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The Holiday in Revelstoke.—
Many Lessons Learnt
Thanksgiving has once more come
round and we are again reminded that
we must return thanks for all tbe
blessings of health, prosperity uml
peace that bus been lavished upon ns
during tbe past 12 mouths. Thanksgiving day dawned on Monday, bright
and sunny, the very brilliancy of the
day being typical of the light of the
prosperity and few there were ol us
who could not but take the splendor
of the sun as a good omen. A large
number of ttie good people of Kevelstoke spent a part of the morning in
devotional service, returning tlnuiks
for the many blessings which Divine
Nature has bestowed upon ub. During
the afternoon the townsfolk took
advantage of the sun and warmth to
take outdour recreation, while others
indulged in skating at tbe Roller
llink where the Iudipendent Band
was discoursing excellent music. Tbe
management report a record^crowd on
Monday afternoon. The Edison Parlor Theatre had prepared a first-class
program ol moving pictures and
instrumental selections which attracted a large proportion of holiday
makers. The feature of the evening
was tbe great turkey supper under the
auspices of the Knox church ladies'
auxiliary and tlieir popular annual
event proved an unqualified success
The It. M.R. duueo at the drill hull
attracted a large crowd und the elegantly decorated hall presented a
picturesque scene when the dance
was well uuder way, the ever popular
Independent Band furnishing the
niUBic. Full houses were the order
of tbe evening at tbe Edison Parlor
Theatre and even the SR O. sign hud
to lie superss-dtd hy that of "lull to
bursting," such is tlie popularity of
thiB new institution. Thanksgiving
day bus now passed iuto history and
tbe festival ought to make tbe average man and woman sit up and
remember all the things they bave to
be thankful for. Of course we all
know tbat there are plenty of men
aud women wbo will at once declare
that they are perfectly sure that they
are having nothing to be thankful for.
Fortunately the number ol such iB
few, Tbe average Revelstoke citizen
bas much to be thankful for, and
because they will be busy reckoning
tbe store ol happiness which tbe year
has brought them, it does not
necessarily mean that it -has
brought them nothing but unalloyed joy. Still lor all that, on that
day at least, they were content to
forget the shadows. In any event
tbere is no question that 1908 has
been one of tbe most prosperous in
tbe history of Canada. The earth has
yielded up her fruits and her increase
in gieat abundance and the people
have greater cbubb than ever before lo
return thanks to the Giver of all good
gifts. We in Revelstoke have no
doubt that whatever form the seivice
ol praise and thanksgiving has taken
whether rendered in the formally
dedicated sacred edifices oi tbe various religious denominations, in no
less sacred households or in such
manner us the individual conscience
may dictate iu this fair city of ours,
in our land of liberty, it baa been
hearty, spontaneous and sincere, and
therefore that according as it partook
ol these qualities it will prove highly
acceptable to tlie Being, upon whose
bounty we as a people are so nbBO
lutely dependent.
Polling Tomorrow 9 a.m. to 5
p. m.—Polling Booths
The Kootenay elections in the Do-
minicu campaign take plucc tomorrow
and the electors will have a chance of
fulfilling what they have bet n talking
about for the last few months. Personal abuse In a campaign never won
a vole and in these enlightened days
the people believe in fairness and will
uot stand for the abuse that invariably is poured out in   election battles.
Tbe following are the polling booths
in tbe Revelstoke electoral riding:
Revelstoke, 3; Big Eddy, Clan
William, Greeley Creek, Albert Canyon, lllecillewaet, Glacier, Three Mile
Board, Wigwam, Twenty Mile Board,
Hall's Lauding, Arrowhead,Comuplix,
Beaton, Camborne, Galena Bay, Halcyon, St. Leon, Pingston Creek,French
Creek, Downie Creek, Strawberry
The three polling places in the city
will be located in the old post ollice
building at the corner of 2nd street
and Government itiuul, and tbe different hoot lis will be lettered alphabetically so that all confusion will be
avoided. Tbe polls will open at 9
a.m. and close at & p.m. tomorrow,
There will be special w res in operation in tbe Liberal and Conservative
committee rooms on Thursday and
all are invited to come in and hear
tbe returns from the other seats of
war in the Kootenays as well as from
Yale Cariboo. There remain yet three
constituencies where deferred elect ions
are being held between the end of this
month and January, namely Yukon,
North Saskatchewan aud (Quebec.
Every elector should go to the polls
tomorrow and take advantage ol bis
right of franchise and put it to a legitimate use for whom and lor what he
considers will benefit the country
Huntley it- Palmer's Short Bread,
Marie, Coronation, Nursery/Tea Rusks
Plantation, nl.if Cukes, Philippine,
Cracknel und other varieties. C. B,
Hume A Co.
Premier McBride's Address on
Behalf of Kootenay Conservative Candidate—Other
A well n'tended meeting under the
auspices ei the Conservative association was held on Friday last in the
opera house. W. W. FoBter took the
chair, and present on the platform
were J. McLeod, Mayor Lindmark,
Willis Armstrong, W. A. Foote, W. A.
Sturdy, J. G. McLean, E Trimble, R.
H. Sawyer, W. VV. Lefenux, E, Boale,
T. Taylor, M.P.P, and Premier McBride, the principal speaker. The
usual request from the chairman for
political opponents was made, the
Socialist representative being tbe only
one to respond.
T. Taylor, M.P.P., was the first
speaker and commenced by thanking
audience for hiB welcome. He reviewed his career in the provincial house
and the factol his majority being the
biggest of any in the province at the
last election. He referred to deferred
elections us iniquitous, pointing out
that there was no need for delay in
geiting tlie election machinery to work
All the excuses of Smith Curtis aud
the liberals were groundless and the
election could euBily have been held
on Oct. 20. He suid that Smith Curtis was afraid ol Goodeve and be urged
the peop'e to vote for a man they
could trust, which was Goodeve. He
then reviewed the Asiatic immigration
question, accusing tho liborals of countenancing it and tbe B. C. liberals
representative at Ottawa of not standing up for a white B.C. He explaiued
that if Smith Curtis was returned,
then B. C. would agree to Oriental
immigration, but if Goodeve was elected, B.C. would be a white man's land.
In dealing with better terms Mr. Taylor showed bow Mr. Templeman bad
said that "better terms" was dead but
in reality Mr. Templeman himself was
deal and out. He (Templeman) did
not stand up for B. C. and a white
policy. He then relerred to Premier
McBride's mission Ior better terms as
a great success and pointed out tbat
tbe liberals at Ottawa bad voted down
an amendment clause lor improvements to the Lemieux Act which
would benefit the workingman. He
said that tbe railroad vote would go
conservative wbicli proved that the
railroad men were indignant over the
Lemieux act. He appealed to tbe
electors on behalf of Mr. Goodeve,
pointing out that the liberals bad
done nothing for B. C, but that if a
conservative is elected things will
change for ths belter. In conclusion
be referred to an article in the local
press as influencing the public mind
to doubt his statements in regard to |
the Columbia trallic bridge, and said j
that il the people wouldn't believe
him perhaps they would believe the
Premier when be told them that the
work was going to be curried out.
W. W. Lefeaux commenced by referring to Mr. Taylor and the consei-
vstives generally as saying a great
deal which meant nothing, and explained that it waa funny how the
conservatives posed as being the
workers' friends. He relerred to the
doubtful practice ol the Salvation
Army of briuging iu undesirable immigrants, and to Mr. Goodeve'a actions
at EoBsland during the strike in
swearing in special constables to overawe the miners. Tlie cm s natives
did tlie nine during the recent C.I'.K.
strike which was uncalled for and an
insult to the men since the strikers
never created trouble. He relerred to
Mr. Taylor as an amateur speaker
and to the Premier as an adept in
putting meaningless and plausible
words together. He was sorry to see
the workingman applaud at political
meetings since it was foolish to vote
for what is their ruin. He instanced
how tbe middlemen robbed the producer ol the full value of his lab ir and
said that capital robbed all ulike at
the point ol production. He relerred
to the accumulation ol surplus which
cannot be Bold, aB causing the workers
to starve by the closing down ol factories. He denounced tbo profit system as causing financial depression
and suid that the premier wouldn't
talk of that or explain its causes although he was the only man on the
platform wbo really understood any of
these vital questions. Ho urged the
people not to vote lor one man but
themselves; the workers must have the
value of tbeir labor hcloqn justice cun
Le  dune.     Ho   complained thut any
Election   of   Officers—League
Work Outlined
The iniias meeting in the Baptist
Church ou Sundny evening for tbe
organizing of a Loonl Option League
wns fnirly well iitteniled, about 100
being present. Tbo meeting was culled
to bear the report of a nominating
coiiimit'ee, who were appointed the
previous Wednesday night to nominate officers and executive for the
After lho singing of a hymn and
prayer, the chairman, Rev. W. P.
