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' Empire " Typewriter
Kor i-.-se ol operation and pel feci ion
in r -nits produced, Ui> niiieliine
is ll .sin pi-sell.     I'nee, ifliU DU Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,    -    Agents
The Mail-Hepaid
,j*m\       '0_SU«_____Vl____Ma_M_MHlMtf t
ne./ Wellington tr
.MAR 151909
Vol. 15.-No  13
E. W.  B   PAGET,    M. Ke. _tie Ave
*•! or
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead anil Revelstoke.
For afternoon Tea or a delicate finish for
Lunch wc have Huntley & Palmer's Eng-.
lish Biscuits, the highest perfection in lhe
manufacture of Biscuits. The dainty anil
attractive forms th^y are made in and the
delicate blending <d flavors cannot help
but please. These new brands of Huntley
und Palmer's lliscuits to choose from:
Monarch, per package, juc j Arrowroot, per pound, $$c
Coronation,   " 20c | Phillipines,      " 75c
Marie, " 20c I Acorn, " 75c
Kiti.iliu, •• 35c I Creames, " 93c
'rhe following new   Jams, Jellies and Honey
in stock:
WagstalTs Pears and Peaches  40c
Wagstafl's Strawberry and Raspberry Jam   30c
Wagstaff's Crab Apple Jellies   30c
Crosse & Blackwell's Marmalade,... 1 -lb 25c, 4-lb 65c
Preserved Ginger 35c
HONEY,  per jar   35c
Stores at Reveletoke and Arrowhead.
Your Opportunity!!
Stock Taking Bargains In a Good Liue
of English Enamellcdware
76c. Blue Enamelled Preserve Kettle now at 45c.
86c.     "          "              "            " '■   " 60c.
11.00        "          "              "            " "   " 65c.
86c.      "            "    Sauce Tan         " "    " 60c.
$1.00        "           "        "       "          " "    " 70c.
$1.00        "           "       "       "          " "    " "5c.
See Our Bargain Table.    Always
Something Your Wanting
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Hi iiimlies or Audit* »t all principal points in Oanada.
Agents in Great Britain anil United States—London, England,
Lloyds Hank, Limited. Chicago—First National Hank, Corn Exchange National Bank. .Seattle-Heal tie National Bank, San Fran-
eisco    Wells Fargu Nevada National Bank.     Spokane—Exchange
National Bauk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of (1 and upward,  received, and interest allowed
invent rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Reveletoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Spring Goods Now Arriving Daily
Ladies' anil Children's Dresses, Blouses,
etc. All the latest Spring Styles. Call
and examine these before buying elsewhere.
MRS.   A.   G.   CRICK
rift   Street Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
No Action to Extend Life Till
Next Session
Victokia, March 12.—No action
will be taken by the governmental
tbe present session upon the proposal to extend the life of the
special timber licenses. The government will await the advice ol
the forestry commission.
This announcement by the premier was the feature of yesterday
afternoon's session.
In announcing the government's
decision upon the question of timber licenses, the premier said:
"Before the business of the day
is taken up, I desire to make a
statement of considerable import
ance that is awaited with great interest by a large section of the pro
vince. 1 refer to the question of
the tenure of the special timber
licenses, it has been the subject
of considerable controversy of late,
and of several delegates which have
waited upon the government within
the past lew months with regard to
the timber industry in British Columbia.
"I desire to inform lhe house,"
continued the premier, "that the
government has decided that the
tenure of tliese licenses will, at the
next session of the legislature, receive the attention of the administration in the way of some provision that will make for the perpetuity ol licenses unlil the timber
is removed, but upon such special
lerms and conditions as the government may then deem prudent
and in the best interes of the province.
"We consider il wise to defer
action on this matter until we hnve
had the advantage of the advice of
lhe commission on this and similar
subjects about to be appointed.
So that when 1 make this announcement this afternoon it must
be understood that while the question is to receive the consideration
of the legislature at the next session, it must be upon such terms
as thought to be prudent nnd in
the interests of the province generally.
By Rail >to the Garden of the
The gradient railway up Mount
Revelstoke, as mentioned in our
last issue, is attracting universal
attention, and is the chief subject
of discussion among business circles.
The Bcheme iB feasible in every form
and would be a great means of advertising Kevelstoke and her scenic
wonders. The attraction for tourists and visitors would be unpar-
alled, and when tbe proposition
was fully advertised, the fame of
the "Revelstoke Gradient Railway,"
"By Rail to the Garden of tbe
CloudB," Mountaineering by Electricity," "A Glimpse of the Ethereal by Rail," "Mid Glacier and
Peak from Revelstoke, "Through
Clouds of Flowers," "The Electric
Arrow," or "A Mountain Climb
Into Space," "Juno's Flower Gar
den," or some other attractive bead-
lines would be the means of popularizing this city as the central
mountain resort of Canada.
It is understood that steps will
be taken to secure data for the proposed electric line and a decision
as to the construction arrived at.
J. D. Sibbald Takes Over Management of Gen. Agencies.
•I. I). Slbbald has purchased the interests of F, B. Lewis in the General
Agencies, anil will take over the liusi-
ness the eoniineniieiiieiil uf next
month, Mr. Slbbald will now be
managing director of the   concern,
Ineidentially we might mention that
it is the intention of Mr, Lewis to
uii ive with his family to tlie coast,
where he will in all probability lake
up other interests tint! reside.
Mayor Lindmark has purchased the
handsome residence and grounds of
Mr. Lewis, un McKenzie avenue, the
figure being 811,500. The house is a
Hue, modern and up-to-date structure
of pretty design ind appearance, situ
ated iu attractive ground-, comprising
tennis lawn, flower gardens, etc., and
is one of the best residence in the city.
In spitr of the somewhat higher taxes
uf McKensie avenue pro|>erty, that
section of the city is an attractive part
wherein to live, "but those who want
luxuries must pay for them."
Pool Tournament
Tbi following Ol-e  the latest returns
of the stiver nrp pool tournament at
MeKiiinun's cigar storei
A Annan defeated W.Green by 4 balls
Bd. King       "       F. Allen     " 42 "
!•'. Bergef R. Macdonald by 83
F. Cutting 0. Moyr by 82
A.McDonald "       II  Carpenter   by 17
Great interest is being  taken in all
lhe games.
Advantages of Local Route-
Important Reports Presented
to Board of Trade-Publicity
The re our monthly meeting ol the
Board uf 1'is le was held on Thursday
night in lie city hall, with a good
attendance. Messrs. II. McKinuon
aud W. Smythe were duly proposed aa
members, election to take place at the
next n eeting.
From the Deputy Minietei ol Mines
at Victoria, replying to a request hum
the Bosrd for an appropriation toward
defraying the expenses ol the collection ol the Revelstoke mineral exhibit
for the Seattle Fair. The Board were
advised to take up the matter with the
local Gold Goinnii-sioner.
From the Canadian M.intif cturers
Association request ing that the Board
opp.se tbe Compulsory N It .ur day
bill now before Ibe House st Ottawa,
giving many convincing arguments as
to why the bill should be opposed —
The Board by resolution protested
against the carriage of the bill.
From Hon Sydney Fisher, Ottawa
Agricultural Department stating that
Revelstoke oould not, be granted the
appropritition to tbe Dominion Fair in
1911, Saskatchewan having ree.t ived it
for that year. Application wiil now
be nude lor the grant in 1018
From 0 tawa acknowledging ri ceipt
of resolutions re Experimental Farms,
A, and K  E. R charter.
F om Victoria re Experimental
Farm, Mr. Taylor stating that this
matter was now before the Executive;
also re Canoe River Ferry installation.
Frum Win. Whyte, second vice pres
C. Pi R. re Industrial department,
stating thit his company would do
all in their power to promote the wel
lure ol tbe country and especially the.
cities through which their line passed.
The committee appointed to deal
with the matter of the Land Registry
otlice lur Revelstoke, brought in tbe
following report:
Owing to the rapid growth and development of tbe Kootenays and the
large increase uf land sales we believe
tbe time lias arrived lor tbcestabish-
ment of another Land Registry Otlice
for the Kootenays. Tbe delays occasioned in putting through transfers of
title at tbo Nelsou Registry are notorious and by reason ol these delays
real estate transact! ins, and commercial development generally are retarded. We believe the country has outgrown tbe capacity of the Nelson
Registry a .tl tbat the district included
therein is far tuo large lor one office to
We wool i suggest a Land Registra
nt t on Hon. Mr. Templemau, when
pissing through tbe city, submitted
their report as lullowB:
Gentlemen, — We bave to report
that, in accordance with your resolu
tion appointing us a committee to
wnit. on Hun. W, Templeman as lie
pass, tl tliiuugli Revelstuke on bis way
to Ottawa, to represent to him various
metiers affecting the interests of the
ilis riot, tve met Mr. Templeman and
dieousicd with him:
1. The desirability ol refusing a
further extension of tlie charter of tbe
Arrowhead iS Kooteuay Railway, except under a specified guarantee
backed up by a substantial deposit
that the road would be placed under
construction within tbe extension
asked lor.
2. The necessity tbat exists for the
geological survey of the section ul
Country between Arruwbead and the
Big Bend.
'A The demand fur land around
Revelsluke, and the lavur ul his assist
t>nce in having it placed at the dis
pusal of settlers ss far as possible.
4. The board's request that ample
proviei- n lie made on the estimates lor
the bttlni.ee required lor the Domiuioii
building lur Revelstoke, antl that the
work be put bed ahead as soon as pus
5 That Revelstoke be placed next
in order mi ibe list for the Dominion
exhibi ini grant.
B Facilitating the proposal Ior the
urgent construct imi of tbe mountain
s°cii. ns of ibe Grand Trunk I'acilic
and the supply Irom Revelstoke of
stores, eie., for tbe work.
The niiuis'er was suffering from a
severe ould and much indisposed, so
that tlie interview was hardly sb satisfactory as we cuuld  have wished.
Regarding tlie A. & K. Railway extension, Hon Mr. Teinu'einan asked
whether time was another road which
would bui'd if the ex te Union wete refused Otherwise lie said lie would
always support an application for ex-
te si.in of a railway charter, and instanced the Grand Trunk, which be
cuntended had shown its desire to
push construction, aud il it required
ao exien-iuu be wuuld certainly support it.
As to the Exhibition graut, he was
of opinion ibis wjulii be withdrawn
alt getber.
The other matters he asked the
deputation to place before him in
writing.    This has been dune.
VV. M. Lawrence,
E. A. Haucien,
H. C. Mor.
The report was adopted.
The committee lor the situ and luce
I tion of tbeJJ. C. University reported
i as foi lo»s:
Roaeous why Revelstuke should bi
selected as tbe site fur tbe proposed
provincial university:
Reveletoke is tbe most ceDtrally
lucttitl city ul British Columbia,   and
tion   District   lor   North    Kootenay,
same to include  what is known a. the  j» connected by rail with every import.
