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The Mail Herald Feb 13, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railwuy, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
Vol. 22   No 13
$2.50 Per Year
Revelstoke lu.    for Ski Com- Was Employed as  Bartender City Council and School Board Recruiting Will Start At Once-Dr. Sutherland to be Had Remarkable farcer-Da
petitions Says i  osident of
Canadian Association
T. Iverson, presidont of the National SM i'lull of Canada, guve un In-
terestlng addresB to the hoard of
trade and other citizens, in the city
bull on Wednesday evening.  He gave
ranch   uscliil   inloiniatioi    as   to      the
bent plan for Revelstoke to adopt In
furthering winter sports and showed
the great   benefit   which sport might
become to the city. An ideal mail, for
hy him, he said, on Mount Uevcl-
ski competitions has heen discovered
Btoke. T. Kllpatrlck, president of the
I in., i i of Trade was In the
ctuiii' and Introduced the' speaker.
Mr. Iversou opened his remarks by
oompllmenting the Revelstoke Ski
chili on the in.inner In which it. had
handled th'' contests on Tuesday and
Stated thai ilthougb this was the
tirat winter sports carnival ever held
in Revelstoke be, who had a great
deal of • sperienc i, could not Bnd a
single (lav In the way the races were
managed. He dwelt on tho cleanness
of the Bport and one point brought
to th" notice ed the meeting often
was the necessity for keeping the
sport amateur. He stat .1 that in the
old country and in Canada there waa
not a sin ;le irofess onnj s' i jumper
and that he Un ted Steles was the
only i untry in tho world that had
allowed the - . • t t.i bei ome pro-
feesional and tbere tl ij were repotting ll every day. lt was considered
an insult to offer a Scandinavian
money for .. ning as i- was their
one natioi I sporl and their great
object was to keep il ic in. 11" ad
vised thai tb mans ment ol the
ski sports Bhould ne er be taken out
ri the hands ot the Scandinavians,
it w ts theii sport i they Bboutd
Keep it. As far as they were .""n-
eerned th- >:■ ■:■! would I e kept clenn.
I                             tan      lie sport   was
every! ■ WOttld have
no lar'. of compel i  i r al  eventi
even   if  they  hml  to pa] their     own
Mr.   Iverson   then  went      into      the
business Bide ol the -   iri    He   said
that  o  to the     war the monled
pnblic ".'.mill be unable to go to
Swit . • . i ,"ii other old country
white ii thnt     ''.''• elstoke
•    ■   • pot for winter spnrta
accon I-     towns nf "Ir.on
ff'ontinited   on   ('■!-•• Two. i
in Revelstoke for Years
- Inquest Held
Albert ('aider, au old tinier in tbu
district where he hus worked lor thu
past number ol years on Cauadiun
i'acitic bridge gangs, was (ound dead
on Wednesday morning iu tbe room
ol u Nelson hotel by Roy Barrett and
I eter Bland, His beultti bud been
good up to the time uf  death.
Calder came west from his eastern
home about 1894 or '96 and worked
at his trade as a printer lor some
nine ut Vancouver. He afterward
came to the interior ol the province
ami settled at Ucveist,i:.e where be
was a bartender. Along the main
line uf the Canadiau Pacific railway
be wus ior years in charge ot bridge
gangs. He then came to Nelson and
lor years he ba - bei n employed on
ihrldge gams ,a thc company.
i'aider was about 15 years of age
and as far as known he leaves one
sister who r isld s near Otti wa. It •
is a member ul Ke eUtoke lodge
I.O.O.P. The body will be shipped
east for burial.
immediately upon the finding ofthe
body, Hr. i.. I-;, borden was call .1
but when be arrived life was extinct,
the decease,1 having died but a few
minutes previouslj.
In view eif tht circumstances surrounding the death aa inquest was
held last night which resulted iu the
following  rerdlct:
"That Albert Calder died of heart
failure induced i.\ tb exce<ssive use
of Intoxicating liiiuor.
"We would Btrongly urge the strict
enforcement ui tn.it cla.su uf the
liquor act  relal a.:     uf
liqUOr   tu   pels.'..-   all    | i     tli.
Dr.  W. il   i.e presided,
and the jurj  w is coi George
Btei i J.A. Gllkei      I. 2.
Lucia. Jr., i'. . Peters, Thomas J.
Sargeant, •!. A. Irving Witnesses examined Included I>r. Borden, R. H.
I'.irk. Arthur V'ernon ami Frank Silverton.
Over 100 "ee..;,i,' attended a record
masquerade I ill   it Fernie last week.
Fernie Free Press:—1 through
the iee and in the open holes, for
graylings, and such other fl a ..s may
be grabbed, is a popular pastime
among our citizens. Sum.- very tine
i itches come Into the city.
Automobile Road Reaches Higher Altitude lhan Any
Other Park on Continent—Upland Meadows Interspersed With Lakes—Easy Access by Pony Trail-
Twelve Thousand Yards of Rock and Earth Removed
The' following is the report on Kevelstoke park ,,t F.K.. Maunder, park
HUpet'intendeiit. addressed to the
duel sap i intendent of Dominion
Km a number of yours tno resident.- ,,; tl." city ui Revelstoke have
ondeaM'i, ,i t.. ibtain government aid
in opening up and developing a pur
tion of th country to the north of
thi- it\. Including Mouni RevelBtoke
und the i .ub nu euudin group of
mountains,   so   that   it   would   provide
ii pleasure resort ior themselves, and
also furnish sufficient attract ion to
the tourists to entice tbem to turry
a f.w days to enjoy the scenery surrounding their 'itv
The tiist effort put forth ln this
direction bj the city was in thc con-
Htrntain uf a puny tiuil leading
from tbc Cltj to lhe summit of
Mount Revelstoke (Alt. cl60) Later
a am.ill cabin or runlet was built at
thc to|i. which was equipped with
st.eie, liunkB and a minntity ol cook-
Ing utensils, During the summer
months members ol the residents
iivniieii themselves ol the opportunity of using this Shelter, and would
often upend a week or more en"7rathe  Invigorating  mr    and      mntrliless
scenery there iiinciosrt.
(it Ihis paoked up tents and other
camp paraphernalia in order to en-
jov their outlm; more m the open.
Needless to say, numbers of exploration trips weic made from tbc summit as a    base,     and     tho     stories
brought hack to tbc city, together
with the many magnificent view ol
the' beautiful lakes, high snow-c.ipped
mountains and glaciers, roaring
mountain streams and ilower laden
\alleys and hillsides, soon attracted
. reati i i umbi i i nd I e Idi a was
conceived of building a motor road
to tbc suinit of Mount Revelstoke.
The natural attractions uf the district were sufficient to induce tbe
provincial government to mate a
survey ol the routi   to the    summit
ami later to begin construction,
.•some three and j. ball miles were
opened up tot traffii in tbe spring
ol 1914, it wus decid.-d by the Dominion Parks branch to set apart an
urea of approximately lou square
mfles of this territory, lying between the Columbia and Illecillewalt
iiv.is, as a new national park and
enlled  Mount  Revelstoke Park.
| The policy ,,[ the par s brnnch is
to i ash ths , 111.. road to completion
and when finished RevelBtoke Park
will be able to lay claim to having
an auto drive attatninc to a higher
altitude thnn any other park on the
Continent, if not in the world. Further, it is proposed, to prepare a
L'oll course ,,t tlie summit among the
mnny alpine meadows,  thus • mabling
.Visitors  t.i  en ny     this   populai   past
t ime "m\\ "'. ■ tbe cloueds."
A  shnrt    description     of the  route
I may bs In order here     leaving   tbe
( Continued on Page Four.)
Scrutinize Estimates-Reductions Not Feasible
The school bourd estimates .vere
carefully scrutinized at a joint meeting
of the school board aud city couucil
la Id at the hiirb school ou Wednesday evening and the unan'imous ton-
cluslon was arrived at that tbey
were incapable  ot  reduction.
Alter the joint me.'ting bud concluded the BCho .1 board met and appointed Ambrose T. Boyle us vice-
principal of l cntrul scbool in place
of Mr. Ross who has resigned. Mr.
Boyle who is now at Ferguson is a
Canadian, 22 years of age and will
assume his new position on March 1.
Previous t.i the joint meeting Roy
li. Wheeler who 'is managing the
Chicago Tribune's great European
war pictures explained that be hoped
to be able to exhibit the pictures in
Revelstoke. He descriljed the pictures,
touched upon their genuineness and
educational value- and usked for the
patronage ol tbe school bourd. Jt
was ibe,ded to cl ise '.lie schools hall
uii hour earlier on the days tbat the
pictures will be shown tu enable the
children to attend the matinee performances,
H. Manning, ch irman ol the school
board, in opening tin meeting said
that nothing, gave tbe board greater
pleasure than to meet the council.
Tbe board wished to work ia bar
iiiniiy with the council, it had hoped
to reduce the e tre.ate-, this year by
'i.t a ucw high school teacher
would probably be necessary irom
August 1, and this would ma e a
c nsiderable cut in the saving.
equipment would also be necessary.
It the board could reduce expenses
without injury tei the work ol the
BChools it - ad to do so.   In
i st.  the  boi e  for  econ
omy and after reducing expenses of
ten noticed memej : Ing wasted a.,
the city in other directions.
Mayor Foote thought that the sug
gestion that the council should meet
the school bi ard has a . uni one.
There had b« n in the past friction
between the two bou s    en
• i.e i would be to remove it. It
was a pleasure to meet the schooi
board and be believed good results
would follow. He had examined the
sib...•! board estj I md did not
see bow tbey could be reduced. Tbe
city had magciiiirent schools and
many teachers and expenditures were
oeci ii.      There    had been
comment on the teachors salaries but
In did not think that tbey were higher thun paid elsewhere, it would be
a in below those of
other place:-, if that was done othei1
cities w.eiiid obtain the best teachers.
The Central school needed a new
roof,   new   floors   in   the   upper  runins
and other t pairs. The citj finance
committee had met Mr. Pratt, the
banker. He had tnld the com
mittee that it must be very econo
mical and that if it was so the bank
would finance the city for its actual
necessary running expenses. There
must 1 rants this year. In  1918
ibe city bad an ovi rdraft ol MM 10,
last vear tbere was one of (20,000,
Any financing inns; be done on the
current   years  taxes,   Taxes  were paid
slowly last yeai and might come in
more slowly this year. The council
mils' cut out everything possible. It
bad already reduced the city stall
by two men He was not in favor ol
salaries but it might come to
tbat, There would le a reduction of
from $1 I! to J7000 In the returnt
from the water and light department.
Tho bamk bad ins. it il uii a tax sale
hefting held.
Tb. estimat s, aire I ly published in
full in the Mail Herald, were then
examined Item by item and expluined
by the secretary, T D.L. Taylor und
it wns derided that reductions were
not feasible.
When the question ol grounds was
considered Mil Masson suggested
that the scbool grounds be made Into a central park and the council
agreed to the removal of the sidewalk between the hiu'h and Central
Mr, Manning explaining the item of
| '7,'. for supplies suid, the board
houirht pencils, eyerrise books and
paper and provided the ch'ildrnn with
their requirements. There wns a
great savin; ovei the i eta r price ol
pencils and many pnrents were not
i in ,i position to buy what their chil-
Mctiical Inspector—Final Examination in Victoria
—Ages Between Eighteen and Forty-five Years"™
Lieut. Grunt received Instructions
yesterday to recruit in Revelstoke 20
men for the Third Contingent, Recruiting wjll coiniiienco at once.
Dr. Sutherland bus bei n appointed
to medically examine the recruits In
Revolstoke and all men will he reexamined by a board ol medical officers   .t  Victoria.
From tbe date ol enrollment men
will receive pay at the rate of S1.1Q
;.i r dav and subsistence allowance of
75 cents per day.
Written  Consent   of    married  women
to their husbands' enlisting and ol
parents tor those under lil years of
age or where the recruits are their
only support will be required.
The age for enlistment Is betwe i
18 and 45 yearB, height required is a
m'inimum of 5 feet, '■' inches ond chest
measurement 33J   inches.
It is ei pected that several of the
■nen now nn bridge duty will apply
for enlistment.
ceived Cmztns of ut.velstoke   bent lo Jail
A story v. ii ch reads i re like a
romance than so id fa I , es i ehind
the convlctioi n thi Victoria police
court on .... ihn C.    An-
drews. 11 ■  n to     two
terms ol three months i ich Ior puss-
Ing bogus cheques, and lor two
months foi   •■     ling a  b it I b 11.
He Is i ollc ' an
i h in who   und r   the name    of
George Arthur played a pretty trick
on thc tow nsp ople ol . to e ia
er, I an a e iced
to nine raonl b    in   ail for obi lining
money under false preti       %,  Andrews
Government Team Wins Three Presbytery of Kamloops Mee s
Straight Against Fire Next Wednesday—Lecture
On Wednesday afternoon a high
s hool interclass league gume was
played between the Form 1 and Commercial class teams at the Y.M.l'.A.
gymnasium. The game was well play
e 1 all the way through, but the
Commercial class was weak mi ihj
shooting, Tomlinson being the only
successful shut in the tirst half for
his team, while lor the Form 1 t am
Urquhart got three baskets, aud
Hack gut one. Of tbe six fouls com-
mitted by tho Commercials only two
were converted, and these by Hack,
but tbe Commercials converted three
out of their four chances. Iu tha se-
e.md ball Donaldson scored two bas
kets for bis team and Tomlinson one
for his md the game finished with a
-••'ire ol l'i to 7 in favor ol the Form
1 team. This interclass league is
turning out very well and interesting
games are played.