Freeman, bi (oil y stated thut local op
tion meant that the right was given
to each municipality and city and
village, to say by a vote whether they
should allow liquor licenses to be
issued within tlieir bounds or not.
Mrs. Spiitl'ord nf Victoria, provincial
orguni/.. r nl the W.C.T.U., then guve
a very interesting nnd dear statement
as to the purpose and aim of the
League, uud what local option means.
She said thnt 'British Columbia is the
only province in Canada which does
not in some way curtnil the sule ol
intoxicating liquois, and also that
every state in the United State has
such a law. Local option has been
very successful in Ontario, Manitoba
and many states in tbe Union; and is
being enforced in Saskatchewan and
Alberla To have such a law passed
will not mean the doing away with
the pres nt License Act, but is a bylaw attached lo such act giving ouch
municipality nnd city the right by
vote to sny whether licenses shull be
issued tbere or not. The uim at present is to secure signatures to a petition to bo presented to the Provincial
Government next session, asking tbem
to place such a bylaw on tbe statute
books "
After remarks by Rev. W. C. Calder
on the issue, Rev. T. W. Hall read the
report of ths nominating committee.
On motion hy Kevs. Hall and Robertson tbe report was unanimously
adopted; Piesident, A. E. Miller; Vice
Pres., W M. Lawrence; Secy , Walter
Bews; Treas., E. M. Olay. Others on
the executive are: T o clergymen of
the city, C. B Hume, R. Howson, E
M. Conk, F W. Laing, C. F. Lindmark, Donald Mcintosh.
This executive is to form the nucleus of a much larger body. Mr.
Dews was in doubt as to tbe acceptance of tbe secretaryship, bo the matter waB left in the hands of the
executive. These leagues have been
formed in all the coast cities and
towns, and in the Okanagan Valley.
The aim is to have one in every municipality in the province, All voters
and citizens who are ii.terested in any
way in the handling of tbe liqu r
question, as to its curtailment, or wbo
wish to see the question put upon an
equitable basis, should rally to tbe
support of this executive.
To be Held in Revelstoke On
November 18th and 19th
The lirst complete report of the
work of the British Columbia Association of School Trustees, the fifth
convention of which will tuke place al
Kevelstoke on Wednesday a"d Thursday, November 18i.li nnd 10th, bus
heen issued. Its pages afford evidence
of the useful work that has been
accomplished hy the Association since
its establishment in 11105. Unfortunately, it may bs said, there are
several school boards in the province
which b ive in.t yet j lined the Asso
elation nud iiii appeal is Icing made
to tliise by means of a special circular
and si lengthen the body, nud bear a
share of tiie expense necessarily
involved in carrying on the work. It
is to be hoped thnt this appeal will be
fruitful iu good results. The primary
object of the Association is to improve
the work of the school administration,
which free and open discussion of
pertinent subjects can bIoiib secure.
Another very useful rosult of tho^e
periodical gatherings ia that they
insure similarity of action hy llll the
boards of trustees throughout the
Some l estinioiiial to the value of the
Association's work ia afforded by tbe
fnct Ibui, the provincial government
looks to it for advice upon all matters
connected with the administration of
the piinlic schools
C. VV.'Morse, of Bank of North
America, Found Guilty.
Nkw Yokk, Nov. 10.—From a cell
in the Tomba prison Charles W. Morse
now directs the efforts ol bis counsel
to seen e his freedom, be having been
HOiitenced to serve 16 years in tbe Federal prison at Atlanta, Gu., for mlaap
propria! inn of tlio funds of the Na
tional Bank of North America, and
making false entries in the books ol
the bank.
Alfred 11. Curtis, former president
of tlie defunct bank, who was jointly
tried and convicted witb Morse, whu
given his liberty today on suspended
Tbo Morse lawyers sny that t_»ir
client has instructed them to fight lo
lhe lust ditch.
(Conliiiued on Page Three).
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Our Plumbing department is up-to-date and  we are doing
tbe best work ihal Is done in tbe city.
Bourne  Bros.
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Buy at right
A Place*
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new Overcoat and one New Suit, to be put on
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We sell you a Si 5 Suit of Clothe* for $15.
We make a profit.
McKinnon C& Sutherland
b. e. walker, Pres._.ni       Paid-up Capital,$I 0,000.000
alex. laird, oen. Mgr      Reserve Fund,   -  5,000,000
Branches throughoui Canada, and in United States and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of if 1 and upwards are received and interest
allowed at current rate.-, and is paid four times a year. Accounts
may be opened in the names ol two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the number or by the survivor.
_***-.**♦**♦****.•**♦** t*****************-***************
* *
A*************************** .^A*-*********************
Zbc flfcaiMbcralb.
"MURPHY    iV    l'ISMI.i.
Barristers, Solicitous,   l_t_.
0 T T A W A
Parliamentaiy,    Departmental
and Patent Offce Agents
Practice before Railway
Hox. Charles Murphy, .M.l'.
Harold Fisher.
j  , 1LLAN A ELLI   TT
li.ii    , etc ,
C.S, Oi Lias C, Elliott
AND I'I    ivHAM,
OrricKS :   lMri.iti.u.   1U.-.B Rkvki.-
STuKK,  is, Ci
Money Ul loan.
Offloss: Revelstoke, B (1,   CraDbroolt, B 1.
Geo. S. McI'aktkh,
V  M.   l'lNKIlAM, J. A.  ItUlVKV,
Revelstoke, B. C       rrunlirouk, 11.    .
J. M. Scott LL W. 1. HliKKss.
itun   i.   BRIGGS
Habbistkbs, Solicitors, Ei
Money to Luan
First Su-eet. Keve soke, !• l
Provincial I.nnd Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
McKkV/'ik Avkntk.
Box 100, Revelstoke
Certificated Teacher of
Piano. Vocal Theory.
Musical Kindergarten
Classes tor young children,
Studio ove
>*|*Jv       Men should
ftg_^£gl    loesk   for  this
^m3 J.,a p .on
Tobacco.    It
guarantees the high q ualily of
Black Watch
The Big Blacii Ping.
Zbc _1DaM:>cral<>
Th_rc '.*.-" much bed in tho best nf as.
Aud n aicch good iu tho wont nf as,
That it hardly boho-vives auy nf as,
To tflk about the rest of us.
To-morrow, the 12th of November, is the tinal act in tin- prcat
political drama as far a.- the
Kootenays are concerned and by
the result of the polls will the
opinion of the district nnke itself
known. For the past few weeks
we have listened to many addresses
by the various political candidates
who have each propounded their
respective platforms, made their
customary election promises and
endeavored to gain public favor ut
the expense of their political enemies. The average • lectoi takes it
all in and the chances are that he
may or may not become converted
over to the opposite side to that
which he supports. As far as the
socialists are concerned it i.- idle to
discuss that further unless the
socialist can put before us a distinct ;, ian of the constitution, social
and political which he proposes to
form ami l.ow tiie  transition   is   to
• ■ Reeled. Whilt we sympathize
with their noble aspirations in dis-
.--.nf. the policy, we aregrapi liug
with a phantom. What most con-
cerni u.- '."-ilay i? what the parties
hold out lor the benelit of tbi
country and tbe district in particular. We pay a certain tributi
■ wardi -.i." '■ Iministi ition ol our
rs collectively as a Dominion
and individually as a province ami
district and we expect those that
repre_.nl us to make the most ol
tln-ir opportunities for our good.
The representative who neglects
:jtv or i- influenced iron, .;
and from ivhat he knows to be only
utice i'i bit constituency, because
i.i .- a weak minded man or else
through .-'inie personal reward, that
inai. can ii" longer face hie con-
htituents and truthfully give an
account of bis steward-hip. Deed*
I-11, not promist t, and uur people
ol Kootenay should remember thai
When Casting tbeir ballot to-morrow. A constituency should be
isked to support a govern mi nl
because of ilu* wisdom and honesty
o' its general policy, not In rt tut n
f ir lhe local   expenditure "f the
public     money.      Evi r, -   *-
ueucy is entitled to necessary pub-
| Me stones and throw tbem into the
I river and in their  place   All others
!'.villi   feather   weights of   Thanks-
!*'. ing fruit,    Lei ii- move ouce for
all   from   Grumble    corner   into
["hank-giving street.
