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The Mail Herald Jun 30, 1909

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" Empire " Typewriter
For ease of operation snd pei feci i'.n
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The Mail-Herald
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Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol. 15.-No 44
REVELSTOKE. B. C. JUNE 30. 190!)
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Pursuit of Train Robbers Ends
in Shooting of Constable
Decker and One Outlaw-
Second Man Fled.
Asiii'iuuT, B, 0., June 30, 2 p. m.—
Pursuit ot robbers still going on, but
bloodhounds cannot pick up trail ot
murderer, Yesterday's story about
the cornering of the robbers in Ked
<inlell turned out to he (lotion, Close
watch is beint; kept on all highways,
and specials are scouring the country
side iu every din etion.
Coroner's inquest and postmortem
to be beld this afternoon ou the bodies
ol rhe slain Constable Decker and the
robber. The boat need hy the robbers
held thirty sticks of dynamite wrapped
up in blankets and a large quantity ol
ani.nunition in a suit case. No means
of identification by letters could be
found in the valise and no marks were
found on his clothes, which were of
superior quality.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in] Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United states -London, England,
Lloyds Rank, Limited. Chicago-First National Hank, Corn Kx-
change National Rank. .Seattle—Seal tie National Hank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Rank. Spokane— Exchange
National Rank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
currenl rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Death stalks in the footsteps of the
train robbers now. The corpse of one
lieB in Asbcrofc, killed by au officer of
lhe law iu the execution of bis duty,
and the hangman's rope awaits his
companion who shot special constat,.e
Decker at Ashoroft on Monday evening last. None ol the train robbers
have been captured alive as yet, but
death has sealed the doom ot one and
its shadows hover sround the fugitive
footsteps of the other.
The story of Decker's death is that
of a hero who did not llincb in the
hour of trial, but died bravely executing tbe duty that bad been laid upon
him. it was about 8 o'clock on Monday evening laBt tbat Standing ou the
hank of tbe Thompson river a short
distance above Asbcroft he saw two
men in a buat pull into tbe shore and
(ry to make a landing. Their movements looked suspicious to bim, aud
he called to tbem and told then) to
stand. Immediately one replied, "Take
me il you can," and pulling a reVolver
from beneath bis coat, before
Decker had time to breathe he tired
The cullet struck Decker in the side
and seeing tbe kind ul men be bad to
deal with he promptly raised his rille
and shot the villain through the
throat. He dropped, but bis companion at once raised a shotgun be carried
and lired at Decker witb fatal effect.
Tbe shot tore up his face and he fell
mortally wounded.
Some men standing on tbe bridge
below heard ihe tiring and ruBbed up
to lind tbe body ol Decker and that of
the outlaw lying not (ar apart upon
the river bank, aud in the confusion
of the moment Decker's murderer
escaped. Decker whs taken into Asbcroft, wbere be died at midnight.
Yesterday the news of tbe shooting
got abroad and as a consequence the
country around Ashoroft is up in
arms. Everybody iB on the watch and
it will be little short ol a miracle if the
outlaw should escape. As the most
authentic descriptions obtainable show
tbat three men were engaged iu the
hold-up, it is evident that oue must
bave been separated Irom his companions before the boat reached Ash
crult. It was a report tbat three men
had been seen in a boat at Penny's
that caused Decker to beou the watch. ]
The identity ot the  dead  outlaw  is ]
unknown to anyone around  Ashoroft,
but tbat he must have been oue ol the
train robbers everybody   feels certain.
He bears tbe earmarks  of   the  trade,
aud it is quite  uncertain   tbat  none
but   desperadoes  of   tbe   worst kind
would attempt such murderous acts in
(their endeavors  to escape.    It seems
quite sure from  reasonable deduction!
that the men  who did  the shouting
are the men wanted lor the hold-up.
They were coming down tbe river from I
the direction ol  Kamloops,  tbey  bad |
escaped in a boat, tbey were armed tor
resistauce, and  when  challenged  did
not hesitate to shout.
Nuw tbat ime of tlieir number bas
added to the crime ol robbery that of
murder, efforts to capture him will
no doubt be redoubled. The reward
tbat Decker should have had may go to
another, but his memory will be honored. In the meantime it is evident
that those in pursuit ol bis murderer
bave no light task, for witb the
gallows gaping before bim, be will
naturally be reckless ol how much
blood be may spill hencelorth
The dead robber Iihb been Identified
as |. simbliig the man who ordered
the engineer to stop at Ducks. About
thirty poundB of dynamite was fouud
in the buat out of which the robbers
came. Tbis is thought either to have
been left over from the last attempt
or to bave lieen kepi fur some future
Dress Trimmings
A large variety of dainty Lanes ami
Embroideries for your Summer Dress
Trimmings. Some very pretty patterns to choose froin.
MRS.   A.   ii.   CRICK
First   Street      -      |Opposite   Windsor   Hotol
Last night the Intermediate baseball team deieated the Businessmen
in a very one-Bided game. .1. Hume
was mi the tiring line lor the Businessmen and considering that this was his
lirst time out ibis year, be did well.
F. Sinclair was doing the pitching fur
the Intermediates and tbe Businessmen found it hard to bit bim safe.
Sc ro ended 18 3.
To-night the North Stars play the
Schools in tbe junior baseball league.
The Bchoollxiys are playing better ball
lately and tbey expect tu put it over
the Stars as they did the Beavers last
Wednesday. The Stars arc now ahesd
of the league and are sure to put up a
strong game.
Several Important Matters are
Brought Forward
A deputation from the local Board
ol Trade waited on Premies McBride
and Hon. TbuB. Taylor at lhe Hevel
stoke Hotel on Saturday evening to
press upon them several matters ol
local urgency.
The lirst matter brought forward
was the establishment of a land registry office at Revelstoke. J D. Sib
bald cited many instances of unnecessary delay, which had occurred
through people from the district being
forced tu deal with the Nelson land
registry otlice.
The Premier replied that at present
a great deal uf work was being dune in
the registry ullice at Nelson, but if
there were any ueglect in the matter
uf office work the Government would
give it tlieir immediate attention. If
tbe business of the Revelstuke dislict
warranted the establishment of a
registry office the Government must
carry it into effect. He asked Mr.
Sibbald to write him giving full details of what was needed and he wuuld
do what he could.
Tbe second question asked was as to
to the establishment of a judicial circuit on the nm in Hue with Kevelstoke
as tbe centre. W. M. Lawrence explained what was the matter complained ol bo tar as Kevelstoke was
Tbe Premier said that a change and
readjustment of circuits could only he
brought abuut by act of Parliament.
It would mean a great deal of work
and changing and the department at
Ultima might complain At the same
time if it worked a real hardship and
the Roard could prove its case the
Government might legislate to bring
about the change suggested.
In regard to the request fur a terry
at the conduence ot tlie Canoe and
Columbia rivers, Hon. Mr. Taylor
stated that it was already being installed, and further than lhat. cabins
were being built for the convenience
of travellers between Buat Encampment and Tete Jaune Cache.
Speaking uf the condition of the Big
Bend road Mr. Taylar said the recent
freshets were responsible for the damage that had been done, lt was practically impossible to inainUin the
road in that particular place. It
was practically impossible to maintain
the road in tbat particular place. It
would coat the Government over
$4,000 to keep it there.
Several of the deputation pointed
out tbat tbe present condition of the
road it waa impossible .'or any great
development to take place in tbe Big
Bend country.
"I am well aware of tbe necessity of
access to the Big Bend," said the
premier, "but unless the traffic war
rants it such a large expenditure oannot be made." He added, however,
that be would keep the matter in
mind and do what he could towards
meeting the request of the board.
Hon. Mr. Taylor, questioned as to
tbe expediency ol putting in concrete
instead ol wooden piers lor the uew
traffic bridge over the Columbia, Bald
that personally he had always avored
concrete rather than woodenf piers,
though the contract called for the latter. Tbe government had decided to
put in concrete, but the board ol
trade had asked lor wooden piers
.lather thau wait (or the delay that
must arise (rom change of plau.
The premier Baid that concrete piers
would cost over $17,000, but he hoped
that once the bridge was completed it
would be in Bucb a way that it would
Mayor Lindmark asked if the government could not undertake tbe construction of the road from Kevelstoke
to Mara.
"I don't tbink it necessary at all,"
Baid the premier, "as tbere is no traffic to warrant such a heavy expenditure as lhat would entail." He continued tbat tbey should first get in
the bridge and tbey could then take
time to think about tbe road. He
would back Mr. Taylor in all development work that would aid tbe city,
but be considered this road was unnecessary just now.
Tbe deputation thanked the premier
lur bis kind bearing and retired.
Was Captured Near   Calgary
by Mounted Police—Denies
His Guilt - Remanded Till
John Sheldo, the Italian who fs
wanted here on a charge ol attempting
to murder Frank Orsetti last Saturday
a week ago, was captured near Calgary
by tbe Mounted Police aud'brougbt
hack to llie city by Chief Haiti yesterday morning. Alter his return Officer
Bain receivtd a telegram from Calgary
saying that they had arrasted another
Italian, whom they believed, from the
description given, tube the accomplice
of Sheldo.
Last Saturday a report came to the
Mounted Police in Calgary that a man
answering the description ol Sheldo
had been seen walking aloug the C. P.
K. tracks eastward from the town.
The Mounted Police gave chase, and
about fifteen inileB out saw a man wbo
crept under a culvert when they came
in sight. They arrested bim there
and brought him back to Calgary.
Cbiel Bain was notified and went out
on Saturday night. Sheldo admitted
that be bad been present when the
cutting was done, but said it was the
other fellow tbat used the knife.
The man alleged to have been
SheldiVs accomplice «as seen in Calgary with him, and Cbiel Bain spont
a day there hunting tor him, but had
to return as Falzetti, who is being
tried is an accessory, waB to come up
for learing befure Police Magistrate
Fosti i this 'morning. Ch el Bain will
leave 'or Calgary to bring back the
other man as soon as he receives a
photoi" ipb so that be will be sure he
is not j dng on a wild goose chase.
Sheldo came up before Magistrate
Foster this morning, but, by request
of Mr. Gillan, counsel for defence, the
hearing was adjourned till Saturday.
