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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA  WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome anil so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Provincial Libr
Vol. 14—No  15
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
For Your Feet
The "Patriot" carries with it style, service
and comfort. It's made over foot comforming lasts.
Fits from the start. No " breaking in " necessary
" PATRIOTS " won't hurt, burn and blister your
feet. Over half a hundred of styles. This means
a shape and a fit for any man's foot. Cork insoles
in " PATRIOTS " keep out dampness.
All the Popular Leathers.
Cost no more   than  tlie  ordinary   kinds,   but
jive an unlimited amount of satisfaction.
Comfort.     The
Come and See.
Wear Shoes   to   give   you
PATRIOT " will please you.
$6.00 Now $5.50 J
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
roll Coods Arriving Daily.     Dressmaking 01101 Millinery Rooms, 2nd Floor
Bargain Sale
See our south window for the greatest display of Bargains ever offered in the City.
Your Choice for 25 Cents
Some goods slightly damaged worth $2.00, now yours
25 Cents.
^Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited^
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 50 - 100 leet.
Corner on Third 8treet, 125 x 100 feet.
Two Inside Lots Fifth 8treet, 50 x 100 feet.
Two-Acre Blocks suitable for Fruit, adjoining city
—$ 550
— 300
Per Acre
1100 and $150
Pockets of Gold.
Pockets ol gold are not confined to
any particular kindol rock. Tbey have
been found in limestone, in granite, in
slate, in di ibaee, in andesite, in tuffs,
in quarts veins, in seams where there
was apparently no vein at all. It is
inther the existence ot certain peculiar
conditions that inlluences the ileposi
tion ol gold in those mssses called
pockets, rather than a rock of some
particular kind. Mo two pocket mines
are exactly alike, nor do any two
pockets occur under identical conditions. In tlm piicxct mines of Cali-
lurnia tho gold is usually found at
the intersection ot two or more planes
or veins, jointing planes and small
planes ol fracture—must often where
1 hrnc Mich planes intersect.
Navel oranges, lemons, hanaima and
eating apples at C. B. Hume A Co's.
Nelson Council Very Secretive.
Nelson, March 3.—Contrary to the
practice existing all over Canada, the
Nelson oity cout.cil has decided that
all sittings of the standing committees
shall be held in camera. The Council
haa also gone a step further snd declared that at the public meetings of
the Council if it is thought fit to go
into committee of the whole in order
to facilitate tbe transaction ol public
business, that committee of the whole
ahould also be hold privately.
uard of Thanks.
Mist M. Drever desires to eiprcs*
her deepest gratitude to the C.I' K
company and bridgemen for their
kindliest and sympaihy extended tu
her over the sail death of her brother,
which iircurr.nl through the result ot
an accident un the Columbia bridge
Progress of Auto Race—Prince
of Wales Coming—Counterfeiters Arrested—Venezuela
Declines to Arbitrate.
Chicago, March 4.—(Special)—The
automobiles in the New York to Pari,-
raoe were located last night as follows:
American car at 1 ogan, Iowa; French
car No. 1 at Cedar Rapid*, low*; Italian car at Ames. Iowa; French car No
2 at Chicago; German oar at Chester,
Ottawa, March 4.—(Special)—Sir
Wilfrid Laurier announced in the
House ol Commons last night that the
Prince of Wales hod signified hia intention ol being present at the Quebec
rercenteniry, provided the celebra
tion can bj held the last week in July.
Liombs, France. March 4.—(Special)
—Thomas Aotoine was sentenced today to six years' imprisonment with
hard labor. Thomas is the cooper of
Cleremont who committed tbe series
of sensational church robberies in
New York, March 4.—'Special)—
An unknown man jumped from the
Brookly bridge into the East river
to day and was killed.
New York, March 4—(Special)—A
complete counterfeiting plant for making spurious half dollars was seized in
Brooklyn today and four men and one
woman were arrested charged with
making and circulating  the imitation
Washington,   1).  C,   March  4.—
(Special)—Venezuela has again declined to arbitrate the questions of
controversy which have been pending
for some time between the Castro administration and the American government.
Los AngELEB, Cal., March 4.—
(Special)—Jimmy Britt and Battling
Nelson met in a ten-round contest
here tonight the fight went the limit.
There was no decision.
New Orleans. La., March 4.—
(Special)—Despatches from Shreve-
port, La, say that Blanche Walsh,
tbe actress, was taken ill there to-night.
Nervous breakdown was given as the
Chief of Police Murdered  by
Chicago, March 3.—George M.
Shippy, chief of the Chicago Police
Department, yesterday shot and instantly killed an anarchist who invaded bis home and wounded the chief
shot the official's son Harry in the
lung, and severely wounded the coachman, James Foley. Harry Shippy is
.everely hurt. Foley will probably
recover. The chief was stabbed in tht
band bis wound being trivial.
The assailant entered Shippy's home
while tbe chief and his son were alone.
The ui'iii ie said to have handed Chief
Shippy a letter, which the chief
opened and began to rend. Almost
immediately the anarchist itniv a
revolver and Bred at Harry Shippy.
The boy fell to tbe (lour, and bis father
grappled with the assail int.
Foley, attracted by the shooting,
rushed to his employer's aid. As the
servant entered the room, the auarch
ist broke from the chief's grasp, aimed
deliberately, and shot Foley twice
Again the chief closed with the man,
the latter turning ou him with a knife.
Shippy attempted to grasp the weapon
and received a deep cut 011 the hand.
The police official then succeed, d in
reaching his own revolver, and be
poured shot alter shot into the would-
be-assassin's body. Every bullet took
effect, snd tbe anarchist (ell to the
floor dead.
Tbe attsck on the Chief is believed
to bave been inspired by tbe recent activity of the Chicago police following
tbe killing of the Kev. Leo Heinriohs,
a Roman Catholic priest, who was shot
by an anarchist in Denver, while the
priest was administering the sacra
ment to his slayer.
Immediately following lhe tragedy
in Denver attempts were made to
trace the crime to a conspiracy hatched
in Chicago. The local police di-oov-
end that the society of Italians formed
here had been issuing inflammatory
iterature aimed at clericals, and also
that several local clergymen had received threatening letters.
Special precautions were   taken   in
the Italian i|iiaiter where   ollicers   in
citizens' clothes scrutinized every wnr-
1 shipper as the congregations   entered
j Utar the ollicers moved to tbe altars
and stood guard over the pries.B as
they conducted the .wines. In addition to these measures all known anarchists in the city, among them
Emma Goldman, were warned that
tbey would not he allowed to make
addresses in public So lar as is known
no one attempted to disobey this
order, and no arrests followed.
Gruesome Relics
New Y'ork, March 3 —Workmen
excavating for a new building on (Ink
street, near the waterfront, on Satin-
day, found the remains of two or threi
human skeletons in the botto-n of ai
old and long disused cesspool. Tbe
police, after searching the records ot
jld new york, a-certained that many
years ago there was a sailors' hoarding
house and saloon on tbe spot where
the bones were found, They then
came to the conclusion that the skeletons are those of sailors who were
robbed and murdered.
^S Legislative^
Por ease nf operation and perfection
in results produced, tbis Machine
js unsurpissed —1'UIOE: $60 00cash.
F^Wfoj*' Publishing Co, Agents
New Brunswick Elects Conservative Government for the
First Time in Twenty-five
St. John, J*. B., March 4th.—After
being in power for over twenty-five,,
years tbe New Brunswick government
suffered a decisive defeat in yesterday's elections, going into the fight
with 35 supporters to the 11 possessed
by the opposition the result tonight
leaves the situation practieally reversed, the government having only
15 members and the opposition 31.
Martyred Priest Wore Shirt of
Steel Spikes
Denver, Col., March 3.—Investigation ol the murder of Father Leo
Heinriohs by Giuseppe Alio, an Anarchist, as he was administering the sacrament last Friday, has revealed an
austere mode ot life on the part of the
martyred priest approaching the penance of early monkish times.
Priest and laymen alike are astounded by a discovery made in preparing
the body for burial. Next to the skin
Father Leo had wrapped about bis
waist and upper arms heavy bands of
linked steel chains, and to each link
was a book, sharpened to a needle's
point, attached in such fashion that
each movement of the priest caused
tbe hooks to pierce his flesh and to
remind him of the life and death of
Him in whose steps he struggled to
Father Leo never Bpoke to his fellow
clergy of his mode of penance and no
one in the monastery surmised it.
His body and upper arms were entirely calloused, showing that when tbe
pain became deadened because uf the
toughened skin, hn had taken the network of claws and adjusted i' so that
the pain might come again with
renewed force.
$159,000 DAMAGES
Chinese Claim  for September
Vancouver, March 3.—News waa
brought tiy the Monteagle that the
Chinese merchants of Vancouver have
forwarded claims for damages in tbe
riots of last September amounting to
$159,000 to the Chinese government
for collect.
Orders have been sent to the Chinese ambassador at Washington to send
one of the members of the legation to
Vancouver to make inquiries with
regard to the damage done.
This is the first time China has
made claims against a foreign power
for damages sustained by her subjects
at the handa of foreigners, though
monetary indemnities heve beeu frequently paid to the subjects of the
treaty countries in China for damages
during the last sixty years.
It waa not learned when the Chinese emissary is expected to arrive here.
Arrowhead Liberals.
The following is the list of officers
elected by tbe Arrowhead Liberal
Association for the ensuing year:
J, 0. Mcintosh, Hon. Pres.
Wallace Dickenson, President.
Edward  McGagbran, 1st Vice Pres.
Dr. J. C. Elliott, 2nd Vice Pres.
Donald Dowar, Becy.-Treas.
Executive Committee—L. H. Fraser, E. McGagbran, D. Dewar, Ed.
lUrkius, Sidney Hurd.
B. of L. E. and K. of L. F. and E.
Entertain 500 Guests.-Most
Successful and Enjoyable
Event of the Season.
" Y'.uare C'ldnlly invited to run
pus-enger extra from ymir home to
the first Annuil Dauceand "At Home"
ol the B of L E. and B. o L. ? and E.
to be held a' thennera hi nine, Tue»dav,
March 3>d, 11108, wilh right of-track
ver oil others.
Meet, your partners for tl e Grai d
March nt 21 k; switch partners until
24 k , thence meet y ur partners and
r '0 cautiously to the Banquet Hall,
enjoy tbe refreshments and reiurn tn
tbe ballroom without a clea ance Irom
the committee."
Thus were the brief yet plain orders
that were received yesterday. Passen
ger traffic was very heavy last night
round the opera bouse and the extra
crews and switchmen put on by the
B. of L. E and B. of L. F. and E. bad
their work cut out piloting tbe passengers into their icspestive^sjdiiigs
and round house. An active and
capable committee were in readiness
and handled the large crowds as they
came in an" incessant stream, in a
matter which showed what system and
method can accomplish. On entering
the house tbe guests could not but be
struck with admiration for the taste
and artistic skill in the scheme of
decoration.' Long streamers of colored
bunting completely arched the ceiling
while festoons of flags of all nations,
and greenery were arranged to advantage. Flag escutcheons and colored
bells were displayed ineffective panels
and elrctroliecs and rows of colored
lamps cast a rich glow over all. White
lace curtains gave a dainty finish to
the windows. Over the stage proscenium in lurg ■ letters " First Annual
At Home, Welcome," were conspicuous
and greeted the eye of the visitors aB
they entered. On the stage was
erected Locomotive No. 341 with
headlight burning, the cowcatcher
decorated with colored ribbon aud on
either side were tbe letters B. of L. E.
and,B. of L. F. and E. The whole
scene was exceedingly artistic and
showed what our railroad boys can do
when tbey set tbeir minds to it.
The floor was in good condition and
R. Gordon and J. G. Barber as M's. C.
and acting road masters, commenced
the ball rolling by announcing the
Grand March, This was the biggest
of its kind ever seen in Revelstoke,
nearly 600 taking the floor. To the
strains of the 'Maple Leaf Forever,"
played by the Independent Band as
they have never played it befure, the
vast throng went through a series
of evolution, picturesgue and effective,
finally winding up with the Lancers.
The galleries were filled with spectators and Revelstoke waa practically all
there. Spirits were high and good
nature, genial feeling and a sense of
thorough enjoyment pervaded the
entire gathering. Never before bave
the ladies bad such zu.l iiscnahcs,
for the railroaders wore Until ing in
their ivo'k nl i tiodu-'in. partner* ,11 d
milking iiii f. ei at u-ime. ''riivlciiin,."
partners continued li'l ni.iloight when
a In.It «asc.iII il 1 1 supper A nature
Ot the early purl .if the ev< lung was
1 the "Headliglii Waltz," even electric
lamp being exiuigiiis ed, while the
beam- frum the heaillight of locOiliO'
tive No 341 sent broad shads of effulgence d wn the hull, illuminating the
dancers aod 111.iking as strikit g and
as impressive a picture as Ueveistoki
has ever witnessed. The mosi imaginative among the audience here "«»
the characteristic power of the railroad, its progress and value, on the
other hand the social and human iide
of it, showing that railroad men are
foremost among entertainers.
Supper was served to over 530
guests and the highest commendation
must be given the railroad men lor the
manner in which this all important
feature of the evening was carried out.
Motbod and lystem were used to feci
such a multitude, each man being
told off to do a certain part. Tables
were improvised and a dainty repast
put all present iu even belter spirits
than ever.
The hall waa nwn cleared and
switching began again. This waa no
easy matter owing to the large number
ol dancers, hut all were out (or pleas
ure and made light of sundry bumps
and collisions, although none of them
were "head on."
During the supper a flashlight pic
ture was takon by B, Tucker,
[Dancing was carried on till the first
streaks of dawn broke and the merry
$2.50 Per Tear
Selling at specially
low prices here, also
extra cash discounts
on .1 ' Crockcn line.*.
du. 11.g this moiiih.
Hams  and Bacon
A shipment of Hams and Breakfast Bacon just received.
These are genuine Smoked Meats, mild in flavor and the
nicest we have seen for a long time.
Salt and Smoked Fish
We have Labrador Herrings, Holland Herrings in Kegs,
Mackerel, Digby Chicks, Finnan Haddie, Ii .libut, etc.
Washing Machines, - Wringers
A number of the best kinds kept in stock. They can be
seen set up ready for use in our Hardware Department.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $9.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and last as loug as hard coal.
Can lie used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Feeders and
open grates.l
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery  and
willjfill your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office)   Toronto, Ontario.
Umirhsi, in ilii Proviucsn of Msnitntis. Alberts, Ssikstohswan,
British I'nltiBibis. Ontario, (jesbae.