RevelBtoke, Lardeau, Tiout Lake, Gol-  •"* l"'"1 °" lh" ",8 u1'    Ju POB1
dtn and Windermere mining divisions   «i°» " «b '<" "llli di9U,,t l'etwef" l ,e
with Registiy Ollice at Revelstoke. new   «Mrito'.v ,0 be ">,<;"ed UP •* l!,e
We further suggest tbat tbe Golden Grand Trunk I'acilic Radwsy to the
and Trout Lake City Boards ol Trade north, and the Boundary Line to tbe
be aaked to co-operate with us iu this ,0^
W. 1  Biuuos, Chairman
John D. Siiiiiai.u,
E. A. Haggen,
F. B. Lewis,
Geo. s. MgOaktik,
While geographically the position
ul Revelstuke is such as tu make it
the most convenient location (ur students Irom all parts ol the province
The mining and lumbering industries
are destined tu make a heavy   demand
The report was  adupted  and copies ! on the coming young men  of  British
will   be  sent  tu the Atlorney-General   Columbia lur their scientific   manage
ment and development, and we submit
that nu other point in the province
affords such great advantages for prae-
and the Hon. T. Taylor, at Victoria.
The report ol the Publicity Committee was then read as follows:
A meeting of tbe Advertising and
Publicity Committee was held this
evening iu conjunction with a committee appointed by the City Council
(or the purpose ol discussing the advisability ol taking up and carrying into
effect a scheme lor advertising the
city, its attractions au 1 reaouces. On
motion ol J. I'. McLennan, seconded
by H. Cunningham Morris, resolved
tbat application be mads to tho oity
oouncil for the sum of f 1000 lor the
erection ol a Publioity building lor
Revelatoke and tbat tbe local lumber
men be asked (or oontributiuns ul
sufficient quantities ol lumber lor the
erection ol the building.
E. A. Hauiiem,
II. C. Morris,
a. Grant,
T. Kilpatrick,
The report was received aud a resolution passed lhat a detailed statement
ol plans, etc., be secured and the C I'.
R. approached in the matter as to the
site lor a building near the depot.
Tbe special committee appointed tui
tienI   study  and information   lu be
obtained Irom geulogical investigation
underground development!   ol    the
mines and their equipment, and   eci
mimic operation,  the  i lannlng and
Operation ul the must up-to-date
metallurgical plants aa the Trail
Granby and Greenwood mnoliers, the
operation ol logging and lumber
plants, and the most up-to-date saw
mill plants, ol which tbere are about
fifty within ea«y roach ol   Revelstuke.
To those interested in exploratory
work, Revelstoke ie key to hundreds
ol miles ol virgin country untruvolled
ss yet by human loot
Revelstoke ia also in tho heart uf
the greatest mountain systoni of tbe
province, tlie gorges and lolly peaks
funning unsurpassed object lessons in
geulogical study.
Then fur students interested in
athletes, Revelstoke affords the best
opportunities to be bad. With ils
well equipiaal recreation grounds, are
exceptional facilities lor summer
sports such as football, cricket, lacrosse
and tennia; while in winter the ioo of
tbe Columbia river ur tbs skating rink
Cotillnowl on P«g« Two.
The Best Yet
Our endeavoi i.s always
to handle the best in everything in the  Grocery   line.
Just now we can recommend Salt, Smoked and
Canned Fish  oi  all   kinds.
Pure Maple Syrup, Sellrising Buckwheat Flour. Honey in glass
and in the comb. Eggs direct Irom tbe hen—We are strictly in the
Kgg buaiiicsa anil enn supply any quantity at right prices.
Hams and Bacon, These are the lines! Canadian grown and
cured meats anil are winning us a lot ol custom.
Celery, Let'iice ind early green vegetables are arriving iu guud
condition, and su h Fruits as Oranges, Bananas, Lemons, etc., are at
their lieat.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
Ngwart^jes on Tap.
^T*        ^^ ifyoudont
usk for it
You are not dressed rigbt from head
foot unless you   have  a   New   Spring H-*t.
We have all tiie ' ' . '--ugiish ,inJ
American styles i:. .-n "t and Stiff, ar, 1
we have all the new styles in Fit Reform
Clothing. We solicit inspection from
prospective buyers. lt does not pay
to be out of style
Fit Reform Clothing.
HF.AIl   llll I. I .   I ul.'.N ll)
I  -1  llll   l-lll   I.    IMH?
I Im tin- Haul* .oe a moul , nnvenn-nl
i  ei -.it- issued in denominations °l
b. e. walkkr, Prmidnit Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
alixahdeh laikd. Getifi.i M.iujtr   Reserve Fund,  -   6.000.000
llie new Traveller- i '
way in which to can ) mom . alien Iravel
$10.   $20,  $50.   $100  nnd   $200
and tbe exact amount peyabl    Austria,   Belgium,   Dciiniurk, France,
German >. Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Ku>-iH, Sweden
and .Svrltr.erlund Is stated on the face of .-a. li cheque, while in ether eountrias
they are payable al currenl ...i,--..
The cheques ami all informalioa regarding iliem ma   in- obtained al every office
of the Bank. HI*
Evangelistic Services
Tho aervices in the Baptist church
have increased greatly in interest during the past week. The attendance
has beeu beyond all expectation, the
latter part ol the week the church
being well Idled. The Gospel, as
preached by Mr. Baker, is nulling ita
way to the liearla ul iniiny, aud i|Uite
a number have responded t" the call
ol Gtal. His message ia true to tbo
teaching ol Jeans to Nicodcmus, " Ye
must lie born again, before vou oan
see the Kingdom of God.
Tbe Gospel in song, Irum lhe lips of
Mr. McLean, is sweet and convincing.
He possesses a very line tenor voice
snd knows how to use it t<i   the   very
ln-st advantage A male quartette btl
been organised and is singing witli
telling effect These servicea will
continue each night next week, except
Saturday. On Buuday Mr. Me Lean
and tbe quartette will be heard at
both services at the church, and iu the
men's meeting at the Y.M.C A. nt
4 p.m. Kmpbssie is laid on the latt
that everybody is cordially invited to
these acrvioes.
I have just opened up the best rsnge
ol fancy spring suitings for men ever
shown in the city. The very' latest
shade- in fine imported worsteds can
lie bail st a very moderate cunt. Fit
and workmanship guaranteed. See
window.   Geo. H     night THE MAIL-HERALD, tlEVELSfOKE, B C
Zbc  flDall-lbc valb.
H.W   AT
Barristers, Solicitors,
A \V A
Supreme^ md Exchequer Couit
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office and befoie Railway
CiiAiti.EsJ.MiKriiv. M.l'
11 \Rui.iijl-Vni-_it.
USrricBS ;   lMi'KHlAl. Rank Hi 11 niKG REVEL
Money lo loan.
Offices: Revelstoke, U C
iku. S. McCahtek
K.  M.   1'INKHA.M
it r.
.1.  A.   llAKVKV,
l-I-|lllh|-liOk. II. C.
^^^^^^^1      11.11 t inter
Solicitor, elc.
S    lit llol   lol 1  -
The i as whan Hank hk Cummkiuk,
The Molsons Hank, Etc.
his congregation in lhe work of lho
l burch mul fails to expound the
gie-l>cl intelligently or uses his pulpit for other limn ivhal is Inid
down by the church, Ihere can be
little hope of a congregation becotn
iug enthusiastic or anxious lu tnke
any real interest in their church.
Irem   I'licu O.io.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Win veyi.r
McKenzie Avenue,
ItnX.  lllti,   llKVKLSTOKB
c. w. o  w
M.untwin  View Camp. No.
tfeeU  ^ocoini  ami   Kuiirth   Wednesdays in
e__,.i. niouLti, In  Selkirk llall.   Vlsllln   Wood-
iiiki. co: vitally mi iiini io allend,
iv. i>. akmsi uonu, tun. rom.
J   M.lSTN RK, liert
!'.EVEI,s it iKI-. AERIK No. 423
F. O. E.
• TLe r»gaiai meotiufi* ;tr*> bald iii tha Selkirk
Hal srerj Tuesday oreuiu^ at, 8 u'ciock
Vishint Kr«ihron nro oordlally invited.
W. E. McLACl HLIN.Skchetaby.
Kootenay Lodge. No. 15, A. F. Jk A. M.
'   -S3?
.'. A. I'llUfL'SIKR.
Tlio rosular niotn-
lllffa are liftltl in tl.*"
Oddlellows Hall, ou
thiril Monday iu
eiicli mouth at 8
p m. Visiting brolle
ren oordlally w-pl-
. 12,  LO. 0. 1".
Ily iutitsH t
W. A    '"' .• iTE. N.li.
Musi- '.fro' Tlinr-.
.lav   oi'sniiii;   in   Sol-
lir'l  Hall ul 80'c.ooll
Visiting brethren fte
JAS  MATniB;sso.
Apropos of the recent death of a
valuable ting belonging lo a citizen
by poison, the question has been
raised as to the legitimate uses of
poisor for killing or destroying
noxious animals. According io
Chap. 151 of the Revised Statutes
of H. C, Section I, providing lor
the indiscriminate sale nnd use of
poisons, it is ordered:
" That every person who shall
place nny poison outside of his own
buildings or outbuildings for the
destruclion of noxious animals or
for any other purpose whatever,
shall give notice to all persons or
families residing within one mile
of the place where such poison is
used, by posting noticu- in three of
the most public places within one
mile of where the said poison in
put out."
From what we can gather certain
citizens have heen using strychnine
for the purposes nf catching coyotes
and whether it not they have complied with the law remains to he
elilllili »
ninl    o
» iii lei
-i ports
lie   pursued   a
t    IHI
ml vantage.
I'o iin
lit  III civil
1 it'e
ne huve
al  lit"
ile the
object lessons
il ii
ml    dilli
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
Ho. 26,  Revelstoke, B C.
BBTS __.Vl_.Rtf   ■'■ EliNSshAV,
,- v. eft . . .-I it taitite"J  >
each neiut...   i ddleil wa'
a»li    at    3    i'cI ick.     VIniiini
Knigbu rt   ■ .. ir-ll-ll y   uviie I.
~M!TH. C. V
r.   F    HKl" K   K   ol   H    A- S.
J    I). SI Ol'T    il    of F.
Cube flDaiUlbcralb
There Is so mnoh bad In the ha..t ,.I n =
Autl s.. mnch iinod iu the wont nl 08,
Tbat it hardly behooves any nt u-
To laU- ahont lhe r«-l uf us.
" When a church bas to re.-ort tu
bridge parties, fancy dress bu
and drawing room vaudeville to
i istain it- iiiiiiiiie.-, it is time fur it
to ask if it iuis the faintest idea of
tbe irdinary litnes- of thin^-."
says tbe Canadian Home Journal.
Noi luu there need be anything
unmoral in bridge, evil in I inc\
dre-- ball.-, hypocritical in whist,
or demoralizing in vaudeville. As
amusements these may perhaps
afford those who care fur them a
lafeguard ag.nnrt mental palsy,
Tl •• idea, however, of underpinning
tbe finani .i. foundations ol tbe
1 bristian churcb with these paltry,
frivolous sources of gain, is, apart
from   .'Ler   lources, absurd.   No
1  •'   '    ll;
run   a   chtire
Preliminary Meeting   Work is
A meeting ol tlie members and directors of ibe Agricultural Society waa
held on Wednesday evening, Mayor
Lindmark in llie chair. Unfortunately but a few members only attended,
After going over the statement and
balance sheet of l__i-t. .ear it was fuiiuil
that the atl'.iira ul the society were in
good shape, the only liabilities being
those incurred .-..me years ago by the
Turf Club, which were being paid off.
