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" Empire " Typewriter
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in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $60,00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
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Vol. 14,-No 96
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Savings Bank Department
-  Deposits of #1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
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Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
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Side anil   Hack   Combs,
Purses, etc.
Fancy Nat Pins,
See my stook beforo buying olsewhora
M I S S    A.    M A S L E N
Opposite Climax lintel, Kirst Street,
Plebiscite on Postoffice Sites
Referred to Ottawa
A spf"ial in- eting of the City Coun-
I was held on Monday night with
,tlayor Lindmark urd Aldermen Sawyer, Foote, Woodland and Lefeaux
The chief item of business wns the
discussing of the letter from the Kivel-
stoke Hospital Board in oonneotion
with the urrniigeinents between the
hospital and the Cuy Council for tlie
treatment of tho city's indigent
pntientt. A number of letters frum
outside points, Inoluding Medicine
Hut, Regina, MoLeod, Kamloops, Nel
sou, Lethbridge, Edmonton und Vernon, explaining in what manner the
city councils of these cities assist tha
hospital. It was found tbst in nearly
every case a grant, either ol ligbt and
water, etc., was made and in several
instances the honpit 1 gut nothing iu
the wuy ol cash assistance for treating
city patients.
The council agreed that Kevelstoke
was as liberal as any other city, and
the offer was a reasonable one, giving
free light and water power and taxes
in return for medical treatment and
medical supplies Iree to the city's
indigent patients.
The mayor said that the hospital
and city should work hand in hand.
City patients are not charged with tbe
hospital rates and medicines but
medical aiicmluucc fees, which are
taken by the doctors.
Moved by Lefeaux, seconded by
Sawyer, that the city clerk be instructed to write to the secretary of
the hospital that the city council, in
return Ior free treatment, including
medical attendance and medicine to
the city's indigent p itients, will give
free water and ligbt and power to tbe
hospital, but iu view of tbe coming
additions to tlie hospital the council
cannot see its way at present to make
ar.y cash grant.   Carried.
A communication was received from
the chief of police regarding a family
living near Long's brewery, which was
destitute. Tbe matter was left with
the ii ayor, who reported on the other
case of destitution as being provided
A communication from C. North,
the city electriciau, re porcli lighting
and the cost of cutting porch lights
otT meters and installing wirtB and
lamps un a free current, stating that
those porch lights which were run
from a meter and lo save cost of
changing cuuld be left and a rate deducted from the monthly light bill on
8 c. p. lumps consuming 1 k. w. in 32
A u Jin ii unication from the Hoard uf
Tude uaa read requesting that a grant
ot $26 be given to the board for the
purpuse uf purchasing a hook eas.- to
oo.'d tbe biurd'a reference library ol
milling and uther works.
Moved by Foote, seconded by Le-
Ic.iux, that (25 be grunted to the
li. uid ol Trade for mat purpose. Carried.
Ann.ber communication from the
Hoard ol Trade was read, in which
was a ro-iulutiun passed at their last
niectis g recommending that the City
Council be asked tu take a pleDisoite
of the people at the civic elections in
January on the billowing suggested
site, for u postoffice, viz.. Corner ol
Firm street and Campbell avenue uud
northwest coiner oi First strctt and
11 ovei n men t road.
Aid. Fuoie suid lhat the city should
not intine c iviili -ich miners.
Aid. I.ed'iiux su gestnl that a letter
lie sent to Ottawa re lhe in .tier, uud il
was moved by Lefeaux, seconded by
Woodland, thut the city clerk wuii   tu
the I'ofiiai Department al utuwa tlmt
OS tbe Dominion Uuuiiinitjiil intend
pulling up ii posts.ihcn building iu
Revelsluke in tlio future und an lucul
opinions differ on ihe selection ul a
site, would it he satisfactory tu the
gOVernmont il several sites were Bub-
iiiittc. to a plebiscite uf Ibe people in
January during tbe civic elections.
At tlie adjournment of the council
the Court ol Revision Ior tho civic
voters' list wae held, a lung list of applications being disposed of.
Valuable Freight
The eilk train from Vancouver for
New "lork passed through Rovelstoke
last Humbiy night. The shipment
wus mined at .1,600,000. All this is
consigned to the mills ut Newark, N.
J , and is lieing sent over the 0. 1' R.
liecause this has been proven to be the
quickest (rom the Orient. The silk
was mil,railed bum the Empress ul
China by midnight Saturday, and us
soon se the train win made up it was
dispatched Cast,
Result of Willis Armstrong's
Public Meeting of Police
Commissioners—The Mayor
Vindicates His Actions.
One ol tin warmest and most inter
esting publi ■ meetings held in this
city lor B".ue yearp took place lust
night, in Ihe city hull, tbe OOOBSion
being a meeting culled by Willis Armstrong, police ciiiiiniissiuner. in order,
as announood by bund bills, m bear
what he hud to say nbont Mayor Lindmark and tlie administration of police
affairs, and accusing the mayor of
refusing to admit the public to the
police commissioners meeting the
night beforo.
The hull was packed to the doors, a
large nudience waiting to hear two
prominent civic olliciuls air their
grievances to each other. E. Howson
occupied the chair.
Willis Armstrong in opening the
proceedings read from the Act regarding the meetings ol the police commissioners as being public unless
otherwise ordered, and he accused the
mayor in broad language pi tiying to
keep matters of import io the city
from the public, Baying that be bad
no right to order tbe public out of the
meeting on the previous nigbt. The
mayor had no right to keep anything
from the publio and now he wae
afraid to meet him and bear what he
thought about him. He wanted to
put it up to the mayor aud let the
people see that he (Armstrong) would
do all the people wanted. Tlie mayor
was no man and bad no sand iu him
and was two faced. He referred to
the matter of the jailor's pay, accusing
Lindmark of trying to cut down bis
salary to $75, and ol obtaining a letttr
from Mr. Sturdy that be was satisfied
with that amount. Tbis was unfair
to Mr. Sturdy who worked long hours
and deserved the itiNJ which the police
commissioner board wanted to give
him. He tben accused the mayor of
urderiug tbe medical health oIKcer,
Ur Curtis, to examine the inmates uf
the sporting houses, which order the
rest ol the board had turned down.
He roundly slated the mayor for not
attending all the board meetings aud
accused him uf standing iu his way in
carrying out tho laws ol the city. He
pointed uut tbat the mayor should
have stopped the sale uf liquor un
Sundays and if tbe hotel men didn't
du it then have their licences cancelled. He went uu to accuse the
mayor of allowing skin games during
tbo Fair and followed up by saying
that he hud collected moooy from the
inmates ol sporting houses for the
Fair, lurcing it from them by official
means. He said be bud letters to
prove this. Armstrong then concluded
a vehement oration by denouncing the
mayor ns unlit to look alter tho city's
interests.      Ho   wus double faced and
he (Armstrong) would close the city
down tight if he cuuld. The niuyor
was afraid tu moet bim publicly und
the people shuulii only elool men who
weren't afraid to attend public
.M.i. ,,r Lindmark on rising suid the
meeting wits unique and was an evidence nl gulling uu Armstrong'! pari
and hu ««o nurrv thut be (Armstrong)
bud ujt produced thu letters bo was
talking ul,out. Ilu relerred tu Arm-
strung accusing him ul lorOing subscription*      frum      thu      lower   tOWO
"liiiies" for tbs Fair, explaining thai
he Imtl not gone  alone but with uthei
gi'iitloincii, und had iiskud these
w iincn lor subscriptions uu lhe ground
that tbey mined properly uu MeKcii-
/.io Avenue besides uther buslnOSI
interests in tbo city, and it wus only
reasonable thnt tbey should puy u
share of tho Fair expenses, lie put. it
up iigninsl Ai instn,ng accusing him
ol getting certain "ladies" to sign letters Buying thut tbo iiiuyur bud forced
money out of tbem and be urged bim
to ■ produce them. Mr. Armstrong
being evidently ashamed tu do it
Armstrong, he said, was only a cat's
paw lor some one else and Uiis was I In
rankest piece ol blackmail ho had seen.
Ho snid the pidic.c commissioners
stood twu to une anil explained that
Chiel (lain had bud his instruction!
Irum him to clour out tbo gamblers,
etc., but the other Iwo commissioner*.
had countermanded tlie order. He
did not suspend Diiiu becauso bo was
sorry for him. In referring to tht
public meeting called fur tho previoui
evening ho said Unit there was nothing of importance tu transact and
that ho wanted to got through quickly
in order lo huve tlio mcclitigs ol the
council and Court ol Rovisiuu,   Then
was really no nesd for it. He ex
plained why lie hie' stood ou' against
the inorease of the jailor's Bulary because the eonst.il I,In and sergeant
were gelling little or nothing
more than the jailer which wasn't fnir.
He eeoused Armstrong of keeping
an ' pun town and of lieing tbe bunds
ol tho polic" and of saying tint ah
the police will le lired if they obey
any oider of the mayor. In conclusion he snid that the people hud
b ul tlieir fun nt lhe meeting and lind
got. all they asked lor,
Armstrong then accused the mayor
of crawling out of meetings and such
things, being it repetition of his previous remarks, and ended by saying
dial the mayor was afraid to meet
him on a public platform and Unit ho
was afraid to sign u certain document
which decument he pruduced.
Tbe mayor suid that since it had been
put up to bim, and that ub Armstrong
bod made the bluff he was only too
pleased to acquiesce, Out the people
must tako their medicine. Tbis was
the opportunity of bis life and he
would gladly sign the paper.
The following resolution by the
police commissioners was signed hy
Armstrong and the mayor; "That the
chief of police and bis constables be
instructed to forthwith put a stop to
all forms of gum'ling, whether in tbo
hotels, billiard balls, cigar stores, or
elsewhere in tbe city, including ail
slot machines and other devices, and
that all hotels be compelled to close
their bars on nights and Sundays iu accordance with any provincial statutes
or bylaws of tbe city which are in force
regulating such matters, and that all
houses of prostitution in the city be
forthwith closed by the police, and the
inmates ordered to leave the city, and
that the chief of police be detailed to
rigidly prosecute all offenders agaiust
the laws in force iu the city relative
to tlie above matters."
