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 Ask for Halcyon
For family use
there is nothing so
wholesome an
1 «to pure as
The Mail-Hepald
For ease of uperatitfn and perjyetion
io,  re^*jKWo4t«^tl)^b<^ne
j*wt*a^^^ggfaw»W "«h-
Interior Publishing Co , Agents
Vol. 14.—No 16
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We can interest you in all  kinds of Smoked,   Salt or
Canned Fish.
Smoked Kip. Herrings
"      Finan Haddie
Salt Herrings
11 Salmon
" Maokerel
11 Codfish
and boneless Codfish iu 1 lb
2 lb. packages.
Canned Salmon
the  best   Red Sockeye  in
1 lb. tins.
Canned Herrings
Tomato Sauce
" Lobster
in 1 lb. and } lb. tins.
" Kippered Herrings
" Shrimps
" Sardines
in (1 different brands
" Clams, Etc., Etc.
All these goods can be had in the best brands that are
put up at the very best prices.
We also carry a large stock of the different Sauces and
Relishes used for preparing some of the above articles.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Fall Coode Arriving Dolly.    Dressmaking and Millinery Rooms, ind Floor
C A Stoek-Taking
Bargain Sale
See our south window for the greatest  display of Bargains ever offered in the City.
Your Choice for 25 Cents
Some goods slightly damaged worth $2.00, now yours
for 25 Cents.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 50 - 100 feet.     — I 550
Corner on Third Street, 125 x 100 feet. - —11400
Two Inside Lot* Fifth Street, 50 x 100 leet. -       — 300
Two-Acre Blocks suitable for Fruit, adjoining cjty
Per Acre - - *100 and $150
Dr. Fraser Attacks Provincial
Vancouver, March 6.—Rev. Dr.
Fraaer, pastor ol the Firat Presbyterian
church, Vancouver, created a great
sensation at a Presbyterian meeting
today by charge* against tbo judiciary
of British Columbia.
lie said: "What wc want in British
Columbia it a sell respecting judiciary.
Even- patrolmen will tell you there is
no use securing convictions, because it
will be upset by the higher bench on
a technicality. Fast women were recently released on bail pending appeal.
They did not leave the oity but returned to "their former life and conditions are now nearly aa had aa over.
It U s down right tbams that a Brit
ish bench Bhould be open to such
criticism. I was i ifonnod on excellent authority tbat during the hearing
0! an important case here the presiding judge fell asleep on the bench and
the case had to be adjourned till nit
day. There is no use mincing matters
in order to effect reform* we ahould
•trike at the very center.
Refused Entrance by B. C. Govt,
but Passed by Dr. Munro
Vancouver, March 6.—The game of
shuttlecock between the provincial
and Dominion governments with the
Hindus as the victims, saw another
round yesterday evening when fifteen
Hindus who had arrived yesterday by
the Empress of Japan were admitted
aB immigrants by Dominion Inspector
Dr. Munro.
Before tbey were allowed to land
and while still on the ship and before
th- Dominion Inspe tor had given hia
decision the new arrivals were lined
up and examined by the provincial
inspector. Tbey failed to pass the examination prescribed by the Natal act
but the provincial officer could not
prevent their landing under instructions of the Dominion inspector. Once
landed tbe constables ol the Canadian
Pacific Railway "ompany forcibly kept
the Hindus from returning to the
ship where they were ordeied by the
provincial officer. The latter was
powerless against the force of special
constables and indeed against tbe
Hindus themselves for the latter certainly do not wish to return to their
native land.
Accordingly the provincial police
arrested the entire party and took
them to jail. Upon being searched
each Hindu was found to be carrying
a hatchet.
Provincial Government Asserts
Jurisdiction Over Fisheries.
Victoria, March 6.—All canneries
and fish-packing establishments in the
Province will be compelled to take out
a Provincial licence. A bill to be
kuowo a* the Canneries Revenue Act
was introduced in the legislature by
Hon. W. J. Bowser providing tor this
and fixing the amount charged lor
each licence. A penalty clause is provided tor non-compliance.
The above decision will at once precipitate litigation, whioh will doubtless
lead to a decision of the Privy Council
fixing the jurisdiction ol tbe Province
in tbe matter. Tbe canneries have
been somewhat exercised over the complications which have arisen, but tbe
provincial government ie firm in its
resolve to have the matter settled
once and for all time.
What Do You Know?
The difficulties tbat a reporter en-
Counters in rounding up interesting
1 ical new* items at any time are
numerous but at this time ol the year
are more so than usual. The scribe in
making his rounds yesterday had a
conversation similar to the following
with half a dozen different people.—
"Howdy do. What do you know today?" "Oh, nothing. What do you
know?" "It'll be out in the paper to
morrow. Can't you give me any news
at all!" "I'm afraid not. You might
•ay this is fine weather." "No need
to, that's aelf evident." "Or that
we've had a very nice winter."
"What's the use? Everybody know's
that." "Then make a statement to
the effect that things are rather ipiict."
"That's self patent." "Then I don't
see what 1 can do for you." "Neither
do I. You might lend me $5." Awfully sorry,but I made a deposit in the
hank a tew minutes ago." "That'll
do.   That's news.   Good morning."
B. of L. F. Attorney Dead.
Dbnvf.r, March 6.—Johu H. Murphy, general counsel (or the Western
Federation ot Miner*, and also general
couusel lor the Brotherhood ot Locomotive Firemen, died ot consumption
at hi* home in tbi* city last night,
after a lingering illness.
Face cream*, audi a* Oxtyn, Halm,
Rhea, Hanitol, Malrlna, F.xora, Simon,
Poinpeian. and various other*, alwaya
•old st 0. B. Maodonald'a
Basket Ball.
This has been a week ot final* in
regard to basket tall, tbe first game
being tie finals in the Lindmark
Shield series, which took place Wednesday night. The team* in the finals
were C. P. R. shops and offices uui
C. P. R road teams, the nnd team
won after a stren nils game, but a
name wbi-li was noticeably free from
fouls. Mr. Lewis' refereeing of th
game waa very satisfactory, Fur th<
rosd-lesm, Lyons ard Calder were Unpick, lor the shops Haney and lee
played an almo«i perfect defencegime
T e sc re »a- 0 P.R. R *d, 12; C P R.
Sh"ps snd Office-, 9.
On Friday night the busine** boys
met the hiuh school in the finals tor
ihe pe pies cup, the business bovs hud
an easy win with tne score of 36 tu
6. They are a good nam and the
team which beat* them when they are
all at home will have to travel.
The intermediate team is arranging
to go to the coast shortly tn have a try
'or tlfe provincial championship. The
members and friend* ol the association
are raising a subscription to help the
hoys along. Anyone wishing to help
should see tbe eeoreury or the physical
director about it.
In the public school series thi*
morning, McLood'* team won from
Calder, 10 to 7.
Next Wednesday night there will
If a acnior game, the name ot the
conteatiog team* will be announced
The High Horse—A Startling
Change—Japan v. China-
Greatest Fair.—Mining Institute—Amend Railroad Act.
London, March 7.—Millions of dollars are being spent in preparations
for tbe Franco British exposition, to
be held in North London next sum*
mer. Announcement waa m»de today
that lhe fair will be . pi-ned 111 May 1
Ottawa, Match 7—Mini-er 01
Miues Tininlenian extended a in Icui.e
to over one hundred members of the
Canadian Mining Institute assembled
at Ottawa in tenth annual convention.
Among the delegates are A E. Hepburn and R. C. Campbell-Johnston, of
Vane 'liver
Ottawa March 7—The Commons
railway coiumiitee to d.iy reported a
bill to amend the Railway Act, promoted by J. P. Kennedy, M. P., for
New Westminster. Tbe measure
make* railways liable lor damage by
fire to all property on their lines.
London, March 7.—Lilly Hanbury,
the actress, died here last night. Her
djaih resulted from complicati n*
following the iiirth of a child on Tuec-
d.ylast. Lilly Hanbury, who was
Mr*. H. Guedalla in private lile, wa*
born in Loudon in 1874.
London, March 7.—Owing to tbe
improvement in monetary condition*
tbe directors ot tbe Bank of England
today reduced the discount rate from
4 to 'i\ per cent.
London, March 7.—The Times ia
indignant over tbe kaiser's sending a
letter, presumably private, to L rd
Tweedmouth, first lord ot the admiralty on tbe subject of the British and
German naval policy.
Washington, March 7.—A startling
charge that the railroads ol tbe country carrying mails had robbed the
people ol 170,000,000 was made in tbe
House yesterday by Representative
Lloyd, ot Missouri. He declared tbe
new system of weighing mails wa* an
admission of the Postmaster-General
tbat the weighing in the past 37 year*
had been fraudulent.
Pekin, March 7.—Japan i* threatening force to recover the Japanese
iteamer Tatsu Maru which i* atill
retained by Huang Pu, on the west
River. This vessel was seised at Macao
on February 7th by Chinese customs
cruisers on the charge that the cargo
of arms and ammunition was intended
for Chinese revolutionist*, although
consigned to a merchant of that place.
Six Babes at Birth.
Steuben vili.e, March 6.—Six perfectly formed children have been born
here to Mr. and Mr*. George Campbell.
Three of tbe infant* died within an
hour alter birth. One boy and girl
will live, it ia said. There were boy*.
Mrs. Campbell weigh* less than a hundred pounds. The combined weight
of the infants was 23 pounds. Physicians declare the case to be one,of
tbe most remarkable known. Campbell is a mill worker, and has four
brothers. To the family of two of
these twins bave been born, and each
of the other brothers is father ot triplet*. Campbell'* brat wile died after
becoming tbe mother ot triplet*.
Pstronli*   Home   Industry,      Smoke
On Wednesday evening a large and
enthusiastic meeting waa held in the
City Hall, at which the following
officer* were elected:
Tho*. Taylor, M. P. P., Hon. Presi-
dent; Alex Grant, President; Tho*.
Moffatt, 8ec.-Tre*».
Vicel'resideniB—VV. W. Foetor, T.
Kilpatrick, C. F. Lindmark. C. B.
Hume, Chas. McDonald, R.II. Sawyer,
iV, A. Foote, H. MoSorley, G. 8 Ho
Curler, A. E. Kmi'aid, Dr. Hamilton,
Dr.    Sutherland,      H.    Cunningham
Morrii, Roy Smythe.
Seleclii'li Ciiminiiiee—J. Allen, C,
hatha , W Smyihe, D Smythe, J
Cm plain—J. Allen
Vice-Cap...in—W Smytha.
General Cominiitei—1». R. Atk ns,
J. McMiitin, Robt. Snith, T. E. L
Tsylnr, H  A. Brown.
Club Releree—J   Donald.
Tlie membership tee is f 100. Everyone should buy a ticket and help the
hoy* out. It wa* decided to have a
senior and junior team and tbe seniors
decided to put up 12 medals for the
juniors to play (or. Ben Diokey was
ele ted captain of junior* and Bert
Rohbins, vice-captain and there promisee to be some tun with tho junior* a*
the boys are out to win those medal*.
Tbe club's name ia to he the Revel-
si ukc Wondeia, and they ask tbe
support of the city They bave a big
membership roll and some good
players and they promise the oity
some good games.
—. »..
Pratt's food (or cattle, horses, and
doga, al*o International (took and
poultry foods, always sold at C. R.
The Columbia Agencies, Limited
The London and Paria Exchange
says : "We have we believe entered
upon a period of materially cheaper
money and we have some confidence
that before many mouth* have elapsed
we shall see the bank rate down to
the now unaccustomed level of three
per cent." This reflects the English
view, though ou this aide there does
not aeem to he much luoeening up a*
yet. That there is plenty of money
• I'ailiih'e fur investment, liuwever, is
evident from the following facts; the
Sew York bond issue of *60,tiou,d00
was subscribed live and a ball times
over; the New York bank surplus is
$40,000,000; Montreal banka have re.
duccd their call rates to Bix per cent.;
the Bank of Montreal has arranged to
loin -he oity of Winnipeg jj2.000.000,
hi., t . -   ffiO ■   I' 0
»»■ lai'g. , -lilUU 1O11,
OlIO of   E  g i- 1   11 '    i-aid   10 la
engaged for U«'an 1; anil British snd
French authorities say the situation is
developing into an unprecedenttd
supply of money, which, within tbe
next few month*, will have an appreciable effect in restoring proaperity.
Railway eimiugs are good. The C.
P. R. surplus was $6,260,01)0 for the
past half-year and the Canadian N r-
tbern profits are more than double for
same period of last year.
Tbe B. C. Wo. d Pulp and Paper Co.
disposed of the whole of ils first  allot
ment, 100,000 shares of preferred nock
and it now offering tbe se.-ond allotment.
There is considerable activity in
coal. Tbe B. C. Amalgamated is at
last getting down to business and has
acquired land next the property of the
Nicola Coal Co., where drilling will
start. Diamond Vale has raited the
price ot ita treaeury stock to 25 cents.
The mine is producing 60 tons a day
and arrangements are being made to
largely increase the output. Dominion
Coal paid ten per cent, dividend and
made another $1000,000 of profits
this year.
The mining outlook is good. There
never was a better demand for mining
properties than now. Mining condi
tions improve all the time. The Trail
amelter has reduced tbe rate* for treatment of silver-lead ores. W. A. Clark,
one of tbe highest authorities on copper, says this metal will soon go up to
15 can'.* again. About 7,000,000 lbs.
of copper were sold in New York tbis
week at 13s. Le Roi No. 2 has paid a
dividend ot 2c. per share. Values in
the War Eagle and Centre Star mines
are improving with depth, War Eagle
having lately shipped $40 ore. Tbe
Trail smelter has been producing 42
tons of silver-lead bullion daily, also
15 tons copper matte. The Granf-y
mine has made a new record, having
smelted 22,510 tons of ore last week,
and the output of this property for
January was 1,780,000 lb*, of copper.