Alter the boys' game the girls from
Div. l and Div. - and ;; played an
exciting garni The sure was not rety
high as the '-'iris aren't as good
shots as tbeir brothers, but there
was something on all the time. In
the first half the Lawrence sisters did
ull the BCoring, Florence got two
baskets for tbe Division 1 team and
Marion netted one lor Division '2 and
3. There were live fouls committed In
this hulf but none were converted.
After a good rest they resumed) play
and this time harder than before, but
all that Division   '   nd 3 manag<ed to
■ In was to commit tWO fouls while
Division 1 scored two las. its, one by
Florence Lawrence and one by
Kathleen Field, and Florence also
convert ed one Ol the fouls of
other side.
This  is  the      tirst.    time  that,
i iris  have  played  a  real  game,
BOme    nf    I bee. r    that    I'lliyeil      in
gume had  never  played  basket
before, but tbey all did wi'.i and the
elm" wns enjoyed i.v all, particularly those in the gallery   It is   boped
that  tber ■ will  be o   jiiIs ;' imi
W-ednesday  afternoon.
The line nps for the afternoon were
as follows:
Form 1.-Donaldson, f; Morris, I;
Urquhart, c; Rack, g; rikcin, it.
Commercial,—McRae, f; Tomlinson,
f: I'nriiiu:, c; ('. Manning, g; Flem
tiling, tr.
Divlaton I.- Lilly Abrahamson,
Kathleen Field,if; Florence Lawrence,
c: Alice Monroe, Myrtle Brock, g.
Division 2 and J. Marlon Lawrence
I'rina Frns r, f; Enid Bradshaw, e;
Annie McLean, g; Alma Corsen, g,
On Wodnosday evening at 7.:io the
(Continued on Page Three.)
on Thursday
...■ i Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock the Pre il ytery of Kamloopi
will meet In St. John's church and
| will remain in session for two days.
Tbe main matters of business will be
the report of tho lb.me Missions
committee and h ie\ ie'... ol the mis
siun w-.irk in this district; the ap
pointing of coiuini ision rs to the
general  assembly  and  a discussion ol
re,nits  sent   ib.wa   from  the   as
Rev. Dr. Herridge, moderal  i of   the
assemblj   will address a  public meet
n Thurs lay evening. This
D|    will   bl i  to all  who may    1 ■-
sire to attend, whether they ar.> .• :-
nected with St, John's church or
not. It is expected tl       . ,r.   0
Shearer will be [resent  at the meet
ings and about  20 ministers ..nd el 1
i rs will  al tend, comin - from        aln
line and     Okanagan     points.      Rev.
: et-1   i lenderson ot     Ai tnstrong
moderator of the Presbytery an'! will
preside at all meetin -    and Rev.  ■'.
w.  Stevenson     is    presbytery cier..
\ isitini- ministers will be billt-tted in
the hi s ,,f the congregation.
appeared  at  Revelstoke  In  the     fall
of I    ' r       too      i roo     at tha
City hot. 1. ami assuraii ■ the     tamo
o! Arthur, a  well-known   man ln   tho
I  r  min n try,     In-
: i   ti ■ ■ of invest ng
largelj re   ty.  Fir I ha
'■■■  resi thi
and atl mpl d to si i In.
Th ■ i     went    ..■- .   ■ ugh
for an ■ i be draft
el, nnd  witb that    agreement in his
I'oc el
gan ne • i ,  i ,,r ,;,,.r.
' e  . and had a good    I      A ■'
living -t   ■ of the b
men   of the   town.     He also   cashed
■   -
Mi anwh le   n •  Port  Arthur
had sh.        thnt the i |
not left town, and  Andrews wns   arrested. His ass ts v
of sale nnd a c .
He served nine months in Kamloopa
jail for this   offe-ce    and    was       ■  •
heard of    nt     Sumas,     Washii
where his appearance is greatly     desired by Borne deluded tr
If Fernie people don'l  Btop letting
the water run  at nights to     pi
freezing the city will    put  the wat r
on the meter system.
Four of the officers o'  th"     Cran-
are at  Victoria t
The miners at   Phoenix expect   another Increase i    r
owing to tbe ris   in the price of copper.
T.   show their appreciation    ol his
services.   H.
Moj e, . •  week presented with"
a cane.
■ B inder-
ite cost
•   remains to
dren required,     He thought that   It
WOUld   be   a   mistake   to   chance      the
policy of the  board in this respect.
Those present ut the meeting were
tbe mnyor, Aids. Hell, nonrne, Mc-
Sorlev and Masson and Trustee's.
Sturdy, Tremble nnd Taylor with tbe
chairman,  II. Manning.
\t tbe subsequent school bourd
meeting It was decided that the
1 oard should ment the teachers with
the object of impressing upon them
the nee i for economy,
.1. M.  I'aterson     principal     of the
high  school,  wrote  asking  for      permission  le, hold  ii  blowpipe class   in
the bleb  school.  The  permission  wns
CONTRACT  WITH  BELGIAN   I |     .\;   uv.  POfl
LINE   TO    BE   BR IUQHT    TO        ;i:   I I   BV    *.    K    MAIL
The undorsigned of the tirst p.r • ,rte,  pet
mission to obtain cinematograph vii tre of «  t    in Bel
gium. In reco nil on ..f this ci in motive
In view, tbe secoi d pnrty agi . . ,,( the
flrsl part  50 per i  nt .ef tbe pi t , „ ,,f
the:    films i   I en in Belgium.
The undersl ned o part • . ■., one b.s
authorisal Ion to tuki itre ol  wai
'n Belgium.
Flint  party,
nd party,
By  Jo    *'   iledill |   tterson.
Antwerp, Belgium,
Thee M..ii Herald, ••'• ith tbe in) the people of I
city to obtain  the fullest lnturmati ,   ... .  .    |,
negotiating for some time with tbe  Cbleago *n   iune   for its   famous
motion pictures of the wur in Belgium,
tions  described   in   another c llumn.
The contract  with the Belgian   government,  under   which  the Tri
bnne was permitted to operate    |   - ired that
of the Tribune's profits  obtained Ire tn  exhibiting      tbl  a      pictures be
tinned mer  to the  Bel<giaa  Re I   '
These  al" .nun,•■ turM ot thl .-. th   rial   fighting.
si.bliers  bein     shot,   machine  cuns   and  tniec cunn. n    It trench
Bghting, bonnes bein;: tired, shells   Mowing up bul Unit ,,: the
Belgian fighting lines when shrapnel was • yarda.
There. ..,re Hi-eties ,,( the burning ol  Antwerp, the '   • Host, tho
destruction of Terraonde, the battle nt Wfrv-   tl ILierre,
and   the   battle  o'   Malines    Then-   |     lomt   l,« t in  ill        requiring
nearlj one hour and a half to run througb, PAGE TWO.
Mend Your Pots and Pans! Use VQL-PEEK
It will repair holes in enamelled ware, tin, copper, braes or aluminum.
One package will mend 30 to 50 holes, only 15 cents per package.
Just what every house wife has been looking for for many years.
Save your pots and pans.
Tinsmithing .t Plumbing
Carpet Squares _ _  $7.75 up.
Floor Oilcloth  45c sq. yd. up.
Linoleum  60c sq. yd. up.
HOWSON & CO., Ltd.
Blankets, 7 lb $4.40 up.
Flannelette Sheets 12x4 $2.20 up.
BREAD is the stall of life, but this applies only to good bread, we
venture to say that if you will give our bread a trial we can convince you that our Bread is worthy of the name—"The Stall of
Life"—in style and quality as Bakers loaf, Home-made, Vienna, Cottage, French, Twist; also Rye, raisin and Graham Bread.
HONEY, that is absolutely pure, gathered and bottled In B.C., as
this is the season for honey, we would advise you to give this a
trial as to purity. Only a limited quantity. Come early if you want
honey that Ib honey only.
Phone 41 HOBSON'S Box 734
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Hotel Victoria
R. LuiiHins. Prop.
Choicest of Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Union Hotel
A. P. LBVB8QUB, Proprietor
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, LiquorB and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rates.
J\    .A-JLiIBElIRT     ST03STE3 PROP-
UAii.ucD/i n  dci/c/ cmirp
*lIIIiin\Tl?UTU tr      TCDDTrADV    in       mif
Th« aUtua of a buiinsHi Muiif In
rtfleHw) fn it* ntationery. It Pays
to hftve the tout that's going.  W»
f;lTeyoti tha highitat qrullty at it*
owttt pnc«.   Free entin)ftten.
ectrlo Pi
Government    Representaiivesi'     41 iU
urn   u c '    Nestling among   the Selkirk Range
Will   Meet   Farmers  and Qt the    Canadian  Rocky    mountains,
Stockbreeders with the laughing Columbia wending
  its way through, lies the picturesque
town of    RevelBtoke.     For    .natural
The campaign    planned by the Do-  beauty and climate tbis   town     can
minion government to assist Cana- no where be surpassed. The deep,
dian agriculturists, stockbreeders and wide valley of the Columbia lends it-
all others interested directly     or   in-  Belf naturally to the building     of   a
directly in the productiveness of   the  city of graCe   and   beauty'     When   *
flrst arrived here I compared     it to
soil, in providing for such returns in  gome SaX0Q Switzerland towD)    with
1915 as the world's market will most its  artistic houses dotted  irregularly
demand,    will     be     inaugurated  on °ver the wide "strath.".
February 22     in     British Columbia. Mount Revelstoke rises majestically
This is the effect of an announcement l enind tue town; lt iB (accessible   and
made  yesterday from the  offices     of here the auto road'  leadinK UP     to
Dr.   S.F,  Tolmie,     British  Columbia the flne Plateau and Kolf course, will
representative of the Dom'inion     live Bhortly l)e opened,  and     there     the
stock commission. winter sports have     already     taken
Twsnty-four "conferences" with the
Winter Sports
Of the exhibition     of     skiing     on
Mount  RcvelHtoke  on  the  '.Ith,  I  can
farmers are to be beld in this province, and they will be concluded
within the brief space of two weeks. ^^^^^^
At the same time similar work   will   only say that x fclt !t waB wortn my
while to have travelled the 6000 odd
miles to see this alone!  That it was
Revelstoke's first exhibition of winter
bo in progress throughout Canada.
Altogether there are to be approximately 350 meetings between the
thousands of sturdy Canadians     who  8p^B *_._an_„am^!?-™  .1-!
We are offering CLOSE PRICES on:
Bourne Bros.. Ltd.
Telephone 22
First Street
r.re actually on the land,     and     de-
whole affair wns a huge success, from
pendent on its fertility for their sua-   the gatnering of the    athletes before
the  Scandinavian  hall   and  marching
tenances, and competent government
appointees bearing un exceedingly important message.
For convenience, in the effort to
reach all the people interested quickly, the province has been divided into two districts, for each of which
thoroughly informed speakers have
been selected. One embraces the Island and the Lower Mainland. Those
who will make that trip are, Professor Klinch, Dean of the British
Columbia Agricultural university; Dr.
8. F. Tolmie, British Columbia     re
j presentative of the Dominion live
stock commissioner, and Mr.    W. H.
I Hay Ward, M.P.P., of Duncan,, presid-
' ent of the royal commission on agriculture. The other district takes     in
| all  thc  provincial     interior.     Those
through the town to the music of
the excellent town band, to the
grand finale, when the long and difficult ascent had been made, and the
unspeakably wonderful long and high
ski jumps so successfully carried
through, there was not a flaw or
fault to lie found by the most critical
Surely the greatest credit and thanks
are due the organisers, from the
enthusiastic crowds who spent such
a memorable afternoon on Mount Revelstoke.
"An Onlooker."
chosen to visit this section are   Professor    W. T.  McDonald,     provincial GraI)e ,r,,it   Cal*  Mc"  Flor*   15c
live stock commissioner, Mr.     P.   H. Bananas,  per doz 40® .50
Moore,  superintendent of the Domin- Lemons, per doz 40
ion  Experimental      farm  at Agassiz, Apples, new, 4 to (libs. .25
and Mr. H. Cuthbert, industrial com- Oranges, from  25 to .50
missioner of Victoria. Navel Oranges       50
"Patriotism and Production" is the Pl%s' cooking, Jibs, for .25
slogan  adopted by the Canadian   de- Dates'  H-'llowi     2   Kb. for .25
partment oi agriculture in the    work DateB' Fard- 2lt,s* for •
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
President Vice-President
EDWARD HAY, General Manage*.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.B. McCLENEGHAN. Manager.
