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Vjaiysiauve Ass^
AN 19 1907
■   , .     '• - '   > £ I     3 I
\      [ KU.«9<g -iCa a |     K §
■52.50 Per Year
CB. Hume & Co.
Children's  Golfers   and   Jersey  Waists—$2.50 kind
foi $1.50.
Children's Coats worth S4.50 and up.   These arc all
marked for quick selling at $2.95,
Several Ladier' Suits that were $20,00 and $25,   now
selling at $13.50,
sidewalks and a by-law pas
money !'-r that purpose,
the power  p
...I in raiso
imt ho enjoined the
/■-:-:: ::jt.-j
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment of these famous Biscuits just arrived; here
nre a lew specials:—Philippines, Brazil, Rich Tea,Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ico
('renin, Chocolate and Cocoanut Creams, also othcr varieties, which we would l.e pleas d to show.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Preserves uud Pickles :—
llchm-'s Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple,
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple liuttoi. Lbi^™.^—.
Heinze's Sweet Onions, Sweet Gherkins, Mandalay Sauce
and Tomato Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings. Ready-made Clothing-
CiALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Conl,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free frmn
Dry Fir nnd Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hav, Oats, Wheat nnd
Express und Drayiug to
unv part of the eity.
Furniture Stored ul Heson-
able Rates,
There Are 3 Reasons
why vou should use
Nairn's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil
Office, McKemit Ave.
Next Burnt' New Block
TELEPHONE      - 73.
J. C. HUTCHISON  n   ■k|ajrH
nfflca. McKemie Ave. Ul     IXvHT II
I.-It is guaranteed lo be abso-
lulely fresh.
2.-1100.11111119 .'ill per cent, of
Pure Norway Cod Liver Oil,
which Is claimed hy no prepam-
lory emulsion of Uud Llvei Oil
on ilu* market.
3. It Is put up I" full pim bottles lor $1, while iii ordinary kinds lhe $' hottle
contain three-quarters ut u
I'i'". , . ,
These un" (In* ten*"" J''1'',1'1!
any ..se.- ..r Emulsion ol pou
Liver Oil, can readily s i,n
Is a decided advantage.
Public Meeting and Addresses
by Candidates — Balance
Sheet Shows a Profitable
A   public  meeting  in  connection,
with the civic elections wus held in'
tl.e Opera  liuuse >.n Saturday night
The attendance was very small nnd by
no meant ut representative as it might
have been, the stores being o pen was
n   lensoii  tor ili" limited number ol
citi'.eiis present,   Mayor McLeud presided  nnd  was accompanied on (be
platform by Aid, Abrahamson, Tapping, Palmer,  Howson nnd Trimble
and  tlie city  clerk, ns well ns 1'. B.
Lewis, 0. Knapp, H. .1. MoSorley. ,1.
Woodland, candidates f- r aldermen,
and 11. A. Brown in candidate for llie
mayoralty.    II. N. Coursier nnd li. X.
Doyle, school trustees, ive.e also present,   The  Mayor  having culled the
meeting to order  suid thu! the time
hnd enme when Ilu  council had to
give an account ol  their stewardship.
He remarked on the poor attendance
nt the  meeting but knew Unit  tho
night wus unfavorable in many ways.
In lunching on the past year's work
he said Unit iln.- year had beeu a good
aud successful oue, although the expenses  had  been exceedingly heavy.
The city  clerk  wns then cullid upon
to rend the balance sheet.
This  being  dime  Uie Mayor in reviewing the financial report, suid lhat
the profits for the past year hnd been
far in excess oi  Unit oi  the previous
one and  Unit, in spite of the heavy
jxpenditurc which had lo be ninde on
general improvement works, .he position was very bright, especially when
it is remembered how lhe oily had
hnd gone abend nnd lhe largo amounts
expended   iu   lhe  w irk necessary tu
accomplish   Uus.     In discussing tin.
items ol the l.al.i. ce sheet he referred
lo fc.tt*  repairs  on the dam, lhe street
and sidewalk improvements, survey ol
pipe  line and  school  buildings,  ns
being the biggest items of the com.
oil's expenditure  i.   1906 und us a
,eiy ..i:.:\.y   d.-uv.   .;'. .-.'   the r-v.-iio.
Ho spoke on  tlio installation of an
auxiliary power plant for the cily and
referred to lhe negotiations with the
C.  P.   R.  by  city lor the purpose of
nking ii satisfactory agreement regarding   their pinch.-s-ol   power und
lighl an.I  llmi ii llie agreement was
made it. would   bo n good profit to the
oity, bill   Ihal   il was up to Uie ratepayers  to decide whether the phuit
should eo in.    Regarding  the sewer-
ago syBtem, be suid that the Bohe.no
was in proper shape for lhe nexl counoil lo tnke up un.l put Ihrough.
Aid. Abrahamson said he had perhaps lhe longest record oi nny in the
council und Inul nhvuys iloiie his best
tor the ciiy (cheers). Iu reviewing
tlio past year's work and the heavy
expenses emailed bc said that tlie
improvements had been necessary; as
for the power plant, that too should
be tnken up by the next council since
it was a most necessary item oi public
work. During 1906 lhe council had
spent much time in discussing it and
! people to put it through and si id Unit
j the council weren't at fault entirely
1 lor  the delay.    Expert   figures luu!
shown  a  profit  at tlie low rate nnd
said thut  the returns would be .well
worth the outlay. (Cheers,) In pointing out that  Ilevelstoke bad a bright
future owing to its position and natural  resources, lie enjoined tlmt co-
operation   was  necessary among tlie
people ond advocated  tin; sew.  .go
system, bid.walks on frontage tax,und
also tlie  purcl i.su ot a team ior city's
work nnd also i. rock crusher, both '■:'
which would easily psy fortbemsol.* -.-
Aid. Tupping referred to the li m r
thut the city Inul done him ny eleoti ig
him Inst year nnd slid Unit it w.is Id*
duty to give nn aooountol his stewardship,    He  said Unit. Uie c lUnoii li '1
agreed on most of the dlty'ii work und
thnt tlie money hud been distributed
fairly, impartially nud economically,
In touching on tlie power plant, no
stone should bo lelt  unturned i.i gi i
it put in nnd lie was satisfied thut ilie
power could be supplied at-1 cenls hu'
without much profit. He i commended  lhat a pay roll should be orouted
und  if  tl-e  rites wero low it would
induce others to start industries and
also that  if  Uie C. 1'. II, patronage
was 1. st ii would  lie  u   b'ad look oul.
Revelstoke cun  supply cheap power
and  he wanted  lo sec the citv go
ahead  und  ols.)  10,000  people here
belore live years, und this would lc the
on ie if oheap power is introduced,   lie
advocated a sewerage system und endorsed Aid. Howson's idea ol borrow
ing nnd paying buck over a long term
of yeurs.     A frontage tax would he
profitable Ior tho city. What lie wanted moat to see was the taxing of wild
lands un.l not putting tlie. burden on
those ci.izens who built and in.[.roved
upon  their  binds thus   pulling   n
premium on energy.   Hemiid that the
Government hnd promised lo lake it
up.   (Cheers,)
Aid. 1'nliiiei referred to lhc council's
work nnd snid he bad dime what lie
could, lie touched upon the need ol
hotter tire protection und snid the
appliances were inadequate but lhat
no oily of this size could boast ol n
better and more keen'volunteer lire
brigade I ban Kevelstoke, He .,„» not
in Ihe Held again lor alderman, but
know there were Messrs, Knapp and
Trimble out in Wind 1 und advised
the peoplo to "go Knapp or Trimble"
Aid, Trimble stated that the powoi
planl wis neocssary nnd although hi
fell that the C. P. 11. if large consumers ui power nnd light would be
guild customers, slill ho didn't advocate too low n rale, I ut. since lhc
figures ui tlie low rate were reliable he
lliuiiglit the city would greatly bcuefil
il lhe plant wus installed, He referred
lo II. A. Brown nml the present
mayor,saying Unit lhe .ity wus just
ns prosperous now ns nt ihe beginning
oi lust year.
H. A. Brown etiued Unit he had
been urged by many citizens to offer
himsell again for the mayoralty and
in interring to his past record they
seemed snii-lied and conlldont in hini.
in pointing out Uiul he hod ...ore
time than Mayor McLeod on his bunds
List of Candidates Nominated 14
—Contests in Every Ward JS
—School Trustees Elected ||
by Acclamation.
The following oindidatoa for tho
municipal elections wire nominated
in M  mliy lust!
John McLeod, proposed by It. How-
mi    ■ •.-- nilcil by C. II. Hiiine.
II.  A    Brown, proposed by W. M,
Ln vieiii-i-.  * -niiili-il  by .loho  Abrahams, n.
lull  AI.OI-.U'IKX
Ward L-Ed. Trimble, proposed by
John P. liner .....1 (J. Kimberley, 0
D. Knapp, proposed by J. McQlnnii
..ml II Longhead, ,1. J, Woodland
proposed  by  A.   Pradilini    and  T
Hi£h Glass Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
ml .1 -II. .1
.'il!:- I. Ar.ii
II. ll.S.uvy
. McSorloy, proposed
itrong and Ed. Comer, prop sod by 0. I!.
,1. 11. Sibbald. K.
.nl by K. 11. Bourne
li. Howson,proposed
Tn; ping,   pi
i.lill I llull-i ^^^^^^^^
by !■*. II. Young a ul I!. X. Doyle. F.
ii. Levis, proposed by W. M. Lawrence
noil A, lv ICmciiid,
Ward 111.—.Iniin Abiahamsou, propositi by i"'. 1!. Wells and II. X.
Coursier. .1. A. Stone, proposed by
Wm. Cowan and R. A. Upper. Sum
McMahon, proposed by Robt, Caley
and 1! C, Fromey.
II.   N   Coursier,  proposed
Two Kicks, stove sue..
Three Hicks, stove size.
.*3 75
. ,$6 50
Furnace and Stove Coal
Nut   Size,  suitable   lor
Burners and Rangei
.$9 00
Sell  Feeders,    Base
, 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
^^^ LIMITED. 	
Molsons Bank Building.
only tried to do.ihit was best for the11" Rive personal  attention  to civic
As (or the rntes offered by the I atV.iirs, ho had no limit to find except
Red Cross Drug Store
O.P. R., Revelatoke could not afford
to give power und light too cheap and
he did not at all agree with the 2 cent
rate which   wns far too low in case of
emergency.    A sliding scale was best
and the citv  hnd no right to supply
power  less  .ban cost.   Of court- be WW  - ^ ^ ^
understood  that the largtfon timer     v.
r^VT°tXx^^'^ • -Htt
reduction tu all alike,    no reierreu iu i
the  work  ahead ol the counoil this
lint too much money had heed spent
on public works because Mr. McLeod
hud not the time to attend to them
properly. He referred to tliu fuel
thut he wus responsible Ior getting the
wnter system into good shape, and as
be  had worked hurd and hud
M. .T. .-h ."J*. .♦. .♦. »*K .♦. .-1*. .-t*» .-**. ■**". .♦. .j*. .*!*. J9. .-j*. .♦. i-t*. .T. ,T. .T. tT, ,T, ft
i ,i, ii, ,i, wi iv iv iv ij,' .X1 'If 'V .X1 .J,. 'J.' 'If '1} ij.1 'J,' 'J.' JL ***'+' *^' *♦' '..<'
I See Our Prices on China, Etc., Etc. «*
(Jf Doalen in Hardware, Btovea and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
t nud Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing Hid Tinsniilhing.
.T. .1*. At i't, A, At .*t. 1*1*1 [I't at i'l, at Ai At i't. ,1", .1, .iti .'I'i i't, gl it, gl ,*ti it*, .*t.
year, touching on lhc sewerage syslem
in being  necessary.   The streets and
sidewalks, lie snid. were iu good condition and suggested permanent tide-
wulkt now.    He hoped thc ratepayers
would oboo'.e good and able men this
year  and said   he  would Jlike to Bee
these  important  works put through,
that although he had not intended to
oiler himselljignin lor alderman, still
he hadn't definitely deoidid. (Cheers.)
Aid. Howson said it was bis duty as
chairman ol the finance committee to
explain the system of taxation and as
to why  they  were so high, but said
that that could be improved upon,   lt
was generally supposed that the good
light plant would  do uway with high
taxes  but  that  wai not right.   He
complained ol the lucko! confidence
In the  aldermen  and hoped that tho
ratepayers  would  put  in good men,
Hc  suggested  borrowing  money on
permanent improvements and spread
the  pa vi iii-nis  »ul over a number ol
years  and  so  reduce  the tax rate.
Money  mutt be spent on utreets and
was a nooeaalty, at the sume time
severely ciilicuing the council for
the unnecessary delay In tuking Up
the question, lie argued tlnit ull!
sbould huve the aame rate of power,
reduction being made on the quantity'
taken. He asked why wo should tax j
ourBolves more than necessary and 1
pay through tho nose for others'
benefit (cheers). He always bad urged
that, a sewerage scheme won necessary
but the eity wus up ugiiinst the outlay
Going back to lhe dam question be
said that the foreman at the works at
that tipic was not to he dependc.l
upon,and that the work had siill'.ired
some times owing to the foreman's
absence. He concluded hit address
by offering himsell as a candidal* ior
mayor, under great pressure Irom
tlie city generally, and as the BCiveragc
system would want someone who
could devote his whole time to it, ho
thought that this and liis own past
reputation and record would justify
him.   (Loud cheers.)
(Continued on Pago Two)
^^^^___ hy
Floyd nml I!. 11 Atkins. 11 Man-
ning, proposed by C. It. Maedonald
■nl W, \. Xetllo. F. H. Bourne,
proposed by W. J. Dickey und T. W.
I'.ui... All elected by acclamation.
II. Floyd, Alex. Mcltae and R.N.
Doyle retain oll'ic.
Jamaica Disaster-Rich Silver-
Lead Strike-Serious Coal
Famine-Judges Disagree -
Mr, Root at Ottawa,
Havana. Jan. Hi.—A disastrous
earthquake is reported from Jamaica
nnd Kingston, Uie capital cily is believed to have been totally destroyed.
Si'OKASK, Jan, Hi.—A battle over
Ircighl rat. . the result uf whicli muy
nffeot wli.'lesttle ceutres all over tin
X irtlnvest, begun at the court house
this morning, belore interstate coin-
mercc commissionorB Charles A
I'i ii ty nnd Franklin K, L ne, It is:
the sii't of the oily oi Spokane.
Nelson, ,1 n 16,—Strikes of phc-
imn,cull.,- rich silver-lead ore have
boon -mule upon tbe Nugget nnd
Summit o! Salmo cump, both mines
shipping can to the Hull Mines
..inciter lure which urosi.id to he the
riohesi that lmvo arrived iu many
Tokonto, Jan. 15.—The Fanner's
Hunk of Cauada ia the first financial
institution either in the Dominion or
in tlie United States to issue twenty-
live dollar notes.
Seattle, Jan. 16,—The coal sitau-
tion is rapidly becoming more desperate in the cily und the dealers arc
nuble to supply enough luel to pre-
v int iic.tiiul Buffering, To make it
worse the wood BUpply is nearly exhausted and unless something is done
immediately, future developments muy
Im serious.
Vii toi.i-i, Jun. II.—Mr. Justice Martin ,i in" b'-'inh ol the Full Court
in-i-i - eM.-..I .y in a hull', alter an altercation with Chi.l .lustico Gordon
Hunter. The scene on the lionch
was unintelligible to ull those present
in the court, and created no littlo
xnitoiiio.it among  members  of tin
m i on emu
Have made in st of their wealth investing in Keal  Estute, and it
ivould not bo unwise for lb nn In ving money at low rate of interest
in follow their lead by investing in the best buy on the market which
we have selected as our Special Snap for the coming week.
LISTEN ! Brand new seven room dwelling on Foorlh Street, two
lets, hot. uml void wnter. electric, light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable [nr stable and in fact everything tbat goes to make
a im idem, up-to-date dwelling.
Price 82,350.   Terms S00O Down, D.ilanco on Time.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Branches In thel'rov! ce ,-t Mm loba, AlUrui, Sn*l>atc!iow..u
Hr tl 1.1. ..ili.iiiliiil, Onti-.ri.i. lonelier.
  -    84,280,000.00
iil.-ni: Hns. R. .Iaii-iiiv, Vice-President,
A Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
jSj] Reserve Fund
K5?       I..11. Wll.Kir., I
A General Banking Business Transacted.
'■ vviN-ns Department  De|
.,>., ul    ciiiTcni    rate   ti-oiu   date
(jSj pounded half-yearly,
ejj        Drafts sold availabl
RS?    Klliiipe.
received nnd Interest allowed
ipening account,  and   com
in nil parts uf Canada, United States and
Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager,
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
City lots still on the nvirket ;it
Terms reasonable, Apply soon
A few gooc
|ire.s>'ii( prices,
fi. M .SPROAT. Real Estate Offtice, Cowan Block.
lUQTftlirTll/F   AS   WELL   AsUitl. the result that the am all piece ol
INSTHUUIVt  A3   ntLL  n9 heBte(l glaM (l ltretohed out a diiUnea
a source of entertainment ns
h on.- of Instruction, teldom
I,.is an attraction visited the
Ottawa, Jan, li—it is expected
that Secretary Pool, will uddrcss the
i 'uniidinn Club on Tuesday.
Wasiunoton, Jan, 6.—The Senate
Committee on Flnanoe today agreed
to report favorably tho nomlnationa ol
Postmaster-General C.rtolyou to be
Secretary of the Treasury and Jamos
H.Garfield to be Secretary ul the
See the little lady dressed in glass—
this entire costume is made ol glass
spun and wcuved ns line as silk at the
Venetian Glass Blowers, Opera House.
Continuous performance, altornoona 2
to 5| ovonings, i to 10,    Kuoli visitor
receives a present tree,
ol fully lour feet, when eiploding it
Iill- in lhe limn in million! of frag-
h eul  i.s liin ns silk.
Tl it demonstration is not always
ni"cesslul mi account ol the atmot-
puere whioh at timet it more dense
tnnn at others, lt alto takes an enormous lung power to perform the
leal sucec-sliilly.
Another demonstration  which  in
ilsrll is well worth going to see is the
ol glass liin...nl a  spinning
wheel.    Sn  thin is this skein ol silk
1 that it cun seureely be  perceived  by
I the nuked eye as it iB drawn out ol the
city that is tlie equal "I the gluts
blowers, win. mny be teen daily at
their work In the Opera Houte.