Thi* stock is now earning $8 per share.
No wonder tbe Monetary Times admits
renewed interest is being taken in
Eastern Canada in tbe gieat mineral
resources of British Columbia.
Even witb the dull market copper
stocks are the favorite again. Rex
shares have risen to 25c. owing to new
ore discoveries. Charles Dickens baa
risen from <o\ to 19c; Snowetorm have
riaen to $1.60 and it is believed will
■oon be over tbe $2 mark. Dominion
Copper, B. 0. Copper, Granby, Snowstorm, Charles Dickena, Rex, all appear to be good buys (or a riae at
present price*.
Almost Repetition of Ohio Fire
Grand Rapids, Mich., March 6.—
Grand Rapids yesterday was threatened witb a repetition ol Cleveland'*
tragedy ot yesterday on an even larger
scale File broke out in the la .oratory
of lhe Central nigh ho.Iiik>i, while 121.0
pupila weifl i . th in d«t ul the mum-
i g nor :. The e. ,11. I t. r lhe lire di ill
Was given snd th) children maiched
out in 1 erlect nr m, I'he building
em titled in two awl a niilf minute*.
Tbe Ceinral highs hnul)»overcrowded
and ihe stairways inadequate and learn
.1 a possible panic hate Ion; been felt,
but tbo fire drill today proved effective.
Engineer Not Guilty.
Hugh Kyle, tbe engineer on the
C. P. R. freight which collided with an
east bound treigbt two mile* from
Myrtle in March of last year, wa*
found not guilty on a charge ot crinr
mal negligence, on Tuesday.
Thechoioeat ol good perfumes can
be had at C. R. Mscdonald'*.
Fresh lettuce, rhubarb, cabbsge,
banana*, orange*, etc., at Bourne
Selling at specially
low prices here, also
extra cash discounts
on all Crockery lines
during this month.
Hams and Bacon
A shipment of Hams and Breakfast Bacon just received.
These are genuine Smoked Meatb, mild in flavor and the
nicest we have seen for a long time.
Salt and Smoked Fish
We have Labrador Herrings, Holland Herrings in Kegs,
Mackerel, Digby Chicks, Finnan Haddie, Halibut, etc.
Washing Machines, - Whingers
A number of the best kind:, kept in stick. They can be
seen set up ready for use in our Hardware Department.
Bourne Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at $9.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on tha market.
Tbey start fire as easily as dry wood and lost as long as hard cool,
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Keedei * and
open grates, 1
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery  and
will.BIl your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
First St. Op. Union Hotel
■*j*^s-**^s***S** **s»^s*s**-^^S^»»**J*s^s^^B
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off Ice- Toronto, Ontario.
Branch*! io ths Provinces of Manitoba. Albsrta, Bsskstahswsn,
British I olosibia, Onlsrio, l/uebec.
Oapital Authorized ...        •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up -        •        -        •    *U,8eo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund . . . . 04,860,000.00
D. R. Wilkik, President; Ho**, R. Jakkkay, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all  parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.    Special attention (liven to Collections,
Savings Bapk Department
Interest  allowed  wn depoi     fiom il.tu- uf deposit and credited
Bevelstoke Branch, B. 0.—-H, r, .'affray, Manager
Foresight in Mining.
No bu-ine*s r.quire* mure Inresight
tha 1 that ot nuimig. The sti|*rm
t nd'i.l "I a mine must plan, out unly
lur today, bui he must see week- ami
m mllm ahead intu the Int.ire if lie
it sirs'* t„ keep the property 6ontinu«
ously in successful ti|*ralion, s<y« the
American Mining R. view. In most
large mine* it ia an easy matter 10
secure an abundance ol ore the lirst
lew year*, and as a result, these first
lew years are often year* ol extravagance—not only carelemnee* a* to
expense ol operation, but s positive
disregard for the future prosperity of
the mine ie evident. Not inlrequently
thi* foolish, short-sighted policy in
mine operation ie the direct outcome
of an attempt on tbe part of the manager or superintendent to make a
record for cheap mining, which in
alter years suraetimee prove* to have
been at ths expense ot bis suooessor.
Million Point Cribbage.
Dks Moiskh, lows, March 0.—A
criiilngi- nsme lor s million points,
which has a'ready ii'iidil overs
period ul seven y»n, i* i*i' k p'syed
in ih a oo> I'V C0I01111 John 0 1...per
sod VI lu VTsid 1 he .Core to date is
sfti.im In 4.'.5 23* The players e.tl-
mate that they ., ill finish the exciting
contest iu 1016.
Tbe players have worn out a number of culling* boards and about two
hundred and fifty pocks of oards.
Logging Statistics
The logging inepector'a etatiatic* for
February show an increase over tbe
aame month last year of 7,896,847 leet.
Tbe number of feet scaled last month
wa* 22,80*2,886, in February last year
the number wa* 14.906,018.
Revelstoke Cigars
tveotal, The Union, and Marts*,  Veetta
London,      ngland.
LARGEST   SALE   OF   HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND   COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD.      ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
Ebe flDatUlberalb.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice beiore Railway
Chas. Murphy.
Harold Fisher
Barristers, Sol c tors, Elf.
Omcxs:  Im to.i.   Bank  Block,   Rkvkl-
Money to loan.
Offlowc RevelBtoke, B.C.; Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. 8. MrCiRTKB,
t.   11.   PINKHAM,
Revel.toke. B. U.
J. A. Harvet,
Cranbrook, B. C.
J. M. Soott LL.D W. I. Britten.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solicitors for Mqlsonb Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
Am«v  ol all Ore.,   Samples by mail or express
rereire prompt attention,
Terms Moderate.
Addkess      -      •     -       BolIM KiHi/i, B, 0
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 108, Rkvelstoke
Pupils prepared lor Conservatory
and univereit) Examinatlou-i,
STUDIO-At   Mr-.   J.   C.   Hutohtson'a   Cou-
naosbl Avenue
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers,
Mercantile Agents*
Fire, Life, Accident. Employers' Liability-Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C
Tke Nam* of
Blaek Watch
On a Tsg on a Plug ol
Black Chewing Tobacco
Starts lar QnUty.
Cbe fl&alMbcralb
Tier, i, so much bail in tLe L*»t pi u,
Aud s-. mart, . ..1 in the worst of as,
Tiiat it liar.il) beh.Kives any nf us,
To talk    I,   ..■, iLe rent uf u.
We are living in an age when
competition in every form ol husi-
ne«* and every degree ol industry
if practically tbe soul of Hade ami
as auch affects every community
anil every district in Canada. Thin
ie felt not only in commercial life
in B. C. but also in the different
sections of the province the particular advantages of which are adver-
tieeil and expounded according ac
the resident* of those individual
■ectionp have energy and enterprise
in *o doing. We find that the
cities of Canada are all, more or
Ies* lieing advertised and the particular benefits that can be accrued
by thoce that live there, enlarged
upon. Publicity ii a source of expansion and "ucceBu in these day"
and there is no resBon why Revel-
ptoke, which popnessc* advantages
almost second to none, should hide
her light under a bushel and not
take every opportunity that comes
her way, of advertising her (]ualifi-
cations a* a city and a district
desirable to live in. Revektoke
has never entered upon, in an extensive manner, any scheme of advertising herself and it seems thai,
with the resources and industrial
possibilities which we pousesn, there|
is every reason that we can compete with and hold our own
against any city in thiB part of the
province. We refer principally to
our facilities for agriculture and
fruit growing, since it has been unquestionably proved and demonstrated that we possess soil and rich
lauds most suitable for fruit and
produce, land which can be easily
cultivated and from which handsome returns can be obtained from
a ready market. The Dominion
Fair will be held this year in Calgary, during the beginning of July,
and it can be easily seen that every
city which has an eye to its own
interests will take this opportunity
of advertising itself and displaying
samples of its industries and resources respectively. Revelstoke
should not lose this opportunity of
getting in and bringing herself before the Canadian public, and having a place alongside of other B.C
cities. There is now aD exhibit
booth at our disposal at this exhibition and we would urge that
the citizens get down to business
and prepare as large and representative an exhibit as possible, including mining, lumbering, industries, fishing, hunting and shooting,
and fruit growing and agriculture.
There is enough material in the
city with which] to make up a firBt
class exhibit and the only expense
would be that of transportation to
the Fair. We would call special
attention to the fruit growing industry, although July is too early
for fruit yet ni the same time,
strawberries und oilier ttiiali fruits
w;.i be available; und irees will be
in olossom from which enlarged
phuioa could be taken. We feel
thai lhe inducements to the people
to bundle this mailer are very
great, and all those who have fruit
tret:, aud   hbrtilio should endeavor
10 eitOlllI   l -oil,, llll.lg Ml:.',   itiaj   i'C
ol       .- iii ..■ o    to in.i   oil .   •.!,: ..i'
til       li    ... ,      11*11,   .    ..).
Vi. : I i'i -  10 ih.     •   ■
io     ih.     -.   ,     ..:■       1' ...      ,1|
sen tile fct.ve'lcsiike exhibit, Ue
furiner- will see it. and ciui.-i -r-
ablc results nnty accrue. We have
the lands round us, which if cultivated will bIiow rich profit and
while the orchards arc growing, the
city will reap the benefit of those
new comers who will live amongst
us. We would, therefore, urge tbat
the citizens do their best to arrange
an exhibit for the Dominion Fair,
where by the aid of extensive literature of local nature, the advantages of this section of the Koote-
nays can be demonstrated, and the
possibilities of money making industries held oul to nil contemplating settling iu B. C.
Apropos of the terrible tragedy
which occurred on Wednesday al
Cleveland, Ohio, In the school
when over 160 children perished in
tlie ili.n--.-i of the burning building,
il would as well (o look tn our own
institution here and consider if   we
ve done everything in our power
to prevent n contingency such as
that which ha* horrified the minds
of the whole continent As far as
we know there is no apparent reason why a fire should break out in
our school, yet no doubt the same
thing might have been said at
Cleveland, and when fires are used,
no matter in what form, there is
always the chance of attendant
outbreak, either through defects in
the heating system in other cauncs.
Fire drill is regularly practiced
among the children and we have
seen the building cleared in fiO
seconds. But, bo that as it, may,
it   is   a    totally   different   matter
when smoke and  flame are checking the egress of   the   inmates and
when the realization of danger is
evident.     We   believo that panic
would   ensue,  and   the   children
heedless   of   their   teachers would
struggle for the doors and a repetition of the Cleveland disaster follow.     In the local school the furnaces are set at either end and we
judge  that, should  a fire start in
either furnace room, if noticed in
time, the flames  would not spread
to the centre   of   the ground floor
before   the   children could be got
out.     The greatest danger lies in
the fact   that should the entrance
hall floor burn out, which is possible, since a heavy draft  would be
created up the stairways, the mass
of children coming down stairs and
converging  towards     the    centre
would fall headlong into the flames
before they could  reach the doors.
The question  of  fire   escapes has
been taken up by the School Board
and   a   sum   for this purpose has
been   included   in their estimates.
We claim, however, that an outside
metal ladder would be a dangerous
means   of   egress  in   winter time
owing to ice and snow covering it
and  making descent very hazardous.   There should be other means
adopted   to   lessen  the chances of
loss of life in  the building in case
of   fire.     The stairs would go as
quickly aB any part and the children upstairs would be caught like
rats in a trap.     While   we do not
say that the heating arrangements
under the   present   conditions are
such   as   would cause a blaze, yet
there is always the danger.     Fires
have   been   known  to   start from
practically   no   apparent    cause.
Another point is, that  there  is no
direct alarm   to   either fire hall in
the   school   building,   the nearest
boxes   being   at the   Opera House
and Lawson's corner.   This should
be looked to at unci'.     Moreover a
different   system   of   fire  sections
should be adopted.   Were an alarm
rung   in   from the school to No. 1
Firo   Hall   during   the   day,   ihe
building   would    be  gutted almost
before the brigade could he assembled and   haul   their apparatus up
the old town hill.    There is always
some one in or near   Fire Hall No.
2 day and night, and   that brigade
could get to work on   the school in
less time since they have no hill to
climb.    We would suggest that the
school be   directly connected  with
both    fire   halls,   u*   prompt   and
effective   action   in case  of   a tire
would possibly   save   the situation
We   would   like   lo see the public
interest  themselves in this matter.
Krom   such   a   tragedy   as that of
Cleveland   there  is no lesson to Iw
learned but  that   of   doing the utmost in   the power of  the authorities within whose province ilu- protection of  such institutions lies, in
order to reduce   to a  minimum tbe
chance of   a similar sorrow in mir
own city which bold* today a -i-ler
community in thrall
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VANCOIIV'KIl,       -      -      -      11. c.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Went Kootenay.
Take notice that I, H. Y. Beamy, of Poplar
Creek, H. C, occupation Prospector, intends lo
apply for a special licence to cut and carry
away timber from the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted about 200
feet on the north side of poplur Creek, marked
"Bi y. Reamy's north-east oori.er post," adjoin
ing the west boundary of Timber Limit No
11102, about one mile west of the first BOUth
fork of poplar Creek, thenoe west SO chains,
thenee south 80 chains, thence east 80 chaina,
Ihence north 60 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 apres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted about 200
feet on the north side of Poplar Creek, marked
"B. Y. Kearny's south-east corner post," adjoining the west bonndary of Timber Limit No
11402, uli nt. one mile west of Lhe lirst south
fork of Poplar Creek, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80chains, thence cast SO chains,
thenco south 80 chaius to point of commence
ment, containing Gin acres more or less.
3. Commencing at a post, planted on the east
hank of the second south fork of Poplar Creek,
about one mile up markod "B. Y. ReamyV
north-east corner post," thence west 40 chains,
thence south loo chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence north 160 chaina to point of commencement, containing 640 acrei more or less.
