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The Mail Herald Nov 26, 1913

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n a
f| Railway    Junction and   Divis- ',»!
M ional   Point.   Headquarters  for g)
M Oolumbia    River     Navigation, g
M Hub of   Timber    Belt, Mineral H
W Zone,  Agricultural    Lands  and F
t*. Vast Water Powers of B. C. ^
"lievelstoke. the Capital of Canada's Alps."
The Mail-Herald
is m
(9 Circulates twice   per  week  am-   H
(S ong the prosperous citizens of  8
Sl Canada's     Premier      Province.   jj$
JS| The      recognised      advertising   g)
g) medium for Kootenay and  In-   3
H terior British Columbia. [■]
Vol. 19 -No 94
$2.50 Per Year
Of Revelstoke Scenery
The latest issue of the "Ford Times''
contains a particularly interesting series of views of Revelstoko and district.
The photos are splendid views taken
by Aid. Horobin, and are well reproduced giving excellent pictures of the
unrivalled scenery for which Revel -
stoke is becoming famous throughout a
wide area. Half a dozen of tbe views
illustrate a trip by automobile thru
the Canadian Rockies, and two larger
views depict Mount Revelstoke and the
Selkirks from the mount Revelstoko
auto road. Dealing with tho fascinating subject of the great route, Mr. F.
M. Dean, the writer of the article,
which a'*'*ompiinies the views, says :—
"The motorist who will travel the
'great' route' will be ollered a variety
of inte'eBting side trips. Many roads,
suitable for motor driving are already
finished .md two are rapidly being push
cd forward. They open up regions of
teeatity unknown five years ago— and
many are worth a tri across the continent in themselves. One of the finest
of these will be the motor road up
Mount Revelstoke. Already some miles of this ;s finished; nine miles more
of 0.7 graded macadam will take one
to the Bummit 6,150 feet above sea level. The panorama spread before the
tourist irom this peak is sublime. For
75 miles iu each direction spread the
snow capped peaks of the Gold, lllecillewaet and Selkirk ranges. Thousands
of feet below in the pine clad valleys
can be caught glimpses of the Columbia and lllecillewaet rivers. By oas*y
j.ony trm-from the chalet can be
riach-d two of the prettiest lukes on
the Continent, Eva and Miller, and
fiom theii rocky shores another splendid panorama is unfolded of the Greal
Gordon Racier. It would take a vol-
i.me to describe the' beauties ot the Co
li mbi.i tn: Windermere valleys, the
Ye£rmill. ,\*i.pass and Kootenay and Ok
uiingan lakes along whose shares the
'great ro^te'  will pass.
Secure your seats early for the Male
Voice Choir concert, Empress theatre.
Friday, Nov. *JS. Tickets to be had
from  a  :■   of  the  members.
Steel .- expected to be laid on the
Grand T.*unk Pacific Railway line as
far as Prince George early next month
A regul i- train service is being operated at present from l'rince Rupert to
S mit hers, 227 miles from the Pacific
terminal, and additional traffic connections are made from Smithers to Rose
Lake, another T.I miles east, thus making 3<)i' miles altogether on the coast
The stati-tics gathered by the Labor
department -how ihat Canada is main
taining its reputation for high prices.
The index number, which shows as accurately a- can be done, the relative
charge in the cost of living iB nearly
one point higher for the month of Oc-
lober than ieu* September. The index
numlier for October, 1U12, was 135;
for September, 191U, it was 13G, while
for last monih thc figures just compiled show that it Was 136.8. This is a
very unusual increase for one month,
except for January, which is largely a
price-setting month. The reports from
different parts of the country show
lhat th'1 retail prices of meals, eggs,
milk and butter are all higher. Evaporated apple- and coul are also um -
ong the commodities that arc slill going up. Wholesale prices ure also
higher for corn, peas, Ontario barley ,
hay and bran. Cattle and beef aro
also well up, as are dairy products ex-
cept cheese. Fresh Canadian frilite
anl potatoes commanded higher prices
Some af the wholesale prices, how -
ever, wore lower, including wheat, Hax
wosiern oats and barley, hog and hog
products, Imported fruits, beans on -
ions and canned vegetables. There wero
lower retail prices aNo for potatoes as
the crop came on tbe market, and for
beans, Hour, rolled oats and sugar.
Li (I (f it HI ® lii L«J L«l K i£] H L«j IS 11B
ARemai. Me Voyage
A wireless despatch from Sicamous
tells of a remarkable noyage by that
well-known circum-navigalor Cupt. Ri
J. Stewart, of Revelsloke and Sicamous.
The Taptain, with Togo Oyainu for
mate, sailed from Sicamous outward
bound with a scow of hay in tow for
the logging camp up the Anstie Arm.
Owing io inderterminuto weather conditions and the weight of the under -
tow, they had barely made the nar -
rows when ihey ere interrupted by a
heavy fall of night. However, as the
calendar indicated star-light, and the
compass pointed North, (mag. var.23)
and the glass promised fair-to-chunge,
with an atmospheric pressure curve
moving S.S.E., the doughty Coptain
resolved to push on at all ha^urds. He
therefore called all hands on deck and
ordered him to mast-head the porch-
light, wind aud set the larboard watch
und keep a sharp look-oul for breakers
But when dawn broke! over the port
gable, it found the mariners still afloat
cn the deep with the cargo intact, and
lhe Captain at his post, one hand ou
tbe helm and the other on the mizzen
spark plug. Thecrew climbed up the
fore-peak halyards and reported land
in bight. The Captain ported bis helm
ordering the crew to heave two or three
sSeets in. the wind clambered lightly to
lhe crew's-nost, whence by observe -
tions with his theodolite and careful
soundings he succeeded in accurately
determining his position. He found
that, while he had not exactly reached
his destination, he had lieen remark -
ably successful in circum-uuvigating
the lake and had again arrived at the
narrows. This was later confirmed by
wireless from a vessel in the offing.
It is reported that the speedometer
showed that they had made thirty-
three   knots and   l»*u  bowlines.
Sailing dates of Capt. Stewart's regular round trips "will bo published later
Proposed New Picture Theatre.—Building Permit Applied for.—Canada's Jubilee.—The Lawson Account.—
Aid. MeKinnon Denies Negligence on Part of Finance
Committee.—The Mayor's View.—Aid. Horobin on
the Delay.
Wholesale             Itetail
Whon  you   buy   Cnndies, buy
the   purest.    You    are    certain
of obtaining fresh   made-lo-day
good-    from      mn   up-to dale
factory,    Jusi   luste   the   tast-i
of our   fresh     Marshmallowi,
whieh      wo      made   enrly   ihis
morning  at
IN 1M 'Bl IB «1 m W H Pl Pl 11 Ml H1
Social Evening
The social evening of the Y.P. Society of St. John's church, formJ a pleasing close to each month's work.