'•'very afternoon  nnd   evening   tbe
place is crowded to the doors with I spinnln
intcreited ipeotatora, and su entrano-
i* il. • work performed by the two
-xp.it glass blowers Unit the longer common glaM and wound"ttonnd tl
one stay.*,  the  longer  one wants to  wheel, as last as  the  operator can
stay, and is loathe tu have the place
ol so much interest.
turn Ilu-handle.      ^^^^^^^^^^
It  mis nut of tbe glass spun in this
^^^^^^^^^^p^p^p^a^f^-_        , i...inner that tl..- dreas      made whicli
Baoh and every visitor to the pluce |B on exhibition in the same room
recelvoa a beautilul souvenir free, and  where the glait blowers operate.   The
on Friday night a big drawing will be: dreai is valued at 1660,
held at which several verv valuable      H'**-il|('s ieelng *lli8 work ol *rt. on0
can secure a  useful  and handsome
present ol Bohemian rock glass and
P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nave their  name  engraved  upon  it
i'emaps tl.e moat interlesting part  (ree ol charge,
of the glass blowing  is  tl.e  .len.on-      Aa a source.il amusement nud edu-
ttratlon made ol the elaitioity of glass, cation the glait blowers at work are
An inch ..I tubular glass i-l,.'.ted, the  'y*'1 ]\'  ^l,  and   one should  not
, ' , allow them to leave the city without
blower   places   the  other end to bit   |r,t ^]Ym m sn(1 be(,ing lhl, imm
mouth und blows through the  tube j 0[ interest they have iu store.
prizes arc  awanled
to   lucky   lieket Che fflaiUfteralb. TZ-Z
DAV AT aC001
rkveIjStok:. n.c.
i- in whicli ii i> drawn up
condition  ol  tlio city's
lnclaHtig j,--,*, to Kn.-. i: :, United State
 ^^^  und .".mad.
I.j-lhc year |llu .ugh I stofli ■.
.   1.81
.. 1.IH
'.R   HINTING promptly, xocutttl nl reason-
.on.- rat. -
TERMS  ' .i.-i i.   si!-i i-ii'tiiin* payable in ad;
ran   .
0HR1 SPONDENCE Invited on mattora ol
pub! ■ Inlereet Communications lo Bdl-
tor must be accompanied by niuiuj of
writer, not needs irUy fo publication, bul
aai ridence of good faith. Correspondence
should b  brief.   '
■..■-i     : '• per hn'** llrsl in-, niun,
- ,  : ..:.. i.i. li gubpeciiienl Iiim rllon.
Mi i-    N *: pai *. [12 ni,i- make tine
Stun    ui.   -■■ neral biuino^ an*
■ '.-• fi '■   |n i  .i. i, pur montli,
Prefflmil ;■ .-.'..iii-.   :'•   per   cent,   ud-
dliti Ml.   Mirth*, Marriftge-s und Deaths,
*>-.   eai:. .:.- rllon.   Timber not ices $6.im
1 ■ j;,3      U   -, u-rli emi'iiU-
-.-■■. rilu iiiuimkuuknl,
■--.*.... lisi'tnuiil-H; ■
Ag< i     W .*  ... 11- |p u mied, Siiii,iiu.ii-
-.' , i ..ii.-    Vn.'.iiii.    Ti'.iiiiT-
M<    ... tVanted. 10 word* or
'.- -• . ■    ■..-:. ndditloiml line IU   cent*,
Change* in standi i.- idvertisemcntii muni
1 H'fidftJ   .mi l-'iiilnv of
- .-   i <u-.pi.ir,
Ml Kl'liV \ KISH
Barristers, Solicitor:
0 T T A VV A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mcrphv.
llAllOI.n FlSHKR
*.:  ■,'-. Ko-.
M. rilOt'l LIKE 11. I*.
!■-. ('. ELLIOTT.
Ovkicm. :  Imperial Bakk Block, Raven.;
Money to loan.
Office--: Kevelstoke, B.C.; Foil Steele, 11, C.
Ot,,, S. McCaktur,
A. .M    PINKHAM, J. A. H-lltirv,
Revelitoke, I!. C, Furl Steele 11. C,
W. I. BrlKKS.
J..M.Scott I.L.H
(C01T   AND
t.i Loan
, Etc,
l.l.11 .   .na   BRIGGS
Barristers, .*
I .M. iNKY ^^^^^^
First Street. Revelstoke, li.C
Thc limil scone in the civic oontOBt
will In ke place tomorrow and Uie new
administrative board will assume their
Beats  ami  we  hope  will  tullill the
promises tbey made to their electors.
Whatever tho outcome of tho polling
.uny he, tl.e result direct nnd indirect
lies ao'oly in tho hands ol the  ratepayers and it is up to them to put in
u council ah.nn thev cut.  trust, and
havo sufficient oonlidenco in to faithfully and in .. businesslike manner so
ci..lue! the affairs ol the city that the
prosperity which Ins followed us during tho past year may he continued,
Rovolstoko i» not what she wns a year
or two ago nnd ns tlie city increases iu
size and importaiic., so must also the
ei,tin il,who hav the civic administration in thoir power, rise to tho occasion
uml continue lo aot up In their olilco
and enny in! lhe c ly improvoinotils
in u manual thut is consistent  with
the city's requirements uud  nl   the
same time having a view to economy
und i m purl in] treatment ..1 Ilu. city's
divisions in laying out their plans for
imptove.no.itti.nl repairs. Kevolstoko's
finances should bo the ohief aim of the
council and money Bhould bo borrowed
on permanent wooks to enable further
works nnd improvements to bc curried
out, and  it.  cider  to alleviate  the
burden of tuxes on the present generation, extend the term of payment so
that the coining generation mny take
thoir share,   It wns certainly a diminutive audience Unit appeared  at  the
public meeting on Saturday and bIiows
in spite of the (act that the nit'lit wns
bi terly cold und Unit the stores were
open, whul  seemingly  liltle interest
there is in  civic malt-is, although
they should to a gr-.-iil extent have fur
more weight, with Kevelstoke citizens,
than the provincial turmoil, seeing
Hint they  effect  mere  directly  our
homes und our business, nnd  perhaps
our comfort,    The civic  ticket Huts
^^^^^^^      .-.1 Lniul Surveyor,
.Mine S.uvi-yiug
-It Kexzie Avksi k.
Box 11)0, Kevelstoke,
Cbc 'fltaU-Ucralb
hern announce.
I and it is for the
" I woul    .  .  .  earnestly n vise them fur
their good to order tbiinapcr lo be punctually
served up, and to be looked upon n*
t!,t- tea equipage." -Aduison.
.mi-, of
The balance sheet ol tlie city of
Kevelstuke lor the past year makes
tbe very creditable showing oi u profit
ou tho year's operations of $11,501.14,
this profit being entirely due to the
peration of the much discussed and
frequently abused power plant. In
making a comparison with the balance
sheet ol last year we find that in the
general profit the total is nut us high,
in plain figures, this yenr as last. But
when it is remembered tbat the light
rate has been considerably reduced
and that the council weie op against
the proposition of expending $7,439.03
ou the repair! to '.he dam. the profits
Il'tmlitnioil liuni I'u--'- I'ni'l
II. Floyd tl en mndo a hr ei review
of the w rk  of  tho school, touching
especially  on   lln   high icbool work
stnting  Unit  in ue    accommodation
is ui'ccssui.v.
!!. N Courtlier dwell in n short ;ol
comprehensive manner oiithued.icn
lioiiul progress und facilities in Hovel
stoke, stating tint from Vnucouvoi
tothe Rookies, Ilevelstoke had Uu
hest school system ol nny cily. Hi
snid that technical education was
very necessary nud thnt there wus
every possibility uf the government
establishing a technical school in the
city.   (Cheers).
K. N, Doylo said that he wns again n
eaii.1i.latd and ii elected would do hn
Ies! us he hud done in the pusl
F. 11. Lewis snid he had offered b'-in-
solf us  ndidiilo for No. 2 Wu-.d,
nnd when ou the council in 11)111-5
.lid hit best nnd in -uld no iv slut..I on
that reputation, lie would ntleud to
the city's welfare nnd he ivould handle
ihe important questions if .looted
with judgment and caution, lie re-
vie.icd the power question stating
tiiat there were othor parties in town
desirous of offering to supply power tithe C. P, 11, nnd private linns, and
that it was necessary that Uie cily
shuuld be the first i.i und get the C.
P, ll.'s benefit. He then dwelt on the
sewerage system and a better tax p.io-
po 'limi. concluding by soliciting
support at the poll.   (Cheers.)
J. J, Woodland oll'.iv.l himself as a
candidate for alderman for Wind 1,
and C. Knapp, who wus received with
cheers, also expressed his intention
fnr the sume wind, making llio Fire
Brigade his cliief aim, if elected, ns
well as general civic affairs,
I! .1. MoSorley also appeared nr
caudidi.te for Ward 2, nnd promised f
elected lo .11 hi best.
The mayor ihen went over the
power question saying that the reus n
the council had not been able to gel u
better rate wns that other parties bid
approached the C P It. ou the same
point. He referred to H, A. Brown's
remarks al. mt the dam foreman nnd
took exception to them,saying too,
that a mayor needn't be always on
the spot when work was being done,
especially contract work. He bud
been requested to stand iiguin fop
mayor nud if elected woul.I do his
best ns in the pnst.
E. Trimble endorsed the mayor's
views concerning the dam works and
suid that tho 1906 council hnd made u
bogus work ut the dam,
II. A. Hrown took exception lo
'I'.i...I.I.-'.* re.i.arks and said that I lie
|i!....s were there all the time.
Aid. Tapping referred to hi- pnsl
career us alderman nnd denii d Ilul
Mr. Hrown s statement was true regarding tho expenditure by the pub
lie worka committee, He took up the
gauntlet  and
lay ii tie ha In I done what was right.
He  vindicati fi  bis rights in his d
as  ....  alderman   and  disabused -. i
-   the  audienc
i au        I   to hav.
10 '* CLEAN US
i VU* am
..llv I..
, large
v Km une. nml Falls Hiug bus placed
uiiii hn- i.i si rond bund pianos nnd
i-hiii-;;.. on ..--iv slv .-■. i,l*M*\S()N A-
lllscll'an-l PIANOLA PIANOS. Our "Upper Country"
w-i.iehons.'s ill Nelson ,-."il l(. vel-l..I-.- ine now comfort-
ii lily crowded ive'io winter shipments! mi wny from
I ie'oi-y, loo, These u*"il goods inns, lie sold, wo wish
llii-ni lo move rapidly, You'll appvi'fi iie Ibesu iiiiusn!
To the Municipal Electors o1
Two, Oity of Revelstoke,
Small Upr'trlil "hull & Sun."
jilnnn, Enjjliali make, t! ui'tuvoB,
l.lll.lllt   .'11*1'	
T iii-Uivi-s,. fl ii i... In height,
l-'ri'iii-h ii.illi.ll wis.-, si-lull fl-i u!
-Hell" OlSil.l.ii It. Ilii'i., lliil.
..... case, i, ..el.ivi'a, "', seta nf
i-i'i-ils Ssln|is. in >• I Inin-. ..
",U'I11& Smart" Upr'nhl I'lnira
; ncUii-es, 4 It. :. i... liiul.- lull
imn fi-iinii'. BXoeIlD.it i-iilno at
Jin., inili* lm-	
"Nuit,'.it" I'l  Nm- Vml;. r
n-i.ii. * ehiulLel rn-i", n gnnu*
"Hill' I'i nm llm-ltili. ij oi'.
uvea, i.i.iti.iinii .-..-iiii. ivalinil
nm-. vmiDu-r pnHlntlynlTmto oiut
uillulilo Inr hall nrlmlgo  	
- Mi un.. A- Itim-li " I'laltn, 71
ii-li.ii-j, 111. iii... m:Im Il.iial.e.l
s.ui linfi.il.ei- itiidingnlty,
ll.ly....nl Iiiii (...ml a* in-,.,
isiiiil Inil nun M-llinit.'t	
$ 20
$ 65
->.!...- Si lllll-ll" 1'llllln, hll-go
llprlghl .iinii.l. Iroiiilll.il ...a-
h.igany oiwu,. li a In. high, cm.
■lightly iiiiiiTi-il. nlliarwUu lin-
c Minn. :.|i|.-iiiliil ti no.   Wus
.*.,!,! fin-S.i.ii>. liiin'i. Inr	
'•Mnsiin A llii.il." I'iiini', I'u-
rlghl Qruil In Art Hi.lal.uil hurl
Willi...! oaiu, iniiiilii-iillv now,
..rime cnnilulon, iterleel lone.
Wns .S'lMI, exlrinii-ilniiii-yviiliii'ii!
-liiniiiiii...." Org...., ivalinil
case, a II. high. 5 ueli.i-.-a, £!<*
a«la nf |-,i...|..-i atn|ia,  V.,1   llll-
...ana, llri-ul, and (ii.ui'l nrgaii
"Ilell" ormin. mnaili-o .vala -I
,•.,*,.. s,:ii,llfi-,inl.:i*i-0 "I ii-i-ils
111 atnpa, Mil awella. Vnll'll
nnl In*., in. lhii nl	
-Iinlii'ili- Organ, IM mil
mil i-a*i. iiiiii hovelled l-'ii-ti.-li
ninl,. iiiiim ,i-,i,i,..|-.i,-s. Santa nl
Uk in* *. lima n uiiii-
enin.lori and knno awella, aj.li...
.11.1 value at (hla llgure	
$ 30
$ 50
$ 50
.liters,     Full   lis!   sen!   upon
ty one of these iiisiroinrnls
... .       pi.rtli.1 payment on a new MASON .V
IANO, will.in two yeurs ullei- purehiise.
We've also il niiinl'i-r o
request,   Yuu uiuy turn In
nl lull i
P. 0,  l-.OK
Kor.ten.i-y L iii <"<. N1. 13 A.F, ft A H,
,».      "-' * The mtnlar niei-i-
■'I,'..      .-* -   -\     m^t* aro Inii! In !!u
„ -.     ', ■ n   M .-miln     Temple,
'/    .Lil Fellows Il.ill.-ni
(, tin- third Mondaj ii
'. -"-li  iiii.lilli   ill.   '
-,-  .' p.m, i'i-il.iii*rlii't'l!i-
:; . ■ i 2S* rea  cordially  wel
'*- como
.-  I. .'im.-.'Nil
ratepayers to dun iheir thinking caps
uud pul in tlie men whom they judge
most Sited to conduct the city affaire
nnd who huve lhe best ability in dealing with the important questions that
will have to be decided ut. once. All
personal and private differences Bhould
be put aside and only what is just and
fair to the individual candidates considered, The year's work bus been
profitable and successful but not so
uuieil lhat it cannot be mndo even
more ao and that end will only be at
tained by the "take off your cual'
system not only of lhe council, but
also by the Hoard of Trade and citizens
as individuals. There is much that
can be done for the improvement ol
Uovolstoke and whoever are elected on
the municipal board should remember
the motto *'u city divided against itself cannot stand" nnd also the fuel.
that each member hears n port inn of n
heavy responsibility on his shoulders
in taking office and that in taking
that responsibility ho should shoulder
his burden conscientiously and ncUng
us be would in   conducting  his  own made against hini by certain parties.
R. Ta p|
II, Sl'.CI.K-1'AIIV,
no 12,1, o. o. r.
Meota overyTharsday
ovoning in Selkirk
Hull at 8 o'cloek.
Vi*iiit.y bi-ethroncordially Invited to alum!
J. jm'iiiif. Sue
Sold Range ledge, K. of P.,
Iio. -26, h'evclstoke, B. C.
ex-ijpt Third Wednesday nt
eaoh ...mi!..... .he Oddfellows'
Hull  ni   a o'clock.   Visiting
Kai-jltis mv i-oriliitlly invited.
iiowi-:, cc.
(1. H. BROCK, K. .,! R. A S.
H. A. IIHOWN. M. of F
| To the Municipal Electors of No.
2 Ward, City of Revelstoke.
Ladies and Gentlemen:—
I have to intimiilo that, at the request uf numerous ratepayers I um in
(lie field ns candidate for Alderman
for No 2 Ward, und hog lo request the
[ivor ol your support oil my behalf nl
the poll on Thursday, Jan, 17th. if
returned 1 oan assure you it will bc
my endeavor to mlvunce the best
interests of lhe oity.
Your obedient servant,
II. J   Mris.Olil.lCY.
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Meet, Second .md Fourth Wednesdays in
e...!. ...iiniii, iu Selkirk Hull. Vi*ititiK Woodmen cordially Invited touitoini,
W. II. AIIJISTIIIIN'C, .-.iii. .'on..
II. W. BUWAltDS, Clark.
F. 0. E.
Ti.,- rem.I ir ii lings ure hold in llm Selkirk
I,    ■     rj TiM-iliiyi-u- iilni nt Sn'elui-n.   Visil-
III.- l.rollir -ii aro cordially invited.
k. ii it; urn mil-:, rnhioi.iis-.-.
II. COOK. Si.rl.ui'.niv.
LADIES AN'D GENTLEMEN,-In respon.o to numerous
invitations (ruin lhe rulepiijers of Ward Two, I have decided lo
stand lm- nomination for your reproventalivo iu Uu- forthcoming
civic, elci-iions, ..ml respectfully solicit youi vote and inlluonoe,
The lollowing aro some of my views on civic matters, if returned
lo olliee :—
I nm in favor of a sewage system, also cement sidewalks
lieing put iii on the principal street* on frontage lax. and all the
niatori.il necessary for tbe said work to bo manufactured by
local white labor iu Kevelstoke, as far ns found practicable and
unit, ihe highest rule of wuges be paid on all oivlo works; loci
men to have tbe preference. I also favor the installation ol a
steam power planl to supply cheap power lo industries and llm
gravelling of iho principal stieels. uml I would suggest placing it
by-law boforo the ratepayers to raise money on debentures to
curry on the above works, being careful to safeguard the credit ol
the city. I am in favor of tl more iqiiitable system of assessment
hy lowering Iho iiu on improved properties aud raising it on
uild lnmls in the cily limits, us I consider it would be a more
progressive plan of luxation in u rapidly growing city liko Kevelstoke, with new industries springing up und unforsoi n questions
coining before lhe city council.
I cannot stale hero all the measures I mny support, but il
you do me lho honor of electing men member ol your council
board, I shnll dee... ii, my duly to give careful attention to all
civic affairs nnd to practice economy in everything,
Helieve mc,
Yours very truly,
Robert Tapping.
trt'lCK isliei ■   iiivfHtlml 30 days nfter ditto
I ink-mi i*i ,'|"i*!v io ii.c lion, iiu- t hiof
CiHiiiiil-jsioiieruf Lands ami Works toi n Special
Uri-i*..--; . -*i,i m ;    irrj   iti iy timber (mm tho
ke(j   the aud eiiC   to   :,:*   * »g demuilwil luuda In IVeil Kootenay DU-
i posl markod ' T. Kilpat-
*    - * *    ruor i>n:*i," pliiiiti'.l on north
;     \ nm   uko, nboul 'I chains
".»   i cornor nf Loi N". Oft".,
the        mlli . ive i ■•*' chains, nurth SO
■ ■:. i       ■  ciintul couiii bui oment
.  .  .
Election Notice!
Tothe Municipal Electors of No.
2 Ward, City of Revelstoke.
Lai.n-is anu Gentlemen:—] have to
intimate that, at the request of numerous ratepayers, 1 om in the Held us
candidate for alderman for No
Wind, und beg lo request the favor of
yuur support on my behalf nt the poll
on Thursday, Jan. 17th, II returned
J enn- assure you it will be my en-
donvnr to advance the best interests of
the city.