By request of the prosecution, the
charge against Joe Falzetti of being
an accomplice, was adjourned to tbe
same date. In the meantime Falzetti
is allowed out on $400 bail in two
sureties of $200 each.
Two Fatal Accidents
A workman named.). Blssons died In
Victoria Hospital on Monday night as
a result of injuries received while
working in the mill of the Rig Bend
Lumber Company at Arrowhead. He
became entangled iii some machinery
and was badly crushed. He was
brought here on the train on Monday
afternoon and taken to the hospital,
but never recovered consciousness.
His death occurred before midnight.
The body was removed lo Howson's
undertaking rooms, and an inquest
will be held by the coroner, Dr.
Hamilton, this evening. The witnesses from die mill are expected to
arrive this afternoon. Sissons was a
married man with a wife living in
'I'he second victim was Joe Posel, a
foreigner employed in the Eddy mill.
Yesterday morning he fell thirty-live
feet from a jack ladder on which he
was working, his head striking on the
logs below. The ambulance was called
and he was brought into the hospital
unconsolous, He never rallied, and
death occurred during the night. Dr.
Hamilton pronounced lhe man's skull
Lo have been fractured by the fall.
Inquiries as to the cause of death are
being made. Posel was a new man
here and very little known.
Moving Picture* tonight,
To Trade in Alberta and British
The Peace Kiver Trade and Navigation Company, Limited, bus just lei n
funned in Montreal with a Capitalization of $1,000,1100. A large number
of capitalists arc behind the scheme
The object of the company is to conduct a general trade, transportation,
milling and development business in
the newer purtion ol the Canadian
Northwest, and it will confine its attentions largely to Northern Alberta
and a portion of northern liritish Columbia. The field management of the
company's affairs will be in change ul
Mr. Frqil. S. Lawrence, who wsb a resi
deuce ol those regions for twenty-live
years. Sale.of laud to settlers ahead
of railway development will bu one ol
the many branches ul thu business
Premier Rutherford, of Alberta, and
Hou. Frank Oliver, Minister of tho
Interior, are highly in favor of the
aims of tbo company, and an advisory
board composed ol business men will
soon be appointed at Edmonton, whore
the bead office will bo located, The
board of directors will bo composed of
prominent Montrealurs.
Kenieinhei the lawn social iu aid of
Knux chin ch uu the grounds ul Mr.
VV. M. Lawrence, on McKenzie avenue,
Tuesday, July 6,
Union S. S. Picnic
A Suuday School picnic in which
tbe billowing churches will participate:
Baptist, two Presbyterian, Methodist
and Episcopalian will f D.V.) be held
at tbe City Park adjoining the Fair
ground un Thursday, July 1st. Five
large conveyances have been engaged
for tbe day, one leaving each ol the
above mentioned churches at 10 and
11 a.m. and 1.80 and 2.110 p.m. Free
transportation will be given to all whu
desire to go. Children ol the different
schnuls will kindly assemble at tbeir
churches as far as possible at ten and
eleven a.m. It is desirable tbat teach
ers of tlie schools accompany pupils
Young ladies and gentlemen in the
city without homes are kindly invited
to attend. Baskets tor families left at
the different churches will bo oon
voyed to the croiinds. Various sports
will be held and swings have been
Mill Machinery Ordered
S. A. Mundy ol Three Valley, and
John McC.ruin ol Bradtord, Pa., who is
interested with Mr. Mundy in the
Mundy Lumber Co. were iu tbe city
on Monday last. They stated that all
the machinery lor the mill to replace
tbo one burned at Three Valley recently bad been ordered, and tho mill
would be rebuilt at once, and put in
operation again as soon as possible,
The machinery has been ordered Irom
tbo Watruus Engine Co. of Hrantford,
Ont., through II. II. (iilinuiir the Vancouver agent.
Wedding Bells
Dr. A.U. Bottle, ol Salmon Ann,
and MissG. F. Elgood, daughter ol
Mrs. 0, A. Elgood, of Silver Creek,
Salmon Arm, were quietly mariied iu
St. Peter's church, Kevelstoke.
Monday last, the Rev. C. A
officiating. The bridn has
ployed for Home months past as stenographer in tbe office of Mr. C. M.
Field ol this city, and wan highly
esteemed by all With whom she camo
iu contact. Dr. and Mrs. Beale will
reside iu Salmon Arm.
been  om-
25 Per«
On Silver plated ware,
Fancy China, including
48 piece China Tea Sets,
some very line pieces oi Limoges China, a nice assortment
of Wedgewood ware, also Jardinieres, Flower Vases, colored and plain glassware, some good designs in Cut Glass,
etc. All goods are marked in plain figures and there is no
deception abuut this sale.
We are also offering the balance of our Refrigerators
at low prices in order to make room for other goods. This
is a good chance tu obtain one Just as the hot weather is
coming on.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbin
Mr Swell Dressei
A Clean-up m Shirts
Broken Lines no range
complete sizes 14 1-2 to
17, were $1.25 to $2.25
NOW   81.OO
Fit Reform Clothing
B. E. WALKER, President I Paid-Up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXAIfDKE LAJSD, General Manauer ! ReServe Fund,   -    6,000,000
Tb« new Travellers' Cheques recent!) issued by thia Rank are a most ©
way In which to carry money when travelling.   They arc issued
$10,   $20, $50,  $100 and $200
and the exa.u amount payable m Austria, Belgium, Denmark,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia,
mmi Switzerland in stated on iltr U.e of each cheque, while ra ot_ber
tbtrf mrm payable al current mow
The chr<jaefl and all information regarding them may be obtained al
at Ihe Bank. aii.
We Admire Every Woman
wbo Insists on having her
choice of our selected Beef,
Lamb, Pork and high
grade Hains. Sties after
the best—and we're prepared to give it lo ber.
I lur
Fine Meat Market
caters to particular buyers
and always Khali. Prices
ill 1 igbt too.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
Unloading to-day—One lull car of
groceries and one lull car ol feed, oats,
bran, abortii, wheat and cbops, We
arc now in a position tu supply our
customers with everything needed.
Oct uur prices belore buying elsewhere.   0. ti. HumeiSt Co.
Wick laucy detachable bat bands,
"5 cents each.   C. B. Kume 4 Co., Ltd.
Prepare lur tbe hot weather aud get
a liottle of our lime juice, grape juice,
rasplierry vinegar or onr fruit syrups.
Tbe beet on the niarkot lor tbe smallest price!   C. ti. Hume k Co. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc ADaiMbcralb.
jntcvior flMiblisbitiQ Companv?,
Barristers, Solicitors,  lin-'.
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office    and   befoie    Railway
Six Roomed
Six Roomed
Six Roomed
pep month
pep month
pep   month
Hox. Charles Mubphy, M.P.
Harold Fisher.
UniCXS 1     l.MlKlll.U.  I'ANK   Hi  I1.I1INO  HlVUI.
Blum., B. I .
Money lo lo.ui.
OlDoeei Kevelstoke, H
IS so. S. McCahikh
\.   M.   1'ISKH \M
[;. . .-.-'.,«•■
.I,..ink, li   I .
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 acres cleared,
hnuse, stable and fencing. 280 fruit trees, live stock
.nul farm implements.    At a bargain.
10 Acres at Summerland, near landing, all
newly fenced and under irrigation. 050 fruit trees..
i'nHnl buy.
800 Acres at Galena Ray, 65 acres cleared,
500 fruit trees, good house and stable, live stock and
farm implements. Desirable property to subdivide into
5 and to acre lots.    Only $32.00 per acre.
If el tn which I diall not descend, but
the matter ot the violation of the law
by the circus people, with its peculiar
attendant ciroumstanoeB, being now,
ui d very wifely under the circum
stances, pulilic property, tbe citizem-
are entitled to know exactly what
took place, nnd although there may
be further denials, and further attempts to evade and turn the issues, I
rest in the assurance that I have sub
mitted nothing that .cannot be proved
beyond the question ol a doubt to any
citizen of the town or any tribunal ii
ilm country.
Yours faithfully,
W. W    FlIRTKIl
Police Magistrate
June 29, 1909.
J. A,   ll.uivi.v.
Cranbrook, 14, i
riLLlAM I, min.i.ii u ristel
-  .    tor'fur:—
Tin, Canadian Hank of Commkiu k,
The Molsons U\m., Ivn-
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
liugi mug
McKenzie Avence,
liux inn, Hevelstoke
C.  w.  O   W.
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
Mecu   Socoud  uml   Eourlli   Wednotdays In
eachinionlb, in Selkirk Hall   Visilin   Wuixl-
iii, n cordially iuvilod loatuind.
JullS CARLSON, Con. i om.
J. McIN'I VKK, Clerk,
F. O. E.
Ih, r8g(, „r meetings are hold in tl.e Selkirk
Ball every Tuesday evening »l » '"■**■*
l     ■ uk brethren are cordially' iuvilea.
Kootonay Lodge, No. 15, A F. & A. M.
^t The roBulur moot-
A__»_S      -. |UK6   .,,„   |,„|,|   il, thi,
Oddfellows Hull, on
tlui third M lay In
each month ut »
,,.m. Visiting brethren cordially woi-
c. a. MtUUUKIER, Sbobktakv.
Meets eve ry Tliurr-
.lay   eveniiih'   In   Sel
kkirk Hull ut 8 o'clock
__  PVlslting brollirou are
cordially Invited to attend.
W. A. FOOTE. N.ll. JAS. __IATHIE„8E0,
nun iii Inter years arose the empire uf Ulitirleiniigne. Kor some
Centuries the boundaries of empire
moved 1 iU*.* n dissolving Bcene on
the iuii|i ut l'.iii'u|ii'. Nuw Henry
ihu Fifth, of England, now Charles
of Spain, now Napoleon the _L»real,
wai- triumphant, till at last it
found it* abiding place in the British Isles.
