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The Mail Herald 1909-09-08

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" Empire " Typewriter
Foi easu ol opt ration and perfection
in itsii''s produi'i'il, thl« niaoliiue
is unsiirpn-sed.    Prioe, $0u 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
.^neei.l libr|ry
The Mail-Herald
Vol. 15.~No*63
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and .Publishers
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Friday and Saturday
Drygoods Department
Hem-stitched Pillow Slips, 42 inch. Good
value at the regular price of 40 cents each. Selling
this week only at
25 Cents Each
Fine Lawn, 36 inches in width, just the thing
for Children's dresses or fine underwear. Selling on
Friday and Saturday at
ID Cents Per Yard
Men's Wear Department
Excclda Handkerchiefs in plain white or with
fancy borders.     A snap at the bargain price of
Three for SD Cents
A line of Four-in-Hand  Ties.     All  different
patterns and different shapes.      Regular 60c.   and
~jv. values.
35 Cents Each
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
The kind  that saves ice.
cost price.
o4H  going   at
from 1 qt. to 12 qts.
I, 2 and 3 burners A* Do not heat up
the house in summer. No smell; use very
little oil.
4 and 5 ply rubber, wire wound and cotton;
all guaranteed,
Ball Bearing--the best makes-easy to run,
and do the work well.
o4.ll styles and at low prices.
Have you seen the
Start it up and it will run for five minutes
Water Motor Washing Machines in stock.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Mill Foreman Killed at Pingston
On Saturday afternoon an extraordinary fatality occurred at the
Gibbons Lumber Company's mill at
Pingston creek, when the foremen,
Thos. Beecber Mettherall lost his life
through being caught in tho conveyor
belt and hurled against the ceiling.
No one saw the accident happen, so
tbe cause is a mystery. Something
went wrong with the carriage nnd
deceased rushed downstairs to attend
to it It is supposed he took a shortcut by jumping through the conveyoi
belt in which he got caught with the
fatal result. When the bi dy was
picked up the skull was found to hiive
been fractured by tbe violence with
which deceased was dashed againBt
the timbers overhead. Deceased was
«n experienced millwright and a careful niau. He was an old employee of
Mr Gibbous, manager of tlie mill,
having served under him at the Arrowhead Lumber Co.'s mill for three
years, and was at tbe Pingston Creek
mill for 14 months previously. He
was 38 years of age and unmarried.
He came from Cape Wolf, Prince
Edward Island. The remainB were
intered st Revelstoke yesterday, Rev.
Mr. Hall conducting the burial
Man Arrested with Part of Proceeds on Him
Late on Friday night J. Laundry,
a lumberjack, was robbed of $.200.
He was on the river bank at tbe time
when two men engaged him in conversation on li.irpe racing and get'ing
him excited be produced his "wad" to
back his opinion when ono of the men
eeized it and ran off with it. The
police were advised ot the matter and
promptly arrested one ol the men
who had part ol the money on bim.
Entertain Visiting Fire Chiefs On
A most enjoyable evening was spent
last night by the boyB of Fire Brigade
No. 1, having aB their guests Chiefs
Savage, of Grand Forks oud McDougall, ol Fernie Afier a few rune of the
hose team they adjourned to the up
stairs of the hall wbete Chief Abra-
bamBoii welcomed the guests in a lew
well chosen remarks, to wlich the
guests responded, thanking tbe brigade
for the hearty reception which they
had received. The visitors pointed
out in the course of their deliberations
the necessity and great advantage
nf a central lire hall, also a team ol
horses ready at all times to respond to
any alarm. The evening waB then
brought to a dote by some very able
remarks by Firemen N'eedham, Jamieson, Aid. Stone and uthers.
The Fair
The Revelstoke Sash and Door
Factory Company will exhibit samples ul tbeir manufacture at tbe Fair.
Tbe Bank ol Commerce has given
three medals for competition at the
Fair. One is lor the person taking
most prizes iu fruit and vegetables,
another is lor the greatest number of
awards in dogs, and the third is for
the best exhibit at the Fair.
Mr. Middleton, of the Provincial
Department of Agriculture, and who
was a visitor to the city Monday, will
return to take in the Fair. He will
probably give a lecture here. He is
astonished at the development of
Revelstoke in the way of small farming and fruit growing.
EntrieB are coming in well. The
committee have appointed F. Le Feaux
to attend continuously at the grounds
to receive entries and to supply information to exhibitors.
Suitable exhibition buildings have
been provided lor flowers, vegetables
and poultry.
Entries are coming in well for the
Fair, and it is expected to be a big
succefs, tomorrow being the opening
day. Several horBeB have alread)
arrived lor tbe races and others are
Comedy and Dance Friday Night
Patrons ol tbe Fall Fair will be
afforded a treat at the opera house on
Friday night when the Amateur Dramatic Club present the great comedy
success "Contusion," with the lollowing cast:
Mortimer Muinhlefoid . W..]. liriiwn
Christopher Blizzard . W.M.Lawrence
Rupert Sunbei-ry . . . , C. W. Gordon
Dr. Jones W. A. Sturdy
James D, M, Rue
Michael Muzzle R. Aokman
Rose .Muinhlefoid . .Miss Muriel Buck
I.iii'ietinTit-kleliy. Mw.W.M.Lawrence
Violet Miss Ulla Watson
Maria Mrs, D. M. Rue
Immediately after the performance
a dance will Ih> held music for which
will be furnished by the Independent
Band and a thoroughly cnjoyablo
time is assured. The plan of the hall
it now open at Maodonald's drug store.
Book your seats early. Do it now.
Keserved scats 7oc. General ad mis-
I don 50o.
Shocking Railway Wreck—A Culprit Tracked by Bloodhounds
-Capturing a Train Robber
-Run Over By Cars
Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 1.—Three
adults and an infant were drowned in
South Pond, near Pulaski, to-day by
tbe capsizing of a boat.
PITTSBURG, Sept. 4.— Four persons
were killed and 35 others injured,
several perhaps fatally, at midnight
Inst night when train No. 5 westbound
on the P: Itimore A Ohio railroad,
known as the Royal Blue, Limited,
running between New York and
Chicago, was wrecked at Obewton, Pu
Tbe train ollicials claim that the
wreck was caused by bends who removed two fishplates from the tracks
and removed tbe spikes for a rail
length. Bloodhounds arrived here
to-day hot on the trail ol the perpetrators ol the wreck. The dogs picked
up the scent from the handle of a
sledge hammer found in a Held near
tbe scene of the disaster. The bloodhounds reached a slaughter house in
lhe outskirts ol tho village after leading the pursuing posse straight lo the
Frame cattle killing plint. In tbe
ynrd of the place the dogs hesitated
ami bayed loudly. The auimala refused to take up the trail further and
the p isse BUrrounded the plsce. Capt.
J H. Breen of tbe B. A O. secret
p iho , called for volunteers to go into
the slaughter house and take the
man supposed to be hiding there.
LEWISTON, Pa., Sept. 4.—Tho capture nf the desperado who held up and
robbed the Pennsylvania train near
here last Tuesday morning is believed
to be imminent. Two hundred men
have surrounded the robber's retreat
iu the mount n ins, three miles distance
Fkiinie, Sept. 4—A young lad 12
years of age whb run over hy the c.irs
on the Morrissey, Fernie & Michel
railway last evening and had both feet
terribly crushed besides receiving
other injuries. He was at once removed to the Feruie hospital where
hut slight hopes are entertained lor
his recovery.
Visited by Two Tourists After a
Hazardous Trip
The interesting news has cume this
week that the North Pole has been
actually visited by Dr. Frederick A.
Cook, o! Boston, and Peary the explorer. The reports by these men of
their achievements are credited iu
scientific circles. Dr. Cook reports
finding land at the locution of the
pole. Dr. Cook, who had twenty-six
dogs and two Esquimaux, made a
dash ol 460 miles to the North Pule
after traversing 240 miles, establishing
relief stations and fuod depots along
tbe route. Ttie dash was commenced
in August, P.I07, the Pole was reached
April 21, 1008. The trip back required
eighteen months.
Maurice Egan, the U, S. Minister at
Copenhagen, has telegraphed the Btaie
department that Dr. Cook's reported
discovery at the North Pole Iuib been
corroborated by Dergaard Janstn, the
Danish inspector of North Greenland.
New Yokk, Sept. 0.—Peary has
succeeded !
"Stars und Stripes nailed tu the
North Pole."
Successful Rifle Shooting for Trophies on Labor Day
The Rocky Mountain Rangers held
their annual rille competition on
Labor Day. Tbe mutch was amongst
the most successful held in Kevelstoke.
Mr. Buck was range ollieer, aud wus
aasiBted by Mr. L, Huwke, both gentlemen performing their duties well.
The weather was calm and clear, milk-
ing an ideal day fur rille shooting
The following were the reaultB:
800 yah lis
1 Silver water pitcher, Col.-Sgt.
Donald; 2 Silver Mask, L.-Corp. D.
MaoDonald; 8 Pair Tiffany vases, Pte.
D. Young; 4 Briar pipe and case, Pte.
W. Allen; fi Pocket bonk, Pte. Griffiths; (i Watch fob (presented by R. N.
Doyle) Sgt. H. Shardlow.
000 YARDS—1st Class Shots
1 Set carvers, Pte. H. Miilholland; 2
Gold mounted umbrella, Citpt. H. A.
Brown; ii Jardiniere (presented by J,
Guy Barber) L.-C. Meek; 4 Salety
razor, Col.-Sgt. Donald; 5 Box cigars
(presented by H. Mackiunon) Sgt.
000 yards—2nd Class shots
1 Silver smoking set, Pte. Young; 2
Bedroom clock (presented by \V. A.
