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The Mail Herald 1908-07-22

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T^e Mail-Herald
<J| Legislfit)^^
srs>   Oj
TORlA, B. C«
yr\ ■	
For ease of operation and perfection
iu/results, produced, this Machine
is-'rinsurpnssed —PBIOEI $6(100 cash.
Interior Publishing Co , Agents
Vol. 14,-No 54
S2.50 Per Tear
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stor__ _._ Ar,. ..head -.. I Revelstoke.
10 Wash   Dresses in   Women's  sizes,  all
White Gored Skirt, Waist trimmed.  Regular
¥3.75 dresses for
10 Girls' White Muslin Dresses, fit girls
from 6 to 10 years—no two alike, all white,
some lace trimmed, some embroidery trimmed
—$3 and $5 dresses selling at
10 Children's Dresses in Lawn, Gingham,
and Fancy Muslins, embroidery trimmed,
some  lace trimmed.    Selling now at
Five pieces of Muslin the last of our Summer line in the new pattern and coloring.
They sold at ,.50. and 40c.    Now going at
15 Cents
Three Ends Linen Crash for Skirting, 1 yd.
wide. Pure Linen, }4 Bleached, make good
Skirts.    Regular Price  35  cents.    Now
15 Cents
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores at Kevelstoke and Arrowhead.
/"bargain day^
Our special sales have I ecu much sppreci 'ted by our customers that we have decided tu give tnem another of our "Genuine
Baigains" which all know nre better values and better goods than
ever offered by miy Catalogue Mouse, and here you see the goods
without sending your money away weeks before you get the goods.
1 Quart Grey, Enamelled Tea or Coffee Pot, 60c,   Sale Price _
IJ        White
2        Blue
1 Blue Decorated Tea Pot	
.1 25
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Hrauches In tha Provinces ot Manitoba, Alberts, Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Ontario, Qnebec.
Oapital Authorised - •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up - »4,e25,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ... - •4,926,ooo.oo
D. R. Wilkik, President; Hon. R. Jaffkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Bevelstoke Branch, B.C.-A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr
25 Per Cent. Off the Dollar
Children's Dresses
Underwear,   stockings   and
Slippers, Wash Skirls, eto.
Summer Millinery
All Hummer Millinery must
bu cleared out.
Ladles'  Blouses
Underwear,     Wash    Skirts,
etc. ___
All Ibis stock must go Ui
make room for Whiter stock
which will commence to arrive next month.
Opposite Climax llotol, First Street.
Interesting Lectures on Fruit
and Orchard Culture
Professor Thornber, of the agricultural college, Pullman, Wash., and
Mr. M. 11 Dobie, of Victoria, were in
the city yesterday for the purpose of
lecturing to the Farmers' Institute,
fruitgrowers, etc. The lecturers a.o
touring the province on behalf of the
government. H. Cunningham Morris
of the Mail Hekai.ii, took the visitors
in his automobile to inspect several of
the gardens and orchards iu the
vicinity, and they expressed themselves very pleased with what they
Baw and stated that Revelstoke soil
could grow anything and that local
conditions pointed out what a great
future there was before this district il
the people would cultivate properly.
Tbe soil whs exceedingly rich and
well filled with humus. Considerable
surprise was expressed at the size and
quality of garden crops. Iu the evening the lecturer addressed a well
attended meeting in   the  City   Hall.
Mr. Dubie niter urging tbe Farm-
era'Institute in the city to be put una
right basis for the benefit of its members, proce ded to explain the different methods of cultivating soil aud
the best kind of fertilizer required,
stating that nitrogen, potash and
phosphoric ncid were the chief properties! Hint, the soil required lor tbe
best, re nils The value of fertilizers
had been demonstrated by leading
farmers of U 0, He showed how the
fertilizer should be used and in what
quantities and concluded hy slating
that the results of fertilizers depend
on perfection of soil conditions.
. Professor Thornber went, fully into
tbe matter of species of fruit suitable
for this part of the province and
sketched a plan of orchard planting,
saying that apple trees can be planted
Xi let apart wilh plum, peach anil
pear trees as fillers on the diagonal
lines. He explained the best methods
of plantjng and urged the seeming of
good home grown stock. A full explanation of pruning and cutting for
stem and fruit showed thnt Kcel-
st.oke bus much lo learn. Cultivation
ol   orchards led   to  many interesting
details and 11 lull desoripti I insect
pests and the best means of deiltoying
them suggested many questions 0,1
the part ol tlm audience. The lecture
wns [ull of valuable informal inn and
the meeting passed a vole of thankB
to the lecturers.
H. E. R. Smythe brought up some
fine samples of Inenl grown produce.
Westminster Wins From Shamrocks by 6 to 5.
Montreal, July 21—Tbe crowd
was most enthusiastic when the New
Westminster and P ham rook lacrosse
teams, iu rivalry (or the Minto Cup
stepped on the field st four o'clock,
the late hour of starting being due to
the facl that the game is being played
in mid week. Both teams were given
a great reception hy the crowd, the
ovation accorded the New Westminster
team being not a bit less hearty than
the terrific shout which went up when
the familiar green shirts stepped out
on the field.
The challengers started right in to
do business, and tbe first part of the
game was very fast. The New Westminster home showed great speed, but
though they buzzed round and round
tbeir opponents' net they found it ex-
tiemely hard to penetrate the strong
Shamrock defence, and attack after
attack was repulsed. Tbe first quarter
ending even up, both teams securing
one goal each.
Tbe second quarter saw the Royals
start out in the manner which made
the Tecumsehs bow down before tbem
at New Westminster last year. And
the first half of the game ended witb
the Westerners leading by 5 goals to 4.
Confident in tbeir ability to finish
strong the New Westminster boys
went on the field in the second half
prepared to do or die. Their supporters
being jubilant at their success in tbe
first two quarters gave them a great
ovation. The challengers started in
in aggressive fashion and forced tbe
play. The;r superior condition and
the fast pace of the first half began to
tell and the Shamrocks were forced to
the defencesive. After eight minutes
play A Turnbiill gave the Westminster rooters a chance lo make them-
-elves heard, sending in a dandy shot
that scored tbe tenth goal of the
game and put Weitminster two goals
The fourtii and last quarter saw both
teams playing fast and bard, the
Shamrocks putting forth their best
efforts to even up tbe score and if
possible to gain the lead, and tbe
Westminsters struggling to retain
tbeir lead, which won them the first
m.tcb for the Minto Cup, After ten
minutes of itienuous play the Shamrocks succeeded in securing the last
goal of the gsme, making tbe final
score stand 6 to 5 in favor of New
Forest Fires — Rojestvensky
Dead - Fort William Blaze-
Prince Arrives—Sask. Elections—Cattle Embargo.
Ottawa, .Inly 22.—Fires started by
careless prospectors have destroyed
200,000,000 feet of lumber in the Ottawa valley.
Baunkicium, Germany, July 22.—
Admiral RojestvenBky, who commanded the Russian fleet which was defeated by Japan in the Sea of Japan, died
here of heart trouble brought on bv
injuries received during lhat light.
Fort Wii.uam, July 22.—A raging
fire has done an immense amount of
damage to the business portion of tbe
city and is not yet under control.
Quehec, July 22.—H. M. S. Indomitable with H. R. H. Prince of Wales
on board arrived at Quebec today.
Reqina, Sask, July 22—Tbe first
legislative assembly of the province ol
Saskatchewan waa d-'ssolved yesterday and the writs issued lor a new
election. Nomiuatiou day has been
fixed for Friday, August 7th, and
polling one week later on August
PiTTsniiRO, Pa., July 22—Illiterate
foreigners are being discharged from
their positions as workmen in the
employ of Henry C. Frick Steel Co.,
and English-speaking men are being
hired in their places.
Loniion, July 22.—It has been announced in the house of commons
that there is no intention to remove
the embargo from Canadian cattle.
Goodeve Nominated
At the Conservative nomination
convention held yesterday at Nelson,
A. S Goodeve, of Rossland, was nominated as candidate for lCnotenay in
the approaching Dominion elections.
Mr. Goodeve is one of the most pleHs-
ant public speakers of the day, being
well known in Ibis district. The
election promises to be a whirlwind
campaign in the Konteniiys, since two
if the most popular men in this part,
of the province arc pitted itgninst each
other iii this constituency, namely Mr.
Smith Curtis and Mr. Goodeve.
Canadian Rifle Team Lose to
Mother Country
ISisi.kv, July 21.—Canada bad teams
entered in two big events on lhe pro
gramme yesterday, tlio Mackinnon
cup for loams of 12, and the Kolnpure
cup lor teams of eight.
In lhe first event lhe Canadians
made a poor showing, but tbey would
have won the Kolapore cup had not
Private Rowe made a poor score iu
the 500 yard range, and a poorer 1 ne
at liOO yards. The Canadiani team
led at the first range, but dropped a
point behind Guernsey at 500 yards.
The Mother Country's team was in
third place at this stage. This team
came strong ot the longest range, and
nosed their way to victory, beating
Canada by four points Guernsey went
badly to pieces at this range und
Canada finished in second place,
thereby winning the colonial prize of
£30 awarded the colonial team making the highest aggregate in tbis
Important Convention at Vernon
in August.
For some time past the executive
board of ihe Western Canada Irrigation Convention has been holding
regular weekly meetings in Vernon to
make the preliminary arrangements
for the irrigation convention to be
held in that city during the week
beginning August 10th, and the sue
ccsb of that important gathering now
seems assured. Among the interesting
papers that will be read are- One on
the law relating lo tbe use ol water
for irrigation, by J. 8. Dennis, assist-
ant to Seoond Vico President Whyte
of the C.P.R.; one on the Grey Canal
irrigation system, by A. F. Asbcrolt,
of Colds trean, and one on Irrigation
in ite relationMo forestry, by Senator
W. C. Edwards.
A most attractive feature will be
the three day excursion to points on
Okanagan Lako, planned tb give the
visitors an oppoitunity to observe all
the irrigation systems at present in
operation in the valley.
