co., was over to
Princeton last week accompanied by
R.G, 1-Iargraves, purchasing agent for
the company, who will probably be
located  in  Princeton permanently.
There are more men working in the
mines in the vicinity of Sandon than
;it. any time for the past 12 years and
I efore fall it is expected tbe number i
will he doubled. This is also true of
Pour mile. Men are being pat on at
the Standard as fast as room can bo
made for them.
The Coalmont Colliers ship tive
tars of steam coal weekly and are
increasing their force to keep pace
with the development necessary for
;eu enlarged output and the building
.,f a tramway and tiple, Tbe company is also said to be interested in
projects which will mature shortly,
'Ihat a revival has take place in
Coalmonl requires only a visit to
The Hedley Gold Mining company
has declared the second quarterly dividend of three per cent for thc year,
amounting to $(>O,0O0. This makes
a total of 8120,000 distributed in dividends so far tbis year and ?1,272,000
distributed in dividends since the
■ nine was taken over by t.he present
company in July, 1909, and is equivalent to 11 •» per cent on the capitalization.
Strike of Ore
on Fish Creek Claim
It. Vi. Drew of Beaton, William
Boyd of Halcyon aud Jack Kennedy
l.avc made a rich strike of silver-lead
ore on one of their claims ou Fish
treek, ahout 2'_ miles from Camborne
upon which tbey have been working
(or over a year. A tunnel was run
in to crosscut the ledge at A depth
..f about  50 feet.
The ore body was found to be lift.
tin. between well defined walls, of
good concentrating ore. Work was
prosecuted on the vein and last week
a rich streak of clean galena ore,
about I01n. in width, which ic is said
will run up to $100 a ton was en-
lountered. Mr. Boyd went up to
Beaton in his launch with Harry Car~
j,enter of Revelstoke and returned
with a sackful of the ore, 1U0 IBs. of
which has been sent to Truil smelter
for assay. They regard the showing
as verj promising and it is thought
probable that the 10-in. streak will
develop into a big body of shipping
ore. C
Mail Herald
as the
1 An       . ikes   lisle the
.   Uey
Ivet   val-
:■■'!     to
. b front Ha: ifteld, tho
cable    ■
\ ancou • id, to Port A
■   ',• dei -< . nd    tble from port Al
i srnl I    Parksvllle, and  , o mr
. ible u "ai I* trksville ta I inalao,
the iat ter »" • ■ e.,k.■ . i   with
almO       !'•       V.OlCOll
m This win .-iv the i' iciflc Cable
r...ai I an e,n r Me route .hurt from
lustralls and    New    Zealand to thej
I'. Harwood returned last week to
Vernon from a trip through the low-
.i Okanagan, Simllkameen and Nic-
■ e|a districts, through which he drove
Col. ViCkers, of Kamloops, who is
!n..king over the country for the militia department with a view of secur-
ing a permanent camp site. They
visited, ifter leaving Victoria, Kel-
e.Mia, Penticton, Kairview, KeremoB,
Hedley, Princeton, Coalmont and
\Mcola, returning hy way of Kamloops, Col. Nickers made a thorough
tion ..f the country surrounding
Have You a
or acquaintance out-of-town who
would like to read all that happens
in and around Revelstoke from Sunday morning to Saturday night?
You got tired of writing everybody
does—let us tell the news in the
most interesting way it can be told,
graphically,  fully, and truthfully.
Here is Our
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$i only, and wc will send Revelstoke's best newspaper to any address
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To The Mail-Heraid, Rene/stoke
Sirs: Kindly send The Mail-Herald for six months
to the following address
for which I enclose the sum of $1.
Yours Truly.
possess the personal note that ordinary printing lacks. Drop in
the Mail-Herald anil ask (or quotation! on our printed facsimile
typewriting       Letters, circulars,  mailing caul--. 4C,  with all   the
effectiveness ol real typewriting at a fraction of its cost.
.I'll I'..I
'rn..    Bnmfleld   station
works lines through rent Alberni direct ti. Vancouver ami Montreal without  manual  trnnHinlHslnn.
We are now located in the store
next to the Revelstoke Meat Market. All damaged goods to be sold
regardless of cost. Full line in all
departments. Bargains for one
and all.
A. HOBSON   s*;
■ WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 1014.
I- nil
"Twelve Storletof Solid Comfort"
In the centre of thinuB—theatres
sndetoreBon both sides.   Building
utwlutoly fireproof— concrete,slid
nnd unirhle.
EUROPEAN PLAN—M per day up
With Baths—&2 per day up
B. C. Land Surveyor
Office, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Block
KEVELSTOKE,   B.C.      J.31p
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
The British Columbia Court of Appeal had unanimously dismissed tho
Hindu appeal and upheld the validity
of the steps the immigration officials
took in preventing the landing of the
Komagata Marti passengers.