The society has excellent assets in the
lease of the exhibition grounds and
the extensive improvements in "on-
neotion with it. A committee waa
appointed tt. tabulate tbe society's
assets, its value iu improvements ou
the fair grounds, and if possible put
into shape the original stock sheet
and list of stockholders. Owing to
the slender attendance, it was tlecided
to postpone the election ol officers
until niter the directors' meeting on
Tuesday, Mareli 16th
Mutters relating lo prizes from
wholesale houses were discussed and a
committee was appointed consisting
ol the President, F. B. Wells snd C. K.
Macdonald, who were to secure all
details as to the probabilities ol prizes,
trophies and premiums irum wholesale houses,local merchants and others,
The dates for the Fall Fair were
discussed, tlie selection depending
upon the movements ol the horsemen
who would be likely io visit here Inr
the races.
v. J. McDoniI   al sti d  thai li
in communication  with a nun,
horsemen   wbo   would conn   aud  . -
with other cities where meets si" held,
a- to fulling iu hue witii their reipec
tin Fair dates, iu order to arrange a
gootl eircuit.
A committee consisting ol Messrs
A. McRae, A. I MeDonell, ami H.
Cunningham Morris, the race committee nl last year, was appointed
who will have charge of all arrangements for the fixing ol the Fair dates
tbe le.rse racing, etc
It is probable that this year i lie
dale- wi . be s.'t later than lasl 11'..
I oe i'iestioii ..( attraclions m.l
amusements   lot   the  Fair waa taken
feats in railroad engineering in le
found in the province, while power
engineering may lie studied at lCoo'c-
nay Falls.
In summer the reaches of the Col
limliiii liver afford a rare oppt rlunity
for rowing, sculling and motor boating.
A well equipped hospital is available for the medical students. Fur
those who wish tu study agricultural
questions, as small fanning, irrigation
fruit-grow ii g and stock-raising, there
are ample ftcilities anil object lessons
at hand in thu adjacent dry bell,
Okanagan uml Arrow Lake valleys,
Stretches uf good roads are lieing
projected which will appeal to the
horseman, pedestrian or cyclist.
Nature is seen at her best in the
grand valleys, mouutains aid rivers,
lakes and gurges, making Revelsluke
a paradise lur the amateur photographer. A local branch of the Alpine
Chili sffords facilities for the best
mountaineering attractions.
Revelstoke has a splendid Y.M.C.A.
which, with iis well-equipped gym-
uasiiim, " would be available for
Boarding and lodging in respectable
homes can be arranged for students on
reasonable terms.
Revelstuke tikes a pride in ber
educational institutions, the schoo's
being equipped in the must up-'u date
manner, and the city is almut. tu i .impend a large sum in further improvements for educu'i'nal purposes. A
public library i- pi  jecled,
The climate 1 llevelsloke is lr.
knowledgeil io ne hulthy and invigorating,
The Hoard al Tr de will be glad to
meet members ol lhe Commission io
recommend a suitable site, and to
afford them any information and cooperation that may be desired In enable tbem to fully and fairly e insider
the advantages offered by tii-velstuke
(ur the proposed university.
VV. M. Lawrenck,
E. A   Haiuiin.
The report was adopted and copies
will be M-tit lo the Provincial Secretary
with a requcBi to lay ibe appticuti u
uf Revelsluke before the conl nis-iou
who will sel;el lhe sile.
T. Kilpaliick reported on tbe mil
ter of the reservation uf ceil a in limits
for the wnier supply of the City i i
Revelsluke. sill niitting maps ol lie
sections north nl the cily, stating
that ut present the posts weie co tred
wilh miow, and it would be better to
wait until lhe Btirveyurs' lines ami
posts con Id he located bef. re any
action was taken.
The report was referred back to the
committee, which was to include Mr,
Lindmark, and a letter will la- sent lo
Ottawa requesting that si.y further
action mi the matter H^witlnld until
the  board  forwards  furthei   infiimt-
t lull
that of ihe c 1' R can lie obtained to done bv ibe new railway in curving
Three Valley, from whioh puint lu iu supplies and men for ibe cuiisti" -
Ven.vn practically a water grade can \ tion ul tlie Fraser Hiver sections . f llie
be obtained. From Vernon mm ward (.1 T I'acilic. The distance fiom the
an easy gradu is ttvuilahle In Ihe month nl Cannc Hiver to Tete .luan
Colilwiier li.er uud ihvi.ee up the Cache is not over HU miles and during
Cold water and duwn Ibe Ouquhclla 'several months Canoe Rivur is tiitig-
a water g' t.li   is uv lilah'e.
:i tin n f n net t,. the map it will
be seen that this r ule i- much shorter
antl more direct   than   ilu-   route   via
Yellow-head 1'ass and North Tl psoti
river, mul besides il will open up a
territory tlmt has unbounded natural
resources and bus no railway facilities
at present, whereas the Yellow-head
Pass lias already been chosen by the
11. T. I'neilii nnd any little local
business there mny be in that vicinity
would of necessity lie divided between
t vo railways il your company decide
to build through tbat Pass.
4. The great hulk of the timber in
the Interior of this province is trilui-
biiliiiy either to Shuswap lake basin
or Arr.iw Lakes basin, lin the Columbia river and its tributaries above
Arrow Lakes, tbere arc fully 8000
stpiare miles of excellent timber which
must Iiud a market on the prairies
and the natural point lor the manufacture nf tit ai I.i al this timber is at
the Arrow Lakes, u distance of 28
mil s south of Revelstoke. A short
branch line from Revelstoke un the
west side of tie river would enable
your company to compete for thia
enormous business and secure a large
share of the trade and tho Iruit carrying trade result iug from the opening
up of the Arrow Lakes district to
fruit growing.
fi. Tributary in Shuswap Lakes there
are at least 1500 square miles nf excellent timber, which must lind a
market on he prairie and which can
he most conveniently aiiilecununiii-.nl-
iy mill d un Sh swap Lakes A sburt
line Iiiiiii Thre^ Valley to Sicamous
a distance of not over IS miles would
enable your company to compete fur
this enormous business as wi 11 as fur
the fruit cany ing trade ul the Okun-
agau, Salmon Arm and Shuswap Lukes
(i The Big Bend ooun'ry is kiiuwn
t.u be rich in 1111 ii ti u I - of all kin.Is
particularly ci pper, autl tbe opeuiug
ola railway there tvunld result iu an
enni'iuulis lunnage uf ore being developed and would alsu result in thousands of .-ores of excellent land being
opened up to settlement. The trade
nf carrying in supplies anil men in
the lumber aud   mining   cuni|s   ih t
,,!'.,.i so oi Oe e-1 bb-liei! in the II n
I!., nl would .ilone be i source of
i.  Fi   ■
.... ,• V. :
nvei the
pr   |
he.n! of Wood   river   lo
r  llway    construction
■-ell    unite    Would     pass
ii  r ken   forest   ol   the
in    ih
abl. by lint bottomed Steaui'-ra enab
ling supplies to he laid down at Tete
,Juau Cache within reasonable lime
and at. reasonable eust. in comparison
witli the eust uf taking them iu via
Edmonton or bom the end ol the li e
j uf construction,
If your Company would favorably
consider this route this committee
promise to use every lc;itiniate effurl
to assist in procuring Government
assistance towards the construction of
the road and also to use their endeavors to procure frum tbo city of Revelstoke aud the City ol Vernon, sub
stain inl I onuses town-da its cunstruc-
A. MoRar,
F. E. Sink,
A. H. Al.l.iiN,
G, S. MoOaktek,
A. B. MiClknugiian,
E. a. Haggen.
The report has been Forwarded to
VV. McKenzie, president of the Canadian Northern.
The report was adopted and relerted
back to the committee. Maps and
copies to be sent to Vernon, Lumby,
the railway ollicials and the local press.
E. A. Haggen brought up the mat
ter uf advertising the northern mire
now that the Canoe river ferry was put
in, and suggested that two cabins ho
lnnil for the accommodation ul travelers, between Bnat Encampment and
Tete .Inline Cache Mr. Hnggen wis
most emphatic that now tbat the Provincial Government bad been generous
enough to nut in I lie ferry il was up
tu the public to try and secure as
mucb business ns possible lu justify it.
lt was then resolved that the gov
eminent ngent here he requested tu
arrange with tho government agent of
that district Inr two cabins un tie
trail between the two points above
F. B. Lewis slated that Revelstoko
lucked wharf facilities, the one at tbe
o'tl lauding having been washed away,
aud suggested that tiie DominiuD
Government should construct one.
A resolution wis pit—id tbat tlie
Dom. Gov, Public Works Department be asked lo construct a whnrl on
the Columbia  at   Revelstuke at once.
In discussing ibe mallei- ol freight
rates, and instancing ihe recent ruling
ul llie I .I-i.-iaie t'liiuiiieiee C in iii--
i-iie. regarding rales f'-nil Spokall*1, i
res ilutititi was pa- ed i lint a c in n •
cation ic sent to lhe Frelgli. Dqui-t-
ment uf the Csiiuiiau Vlauiifacittr. r-1
As ociatinii   that Revelstuke is handi
Kvery user of this
win one of ten beautiful
arc giving away each month
and win a handsome China
Dinner Set
famous   bread llour has an equal chance to
and  costly   1011  piece Dinner Sets that we
Iti'tiieiiilior a coupon is placed in euch 40 lb. sack of Royal
Standard flour leaving our mills. Tbe duplicate ooupons are placed
iu a recoptucle and ten drawn each month. Tbe lucky numbers will
be announced in this space lhe lirst issue of each month, Gather
all thu coupons you can, iiud compare your numbers with thu winners
as announced ouch month. Your niimu may bo among them. Do
nut let this ml pass your eye until] day. ll may announco lhal you
have won tin elegant prize.
Full delnils of lhe contest on tlie back uf each coupon. Prizes
will be shipped prepaid lo any address on receipt of tbe duplicates
of the coupons containing the winning numbers.
Royal Standard Flour is manufactured only by
Oapital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 6. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ capped regarding ,|.si rileiiing talis,
very best limner in ihe Interior '•! j and tinu, the ninlter he taken nu i„ tin-
III :i-h C, Iiini ■■„ This .viil iieseiii „imc ,„,„,„,, Ha w ,H \„|„m ,\ ,-,..
liy a glance * me aocompauyiug map LU08t has also been sent lu ihe Railway
showing existing tinker limits, You Commission for a copy ol the new
need no pointers li nu this oommittie I ached ule of distributing rates for Nub
to grasp the   importance   ol   opening 8jMi
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our bauds une parlor sets,
liphulsieied in high grade silk, or
d itoask, with frames lhat are in every
i'..i , eivable design, anu inntle to we r
hub finitely. We nave many new aid
1.. am iful parlor sets ami odd pieces lor
beautifying the home that are taste
fill, i If. Clivc and inexpensive, and will
show jour rooms iu the best advantage,
i -. .i'i is   KOR : II   !.'■
\   McRm pn tented  • verj  lull report    llf   till  ' 1-"'     ., l.tell    to
look iu   i thi     »tte  ollbel    N   route| very fiQeac ,IUHlitiee
•    I ■■ elstoke and
up such an area by a railway.