Last evening an excellent program preceded the games and contests. After
the Us*uul opening devotional services
hy the pastor piano duet was performed by the Misses Brown, Miss Bell gave
a reading (com Kipling, Mr. McCal -
lum sang splendidly, Miss Abrahamson
played an instrumental and Miss
Young recited very  well.
An adjournment t() a button contest
in the basement was followed by a
work basket contest. Four gentlemen
were obliged to play ofl for honors in
the first and Mr. Stevenson won. Mrs.
Laing won on a draw from Miss Bruce
Kach winner received a card of useful
buttons. The mixed letter work basket contest was won by Mrs. McQuar-
i ie and Mr. Anslie. who were awarded
appropriate mending supplies. Re -
freshments and the singing of the National Anthem cIosikI an evening which
was voted the very best yet held.
A Hard Trip
Yesterday Messrs. Georgo Webb, Jack
Wilson and Dick Coler, arrived in Rev-
jlsteike, after an exciting experience,
lt is reported lhat when on their way
io winter quarters, beyond Beavei-
mouth, their canoe ran aground on a
-and bar. and they lost their stores
and equipment, The return to Beavermoutb was ouly accomplished after .i
difficult and hazardous trip, owing to
tno -now, on very short rations.
Bo  surs and  hoar  ihe  Anvil  Chorus
with      anvil      accompaniment.     Male
Voice Choir, Bmpress, Friday. Nov. 28
Mrs. J. T. Kelly ol Silvcrton, B.C.,
has been iho guest of Mrs. Knglish,
thia past week, leaving for home on
Friday   morning  last.
J. Hyde Hill of Regina. is a guest at
the Kind Bdward ihis mid-week.
J.J. Fairfield of Vernon, i- doing
business   here  to.lav
A. 0. Yodor of Nakusp, the gonial
manager for Lindsay Bros., is ln
thc oity.
Tho ro, enl Balaclava dinner in London was only attended by six of tbt
thirteen survivors of the charge. On
the V.Mh anniversary of "thnt nover-to-
lx' forgotten action' as Hi- Majesty de
■cribed it in e. telegcam on the occasion
of the celebration there were' only two
offloen still living who took part—Major Phillips, Sth Hussars, and Cnptnin
Perej Smith, 13th Light Diagoons.
The Mayor (.Aid. RUpatricki) pro -
sided at a meeting of the Ciiy Council
held on Friday nighl in the City Hull,
when there were also present Aldermen
Horobin. McSorley, Bourne and Mc-
Kinnan. with the city solicitor .(Mr.
MeCarter) and the acting oity clerk,
(Mr.  W.A. Gordon.)
Continuing his statement respecting
the Lawson account, Aid. MeKinnon
In the ease of the water and light
item marked $1 Instead of -Si04, stubbs
were used at that time instead of duplicute receipts, and the finance committee had no way of checking that
account. As to the check of tho General Blectric Company changed to bearer, ii was brought to the finance committee with a voucher and signed by
ihem and after it left the committee it
was changed io bearer. The ouly people io blame about that account was
the bauk for payiug that check without the change having been initialled
by ihe Mayor. The check for taxes
sale, for which no receipts were issued
comes under the same lines as others,
for which no receipts were issued. The
items Wing Chung and others mention
ed in the reporl were treated in like
manner. Taxes were received and no
receipts issued, something over which
the finance committee did not have auy
control. If you will look ai clause SB
governing the city of Revelstoke you
will find the duties of the finance committee outlined as looking after expenditure, .hocking bilU and so forth.
Well, the sifting oul or original hunt -
ing up of this money was done by the
finance committee aud the thing was
t.roiighl toa head by the eflortB of thu
finaui-e committee. The finance committee did ii forthe protection ot the
city, and did not expect io be criticised for negligence when they wcut to
thai trouble. I think thai covers the
full amount oi Mr. Stein's audii, treating e.-ach item separately, and if anybody can show me Where the finance
lommiuee neglected their duly in auy
of those matter-', why, I am willing to
lake the blame. In the second place,
in regard to the action of lhe finance
committee, in another part of the newspaper report 1 see an alderman said the
committee did nol do anything. 1 personally checked every account. If you
will refer the matter to the acting city
clerk you will find that 1 have turned
back accounl after account from limu
to time which needed rectifying. While!
1 may have made mistakes, like anyone else, -till I have always tried to
do my duty as a tnemlx-r ot the finance
committee and lam very sorry I have
laid myself open to criticism. But 1
think if you look the mutter up you j
will tind thai one thing I have alwaya
trii-d io do, I have made every etlorl j
io keep the work of the finance coin-1
mittee in :l proper maimer.
Aid. Horobin—I presume all this pre- ,
amble and sermon is for my benefit. I
Tae chairman of the finance committee
wa- not here at the last meeting. I
think I made some remark there that
the finance committee was to blame.
Whul I fully intended saying was lhat
•ome people bad the idea thai the finance committee were to blame, but
inini my connection wiih ihe councilor
Willi llie finance committee, il appeared
thai the finance cominiitoo wa- toi the
purpose of signing cheeks only. And 1
-lill maintain, us far as my knowledge
goes, thai i- all Wo are there for, or all
I Was ever supposed to have dono, thai
and also to cheek accounts. I think
ihere is some blame due to the wholu
of the council. Some months ago this
question Was ihra-'hed out thoroughly
in the ouncil, and tho auditors report
Was lupposed to be obtained and pub-
li-hisl. Thi- ba- kept people on tenter hooks. 11 ha- neither boon fair to
Luw-on nor the ratepayers to have
this cloud hanging over Lawson. Somo
|ieople magnified this amount, some
-aid the shortage was io the extent of
J2O.000 or 130,000. There was no offl-
• ial information given to the Press,
and I think even the council was to
blame io i certain extent for not taking the ratepayers into tho confidence '
nl ihe council.
Tho Mayor—I .piito approve of what
Aid.   MeKinnon   has  said.   Anyone   In
touch with the affairs oi this council
knows that the greatest efforts bave
been made to get this matter closed up
for tonights meeting. The public were
promised a statement as soon as it
could be had and every effort has beeu
taken. Ratepayers wero written to
repeatedly to try and get from them if
they hud puid their taxes and since
Aid. Horobin came into the council We
appointed the acting city clerk to find
cut who has paid, lt has entailed
trouble on Mr. Gordon. I do not see
ihat the council should be criticised, I
do not think it is just or deserved. 1
will say it was a most unfortunate affair. We hoped we would have the
statement ready a long Ume ago, but
we were unable to get it ready because
ihe people themselves were holding us
back. They would not even answer
our communications and we had to
send the city clerk lo get it. 1 am
willing to take any share of any blame
that is coming to this council bui 1
am not willing to be criticised wheu
cot to blame.