Britain has Bent forth her sons
tu tin- four corners of the ear lh, not
in luiinil now milium, lu wresl her
glory from her, bul rather lo grow
rn- -uin- and daughters into lhe
proper inheritance of the greatness
lhat is hers. And when as Macau-
lay Bays, "the sceptre *lmll have
passed from England and commerce
nml civilissalioii have lixed their
thrones in lands now distant and
remote," may not Canada, ber |
brow hound with the Aurora as
with n diadem, hor tool ba/.ed sol-
idly mi Uu' friendship of the sisinr
nation to lhe smith, ber handB
grasping the commerce of Asia
from the west and of Europe from
tlm east, lie lhe greatest in a
world where the tiger passions of
turn hnve been muzzled and peace
and common sense reign at last:
and wht'ii the strife and carnage
of the lir.-t great nets of the universal
drama hnve lieen played on the
scenes of three preceding continents nmy not her children be
actors in the fourtii and perhaps the
greatest and the last.
John Houston, says the Victoria
Times, has shaken the dust of
Prince Rupert from his shoes (some
maliciously inclined persons say,
however, that lho new metropolis
of the nnrtli will never he troubled
with the dust problem), has sold
out the Empire, and will seek new
political and advertising pastures
in Texas or New Mexico. But John
will never he happy away from
British Columbia. We will give
him six months or a year at the
most, lo lind out that this is the
only purl of the world worth living
There was a vague hint of a possible railway policy that might
bring on nu election this year, in
the i-pL'ich delivered by Premier
McBride in tho Opera House on
Saturday night. It was so delightfully indifinite, however, that
it Hunted away in the cloud in
which it came, and none of us is
llir wiser ns In whether there will
be a railway policy formulated or
an election held this year or not.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
MHO'S __.Vls.KY lVEUNKSli.il',
except 1 ii.r.l Wedneniiiii o,
each tnoctii. in _■ .ddlellu..'-.'
Hall at 8 I'd .rk. Msltini:
Kulgtila art- n.irdlally .united.
T. P.   SMITH, ('. I'.
a. H. BKOt K   K. uf  it. A il.
J.  H. SCOTT, M, ul F.
I'lliiNI'.   US
Cbc flfoaiMberalb
To-morrow, the Dominion of
Canada will have completed forty-
two years of its history. On July
1,1897, the four provinces of Quebec, i intario, Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick were brought into existence as a confederation by the
British North America Act. and a
few years later Prince Edward
Islan . ined the union. The
popul itioi it that time cun-: ited
oi about 3,000,000 people -. tttered
ali ng the Atl • al oard down
the valley of the -'. Lawreni e and
iii ■    the -:...r. - ..: lhe great
~.i. e then the i    p of t mada h ■-
lotl    ■■ •  '   i rd, i op-
ulation nn     lh       loubled
frii gi   if    ettli mi d!   sprea I   i long
■ il       indai •   from
': ■   v.  nti   '   thi    'acific.  To-daj
tbe map iB Ilin    I wards
' hi ■. irth ' in ida , grow ing in
.' Ith .- '.... II ..- .. ngth, lhe
wi alt! if the pi tins and ; iresi
ind thi noui tains oi the beyond
.- bi ing gradually unveiled, ettle
ment is rolling from the Peace
to the Mai ki nzie and Babine ind
Omineca are becoming name*
familiar I • lhe white man's child.
It .- said that Canada i- the land
of tin ' iventieth century. Shi may
•' ui.. •• : ■ mui h more. I- rom
the dan u of hietorj the movement
ol ■ mpire h u been towards the west
and north, and ' anada on the rnnp
nf the globe lo-da) i- lho ultimate
rule of that northwestern destiny,
The misty aud am ienl rei ords of
China, the buried cities of India
and Ceylon, the mouldering obelisks of Egypt, show that civilization had its liirih in the fnr east
and in the tropic zone. The crown
of empire moved northward to
Assyria and westward lo Persia till
the Greeks defeated Cyrue and
shifted the scene lo Europe. Prom
Greece it moved to Rome, frum
whom it wnr wrestled by the northern Goths,   (Jul of lhe chaos of ils
C. N. R. AND (i. T. P.
The report comes frum Ottawa
that the Hon. George P.Graham,
Minister of Railways, has laid over
for further consideration the application of the Cirand Trunk Pacific Railway Company for a charter
to build from the Yellowhead Pass
to Vancouver along almoBt exactly
the same route ns that already
covered by the plans of the Canadian Northern Railway Company
which were approved in February
last. That the minister has good
reason to think seriously before
grunting another application for
the same route no one who understands the situation at all can
doubt. According to the proposals
submitted the two roads would
come down ou either Bide of the
North ThompBon rivur as far as
Kamloops, and from Kamloops to
Vancouver they wuuld take exactly
the same route, though diverging
from the C. P. R. at Lytton and
inking the Bouth side of the FraBer
to New Westminster.
Those whu hnve ridden along the
(.'. P, R. from  Lytton to Yale and
hnve   noticed   the   remains   of  the
old Cariboo  road scoring the face
of the cliff can easily imagine what
n  task   it  would   be to
railway there nnd huw prai ti
impossible it would be to construct
two on  that narrow rocky   • i
The  rocks  rise with  the slightest
incline from the water's edge
the  amount  of  blasting it wo il I
entail would be enormous.   Besi :>■-
that    if   one   road   wen-  bui I
..... .   laid   i im.
without -liiiiiing off all Iraffle on
the lirst md n rei kn ■   ind
It is thi a   . lit ide       h
the 11. T. P. mi-iu'- to gel   to
iver ■   if ita own it m
seek some other route and here I
;- that the representations ..f lhe
local board • i
good fruil     It i irse |
that a compromi e ma     ■•■  in
tl   bet ween I he two i ompanii
u bich   both   wil    igi _e tha
.imi' line, ' in the other hand
there .- the prohabilil; i hat i great
'r.tn-. ontinenln 1 run.I ' he like ' I T,
P would not care to be placed al I he
diclation of one of ils stron
rival- It. ie unly n ittiral to suppose Hint, ihey would prefer to et -
n new route and di velop their ov n
business along the line, Could Ihey
lm induced to come down I he \\ ood
river and the Columbia valle
Revelstoke, they wuuld lind their
ii'iili'i- in that country rich In
minerals and limber, and, pasi ing
from here to the Okanagan valley,
they would command their share
of fruit transportation, which in
yearB lo cume will be a very considerable item in supplying the
needs of the people Bettled on the
prairie, traveresd by their line.
With all these things considered
tlm board of trade and other publio
bodies of Revelstoke have every
run un to pri'Mst in their offortf to
have the Grand Trunk Pari lie. Railway build through this valley,
Now lhat the city council is
i-triking snags in installing its
sewerage system it might be pertinent to ask whether these things
were ever considered before the
work wns undertaken. If they
were pointed out hy those who prepared the plans, it was a penny-
wise policy to take no action to
obviate them. If they were not
pointed out there must have been
incopetency somewhere. In either
case it is obvious that foresight
would have been better than hindsight, and it is to be hoped that
the authorities will profit by the
lesson in any future work they may
Mr. Foster's Answer
Kilil.ir Mao.-Hkimlu.
Sir: Last week in reply to a communication sent ine by a responsible
party ill tlie city, the Board of Pol ioe
Commissioners, nnd published in the
local pres*, 1 submitted certain facts
tn which I imtp the chairman of the
board, ths mayor, in a letter to the
ress bas pers 10a ly replied and wilh
the object ni misleading the public,
contradicts certain statements m my
In  order I tbat   there   may
■•• :. . ii. :-■;:. lei standing, , i epeal that
every word in my communication wa-
based upon ifl 111 is ii .   ssesai i.
.ml that no   subterfuges  or    mm inly
and ridiculous attempts :•   divert  the
I issue, can   relieve  tbe  tnaj  r       bis
-      ;■       .- failing   to CI
i lat      ■    %ta
il -■ . I thai
g Mr.Liodmark
iost inci isi     md  atti-n,| U
■.   .-■      ■    ■ take a
id      : ■     -.in.'
■ is, bos
... -.   this |.sr-
I   -   .,,(
... .      .
huudr - ■ nty ol
.   . iken   tgslnsl
.   | .    but    •-   s   resull   f
prom -. -     • li     in by I he mayor, tbis
mn    lay   in   .
a until I he Monday folli ■
known   11    • n
myth I ■•   I •   I  •
ugh i ha  kindly   intu -
the maj 1 the
tfit had I  stair
. stance   "1   ths  -
 inenl     I<    . '•    i hi     |.»r'
., ie)| refi i -  ti     md it
 nl ly    Slipp .'ii,.'nl. d
(ruin • hi         . .
,    , . I
i n   ti    ilgn   ■
. ■., ' in .■■'. ct thai   be  t h
pi uui .lui noi ipproaoh  * hi
until iu.   In .:■  il ited   in   the   •
letter ll 30 p m    bul   he    thi
plainanl   refused to dn
\|,ai>   altogether   fi tn   I
however  I   have  .ii.si.lun.   p
ib      .', ni i.ini. two ui   tin   •.(•• ■
gambling was reported   fo   i he  m»y  i
by i ha police  and  the  mayor i ri ply
was 'nut  to du   anything   about   ii
unless   the   people   began   to   kn-k
Ami a-. Mi   Lindmark,  unwilling
tn ink.,  responsibility  lot  h i   u
attempts to deny it,  hy evasions  and
false statements concerning my letter
I make the   above   stateuii'iil    plainly
and with the full knowledge thai I
can he sustained before my tribunal
Und I been apprised uf anv vinlnt i.,n
of the gambling laws it ih perhaps an
necessary to sny thn same steps would
have heen taken us in the OBIS ol
the illegal liquur telling, and   it   is   tu
lm surmised  there might,  hnvi'   been
some very inconvenient, disclosures,
Other portions of the  reply  tu  my
cuinniuiiicatiuii   are  written   iipuu   u
Forestry Commission
The Forestry Commission as foreshadowed in the Maii.-Hki'AI.h a week
ago, haa now been otlieially appointed.
As was stated then it will consist of
Hon. F. J. Fulton, A. S Goodeve,
M P , and A. 0. Flumerfelt, of Victoria. The commission will at once
set, to work collecting data concerning
the timber resources of the province,
und will gather information about
limber holdings from every possible
standpoint. They will make a special
study nf the problem of reforestation
and the protection of forests from lire.