8. In the Okanagan ili-trict alone
there are, over one and a half million
fruit trees, many ol which arc now
pr. duciug fruit and many thousand
acres of vegetable farms all prtiilncing
guilds riquir.'d on the prairies. The
Ariow Like- distriel are also becom-
srge   producers   ul  frui's of the
eiiy that  it take- money   up and an eil'ori will be maili  i.  -.,
a-  weli ,,r anv  a good selection    .1   iuoh attractions
^^^^1 I in-oot I ...k is    very   promising  i
"tl.-r .n-1.t...-..■■ i,   _ii.il if  the inuiiev '    ' ^^_
the preliminaries are  earned OUteaily
ic nut  forthcoming  frum tba right and SIMOui attention  paid to district
sources, then  uther  means have to I exhibits, prises, amusements ete
| success .f the 1909 Pair is assured
from  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Vernon to I he c ast
Revelstoke   B. C    Man     5   1900.
VV m  M tcK'ei
- il i .aoodian v-  -
Kail wa • ., :.
—Tht signed been   ap.
■ io   • -•   .
Boar.!   I I .-»d" rith   ins!ructi  i.-   to
ilrt.i  to . pany
,:.- ;.,r ti,« Bril -
ioo ol voiir transcontinental railway   whicb would   lead   froin
Ed mi iiton vm  tbe   Athabasca
V irtreii um. al   i lie   lummil     f   the
kiei    ■     - I    miles   lo  the lOUl h ol
tne Punch IL wl   ■ ..!..■•    .'
ul lork il w o,,i|  river   i be  main
.-.er wbioh empties   into   the
nbia i ivi r ai  I',, al   Enaempmei i
j :.   aboul    the   tnoatl     .1   Canoe   river.
I mplovi , • . raise it.    It i*  just
er m porta nl and necessary to pay
for une- spiritual needs as it is the
temporal onw and figuratively
i|ie .Mng we . an not live without
either. While the body needs sustenance, -     i  i hi mind, and thu
higher   nalun   requires   constant
•mention   to  enabl
u'   religion   i"   bi
Interesting Lecture
I Mukiiig    < Ihristiani   ami
skeptics, attention
iug lecture will l.e di
thenee    via    Ibe i  v. r   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
., ., , i. ii       •' ! ' I" n    "1
-     . lo     I line     \ i ^^^^^^^_
i.      import mi y*,' ul  m
atlle   lass    I I,eti until   «..-'. ^^^
would     a
I Frog   ■  ■ • ft     Mi     lake    \\ bits
valley   \ em in   Douglas
'i"iler nv.r   Coquballa   rivr   to    Hops
liliiiiiilaili-   thenee I n'_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
, ,. In i, . . lUgh   III    rt ii .1 Rn
lioliest.     route to  \ aneouver ami   \ lelori.
^^^^^^B it   mil i oluiibu   Kiver \ a i. .- ihe e
A  very interest..      Attached hereto la ■  i  showing
.ind iii  Revel-  the route tn whioh your aitenti       >
•    1 n  I nlerior o( Rritish Columbia
,-i tilling up with peop'e and ihere
heavy demand for cheap coal from
the prairie country ami  ilu- demand
:    i ..en considerable wesi bnuud
n th. coal lields uu the east
■idi ■  1: ernes.
• i|> -iring  to    noduly    ilia-
i her route,   we   can   sny
.mg, r ol   successful   uotitra-
dicti :    ih.it.   the   Yolliiwhe.iil   Pass,
Nortn Tbompeon rivor  route, cannot
i.i ioi   neans compare with ilu-route
direct i ess grades, i atural
resources and business possibilities  or
mt iei   io.I «.' fi ei   confident
that the Provincial (iuvernmenl would
 «' thi ii-
•    .,1   ft   railway   by i'.      ....
ropoi    pr iposed   to
,■    tl IJ       I    ISI    •      I'e     lloismilllli
i parallel lor some Cun.ileia   li   li-tance
|    - n    posed   lr...,-. -. ,     pi i.ii
F, E. Sine stalled a controversy ro
garding a Carnegie library for Revel
Stoke, stating that lb" idea would he
popularly received, antl n resolution
was pas-etl that a communication he
sent to Mr. Carnegie's secretary re
questing the conditions of the library
establishment,   grant,   etc,   be   for
wauled to the board.
Mayor Lindmark gave a verbal report on bis visit to the .Seattle Pair
ollicials regarding a "Revelstoke Day"
nt the (air. He said that the idea of
a day or a local exhibit were impracticable, i.in that. Mr. Palmer, uf the
Agricultural Department, Viotoria,
has assured him thnt he would du all
in bis power tu assist Revelsluke in
exhibiting her strawberries and uther
fruits    Touching on IheO.T. \'., bo
-aid that. Mr. Tate, the company's mi-
lienor, had   informed   him thnt in all
probability the Interior sections ol tbo
road would be constructed from both
ends of tlieir line, but if the time did
not permit other arrangements would
be made, and a decision made within
a in-.nth how the interior sections
won1.1 be built. Mr. Tate admitted
to.n he was in favor of Ihe Revelstuke
route as being lhe most direct and
H.iei islbls of any
I be meeting t ben adjourned
i.mis on which lhe •
founded   solid.     It
thought thnt the i Inin li should
take second place in the liberality
of the people and have to resort lo
ali sort.- of -cheiiies to puy their
w,i', and carry mi their wurk
Much depends on the spiritual ad
,'inji and if   I."   neglect- In ititere-t
stoke under lhe auspices of the Watch
Tower   Ilihle   ami   Traol   Society  ol
Brooklyn, New Vork,
Tbo speaker, Mr  frank Drsper, has
lhe principles lectured extensively   In   Canada   and
ideal, ninl   the America and the purpose nl this   Ieo-
bristian life it
i- n depraved
lure is to eon vi nee honest truth seeker
..I the consistency ol the Horlptures,
Service lobe linld iu the i ipnra House
-March Uth, frnm 7.80 to 9 o'olook p.m.
Ruhji'Ct —"How, When and Why,
Chtist come- tlie hecuuil Time."
Undenominational, seals free/every*
holly Home, no collection taken.
. » .
Second   hand furniture—0 dressers
and standi. 1 dining table; I sideboard
at  Ideal Furniture Store.
lira iv ii
I Ins committee h ive gatbei -
■iderable information as to  the   proposed   route   and    tins   .nf..ro
I.   lhe grade up the   soulh    fork    of
the Athabasca   river   to   Iti   bead at
Fortress lako is an easy ..ne   the elevation   of   Fortress   lake   being    but
1,800 feel above sea level.
2   An easy grade   can    be   obtained
down   Wood   river, which Is a stream
fully llf) miles lung. On reaching the
Columbia nver an easy water level
grade can be  obtained    tO   Revelstuke
nud by taking the eastern or southern
side til Kngli: I'llss an easier grntlc I bun
River Va
.       ., r.      feW      ...g1'      '   '      I "l.si'.l-
bridges lo boild or maintain ami ,„,
«i'i« shed - * uld  be iu '-.I..- i lie
, ...    wide    anil    I l.e  >noW  fall is
Ijghl        ..ksnagan      Lake llawsp
l.nki    ai.I    Arrow   I aki I ri main open
m,.'i r   consequently tl a   umbei
v.uld nut be Interfered witb In
any way, where.a .it Kamloops lhe
riven and laki s are Irusen oter lor
several    months   ami    II.e   luoi'.eriiig
industry   is   at   a itaodstill In conse
If the conslruotl f iius proposed
line oould i«. carried out al miee frum
Kevelstoke northward, oi Irom tbe
head ol navigation (60 miles north nf
Itevelsl.nki ) lo the mniiih ul I'aiioc
River, an CUONIIOUI business Would he
mumstu$L^i twemost
the uorruT Z*!I cowwihu
cheapest in the
end because K
weora WMMt
T^« (_______*.. C*_a>
r*s»im tua.
Big Discoun
on all
rash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
IIKAI) OVKIORI   Uai.iiakv,   Ai.iikiita. #
Wholesale and Retail Moat Merchant* 4
1*111 k I'uckui's unl Dealers in hive Stuck.   Markuls in ull the piiuii   0
pnl Cities .md I'oivus oi' Alberta. British Columbia and the Vukiu
Packers of ihu Celebrated Brand " ImpnriiU
i    mil  "Shiiineiick"  Hi.mil  1,'itl  I,nil. ■	
I Iii ins. and Ii.u nn,   t\
ll ,1, WILLIAMSON (latt oolleotor
Kevelstoke Blesin l.nuiulry; havinf
now the Agency for I lin Vancuiiror
Steam Laundry, will rail at your
houifl Mondays, I'liesdays and
All Work Cuaranleail     Prioe* Moderate
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
—       REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Sew I) buill Kirsl-tilnsH in every respect.     All modern ciuivoincni «s
Large Sample KiimtiM.
Rales SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Quoen's Hotel, Trout Lake, >uuli:r name   mriiiau^mcnt
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wine*, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratss$iada>.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     STOTSTE      PBOP. T11K M A11, 11M AM). 11K V ELST<) K E, I'». ('.
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kiuds of shingles, hui the best.
innf-coverinijtb.it any man can top
oil wilh is a
Fire Insurance Policy
in a reliable company. Su that if tlie
fire-fiend lays I.i... home in ashes, be
pets dollar fur dollar without delav.
I'an ihe manufacturers u( shingles
i dor a kind lu beat this? If not itl-
i-urc'il, lei us sh,ii)_;le your roof Tt) n.w
I a in mohkow may be loo late.
Lowest premiums in  best companies
Real Estate anu Insurance
Vancouver Acreage
Semi Description, Price and
Terms to
Andrew E.  Liddle
Ileal Estate Agent,   Box   1117
SOO Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughu
Uash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
first (to Barber
first (luss Business
Good Going Concern
Well Situated
Em full particulars apply tu
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamstij
St. John
Fri. Mnr. 12 Emp. nf Ireland
Sat.   "    2u Lk. Cham plain
Fii.   "    2U Ep. of Hi it.        Mar. 12
Sat. Apl.  H Lake Ei ie "    17
Fri.    ••     I) Emp. of Irel'd       "   26
Sat.   "   17 Lake Manitoba     "   :tl
1st. Class and. Class 3rd. Class
$8.1 50   $48 75 $31 25
ist. Class -tnd. Class 3rd. Class
$ti.s 00       $4.. go       Sjo 00
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Class .ird. Class
$45 00       S,|o 00
Cheap tales In Atlantic Seal* aid
points in connection with "team
ship tickets
Passengers booked to Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, llain-
buiK   (ind    all    other   continental
Por further Information apply tn
T.W. Bradshaw,    C.B.Foster,
Agent, A.U.P.A.
Hevelstoke, B.C.    Vonoouvet'.B .0
.    ij--."..
What Our
Means to You
TT means that the flour contained in bags and barrels
so trade-marked is decidedly
whiter, rt great deal stronger
and more nutritious than
other Hours.
11 means Hint the flour hasbeen
properlv iiijecl   to  mature   its
full strength-
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
It means elimination of uncertainty—"your money bach"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs more than theother kind,
but worth tlie t'ifTerence.