4 Commencing at a post planted about i%
miles westerly from the first south fork of Poplar ("reek, marked *'B. V. Kearny's north-west
corner post," thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenee wost 80 chains, thence
north SO chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less.
6. Commencing at a post planted kl at' ilA
miles westerly from the first south fork of Poplar Creek, marked "B. Y. Reamy's north-casl
corner post." thence west 40 chuins, thence
-onth 160 chains, thence easl 40 chainc, thence
north 160 chaius to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less
6. Commencing at a post planted about Ave
miles westerly from the first south fork uf Poplar ('reek, marked "B. Y, Beamy's south-west
corner pool," thence east 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence wost liiO chaius, thence
south 40«Iiains to poiut of coiumoncoiiieui, containing 610 aero* more or less.
Located 17th December, 1007.
wed jan 15 B  Y. HKAMY  Locator.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Tako notice that 1, li. Y. Beamy of Poplar,
B.C., occupation Prospector, intend to apply for
a special licence to cut aud carry away timber
from the following described lauds:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
west bauk of Itusty Creek, marked "H Y.
Kearny's soul h*east corner post," about 3 miles
southerly from the I *anio river, bei.woen Kapid
Creek aud Tenderfoot Creek, adjoining Timber
Limit 11259 running wost, thence west IGo
chains, theuce north 40 chaius, thence tast 160
chains, thence south 40 chains to point, of commencement, cunt tilling 640 acres more or less,
2. Commencing at a post planted on tlie west
bank uf Busty Crock, marked "B. Y. Kearny's
north-east corner post," about 3 miles southerly
from the Lardo river between Kapld Creek and
Tenderfoot ('reek, thence west 160 chaini-.
theuce south 40 chains thence oast 160 ohalns,
ihence north 4o chains to point of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
3. Commenclug at a post planted on the
west bank of Itusty Creek, marked "B. Y.
Kearny's north-west corner post," about 3 miles
southerly from tho Lardo river, between Bapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, thuuee easts*'
chains, thenco south 80 chains, thence west SO
cbaius, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres moro or less.
Located loth December, 1907.
wed jan 15 B. F. HKAMY, Locator.
Kevelstoke Land District
District of W est Kooicnay.
Take notice thai, we, C. U Woodward and B,
Y, t.eiiiMj, of Poplai (-reek. B.C., occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special licence to cut and tarry away timber from the
following described lands:
1, Cuiiiuionclug&L a pusi planted on the west
bank of Pop ar v reek abuut A miles up, marked "C. O. Woodrow and B, Y. Kearny's southeast corner pout," ruuiiitiK along U Iv Buvells
uurth u uiid.Lij of No. 2Timber Limit 121-.K.
thouce west Su chains, thence iiunli 8U chaius,
i hence east 80 ohains, theuce souih Su chains to
point uf commencement, containing 640 Mitts
or less,
2, Commencing at a post plauted on the
west bank of Puplur Creek, abuui a',-*, miles up,
marked "C. U. V\u<sirow unu B. t. Kearny's
nurih-east corner pusi, ihence wust 8n uhuiiir.
aiiiug U. K. Kevell's No. 2 Timber Limit 1218"
soutu buundary, theuce south bO chains, ihence
oa«t 80 chains, thenco nuitn nu . Ihuiih lo poiui
oi commencement, coutainiug 610 ucros uiuruur
Located l«th December, 11)07.
wed jau 15 c.O   WOODKOW,
B. Y. KKA.ui, Locators.
Kevelstoke Land Duuici.
District of West Kout-may.
Take uoilce tuat J, K.J Paiks, of Arrowhead,
B.c , I u m be nn ai i, iutend to aoply fur a special
timber licence over the lulloHiug described
Cummeuciug at a post pUnte I at the southwest corner of Timber . Imii Ne. 11171, and
maiked "K. J. Parks' north-emit, corner pust "
theuce Bouth 160 chains, iheuee west 4. chaius,
theuce north 160 e aius, tueuce easl 40 chains
to puiut ol commeuet meui.
bated Dee. luu, lyu7.
wed jan ti D, Dewar. Again.
Bevelstoke I-ami District.
District of West Kooienay,
Take notice that w , the Lamb-Watsou Lumber Company, Limited, uf Arrowhead, B. C,
occupation Lumberman. Iuteud to apply for
permisniou tu lease tha followiug described
foreshore, hoiug part of tne foreshore of Ualeua
Hay, fur lugtfiug purposes:
Commeuciug at a post scribed "Lamb-Watson
Lumber Co." plauted at the S.W. corner of
LotH407, thoncu southwesterly followiug high-
water mark, a distance of HOafiaius.
Dated this 30th day or October, 1007.
Lamb-Watson Luhbku Co, Ltd,,
Jan 1008 ByO.B. N. Wiibio, Agent.
Iti-vi'lMt.i.kii I,iLiiil Dinli'ii't,
liihtrirl uf IVuHl Koolunajr.
'Inks   mil Lu   UinlA.II.  .Inlilmliiil of   Poplnr
Croek,  ixiellluil.iuli   Miiliilililll, IiiI.iiiiiIm li, miiily
lur a Hp.i'iul IliHini'u lo cut mui ri.rry away line
ber trum lho roilowlnii desirltetl IuiiiIh:
i iiiiiiiii.|hIii|( nt s post pluiiiiiil ulxiut 91
iiiiIi'm ii|. Poplar tlrook tiuni I'opinr lownsllo,
1'iililiiK for the Houlli-oast coi-iior of Timber
I ..imi 121(41, iilurkeil 'A. II. Jiiluirlon'n miiille
WO* . "iil'lii'i pui-l," I iii-lnii euil Mil illmllli,, tlionoo
norlh HI) ohi.um, thoncu wont till olislus, thonoo
..mil li HII chnini. ui polnl of eoiniiionooiiieiil.,
i "ni.lining (Mn Hi-rim iiiiiii: or loss,
I aii ui..I iuih Doc, 11*17.
will Jan lo II. V. It,'inn), Agent.
Great Wss) Loan,
Aliove Sllbjafft I" couth million.
Prospeotuies, and
OOrillng  any  of   lliei
applloai imi.
particulars  eon
n Oompanlss mi
Pirat-ClaM  Clover* and Timothy   Hay   for   sale.     Also   al
SS' kinds of (i.inlen Produce,
tki.ki'honk 29.
Fiuint Street,    Revslstoke
h. w. edWards
Al'I'I.V   in
McKeiKio Avenue, Ucv-latoko.
li..." Umi.Ih, Animals, lllnls, Klah, ;ki< ..
Animal   Hun" Mount-.!.
I-   0. Iliis.ll.
Mtii.il":   Corner of First HI. amlJHiiylii Am.
fts'tltte**, B. o
It'ivitlHtoko Ijiii.I IiimiIi'I,
DIM rid, of Wont Kootenay,
Take n..11.-.- that I. I.iinnlil Dtmaruf Arruwheail,
iii'pii|ialliin I'lnli-iir. Inlsnil tonpiily for piirtnlsHlnn
tn puruliaNs tin- lollowinii ilpacriottil laml*
Oomnisnolna ai tho lestta**/*-* oum-rot i.-,t
Mil,  llmiiji   i,  in   i.ni.1   ilistrii'i, tbiinen   aril su
nlialiis,  i linn .   norlh   21)  ileiins, tbenco west HO
i in.in«. Hi. nr..  .....iih  411 chains, tbsnre easllo
chains,  ihsnea  mirth 2U obalna lo point of oom-
l)at..l.lan. 1Mb, IOCS,
Certificate of Improvements
Hig ll"pe Ki action Mineral Claim, situate in
the Trout )>aku Mining Division of Kootenay
DUtrlel.   Where .ocaled; - I'oplar Creek,
Take natlew that I,Charles John Allan Newton Padley, Of Nelson, B *'.. Krcu Miner's t'orti
11 ntti No rOMV) 11, mi.•in!, sixty d'tys from date
hereof, tO Apply to the Mining HMOfutr for a
CiTtilli-atn "f Im,linn in.-nth. fur the purpose of
obtaining a Crown (taut of thu above claim.
Ami further take notloe that action, under
Meet ion ~'., must bu commenced before the
mmianre of huch Certificate of Improveuiflnta.
Dated t ins ot li day of January, A D-, 190ti,
wdjaold C.J. A. N. P,U,.UtY.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo
Take notice that 1. Neil MoKachern of Ber*
elstoke, occupation Timber Cruiser, intend to
apply for special timber licences over the following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles east of Dure Creek nnd about 44 miles
south of Kraser River and marked •'Neil MeKachern's south-east corner," thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenco east 80
chains, thenc. south 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 aures more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted about 3
mites east of Dure Creek aud ab ut i% miles
south of Kraser river and marked Neil MeKachern's south-west corner." thence east 80
chains, thenco north 80 chains, theuce weet 80
chuins, theuce south 80 chains to point of commencement,, containing 610 acres more ur less,
3. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles east of Doro ('reek aud about 44 miles
south of Kraser river aud marked "Nell MeKachern's south west comer," thence least 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence weat 90
chains, thence south 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres inure or lesa.
i. Commenclug at a post planted about 4
miles east of Dore Ctcek and about 44 miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil MeKachern's northwest corner," thence south 40
chains, thence east 160 chains, thence uorth 40
chains, thence west 100 ohains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or lees.
&. Commencing at a post planted about 5
miles east of Dore Crock and about 4 miles
south of Fraser river and marked 'Neil Mo*
Kachern's uonh west corner." thenoe south 40
chains, thence east 160 chains, thenoe north 40
chains, thence wesi 160 ehains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
6. Commencing at a post planted about fi
miles east of Dore Creek and aoout. 4 milea
south of Kraser river and marked "Nell MeKachern's south-west corner," thence north 40
chains, thence east 160 chains, thence south 40
chains, thenoe west 160 uhalns to poiut of com
mencement, containing 640 aores more or less.
Located Doc, 18th, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted about t
miles west of Dure Creek and about, 4 miles
south of Kraser river and marked "Noil MeKachern's houth-wont corner," thence north 80
chaius, thouce east 80 ehains, thence south eu
chains, theuce west 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles west of Dore Creek and about 3V£ miles
south of Fraser river aud marked "Neil MeKachern's north-west corner," thouce south 40
chaius, theuce cast 160 chains, thence north 40
chains, thenue west 160 chains to point ot commeucement, containing 640 acres more or lass.
9. (ommenolng at a post planted about 4
miles west of Dure Creek and about VA miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil Mc-
Kachern's south-west corner,' thenoe north 40
chains, thenco oast 160 chains, thenee south 40
cliains, thenco west 160 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less,
10. CommencinK at a post planted about 4
miles of Dore Creek and about SU miles south
of Kraser rivor and markod "Noil Motiaoheru's
northeast corner," thenoe south 40 ohalns,
thenee wost 160 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thenco east 160 chains to point of com mencement, containing 640 acres more or leaa.
11. Commencing at a post plantod about 4
miles west of Dore Creek aud about 'A\ miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil MeKachern's south-east oorner," thence north 40
chains, thence west 160 chains, thenoe «,uuth 40
ohains, thenoe east 16u chains lo point of com
uiencement, containing titu acres more or less,
Located Deo   litth, 1907.
12. Commencing at a post planted about :i
miles west of Dore Creek aud about 6 miles
south of Kraser river and marked "Neil Mo
Kachern's south-west comer," thence north 80
chaius, thence east 8u chains, thenue aouth 80
chains, thence west bO chains to poiut of commencement, containing 640 acrea more or lew.
13. Commencing at a post plauted about 3
mile* west of Dore Creek and about 6 milea
south of Knaer river and marked 'Nell Mo*
k-acheru's souiii-east corner," thenoe north 80
chaius, tlieucu west W chaius. theuce south 00
chains, thence east oO chaius lu point of commencement, containing 640 acres more ur less.
14 Cumuiuucuig at a pust planted aoout 4
oiiles west of Dore Cruea and about b\t nn.es
suuth uf Kraser river and marked "Ned .Vic-
Kachurn's north-east corner," (.bunco -oum 40
cnaius, thuuee wu-a 160 chains, tlieucu norm iw
ehaiuc, thence east Itiu chains tupuiutof commencement, coutainiug 04u ucros more or Iuns.
Id. Commencing at a post planted about 4
imlcH wu-t ut Dure Crock aud about. 5j milo*
south of Kraser river aud marked "Neil Mc*
Kucheru's suuih oust curuur," thence west nJO
chains, ihencu nuri.li 40 chuius, thenee east 160
chains, thenco south 40 ohaiua to pomt of coin*
ineiicemunL, containing 64it aures mure ur less.
16. Commencing at a post planted near Mac*
liiLOf.li Creek and about« miles south ut Krusur
liver and marked "Neil atcKacheru's north-east
uroui," theuce suuth HU uhains, Uieuce wobl 60
chuins, theuce nur.li 80 chains, thuuee east 60
cnaius to puiut uf t-omiucncuiiit in, ouutamiug
64(i acres moru or less,
Located Dec. 2utli, 1907.
17- Commeuciug at a post planted near tho
Ihrec Mile itUHorvu Liiiu uu lhe uurih side uf
Kraser river and lying north oi wuuru the Uuat
river empties iuu> the Fraser river, marked
"Null MeKachern's south-auHt coruer," theuce
uaat W) cimin.-, theuce uurth &u cbaius, tbeuce
west 80 chains, tlieucu south au chains .o point
ot couiuiuuceuiuiit, cuutaiuing Oie acres uiure
or less,
18, Commonclng at a post plauted 3 miles
uurth uf Kraser nver and lying north of whore
tl out mer uuipLius into rraser river, marked
"•Neil nlcKachurn't, south-east curuur," theuce
west 60chaiu*, ihome uurih ou chains, them •
east eu chains, tlience suuth ou cbuiu- to poiut
ul i-oiuiuum-uuit-iii. cuutaiuing 6iu acres mure
ur less,
19. CommencinK at a post planted 3 miles
north of Fianui river and auuut 2 uuiua West of
Victoria Creek, uutikeU "Nuu McKacheru's
south-west comer," then e eaat eu chaius,
tlience uurth bO chains, theuce wust 60 chains,
thence suuth 60 * num-. to poiut of .eoiumuucc*
muni, containing o4u acres inure ur less.
