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The Mail Herald 1914-05-27

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 ** ♦
■♦-                REVEL        CE +
♦                             >, ♦
+ Chief      luniherin,       ^railway, -¥.
4- mining,      ugricu       "p     and +
•♦■ navigation    ccntr,     ^'tween 41
-^ Calgary and the I       _, ocean ♦
If                                -    5 >
♦ 4-4- 4-4-4- 4-4-4-^|    V+ + +
The Mail-Herald
4-    Publishe
|/liP* nizeil   udverti^N^ned
f,       -r    the  city  wifl .d\amct.
reekly —
flie reeog-
'dium (or
mi i.
4>4-  4-4-4- 4-4--
Vol. 20—No 1-6
$2.50 Per Year
Train from Toronto Will Arrive
Four o'clock at Night
Other Alterations
Stunting at midnight on May 31
the times of arrival nnd departure
at Revelstoke of many of the trains
will he changed.
The Imperial Limited from the east
which now arrives at I p.m. will after May arrive 65 minutes curlier,
at 2:55 p.m. No. 2, the Imperial limited from the west, which at present
arrives at 12:15 p.m. Will lie twenty
minutes : iter arriving at  1-2:35.
No. :: ''in Toronto now arriving
at 7:05 a.m. will In future arrive at
4:0.ri  a.m.,   three  hours  earlier.   Krom
Vancouver No. I for Toronto, will
arrive at midnight Instead of 12:-13
a.m. .i -   J i he present time.
The train from St. Paul to Seattle
No. 13 now arriving 6:1" p.m. will
arrive at I "" p.m. one hour and 55
minutes tarlier. No. II from Scuttle for St Paul will arrive at 7:55
a.m. Inst id eef 6 15 a.m. as at present,  ai    ..•   ir  and  in  minutes  later.
The  Re     stoke tn  Arrowhead train
will  lea- it   ?:20 a.m.  instead of "Sill
a.m.,  5< p..mutes later.       The train
from   A ■ : 'head mm   arriving  at 3:40
p.m. wi: trrlve at   1:10 p.m,
This .-.'s provincial gazette contains I the following appointments 'ecil Wixon C'hlddy, of the
city of Kamloops, to be a clerk in
the go*. ment agency at Kamloops,
George • Kennington, ol Salmo, to
.be a deputy mining recorder for the
Nelson I I g division. with sub-
recordii _- >fflce at Salmo. May (I.
Wat-is • • operate) r in the office
of the sor of moving pictures.
Harold I nchford Kelly, to be clerk
in the .' f the censoi of moving
pictur- -" - .l.i:.-.. Thomas Hard
Wicke ■ - ::■ Kinlavs. r. and Samuel
Fergu- ' ,■• unit, rs In the courl
lions.- uver, Thomas Gamble
. Robert  High<et, to    be iant  and  carpenter,  re
spects the court house,    Van-
eon vei
Eagles' Excursion to Halcyon
We!i Patronised   Trip
is Enjoyable
The •" - . -- excursion to Halcyon
was on.- the features of the Empire
Eay cell >n and so great      was
the de ind for tickets that the sale
had   i" stopped   on   Saturday   on
accou,,- :' • :■• boat accommodation
being isted,      and      when  the
htea Revelstoke left the wharf at
7:30 :k   on      Sunday      morning
■cores a      ms to Join the expedition
had to be left behind as thc steamer's
legal passenger limit had been reached. Of ' se some 15 made a dash to
tie s- iti ;. caught » the south train
and took the regular boat at Arrowhead I ir  H i'ecyon.
The ,-..- si.ui curie.I  with it     the
Italian band, 2G strong, which guve
much gi od music during the trip. At
Arrowhead a stop of some 15 minutes <k is n ide and tho hand gave n
brief concert. Halcyon was reached
»eell before noon and at the hot
B| rings . tei an excellent chicken
dinner « is served to over 100 ex-
CUrslonlstS. Many of the Revelstoke
(,eo|ii. to '•• the opportunity to enjoy
tbe famous medicinal baths and many
visits were paid to thc hot springs.
The • .| gave a concert of appropriate selections and at 3:30 thc party re-
embark . for the homeward journey,
Revelstoke being reached about 8
o'clock after a delightful trip up the
lake  and  river.
So enjoyable nnd well patronized
Wens the excursion that the Eagles
nre aire,;-, considering giving another in tii • near future.
pi si pi ■ :«■ i ■ n pi ■ !■: ii a h a a
m i
pi   i  tr TBA, COFFEE, OOOOA    S
pi and other Hot Drinks, are pi
p|     .1 llightful   on  a  cold   day. g
m — a
p!     LIGHT    Lunch      served   with     p!
p|   tii"   above.     Everything   is   ,'■)
P|     l-l ime made   at fl
PI 1
PI -
The Hotel Palliser, Calgary r
The Palace of the Prairies
Till-: PALLISER, the magnificent Canadian Pacific Railway Hotel
at Calgary, which will bu opened Juno 1. It is a $2,000,000
monument to the faith of tlie Canadian Pacific Railroad's
management iu the future of Western Canada, and is one of the
Rnosl  establishments of Its kind In all
I ana.In. II comprises ten storeys, basement, ground, mezzanine and .-even
service lloors, with roof gardon and sun
nurlur mi I he roof, It is constructed of
stool and reinforced concrete, (Irey
Tennessee marble walls, columns ni
[tottieiuo marble, with Sylvan gveon
marble for the bases, with titling- of
fumed oak, comprise the scheme ..i thc
llnisti ni the principal rooms on tho first
door, aiiel the plan of the decoration Is
simple but exquisitely beautiful.
The plan of ventilation is worthy of
mention. Large fans draw the air from
the roof, II, is forced through elieoso
cloth Bcrccns, warmed, filtered through a
-111■ i• i of falling wuier, warmed again,
and then forced through registers Into
i in- various rooms.
(lu  the  firsl   Hour Is a beautiful  ball
room, finished iu green und white: and
at either eiiel are pergolas, extending to
lhe **ide   wings,   nml   which   will   be
spcclall}   delightful   in   the   summer   time   with   rustic
furniture  and   flowers  und  creeping vines.     There  are
Ills guests' rooms and _7s bath rooms, hi every particular
ii  is l lie latest  word  in hostelry, and it  will constitute
i lie show   place of i 'algary, '  .
The hotel has I n christened "The Palliser," In honor of Captain
John Palliser, one of tho earliest explorers of Western Canada. *■
I    I
Met  at  Station  by   Fleet of
With City
The station presented a  busj    and
metropolitan   appearance  on     Sunday
afternoon.   Before the arrival of the
south train which brought the visit
ing Winnipeg businessmen's exclusion
'1 111! platform was tht
members Of the hoard of trade and
other citizens who were there for the
purpose of greeting the visitors. lu
addition   to   the   usual   contingent     of
vehicles meeting the trains there
vera thirteen automobiles drawn up
ut the rear ol the platform re
take  the  visitors for a  tonicity.
Samples of Gas to be Analysed
by British Expert   Prepare to Drill
Remarkable Feat of Endurance Good Program of Amusements
—Skin Perfect Condition Provided—Day Generally
—Bought by Mayor Spent in Sports
Residence of Mrs.  P.  Moran
and Contents Destroyed
on Monday Night
Carrying a black bear which had
been caught in his trap 10 miles up
the Jordan, J.U.S. Munro reached
the city i! J o'clock on Sundaj ever
ing, making the 10 mile trip with
bear in 8 hours. He left the city for
the trap on Saturday. The bear was
trapped and shot on Cottonwood
slide on the Jordan river. It meas-
ured i'ver seven leet from tip to tip
: nd weighed  163 pounds.
Mr. Munro packed the entire bear
a distance of 10 miles over a rough
trail on bis back, a remarkable feat
of endurance. He was accompanied
on his trip by F. Tillman who secur-
cured some good snapshots of the
bear alive in the trap. The skin
which is deep black und one of the
most perfect ever serured iu this
vicinity has been purchased by Mayor McKinnon, who is having it
mounted life size. The Kevelstoke
neat market purchased the beur meat
which at this season of the year is
a luxury.
Falls From Train
Boy's leg Amputated
John Winger the nine year old son
of John Winger a rancher at Notch
Hill attempted to board a moving
freight train at Notch Hill while on
I is way to school. He slipped, with
the result that his foot was badly
(rushed. He was brought to the
Queen Victoria hospital on Friday
I y Dr. Macpherson of Salmon Arm,
who amputated his leg between the
knee and ankle.
William Toir.linson has left New
Denver for Vancouver. He has received an appointment from the Dominion government to secure specimens
of minerals of the province for tbe
Panama exposition at  San Francisco
Arrangements are being made for
the opening up for truffle of that section of the Kootenay Central be -
tween Spillimachene nnd K.lgewater
within the next few weeks and it is
probable that trains will be operat -
ing between Oolden nnd n station
near Athnlmer nnd Invermrre in the
early autumn. Grading has been done
to a point south ol Invermere and
the entire line between Oolden and
Cranbrook will be opened up early
next   spring.
Empire day was pleasantly spent In
Revelstoke, excursions, baseball matches, rides and drives into the coun-
tiy and many other sports being included in the day's program, an enjoyable and well attended dance in
the .Masonic ball in aid of the hospital  winding up the day.
The arrival of the Winnipeg businessmen's excursion ou Sunday was
;.n interesting incident of that day,
as was also the Eagles excursion to
Halcyon Which drew a large crowd
and provided a delightful trip. On
Monday many went to Sicumous to
attend the regatta there where some
exciting races were provided. Many
Others left town on shooting and
I untlng expeditions.
The weather although showery was
pleasant and the holiday was a suc-
uss in every respect. Many of the
stores llsplayed bunting and appro -
decorations and from everj
I agstafl iu the city flew the Canadian
or Uritish flag.
The celebrution commenced on Friday when the significance of the day
and  its origin were explained  to the
j pupils of thc public schools. Monday
was observed as the holiday, tlie
twenty fourth being Sunday, and on
Monday the stores and schools closed as well  as the government       and
I other offices.
Lunatic Committed to
New Westminster
Found guilty on a cbarj f assault
John Mutson was this morning fined
sjo and costs .ir ."." days by I'olice
Magistrate Hamilton. He paid the
It was a busy session of the court
i ve cases appearing before tbe bench.
David Deters certified as insane by
Dr. W. H. Sutherland and Dr. A. 0.
Campbell was committed to -he
asylum at New Westminster.
J. C, Riley on a charge of drunk,
was remanded for one week.
.lames McMillan on a vagrancy
charge wns given six weeks in jail.
He 1ih(1 been annoying women in pri-
vute houses.
William Taylor also on a vagrancy
charge, was remanded lor tw<j da.s
so that his statement that he had n
job In the Big Bend might, be investigated.
James M. Clark fined S5 and coBtB
or 10 days for riding on n train Without paying his fare, decided to take
the 10 days. He is of a frttgil
term of mind for in addition
to money he had in his possession certificates of oil stoCit
ln the Calgary oil field.
The frame house belonging to Mrs.
P,   Moran   situated      about   IJ   miles
outh of Revelstoke   was completely
destroyed bj  Are on Monday   night.
; The piano     was carried    out of the
| house by     neighbors     but is     much
scorched.      All    the  other    furniture
was destroyed,
I At 2:Jii a.m. Constable F.oss notic-
! ed the blaze and turned Ina lire alarm. The Revelstoke brigade turned
i ut and with the hose wagon went to
the lire but nothing could be done.
The house was then almost com
plctely destroyed and no water was
available to Hght the lire. The cuttle were taken from the neighboring
stables but these escaped dam ge
The cause  of  the  lire Is unknown.
There  was 81400  Insurance on    the
house '""Hio in the California Fire la
surance company  placed  through  the
Dominion Security company, Ltd. and
. $1,1111 in the Royal Insurance company
! placed through the Revelstoke   \geu
Icies.    There  was  also  132."  insurance
; on the furniture In the Royal.
Mrs. Moran is a former resident of
Revelstoke. a widow ol Patrick Moran. She with her family will occupy
u  tent until a   new house  is  built.
Amusement Company's
Engagement Today
The special train of the Chapman
\mnsement Co, is on the smelter
spur line.    The many  new attractions
have been unloaded and the company
opens a four days engagement today.
The company brings ill new nttrac -
tions including the world's fattest
woman and will give a continuous
show from 8:30 to H>:.)ii each day on
the ground between First and Second
streets one block west of McKcnzi.'
avenue. Lots of fun is promised all
who attend the show.
(In behalf of the Revelstoke syndicate winch last week through H.
Smith and Vi. Poup ire staked 12
square miles ..( oil leases In the
neighborhood of Arrowhead, Mr.
Poupore    at the     beginning of tins
nged    With   week   staked   tWO   more   square   miles.
The syndicate consisting ol T. Kilpatrick, .1. M McKay, D, W, li.
Sutherland, O, 3, McCarter, W. A.
Anstie.       ll.   R,   Laurence-,   Dr.   .1.   II.
Hamilton, R. Smith and w. Poupore
now       have      the    ml   rights   over   l-l
square miles at the mouth of the Columbia river een both Bides across the
lake at Galena bay.