Aid. Horobin—Extra work has been
done by the city clerk and different
members ot the council but still 1
think the ratepayers should have been
taken inlo consideration, especially ii
it was through their own fault il has
been drugged out so long. You say a
great many have been communicated
with by letter and personally and that
you could not get information from
ihem and so it was impossible to make
up ih« statement. Still there have
been veiled hints made as to what has
beeu going on but nothing official. You
speak to one pany who says the short
age wus a certain amount, the next
cne magnifies it and so on until you
do not know where you are at. If
lhere had been a statement given out
by the city thai ihere hud been discrep
ancies made and discoveries made, and
thai a statement would be laid before
the ratepayers at an early date, thu
council could not have been criticised
in auy shape or form about it. I do
cot know when the irregularities wero
first discovered but it must have been
a considerable lime ago. If it Was rate
payers fault thai the information could
not be obtained, and I have no doubt
it is as said some ratepayers who were
at fault, 1 think that aU the more reason it should have been made public.
because tlie couneil has been criticised,
and very severely.
Aid. MeKinnon—In regard to the
lest few remarks 1 on one occasion
sometime in June or July, or pcrhaps
a lillie earlier as this thing first start
ed about April made a motiou iu the
council that as soon as this matter was
Biluxl out uuel the auditor's report prepared the matter should be made public. From time to time at meetings oi
the council the matter of the shortage
has been made public, 1 do not think
people have been under the Impress ion
that thu la'.' cily clerk has been fired
out of office, and abused, and .-'o forth
without  any reason, or unjustly,and I
think tho matter has lieen handled lo
ihe beet oi our ability. My intentions
verenol at anytime lo deceive (he
ratepayers or hide anything from ilreni
As lo the late city clork being bold under a cloud, woll if he was under any
cloud ihat there is light going to shine
through from the publication of this
report it  won't rain for a  long  time,
Tho Mayor—It waB well known that
lhe last special meeting a week ago to-
i.ighi was called for the specific purpose of trying to close this up and
then we failed and it was left over un
til this meeting. Fortunately wc have
gol it now. Whilsi I do nol mind
fair criticism I do not think the acl-
i< n of this council should bo taken in
band. These accounts „nd any of ttoeso
figures were avuilable in the books for
any of tbe ratepayers 0f Kevelstoke to
see at any time they wished to do so.
There was nothing secret about it and
every councillor has known what was
being done and tho efforts to try to
clear it up. Wo havo done so for moro
reasons than one. I do not think there
is any just criticism coming to tho
council forthe way this has boon han- j
died. The lir t notico was sent out |
in May and very little replies followed
Aid. Horobin—That ia Just  whnt    1
The Mayor—Theu the acting city j
clerk was instructed to go aud see peo- i
pie with lhe resull that he only just
got hack here tonight in time for this
meeting, Now it is closed so fur as we
know. Now the full report can be pub
lished but ii could noi up to the present time, lu fact some things came
out within the last few days.
Aid.  Horobin—Those    parties     who
have been so negligent wbo might have
given facts mighl have been in town all
I this year.   According io whul you say
' it was residents  who kepi this back.
i    The Mayor—I  would uot say     thoy
are     negligent.     They  have a   perfect
right io give up receipts or otherwise.
If the money has been paid     and  they
hold receipts 1     don't see     tbat they
shouM  bother anything about it     and
people would     not  do it.    You cannol
force  Ihem.
Aid. MeKinnon—Oue person wus possibly written to repeatedly ou difiereni
occasions. I still fail to sec where the
blame comes to the finance committee.
The Mayor—ll is not a ipiostion of
criticism, we are going to tuKe fair
criticism. But to say it should have
been published when it was Impossible
is unfair.
The Mayor—There was nothing hidden here.
Aid. McSorley—It is n pity it could
not have beeu got through sooner.
Aid. McSorley—I do not think there
was much wrong aboui it only the
thing is people think so, that is the
The Mayor—Not one solitary complaint have 1 hoard. 1 think mosl of
the ratepayers have confidence. Not a
single complaint about not getting tlie
auditor's report out Iiave 1 heard.
Aid. Horobin—I have heard some.
Tue city solicitor—We have got the
last cent, including the cost of the uul
it itself.
Aid. MeKinnon—1 think the city comes out of ii awfully well. They have
not  lost a cent.   1 have been at it tbe
Opened This Week
The opening oi Aid. Guy Barber's
handsome and splendidly cvquipped new
block for business', constitutes a wel -
come addiiion to the buildings oi
which Revelstoke may justly be proud
and a decided acquisition to the commercial centre of the oity.
The new block i- well known, occupying a- it does n commanding position in the main business thoroughfare, ami al-o b.v reason of the fact
that two memorable social gatherings
were held in th-- spacious now building
prior io its opening for business pur-
po-Vs is the sO'ial given by the staff
and the whist drive in aid oi the hospital funds.
The' premises comprise a 36ft by 75ft
busine-- blo.k on the ground floor, a
specially fitted optical room and com-
modiou- offioes, occupied by medical
men a- consulting loom- an 1 head •
quarters, upstairs.
Th" building, which was erected jy
Messrs. Foote and Pradolini, is splend
idly built an I finished, the interior
work being as artistic and plea-ing as
the exterior, work is substantial, and
is steam hent«sl throughout. In short,
tbo new block represents all that up-
lo-date method- can devise in the way
of business facilities and comfort.
Tho siock displayed just now is quite
in keeping with the occasion of the
opening, up for business this week of the
n.-vv building a- it .ompri-Jes new and
novel line- in a wide range of attrao -
live goods i- cut glass, silverware,
diamond-, dressing cases, etc., in profusion, particularly suitable for Xmas
Literary Society Meet
The  Literary  Society  met  on Tuesday evening at  Mr-.   MeCarter'-' home.
last two or three days to try to rib ii   The   "-'J:l1  l.ar«e claM °?   students were
up to a final close. At seven o'clock
touighi Mr. Gordon had not seen one
man and he has been lo see him since
then ai my request in time for ihis
meeting. I have done my best to
straighten the thing out.
The Mayor—ll has included a very
considerable amount of extra work on
the finance committee and others.
Aid. MeKinnon—Just from rumors
the finunce committee took it up, ii
not it would have been going On today
present, and finished the. reading of
"King Lear.*' Additional programme
was furni-'hed as follows:—Solo, Mr-.
Bews: rending, Mr. \Y. M. Lawrence;
boIo, Mr. Cha-. Procunler; and instrumental solo. Miss Irene Procunier. Mrs
MeCarter dispensed the supper hospitalities in her usual gracious manner.
and the meeting closed -oniewhat later than the customary hour. The next
reading will be held at Mrs. W. M.