Yuur obedient servant,
To the Municipal Electors
le liig Elto 01 Revelstoke an j
GENTLEMEN;—Having 'heen nominated to contest this
Killing, 1 Leg to off. r you my best services, and to state that
if elected to represent you, I will do my utmost at all times to
advance tho inlorests of the Hiding.
I believe in eleiin Government, nnd that lho party in power
should lu- beyond lho suspicion of wrong doing.
In lhc matter of Public Works, I will .son that wo get appropriations enmmonsurate wilh the lurgo amount of revenue
we imn inlo the Treasury, nnil suitable to our extra needs of
roads, trails, nml bridges, ami the proper maintenance of sii tne.
1 believe iii the return lo a system of State Education,
which will allow proper salaries lo our .School Teachers; will
mnke provision for the up keep of Schools in the Rural Dis-
triols, nnd lhc free distribution of school books, etc.
1 will ut all times oppose the introduction of the Asiatic
eleuient into our midsl, or the bringing of aliens who cannot
in* assimilated, into this province.
1 believe in the conservation of our lands and other assets
and will strongly oppose the giving the sume to Corporations.
J believe in the reorganization of the Lands Department,
ami would favor tlio surveying by Provincial Land Surveyors
of the lands suitable for agriculture or fruit raising, bo that
proper information can lie given intending settlors; ulso assistance to seniors in clearing the land and milking the samp
available at an early date.
Awaiting the honor of your call, gentlemen, on tho Becond
of February, 1 beg to subscribe myself,
Your Obedient Servant,
OF Tin-:
Unpuralleled almost in the i ist
ol R. vi stoke has iln- l.i.-' week been,
thanks  waa   ice
. iv  r  MM'
apart from these two items would run ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tc   considerably ...ore than those ol the fall in temperatureb ing tssl
lust vear.    Th- iraportanoe of the as it has been peraistent,    Che oi
water and light service aa a financial wave that has crept over the va
ent Irom the fact  tlmt coming direct acrota the ice clad peakt
of the Rockies and SelkirkB has been
-if- '. :- Sppll    	
tbe city could never hnve done what
Ehe bus done in tl.e paat year, in
Btn - * .it.J sidewalk improvements and
extensions and ; at the whole education expenses I Revelstoke have been
met ii- in ti." ii. ney i arned by this
plant, the government grunt "i -fl -
S88.66 being only a small fracti n .<!
tbe : 1.1 m tt ;' education, The
sob. .-. n. i" ■■•-; ban entailed in re
. -.; • nti ll n. -•!.- re |..ired lasl year
and in spit.- ol tin- bank overdraft,
which although it appeart ruih.-r .-.v-
cesaive, wat - i.i.. the retuli nl tlie
reduction -i thc ta. rati li ... what it
wou.d :. .ve Wen, the - itj haa been
al-le to carry ■. -■ .*• ntivi pcrmaucni
Improvement! i il I tu- n •- nu. and
aitbmigii Ui..- .- v. ry tatitinctory, uml
we an- pleaaed t-, kn.« Unit tin-
revenue is capable .ii -I.unlii.; s,i li n
severe strain, still ihe more feasible
idea io lhat it is not in jastice to the
citizens to make tbe oity hand out
her well earned dollara when financing
can bc better niul more profitably
worked by borrowing money mi
further debenture! und extending the
time ol payment ior over I'l years.
Taking ull things into consideration
the expenses ol the city huve boen
heaviei uiul yet the excellent profit
thown is a sign of lhe piugress Revi |.
stoke baa made in the twelve monthi,
In comparing the real property taxea
1906 shows $11,882.00 ns compared
with $12,845.60 ol 1906, Another
noteable feature being the way h
which tbe taxei lioni water nnd light
came in. On the whole tho balanoe
sheet is most latialaotory in every
way and tin* city treasurer it deserving ol miich.credit for the clear uud
I nger in transit than al Iir
\ .    .
the 1 ert I
-< in! any one who ha-
that i.-MiniiM
1 further notico. i.l
il ion .Liii my in.,
il .to in; paid i-i !.. II
[Hi    tod  in inniM
■    .-iiiii: I,
.     .' ,
I. li  I' '   .i.
.-■■  -  Mm     [.       II	
I L.-.ilii
! i ii
sell* a
i ol .Mi
o! again nll'ei-ing my
s a
aililiilale for
lor this city.
mv I -nn ol
ami until tliis wave has passed I
■i iy • .uth we muy expeel a still
continuance ol thia cold -\ eil, Opin-
i n but been rile ooncernii g the
loweat record - -. • .- mercury, hut
according to carelul ■ -■ rvatii ■ i I
. -i.i....- mt in- ni.e. -im.- thai - ii
Mi nd iv night, theie were thn - ther-
ii, ■: eti I • i . -• ii, ling il 1" degreea
below /.- ro whi ill a- far is oan be
gathered i- .. record I. Revelatoke,
Tie ,. ttc in- i.f ih.- .'ii.'i, .■ depret
lion "i *- .., i • ■ musl only be a
in.,-.) ..lien., i. ilm i-il,ii,M' ill nature
Inevitably naierting itself .nnl should
th.- preaenl area of deprettion he as
Isolated a- i* BOppoted, we .. n. infe
look fm a mild period, p'.-sihly <-x-
lending over the remainder of the
winter. Huch low temperature aa thia
i* only indicative ni i correspondingly
lu t apring ...nl tumn er, ind heavy
iinil- in nil rivort uml tinnms may
I.,- expected
From Presidency of the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
Toronto, Jon, 11.--Sumtor Cox
has reaigned Irom the presidency oi
die Canadian Hank of Commerce, ni -I
General Manager I'., E Walke. uus
elestcd president at tbo last meeting
ol the shareholders, Senator Cox
has been prealdenl fm aovonteen yi-ars.
lie retains a -ea! on   Uu-   lllreotoratC,
Advancing years is the cnuse glvon
lor bit retirement,
ling "Macgreg n • i. -
 i^B h
treat  is
mutic,    Othei   favorite, wil
itoke audiencea   ir eted
particulars will  be .;.- an m
Mr.  i.all   will al-', inii,- pari nn: i ii
fine in- wil! im heard
iim opera houae     Highland   i
pipe mualc  >nd othi i • al .
id   - •     i
ami mu-     ,i.i      - •■     . - im
lung limo, i- ' -'.I'll
ifter il,.t.'
■   li    :,    '   tllOl i     lllllll-.
■    'I     	
1.11   tl.        'Mi.   I.'   ■
i        '.'IMI
plmti -i .-i tin n. rth weal
■     ,„.,,, o,	
Upper in -I ...ik--. .mil
mm ■    corn,
I- ■•
i   -   a Co., i,in
...i ■' chalna,
W A \ T E I)
,      ,        ,      ,      | sinull  liitnil)        ll K i j      '■
lut been given fora; A;     .,  ,   ,, ,,.
li! no.l
nil  Mi
Mi-.li     .
-M, !■.      i
Windsor Restaurant
Mr.  II m  Ha .1 arj   ll in
First-Class Tahle.
Private Dm ■ ■< Boxi .
l.i,-.,, IMMi11i.-r-
.i,,,i|ii..i ,Huptior.,nn.
Furnished Flooms To Lei
i »)|
■    i
| .HIM
R. A. I
;    ■ i    vi-.i.
 'HiiY ikhv fxpirin;.-*
i:. ;rowlr -i our ciiy lias neccssilalcl
con si de ruble expeiuliture to provide streol
ami sjdewalk accommodation lor tliosc
parts of ihe ciiy which are being built
up ami settled iii. Con side ruble expense
was also i*ni died in repairing and strength ning the dam on thc tllceillewitel river,
this work was carried oul according to
ligation., by Col. Tracey and was
completed at aboul ihe original eslinmi
of cost for il, although during the progress of iln* work it was discovered thai
more repairs were necessary than wort
,ti lirsi contemplated,
These expensive works have been a
'.i** i*i*i* i.in .ni the annual currenl revcnu<
-■I the cl'j; in facl Ihey arc more lhat
uhouid have been financed in thai manner.
inn the work was urganl and had to bi
i arried oul under hiij cireunihtances,
ll   ! i ■-• year lhc rate ior dec-
•ht I ion no reduced as to bi
moro th,in i« now clmrgci
dI Vancouver,   NolwitliHtantl-
, thc growth of Iho cily has been
. im. from the waler and
n,mi has been 50  per   con
■ ..*.ii. I
ll" iinp.'i i,;j i|   1 ■I'l.vt'j*-
ii) foi tlm 1 ii v,  the council has
■ 1.1 l preliminary sur*
1 1 iln-- mallei' is uow in such
im uming 1 mineil can pro-
' - ■)- 0 j pari of ii with-
■ 1    ..;.*   needed   for
id if re elected I will give
■ 1 ■■■   .'    illrllti.Hl.
.   nl   tin'   supply ol cl.*. hi.
l\ K. Ins heen before lhe
1    :
'-!   . 1 ■
TIM)    IM'y.'l I. '
j Ull     P .        .'■    -,'\       1.1.11    '   * fill
0 i'i.    I.  Apply
in VV, M   i
Wi ll              1    j n 1 1!   house
U'uik   fm 1,111,My fi) !.' "■ I
Public Meeting
Jl.I'.l'., will address the Electors on tho above dato
at 8 p. in. riluirp.
E.W. B. Paget w
id ri
..I, II. (!.
T, Ludgate, An-o.
Hi  IM
fi ri.'.iirili...! i.nii (li-ilriiiiil.,.|: AKont.
Expross niul DnKKnKO Dellvory.
M.i.ii.m ol Pianos, 8nfos nn<l Furnlturo.
Gonornl llriiym.;.
Office: McKenzie Ave. RSiKTS
Ollllin I'liliim No, It.      Huuni. PI....... Nl. 7.
A -. il-.H   Wullreis,  -In
llglll,     !'.m:.      |!I0   !' li
Ipjily i"! iii I V {.Queen's Hotel
( i ipllX, I!  0.
ITTANTHD  (oil for general hnusi
VV    work
     II.l.l.l    «'..«.'.
cigl.i. p.irty.    Apply lo M
LEWIS, Mm lu-ii/io Av	
[Mill     III
!•'. II,
iu    limit   wants
id hnilt'd in cily.
nm nr rnoiti nil
Apply iMAII.-HKHAliU.unict'.
foi  some lime
■ ■'*!' ■■■- ii nhould cm
..   ntn .hi arrangemen) of
-' ■ ■ - holh part Ies,   'I In ad-
i ■.:    ..; I. iving iln good will
. ■ i |em ' il hy Ihe
im  c i and lax exempted   'iii1!   in.  opinion  i
i.   ■    . , ■   n| bef ween 1 he C,
iv r   .   i !',   i . .im ii .hi nn-, -jucsiipn
m, li 1.1 ihe future prosperity
e Cily,
i ol  in auxiliary planl at
HUM! has heenforcihlj broughl
cllizens during l||c lasl Iwo
*'*.*!,.. I ihink lhe cily has new readied
iiu ii .. stage i'i if mh h a planl is abso-
luielj nei ■■.. ii ■*.,
Should vim do mc lhc honor i>l re-
tilt-i ling me ns Mayor I uill appreciale
yourconlltlence by giving lhc same care
■ nil nitciillon it1 ilic various imporlanl j
i Ivlc matters Ihnl musl ausc, as I have j
done hitherto.
Your Obedient Servant,*
Jan. ii, iyo/.
Election Notice!
To the Ratepayers of the City
of Revelstoke:
Ladies' ami Gentlemen:—At the
nqui -i ol a huge number of citizens,
I hive docided lo oiler mytolf us a
can.li.Int.- [or Mayor at tho election,
I have to thank you for tho many
.-xpr.issii.il* iii appreciation of my
elTorte ... your bohnlt, when 1 hull Iho
in mn- of representing you before in
this olliee, nnd assure you, if you
should agnin honor in", 1 «ill givo the
same cuie and attention to youi-
Theie are several matters of vital
importance to the oity's welfare now
pending, whioh 1 hope to have tbe
opportunity ..I diicuaaiog with you in
public before the election.
Reapectlully yourB,
Election Notice
To the Municipal Electors of
No- One Ward, City of
Ladies and Uenti.kme.n:-.
Having been solicited by a large
number of electors of Ward No. I, to
oiler myself for eleotioti as alderman
of that ward. 1 have conBcnted to
accept and respectfully request your
vote and influence, If elected I shall
at all times consider It my duly to
give my careful attention lo all matters pertaining to tbe advancement
and welfare of the oity.
Yours obediently,
Patronize Nome  Industry,
Revelstoka cigars.
Hand Tailored Garments, Completely Finished.
Box Overcoat
There are deft
touches of elegance—
little differences in
style—that make
these Fit-Reform
Overcoats noticeably
In rich Black
Melton and Beaver.
McKinnon I Sutherland -  Revelstoke
s.-t-- ■'/    \,        Ink
. '    i     V
v    *4
feature Ilinl can not lie duplicated—
tlie combination of sweater ami coat
—the collar ui.-iv l.e fastened close to
llie llirnai or rolled back as desired.
wm.. "'
Wescut and Sweaters
come hi all sizes, weights and colors—
. ■.«   with club emblems or college colors
Vm| knitted to order,   Beware ol imilallons
J/''^ see our tr.i-'.ii-'i.rk on each garment.
Write I'- re..!..! ■■ e ii vour dealer
•■ li if ica"""' ""i1!-'.'' !*' ''•■
•■ ■'/ |- 'if   THE KHIT-TO-FIT MANUFA
P. 0. BOX 11330, MONTREAL
^bw.'-.-*"   •■-•- •■--  T^\iax&EaR2txs&-?szx.-ra.!<BBirj.?:;ir4
The first is impossible without the second.
-BEST" bread flour is milled in B. C„
from specially selected washed hard wheat.
and will produce more loaves of light,
appetizing bread to the sack than any
other tlour on the market,
Don't accept our statements without
proving ihem. Order a trial sack from
vour Groci r i dav.
Columbia IM fi (o„ ltd,
Under  New  Management
ROBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,    REVELSTOKE,   B    C
Kirst-i. -     ■ -:,.:.    .-.,..:      .
:   -*     ,  -.        *    Vi -. ,    .       i.
I   ..•'!*-.
RATES   Sl   AMD   $100   PER   DAY
FREE   BUS   iMSEr-    •
Central Hotel
,N',... r .-.,.:. .     .    spe. .    ''ii modern - oi   enieni ---
Large Han ;-.-  It.  :,.
Rales $1.50 per Day Special WccHy Rates,
Queen's Hotel, Truut L:-ik'j,  uida   am.: management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Iiest Wines, Liciuors and
Cigars.    Rates m a day.   Monthly rate,
J.   ALBBET'     STONE     PROP.
Frozen Pipe Causes Heater to
Blow up—Children Injured
by Flying Iron.
Vancouver, Jan. 15th.—Four small
boys at the Children's Home had a
miraculous escape from instant death
when a large water heater in the basement around which they were stand-
ing warming tliemselves, exploded
with a deafening report at 8 o'clock
yesterday morning.
llm ton minutes belore,S. VVeyman,
the big boy ol the home, und who
works at the Sugur Refinery, hud
started the lire in lhe heater, whicli
Bitpplics hot water to the kitchen and
other parte ot tho home, The other
little chaps lind come down with him,
nnd ull were atuuding close to the big
iron heater when it blew into ll'ag-
minis, which were hurled in every
iliiection. The tremendous force of
the explosion may be guessed Irom
the fact that the heavy iron doors of
the hot air furnace were shivered like
so much glass, the plaster was all torn
from the walls, and lwo doors of adjoining rooms were lorn from their
binges uud scattered in Iragmeuts,
Even upstiiira the glues in tbo front
door nnd porch wus broken und blown
right out to (lie sidewalk.
l'nssers by heiinl lhe explosion and
hurried in to help rescue the ohildren
who wero^all more or less seriously
injured and convey them to the
Tbe explosion was caused by the
fact that the wnter-pipe ol lhe heater
was frozen solid, allowing of no escape
for the steam which formed inside. A
minute or two before the explosion the,
boys became alarmed at the bent and
one ol them run to inform the matron,
Miss Ramsey, but the explosion occurred before she hnd time to make
any inveatigation,
 ... •*«->♦	
Mr. Morphett Talks Enthusiastically of Canadian Tour.
Mr, 11. M. Morphett, member ol the
English National Counoil  ol  Young I
Men's Christian Associations, who was i
ior many years director of tlie work in j
Bristol, Kng., is paying a brief visit to
Revelstoke on his return   journey
,'asi.    Mr.  Morphett  bus  not been
able ns yet to make u full tour ol the
in terior, but whnt lie  hns  seen  he:
speaks of in the greatest enthusiasm.
Mr. Morphett has given   his  impres-
siona ol Canadian lite and ways in a
short interview with the editor, Btat-
ing that he hud visited all the leading
cities mi   the  route  irom   Montreal
west.   In every city he has visited Mr.
Morphett haa in en struck by the tide
..( prosperity and tin energi tic nature
of the people,   IL' ivaa glad to hear
that Englishmen ivere  heartily  welcomed, especially il  they   p. sseased
the qualifical ona     int.   igence,  integrity and  adaptol ility.    Mr, Mi r-
phett speaks • nti   -.   ticall;   ol  his
reci pti     ind   am er ol   velo nu   in
every  cit.   hi    is    iiti
ui, iiii'. :..,-    en given.     . lasisl i   a
in liii work    On being q n -"
i.;-   [.        IBritii    i   lu   ■ ia, Mr
Morphett e   I thai    - ; bad a
grea ell in adva io
in I [.regression,  tl
pi ere benl ping thei
Ian I an ng U]    bi
strength.    In said be
IV.i-      ■
thi   .    i an yet tt.
.... Hi
PI   "M'      ,''-'• '
pei: ,
Mr. Mi*
lar ■'• ' *
oond * I
tion of an;
He wa- .
- saw tb.
need     ial liiding.
Mori        -       it th.
ind ]
wae plea
people ven      fl
phetl '     ■
nil ni which ha. a i well
iml e lea
with thi
capable of receiving a high polish and
thereafter being especially valuable
for building purposes.
The character of the Btone is such
that lnrge blocks even up to fifteen
feet mny be tnken out in this line, the
lind being different from many discoveries oi marble where the deposits
nre found to be commercially useless
because of their (motoring too easily.
Capacity  Inadequate for Increasing Tourist Traffic.
The C. P, R. hotels nre being improved at ninny points, their capacity
not being equal to tho growing demands of summer travellers, Lust
season the Banff hotel was considerably extended and improved, but its
capacity proved inadequate to the
demands put upon it. This year it
will be prncticully remodeled Ior next
season's tourist travel. Three new
wings of a circular design are to be
added, practically doubling the capacity of the hotel. The general effect
when the improvements are completed
will be similar to that ol the Chateau
Fronteiiac at Quebec, and one great
advantage which that stylo of hotel
architecture possesses is that almost
every room in the house bus an uninterrupted view. At Banff, ub at
Quebec, where u magnificent view mny
be hnd iu any directiun, tliis is a
feature which tourists will greatly appreciate
Tlie chateau at Lake Louise is also
to be enlarged and improved. At
present it has seventy-eight rooms
nnd thirty-one bathrooms, but it is to
have an additional lifty-two rooms
nnd forty-two bathrooms. All these
alterations and improvements are lo
be completed in time for the opening
of the summer tourist trade.
