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The Mail Herald Jun 26, 1909

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" Empire " Typewriter
Fur e.ise ol operiitiou mid pot Ice!iun
in ri-i-iilis prudiiced, iii- iiiiu-hine
is uusiirpii.-sed.    Price, ijiliulill t'nsh.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
ft* !■——
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol.  15-N043 Pr"inc|8l Library
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Child's all leather Sandals.  Extra
flexible Soles, and   extra   well   made
Misses white Canvas Oxford or low laced
shoe. Blucher cut. Toe cap, solid fa A "7C
leather soles    $ I . I tJ
Ladies' White Canvas Oxfords or low laced
Shoes, Blucher cut, plain toe or toe fan r A
cap, solid leather soles, dressy styles <4)£"«JU
Men's White Canvas Oxford Shoes, or   low
cul styles.      Blucher popular shapes,
solid leather heels and soles	
Men's High Cut White Canvas Boot.   Solid
leather heel and sole.      Blucher cut. fan Aft
aninier  wear »pO.UU
lust the right thing for sun
Shoe Dressings
Blanco White Paste ioe
Whith Beauty Liquid 25c,
1 laddy's Combination,   Tan	
Oxford Combination,  Tan	
Xixey's Paste. Black	
Stay-on Paste, Black	
Packhard's Combination	
Howe's Special  Liquid	
Packards and Ralslon's patent leather cream
I Storos at Revelstoko and Arrowhead.
Q- OO-O-O-OO <>00-(>0-0-<_)-0-0-0-0-0-0-00<
June Weddings
cA Snap in Cut Glass
A beautiful 8 inch Berry Bowl, latest designs, only a
limited supply, regular $8.50 Now 84 SO
Water Uut lies, regular $8.50 Now SS
Half nnl. Water Pitcher, 0 beauty, reg. $12.50, Now $7
in inch Celery Dish, regular $7 Now S4.50
lli inch Celery Dish, regular $8.50 Now SS
Llmoge band painted China, coin gold decorations,
every piece guaranteed.
i'i I'd' Cent Reduotlon i.n all Standard Silver Quadruple
Plated Goods, comprising Tea Sets, Tureens, Cake
Plates, Berry Bowls, Pickle Jars, Butter Dishes, etc.
I'm- tin- balance uf lhe month 25 per cenl off.
A Rare Chance to get Wedding Gifts at Cost
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
>0<M>0<HH)<X><KH><H>0<>0<><KKKK> o *
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ieo   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
UianclicH ur Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents In Great Britain and United States   London, England,
I.IiiviIh Hank, Limited.    Chicago    Kirst  Natitinnl Hank,  C  '
:   -      _..... ..    ,      __>__... 1..    u....i 11.,v...: .1 11....1.    u..
iun Kx-
,.,,.,..,   .....>..        l/lllcn-K"      ■••".'    ..i.,.1,'in-1   unu*-,
change National Bank,   Seattle -Seattle National Bank, BanFran
olsoo -Wells Pargo Nevada National Bank,   Spokane -Bxobange
National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits uf $1 and upward, reoelved, and Interesl allowed at
current rate from date uf deposit,   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Selling ai Cost for Cash
FOR ONE WEEK I will sell Ladies'
and Children's Boots and Shoes at
Cost prices, for Cash Only, in order to
advertise the Ames Holden brand, No
better shoe made.   Oct a pair now.
Flrat   Stroot
A.   Ci.   (KICK
.Opposite   Windsor   Hotol
Council Runs Up Against Difficulties—Tie Vote on Lights
in Hotel Bars Grant for the
Independent Band.
Water is usually considered H valuable adjunct in sewerage, but in the
construction of sewers in Revelstoke
lhe Cily Council fniind at. its meeting
Insi night 1 hui it proved anything else,
The Kevelslnke Land Company nb
jected to the diversion of tbe creek
limning through ibe centre of the city
in us lui- as it inlcil'eied wilh lhe
records they hold upon it; and the
acting government agent threatened
resistance it the aprons I'm' tin- sewers
Interfered with the mattress un ibe
1 iver hank. The question of Ilu' water
rights of the Inmi company was left
with the mayor und city solicitor to
report on at a later date, and as to the
acting government agent's objection,
ihe premier and minister of public
works will he seen aboul it to-day. In
the meantime the work on the sewers
l^oes on.
An amendment to the .Sunday closing by-law suggested by the police
commissioners to compel hotel-keepers
to leave through their windows a clear
view of the barrooms during closed
hours Was held upon a tie vote, and
will he taken up again later. A giant
of $'2IK| was voted to the Independent
Hand for public concerts. The request
of the Board of Trade fur a grant uf
$150 luw.nils the expense of a fruit
exhibit at the Oalgary Fair was left lu
a committee who will consult with the
special committee of the Board of
Trade aboul it.
lhe aldermen
■   exception   of
The mayor  and
were present  with
Aid. Pradoliu..
The mayor read a letter fiom K.
Kdwaids, acting government agent, in
which be stated that they had seen the
plans foitlie apron to carry the sewage
over the mattress on the river bank
and added that if the city took any
sieps without authority from the
public works engineer they would he
liable for damages, and they would be
prevented by force if necessary from
Interfering with gi vernment property.
"1 consider Ihis," said .Mayor Lindmark, an uncalled for and aggravating
"ll is certainly not called for," said
Aid. Wells.
Aid. .McUona'd said the premier and
the minister of public works would be
hole on the following day and it should
he taken up with tbem,
The mayor said while tbey were
dealing with this question of sewerage
be would read a letter he had written
to the Revelstoke Land Co. The letter
asked for permission to iun the sewers
through Lots 7 and 8, Block 100, and
requested a conference on the question
of a site for the septic tank, and the
diversion of a stream in the centre of
the city on which the company beld a
water record.
Be also read a leply be had received
from the company as follows:
Revelstoke. June 21. 1900.
C. P. Lindmark, Esq.
Mayor, City of Revelstoke.
Dear sir, At a meeting of the directors of the Hevelstoke Land Co. Ltd.,
held on the 21st inst.. when ypur letter of even date was read, I was Instructed lo reply to your letter as
He Lots 7 and 8, Block 100. Thai I be
city be allowed to run sewer pipes
through Lots 7 und 8 in Block 100, free
uf charge, on entering into an agreement to pay for any damage that maybe done to said lots'in the const ruction
anil for any damage Unit may be done
at any future time, and thai the city
pay any expenses in connection with
drawing up agreements, etc.
He Septic Tank Site. That in respect In the land asked for for septic
tank site, the Company lake exception
to ibe threat nf expropriation made in
ymir lirst and only communication on
Ihe suhiccl. but since yuu take that
attitude It might be advisable for you
to proceed iii lhal manner if you have
power to do so,
He Water Record. Witb reference
to your request us to the terms on
which this Company would relinquish
Iheir rights iu their water record,
granted to tbem in WW, I am directed
Fo siiv that Iheland in respect to which
the Wilier was granted has been subdivided and the greater portion has
been sold In ulbcr parlies, whu purchased Iiiiiii llie Company on the un-
deutandlng thai when the land was
clewed and mode ready for cultivation,
a supply of wrier for Irrigation purposes wuuld be available under ibis
water record, and one of the purchasers bus in past years, made use of this
water for such' purposes, and several
ul the uiMieis  of Ibe land bave   made
demand on the Land Company to protect their rights nnd furnish them with
ii supply   nf  water  for the purpose of
Irrigation, and theO puny is taking
■tepa to do so. i mill these circumstances you iun readily see thai Ibis
Company oan  not, withoul involving
ilsell ill litigation wilh these purchasers i.f land who have acquired a legal
interest in the water, relinquish the
water record withoul the written oon>
sent uf all those who acquired the laud
under the above conditions. I may
add that tbisCumpaiiyslill holds lauds
iu which they  Blder the water record of value.
I   ben  to  remind  you  thai  on the
C pany  learning of ymir proposed
diversion nf the creeksln quest iun, the
Secretary  of  this Company informed
yuu nf t he existence iif I be water recurd
held by ibis Company and suggested
lhal steps lie taken to adjust the matter with parlies Interested, but your
letter of the 21sl   inst.. is the lirst and
only c unlcatlon the Company has
baa from vou on the suejeot.
I uui als.i directed to poinl out Hint
this C pany and other owners of land
Uu del inn OU lhe creeks  have riparian
rights  which  would  not be affected
even il the water record were Kiirrend-
eicd with the consent of all parlies
com i Hied.   Yours truly,
A. E. Kini aid, Secy.
The mayor commenting on t he letter
■aid In did nnl think the water record
Waa really needed us the land in question wa- sub-Irrigated by the nver,
and hy Augui.1 there was no water lu
the stream, A Dumber of the men interested had told him they would not
be blithered with the water, as they
would prefer to dig a well on their own
luud. The stream was a source of danger to ibe city. The men working
there now complained of the stench
from dead animals lying in it, and it
was most unhealthy. The sewerage
was being done on plans prepared two
years ago, and niusl, go on, ns part of
• he townsite was honeycombed with
cesspools and be knew of two hotels,
thai unless Ihey could gel   connection
soon, would be compelled to close up.
He did not see how anyone in the city
could block the work: the citizens
would not stand for it.
"Tbey can't stop it." said Aid. Wells
and the Others agreed.
The mayor said the city solicitor was
working on the question and us soon
as they got furl her advanced ho would
repnrt. In lhe meantime the sewerage
work was going on.
Alderman Kimberley asked what
about the septic tank.
'I'he mayor said th.'y could take expropriation proceedings and have the
tank started In a few days, hut be
would prefer to setlle the matter in
another way if possible. He promised
to bring the whole matter up with the
premier and the minister of public
works to-day.
A letter from the General Electric
Company asking for payment on the
gas producer was Hied. The mayor
said that In conversation with him, the
expert had admitted that he was not
specially satisfied with the engine. He
therefore considered that since the
machine was still under lest, no further action should be taken hy the
council at this time.
In reference to a complaint from
Gillan & Elliott as to the condition of
the Hig Bend road ir a ceitain place,
the mayor said the plans for the crossing were lieing prepared by the engineer and would be submitted lo the
railway commission indue time.
Aid. Stone asked if there was any
ch,nice of the government doing part
of the work.
The mayor said lhe government
agent had spoken favorably about il
and promised Lo consult with the
City Electrician North reported that
the cost of wiring tbe new wing of the
Victoria Hospital would he considerably iii excess of previous estimates,
The mayor said that lasl year's council had promised to stand the cost of
wiring, but he hardly knew what it
was estimated at then. 'lhe cily had
ma le arrangements for free treatment
for hospital patients on condition that
the hospital was exempt from charges
for light, water and taxes, 1ml the
doctors had sued them for $6for medical treatment and they had to pay
that aud $4 costs besides. The only
patients to be treated free were destitute people. There had been none for
some months and only three last year
for a short time. In any new business
they must square up old accounts and
made an agreement to save trouble in
The mayor, Aids. Sawyer and Macdonald were appointed a committee to
consult with the board of trade on
their request for a donation of $150
towards placing a fruit exhibit at the
Oalgary Pair.
'I'he request of the HevelsloKe Independent Band for $200 for open air
playing was granted, though lhe
mayor said they had been unusually
late in coming forward this year.