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected—approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
! undertaken. On the first ptfint   those Dates' Dromedary, pkg. .16, 2 for .2:.
who meet the farmers,  no doubt, will Walnuts, California, per Ib $8
explain that the success of the    em- ^ailnuts, Grenoble 25
1 pire in the tremendous military task PecanBi I,pr "'  •"
now before it depends to a very large Gilberts, per lb  .25
extent on the   continued ability     to Almonds, per Ib 25® ..10
1 feed thc men who are risking     their BraziIs' per ft 25fs* '30
lives   in  the  line cf  battle for     their MEATS
country. Canada's    Immense agrtcul- Frcsn kil,en bpef' retail .0B@.271
tural resources will be taxed   to   the Pork'  retail   13&   '2-
it. The boast that she is    "the Mutton,  retail        124® .25
granary   if the empire" wiW     be put Veal> ret*liI       13J@ -2"
t. the literal test.  It  will  be argued Hams, retail  »5@ .80
thai   those staying at home     to till Bacon,  retail   28@ .10
I should cultivate   that which Lard' re6al1  17@ -2"
will  he  most  wanted  hy   Karl  Kitch Chicken, retail   22@ .26
mer in  his efforts to keep the     mil- Sausages, rptal'l   I3*® AJ>
to be in the tield provided Turkey, per lb 28
tantlal I This is     the G,'e8C. I"'r !1)  -'-5
expressed ""cks,  per It) 2.)
!'!. mission      ia SUGAR
-   ■   • '■-:■   Bl  lalned.   For     weeks Granulated B.  C. Cane
the agricull .itment  has been     1-CO lb.  sack  $8.50
:nakmg use of all     the government's J.ntnp sugar,  2Ibs  .-J5
nrroa  t'   obtain   for  tke  speakers Gran.  B.C.,  20 tb.  sack  1.65
ral and  statistical      in- Urown  sugar, 'Itbs  .25
trmation,  thus materially augment- Syrup, maple, bottle   .f>n
own experi     now- Syrup, gallon     l.75@2.0U
; SCted   t. i   inform   Honey,  comb,  per lb  ..".(I
iiaving  Honey,  lib.  jars 25r<i  .35
'  the"  soil      of
t Of the  '• mntry.
I what     .he     should
Robin Hood      2.25
M 2.15
Five Roses  2.25
^^^^^^^^^^ Lake  of  the  Woods,   bag 2.25
this 'instance, it is worth noting that   ,,       ,   Honsphold   2.25
1  b. ft K   Bread Klour
'   •   help     his
■  i And, in
1'urlty  Klour  2.2.')
King's Quality    2.25
Butter, creamery ..ifi    :t tbs. for 1.00
Butter,  dairy,  per tb.  ...
Cheese, Canadian,  per tb.
el ,ind public latere rt : go 1 met
.n   li.in't    for  it     • to     *lp
if     the       farmer   p
.f  what  is  mo"t.  needed, he   is
I ISt    HUTfBSflll.
Under tlie circumstances* if  Is    be-
I  that  all    Ian thin rea-
* '    ' "'- Btilton, ib.
e will make   ,.     -  •    • attend   """""•• ,"")- H,ilton' "'*
■    t it is a duty  ■«■■■ ,or"1 Dew laid' '*_"z
thev • •    tbemMltes, VKGBTABLH8
II »r parsley,   per  bunili    	
Meet IB      the      interior   will   be   »r7. OnlOM,  H lbs.  for
held aa follows:                                    Cabbags   local, each ...
Uheroff    ITebl Kamloops,   W«* Potatoes, lb	
,82(3 .:!.-,
.40 to   .45
.05(3 .10
Salmon   Arm,   February Lettuce,   Ib 10(W .15
.'*•,  Knderby, February 35;  Armstrong Tomatoes, lb  ,18
February 2*',;  Vernon,  February     20; New Carrots, lb  .02j
Kelowna,  Febi iary   '.'   Summerland, Turnlpe, \ht lb  .till
Mweb  I, Pentlcton, March 2;   Grand Celery, per tb 18
Pfe otteir you e»xep«rt «arvlr«.  prink
Ih our itimlneRN and our hohtey Un,
Tn ttut tH.it ael^rllnn »f petpot and
l>|.« we- n,|,| „riylniibtv antl nmftrt*
non, ot 'Ueiljn nnd rapid iMlt.ty.
^*',rk<t   Marcb    >
( i ''Ht,/,n,   March   .".
Melson     .Mnrch 4;
*$:'.«. Ofl
It is not a mark of breeding    l lfy' ton
.   .. j ■   Hay,   ton,
to write visiting cards . .
Bran, ton 	
Whent,   ton,   »  W.00
flats,  ton  50.00
Hhortn,   ton     4S.00
Let thc cTWnil Herald
put you right. The
price will not wreck
your exchequer. We
print in the best  style
RoMlafld'l rainfall for I'Hl was
!'i| InOhflS, which Is about, average.
Home  vears ago It went  to 88 Inches,
rinns are beintf eonsidered for the
turning of the stumps around Cranbrook  Into  turpentine anil rosin.
Revolstoke Lodge
No. 1085
Meets evury second
and Fourth Tuesday
^^^ in  the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordiallyinvitwl.
Dr. McLKAN, Die.    H.L. HAUG, Sec.
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear RugB Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
SS Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk  Hall at 8 o'clock.   Visiting brethren cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
KOOTENAY    LODGE.    No.   lt  A.F.
and A. M.
Regular MeetlngB are held ln
N'ew Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in eacb month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
HOBT.    GORDON,    Secretary
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in eacb month in
Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.   W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE  NO.  3461
OF I. O. F.
VKeete In St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
In month.     Visiting brethren are
rordlally   welcomed.
H.  V. MORGAN, C. R.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
Meets every Wednesday
evening nt 8k., ln Selkirk
Hall. visiting brothers
cordially  invited.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialise in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnaoc Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Connaught Ave.
RKVKL8TOKK       -       -    B.C.
Baj^age Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage *
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Phone46—276.  Niijlit PhoneSM
It's good policy in lb ink of I lie futiiir.
11's.si ill better policy Ioprovide againrt
'.he misfortunes if may bave in Ntni-p
in you. Tbe surest way of protecting
.'•mis.'If anil family is H
with a reliable company. The high
financial si<u>iliug ami long business
caii'iu- of I lie* Kooti'iiay Agencies
makes it absolutely irinU woitliy.
Your time mav be near at ha ml.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
(Late With tbe Kevelstoke
General Agencie«.)
Bookkeeping, Typewriting ami
all kinds of Clerical Work
Account! Col'ected
Prompt Returns
Pire, Life anil Accident  Insurance placed with sound and
reliable companies
Oilice:    McKen/.ie Avenue
(Next to Com. Telegraph OffliM")
Phone 21)3       P. O. Box 317
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone42   -    Night PhoneSS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1919
What is Doing in the Province
Vernon Presbyterian church has 183
Blairmore had it 45 below zero on
Friday last.
Rossland is spending $2,000 in renovating the city hall.
Greenwood Farmers Institute has a
■membership of thirty.
Last year only*$10 were paid In
Phoenix for dog taxes.
Live martens are being shipped
from the Lardo district.
Three new steel cage cells will be
installed in the Rosifland lockup.
All the hotel licenses at Grand
Forks have beeu renewed for six
Kaslo hospital took care of 149
cases during 1914 and the delicit is
now Sf 1,271.
In the matter of taxes paid per
capita Nelson heads all thc towns in
the interior at $29.
Contributions to Nelson branch of
tbe Canadian Patriotic fund have
passed the S-,000 mark.
Fernie Red Cross workers have just
shipped -50 roller bandages for hospital work on the tiring line.
Wm. Robichaud and Billy Rose are
considering thc erection of a rolling
skate and dance ball at Fernie.
The city treasury at Kaslo was enriched by exactly $800 when thc hotel-
men paid  tbeir 1915 license fees.
Two current motor power plants
Ior irrigating purposes are to be
Installed at Midwaj  before April 1.
Nelson Oddfellows burned the mortgage, which has leen on their hall
ior years, at a social gathering last
By tbe strict?st economy in every
department the Pentiction council
hope* te, reduce the tax rate from
22 to 2*s mills tbis year.
Mayor Malone of Nelson has notiti-
ed C. C. McKay, city engineer ihat
economy being nec.M.sary his services
will uo longer he required.
C M. Parker, of Pasthill, sold
1,071 acres of rich Kootenay valley
land to 9am BtenBOn, of Grand Falls
Mont., for a consideration of $5U,-
The M.-inkin Lumber & Pole company at Ymir lias received orders for
25 cars of poles aud piling which
will be shipped to points in the
United  States.
Miss Vera Appleton, a graduate
nurse of St. Eugene hospital, of
Cranbrook will go to the front with
thc hundred nurses needed to complete the nursing stall of the tirst
Canadian COntingwt.
Tne Masonic Social club of Cranbrook is u recently formed otganiza-
tion by the members ot the Masonic
lodges with the object of promoting
more ire neral toclal intercourse
e&mong tli.' various members ot the
fratern'.ty  throughout   the district.
Blairmore haB an ofler of 87- for
some ?4,300 of debentures it has for
Citv Clerk Hutton of Grand Forks
bas had his salary restored to $120
a month.
Grand Forks is seeking a $1*">,000
temporary loan to help with the
civic financing.
Four residents of Grand Forks are
drawing monthly allowances from the
Patriotic fund.
The Doukhobors have erected a
new sawmill up Ross Creek some six
miles from Robson.
Vernon's local relief organization is
appealing for donations of children's
clothing and free wood.
So  far as     tbe      Canadian  Pacific
railway passenger train service is
concerned Fernie is now a one train
Major-Gen. Steele of Winnipeg has
accepted  tbe  honorary  colonelcy of
the l<*7th regiment, which has its
head-quarters in Fernie.
The Uritish Columbia Copper company will build a mill at its Princeton properties ind ship the concentrates to tbe Greenwood smelter.
Armstrong growers will petition
the Dominion government to temporarily increase the duty on apples
entering Canada from the United
He stood on the Bridge at midnight,
As the winter winds did howl,
The roar of the raging tempest ...
Was   pierced by tlie hoot of an  owl.
Wis duty lay before him,
His bunk  lay   inst   behind.
Hut lie stuck to his post of duty,
A  Martyr o£ his kind.
He stuck throu.h the Ions night hours
That would freeze a heart of.oak.
He stuck, Though I'm here to tell you
The sticking was no joke.
He stuck to  his post like a hero,
Resolved to do or die,
For there on  tbe Bridge at midnight.
His feet had froze to a tie.
Hoping you are tbc same.
(Signed) BIGGINS
will clear up your urines—neutralize
uric acid—dissolve stone in the Bladder or Kidneys—stop tbe pain in the
back—and cure all Kidney and Bladder
Trouble. 50c. a box, 6 for $2.60. Trial
treatment free il you write National
Drug 4 Chetniecal Co. of Canada,
Limited, Torouto. ssg
Former VVai Minister of Germany, who li now in command of the
Army of I lie West between KIiimiuh ami Tht   AigoimcB,
Coming to Revelstoke
Under the
Auspices of
In Conjunction
See with your own eyes the thrilling scenes of the
battlefield in the
First Pictures Actually Taken on Firing Line
Soldiers on firing, line buildings being burned, machine guns and might}* c nron in action, buildings being
blown up by shells, dead and wounded being pulled out of trenches, the sad flight of the refugees.
Complete in 4200 feet of the most thrilling: scenes ever recorded en f\\m,
50 p.c, of profits go to Belgian Red Dross by
arrangement with Belgian Government
Which granted the first permission for motion pictures on the firing lino on thc basis of this contribution,
£14 1       lnB7r
XTbe nDail-lberalb
But.suppose the one man is not with
Cod, what a minority he is in!
Victoria Colonist:     We think   there
are    unmistakable signs of a   better
feeling  in  business  circles  in    British
both morning and evening prayer,
prayers authorized by the Lord BiB-
bop for war will be said. Sunday
school at 2.TI0 p.m.
Lupins and heather grow in such
profusion that the meadows are
veritable llower gardens.
Near the summit is a large rift in
the formation which lias been named
the      "Ice  Box."     This  cleft In  the
The regular  services  will  be     held   solid rock is about 104) feet long and
| Columbia.  During    the past few days  at   11  a.m.  and 7.30  p.m.      At   .the   211  feet  wide,  and  even  in  September
Local Reading Notices and Business  there  has   been  rather    more  discus-   morning service the  sacrament   of the  tber?    is from 15 to 20 feet of snow
IiOcals in cents per     line each inser-' tion   than   usual  concerning  financial : Lord's  supper   will   be   administered,   and Ice in the cave.
tion. Minimum local ad charge -25c.    land oilier matters'bearing tapon    the   Sunday scbool at 2.30 p.m.     At thi>     By crossing a small valley  between
Display advertisements 2."> cents per  general state    of     affairs;    and it is   everting    service     Rev.  Mr.  HaU will  Mount   Kevelstoke     in      a   northerly
Inch each Insertion,  single column.       quite     correct     to  say   that  in  the .speak on  the issues lying  behind the  direction going towards the Clach-na-
Legal advertising of any form, also  opinion of those best     qualified     to   100   years     of     peace    (between the  coodiu group, three pretty lakes,     of
Government and Municipal Notices 12 .nidge the process     of     readjustment  United States and British empire*). The a  beautiful translucent emerald color
cents per line lirst  insertion     and 8  rendered   necessary   by  the  war     hns   young  people  meet    on  Monday     at  are  to   be     found—Miller,   Eva   and
cents  per  line  subsequent  insertions,   so far advanced that it is -qu'ite  safe. 8 p.m.  (Epwoi'th. League1; Prayer ser-   Ella—all  easy of    sccess     by     pony
allowing 10 line's to the inch. to consider new business.  We <lo not   vice Wednesday     at     8 p.m.  always   trail, and all well worthy of the trip.