They will also hear evidence on tbe
the question of the perpetuity of titles
tn timber lands with a view to embodying it in legislation to bo presented at the next session ol the
Skeletons Unearthed
Three uld Indian collies were unearthed by some men working in a
brickyard nenr St. Boniface, Man., n
lew years ago. The coffins were rudely
made of poplar boards and fell to
pieces when struck hy the scrapers and
shovels, disclosing tlie skeletons in an
almost perfect state of preservation.
They hud evidently been dressed in
civilised clothing hh fragments of
bragniepts of broadcloth were found
with brass buttons marked "Dominion
of Canada Indians." Neareach skele
tou were cups, spumis and knives, sume
of the cups being filled with hazel
nuts to feed the dead men on their
way to the happy hunting grounds.
Kach warrior bad also a little band
mirror laid by his side that he might
present as smart au appearance bb
pofsible before the Great Spirit.
A lineman named Edward Moore
while fixing electric light pule in
Vancouver abuut a week ago B'.ipped
and fell with his leet on a high voltage
wire. The shock of thousand volts
burning his leet held bim rigid until
he was rescued by some fellow workmen. Except for bad burns in his
handB nnd feet be is now all right
Have you drawn one of these
numbers from a sack of Royal
Standard Flour?
40613  47269 42072
41763  70363 49379
48275  61404 51347
If you have, vou are entitled to
a 109 piece china dinner set. Each
month from tlie duplicates of coupons placed in the sackB of Royal
Standard Flour leaving our millB,
we draw ten numbers. If you were
fourtunate enough to secure one of
these you are entitled to a dinner
set. There have been ninny successful ones—yuu may he next.
Royal Standard Flour is the
best and purest household Hour in
the west—made Irom the finest
selected wheat by special machinery—watched through every process — guarded unl 1 it reaches
your table. lt is perfection itself
in a Hour.    Ask your dealer for it.
m ,\ mi .Mil i,i:n nv
Vancouver Milling 6*
Grain Co., LU.
Vancouver Lots
Within one year you must get ynur
money back tenfold il you invest i
now in ch ice lots close to Second
Narrow bridge in Vancouver. Let me
explain why'. Price per 60 loot lot
only $125; '( cash, balance$15quarterly, Apply to.F. O. WINKLE!!, 129
Sixth Ave., East, Vancouver, B. 0.
Bring in your Plans and Specifications
and we will ligtne on tbem.
Tlie Great Western  Permanent
Loan Company
First Street, Revelstoko, B. C.
[dominion day
Largest and  Best Program
ever hold in the Okanagan
by the sensational acr ibat
and gymnast "LEORA"
Revelstoke vs. Enderby
Kelowna vs. Summerland
Revelstoke vs Vernon
Kelowna vs. Armstrong
I )        'i-   mir   atfents   in   uini-pre-
erritnry.   Sample wbepl sup-
. lesale i •     Partii ulars
i't.iMi.KY.  Victotia, II. C.
i;l\ i   room  HOUSE located on C.
P,  H   Kt'.unit-- near stal ion, ivil h
ise on nt uiiinl.    This hnuse is
pan  with fine garden and
U',!l sell  at n bargain if
Apply   for im i her par-
i   Boui ne, First sl reet.
i(" Ht   - \ I.K   Sume    heavy    horses,
i ive heen u ted dii logging.
II. ii.ii ||„| '"tigs.
II CWi II   •   ■• i
'     . .,   ,p     Roi   ui
II11 ■
liny  I'll.u.i,  i I.n.
,  :, ■    I'   I .     Hi
i '. ;     M l\   in ,.      Mj
I' i ■..  r.  ...
Ill the I '• ii.u •
,| foi
1  ii v Iii.',;  .   Land    .pen
\ .. Soskiih ii-     iu "i
' \  |,  -, |,.    I ! ■.•■    .1^1
,i  , n.i,   ....    i-
.        Urate.
I,   ,i (MUI,    Willi   .i
it,,,.I    I II   SI, iiei si,,.,.i
.1        \      ■',;■■      ..I
tppl)     '..I   '   Wl
,,    lu II    N   llnyle       |ly .ill
V AVII'.li    I,mil in.I
is    i hililri ii a   win k,     Hi.l.'i • lefl |ni
the -^ uu nn Ll... k "h s,-i
.   li   receive   pi uiiipl   il ten
lim    Vli's.H  lin k«	
Wi .1 >   Nlghl Mi.'in.in. holding
lueii th  11."     panel       Apply.
>  n wages,   in   li ie Hpnd  Lutnbei
'    .     Am   . ■ lu-ilil.
WA Nl Ll i   A   fresh i ow   slate price
uui n i i its,     \pply llai 11 Mi in
tosh, Mill ynu Springs, II. ('.
WVNTKD     \   Hi .(.li uiiiil
in.n ksinlib,   Apply tu Arrow
Lukes l_iiiiiiu.T Company, uld.
For Rent
House on First Street, $20 per month.
Four Rooms on McKenzie Avenue, $10
per month
For Sale
Good Building Luts.
Two   bouses   suitably   located  nn McKenzie Avenue
Acreage fur Market Gardening.
Money  Loaned for Building Tut poses
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Iruil and "i uiun'iilm tree*
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven OUI lues do
nut have lu he (uu Igatld
Ihey   nre grown   In the unly
purl   nt   ilu'   continent   Dot
infested   witli  the   Han   .lose
I,ri7 Page Cnlaliigup Free.
M.   .1.   IIENRV,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
v.vnc oi m;h,  li. C.
branch Nursery Soulh Vancouver
Capital Paid Up        -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents nnil Correspondents
in ali the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
(Make Your Home Beautiful
(villi oee of our Ha nd .cine parlnrBets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, with (minis that are iu every
conceivable design, and made to wear
indillnitely. We have many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the borne that arc taste
ful, elt'ective and inexpensive, and will
show your rooms to the best advantage.
in C. I'. II. contract for facing 'Revels-toko station. A large
stock now on band. Reasonable prices lor large or small
quantities. By far the'cheapest material fur a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. SaveH most of
your painting ami aliout have your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers lu Live Stork. Markets In all the prinei
nul Cities nnd Towns nf Alberta, British Colum In i mid thu Yukon.
Packers of the Ci-leliriili.il Brand " Inipiii'iitur" Rains and Bacon,
und "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
Import direct from country ot origin.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens Jfotel
Hest brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
arc disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
Investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
■•       Thess destroyers oannot live where tree* have been treated with    ^^
I'iiii llliudii. Itiihliits. Miee, lloiei'M, Caiiker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Bhell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald, THK COST IS VKKY SMALL It will
nnl wanh nil.   One applieation protect! for two years.    Wainock S I roe Paint
Ii not an experiment, li bus stood the teHt for six years in all parts of the
i'nited sillier it Is an absolute pteventatlve and cure for Pear Blight, We
invite Investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station has used Huh tree
paint for three years.   November, H«iT: tbey purohrsed 60 gallons for free
distribution a ir leading orohards.    Send for 16-naae free booklet to
AWLS, Knileiby, B. ('., Sole Manufacturers for B. (J,
Q,  H.  I,
Paget Supply Company. Agents, Revelstoke, B C. rp
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
Pipes   in
best  and largest   Stock
of Cigars and
and made
Original   Mac's   Mixture
expressly   for   us   by 1).
now   on   hand
K. McPherson.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39      Office-MoKenzie Ave
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigar?,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Manufactured for nit classes uf   buildings
for sale in large or small quantities
at the lowest prices for cash.
All kinds of building andfrlasteriiig
First class  Work   Guaranteed,
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Lots in Block 52
For Sale
For Prices and Terms
Fnquire  of
Revelstoke Realty Co
lhe Municipal Council ot the Corporation
of the City oi' Rovelstoke intends to under-
lake the construction ot Concrete Sidewalks on certain pails of First Sireet,
Second Street, and Front Street, within
lh** said City; viz:
On the North side o{ Fint Street from
lhe corner of Campbell Avenue to the corner of Boyle Avenue, and the North side
ot Second Street trom the corner ol' Pear-
sou Street to the corner of Ford Streel,
and on the South-west sideol Front Sireet
from the comer of King Street 10 the corner of Victoria Roadt according lo Lhe
specifications and estimates prepared by
the City Engineer) and to assess lhe expense ov cost thereof upon lhe land or real
property abutting on the parts of such
■treels as above mentioned, and to be
benefitted thereby, ami lhat a statement
allowing the land or real properly liable to
pa} the assessment therefor and lhe
names of the owners thereof as far as can
be ascertained logelher with the specifications and ostimales of the City Engineer
and lhe proposed assessment hikI report
thereon of the City Clerk are now on tile
in the otlice of the Cily Clerk ami open for
inspection during ollice hours.
The estimated cost oi the work is
$4<)t 1.50. ot which il is intended thai the
Oity at large shall bear the whole of the
cost of the work on street crossings and
necessary retaining walls and one-third of
ihe cost ot lhe Concrete Sidewalks, and
lhe property owners bearing- two-thirds of
the cost ot  lhe said sidewalks.
The total estimated cosl to be borne by
the properly owners being $3274.34, and
by the Cily at large $1637.16,
Any objection to ihe proposed undertaking and assessment therefor shall be
made by petition to the City Council within KIKTI'.KN I r5> days from lhe date
hereof, tlie persons entitled to petition being the owners of the lands thereby
Dated Ihis 26th day of June, iqoij.
iun 26        BBUCE A.  LAWSON,
Cily Clerk.
Certificate of  Improvements
I. X. L. and Silver PU'k mineral
claims, situate in the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located, between the north
and south forks of Lardo Creek.
Take notice that I Catherine Florence Beatty, of Vancouver, B.C., Free
Miner's Certifloate No. B 18170, intend
sixty days from date hereof, to npply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose
of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further lake notice that action
under Section 87 musi, be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dried   this twenty-seventh day of
May, A.D . 1009.
my2B Cathkrink Floheni e Beatty.
The Glorious  12th July
WUl be held at
Monday, July 12th, 1909
Special Train Leaving Revelstoke
Six a. m. and Returning One a. m.
For further information apply to
J. A. STEWART,      F. E. FOX,
W. M. L.O.L., 1735,        Rec. Sec, 1735
Vernon, B. C.