Such was the dramatic conclusion
uf a meeting which was hardly In
keoping with the dignity of  the city.
The bluff has been called and the
reply given, antl now the "lid is on."
Mayor Lindnuirk said that hedidu't
wish fur too drastic measures against
all common souse, and be would do
his best to protect every citi/en, as
he always hud dune. Ile explained
that Willis Armstrong was using some
cue else's brain ui be had nunc tu use
Tlie but ha? now gouu forth und iu
a few days things will  begin   to hum.
A Vivid Short Sermon
Apropos of short sermons and to the
puint, tbe following taken from the
Calgary Herald, contains about the
best short sermon, in our estimation,
i u temperance, aud uno perhaps which
will give mure study fur thought than
.. lung oration:
"Any one who drinks three glasses
uf whiskey a day lor one year and pays
ton een!- a drink fur it can hnve in
t tobange at any uf the lirnia whoso
l,ainea appeal' on Ibis card:
3 burrcls llutir, 10 tbs. candy,
20 hush, potatoes, 3dozen cuiiutonnt-
5100 lbs, granulated toes,
sugur, 10 dozen pickles,
I bid craokon,  10 doz oranges,
I    I Ib. pepper,      10 doz bananas,
'2 I bs tea, 2 doz. cans com,
.VI lbs. silt, 18 ilu/. matches,
20 lbs, rice, .j buah. beans,
."ill ,b. butter,       10 lbs cl eeeu,
100 cakes sn.p,      25 lbs cull'ee,
12 pkgs. rolled uut.,
lor   the  sumo iiionc.', and gn'  115.80
premium  for making ibe change m
ds i xp. iiditures."
Prayer by a Scotch Canadian
"0 Lord, wo approach Thee tins
i,i«udin' in tho attitude uf prayer, and
likewise O1 complaint. When wa cam'
lue Un* Ian' u' Cauady we o.vpocteil tin*
lin' a Ian' lluwin' wi' milk uud honey,
but, instead u' tbat wo fuun' a Ian'
peopled wi' ungodly Irish. 0 Lord,
in '1 by great mercy, drivo tliein tao
the utteriiioul pnirts nl Cauady, milk'
iboiii   hewers o' woud and drawers of
wattor; gio tiu-m une emoluments; gie
ibein iiue place u' abode; ne'er inuk'
i bein magistrates or rulurs among
I'hX people.
" Hut, if wc liao uny favors to bos-
tuw nr any guid Inn' tu gic awn', gio it
luo Thine air, Thy peculiar people,
thu Boot!. Mak' thorn mombore of
parliament uu' mugistratos au' rulers
among Thy people. An' as Ior the
Irish, ink' them hy the heels uu' sliak'
them uiM'i tbo mouth o' bell, butjdin-
nu lot them fa' in, and a' tbo glory he
Thine for ovor.   Amen.''
Three thousand feet Moving I'loturei
To Set Before You
Is waiting for you here in
the shape of a nice set of
 H crockery. There are complete sets and odd pieces
such as Dishes, Plates, Cups, Saucers, Toilet .Sets,
Pitchers, Bowls, Basins, in the best makes of English,
French, German and Austrian ware. Glasses of all kinds,
Tumblers, Decanters, Table Sets, and some very choice
pieces in Cut Glass. Von will find this a good opportunity to stock up your china closet and kitchen, or get
presents for your friends.
Xmas Groceries
Our Christmas Groceries arc coming in, We have a
complete new stock of Raisins, Currants, Peels, Shelled
Almonds, Walnuts, Fruits, Xuts and other Seasonable
Goods; while in such staple articles as Flour, Ham, Blaster, Eggs, etc., a trial will satisfy you that the quality of
our goods, and uur prices arc right. Let us have your
order for Christmas Groceries.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
Present yourself
a new suit
Mr Swell Dresser.
y/V' f~OL
Mr. Swell Dresser would like to receive as
presents, things he could wear. He likes Neckties,
and you can buy swell ones for him fi _ira us.
He likes mufflers, and needs one.
For his dress suit he would like a pair of
Silk Suspenders.
He could use a tine Pair of Gloves.
And Mr. Swell Dresser will know that the
present you buy for him is the best you can get in
this town if that bears the name of
Fit Reform Clothing
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-up Capital,$l 0.000,000
alex. laird, oen. MBt.      Reserve Fund,   -   6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in Umletl States and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of <>l and upwards arc received and interest
allowed nt curreut rates, and paid twice yearly. Accounts
may be opened in the names oi two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one ol the number or by the survivor.
hits for Xmas Shoppers
Our store is aglow with the spiril of Christmas.     Tables heaped with great bargains.     The useful is combined with the ornamental in this superb array of holiday merchandise.     Useful things make the best kind of Christmas Gifts.     Our lines are all that
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ifc_.  what to buy, will have no difficulty in knowing what to buy after a visit to our store.
This   Store   Open E-Very   Evening   till   10  O'clock until after the Holidays
Keen Cutting
Case Carvers
DeliciouBly flavored, nice looking turkey will taste all the
better for being properly curved
und served. The carvers we
sell iirc only best steel hand-
forged blades. Here arc a few
of our Christmas specials :
Three-piece sets, fancy slug
handles, sterling silver ferrules
and caps, Saracenic blade, in
silk and plush lined Morroco
leather case Per case $S
The same in a five piece     $10
I .\ L carvers, Saracenic
blades, White Celluloid handles, in plush lined cases $0
Same in .^tag handles *5
Cabinets of
Table Ware
FISH CARVERS in Celluloid and Pearl, in fancy plush
and silk lined cases $6,60; $10
SCISSORS in leatherette
cases,  3  pair  to case, Boker's
best brand
3, 3.25
ivory, pearl,celluloid, stag and
silver handles       75c. to $2.50
Silver plated knives and
forks, fancy blades, celluloid
bandies, in silk lined oak
cases $18.50
Same with pearl handles   $20
Fancy case of table ware in
French grey finish, William
Rogers make coniaiuing li
plated knives and forks, H dessert spoons, 15 tea spoons, 1
butler knife, 1 sugar shell,
beautiful silk lined case     $15
Fruit knives  in  leatherette
silk lined cases, ivory handled
sot of six $3 50 and 4.00
Same, pearl handles   $5 and 0
" sterling silver handles $6.50
Christmas Skates
Nothing will please a boy or
girl more than a pair of good
skates for Xinus. We have no
other kind:
Automobile skates, light,
strong, beautiful, blades nickel
steel, tops aluminum, impossible to break, guaranteed 5.00
Without aluminum tops u.50
Hockey club 75c. Favorite 1 50
Peerless, ladies' favorite 2.00
Beauty, our ladies' best •'!.00
Spring skates $1 to 3.50
Silver Plated Ware
The Standard Silver Co.'s
ware stands for all that's good
in quality, rich in design, und
all that can be desired by the
discriminating buyer:
Three piece ten sets T.jO
Four        "        " 15.1X1
"    with tray   S_5, 40
Candlesticks .'l 50 to 17.50
Butter dishes 2.50 to 5.00
Bon Bon dishes       75c. to 3.50
Biscuit .lars 8.50 and d.oo
Cake baskets 6.50 to S.oo
Special Sale of
Wedgewood Goods
We have an exceptionally
line line of this popular waru
which we bought at prices that
would not be considered today
at all, and arc thereby enabled
to offer them to the citizens of
Rovelstoke and vicinity at
prices at least 26 per cent below tins cost price of these
goods today. Listen 10 some
of our prices and you will be
convinced that these are genuine holiday bargains:
Sugar  shells, sterling silver,
one in case $2 and 2.50
Cake knives, silver  plated,
serrated, pearl handled     3.00
Meal, forks, silver plated, one
in box 1.00 and 2.00
Berry spoons, silver bowl   2.00
gold bowl   3.00
Does He Shave?
Make bis Xmas a happy one
by giving him one of our easy
shaving Safety Razors. Rend
the bargains we offer:
Ever Ready set, nickel plated
12 blades, leatherette case,   SI
Gillette's Safety, 12 blades,
triple silver plated handles,
leather case 5.00
Special offer—1. English razor, shaving brush, strop, cake
soap, bevel plate mirror     2.00
Art in China Ware
A most elaborate display of
all the dainty wares in which
the tasteful housekeeper takes
a pride. All the best English
makes including Coalport,Royal Crown Derby, Royal Worcester, Copeland, Aynsley. We
•ilso have a splendid line of
tha' ever popular china from
the Pouyets and other famous
milkers in Limoges, France;
and a beautiful assortment of
Japanese hand-painted goods.
Tea Pots
Cream Pitchers
One pint -lugs
Two   "       "
Toilet Trays
Vases 75c.  1,25,
7.00 and 8.00
Jardinieres, 2.50,
Ash Trays
Jewel Boxes 1,00,
Hair receivers
Any one of the above enumerated articles would] make'an
appropriate and inexpensive
Xmas gift.     Look them over.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Limited
Libbey cut. glass is ns
cheerful   as   sunlight as
beautiful   as   a   llower.
Made in  a great variety
of  designs, and for all
ui-es it   is  practical   as
_,well as ornamental.   A
few  pieces  of cut glass
give an air of  richness
and elegance to a table,
and is sure to be appreciated by any woman of
taste.     A few prices are:
Bon Hon dishes        $3
PlateB 6.50
Celery dish (1.50
a gem f-i.50
Bowls 8.50
" large.to 12.00
Olive dishes 4.00
and 5.00
Oil bottle 6, 6.50
Cream   & sugar
sets 7.60 to 10
Tumblers, each
Vases 4.00 to 9
"    12 inch at
Make some lady
happy by giving
her a piece of
L'bby cut gluts
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To
Call and Examine Our Stocks
Goods Carefully Packed and Shipped
Zbc fl&afMfocvalb.
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
Supreme md Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Oi'ticc and bet'oie Railway
Hon. ('ii wii,i:-{Mi iti'iiv, M.l'.
H.uuu.ii F18HBK.
eimer  iianos
Unequalled  for  purity  ol  tone  .incl
beauty ol design.