Western Canada   Flour Mills  Co.,
Ml:;        I 1-... lto.Vlt._1C1:, ClODKRtCtt, Hit .'..-.'HOU.
fin-.- l\-|iiiii)K-tr. Manitoba
iUaunfaotnred ter nil classes of  buildings
for fr1* in InriH) or^raalPiiimntitios
Bt the 1 >west prices for raph.
AU kind- of tmildirtR aud plnsterniu
Tested stuck,   Seeds fur
farm, gardon or conservatory, from tho best
growers iu England.
France. Ilollanil, the
Unit eil Stales, ami
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, bee supplies
spraying materials, eut
llniveiH, etc,
140 e.i«» O-Malogu*   Fr«o
M.   J.    HENRY
Cm-en Houses and Sred Houses
301a Waiinilnslai Road
Revelstoke Assessment District
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with tbe Statutes, thai Provincial Revenue Tax and assessed luxes
nnd income tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Act" and
amendments, are now due and payable for the year 1IKK). All taxes col-
lectible for the Revelstoke Assessment
llislrict are due and payable at my
ofllce, situate at Revelstoke. 'Ibis
notice, in terms of law, is equivalent
ton personal demand by me upon all
persons liable foe taxes.
Dated at Revelstoke, 8th January,
I IN Ml.
Deputy   Assessor   and Collector, Hevelstoke Assessment Distrlet, Revelstoke Post Office. jaiill Hid
Revelstoke Land Dlitrlot.
District of Went Kootenay.
Take noticu thfitlr 0 K. Lamb of Mi mi"
Apulia, occupation mill ownor, intends tn
apply for permlulon to purchase tbe lollowing
described land.
Commencing at a pout Planted at the nouth.
west rorner of lot 7648 and scribed "('. K,
Lamb's t«oiith*eaRt corner pout," thence 20
chains north, thence '20 chains west, ihence JO
chains soutb, thence 20 chains east to point of
commencement and containing 40 acres more
or leaa
(). B. N. Wilkie. Agent.
Dated November 24tb, 190H.
Certificate of Improvements
Pluto and Galilleo Mineral claimi* sitaatajii
the Trout Lake Million Division of We-t
Koutenay District.
Where located:- On Divide betweenCaapada
and Ppplar Crooks atnl about U mile from
A- A K. Kailway.
Tako notice that 1, O. B. N, Wilkie,tOtlOff Bl
agent for Edward Ha ill in, Fr*» Minor'- t'aiiifi
catc No. B889D8, intend, slitj din from dato
boreof. to apply tn the Mining Kecorder for n
Certificate of Imprnvoineut.-, for thn purpose of
obtuiniiitf a Crown Urant of [heaburo claim*.
Ami  furthor take  notice that uctiou. under
suction 'l'i', must lm couunenced before the Itftl'
unroof .-uch Certificate of Improvement*.
Datod thin 1th day of March, A.D., liar.'.
0. B, N. WILKIE,
fob 24 Trout Lake.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of tVe»t Kootenay.
Take Notice that Roderick William
Lindsay, of Camborne, B, C,
occupation, merchant,lntends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described land)
Commencing at the north-east corner of A. D, MacKav's pre-emption
No 7,806 and marked "H.W. Lindsay's N. VV, Corner Post; "thenee iiiioiit
8 ohalns to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption)   Ihence about  50  chains
south} tbenee about 8 ohains  east tn
MacKay's side linei I hence tun lb about
50 chuins in point of commencement,
oontalning 40 aorea more or less.
RniiititiiK William Lindsay,
Dated Dee. lllll h, 1.I0H.        .Inn. 25th,
For Sale
I will Hell two ol my houses on Hnl
stieet, south nf McKenzie Avenue,
full two story wilh furnaces and all
modern   Improvements,      Terms rem
Hiinitble.     Apply tn
Corner ul  Hnl Ht, and McArthur Ave
Of Canada's Wild Lands Needed
for Their Development.
Due of the ^.t'eutrst if tl- lor lie
present and future limber ml inistm
lion ul n.i- cuiintry is reasutuibly cor
leet infill nut'ion ns tn the f rests ol
Cuiisd i. I i . ,r ex',-nl. i he smnunl of
timber i.i tbem, tlie rate ol growth
aud ' a vaiiuus oilier ipjestions rel t-
ing tu tbe amnunt uf timber which it
is sale tu take from tbem without impairing tbe "capital stock " At present, calculations as to even the acreage of the forests of the Dominion sre
largely guess work; and, until more
accurate information is obtdned as to
this question, it is scarcely possible to
inaugurate a scientific and businesslike administration of the forests of
the country as » nhnle.
It is just these and si tui lur questions
thst have been takui up by the U, 8
''Conservation Commissi .n," appoint
«d by President Roosevelt lust May.
Since its appointment this commission
has been bard at work gathering information as to the resources of tbe
United States and the best ways ol
using these so as tu give the greatest
aniouut uf services to the nation. Not
only have the lurest rtsourceB lieen
cumputed, but also those ol the mines,
the streams (for purposes ol water
power and   transportation)  and   soils.
In the second week of December
tbe committees appointed to pursue
these investigations met iu conference
with ibe governors ul the several States
at Washington and presented their r -
Some similar stock-luk nj ur inven
tory of natural resources would seem
wise on tbe part of Canada as well. It
would be even mure timely bere, lor
Canada has not yi t re. chtd the state
of material development that the
United Stales has, aud her resources
have not yet been dissipated tu the
same extent. In older tu secure wise
administration, a far fuller knowledge
of uur resources is necessary, aud
among the resources the (.nests take a
prominent place.
The ideas which Canadians hold
witli regard to their northern forests
are based largely un reports brought
back by travellers along ihe chief
water courses. Naturally the best
t un lu r. lies tilting miter courses, and
there is reasun to bii-pict that the reports ul these travelleis h-ve been unduly optimistic. Many in.-tauces can
be given whete lumbermen ai d f revere have found to their c st that is i-
mates of timber lauds bused on the
timber found along streams have bi en
much exaggerated. Moreover, in ihet-e
very regions, the litnler is said, bj
those who bave explored the country
at some distance frum the rivers, to
become smaller and more scattered
Whit is needed is that men wiih
s ime knowledge uf timber estimatii g
be sent out tu explore the country and
estimate the timber along routes other
than those most travelled, giving
special attention tu the timber nt
some distance Irom the livers
The explorations made in Northern
Ontario in the summer ol 11)00 illustrate in some sort tiie kind of exploration necessary for tbe whole Do minion
Full and accurate rtports uf such explorations will serve to clear up much
of the haziness that uow attaches to
the timber ami other resources of tbe
less known parts of the Dominion.
Probable Reorganization —Invaluable for B. C.
The Fruit ft Produce Exchange uf
B. C, Limited, has gone into liquidation, the sheriff being placed in possession uf the office property, etc
Tbe exchange has been running
witb practically no capital, tbe various
district members never being called
upon to put up the money, couse
.piently the running expenses exceed
log the revenue trom cummissinns,
etc., were in excess and tbe business
failed, principally, however, on uc
OOUDt nl the lact that the Iruit gruw-
era never actctl up tu tlieir contracts
to deal only through tbo exchange.
Tbe situation would have been totally
different if the growers bad stood behind the central I \change.
The Cnldhin .im Packing Co. and
the Okanagan exchauge, wo understand, brought about ibe climax.
The sheriff's sale is advertised fur
Maroh 17'b.
It is more tliu.ii likely, however, that
the exchange will be reorganised, as
the necessity for a central exchange lur
tbe growcra bas been recognised
Moreuver tbe wbuleaole bouses have
stated tbat tbey would only handle
B. C. fruit through a central exchange
and not bother with individual gruw
\t tbe recent convention held in
this city wbicli was attended by the
members ol the exchange, 0 1'. 11 officials and wholesale Iruit houses,
representatives, all matters relating to
the possibilities, tbe advantages and
DOOeslltlei ol a central exchange were
discussed and the reorganization
unanimously decided upon
Old Age Pensions in B. C.
ICtliti.r M tit.-Ill l: ii.lo
Su — A ill \ias broil;," i into tbi-
j local legislature with a view of pro-
j vidii g a pensi  n I  r   govt nine nl   i in
j ployei s, luu it  is millers' 1   tbat   ii
! will nnl he put through ihis session.
If nt tulte care ol lhe heritage we
have entered into there is no rea-on
why every man, woman und child in
ehiis sountry should not be well provided for when they grow old.
The lands are vested in tne crown
or tbe benelit of the people. The people of tbis province Bhould always bear
in mind tbat by bi coming citizens ol
this, tbe lineal country in tbe world,
with a future poieessing the greatest
potentialities, they all have a right to
allure ii ibe proceeds of the public
Oertam ...rliuns of the lands are
already in .nd or set aside for the sup.
port of a Uritish Columbia university,
and there is no other reason why other
portions sin.old nut be set aside for
the benefit of each one of us when ne
get older. Those who have already
borne tbe burden and the heat of the
day in the development of tbe province should have sume benelit from
these lands as an annuity before tbey
depart. The government should,
therefore, face this question without
delay and bring the matter to a final
issue iu the next session of parliament
Frank Richards, J. P,
Vancouver, B 0 , Match 11. 1909.
His Investment
Old Lady (who h»d given the tramp a
nickel)—"Now, what will jou do witli
it '.'"
Hungry Ho'no—'Waal, ye see,
mum, ef I buy an unto, there ain't
enough left to hire slu.f r Su I guess
I'll gii a schooner 1 kin handle thst
Celebrated Scottish artist, at tlie opera
bouBii Tuesday evening next.
Before the First of May, two six-
roomed bouses, in Revelstuke, with
two acres uf land each; including, 11
wanted, horse and rigs antl all garden
tools. Situated west of 0 P.R. track,
Lower town.    Apply to
Ic Box 286, Revelstoke.
Notice of Seizure and Sale
Notice is hereby given under and by
virtue iif two warrants of rxouulioii
issued nut of Ibe County Coin I of Vale
holdon al Veinon .iiul to me dii eel ed
against    the   goods of   lliel-'ruil    nnil
Produce Exchange of British Columbia, Limited, I have seized aud taken
in execution it quantity of office furniture, stationery, two typewriters, filing cabinet, miiieugrapli, udilicssu-
graph, and other guilds, n list of wbicb
may be seen on application tn the undersigned   or on application to W. H.
Robertson, and thai 1 will sell on the
17th day of Maroh, 1900, at li80 o'olook
iu the afternoon at the office of the
Frtit and Produce Bxohangoof British
Columbia, Limited, on Inrst Street,
Revelstoke, B.C. In order to satisfy
the said warrants of execution,
Dated Ibis 12l.li day of  March, IIHK).
W, J, LAW,
Sheriff nf North Kooteuav.
Kevelsloke Lam! District.