2v. Cuumiem ing al a poat piauuxi Hi} miles
norlli oi Kruscr river and iww.it 1 u.uoh *usc uf
Victoria creek, markud "Nun MjK.»chur«r*i
souih-ua-t coiner," tlience went Wo tuaius,
thuuee north in chains, i bunco uaat IflU chaiua,
tuence soutn 40. liaius lo point uf commencement, coiitaiuiiig oto acres mure or lesa,
Located Dee. *lat, 19U'<,
aatiehl NKlL McKACHKHN.
To IJIt. Hosmr, Mr.. A. H. Nook snilO. t.
lluibol,or lu whiiinauarnr ih.y may havs
trtiuslorriHl llieir luleronltn
Tako uiilico. thnt wo. ths iiiuloraigns.i ,.„.
uwii.ru wilh you iu lbs iulluwiiitf iniimriil
cluinin, Yll.l Vivian's Luck Nu. I. Vivian's
Luok No. !i, Vivisu'a Luck No. 3, Vivisu'a Luuk
Nu. 4, Vivisu'a Luok No. Ti, Vivisu'a Luok Nu. ii,
and tbo Hilvor l.mwu nuuui.il uu Uoat Miiuei-
taili, Larueau Milling Division uf Weal Kiuilu-
nu) District of lho Fruvlocs of Hritisli luliiin-
bia, havo dime tha required work ou tbo abuvs
nioiitiuii.il iniiioriil cliiiiiis lor lb. your ouiliug
Oolulwr anu, ivul, iu unier to hulil th. sum.
iiiiiliir Hiictinii U ut tb. Mineral Act,
Ami lurih.r lak. nunc, that if.»ithin 110 days
frinii th. lirst publicatiuu of this umico, yuu lail
ur r.lusatucuutributeyuur puriitui ol suoh si-
pouiliturs, luKoiimr with lb. eu.tuf this advor
tia.ui.nt, your iiitoreat In tbo said miuoral
ciuiins will booum. tho propsrty ul lb. uud.r
sniuou, uud.r B..IUIIU £>U of tbs Miuoral Act.
Datod at Usmborus, II.u., thla Hist day of
January, IIM.
iauTOB I'oiaiKH,
shI inn z, Cu-Ownsra.
ilevclNtukc Land Diairict,
lllalnclul Meal Kuulauav,
Take nulioe lhat I, J. II. Young.of Ooinaplli,
bolel pruprletur, Uiteim to apply lo tbe ijblel
ouunuiaaiuuer ul Lauds aid Works lur a apodal timber licence to cut aud oarry away
tlmbor (rem tbe luliowlua deaoriuod lauds;
1, Counnenolng al a pust planted aud ad-
Juliilii. in. uurtu-esst turner ol Lut \\\% .,,.1
marked "JlLVouug'saouth-eaal ooruer buat,"
sudaltuateil abuut i\ mile uorib-eaal ol the
bead ol ihu aim ol Airuw Lake, ibvuce nasi an
chains, thenoo uurtb so chains, tueuue uaat W
chaius, inence suutb Do chalua tu puiiitui
I'limiiiciiicmiiiii. cuiitaiiiiusiMu acrea more ur
2. Commenclug al a poat planted and ail-
J.ilnlu, tlie uunu-oaat curiur ul ix,l UU and
marked "J.H.IOUui ■ somh-eaat ooruer,' and
slluai.il abuut Ji mils mirib-oaat ol ibe bead
ul ma arm ol Arrow  I aku,  lliaucc nurtb au
oba ibenos sssl so ebslus, ihence soutb so
ckalua, theuce wen so cliaiu, tu point of coin-
miiiiceuient, oouialnln« ow aires moro or lea
Datod Decern irer a)rd, VM.
•»ij»aii J. a. voyjio, THE MAIL-HEEALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Chinese Groceries and all kinds of Fruit and Vegetables.
'Board by Week,
Mackenzie Avenue.
Diamond Vale
Its heating and lasting qualities are most remarkable.    Burns as good coal should
$8.75 Per Ton Delivered
Incorporated by Aot cf Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molson Macphkbson, Pre*. S. H. EwiNG.^Vice-Pres.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches  in   Canada  and   Agencies   in  all  parts of tbe
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstokk, B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
THOMAS McNAUOUT, deceased.
Take notice that by Order of His Honor P. E.
Wilson, L.J., made tba 25th day of February,
l&i*. I waa appointed administrator of the
eslaU* of aald Thomas McNaught, deceased, and
all parties haviugelainis against the said estate
are hereby required to furnish name properly
verified to me ou or before tho 31st day of
March, 1U0S, ALd all parties indebted to taid
es-ate are required to pay tho amuuut of their
indebtedness to me forthwith.
Official Administrator.
Dated tb* 25th day of February, 1D08.      f26 3t
A. PtRKlNS, Deceased;
Take notice thnt by Order of His Honor P. E.
WiUuii, ActiuK Judge, made Lhe ,15th day of
February, lUOe, I was appointed administrator
otiheesta.e of said H. A Perkins, defeased,
and all parties haviug claims agamst the said
untile are hereby required u> furuisb sumo properly Tentied to mo uu or before the 31ai day ol
March. D»u*- Aud all parties iudebted tu .-.aid
estate are rcqu.red to pay the amouut of their
ludebtedue-.s to me forthwith.
Ollicial Administrator,
Dated the -Villi day of February, l«i8.   f2fl 2t
MARY ANDhRSON, Deceased, I u testate.
Take notice tbat by Order of Hia Honor P. E,
Wilsuu, LJ , made the 25th day of February,
lVOft, 1 was api uinied administrator of the e»-
tate of said Mary Auderauu, deceased, aud all
parties haviug claims ageiual the said estate
nre hereby required to furuish same properly
verified to me on or before 81st day of M.irah,
li**. And all parties iudebted to said estate
are required to p.»y the amruul of their indebtedness to me forthwith.
Ollicial Administrator.
Dated the 25th day of February, 1908.   w 126 8
Heralalnke Land Uls.irl.il.
Dlss.rl.-t «f Weal Kimteuav.
Take notice that 1, K o "trauaa, ol Nakuap,
Free Miner, Intend to a ply lor special liven-
cea to cut timber Irom tbe following described
lands i
1. Commenolng at a post planted about 100
varda Irom pott ol T, ... 11,246 aud runulng
■until 160 obalna, thenee weal lo obalna, Ibence
norlh lMrhalna, iheucs east 40 chalna to point
ol commencement.
■1, noramenrlog at a pott planted on the
north-west oorner ol Limit No, land running
weat 80 cbalna, thenoe norih ao chalna, thence
east Ml chains, thonce south M'tsSlBI to point
ol commencement.
*, Commencing at a poat planted on or near
Ih* 8, W. corner ol T. I, No. 7110, and runulng
Hisi.it. DO chain,, Ihence ess!* i hains, thence
north so obalna, thence weal au cbalna lo polnl
ol romineui'.emonl.
Dated Deo. 14,1*07
4, Gftinmencing at a poat planted on or near
the B.W. corner of T L,. No l'i,. ia ami running
south Mil chains, thenessaai 40 cbalna, tbeuce
north IM) shi'lna, tbeuce weal 40 cbalna to
point ol commencement.
ft. Coinmenelng at a poM planted on or near
the* K. corner ol T. L. . o 10,14'i. and run-
nlug weat 40 chains, thuuee sum li IM obalna,
thence east 40 obalna, thenc* nonb ii.o cbalna
to point ol ciinimeuoemeut.
*. Commencln* al a post ylanted on or near
tha H.W. oorner til Tlmbor 1.1ml! No. HUM, ami
running aouib 40 chains ihence eaat leu cbalna,
thence aurtli 40 cbalna, thence weat loo chalna
to point ot commencement.
Dated Deo la mo7.
7. Commencing al a poet planted on or near
theH K. oorner ol Timber limit No 10,140.
and running norlh 40 obalna, thence eaat ISO
obalna, ihence amah 40 chalna thence west Ito
uhalns lo point ul conuoiioement.
Dated Dec I*, 1807.
Ml lab It f. O. HTilAUHH.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that I. Alexander McRae Latimer of Revelstoke, occupation Cruiser, intend
to apply for a special timber licence over the
following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of Little Smoky Hiver. about one
mile from the mouth, thence west 100 cbaius,
thence north 40 chains, theuce east 160 chains,
theuce south 40 chains tu poiut of commencement aud containing 640 acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River, about one mile
from the mouth, thence east 100 chains, theuce
north 40 chaius, thence west 100 chains, thence
southi 40 chains to point of commencement and
cuutaiuing 610 acres more or less.
3- Commencing at a post planted on the
right bauk of Little Smoky River about 14
miles frum the mouth, theuce 100 chaius west,
thence uorth 40 chains, theuce east IriO chains.
theuce south 40 chaius to point nf commence*
ment and containing 040 acres mure or less.
4. Cewmeuciug at a pr.trt planted uu the loft
bank uf Lit ilu Smoky Hiver about 1} miloj
f am theuiuuih, theucu east 100 chains, thence
uorth 40 cbaius, theuce west 100 chaius, tt.ence
south 40 chuins to point of couimeuceuieut aud
coutainiug 640 acres more or loss.
5. Cummeuciug at a pot^t planted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River, about 2 miles from
the mouth, theuce east HO < innii.-, theuce north
8o chaius, thsnee west 80 chains, thenco south
HU cbaius to puiut of commencemeut, and containing ii40 acres more or less.
6. Commencing at a oust planted on the right
bauk ol Little Smoky River, about 2 miles frum
the mouth, theuce west HO chuins, theuce north
Hu chains, thence east 80 chaius, theuce south 80
chaius to poiut of commencement, containing
640 ucros more or less.
Dated Dec. 17th. 1907.
PUBLIC NOTICE is' herby given that tho
Cauadiau Pi.ciiic Railway Company Im* thin
■ lay deposited in tha District Laud Registry
Office at Nelson, in the pr-'vlu'e of British
Columbia a plan profile and book of reference.
showing a pro|K>sed brunch linn from the Revelstoke Smelter Sour to C. B. Humo A Company's warehouse, situate in the City of Revelstoke iu the province of British Columbia
aforesaid; aud that the said Cauadiau Pacific
Kuilwity Company will, as soon after the expir
ation of four weeks from the first publication
of this Notice as the application can be heard,
apply to tba Board of Railway Commissioner!*
fur Canada for approval of the said brunch line
lu accordance with tbe provisions of the Railway Act.
"aled this fifteenth day of January, A.D ,
aat feb 22 Im        General Executive Assistant.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that I, C. O. woodrow of Poplar
Creek, B.C. occupation Prospector, Intend lo
apply for a special licence to cut and carry
away timber from the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted aboul 1
mile up tho Ilinl, south fork of Pm lur Creek on
cast bank adjoining Timber Limit No. lO'll. on
the westboundary, marked "C O. Woodrow'n
north-east corner pout,"thence south 161'chains,
thence west40 chains, thence north 10" chains.
thence eaat 40 chains to point of commence
ment, containing tM" acres more or lee*.
3. CommencinK at a post planted on the
west bank of the first -outh fork of Poplar
Creek, about 3 miles up, adjoining Timber
Limit No. lOBldon the south boundary mar ed
"C. Oi Wood row's north-west corner post,"
thence oast 80 chains, thenee south 80 chains,
thonoo west 80 chains, thenoe north flu chains to
point of commencement, containing 610 acres
more or loss.
Ijocated 18th December, 1907,
wod Jan 15 C. 0. WOODROW, Locator.
lliivelatokc Uml District,
District ot W™t Kootenai.
Take notice tbat I, C. O. Woodrow of I'oplar
H. C, ocouimtlon rrosneotor, Intond to applr
lor a special [iconoe lo cut and i-bitj away tlm-
Issir resist the following described lands:
Commencing at a post plantod about I of a
mile aoulhcrlr from the 37 mile board nnl he
l I' It. rallroml adjoining Timber l.lmlt HOT)
on west Ik,miliar)', and tlie .outh boundax) nt
Timber l.lmll M, marked "C. 0. WoMrow's
north-east corner uoat," thence wrwt Kl ehains.
Ihence aouth Wl chains, Hiciiixi osulD) chain.,
ihence north flu chains lo n"lnl of eominencc-
moiil, containing H40 acrnsi mure or less..
lsraiwl IMh Deo. IHU*.
Wis] Jan li 0.0, W0QPUQW, I«caU)i.
Children    Perish   in   Burning
Building—Battle for Life.
Cleveland, Ohio, .March 6—In a
fire which completely destroyed the
common school building in Collin wood,
a suliuib, today 75 io 170 childr"n lost
their l'vea. The fire "was Bta-ted by
an overheated furnace. The flame*
quickly spreai, but a panic eiiBned
when tlie building tilkd with smoke.
and the 4lt0 children attempted to
H«cape. There were but two exits ii
the building that were available. On
soon became choked with the cliildre
who madly dashed for the open air,
those who tell in the doorway were
trampled upon by those behind, anil
anon the d. airway was im passable.
The frightened and panic stricken
children turned to get out through the
windows, and any other means that
could be lound. Escape wa* cul oft
by the flames which, by this time,
'had spread throughout the rooms.
Tbe building was ol brick, yet this
did net retard the progress of the fire.
In a few minutes the lower floor fell
precipitating scores ol children to the
basement, among tbe burning ember*.