Thc body of Joseph Chamberlain,
the Unionist leader who for many
years occupied a prominent position
ii Uritish politics, was buried in
llookley cemetery In the constituency
he long represented in the House of
Oommons. A memorial service was
attended by the lord mayor of Birmingham, iithe members of the city
council  and  other civic  dignitaries.
No.  15  A.F.
and A. M.
Regular Meetings aro held in
New Masonic Hall on the Third
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
W W.TI-'.K BEWS, W. M.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.    Vi.  EDWARDS,  Clerk.
I0UBT    MT.    BEGDIE NO.  3461
OF I. O. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every  Second and Fourth Monday
In   month.      Visiting  brethren are
cordially  welcomed.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
Meets every Second and Fourth
Tuesday in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren cordially invited.
DR. McLEAN, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Secretary.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and  B.  0,  Land
Surveyors and Contractors
P. 0. riox 347, Kamloops, B.  C.
Branch Office—Watson Realty Co.
I. 0. 0. F.
Miets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visit-
::.l-  brethren  cordially  invited.
JAMES MATHIE,  Secretary.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at ••k., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially invited.
Court Meets in    Foresters    Hall,
over  Smythe.  Pool  Room  First
and    Third   Wednesdays   at    8:30
G. D. SHAW, C. R.
A.   H.  MARCHANT,  Rec.-Sec.
The elections tor president, vice-
president, deputies and senators were
held In thai portion of the republic
controlled by the Huerta government
Indifference was manifested everywhere, President Huerta it is reported, received a virtually unanimous
vote  of  confidence,    Tne  returns      in-
Becretary. I dlcate the re-election of all the pres-
 ent  members  of  the  Chamber  of deputies and  the  senate.
Thirteen persons were drowned Saturday in Lynn canal by the capsizing
of the gasoline launch Superb, which,
while bound from Skagway for Juneau, with 13 persons aboard, was
struck     hy a heavy     sodtherly gale.
Three men and a women were killed
when a dynamite     bomb,  said to be
the most powerful ever used in   New I
York, exploded with tremendous force
in an apartment tenanted by Industrial   Workers  of thc  World.   The up-
I er part of the     six-storey tenement i
house, in which the bomb was   being
made,   was   wrecked.    A  score of per-
Bons were seriously injured,  and the
most  of the      property    damage was'
done ina  Wide  radius from  the scene
c' the exdlosion.
Biiron Lucas, a representative of the
government, formally announced In
the House of     Lords that     Uptons
Limited hail been removed from the
list if contractors for the British
army. This step was taken ns a consequence of the recent scandal in
connection with the army canteen
contracts, for which several army
officers and civilian employees of Lip-
tons limited were convicted on charges of receiving  and  giving  bribes.
A sen8atl0tl has been created in
London society by the tragic outcome of a midnight river party arranged by Sir Denys Anson, the
young baronet who a month ago succeeded to the title on the death of
his uncle, Sir William Anson, a leading constitutional lawyer and member of parliament for Oxford University. Young Anson, on Thursday, engaged a river steamboat to take himself and a party of friends up the river from Westminster, which they left
at midnight. On the leturn journey
from Kew, about 3 o'clock on Friday
morning, the host jumped or fell ov-
irhoard, and was drowned. A man
lamed Mitchell, a member of the orchestra which was playing, jumped
after Anson and was also drowned.
Count Benckendorfl, son of the Russian Ambassador to London, went
overboard in a vain search for the
two men.
A family of four wis wiped out by
blows from an axe in their homes in
the German settlement of Blue island
i. suburb nf Chicago. The victims
wen' Jacob Neslesla, a German laborer, iged ">'_' years; his wife, their
daughter, iged *-■"> years, and the
litter's infant child. Whether the
butchery was the work of a maniac
or of a   person   seeking   revenge      was
not disclosed in the first cursory investigation, It was learned that the
young mother had been living away
from her husband for a year and efforts to find him were begun.
Your Pride in Fine Damask
—in "learning silver antl china—in the sparkle and absolute
cleanliness of all table appointments—is best fostered by
the use of Sunlight Soap.
ll makes linen as while as driven snow—and never harms
a thread of ihe. fines! fabrio ever loomed. For washing
silver anil china nothing else can compare,
A $5,000 guarantee says there is nothing in Sunlight
which should not he there—and the kind way it
treats   your hands is another proof of its purity.
Sold by ull
Now that the bodies of the murdered Archduke Francis Ferdinand and
his wife, the Tuchess of Hohenberg ,
repose beneath the castle chapel at
lirtsletten, a bitter controversy is
raging over the manner in which the
funeral was conducted. Moderate opinion inclines to the belief that the
court officials made the ceremonial
too painfully correct, while the
(fiends of the duchess are indignant
at the emphasis laid on her inferior
birth. According to reports publish- ;
ed in the leading Vienna papers, the
reception of the bodies at Poechlarn,
across the Danube, was attended by
scandalous proceedings. A violent
thunderstorm upset all the prearranged ceremony, and the coffins were
l.urriedly carried to the waiting room
of the station, where they were placed on the stonepaved floor, where they
remained for two hours or more.