Dlstriot iif West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Walter 1'. ('unfair
of St. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
printer, intends to apply for permission lo purchase the following described landsi
Commenolng hi a pusi planted along
sitle uf the re-entrant south-wosi cor-
hit  post   nf   Lol   71170; Ibence ivesl  III
chains along ihe south boundary of
I-iot   7(1711;   thenoe  SOUth     10   chains;
tbenoe easl 40 ihalnsi thenoe north 10
ohalns to polnl uf oommonoumont,
containing fflO aoros,
Date: December 8, 1808,        jan!) 0Od
Thos. Morgan,
Ai Iiii nil Obi-* io  1 VV  ..,1 s un Wm-
11   II    II   e .,.  llCllU   ' ll   D' IL   II   II   gll
(' as» I'    i i  I'.ipei  Hanger, II.no
\V ...I F li.-hlug  in .1   Fun-   Wuik  a
S|i. cial  v.     I) •_. gus h   d estimates fi ,"
Address.Y M.C.A. Revelstoko
Bevelstoke Land DUii let.
I )i-i i Ici of Wesi Kiiiileiiay.
Take notice thai   Harry J. LaBiush,
of   Nnkusp,  occupation  hotel k
Intends In apply for permission I
chase the following (lescfibed land
Commencing at a post plants
nort h-east corner of Lot 7800, thi
west HII chains, thence north 00 chi
thence east HI) chains, Ihence sunt
cbaius iu place of commencement,
talnlng isn acres inure or less.
Dated Feb, 8th, 1111)1).
lull Ll IlAUItY   .IaMI-.K  L.\    IlltASIl.
Notice i> hereby given that, at ilu
expii'itihin of three months from date
hereof, application will ho made to His
Honour, lhe Lieutenant Governor in
Council fnr an Order In Council changing llie name uf WunlM'y, LeFeitux iV:
Company, Limbed, to "Lefeaux ite
Sutherland, Limited."
Dated this Hih day uf February, 1009,
Hakvky, Mi c a uth u it Pinkham,
Solicitors for tbe said Company,
may 12
ll HU
Revelstoke Land District.
Distriel of West Kootenay.
Take uutice that Annie Louisa Cop-
Ian of Ha/.elwnuil, West Virginia,
occiipat ion married woman, intends
In apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a pust planted at
the soulh west corner of Lot 7900|
thence south 20 chains; tbenee east 21)
chains; Iheneo aouth 20 chctns; thence
easl -II) chums; ihence north 111 ehains;
thenee west lil) chains to point of eoni-
raencemeni, containing 200acres,
Axxii-: Louisa Coplan.
Date; December il, 1008.        janll OOd
Certificate of Improvements.
Kingston, Mag/ie li, Tongue, Senator,
and I'ittock Fraction Mineral claims,
situate in the Lardeau Mining Division of West. Kooteuay District.
Where located -On the western slope
of Lexington Mountain neat Camborne, ti. O.
Tnke notice that I, F. li. Hloilibei-
ger. F.M.C. No. Ii, 23022, agenl For the
United Kingston Hold Mines Limited
non-pei'sontiI liability, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B 94842, intend sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose nf obtaining Grown Grants of the above
And further take noli ' ' ""tion,
undi1!'suction 37, must b, u..nced
before tbe issuance of such uertiflcate
ol iHipi'i.veiuenls.
Dated Ibis 21st dav of December,
A.D., 10U8.
F. II. llLui'iiui'iitnKit, Agenl.
Certificate of   Improvements
" nsroTioiu
Last Chance and Lost Chord mineral
claims, situate lu ihe Trout Lake
Mining Division uf -Vest Kootenay
Where locatedt—At bead of Coon
Greek.   No rib   Fork  of Liirileiiti
Take notice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie,
action a- agent fur Henry W. Schlnt0,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B04045,
intend, sixty ilavs from data hereof,
In apply in ihe .Mining Recorder for a
Ceiiilicaie of Improvements, foe the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant nf
the above claims.
Antl further take notice that aet ion,
under section H7, must be commenced
before 1 he issuance of such Certificate
nf Imptoi etiienls.
Daled   Ibis   I lib day uf January, A.
11., I'.HKI.
janlHIillil ll.  II.   N.  WILKIE,
Revelstuke Land Dislricl.
Dislricl of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat George li. Frank-
I'tn'iei- of Minneapolis, Minnesota, occupation college prolessor, intends lo
apply for permission to purchase lhe
following descrilied landsi
Commencing al a pnsl planted at
the Bouthuosl coruer of lot 7080, Ihence
wesi Oil cliains more or less lu lhe
boundary ul lol 7070s thunce suuth 2u
chains; thenco easl 00 chains mure or
less to Hn- shore of Arrow Luke, tlience
lilting snitl shore iu a northerly direction 20 chains more or less to point of
commencement, oontalning 1211 aores
inure or less.
GKOKOK   II.   FllANK|.'l]|tT_..lt.
Dale; December0, HHIH.       janllIMIil
llevelntoko Lund District,
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notice lhal Frank fi. Winter,
ni si. Paul, Minnesota, ocoupation
merchant, inti ud to applv tor per-
nn-ion n. pin'.'lm- tin following de
sciiied lands:
I'oiiniii'lii'iiig ul a pusi planted al Ibe
south-weal corner of Lot 7000) thenco
west mi ehains; Iheuee norlh SU chain-;
tlience east III chuins; Ihence south ID
chains;   Ihence   easl   20 ehains; thence
soulh in ohalns to point of commence,
ment, oontalning 400 aores,
Prank O. Winter,
Dale: December 0, nuw.       janOOOd
So Clear. So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through  a   Blind   Man's   Eye
A Canadian  Madi   Writing Machine
Fur ease of operation and
perfection ill the results produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITKK     -    unsur-
The " EMPIRE" i bodies
no complicated movements,
while ils iinuiii uding alignment, margin ', facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, vi.-ible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The" EMPIRE" needs less
care than nny utner uiiichin.-
because there are fewer parts
to bo eared ior also due to tin '
Btrong lines ol simplicity thai
are purl of tiie machine.
The C.P.R, begun using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and nuw have iu
constant use more than TOO
of these machines.
The British Government
" French Covernment
" Bank oi Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Sunk
and all educatii ni ins i: u-
tions of    anada
Notice is lu'inby given lhal pursuant In
lhe provisions ol Chapter ijj of llie Statutes of Canada 7-S, Edward VII, Shuswap
and Thompson Rivers Boom Company
have file.1 111 llie ullice nl lhe Dominion
Lands Agonl ni Kamloops, B,C, and ill
the ullice ul The Honourable llie Minister
of Public Worksal Ottawa, Outarlo plans
and specifications ol certain booms mul
oilier works proposed lo be constructed
hy suid Company in, over and along the
Norlli Thompson Kiver in the Kamloops
Division ol Vul.i Disirici In die Province
of British Columbia and lhal on the lolh
day of February, 1909,8! the hour of 11
o'clock in lho forenoon, or sosoonlhere-
alicr us the application can be heard,
application will bo made by the undersigned i" lli- Excellency tho Governor-
iii-i'iiiiiicil ai Ottawa, Ontario, (01 his
approval 10 bo given 10 such plans.
Dated ihis .ph day of December, 1908
Shuswap and Thompson Rivers itn.ui
Ily OttO I.m hlllliudi SecreUry.
Dec, 9, tm d
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
flew Fashionable Spring Goods
New Spring Goods
N'ew Embroidery, Ncu Laces, New
Drc.-5.-5 Goods, New Prints, New
Linen Suitings, New lndianhead,
N'ew  Kcpps,  N'ew Ginghams,
Fashionable Goods
New Spring |;ickets, New Skirts,
New Cotton Underwear, New Cotton
Knit Underwear, New Hosiery, New
Corsets, New Blouses, New Underskirts. Ladies' and Children's Footwear-N'ew Oxfords, Slippers, Lace
and   Iiiitlon   Moots.
We have just received the bulk of our N'eu Spiiiij; Lines. See our New
Sprii llotdue.tr. in both Stiff and Soft Hats ami Caps. New Shirts, Ties.
! nderwcai in Silk and Wool and All-wool, for early spring, all warranted to be
unshrinkable, Oui Footwear comprises the best lines on the market. You may
depend upon octtin^; the newest styles and lowest priees.
Pure Drugs
combined with fateful
compounding,    prompt
delivery and reasonable
prices are the liictnrs
which have built up uur
business to its present
immense proportions.
Bring your next pre-
scription here if ymi
■...iin! - itislactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
Local and General.
Moving picl un-- tonight
II. .. . .,, ,,,.• o indy i.i - ile "l Mi-,
i. V. Msnley o. March iBth.
i ::, i „!,_-. Yuxiliary to H li I will
., . ! lnee in 'he upers butise, April
ititid.    Particulars later,
i,_. „ ,i joi t, -e. ■ ibe Holy ("iiy"
,i,   inn; hiiiui   alsu   tin- ever   popular
dr,)] |.:, ih, little tots—March 17th
1 i.i ■ rders ol B, of 1-. E and ibe B
ot L. F. are making arrangements  lur
a il.iin. to be held Tuesday, April 111.
I:...   Ladies   Hospital   Guild   have
arranged to bold u Calicu Ball  in  tlie
...  .. House on Tuesday, April  20th.
The I idiei nl St. Andrew's Church
.: i . P tsket S icial iu   the   Sel
kirk Hall,   Thursday   18. Tickets 26c. I
.    :,,   Mrs    -I    V. Mauley's un I
lay    March   L8th, afternoon or
evi    .'-.•. and get a good cup ol tea and
. i jl y  ' le   [tin.
No. 2 Km- Brigadi have nirsugcd t»|
bn'nl a  .11. se ii     In ' 'pi ra House on
Frid j     Marcl    IHth      Prices   ifl   a
rtm isdy 50o. td
I ■ •    , .,.■...     Uuild   ol   St,  Petcr'i
ib sr- holding s sale . f work and
i   .... _-.,-urn ij , A pril 17th. ut the
:' M'.?_! McCarter on   McKenzie!
We aim   to  keep  only
Our Bread, Cakes and Pnstry
best in Groceries.    A trial
ure made fresh every day,  when
will   be  appreciate-1   as we
a re
tired uf  your   own   linking,   try
convinced that we can save
ours for a change, you   will   lind
it very appeti/.i-'g.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Nice Live roomed
House for     Sl.SOO
Nice   Six    roomed
House  lor    $1,900
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of Instil
Agents  for the celcy
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
h£       Real Estato, Insurance and Financial Agents.    Money to Loan.
5  - - —
For   25     >  'i   " ■:.  -■ tan cherc ie
_   • ._■• r thi   guesting contest and |
,.,. pt kings      • • :•-   snd p !c ttaten .it
;.-      ,'. Ms   ey'j 1 bursd >y evening
March l--r
ii •   hi -    Hugh McLean e
-   ■ . .   • be sell sti n s b) tbe mail
isrtette iu   tbe evangelistic   services
.    t  e Baptist Church on Suuday and
• ich nigbl :.•   t week,
Ai. i, . ,'i :. thai i i c inmi ml
.--. :' > s recitation by boy-B, in chorus
—-?t. Patricks euterteinmenl Wed-
i • id ay March 17tn Seat! U sail ll
Ma d ns d - Drug Store,
'An eveeing io  Sc tland and Ire-
it ;:. -• :.'..     i .'   Lena    D It: ie,
.      i-   -    ■:-     artist, ;-  a per-
-    ,-,■■-   ,ii   wh.eii music   laughter
aud i   ig reign - ipn me
I ,,t..    »pp    tti    - lor   wboleea e
spirit ..'■ ■•• - li      t ii ian. A. (I i   .