A. 0. Wheeler, F. R. G. S. Gives
Interesting Advice
A.  0,   Wheeler,   President   of  the
Alpine Club, was in the city on  Monday.    Mr. Wheeler   is   preparing  for
the carrying out of extensive  surveys
of  the  rich   valleys   throughout tbe
province in order that the government
can eliminate every acre of fruit  land
available.   One of  the  parties  is  lo
cated at 0 mile, near the south  track.
Mr. Wheeler   told  the   MAIL-HERALD
that thii camp of tbe Alpine Club this
year was the most successful  of any,
and the number of those   in  attendance considerably above that of last
year.     The   comfort   of   the    camp
exceeded that experienced in l'.IOIi and
1007 aud the location  at Rogers' Pass
proved  a   remarkably   fine climbing
centre and most conveniently situated
for   the   transport   of  members and
supplies.     Touching   on   the   death
of  Miss   Hatch,   of   Lethbridge, Mr.
Wheeler said that sad as the  occurrence   was, deeply as everyone   sympathised with those to whom the girl
was near and dear, it cannot be denied
tbat   her   death   was    one   of  those
tragedies which are doubly regrettable
becaus :   entirely     unnecessary  since
there was nothing  dnng'-rouu  or even
difficult in the situation for the veriest
novice to negotiate,    lt  was  a   clear
cate of overconlis'r-ice   on   her part
and iu direct oppoti ion to  the   warning called out to her by the  guide  to
wait until be was ready.   Mr. Wheeler
said that every climber should   retain
a very high respect for tbe  mountain
he or she would ascend; " yon  cannot
trifle with the eternal  hills, and just
as surely as yon   indulge  in   reckless
deeds or   minimize   the   tremendous
importance ol care and in negotiating
rock or shale,   ice  or   snow,   just   su
surely will the mountains punish your
temerity     with   disaster."      He   explained   that   climbers   should     put
implicit   obedience   in   their   guides,
which fact is a " sine qua nun,"   while
patience aud caution   are indispensable.    He said that even better guides
would lie secured for lhe forthcoming
ciimps and harder nnil   more  dillicult
peaks essayed.    Tho most  important
step that the Club bad taken was the
decision   In   build    a   club   house   al
Work  to  be   Commenced   in
Kamloops District.
An effort will Im made by lhu l>. -
minion govoriimont to preserve the
fnrnsls on the mouutains oi Iho ICam
loops country so as to conserve th■•
water (or irrigation purposes, Mr. li.
II. Campbell, Superintendent of Forestry, will in n few days meet, Mr.
Lemy, the Dominion government's
forestry representative here, and tin
two will conduct, a tour oi   inspection.
Mr. Campbell states that though a
great portion of the Kamloops district
is used for grazing, the land there is
excellent for agricultural purposes
provided the water could be properly
conserved for irrigation. As, however,
the indiscriminate cutting of timber is
likely to ruin the mountain-top forests for the conserving of water, the
government has deemed it advisable to
appoint a competent official to manage
the cutting of desired timber in a
scientific manner. In some places it
may be necessary to seed or plant, but
whenever timber is cut in the future
it will bave to be taken iu a manner
as to leave sullicient trees lor reseeding
the soil and thus maintain the perpetuity ol tbe forests.
Who will bo appointed to take
charge of these forest reserves is not
yet known.
High Qualities
of Our Groceries
We may be losing a little
by selling the high qualities
of groceries we do at such low
prices, hut the little we lose
111 one way we make up for
in another by drawing the
custom of so many satisfied
mt runs. All the goods we
seep our guaranteed by the
manufacturers and by us to
be perfectly pure.
Fruits and   Vegetables  fresh   daily.    Order your  preserving fruits early and you get the best.
If you want a New Range or Furnace see us, as we are
agents for the largest and best stove manufacturers in the
Our Plumbing Department is thoroughly up-to-date
and we guarantee all our work.
Bourne  Bros.
Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament of
the Dominion of Canada
Heap Office, . Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL: $2,000,000   '" *,* "J Shares of .100 each with $10 Premium
Tlie Bank uf Vancouver is. Iieiugiorgtuized xo meet Id part tbe increased banking
iirroininiidnlloii required by tlio natural aud -toady expansion ot business coincident with
Ilio great development " tbe oonntrj aud especially of British I'.lumbia, and while
organizing lo conduct a general banking business, will givi< special consideration to Ihe
Industries and commerce of tha Province, aud is beiug es-iablished primarily lor this
purpose, uud through its connections in Ureal Ilritain, Eastern I'auada and the United
States, it will Ihi able lo greully facilitate tbn Investment of out-ide capital In the viiriou-
enterprises! or the I'mviuco.
It is the itiiisiiiinii Uiiipen branch otlice-at various iKiints from time to time as ODDor-
■ null.   „r,   ... rr—m
C. P. R. Tree Planting
The Canadian Pacific Railway will
soon commence tree planting on a
large scale, the idea lieing to furnish a
future supply ol all the timber that
will be ueeded by the railway. Along
both sides of the truck from Winnipeg
to Vancouver, various kinds ot pine
trees will be planted, and every few
years younger treeB will be added to
the plantation, which will be about
fifteen hundred miles long. The
younger trees will act as snow fences
to keep the tracks clear during the
winter. The larger ones will be used
for bridge timbers, telegraph poles, etc.
The smaller trees will also be available
for fence posts and ties.
Reighleys are serving ice cream
Sunday afternoon and evening, and
have buttermilk and sweet cream on
hand all the time
The Revelstoke General Agencies,  Limited
luivo lioen appointed Fiscal Ageuls for tlio Haul at Kevelslnke.   Application forms end
tonus of ISlock Subscription may lie obtained from  tbem.
A. I_ DEWAR, Secretary.
Outing Suits nov/hayd
their innings-
home run too "^
Cris-!i" H'7\
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
At S Per Cent.
vibe  flDaiUlhcralb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Muki-hv.
IIakomi Fisher
11.LAN &  K1.1.1 (ITT
S  n ■. : i s
■..lii'itiirs. EU
i I lint I  I.AKI
,1   I'
BARRISTERS, si'lTillts, ETC.
Ikvicks :   1 miikial   Hank   IlLOCK,   RRVRI
nroKK, It. t'.
.Money to loan,
om.c-: Revelstoko, H. f.; Oronbroolr, It. 0,
.*ko. s. MoOartxr,
_,  M,   I'lNKIi.tM,
Revelstoko, H V
J. A.   H.UIVKV,
I'laiiliriiisk   I! i
J. M. Scolt  I.L
W. 1. Hrlggs.
I-: n
Barristers, Solioituri
Miinky to Loan
solicitors for Molsons Hank
Firs-t Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial bind Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
MoKenzie Avenue,
Mux um, Revelstoke
"urnished House in Good Locality
leal Estate investment in the City
per cent, clear profit	
Modern Residence on Fifth Street
Rooming House <>n First Street..
Residence on McKen/ie Avenue	
Forty Acres of Fruit Land, close in	
1'niiltliii''   Lots in All   Parts of the
Per Acre
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
A|H 'GO   V
Miking Enginkkr
tfember American Institute Min In
Memkr CauadUu Mining lu-titui
Hem. Dominion lustituto Associated Eng
H.K. 15, O.
ill    I'M
Examination of and Report- uu  Min
perlio- for Investors.
Cable .(Address—"Kauagan," Revelstoke. lt. V
('odes--Bed-ford-McNeill:  Moroiug & Noal;
Western Union; Clough.
M. .. \V. A.   WHWD1NGTON
Stiiatiiiiina, Ai.ia. &
Momlier.- Alberta Aasociatlou of Arfliiteoti
H  M. Whiddixgt
Strathcssini, Alia
W. A. vYillliiHNii l.
Revelstoke, B.t'.
Black Watch
Blaek Plug
of Quality.
interests of Revelstoke at heart
should hesitate to ilo nil be cun,
both in causing our resources to be
widely known, uud al_o> in onthus
iiif^ his neighbor.6 lo ruali/.e the importance of oui' |iosiiiiiii nnil ibe
prominence wo must surely iiliuin.
We have the lands and wo can
grow anything, and moreover wn
have the people. Wuiting for
something to turn up is poor policy and the sootier we realize that
our future success and prospctity
lies in our agricultural resources,
the butler and safer we shall he.
Unity among ourselves, cannot be
tun strongly urged, uud nothing
will be accomplished unless striven
Gbe _TDail*1betalb
There is so oiticli luitl in tlm tns-t sir us,
And so mucli .1,11.1 in tlm worst nf n-.
That it hardly iwliossvos any or us,
To talk alssul the r..-t of us.
WEDNESDAY,   .ll'l.Y
Now that Rovelstoke is gradually
becoming an agricultural and fruit
growing di-tricl and Bince it has
been stated by many in the community that the lime lui> come
when the city must look to other
Bourcee of revenue other than the
C'.I'.R.. it cannot be too earnestly
impressed upon the residents of the
Revelstoke district that to secure
the means of income from the oil
and the products of the land there
must be considerably inure Interest
taken by all concerned. It it very
s-..-v tn make impressive speeches
and theorise at banquets and public meeting!-, but ii ii not bo eatj
when it comet down lo solid hard
work. Revelstoke want- bei agricultural facilities in n and
when iin. ■■■.-. i ted shi i laimn
■ii tt ber fiiturs i- i--uri'.l. imi i ii,-
sides ible tlifl ill md uphill
work remain* Ui in- done Im fore
anything definite and tangible can
be .i' complished, To succeed In
iui u.'ik we must hn ire ■. complete
understanding wilh each other,
that is t'i say lhat farmers, real
estate men and others eimuM if
possible work in harmony together
for ultimate Buccess, This is a case
where co-operation is absolutely
essential and this is especially applied to the membere oi the Farmers' Institute ami Fruitgrower•'
Association. They s-lii.iilil liiu i-
their hturi in their work and unite
to pull in the tame direction in
order to secure tlieir ends, Hevelstoke deserves more publicity, far
luore than she gels, and we fully
believe that if a publicity bureau
were established here or organized
on a secure footing great benefits
would result. Not a member ol
the   community   who has the real
Lumber dealers iii Western Canada who have delayed their orders
this summer nre likely to be put
up against a serious inconvenience
for transportation facilities. The
bright promise for the year on Ilic
prairie lins heen a stimulus for
farmers and other.- in those sections
to place tlieir orders with the
western mills fur lumber whioh lias
hitherto been beyond their reach.
