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 Convenient locality.
ne iviair-nepaia
T"— T
Vol. 12.-No 137
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hiie&Co.
Gift Giving
■ ■
The most universally observed season ol gilt giving
—"CHRISTMAS"-willsoon be here. Our stocks in
all Departments are complete we would advise you to do
your shopping soon as possible while we have the
assortment. Come and pick out what you need, we will
put them away lor you,
Here is a bargain in Children's Headwear. A big lot of
Ladies' and Childrens' Hats at Half Price,
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment of these Famous Biscuits just arrived; here
are a few specials .—Philippines, Brazil, Rich Tea, Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ice
Cream, Chocolate and Cocoanut Creams, also other varieties, which we would be pleas.d to show,
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Preserves and Pickles :—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter.
Heinze's Sweet Onions, Sweet Gherkins, Mandalay I
aid Tonato Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots snd Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
GALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Conk Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Draying to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Reson-
able Rates.
Office, McKenzie Ave.
Next Burns' New Block
TELEPHONE       •      •       TS.
Montreal, Dec. 14. — W. E
Vanse, a well-known mining engineer, now in Cobalt, is at the
Windsor. In an interview he
said : "Cobalt is just at the beginning. We have more ore there
than anyone dreams of, and the
next two years will break all
records. For miles up north there
are mineral deposits, and Canadians, I think, have wakened up
pretty well to the real wealth of
the distriot."
All kinds of fancy odd pieces of
furniture suitable for Christmas
presents, what could you put your
money into better than a good sensible
piece ot furniture, either a Morris
chair, or a good rocker, or an odd
parlor chair. Come along and pick
out the pieces you want and we will
save them lor you until Christmas.—
John E, Wood, the Big Furniture
$    Do Not Overlook Our Dainty Store of Novelties,    f
Prices to Suit all Pockets.  Pretty Presents at low   prices,
What is more suitable lor a Xmas Gift than a selection ol
*5 Limoges, Coalport or Wedgewood China.  All genuine stamped
II you call and look at our stock ol Xmas Presents, you will *"»
soon And what you want, and at tl.e right price. 4*
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc, Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
^F^F ^tptp^F*F^F^V*P^F*F^F^F^F*F^V^P^P v
King of Sweden Seriously Ill-
Forger Arrested—Ellison is
Nominated — German Elections—Ice Blockade at Sea.
Stockholm, Sweden, Dec. 15.—King
Oscar is critically sick. Crown Prince
Gustaf has assumed the regency.
Caluaky, Dec. 15.—H. Taft, wanted
in Portland, Ore., Ior big forgeries,
was arrested here last night.
Vernon, Deo. 16.—At the Conservative gatheaing here Thursday night
Price Ellison, M.P.P., was again nom
inated. The Premier made a speech
atthe meeting.
Berlin, Dec. 15.—Tbe Emperor has
dissolved the Reichstag and ordered
new elections. This i, the consequence
of tl.e defeat of the government yesterday on a measure appropriating a
large sum for maintaining an adequate army in south-west Africa.
Winnipeg, Dec. 15.—The Winnipeg Saddlery Company, in Market
Square, has been damaged to the
extent of $20,000 by fire.
Detroit, Mich., Dec. 15.—Word has
reached here that the ice blockade at
ihe Soo is on again,and tbat 31 down-
bound vessels are imprisoned with
nearly as large an up-bound tleet also
caiielit in the ice.
Chicago Publisher Offers to
Take Over State Functions
as Private Business.
W. D. Boyce, the Chicago publisher
and a former resident ol Winnipeg, ol
the firm of Steen & Boyce first publishers of the "Commercial", has submitted to the United States postal
commission what he terms a proposition from financially responsible
business men to take over and operate
Ihe postal service as a private business
under government control. Boyce
declares that hs is backed by $50,000,-
000 capital and says "he and his associates" will perform all the services
now rendered tlie public by the post
olliee department, carrying out all
treaty stipulations aud contracts, and
pay all salaries and expense i necessary
taking tlie entire receipts as full compensation. He promises the people
these results:
First—Reduction to the pul lie by
one-half of all postage on first and
second class matter, or a rate of one
cent an ounce or fraction thereof on
first-class and one-hall a cent a pound
on secoad class matter, except country
free for weeklies as heretofore.
Second—The wiping out of the
delicit annually occurring in the operation of the postal service as a governmental department.
Third—To pay into the United
States treasury all net profits occurring over seven per cent, interest
on the capital invested.
Whenever Congress shall indicate a
illingness to entertain a proposition
for a man to organize under national
control and supervise, and furnish
ample sureties for the faithful performance of the terms of an agreement, Boyce states that he is prepared
to act. He says that he would require that Congress enact a law providing for the appointment ol a commission for control oi the postal
service, similar in importance and
power to that of tbe interstate commission now has in matters of transportation.
Considerable comment has been
made by many of the papers throughout Canada on the proposal to make
voting at elections obligatory on every
citizen entitled to vote says tbe Moos-
omin Spectator. For refusing to vote
the voter is to be fined or disfranchised
for a term of yeais, To claim that
compulsory voting will purge out political sins so common io parts of the
country during election times is unwarranted optimism The purchasable voter looking for the man with
the patty funds at his disposal will
doubtless vote, but compulsion will
not make him an honest man. The
honest voter will be honest daring an
election, the dishonest voter looking
for a bribe will secure that bribe if it
is possible to do so even at the risk ol
lieing exposed. A higher standard of
honesty and morality will do more to
cure election evils than any compulsory voting scheme.
Xmas tree decorations, fancy tissue
papers, candles and candle holders-
All sold at the Canada Drug Store
Harry Shepherd Nominated to
Run AgainstHawthornthwaite
—Hugh Fulton for Newcastle
Nanaimo, Dec. 14.—A new movement has been started here to
defeat the Socialist candidate. A
Labor party has been formed as nn
off-shoot ol the Liberal-Labor party.
At the party convention last night
Harry Shepherd received the nomination as a Labor candidate, and
is pledged to oppoee Hawthornthwaite and the McBride government.
At Ladyemith an Independent
Labor party convention held last
night, placed Hugh Fulton in
nomination for Newcastle district.
He will especially oppose Parker
WilliamB, the present Socialist
member in the Provincial House,
The Conservatives as yet have
made no move, but it iB understood
they are awaiting the announcement of the date ol elections, when
they will plane candidates in the
Snow and Ice conducive to
Health and Create the
Love of the Home.
Christinas is perhaps the most universal and popular festival of any
throughout the entire globe. Each
nation embracing Christianity has its
own particular method of keeping up
this old time least, but one and all
tend in the same direction, the main
object kept uppermost in the hearts of
all being that ol thanksgiving, peace
and goodwill. Our cousins in Australia and India are, like ourselves,
making their preparations for the
approaching festival, but how differently their customs lead them. With
then, the thermometer is standing at
115 degree! in the shade, all around is
dust and parched grouud, not a breath
of air stirring and above all tl.e tierce
sun pouring down its relentless scorching rays pitilessly.
Turn again to ourselves; what more
ideal winter could possibly be found
than one spent in British Columbia.
Snow, ice and frost have somehow always been associated with Christmas,
in story books and pictures, and it is
only natural that we should learn to
ove the snow aud frost. People living
oulside ot Canada have little or no
conception of the vast benefit the
white mantle of snow i, to tliis country
during the winter. The only impression they form of it is that it must lie
very, very cold and a horrible nuisance.
But what would Canadians do without the snow? It entails no physical
discomfort, except to the poor, and
even Ihen it seems to awaken kind impulses among those better oft', aud the
poor and destitute are looked after as
they never would be looked after but
lor the knowledge that they must
otherwise surely suffer. Happily we
are all living in Revelstoke well supplied with this world's good things
and the very snow and frost seem to
suggest the corresponding warmth and
cosey fires indoors. A Canadian
Christmas enables the merchants to
display their novelties suitable to the
time, and we in Revelstoke have every
reason to be proud ol our stores this
year, ts the hundred and one things
tastefully displayed there far surpass
all those ol previous years. The snow
lends itself to beautify the whole oity,
the delicate tracery of trees and
shrubs with their white pall having a
prettier effect than even the work of
human hands, This glittering counterpane it likewise the robe with which
nature protects the growing crops
which would be ruined by the frost,
but for the snow. It sends the ruddy
glow ol health to the cheeks ol the
Canadian child and with its lister,
the ice, is the means of affording
healthful amusement for the young
men and women who delight in sleighing or skating.
In very contrast to the warmth ol
the fireside it inculcates a love oi
home and good cheer. The average
Canadian is proud ol Canada's snow-
in the winter time.
Representatives of Different
Religious Bodies in Conference—Divines are Confident
of Success.
Toronto, Dec. 14.—One hundred
representatives nf the Methodist, Presbyterian and Oongregationalist church
es ol the Dominion are assembled in
the school ruom of tl.e Metropolitan
Methodist church to continue consultations about the basis ot church union.
Dr. Carmen p.esides.
In view of the action taken by tbe
general assembly ol the Presbyterian
church at its last session in London,
it was decided to appoint a committee,
consisting of lour Methodists, lour
Presbyterians and two Congregation-
alists to conduct negotiations witii the
Anglic.n and Baptist churches, regarding tlie possibility of tbe Baptists
and Anglicans accepting an invitation
to take part in the conferences.
The Baptists wished the union
movement God-speed, but did not say
whether they would at present join in
it. The responses of the Anglican
bishops were cordial and hopeful, but
as tl.e general synod of Ihe Clinch of
England wilt not meet until 1909, no
action could be taken by that church
until then. These matters were lelt
without discussion in tlie hands ol the
Br. J. R, Inch, superintendent of
education for New Brunswick, stated
that the people of that province are
mostly in favor of union. He is a
strong advocate of it and believes progress is being satisfactorily made.
The Baptists and Anglicans, he thinks,
may join later.
C. Bell, oi Halifax, stated that the
general feeling is iu favor of union,
A factor in encouraging tlie older provinces is tbe unanimous feeling for
union in the west. There will be no
forcing in the matter, he said, but the
outlook was very hopeful, as things
seemed all to be progressing favorably,
The Rev. Principal Gordon, of
Queen's university, Kingston, said
there set med to be an opportunity in
Canada today for the union ol various
sections of the Protestant churches,
such as hod not been afforded in any
country for a hundred years, perhaps
not since the reformation.
Have a look at our corner window
for choice fruits and dainties oi all
kind.—O. B. Hume A Co.
Any now book you ask lor you are
likely to get it, beautifully bound and
suitable for a gift, at the Canada Drug
Will Meet his Friends and Supporters at a Smoker
The Hon. Richard McBride,premier
ol British Columbia, arrived iu the
city this morning Irom Vernon. The
premier was received by several members ol the Conservative. Association,
who welcomed him into Revelstoke,
The ...any friends and supporters of
Mr. McBride will tender him a
reception and smoking concert under
the auspices ol the Revelstoke Con
servative Association tonight in the
Selkirk Hall, aud an enthusiastic
gathering is anticipated.
The premier made no statements
regarding the provincial elections this
morning, but said that he was very
pleased to be in Ilevelstoke again, and
tbat alter an hour or two's rest would
be pleased to meet his Iriends at the
smoker this evening.
The regular session oi the CityJJ
Council was held last night with
Mayor McLeod and all the aldermen present.
The minutes oi tbe last meeting
were read and adopted. General
business was discussed this meeting
but nothing of an important
nature. The following resolutions
were passed : " That this Council
form a deputation lo wait on
Premier McBride to-day to discuss
the following subjects: Police
Court Fines; Mattressing the River
Bank; Outlet for City Sewerage
and Assessment, under the Municipal Clausen Act."
This was carried and the depu>
tation will meet at 4:30 in the
Council chambers.
" Resolved that the Lieut.-Qov,
be requested to relieve Robert
Gordon oi his position as Police
Magistrate oi this oity by the end
oi the current year."
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Eto.
Two Ricks, stove size..
Three Ricks, stove size.
13 75
.15 50
Furnace and Stove Coal $9 00
Nut Size, suitable Ior  Sell  FeederB,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
Have made nv Bt ol their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
would not be unwise for the man having money at low rate of interest
to follow their lead by investing in the best buy on the market which
we have selected as our Special Snap Ior the coming week.
LISTEN I Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable for stable and iu fact everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Prlc".Sl,380.   Termi MOO Dawn, Balanct an Timo.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
liram-liu* in llio Province* nl Manitoba, Alberta. Saskatchewan,
liriti*li Columbia,Ontario,Qasbeo.
Oapltal Subscribed ...       $5,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   t4,28o,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       S4,2Bo,ooo.oo
D. R, Wji.kik, President; Hun. lt. Jaffkav, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savin.is Dki'ahtment—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at current rate from date of' opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. -A. E. Phipps, Manager.
When t/ou /feed
A £ond:
Dominion and Provincial Governments
Administrators, Cuardlut
liquidators, MunMpsJ Employ***, Frstsnwl tootstlM
[Banks, leu, liwursiws snd Trust Companies:
Msrosuitlle House* ~
Managn-s,     Ssorstartes,     Trsasursrs,     CssMsrs
Bookkwpars,    talesmen,     Collectors,       PsymMtsrs
Agents,      Warshouseinen,       boles Bonds
And for all Position* of Trust Where Isourtty Is Rsqulrsd,
imperial guarantee and Accident Co. of Canada
Capital, $1,000,000. ,J9£S
Hevelslokc Insurance Agency Limited.   -   General Agents
H. K. MoKinnon, Special Railway Agent.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
6. H. SPROAT, Farwell Estat^ORiice, Cowan Block. Che flfoaiUlfocralb.
Iu Dli*,g postage to England, United si.iu-
' .ti-..! Canada.
.. i.uu
By tbe rear (through pcatofUco)
yunrltr "
iui- KIN i ING prompUf executed at reason-
able rate. ...     ,,
rKBMS-Ouh. Subscriptions payable in ail.
COKRKSPONDKNCE Invited on mutters ol
public Interest. Communications lo 1-Mi-
tor mu-: in aooompanied by iiiinu- nf
writer, nol necessarily fo publication, bul
u evidence ot good faith, Correspondonoe
.hocid be brier.
Legal notices 10oenU per line Hr*t Insertion,
Scents per line each subsequent Insertion.
Measurement, Nonparlel [12 linos mako ono
iiiclij. iiore ninl ■ general bu*im-** announcement* S.'..'" i»-r Inch per month.
Preferred petitions. M per cent nu-
ditn-.lL Births, Marriage und Deaths,
-.. each Insertion. Timbor noticeitu.G0
Und noUcc !:.:» All auvertUemontji
Bublec. to the approval ol the management.
Wanted am! Condented Advartltem, :-
Agent. Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted, Situations vacant Teaohors
Wanted, Mechanic Wanted, m words or
Ies. 25c.. each aildiiional line lu cents.
Change. In standing advertisements musl
beinbvS n. in. "1 u. -.Uy nnd Kriilny ul
ue), »-,,-k to secure good display.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Olliee Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy,      IIaiioi.o Fisher
Barrister., Solicitors, Etc.
OmCBS :   IMPEBIAL   HANK   111 1CK,   ItHVKlJ
Money to loan.
Offlce-: Revelstoke, B. Ci Fort Steele, B. C.
Uko. S. McCakter,
A. M. l'lNKUAM, J. A. HARVF.V,
lieu-Moke, B. 0. Kort Steele, II. C.
the present demand Ior private lodging luiii«cs iiiiiI nunc extensive hoiel
accommodation. There are many
people in Kevelstoke who cuuld do
much toward building up lhe trade
ami tourist business "I the city by
deiclopiug lliolr own businesses or by
nl! er means, but they have Income,
imbued with the idea that the interest
whioh Ihe C.I'.R. and Tourist Asso-
ciiiiinn aie taking in the city is
scllicient to excuse any private enterprise along the lines ol advertisement
and development of the city. That
such an argument is fiiilaci;us is at
once shown liy an examination, even
a brief review ol the methods which
are being su successfully employed by
private individuals ami societies in
the upbuilding oi California'.! trade
anil tourist truffle However, for a
comparatively small aud growing cily
such ns Revelstoke, tho itttraBtions
In Id uut to tourists Imve been well
looked after. The hotels have most
elaborately refurnished their moms
and have advertised bmadca-t; our
private individual.-, have followed up
un siniiliir lines, if less expansive, nnd
from past experienojs all are confident
that the otillny will bo repaid liy the
inllux of. record-breaking crowds ol
visitors. The nee.l ol another large
hotel, centrally located, is sorely felt
in tlie tourist season, and if wc wnut
to bring in visiters we must have
somewhere to put them, The development of the tourist businen- in Revelstoke should be a joint stick undertaking in which the hotels ami private
individuals should co-operate with the
railway company to thfir mutual
benefit, Tlio development of the
Revelstoke tourist business depends
upon the money expended upon it.
The worst enemy to its growth is
apathy—just us the chief factors in its
accomplishment are enthusiism and
}. M. Boot! l.L.D W. I. IlriKKs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
SoucitorsJpor Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mine Suiveying
MoKbnzir Avenue,
Box UK), Revelstoke,
Gbe flfeaiUlbevalb
"I would . . , eai.ie*tly a vise them for
their pool to order thi* paper to be punctually
terved up, and [o be looked upon as a part uf
he tc*. i'iiiipage."-Aiiuisus-.
SATURDAY, DEC. 15, 190b*
Uncertain and coy. This seems to
describe the attitude of the large pro
portion of folks who have been looked
upon as likely candidates in the forth
coming municipal elections. So much
is this the esse that this bids fair to
be the record hang-hack year. Many
have, by denying all idea of running
fur the mayoralty, proclaimed themselves a- candidates. The outlook
certainly does not seem very brisk,
Several members of the present council
have signified, unofficially of course,
their intention to hold themselves as
candidates for the mayoralty. Notwithstanding all the secret interview
ing committees that have been at work
there are not yet enough candidates
definitely in the field to be able to
forecast with any accuracy the whole
munioipal ticket.
Down town there are minors of
ticketB and rival tickets, on which a
very hot contest may be fought, but
so far they do not materialize. The
same applies to the up town wards
and we would not be in the least sur
prised ii tome unknown or unrnen
tioned candidate fur mayor should
suddenly come out and sweep the field
If the cr ntest il to be warm, it will at
least have the added charm of being
Ward two has been a little un the
move, but the movement has no
materialization. Then- ate said to Le
prospects of two or three of hu.-e who
have previously sat at thc council, ai
candidates for the coming elections
and Bhould ibis be the case the con
test should be decidedly warm. Who
ever they n.i.y l>c that are finally
selected to govern the city, when the
new Council comes into power they
will be confronted with several very
important questions concerning tlie
city and ils welfare, and at Ihe6e ques
tious are uf utmost moment, the can
didatet should weigh well the-e things
before being drawn into the munloipa
vortex unwittingly and without con
sidering what is at stake.
Whatever preparations the Kevelstoke touritt business bat up to (he
present attained the fact is that it hnl
really hardly commenced. The volume ol such a business always has
and will depend upon the amount of
money expended in attaining it. For
this city the foundation of a large
touriBt business has already been laid
The Cost and Maintenance
Fully Shown—The Supply
of Power and Light—Col.
Tracy's Report.
Th i following ia tlie report given by
Col. Tracey to the mayor and cily
council on the proposed installation
scheme lor machinery for tho supply
of power and light to the 0. P. R. and
other consumers:
In regard tothe proposed improvements to the city power plant and the
proper rates for power and light to the
C. 1'. R.   I would respectfully report:
1st,   As the present lighting dynamos  are  not  adapted  Inr power, a
suitable plant shuuld  be  added  and
new lino  constructed     A proper installation would be.
150K.W..8 Phase,  60 cycle
alternating current dynamo
with exciter switch board., $ 3,500
Line about l\ mile, 3 strand
No. (i D.P. weather proof insulated wire with cross arms
and insulators (on present
poles)  $ 1,200
Connections and foundations,
belting and pullies  % 1,300
Tbe Christmas season is one ol
universal joy and festivity, the period
of the year when young and old give
themselves up to unmitigated and
unalloyed pleasure. Tbe old, forgetful of their advancing years enter inii)
the amusements of thc young with
zest and for the time the outside cares
of lhc world are forgotten. While engaged in the pursuit of pleasure ourselves we are apt somewhat to forget
our Ies. fortunate brethren, who for
many reasons are unable to join in
the festivities of the Benson. Happily,
in Revelstoke, there are none who
cannot in some way provide a roof
over their heads and who are without
the means of purchasing food or even
luxuries, but theie are some amongst
ub who are incapacitated Irom taking
the lull advantage of the pleasures
that are customary at Christmas. We
refer to the patients in the Hospital,
who will have to depend upon the
generosity and thoughttulness of the
citizens, mainly, for their share of the
joys and goodwill of the season, There
are none who deserve more n bright
and happy time than those who,
awny Iro.n relatives and friends would
spend a poor Christmas indeed, ii it
wore not for the efforts and energies
of the Hospital staff and the genera-
ity ol the people, ll not only behoves
us now to give generously und willingly such a6 lies within our power to the
hospital and help the patients there to
enjoy their Christmas this year, but it
is a duty that is bounden to us all to
help the sick and suffering, co-operate with the hospital staff in procuring ior tlie patients some of the
pleasures of life so closely associated
with the season ar.d to extend charity
with a liberal hand in this direction.
In doing this we shall feel that we can
all enter into our own joys and pleasure*
more heartily, knowing that we have
been instrument il in making others
happy and thnt we have fulfill d our
duty as Christians to our less fortunate brethren.
% 6,000
The transformers should be put ill
by Railway company with motor.
The present turbines are two 26 ins.
on one shaft. And with tl.e head as
reported by H. B. Smith Co., are over
500 h.p. and ample for llv additional
For the present it would be advisable
to mnke use ol these, tboigb, il the
water should at any time be scarce, it
would bo wise to install say a "23"
wheel separately for day use, the cost
being about $2,500.
j*is there appears to be no scarcity
of water and the wear on turbines is
slight, the additional wheel may not
be advisable for a long time, Tlie
present squan box flume should be
gradually replaced as means will permit, by the circular steel handed stave
pipe which will give much better ri
suits tor power.
2nd. To make n certainty of an
efficient and satisfactory service for
boll, power and lighting, an auxiliary
power should be provided, to be operated in cases of accidents, repairs,
anchor ice or any other contingency
tin.t may arise at any time. The
choice would be between,
(a) Gns engine and producer plant.
('-.) High duty steam engine and
(o) Simple steam engineand boilers.
Aid would depend to n very great
degree on tlie length of time the plant
would be requited to run. A good
gus engine with producer pUnt of tbe
best British mnke should be run on a
consumption ol about \ of a pound of
coal per horse power per hour, whit
the coal consumption lor a steam engine would vary from i lbs. in a tirst-
class compound i-ondensing engine, t
3. 4 or -') lbs. per hour with cheaper
classes oi engines.
It is difficult to get prices ; ,i *r.
foi large gas engines of British manufacture, but from the best information
available tbe lollowing would be ihe
jcost and comparison.
; 360 b p. Gas engine and pro
i   ducerplant     * *f 18,000
' Foundations and connections       I.Wd
(ills engine
100 ll. p., ijlbs. coil peril p 10
200 h. p., $ lbs. cual per h.p 12
Or IJ tons $11 a ton.... $ 9,00
High duty steam engine
100 h.p., 2 lbs. coal fur 10 hours
2.')0 lip, 2 llis. coal for 12 hours
Four tons coal  $ 24.00
Two firemen extra..      5.00
$ 29.00
With cheap class ol engine
100hp,4lbs, per hr, 10 hr...
.'50 h p., 4 Ils. per hr, 12 hr...
Eight tons coal  $4800
Two liromcn extra..      5.00
if 53.00
The saving in the use ot the gas
engine being in the case ol No. 2,
$600 por month lees the interest on
the difference of cost five por cent., or
$400 per month. And in tbe case of
No. 3, about $1,000 for one month's
In estimating the fuel there would
be necessarily some waste in each
case, but the proportions would be
about a a above.
Considering the economy of running
it might be better to have two engines
one of Buy 175 h.p. to run during the
day lor power and one of say 250 h.p.
to run during the night in  lighting
In the case ol one laige engine the
usual normal friction load of the engine would be always carried and
when running at part load the greatest economy could not bo obtained,
but it would not pay on this account
to purchase the high class engines.
Another matter to consider is the
damage to boilers by rusting when not
in use. Unless particular pains were
taken to protect them.
I am inclined to thc opinion that if
a first-class gaB engine and producer
plant as belore descrbed can 1-c obtained at the price, $17,000, in place
it will he the wisest investment.
3rd. In estimating tlie cost ol producing power and light the following
Bhould bo taken into cunsi leration:
Expenses ol operation,
Cost of repairs and renew ils,
Interest on plant.
As the C. P. R. Co. would require
80 h.p. and the city is at present using
180 k.w. or 240 h.p, the com pai y's
sharo for the 80 h p. would 1 e about
one-fourth of the whole cost.
As I have not the actual cost of the
present works or the detailed ast of
operation, I have estimated these two
items us closely as possible from the
yearly financial statement and report
of If. B. Smith on the original value,
and would of coin-Be be open to correction slightly on these amounts.
Expenses  ol operations extra lor
auxiliary plant
Engineer $125 per month, one
year  $ 1,500
Coal nnd firemen, 1 month..       600
Oil and repairs, t year        300
SaysCapt. Bentley   Surprising
Grand Fork.-. B. C, Doc I-l —
Captain W. Bently, whu bus Inul considerable experience among the Hindus, has just given some rather Startling information about theie people,
He sayi that fi.llv one-third of tiie
Hindus here are women, who are
dressed in the same costume ns the
men. It scectns that In nearly all
cases tho women seek employment us
wood cutters, aj this particular class
of work ,s generally allotted to ll.n
female Hindus at home. Il, is also
reported that a considerable numbqi
ul tlie Hindus employed in Pisber-1
railway c«iii|i under Timekeeper Durj.
lop aro also women, which adOMnli
lor them being bolter workers than
the general Hindu.