Capital Authorised ... (10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    •4,860,000.00
Reserve Fund .... 84,860,000.00
D. R. Wilkik, President ; Hon. R. Jaffray, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts aold available In nil partaof Canada, 1'uiti-d States and
Europe.   Special at tent Inn icivt.ii tn Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed .in deposits from d ite of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Braneh, B. C—H. T. Jaffray, Manager
crowd then began tn disperse Waiting
and baggage rooms were emptied and
Revelstoke all hoarded the cars of the
" Slumier, Limned," and were sooo
bound to Dreamland. Thus ended the
lirst annual dunce of the B. of L. E.
and B of L. P. and K., the most
succesful social event of the winter
The b iys are to be congratulated on
their undertaking and its magnitude
and Inr the manner in which every
detail was carried out. We doubt il
any train orders ever i-iuicl have given
aa much pleasure to Revelstoke and
her railroad sons as did those issued
by that great Brotherhood Usi night.
The general committee in charge con*
sietcd of J. Lyons, I). McKenzie, snd
J. Henderson from Division 057, B of
L. E., and F. R. Mitchell, W. Petti-
piece, and L. E. Carlisle from Lodge
341, B. of L. F. A E. The entertain-
ment committee consisted of B, Sting-
ley, Wm.  Donaldson aod M.J. Scott
from Division 667, B. ut L. E , and
Ross Donaldson, Bert Keegan and H.
Carpenter from Lodge 341, B. ol L. F.
4 E.
May Revelstoke always stand by
and be proud ol the "ram at the
throttle and the man behind tbe
(urnac diKir."
We csnnot pass without comment*
ing the Independent Band who played
lart night in a manner lhat raised the
admiraii ui of the entire house. Their
music wai excellent and their time
without flaw. The band was a diatinct
feature and the boys must bave all
got together and risen to the occasion, their playing would bave done
ciedit to any city, and we venture to
say tint few towns in B. C. can boast
of as smart and accomplished musical
aggregation as the R I. B.
For fresh smoked kippered herrings,
finnan baddies or salt herrings try C,
London,   England.
LARGEST   SALE   OP   HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND   COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD.       ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
BOURNE   BROS.,   W00LSF.Y,   LE   FEAUX   &
Tua^^mMsm^fOBR. '--ags*;
fJbe flDaiUlbevalb.
1).\Y .\T
Barri   ri'R.s, Solicitous,   Htc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and  Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mubphy.        Harold Fisher
i I [.LAN & ELLKiriT
Barrister..| Sol c t'T*, Etc
K. gillan. J. o, Elliott,
•Money lo loan.
Office,.: Revelstoke, B. ('.; Cranbrook, B, O.
Heo. ^. MoCarteb,
A. it,   1'INKUA.U, J. A.  ITARVEY,
Rerelstoke, B, C.        I'mntirook, 11. C.
J. M. Soon l.L.D
rtt'OTT    ANU
\V. I, HritfKH.
Barristeiis, Solicitors, Etc.
Mo.vby to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Assay  ol all Ores,   Samples by mall or express
receive prompt attention.
Term. Moderate,
AI,I,KlL-S - BOXl.'.'J Kaslo. B. u.
where at once, and it must be
remembered that RevelBtoke is a
large eily, for while disturbances
may be going on at one end, something mny bedetaing the officer at
the other, and it is very hard and
well nigh impossible for our tvve
constables to have their eyes and
ears all over the city at the same
time. The fact that Revelstoke is
aB peaceful and quiet as she is,
especially nt these times when
vagrants are abroad, proves that
our police have the city well in
hand and do their duty. Ii those
who hear such disturbances as we
have mentioned, aro able to lay
accusations themselves against the
offenders, they will be doing themselves and the city at large a good
turn and aid the police in the discharge of their duty, which is beholden to every citizen.
We notice in the Salmon Arm
Observer of last issue, several
lengthy articles touching on the
management of the Fruit & Produce Exchange uf 1!. ('. at Revelstoke, explaining the causes ns to
wey Salmon Arm hacked out of the
he kept going and the miners find
employment. A few years ago we
got along with much less machinery than now-a-days. Every year
sees more and inure machinery
added to the usual equipment of
the average man, says the .Mining
The miner has no reason to regret this tendency. Modern machinery and equipment are made,
more and more, of metal. An iron
boat or an iron buggy would have
been considered out of the question
a generation ago, hut to-day we
see great warships sailing the sea
with hardly enough wood about
them to justify the retention of the
time honored office of " ship's carpenter," and we see automobiles
composed of metal entirely, even
to the aluminum body. So tliis
modern tendency to surround ourselves with more and more ma*
chitiery means that the miner must
produce more and more of the
metals—and that is just, what he
wants to do.
Revelstoke Cigars -Union Made Our
Special, The Union, and Marca Vualia
are ahead of all others.
im 4 w-mziMm
$5  TO   $10
High Grade Watches
Hastings, Doyle & Allura
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new designs in carpets, "Our stock is
ceniplete, and the colors rich
and effective, the designs artistic, nnd the " tout ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and wo
have never placed such low
prices upon yu much high
quality before,
The   article
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sin veying
MoKenzie Avenue,
Box 106, Revelstoke
teacher of fund, vocal
harmony counterpoint, etc.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
STUDIO-At    Mr-.   J.   C.    Hutchison's   Con.
nauuti* Avenue.
Mining. Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Lite, .Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plan?,, Blue Prints nnd Reports
compiled on Mines, I.nnd and Timber.
B.  C.
Men should
look for this
Tag on
Tobacco. It
guarantees the high quality of
Black Watch
Hie Big Black Ping.
Cbe flfcatMheralb
i bare ti so much bad in tbo ben <>f u.-.
Ind io moeb good in the wont nf us,
Tiiat it bard If behoove- any of as,
To tall tb»nt tha rest of us.
i  .   - I'l'RBlNG ELEMEN1
On se, era I  occasions   our attention   lk-   been  called  to  the tac
that the practice of using foul and
obscene   language   in   the   public
thoroughfare.-   at all hours of   the
night, i.-   become   very   prevalent,
and besides being distinctly lowering to the moral? of the community
a? a whole, is   anything   but what
our women folk Bhould be subjected
to   hearing.      The   rowdy element
exists in every community more or
li-ss and   is   a thing which is very
dilliuult   to   slam))   out,    The depraved man must of necessity, apparently, assert himself   to the disgust   ui   iii-   fellows   nnil   to  tbe
abhorrence "f   all   with   whom he
come-   in   contact,      It   is almost
impossible   to   prevent   disgusting
language behind doors, hut   summary and drastic measures can and
should be taken to severely punish
the offenders who make-use of the
city   streets   to   lot   loose   a   foul
tongue.     While we claim lhat our
f.ituili« slitiulil not   be put to such
indignities of having to bo disturbed
by  gang-   uf   low   bred and foul
mouthed cravens of mankind who
at times   make   the night hideous,
yet, nt the  same time  it is impossible for our city police to be every-,
dels   principally   with   the com-
pliini-- of the Arm people, which it
claim- were never adjusted or even
jnoily  considered.     At the recent
convention of the Exchange in this
city   the   Salmon   Arm   delegates
attended  with but practically one
object, that   of   creating   as much
trouble as they  could by trying to
foice   their  claims for immediate
consideration   and   adjustment in
the middle of the general meeting.
When they were given a chance to
explain themselves, which they did
after   a  manner, they refused   to
listen to the words of the executive
committee, who asked them to wait
over till the following morning as
the'hour w*as   too'late at the time,
but after Bome very scurrilous remarks, finally left in a huff, practically denouncing the local management as grafters. Their complaints were that certain shipments
from   Salmon   Arm  had not been
paid for or properly handled by the
head otlice, and to settle the matter
they   must   needs   interfere, hence
the rupture. When it is remembered that these shipments of fruit
and   produce   were condemned by
the   Winnipeg   Fruit Inspector, it
will be   seen   that tlie Arm people
have   only   themselves   to blame.
No doubt that they felt their dignity slighted when   they   were toll
that   their   packing   waa at fault.
However it can be easily seen that
the  blame, if  there is any. lies not
on the   Revelstoke ollice  but with
the Salmon   Arm   Exchange who
have   not   played  the garni'.    We
would suggest, however, thai before
anymore  unjust and scathing ar- <•■ i.kmhkk. n.g,
tides criticising the local management are published, the writers
should put themselves in possession of facts and figures, which
will   exclusively   prove   lhat,   the
Revelstoke manager has and i-
acting according to what is righl
and just for the Exchange as a
budy. We claim tbat if the complaints of Salmon Arm were worth
adjusting to them, their delegates
should have found time to wait a
few hours longer and have the
matter settled.
afforded by a
L. O. T. M  O. T, W.
Huld their regular fortnightly Reviews the
Secontl and Fourth Thuridays in each mouth,
at II p.m. in the Masonic Hall, Second Street.
L. McUONALD. Lady Commander.
J. M. MORAS'. Ileciircl Koepel.
c. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp, No, 229.
Meet!   BsOOnd   uml   Fourth   Wndni; duvrt in
each month, in rti-lkirk Hull.   Vi.-itin   Woodmen oordlally Invited to attend.
W, II, AltMSTKONli. (on. Jom.
J. Mi-INTYUK. Olork.
F. O. E
No. 432
Tin, regular meetings aro heid In tht»J*SeIl(irlt
Hull every Tun-.iay avenlna it Bo'cloc*.    Visit-
Ink brethren .ir nil.  i    • led
.1   I.R-Ll K. President.
w. e. Mclaughlin, sbcestaet.
Kootenay  Lodaro No. IS A F. * A.M
-^«-^—sQc'   "Vi   lns> are h,-ld in
.^JJ w/\-    'Tl   Maeonlo     Terr
' i&S*' -«SS     '/    "M Fellows Ha!
*./ ^KIm^     -Ml "he.third Moods
reifular   meet-
■   - - •    the
nday ir,
-aril month at I
•.ni. Vicinghreth
-, r. ,'ordially wel
I'.   ...   I'I'.!*   I 'VIM!.   -'..' KXTAKV.
SELKIRK  LODGE, HO   12. I. O. O. P.
Meat. Ti-ryTtjurt^ai
cv'-nins;   in
Hall     at    8    o'clock
V:-ii.|.,g brethrei oor
■<    al-
J    mA   INK, Sl'C
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagon** Etc., John
Duuru Ploughs, Mot Iue Wagous, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Phuiot jr.. Garden Beedors aud Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attend od to. Horse Shooing a
$ Specialty!- * 4
P.   BURNS    St    COMPANY,    LIMITED. 5
111'.AD 0FKII1R :   CaLQAHY,   Ai.hk.uta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pui-k Piii'kei-K mul UchIcik in Live Stuck.    Mniki-ls in all tin- piiuci
imi Citi.s , mil T"« us uf Alberta. British Oolmnliii ami lhe Yukon.
Packers i-f ilu- ('I'l'-lnnti'il Brand  "Impcnit r" Hiiuis ninl Bucim,
a    nnl "Shamrock" Brand J."nf Lird. a
\s%, % »W» %***»%**-»**-»**♦**♦*%%% ■%-'^*-*.'%% -*^
Revolutoko t-and Dlstriot
District of Weati Kootenay.
Takotiotioo that I. It. Y, Heiuny. of Poplar
(■reck, it, c, occupation Prospector, Intends to
npply for li speolal licence to cut und curry
away Umber from the following desoribed
1. Oontmenolng at a post planted about 200
feel on tlie norih side ol Poplar Greek, marked
"it, y liiiiiny'snorth-costcort.erpost."adjoining the wost boundary of Timber Limit No.
ltlOSt, about one milo west of the first south
fork of Poplar Creek, thunoe weet 80 chains,
thenoe south K() chaiiiH, thenoe eaRt80 chains,
theoce north BO chains to point oT commencement, containing (ilO aprc* more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted about 2(H)
feet on tho north Bide of Poplar < reek, marked
"H Y. iteamy'h south-east corner post," adjoin*
ing Lho west boundary of Timber Limit, No
11402, ah.ut one milo went of the ilrst sooth
fork of Poplar Creek, thence west 8" chains,
thenoo north 80chains, tlience east Hi chains,
thettoe south 8" chains to point, of commence
iiiettt, containing Gio acres more or*loss.
3. Commencing at a post, plantod on the east
bank nt the second south fork of Popla .s*-e<*k,
about one unit* up nit>k> «.i "B. Y BountyV
north-eoxt corner post," thence wost in chntns,
thenoe south H'<0 chains, thenue east if chains,
thoncc norlli |Q0 chains to point of ruuiuieuce-
meni, containing U1U acre* more or less.
4 Commencing at a pust planted about 4 H
miles westerly from the first south fork of Po..
lui Creek, marked 'IV 1*' It* amy's north west
corner post," thence cast 80 chains, thenee
south 80 chains, thenoo west8U chains, th* nee
north 80 ohalns tu point of cotuuieuoeuient,
containing otu uoiob more or less.
6. Comment Une at a post planted aliout i}2
miles westerly from the flr->t sitlih fm-k of P p-
hn Creek, mark'd "It. K. Roauiy's nortli-casi
corner ios ." thenee west 4u ohalus; thenee
-outh 16(1 chains, theneeeas 4uchiiuc, thenue
north tl'rii diains tupuiutof commeuce.ueuL,
containing liPt acres moreui less
(i. Commencing at u. post planted about five
miles westerly from the tl.st MJiuh foi k ol P p
lar Creek, marked "H h, Beamy's Bouth*west
corner poot." thenco oast iti" chains, ihcuei
north JO chains, thenoe west hid chains: th. uoi
south JOchains to point ol cotmuuiiceiueiii, con-
talntng liiu acre-* moro or less,
Located ITlh December, UM7.
wed jan 16 B  Y. KKAMY   Locator.
Central Hotel
Newly built        Firet-class in every resjiect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Room?.
Rates SI.50 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $ l a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBEET      ST03STID      "-FIROIP.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Hevclsiuke Land Dlstriot.
District of w est Kootenay,
Take notice that I. It. Y. Beam} of Poplar,
1J.C, occupation Prospector, Intend io apply for
a special licence l<« out ami carry away timber
from the following descrlBBti land--:
1. Commencing at a post, plant* d on the
west hank of Uusty Cr.ek, marked "B Y.