Prince Mining and Dovclopment
Company, Limited Liability
TllTllEKllAKI'llllll.DKUSlll'Til... I'iiinck
Kevelstoke, June 19th, 1909,
Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Shareholders of
the Prince Mining & Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
held at the Company's ollice, First
Street, Kevelstoke, B. C., on Wednesday, the twenty-first day of July, A.D,
1909, at the hour of eight o'clock in the
afternoon, for the purpose of elestiog
officers for the ensuing year, and for
all other purposes relating lo the management of the Company.
The transfer book of the Company
will be closed during the fourteen days
iuiHiediatelv preceding such meeting.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, Ibis lHlh
day of June, A.D., 1909.
Kevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Nolice that Roderick W. Lindsay, of Oamborne, B.C., occupation
merchant, intends lo apply foi'J permission lo purchase the following
described land :—
Commencing at a post planted al the
north-east corner of A. 1). McKay's
pre-emption, No. 78U5, and marked
"K. W. Lindsay's North-West Corner
Post; thence about 8 chains east lo
west line of McKinnon's pre-emption,
thence about 50 chains south, thence
about 8 chains west lo McKay's side
line, thence north about 50 chains to
point of commencement and containing 40 acres more or less.
Roderick William Lindsay,
Dated April 30th, 1909. my 22
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that 1, Adran La Brash,
of Nakusp, occupation married woman,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Oommencing al a post planted on
the south-west corner of Lot 0119,
thence west 10 chains; thence north
00 chains; thence east 10 chains; Ihence
south 00 chains to place of commencement.
Mrs. Adman La Bkasii.
H.J, La Bkahii, Agent.
Dated May 17th, 1001). my 26
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lamb, of
Cpnton, Iowa, U. S. A., occupation
Millowner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land;
Commencing at a post planted at the
Si E. corner of Lot 7648, then north 20
chains, then east 20 chains, Ihence
south 20 chains more or less to lake
shore, thence westerly along lake shore
20 chains more or less to point of commencement.
E. McGaghran,
Agent for Lafayette Lamb,
Dated June Hid, 1908. jun 23
Revelstoke Navigation Co., Ltd.
Steamer Kevelstoke leaves Landing
at the head of Canyon evotJ Tuesday
and Friday at II a. in. (water permitting) mid arrives at Downie Creek
about 2 p.m., returning same day. T.
A. Lewis' passenger stage and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all city hotels and Landing.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with the steamer. Tne number
is B215. All Information us to rates
and oilier business may be obtained
al ollice on board the steamer from
F. Swanson, Purser.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John W. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Uommenolng at a post planted about
live miles nnrth of Downie Greek on
the Columbia River and about llftv
miles norlli of Rovelstoke, Ibence 81)
chains south along Oolumbia river,
tlience 20 chains west, thence 80 chains
north, I hence 20 chains east to point of
John W. Falls.
Dated I7tb June, I'.mti. jun 80 OOd
Itevelsloke Land District,
District of West Kooteuav.
Take not ice I hat Robert it". Caldwell,
nf Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to pur*
chase the following described lands:
Coiiuucmiing at a post planted about
live uiili's ninth of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles ninth of Revelstoke
on   the   Oolumbia    Hiver,   Iheuee   81)
chains north along lhe Columbia rivei-,
t hence 20 chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thenoe 90 chains east to point of
ROBKKT II. Caldwell,
Por John XV. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17th,lune, IIKHl. jiin.'IOOOd
llur logs are stamped on the end
"E," and all persons arc warned
against taking them, or the driving of
nails or spikes or nails therein, Do
not touch our lugs
Revelstoke Sawmill Co. Ltd.
Railway Rumblings
The contract lor the lirst nine miles
ol lhe Hone Sound and I'cm burton
Meadows railway, which is to run
along the tiquaiiiish Valley Irom Howe
Sound lu I'cmbertun Meadows has
been awarded lo Boyd A Craig, contractors ol Vancouver, and it is expected that the section will tie completed this year.
The C.l'.K. hss deposited plaiiB for
the proposed extension ol its Nicola
valley branch to Similkaineen. The
extension is |to run aloug the Cold-
water survey and eventually is expected to reach Kamloops. It in hoped
thai the initial slcp in construction
will be taken thit year.
Premier McBride and the Hon.
Thos. Taylor Well Received
—Hopeful Speeches Premier Non.committal.
It was a message of hope and good
cheer that the Premier and Minister of
Public Works brought to the people 0}
llevelsloke at the "smoker" given in
their honor in the Opera House on
.Saturday night. They told of glowing
prospects wherever they halt been,
and Hon Mr. Taylor backed his statements of the growth of tho country
with figures and facts.
"But, great as has been the prosperity ol the pasl few years," he prophesied, "we are entering now on an
era of progress greater than British
Columbia has ever known ill the past."
The premier's speech contained ir
vague hint, bul no certain promise of
a, railway policy which might precipitate an election. In telling how
rapidly the needs of the country had
grown, till the expenditure on public
works reached $8,000,000, he said il
had lieen found necessary to put Ihe
dedartnient of public works under a
separate head.
"Anil, looking round among my colleagues, for a man to Iill that position
I was fortunate indeed in having a
man nf such ability and"sound judgment as your townsman, Mr. Thos.
Taylor." A statement that was greeted
with applause. It. was Mr. Taylor's
lirst appearance in llevelsloke since
his appointment, to the government
and he was well received.
For Ihe most part the evening was a
pleasant social function. The Opera
Housii was well filled, and had been
finely decorated with Hags hung
around the balconies by an energetic
committee. The Independent Band
played in their best, style. Mr. Bruce
Lawson amused with some capital
stories and a recitation of "The One
Hoss Shay." Mr. W, H. Humhreys
sang twice, and, being again encored,
recited "The Owl Critic," with fine
spirit. Mr. Davis, of Kegina, entertained both with pianoforte and song,
and Mr. Albert Annan gave a senti-
uien' il selection iu a rich, clear voice.
M W. W. Foster presided, and, in
open g, explained that it had been
thoui it better to have an informal
meeli ; than one of set speeches, because li a Saturday night in Revelstoke i any people were engaged in
dilferei occupations and tbey wished
to have them free to pass in and out.
Tbey had more than usual pleasure in
welcoming the premier, because not
only had he raised British Columbia
to its present proud position, but they
felt that tbey had in him a personal
friend. During the last session be had
honored this district by calling its
member into the cabinet. They could
therefore feel that he bad a double
claim upon them, and tbey wished to
take this opportunity of thanking him
for the honor he had done the district.
(Applause.) They had also Mr. Taylor
among them in a public capacity for
the lirst time since his appointment.
Various causes had prevented his appearance before, but now that they
had the opportunity they felt that he
should he honored in a public rather
than a private capacity, because chey
must remember that when Mr. Taylor
last came before the electors he was
elected not by the efforts of Conservatives alone, but by Conservatives
and Liberals alike throughot the riding.
Hon. Mr. Taylor said it was a great
pleasure to him to have this opportunity of publicly meeting and thanking his constituents for the honor they
had done him in February last by
returning bim by such a handsome
majority. They had, however, with
them lhe Premier of the province, and
as tbey were no doubt anxious to hear
him, he would not detain them at
great length. He would only make a
few remarks as to the tour they had
iusl taken. Since accepting the position of first minister of the Crown
the premier had believed that in order
to become properly acquainted with
the needs of the province il was of
imperative importance that he should
visit the different portions. He had
done this annually since 1908, and he
(Mr. Taylor) was glad on this occosion
that the premier had invited him to
come with him because as bead of the
great spending department of the
Government he felt it imperative that
he should become acquainted withal
Hist hand witb lhe wants of different
districts. They had now covered a
great deal of lhe province and il wis
his intention if Ills health permitted
to see all the districts before the season
was uver,
Ile then descrilied in detail the visit,
and told lhe same story of prosperity
everywhere. At Qrand Forks they
had seen the Granby smeller wilh ils
capacity nt 1,000 Ions daily, and the
manager   had   told   Ihem   tbat   when
present plans were completed it would
he the largest smelter on the continent. Such signs as these were most
"It is my duly," said the minister of
public works, "by all means in my
power to aid In every way the settlement of tho province, and with this
object iu view I have endeavored
In whatever dlstriot I have been lo
push forward the construction of
roads, trails "aml bridges, With an
expend!! ure of $8,000,000 In my charge
I fell that I should become conversant
with the needs of Ihe country. When
I tell ynu thai our expenditure on
public works Ihis year is equal to that
of the past three years  put  together;
when I tell you that iu this department we are spending more
I hail Ihe whole province of Ontario,
you will  see  we   are  endeavoring  to
look  after  the  Interests of   British
Columbia as far DS public works are
concerned at all events. (Applause).
I can go Iiiil her and point out. to you
lhat Ihe revonue of B. C. is gradually
crawling lip. When you consider lhat
the revenue of the province amounts
in su mm,nmi and lhat of Ontario
amounts to fl llttlo over $8,000,000, and
contract, lho scattered population of
this country wilh thai ol Ontario ymi
must admit thai B. C. is making
great, strides.
Take our ililTirent Industries, A
few years ago the total nerciu'ii in fruit
lands was only a little nver 7,001) acres;
to-day tho friut acreage of B.C. exceeds
100,000acres.    In  ordei   to encourage
settlement we ore al the present time
expending a great deal on surveys.
This year we are spending no less than
$200,000 for the purpose Of locating
lauds and acquiring knowledge to
place before Incoming settlers, so you
will see that we are doing our part."
Turning lo ihe lumbering Industry
he pointed out that while In lorn the
otal oiitpul of the  mills was ubotii
Ol.OOO.IHM) feet, this year he was *afe in
saying it wns at least ten times that
amount. The total output of the lode
mines from 187H to 1K8S was less than
$200,000, Inu lust vear alone it was no
less than $21,000,000. All this development in the past was encouraging, tint
il was nothing to what was coming.
Withanolher transcontinental railway
building to the Pacilic Coast, and with
another and perhaps still anolher to
follow that, they must expect great
results lium the opening of the country to tlie north. The shipment of
Alberta wheat hy the Pacific route
meant tilings untold for our ports.
We had iron, steel, coal and timber in
abundance and he looked forward to
the day when we should make our
own locomotive and steel and ships
from our own resources.