The torrential rain drove everybody
into the waiting room and, says one
:.itiiunt. •' Ul the ordinary rules of
behavior seemed to have been forgotten, and the scene might be described as resembling the turmoil
and noise of a countrv fair."
A M 'WiT
Tenders Called for
Kamloops Brill Hall
New Issoe of Postage
Stamps Expected
Healer in
(Prettiest Designs)
DRES8MAKINC:    Kit   (inaranteeil
Front street LowerTown
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
for the luiih. I make a
specialty of lagging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required InvonrlHiPtlnesn.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Tie new drill hall to he erected at
Kamloops by the Dominion government  will be a   larger and  more .lab
, rate    structure thai'     was at first
planned, according to the detail
drawings and cpeclllcatione received
from Ottawa, .savs the Kamloops
acting on the urgent request of J.
T.  Robinson,   during  bis  ment   visit
to Ottawa, the government agreed to
. reel B  ' ''I.iss  D"      building,  a type
'which is generally reserved for larger
cities.   The  announcement   to  this el-
' feet made several  weeks ago was very
favorably received here and the news
'that    the plans have again been   en-
; largcd  to accommodate  an  extensive
| beating  plant   at au  addition  cost of
$5000 will be no less welcome.
The total length of the new building
ib 1119 feet and  the overall  width 18 8'J
feet. The foundations arc of concrete
and the building proper is of red
brick. A considerable amount of
structural steel will be used in the
gallery surrounding the main hall
and for ihe rool spans. In '.hebnse-
,n,nt are located the furnace which
eontroll the one Pipe low irevwxe
steam circuit system, which is to be
Installed throughout the new mi.M -
ing. ln addition to tbe 'n Mace room
ample accommodation is provided in
the basemen! for the housing of lege
quantities of stores.
An attractive feature of the new
building are the shooting gallery ai.d
bowling alleys, both of which are ' t-
uated In the basement and extend'r.e
full width of the building.
On the ground lloor stand? ne
main drill ball which is 199 feet in
length, on this floor also there are
ten rooms which will be used as orderly rooms and for general reglmont"
al requirements, The drill shed griper will extend to the roof and -in il.e
second floor will be found the ifll-ers
assembly room nnd ante room, 'he
sergeant's assembly room nnd s,i ic-
Ious accommodation for the .im.
Thrse rooms will be tastefully inis'.i
ed  in  burlap  dado.
About July 15, there will be placed
on sale throughout Canada, another
set of superb stamps to celebrate the
centenary of Sir. George IC. Cartier,
well known as the Father of Canadian Confederation.
Some very beautiful stamps are ex-
pected as they are line engraved and
printed hy the American Bank Note
company, which in itself isa guarantee of the finest of work.
It is understood the stamps in shape
and perforation will be similar to
those issued in 1906 to celebrate the
founding of the City of Quebec. The
Ic stamp will bear a portrait of the
King and Queen, The 2c will portray
the monument to Cartier. The :.c
shows the house in which Cartier was
born. The 7c has a portrait of the
Prince of Wales; this ie the second
time the Prince's portrait has appeared on postage stamps, the other oc-
(asion being on the ', of Newfoundland. The 10c shows the famous Victoria Bridge inaugurated by Cartier
in I860. The 20c stamp shows one of
the magnificent trains of the Canadian Pacific railway, with the Inscription 'All aboard for the West." The
*0c shows the .'oat of armS of Cartier, with the motto "Franc et Bans
dol." and the inscription, "O Cana
da. mon pays met- amours."
By Fire Brigade No. 2
"Don'ts" which every citizen would
do well to remember and thus s'ave loss
to themselves and expense to the city.
DON'T pile kindling wood between th
back of the stove and ihe wall, you
will have a fire some day if you
LON'T have your heating stove git ting
mo close to the wall, you will go
out some day and leave tho drafti
on an i when you come back your
house will be on fire.
DON'T leave a heating stove alone
with drafts open more than 1 minute at a time it is ae treacherous »■
e. wild beast.
DON'T have tbe wall paper come      to
close I,, the stove pipe hole in   the
himney cut it ba.-k  two  inches and
spend 26c. for a  tin collar anl you
may be hundreds of dollars ahead.
DON'T leave an oil stove burning alone but a few minutes. Tbe Brig -
ade have put out many lires caused
i.y carelessness with these heaters.
DON'T forget to look at the brick chimney where it goes through the gar
ret and roof. Sometimes there is
al>renk which will eventually cause
DON'T forget to have the stove pipes
nnd chimneys cleaned when you
know  th"y nre dirty.
DON'T forget to have a little insuran.
ce; this i^ useful if you should
neglect any of the above.
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
- g      TORONTO ONT     rio"™-
Walter .1. Simmons, messenger at
the Imperial bank at Fernie, disappeared rather suddenly one day this
week.    He left   ,1  note for  his      father
saying  be  was going away to make
his fortune.