Iteamy's sou h*ennl corner post," about 8 miles
southerly from i bo Lardo rivet, tie ween Kapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, adjoining Timber
Limit- HD.jii running west, ihence west Itiu
chains, tlience north in chains, ihence ■ ast ltJn
chain*, thenue south in chains to point of com*
inencemout, cont lining 04u acres more or less,
2. Commenolng at a post planted on the west
bank of Rusty Creek, marked "13. K. Heamy's
onrth*eaBt curuer u<*st," utiout 3 mUea southerh
from lhe Lardo river between Itapid Creek and
Tenderfoot Crock, thence west, 10U ohaint,
thenoe south to chains, thence east IHU cliains,
ihence north 4u chaius to point of conimencc-
uieut, eoniiiiuiiit* Oloacres mure or less,
3. CommenoiuK at a post planted on the
west luoik of Kusty Creek, marked "B, Y.
Iteamy's norlli-west corner post," about 3 miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Rapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, theuce east 8o
ohains, thouce south HO chains, thence west SO
cliains, thence north 80 chuins to point of commencement, containing tip) acres more or less.
Located lotb December, 1907.
wed Jan 15 _ B, Y, HKAMY, Locator.
Kevelstoke Lund District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that we, C. O Woodward and B.
Y. Kearny, of Poplat Creek, it. C, occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special licence to cut and curry away timber from the
following described lauds:
1. Commencing nt a post planted on the west
lmnk of Pou ar ■ nek. about a miles up, marked "C- U. Woodrow and It. Y. Iteamy's BOUth*
cast, corner post," ruuniiiK along 0. Iv Kuvell's
north boundary of No. 2 Timber Limit l21ol),
theuce west ai chains, thence norlh 80 chains,
theuce ensf 80 chains, thence south 8u chains to
point of aijiimenceiiieiit, containing ti|o acres
or less,
2. Commencing at a post planted on the
west hankof Poplar Crock, about,V<i miles up.
marked "C. U- \\ und row and il. Y. Keamy'n
north-cast corner post, thence west Ho chains
along G. 10. Kev el is No. 2 Timber Limit 18189
south boundary, ihence south KO chains, thouce
oast 80ohalus, theme north 80 chains to poiui
oi commencement, containing 010 acres more or
Located 18th December, 1W7.
wed jan 15 C. O. WOODKOW,
B. IT. KKAMY, Locators.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26, RevelBtoke,  B. C.
MEB1 -  KVKRY  ivkiink-|,i ,',
»-,   -;,,   | ,,r I   ll m.i i,,.*.|ny ol
■ ■«, b i       ',.. In ll •   'IM'.
tl     •    ■.'. I   n      Vi.Hlns
Knliili'" srs oordlslly   n.
./   MATHIE, C. C
U. H. BBOCK, K.|,,t  H   * M
H   I. BBOWM   M. nf V
In tliii age of development, metal
i" taking the most prominent place
ami plays an important part in the
world's commerce, while the demand for machinery continue*,
then' mimt he the metal wherewith
to make it.    Thus the mines inuhI
That'a Royal Crown kiml—
made In Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west oi Winnipeg. HfniKe cli-aning nnil
wasliiriKiir«i;aiiy with ituhnlp.
And the  money i»avin^ Is tin-
Premium System
Bookli-t, tells what w<- «i-/p fur
Itiivnl Crown Wrappers. Hunrl
for   it—Free—Also   try   the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. B. C
I have choice
upland prairie li.iy
and I imothy, also
oats, wheat and
feed tn offer in car
load loi .
[ lelivered prit •■ i
given on   req ie >.
CALGARY,   Alfa.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the  Farm,  Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable VarletleH at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale, No fumigation
iu damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you,    liny iliivrt mirl gel   trees
uml  -..-,.lid I lllll.   Kl'tllV.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Puhips
Spraying Material, Out Prowers, etc,
Oldest   established    nursery   on   tbe
in.mil.nnl of ll. (I.   tlatalogue li'i'i'.
'" houses  I Sr.il Houses
VANCOUVER,       •     -      ■     B. (:-
who can eut,  Manning's candies
without having  ninnf,   little   feel'
ing ul  gratitude fur   the   donor
nl course you've g.,i to iiiiii - our
own lure battles,} ng man   but
unr I'.unfi'C.tioiiH  ymi'll   find to be
n iiiiiiiii' 'illy in your  wooing,
Manning's Candy PdlM
f inj,..i i.i  11   . lopmenf
S/USO 00
liank  ..:   1; . 1  h 1 ..IiiiiiI.i i
Iiii nn
Nil oln 1 nal "..I i filte
imi mi
Ooltimblii l'i nit and 1 *nd
I'm no
Howitl Mines
n on
Roval Collieries
( Ilu Ies  1 ii, ki-ii-i .
I-n'.i-( lass  C lover! and Tim-
oth)    11 iv  for   sale.    Also   al
kind'- of t larden Produce*
Rovelatoko l.mui District.
District of West Kootonny.
Take notice that i, K, J.l'aiks, of Arrowhead.
B.C.. lumberman, iuteml in apply for a Hpecial
timber licence uver the following described
Oommenciogat a post pUnte i at tbo buutb*
west corner of Timber ilmit Ne. 11171, ami
murkeil "K. J. Parks' nortli-east eurner posl "
thenoe -south loo cliains, tbeuce west -lu chains,
thence north u'.u c1 iiins, thouce cabt -tu chains
tu point of commencement.
Dated Dec. nth, luuV,
K. J, PAKK8,
wed jau 22 IJ. Dew ur, Again.
Kcvel-itoku I-and hulrict.
District of Went Kooicimy.
Tuko notice thu), w , the LiLinb-Whtsou Lum
bur Company, Limited, of Arruwttond, 11. C,
oooupatlon  Jjiiiiilnu'iiit.ii, iuloud  to apply fur
f>ormis.sioii to In,c o ths fnlluwiiiK doscr'bed
orOBhorSi buiug part uf tne furodhoro uf (liiloua
liny, for logging pitrpnse.s;
(uimuuiiciug at a |Mist scribed "Lanib-WaUun
Lumber Co."  planted  at  the B.W. coruer uf
Lot M'it. 1 lumen   southwesterly followiug high
water murk, a distance of 110 ciiaius.
Da i ml tin- :tmb day of October. llKtt.
Lamu-Watuun Luuukk Co, Ltd.,
Jau 1BUS Hy O. 11. N. Wilkio, Agent.
Revolstoko Land District.
Distrlet of w (.*.i. Kootenay.
Take noil r that A O. Johnston of Poplar
Crock, occupation Merchant, int- nd* to apply
for a sp.oial liueiice lo out and carry away umber from tbe fulluwiiiH desrrll ed land-:
t unimciK ing at a punt pUntuu abuut ffl
ini,!'.- up i'uptitr Creek fiom 1'opltr towiisitv,
calling for tbo f*outh*ea«l corner ol Timber
Limit IUI80, marked 'A D. .l-lnt tonV miuth-
wt'H oorner poet," theuce Bant oo ci.aln^ thouce
ton Hi ni   chum*, tbeUCO WcnL 90 ehullih, Uience
Hfjiith  HO cbaiim   tu  puint ul  cuinmuncuuieut,
I'ontiLumig i>io aores mom oy less.
Located ibiIi Jn-c, i:*-*.
wed Jim l.'i Ii, Y. itititiny, AgeuU
U WTKIi TO  I'I  fii II \HK
iifi'.'ll   \V '"il    I .nillt
AIiii\ .' Hurrjflot to 1'iiilii tiiiti ion.
Prospeol ti '
'■iiiiiii',    itiv   (if
tpplh M Ion.
purlifulni-i   con
r  CompiinipH  nt
Al'l'l-V    TO
MuKutuiu Avoutiu, Kevelstuku.
IKI KI'llliNI''. 20.
Proni  Sii'.i.i.i,     Revelstokk
li....I It. i.i,, Aiilmiils, Birds, iiiii, IBte.,
Mill NTKI)
Animal   ltii|<» Uountsd,
I'  II   litis 31.
Studio I   Oomsrol l''ir»ist. smllllnyls A»u.
11,'ii'i.Mi.i, l). i:
lI'Vl'lHllllll. Mud   UlsllluC,
liihiririof west Kootenay,
Tu li i, iiiitiri, Unit I, li'.iiiilii Di'Hurut l,i.i\il„,iil,
'tiil'iiliiili ' rui-t'i, Inli-n.i uui,.iil> l-.r in-riuiiai.,!!
plfrollSlM lilt' It,llt'M HIH llFrtinlli-ll lull,I'
rtiiiiiiii'iirliiK at iiiii ii .uinwi'Hi uorosr of i.oi
a. ii. iii..ii|i i, in .niii duiritii, liit'ii- s trust su
i-ii.uii.. ihoiics in,nil w rii'it..., tliunc. uu,i no
. III iu-. Hi-' nt-,-   H.illtll   4"l   lllnllli.    lliuu-o   BSStin
.'...'i i.  tin. ii, i-  nuilli mi ulniiii. to |i,.i,ituf com*
ii.'i".i.i,ni i.-.iii, iiioa.
'"■'I iin a illlllAl.ll liKWAK.
Certificate   of Improvements
Ilii/ Hone Kiactiun Mim nil Cl.iim, situate in
the TronI base Mining Division or Kootenay
D -nit.   Whero .'"'.ii- tl:   Poplar (Jreok,
Tnkenatlco that I.Charle* John Allan New-
fin I'adloy,of Nelrton, Bu, Kroe Miner's* erti
tl ate .No. eOBOB 0. mtcud, Rixty day« from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
< ertifli'iiti- of Iinprovetnenta, for the purpose uf
obtaining » Crowti Qrant of the abuve ■,iuim.
.And turtler tOJte nollos that action, urnior
Section 21. must Ihi ooiDOieuood before the
Umuiikc of cucii Certificate of ImprovcmcnU.
Dated tliiH Bbh day uf January, A.D., UXW,
w d jan 16 0, J, A. N. PADUY.
Cariboo Laud District,
District of Cariboo
Take notice that I, Neil McKacbcrn of Revelstoke, oooupatlon Timber Cruiser, Intend to
apply for special timber licences over tho following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted about 8
miles east of Don; Creek ■wul about, 44 miles
south of Vrosor River and marked "Neil Me*
Kachern's south-east corner." thenco west 80
chains, thenoe north NO chains, tbenco east, so
chuins, thence south 80 ohatns to pour of commencement, containing (id* acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles east of Dore Creek and ab Ut 4XA miles
south of Ifraser river and marked Noil Mc*
Kachern's south-west corner." thence oast W)
chains, theuce uortb 80 ehains, thenco west 80
chuins, thoncc south 8ll chains to point of commencement,, containing DM' aores moro ur less,
3. Commencing at a post, planted about i
miles east of Dore Croek and about 44 miles
south of Ifraser rivor and marked "Neil Mc*
Kachern's south*west corner," thenoe .east 80
chains, thenoe north ho chains, thenco west 80
chains, tlience south 81) chains to point of commencement, containing liiu acres moro or less,
i. Commencing at a post planted about!
miles east of Dure Creek and ahum 44 miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Nell Mo*
Kachern's north-west corner " thence soutb 40
uhalns, theuce cast 100 chains, thence north 40
chaius, l hence west IGu oh tins to point, of commencement, containing Olu acre  more or less.
5. Commencing at a post planted about 5
miles cast of Dure Crook ami about. 4 miles
sooth uf Fraser river and marked 'Neil Mc
Ka hern's nor, h west, corner " thenoe* soutb 40
cliains, theuce east, Itiu chains, theoce north 10
uhalns, thenee west Hi' chaimi lo point of i-uiti-
lueuoenteut, coutainiug (ilu acres more or less.
0. Commencing at a post planted about A
miles east of Dure Creek and aoout 4 milea
•.outh nf Fraser river and markod "Nell do*
Kachern's south-west corner,' thenco north 40
chains, thenoe eaat bi" chains, thenoe south 40
•Tunes, tlience wefct UHlchnlnr*. to point of com
on n emont, containing iHu acres mure ur loss.
LocaiuU Dec, ihih, 1.W7
7 Commencing at a tmst planted about. 2
miles west uf Dure Creek and about i miles
-outh of Fraser river and maived "Nell MeKachern's i-uuth-wosi, corner," Ihence north KO
halus, thouce wast. 80 cliains, thence south t>0
chains, thence west 80 ohatns to point of commencement, containing till) acres mure or less.
8. Commenclug at a post planted about 4
Hides west of Doro Creek ami abuut 3HuiU.es
south of Fra-er river ami marked "Neil Mo*
Kachern's north-west corner," ihence south 40
• bains, tbeuce east Hi'i chams, theuce north 40
chains, tlieucu west KiO chains to poiut o'' runt
mencement, containing 040 acred more or l*>ss.
1). t om inclining ut a pust planted about 4
miles Wi si uf Dure Crcuk nnd abuut 3.11 miles
si.tub of Fraser river and marked "Neil Me«
Kachern's south-west corner,' tbenoe north 40
chain.-, thenoo east Juo chains, ihence suutb 40
chains, Ihence west Kill chaius to puint uf commencement, cuntaining 040 acres mure or less,
10. Commenolng at a post planted about 4
miles uf Dure Creek ami aboul BM mllos »outh
of Fraser river uud marked "Neil MciCaohem'd
dorih*cast corner," thence south 40 chaius,
tbeuce west Itiu chains, thenee north 10 chains,
ihence cast 160 chains to point of commencement, cntil aimng 04u acres more or less.
11. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles west of Dure Creek and about. '.\% miles
suutb ot Fraser river aud marked "Neil MeKachern's south oast oomur." thenco north 40
chains, ihence west IM chains, thence t.outh 40
chains, tbeuce oast Itiu chains to poiut uf commencement, containing 040 acres moru ur less.
Located Duo   lliih, 1007.
12. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles west of Dore Creek aud abuut 0 miles
south of Fraaer river and marked "Neil Me
Kachern's south-west corner," thenoe north Wl
chains, theuce eaat 80 chains, theuce south 80
ohains, thence west 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
13. Commenolng at a poet planted about 3
miles west of Dore Creek and about 0 miles
south of Fraser river and marked 'Neil Me*
Kachern's souto-east comer,'' thenoe noi th (Jo
cbaius, tlience west 8U chains, iheuee south 80
cliains, Uience cast 60 chains to poiut ot commencement, coniaiuing tiln acres moru or less,
14. Commencing at a post plauted about 4
miles west of Dore Creek and about .i'c nines
south of Fraser river and marked ".Neil Mo*
JDoohern's nortli-cast corner," thoncc suuth 40
chains, Iheneo West Itio chaius, lbeuce norih 40
el min., iheuee east Hio chains tupuiutof coin
mciiceinent, containing (Uo acrea mure or less.