Ottawa, Dec. 13,—The total immi
gration from the United States (or
thc four mouths of tho fiscal yoar,
July to October, was 17,071) as compared witii 12,664 for the same time
last year.
| 17,000
350 h p. Compound engine
and condenser           I 8,600
Two boilers L60 to 20 h.p., , 8300
Foundations and connections 1,700
| 12,000
Or two boilers a« above       $ 3,800
18x16 engine,175 h.p,(or power 2,700
$ 8,800
18 x 16 engine, 260 b p, ior
lighting           I '(.Kit,
Foundations ami i-uiiii.-clioii" l,7(HI
$ 2 400
Codt of operating water plant 4,800
Repairs and renewals" " 2,500
Int. r. ■*  mi  old   works, say
$86,000, at 5 per cent     3,000
Interest - n auxiliary works:—
Power dynamo 4 line $ 6,000
Steam       12.000
Bui ding -iiling, etc..    5,01X1
Interest -- i . ciliary works    $   1,150
1  tl   i.terest.
$ 14.10(1
Total $ 12,000
A cheaper class ol engine cuuld !■»
purchased for abuut $3,111)0 lest but
would hardly regulate close enough
for lighting purposes.
To each ol those should be added
the cost ol a siding, luel bunkers and
building (brick or conorete), lutal
As no ono can toll for how lung the
auxiliary power may be required, an
average of a month's* une in the yenr
would appear a reasonable estimate,
and the relative coat ol funning would
be, as follows, allowing engines wagfB
oil,etc., as equal.
In any case Jn engineer "f proper
qualifications would have to be scoured
lor tho your and would be used on tho
rest of the work when tbo auxiliary
plant was not running.
One-fourth of the above.       $  .'1525
80 i laj 80 « w. in- in hours
I : 80011... ■ 180,000 k, w. h.ata cost
if $8,625 oi u trifle under 1 cents per
,.,   -..-- hour,
'I hi. - i   -..- rate snd Ottawt It tl
. place in I'un.uli when
It it lets. The Vancouver puwer ll
.rge water power planl -md
range! irom seven cents to lwo '-en's
per kilnwstl houi   01
In tiie ca-e of Revelstoke there
would lie no margin uf pruiit, though
,i - il Increase tin ooniu option
.-! ol Improving
i , . - .-,- loxiliary puwer whioh
lu* pracl oslly be - me i necessity
I tliiok the belt way would be tn
fix tho rate on a sailing scale, s.iy
Dp to 200,000 k.w.h. per an, Do |i k.w h
200,000 to 300,000 per an % p, *
Over 3i)0,000 k.w.h. " " lo, per "
and the adjustment could lie made ill
the end uf the year. Fur a lighting
rule live cents per k.w.li. is very low
for a comparatively small plant, like
If il. en11 In: arranged 1 think il
fairer and better to fix a sliding scale
In suit, the circiitiisliiiices.
I havo the honor to be gentlemen,
ynur obedient servant,
Con ulting Engineer,
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street
Dwelling mul Lot, Second Street   .
Dwelling Rlld Lols, Third Slreel ....
Dw-i lling and Lots, (corner) Fifth Sim I
Double Corner, Second Street, ui-iu- Y.M.C.A.
Lols uu Second St., enst of McKenzie Ave., each
Lots on Third SI., east of McKenzie A ..,, each   .
Lols on Kuiii" b St., east of MeK-   zie .'. Vi'., each
Lots on Fiflb St., ensl, of McKenzie Ave., each    .
.   200
.   150
.*♦. i1***-, At A* n't1. At n't1., A* A* t'i't 1X1 At At At A* **^* r&i 1X1 itt 'fr* lib '*» Ml *" £
0  Comox and     ew  Wellington Coal
4 ♦
■f  Hemlock    Wood    Hay, Grain, Feed
*ii*i du Ai du At Ai du lifa du du du du ttt A du du iTi du du du iti du du A ii
w 'il' Vtr 'X' '*' *   *   «r W %P 'J*1 '**> Sir '+1 'fly W '" '+' Tfr 4»   +   4»   "  " S
mm moM
Every Day.
Fit-Reform is  the fastest
growing business in Canada.
The great purchasing public
long ago found out the perfection
of Fit-Reform Suits and Overcoats.
Every season sees more and more men
coming where they get style and
VALUE beyond compare—to Fit-
Reform, founders  in Canada of
hand tailored garments.
Suits and Overcoats, $ i J up.
Trousers, J3.J0 up.
McKinnon & Suiherrt  -  Revelstoke
I wish to notify the public that 1
will not be responsible for any debts
co'itrnctid  by  my  wile, Mis. L. M.
wed dec 12 lm L. M. Ouimet.
Notico in hereby Riven Mint 30 days nfter duto
I Intend toapply to lho Honorable tho Chlof
Pommlffitioner of Lmidflitinl Work* torn spools!
IIccdho I M*nt uml curry nwuy timber fin in Hit*
following described liimls:
1. SitiiUtt) ill tin* West Ki'-.lriiiiy ilhtiirt iilmtit.
liiinilusfriiiii IturLmi City. Cutimii'iiciun ntn post
planted on tlio oimt hIiIo of < arllioo Crook, t lu-un*
aoutl] l(l» clmins. thonce eait liiclmliiii, thonce
inntli 16(1 cliains, tlience west 411 cliains to point of
2. Mitimti! in the West Kootenny illsti iet about
l-l mill's   fnnn   llnrton  fit J*.    Cimiiui'licln*,' utli
poat planted on the west aide of Cnrlboo Creek-
thencosouth IOO i'liains, tlu-ticu im-I in rlinins,
tlienco nnrtli llll)clmins, tlienco west '(> clmins to
pnint of commoncomont.
3. Ootntnenolnjf at u pnst planted on ibo wost
side ni Cariboo Oreek, al-nnt n miles frniu Hurt in
Citv, tlii-nri* suuth Itl'i clmiiis, tlionco oast 40
ohains, thencu nnrth liin ilnUim, thenco west 40
chains to point of coiiinioncutnont.
4. Commencing at a post planted on tho south
side of Cariboo Oreek, ulmut \-i miles frnm Iturton
City, thence east 180 clin ins, ihence nnrth tn chaini,
thonco west Itin cliains, thonce i-outh 40 chains to
point of commencement.
fi. rimimi'iii'ini* at u pust planted nn the south
lilile uf Oorlooo Creek, almut 7 miles frmn Burton
City, liciico smith ltio chains, thenee wust 40
chains, tlionco north tin ehiiiim, llieueo east 40
elinins tu point of commencement.
Q. Cniimn'iii'liin al u pnst planted on the rnst
Imnk of Cariboo Greek, almut;. miles frum llurtnn
City, theuce east UU chains, theuce north K0
OlialnB,   Uience   wust   Hi)  cliiiins. tlleiieu snulli K0
chuius tn puint of commencement,
Dnted Mtlnluy of September HHHl.
wed doc 12 S..I. HARLOW.
Notice is hereby given hint 30 days aftor dftto
I intend to apply io tho Chief Coniinisriloncr of
Lands and Works for a special license to cut
and carry nwny timber frmn the followlnif
described lands sit imt u In tho Yule Distriot:
1. (.oimiieiii.iiig nt a post planted at tho
nortliTiM curuer of Timber I,imi! (VilMund
marked ".A. M. KymoHB south-west corner,"
thonco norlli ludnins, llienco cast ItUlclialu*,
thenco noulli 10chnlns, thence west tiiu chains
to place of coinniciicfiiicut.
2. Commonolng at a post planted at tho
north-enst emmer of ".I. Hurry's No. H and at
tho mouth of tlm smilli furk of the en-it branch
of tlio Shuswap Hivor and marked "A. M.
Simons1 south-west conier," thence north 40
ehalus, Ihonco cunt Hill chains, thenco smith 40
Ohains, Ihenee west UK) clmins to place of commencement.
3. Commencing nt it post planted about 2]
miles south of tho norlh-west corner of IM
'.'818 uud marked "A. M. Symons north-east
corner," thenco west 100 clmins, thonoo south
40ehains, llionce west 40 clmins, llienco south
(it) elinlns, thenco ensl lil) clunns more or Icttt to
boundary of Lot 2t>\$, llicice northerly nlong
snid bmind'iry llll elinins ninro or less to |ilnco
of commencement.
Dated November HOLli. 1906.     '
A. M. SYMONS, Ixwator,
sat due lt P. Uibht'iui, Agent.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
M a Op. IM
Bsoeptlonallv busy Summer and Fall satliiig has placed
on our bands a llirge number of second-hand pianos anil
organs taken in exohange on now styles of MASON «
ItreOH and PIANOLA PIANOS. Oiir "Upper Country'
warehouses In Nelson and Kevelstoke-are now comfort-
ably eriiwdeil - we've winter shipments on way from
fin-lory. Ino. These used goods must be sold, we wish
ilnn. In move rapidly. You'll appreciate theao uniisal
■null inriulit "Lull * Him" "Mump. * llim-li" I'lann, large
;;'-"-■-'•  $20    ttaWl-fflfflioffi
,    :;; ',':;„;''" .in-iaiynuim-ii,.itiiwwiiu nm
'i.l,,,|.-*lli.ii.    |.r„li rliill. cinllt nn. .-1,1,-liili.l Uno.   WHS   (tOTE
.,.,.,.    !    ., In, In   -III It,   S  .ty     ..j,, ,„.,-„,,„ t,.k„it,„r    MIB
■oiiili ..uliiiil imm-, m-i'illlri'lit w  ""»                                   ul...  h.
,.  ., ,        , "Mii.iiii it l.iicli   .'iiinn, Up-
'Boll" Ornn, t It. htah, TOI- riilitilriiiiilin Art BnWiml Imrl
 '""■'■ , > "'*'" "' S 40     »-i.lii'il mi»». practically pew,
'■"'■ - -i''l" i"K I !"'"' * ™    prima coraillloh, perlccl time.  C**nfl
l-.ill.i-siiiiiTl'-.'iirlKliI I'luini Wu,, ssMl, imtriiiirilliiury value lit WIWU
M„iii,.*.i(i  tin. null, lull "Dominion" Oman, walnut
Iron liuni-  i-«'-'-l I v.il'ii-m ft CR    ,.,„„,,, n. IiIrIi, 5 octavos, *«
•I'" )■'.«« '"r  w vw    miBof mods,/ stops, Vox Sii-
-,..-.ni - i'i»ini, Nnw V'irk. 7 manp, Ureal, anil Brand organ ft 4A
oetftvsi, olKiniswl cast, a good  ft1*H|    .wt'lh   v vv
'-"i "         Wl***       "|.ell".irga,i, iniuilve wuln't
"lii-ll" Piano, iiiinl|ili, 71 ni"- ww, scroll Imnl.ttiemnlmils,
tana, Imitation Punch walnut jn .nip., Imtli »wnll».   You'll ft RA
.,,  i |,.i.ii. 111 v - iiim 'I ftlRfl    not lose on thin At.'  ™ *™
,iiii;,i,i,-"!.ri,-.ii...i>.iiii'i  »i«w      "poliortf Orjisn, blaok wai-
\l.I,™ ,v Midi " I'liiii". 71 put ti.«ii willi Cuvulleil l'i-.-iich
nctofta,III  .in high, llnl.li.iil plalomirror,Sootavoa, Bio...in*
In   Mui   Ii-miiiiH'i   iniihuniiiiy. ri-i'ili, 111.tfiti.. lia.i nm! trelilt)
.ili/lnl; iin-il Iml. glim! a" u-'w. ftlRfl     cuupli'" apif kpoe .welle, tplen-  ft  Kf>
w..«-/iill.'ii.ii'i»»'-ll''igat    W»«V     ,||,|'viuuii at thl. figure    * UU
We've nlwi ii number of others, Pull list sent upon
rooiipst, Vou may turn in nny one of these Instruments
ni full value, as partial puvmetit on ft new MASON <v
IIIHCII PIANO, wil liin two years after purchase,
hub-!S?kmv NELSON, B. C.  P0.*,,,ox'
Noticed hereby Riven that thirty days al er
dnlc 1 intend toapply to thu Hon. rblcf Commissioner of Lands nnd Works fur n special
license to cut nml carry awny timher from the
following described lnnds In tbe W.st Kooteuay district.
1, ComnicncliiK nt a post planted about 18
milos up Half-way (-reek, near 1% Creek, and
mnrked "\V. V. Otfilviu's south-west corner
post," Uience 80 eliains north, thenci! HO chains
east, thonco 80 ohains south, tlienee .Ml chains
we-1 to point of commencement,
2, Commonolng ut a post plnnted at thc
south-east coriioi' of Post No. 1, nbout 18 miles
up Half-way Crook, marked "W. F, OglMe'd
south-went oorner posl,," thence80 chnlns north,
thence-SO cliains easl, thenco 80 chains south,
theuce 80 chains west to point of commoncement.
:t. Commencing;al a post planted nbout half
milo east of Loontion Pout no. 2, on south sldo
of Creek, marked 'W. F. Ogltvlo's norlh-west
corner post,*' thenco so cliuliu* soulb, thenoo
S'lclmiiis east, thonco 80ebains norlli, thonce
80 ohnlns wckl to poiut of commencement,
4, Commonclug at a post planted about 17
miles upllalf-way Creok, markod "\V. K. Ogil-
yie'.-. north-west conier post," thenco 40 chains
south, thenee Uio chains oast, thonce 40 chains
north, tlience 1C0 clialns west to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 30th, llKtC.
eat dec 16
H. W, Logan, Agent.
Notice is hereby givon thnt 30 days after date
I intend to nnply to the Chiof Com missioner of
Lauds and Works for u st-ei-ia! licence tn cut
nnd curry nwny timbor from the foliowlDgde*
scribed landst
Commencing at a post planted ut the north-
west corner of the south westiiuartor of Section
2.1, Township 57, marked ''W.H.Holllngsworth'fl
s mtli* west corner post," thence eust HU chains,
theuco north 80 chains, thenco west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to placoof commence*
Tho above location Is tho north half of Section 23 and tho soulh half of Section 20, Township 57.
Dated November 22nd, 11KHJ.
sat dee 15     W. H. HOIXINGSWOUTH.
I, William Hamilton, hereby glvo nolice that
it is my intention to apply to the Board of License Commissioners for the district* of Rovelstoko, for a I ransfer of my liquor licenso for the
Hotol Lardeau at Comaplix, to Hussoll M,
Comaplix, B.C., Dec. 12th, 1906.
sat dec 15 30.1     WILLIAM HAMILTON.
V[ OTICK is heroby given tlmt 30 days aftor date
ll I Intend to apply to the Hon. I'lie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a Spocial
License to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in West Knot enny District:
Commencing at a postmarked 'T.Kllpatriek's uorth-oast coruer post," planted on north
eass arm of Cpper Arrow ' uke,*;nboiit 2 chains
west of the uorth-west corner of Lot No. 507).
theuco south 80 chnius, west 80 chains, north 80
clini ns^enst 80 chains to pointof commencement
Dntod Nov. 1st, 10U.
uov 24
Nolice is hereby -liven that 30 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commission
er of Lands and Works for a special llceuse to cut
and carry away limber from ilia following described hinds lu Wost Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planleil 40 chains west of
the antilli-went ciruerof Timber Limit 6000 and
marked "C. Skinner's north-enst corner," thence
Iflil clmins south, thence 40 chains east, thenco 100
eliains north, thence 40 chains wust to plnce of
Locuted December 1st, 1006,
dec 12 sat A. M. Symnns, Agent,
Notice is hereby given Ihal 60 days
from dale I inlenil to apply lo the Ohiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet districl:
Commencing at a post marked "J. P.
Shaw's norlh-west corner," planted on
wesl side of Upper Adams river, about 2
miles from head of Adams lake, running
80 chains south, So cliains easl, 80 chains
north, 80 chains wesl, containing about
640 acres.
Dated Nov, 1211), 1906.
nov 14 J. P. SHAW.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
altor dale I intend to apply to the Chief,
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for
permission to purchase six hundred and
I'orly acres of land lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the west side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Russell Nichol's south-east corner post,'
planted at the north-wesl corner 01 Lot
862, Group 1, Kootenay, Ihence norlh 80
chains, tbenee west 80 chains, Ihence
south 80 chains, ihence casi 80 chains lo
thc place of commencemeni, containing
640 acres, more or less,
Dated this 23rd day of November, 1906.
nov 28 wed      Per T. S, MePherson, s
Murderer of Mary Dalton is
Hanged i am Innocent"
Were the Last Words of Ihe
Condemned Man
Viotoru, Deo. 14—"I merely wish
to declare before God, with tliis my
Inst lireutli, that I am innocent of tl.e
murder ol Mnry June Dalton, for
which I am condemned to die. I die
in the laith ol the Church of England."
With these words, calmly and impressively spoken, Robert Styles
Feathcralone went to liis death in the
provincial jiil yard here on Wednesday morning, without the slightest
suggestion t>I pliysl al or mental
weakeuii.,.. Tin-re flat no hitch in
the exec.it in nnd not a tremor ol the
rope niter ilie trap wai tprung. At
8.05 the hlH.'k llitg mounting tl.e flagstaff ui tin 11 ■.miicr's eliapel told that
tl.e list net in tho tragedy had been
Tin ense becomes hittoric became
ol tin conviction letting on wholly
oirciiiiiaiiintial evidence, the believe of
the police that Featherttone was
drunk when he committed tho deed
and really believes himsell innocent,
and the positive declaration ol former
employers that the mnn was generally
regarded as half witted. The executed
man lelt a long statement tor his
family elaborating his piotestution ol
Financial Difficulty Denied by
Head Official.
Articles have appeared recently in
several papers regarding the financial
condition ol the fraternal order of
Woodmen of the World. Tho secretary of the local camp has written to
C C Hodgins, M.P.P, the head Con.
Com. for particulars of the supposed
unsound condition of their affairs.
In reply to the letter Mr. Hodgins
states that there is no ground for
apprehension, but on the contrary tbe
standing and finances of the Order are
today in a healthier state than at any
previous time in ils history. The order lieing under Dominion incorporation, happen, il to be under the investigation of the Royal Commission
sitting now 11 tee into the workings
ol all insurance companies doing
business under Dominion charter. No
fault hat been f und with the met In ill
ol doing business whatever. The
Commission had their actuary make
a calculation lo ascertain the legal
reservs liability ol the Order, or in
other words to ascertain how much too
little was being collected. It wus
upon this point particularly the Order
was examined and taking the standard set, the figures could not be disputed, as all depends on the basis used,
Now, judged Irom the same standpoint there are lew societies in Canada
acttinri.y solvent, constquently the
Woodmen il necessary to adjust rates,
can do so more easily than any other
society, The progress and position of
the Woodmen are stronger and more
permanent than ever before and there
is no caute for any anxiety of the
Order becoming financially embarrassed. Last year there were assets of
over $157,374 and this year they have
increased proportionately.
Deserted Infant Found Snug
and Warm in Valise.
Winnipeg, Deo. 13.—Snug and
warm and soundly sleeping in a telescope valise, a little child ot six weeks
has been found in a stable on St.
Johns avenue this morning. Every
precaution had been made (or the
comfort and security ol the child.
There were plenty ol clothes in the
valitc, it wat placed out ol the dralt,
while warn, bricks kept up the heat
and a kole was out in the top to admit fresh air. There was a bottle ol
milk where the baby could reach it,
The deserted inlant bad evidently gone
quietly to sleep, unconscious that it
was not in its own home. The child
was well dressed but none of the
clothing bore a mark by which it
could be identified and the parentage
ol the child is a complete mystery.
P. L. A. Nndeau, director-general of
the Alaska Yukon-Pacific expotition
of 1909, is in Vancouver on his way to
Ottawa, where ha will lay his projeot
before the Dominion govemment. The
prospects of the exposition are very
bright, Everywhere on the northern
coast the idea le recognised as one
most beneficial aud worthy. At Seattle, where a $50,000 subscription
was atked, $04,000 worth ot stock was
taken in ono day. The lair at Portland eighteen months ago proved a
prodigious success, (or it not only
benefitted tho oity in which it wat
held, but the cheap  larot brought
uu- iiijiiu gruwuj ui ure.on,,. tiMiirg-
ton, ntid liritish Columbia, is ina
l.,rgt measure duo to Ihe Portland luir
und the men  who managed it.   Tin
pi'iject   Mr.   Nudeaii   lms  in hand is
worthy ot nil encouragement and support,
Do All for the Country's Sake.
Earl Grey never loses a chance to
speak a word Ior Canadianitm. This
is an unusual service for a Governor-
General to perform for ut, hut it is
none the less welcome. We should
never forget that Camilla it a national
entity, and lhat with so many diverse
st renins of pop.ili.tion flowing in on
ue from to many tountaint we must
be i-iiulul to emphasize on every possible occasion that our first patriotism
ii this Canadianitm and not that of
any land or origin, no matter how
denr. People who propose to ttay
with us nnd help to build up Csn»da
...tut become Canadians. All othert
are lollowing tho Chinees policy ol
laving here to ipend elsewhere.
Revelstoke's Climate Has No
The Christmas spirit is in the air
antl it ii doubtful if Revelitoke hai
ever made moro elaborate preparations
for the holidays than at present,
With a bountiful harvest just garnered
and the winter holding forth promise
of one of activity an air of briskness
prevails. The merchants have bought
heavily ol holiday goods and all their
establishments nre veritable expo
sitions of things that are sensible and
beautiful. Tl.e roads are now in
perfect condition Ior sleighing, the
recent lall of snow having become well
packed down. The slight thaw last
week made a solid foundation and
with a fresh frost nnd another fall of
enow on Sunday, a fine surface bus
been put on the highways. There bus
been just enough frost to keep the
surface keen and withal the weather
ii most pleasant, cold enough lo make
all feel brisk and a pleasant change
irum summer beat and dust, fall
rains and mud. Truly, we live in a
most favored spot in regard to
(.'rum Our Own Correspondent)
The teachers, ollicers and children
of the St. Stephen's church Sunday
school, purpose holding the Xmas
entertainment and tree on the even
ing of Friday, Dec. 21st, a good time
ii expected.
Mrs. W. A. Clark has returned home
alter spending a pleasant holiday at
tl.e coast,
Mr. B. Murdock has gone for a holiday to his home in St. John, N. B,
On the evening before he went away a
little party was given for him by Mrs.
McNaught. The young people who
were present spent a very pleasant
Sny I has anybody seen anything of
the skating rink committee ? They
seem to have left town.
From Our Own ('orrsppendent,
Music lovers in our midst are in
raptures over a new piano which Mrs.
Sullivan, of the Royal hotel, has just
purchased from Messrs. Williams, of
Oshawa. The instrument, which cott
nine hundred dollars, it modelled alter
the Louis XV style in African Mahogany, inlaid with satinwood and has a
tone of rare sweetness.
During the mild spell latt week Ml.
L.T.Morris launched a new motor boat,
which, at the gracefully glided down
Ihe ways wss named the Ida by little
Mits Morris, who by moans ol a tricolor ribbon, deftly broke a bot. le ol
champagne over the bow. As the
golden fluid mingled with the waters
of Shuswap Lake, much regret was
expressed by some Indian spectators
at the use to which it wai put, feelings
with which we deeply sy.npatl.ited,
and even at the last moment suggested
that a bottle ot gasoline cocktails be
substituted, but the innovation was
Irowned upon on account ot the
bouquet. Tl.e boat, which is twenty
leet long by five foot beam, was built
by Mr. Morris from tbe design of
Mestrs Brooke.Bay City, is fitted with a
four h.p.. four cylinder English engine
hat accommodation for twelve passengers and during next teaton will be
open for charter by day, week or
E. W. B. Paget
rownrdlng and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, tales md Fm-nltiin.
Central Draylng.
Office: McKenzie Ave, fiSlfiTK
Olliee Unit* No. 71     Hmim Phtni No. 7,
n tt inter
Ladies delight In the cozy warmth
fit—the luxurious ease and comfort—ol
the perfect
Combination Suits
They are the most perfectgarmentsthatexperieiice,
skill and money can produce. Knitted nil iu one
piece frnm neck to ankle. Fit like another skin,
Hade in all sizes—and all fabrics from silk to cotton.
Send for catalogue if your dealer cannot supply you,
P. 0. BOX 2339, MONTREAL.
By the Dry Process in Vogue in most
Mills. Wheat to be made absolutely clean
must be washed, as the Western Hard
Wheat that goes into " MOFFET'S BEST
FLOUR" is washed.
Order "MOFFET'S BEST" the
certain raising Flour from your Grocers,
and take no Substitute.
(olii Flouring Milli (o„ Ltd.
Look Well I Feel Well!
Do you enjoy that well diessed feeling? We all know what
it feels like to be hot, to be cold, or to be tired, and it Is
just as true that we all know what it feels like to be well
dressed. It feels good, and it's good to feel good. Vou enn
never he well dressed if your clothes are not made hy the
right maker,
Get to know we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and you will find what a pleasure anil satisfaction it is to be
well diessed.
8ult» and Overcoats, lis, $18, and S20.
Blue and Black 8ult», th* best made, •20, & S25
Right Overcoat*, up-to-date - Prices: SIS and $20
Special Troueer* 15 and 16.
Tailoring is om- builncii. We make a man look well
and be knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
■**- JAEGER'
To checkmate lhe dishonest use ot*
lie name of " JAEGER," look for llie
label on each article, and insist that
.he goods be Invoiced as " JAEGER1
Selling Agents in Revelstoke
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
Now that the strike is settled, full supplies of this celebrated Coal will
again bc available after .his week.
PRICES—Special Hand-pieked coal—besl in the mnrkct—19 P»r ton
SCREENED COAL 18.10 per ton
RON OF MINE  7.50 per ton
Having taken over F. McCarty's Coal Warehouse, i'ull slocks of this
coal will be kept and orders promptly rilled.
E.A. HAQQEN, AQT.   Revelstoke, B. C.