Foote) Pte. Farquhar; 3 Silver mounted biscuit jar (presented by C R Macdonald) H. Pratt; 4 Knife in case,
Corp. Leslie; 0 Box eiuitrs (presented
by H. McKinuon) Pte. Grilliths.
500 yards—lat Clusa Shots
1 Shaving   glaaH,   Sergt.   Donald; 2
Silver   mounted   butter   dish,  Capt.
Brown; 3 Hunting flask, L.-C. IKek.
500 YARDS—2nd Class Shuts
1 Silver mounted biscuit jar, L.-Cpl.
Leslie; 2 Military brushes, Pte.Young;
3 Shooting set, Lieut. C. A. Harte.
200 yards—lat Class Shots
1 Pipe in. ca-'O and tobacco pouch,
H. Miilholland; 2 Auto-strop safety
razor, Capt. Brown; 3 Knife and case,
H. Shardlow.
200 yards—2'id ClaHB Shots
1 Pipe in catc and tobacco pouch,
F. T. Griffiths; 2 Waterman fountain
pen in case, Roy Aokman; 3 Shooting
set, H, Pratt.
I Gold Mounted tobaoc i j ir, Pte. H.
Miilholland 21; 2 Silver mounted cut
glass berry bowl, Sgl. G truer'20'. 3
Bedroom clock, Col. Sut. Donald 18; 4
Box cigars (presented by Messrs. Coming A Duponi) Capt. Brown 17.
1 Gold mounted photo frame, Capt.
H. A. Brown 19; 2 Set mounted deer
horns (presented hy H. Edwards) D.
MacDonald 16; 3 Shooting eel, Sgt.
Garner 14; 4 Box ol cigars (presented
by Corning & Dupont), Pte. Mulhol-
land 12.
1 Silver Cup, (presented by Corpl.
W. Leslie), Corpl. Dull'.
2 One year'a subscription to Maii.-
HiiRAl.D (presented by E. A. Haggen),
Corpl. Bennison.
1 Gold medal, Ool.-Sgt. Donald ION;
2 Silver medal, Sgt. Shardlow, 04; 3
Bronze medal, L.-Cpl. I). Ma-Donald
93; I .Inrilay-llichiirdsiiii orthoptic
(presented by Lieut. C. A. Ilurte),
Capt. H. A   Brown 91.
I Silver cup  piesented by Capt. II
A. Brown  bronze   medals  to men   of
winning   leain—Sgt.   (iarnur,   Corpl
Leslie, L-Cpl  Meek, Pte. Pratt.
Alpine News
Holding Most Successful Shoot
A» we go to press the Gun Club
Tournament is on at the McKenzie
Avenue Grounds. There iu ii large
attendance and the shoot is the most
.successful in the history of lhe Cluh.
rlsltors are present from Vanoouver,
Ottawa, Olympia. Wash., and Armstrong, B, 0.
Fruit Culture
"I havo visited the Columbia valley,
the Coast and tho Okanagan districts
and find that nowhere is there anything to surpass the fruits in the
Kootenay district. The crops here
are extremely good, said G. Bethune
Grey, British and European manager
ol the C.I'.R. land departmenl, with
headquarters in London, England, tn
a representative of the Daily News."
Dominion fruit  inspector   Maxwell
Smith haB forwarded his resignation
to Ottawa to take effect October 1
• ^ • —      —
Rail and Steamer
The C.P.R. have adopted a policy ol
improving the standard of their employees, so that the (act that a man is
an employee ol the great railway com
pany will be a guarantee that he is a
sterling, high-grade man all round,
and tbat the best is none too good lor
The annual publication ol the
Canadian Alpine Club is now out and
its compilation rellects the highest
credit ou tlie editor, Mr. A.U. Wheeler,
and on the printers, the Herald
Western Company, of Calgary. An
interesting paper iB that describing
the two attempts hy Prof. Coleman,
of Toronto, and Rev. G B, Kinney to
climb Mt. Robson at Yellowhead Pubs,
the highest mountain of the Canadian
A party of English Alpine climbers,
headed by a Mr. Mtiun, has started
lor Mt. Robson, iu the Yellowhead
1'asB, determined if possible to con
qiier the ascent of this peak for the
English Alpine Club.
The Grand Trunk   Pacific  Ita iway
Co. is  already  alive  to   tlio   splendid
heritage of the mountains of British
Oolumbia from a scenic and Alpine
climbing point nl view and tbis company is now advertising lhe altrac
tiuns ul Ml. Bobion at the western
gateway ol the Yellowhead Pass.
Lust week I'rol. Alilritt and G, 1.
Haggen climbed both the Albert
Peaks Tie south peak, altitude
9,998 feet, had been climbed for thu
firs', time the previous weok by Messrs,
Copeland and Siegfried and Messrs.
Aldritt and Haggen now made the
second ascent. The north Albert
peak, though lower, being '.1,052 feet,
had never been climbed before, though
Mr Corson's survey party nearly
reached the summit on u recent
survey. Messra. Aldritt and Hnggen
can therelore claim the honur ol the
first ascent ol thiB peak, which surely
proved it dillicult piece ol mountaineering, as Ihey hud to use the rope
(our times in making the ascent.
To-Night's Programme
An entire change of programme at
the Edison Parlor Theatre tonight,
including tho "City ol Washington
mul Inauguration ol President Taft "
Also the splendid colored picture "Tlie
Serpentine Dance,'' anil some gnod
The tiroceries carried;
in our establishment are,
from even' .standpoint, perfectly satisfactory. Their
excellent quality is conceded
by all who have tried them
and we can guarantee their
purity. It will be money
in your pocket to deal here
because yuu not only get
the highest grade of goods
but pay the lowest price for
Cams'. Christies', and McCormick's Biscuits
Chase and Sanborn Coffees
Tetleys'. and Brooke Bonds Teas
Headquarters for Choice Fruits and Vegetables
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
The Picture tells a Story
How its a Two Piece Suit Sale.      Just the left-overs
of our own choice stock
b. e. walker, president I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
JJXXATOKK LAIED,G<.ntr»l Manager ' Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
Tb« new Travellers' Cheque! I ecentlj* iuued '•> ihu Bank are ■ most convenient
war in which to carry money when travi Lling>   They .ire i"   ued in daooMinabona oi
$10,   $20,   $50,  $100 find  $200
•ad Um euct amount payable i<>   Austria,   Belgium,  Denmark, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Nus.sia, Sweden
■nd Switzerland i.i Matr.l on lite ho* of each cheque, while in other
ti_HT mrm payable at . <inr;.' rates.
Tha cheqttM and all information reir*"!"1*: thnn nuji be obtained al ertry
•f the Bank. ""
The Best Meats
in ihe in.uk"' ■ in i'ii iy. lie obiolnod
here, all thu year round, it Is young,
tender and juicy, anj cut or quantity
delivered on short notli e.
and game In season, Ynu will ibid it
must economical In the end m buy tbe
very lies] that can be had. Oui prices
are always rea • inablo,
Sausages  and Cooked   Meal - >   i"
dally.   Bones ci usliod foi youi chickens dally.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wc Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
'Confusion" Friday Night
New Buildings
Don't  miss  seeing "Contusion" at     Aid. Pradolini expeoti to oooupy hii
the opera house KiiiUy niiiht.    Dance
alter,    Hand In attendance.
line new   huusc   mi   Second  street   iu
about two ui.u.in- time. TIIE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flfeaiMfocvafo.
■Jntertor publishing Company,
Subscription   Rates
incluiiny postage io England, Unllcd Statefl
and Canada.
By the rear (through posloflloe]    $2.50
Haii    ;■      ;; ;;          •*
yuarter   1-INI
J ID HINTING proiiiplly executed al reason-
able rate-. .    .
rKBMS—Cash. Subscriptions paj-utile in ad
Legal notices 10 centa per hue Hr-t Insertion,
■ :■- per line each subsequent Insertion
Measurement! Nooparlel [12 line.- make one
inch}. Suire ami general business announcements $2.50 per inch per month,
l-referred positions, 25 per cent, ad-
.ii'.ii ual. Hinh.-. Marriages uml Heaths.
Mo.  each  Insertion.
Land notices $7,511 AU advertisements
to the approval of the management.
Wanted and Condensed Ailvi.rii-iini.iii-:
t.gents Wanted, Hi-lp Wanted, Situations
wanted. Situations Vacant, Teachers
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, 1" word* or
..-■ .... eaeh additional line in cents.
i banges In standing advertisements musl
:- ... :,, u a. in. Tuesday and Klilla) ol
bt ch week to secure koik] display,
i IRKEBPONDENCE Invited on matters ol
public Interest, Communications to Editor must be aceonipaiiied by inline 01
writer, not necessarily In publication, bul
_l- e\ idencc ul uooti faith, correspondence
i-hould be brief
UrricKB :   I.mi-kkiai. BANK Hi n.niMi KKVSt.-
Money to loan.
Offlce.,: llevelsloke, H I'.   Cranbrook, H. L.
lino. S. MoCARTBB
i.  M.   I'INKIIAM J. A.   IlAKl'KV,
Revelstoke. Cranbrook, B. 0.
Solicilor, eti-.
Solicitoi for: -
Tut Canadian Hank of Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Etc
Pro vim i il Laud Surveyor,
.Mining Surveyor
McKbnzie Avenue,
Box 100, Revelstoke
Mining Engineer
Kevelstoke, li. C.
Miin. American Institute Mining
Mem. lun  Mm.  I"--!
I.\ iniinatioiiK   itii'l   Iteports   mi   .Mine.-,
and Mining   Investments a specially.