\b. Commencing at a pust planted about 4
miles west uf Dure Creel; and aoout .ij mile-}
south of Fraser river ami marked "Neil MeKachern's south east curuer," thenoe west 160
chains, theuce north to chains, thence ca-i itio
chaina, tlience south 40 chaius tu point Uf commencement, containing 040 acres mure or less.
Hi, Commencing at a post planted near Mac
Iniu-h Creek amlatiuttt 34 miles soutnuf Frusur
river aud marked "Ned MeKachern's nortli-uast
- orner," thence south 80 chains, thoncu went 80
chains, iheneo norih 80 chains, thence easl 60
cnaius Lo point of coinmcucoimuL. containing
040 acres mure or less,
I-united Dec, 2olh, 11KJ7.
17- Commeuciug at a post plauted near lhe
Three Mile Hcserve Line un the uunh side uf
Fruscr river and lying uorth ui where the Uuat
river empties into iho Fruscr river, marked
"Neil McKachcru's south-west corner," thoncu
cant 80 chain*, tlience north bO chains, tnuiice
west 80 chains, Uience south SO ohains to point
of commeucement., containing tilu acres more
or less,
18, Commencing at a post plauted 3 miles
north of Fraser river und lying uorth of wtiero
Uoat river empties lino Fraser river, marked
"Neil McKaehurn's south-east, corner,"Iheuee
west 80 ciiaius, thenoe north 80 chains, t hence
easl tJO chains, I hence suulh 80 chains to poiut
of commencement, coutainiug 010 acres more
or lens.
l'J. Commencing at a post planted 3 miles
north of Fraser river aud about 2 miles west of
Victoria Creek, maiked "Neil McKachern'r*.
souih-wcsl corner," then c east bM chains,
lbeuce nurth 80 ciiaius, thence west 80 chains,
Ihence SOUth 80 chains to point uf .commencc-
ineiii, containing oio acres more or less.
2". Couiuiciuiug at a pusi planted 34 miles
north of Fraser river and about :i miles west uf
Victoria'Creek, marked "Noil- MiiKachorn's
suulh-uucl corner," theuce weM 160 i hains,
ihuhcu north t" ciiaius, t hence oast Itiu -.ham*,
Uieucosuuui )o • haul.-, tu poiui ot commencement, containing uju ucrus more or less,
Local eu Dee, -Jlst, iw,,
sailebi NK1L Mi KACHKUN.
Notice iu uu-uwstKS
To li. F.  Kearny, Mrs- A. 1). Nook and O. F.
Huihel,ur tu  wliuinsuever tliey may have
transferred their interests;
Take notice, lhat we, the undersigned co-
owners with yiui iu the following iu mural
claims, vie. : Viviau's Luck Nu. 1, Vivian's
Luck Nu. 2, Viviau's Luck Nu. 3, Vivian's Luck
Nu. 4, Viviau's Luck Nu. 6, Viviau's Luck No. ti,
and the Silver t ruwo situated on Uoul M.uiir
uiiii, Lanleau Muhhk   Dm.-uou of   West Koute-
nay District uf tne Province uf British Columbia, have duue the required work ou tne au-vo
iiieuttoued mineral ciunus fur tue year ending
October 2Ulh, 1UU7, in order to hold the suuio
under Socliou 24 ol the Mineral Aot.
And further take uutice mat. if rt ithiu IN) days
from Lho flrsl publication ot this uutice, yuu tail
ur letusu to cuutnbuteyuur purti.'u ut sucii ex-
penduure, together wall tho ooafc uf this advur*
tiauincut, ymir interest iu thu said iiiiiiur.il
cotini.-. will becuaie too property oi ine uiitiur
sigueo, uuder l-iectiou 2oti ut tne Miuerul Act,
iJiuod at t muuuruo, B.O.i tuts 2lst day of
January, iwuH.
sat jau 20 i<u-Owuers
KeveLloke Laud Dtstiiot. ^^^^^^^^^^^
I tiKt nuiice unu 1. j. H, Voung.of Comaplix,
hotel prupneior, imeiiu iu apply io the chief
i.uiiiininniuuer ul Lauds ami Uurks lur a ape-
c.si iJiiioer licence lu cut and carry away
limber irum luu ioiluwiug deseribeu jauds;
i, CummvnuiUg at a post planted and ml
JollliUg UlS leolu-easl curuur ul fjut Iiii. and
i.. ii. h 0 "J H. t on UK h ouutii-esht curuer pnni,"
unu hiiuateu -iii't'ii '4 inile noriu-oast ol tne
iiu..d ul tne mm ol airuw take, tiiciice mc.hsu
i imiti-i, ilieuee nortn no chains, tueuce earn so
UlialuSi tueuce suiiiii eu chains to puuum
euiiiuieuceuieiit, cuutaiuing oio acres uiure or
1. Cumuiencfiig at u post planted aiig ad*
joining toe norm-cam curuur ui mi lii^uud
iuumea "J.ll.VuUug .- south-east coruer,' aud
nliuated aboul I-4 uiile noun-en-i ul tlie liertd
oi me arm ul ,umw > akj, theuce n-rui SU
onaiusj thenoe earn nu chains, thenoe sotun bo
uuainsi thsnea kuhl su cnaius tu poiut of com-
nn.li.mui ni, cuniaiuiug u*uacres more ur leva,
Dated iiccembcr Alrd, IW*.
Chinese Groceries aod all kinds ot Fruit ami Vegetables.
"Board by Week,
Mackenzie Avenue.
Diamond Vale
Its heating and lasting qualities are most remarkable.    Burns as good coal should
$8,75 Per Ton Delivered
Ss^sJasHJiii _ i    . ..I. ..ii . j ji i . iLJM.-;:iiff.ii'friS!iirTii:.n7_riTtT_J
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1855.
Wm. MOL80N Maophkrson, Pips. S. H. EwiNa,.Vice-Pres.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two   branches  in   Camilla   and   Agencies   in   all   parts of lhe
Interest credited four times a  year at current rates on  Savings
Hank deposits, until further uui ice.	
\V. H. PRATT, Manaeer,
RF.VE7.8TOKE,   B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Take notice that by Order of His Honor P. E.
Wilson. L J., made ihe 20th day of February.
19.ti, I was appointed administrator nf tbe
•Mat" uf said Thomas McNuught, deceased, and
all parties having claims against the said estate
am hereby required to fu-ui*di same properly
verified to me ou or before the 31st day of
March, 1W8, Ant all parties indebted to -niii
ex ate are required to pay the amount of their
indebtedness'tu me forthwith.
Oiltcial Administrator.
1 Ihi -ni the 83th day of February, 1903.      f2fi :it
A. PLRK1NS, Deceased;
Take notice that by Order of Hi* Honor P. E.
Wilson, Acting Judge, made the 25tb duy of
February, lyos, 1 was appointed administrator
nf iLo y.-ia.o uf said H. A Perkins, deceased,
aud all parties having claims against the said
e*.iate are hereby required to furnish same properly verified to me on or before the 31st day of
March. li**. Aud all parties iudebted tu said
estate are required to pay tbe amount of their
indebtedness to mo forthwith.
Official AdmiuiHtrator.
Dated the 26th day of February, 1908,   f26 2t
MARY ANDKRSON, Deceased, intestate.
Take uotice that by Order of His Honor V, E,
Wilson, L.J., made the goto day of February,
1908, J was apt uintod administrator of the estate of said Mary Anderson, deceused. and all
parties having claims agaiust tho said estate
are beteby required to furuish same properly
verified to me ou nr before Hist day of March,
1908. Aud all parties iudebted to said estate
are required tu pay the antrum of their indebtedness to me forthwith.
Ollicial Administrator.
Dated the 23th day of February, 1908.   w f26 3
Hcvelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kooteuav.
Take uotice that 1, F O Htrauss, of Nakusp,
Kreu Miner, Intend to a ply for special licences to cut timber from the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted about 100
yards (rum post of T, •-.. l'i,2*6 aud running
south Itiu chains, Ibence west «■ chains, thenee
north 160cbain», theuce east 40 chaius to point
of commencemeut.
2. Commencing at a pott planted on the
north-west corner of Limit Nn, 1 and running
west wi chains, theuce nor h 60 chaius, thence
etui Hu chains, theuce south gu uhalus lo point
of commcnceiueut.
3. Commencing at a post plauted ou or near
the 8. W.corner oil. L No. 7tio, and running
M.tiiliHi) chains, thence easts i balm, theuce
north 811 chains, tbeuce west 8U chaius to polul
of ' ommi'in i'Iiii'mI.
Dated Dec. U, 1907.
4. CouiTiii'iM'hif at a post planted nn ur near
the B.W Oorner off I. ^» fl'iiti- aud running
guuth 1<W chains. ihtUceeaM lu chains, thenue
norm Uin obi in*, theuce »«»l <iu cnaius lo
pi.luioi commauciuciii.
b, Cuwmcuelug st a poet planted ou or uear
lhe 9 K. corner ol T. L o lU.lH'J, aud running west 4" chains, thcmesouib Itkichalus
tnvfiee cast ttiooains, thence north IflOohaim
to point uf comiininci'iuiiii
0. I'oiniiii tii mn at a 11- ni plsntfil on ur near
the B.W corner ol'I imhi r 1,unit No, Kfifltt, aim
i ii nn 11 ik -'in' 11 in fii n 1.1- tbeuce easl ■ betel,
theuce norlh in c ha I iin, tlieucu vvtH liiu obaltll
to point of comini'iti ciaciil.
Dated Dec IH   I9»7.
7 UoDJtniQOtng al u poit planted on or near
Ihu 8 K. coruer or Timber limit No lu.tti)
ninl run.ting north V> i bulus, theuceotlt Hm
chains, thenco suuth 4(1 chains thuuee »r i Itiu
uhaliiN in puint ol i iimiin'in'1'iin ni
Dated Dec  19, iJi-7
sal ltd. Ij F. Oi 8TdAU88.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo. ■      ..•-.".,,
Take notice that I. Alexander McRae Latimer of Revelstoke, occupation Cruiser, intend
to apply for a special timber licence over the
following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of Little Smoky Hiver. about one
mile frum the mouth, theuce west ltiO chains,
theuce north 40 chains, theuce east 100 chaius,
theuce south i'i chains tupuiutof cummeuceuient and containing t>40 acres more or less.
_. Commenciug at a post plauted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River, about one mile
from the mouth, theuce east 160 chains, theuce
uorth 40 chains, theuce west 10) chains, theuce
south 40 chaius tu poiut of commeucement and
coutainiug 040 acres more or less.
3. CommencinK ut a post planted on the
right bank of Little Smoky River about IVi
mile» from the mouth, theuce 10U chaius west,
theuce north 40 ciiaius, theuce east 100 chains.
theneesonth 40 chaius to poiut of commencement aud cuutaiuing 010 acres more or less.
4. Commencing at a mat planted on the left
bauk of Little Smoky River about 1; miles
f om the mouth, thenco east 100 chaius, thouce
uorth -so cliains, theuce west 160 chaius, theuce
gonth 40 chains to poiut of commencement and
cuutaiuing 640 acres more or less.
5. Commencing at a post planted on the left
buukiif Little Smoky River, about 2 miles from
the mom a, theuce ea>t 80 * hains. thence uorth
8u ohains, thouce west 80 chaius, theuce south
80 chuins lo poiut of commence nent, and coniaiuing 040 acres more or less.
ti. Commencing at a post planted on tbe right
bank oi Little Smoky River, about 2 miles from
the mouth, thuuee wetit 80 ci aius, theuce uorth
80 chains, thence east 80 chaius, thence soutb SO
chaius to poiut of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1907.
PUBLIC NOTICE is herby given that the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company has this
day deposited in tbe District Laud Registry
Ollice at Nelson, iu the province of British
Columbia a plan profile and book of reference,
showing a promised branch lino from the Revelstoke Smolter Spur to C. B. Hume & Company's warehouse, situate in tbe City of Bevelstoke in the province of British Columbia
aforesaid; aud that tbe said Canadian Pacific
Railway Company will, as soon after the expiration of four weeks from the first publication
of this Notice as the application can be beard,
apply to the Board of Railway Commissiouer.-
for Canada for approval of the said branch line
in accordance with the provisions of .the Bail-
way Act.
Dated tbis fifteenth day of January, A.D.,
sat fob 22 lm General Executive Assistant.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that I, 0. O. Woodrow of Poplar
Creek, B.C.. occupation Prospector, intend to
apply for a special licence to out and carry
away timber from the following described
1. CommencinK at a post planted about 1
mile up the ttiei south fork of Purlin Creek on
east bnnk adjoining Timber Limit Nn. 10tH4, on
the west boundary, marked "C O. Wnodrow's
north -east corner post."thenco south 1G0 chain--,
thence west40chains, thoncc north 1Q() chains,
thence cast 4't chains to point of commencement, containing tHn acres more or Um,
2. CommencinK at a poat plantod on tin
west bank of the first *outh fork of Poplar
Creek, about 3 miles up, adjoining Timber
Limit No. 10915 on the south boundary, mart ed
"C. O. Wood row's north*wo*t corner poet,'
thenoe eaat 80 chains, thenee south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
polntof commencement, containing 610 aero
more or lens.
Located ISth December, 1907,
wed Jan IA C 0. WOODROW, Locator.
Proposals  of  B. C. Accepted
Railway Company.
Victoria, March 3—Tne bill, asking legislative approval of tbe settlement of the negotiations between the
Government and the Grand Trunk
Pacific, wiii introduced to tbe House
by royal message. From a hurried
glance at its provisions tbey show two
important features—first, tbat asaj
lesult ol the amicable settlement construction work will begin by June 1
of this year and be carried on continuously until ibe line reaches the
eastern boundary of the province.
Secondly, they show tbat the government has not given up its quarter
interest, but will retain this valuable
interest, not only in the two thousand
acres which is to form the tuwnsite of
Prince Rupert, but in the thirteen
thousand acres, as the province did in
the ten thousand acreB which the
Qrand Trunk Pacific his already purchased from the provincial government.
The company is a liberty to form
this tewneite out ol the present ten
thousand acreB, or out of the thirteen
thousand acres, or out of both.
The government will therelore retain holdings as follows: Two thousand five hundred acres out of the ten
thousand; three thousand five hundred
acres out of thirteen thousand acres
which the company purchased from
the Indians throu h the Dominion
Government, or a total of six thousand
acres to be held by the provincial
government. This will include five
hundred acres in the two thousand
ncrea which are to form   the townsite.