Udrriatersi, Sold Itora, eti.
itK.VKI.-I'.'KE USD IliufT I.AKK II. (',
,--.,. .1'. Elliott
Omcss :   Imst.r.ai Him.- la 11.mm. I'.KVtL-
sroKi.. B. C.
offlc •■: ■•-■■■, B 1     ' • . ,    .,, 11 1;.
i, B.  *•!' '  AHTKK
V    M.   i'i.VKUAM. J, A.   Ii IH
Kcrel.toke CmiiLruuk. H. C.
New -ale Williams Pianos
At the head of the list of the I ligh Grade
Pianos in thi* 1 lominion.
These High Grai    P   ...      in   • pu     ased
payment plan       . H0.00
beautiful in-    imi We -
theCHASE &  BAKER "and ANGELU. Piano Players.
i. It Scott l.L W. I. HriKK-.
con ,. briggs
Barristers, S ui itoi   . 1
M'.nky to Loan
solicitors fuh .»i ■. «_..—€. -— Bank
Call and see the New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
K 1 il mnet.
l'i. 1 Viiu ii
M   KkNEM   Avkntk
II' iX
Re.ei.oke, li.<
1 Land v .1 veyor.
Mining Bui veyi 1
100,  Rl  i'KI     OKU
. \    ,n hotel,   Apply to Mail-Herald
I-mjK DALE   Airtight Heater.  -"If
■    feeder,  Price $13- Apply  Mail-
n ;rald, dei   '
11OR SALE—One bedroom suite,
^ si I-i, one three-quartet iron bed.
VI in fir-t class condition, Oan In*
teen between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Ad
dress P. O, Box 1'Ji'i
I .OH   KENT   Residence   of  .1.   M.
J'    Sett.   Apply to Sintt it Briggs,
Insl Bt Mieen Post Office (imi Mi -
j Pball' residence, 1 fur— Persian
inn1' collar. Kinilei please leave al
Mail IIkka 1.11.
Men should
look (or this
Tag on
Tobacco. It
guarantees the high quality of
Black Watch
Tbe Big Black Ping.
Zbc flfta.l-lberalb
ANTI*_I>--At once, nt Halcyon
. . Hut Spring'-, thoroughly competent dining room waitress) board,
washing and room, wages >Wi per
Month,   it. Mcintosh, Prop.
,''"'-— ,
There ll SO mucti bn.l In the bunt nf n."
And M m,it'll rikiiI in the wir.t, s,f si i
That it [inflly behoOTSI 'iii], nt n.,
Tn tulk about lhu rs.it nl „,.
rANTED   Bedroonu  lo let  lm
, ,     nisbed, board it required, terms
moderate,   Apply A, Gain, Ith street,
1 "rner of McKensie Ave.       oct IS. lm
Friday it- Obristmas Day, tlm great
csl aud dearest festival ol humanity,
There in no grander anthem sung
than the one that ushered in tho
hirth of Christ and the Christian era;
no sweeter choristers than those who
t hen proclaimed the glad tidings of
great joy; no happier time for man*
kind sot lie: from slavery ol sin, than
event which ia being celebrated thru
, ■ 1 v.  ied world
: ghtb tlmi    1 'l»y
■v .■.,   ien  may wilb 101111 sun
■ ...-     eeeegi
mi, 1,  ip • bs sir song which
■till vibrates snd  rspeati ■ I
"Glory ti 'I " "" b      il   ind on
I'urth, peai ■      ■ ■   Is
It. is well tbi s.   i      .'    ith   f I" '•' in
ber approaches, to iaj wil b Ki|
1 Lord, God ol ll'ssiisi I ■  .. ith
Lest we forget    best we lorgel
Kurgpt wlmt■   Ah, there's  I  1
Too many ol us have gotten into tbe
way of celebrating the birthdayi cl mr
friends, nnd expecting them in turn to
celebrate ours, and we often lose tight
altogether of tbe guest of honor al, the
[Christmas festival; and tbere is 1 danger, a very urcut danger, that We   may
in conseqoenee meet win, the 1 pro,,:'
"Inasmuoh as yo tlitl it. not unto the
least of these, my brethren, ye did it
not to mo." Let us look toil then
that we du nut. exhaust our means ol
giving hy those who are near nud dear
to tin, nud who will give to us again,
but let us do what we can to brighten
the lives of those who are poor and
lonely and sad and suffering for il, in
only in this wny thnt we oan truly
celebrate   the  birthday uf   tho Christ
chi',I who was bom in n manger and
in after life "hsd not whore to lay his
fhe ijneslicin ol home studies in our
■school system  h ts aroused cunsider-
nlile   interest in many  parts of  the
province, nnd  the ad.isibility ol cutting it out altogether or nl least modi
tying it considerably   has  been   freely
discussed.    It seems hardly fair tbat
children should he made to carry on a
large portion ol their studies nl home,
out ol  sell ol  hours,  when such time
ihou d   ■ given to recreation in tunny
torni      Excessive    h,,me work, com-
bii      with extreme efforts oi  regular
1      \r-  -  'nlj c  ■iiliicive to over-
burdening the child, nnd wbat be or
■be may i:ain in menial knowledge by
.    ii any real gain Is at nil
n ide     ' ' ich tl  doubtful,  is lost in
lerai gement.     I'hysically
. children ihould  not be laori-
mental  cramming.    Physical
■  and recreation   generally will
•   lar  better reBultl
nan  coi tinual pounding
1 -,,,:-. ..oil out-door bx-
ercisi    especially growing youth,   in
will   ,,,  In in-  mind and   the
i„ .!;• iti     .: 1 id   ■ Iter luted to grasp
■  ns ol   tbe   daily task in tho
si:!,.,. I room.    Too   I    II b    -unly   and
too little physics! training will make
1   obild   dull   snd    indifferent,   We
ipi.,.   pari le ilarly on   bebslf of the
■     . • oly enjoy their
,,,   1 •! make tin* most ol
it. there tee in the V. M. C.
I - keeping tbem
II .     ...illhy physical condition.
I  gel li," exercise
(hi      ll iiul    It    IS   noticeable   III
I tl it tins Lick of phy-
-   . m sni is baring a marked
ilTect on the ferainioe youth of the
cit)      I'I'   .';.    f good, bird, honest B)
ereise for tbe girl will  bare beneficial
results mentally and pliysically, and
it is not fair to toe rising generation
that we should stmt their physique
ninl allow mental training to outweigh,
and probably destroy, the graceful wo-
manhood   ,1  maturity
Valuable Information on Orchard Spraying
The spraying bulletin issued by the
Provincial Board ot Horticulture
through Mr. Thomas Cunningham,in-
swector of fruit pests has now reached
its third edition, another 30,000 copies
having  just been issued.
'The present value of the orchards
of Hi iti-s11 Columbia, ' says Mr. Cunningham, "has reached the enormous
sum of lil'teen million dollars,aud they
are increasing in value at tbe rate of
not less than twenty-live per cent, annually. It is quite sale to estimate
the value of these orchards live years
hence at thirty million dollars.
In view of this marvelous development, it behooves every man in this
province who lins the slightest regard
for the permanent prosperity of this
beautiful nud I ighiy favored country,
to spare no effort to keep our orchards
and gardens clean, and the i|tiulity of
our fruit up to the highest standard.
This can only be done by close attention to thorough cultivation, prun
ing nnd tlie intelligent use ot insectl
cides nnd fungicides."
Withdraw  Trains On Run to
During January and February at
least O. P. It transcontinental trains
numbers one nnd two will be discontinued between Vancouver and Calgary and betwoen Winnipeg and
Montreal lho service will maintained
betwoen Culgary and Winnipeg. This
announcement was ninde yesterday at
the local C. P. R. ollices. It is stated
that the reason for the maintenance of
the service betWdOU Culgary and Winnipeg is on account of tho heavy winter travel between thin two points.
Special to the Public.
Prom l'i nun. 1,0 2 p m. these ibort
days are tint hest hours lo   have   hnhy
,1 group photos taken No objection
to cloudy weather during these hours,
Experlenoe ol more than is years, not
as travelling photographer, but stationary i.i Eastern cities has proven
litis fully to inc. Htuilio open every
ilny in the year iu Idsvelstokn nnd lor
Reveletoke people.   " aco   my   special
K. tr, Tuck Kit, Photographer.
Simple Faith
The simple minded, Irustlul   public
are   still   anxiously   waiting to ho»r
Something definite in regard to lhe.
Ling promised Columbia trsfllo bridge,
lomething that  will enable ihetn to
persuade theniHelves that the work is
really commenced, apart, ol course,
from a hundred or two piles got out
recently nnd lelt on the beach. The
public are ready to accept, the repeated
statement that the plans nre in course
ul preparation,hut nevertheless wondor
why nothing more definite has been
done, Some more satisfactory explanation Is certainly due to the people of this district uu this matter, aa
their laith has heen put to a Bevere
test. Tbe teatitude "Blessed are
they who have not soen and yet have
believed," will not work Indefinitely
Aldermen Wedded to Jobs Useless
Advices from Kingston, nut., state
that the experiment carried on there
ul having aldermen elected for three
years i« considered a failure. The
legislature will ho askeil to revoke the
spuoial act SO thai that city mny return to tlm system of annual elections.
It wns loiiiiil that aldermen elected (nr
throe years are indillcrent and neglect
' their duties.
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals       -    _5 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Certificate of Improvements.
Kingston, Maggie lt, Tongue, Senator,
aud I'iltiii'k I'l'itftioii Mineral claims,
situate iu the Lardeau Mining Division nl' West Kootenay Distrlet.
Where located    tin   tho western slope
of Lexington Mountain near Oamborne, 11. r.
Tnke nolice tlmt I, l'\ li. Bloohber-
ger, P.M.O. No. B, 28022, agonl for the
united Kingston Gold Mines Limited,
non-personal liability, Preo Miner's
Certificate No. B 818-2, Intend sixty
days from date boroof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Oerllfloateof
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Orown  Grants of ihe above
And flirthof take notice thut ncliiiii,
under section ,i7, must be commenced
before the Issuanee of such Certificate
of Improvements.
limed  this iiisi  duy of December,
A.I).,  UKIS.