Office—Mackenzie Avenue, Next 0. P. It. Telegraph Office,
Under  New  Management)
First-clas accommodation (or travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES  $1  AND  $150  PER  DAY
nl* nionoy lo buy n .-nil of cm*-
pet here—prices arc li-lunued
tn .iiii-li a small margin .villi
us llrnt a vi-i-y .ininll liiinillf nf
money will buy a big bundle
of cnipi'is in- rugs. We will
gladly show* ynu nur supply of
lioin' coverings without n show
of your money.
R. Howson & Co.
li you am looking Ior something nice in SPOONS AND
8PECIAL " fur Souvenirs, we hnve iliem here.
o. P.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 16*55.
Wm. Molson Maoi'UERson, Pres, 8. H. Ewino, Vice-P.es.
JJames Elliot, General Manager. |
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of bunking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice n year nt current rates on Savings Bank
deposits. ^^^
W. H. PRATT, Manager,        -        Rbvei-«toi.e, B. C.
•►'V'****VV%>V%% W%*V»%%%%%%% %**%*«/%% "%-V%*V%% 1
For Agricultural Implements. Curi-iiine*. Wagons Etc., Julio
Deere Ploughs, Mollne Wagons, Canadu Carriage JComoaiiy*.
Buggies, Planet Jr., Qarileu Seeders und Cultivators, Wheelwright und Blacksmith Wnrk laltended to.   Horse Sliming >
HEAD OFFICE: Calgaky, Albert!.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers ai.d Dealer 'in Live Stock. Murk-din In all tbe principal Cities aud
Towns of Alberta, British uiuiubla and tiie Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated Brand
"Im t-r&tur " Ham* and Bacon, and Shamrock Brawl, Leaf hard.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queen's ftotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprieto.
Henry's Nurseries
Headquarters for Pacific Coast grown
and Imported Garden, Field and Flower
Tbouiindi of Fruit and Ornamental
Trees, Rhododendron!, Bosei and   hardy
Filants now growing on our own grounds for
uture planting.
No expense, loss or delay of fam Igatlnn,
inspection nor customs duties to pay. Headquarters for Pacific Coast growa and im
ported Garden, Field and Flower Beads,
Visitors are always welcome tu inspect
oar stoek.
Qro-onhouto Plants,
Cut Flower* and Floral Designs, Fertilisers
Dee Hives and Supplies, Spray Pomps and
Spraying material.
No agents - -therefore yuu bare no com*
mission to pay. Our catalogue tells you
about it. Let me price yoar list before
placing vour order.
We do busluess on our own grounds—no
rent to nay, and are prepared to meet all
competition, Eastern prices or less. White
labor. Catalogues Free.
P. 0. Address and Greenhouses :-J01l) West*
minster Road. Branch Nurseries '-South
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
VTT. Furniture!
Jobs E. Wood's Furniture Store
Notico is hereby given that th* following
retail liquor license applications hart* been
received fur tho Kevelstoke Licence District:
0. D. Morris, 8 months retail. Windsor Hotel.
Canadian Paoillc Railway Co., 6 months ro
Ull, Glacier House, Glacier,
W. .1. Lightburne, 6months retail, I'Tlion
Hotel, Arrowhead.
John Culey, 0 monthi retail, City Hole),
D. Cameron, tl months retail, Ukevlow Ho*
tol. Arrowhead.
J. H. Young, 6 months retail, Queen's Hotel,
Win. Hamilton, 0 mouth- retail, Lardcau
Hotel, Coinaplix.
Wm, Hoyd, 6 months retail, Beatou Hotel,
John Tln-w, 6 months retail, Eva Hotel, Cam*
Dave Orr, 6 months retail, Camborne Hotel,
J.  H.  Lindsay, 6 months retail, deception
Hotel, (Jura-borne.
Frank A bey, fi months retail, Criterion Hotel,
M. J. O'BrlCO, 0 months retail, Coronation
Hotel, rum borne.
H. F. Perry, fi monthi* retail, Pavilllon Hotel.
L. F. McPougal, 6 months retail, Leland
Hotel, NakuHp,
M. McCarthy, 6 monthi retail. Grand Hotel,
Harry Mcintosh, fi months retail, Halcyon
Hotel, Halcyon.
MlkeGrady.fi months retail, SU Uoa Hotel,
St. Leon.
And furthor take notice that the regular
meeting of the Hoard of License Coimnl-wioncre
for the Kevelstoke Licencing District will be
held in the Provincial Police Ofllce, Kevebloke,
on Saturday the 15th day of Hoc., 1606, ai tbo
hour of 2 p.m. In the afternoon.
Dated this 30th day of November, 1906.
By Order.
Chiel Inspector.
In email or large Io- fioin 100
Hi.", to a Carload.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Has a good stock of Groceries ami
a fi tie iieaortme.it of Japanese China.
Agent lor Revelitoke Farming
Company, growers ol all kinds of
Farm ProduM, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealera in Beef, Pork,  Mutton,
Poultry,   Fith    and   Game   in
Season.    Orders    promptly  at- *
tended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Toa services JKlowor Pots
Plates Umbrella Stands
Basket* Lunch Hiu-kcte
Cane Chain Smoking Jackets
Handkerchiefs ; Silk Goods.
Kind stock of candles and frulte la town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
I have clients who with to
obtain houses, rooms tnd lots
lor building purposes, Md shall
be glad if parties hairing such
will advise mi ol same.
Besl Estate tnd Insurance Agent,
Bevelitoks, B. 0.
D,er ll.tila, Animal., Bird., Fish, |UM„
, Animal Rug. Mounted.'
P. 0. Box IL —
', , Studio: Corner ol First St. anil Bojle At«T
B-ixl.tut.., B. C.
Mrs. H. J. Hajburjr. Managress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Largo Diiiingroom for
Banquets, Supper., etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management'of
Harry MolNTOSH,  Hoffman   House
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon ate the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A lure cure
for "That Tired Feeling," Special
rales on all boats and trains. Two
mails a.rive and depa.t every day.
Telegra h communication with all
marts of lhe world.
Terms- $1*2 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arrotu Lakt. B. C
.Min.iifacliired for all cla.aii.lol buildings
All linJi'of building and plastering
Buys one of the most roomy,
comfortable and convenient residences in the city, with two lots,
corner site, in first-class location.
Terms may be arranged. Particulars on application to
Real Estate & Insurance Agent,
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver-Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
waihingarecasy with ite help.
And the money saving ie the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give (or
Royal Crown Wrappers, Send
lor it—Free—Also try th*
Royal Soap Co., Ltt
Vancouver, B. C GO.
s.ik-ii»i3ULi. a a atea; mmtmmmuutaaBmmmmmt m — —w - —•—-*"*" —~~***-* ■—■~-•—t*~*— -
7/*e #ome 0/ Choice Gifts.
Merry Xmas to Our Many Friends
And while cximling this Xmas Greeting we would also extend a hearty Invitation
to VISIT OUR STORK and take a look at what wc have provided lo catch tlie eye,
please the taste and suit the pocket of everyone.
CARVING SETS   in tlree and 5-pieceCases.   $-1-50, $(i.oo, $7.50 $8.50 and 810
a Case.
FISH CARVHRS IN CASKS.   $8.50 a Case.
We have also a choice line of 2-PIECE CARVERS, ranging in price from §2.00 to
We are also offering some very line cases of RAZORS at $5 a case,  two Razors to
the Case.
SCISSORS in Cases, at $,3.25 and $4.00 a Case.
Hand Painted China
Cups and Saucers 50c, 75c, $1.00,1.25, 2.25
Salad Howl* 00c, 75c, 85c, $2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 3.00
Sugar Bowl and Cream Pitcher $1.50,1.75, 2.00, 2.50
fea Sets
plate-  $3.50 to 9.00 per dozen
Chocolate Pots $2.25,2.50, 3.00
BiscuitJars $1.00,2.00,2 50
Roll Plate? (iOc, $1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00
A Peep Into the
Home of Plenty
Oak Goods
Oblong Trays.
Biscuit Jars ..
Salad Bowls..
Butter Dishes.
.$4.00, $4.25
Ivory Handled Knifes and Forks,
in Oak Oases $18.50
l'earl handled Knives and Forks,
in Oak Cases $20.00
Cut Glass Ware
Caraffes $10.00
Pitchers $1200
Sugar Bowl and Cream Pitcher $8.00 und 10.00 a pair
Berrv Bowl, large size  $10.00
Tumblers $1-50
Bon lion Dishes  $2.50, 3.50, 4.00
Vases, sterling silver tops    75c, $1.00,1.25,1.50, 1.75, 2.00
Quadruple Plated Ware
These goods are of the latest designs and are sold at prices easily
within the reach of all:—Tea and Coffee Sets, Berry Bowls, Butter
Dishes, Cake Dishes, Nut Bowls, Bon Bon Dishes. Biscuit .lars. Jardinieres, Fern Pots, Salts and Peppers in Cases, Pickle Cruets. Trays,
Toast Racks. Egg S'.ands. dialing Dishes, Button Boxes. Jewel Boxes,
Hairpin Boxes, Shaving Sets, Candeluhras, etc.
Skates! Skates!
Spring Skate*.
Hockey Skates
    $1.00 to $2
$1.50, 2.00,2.50,3.00,3.50. 1.00. 150
Electric Curling [ron Heater $5, Electric Smooth Iron 18.50
Electrio Water Heater $8.50 and 10.00. Brass Kettles 3.00 Bra
Candlesticka 1.00, Niokle Plated Trays fiOo., 75c, 1.00,1.25. NT e
Plated Spirit Stove snd Kettle 8.00. Pen Knives Irom 50c *
Silver Tea Spoons 1.00 to 4.50 per dozen. Dessert Spoons $2 to $fl per
dozen, Table Spoons 3.50 to 7.00 per dozen. Field Giasses 1150, 12.50,
15 and $20. Boys' Watches 12.50. Child's Carpet Sweeper, nol a toy
but u genuine Sweeper—26 cents.
A useful gifl is ,*. sensible gift and gives more pleasure to the
recipient than a gilt that is only an ornament, This is the place to buy
your Christmas Presents where both these qualities are combined, and
where you have a selection to choose from never before offered in the city,
at prices to suit all purses. It costs you nothing to come in and examine
our stock, and it will be a pleasure to us to show your our goods. To
please you will please us, please call and please us, Our store will bc open
every night now until Christmas, come early and have first choice.
New Steel Ranges
Is it not time to discard the old Stove and bring a smile to your'
wife's face by presenting her with one of our NEW STEEL
RANGES. '''iree "I Canada's best makers to select from. Gurney-
Tilden Company, The Moffat Stove Co, and the Walker Stove Co.
Qurney's Souvenirs
Moffat's National
Walker's Pilots
Moving figure in Ash Trays.
Ink Stands, Hair Pin Boxes,
Jewel Boxes, Copper Clocks,
Celluloid Clocks, China Clocks,
Gilt ClockB, Fancy Thermometers, Nut Crackers and Picks,
Boys' Carpenters' Tools on
Cards, BoyB1 Carpenters' Tools in
Boxes, Children's Toy Banks,
Toy Irons, Toy Cash Boxes.
Table Lamps, fancy decorated,
at $2, 2.50 and 3.00; 4.00, 5.00
and 6.00.
Hanging Lamps—$5, 7.50
and $8.
Electric Portable Lamps, with
Silk Shades—$7, $8, $8.50 and
A handy Article tor Getting Ready
Xmas Cakes and Puddings.
Sterling Silver Goods
Manicure Scissors $1.50, 1.75, 2,25
Ladies' Embroidery Scissors $1.75; 2.50
Curling Irons  $1.25, 1.75, 2.00, 2.50
Nail Files $1.50
Six Spoons in Case $6.00
Sugar Sifters $1.50, 1.75. 2.00
Tea Bells  $1.00, 1.25, 1.50
Soap Boxes  *.... .$4.50
Pomade Jars $1.25, 2.00
Salts and Spoons $4.00 Per Pair
Pen Knives $3.25 and 4.00
Wedgewood Ware
The Best Values Ever Offered in the City.
Pitchers $1,1.25,1.50,1.75, 2.00
Sugar Bowls $1.50, $2.00, 2.60
Butter Dishes  $2.26
Ten Pots $2, 2.60, 3.00
Jardinieres $2.25, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50
VaseB 90c. $1.25,1.50,5.00, 8.50 and 9.00
Cake PlaleB.—$8.00.   Ash Truvs, 90c.   Jewel Boxes-$1.25. Q
/?" "f
Cl   «.
tt *-i.'»;..-. . **'; *
•tor.;   '■-,■■
i ;*;' :';'•* i rf'lf^T: id : •'.■'hvM
! .-;!* ^-:'•: uiju--' iv'*W$
-'•';;.    <*i h^THW
V' *.1:v'      ■'
- ■/ - - * ) MflbnM:
*,. -.j- ■ ■ ■. i
**<   .- ■*  .,-•... >-.- li'i'i *. \
- ■ a -' -.*,--&■: "..*S*m
i i        ifi
$** vv~L,
■g w.iss
k'^Ai3.f-.MA. -L;-..*.Un! Mm."
I ifi
. ,'-'i'ii  is      A'
Nn' 10 Ate V>>2tfw
/iv Dorothy Tttke
Tilt: mald'a room is seldom given
much thought, but In these days
when maids are so hard to got,
and tr keep, the wise housekeeper will do what sin* can to make her
■ervant's room inviting.
The room should, above all, bo simple,
■o tlmt it can easily be kept clean. If
the plaster of the wall Is In good condition, ii tinted wall Is ns nice a.*- anything,
lint ling makes a good clean lloor covering, and a rug or two on this Improves
the room very much.
Enamel beds are the best for such a
room, bui often the old-fashioned
wooden beds, Btich ns that shown In tho
Illustration, tin.) their way to the maid's
room, asiyoung housekeepers nre learning thatflthey are not good ar*,
The white bench shown Is-a good idea
for a mald'B room, as upholstered pieces
shoulfUhe avoided.
Often^the room has u slanting roof.
In papering such a room use a tiny all-
ovei paper, such as Is shown In the 11-
lustratl n. This room was originally a
large attic, but has recently been partitioned, so that now each maid has her
own room, but still can easily converse
with the other,
Tbe bedspn nd Is made of 12^-cent cretonne. Three pieces have been neatly
Joined together, so that the scams are
almost lm] erceptlble. The bedspread
cosl less than $1.15, and is prettier than
the ordinary white ones, besides not
■oiling so readily.
Another Illustration shows a dainty
bedroom-with u pretty little striped papi r. which Is run to abmu a foot below
the ceiling, and Is finished with a strip
of tu-' paper used ae a binder. The cctl-
inc paper is white moire, and comes
.down to meet thc wallpaper. Tho furniture in this room has been painted
white, and tho chairs with their simple
lines and cane seats aro very appropriate, Notice the little shelf above the
washstand.    It certainly adds a pretty
Mr. Felli.
Ernilnii .;de Felix, apod 23.
Mis. Foils.
Frederick Felix, aged 10.
I'erclval Ciiilins, In love with fc"iniin-
Mary, a malii.
SCENE: The dining-room In the Felix
house.    The family at breakfast
Mrs. Felix (solicitously)—Charles,
you are eating no breakfast.    Vuu
must  try  the squab    Mary  has   just
brought In.
Mr. Felix—Isn't that the squab that
was sent to you last night? Uf course,
I wouldn't think of touching it. Vcu
must eat It yourself.
Mrs. Felix-Do you think 1 am so selfish that I can enjoy anything alone.
No, If you will not take it i shall give
it to Ermlntrudo, Ermlntrude, my
Ermlntrude (half tearfully)-! don't
know what you me thinking of, mother.
Of course, 1 will not touch a delicacy
that you and dear fattier are unwilling
to enj-j-y. Frederick shall have It. He
is Hit youngest ui the family, and delicate.
Frederick (indignantly)—Ststerl What
sort 01 a weakling do you uant to mnko
of me?    1 certainly win not eat It
The other three tin-churusi-Nor 1.
Mrs. Felix lin a tone of resignation)-
Then if nu one will eat It, Mary yuu
would best take it back tu the pantry
(Mary removes the su,uab.)
Mr, Felix (reflectively)—It seems a
sliiiuie that nu one should enjoy that
Frederick fbrighteningi-lt   does   in-
Mr. Felix-Do you not think, my luve
We might have ii brought back and divide it: There is enough fur each one
tu have a little.
Mrs. Felix tbtamingi-How clever of
you to have though! of that. 1 will ring
for It ut once. Mary, yuu may bring in
the si-uub again,
Mary-If you please, mum, the eat
have a ten the squab!
Mr. Felix (Slightly Irritated)-Then
slt.ee there Is no squab fur any une 1
might an well get duwn town. t Klaus
from the talk-.)
Ermlntrude- Dear father, there Is a
button off yuur coal Why uld yuu nut
speak uf It?
Mr. FellX—I hated to give su much
Mrs. Felix (reproachfullyi-What a
thoughtless, stilish wife juu must consider me ii yuu think it would give mo
trouble to sew un a button. 1 will du it
fur yuu ut once.
Ermlntrude—Nonsense, mother, i will
sew the button un. Walt until I get my
Frederick—Bister, you know perfectly
well 1 will nui let you gu upstairs fur
yuur basket wh.n I am here. I will
gel It,
Ennlntrude-Denr boy, you are always
So thoughtful, Lui   i   lemly can go my-
Frtdenck-And 1 certainly will nol let
you.   ..... uivVts lowuid  Jn- (.uui-Er-
II,,.. i-Udt   fvllOWft.'
Mrs  Felix un gentle rhapsody)—Whut
deal, unsold**)) I't.iiiiien we have,
Mr   K- hx (Ills eye on tin' clock)—Y-e-S.
Erminirude and Frederick return, a
trifle Hushed, bearing the Workbasket
between litem.
Ermlntrude—Here is the basket, father.   Now 1 am ready for the buttun.
Mrs. Felix I.* ImliliiK an arcr finger at
her daughter)-! see you nr learning
the housewifely aria, but really I think
1 should hcw nn this particular button.
Mr. Felix (In a resigned voire)-! nm
very sorry, but no nne ahull new It on
this morning. I have an 'mportant
meeting nt 9 o'clock, nd I h' Vo nlready
missed my usual car (Hut ies off.)
(.Uur lulu, j
A Convenient Shelf
above the Washstand
touch, and would surely delight any
A maid's room -should never be over-
erowded, but should have only the nec-
essary pieces of furniture In lt. We
s<.motim-s make the mistake of using
the maid's room as u storeroom or box-
We must remember that her littlo
room is her home. She should be allowed to have her photographs and
treasures abe.it her. for they often mean
much to a lonely girl. And If by giving
just a little thought to the comfort of
our dnmi'Ptlea we can hei]) to make life
pleasanter fur them, why not? And especially when by so doing we are often
being diplomatic.
ACT 11
Scene-Sitting room In the Felix
house the same day. Mrs. Felix and
Ermlntrude sewing.
Mrs. Felix-How dark the room Is. I
must put up the shade.
Ermlntrude—Deat mother, you should
ask me to put up the shade. You know
lt Is my place to perform such little
services for yuu.
Mrs. Felix—Your work is more Important, dear.   Vou   must   not   put   it
aside.    I will do It.    (Rises.)
Ermlntrude—Mother, you will break
my heart if you persist In refusing to
allow me to wait upon ynu. (Throws
down her work and hurries after her
Mrs. Felix-Dear Ermlntrude, I can do
Ermlntrude-Mother, you must let me,
fPnth seize the cud and the whole
thing falls to the loor!)
Mary (from the doorway)—If you
plaze, Miss Ermlntrude, here's -a box an'
nolo, un' the by Is waltln' fer an answer.
Ermlntrude (tunilni* from th" de-
-Ftruction of the shade, and taking the
box)—It looks Ilk flowers (blushing).   I wonder—
Mary (Insistently)—There's a note.
Miss Ermlntrude, an' the b'y—
Ermlntrude (absently)—Tes, l know
(op,-ns the box, which Is full of roses).
How  perfectlv  lovely.    I  wonder—
Mary—The b'y says. Miss Ermlntrude—
Ki-mlntrudo (opening the note)—Tt n
from Percival. (Reads,) He wants
to come up this evening.
Mrs. Felix (With maternal solicitude)
—Of course, you are going to tell him
to come, dear.
Ermlntrude—1 had promised to play
backgammon with father.
Mrs. Felix—Your father will excuse
you, Ermlntrudo.
Ermlntrude—I know he will, dear,
generous, loving soul, but I wouldn't
ask him to. I wouldn't be so selfish.
(Strang.* sounds are heard In the
lower hall.)
Mary iwlili the patience of despair)
—If vou phue, Miss Ermlntrude, the
b'y do be havln' a fit, nn' he wants
the answer.
Mrs. Felix—1 will play backgammon
with vour father, Ermlntrude,
Ermlntrudo -- Mother, you are ton
good, but I promts..I. No, I will tell
Percival not to come
Mrs. Felix (eagerly) — Hut father
can't always hope to have you her.* to
piny with hlm, daughter. Vou will
soon be going to n home of youi own.
Ermlntrudo—Mother I Vou know nothing could ever persuade m to leave
you nnl father. You have dune everything for me all my life Surely my
place Is at your side in your old age.
Mrs. Felix ideeply touchedi-Sp"ken
like my own dear, unself.sr daughter,
but. at the Bame time, you hava to consider, and nnture's-
Marv tlclly)-If vou plaze mum, the
b'y do be 'nine, lie says be was never
hired to run arrants for no lunytlc asylum, an' he'll t-dl the gentleman there
wasn't no answer,   (Retires.)
Ermlntrude (throwing herself down on
the couchi-Now percival will think I
didn't care for the rosei and don't
want to see hlm dobs bitterly.) I
think my hearl is broken.
Mrs Felix I comin**, i vei . her side
an.i caressing ner)—Don't cty, dear. It
was all because "ou th tugh. BO much
of others. I will write Percival a note
and ask him lo come to dinner
Erminirude (sllll weeping) -There
Isn't time for him to get It
Mrs. Felix-I can call another messenger or telephone. Whu shall I say
to him?
Ermlntrude (brightening a llttle)-I
don't know.
Mrs. FellX-Shall I tell hii. vou want
to see lilm?
Ermlntrude—Thett 1 cannot play back-
Rnmm*"! with father.
Mrs Felix shall I tell him to arrange
for rn inn- other evenlng-sas tomorrow?
Ermlntrude-li'a win think I don't
care for him.    He said If I liked the
Petitions divided /he Lsp&e Attic into
eS eve.rsl /?\ooms <—-—
What the Business Woman Talks About
1 WONDER If the wage earners of the
family ever quite realize their own
capability for acting as connecting
links between the home circle and the
busy outside world.
The woman who goes downtown every
day la prone occasionally to cast an
enviouB eye upon the leisure hours of
her domestic sister, and though perhaps neither would change [daces with
the other, there are time Alien the
stay-at-homes lung fur a taste of public
Interests, and It Is just this thut the
dailv worker can supply,
Not that I am advising her to talk
shop. We are all a bit inclined that
way, and It must become wi arlsome
even to those who love us be3t, to hear
what so-and-so did at the office, or,the
roses—might he come roui.u tonight,
Mrs. Felix (wearily)—Then what
shall I tell hlm, Ermlntrude?
Mary (returning)—ii you plaze,
mum, the b'y come back ter :ho answer, an' 1 told him to tell the gentleman tu suit hli ** if, Since the ladles
didn't seem up to decldln', (R< tires.J
Mrs. Felix twith dlgnltj i—the is
getting altogether too Impertinent, I
will tell her Bhe must look for another
Ermlntrude (getting up from the
couch with glowing cheeks) -Yes—
er—l supp ise .     mamma, but really
si.** has .1 g I heart under her rough
ways, and—about Percival—I ihink ll
Will  be al]   right.    I fancy  he'll co,ne,
anyhow tun.br her breath), I'll give
M try  that blue bat of mine,   she ul-
ways liki d It, and It doi sn'l suit mc.
i'l in i to leave the room.)
ACT ill
Scene—The Felix -drawing room.
Evening of the same day. Mr. Felix
and Ermlntrude s< a ted with tho back-
gunimon board between them. Mrs.
Felix with her embroidery on the
slle of the table. Frederick at liis
lei ions on the other.
Mr, Felix—It is your play, Ermlntrude.
Erminirude (cbsently, her eyes on
the clock)—Yes, father. (She throws
the dice, i   Eight—fifteen—
Mr. Felix en siirpr,sei—What did
you say, my deftr?   It Is live and four.
Erinintrude (confused)—1—1—
Mary (at the door j—Mr. Collins,
Enter Percival. a trifle disconcerted
at this family gathering. He shakes
hands all around and contrives to
murmur something to Erminirude,
who blushes and withdraws ner
Ermlntrude (hastily)—It seemed so
selfish— that Is—Is it my play, father?
Mr Fell*—Wa mighi us well stop
playing, daughter. 1 am sure the
others would find us more Interesting.
Frederick — Let me lake sister's
place.   (Rises to do so.)
Percival (brightening) —And perhaps, Miss Erminirude, now that your
father has another opponent, you will
be willing to look over those plur.B.
(Turning to the ether occupants of the
room, with an air of affected ease.) I
am trying to persuade myself that I
am now a rising young architect, and
Miss    Ermlntrude    has    been    kind
perplexities thai confronted uj In some
matter that would have been simple
enough if A. or H. had only done her
share. But It seems to me lt would be
a good thing all around if ea... night we
could carry home something of real
interest for those who are waiting
there. *
Make a point of looking for lt. Save
the clever little anecdote you heard
some one tell; the amusing happening on
the ear. Remember Hi-- 'Itti- mannerisms of the celebrity who chanced to
lunch at the table ,iext to yours. Take
a peep at the "opening" of Paris gowns
that was advertised. li won't take
many minutes out of youi noon hour,
and It's a very little ihing to do-this
hunting for one Interesting thing, hut
it h'lps.
enough to givo ine a great deal uf eii-
Erinintrude (decidedly, though with
a wistful look toward a secluded window Beat)—FYe der I ok has his lessons
to study, I will finish this game.