The government sells its claims e-
versionary interest in these thirteen
thousand acres to the mil way fur two
dollars and a half an aure, an inteu st
which the railwny had c> n ended the
province w s nut legally entitled to.
Tnis large tract i* 11 be divided into
lots nnd lilui'ks. Out of this >r Ihe
ten thousand acres, or both, the rail
way is to select ite townsite at unce
and the surveys must be completed by
October 1 of this year and be made tu
tbe satisfaction of the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Tbe plan must show the sites selected for the station and the workshops, in fact all terminal buildings,
the government, as stated, retaining
a one-q larter interest, or five hundred
acres of this two- thousand acre
The street ends of the townsite must
be left open, permitting tbe publio
free access to the sea. Tbe waterfront
is to be divided into one thousand foot
blocks running 160 feet deep.
All the land outside of the townsite,
the land in the balance of the twenty-
three thousand acres, must be surveyed into blocks not exceeding forty
acres, these surveys to be con pie ted
by October of next year, or a year
after the surveys are completed in the
townsite Like tbe first, they must
also be to the satisfaction of the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works.
The government gives to the railway
a sixty-foot right of-way through the
townsite, also surveyed to the satisfaction of the Chief Commissioner, so
as not to unduly interfere with the
government holdings within tbe town
limits, the five hundred acres, and the
company must not expropriate any of
the waterfront belonging to the government which, under tbe Dominion
Railway Act, it would otherwise be
entitled to do.
The company is given the usual
stone and timber it requires along its
entire line. But it does not get more
nor the coal, nor minerals.
There is a fair wage clause, the rate
of pay to workmen engaged in similar
The company agrees to buy within
the province all iti materials and
supplies provided that they can get
these upon as favorable terms ai
Tbe company also agrees to employ
only white labor unlet-, it is proved to
tbe satisfaction of the government
that it is impossible to proceed witb
construction under that oondition.
The most Exhilirating form of
Scandinavia discovered winter sports
not as an amusement, but as a necessity of existence, writes Mr. Bertram
Christian in the London "Morning
Leader," from Chamonix. Among the
snows in outlying districts the ski in
all its varieties is indispensable Tbe
long, narrow strip of wood, curving
slightly upwards at the point, which
at first sight seems so awkwardly disproportionate to the size of the foot,
has all the qualities of locomotion. It
is last, especially downhill, and lends
itself either to walking or driving,
which the Norwegians call ski-joring.
It is light, so that one can travel (or
hours without fatigue; and it is portable. It can be slipped off the foot in
an instant and left against a wall, or
simply stood on end in the snow.
It is about twenty years since Switzerland got an inkling of the practical
merits ol the ski, and it was an Austrian who first saw what might be
made of its use as a sport for all
Europe, but it is the English who
now crowd the Alps every year in
increasing thousands. Ouce sure of
sunshine, there are no outdoor pleasures comparable for sheer exhiliration,
lor abandonment, for the joy of living,
to those ot the ice and snow.
Bevelstoke tarn) District,
D.Hlrli.l ill W.'»I Kiiutulinv.
Tnkn iuiiIi'i-itiul 1.1', i) W iwnlniiv nf Poplai
II.   0,   iirrtlliiitlim Fraspwtor, Int.-nd lo ftpi.h
fur ii r-i Inl fl.'.'in'i. to fill Mul lyurj awsy tun
bi'i- Iiiiiii tin- following ili-wrltM-il Lint*:
riiiiiiiiciH-nik at a pott plantod abortl | of ,.
tn il,- Muthorti   from then mil. Man on tlw
11 1' H. ruilrn...) adjoining Tilnbr I .mill 1120'
nn ui'sl i.,.mu I.n >. .u..I ills .outh iMitiiiiliiry ->
Tiniiii.,' Limit ion, nii.rlii'il  "O. 0. Woodrow.
iiurlli eiwl I'lirniT ini.il," llirlii-i'wii.l ttlrlialn-i.
Ilii'tlri'i-nntli SI) 1I11.IH1, tlii'tii'n tvwl 811 chaitiK.
bhilie.   Illirlll   Hi!   ' I. U't- I" l>  ll.I "f < ulimu-ii. ,
iiii'iit. i'iinliil''liiK IM" ni'rt'H moro or leas.
I.." aii-'l I1t>l II'"'   I'.'m
wml Jan 14
C. O. WOODKOW, 1/x.tor.
Two Million Dollars Worth of
Rails for C.P.R.
The Canadian Pacific's order lor
65,000 tons ol rails will involve over
The price waa not given out, and, in'
fact, never is, except in tbe case of
government contracts, but it is safe to
say tbat it was somewhere in the vicinity of $33 a ton.
The order is signiftcent in many
ways, and me.uis. for one thing, that
the C.P.R. ia not going to rest on its
oars merely because there happen, to
be a slight business reaction.
With the money lhat ia derived fro ..
its new .toes issue, it is gmng lllll
-team ahead in the wurk ol extensions,
itounle tracking, and re-tracking
where the present rails are worn.
Hi Hi the "8m" and Dominion Steel
officials have been busy a long time
upon tbe specifications, and the 0 P.
, R. rail, which is to weigh 86 pounds.
To Preserve Our Forest Wealth
Canada's forest wealth and its preservation and tbe perpetuation of the
forests are subjects now occupying a
prge share of the public attention.
Not a little of the attention now given
io these topics is to he ascribed to Ihe
efforts of the Canadian Forestry Association.
The a<Booi*iion U a nu'ion <1 body
now numbering sume 12U0 member.,
and having nn its roll representatives
of every province snd dis rict nf Csu-
adu, not to speak of Newfoundland,
the Uui'ed States, Gnat Britain and
several European countries.
Tbe annual meetings are held in
March of each year. The annual
meeting will be held in Montreal on
March 12 and 13.
The association is still young, having been organized only in 1901. Mr.
E. Stewart, the superintendent of forestry, being us founder. Its objects,
as set forth in its constitution, com
prise the advocating of judicious ol
dealing with Canada's forests and
woodlands, tbe awakening ol public
interest in the consequences ot reckless delorestration, the exploration ol
the public domain and its division into agricultural and non-agricultural
land, with a view of having the latter
set aside for permanent forest reserves,
the encouragement of tree planting
and tbe spreading of information in
regard to forests and forestry.
To aid in the last-mentioned object
the association has established the
Canadian Forestry Journal, which is
sent to each member of the association.
Life of the United States
A vivid picture ot the condition, of
life in tbe United States is tainted by
Mr. H.J.Robertson ol Harrisburg (Pa)
in a letter to The Saturday Review.
We quote the following from this suggestive communication:—
The cost of living has been going up
by learps and bo'inds. All the necessaries ol life are in the control of the
trust, or combines. We bave a trust
to control everything, from milk to
money and from treaole to timber. In
every city people who own houses to
rent have a combine to keep up rents.
The United States citizen is ushered
into this world by the doctor's trust;
he is ted by the milk trust, tbe meat
trust and the flour trust; bi. light and
heat are supplied by the oil trust and
the coal trust, and when be "shuttles
off this mortal coil" he does so hy the
aid of the drug trust and finally is
buried by the coffin trust in ground
owned by the cemetery trust. Our
papers are prompt at directing attention to tbe tyranny of tbe Czar of
Russia, but when tbe Governor of Nevada calls (or troops to shoot down
peaceful strikers at GoldBeld (Nevada)
they have not a word to .ay in condemnation.
These trust-controlled psper. are
very fond ol giving advioe to foreign
Governments as to how to deal with
the unemployed masses. They are
now in a position where they can take
tome advice themselves. Starvation
is staring the masses in ths (ace. The
organized charitable institution, are
utterly inadequate to deal with the
situation already. Tho depression
that began in 1893 lasted through
1894, 1885 and 1896 If the trust, ss
tney did in 1893, leave the people to
starve until the pr.nlm-ts in the storehouse have In en used up or it strnv'"',
t ey will find themselves cinfrutid
ny a political crisis aa well as ui in
'Ins'rial one. It .. as 'he ileprpa-iiiii ,
1H94, 1895 and 1990 that atari.d i •
i cialist agitation in this country, ll
the depression continue, the Sociali.t
i ropagamla will sweep tbe ooun.ry
line a prairie fire.
To the Revelstoke Public
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke's FIRST
Good work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specialty
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
J. 0. HUTCHISON, Prop.
SO MOW 4 JIM SAM, Props.
Open Day and
Special attention  given to
Supper Parties A banquets
Heal., 26o.        Mord Tlokote, $5.60
OPPOSITE   Y.  M.   C.   A.
Meals at all Hours
Everything Up-to-Date
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
D raying
All Kinds
> id  H lavy
,oi taken
Deiler in Wood,  Coal and Feed
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Rcataunin' and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, - East End
Manufactured for all classes of buildings
for Hale in large or small quantities
at the lowest price-* for cosh.
AIM    a of   building and plastering
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
stjob oAlLIHuS Liv-^i
Sat. Feb. 29. Lk. Manitoba
Fit. Mch. tl.    Kmp. Ireland
Sat. "     14. Lk.Chainplain Keh'J)
Fri. "    20. Kmp. Britain   Mch. 6
Hat. "     28. Lnke Erie.          "  II
Winter Season From St. John
is!. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Cl.ss
$80 00       $4     o       $28 7.s
ISt, Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$65 00       $42 so       $27 50
Otiikr Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap lull's to Atlantic Seaboard
points In connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other conline tui ports.
For further information apply to
T.W.Bradsluw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Hi'Vi-lsliik.-. Vuncouver.
itaapalr, "Don't da ■
thins; " UM ynu *, i) rlniirlj
w Iiii I 1 hest by »ld of
"Flashlights on Hunan Nature"
on httltMtMMe, lore, rn»rrt»M and m^DUn
TmII- wrmi rou'd a*w * doctor 1Jut ,l0p 5 "V <o
no Mtinm iiWr*t«i. Momtii btti to Introduce
il wVhm4 one only to any a«lulL for pontage,
Kl oenU.
139 Kaet SStM «*■••*. Nt* YORK.
client wi> h 94,000 who wanta *
good hntfl imh'i with Hk« *mounl lo
jom h-m In Mn- hoic • li«»M A|»i-1y
Uoluinhu, Ait-Hut:"-*, limited.
(■ariUoo ' titid District.
lM-.in.-i oi i hi i inn,.
T,'»ke notice that Alexander UoRm Latimer oj
Revelstoke, tt. C,, occupation bruiser, tnttiuda tu
applv (or ll special tiiulwr license oter tin- fully*
in-; ili-.ii Min-.I laudn:
7. Common Ping at a pott planted on tlie left
bauk of the Little Bmoky rirer. about three mfles
from its mouth and uiarkfd "A.M.L.B.W.corner,"
tlience earn ItJU miuua thence north I" chains.
tlience west 160 chain*, thenes youth -tt) cbJkiiU to
point of commencement ami containing wo acres
more or lean.
8. Commencing at a pout planted nn the right
bank of the Little Smoky rifer abmit three mi Ion
from its month aud marked "A.M.L B.JS, corner,
tlience weitt 160 chuins, thence north it) chains,
thence east ieo chain*, thence lOUth 4U chaina to
point of commencement ami containing 11-. acrei
mure or leaa.
9. Commencing at a p.-it. planted on the left
bank of the Little Smoky river about three ami
one-naif miles from its mouth and marked "A.M.
L. B.W. corner," thence east 1&1 chains, thence
north 40 cliains, thence west lift chains tb>-me
south 40 chains to point of commencement and
containing U.u acres inure or less.
10. Commencing at a post planted on the right
hankof the Little .Smoky river about three and
one-half miles from its mouth aud marked "AM
L. .s.K corner," thence west 100 chaius, thence
north 40 chains, thence eau loo chaius, thence
south 40 chains to point of commeucement and
containing 6il> acre* more or less.
11. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of the Little Smoky river atniut four miles
from Its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner.'
thence east HO chains, theuct north iO chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south bO chaina Ut
puint of commencement and containing WO acres
more or less.
12. Commencing at a post planted on the rutin
bank of the Little Smoky river about four mue->
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. s K. corner."
thence weat 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
tlience east Mu chains, thence south so chains to
point of cum mencement and containing ;640 acres
more or less.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1007.
18. Cemineneing at e pest planted on the left
hank of the Little bmoky river about five miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
thence north »i chains, thence east 60 chains.
thence south 80 chains, thence west 60 cliains to
point of commencement and containing tHO acres
more or lets.
14. Commencing at a post planted uu the left
hankof the Little Bmoky river about six mile*
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. N. W.corner,
ihunce south 80 chains, theuce east SU chains
thence north 8U chains, thence west bO chams u
point of commencement and containing MU acres
mure or less.
16. Commencing at a post plar.ted on the left
hank of the Little .Smoky river about six unlet-
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. B.W.corner,"
thence north bU chaius, thence east 60 chains,
thence soutb eu chains, theuce west BU chains to
point of commencement and containing &iu acres
more or less.
16. Commencing at a post plauted on the right
bauk of the Little Bmoky liver about sereu nnlej
from its mouth aud marked "a.M L. >'.U C. mer,
theuce south oU citains, tbeuce east -.' uaius,
thenoe north 80 chains, thence west 8U cuains to
poiut of commencement aim containing elo acres
mi .re ni less
17. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank ot the Little .Siuuky m.-r .iImhi suveu luiWe
lium its mouth auu marked 'A.M L &,V\ .corner.'
theuce north eu cha.ua, theme eaat od chains,
Uieuce suutn 8U ■ h nn.-, ilu n. it w-*st &u chams M
point of uomuieucemeni and coutainiug t-*-'*-■!■•-
mure or lean.
18. Commencing at a pout planted ou the righ;
bank of the Little Bmoky river aoout eight uiflti
irom itsiuouthaud marked   a.aI.l a.W.corner,
ueiu-e south nu cbaius, tboi.<e r*.-is unaim*,
ilieuee ii.>riii oo chains, tlience wesi eu ckauu 11
j) -in. ul i oiuiU' m-eiiient aud QuutauiUigc 040 «m,i». >
in..iu nr I..:-.-.
ly.   Uuiuiu. ucing at a i>o-ii plautcii un the right
ii.wiKoti.il-.-   LlUle   BlUUa) tttvTaOUUt ClgUV 11.1.ea
uoiu Ua- iiu.uLL.uni iu.iifc«.-.i *,,,.u.L. a \\.curuer,
Uieuce uui Hi &u ci.tiiii.-t, thence east vj i UaUU,
theui'U aoUiU *' i'll.tiii.i, t.ien- o west &U Udk.ua.->
puiut oi uuiuuiciiceuieut auu cuutaiuing i,v acres
mure or lets.