I". It. Hi.ni iiiiiciiiiKK, Agonl,
Take notice that a silting of the
Court of Revision to hear and deter,
mine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tax proposed to be levied
nud imposed on the lands or real property affected under the provisions of
By-law No. 126, being known as
"Local Improvement Sidewalk At-uess-
ment Bylaw No. 12o, 1009," will lie
held in tbe City Hall at the Citv of
of Hevelstoke, on MONDAY, the' lib
day of January, 1009, at the hour of
8 o'clock in the afternoon.
A statement showing thu land or
real property liable to pay the assessment therefor uml the names of the
owners thereof as far as the same can
he ascertained and tbe proposed assessment and report thereon of the
City Olerk are now on Hie in the offlce
nl the City Clerk and open to inspection by all persons during office hours.
And further lake notice that all notices of appeal shall be served on the
Clerk of the Municipal Council at leasl
eight days prior to such Court of Re
Dated this 12lb December, 1110!*.
City Clerk,
Notice is hereby given that Ihe
time lor tho roceptiuo ol tenders for
Vernon, I). C. Public Building bas
been extendod to December 80th,
Plana nnd specifications aro also to
loi seen at Victoria ard Vancouver,
B.C. Hy Order,
Napoi.eok Tkhsikh.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, Nov. 20th, 1008.
itisYuiritiiLe Land plilrlot.
Ui.iilrtiil WMt Knntcntiy.
|siU null..' Unu I,   C    It.  I 11 in I.  ill   M iiiii.-
...IK   |..;,,.,,  mill owner.   Intends  to-
spi'iy tiT pernuHfon to perobsislbslouowllig
(Inner!t.-il lnnil.
ri,01 ni'-o■ iiii; nt K 1.0 •I I'lltlltl-il A! the ntlllLh.
we.l rorntir ol I ot 7r,4h snil niTilajil '■(:. It
l.sinli'n nniitln.B.t corner jnint," thence '.ill
. lm, 1,- north, tbcni'i. ',i, !,,n,,. WMt, thenee '__'!
ohftlnn "..,,1,, them-" *#! i-IiaIiih east to jsoliu nl
.,, si,...,„,,,, si,,,. ..ntkiiinix vi acros mora
or Ism.
i-i K. ■-. Wilkin, A|cnl
Dstail NiMuber Mtb. IK*
Notice is hereby given lhat pursuant lo
ihe provisions ol Chapter 155 of the Statutes of Canada 7-8, Edward VII, Shuswap
and riiuiiiiiMin uui rs Boom Company
have filed In 1 lie- office of the Dominion
Lands Agent al Kamloops, B.C, and In
the office of The Honourable the Minister
of Public Works ill Ottawa, Ontario, plans
and specifications of certain booms and
oilier works proposed to be constructed
bj   said Company  in, over ami along I hr
Nonb Thompson River in the Kamloopa
Division of Yale District in lho Province
oi British Columbia and thai on the lolh
day of February, 1909, at the hour of 11
0 clock iu Ihe forenoon, or so soon tlirn'-
niiei as ihe application can be beard,
application will he made by tbe pndoi-
sigueil to His Excellency Ibo Governor*
Ill-Council al Ottawa, Ontario, for bis
approval to be given to such plans,
Daled this 4th ilay of December, 190H.
Sut swap anu Thompson Kivbrs Boom
Ky Olio Lachmundi Secretary,
Dec. 9, bo d
SMtlllMtlon ol Orown 0i_nt
r 1
Whereas on tlio 20th duy nf Not-ember IBM 11
l.rnwii (Jratit wan issued fn the iiiinie of Wedei-
ick wubbonrna for Lot sin, Qroupi Konio-
nay District. That nvldooco Iius since betm
been 1 roiluood sIiiiwIiik that tin .'.hi Krmlor ',-.■
Washlwurno died ou Iho 7lh of AiiKiii|, I'.Kil
aiimetlmu prior to the i -nance ol the snid
IJrOwn OTUti That by iiKrocment dated «'.ih
Auifiint, IWW, lho said Freilorlek Washboo no
lulgnoa all hi. estate, right, tltlo ntofoit,
claim und demand whatanavor in the ,,„|d l„,„|
toThomaH tlhsnkn McPherson.
Notice I.s tlicrofiire hereby sivon. it, pnr.n-
•noe of Section t» of the "IjiiiiiI Act, ' that It In
tho ititsi.lii.ii to oaucol tho said I rown ciri.nl.
Issued It, tho name of Froilorlck Washbotiriie
and to lain a one In Ha stand iu tho mime nf
riion na Bhatiki McPhersou throo montia frnm
U10 Onto hereof unless good canse Is shown In
t iuof ( niiiiiiis.iiiueriit Lauds snd Work..,
Undi and Worki Department,
Viotorls, D (.'. llth C-tob-r, fwj,    Ml ii .I* SUPPLEMENT TO THE MAIL-HERALD, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1908
DIAMOND SETT AT $75.00  v:_,v<
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Capital         ■ $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Shrubb Will Meet Longboat in
Alfred Shrubb, tbe long distauce
English ]i ofessioual champion runner,
has accepted the challenge to meet
Tom Longboat, tbe Canadian Indian,
the vanquisher of Dorando l'ietri, in
Madison Square Garden.
Tbe race will be run on January 9th
at Madison Square Garden, New York.
Whatever be the result of the Shrubb-
Longboat contest it is said tbat the
four-cornered long distance light between Dorando, Shrubb, Longboat and
Hnyes will be held soon after.
Dining Room Furniture is particularly essential, and in view ol
this fact we bave selected a very
desirable line o! elegant and
artistic dining tables, chairs aod
sidehoards. An early inspection
sb-iultl be made, us the price we
are asking for Bucb superior furniture makes tlieni a most desirable
»|i -ft »S> -ft ■£ WMW 'I' 'I' '•.* 'I' 'I' '$' 'fr 'fr 'I''->$"!"■*♦
#   S.  MCMAHON   I
Catholic — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High .Vass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andkew's Prksbytkrian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, paBtor. Sunday, Dec. 27.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p.m.
Knox Presbyterian—J. R. Robert-
Services on Sunday as follow" :—-
Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sunday School and Bible Class Bt 2:30 p.
ni. Evenirg service al 7:30 p.m.
Special Christmas services buth morning und evening—the evening service
being a service of praise, with special
music by the cboir,
Methodist—Rev. T.W, Hall, pastor.
son, B.D.. minister. Sunday services
at dim. and 7 30p.m. Sunday-
School and Pastor's Bible Class at-2'80
Choir practice Friday night, 8 o'clock.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday Bchool and Bible classat
2 30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p m.   All are invited to these services.
agent kor
John Dkkk
plows, barrows
wagons and
farm inipli-
incnls of nil
made   and  repaired.
Horse Shoeing
il Specialty
All Orders Promptly Execute.    -    First Class Work Guaranteed £
FIRST   STREET   -   'PHONE  8T |j
'fr 'fr 'fr 'I' 'fr «$"-■» _fr_fr-frfr$$$frfrfrfrfr$frfr frfrfrfr
HEAD OEKICK :   Calgary,  Ai.bkrta.
Wholesales and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers and Dealers in Live Stock. Markets iu ull the pritici
pal Cities nnd Towns of Alberta, British Oolumblt and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " Imperii tor" Hams and Bacon,
ami "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lurd.
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
^a__-___-REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.       First-claee in every respect.    All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rate* $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
Board of Trade
It is strange bow frequent are the
kicks registered at the Board of Trade
over tbeir actions ou different matters
of locil import Why cannot those
who take exception tu the board's
doings get in as members and then
have their say. Every responsible
citizen of Revelstoke is at liberty to
become a member, and as tbe biard is
composed of business men of good
experience and standiug in the community tlieir actions are usually the
outcome oi considerable common
sense tnougbt and discussion. They
do not meet for pleasure, but for the
furthering and developing ol the interests of Revelstoke There is not
much use in kicking against what is
a valu .1,1c institution to the city, and
when it is remembered that the board
has accomplished iu llie past and
what it is doing now and will continue
to do for ttie city's hest interest, onlv
the sore heads will complain. It is
very easy to sit l.ick and criticize and
condemn and sli >.c faults of others,
hut it is another matter to get in and
try to do something for the benefit of
tlie com in unity. The workers, not
tbe kickers, aie what the city needs !
A Great Work
We are glad to see that Kamloops
has taken notice uf our remarks on
I the Y. M. C. A , and tbat the Kiini-
■ loops public arc being referred to our
, recent article in OODoeotion with billowing along the lines ol Kevelstoke
in the institution of the Y. M.C.A.
by tbe Standard of that city. Kamloops, we repeat, cannot go fur wrong
il it organizes her Y. M. C. A. on the
lines adopted and carried out by Kevelstoke. dive your boys a lairohaiice.
Kamloops, and get your citizens to
pull together in this thing, and you
will bring abotll the suite good results
that we did.
Here's a Happy Couple
starting on the road to owning
property, and they'll be living
under their own roof when
their friends will still he paying rent. We are offering them
that within five years, will
double in value. Can do the
same hy others. Best lots in
vicinity, right along the road
to impiovemonts—Get on the
band wagon for Revelstoke.
Real Estate nnd Insurance Agent,
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
£_&_. SAILINGS rFrom,
st. John   OHILIIlUO Liverpool
Fri. Dec. 25 Kp. of Brit.
Sal. Jan. 2  Lk. Manitoba
Fii. Jan. .S  Kmp. of Irel'd Dec. 25
Fri. Jan. 22   " Oorsican "  .Inn.    S
(Allan I.imsr. chartered by Can. Piic. Ry i
Kri. Jan. 211   Ep. of Brit.    Jtin. 15
Is!. Class 2nd. Class jrd. Class
$8250   S4875 $287.
IS!. Class 2nd. Class 3rd.1 Class
$65 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Chenp rates to Atlantic Seahi aril
points  in connection with   steamship tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg und
all other continental ports.
For further information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Hevelstoke, B.C.
Vancouver, H.C
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
All   kiuds   of   new
Dealers iu
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. O. Hox, mi.
I'HUM   2li
M.'iniihirtHii'il fnr nil (■tiiHsn. nf ibuililiiiK*
fnr ..ilu in lorgn or siimH'i-uanUtia..
at tlm Inwn ,1. prlooi .nr ('Huh.