(Picks up the dice box.)
Mr. Felix lunxtoii-d.".) — 1 really
would rather not play, daughter. 1
ha\ e some letters to write.
Mrs Felix—There is no reason why
you shuuld not have your game,
Charles, Both Ermlntrude and Fred-
< rl k Imve othi r tilings to do, but I
will play with you. (Folds her cm*
Mr. Felix (agonized.y)--My love—
ia Idi    1 must write thoso letters.)
Ermlntrude—Dear mother—
i I.uerlck I asBuro you—
Percival (under cove, of the con-
fu en I If you would only give mo
live minutes, Miss Ermlntrudo.
Erminirude (half woeplng)—It seems ho
seliiBh w ico
Mary (appearing at the di -.-, her cap
awrj and a long smudge across her
hose)—If you plaze, mum. the chimney
is ail Miinkiii' ainl—
The entire famlly-Whoro?-What?-
I thought l smetted fire. We must sound
the alarm, (Thoy hurry from tho room,
with the exception Of Ermlntrude, who
is stopped by Percival.)
I'erclval (determinedly )-Enul nil ude,
do yuu love me?
Ermlntrude (sobbing)- Yes-hut it
seems so Belflsh, und then tho (ire-
Porclval—Nevor mind the fire. He-
sides (cunningly), Isn't It selli.-di to make
me suffer?
Ermlntrudo (weakening) • i never
thought of that—I—(ha kisser- her) I
um so nappy—out—it stems ^ selllsh—
poor iulher and mother and Frederick
-we must gu to them. (She hurries lo
Ihe door and finds .aary, smiling.) Ohl
Mary, is everytning all right' Have
thi y put out the fire?—where was ihe
smoke?—Percival, 1 know we have been
Selfish to stay here ami be happy,
wh en-
Mary (grinning)-Sure, an' it was a
lump chimney that had amok" In It, an'
Its myself that ei aned it.
Ermlntrude—Ohl now dreadful of her
-how selfish to give them a!l such u
Percival (with well-assumed gravlivi
-Well, perhaps so, dear; tut don'l you
think it's a ditty sometime:! i be u little selfish lu order to give other people
a chance to taste the Joys o* unselfishness?   (Kisses her,)
Ermlntrude    (admiringly) —i    never
thought of thut.   How duvu yuu ure!
f ...*•■■! V,Y'*<-
$6Mm - --
, *>.>.ry  0^m
Flower 3a$Jcets Are/fa
fbpirl&p than Hirer
(fr-vEAli me,   1  Just  hate tu l\x
I    1   Rowers.   1   never   have   just
!   I  the right thing to put tin n
*~^    in," said,  plaintively, Nancy
Cptun, a young bride, une morning, as
Bhe looked in dismay nt a huge tray uf
flowers sent In by the gardener.
"Now wouldn't you ih ink, with those
dozens of cut-glass bowls, silver pitchers and pottery jugs i got for wedding
presents, I'd always have something my
flowers would look well in—yet here I
go, falling back on these two old
pressed-glass vases 1 had in boarding
school, and that hideous old majodlca
thing that looks like a soup tureen."
"My dear, you will have to start a
school of instruction for wedddlng present givers iu what vases not to buy,"
laughed Sally Blair, hei guest.
"Vou know the only reason you cling
to those old relies Is because of their
big mouths. 1 wonder why not one
person in ten ever thinks of usefulness
In buying bric-a-brac or vases. It's the
moro remarkable since you can get such
perfect pottery and gluss in the must
delectable shapes.
"The other day, when I was mousing
nrourd tn a china store, 1 saw any
amount of new vases and bowls that
would have delighted your soul. 1 don't
suppose they cost halt so much for Instance, a.s that Satsuma jug of yours
that has an opening ahout as big as a
thimble; but if you had theni now you
wouldn't be letting all those perfect
flowers get faded while yuu hunted for
Bomethlng to put ihem in, and scolded
Steadily meanwhile."
toy ** hm $
"What were they? Do tell me, and
I'll make Billy buy me some when he
goes in town tomorrow," cried the little
hostess in the supreme confidence of
brldehood In "Billy's" willingness to do
hei shopping,
"Well, there's a lot of the most fascinating German two-toned pottery new
this fall. The colors are gay, ytt not
the screamy kind-bright shaded orange
with vivid green arabesques on it,
and queer deep reds with designs in
grass greens or bright blue, pale yellow
with a blue all-over pattern, and a
beauty in green and white. They are
just the things to brighten that dark
corner over there, or to make your sitting room look cheerful on a bleak
•Liut the shapes are tho best part of
this pottery, all have great, wide
mouths, no matter if you get somo of
the many-handled, squatty jugs or the
tall jars, Just lhe thing for thai golden-
"Hul the cost, Sally, the cost! Re-
member, I'm Just going to housekeeping."
* Strange io say, this pottery is not so
verv expensive. I saw a dream of a
bowl In queer salmon pinks and green
for 36,
"Then there was -gome Interesting
English pottery, too, In more solid colors, dull, crackly looking, highly glased
yellows and cndel blues, and one stunning iiiiii- vase, bright Prussian blue,
jusi the thing to bring out those yellow
marigolds Billy is always raving over.
"But If you do noi wish to buy as expensive things ns this pottery ware,
there are uny umouiit   of   vs -i*s   und
'- f
b-&» ii siu.-s ilia, n-lll cost you next to
nothing. They are In all sizes and
shapes, am! lots of theni can be b,.ni&lit
dn   less tlinn jl.
"There are fascinating basket.- ln
clear glass .nth a heavy ribbed handle,
Just the shape uf those tall, slender-
based, spreadlng-mouthed ones ynu s.-e
!n walteaus pictures. Any kind of
llowers Innii lovely In them.
"■utti.-r baskets, Just new this season,
arc lla. Willi broad Kilt rims nml colored handles, |,lnk ami blue, urecn und
lavender. They will be splendid for the
centre ul tlie .able to bold sweel peas
ur nasturtiums
"The Coliiiiia! vases might suit you,
I think, ihey ire so substantial and
roomy, yet the lines aro so simple and
"Utlu-r vases In clear gluss had queer.
bulging shapes, or low bowls with curling rims, uud there were hum oi ■ ir
two. very Blender stemmed and w denlng
inin "lowered tips, that nil! hold a J, zeu
lilies or n fi-w iris bin,,ins
"Those iridescent vases tlmt have a
flat, s,-lid base, Ihen grow ran. r ilendel
and sprcud like a cune to ,-t verj bioud
fluted rim, are Just as po. ular ai ever.
Kur my part. 1 dn no. think you i an find
uny vase tlmt is prettier ,»r mure «,n-
orally useful,
"Tln-y are cheaper than ihey  tsed to
be i, I iiiii glad 10 say, am! Ii   i- .ha.
other glass iiim is almost i leor, savi i ir
th.-  faintest  glittery   t.u. h  ol   ,   ..
"A glass nf n yellow brownish tint
has some charming shapes, ■■■.., -.-
In ralhcr liny vases modeled In llowei
petal* in hold a few vlo i is
"Mosl llowers look well in lhe pale
yellow in,liuni glass, iiiiu-i, haa many
*     1
of tbe same designs and & good deii ot
the rich tinting uf that awfully ex-
pensive art glass that Mrs. Jones tent
you. There is one vase In a rich deep
yellow, with a top thjt turns over a
slei ler Btem like a great yellow Illy,
thai is particularly pretty fur a flower
or two.
"Of course, cut-glass vases are alw.iys
lovely, but they are usually heavy,
and somehow (he shapes, as you Know
to yuur sorrow, are never just right.
But the; are soma pretty new ui.es
Bhown this Bertson that have floral designs cut on plain glass, something un
the rock crystal order. They are
shapi :    like    an    old-fashiuned    quart
11 h Nf y, I almost :orgot! Vou
must tell Billy to -' ■; at a Japanese
b re and gi t you b me of those fiogs,
I irtles ■ •   thai   are  bol*
; wed - ut and make a few i: >wers stand
,-  -, whi    you p.   them in a
•;.. . n   -
*i . ... mak< something like ttiem
yourself by getting strips of tin and
twisting     htm -.. ipi.   oniy,   of
, , -, ihe) will nol look nearly -so ar-
tlstli   li   thi   • ise
"By the way, If you h;.ve not forgotten your ratlia lessons you might
gel , m< chi i *. iart * r plnl me.is ires
,- : .... , . it er ng and handle to
ij-,, m to make iru m look Japanesey.
■*.,,,:, wi • be fins to have out on
youi ■ ■ i     'a
"Thi re ■' mi y, ! n I you evi r ten me
ym ;. t ■,. ir frlind; I ve talked myself
hcarsi er youi i ' ises; I ul I'll forgive you If v* ■ ■:* ; vet Billy to buy
- thing thai n ;. keei yi u fr. m
gTOfl  ng even time Patrick brings you
IT WOULD ue a very dillicult mallei
to convince the uvernge young girl
on the eve of her marrlago mat
she is abuul to Ullter a slate that
la anything short of eiern.il bliss.
Neither is she Inclined to lend an ot-
ten live ear when uidei married people
SUggesl   thill   hi,.*   Is   going   lo  lllld»lll
first few months, i,,,. g tea ml so golden
lu her, full ol Mumbling blocKI,
Some wittily 111 imiured person has
defined a kiss as something thai a man
never gets enough of before marriage,
and u  woman  never afterward;  imt
only Hie WOmuil who has un acutu attack of being "lu love" ami has recovered through matrimony can bo convinced that Ihere Is any truih In this
Man Is essentially a creature of iho
present. While he Is com ting he does It
diligently, He "rushos his girl" with
fervor, showers everything that conventionality nud hla pur:..■string;, permit
upon her, and tcllfl he- she Is an angel,
at regular and frequent intervals. Then,
having secured his prize, through the
medium of a half hour uf mental agony,
filled with ministerial blessings, sartorial loin-fuoleiy and effUBlVO good
wishes, he gives himself a ui eat lung
space, and devotes U to the practical
task of earning a living for himsell und
the angel, who must eal, despite her
ethereal qualities.
It Is then that the bride— unless she
Is endowed with far more lhnn the usual
amount of common ki-iihc- has her bad
quarter of an hour. Qeorgo may have
loved her once, but he hasn't said bo
since lasi week, and she Is inclined to
believe (bin he didn't mean it even then.
To be sure, he has (-lveti up his tabor
uui bu*** ruiulj, jiiud* *P*itljest iu order
The Getting Adjusted of Young Brides
'•'■ii In.- maj pay foi hi rl, ind lm Ke.
a pipe Instead .,f e.gan, and con ..- rs
Uiu   possibility    nf   ..    , II- i;,. I    gl , ;     0|
slilris, lines gus and coal  * irs ,,
'"•'■'•ssiii-y   pm,   of   houiek -, ng    I I.
(hese obvious proofs of lm di. II
very  unimportant  compared  wllh  n,i
WHILE  the   raindrops  patter  a
tune on tho i
She sits on the nursi rj
A tiny Penelope, weaving a web
from the wools in her pinafore
She 'waits the return of no alren-sung
Keeps at hay no Importunate lover,
Uut a needle   is   new to her chubby
And she says, "I arn doing u over-
"'Cause p'rhaps when the clouds are
Washed nwny,
And I sue the pot of gold
The fairies hang at the rainbow's end
For children who never scold
"It will look like the bags that Grandma knits
And the fairy queen will say;
'Lltlie girl, you may pul the koM In that
▲nd tvjrv  It   borne  today,'"
fact thai nc only kissed hei once when
'<* *cnt out that morning, and (ingot
bar11 unch uf violets on Friday night
B) and by, if she li ,  ill) a Mnsitiit
* ;:. in, ihi i lakei berk-all a m-
'•    an .   iki - -t ■ aim i  . li«, ol ihinga,
-' I- ilnn. whllo i.ieoige may
not .'   mite --" .-: \.   is to bol I her hand
I .   in :,  .: un -i i. . nlghi ai be wae
n itrlmonl il days, hi  has marvel    - skill I illni ivlth -u obstrep-
eruui   ■ man, and hi is a *.■ n comfort*
 al ti  have around when a
i..   isi  gets Into lhu i akebox ur a thun-
in i  mi i al ng.
Shi  ■■■■■ ■  nslderi mat h   may be «
-appointed, too. Perhaps hn«
iuin io iweet ami fre»Ti and
.-  all the tune ns he  iruy hava
I - e would be from the expe-
I   the en(,ag*menl   davB,    She
■■■■■- hei ell   hai if he doesn't re-
to lell hei  that  lur eyei are
tl ■    win ya" 'i"*-1 light hla existence,
l I T :* I ,; l"g anything to bring
ti - -i -'*   yei an 1 <i m ihfii lus-
in    .i   l   lh   igh r-.be may slit'..- an oc-
' *    igh   became  life  isn't   quite
wh thought   It   would   tie.   aid
Q If,inks the Kubalval rather silly
-still, on the whole, she U a pretty
bappi  woman.
And the woman who doesn't take this
View of mattera-doesn't get adjusted,
as It were-well, heaven help her; fur,
If heaven doesn't, there Isn't much
chance of anythi:*r? else doing It. She
will go on—a little hard-a little bluer
-a little disappointed and perhapa aft-
er a while. If she Is Inclined that way,'
she'll wind up In the divorce court,
firmly believing herself the victim of %
man's brutality, when she's enly suffering from her own inability io get her
eyes open at the end of thi oine dsyel
of luve i blindness. Rg*
>$Ua %3
C_ J3
2  v^"r\W
,\ the ;-  ;-!- in tne little town of "You nre nil wrong, man," snid a
Kul rti    wcro   very    Industrious! third.   '"Tlmt glow Irom the   setting
On attended   Btrlctlj- to business sun was superb.  1 wondor how   ha
sjj . -.-  nl   about  with  Iheir    hi-mlfi could ever I'nlnt Unit golden haze on
t thinking what they were   do- lln- meadow."
Ing r -M-. ■  • ■     ...;-,. going   to iio Then u boy,  who lind been stand-
-..- -    er had an;   ilnn-   for I n tr behind the othors, whispered to
The Steeplechase of QwikvillJk
f evci   thc  love-ir.nk-
!.. tl        ung people was
bi • ■-- like
strai     man came into
tin1 man next hlm
"1 have been every day to Ree It.
Ii wns never twice (he sump,"
"What?"   Tho peoplo all   crowded
Ishod to hire a lur go around tho hoy, with their eycsfolr-
:   i   i - r's shop, ly bulging.
wanl   It  for?" Raid     "It  was different every day,"    nv
poatptl tin1 liny.   "On.' day    lt    waB
t for b  Btudio    1 am an  gray, anothor day tho Rim Rhone in
tr- ■■■ - Fanh'nte," It, anothor day it was a storm scono,
Iroi rtl iught a moment. Always the name landscape, but with
The name had     alee for  gn  sound, differonl weathers."
and I    mighl lie a very famous man     "It Is not possible!" rrled   overy-
tn his    .vn country,   Then, too,   the body.
u&- of the Ironmaster's loft    would    "It Is true," said tho boy.
bring him i imething   provided    tho    "Ho   must     paint    it   nut   every
■artist had any money),    and   people night."
con    . to buy pictures might    want j   "We will gn and see tho picture ar
il *   •  ou/ of the Iron shop. It would gain," Raid they all.
br *. tra le So they crowded up ngnln into th*
S the Ironmonger drove t\ good dim loft, aa many at a timo ai
bargain with tho artist, and Faniontc 'could pet Into the rope-olT space. All
egreed that if ho failed to pay the day nnd nil the next day they rlamb-
rent the picture he intended to paint orr-d up nnd down the narrow stair*
■would become the property of the way. Even tho busy citizens of the
Ir ■•  anger town found time tn mala1    a second
Tho next day the 'artist arrived trip. Money flowed again into Fa-
fffith his big easel, a roll of canvas nicnto's pockets, till ho was obligod
nand a stretcher, also some paints to put it into a lame sack.
a* brushes Everything was taken The uext morning, nftor all hod
Into the I :'• ai I Faniontc locked seen the picture a socond time, the
the door so that no one should dis-1people met In the tnvorn to compare
turl him at his work. Sometimes tho notes, Business was abandoned
Ironmonger downstairs would hear every whoro. Romp had seen the same
hlm humming and hammering and picture both times, but most of thpm
sawing and driving nails, but no- had seen an entirely different one.
body ever p * even the tiniest peep "Wo must bo colorblind!" said
a-  thi - that was going on. some.
"S-*: - to me you aro making n "It Is a trick of the artist!" said
grei t v r your picture," snid others
the I* tiger, as the Artist    camo     "A trick is it?" cried a big,    red
out one afternoon, |haired man.   "I'll toach any one to
Fanientc smiled, n still smile: "I'm'play tricks on me!"
3e*.- ng ii       iky] ght  lo work by."   j   This fired the crowd,
And ho lockod the door tightly—ns "Bring tho artist! Bring Fnnlento
lie always did here!" they shouted.   "Up shall   cx-
The - md weeks went on, and plain tliis mystery. If ho has tricked
the hammering had ceased. Fanionte us we will hang him to the big oak
wa*? evidently hard at work on his tr.'.- In the square'"
picture He came early; he stayed Thoy rushed to the door of the
In*, i ii illy one day an enormous studio, but it was lockod.
■,-f- frai rrlved arid Faniente took All together they pushed, and
ft ■/.  thi stairs himself crash1  wenl  the door,  TU infuriat-
Aj I . : this timo tho Ironmonger I ed people jammed the stairway, they
had received nothing for tho rent.     [reached the loft.   There was the plc-
"Well," he snid to his foreman, "I.ture slill, but the artist.
get the picture anyway, and if it fits, Thoy leaped over the rope and rac-
that big frame it will just about ed and stumbled and scrambled a-
cover one of the walls of my dining long thc loft to the place where the
room So ho was very patient, ln- picture was. The hig, red-hnlrod
deed he now began to think it would man in his rage flung himself clean
£,,. better to have tho picture than through thc picture, and fell—into a
the rent. tidy flower bed in the Ironmonger's
V  last the Artist announced   that back yard.
his    picture was finished and would     But the picture was still there—and
I- -.'.:.    The price of   ad- will be till the end of timo. for   it
missi was rather high, but thetu- was their own landscape thoy had
r: - * *;* people was excited and been looking at. and had never   rec-
the;     .::.* In crowds—the townspoo- ognized, because tholr eyes had never
pt,   first   then people from the coun- been opened  to  th- beauty    around
t:      * I inm. faraway cities, for the  them.   They had all been too busy,
tame of the mysterious picture   had     Dn the window casing—for that it
t: *  :-i abroad, was which surrounded tho picture —
rowded up the narrow'was   pinned a note tn the Ironmon-
f*   ■    nd I   - I a sn   II space roped gor.  It mad (bus:
(•*•    ■  ■   i end    : thc ' ft, whore thoy |    "Thanks for the use of your   loft.
dust stand   the picture was hung at.The picture is yours,
th.   '   *       end   witi   the    big    gift PAXIFATE."
frame dr .'md it, nnd while nil tho I The dazed Ironmonger looked out
r -* *' the lnft was dim and obscure, .n\ his picture, and in the foreground
tl ■ ture gl wed with n wonderful stood a magnificent oak tree — the
jj    *   H, | tho -■■• :■■'' all said: "Oh!"  nne on which the people would have
x ■   firsl  lo ked upon it, and liked to hang the artist,
tl : they said nothing more. They Thon ■},„ ironmonger laughed —
;.-■   stared with their months open,   laughed loud and lone ns lie    pared
II  v ts a  -■' Iscape, and the   curl- (ntn ji,,, sparkling suns,
ous wl ■ first saw Borne dis-     "i think wo have    '    * *    ur mo-
t.-■• : mtains with soft clouds nnv-R worth," he Bald, "We have
fieel tig thei   with purple    shadows.  Earned to see."
Thei      strel h ol meadow   land,   a	
gentles] ne to the bank of a stream T|.r  q--.-^  URCHIN
.. (,.    ,-, u, fj a, .i rippled   its   blue
;-    -■-   thr  igh the meadow    In the    The Sea Urchin is a strange   anl-
t ..  r ;r | stnod a grand old    oak mal.   It    has four thousand    spinet,
tre '  ■> '■      red roof or two nestled two thousand suck ■    hun-
behind it    The po pic    stood   spell- dred   plates    arrange* ting
b   n i
.zones so that every alternate    plate
He •'.*■■■'■  ;-a great artist!" they is performed f r thi   ■ isi  ge   of thfl
a]] B ;.   an*d thev bowed low to Fa- suckers   II   moves   easily    - er thn
r  ...  .,-,    rpturned the salute, smil- rocks, the stones acting like        en
lt r his st ll smtle on ft wall,
.-■,.,     iou |g   a tually   s en     to The Sea Urchin has   i     *     teeth
,    .'    -,;.."..    ■ ■„.. | When .;   bei iu| ported    I j     tl Irty-flve   muscles
, . ,.■■ |n fr<)nt of the canvas. I could When   worn      ' they fall out,   hut
al,   « have sworn that It was a bird grow ra|   11    i
f *       n tl    d stance "
v.*.  -  each had (razed his fill     h
husl  •!  I»ck to his  work   *
ui .  it time
]■*. -*.
u .- cr w Is   and mo
■ uth of his urchin is called
\-   •  •■ |'a |     -..*■-
Tl i -■■.! '  ■ thfl   Sea
I  --■ •' banks.
Once   ii   •   a tim*1 a larc-e 9t>n   T'r-
...     .-,.    Vrtist'H pocket, ch'n sro* ""irk r*-n nr* of the    ledge*!
but  still the Irom    nger dH not r     pro    I i ■   -   ■*■ shore
 Is      the    poor   TVhln
■ 'd     -■' ■   •     difiMire
cptve - ■■' rhat did not trouhl
him however, for a picture that
would bring trade and 1 -"
himself (     ring rich fl •" r " '   '      i heard   a
' -,. .   j * ■   ■ j    .      ■ ■ atchlng
round t       ttle tavern of Su      ■* i saw the Kay
a,     *..;'■■■ -j  but the
1* ■> i ; * nents       fore
■»  . i rj .;■•   they exclaimed. "The! i
I:.-1 •    -  :* r    1
"I tl   ighl -.''       a Httl
t ,    ■  rd -," ^ li! one
'■)■ ,-■''"'- ■ ! li  ther
RI,     t black to n      It Is a mai
1...   , ■ • ,:■■   if a tl ui    *■■  ■ ■• "
the thai    ad   ■*    i **  ■•■ached
•   - .       ks   The nionstri us      ■ I •
chin et'er aft Twnrd  r i :> * "r'   I " -f-
:.    mited wil   bla deliverer
-.in*  »"
on tho bullutin board over the bridge
across tho street from Dr. Jeremiah
Quonk'b drug store.
And in duo course the last Dog Day
paaaod and the day of the steeplechase
dawned bright, clear und not uncom-
furiably warm,
it seemed aa if imlf the population
of Menagerie Borough turned out to
witness the event, but boat of all wan
tho turnout fnnn Hat Township and
Quonkvllli-, each of which engaged
front placos for Us beat rooters.
Benny ommk and Larry Quonk were
tho favorites of thu one -Itio und Uar*
ny Hat and Crlbby Hat were the picked winners of ihe other sldo,
■Squire llat stnod out In front of tho
starting lino and acolded Benny Quonk
roundly for t.ikliiK tho Inside track,
so Benny said:
"All right, >uii run have nil the nd-
vantugo na your able, fnr all I care."
Ami he turned his hopper over to
tho outside track.
At last the four jockpya had tholr
nop pom on tho Hue, the bell rang, the
starter cried, "Ready! One, two, throe,
gol" nml hoppety-hop-hop, uw.iv Hew
tho four hoppers down the course.
"(In' lt, Benny!" yelled hundreds of
"Hurrah, you're It, Benny!" croaked
a multitude of Quonks.
"Good for Uirry!" sang another multitude of Quoiiks.
"Crlbby'.) ff-ittlng "here, all rlghtl*
shouted n crowd of Hatb.
Hoppety-hop-hop went tho hoppera,
almost nock und neck, Hlf way round
tho course, when, alas! fo** Harny
Rat, he took a horrible header and
wes put out of tho race.
Next omno a hurdle, and hero T.arry
Quonk fell headforemost Into a pool,
and hla hoppor came down on ton of
hlm, nml alter tho hopper camo Crlbby Rat and hla hopper, pell-mell, kor-
splash I
That left Benny Quonk an enny victor, to amble In to the voal ami .smilingly recoiVO tho bouquets iiiiii triumphant shouts uf hu delighted foi-
He wna highly pleased to win the
Grand Prise, whioh hu generously an*
nouncod that In* would divide with the
fellows In nn extempore banquet lo be
given In Qiionkvllle Inn.
"Yes, It was a Jolly rnee" said he,
"but thi> best thing abo«u It wao that
lt haa Bhown those Impertinent Rati
their place, and hereafter they'll leave
off tholr nl™."
THERE wns wild excitement In
Quonkville one bright morning.
On lhe bulletin board over thfl
bridge across the slreel from
Dr. Jeremiah Quonk'.s drui: store, tho
passing Quonka had their attention ar*
rested by tho following poster announcement:
.viii-iiMi-.il, Qiionki, lttif
and Little I
On the dav following the last
Dog Day, to wil, viz: The 13th
of August, thero will be conducted a Grand Steeplechase lu tho
Fair grounds.
Only grasshoppera between four
and eight weeks old will be allowed to enter the race, and the
Jockeya must be young fellows
under twelve months old.
owner of tho winning hopper.
All intending competitors
should glvo their names to tlm
general manager, J E R R Y
QUONK, Esq., No, 111 Frogville
Row, not later than August 12.
No wonder the Quonks became wildly
excited! For not in the memory of
the oldest Inhabitant had there boon
a steeplechase held on the Fair
Grounds lor uny other grounds, for
thai matter).