At both places indications of oil
The south train with the special are abundant and gas bubbles brisk-
cars belonging to the Winnipeg ex- ly through the BOll, Samples of the
cursion pulled in u few minutes be- gas are to betaken by the syndicate
tore I o'clock followed _ Immediately snd sent to the leading English oil
afterwards by the train Horn the i Xpert, now in Canada, foi analysis,
cast und an unusual scene of bustle if bis report confirms other reports
and animation presented itself. en  the constitution of the gas,     ..f
The  Wlnnlpegers had    been  met    at   which  there  is little  doubt,   the    syn
Arrowhead by     J. M. McKay, super- dicate will Immedlatelj   proceed with
tnti'iideut   of      Division  No.   1,      and preparations  for  sinking  a   well,
were  under      the  guidance  of      F.   E. |    In  other  parts  ol  British  Columbia
Trautman,  publicity expert  for    the oil  prospects are bright
Canadian     Pacific railway.   Each   of |         IN*  BRITISH COLUMBIA.
tl.e visitors wore a neat budge bear- Cunningham Craig, a British oil ex
Ing the  name and   insignia  of tbe city pert   Bent   OUl   I"   Inspect   thi   Western
Of   Winnipeg  and   also   the   name        of Oil   district   Mr a      British   syndicate
the  wearer of tbe  badge. said  that   it   Was   B fine   pr08pect    and
Immediately   alter  the  visitors  had the strike at  the Dingman  well    was
disembarked     Capt. William Grassie, one of the   mosl  phenomenal he bad
president of the   Winnipeg Industrial ever heard ..f.   Mr, Craig '.va- also of
I ureau,   mounted a  sleeping car step the opinion that I
and announced that much to the re- ia extended  through to  British  Col-
gret  of  the  rest  of   the   party    Or.-".' umbia and that  tie   Fraser valley had
of its members     M, Bull, A. 0. Bui splendid indications of oil.
man and  W.  Herons   would  continue OIL  IN   ABUNDANCE,
to the coast instead of returning east John  I-'.  Macintosh •
with the rest ot the party.   Each   ol < istoras,     who bas beei    absent   for
the three made brief speeches express- the past  two weeks attendi
Ing their satisfaction  with  the    trip < nti v of oil drilling machinery li
and the majority ol thc rem under oi Math.-ad   valley,  has  returned  I
Itbe party then entered the automo • ing samples of oil dippi I  from     the
lues  and   were  taken  ou a  sigiit  see- ground      in  that      territory.    The oil
ing trip through the town and    Into will burn freely and                   smoke
the suburbs.   W. Hews took his party 'i  odor In Its natural    I  -
I art of the way up the national park been pronounced by experts t.. beex
road but on     account of     the brief cellent.   If further Investigation  will
time available most, of the other cars guarantee quantity there are g
kept  tei the level roads.   Then-    was opportunities foi      ■       tion  In    the
some dust and wind but the visit.-is Flathead  valley than In Calgary,    it
• xpressed       themselves   as       delighted is said.
with their visit and as being Impress       ll is Baid that by driving a walking
id with the city, the good roads and stick into the ground Inl cert
the  fertile  country   surrounding   Rev- of  the  new   British  Columbia   oil held
Btoke. h flow ,.f natural ga* can be created.     who  provided   automobiles This when lighted will give a  stead]
for  the  visitors  were: tame,    Five   shallow   oil   W'llsit, that
I'".  McCarty,  G, S,  McCarter.     A. district  have already produced oil In
McRae, Vi. A. Foote, A.B. Mo h' commercial    quantities and the only
tan,  Dr. Hamilton,  K.  Cornmg.    A. drawback to the development "f   tbe
.).   McDonell,   W.   Hews,   .1.   Abraham- r.eld  In  the  past   Is said   t..  have been
son, A. E. Kincaid and C. Turnross. the lack of adequate transportation.
The  itinerary  of      the  party   is    as
I v. Winnipeg D.00 a.m. Tuesday May
19; Ar. Deloraiue 4:14 p.m. Tuesday,
May io i.v. Deloralne 1:55 p.m. Tuesday,  Mny   19;   Ar.   Napinka  6 32   1  il -
A   good   deal   .if  attention   ',.-       being
given t,, tin- Investigation of the oil
i rospects of the Flathead valley, m
South Kootenay.   Two new  symhrat
The lirst annual general meeting of
the Stock Growers' association, of
Uritish Columbia will be held in thc
Ashcroft hall, Ashcroft, on Tuesday
June 2, at  I p.m.
l'ersons interested in the Tulameen
creek district and who for years have
held placer leases In hopes that, some
day a company strong enough would
undertake to thoroughly prove the
ground, were advised on Saturday
ly Charles F. Law, broker of Vancouver, who returned recently from a
trip abroad, that he had got word
that the It.C. Platinum, Ltd., a company backed by English capital,
would start operations in June,
day,  May   IH;  Lv.  Napinka  6:20 Tin- •-                 tered  the field  and   ;■;■
day,   May   19;   Ar.   Kstevan   D:44   p.m. drilling  for oil.    The  Royal  Canadian
Tuesday,  Mai   19;  i.v. Estevan   I2:0u Oil corapanj  expects te. resume work
night   Tuesday.   May   111;   Ar.   Wcyburn on   AK.imlua   Brook   iiiit      in..nth,   its
J 'in a.   m. Wednesday, Maj 20;    I.v. drilling ng being In place ami ready
Weyhurn  11:04     a.m.  Wednesday  May leer a   start.       I'ln-   la-.ibss   ml   cm,
20; Ar. Switt Current 5:30 p.m. Wed [.any .•( Vancouver proposes to begin
resday,     May 20; I,v.   Swift Current work next month.   Another   company
!):(Hi p. m. Wednesday,    May 20;    Ar. will operate on the Kishenehna. The
Calgary  v.ln a.m. Thursday,  May 21; Sage (reek nil company nf Kamloops
, lv.      Calgary  .'1:00 a.m.   Friday,   May will  also  start,    ml   In.-   been     found
22;     Ar.  Lethbrldge -  a. m.  Friday, r.orth, south and east of the Flathead
May 22;     I.v.  Lethbrldge 11 ■!."■ a. m, though not    yet     proved In    paying
Friday,  May l-l      \i.  Macleod  12:5." quantity,
noon Friday, May •_'-',     Lv.   Made.i,I Ralph    Arnold,   who la   considered
I  I.",,  Friday,  May '.'2;   Ar.  Ferine cm   Ol   tin-   high..'        •         ties on   "il
i 11:00 p.m.  Friday,  May  23;  Lv.  Ferine ,.,,  the  continent,  will     anise       ,.,,vt
j.*.:oo a.   m. Saturday,   .May .;);     Ar. month to begm bis Investigation   of
Cranbrook 7-."o a.m.  Saturday.  May ila- <Mctioi      ami futurt   development
123; Lv. Cranbrook 8:50 a.m.  Satur- will largely depend on ins report. Tfie
day, May 23; Ar. Kootenay Landing discovery of oil „t     Black  Diamond,
11:011   Saturday,   ."flay   'S\;      Lv  i 	
Kootenay  Landing  "11 00 a.m. Saturday,   May  2'A;   Ar.   Nelson   *J:IH|   p.   m.
Saturday,  May 23; Lv. Nelson 7:45 p. ■■■■■■■■■  - . .  . . .  *
(Continu-d  on I'age Four.)
m.  Saturday,  May 28; Ar.  Arrowhead 9
2:08 p.m.  Sunday,  May 21;  Lv.    Ar- MI
rowhead  3:35   p.m.   Sunday,   May  24, Fl
Ar. Revelstoke .'i:lu     p.m.     Sunday, S
May  Jl;   Lv.   Revelstoke   I   p.m.   Sun ■
("ay,  May  24;   Ar.  Ol.icier 0.20 p.  m. ■
Sunday, May 34;  Lv. Glacier  I   p. tn. ■
Monday, Mav 2*>;     Ar.  Medicine Hut ■
6;0fi p.m.  Monday,  May 36; Lv- Medi ■
cine  Hat   11:45  p.m.   Monday.      May J?
SB; Ar. Moose Jaw «:l"i a.m. Tuesday I
May 26; Ar. Reglnu _':0H p.m.     Tues- : £)
duy, Muy 2fi; Lv. Rcgina 9:<>0 p. ni. If
Tuesday, May 2ti; Ar. Winnipeg 9:00 S*
a.m. Wednesday, May 27.   "Change of   S
M3SSS!eT?i;ifWf;si!Ils PAGE TWO
Bargains in Shoes
We have on  sale  Children's  Shoes  in sizes
from 6' to 2, selling at Bargain Prices.
Ladies'  Oxfords selling  at less than manufacturers' prices.
All these shoes are selling at greatly reduced
Iron Industry for
British Columbia
P. o. Box 849,
Revelstoke, B.C.
First-class wood, dry or green
full   measure,    prompt   delivery.
TERMS—0.0. D. unless otherwise arranged. Discount for
Phone Rush Orders to
Dealer  in   SILK  GOODS and   FANCY
THINGS.    Prettiest Designs.
DRESSMAKING.   Fit Guaranteed
Rutti.ns for ladies' costumes made in
any material to suit special orders.
LABOR!        LABOR!        LABOR!
of all kinds furnished,
Skilled and Common Labor, Railroad and Loggers a .Specialty.
Western Labor Exchange
P. 0. Box 2(Ki Phone 'MS
CONNECTION'S    Vancouver and
Kamloops, B.C.
One Half Block West of Molson Hank
.        -   • Ing rights of thi  D mil
.n Manitoba, Saskatchewan and   Ai-
tbe     Yukon    Territory,     the
■   ■ • ■  -.'/. Bt   Tei ritorles and li       por
t   d ol the  province ot 1
lumbia,  may be issued tor :. term   of
twentj rs at an annual   rent-
.! ol     *■'■    n acre.  Noi       re   1
2,.*<jo   icres will    e li
Application I r '.ease must  bi
1 v  tt' nt    in person to    the
tgent     :        _ ■      ' •
ipplled for   axe
- -    ted
The lease will include the coal min-
t the lei
-rr.itteri  to   purchase   Wh
■   -   rl
j  lor the working   ol
r.e f.t the   rate ■ I   i\"M   an
in F-.irveyori tei the land must
t e   described   by tertlons, or   lecal
Kili-iliviPior.P   of  sections, and   in   i:n-
(turveyed   territory  the tract
for shall     b» staked out by the   ap-
plicant  himself.
Each application must he ,-o-r
led by a fee of 9' which will be re-
funded if the rights applied for are
rot Available, but not otherwise. A
royalty Fhnll be paid on the merchantable output of thc mine at the
rate ol tire cents per ton.
The person operating thc mine shall
furnifh the Apent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
i^erchnrtnMe coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon If the coal mining
riehts are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full information npplication
should be made to the Secretary of
the Pepartment of thc Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Rub-Agent
,if Dominion  Lands,
,W. W. CORY.
The Revelstoke Nurseries
Vi. H.-POTTRCFF. Prop.
[ Buy a |
You will get a
full season's use
out of it.
100 per cent ot
your snapshooting opportunities
will be realised.
You will get the
best value and
lowest price in
town. Perfectly
NEW Goods.
Free   instruction gladly given.
Atthe Trueman Studio
McKenzie Ave
A. Douglas   Tourner
Before the Vanoouvat Chamber   of
Mines Nicol Thompson one of tho
eminent mining engineers of the province, drew attention in the, course
of a paper, to the enormous possibilities which British Columbia possesses in the development of the iron
and steel industry.
There are great quantities of mag-
nitlte ore here, from which thc highest quality of iron and steel can be
manufactured, according to Mr.
Ihompson. In the hematite ores,
which arc now used the most extensively in the manufacture of pig iron,
then- is not such a large iiupply.
Engineers present were eager to
gain knowledge as to the wiccess of
the electrical metallurgical furnace
for the treatment of magnetite ores
in various parts of the world, said
Ihe lecturer, With the success of the
electrical furnace, British Columbia,
with her abundant water power,
could .lope tho see established great
I last furnaces and rolling mills.
One of the greatest needs in thc establishment of the iron and steel Industry here was a cheap fuel, said Mr.
Sharp, who was for ninny years connected with mining intercuts on Vancouver island. He thought that in the
Cumberland district there was a qual-
ily of coal suitable for ranking coke
for blast furnaces which was not
surpassed in any part of thc world.
K. A. Hagen stated that some of
the members of the Vancouver board
of trade stood ready to invest capital In the iron and steel industry.
Nicol Thompson said there was a
I roposition on foot to establish an
Iron and steel industry in Uritish Columbia and the State of Washington.
It wns proposed to have 85,000,000 in
capital and to establish a pig iron
I hint somewhere in British Columbia
and  the rolling mill  in  Washington.
"But the greatest difficulty in the
istalilishinent of such an industry has
leen the apathy of the people," Baid
Mr. Thompson.
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
''Sfc     Repairs,    Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
Oonnau<_ht   Ave. Revelstoke
When the      dimpled    baby's    hungry,
what does thc baby  do?
II   doesn't  lie  serenely   and      merely
sweetly coo;
The hungry    baby    bellows with    all
its little might
Till  some one gives  it something to
curb  its appetite.
The  infant,    with    the  bottle    which
stills  its  fretful  cries
A lessen plainly   touches;    It pays to
The lamb    lost,    on the hillside when
darkness  closes  round
Stands not   in silence    trembling an.l
waiting  to  be  found;
Its plaintive  Meeting    echoes   across
the  vales and  meads
I'ntil    the  shepherd    bearing it, and
hearing,   kindly  heeds,
And  when its fears    arc ended, as on
its  breast it  lies,
The  lamb  has    made  this  latent;    It.
pays to advertise.
The  fair    and    gentle   maiden      who
loves  the  bashful   boy,
Assumes    when    in  his    presence     a
manner  that  is coy;
She   blushes     and   she   trembles     till
he  perceives  at  last.
And  clasps    her closely    to him    and
gladly  holds  her  fust.
"Mid as he bends to kiss lur    an.I us
she serenely su-hs,
This facl   is demonstrated;    it   pays
t,. advertise. Exchange.
- ■
■aid   thn: man's
ugh   his  Itomach.    We are
virr   -.    reach   yours   :l   ■ .,11 ',1   drop   in
»nd try our bill of fare,     II perfect trie-
 .1   .on!   perfc tly
served,   will   yain   your   friendship,    we
»re absolutely sure of yonrt.
A. ii. Tbiakibon Manager.
Kootenay Agencies
PHONE   46
'  ■
-  tei
I   ■   ■
Ii.iiie  Comel led   Indian.
!       in
Irs   ('.in,'-'
tlie    runnln •
. mt  ■  •!  ■•'■■'
pieces ■■! the . ii     wre pulled
' ut   very  badly   I
on als. oulder
end ti..