All Itlmh of building and pl.--t.rlim
DIAMOND SETT AT $75.00  v!
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Capital         • $3,500,000
Rest Fund      _ $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Dining Room Furniture is particularly essential, and in view nf
this [act we bave selected a very
desirable line ol elegant and
artistic dining tables, chairs and
sideboards. An early inspection
should be made, us the price we
are asking lor such superior furniture makes tbem a most desirable
^fofrfr^Hfrfrfofr ftH$ III l$l l^l III ■!■ >t' fl 't»-*.fni»iH$H$Hfr
■-T AOENT  l-'iUt
Y .Iuns   Dt-uti-:
**J* plows, harrow;
£+ cultivators,
T wagons
1_pr tern) iinjiii
ini'tit-,  nt'
made   and repaired.
Horse Shoeing
i Specialty
First Class Work Guaranteed
2! All Orders Promptly Executed
ij. ■!» iii ft ■!> $Q*fQ&$&G&&QQ 't* 'X' $ 'fr '$' j '***
J%.    BURNS    &    COMPANY,    LIMITED, j
0 HF.Atl (IKKICK     CaLOAKT    Ai.hkhta.
0 Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
0 Pork Packem and Dealer.  •:..-■    k    Markets in all the_prii
4 pal (' ; d AH Iritinh Co  unl;!
> P |  O .... Irani " Impel il
\ and " Bhamro ■    Brm     1.  .'  I. ■ •
.   I ' lu- Yukon.
Hum- and Bat un,
Shrubb Will Meet Longboat in
Alfred Shrubb, the long distauce
English puifessional ohampion runner,
has accepted the challenge to meet
Tom Longboat, the Canadian Indian,
the vanquisher of Dorando Pietri, in
Madison Square Garden.
The race will be run on January 9th
at Madison Square Garden, New York.
Whatever be the result of the Shrubb-
Longboat contest it is said that the
four-cornered long distance light between Dorando, Shrubb, Longboat and
Hayes will bo held soon after.
Import direct from country ol i rigin.
Central Hotel
._—_-      REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built       Kirm-claw ,n every reepecl     All modern oonvenlenoei
Urge Sample Roomi
Ralet SI 60 per D_,. Spec -I W9.<ly Rat..
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake,   mder lame   management
Catholic — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays in every mouth
at the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Xass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:110
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30 p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Dec. 27.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p.m.
Services on Sunday as follow" :—
Morning service at II o'clock. t-iun-
d«y School and Bible Class nt 2:30 p.
m. Evening service ai 7:30 p.m.
Special Christinas services both morning and evening—the evening service
being a service of praise, with special
music by the choir,
METHODIST—-Rev. T.W. Hall, pastor,
son, B.D.. minister. Sunday services
at il am. and 7 30p.m. Sunday-
School and Pastor's Bible Class at 2-30
Choir practice Friday night, 8 o'clock.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, WA.
pastor. Services at, 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p ui.   All are invited to these services.
Board of Trade
It is strange how frequent are tlie
kicks registered at the Board of Trade
over tlieir actions ou different matters
of Inenl import. Why cannot those
who take exception to the board's
doings get in as members and then
have their say. Every responsible
citizen ol Revelstoke is at liberty to
become a member, and as the h ian! is
composed of business men of good
experience and .-landing in the community their actions are usually tbe
outcome of considerable com mon
sense thought and disoussion. Tbey
do not meet for pleasure, but for tbe
furthering and developing of the interests ol Revelstoke There is not
much use in kicking against what ia
a valuable institution to the city, and
when it is remembered that thu board
has accomplished in the pust and
what it is .liiing now and will continue
to do for the city's best interest, only
the sore heads will complain. It is
very easy to sit h«ok and criticize and
condemn nnd sm ne faults of others,
| but it is another matter to get in and
j try to il" something for the benefit of
| the community. The workers, not
'lie kickers, aie what the city needs !
A Great Work
Us are glad t" Me that KainlonpH
has taken uutice uf uur remarks on
llie V. M. C. A , aud that the Kara-
loopi publio are   being referred to our
.-iiini irtlole in oonneotlon with lollowing along the lines uf Revelitokc
in tin*  Institution  "f  the V. M. C. A.
by tbe .-tai.ilard   ..I   tlmt city.    Kain-
I'si [I-, ia'. repeat, sennot gu far wrong
il it organizes  her  V  M.C.A, on the
. lines adopted and Carried out   by Revelstoke    Give yooi boys a fslroliauco,
Kamloops, snd gel ynur citizens to
pull together   in   this   thing, and yuu
will bring almut the itme good results
thai *,- did,
Here's a Happy Couple
starting on the road to owning
property, and they'll he living
under their own roof when
their friends will still be paying rent. We are ottering them
that within live years, will
double in value. Oan do the
same by others. Best lots iu
vicinity, right along the road
to impiovements—Get on the
band wagon for Kevelstoke.
Real Estate nnd Insurance Agent,
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Fri. Dec. i", Ep. of Brit.
Sat. Jan. 2  Lk. Manitoba
Fri.  Jan. 8   Emp. of Irel'd Dec. 25
Pri. Jan. 22   " Oorsican "   Jan.    8
(Allnn I.inor. chnrterod by Can. Pnc. Ity l
Kri. Jan. 21)   Kp. of Brit.    Jan. 15
1st. Class 2nd. Class jrd. Class
$8s so   $48 7s $28 7 .
ist. Class 2nd. Class 3rd.1 Class
$05 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lakh Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       H.27 50
('heap rates to Atlantic Seabt ard
points   in connection  with   steamship tickets
Passengers bonked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other continental ports.
Kor further information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelsloke, B.C.    Vancouver,B.C
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furi?.
All   kinds   of   new
Dealers iu
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. 0. Box, 200.
I'HON E 2(i
M hum fact n roil  for all QlaUBI -if (hulliliufc-i
fnr iulo in i.m." or BmaU'qnaD-ltlN
nt tlm iijwi)h_ prtoos lor t-Asb.
All klml 1 ol huflilititf hikI plHsteriiifl
Suggestions for Christmas
Don't put off buying to the Last Minute
Buy Useful Presents
Christmas Skirts
In navy and brown, good value
ut $10, special Christmas price 1.6
Unusual cutting in prices, Black.
Moriette, suteen, etc., deep flouncing, dust ruflle, regular price $1.50
and §2 Now $1.00
Ladies' Blouses
At sale priced.     All  wool Cashmere, Lustre  and  Fancy  blouses
Regular prices were $2 and 2.50,
Christmas price $1
Handsome Mantles
Emphatic Reductions. Christmas
sale prices. These are new styles
and,thia season's goods. II we
have your size we will make the
price to suit your pocketbook.
Golf Jackets
Ladies Golf Jackets in nil colors,
Norfolk styles.
Misses'Golf  Jackets—to   fit trills
from 10 to 15 years, regular $2.50
Now selling at $2
Dainty Waists
In Net, Lace and Silk. The unusual low prices presented make
this an offering that should cause
every woman o make note of it
Prices from $2 up
For the Children
Winter coats and dainty silk
dresses at Christmas sale prices
Collars and Belts
Just arrived for the Christmas
trade. Nice assortment, new and
dainty goods
Our assortment of good umbrellas
is perhaps the hest we have ever
shown. Ladies' nnd gentlemen's
umbrellas, best tape edge, gloria
and silk covered. Beautiful showing of line handles—gold plate,
sterling silver, all guaranteed—
Prices range from $1.50 to $6
We have thousands of them, from
children's picture handkerchiefs
to the finest embroidered linen,
Fancy Useful Gifts
We have a large range of inexpensive articles, such as, Leather
Bags, Children's fancy leather
bags, opera bags, necklaces, comb
sets, wool jackets for the babies,
fancy bibs, garters, cushion tops,
linen centre pieces, etc.
Furs! Furs!!
Ladies'sets, children's sets, odd
neck ruffs and muffs, shoulder
capes in sable and seal.
Regular price $35 now $15.00
Xmas Goods for
Men and Boys
Fancy braces, ties, cashmere scarfs
cuff links, armlets, sweaters and
cardigan jackets, Smoking coats,
men's suits at 816.60, sale price
§11; men's overcoats $12, sale
price $7; hoy's heavy warm over
coats, long length, $3; boy's reefer
velvet collars at $2.50; boy's
tweed suits at .82.60.
Boots and Shoes
We can offer you some exceptional values and all goods are
Kid Gloves
Nothing more appreciated by lady
or gentleman, than a pair of good
kid gloves.
Dress Goods
20 per.  cent  discount on all our
Christmas drees goods.
Blankets, etc.
Full size white blankets selling at
83 75 per pair
Trimmed hats, regular prize 810,
Christmas sale prize $5.00. These
hats nre new and oi the up-to-
date fashion, and you can rest
assured of receiving double value
for money invested in this line
of goods.
Shop Early-
EEID    &    "Y" O TT IST &
Shop  Early*
IMtl'ir MMI.-llRKll.ti-
Dear Sir,—In reply to the letter
appearing in your last iaeue signed by
Mr. Kellie, regarding a report that the
Trades and Labor Council are in favor
of abolishing the ward system, and
criticizing tbe action taken by tbe
Board of Trade in connection with the
proposed postoffice building.
Mr. Kellie considers that the abolition ol the ward system will result in
Ward 3 deiug deprived 'fit their voice
in tbe government ol the city. He
consequently considers tbat ward 1
and 2 are in solid opposition to ward 3,
or at any rate sufficiently opposed to
prevent that ward having any real
power in matters of civic nd.nii is'ration. If this opposition _cu a l.ict. it
might be asked what representation
ward 3 has under tho present system
with two aldermen in the council
against four?
It does uot follow that the abolition
ol the ward system would deprive any
section ol th • people of their voice iu
the administration of the city, as suggested by Mr. Kellie. It would, on
the other hand, strengthen Ihe pe--
sonnel of tbe council by ensuring that
candidates for office must have the
approval ol the geueral public. It
would have s tendency to consolidate
and give greater loroe to the general
public opinion on matters oi civic administration and public morality, and
do a great deal to eliminate the sectional feeling thst has existed so long,
and which some people apparently
take pleasure iu fostering.