20. tjommeut-ing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little B ^u.) rivet aouut um« urnes
frum its uiuutb aud marked "A M.L- N.W.curner,"
thence south 8U cliains, theuce east Ov cbaius,
thence nortn 60 chains, theuce west jO •-hams to
poiut of cuuiiusuceuieut and cuutaiuing o4. acres
more ur less.
il. Commenclug at a post planted on the rigut
bunk of tue Little ciiuoky nver *Ouut liiue mite*
lium its muuth auu merited aM.i-. B-W.corurr,
tlience llurtn &o chaius, theuce easl oO . ti.uiu*.
theiu-e sointi s ohiiiU.i, theuce a est om dUUus w»
point uf cuiu tueuce ment and cuutatuiu-, 04o -.-.rea
mure ur less.
ti. Commencing at a post planted on the ngui
bauk of tbe uurtu fura of .ne Li t.e auiuK> nvei
auoal «iue mde from tue toras anu market! "A..u.
L. ft.W.curuer,' tuence east lo0 cbaUU, Uience
north 40 cbams. tueuce w«at loo disuin, tii-.u-..e
suuth ii chains to puiut ot commencement and
coutainiug (Mu acres mure ur leas.
ts. Commencing ut a pust planted on the right
bauk ul tb« uurtu fura ui tue Little Bmoky river
auuut une mile frum the furk* ^u. marked A M
L. » fc.curuer,' Uience West loo cuaius, tbeuce
north io cuaius, tUeuce east luu euaiua, tueuce
suutu 4u cnaius to puiut uf cuuiuiaflvaUvBl *ud
coutainiug t>40 acrea u-ure ur leas.
Uaied jjw.-. iotu, ivu7.
tl. Cummeuciug at a pust plauted on the right
bank of tue e*at iutk ui tue Little Biaoty nver
abuut uneiiaif mile irum tne lura« aud ui*rkeu
A.M.L .V vV .curuer, lUeuce Suulu »o ClUUtts*
tlience east 30 cuaius, tueuce uonu mj cUuiu.-,
thence west bU chains tu pumt uf cummeucement
aud cuiitaiumgUtJ«cre* mure or leas
86 Cummenciug at a p"»t plauted on the right
bank of tne caak furk ut tUe Little ao.uky river
abuut utie-Uali mile trum iue luras aud marked
"A.M.L. B. rt .Corner," tu-j.-ce uortu eu euaiua,
thence east bO <li.».ii-i, tueuce suuth 80chaini
tlience west 00 chuilta tO puiui uf cuuimcnceuieul
aud containing ttto acres more or lea*.
tt). Commencing at a pust plaut«d on the right
hanit of the east fork ot tue Little muu-.j nver
about .uu- ami one-hall miles from Lhe fur.,-* and
marked ''A ALL. S'.W.curuer," theiKe s .iiiii e>
chains, thence evtt so <baius, tueuce n-t.:i eu
ohatus, theiue west 80 OhitlM tu pomt ol com*
mencement and coutainiug otu acres mure or Ies.*
21. Commeuciug; at a puat planted on tne right
li.n.k of the east fork of the Lutie Bmuky r*»er
alHiiit one and one-half mites from the fonh tud
marked ''AMU   a.W.corner,"   theuce   north   8j
chains, thenco east 8u chains, thence ^-utn au
chains, thence west 80 chains tu puint uf commencement aud containing m .< acres more or lee*.
28. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east tork of the Little Bmoky river
aliout i wo and euw-half miles from tht* forks and
marked A.M.L. >. W.corner," thence s-iuth iu
chains, thenoe east lt)0 chains, theuce north 4u
chains, tbeuce west 160 chains to point of commencemeut uud containing $4U acres mure or leaa.
Ut. Comnit'ti-Jing at a post planted un the rigid
liank uf the ea*>i folk uf the Little Smoky nvir
about two ami one-half niUes from the forks and
marked "A.M.L. B.W. curuer, theuce uorth 40
chains, thence east 18b cuaius, thence south 4U
chains, theuce west 16u chaius to puint u| cum-
uiencemeut and ceutaining84U acres mure or lesa.
80. Cummenciug at a post planted ou the right
bauk of the east furk uf the Little Bmoky river
about four and one-half miles from tbe forks aud
marked 'A.ML. !S.W.corner," tlience ■"•mh ItO
cha.ns, thence east 40 chains, thence north UO
chains, thence west 40 chaius t« point of ci m
mencement and containing olo acres more or lens.
31. Commencing :tt-*» pust planted on ths right
bank of the east furk el the Little Hmoky nver
tbtUI four and one-half miles from tbe folks and
marked "A.M.L- S.W. corner,' thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chaius, theuce suuth 80
cliains. thence west 80 chains le puint uf commencement and containing 810 acres more or less
32. Cummenriug at a post planted on the right
IMiik, of the vast furk of tbe Little Bmoky nver
abuut four and one-half miles from the forks and
marked "A.M.L. S.K. eurner,' thence south 180
chains, thence west 44 chains, theoce nonb ieo
chaina, thence eaat 40 chains to point of commencement and containing 64u acres more ur less.
33. Commencleg at a puvt planted un tbe right
hank oi the east fork of the Little bmoky river
about Ave and une-balf miles from the lores aud
marked "A.M.L. B.W. corner,' thence north Su
chains, thence eaat 8u chaius, thence suutb fu
chains, thence west to chains to point of commencement and containing 040 a- res more or less
34. Commencing at a MM planted on the right
bank of the eaatfork of Little Bmoky nvvr about
live and one-half milee frum tbe forks and marked
-A.M.L. N.W.curner," thence east to chains,
thenes south 80 chaini, tin-no* weet 00 chains,
thence north 8U chaina to point of commencement
and containing 84u acre* more or lees.
86. Commencing at a post planted on ths right
hank of ths east furk of the Little Hmoky nver
about six and *n**half miles from the forks and
marked "A.M.L. B-W. corner," tbenc* nonb m
chains, thence eaat 80 chains, tb«nc* south 90
chains, thence west 80 cuains tu puint of cotu-
uicnceuieiit and containing 840 acres mure ur less.
38. Commencing at a pu.t planted on tbs right
bink of th* east fork of the Littl* Bmoky river
nil.mt ati aud one half milea from lb* (oral and
marked "A M.L. .vW eurner" thence east 80
chains, thane* south «' chains, thenc* nest so
chaina, thence nurtb so chains tu point uf cum-
im-ncement sod coutainiug 8tu acrea mure or leas
liuted if-    IVth, UM/7.
37. Cutameni-lng at a post planted on the right
tmik of the SMlfurk uf tu* Little Smoky rit-r
ih ut iM?v*-n uml one ball milea frum tUe tor*- tad
marked A.ML > W. torut-r, tuence ea.t 30
chains, tlience south -. chains, tht-uie w«ai so
chains, thence nonb 8u chain* iopobrt uf < om-
tneiiceiaetit and tuntaiulng mo »• in- more or 1u*-s-
38. Commennng at a pu^t planted ou the rigut
i.n'k i'i  the east fork of   th«  Little  Btu<.k) n*er
.iim.ih seven and one half mllet froto the ioika aud
marke>l AM 1. n.VS.cornor, tbeuc* nurt.. 8"
chains, thence eaat *•' rhams. th*n e aouth y
chains, then*-* west au chains Ut puint of <>ai
mencement and containing 840 ICfH inure or less.
80 rnnim-Ti'-iii-* nt a post planted 00 the -ight
hank nf the east fork of the Little *m -ky nver
about eight ard one-hall miles (fin the futk" ami
marked "A.M.L.   .% w.tuinsr,'  thenc* east  84
chains,   tiieuce   south   hu   cliains, Uience west SO
(•uauu, toanc north U ehtuni to point of com*
meoccmeoi ami cotttatuing Wi acres mure 01 lass.
to. Lommtmctug at a pus. -jLuimm ^u ttie right
bank of the ea-d f"ik ol inu 1 ittie Bmok) t.ver
About tifcht, and un. -ball mdes truiu too folk- .-nd
marked "A ALL. s.u. curuer." theuce nort ii 80
cQaius, theuce east so ohalus, tbciu-e n.'iiu, m
cbaius, Uu nee »e»t bucuaiimtu point of com-
Uieiiceuitnt ami ouO am.; ►. 0411 ..cr s nioie ur less.
41 (. ommenelug at a )--.-.■ piauLew on tht.- rigut
bank of the east loik ul tne Ldtle Smoky river
about unit- and one-hail n.... ■ trum tlie luras aud
markbti -A.M.L. N.W.eorauri theuce ea»l 8U
chains,   theuce   south   00 chains, tlieuce «v.i *
chains,thenee north -" chains tu polntof eum-
luenceiuent aud containing otu a< r«> more or ie-.a.
it. CommL-ncing st a po»i planted uu the ngnt
liank of ihe eaat tor* ui ihe Little ^ui»k> river
ihuiii niue aud i-ue-iiall mile* fnittl the luias ttiid
marked   "A ML.  B.VV Oorner,    tbeuue uortb aO
i':..i;ii.i. I he in. t east 00 UttalttS, Uieuce sotilh r-o
chains, thence met &■ ch^.u*. t*. point uf turn-
tueucemeiit nut (.'uiiUnllilig it -  ecro uiotf ot leaa.
43. Commencing at a puat planted on the ii^ut
bank uf the ea^i i- . » ui the Little Bu.oky r.ver
tsbuut ten and oue-haif mUea bom the forks aud
marked "A.M.L. N.W .comer," Uieuce eaat 80
ubalns, theuce -milti bU ciiaius. tuence Meal 80
chains, thence north 00 chaius to pomt of coin-
uien.ement and containing otu acrea more ur less.
44. L'uuiluelK'ing a a pust planted uu the right
bank of tne east fork of tne Lutie smoky river
al>out ten audiuie-iji.lt miles fium the forka and
marked "A..M.L. S.W.corner," thence north oO
chaius. thence east s ■ chains, theuce suuth 80
chains, thence «est bo chains tupuiutof com
mencement and containing U4u acres tuuie *r less.
Uateu l>ec. 'Jon,, 1,0;,
i:>. Commencing at a post planted on '.he right
bank of tlie cast fork uf the Little Smoky river
iilRiut eleven and >ne-balf miles frum tne forka
and marked 'A.M.L. .S.W.corner," ihence nurth 80
chain?, tuence east Su chains, thetu e suuth 80
cbaius, tuence nest au chains to point of cum-
mencement and containing otU acres more or less.
48. Commeuciug at a posl planted uu tbe right
bauk nf the eaat lork of the Little Bmoky nver
alKjut alewn aud one-hall miles irom the forks
ami marked ' a.M L- IS W.corner,' thence east 80
chaiio-, tbeuce south bU ehains, thence west ou
chains, theuce nurtli 8u chains to puiut uf commencement Aii'i containing 040 acres more or less.
47. Commencing at a posl planted un the right
bank of the east tork ol tbe Little Bmoky nver
about twelve aud one-jalf miles frum the furks
and marked "A.M.L. -S.W.corner," theuce east HO
chains, thence south eu chains, lbeuce west eo
chains, theuce nurth 80 cbaius tu puiut ot commencement and containing 040 acres more or less.
48. Lummenuiug at a j».-t planted uu tue right
bauk of tue easl fork ol the Little Suiuky river
about twelve and une-half miles irom the forks
and marked ■ a.M.L S.W,corner," thenoe north
80 ohalns, thenoe east oo cnaius, thence south 80
chains Uience west m> chams to point of uum-
uieuce-meni uml cuuuining bio acres inuru ur leva.
40. commencing at a puat plauted on iue right
bank of tlie eitsl lurk ut tne Little Muoky liver
..bout thirteen ..im  one-hall  muea lium tlie furks
and marked l*A*M L. *s.\v.curuer,' thenue ea»t so
ohains, thence south SO cbaius, lbeuce weat ISO
Cbalns, thence uurih bu cU^iiia lo pu.ut of cum
meiicemeut and ceutaiinu^ otu aciea mure ui less.
6U. 1..-1I..L- i.til.K .il a p-1-.l plrtlueil uu iue rigut
o»nk ot the e.i,-t lurk ul tue Liuiu ouiukj river
souut thirtoeu auu ouu-u..ii milee irum tue i.iks
.iiiii lU'ii.'i 'A..0.L. B.rt.ooruer* tueuue uurth
-M-ciiain-*, tiiencc east ou uiuuua, mmki- auuiueo
chaiiu*, ihence went ou . imiu.- lu puiui. ul com-
lut-nce'iii-i.i ' ..a c. iii.m.iiifc ut>u jiii.. ...me ur los.
51. iJummencittg at.. pvsi piauu-u on iue tight
uoiik   ol   ..ie t-asi loia oi   tue i.nt.e au.uk> .iver
,-u".Ui'.itu'ii   uii-i ulie*liall   lUi.ec lluui Hie lurkS
untl maiked "A,M,L A rt.uurnor,   tucUueeastM
UbaUla, thence auUlll OU cuu.ua Uieuce uest eu
CUftiim. Liieiice   UurtU bV UlUtlltS   lu pwiut   Ul    CUIU*
meuueiueui anu cunwunng ei< a. 1..- u..re ur lens,
88.    l. uuimeiiciiig ai a puai pU«ieu uu Ule n*,ni
baua of ...■ east lork ui cue Liiue .-.iuuk> n>er
a»uui founuen and oue-h^lt mile™ tl^m the folks
aud uiaikuti - A.M l, a w.corner, theuce uoith
xi chums, tbeuce east oO obafUs- thtuee south eO
..imuii thence west svciiaius tupuiutof com*
oicUcoun-nt aud ruiii.i.n.ii«. l-*j acres more or u..-,
ual-ia i'c . Ktatv, i-*>. 7.
ALt.A.i.Mihu .UuitAL  LA11MK1L
wedja.i t» Locator.
KlHlL  OUNlKAof.