The acene about tbe building wa*
The cause of the fire, which aided
by a frantic panic, a narrow hallway
and door*, which it ie claimed by many
were made to open inward, still is a
myateiy. It was at first supposed that
it came from au overheated furnace,
or an exploded boiler in tne basement
of the school house. It ha* been established tbat there was no explosion
and the janitor ol the school, Fred
Herter, three of whose children perished, declare* tbat it could not have
come from the furnace.
Yesterday in Collinwood was comparatively warm, and Herter declare*
that he maintained fire* at a lower
rate than usual. Fearing he had not
sufficiently warmed tne building, he
was, according to his story, on hi* way
to open tbe furnace draft, when be
waa met by three little girl* running
Irom the basement; who told him there
was a fire below. These three little
girls are now being sought by tbe
police and by tbe fire commissioner*,
It is considered entirely possible by
certain member* ol tbe Collinwood
school board that they may have,
through carelessness, started the blaze
which cost tbe live* of *o many children. Approximately 400 children attended the school and were divided
into nine room*.
The school was overcrowded and
quarter* had been provided lor the
younger children in tbe attic. Strange
a* it may seem, more of the pupils escaped from this part of tbe school
house than from any other. The
children were under good discipline;
they had been practiced frequently in
the fire drill,
An investigation is being made as to
the cause of the outbreak.
Big Game Licence Fees to Be
A bill amending the Game Act of
the province will be introduced into
the legislature by Hon. F. J. Fulton,
chiel commissioner of lands and works
this week.
The principal provisions will be
those increasing the big game license
i mid another tu enable the government
to supi ly ppe.-iiiiens of the game of
British Columbia to various zoological
-orieties throughout the world which
have applied for them.
The big game license at present is
SP50.   It will le increased to $100.
Tbe provincial government has re
cently received a request from the
Berlin zoo for specimens of Rooky
Mountain sheep und goals. Specimens of game of all kinuH hava been
requested by z ological societies in
London, New York and various other
cities. Tbe ac' nas made no provision
which enables the government to
supply these and the change in the
act it designed to remedy this.
Other change* of a minor nature
will also be made. Tbe chiel cumin iaii ner has already tie power to
change the regulation* wilh regard to
close seasons lor game and it is pro)
able that these as far a* game bird*
are affected will be materially short
Wise Lee.
The County of Bruce has sent many-
stalwart sons to the West, most of
whom have done their Ontario home
high honor. Financial success is the
lot of the man from Bruce, for the
blood of Scotland flows evenly through
his veins and enable* him to hold his
own and Bometimes a little more. It
wa* related by a f irnier Bruce man
who has found Vancouver a Pacific
Paradise tbat he noticed a laundry
sign, "Lee Bruce," swi.iging across a
Vancouver street.
"What'* thai for ?" he demanded of
the Oriental.
"Me from Bluee," replied the smiling Lee.
"The dickens you are," replied the
Ontario *etiler, who straightway demanded ilieiiblitvrati.nl of tbe honored
Want Steel Passenger Cars
The Travellers Protective Anaocis-
tion of the United Statea ia auppli-
tiioiiting it* active campaign (ur a
passenger fare of two cent* a mile by
another for steel passenger cars,
Backed by more than half a million
travelling salesmen there already ha*
been introduced into Congress a bill,
which, if passed will compel all the
railway* of the United Statea to replace their present wooden passenger
equipment with fireproof atee) coaclie*.
It ia desired that tbe railwaya retire 10
per cent of the wooden car* eaob year
for the next ten year*.
A Wonderful Law.
Bridget and Pat were sitting in an
armchair, reading an article on The
Law of Compensation. "According to
thi*, whin a m n loses wan uv hi* iin.
apa, another git* more developed; (or
instance, a titoind man git* more ainan
uv hearin', touch, an—"
"Sure, an' it'* quite true," exclaimed
Pat. "Oi've noticed it myself. Whin a
inon has wan leg shorter than tho
other, begorra the other'* longer."—
From tbe Bohemian.
MMMl MWI Union Mads Our
ipoolal, Ths Union, and Manx. Vuslts
art, oSood Ol (01 sthors.
Panics Make Merchants.
One who travelled through a western
town the day after a tornado, say*
that he found only a very few giant
trees and a few of the etauncbeat
buildings on solidest foundations remained standing. Ouly t e strongest
tbinga bad been spared. All of the
sapling* and trees weakened by age
and rotten hearts, all of tbe weak,
flimsy temporary bnildinga had been
swept away by the tornado's terriffic
force.    ,
It wa* a aplendid illustration of the
effect on men of a great financial panic
in which only the fittest survive. Tbe
weak and superficial merchant*, those
with little capital, and without great
mental resource* and character reserve, those who bad not tought their
way up from the bottom, but were
boosted into their positions by influence or wealthy lathers, go down. Only
the giant* and the stalwarts, the men
with stamina and grit, ultimately
In good time*, when everybody ia
making money, men of ordinary ability
can do business; but only the giants
survive bard times and great bueinea*
The tornado panic which baa just
passed over the United States ha*
swept away some of the we.k men,
those who where not well-grounded and
rooted in business principle* and integrity. Many mushroom merchants
and other poor business men have
gone to the wall; but the wise men
will benefit from the lesson ol all this
L. O. T. M O. T. W.
Hold their reirulnr fortniulitl; Roviows tho
Second ami Fourth Tlnir-iliiys lis each month,
ni ;i p. in   in the Masonic Hull, Second Street.
L. McDONALD. Lady Commander.
J. H. MOHAN, Roc.in! Koopor
c. w. o. w.
Mountain Vlow Camp, No. 229.
Meet. Second and Fourth Wodno days In
each month. In Selkirk Hull. Vlailin Woodmen cordial!)' Invited lo ill lend.
W. D. ARMSTRONG, Con. Join.
J   McINTYltK. Clerk.
F. O. E.
To the Revelstoke Public
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke.'* FIRST
Good work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specialty
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
SO MOW & JIM SAM, Props,
Open Day and
Special attention   given  to
Supper Parties ci banquets
Meals, 25o.        Meal Tickets, $5.50
OPPOSITE   Y.   M.   0.   A.
ip —-
Meals at all Hour*
Everything Up-to-Date
Stewart McDonald, - Hgr
Dray ing
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Peed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Restaurant and Furnished Room*
Meal* from 25c. Up.
Socond Street, • East End
Manufactured for alt classes of buildings
for sale in larna or small quantities
at.the lowest prices for cosb.
buildlntr and plastering
undo rta ken.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Tho resTiilar muni inin are held In thefRalkirk
Hall every Tuesday evoniuil at So'clocs. Vlnll-
ins. brethren are cordially invited.
J. LKMLIK. Pbbhidknt.
W. E. Mi'l..U'1'III.IN, Hkirk.t .my.
Kootenav l.orisro No. IS AT, ft A.M.
Tho   renuliir   nieel-
lii||. aro held In tin
Mil.unit:       Teliinlc
Md Fellow. Ilnllni
lie third Monday li
..ch  month    al    -
in. Vlalllugbrulh
eu   cordially   wel
U, A. riiiM'UNlKIl, Hkciuctaiiy.
Moot* everyTliursat'.v
.•'•>.mIiik In Hclklrts
Hall at 8 o'olook
tV.nitlllK brethren col
dlally fnvllud to attend
CoM Rang* Lodge, K. of  P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednei-da, of
each month, In the Oddli'lluws'
Hall    at    8   o'clock.    Visiting
Knights aro oordlally invited,
J. MATIIIK, 0. 0,
(1. H. BROOK, K.lnf R, AS.
B. A. IIHOWN, M. of F
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Boap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House oleaning and
washing are easy with its)iol|>.
And tbe money saving is tbe
Premium System
Booklet tell* what we give (or
Uuval Crown Wrapper*. Hind
(or it—Froo—Also try tbe
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
i Vancouver, B. C.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
From    Ullliyf.C      From
Si. John OrtlLlllUO  Liverpool
Hut. Feb. ai. I.k. Manitoba
Fii. Midi.il.   Kiiii>. Ireland
Hat.   '•     14. l,k.('luu,i|il,iln I'Vbijii
Fri.   "    20. Emp, Britain Mch it
8..t.   "    an. Uke Brie.        •• 11
Winter Season From St. Jobn
Nt. Class snd, Ctas* 3rd. Class
JHii on       $4     o       $jH 75
1st, Class snd, CtaSI 3rd. Class
$(>5 00       $4^ in       $J7 50
Other Luu Himth—
2ml. Class 3rd. Class
$IS 00        $2; jl)
Cheap rates In Al lunik Seaboard
point* In oonnsotlon with steamship lii'ki'tn
Passengers booked i" Norway,
Nw.'ili'ii, Antwerp, Hamburg arid
all other conlini)  lul ports.
For farther Information apply to
T. W. Brad-haw,    E. J. Coyle,
Hovels toko.
i'RRV,   DOCTOR   01
pair.     "Don't do   a
Inar" till you aro uloarl)
-Iii lieat hy aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, tllnci,><n. Inve, Mai-rlns,, and parentaf'
Tells what you'd aak a doctor, not don't like in
Sin iii'K'"', llliiHlrated, ZA cental but lo Introduce
It we send one only to any ivilult for poalasc
10 oonU.
IM loot aath Otroot,        NIW von*
Caribou * nn'i Dlstriot*
District ni (iirjb-»o
Take notice that Alexander M'-H*** Latimer oj
Refelstoke. £. l\, occupation truJser, Intend* i
apply for a special timber liceius otw tuu i.'ll"
in,- described i^mi-.
7. Corameneiag at a post plantui on the lei
bank uf llie Little tjmok] 1 iter, about I hr* mill
fr mi it.i mouth Mid marked "A U.i-,8 \* rnrnei
thence east ltw cbaius thence Uortb 4« fliHln-
tlience went iti chainn, tlience pouHi #1 rhattta 1
point of cum uience me nt ami containing mu acri
mure ur lens.
8. Commencing at a pout planif-H on the righ
bahk of tbe Little Smoky rirer abuuuhrei roil"
from ita nn.111I1 .md marked    A M.l.  4 B. cormr
thence west   ltW   cti.inm, tbetice   nurth 4"   liaitm
thence east   16U  cliamn  theim- south 40 cbaifw t
ji'iiiu ui 1 mmirtH'iMiR'iit mul cont.iiumg oi - acr*.
more or leHtt.
y.   Commencing at a pout   planted on the Uf:
li ink uf the Little Smoky river  about three a.,
itne-nalf miles from ita mouth nn-i marked *-•
L.   S.W. corner,    thence  east   itt'   ch.un\ UietlC*
north m chains, tlience we-t 180 chains   ill u-
'imit h 4m ch liiii   tu poini   of   c'liiiiii-iH edit '
cuutaiuing b tu a. res more or lens.
lu. Commencing at a post planted on the ■ ight
bank uf the Little .Smusy nver a ...ut tlth-i a.
one-half mdes fruin as mouth and markeu A
L fcf.fi. corner," tiiunce weat lt»> ciiauis, then »
north 40 chains, thence east leu <iia.ii>-, tbi , 1
aouth 40 chains to point ul t'OtttttettccnicUt nu*
I'ohtaining M" acrun more ur les«.
il.   Commencing at a post punted on the let.
bank of the Little hmoky rirer about four raUea
f 1 im iu mouth and marked ''A.M I,, a. W.corner
tbeuce eaat   -o chains   thence north 80 cbaini
ihence west t)U cllauia, ihence  BOUth 80 chain* t<
point of ■ "iiimelii'uu.i-ni   Slid CODtauilUtf '"" acre
uure orlena.
12. lotuiuencing at a pust piauicd on Llie rigln
• ink "f tin- Latle Huiuky rtTWT alx.uL lour mil. ■
irom iu mouth and uiarketl A M.L- ti r.. .orner
ihence west nu chaw*, thence norm aut.-hii.tiia
(in-iiii' e.iMi tin ill .ins, thence huuih Wi chslUa Ui
pomt ul c^iuiuenceuieiii ami coniaiuing , Wu acres
nuru or le,.i •
hated Llec. 17th, 11)07.
18. Ciinmeiiuiog at • pust planted on the left
iank of tne Little .Smukj nver n>.ia bv*. mthu
itoiu its inoutb and .i.iir*i ii " ..M.L, b.» curnur,
ibence mirth so chains, ihence etui ou chants
ilieuee south bo chaina, tlience w«st s0 chains i"
pumt of commencement and containing tnuaites
.in.in ur I*.as.
14 Commencing at a pust planted on the left
mink uf the Little Staokj river about six miles
from its mouth and marked "A..M.L N.W.corner,'
thuuee suutb 8u chaius, thence earn eu chains,
thouce north bu chains, thence west SO chains tu
pumt of commencement and containing wo acres
more ur less.
15. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bauk of the Little .Smoky river about six miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,
tlience north au chains, theuce east 80 chains,
Uience nouiii 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 840 acres
mure or leaa.
16. Commencing at a pust planted on the right
bank of the Littlu bmoky liver about aeveu aides
ii 0111 ita mouth and marked "A.ML. N.W corner,"
theuce south 80 chains, thence east so chains,
uience north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement and cuutaiuing C40 acres
mureur less.    -*
17. Commencing at a post planted uu the right
bauk of the Little Smoky rirer about seven muos
irom its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
thence north bo chains, tbeuce eaat eO chains,
ihence south 80 chains, tbenco west 80 chains to
puint of commencement and containing 940 acrv*
mureur lesa.
18. Commencing at a post planted on tbe right
hankof the Little Smoky river about eight miles
from its iuuut.ii auu marked "A.M.L. N.W.coru«r,'
ibence aouth bu chains, theuce east 80 ehains,
thence north 80 chains, thence weat 8* cbams to
point of commencement and containing MO acrea
more or JshS,
19. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky river about eight miles
frum tile mouth and marked "A.M.L S.W.corner,
theuce north 80 chains, thence eaai so chains,
thenco south 80 chains, theuce weat SO chains to
point of oommencemeut and containing 04u acres
mure or less.