There was a tradition that about five
ceni-rutIons back a magnificent stee-
Tdaching Elephants ••
^pHOUGH the elephant Is not car-
( nlvoroua he la dangerous enough
ai times. If you want to teach
en el."j hant to stand on his head, you
have in be very careful Chains are
pluced around his hind quarters, and
ik* is then hoisted by pulleys Into the
air often enough foi him to understand what is requlrc-u of him.
To teach these bulky creatures to
pose is very difficult. One well-known
po.-ltlon Is one elephant standing with
his forepawa on the hindquarters of
another, while he flourlshea his trunk
in a theatrical attitude. To teach him
to do this yuu have to pass a chain
round his neck and another round his
The assistants haul way on tho
neck chain until the animal begins to
choke. Naturally, he n.- s on his hind
legs ln order to bc ahlo to breathe.
Then the trunk cable is hauled on, und
the • .■ pliant on whose back he Is to
place hla Forepawa i. hacked under
them, Curiously onoufh, elephants
dl-dlke this treatment and often, after
a severe leason, will attack their
If you want a waltzing elephant, you
will have to engage u numb r of
stroi isslstants, who will push the
elephant round, some at -ither end of
tht it   beast.     You    then    bhout
"Waltz!" and all begl.i pushing. Soon
the elephant learns to -vhirl. on the
ho .:. I   ' the word, of h1" own accord.
.- . tricks as ringing a bell, grind-
Ing  i ire simple and effective.
\ . -:■■.; ;■ ;■ ;■ the ibltct in the ele-
I tit's trunk and shake it for him.
\V '■-. he dances with tinkling bells
:   ii '. his feet t >' at u rime li
lifted and shaken by ihe assistants.
Whiney and Smiley Boy
j ::   LE Mr. Whlneyboy came *   t wn
R ■. Growlygnib, screarr.;r.g ali
■ *
H ■■.;:.-:. it
:.      I his neck     ring       . leala,
.  ■-
v, awful day
•   ■ ••*.--   ne
Ft i  ■■*-.. :.-■-;*::.. laughing all
. ■  ■
.    . r~ lea
a.. ii it:
■ ■   ■ ,     - ■"
The Toothbrush l
n st nea
but f tooth ■
BlGfll        ■ Of 1
f   111
■tick to a
Ing     t
How Old is That Egg*
it iln
ag< '
lield ui
be easl
trfh egg . I
when the
egg ■■■ i ■
be told 1    ■ ■    ■*""'.   boun
Biting Rabbits.
if yon care ' r the  health   '
rabbits  ri
hut' •*•  h r   gl
[/>ok    it, however, i
not gel blttei      \ ■■■■■' ■
do** wPh a litter    ' .   ing     iy rnnki a
«nvijro ittack nn ih" hick of your hand.
Ii ii ui well to put in a pair   I ■■
and  .ir* ii anall hoe wi'h n lonfj handls
to «rrn[j« the floon of tha butehel,
plechase had been hclil, with the Rats
as competitors against the Quonks for
a grand prize of one thousand blue
botllo files, and that lhe Quonks had
como out victorious,
At any rate, the Quonks had ever considered themselves vastly superior to
the Rats, much to the secret Indignation of the latter fellows. Of late, Indeed, the Rats had become openly
abuslvo and disagreeable They had
got Into the way of flocking over
to the Quonks' Saturday ball games,
for instance, and calling out nasty
things to the Quonks on the diamond.
"Just look at Popeyes!" one yelled
"Goodness, what a swell he Is under
his chin!" another added
"Grinny mouth!" crlec1 another.
"Banty legs!" yelled anothor, And
numeroua other Insulting epithets
they hurled ot tho Quonks, till the
Quonka wero thoroughly exusperated,
"What are you, anyhow, but ugly,
lowdown Rats?" croaked they. "The
only time you ever stood up In fair
competition with us we licked you."
"When waa that " shrinked tho Rats.
"In that steeplechase long, long
"Steeplechase, fiddlesticks!" returned
the Rats, "tho Idea of your believing
that granny's yarn Glvo us n chance
und we'll show you what we can do ln
a steeplechase "
"Very well, we challenge you to win
a steeplechase off us," croaked the
So the steeplechase wis advertised
Simple Questions
T asked my papa whi lho world
* Is round instead of square,
And why the piggies' tails are curled,
And why don't lish breathe air,
And why the moon don't hit a star,
And why the dark i» l.biek
And Jest how many hints there aro,
And will the wind como back.
And why a horse can't learn to moo,
And why a cow can't neigh,
And do tho fairies live on dew,
And what makes hair grow gray.
And then my pa gol up an', oh,
The off ul words he .said!
I hadn't done a thing, -out ho
Jest sen' me off to bed!
Affectionate Cats
pATS -in
^ and if
her owner
It Is a stii'
old Idea
than per.
; very i
puss sl
or any
■e sign
al, or, ii
hat  ca
US  Willi
tie lull laid'
of th.
ment to
t. That
- better
.lo.led If
Queens Taller Than Kings.
The CjUeens of the world arc taller
than the kings. King Edward Is
aome Inches shorter than Queen
Alexandra. The Czar Is a head below
the Czarina. Kaiser WUhelm Is of the
medium height, but the German Em-
preaa Is tall, and that Is why the
proud Kaiser will never consent to be
photographed beside his wlte, unless she
alls wh.le he stands.
The King of Portugal, though stouter, Is less tall than his Queen. Even
the Prince of Wales Is a good four
Inches shorter than the Princess, and
•:.-■ '.-.tr ;•.'.'.■? -f Spain is rather be*
low the height of Queen Victoria.
Little Grace Misunderstood.
Little Grace had been brought up In
a Presbyterian family, no lhat tho
White-robed minister*: cf the Church
of England were quite unknown to
■\Yhen she was a little more than 4
years old sho was taken by u guest
to the parish church
Imagine the young lady's horror
when Grace suddenly stood up on tho
cushioned seat of tho pew, ami, pointing an accusing finger, cried loudly:
"S'amel S'ame! !Blg man dotten on
his nightie!"
Study In Fractions,
Mr. Brown met nn old woman on
the way home from market.
"Been buying things, mother?"
"No, sir; been sollin' eggs."
"How many, mother?"
"Well, sir, I had such a number of
eggs that after I sold half of them
anil half an egg, half of what woro
left and half an egg. nnd finally half
of what were left and half an egg,
they wore all sold und not a slnglo
egg had been even cracked, much less
I-r. Brown said: "Oh. yes," and
went on his way, having comprehended at once how many eggs the old
woman had sold.
Can you also toll?
eats wero generally ns well treated aa
dogs, with whom they are nearly always compared to their disadvantage.
Smallest Thing With Backbone.
The smallest thing with a backbone
-.arapan, a little flan recently
:   by   scientists  ln  the  Philippine Islands.   It measures about half
ai    ■   ■. tn length.
Choir Needed Rest.
Harry end Nellie are twins, aged B,
and one Sunday they wero discussing
the services at the church they attend.
"I don't see why they have sermons
for," said Harry.
•'Why," replied Nellie, "It la to glvo
the poor sinners a chance to rest."
Fish as Pets.
Many boys and girls who cannot
keep pets have been able m make
pets of wild birds and animals, Even
fish In a pond will come to know you
If you feed them regularly, and thev
will follow you round the edge of lhe
pond and nt last grow so lame as to
take food out of the hand. Thev will
even come Into the shallows and'allow
themselves lo be patted, Yuu will lind
It easiest to make friends of lish of the
carp family.
Make a Wigwam
A WIGWAM Is a delightful thing
In September when lt Is neither
too hot to play In such a thing
nor too cold to spend a night ln lt.
The Hrst things you need are poles.
Get them from the woods or from the
lumber yard, thirteen of theni, each
two Inches square (If from the lumber yard, In that case make the sticks
round by whittling them).
Make each polo ten feet  long and
Little Girl's Explanation,
A little girl claimed that she hnd got
a new heart. On being asked to explain, she said, "Once I run after sin;
now I run from lt."
LITTLE Ladies and Gentlemen
the I  ■  ■  -' presenting
tfl  you a pit ' -'■■    ' I   *
■ roups   of   ' ardboard   animals,
trainer, i i ited Moa-
sieu' Gulllerl I pi ino in a tfui-seer
.- rat
Thi Jive animals and nlso Mon il inr
..*■"' nlmwrlf hsvn bun IQ put to*
gethe* that they can nr> 'hr.-igi*. almost
sny contortion ar,d ia robs, tie f*at that
/■vi un Ima-flnA
They belong to my great olreus nf
' ti I iei Ivlllo, of which I think you
have o   nlonally heard before
- '- thero ih no reason why you can-
nol Have a tiptop troupe of performing
nn mall similar to these, if you follow
my Instructions carefully*
; 'i tka h Hhnut of good, surf card*
board I
'.'. Gfll a good drnwrr 10 sketrh (hn
outlines of your niiluinln for you, In
•mi*raj*   parts   head,    body     uuu   «bd
tall-each part provided with a hole.
3. Then sketch your tralne' like Monsieur Gulllorl.
4. Cut ull the figures out carefully
and paint thorn up with enrs, eyes,
npotH, etc., to make them look as lifelike ns possible.
6. Then put them together wllh little
brusH paper clips ihni will allow free
action of the limbs, eto,   Good-bye.
Truly yours.    PETER PARNUM,
fiolnted at one end so as to stick Into
he ground. Tie three of them together a foot and a half from the top to
make a tripod.
fist tho tripod up bo as to give yourself a 6^-foot circle bnse room. Place
all the remaining poles uround the
tripod, lushing them together.
Use twill or unbleached muslin to
covor the wigwam. Spreud vour material flat and cut it according to the
pattern shown here. Mark a half circle H feet In diameter, measure
around the edge of this circle 19 feet
(which la enough for your purpose);
draw lines from the edgo to the cen-
tro to show where roocB are to be
stretched later to bind the canvas
firmly to the wigwam.
From each front edge of the canvas cut out a email portion or allow
tor a low entrance, From the top
eentro cut out a half circle 18 laches
In diameter to allow the tops of the
poles to protrude through.
You will find this covering will be
ample for the wigwam, Paint lt up to
suit your taste with Indian llgures,
but If you do any painting do It before you stretch the canvas on the
wigwam. iill» Jl ^v^l^^Jl ^>\^
vu iiii -iii ov^av^av^ua -o
/? curious fhck
of the pompgdout
PARIS, '06,
RUST .,e French f"i* meeting
pr imptly every emergency of
fashb ii, and usually without
much expenditure, The latest tax
upon this ingenuity was the discovery oi ,. way to accomplish the present high coiffure, which must round
upward without other break than ita
great regular waves. Hence, no more
of the faithful side comb, rendered
useb ss by Its weight.
The French "coiffeur," tints tried,
was not for a minute found wanting.
To appreciate hla efforts it Is best to
describe minutely the cause that led
up to such satisfactory results
The primary part of this latest
coiffure follows out a method that
has been for some time In use*. A
part is described around ilu* head,
about three Inches frmn the edge of
the hair, dividing off the centre portion. This latter Is, as usual, arranged in a tight knot, not unlike a pincushion on top, while the outside portion much ruffed in back, ts taken up
very loosely, though its ends are
tightly twisted about the top knot.
French women prefer to uso a
'"crepe" of false hair Instead of exhausting their patience on a careful
combing out, for iu careless combing,
not ruffing, which is unjustly blamed
for it, does the breaking usually occur,
Americans, however, seem to retain a
certain disdain for false hair, looking at
It in an entirely different light from
their French sister, whu hopes that you
will adjudge her coiffure pretty, and
gives no further thought to you or to Its
Whether the foundation be false or
real, lt Is now ready for the "chl-chi"
of loose curls, or puffs, that Is at this
stage lighlly pinned on top, It will he
seen the hair so loosely gathered Up Is
Inclined to fall away In a flat, ugly
manner, while In profile It often has a
curious way of standing off from the
How to get the right shape was the
burning question, Sldecombs only added
to the trouble, and the very longest hairpin was not nearly lung enough. The
obvious thing seemed to he to make one
longer.   And  this  the French coiffeur
Mrs. Svmes' Answers to Correspondents
" .    „   . , I,.,. amfiMiM Alsu, kindly give me a remedy to
Run Down and Servotts
1WAS reading advice to correapondenta
in your columns uf how to rain tleah I am
losing neah all th*** time, and have no appetite, I now weigh only 109, and my usual
■weight was I2*Lpr 126, I am run dow* generally, nervous! and everything annoys mo
greatly. Do you recommend Dr. Vaucalre'a
treatment for nu-? Mrs. D. H.
Here are somo facts and rules that
may help you:
To Gain Flesh Generally.
Absolute freedom from care and anxt«i#,
At least ton hours' Bleep out of every twenty-four, ln addition to this, naps during
tho day If possible. This Bleep must always
he natural. Nothing ta -t-u bad for the appearance and general health as sleep induced by anodynea ■ r narcotics in any form.
The diet Bhould be liberal and should consist largely of food containing starch and
sugar; (potatoes, fresh, Bweet butter, milk,
cream, frulis cooked and aei-ved with sugar,
alt vegetables containing atarch an*i sugar,
such as corn, aweet potatoes, beans, peas,
foods of the macar iiii and spaghetti kinds,
fish and oysters, Ice cream, deaaerta withuut
pastry; plenty ot outdoor lire and a moderate amount of exercise. Bleep hi a well-
ventilated mom. I do not believe any one
can gain flesh if there is an Internal disease; certainly not If there is any tendency
to dyspepsia or liver trouble. Where th** pa-
tlcnt ts plump tn one iiirt uf the body »nd
falls In another, a gymnast to course Is advised. There Is mahlng better than bicycling, unk'BB it may be a regular gymnastic
course In order to pursue tho bitt.'r properly, the pati.-iit is advised to gn to a llrst-
claia gymnasium, nutunit to an examination
and iitkt* the exercises prescribed by ihe attendant ptosiclan. These gymnasiums, at
moderate prices, may be found In a town of
any size In the country.   Where lh    ' —'
any size In the country,    nm.- .  .
opment Is inengr-t' tn the upper part of the
■body, swimming Is alsu an excellent exorcise, Walking is always wholesomo. The
patient whu wishes tu gain neah can never
do fm if she worries, Ih harassed ur penults
her nerves to get the better of her.
Vnuts let Black Hair
-', Jet
p„„ vuu tell me «t « lutrmlMI pr-JJ
tion ihnt will turn Jerk brown hair i"
bl\vm'i".-r-'«V.lo ol nyurogen whiten lhe Bjtln
0( fa,,, i.n.l i k* "• ,   ,
Tho formula! that dye Imlr u Jet blaok
■re su strong that I ito not recommend
their us,- by an amateur. I you wish
to bring your hnlr to tills simile, I ad-
V.ee vou to secure the services of un ex-
^■erSJl'Se'Sfhydr'ogen win bleach the
face and neck.
Cure the Disease First
win vuu nleaae repeat the prescription
for restoring gray hair to It* natural coorT
You referred unc correspondent to anothor
column: I Iwked fur It imt could not find
it As my eyes are weak may have overlooked It. I am ■'■' yea" <»"■ For tne inst
Ave years my hair has beeu turning gray
and falling out.   At first I had eryalpeh
that started It. Mrs. W. G.
Before attempting to use the physician's prescription, I advise you to take
steps toward restoring the health of
your hair. Try this tonic and see If you
cannot arrest the falling of your hair.
Tonic for Balling* Hair.
Phenlc acid, 2 grams; tincture of nui
vomica T1--. grama; tincture of red cinchona,
su grams; tincture ot canlharldeB, 2 grams;
ologmi,   120   grains;  aweet almond   oil,   69
Apply to the rents of the hair with a. soft
sponge once or twice a day.
Why do you object to your gray hair?
There Is nothing nmre beautiful, oven
in a woman of your age, than soft,
thick, glossy gray hair, wilh perhaps a
wave in It. Why not try to attain this,
nnd noi tamper with dyes? With care
you can bring your hnlr to this enviable
condition, providing, of course, the disease yuu speak uf lias been cured.
To Reduce the Ankles
Would you please tell me what chemicals I should use and whal exerclsea are
good to reduce the ankles and make the
calves smaller? I am very willing to diet
If you think that also advisable. M. B.
To adhere to a diet will reduce your
flesh generally, but not affect any special part; but perhaps your whole body
Is over weight. I would advise you to
bathe the ankles and calves In clear
alcohol, alternating with warm vinegar, l'ho following recipe may also
Pomade to Reduce Fat.
Iodide Of potassium. *t grams; vaseline, SO
gram.**: tincture uf benxoin, 20 drups.
Malic Into a pomade und rub over the fat
parts twite a day,
You should abstain from food that Is
especially t'nt forming—cereals, potatoes,
corn, beans, etc, Yuu -shuuld alsu avoid
sweets of all kinds.
Massage Unnecessary
I once read In your column a recipe for
reducing lh.* hunt which you also said could
be lined nn the face fur the name purpose.
I am well proportioned, except that I have
a very fat face, and no woum ask i u to
please advise me, I would also ad'd thai
I tin not care fur massaire, unless ll Is necessary In connection with tha lut ion.
C. A. H,
In the answer to "M. B." yuu will
find the pomade to reduce fat. This la
probably the recipe to which you refer.
Thin Hair
I would like tu know very much how I
could reduce my bust, as it is verv large
in proportion to the rest of my body I
have tri".! the applications uf r„i.| water
Lut It. dues not Beem to take anv eflect.
Uow long before there Is a result?
■;' :*' * -M.-K ^
V   I
II*   $im%t
■    -.' :■<-:■, s.
.  Mm. \. 18m
\ . "V ,   »
--,    '    t li
- V A
,-> 0-3h "- *' v
■ ••'- ■;■:"'■-■       i»
,">r.-/J *,-i- *>5
-;,.t'-. .*'■.<   ■.-iv^-*'/-.-.-.'vJ';*> - Mi
"r?!z."r%:~~Z_~~':---■'■' '    '
^'--     ^■'-'y±...
^»*.--t.*.>'> ZT
very simply showed us how to do—hy
taking an ordinary hairpin, straightening
out the middle bend and arranging a
hook at one end—going back tu the stiletto principle.
A hairpin so fashioned la five or six
Inches long, so that when it Is pushed
through the pompadour there Is an end
which is stuck into the tight knot, with
long enough purchase to hold the anglo
at which it Is adjusted, This angle lndUs
thc hair out and upward at tlie sides
and against the forehead In fronl.
If the hair were taken away, there
would he found a semicircle of pins resembling th: half uf a halo—the whole
of which Is merited without question by
the Inventor who has obtained for US
that most grateful of all things, a com-
fortable, secure hair dressing.
For the V-endlng process lms made even
thos- tiresome little objects known as
Invisible hairpins eminently useful. By
arranging u tiny hook In 'one end they
will hold quite permanently the Invisible
net or rebellious lock, Instead of slipping
Into your eyes or down your neck at a
fatal moment, according to their former
habit. E. D.
^ Sent SQr/>i//g m&kzs jjgcc/ #<?/:
iT Isn't every one of us who Ins a
woods for her back yard, but
when you can get Into a h al
woodsy placo a thousand • xerctsea
BUggest themselves which oan
rled out In true gymni ■ fn i -
It in gymnasium costume, bo m u h
Climbing trees cans many a uiukn
into play that Is ran ly i x rclsed, and
a dozen vai let Ies of the Us-ual < limbing mny be deveh pi d from a b i ty
standpoint, ii your hi].- ;■* I i'"1" ..- n
are large, tor In itance, force yoursi \*
to do most ol tin aetu; ! work with
your legs, using your ban Is only to
guide and to *-i< ndy yo irse-ll *.
This Is a very dlfllcull ex* n Isi to
practice, but one that brings about
dendtd results.
if. on tii>* contrary, it is •!,- st and
arms that you wish to th '-■.,. b t
your arms do all the w irk thnl I .■
will, swinging yoursi If fr i:n limb to
limb. And—though this will be a later
development, because rather a severe
form of exercise—even I 'arn to di lw
yourself up, by your arms, (rom a lower
limb to an upper, exactly as ai ith-
lete does with parallel (and singli >
Young trees—so young that their
"spring" Is their Btrong point—provide
menns fora splendid game and exercise
rolled Into one. Climb the tree and ihen
gradually work yourself out to the end,
■'hand walking" mosl of the way.    If
tho tree Is suffl lently springy it Bhould
bend way over under y ur weight. Then
drop to tl    .:: letting i hi  fall :ind
yo i perfectly pol and with muscles so
woll  ■: i give to the
drop just ei igh I keej It from being
am :. * g ■ :  i sl   ck.
Grai vines permit of splendid swing-
Ing. and rail fences offer i ndi* ss opportunities in ii.* sh f v ■■ ill g and
jumpin [. and even I v. ilklng el< -s the
i ;. ising ther rail b; '*'■ ■ of a
bulancli This last, while not so
much i tax i] is b b, Is a good
exei -• for pi motl ig grace—and a
Bti * .■- I and :■■ qui k - ye are both
A strong. e and a little brook
e ..- [est th   loi g s * s . imi a< n s*a—
s ire " result digasti isly In . drenching If you tin st hit lumsy. A
g; i] ■*. hat   grows    cl >se    to    the
wati r's edg ed as o i rimitive
aorl fl - while the swinging across
Is i:*    I exei  ise
Taki delicate child, who prefers
books to a romi nd w I ra i ■- about
th- ho ise In If Irrll .-. ll roughly
n. ■ ;.- waj n iki hei   lo her exer-
cises in nature s g *mn
It will ! ■ ..:. • :* rt at first, and tlm-
Idlty will make a task of it for the child.
Q ' n t . '■:• v.: le, the timidity will
give way to a delight in accomplishing
: * v ■ hat « Ul I fr lit ;:. the shape of
rosy cheeks, brighl eyes and a gratifying Increase in health.
On Care of the Face and Hair
Also, kindly give me a remedy* to make
mv hair thick, aa It la very, very thin.
T,  A. J.
Try the pomade to reduce fat, given
in the answer to "M, B." Continue the
applications of cold water, With almost all exercises, remedies and treatments, persistence Is the hev to the situation. And the length of time before
success Is reached is almost always Indefinite. 	
lielow Is a tonic that I think will help
the growth of your hair:
Tea Hali* Tonic.
Black  tea as a basis for hair tonic ll
■successful In many cases.   Formula:
Hav rum 2 ounces; glycerine. 2 ounces:
ak'uh'-d. 2 ounces; infusion of black tea, 10
ounces. „  .
Mix and perfume to suit. The tea Infusion should be made very strong, say an
ounce of tea to ten or twelve ounces of
bulling water. Lot lt steep for twenty
minutes, then atand till cool; strain and
add the other Ingredients; apply with a
soft sponge to the roots of the hair. It will
darken blond hair.
Hair Turning Dark
Will you please let me know what 1 shall
do for my hair? It Is losing iu natural
color. It was brown and It Is gettlni*. very
dark. I also have several gray hairs. 1
dun't like to uso a dye o* any Kind, I would
like to know of a |ood shampoo,    J. 8, M.
I would advlBe you to use the following shampoo, which will do much toward keeping your hair light:
Shampoo for tight Hair.
White castlle soap, In shavings 1 ounce;
water. 2-t ounces: pola.«slum carbonate. 30
grains; borax, 12<J grains; cologne water, 2
ounces; hay rum, I ounces.
Dissolve the aoap In the water and add
the other Ingredient!. Rub well into the
roots, ntnse thoroughly In several waters.
Then dry carefully.
Use this shampoo once In two weeks,
If such frequency makes the hair too
dry I will give you a lotion to keep it
soft and of proper nlllness. Do not
trouble about your gray hairs, That Is
the least of Ills that cuuld befall yuur
Treatment for Bunions
1 have been using one of your recipes for
banlvns. It is carbolic a**ld, glycerin.; and
iodine. It hsa tnken all the soreness out of
my bunion, tut it hasn't taken the Dwelling
down. Will you please tell me If it Is enly
to tal.e the screness out? Or can you tel"|
me something tc take the swelling uut toot
A. O.
The swollen Joint Is due to the long
pressure and irritation to which it has
been subjected. It has grown uut of
shape. With patience I think you oan
bring the joint to Its natural size. Wear
a very soft, comfortable slice. Never
allow the l-aast irritation or exposure
to Inclement weather,  Bathe every day
with   clear   alcohol,   alternated   with
rubbings of pure culd cream.
A Red Blotch
Will you kindly glvo me something to remove a red blotch on the side *f lho none.
It having been there fur eight montha, nnd
greatly oblige F. W. B.
I do not understand the nature of this
annoyance. Is th.* skin smooth and unbroken? And what Is the degree of redness-dull, bright or bluish? Give mc
more details before I can suggest a
No Danger of Discoloring
Will yuu kindly tell me whether your hair
grower of bay rum, witch hazel, salt, hydro*
chloric add and magnesia will cutis.* white
hairs to turn yellow or disc |.,r ihem?
My hair Is jusi swlnkbd wiih white, while
I need sume good i inlc to maku it grow, mid
yuur recipe aid look goud, And will you
als • kindly lell mu how much magnesia Is
to bo used? Mrs. II. P, L.
The tonic you mention will not discolor gray hair. This happens when
gray hair is not sufficiently washed. Because of its light color it requires abuut
twice as much care na darker shades.
1 cannot tell you the exact amount of
magnesia required in the preparation of
this formula: if you are not sure us tu
how to handle It, you might better ask
your druggist to ml the prescription. He
will know Just what to do.
Wrinkles Should he Ovcrcon,
Your beauty hats have greatly Intcreil
me. and I would like to nsk a few queatloha,
I have a rough, yellow skin ami .hep
wrinkles at ihe cornon of the mouth, Imt
lake massage once a week. Hu you think,
In time, the lines about the mouth will disappear by my continuing the treatments'!
In adilliiun to thia, 1 use u splendid cold
cream every nlghi, bui before using the
cream hallm lhe face with lhe best uti.illly
castlle fi-uup and lui wuler, then cold water,
I am 36 years old.   If you can give me any
good advice,  1 wuul.l like lu hnvo It.