Hlue Prints supplied "i plans uf Land,
Minks and Timiikh
Cable Address    "Kuiiagiin," Kevelstoke
,    : Moreing  mul N'eill, Bedford McNeill, Western 1'nioii, Clough.
ii iss M.  E, I'UKH.IITU.N
l'i \N", v.ii al, Theory
CertiticHled  from Trinity   University
and Turoiito Conservatory
v :    pli,;_«\KXT Al UL-Hl K M.l' tM'I'll K
.tug 'Si lm
C.    W.    O    W
Mountain  View Camp. No. 229
Meet*  Second  and   Fourth  Wednesdays iu
each mouth, in Selkirk Hall.   Vixitin   Wood-
meu conlially Invited to auoud.
JOHN i ARLSON. Con. Com.
J. MelNTYIlE. Clerk.
F. O. E.
TL« regular mMtiuif.. are held in tlie Selkirk
Hall every Snd and Itli Tuesday eveuiug at 8
uclnck.   Visitiuu brethren cordially invited.
W. E. McLAl'l HLIN.Secketabv.
Kootonay Lodge, No. 15, A f. Si A. M.
^i.      mf..^_. The remilar tneel-
1 '_*-T__ry-2V~~   "._____. Inga are hold iu tlm
"^AHtZl^    W) MASClNIlTKMl'LK
.    _._._»___»    -i«.    rgi oodlell..w-Hull, .iu
the third Muuday in
J-ach ni"nth at H
\s ni.  Visiting brelh-
reu cordially wel-
' come.
C. A. fK,J,'I'NIKl'., .-.K'.ltKl.tltv.
SELKIKK LODGE 12. I. 0.0  K.
Meet- every Ti.'.:-
lay   evening  in   Sel-
) '.:n HallaiBo'i'loci.
r-A Visiting brethren are
cordis.lj .:.vi'.-_ i.. utttiud.
Cold Range Lodge, K of P.
Ho. 26, Revelstoke, B C.
MEEI- . ihSV  abdnmday,
Hie; I :   A • !:.■ - 1
Bach a   :        . I.];-.   *
Hs..    si    •    .      ek      •:•:'.n
Kti.<.'.:• - .-tally   nviied.
T. P    SMITH  i    '
0. H.  -iHm K   K    ■.(   H    A -
J   Ii   si irTT   :.i, ol K.
Zbc flftaiUlbcrato
UNION   jt-.lSHt I
The improvement nf the Revel*
Btoke water supply i- a matter tlmt
p hou Kl have tin- urgent attention
of tin- city council, While the
supply lm''   been K'">'l up till this
summer the ^rrnwili nf ihu city is
making demands on tlie water
supply which it is no longer capable of meeting. An increased
supply is required, A- noted in ii
recent i-stie there are two sources
ol supply known to be available,
and there may he others. At all
events the dry season is ihe time in
investigate.     Tin- city bus already
AA APRFQ ''ni'1 Land one and a half
T^U MUnCO miles from Revelstuke, lo
be had at a bargain,
Q(\ APREQ Partly improved, two miles
OU Ml/rlLO from Revelstoke. Will sell
live stock and implements.
2»ppPQ   with   river   frontage;   good
HvIILO   land, partly cleared and close
to the city.
a very complete report on the cost
of bringing in a supply from Eight
Mile Creek, and this survey having
already been made there is no
necessity of Further expense in
connection therewith at present.
Greely Creek provides another
source of supply that hits not been
investigated, and the chief advantage of which would lie the reduced
cost ol utilising this supply. There
iH another stream which Hows
north-east from the glacier on Mi.
Clachnacooden which might, be
considered. Still another alternative is the const ruction of a large
reservoir in tlie valley of Bridge
Creek, which provides the present
supply. 'I his meek drains a calch-
nienl luisin which, with proper
reservoir accommodation, oould
furnish ample water for a city ten
ten times the size of Hevelstoke.
The ens! nf a reservoir to collect
and hold a six weeks' supply in
reserve might therefore lie considered, anil then compared with
that of utilising the other sources.
A reliable supply of water is one of
the, most necessary adjuncts of a
city whether considered from the
sanitary necessities of the people
or as a matter of lire protection.
Revelstoke lias lieen exceptionally
fortunate so far in lhat ils water
supply lias cost little compared
witli other cities. The time has
now come however, when the improvement of the service is necessary and the cost has to be faced.
great support and recruiting ground
ol llie parent club will be found in
the local clubs, such as the Revelstoke Mountaineering Cluh, which
has already done some good local
work in providing a chalet at Protection Lake for tlie accommodation of visitors to tlie park on Mt.
Revelsloke. Rossland antl Nelson
are, we are glad to see, taking up
tbe question of forming local Alpine clubs, The more of these
organizations the more effective
will he llie means of advertising
the mountains of liritish Columbia
as the world's playground and of
attracting in this Switzerland of
Norih America tlie hordes of mountaineers anil tourists that yearly
seek the best holiday retreats that
mother earth affords,
To Correspondents
In'huikku—Wo ilon'l, know whether
the Labor Day Spuria Committee paid
Mr. Kingsley $160 lor bis address ut
tbe opera bouse, but no doubt lhe
committee will publish a report ot
receipts and expenditure when you
will le able to get the inforniiiti n
you nsk.—En  Maii.-Hkrai.ii.
The increase in the customs re
turns of the port of Revelstoke indicates returning prosperity nnd
improved conditions and is one of
the best evidences of the steady
growth of this city ami district.
The point made bv the visiting
lire chiefs, lhat a central Ure hall
for Revelsloke would result in
more ellicient nnd economical tire
lighting service, is one lh.it both
the city fathers anil citizens would
do well to note. Tlie question is
not a new one None recognise the
importance of the proposal mors
than the members of the two local
brigades themselves. The problem
is one Unit should have attention
at an early date.
The Poultry Yard
W. A. Finite has sume uf the highest
grade pmiltry iu the city in the shape
ot crystal white Orpingtons, from the
stock of the $10,000 bird owned by
I'oggy, ih" celebrated Kausas City
breeder. Settings ot eggs Irom this j
Stock sell fnr 12.60 per egg.
The poult.\ breeders ol Revelstoke
sre becoming an influential body.
They iutend holding a special poultry
show this tall as the Fair is rathtr
early for the birds to be shown iu their
last plumage.
?»-_>«_«.' _•••v;i_s*«_®___v_>__«5r^'|
Made from cream of tartar derived jg
solely from  grapes, the most  deli-
S cious and healthful of ali fruit acids.
tiold, Silver uml Copper, each 50 cenli
ii. Q. WKST, B30 Richards st.
Vancouver, li. 0.
.evelstoke Collection Agency.
Strawberry Plants
From my celebrated Due d' Alps
shipping berry, thoroughly acclimatised, ul exquisite flavor, $6 per 100.
Plant this lull.   Address:
Thos. Skinner,
Aug. 25-lin Kevelsloke, B. C.
AI.Kl'W'IIK.W'.   II.C,
Special Altentinn given lo coiiiiuere.ial
men mul tourists, First-etiiHH _-.,ii,ipl«-
i! .--. Fiiii-sl scouery in llritiali Columbia, ovei looking Upper Arrow I.nke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Manufactured for nil classes <>( buildluita
fnr sa.q in lan.-n ur small quatltlties
at tha Lowest prices for cash.
All kinds ul hui M tut; aud'tilastcrluK
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
The fact that three typhoi
bave   developed   within   tl •
during   the   past   week, shows :.:'
necessity   of   lhi sew ige worki nn
which tin- city  entered this spring.
The medical men of the city attribute   the   cases   i" lefei ive sewage
ami ibis   pan   of   the year'- civ ic
improvements   bad become an ib-
solute   necessity,     A    further precaution that might well be I
the Slling up of the old channel of
tbe creek west of Connaught Ave.,
a-   tins   is the most offensive pur
t on of   the   cil y   from a sanitar
point nf v nu
lhe Mistakes of Life
Life is spent in learning how tc live.
Mistakes are inevitable.    If they were
aot, there  would   he  no   growth.   ■
conquest, do di •*  wind m
Thu tieet man is not be »ho never
makes mistakes, but he wbo never
perm; - n
cepts   n     failun    i-      , i    .      - - -
cv iry time bi     ills; a
-   .  - ■. egi    men
Home grown fruit and ornamental
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part ol
the American continent uot in-
tested with the San -lose scale—
Garden, Field and Flower net dr—
Cested aloclt from the heat grower- in tin- world—Wire fencing
and Oaies—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Cut. Blowers,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor iiui—New 167 page ijau-
logue free.
I bal ■ ; i ■ it'ih -minded, iei■
li-h vote of the ratepa • r of thi -
citj lhal turned down at the bylaw poll on Tuesday last the pro-
pot -. lo in rjuire Bloi
i ■ i niii'l for lhe cit} ■ hools,
And an iiii i. -.- of the poi
tic result was mainly due to the
lingo vole, U';iril I. where Ihis vote
predominates registering -2 ballots, while 111 Ward 2 only .1- ballots were recorded and in Ward ll
tbe vote numbered 68, The rnio-
payers of Ward .'. might reasonably
have been expected to take u little
mon- interest in Buch an important
matter, ami so -nvnil thn situation
On a   liili-stioii   appealing  In loftier
The Canadian Alpine (.lull has
done much to make known to
tourists ami holiday-makers the
attractions ol the mountain last-
iioHHi-..  of  liriiisli  Oolumbia,    A
Building Going on in Active New
I be t dgewood
ii -i,. o. tion
..   .,!   two   stories
- ihed   will   providi
I 30  .r  10 Koi Its,   The
i ions »ers   Iran
Bgg J Msldane, arohitecti ol   (fell
inager >l ■ hs dm
lot- pr.. ided  tents    with
on*   .i  lumber,   and  Ii rnitbed
oi     rhe pn -'■' '
temporarj   boarding   boast   ol
Kdgewood i oo ber company, Limited
is being used e dining r.s.n.  snd
1 i Banting, general merobant,
reports business il lurlshlng tnd ii now
building .rn addition lo hia store He
has been appointed postmaster and
this dittriot now has a dally mail.