Owing to the outlook for an enormous orop, which is estimated at
over 125,000,000 bushels, a combination of circumstances is arising
lhat has rarely occurred before.
Tho development oi wheal lands is
almost phenomenal, and although
the C.P.R. arc constructing cars in
large quantities the demand is always greater tintn the supply. The
number of cars ami amount of
power that will be required to
move the vast grain emp to lhe
sea coasts, taken in conjunction
wilh the demand for cars, for mo\ -
ing the winter's wood and coal,
besides the ordinary volume of
transcontinental freight, - likely to
0 iuse a tie up. Lumber .- said to
be perhaps the scarcest Btaple com-
ii odity in  the   territories   at   the
1 resent  time   and   is   now   be n
oi dered in considerable  quantities,
while   the    manufacturers    from
whom it is being ordered
advised  that  they   mtisl   be i on-
ti nteil with a  limited   number  ol
cars as the cars are being  ho]
I., move tin enormou   graii
With   Buch   i onditions   on   iiii
before the actual i ommt ni enn
the grain movement it is likely that
they will appear in an aggravated
form when the actual rush begins
ami will be a decided hardship on
tin- lumber dealer who lins heen
dilatory in ordering his fall supplies The C.P.R, claim Lhat they
can handle tho crop with satisfaction and now that the prairies are
almut to have a spell of prosperity
which means that they will be
large purchasers of all commodities,
the railway company should rise
to the occasion and endeavor lo
serve the prairie farmers as woll as
the western lumbermen and others
so that trade may not be curtailed
or delayed.
Minion giving power to municipalities
I to control tbis snrl of thing. A long
Idlsoutsion followeil tbe paper, which
wns warmly approved by tlie delegates.
M iyur Asbilown, ol Winni| eg, Btrougly
favored the securing of provinolal
legislation giving lbo municipalities
tbe power to protect tbeir streets
from Ibis sort of nnisnico, nnd ex-
prcs'iil    n mii |    thnt    the      M inilnbit
government {bud refused Winnipeg's
petitiou for power to lux snob advertised devices lt is probable that later
on a resolution recommending nctii n
by tho provincial governments will t e
Must Have Better Wheels
Railroads tbroujli nit tbe country
are becoming alarmed over tbe rapidly
increasing number of broken cur
wheels, which aro the fr.iinont o.itBe
of disastrous wracks, bhj s a dispatch to
the New York Journal of Comiueroe.
Thnt the problem of broken wheels
has become a serious otic is shown by
the faot Hint I In' Pennsylvania, on its
lines ciihi of Pittsburgh, removed,
during 1907, a total nf 711,000 wheels.
This is au increase of over lifly per
0 'nt. In a few years, anil il is staled
fiat the added expense nl car wheel
r.inrwiil is becoming a serious item in
the operating column, necessitating,
as it tloos, en in taken out of service.
Ho grave lots the problem of a better
wheel become that il has almost taken
the place, for the lime being, at least,
of the problem of a safer steel rail.
It is understood I hut the committee
of experts appointed by the Interstate
Commerce Commission to examiue
the operation of block signals also will
consider the new problem of better
cur wheels.
We once more call the attention
of the city council to the necessity
of enforcing the bye-law which requires that all vehicles using the
Blreejts must carry lights. We cannot understand how the practice of
allowing vehicles lo travel unlit
has lieen so long in vogue. It is
dangerous not only to vehicles
themselves hut also to pedeetrians
who happen to be crossing the
roads. The ^city in a great many
parts is still badly lighted and
vehicles that meet in the darkness
frequently run up against serious
chances of collision nnil subsequent
damage. If there is one regulation
which should be strictly adhered
to. one which should come undei
the jurisdiction of the police is
neglected, it is lhat of vehicle
lights. Revelstoke has grown big
enough and ber trallic suflicientl)
large lo warrant thi.-. The regulation should also include bicycles,
which are among ibe ohiel offenders, This is a matter which affects
the whole city and one which, if
only as a Btep along municipal
improvement   lines,   requires   the
sesl attentioi he civic auth-
ir ties
For Sale
Dry cedar cord wood—Kevelstoke
General Agencies Ltd.
Take Notice
1 hereby declare, thut my wife liav
ing left my bed nnd board, 1 will not
be responsible for any debt or debtf
contracted by ber or any other person excepting myself.
I.   O.   F.
Court Mount Begbie, No. 8461, meets 2nd and
lib Mi.ii.lays iu Oildtullows Hull, next to Opera
House. Visiting brethren cordially invited to
H. W. Edwards, R.S.
C. VV. O. W.
Mountain view Camp, No. -29
Mcotii Socond and Fourth Wednesdays In
each month, in Selkirk Hull. Visitiii Woodmen cordially Invited to attend.
W. II. AltMSTKONO. ('on. I'om.
J. M.INTYRE, Clerk.
C B. HUME & Co., Revelstoke, B.C.
We have the largest tl   GOLD-HEADED
n  UMBRELLAS and CANES in the City :
Hastings, Doyle & Allum, Ltd*
JEWELLERS        .       AND      « OPTICIANS
F. O. E.
The regular meetings are held in the Selkirk
Hull 1st uud :tnl Tuesday of each mouth, 8 p.m.
VlsitluK lirotlinni are cordially iuvitod.
.)     LKSl.Ils',.   I'KKSUDKNT.
W. B. McI.AL'CHLIN.Skckktaev.
Kootenay Lodge. No. 15, A. F. & A. M.
Tlm regular nieel-
mil's are held in the
udiireiiows iinii,on
thn third Monday in
nai-li month at 8
p in Visiting hreth-
rsin    cordially   wel-
1'.    \.   I'lMirrNIKU. SKCRKTAItY.
Munis nver. Thursday
evening in Selkirk
Hall ut 8 o'clock
Visitintr. brethren cor
iliuliy Invited to ut-
.1. MATHIE, Sic
Unsightly Billboards
Al   i       convention    of    Canadian
Municipalities in Montreal  thic
Mayoi Chestnut, of Fred-
N    B ,    nis    read    On     ' Bill
i;  irdi ind Vdrertiiing M nslrositiet
iin,     'May        i  in-H,i,I    took   a
: ... :i_h,ii-i allowing  com*
lilfigure   Inwiii   und   citios
mil    Ik.aril-   us   tbey   may
... reel   and  Advocated  h'ki--
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
pi mi Third Wednesday ot
eachnionlh. En tii.> odsltullowa'
Hall at - o'clock. Visiting
Knights are cordially  nvltod,
I'HIK.   I     1
•i   II. BBOt K, a. nl ll   & B.
H. A. BBOWM, M. ut S
nlii   vmn mill
Five In ..I-  ami nver, $1.75 per 1
delivered   ii  any  point   between
I    .1   K   ...s.-ii'iv Si i    .
Kiln In led Kindling, JS'J ID) por bin
 -.Ill, i- ..I
Hiiwmin I.I MBER CO. Ltd.
Art and Beauty <
live combined in our new designs ill carpets. Onr stock is
complete, and the colors rich
and effective, t he designs artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
R.  HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
I1K.M1 ilKKIt'K ■   Cai.iiakv.   Ai.hs.hta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Pack em nnd Dealers In Livestock. Markets in all the prlnol
pal Cities and Towns nf Albeit a, British Oobunbli anil the Yukon.
Puckers of ills' Celebrated Brand " Imp,-rat r" Hams mid Bacon,
and "Shaiiiiiii'k" Brand Leaf Lard,
. %-^%^^% V%/%^e>%'%. ■»y%%^%,%^^^%'%.%V^%-k^i 4
Import direct from Country of origin.
The members of E Company, K.M.Il.
are hereby notified to attend for company drill every Thursday, at 8
until further orders.
By  Otiler,
O. C.
l'"r   \»<rn*M! 1 iir.i 1  Implnineu.-J.   UarrtngMi   Wniiuii-.     Kir.,   Julin
I)fy>ro Plonghfi   Molina   Whuoiim,   . siinhiIh   Cimm.m   (VtmtNIDjr'l
Hiii'.-iM..   IMiumt jr ,   (lunlnii  Hnnilor    iintl  Cnltlvatiirs,   Wheel-
trrtgbt aod   BlMlramlth  Work  .tumi<lo_l  to.   HoMfl *h<mUiu n
who will deliver a series of Itoturei in the Balvatlon Army Hall.
i'irst  -trimt, from  Inly 24 to _0,
First    Class   Work
iini nf ins n milii    pi-ninpl Iy
Certificate of   Improvements
Mmi ii mineral. i. i   ite in ihe  rrimt i.nk..
Miaiiut li.. isi..n..i \ i<,,.,i,.iny iiintrlet.
iiii.t.. |... H...I    ,u ih,. head ..( i'ii"* lumii
"i, i: Hn. Kill nini.r.l  .    I...i I:.- ,
llronsi l
isk.  ,  Mmi (, it  Smith, s m.c imtMR,
acting an igant tor J, B MMkamlF, P. V.C N",
lliin!.s,ii, Intend, sixty dav- tuna tha data hardnf, In
■i|iplj to in.. MiniiiK it nleriiir .i Cerlltlrata ol
lm|iri.v.iinatil..,, f.,r lhu D1]RKr*l ..f ..litniiniiW ,
1,'r.iwii ur-iiil nl thi nlii'V" I'lalui
Anil tiirlhur l.akii notloa Hull. SOtlon, nmlar
Bflctlnn 87, ftiuat Isn iHilisrss tha Imiii-
iiihi- .if inch CiTtilloati' nf liilJirssv.-iiintllH.
IlKtml this au, ilay nt .lillln. A.II . imm.
net j a II. SMITH.