20. Commercing at a post plauted on the right
hank of the Little Smoky river about nine miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. N.W.curner,"
theuce south bo chains, tbeuce east 80 chains,
theuce north 80 chains, thence west SO cbauu to
puint of commencemeut and conteiniug Hu acres
mure or lees.
21. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky river about nine miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
thence uurtu 80 chains, theuce east 80 chains,
thence south »' chains, thence west W chains to
puint of commencement and containing 840 aorea
more or less.
22. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the north fork of the Lutie Smoky river
about one mile from the forks and marked "A.M.
L. S.W.corner," tbeuce east 180 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence west leu chaina, thence
south 40 chains to point of commencement and
containing mu acres more or less.
23. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the north fork of the Little Smoky river
about one mile from the forks ana marked 'A.M.
L. S.K.corner," thence west 160 chains, thence
north 40 ohains, tbenoe east leu chains, thence
soutu 40 chains to point of commencement aud
containing t>40 acres more or leas.
Dated Dec. 18th, iw7.
21. Commencing at a poat planted on the right
bauk ot tbe east Cork of the Little Siauky river
abuut  une-half mile   from tue forks and marked
A.M.L. N.W.curner," tuence suutb M cbaius,
tlience east bO chains, thence uortb SO chains,
thence west 80 chaina to point of com mencement
aud containing 640 acres mure or less
25 Commencing at a post planted en the right
bauk of the east furk uf the Little aiLoky river
iiliuin uue-balf mile frum the forks and marked
"A,M.L. S.W.corner." tue.ice uuiin su cnaiua,
theuce east bo chains, tueuce suutb Hu cuauis
theuce weal MO chains to point of commencement
and containing 640 acres mure or K- -..v
28. Cummeuciug at *i post planted on the riKht
ban* of tbe ea«i7orkui the Lutie amu.) Wei
abuuL one anu one-ball mile* iroui ihe tufas and
marked "A M.L. N V\ .curlier, thence south ft
chains, thenco etst so < baina* tbenbv north eu
chaius, th.-ii e aeal sw cUain-t to puint ul DtHB*.
lur in.'Ill- nl aild CUIlttt 111111-1 U4» a, re*   la-lie or leM
27. Cutumeiicintf at a post plante i on the r.gi.t
bank oi the e.iai lork ul toe I.i ..v tfutoig t.va
uiiuui 'iite and uiitf-h.uf ullee ffuin Ute tore*«i»i
marked  'ami., 8.w.curuer,"  then*** nocva 8-
chaills.   thence   ea*>t   *.    nuiiu   .ut.c*- >"uui ,
chaius, theuce weal 8u chains lo   pouit >•)   om,
uifiic ui.'iiL uud containing 0*' acres mute ur less
2S.   Commeu-jiiiH.ai a post pl.tuu-a uu iue right
li.uik ui  the   e.inl   lurk   Ul   the   1,1. we MO"fc) r.t«.
abuut two ami uue-balf muea tnnn Ul" lore* ashi
marked A.M.L. N.W.curner, UMUCe eoeUi 4m
chains, theuce east loo ch.iiut, the.ict iiunti »
chains, Iheuee west lU" I'll nils W puiut ul commencement aud cunlauiiug e«o a> res m.ire ui h«-
2V   Cotntntneuig at a post plautM uu tbefnjbi
lutiik ut the east fork ul tue Little bl0Ok| HfVl
aboUt two an i une-un.Il muea Irom tbe luril and
marked '.t.M.L. tf.W, vomer, ttiuuee notUl «U
ehains, theuce east lt)u cuaius, u.. u < south lU
chaina, Ihence west leu cbailU lupuintul OVV
uieiiceiueut aua containingtt4o acres m -r« ur lesa.
30. Cuiumenciug at a pusi plauleU uu the right
hank of the «.i*i fork ul the Lutie Stunk; rivet
aliniil lour iiini mi."li.ill Ulliea liuut IbS lutkaauu
marked 'AML. N.W.curner," MtMS »■■>•■ u Ku
chains, theuce east 4u chains, thence iiurtli IU)
chains, thence west 4u chains to puiut ot Ol m-
luencemeiit and coutainiug t>4o acres ui<n« of lens
31. Cumiueuiing at«a pust planted on iii. right
Itaiik of the east fork ui the Little HMokj n*rt
about lour -"ui ono'bnll mil. ■ trum tns i«.k* ami
murked "A M.L. S. rt curuer,' iheuee nurth eu
chain*, tueiiee eajit su ciistMis, ihence •^uth en
euaiua. theme O/eOl SU chaius Ul poiu. ■■( c'om
lUtrllt'eiUelil MHO COUtaifeUlg SiU «..<•.   ii..ii ■■ ur l-'--
Hi. Commencing at a post planted «u in* right
bauk ol tlie MMt tork ul the Lutie MmlU riv«i
aliVUl lour ali<| »ue liait iune« u in ihu furk* ami
iii.iiKi-.i   'A.M.L    .v h   eoiiiei,   liitiiie -outh iou
■ iniiiis, theiii e west i   obalna. tbenos uur.u ie.
• IlilliS,   lllelltO   KMt    i'i    • U* Us    in point id   cou,
in 'H.--IK aim > I'Uiaiiuiig >•»   nnroe uiure or ism
;i.i. Coinuieiii ing al a po-t pi Mtod on I he right
li.uik "I tl..- r.i-,1 |..rs 1.1 the t.iltle hUiOk) n*.f
nbOttl bve and one ue.lt m Ies Imiu the inm- ami
ni.iikei - A..O-L. S.W. cornel, llniiis noith »■
chains, theiu'e ea*it 80 • hatha, theuce suuth nu
ebaiflSi Uieuce west so chaina ui poiut ol cum
ineiiceuieui aud containing ul" a< res lami ui 1- -•••
34. Cutnuitiiiring nt • post jh uiie-i on the right
hank uf the eastfork of Little tfOofcj rirtf »u ■ k
live ami one-half milea from the forks and mnrked
'A-ML. > W, coruer, theme east fr> 'hams,
thence south 80 chaini, Uience west |Q chains,
thenco north Su chains \<> point of commencement
and containing 84U acres mure ur less.
35. Commencing at a puat planted on ths right
bank of the cast fork uf the Little Hiookr nver
about six and one-halt miles from the forks and
marked "A M.L- H.W. corner," thence north -»
ehains, thsnc« east 8U chains, thsnee suuih 60
chains, thenre west 80 ohatns to point <d i'uiu-
lueiiceajent and containing Mu acres mureur leas
:tfl. Cutnmeucing at a pu*» pUnleil on ths right
bank nt the east tnrk uf the Little Mmokr river
iii-iui i)i Aiid one half miles (rum the forka and
marked "A M.L .N.W.curner." thrnco ea-t R0
chains, theuce south 80 chains, ihence eest sO
cliains, th. in.- north 10 chama to point of com-
luencemeiit and containing 840 a< r«a more or leas.
Dated Doc. iwth, LM7.
87. Cuianiencing at a post plantod on tbs right
bank of the east furk of the Little Mtaokv riv»r
abuut seven and ooe bait milee from tbe forks and
markod "A.ML N.W. corner," tbenee eavt "U
cliains, theuce soutb 9* chains, thenre west su
chains, thence north 0h chains lo point of commencement aud ' uir.aiinng hii -.. res mure or le«s.
M. Cmiimencing at a post planted on tbs right
bank of the eaat fork of the Little Nin<kr nver
almnt seven and one-half ■»■)* ■ frum tue forks and
marked "A.M I, S.W.coruor." thence nurtb V
chains. Ounce east 00 chains, thenre south 8"
chains, thenee west 80 chalna to p<lnt of r-eoi-
luencvment and containing 6lu acres sanrsor less
.t.i Commencing at a post plaatftd nn ths 'igbt
bank of tie east fork 01 the Little laekf river
about wight and one half mils* (roa the forks an4
marked    A.ML   N.W.eerner," tbenee east M<
"liaius,  thenre  soutb   8o  chains, thence west 80
iiains,   thenc-  north SO chains  to point uf com*
mencement and containing 040 acres  mure ur leas.
40.   Commenciug at a post planter! on the right
o.i.ik of   the   ea-t   folk of the 1 ittle Smoky mer
• boot flgh  and n.- . .if miles from the furk- '>nd
.vrs......   "A Ji L  .S.W. curuer,"   thence   northSO
'una.   inence  esst »o  chains,  tbenee   south 80
i   ins,   tn-.ueewe-t   SO chains to   point   of com*
v ri.Leiueu' and c " •■ iintiji 040 acres more ur less.
.=     Ointment mg at a post planted on tbe ngbt
ank   ul   the east fink of   the  Little Smoky river
iaiut i.me and oue-baif miles from the forka and
. aravt   -A.M.L.   NW.corner,    thenc* east 80
hain>,   thence   south   &<  chains, tbenoe weat 80
name, thence  imrth  tfU chains  tu uoiut of  com-
Hi ue m*-ot and containinit t>4o acres more or lesa.
*2     Commencing ai a po*t planted on the right
SUlk   '-f   the east fork of   the Little Smuky nver
h<mt nine and nue-half  mLes frum the forks and
.mil k*d   "AM L.   S.W corner."   thence north sO
..a.m.   tt.t-i '.-   eaat   oO  chains, theuce auulb SO
.bains,   ih in e  west  8" chams to point   uf  com*
mem eiuo'it ane toutaining t4"  acres mure or less.
44, ('• ' ■ ■(■ at a post planted un the right
■-iik   nf   Lhe        :  liken   the Little Smoky river
.. tu leu ami uue*half miles frum tne forks and
trketl a.M.L. > W.corner," theme east 80
tins tbenee suuth su chains, ibence weatgo
dm, tuence north oo chaiio. tu pumt uf cum-
i< .-ment anil containing o4u acre> more or lesa
H< > ummencing at a pwai planted on the right
.k uf the east fork of tne Little hmoky nver
■ut ten and one-ball miles iiuin ihe lurks and
..ell   "A.M.L. H.H'.eunjer,"  thence uuitb oO
.. ins theuce east bu cuatna, tbelice south 60
.tains theme west eu > hams tu point ut cum-
...euceiuelil and i uiitallliug   04   nefeS *uuie or iese.
iiaio.1 Dm. aith. 1 u7.
45. I 'ummencing al a pust planted on -.he right
..ank of the eaat fork of tbe i.itlle smok) nver
.1. -ul    eleven   anil   'lie-half    milea fiuiu the lurka
m.l marked A..M L. n.w .. uruer, iheme uurtu su
haiua, inence eaat s chain* iheu e win 00
uaiiia, thanes wost 8" i haaia to uu.m ul com-
i;.ii' nnm ah,i containing o«u a. r ' ui»r oi less.
48.    C-ommeiioiug al a   p.i <l (-laliied "li Ihu right
(■■ilia "f .i.r .-,i.i  tnrk ol    i.e   Lialc b..uk> river
atHiUl rfl.iv.-ii ftjui i.ue-i.ali miles irom tne forks
..ini marked ' .v,M L. N W -.uruer. tnei c ea^l 80
hams, ihence south eu rtiaios, theiu e west eO
. ha ins, thenue iioilh N ch itio* to putttt ol cum-
mencement «iid uuiitasinng t»4<< acres niote ur tens.
47. Commencing at « puat planted uu the light
■>ank of the easl lurk 01 too Little &iuuk> river
about twelve aim one- tall nine* tr.-m tne f'>rks
uui market "A.M.L. N.W.OornoT, tueuce eat HO
. hains, tlience aouth au chalua men, e weal M)
■ baina. tbeuce nuith bo chaius to p.ui.tui com-
luencemeiit and coutainiug esu at res iu-ic or leas.
48. Luiumencing at a pust planteu uu iue right
bank ot the east fork ul the Uttis Su.uk) r.ver
about twelve and une-hall milea Irum tn* forks
and marked "A.M.L. S.W.oorner," tbenoe north
80 ciiauis, thence east 80 chains, ihei e * >uih b0
chains, thence weat SO chains t > u - ,t ot com*
mencement and coutainiug t>4u acres mure ur less.
49. t ommencina at a post planted on the right
bank of the eaat furk uf the Little r-uioky nver
abuut thirteen and one-half milts fiom tbe forks
and marked "A.M L. N.W.comer,' thence east so
chains, tbenee suuth bO cbams, .hence west 80
chains, thsnee north Su cbaius to point of com
mencement and contain.i . 6\0 acres mure or less.
50. Commencing at a pus' planted un tbe right
bank of the east lurk of the Litt.s jnoky river
about thirteen aud one-half miles from the forks
aud marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner," thence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chams, thenoe south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to point of com*
mencement and containing 840 acres more or less,
51. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork uf tne Little Smoky river
about fourteen <>u<t one-halt milea from the forks
and marked "A,M.L N W.corner," tbenoe east 80
chaina, thsnee aouth 8'» chains, tbenee west W
chains, tbenee north 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 84o acres more or lose,
52. Commencing at a post planted on tbe right
bank uf tbe east fork of tbe Little Smoky nver
about fourteen and une-half miles from tho forks
and marked ■ A.M.L, 8 W.corner." thence north
su chains, tbeace east 80 chauis, thenoe south M
chains, thence west so chains to pomt of com*
mencement and containing 040 acres mors or less.
Dated Dec. 21st. 18V?.
wed jan W Locator,
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to tho Postmaster Qaueral, will be roeeived at Ottawa
until Noon, on Friday, the 13th March 1908,
for the conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed Contract for four years, as described
between propuaed strset Letter Bixes and the
Hevelsioke Post Office, from tho Postmaster
General's plea*.uro-
Prmtod ootkos containing farther information as to conditions of proposed Contract maj
be seen and blank forms of Tender may be
obtained at the Post Office at Rerolstoko and
at tho office of the Post Office Inspector,
Post Office Inspector's Offieo, Tanconeor, B.C.