A p in ion inmi inning III signatures
ol  the   residents   of   Bdgewood   ami
vicinity has   been    forwarded    to    the
Dominion Express Company to estab
isli an agency here
lioililing    will    lit) bi ink tins fall   ns
besides the hotel 10 or li! resldenoei
will lie built
VV. ,\. Calder ih building s tw stmy
hip-roofed barn, 84x64, on  bin ranoli
Tbe government lias « foroe of men
nl work on the roada under Ilu- iliriic-
lion   ol    Mi.    WllllainB.—Dally   News
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch  Nursery       -       South Vancouver
-1. . l.M'H ANNUAL
\hl.-MN 1.     I
September. : 22-23-24
i   l: \ IK-  'I     ALL
,   i. i. ■■ |.. islh   tit   ..!
C. il busies      f. i srifnf   .i\T
I! C. MORRIS, Secretary.
Box 'i.i Molson, H 0
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Oanh Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Fura
Royal Standard
Wastern Canada's Choicest Flour.
It is a tried and test*d Hour
of known and definite value, It
i.s not a variable product one
sack good and another one no
good. In absolute uniformity it
is unsurpassed. If you have not
tried it, order a sack to-day.
And remember, in every 49
pound sack is a coupon entitling
the holder to a chance to win a
lot) piece Dinner Set. Ten
numbers are drawn each month.
Keep all the coupons you gel.
The more you have, the better
chance you stand of winning.
Always use Royal Standard
Flour and always save the
Vancouver Milling 8*
Gram Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER,       -      B.C.
Kirat clans  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phono .19       Offloo   MoKenzie Ave
<>tatJlL<AA.(p> ler1
*V\MV •  tfidiUi- AdriuM
(^*a <juQM,tA>uW,
\rtr< jpH^/VntfHtta. Cb
C B. Hume Sr Co.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in bijih grade Bilk, or
dsmask, witb (riinns that are in every
conceivable design, Hiid made to wear
indefinitely. We I sve many new and
beautiful parlor Belp a nil odd pieces for
beautifying the home that are taste
ful, effective and inexpensive, and will
bIiow your mount to tbe best advantage.
IEW^!V5N^&-        n  HOWSON Sr CO.'Y.
in C. P. R. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, waim in winter. SaveB most of
your painting and about hafe your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
are what most people wart, and Ihey
always get Ihem .at I'. Burns A Co.'s
Meat Market. II is no trouble tor us,
because ive always have tlie stock.
Tlie very finest selected beef, hi nib,
million, veal, pork and poultry, nnd
our prices wont binder yon from
P. Burns ^ Co.
WIioIobhIo ami Retail Meat Merchants
'■jxir■■"■■iii _*ii
<rmk '■'■' Mt&
&'l ,]%*,,'
%ptL.r: \
Import direct from country ot origin.
suitably furnished wilh the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors an.I
Cigars.    Rates $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    JYTiZBEIRT     ST03STE      PROP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
arc disposing of tlieir entire Stock nt a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
sfj *
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
nuved.    Klrst-Class in every respect,    All modi
hargu Hiunplu Ho'iniH.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Enlarged and Inipiuved.    Klrst-Class in every respect,    All modern I'onveillulii'us
hargu Hiunplu Ho'iniH.
Revelstoke, B.C.
It, l>. Kvans, discoverer ol the famous EVANS' CANCER
CURE, desires nil who suffer with Cancer lo write to lilm.
Tim il.ui.' iieiilnient will i lire external or inleiiiitl  Chihti,
Write R. D. EVANS, Brandon, Manitoba, THE MAII/liERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
"Public Inquiries Ait.''
"VTOTIUE is hereby given tbat sittings
_!M    ol'  the   Commission  appointed
under the "Public Inquiries Aot," for
tbe purpose of milking intpiiry into all
matters in connection wilh the timber
resouices of the Province will be held
nt the following points on the dates set
C tpoidle each, namely:—
Vancouver—Aug. 2Srd, 21th and 25th.
.Seattle   August 26th, 27th and 28th.
Kamloops—September 7lh.
Vernon—September 8 and I).
Revelstoke—September 10 and 11.
Nelson—September El.
Cranbrook—September M and 15.
Fernie—September HI.
Urand Forks  -September IM.
Owing to the members of the Commission having accepted an invitation
to attend the meetings of the First
National Conservation Congress of lhe
I'nited States, to lie held in lhe Auditorium of the Alaska-Yukon-Paclfio
Exposition, .Seiitile, Washington, on
August 28th, 27th and 28th inst., the
meetings on the last day of the Commission in Vancouver, advertised for
llie 20th, and lhe meetings at New
Westminster, August 27th and 28th,
have been cancelled. Arrangements
for lhe holding of meetings at tliese
places will tie announced later. The
meeting at Kamloops will he held on
the 7th of September, and not on the
801 h August, as originally advertised,
Olhoi-ivise the itinerary remains the
Announcement will be made later if
it should be decided to be necessary or
advisable to bold meetings at other
Lands Department,
Victoria, B. C, 12th August, 1000.
aug 25-sep 18
Revelstoke I-nnd District.
Distriel uf West Koutenay.
Take nulice that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends to
apply fm- permission to purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing ar. a post planted on
the lake show at the north-east corner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
about half a mile from toe north-east
coiner of Lot 7965, thence south 10
chains, thenee east 40 chains, thence
norih 80 chains to lake shore, thenee
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 28,1809. aug 7
Take notiee that I intend to apply to
tbe Superintendent of Provincial
Police, aftei thirty days from the date
nl the lirst publication of this notiee,
for II transfer uf lhe hotel lieei.ee beld
hy me loi-lhe Koolenay Hnlel at Burton, B.C., toStepben Podtiielaiii-lki
Dated al Nelson. H.i'., llth uf August, num.
Wm iam Lovatt,
Hy his Solltilor Edward A. Crease.
aug 11—sep 11
Kevelsloke Land District.
Dislriot of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney Plumton of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkeeper,
intends to apply for permission lo purohase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
iiorlh-west comer of lxit 7585, thenee
south 40 chains to T.L, 12166, thence
west 20 ehains, to the coiner of T.L.
12166, tbenee south 40 chains along the
western bouudnry of same, Ibence
west 40 chains, tbenee north 40 chains
tu lake shore, tbenee easterly along
lake shore to point uf commencement.
Agent for Barney Plumton.
Dated July 28,1909. aug 7
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tike notice that Nels Hotline, of
Trout Lake, li. 0., occupation Miner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following desci ibed land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore nf Trout Lake hetween
Buskins and American points and
about four miles from the foot of the
Like ami marked the 8. to. corner
post, tbenee 2o chains north, thenoe
20 ehains west or to Like shore, thenee
following   the Like    shure to point of
Located this 25th day of August, 1000.
sep8H0d      NKLs BO DINE, Locator.
Hevelstoke Lind District.
Distriel oi West Kootenay.
Take notice that A. W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead,otieupalion Lumberman,
intends to apply for permission to pur-
chaw the following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted near
the north-east Corner of Lit 7005 and
marked A. W. Dickinson's N. W. 0.,
tbenee south  In ehains, east 40 ehains,
north 40 chains to lake shore, thenoe
west 111 ehains following lake shore to
plaee of iiiiiiiiieneemenl.
Dale Aug. 16th, 1900.
llevelsloke Lind District.
Distriel of West Kiioletiay.
Take notloe that L. A. Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, Intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on tbe
West able of Upper Arrow Like, about
one and a ball miles soulh of Hiu.inork
Point, thenoe west 20 chains, tbenoe
north 20 iluiins, thence west 20 ehains,
Ibence north (10 chains lo the K. A 8,
line, thence following Ibe K. .V 8. line
east 20 chains, soulh 20ehains, east 20
chains, south 20 ehains to lake shore,
thenoe   following   the   lake   shore to
point of commencement.
Agent for L. A. Dewni'.
I In I eil July 20, num. aug 7
The hum uf the   late  Jnsepli   lliilan
situate near Revelstoke, heing ,, pari
nf Um N. to. Quarter Seotlon 20 'i'p. 88
nntl Oontalning HI acres  more or less.
Applications for tbe Durcbaaool above
pi'iipei'lv mt! invited and will he
received by the undersigned up In and
Including September HOlh, turn).
Stiiieiiui' for Dniaii K'tinic,
llali-ilitt Hevelhtiike, II. On  August
Villi, I now. I mon
Notice is hereby given that the first
sitting of the Court ol Revision to
revise the Assessment Roll for the year
11109, will be held in the Council
Chamber, City Hall, Pevelstoke, B. C
on Monday, October llth, at 2 p.m.
September 4th  1009.
sep 4 lm Citv Clerk.
City Water
Until further notice no more water
can he used for lawn sprinkling.
City Clerk.
Sept. 1st, 1901).
Notiee is hereby, given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1900," to obtain a
licence   in   the Division   of
llevelsloke District.
(a) The name, address and occupation of the applicant—Hugh to. R.
Smythe. Rancher, Revelstoke.
11 f for mining purposes) Free Miner's
Oertilicate No	
lli) The name of the lake, stream or
source iif unnamed the description is)
A small stream rising on the N. to.
'4 Section .'I, and running in small
swamp on N. W. 'j Section 8.
(el The point of division Where
watei'drains into swamp.
oil The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)   Lj
(ei The chui-ucler of the proposed
works Fm- irrigation purposes on dry
bench lands.