Queens ftotel
Hest brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Valuable Discovery Made dear
A atriki       i'*i- ial i   -
great, importance -   '
districl ij ri ported frogj tl ■
ol i hllliwack,   Tl,- .- -' -i-|j of ilu-
(li-i-MM ry of a largo quarry    ' marh -
of excellent - lily aboul eighl  milea
Irom the town In tho vicinity of Ml.
(Iliiiin. Mr. Davidson, ol Chilliwack,
waa ihe prospector who made tin Hnd
uml tho roporta he bringa an to tbo
extent and quality . I tbo deposil an
hiicIi iis to assure the prompt devi lop
...enl ol ine quarry,    'l'ho   rble ia
Suid to bo of v.ni.'.l colon', sonic of il
being ol that mottled variety which la
Householders find Their Water
Supply Frozen Solid.
On all sides is heard the continual
cry ol "when is the plumber coming?"
und ninny amateur plumbers aro
attempting to thaw out the pipes
with ninny und varied appliances
accompanied by a very torrid How ol
language, So it is all over Revelstoke.
Kurly this wtek the mercury slid
down the gluss barrel of Revelstoke's
thermometer tiil it was almost all
huddled up in the pendant bulb. At
7 a.m. on Monday it was 25 degrees
below zero and water pipes were exploding with savage little pupa in
many an unprotected place. It waa a
case of no water to wash in nnd none
to till the kettle in some houses,
while in others incipient rivers were
Hiuving down over basement doors
and diminutive geysers were shooting
forth iron, the lend pipes, lending to
the streets. It has been tbe coldest
snap of the winter and iu its unlooked
for intensity caught many unprepared
in tlie matter of pipe protection.
A Warning lo the Kootenay
Provincial   Medical   Health Officer
i issuing i .ticea to all cities
.   tn be caretul
. ii, Spokane,   In that
-  epid mie.    The
.,      • ea it increasing al tlie
23 a v   ..    .--I.-    pi ■ is very
.   In :- . rs.   Much
;. for ex nnple, seea
:. .1 touch of
' .  on the
M   J   'Mtli ymi
,,■ ■ ■   u     earty and
l)d   make
R. fi   '
i ii
- i
....     ...
A   New   Departure   Creates
KAI.AM ' ; '  ' -   '
I    , .
tl :.    im ' <'.
. .       enl  I thc Ga-
r, opened every
cil       I Mi.M'in.'.e.i.i nt
irpriae, ai Mr
Ro * mil. recently expressed
religious   lentimonl     "1  believi  n
p, ,1,.,. ...,:. be ab ' to do better work,
and thai the objeel  ol a  newapaper
will in- more ihoi gbly  readied  In
thi     i   -   in   heretofore,"  (aid   Mr,
llm ri: Caley, Liberal ciuid'uliite for
tl.e riding, bus returned fnnn ii trip
south whore he Iuih been giving addresses- to bis oonatltuenta.
-, ff^%T3iS?i-§ «Sl
■:■■•    /*%>I|k
Beauty Unfolded
Eye Delighting
has residence in one show rooms,
will have residence in your home
if you need a lloor covering. Ap-
predate the elegance of the designs spread out before you, nnd
have a thought of youi' pocket
hook. Many real carpet bai-gulns
are here ready foe your choice.
Avail yourself of I hem.
R. Howson & Co.
(l.ii.il, unlil d. No. II Apples at
8i,c. per I. r. f... b, Vernon.
In email or lnrge l.n'.s-.Irmn 100
lbs. to a Carload.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
ll you are looking ior something nice in SPOONS ANI.:
.......    \.     SPECIAL" iur Souvenirs, we have Ihem here,
W J.   GUY   BARBER,  -    ?ffl
d stock of Groceries und
Import direct from Country of origin.
Look Well! Feel Well!
Do you en joy that well diessed feeling-' We nil know whul
it feels like to lie hot, lo hc cold, or to bo tired, and ll Is
just its li-iie that we all know what. It feels like to l.e well
dressed, lt feels good, and It's good to feel good. You enn
never he well dressed if youi'clothes nt-e nol ninde by lhe
right maker,
Got to know we bundle the SEMI-R I'l AIIV (I A11M NNTK
nnd you will find whnt a pleasure nud satisfaction il is to be
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats-SIS, $18, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: $18 and $20       A
Special Trousers $S and $6. A
Tailoring is our business.  We make u man look well       Q
and lie knows it. a
..Cressman  and Morrison.. <j>
To checkmate lhe dishonest use of
lhe inline oi* "JAEGER," Innk for llie
label on oach urlicle, and insist liiul
ll.e goo,!s l.e invoice.! as  " JAEGER'
Ski.i.inu Auknts IN RRVRLSTOKB
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd. J
a lino assort...ent of .1..,,..:, ■■.* China.
Agent for Rcvelstuke Farming
Company, gruwera of nil k ds of
Kiirn. I'.od.i-e, llnv und Wo ■ i.
InciiriHirutod by Act cf P-nlin.nmit, 1856.
Wil. Molson Maopheiison, Pros. S, II. EwiNO, Vice-Pres,
Tames Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in wny ol hanking business lr.inmict.cO ivltho.il un-
necessary delay.
IntoroBt credited twice a year at cuii-enl rules on Savings Bank
deposil -.
VV, If. PRATT, Manager,       -       Hrvemtoku, IS. C.
iHnHi i|i ft 9 <t^99^*tf fr1*1 'M1 'M*- ft$«M"-<5"fr|
9        _    ____,„__
=   9
I Comox and New  Wellington Coal  |,
# Hemlock    Wood    Hay,,;Grain, Feed  ^
i$i 9
t$» -Ji    "■"- " !—'--•—     $
-§ 9
Front Street, Kevelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bougho
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Mnuiilucliiri.il l„.'.ill.-iii-.i. it l...!lilii.gs
All liin'lii.l l.uililiii'-n.i'l iilmtorlnii
Halcyon Ho:' Springs
Und..i' the new .nttiinu'-iu.-til nf
HarKY   Md.V'l'oair,   ll.er.ini   House
mill, MI-liilCAL WATERS of llul-
J cyon .ue Ilu* mosl cu-aiive in the
world. A piTl'ecl, imtuinl I'emedy for
nil Nei'.".- a.ul iMu-cui...- diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stouneli ailments
nnd Metallic Poisoniiuj. A sure cure
for "Tlmi Tied PeelioK," Speciul
rules in. .ill Iim.I- .ii .1 iii...-. Two
tiii.il.- a.t'ive inul ib o'H .-• eiy day.
Telegru I. i-oiiiiniiiili'iiiioii v.uh all
ll'ill'l.s of ll.e Will Id,
Tkiims   $1- In SIS |i i ... ".■;..   Foe
I'uilliei' piiiilciil irs apply lo
Halcyon Hoi Springs;
Arroiv Lake. *B. C
Henry's Nurseries
lli'ii'luiiioii-i* for I'm-ilii- I'mist itruwii
 I  ini.ii.i-11'il   QarC'*n,   F.c-lil  ivrtll
Flowor Sec:.,.
i.i.l-  nl  l-'o ml On.., ■ i-iiliil
miIiiiIi-i.Ii-i.ii*. It.i-i.i mu!   ...inly
Imtor.lalnjol tumlwiUoni
.Ml ■ Mllll'..MM M
iilwiiy* ivi.li-..in-   . . iii*[.ect
...-I'.'i-I '
fil.r *l.ii-!i.
Gruonl-.oouc Plantg.
I'll, l--li.iv-.-- ni.il l-'lnri! I.i-i.-i-. Fnrtilliors
BooHlvoa  .....I Sll|l|lll<k, SliMJ .'i-il.- uml
Nn ii .on. llii-i-l- iv i -a ' •' f.'i com-
ifii-iiui .„|,.iy. ti,.. i-.il ilnsuc i-m.-i you
nl,iii..  It.    Lei  ..ii- [ii!.-i- your lial lioluro
Wo .I., lm nn' • uu .uu ii.-.-ii srounds—no
ri-.it In p..  aii'i ii! ' |im'|iiO'-i! In moot ..I!
ciim|)Otflli.u.   Ke iliirift'lurlMB. Whito
Inbor.  llninl-it Froo. '	
I'. ().A,l,lr,--~iii.,l(iii!i!iili.iii on mioWoit-
iiiili.i-r l.uiiil    tlrnucl.   Nur-ciit-i   Snutli
Vi. lil'.-f
vans ?.i Woodrow
Dealers in lli-cl, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Lis!' and (luiiie in
Season. Onlors promptly nt-
tended lo,
rstSt. fleveisioke
ms West
Soil Si-ii-i nod Conl
Su-!; I if |{e.|ulrei1
SS'-joi* ;■' i delivered
fv% x wwm vw*^"* ■%%■%*»%* ve/wv* *»**%t *.:
a I'm. Ai.fii-iilturiil l<ii|ili....fnil     'iirriiii:!-..  Wii^-ihi-    Ml...,  J..!..,
^ lo.r,. I'l'.tif.li.. M,.iini- Wiii.iHiM ........Un Cnrrlago nomiiaoy'i
- Ilm-h-ii- .  I'Iiiii"'. jr,  (l.tr.l,-i. Snniliir. uml  .'nlliviiliir*.  Wbool-
* -.i',„-.,. iiiiiI in.iM uiiiii Wm.k .,ti.iii.l."l in   Bono Slioolm«
t Bum i
•i/*** *»■•».■*%%% %%%%*% VHIHtHMUHUtl
f*% ll-V'%%^'** Vfc"V*>.*V4 V***VV%VW%'^%
1IKAI. ...l-liK    r.i.iiiiiv.  .M...I.UTA.
Wholesale* nnd Retail Moat Merchants
end. I'.i.-k'-iM iit.'l l.-i.li-i- 'in !,i ■ Stuck,   ..Ink,.i, li. nt! tbo principal Citn-a un.l    C
Thivih ..( iIIL.tIii, llritial. cuimiiii. iti.il tin-Viiknii.  Pucki-i, ill tin. Celibrateil Brand   i
~g   "Itn orator" llama ami Bacon, anil s1.Aiiir.vck Braml, Loat lartt f
| 'Phone 00       MoKonile .'vo.
'•aiminti- mrv->-tjiit.'e,.>J««i.iw...- -.■■■..    .-••--■* •\m.tm
THE m?.l\ 3AVSHG
Tlmi'* Ituynl i'r -in hind—
..mile in Vuu- ivi i -Iji.rgoat
Soutl l-'iu'ioiv .. -i ..:' Winiii-
peg, lln.. o t'.li'iininn anil
iva l.i. ii,,I"..--, a- i'i Itsholp.
Allll till-   li.i-l.i'    :■',-'.!...,. I!   the
Premium System
I! i-l:!.! toll- ■ lull '-.- '.ive for
RovslCrov, - .:-,..-.'. Send
for it—Krec—A - lry the
Royal ;^oap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, ii. C,
for  .   .   .
Jolin t, Wood's Furniture Store <*
t   «
i-i:iuiiii-Ai.:ok Tin*. iiKiiisritvriii.N oi'
AN KXTIlA-l'MIVINCUI. i'oji-mxy.
'(-..MI'AMIls A... 1897."
lioroby corllly tlmt the "llooil I.mnl '",'
Ina Ibis ilny boon registered in nn Kxtrft-l'iuvlii'
f-i-.l Company i.n.l.-t tln-'-rnii.liaiii.'.V Ai-t. ..>'..'.
local., iim in'illi'.l all ..r nny ..I ll.'' object* of
lln. Company I" "lii'-li tin- leglalutlvo nutbority ..I
Ilu- l.ipi-iliiii.ri' ..I lliil Wi Uoliitiibln extendi
Tho lirml .i.lii-i- nlllia Company li iltnato nl tlm
Cily ot Spokaiio, si.nkiiin- County!.. Ibe State ol
IV.uI.Ii.bIou. .,,,,,
Tlio .........nt..! Iboi'ipliliil ul lliiil.'iiil'iiii! i
Three Hundred Thouiand Dallam, (Uvi-Xuil Into
Uir.-.' Iiiitidrnl tbouian.1 ilmrei of on.' ilullnr viu-li.
Till belli OIHcO nl Uu' Oompail) ill tills I'm. im .
is iltuate ut imperii.. Hunk luck. Rovolattiko,
nml (leorge Smilli McCarter, barrlater-nt-law,
wltoio iiddroii li Uio ine, is llm- attorney fm- Uio
Company, not i-iai'Diii-ri-il I., issue und li.i.uf.-r
Tlietbueol tl.e existence ..( tbe Company is
fitly yenra Iron, tliu 22nd tiny ol t.i-Uilu-r, 11.00.
(liven under ray hand and goal of nllit-i- at Victoria. Province of initial. Uol.in.bla, tbii twenty-
ninth .liiy ol No.orabor, one thouiand nine Imn-
.I.-.-.1 nml six,
S. V. W00TT0N
Municipal Elections 1907.
Bogititrar of Joint Stock CompauiuH
The objects fnr whicli tlio 00U))>liliy lias been
uutublIslied ninl runiriiurt'il are:—
Tn manufacture, export, Import, buy, lell mul
generally deal lu goods, wares, niurcliamliau ami
properly of ever; clow and description within tho
Stale of w-vbfewiuii.tiK' riiltwi Mati'u nf Aiuerl-
tn, tlu'Trovliice of lliitisli Columbia and elsewhere as wav frmn time to time bo found necessary or convenient fur Hit- pur lumen nf tliu
Company; tu carry on ami conduct a general
wholesale ami retail milling, manufacturing ami
lumbering business within said territory; to own.
operate, Guy, sell, lease, erect or (iiln'r'visein'iuirt'
saw-iullls and nny othor kind** of mills nr factories
for tlm manufacture of lumber, cither in the
rimgli or tlni-died state, and for manufacturing or
lluisliiiii* all articles uf imi'* made therefrom, ami
In own, Imy, sell, I ioso or otherwise acqulr-jftll
machinery and appliances of every kind amide-
Bcrlption tiiai ma) be uccessary or uan dl> lun ur
iis.'d iii coimectlon therev lth; t«. pnrcliaso, lake mi
leaso, or in exchange, liUe nr ntherw Ise at quire ur
h.il.l uml sell lands, estates, buildings, rlghU-of-
nay, Imiii or watoi or nil) other rights m privl-
leges, machinery, businesses, good wills, plants,
stui-ks In trade, or other real or personal proport)
uf nny luture m kind whatsoever as may lie
doemed ueccssar) to curry out any of the ubjects
or purposes ol this Uomyany; to maintain, Improve, manage, wmk, control and superintend any
trails, roads, ways, tramways railways, lnidgw,
reservoirs, wnter cuurses, sawmills, shingle null t.
factories, hydraulic works, electrical works or
iithtT works or conveniences which may seem
conducive to any of the ohjects or purposes nf the
Company, anil to Inn. sell and deal m the aanw
to use su-ani, water, electrical oi anj otliei [lower
as a motive power, or otherwise, aud lobuy,sell
and deal in the same; to purchase, acquire, sell,
Imlil, erect, and operate electric light and other
puwer plants fm* milling ami manufacturing purpose.*:, and fm* iln* purpose ol furnishing lights and
creating power for anv and all other purposes; to
bond, buy, sell, lease, locate and n.,ld ditches,
Humes ami water rights: to construct, lease, buy,
sell, build or operate railroads, ferries, tramways
nr other moans of transportation, fur transporting
logs, lumber or other material 01 passengers, Tn .mn Lui.l, lmj. sell, lease and
locate nr otherwise acquire timuei and timber claims; t" buy, acquire, hold. Improve,
lease .md sell timber, farming, grazing, mineral
ami other lands, and the products thereof; to
acquire purchnse, layout, piaiaml -ell Iuhii ami
city lots, and ic plat ami put upon the market
town Bltca and erect buildings and Improvements
n[ ever) kind and sell lots, or otherwise dispose nf
the same, or anj part 01 portion thereof, niulgeu-
crally lo do a real estate, rental, buying, Belling,
improvement anil Investment business; to carry on
ageneial merchandise and commission businesa;
to acquire, sell nnd conduct storus.hotols nr board
iiig houses; to siibscrilw for, purchase or otheni Ise
acquire,sell,and hold with the wmn rights«f
ownership therein as may lie permitted t.> natural
persons, the sharea, bonds and obligations of anj,
other corporation wherever organized; ta procure
tho Company to be registered, Incorporated, or
recognized in any other state, or-couutry, or pre
vince and to do all and everything necessary
suitable, convenient or proper for the accomplishment of any of the purposes, nr tlie attainment of
any one or more of tne objects herein enumerated
nr incideiit-al 10 the putter-, herein named, «i
which shall hi any time appear conducive or ox
petlletit fur the protection orben-ifll of tlie corporation, and iln.uij to do everything consistent,
proper ami requisite (or the carrying out of tho
objects and purposes aforesaid in their fullest and
broadest sense within said territory.
wed dec 12 «-lm
Notice i;* hereby Riven that 30 days after date
1 intend to apply to lhe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lnnds and Work- fnr a .special
licenso to cut nud carry awny timbor from the
following described lauds:
1.   situate in the West Knntenay district, about
10 miles frnm Burton City, Comment-inn at a pnst
planted on the easl side nf Caribou Creek, theuce
south WD clmins, thenceeast tn chains, thence
north 100 chains, thence west 40 chains to point of
z. Bituate in tbe West Kootenay district about
14 miles frmn Itiirlmi City. Commencing ata
pnst planted on the west side of Cariboo Creek,
ihence south 100 chains, ihence eaal 40 chains,
tlience north 1*80 chains, thenco west 40 chains to
pniui of commencement,
B, Commencing at a posl planted on tho west
side of Cariboo Creek, almut la miles from Hun m
City, thence south IW) chains, thence east 40
eliains, (hence north 100 1 liains, thence wcat-p)
chains to pnint of commencement.
4. Commencingat a post planted on the suuth
side of Cariboo Creek, about la miles from Burton
City, thence east IW chains, ihence north 40 chains,
thence wesl 1Q0 chains, theuce soutli 40 chains to
point of (•fiinineiicenit'nl.
6, Commencing ataposl planted on the south
sideof Cariboo Creek, about? miles from Burton
City, 1 Mice smith bi1) cliains. tlience weat 41"
chains, thence nortli to chains, thence easl-to
chain-in point of commencement.
ii. Coinmeneing at a post planted on the east
bank of Cariboo Creek, almul 6 miles from Burton
City, thence easi *?n chains, thence nnrth 50
ebains, tlience wesi 80 cliains. thence -»iinh fll
chains tu poini of cotumeiiceutont.
hated Uth day of September llWO.
wed dec li 3. J. BARLOW,
Notice Is hereby given that an days afterdate I
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Laiuls and Works fora speuial license to cut and
• carryaway timber from the following described
laml's on Michel Creek, tnl.iit irv tn Adams hake,
Lillooel District, 11,0.1 on east side:
l. Commencing at a poit plantcil nn the ivest
imnkuf east fork Michel Creek about eight miles
from Adams Lake, maikcd "A, MeCoiinoll's
south-west corner Michel Creek, Limil No. I,"
running 60 chains east, &0 chains nnrtli, SO chains
west, Ni chains south to point id commencement.
it, Commencing at a post, planted on the west
bank ui the east fork Michel oreek about eight
miles from Adams Lake, niarked 'A. McConnell'a
northwest corner Michel creek, Limit No, i,"
running tin chains east, S'J chains south, tjitcluiin-.
wesi, Bo chains north to point of coinmencement.