Within  tlie  park,  is to  be  found an
i o ci
Applications for Liquor Licenses 85.   wish  to statu the     case     any     too'glad to sec visitors.
Applications for   Transfer of Liquor  strongly,  for that might be to    mis-
Licenses $7.50,
Oil  prospecting  notices  $7."i0.
Land Purchase Notices. 87.0(1.
Water Apj lication Notices, up to
ion wi rds, ■. .'■". over 100 words in
pri pi rtion.
had the puhlic, but there is undoubtedly a spirit of greater hopefulness
manifest than was observable in the
same quarters only a short time ago.
tin  Sunday  next, Feb.  14, Thanks
giving services  will  be held in     the  caribou are often
Canadian  churches     in    commemoration of the hundred years of     psace
between   tb     Uritish  empire  and      the
Winnipeg Telegram:      Will  this war   United  States  of  America,     ln      the   tin
end  militarism? To  ask the question   Presbyterian church tbe minister will   cr
abundance  of   lish  and   game.   Several
species of grouse are plentiful on   the
mountains,     while     bear,    deer    and
seen.      The     past
summer,  caribou     were     seen  in thc
meadows hob-nobbing    with the sail
die ponies,  while out at pasture.    In
streams   particularly       Silver
Greely creek     and    t.he Illrcil-
'is to bring into     strong relief     tbc   ti
his sub.i.ct. in the morning,   iowaet river-
M varying  conceptions      ,,f    what  mill
 —— ; tai ism   means.   To   many   minds   mill
tarism and  military  preparedness are   at  Work.
3atcnov pubUsbtnfl Company svmillvimms   temB.   Th(!
E.  G.  ROOKE,  Manager and  Editor
■  pious peace platitudes     before  Chan-   7.:'.().  No prayer meeting this week on   th
cuts Monday's labor clean
in half.
The Sunlight way is so easy
—just note.    First you soap
the garment; then roll it up
to soak.   After a while you
rinse it thoroughly and the
dirt drops out like magic.
Why scrub, and rub, and
wear and tear the clothes
when the gentle strength of
Sunlight Soap will do the
work with never a hurt tc
fabric or hands.
in its suggesttveness. It. wholly   misrepresents the Canadian spirit of de-   Revelstoke,      we
mocracy. There is not now, nor    has   through the city     for about a  mile,
there been     any     desire     to .engraft   then  turn   north on    to     the      "Big
Bend" -wagon  road.  This road is foi-
When the Boy Scout movement began there were many who looked upon it as a transitory fad, like ping .,,_.,,„,,,„(. But why should such a
pong, roller B'satlng ir tho tango. A statem ul be made? it. is Impudent
Similar view w.s held of the moving
picture vogue, but moving pictures
and tlm Boy Seoul movement are
now both >vi '1 •■ tablished and per
manent institutions.
Tbe H.i\  Sc nit movement has justified itself, with the resuli    thai     it
lies  Bprend  to  practically every  ci vi
llzed land.   \t  first Borne feared that
I oys c iuld noi be generallj or    fun
ously Interested  in Bcout     work,
thai      thc      BCOUt   movem'iit
would become a mere vehicle Ior tho
I ation ol  the doctrines ol     ex
teem ■ mtllt irism.   It tli views     have
be found rain-
"Tlic Christian Ideal of Peace,"   and  bow or cut-throat     trout.  In abund-
in the evening,  "The Christian Spirit  mice,   while    in     the     Columbia the
There    will     be     spec al   larger1    "Dolly Vardcn" species    are
synonymous     terms.     rue   Toronto   music appropriate    to   the  occasion,  often secured    weighing    from  10   to
|Globe,  whose  editor has  gained some   Sunday   School   and  Bible  classes    at   20  pounds. 	
notoriety  through the  preaching     of   2.30> p.m.  Y.P.S., Tuesday evening at     Operations on  the construction    of
lutomobile     road     ware started  a^ o»cp <*at wcrc llone' no   matter
tauqua audiences,  goes out     of     Its   account of meeting of  Presbytery    in   during  the  second   wick  in   July,    at  wll° di<1  lt'  Hevclstoke  would become
which time, orders were placed for
the necessary tools, roud making
machinery, explosives and board'.ng
camp equipment. Upon these being
received,  work    was     pushed     along
Try it once—
this Sunlight
At all grocers
way to say that "If Prussian arrog- the church
:ance killed the free Savon Bpirit out
eel thi rest of Germany, the cultlva-
i on nf that same spirit would be
national suicide for Canada." Thc
tutement   as   it   stands   admits   of   no
Report to Government
famous and competitors would come
from the world over to try and
beat the record. It would be possible
to jump 19-0 feet on this hill, if   tho
Ai Bucharest dispatch to Tbe London Daily Mail says Abdul llamid,
the former Sultan ol Turkey, dethroned by the Young Turks, has advised  tbem to conclude peace. At the
whole  country  pulled  together     and   same time be     expressed     the belief
i Continued from Page One)
Canadian   I'acitic   railway's  depot    at
vigorouslj by a large force of men
and several teams, so that when
funds were exhausted several weeks
later, two miles     of     new road had
had something to   show,     tlie Cana
dian Pacilic railway would do its
share toward transporting people
and      would      L-ive    every    assistance
that the Anglo-French licet would he
able to force the Dardanells.
proceed   westward   |,,,,.n   opened  for     traffic,  with  neces-   Possible.   There  was  no  reason     why
■ illltarism on to the life of the Dominion. The people would not submit
to it.
And therein lies tlie root of distinction,'between militarism which we
all rightly abhor, and military pre-
p ire.'.ne s, which is the right and
dutj   of "very  nation  to  maintain.
Sims' I   Ma ;a line:  It   Is p sslble for
thai   pitiably frail and volatile thing
masculine     virtue—tn  be imperilled
p-een disproved. Boys have continued   by fashions precisely contrary.     Tbc
fuP skirt antl thc scant skirt and the
slit skirl affect Is alike disastrously,
■ t dlffi e I  ;.e e i...is   man's apprcb in
sary bridges, culver: . and cribbing
completed, and an additional two
miles nf rond had been opened up, on
some nf the money going to Switzerland should not ciinie to Kevelstoke.
All that was necessary to   get     the
Besides the   large    shipments     of
wheat already made from Canada to
New Zealand that country is arranging  to  place  contracts      for   I ,(1410,000
which  the  rock  work,  cribtflng     and   '-*0"'1  Bkiers  ,"*i''  wou,d   '*r  to  lnvitc   bushels more for July  delivery.     Ovr-
hridges  were  about 50  per cent, com-   them.  "Don't let     private    Interests   lng to th(, sti,,.1(ly aeCrease in    wheat
production in New Zealand there will
be an ever increasing demand on
Canada to furnish  the deficit.
pletc.  About  12,000 cubic      yards     of   B't  ''""'  "r  ""'      sport,"   he advised,
rock and earth were removed and in
the construction of bridges about
L',,i.'ei lineal feet of round timber was
ns?d. Sufficient good materia] is
found  on  thc   ground    for    all     sucu
"keep It in the town and make it
the main interest." He recommended
making all plans at once, and put
ting up curling and Bkating rinks
owned   bv   the    town.       He  estimated
training, and  though bo nothing     of
mtlitnrj  -I scipline is ni cessar l\     ae
social el w th the     efficiency     ol     a   been awa'ced by th-   t'gbt bodice,
patrol    o hing .if militarism is  bj     tho     Mother Hubbard, by     the
.   ,  (,   [n   ,,,„  ,„,,„.„,,.,  „,    the   Simple Susan.     He  bas become vocal
Boy  Scout i - ociation.
"   '- '■" ' *   "' '" ''"" ■' branch of  icrs, too many petticoats,  and
•  association  In  Revel       «. i...       ,. tl iiudi ■■■   ai ainst
Ills  own  sti Cl   I il'   Ity      bave
and vi Live    i i  the danger—to
n high heels, no heels,  pan
lowed for about l.| miles and then a
turn eastward is made unto tbe auto
load ascending .Mount Revelstoke.
Owing    to     the     topography  ot the
country, the road switch-backs east
and west behind       the       city
i using   from   one     bench   to    another
i utii an elevation ol approximately
15(10 feet is reached. Then a long
tang, nt is run to the eastern or
Illecillewaet siope, after which the
rout-  tains   north     westerly   to      tbe
Thf firsl   portion of the  route  after ' °Pened  to to the BUmmUt »cfori' tal1' ' ""' "  admi88;™ of 25 CentB '<* w0,,ld
in.    ...   portion of the route aftei                      completion of the present Lave l"'*''1  10 Per <-p'"  °" the ^"*'
aving the city, almost paralells the                                         "'  Lm- »" s"' . .    , .,           . .    , ,   t „.„.,.,.-.
.    programme  of   nitomoh  e  road   con- "' '" ■"'" '      Bpon   IM ' J,1Hl s'',r,">.
"!l '■•   -:   river,    and   .'asses through                                                  lun,u   "-"" ..                                  .         .       ,
struct on    nrennrinp  ,,r  ,.,,11      rnllr« lie  saw   no  reason   way  a  tour,lays
good agricultural     and fruit ra.sin •  •■"'"""'•  P1 n*  '" go"     course, • 	
„.      .       + .       „.          nnd erection of a small chalet at the carnlvaI should not    be    held     nexl
 itry,   bat   on leaving   tne    wagon ,    t  it jt      ...       advertised     nt
i   ,,      ,    ,     I.     summit, the opening up of good pony "eal  '"    '                   •1U""H"     •"
road   i ' ■' ns  to  gradually  climb     the   .,,.'.'            .         K        v    ' ,,„,.,, n,,.,.,. w,,„i,i  i,„ ,„, nimation     ,«
trails to the many points of interest, u   "'"   woma  '"   "" <l"*-Mion     as
No word concerning Vibjalmur
work, but plank has to be purchased tnat '* would take :in ^vestment of stefansson, the explorer, was con-
for decking for Bevoral larger bridges  -*5000 '" "■"Banir.e    properly but   that  ,.,,,„,,•,  iri th(. budget  of mall     from
yel  to be < Btructed. Witb sutliciu.it  i(  would be rcPaid "  t'1"^""1  '0ld-
funds available    this   coming season   Even ui,n the spectators at the one
tin   remainder of  the road should be   '"'>'* 8»ort hcld "" Tuesda5 b» charg-
-te ' . ian I  « t'e  that object   in    view
a pu ' tin    will    c held in   thi
city    ba 1 .n  Mond ij  e' e   ng.     Tl e
mo.i... i   . s     hearty
r is
i ii
if i
I at  the no
und tbe
ig on Monday should bi ...
11   uf :
.       ,    .      • '   ''' '     *   :   '•
•     ■
^^^^^Hjfalls, is the bnrorae^^^H
■f   til"
bes yo       I elf
benches,  which     are clothed     with
forest  e,j pine, spruce, cedar,
il  numei ius other varieties    ol
: in -•  ti ees.   Look lng below     i       . o
; ■ .     est     we     see the two     large
■ ning  t be Columbia  river
-1-   c ■   .
one,   tb.'
I • i inches
side .if   the
tho .   wind-
:      -   • .   1 ■: e ■ .<=  ,   ,-;
to 1
•      • :■ :
I ■     •
making these easy of access   for the t0 •*ett,n*    ,h'    crowd8'     Kv('n
tourist;   tbe  City   of   Ue.elstoke     will Lod;"-v   teamB  nad   lo  '"'   br0U8ht    1M
then be in a position to  offer induce- il would '"'V '" ""' Um" rn"' He bad
ments to    the    traveler,      which  few been :lt il  Breat  ln""-v    wlnter   Bport
cities In Canada can   furnish.  Kevd- carnlvato but never saw such a large
stoke par    provides the sightseer suf- and enthusiastic crowd   turn   out as
;    entvarit    to satisfy    the     ,.1„st be saw ,,n Tiu-dav.    lie was    never
lastid s.     The botanist   can    Bnd a8ked MS "r'"y (luestiona betore     :'s
imple sc  for Investigation among *"' baa been "s,v';* :" Revelstoke   and
the dor... tbe  mountain-climber num- each one sl",w"'1 an acUve lnteresl '"
. f trying climbs   to   test     Ins ""' 8Port<
.,  while the     hunter and     the M  ""' ''".'•*'|i»"» ol Mr. Iverson's
Lsberman     can     readily be outfitted luldress T'   K»Patrick asked   if any
.'tb   guides,  ponies  provisions,   etc, one had any questions or suggeaUons
for his outing i„ the   mountain soli ;'   make' A McRae 'sk(''' Mr* Ii'r;s""
In  r,„est of big game,   tn fact '" expIa,n tlH' h'M"'v "f '"" N'"t","'
 i udvant s „f the situs ;,! skl association. In reply Mr. Iver-
,:,  provide each    and ' '    ,""'1 tha<  ""' aBSOClatlon   had
■       ■          ' lasur,  see ers,    with '''•" formcd ln ;"1:' ''> Edmonton and
I       outfitting      base  from Pamr°Be  f'"'    ,h*     """':*'""-  <>» "'*
,l„eb    e                 IU(   attractions    are B ort'   "*""'■'    Q,leboc    and   Wl""i
Wit!, 8Ufflclent pu! I'- *  :'!"! '" ''-'" '""  ""," ,luy ""'
should   in   thi ;";  '" sl"w     ""'-v      WCTfl     "",
ttrnct       i .'.'   nii.nl ers of ' ,l'-;','l("-
oth .wis-   pa89 s' I'Hver.on. pre Ident of the local
. , club, ma le n  ten  remarks with     re
to tn    other points.