Lasl year Ihey played once a week
fiom May on.
Aid. Sawyer explained thai the
weather had been backward, and besides that live of their hest players bad
left and they bad to break in new men
They would try to give weekly concerts now.
A proposal to amend the Sunday
Closing Bylaw by acting on the resolution of the police commissioners,
lhat during closing hours nil hotel
keepers be made to keep a| blind
open in lhe window during the day
and a light burning during the night
su thai a pulice ollieer could see clearly
inside, was twice submitted to a vote,
but ended only in a tie, the mayor and
Aids. Sawyer and Kimbeily voling fur
the resolution, and Wells, Stone and
Macdonald against.
Aid. Stone, iu discussing the mat ter,
said lhat if Ibe amendment wen-
passed the city should pay fur the
light al nigbl.
Aid. Wells said he thought it was a
nml ion ill advance of lhe limes, 'I'he
moral tone of the town did not call for
Tho mayor suid il was a unanimous
resolution of lhe police commissioners
lhal this should be passed. The
chief of police hud reported to I hem
thut they bud known men to he in u
barroom, bul when the police tried
to enler the door was slammed in
Iheir faces. There could be no
objection In Ihe amendment from
lhi'hotel keeper who wanted lo keep
Ills bur rinsed and obey the law.
Aid. Macdonald said the present
Sunday closing bylaw ahould be enforced befure going further,
'I'he mayor said ii was butter lu take
this  measure  nuw  than   allow   ibe
salium   keepers   lu   break   lhe law   so
thai   public   opinion  would   compel
them lu lake extreme measures  lifter-
But the mul ler did mil get beyond
u tie vole.
••Well," said the mayor, "we can do
no more with thai tonight,   We shall
have tu take it up later on,"
Some ordinary routine detail ciun-
pli'leil Ihe business of the evening.
Premier's Reception
Premier McIIrido and Hon, Thos.
Taylor will arrive Irom the south by
tho 2:15 tra.n Ihis iillernnon, aud will
ho mot ut the station by representative
citizens, 'i'hey will probably inspect
the public buildings during the afternoon and in the evening will bo entertained at u "smoker" at lhe opera
house. To morrow they will visit the
hospital and tho Y.M.C.A. building, in
the evening the Premier will leave Ior
Hidden, where be will go through the
Windermere district to Cranbrook and
other points not yet visited, while
Hou. Thos. Taylor will return to Victoria to attend lu departmental duties
Mattresses, pillows uud bodding ut
U, B, Hume A. Co'a.
$7,500 for Capture of Train
Robbers-Northwest Mounted
Police in Pursuit.—They Are
Still at Large.
The police are still hot on the chase
of the men who held up the express
train near Ducks lust Monthly night,
On Thursday morning ten Northwest
mounted police pusucd through (rom
Culgary in charge of Sergeant Wilson,
the nmn who rounded upNiner's gang
on the lust occasion, They had horses
with them and were evidently prepared for a long chime.
The Provinolal Government ia out
with a reward uf $2,.ri00 for tbe capture of the robbers, aud the C.I'.R.
has offered $5,000, thus making $7,500
Four men in a boat on the water,
near Ducks, were rounded up by
Sheriff W. B\ Woods, of Kamloops, on
Wednesday last, but all were able lo
give satisfactory accounts of the movements, and- alter questioning the
sheriff releaecd them. Four horses
that had been taken from a stable
belonging to a chicken ranch near-by,
on the night ol the robbery, have been
A Revelstoko citizen, who has visited
the scene of the hold-up, says that it
took place at Ned's creek, near I'em
herton Siding. The spot was particularly well selected as there are at that
point throe good trails leading to the
south, and the robbers would be able
to travel u long distauce beforo they
could be intercepted.
The Mounted Police who went
through on Thursday, divided into two
detachments, one at Bucks and one at
Kamloops, and started out on the
chase with Indian trackers and bloodhounds to assist them.
In the meantime all kinds of rumors
are afloat. It was said yesterday morning that five men answering such des
criptions aB bad been given of the
robbers, had been captured near
Ashcroft, but late yesterday afternoon
Supt. Kilpatrick said he had heard
nothing of it, and it is not likely that
it is true. There is another story that
the train may have been held up by
rnncliciH around Ducks and Kamloops,
but this appears highly improbable.
Still further, there are persons in
RevelBtoke who say they saw two suspicious looking characters dining at a
restaurant here this morning after tbe
robbery. Tbey have not seen these
men since and are wondering whether
tbey had anything to do with it.
Strawberry Festival
Tbe Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church in carrying out the program
for tbeir annual strawberry festival on
Thursday had to contend in theearlier
part of tbe day witb a wet sky aod a
cold breeze, but they went on with
their preparations undismayed and
when the weather cleared in the afternoon wero rewarded with the attend
ance of a large crowd of all ages.
Everything offered in tbe way of home
made cooking, ice cream, strawberries
and cream, witb accompaniments ol
hot tea and coffee, was as good aB tbe
most fastidious could desin.
Tbe Independent band added to the
attraction by discoursing beautiful
music ill tbe evening, which in conjunction with the strings of colored
lights on the lawn gave a festal air to
the entertainment. The best thanks
of the ladies are Ireely offered to the
band for their services and to the
Mayor and Mra. Lindmark for the use
ol thoir houBC and lawn.
— .____.•
Mr. and Mrs. 1). A, Lawson entertained the members uf Knox Church
choir at thoir homo last evening. Progressive whist was played, the prize
winners being Miss Ohve Watson and
Mr. R. P. Lewis, while Miss Foote and
Mr. W. M. Lawrence carried oil' tbe
consolation prizes. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess.
During the course ol the evening Mr.
and Mrs. It. N. Doyle, wl o aro leaving
shortly to take up their residence at
the const, were made the recipients ol
handsome presents Irom the choir,
Mr. Doyle being presented with a
neatly Irumcd picture ul the members
of tbe choir, and Mrs. Doyle with a
beautiful bund bag ul alligator leather;
In  making the presentation Mr. W.
M. Lawrence conveyed the good wishes
ol the chuir tn Mr. and Mrs. Doyle and
expressed the general regret felt at
Iheir departure. Mr, Doyle replied
suitably. A must enjoyable evening
was brought tu ii cluse with the singing ol "Auld Lung Sync."
Malakwa Items
Mr. und Mrs. Iv Kiiksnn und Mr.
ard Mrs. Chas. Krikson loft on Satur
day lasl to visit tbo A.Y.P. Exhibition
at Seattle
The builders ol the bridge over the
Eagle river are to he congratulated ou
thoir good work. The bridge has not
been tbo least affected by the big rush
oi water lately.
Mrs. .1. Anderson, ol Revelstoke, has
been visiting friends  hero  this  woek.
T. Martin and family are soon ro-
moving to Sicainous.wbcro Mr. Martin
intends going into the dairy business.
it is reported that no entries can be
obtained at present lor any Dominion
lands between Shuswap and Revolstoko. II this is so, why du applicants
have to make a journey to Kamloops
to lind this out'.' Aro there no news
papers to advertise all such matters
affecting tho public'/
25 Per Ml
On Silver plated ware,
Fancy China, including
4S piece China Tea Sets,
some very fine pieces of Limoges China, a nice assortment
of Wedgewood ware, also Jardinieres, Flower Vases, colored and plain glassware, some good designs in Cut Glass,
etc. All goods are marked in plain figures and there is no
deception about this sale.
We are also offering the balance of our Refrigerators
at low prices in order to make room for other goods. This
is a good chance to obtain one Just as the hot weather is
coming on.
Groceries    Hardware    McClarv's Stoves    Plumbin
Im cool enough
5 1 ts ©
Mr. Swell Dresser is cool beacuse he has cool
Why should you wear hot old clothes when you
can get cool ones for so little money and yon will
have weeks and weeks to wear them.
It will pay you to buy a nice outing suit because
you can get it at almost half price and wear it for
two seasons. That makes outing-suits at twenty-live
cents on the dollar,
For summer clothes that will give you grace ol
form and comfort of mind trv FIT   REFORM.
Fit ReformJCIothing
B. E. WALKER, President j  Paid-Up Capital, $10,000,000
AlilAITDEH LAIKD, General Manager    Reserve Fund,   -     6,000,000
The new Traveling Cheques recently issued by this Hank arc a most < oovmienl
war bi which to carrv nv»nr\ when travellings   They are issued in denomination of
$10,   $20,  $50,   $100 and  $200
and Um curt amount payable In Austria, Rclgitim, Denmark, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
aad Switzerland in mini on ihe fair of raih rlirqur. whilr in olbrr rountrim
t_b_vy mrm payable at rurren! ratea
Tha ch«iues and all information regarding ihem nay be obtained al every aOoa
ml Om Bank. Uu
We Admire Every Woman
who Insists nn having her
choice uf our selected Heel*,
Lamb, Pork uml high-
grade 11.mis. She's lifter
the hest and were prepared to Kiv it to her,
Fine Meat Market
Cillers to pnriiriii.il buyers
and always shall. Prices
nil ligbt too.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
In Chase of Chinese Murderer
A rinkerton detective Irom New
York, said to be in chase ol Leon I.ing
the murderer ol Elite Higel, parsed
through Hevelstoke yesterday on the
Seattle-St. l'aul express bound lor tbe
A big audience was present at tbo
Kdison Theatre last night. The programme was a first-class one and
thoroughly enjoyed by the patious.
Tbo same programme will be related
tonight at two performances, E MAIL HEKAU), REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flDatMfoctalb.
■ i . , ■ .     .    .1 ,
■Jnterior publishing Gompaitfi,
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc.
0 T T A W A
Supreme  and   Exchequer Court
Agents.      Practice   in  Patent
Office    and    befoie     Railway
Hon, CiiAiu-Ki- Mmi'iiY, M.P.
llAlii.l.H   P18HKR.
□fricast   Imperial Bank Bi ildiko Kkvli.
BTIIKK.  B. 0,
Money to loan. ,, .    „   ,.
OffloMi Revelatolra, B I      I raubrook, ft I.
m. ,. B. MoCaKTKB
V   M    PlSKHAM .1. A.  HAKVBV,
RaveUWki 1 raubrook. U. 1 ■
Solicitor, etc.
.S lit ilm ;i  1 •
lm. 1 anai.i\n Hank ok Commkki k,
Iuk Molsons Bank, Kti .
FIRST ST.,   •    REVELHTOKK, 13,0.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sm veyor
Mi Kknzik Avenue,
Box imi, Revelstoke
c. w. o w
Mountain   View Camp, No.  229
M„... second and Fourth Wcrtiiot-days In
rs'.l. iiiui.ili. in Selkirk Hall. Visitta Woodmen cordially Invited 10 attend.
jiil|\ 1 IULSON, Con. ' um.
J. .Mi IN 1 YKK,  I'lurk.
F. O. E.
The r».-....ir meetings ..rn held in Uio Selkirk
v.. ,..,„:.■■.;.--i-J---;v;i(i;'Vi;SJSii1T.