(fl The premises on which the water
is to lie used (describe samel—Bench
lands sloping to wesi of no use withoul irrigation.
(gl The purposes for which the
water is to be used Irrigation and
lh) If for Irrigation describe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage Irrigating 85 acres stoney
and dry bench land on east half of N,
W. | Section 8, Township 24, Range2,
West 0 Meridian, comprising 85.
lil If the water is to be used for
power or mining purposes describe
the place where the water is to be
returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point of return,
l.jl Area of Orown land intended tu
be occupied by the proposed works....
(k) This notice was posted on the
10th day of August, 1909, ami applieation will be made to the Commissioner
on the Hlth day of Sept. 1909.
(1) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to lie
affected by the proposed works, eil hei
above or below the nutlet.— None.
(Signature) 11. to. It. SMYTHE,
sep I       ( P.O. Address)   Revelsloke.
When you  visit   the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop at  the
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisine
•t.Xa.M Delightful Scenery
A fe« ul >our space dollars on winter
Underwear, Clothing and Hunts and
Shiies at John Bull's Bale, Most of the
summer goods have heen cleaned out,
uml the liew fall and   winter   Kimils   nt
dered six   and   eight   months   Iruin   the
manufacturers are just coming in, all to
he Sold fnr eiish al wholesale prices.
Sueh well kiuiivii goods us Stanford's
clothing, Stanlield's underwear, Bell's,
Mi-Pllerstin's and nttier makes "I first
eluss sliues; all of which must be denned
out by the first ol the new year. Are
you Interested in saving money ? We
have lived up to what we advertised at
the start unit will continue to do sn until tin- stuck is disposed of,
Revelstoke. B. C.
We will pay flOO reward lor the
arrest nuil conviction ol any one who
has defaced or obliterated log marks
on our logs on tlie Columbia Hiver or
Arrow Lakes. Our registered marks
are letter "I," mid letter "8."
aug 14 lm Revelstoke, H. 0,
A Grand Celebration, Procession
and Sports
Monday wh9 Labor Day in Revelstoke. lt waB celebrated uuder tbe
auspices of the Trades and Labor
Council hy a procession and sports
gathering. Tbe following were the
committees and judges:—
Parade—J. Matbie, P. C. Ainslie, G.
H. Brock, A. E. Kincaid, .I.D.Kennedy, J. Jamieson and S. Needhani.
Parade Judges—T Kilpatrick, R. J.
Watson, A. H. Allen. C. F. Lindmark
aod J. Morton.
Parade Marshalls—G. H. Brock,
(chief), H. Kempster, J. Carmichael,
P. C. Ainslie, R. Gordon, V. Woodland and J. A. Ringer.
Transportation—J . Callin, J. Lyons,
A. Brooker, T. W. Bradshaw, and S.
Grounds—G. Green, — Hayward,
XV. Foote, H. McKinnon, J. Scott and
J. Carlson.
Sports—J. H. Lyons, H. Kempster,
H. N. Coursier.
Hall and Dauce — J. Callin, G.
Shaw, P. Parker, R, Gordon and Roy
Finance—F. Mitchell, J. Callin aud
G. Kimberley.
Track and Field Judges—J. H.
Lyons, H. Kempster, H. N. Coursier.
W. Aldritt and T. Hope.
Track Events—W. Foster and P.
Fie'd Events—K. Squurebriggs and
G. Knight.
Timers—R. N. Doyle, C. W. Mitchell, F. Tweeddale.
Announcer—B. Gordon.
Scorer—G. Clay.
Starter—W. Veith.
Referee—W. Aldritt.
The program opened with a pro.
cession in which tbe Firemen bad un
engine and teuder, and tbe Trainmen
a caboose. No. 1 Fire Brigade made a
well got up entry in the fancy class
and the Band's comic exhibit was a
source of great lun. Tbe procesniun
marched through tbe town headed by
the Independent Band.
lu the forenoon a baseball match
was played between Comaplix and
Kevelstoke, tbe fo'lowing being tbe
line-up ol both teams: Revelstoke—
Scott p., Mcluerney c, Marion lb.,
Ebert 2b., Lang s.s., McEachern 3b.,
Hunt l.f., W. Calder cf., M. Calder r.f.
Comapl x—Coatigau p., Gilleepie 2b.,
Morrison 11., McConnell s.b., Graham
lh., Ligo r.f., Levesque c, DouglaBB 3b
Clarry cf. Tbe score stood 13-5 in
lavor of Revelstoke. Scott had 12
Btrike-outs, aud Costigan 4
The sports were well attended about
1000 people turuing out to enj iy the
beautiful day. The grand stand wsb
packed. H. Manning bad a. refreshment stall on tbe ground aud it was
well patronised. Tbe relay race was
the principal event of the day. tbe
RevelBtoke team winning the cup
back Irom Kamloops. The tug ol war
elicited much interest, and an excited
crowd gathered rouud the trial of
strength, wbicli was between teams
representing the C.P R. and Lower
Town. Supt. Kilpatrick captained
tbe former and R.J. Stewart the latter,
who won tbe first try, but loBt to the
C.I'.R. in tbe two finals. Tne hand
enlivened tbe day's proceedings witb
tbeir selections. The lollowing is tbe
prize list:
100 Yards Dash, seniors—1st pri/.e,
suit case; 2nd prize, fancy vest. J. P.
Watson 1st, W. l'etere 2nd. Time,
11.3-6 Bee.
100 Yards Dash, Juniors—lat prize,
silver medal; 2nd prize, silver medal.
D. Daniels let, P. Sanmon 2nd. Time,
12.4-5 sec.
One Mile Foot Race, opon—1st prize,
quartered oak writing desk; 2nd prize,
silver medal. C. Palmer 1st, Murray
2nd.   Time, 4 min.,56.4-5 sec.
One Mile Bicyle Race, open—1st
prize, suit case; 2nd prize, silver medal.
G. Lougheed, only entry.
Hitting tbe Pig (open to C.P.R. men
only;— fl.OOO Accident Insurance
policy.   J. Ooble.
Relay Race, juniors—Is. priz«, lour
silver medals; 2nd prize, four bronze
medals. Samson aud Lyttle 1st,
Robbins and Daniels 2nd.
Relay Race, seniors—let prize, lour
silver medals; 2nd prize, four sliver
medals, also Fleishman's cup, to he
won three times iu succession for
ownership. LeFeaux, Hope, Watson, Peters, 1st (Revelstoke team);
Murray, Foster, Munn, SimmondB, 2nd
(Kamloops team).
Two Mile Bicycle Handicap—lst
prize, silver medal; second prize,
Amber cigar holder. L, Gould 1st,
ii. Lougheed 2nd.
Five Mile loot race—1st prize, silver
medal: 2nd prize, silver medal, also
Roy Sniylhe cup, to be won three
times in succession lor ownership. C.
Palmer 1st, E. F. Glenn 2nd.
Ruuning High Jump—1st prize,
Umbrella: 2ntl prize, cigar case, F,
LeFeaux 1st, 4 It. 10 in.; M. Murray
2nd, 4 It. H in.
Broad Jump—1st prize, amber and
gold mounted cigar bolder; 2nd pri/.e,
bjx uf Arabella cigars.    Ic, II. Fuster
1st, 18ft. 4in; T. Hope 2nd, lli't. 1 2ie.
Putting Hi In Sliot—1st prize, pair
of pantB lo i rder; 2nd prize, line but.
A. McLeod let, 34ft. 4in; A', p. Freeman 2nd. 3lft. lOin.
Pole Vault—let prize, pair ol pants;
2nd prize, Five o'clock cream and
sugar set. W. P. Freeman 1st, 8ft;
M. Murray 2nd, 7ft. 9io.
Wheel-Barrow Race, juniors—let
prize, leather collar and cull' box; 2nd
prize, fountain pen. Robbins and
Samson 1st, Lyttle and Daniels 2nd.
Obstacle Race, juniors—1st prize
silver cream, sugar and spoon holder;
2nd prize, fountain pen. F. McMahon
jst, F. Daniels 2nd.
Obstacle Race, seniors—1st prize,
silver biscuit jar; 2nd prize. Calabash
pipe.    W. Peters let, T. Hope 2nd.
Tug-of-War—Prize, silver medals.
Dr. Cross cup to be won three times in
succession lor ownership. C. P. R.
team let.
Catching tbe Greasy Pig—Winner
to hold pig unaided nne minut i. 1st
prize, pig.    Hope and Peters]
100 yard huh and hub, fur Labor
Day Cup and  Medals—No. 1 Brigade.
75 yard wet teet, for Labor Day Cup
and Medals—No. 1 Brigade, 28 sece.
No. 2 did not compete.
I'1,0 ATS
Industrial, prize $20—C.P.R. Firemen, 1; C.P.R. Trainmen, 2.
Comic—Independent Band.
Fancy—Prize $10—No. 1 Fire Brigade.
At tbe cloee ol tbe proceBBion several Hindoos gave an exhibition of
Indiau club exercises and feats of
At the opera house in the evening
the prizes were publicly presented.
F. Mitchell presided and handed to
ihe winners tbeir tropbieB with ap-
pmpriate remarks, the various winners
being cheered aB they received their
priz-s. Mr. Mitchell than on behalf
of the Trades and Labor Council
thanked all wbo bad assisted in tbe
day's proceedings. He then called on
Mr. Kingsley for sn address on tbe
1 ahor problem.