3, Commencingat a post planled ou thu east
hank of Michel oreek about six miles from Adams
Uke, maiked "A. Mr<'onndl's south-wast corner
Michel creek, Limit No. 8,'1 running 80chains east,
ko dm ins north, so chains west, SO chains Miutli to
place of commeiit'cment.
4. Commencing at a post planted ou tlm east
Imnk of Michel creek about six miles from Adams
Lake marked "A. McConnell's north-west corner
Michel creek, Limit No. 4," roimini. M)clmiih east,
tin clmins Biuiih, fti chains west, 8u ehalus nortli to
place of commencement,
fi, Com nenclng nt a post plauted on the west
bank 0 iMicbel creek abmit seven miles frmn
Adams |,ake, marked "A. McConnell's south-east
corner Michel creek, Limit No, 6," running 160
.li nn- imiili. 4U chains west, Inu chains south, 40
chains east to plnce of commencement.
Dated Deo. mil, INU.
jan B wed A. MpCONNBLL.
Notico is hereby given llmi do dnys
after dale I Intetid to npply to lhe Clilei
Pom missioner of Landa « Works for per*
mission lo uurcJiHM the following descrif)
ed lands, silu;iled ip the Wosl Koolontiy
district on lhc wesl sideof Upper Arrow
Uke in the Koslhall Valloy;
Commencing al a posl marked "T, S.
MePherson a soulh-wesl corner post,"
planled at lhe north-west corner of l.oi
8(121 ihenco north So chains, ihenco easl
Hu chains, llionce soulh Ho ohains, Ihence
wosl 80 chains to point of commencemeni)
coittiiinlng 640 acres- moro or less.
Located 33rd day ol November) 1906,
nov *8 wed     T. S, McPHERSON,
Nlllll'ii Ih lioroby UlVOI. Hull I'll (biya ilfti.r il..!..
I ii.l.'.i.l li. ..|.I'll I" Hi.' III.... Cl...'( iiiiiiiii!..
al.ii.er of Lumi* nml WurkH Im- pormlmlon to
|....'..I|.1H.. 111.' (llllllll l<>K .l.-M'1'il..'.l 1.1.1(1*1
('..iiiiiH'it.iltiK nl Hin N, K.i-ornnr..IT. I,. Nd,
iiim, 1... ilu'-limn n( linml Uur, Upper Arrow
Ijlki'H. llll-IHIl- miiiIIi In rlf.li.l . lllHIII'l-l-llklKI
cl.l.i.H.   I.I..1..C.   Ilinlll  ,1 liiilll Ml iliiiin-, llninl'
woitorly following tlio lontliorn ilioro ..f ltl.n.1
11 ty lo .mini  of in.......i'l..'.'...rut, culi'iilnlii|-
fill..- luiililrml mul iilKlilJ' 00101 llllllll or l.laa,
I iiili-il llilalllll.il.)-of I. in.!..-.-. Illll
*... .100 88 .Ml. KJ<NNKHY;_
Nothing bolter thin Our "Spool.il
PUUI.IC NOTICE is hereby riven to
the Electors of tho Municipality
of Revelstoke, tlmi 1 require the pres-
I'lici'iif lliii suid Electors nt the City
Clerk's Office, City Hull, McKenzie
Avenue, Revelstoke, B.C., on Monday
the Fourteenth day ..f January, 1007,
at 1- o'clock, iiii.in, for the purpose .»t
electing persons to lepresenl them in
the Municipal Counoil as Mayor and
Aldermen, and also for the election of
Three persons to represent them ou tho
lliuiid of Trustees of tho Rovolstoko
Public School,
The mode of nomination of candidates Bhall ho us follows;-
Tho candidates shall Iio nominated
in writing! the writing shall be subscribed by two votorsof the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall li<" delivered tn the lletiirnlng
Officer at any timo between the dale
of the uotlco and 2 p.m. ..fll..'duy nf
iln- nomination, mid in 11,,- event uf a
pnll being necessary, such poll will l.e
..pi'iuil nn Thur-'diiy the Seventeenth
day nl* January, 11107, (from I) o'clock
...in. in 7 o'clock p.m.) ul lln1 Oily
Clerk's offlce, City Hull, McKenzie
Avenue, Rovelstoki', II. ('., (if ivlii.-l.
every person is heroby required !..
tako notice and govern himself accordingly,
The persons qnulilii'.l in benominal-
ed I'm-und elected us Mayor shall be
such persons as are mule British subjects of the full age of tivonty-oue
years, and ..... not disquallled under
any luiv, un.l have been fur Hie
six mouths next preceding (be dny of
iiiimiiiniii.il tlie rugisti'red owner in
ll.e L.i.ul Registry ODlce, uf land or
real property in lhu city of the assessed value, mi ibe last municipal assessment loll, of nnt' thousand dollars or
ninro over und above uny registered
juilgmi nl in- charge.
Tho persons qualified lo he nniiiiti-
ul.-.l for and elected ns Aldermen shall
In- such persona as aro ...uie British
subjects ot the full age of twenty-one
y.nrs, and are not disqualified under
nny law, and huve been lor Hi.-six
m..nibs nexl piecediug Ibe dny of
iii'iiiinntion the registered owner, in
Ilu- Land Registry Offlce, of land or
.cnl properly in the city of Hie ussess-
ed valuo, on lhe Insl municipal assess-
inml mil. nt live hundred dollars or
more, over nnd abovo any registered
jiidgmenl ...- charge, und who are
uth.'.-wis., qualified us municipal
The persons qunlilied tn be nominated tor uud elected ns .School Trustees
shall be uny person being a householder in .lieCily School District, nml
being u British subject of the lull ago
of twenty-nne years, and otherwise
qualified lo vole at uu election of
School Trustees in ll.e suid School
(liven under mv hand nl Rovelstoke,
B. V,, lhe lil'lb day uf January, 1007.
njuii III
Returning Olllcer.
NOTICK IS UEUEBY (ilVKH that sixty days
after date 1 intend to npply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following ilesjtibed lands in the
West Kootenay distriet:
t'liiuiiieiiciiiff ata post planted ou the west side
of north*flaat arm of Arrowhead Lake, 1 of a mile
from Uock Mull', marked "lt. I'.. McK.'s south-east
comei post." thence BO chains nnrth, thence 80
cliains west, thence in chains south, thenco 80
chains east along lake shore to point of commence ment.
Dated Nov. lOtli, 1908.
uov ll MltS, It.      McKlTUICK,
Notice is hereby given that no days after date
1 intend to make appliniiimt to the Chief Commissioner of Lands (J- Works for normlialon to
purchase the following described lend situate
in larlboo district, 11.0,:
Comnionuiiig nt a post marked -J. M. Kellie's
south-west corner posl," plnuted on the south
bunk of Fraser Hivor nearTeioJaunoCaoho,
runniim north Hi cbnins, ihenee cast feu chains,
thonce south su eliains, thenoe wesi ni cliains
io point ot commencement.
Dated this luth day of November, PJOti.
nov 17 J. M. KE'Lir, Locator.
Notico iw hereby glvon that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to Uie Chief Commls
sioner of Landsaud Works turn speciul license
lo cut and curry away timber from the follow*
Ine described lauds situated on Rock Creek
tributary to Adams Lake iu Lillooet District:
1. Commencing at a post planted mi south-west
oornor marked "A McConnell's soinh-west corner
Uock Creek, Limit No. 1," situated about seven
iniles from the month of Uock Creek, running 80
ehuins nortli. Hi chains eaat, so chains smith, 80
cliains west to [dace of commencement!
2. Commencing al :i imst nlantedon south-east
cornel1 marked "A. McuminelTs south-east corner
Rock Creok, Limit No, i," situated about seven
mills from inou.li of Itock Creek, running mi
cliains uorlh, sn chains wesl. SO chains south, 80
chains cut to place of commencement.
3. Commencing nt h posi planted on northwest corner marked "A, McUouuelifl uorth-wost
corner Rock Creek, Limit No. 8," situated about
seven miles frmn mouth nf Iteuk Creek, running so
cliains smilli, SO chains east, tin chains imrth, bn
chains west tn place of commoncement,
L Commonolng at a post planted on north-
cnM corner marked "A. .McConnell's nortti-ouBl
corner Itock Crook, Limit No. I," situated
about, seven miles fnnn inoulli of Uock Creek.
ntiitiiiiK sn chains south, *i chalna wost, 80
eliains uorlh, ni eliains cnsl   (o pluce of com*
,1, Commencing nt a poat planted on south-
wosl col iht marked "A.MoConnolli -oulh-we-t
cornor Uock Crack, Limn No. .V situated
about five miles fun mtli ul Rock ('reek,
niniitm,' wi chains north) w ehuins east, Su
chains soutli, sn ohnins wost to place of com*
ii. Commencing at a pnst on south-oast cornet marked *'A. Mci'oiiiieil's south-east cprnor
Rock Creek, Limit No. il," situated aboul live
miles from mouth of Itock Creek, Limit Nti fl,"
sltuaU'd about five mtlosftom mouth of Rock
Crenk, running Mchains north, ni chains west,
Wl clialns Biiiitn, so chains casi to place of com-
tue 11 com cut.
7. Commenolng at a post planted on northwest comer mnrkeil "A. Moronncll's northwest eoruer Ruck Creek, Limit No, 7," situated
nhout live miles irom mouib of Rock (-reek,
running w ohalni iouth, Hu chains out) Bfl
chains north, 80chains wost lo placed com-
8, Commonolng at a post planted on northeast corner mnrked "A. JlrCoiiiiellS north-enst
oornor Rock creek, Limit No, 8," situated
aboul li\c miles irwin mouth of Rock Creek,
running su chnlns south, m chains west,N)
ehnins norlli, 80 chains enst m place of oom-
in--u." ne |(.
0, commencing at a post planted oil north-
went oornor marked "A. McConni'll's norlh-
west corner Ruck Cnek, Limit No 9," situated
nn nortli bunk ol Rook Creek about onelnlf
mile imm cieek and nliout four miles eusl of
Adams Lake, running BO chains g.,uth So
clialns cast, feUch'tlus north,80chnlns west to
ptSOO of (-umtncticemcnt.
Dated December luth, YM.
wed Jan3 a, MoCOS.1 ki.i .
! Notice is hereby given lint60days afterdate
11 intend to apply lu tin '■• noraoP-ibe chief
Commissioner of Lstn's nm! Aorks |jr permission to purchase the i< !•• •. Ing described lands
in Usoyoosdirld ■ > in \ >,o lii-tri.*t:
1 Commoncl Kni a po-t planted about 100
feel from nun i-ca-t end of Kciffei Lake,
mnrkeil "W. 11. Holllngswortli's B. VV, conier.'"
thenee mirth 10chains, cast l» chains, south '-''I
chain-, ea-t 120 chains, south 40 chdina, west
1% chains, north 'in chains, nrest 10 chains to
placo of commencement.
2 Commencing at a po-d mnrked "W. H.
Hollingsworth's south-cast corner," thenoe
west 20 chnius, north 20 chains, west No chains,
north 10 chains, easi I lOchains, i-outb 20 clmins
cost 20 chains south 10 chains to place of com-
:) Coinineneilig at a post planted aboul ?5
anl- suuth from the we-t end of Iveitt'er Land,
marked "W, It. 1 loll ing1-worth's norlh-we.st
corner," thunce cost 89 chain-. >outh 80 cbnins,
west feo cbnins, north 80 chains I o place of oonv
Dated Oct. 24, 1000,
I Commencingat a post planted about '»a
miii: uoitli of the moutb of Pooler Creek where
it runs inlo Barnes deck, nud maikcd "W, H.
Holllugawortirs north-oast turner," ihence
south 10 ebains, wost LO'J eliains north 40
clmins. cost 100 chaius lo point of commencemeni.
6, Commencing at a po-t planlcd about ft a
mile norlh from the niouih ot Pooler Creok
where it runs inlo Barnes Creek, and marked
"W. \\. llollingswoi'ih'.*. south-east corner,"
ihencijiieithPi chains, west 100chains,south
In elinins, ca-l Ifli] chains to place of com-
Dated Oct. 20111,1-900,
ii Commencingal apo-i pi.iuicd about iof
a mile south-easl of east end of Marsh Lake,
marked "W. 11. Hollingsworth's nortli-eost
conier." llienco t-outli lu .-bains, west. Kin
chains, north 10 clmlne, east lflu chains to pl.wc
of commcncoinont,
7 commonolng a I a posl planlcd ahoul lot a
mib- ojbt of wcht und ami near soulli sldo ol
Marsh Lnko, marked "W, II, llnl I ingi worth's
north-cam corner,"ilioimosonlli i:n*iiain-, wosl
liin chains, north lu chains, uasl IW) chains to
place oi commencement,
imtuluci. 27ih, iihhi.
8 i umiuuiiclug ai ii pusl planted aboul 200
lards from thu sontli sldo ami abuui half-way
of Keillor Lake, marked "W.il.Hollingsworth's
nortli'wusl corner," thunce uouth 11'iclnins,
oust 00 chains, north fiO chains, cnsl 20 chains,
north20clialns wust 00chains, norlli i*.n cbnins,
wosl 20chains lo puint of coiiimcnuuiiicnU
D Commencing ul a post planted about200
yards south nud aboul half w u ol KmlLi inke
aim marked "W. IL Uollliigswurtll'siiortli-eaal
eoi-iiir." Ihence smili UVi ebains, wot 40
--using, nortli 100chains,eist locliainrflo place
of commencement,
in L'oininunoliik'al a posl planted on tho
beach almut Lj mile caat of wosi end of Keillor
Lake, marked "W. II. Hollingsworth's north-
easl comei*,' theuco south 100 chains, weuUO
chains, nortli 100 uhalns, thunce et-t io chains
to poinl ufcommoiiccuiuut.
II Commencing at a posl planted about I
iidli'ouiithof Keltic River, almul 2 miles west
of Keitl'm* Lake, marked "W It HollliiuswurthV
north-west corner," thenco east iu chains, south
20ehailifl, easl lu chains, south 80 ebains. west
to chains, north 2u ehaiiis, west |u chains,
uortli 80 ehains to point of cmnmonOemcnt,
Dated Ucti2Dlh, IHOfl.
\1 Coinineneilig ai a posl planled aboul [
mUecnstol Uutlle RIvur,abuut3 ol a mile
soutli of Porcupine Crook, marked "\\. II. ilul
IhiKiiworth's nurih cast conior," ibenco west nm
ehains --until in ebains, easl lflJ clmins, north
lOchains to poinl of commencement,
lit Commencing ul a po*t planted nboul lj
miles cast of ICeltle Rlvcroil Imp Cnek, anil
marked "W 11. liollijgaworth's s K eorner."
Uience norlli 8u chain.-, wesi bO chains,sunt li 80
clialns, east su chains to point of commence"
ll Commeueiug m a post planted about fiO
\ nrdfl above Ihe lurk- on I lie nortli fork of Trap
Creok, about S mile east of Keltic itiver. maikcd "W Ll.liodtngsworth's s.W. conior," theuce
north 80 ohains, w est 80 chains, south 80 chains,
easi Su chains, to puiui uf commoncemunl,
Halctl October 2i)ih. lllufl.
Ifi Connueiii-iiig at a post plan ed abou. i
milo soul li of lhe forks ol '('rap Creek and about
300 yards west ol Ihe creek, marked "<\- II. Hul-
liiiKswurtli's uorlli-we.-t coiner.'' Uience south
80 chains, cast W ohains, north sn ebains, west
iii chains lo point of commencement.
Ili Commencing ul a post plauted aboul loo
yard-, tol lie soutli of Ka*,i Creek aboul l* mile
easl uf Kettle Itiver. marked "W 11 Holllngswortli's north-west corner," thence soutli 40
chains, cant lOOchains, nortli 40 chains, west liHJ
ehains to point of couimeiicemet-
Dated Oct. 31st, llMi.
17 Commencing at a pust plauted about .'hi
yards west of Kettle Itiver about}., mllo below
Porcupine Creek, marked "\V 11. Hollitigs-
worths south-west eurner," tiience norlli in
chains, east 80 chains,-.outh HW chains, west
lOchains, north sn chains, south 40 chains to
place of commoiicomcnt.
18 Cunituencuig at a posl plunted on the
soulh bank of Hepaeydam Creek about Vi mile
up fnnn Kettle River, marked "W.il.Hollings
worth's souih-west corner," theiieo cast 100
chains, nortli 10 chains, west 100 chains, soulh
in chams to place of commencement.
Hi Coinnieiiciiig at a post plantod on south
bank of Hopsoydam Crook, about Vi mile from
Kettle River, marked "W.H\Hollingsworth's
south-east corner," tlienco north bu chains,
wesl 80 clmins south Sl chains, cast 80 chains
to point of couiuiencement.
2d Commencing ul a po-t planted on tin*
south bankof Hopseyduni Creek about }-t mile
from Keltic River, marked "W H. Holllngs-
worth's north-weal corner.'' tbeuce east fcO
chains soutli Mi claiin*-, wesl 80chains, north
m chains to place of commencement.
21 Commeneing at a post planted on tho
souih bank of Heusoydniii Creek aboul J mile
Hum Ketue Rhor, marked *'W tl Hollingsworth's souih-cnsl corner," thenco west 10
chains, norlli 20 ebains, west 10 chains, norlli 20
chains, west 80 chuius. north lo chains east Si
clmins. soutli 20 chains, easi in chains south 20
chains, east in chains lo point of commence*
Dated Nov. 1st, 1000.
wed dec 10      W. 11- HOLLINGSWOHTH.
Nolice is hereby given ilul 60 days
afler date I intend 10 apply to tin- Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission lo purchase six hundred and forly
acres ol'laiul lying in the Foslhall Valley
on tlie west side ol Upper Arrow Lako,
described as follows:
Commencing at a posi marked "Frederick Washburne's south-east corner posi,"
planted So chains west of the north-wt'st
corner of Lot Hbi, Group 1, Kootenay 1
thence north 80 chains, thenco wost So
chains, llionce soulh So chains, thonce
east 80 chains to the placo ol commencement, containing 640 acres, moro or less.
Dated ihis 23rd dav of November, igofi.
nov 2S wod      Por T, S, MePherson,
lu (he matter of the Estate of Joseph Dunn,
Into of Rovelsii'ke. liritish Columbia, do-
ceasod intestate-.