Lawrono's home  on   th--  second  Tues-
The Mayor-] think every member ol tlay "{ D<"eml»"*
the council  has  been trying to    close
., ,       _  . their  departments as  lar a-  po-slble as
it up as soon as possible.    Bul we were . ,        .
.    .... ,    , , in any  ■ ase the. estimates  for  ihe year
not able lor a   much  longer  time  than ^e^H
I expected.
Ahl.  MeKinnon—Same here.
Aid. Horobin—It is many months
you sc'* since it was mentioned.
Aid. McSorley—Well 1 suppose it is
all Settled  now is It?
Aid. M'-Kinitou—In my report 1
should add thai  since lhe meeting   was
voufd nol   show a  surplus.
Aid. Horobin drew attention to the
system of reckoning ihe discount al -
lowed to consumers oi water and light
oui-ide' the city i.ii prompt payments
of those- accounts, whieh ho lield needed amending to be put on an equitable
adjourned the matter has lieen brought   ba-i-
Up, the amount has beeu paid in full,
the audit also, and ihe money placed
to the credit of iho city. The total ani
ount is $7,mm odd.
The Mayor—We ,-iarted iu to gel thi-
back aud wo hav,' succeeded. We have
that satisfaction.
The matter then droP|ied.
Aid. MeKinnon said there was ii mat
ter he desired to bring up. He had
not talked it over with the rest of the
Bnanoe committee, more negligence on
his part, bin ii referred to bonds. He
thought the two men who colle.tod in
the city hull -hould l>e in bond for
$1000 each. He meant tb>' men who
handled cash every day. The expenee
would only l>e about J"' i^'i **|iHH) -o
that for f 10 ihoy would bave addition
al safety lo the city. Ai th" -ume
time ho thought thai the a. ling city
clerk1! bond should be incn-a-i'd. He
though! iiiiii  r-o tie' fairest to ev«
eiyone  who handled  moiii'-.
Aid.   Horobin—Is  ii the intention  ..i
ih iihcil to mnke the appointment
of city clerk?
Aid. MiKinnon-aid he thought the
otlieinl- referred to ihauld lie bonded
in a bond company. The little aflair
ihey wero juRt through, with local hu
-'ines- men as Imn Isncn. wa-a veiy
regrettable thing. He moved that the
two clerks Id the .-lty hall be bonded
for JIOOO each and iho matter of in
Creasing the acting .-ity eleik- bond
also bo gone into.
Ahl. M'Sorlo.v lUggeeted that tbo
whole matter should  he eeferrod to the
Bnanoe committee ihey to bring up a
report as to the terms and condition-
of bonds whi'h was agreed to.
Aid.  MeKinnon  as chairman of    the
finance commit te^ snid he would like
nil  commit tii - to keep work  down in
The  ai ling city clerk  detailed
ey-'icm in vogue.
Aid. Horobin -aid lhat system was
wrong and -houl I be • banged and lhe
subject dropped on the understanding
ihai li  should receiveatteentlon.
AM. McSorley brought forward tho
1 matter oi improvement-1 needed at tho
fire hull near thee ,-ity hall which it was
estimate*! Would co-t about $90, He
Iml inspected that ball and thought
-omeihing should b- done t.i make tbe
.(•loiter- comfortable Ue suggested
that the members ofthe committee
which dealt with 'hit lubject shouUl
m-pet lie hall together, whi.-h was
agreed to aftei the question of the in-
ipection ..f the lower lown tire hall
had  also been  mooted.
Apropo- of the Mayor's a|i|""aehing
vi-it to lhe eoa-t, Aid. Horobin threw
oui the suggestion thnl a -unable sub
ject for th.' consideration ,,i the mun-
i. ipal congrsai would be the introdui
non of uii uniform system of book-
I for municipalities
Th- . om luded ihe business.
■  a  ■ * . .  , . ......
We are receiving daily fresh
shipments of Xnia- OOods,
Melba's, Lowney- and Moir's
Cho olates,   Now  is th- time
to  -elect  your   Xmas   box    of
Choe'olaios while our range i-
eompleto. The largest nnd
choices! line m ihe city. A
\i-it  will  sui|iri-.'  you.
&e\ts &rug & £ook JVor*
Christmas Again I
This time we know you are going to select your
gifts for your friends and family before the good
things are gone.
We now have the most complete holiday stocks
ever shown, and they are all ready for your inspection:
Our sales force is ready to serve you.
We have for children
Floating tovs for the bath 	
    15c to 25c
Rattles for the baby 25c to 35c
Hop Top—tlle newest top novelty -—    35e each
INSTRUCTO-for bov mechanics    per set,    $2 to $10
Sets of dishes for the girls ....
per set  75c to $1.50
Hooks for all ages, including
tbe yearly annuals. Children's
Magazine, Chatterbox, Cbuins,
Scout, Boy's and Girl's Own,
New   ChriBtmas  Stationery   a
box    25c to$2
Kevelstoke Felt Cushion Tops,
     $3 each
Itevelstoke Pennants, each..   .
     35c to $1
Emulsion of Olive Oil with
Hypophosphiies, an excellent lung tonic and system
builder, a bottle      $1
Xmas Cards and
in larger stocks and better ideas
than ever offered before.
Revelstoke Drop Calendar each
Kevelstoke View Cards, a doz.
Xmas Postals, a dozen,..   25c
Xmas Cards, a doz     35c up
Fancy Xmas Trimmings
Crepe Paper
Silver and Gold Paper
Gold and Silver Stars
A very large stock of Tags
and  Seals for the
Xmas Trade
Games for old and young
or Paraffin
Quality Comes First at
§ews £rug and £ook Store
The $GXaJUL Store
If Tii1 i'ii 111'iiini 11 mn
rnrr      so Pairs of      ppcc
rKtt Et.oVesK' rKtt
In order to popularize our
Real Ostrich Feathers. We
will send absolutely FRKK
a pair of well known Knglish Kid Gloves to the first
5 I purchasers of our beautiful Real Ostrich Feathers, at
$4 75 or $6.75 each.
Post Free—Worth Double-Post Free
These dainty Ostrich Plumes
are of extra line fibres and
come in black and white in
two sizes.
H inch Plume $4.75 or 2 for S8..S0
21) inch Plume $6.75 or 2 for $12.75
Tbis ofTer i.s only good for a
few days.
"Mention color of   plume  required and size of gloves.
have a  few   Osprevs—Samples  at
$5.50, $6.5ti and $8.50.
Send us vour old feathers to
be curled, cleaned or dyed.
Charges moderate.