,                               ....                         it  (ei   io i    lo   thc   suitability   of   the   new
I w . t that u survey ime
,   ,. .   , l.e itlon   feer  the   pimp.     C.   K.    land
and  this 1 ne
.,    ,                       , ll  irk,   li.   Cordon.   II.   McKinnon   and
!       o   .'   wardens     can
...       ,     ,, others   Bpoke   than! iu •        .Mr.    Iverson
niinrlo     as this w mid
,,            ..         , |or   his   address   and      coinplinieiit -ng
■i   the admin
,   . si        club    iii.    its      BUCC s-lul
i  a    "'al it ions, In
and  * mber,       pport8* M:!>"'' '''"'"" a,so comP1 '",-
ed the c   h on  thc   successful     oul
..,.. i e in ■ ol  i ho si oi ■      ind  Aid,  K.    II.
\*.|.     H.J.  McSorley
spoke similarly. 	
i        Ipatrlc    i hen put tho i'i" il Ion
porl Ing     the     sl-.i  club to the
l-oit .McPherson by the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, who arrived in
Dawson last, week from the Arctic
coast. Letters daled as late as Decembei 11 said no tidings had been
received from Stefansson, who set
out irom llerscbel Island last March
tor Bunksland. Archdeacon Whittaker
writing from   Fori     McPherson     to
Bishop  Strl a.  c pressed  the belief
that .-te'a .-son was lost, although
Stofansson's friends point out that
when   he   left   llersihel   Isl md   he said
be might not return for two years.
Mrs.  Sophia <!hee. known     to    the
police     as   "tile   oiiun.   .paen,"       was
s iitenced by the federal court in New
York, last week, to pn\ a fine of
'-,i»i.I and to serve six months in
the penitentiary f, r smuggling opium
:nti, the United states. Because of
the aid given by hei t . tho govero-
i ... ri the ii'i". hen ling ol M men
associated v.itb ber, tho district at-
t. i ncj  as e.i that     tin   eiii senten<ee
be s.isp uded, and Cos was done.
Mrs. Ghee, the wife ol a Chinaman
a-- n Liverpool, lett New York lor
Liverpool tli lattei part "> Hecem-
i ei .  before she was Indicted, and  was
deport id  by the     Livcrpi ol authort-
. les  upon   ber arrival there.
I'll! I     r i
uKE mil'-Huj u ijiiiOys iiiii • ■■•■	
■» poki   ilmilarly.
Sd   from   Pag.i   One. i
In tl I  the cl
y.   ■ i ■ ,
■,....,     i
id i
High tie
• cl !   foi   * eirnn
i el     i ;• i      ,,[
nei ■
B'l I
'■      llll e.|
:    e
nuds. on.- thlti
i    'ef the hoard of trade     and
,.  w.is decided  unanimously tbat  the
i . 11   mythlng tbe    ski
''.ub   did.
.    of ibaa's  a is passed to Mr
i be        i idll   ' ,        rising      and
"I'iii  he'i .   Jolly flood Fel
I    n   "
The International Wnl rways Ciom-
mlsslon, consisting ol Senitoi  Qard-
i ei, Maine; Messrs. .1. A. Tawney,
Mlnneston; Governor Glenn, North
Carolii'ii;   C   A.   Magrat.li. (Ittawa;   11.
\. Powell, K.C . St. Join NIL, und
i B ■.li-n-ult, K. ('., Mo treal, met
In Toronto last week, and discussed
the Investigation they nro undertaking in i he matter "I co i ctln( the
poll it Ion .i ha h . ta in I he boundary waters between Canada and the
PiCt id St itis it Is it idei tood that
the estimated expenditure r<equired
before the condition ol th wntera
ivould attain the pul Hi I sltb stand
• i ii   ■ ould  b'   in tlm      I.-.-ion  of from
i no i to 05,1 '. *. the villa-
ages, towns an I dl li ■ from the St.
i nwroni e to tbe bi ad <■( the Great
I aki - ti   treat  their   eim sewage.
■ "    • '   ol   the  small   fruit
'   oi   al •       illllH
tinted bj  i he    iccrsn ol    a     farmer
"' " '"',|       e11"1      »old   $100.00   ...ppealing ngninst a  judgment of thr
inpnny with the Kc.el. i.iki'    mrtb  ol     '• from  a      small   Court   ol   Appeal  of   Uritish   Columbia
lust     summer.     Small iruit  upholding the   lodgment ol Oommis-
Tiie   Supreme Court  ol  Canada      at
.nt vi Irs reserved judgment in the
np| i ei i i.eu m tbe case oi Heinze
\s. the King. Thee executors ol the
estate ol the late August  Heinze are
■\MI\T  \  MINOR1 i
Co .('      loi ,.;!,.    |  tO
lo 0 p lay morning
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_,   , to H.    Weeks
lng at I      '   i    belore
Qod I                           ••* t* the Katsei   V(1HB    P)rit [rrldaya    Mass at h ..
m.   Benediction and  Rosai t al    .  :'
p.  m.
■I  ■ if     m too lar ei
. A the
1 •  ■  i   p... nd   till
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J bnd gone up the   j
Penedictlon and Rosary at 7:3b p.m.,    ,,  fi(l. tain and tbey    had     found  an  growni aplendldly    In Saskatchewan,  *u>"or n
     .■ 1 rommnnd a good price   as   their   "*hle to nny taxes on COI.ODO
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the ,  competition la    tho 'imported "' '•""' vV,",',1 "figln illy formed part
rhere are indications    that "' •' railway irrant. lleinze had     ob
P I    the  ski I ,, ,,„,,,,,   to  glT<     mon   jeetcd   to   pay   taxes      on   the   ground
SOOfl. feet. high. nl   of  view,   lie   stated      tli ei ■        ,„ i   ,   ,,,,lMl.. wb'ieh     .„nv   fbif  When hi sold    the railroad  and
s.  Lettn e
•lele,    || .   ,       tb.
i    nearly
finding    llcinzc
ina"  I                        ng us on I "" ol  Hfti 0 it could     he ;, derived from aldi Interests on   the  "'''"', '" n"'    r;iti*v'lb"i Pacific rail-
summll   ire  many ■ ind una   rli n rl   md  put   In  | ndll on i i,„     ,,,|, .,,    (he    cultivation    oil"'"   ''' "'-'',v,''l the right to demand
(lows Intorspet e.i     || ,  many     small and  thai   II   would  bc  oasj   to     pul              fiaits                                             lone ball ol the Innd  grant at
lakes.   Tbe   Va i 1 ii'ji I ed      coloring       ol '    tooll   11    i'i   lip  L,   il   from   the   1'iwn                                                              .time   as l.e   I limilil   dcmiuid   tbe
Holy  thoso     meadows and adjacent     bill Hi    ilso -.■-..  ted  that  the  automn      Kitty   ind  one thud  people, lnclud    perty. He did not  demand the
Qulfl .       K      ii.   rn. 	
rommunlon;     M     a.     tn,     Matins I pities, on account ol tho abundance o(  bill road  might  be brought  closer to  Inn   '*> entrandogly beautiful Mul-san   perty   it nny   time     during bis life.
p.     in.     evraiong.     Bermon     vlld  Rowers  In beyond     description.! thn site   In n year or two, he    said  maidens   Mutt and Jell, Optra House [ which led the provfnet to ccc step*
al     both    HelviC"S    by    tbl    IClleil
At.   \ loleti, -I ilalei
iiiiies,    marigold       n records could be broke
on    it Tuesday
|i,   i...leet  the arrearp ol taxes. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1915
pagb btvb
Those having items for publication
in tbe Mail Herald social and personal column are requested to call
up phone 02.
Those receiving are:
Mrs. C. Ralph Lawrence.
Mrs. H. N.  Coursier.
Mrs.  Hyatt,
Mrs. George Moth. '
Mrs.  J.  E. Hopgood.
Mrs.  A.   A.  .McArthur.
Mrs. T.  W. Bradshaw,
Mrs. H.  H.  Goddard.
Mrs. Wintemberg of Malakwa is the
guest oi Mrs. Mauley.
Judge Forin came up on the south
•rain on Thursday, en route to the
M.s. M, li'. Phillips is recovering
'rom her recent severe attack of
a  grippe.
Mr. 0.  J. Bergotlst    has   returned
nun a short, trip spent in the Win-
lermere district.
Mr. Harry Hopgood returned ou
Saturday, from a three we.ks vaca
'.ion spent  in  KamloopB.
Mis. K. Warner, who has been visit-
ing in Vancouver for the past two
;ie'.itii>.  returned home on Tuesday.
Mr.   J.  11.   Dickie returned to   Van-
■..mver  on  Wednesday   after  a    short
ication  spent here with his mother
ad Iriends. ■
Mr. Jones of the Canadian Pacific
railway otliee staff, is now convalescent alter his recent operation Ior
Mr. M. V. Wescott returned on
Wednesday from a weiAs trip tei
Jolden, and towns in the Crow's
Vest   Pass  d.strict.
The many fn inds ot     Mrs. Ken-
udy  will  be pleased  to  know that
-iie is borne again having spent the
: ast  month  in the hospital.
The Revelstoke branch of the   Vio-
naiis Canadian club is to havc the
pleasure Ol hearing Miss B. A. K.
Davies,  M.A., who wlW be the speak-
i at its postponed meeting next
Mondaj   e .n.i.   at  the High  School
Mrs. C. A. Procunier returned on
Wednesday evening 'rom ber trip to
Edmonton. Mrs. Procunier bas been
iway about two months, and on her
return brought as guests, her sister,
Mrs. Carson and friend, Miss Long.
Mr. c. A. Procunier Jr., accompanied th" party home, and will spend
i  day or two in t  wn before return-
- to Comaplix.
Messrs. 0. .1. Ue.goist. M. B. Wee-
etl, Harrj Pas'er, and M. Whyte,
entertained a party of friends on
rhursda) evening, at ., theatre party-
it the Empress. After t.he show, the
party repaired to the hosts bncheloi
-establishment, where a royal hous-;-
varming was duly celebrated, A few
j.ones ol Bve hundred were played,
md at midnight a delicious supper
vas served, Dancing nnd a few songs
were enjoyed tint;1, a l ite hour. One
.; the guests, i married man, was
:eanl to remark. "Who wouldn't be
. bachelor, with a hemic like this!"
mt  was  promptly silenced, and     led
home by the "better hulf."
Rev. Thomas Green of Kelowna was
a visitor in town for a short time ou
Mr. R. D. Kenny of Vancouver was
| a visitor in town a couple of days
this week.
The next Tango club dance will be
held in the Masonic hall, Thursday,
February IS.
Miss  Mildred  Sutherland  of    Coma-
! plix is  the guest of Rev.  C.  A.    and
Mrs.  Procunier at the Rectory.
! Mr. and Mrs. George Ingram arrived home ou Wednesday. Mrs. Ingram has been visiting her mother at
Nakusp, while Mr. Ingram has been
working at Notch HR1 tbe past
A ,-cry cordial invitation is extended to all who are interested, to
tome to see the show of work done
by   the   ladies   of   Kevelstoke   lor     the
soldiers, at the Y.M.C.A. on Wednesday, February 17.
due of tho attractions at the W.C.
T.I'. tea on Friday aft.erno.jii, will
bo a musical program. A candy
booth, and a cullnery table will also
he in evidence, at the home ol Mrs.
W.   A.   Sturdy,  February  19.
The members of No. 1. Fire Brigade were the hosts of a delightful
card party at the fire hall, lower
town, last evening. Those who were
lucky in winning the whist prizes,
wore Miss Laura Bell, for ladies, and
Mr. J. Jones for gentlemen. One consolation prize was awarded, it falling to Mr. McDougall. About 11
o'clock supper was served, and a
jolly dance was enjoyed afterwards
until 1 o'clock. These social evenings are monthly affairs during the
winter months and are looked forward to  with keen pleasure.
At a meeting oi the Political Equality league held at the city ball on
Wednesday last, it was unanimously
decided that die league as a body
would add their iiuota to the relief
work already undertaken by the individual members. This 'it w.is agreed
should take the form of clothing for
Belgian babies, and a committee wus
appointed. Many garments have al-
ready been cut out and will be distributed to members and others desiring to help tbis good work at tbe
boiiie of Mrs. Sibbald where the lirst
of a series ol .-cuing afternoons wiH
hi held on Monday, February 15.
1 lunations of baby cloth'ing will be
gladly accepted. As funds will be
required members are requested to
pay t lie-n   dues for the current year.