The real estate business bss     tiein
risk   it Oj 'I wv
eml  tine     properties have     cl
binds,    fine   of the   moil   recttll   sale*
if  that ol ■' ranch
Ing on   Wood   bike,    rhli     I     Becker
of Vernon, who imu n profound bellel
in the greal Future In   tore for    this
district,  purchased ats  price   m.i.i.
works  out nt   fSiti   per  Dl ie
Stop, raffing Hdir
Hall's iinir Renewer certslnlj   itopi
falling  Innr.     N'o doubt  .iboiil it
cver.      You will surely be nstisfied,
(inly  J",  miles of steel remain  to be
laid  on the Kettle Valley railway t...
cl up Midve.v and Pentlcton, (in
the      remaining   2".     miles     practically all the grading has been done
i ut delay in  laying th.' steel win   be
oned through the  many bridges
will have t,, i,i   constructsd.
now laid for H7 miles WCSl
Midway and ballasl nn   has been
.red t., Carml   Near the summit
•  of 18 bridges    was
neseessi miles,   It is expected
the ine.-   i,, pentlcton   win be com
i leted  . ... ,t the end .,f Julv,
vv.,1 ■■ |y    been  received    in
mlthei - fiom '; D  Ryley, land "em
mtMloni ■  f.,i  the Grand Ti link  Pacl
tic,  stating  thai    Imlthen  would  be
Islonal     polnl     on the Orand
Trunk Pacific
Jai dim '  I.lie     .Ve,, kllll     ;,
•Winging   scaffold   Sat unlay   nt    Kaslo
,,ii tbe rew sehool fell s dlstanct ■ •!
; ' feet   nreaklng bis leg above    the
line        Joseph     Dlllseppe,   an    Italian
(oikiiiim.   fell nl   the   same   time    mid
ie. ■    in   the  hospital   fi'.m     bruises
The Mine Owners' association of
Sew Haselton has decided to ask the
i omiiiioii department of mlnsrology
to rei|uest it <;. McConncll to visit
the Important mining properties and
prospects in this dlsttirt while he Is
in the northern Interior durlnc the
coming summer.
Now is the time to get a good
wheel. We have a splendid line
in both _7V_ens and Ladies' at
right prices, also full stock of
Tyres, Tubes, Lamps, Saddles,
and Repairs.
Baseball Goods we are leaders in
these. Come and inspect our line.
Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, Cricket, Croquet, and all
Sporting Goods.
Sherwiu Williams Faints.
Kootenay, Saskalta and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg to announce that they have opened up offices at the
corner of Kirst Street and Connaught Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you to
call aud get particulars, and get jn on ground floor prices.
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
President. Sec.-Tieasurer
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
^/Hbvayj the   *Be*st
"ShamrocKl' *Bu1ter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited I
Selkirk   Hotel   Restaurant
Opening up under new management
■VI ~. M, MARTINSON bBg* to announce to the Revelstoke Publia
that she intends to open up this restaurant and run it in strictly
first-class style. Everything up-to-date and strict attention
given 10 its pa Irons.
Give us a call
Open until 12 p. m.
From Maker to Wearer
Oji* six years' experience irnasuring, coupled with our
large number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
gn irantee a fit. The largest assorttmnt of samples in
the city to select from.    Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre C& Son
First Street. .Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumirs' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
your Barn, Chicken-house or Stable.
We have 20 Barrels of partly air-
slacked LIME to move out at
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd. ■WEDNESDAY, MAY 27,  1914.
on the table if it cornea from
this bakery, for it will surely In-
needed. People who ordinarily
eat only one slice of average
bread invariably take two or
more when they once taste ours.
Suppose you try a loaf or so.
Then you'll know why our
bread makes bread haters into
bread lovers.
Phone 41
Box 734
The World's Greatest Invention
The Hew Edison Phonograph
No Needle Required
Disc Records   •
No Horn      -   -
• Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
HoWSOn Sr CO.    ::   Sole Local Jlgency
"New S.S. "Laurentic'
15,000 ions
Now S.S. "Megantic
First Class—$92,50.   Second Class—$53,75   Third Class   $32.50
One Class (II) Cabin Service
Express S.S, "Teutonic"!    _.   .    .. ... fS.S. "Canad
eoo ,-   . , Twin aci-ew su-amer-,       -,, ,    , .
582 feet loiijr I | ,i14ipim long
Second Class   $50 and up.    Third Class- $.'l ,25 and up.
One Class (II) Cabin Service
S.S. Arabic |      Splendid      | S.S.Cymric
ll      0 tons- 600 feel Ions'     Twin Screw      13,000 tons—600 feet Ions
K.iu-, $5.1.75 Steamers      I Kate. $52.50
Fast Express—One Class (II) Cabin Service
S.s. St. Paul I | S S. New York
S.S. St. Louis S.S. Philadelphia
12,000 tons—554 feel long   J \    11,000 tons   576 feet long
$55—Also carries Third Class at s.U.75.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets, Etc., apply to
COMPANY'S OFFICES, 619, 2nd Ave.. Seattle
Revelstoke General Agencies—C.P.R. Ticket Agent, Revelstoke
Reports received by Port Coquitlam
were that the forest fires in that distract were gradually dying down.
Wm. 0, Bradley, United States senator from Kentucky, died after a
lingering illness that waB aggravated by a fall.
The steamer Royal LSdward of the
Canadian Northern Steamship company collided with an iceberg l!'i
miles east of Cape Race, while on her
voyage from Montreal to Avonmout'j
l'ho captain in a mess_t»c lo
. hi owners described the iceberg as a
vi ry large, one ,and said that the vessel ttruck it end-on -vl.ile golng"dvud
slow" in a dense fog.
Rt. Hon. C.F.G. Masterman .'i^nin
met defeat when K..I.C. Ganzonl won
the Ly election made necessary by
the sudden death of Kev. Silvester
lle'i'iii', M.I'., the vote wus P. .1. ('.
Han/.mi (Conservative), 0408; ut.
Hon. C.F.G. Mastrrii„in (Liberal),
•"•s74; and Mr. Scurr (Labor), ^''.'e*'. Ml
Masterinan met. his lirst defeat when
he failed to secure re-election for
Bethnal Green.
A life.sized statue of Venus has
been found by excavators near Cyr-
ene. North Africa, which in tbe early
centuries was thc seat of Greek culture. The statue which dates hack
to the (Ith century—the time of Praxiteles, the celebrated Greek sculptor-
is of parian marble nnJ once stood in
the temple of Apollo. The head and
arms are missing and the excavators
are continuing their seurch in the
hope that they will be found.
As a result of negotiations between
the newspaper associations and the
postmaster-general during the last
month to secure n modification of Uic
scale of charges which lie proposed in
Consequence of the Canadian post-
master-general's relusal to stand the
whole cost of sea carriage nnd delivery in Canada, without the contribution of one-half the cost of sea car-
rlage by Great Britain, Postmaster-
General Hobhousc has agreed to the
following new schedule of magazine
rates:—Six ounces, Id; half pound,
l;d: -' lbs., Sd; 3 lbs., 3d; I lbs., 4d;
5 lbs.,   5d.   The  former  rate  was    Id
I per Hi. It is not expected that any
Change  Will   he  made  immediately    in
I the newspaper rate now  in  force    of
, Id per lb.
The theft, of a ton of dyna'mtc
from the government warehouse at
tiiitun lias given rise tt. fears on I l.e
part of officials that an attempt to
blow up the Gatun locks was contemplated.
Prince William of Albania is again
in the palace of DuruMo,. guarded by
Italian murines. Outside thc city the
insurgent supporters of Kssad PasDa,
former minister of war who a lew
days ago was deported, are threatening the existence of the new regime.
A fierce northwester broke uv ir
Kiel during the Imperial Yacht club
regatta for warship crews. Two cutters were capsized and five sailors
were drowned. The main masts rf
i the yachts Meteor, owned by the German Emperor, the Oecllie and Coraut
were broken.
Tho British  Admiralty    will  obtain
control of the Anglo-Persian Oil con.
puny,  if     Parliament     sanctions 'ne
government's     intention to subscribe
' '.22,(ini',ium of new capital.  The com
'puny has an oil concession for nearly the whole of Persia, on which   it.
! Ki'ts  16 pei cent, profit.
The Dominion buffalo herd at Woln-
Alberta,     is    increasing so   rapidly
j that the government now has no less
; than   1,500  animals.    When   the     herd
was secured  several  years  ago  'Ure
j were only half this number, im.l    i 0
! less than   152 were added  by'i.-1!
Increase during the past  year time.
A million torches and lanterns il
luminated Tokio when the body of
the Empress Dowager Hal uko was
borne through the streits in a beautiful funeral car drawn by white oxen
There bad heen no pageant of such
solemn grandeur since the funeral of
Emperor Mutsuplto a year and a
half ago.
Charles Decker for the second ilme
was held responsible hy a jury for the
Rosenthal murder, which, nearly two
j ears ago, awoke New York to a realization of corruption in tbe police
department and opened a new era of
police reforms. Becker, a former police lieutenant, was found guilty of
murder  in  the  tirst  degree.
Housekeeping Is Not the (
Task It Used to Be
[ODERN invention has done away
with much of the hard work.
For instance, the cleaning and
polishing of hardwood floors, the dusting
of moldings, the tops of hiu'h furniture,
the stairs, unacr the radiator, etc. These back-breaking tasks
are now made easy with the
V^Polishl 1 1^
With it you can dust, clean and polish a hardwood floor in
the time it formerly took you to get ready to do it.
Besides, you do nut have to get down on your hands and knees to dust
under the bed or other liard-to-fjet-at placet, or
to stand on a chair to dust the top of the hi^h
furniture. All of the hard work is now made
easy with the O-Ccdar Polish Mop. It gather!
all the iln l nf iliil Irom everywhere anj tioU* tt. The mop ii
easily cleaned I.y washinc .ir.l Iben renewei by pounnr on a
few drain ol O-Cedar Pollab.
er       Ii.     *. /*\        r>'  I     T'y i'. two wbrM ,la>i . :h
Try It at Our Risk ,i„, U1,j,r„a„i,„,:  u , ,„
do nut find It iaiiifactory in trrty inpi-.t *» - Will rrturrt  ■» > if
money.    The price is only tl. Si tnd U will uve iu  m-tajf
time j over ia i iliurt time.
By a mistake of our shippers we find we are
overstocked with O-Cedar Mops for this week-
only.    We  are  clearing these out at- $1.25
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Limited
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Ranges.
Robin Hood Flour
makes a delicious, light, sweet loaf of bread,
with ti beautiful golden crust.
Try a loaf of our HOME-MADE BREAD,
with a pound of our AUCKLAND BRAND
you will he pleased.
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Authorized Capital One Million Dollars
WHY?  Because of our Holdings
Our well site adjoins the Dingman holdings on the west and is within
approximately 2000 feet of the Discovery well. This added to our extensive
holdings of 10155 acres situated in the Georgeson, Mowbray Berkley, Steve-
ville and Okotoks Fields.
Makes our Company SECOND TO NONE in the field.
Applications by wire will be held 24 hours from receipt, pending arrival of
money by" Mail or Bank Transfer to Molsons Bank.
on Thursday, May 28th.
Office open till 9 o'clock evenings
on Thursday, May 28th, PAGE  FOUR
WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 191*,
Zhc flbaiMberalb
E.  G.   ROOKK,  Manager ami  Editor,
Local Reading Notices ard Business
locals 10 cents per line each Insertion.
Minimum local ad charge 25 cents.
Display  advertisements 25 cents per protection service.   The
joyment of the holiday maker would
foster  the  Btream  of  tourists  which
Ofteotive,  however,  must  include  rcc-  covered    with    its sprirg cloak     of
ognition of the fact that action      of  green, and the earliest wildHower   of
thc little woolly-coated
the  park  will  in any  case assuredly   some kind  is imperatively  demanded'        P1"'118!
. ■ ,, , crocus, has burst forth luxuriantly to
of  the  country,   lf a  comparison    is
to be made between thc government's
arrangement and one favored by the
Opposition,  the latter must  be    one
greater j "hich,     under   the   present    ctrcum-
No work performed by thc provincial    government    deserves
credit nor has   been more profitable   stances, is feasible."
10 Uritish Columbia than tho forestry |    The  "Free  Press"  grudgingly    ad-
forests     of   '"'ts that  the government hus secur-
inch each insertion, single column
Uritish Columbia are one of the pro-; ed a good  bargain,    and    has   safc-
viucc's greatest natural assets.     Un-   guarded     the interest of the public.
e'er a   system  of  careful  conservation   It concludes:
Legal advertising of any form, also they    will  remain    an    inexhaustible      "The government,  in  the  measure
•Government and Municipal Notices 12 s01lrce 0j wealth, left at tho     mercy   before the     House,  has    apparently  looking  forth  from  their  subtcrran -
cents per line first insertion   and     8   |f cna|lco  «-ea nnd the heedless log-  tried to safeguard, in some measure, ,ean homes,  and almost seeming    af
enjoy the warm sunlight and stimulating breezes during its short two
weeks of renewed life. The wild ducks
arc back to their old haunts ln the
sloughs, which arc full to overflowing
with thc surface drainage from tho
surrounding land. An earthy smell
is in thc air, and the black, culti -
vated ureas are steaming beneath thc
I right, radiating face of old Sol.
Here ond there, where an industrious
sower has been ut work in April, thc
tender shoots of the grain plant, appear,  like  timid     children  of  nature
cents per line    subsequent    insertions,
ger a  decade would see their     value   the interests of     the Canadian   tax-
reduced to the vanishing point.
payers.   If  the  Opposition  can  point
raid  to face the    boisterous weather
of  the  west.   Over all  this scene    of
allowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses J5.
Applications  for Transfer ol  liquor I    This the     government bus realized out defects In the agreement,  or can  and stretches dreamily to the fur-ofl
Licenses  $7.50. r.nd in  guarding the woods from  tire l"llke      practicable    recommendations   skyline,     which    is seen only faintly
Land  purchase notices, $7.00 [und   In  ensuring a     more     scientific *°  Improve  it,    the  public    will    be  through   the  distant  mlstiness.-Nor-
Watcr   Application      Notices,   up  to garnering of  logs it has ensured   lor grateful     nnd appreciate.      But   any
100 words, $7.50,  over 100 words     in tjlt,    province       un    Inextinguishable attempt to exploit the undoubted dif-
piopo.'tion. source  of  wealth.   In   the   matter    of Acuity  in      which the Borden govern-
All  other classes of advertising not  t ,(,    particularly    a    most    valuable   ment  linds  itself  for  purely   partisan
included in above to be charged     at  _orJt  ,K1(. bee_ begun,   Fire wardens  .ends would    bo deprecated    by     the
reawakening a filmy cloud bungs low
man Lambert in Toronto Globe.
rate to be arranged with manager on
<WdN '#,*TlABEL>
3iucnor publishing Company
WEDNESDAY,  MAY  27,   1914.