Mr. Kingsley said lie would not take
up much of tbeir timeaB be recognised
that a discussion of dillicult social
problems was out ol place when people
were out to enjoy tliemselves. He
reviewed tbe relations ot capital and
labor, claiming the former was grind
ing down tbe latter, and tbe only
solution lay in the workers attaining
tbe reins ol power aud adjusting tbe
grievances against which tbey bad to
contend. He condemned Mr. Wbyte's
position in the Port Arthur strike and
reminded tbem of tbe machinists'
strike in Revelstoke when tbe town
was tilled with thugs and gunmen,
which were drawn hy the company
(rom tbe workers lheiiiBelvee,iii order to
defeat tbem. Law and government
wae on tbe side ot capital which
appropriated to itself the great bulk of
the products of labor.
The ball was then cleared  for dime
ing and tbe merry  round   kept up till
daybreak,   the    Independent     Band
supplying   excellent  uiusio, and   tlie
crowd thoroughly enj iyel tliemselves.
Fire Alarm System
Nuw that the new (iamewcll tire
ul.ii in system bus lieen installed, the
following instructions as to tbe locution ol lire alarm boxes, their number
and system ut signalling niuy prove ol
District  indications  for Fire
Alarm  Boxee.
Box No. 14.—Corner First Street
and McKenzie Avenue, C. B. Hume
A Co.
Box No. 16 —Cor. First Street and
Rokeby Avenue, (Post ofiice).
Box No. 16.—Comer Second street
and Government Road (opera bouse).
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, (Globe Lumber
Box  No.  18.—C. P.R. station.
Box No. 24.—Corner Filth street
and McKenzie ave. (Catholic church).
Box No. 25.—Comer Sixth Btreet
and Orton avenue, (W. A. Foote).
Box No. 20.—Corner F'ourtb Btreet
and MoArtbur avcuue.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth etreot
aud Tuwnley street (over BOUth track).
Box No. 28.—Corner Seconil street
and Robson avenue (Mrs. Baker).
Box No. 34.—Fire Hall No. 2
Box  No. 35.—Hospital.
Box  No. 36.—School.
Signal lor practise—not Icbb than
six (6) Blow strokes.
One (1) stroke indicates line broken
or lire out. ,
Signals are given thus: 2 strokes—
interval 5 seconds—4 strokes; equals
Box 24. No. of box will also be shown
on indicator at Fire Hall.
Mining Expert Considers Revelstoke Prospects Bright
Mr. W. O. Young, M.E., the mining
expert who is representing the Guggenheim interests in British Columbia,
has been investigating property around
RevelBtoke Ior over a year, and in conversation with bim we gather that ho
has formed au exceedingly high opinion ol the prospects of the RevelBtoke
dietrict (rom a mining point ol view.
He has been in the Big Bend, where
he took in the gold-bearing quartz
veins ol Ground-Hog Basin. He ib
now returning to tbat section with
the intention ol making a trip to
Mica Creek to examine tbe mica
claims in wbicli J. Moore anil Fred
Anderson are interested.
Mr. Young spent some time examining tiie lllecillewaet leOtiOD and
although mining in lhat country cast
ol Revelstoke is at present dead, be
regards it as one ol tbe beat mineral
sections be has Been. The Waverley
be regards us a valuable property and
be has alao a very high opinion ol tbe
old Lanark, whose proximity to the
railway makes it a property specially
well located Irom a transportation
point ol view.
Fish Creek is, in Mr. Young's opinion, sure to prove a valuable mineral
section, and tlie splendid gold quartz
deposits of Lexington Mountain are
not appreciated as they should be.
The Evening Star group of mines nt
Kamloops bus been bonded by W, F.
Hedley, ol New York and work will
start about Octobor 1.
SYNOPSIS    OF   CANADIAN      HUM l'i   |
Any available Dominion luutle within the
railway bolt In Briltsli Coliuniiia mny lie
homesteadetl by any person whu is lhu sole
lii'itil ut' ii family, or any mule over Is years
of age lo the extent of one-quarter section
of 160 acres more or it-ss.
Entry musl lie nuule tiersunully ui the
local land office for tin- dislricl in whii-li
the land is situate. Entry by proxy may,
however, lie iiinilu on uurtjiiii eomlilions by
lhe father, mother, sun, iliiuulilei', iirotlier
nr sister ul nn intending homesteader.
Thi' liuiiiesi-'iuler is required lo perform
the conditions connected therewith under
nny ui tin- following planst
ill AtleiiBtsix iiuinths' retdduuee mum
anil cultivation uftbe lmnl in each year Inr
three years.
(J) I ft he liulier—ur liuiilu'i il Hie father
is deceased ul the homesteader resides up
nn ti luriii iii tlie vicinity ul Hie land entered lur the requirements as to residence may
be satisfied by such person residing with
tbe father ur mother,
t:i) II the seltler bus lue perimiiieiil residence upon farming land owned liy bun in
tbe vicinity nl'bis homestead, the requlre-
ineins as to residence tuny be Balislied by
residence upon lho suid lmnl.
Six months' uutice in writing sliutiltl be
given in iin- eiiuinnsHiotiei' ol iloiiiiiuuu
lmnl-ut Ottawa "I llitciilluu to apply Inr
Dual. I'mil uiiiiitiL- rlglils nitty lie leased
for n iiertuil ul Iwcnly-uiic years ul uu annual rental uf$l per acre. Nnl more tlinu
-J.rititi acres shull he leased tu one Individual
or company. A royally ul t lie rate.ofliYr
cents per 'un shall bo collected un llie mei
Imii1.iI.1i_. i'iiuI luim -I.
\V. \V. i Oil Y.
Deputy Minister nl tlie Interior.
Ideal Furniture Store
New and Second  Hand Uoutls
If you can afford to use (lie best tuy
Ro W Hood Flour
The Flour that is Different
It  you  do   you   will   find    that   the cost of
ROBIN HOOD is smallest after all.
Tlie   bigger   loaf i.s  one  difference.
Easier   assimilation   of   tlie bread i.-i another
The sweeter flavor is a third difieience.
There are other  points   of   difference.      Any
one of them worth tlie extra cost.
™ Saskatchewan flour Mills (o., ut
Moose  Jaw, Sask.
psU %^.-%^^V% %'%'%'%'%'% *-%/^%/%-% %■%•%■%••»■■% +/%/%W% "%.%-V*
jl   The Vernon fire showed the need   $
*   gf our *
The besi safe-guard in which ;■<
In- fitted wiih these as a matter ol   &afet>   tu
should have «>i)l- on its roof,
Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
} Revelstoke. B. C. $
The best equiqped school west jf Toronto.    R. J. SPROTT. B.A.
(...Autumn   Term opens September First... oManager
Send for Catalogue. "   --■
Kopalrs uf nil kinds neatly carried on
Itii-yeln nml Hun work ns|toclaltv
.Cellmates given on any eluss
nt work,
Front     Street.
A forest lire broke out Monday ut
Montana slongb, evidently caused ly
some carelessness on tbe road work
being done by the Provincial government. II. J. Stewart, Dominion lire
ranger, bad a crew ol lire lighters
promptly ou the ground with good
Gillette i*&
Pocket Edition with  new process blades
Rubber Shaving Brushes   hair
guaranteed not to cume out
Genuine Badger Brushes,  $1
to $5 each.
Bews' Drug Store
Next Hume Block
6Z\c. per acre cash
and GZ\c. once each
year for seven thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain   or  Stock
and may be purchased on these EASY
TERMS from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps  Application   Forms.   Regula
tions and Literature.
UsIlUM i<> -nil VlM I'rcslilciil
Ilm 1317, • i.ii,.in. viiunii
Pies -!■ -. ii.I in-   ill facta Detaining
tn your 1.unl- in B, i'.
Uotice to Exhibitors.
A   large  quantity ill   Prairie
and   Timothy    Hay    always
on baud
All up-liiwn exhibits  in   hreatl and
preserves must   be  delivered   at   the
 I City Hall la-lure 2 p.m. on Wednesday,
  Nth Inst, aud any exhibit.!) delivered at
the groundi mult fat in the  bands ill
F|        A        I I '''e Ladies' Committee not later  than
Tank    A     LaCKIlBP    7 p.m. tb« tune evening.
i aim   n.   uacmioi .    i macdonald,
Our new Fall Goods are
coming to hand and being
put into Stock as quickly as
Ladies' and Misses New
Skirts, in all the new cloths
and leading colorings for the
coming fall styles.
New  Hats,   Ties,  Under
clothing,   etc.,   for this fall's
New French Flannel Shirts
with detachable collars of the
same material, just what you
want if you are taking a trip,
soft and comfortable to wear.
Subscribers to the Observer wi I lie
supplied with the Mail Hi:kai.i> f i
thn balai ce of their suhsnripti ii.
canes where th"y took only nnc iiapt",
hut where they were anliier!1-"-- Ol
hoth the Mail 1Ikuai.ii und O.-tuer
they will be credited the balance ul the
Observer term on their account with
the Maii.-Hi:iiai.ii.
E, A. Rradley, who has returned
from nu eastern business trio, iiilomi-
us be found financial oondilions better
thnn tbey ever were. The banks have
al! k'nd-. i f niniiiy and investors gen
eral'y i"1 I" f'd oV,apo financially
but are more conservative than of late
years. Everywhere he lound the outlook gond nnd on the prairie there will
be a gi" l average crop,
Moving Pictures to-night.
The U. S. postoffice laces n deficit of
"Inauguration nl President Talt ul
tbe Edison Theater tonight.
Reserve your seals now ut Macdonald's 'Imn ston I r "Contusion."
Then- ure rumors in the air ol a
Provincial election Ihis Fail.
Friday night's tbe night at tin
opera hiiii-i—"Confusion" and dunce
The Canadian Forestry Association
meet at Kegina Friday and Saturday.
Tlie Serpentine dance at the Edisnn
I'arlur Theater tonight.