Fortunately the Governmenl was in
a position to meet with this development. They had the confidence of the
people and of the financial institutions
of the world. Fruit from Kootenay
bad taken first rank among the exhibitions of Ihe wi uld, and in a few years
he expected lo see llie whole country
to the soulh from Kevelstoke to Nelson
an orchard country.
"We are not, however, confiuen lo
agriculture or horticulture alone. We
have other great Industries and have
the oapital coming to develop them,
and whatever the past may have been
we have every reason in the near
future to look forward to most prosperous times in British Columbia."
Premier McBride said it was with
peculiar pleasure that he came there,
because though they had had some
bitter conflicts in the past, and he had
taken some part in the various campaigns, he had never left Revelstuke
without feeling lhal he had as a pes-
sonal friend everyone in the city.
"It is a good thing when we can hold
elections without disturbing social
relations, and what I say for myself 1
can say also for my old friend Tom
Taylor. I think his popularity here
and through the country is due to the
fact that be can carry on his elections
without unfair or disturbing tactics.
I am glad to be among you with him
as ihe first mini 'ter to hold the portfolio of public woi'Ks in ihis iiiuntry.
Mr. Taylor has now been in otlice for
six months and everyone will tell you
that he has made good. (Applause. I
Vou have only lo look around you to
BB3 thai public works have been progressing more rapidly than ever before.
Of course The Observer has criticised
Mr. Taylor, but we know that in that
there is nothing serious. We know
that for political reasons they feel that
it is tlieir duty to find fault, but I
think it would he more fair of that
paper if, instead of abuse, tbey would
give praise to Mr. Taylor for lhe good
work he has dons."
Speaking of tbe Revelstoke district
the premier said the valley possessed a
rich soil and was at the gateway of a
great arterial waterway which must.
prove invBluable for traffic. The one
thing needed to complement all these
was more population. Statistics showed that we were spending annually
thousands to bring in farm produce.
It was difficult lo believe that in this
rich country you could find in the
stores in Kootenay potatoes from
Prince Edward Island, butter from
New Zealand, and eggs imported from
eastern Canada, while all the time
right here in this section was an ideal
country where the pursuits of agriculture, horticulture and stock raising
might he carried on with most profitable results. That complement of
population they needed had been well
pioneered by the class of people they
had in Revelstoke and Kootenay now,
"We need population and we are
going to have it," said the premier.
"I think there can be no question of
that. From the transportation companies I am advised that we shall, in
the next few months, see a How of
population into H. C. far greater than
any we have experienced in days gone
by, I Know from our information
bureau that thousands who looked
elsewhere once are looking to B. C. today."
Tbe premier continued that he believed that the country had lieen retarded in the pasl by unstable political
conditions, but a great Improvement
hal been wiougt within the pasl six
years, so thai lhe financial standing of
the province today could be placid side
by side with that of the Imperial Government itself. In 1908 the papers
were filled with notices of tax sales:
today these lands that could not he
given away a few years ago were selling for hundreds of dollars an acre.
The expansion nf the Iruit industry
whereby thousands of acres were
turned under the plow and planted
witli trees was due ill no small manner
tn the campaign of advertising and
exhibits tbat had lieen carried on in
the Old Country and Eastern Canada.
Mr.  Palmer,   while   in  charge  of  tlie
exhibit in Great Britain, bad distributed literature and given Information, and, when tlie exhibits were
closed Iir sold lhe fruit by public auction and secured sufficient meney to
pay llie whole expense of the work,
I Applause.)
.Speaking of the rapid expansion of
the timber industry, he said that
Where six years ago no one though of
investing in timber lands; today good,
sound timber any where was regarded
as a splendid Held of Investment. This
was due to the fact that the policy of
tlie governmenl gave to the timber
holders sound and reasonable titles.
They had also built up the saw milling
industry by an export duty on logs,
which in tlie past used to he taken
down to Puget Sound to Im* sawn into
timber. As a result of the government's export tax this had all been
stopped and a development of I'm per
cent, in tlie sawmill business brought
aliout within tlie p.i-st live years.
"Here we   are   ill   the third vein of
mir second term," Bald the premier,
"Some of ihe liberal papers are great
ly concerned because Mr. Taylor and I
have been louring the country and I
notice one Liberal member says that a
general election Is In sight. For my
pait. I have made these tours annually
for the past six years that I might
keen in touch with lhe development
of tue country, Mr. Taylor also in
order to give   the country satisfactory
admlnstratlon felt that he should visit
tho country and see ibe public works
so that he might have tome knowledge
iit first band, But knowing this is the
third year of om term, our Liberal
friends are very much concerned about
an election,   Weil if it  was proposed
to bring an election on I can assure
Ihem tiial they would have ample
lime In get ready their defences and
prepare for action. I would like to
lell the electors here that in a new
country like one where new ipiestions
which involve far  reaching results arc
bring constantly brought to light, to
keep close to our constitution and
carry out old time usages it would lie
unwise for any administration to continue   in   office   and enact   legislation
the composition  of which  hod never
been   passed u|«jii by the electors.     I
don t say that the~e questions have
eiisen or will arise te-fore the end of
tlie present lei in, hut if it should aiise,
on the question of a railway policy for
Instance, it would be ihe duty of the
Government to go to the people anil
get a pronouncement befme ligisluing
on these lines. I have no announe-
inent to make on this question tonight
but if I can judge from what I have
seen whenever another election comes
there will be no doubt of the result,
i That result was foreshadowed here in
i Kootenay in tlie Dominion elections
when you gave Mr. Goodeve and Mr.
Burrill such handsome majorities. II
showed clearly that you put country
j before party and that' is eqactly what
you would do if a provincial election
come along at the present ' time."
1 Applause. I
Tlie premier concluded with a warm
eulogy on Hon. T. Taylor, who, before
becoming a cabinet minister, had been
ihe party whip through many a trying
" He has been known for 21 years
past as a man who enjoys lhe confidence of fus own town and district,
and tlie man of that kind must lie the
right kind of timber out of which to
construct a stable government. H"
has $3,000,000 to spend this year, and
in tile expenditure of that money you
will find in him tbe same honest dealing as has invariably characterized
Iiini in the past in dealing with tbe
people of Revelstoke and lhe Kootenay country."
At the conclusion of the premier's
speech three rousing cheers with a
"tiger" added, were given both for
him and Hon. Mr. Taylor, after which
tbe platform formalism of the meeting
dissolved; it melted into a social atmosphere of tobacco smoke, coffee and
conversation in which the premier and
lhe minister of public works renewed
nlit acquaintances and left evcryoue
with a klndlv and sociable memory of
their visit.
Progress of Mining
The annual report of the Minister
ol Mines, which is just to band, states
that the value ol the mineral products
ol tLe Province lor the year 1908
amuuutB to $23,851,277, which, while
it is less than tbst of 1907 and 1906, is
Btill considerably greater than that ol
any previous year. The tonnage ol
ore mined in 1908 was the largest ever
produced by the Province, and the
average assay of the ore also slightly
greater than tbat of 1907, but the
average market value ot the various
metals for tbe year was much lower,
which accountB entirely for the decreased value ol thiB year's output;
since the drop in the market price ol
metals amouDts to some $3,966,826.
The tonnage of ore mined in the
Province during the year 1908, exclusive of coal, was 2,083,606 tons, an
increase over the proceeding year of
279,492 tons, or 15 5 per cent. Thia
total tonnage was product d by tbe
various districts in the following proportions. Hounds ry, 71.6 percentage
ol total: Rossland, 14.5 per cent.; Fort
Steele, 7.9 per cent ; Coast District,
1.7 per cent ; all other districts, 4 3
percent. The number ol mines from
which shipments were made in 1908
was 108, and of these only 59 shipped
more than 100 tons each during the
year, while but 33 ihidped in excess ol
1,000 tons, and ol these 8 were in tbe
Boundary district, 6 in Nelson Mining
Division, 8 in Slocan District, 4 in
Coast District, 3 in Rosaland, 3 in Fort
Steele, Mining Division, and one in
Trout Lake Mining Division.
The special report of Mr. B. Gordon,
Gold Commissioner for tbe Revelstoke
and Lardeau Mining Divisions, which
ie appended, states tbere has been
somewhat ol a lull in mining operations in these districts during the
year, though considerable work has
been done on tbe placer claims in tbe
Big Bend district on French, McCullough, Smith and Camp Creeks
wbere Irom 25 to 30 men have been
employed. Tbe yield in gold was not
large, McCullough Creek making by
far tbe best showing. Several of tbe
older companies have been reorganized and there are indications of a
more systematic attempt to work the
Wbile in the southern portion of
the Big Bend country some development work has been done, the mines
bave remained unproductive, but the
owners of claims on Carnes and
Downie creeks are very hopeful ol
being able to induce capital to come iu
and develop Borne ol the best showings.
He submits annual reports of the
Kevelstoke and Camborne mining
recorders which bear out his statements
W. E. McLauchlin, recorder lur the
Kevelstoke division, reports that a
strong company bas been formed to
work mica claims on End Creek, in
tbe Big Bend district.
B. E. Drew, recorder lor tbe Lardeau
division, BayBi
Throughout this Division very little
work outside ol assessment has been
done this year, It iB believed, bow-
ever, that 1909 will see a great improvement in mining conditions in
Camborne camp, since, from reports
received, the greater number of tbe
mines which have beeu inactive during
the pan years will again be in operation just aa sinin as favorable weather
conditions will permit, and I have
on good authority that the necessary
capital is now available to install the
necessary additional machinery, without which, iu the past, it has been
aim.^t impossible to more than covei
expenses. This remark does not apply
to the Evii Cold Mines, Ltd., which
Iisb already been an exception and bas
more than made expenses.
Following sre the otlice statistics
for the district:—
Free miner's certificates issued.. . 1SH
Company's certificates issued .... 0
Locations recorded mineral  25
"       placer  1
Certificates of work recorded  32
Certificates of  improvements  recorded   3
Bills ol sale recorded, mineral.... 10
"          placer  9
Money paid in lieu ol work  7
Powers ol attorney recorded  2
Locations^ecorded  31
Certificates of work issued  101
Money in lieu ol work  I
Free miner's certificates  60
ipeoial    . 1
company. 1
A^ni'iiieiili and transfers  16 TTTF MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE
B. C.
W    mgL	
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Local and General.