Si -ii.11 line speeches were made by
some of the high school pupils on
Friday at a meeting of the Revelstoke
•lijli School cliih.lt has been pre-
viously decided to hold a mock
(lection ol candidates for the positions of mayor, aldermen and   school
trustees. Tlie follow ing nominations
were made—mayor, Arthur Young
and Wait.r Meita.e; aldermen, Ward 1,
.'ohn Robertson and Graham Bruce;
Ward ll.. Stanley 3kene and Barle
Donaldsi n; Ward III., Tommy Morin and liana II.c; school trustees,
Clga Coursl r and Agnes McGiven.
Alter bearing the platforms ol each
candidate, a lively election was held,
alter which it was found that "IV
Young, Graham Bruce, Earlc Donald-
Bon   md  Tommy  Morris make up thi
new city council and that Miss Cour-
bil r is school trustee. A few musical
selections on the piano were rendered
by William Lightburno before the
meeting adjourns 1 with the singing
of  "God   Save the  King."
The girls of the Hospital auxiliary
are noted for the good time they
have always provided at their annual dance, but the aflair given by
them last evening surpassed all. The
hall was beautifully decorated »eith
hundreds of re.I hearts ami various
wall panels of s;is an.l snow shoes,
and thronged with guests. The members were all dressed in white gowns,
and looked chic with a red heart
pinned on each arm. Whether these
hearts were their own, or someone
elses', was a subject of general Inquiry, but wus not divulged to the
public. Many be.iuiful gowned ladies
were present, dozens of lovely girls,
and gallants liy the score. Music.
was turntsbed by tbo Kevelstoke Orchestra, which played in perfect, time
all th" latest music and were most
geneio.is   in  tbeir responses    to     en-
e s.   'Ibis   orchestra   is   ird   by      Mr.
•loan Boyle, violinist, and lias as
members, Miss Lillian Lee, pianist;
A. li. li'.lli.r, trombone; E. A. Ban-
dahl, clarionet; und George Baker,
clarionet. The supper served at midnight was delicious, never had so
many different kinds of cake 1-jecn
seen at any one time belore, the
sandwiches made by a lew of the
members of the Hospital Guild, were
extra nice, and the coffee was a
"nectar for tb gods.*' It was in the
wee small hours of the morning that
this altogether delightful party
>broke up, and St. Valentine was honored indeed, by this most bril.'.ant
Another of those delightful socials,
that Mt. Cartier I.O.F. has been putting up of late, was held in Smythe's
hall, last Wednesday even'.ng, and it
seems as if they were the means of
drawing a number of the audience to
the circle, at the close of the social
Five people .ill guests of Court Mt.
Cartier, asked to be proposed in the
lodge, making a membership of 62,
which all goes to prove, that the
lndependant Order of Foresters is u
live wire. At '.I p.m. Mr. C.J. Aman,
took tbe chair, aud opened tbe social
with a book guessing contest, the
winner ol tbe most correct hooks, to
be presented with a beautiful box of
chocolates. After s. me very exciting
incidents Mr. Aman declared MrB. E.
Pond tbe winner. A comedy act re-
1 resenting the word "Illiterate" in
three.' different scenes was put on by
lour members of the louge, under the
eye of Mrs Aman, who is a weli
known genius in that line. It certainly was very funny and caused much
bmuseraent. Mr. Hadden being a dead
brat with Miss J. Little, in guessing
the representation. A band selection
entitled "Walt/. me Around, and
Around," by th" Riverside orchestra
and under the able leadership of Miss
S. Dickey was the next item of the
social, and proved to be a get.cral
favorite with the audience. The fol-
lowlng are the artists who took part:
Mrs. Towse, song, The Fisherman's
Daughter; Mr. Benn»tt, song, The Rally Round; Mr. Bond, recitation, Thc
Hoarding House; Mr. Buck, song,
Goodbye Sweet Day; Miss Dunlop,
recitation, Mothers Hailing; Mrs.
Scafe, song, Annie Laurie. Mr. Bond.
recitation, Cur Fishing Trip; Mr.
Haddon, sone, Sweet Early Violets.
At 11 p.m. supper was put up by the
Indies of the lodge and waa thorough
ly  enjoyed by  everyone.
*r eiiS?? i *T .   •   .   •«"'
Mo,., and more ari thi Bghttni nation- reaii/mg thi reliance tint can place in the dog i ■ factor to bi
reckoned with Belgium bai madi wtenalvi use ..I logs in the various divisions .,( her army. Pramoe, as well
,« Germany   bai found thi de.,- ol v„ uabli In thi Red cross division, Now Great Britain haB  ■
to the  (ore  end   ll  naming   thl  dogs   !,,r s.-et.y   purpoMI   This  wire haired   terrier  shown  ln  the trenches      witb
ihe British fightaw is onl ol M*-)*11*  Richardson'! well-known unto dogi    Uready numbers ol them are doing
good service with thl   n mv at  the lr,,nt. They arc sent  .,, ,1,, outpott  duty,   accompanying  Bent!..-  on  patrol.
Revelstoke s Departmental Store
We Aim to Cive Maximum
Wear at a Minimum Price
"Business Jfs Usual"
Watch the Window
During February! !
10 Ladies' Suits
clearing at, each   .  .  .
10 Ladies' Coats
worth $10 to $20, going
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Tables loaded with goods at prices which you cannot afford to miss.
They must be cleaned out and these prices are  sure to do  it.
Men's Shirts«;
soft and stiff fronts, sizes IG to 18.
Coat Shirts and made to fit. Sale
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Men's Hats
SOFT FELT—Fedora shapes; many colors-
All the famous Chrystys' make. A Q C
Price   1.00
SOFT FELT Fedora shapes, in shades of
brown and gray, beaver and velour
felts. Rep. $1 and §5 values. 0 Cf|
Sale price  L,\}\j
STIFF HATS     Blacks and browns,   ftpjp
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Felt Slippers
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price, a pair
BOUDOIR   SLIPPERS      All   felts
different colors, sale price, each
lined. Mocca leather- Sale j 0 K
price  l,0°
Children's FELT SL1PI::;::3, all colors-
Sale prices . ..55c and 65c
Grocery and Crockery Department
Codfish, T pound boxes.
Di.!   Pickles,  by  the  dozen.
Heinz  Sweet Gerkins  by the pint
Codfish, - pound pnckncM.
or quart.
Labrador HerrlnR,  by the dozen.
Youn?   Beets  in   Vinegar  by   the
Sea Trout by the pound.
ri  Onions, by the bottle.
Cro9s and Blackwells Chow-chow,
Onions, Mined,      Walmits     and
Van Houten's 1, i and J Ib. tine.
Oriental Pickles,  pint and quart
Cross A Blackwcll 1,  \ and \ Ib.
-tevnB Pickles;  chow-chow,  Mlx-
ting.                              /
. '.    Oerkins and  Walnuts,  lplnt
Fry's Breakfast, i lb. tins.
Fry's Homoeopathic I lb. tins.
\\p',nj Sweet Pickles, Gerkins and
Bakers Breakfast,  1  11). tins
Mixed In bottles.
,\p-:.x  Sour and  Chow-Chow     ln
Cowans, 1,  1  nnd  }  lb. tins.
Bulk snlil by thc pound.
Heinz Indian Relish.
I packages P.R. Jelly Powder* 35c.
Oranges,» doMBi .88c.
Onion Salt, bottle, 80c. Celery Salt, bottle, 20c.
Clark's Pork and Beans, 'i tins for96a
1 traoi sua.
We carry in stock Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Lime,
Cement. Plaster, Brick, Fireclay, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Turnings, C&c.
Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
Opiroslta Revelstoka Olub
Dry Cleaning, Pressing and
Special Attention to Ladies'
All Work Guaranteed
Phone 78
Age. 5 to 9 Years Height, 15 to 15-3 Hands
Weight, 1000 to 1150 Pounds
Age, 5 to 9 Years Height, 15 to"15-3 Hands
Weight, 1100 to 1300 Pounds
All horses must be in frotnl condition, sound, of good conformation
free from blemishes or vice, and broken to harness or saddle.
duel' Commissioner for Remounts ior the West
REVELSTOKE, Wednesday,  Feb. 17th
GOLDEN, Thursday, Feb- ISth, 1915
Purchasing Officer for Canadian Government
Try a Mail-Herald
"Want Ad
Rajbbits are plentiful around Osprey
There were 71 births in Coleman
last year.
Im Rossland last year there were
33 deaths.
There will bc a boom in the Slocan
next summer.
The sheritT finally gets all men who
do not advertise.
The Alberta Hotel in Blairmore is
closed temporarily.
Ben Stout is president ol the Rossland Miners Union.
P. Burns & Co., will build a large
store in l'rince George.
The Victorian hospital at Kaslo
has an overdraft of  $1,200.
!    A black wolf wns recently seen   on
Kid creek in cast Kootenay.
I   Tom Abriel,  of Nakusp,  may be  a
candidate at the next election.
An Kdmonton firm haB a contract
to make S.0O0 army shirts.
Fatty, the hambcrger king, has
closed his restaurant in Oroville.
Revelstoke is 1,4% feet above sea
level and lias a population of .nearly
A mcrchnnt never knows what he
loBes by not advertising in the local
A. T.  Garland,  of Kaslo, may be a
', Conservative candidate at the     next
Mr. Chase, of Keremeos, died from
an accident caused by a tree falling
on him.
During the past yenr the number
of telephones in use in Vancouver decreased 500.
This year the mayor of Three
Forks will plant the making of a big
crop of spuds.
Nine Austrians from East Kootenay were recently sent to the war
prison at Vernon.
The Bluebird mine in the South
Belt of Rossland will resume operations in a short time.
Up to date the grand total vulue
of placer gold produced in British
Columbia  is S7'!,300,000.
F. II. Duninen has been committed
fur trial  at  Prince Georee for killing
Westminster. He was sent up lor   20
years for killing another Indian.
Prince George will soon be incop-
The new power plant of the Daly
Reduction Works at Hedley is running, at present dcvoloping 550 horse
There is a snow man, 10 feet high
close to the Canadian Pacific railway
station in Revelstoke. Better not let
Kipling see it.
The local jail at Merritt is suffering from hard times. Thcre muBt ibja
a shortage of squarrel whiskey in
that old hot town.
Tho Panama exposition at San
Diego runs aril this year. The exposition at San Francisco runs from
February 20 until December 4.
From  England,  France and Russia,
Canada  has  received  contracts      for
war supplies    nmounting to  $50,000,-
O-OO. And yet some people are shoul
ing hard times in Canada.
American Journal Gets
Wonderful War Pictures
!.iol> VeniHileii with a rifle.
Although trapping is dull, the Indians north of Athabasca have plenty i if Bah and moose to eat.
There were 56 rire alarms in Rossland last year, most of them for
burning .-ras.- and obimniiys.
A  robin in     Revelstoke
last month.  The report does noi
r it  was blue .>r round.
Manv  ' • .fere eaten in Golden
the  people  got the
them is unknown.
•    ■:  years   bi
l.oomis  and
Have there been nny motion pictures actually taken on tho firing
line during the present war is a
question thnt can now be answered in
the aftirmattve. The Chicago Tribune
with characteristic Yankee cutanea;)
overcame the opposition that all motion photographers have encountered
by going straight to Belgium and
placing a proposition before them
thnt was irresistible. Thc Tribune
undertook, if their operator was permitted to work at the front, Ihat
they would exhibit the motion pictures obtained throughout the States
; and Canada and give SO per cent of
their receipts to the Belgium Red
i Cross.
I To the Tribune's intrepid stall
'photographer, Edwin Weigle, who
i had proven his courage in many daring commissions, wns entrusted the
task which in danger encountered
O'imiillod the most hazardous employment given any soldiers.
Weigle's success is now well known.
The several thousand feet obtained
gave to the world the first motion
pictures of actual fighting—the first
tc show in thrilling reality soldiers
falling before the enemy's fire, homes
being burned, machine guns in operation, mighty cannon in action, build
ings boing shelled. the dead nnd
wounded being pulled away from
ihe firing line. Weigle was frequently
not over fifty foot from the unfortunates who wore shot down as the
actual  pictures were being tnken.
Tn witnessing these pictures one can
understand the awful horror of the
wnr. the utter sadness of the situation in Belgium almost ns vividly as
if nn the actual .ground.
The Mail Herald hns arranged to
bring these most remarkable pictures
to Revelstoke, which will f>o shown under our auspices in conjunction with
the Chicago Tribune. The exact days
will h-> announced in these columns
Notes (rom the Mines
It is unofficially reported that thc
Granby smelter in Grand Forks will
soon have all its furnaces in commission.
r   last
In t.he   early
S   killed  in  Cres-
In  D I the     nami   i ' John
being ■ Ne
i.  1  from Montreal to Vancouver,
arrive at (i.05 p.m.. leave 0.2") p.m.
No. 2 'rom Vancouver to Montreal,
arrive ' 11 IS a.m., leave at 11.25
a. m.
N'o. :'., from Toronto to Vancouver,
arrive at 7.0" a.m., leave nt 7.20 a.m.*
N'o. I from Vancouver to Toronto,
,-irrivp at 12.48 a. m., leave at 1.05
a  m.
No. 304 from Kevelstoke to Arrowhead, i m.
•wTowhcnd  to Revelstoke.  arrive  1.10 p.m.
kei connection   with    the
Okana   . I Blcamoui, returning
leave'-- t   IO.B0 p.m.