! ave  been appointed,  fire  lighters or-   country
g.tnised,  telephones installed    and    a
policy  of education  pursued.
When it is remembered that n cai-
lessly dropped match, or the embers
from a pipe may result in a tire, that
may sweep millions of dollars worth
of timber- to destruction, the importance of the educational work
that the government has adopted
ray be realized. It is the people
themselves     who     must do most to
Reports bave just reached  the Forestry  department   of  thc   proceedings
at the lirst annual lire protection convention of thc forest     branch of the
The  tirst  number of the  Daily  La- j \ onion    forest district.   Many  useful
bor  Telegram  published  In  Nanaimo    Ideas     were exchanged.    Some of the
under the     management    of      J. K.   gm"'(ls    wero  responsible  for  suggestions which give    promise of proving
Dr. Roche, minister of tbe interior,
.,        ., »i     protect their     inheritance.   No army
in  explaining     his estimates to    the
, „ .   .  ..   . ..„    -of    tire    wardens can    be sufficiently
House of Commons stated that there | '
..,,,_, tu. _ ,;„,,.-,i numerous to protect the forests from
were now lo00   buffalo in   the national |
.,„ ,       ... .,,    ,      ..;.,..„ ! i're unless in  their work thev receive
[art tit Walnwright in Alberta. Since J
,   „ , ,      i ,_ 4.1        _v o 'the co-operation of the public.   And
the buffalo were placed in the park a| *
..    „      ,,„„ v,.,.   that co-operation  consists chiefly   of
few  years     ago    their     number  has
doubled, and one     hundred und tifty
Johnson has been received. The paper according to its announcement
"starts out with a bona lidc circulation of 2031 subscribers." It solicits
advertisements "from friends of the
working man. Others need not apply."
two calves were born last year. Evidently the buffalo under favorable
conditions will thrive in captivity,
and this interesting indigenous annii-
al is likely to bc preserved among
the fauna of Canada.
lf the buffalo at Wainwrlght multiply as rapidly as they have done
during tbe past few years tbe park
at   Wnlnwright will  before long     be-
a  recognitian of the peril of lire and
a desire to guard against it.
The government by distribution of t amuse men in the prime of life. No
pictures, pamphlets, posters und otu- , man is old unless be is twenty years
er reminders has done much to .' lder tuiin yourself.-Toronto Star
of great advantage. Thc names of
the forest guards are to be published
in the papers in their districts, for
the information of those wanting permits, and so that everyone will know
who to notify in case of lire. Stamps
are to be prepared, and the names of
guards printed on all posters through
out the district, so that there will be
i,o delay in reporting n fire to the
proper authorities. One feature
strongly emphasised was the necessity
WHEN    IS    MAN OLD? Ifor further efforts to gain  public  in-
Whcn is     man old ?   This morning \terPst IW,] SP(*llle co-operation      and
the World twice     refers on its front j*11-"'""'*   '"  the     wolk  of preventing
page to a man ot 5li as an "old man"  disastrous forest lires.
Surely this must be Bet down  us   a|
schoolboy  idea,  and  one  that      will
Fire Insurance placed in the most reliable companies,   prompt
set t lenient of all claims.
Call and see us about Accident or Life Insurance.    Do not
delay.   We are at your service.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
J. D. 8innA.Lt>, Pres. J. D. Siuiiai.u, Jr., Sec.-Treas.
Also new line of
Silver Deposit Ware,
Clocks and Umbrellas
Iwo More Miles Staked
public     attention.     It  has
made plain the  peril  of  tire and    has
(Continued  from l'age One.!
The    London     omnibus driver  who|Alta., is stimulating a desire to pros-
shown how it may be guarded again-   ,,eriormed all act of bravery     iu    a | pect the Uritish Columbia side of the
st.   If   every     sportsman,  if     every   crowded  street  and  then  failed       to [ aivide, where    admittedly     favorable
woodsman,   camper  and   miner  bears   mention the fact to his wife, is being   p-08pect8 are obtainable.
in     mind the precepts of the govern-   commended for his modesty.  Perhaps
l.e    is ti      philospher,  and  recognizes
J. G. Barber
By Fire Brigade No. 2
ment and failthfullv does bis shun
.   overcrowded, and  in  any    case
the removal of some of the buffalo to iBUarding a«aln8*  buBh  *'"'''* ,1,"t" wiU   better half what a brave fellow he is.
another  reservation   would   have    the   be  Uttl°  '1,1"«01'      "'  '"'av-v  '"ss      "f   Many  married  men  ol experience will
Arrangements are being  made     by
.~\i    utZ   British  capital    to put down  several
Unit  it  would   be  useless  to  tell    his ' '
When   a   newspaper   of se>   ultra-Lib-
silence— Montreal
Sume   time   ago a   man   who  opened
timber during tlie dry season.
which   would      eventually    strengthen
•■..   \ •  utj  ol tl •  herd,   why should
irt e.f  the  Wainwrlght herd    be
removed to the   Revelstoke national  era] a type
l.-.: s '   The climate
suit the     animals
there         large areas of land     which , ment  at  Ottawa, finds It Impossiuw
•.\ould afford excellent range.     01 tbe ; to condemn a policy  pursued  by the   rest  of the  province may  well     join
ninety-five square miles of which the  Borden     government it is    a prettj ' ly   it:  congratulations to     the
p,.rk     consists     part  could  well  bo   dear t policy "''  companj   which  bas secured
,   ,. , ,  , dlsp itable  Initial   success.
- a feeding ground. •   -
-  I!.■■ active     i't■' secution
Tha buffalo     would  be ■■> I  the  tacl I ,,,.    .,.,,,.,.,.
most interesting features ol the park   spect I tance,      to
I bi     .   pow rful attraction to the bei lei  I     I      1   may
City Goes Oil Mad and Police Are
Needed to Keep the Would-
Be Investors in Order
Stock  of Company |Which Made
•jStrike Advances from $12.50
to $200 and Still Soars
is the    Winnipeg    Free   up some of the biggest oil producers
would probably  Fress, and so determined In  its   op- »* the eastern part of the continent
,    .     . , ..      _ the  statement that   in  the foot-
admlrably,  and  position t" the Conservative govern-
. bills nf Alberta would be found    the
rlAkaai     .w.l.t      I.,     V...-tl.      I mAplM TIlC
wells to test the possibilities   of tbe
Fraser valley for oil.
An oil seepage is reported from
Key lake, east of Mamette lake,
within twelve miles of the town of
Merritt. A.E. Collctt. of Merritt and
H. Gillespie of Vernon have located j
several claims. PRUDENTIAL OIL; THE
Some California oil men are   look-j      CALGARY HERALD SAYS:
ing    into the  possibilities  of drilling
lm  oil in the Fraser valley. "Another  company   that  hus    been
SAGE  CREEK  OIL  PROPERTY     doing a tremendous business the last
One of the two ruilwuy churters I few days is the Prudential Oil and
which were granted by the federal Gas Company, limited, capital 81,000-
:<i\ernment some months ago will lie   flOO,  and      betid  otliee  at  "O'la  Centre
used as a warrant to build u railway
from Calgary through the rich coal
country and the Flathead valley,
.here lies the Sage Creek oil Held,
Hi Ltish  (lolumbia's oil field.
street. This Company, which is
officered by some of tbe best known
men in Calgary, has sold an Immense
number of its shares-at par. %l, and
has sufficient, funds  in  hand  now    to
rlsts.   Tlf y   would  do      much ...
ike thi   ;   rk     generi liy know: . - I        that     1
and togethei      nt':     thi   unrival
- •   ■ ■ ■.    thi   vii allzing   air   and    tl
ed       •   rl initii e  for the  en-1 to   be
the AI i  river
thern  Alberta.—
F, crandall, Calgary, is the presi-  assure thorough  prospecting and dc-
■ nt  of the     Calgary-Fernie railway | velopment of     its     numerous leases
company,      and   DuCanc   Dutcher    & I which  are  scattered  throughout    the
company,   170 Granville street,     are   heart of the oil district.    The hold-
tbe engineers who will Ideate the line ' ings lie in the     Qeorgeson tield,    tbe
The line  will  tap the Sage   Creek Brooks Held and the Mowbray-Berfce-
jo,ooo Sliarei Clark Mitchell Oil Wells	
Price to Saturday Midnight    v ■
_,ooo   Prudential	
Price  to   Saturday  Midnight    $i
Also 20,000 Herron Oil and Natural Gas at 25c	
Revelstoke General Agencies
Address all enquiries to the Revelstoke office
P. O. Box 185 Phone 42
ley  field as well  as the  Okttoks    district."
Shares in this Company now
Selling at $1 will Advance to $2
at Midnight Tonight.
Now is your chance to get in on
one of thr best propositions In the
Calgary  oil   field.
• ■il field.   No announcement has     yet
1 en made as to the    present, intent
ions eef those who own tbe other rail-
i'. charter for    building Into    the
Flathead   valley.   The  intention       of
the  Calgarj Fernie railway  company
■ i iction was made prior
to tin ,   of oil in  tbe  Dlng-
■eil  well.
The  Flathead valley has been  known ;
- an i and the   rfage   Creek
'.,! nine years been rocdg
me of tbe best  sections   In
• '-I       Up to ibe present  tln>e
il getting Into tbe Flal
ead  ■> .iii' ii en  by  way ol  Col —
■  fairly large coal mining camp     Another ode Iron
'   '     tern British i olumbla rail    poet is as follows:
■ ■ • ti branches    ofl from tbe   i.asi Sunday we had a trip down   to
' •"'■' branch of the Canadian        the Halcyon spring,
el   McOllllvary,   ll    C,   One  man  on   board   1   did not, see and
\    government     wagon road out to        that was Fred Swing;
1 orbln  down  through the valley     to   We had a good time uud enjoyed   the
itlonal   boundary  forty-sli        trip on deck,
"Don'U" which every citizen would
do well to remember and thus s'ave loss
to themselves and expense to the city.
DON'T pile kindling wood between thi
baok of tlie stove and the wall, ycu
will have a Are someday if you
LON'T have your heating stove sitting
too close to the wall, you will go
out 'Oinr day and leave the drain
on an I when you come back your
house will be ou lire.
DON'T leave a heating stovo alone
with drafts open more than 1 minute at a time it is as treacherous aa
a wild beast.
DON'T have tbe wall paper come to
close io the stove pipe hole in it*
chimney cut it back two inches and
Bpond 2.*>c. for a tin collar anl you
maybe hundreds of dollars ahead.
DON'T leave an oil stove burning al -
one but a few minutes. The Brigade have put out many fires eaUEeti
by carelessness with these heaters.
DON'T forget to look at the brick chimney whore it goes through the gar
ret and root'. Sometimes there ia
alnc.'ik which will eventually cqum
DON'T forget to have tbe stove pipes
and chimneys denned when you
know  they are  dirty.
DON'T forget to have a little insuraD.
ee; this i< useful if you Bbouid
neglect any of the above.
Next to Star Theatre. Revelstoke
i      ^Alines       Timber        Real Estate
the  Kevelstoke
11 lea .■ '•■••. Fun,, tin- American side
ths valley ran i,e reached through
i.e it,m, Montana, s to-*n nsai iii«
Otaclsr national park.
And  were  very  glad  to see one there
whose name is  Hubert Heck.
I.nt   there's  another   man  1   know,    ]
think  he was surely ill,
lie  was nut   mi  I'lund.  bis name     Is
.lack   11< in il).
We   had   a   notable   man   un   bourd   it
was the Chinese cook,
Put one man on     board     we mostly
missed, his name was Mr.  llookc.
Monday evening In order that     ■ , We  had a  mun on  board  thut evcry-
t.he    change  shall   appear   in     ■ hotly knew,
Wednesday's  Issue,    ami   any     ■    He is closely connected with the Rev-
chnngoH   Intended   for   Hatur-     ■ elstoke  Review,
day's Issue must be handed in   fa]  His :<lrnnme I wont mention, but his
not  later     than       Thursday    *■) I        1'irnt. name is Charlie,
evening  of earn   week *i|   Me had a nice Panama on, It luuked
«  Pi  h  a  ■  . .......  M '■
n ta
ai       All   changes   nf   advertise-    a
ai     meats     must   positively       be      a
a,     banded    Info   this      onire   by      ■
«(■] a -ai i*i [*■] r§ m pi i Pi aaiiis
iiuite swell you see.
Iska Bibble.
6IN PILLS Brought Relief
Larder Lake, Out., March j6tb.
"I had been Suffering for some time
with my Kidneys and Urine. I was
constantly passing water, which was
very scanty, sometimes as many as
thirty times a day. Rach time the pain
was something awful, end no rest at
I heard of your GIN PILLS snd
decided to give tbem a trial at oner.
I sent my chum 6o miles to get them
and I am pleased to inform you that in
less than six hours, I felt relief.
In two days, the pain  had left me
entirely.   I took about half a bor and
today I feel as well as ever and my
kidneys are acting quite natural again."
GIN PILLS soothe the irritated
bladder — heal the (ick, weak, painful
kidneys—and.strengthen both theseviUJ
organs.   Money back if they fail.
joe. t box, 6 for I2.50. Sample free
if you write National Drug and Chemiiul
Co., of Canada, Limited. Toronto.    179
Ayer's Pills
<Good health demands st least one movement ol the bowels each day. Just one
Atrers Pill at bedtime.  SoM lorMyears.
Ash Your Pttor.     jjfej&g&gfc: WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 1911.
Congreve's Sicamous Wolf Wins
Long Distance Race—Sculling and Swimming
Guy Barber High Gun at Revelstoke Shoot -Armstrong
Leads Telegraph
The Sbuswap I.nke Beat club re- A trap shoot held at Sicamous on
gatta at SlcurnoiiB on Monday was a Monday was abandoned after 25 tart-rent success and except for a brief sets had been thrown on account of
equal in the morning the weather a m|iiall of wind and rain which
Mas thoroughly pleasant. The races made shooting impossible. On nc-
were close nnd exciting. S. Slither- count of weather conditions scores
land of Revelstoke was the official w<>™ low. A-'- McDonell being blgb
liandicapper for the long distance
race and ('.  R, Macdonald and T. E.