Good programme tonight al Kdison
J'lirlor The Ur.-
I !,, Public belli 1 closed lor tin
inidsuuimi 1 holid iys to-d iy.
M inning will be on picnic grounds
.■  with hia refreshment booth.
I;,-:,.. ., ; awn soci il in aid ol
Knox church . n the grounds ol .Mr
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1 in aday, .1 uly li
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pany. will   bring a comic  opera show
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1: ■ a I- ite The other tenderers
ureri George D. Sbaw and E. C.
Lost—Black Morocco wallet be-
twi ■ i. i . i' R station and the public
Bchi "1. Reward is (ffered to the tinder upon returning the sume to tlie
otlice of the M ul-Herald.
In the list ol presents [or the Estey-
McRae wedding published Inst Saturday, a beautiful boquet trom Mrs.
Walter Lammers, of Chase, B. C, wns
inadveniently omitted.
BV C. !'■ RY, 28—16 I
The Scandinavian picnic held lust
Saturday afternoon was well attended
and a program ol Scandinavian sports
made those present ieel as il they were
back in the land ■ I fi -nis again. Tbe
events ol a pleasant day wound up
with a dance in the Oddfellows' hall
in the evening.
A Ireak two-headed r ill was born on
T.   Madeley's et tly    Back-
h head   joining at
■ reality.     Tbe   tail   was
. re two
■ gestive
organs lid   noi   live.—
' I I A    .
An esting i vent  took   pi ice at
D ecently,   win n  2500 drs-
cendai te thi late George aud Chris-
tins Snider met in a grand reunion on
the farm on which the first of tlie
family to arrive in Canada had settled
in 1806. A thanksgiving service was
.. the hundred and third psalm
i ■ __ read from an old family Bible
printi i! in Switzerl ind in 1560,
1 fangs are now -     lying   the
last li   ty eig •       ' ■: a, i Tr ink
Pacific tracl ■ • \\ ii nipi g and
K.in.    ■ laid at
lay   and the
t the   r ad
wil c '   '        Ed
■■ i      I
when  I
,    ■■     ■       191      ilea
I   ■.
g to  in-
I itn   in
lerentia      i    tarirl     In New Z
I.   One thinf
■dial    - i- list l   it now im-
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VV. M. Lawrence, on McKenzie avenue,
Tuesday, June ,;.
It   is   prop isi-d to I" in   i   Farmei
I nstitute tor tbe East Kootei ay
.md   bold   a   Fall   lair al >
Point.   To encourage Ihe pn  eel  '   -
Dennis assistant to   thi    second vice-
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ro SPEND VOUR HOLIDAYS. EXCELLED r acco m mo da no V
CANADA 23—16 It
The "whi       cart i   in   the
was   a   pr
nouni ed ite costumes
had a cm I  und  pleasant   midiui
k   V, . ikaters did  n
vear tl ristic color, a,   ■
:    ■..   bi
-••nt   a  very   il
• ppeat i!.• •    aa   ibey whirled    i
lie m uic      i    I lie    I ndi penile
•   .
■st   petet - 01 • '   -.■■ii
ll-   1     Iship  gavi   in et
,   ■    iddressi D more particu >
11,,    ■ for con fi r
,     .,    In    . considered
vas a lai        mgt
• ion I be candidates contirmi d ven
K e !■.■■■    .-,i ■ int.  Mary   Parsons, Ed-
• ,   11 iiiglas   and Arnold Mc
I lunald   i laldi r,   and   W   ' I
- - ii.
The Tec.ui acros i ti am  pai ctl
through in i heir i i i n i iin morn ■
ini' ' in 1 day I hi y mcl deli al nl
i In  li .i.ii-.  if '• e •  a ' itminster by the
icore  ol i. to '      I be   vi si
however,   expressed    themselves well
I . ,i ii il ■■ .i li i bi   i roal nu nl   t hey  bad
ri ccivi tl,    I In y say I ho Is ll g ime  ■ i
i one nl i hi  keenest  and  clcanei :
ovei played.     I he (Irsl quarter ended
2-2, tin mi ball ended I :i in lavor of
i he I eoiin H ilia    in|the third quarter
Westminster scored 2 and Tecum • I
ii; in tin   fourth  quarter   each  Bide
icored one goal.    The Tecumselis will
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Special Dominion Day programme
tonight antl Thursday at the Edison
i '.i 11' 'i 1 lioatre,
Four pans ol ' \\ eai | •(' hose for
men, $2.   C, U, Hume & Co., Ltd,
Social and Personal
Mrs.    K,   Corning has gone east fi r
the summer.
Mr- J.  J     !- rti r   will   not reci ivi
during July and August.
Ur.   Sutherland   left    on   Monday
• vi ning ior a trip ■-   the Coast.
M ■ ;.   r   Lindmark   was   a visiti r to
■ uver   iu   the  early part   I   tbe
i>- k
Ur.   E.   A   Arthur   I Nelsi n arrived
-   il      -. Mon-
.  -   afterm ■ ■     -   . ■ -  ,.-
later in the
. "    - •   ■ •■'
McBi Sunday.   Hi
.-■ Kootenay.
Business Locals
- ■ ii    lot men,
C     B.   II nn,.     V   • |,t,,|.
and cream at Reighli    ■
■     •    -        !'■•   cream every .-iiul,,;.
"'. ml evening.
ii -   oh i .• -    ■ ipe    turns-
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• .■! lettuoi norn
H   Hume A   Co.
pet  ug   ii.  ti
i   i ■■.,-.,.    i     i:..,, || ■
■ i   the  • 'id  C
■    -        •• ii.i nb-.    olives,     pi
, - • ■   ohicl
ind      nu        .     paste,
■    bi ■',   pasti ati ■  paste    h
pasti     nd  ubster paste, all tresb,    C
li. Hume '. Ci
Notice to Oddfellows
'  Selkirk  Lodge  v.  I.'
I.OOF  ne requested to be present al
' 10 i irrow night for installatii n ol
will commence al 10
Oddfellows are rcq lies tod to bruin their
wives md Itobokahs tbeir busbi nils
I In ci mtniliee in charge have madi
preparation Ior n must enjoyable •
.ii ■ Visiting brethren are conlially
invited tn attend.
W.   \. I-i i(I'I E   N.ll.
Decoration Day
Oddfellow!   and    l.'ebekahs   arc  re
quested in be at tho lodge room at 11
o'clock Sunday, .Inly Ith, whon they
will parade to Ilu: eiinictery with tbe
Knigbts of Pythias, to hold the I >_.-■■,,r
atinn liny services. Carriages will In.
supplied for the ladies. Bring flowon
W. A, FOOTS, N'.O.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ofliee on First St., Opposite the Club
(J      Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public      O
$15,000 -STOCK --$15,000
We are giving up business nnd selling  out  our entire
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes und Clothing
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences ;u once and  will be  continued  day  a
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
Items of Interest of Happenings
in British Columbia
The Hat Creek ranch on the Cari-
boo road above Asbcrnft has been purchased by Mr. Jacob dinner, ol
Eburne, for $31,000, (rum Mr. and
M rs, 11. Uogern
Ilu Friday Inst Mr, .1, A. Harvey,
\\ ('., who in about tn leave Cranbrook
to take up n legal partnership witb
Mr S. S. Taylor, K. C, in Vancouver,
was banqtiotted at the Cranbrnnk
Hiitel by old-time friends from different parts of Koolenny.
A combined agricultural and stock
show and race meeting will he held in
Cranbrook on September 11 and 15.
J. W. Hand, a well known Vancouver real entitle broker, dropped dead
on tne street on Saturday afternoon
list. Death wns due to inSernal complications,
Su tar all attempts by divers to recover the bodies of the Great Northern
eugineer and fireman drowned in the
New Westminster bridge accident ten
daya ago have proved fruitless.
Mr. li. H. Bernard, M. P., has hern
summonsed to appear in the Victoria
police court on a charge of violating
auto regulations hy failing to sound
bis born at. a turn.
The mill of the Banff Sawmill Company, at the foot ol Squaw mountain,
was destroyed by lire last week. There
was no insurance and tlie Ions will be
in the neighborhood ol $10,000.
During the recent visit of Premier
McBride and Hon. Thus. Taylor to
Kaslu the latter stated a courthouse
lor that city would soon be constructed nml it would he finished in marble.
Dominion Day Celebrations
While there is no set celebration in
Revelstoke   for July   1, the citizens
will take cure  to  enjoy   the  day.    A
large number will take in  the excursion to Armstrong where  the lacrosse
unl baseball teams are sobednled   to
play.    Tbe   baseball   boys   will   meet
Enderby  and  are eager  to   turn   the
tables ou   them    for   the,   defeat  they
received ir ni Enderby on   May  24th.
Some of the regular men ere unable to
gel away, bol tlieir places will he well
tilled.    Tlie lacrosse  team   will   meet
Vernon and a fast game  is  exppcted,
- are  in   good  shape.
• 1   if :....ter- is   expected to
iw .    :.   tbe   s|„   ial    train   which
eaves Revi  itoke at 3 30 a m.
Anothet affair aet for tbe  day  that
•     ery e  j lyable  is  tlie
■   - ind iy Bchi • il   picnic  ■■ n   the
..   City I'ark.     This  will
it 10 i in  and laat  till   the
il the d iy will be the
tin   local corps nl the
. d H iles in the drill hall.
•   lowl    will    also  hold an
■•■■•liy in their qu irtera
I ■    n, ■ hi ' vening
Bears Are Plentiful
; ' ■ - -                     u
'ii '   \.  1 Iti it   Mcl n	
'■!      Hi  i
Mt   Wl i
ting trip to   I ■.,.,.   i      , K
■ .      i.e ii    peliii   with
went up l-»•
■  ■     DC ol
- iw      nl-.e        'ii
I     iek
- di Bi .r.,-ii
lick that ' In  game was
night they   ri icbed   ih«
-»■■■ a     mi down
\ il .... a bundn 'I yards
bey  K*in chase in  their
'.i-   netting   dark   and
got away,    The follow u<% i|ny
III  'rom i be i amp tbey aaw
-  coming   down    and   Mr.