NOTICK 18 HEREBY QIVKN that on the
llrd dnv of January, WW, an Ordor was grunted
appointing George S. McCarter, Ollicial Ad-
ministrator for the Revelstoke electoral distriot of the County of Kootenay. in bo Admiuir
tralorof all aud singular tbo estate of thn suid
NOTICE is liereliy further glvon that all
creditor- and oilier- Inning claiin- nguin-M the
e-luienf the -aid deceased are reiiinrod on or
before the l&tb day nf February, 1901 to semi by
[Hist propiiid or deliver to the undor-imiud,
their Christian and -uroaine-, nddroises und
descriptions, the full particulars of theirelnlras
duly verilled. tin' -ititemcut of their nccounts
ami the nature ot the soeorities, if nny, huh! by
\ND I'l llTHKKTAKi; NOTICE thai ullef
such lasl iin-mi.'ijed iliuo the Administrate***1
will proceed to distribute theauotspl tho suid
deceased amongsl the parties entitlod thoroto
having regard only to thfl claims of which he
shall I lin 11 have notice,, und tlnit thu sidd Ad-
mlnislrato! will not lie Ruble- for the suid
assets or any part thereof to any person or
personi of whose claim notice .-hall not lmvo
been received by him ut the duto of such dis
Dated ut Kevelstoke, British Columbia, thia
lth day of January, A.D, WW
Jan02t Ollicinl Adiuinistralor,
OI  Kur.iiturc, K.'.il  Kilntc,
IjIvo   Stock   niiiJ    (Iciipn.l
Notk-e ia hereby given thai oj days after date I
Intend to apply tn the chief Commlsfilonor of
lands mul works for permission to puichuscthij
ollnwlng doscrllied landa m Carib liatrlctt
Commencing ai a nosl marked "W.H.Olive's
south-east corner postV" planted on trail leading
frmn Nnrth IhompsonBlror tn Vellowhaad Pass
and abnui 6 miles In a northerly direction from
Cranliem Like running nortli sn ehnins, thence
wesl 40 chains, tlience soutli tf chains, thenoe east
In (hains to point ol commencement,
D..tediidid;n of Norember, 1000,
hot 81 w. 11. tiLiVK, Locator,
Notice 11 hereby glvon thai we dm undersigned
Intend, 10 dan from date, to applv to tiie Hun.
Chief CnuiinNsimii'T "I Lauds ami Works, for a
special license te eul and carry uway timber frmn
ine following deacribed lauds:
Commencing at a pnst planted ilmiii i.iie-
ouarter Of a mile east of Kish River nnd ono mile
[ramCamborne,thenoe north 811 chains, thenco
eaal SO chalna, thence -<*ui h so .'imins, ihence west
ni t'liaiiii te pnint nf commencement, Signed,
Dated Januir) 12th, 1W7.
Kellrc is ber-bv given t ai * • 'Liy- niter dnte
wclu tend toapply tothe chief Conn iia<tum rot
Land.-, nod Worka for «is i'i*i.t license to cui
aud carry t mber from the tellnwing desi rlbed
binds situated 111 Lillooel dlrttiet:
1. Commenolng at a post marked "Rritiali
Columhin Tlmlwrs Ltd.. nottli-oaal corner post.
No. 1 Limit." planted al the south no 1 rnnierid
limber Limit N... ;.i;ii. them-c wettM)chains,
thenee smilli 20 chains the-i'-e West Nii'iuiin-.
tlience Bouth 40 eliatin, ilieucc rasttsi)chnlns,
thence imrth 20 chains, llienee enl wJc'iniiis
thence north 40 chnius in joint if cmimciice*
2. Coinnieiiciiig nt a post marked "liritish
Columbia Timbers Ltd. north-wesl corner nost,
><u. a Limit." planted on south boundary ol So,]
Limi! almnt 1 mile frmn east end. Uience south 80
chains, llienee easi SO chains, tnence imrtli 80
cliains, thence west 80 eliains to point of commencement.
Dated 21st December, 10 0.
8. Commencing at n pust marked * liritish
Columbia Timbers Ltd., nortli-west cornor post,
No. 8 Limit, planted at the south-wesl comer of
No. 2 Limit, theuce smith 80 chains, thence ensl
BO chains, thenco norlli 80 chains, tlience west Ml
chaini te point of commencement.
Dated Dec, '-Mlli, 1000.
4, Commencing ul n post narked ■ liritish
Columbia Timbers Ltd,, north-enst corner post,
No. 4 Limit," planted nt the south-wesl comer nf
Timber Limit No, 6410, tbeuce smilli SO chains,
thence west B0 chains, thenee north 80 chains,
thenceeast B0chalna to pointof co^moucemoul,
.".. Commenolng nt a post maiked "British
Columbia Timbers Lid., math-west corner post,
Nn. 6 Limit," planted ut the south-west corner nf
Timber Limit Nn. f.4in, llienco south 80 chains,
thenceeast B0 ciniins iheuce nurth BOcliniiis,
thenca west BO chains to point of cymmenc'ineiil
Dated Dec. 20th, 1000
1. William liamilimi licrobyglvc notico that
ii Isiiiyintentlun lo apply to tho Board ot License Commissioners for tho districl of Revel-
stoke, for a transfer of my honor liconso furl be
Hotel Lnrdeau a' Comuplix, to Itussell M,
Coinnpllv, R.C., Dec lSI.li, 11103.
sal dcel.-iUlkl     WILLIAM HAMILTON'.
Notice is lioroby given that 80 days after data
1 luiumi iu upply lo the Chlol Commissioner ol
Liimls and Worss fur a spocial liceucotocut
and carry awuy limber from lho followlngdo-
scribed lauds:
Commuucingal n post planted ul Un* north-
wusUorner of tho south wesl Quarter of Section
21, Township 57, marked "ttMLHolllngswortli's
soulh" west corner post." Uience cast si chains,
thenci' north 80 cliains, tlionco wesl su ehnins,
thence soulli so chains to placo of commonco-
The above location is tho noiTh half of Sco-
tion23aiid iho soutli half of function 20, Town-
Dated November 22ud, lllOU.
satdccl.-.     W. II IIOLLlNaSWOUTII.
SollioUl.cml rgiven CiatOOdiiysnflerd'i'i'
ti linicnd toe pi lj to C oChlofCommissluii' <■■;
: iiidtuml tt nks ur >.special license in phi
ii'.d cirri nwny timber from lhc folhhilttg
du rrlbcil lend-'in ttcsi Koi tenny dislricl:
1 Commencing nt n posi iilanled ulmut 1
mile north (»om iho nnrtli-wiul corner of lhe
K. A S, nlock si', and mnrked "Rig llend
Lumber Compnny's soitth-enst curnorn sl,"
Hientc north ko ehnitis, tlience west mm Imi us
tlienco south su chaius, thenco east 80 ehnins
to pointof commencement,
.' Commencing at n post plnnted nboul i
mtli* mnth from the north-west corner ol K <v
s. iiiiH-kMiu, nud mnrked "Rig llond Lumber
Cnmpain's norlh-enst corner post," iIipiuc
wesieo chains, ihenco sontli 80ehnins, ihenee
enst 80cliains, llienco norlh 80 chains io poini
rn coinniciicemonl,
:i Cummencing si a post plantul nboul 2
miles wesl irum itminock I'oini, nn Upper Arrow Lake, nnd uiarked "R,R.L.C'i *ssouiti-oii"
corner posl" 'hence norlh an i'linins, tlieme
nest tn id in ills, llienco south SO chains, ilieucc
easl 80 ehains lo pnlnt olconiinouceuicnt
I.  Commencing nl a posl planled ul 10
miles west fnnn itaiiunck Pulut, on Upper Arrow Lnke, ami marked "ll.R.L.Co.'s south-east
comer pnsl," thenco nnrlh 80chains, thence
wesi Hi chains, tiience sontli 8u ebains, thouco
esst so chains tn pointof commenoement.
Uuieil RecrmborlMh. WHO.
Nulii'i' is liei'iiliy given I hut 30 il«.y»
nflur .into I :.il. ml to npply to tlm
Cliief C.illlliiisslou.ii' nt Ij.-.ihIs nml
Works I'm-.. speciul license !.. ..-ul nml
cni'.'y iiiviiy tlinlici' from tlio f.ill.nving
il.-s.-'.-ilii'il ii.ii.ls .-iiiiiiiii' ill Wi'M K.i'-I-
1. CnuiineiiciiiR nl n psst plnuled
U .idles no-.tli of Tiiiilii-i- l.iii.il T.'ill
nml 2 mill's .v.'slof Uppev Al'liiiv Ijiike,
.-uui iii.u-ki-.l "A.M. S5111.ms'mnili
...ist ciii-iii.i-," thenee west 80 el...Ins,
thenee snutli 80 rhnius, llienee ensl 80
cliiiins, tlienee ....ill. 80 ehnins tu plnce
of coniu.e.'ccmcnt,
2. Cninuinncing ul n posl plnnletl
2(1 elinins s,ulii of the llill'lll-W.'sl i-o.--
nei' nf No. 1 nnd innrkeil "A. M. by-
innns' iioi-lli-t-nst coi'iiei'." thenee .ves'
Ml chnlns. thence soutl, 80 i'l...ins,
tlienc.' e.isi 80 elinins, Ihenee north 80
.-Iinins to plnce of commencement,
:>. Ciiminciicinu; ut n pnsl plunled
ul Ilu-millli-enst coincrof No, 2 mill
n.ni'keil "A. M. Symons' soiilh-eiisl
cornor," thence wesi KlI ehnins. theuce
north 80 elinins, Ihence enst 80 clmins,
thenee south 80 .Iinins to plnce of
Duted November Silli, lOflfl.
4. Commencing in n post planleil I
mile north of the south-west coi-nci- of
Loi 800 und marked "A. M. Syi.iom.'
south enst. coi-ne.-," Ihenee ivest 10
ehnins, theuce nortli 100 ehnins, i hence
enst lu elinins to the noil h-wesl corner
uf 1,1.1800, Ihence south 100 ehnins to
plnce of commencement.
Dated Noveinhei 23rd, 1000.
dec 15 snt A. M. SYMONS
Nolice U boreby given thai 80 days after date I
intend toapply l" tlio lion, tho Chief Commissi')!!
er of Lauds ami Works for a special licenso to cut
and carry away timber frnm Uh following described lands iii West Knntenay district;
Commencing ut a post plantod in chains west of
the soutiV-Aoa cirnerof Timber Lhnll UOftt) and
marked "C, Skinner's north-east corner,'* i hence
IBO chains south tlience |u cliains east, thence ien
clinlnB north, thsiico 40 chains west to placo of
Located December 1st, 1000,
dee 12 sal A- M, Hy IS, Agent.
Nolice is hereby given ll.nl oo dnys
ifter dale I Intend to npply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Ij.iii.Is nud
Works for permission lo uii.-chusu six
hundred and forty acres of laud lying
in the Koslluill Valley on I lie ivesl side
,.f Upper Arrow l,.kc, desci-ili-.1 ns
Commencing ul a posl mnrked "William lluilmv's north-cn.*! eurner posl,"
plnuled 14(1 chnius wel of Lot 4570,
Ql'OUp 1, Kootenny: Uience wesl 80
elinins, Ihence south 80ehnins, thence
east 80 chains, thenco north 80 chuina
io the plnce of commencement, con-
[.lining Hill acres, ini.l-c ol- less,
Ilnlcil ihis Hlili duy "I' Novomber,
nov 28 wed   I'er T. S, Mcl'liei-son.
Noli.-., is hereby given liiul U0 dnys
after dale I intend In npply lu tile
Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and
Works for n special licence to cil nml
curry nwuy timber from the following
lll'SI'lilll'll i.Hills.
1. Commencing nl n post plnnlod
on lhc norlli Imnk of Snow Crock
nliout eight miles ensl of llurion Oltv,
thenco wesl SOeliulus, thonee sou.I, 80
chains, thence onst 80 ohnlna thonco
norlh 8(1 eliains In pnlnl of commencement.
2. Commencing nl n pusl plnuled
throe chains north nf No. 1 posl,
Ihenee ensl 80 ehnins, ll.cn.:.' snulli 811
cliiiins, llienee wesl. 80 clmins, thoncu
north 80 chnius I., point of commencement,
3. Commencing nt u post plunted
80 cliiiins oasl   of No. 2 posl, Ihence
easl 1110 chnlns, thence Mint ll 40 ehains,
ihence wesi llio chains, thonco north
III chains In poinl of eoinnu'iii'i'nicnl.
Hated December20lh, num.
ww]Jan2 ,1.H.JAMIESON,Locator,
Tlio ....(loraiKlliiil Ion vos lot ('liii... ali.irlly fnr
i-uTiii monthi Ik.II.Ioj-.
My ini-iiii..- .... Plnl Sl i.-.i. I lmvo rontiid It.
.Jiiiini- Koo lor litre,, year*. .....I l.o oli.i.o will 1...
[.- I-,ii-.il,1„ l.tr oil dtil.ta Iio moy incur it. ll.o
IjtiHJiioaa DOW corrlo.t.... l.y l.i... I'Jiimii- Koo).
My Lot. 17, ll, IU, Hindi li, lli-i'-l inkn. oro
furaolo. Intc.idi.is i.i.r.il.oaora moy ..).|.lyt.i
llorvoy, McCortor A l'lnkliitni, whi. phi. corry
it..! oil ...-c.'tiiil.iiii'. for solo ..I ino,..
DitM Dm, Silt. 1906,
inn!) 2.
MIKE I'AT IWlui Woli|.
Notice Ik lioroby ulvon Innl 30 days niter ilnle
I ink-...! In,.....lv .uiiii-('l.i.-.' .!.i.i....i*sii...i-.-..f
ljai.ds.uul Works lun. il.ocl.il Ucoiisl lo cm
.uui corn- awn) limber Irani tlm following
described landsalumlolnlhu Ynlo lllitrloti
1. Coinnienulng ul .. |.ost |.l.i...i-il nl lho
iiorlh-ciHt I-...-....- nl* 'I'ii.iltj.- l.i.nil 031)3nnil
mnrkod "A. M. Hyinutia' loull.-wcat coi'iior,"
llirniw iiiiiii. l-i. I, iln*..I.,-...-., eusl 100cluiliu,
III, iu-.-*. ml, in l...i..*. il......... 1V.:*I IWolinliH
' M.MMiiMi,,; '.,. I. .'.,.*. ..liu.tod III III.'
.....-,!,.-...   ,-.ii-.i.-i- ...' -.I.lliirn'- N...Sinul ..I
Ilu. ii,...i!h ..fll... Ill fork ill tliiioiul hmnoli
   i.,i,-«„|, nivor nud mnrkeil "A. Al
i-iy.iuo.- iiii.Ii.wihI .inriioi.," Ihenco ...nil. rt
ui...!..-. .1'. .i.-.-.-.i.l llll .-I.,.!..-, IIi.-ii.-i- .-.mlh Hi
.-lii.-.i-. II..-..co ileal Illll chill... to pl.lue of ™...
:i.  l'.)i..inui..:ll.g ul it |»ii*l |iliitilo.l nliniil Ji
...i-e* s,,...i. ..( il... -;.. wi-*i oornor ol I.ul
:',*.-- und iiurk.-d "A.  M. .sviiiinis nortli-oiisi
i-.i.'..".'.' liionco im-i lun chains, Ihoi -null.
lUchnlns. ihencu iv,*i In uliulni, llionce soulh
Oil 1-1...in*, . ll, nn- i-.i*l Ilu i-linllii 1.101-0 ...' 1.'--1..
l.n....di..-) nl Lm Alls, llii.i.ou norll.url) nlinig
-nil! In. lury ll-i chilli.-. re.ii-1-.**lu I'lii'-e
III    IMIMMMM   ,1.
I.,,.,il N„...inl.,-i-:,iili lilill
A. SI. SYMONS, Locator,
*;.. doc II I'. liillll.'ilU, -SgClll.
S.ill.'o Iii liorohyulvonIIiiii 30ilnyiallor dnlo
..  i.i-i- n! ii, n|i|.ly in.I,i-11.u-fi .nunii-sii.ti.'.-..I
l.n.....* nn. Works Inr ii-i Io I licenso lo mil
mil firry ...v....  ll.nlior Irnin lho lollowlng
il.-*,'ii"..',!   If.ll.ls  sillli.k-il   ...   W.-st   l\.,,,l,..ii,v
.11....:  .:
.'    I. ill.; .1. t. ...ill iditlltuil ', IllllO nnllli
..nli. ii.nili o..s rnor ol I...17.U7 ...id innrliod
"I, w I, t'o.'.N.W,eurner,' lliunculU0cl..iliia
.jn:-., .......co IU ohnlna loulh, thciioe li'.ii'lii.iti-
iv.-si. iIi.-.h-i- -lu cliiiins in,nli iu |,liu-e nf i-niii-
liiU.-.i Iio oinlier Slit, WOO,
s,ni,..M,   l.\-,ll).\VAISHN 1 l' III!'!!!.;..,,!.'!'!!.
Notice is horoby gWm tlmtHOilnysuftoriiato
we im end iu apply tothe chief liotnmlssioiior nf
Laiuls uml Works for u special licenso to out
ami carry away timbor fnnn iho following do-
serlhod lands in district of West Kootenny;
(Juminunonig nt n post plauted i mile wost
from north-easl corner ol Lot N'o. ouo and
marked "L. W. I.. Cu.'s s, w. enrner pout,"
thenci' norlh inn chain-*, Uience ensl lo chains,
theuce sninii bin clmins liicuce west -la ehains
lu place of cniumenceuieiit.
Dated lieoombar29ih, 1000,
sat jau ii  LAMR-W.'-TSON LUMBER CC, U'D
Wdiiv is hereby given lhat 60 days
nfter ilute I intend lu apply lo thc Chief
Commissioner of Lunils iV Works for permission io purchase Ihree hundred .nnl
twenty ncres of lund lying :n the Fusllull
Valley on lhe west side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing ut n pest marked "Robert
Abbie's north-oast corner post," planted
al iln* north-wesl corner of Lot Sbj,
Group 1, Kootenayt thence So chains
west, thence 40 ehains suulh, thunce 80
chains easl, Ihence 40 chains nnrtli to the
poinl of commencemeni, containing 320
acres, more or less.
Dated the 23rd dav of November, ir-oti,
nov 28 wed        Per T. S. MclVrson.
Nolice is hereby given ihal 00 days
nfter date I Intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands lc
Works l.n- permission to purchase six
hundred and forty acres of land lvinj.
in the Koslluill Vulley on lhe wesl
side..!1 Upper Arrow Lnke,described
as follows!
(Joiniuonciiig nt a posl mnrkeil "II.
Harlow a n.i.ili-en-l corner post,"
planted lln elinins wesl of Loi, l.-.Tll,
(■roup I, Kooleu.iyi theuce west Sll
elinins, thence smitli sii chnlns, Ihence
cnsl SO du.ins, ll.ence uorlh SO chains
to the pluce of co.nu.enccmo.it, containing 010 acres, 1110l-e or less.
Daled Ihis 2Mb dny of November,
nov 28 wed   I'.-.T. S. McPhersou.