\\    K.'McLALI■HLlN.SbllBBTABV.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A  F. & A. M
regulnr moot-
il,l_- iiru hold 111 ll.u
M.lSOMl TI-MI'l.t:
Oddfellows Hull, mi
Uiu third Monday lu
1 -.irti ui'.iitli fit »
I . in. \ initio., bretli-
ion cordially wel-
Meet.- eve ry Thura
ilay evening in Sui
Skirk Hull iii Bo'olook
fVlaitlng brethren urn
cordin'.iy Invited to Htteuil.
w. a. FOOTE, N.ii. MB. MATHIE.Ssc.
Six Roomed House at $15.00 per month
Six Roomed House at $17.50 per month
Six Roomed   House  at  $20.00   per   month
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 acres cleared,
house, stable and fencing. 280 fruit trees, live stuck
and farm implements.    At a bargain.
10 Acres at Summerland, near landing, all
newly fenced and under irrigation, 650 fruit trees.
Good buy.
800 Acres at Galena Bay, 65 acres cleared,
500 fruit trees, good house and stable, live stock and
farm implements. Desirable properly to subdivide into
5 and IO acre lots,     Only $32.00 per acre.
W A N T R I)
I)   act
WAN IK II   11
Infills     III     llllll'|lle.
-.enleil leriil.uv. Sample wheel »U|).
plii il nl wholeHiiV |u ci-i-. l'.i. Iii .ilnr
lr. e.   Tims. PlIMLEY,  V etoiin, li. ('
illVE Roi l.\l HOUSE lucuii'ili'ii C
1', U. grounds near blalion, wilh
20 year lease on gi mind. This house is
ui good I'epuit wiih line garden uml
fruit trees. Will sell nt u liuiguin if
buld at once. Apply for further par
iiculiirs 10 E, J. Bourne, Firsl sti'eel.
rtOR SALE—Some heavy horses.
which h ive heen uscil for logging.
Have 11 stallion, inures and geldings,
Write Re.vel-.tuke Sawmill Oo„ Ltd.,
Big Eddy, II. I.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
Ho. 16, Revelstoko, B. C.
eici'i't In pi ttednendi.; 01
• ■, ■ month, In - .ddlcll .»«'
Hall at a I'click. Visiting
Knights an o .r-imliy .nviteJ.
T. P.   SMITH. C. C.
Q. H   BROCK   K. ol  H. A 8.
J   n_ SCOTT, SI, nr K.
Zbc flfeaiWIfoeralb
.j !'■> 'a.'   ■
SAT1 KIiAV, JUNE 26, 1909
i'his afternoon Premier McBride
m I Hun. Thos. Taylor will arrive
in tbe city from a tour of the
Kootenays, where they have lieen
well received at every point, The
visit ie not of a partizan nature,
but ie being ma le simply for pur
posed of inspection to enable the
ministers   I imi   more  i losely
acqu anted   nth ll      ei       if  the
:..rv.     For thin  ind othi r n   -
ons it -• ■ '■ ■   01       '.-■:' '.'    '   .'   •
of nil . iu--. !. ii,  doing
them honor Hon. Ricl
Mi Bride hat
people a? Prem        I I      l'i
li • :    '
-   ■ i.
:•■■•   • lever ii
■ '■ ■ '
■   lieen thi    le-
: | ligne
t   long on ti i   • -
■• r ..t lhi I : iwn, i.' -;. ml .    .; le
then .-     ii ■' hinj :: igi u
•   sh  •'.:    rt ept''   by   all.    lion
1bos    I'aylor    Ministei   ol   I
Work " twice  within   the
I aet thn • years heen chosen to
represei I thi constituency in lhe
deliberation!, ol thi Legislative
\--. ln'hl;. mil in the I i>:•■ utivi
i '.nun il. and at . mg a he does -'..
ihould be in i ordi .1 the respei t ol
all portion? of the i ommunit).
1 III-. C.I'.H.  Ili'l.li-IT'.
I hat .' ' iiiiailiiin Pacific express
train Bhould bave been held-up
thru timt "■ itbin the past live
yeara in Uritish i lolumbia, of all
the provinces in Canada, is u circumstance that Bhould make us
pause. We were wont to boast
thnt bere In Canada we were Ine
from many of those forms of law
lessnese that too often pro vail on
the uther Bide of ti c border; hut
ihould these outrages continue the
linger of scorn mny soon be pointed
the other way. The fact that Uritish Columbia has I n Beleoted as
the scene of these escapades is in
itself no discredit to the Government of the Province or the Canadian Pacilio Railway company; it
i- ilue rather to the fact that tbe
rugged topography of the country
affords a vast covert, for the perpetrators to escape from the ollicers
of the law. In the thickly Bottled
portions of eastern Canada such
actions could never lie dreamed of;
in the more thinly settled but open
stretches of the plains the eyes of
the farmers and ranchers, scanning
eagerlv every human form that
comes in sieht. would shed a li^ht
upon iheir trail that would guide
lhe chase and facilitate the arrest;
hui here the high hills, the bush
lands, the rivers and lakes provide
an ambush for approach and conceal the traces of retreat.
The fact thai these conditions
exist in Brit sh Columbia, however,
only proves the need for extraordinary precaution, ii the province is
to maintain that reputation for
safety in travel which other portions of the Dominion enjoy. What
form these precau'ions should take
il is dillicult for n layman to sny:
but it docs seem lhal if ihose whose
hnsiness it is to enforce the law
would give the matter long and
earnest thought, some system of
patrol or signalling might be devised by which the danger of such
occurrences would at least be
It is to be regretted that an unthinking portion of the community
appears ready to excuse the wrongdoing in admiration for the boldness with which it is executed.
This trait came most strongly in
evidence when the notorious Bill
Miner and r. handful of other
criminals sneaked out of the New
Westminster penitentiary about
three years ago. It was stated
openly by many who should have
known better that if Miner had
come their way, they would have
assisted him to escape Irom the
ollicers of the law—from the very
men whom Ihey were paying to
protect them frum the depredations
of scoundrels of the Miner type.
They held up Miner a- a modern
Robin Hood wh" Btole only from
the rich; but when that desperado
was rilling the  t
i mail   car   or  holding up a stage
coach, we doubt very much whi
he paused to  discriminate between
the   "lilueiit     und     the   common
Mayor Lindmark Replies.
Editor -M \o.-Ilio; ii.u.
Sin. I notice iii yuur paper of Wednesday a letter Higticd by W. W. Foster, similar lo une addressed to the
Police Commissioners. The letter must
have reached your ullice lung before
ihe ollicial document reached the Oity
Hall. I may add lhat the communication does not sound as coming from
une wilh the dignity of the pulice
magistrate to uphold, hut smacks
rather of the politician.
The statements dealing with the case
ul' ex-oflicer Terry arc fully covered by
the letter rend before the Police Oom-
inissiineis anil signed by Chief Bain
mul already published. The teller
mentioned slates that ex-nllicer Terry
complained lo llie ohief that "lie had
heen Ignored in tending an
Culgary to coiled the line
Popce Oomini
in  agreeing  t
>rker.      Indeed    it  is a
illiei'l'  III
nml the
sinners were unanimous
i  ,i-k  that   .Mr.   Foster
..ive nn explanation.
As in ihe uexi insinuation, I may
sny that there were three specials
sworn in nn citrus day, and il was
their duty, under the chiel' of pulice,
lu eiifibirc the law■•    The several   e -
plaints thai Mr, Foster says were made
lo bim through the day, among them
one ul' lhe lu-s ul' a sum of money at n
gambling sideshow, accompanied with
the statement that complaint of this
huil heen made In the mayor, "who is
incident ially the chairman of your
committee, would leave the impression thai I had ignored the complaint.
The I ids aie I hui ill OiHO o'clock at
night. -\Uii ii-k. ih" complainant, came
to me wilh lhe story of his loss. I
went wilh him I., lhe spot where lie
said il had taken place. The tent was
already pulled down, and Aldrick did
not know the name of the man who
bad robbed bim. So far as taking
legal action was concerned, he was
down and out, bul I went with him to
the train tn see if we cuuld recover,
though I might have easily let the
matter drop. In this connection, I
may ask why iiiil not Mr. Foster, who
had received the same complaint, act
as he did in the other case and put the
powerful machinery of his mighty intellect to wurk to assist Aldrick?
As to the statement that "gambling
waa up.ailv allowed," it is false. Circus
sideshow men are clever enough to
elude the law ocasionally and catch a
victim in spite of the shrewdest police,
Iiul i here wn al no time open gambling,
The police magistrate saj - ih.it on
Saturday evening he took n nuiuliei
uf informations us to tbe Illegal selling
of liquor. I would like to isk Mr.
Foster why .liil not these complaints
mul informations go thiough I lit
proper channels'!. Why were thepolici
tint  infor .1 .-
\ be      iti inenl thai liquor in-
un the '.■  H from I hi
i nited si.ii.-~.   Mi   1-   -'  i   knows, oi
ti  know, that it   is  no  business
.    ce or I be i u stoms  ol
;_•        toke if su
.■.!-<•.   Thai    is the business  if the ol
\  iu...-. eh .i - ■   I  i.'.'' -
■ execution
-.1  Sba
MOR BALE—Safe and Cash RegiBtei
Cheap.    Hox llll.
."lOli SA I.K -Man
Land Ceiiiliiiiic Issued by the Department of the Interior, Ottawa!good for
H20 acres of any Dominion Land open
fur entry in Albert.!, Soskiiteheiva '
Manitoba, Any pel sou over the age
ul'IS years, until in woman, can u ■
quire this lnnil with tins Certificate.
Fnr iniiiniliuic sale ul $81X1. Wille or
wire, I., li. Tell'..nl. IHI Slniiei Street,
I'lirntilo, I ltii.it iu
flOR SALE-A collage, alsu piam
ml   furniture,  applv   for term
mil particulars to li. N. Dnyle    Jly 2ii
QEW1NC WANTED Ladles' and
n Children's work. Orders let \ ill
my home in the Samson block mi See-
i.ml Siieel. will receive p iptiitlen
tiun    .Mrs. S. Ilickerliin.
VV     Dishe
By Japanese Cook and
, posit ion in cil v or conn-
nv.     Applv
Shanghai     Restaurant,
1'llsl Sireet,
WANTED   Nigbl Hrenuin, boldin
Fourth i lus
staling   wages,   li
Co., Arrowhead.
papers,    Apply,
li g ll.u.il I. i
WANTED—A fresh cow   stale prici
nml paii.ieiil.its.    Apply   Harry Miln
lush, Huh yuu Springs, II. 0.
Utiug in yuur Plans and Specifications
and we will figuifi on them.
Tlie Great Western Permanent
Loan Company
Were Ton a Winner
Last MonlH?
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Lois in
Block 52
For Prices and Terms
Enquire of
Revelstoke Realty Co
[TANTED- A   lirst-cliss
V     Blacksmith.   Apply to
kes Lumber Compauy, Lid.
an mil
Lelllllll    Hnlel.
Lelaiul, Kiiinli.iips. H. (
girl    for    llie
Applv    Hulel
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit mul ornamenti trcos
home grown, huily, lesteil
anil proven Our tre.s du
not huve to he fun igntld.