We aro now receiving a full supply of the
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily attended to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open  (irate.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Must See Into Saloons
Hia.i.iNiaiAM. .Nov. li.—II nn ordinance introduced in the citv council at
the request of Prosecuting Attorney
Peringer is passed, the saloons of this
city will have to hire a few carpenters
aud make some radical changes in
their doors and windows. This ordin-
aice demands that, all doors and win
dows be so arranged tbat on Sundays
and oilier dnys on which tlie salooiiB
uro ri t-iiirod to close, anyone mny be
able to see the entire floor of the bur
room, with the exception of boxes con-
sliuutid in iiccordanoo with the ordinance,
A consignment of Indies untl gentlemen's visiting curds in Ill's newest
styles Itiu arrived at the Mail Hiiiiai.u
, dice.    All work neatly executed
Molsons Bank Building.
lie works in return, not for its
support of the government, but for
tho taxes which its people pay into
the treasury. It is the money of
the people that is spent, not the
money of the government, whose
position is that of u trustee of the
public funds, lt is not only corrupt, but servile to talk of the
bounty of a government in that
connection, On tho otherjhand if
a government docs not reflect
public opinion on the great issue of
the day, it is because the people
bave not done their duty as citizens iu relation lo the controversies
and conflicts of the political campaign.
The return of Thanksgiving Day
must be viewed by the people of
Revelstoke with satisfaction and
with a true sense of gratitude for
mercies pasi received. Tlie day
naturally suggests the past and
when Thanksgiving comes we instinctively look back with regret
upon what is past beyond recall,
and with regret, is mingled surprise   that   the   time has flown so
quickly. Ami so the years go by
and the record of those years makes
up our history. Some of these
periods are monuments of past successes, others mark the place whore
mistakes were made or defeats encountered. We cannot get away
from the past even if we would and
no life has been bo dark dining Ihe
past year as not to have been illumined by some rays of sunlight,
Perpetual s*unli*/lil is harmful and
also that if tin re were no sunlight
there could lie no shadows. Wo
invariably seek nnd yearn after the
unobtainable, nnd while we scheme
and plan to get what is not mount
for us, something equally ns good
goes to waste beneath our f -et, and
because we cannot have exactly
what we want, we whine nnd say
wc have nothing to be thankful i
for. Wc pity ourselves and be
moan our opportunities and wi
think we should be happier under
other circumstances; we wait fori
chances to turn up and grumble
because they don't, instead of nial;- ;
ing them turn up. Micawber isii'i
dead yet. Let us take our miserable, back-breaking sacks of grtim-
I.   O.   F-
Oourt Mount Begbto, Ni , 8461. meets Bud'and
Itli Mondays in Hail follows Hall, noxt to Opera
lliui.io.   Vlsttiuf. brolhreu oordlally luvlted to
J.w. Oakland, c.rt.
H. W. Edwakds, H.S
c.  VV.  o   w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229
Meets Second and   Fourth  Wednesdays In
eaoh month, In Selkirk Hall.   Visilin   Woodmen oordlally invited to attond.
Vi. II. ARMSTRONG. Con. Com,
J. Mi'INTYIU.,  Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular meetings are Iiolil in tho Selkirk
Hall every Tuosday evonlng nt 8 oolook
Visiting brethren urn oordlally iuvilod.
J.  LGSLIK. I'lllismusT.
W. E. MoLiAUCHLIN, Sboebtaey,
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. M.
Tho regular nioot-
tnga nto hislil in this
Oddfellows Hall, on
thn third Mmiiluy in
•h ms'lilh nt 8
n Visiting brelh
i cnriliiilly wot
O.  A. I'lIlll'CNIKIl, SKCltK'I'AllV.
SELKIRK LODGE No. 12, 1.0,0. F.
'"^'■^l-pait,. Moots ovory Tliurs-
!t ^^t day evening  in   Sol
__tfM|L     "f kirk Hall at 8 tiVlnck
^sv__-   VlBiting brethren nro
cordially Invited to attend.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P:
No, 26,   Hevelstoke, B. C.
extept iii ill ttinlnoad...
eaoh iiitniui, -i   . ■    .l.li.'ii wb'
Hull    al    .     i'ii  ICK.      Wsititi
Knightl i     s* .r l'-lll,    .ivili-l.
G. H. SHOCK   K. nf  K. 4 r-.
J. B. BCOTT, Jl. of V.
6  >a
«.'_« r-w
Public Meeting of Electors
will be held in the OPERA HOUSE
when Mr Ralph Smith and other prominent
speakers will deliver addresses on live issues
of the day, and questions of local importance
to every citizen of Revelstoke will be dealt
Come and hear the closing" address of the
Dominion Election, 1908.
All will be welcomed and reserved seatsfor
the ladies
• - ifc * iw hi Bralelets !
VV/       ^V-A-V^ FROM  THE
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
A New Carpet
from our clioice und Handsome
.lock ot Axmliister, Wiltons, etc.,
will (.ive. yon botb pleasure and
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nnd are made to weur well, us well
as to look well.
■'.i*''"','' ■!   li! '*" I'.l'iiiil Vl'fftS
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toil      ^ _!«__<•. I'llOI
■¥$.'! I''1
" -.C-i. ■:<■'■ yt&ZzZSsaS*
O..%. <_^_y^V^W«r*'«.^^^_^-'«l-^^/%^^*'%^/%-*,f*^%' ,*^-'%%^% "*-^
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HEAD Ol'KICK :   Cai.oaiiy,   Ai.iti'.in'A.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Liv   Li'""k.   M.irkeis in all tlie pritifi
pal Cities and Towns of Alliertu, lJi-l   -b Ooliuubla and the Yukon.
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Don't forget the name of the lirm.
Tbey took 1st lS[ieciil Prize at ibe
Vernon Sbow on tbe 16th Sept.
for tbe best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Mtuiufitctnrftd fur       classoa of butl-tluga
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a 11 kinds ni bulldiDff and plastering
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To Trappers
Raw Furs    ought
•Jash Prices Paici
F.   B.    WELLS,
Qxporter of Furs
\ ,i li. |a heroliy given thai I, II  Me
Intimll, of ll.'ileyi.n  ll'.l   S|        Ill    .
Intend to apply I i the Hiipi'ilntendeiil
lif   I'lnl III'  111    I'-ill' '',     ll     1 lie  i   S | ll | ll I |< |||
nf    'He      l||..1,1 ||    f| i.m  i|i|.    |,, |,,,|     |,|,   |,
renewal of iny retail llipioi Ik'eime for
Hie     piellii      kli'iM II   ll ■   I In    Ilii. i nn
llni Bprlngs Hotel al   Halnj  II.i'.
II. .Mi Intimii,
Dii'.i iii II.il.).iii. B.C., Nni. 2 lims.
nov i lm
N..iiee is hereby given, thai thirty
ilnys.  after date, I Intend In upplj in
llie  Sii|ii.|iiili.|„|,-,il ,,|   J'im IncUl Po
li' e fnl  il    letii'Will   of   tile  lelllil   m, •
liei'i.si.    for   Hits   Qui .sn'i  lliili'l. Olllllrt'
|.hx. H.C
Dated Nov,8rd, lmw.
nov I lm .1.  II. Yur.Mi.
Revelstoke Land Dlsliict.
West Kootenay, 11. 0.
Take Notice that 00 daya alter date
I ll. W. Lindsay of Cainhin-ne, B. 0„
occupation, meroh'tnt, Iuteud to apply
ior perinlssiou to purchase the following described lands situated on Fish
River, West Kooteuay district.
Commencing at tbe north-east corner of A. I). MacKav's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked'" lt. VV. Lind-
Sliv's North-Wesi Corner I'osi;" tbenee
8 chains to west line of MoKinnon's
pre-emption; thenoe •">" ehoins smith;
thence 8 chains west to MacKay's;
thence north oil chains to point of
eoiiiiiieiieeini'iil. I'linliiining in acres
more or less:
Located Oct. 15th, 1008.
It. W. I,iniis..y, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, Eastern Star, Grand
View, Flora Boll hiuI Eureka mineral
claims r-.tu.iu* iu the Kevelstoke Mining
Division of WVsi Kootenay District. Located on the Norlh Bid.' of the North-east
branch of Laforme Cr- • k.
'lako   notice   that   1,   Guy L. Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate B 1^3365, as agent
for Charles Walsh, Five Miner s Certificate B942661 for Ed. Adair, Five Minor's
Certificate 6942511 Samuel McMurty, Free
Minor's Certificate 694262j Walter Walsh,
Free Minor's Certificate 6942651 F. G.