H" candid, as I desire a g.md skin, and
hate wrinkles. ii. n. V,
If you have confidence In your spe-
Clallst and she Is giving you the proper
treatment, the wrinkles should be overcome In the course of lime.
The assistance you give her nt home
wllh cold cream etc,, Is excellent. Uut
neither she nor ! can help you If, hy
yuur facial cxpressiun, you do not seek
to correct the trouble yourself, Sometimes a persistent expression win defy
all means to smooth out wrinkles.
jou say your skin Is yellow. Is your
liver ln go.nl condition? If not, you
cannot he helped until It Is.
Since ymi ine in lln- hands of this
specialist, I do not core to give yuu
mii'h detailed advice, fur it Is not wise
to coiifu.se treatments.
To Remove Freckles
Wnuld you phase Hive "'•" th" formula
fur removing frrckh's .pilckly? And after
thirl are gunfl will they UOV away?
Will lu- \ mini in* - remedy make a persuu "taliy?  I had his formula nii-d today
fi>! i... bust, but whai will make ine lh shy
all over? A.  K.   H.
Below l glvo you a formula for
freckles. I cinn.it promise that its effects will be permanent, for some skins
nre more easily freckled than others.
However, many of my correspondents
ar.) quite willing to repeat Um treatment
occasion requires,
l»r, Vaticulroa llemedy affects no part
ihe body other than the bust.
Whitening Fnste for Freckles and
Brown Spots.
Salicylic add, DO grains; bay rum, 4
Uiul. Applv night end morning wllh a
«nft cloth ur sponge This lull.m H-ton produces a slight roughness of tie* skin, which
i-i '>',i i be subdued by lhu uso of glycerine
of starch.
Successful Formula
IS THERE such a thing as a harmless dye
fur dark brown hair?
I nm Btill  young,  but the white hairs
arc becoming quite noticeable,
If you cuuld give m*« a recipe you would
greatly obiiuu, C, A, B.
The formula below has been G'jceessful
, number of cases, ^nd is quite harm-
It ss.
To Restore the Natural Color of
the Hair.
(A physician's prescription,)
Sugar of k-ad, Vi ounce; lac sulphur, 4
oun e; essence of bergamot, ^ ounce; al-
c.'..., '. gill; glycerine, l ounce, tincture
of cantharfdes, ft i um ■ amm Ma 4 ounce.
Mix all In une pint of -toft water. Apply
to tin ru.as ul the hair, which must Le
The dye shuuld never he applied if there
is uny Irritation or abrasion of the scalp.
The best way to use any stain Is to
npply it to the roots of the hair wilh
a small brush—a toothbrush will answer
for the purpose.
To Remove Tan
1 hnve been a constant reader and would
like to ask abuut Dr. Vaucalre'a treatment.
1 am ipiIti* plump, except mi bust, which
was never targe after nursing my baby.
I would like to try this treatmenl l( it is
mil harmful,   I am perfectly healthy
Whal can I do to whiu-n my artiu. which
are tanned?
How Jong do yuu havo to lnke Dr. Vaucalre'a tr.atnunt before you get r- >-:■'-'
,M   D, H,
Dr. Vaucalre'a Remedy Is quite harmless. The time re-quired to * btaln results from Its use varies widely tn different people.
Peroxide of hydrogen Is excellent for
removing tan.
Bathe the skin with It night and morning, allowing It to dry on. Use a soft
linen rag.
Don't Overdo Massage
I nm Vi yeari of ago and would like to
preBerva mv appearand -■ I think it every
wiiti.air** duty
w mid v*-u advise th* use *f -. ■ isagi l i
keep back the wrinkles mid preswrv* the,
health  il Lhe skli I
W u -I yi . -i -> ■ ii tbe us** of i *
M> skin i* i. tural    in an i    *    .   ■   ■
1   HU'
I have hud witi, sklti '   i- - bi
alwaya made mj   face 1" -   *
u\. : I- i M ■ ii    I .- ■       i
I- mothln ; that i      *   . ■■    .*-■:*.
promote t      tl ,        .     .*■
i »ni ii u with . i ■ i: ■ t-kh I Ij
i. i bulter Injurl ji t
A r-'T-   i.;       R
Proper massage will d ■ i gri il de il
to keep youi k ii sn ; i. lth)
But this if .i'u.' ■; Is (ten rdone,
nnd the result Is t (I bby, lift .■ is skin.
You nre right about a dry skin wrinkling easily.   If yoll use a g I skin food
that softens and Invigorates the -akin it
will greatly aid In the treatment. Th"
following Is an excellent formula, Rub
it  In  twice a day.  using  motlOfOI that
win dmuoth out ihu wrinkle*
it is well to form a habit of smooth-
Ing the wrinkles gently with the linger
tips manv times during the day without
the cream. This i ream will not promote
the gruwih of hair.
Massage Cream.
Lanolin. 24 ounces; spermaceti, \ ounce;
white    ate!mi    : ,    uncea; cocoanut oil, 1
ounces; tweet ai::. nd oil, 2 ounces; tincture
of   benii ia,   4   drum.
Melt thi '.'>■ ;— Ingredients together,
beat ui -. the mass . i< s. a I ling the
beni li     •■■■■;      .. Ing tt Is pi    ■ ss
Hitract of violet or any perfume may be
added 11
-Cocoa butter Is not In any way injurious, lt Is a great flesh builder and guod
to use if your face Is too slender,
A Good Jfcad of Hair
I used lo have plenty of hair, hut I have
hli thick landi -:: .. I ng ttme and cannot
get rid nt :t I* causes my hair lo fall out
hy larre .minis Would you please tell
me what to do to get and retain a good
h-sad nf hair? There are plenty of adver-
tlfements, but I would like to know* of
1 mething really gcou that will give a luxuriant growth.
I am very much sunburnt. Will you please
tell mo. In your beauty page, what will
remove It? There Is - mi remedy that will
remove In a few applications, and I would
li**. to kr.y* of b< mething g  ■-.
To Remove Dandruff.
Tincture of cantharldtB. 1 ounce; liquid
ammonia, 1 diam; glycerine. 4 ounce; oil
thyme   -i dram; rosemary oil, 4 dram.
y,x 1'.'. t f -Nr with sl* ounces 0: rose-
water, Hub the scalp thoroughly with this
ir*; iratl n until n-i further evidence of
da.-. IniiT la m 11 •■!.
When the dandruff is removed completely use this tonic:
Hair Grower.
Bay mm, " ounces; distilled wiuh hazel,
I ounces; common salt. 1 dram; hydro*
chi- rJ- add (5 per cent), 1 drop; magnesia,
Mis Ihe tay turn nn-1 dlntllkd <*x!rac*t of
witch I if ii ■ shake wati a little mag*
r- > hitler an 1 tn tt- nitta' lis: Ive
1 ■   -.11 and add one drop if hydr--chlurlo
I.   :
■ igneiti will cause the preparation
It   ■ in   -,..:*.-■ yell u   I ill thi >• II iw win
1   .   near  whi n   thi   hj Irochlorh   acid  Is
t   <
A]; I) 11 nighl t ■ the roots, with friction,
Tansy Tea and Buttermilk
I w i.i ■■- know if the tanay ynu buy at
thr dr-iggt-n.-' 'ftn t* u-e,i the name as
•  it n       11   thi   field    Whi you
give me    rectlons' ] h-iv* h-*ard thai tansy
anl t.uth-miik are very good       J. L. M
• u sy   nt   the   druggists1  Ib ihe
"ial grov
...        er    is ^^^^^^^^—^„—
would prefer lo have the green herb,
Just as you gather it,
Tansy tea and buttermilk nre very
good for the skin. Knowing the exact
(juantiiles to be used Is not important.
Just make an Infusion of th-' tansy
leaves and mix It, about half and hair,
with th*- buttermilk. It 1 Mikes a good
i-Ma wash, '
same as that growing in ihe fields, only
the   former   is   dried.     Perhaps   you wmssm
VsCECHr    MlfH Oil
g Jvf- (pavkah!paykah:-
Jk^ZZZ ) STOP! STOP!     ,
<&*> m Uk\ heap much noise!
1 ;n^^« ft
One clay Nokomis cut a smooth branch irom Wahdoop, the Aider bush, anu made a nice, large
Pep-e^-un, cr "Music-whistle," for Little Growling Bird. She put a dried pea inside of it so that
it would rattle around, but could not get out. Then she gave it to the little boy and he blew his breath
into it as h:r-l as he could blow. It gave out a clear "ttilling" note that sounded very much like 0-
suhwe-Pe-nayshins, Yellow Bird, tlie Canary, but much louder and shriiler. Little Grov-ling Bird
.   il -.-. would be just thc thing to call Bin Bear with, when he was (ar awav in the wood.. So—
|j - "YGf,FORA BOY
,"1*3 ltfa?2i3ffi^^
He befian blowing it as loudly as he could (aTiiitie ooys wi|i), until Nokomis couldn't stand it
any longer and sent him down to thc hank of the stream, Dancing Water, to play. Aundak, of
course, went along too, and boasled, as hr went, oi what a fine singer and whistler he was—"once
upon a time." "But I caught a bad cold one rainy spring," said he, "and ever since then I have not
b-:en able to sing very well. You may have noticed how hoarse my voice la, sometimes!" l**rt'e
Growling Bird had noticed it, but hc was too polite to s.iv how many lineal Just then--
%     .*«•*        .l-flsS-jj*-,
\L   ^MiM^'^^m
*//    \l r XlM "si's.",?  ■ s jM-*,, .ft ' <C     *T*  ■    ,j ^..jm**,.- .- —,
O-suhwe-Pe-nayshins, the Little Yellow Bird, heard the sound of thc whistle and came flitting
along to see what kind of a bird it was that called so much louder than he could. When he found it
was the little Indian boy that was doing it, hc said: "Boozhoo, Nakemood Pe-nay shins— Good-day,
Little Growling Bird! Why are you whistling thc Canaries'call ao loudly?" "I'm trying to call Big
Bear," he replied, "but I don't believe he knows I am calling him, because he has nevei heard this
music-whistle before." "I'll go and find him and tell him you are whistling for him."   Well—
-:-m-  - £■/«»
7//  ^'^
'fr?- WAUW^
 . ,.        .ASAKErltlDlVH'ff,
LAST hiO'M tiOT£!
■ 5r
*—'        -./#*»
i*\*r "-'\
I A-mmmN'!
'$' *H%
ii f^^^^^f-V ^z'^fw I
B  *Sm *r^*yiSi=* £   ^<t'/     J*M\     •■**-. \ A*
i4 ^— """ i--;--—-*   / _  ,    ,. ■■|LiUUtmi|iiji ■-■-x.ijjrr.-'rrrrf' 1 *"iil'* I fc——Bae
*- -^ J    . . -   «5» =^-x<s.n-.-.%*.•-■ i -a^.^-.'! .'J x^r?1
z ■—— SBg gnggage BJBW BfBB—WBBMB
While this was gemg on Nahbay 0-muK-i-.ur.ee, tne buutrog, poked up his head to listen. Bu"..
f:c^ is ton ! oi music arid thinks he has a very fine bass voice, himsell, "'-. wl * H wh! A :•-.--.. maun-
duh?—Come! Come!  What is this5" ho croaked.   Little Growling Bird blew ,1 pier*; ng blast fron bis
whistle and Bullfrog listened, smiling from car to ear, "Waug   " he  I, "I u ish I co id leam I)
dothst!"   He swelled up his throat until it looked like a rubber ball, \ -    etoutofitwa  1
deep bellow   Meanwhile
8husnug*guhwuih-koogesee, the Green Frog—whose name is nearly as long as his legs—heard
the piping r        -    . llso, to ;,et a better view,   He did not dare to come very clost, as
0 .'-.'■ ■■-'. tt wouldn't like it and might lake it into his head to bite him on the eye. But
Bullfr teningai I staring a! Little Growling Bird, that he lidn't notice him at all
_ -; 1 . ttle closer, little boy," creaked the big (rug.   "I did not'*quite catch the 'curlycue'
you playe I"  So-
Little Growling Bird stepped out on a smooth round stone in the water, to be nearer to Bullfrog,
and blew another blast on his music-whistle that made all the other frogs in the stream hold their
breaths and listen. Suddenly the little boy's foot slipped off the smooth stone and down he went—
splash!—into the water. Bullfrog was ao startled that he turned a back summersault and disappeared with a loud grunt. Green Frog, however, wns watching, and, as the whistle fiew out of the little
boy's hand, hc grabbed it in his wide mouth and dived away until he was far off among the rushes.
^    TO 35 VERVFOND \   r^i
P/0 yOU C<T^\     I or the WATERi/^rtSj &,
.  WET, LITTLE   \ ©^7
**"■ 'l|1ri[
y^ioZL^xaasni^ ?«Bi   * r;ww
i    UKE A BI&
|    /ELLOW ThOG.
■ff/V  l FOUND ftM
- - ;l\
•e-Xn—-..    .
if I     \r C
^r#      :- SJSwn\«eo
<=   \ytJ^\lU seermt^S
^ \yotio-erA    <s
?- *; ...,  *, -.emcm m»
rJl'"v 'sr~£Vj-f«
\, £   .^^^H       ~py.   - »./.iri
i •■ / mm
ifcL.. p..
tyy   ,   '
/    '   i
The water was not -deep an-i, betides. Little Growling Bird eould nwim very wp'.l when he
did not have all his clothes on, but he wai so tangled up amon,; me weeds and lily-pada lhat he had a
hard time getting hu head above water Meanwhile, Yellcw Bird, the Canary, had found Big Etear and
told h'-m what the whistling meant Big Bear followed the *ound and came to the edge of the stream
just ss Little Growling Bird wis floundering around in the tangle. He didn't stop to inquire, but ,*m
crabbed him by thc tad of hu d-t-erikin coat in*! lifted him out, weeds and all
Little Growang hird looked so ; iccf ind draggled, whe   ■.** lows * * •v.'* ihore, tnst Htg Heir
couldn't help laughing ei ilm His ttle ■•■'    ild not see anytl   g lunay In It it ill, ind limoit eriid
when he found 111 dad oat thi nice Pep egwun, « rrwuk whlltl Big Be»r uld that when fini he
saw Little Or'.wling Bird "all ipriddled -■.*' among thl Hly-pedl I fnovghl ho wai mother kind td
frog. "A hig billow Frog." ht Mid "Th** il what I thought jrou #«**." Then hi grlnrwd ind
■ v,i kled 'I.; his fat ildei ihook. But Little Gfowilng Bird fel' hi    *.nd-
Al won a. hi. cloth., ware dry hi dressed, snd they ill wen. back to the wigwam, Jtlut.ls.er,
Little Growling Bird hid tha laugh on Big Besr, lor once, when Bullfrog Kind hinWI yotl shall
hwr ,11 ab ni. neai weak.)
And ever auue than Bullfrog keep, grumlng—"Oondausl Oondsual Nahdin Pep-tCwlllH«
Cam* I. -re I Come here I . Bring whleutl" B* Green Frog still keeps II, and you an hear him prax-
tlclng on ii - pi i r-r-rt- .ny r.lny day cc warm night In the ponds inii marshes. At
1906   -    CHRISTMAS   -  1906:;
# i* i
Ohristmas-the Glad Season-the most universally observed Gift Giving Season—is only a few days away. We advise
you to do your Shopping as soon as possible. We can help you solve the SANTA GLAUS problem. Holiday Rememl ranees
for everyone.  Make someone happy. Buy from the following lists.
.   This Department is Heaping full of Real Good Things for Xmas
Anything and Everything in Groceries you can get here.
Let us have your order as soon as possible.   We can give it      y'^\
.est attention now.
be.   So purchase early,
our best attention now. The nearer to the Holiday, the busier we will /-~-A<i
Valencia Raisins in Two Qualities, Mediterranean Sultanas,*. 'California Cooking Figs in Bags, Loose Muscatel Raisins, Clen'd Currants
in Bulk, Mixed Peels, California Cleaned Currants and Seeded Raisins
For Ladies
Fancy Boxes of Bon Bons, Fancy Collars
in Boxes, Fancy Waist Lengths in Boxes
Ladies' Embroidered Handkerchiefs, Fancy
Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery, Furs, Opera Bags,
Golf Jackets, Post Card Albums, Manicure
Setts, Photo Albums, Wrist Bags, Writing
Cases, Work Baskets, Bead Purses.
in 16 oz. Packets, Tonee Smyrna Figs in Glass Jars, Vleena Figs in
Baskets, Pressed Figs in boxes, Hallowi Dates in bulk, Layer Raisins in
all the best grades, such as Royal Clusters, Choice Clusters and B. E.
Selects in i lb. Packages, Shelled Almonds and Shelled Walnuts, also
English Walnuts, Almonds, Filberts, Brazil and Pea Nuts, etc. Anything you will require in Delicacies for Xmas.
All the Season's Novelties are at our doors.
For Ladies
Dressing Gowns, Kimonas, Silk Umbrellas, Belts, Fancy Silk Waists, Suit
Cases, Toilet Setts, Ink Stands, Hockey
Boots, Fancy Slippers, Fans, and in fact
everything a Lady requires to make a
complete toilet. Come in and examine
our stock.  We have what you want.
China and Glassware
Limoge Dinner Sets, Limoge Tea Sets,
Clinton Dinner Sets, Clinton Tea Sets,
Gold Engraved Berry Bowls and Bon Bon
Dishes, Fancy Limoge Plates, Hand Painted Limoges Trays, Fancy Japanese Cups
and Saucers, Fancy Japanese Cocoa Sets,
Fancy Japanese 5 o'clock Tea Sets, Fancy
Japanese Cream and Sugars, Fancy Japanese Vases, Fancy Jardinieres, Lemonade
Sets, Bon Bon Dishes, Fruit Bowls, Salt
and Peppers, Water Glasses, Souvenir
Cream and Sugars, Cups and Saucers,
English Toilet Sets, Fancy Toilet Sets,
Fancy Parlor Lamps, Cut Glass, Etc.
For Men
Smokers' Setts, Boxes of Cigars, Cigar
Holders, Cig'rette Holders, Tobacco
Pouches, Umbrellas, Neck Scarfs, Toilet
Setts, Brush and Comb Setts, Suit Cases,
Overcoats, Dressing Gowns, Fancy Slippers, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Fancy Ties,
Mufflers, Ink Stands, Writing Cases,
Shaving Setts, Shaving Mugs, Pocket
Knives, Hockey Boots, Shaving Mirrors.
For Children
Toys, Fancy Goods, Candies, Games,
Doll Carriages, Go-carts, Wove Jackets,
Famy coats, Booties, Infamies, Bonnetts,
Hoods, Fancy Slippers, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Handkerchief Sachets.
Mail Orders Promptly* Attended To.
No order too large and none too small.
Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B.C.
C. B. HUME & CO., Ltd.
w»W4f4^4^-H-'H"l-l'H"H'-H- III I Him |,l |;l Illll H"I;H"I"H ■H4W*4444tW«**W^*W»W*^'l'l''l*tf-»iHi| 11,1111111111 l.l.l I» A
for our
The New Idea
Woman's Magazine
These two together
For Only $2.50
The New Idea Woman's
Magaalne contains over IOO
pages each month of fashions,
guidance for making clothes
and household helps.
Each number is divided
somewhat as follows \
The Fashions
16 pages of reading and description; also nine full-page
fashion plates—many of them
in color.
Fiction and
Informational Articles
50 pages by the best writer*.
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Children's Department
From 5 to 10 pages of styles
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10 Paget.
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IDEA," the Ladies' Monthly magazine. Both papers for a whole year
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Idea" Monthly Magazine.
Steam Printers and Publishers
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Revelstoke & McCullough Creek
Hydraulic Mining Co.
A geneiul meeting of the stockholders of tbe Revelstoke and McCullough
Creek Hydraulic Mining Co. ivos held
last Thursday night, to tiansact general business and to elect officers for
the year. The minub s ot the lust
meeting were adopted as read. The
lollowing directors were appointed:
Charles F. Lindmark, president) J,
G. Harris, Duluth, viee-preaiden'; J.
D. Sibbald, secy.-treiis., and managing
director; J. P. Sutherland, Murray
Hume, C. M. Field, J.T. Mlohnud,
Duluth; M. Thomas, Duluth; W.J.
Botes, directors. J. II. Jackson was
appointed auditor for the company.
J. 1), Sibbald snid that the balance
shcit nnd general report would be
short y issued, No further business
ol an imp -riant nature vvns .11 cussed
and the meeting adjourned,
The directors report that most satis-
(nolo y nork has been done and pro
gicss has i cen made on the property
ami the lui ure looked most promising.
Only a comparatively smnll portion
has been cleaned up nnd tbe result,
wns lar biggrr than anticipated, The
cost ol running nud operating has
been comparatively B.nall and when
work commences in the spring several
improvements In the methods of washing will be used, The company is a
long way on the right side financially
so that the returns to the stockholders
should be very considerable. Thc want
of a good trail Irani Laporte is badly
lelt and since Ibis district is becoming
more and more exploited not only loi
mineral but also Ior timber, there is
certainly every reason why the government should help out the private
corporation in their work of dev lop
ment. The Big Bend country is opening up into a most important district
and with more conveniences of access
Irom Revelstoke would well repay the
Government Ior any money expended
on trails and roads.
The curling rinks were used lor the
first time on Thursday night and the
familiar roar of the stones will be good
music to ninny who have heen onx
iously waiting lor the ice to get in
shape, to get going for anotherBeason-
The first game of the year wns
played between J. H. Jackson and D.
Nairn, and after a good keen contest
tbe gnme resulted in a win for the
latter, the score being 14 to 4. The
rinks were ns follows:
J. Murker. G. H. Knight
C. Lindmark. C. McDonald
H. N. Coursier. A.E.Rose.
J. II. Jackson, skip.     1). Nairn, skip
A Urge number of spectators wen
present watching both curling n.id
sknting. Th-- skaters came in scores,
attracted by the excellent ic and also
by the presence ul the band, .vll'oh is
always a popular attraction in Revelstoke.
The lollowing members nf the
Revelstoke Curling Club have been
appointed skips for llie enmingseason:
G. H. Brock, H, A, Brown, W, A.
Foote, J. H. Jackson, A. E. Kincaid,
F. B. Lewis.G. S. McCarter, A. McRae,
D.Nairn, A. M Pinkhatn, D. Rue, R.
A. Upper. It is requested thut the
skips give in the names ot those
selected for their respective rinks, to
the secretary as early ns possible.
C. W. 0. w.
At the annual meeting of Mountain
View Camp, on Wednesday night, the
lollowing officers were elect, d tor the
ensuing year:
C.C.W.D. Armstrong; A.L.R.W.
Haggen; Banker, A. J. Stephenson;
Escort, H. McMillan; Clerk, H. W.
Edwards; Wtchnin , Morris Anderson;
Secy., C. Corson; Del., H. C. Cameron;
Alt. Del., H. W. Edwards; Managers,
W. A. Nettle, R. H. Sawyer, J. Mo-
Public Catholic Worship now
Paris, Dee. 12 —This is a historic
day for France. The struggle wl.ijb
began in 1880 with the banishment ol
the Jesuits, ended today with the legal
rupture ot the bond which for practically a thousand years had united
church and state,
Ry reluBing to make the required
declaration under tl.e public meeting
law of 1881, public Catholic worship,
except by Schismatic organization,
tomorrow becomes illegal.
The scenes in somo of the churches
were touching. Not in years bad
there heen such on attendance at
mass. The number of women especially, conspicuously indicating the religious indifference of tbe male population. Although seven-eights ol the
inhabitants of this city nominally are
Cal holies, in no parts of the city were
the churches crowded, Even at the
cathedral, where a solemn high mass
was celebrated, tbe edifice was only
hill tilled.
1'auis Dec. 14.—There was an impressive response yesterdny morning
to Ihe clergy's appeal to their parishioners to attend the lirst masses celebrated outside ol the pale of the law.
Everywhere the front gates were closed, but worshippers entered through
the side porch. The buildings were
well tilled. In several places there
was music, but nowhere was there nny
attempt to interfere with the services
or create disturbances. There were
policemen standing outside the porches of the chinches to prevent disorder,
while policemen iu plain clothes on
duly inside simply noted the infrac-
ti .us of the low, with the object ol
making reports to the justices of the
peace. Formal charges were entered
wherever muss was celebrated, except
at the churches oi St. Jean lT.vangelie
and St. Blaise de Charonne, at Peie la
Chaise, where parishioners mode application last evening tu hold services
under the law ot 1881.
Premier Clemeneiiti, replying to a
question in the Chamber of Deputies
ns to the reason for the expulsion of
Mgr. Montnguini, said it was because
oi bis complicity with prominent
clergy ol Paris, against whom proceedings were pending lor inciting
church-goers to rehllion. Interference by foreigners, on orders from
Rome, in the politics of [France, he
declared, was not permissible.
The premier, amid thunders of applause, tersely summed up the situation, declaring that the government's
conciliatory propositions tu-.var.Is the
churcll had been exhausted and that
it had been decided to leave the onus
ou Rome in the luture.
"It lhe church wi-hes' the premier
ntinued, "there is still time to avoid
a battle. We offer her the law ol
1881, made for all Frenchmen and
submitting thereto, she will have
peace, but otherwise, by seeking us,
she will find us."
Carries ihe best Line of Goods to be had from
io purchase ihu following described  lands
situated iu Cariboo distriot, BC:
Commencing at u posl marked "Alexander
McLaren's soulh-east eorner post," plnuted
about 1W chains went ol trail running through
Starvation Flats in h uoiitlierl) direction Irom
Tele j mint; Cache, running north BU chains,
tbenee west so chains. I hence noulli mi chains,
thonee east hu ehains lo point ot commencement,
liiiicl this mh <inv nf November, luud.
nov 17        ALKXANDKH jfteZiAREM,
|###$#-|*##MM#W $'¥.
Assurance Company of Canada.