They arc grown in the Only
purt ol the continent noi
infested wilh the Sun Jose
157 Pace Catalogue Free..
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery     -      South Vancouver
Ceo. S. Starling will present
The Boston Grand
Opera Company
In Verdi's Createst Maeterwork
Twenty-six Talented
Singers. Efficient
Chorus and Grand
Opera Orchestra. .  .
Prices: $2, $1.50, $1
Seats now selling at Macdonald's
whether  the  letter that contained
the hard earned dollars which
workingman up cuuntry war -
iii£ to his wife, was not   mure wi l-
conie to   him   than the rich n
draft which he lie
had   no   thought
groi er's   bill, or  the  wifi -
dress    or   the   Bhoe _• thin
upon the cl  I In i    I        ie ha
i   nction for the     iffer ng that
. would bi
it is iiiil onci
cess I
and suffering I      ml peo]
li is a
mt nt thai     .   I     and  ■
pie to hold   thei I
lore  the   risii
lull  ... :      . i
and broken mind do« n
,   a   marsh    '!
skulking from justice undet
■ "I ii.in.. none ol ll
■ roddi ii '• path ol hi r liould I"'
encour I.- . '   ' .....ii.    Let
rather that righl i- righl an I
.- v. rong and either  will lead to its
id.". Rabin rew ird.
11. ' iunti     n 1111 11
lege opp n tunitie I . possible for
e ei.. able-bodied man to earn an
honest livelihood and those who
turn away from honorable . i boi to
prey upon the ca i ning ol ol hi i
.-liuiilil lie denll m ith without excuse. Not uiily ihi- but we repeal
nouiii that those in power hould
leave   nothing undone to close the
'...ite- againi I   sui I in and pro-
-one in Canada unimpaired thai
reputation for the Bafetj oi
life and property w hioh is the pride
uf lhe mother land.
Ilu- lid i- un tight .ii Vict.iii.i aa i bo
city oouncil at its lasl meeting Dually
passed a stringent Sunday closing
...-   .,i
■   i . Hni
i   in.-
iki     i      nhnii
' I
be ..I u	
 i    ..ul   ...
hi   nn ni
 -     So one know
L|  ll   I   ll.ll'e  IC
.   ,  procedure    ."'
 i   i ked j" i' .-■ .".'• mon
tbi    iceoiiut,
Ii vei tn the Hi il pai tof tl
.   ,|  tn     |.' . ie,     lettei   I   i'p" il
i hal n i ime
Fi i'i ■ M Ith the "Hi i
 i them in lhe .1. ichai gi nl
\,, one can oi er In  mon
.1   , . ,l Lhatt  myself  when   .11" ei
. ii  hi   ,i;
h, the closing   entein ei  nl  Mi    I■■
Lei    let Uu '.. I I"' rogrel   i hal ll lm
be. ii I,i   dill i to . ill   He'  ut.lei.t nf
lhu pull." . iiminlssloners to lhi i •< I
thai they are heing used Pol certain
piirpn et I • an unly say thai In thai
panigi ipb lu-- whole soul Is broiighl lo
Like Mr, Foster, I regret having i..
.-1,l]. iin letter to the public, bul ll
In n..,... m v Ihni the foots uf the case
lu.ni both iid r ui   leant   il..'   i " i
should he known,
(Sgd.) (Jiiah, F. Lindmark,
Why Christie's Biscuits
are the best
QOOD   BISCUITS  arc  made
by more than one or two manu-
t,i< hirers, and t an be baked from any
■ ol .i few e ' client brands of (lour,
li1 it   the   (       •      am.   is  different.
id a   ship   ns   samples   of
ir l oftener.    We test the
es brands for our purpose.
ii ii ...i- ha e proved best —-
keep on blending and testmj.; by actual baking until
i dough go   l enough to sir.tam, or better,
. bristie reputation.
i     ry ounce of raw material ia carefully analysed
■: it can pass into the mixing room.
The. best sugar, purr, fresh creamery butter, new
■ ■■-> milk and del is .rc.nn    these pure ingredi-
mixed with oui blend of flour, in  the Christie
.  tifii way,   ields that delightful, appetising crisp*
ness and delii.it.' iii or which has made
Christie's Biscuits
favored aboveall other tabledaln ties from ocean to ocean.
Vi-., ( bristle's are the  best  biscuits  money can
buy, yet tbey cost no more thanjusl ordinary biscuits.
Hold  by Qroflari everywhere
Ghrlstlet Brown & (inrnpuitiy. Limited, Toronto
Did-you get from your saok of ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR
i coupon which entitled you to a 109 Piece Dinner Set ? If yuu did
not, keep your coupons—vou may win next month, The prizes will he
given no matter when the lucky coupons are returned. Do not forget
that we are giving away ten sets of dishes every month, and thai every
III lh. sack contains a coupon.
Then, Royal Standard Flour is a different llour—a heller Hour—
a purer Hour than you hive been accustomed to heretofore. It is milled
from the best selected wheat grown in the Oanadiin West—watched
and guarded through every process, until it is the cleanest, sweetest,
most wholesome Hour you have ever used,
tinier a sack from your grocer lo day.  It will he a delight to you
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
$3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with uui uf our liiinil-i me purler sel n,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, with frames tint are in every
cuneiiivuhlc design, anu made to wear
hcli llnitely. We nave many new and
beautiful parlor Bote and odd piecim fnr
b'autifving the limnii lh it are taste
lui, ill ciivn ami inexpensive, and w 1
show v. ur rooms to the beet ml mn
in C I'. li. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest nislcrial for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.ni in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about have yu.'t insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
,  P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.
HEAD OFFICE 1  Caloauv,  Alukiita.
Wholesale and Rotail Meat Merchants
I'urk Packers and Dealers III Livestock.   .Markets in all the prlncl
ind I'iiii-K and Towns of Alberta, British Oolumbia and the Vuknn.
Packers of ibe Celebrated Brand " Iinperatuv" Hams and Bacon,
j   ami "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
Import direct from country ol origin.
REVELSTOKE    ti.  <"'.
Central Hotel
Newly buill.       Kirsl-nlasH in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Largo Sample Rooms.
Hates $l.bO per Day. Special Weekly Rules.
Queen's Hotol, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Hest brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars,    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Proprietor IP
More bread and Better bread
 And the Reason for it
*» be made from sirong wheat,
Manitoba hard wheat is acknowledged the strongest in the world—
and that is the kind used for
Purity Flour.
But that's not all. Kvery grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and low-grade properties.
In separating lhe high-grade parts
from the low-grade the Western
Canada Flour Wills put the hard
wheat through a process so exacting
that not a single low-grade part
has the remotest chance of getting
iu with the high-grade.
Of course thin special process is
more expensive lo operate but it
means ;i It.I to Purity flour users—
that's why we use it.
It means that Purity Flour is
made entirely of the highest-grade
flour parts of the strongest wheat
iu the world.
It moans a high-class, strong flour
nud therefore yields "more bread
and butter bread."
Purity may cost a little more
than some flours, but results prove
it the cheapest and must economical after all.
Western Canada   Flour   Mills Company,   Limited
Ollice, Winnipeg, Man. Mills at St. Uoniface Goderich, Brandon,
~*        Those destroyers cannot live whore trees have been treated with     ~^
W A R N OCK'S   T R li E    P A I N T
Pear llliglit. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, Sun Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. THK COST IS VERY SMALL. It will
nm wash off. One application protects for two years. • Warnock's Tree Paint
is tint an experiment, Ic bus stood the test for six years in all parts of the
United States. It is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight. We
invite investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station bus used this tiee
puiut for three j cars. November, 11K»7: they purchased 50 gallons for free
distribution among leading orchards.    Send for Hi-page free booklet to
G. R. LAWES, Endeihy, B. 0„ Sole Manufacturers for II. 0.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour,  Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley,  Breakfast  Foods,  Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest  Stock  of Cigars unci
Pipt's   in   Revelstoki'.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture,   now   on   hand
and made  expressly  for  us by U.K. McPherson.
Smoking Concert
and Reception
Under auspices of Revelstoke Conservative
Hon. Richard McBride
Hon. Thomas Taylor
Revelstoke Opera House
Tonigkt June 26
Programme Commences at 8:30 p. m.
Too Arc (
Items of Inieresl of Happenings
in British Columb.a
Fire   ill    ihe departmental   -I.Ten    ul
Ilivtil Spencer, in Vancouver, resulted
ut mt urns damage, though the amount
i-ii- yet lliulppl'ii- d 'lli- lire Plnrti il
in llie basement ol the More ami n»
discovered hy tlie nightwntohman.
Serious discontent i« now ppreading
imong the Indians ol the Skeena river
district, in the vicinity ol Hazelton.
The trouble 1ms arifcn over while
homesteaders settling on Crown lands
ill joining the Indian reserves. A party
.f settlers wna met hy a band of alior-
iginid some twenty miles from Hazel-
inn, and tumid hack witb threats of
violence. The Provinolal Government
ni-.taken the matter up while the
'run die has alsu heen referred to
Ottawa. A commissioner will be sent
io investigate and report,
Au encounter with a vicious bear hy
wo Kiopox Indians ou tin- trail of the
Yukon telegraph line almost resulted
iu the death of one of the men. He
.van saved hy I lie prompt action of the
uther in despatching the brute.
Rev. \V. A. Barraolough, B. A., who
lias been four years tlie popular paBtor
il Queen's Avenue Methodist church
at Westminster, was given a hearty
farewell reception on tbe occasion of
his leaving lur his in w field ut labor
it Sarniii, Out.
Victoria is to have a civil service
bylaw for civic employees similar to
the one in force uuder the Provincial
Kaniloiips has now two miles of
granolitic sidewalks.
Joshua Davie, a Nanaimo old timer,
died in the eurridors cl the gaol on
Thursday morning. He iiad been
urested and gaoled lor supplying
liquor to the Indians, but was allowed
to run tbe corridor on account o! his
Tbe Ku-slai.d Miner has an article
descriptive of the colony ot Doukhobors at Waterloo, not (ar from the
lower end ot Arrow bakes. The article describes the Dunks as thrifty,
strong, industrious, cleanly and enterprising; in fact in every way an acquisition to the population of this fair
A. H. Thompson, of Trail, the
ferryman who gtudid the destinies ot
the frail craft that crosses the Columbia at tbat point was thrown over
hoard and drowned on Thursday
afternoon. Inability to cuntrol the
wheel was lhe result ot the accident.
He was much respected in the Smelter
oity. Two other persons have been
drowned and another injured by tbe
ferry during the past year and a bridge
across the stream  is strongly urged.
Considerable richness in free milling
quartz aud galena ore bas been developed in tbe Gold Note mine, a few
miles from Nelson. Tbe ledges ex
posed vary Irum one lo two feet, in
width and some ol the blocks of ore
taken out were a foot square and 20
inches in length.
Moyie is to have a bouse boat on
the lake'his summer tor the convenience of outing parties wbo love to live
iu such quartets.
Divers have been working with book
and tackle to recover the bodies ol the
firemen and engineer who were killed
in the Ureat Northern wreck at tbe
New Westminster bridge last Sunday
afternoon. Diver Cook, of North Vancouver, is superintending tbe work.
Tbe wricked engine is BUpposed to lie
about 150 or 100 feet fro.u  tlie surface.