Central Hotel
_ _______ REVELSTOKE, B. C
AlillAHAMHON    nHOS.,    I'lHll'ltl ICIOHI.
Newli lnnil Kirst class in every ri'Speet       All ninilern cou<'Pliiei.('e
Large Sniiiplo  Ci,mn-
Ratal SI.60 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rales,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  rnHnnxemeui
stiitalily furnished witli the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rat ss $ i a day,    Monthly rate.
J".     A.L.._.E-UrT      SrrO_fSTB!       JP_R.O_P.
Queens ftotel
Must brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNQ, - - Proprietor
NOTIt'K la lioruby i-ivnn Llml Ilio iHiumttiries
nr   Llin   Nolflnil,    ItnvnMnkn   mul   Slonai)
l.mul Itoourding OtvirihtuR t.r West Kmttenay
D Is trie I, ninl Ih*' Similr,.iinoi'ii I,mul 1-CiMi.liiiK
DWUtdiiof Villi* hir-trici, lutvu lioen nltfred,
mid ilmi on mul after BeniemlrB' tUnlat, 1H08,
thot-Ouudarleaof (hositid Uiuil tteoordloB Divisions will lie us follows:-
NBLBON land itKiouniMi DIVISION.
Coiitmonciiirt nt a I'oiniMit tlie Intoniiilii'iinl
Itoniulury wliore it la iulorseoloil l>y tlie WeaVtirn
bni.ti-lary of Bei'tloti -, Towualilu i"\, K«HiUmny
DUtrtoti beluga ian tlio western uuuutlury of the
Nott-on & ForiSlieppartl Kailway Laud Grant:
1 li-'lu-i* iliio north iilxnit K'i inilus to southern
bouudary of Lot 5,81 (i. (Irtnui I, Kootenay;
thenue due west Ui I du eastern [-oiindury of the
rtrthl-n.-way u( the ('oliimliiii A Woslorn Hail
vvny. wliifh forms the liouiitlary of Lot 2,lIHS,
tlrotip i, Osoyoos Division of Yule District (now
■MinilL.itim.iiii ; thenoe easterly i.n.l uort.tdrly,
t'nlliiwiiif. said niisfni ii boundary of said right-
of-way, lu the north-east corner of Lot 2,1.-18;
Ihtiiii'i' due west aloiiK Ilia northern Umiulary
of Lot 8tll88 lo the divide between the waters
luuniiiK into the Columbia Kivur ami Arrow
Lakes from those flowing to the west; theuce
northerly, following the summit of the mountains ton point rsj miles due north uf Lbe International Douuilary, which is elso the north-east
corner at tho Simill.aine<-ii Division of Yale
District; Ihence due east to a point due south
of the south-west corner of Township G9, KiMite-
nay : Ihence duo uorth lo Lhe uorih-oast corner
uf Township Ofj, Osoyoos Division uf Yale;
thonco uorth-westorly to the summit of tbe divide Bona rating tho waters Mowing iuto the Col-
umbia Hiver and Arrow Lakes from tho waters
Mowing to tho west; thenco following the sum-
mil of tbo mouutains, in a northerly direction,
to a poiut due west of the north-west coruer of
Lot w8, Group I. Kootouay, which point ia the
north-west coruer of the Nelson Land Kecord-
i iik Division; (hou<eduo oast lo tho summit of
the water shod dividing the waters flowing iuto
lhe Arrow Lakos from the waters llowiug iuto
Slocan Lake, which is the uorth-east corner of
Nelsou Land Recording Di isiou; them-o southerly along the divide between lhe waters flowing into Lho Arrow Lakes and tho waters flowing into Slocan Kivur and Slocan Lake to a
point near Lho Imailwiiiors of I'uss Crook; followiug Um height of land to the
mouth of Little Sha.uu-.ivor; lbeuce crossing
the Slocan Kiver aud followiug the divide sep-
Hrating lhe waters flowing into the Slocuu
Kiver and Kootonay Lako Irom the waters
MowiiiK into l...ot.may Kiver and West Arm of
Kootenay Luke to tbo north-west coruer of Lot
7,G2_> Group 1, Kiaitenay; theuce duo oust atoug
tho north boundaries of Lots 7,t-_.. aud 4 961, to
Lho wost shore of Kooteuay Lake; theuce
soulhorty aud easterly to Pilot Poiut; theuce
northerly to Lho uorth-weM> coruer of Lot 1,489,
Group 1, Kooteuay; theuce easterly, following
tlio hvight uf laud separating the waters flowing iuto Crawford Creek from the waters How-
ing into Grey's ('reek, to the eastern boundary
uf West Kooteuay Dislriot, near the headwaters
of Maker ('reek ; theuce somberly following tho
divide separating tho waters llowiug iuto
Kooteuay Lako and Kooteuay Kiver from tho
waters flowing iuto St. Mary's Creek aud the
Moyie Kiver, to the International Bouudary;
theuce westerly aloug the International l.uun-
dary to the point uf comaieucameut.
Commeuciug ut the north-west coruer of tho
Nelsuu Laud Kecurdiug Division; thoncu
northerly, following thu summit uf the mountains dividing the waters ftuwiug into the Columbia Kiver (ruin those flowing to the west, to
the height uf laud between Foster ('reek and
Kelley Creek, tu the intersection of Canoe River; theuce southerly dowu the centre of Canoe
Hiver to tho ^Columbia Kiver; thence in a
south-easterly direction to thu dividing ridge of
the Selkirk ruuge of mountains: thence following lhe said dividing ridge iu a south-easterly
directiuu tu the summit of Rogers Pass: theuce
in a south-easterly direction, following the
watershed nearest tbe Upper .:■ lumbia River,
to Its intersection with the Southern boundary
of tin. Dominion Kailway Kelt; thence south-
westerly, following the southeru bouudary uf
the Railway Kelt, lo its iuterseetiuu with the
divide between the waters Mowing into Duncan
Kiver and Fish Kiver, near the headwaters of
Toelzol Creek ; thenco southerly followiug the
height of laud dividing into waters flowing into
Duncan River from the waters (lowing iuto
Arrow Lake ami Trout Lake, to a poiut opposite the north eud of Howser Lake; thouce
westerly, following tho southern water-shed of
Lake Creek, to a point on the Lardo Kiver op-
posite the height of laud between Cascaae
Creek and Poplar Creek : Lbeuce followiug that
height of land aud the water-shod dividing the
waters of Wilsou Creek from tho waters flowing
iuto Lardo Kivor aud Koushkanaz ('reek to the
north-east corner of the Nelson Laud Recording
Division, being the south oust coruer of thn
KovelsLoke Land Rocordiug Division; thence
following tho norlheru boundary of the Nelson
l.i.nd Recording Division due west tu the poiut
of comiuencomout.
Commeuciug at tho uorth-uust ourues of the
Nolsuu Laud Recording Division, whioh is alsu
Lho suuth-east corner of the Kevolstoke Laud
Recording Division; thence billowing the eastern boundary of the Kevolstuke Land Recording Division, in a general easterly aud northerly directiuu, to ils iuterseetiuu wiih the south
bouudary of thu Dominion Railway Belt,
thenco northerly and easterly, followiug the
Dominion Railway Belt, to its iuterseetiuu
with the eastern boundary of West Kooteuay
District; thenco in a south-oh stetJy direction,
following lho watershed nearest tho Upper
Columbia River, lo tho bUlh parallel uf north
latitude; thenco in a southerly directiuu, following the divide separating tho wulors Rowing
into Kooteuay Lako from the waters Mowing
into St. Mary's Crook tu it_ Intersection with
tho easterly boundary uf the Nehiou Laud Recording Division at tho headwaters of Grey's
('reek; thenco followiug the easterly boundary
or Ihe Nelson Laud Recording Division to the
lKiiuL or coinmeuceineut
Commeuciug ut a point OD the International
Boundary wLere il is intersected by PayasUm
Creek, which is also tho south-na-t corner of
)ale Laud Kocordiug District; lbeuce following northerly abmg the said creek aud the
Soulh Fork id thu Slmilkameeu Kiver to its
junction wilh the Ttilameeu River; thenco
we-terly aloug the Tutaineeu Kiver to the
mouth of China Creek, thence northerly
along China Crook to ils intersection wilh
the sou (J i boundary of Lot w», Group 1. Kam«
loops Division id -alu Dihiiiot; thouce due Mult
to the eastern bunk of Okanagnn Kivor; theme
In un northerly direction, following the oantern
■dioruot UkiiuagHi. River aud Okanagan Lako,
in a |Mimldivhiiil si miles due norih of the
Internal liouiulary; thenco due 11a.1t to the
western boundary i.r the Nelsou Laud Recording  Divi.l. r     Kooiciiiiy     District;   Lhenn,
•oiiihorlj. li.lhoiuo; the said western iMiundary
t>l KiMiieuay District, Lo thu .:nh parallel;
Iheucu west along lhe I'Mh paralbd to tho
placo of cunimuncoiiiout.
Deputy Couimisslunor or Lands aud Worku
Lauds ami Work- Department,
Victoria, B.C., June Wth, iww       jly i;» 4t
Nolice in hereby given  that Hn«-
tlngt, Doyle A Allum, Limited, will,
three h-, after date, npply lo the
Lleuleiinnt-Qovui'iinr In Oounoil for uu
Urd.i'.ln-Oounoll ehaiigiui; the ("om-
pnny'H iiiuue to "Doyle A Allum, I.lm-
I ted."
Duieil the 29thday of June, iimim.
SolieiloiH   for  llnsiin^N,   Doyle fV AI
Iiiiii. Limited. jly | iin, «•
itcHimir. "Don't do a
thlnK" llll yuu mio clearly
what, bout by aid o(
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on hoalUi, rll*oai«, tnvn, inarrlago uml parmilago
I till what you'd a«k a doctor, bin doti'l IlkiiTo
llll PHM, UluilraUid, Moimlai but lolntrodiieB
II wo wnd one only lo any n.lull for lawlnuo,
IU OCIlld.