31st January, IMS.
fob 5 lw for Sws
Pest Otfice Inspector.
Kevelstoke Land Dlstriot.
District of West Kootenav.
Tako notice that 60 days after date I iotend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commeuciug at a post planted at the northeast corner of Let 7805 ti 1. ou Fish River,
tbenee eaat fi chains more or less to wost line
of A. A. MacKinnon's pre-emption, thence
south 60 cbaius, theuce west 8 chains moro or
le-s to east line of Lot ?80G, U 1, thence north
• *< chaius to puiut of commeucement.
Located this 3rd day ot Feb. WA.
sat feb 8        TUOd   W   WILLIAMS, Locator.
Revelstoke Land District.
Di-tnct of .\ e.t KooU-nay.
Take   uotice  tbat   1,   i  Donga 1 of   Nakuap
Captain, iuteud to apply for permission to pur*
cnaMs tbs ttillowiug described lssnds:
Comuinuciug at a  post plantod at the N. W,
torusjr nl Lot BO, SUt, ruuu.ug south aUchaiuS)
usme Wosl M cbaius, tneuce  uurtu 20 cbaius,
■ .- -■ r «.i-t It) i uanix to poiut of commeucomeut*
Dated De<. l.-.n. IVul.
ian 4 sat D   Dewar. Agent.
Revelatoke Land Dlstriei.
l's-trn t ul \\t>i hooteua>.
lake notice that I, c a. Freeman.of Kaslo,
H.i'.. oicupatieu Miner inteu -o apply lur n
•i-cial llceuce over the lullowiug described
i Commencing at a p at planted on tho
a eat u«iik uf Ifrltt I icek 8 miles Irum ihe Lar*
-cau iver aud abuut i miles uurth easterly
.r-.tii tie H.I corner ul Lu e8w, u, 1. lbeuce
weat 4v cbaius. i hcm-e uorth lOu o ai us, theuce
east 4u cnaiua, theuce south 18u cbaius to tue
I.  .i.t ui commeucement.
2 Commeuciug at a post planted on tho
a. n bauk uf .'tin t reek, d miu-s irom tbe
< arcJeau niverand about i miles uurih aeterlf
irum the > a curuer ul Lot fifth i- 1, tbenoe
■mot 4u cbsiua. lhelae ii-rtii jbu chains, theuuO
west tucbanik, <U> ui-v SUttta UN tuslUa W tUO
pOlUl Ul  ' i-Ulii.f o   • .ni ui.
a,   i "iiiiu.'i..,ii,   «,   ,  .j.ubi   pistil d on the
west    bails uf    It  ll   '  inl   ^ >u |.,IMiu ..(-
dea« mver aud eb .ut i ■■% una* u.-rib ea-i«rly
irom tue > a. corner ><i i.<>i see, *. I. tu«uce
in.rih 4u chains, theute i-m, leuou'tntt, I oJU 0
-oiitheucu ma, tu*.u.«  wo*t ieu uOnius to the
l •"Hit ul ' "lllllieli. ei.itnl
4     * omiueii. mg   at  a   po-i   pleutrd ou tho
weit bauk ul I'Hiiw.'.i, -S ....I.s no... iue
. *(<!• an Iter aiitj >i*u .1 I-, .une- uurtu east,
en) irom iue A a i-uruvrui Lot od*. i, i,
tueuce south 40 • bOius, tuwuco ea-t i0u .'Owlus*
thence u >nu 4u cuaiut, tlie ii. « a eg, ,t-u cnaius
lo tU« j'.Miu u| . ..uiiueot eweiil.
... < ouimeui ing at a ouwt pUnted on tbo
west bank uf imii Cretk. 2 Htltesj fruu ino
Lard< au niver and au»iui l milo us. iu easterly
Irum iue tt, l.. coruer ul Lui ass, u 1. tueuce
west 4u cbaius, theuco uurth leeuaiua, tueuce
east 4u cuaius, theuce suuth Its* cuaius tu tbo
, .-liilul  I'uiMiieiice i.cut.
Dated Dec. Mth, lWl.
»*'i J«n ^ c, A. tRSKMAN,
► ' t. W *i
if   tt.'./l'.1
Bevelstoke Assessment District
TAKK NOTICE that I shall holds
Court uf It.'vmiiiii nnd Appeal, undsr
the " AaHi'sami'iil Act," reaissctina the
Siipplviiienlsry Aiuvsamtnt Roll for
HUM, for tbs It, vi'liiiiks Assessiuent
Dlstriot. on Wfilnr-ilsy, ths 25th d«vjr
uf Miu.li, 1000, at the hour of el*ven
o'clm.k in ilii- fureiiiiun, st the Court
llniise, ll.'Vi'lsuiki'.
Diini at Hi'ii'laiiikr, this Irdday of
M.irch, IIKJ8.
JuiIrc of i lip Curl of Revision
and Appeal.
RtVtlltokf Aaai'sauiPUt District
A Job Lot of
Manufacturers'     Ends—not    many—
bought  at a   Bargain,   4^   yards  in
Piece, — embroideries and insertion to
Corset Cover Embroideries at ,}oc.
New Spring
Dress Goods
Lustres in Cream, Navy, Brown, Grey
and Black. Voiles, Cashmeres, Suitings, Panamas, etc. Muslins—this
Spring's showing,—a t;reat variety
and excellent values.
Boots and Shoes
This Department is full of New Spring
Footwear, and comprises a lot of the
latest fashionable makes.
Towellings and 'Towels, Table Linens
and Napkins. Dressers and Stand
Money Refunded If You are
Not Satisfied.
•♦a .♦«.  s.'fri -fri  st'fra sTK  .'♦'■ afr. ifra *♦*. t'£i t'l'i ttx
li" 'A1 'V lXl ,11 !i' "X* 'X1 *+r *4p   'X1 '4.   '*
SPure Drugs ■
Careful Compounding *
T Prompt Delivery *
rfi 1,0 TO <
*§, Canada Drug & Book Co. Ltd. 1
I        —        !
j      Mail Orders Promptly Filler!     ,
1$ t|l t|l l|l l|i l|l l|> $♦<£*£<&<£#
Weather Forecast
Saturday, March 7, for 24 hourB.—
Unsettled, indiea;ions of snow or rain,
moderate winds with probable storm
lat°r. Temp.: Max. 50 degrees, min.
3ti degrees.
Local and General.
Get your Irish up on the 17th and
heip out.   Capt. Jack.
The Nelson Fruitgrowers Association have definitely decided to join
the Fruit A Produce Exchange of B.C.
shamrocks will he handed out at
thi-opera h-use March 17th by Oapt.
Jack instead 0/ lemons. Bring the
The mayor has arranged for a private oiticf iu ihe city hall, to lie situ-
a ed in lhe room vacated by the chief
0! p.ilice.
P t/eotcb ol the Bowman Lumber
Co. «tatT, lias, leu fur a tour of the
eon pauy't mills, unveiling thiough
Comapl x a- d the Crow to Minneapolis
and  \\ innipeg.
The Ladin' Guild of St. Peter's
Church nili ho d their regular meeting in 'lie rectory on Monday the Dili.
Tne ladies .re requested to bring their
Tbe new I eland hotel,at Kamloops,
lor lourilts, baa t.i-en formerly oiieu. d
by the proprietor, Robt.  Dowssll.    It
repreB' nia a cost oi $75,IHK), and contains OU bedrooms.
L. Doolan, a railway Constructor 011
tlie Canadian Pacific, and foimerly
chief of police at Bandon, B. C, dropped dead in the Cnmiuercial hotel at
Winnipeg, yesterday.
H in. A. C. Killni:, chairman of the
1 .: -dian railway commission, died at
the Busseli house. Ottawa, on Monday
morning st 9 o'clock. He had been
"iitferi:.,; i\:'.i; pneumonia for only s
lew days.
.Everything    irinh, even   tu the pig.
will be sei-n at tin- Irish Tea by Kooj
Cbnrch Ladles'Auxiliary on Tuesday,
starch loth, afternoon snd evening.
a good msilcal praeamms will be
•• nderad,   Admission 11^
A   OOOtingeot ol   iiearly   three nun
lirid  immigrants  In charge   I  Adjutant Wakefield A thu Salvation Arm)
and  brought   to  ll,   l. by tbe Army
will arrive 00 Vi. vi tills evening.
Ini Ipecill Ban will ri-'inai;i till sun-
day and i.i-  atta.'hid   tu a freight and
taken t   Sicamoui      From  there thi
new nrriva.- will proceed to Ukan.i
ijaii point*.    A large number    f   tin--
immigrants have been placed while en
route   here, in   many part" of the Ilu
minion, Capt. Q 8. Johnston of tbe
Kelson branch of the Army is in the
city and will meet tin-train at Gulden
Any one who is desirous ol obtaining
help  in   every  form, domestic, furin,
Our Cracker Jack
department, if one is any
belter than another, is Hint
devoted to fancy crackers
and biscuits. Come tind
sample it. Include crackers
in your next grocery order,
You'll find them just the
thing to offer cullers, just
the things when you feel like
taking "just a bite," We
have 100 varieties but only
une quality   the best.
Raised on Bread
of our baking, your youngster will be as happy as he is
healthy. The things that
make our bread so superior
are: first the very finest
Hour: second the employment of tho inosl skilful
bakers; thiid the absolute
cleanliness of our bakery and
products. Can you bent
thai combination!'
All)     .Ss.
For Strained Muscles
The most affective llnimonl on
the market
20c. and OOo. Por Bottle
Druooisi iV Stationer
etc., should see theiiffioiail on the curat tbe depot or at the City hotel where
arrangenii nts made.
Fred J. Lynch of the Beaver Cigar
factory at New Westminster was in
the city this week on a business visit
Deputy Minister oi L ibor King, left
yesterday for London to urge upon
the Imperial, Indian nnd colonial ■
authorities the advisability of restricting immigration to Canada of .t-iatie„
fr..in British possessions
Tomorrow afternoon Bin. Bewi  - I
sing ut lhe   sundny   gathering in the
V..M C.A. ut 1 p m      The Rev. \v I
Calder takes  up  the topic, ' Shall "•■
be  latisfied   .vitii   mediocre,       rhii
meeting is open to every man
iirill for msmbsi ioI        i Con pan}
I:    m    H   commenced   m   11 a ■'
Uii ii) tbs drill hu.l snd sill • i ntinue
every I hur-la.   i ....,:.. until I
ordei •■ ' leneral Labs will in Id u
Inspection ol the ci mpany in June
1 I,,   l.adn-   Vid      i   ths    Metl, dill
ciuirob have decided to bold an 'Battel
High Tea, on the evening oi Bastei
Monday, and are making arrangements to have il one of lhe best of its
kind ever given in Revelstoke. Further aniioiinci'.tiierita will uppuar in
the paper weekly.
Leonard Coults, * Q. T.I', engineer,
ol London, Ont, aged 86, was killed
Prida)   night   at   Woodstock    while'
working   about    ln«   engine,   hy  the
westbound  express     The    mangled
body   had   to    be    gathered    np   with j
ibovell hy the brakmriiin.
A    good    time    in   assured    ail who
attend   the   Irish Tea at the borne ol
Mrs. (1. M. Clark on Tuesday, March
10.      Kvtirything  Irish, including the
pig and  a good musical programme
Afternoon and evening. Guessing
contest Young people specially invited.    Admission 26c.
The lush Tea under the auspice" of
tin. Ladies Auxiliary of Knox Church
will tukc place on Tuesday, March III,
afternoon and evening, at the residence
of Mrs. tl. M. Chirk. Young people
are specially rei|ue-ted to attend in
the evening when nn interesting en
test will he held.    Admiiilon 26o
Ronald (1,000 for capture of Oapt,
Ju.-k iiii or before March 17th, I
Apri,'J ! Keep tbis date in mind.
—the annual   gymnasium   exhibition.
Western Wonders howl the Stars of
the East on Mon lay night
The Zinnabbo hand haa been organized. They may give * Dumber al
Monday nighi - entertainment,
imerick contest  is n m  wel
'inder way en 1   a loh interest is  being
1   tin il      i   .  - ii   ■ isured
The Edisori Parlor I bea'tre ii drawing good or iwdi I • pictures this
week   are Deuel  pries -
16c  md hi
Oe'ebrate St. Patriok's Hay, March
17U', hy witnessing the exploits of ibe
Irish Rebel Seals now on sale at C.
R. MaoDonald's Drugstore.
The matron of the Hospital reports
the following for the month of Pal.
ru rv : Patients treated, 48;-ho"p!lal
dayB' I ealment,  4H9; qperal OOB, 12
outdoor patients, HO; dressings, 167,
Mn. 11. A. Brown sustained a Be vol e
injury to one of her eyes ou Thursday,
lhe broken portion ot her spectacle
holder being the cause of theaooidi nt.
I'ho sharp metal pierced the eye indicting a serious wound, necessitating
an operation. The patient is confined
to her bed Buffering much pain.
I i.e Board ..I I rade lies es • d ■
ipecial meeting i 1 need ij March
loth   it 8 j ■ -•    -  ii,.    ttiei
t • ' I arranging for in exhibit from
Revelstoke to ihe  Dominion   I or   ii
a;, in Joly      A-  . in-   .on".
very important and Jot interest to all
i full at tendance an mid r.ault.
igtilsr n
i reds a.is held on 1 hursdai
nighi Prseldenl I ii Lewis took
the chair ["here ass little buslnssi
i ii insect, the chiel p dm - nf discussion bein^the proposed Reve il -■
exhibit nt. the I) min n Pair in
i nlgarj hi July and the need :• i
better lire protection In the ichool
I heir Roys I Highnesses I he Prince
und Princes, of wales have ilgnified
their intention of attending   the   ler
century celebration of the founding J
1'iii'hnj by Obamplsin, during July
A naval iquadron will accompany the
distinguished   visitors       Hl«   i; y..i
Highness regrels tiiat   Ins  itay In till
Dominion will bscurtailed und   tbat
he will Ise unable t,, visit nn j thai
ciiy tlmn Quebec
Wi! have received the initial copy of
the new F.nderby enterprise in 1,1 e
journalistic world, ' Walke 'l Weekly
II. M. Walker In well-known all ovei
11. 0, as a newspaper man of consider
able ability and energy, and Knderl.y
people should welcome their new
paper, which, iu the bunds of Mr.