Indians from the north and Irom
the Harrison river country are beginning to move down tlie lower
Fraser for tbe salmon li-hing season
When that is uver they will Le ready
for work iu bop picking around Chilliwack and Agaseiz.
Toronto   and   Soccer   Team
Would Play Here
The All Star team from Toronto is
to tour tlie I'acilic coast this summer
and will must likely stay nver lor an
exhibition game at Bevelstoke, it ar-
laiigeinents can be satisfactorily made.
Bill Hilton, of the Toronto and Dis-
srict F. A., has all arrangements in
hand and will bring along a strung
combination, Now i» the chance lur
the local Soccer fans tu get busy and
pick up a team to meet them. Hilton
is doing his best to luster the game
through tbe west, and it is to be
tiopi il his visit to the  const will turn
out satisfactory. Tlie schedule will
include games in Vancouver, Viotorla,
Nanaiinu. New Westminster, Hilling-
ham, Tccniiia, Kvcrett. and a game al
the .-cattle Exposition. For full par
Oculars, terms, etc , write tu iff, Hilton, 22 liens..ii avenue, Toronto,
Rest and Health
To tbe tired, to the ill, tu those
needing a change from the stress of
business and every day care, nu better
resting place can be found Hum the
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium, in
its pleasant and shady situation overlooking the Arrow lakes. The Iiul
springs have nu superior iu mccidinal
qualities any where in the world, and
arc   especially   beneficial   to  Hume i l-
llicted   with   rheumatism or similar
diseases, Special rates lot return
tickets can be obtained Irom the 0. 1'.
It., and two steamers call there daily.
Tin re is excellent fishing and boating,
and plenty of quiet amusement to
help the time pass pleasantly, while
Mr. Harrj Mcintosh, the genial bust,
gives all a hcarly welcome and makes
every One feel at home.
The Teiiiniseli lacrosse team of Toronto It.is arrived In New Westminster
an,i ihi- afternoon will piny lhe
champions foi the Minto cup. They
.ue.ill iii good ihapc, .unl Mr. Cjuorrlu,
theb  11innager, says i but  it they fall
to win this time it will only be because
thev have met a belter team.
Talented  Boston  Organization
Will Be Here on Monday
A notable event in lhe history ol
theatticals in Kevelstoke will be the
attraction at the Opera House uext
Monday evening, when llie Huston
Oiiind Opera Company wi I |itesein
grand opera. The company is a well
ki own i.rganizaiiun that has thorough
ly established an in questiouahh
creditable reputation in eastern musical centers Its headquarters is in
lioston, Mass., while, fur the past
number ot years, it has annually pru
duced a season of grand opera in
English at llie Gaslle Square Theatre,
and last season Mr. Starling, tbe
managing director, undertook the first
tour. Qrand opera in English was
given in seventy cities in the Easter:.
and Sunt hern Stales, nnd with such
gratifying success that it wiis luuiid
desirable tu make a mure extended
tour this season and to include the
musical centers of the west, Tin; itinerary for l'.lOlt includes an curly engagement in Seattle during ibe Alaska
Yukon I'acilic Exposition, su lhat by
the combined efforts ol Mr. Lawrence
in Winnipeg, Mr. Willis iu Calgary,
and Mr. Curt iu Seattle, an arrangement was consummated whereby Mr
Starling bus boen induced In make
his cross-continent journey over the
Canadian I'acilic Bailway, and tu stop
at some ol tlie principal citi s en route.
Last week the Huston cumpany pre
sented at the Winnipeg theatre, and
tlie able musical critic of the Tribune
gives the following account of "II
Truvature,'' which will be the bill in
Kevelstoke Monday nigbt:
"Wbile '11 Trovatore" is a long way
Irom being tbe grandest of Verdi's
operas, it is undoubtedly the most
popular of them all, and yet on reading the story ot his life one finds that
his failures outnuinbend his succes;
but, triumphs like "Bigoletto," "Jt
Trovatore," 'La Tr.iviati," "Aida,"
"Othello" and "FalstatV," outweigh
many failures. The three uperaa first
named in the above list have oue
supreme merit in addition o tlieir
abnormal nielilluuusiiess—tbey prefigure the latter, Verdi, the truer
musical dramatist, and are distinguished from his early operatic wurks hy a
nobler treatment ol ihe separate numbers, sharper cliarper characterization
of the personages, more solid instrumental, a melodic beauty lull of temperament and more artistic harmonics.
To Rigoletti, in 1861, must we go back
searching lor the routes ot the mature
Verdi, and, iu the declanniory monologues o! the hunchback, jester will
he found the more nitelp-uiual germs
und subleties ol "lago' nnd "Flag-
stair." "II Travatore," as produced by
the Boston Grand Opera Company,
last night at the Winnipeg theatre,
also contains strong dramatic situations, and, if the tower scene Ins become hackneyed, how splendidly is
the episode devised. In this much
admired and much sung opera are to
be found harmonic straws, which go
to iudicate those master pieces ot
musical workmanship ot his later
years, aad it really does siein a pity
lhat "Aida" at least is not lo be induced iu the fortnights repertoire.
"Tbe performance of 11 Trovatore by
the members of the Boston Grand
Opera Co. waa such as tc comnieud
itself to every music lever in thij city,
it leaves no loophole fur adverse criticism as there was not a weak spot in
the vocal interpretation, the shortcomings belong to tlie instrumental
accompaniments presented by local
musicians, but a few more drillings
given to tbis department by the Musi
cal Director, Siguur B. E. Erauciui,
will show a marked improvement.
"There was a large, to mu a trile
phrase, and fashionable midline.! present, whu iilmust went wild with enthusiasm, on hearing the favorite
solos, duets, inns, quartettes, and
choruses so beautifully sung. Encores
were frequently demanded, but tbe
strenuous nature of the singe work
precluded any response in the majority
ol instances, but the clumur lor the
repetition of tlie .Miserere episode became tu persistent I but it was sung all
over again.
"In Madame Judith M. Francini
the audience last night heard the true
Italian prima donna soprano. As
Lcnora she not only acted with pas
sinuate power, hut evinced a beautiful
oicc and breath control, with u daz-
ling lechuic that ccines with long
years of training, finished in every detail. It she was excellent in the cava-
tine 'The Night was Calm,'she was
quite superb in the lust act,  in which
she shared honors with that splendid
tenor Signor Gherardi. In the emotional ducts witli Mcnricu (tenor) and
llie Count di Luna (baritone), Madame
Franoinl waa eminently satisfactory.
"Signora Greca Iticci, who sang tlie
role ut Aziiceua, showed a remarkable
voice ul rich contralto color, with the
range of a soprano, and she reinforces
ber singing wilh such complete nud
resourceful vocal ait that there ia uot
simile   nl   feeling   which   she ctuiiiul
seemingly express In sung. Her pathetic notes iu "llunie lo our Mountains" wore sad and sorrowful in (Ile
extreme of poignant intent     The Big-
niira is a veritable source ol  strength
iu the enncerted numbers,
"No belter operatic tcniir has been
heard in this city than Siguur Glicr-
nrdi, once a member ol the Savage
forcea in their palmy days. Ot tbis
vncalist it. may be Iruly said, that be
came, be saw, and conquered highly
critical auditors, aud he lias leaped in
one single nighi. into local popularity.
lie is au operatic singer par excellence
and one whu sustained the best traditions of the character he purtraycil,
Nanricu, wilh unvarying brilliancy.
"At times lie ruse to heights ol real
tragedy, particularly in lhu famous
last act, in which revealed lugical purpose and vehement sincerity. Signor
Gherardi will be it most valuable ac
quisitioii to any opera company, nnd
it is a fmliiiinte ntiiiiirrence that Wit:
nipeg Theatre audiences are privileged
lu hear him.
"Signor Alberti'n rcsoiiniit baritone
was beard in this cily a tew yen in ago
with the Rose Ccitila Shay organiza
tion and hits lust not one jot ot his
picntil tide ul voice, and dramatic lorcc
in ih pieling Ihecba'iu-terof iheCnunl
di I..me      Tinu  he is a v..cal artist is
plai he    -     nu.I  nil  'hi',.'U':. lhe
opera, ii.i ni tuning w il h i be » rn < hi
tin t,.,;,I h s teniperau eii'nl ler-inn ul
"II I'.nieii," ur the "Tempi si . I the
Heart." Uf course Ibis brought salvos
u  ib-siTvi d appl line.
' 11 is a p'eisiitt. tu record the sue
ess nf the uther singers mure nr less
,iron.incut, in the cast. The basso,
Mr .luim Miio.loniild, has a line vniei
nil knows bow to use it. Mis- Cora
lt..ydcn and Mr. Edward Olds wete
ilsu vety guud.
"The chorus is not large in numbers
but puts in sniiie effective singing as
well ns stage business. The eustunics
are also in keeping with the req lire-
uiciiis of Uu story, and, judging froin
the warmth of the reception ucoorded
I'he Boston Opera Company Inst nigh'
a prospoiuus season is  in plain sight.'
For Rent
House on Fir-t Sireet, 1)121) per month
Four liuuniB un McKenzie Avenue, $10
per month
For  Sale
Guud Building buts.
1'wo  houses  suitably   located  un McKenzie Avenue
Acreage lur Market Gardening,
Money  Loaned ior Building Purposes
Manufactured fur nil classes of   buildings
for sale in largo or small quantities
at the lowest prices for cash.
All kinds ol building and plastering
The Revelstoke New and
Second Hand Store
Furniture, Beds, Stoves, Tin
and Enamel ware. Boots and
Clothing bought, sold or exchanged.
J. C. Hllll, PrOp.  ^averCigar'FcT;
June '.'li
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars .Tobacco.
Meals 155 cent?.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   MoKenzie Ave
First class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Sireet and Robson Ave.
barges! and Beat Program
evil held in the Okaiingnn
by the sensational acrobat
and gymnast " I.EORA "
Rovelstoke vs. Enderby
Kelowna vs. Summerland
RevelBtoke vs. Vernon
Kelowna vh. Armstrong
Put a little^
in yWiir
An   i Id fa hii tin!.
ill-working furnace is a non-
'/' It consumes the < oal, but through leaks and
cracks wastes the heat.
It is not <" onomy to have such a furnace in
your own home, or in your tenant's home.
If you are thinking of building you should be interested in Sunshine Furnace. It adds 100 per cent, to
home comforts.
As soon as you let the contract for your house decide
on   your  furnace.      Tbe   "Sunshine"   man   will  be
pleased to tell you just !        the       ■      ought lo be
laid out with an eye to securing greatest heat from
the smallest consumption of coal.
If   you   want   to  experiment   with the question  don't
specify "Sunshine." ~
If you want to settle the question specify   "Sunshine."
MTIarYs   .