Thc advent of summer was heralded by a Bnowstorra on Sunday last,
about an inch of the beautiful being
in evidence in the city, states the Ferule Free Press. There was quite a
perceptible snowfall at higher altitudes and the adjacent peaks presented    the    appearance  of      a     glorious
Christmas cake.
Summerland   has   been   selected     SS
the meet inr place of the tirst conven
lion  of    Women's Institutes    of    the
Okanagan    valley and vicinity.     The
gathering will be In session for two'
days, September -' and 3, and delegates from eight institutes, from Sal
mon Arm to Keremos, will bc in at-
" tendance Three institutes in this
district have been but comparatively
tecently organised, namely those at 1
West Summerland, Oyama and Peach-
In consequence    of     non-attendance
■ for two successive sessions, the seat
' In thc Dominion senate of Hon. W.J.
j.Macdonald, of Victoria, B.O. becomes
jvacait.     He was not present during
j the session which has just closed    or
! during the previous session.  His scat
is thus automatically vacated.       He
I was the senior member of thc senate,
according to thc date of his appolnt-
, ment having been    a     member since
(Confederation.   There  are    now    five
' senate vacancies caused by the deaths
of Seantor Cox, Senator Gibson, Senator Coffey and Sir Ocorge W.  Ross,
and the vacation of his seat by Sen-
1 ..''ei Macdonald.
The heavy beard of the outdoor man "sun-
cured" and wiry, is the "acid-test" of a
razor -and here it is that the
Gillette Safety Razor
most clearly shows its "class". Wherever a man may chexwe
to use it, afloat or ashore, the Gillette gives a clean, cool,
comfortable shave, without pulling, gashing, or even irritating the skin.
Be sure your vacation outfit includes a Gillette Safety
Razor. It will save your face and temper, and help you to
keep clean and respectable wherever the trail may lead.
Your Hardware Dealer, Druggist or
Jeweler will gladly show you a wide
range of Gillette*— Standard Sets at
$5.00 Pocket Editions at $5.00 to
$6.00 -Combination Sets from $6.50
to $25.00.
Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada
Office nnd Factory:
Kelowna    .     V.
Katnlonpe     R*\ •
May 7 Maj 26 M .%
funs ; July Hi Jut,.- 18
July 1,21,:* Sep't. ;i \.,.
Auk   13
Mav 0
June *'. 24
July '£2
An*. 12
Sept. 7
June ir May _ 1
July IB July -
Aug. li'        Sept, s
May 20 May U
Julv 8 June lo
AT KAMLOOPS..      Auk- 2(1 Aug. S
Mav tl
June i, *_4
Julv 1. 82
\ Ig.  12
June 11, *-•>
Auk. 20
Mav 3S
July 11
Aiitf.  L'7
May 7
June li
July IS*. »l
Aug. ia
Sept. 7
—P— ..—mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Tbe "tattle of 1, htifllneae bonne In
irll.'e imi In Un stationery. It P«n
to llftfe the tieiil   that'll going    ****>
f;|?e you the highest «,<iallty at tin
oweiit price.   Free eetlraftlee.
metric Pri
Wr cifffr you expert «en lett Pr. i
in our bwMM mid «ur hobby U-<>
To th? Wiit nflfrtinn of paper ft&d
I type we add originality and Itnftfl
neM of ilMign and rapid delivery- PAGE) EIGHT
t ———
WEDNESDAY,  JULY 8,  1014.
Miss Florence E. Lawrence is visiting at Three Valley thc guest of Mrs.
Arthur McCulloch of the C.B.Hume
staff, spent Sunday at Halcyon hot
Dr. McLean has as guest this week
Mrs. R. H. Montgomery and child,
Mrs. McFaydeu and children ol atc-
cnd street, are away to Vancou/er
for holidays.
Mr. A. E. Kincaid and two ova,
"Edmund and Boyd, spent the »cik
end at St, Leon,
Bill, Jim and Mutidy McRae are the
guest* ol Mrs Ksi> ol Chase, B, C,
lor  a week  or  two.
Little Christine Owens, who was
operated on f.>' appendicitis lust
week is rapidly recovering,
Nurse  Fry  formerly "f the Glacier
camps iiosiut.il  stall,  lias joined the
Victoria hospital  uuMes here.
Mis. Sibbald, Mis. Reynolds uud
Miss Paget, were the hostesses at
the lawn tennis club on Saturday.
Mr. T. W. Reid, accountant ot   'he
Imperial   bank     Kamloops,   formerly
<it Revelstoke,  spent  Sunday in town.
Mrs. Robert Ross and daughter
Marion, were week end visitors,
guests of Mis.  Phillips, First Btreet
Doris Cartwright and Winnie Payne
two little girls, left on Monday's
train for Spokaue. for a week's visit.
Miss Agnes Tli.emu ct.ine fro.a
Golden mi Saturday >u ei.joy a short
vacation with tier sister, Mrs. K. C.