. COCKSIIUTT, Ksi)., Preslilent.
n. it. wilkie, Bro,
Associated with General Accident, Five and Life Assurance Corporation,
Limited, Perth; Scotland, whose Assets Exceed Five Million Dollars,
E. A. HAGGEN, Agent for Revelstoke and District.
Peraonsl Accident. Employou' Liability, Henllli
Pulillc anil General Liability,    Iinliu.rlal, Aoiililent ami Health Monthly Payment,
(.levator ami Theatre.     Vessels Team, ami Contingent..    Workmen*. Collective.
 ____     Automobile and Motor Boat.     mammmmm^^^^„_
I-oot nnyLodire No, 15 A.F. ft A.M.
Tho regu!ar meeting- aro held in the
Maeonle Tompb
Jdd Fellows Hall.cn
the third Monday in
-null mouth at -
i.m Visltlu-tbretli-
ren cordially wc!
(.:. ,-. I'KUCUNlElt. Sf.i.ietarv.
SEI SI UK LODGE. is 0  12.I.0.0.F.
Moots every Thursday
evening In Selkirk
Hall at S o'clock.
Visiting brethren coi-
dially invited to attend
Cold Range l odge, K. of P.,
Nc, 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday of
each month, iu the Oddfellows'
Hall   al   8   o'clock.    Visiting
Knights are cordially invited.
Q. H. BROCK, K. ol B. 4 8.
H, A. BROWN. M. i" F
F. 0. E.
The regular meeting- * a held in the Selkir
Hull every Tuesday ovt >ig at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren nre cordim y invited.
B, Q. BURHIDGE, President.
H. COOK. Skcketary.
Stock, Share
and Financial Broker.
Mining  Heal Estate, Business Brokerage, Insurance and General
Commission Agent.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No, 220,
Meet, Second and Fourth Wednesdays in
eacli month, in Selkirk Hall. Visiting Wood-
men cordially invited to attend.
VV. I). ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
H. W. EIJWAHDS, Clerk.
Canada will soon Lead the Way
Thero are not a lew Canadians who
still leel it incumbent upon themselves to apologize for their country
when in the presence of the American
magnate, tbe disposition being increased hy the plausible self approbation of the average American citiz«n.
It is time, however, that Canadians
should cultivate a spirit ot national
pride. In no other niat'er than that
ot population need Canada bow to our
cousins at the south and even iu the
matter of population, time wili doubtless work the miracle for Canada, that
she has done for the other country.
In climate, resources, territorial extent
and a thousand othcr things Canada
is the making of the biggest nation,
at least, upon American soil. "That
Canadians should realize this." suys
the Westminster News, "and begin the
cultivation of a national spirit and the
fostering ol a national pride goes
without saying. In size, potential
wealth, present spirit and capability
ol indefinite expansion the Dominion
need fear comparison with no country
wherever situate."
Catholic—Rev. Father B. Pecoul
O.M.I., pastor. Services every Sundy
at the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mast; 10:30 a.m. High Vast
and Sermon; "2 p.m, Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. (Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rotary,
Instruction and Benedict.- n.
St. Anurew's Presbyterian—Rev.
\V. 0, Calder, pastor, Sunday, Dec,
Kith, services at 11 a m. and 7:30 p.m
Sunday School and Pastor's Bible
Class at 2:30 p.m. Bible Reading,
Wednesday, at 8 p.m. Choir practice
Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
St. Peter's—Rev. C. A. Proounier,
rector. Third Sunday in Advent, ser<
vices as follows: 8 a.m. Holy Conn
...union; 11 a,...., Matins and Litany
7:80 p.m., Evensong.
Knox Presbyterian.—J. R, Robertson, P. I'., Minister. Sunday, 11
a m., "The Exaltation ol the Cross."
7:30 p.m., "Tl.e Church in Relation to
the World," this will be the fifth sermon in the series ol Problems of the
Church, Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Thc Young Peoplo's Society on Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Cottage
prayer meeting on Wednesday night
and choir practice Friday night. A
cordial welcome is given tn attend all
the regular services ol tho church,
Specially g'.oil music nt the Sunday
Metiioiiiht—Rev. Dr. Robison ol
Vane-uver will preach morning and
evening. Music by choir evening,
anthem, "Tbe Radiant Minn," jDuot
"Will thero bo any stu.s in my crown"
by Mo.ilani.t Oreelmin and Dent.
5000 Sacks Shipped to Orient
from Okanagan.
An interim report of the Dominion
Minister of Agriculture, issued lust
week, gives some interesting details
regarding the shipment ot llo r lor the
rebel ol famine-stricken sufferers in
Japan early in the present year, Out
of tbe 111,610 bags of Hour forwarded,
no less than 5,600 were Iron. British
C diimbia. The wheat was grown and
milled in the Okanagan valley and
being plainly marked with the place
of output have proved a most valuable
advortisen>ent ot tbe resources of British Columbia in this respect. In
order to enable the Japanese sufferers
to undertake cooking the new food
stuff, the report states that ''six yeast
cakes and ten copies of directions for
breadmaking, printed in Japanese
were enclosed in each bag."
Would make about the
most acceptable GIFT
you could send to your
people at home for the
New Year, We will
make your pictures and
mail them for you.
Mackenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.
London Mutual Fire Insur.ijre
Company of Canada.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Co.
Montreal-Canada Fire Insurance Company.
Traders' Fire Insurance Co.
Hudson Bay Fire Insurance Co,
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
Equity Fire Insurance Co.
Colonial Fire Insurance Co.
Dominion Fire Insurance Co.
Dominion Piste Glass Insurance Co.
Pioneer Live Stock Insurance
Nortb American Life Insurance
LondonGuarantee and Ac:ident
Insurance Co.
Employers' Liability Insurance
General Accident Insurance Co.
ot Canada.
Dominion Trust Co.
Canadian Loan and Securities
Crow's Nest Pass d-al Co., Ltd,
B.C. Agency Corporation, Ltd.
NOTICE is hkiieiiv iitviiN that sixty days
i-.ei- iliitu 1 Intend to apply to the Hon. Cliiel
Commlsslonor of Lands and Wnrks fur permission
tn purchase tlie lollowing described lnmls situate
in Cariboo district, 11. C:
Coinineni'lni,- at a post marked "Oeorge 11.
lliHselt'a norlh-easl corner |iosl," plained
about 2u ebains wesl of irail runnliiK through
starvation Fiats in a southerly direction froui
Tele Jaune Cache, running west 80 eliains,
thence soutb SU ebains, tlience east S, chains,
ihence north so eliains to point of commencement.
Haled 9th day ol November, 1908.
nuv 17     IlliO.iUE II. HISSETT, Locator.
I .ml* um! Work- for :i snr in! licence lo cui
und carry away timber from the following
deacribed lands:
1 M, Heiitun's S. K. Corner Poat, eomlnelic-
iiiihi n pusl ii imn i'., iiiiieiinriii of Kelly Creek
ninl! mile can. ol lish creek, tlienc: nurth ltk*
I'linjii,. nest 40 ehains, soulb 160elinins.eait
iu chains lo point oIoommoucenienL
•1 M Heaton's s. w.i orner Po*,*. commencing at a imst aliinit1, mile imrtli nl Kelly Creek
nne-iiali mllo east oiFlsh Creek, tbenee n rib.
suehalns, enst so chains, soulli SU chains, west
so chains to jiolnt of commencement,
8, M. Ilealnn's N. IV, Corner Post, commenc.
ing at a posl about tliree miles up Boyd Creek,
nue mile east of liomininn line, theuce -outh
sn chaina, enst SO chains, nnrtli SO chains, west
si: chains lu i-mnt of i-omiiieiicemcut.
Certificate of Improvements.
River Kdcu Mineral Claim, situate in thu Hie-
oillewaot MiniiiK Division of Kootenay district.
Where local«I:-Kii*h Creek.
Take notice that 1, John Albert Kirk of the
town uf ttOVOlstukOi B.0.1 noting as agent for
.1. B, C. KniHcr, Esq., Ifroe Minors Cortiflcate
Nu. jBTOTJO unU .Maigarot A. KIbou. Ifroo Minor's
Certificate No. B8W&8- intend, sixty days from
the (bile hereof, in apply to lhu Mining Iti;
cordcr for a Certificate of 1 mprovenienU, for
the puniosu of obtaining n Crown Urant of thu
aliove claim.
And further Uko notice thnt action, undnr
■section '17, must bu commenced bjforo thu issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.1-!,
Dated i bin -.Mlh day of -September, A.D., 1QQU,
navZ]__ J. A. KIRK.
Certificate of Improvements.
Silver Bell and Laurel Miners! Claims, situato
iu tbe Illecillewaet Miuiim Division uf Kool-
oiiay District.
Where locatedl—Tbreo-ijuarlers of n milo cost
uf Illecillewaet
Take notice thut I, J. A. K rk, action as agout
fur John Newoll, Free Miner's Cortfncata No.
ll.SWIt; 0. ltubort Unlil, Free Minor's Certificate No. 11. S85.H1; and OeorBe VV. Jell's, Freo
Miner's Certificate No. 11. 8S.VJ5, intend, sixty
dnys Irom tlie date hereof, tn apply to tho Mining Recorder for u Certillcate of Improvements,
fur the purpose ol obtaiuiug a Crown Qruut of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section UT, must be commenced boforo tho
issuuuco ul such Certificate of Improvoineuts.
Duted ilu*:,'lh dny of Septemter, A.D.. 19"!
sn chains lo point oi commencemeni.
.. M. Benton's N. w. eoruer Poat, commenc-     I.  Commencing at a post plai
Ing ata peat about our iniu^up^oyd creek, 13. chains south of the norlh-west
nu trail two wiles cast Dominion line, tlience
south SO chains, oast su chain., norlh HO chains
west SU chain, lo point nf euiumeucemeut.
M. llealuii's S. W. Comer l'ust, commenc
Chief Commissioner of Lands und
Works for a special license to cut nnd
carry nwny timber from the following
described lands situate in West Kootenay:
I, Commencing at a p-isl pluuted
If miles north or Timber Limit 7581
and !i miles westof I'pper Arrow Luke,
aiiil inarked "A. Jl. .Symons' north
east corner,'' thenee west SO chains,
thence south 80 chains, tbenee east 80
chains, thenee nortb 8U ebains to place
of commer cement.
^^__^_^^_^^^_^_ c01'-
ner of No. 1 and inarked "A. JI. Symons' north-east corner." Ihence wee1*
80 chains,   thence  south  80 chains,
inn ata iiosl aliout three miles up Bovd Creek  *,-,,-'' *T. mT'i "Tl" ., ai
mile east ol Dominion line, theuce east so thence eust Wl ehnins, thenee north 80
clialna, nurth Su chains, west suehalns, south
SO chains 10 point of commencement,
Nov, 21, I'JOli.     su. nuv 24  '   M, BEATON
nst sitting of tbo Court ol Re-
A Couple of young Indies willing to
share same room, can procure
boi-i'd and comfortable lodging with
small family on McKenzie Avenue,
Apply Mail-Hkhald Offlce.
Agent for
Bankers nnd Brokers, New York,
Houses ol from four to 10 rooms.
City Lots, Houses, Farm Lands
Timber Limits, Mineral Ciniins.
Hotels, Livery Stables, General
Stores, Blacksmith Shop, Restaurants, Barber Shops, Bakeries,
Hardware Stores, Butcher Shops,
Groceries, Gent's Furnishings,
Boarding Houses, in all parts ot
British Columbia nnd Northwest.
Money to Loan
Cobalt,  Nevada,  and   British
Columbia Stocks for Sale
Sound  investments
nn iided lo clients.
only    recom
;<ite of Improvements
i .oral Claim, situate iu the Rev-
i .jg Division of Wost Kootenay
ii;—Keystone Mountain.
i lhat 1, James i. Woodrow, P.M,C.
,'eut for Alex. W. Mcintosh. P.M.
.      lit.*. Johnson, F.M.C. 1188174, aud
iXiziiliijih McMaliun. P.M.C. No. HSSO-li, intenil,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to tho
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose uf obtaiuiug a Crown
Urant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
oct ion 37, must be commenced belore the issu-
i ice of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of October, AD., 1906.
oct 27 JAS. I. WOODROW.
Silver Bel
Where lm
No. HSHtiiu
Notice is hereby given that 6o days
from date I intend lo apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet district:
Commencing at a post marked "T. Kllpatriek's north-west corner," situated
about i mile from west bank ot Upper
Adams river and two and a half miles from
head ot Adams lake, running 40 chains
soulh, 80 chains east, 40 chains north, So
chains west, containing 320 acres more or
Dated Nov. 12th, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date
I intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works fur a spocial license to cut
anil curry away timlior from tho following described lands situate iu East Kooteuay dU trlct t
1. Commeueiug at a i-ost plauted on the
south-east bank of Wood River about2 milea
lielow the west fork aud marked 'E. McBeau's
sonth-wost coiner,'' thenco nurth if) chain?,
thouce oast 80 ehnins, thenco south BO chaius,
llionce wost no chains to the point of cummeuce-
2. Cummouciug ut a pn-i tlauted uu the
south-east bank of Wooa River about 2 miles
below tho west fork and marked "B. McBoan's
uorth-wost comer," thence oust Su chains,thence
south 80 chains, theuco west 80 chains, thence
nnrlh 80 chains to the point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a pom planled ou the
south-east bank ol Wood Klvcr, opposite the
mouth of the west fork and marked "E Mi-
Beau's north-west corner," theuce south Itin
chains, thence cant iu chains, thenee norm 160
chains, tlienee west *.'J chains tu the pointof
Dated this l-ilt dav of August, 1906.
•I. Commeueiug at a post planted on lhc
north-west buuk of Wood Kiver, just above the
IDOUtb of lhe wesl fork ami marked "K. McHean's south-easi corner," thence norlh BO
chains, thenee west80 ehains, thenee soulh he
chains, thence east 80 chuiu-i to ihe puiui ol
Dated this .Mtli day of August, U-.">.
.*">. Commeuelng at a nost planted on the
south-east hank of Woou lllver. opposite lhe
111.iiuh of Un* west fork and niarked "E Me-
beau's south-west corner," ihence north 80
chains, thenee east go ehains. ihence south 60
ehains, thenee wesl 80 eliains to the point of
1; Coinmeneing at a post planted on the,
norlh-west bauk of Wood Kiver about 1 mile
beluw thc iiioutli of the west fo.k and marked
"E. McHean's south-east coruer," thence north
40 chains, east 40 chains, north 40 chains, west
chains, south 40 ebains. wesi 40chains south
40 chains, eust 80 cliai,.s to the poiut of com*
7 Commeneing at a pust planted on the
north-west bank of Wood Kiver about I mile
below lhe west fork and mnrked "E. McBean's
uorlh-east corner," thence south 40 chaius,
thence west 40 chains, thence south -Vi chains,
ihence west 80 chains, theuce north 40 chains,
thenee east 40 ehains, thence north 40 chains,
theme east80 chains 10 the point of commencement.
8, Commencing at a post planted on the
southeast bankof Wuod Kiver about 4 miles
below the west fork and marked "E .McBean's
south-west corner," thence north 160 chains,
ihence east 40 chains, theuce south loo chaius,
thence west 4o chains to the point of com*
Dated this 21st day of August. 1006.
0 Commencing at a post planted on the
north-west bauk of Wood Kiver aud 2 iniles
beluw Jump-up Creek and marked "E. McBeau's suuth-east corner," tlience east Itiu
ehains, thence north -10 chains, thenee west 100
chains, thence south 40 chains to the poiut ol
10. Commencing at a post planted on the
north*west bank 01 Wood Kiver about 2 miles
below Jump-up Cnek aud ma,ked "E. McBean's south-east corner," thence west 80
chains.thence nortb ttu chains, iheuce ea-ttu
chains, thence south 80 chains to the point of
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1900.
nov24aat E. MeBEAN.
clmins to place of commencement.
3, Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of No. 2 and
marked "A. M. Symons1 suuth-east
conier," thence west* SO chains, thence
north SO chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to place of
com meneement
Dated November 20th, 1006.
•1. Commencing at a post planted 1
mile north of the south-west corner of
Lot SW and marked "A. M. Symoiw1
southeast cornel*," thence west 40
chains, thence north 100 chains, thence
eaat 4o chains to the north-west corner
of Lot SOU, thence south 100 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated Novembei 23rd, 1006.
dec 15 sat A. M. SYMONS.
Next O, P. R. Telegraph Office.
FOR SALE-Magic Lantern and
Slides, at a sacrifice, fine plant-
\V. M. Ritchie, Bianchard Street.
Victoria, B.O.
.NTD-Girl for general hoime
woik for lainily of three; good
whkim—Mrs. Then.'!', Ludgate, Arrowhead, B, 0. tf
WANTED-Wi.* less, duties very
light. Wages $30 per month.
Apply to Chief Young, Queen's Hotel,
(Joinapllx, ll. 0.
vilion tn rcvino the Voters' List lor the
City ol Itevolatoke lor the year 1007,
will be held at tho Council Chamber,
City Hall, Itevi Ittoke, Il.C, on Friday,
December 21tt, 11)06, at 7:30 p.m.
City Clerk.
Dto. 10th, ltKJU. dec 12-3
WANTED-Girl for general house
work, Good wages paid to
right party, Apply to Mis. F. B
LEWIS, Slnekenr.ie Avenue.
TTTANTBD - Young man wants
W room rn- rooiii and board In cily,
cheap,   Apply .Mail-Hkhald office.
Revelstoke Assessment Distriet,
Notice li hereby nlveii that CmirtHof Revision
and Appeal, under the provisions of the "Assessment Act," and "Public Hchoots Act," will bu held
at lhe Court House, Revelstoke, ou Friday, the
2M h day of Dcoomher, 1906, at 11 o'clock a.m
Dated at Revolstoke, 1st December, num.
Judge nf the Court uf Revision and Appeal.
sat dues w-4l
Notice is hereby given that t)0 days after date 1
intenil to apply to the Honourable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission tu
purchase the following described lands in the district of West Kootenay, Revelstoke division:—
Com mencing at a post planted oil the west bunk
of the Columbia Kiver ubout half a mile below
Priest Rapids mid inarked "W, II. Sutherland's
north-west corner post," thenee south ao chains,
thenceeast JO chains more orless tn the west bank
of the Columbia River; tlience in a north-westerly
direction and following the west bank of the Columbia Kiver to the pnint of I'liiiitueiu-emeiit.
Dated this lli'.h day <>f October, tuotl.
_ octM W. H. StnilERLAND^
Notice Is hereby given that SO days after date
we Intend to apply to the Hou. Chief Commissioner ui I ands aud Works for a special license
io cut and carry awny timber from the following described lands on Halfway creek In West
Kuulenav district:
1. Coiuineiit'ing at a post planled at tbe
suuth-wesl oomer of T b. No. 7100, and marked
"I..W.L Co. s.K.c.", thence il chains nortb,
thonee 80 chains west, thenee so chains south,
Ihence east KO chains to place of commence*
t Commencing at a pust planted at the
north-west cornerof T, L. i>o 7682, nnd marked
"L.tV,L,L'o N.K.C.", thenca HO chains south,
thenco 80 chains west, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains east lo place uf commencement.
B, Cummencing at a post planled atthe
soulli-'iast cornerof T. h No, 7109. and marked
"L.W.l .Co. H.W.C.". tnence norlh 80 chains,
U.eucocas. t) chains, thonce soulli 80 chains
theuce west 80 chains to placoof commence
4, Commencing al a post plauted at thc
north-eait corner of T.L So. 7082, and marked
"1. W.I.Co. BjW.C'i thence nurth 80 ch-.ins,
thenceeast wtehains, thencesouth80chalns,
thencu west 80 chains to place uf commence-
in cut.
6. Commencing at a post planted at the
Boiith-usst corner of Location No, 4 and marked
"L.W.LCo. H.W.C." tlience east 100 chains,
thence nortb 40 chains, tlience west lOOchains,
Ihence south 40 chains to placu of commencement.
ti. Commencing at a nost planted at the
north-east cornor uf T.L. No. 7632, and marked
"L.W.L.Co. N.W.C ", tlienee east lOochaim,
Ihence soutb 40 chains, thence west ItiO chains,
Ibeuce north 40 chains to place of commeucemeut.
Dated tills 24th day of November, 1000.
7. Commencing at a post jilanied alxnit 4u
hains north of tlie south-west cornerof Location No, 2, about 300 feet from wesl bank of a
small creek and inarked, "L.W.L.Co. H.K.C.",
Ihencu norlh 80 chains, Iheuce wesl 80 cIihIur,
thence south 80 chains, thenco cast 80 chuius
lo place of commencemeni,
8. CommenciiiK at a post planted at the
south-went cornerof T.LNo.70,'Wand.marked
"L.W.L.Co. 8.E.O,", theuco north HOchalns,
tlionco wust 80 ehnins, thencu south 80 chain*-.
thenco eaat 80 chains to placu of commence-
Dated this 28th day of November, I9W1.
lamu-yvatsun Lumber Co,, limuku.
dec 3 wed .
VOTU'E is hereby gifeu that thirty daye
,.\ after date I intend to apply to the Chief
L'ommiasioner of Lauds and Works for special
ligeu.e to cut and carry away timber from the
following dtj.-crilif-i lands situated in Wnst
Kootenay district, B. Ci
1. (Jommenciig ata poat planted on tht north-
wust -thorn uf tht! north-east arm of Cpper Arrow
Lake, at a point about 24 miles south-wait of
Comaplix, and marked "John Connors north-tut
eurner post,*' ibtnct- south ldu cliains, thence west
40 chains, thence nortb 160 ehains, tlience east 40
chains to point cf commeiieemeiit.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
I. Commencing at a post plantod about 41
ebains west of the north-west shore, north-east
arm of Upper Arrow Lake,at a pointaboutgj
mllei south-west of Comaplix, and marked "M- J.
Smith's south-east corner post," thenct west 80
chaini, thence north 10 chaini, thenct tast 80
chains thenco south 80 chains to point of con*
Donald Dewar, Agent.
Commencing at a post planted on the north-
west shore of the northeast arm of Upper Arrow
Like, at a point about l\\ miles south-wait of
Comaplix, and markod "Milton Daily's south-east
corner-post," thence north 100 chains, thence wait
4'" chains, thence muth 160 chains, thence east W
chains to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
4. Commencing at a post planted at the north-
eait cornerof Location No. H, and marked "John
Coniiur'** south-easl corner post," thenci west 80
cliaitii. thence north W chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to point of com*
Donald Dewar, Agent.
6. Commencing at a post planted at the soutb-
west corner uf Location No. 4. and marked "M. J.
Smith's south-east corner post," thence north 80
chains, tnence west 80 chainn, theuce ionth 80
chains, Ihence east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
Commencing at a post plan.ud about 25
chains west from the south.west corner of Loct>
tion No. 2, and marked "John Connor's north-eait
rnsr poat." thence west 80 chains, thence south
:" chains thence east So chains, thence norlh 60
chains to point of cuinuitmcement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
Arrowhead, B.C., Not, 7th, Itt^. dot 17
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date we iuteud to apply to the Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lunds and Work- for speciul licenses to cut and curry uway limber from the
following described lauds:
I. ConnnenciuK at a post planted about \
mile north of Kelly Creok, J mile oust of Fish
Creok, thouce east 80 chaius, south 80 chaius,
west SO chaius, nortb 80 chain- to puiut of comniencemont.
U. tiuwiuuu Lumber Compauy's nurth-wo-»t
corner post, commencing at a post about two
milos up Boyd Crook at the Domiuiou Hue post
tlionco suuth 80 chains, eust 80 chains, nortb 80
chains, wost 80 chains to poiut of commencemeni.
II, Bowman Lumber Company's south-eust
corner pust, commencing at a post ubout two
miles up Boyd Creek, at Dumiuiuu liue; Iheuce
uorth80ehuins, wust 80 chain--, south 80chain.-.
east 80 chains to puim of commencement
4. Buwmau Lumbor Company's nunh-u.i-t
comer post, commencingal a po-t aliout threo
miles up Boyd Creek und oue mile east of Dominion line; thence south 80 chains,west80
chains, uorth 80 chains, onst 80 chains to poiut
uf eomiueucetnont.
."j. Bowman Lumber Company's KUth*W6St
cumor post, commencing at a post about two
milos up Boyd Creek, ut Dumiuiuu liue post]
thonce uorth 80 chuius, east I * chuius, south 80
chains, west 80chuius lo poiut of commence-
... Commencing ut a post planted outhe
south-east comer of Timlier Berth Nu. i-tOti. ou
Fish Creek; thouce uorth ICO chains, east to
chuius, soulh U'o chuius, west lOchains to point
of cnmmoncuuieut.
Dalud Nov, 21st, 1900.
uov 'li sat     EoWUAN LiMiiLH Co., Ltd.
Notice ia hereby given that O'l days frum date I
inlenil tn apply iu thu Honorable tho Chlof Com*
mlsslonurof Lands and Works for norinlssioutu
purchase the following described lands in the
West Kootenay District:
Com uie r dug at a pnsl narked "L. K Mc-
Dougald'i south-west corner," planted on thu
eastsidu ol Upper Arrow Lake 'i miles nortb uf
Nakusp, B.C, theuce north *.'. c.Jialnr,, ihencu
cast 40 uhatns, thence notth 20 chaiua, thence
east 40 chains, tbenee soiiiu W chains, more or
less, to Arrow Lake, thenoe westward 80 chains
more or less, along the Arrow Lake to point ol
cummeuceueul, containing 200 aerea more or
Dated this lOtb dav ot October, 1906,
oci 14 I. K. .VilHJUOAI.D
Now it you* opportunity!
for   till   MAIL-HERALD   Md   thl   NEW
IDEA 11.50, for a whon yw for Oil
Owncra of luiililinu* an
_   _ . anil eolitractora arti Imrnliy
iiii.itlini Mini In futi.ro-no Cnnniiiitiun. will Iio
nuiili- with tlie iniilii wire, til! the tnatiilliitliin in
liuililinft- Iiiih lii-i-ii rmuiiim il and ujijiroVKil uf I"
tlm City Klwlrlclan.
ll.'i|iu:'tM fur in,].,! I im. , ln>iil<] Ihi tuft at tin
City Clerk*, l illicit, ami wlri'n, ,-lr,, htlolllll nnl lm
covered In til! nui-n luHpuution I. intuit-.