Walsh, Froo Minor's Certificate B942641
Gilbert Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
694261, and K. F. Greer, Froo Minor's
Certificate B94263, Intend bo days from
date hereof to npply lo the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements
Tor the purpose of obtaining Grown Grants
ot the above claims.
Ami further lako notice that action un
der Section ,17 must be commenced befor.
tho issuance oi such certificates ol im
Dated this 17th day of September, 1908
sop sj-nov 2,i Guv L. Williams,
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For tho Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties al reasonable prices, No borers, Scale
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Buy direct and >;cl trees and
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Bumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established nursery on the mainland
of B. V.   Catalogue iron.
C.reen Houses ami Seed   Mouses
Tnke notice thai I intend to make
application lo the Superintendent of
Provincial Police fora renewal of il
lelllil liquor lieeiiei I'm llie lily Hotel
ill Arrow lie.-itl, ft. C, lor llie bull tear
l'i Inn. Isi, llimi. lo Juno 30, 1000,
Dated Nov. lib, 1008,
mn i im John Oai.by,
In tbe iii.liter nt iiii application for
the ian l n duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title to Noi Hi _ol Villa Lot 211,
l'OWII ul  Hevi'lhloke.
Niiiieeis hereby given thai it Is my
Intention to issue ai the expiration of
ono iimnih after ibe Hint publication
hereof, duplicate Cortlflcatc of Title lo
tho above mentioned lands In the name
nl .1.ilm   Larson, which Certificate o!
Title is daled Hie 1st dav ol Sepl hoi
1008, and numbered '2711 A.
District Registrar.
Land Hen       Ollice, Nelson, B.O.
Ttli October 1008. net HI lm
Notice Is heron)  irlven thai theno
pill llll'lshlp,    bele'iifnle    OXllttng    I'f-
tween 'he undersigned us Heal (mate
nnil   Coiumls it'll   Agent",   under   Ibe
iii in n.une of Slbbald .'. Field, al Rev
i l-ioke,    II. ('..  has been this day dis
ioIvi 'i iii mutual consent,
All    ililes,    lllll'   In I III'Slid pin I III I-
ship, nn- in lu'pniil nt the Imperial
Hank, Revelstoke, H.C . nnd nil p.m
net-ship debts tn lie paid in equal pin*
p.illinlls l,v   s.lill   John I). Sililillld mill
(billies M. Kield.
Dated al Revolstoke, B.C., :ilst Oi-
inl.i'i', Urns.
J. I). Sinn., i.n,
octHI-lm Ch,\i*. M. bu.i.ii.
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.  -   $.500
IS. Company, R.M.R.. will drill every
Thursday evening unl il further notice,
Uy Order,
oct 21 UOd U. SMITH, O.C,
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sut. Nov. 7 Lk. Manitoba
"Fri. " 13 Kmp. Ireland
"Sat. " 21 Lk.ChamplainWed.Nov.4
"Special Christmas ships
Intermediate Season from Montreal
and  Quebec
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$90 00   $48 75 $28 75
IS!. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$72 50       $42 50       $27 50
OriiiiR Lakk Boats—
and, Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       827 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers hooked lo Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other colli ine   Lai pints.
For further information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelsloke. Vancouver.
Certificate of Improvements
Winslnw Mineral Claim, situate in (be
Trout   Lake  Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where   located)—At   head   of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout. Lake.
Take notice lhat I, O. H. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent   for   Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.O. U7(«; William Bennett,
K..M.C.  No,  l»>.-„.77;  Bruce White, F.
M.O. Bl.__-.iaud  I'. 11. Murphy, P.M.
('. I122IIK7: intend, sixty days from the
date  hereof,   to apply lo the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improve-
iiienis, for tbo purpose of obtaining a
Orown Grant of the above claim.
And further Luke nolice thai notion,
under Seel inn 87, iiiusi he commenced
before tbe Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of October, A.
ocl 81-OOd O. II. N. WILK IB.
Notice is hereby given tlmt I intei d
to apply to the Superintendent ol
Provincial police for a renewal of lhe
retail lii-uur licence for the Kootenay
hotel, Burton Oity, B. C.
Dated Ocl. 21, IIIOK.
Wm. Ijovatt.
[n thu Supreme Oourt of Bnrrimi
And in the Matter of The Blwood Tin
Workers Gold Mining Company of
Lardeau, British Columbia, Limited, Non-l'eis-onul Liability,
TAKE   NOTH'K  that   the under.
signed bus appointed Friday, thoBOili
ilny of Ootober. 1008, at Ihe hour nf
I'leven o'olook Iii the forenoon at Ihe
Oourl House In the Oity of Revelstoke,
II. I'., for the  purpose of  bearing mul
confirming the Report of the Official
Liquidator upon the claims of credit-
ni's, and of settling, determining nud
filially pa-sing the Dividend Sheet,
nnd of passing the Official Liquidator's
accounts, and Hi'iiiing bis remuneration!
And let all pn riles attend.
Dated this twelfth  day of October
A. V„ I_08.
District Registrar at Revelstoke, B, C, ')
THE __AIL-_t____L_>, REVELSTOKE, B 0
Notice Face Above t
It Signifies Peace.
Notice thia Scowl!
It Signifies Trouble.
draft is operated
at the front end-
no work—no danger—no leaning
over hot pots—no
getting steam in
"Ordinary" direct
draft operation
Is over cooking
top—mostly requires a towel-
always a scorching job—sometimes disastrous.
Which Face Represents the Wisest Mind?
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vanoouver, St John, Hamilton, Calsarv
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke,
Import direct from country ot origin.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Rectification of Orown Grant
Whereas ou the 20th dwy of November. 1907, a
Grown Urant waa issned in tho uamo of rredot-
ick Washboarne for Lot 8147. Group 1, Koote* I
nay District. That evidence has since been i
1-oeo i reduced showing that the said Frederick
Washboiirne <iied on the 7th of August, 1907,
sometime prior to the issuauco of tht'said
Crown Grant. That by agreement, datod 2.1th
August, l^Oi., the said Frederick Washbonrae
assign wl all his estate, right, title, interest
nlaim and demand whatsoever iu the said land
to Thomas Shanks McPhernm.
Notice is therefore hereby given in pnratt*
■ uceof Section US of the "Lund Act.*1 that it is
the intention to cuucol the-.aid I mwn Grant
issued in the name of Frederick Wn-hbourne
and to issue one in Its fiend in the Haute of
Thomas Shank- McPhnrs.it! throe ni utl s from |
the date hereof nuless good citu_>o is shown to j
the contrary. j
Chief -.'on. mis-inner of Lauds Aud Works. I
Lttids and Works Denirtmont,
Victoria, H. C. liiu Ootober, 1003.     net 2..?- ■
ROVOlS-bk-fi Land District.
IHstrict of West Kooieuay.
Take notice that I, Norman T. MaoLend of
Lethbridge, A.U., oeeupatt >« nrokt-r, lutendx
to applv for mrmiaidun io pure hue thu follow
iug described lands!
Commencing at a pont plauted at the south'
weat corner uf Lot BUS in - outh- 11 Valley
about 8.4 miles Weat of the went shore of Arrow Lake and marked "N, T. Mac' . N. \V.
Corner," theuce .u ohatu* stiuth, thonce 20
chains cast, theuce ,0 cbiiln* north, thence 20
i hains west, contalolug mi acrea, more or l__.h
Date Sept. 4, law*.
h-P _'_.flo<l Hy Junn K, Pay lor. hi i >ha'u\
Tako nolli'B that, we, Messrs. Ogllvlo
A .MeKiti ink of Nakusp, Intend applying io the Superintendent nf Provln-
ninl  Police  fnr ii  renewal of   retail
lii|llul'license fin- the Ia'IiiihI   Hnlel ill
Nakusp, B.C., for the linlfyeai frnm
,1,'iiiuai'y 1st, Hum Iii,lime Ulll'li. I'.iull.
Dated Nov. 7th, 1IKJK.
nuv 7 lin     OuHjVIK A MiKitiiui..
Notice le hereby Riven that we Intend to make application tn tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the retail liquor licence for
the Glacier House, at ("lacier, 13.0., for
Uu- bnlf year from Jan, let, 1000, to
.Inn. 80th, lium.
Dated Nov, 7th, 1008.
nov 7 lm c. P, BY, Co.