Ward 3 would have no cause to fear
tbo result ol a change from the present
system. This is partly evidenced by
the faot tbat although greatly in the
minority in tbe council under the
present system, they have always
shared fairly in Ihe public expenditure,
The action taken by the Trades und
Labor Couucil indicates a broadness
ol view that some people in the past
have nut been prepared to credit to
labor organisations in general, (or
uuder the present system tbey are
certain of being able to eleot any candidate they may choose in ward 1,
while under the system tbey propose
lt will be necessary Ior them as well
as lor other sections to select candidates who will have tbe confidence ol
lhe whole electorate.
As regards the postoffice site question, it is very evident that Mr. Kellie
has some prejudice in this matter,
Tho Board ol Trade does uot pretend
to represent the views ol the whole
people ou this question, but being
composed ol mostol tbe representative
business inon ol the community they
aro certainly entitled to tlieir opinion
on the matter, lu any case, their
action is ono which should appeal to
ell lair minded persons as thoy have
but suggested to  the  City Cuunoil
what appeared to them to be the best
! means of obtaining the opinion of tlie
public in general as to the most suit
able site. Tbe government is not
bound to accept the site that may be
decided upon by the means suggested,
but such a plebicite sbou d be of great
value in enabling the government to
arrive at a decision.
In regard to the rumor mentioned
by Mr. Kellie, that $9,000 is the price
asked for the lots on the corner of
Campbell avenue and First street, I
may say tbat tbis is not correct.
Mr. Kellie asks whether lots in this
vicinity have changed bands at the
figures mentioned. I can inform Mr.
Kellie that tbe lots in question were
sold at the price they are now being
offered to the government.
Yours truly,
F. B. Lewis.
Revelstoke. B.C., Deo.22nd, 1908.
Ediuir Mail-Herald:
Sir,—Some public reference bus
been made to certain actions brought
in the name of Mr. Phipps against
tresspassers on timber berth 88, south
of Kevelstoke, and a miserable attempt
bas been made to connect with tbat
litigation tbe name of the bauk witb
whioh Mr. Phipps is connected. The
hank has no interest direct or indirect
in the outcome ol that litigation, and
Mr. Phipps has no personal interest in
it whatever. The full responsibility
lor the litigation is assumed by the
Yale Columbia Lumber Company,
Limited, and il these so-called "Poor
Settlers" bave any rights to invade
our property the courts ol this province will bo found quito capable of
taking care of their "Rights,-' if they
bave any.
I hope that tbe threatened investigation will take place, as it will put
some people in their proper places.
Pending the decision ol these cases
common sense and decency would
seem to point to the advisability nf refraining from a discussion ol tbe oases
in the press, but 1 lind it necessary t
do so to this extent in ordor that no
injustice may be permitted to be done
to Mr. Phipps or the hank,who are in
no way concerned.
Yours truly,
F. E. Sine.
Kevelstoke, B. C, Dec. 23rd, 1800.
Fogg—At Revelstoke, B. C, on Monday, December 21st, to Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Fogg, a daughter.
Killtur Mtn. Ilt'.rui.n.
Sir,— I hear that the statement hss
been made that the Chief ol Police
received verbal instructions Irom the
Police Coiiimissioneis ol 1908, which
wero contrary to tbe instructions contained in the minute book of the proceedings ol the Commissioners. The
man who inado that statement about
mo is it contemptible liar.
Yours truly.
Geo. 8. M'Caiitkr
Three thousand feet Moving Pictures
Local and General.
Moving Pictures tonight.
C. Fromby was the winner of the
handsome tea cosy rallied last week.
New programme of Moving Pictures
at the EdiB.n Parlor Theatre tonight
The Kootenay Liberal will disappear
to be succeeded by the "Kootenay and
Board of Trade Journal."
Any further donations for a "Xmas
Hamper" for a few cases where Santa
ClauB may not otherwise come, should
be handed to Rev. J. R. Robertson
before 6 o'clock Thursday evening.
Saturday, December 26th, and Saturday, January 2nd, 1309, have been
declared public holidays, and on these
days the banks and public oIHccb of
the Provincial Government will be
Tbe special Christmas holiday excursion rates oo the C. P. R. of a fare
and a third are being largely taken
advantage of, these cheap trips affording excellent opportunity for family
The total revenue from Chinese immigration Ior the fiscal year is $746,-
000. British Columbia receives $345,-
000, l.uebec $18,500, New Brunswick
.$1,000, Nova Scotia $750, Ontario and
Saskatecewan $250 eaoh.
It is understood from Glasgow, Scotland, that if there is ice at Luchmnhet
the Canadian curlers will play there
in the international series, but failing
that matches will be played in the
large permanent ice rink in Glasgow.
Tho visit of the Canadian curlers is
being eagerly anticipated by curlers
all over Great Britain.
Tbe anuual Cbristmas tree entertainment of Knox Church Sunday
School will he held on Tuesday nigbt,
Dec. 29tb. A good program will be
rendered. No admission will be
charged but an offering will be taken.
Doors open at 7:30. Let all tbe ebil
dren come aod their parents and
friends with tbem,
Rev. J. K. Robertson received word
yesterday from A. O. Wheeler, F. R.
G. S., President ol the Alpine Club ol
Canada, that he will be in Revelstoke
on Monday, January ith, to bold a
meeting witb tbe local Alpine members. Arrangements are well under
way to tender a banquet to Mr.
Wheeler by tbe resident members,
and considerable interest is being
awakened in bis coming visit. Further
notices will be made later.
Tbe annual general meeting of
tbe Board ol Trade will be held on
Tuesday, January 19tb, in the City
Hall, at 8 p.m. It is important tbat
all members should be present as the
meeting is usually highly important
and officers lor the year will be elected.
Tbe secrelaiy has requested us tu announce that the subscription ol $2.50
for the year 1909 are due on Jan, 1st,
aud that as tbe board requires all tbe
funds tbey can get, members are ro
minded that their subscriptions will
lie gladly takeu. Tbe next meeting
of the board will take plaoe on Thursday evening, Jan. 7tb.
Board of Trade
It is strange how frequent are the
kicks registered at the Board of Trade
over their actions on different matters
of local import. Why cannot those
who take exception to the board's
doings get in as members and then
have their say. Every responsible
citizen of Revelstoke is at liberty to
become a member, and as the board is
composed of business men of good
experience and standing in the community their actions are usually the
outcome of considerable common
sense thought and discussion. They
do not meet for pleasure, but for tbe
furthering and developing of the interests of Revelstoke. There is not
much use in kicking against wbat is
a valuable institution to the city, and
when it is remembered that the board
bas accomplished in the past and
wbat it is doing now aud will continue
to do for the city's best interest, only
the sore heads will complain. It is
very easy to sit back and criticize aud
condemn and see the faults of others,
but it is another matter to get in and
try to do something for tho benelit of
the community. The workerB, not
the kickers, are what the cily needs I
A Great Work
We are glad to Bee that Kara loops
has taken notice ol our remarks on
the Y. M. C. A., and that the Kara-
loops public are being referred to our
recent article iu connection witli lollowing along the lines ol Revelstoke
in the institution ol tho Y. M. C. A.
hy the Standard uf that city. Cam-
loops, wo repeat, cannot go fur wrung
if it organizes ber Y. M. C. A. on the
lines adopted and carried out by Hevelstoke. Give your buys a fair chance.
Kamloops, and get. your citizens to
pull together in this tiling, and you
will bring about the same good re lilts
tbat we did.
School Attendance.
The attendance at the public schools
Ior December wns as follows:
a.      fL
High  School
—Div. 1.   16
93 52    11
ii         a
••   11.   14
92.85     9
Public School—Div. I.   14
92.31   12
II               Id
—   "II.   25
98.85   23
il               II
—   " III. 36
97.05   29
(1               II
—   "IV. 42
98.38   33
II               1.
—   " V.    34
95.67   18
11    *         ||
—   " VI. 42
96.83   27
II               II
—   "VII. 62
94.23   31
II               II
—  "VIII 49
96.93   38
"               "
—   "IX   54
94.96   35
II               II
— "   X   55
94.09   36
95.87 302
Take notice that a silting of the
Court of Revision to hear and determine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tax proposed to he levied nnd
imposed on tlie lands or real property
affected under Ihe provisions of Bylaw
No. 120, being known its "Local Improvements Boulevarding Assessment
By-law No. 120, WOO." will be held in
the City Hull at the City of Hevelstoke
on Monday, the 4th day of January,
1000, at the hour of nine'o'clock in the
A statement showing the land or
real property liable to pity the assessment therefor nnd the names of the
owners theieof as far as the same can
he ascertained and the proposed assessment and report thereon of the City
Olerk are now on file in the office of
the Oity Olerk and open to inspection
by nil persons during ollice hours.
And further take notice that all
notices of appeal shall be served on
the Clerk of the Municipal Council at
least ei|;lit days prior to such Court of
Dated this 12th December, 1UUH.
City Clerk.
Certificate oflmprovements
Winslnw Mineral Olaim, situate in the
Trout   Lake  Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where   located;   At   head  of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake,
Take notice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent   for  Neil O'Donnell,
Speolal F.M.C. 8708; William Bennett,
K.M.C. No,  B06877;  Bruce White, P.
M.C. HI 1524; anil  P, II. Murphy, P.M.
(1. H22US7; Intend, sixty days from the
date   hereof,   to  apply  to the Milling
Recorder tor a Certilicatc of Improvements, for Iho purpose of  obtaining a
Crown Qrant Ot the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must be commenced
in ioi e thn Issuance ol such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated  this Uth day of October, A.
II.,  IIKIh.
oct, 111 mid O. H. N. WILKIE.
Tbere is still time to buy a Kootenay
range; perfect baking is assured; oven
thermometers aud all latest improvements ii desired. Bourne Bros, agents,
Revelstoke Land District.
Went Kootonay, B. 0.
Take Notice tbat 60 days after date
I R, W. Lindsay ol Oamborne, H. O,
oooupatlon, merchant, intend to apply
ior permission to purchase the following descrilied binds siltinlcd   on   Fish
Hiver, West Kootenay dlstriot.