Davison-Grant Millinery
810 Robson Street
Advices hy wire from San Francisco
to the effect that Aurelift Jose De
Santos, a Yukon sourdough, died in
the Golden Gate City, leaving a fortuuo
to bis half-breed daughter, Ignacia
S'hic, living somewhere on the s-horCR
of the Yukon or the MacKenzie
Rivers, has created considerable .interest among old timers. Tho story
is lhat Ue Santos remembered the girl
in his will, and the money is held by
order of Judge Graham, pending lhe
location of the child. Father Allard,
in charge of (ho Catholic churoh ut
Dawson, and Rev. John Hawksley, rector fm* lho Church of England, have
no knowledge of a girl by the name of
Ignacia Shic belonging lo any ol their
Yukon or MacKenzie missions or tribes connected with thc missions.
It seems hard to understand why it
should l>o possible lo say that wireless
telegraphy played little or no part in
connection with the severe storms on
the Great Lakes, which resulted in s'Uch
great, loss of life an;d the wrook of
many vessels. If the Oanadian govern
ment has loft undone anything that
aughl lo be done in regard ro i*equii*'
ing I lie installation of wireless on
vessels plying upon the lakes, it is to
be hoped lhal (here will be no further
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42   -    Nieht Phone 85
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents.**
and Storage      .    .   .
Prettiest Designs
Legal Forms
for every purpose are printed J-UxliN    L^HiHi
and stocked hy the Mail-Hentd 'pR0NT street,   lower town.
Pupil  of  Signor  Giovanni Clorlci,  K.
C. 1., Hon. R.A.M. of Florence
and London.
Visits    nnd    receives    Pupils    for
Voice  Production   und   Pianoforte.
For terms, etc., apply.
BOX   306,    11-1,    FIRST     STREET.
Ofllce: Lawrence Hardware Block
W.  H.  WALLACE,  M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205. Telephone 313. Reveletoke
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B. C. Land
Surveyors  and  Contractors.
P. O. Box 347       Kamloopt, B.O.
Branch  Office—Watson   Realty  C«.
Meeis every first and third Tuesday
in St. Francis Hall. Visiting brethren e-ordially invited.
A.  R. Grant, Die.
H. L. Haug, Sec.
School of   Music and   Oratory, under
In.ection of
Teaching  Piano, Organ,  Violin,  Voice
Culture for    Singing    and   Speaking,
Coaching    Plays    and    Aeting.      St.
; Francis   Halt  on    McKenzie   Aveaue.
Ladies' Tweed   Skirts.
This  Season's   Styles.
Sale Price .            	
Winter Styles. To clear
Special Prices
for girls, 7 to 14 years,
Price to clear	
All   Millinery   to clear
Special Prices
SELKIRK       LODGE  12,   1.  O.  O.  F.
MneU «vmrr Thumday evenlnj Id
Selkirk Hall at H o'clock. Vlsltlni
brethren  cordially  Invited.
KOOTENAY      LODOB,  No.  li A.  IT.
and A.  If.
ftefular     mnetinifj .r. held  In MAS
TEMPLE.     Oddtollowf1      Hall
DD tbt Third  Monday In eaeh montb
• t  *  [e    m       Vlaiting hrethren      are
cordially  welcome.
A   O. BROOKKR, fleeretary.
Jr'Reid CSL Voting A
O. W. O   w
Mountain   '.:•■* i amp,  No. in
Meet* Second    and      Fourth  Wertnee
(iay»    Id   each   month   In     Selkirk
Hall       Viaitlng  Woodmen  e»r»
rordlallr Invlt.ml to attend
H   W   EDWARDS, Clerk.
0OOBT      UT        HKf.MIK.    No.   14(1
ok t. ti. r.
Meet* In 1. 0 H V. Hall next to
Tapping'! Opera Hbnaa every ■er,,M,i
and fourth Monday In month. Viaitlng  hrethren  cordially   «r»lrnmeil.
H.  V.  MORGAN. O. R.
WM.   H.   OAMPiRON.   Ree.-Ree,
RarniterB,  Solicitor*,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Block, Reveletoke, B.C.
There are no dull times in our Grocery Department, where business is better than ever. We
have just received a shipment of McLarens' celebrated Jelly Powders in all flavors, a nice glass
Nappie given free with each 25c worth, while
they last; also Peanut Butter, Canada Cream
Cheese, Imperial Cheese, English Stilton Cheese,
Queen Olives in Gallon Crocks and Bottles.
Have you tried our Wiltshire Bacon ? If not, you
are missing something good. Everybody's eating
Special value in Tea and Coffee, 3 lbs. for $1.00.
Our Electric Coffee Mill is making lots of friends
grinding out Monarch Blend and Java Coffee at
50c. per lb.
Let us quote you on Apples, Potatoes and Vegetables for the winter. Choice Stock. Prices
First St, Revelstoke.    Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg to announce that they have opened up offices at the
corner of Kirst Street and Connaught Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you to
call and get particulars, and get in on ground floor prices.
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
^/lltvayf the   'Best
"Shamrock!9 *Btitter
1   P. BURNS & GO., Limited
■j jnaaaaaaaaaaaaarjrjrjDDDn laaaaaaaaaaaanpciaaij*:]*:
McIntyre Is Offering
Kelley's Corn Plakes,  per package     10c
Quaker Corn Flakes    10c
Laundry Starch in fancy 7 lh. tins     60c
Pure Chicory, real genuine, per package     20c
Brazil Coflee, 3 lbs. for fl 00
First Street. Telephone No. 93
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
"County Council of Essex decided to submit a By-law for one million dollarsjjon
January 1st. for concrete roads."
We Stock Canada Cement
.T. .1*.
'X1 'V
■tl iti
,tI iti
'*' 'V
■t. |tl
.♦■ ■♦.
•*' '*■
Premium Ham
Premium Bid. Ham
Premium Bacon
Brookfield Butter
Brookfield Eggs
Brookfield Cheese
Silver Leaf Lard
Jewel Haddies
Also a line assortment of
Fresh Meats the best lhat
monev can huy.
All Meats Government Inspected.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
■ "WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26,    1913
TO the ladies::
I wish to call your attention to the fact that I have secured
the agency for the famous French corset, '"Le Furet," direct
from Paris, and cordially invite your inspection.
In elegance, elastic and hygeinic qualities it has no equal.
1 daresay, il you'll come and inspect same, that you will say
it is the best you have ever seen.
Get a "Le Furet," the newest and best, from Paris. They
guard your figure, health and purse.
I have about half a dozen samples to show you and it will
take about six weeks alter ordering.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Offlco   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Op
Reserve| and Undivided Profits
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Capital and Reserve,       -    $8,800,000
Savings Department At All Branches
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate,
Reveletoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
A  large shipment  of  Ladies   and
Children's Shoes to hand, including
Ladies' and Children's High Top Button Shoes
Etc., in a nice range ot sizes.
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .   .