Mr. tnd Mrs. Vi A. Anstie left cu
"Sunday afternoon for a short visit
to the coast, they will return via
Mrs. W. I. Briggs and family left
yesterday for Ne.w Westminster where
they will spend the holidays visiting
Mrs. Grey and child of Vancouver,
and Mr. Parker ire guests of Mr
t oulthard, manager of the Bank of
Miss Lowson, wh i _ae i een   i
t-istant nurse    at    the hospital    the
past three months   has returned
Mr.  Harvey, superintendent of the
Banfl park,  Is ,  guest  ol the Hotel
Revelstoke.   He is in     town to In
gp<ect thi   R      • *  kt   National park
Mrs. Kennedy, one of our popular
teachers baa opened her cotl ige at
Illecillewaet, and left on Monday to
spend a few weeks during the warm
Mr. and Mrs St tgg formerly of
Three Valley, ire visiting Mrs Campbell   ' k iurl    Btreel    Thej are
ing  pouti   foi in
Mrs.  D.   3w 11'  :• ij   David,
left on Sunday for a holiday atT.ft
Mr. Swanney is superintending bi I
he double trae
The Woman - Canadian club will
not holl auy regul ir meeting until
Monday.   Sep1 11, but in event
of  es:
members will I •
• left the hospll
ie a minor
Her Kdith   who
has been  10
m iln a week
Mr   and Mrs   W   W W  i
peg,  are  L-
-•.       I.e.   n    he.'    -,
. •      ' ' ■    I  •"
We are daily g-ivinj? our
customers new Dishes
at the fountain.
Holiday Sundae
Baseball Frappe
T. J. Wadman went to Golden yesterday.
Robert. Tapping spent a couple of
days at St. Leon hot springs last
Mrs. It.It. Urquhart and Mrs. J.
Smith Urquhart, will not receive on
Thursday, July 9,
Miss Marjorie Fleetham commenced
ber new duties as stenographer at the
court house, the lirst of the month,
J. H. Armstrong, chief train dispatcher, with Mrs. Armstrong and
family are visiting Mrs. Armstrong's
parents at  Salmon  Arm.
Miss Agues Blackberg has returned
from Balmoral, where slit' has been
teaching the past term, to spend Hie
summer With her  parents here.
Mrs. (i. 'I'. Stanley, McKenzie avenue, "ill not receive tomorrow,
Thursday, Mrs. Stanley and Small
sou are spending tlie summer iu lhe
Mrs. Roydon Sniytht  entertained a
ft w friends on Tuesday afternoon at
the tea hour, iu honor of Mrs. B.H.
S. McLean's house guest. Mrs. Montgomery.
Mr. J. D. Cameron of Salmon Arm,
wbo underwent an operation recently
at the Queen Victoria hospital, Revelstoke, is much improved in health,
and returns home this week.
Mr.   Ntitt.  antl  bride of  Nelson,  are
spending a   few   days   in   town.        Mr. |
Nott  is travelling      auditor   for      1'.
Burns i Co., and is leaving for   the
Okanagan ina trip of inspection.        :
The   It. M.   R.   with  their      friends, I
had a splendid  time at their  picnic
on Sunday at Albert Canyon.   A uni-'
Hue feature,     was a baseball game,
where both  boys  antl  girls competed.
Mrs. l.eary and Miss Churchill are
guests for a few days of Mrs. Fr ink
McCarty.   Mrs.  l.eary  is the mother
of Mr. Dan Leary of McCarty and
Fleming's  garage,   and   is   mi   her way
to Victoria.
Mrs. T. McPherson of Salmon Ail'm
returned home mi Tuesday, after a
few days visit with her mother. Mrs.
1 lyatl.   Mis.   11 \ ,i;     n ,|   Miss       Doris
McCarter returned with Int. ami will
l.e her guests f"i  i sheen iime.
Mrs. McCannel e.f Kamloops arrived
Saturday   evi •   visit   te.   hei
ither,    Mrs.    Snider, Third
Miss   Uina  Burgel   who has been vis-
Iting with Mrs. McCannel, has
ed also   mil taken up lar former po-
In m.   m
Joe H tck   tnd   11    Ralph   La
I ave had two   ■ -i'ii  fishing
trips lately, bringing bomi the first
day    from ft,      *J1"      speckled
trout.   The second trip was at I'pper
md I
high  foi catecb -
...    .
ial evening
'.m    of
" b   were
A few of
!    Donald-
ted her
sixth   hirt
lawn,   *
wer>- th.-
.'  Mrs.
a    I*
r  bro-
*    ■
' - '
• *
' lined   her   rnuHIC
"••rno..n,   at   the
if  h'T  stater,   Mrs    \\r\ 11 *
'lellgh'' ' •     each
.-■ii' '     tying        Insti imental  seise-
ind       were   afterwards
'.ith   ir.'  cream   and  rake.    'The  prize*
*   •       Mi.-  term.     Ai|een
Lawrence winnlntr lit st  priM,  it being
fl vi-n   for   the   most,   perfect   lenunn
Mr. and Mrs. [, W. Wood enter
talned abOUt IS of the younger net
' on Fridav evening, at a garden fete.