Revelstoke   Plays   Errorless
Game—Six to Nothing
Tells Tale
gun   with   ID  birds.   The scorcB  were
as  follows:
Twenty-live  targets    unknown  nng-
1.. Taylor for the handicap races   on   les:—A.J. McDonell, 111;  J.Q.  Barber,
Monday and  their    work was highly   IS;   It.   Upper,   15;  George  Little,   14;
F.  Dean,   14;  T.  McLeod,   13.
I     At  the    Kevelstoke      weekly    shoot
(lay Barber was high gun freaking Vi
tended the regatta including Mr. and  bjrd8 Qne more thun WfA   Footcsnl
Mis. C.  K. .Macdonald, T.  E. L. Tay-  A.J.  McDonell. Sturdy and Sage ea-'j
lor, A.  J.  McDonell,     J.  ti.  Barber,   broke  lo.   The scores were:
A large number from Kevelstoke at-
M. Stortz, I). I.eary, A. Brown, Miss
Fraser and J. McSorley, Dr. and Mrs
Macpherson of Salmon Arm were also present. Mr. Macdonald and Mr.
Taylor were tbe official judges and
time     keepers.   There     was   a  large
Barber      4,"i
McDonell     44
Foote      14
Sturdy   40
Sage   40
Tremble         29
In the weekly telegraph shoot,
rowd     of spectators,    the    ranchers  t","Kets*  three  hl*h  S""8-  Armstrong
was in the lead with 114 ; nd Kamloops second with 142. The scores
were as follows:
Tool    .'  SO
Evans   is
Stokes      lu
along the lake turning out in great
The first race started on Sunday.
It was the long distance event from
Chase to Sicamous. L. H. Congreve
was the winner with his powerful
launch the Sicamous Wolf. H. A.
Brown of Sicamous, formerly mayor
.■'■ Kevelstoke, was second in the
Titania and William Kinlayson third.
The long distance race was remarkably close only rive minutes separating the lirst and second boats over
:i 50 mile course, with Finluyson a
«:ood third. Mr. Macdonald of Revelltoke accompanied Mr. Brown in his
i oat during the race.
The 10 telle scratch race was won
by Congreve's Sicamous Wolf with
Brown's Titania second and M. A.
Gillis' Anavana third.
The uve mib' h indlCap launch race
nas particular]) exciting the boats
.ill finishing within 3C yards  of each
thor, although  Some had  IS   minutes
start over scratch. Congreve's Sicamous Wolf beat Gillis' Anavana by
?ix seconds for tirst place.
The 2\  mile     local     handicap was
a on by J. Richards of Salmon Arm, ■
who beat T. Gregory by two lengths1
Bullman   is
.1.   Hall     47
vi.  Palmer   47
Playing errorless ball the Revelstoke team on Monday turned the
tables on Vernon and by defeating
the Okanagan team 0-0 secured complete revenge for their ill luck at
Vernon on the previous Wednesday,
j Though not sensational it was a
sound game from beginning to end
nnd the Kevelstoke boys delighted
their supporters as much by the good
form they showed as by the fact that
. they had scored a victory. They
have the makings of a crackerjack
team and the fans nre confident that
they will yet climb to the top of tho
Spranger moved from i the field to
first played a sterling game. At third
base Parent gave a splendid exhibi -
tion of good fielding. Eddy pitched
a steady game striking out eleven.
Tbe box score is as follows:
ab r h sh sb po a e
..31102-01 <J
.3 1101100
. 2 1 1 o 1 11 0 0
,. 2 0 0 0 0 3 1 0
.4010000' 0
. 3   1    0   0   0 11   0   0
Tenny   i.   f  3   '»   0   0   0   0   0'   0
Hall, r. f  1   0   1   0   0   0   0   0
Eddy,  p  3   1   0   0   0   0   3   0
Parent    3b.   ..
Fisher,    1.   f.
Oldfield,  s. s
Pulley    c.  ...
Dudley,     2b,
Derr, c. f	
Spranger    lb
•vith Vi. Finlayson third obly 10
yards behind.
The hundred yards swimming race
.'as won by J. Kendall. The one
mile sculling rare fell to J. Gregory
,\ith J. Kendall second and T. Gregory third.
Miss  Taiiiiueray   of      Salmon    Arm
raptured the ladles half mile sculling
Beavers Will   Meet   C.P.R.—
Victory Scored by the
Fire Hall Team
i hi Monday morning the Fire Hal]
tram Bquared up with the Beavers,
winning by a score of 15 to 5. A
good 91'owd of fans were on hand,
and  as there     was plenty  of bitting
pool   warbles    ns  ,hey hml "  **reat timc ro°t*«»K- Tbis
makes one  win each for  these  teams
The  Revelstoke
ollows: i
i   Monday     afternoon, Revelstoke  ""'  ""' n,'n     Kftme    wiu be Iooke(1
took the bun, forward to with interest.
They went   right after  Vernon       and      Now  tlmt  thc  Preliminary  series is
beat them six to none; |'v,'r t,lc rpP,llur lc"K»e Kames     will
MM  in the home team there's a man  sturt tolliKbt, when the C.P.R. meets
vou really cannot rattle. , the  Bdvers.   Pitcher    "Dolly"  Gray
His   name is     Carl     Sprainger,    he , "f tlle ('-IVR- tcam thi,,ks ue has got
comes from Seattle. I'ha *anw on iee aB hc h,is discovered
a new brand of liniment for his arm.
Cne    remembers     the   game against   The game will start at 0: l'i Hharp.
Kamloops, excitement was intense,
20   6 6 0 6 27  9   0
Fossas,   s. s.   ...  I   0 1 0 0   3   0   2
O'Neil,    3b  IS   0 0 0- 0   3   0   1
Dale,  c.   ...   :i   o 0 1 0 10   1   3
Knapp,  c. f  400 0 0000
Kreke,    lb  10 2 0 0   0   0   0
Eastman,   r.f.... I   0 o 0 0   1   0   0
Smith,    2h  2   0 0 0 0   0   1   0
Myers,  1. f  4   0 2 0 o   1   0   0
Williams,    p.  ... ;i   n 0 0 0   0-20
31 0 .**. 1 fl 22 4 6
Two base hits, Derr, Myers; struck
out by Eddy, 11; Williams, 15; bases
on balls, Eddy 5; Williams 0; hit by
pitched ball, Smith and Dudley; passed balls, Dale 5; umpire Wright.
Time of game, 2 hours 10 minutes.
The following is tbe box score of
last Wednesdav's game at Vernon:
The first inning started with
snappy play, and Revelstoke would
have scored, had not Parent, in a run
from second to home, run wide of
third base. Parent opened the frame
with a hit, made first, then reached
second base on a sacrifice by Fisher.
OldfieldX fl>* to center field was
caught by Knapp. and Pulley was out
on a fly to Williams, who fielded a
pretty pame against the sun, and
made several fine throws to the infield.
The score of Wednesday's game
follows, in detail:
How Gihbie caught thc ball  right on
the barb wire fence;
The way he had to run, wasn't al  ill
slow to grab it,
He  ran  right    across    thc  field  just
like a jack rabbit.
lhe way thnt RevcUtoke     won, wns
really just line,
Ihey handed     Vernon     some of tho
Revelstoke medicine;
The medicine     was    very strong,   it
will help them on their way,
"We hope    to    see you    Vernon come
back another day.
the     baseball club Is very wise    to
put up a canvas,
Now you will have to pay to go near
the grand stand grass,
To stop outside thc fenro now will be
very tame,
Decnuse you wont sec anything, cheap
sports, of thc baseball game.
Fossas, ss    5 2
O'Neill, 2b ...... ti l
Dale, c     6 2
Kreke. 11  4 3
Knapp,  cf     i 'A
Williams. If ..... 5 3
Eastman, rf  5 2
Kneelands, 3b  ... 5 0
8   0   0   0
13    11
5 2 0
0 2 0|
7 2 1
6 1 2
1 0 0
4 1 0
On Saturday morning next there
will be a bicycle hike up the Big
Bend road, leaving the Y.M.C.A. at
0:30. All boys having bicicles nre
invited to come and bring their lunch
Plans linve been prepared nnd the
Contract will be awarded within a few
.'ays for the erection of a hotel at
Notice is given warning the public
thnt post masters arc being Instructed to prevent enclosures of letters In
parol] post. Fines arc being Imposed and collected for breaches of the
regulations In this respect.
Things are not ytiite so lively
■round the "Y" these days ns tbe
secretary left Saturday morning to
•pend a week nt the military camp
nt Vernon where n temporary Y.M.C.
A. has been established.
Owing to the nttendnnce at the
boxing contest billed to take place
between Willie Mack and Bobbie Evans on Monday evening being too
small to warrant -i fight taking
place the contest  was called off.
Fishing at Sicamous is improving
every day. On Monday nmong the
anglers from Revelstoke in Sbuswap
lake were C. Pruuhart, Column nnd R. Blnlr who all secured
rood cri'i'lsfiil.
42 17 18 20 11 4
Revelstoke— AB R H PO A E
Parent,  cf     4 0 2 1    0 0
Kisser, rf    4 0 0 0   0 0
Oldfield. ss  4 0 0 0   3 1
Pulley, e   4 1 4 11    0 l
Dudley, 2b   8 1 0 0   1 0
Derr, 3b    4 2 3 0   8 4
Spanger, lb   4 0 1 12   0 0
Eddy. If    3 0 0 0    0 0
Webb, p    8 0 0 0    4 0
33    4    9 24 11    5
Score by innings—
Vernon    0 3 3 12 6 0 3 *—17
Revelstoke   .. 00002000 2—4
Summary: Stolen bases—Kreke,
Williams, Myers. Two base hits—
Fossas, Knapp, Myers, Derr. Three
base hits—O'Neill, Williams, Esst-
man. Sacrifice hits—O'Neil, Webb.
Struck out—By Myers, 6; by Webb,
5; by Eddy, 2. Base on balls—Off
Myers, 2; off Webb, 8| off Eddy, 1.
Left on bases—Vernon, 6; Revelstoke,
fi. Hit by pitched ball—Knapp, Myers.
Time of rame—2 hours. Umpire—
Castner.    Scorer—Muller.
Jnmrs K. nell of Winnipeg, has
joined the staff of the.provincial government water rights branch In the
Oolden district. Mr. Bell was in the
government service lait season in the
Boundary district.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
Ladies' Waists
Two new lots of Ladies' Waists, quite
remarkable values, consisting of Balkans,
Sailors, Middies and a lot of the new soft
voile with open neck. The workmanship
and finish are of a quality tiiat appeals to the
critical buyer.    Two lots,  2-piece	
$1.35 and $1.90
Ladies' Skirts
Any woman who has the notion that a
smartly draped skirt must be expensive
should ask to see the new lot that we have.
All the new ideas and cloths from	
$3.90 to $10
Children's Wash Dresses
A sample lot of Children's White Wash
Dresses, fit girls from i to io years. A
wonderful nice lot—no two alike—and all
beauties.     Special	
Boys' Wash Suits
About 500 Boys' Wash Suits have come
into our hands at a good reduction on regular
prices. To fit boys i to 8 years. All the
newest styles the market aflords grouped in
these lots at	
90c, $1.35, 31.90
These are Underskirt days.
The makers of the Oueea quality Silk-
Underskirt advise us that they have addressed
a letter to every lady in Revelstoke. We
have a lot of these famous Silk Skirts and
they are on sale now at	
A mixed lot of Skirts at $1.90 and a line of
Satin Skirts, 90c.
New Goods
New FrillingS, New Collars, New Laces,
New Embroideries, New Hose,  New Gloves.
Men's  Furnishing and Shoe Depi.
The 0LUS Shirt
For  M
Made for men who appreciate comfort.
The man who wears a belt but no suspenders will surely welcome the shirt which
does not slip up and sag. The shirt which
has no tail.
A wide variety of patterns and styles.
Prices, $1.75, $2, $2.50, $3.50 and $4.
HIP-GRIP Trousers
They grip the hip at the sides; no uncomfortable folds under the belt at the
back and front. Your belt is an ornament
and is not necessary to keep the trousers
up.   They come in _	
Plain Gray Worsted at $5 a pair.
Gray Flannels at $5 a pair.
White Flannels at $7.50 a pair.
■  m   i
InourGroccrv Department you can get anything you may require in Si.iple or Fancy
Groceries. We are making a specialty of Summer Goods just now and have some fin'!
lines for picnics and camping parties. All our goods are new and fresh and tlie best quality
we can buy. In tinned fruits nothing can touch our line of Hunt's California fruits, ln
Pickles we have Crosse & Blackwell's and I leinz. The names (if these two firms are a
guarantee of quality. For your breakfast in camp you will need either Swift's Premium
Ham or Bacon—it's impossible to get anything better. Does this windy weather leave lots
of dust in your house? Try Dustbane when sweeping and sec how much easier it is.
If the flies bother you we can supply you with Wilson's Fly Pads, Tang ef tot or some fly
catchers. If thc high cost of living is worrying you call in and see us -nd you won't need
to worry.
ONE PRICK AND QUALITY FOR EVERYONE We have just mished unpacking
a new shipment of Crockery and Glassware. Among this lot are soma very pretty Rose
Vases of good quality and very cheap. A good line of drinking glasses and cheap water
jugs, also a very select line of Crown Derby and Cut Glass as well as o r usual well known
stock of Dinner Sets. Any price you want. Stock patterns in white, g >ld and blue, and
white| Dinner Sets, and a good line of Fancy China in odd pieces. Wp. h »vc now a full
'ine of Limoges China.
J run SIX
The mail-herald, revelstoke
Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and^verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Boyd, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .    .    .
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufaeturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rates $1.00 a Day and Up Phone 1629
Furnished Rooms by the Day. Week or Month
MRS. II. J. HANBURY,    -      Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout.     Housekeeping Suites.
for garden and farm are best
for B.C.soil. See Catalogue for
solid guarantee of purity
and germination
S end now for Copy free
Sutton & Sons.Thu KimJ's Soedmon
Raadin_ England
A . J . W o o ol w a r d
Victoria     %       Vancouver
615 Fort sr. 667 Granville sr
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B.  0. Lund
Surveyors and Contractors
P.  0.  Box 347,  Kamloops, B.  C.
Branch Office—Watson  Realty Co.