Just write
on a postcard, "Send
Booklet A,"
and mall
to nearest
branch. The
rest we'll
gladly attend to.
One Cent
—Just how correct principles say it
should be constructed?
—Just why no other plan of construction will do ?
—Juft wh*rc'n l,#,i iti ability to be easy
on fuel, c; . .k in action, uple in
Tlie itory Is I ■ f-V to!J in a I;' ': booklet
C»V J ru.n.c.- ! . cts. !.' ■. . . n adver-
ti nent. No furnace name is rrtintloned,
and you can read the whole story in 5 minutes.
To the party contemplaiing purchasing a furnace ii points oui the
snags and pitfalls, and shows exactly wliat lo demand of an architect, contractor or dealer, in furnace conjunction and installation.
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all the
Principal Cities In the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 6. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
All Work Promptly
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Puts Western  Grain Crop at
125,000,000 Bushels
Ukiiina, July 21,—Second vloa-pres.
Whyto, of the C.l'.lt., with hia party
of Winnipeg newspaper anil grainmon
havo reached here from Muoeo Jaw in
tlie course of their tour of inspection
of western crops, Mr. Whyto stated
that woll advised at his company was
kept with regard to the western crop
conditions, he was agreeahly surprised
at tho prospects uml from what he bad
seen of the country in the course ol
his trip, he had no hesitation in estimating this year's crop at 125,000,000
In the Si ni rin dintrict there is every
indication that harvesting operations*
will be commenced iu a fortnight
while be believed it would lie fairly
general throughout thu west by August 15th.
Third Annual Meet—Revelstoke
Members Graduate with
Honor—Important Ascents-
Steps Taken to Incorporate.
The third annual camp of lho Alpine Club of Canada came to a close
on Wednesday of last week. The
white village which arose at the summit of Rogers Pass in the heart of the
Selkirks was the scene of great activity and the centre of some good
mountaineering during the pet imi of
the camp, and now after ono short
week the white village has gone as
quickly as it came.
The camp ol 1008 will rank as the
largest, and most important to date.
Tlie at tendance at the Yoho camp in
lllOt! numbered about 80, at tbe Paradise ciimp in 1907 about 100, while
tbis year's a tendance at Roger's Pass
reached 175 01 those atlheoamp
this year iihiuil 70 graduated as active
member* by olimbillll Mount Rogers,
Swiss or Hermit Peaks. Among tboio
were Miss Foote, Miss McKniiane, A.
E. Miller .1. T. Pollock, (I. Haggen,
ami R. R. Cnpclaml, all of whom graduated with honor. Among others
from Revelstoke in attendance at the
camp were Supt Kilpatrick, J. P.
Forde, W. W. Foster, Miss Hobbs,
Miss Lennox, C. Ii. Sissinis and Rev.
J. R. Robertson,
At the annual camp meeting an
important, step was taken seeking incorporation of the club under Dominion-charter. A joint, stock company
of the club was inaugurated for tbe
purpose of building a club house as
headquarters for the club i-i the lianft'
National Park at a cost of abuut iftiOOO.
As the membership is now nearing
600 and the executive work is growing
so large an executive secretary, had to
be appointed who will give his wh .le
time to the work. This office wus
unanimously offered to S. H. Mitchell
of Winnipeg, who indicated his willingness to accept, and whose headquarters will be at the club bouse at
Banff. The colors for the club as
recommended by a special committee
were adopted, viz, green, gray and
white, representing the forest, rock
and snow ol Canadian mountaineering.
A had ye of ibe Maple Leaf waB also
adopted indicating the national character of the club.
There were a number of special
features of the camp tliis year. First
was tbe sad calamity ol the death oi
Mies Hatch ol Lethbridge, while
climbing Mount Avalanche. The fact
that no one waB to blame and that tbe
guide bad taken all necessary precautions against accident, did not
dispel the gloom that at once settled
upon tbe whole camp as Boon as it
became known that one of their loved
members hud been suddenly killed.
None felt inclined to go on with the
work of tbe camp and it was only
after the members begun io see that
faith must he kept with those w o had
come from all points and lhat tbere
was an obligation to carry out the
plans for the year that they reluctantly look . up the work and curried it
forward. To the credit of the club
and the very careful precautions of
Pnsideut Wheeler, this is the lirst
and only serious accident tbat has
befallen the Alpine Club.
The climbing this year was ot a
more dillicult nature than in previous
years, hut in spite of this greater numbers graduated than at either previous
camp. At the close of the camp
President Wheeler made special mention of the dauntless heroism of the
young Canadian climber, and especially tbe Canadian girls, who simply
with great energy and pluck followed
their guides over great snow and
glacial regions and up the mighty
walls of rock, while climbers of other
countries would he examining the
mountains with hesitation and dismay
In addition to tbe regular work ol
the camp, some specially good work
was done. The party that made lhe
best record qualifying on Mount Rogers, was largely made up of I'dies,
among whom were Miss Foote and
Miss McFurlaue of Revelbtoke, whose
work, for beginners, was highly spoken
Another record trip was made hy
two young ladies from llavergal
Ladies' College, Winnipeg, Miss
Adams and Miss Spriugate. These
ladies in company wilh M. P. llridg-
land as guide and llyron Ilaimon of
Banff on Wednesday,,Inly 8th. started
to make the trip to the Astilk u
Glacier. Not only did they make the
Asulkan Glacier, but in addition they
reached the Asulkan Pas's, climbed
summits of Mounts Letlu. Castor and
Pollux, crossed the shoulders of Mts.
Rampart, Dome, and Alton, and
crossed lhe summit of Abbott on the
homeward trip Not expecting to
take snob a trip they had only two
sandwiches ami three prunes each
during their 20 hours journey, and
during l'i hours of which they were on
tbe   rope,     Tbey   arrivod at Glacier
House nt 2 110 a.m. Some alarm was
felt at lho camp over tlieir lung absence und a rescue party wus organised
and ready to Blurt in search when
word came totheonmp that the young
Indies were mfely returned anil sleeping snugly at Glacier elm lot. The
splendid climbing of these two young
ladies lust, year and this year have
placed them in tho very front, rank
with Miss Parker of Winnipeg, and
Miss Hobbs of llevelatoke—four lirst
class lady climbers of the Alpine club.
Two special parties were sent to
scale the mighty pyramid summit of
Sir Donald, 10,800 feet. The lirst
party wae Bent up on Wednesday, July
8th, under Ed. FetlZ, sr., us guide, and
included A. I). McTuvish of Culgary,
J W. Kelly of Winnipeg, A. C. Gordon of England, and Rev. J. R. Rob-
eitson of Revelstoke. Rising at 2 a.m.
ami leaving at 3 a.m. Ihe summit was
reached at 11.30 a.m. As booh as the
party reached the summit the wutcb-
ors Irom Glacier House Hashed forth
heliographic messages which wore
clearly eeen from the summit. The
parly reached Glacier House at 0.1G
p.m. thus taking over 15 liotire for the
trip. Tbe trip was somewhat dillicult and dangerous in places. Cms -
itigja great snow Blope in a couloir
was especially critical. The party was
roped for eleven hours.
A second party made the ascent ol
Sir Donald on Saturday, under Ed.
Kenz, jr., as guide. Tlie party consisted of Rev. A. M. Gordon of Lethbridge, and J. P. Forde and C. B,
Sissonn of Revelstoke, They av .itled
the dangerous snow couloir and lock
the route up a great chimney, but
while they got along quite i-uccess-
fully they reported tho route equally
dangerous, consequently the President
refused to let any other parties make
the ascent at this season of the year.
It was hop d and partly planned
that u small party would attempt the
climb of Mt. Tupper, the most difficult
mountain in the Selkirks. but the
weather being unsettled the attempt
had to be abandoned.
The camp for 1909 will probably
meet at, Lake O'Hara.
FOR SALE—Grey horse, in good
condition, weight 1250, general
purpose horse and traveler. Can be
used single, double, or puck, very
strong, well Iniiii, reliable. Price.
$125. Apply F. T. Abey, Cambortie,
B. C.
A. H. SINQ, Proprietor
Board by week
Single   meals   -
25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
MaimfiicLuro-l fur till class oh of buildings
fur sale in la rue nr small Quantities
at tho lowost prices for cosh.
buJldtoe unci plus tor tug
uii-lo rial. on.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
Cash Prices Faio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Duy direct anil got trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray- Pumps
Spruyiii! Material, Out Flowers, etc.
Olde ' i- .in i shed nursery on the
mai  Inn t    i Catalogue free,
Ut_ and Seed Houses,      -     -      -      I!. C.
FOUND—In Baptist Church alter Dr
Murcutl's lecture, a lady's gold
watch chain. Same iniiv be had hy
applying at ollice of Mail-HrraXd.
_L\i f°t' Revelstoke and vicinity. A
good, live hustler can make good
money during season selling our line,
Apply at once to The Ford Motor Co.
of Canada, Limited, Wulkeiville, Out.
O girl wanted for light housework.
Apply to  Mrs.  F.   Hooley,  Fourth
WANTED—By Gentleman, a furnished room (without board).
State locality and terms per month.
Address Box 457.
WANTED—At once  u  competent
dining-room  girl—Mrs.   \V. J.
Lightburne, Union Hotel, Arrowhead.
WANTED—Second hand furniture,
clothes, etc.    J. C,   Hull,  First
street, opposite Union hotel.
WANTED- First -class planer man
tor l.'i ini h moulding mat bine,
apply Lee Liunher Co. Ltd., Wigwam,
B.C. j_7 3t
WANTED—For Brlsco school, a
female teacher holding third
certificate; $.50 per month. For full
particulars  npply to R. Tapping, nf
Revelstoke. B. C.  also to Trustee H.
Atchison, Briscu. B. C.
Exp ress
D raying
All Kinds of Light and  H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
IN  THK   MATTKIt  111-'  THB
Up Ait " ami
' Winding
the Matter of lhe Elwood Tin
Workers Gold Mining Company
of Lardeau, Uritish Columbia,
I.iinili'ii, Non-personal Liability.