But there are still a few people who don't
know what a safe combination Bell's Bread
and   New Zealand Butter make	
P. O.  Box  208
Phone No. 23
of weighing shows you to a fraction
of an ounce the quantity of tea,
coflee, butter, sugar, etc., you are
netting. When you get the groceries home weigh them on your own
scales and you'll find we have given
you full weight in every instance.
You get what you pay for here both
iu quantity and quality.
Hobson's Grocery-
phone 41 Box 734
Howson C&> Co,, Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C®> Co., Ltd
Pointed Paragraphs of Provincial Interest   J
Notice of  un  important decision   by centenary   in   tbis  fashion.   The  truge-
the Uniled  States  treusury boni'd      at dy is  all too obvious.   The Czar        is
vital  importance   to manufacturers aud supposed to be the most powerful   les -
users of binder twins aud  cordage  has pot in the world.   He rules over an eu
been     received at Ottawa.   There    has ormous population  and  territory.  His
been an export      duty of 3--M of a ceut wall is law.   He is the head of his -ihur-
per pound on Muuila fibre shipped from cli and state.   His wealth is inoalcui-
lhe Philippine Islands.   Since  1904     u able.   And  yet he can no  more     unva
bounty lias been pawl by the Oantvdiun liis son than can  the poorest subject in
governmenl   to  manufacturers      equal all his empire 'in similar circumstunois.
to  this export duly.   By  the decision Hc can send frantic messages, offer uu-
o(  the treasury board  this export duty told sums  to the greatest scientists  in
is abolished. The bounty willu ndou-
btcdly be abolished. There ds some Un
certainty as to whether lhe duly is out
oft automatically, or whether an act of
Parliament is necessary. This point
will be r'[erred to the treasury board.
King Qeorge is following with the
i loses i interest, the opening of the
land campaign. This ib u mutter lo
which he Ini- devoted considerable attention. By his direction, verbatim
copies of ihe speeches delivered by
Lloyd Ueorge have beeu prepared and
laid before Ilim. aud the King is to go
through them very Carefully when he
arrives at York, Cottage nexi mouth.
The King is, in many respects, a model landlord, both as regards the ques -
tion of  wage>'and      the provision      of
proper  housing  accommodations.
For a long time the Czarevitch bas
been suffering from some malady,
the nature oi which has been variously
stated. Apparently now it i:
ed lhal bis case is hopeless, and that
he is dying of tuberculosis of the bones
Lai icily, whenever he appeared in public he was carried by au orderly, and
The Sphere nol many months ago published a picture of him attending the
Moscow  celebrations of the Itoman ,il
the  world.   He  can  provide  anything
and everything    save one thing—life.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, the president of the C.P.R., was for a time
greatly concerned over one of Ihe porters on his private car, wbo, although
an excellent servant, wus!given to the
use, under provocation, language not
suitable for general circulation. Warnings were of little uvail, and SirThom
as was reduced lo severe measures. On
( ue occasion Sir Thomus had Hon. S.
H. Blake as his guest on a Irip over
pari of the line,and the porter was
given speeial instructions as to his behavior. Unfortunately, however, ono
of the car cleaners happened careless'ly
to turn the hose close to an open window, andthe porter was sprinkled. Instantly ihe sluices of his vocabulary
were loosened, in spite of warnings of
t*ir Thomas, and even of Mr. Blake.
When he realized his offence, the port-
ivdmiu- er was humiliated beyond words, and
he determined to make apologies to
his employer's guest, ','1'se very sorry
Mr. Blake," be began, "for what took
place a little while ago. 1'se very sor-
ly, indeed Sir Thomas, he told me
youw.is a religious guy and that I Was
to be careful., but I jes clean forgot, j
Berger-Dunn Nuptials
No wedding of the fall has caused
more interest in the city thau lhatof
Miss Teresa A. Berger and W.^T.
Dunn, which was solemniztd Wednesday afiernoon in Los Angeles.
Though ihe event was expected, the
date was now known, and when Mr.
Dunn and his bride registered at the
Bungalow hotel Thursday morning it
was met long before hearty congratu -
laiions were extended by a host of
Mr. Dunn's associates ut the hotel,
together with the cantaloupe distributers who are in town, at once besran
elaborate plans for the proper celebra
lion of the important event. S.Y.
Free, was appointed master of ceremonies and Mrs. George C Gay was
his able assistant. At dinner last
evening ns the happy Couple entered
the dining room there was an impressive sileni-c broken by tbo ringing of
the wedding bell, as they proceeded to
their table. The tones of the bell
were not such as to ask forthe pro -
lougation oi the sounds, as the chimes
were those of cow bells, daintily covered with white, but they served their
purpo-e well. From the electric fixtures overhead festons of white were
hung, fastened to the table by white
i o-''S. and thc oentArpieoe Was a large
bouquet of the -ame beautiful flowers.
As' Mr. and Mrs. Dunn seated themselves at the table reserved for them
the -iivn lone- of a fiaxon horn announced the opening of festivities.
Motto- pertinent to the occasion, suspended Iri'-fh   in   the   air, were  suddenly
dropped and dangled gleefully before
the eyes of the astonished bride and
A trio of colored musicians stationed oitside played and sang har-
njonious airs during  the dinner hour.
After the formal dinner was served
congratulations were extended in ap-
I ropi late speeches by Messrs. Free,
Hovley and Fielder, who spoke eloquently in German. References to
Mr. Dunn's long residence in the city,
(he respect and esteem in whieh he is
held, not only by business associates,
but by all who know liiin, The
bride and groom responded with felicitous remarks.
Mrs. Dunn is well known in Braw-
ley, ns she spent several months last
winter at the Bungalow hotel. Here
by her charming personality she made
many friends who are glad to welcome her ns a real resident of tbe city.
For several years she has made ber
home in Portland. Ore., with her sii-
ler. Here edie has been during the
past summer, coming recently to Los
Angeles where the wedding ceremony
Mr.  Dunn is one of  Brawley's   pio -
neers.   He has   been   associated     with
the     Imperial Valley  bank for   many
yenrs,   first as   cashier and later      as
president.      Three years ago he organ-.
i?ed  the First  National  Bank and also '
became its preifident, holding both po-,
sitions at  the    present   time.   He has
' been prominent      in a'l    public     work
and is one of  the most  popular      men
ofthe valley.
The bride  wm n  daughter of Mrs.G.
; Lund of this eity.
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Our Winter Goods on Hand
Hand Sleighs for the Boys from 75c Up
Snowshoes for  Everybody $2.50 Up
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Ranges.
To make a little money go a long way for
Xmas gifts, use photographs. Only a
short time now in which to have that
sitting made. If you cannot come during the day, come in the evening. Results
by our arc lamp are identical with the
best of daylight. NEW STYLES AND
Successors to E. F. Tucker
I    N ALL
^ 0
Make Us Prove It
We dare not exaggerate to you. We are dependent upon
your patronage. To get it we must have your trust and confidence. We make the following statements with a full understanding of what they mean to us. You are safe when you
believe in these statements.