The lawns were beautiful with rulor-
"I lights, and Chinese lanterns, and
tlatieing wns indtilgetl In on the t>teen
f',r which i, *jew of the guests played,
BefreHhinent.s   were  nei veil  at  daintily
appointed tables scattered over   the
lawn.   Miss   Hadyn     'if      Kamloops,
Miss I'nrker of  Hevelstokc,  nnd  Mm.
Wood delighted the guests with songs
'during the evening.
T. C. Lee of Kamloops, was at thc
King Edward on Sunday.
Ai concert and    social will be held
in  St.  Francis hall  on Friday,   July
II.   V.   Morgan
went to Comaplix
The  Orange  lodge   will   attend  ri
vice at the Presbyterian church     tu   Monday
Sunday  evening.   The   members    vol
assemble at     their     lodge rooms at
li:30  p.m.
F.  K.   Elton,  Montreal,  is   a  guest
at the Hotel Revelstoke.
R.  M.  Francis of Wilmington, Del.,
was    at    the    Hotel  Revelstoke    ou
This morning the union picnic of
lhe Methodist and Presbyterian Sunday schools left the Canadian L'aji'ic
railway station on a special train ut
9  a.m.   for  Albert  Canyon.
Tickets for the Orange celebration
at Arrowhead on Monday, can he
bought, which will be good going
Saturday, Sunday and Monday, returning the following Tuesday.
A lire in tlie roof of the Climax
hotel gave the lire brigade a ru'i this
morning. The blaze was caused fiom
the chimney and was extinguished
without the services of the brigade
being required.
A meeting of the Revelstoke Vg.i-
cultural association will bc hold at
the city hall this evening at 8 p.m.
The business will he revising ; ri/.e
liBt, report of decoration committee,
and complete preparations for Victoria and New Westminster exhibits.
The provincial police authorities
bave been requested to locate the
I resent whereabouts of Henry Ed-
vard Dowding, who left London,
England, on July 4, l'JH, en route for
British Columbia, with the intention
of taking up land. Since his departure his wife has uot heard from him,
and is uow seeking assistance in her
Mr. und Mrs. Vernon Chapman and
Jessie Chapman of Golceu, passed
through the city on Sunday on their
way to Nelson where they will visit
relatives, Mr. Vernon Chapman who
was a prominent member of the Golden Conservative association and
very popular in the city, has been
editor and manager of thc Golden
Star for the past three years, during which time he greatly improved
the paper and developed a thriving
business, lie has resigned his position anil will take a holiday before
again engaging in newspaper work.
His brother, Jesse, also severed his
connection with the Star and after a
rest will again take up typographical
Provincial     constables have had  a
dut)   added  to  their daily  task.
They  nave  b<een  notibed by the     de-
; irtment   e.f     agriculture that they
Lave been appointed inspectors under
the  Provincial Noxion-  Weed Act and
that   i'i .,11   cases   of   the   non-     com-
with notice served they must
• ■ tte    proceedings.      The list    of
:s weeds includes Canada   thistle
i erennial     thistle, sow   thistle, blue
thistle,        Russian        thistle        wild
r,l or charlock,  stinkweed, ragweed,   blue  burr   or  stickweed,      and
such others as may bc specified by order in oouncil in two numbers of the
de for     re -
ling    the
le truction  of   nox-
In  unorganized districts
•   assessment
roll  tS. id  in  mun-
Iripalitlea  it   wil .   -, ■ ,.,<,  .,    ,),,.
iment roll and he re-
I tbe act
to   take
J. T. Mason, New Zealand, was
registered nt the Hotel Revelstoke on
II. IIrain of Nelson, arrived in the
city on Sunday and registered at the
King  Edward;
George Miller has moved from the
Taylor block to his new home ou
Victoria road.
The Revelstoke City band will accompany the Orangemen to Arrowhead on Monday.
A daughter was born to the wife of
\. Laughton in the Queen Victoria
hospital on  Sunday.
S. J. Hartley of Kamloops, was in
the city on Sunday, registered at the
King  Edward hotel.
I1". B. Hirst of Kelowna, was a visitor In the city on Sunday and stayed at the King Edward hotel.
The Misses Beatrice cud Edith
Auger of Medicine Hat, were guests
at the Hotel Revelstoke ou Sunday.
lgnat Carpovick on a vagrancy
charge was yesterday lined thc costs
of the court by Police Magistrate
E. E. Nott of Nelson, auditor for
!'. Burns & Co., accompanied by Mrs.
Nott, spent several days in the city
this week guests of the Hotel Revelltoke.
Excursionists to the Arrowhead
Orange celebration will leave ou the
regular morning train at 8:20 on
Monday and return by special train
leaving Arrowhead at 7 o'clock in
the evening.
Fred Davis, charged with loitering
iu the residential part of the city at
night, with intent to commit an indictable offence, was yesterday given
I.y Police Magistrate Hamilton two
hours  to  leave  town.