NOTICE Is hereby glvon that an
application will be made lo this Honourable Oourt at the Court House,
Vancouver, II. (!., on the Twelfth day
of August, lists, nt the hour or tOidO
o'clock in the forenoon ou Is'hulf of
the Ollicial   Liquidator herein  for an
order confirming tho conditional agree
ment for   sale  of   the   properly   and
u-ssels ill 'the   said   Company   for   the
s> if $20,000.00 inMile   by the Ollicial
Liquidator lo one Dillion Marsh.
Daled   at   Kevelsloke,    11.   C,    thia
[8th July, im is.
SCOTT A nitidis
Solicitors for John K. Jones,
Official Liquidator.
Certificate of Improvements
Si Ivor Crown mineral claim, situalo hi the Lardeau Minim- Divhlnn nf West Knotoniiy
Wlioro located: -At the head of Mohawk creek
and adjoining tho Pnyiie miooral claim.
Taki'iioti.-   that   I. It. Smith   F.M.C. No. II
I:.-. IK art ini. ii- HKM..   for   l_va   (Inrard, K.M.C
No. I.!*-.'HiI. hi-oiid, flity days from date hereof,
toupply to thn MiniiiF. Kacontor for a I'ortifl
cote of ImprovementH. for tho ptirpoHe uf ob-
i aitiiny a Crown I)rani of tho above claim.
And further tako tiotko that action, under
section .17, mn l he i-ommonced hofore the lnsu
Huce of audi Certificate of lmprovenioutu<
Dated thi.- (th day of Juno, A.It. 1908.
The Slcamer leaves Five Mile
Lauding (during stage of high
water) at 0 a.m. on Tuesday and
Friday, for Downie Creek and way
points, returning same day.
Freight niUBt be ready for delivery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., aud must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for the Boat Lauding at 5:30
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
connects wilh the steamer on arrival
back iu the evening, and makes
special,. trips, when required, on
Tuesduy aud Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
sailings may be changed without
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sat. Jl. lSLk.Champliiin
Fri. " 2t Emp. Ireland
Sat.Aug. 1    Lake ErieWed. Jly. 15
Summer Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$1)0 00   $48 75        ' $28 75
isl. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$80 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked lo Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg anil
all other ('online tal polls.
For further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Certificate  of Improvements
Uu: Hopn Kraci inn Mineral olaim No. 2.
Mituatu in the Trout l.aho Ulnllifl DtvbtouSo.
lho Kooteuay District. Uooatw on I'oplar
TAKK NOTICK that I, C. J. A. N. Padloy, HKIlti, intond IK)
days from thodate horoof to apply to tha Min
luff Kocordor for a Cortillcala of Itnprovomoiil«
for the purpo.'-u ofohtailiiiit. a Crown 11 rant id
tho alrovoclaim. And further lakn notice thnt
action under Hoctioii '.fl must ho commoucod
t>eforo the iv.tiuiico of such Cnrlilicato of
Diilod this 4th day of April, ..Kg.
Sixty   days   after  ilute   I   intend li
apply iii the chief Commissioner of
Lands  ami   Works  for  permission to
purchase   tlie   following   described
Beginning at a posl planted at the
soul h-east corner of Lot No. 8689 purchased by Julius Dottgal, running
west. _o chains; theuce south 'Ml chains;
thunce east 211 chains; thence north 20
chains fo point of commencement.
Daled June 21th, 190H,
EhAahii WOLF, Applicant.
Jly 4 D. Dewar, Agent,
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's  Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the results pro-
duced the "EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITE!- is unsurpassed.
Tho" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Government
" French Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
C.rfi'icate ft Improvements.
Vivian Luck No, 1, Vivian Luck No. 2,
Vivian Lin k No. 8,  Vivian   Luck
No. I. Vivian Luck No,   5, Vivian
Luck Ns'. 0,uui Silver Crown inin-
cral ulniuls, situated in the Lardeau
Milling Division nt West Kootenay
Wheie    located:—At   Head of   Knld
Creek, n tributary of Hoyd Oivek.
TAKE NOTICK thai    I.   O.   Ll.  N.
Wilkie, acting  as  agi nl   for  Uectoi
Poirler,   F.M.C.   B7480,   an.I   George
Johnson, F.M.C. B06031, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining   Recorder   for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of ob-
ininini; a Crown  Grant  of the above
And further tnke notiee that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
In fore the issuance of such Certilicate
oi' Improvements,
Dated this 28th day of May, A. D.
(). B. N. WILKIE, II.C.L.S.
w my27 Trout Lake, B. C.
llevelstnke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John Michael Doyle
ol Bevelstoke, B.C., Manager, intends
tu apply for permission to purchase tho
following described land:
Commencing  nl   a  post   plauted on
the easterly bank of the Columbia
Kivor at the north-west corner of I>ii
2771, (iruiip 1, Kootenay,and marked
"John M.  Doyle's southwest corner
post."   thence   east    III chains; thenee
north Iii chains; thence west 40 chalna
more or less to Ibe easterly bank of
lhe Columbia liver; tlience southerly
aliing the bank of said   river III chains
un sre or less i o the point nf commencement,  containing  160 acres mow or
Hy his agent, Ceo. 8, McCarter,
Hated .lunc_iilh, 1006, J27 Old
To John Entiest, oi tn whomsoever he
may have transferred his interests:
Take notice that I, the tindi isigned,
co-owner with   you in  the following
mineral  claim, viz.: Gold Fly mineral
claim, situated"  on   Lexington   Mountain, Lardeau .Mining Division uf,West
Kootenay District, of the Province of
Uritish Columbia,   have tlone the required work  sin  u.i-above mentioned
mineral clam, for tbe year ending 1907,
liiis'ider to  bold  the same under Sec-
j tion il uf the Mineral Act.
And further take notii eihat if within 00 days from Ilii first publication of
this- notice, you fail or refuse to con-
I tribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of this
advertisement, your interest in the
said mineral claim will become the
properly of the undersigned, tinder
Section 25 Ii of t he -Mineral Act.
Haled al Camborne, B. C, this 14th
day of May 1908.
sat my IU Oud J. A. Lewis,
Rkvbutokb Lanii District
District of Wbht Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK lhat I, Samuel
.lames llailuw, of Nakusp, B. C, occupation, fanner, Intends to apply for
permission lo purchase the following
described land :
Commencing at a post planted at'a
point twenty t_m chains east of a poiut
eighty chains soulh of lhe southwest
oorner of Lot No. 8.149; thence south
to chains, 1 hence east 4(1 chains, thence
ninth 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
to pollll of i ommenceiuenl nnd containing one hundred and sixty (1011)
ni ies more or less.
(8gd) Samiel .Iamkh Harlow.
Dated .Inly 11, 1908.
llevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take nolice that  George McCarter,
Sr.,   of   Hevelstoke, B.C.,   Agent,  intends to apply for permission to pur.
chase the following described lands;
Commencing m a post planted on
the west bank of the Columbia River
at the south-cost coiner of Lot 8296.
Group I, Kootenay, and maiked
"(leorge McCarter,Sr,, north-east cornet posl," thence west 10 chains;
thence SOUCh 20 chains; thence east 20
chains more or less to the west bank
of the Columbia river: thence northerly along the west bank of the Columbia Hver to tbe point of commence
ment. containing SB acres more or less.
Hy his agent, Geo. 8, McCarter.
Datod June mil. 1U08,
j _7t)0d
Certificate of Improvements
Skookum, Drumltimmon and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Kevelstoke Milling Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located!   Un the north side of
Cougar Creek.
Tike notice that I, William J. Briggs
of Kevelstoke, B. C, Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certifloate No. B94288, acting
as agent for mid on behalf of His Majesty King Edward VH, in the Right
of the Dominion of Canada Free Min-
er's Certifloate No.B9l287, intend sixty
days from date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 87 must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of July, 1008.
JUL 27
^StptilA. B- O-
L;ulie_' Summer Vests, price only  150.
Ladies' Blouses selling for .Sue. u\i.
Men's Summer  Underwear  selling at  .$1
LaJies' Lisle Thread  \ ests with  Crochet
per Suit.
Men's Negligee Shirts without collar. Reg,
$1.00.  Now 75c, eaeh.
Children's Bleached Cotton Vests toe. each
Boys' Soft Shirts  with collars,   selling at
Ladies'   Cotton Corset Covers, trimmed
(inc. each.
with lace and embroidery.     Reg.  40c
Men's Black   Cashmere  Socks—live   pair
and 45c.    Now 25c.
for $1.
Men's Colored   Working Shirts selling at
Ladies' Wash Skirts,     Reg. $2.50.     Now
50c. each.
Men's Congress Hoots.    Reg. $3.50.  Now
$2.50.     This i.s a  heavy   boot   made to
Ladies'   House   Dresses.     Regular $2.50.
stand hard wear.
Now $1.50.
Men's Congress Boot, light weight, selling
at $2.0 1,
Ladies' Summer Skirts in Navy,  Blue and
Men's Box Calf   Lace   Boot.     Regular $4
Ll.tck Lustre l_ir$_.,.o.       Tweed Skirts,
now $3,00,
Summer weight, $3.00,
Millinery at Half Price.
i|ntiili'l"|n|n|ii|i **4j»$i
I Spraying i<
I Fruit Trees       $
♦$* You   can   net     all     the   W
♦$* Chemicals   tor   any    rn-  *V
fjk ceip: here   Wc have them
&r ready ind can ndvijc you
+1+ the best lu  Use
f   C. R. MACDONALD        *
X I!  (!
,%i iii if et' 'l' eft -fr fl 'I1 'tMI' *$#
Weather Forecast
Weiltie-ilay. July 22nd.—Generally
fair, sultry, variable hretzes. Max. US,
Min. 57
Local and General.
The lire bt il  calls  uui   mure | pie
man the church bell.
rhe Shindy Lumber company are
opening a lumber yard in Ihe City
K, H. Trueman is iu lho oity ami
niil be I iiiiitl al the Studio until tlio
24th inst.
Local anglers are  having   excellent
-ju.n   ut    (iriiiy   Creek    and   Albert
Wait is tie matter with the Labor
Day celebration committee? Time ie
getting short.