,• io    aud   fi   Caiuussi wi ri ri lutod ui
■.:.■•.         tin      ird ul     leiiat
r   -i.i.  - ....;.     lui
•      li i i-    l ;   Ugl .   .ii
icting  itra
i. .    -, | ibuwin
i ,.     i      _  .   md   uin,.I    »«'   sent
• .     . t irgc ot i'ohi '• ■-■ rgeanl
I. ••. ■   i       itylum    •'    Sew    Wi t
',-;• i
1 rangi lisl Bain I trill addn us tbo
un . Dug in the > M. C. A. to-
mi rn * alti rno n I bis bi r« lee will
U loten ating and instructive, and .ill
men an welcome, Mr. Hugh McLean
mil ni ii ^ special numbers, and othci
music will be arranged
Paper by ttie Pound
I ||„' till      |   gill    Ail)   I.'
ir pap     lor
,     i i .   -;■ ■ ■ :.'H. i\
Tliat ii 'If wa)  tin- |wpci
Lout iue- Eaton     Hurbut
Paper 5 0c. a Pound
i ov* . ;•■ -.        maii h   Two
Highly cuiuic aud iiiterealing programme tonight at the Kdison   Parlor
Come aud get a cup ni tea and enter
the guessing cuntesl at Mrs .1. V.
Mauley s. March 18th.
The Mountaineering Club dinner
will be held un Wednesday, April II,
instead ul April llth, as announced
\ novel feature of St Patrick's en
tertainmontu March. I7ih, will be readings, illustrated by living pictures in
tableaux and shadowgraph.
A number ol celebrities will meet
with Mrs J. V Mauley on March 18,
among whom Are Wm Gladstone,
Joan of Arc Alfred 'he Ureal. Martin
Luther Adam end Kve. and others
Come and meet then,.
In the 36th annual repurt ul the
registrar general ol birth.-, marriage)
and deaths for the year 1908, in tbe
districi ol Kootenay is ,-n iwn Births,
571, increase of 96; marriage- 'J71. de-
cot-, of 73; de nil* 468, in re ite i  55
Miss Lena I luthie i- equal ■ is i I'ec
live in tin exquisite lyrics oi Ireland
s. iu the songs ol her native land.
Her impressive singing i I "Come Bock
io Erin" ami " "lis tbe Last Rose of
Summer alwayt leaves i prolound
lu be -ur, you '.nli hi ,ir some ni
\ oi no. 'I uld favorites in the Iri-h
-. ugs it ■ In    pern bo ise Marob I fth
Also ii lu w p  [i o.ir 1..- .titled
'i ',._:, i. ■ ling an isb - ug ii
you -.1 ish ti •■ ry me. by Mra W \
...   tiers and ch   ut
I bi Ladii -   I tbi  Maccabees io
g an   alterouou   lea ami ,i ...cial
sveoing   il   thi    lionu     i   Mrs. '   V
Mai,l.-y,    Uh   St- et. 'I -I •      M.
18.     a   splendid   |. .  .        it i.e. o
arranged Bilvei Cu ucl luu in I he
allerni i i. and a charge nl -•'"-. lor ths
e.i iiing.
The appealing tenderness il Annie
Laurie *■ aang i y Lena I lutble bus
nu ...i • bouaandt to lean ami her
mateblett rendition of 'Loch Lomond, '
,i tong unsurpassed in its beamy
among tl,,. -. un* ol   lovo   ii.-I   loiiKiiin
and the -alines, of farewell hat held
vast audiences enraptured.
Mr. J. P. Ford cretary-treasuret
ut tbe Mountaineering Club, is in re-
ceipt "la letter from Mr. A.O-Wheell I
IK II 8., iu I vi h iug him thatt.be  un
tain lying to lhe north of the city, and
hitherto called Mt. Victoria, has been
olticiiilly culled Mi. Revelstoke by reao
inti.ui of the Geographic Board ol
Evidently tired ul waiting and w th
an eye to fun, a horse attached to u
ilruy, both the property ofJ.C Hutch
lion, stalled ..fl on a little j.iunt. by
himself on Thins.lay afternoon nuil,
witli the reins   hanging  Inline, sped up
one street then another, Anally heading lor McKenzie avenue I nd.rlu
nalely bin freedom came tu un abrupt
cud, for on turning the corner into
Firs! street he got tangled   up in   the
snow, and   rolled   over, rig snd all, iu
lhe drill" l'n. Innately 110 damage
wan done.
in Revel-
the aixth
Don't forget the   Maccaheo ti a to be
held at Mrs.  ,1. V. Mauley's on March
i loth,    Afternoon anil evening.
W. Hews has purchased from the
heirs ol tlie lute Thomas Duwnie, tin
property occupied by Reid it Young,
adjoining Moliuns  Hunk.
There are many people
i stukc who "linulil lo,,k lie
chapter of the gus poi of St
when ihey will i,,, | t|1(,
which i- specially adapted io tlie
Leuten sia-ou 'Moreover, when j.
fast   be  m,i   at  hypocrites,..!   a   und
''u>". mce   I.i    they disfigure  Iheir
laces tbat tbey may appeal unto men
and women to foul ver iy i .. . mi,,
i heir res ird
A big atrike of  very rich  ..,■ ,. rs   it
-n.i   t...   have   lieen   1 -,. v,    ,■ \a the
Big   Bi ml   district Ute   lam    ,
di tails | ,,..   |,e
del bj    the   disc sere -     \    ush   I
prospectors up t  i    i       .,.,.,,, Kiver t.
etween thai rivei
aod Seymour   .-■■ er    -   ■ not) a <-er-
-   -     ■    •■•   navigati n    . .   -
I'he stcan     •• t-nt.-.-  ■.
iog pis  - ■ .-
md   toppiuj
R»P ds     .  tbi      ■ al   - de i . aooom-
,..',. ...       rj|  j
■ w Beld via thai -
i ii -...., :.     .'i,..       .....
»en       •    ..,     thii we< ■
■,i,    ...
'       . e ....
■ • ' |   Ml      i.      •■
-   -       ■ ii   ami   Irolic—
pleaae    s -    ,. ,tring,    from
ilnr   amusements
imp     I he party
 ..■ oi   Mrs   .1     L
■ re a tempi og  mppi r wat
v        mppei  games   and
ace  iiicliuiiiin tinging,
land)    nibbling     aud
...   and  tbi   liali   and
liapenod .u'n'r * mosl
lelig ig> recreation,
Social and Personal
M  ■    '    F lion  will not  receive   m
Wednesday   March   17th.
U   u   Kraser ol the Gibbons  l.uin-
i.er i !oni|i my is in town on .■ business
VV iii   I.   Ijtrrsine, manager fur Lena
lliillue    the   famous   Soottlth    artist,
was a viaitoi in the nny Thursday
Mi" I. \  Haggen resturnsd yester
day frnm an  extended visit   to   her
puretil "   homo   in    Napier,   New   /.<-.<
I land.
0. II   .luhlilOIl, fnrmerly of lhe Km-
, pire Lumher Co,, now ol  Minneapolis,
'spent, yesterday In   the oltV III ennnec
tion with his various limber interests
ui tins locality,
I-. I. I uckcr nl thit oity, the enter-
I prismg photographer, was married on
Wednesday    last,   ut.   Cnlgury, to  Miss
Luan, also ol   this  eiiy.   The happy
bride uml bridegroom returned to 'lev
olstoko last nigbl, ami will iniikn Mien
homo here     The Maii.IIi.kai.u joins
with their many   friends iu cuiigratu-
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
ReSts Ooi.leoteu. Loans Notary Public
Just received Carload of Prairie Hay. Another
cu of Timothy Hay on the road. Leave your
orders early if you want any at the old prices.
Wc have the Hest Butter in town, a trial will convince you. Also Fresh Eggs and a i;ood line of
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.        'Phone 248
as.********:* * A****************************************
htiies tn Mr. 11 nil Mrs T cker, and
lishes them all future happiness
Mr, m d Mrs. K. ttobertson and Miss
Robertson who have been I'isiting fur
hree weekf willi Kev  a   tl   Mrs. ,1.   B.
Knb it-on, left by Nn U7 on Thursday
uight lor Vienna, where tbey will
take up iheir future residence.
.1 Johnson, the ohampion heavy
weight pugiliat, passed through on
Friday morning frnm Vancouver en
route to .St Paul and Chicago, The
mighty stature ol lhe oolored boxer
wi- much admired by lncal sporting
Mrs. A. II. McCleneghan enteriainod
a large number ol little tuts on Wednesday alteruoon at her resilience, ibe
young guests thoroughly enjoying
themselv. s 111 the evening a visit
was made to the Ivlis in Parlor Theatre
where a delightful hour ul good and
aniusiiiK pictures wound up a jolly
Business Locals
season lm Go-carte—see large stock
at Howson's.
See 'he laleat in men s uniting*, just
arrived, at ll, H. Knight",
Try Veribrite Vein.il, tbe in .gio furniture polish, sold ut C.B Hume k Co.
U will   intercut   you to look at cut
prices ui iiirnitute at the Ideal.
|.,ce and tape-t rv curl a in",purl ietes,
curtain musl ni und draporie  at 0. B.
Hume  "■   I
Have you ordered your Uew  Ka»lcr
:;;i-     ||   rim, ..et   Ini"}  aid see what
11    H   Knight .-ni do  along lb it   lim
... la * waya bi -1
i icki ■    • in   pbotogruphe.    has si!
. ,,..    •    ,-. .   i- and lilni" and -nppliea
r Mle at his sl idi i 11
Call l lee    .'it new carpet   ...  i ,roH,
choice W Itona Oriental det'irn—C. II
H      ■■
l,,., -,. -, . carpel at H ..-on I
l-'urulio-.   - " -'
,,,,,.!   i ihadi -  Burlaps
il.,n at I     11   Hume
,..       tin   !i.|.i.i i nl ' In cartt up
,;,, . ,.. ' ii il .- —■ A)  H.
Howson »
We   !..        . .      ,    .,. ,',      ..     i
I .      .1 ..•   i   ; ir     I |||
, |.,  , ... i     (!. B. II
i ■
■., tolicr*'      I et  ourtsin
...    ,i     , ..       nil.,-
Kurniluri   -'
Aiudow loi Huntley
a   Pi -       M "'   any
i   ui- in and gi t
„ur pie '     B   Hume A   Co
Methodist Organ Recital
[Tie on ii it*l and oiered i um ei i
■. ighl In the Methodlal ehun h
proved j   wnplete ancceea    Although
[he attendance xt* not ovi i lai ge    i i
i he .ueI.em •■ wat iippie.i.iii'. •   md al
lent Ive, nnd gave full evldeiiee of theli
p|i i ■ -    ..   he many mu»b al iiiiuiliei
Ic -v.iiii.  applause     Mint ' n Igblon
ni .•,,,,   olo ■ were n feature nf I he i ..u-
, eil    l he    ll I.  ion" of    III*    oi-l I iiinenl
heing hi  ughl imi to pel <•■ '>•"• by the
,,,, terl >i '".. h nl the '.noun i Mm
R. Sipiiiri-brigg- wn" in I/'.ml voice In
her solo, und  i lie o. hem mng  by the
ehoil lho WStl exnellelll I 1.1 Itlillg ll lid
,   ,|,lu ..     'I he I,i,lie I Ll'lO    "III ll' !•' .lesn.,
He i in.i Slumber, wm ■ hai mlngly
i. ii-l-i eil as   was  also tho vocal duel
bv   Mi      li.-iii   neI  Mi   All     The
mule ,u nn.lie Kiiic a pleasing render
ing of   "Now Pray Wn Foi Oui ('oun
icy.     Mias V McKinney In Iw 'gsn
solos showed  her nxrpptlimal sToal
ability     Tlie conceit was n i pleas
Inu .nul   > I..    Method Isi  oholi uml ull
,i bo look pill I ire lo be billbll ' om
ploneiiloil on I hell Work,
Lawn Blouses
We are now showing a nice assortment of
the New 1909 Blouses. These come in botli long
and short sleeves, some with soft collars, and some
with stiff embroidered collars.