Trail .nd 2, mate all local
stops ■        oke  and   sira-
Trains ind   I,    make   local
Itopi       ' • m 'el     Knm
February 17.
French   Recruits  vh  BCOtch   ReMrVOI
Busin< '.*'■«  Ci.merR
K't.j'i iry 2.1.
French  Recruits    vs.   Btldlne I
Scotch Reeervei vn   Mew Comers*
Murch 3,
Scotch Reserve! vs. Bmlneii-man
Uh  Recruits vs. New Comers.
Mnrch  10
French  Recruit-i vs.  Scotch  Reservep
Business men  vs.  Mew Comers
Mnrch 17.
French  Recruits  vs.  Business-men
flrot.ch  Reserves vs.  New OorneWe
Mnrch 24.
Hcotch  Reserves vs Business men
French Riwrults vs New Comers.
Frederic Keller, of Greenwood, B.C.
representing the B.C. Copper compnny, haB made a favoratte report
on the Highland Valley copper, mines,
near Ashcroft with the result that
the claims have been bonded on a
two and a half year lease for $100.,-
000'. A substantial payment has been
paid the owners. This comprises the
Sunson-Chateway-Wnrd-McAbce group
A lease of this duration should give
the prospective purchasers ample opportunity to test the mine in n 'cry
thorough manner. We understand
machinery will bo placed on the
ground at an early date.—Ashcroft
Harry Hanson, of Poplar, who was
in town the other day, stated that he,
and his partner have commenced operations on n galena claim back of
1'oplar. They started in where an
open cut had been made by someone
who had been prospecting on thnt
ground and with tho first shot opened up about six inches of nice looking galena. According to information
furnished liy S. H. Connors to a
Kaslo resident, the new company he
represents is prepared to expend a
considerable amount on dredging operations along the upper reaches of
the Lardo river in the vicinity of
Poplar. The new dredge will operate
on a steel hull and will bc four times
thc size of the one that has heen
worked with during the past two
summers. It will have the best
known methods of handling the big
boulders that proved such a hindrance to the Buschner dredge. The
scon-1 of operations will be on some
placer ground close to roplnr.—
Kaslo Kootenaian.
Fire alarm signals aro given thus.
Two strokes, interval five seconds,
four strokes, Box 24. No of box will
also b'! shown on indicator ut fire
Practice signal.—Six (6) strokes of
bell slowly.
Testing    signal.—Three (3)    strokes
1 bell slowly.
Fire Out signal.—Two (•_') strokes
of bell slowly.
Defect signal.—One    (1)    stroke   ol
•ell slowly.
Box No . II—Corner First street
McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Box No 15.—Corner First street
ind Rokeby avenue,
Box  No.  16.—Corner  Second  street
.nd  Government   Road    and    Opera
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, Globe Lumber
Box No. 18.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 21.—Corner Filth street
and McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Bo j No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
and Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Pox No. 2ii.—Corner Fourth street
and McArthur avenue.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth street
and Townley avenue.
Box No. 28.—Corner Second street
and Robeon avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Bor No. III.—Fire hall No. 2.
Box No.  35.—Hospital.
Box Noi 36.—Central School.
Box No. 37.—Selkirk Schcol.
Bor No.  14.—Fire Hall No. One.
Box No. 25.—Front street west,
near C.P.R. bridge.
Box No. 46.—Corner King nnd
Douglas streets. Palace Heat Market.
Box No. 47.—Corner Second street
and WalM street, back of Court
Box  No.    48— Corner    Third     and
ti B
i'w All   changes   of   advertise- »
|ii ments    must   positively      be :.\
[|j handed   into  this      office  by n,
lii Monday evening in order that "Hj
'■■ tbe   change  shall   appear  in .
!■! Wednesday's  issue,    and   nny [|j
[a] changes   intended   for   Satur- Ql
[■j day's issue must be handed In <a>
Mi not Inter     than      Thursday {§
■ evening  of each  week. pt,
■ ■
for garden end farm ore best
for B.C. soil. SeVewCatedoej-fuep for
solid Guarantee of purity
<>ikI jut mi nevt ion
Send now for Copy free
il u t tons Sens Ths King's Soodmon
Um acting England
A. J . W o o d w a r d
Victoria       m        Vancouvor
tf,  rarest 6 67f,rnnvilUll
rait ««inti rait auf
The next examination lor the entry ol Naval Cadets, will bo held at
the examination centres of the Civil
Service Oommistlon in May, 1915,
successful candidates joining the College on or about 1st August. Applications for entry will be received up
to 15th April by the Secretary, Civil
Service Commission, Ottawa, from
whom blank entry forms can now be
Candidates for the examination m
May next must be between the ages
of fourteen and sixteen on the let
July, 1915.
Further details can be obtained On
application to the undersigned.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service-
Department  of tho Naval Service,
Ottawa, January Sth, RH5.
Unauthorized publication     of    this*
advertisement will not be paid for.—
Newspaper Plant & Assets
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 13 o'clock' noon of
February ffith, 1915 nt bis office at
Revelstoke for tho purchaBO of all the
interest of the Interior Publishing
Company, Limited, being tho pr.e-
mises occupied by them on McKenzie
avenue, Hevclstoke, B.C., and'nil the
plnnt, machinery, book debts nnd
other assets of the said Company, an
inventory of which mny bc inspected.
at or obtained from the office of the
undersigned upon application. Terms
ot sale cash. The highest or any ten-
dor not. necessnrily accepted.
Dated February 8th, 191©.
Liquidator Ol the Interior Publishing Co., Ltd.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
ln Manitoba, Snukutcbewau and Al
terta, the Yukon Territory, th*
North-west Territories and in a portion of tbe Province of British Columbia, may be issued for a term ot
twenty-one years at an annual rental of tl an aero. Not more thar:
2.51 in acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district-
in which the rights applied for are
Thc lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights mny be considered necessary for the working o!
the mine at the rate of ?10.00 ac
In surveyed territory the land must
te described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by tho applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a feo of ?r> which will bc refunded if thc rights npplicd for are-
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of tive cents per ton.
Tbe person operating thc mine shall;
furnish thc Agent with Bworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the.
royalty thereon If the coal mining
rights arc not being operated, such
leturns should ho furnished at least
once a year.
For full information application
should he made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to thc Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   RevelBtoke, B. C
before buying your ont-
fit of working clothes
for the bush. I make •
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blank ft h and everything
required in your business. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13,' 1915
r*am 8-avanu.
imagine you can advertise when you like
and obtain returns all the time. Constant
dropping wears away the hardest stone —
and the consistent advertiser is the man
who wears down indifference, prejudice and
opposition, both on the part of customers
and competitors.   If you
you are lost. Jones said he didn't need to
advertise, business was so good. Then, later
he said he wasn't doing much, couldn't afford.
Now Jones is out of business. Effect follows
cause. If you can afford to do a BETTER
J. Dayton Williams of Kelowna is
at the King Edward.
J. M, Everett of Armstrong was at
the Hotel  Revelstoke   yesterday.
The annual meeting of the RevelBtoke Libera] association will be
hold m Smythe's hall this evening 11
8 o'clock.
The annual meeting of the Revel-
«toke Cricket club was held on Wednesday evening and w.is postponed
owim: tn the lecture by T. Iverson
being   held the same evening.
On Sunday afternoon, J. Pagdin ,f this lily will give an address
to thu men in the association building. Everyone In tbe city is invited
to attend  this  weekly service.
The Farmers .institute will meet on
Sat.i'i.'. evening Ln Smythe's hall.
The qui tli •. ol Instituting a packing
ache"i] op  ciitnpetitions     and
other i:     ti  ■   will be discussed.
Aid. Horswill and  rge K. Motion have been npi dnted license com-
tnlssionei foi the cits ol Nelson.
Aid, John Bell and 11. S. Neelands
ari'  appointed   polici   co  .'.nissioners.
Dan   Burg  i   appeared   before     His
Worship   Mayor   Foote,   who occupied
0 police i ourt      this
morning,    tiai  ed   ,vitb      grancy.   He
ml il     midnight   to leave !
town or in default 80 days.
It h..^ < 'ii   decided  to change     the
debutii it the  Y.  M.C. \..  to
Saturday, instead of  Friday evenings
i. i tl all winter.
The next debate will   be held     on
Saturdaj evCTing 20th    inst  at     S
•\.-- ssoi             oti ed that the time
for ci■ •. e.f     the
Courts of Revisi .. in relation t.' the assessment  rolls,     has
been lurthi m the .Ust
d-ty of January to ti i 2>tb day     of
1 rj    I'.'l.**..
Thc Vi imeti's i  n club     will
■ .   ■ .el. e .  0n Monday evening
'..m of business. At
9 o'cb i will be admitted and
■ A   War"   will
be delivered by Miss Davies of     the
tall. The Revelstoke
Ladii - Octetti   will sinir.
in the Y.M.C.A. reading room, a spirited d< i. te was htfld
on tli. Ri -     ed that   the
enter tbe    pics'- 1-        the allies."
At the • be di I ate, a     vote
■ aken  Iron      th<    a idlence,  the
one vote.
6   ht Id    on
city i -;.    object of forming
the Institnt
trol In members
e.'i   tea-
• ■
Char. .   . ioseph
... ...
i .
would  aci ,
C. G. Milne of Calgary was »t the
King Kdward hotel on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Snvile spent
Friday in Revelstoke—Kamloops
Vi. H. Bell of Golden was registered at the King Edward hotel on
Anion,.' the guests at the '.via,* Ed
ward hotel on Thursday was !•'. L.
('rain of New York.
The next. Tango club dance will be
held in the Masonic hall on Thursday, February is, next.
Judge Forin sat in chambers at the
court house yesterday, No legal business was brought before him.
Vi. F. Tranter, chief of police, is,
according to report, handing in his
resignation to take effect shortly.—
Kaslo Kootenaian.
M. P. Lane, accountant of the Canadian Bank of Commerce has returned from a three week holiday
spent at the coast.
Nels .1. Nelson, winner of the shajm-
pionship ski jumping contest, left on
Wednesday morning's train for Ross-
laud where be will compete in the
ski jumping contest at the Rossland
carnival. He was accompanied by J.
J. 11. Armstrong, Grand Master of
the Provincial Grand Orange Lodge
of British Columbia will leave at the
beginning of next week to attend tbe
Provincial Grand Lodge meeting to
he held .it Chilliwack. Chas. F.
Lindmark, the master of the local
lodge, and other members will accompany the grand master.
.1. M. .McKay, superintendent of the
Canadian Pacific railway had as his
guests »t the ski Bports, Grant. Hall,
iresldent and general manager of
Canadian Pacific railway, Mrs. HaU,
.). M. Cameron, assistant general
Hup in ' 'anadian   Pacific  rail
way. Mrs. Kilpatrick, Miss Matheson,
Miss  McKaJ    ind   Miss  Annie  McKay.
ister General    R. M.
. d  the  following    uo-
ng  to     the departmental
,  1914, Imposing
•amission  ol   1   cents
:    : actfion of a pound
of mo ■ v e.iders     issued
on tue i tilted      a di m,  postmasters
foi iii'-'l     thai     as sterling  e
ne       ie. ci n ic   normal      the
additional commissi  n  is no     longer
orders     on
ted Kingdom   thai
.ssii.e i t.e the Bame person     on     the
a so r-aiovi d.
• ions also refer     to
•    it Fiji.
N'ew     Z<8U-
St -tralia,
Hritish   West      India
Something Doing Soon
Says J. McLundie
The following letter from Lieut. J.
McLundie has been received by F.
Mr. Young, postmaster,
Revelstoke B.C.
Dear Sir,—Below is my (address and
1 should be much obliged to you if
you will redirect any letters tbat
come for me, to your office. I .have
received those that you have already
sent to Glasgow.
I am doing very well and kept
busy, the weather has been bad with
a lot of rain and tons of mud. We
hope for good weather soon und
then you may look for good news
as there is "going to be something
doing." Kind regards to all in office.
Yours sincerely,
Address, l.ieut. J. McLundie, Army
Service Corps. Base Mechanical
Transport Depot, British Expeditionary Force, France.
Many Have Joined Presbyter
ian Church—Social is
The Young People's society   of   St.
John's church held its regular month
ly  missionary   meeting    on
evening,  "The  Uutheniaiis"  was    tho
| subject of the address by 'Row J. W.
ytevenson. He said that there were
a quarter of a million of these people   in   Canada.   Mnny   were  connected
I with the Orthodox Greek church be-
foro coming to Canada, but a large
number bad broken away u.nd formed
the Independent Greek church in Canada. A few years ago some of their
leaders had approached tho Homo
Mission committee of the Presbyterian church asking that assistance bo
given them iii providing religious ordinances among their people. Thi i
request  bad   been  granted  and      now-
Lead Mining Co., good results are
being achieved as a result of tbo
winter's development.—Kaslo Kootenaian.