Monday was Ibe hollos! dnj Ibis
year, the thermometer registering 99
decrees in tin shade at nouu.
Wc underst md that tin re ulte .1
tbe recent school examinations will he
ready ior publication on Saturday.
The census bureau, Ottawa, esii
mates the population ■ >! Canada on
March 31st, this year, si G,80-,500
11 X, Coursier and C. J. Aman went
to Arrowhead tins morning to attend
the institution of the   Masonic Lodge.
It buss now been decided to adopt
yellow and black as tho funnel colors
:ur all tbe steamers thro'lgbout the
C.P.K. service.
Gold Range 1/jdgi. -V. -''>, Knights
il Pythias are holding their installation of officers to-night. All mem-
iers ihould be present.
We understand that several important matters relating to municipal
improvements will be taken up and
icted upon at the Council meeting
next Friday.
D, 0. MacLauriu  has been appoint-
.1 principal ol the High School on the
etireraent of   Mr. Sissons.    W. Long
bu   received   the   appointment    as
.--.-• mt
Mr-. B. Turner, >•( Argentina, Kan ,
gave birth to quadruplets on Sunday,
three boys and a girl. The girl died
shortly niter birth, but the boys sre
iliv_ an,! healthy
M. M  Collinge,  ol   the   Mill Hi.n-
■hipjied  some fine   rhubarb    i
reek grown on  Ins   ranche, thr..ugii
the Fruit and   Produce   Exchange ol
ll C. ti the Begins Fair,
W. J Brandrith, secret iry il the
B. C, Fruitgrower* Association, will
give an address in the city on Wed
oesday, July 29th, on commercial
strawberry growing. H. Kipp, ol
Chilliwack, will also address the meeting on general fruit gruwing.
yon  will  lind   i  i-enmiutible
uess   iii   pi is ,■   t hal     makes
I'.elll   really   the   lllnsl peon-
oinieal iu use. Pot cvciy-
lliing yuu liny hole will he
all eaten and lint-hlng will go
lu waste, Try us with tin
uiili'i nnd > null see how far
y.nii money noes in this
e. and how far I he gl'll-
ect'ioa en in ynur hntiHchnld,
Vnii'll he well plenspil with
and good, pure, wholesome,
nourishing In end makes boys
muscular and lieally. Our
bread is made Irum the llnesi
hard Winter wheal the
kind thai retains lhe lutlri-
entsnfgluleii and phosphates
Consequently il is rich in nu-
i iii ii m, and is absolutely
pure in i i-eiy particular of
baking and 'handling, Ami
a big Inn! rusts Iiul little
>'._*. it V^%j,-^
HOBSOjS    <<&   BELL
71  I W E   H A V BIT
MONEY    'I'n    LOAN
both excellenl medicines to correct system derangements, li
will purify your blood and in
crease youi appetite. .1 usi the
medicine you want foi the hot
weather,        SI.OO a Bottlo
\   meeting   ol   tht   voters   nl   the
lleghie school ilisli inl    « ill   he held on
Monday   afterut     July   27th    n  H
o'clock   in   the oity hall, foi tho pur
post ol iolccl infj n scl I site
Cheques aggregating $25,001) were
s-eut not ,.ii Monday fro u Ottawa to
Vancouver in payment of the Chinese
claims as settled by W. L, Macken -•
King, tor the rioi i- there some while
M   Murray  ul   Vancouver,   win
ceived 1135 marks in the MeGillexams,
was first in both   B.   C   and   Canada.
In these  matriculatiou   examiuatinns
for   several   successive   years,   B    I
student- haie headed the list
F. IliitViniistei   nnl  T   Coleman, of
the Canadian   General    Electric   Ci
ii, iu Ibe city  and   engaged   on   the
erection .•! the new gas producer plant
and   auxiliary   engines   the   oitj
lighting plant.     All the machine
. ii ih,. ground and  the  work   a
rushed forward ni   apidly as   possible,
The large dining wheel ol the Premier
gas engine alone weighs 20 tons
lieneral regret will   be  expressed al
ihe departure   if 0   II    Sis    . -   ,	
eipal '.( the lligls   -'■ whn   leaves
to- rrow  f.,r  Ins   bun i   Bat   i
Ont, Mi' Hissnns will in the fall
(or England, where he will enter
11, ' niversity Four years ago
Mr Sitsone opened t he lli_h sohool
here and by hard, honest sml consci
entiom work, has brought n to the
present high standard. Mr, Sissons'
departure will be felt in sporting as
well a* educational circles, us he was
keen nn all, recreations and
spurts. His many friends in Revelstoke wish him every hiiccpss in his
new career.
A nice line nl carpet squares al C
R. Hume & Co.
Wall paper, window shades, curtain
poles  and   fixtures  nt   C. I!  Hume A
Wc have just received from Scotland
ii line range, of linoleums and floor oil
cloths—C. IS   Hume & Co.
Secure n lawn mower at Lawrence
Hardware Co's special sale: A linisy
12 inch for 13.25; a Woodyat 14 inch
J6.60; the K Style 14 inch .ft. and 1(1
inch s$6; high wheel silver finish II in.
96.50, and 16 inch $(!, nnil hall hearings 14 inch fii; HI inch *(i.6(), mid IH
inch |7.50,
Social and Personal
M r- ii I- i'■.ir i — wi . not receiv.
to-mi irrow
.l.t' Vance lefl ■■--■• rd iy fnr .Smitii
Creek   Big Bend.
Fred Foi ;■ si >l Ait-ert Canyon, was
•i visitor in the city yesterday.
M  -   !; Si •■  'A . -"nin-ti
is- visiting Mr. aud Mr-. K  is. McRai
.1   K   eft this  morning  nn
lire warden      -    est dowi
11   ll:i_gen lei    Monday   ta   rt •
Bume his duties  ,ii    Pingston   Creel
Arrow Lakes
HhihI   i ■ .si.- i.s    managet   ..I     the
Gibbons Lumber Co., Pingston 'reel
.'.•as in the city ..n Monday,
Miss. Muriel linck has accepted s
position in the office nf the Knot and
Produce Exchange ..I II <
Mi- I tinstone "l Armstrong bale, ii. .1 a position hi i he local office
of i he Bowman Lumber Co,
m -- i -i.. Unslie and Esael tinsli
is-ii ..ti Sunday for a visit i. ii,.-1
grandparents in  Monl
J, Morgan hit nn Sunday foi h>l, where be h is I een calli d V
attend his  mother   win.   ii   seriously
Engineer •'. Simmonds and Mrs
Simmonds returned yesterday to iheir
home in Nelson from a visit to the
Miss Jeao Orr, who has heen tbe
guest ul Mr. and Mrs 11. A. Lawson
this summer, left on  Sunday  Inr  the
C, A. M. Morris,of Mosquito Flal
Notch Hill, arrived tins morning on
a visit l.o Mr. and   Mrs, H. Cunning-1
ham Morris
Professor and Mrs. Tlinmhur, nl
Washington, and Mr. II Dobie, of
Victoria, were m  the oity yesterday
and left, thin morning for Kaslo,
Mis" Isisie Lundville, who bus been
visiting in Hevelstoke for the past two
weeks, left on Monday morning fur a
trip lo California via Spokane,
Haron Andre lit Weill, of I'aris,
France, is a guest nt the  Hotel Revel.
stoke.    The Haron is visiting  Canada
nn mining interests nnd   is   milking h
visit to this section ul lho oountry for
thai purpose,
('. Nelson, Supreme Representative
nf H.C, In the Supremo Lodge Knights
nl Pythias, arrives in tbe oity this
evening in ullntul the installation
ceremony of ofiiuers in the local K. of
f   Lodge.
0. A, Taylor and Mr, AI foul, Spokane capitalists, ami W. A. Smythe,
of ibis oity, returned on Sunday from
an inspection of Mr. Sniythe's mining
properties at Lalorme creek, llig Bend,
bringing luck with them some linn
samples of silver  lead  ore.
Word has been received that Miss
lean Hyatt, who ranked fourth iu
Western Canada in the recent McGill
Matriculation Examinations, has qualified fnr one nf the seven one hundred
dollar scholarships, Miss Hyatt received 008 marks out of 700.
The issue ol Quebec tercentenary
stamps is on the market in Vancouver, having been placed on sale at the
pnstifiice ihis morning,     Thn stamps
are II. ding ready sale, as many people
tire desirous of securing this eiltilO set.
ns n luotneilto of the occasion.
The Vancouver Homing Club held
their lirst young bird race of the season yesterday fri in Vale unit a good
race wan the result, the birds covering
the distance in   a  little  under  two
hours. F.J. Atles won first place and
It. Cnsselniiin second. The next race
will be from North Heud on July 25th.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hnwkes, of Keginu
have been in the city have heen in tbe
city lor ii few days, the guest  of   Mrs
* . II. Lee Mrs. Ilawkes is n stepdaughter of Mrs. Lee and  this  is  her
first visit, to the city for some years.
Mr. and Mrs Ilawkes will visit the
coast oities before returning to their
home at. Regime
Mis. II. F. Iii'iider, of I'olesti, Roll-
n i u ii in is ill Ibe city fin a few days on
n visit tri her brill her and sister, Mr.
W. E McLaughlin mul Mrs, W. II.
Lee. Mis, Dialler bus just, arrived
from England where she is having her
In in i Iy educated ul Bedford. Mr.
Hinder, her husband, is ul, present, ill
New Mexico, looking over Ilia nil
properties nnd will probably return
i bit way en route to Europe. Mr.
Dr.uler is one of the most extensive
nil operators on the continent, being
inleiebled in the oil fields of I'etroliu,
(int., New Mexico, Roiinninia, Austria
nnd British Eaal Imii i
Albert Canyon
Kiinn (Inr Own t'lirrissiinnili'iil,
Mrs. William  Williamson returned
tu her home at Bear Creek, Saturday,
after spending several days visiting
her daughter, Mrs   A. E  Sharpe and
Mr and Mrs Will Dookery of Coeur
d'Alene, Idaho arrived in town Friday
They will spend twu or three weeks
visiting with Mrs. Dookery's sister,
Mrs. A E Sharpe, ami her mother
Mra. \\ ni  Williamson ut Bear Creek.