SEALELi TliNLihtta. aaure3»edto the l'o-t-
tiias.ur tiouerai, aul ue rec.ned at Ottawa
uuin  .\.......  uu  Jr.ida>, iue i..u uarelt, nwo,
lur tue coute) tiuce id u - ttaje-l)'& AI.1.1-, uu a
piup-.sod ' OUtreCtfu! l-nit joitl.-, aa Ue^criUed
Ou. Wt: Aa prou*.-sud atree. Lt-.Li.-r li -i.ir.- aud kUO
Hcvelaiuae i'0-1 OiUce, irum lae l'o.-uiiii,-u>r
ij0u-*,ui a pleasure
i'liu.uu iiiiino.-  cuutaiuiog  further lufwrma-
I4UU aa V" tuuilll.uus ul   ptupoeovl >  mil I .n . Ui   J
ue aeeu   and   uiaua   tur-iu   ui   leudur .n.i> ue
u.diuoj .11 mu I' -. U.il Ul iieVtitaiuae <iud
at iue uUJCe ol tuo I'm*. O.tl. e iusu«Cbur,
Fu-i Um- e i...-v« tot a UiUce, V tn. outer. B.C.
.Usk Juuuiij, 1»V«
lob8 iw fur ten k*oab"du<; lu3t*u.«ur.
Kevelstuac y-wu ■ .... .t..
i'-siiiciui •»*.-3i iMieusi,
Taae uuuu tu*>t DOUa/e after date I iuteud
4.0 appij Ui    .ae    lui«i cwuiaJl.-Muuur ■•!    CjuUS
uuu «v tira» lor t-**ruit»»iuu u* purcbaae iue iu'*
IuWiuk dtiscnUvO iauUa :
CumuiMuciug «ti a post planted at the north*
•aSi    c   ruar   <.•,   Luk    i"kxj  u    1, ou   tu.. iJ.itr.
UeittM wa». 8 onaUUI  uioie or   luis .    '.'.u-", no*
ut   A    A.    il..   i\ u;. a     sjkd-u.uu.iuu,   t,ue..ce
gootb o0 cii.iu*, ludui'ii ««• a cuaius  iim « ut
ie -a Ui eaat   ku>«  ut J- -.    iSU>, U . 1, %uebC» mi.1 -h
UU cUuiua tu puiut Ul >..iiiuii«Uk0...cin,
L-u.utud tnta .'.iii u«) ui t eu   l.- &-
sat tab 8 THUS   W   \S ILU t jIS, L ^ter
Kevelstoke Uuid District.
District of v\ eat Kooteuav.
Take   uotice   that  1,  J  Dougal of  .Nakusp
' ......mi. lutoud to apply lur t-er-ui.-oiuu lu pur*
fii.w lb4 lulluwiuK described lauua:
(.'ommeuciuaj at a poat plauted at the X. W.
curuur ul Lot No. 5414. tuuit.i.,' -mini M cuaius,
tnonoo west Liu chaius, iheuee uurth tOehainSi
Ui- .ce eaat 20 ■ Luu. * tu ,.vilL oi comuiuucuiueut.
Dated Dec. r.u... i.'.i
jan 4 sat L>. uc^ar.Ageut.
Revelstoke Land District, \^^^^^^^^^^m
Dlalriclui lU'-l r..'uleii...
lake uotice tbat 1, c. a, treeman, ef Kaslo,
B.C., utcupaliuu .w.uer iii.en . ai appi) fuf a
special lic-euce over the luiiuwlug ueaciioed
■ u ii ii a:
1. Commencing at a poet plauted ou the
west bauk of Drill t reck. 3 miies from ihe Lar<
.ena t-ivcr uud abuut 3 miloa uurth easterly
irum tne .V L curuer uf Lu: b3y, u. 1, lueuce
wust 4u cbaius. theuce uurih iou c.ama, tbeuce
east 4u obaiUS, theuce suuth lOucnaius lu tbe
puiut of cuuiiueueemeut.
3. Commeuciug at a pust plau'.cduu tbe
irott bank of Drill i;reek, 3 miles irum ibe
Lardeau ttiver and about 2 milea uurih easterly
irum tbe M h. eurner uf Lot e&*, u i, tbeuce
.■»*.i 4o chaius, theuce uurtb leu cbalba, theuce
v»est 4u cbaius, tbeuce suutn 16u chaius tu toe
puiut of commencemeut.
3. Commeuciug at a post planted ou tbe
west bauk uf Drift Creek, 2% miles from Lar-
deae Kiver and about ll/» miles uurth easterly
frum tbe N. h. curuer ul Dut &8W, U. 1, tbeuce
nurtb 40 chains, theuce east luu abalns, tueuco
suutb 40 cbaius. theuce west IM ehaiui t* th*
point ol commencement.
4. Cummeuciug at a post plauted on the
west bauk of Drift Creek, 2% miles irum the
s-ardeau w.ur aud abuut \\\ milea norm east,
eny from the N. £. curuer of Lot 888, O 1,
ibenee suuib 4u cbaius, tbeuce east 18u cbalns-
ibeuce ourth 40cbaiQs, tbeuce west loucUaiua
tu tbe point ol commencement.
6. commeuciug at a boat planted od tho
west bauk of Drill Creek, 2 miles from tbe
Lard-.au hiver aud about 1 mile north eaeierly
from tbe H, K, corner ol Lot 880, ti 1. tbeuce
west 4u chains, tbeuce uortb loo cnaius, tbenco
eaat 4u cuaius, tueuce soutb 180 oaaios to Lhe
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. AHb, lVUt.
wed jan ti ft A. tRlKMA.N,
Notice to Millmen.
Tender, will be received by tlie unj
iler-i|ii,.-il up U> the 2Ulh iinj- of l-Vli.
IbM, fur the piiiilin>i' ot the Canoe
Crrek Lunitwr Co.'s property «t Salmon Ann, 11 I'., ciinnintiiin uf u sniv
mill .villi ii 1'npwit v of twelve to Ilfu-i-n
' Iiiiii..nnl fi'iil per ili.y. Kvi-ryl Iiiiik is
new and in flrsl-cluss coudiiion biiving
in-,.ii run unly iiliunt three months.
There is .,  locanoUvs bolI.rBt h.p.i
1 I..H. 11x10Champion KiiKmi': 1 llll.
Sim i-'iiiui" mul Htliugs; 1 H It.II. car-
ii.i^i' wilh lour bluokai a 52 H. 11. Hoe
imriii-d touth hH»'i 1 sawdust conveyer with ail titlitiKs; 1 Kdger, 1 Hiving
s.i«; 1 l'laiii'i'; Blacksiuilh's tool.l
Oooking iiullll; 2 teams horses; 2 wlls
liariit'H.i; 2 uaguns; 1 logging sleigh
.in I all I he Ooaipany'l interents in real
or other property, partloulari ol which
may in- obtained • ■>- application tu the
linaenrigned. The lu^lu'-t or auv tender not iii'i'i'-siirily iicreple.1.
J.  W. UoCALLUM, As-iKnee,
A Job Lot of
Manufacturers'     Ends—not    many—
bought  at a   Bargain,   \x/i  yards in
Piece, embroideries and insertion to
Corset Cover Embroideries at 30c.
New Spring
Dress Goods
Lustres in Cream, Navy, Brown, Grey
and Black. Voiles, Cashmeres, Suitings, Panamas, etc. Muslins—this
Spring's showing,—a great variety
and excellent values.
Boots and Shoes
This Department is full of New Spring
Footwear, and comprises a lot of the
latest fashionable makes.
Towellings and Towels, Table Linens
and Napkins. Dressers and Stand
Money Refunded If You are
Not Satisfied.
■*K   ■♦«   -♦«   .*fr.   .^.   »*t*s   «♦«  »♦«   1^.   .♦«   s't's  »♦*.   -*frs
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I       F0R      I
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S Canada Drug & Book Co. Ltd. ijp
Revelstoke, B. C. 3*
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3.      Mail Orders Promptly Filled      A,
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1-tfa.i' .'if-nr
Weather Forecast
\\ ednesday, March 4—Generally fair
moderate westerly winds; cold nights;
temperature, maximum 11 deg.; mini
mum 23 deg.
Local and General.
Gymnasium practice Thursday night
all turn out at 7:30 Bbarp.
Several minor cases were disposed ol
on Monday hy R. Gordon in the e-mail
debts court.
A Football meeting will he held in
the City Hall ai 8 o'clock Wednesday
evening, March 4th.
Arrangements ha\e lieen made tn
.end the Intermediate basket hall
team tu Vancouver next week.
The regular meeting ot the Unnril
of Trade will le held in the City Hull
toniuiruw (Thursday) at 8 p. m.
N, Latremouille, of Kamloops, intend opening an automobile garage in
that city.     He   has  purchased  three
C. M Skinner of the C P R ollice
s'a:! iiis been appointed aB recruiting
u.'ticer to the newly organised Uniform
Kank uf tlie Revelstoke Knights uf
The ladies auxiliary uf Knu.v church
are 1. .ling au hiah Tea at tlie home
of Mrs. ii. M. Clark on Tuesday,
Marc!. 10th. A good programme will
b  rendered.   Admission 25c,
A i ReTelstoke will come and see
■ Captain Jack" at tbo Opera House
nn Tuesday, March L7th, St. Patrick's
Day, under the auspice! of the .vitir
pjciety ol the Roman Catholic church.
The great Limerick contest ariangid
by tbe Revelstoke Cricket Club, is
now uuderway, Posters and hand-
till, are 0111 announcing all detail*.
Contest sheet* can be obtained at
nearly all the stores.
I have ju-t received my catalogue "f
trimmed summer hats. Any one
wishing to give au order for any [.articular bat "t color, would do well to
i.e it before I send my order away on
tbe9tb.—Mis* a. Maiuh, 1st Btreet.
A  ipiriied contest among tba dele-
gates at N'anaimo from Kevelstoke,
Vernon, Nelson, North Vancouver ami
Victoria for the next year'* municipal
conventiui) resnlted iu the selection of
Vernon. Mayor Lindmark represented
Revelstoke »t the Nanaimo convention.
Messrs. V. F. Busteed, general sup-
erititeudeiit, and K. Marpole, exeou-
tive agent, "f the 0. I'. R-, paiseil
through i.» Monday en route for Winnipeg. The object of tbetr trip i« said
to be in regard to changes to be made
in   the   management   of   the    Pacific
steamship services.
_ j       IX* Ll LL
i pEOTj YA y
Raised on Bread
uf our baking, your youngster will hi' us happy as he is
healthy. The things that
make our bread so superior
are: first the very finest
Hour; second the employment of the most skilful
bakers; third the absolute
cleanliness of our bakery und
products. Can you heat
thai combination?
Our Cracker Jack
department, if one is any
better than another, is that
devoted to fancy crackers
and biscuits. Come und
sample it. Include crackers
in your next grocery order.
You'll find thorn just the
thing to offer callers, just
tho things when you feel like
Inking "just a bile," Wo
have 100 varieties but only
one quality   tbe best.
Life and
s 1 r e e r u
For Strained Muscles
Tl .■ niosl affective liniment on
• he market
56c. and 50c. Per piitla
/'ALTER BEWS,  -  Phm. B.
Dim . ,,.i   1   .V   Si a 1IONBR
Mrs.   Macniven  has   changed   he
residence tu t'hinl Street neil door t.
Mrs  Hobbs, enst.
The gymnasium exhibitii u whie
to   lake   place   on  the   31st this
month is well under way a. 1 sun.
first class work will be put on by boih
men uml boys.   Kei p this date ipen,
Eddie   Durnan,  the   I'oront'i  mr-
maii, has challengi'ii   William   \\   I
of N't-w Zealand, the worlds champion
sculler I ir the race fur the  champion
ship either in New Zealand ur I  1
The Irish Tea will lie a novel j
interesting event next week, at t.ie
bi ■ uf Mrs. G. M. Clark Sec ■■ I
St. •;, under tbe auspices f the
lailu-. auxiliary ..f Knox church \!
mission 25c
An avalanche  descended  yeste
near the village of Coppenstein, Swita
erland.    Tbe  eoormoo*  atmosphi
pressure wliicli acci mpanied n demnl
[shed   a hotel  at the mouth ol   the
Lneiachenthal tunnel, Willing th r	
persons and injuring liftn-n other*,
II. James, who has been fur the past
few months on th* staff of J. P. Forde,
C I'.K. resident engineer in this city,
iias left fur Vancouver to join the
• tall' of the I'acilic Coast, Pipe Co. He
ia a brother of E. A. James, former
manager of tin. Canadian  Northern.
The summary report of the Qeologl-
cal Burvey ol Canada forth' year L907
has just been published, arid is now un
every editor's desk in tbe country
The  Dominion Department of Mines.
which includes the geological survey,
is thoroughly up to date, free distribution of any report of economio or
scientific Interest will be made to all
In na fide applicants in Canada.
An Interesting debate will take plane
mi Monday ovonlng next between 11><-
Y M.O.A. and Knox Church Y P.S ■ n
the quosticn, "Resolved that the Asiatic* sliuiild be excluded from the Dominion, " the affirmative being taken
by the Y.M.C.A.who will bo represented by Messrs.   A,   .Stevenson, 8. Hrieg.
ham ami VV. Oldinj and tin: negative
hy .1. ii. Maclean, T, A. Lewis, and It.
VV, lliiggi'ii fur Knox Yuiing People
The derate   is   being  lull under the
auspices"! Knox Young People'* 8o-
only and will be held In the church
pa lor, a cordial Invitation I* extended to all.
ind   badly
5(   mpany
W . I- i, '.   -   -■    rn .1 i -.-,.-r. sprs
>l thi* morning at th" -■ me
quarry     ll» n ■.- ehgag. d   in   li a
i -:. igh with r ick   :' r  the   D i	
■  nment   dam    .■.:...      ..    beavj
Ider fell   n his
twisting it.
Prill fi
KSIh     >■. '. mei ci
(Thursday,   in    the    lirill
lecutive rening
until furthi i den Gei ei I., bi
will hold an inipecl ft he company
in June.
1 bree uf tbe up balls, No :t. N . 4
md N - •" ed ai exciting run
down to K it -iin.... on Sunday, an
ill um having been  sent  In  frum the
1 corner uf Yew snd Y. rn -irn- -. On
their arrival however no fire wan to
be seen and it was afterward* dia
i >ered tbat the alarm had i*'«vi sen I
in by a Hindoo, who had mistaken
the tire alarm box fur * letter bo*
.imi bail eodeav ired lo post i
I it
The first ol ih" regular weekly entertainment* held In tbe Y M C, A
wis held on Monday night, there wa*
a big attendance An excellent programme was rendered, Including ban-
joe duet by Messrs Lewi*and Lefeaux,
a..ngs by Messrs. Humphrey*, B Le
feaux, J. Lyuns, reading*   by   VV.  M
Lawrence, anil recitation*   by   Messrs
Wolff and Crannum. Bert Crick, the-
master of the mouth organ, gave -<--.
eral good selections These entertain-
merits will tie held every Monday
Social and Personal
Charles  Brikson of Muiukwa is in
the Oity today
ll, Kloyil returned yesterday from *
visit to tlie Coast.