Take notion thnt I Intend to make
application to tbe Superintendent of
Provlnolal Police for a renewal of i he
leiail liipior liiseiiee lm'  Ibe Criterion
Hotel ill, llilinliiiliie, II. 0„ for tbe half
vein' from .Imi. 1st. Iiiiiii, iii June 80th,
Daled Nov. Illli, Inns.
nov II I in l'\ T, Ani'iY.
For Sale
Dry cedar oonl wood—ItcveUtoke
General Agiuicim. Ltd.
A. H. 8INQ, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Take notice tbat I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
l he retail liquor licence for ibe Reception Hotel si Camborne, B.C., for the
half year from Jan. 1st, HUH), to,lime
80th, 1800.
Dated Nov. 7th, 1008.
nov 7 lm Cuhv Menhenick.
Take notice that I intend to inaki
application to lhe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for the transfer nl
the retail liquor licence of the Lurdeau
Hnlel, now beld by mc, to Joseph
Dated Nov. 8th, lims.
nov7 lin H. M.  HlVANH.
Take   notice  tbat   I   Intend lo make
iipplicaiiuu to ihe Superintended ol
Provlnolal Police for a renewal nf Ibe
retail llquur licence for the Camborne
Hulel ai Camborne, B.C., for the hall
year from Jan Ist, 1000, to June 801 h,
Duted Nov. 6th, l_08.
nov 7 lm Dave Obb.
Take notice i hnl I intend to make
application in tin* Superitilendeul ut
Provincial Police for a renewal of lhe
retail liquor licence for the \VIndsoi
Hotel at Illecilleivaet, B.O., for the
bull' year from Jan. Ut, I nun, to June
Both, woo,
Dated Nov. 7ili, 1008,
nov 7 lm C, D. MoKBIS
Take notice thai we Intend lo make
application tn the Superintendent ol
Provlnolal Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for Ihe Lakeview
Hulel at Al lowhe.iil. B.C., for llie h ill
year limn Jan. 1st, lllull, In June llll li.
Dated No,. 7lb. .908.
nov 7 lm      i'n mtiin .v Chapman.
Take notice i Iiul   I Intend In ninl
application in the Superintendent
Provinolal Police for a i-snewal of   I
retail  liquor   licence for lhe I.inl ■
Hulel   at I'.illl.iplis. B ('., fin- the hn
vim limn .Inn. Ini, limn, io June 8l)i
Dated Nov, bib, 1WW.
nov 7 lm JotOT DoXONTi
Continued front Page Out.
questions relating to the improvement
ol tbe workiegman. condition has
invariably been ruled out ol order in
the legitslntiire. He said that Government money spent bere wont benefit
the workers as tboiisands would Hock
in and lubur would be cheap. Social
istJ try to educate tlie worker to his
rightful place in society. Socialism
in the political field ie the same aB the
trades unions in tbe industrial field
and men who vote for capitalism in
tbe political field and protest against
it iu the industrial field are traitors to
themselves. During tbe latter part ol
this address considerable interruption
took place Iroui men more or less under tbe inlluence of liquor.
The Premier, who was receivtd witb
cheers, said that be wus pleaeed to be
able to give his vieivu on the Dominion
campaign and come before the people
as a well wisher. He referred in an
emphatic manner to Mr. Lefeaux'a
speech as being grossly misleading to
the people, and allirmed that that
speaker had misrepresented and complicated the isBiies in a manner that
he had never before heard on a public
platform. Mr. Lefeaux' remarks were
a designed attempt to mislead the
electors and tbat gentleman could
hardly be called a fair sample of socialist. The premier then went on to
explain away the statements made by
Mr. Lefeaux, stating that bis arguments were nil erroneous and tbat Mr.
Lefeaux was uying to talk of what be
knew nothing about. He pointed
out that the Salvation Army immigrants were most desirable and a profitable addition to the country. He
referred to Mr Lefeaux' accusation of
the Government swearing in special
constables for the C.P.R. strike and
explained lhat the government bad
nothing to do with it. He called Mr.
Lefeaux unfair iu bis deliberately mis
leading tbe audience and told him
that he bad better read more and talk
less. Tbe premier then went on to
explain why he was speaking on behalf of Mr. Goodeve, saying tbat this
election was just as important for B.
C as for the Dominion. B. C should
stand together for their rights and
Goodeve is the man to help them. He
pointed out tbat it was a very weak
argument tbat a liberal man should
be e'ected since a liberal government
was again in power, in order that tbe
constituency should get government
pap. Mr. Galliber, as a liberal, did
nothing (or B. C, and she got nothing
except what was legally due her. He
pointed out that in lhe provincial
government liberals aud conservatives
were treated alike. Public works, be
said, come as a right not as a favor,
snd it was a poor policy tbat a constituency Bhould bave to support the
government to get along. He said
that the Columbia traffic bridge here,
that Revelstoke was going to get, waB
no favor on the part ot the govern
ment but the people's just rigbt and
the credit is due the Revelstoke people. The premier then referred to tbe
manner iu which Revelstoke had been
neglect-id hy Ottawa in the matter of
public woik. ard how Mr. Galliber
had   not.   been   true to hie tiust.    In
dealing with deterred election-! he
pointed out that there was no reason
for it and that it was only a scheme
of Ottawa, thinking that Kootenay
people are easy and will do anything
ior government pap. We should resent this, be said, aid protest against
Ottawa's neglect. He showed how
Mr. Templeman and Mr. Oliver were
showing a very suspicious interest in
Kevelstoke just now, but all the time
they canal little about li. C. or Revelstoke exeept when tbey wanted to get
something out of tbem, In taking
up the question of Oriental immigration he said that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
had promised Lefore the eleciions in
90 to stand for a white B. 0., but be
bad been false and double-laced. He
referred to the Japanese Treaty and
how Laurier bad agreed to let tbe Japs
in. Tlie Imperial government bad
never compelled l.aurier to let in the
Japs, as tie liberals bad stated, as
proved b) England berBelf who said
tbat she had been informed that Canada wanted the Japs, showing bow
lalse Laurier bad been. Mr. Galliber
had tailed in bis trust too in tbis respect and the speaker instanced how a
Jap shelter was being built in Victoria
for Jap immigrants to B. C under the
treaty. He pointed out how the B. C.
government bad refused to allow the
Japs to vote when the Ottawa government had tried all they could to force
that taking place, and instanced how
the English privy council had favored
B. C. in that respect He pointed
out that Laurier had done all he
could to bring in lhe Japs, in order to
contrnl tbis province nnd take the.
place of while labor, which act would
result in tiie people losing oonfidenoe
in Laurier and his government. The
Premier then reviewed better terms as
a live issue in spite of what Mr. Templeman had said. The conservatives
must stand up for the rights of tbis
province and to do that it was necessary to send conservatives to Ottawa.
He explained how B. 0. deserved
special c aisideration but that the
other provinces bad refused to give
them a fair verdict but had agreed
upon a miserable pittance of $100,000
for ten years. He stated tbat be bad
asked for an unbiassed court to decide
how much B. C. should get, but tbat
had been refused him. He said that
he had retired from the premiers' conference when he found that he could
not get justice, in a manly way and
not like Mr. Fielding had done prior
to that when he bad Baid let B. C.
stand by the bargain in '71. He re
ferred to the great issue of land development and asked if the people should
suffer from liberal rule which tramples on B. C. rights and privileges,
urging lhat the people should vote for
Goodeve and fearlessly stand up for
B. C. justice. White Canada and
Better Terms are the great issues, he
said, and appeal' d to the people t.i
shake iff the oppressive rule of liberalism, and think of B. C. and ;be local
and domestic affairs which Mr. Goodeve would fight for. In conclusion he
urged tbe people to think ot bow tbey
had been neglected by Ottawa and the
liberals, and then there was no question but that they would stand up for
fair play, Goodeve and Borden. God
Sa-e 'be King terminated the meeting, and cheers were given tor Goodeve
and Borden.
Then   Money for   Mining Will
Come Says English Expert
Advices [nun London, England,
state that among passengers who arrived i.i Ennland lately by the Canadian Pacific steamer Empress of
Brilaie, where several gentlemen wbo
hud been iisjictiiig the chief mining
industries of the Dominion nt Canada
as guests of the Canadian Mining
Instilute. In discussing tho condition tbey fiiiinil during tlieir visit,
several of the visitors talked free of
Kootenay mining possibilities.
" The mineral wealth ot British
Columbia, is, of course, oven more
fainnui than tint of Northern Ontario.