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
(H st
S3 -.. ^.; -'. -
Notice to contractors
SKALKU TENDERS, euporscriboil "Tender
for buck up." will lie rei'i'iveil liy tin- Hun
oiiiulilo the Minister of I'ubllo Work- up lo
noun of Wednesday tlm limb day of Juoo, 1809.
for the cruetion ami ooiupli'tiun of a three ..nil
lock-nil ami constable'! iiuartors atKakua
plans, spootllcattons. contract and lurnis uf
tendor may bo -een on and aftor tho ;ih day of
JUUO, l'.W'.l. nl Ilm ollices of tlio Umi rnnii'iit
Agent ni lia-lo: Hie liuviiiiiiiiiii Agent al
Rovelstoke! tho Alining Kucunlor at Nakusp;
and at-the Department of I'nl.lic Work8, Victoria, li.c,
Each proposal musl be accomp.i_i.cd by an
aocoptco bankohepuo or certMi■• o uf deposit
on a chartered bank ul Cana la, mode payable
lo the Hun. Minister ot 1'ubll works for a sum
equivalent io tun pur cent ui lho amount ol the
tendor, whioh shall bo forfcltod if tho party
tendering decline to onto.' Into contract when
enlluil upon todo so, o:' if he fall to complete
tlio work contracted ior. The cheques or cer
tillcatus of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers
wDl be returned iu tbem upon Um execution
of the contract,
Tenders will not be considered unless made
out on lhe forms supplied, signed with the
aclual signature of the tenderer, ami enclosed
iu the envelope furnished.
The lowesi or any tender put necessarily
!•' c, hamuli:,
riiblie Work. Engineer.
Public Works Departmenl, i'.i id
Victoria. H. O., June 2nd, I'M).
Certificate of  Improvements
Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability
Minimi!  &   Development   Company Limited Liability.
Revelsluke. .lune 19th, 1000.
Nuiice Is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Shareholders of
the Prince Mining & Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
held at the Company's offlce, First
Street, Revelstuke, IS. {'.. on Wednesday, the twenty-first day oi duly, A.D,
19(10, at the liiiur of eight o'clock in the
afternoon, for the purpose of elesting
uiliiers for the ensuing year, and for
all other purposes relating lo iin- management of the I 'ompany.
The transfer book of the Company
will be closed during the- fourteen day's
immediately preceding such n ling.
Dated at Revelstuke, B. 0„ this llllh
day of June, A.l)., Hum.
I. \. L, and Silver Pick mineral
claims, situate in the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located, between the north
and Bouth lurks ul Lardo Creek.
Take notice lhat I Catherine Florence lieatty, of Vancouver, B.C., Flee
Miner's Certilicate No. 1! 18170, intend
sixt v dais liuin date 1 ireof, to applv
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate nt improvements for the pui pose
ul' obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further lake nutlcc lhal action
under Section H7 must be commenced
b store Ibe issuance of BUcb Cei t Ificate
ul' Improvement i,
Daled tbis twenty-seventh dav of
May, A.l), Hum.
myUtl Catherine Florence Bkattv.
Rovelstoke band District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice thai Roderick XV. Lindsay, of Camborne, IM'., occupation
in.'-i. I, mt, intends to apply for. permission   lo   | Ins.-   the    following
described land .
Commencing al n |i"-i planted .it tbe
uui 11, easl cornel   ol   A,  D.   Mi Kays
pre einnlion,   No,   ?805,   ind  marked
•■li. W, Lindsay's North-West I
I'usi; ibence about  8 chaini
wosl h 1 McKinnon > pre emotion.
tlu- about 60 chains south,  ihence
.iIimiii H, bains wesi  lo McKay's side
line, Ihem ■■ north ilioul  SO • I
noinl ..I .'iiiiniiei men   and    ontain
um in acres moie ..i le
IdinKllli K  Will I 1>I  Ll.NIIM H .
I.... ator,
Haled April UOth, 1000. m> 22
Revelsluke Land District.
District ol West K n n .
Take null..' lhal I. Uin l..i Hi., ill,
ol Nnkupp, occupation married woman,
intends lo apply for permission to
purchase lho full..umi; described
1 Is:
Commencing at u poBl planted on
lhe sunlit.west corner ol l...t ul in,
thence we i   I" i bainsi   tboni o  north
OOchalnsi thei asl 10chains;thenci
soulh tin chain ■ to plai e ol i eminence-
Mus. Ann w I.i Ilu i-ii
II..I. I.\ BliArili, Agent,
Dated .May 17th. 1000, my '2D
uur logi (irf itamped on the end
"K,"   (Mill   iill     poriODI   nre     witnietl
against taking them, or tbe driving ol
nalli or ipikoa oi units tharain, Do
nut touch our logs.
Rivblstokk Sawmill Co.  Ltd.
Se i]< 'i Tendon wil] bo received hy Llie undor*
signed up to noon on June 29th, MM' (or tlie
erection and completion of an addition to The
Queen Victoria Hospital, Bevelstoke, B, C,
Plane and ipccifloatl ms, may bo soon ut the
Office ol the Hospital Secretary, City,
Bach proposal mutt be accompanied by an
■ ; ed   bank  check   made  payable to the
elstoke Hospital Society for a Bum oqulva*
:• nl -u ' [■• r cent. o( the amount uf thu tender.
which shall be torfi Ltc i U the part)   tendering
decline to enter Into i on tract when called upon
io do -"». or if be fall* to complete the work
icted '-uv.   The cheques ol unsuccessful
cere will bo returned to them upon the
execution uf the contract.
1 be lowesi ur an) tender not necessarily
...   i pte ■■
Tho llevelatoke Hospital Sooii tj
jun l- it Soorotary*Troasuror.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ..f West Kootenay.
Take notice thai Lafayette Lamb, of
Clinton, luM,i. I . s. a., occupation
Millowner, intends lo apply for permission to purcha.se tbe following described land:
CommencinK at . post planted at the
s. |-:. cornel of l^.t itil'S, then nurth __»
chains, then east Lin chains, thence
suuth 2„ chains mute ut less tn lake
shore, Ibence westerly along lake shore
lii chains mine oi less te polnl of commencement.
I-;. Mi (l auu man,
Agenl foi Lafayette Lamb,
Dated .lune 3rd, lim*.  '        jun '^i
Vancouver Lots
Within une year ymi  iiunit get your
in y  buck   tenfold  il yuu invest il
nun   in   ch ice   intu  close to Booond
Nairn bridge in Vancouver.    Let me
explain why.'     Prioe per .On toot lot
only $126; ', cash, balanoe$16 quarter*
j ' \,,\,\ t..  F. ii. WINKLES, I2H
Sixth  Ui  , Fast   Vancuuver, H. C.
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd.
8u unei Kevelstoke leave- Landing
ai the lead ol i .u.\"ii ovoiy Tuesday
.md Friday ai 0 a. m, (water permit-
un. .in I arrives al Downie ('reek
aboul - p.m., returning same day. T,
\ Lewis 1.1 -• ngi i stage and freight
wagons 11 aii-i ei passengers and freight
between all city hotels and Landing.
I...ne orders with Mr. Lewis, i,.le-
phone Ni . 12. There Is telephone con-
nection «ii h the steamer. The number
Is lui.'..   All Information as to rates
and other business may  I btainod
at ullice on board ilic steamer from
F'. su iN'sns, Purser.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paici
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs. THK MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE J3. 0.
■ sfO;
Men's Suits
Bargains in men's Scotch
and English Worsted Suits
Fifty   Suits  sellling  regularly ai  $14  and $iS, Sale
Trice fiio and $12.
Boys' Suits
Boys' Suits, sizes from
j 1 to 32, best Canadian
Tweeds and Black Worsted
Suits in two piece and three
Special Sale price on  every
Men's Pants
Men's     Tweed     Pants
Sale price $1.25
Local and General.
Come and Rec the Magic Handkerchief at the Edisou Theatre tonight.
Keep July 8th I ir tin Central Colli n. Glee Cluh concert at the Roller
Time (1.1 receiving tenders lur the
new wing ul the Victoria Hospital has
been extended tu .lune 2(Jtb.
Tomorrow evening the Uight Kev.
Bishop Dart, oi Kootenay and Westminster will hold a confirmation in
St  Peter's church.
The new haii a tun lire lell, part uf
the Gamewell tire alarm system having been placed in Nu. 2 fireball, the
old hell f...in N . 2 will be hung iu
No   I ball,
Iii i-idie ol the fact that last year
tw.' rapanesi were lined for destroying small birds there arc complaints
tbst tbe practice still goes on.
You can get away frnm your
mutbr-in-law with a Magic Handkerchief. Instruction iu the use ol the
Handkerchief at the Edison Theatre
Mr. Alldritt, physical director ot the
Y.M.C.A.. and Bert McEachern of the
Mail -Herald staff returmd from a
hunting trip to Isaac c.eek thin week,
bringing two bear pelts with them.
Mr. W. \ Fnote has completed the
erection of the handsome new residence for Sergt Sturdy on .Sixth
street. The bouse is beautifully finished from designs made by Mr. Foote
A fast game uf baseball was played
uu the Y.M.C.A. grounds last evening
when the Boots Greys deieated ihe
K VI r- I y a -c ire ol 11-10. On Tues
day night the Intermediates will piny
the Business Men.
11 '.!.<"> ON 1 HE BEA1 TIFUL,
BY C   P. i.i :'H—HI I
A best wave , issi I iver New York
in tbe midd of the wei... Fourteen
per:..:.- lied id sc res were prostrated. Tii lUjanda slept on the rools.
ilm ir seen • were enacted in Boston
ani Philadelphia iu a less degree.
Tne ratepayers ol Vernon have
passed by large majorities by-laws for
$75,000 to build a new public school.,
The Utter will cost $45,000, but the
Provincial Government baa promised
I   o intribute $15,000 towards it.
An addition b is beeu i im| It ti d to
B. J. Wat,     - -        • I ...    rj
making /   ol   the  build
ing 100x32 fi ground        r ol
the a I Iii led I
Inmi ■
working m
1 .     :      . _ '■ .;
i  .        •     C. P. K. tract
di ii  B irnei    it
Ml   I    • .       I .',.   m.i        ,
■   .. k   by a
, .-   • .       {lit trail       lhi n   »*
.i ..;.....     .i       . ■   •
-■■:...      ■ -•._•!.       i -
■    ... I    ' ' .  :       1,.
\l      S    ' 1 '      ...
wi :•  ... .1       I ne m. ••► ige c misted
li.   Sti}        e-      ....   -   .... ,1 l   -   ml   -lip ds
' ■   ■ :      i      ■     broken car      S'eai
them wss tbi   beavy wrecking engine
huge derrii k which had lifti d
rreckagi      il      tin ditch and on :
•   '       , -
c; A R13 E TV   S 1 .<; E I) s
Call nnd inspect mil'stuck of Union Sets and (iurden Seeds of nil kinds
None but new seeds kept in stock
Wo carry   ;i   complete   Hnu   of
)read, cake and pastry trade
staple and fancy groceries,  aud
IS    p,
ipidly    increasing,   a  trial
can oIVoi* you tho  hesl  goods al
* for any one of the above
Lho same price as  you pay  for
_xplain why.    Our aim is to
inferior lines,
only i he hesl.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one ol   the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
There have been no further developments in the pursuit fur Sheldo and
his accomplice, whu are wanted here
lur stabbing Frank Orsetti last Saturday night. Twu men who were held
nt Kamloops proved to be the wrong
persons. The two men who are
wanted were last reported to be seen
going east through the mountains
A (risky pair uf borses belonging to
the Bowman Lumber Company, after
being unhitched trom their wurk last
.veiling and made a dash fur the tuwn
One uf them took the sidewalk on
Kirst street and Kept it fur several
blocks, scattering ' he pedes! inns out
uf their way as he went aiuiig. Huth
were afterwards captured near the
City  Hotel.