Local niinr.nl- are reminded that
this year it is unlawful to shoot
grouse ol nny kind.
R. Tapping is effecting considerable
improvements to Ibe interior oi the
npera house.
Wiih its beautiful September days
and clear mul nights, the climate nf
Revelatoke could not be beaten tbe
world over.
A good deal nf anxiety is being expressed in guvernment circles over tlie
disappearance of Captain Bernier.
Canada's ambitious Arctic explorer.
Despatches report an eruption of
tbe volcano Srneru, Java, causing
great havoc and a terrible earthquake
with hundreds ol fatalities.
The Dominion government intend
Hurting the geodetic survey ol British
Columbia next year. The work will
probably be in charge ol A. N. Carson
of the Dominion survey.
The Financier, of Loudon, Eng.,
looks for a great boom in Canada,
British Columbia and particularly
Revelatoke att'onls a big and profitable
field for development by the British
Ou Sundny evening W, W, Baer
gave a lecture in the npcra house ou
the "Desire ol All Nations." He de-
tited tbis to be unity aud harmony
and described a visit oi Christ to the
earth uuder existing conditions.
Tbe management ol the Edison
Parlor Theatre put ou a splendid
programme uu Monday and Tuesday
and the building was crowded. "The
Electric Hutel'wus one of the best
and cleverest things yet ahowu on the
films aod tbe labor incident at tbe
rolling mill was also goi.d.
Tbe Great Northern Railway Oo.
find the engineering difficulties of the
Hope Range cuiild be overcome by a
tunoel seven miles in length with the
eastern portal at inter Flat, but it is
sale to (ay tbe company won't undertake any such scheme—fur a long
time at ail events.
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity is very limited we
would advise vou to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise vou are
t|iiile liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
I Falf-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to Tit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   the   must   important  items
in ynur business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Look after this branch of
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Moving pictures tonight.
A Oatbolio sobool is to be established in Kevelstoke.
Laugh, and Kevelstoke laughs with
yuu at "Confusion" in tbe opera house
Friday night.    Dance afterwards.
The road on lhe west side of the
Columbia river at Kevelstoke is
The west wiug ol the Parliament
buildings nt Toronto was destroyed by
lire, involving a loss ol $760,000
A lost mourning brooch set in pearl-
witli luck ol hair is advertised lur and
reward offered for return of same.
The Kebekuhs are holding a dance
at the opera house on Sept. 24th next,
in aid of the aged Oddfellows' Home.
The steamer Revelstuke  will run an
excursion trip to Comaplix on Su
in aid  of tlie  funds ol   the   laci  it
Fifteen tliuusanil lives were lost in
tbe Monterey floods, Mexico, and tbe
victims had to be cremated to avoid
Molsons Bank lias forbidden   any oi
j its clerks to   marry   till   they are in a
position  commanding a salary of  a
I hundred d illara i month.
Prince   Kupert   it   advancing  very ■
rapidly.   It   ,- estimated that  3,000   .  rbe etores will be oloied
■   I ■■' ar-   i. ^   tbere.   Building  ia  dayandFridaj ifternoons for tbe Fair
progressing rapidly  ml tbere ii an  and the Mayor will proclaim a  pa
.-. ulng  demand  I i     •-    A   ""'"ll4>' <"r ^th afternoons,
I   -'• "i\ Ion bave alreadj changed      rbe regular review of Mt. McKenzie
bands linoe tbi motion sale aod thets   Hive, L.O.T.M    will  take  place   n I
bave been at prioes  fur  in  advance ol  p.m. Thursday, Sepl tftb   in Maeonic
-.ii M :nen paid. j Hall, Becond itreel
lo reference to      ll   ri port    il  Aid
The friends of XV. A. Hurnell, of I!
B. Hume & Co's store, will regret to
learn ol the death ol his father which
took place on Monday. The sad event
will delay Mr. Hornell's return hero.
Mr. I.in iu in. head of the C.l'.K
freight department, will visit Kevelstoke about the 15th, when be will
meet the Board of Trade and discut-
tbe i|iiestiou of rates with them.
Tlie Nicola Valley Advertiser is the
name of the latest additiuu to the
lirni-h Col om bis papers. It will be
published at Middleaboro every Friday
by K  W. H. Ben vis.
The big steam plant lor land clearing, imported by C. F. Lindmark. has
been put to work nn the lllecillewaet
on land formerly owned   by P.   Bu
1 . and ie clearing an acre of land
a day.
ts I putting  new   names
ters' list w II close at the end
Jepl        er    I   -    IU|    "uut   that all
tlie newts mers  and  othen   who hav<-
not  alread . itt n d  should do  so
be n. .nth.
tbe    Rooky   and
-   k moui iu i, scenery, tbe British
-  -      -   -    '    tbrOUgb    Kevelslnke
Mond bt Coast.   Tbey
rbura-  "'" '    Hacier House and
lited       gn il .■ icier.
be nan arrested   n i
noerned in tbs I bt ll
.   in   J     Laundry   nn   Friday
before  P ilii i Magit
  r eter in Saturday morning aod
r i week
to     ■■   "i1 rl
K', . ber ley'i ren irki it   la-t meeting
f   the   ''ity  Coun       ri n rding   -1 i
greut ol $600 ' the Kair. what ti."
alderman wished ta convey was bis
opinion that the total uriut by tbe
Council t both iporta and Fair -houId
not exceed tbe amount given laal yeai
when the granl mi- |500 and  tbi   I li
committee inbsidi: d tbe Labor Day
Bp rte Committi e lo tbe extent • f
A I'lli"! Inuilw 1 pencil hoi
ii iih rule hinal li n gii en
ii.,.  tn evei v   pm ■ h . .i   ..i
school l kial
Bews' Drug Store
Public   and   High    School
Books on Hand
I ion '   forget   the place
Bews'DrugSStationery Store
Tbe Rooky  Mountain   Rangers wi I
tomorrow nigbt at Drill Hall hold the
presentation ol trophies won in Mon
day'i   . itches     \   dance will  follow
- ntation.
' ipei a   H    inday evening al
8.45     \n address by Walter W  Bai-r
I  pic        l'i. i ',..■   F  rees   and   Phe
n ii    Mr  Baer -  favorite   sol u ■
N   admisai n lee   offering unly.
\ anoouver haa taken  • new met hod
of dealing with the Asiatic evil.    The
other duy Hiey tried to luiry a China
man alive in tim oity  nf  ikyacrapern
rain ami fug.
A lap w.it brotighl :.'.. | be haspital
Irom lingers' Pass suffering inun
injuries austalned by a collision
between a bandoar on which  he waa
travelling and No. H7.
We lind thnie citizona who oom
plained to us about a prize tight
being arranged at tho rink were mistaken, mul iii consequence gave na
wrung Information, What gave rue
tn tht!story was ilm arrangement foi
u boxing matob with gloves which
will tukt- place at the rink   to-morrow
evening. The oontest will extend
over lo rounds. One nl the oon test-
ante lean experienced  boxer anil the
olbei has hem liaiiiing hurt!.
,   il telegraph    perali rt
I   -' lal ii.'I financial oentrea
' ia becoming felt and a vi>ry
it   prol em   now   in   the
■ the demand   I ir operatt rs
transpi   lal ■ mpaniea   is   hy   n
-   ■
When .      i ■       Wegaw, ol  Vernon,
ii- driving   Lord   Btratboona  tt
i loldstream   ranch  the borsee  <    ted
nnl the   ng   was   run    against  a wire
fence      Lord   Btratbcona'a   right arm
list 'I    ami    Mr.   Megaw   had a
broken leg.
W   i   ltdritl   win.  hai revered
ol ion with the V M.C.A., left for
Wiiii.il,.".' Monday, a numlier ol
Irienda teeing him off. Muring his
residence in Kevelstoke Mr Aldritt
i- been a great, favorite with the
; Iir \   boya
Tlie Bank of Montreal bus pur-
i'hosed lota at Prince Unpen and it. is
slated I. S. C. Frasor, the pioneer
hanker ol the Kootenayi, will be prn
mnted Irum the lliisslund branch tn
the Prince Itupert office of the Hunk.
\tr. Fraaer  bus   been   north   sizing up
ilm situation, There is no manager
in the service ol the Hank ol Montreal
bolter deserving ol tba beet appoint.
monl iu tht; gill of the bank.
Lord Charles Beresford bus decided
not to make u westeru trip.
Hum Donnelly is in Ihe cily froin
Salmon Arm.
W. J. Ooepel, Provincial Auditor,
was a visitor to the city yesterday.
Mrs. Es'.ey, of jNelson, arrived trom
the soulh Satuiday on a short, visit to
Mrs. Ah x. McRae,
Rev. C. A Procuni r was taken ill
Saturdav und moved to the hospital
tor treatment.
Mrs. T King, and H Tom of Ool-
deu are -pendioi' Ibe week in the city,
llie guee 18 i f Mrs. I). M. Kae.
Mr. a "tl Mrs. Ralph Simpson ami
family, of Arrowhead, have arrived in
the ciiy fnr the Fair.
E, A. Bradley has lelurnetl Irum s
trip east. During his ahstneo he. Vint
ill must nl the time.
Prol. Worth, of Chicago, lias been
appointed gym astio instructor to the
Y.M C A. in succession I i Mr. Aldrill
Mr Fiid Fiaeer has received a lettei
from Sir Wilfrid Laurier re retting
his inability to visit British Columbia
this year as be bud intended.
W. II. Pratt and (amily have moved
into the house on Second street wch|
formerly occupied by E  A. Bradley.
Mr. und Mrs. E, A. Bradley bavi
movid into liieir liaiiilsoine new hoint
on Second street. Tbis is llie lineal
residence in tbe city.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, Presidenl
ol the O.P.R., will shortly leave Montreal for the Coast und will be accu u
[iunieil by Mr. Wbyle.