The principal mining district of British Columbia wbicb the visitors
Inspected was that of the Kootonay
dlstriot, wheio copper, silver lead and
/.inc aie bciug produced by modern
methods Eve.i low grade ores are
being profitably Binelted, supplies of
coke being obtained nt reasonable
pr.ces Irom I bo neighboring Crow's
Nest conl field, and beyond the edge
of Continental Canada the party
visited ibe N uniinio .nines uf Vancouver island, whence conl has long
been exported to countries along the
Pacific Coast as far away as Soutb
" 'It is obvious, one of tbe British
visitors says, 'that Cmada is very rich
in minerals, and large development is
to be anticipated, For the development, it, is of en declined, more capital
is wanted. The emphasis should be
put on the med ot mon. If the right
men are put at tbo head of an industry—men nf sense as well as science,
such as we hnve actually seen at work
on some of the hest propositions—
capital will soon be forthcoming."'
C.P.R. Finish Survey .
Tbo C.PR. has just, completed a
preliminary survey of the unite which
the extension of the Spences Bridge-
Nicola line may take from Nicola to
Penticton. Ultimately the line will
be continued from Penticton to Midway, where it will link up with the
Columbia A Western railway, finally
furnishing a CP.R. line trom Vancouver to tbe Boundary country.
Whether the C P.R. or the Great
Northern railway will be the first to
connect tbe Kootenay country wilh
tbe const is a matter of considerable
speculation. The roadB have started
construction from op osite ends, the
C.P.B. fr in Spences Bridge nnd the
Great Northern from Midway, and
both are surveying aud building a little more road all the time.
and guaranteed
Every garment guaranteed
Clean • Light - Durable
ma ir tar ouuns emrrmtm
urMM na rae mr auih.
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For case of operation and
perfection in the results pro-
duceJ the " EMPIRE."
TYPEWRITER is unsur-
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines ol simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1.S95, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" Frenoh Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
C_ll for Estimates and Advertising Rates
(_-__n______i_I_B-iM t-jrv ■*-_*• J
Bargains! Bargain;.; !
BI Y NOW I    Don't Wait!    Buy when stock
is at ita best.    Rend this ml. and  tnke  notice
of the Bargains that nre offered here.
Handsome Mantles
At   special   discount   prices,     All   the   new
model*?, tight mid semi fitting garments.
Fall Millinery
Arc you  wearing   une   ol   our   Hats ? Vou
should!   They   an   being  worn  by  tbo best
die?ss-!'ss,     li   cos -   no   more  to   have the
Fall and Winter Underwear
We carry nil the best makes—natural wool—
white and grey knit goods. Drawers and
Vest to match. Ladies' and ghildren's Ulnck
Tights. 1'iicesiin Underw ai range frum '2,ric.
to -.1 uU per garment.
best's Suits
Special  Blue aud   111 ick  Worsted   at   .1150
Men's Odd Pants from ifl 26 to $4.50,
n's Overcdats, regular 1)112, nuw .-.i.
Boys' Tweed Suits
Special Tweed Suit 1.2 50. Sizes 2-1 to 28.
$3.50 buys il Tweed Suit, sizes 28 to 'A2. Every
.-'nit new and tbis season's goods.
Boot and Shoe Department
See uur Hoys' School Shoes, Kvery pair
Come aloug and see what we can do foi you,
Blankets and Comforters
All-wool blankets, full si/.e, good weight, at lf-1.
Reg, $8 all-wool blanket lor $6.50, BlauketB
thA were $9.50 now selliii'.' nt $$. A g'.inl
rungc ol Comforters .if. nil prices.
J Q.<_K_HD<K>O<>-0^-_H_K>O<K)<^
if CHAS. M.  FIELD |
Heal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
OITigg on First Si., Opposite the Club
Rents Oot.i.kcted,
Notary Pernio
<|r4|n^4|r4|n|n|n|l $-#-*$t-$"&
"£_■»*___ *
* Cod *
if* *.&
I Liver f
♦ Oils f
We have all   kinds  ol   it.    A
Sweet   tasting,  had   Inst-   H;
*t* ing and  the  pure  Emul-   *p
t sion    in     $1.00     bottles,   J,
v? made by n new pi- cess al    jF
if* ***
I    C. R. MACDONALD'S     &
ttjf Revelstoke, li. C. .Ti
*% <t' 't' 't' 'I1 ■!' •$• 'I' 'I1 _En$Hfr4
Local and General.
A special meeting of tbe Uniform
Rank, K. of P., will be held this
We learn from tbe hospital this
morning that R. Smith's condition is
much improved, the worst of the fever
being over,
Tbe funeral of tbe inlant son ol Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Manning took place on
Monday afternoon. Tbe Rev. T, W.
HhU officiated.
The boulevard fruit trees of Belgium
returu nu annual protit of about
♦•55.0W. What about fruit trees for
Lord Nortbcote, tbe retiring Uov
eriiuri.eneral of Australia, and Lady
Nortbcote, pass through Revelstoke
ibis week eu route for England.
E. T. Kingsley, tbe Socialist organiser frum Vancouver, will deliver an
address to-night at the opera house at
the Liberal Rally, on Socialist  issues
Don't let go of the fact that upon
sight depends your happiness, If impaired, consult Dr. Harvey at ,1. Guy
Barber's, one dav only, next Saturday
Nov. U.
J. A. Kirk. P 1. S., we understand, is
in tbe city prepniing surveys and
soundings for the piers of tbe government traffic bridge across the Columbia River at tbis point.
C R. Macdonald lias put in a line
new plate glaos. Iront in hi= I hug
Store. The glass, which is of best
manufacture, came from Vancouver
sod ia in one parcel.
i.'. I, Walker i ml Howard Douglas
a nitnissi'.uer of parks, has just le-
turned from a trip, looking after tin
buffalo, contingent tbat   will   ou. .  bi
in [''•-.-•-o.-i-..n   : Canada.
ii   is   the   absolute  certain.}
proper diagaoei. and treatment   i il
eye troubles tbat makes Dr Harvey'e
idvice lucb a boon.     Consult bim at
i   Q iy Barber 1 on 'a' inlay next
A grand Liberal rally wiil  1« beld
tbla i rening ... tbe Opera 11 iuse at 8
o'clock      Ralph   Bmith    U P    Iro
Nanaimo and others will address  tbi
elect '- in campaigD Issues on  be   i
r-fSmil   C  ,:-.- Liberal ■••>■ lidati
K ) tenay,
Considerable interest Is 11 Ing i ■» i
i.y r. -i'i. i.t- I the city in tbe i irm i
lion I tt Ski-log ami Bnowshi e Clul
.'■ r ■■. iuto.* days and evenings Ahead;
a number have signified their willii .
iii-o- lu . un uml to i"' in. active
.nf rest nud in order to nuik- it ol
general and representative character,
a meeting is to be beld in the City
Hull, 'upstairs tbis evening al 8
o'clock, to whioh nil win- desire ii
join in the project are cordially invited
to attend. A good attendance is
expected and generally desired
Karii is King
The right Piano at the right price.
Call nnil fee us before you buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent?.    Monoy to Lo.n.
Orchestral music at the Ky. V. M,
C. A. next Sunday at 4. Men keep
this in mind.
"Two Young Tramps" (the chase
capture and lire scene) in moving
pictures nl the Edison Theatre on
Friday and Saturday nights.
The Ladies' Auxiliary, of Knox
church wish to announce thnt a number of dishes were lelt in the Opera
House after tbe supper on Monday
nigbt and that owners ol same can
claim tbeir property at the church at
any time.
W, Burgoyne, who has been Buffering from cancer for the past lew weeks
in the hospital, died ou Sunday. Tbe
deceased is n stranger in Kevelstoke
and bad but recently arrived from
Australia. It. Howson & Co. took
over the funeral arrangements.
After an absence of 76yeirs Halley's
comet (so nami'il after the astronomer
who determined iis orbit) is on a
return trip and will be cusily visible
in December. I'his montb it will be
unusually faint and will then probably
only be discovered with tbe aid of the
Some very line specimens ol local
grown apples arc being shown in the
window of Macdonald's ding store.
These apples were grown by H. E. R.
Sniylhe and consist oi B.gbl varieties
of rich flavor and oolor, and _ n d
evidence of tbe suitability of Revel-
stoke's soil for fruit growing.