B. 0. Land Surveyor
Office, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Block
H.    Vi.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
Accountant and Auditor
Collections nml Adjustments
Office Taylor  Block
Office I'hone 322. Res. Rhone 309
Advertisements,  Catalogues, FolderB,
Circulars,   written   and  designed.
:     Sales   Organised     :
0.   B.   N.   WILK1E
Office: Lawrence Hardware Block
W. 11. WALLACE, M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205 Telephone 313
Revelstoke.   B.   C.
aud A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Third
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,    Secretary.
Corner View
and Douglas v. -
c,   w.  o.   w.
Mountain View Camp No. 2'-.i
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk II all * Isiting Wo id
men in cordially Invited to
H.    V.   EDWAiRDS,  Clerk.
RT    MT.    BEGBIE NO. 31G1
OF I. O. F.
Meets In St. Francis Lodge Room
; Fi ii i Mi Monday
in  month.      \ isiting  i'1. i I
H.  V. MORGAN, C.  R.
Jack Laughter, Propneu
First Street, Kevelstoke. B. C.
Good Accommodation.      Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
M'ee   •
• VUG, Secretary.
Central Hotel
Abrahams'.'-   !
Pr ■
First-Class ,    . |
All Modem
Special Weekly Ra
suitably furnish^! with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates,
J\    ALBERT     STO__T_S3 PROP-
Union  Hotel
A. P. ij vi   Ql .    Proprletoi
I!     .* -.   ■ '
'    • ' Hall,
A    fl    MARCH ANT,   ft.
Transfer      Drayin^
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42 Nitfht Phone85
•     ■   i Pill      " 1   tn
' '       ':'' "' ■ um I led t.e iny
wMFomoii re., 1 ,.r u| |,r|i..     p„g ..,,,, ,..  |IKI'
Oo ,H*. CnllinrliiM. Onl er...
"I   ,1 l|e|
■ In     ' — "gny
L Ton I Imllil      1 lip. i
•   I'er   J ■     ' IT e |p|
.   ■ n      ..     I ,'k :,.   1 1 Co       '   '    '
Tom Devlin is a resident ol 811-
A bowling alley lias been opened in
1 rinceton.
Wild Kcese are plentiful on the Ok-
anagaa river.
The brickyard at Oastlegar has resumed operations.
In Merritt A.F. Rankin has enlarged  his drug store.
Eggs retail for 80 cents a dozen in
New  Westminster.
The new bar is -in feet long in the
Savoy hotel at Kupe.
The Rossland mines are producing
11,000 tons of ore a week.
More tallies will be put in the
Hewitt mill near Sllverton,
A cigar stand has heen put in the
Stratbcona  hotel  at  Nelson.
The drive is bringing H>,000,000 ft.
of  logs  to  the  Comaplix  mill.
Rooms are scarce in Sllverton and
all the hotels will be enlarged,
Bruce White lias three men working
on  the Noonday mine at Cody.
In Quosnell bread has dropped in
I rice  from  2."i  to 20  cents  a  loaf.
No more, or very little more Suu-
day  ball, will be played In Kaslo.
In California it is proposed to put
a six cent duty upon Chinese eggs.
Buttermilk is 20 cents a gallon In
Curlew,  and 31  cents in Greenwood.
Sam Patterson has opened the
( tareton  billiard  room  In RosBland.
Dr. Gomra, of Sandon, has sold his
pickle bottle, and bought a syrup
The opening of the Taghum bridge
will Increase the number autos in
The tram from the Noble Five
mine   to  the  mill      at  Cody   is  being
i ''paired.
Work will soon begin on a railway
from Naas Harbor to the Groundhog
coal region.
This year at Slocan City Anthony
Madden will have a big crop of
Andy Jacobson, of Now Denver, 1ms
made the Newmarket the best hotel
in the Slocan.
In search for gold at depth, Williams creek, near Barkervllle, is being
diamond   drilled.
The merchants of Salmon Arm
tave adopted the spot cash Bystem
nf selling goods.
Billy McClergue, the historian of
Sandon, has not yel (.night all tho
Qsh  in  Bear lake
T. II. Lincoln, late of Mexico,
I een appointed managei of the Noblo
Five mine iii the Slocan.
I. boreri on I he Kel i le Valley con-
etructlon aro getting S2.25 a day with
board al  90 cents a  day.
\ two million dollar company has
been formed, to work the Diamond
\ ale coal mine at   Merrll I,
e ;,;, ,   i ,umber  company       of
■., has made an assignment [or
ii ol Its creditors.
There are b million people In Can
ada «lm do noi   know C at the I Ireen
i ,edge does |i ib pi Inl Ing,
the men were like' Hermann
lev i (envoi. I tanada would
>  hundred   million   people,
iin his ranch  near     1 brer     Forks,
rhurd  ex peel    to  rn ise .<J,
oi fai in produce this   i u
on i be   \ laskan side
Peel I land   e   in ei.    il I ,   killed
h black  bum  and  three cubs with    nn
irge I) ho  died    in
ud  ihis iiiniitii   :..i'.  the     chiel
I.'       i t" i lei com-
Tobln, win, ie|  the liisi  typo
e    in  11 ,. siocan,    is
a    i      a.,na,'     ■■ :-ii eel   iii   Butte,
■ |m v, iin i v li . in en elected
i.nii.i arj pri I lenl ol i be i lope baseball     team    \i  one  time     Charley
p| i v"ii   i.all  in  Sandon
Geoi ."■ lylard, foi mei ly of New
Denvei, ban bought • 111,001 ^'ei tb of
property In Hpokano. He made bia
money  mining In Blooan
Scenery is one ol the great assets
of British Columbia, end i' properly
advertised it would mean millions ot
dollars to this beautiful province
Pal ma Augi Ignon ban jh horses
teaming    ore    Into  Sllverton.      This
Sunlight Soap
cuts Monday's labor clean
in half.
The Sunlight way is so easy
—just note. First you soap
the garment; then roll it up
to soak. After a while you
rinse it thoroughly and the
dirt drops out like magic.
Why scrub, and rub, and
wear and tear the clothes
when the gentle strength of
Sunlight Soap will do the
work with never a hurt tc
fabric or hands.
Try it once—
tli is Sunlight
At all grocers
June he will visit his old home ln
Ottawa. He will be accompanied by
his wife and  niece.
Fred Holten and Jim Thompson
have combined their hotels in Sandon, and there are now only four licenses in Sandon. Mrs. McLeod has
transferred her license from the
Kootenay to the Palace hotel.
J. M. Harris has returned to sandon from a trip to Cuba and Panama. He was seasick for seven days,
and says that he saw no scenery
that surpasses the silvery Slocan or
the bine grass lulls of old Virginia.
The Athalmar Times and the Nelson
Independent   have   ceased   publication.
Unless y<in have a message, and can
live ou the vapor of a kitchen window it is not advisable to break into
the  newspaper business.
Thc third robber is dead Who at
tempted to rob the Union bank In
Hazelton last month, and two of thr
gang have been sent to jail for 20
years. The man who got away with
the money has not yet been found,
nnd Ir not likely to 1 e, unless hi
presents himself to Prince Ruperts
P*>W provincial chief says the Omieca
Out of three applicants for the position    of    secretary to the   Vernon
board  ol  trade,  John  Dillon was eel
cited  by  ballot.
"Twelve Stories of Solid Comfort"
In the centra of thinn—thcul rva
and stores on InMh side*. Bull ■-
abolutcly fireproof—con* rt t< . tei
and marble*
With Botha—52 per djy t;
A   Raul   Lover   Simulation
A_ utriilrtludirwnril nnarqoi
r   from   nn  nmbllihod
TO,     \\t  lit)   ftvlflff .iwny
fttcbM   to   i hotiimmW    of
pa iplfl   all    OTCf    tho
world   u    a    ham
nlvortliritii'iit.      SOW
i:t    ymir    duuiM    to
obtain  oiio.      Wrltu
now,     im:
 t«   ono   nl    r>nr
rwlilotuble t-ndlei'
[tOttf IMIil   il. .T
Oi'iit ;* All-itn, rait
i-iii Imp) i ltd to «*i nr
im 'i tha » ni'li. wlili li
will   ba   u rati    \'s—
[(ll       ■.' nt-Oh-fl iH"
\ :   ' .    ■
i,>ih  offor,     W*  npoet   roa   to  tell   r«ui   triondi
,- ,\n.\  thntir  them   tha   I
'.in m n i
25 cunt- r i il.iv Hid nu i I* ' Witch. Yon
„ |i |„- u '-■"■'     WILI       --        Ll OYII,   fthotfl	
JegWl    llffM    '   1   '      |    '■ '.        *   ' 'I I i * ■       .     Y,
in living in your own home. Vou
lake) pride in fixing it up in adding
Improvements every once in a
does not require a lot of cash. We
will put  j on   in  possession  of a
home il vou have u little ami a
real ambition lo own il
A. E. KINCAID, Manager.
fatihtii u
Coma ami look al our Triangle Sad
Irons    guaranteed for ever.
PRICE;   6 LB. IRON. $5.90
Estimate* given free
The   family   remedy   for   Couchs   nnd  Colds
"Shiloh costs  so   little   and docs   bo much1'
Notice is hereby given that I will
on the li'itli day of June, 1914, at tbt
lent- of LO:30 a.m.,    at the     Oourl
House, In the City of Revelstoke, B.
C,  ofler  for sale  by  Public  AuctioL
at an upset price, tbe following Govern ment  Lots  in    the Townsite     o<
Gerrard,  being part of Lot No. 0704
District  of  West  Kootenay.
List of Lots.
Lots ll and 12, Block i.
Lota i to l*-, Block :;.
I..ets   I,   i*,,  7,  8  and  !>,  lilock   I.
Payment of lots sold may be made.
( ne fourth at tunc <.f sale, and thc
balance in one, two and three years,
with interest on deferred payment;
at the rate of fix per cent, per ou-
Dated at ReveUtoTte, B. 0„ this
llth day  of May,  l'JH.
June 16 Government Agent
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,       Re\ elstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, I'nnts, Sox, Shirt*
Blankets and everything
required niveauhuninesa.
Bargains In Builders' Supplies
lioiii manufacturer io consumer
direct, Yon effect an enormous saving on Windows, Doors, Mouldings,
I'orcli Columns, etc., Building Papei
and Hiiildei's' I lard ware, by buying
direct by mail.    Note these prices:
5-CrOBl   panel  doors   for light
stain Of oil 81.70'
;")-('ro»N   panel   doors   for  dark
stain or paint $1.50
Window  Frames $!.:«►
Door Frames $l.*i."'
Everything in stock foi immediate
shipment. We sell to anyone. Ship
Writo for new illustrated Catalog.
A. B. Gushing Lumber Co. Ltd.
Hull Powel Street Vancouver, B.C. WEDNESDAY, MAY 27,   1911.
A change took place last week    in
the police department of Kelowna, R.
Sutherland having resigned from   his
position as chief, his place being lill-
«ed by R. W. Thomas.
For an aggregate consideration of
8113,000 three parcels of Neleon business property have been sold by the
Nelson Investment company, limited,
to Calgary and Winnipeg parties.
It is reported that diamonds have
been discovered in the Tulumeen dis-
tilct, which formB a part of the
Similikameen . The economic min-
■ erala found in thc Tulameen district
include , diamonds, gold, platinum,
copper, magnetite, asbestoes, coal
und clay. In C--S-6 there was a big
placer gold excitement in that country and thc camp's production for
that year amounted to $103,000.
Two fur farming companies from
the east have taken out licenses to
trap foxes during the summer for
I lack and silver fox breeding purposes. The companies are controlled
by exderienccd men who have made
a success of fur fanning on Priuce
Edward Island. A third company is
being formed.
The Slocan mine at Sandon is
looking well, according to Bruce
.White, the well-known mining engineer, who is operating the Noonday
mine at Sandon. Fifty men are at
work at the Star, he said. Work was
commenced at the Eureka mine, a
force of I") men having been engaged.
At the Noble Five repairs are being
made to the tramway, and the management of the mine has been assumed by T. H. Lincoln, M.B., who
is the successor to T, L. McAllister,
who  has left  for the  coast.
The Arrow Lakes Produce AfcOan-
uing association of Nakusp, is doing
a large business iu dealing with Hour
feed seeds and other produce as allowed by Its charter under the new
agricultural act. The share certifi-
tates are being prepared and it is
ixpected that the scope of the association will be considerably en -
larged in a short time. The local
corporation was one of the tirst to
take advantage of the new act, and
:-n application is now the
provincial government for the loan
provided therein. The cannery will
be built during [915 to handle part of
the fruit production of the  district.
For the lirst four months of the
year, ending April 30, the Standard
mine at Sllverton shipped in crude
ore and concentrates approximately
." .nun tons, most, of which was handled at the Trail Smelter. Besides a
large amount of zinc ore and concentrates was shipped to Bartlets -
ville, Oklahoma.
Kelowna lost another of its old
I liners in the passing away of Arthur Gillard, at the age of 19 years.
Deceased was a member of the French
family (if Gilhirds, well known to
every old timer of the Okanagan
who came over from their native
country 30 years ago to the valley
being amongst the tirst settlers.
It is announced by Hon. Dr. Young
Minister of Education, that the
Board of Governors of the provincial
university has every hope of being
able to secure the services of Professor KUnck, of Macdonald college,
Quebec, as head of the scbool of agriculture of the university. The position has been tendered to Professor
Klinck and an early decision In the
matter is anticipated.
The route map of the Calgary «fc
Fernie railway has been approved
'.mditionnlly by Hoi. Frank Cochrane, minister of railways. The location of the line from Fernie to a
point about IK miles from Calgary
1 as been approved and from that
point into the city tho Calgary &
Ferine railway is tee ». given running rights over the Western Dominion, winch must start construction on
its line from Calgary within the next
three months. The Calgary & Fernie
railway must also go ahead with the
construction of its line to Kamanas- j
kis pass. If the Western Dominion
road is not completed by the time
the Calgary & Fernie railway is |
ready to enter Calgary the latter is J
to he allowed to build its own
British Columbia Sunday school
workers are now selecting delegates
foi thc great International Sunday
school convention In Chicago on June
•J3-29. This province is entitled to
send 22 delegates and 12 have already
asked for credentials, although none
but delegates can nttend the regular
sessions, as the convention ball only
holds ."uni) persons, it is expected that
there will be at least 20,000 persons
in attendance at thc convention.