For the Bowels
If you only knew ub much us wo
ami those »lie) havi mod them know
about Rexall Orderlies, you would
be uh ftitliusiuatic uboul recommend-
iriK them M we ure. They tuflle just
like candy. They net no easily und
bo plcasmitly thut the t.i km:: of them
ll U  |ile:l-lire.
Even children like Rexull Orderlies; and you know that if u medicine uppeuls to u child, it will uppcul
to grown-ups.
help chase gloom, dispel blues nnd
mnke vou feel luippy b.v their splendid tonie, eleunsiuK und strengthening effect upon tbe bowdSe — They
act to free the system — und keep it
free — from the distress und ill feeling
thut naturally results from irredulur
and inactive txtwels.
Hn.ill Orderlies do this quietly,
without griping or causing nauseu,
purging or excessive looseness. Tbey
act to overcome und remove the cause
of bowel ills nnd in a short time
usually mnke unncccssury the continued use of physics und purgatives,
thus tending to atop Buch unhealthy
habil i ns may hnvo been formed.
Make us Prove This
Wo do not nsk you to take our
word for this. Wu wunt you to make
us prove it, und at no cost to you.
Duy n box of Kcxnll Orderlies nt
our store. Use them once, or use up
tho whole box. Then, if you ure
not thoroughly satisfied, just como
buck empty handed and tell us.
Without obligating you or questioning you wo will return the money
you paid ua for them.
Doesn't thnt indicate thnt Rexall
Orderlies ure at leust worthy of trial?
Doesn't it prove our fnith in them?
Doesn't it merit your confidence?
Could any offer bo more fnir to you?
We particularly recommend Rexall
Orderlies for children, delicate and
aged persona. Rexall Orderlies come
in convenient vest-pocket Bisc tin
boxes. 12 tablota, lOo; 30 tableta,
25o; 80 tablets, SOc.
CAUTION: Plense benr in n.lnd thnt Rexall Orderlies aro not sold by all druggists.   You can buy Rexall Orderlies only at the Rexall Stores.
You can buy Rexall Orderlies in this community only at our store:
The foxalfc J'tore
British Columbia
There ia a Raxall Slore in nearly everv town and oity in the United Slates, Canada and
Great Britain. Thore ta a different He,all Hnmody for nearly every ordinary human ill-
each oapecially designed for lho partioular ill for whioh it ia reoommendod.
The Rexall Stores are America's Greatest Drug Stores
Armstrong & Co.
Penetang Shoe Packs, Pack Sacks, Pack
Straps, Rubber Shoes, Horse Covers, Mitts,
Gloves, Trunks, Valises, Hand Bags, Etc.
Boot. Shoes   < Harness Repairing
Grand Masquerade and Fancy Dress Ball
Special Music by Orr's Orchestra. Suitable Prizes awarded for best Coupie.
Ladies', Gent's., Comic and Most Original Costumes, Moor reserved the
entire evening for those in Fancy Costume only. As tbe Management consider it only lair to those in costume to be able to enjoy the full benefits of
tbeir efforts. Those not in costume will be considered as spec ators and
must keep ill the gallery. These rules will be strictly enforced, so come prepared to enjoy the dance.
Doors Open 8:30.   -
T. STEED; Secretary.
Grand March 9:30 Sharp
S. NEEDHAM, Chief.
[DO TOUI nil BUSINESS DIRECT with thf lirfnt honse In th; Wtrld
Staling cidutvely In AMERICAN RAW FURS
Get "More Money " for your FURS
a reliable—responsible-safe—Fur House with un unblemished repj
ut.it mmi existing leer "more th*n a quarter ofa century." a Iodksuc.|
ceasful record of sending I'urbhippcr* [en mrt—SATISrACTOKYr
ANI) PROP1TABLB returns.   \Vr;tr leer "Zf* SVbtibrti ftbtssrr."
the only reliable, accurate market report and pries Uut published
Writ, lor H-NoW-lfa FKF.E
IA    R   QUI IRFRT   I„«.    25.27 WEST AUSTIN AVE.I
|A. ti. JflUDLRI, Inc. Dept. 5?7 CHICAGO,U S.A.I PAGE  FOUR
WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER 36,    191*$'
[| will probably surprise you to know the enst ofa bad stove
in excessive coal bills duritiR the winter. There are plenty of
reasons wh\ mn' sleeve »ill luuu more coal than another,
i ome in mil In us explain why mir stoves are more econom-
i. il than any oiln i •
oil selection of kooiI stoves  antl that  will  enst  ymi   no
more than the coal devouring kind.
Sto-dcs for Hardor aSoft Coal
or Wood
Electric Heaters
Coal Oil Heaters
auctioneer anl. valuer
McKenziu Avbnuh
Xmus   Goods   just   arrived
Cups and Saucers, per dozen     $1.25
Plates from   fi.Sc up
Fancy Glassware, dom i.sc up
Rockers (armed) Mahogany or Oak	
  4.00 each
Pressers aud Stands (rom $10.50 up
Lounges, from $ 6.SO up
Bed Springs (new) from * 2.50 up
Mattresses,  from J 2..S5 up
Compare our  Trices with Eastern  lirms.
Sawing Machines   for   sale   or   rented
by tlie month.    Goods stored.
city couneil. AI that meeting, in ac-
niiiliinee wllh a decision lhat llie nud-
diors report should be published when
completed) -which decision was arrived
at months ago, the publication oi this
belaii'd report was authorised, it being  slated thai   the  matter  was      now
Auctioneer's Mart, McKenzie Avenue
Revelstoke,  11, C.
A question in connection witeh the
atuius of members of school boards bus
arisen in Vancouver which is sure to
attract  widespread attention. Tho
mallei' lias eome to light through a
dei ision of the Provincial government,
wine h is' worth lhe careful attention of
ihosa entrusted with the supervision
of education locally ami indeed tlnou-
eliiuii ilie provinoe. Dr, W.D. Brydone
Jockos, for several years chairman of
ihe Vancouver school board, last May
moved to Bhnughnessy  Hoights.a fash-
i,,nahlc suburb of Vancouver which hap
pens to he outside llie city limith. Hu
has been notified by the I'rovincinl gov
eminent  that   not only is he no longer
ll member of   thu   School   hoard   because
he is nut a resident ol Vancouver, but
there is a serious question as to tho
legality oi all the actions of iho board
since he lms boon wrongfully occupying
his seal.
so p romptly and perfectly as you are
at tli is restaurant. And the service it
only  a foretaste of
It is said that the way to a man's
heart is through bis stomach. We'aie
sure to reach yours it you'll drop In
ami try our bill of (are II perfect vie
tuals, perfectly cooked and perfectly
served, will gain your friendship, we
are absolutely sine of yours.