CANADA. 23—18 lr
A lil     • . pi    nto  the Mi   ■
Hi i .   i   -   i. porl     i   lhe  trial  ro
Hie   tin     i'1.. ..!.•   i isi    Tuesday
I he   ol eel ivi    point   wan M in
re.   Th        u   a .-   laid   ind   I...
- :. am   playing  within a ml   .      .
i i     11 11 n .  ml contingent   i.n'
■   tha lane il tbi    k     i  the  itore
bad  tn"  -iu a:     playing   ■ I
n'. ■
I mi ■      nun   . mployeil
it thi    K ■•. m ...   i, inibei   ' lumpanj -
iw   111 wm brought Inti 11 ipital
a lew  lay ago, wiih a band badly eul
il riking a sum    11.   \„- attended
I >   Dr. Sutherland   who found it nene-
-ary t.  putsts three flngeri    West
iniiii is i married man with a family
ni tuwn ami hi- injury will inoapaoi
' iti inn, (,,r uurk for sunn- time I"
.  me,
Social and Personal
Furses and Bags
T h ,■ n :;,    dilTei
lyl - lu cl se from
l'iIces .in away down
Now i- ih" lime to
hu> ihi- lhe and bi
in ibe -ivuii.
W. A. Foote   contractor loft yi iti
day lm Hioamous I... umplete lu.. oon
tract un  the <:. I'. R   hotel st thai
Mi. Mn I iiggari ... Eoksti in h law
ntlice, Fernio, was a visitor in the cily
yesterday lie lelt un Nn. ',i7 f..r the
Coast tu visit frlonds m  Vanoouver,
Whore In- studied law with the linn uf
Martin, Craig ,1 Bourne,
Provinolal constable <i. A. Murray,
■ I Vansouvor, pasted through the city
yesterday on his ret urn trom Winnipeg, where he went with a primmer
named I lavlt, who had heen ci unliiii mil
I.y the Immigration authorities to deportation to the old country,
Hon. Richard McBride and Hon.
Thus. Taylor arrive here to-day.
The Colonial hotel at Kamloops has
been purchased hv Frank Corson, C
P. it. engineer, and .la,. Lappao of the
Queen's Hotel. The new proprietors
intend to make several improvements
iii the building.
J. N. Muir, formerly principal ut the
Victoria High School, was in the city-
last w,.,k He i- following the Premier .md Hon, Mr. Th -. Taylor on
their t-uir distributing leaflets exposing illeged unfairness in school exam-
iti ns.
Mr and Mr- I U mid, who leave today to tane up their home in Vancouver were given * hearty send, tl h
members I tbi B •' 1. K and Ladies
\ ■ isrj wh pai I them a surprise
vi-it at tbeii in I spent a   leas-
ant even og t I    tbem  sat night.
"   M'ls    I     I thi   drygoods huiise
■' M.. eod s    '   M i.'l.erh    Vane..uver,
.--■ -.   No    fl   I u -.Uv
-  rn a trip of
the  old   country.
1 Mr    ' ed that the crops on
- ng well as there
ei   ■' if rain in nasi plsoes
i pssl week      A   friend uf his
iii h isineai  In    Winni
peg   '■' nun  that   buyers
iving  about among the
"iiii.' a dollar I   bushel   lor
tie ;i   imi   nut finding
take - sl that,
Business Locals
.'■i a.i- . berries Cantelnpes, Kipe
Tomatoes Cucumbers,Radishes 'ireen
'nu .-I-   i ettuct   .nnl New  Potatoes,
in   t ln»   iu..riling.    0. B, Hume
' .
Ue  have -.ur  preseverlng Apricots
in today four cases nr ^n lbs. fur $2 26,
They will be higher next shipment,
liny now and save money.
I ins   is   tbe   lust,   day lor unr ohesp
. .     in   vale.r glasses ami fruit dish""
only IH cents a doxsn. Did you get.
any''   C, H Homo A Oo.
See   ..ui   corner  window  for dinner
Bets Quito a number of them am
going tins month, Call and gut our
prices before buying, 0, B. Hum'. *
Loat—Hlack Morocco wallet between 0, I'. R. station and tbn public
fohool, Reward is tillered to the Under upon returning thn same to the
ollice ul the M oi.-lli iiaiu.
tin tu ti. ii. Hume a Oo'a if you
want a bargain piece of carpet,
Milling Pictures lo-iiigbl al Bdlion
I'arlur Theatre.
Roal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
p      Rkntb Collected. Loans Notary Puhi.ic
$15,000 -STOCK --$15,000
We are giving up business and selling  out  onr  entire  Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences ^t once and will be continued day and
evening until the entire Stock i.s disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
One of the prettiest weddings which
lias ever Iaken place in Revelstoke was
.solemnized on Wednesday, the 28td of
June, nl the hour of two o'clock in the
afternoon, at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Ohurch, being that of Mr. Frederick A. ISstey of the Yule -Columbia
Lumber Company, Nelson, II. C„ and
Miss Nellie ,1. McRae, youngest daughter of Mrs. .lune McRae of Revelstoke.
The church which was exuisitely decorated was lilted to lhe doors.
(ileal interest was taken in the
event, the bride being one of Revel
sloke's fairest and most popular girls.
The ceremony was performed hy Ihe
Itcv. XV. O. Calder under a beautiful
arch of white flowers, The charming
bride entered the church on tlie arm ol
her brother, Mr. Alex. McRae, tp the
strains ol the Wedding March from
"Lohengrin," played by Miss Fiances
Lawson, nnil looked perfectly lovelv in
her beautiful wedding gown of while
duel,esse satin, made in direcliiiie
style witli yoke nml sleeves of embroidered chiffon. The veil of embroidered
Brussels net wns worn oil' the face,
witli a orown of orange blossoms. The
bridal hoquet was of white roses, lilies
of tlie valley and smllttX, and Ibe bride
wore a beautiful diamond necklace,
tlie nil'; of the groom. Little Miss
Edna Johnson, daintily gowned in
white witb Kate llreen.iway bonnet,
was flower girl, and looaed a little picture. She carried a basket of white
roses. The bridesmaid, Miss Muriel
Buck, wore a I utiful gown of rose
silk online with large plumed picture
hat to match, and carried abotjuetof
pink roses nnd stnilax. Master James
McRae, nephew of the bride, was her
train bearer, and was a very graceful
attendant, In his brown velvet Lord
Fauntleroy suit, The proom was supported by Mr. D. A. Costiniiii of Com-
uplix, ti. C.
The groom's present to the bridesmaid was a beautiful pearl pendant
and chain; to the flower girl a coral
and pearl pendant and chaini to tlie
tittie page a gold ring set wlthacar-
bimcle; iu the groomsman n diamond
stick pin; and In the ushers, Messrs.
Sandy and Charlie McRae, nephews nf
the bride, gold cull'links. Miss Law-
cm ivlui played the Wedding March
was alsu the recipient uf a pretty
brooch from the groom.
Mendelssohn's Wedding March was
played   as   the   bridal   party   left tbe
church for Glengarry Hall, tbe borne
of the bride's brother,     The hride and
gin.mi received  in  the drawing room,
which was most beautifully decorated
with   roses   mil  carnations, standing
under  a   canopy   uf   flowers.   In the
dining   room,   which   was  alsu made
...   .'iiul with duwei's, was the bride's
■ah,    exquisitely decorated  with pink
and white carnations anil streamers of
pink   nd white ribbon draped from the
...ueiiei   i        -   a id  "entered with a
bridecake .i lovely design. The guests
•■ ied   aho.it  one    hundred.     A
repasl     was    served,   during
whi u Mi. B. H. Atkins   proposed ihe
health ol   Lhe  I.ride and groom.   Th"
.. i    ruspunded In ; few well chosen
M    an . Mrs. Estey lefl nu No. 07 fur
.-   and     California    where   the
■ •'  ii will  be spent     'I'he bride
.     i ravelling costume nf
, u|i. ; . ini cloth, with pretty hat
to   ■' ti'ii lined   with dark red and
vel ind  taupe veWel   II n.
oi. i el nn  they  will    e ....
\e . i       Mi -.   Estey   will be
ii   Revelstoke    bei •
hi .     .:."'iu nlier ul   ft i",,.      i ,
K     a  list of   I li" wed-
uid   then   magnificence Is
li. .i  of  ih.-  high esteem in
hi In d..l ctmple .. ■• held
- .   bell  Mi mws 11 yal'
' jf!aM8   I "li'l V     ..'t'.h.     Mi- l/iu
 i    Ui  and Mi     W .
ui -h      Mi.     i ie'    Mi-.
i    \.   r      •
| ■                 .i iirt, Mr. and   Hi      i
... -I■    I   '  .Ilm
i . ream and .u.m i   "t,
ng .Mi    and   Mi    h, a.
a     md Mi-   W   \   M.m.i.,
Pt  I -    Mi    A    I     1 ..oiiiiu I -
I •      II.  I
Ml-- I'l-.u I Rob!
.-", Mis-. - Johnson.
i .     Mi--    Mi K.-iii. ,   .md
r . ■ .i,i i epl,..        His
I   ,.    tidi red    nl repiei e   HI     Mei
- ei
(Imi     painted     pincushion,     HI
Bu     nl     ■   md eyi let   ■ nntri'i ",
H .    ind Mt    Calder,
ll.l. ii   .'il /     uid     -ll lofn   ' ll   Iiiiiii,
l    •    Hodge .nd Maiti. (laldor,
Dal   Co. ker, Mi. II. 0  Lauglilln,
Mahogany table .md glaaa tray,  li.
Hows V ( o 's staff.
(inld framed medallion, Mrs. McRae
.unl Mi    Gallon  Montreal,
Hlai I boar akin mounted, Mi. Ohas,
McDonald aud  Mr.   VV. II. lliihei'lHiin
.Silver lluwe, pot, Mr. .1. II. and Miss
Marie A inmi rung.
Out glass cream mul sugar, Mr, .unl
Mr.. Ai.". Dei, Finch, nm.
Cut gins., comport, Mr, W; V. (Ind-
Table linen. Mr. .1. I'. Hume.
Table linen, Mr. ami Mrs, Harold
Silver entree dish, .Mr. ami Mrs. C.
Holten and Miss Mary Kdwards.
Cul glass salad oil bottle, Mr, and
Mis. I'\ L. Tall.
Silver chafing dish, Mr. and Mrs. A,
I''. Dudgeon, Comaplix.
China Comport, Arthur McEachern.
(Inl glass Iruil nappies, Mr. and Mrs.
A J. Macdonell.
Mother of pearl cluck, ink stand and
calendar, Mr. Nnrinan McDonald,
China berry dish, Miscs Paget.
Silver sugar bowl and sieve, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Morris.
Cul glass water bottle, Mr. W. Hor-
Hal.uu) china dinner set, Mr. and
Mrs. T. Kilpatrick.
Five hand-painted frame pictures,
Mr. and Mis. W. 11.  Prill.