1   '        .-, ured  oni   ol I hem     I bey
id   ist crossed h creek  nn   i hoii   return journey wbtui unotln r bi u  oame
in sight  in ibe other side      I bl y went
i.n'■ k .mil pot three .bullets into his
bnle but he oarried them aw fi y into
i b hush before be lell and they
had to skin him there ami pack the
green hide back witli them, However
they gotmifeiy buck to the city bring*
my, iiiii Ihem lhe hides of Iwo silver-
tip bears.
Will be Celebrated in Vernon in
Gala Style
Tbo paths of Orangomen from many
points in I lie interior of the province
will, on .Monday, July 12th, converge
toward Vernon where a bin celebration wil! Iu> held. The parade thai
has heen planned for the day will, it is
hoped, be the largest lhal bus ever
taken place in Ihe interior of liritish
Columbia, ll will he aided by a num
ber of bunds, wilh lhe line band of i lie
Vernon fire Brigade leading, and it
will also include il number of life anil
drum blinds belonging lo the Order.
In the evening lhe Vernon hand will
give a grand concei t.
AlTilllgeiuenils hale been made for
ii lirst class programme of games and
.sports in which llevelsloke will have
ils .share, one of the events lieing ll
lacrosse match between llevelsloke
and Vernon. There will also lie a
football ninlch between Kamloops and
Vernon wilh baseball and other popular sports. A special feature wiil be
the firemen's spoils which will include
hose reel races, hook and ladder races
and lire tests.
In addition to all this special arrangements niivo been made to take
visitors to such special points of interests as the Coldstream ranch and
Okanagan nnd Long Lakes. Excursion
rates by rail and steamer have been
provided for, the ret urn fare from
Hevelstoke being fixed at the very
moderate hum of $2,7."!.
Pollards   Will Be Here
Of interest to local theatre-goers will
he the announcement of the Pollard
engagement at the opera house on
.Inly Hid. All the old time favorites
are included in the caste and the piny
produced here will be the merry musical farce entitled "Widow O'Brien"
with Alfred (Joulding in the name
part. Miss Eva Mooie plays the leading feminine role. The company is
now composed dr graduates from former Pollard companies and their ncl
ing is clever and finished. The song
numbers are bright and well rendered!
Mr. lioulding's topical song "Fairy
Tales," Biitire ou local happenings ol
the day, being one of the hits of the
The same principals who were big
favorites on their former visit, are
with the company, and judging from
reports Ihey are better now than they
ever were, especially Eva Moore, All'
Colliding, Jack Pollard. Willie Pollard,
Ada Hind, I'.nnnv Davis, Teddie Mc-
Namaiii. Harold'Fraser, Fred. Pollard
and Charlie Chester. The frisky young
people, with all their humor and good
voices will be heard in Sydney Jones'
merry musical farce, "Wiaow O'Brien"
on Saturday, July 3, al the Hevelstoke
(Iperii House.
Boston Opera Company
It is imi oftun lhat grand opera
cornea to Hevelstoke, and ihe Boston
Grand Opera Company deserved a
larger house for their pcrfniiuau :o of
Verdi's "II Trovatore in llie Opera
House here lasl Monday night, Those
who were present, however, to judge
ii om the applause that greeted the
tronger scenes, enjoyed it well. Tho
m.i i i nib of the performance lay In
ibe Indistinctness ot enunciation.
While sei to English words It mlghl
as well have been in the original
Italian for all that most of those present oould understand of ii.   This may
In-   i   viil ue in I he eyes of  I.he  cult lired
mu Ii ii 'in lo, bul i In- average laymen
« "ni'i en |o) ii in Iter if be could up-
dei ilnnt]   \. I i.i i   i bey  Bang.    Beyond
that   iin-   pei lor i". Interpreted the
in i , faithfully, nml t In- cbot'iis,
" i"-ei.illv in the gypsy scene with the
anvil chorus, and iii tb,. Miserere, was
vi i y clVei li _e. In,In iibially the line
tenor mice ol Signor Ghuiandl was
waa heard lo good advantage, and
111 !      Inglng a-   that of   Mine. Judith
M,    F i in ,   the   prliuil   dona,   nuil
Hlegii'iM Hied, the contralto, who
played thu gypsy girl, Is not often hoard
Classic Shoes
[or Children
Tennis Shoes
Canvas Shoes
Black  Brown
and White
Shoe Polish
This cut will illustrate
to you only one of the
many styles of Empress
Shoes carried by us, and
wc would impress upon
you that the Empress Shoe
is "TKe" Shoe in Canada
for Women — Particular Women—and now-
a-days most women are
particular. This will appeal to you.
We have the agency!
| You Don't Have To "
E Go outside of Revelstoke to make
5: your Real Estate Investments.
^      The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Mining Notes
A  rich 'tnke has been   m ule
Clyde Belt   pruperly    in    the
on • k   iliatrlcl    whore a K in
trying   from   twn   to   t hroe
thickness   has   been   luuod   ul
on   Ihe
nl   ore
leet iii
IV11 ici I
■ yii
Id  at
•••il  [nines a round
•rk means a bus ol
" Wear prool " hosiery, I'our pairs
guaranteed for four months, A»k lor
them,   C. II, Humo A Co., Ltd,
i be pay streak in  estimated i
ie.i-t |160 in the ton,
Kvery  day  the   i
< '.oleinan   do not w
A large  numbir of Ibe miners at
llellevue are very anxious I but an  all
Canadian  miners' union  ho formed,
Thia fever has also  reached   l.nleman.
A million dollars in gold dual, nug-
I gets and bricks, all in ono great pan.
'is probably the richest exhibit at the
Seattle fair,    ll is all Alaska gold.
M. K. Rogers has BOOUred an option,
says a Spokane paper, upon the Nickei
Plate at Hedley, lor « sum running
into several millions
The Nickel Plate mine at Hedley
made $800,000 lasl year.
The new ten-stamp mill at the Columbia group on Sheep creek will be in
operation in about a fortnight. At
present a stall' of men is being employed in crushing ore and tilling lhe
bins in preparation for the lirst run.
The most important mining event
during tbe past two weeks was the
purchase of the Highland mine near
Ainswortb from J'. Burns and VV. J.
Wilson by ,I.S Aiiheart and iifBociatee
ot New York. Thia property was in
1003 the largest lend producer in the
province and made enormous prolils
lor the owners operating it before it
passed into the bands of Messrs
Burns and Wilson. Work will commence at once, and it is anticipated
that a lirst shipment will be made
about July.
The metals produced hy tbo Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. at
tbe Trail plant for the month of May
yielded values to tbe extent ot more
than three quarters ot a million
dollars. Tlie gold yield was .1:100,000;
ailver, $250,000; copper, $05,000 and
lend $17.ri,()tll); making a total ot
$700,000, For the past eleven months
the company bas produced a total in
metal values of $.ri,000,000.
During tbe puat two months two
thousand tons ot lead bullion have
been shipped to San Francisco to be
refined. This waa necessary for the
reason that the capacity ol t he Trail
refinery. This was necessary for the
reason that the capacity ot the Trail
refinery wss not s Ificie.nt. Plans are
being prepared Inr lhe extension ol
the refinery, so that the daily production ot lend will lie 100 tons.
G. Weaver Lnper, of Spokane, one
of the ohiel proprietors ol tho Lucky
.lim mine, near Ksslo, slates thai n
contract lias boon made witli the
Great Northern   Railway whereby   the
steamer Kaslo will ain irt ly be put on
to carry  l.ncky   Jim   ore   Irom   Kaslo
to Troup Junction lor  shipment to
United Statea at the rate ot 200 tons
per day, So tar, he Haid, about 1800
tuna of ore had lien shipped and bad
shown remarkable valucH, the average
of nine from Ilio crude ore being a
trifle over 53 per  cent.   At. present
21 men were being  employed  on   tho
property and thia number would lie
Increased to ni) by the beginning of
August in order that the lower levols
might be further developed and exploited. Mr. I.oper does not think
that the American duly on zinc will
exclude Canadian Irom the I'nited
Statea. and points out that the metal
httH already risen a cent, a pound
which is equal to the highest sum
that the new taritV can impose.
To-night and Thursday Night
Special Dominion lay program tonight and Thursday night at the Kdison Parlor Theatre. Entire change
lor Friday and Saturday,
Attendance at A.Y.P. Exposition
Seattle, June 80— The attendance
at the A. V P, Exposition up to Sundny last wns about 600,000 paid admissions The attendance is increasing and the financial success of the
fair ia now considered assured. Among
the even's most looked lorward to is
tbe convention of the National Editorial Assooiatii n, which is to lie held
Irom July 19 to 24. On July 24th the
Alaska Steamship Company's vessel,
"Northwestern," will sail from Seattle
to take the editors 'or a twenty day's
cruise in Alaskan waters, including a
railway trip to the interior. A great
deal ot interest ib also bIiowii iu the
approaching visit of Mrs. Carre Chapman Qatt, of London, Kng., regarded
by many as the foremost woman sul-
Iragist in the world. She will address
the National Woman Sutl'rage Convention now iu cession here.
Vancouver Lots
Within one year you muBt get your
money back tenfold it ynu invest i
now in ch ice lota close to Second
Narrow bridge in Vancouver. Let mo
explain why? Price per 50 foot lot
only $125; J cshIi, balance$15 quarterly. Apply to F. U. WINKLER, 420
Sixtli Ave., Easl, Vancouver, U. O.
Sat, My I
The All Star graduates ol Pollard's
Lilliputian Opera Company in
tho Merry  Musical  Farce
"Widow O'Brien"
Direct Iti mi an extended lour
of the Antipodes, Hum clever organization includes such sterling favorites as Alfred Uuulding, Eva
Moore, Teddy McNaniaea and Miaa
Ada Hind.
The Company carries its own
special scenery, Including the famous Ship Scene.
Prices: $1.50, $1, lk.
Seats now selling at Macdonald'B
mil RENT Five-roomed house nexl
rheed Blot'
Hadlkk, Y.M.C.A,
JP     I. eigjieed  Hloek.     Apply  lu A,


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