Twenty families are receiving assiE»-
tance from the locul relief society at
lirst game of the evening in tho volley ball league was     Btarted between
the Scotch Reserves and the Businessmen.  The  Businessmen  were  in     tine i    The mines in   ltossluud camp, Brit-
shape and played     well     all through   ish  Columbia,  have in all years     tc
the gnmes.     The not.     being a little   date  produced  minerals  of  a      gross
higher than  before  seemed to  bother i value of more than ?6a,000',000.
some  of  the      Scotch   Reserves      for
ruesday i they did not play their usuail   game
at all.  The  first game of the   match
went to  the      Businessmen lil  to 13,
and  the    second      wub even a bigger
loss to the  Reserves ns     the     score
was 21 to   7 in   tho     Businessmen's
favor.  The   Businessmen      feel      very
much elated  over  their success     and
have  resolved   to  continue      in      this
path   to  the  end  of
they have their eye
(:I|I>. prising  principal    and    interest     for
The  second   game  was  between    the   damages sustained by Japanese in the
New Comers and the French Recruits    first   Chinese   revolution.  The Chinese
The Rotterdam correspondent of
The Times says he has received indisputable information that tbe
German cruiser Seydlitz was very;
seriously damaged in the battle ots
January 84 in tbe North Sea. He-
adds that it suffered a very heavy
death roll.
It is announced officially In Tokio
tho league,    and   that   China  had   paid an   indemnity ot
on the Dr.   Dent   130,000 tnols ($91,000), that sum com-
carried      on
duly  ordained
at.   Jx
Lardo,     Feb.     IT.
called a  meeting  of
-Mayor    Bcoton
the   city   cotin
i cil  in order  to place the different ol-
; beers, resulting in Alderman Clark
being made liuancc minister; Aid.
Cottingham, chairman ol the public
works     committee;     Aid.    Homison,
.water and light; G. Heath, attorney;
Aid. McDonald aud Aid, Brandon,
school board. The matter of street
grading and side walks came up and
! Mayor Beeton stated that as     there
; was only ."iG cents iu the treasury and
a big overdraft at the bank, the city-
could not expend much towards the
grading of streets and building   slde-
; walks this year and a warning was
issued to the chairman of tbe public
works to be careful.
For tbe tirst time in years the Canadian I'acitic    railway   hus   laid    oil
: Nos. 1, _ and 1 section crews on the
branch,  leaving only one crew to   do
: the i'i miles of track.
work was being
I centres  with   19
Sionaries speaking     their own language.
The society  dedided to postpone its
i social till February 23, having a devotional meeting next Tuesday evan-
The city  clerk  of Grand  Forks has
had  his  .-alary  increased  to  $120      a I
Last   week   in Grand Forks, McKim
ei;  Leroy assigned to R.  J.  Gardner, i
for the benefit of their creditors.
ocan City is still short one alder-;
man on the  council  board,  no Qi
ide on Wednesday    to
fill the -     ' tused bj  the ri sign
ation of   l.i*.  Tipping.
Smith,   oi   the   Cuni.li .u
i'acitic railway      freight    department
■; transferred to Rossluud, and
v ill move 'us family to     that     city
Annual Visit of Our Old
•Friends "Mutt and Jell"'
Industrious Women
Work for Relief Society
The following articles have been
received by the Revelstoke Reliel
Mrs. Dickie, 1 shirt;
Mrs.  \ .  Ross, 2 shirts.
Mrs.   Robbins,  1 shirt.
Mrs. Tremble, 2 shorts.
Mrs.  Tomlinson,  1  Blurt.
Mrs. Millar, 1 shirt.
Mrs.  McCleneghan, 1 shirt.
Mrs.   A.  E.  Miller,   I shirt.
Mrs. W. Fobte, 3 shirts, 1 belt.
.Mrs. F, II. Bourne, 1 shirt, I dress -
lng gown.
Mrs.  Downs,   I  shirt,   1  pair Bocks.
Mrs, Corning,   1 shirt.
Left without name, 1 shirt.
Mrs,   Vaughan,  1 pair socks.
■Mrs.  I aimer,   1  pair socks.
Mis.  J. A.  Stone,  1  pair socks.
Mrs. Vi. Mori is,  I pan socl.s.
Mrs. Colpitis.  .1   pair socks.
Mrs,  Sibbald,  I  pair socks.
Mrs. Wells, 1 Buits pajamas, 1 pair
Mrs.   Haggi ii,   2  s lits   pajamas
and a hotly contested fame it was,
us far as   argument     goes but     the
score- shows tbat the game was
really a little one sided, the Frenchmen kept up to their old standard of
play and the lirst game finished 21 to
7 while the second was not ipiite so
bad for the New Comers as they
managed to get ir> points before the
Recruits got the necessary 21 to win
the game and match.
On Wednesday evening last, the
Fire Hall B. played the Government
tiam at bowling. The game resulted
in a victory for the Government,
three straight gnmes.
Fire Hall B.
Norman McLeod, ...   15(i      147      195
Kdgar Bruce     liy.)      ill*.       121
H.    Haug      si        90     07
II.  Mulholland    13*1      122       154
II. Ferguson     I HI       liv.i .    103
rebellion referred to broke out In the
autumn of 1911 and culminated in the
overthrow of Emperor I'uVi and the
establishment      of      a     republic   W'ith
Yuan Shi Kai as president,
We beg to express our   thanks    to
our many  friends    for the kindnesSM
shown  us   in   our recent beroavrrn'iit.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  A. F.  WILSON
Skates sharpened
25c per pair.
lorn tre-
584       '40
Our coal burns beet,, Palace Livery.
Cooks like Coursier.'s Coal.
11.  Borr	
L.  McLeod	
0. Bcrgoist	
Ff, Squarebriggs,
11.  I'arker	
 "...   136
I Oil
The. Indies of the Relief Society wiJ<
! be pleased to receive old or new magy
'Is   azii.es to  be sent, to the guards along;
the linos -M communication. Tho lit-
eraturc may be
left at A.F. Kincnld'B
1,01       702
Arrangements are now being   made
for a two-men tournament. All those
desirous of    entering      should      hand
tbeir names Into the   ifflce.
Thomas Wake 'is tearing down the
original Boundary saloon building.
it  was built at Boundary Falls     In
N'.\t   week  two more furnaces   will I
bo blown 'ni .it the Granby smelter m '
I   Clan.I   Corks,   and   the  entire     eight
Corns  removed    by  a new method.
No cutting, no pain. For a few doye
only,   apply   Roy    McDonald's  barbel
CAl.T COAL burns all night.     Revelstoi'e General  Agencies,   Limited.
The house will ';eop wnrm all night
it you use Coursier's Coal.
pair   socl
Mrs.  A.  Hobson
1   pairs p.mts.
2 suits pajamas.
and   thi   eni i e
will be in operation nexl month.
Prompt delivery of conl or
l'alace Livery.
Passenger trams wi'i 1 begin running   r'n,aco '-,V(>ry.
Dry Birch and  Ced-ir any length at
• on the Kettle Valley railway in Mny
Mrs. II. n. Brown, 1 suit pajamas.  ]t   ...
Mrs.   Swanney,   1  belt.   1  pair wrist- '
Empress Theatre
r ii • ■    •
int. •      wet     ■ °x
MONDAY.   she..de.wf   ol   Night,
.1 reel   Th.   Wall Bet
line BOI • 'lv drama.    Thc New
!'■ • i r,   loker comedy.
T'*! Tha    .Dart     Hires,
Imp with Marx 1'icnford. Be
tweet Life and Death, 2 reels,
with I'd. August. Creeping
WEDNESDAY, Daniel Frohn-mn
presents th< difftinftuinhed American actor, H. B. Warner in
The Iyost PMndlsf. 5 reels
motion picture*; Bnother big
attraction, don't  ml°fl this.
THtfRPDAY.-Trey ol Hearts.
.i • •
want  to - ii"'-1"    ■     neb   i ... it oondl
tions at the  fi Ol Tho
Mail   Herald,   I..,
with  the  Chicago  Tribune,   .v,|l   make
llble  f er -h    your
own eyes   oma ol Hue    thlrvgs    Ihat
ha|.[.<" nd   on   the   battlefields   of   B<d
dum  'hiring Reptemher nnd Ootobei
By contrail,  irlth  the  Belgium     government   rno'ion   pn hires   wro    Inkiui
by     the    Tribune's     pboto-grapb<st,
which are the brit taken actually on
the flrmi' line They will help yon to
1 now what wnr rcnllv Is. They will
l-rlng the lealilv of much of It to
you more vlvldlv than all tht mil
Hon* of words that, hnve been written about It. Wntch our columns for
' the dates, otc.
•h us.  Tb
in Mei.co '     in     a
as ever ap-
... ;>
Since   h
...rt   i
i stlortly
0nd   fell li i eiu<> to    pro
catering      to      the
-.•jubiw <•<!    e.f    tbe    tho-'
ing  public    This  MMOn'l    how     eon
sluts nf n   60 ''" t cur lond  of «<
proportion   ind  UMtUBIM   A  cast      n"*
-,n capable srtirts nnd thn [ntrltabla
rhnrm of pretty  i'IHs without    which
the   'Thun   I'hent"     would   be   Incotn
plele.   Don't   mils   "Mutt  and   .Ti'ff    In
Morlro" at. the     Opei i  Rouse,  Tils
dny    ITlrr*     tssptvp,   »1.fl0,   7r,c,   fiOc
Seats at Mn-donild'H Drui: stors.
Mrs.   Pratt,
I dressing
Mrs.   ■'
Mrs.  Somes,
Miss  I!.   Hag
Mrs.   i;
be  possible  then to reach    the
coast in  16 hours from Greenwood.
1   bolt,
.". nightingales,
20    yards flan
2  belts.
.1  bussifs.
gen, l pan- knee caps.
1   p.iir  wristlets.
Florence Bourne, handkerchief.
Friend, $3.00.
Scenery and Snow Worth
3cven inches   of    bigh  grade      gold
and silver ore  has  been     struck      on
j the  Strathmore    A  small  compressor
Hill be Installed at this mino     in   a
short time.
Tlu'iv is consiiler.eble excitement at
the coast over th.- rei at strike in
the Argo tunnel. It has cnuBcd some
people in Chicago, and other points
to look in the direction ol ('.rem
Try Palace
garage 'or skate sharp.
Lump or nut corn at Palace Livery,
Lump, stove and nut coal at Cour-
C.'ll up Pnlnce Livery for lump or
nut coal, nnd dry birch and cedar wnv
length, Phone 201.
■   All winter Durban.in brothers   have
J0ll8FS'l,ec" work,ng n c,*Um    nl  Boundary
B'a'la,   Last  week they made a strike
ol  gold   ore.  The  lowest assay   shows
$10  in  gold   wtth a  trace of     silver.
The  Kails  mav  rise again,
WaNF advts.
WANTED.—To rent piano for use at
Taft. Best of c ire guaranteed. Apply Box ij   Mail Hcruld.
Thi peech   of    ll.
I   ,i    the dedication
dicating this m.i  nib
tl       to the use it is
'   publicity   wo     do    so
tiding      of     the
t eai    be derived
in should     ap-
can be linked
foi   wlntor
■ l   ..
the months
"id  lot     us
:,,,      be       ,|,,„.
•  ..■    (140,000
■    millioi   doll >i
'e   foi    two   or       lilt, n
' I   and    i ii     they
On    lound the   world
...    . .    ....
COUld  l nd   a n't  mil   them  00.  'Hi'   en
i      tbey      hats  a   |T( iter
•■'•    n    ■ . titer    than      In
• i their n i ■ ;.•    be
up to |SM,0OO,000,
We h Interioi  ol Bi IU I
f./erlnnds in one. Are
wr  sm.ert    m  the      Swisn''      Vis hnv.
millions of dollars   worth of Htnsry
nn.l   inmir  to en   *i>   noil   |t?    |
think   we run.
Tb.' Greenwood smelter shut    down
last August. Dp to that time   during
I'M I,  Iiu   smelter treated 295,000 tons ' WANTED
ol   ore      producing      over      1,000,000 I
pounds of copper, 14,442 ounces    of
gold and 63,501  ounces Ol  silver.    The
Mother  Lode mine    pn duced  178,00
'  ore .it a cost of SS;  cent .  ,i
ton  loaded  on   the  cars. Other   mines I
.•f tha company produced 13,no:; tons, !
and 104,000 tons of custom ore   were
tre it"l.
ij'OR SALE OR TO  LET. -Fum. bed
on lease,  7  roomed  house    on   McKenzie avenue all    modern  conveniences.     Reasonable    terms,    apply
Harvey,   McCarter & Co, F17-]
-Would like four respect
able parties to ' room and board.
Price $ii.00 a week. Apply to 24,
First street, enst, next to Y.M.
C. A.
1 ip iral li ut b.i .!• bees resumed    on
a  email    K .■•■■  al   both   the  No. 1    and
tbe Highland minu al Ainsworth,
according to Johnnie Oebhart, who
was np from thnt city on TiiiB'l.iy.
'.t lhe O.illighcr, at which property
he is employed by the Ollvo A Silver
' Mult   and   .Ind  In   Mojclrn,
day next. Opera iionso.
rt  is over two months since It rnln
od iii Oreonwood
ffnlf | trnin load of people, Mutt
and left, Tuesday; est seats now nt
Charming Window Display
in patent leather for ladies and gentlemen
at popular prices
ROYAL SHOE STORE llownon Block PHONE 217
For Ruhbsm,   Overshoe*, CBi-CJiganii,   Leg-ginST*


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