Nolice Is hereby given thnt 30 dnys
nfter duto I Intond lo make application io the Chief Cnini..issi.in.'.- of
Lnnds ..nil Works for a special license
I., cnl ami .... ry awav limber from
ll.e following dese.-ilii'il lnnds situate
in Wesl Koulcnay Districl!
1. Commencing al a posl planled al
lhe i.urlh-wesl cm ner of Timber Llmi!
7.-.!!l and marked "A. ill, Symons'
norlh-easl corner," I hen.-., soulh SO
clmins. Ihence west SO chnius, Ihence
iiiii!ll Sll elinins, Ihence cnsl SO chnius
to place of cniuineni'cinonl.
2. Commencing nt a posi plnuled
ul ilu- soulh-wesl corner of Timber
Ll.nll 7581, uml mnrked "A. M. Symons' north-wi'si corner," Ihence
soulh SO ehuins, ll.onuo cnsl Sll .-I.nii.s.
Ihenee north Sll ehnins, Iheuce west SO
chaius lo place of 'iiiniiuenci'iueiil.
!l. Commencing ul a posi plunted
nl lhe norlh-eusi, cornerof Timher
Limil 008*1 nnd mnrked "A. ill. Hv-
.....Us' soul I.-ensl eoruer," Iheuce wesl
Illll chnius, Ilieucc mull. Ill chain.,
Ihenee eusl 100 cl...ins. llienee soulh
III chuius io pim f commencement.
Dec. llll.. HUM,
I,  Coinmeneing >u n poil planled
on lhe lake shore, Ilu  miles north
of Nnkusp. ou lln- Wesl sideof Upper
Arrow Lnke and mnrked "A.M. Syne,ns' in.ilh-ensi corner," thenco wesl
10 chnlns, Ihenee soulh 100 chains,
11..-in ensl in chains, Ihence north
HU) ehnins in plnce of coinmencement.
si. Coinuieiicing nl a posl planled
on lllii wesl side of I'pper Arroiv Lnke
mul ono mile norlli of the imrih-ensl
coriiei- of No, I nnil innrkeil "A, M,
Syniiins' iioi-lh-eiml corner," Ihenee
wesl SO ehuins, thonco soul I. Sll ch..ins,
Ihence eusl. SO ehuins, lhei.ee noith HII
ehuins lo place of commencement,
Dec, 15th, I'.ino.
wed jun 2 A, M. SYMONS.
Notice is here!.}- given thnl (hi dnys
idler .lute I Inlcnd In npply in Hie Chief
..'(.niiiiissioiicr of Lnnds und Works fnr
pcfiilissi.... li. ptircllllSO six In.i.tlieil un,I
forly acres nl' Inin! lying in the Ih.siIiiiII
Vulley on llio wesl side of Uppor Arroiv
Luke, doscribod as fellows:
Conn...-iieing ul a posl .narked "Russell Nicl.ol's so.uli-eiisi corner post,'
planled ul llie tmrlli-wesl corner Ol Lo!
S(u, Group i, Kootenay, llionce norlh 8o
clmins, tlienee west So chuius, Ihenco
soulli So clmins, ihence eust So i liains...
llie pluce of eoiiniieiiceiiii'iil. containing
(.40 acres, iiinre or less.
Dated this 13rd day ol November, 1906.
nov lb wed      Per T, S, Mcl'herson,
"Cl.JII'ANIEH* A. T.  18117.'
I'lliiVIM'l-iil' U.I.T.8II ('.il.l-.lllliA I
No. HOD.
THIS is lo certify Ihal lhe "Bi-itisl.
('nlumiiia Timbers,' Limited," is iinlh-
oiised ..ml licensed i" carry 011 business within iln- Province of Uriiisl.
.'..I.....I,,-.. nmI io carry out or elfecl
ull or ....cl the objects of llio Coin-
pm v lo which tin- legislative author-
ily of iln- Legislature of lliilish Cnl-
lllllllill exl.-liils,
The head olilco of ll.e Coiup.-uiy is
siluule i.i Ihe Cily nf Montreal, in the
Province or Quebec.
The nn.......I of  tl.e  ..|.11.1" of   the
Cnmpaiiy is one hundred llioiisniul
dnII,us. divided into one Ihoiisnnd
shares of one I. lied dollars each.
The head olilco of lhe Company in
Ihis P.-ovil.ee is .-iluuleon l-'.i*l Street,
llcvolslnke, nnd Willliun Irving
Briggs, Iliii-isiei-ul-L-iw. whose nd-
dress Is  llie BiinicJ Is tlientlnr.iey for
lhe 1 *ii'..|i... IV,
ilivon  under  my  hund nnd seal of
olilco ..I   Viclnria,  Provliu I* l!iili*li
Col.....l.i... Ihls 17,1   day nl Di ber,
ond llioiisniul nine I Iml und six.
|i„h I     S, \. WOOTTON,
lieglslra. ni.l..iol Stuck U inimuies,
The objects for which lhe Compnuy
hns heen csluhlishe.l und licensed nre:
1, To curry on llirouglinul Cniiada
and clsewheri! the husiness nf lumberers, timber merchunls nnd luannfau-
tuiers of lin.lmmi.nl mill l.inili.-i iu all
ils   I......el.e*.   .....I   nil "Iher business
liicldenlnl ll.crelo or connected Ihere
wilh. including the inniiufuclure of nil
products of ihe fores! or luinbei In
2. To nc.p.lre by |iiirchuse, lease ...-
olhcrwise ami lu owu, utilise, and
operate limber liuiils, timber lands,
nml limbo.* berths, nnd rights in such
timher lands, limber limits nud limber
berths, licences or rights to cui timber,
lumber v.-inls, mill uiul factory sites,
wa lee lols, docks, wharves, piors.dams,
slides, ixp.cducls, viud.i.-ls,stem..bonis.
.....I     otl.ee  vessels,    snw...ills,    pulp
...ills, wnler nnd steam powers,
hydraulic powers, iilnuls, in.,
provoments iu Ink's, livers and
creeks, nml othei- waterways for lumbering or trnnsporling logs, timber nnd
all other rights nnd Interests of every
kind appertaining tn nnv ... the above
eiiiuneiiiled properly so acquired, us
may ho necessary for the developmenl and purposes of tho Company,
ami lhc snid property ubove specified
or uny of It, to improve und develop,
sell, inorlgnge. exchange, lease or dispose of for cash, or upon rentals, or
for any oilier consideration as may he
iu the interests of tho Company:
!). To consl.i.el.opei'ule. cliui'te.- and
.-...ploy vessels..!'all kinds for the purposes and business of ll.e Company,
mid for the purpose of trnnsporling
products of lho mills and winks or
other muterinls or munufticlurcrs for
any place will.in Canadu01 elsewhere,
and to do n transportation business in
Cniiiulii or elsewhere, to lenso ...m-
(pdj-ciill accessories necessary tor lhe
proper working of the said vessel*, nmi
I., louse, sell, or otherwise dispose of
said vessels, ...- accessories, or moveable elT.-.-is in relation thereto us il
muy lie advisable in the interests of
the Company:
I. To eonsliuei. or aid, or subscribe
I..wards the construction, maintenance and improvements of roads,
docks, piers, dams, slides, nqitcducls,
.'inducts...- other woiksand buildings,
inch.ding Il1111.es. bridges, dilcl.es.
wilier, steam or ulher hydraulic rights
or powers, and any other winks necessary for ll.e purposes 1 d lhe Company
...- for the eariying out of lhe Company's powers:
.'.. To establish shops or stores on
llie property of tlio Company, mid to
sell ineiehuuilise therein, In so far ns
il may be necessary for the Company
In curry on ils snid business:
II. To acquire, own. sell, lease nnd
dispose of shares, debentures and securities in .my i.li.-i company similar
to Ibis Con.puny, and to acquire or
niu.ilgaui.ile will, nny compiin*, hnv-
ing objects similar lo the Company
he...|.y incorporated, on such ten.is
nnd for such considernthiiis ..s ihe
dlree.lors muy decide, nnd to pay for
Ihe acquisition ul nny such cunipany
in sluices nl II..-C puny lully puld
up and made non-iusscssahle for culls:
7. To 1..nke, alio! nud uso in pay-
menl or exchange in whole nr in purl
I'm- nny real or personal property,
rights, licences un.l privileges which
mny be purchased, taken on lease, or
olh'er.vlse .•..•quired hy the Company,
shoes . 1 Uu- unsubscribed capital
sioek of Uu- Ciunpuny ns paid up and
...;.il<- ..iiii-nsscssul.le for cull- in .1.-
cni.lnnce wilh lln- terms of an ngree-
menl exeeuled l.y nnd hei ween llio
C...puny uml uny such vendor, lessor
or other grant or 011 or before iln- issue
..I* such  paid-up shmes, nnd which
shares shall thereupon I"- dee. 1 und
taken !.< hnve I.e.... In,l.v paid up, and
shall mil ilieceiil'lei-lie llnl'le for culls
or future assess...enlsl
s.   To mnke, ..Ilo! un.l issue ..s pni.l
lip   sleek,    sl.nl-l-s   ol    ll.e    .inse.il.e.l
eapilul slock of tl.e C1.11p.1ny for services rendered In Ibe Company or tn
ilu- promoters thereof, provided 11 bylaw <>r thu directors is passed specifying llmi lhe iniin- given in lhc Company Iseipilvnlenl lo ll.e i-ulue ..I ll.e
shares -o 111.1dep.1ld up und i --..--.I and
..Holed lot- such services, nml *u'ul liv-
luw hu* l.eeu pn**.-.! ...id sum-tinned by
,1 vote ol ....I le-* lh.in Mv if I In. il- nf
ilu- shareholders ol ilu- mid Company
presold in pei*.1.1 01 l.y proxy nl a
poclal general mectlnu ..f lhc 1 nm-
pany duly culled for Un- approval of
HUl.l liv-lnw:
!l. To sell oi- dispose ill iln- under.
inkn... ni il..- Company 1... such con-
sldernllou ns the C puny mny lliiuk
Hi. uml iu particular for shares, debentures nml sc.-urilies ..! uny company
having ..i.i.-its similar, or in purl siro-
im. .0 llii.-e nl thisCninpuny.provlded
1. by-law is passed by ihe illrecton.
specif) lllg lhc . n.isj.l.-rniin., which tlio
Company will 1 Ive for tho suid sale,
uml il..-1 sni.i by-law shall l.nvc laien
passed uml s....ell..ue.I l.y u vole of not
Ies* lhnn 1 wn-ibirds ol fli.- shareholder*, of the Company, passed ul .-. special
gcnerul meeting of ihe Compnny .-ailed f... Ihejpiirposesof considering and
approving of snid l.v-law.      w.-.i jun 2
NOTICK lihereb,siren thittoaiyiilfci iUU
I Intond t" n'l'il) to thl llm. Chill I'-mi
oimtonor nl Lsndi and iv.,.k. i„i Mrmliilonto
pur.jlii.ai! tliu Inllinving iliwrlla..! Inula in Ilia
Wi.8tK...fli..|ili) lllalrlcl.
Cuiniuni.-iim nt n |...-t iilanled 1" .-lisin. iui
Ir.nif ll.'- *,,iiilmi-»l mrnei -.1 Ul MM ind mailed
"K, C. Tiilll-.r.l'H .....ll.-Bii,. cor. II poat," 111'-....-
I,,nil. ... eba.m, thenoi wait K cliftloi inore oi
len ..- lnko ihore, llienco ...,riti a!,,..! almri-...
■oiiUi-wMl corner ..! I,... 2.;ji, Ihince ••«.! «.
1. Ml,- .,,.   fll ,'l,|....ll'l.'','tl'.'.:l
Ilal,,! N'.,v,-uil..-r null, IVW.
.lentwed K 1.1IIAKPOHI).
Rovelstoko Cigars Union Made Our
gpeolal, Tho Union, and Maroa Vuelta
art) ahead of all others.
>,! I.'- I*   Iim- i-IiV given   UM. 1 o ...-. *
filler  'I ite   1  id ml   In  upply Iol llr
Chiel   Cn......is*i ni.-i-  of   Lun s   nnl
W, 1 k- 1 ,. j erluissioi. lo | ,f .!; ise lhe
i- llnwh .- ; : In d land - tunteil in
Wesl l\- ..f-,:        Hid:
("oinuieneing at ;. 1 n*i plunled <>n
the north side ..I Downie Creek about
; 1 i .1 .... ■■ - .-ii "i il.- :' mil.- pus.
mi iln Downie 1 .- ■!, Tn.il nml marked **i.'. M. 11.-... * -miUi-west corn.-i."
ili,-11.-i-11,nil. |s chains, thence east 00
ehuins, thenoe soulh 111 chains, thence
west (10 chains lo puim of commencemeni, ci.1.1.'i iui iiu 2l0uci-i * nn.1 ci u-less.
liilnl D.-.-i ml"-,  lllth. 1880.
w.-d jun 2 E. MeBEAN,
Notice is hereby given llmi thirty
dnys after date I inl.-ml tu apply to
lhe Honornble Chief Commissioner of
Land* ami Works for 11 special license
to cnl nml carryaway timber Irom
lhe following described lund situated
in il..- W.-si Kootenay District,
Commencing nt n posl plumed } of
1. ...il.- easi of Boulder Creek nnd ubout
three-quarters of n inii- norlh of
Downlo Cr.-ek and marked K. Mc-
Bean's soulh-east enrner, thence north
mi eli.1 in*.ili. nei-w.-sl 80 chains,Ihence
south 80 chains. Ihence enst 80 ehnins
it. 1 le pulnl "f commencement,
Dated lhel8tb dnyof December.lOOO
ivj2. E. MeBEAN,
Notice i-. hereby given thai oo day**-
from date I inlcnd to apply to ilu- Chiel
Commissioner i't Lands .iml Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase oi lollowing
described lands in Lillooet district:
Commencing at a posl plantcil about
;*.\.* uui it hall miles from head of Ad.tins
\..\kr ou west *iit.lt* ol river, marked "J, A.
Knox's south-wesl corner," running So
chains east, 40 chain-, north, So chains
wesl, 40 chains south, containing aboul
320 acres,
Dated Nov, 121I1, 1906.
nov 14 J. A. KNOX.
Notice i-- hereby given that 60 days
from dale 1 inlend 10 applv lo lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B. C, lor purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet district:
Coinmeneing ;it ;t post planled near
soulh side of Otter Creek, 3 miles north of
Adams Lake marked "\V. S. Burton's*
south-wesl corner," running So chains
easi, 40 chains north, So chains west, 40
clmiiis south, containing aboul 320,teres,
Dated Nov- 12th, 190(1.
no\ 14 W. S. BURTON,
Notice is herein- given that 60 days
from date 1 intend to apply to lhe Chief
Commissioner of Laiuls and Works at
Victoria, B.C., lor purchase of following
described lands in Lillooel district:
Commencing ai a post planted near
south side of Oner Creek, ', miles north
ol Adams Lnke. inarked "A. McConnell's
norlli-wesl corner, running 40 chains
south, No chains east, 40 chains north, 80
chains wesl containing, about 320 acres.
Dated Nov. i.uli, moo.
nov 14 A. McCONNELL.
Notice is hereby given ihal bo days
from dale I intend to apply 10 llie Chief
Commissioner cl Lands and Works al
Victoria, H.C. u^- purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet dislrict:
Commencing at a post marked "T. Kii*
Patrick's north-west corner," situated
about 1 mile from wesi bank ol Cpper
Adams riverand iwo and a half miles from
head ot Adams lake, running 40 chains
south, 80 -.liains casi, 40 chains north, 80
cliains we-i, containing 3:0 acres more or
Dated Now 121I1, 1006,
\m.. i* ii,.-;!-.-, given ihu! 60days
I'm... dale I i...e.nl to apply lo Hie Chiel
Commissioner of Lands ami Works al
Victoriu, B.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooel His.rid:
Commencing ;ii a post marked "J. 1'.
Shaw's norlh-wesi corner," planted tni
west side of Upper .Vilnius river, aboul 2
mile- from head of Adams lake, running
So chnius south, So eliuiiis eusl, 80 chains
north, 80 chains wesl, containing aboul
040 ncres,
Dated Nov. nlli, 1906,
um ni J. I'. SHAW.
N'OTK'K i- herel)} tri      lhat, 00 days after
dnlo, l  iiit-n.lt. to the Chief Com-
niUsh r nf Lund        Works for permission
1.1 purchase il wing   it^-oriiied   lund**?
situated iu di>lrict. B Ci
Cointtien a iMI-t niarki".! "Alexander
McLaren'j uti!-c-i*-t corner post," nlRnt'-cl
about 30 chains west ol irail rnmiitn*: through
Starvation Flats in a southerly direction from
id.' Jaune Cache. ruiiiiin*j north suulidins,
ihence ivest B0 chains, ihence •-outli .so ohains,
ihence easl .•*» chains it. point ol commence'
in- m.
Dated ihisyiii <la\ of November, ym.
not 1:       -VLEXANDBH MCAUKN,
 Locator, _
Ni.Tlri: Is HKlil'.liv olVKN thai ilxtydajri
i.i-..-. dale I I.fn-...! i" a|iplj to Hi.' llmi. Chlel
Comtninlonei ul Landa and Worki lor nenniailon
.,, nnrciuuo the lollowingdeicrlbeillandi aiiuate
Inf'arll llstrlct, It. C j
Commencing n a poll nnukinl "'.enrgell.
Illuc.i'i i.or.i.-ei..   corner   poit," planled
u I.... 11 J" ...ain* in-*, ul Ira.l  1 mmmii. Itirougb
-lar,nli,,11 llnl* in a aoiilln-rly dlroollOD Irom
Tele .la...... .lac)..-.  r.lin..ii«  .vest HJi-halna,
thence tooth 80 chaini, thence eut 81 chilni,
theoce north Wchilni in point ol coinincnce-
lilted 9lh diy ol November, iw..
no, .;    or. i-. 11. Ulsm-'IT, locator,
Certificate of Improvements.
Hm,  Kdnn Mineral Claim, iltnato m tho llie*
.-ill.mi,... Mining Uivi-iim of Kootonay .lis
Whet- located:  Ki*l. Crook,
Takonotloo.hot I, J..I... Alls-ri Kirkol ll.e
...\,., .,( It. v«'!-.ok*-. 111'., iieliiiijits ..Keillor
.1. s 1 Kii.-.-r. l-;-|.. Ki-i-i- Mi...-r- Cortpoato
N'o. HiillOunit Maimrcl A. KI-..11. K,.-,- Mini-r'-
. i-riiii.-ii.c N... lis-'.is. Intend, *ixij dari fro...
the dato hi-it-nl.... apply I., llm Mining Re
1.tnli-i (ur .1 l', rtill.-nli-nf linpruu-iii.-iils. for
ll.o inii-.,..-.- of abtaiolngn Crown Oranl of the
above claim.