Many prominent speakers are to cive
addresses during the progress of the
(■(invention. Following this conven-
ion the twenty-fifth anniversary of
the Epworth* League of the Methodist
church is to be held at Buffalo, July
1-7, and the two'great gatherings can
be conveniently taken together, Rev.
I. Vi. Williamson, provincial Sunday
BChool secretary, is making arrange
ments for the delegates' trips to
Married in England
Come to Revelstoke
The Banbury (Eng.) Guardian of
May 23 gives the following account
of the marriage of George Wady to
Miss B. L. Knott, who will make
their home in Revelstoke:
The wedding took place at the Parish church. Fenny Compton, on Wednesday week, of Mr. G. Wady, eldest
son of the late T.O. Wady, of Warm-
ington, arid Miss Knott, eldest
daughter of Mr. A.E. Knott, ot
Fenny Compton. Tie church had
been nicely decorated by friends of
tbe parties. There was a very large
congregation at the ceremony. As
voluntaries Mr. J.W. Sidwell (the or
ganist) pluycd Gullmant't, Wedding
March and the Bridal Chorus from
Lohengrin. The hyni l "Lead us.
Heavenly Father, lead us," was sung
as the bridal procession entered the
church. The ofliciating clergy were
Rev. J. R. Brown, of Fenny Compton
and the Rev. H.P. Willock (Rector
and Rural Dean, Warmington). The
, bride who was given away by hei
father, looked charming in an ivory
satin dress, trimmed with pearls
She wore a veil over a wreath of orange blossom, and carried a sheaf
of lilies, the gift of the bridegroom.
Her ornaments included a gold watch
wristlet, the gift of the bridegroom.
Thc bridesmaids were Miss M. Knott
sister of the bride, anl Miss Hughes,
of Prescote, cousin of tbe bride. They
were prettily attired in pale blue
satin dresses, und wore wreaths of
flowers on their heads. They carried
baskets of flowers and their ornaments included lockets and chains,
the gift of thc bridegroom. Mr. T.
Wady, of Calgary, Canada, brother
of the bridegroom, acted as best man
While the register was being signed,
Mr. Sidwell played Mendelssohn's
Wedding March, and when thc happy
pair left the church they were heartily greeted with confetti and rice, and
a merry peal was rung upon the bells
A reception was afterwards held at
the Manor House, when a large number of relatives and friends attended.
The newly married couple subsequently left for London en ionte for
Brighton, where the honeymoon r
being spent prior to the bride and
bridegroom going to Canada to take
up residence at Revelstoke, British
Columbia. The bride travelled in a
brown costume with hat to match.
TWELVE HUNDRED AND KIK'l'V TKACTS of five ami i«n acre* each to be granted to proipertiie *<mlers in tHrcwing open
Twenty Thousand Acres of Rich, Southern Georgia Land, which is iidnjirably adapted to the Rowing uf celery, sweet and
Irisb putaLot's, eanteloupes, water melons corn, oats, cotton, hay in (act, all staple crops j^rown in this fertilt •*••(?■:■; iuo. a." Hell ai a larj;e
■ninety of semi-tropical fruits, and the famous immensely proiltahle paper shell pecans.
Prorldins you aro eligible under theclassitioation-s prescribed by uh, jou are now oflered an excellent •pportunity to break away from
the drudgery und toil of a tmmll wage, or workinn; for the benellt of landlords, and go back to a land of plenty, to which, if granted, you r.'Ul
hold a warranty deed and abstract.
Tbo best security on earth is the earth itself, and land is the basis of all wealth, Owners of productive lands
are benefiting by the increasing high cost of living, while others are suffering Irom it.
An Opportunity to Secure Rich, Productive Land Without Capital.
Vou will not be required to leave your present surroundings now. All
we ask of those to whom we grant tracts is that they plant, or arrange to
have planted, a crop of oneVif the above-mentioned product* within three
years, after which we will hare it operated (harteated and replanted) for
grantees, jn consideration of 26 per cent, of the net profits derived from
the sale of tbe crops, thereby allowing the grantee to pursue his or her
present occupation until such time as they determine just what tbe yield
Of their acres amounts to. Consider what this may mean as a source of
income, when statistics show that the yield of one acre of celery amount.
ed to $l,B68._5, and that *ue aero of well-cared for paper-shell pecans, in
full bearing should net its owner as high as sjOO.OO per year. We
are of the opinion that after it is proven by actual results obtained in
operating the land that they will need no further urging, and waste
time in locating iu this land of plenty. We also require grantees to occupy
the land within ten years, or sell I; Lo someone who will occupy it; otherwise it reverts back to the grantor.
The land Included in thin opening is located directly on and adjoining
the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad, about 28 mites west of
Hrunswick, a thriving city of fifteen thousand, and having direct steamship service to Sew York and Boston, and excellent railroad transportation facilities to all points. Tne average temperature for six months of
tlie year, from April to October, is 77 degrees; the climate is most healthful, and Invigorating, and there is an ample rainfall of JU inches per year.
As we are extremely desirous of having settlers locate on tbis property aud assist in its development, ami thereby greatly increase tbe
value of surrounding and intervening property, which we will hold, and to
increase the trail ic along the Atlanta. Birmingham and Atlantic Uailroad,
andthUa facilitate the service, we feel wanauted in granting these tracts
to those who register witli us. We also have in mind business nnd residence plots which we will otFer for sale after thc openiug, but which will
not be included in it- We have "money-making afterward" considerations in this liberal-minded opening, sinilar to those nf the North-
theru Pacific and other railroads when they granted their lauds, and we
expect lo benefit thereby, a. well as the ones wh" will receive the tracts
We have also planned to develop what is designed to be the bent
equipped, most up-to-date, scientific,coniinercial farm and orchard in existence. It will Consist of six thousand acres . n < will if included in thu
opening. All who register and receive tracts will get thebeueritof the
experiments aud scientific methods in vogue thereon. While we are ar
ranging to prevent over-registration, we will avoid m.»ny disappointment*,
such as eOCurded in other land openings conducted by lhe United State*
Government and railroads, by granting thot-e who register in excess of the
number of tracts to be granted, an Interest in this . ■ :l il-;cul farm aad
orchard enterprise, m the hope that Ihey may le,l*r locate in one of oor
town flite«.
Examination of thc land will cheerfully he permitted,
and the opening will be held at Browntown, Wayne County, Hernia, one
nf the stations of the A. B. X A. Railroad, wbl h \% United on thll pro
perty, and will occur as soon after registrations as arrangements  can t^
Che pre-ence ni tho<e recistt-red will not he necessary at lirowntowa
on thu opening day, unless they wish to attend, for there will t» no favor.
itism shown anyone. It will be conducted by .*-. committee selected ior
the purpose, and those registered will bv notified of wnut they have been
granted, a" sunn as poillblo,
With the ever-increasing population of this country there
is no corresponding increase in the area of land, and naturally as the population increases and seeks thc land in pursuit of health, happinuss and independence, it will continue
to bc harder to secure.
The prosperous and contented class in Kurupe today are the descend ■
ants of those who secured land there when it mu plentiful, while the de'
BCendantfl oi those who obtained no Und are now the peasants and
slaves. You muit realize that this may be your last chance
to secure land in this country without a large outlay of capital, so it r-huuld not be necessary to urge >uw to act at once by forwarding us the application for registration attached to thll ..iniouucement.
Southern Georgia IUihoad-Laml Development Bureau,
Washington, D. C.
Registration Department:
I hereby make application to register for Fruit and Agricultural Railroad-l.and Opening, and furnish yon with the correct an*w«-Ts!to the following
Name _ City	
State Street or E- K. D. Nt	
Age Married or Single	
.Widow, Widower or Orphan Occupation .
Nationality  Do you own over ten acres id land in the l'nited States	
If my application for registration is accepted, please send roe, without obligation, further and complete Information and particulars, including
mans of the land, showing exact location ou the Atlanta, Birmingham and Vtlantic Railroad, its transportation .facilities, agricultural, fruit and nut-
growing possibilities, etc.
Wry truly yours,
An order of 5,500,008 foot of lumber
required for a new dock In Quebec, been placed with Vancouver lumbering firms. The dock is being built
for the Dominion government by N.
P. &. J.T. Davis, who placed thc or-
•.ler for the lumber with Mason, (5or-
.lon »t company, of Montreal. Mr. I
Gordon came to Vancouver to personally place the orders with Uritish '
Columbia tirms. Hitherto thc eastern
contracting iirms have placed their
orders with lirmB in the United
States. Indications are that the future will find eastern Iirms turning
to the West more and more for their
supplies. Vancouver island linns secured a large order for Toronto harbor work.
Recent reports from the dry land
(arming stations at Nicola and
It oet to the department of lands,
rbow that good progress is being
n ade In placing these upon a preliminary working basis. Having bad to i
prepare the soil with a system of fall
I lowing, discing and trenching, peculiar to true dry farming principle!,
those in charge of the station have
a busy time preparing for the trial
seed and plant plots.
Three tenders for supplying the
(ity with the concrete pipe which
will he used in tlie undcrdruinugc
system were opened at Monday's
meeting of the Vernon council. The
total quantity of pipe needed will,
it.  is estimated, cost about $16,00,
Specifications called for tenders on
two classes of pipe, plain and re-in-
forced, and for sizes from S to 30
inches. Tbe B. T. Little company's
tender, for different sizes, per lineal
foot, plain and re-inforced, follows:
3 in. 27c and 50c; 10 in. 37c and 55c;
11 in. 55c and 95c; IC in. Toe and
81.20; 18 in. 8*>c und 81.80; 20 in. 95c
and $1.45; -Min. 81.20 and 81.75; 30
in. $1.^0 and *2.8<>. The Dominion
Glaze Cement Pipe company's tender
for non-reinforced pipe only, was as
follows: 8 in. 21c; 10 in. 30c; 11 in.
■i."ic; lllin. Due; 18 in. T7c; 20 in. fl;
21 in. $1,25; and 80 ln.$8.00 The company offered a guarantee that their
non-reinforced pipe would stand all
tests of the re-lnforced variety. All
the tenders were referred to tbe
health committee, to examine nnd
report upon.
Trouble has been experienced with
the new bridge at Eagle creek, near
Edge Wood, the high water having un-
(Urmined the abuttments. The road
crew has been affecting repairs.
Thc contract for the building of a
new school ut Naramata has been
let to B, C. Tootner of Wnlhachln,
and it is expected that the building
v ill be ready for occupancy at the
beginning .of the fall term. It is also
understood A.H Richardson will be
the principal.
Thut Arrow lake is better Btocked
witb fish that it has been for years
is evidenced hy the success attending
sportsmen this month. The action of
the government |n compelling the installation of burners nt the sawmills
has had beneficial effect which can
only he upprecluted lit those who
tiled to catch fish here a year or two
Jas. McDonald, charged with taking
some *-i30 from A Nukas a section
man at Three Valley appeared on remand before Police Magistrate Hamilton on Thursday, was found guilty
and on Friday was sentenced to six
months in Kamloops jail. C. E. Gillan  appeared  for  accused.
Nukas swore that McDonald with
another man hustled him into the
corner of a bar in Which they were
drinking and that McDonald took
his money and bunded it to another
man. Ole Anderson nnd E. Peterson
gave evidence that they saw tho
stutlte in the hnr and saw Nukas
thrown  out  of thc door.
McDonald denied the theft and thi>
scu'tlc in the bar. He said that
Nukas complained of losing money
that he merely took hold of him and
I i shed him up to the bar where he
"at'lit ''in a drink. Afterwardu
Nukas went out and curr.e back witb
Constable Ross who arrcstid him.
Charles Gardiner, the bar tender,
said that he suw no disturbance nor
any theft. Other witnesses were Const aide Ross who made the arrest,
Chief'of Police Parry i'nd B. C. Tapping,  the proprietor of the hotel.
In finding McDonald guilty Polico
Magistrate Hamilton suid that two
fober and independent witnesses had
corroborated the accusation of the
complainant aud he hud no doubt
that a theft hud been committed. In
sentencing McDonald Dr. Hamilton
said that the fact that another man
got thc money did not relive tho
prisoner of guilt but that thc sentence would have been more severe if
the money bnd been found on him.
After having been connected with
St. Peter's, Cowichan, for '28 years,
Canon Leakey is leaving to take over
the charge at Ladysmlth Anglican
church. On Friday last thc Cunon
i nd Mrs. Leakey and their little daughter were tendered a reception by the
parishioners of St, Peter's and their
The business section of Atlin is a
mass of ruins. Fire broke out in the
Kershaw hotel nnd spread with al -
arming rapidity, so quickly Indeed
that there was little or no time i"/r
the proprietor or any of the guests
to save any of their belongings, lively effort wus made to get the outbreak under control, but without
avail and a high wind Boon fanned
the flames to adjacent buildings.
Is the Pay Roll ot the City ot Revelstoke to increase or decrease? You
will unhesitatingly acknowledge that a local Newspaper is essential to a
growing city. It is the best advertiser for the city that it could possibly
lave. Have you, Mr. Revelstoke Merchant, realized the vast number of
eastern catalogues that, have arrived in your city since the advent of
the parcels post system ? Have you grasped the meaning of this attempt
to kidnap the business which is rightfully yours ?
What are you doing to counteract tlis encroachment of the mac from
the East ? Your remedy lies in the le cal newspaper. Have you sufficient
faith in the articles you sell to tell the people about them ! Ot coutbe
you have, therefore you must advertise your goods Let the MAIL-
HERALD perform the duties of a salesman—it will ne a good investment
for you !
Look after your own townspeople and those in thc surrounding country.
The MAIL-HERALD goes far nnd wide, is eagerly looked for, Is positively demanded. Thc subscription list lrcreases daily. Your announcements
in the MAIL-HERALD will be looked upon with absolute dependence. It
Is your medium. Support the MAIL-HERALD and you will not find It
tvanting in Its assistance to make Revelstoke a city of sound and Tt-
.nunerative business for its merchants. The MA1I/-HFRALI) has a big
pny roll—advertisements are the life blood of the paper. Keep that pay
roll for Revelstoke, allow It to circulate here. Send your money away
and it never comes back; spend It tt the MAIL-HEKAIJ) office and you
will get a dozen chances at it during the course of a year.