B. R. Atkins, who visited St. Leon
and Halcyon for the week end, says
that both ot these popular resorts
rre uclng well attended this summer
and that they were specially delightful during the hots days.
On vagrancy charges Nels Johnson
was on Monday sentenced to three
months hard labor by Police Magistrate Hamilton. James Stuart was
given one hour to leave town and
blank Ryan was released on sus -
ponded sentence.
A small blaze in the waiuscoatting
of a passage in the Windsor hotel
brought the fire brigade to the scene
on Sunday afternoon. The fire was
extinguished by Cecil Johnson, with
the hose belonging to the hotel and
the services of the brigade were not
Three new districts, Golden, Little
River, Comox and Langford Station,
have applied for affiliation to the
Provincial Poultry association, and
their applications will be dealt with
at the next meeting of thc delegates
■ if that hotly, which will be belli during the  Vancouver exhibition.
Holiday Specials
A Clearance of Summer Goods
at the   Height  of   the  Season
75 Men's Suits
2- and ^-piece Tweeds Worsteds and Serges. Former
Prices up to $_(>.oo now*     $19*7S
Men's Wash Vests
in everysize and pattern. Former prices up to 3. -o, now 1.50
Men's White Canvas Shoes
Regular prices ..75.     Now      1.75
A Big Special
in Men's ;uid Hoys' Straw Hats. We have set aside an assortment of values up to 3.50, your choice of any now
at     75c
McRae Mercantile Co.
For Growing Girls     LACE BOOTS     For Ladies
Ladles' anil growing girls, fine
soft kill hands titoheacushlonsole
lace   Hoots,   low heel,  treble   K
width 4.75 ami $5
I,allies' ami growing tixW «uft kill plain
tn,.  lace   Boots,   cushion  Mole,  t mon
BQDB8 low heel, single u width    $4.7.'e
l<adtes' .mil growing girls' ki.l Cut tipn,
lace Boots, low lieels, double K width.J8.85
Ladies' ami growing gills' lace
Hoots in line kit! antl gun-metal
calf, low heel, single El width
 3.50 antl 375
l.tulii's' little Avenue, weitetl laoe Boots
in patent ci It unit selected oalf. ouban
1 Is,   CD. K. Widths     ...      Jfi.Sfi llllel V, :.n
■Ladles'and growing girls' gun-metal oalf
laoe Boots, medium heels, slugle K width,
Ladies' l''ift.li Avenue chocolate kitl lace Hoots, culmn heels $5.75
Ladles'and children's black Hows In (satin and oorded silk, for
Slippers and Pumps, per pair     20C
Phone Your Orders to No. 28
Prompt Delivery
A. H. 0. Seltzer   for a big head nr
sick stomach., ,26c, 50c and $1,25
Rexall LiverSnlts -adelightful and
healthful effervescent, 35e, tiOc $1
Kim's Fruit .Salt -For hot weather.
Dawn Linen Note Haper, a \m\ 25c
2 boxes for 30c
Stock about exhausted.
Five Kig Rexall Talcums at, each
A Face Chamois given FREE with
each Talcum purchase.
bews; drugstore
M. Grady of
King  Kdwurd.
St.   l.eon.  is at the
I,. F, Burrows ol Salmon Ann. was
a guest at the Hotel Hevclstoke on
Mrs.   .1.
LangUle of
tlie  King  Edward
Tlie program for Thursday and Friday at the Empress theatre is sure to
laplis,  drttW lu_b,„ ttudlencM M ,,xtl,lu.[lt pig.
yC9"  tures are     advertised.   Truth in the
I Wilderness,  in two parts,  is a splen
Municipal courts ol revision will ha  ' ;J American drama; The Gold Creek
held at Kaslo on     July 30, and at Mlne is 11U educational feature,    and
ChiUlwack on August t.
The  Italian ladies    of     Revelstoke,
Empress  Theatre
ti i
NIGHT 1 l* M
ill. Truth in the Wilderr.egs.
In two partu. American tlrnma.
Kentjirity Romance, Kny
It-e (Iriirnn I':, Girl 'A ,rtli
While, Thiiri'iiiH*r drama (4).
'.old Creek Mine BJdui ttionsl
Majestic    Split reel.    (5)   Hm
way of Winning  Her, Comadj
(1). The Runaway   Pri
three parti, Tiianoimer drama,
Ci). The MlKhty Atom, Krli
llanee comedy. Ct). Safe In
.fall,  Keystone comedy
NMillT AT  H:.«l
Four  boyi  ranging in age from  14
to  18, appeared before Police Uagis
trate     Hamilton   yesterday charged
with causing a disturbance hy ti^ht
Ing mid using had language on   the
One     was   released    with u
earning     ami   ■ .nf   on   suspended   sen
* lull   t wo were Dned tbe costs
■ ■ court
i.-t       wedding      took   plan,    un
'.  I'eiiliv      i tuiiL-  al       St.     Kraiicis
church, when Mi   Herbert Flschei and
.Miss   Maltha   VlgUC   uf  Halls  Landing
into th. holy IiuiiiIh ol mat
rlmony, Rev Father MacKenzie jiru
sd the solemn nuptial blessing
iver I be newly mai rled couple, Mr.