Commenolng at tbe north-east oorner of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,806 and marked " H. W. Lindsay's North-West Corner Post; "thence
8 ohalns to west, line ol MoKinnon's
pre-emption; Ihuneu 60 choins south;
Ibence H   chuins   east   to   MacKay's;
tlience   1,11 50 chains to   point   of
commencement,    coiiliiining  10 acres
moru or Ic-h:
Located Ocl. Iiilh, 1008.
It. w. Lindsay, Locator.
of John Smith, bite of Malakwa,
In lhe Province ol British Columbia.   Di used.
NOTICE is hereby given pursuant
to  the  Trustees  and   Executors   Act,
to iii) creditors of the estate to deliver
to the undersigned before the27th (lay
of January, 1009, lull particulars ol
chums, verified hy Statutory Declaration. After such tbite the Executor
will proceed to   distribute   the   assets
according to law.
of Dnvio Chambers, Victoria, B.C.
Solicitors for the Executor.
Dated Ibis I7th  day  of Deceniebr,
A .D., 1908.
Fare   and   One-Third  for Round   Trip
Between nil stations on Canadian  Pacific Railway and
on Steamers, Vancouver-Victoria and Seattle.
New Year Excursioo Christmas Excursion
On Sale from December
28th to January 1st,
On Sale from December
21st to 26th.
All tickets good to return up to and including Jan. 5th, 1909
For particulars of train service and tickets
tall on T. W. BRADSHAW, Or write to C. li. POSTER,
Ticket Agent, Reveletoke, H.C A.G.P.A. Vancouver, B. C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   -___-L_BE_R,T     STOHST-E      _P_t=_0_P.
Queens ffotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Cut Flowers
Wreaths, Bouquets
If you want Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, etc., made up from the
choicest Mowers, by a fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
They took 1st Speci" 1 Prize at the
Vernon Show nn the 16th Sept.
for the best Floral and Horticultural l)i«play.
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.  -   $.500
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For ths rnrm   n.u Jtn lawn
or fi_n_«rvaun_r
Reliable varieties ut reason
»ble prices, .So -Mirers, Scale
or liiiuiK-tuoii to ,...tu.,K,. sioca.
Nu wind) .,^,-i,i» to KnnOy you.
Huy direct and ^et trees and
seeds thai grow.
Fertilisers, H**<* Supplies,Spray
I'umps, bpn/iny kutwial, cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established nursery 00 tlie mainland
ot K. C     Uat_.0*fU«  lies.
Green House and Seed  Houses
Cut Flowers
Chrysanthemums, Carnations and
other Cut Flowers supplied by J, T,
Boslby, Nelson, B.C., (P.O.Box 897.) THE MAIL HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B. (J.
si* Xmas Clou Sh
Never before in the history ol Kevelstoke has
:'.. .■ been such adispla of Christmas Toys
as :irc to he found here this season. Coys to
suit boys and girls  ol   ..I  ages     .'.'.   prices.
DOLLS  dressed and undressed 50c   o.'G   iriuuham.. J Toys HOC up
Dolls' Co-carts nnd Sleirrhs     C. nes     Puzzles     Boolis, etc
Macdonald's JDruy & P)Ook -JVore
.. basketball gome will ink. place
tmiighi between the Intern! di ti
su,l Jl id tea.i a This game si
be ,1 hia last on ', u• lho two team
wer, Hie bead of the last league, there
'". ■ ,. , oiii po i i- I'd 'vi en I hem,
The Intermediates although considerably lighter than the ll i I boys, make
up in quiokness, and they expect tu
give the larger fellows a bard game.
On Friday night the Public school
boys are billed to piny the High sohool,
Both teams are confident of winning
and a good game is expected.]
(>OOOOOO OO-O 0-CK><KK>O<KKKH><HK>-p   h»
Beal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
|    Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
O      Runts Collected, Loans Notary Public
$ <HX> -_KH>0-CK> -_KK>-0-CH><_KH>O-O-OOO-CM
WeatherT orecast
-':.,;., Dec _ii—For - I bours
Mild with snow, not much change
ti : .   max 29 c ; min. 18 ■
Local and General.
. .- :•    rill I e  skating at the Kink
(-. .-:    is   »:•.- rno o   Irom   il   to   6
ol ick.
I In hours I r skating  at   the  rink
.- teas it will be   Afternoons, 3 11 5
i   ok, ami evenings  B:lfi to   10-15
-•  . .m - -.1 ■ held Cbriel nas Day
ii - Peter's church as follows: '** a,
in Holy Communion 11 a.m Matins
and 11 ily Communion, Choral services
■ int.:.ding purchasing season
ete lor the Uiuk should secure
thtm before Friday, and thus avoid
en entering tbe (ink Friday
i it- rn■ . n, Mr. I. McPhaii always has
.-. - ■.; i [the! tickets on bis person
at ai, t. ■ es.
Wt understand tbat the city ol
H .-...-I -:e debentures amounting to
... |2o I.HJU ■ : . cent issues have
■ ■ eo | urcl asi d by the Imperial liank.
tbe transactii u being arranged by F.
B. Lewis, who bad tin* option on tbeir
behalf, The greater portion uf this
sum will be taken over in t, lew days.
■Peace  on   Karth,  lluod   Will To
wards   Men      was   exemplified   hiss;
. il  it,  the public meeting ol police
'   uimissioners.   Revelstoke rarely sees
ys such .in exbil ition by pubic men as that nnd the .-strife at time
1     ...I   loud  and   strong,  the   crowd
_,    og vi ot to derisive cheers and  ap-
tuse  occasionally  as if it was huge
oke; such is tbe tickle   easilj Bwayed,
easil)  imused Revelstoke public
Social and Personal
CHRlSTfViAS   1903
Our new fruits ure nuw at your disposal, all fresh, and the
quality is such that there is nunc better, Ask fur prices.
Wc can interest ynu.
If you wish your Cakes nud Puddings made we will do it
and guarantee the quality as good, and we think better
than most peoplo make,    Ask uur prices.
in .me lb. packages or tins, alsu in bulk, equal to any
homo made, and the prices are within reach ol all.
Hobson & Bell, Bakers and Grocers
Nice Five   roomed
House for     S1.800
Nice   Six   roomed
Hot.se  lot*    $1,900
Houses al reasonable
All kinds of   Insutv
Agents   for  the celc
KARN   Pianos and
Players. -Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Ileal Estate, Insurance and Financial Agouti.     Money to Loan.
T. Taylor.  M.P.P.. Minister of
Public Works.
A telegram was received yesterday
i tift.rnoon from Victoria stating that
Mr. Thomas Taylor, AI. P. P., of
this city, was sworn in yestor-
iliiy morning as minister of public
works in the McBride cabinet. The
by election necessitated by this appointment will he held on January
Oth, 1000.    The n".v.-   ol   Mr. Taylor's
appointment  to   the    portfolio   has
caused considerable satisfaction in the
' (lintri.'t  and  riding  and  the govern-
i moot is to bo oougratulated.
Business Locals
ii. igb id ft vest! rd i f .iu .i
• lit to Spokane.
-.; •    i    Kilpatrick   has   returned
■;  m     - h     la; -
'■'      ■■l-.i.. itricl    ' i he Leland Ike I,
ivas in towu yesterday.
Miss Muriel buck left on Suuday
■  t..t a:. .• visit to Brandon, Man
M. Grady, i St, Lt on Hot i] rii gs,
\.:;■•■ Lake, was a visitoi to  thi   oity
Mrs. F, B Lewis will ".- oive Mn"-
day, the 26th iusti ad I i riday
I .nuary 1st,
... ijttRae b.s. n ti rned trom a visit
to eai.ti-.ru end prairie ;■■ int and ri ■
■,   rts  thai   . . -. everywhere  ire
Mrs. H  Cunu ugl   :.. Morrio lefl    D
JJ    ud I '.'.' is!   :. i-   ".   '!'   Mi
'    • 1    M     '.-    it   lake   SI    s-
..,     -   '   '   Hill,
J,   I 'leas-   Pi    ... Lsseesor for
ist   HMsi Weel Kooteu y, was in the
ty    in   Mood ij i   iiiiectian «ith
'     .rt of Ke\ isi      .    .    Ippei
[ rovincial lands for taxes.
Fancy dishes at  Macdonald's drug
A very tasty seloction of Xmas candies—J. Mclntyre iS Son.
Turkeys, gecso, chicken, cranberries,
poultry dressing, etc., at Bourne Bros.
Ebony brushes nnd mirrors, very
l'_s.t. at. 0  H   Macdonald .J.
What nbotit youi plum pudding?
We have ciu. lio's at 40 cents, and
Wagstaff's ii 'i."i rents. C. is. Hume
& Co.
i ■ h Cul hi rried Holly, Mistlutoo,
Cut Flowers, ' •!"' ub ".!-'■ PI "its lur
■ '.,. Henry's Surseriea, 3010
Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.
The prioei ol our cut glass, fancy
eiiiiut antl Bilverware are low when
.j., il-;ty is- ■ onsiden d, Liberal dis-
c "..nt given tbis week     Bourne Bros.
lin: your iii. ups al   '■, i   lan'e on
.    -tn,.'..   Day,   ■', s:ii   Irom  il 11   -;
.- >e our enlarge I phut., witl    lo/.on
I u.s i- oi ' irger    Opportunity  presents Usi II tbii visit until Deo, 31i t.
Spanish  grapes, Jap . rangoi, bau-
las at   reasonable   price-—I. Mcln-
i . re .'. Sou
If you can't decide what to give fur
\ni_i". go to 0 R. Maedonald - drug
-■ ire and loi k ai   md     i   ti will cei •
l.,inly In il   '. tb ro
': sides   m oil   ■        ol      igs and
.,     and  saucei    I      ... I   o
dayi   we nill sell fresh mixed   au
15  cents  por  Ib.    Leave your ord
befon ii ■' : got b    C. B  Hum
Ninas glubes nnd nil illuminated
papers at C. K. Macdonald's.