Pearl-handled fruit knives, Misses
Lena and Liz/an I ley, Toronto.
Silver pudding dish, Ur. and Mrs.W.
II. Sutherland.
(iue glass vase, Dr. Hamilton.
Cut glass hou hon dish, .Mr.   and   Mrs.
A. Johnson.
Silver tea service, Mr. and Mrs.
Kenny McRae.
Pearl-handled knives and furks, Mr.
Leonard Hell, Vegrevllle, Alta.
Linen Iray cloth, MissJessieThomas,
Linen tray cloth, Miss Mary A,
Stuart, Dunvegan, Out.
Silver fruit dish, Mr. and Mis. Thos.
W. Bain and family
Cut glass vase, water pitcher and 12
glasses, Ashdown Hardware Co,, Nelson, B.C.
Cut glass bowl, II. Dyers, Nelson.
Cut glass water sol and cream and
sugar, Yale Columbia Lumber Co,
office staff, Nelson.
McRae tartan traveling rug, Capt.
CniTutbei'S, Nelson.
One dozen silver spoons, Mrs. Me-
Phillips, New Brunswick.
Pearl-handled carving sel, Mrs.
Cuitie, New Brunswick.
Silvei cuke basket., Mr, R A. Estey,
New Brunswick,
Tray and Chinese slippers, Mr. and
Mrs. Wing Chung,
Table linen, Mi. and Mi's. McLennan
and Miss McLennan.
'Table linen, Miss Hi imiii onihe.
Silver cake  plate,  Mr. Harry Hews.
t'ul glass water set with tray, Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. McKenjiie.
Set of carvels, Mr. and Mis. Alex.
Dinner set, Sandy McRae, Jr.
Sterling silver cake basket, Mr. J,
Guy Barber.
Cut glass napkin rings, Mr. and Mrs.
.1. Purvis.
Wedgewood cream and sugar set,
Mr. Fred Fleetham.
Salad bnwl, Mr. and Mrs. Buck and
Brass coffee percolator, Mr. and Mrs.
(i.S. McCarter.
Silver card receiver, Miss Winuifred
Embroidered towels, Miss Hazlettc
Sugar bowl ami siller. Mr. nnd Mrs.
l'i- A. Haggru.
Silvei vase. Miss Jean Orr, Victoria,
Cul glass carver rests, Miss Annie
Mission Clock, Miss Foote.
Out glass hon lion dish, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Gee,
Cut glass hon lion dish, Miss M. I'I.
Silver lea snootlS, Mr. unit Mrs. II.
II   Kennedy, vegrevllle,
Silvei cruuiii tray, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred ('ami-run.
Cabinet of china cups and saucers,
Nelson Council, No, 187, United Commercial I ravelera of America.
silver eake plate, Miss A. Thomas,
Salad bowl, Mr. I''. W. Hess.
Suiil.   tureen.   Miss  .1.   .MacKinnon,
I algai •
Cul    glass    bullies.     Mt.   .1.     Ellis,
Wi   i ley   II.C.
Silvei trull  dish, Mr.  and   Mis.   W.
II Bison
Ilium velvet cushion. Miss Chamber-
l. o,
Cul glass howl, Mi and Mis. I'\ 11.
ll.,ui ne
Hllvei :ake plate. Misses Libby and
Alma Burget.
Clll gin .s hon I, Mr, and Mrs. It. M.
cu .das- howl. Mis. J. MoPball nml
f  lull,', \ aneinivei'.
Sei ..I ,, ,..,|.., Mr  .1. M. Kellie.
.'. u l handled knh and forks, Mr.
Wm  Cowan
Cal,uii nf sterling silver, Comaplix
Is .;,
Stlii i loup tureen, Mr. A  Vaugliau.
Silver mounted oak tray,   Mr.   E. J.
Brings, ' l| ■ '"ii   II   c.
silver ivatei set ami tray. Mis. M.A.
.Suuth, ami  Kplu a uu.
Silver h.iskel. Ml. and Ml*, W, J.
Silvei I,, uv spoon, Mt. li Dickey,
Sterling nilvet salts, Mr, sud Mrs. !•'. E,
Siher sugar spinm, Mr. Austin H.
Kennedy, VegrOVlIlP,
('ul glass tray, bun hon dish knife
and fork   rests, Mr, and  Mis, J. (I. Al-
nie, Vancouver.
Cm glass oolery dish, H.W.Merrlane,
(Jul gin*  iug, Mr. W, D.Ann*!rung.
Hand   made   brass  en ml le slick* anil
fern pots, Mr. ami Mrs. IJ. II, Atkins.
Hand painted cream and sugar, cups
^-m  THE
Classic Shoes
for Children
Tennis Shoes
Canvas Shoes steel arched shank
This cut will illustrate
to you only one of the
many styles of Empress
Shoes carried by us, and
we would impress upon
you that the Empress Shoe
is "The" Shoe in Canada
for Women — Particu-
Black  Brown
and White
Shoe Polish
lar Women—and nowadays most  women   are
particular.   This will appeal to you.
We have the agency!
.____. _a_____o__s_________m___________i___________i___________i_aa__a___________i___________i_____^
| You Don't Have To
£ Go outside of Revelstoke to make
^ your Real Estate Investments.
^      The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
and saucers, The Misses Watson.
Cut glass wine set, Mr. J. T. Pollock
and Dr. Heard,
Large Japanese vase, Miss White
and Miss MiicFailnne,
Two hand-painted plates, Misses
Frame and Bui'ris.
Cut glass celery dish, Mr. II.A. Hcnll.
Cut glass  linn  lion dish, Miss Daisy
Cul glass boil hon dish, Miss Hey-
Two cut glass celery dishes, Miss
Jessie Dey, Ottawa.
Hand crochet doilies, Miss J. Johnstone, Vernon.
Knitted doilies and honitoii lace
handkerchief, Mrs. .1. McKinnon, and
Miss McKinnon, Chniloltetown, P.B I.
Oak and silver salad howl, Mr. and
Mrs. 1   Reid Poole, Creston, B. C.
Oheuue, Mrs, Isabella Brodie, Cache
Hay, Ontario.
Obeque, Mr. arid Mrs. W. J. McRae,
Dunvagen, Ont.
Oheuue, Mrs. Jane McRae, mother
of the bride.
Cheque, Mr. Alex. McRae.
Great West Permanent  Loan
and Savings Co.
Among Hie inosl hcnllhyand promising features of tho trade, commercial
and lliiaiieial situation in Canada at
present is tlie slowly formed anil slroiii;
conviction of economics of wide experience, steady and reliable methods, and
ripe practical judgment, that, hairing
accidents and wild, imprudent specual-
Ing, lhe prospects for the present year
are much more than usually blight.
With an increased area under cultivation ill the west, and with crop conditions us favorable as I hcv have ever
lieen at I his season of the year, the outlook is regarded in all quarters as inosl
promising.   It is peculiarly gratifying
to notice the extent In which lhe national situation is dominated by the
crop situation In the west, and if fulluws almost us a nccessaiy oonsoquonoe
thai. Ilnaiicial undertakings In tne west
should secure an amount of support in
the business world proportionate lu
Ilia great extent and  I lie high aud in-
creaslng Importance of the rich tor-
rltory in which they operate, 'i'he
sixth annual IOpOI'1 of the (ileal West
Permanent Loan and Savings Oo,,
with  headquarters  in   Winnipeg,  a
Revelsluke ollb it Kirsl sireet, under
the. miimigcmeiii uf W. II. Robertson,
and au Influential advisory buard in
liritish Columbia, Manitoba and the
Territories, fully illustrates this fact,
as the reader will lind un reference to
Hie sixth annual report, The president, in his report 10 the hoard of
directors did not fail lo emphasize Ihis
iispecl iif the situation ill wbicli Ibe
Great Wesi Company linds itself.
Said he; "Any company, whether
llnanclal or otherwise, wiih a progressive management, located iu a country
like  ibis, abounding in  natural re-
 ii .es .huiild undoubtedly make sub-
■si.miinl progress, The older 'ind wealthier lhe Wesi beCOl , the mole will
Ihe people reah/.e lhal   lhe West is ill
need of western Institutions, controlled
and financed by western men and
western oapital.'
The company had ii great demand
for money tituitig lhe pas! year and is
now able to show an increase of Ud),-
800,60 on lirst mint gages The profit
and loss account shows lhal, after pio-
\ idlng for the cost of management, the
earnings lor the vear iiiuotinled to
.jkmiod.iIH, an Increase of 812,947,47
over tlie previous year, enabling the
company lo pay two half-yearly divi
dends al the rate of 0 per cent, per annum, while eaiiying over $130,1147.07
to the reserve fund. A careful and
wise policy in I be selection of loans has
doubtless contributed materially to the
success of the company. The subscribed capital of tbe company
amounts to $2,360,000, mid the paid-up
oapital and reserve to $1,800,000. It Is
as well in add, perhaps, that the company has secured a Dominion charter
and all the incidental advantages
The Ministers at Nelson
At Nelson tbe ministers were entertained by tbe Canadian Club The
Premier in his speech there said that
he believed that British Oolumbia was
ready to do its share in Imperial defence whenever called upon.
ilia Municipal Council ol llie Oorporulion
of tin* City of Rovelstoke Intend* lo undertake tha coiiHlrucllon <»l Concrete Side-
w.ilks on certain parts of rirsl Street!
Second  Sirceii aud   Ifronl Street, within
Ihe said Citv; viz:
On tho North side o\' Kint Streel from
iho corner of Campbell Avenue to the cornet of Boyle Avenue) and lhe North tilde
ol Second Sires) from the comer of Pear*
son Streel to tlie corner of Kuril Streett
and on the South*\vesl slduol Pronl Streel
front Ihe corner of King Streel lo tin* oor*
ner ut' Victoria Uoud, according lo the
Rpcclflcaliofis and estimates prepared by
llie City Bnglneert ami to assess the expense or cosl thereof upon tin* land or real
property   abutting   on   the parts of   such
streets as above mentioned) and to bo
benefitted ilinrbv, and   lhal s statement
Bhowlllg tho land or real property liable (0
pay Ihe assessment theretor anil the
names of the owners thereof as far as can
be ascertained together with the specifications and estimates of the City Engineer
and the proposed assessment and repotl
thereon of the City  Clerk   are now ou file
iu the ofllce of lho Oity Clerk ami open for
Inspection during ollice hours*
The estimated cosl of the work is
$4911.50, of which it  is Intended ihat ihe
City <(l large shall bear i'u* whole of (lie
Cost of the work on street crossings and
necessary retaining walls aud oue-lhird of
the cost of the Concrete Sidewalks, and
the property owners bearing Iwo-lliirds ol
lhe cosl ol lhe said sidewalks.
The lolal estimated cost lo be borne by
the property owners being $.W74*34. (Hid
by the CltV Bl large $1637*161
Any objection to the proposed under*
taking and assessment therefor shall he
made bv petition tO lhe City Council within    P4FTEEN   I i.S)   days   from   the date
hereof) the persons entitled to petition being the owners of lhe hinds thereby
Dated (his 26th day ol June, 190c).
|uni0     BflUCEA. LAWSON,
City Clerk.


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