Hy order of the City Council.
Dee, t, im. It City Clerk.
, l,y glvun Hint Oil day. from date I
1)  t„ lln, lluu. llml'liif! I'luniiiiM.
nil Worka lor uerinlnaloil !o nur-
i ing doHcrllHid fnuih, in tlie West
riot, went shuru ol  Upper Anow
Notice In I
Intend tu
aloliorof 1.:
chime Uu- i
Lake,: .^^^^^^^m^m—.^*^
"CuiiiiiiMiMii: at a poat marked".!. I.. Hlrach'a
uouth wi'Ht. corner,'' at the aoutli eaat cornor of
Lut 157U1 niul aliout 1| Inlion smith of  Kimllnill
i i-L'iik; liii-ii"- iiuilli HI) chalna, thenco oft.! ,0
i niiiim,  tlienCO  m'll.li   HU Hulli!*, Ilii-ni-i- wi-sl In
clialol to point "1 commencement, cuntaining Hill
acre, moro or leaa.
Hated lliis Mat dny ol Hay, IIM.
oo. lt For ltalph Hlye, Agent.
The Pingston Oreek Lumber Cum
|i.uiy, Limited, lms gone intu voluntary ilquldatlo i under the abovo Aol
iinil lius n|i|iiiiiil.i-il .Iuhii H. Jiiuksun,
of the city uf Rovelstoke, B, 0., ac-
cuuntaiit, its tlquldatoi fur the purpose
uf such winding-ii,i.
The creditors of tbe above Company,
which bus its bead office in snid city uf
Itevclstoki', nod nil others buying uny
ciniins against said Oompany art' u-
iiuirtd, on nr before tbe 1st day ol
January, 1UU7, to send to Harvey, McCarter A Plnkbam, solicitors for suid
liquidator, at their offlce First Street
Revelstoke, B. C'„ their Damn und
addresses and  descriptiuns.  and ilu
full particulars uf theirolalms ur debit
verified by oath and ibe nature nnd
amount of the securities, if uny, held
by ihem and thu specified value
such securities, and, if so required by
notice In writing frum taid tlquldatoi
ui his solicitors, tu come in and prove
ih'ir said debts or claims In the usual
wny, at .iiu'li lime uud place its shall
be ipeOlfled in such notice.
After the Hrst day uf January, 1007,
the said liquidator will proceed to distribute Uu* assets of the Company
amongst the parties entitled thereto
having regard only to the claims 0
which he then hits had notice, and tin
liquidator will not then be liable for
tint assets or any part thereof so distributed, to any person of whose claim
he bud not notice at the time of the
distribution thereof,
Dated this 21th day of Novethli
nuv lil sat mHiI I.ii|iiiiliiltii
VTOTICE Is hereby-siven that 60days after
il dale I intend to apply to the Hon. the
thief Commissioner of Lands and Work*-for
permission to purchase the following described
lands, situated iu West Kootenay, on the east
shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commcnciiij/ at a post adjoining T. L. 4780 on
the north side and. marked "L. A. Dewar'a
north-west corner," thence east 80 chaina
thence south >> chain**, thence west SO chains
more or Iom to the east shore of Upper Arrow
Lake, thouce north following the shore of aaid
lake tjo chains to the point of commencement.
Dated Oct. 10th. 11* si.
oct 24 L. A. DEWAR
Notice is hereby dven lhat Co days after date I
intend to apply to the Honourable the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works fur permission lu
purchase the following described lands in the dis*
triel nf West KouU-na*., Kevelstuke divisiun;—
Commencingat a post planted on Uie west bank
iif the Columoia Hirer opposite 11-Mile Rapids
and marked "K. C McCarter I south-east corner
poat,'' thence west 3j chains, theuce north 20
chains, thenceeast 20 chains more ur loss to the
west bank of the Culumbia Kiver, tlience south
following the west lank of the Columbia Kiver 20
ii.iii;.- more or less to the point of cummeucement.
Dated October 19th, 1906-
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date
I intend to apply to the (.'hlef Comini-tsioner of
Lands and Works for nerminsiou to purchase
the lollowing described hinds iu U'i-1 Ktiolc-
ny. on tho east shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commenolng at a poit adjoining T. 1* 6106
on the touth-wuat corner and marked "D,
Dewar'i north-west corner post," thence eaat
so chains, thence soulh bo chains, thenco west
Sii ohains more or lesn to the shore of said lake
Ibeuce north along the cant short uf aaid lake
Ni ebains to the point of commencement.
DalcdOcl. 10th, lOOti.
net iii U DgWAR
Notice Is hereby given tbat 00 days afterdate I
intend to anply to (he Cliief Coinmi-wionor o(
Laiuls and Wi.rks for permission to purchase tho
oliuH iiik described lands in Cariboo district:
Commencing at a post marked"W. il. olive's
south-east corner post,' planted on trail leading
from Nurth lli'-inps'-ii Kiri-r t*< Vellowbwd Pais
and abont 5 miles Ina northern direction from
Cranbern Uke, running north so ehalm, thence
weit Uchains, theuce south so chains, iheuce east
|o chains to point uf commencement.
Data! ii'h day of Novamoer, im.
imr il W, H. OLIVE, Locator.
Noli.**? i» hereby given lhat M days alter date I
iuieml I*, apply tu th-r Hon. Cbisf CutumlMtuner
nl Un.li and Work* to punhasi tlm following
deicrlbsd landi tdtuatod in Cariboo dintrirt, H.C:
Commencing at a pout marked "U. A. Forbes'
Kiuih-wuNi corner post," planted about 16
'■lin.!i- ,.<■-! "I trail milium: through Starva-
lion KUisiu a southerly direction (rom 'lets
Jaune (ache, running north 80 chaius, (hence
esit Ki chains, ihence soulh w« halns. ihenee
went buihaliis lo poinl of eominvneemeit.
Dated ■.-in day ol November. 1WC.
uov tl 0, A, fOKKKH, Locator.
Nuitcc Is hereby given tbat 00 days after data
I intend (o mak* abpllcatlou to the Chlel Com-
ii.i-.-i*.i.ff of Lands & Works for
purchase the followiug descrlbet
ti,; district, H.c,.
rmhulou to
land iltuat*
i '-u.:.u-ni*iii.: at a post marked -J. M, Kellie's
louth-wett corner posi," planted on the south
bank of l-raser Kiver near Tete Jaune Cache,
: .in, :i,: north w chains, theuce east HO ohalni,
theuce south *■ chains, theuce west 80 chains
to poiot of commencement.
listed this loth day of November, lyoti.
nov 17 J. M. KKLLIE, Locator.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days slier
date 1 Intend to apply io tbe Cbiel Commissioner of Lands aud Works lorpermla-ton
to purchase the following described landi In
tbe district of West Kootenay:
Commencing ut a post marked "Herbert Ked-
foiii'"' north-west corner i*o*t," and planted on
the oast hunk of thn Columbia rivor, about four
mill'- -uiiiii of Nakusp; thenceeast 40chaius,
theuco south 40 chains, thonce went 40 chains,
thonce north 40 chiins to ix.iuioi commencement, containing 160 acres more or less.
Dated the 20th September, A.D., IW.
VTOTICE Is hereby given thnt 60 days rafter
il date I intend to apply to the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Land* and Works
for permlaslon to pur-chaw the following de*
scribed lands in Cariboo distriot, H.C:
i -"miii* iiniii* ai a post marked "William Kellie's north-west eorner post," plauted about 30
chains west of trali running through Starvation f-'lats In a southerly direction from Tete
Jaune ache, running eut 80 chains, thence
south .- chain*-, theuce west 80 chains, theuce
north oo chains to point ol commencement.
. Dated yth day of November, 1W6.
uov 17 WILLIAM KKLLIK, Locator.
Good, tound, No, 3 Apples at
86c. per bol, I. o, b. Vernon.
J L WEBSTER, UHN0H, 8. C. Villi   I  I, V fcj .  '- w *.
Thit week the Hig Hnsli commences, and thoso who do their shopping
early huve (he lest selection nml attention. Below in just a few uf
the many acceptable gilts Hint we have in stock lor lhe Xmiis Trade.
Gloves, Neckties, Collars, Fancy Shins,
Fancy Vests, Suspenders, limbrellas.
Handkerchiefs, Muillers, Slippers, Boots,
House Oats, etc , etc.
Neck Ties, Handkerchiefs, Fancy Hosiery,
Fancy Shirts, Fancy Vests, Umbrellas,
Gloves, House Coals. Mufflers, Huekey Boots,
Waist Lengths, Ureas Lengths, Coat Lengths
Silk Waists, Furs, Gloves, Fancy Collars,
Table Linen, Art Needle Work, Shopping
Bags, Felt Slippors, Japanese Gowns,
Kinioiias, etc,
Fnr Neck Piece, Coals, New Dres-es, Fancy
Waists, Fancy Hosiery, Dressing Saeque,
Slippers, Hockey Shoes, Hand Bags, Silk
Swirls, Dainty Collars and Belts, Boots,
A complete outfit ol Dresses, Bear Cunts, Caps, Neck Furs,  Muffs, Garters,  Bonnet*   nnd Booties
The articles uiiove are just a hint,—a look through our complete and well chosen stock will bring
many nmre acceptable gilts belore ihe eye.
The Xmas Rush
We nn-,ilii'- in handle il us ivu have n beautiful stoek of
Thousands of Cards mil Calendars, Toys and
Hooks, handsomely bound, Poetical Works, Alliums,
fumes, Smokers' Supplies, etc,   Call in nnd see them,
|: CanddaDrug & Book Co., Ld., Revelstoke, B.C. |
■Ti tti iTi iti iti iti iti iti iTi tti iti iti iti   it'i iti .Ti ti'i At itt tti n * &\ iTj iti it] £
Saturday, Dec. lath. For 2-1 hours.
Moderate winds, colder, with intermittent snow, Temperature, Max. 28
degree.-    Mill, 18} degrees.
Local and General.
The sevore weather on the prairies
nml in the mountains has heen the
cause oi recent delays in the westbound train service.
Tlie nut.on of the hospital wishes
to thank the Ladies' Guild tor donations uf fruit and also tor linen and
cliinn fur the private wards.
The mid-winter High School Entrance examination will lie held on
Dec. 19th to 21st inclusive, the Rev.
C, A. I'rocuuier being presiding examiner.
liritish Columbia is the riches!
province in the Dominion and that
immense wealth makes a perpetual
opening lor the great lender and
statesman whu will make il yield proportionate revenue.
The Board ol Trade, at the time ol
going to press, are iu session to nuet
tbe Hun. R. McBride, premier ol the
province, and several very important
matters will be discussed.
The C. 1'. R, are making arrangements t i considerably increase the
size and capacity ol the shops, and will
make extensive alterations and improvements to cope with their ever
advancing business.
The entire northern portion of British Columbia and all of Alaska are
now confronted with une of the wurst
things which could happen in the
north—a coal famine. In Alaska thc
coal supply is running very low.
A Bmoking concert will be held tonight at 6 o'clock in the Selkirk Hall
under the auspi:es of tbe Conservative
association, to meet tbe Hun. Richard
McBride. premier ol British Columbia.
Mr. McBride will tie pleased to meet
all his friends and supporters.
The mines at Lethhridge are hives
■ i industry. Tlie men are timbering
undergrniiud and tbe work is being
rapidly il-me. The output is increasing but is still under four hundred
tons. The strikers are returning and
all are given wurk as toon as work is
The Hon, W. Ten,pitman, minister
ol inland revenue, has sent .lie lullow
ing me'-age lo the Vancouver Board
ol Trade: 'Tost olliee department
will cumplete a contract with the C.
I'. R, itcamiblp company to carry tbo
Victoria-Seattle mails, beginning Dee,
l.'ith, loi a subsidy oi $8,000."
Today's issue nl lhe Maii.-Hi.ham:
is the largest paper tbat hat ever been
printed in Revelitoke and contain!
twelve pages ol newt and advertise
ments. Thit il a record tu f.ir am
the Maii.-Hi:iui.ii will endeavor to
keep up its standard now so highly
apprecinted wherever the circulntiui
A Christmas social will be held in
the Selkirk Hall on Thursday, Dec
20th, in order tn raise funds fur St.
Peter's Church Christmas decorations
nnd also lor the Sunday School funds.
The social promises to be a great success as much time has been spent in
perfecting arrangements nnd preparing
a good musical programme.
We have another new enterprise in
town in the shape of an auctioneering,
valuing and real estate agenccy but!
ness. E. J. Goddnrd, a relative ol J.
I. Woodrow, has opened up in the
above business and has alrendy received several commissions in Revelitoke,
Mr, Goddard, who bails Irom the old
couutry, has hnd a first clnss practice
iu Loudon and the provinces and has
the ability to work Up for himself a
good connection,
Why do you bake your own bread
when we can deliver it to you fresh
from the oven every day. There is
none better, il any as good.
Cakes and Pastry
A large assortment of Cakes nnd
Pastry on hnnd.
Quality and workmanship A 1.
The Smith IWime Oompany gave
n s cond performance in the Opera
House on Wednesday night. The
entertainment was an up-to-date
vaudeville and comedy show, the several artists being very proficient in
their work. The two "babies" danced
and sang in a highly creditable manner and the whole performance was
much appreciated generally.
Skating will be indulged in ns usunl
tonight and a big attendance is ex
pected at the rink. For the convenience of the public, refreshments can be
blained at the following rates: Tea
and cotl'ee 10c, bovril 15c. as well ns
sandwiches, bread nnd butter, etc.
This innovation should meet with
much success nud will be generally
appreciated, The Bund will be in
The fact that the Hindus are British
subjects list* nothing to do with tbe
question as far as the working of the
Immigration is concerned, provided it
can be proved that they,as a clnss, arc
liable to become a oharge on the
community, That is the chief u. ject
in the recent amendment to tin- .n't.
Members ol any class or nationality
can be deported iu any number it it is
conclusively established that they
are undesirable emigrants and nut
toll-supporting, l.irt year, for instance, the Emigration Department
deported over six hundred liritish .-nil
jects who came under that category
and were don't with accordingly. S->.
provided the Hindus prove objectionable in these respects, it will be an
easy matter to deal with them under
the Emigration Act and the problem
will thus adjust Itself.
Toys  and Toy   Books, Trail -
tracks, large Dolls, Wnahing sets, toy
Furniture, all  sold  at  the  Canada
Drug Store.
Our Xiiiao Plum Pudding!are being
made Irom the .ame receipt, used by
thc Royal Family, which we have heen
fortunate enough to secure nl .i cun-
tiderabli cxpenie—Hobson ft Bell
ao to
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Social and Personal
Hon. Richard Mrllride is in town
today from the west.
Miss Seaton, of Vernon, has been
visiting this week in the city.
Mr, and Mrs. Fred Forest, of Albert
Canyon, have been spending a few
days in town.
A successful little dance took place
at the residence ol Mr. and Mrs. Mc-
.ennan  on   Wednesday evening, for
the young people,
Miss Richards, ul Three Vnlley,
lormerly ol tbe teaching stuff in Grand
Forks, is in the city the uuest of Rev.
and Mrs. .1. R. Robertson,
Business Loca
Local views at Canada  Drug Slore.
Nothing better than our " Spocial.
Holland Herring
ock lish in
at I 11. Hume I Co   ^^^^^
See  Howson's  Furniture Store ior
sensible X-un- gifts.
Charlotte  hns.se and Cream Rolls
t daj .u Hobson .'. Bell's.
Quaker Brand canned goods are tbe
bes*,.! car at Bourne s.
ior tic aiii.is ti nun.
Hooks, nllitim-, Iiiiiii-- cnli ml.ns,
Xmas cards, fancy -tni'm ei,-, fonnliiin
pens, c-ii.i- and see llieni—Nairn's
drug store.
II Is.-u ,v Dell are showing lhe
ch iicest assortment of Xmss groceriei
in ihe cily.
If yon need anything lor it Blanker
you  can   sec  nil   the   ue-.ust at the
Canada Ding Store.
Carving sets, plated knives, forks
and spoons, Cutlery ol all kinds, and
skates at Bourne, Bros.
When down town tonight look lor
our table of 50c. China. C. B. Hume
it Co,
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
With tl.e hearty co operation ol
some of the interested ladies ol the
city, the scope of the Young Men's
Christian Association has been enlarged by the "open doo " policy. As
an addition to thc social features
plans have been laid whereby all the
members of the boys' department will
be invited out iu groups to spend
social evening at some home. The
lirst of this series ol entertainments
was provided by Mrs. M. A. Smith on
Tuesday evening, when her home was
thrown open to the boys ol the intermediate gymnasium class. These to
the number of about twenty testilied
by their presence, their appreciation
ol the plan. Tlie evening was most
enjoyably spent in parlor games, and
a novel guessing ci nlest afforded an
opportunity for mental exercise.
Prizes lor these were carried off by
Everett Cameron, Fred Robinson and
Fred Berger. Refreshments, denr to
the heart of nil hoys, werc served, nnd
the hearty manner with which these
were greeted attested tin ir excellence,
Music wns then indulged in and it is
rumored that sundry neighbors were,
like Abnu Ben Ailhem, "awnkened
from a deep dream of peace." Everett
Cameron, in n neat manner, voiced
the npprecintion ol the boyB1 Ior the
generous hospitality extended, nnd
Mr.Gale, ou behalf of the boys, seconded a hearty vote of thanks which was
tendered Mrs. S i ith by the general
secretary, Mr. Cook.    Mrs. Smith in
! As a more .nng.o.e appreciation in nm
; kindiiess extended, three rousing
cheeis and a "liger" were given outside on thu departure Iur bo.no. The
boys will Biiveiy cany none hut pleasant recollections ol this social evening.
Next Tuesday the junior gymnasium
clnss will l« enleiiiiined by Mrs. R,
Howson. A most nujoyab'e time is
assured, so get, ready boys.
For Sale
One  team ol Henvy Draft Hones
WOO,   Apply to R. TAPPING.
Of  Furniture, Real .EBtntc,
Live   Stock   and    General
E. JOHN GODDARD, „,«£,&,.
Big Auction
Household - Effects
Commonoln? nt 10:30 slinrp-BIQ AUCTION
ul HOUSEHOLD EFIEOTS being tlm railnlniler
ol ..lui contents ol Mrs. l-rcls Itosiiltmeo,
Qni'iii-ii, Avenup. and othor furniture in great
vai-iet,y, removed for convenience of Hale, to
thc Old Hume Slore, opposite Union Ilutel,
Whoro K. JOHN QM.DAIID will sell bv
as niun c, including:
ll daya after dato 1 intend to apply to the
Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works fora
speoial licenst! to cut and carry away timbor
from tlie following described lands ln West
Kootenny distriet:
11. Com men ring nt a post mnrked "Ous
Lund's uorth-oast corner," about!) miles lielow
north fork of Golddtroam, thenee soutli W
chains, west 80 chains, north 8(1 chains, cast 80
chain.", to point of commencement.
Datod June 12th, 1000,
due a wed GUSLUNI).
Yea, we have loads of beautiful and artistic and desirable
Christ mas goods here at youi'disposal and we want you to
come and see and buy them. If you chouse nn article from
om-Holiday Stock as a gifl for a friend or relative, we
know that you will be pleased with your selection, for the
stock which we are now oil'ering is a splendid one in every
Although we have loads of goods, yet we expect to sell
every Christmas niticle in stock before Christinas Eve, so
we urge you to come and buy early before the Christmas
line becomes reduced too much, The early purchasers
always have an advantage over the late buyers, Right
now tbe stock is big and complete, Right now is the time
to buy.
Don't overlook the fact that presents can be had for
young ,oiks and for old folks; for men and women; for
hoys and girls. All goods have been carefully selected and
are being offered at as low prices ns it is possible to sell the
same quality of noods for,
Gifts for Everybody
every  smoker—a nice pipe
i. ,,d selection at Nairn's
i'l .1-. -
for XmaSi
drug store.
Weases every Smoker the " Marca
Smith's Xnm- Crackers itt
at i . il. Hiiim ,v i
Thi headquarters lor Xmas cards
and   calendars  is the Canada Drug A
Bn. k Co,
Jap oranges, Navel iranget Malaga
grapei, bananas, lemon- tweet pots-
I.- .., ns figs, etc., ai li- iirm Bi ■
Um will mike bake tn decorate
your Xmas cake—Hobson .v Bell
Work boxes, collar and cuff bow,
toilet letts, inatiiciiri- setts. Loweil
prlc s—Nairn i drug Hon
Pleases ovsry smoker  the " Maro
Jewelry and Silverware have a
charm and distinction unattainable by any other objectsof beauty
and utility, nnd when the stock
offered for you to choose from is so
carefully selected and of such elegant workmanship ns that shown
you cannot fall  lo indulge your
iaste nnd fancy to the utmost,
Next Imperial Bank
Christmas Showing
.r T TT TT ^
| Santa
Headquarters j
% Manning's Candy Palace
Holiday floods
Early and Avoid
in   liberal
tbe Hush.
abundance,   Pick
Walter Bews. Phm.B.,
Druggist &
ly The  largest assortment in   Toys.   The luteal   In   Toys.
»ru Everything New.
V Magic Lanterns, 85c, to ilii ; Hteain Engines, 50c. to 910. %
j Friction Toys, Spring Toyt,  Stinted  Animals (largs and
JL      imall) Tools, Garnet, Toy Pianos, Blackboards, Rooking
JL       Horses, Bnreaus, Sleight, etc,
i   |
<!• Insist on Having Fresh Candies for 4
fl Xmas Qet Some of Manning's _
4\> Home-Made Candies. t ►
*$•   rj ►
j||,       All ordira for Simla Clans should be addressed to Box 207
Christmas Gifts
Whether it be for man, woman or child, our holiday
display is so varied that it is easy to select suitable
gifts for everybody. It's a good thing to come as early
as you can, for while we have been able to telegraph
and duplicate some lines, we will not be able to do so
any longer, and nice things are being picked up every
day, If you shop in the morning you will find it
much more comfortable. Come in and look around
and see what pretty things we have to select from and
how low they are priced.
Lady's Blouses
New styles
Tbey are the sen
son's latest. They
come in Lustres,
Cashmeres, Plan-
neletls, etc., for
warm waists from
$1 to $5
' FoucysilkBlouses
mostly in white,
from $2.60 to 116
Luce Blouses, made over silk in
Brussels and Baby Irish, The
swell fall waist.   $8.50 and $10.
Blouse Materials
make a nice gift and we have
some swell (roods.
Plaid, and Fancy Silks from $2,50
to $(l each,
Crepe Silk,  in cream and black
$8,50 each.
for Indies and children, in kid,
felt, carpet and many other lines,
from 50c to $400 per pair.
Fancy Baskets
suitable fur sewing or catch-alls,
When trimmed with ribbon they
are pretty, inexpensive gifts
Fancy Hose Supporters
with the C. M. O, clasp, with
frilled Dresden Ribbon, and the
pad supporters in all colors, from
85o to $1,50,
Collars and Belts
Any lndy would
be pleased with
one nf our pretty
belts in silk, elas.
lie or leather. Wo
havo them in all
colors and in all
styles. Our line
is the nobbiest to
be Been anywhere
and our prices are
away down.
Children's Bonnets
In Silks, Velvet and Bearskin,
from 00c. to $2.50.
l-'rli. Sailor Hats in Brown,
Navy, Cardinal and Grey $1,00
ami $125 eaoh.
Hand Painted Novelties
Our first lot sold out and we
wiled for a new lot that have
in-lived today, Pincushions in
all shapes, Veil cones, Handkerchief cases, Spoon coses, Eons
eli',, elc,
Cushion Tops,
Cords, Frills, etc.
A new lot just to hand, including
Souvenirs, and anew lot of designs In center pieces and Doylies
Drawn Linens
is ii lino in which we excel, No
other store can show half the
variety we have nor meet our
prices. What can be more acceptable than a pretty linen table
cover or sideboard scarf for a gift
We have these goods in all sizes
and a pretty nssortment of Bat-
tenberg and Tenerirfe Lace pieces
Pen-ins and Tnwi.es—none better
made—and every pair guaranteed
If size you get is not correct we
will exchange them.
New Ribbons
We alwaj i. have
tho Iiest and new*
est, nnd have just
received a new lot
of Dresden and
Plaids that are so
fashionable, and
those pretty Holly
and Violet Ribbons that you can
not procure elsewhere. At prices
to suit Ihe purse.
Such as Bell pins, Blouse sets,
Collars, supporters, Back combs,
Side combs, Pearl necklaces, etc.,
etc., in great variety,
Neck Furs
We have a line lot in all thc
Inl e shapes. Nothing more acceptable for a useful gift. We
have them at prices from $2.50
to $35.00.
We hove a great
show—Half a doz.
Handkerchiefs is
a nice present.
Luce Edge from
10c. up. Hem-
stielied from 10:,
u». Embroidered
from 15c, up.
These are best
^^^^^^ Irish Linen and
many of them are hand embroidered. Real Maltese Lace, genuine
hiiiid made.   These ure beauties,
For the Men
We can solve Iho problem of
what to get for the men or boys.
Here is a list of a few things,
any nf which will be acceptable-
Cuff Links, 50c. t. $2.00
lull lal Handkerchiefs, only 25c.
Silk Handkerchiefs, 50c, to
Slippers nf all kinds, $1.00 to
$2.50 per pair.
Necktios -we have the cream
of half a dozen makers. All the
new colors, at taking prices.
Gloves—W....1 and Kid, lined
and unlinrd,
Fancy Vest, $3,00 to $7,00
Smoking Jackets.
Suit Cases-$3.00 to $15.00
Club Bags--$2.50 to $0.00
Sweaters in all colors,


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