Dr. Harvey   bos numerous teste  ii
eluding   shadow   or   looking  into the
eye. also oi hers i ii recent arrival, many
of whioh are tbe search and
experiment in thi clinical department
ui the  ' iphl ball   c   c   li He can
be consulted   al    ;  • uy B u ber -
,t.iy only, ni ct 8a fov. II
A marriagi
interest   took   |
noon,  a      fane
K. Florence   Bal
.   - .  Morrison
.  : able affair and largely ittei
ride was      -   daughl i
:; ii,-.   who was   ■     a
I iin C P B  coi pari
nt Kevelstoke
Monday,  Nov   Dtb     va 87
birth'lii. rtt VII
: ..  He nged   and   bis
itr?ngtl | reserved   •
he m y be '      - "
i tbe in    ■ peo] le a d
:  i ,.i , irgi   . I  ' wish of I
pari ■ ide
.   • ty-sevei
M. Collins,  locomotive oi
the   Vale Cariboo   Lumber
Golden,   was   killed   on     I
having   bis   neck    broken,
control of his engine   whicl
tbe track at a curve and cap
is a family cough medicine of proven merit.
It cures old people's
coughs, young people's
coughs and children's
coughs. An excellent
preparation for sore
throat and  hoarseness.
Il i  the Intentl      '. the   tforl
Mining Associal ioi  t<  itari   u    id ive
campaign li
of the Pacific N
in. sting will bi   .   ■   i _ane   next
Mar. h to  that   effeel
atiou oi evi   j* pro* .   ■ ii       mil
person interested      isked for       i
mining itionn i iked   t."
(urn! ih i list   I   pr   : icin     u il
pri •'■!•..     ■ .      ■■■   '. oking
prospects in tbe    irious    amp     Leg-
iii.si ive matters    ill   i	
well  nt   geoliigioal   • .. ■ , <   and   - i
operative work between   tatcn
l'i .lerai govern mon I
A cheque was pri tented last'i
Ing at tbe office ol ' I. li. II ume .'. I lo
supposed to bave come from the How-
I man Lumber Oo., bearing their signature and endorsed by some unknown
name, The obeque was lor $ii2 and
the accountant, paid the rnonei over,
thinking that everything was In order,
' On close, scrutiny, however, the obeque
proved ii forgery and BOarcb was at
unci! made fur the forger, bis minute
description being noted, but Up till
now the police haven't been able to
locate the_miscreant, ll. is supposed
that hu got nwny on n freight late inst
night, but his C'iptiire will probably
he ajmatter of a short time.
Social and Personal
Miss Laura Phipps, of Vancouver, is
visiting in ihe city.
Mrs. W. Tomlinson is entertaining
tbis afternoon at progressive whist
Mr, Cooper of the Imperial Bank
start', Banff, was a visitor to the city
last week.
R, P. Lewis, of tbe C.l'.R., Winnipeg, has heen visiting his fatter here
lor a few days.
F. C. Gamble, provincial engineer,
passed through on Sunday, en mine
for the south.
.1. 1>. Sibbald, jr., ol the staff ol the
Imperial Hank. Golden, spent Thanksgiving day at bis borne here.£
Mr. and Mrs, J. II Lyon- and
Muster Clarence returned Saturday
trom Montreal where they bave speul
the past nn.nth.
F. B. Lewis iaturd
lur Ti Ik i fen
day b,   and    .,    ci  npa iy   »   b   .V  -
Lewis, who has
will visit V"-s i   rk
Mis     Thos     - rd till
Mel':..   . Uld Wbist I
lence lasl i
and   Mr.   W. Bi
its were
i   .
Pi  ou
Banff.    Mi   -
Peter's church o
- '.lo
Popular and Successful Evert
By "E" Co.
nigh:    II   ler
' n   .
iratl ins snd
I'm. • • heme
foot harnio
being tastefully .,
by Dags, bunting i ,\,
proprinte   mottot -
bung oui l ii   mi "
latea on theb taste. ■-. ,
perfect condition and i la
. ' ' iticerB kept things
i ol dav
sky,   The    floor     m ■ .. li
mil hing to bo doe toys cf
■ I',   i.i.., only followed oui   vhal
soldiers can lay claim  to,   I be  Hnei i
hosts in  the land.   The   music   fm
niebed by the Independent  Band  was
excellent and the affai    n    p
the  most   iiiocuBsful   military danci
that Iihm taken  place   In   Have jiil<"
Refreshments,  dainty   and   Inviting,
made a pleasant diversion during the
evening, and us the final chords of the
last dance dud nwny, the large tin
felt that   this    was    indeed   ii    fitting
ending tn n Thanksgiving Day holl
day, "!•'.' 0o, will probably bold
daiiocH during Ilm winter mui there
can   be no doubt that   those populai
social   eventl will      be     always    well
Why Kootenay Electors Should
Vote for Smith Curtis
Let Kootonay electors endorse to
morrow Hie decisive verdict ol Canada
—that Laurier shall finiah bis work.
Do this by voting for Smith Outtis,
Electors; lei us work shoulder to
ilu uldei to n ke Revelstoke hend-
qunrterefoi' construction ot the eastern
mountain section of the Grand Trunk
Pacific A vi c for Smith Curtis tomorrow will help.
The Tunes imported Chinese to
work on the Canadian Pacilic Kailway construction at 90c. per eh'y. The
Liberals excluded Asiatic labor nnd
made the Grand Trunk pay its laborers §2 iii) per duy. Goodeve is the
Tory candid.ite, Smith Curtis is tbe
Liberal candidate, Will you vote for
Goodeve nnd the Chink iiMIOc. per
day, or Smith Curtis aud tbe full dinner pail?
Cut your vote bo ynu can say tomorrow night: "Good evening Mr.
Iii oiluve, you can now retire from the
pu  lie eye."
Ii you appiove tbe settlement of the
Great Prairies and the improved market they afford for the produotB of the
Kootenay mines nnd I icsts vote for
Smith Cur'is tomorrow.
A vole for Davidson is a vote for a
lost cause. A vote for Smith Curtis is
a vole tor the legislative prngrcss Socialism demands.
Revelstoke wuiits a competing railway. Smith Curtis stands fur railway
competition, I i.odevestands for the
Tory doctrine—the tli d made Oanada,
the King rules it, and the C.P.R. owns
lioodeve, the Tory candidate, talks
about political purity. A leading
eastern public man says: "When tlie
Tories talk pu ity watch your ben
roosts," and be might have added:
■ Vote for the Liberal candidate Smith
Workers; by your votes tomorrow
strengthen the lm ds of Mackenzie
King, the coming .Minister of Labor
unl Bupport Smith funis.
A pro nino.it independenl Conservative "I Hritis-h Columbia says h
would support Smith Curtis because
"he is a man of brains, a hard worker,
,,..| , right "ii m '.-i questions in
which the conimou people are con
UK's' \.; E •   ■ . b-hour  Tory
,    lnd VOTE FOB SMI 111 0URTIS
hre    representative   at
Remember Goodeve   is for a
White British Columbia
A vote for GOODEVE is n vote for
n White Country,
If you want to give the .laps n vote
elect. Smith Curtis.
There Is already one Jap for every 10
white man in the country. II yen
want them shipped VOTE FOR
A s.ilid live is needed from B.C,
I?. O, a white man's country is on:
Send to Ottawa a   man   wbo   can
speak for the west  not  a  hide-bound
party n an.
Vote for a man—GOODEVE—not
fora profess! uml politician.
Remember the Lemieux Act nnd
vote fur Goodeve.
The Railroad centers from Winnipeg to Vanoouver   hnve given Oonscr-
Epicurean   Spread   by   Knox
Church Ladies
' ing I My,
ihe good
hii y- i-  ..i life ''"ii 'I
.   .
j si      I   In'.   ''       Ii
by   tin' 1 ni.. -  .i
-   juite in
itoke   and   ibis
J' ■ i
hal ■ ivei
.-ill s'-r-
■    .-       ,      ■' I (I, I !
idiei   ■ ■ i''in
... tj
A lm.' .ill li'.i"
i h    .pi" I lei "f -i
bi     mere bul
I .i-
1 ■     ll     Willi
ked   o.'.-i "0 inning
■ ry .:'  ladies   were in -
,    -I inert
lis llower
.  il    booth   ■''.' j   v. .   land
fish pond uu ry opening
. : ilnrly   attraotlvfl,  while
many   a   posy   did the dainty   little
flower girls sell,     A good programme
. ilo wss giv" . 'I irlng i be evening
and   the   tui key   supper ol Huw will
pass Into history a» the most nioooaS'
fill in    every   way ol   any   yet, beld in
Revelstoke,     Much credit   is  due to
nil who took part  In the affair, whioh
i- pi i Imps   oun   of    the    chief annual
Boolnl events In the oity.