Ami luriiii-i- take im.ii-.-Hint fiction, onder
-i-i tion ll. in'i-l la-1 "liuni iici'tl Iji-fore ll... iaall-
..i.e.- of si..-!, (-.-iiiii,ni.- nf tmproromonto,
I...U-.1 H.is -'ul. ilaj of Beplembor, A.ft, una,
.1. A. KIKK.
nov :i
>T OTICK is herebj given thai 60 days after
\ 'Inti I inlend to apply lo the Honourable
the Chief Commlsslonor of Lands ana Wows
fm permission topurohaso tho following do*
ncribod lands In Cariboo distriot. B.O.:
Oommcnclng si t posl marlit-<l "Willlaui Kcl-
lle's north-wosl corner post," planted about iW
ctiRHi- west of trull running through SlArva-
iiiiii Hat' in u uulberly Uirccllon from Tete
Jnuiiii arli". ruinniic eapt sn eliaiun, thence
south iv1 chaini, thonce WOll t-,«■Inuu-, theme
imrtli B0 rhaiu-t in iHiini ol coiuiueuceineiit.
Imtcil-yili da\ of Nnwuiber, IW,
unv 17       ' WILLIAM KKLL1E, Locator,
>*„ti,*> Ishereh) ilran thai 00 days after date I
iiiti'inl t" apply to thfl Hon. Chief (.'niuiDiKAinner
,.f Lands snu Works to purchase the fnllnHinK
dm r.n.■! landi liluated in t*arilH,«. dUtrlcL B.C.;
(■(unmemiiig al a po^t marked "U. A. Forbes'
*.outlt-MC'it oorner post," planted almut '20
ehsiiiF wet ol trail runiiliiK through starvation Klat* In a «i" ..ii>-,i'. direction (rom Tete
Jaune Cache, running north HU chains, thence
eut 80chains, tbonoe iouth nm hains, thence
west N)chaini (o pointof comiuenceineHt.
baled 9th day ol November, IWO.
nov 17 O. A. tfOHBKS, Locator, OUR
—*\ Election Notice
We are clearing up our odds and ends regardless of Cost.
All Furs at less than manufacturing prices.
Men's Overcoats at your own price
Boys' Reefers and Overcoats at less than Wholesale Prices.
Ladies' Jackets selling at just half price.
Children's Jackets-Prices ranging from $3 to  $7 each.   Any
Child's Jacket Now for $1.50 Each.
Trimmed Millinery at Half Price.
io the
1  Ward
Electors oi
Cily of
************* FRESH DAINTIES
I Sore Hands g
I and Faces *
*# 9
We have (he nicest prepar- ^
ntion j*. u have ever  tried, ^
called    l'n i/.-'i" and   Al- W
moud Cream."    duly ten *
cents a bottle.    It heals in fy
a night. i
* Canada Drug & Book Ho. *
W 9
9 l|l l|l l|l * fl.- 'I' * * * * ** I produced annually
Novel' before I.as.mr slock
been sn complete ii. fancy
(irnoerids, including New
Nuts, London Layer Raisins, l''i(,'s, Dates, Oranges,
Bananas, C r a n berries,
Lettuce, Ninas Stockings,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe and Holly.
Wednesday, Jan. 16—For il hours.
Cold spell continue?, cloudy with variable  winds.    Temp. Max. 0; Min. Hi
eel- s. zer .
Local and General.
The Young Conservative Assooiation
held u meeting on Monday night nnd
tbe lollowing officers were elected:—
T. Taylor, M.F.P., lion, l'res.; 'I'.
Wadman, Pres.; E. Adair, Vice-pres.
Owiug l i the lormation ol ice on
the Arrow Lakes, the C.l'.lL steamers
and the Bowman Lnmber Co.'b
steamers .ue having much difficulty
in making time on their respective
The Kn .tenay Curling Association
will bold their animal bonspiel at
Cranbrook, commeueiug on Monday
nest. The Golden bonspiel will be
held at Golden on Feb. 7th and 8th
D, B. McFadyen, who hnd wen
suffering Irom appendicitis, died in
tin- hospital on Friday. The deceased's
brother who arrived in town on Mon-
,1 y will convey the remains to
Xippewa, Mnn.. for interment,
J, A, Maedonald, the leader of the
Liberal party ol British Columbia,
will bold ii public meeting in tbe
Opera House on Saturday, January
13th, when addresses will le delivered
on the forthcoming elections, Ex-
Judge Hendersi I Vane uver, will
alt   iddress the meeting.
A special lis] itch Irom the Victoria
meteorological - dice states lhat u
thaw is hovering ob it - .mewhere, u
n invisible sour- ',:n it hovers, Th"
high barometer area is moving • is
ward and is now - ■ :.:* red over Manitoba and tbe p:--- ire is giving wa;
ovei tl.- N'-rtii Pacific slope.
ii-:. ;.,. :.:;."■- ill « tbat skunks
annually bring tie -tut. ol Maine
a., .t |150,000 reven - Nearly
25,000  sail * -  I  ikunk oi . which Is
The price is if'j!
j u itllon, on-.- skunk producing n quart
.iinil. Skunk [arms in New York arc
all doing well, the skins fetching n
very high price.
A despatch Iiom Medicine lint
shows tbat the coal sit...niun there
uud at ninny oilier points in the
Northwest is alarming. The sitlitt-
ti m in regard lo conl is shown l.y the
I i...-t that the number of cms lulled by
tlie Canadian American Co., from
flunk io points where people were
short of coal, wore conliBoated liy the
railroad company because it simply
had to havo conl and cuuld not haul
c -ul anywhere else until il jot some
lor its engines.
For many years tbe Angel.is Piano
Player has been recognised us the
complement of the piano and as has
been termed thc "piano's other hull."
We have lhe twu halves united now
in tlie Angelus one oi which is in
town now at the piano rooms of the
Ilevelstoke Insurance Agenoy, McKenzie Ave. Tne Angelus or Emerson
Angelas of Boston, 1'. S. A., is the instrument of the future and tboso who
will d.op into  the  rooms any  time
To lilty a House.
To Rent a House.
To lluy Nice Building Lots
close in.
ill V
Kincaid & Anderson
KiiKnii and Anderson
Real Eslate and Insurance Agts.
Business Locals
rjee lhc Glass Blowers spinning,
weaving und blowing glass at the
Opera House.
Hews* Cold Tablet.-, excellent lor
cold in bead nnd In grippe, 25o. a box.
A nice line of parlor chairs and
couches at lt. Howson's furniture
We have several pieces of good
Brussels Carpet we ure offering at
very low prices to clear out. C. il,
llunie & Co,
See the (ll.iss liloivers spinning
clnss as line us silk at the 0| era
II use Ir mi 1 in ■'. um! 7 to 10,
Fine correspondence and invitation
stationery al 11 iws' Drug Store.
Advertise your home City.    Send your
,  iriend a box of Reuclstohe Cigars  for
and hear the piano played ns it should , a xmas Present.
be, by li. H. Lewis, will realise what a     ]-. -   l'n pest ry and  l..ici   Cm
wonderful instrument it is nud eusil)
operated with complete contr. I nl - \-
pression, time and feeling    The case
is identical with that ..I an ordinary
Llllllis  Wli lilCSTI imi n —
I Imve I,, inlin.-ile llllll ill Iho
iii|iie*i ni n large number ol I'lilopuy rs
I hnve in,,-, ui-d to .11. r niy.-i II ns
.■nn Willi- if uMi-iiiiii- im \\'-i.-d I,
.....I ii i. lu'ncd I cun assure ynu il
will be mj i-i.. in- i endc ivn. in ndvnncc
the ciiy'.- tvoKnro uud respectfully
solicit, your sii] pi rl.
Yenr nl edieiil - rvuiit,
i tvliat troubles most people this cold weather, hul you will have no irouble in
ke. ping yourself warm il you but youi' warm elotiiing here. You can'l heal our
t-arieiv and prices anywhere and the quality is lhc best wc can procure.
tal le ci vers nnd drn| ies ;o lo C I!
llunie A Co
Th. Venetio   - -   •- ■'   rcrs n    tin
Opei ill-.       i. - -
..-.-,-■ raits     i dels
piano und  when  not  required ss a g, .■ .      :     ,
player, the key board can be mnnipu- to 5    Evenings 7 to 10
lated in tbe ordinary way,    li is the     Home  mad    Saw
lirst uf its  kind   in   Revelstoke  and '1»- '■*    ' ;!
everyone should  oertaiuly  not   miss
he,ning it
Election Notice
To the Municipal Electors of
Ward No. 2, City of
I„.i..is ami Guxti.e.mkn,—
In response to icqucsls from a large
number of ratepayers of Ward '2,1
oll'cr myself ngain as u candidate
Having .('presented you on tin-council
for tho pnst year I have mode myself
somewhat, acquainted wilh the city'.
liimncinl condition, nnd ii elected will
.!.. my utmost to conduct the city's
affairs to the best interests ..( lhc
ratepayers, fully believing that nn
improvement enn I.: made iu tlie
system ol taxation Hi u it-ill I wet the
tax rate ni.d slill amply provide (or
thc ncc.'s-- ry improvi moots of lhe
city, Kindly soliciting yonr votes, I
li in, your ubodiont servi.nl.,
"X'' pays 'fill a montli rent und
saves if lu a month. At the end nf 7J
yens he has paid his landlord $1800
rent nnd has saved DJUOO inthe
"Y" I'-ys $20 us rout nnd takes two
ontracts with The Pacilic Lorn Com
puny  inm saving $lu n month.   In
li i llis liis contracts mature nnd
hc buys or builds a home, Ue then
ceases lu pa. rent but repays the Ooni-
puiy $110 per month of which $28
applies directly lo lhe repayment ol
the $2000 borrowed,
In live years nnd lour months he
owns his own home, clear from any
mortgage or other encumbrance, and
is now nlli to sate the whole of his
$1)0 per .iiniii).. having no rent to pny.
"X" in 71 years paid $1800 rent and
saved, at $10 per montli, $900 in the
hank, making his landlord a present
of $1800 and is only $1)00 ahead and
owns nothing.
"V in 71 ye ns owns his own $2000
home .....I fur the rest ol his days lives
rent free, and lhe whole cost ol his
,„.!. , Kpense to hi n during the whole
'!, yeurs in which Hi- cont.act was
run! .. g, hi f. i- ind alter maturity,
lias In       isl .'■'.'..
Moral—Which ono is wife, und
1- .rtli i irn.atiou upply to
W, Holier! local agent Pacilic
M II relstoke.
i P
In stylish cuts and lhc besl  materia!.
Mackinaw HJoats
and Trousers
LARK'S   MAKIi.     Jusl lhc  right
class of Clothing for Rough Weather.
Winter Gaps
Cloth and  Leather,
Mar Protector.
wiih  Fur Band
Lined Gloves
For Slreel wear and work. Mocha,
Leather Mitts, lined and unlined, wool
mitts and gloves, all weights.
In one and three-buckle.    Vou must
try a pair of these.
Warm Underwear
Thai will chase away the Shivers. We
have all weights and kinds Irom $1,50
per Suit up to $8.
A Nice Line
of Shirts
Flannel and Homespun, all sizes up
Sweaters, all Colors
Have you seen them? They are
priced from $1.00 and up.
Gome In and
Look at Our Stock
We will be glad to have you do so.
Get Prices. You do not have to buy,
and if you do and are not satisfied you
can return the goods and get your
money back, at
Under the auspices ol tin
Young Conservative Club 1
WILL BE lll-'.l.li IN
Sfltiirddyjan. 19,1907
of Grand Forks
God Save the King
Social and Personal
.1.  W.   Bennett lell  lor the soul
this morning.
II 5 Furniture r- r    , c T j-n
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
<e.   1
L'se Be Hazel H
-    -
t-     Miss  M. Corley returned yesl - the best.—I
Irom a week's visit to the coast. 1;:  :
Mr.   md  Mrs. J.l. Idler hn      -     A
n iniied  from  .< honeymoon visil to|< to 5, and 1
tb  -   1st 1"
B, M. Morphett,« is been thi
guest l Mr. and Mrs R. Howson will
leave for the easl ....
said 1
ve   propyl
The tin"- lostopa Cough is
when it starts—before it
cn gather headway. Bews'
■senega is n lemedy that
nips a Cough in the bud.
Start to lnke it when the
lirst sn.-ezc or sign ol chilliness gives tti*-al;,ru,. Il is
best tor bid coughs, Don'l
(or nil kinds ol   Coughs,
Cold'. S -re Throat, ll"iii>'--
ness, Bronchitis, eto, Price,
2.1c. and 60c,
W. BEWS, m. 1
Druggist mid Btatloner,
Mail orders promptly attended
Ed    Edwards, renin licerlorl
the illsl   it, left fi    - isl poind thli tion for la ie
e lhe  Venetian  (Han
I '»* Opera H
If. Calcj   iberal  candidate I
r ding rent 1 .sl ..- lai is Illecillewi
this morning, ' "Hi end
W. K. Ii.-ul. mercl t, ol Arrow-
n Tap.
ie .d,and R, M. Evans, ol the 11, tel r n Hun -
Lnrdoau, Comaplix, were in the oity     |.,„, t fail to --
lasl evening and returned iouth tins al  Ihe  Opei ■    1
perlor 1 tnce '-■ 111 - tn 1 nnd I
-.. rmng
'I !u- executive nl thi Liberal Aiso-
f'i.ittiiii ol Rovelstoko extend an Invitation to Mr. I. Taylor, VI P.P., Mr.
W, IV. Lefeaux, and Mr Martin Bur-
rell ol (Iriind Forks, to spoak at their
meeting in the opera House on Saturday evening,
Beatrice Mines. Limited.
'—Mil   feet,   next   the
■ I.-   Ivenuc ai 1
..     T  rooms nnd
ol  house    ' ,
Second Str  ■   -"
Irom   -m,
-.      oon
.. . m. dern |plumb-
;    , rner Fh
1 hu
- -
Citj  1. mils -ui
Big I I.   A ( od -1 111
■   gravel
nnd 1 - ii   ng purposei
1.  and
ed unite
.;   II   ISO I    ll
: ■    .. ;  -    -     lUO    Ol
On. ck   97,   with   office
One  nf   the   besl
exponents of Socialism
nn this Continent,
Walter Thos. Mills
will give address on above
in   lhe
Thursday, Jan. 24th
8:30 8harp
belt, r consult us. Vou may need
ii pnir ol glnsses or spectacles. Wc
know. II you don't need uny we
will lell you so. lint do not neglect your eyes—they muy neglect
you Inter on, A reminder " un
uliuco uf prevention" nnd what
follows. Everything optical here;
but Bpootaoles to order a speoialty,
jjjff TAILOR I
Carries lhe best Line of Goods to be had from
. Ai A, iTi i't. At i*l", Ai i"li Ai Ai i'l:- A, du .1*, i't, it, ,"1", i't, it'i i't, i't, i't, i't, i't, ,1
I) I" A I. K R S
Gent's Furnishings
joots and Shoes, Etc.
A G F N T  F O R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first Sl Op,
.  i ■,       igh C in
26c and fiOc   .. bottle    Ben     I)   g   ..
Store, | ...    ..-   i., fool   Coi
Don't lail lo mm the Vanel in Glass Third ■   ■      Avenue
Blowers, Oper.i  House    Wedm   lay       ,., ,   ,   „ r,  ,
rh'irsday and Friday,    A continuous  „
performance Irom 2 to S nfte ii ntn
evenings, 7  to  10,   An   interesting
exhibition lor ladies, gentlemen and
children,   Prices I fie, and 26o    Each
.im- receives a gin is present tree
I p.- *i oung Conservative Club will
give '. smokor in Ke kirk Hull on
Hu'..nlnv night, T '1 .yl .. M P P.,
.....I M. J, Hun-ill nl On.nil Porks, --ill
spi uk
The Extraor ary Oeneral Meeting   -j A «,..„,,, id, leader ol theOppo
nl the Deatrico Mines, Limited, to ho Hit;.,h| ,ln(| M-Judge  Honderson ol
Inld  lasl   night nl.  the   Registered  Vancouver, will  »|ioak   in tho oporn
house on S.itiirduy ..veiling.
I hos. Taylor, Ml*.I'., ivonl south on
Tuesday  mofuhig on h tour ol tha
iiilice, is adjourned  until  Thin uiuy
night nt lln- .-uiul' linn-    .By order of,
Secretary, south.- u portion ol the riding,
I , rl Mure, I .''-'  I" mncral
... ,.,,,.   -. , nesi   11   el   ■■
driving I set 0
K.....I Lund- in Okanagan,
int,... i ii, i r,d mining pr. porty
find timber lin
Twenty iciei gnu I land in North
Vancouver $110 pei wre
Oral Farm I mill in llucklny vulley.
Four Inl* in ilu- town nl 'lolden.
First class i*o identiftl property,
One Cometh Block Plant In good
working order wilh nil nttnchmei ts
e mplelo,
Fm lull particulars np,ilt lo
*■ J
Miss Mdr^aret Creighton
Teacher - f Plan i, Vocal und
-i ioo    1.1H-..I..M r, Hint k,
i-1pili prepared for  University and
Conservatory Exiiins.
Alice I  Robinson my wllo, having
i ,, , hod snd board, I will nol be
, i i Ihi,. foi .in-.- d.-i-i- inourrcil by
,. : i,n mul nl" r tills I 'ili daj "I January Iim?.
j.-lis i:  ROBINSON
\ ..'! it i;     i .„ .-ii-i, Um i tnlrt) .I..-,
,>  .i.i. ifni -ii,,.ii.i,i.i i-.il- i l..»l
 nl l.iii-l-  I \V.,r-* l-.i   l-.''„.l
  in i-til mi.! t-irrv fiwny liuilii-r fmni ll,.,
|,.i1„iv,iik ,|„ .-.iiii'il land.   -itiui."l In woil
 ij illalrlrt, 11 i
. .inimsnelni.nl n .-"-i 11 1  ' '- I
'■mi 'i, nl l-'i I ■ ilmnl -' s mils null.
nf ,1."-,.,", Creole mul mnrkeil    H Molntoali |
, !  tin,   I.. v,r   nortl..... ' eurner,  tlience
,.' : I,.1..   tl""-,-   , '-I- Wl chnlni,Ihniico
in .. ...i-i,iiIim, llienco norlli Snclinln, lo el ies
,.l     ."IMII' III l-lltl'lll
iiii,,i,iiiiiiinrt ai. inoi
..... 1.1 .veil WM. BOYD.
Dwelling ...ul Lot, SflCOIld Street      ....      $2,000
Dwelling uml Lot, Second Street 1,700
Dwelling ...id L..U, ThirdHtre.it .     ....        1,200
Dwelling and Ijots, (cornor) Fifth Street     ,    . .   11,200
Dnul.Io Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A,       . (100
LolHou Second HI., easl of .M.-Koir/.U! ,-\ve,, each   . .      2Till
Lots nn Third St., oust of MoKonule Ave., enuli  .   . ,200
L..li. mi Fourth St., ens! of .McKenzie Ave., each   . ,      178
Lots ou Fifth HL, east of McKoin-lo Ave,, onoil   .    . .   150
Having jiihl received a huge ihipinent ol Pipes, Imported
Cigars, i-'-nleeiiniieiy, uti.lioncry and Tobacco, wc arc now prepared io IHI your orders with lhc highest grade goods nt the lowest
piic-a in the City.
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