A K. Sharpe lefl. nil Tuesday fur
Mi-.-inii oil u twu weeks' vacation
visiting with bis   mother,  Mrs. 0, F.
0. Anderson ul Revelstoke spent
S lay in Albeit Canyon,
Mrs. Charles Carlson returned home
alter spending a week iu Revelstnke
visiting with friends,
Tin-survey party which nits been in
the field fur the pist few weeks completed tin ir work nn Sunday.
A number 'f from Revelstoke art spending week ends at the
Canyon, the spring- being a great
Federal Parliament Prorogued
Election Next Fall.
Ottawa, July21.—With prorogation
••• -sterility,   of the   230   days'
less       ■ parliament, there   is   little
but that the tenth  parliament
..( Canada has concluded its labors.
i in- . cpectation of a general election
Cuming in the fall is general on both
-ids-- nl the House ul t 'miniums, al-
tie.iigii   the   government   supporters
have separated without anything re
from headquarters than an injunction
tu gi t ready.
Sir Wilfrid burner and his ministers
will leave to-nighi for Quebec to lake
pm in the tercentenary celebration*,
but will return to the eapital at lhe
end -.1 ' lit mull! li fi -I a leries of cabinet meetings lotting about a fortnight,
A mong the billi ihi nted lo were
i hose I., iiiiiiiii tin i Ibinesc immigration act regarding  the   admission   of
1 Ih      si i'i. i.i-     ti    pri . ids   fur a
oourl ol tppt,ii in   British Columbia;
i.o cunt nine the government bounty nn
pig lead, tu incorporate the Shuswap
A Thompson Rivers Boom company,
and to prohibit the i iportation, man.
nfacture, snd sale ol opium fnr other
than medicinal pnrp mmi
What C P.R. Shopmen Gained by
WtWNIPKO, July 21 —The conciliation board on shop grievances made
its report public, to day.    Sommcrville
made a   minority   report, also.   The
company    wins      on    drill    pressmen,
classification of boilermakers, makeup
of wrecking crews ami overlapping
Thore is lo bO no reduction ol stall'
to reduce  expenses,   no  reduction   ini
scale nf wages, no sliding scale, helpers'
not nil iwed to use tools with exception
of machinists, mu oh an go in  npprcn
tiros (' heir rutin to hit four tu one),o: e
C'liuiniltie In ileal   wilh   nen's   grievances with  ihe cum puny nnd   to be
paid fnr time if  li ure found In have
u grievance; a nine hour tiny in Oil-
tnrio ns soon us possible, but nn recommendations; carmen included in
nil discussions of schedules as per tbeir
request; one Committee is to meet, in
Toronto and Montreal and arrange all
schedules with the company's officials.
On Monday evening a gamp was
played on the Y.M.C.A. grounds between tbe eily team unit the Y.M.C.A.
It. wns nut n gunil gnnic ns it was tno
onesided, the score being 7 to 0 in
favor nf the oity, There was une line
feature, however, there was no dirty
play on either side. At limes lhe
game wits rather rough yet everyone
checked fair and kept, good tempered.
May wo see many more games ol the
same kind. Neil Lee imidc an efficient
referee, but. did not band out a single
slip tn a player.
The Y.M.C.A.  lacrosse practise will
be next Monday night as they are giving   tlie   grounds   up  fur a  baseball
game on Friday night.
The city lacrosse team piny the
Rovers at baseball Friday night on
the Y.M.C.A. grounds.
Wednesday night the Rovers play
the Hopefuls in u league game. The
Rovers gut n lug thumping last lime
nnil will tlo their best In reverse the
order nt events.
Tlie Y.M.C A. senior , I nil team is
wailing anxiously to get u game with
some outside team but games seem to
bp as BCill'Cfl us hens teeth.
A despatch Irum Armstrong was
received yesterday from W. W. Foster
on behalf of the Revelstoke cricket
team nuw touting the Okanagan
stating thai Revelstoke hud played u
two innings game with Ihe-Aunstrung
eleven und had won   by seven wickets.
A wire Irom W. II Humphreys
from Vernon Inst night slates that
tbe Revelstoke team won u pleasant,
excitingnntl sensational match against.
Vernon yesterday by two wickets.
There was a good prac ioe .in the
Y.M.C.A. grounds lust night, nil In ugh
the turn out wus noi Urge.
Gulden people serin In think they
have a football team in iheir town.
We think Revelstoke cnilld trim Iheill
if they had u chance lo try.
Seven new world's records, were made
during the week ai the Olympic
games ul London us follow*!
1000-netre run, 1 02 2-5, Olympic
record hy M. W. Sheppard, Irish-Am
erican Athletic club, iu final, und hy
N, F. Hallows, United Kingdom in
trial beat. ,
Throwing 10-pouu I hammer 170
feel.-Ll inches, new Olympic record, by
John J. Flanagan, Irish-American
Athletic club.
Javelin throw, 178 feet 7i inches,
new world's record, by Eric Lemming,
Five-mile race, 2...40 4 5, new Olympic record, by John Shan berg,
Ten-mile walk, 1 hr. 15 min. 57 1-5
sees., new world's record, hy C. E.
United Kingdom—Javelin throw,
middle hold 18'J feet 10.1 inches, new
world's record, by Eiie Lemming,
100-kilometre bicycle race, 2 hours
_7mins., by Bartlett,Unhod Kingdom.
The followiug games have been
played oil' in the lawn tennis tournament:
Ladies singles — Mrs. Elson won
from Miss Paget, II-1, li 0,
Mrs. II. Cunningham Morris won
from Miss Spurliog, 4 li, (i 4, (1-0.
Men's singles—W. Ii. Peterson won
from K   II. Lewis, (i-O, 6 I
A. U MoOleneglian won from II
\  Boon, li 8, (1 I.
Ladies' doublei—Miss llardie ami
Miss Spiirliug won Irom Mra. Heath-
cott aud Miss Paget, li J, 111
Mrs, II, Cunningham Morris ami
Mr-. W. Elson won from Miss Bardie
and Miss Spurting,  0-8,0-2
Mrs. II. Cunningham Morris ami
W. Elson won by default frnin Mrs.
Aylmer and Mrs. Mclatinan.
For Sale
Dry cellar   curd    wood — Revelstoke
t.i'hiral Agencies   Lid.
I   (1ST   Cold  tin ocb, set wild pearls
j   end diamonds, between l-t. and
:iril. Streets, east,    Return  to Mrs.
Muiey. Mid. si reel, and received ...Vim
rTTANTED   For  Brlsco school,   a
D. & A.   W. B.   P. C.
The Big 3
These arc three "' the best lines made
and we cun give you ull styles nnd nil
sizes fri iu IK to SI.
We curry them In long hipi Bhort hip
und girdle styles with or without the
hose supporter.
Ladies' and Children's
Hygiene Waists . . .
Summer Corsets only 50 Cents Per Pair,
We have Corsets for all models, slender, medium and stout, and
would oull particular attention to our I). &A. 00R8HT for stout
McKenzie Avenue.
The "Beresford" Shoe
The " Hecesl'iitd " Shoe is lhe most com fort able us well
as the nicest Shoe you ever hid on your fool : fitslUc
nn easy old shoe, shapes right In your loot and remains
no until worn mil. Tlmnssorluicnl. Ir liuide up of the
following : Vii-i Kid, Hox Call', (fun Metal, Velotir,
Patent Kid, Enamel, Blucher, and regular' out, also
Men's I'uteni Leather Buttoned, and Fanoy Top—
$5 TO $6.50.
bullet tint sny n word till you have
dmnk the sihIii we serve you. Then
you'll only wish il hud been bigger
unit that you could hold more. For
if there ia a perfectly satisfying, delicious drink on the earth it U a glass
ol our famous soda Stop and have
al lea-l one. If your capacity were
equal to your desire you would want
a dis/.s-n.
i»f s Candy Palace
Card of Thanks
(in behalf of the officers and mem
hers,if L. O I. No. 1058, WO beg to
extend uur sincere lha.iks In His
Worship the Mayor, and City Council,
and to tlie citizens generally, and to
all who help d ill any way to make
tlie Orange celebration rm July l.'ttb
Hitch u success.
,1, II   AuMsi'ito.Mi, W. M.
Tuns. Btbbd, F. S,
Interesting Lectures
A serbs of interesting lectures
will be given in Revelstoke
July 24th  to   26th, 1908
in the
Salvation Army Hall
mil.  loachei   luildimr  ihiid
certificate! $."io per month.   Por full
particulars apply in H Tapping, of
Revelstoko, II. c . also to Trustee II.  8oats Free.
Atchison, BHbco, b. c.
of Boston, Mass., U. 8. A.
July 24 "Ood's Eternal Purpose. (Illustrated by a large
.iuiy_/> 8 p.m, "Overthrow of Satan's
Numbiy, July _<l, lOlHO a. in. •' Where
are (he I lend t"
Sunday, July SB  8 p.m.   "Bleotlon-
ls it Scriptural 'i "
Sunday, 7i:to p. in.—" From Hell to
All  W.looms
No Collections
Tenders are required for clearing and
levelling the lane in Block 411, Ward
III, to reach tbe undersigned by 5 p.
ni., Friday Ihe 24th inst.
City Clerk.
July 18, 1JI08. 2 t
Bevelstoke Hospital Society
Annual General Meeting,
The annual general meeting ol the
members of the above society will be
held, as per bylaw, on Monday, August 3rd, 1008, iu the City Hall at H
T. Kn.i'ATKioK, Pres.
jly 18 4t        B. R. Atkins, Secy.
A private sale of men's laundricd
underwear whitewear, etc., is being
held daily at the office of the Steam
Laundry. A large number of bundles
nl washing are nnw lying uncalled lor
at the office and tliese will lie Hold tu
psy for charges. July Ml


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