Berry's Pure Maple Syrup In cans
il ■ , -f I 0B, .1 2ri ninl  |3 20, the beat
on ihe market, guaranteed pure.   Fur
sain at C. U. ll. - ill Oo's,
vativc   candidate  n un ani minis   vole,
and Revelstoke will do the.same.
Let the politicians see that the lie
lerred election dodge wont control our
Goodeve's platform—Purity in politic"; hotter terms; a while man's country, and a square deal to all.
The railroad men are solid for Goodeve. Give bim a majority that will
make Ottawa think.
Children's Wear
Now is the time to get the children fitted out for
winter and this is the store where you can get the right
goods at the right prices.
Infants' Bonnets, in wool, silk, velvet, cashmere
and Bearskin, all sizes and all prices.
Felt Sailors and Tains, in cloth, serge and velvet
for the larger boys and girls.
Wool Mitts and Gloves, all sizes and colors.
Wool and Cashmere Stockings
We would ask your especial attention to this line
We have made  a particular study of this line of goods
and think we can offer you the best goods at the lowest
In all sizes from lhe smallest infants up.
Classic Shoes
for boys and girls are the best made and we guarantee
every pair we sell. You are sure to co.ne back for
them again.    They wear well look well, and fit well.
Thanksgiving Day Road Race
Won by Palmer    *
The V, M. C. A. Thanksgiving Day
road race w»8 run off on Monday
morning, the course being over very
bard country, namely from Mosquito
Landing to tbe Association building,
about 6i miles Four runners faced
the starter, Palmer, Haycock, Mc
Eachern and Miillholland They were
let away at 1126 and everyone of
tbem determined lo he home for dinner, judging by the terrific pace they
started nt. However the long hill
which leads up to the cnuyuu pulled
the speed down somewhat and the
run from tnere on was n fullow-iny-
leader, with Palmer holding n Bate
lead, The lock slides interfered somewhat wiih the marshals who found
some difficulty iu getting the burses
to climb them, However it did not
not slop the runners much ns shown
hy the lime made.
C. Palmer won iu the good time ol
:)8 50 1 5, with Haycock ol Malakwa a
good second and McEuchciii third.
,\ll the runners finished in excellent
condition and were all very well satisfied that every man had n fair oba nee
to win. Palmer lias dciiiunatialcd bis
ability to run well nnd is thoroughly
worthy of the title oi interior chain
piou of B. C. Next seuson will see
nun trying out against fust company
imi the results will he watched with
interest hy bis many friends here.
Haycock ol Malakwa ran a good race
.ii il wilh proper training should make
.i first olnss runner. As it is he gave
Palmers hauler nice thiin any previous runner has done. MoEaoberu
acquitted himself well being out-
olaised by the others in age and train
mg anil im deserves great credit fora
bard light. The prises were handsome g" d uml silver mt dais.
Tonight the C.P.K. road team play
tbo Shamrocks In the basketball
h si'. .1' aeries, the dee off being timed
foi - i'i sharp, li i lie road team win
it will give tl co a good lead, while
should the Shamrocks win it will pm
tbe Intermediates on top. The Sham
rooks bave strengthened up since ihe
first ol ihe season ami will give tbe
rosd   0 on   a   hig  argument lor the
Bowling ll g"ing strong al the Y.M.
I   A alleys   ami some blgh scores are
being put up.
Splendid New Programme
\ in ' | rogrnmmo will be presented
'  Edison 'I henlre on   Friday  nnd
Saturday nights,   The programme is
one ul i be be»l "f the season and  will
be enjoyed, no doubt, by the patrons. I
i   n 'i "iing Tramps" and "The Land j
of Gold Mines" are the oblcl lestuiei
I is lust pielnies thoWS the I'.bheiy
ol ii Isniii'iH bam, the chase niter
the robbers by the farmer, hiss wile mul
Sons nnl  the  polios   the straw   stack
flrS      i    "pi' nihil    er  lie— lhe    cilplllte
uf une and his release    by    the   other.
'  I he I,nml of lhu   Gold   Mines"   is   n ;
bi'iiiilifnlly colored picture  Ilinl   must'
be  seen   to   be    appreciated,    The
Comedies sre good ami are laugh producers.    II ynu have seen the liml pro- !
gramme, und enjoyed them, you   will j
lm pleased willi  the   lie V   pletlllis   on
Friday ami Saturday nights.
Capital - $3,374,000
Rest Fund $3,374,000
Has 05 liranciics in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, VV. H. PRATT, Manager.
Quality in
is the first thing to he considered nud we guarantee
every article suid iu this
establishment to be just us
represented THE PRICE
). duy Bier
Official Issuer of Marriage
Take notice thai I Intend In make
application to the Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police fur a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Eva Hotel
at Camborne, II. C , lue ilu- half year
Iiiiiii .Inn. Isi, 11)09. to June HUlb. I'.'uil.
Dated Nov. Uth. 1808.
nov 11 lm John A. Tnnw.
Cut Flowers
Chrysanthemums,   Carnations  nnd
other Out Flowers supplied  by J.T.
Benlby, Nelson, B.C., (P.O.Box 81)7.)
Nov. 11 Jan. 11
Apples For Sale
J. I, Webster, of Vornon, has for
sale an excellent lot ol Bound apples,
iNo. 2, nnd cooking, at Hfie. per box,
F.O.B., Vernon, B.O, Nov. 11-.t
A Coming Treat
Too much praise cun mil. be given
the Ily. Y.M C.A. tor engaging the
Schul'trl Symphony Club and Lady
Quartette ol Chicago, to appear here
on Dec. 'A. This oi'inpiny is in ils
■.nib year of micccss nnd is acknowledged everywhere to be tbe most
"up-to-date Musloal Oobiedy travel.
ing. Everybody likes music and
everybody enjoys a hearty laugh, A
delightful blending uf pure fun   nnd
fine music in one rcasnii why the
above company bus won its wny to
the top notch ol public esteem.
_ snowshoe and ski olub will probably be formed in tbe cily this winter.
All Interested In these sports should
sue li  Et Atkins and  get   particulars.
Business Locals
Cheapest fuel on the market—Briquettes—manufactured from Banff
im nl ooal.
The Land uf Gold Mines" (colored)
Friday and (Saturday at the Edison
Parlor Theatre,
Kin-the latest styles  in   ladieB   and
gentlemen's visiting cards call nt ihe
Mail IIiiui.n ollice.
The numerous whist clubs in the
oity social circles are now under way
lor the winter season. Cards will be
tbe popular pastime this year.
Special offer ol gentlemen's visiting
cauls neatly printed, 50 for $1,26, and
luu lor |l.75. Ladies'cards in newcsl
styles, 60 lor $1 26 and 11)0 lur $1.75.
Linen finish cards lire tlm latest importations.
A consignment ol ladies and gentlemen's visiting cards in lhe newest
•tylcfl has arrived nt the Maii.Hi.hai.ii
'Dice.   All work neatly executed
__A_   em  wanted   in private  family,
Anply Mail-lliTiild.
1710R .SALE-One bedroom suite,
_■ also une Ihi'CC-i'iuuliT iron bed.
All in Mist clnss condition. Can bo
seen between 10 ii.m. nnd 5 p.m. Address P. 0, Hox 7__I
OK  RBNT—Residence   of  J.   M.
Scott.   Apply to Siott &BiigKs.
SAFE in good condition, for sale at
bargain.   Address nt once, Safe.
Mail OHIce.
WANTED—A Kiel for general house
Work in family of three.   Uuod
wages.   Apply to this office,   tc
WANTED Bedrooms to let furnished, hoard it requiied, terms
moderate. Apply A. Gain', Ith sire I,
corner of McKenzie Ave,       net 24 lm
WANTED-Hoiii'dcis, mul Boomers
in a comfortable home. Moderate terms, home conking. Apply io
Box 772.
pal h you will follow. That ol
taking out an adequate Fire
Insurance Policy at a low
premium and every advantageous condition which in
case o| a large or small lire ,
will repay you lor ull damage
sustained, or do you propose
to 'itve a few pennies to day
nud lose thousands of dollnrs
tomorrow through your false
Real Estate, Insurance
Commission  Agent	
Revelstoke. B. C.
Liberal Committee Booms
Oltl Salvation Army Hall, First Strati
All interested III the election of  Mr.
Smith Curtis hh member for Kootenay
KiiliiiK  III   lhe    Dominion   House   of
Commons, cordially welcomed.
Open Dally from Oa.m. to II p.m.
Eur the first number of
Subscriptions and advertisements
received at thsoffloe of
E. \. HAGGEN, MoKenzie Ave.


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