New Belts and Neckwear
As usual wc arc showing the largest and
best assortment in town. Our Fancy Collars arc
the pick of several ol the best makers. In Linen
Hmbroidercd Collais we have a choice assortment
in both white and colored embroidery.
Our range ol Wash, Leather and Elastic
HclLs will be found to be very attractive, both ill
design anil price, and as usual we have colored belt
lengths in all the latest desirable shades.
McLennan & Co.
Celebrated Artist Coming.
It is now definitely annouueed tbat
Miss Lena Luthie, tbe eminent Scot-
tii.li iirtisli, will appear here. Lena
Duthie is an artist of world wide
repute, having appeared iu nearly
every civilized land. Possessing a
lyric soprano Vi.icc ol ivonderlulewect-
tiess and power, ns well us exceptional
talent as an entertainer. Shu has
been admitted tlie very luremust living
exponent ul the .Scutlisli and Irish
tilk, love and national snugs. In a
residence nf scarcely three years iu
America, the has toured the United
State* ami Canada, directed by America's greatest concert bureau. Her
appearances in the large centres have
beeu nothing short of enormous
triumphs aud she will ever be remembered by her music: ly renditions of
the undying snugs ut Scotland and
Ireland. Her character sketches of
the national life, in costume, has won
the sincerest praise for their delightful
humor and truly artistic beauty.
She appear* shortly in the coast
cities, and at considerable expeuse
Manager Tappiug lino aecured hor
lor Tuesday eveuiug next.
She is assisted by Miss Margaret
lianiel. a noted instrumentalist. Lena
Duthie is beyond doubt the greatest
artist that has yet appeared here, and
il i. certain that, a brilliant audience
will be ou baud lo witiioss her rn-
iiiiivned puiformance, "An Kvoning in
Scotland and Ireland.'
County Court Sittings
lli-- Honor ,1. A. l'oiin held court
here on Thursday lasl. and disposed nf
a Dumber of cases, which occupied the
whole day. The following ie a list of
the more Important '-uses with thu io-
-.nil.-, arrived at:
Cressman & Morrison v. H. Fraser,
action on an account, $115; judgment
I'm Iiiiiiiii ill'; Uillun for plaiiilitl': Mn-
1 '.u iei for defendant,
Lawrence Hardware Co, v. Plump-
inn \- Chapman, net inn on an account
foe lun fixtures! judgment for plulntltl'i
McCarter for plalnulfi Glllan for defendants,
.1. ,1 llillinaii v Cahy Bros., wages;
VV Murray v Caley Bros., wages.
Judgment for plaintiffs In bulb case*.
McCarter fur piuiui ill's, Briggs for de-
I ml.nils.
W, sum h v .1. c. Hutchison, wagesi
II 1,. Williamson v. ,1. r. Hutchison,
wages.    Judgment  lin-   plalutllls in
boiii  .•,,-,...     Mei'iiiici for plaintiffs,
iiiiitK  for defendants.
Se. ,1 .il 1 ,i   ... ne 1 ,. uiljolll Ited Iill  lhe
os-1 1 . 0.1  which Will be held Apl. 2ii.
IV'tduesda) nigbl ilie'.yiii team de
sated ilm  I uterine.I min*  by the close
-.     •    uf   I.i to 22     Until   iimihh   were
playing line basketball.    In   the lirat
hall  tne  Intermediate boy*  bad the
best ul lhe game, both teams checking
v.ry close, pn tbat ll was very hard tn
work up good Oom blue tion Ilm next
liill itarled very I st, the Uym team
taking the Inmi lor a while, hut the
young! I boyi sunn caught Up and
passed ilieni, ami Irum I lieu llll the
whiMilf blew fm tune it waa any ime*
game although lhe lu eimediatea
held    the     had     unlil    alsnit    lliree
I minutes belore ilms, whan ibe Oym
. loam got a foul through and a Held
goal,  which   guru   lli.iin   lhe winning
j point. 'I bis gaum was uniluuhU'dly
Un. Lest nl the season A feature of it
was Unit  there   *»* un disputing the
referee nr linemen    i he tee mi lined
up »«(..Hows  ilyin-Mulh'Ihind, lltir-
ruigc, Woodland, I'sttlpleoe, Cameron.i
Intermediate— MoKaobren, Carniloh-I
sel, Otldcr, Boyle, Den net.  The shield
now lies  between Lilt H .nil team and .
lh.1 liyui team      lluth tenuis have Inst
.rn game,
I,iti. night Iwn High   school    teams [
met in h lasl game of basket ball at the
V   M  0  A.   1 inr learn was made up nf
"the have heens'  und lhu preaent buyt.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best   and  largest   Stock
of Cigars and
Pijies in
Original   Mac's   Mixture
now  on   hand
and made
expressly  for  us by D.
K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Stoies, Tin and  ICniunelwiire, l>i«hen,
Clothing, ete., Bought, Hold, nr Exchanged.
Knrnitnre Packed for Shipping.   Furniture Unpaired.
First St. Wesi, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprielor
Toe name tiui a ^n. tl one considering
the else ul lhe "Id scb ol fellows. The
younger buy* played a strong cume in
the first half and scored when e»er
wauled to because the older Boys de
Icnee went to pieces and did ni I- gel
together until ihe game was a m »l
over. Scnre ended "Have bpi it"" 27,
present 20
Cheaper Meat This Summer
Atlanta, Ua., Mareb 12.-- Meat
will be cheaper thiB summer," tn;d J
Ogdtm Armour, wbo passed through
Atlanta in hia private car en ruute
from Palm Beach to Chicago yesterday.
Drilled Snow Flour iu 10 Ib, and 26
lb. eacke. The line t paatry llour.
Try a Back.   0 B. II mie A Co.
Revelstoke Opera House
\m„ March 16th
Speolal Engagement of tha
Celebrated Scottish Lyrlo Soprano
Acknowledged  by  thu  World's
Critics, ihe greatest living ex-
pnnent ,,f Scottish and Irish Song
Presenting her unique and delightful performance -
" An Evening in Scotland
and Ireland"
Character Uketobes of the National
Life, together wiih
Not   it   dull   iiloineiil, bul a
meiiiiiiuble evening   nl
Music! Laughter! Song!
simi*. now rellfnuHl MiM'itoii.tMH
DruK s»'""
Prices: Jl, 75c. 50c.
i i ni mn   vr Mil.'i -ii Mie
Certificate  of Improv ments
llolniiuoii   Milieu.I  I'l.iiin, sllllllle   III
the TroUl l.uke Mining Division nl
Wet Kootenay District,
Win re lncal ed i    Kapid Creek,
Take notloe thai  I. Catherine Maud
Itasei. Pice Mini t-Cillilleatc No. II
D4283, Intend, lUl-JF day- limn Hie date
boieol. n. upply lo the Mining lleeonl
ei lm ii Oei'lllfcatp of liupi'oveinents.
ioi the inn pn-e of obtaining a Crown
(iniiii nf ihe above olalui.
And further lake notice ihai action,
under section H7, raitsl he oonnuenood
befure iii" Issuance nf such Certificate
nf Improvements.
I ia i eti  thit 82nd dav of  Kebruary,
a li. limn
may 12      UATHItttMR Mini FRAIBn
II you are starting housekeeping we
en ssve yuu money nu toilet sets,
dinner Bets, lamps, and all crockery
and glastware. Try ut. C B. Hume
A Co.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Otllot   MoKenzie Ave
DKKSSMAKINIi al moderate lerniH
Ladies' miiis frnm $5 up. Applv
Mit. Olddins, rare Mrs, (i. Green,ith
streel,  jan 20 w & s
Vj fourth clues B, C. cerlificale.
Apply staling experience aud Wildes
expelled to ,1. Keiiiaghan, Salmon
Ann. _         iuih 20
I.10UND—A Lady a Pur, owner mny
"     have same hy     lovltlff   plopeity
ninl paying for I In* advi
the I'nliee Sl.iliiin.
Ii-.eiiienl,   ul
nOUND—A Gentleman's Bold King.
J}   Owner can have same by apply.
Dig al the Police Hlaiion, proving hu
property nnd paying loi thisadverliue
IOBT A lirey Persian Lamb Collar
j between school huildiogs and Mc
Kenzie avenue un Friday, Rewind
Will he given tin return iif siiine lo Reid
ft Young's Store.
IOST- On Friday nighi. Mnrcii 12ih.
_j nn isi streel, between MeKhiiiuii't
Cigm Sliue and P.-I Olllie, u bliicl,
lenl her pnt'kel bonk, i iiiiliiiiiiug pup. i:.
uf value in owner uloiic, uml $17 in
cash. Pinibu will he hboinilv renind
eti nn let urn uf Mime In J. Bull's Stole
llll McKenzie Avenue,
mo   M.l.I.    I'llIVATKI-Y        llnii'^e
|     furnjablngs.   Apply at Hu- uflli r
WANTKO-H. a. Wat rants. Will
'' pay $726. Sund Merchants Hani,
Vaiieeuvi r, II 0 , wilh sight limit i.ii
II. W. Iltltkell.
WANTED—A waitress, or a person
in lenl nr liiiiliilge dining nunii
nud bed rnoiiis ii. Hnlel Cliiiia*. Apply Hotel Climax, Revelstuke, il. C.
WANTKD     General   help,  goud
wages.   Apply M|.8,a,0.ttul)bllli
WANTKD   (fills   in  Irani "diets'
mukiiig.    Apply   tn   MiHs    Me
liiiiiiild ni Mi'Lennaii A Co's,
WANTKD -Experienced hisl-cbi's
lunibel man wauls eiiipluymet I
us liuullitig-illcHliiiui. nr any iinsil luu
ul liusl wilh luiiibii cuiiiein. Apph to
"Hiueessfiil," Mall'Herald, Kevolslnke,
uu h 27	
WANTED - I'osil fun lis 'yufilTeie-
iiiiiii HI' eilgeriintn by III sl-class
iiiu.berin in Apply to "Faithful,"
1901) Mail Herald, llevelstnke.
VI' ANTKD Tu sell. 5 niiimcd hni-e
W nn Si'tiontl Sl reel, between the
I, iiiL'h.iil lib .'L and B, 11. Comuzzi's
-.i-.re.   Arpiy toFi V, WblHen,


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