i i.d Mrs Kisih.i are spending a few
iIii.vh in Revelstoke before returning
•ee tbeli borne st  Hairs Landing,
Tin- current Issue of the Provincial
Qazette contains notice tbat ccrtm-
catei et Incorporation have been
granted to ths Following companies*
Ardell ,<■ Ktrcbner, with bead office nt
Caotouver, and capitalised at $IO,hO(i
C.A. Btahl \-    I .i . Vancouver, 110,-
i«">;   Douglai   Lake     Cattle   Co.,    V|c
tuna, 140,000; Five Bisters' lilock,
victoria, |400, »'o, Honeyman & Co.,
Vancouver, M0.000; Mainland Navigation Co., New Westminster, $_.*,,Ofl■<,
ratarion Alberta OH Wells. Vancouver, 1600,000; Pennsylvania oil Wells
,,f Pitt Meadows, Vancouver, 41.0UO,-
000; Wo«it Vancouver Hollyburn Oil
Co., 1800,000; Whltestone Macadam
Quarries, Vancouver, Mntt.oou. The
Canada Ooppet I 'orptiration Is granted n certificate as an cxtra-provlnctal
there is au excellent comedy,  as well
as other line dramas.   The  Runaway
ETlncess in three parts is the     chiel
| Will hold a lawn social on the grounds  feature  for  Friday.   This  is  said  to
ol St. Francis church on the evening  |,e one of the best reels ever produced
of July 16. and thc hill includes in addition two
in reply to a telegram of congratu- B°od coraeJ^9j	
lation from A. B. Kincaid. presidcut
Of the Kevelstoke Conservative association, tm bis recent political victory in Ontario, Sir James Whitney
has written to Mr. Kinc nd thanking
lam for ins message,
The   Sunday   BChOOl   classes  of      rit.
frauds church closed on Sunday last
for the holidays. The attendance
during the year was highly satisfactory, 58 children received certificates
of merit, For greatest proficiency,
Mary Bell was presented by Rev.
Father MacKenzie with a copy of the |,m)j,.r^
I-, ih I.. No. Ii'mS will attend service at the Presbyterian church on
Sunday evening. Members renuested
to be at lodge room at G::'.0. Visitors welcomed.
Jl.ll.n.p. J.  p. HOME,  Vi. M.
Tbe new Gtand Opera house, on
Dunsmulr avenue, Cumberland, Is
nearing completion, which will be   a
thoroughly   satisfied
building iu every respect.
i The contractors are doing all In their
"The Shepherd ol the Hills," pro- ! ,'"w,,r '" '"'""»<' opera house fln-
I'lteil in the opera house on Monday j "'ne<1 ''> tl,e v,th ot July, the date
night was one of the best plays of its BPt ,or t,le Opening when the Allen
kind seen here lor a long time. The l'lll.vor'<. •' noted stock company now
characters were acted with spirit und at * ict-orla will commence a week's
the audience, which owing to the hot ,,',I?'»8,,n>ent..
weather    w^as    not very large, whb     bum.     i .      . .   ..
t iftr"n hundred tons of rock in the
witb   tbe     per-   innpr imrhor of victoria were blown
,out by a dynamite     charge exploded
to remove the Shoal Point obstruc
The body ol    Qeorge   Lyons,    wholtion that long has been a menace to
was drowned  In  the Klk river abjut  dipping.       Thc upheaval      caused a
a month ago, was recovered on    the  ?reat waterspout of     which   moving
Kn tin' side of Morrisscy. jpictures     were taken for   exhibition
_..„, , .       here and  In   northern  cities.     Boats
Military manoeuvres bave started m ,,„,, _ _,,,„      the harbo. were
Nanaimo  district; the  mimic  war bc- >d )(>. „„. ,liKtnrl)anc, of y,, wot„.
ing between  the local force and    one
composed  ol  the  ^Sth  Fusiliers   who |    John P.  McConnell, former    editor
nre  supposed   to    he    an expedition    "f the Vancouver Sun.     a    morning
landing    at    Ladysmith for thc pur-iaper, has issued a writ out   of the
pose of raiding and seizing the mill    supreme court against the     Burrard
tary stores now In the custody of the . i'ublishing  company,   owner    of   the
Civil     Aid force at Nanaimo.     It Is ] «un, and F.C. Wade, K.C., president
expected thnt the operations will oc-;Of the company.     Mr. McConnell   is
cupy three days, at the end of which   suing for 830,000 damages nnd an in-
tlme the local forces     are confident Junction from the court to    prevent
they  will  be holding  the  Connaught  Mr.  Wade continuing to dictate    the
I,arracks intact. j policy of tbe paper.


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