Plum pudding, fruit cakes, Xmas
stockings, crackers, nnd all kinds of
candies at Bourne Bros
Sonic of the tilts things yuu can
pick on for Xmas gif.s: Boys' and
giils hand sleds, toys uf every description, toy books (ihe newest out), dolls
-"i cents to $20, ladies' and tent's
purses, tobocco pouches and jars, the
very best of case pipes and cigar holders, dressing cases and writing cases,
f.incy china and beautiful bound books
(all the newest), gold and silver
mutinied fountain pens,perfumes, perfume atomizers, calendars and cards,
etc., all at. C. It. Macdonald's drug
store.    Culm and look around,
iii|i oranges, lemons, pineapples,
grapes lettuce, rise tomatoes, sweet
potatoes, celery, parsley, bananas,
oress, oranborrio and bully, at C. B,
Hume >v Co's.
There is still tuna Lu buy n ICuoteuay
range perfect baking is assured; oven
tip I en.meters, and all latest improvements if desired. Bourne Bros, agents
Special to the Public.
From 10 n ra, to '- pm.  these short
.; i\    iu- the I est bi 'ars to  have  b
ip phut ■   taken       S I Ol
lu cl unly weather durii    these 1    ire
Bj periencc ol inure than I- yi oi
travclli pbei     iu    -
I milt     .i.i IS    I       :■ r
pen ever)
.1 iy in the II
Kev. Isl
Blue  Bird
.   ti.-.   attracti ns    ti i brist-
is I -.;. u '.:.. Edison i arlor Theatre
'  •    ■ | .s.'tuie
i. I.- Bird       I ■ j ii'ture
I .    _     .-      ituuies and
I    .        - '. 1 - ■    I : .   '   I
■. ■ -s.v.     f'-.v     ti. ussnd leet i f
pictures, including   first   class
... «:-   i • shown.
Christmas Service of Praise
A   -i       I  Cl    stmi -    lervii      ol
, raisi   ... : ■ held   u - md iy 11
next in Knox I burcb   	
„   m sic   will     l«   rendered —
"1 i."   L'uiversal   King    "sir*. Y.
1  ■■   •        -      by Air. Duncan   : Van-
ri:   sntbems by thi eh        Hark
.t   Celestial   - uodi     an.I   " 1 o
1 tite. My (i .1 snd Sai.
Union Service.
A very hearty invitatii .- i tended
■ . iroe t" tbe union Christmas
• ■   be held in the Baptist oburoh
'  .   .-:      - ing at 11     ■ . '  .
I Irv l    ! ii
I n y  11 -i
Ions ■
This coal is «t|
SS SO per ton
SS 7 5 per ton
Revelstoke Ceneral Agencies, Ltd.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
■ pii see ol cut glass china snd
i". irtic •.- li .'•     1 lid you get \ are
-i. 1   loo)    t:n m    ivit.    C    ll
. ' 1
s   in
ki* •
1 '         ii    M.u   ■
' I
K   M
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
. largei iiii'i inoic varied
n ever In Ion .
-|" i.i   ':        Mountain
\'ie«- Carde
1 hri-tii..i- Posl ( iiiil.- in
Tasty i alendars,
3ri.li SALE AT
•   •      -il  )*»_ HH •
I'M i. i- ni'.i.n ini
i    I'  i..  I'dW NMITI   Al
AMi i M.I,Kri luY-
* III    ISKf*     l.'i.-ii.i IM 1,1,',   -uii.it n Kl)
Mr. Taylor  lins   been a faithful ser-
vant   to  the conservative party   fura
number of yours, nud  the   claim of
I Kevelstoke  for  representation   in the
I cabinet was really coming to us.   This
I riding bas  assumed  such importance
in its extent,   its climatic advantage*,
jits  natural  products, and  unlimited
' possibilities,  have  made it extremely
popular, as well  as  une  of  tbe  most
prominent sections of British Columbia, and   it   is  only in   justice to the
district   that    the    portfolio   should
cnnie here.
We most cordially congratulate Mr.
Taylor ,n, his appoiutniout, and bo
will doubtless prove himself capable
in a business way of administering
the public works department tu the
best intotests of the province.
A Last Word
To Xmas Buyers
We have delighted scores of people
during the last few weeks by their
selections from our large stock.
Have you purchased yet? If not,
we ask you to come and see if we
can help you to make some ow.
Watches Clocks Cut Glass
China Leather Goods Um-
brellas Silverware Jewelry
Novelties of all kinds.
Only one day left now for your Christmas buving
and if yon have been putting it off you had better
hurry up. We have been busy-.Our stock was so
good and cheap that we have h d a good trade. If
you have left your shopping until now, eome early
tomorrow—you will have more time, and so will we.
A Bargain in Furs
Yiiui' wife would enjoy a nice Kur aud Stole. (Unl we
have a set eaoh hi Isabella fox and Persian lamb, We
will sell either nt :i"i per cent, discount, liiey squirrel
throws, two unly, regular ijtlo.iK) now ijlO.OO
A Bargain in Coats
Uur cold weather is yet to conic and a nice warm coat
in the Inlesl style would be very acceptable, We bave six
uf the new full emits in the plain clothes, size.-, ill,36and US,
ttt 25 per cent., nil' regular nrico. Besides this wo offer a
bargain in tweed coats   all sizes nt ..7..-VI each
Handkerchief Display
It is huge it is good nud tho prices aro low. We are
making a showing of 25c. handkerchiefs In our window.
Some were HOC nnd some were JI5o. Now nil une price   'J.V.
New Blouses
ISvoryouu is delighted with our uch blousos. They
beauties and so very cheap, They are porl'ccl liiieiM
will be sure to please See our speolal line ni silk am
bloii»es ttt Uu.01) each.
I net
Fine Hosiery for Xmas
in plain and embroidered cashmere, plain, opi u wnrl
embroidered list,. In black, while nnd colors, und nil
Those  make   very ulcc presents and are .sine to hi
much appreciated.
Dainty Novelties
In pin cushions, collar boxes, lie holders, glove aud
handkerchief boxes, cushion covers, centres, lint phi
holders, etc, etc.    Al prit es from _5c, up,
Drawing Contest
Get yout Coupons for the Ooll and Hear.
One given with every 25c. worth bought and
applied on all bills paid.
McLennan & Co*
jfifimgu" f\
H§J    A I  |,|if|H
■   '..-■>.
W :■"••-.■■'.' '-T^:-mi^%
'*\ <i'-.'-'--_.-•   '- -a£.   -Si.'Sg'
"__■__. --^4-_-__i*g_V-i!ilr:_
en an
w~t$m U
,     ■ 7 WW- __-
' ■■'■''.$■
Gold Watches Given Away
See our window loi our bice Gift of Gold
Watches. Here is a chance to win a
handsome pri/.e for cash purchases. Novel
competition Free for boys.
Men's Christmas Special
Combination -.cts of Btacea,
Arm hands and Garters, a ■■ifl
nuv iiiiiii will appreciate, priees
$1,25, I.."id. 2,00.
 1 ^ .    .
Cuff Links
I'l'iitu :Cic up iu $8.50 per pah'.
on spenders
in fancy boxes, a inosl useful
Kilt   7."n'., -.1, 1,25, 1.50, 1.75.
Mufflers and Nockscarfs
A splendid assortinunl in all
shades nnd colors, from 50o. np
iu trt:i.7.'i. Pull I.ress Scarfs, the
inti'st thing out 92.60 to 8.7o,
,  , d- 1
1 - il 5 for (I
V gofrd  hiiiui '.ii.-  I., il
ihle   gll       ■       - ui.. I.s-.ii.
ii    .11 ;: -1 ■ •
F.incy Shirts
1 n [pt j,,n   1 nd in .'H
-■:       J.U."
1 ue ■, in ill oolorsTTB,20, 26,80,
8B. 50 05, 75c. por	
Fancy Vests
In sli   biib ■ from *:*:■"'" up ti
8,50   Haki      handsome present,
1 in. ,   Hwealers with vi -I col
Lu. l'i..in ..I.T.'i up tu (14.75.
1 .im v wnlitooate nt $8.76each.
Handsome   leathei   sulloaaes
1 , $2,76 up lu $10,50
Hand llrips $2,50 to $7.
Skating Boots
l'or men and  boys,  nil si/.e
$:innil StiH.7."!
Smokinic Jackets
A splendid line of Hnioklng and
House Jackets, $0tn B.B0
The dressy young man will Ibid
snmcthtng to please him here
iii nil tin' !. 11.■ • I styles and
shades Irum I60, ii|i to $ I, A
popular seller ill u l'iiiic> box,
.111 Ideal itifi   76c,
Christmas Shoes
■_.">u pairs just opened up, all the
Infest stvles,    See tbem.
Stick Pins
A t*m ul variety, at prices ranging fl-.llll illlc. Ill $1,76,
Fancy Hose
l''iincv half litise, cnsliiiiere, 15,
60, 70, and !Hlc. per pair.
Kid Gloves
In all sizes, tinlined, wool lined,
rn* line Mocha silk lined, comfortable 'ind dressy, from DOOi
10 .'_.7i"i per pair.
Bath Robes
The latest   Importation  from
New York, something   new   in
Itevi'lstokc, $1,76, $•■>, s').i"in. $0,
House Slippers
Itcsl your feet iua pair of uur
Comfortable house   slippers, all
sizes. $1 to $8 per pair
Dancing pumpi, fanoy patents.
8Hk Underwear, Etc:
Pino Silk Underwear .s."> pr suit.
(lulil Fleece underwear $7   "
■Silk Pyjamas, (W.60 In $7.
Silk Night Blllrts $4, 1.60, $5,
Special Bargains in Clothing Until Christmas
20 p.c. Discount off all Men's Suits       35 p.c. Discount off all boys' suits
I     McRAE MERCANTILE CO.,      D.    J
'V^-HSji-H.       _■    ■       II      S_iP'rs.*S-S-S'l>    ■     ll_P|S_SJ_»**--S»SSJ»^_SSSW>MFqW___«P»_p*^^ g^B_H_g_______________gW j___^_P^
^* n   ■!__■■    -   -   --■      -   -  — -nn-- ■ n ~   -    -    1 .^^J^JM^J_J^._JJ-J-_„„_^.M... ^^—,—. . . --r —■ SSBm " -_M_a*s______a___h-___s__- __s_#^


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