Walker, should do much for tlm Wel
(are. of that section of   the   llkiiiiugiin
The journal li In magazine lorm ami
will contain a large quantity of highly
interesting matter, We feel sure (bet
Enderby cannot too highly appreciate
its latest acquisition,
City Council.
The regular meeting of the city
council wns he'd last night with
Mayor Lindmark und full board of
aldermen present. Minutes of tho last
regular and special meetings were
adopted as road.
The following communications were
received: From Chief of Police, reporting on (alse lire alarm caiisul by
snow breaking the wire.—Fihd
From Chief of Police reporting lire
alarms O K —Filed.
Frum Chiel of Police requesting that
furuitura be procured for Ibe top
rooms of the gaol.
Aid. McCarter said that the police
commissioners ahould arrange for
that. The council agreed to lean' the
matter iu ttie hands of tlie Mayor and
Chief of Police to secure the nice sury
From lhe superintendent of the
power house reporting on tlie satisfactory running of the light plant.—
From Dr. Pagan, provincial health
officer, requesting ' that Revelstoke
should provide for a governor of the
Anti-Tuberculosis Sanitarium, from
the city by paying $30 for evi ry 1000
of the population.—Filed.
From the Canadian Electrical Association in connection with the fees for
meter inspection and asking that the
member for this district to the Dominion Parliament should be written to
iu regard to reduction of fees. The
council resolved that a letter be written
to Mr. Qalliher and Mr. Templeman
urging that the meter inspection fees
be reduced.
From the Canadian Mun'oipal
journal requesting that the council
subscribe to the journal for 1908, and
pointing out the value of the journal
to the city. It wis agreed that ii
subscription he sent.
From the 15. C. government/ announcing the appointment of Aid
W. A. Foote und W. W. Foster as
licence commissioners; Aid, G. S.
McCarter and W. J. Armstrong as
police commissioners.—Filed.
From F. F Bustred Btating lhat he
would give an answer to the proposals
ol the council to supply the C. P R,
with power and light, as soon as be
was able.— Filed.
From T. F. Sinclair, enclosing a
bond and requesting that his cheque
..n the sewerage contract be rctmnid,
and asking for particulars of possibilities of «elling the debentures. The
Mayor stated that Ihe government had
refused to allow lhe water from the
proponed septic tank of tbe eily sewerage system to flow into the river
and that filter must be used. The
council resolved to lay the matter
over and to acknowledge receipt of
From tbe school Hoard, stating that
they bad reduced their estimates for
tlie school by |876 and they required
ui appropriation of $300 for preliminary estimates in making plans for a
new building. This matter was laid
The Mavor said in regard to the
Kaoaimo Municipal Convention tbat
the meeting hid been a good one und
mar v things brought before lhe government. The home for tbe uged and
iiilhin would be established and tln.t
tbe school tax mill rate hud been
. -■ i from five to ten He said that
tbe Convention w:.^ representative and
i.hiI succeeded in bringing about muob
go.d ■ '•".'in   municipalities
lull  n waa pii.sed to the effect
that the Mayor -hoiild have tin. use of
the room vacated by the police in the
i ity hall, is in   (floe and to purchase
li,i   i . esssarj   furniture
Tin- a nii'il iisueil instructions to
the i'im-fiii Police lo do all tbat was
necessary f r -Mrs Olseo ■ widow, in
itraightened oiroumitancea   who wui
. ■ of eily support.
li.. by ;uw authorising tbs payment of tbe Mayor « salary waa paasul
and registered       Tbs   accounts   were
then   paiied   and   the   meeting  ad-
join i.. '
Grip and Password.
Mr I. A Kainplin head maiiagei
of tha 0 0 W 0 W , arrived in the
City M.r.dai ui..riiiiiK last and left for
Arr.wl.ead and NskuiD In  connection
with organization work oi the ordei
Inning tbe pust yeai Manager
I'.arnpliri haa been working for the
Ifdei ll   B   C   Slid has met -.villi   grent
''.I."- So .■' reign Bam pi in'a i iletl
work tieing the organizing of No. 2
i--»ir .v   ('.imp,   Vancouver,   H   0,,
with a membership nf over sixty.
SOV I'auiplin is accompanied by
Mrs, Kainplin, who ahun < bis Inborn
and work- chiefly in connect Ion  with
the ladin lodges of tbi order
Before l.-uving Vancouver, Mr. and
Mrs. Hiimplin were tendered ft banquet
by the Gamp", there, at which an
Illuminated address wan   presented   to
the head rnaiiigef accompanied  by a
gold chain and locket, the latter being
inscribed with the Masonie und Woodmen emblems,
Sovereign Bamplln loft for the eaat
Friday morning, but expeoi s to rotui n
nfler tin. Head Ciimpse»-'|..iis, at. Which
In. is a delegate, and resuini) the   Work
In ». o,
The Minstrel Maids
The Minstrel M litis ivoi the appreciation uf a large audience at the K.M.
A A.A. hall hot night. The prograrn
from the start "cauelit ou" und the
repeated encores showed how thoroughly the entertainment was enjoyed
With lhe exception of the interval he
tween parts one and two the numbers
succeeded eucli other without tiresome
waits, so that tho interest inner Hag
ged Tlie costumes are pretty, to
match tbe girls' and are repeatedly
changed (o le iu keep ng with the
sentiment of the s du, quartette or
chorus sung. The entertainment is
almost wholly vocal, the songs, etc.
being all of   the  catchy   sort, cuine of
Fay Griffin with ' The Minstrel Maids.'
the favorites being "Sleep,Baby,81eep,"
with yodel extremely well done; "Just
Help Yourself," "Blow the Smoke
Away," "Thursday Always was my
Jonah Day," "Harrigan." The Little
Midget, a little seven year-old cirl,
was a prime favorite and performed
her parts with all tbe aplomb of an
old singer, with the added piquancy
of childhood. Altogether the enter
tainir.cnt was a most enjoyable one,
and there should be a packed house
tonight to witness the last performance of tlie engagemeni, (or which
the management announce a com
plete change of program.—Kamloops
Will appear in Revelstoke Opera
House, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12th, 13th and 14th.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services every Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St Andrew's Preshyteuian—Rev.
W. C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Mch. 8.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible CIsbb, 2.30
p.m. Morninft subject, 'The Coming to
Christ." Evening, "Eternal Life."
Young People's meeting Monday at 8
p. to. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. Choir practice and teachers'
meeting Friday 8 p.m.
St, Peteb'b Anglican—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M.A., rector First Sunday
in Lent. 8 a, m. Holy Communion,
11 u.iii , Matins and Litany, 7.30, p.m.,
Evensong, 2 30 p in. Sunday School
Baptibt—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B A.
pastor. Servicesatlla.ni. and 7:30
p.m Sunday school at 2.30 p. to.
Morning subject, "Genuine Religion"
Evening, " The Right Use of Ears,'
B. Y. P. U. meets Mcnday at 8 p. mf
Prayer meeting  Wednesday at 8 p m.
Methodist—Rev T.w. Hall, pastor
Services on Sunday us follows :—
At 11 a.m., morning service; 2 30. p
m., Sunday school and Bible class;
7:30. p.m evening service.
Morning subject . " The Formal
in Religion Without the Spiritual."
Evening subject : " Man in Contact
with the Forces of Nature." Epworth
League of 0, E. on Monday evening
at 8 o'clock under direclion of the
missionary department. Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 p in.
Knox PRESBYTERIAN—.1. R. Robertson, B. I), minister. Sunday services
ul II am an,I 7:30 p in. Sunday
school at 2:30. Young People's Society on Monday night ut 8 o'clock,
when un inter.'.ting debate will take
place between the Society and the Y.
B.C.A. nn the question, "lteaolvcd
tbat the AllatlCI  should   be excluded
Irom tbe Dominion " The Y.M.C.A.
tike the affirmative. Choir practice
on Friday night     A cordial welcome,
is given to all the services.
Social and Personal
Mrs  Q   W. Edwards will not receive
, this month.
I) I .em like has left foi an extended
visit to the oust.
J. F. Bledsoe, financial editor ol toe
Vancouver World i« in  the city today,
Mr (loddiiril, of the Imperial Hank
stall, ban lelt on a thine weuks visit to
the count.
W. I. Briggl, nl   the   firm   of   Hcoll
A Hnggs, returned tins morning froin
the eon at
Mins Chnnbeibun, of Toronto, has
accepted the position an head of the
millinery depm iiiu.nt of Messrs (!. II.
Hume it (!..
Mm, w.  M   Lawrence entertained
lhe member! ol Knox Church choir al
ber boms last evening.    An enjoyable
time was spent
Revelstoke Football Club
The regular annual meotlng of the
above ol ill. will he held iu lhe ('ill
Hull mi Tuesday evening next al 7
o'clock.    All interested in  football are
oordlally invited.
Ahtiu'r Ll Feaux,
vmvs blow rr is up to
VS To Co ToR. 5ome NICE
•   ^fcUS TER  BfftpW/f.
:-?■ sT*0 - 7^. h. /&—•
; copvaicHr i9o6. syttmi BusTta brown oj_S^±ifng^_
AVe have opened our first instalment of Nobby Spring Coats in both
short and long; styles. Everyone knows we lead in style and quality.
You will find them the latest cuts made of pretty Tweeds nnd Coverts,
both light, and loose fitting, and tailored as good garments should he.
Prices range from $7,60,   Not a poor style or pattern in the lot.
Another shipment just to hand. We have sold a lot of the first shipment. Everybody is delighted with tlie patterns and widths, but particularly nt tbe low prices. Our range of Corset Cover Embroideries is
large, and we have some very pretty designs.
We confess to making our Lace Department one of our hobbies. No
store shows the variety nor meets our prices. Valenciennes, Torchons,
Baby Irish, Filets, Planen, and all the leading kinds in edgings and
insertions. Prices from 21 cents up. At 5c., 7Jc. and 10c. we have a big
variety. '
Bevelstoke Opera House
and Saturday Matinee
Under the Juvenile Bostonian
A First-Class, Clean and
Moral Production
Clean (Joiiicdy,,C'iitchy Music,
Dninty   Dancing by  Pretty   Girls
Take a Tip—Get Seals Early
Packing 'Em in Everywhere
PRICES, 50c, 75c. and $1.00
Keats un Sale nl McDonald's
Drug Store.
Two acres of limit just outside City
limits with 7-iooineil house, newly
built; hen led by furnaces; city water
laid nn; land nil cleared und mostly
well fertilized: rent, *i"."' it month, or
purchase price %'i,'HM.
Also • aorei of land adjoining city
limits, hull' nn acre In fiuit trees,
(linden planted  wilh small  fruits  In
r I   brining:  onion   crop that  will
bring ml.'ni to $200soon us snow is off.
Rent 986 per month or purchase price
Both properties will bu sold for
(4,800 Including horse, wagon, cutter,
plow, seeder, incubator, brooder, and
nil Decenary Implements necessary to
operate the'above.
Terms can be arranged.
Apply lu
Revelstoke, 11. 0.
TAKK   NOTIOB   that  the   share-
holders of the above named Company
have by special resolution resolved to
iiiiiige iin-iiaine of the Company to
" Kevelstoke    Agricultural   Sooiety,
Limited, " and intend to  apply  to the
Ll'iilenaiii-tiiivi'i nor in-Cuiincil for nn
Order oh&ngltia the name accordingly.
Dated Uth January, li>08.
A. Y. Anderson,
fib, Secretary,
V /
ATTENTION - Men and Women
wanted to learn barber trade.
Free. Colleges in all lending Anu/ri-
i nn cil ies. Be ware of Imitators—Moler
Haibi-i' College, 8IKI Curtail 8t,, Vancouver, H. C.
FOR RKiNT-Seven-rooin  furnished
limine, centrally located.    II. N.
IjlOR SALE-Bed, spring, mattress
1 uml Dressing Hand, $25. One
carpet Ox 1-2 feet, $lu. Apply nt ibis
FOR HALE CHEAP-Four gnsnline
lumps, 2UU. OUO. 700 and 800 candle
power, all in good working oi'det 1 will
light 100 feet building. Apply lo Chief
Young, 'loiunplix, U. C.
-VfARIMED COUPLE want position
1YJL   in  hnlel oi  on ranch—Apply to
Columbia Agencies Linn led,	
ATERNITY Cases taken  at  my
home or   otherwise.     For   particulars apply Mrs. A. E.  Bennison
Second St.. West, nr P. O. Box 811.
lib. 12. Im 	
Apply to Columbia Aoenoieb,
Limited, Revelstoke. 7-11-14
client with $4,000 who wants a
good hotel man with like amount to
.join him in running a hotel. Apply
Columbia Agencies, Limited.	
WANTED-AU kinds of jobbing
work tu do. cleaning snow from
roofs, tending furnacei, wond chopping, or any other general work.
Clnnges moderate. Anyone requiring
such work dune please drop post card
lo K. Bennison, General Delivery, P.
O, Revelstoke, feb 1 8w
WANTED KNOWN-Ynu can gel,
one of the best snaps to be had
in City house properly from us. Two
houses and 100 ft. fninl iigc to 2nd St.
nil (nr $2,500 of which only $1000 cash
is required ind balance can remain on
inorl gnge.—Apply at once to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
ReiitaHist-clnsK furnished house
for it month, Columbia Aoemikh,


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