8, I'hipps, of the O.P R., Vancouver,
is iii town thir week.
Mrs. T. Kill atrick left on  Monday
for a visit to the Coast,
Mrs. J. It. Robertion  will   not   re
oeive to morrow (Thursday).
ft   huiis, <;   I'. It.  iigiint,  at.    Notch
Hill, wan in Uie city yoHtunlay.
In. Thomas   returned  on Saturday
night frum a visit In the const.
Mis,    W.   Munis   will   not   receive
until the lirsi S iturd iy in April
.1 Merritt, liirn eily In the Impurl I
Bank stall' bee, is visiting in ihe city.
Mrs Stewart McDonald and family
will leave to-morrow morning fur the
Mrs. Jolitl'e and daughter have returned from unattended visit to the
Mrs. Kennedy, of Illeoillewaet, who
bus been the gutst of Mr. and Mrs.
W. Bison, has returned home.
The Very Rev. Dean Paget bus relumed to Ctt'gary from a visit to Mr.
and Mrs. 0. B  Paget
F. 13. Lewis bus returned from a
visit to Bankliead, Banff und other
Mrs. .1. C. Morrison left yesterday
morning to join Dr. Morrison, for a
visit lo Chicago and Detroit,
A very enjoyable progressive whist
evening was given hy Airs. H. Cunningham Morris on Monday to a, few
friends, prizes being won by Mrs. H.
A. Brown, Mrs S. Robbins, S. Rob
bins and Kil Paget. After cards an
adjournment was made, tothesuppr
room where a dainty repast was served.
Methodist Church
The missionary services at the
Methodist Chuich on Sunday were
very successful. Rev. Dr. White
preached both morning and evening
to good congregations, in his own
practical and attractive style. The
congregations responded liberally, und
the Sunday School more than doubled
any of tlieir regular monthly missionary gifts. A missionary spirit seems
to have seized hobl of this Sunday
School. The general missionary board
of the Methodist Church in Canada
iiave called upon the people for an
idvance of forty per cent on last year's
givings, which will mrnn u tctul this
year of $660,000. So fur this year the
report, shows that the income is double
what it was last ye r ut the same
date. To advance the 40 per cent iu
the Methodist Church in Revelstoke
it will he necessary to niiiko the total
givings amount to u net sum of $230
We are pleased to kuow that this
iiiiiiiiiit is now in sight.
Bowling at Y. M. C. A.
On Monday night two teams of
bowlers from the Corley house met in
deadly conllict, namely the Stais of
tbe East uud the Western Wonders.
The game was brilliant iu a great
many ways, some of the players were
very clever at putting lhe ball into
the ditch twice hand running wa3 no
uncommon occurrence.
Geo. Knight made the top score of
the evening with 203, while one ol the
huge sawdust kids rolled the huge
total of 40. The Stars finally won
and the losers giac-fully to- a swim
which was the peualty fur losing.
They will play a return match on
Monday night next. Watch the
Wastern Wonders,
Basket Ball
To night at-?'1.0 the finals in the
Lindu.ark trophy league will be
played. The game is between the
C.P R Shops and Ollicea and tin
C.lAl Road team. If the C.P.R
Shops win it ties three tennis for first
place; if the R.ad team win they get
ihe Shield. '1 li is will be a great game
aa Brooker has strengthened his team
somewhat lately, while Carpenter is
back fur tbe R-ad team.
Mr. E, 11 Lewis will referee and the
game will start on time.
The teams line up as follows :
Road Team. — Newsome, Lyons,
Blackadar,  Carpenter,  Calder,   Doyle.
Sh .pa and Office — Brooker, Ilaney,
Foster, Lee, McKinnou.
New City Gaol.
[Tie i ity police have taken possession
of ibeir new quarters, situated on
1 bird stn 11, betwee Boyle hiuI Campbell ivenues, ai .1 Revelstoke is now in
,   --' ssion  •!   i goal which, if small,
ided     iprovem; nt on   the  old
lockup, which  hitherto Ims
d  n   -•  ■■ ies f r t tie city and   province
* ,h-      I   ' ' i jMng arrangi incuts be-
• ". the cil) Hid tbe government
were never satisfactory, and consider-
.'... .. haa been spent in the keep
■ ty prisoner* in the provincial
lockup ui.il also in the jail at Kamloops, or which Revelstoke  has never
got   any   return.     The   question of a
jail tn be jointly owned by the government and ilu-city win frequently die-
cussed, but was rejected by tbe lormer
ami tbe present Dew gaol is tbe outcome of an ultimatum    frum Victoria,
wiucii   practically compelled tbe city
ui future to find a h ,me lur its uwn
prisoner^        I ne   council,   under    the
Brown tdministration, let theoontract
fur the structure to W. Abraliamson,
whu i.as nuw nearly completed what is
hi every way a substantial    and    neat
prjsun    Tbe   new building meoeure*
12x36ft and contains two ntureys. On
entering the jail i BS luids uneself in
tbe g. nusl ullic.-, a roomy apartment,
on the left of which is toe ollice of the
chief uf police. A jailor's room is adjoining ttie front ullice an.I -luling
panels in butb these rooms enable a
watchful eye to be kept on the cell
corridor. The corridor is wide ami
airy, containing ii v.- cells bj by !i feet
fitted witb steel bunks and lighted by
small barred and gluzni window*
Opening out of thi* oorridor are the
kitchen and bathroom,well fitted with
ail convenience*    A targe court room
snil lawyer's rooms occupy the up
stairi, these rooms   being   filled    with
cupboard*, In which ian be itored
prisoner's  effect*,   etc.     Tue   main
r.iiiiis are nil waul fibre pi isleieil, I lie
cell*   being   white mi  V'I       Tbe   walls
are ol unusual thlokne**, and the
whole structure well and solidly  built,
I M'Clary furnace in the riillur supplies beat  to  thu   building,      I'artiell-
lui' attention has been given tu ventilation and heud room,    Simplicity
nl design has been can nil out, but all
tbe mil i iur uppiiinl menu are luisini ■■•
like ami massive, the contract In ing
curried out to thu letter,
Court   Mt.   Begbie    Entertain
Their Friends
C I   M     Hegbie, No 3401, I O F.
held an "At Hum. " in the old posl
ollice building on Friday ev ning las'
it Iiei ig the ll'li anniversary of tie
founding of the court. There were
over liK) people present und some verj
line gowns were worn. The concert
programme was arranged by Bm. W
A Smythe who was complimented by
the chairman Bro. B. I!. Atkins for
such an excellent entertainment and
who wns time und again culled on to
sing but had left his music at home.
Following wns the programme!
Song A. Armnn
Piano Selection Miss McKinney
Phonograph Selection	
Song W. II. Humphreys
Piano nnd Bones. . P. Murphy, nnd W.
Phonograph Selection	
Recitation     Mr. Oranum
Step Dance Muster Jones
Song Ins Donald
Banjo Duet. Messr   I    ■ i- and Lefe.iux
Song   W   II. Humphreys
Phonograph Seleciiuii	
Recitation   Mr. Craiium
Song A. Annan
Mrs. Flei'thuin, Miss iloKinney and
W. A, Smythe assisled on tbe piano
to the ah ive songs. After the concert
an adjournment was made io the lonei
hall where dancing was indulged m
to the excellent music of the R. 1
Band orchestra, with an intermission
for supper at midnight, till 2 a.m.
The halls, up and down, were taste
fully decorated with ninny colored
fliigs, A feature of the eiening was
the selections on the plionuginph by
Mr. Donald McKenzie, this being the
biggest and test of its kind in B.C.
Bros. Mn ml i el I uud Garland had
charge of lho supper; Bro. U.mlon lhe
Rev.   Father  Pecoul   Leaves
On Monday, a deputation from the
congregation of St. Francis church,
waited on the Rev. Father Pecoul and
presented him with the following address accompanied by a generously
filled purse.
Reverend and Dear Father.—
li is with feelings of deepest regiet
that we, your purisliouers, learn of
your iutended departure from our
iiiidt t.
During your stay among us you
have lab. red incessantly for our wel
fare, both spiritual and temporal.
Iu the face of many difficulties you
have always had kind and hopeful
words for one and all. Ymir untiring
efforts and many personal sacrifices
liuve not been iii vain.
Though wc have u.it expressed it,
we Hie sensible of what you have
accomplished for us, as this little gift
signifies. For it is a mute testimony
of otu appreciation as it is accompanied hy the piayers aud good wishes
of your congregation in Revelstoke,
that your labors may be crowned with
success in your new field ns they have
been in this.
Signed on behalf of the congregation
W. K. OSBOliN'F,
Revelstoke, March 2, 11108.
His reverence replied, expressing his
thanks nnd regret ut leaving bis congregation to whom he hud become
greatly attached and expressed his
letermination to visit them whenever
be should have an opportunity,
Editor Mm.-Hi.iiAin.
Dear Editor,—I oannot leave l!uv-
I'lotoke without laying a good word to
my many acquaintance* In your thriving town. When 1 came in your
iiihImt I was, from lhe start, impressed
by the intelligence and brniidiiiiiiiled-
ness of yoUf piiifessiuiial nnil business
imii. I lieiicef.iith 1 did always find It
a pleasure to be in contact with them,
and i heir sociability revealed lo mu
noble and generous Iii arts. 'To them
all and their friend* I wish health,
prosperity snd happiness.
Very respectfully yulirs,
Ki.v. Father It. Pkoooi,,
Card of Thanks.
The members and Oommlltee* of the
li ol I. K , ami II ol I. V, A fi!., wish
to express their sincerest thank* tO
all those whu assisted in making
their    l'i'"'    Annual    At    Hume    uml
Dance, *uoh a signnl tucooie.
Secretary of Committees
Liberal Association.
A meeting nl the Revelitoke Liberal
Association will be beld this evening
in Huwsiin's Hull, First Si    Provincial
Organizer    Mr.    J.   <!.    MoIntOfb,   ol
Victoria, will deliver an ndilress.      All
l.iberuls are invited to be present.
Have you seen unr showing of Wash Muslins. They have pleased all
who have seen them aud we have sold dozens of dresses already. You
would not find prettier designs, daintier sheer materials or lower prices in
any store east or west. Cuuio in and have a look al them. They will
bear inspection, and if you need some pet them early while the selection
is large.
Our first lot has arrived und we will be glad to show them to you. A
large variety of cloths and many styles. They are made hy u firm who
make it specialty of Skirts and you will find tho (It and hang equal to
skirls made to measure.
Business Locals
Nothinn better than our "Special.
Patronize Home Industiy. Smoke
RevelBtoke Cigars
For the balance of the we k only
our special bargain will be mackerel
and liaildiick iu lib. tins, IBo. per tin,
0. B. Hume & Co.
Regular 2fie. line of mackerel and
haddock for 16o. per tin for lhe balance of   the week only—C.B.Hume it,
Bevelstoke Assessment District
TAKE NOTICE that I ahull bold a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
lhe "Assessment Act," respect Ing th.
Supplementary Asses«inenl Roll fur
Bios, for the Revelstoke Assessment
District, on Wednesday, ihe 2.'>ih d.iv
of March, 1008, at the hoar of eleven
o'clock In the forenoon, at the Court
House, Revelstoke.
Hated at Revelsioke, this Hid day of
March, 1008.
0. M. FIELD,
Judge of the Court of Revlalon
und Appeal.
Revelstoke Assessment District
of West Kootenay.
Two acres of land just outside Oity
limit* wilh 7-i'ooini'd house, newly
built: heated by furnaoesi city water
laid on: land nil cleared and mostly
well fertilized! rent. *I2."> a month, or
pui'i-hasc price $2,2111).
Also 2 acres ol laud adjoining city
limits, half .rn acre in unit trees.
Garden planted wilh small fruits in
goud ht'iirlngl onion crop that will
in ing 8160 to $211(1 eonn ne enow is oil.
Item $2o pel' month or purchase price
$2,1 KK I.
I,mil properties will be sold for
g4,200 Including horse, wagon, cutter,
plow, seeder, Incubator, brooder, and
nil necessary Implements necessary to
operate t he above,
'I'm ins can be arranged.
Rovelstoke, II. (I.
TAKK NOTICE lhat the shareholders of ilic above named Company
have hy special reeolntloti resolved to
change the name of ibe Company to
" Revelstoke Agricultural Boolety,
Limited," and intend to npply to the
Lb uieiiuiil-lioveiiioi'iii-Couiii'il for an
Older changing the num..' accordingly,
Dated I lib January, n**-
A. V. Andeiihon,
feb. 8-3iu. Secretary
ATTENTION - Men  und   Women
wanted io learn   bin bur  trade,
1' ive.    Colleges   in   all   lending Aiiieii-
■ nn eiiii-s. Beware nf imitators—Moler
Um lur College, 20(1 Ouri'ttll St., Vancouver, B, C.
riOR RENT—Seven-room furnished
_C    house, centrally located,    II. N.
nORBALE CHEAP-Pom gasoline
lumps, 2011. OIKJ. 700 und K00 i iiuille
power, all in guod working iiiddll will
light loo feet-building. Apply to Chief
Yuiing. '.lotnupllx, 11. II.
MARRIED COUPLE want position
in hotel oi on ranch—Apply to
Uoiumbla Ageucle* Limited.
MATERNITY Cases taken   at   my
Imuie or   otherwise.     For   pur.
titulars apply Mrs.  A.  E.  Bennison
Second St.. Wesl,;or P. O. Box 211.
Iih. 12. Im
W"~ANTED KNOWN-We have a
client with 84,000 who wants a
good hotel man with like amount to
join him in running u (illlel, Apply
Columbia Agencies, Limited,
ANTED—All kinds of jobbing
work lo do. cleaning hiiow from
roofs, lending furnaces, wood ehoii-
ning. or liny oilier general work.
('baiges moderate.   Anyone requiring
such work done please drop postcard
Io K. Bennison, General Delivery, P,
O, Revwlgtoke. feb 1 2w _
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of lhe liesl snaps to he had
in (/'Ity house property from us, Two
houses and 1U0 ft. frnnluge to 2nd St.
nil for 82,500 of which only $1000 rush
is required -ind balance can remain on
nun iK-ige, Apply nt once to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
1.-IOR HALE-Heil, spring,   in
'     .ueI   Die: sing   sland    $26
impel  11x12 feet,  $10.
all ress
$25.    One
Apply at this
Rents fiist-cliiKs hit nihheil house
fur a mouth,   Columbia Aoenciks,


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