Mrs. A. H. Allen, wife of lhe pnpu lui
iiiui.ager uf the Bank of Commerce,
returned home today from uu i.Mended trip to the east.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Erikson, Mr and
MrB. E. Erikson, and Mr. unit Mrs. K
Bruhn, came in on .No. li ihis morning
to attend the Fair.
l-'.arl lirey, Governor-General ol
Canada, will pass through Revelstuke
tomorrow and will stop off at. Golden
to open the new puolic scboul building
Mrs. .Stautl'er and Miss Con.ull, ol
Gait, Out, were tbe guests ol Mr. and
Mrs A. E. Miller ui "Inglewood" loi
a lew days this w ek, while on their
way to the Seattle exposition.
W.C. Wells, of Nelson, is mentioned
fur the Lieut-Governorship nf B. C ,
but as a matter uf fact a prnmineni
man in the Liberal party will he tin
J A, Macdonald as Chief Justice
and Messrs. I). G. Macdonell and Cul
F. B Gregory ami Mr Justice Martin
are mentioned as members of the
Provincial Appeal Court.
Hon. Frauk Oliver, Minister of the
fnteriur, is on his way west and will
stop i tl at RevelBtoke. The New
Westminster Board ol Trade will
entertain turn at a luncheon,
Messrs, D K. Wilkie, R. Ramsay
and R. P. Howland, directors of the
Imperial Bmk. passed through Kevelstoke yesterday eu route t.i the coast,
and will slop off here on tbeir return.
It is stated that Mr. F. C. Gamble,
puhlic works engineer for tbe Province,
will retire shortly and that iir. J. E
Griffith late Gold Commissioner nt
Golden, and who is now in South
America   will be his successor.
Thi Mundy Lumber Company have
iiiiulti i upid progress wilh I he rein-
-liiiinient of tht ir mill ulier lhe lire
ol .lime lasl. The installation ol the
new mill is well forward, and R. Stelss,
who was in the city on Saturday,
iulornis us this plant will be running
in three weeks.
The Lee Lumber Cumpany llvs
week shut dowu tlieir mill lor tin
seiiBon, having cut out their lo,.
supply. They will take steps to gel
5,000,000 feet of logs out lor next tea-
son's cut.
The Adams River Lumber Company
will run their mill up to Christmas
They intend getting out 80,000 0b0
feet of Ings dining iIiib coming winter
,1. 11. Kiillunil, the niiied paper
manufacturer, of Montreal, says:
"I mn looking forward to the time
when British Columbia will lie the
Beat of a greut. paper manufacturing
industry. Your province has abundant raw material, and should lie able
to supply western nteds as well as the
Orient. The nil vantage in freights
will aid British Oolumbia manufacturers. I think they will he able to
control the market lor print and
manila paper,
The lire in the sl'ih pile it the
Revelstoke Sawmill Company's mill
has now been got Under,
School Attendance
Che attendance at the public BOhools
lor August wns as follows;
Don t forget thai    Keiiihley   has the
-liver tkln pickling OoiOD.
Rip. tomatoes, celery, radishes
irrotfl hnd i eels fresh ir
iog,   Telephone your order
. .i .-.   i! ime .v Oo,
'.i     - ile-- \        kinds   ol
•    beaten    I   Mi• llary
.-•      i.nssir-    and    -'anils,
ntili etc   Come ai d net a
• i tart a Saturday,   -• pi
i Kevelitt k. New .imi Second
Hi Open even I
■   ui- yon evi
sr -[.ring or   lull li r breakfast,
dinnt - it   tea, Rs m  Lal n will
ill.  I ii .'ilt. and  lib tint   I Ib,
: package*—i  H II ume Oo,
ool your e ffet   el ut tend
i  pound nf our Moeha hoi!
lavs ,r .-: in toi      Wi grind it to
mil    ir     itomera coarse  fine nr pul-
vi r /...l    ''   li, II um be & Co.
ntenae heal, tnd the wu cr
■ -i.i' sre yon drinking
l ./• home a bottle of -"ir raspberry
vinegar g-ape juice or fruit, ayrop und
enjoy t tu sooting drink. It will
tettlt ■ i lust in your Ihroal C B
H .mi   ■  i i,
will i '.  hai k In ynu If ymi i| end II
ul home. ll ih gnlif for ever if ymi
■tend  ll   In   tllfl    lVlll.il   Oilier    lliillHO.      A
glance through our advertising columns will give ynu un Idea where ii
will buy ihe most.
"Contusion" Friday Night
We arc again ready   for  the season's  work,
our Dressmaking Department is still in .-diarge of
Miss Macdonald
and she is prepared  to give you   first-class work
and prompt attention  in   every   manner possible.
Our new Fall Goods arc now arriving and
we will lie prepared to show you all the latest
goods and newest colorings.
Our line of Trimmings will be larger than
ever, and even more up-to-date. Jet Tiil'liiiiings
and Buttons will be used to a very great extent
this fall, and some new ideas in braids—We have
them all at your choice and  disposal.
McLennan & Co,
1   Solum
— Div. 1     il
84 01
'•    II.    17
Sli. Ill
ic Si'lnii
1—Div. 1.    17
—   "II.    35
—   "Ill   87
'Jl 89
—   " IV.  30
94 52
—   " V.    45
88 40
—   "VI. 45
—   "VII. 11
!I2 85
—   "VIII 51
—   ■' IX     IS
9,ri 52
—  "   X    55
91 07
Ti tills
•  *  *
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kuiili-niiy.
| Take  notice that   I, M. K. Lawson,
of Revelstoke,occupalion housekeeper,
inten I lo npply I'm permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a pust planted al
the southeast corner or Lot 8068 and
marked "M. K. Lawson's northwest
cornel' posl," thenee -ll) chains south:
Ihence -111 chuins west: tlience'iOchains
noi'tli: t hence 20 chains east; thenee 2u
chains north to line of Lot 8668; thenc
uliing said line to plaee of eominein'i
Dated Sept, 7th. IIWU. sep s
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
himi iii'i-'Ki'.: 61-65Adelaide St. east
for half year ending 80th June, IU09
By Gioss Premiums Income
Jun. 30th   -    $213 098 III
Less rebate nnd
return premium   3d UU 90
*ls_i 098 2li
Less reinsurance   53 ADD 45$129 593 84
Ity interest (5 808 (HI
$135 897 71
To net losses paid$Q2 170 17
To net losses under adjustment II 8110 71
Gov. fees, taxes,
und all other
charges      -        17 211 98
Balance Or. profit
.-mil loss     -        11 1128 85
$130 397 71
Gen, Mini, Agent.
FiiK   HALE   Twenty   colonies    ol
Y.'llnw   Italian   I s    by lhe eul
mn' or ni hits i.n suit purchaser   (', A.
l'i... inier, sep 1 _ii
I'm; SALE   An Kdison Phonograph
price   $8600.     Applv  at   MAIL-
Mi it w.u Office,
IjVlR WALK Alioi-iney lliinge. si/.i
I' ii, six holes, iu giuiil condition
also i l'i.mn in exi rlTeut eondltlon,
\pplv in It. N. DoYI.H.
ANTED   Millinery apprentice by
O. II. Ill Ml- INII I'll.
WANTKD Cul tor house wink.
(lood home aud gond iviig.-i.
Only i lu..'in family. Apply office if
M in. II rn mu, It'-vi-l-lnlii'. ' sep I :(i
IOS'l On Siiui.l iy niulit, ii Ladles'
j Gold VViilch, (lmnl mg i hhi-i. A
reward will hi- puid in the findet on
leaving II  ii iIn- Mam. llint.M.n ofllce,
roUNG MAN desires work iu hnlel
A pply M i ii. Hi ii w.n ofllce,
WANTKD Aboul Sepl. 1st. u first-
china -ititiniii-i>• engineer and
Rlesin fitter with sei-tnid rlnsa papere.
II..nu Li .mmilt Cu.. Tul'i, B.O,
It ist Between Mrs, Uaggen's
i bouse and I ho Itnilwny Station a
iiiiini-iiiiig brooch, mounted -litb
ppails and containing a lock of hair,
[finder rewarded on returning lo Mrs,
Hnggen or to r-fllee of this paper, -s 2t
IOST On l.ibm Div n ^innll Rn-
j bekiih pin. bearing ihe hall moon,
hei ween the Min m.i> office mul Mr.
llowBOu'a residence, Finder will please
li'iive ul ntllte, sep 8
You Don't Have To
^ Go outside of Revolstoke to mako
fc your Real Estate Investments.
^ The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
E have the best bargains in the City.
E       Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
1 Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
"(toBoce Safe of Summer doods**
To make room for Shipment of Fall
Stock all our Summer Goods must be
cleared out. Now is an opportunity
offered you to buy goods at a gnat
reduction in prices.
MRS.   A.   O.   CRICK
j. First   Street      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel ^,
W_b —     -     -      -       ■      -.      .1       — sn      "~ i—   —-'"ii~    i     '""      -     —        •    ■         ■     ~^-mm-wr^-
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
liiitiichus ir Aguuts .it nil principal points in Oanada.
Agente In Great Britain and United suites -London, Kngluud,
Lloyds Dunk, Limited. Chicago -First National Hank, (Join l-_x-
chango National Hunk. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco— Wells Fargo Nevada National Hunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Hunk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 und upward, received, uud interest allowed at
current rule from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Koyal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Mountain Supply Company.Limited
Big Slaughter Sale
Starting from Saturday, August 14th, we are
selling at ridiculously low figures all our Stock of
Boots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.    Must clear our stock to make room for new goods


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