"WEDNESDAY, MAY '27, 1914,
W.A. Anstie spent the week-end at
Jud Macguire registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on Monday,
J. E, Bland of Arrowhead, was at
the King  Edward  on  Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Maiter of Montreal, are at  the ileitel  Revelstoke.
At the King Edward on Monday.
Krs. H. Cook  was among the guests,
Dr. ThomaB went to the hospital
on Monday suffering from slight ill -
N.  F.  MacMlllau of Winnipeg,  res -
istered at  the  Hi tel   Revelstoki      ou
M,. and Mi - W, H, Woodbur\ "i
Three Valle.v    ■ , '*    *:;"
Hotel  Revelstol
MrBi Gcoi ge lo en ol Nelson was
.••mom:  Hi''   rues ■■  King    Ed
ward "I   Monday
E. Fair, superintendent uf masonry
of the Canad tu P iclflc railway, is at
the Hotel   *•'■ velstoke.
.1. Vi. Ainsworth ^i Three V illey,
came t'i  ':' ■ •*>  Mouday     to
attend the ' lance.
The post offlci Ickel wo ipen only from 9 '•' " 'clock ■•:; Mondaj.
on account   ■       >. public holiday.
md sti '•■' rest of McKenzie avenue is being rolled and the stones
covered   ■•■" essing e.f gravel
j. McDoi aid, - ttent ed on Friday
to si\ month Kamloops jail   for
tron     Ite  person  was tali it:
tnloops   ■ ■ steiday  afternoon liy
Constable Ti
The am i ug of 1 he    Uritish
Columbia   Political     Equality league
will be hi ■ " • ■ icout er on Friday.
June 19 ii : ■! ; ' •' mgregatlonal
rburch hall, i   i'1 a.m.
In the w ■ 'i  • hi    Vrcade  Is a
Itj era     ol
■   d
miles the
Revels i   ■ ■
C tl
•   I that by
Lave  fallei
tr-    lie gOl
.r. v. Murph?
agent of '- ilsoi
er.  Sr,' lay ..
•   ■
right   a.t   I
:r.i)   -■'■'
(J iv.
.-e -       U
plied for i
■   •
('. E, Beucock of Winnipeg, was ut
the  Revelstoke hotel  ou  Monday.
Mrs. W. F. Lammers of Chase was
at   the Hotel Revelstoke yesterday.
C. H. Miller and H. 1.. Miller of
Nakusp, arrived at the King Edward
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Knox ot Three
Valley, spent the Twenty-fourth at
the  Hotel  Revelstoke.
Mrs. A. Genelle and Miss Irene Genelle of Nakusp, came in oa the south
train yesterday and ire at the King
d. E. Annable, ex-mayor of Nelson,
accompanied the Winnipeg, business
men as far as Revelstoke on his way
iee \ ancouver.
.lee'in Mriiue_-h a one-armed man.
uh"  ha.I   heen  ordered   to   leave  WWO
| when charged with vagrancy and who
refused to do so.  was again brought
; before Police Magistrate Hamilton
yesterday and remanded for a week.
Joe Gallagher, John McDonald an.l
J. Maher imbibed too freely on the
holiday. "Vou hoys get back to
work as .jtiiok as you can" was Police Magistrate Hamilton's injunction
when they appeared before him af toe
police  court  yesterday.
In response tei a request from Norman Rankin publicity commissioner
for the Canadian Pacific railway, an
article descriptive of the Revelstoke
national park prepared by B. R. Atkins was dispatched to Calgary last
week accompanied by a series of photographs Illustrating the beauties of
the   park.
It pays 'ee advertise. SUvje ••■ >-t
Saturday's issn,> ,,f tbr Mail-Herald
in which Vi. II. Horooin aduertised
lhe  sale .>f shares     in  the Prudential
i 11 _ company, Ltd.. lie has dis
| j ,,..,.,|   ol    T.imii      shares  to  people  in
Revelstoke.    This lias     been accomplished  in two  day.--,  one  of       which
I ly.   The best   investment
for   Mi.'  business  man   is  evidently  ad-
j vertis .a the  Mail-Herald.
Ml      \V.  A.  StU
■   i   i'ii -
• ■    ■■
Mr. Burt ting   I
■   •
diverse directions for an extended
holiday. A number of out-of-town
guests who are visiting here were
also present, Miss Christie from Vancouver; also Miss Kay and Miss
Grant of Winnipeg. After several
games of auction bridge, in which the
pretty prizes fell to Mrs. Lawson uud
Miss Grant, a very dainty supper was
served hy the hostess. Most of the
party afterwards motored down to
the station with Miss Christie, to
wish her "bon voyage" us she went
east on  the midnight train.
The first dance to be given hy the
Ladies' hospital auxiliary .iin:n the
very successful Valentine bop of Feb.
It, was held last Monday evening iu
the Masonic hall. So delightful was
the affair from first to last as to
quite atone for the fact that "queens
I weather" had not prevailed during
Empire day nor made possible the
usual Bchedule of enjoyable picnics,
and general out of doors festivities.
Dancing began promptly at 9 o'clock
to the Inspiriting strains of Orr's
i rchestra     which  presented  for   the
OCCUSion almost all entire program of
lovely new music. Fully 60 Cinderel-
las    with   i corresponding number of
princes      attended.       Supper,     served
about 11:30 consisted of a bountiful
spread of home cooking provided by
the members of the auxiliary. After
this interlude dancing was resumed
for another hour or more. Much credit Is due the ladies for the success
achieved, and especially to a committee of Mrs. McLean and Mrs. Mc-
( arter on whom devolved most of
the detail work. The financial returns were very satisfactory, tt is
understood   that a   "ten"   figures     In
the plans of the auxiliary in the near
The main part of St. John's church
»as fairly .'.''II filled lust evening
with the young peop.e's societies of
loth the Methodist and St. .John's
Churches. Hev. J.W. Stevenson tilled
the chair in a very acceptable man -
tier presenting the following excellent
program, preceded as is customary,
with opening exercises of a devotional nature: Instrumental duet. Misses
Ruth Brown and Viola Crowe; vocal
' "Home to Our Mountains,"
Miss Gladys Urquhart and Mr. Jas.
L. Hay: vocal solo, Miss Paulding;
Instrumental duet, Miss Eva Thonip
son ami Mr. Harry Maxwell; reading
Miss Mice Munro; vocal solo. Mr.
1 aul Samson; recitation, Miss Aus-
tin; vocal duet, Miss Millie Robert-
miii and Mr. Haddon, "Oh, that we
tu.. were Maying." At the conclusion 'if tbis pari ■ if the enterta
Rev, Mr. Hail briefly addressed the
fter which everyone Was
Invited down stairs and given a
"warm -  tne of the old  "Jolly
Miller."    A    col test    C llled   a    "shelf
.ts  for
In Bolving   such
it  there wi
arded the
Mr   !■ ■■
•• -
Saturday evening and matinee at
■_':3U "Soldiers of Fortune" in five
parts by the All Famous Players will
be shown, this picture was produced
in Cuba and is the best of its kind.
"David Copperlield" in six parts,
comes on Friday, June 12, at which
all school children will be free.
See Howson's show windows for
Big reductions in Hammocks at
Court Mount Begbie I.O.F. mem-
l ers please take notice that owing to
Monday being Victoria day, thc us -
pal meeting is postponed to the sec-
i nd Monday in June. H. V. Morgun,
C. R.; O. Cartwright, R.S.     It, n.p.
Go to Mr. R. Tapping for your
garden plants.
Another of those popular dances
In aid of the ijueen Victoria hospital
will be given in thc Musonlc hull ou
Monday,  May 2.").
Look! Look!—yes you can if you
get those glasses fitted at J. Guy
Barbi r's,
Court Mt. ('artier, No, 1718, I.O.F.
will hold its first social in Smythe's
hall at 8 p. in. prompt, Wednesday.
M,.y 2". All members urgently re-
quested  to attend. -2t.  n.p.
Se.'d Potatoes, Farm and Garden
Seeds, Garden Tools.—At Bourne
GALT COAL is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke General  Agencies. Ltd.
Come   and rest in Howson & Co.'s
j furniture parlors,  continuous recital,
new Edison phonograph.
See Howson's display of carpets
and   rugs   before  selecting   elsewhere.
Fdl;    RENT—Furnished  room  for  $3
a   month.    Apply  W.R.   Mail-Herald.
M. ".pd.-'t.
Pt'll RENT Small furnished house.
Immediate possession. Apply to
the RevelBtoke General Agencies,
Ltd. t.f. n.p.
TO RENT—Two furnished housekeeping rooms; also two bedrooms. Apply 87, Fourth street MnyJTpd
RELIABLE DAIRY Wants orders for
." gallon (or more) shipments of
fresh milk. Middlemass Bros, Arrow  Lakes,  B.C. JC,pd.
AGENTS WANTED—We want a reliable man or woman in Revelstoke
te. look after renewals and new subscriptions to Metropolitan, 'The
Lives! Magazine In Ameticu." Tha
work may be done in spare tune —
a   few   noiirs  each    week. Liberal
pay for whatever time is put in.
Ne, Investment or bond required, no
previous experience necessary. Full
instructions and supplies sent free.
Give two references. Desk It. Metropolitan  Magazine,  New  York.
You Know How
Important GOOD
Clothes Are
Better choose yours where there
are none but good ones to choose
from. Your style, color and size
$15 up.
Some Special Reductions in Boys'
Wash Suits and Straw Hats
McRae Mercantile Co.
The " Styles Shop" for Men and Boys
We are Shoeing Others.       Why are we not Shoeing You
Our stock of Men's Oxfords is complete.
Men's   Patent   Hi'.;    Hit    Blucher
Oxfords 5.75
Men's Gunmetal Big Hit  Blucher
Oxfords 5.SO
Men's Patent high  hump button
Oxfords , 6.00
Men's Gunmetal   Nabob    button
()\for,Is S.50
Men's tan Nabob Blucher Oxfords i Men'<  tan   High   Bump   button
 5.75 ■ Oxfords 6.00
Men's Fine   Kanjraroo  Skin   Tan i Mcpherson's   celebrated   Baseball
Boots 7.00 ; Shoes 3.75
today for exclusive agency. PACIFIC couver. Stores and post office a;
LA-ND & TOWNSITES CO.. 350 Rich- property. Price only |700, wit:,
ards St..  Vancouver,  B.C.     M30 pd.     ,..- .    ,   , ,
SMuU   cash,   balance   (..  suit   purchas
er     B.M.F.,   Mail Herald  office,     1* .
W \.\ti:ii Boy t«' learn printing
trade. Good opportunities. Apply   Mail-Herald.
REQUIRED  —  Furnished  house    by
June   20th.      Apply   "Airs,   Marshall,
Box 713,  i'h.ei.'  19. M.30pd.2t. j WANTED— Good
 , 1	
FOR RENT—June I, modern house o:-
First street. Apply Itevelstok.
'burial  Agencies,  Ltd. t.t.n.p,
FOR   SALE  -Five  Acres   Fruit   Land,
with street  car service Into    Van-
house     work    (German  preferred).
<i I   wages  t" right  party.     Ap-
!'!:■  -Mis.  R, a.  Dpper.     M.302t.n]
• ■
i *
■   ■ * .
stoke 1
•     ' •
• ■    ■ - . • ■
tut no fun
lone.  A • ■   ■
I •
place I '■ i    ■
•  •   o'clock
■nd a     p.'- •  ■ it   vat
thai  Rev. Jami
I-   [.ti sent     but
I is leaving the i    is!     Rei     Charles
I adner is expected    C,  k   Lit
is    staying ovci     foi  tl
Lighl •     •      :,.■ served,
Ths eigbteci th genet al meeting ol
members ol tho Western branch of
the Canadian Mining Institute will bo
cpraed at Nelson torn .now morning,
Way 2i. All metnbetn ol the Canadian Mininc Institute |i good stand
ine residing in Uritish Columbia or
the nelghborlnr parts ol the United
States are. by virtue of S'irh membership, also members ol tbo western
ib iden opportunity for hustler. Sell
ai i.l.i i\v    RIVER, Uritish Columbia,
.     te Lots and Acreage,      Coal,
Id, Timber,  Agricultural lands and
terpowet       immediately    available.
: .i" main line    Grand Trunk
. id Pacific i'.cat Eastern rail-
ivlgatlon    in      three  direet-
Big      imlsslons.   Easy     to
Extensive     advertising    cam-
ilg      Pro   eel           ■ tents.   Write
Picturesque Revelstoke and
Selkirk Mountains
io Postcards in Book..25c
Net'.* Revelstoke View Book
,;o View's 50c
.Many    New    Postcards   of
Local Views
• 25c a do/en
Tanglefoot Fly Paper.
Wilson's Fly Pads.
Fly Coils.
Insect Powder.
"Anne of Green Gables "
{L. M. Mont#oiuer) 1
" Riders of Purple Sage " ..
1 lane low)
" The Common Law "    75c
i Robei i Chambers)
"The Harvester" 75c
(Gene Stralton Portei I
"Trail of Lonesome Pine "
(John Kox, Jr. i
"The Crossing " 75c
I Winston Churchill)
for   rheumatism  and   constipation
V>c and 60c
bews-  The
Store   bews'
■ *
' tperle . I b     i  feet    many
(tears      The   address    was
thro ighout.   ,-; Hi i' band   ei
perienees  ilwayi   ire   Mr     I   i
sent t.,   Kamloops f<ssterday
"e' ' iflSt, l.'it if his health
I ei nut ■     lie   hOPSS  t.,      etui n    f.,i     .
work among the Chlnim ,,(
this city ai their language ;•< quits
I imltlni  to him,
v httie partv     given on   ii'ardaj
evening bv Mm, Kennedy wan one ..f
the molt Charming of t.he week erMI
event , It was intended as n nodal
•end off to Mrs. Lnwson and Mrs.
Robblns,     who     leave next week In
Chapman Amusement Company.
5th Annual Tour
All    New    Attractions    including
Mar 27th
Continuous Show from 3:30 to 10:30 p. m.
LOCATION   Grounds Between F'irst and Second Streets, Two Blocks West of cyWcKenzie cAvenue.


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