A. G. THIAKI80N Manager.
"Every pair backed up by thc maker"
Our Formal Opening Will Take
Place Saturday. November 29th
I r-r-rr
I BfSEl cc
"Twelve Stories nf Snlid Comfort"
In the centre of thlnw™"theatfcs
ami Meircson both Rides.   Building
abolutcly fireproof—concrete,steel
nml marhle.
EUROPEAN PL\N-S1 per daj ap
\\i:k Baths—S2 per day up
During lhe pnst week we have had
some snow. We are assured by the old
i ,-i resident   Hint we  shall have      Home
i more, and for want, of a belter authority wo take his word for it. lt therefore seems     useless to object    to snow
I locally.   Really wc do nol object  toil
' when it is in its proper or usual place
lint we, .md many others, strongly
(ehjee't to snow which is dumped down
upon ihem from the roofs of buildings
j withoui   warning.   Following the  rain
of Monday several     energetic citizens
poi   busy clearing  the snow from     the
roofs of their premises, und two cases
I camo under our notice of unpleasant,
mil dangerous results 'due to tbe enroll ssni'ss of the snow clearers. In the
first case a young lndy narrowly * es'-
cuped an avalanche propelled by artificial means from the roof of a high
building whi.h, hal it caught her,
Would have hud possibly serious and
harmful efTectP. In the second ease
n well-known citizen was suddenly sub
merged by a similar downfall, and re-
ceivod a nasty .-hoc!;. Had this disaster overtaken a person of slighter pby
>iipie a Serious injury would certain ly
have resulted. If this is a fair indication of what may be expected throughout the winter it behoves all concerned
io give thought to the effects their snow
(tearing exertions may have upon un-
oflondlng pedestrians. Surely it is not
too much to ask lhat when heoplc are
clearing snow from the roof they
should see toil lhat they do not im-
I eril Passcrs-hy.
cb: flfcail-Ifoeralb
| DN'ESH vY   AN* ■
REVELST ' v B.   B   '
cy4.ll are invited to come and see
the largest display ever shown in
the Upper Country. Diamonds.
Cut Glass and Crown Derby"
China :: :: ::
Jntertor iphiMU'Imiui Company
J.  K.   JOHNSON,  Man-.
RALPH   'i.   9CROTON,   Editor.
■   *
t d  in ano-
inti -■ ■ i
n :; il i if • ..ee; loss is hacked
up by one .if our iu-ur.-.r.oe policies
v. i represent the
our rales sre low ,   reini-
i   III nl I   ere prompt and sine.
,\. R,   K';n' mii.  Manager.
. *V%%%%%VV'V^%.*%^%.-«V%^%^^.'*.*»V-^
New S. S. Laurentic I5CC0 Tens ■      New S. S. Megantic
■ I   ass   192.C0
S. S, Teutonic
582 feel Ioi-ik
Second- *5I
Twin Screw
d   32.50
S. S. Canada
.",11 feet lonK
Only Cne Class Cabin (11) $50.00 and Up
and Third Class $31.25 and Up. Carried.
'■'. bite Star I. VI
The new S» S. "Mi Irom I1 Me., Hre. Gth, and from I Inl
. N. - - !'■ of passen ers.
S.S.  "Ti ub IHllt and fn m n ,'■.'     i te,.
I Itb, i err I md third I
The S. S.   'Canada" i and third class pi -nly
For Sailings. Illustrated Booklets, Etc. apply to
COMPANY'S OFFICES, 619 Second Ave, Seattle
roKI    f'.KNHKAl
l . 1*. R, Tu i; i i   ' • i *
i  Co.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
rooms above for renting; steam
heated throughout. Corner Fourth
Street and Railway Avenue. Lease
given for three years at $75.00 per
month       — —      —
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
JOHN D. SIIIIIAI,!), l'KHs.    Phone I-!    J. I>. SIBBALD, JR., SBC.
"Here's the dandiest Christmas Box
I could find for you, Daddy"
"You're a good
guesser, Son! A
Gillette Safety Razor
is exactly what I wanted'
The Gillette has played the star part In thousands of h.nppy
Christmas scenes, and will be more in evidence than ever during
the coming Yule-!ide celebrations.
// loofo so good! From the case of rich grained leather or
shimmering gold or silver plate, to the trim, business like razor and
the handy plated blade boxes, it looks worthy of its reputation as the
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// u.'or/j\s' .so well! The velvet-smooth Gillette shave wins instant
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Nearly 40 styles from which to select. Standard Sets at $5.00
—Pocket Editions at $5.00, $5.50 and $6.00- Combination and
Travellers' Sets at $6.50 up.
Ask your Druggist, Jeweler or Hardware Dealer to .how
you an assortment. If he cannot, write us and we will
see that you are supplied.
Revelstoke Musical Society
Mr. W, M. ILawrence
Mr. H. V. Morgan
r Prof. C. O. Brownell
Empress Theatre, Friday, Nov. 28th
[?ART   1.
Selection Orchestra
Operatic Chen ns   "Soldier's Chorus"- -(Gounod)   Prom Faust. .The ihoir
Duct "Excelsior"   (M.W. Balle)
Messrs. G, R. Lawrence and E. Allum
Tenor Solo        . "The Last Watch"   iCiro   Pinsuti) H.V.Morgan
Operatii  Chorus   "Anvil Chorus"   (Verdi)   Prom II Trovatore. The Choir
Double Quartette   "Hush, Yo' Honey Hush '—(Parks).Plantation Melody
Messrs,Hadden,   Morgan,   Duck, Brownell, Quintan,
McAllum, Kerr and Allum.
Selection Orchestra
Tenor Solo "Mum"   (Adams) A. ('. Hadden
<  iorus ''Comrade* in Arms"(Adolph   Adam)—1802-1856 The Choir
i luartette "Legends"- (Parks)
.Messrs. Hadden, Brownell, McAllum and Allum
u.i     Solo   "Asleep in the Deep" Mr. U*. Kii,
erenade    , ."Untilthe Dawn"    (Parks) The Choir
<;<>I>   SANK   THK    Kl\(i.
llu-l.ell.'weinr is the' composition of ihe Male Voice Choir:
KIRS'I Tl N'OKS Messrs A. C. Hadden, II. V. Morgan, P. B. Shaw,
ll | Deri SKCOND TENORS A. G. Duck, M. McKellar, !•:. A.
.. C. Ren, G, R. Lawrence. PIRST BASSES II. Parker, J. Quin-
l„„.i. Hardy, A. W. Bennui. SECOND" BASSES—E, Allum, W. Kerr,
i     I1,    -    er,   M. P.   Lane, T,  McAllum.
I M',l'  DIRECTOR    Mr, W. M,  Lawrence.
A.  ompauista   Mis.  T.   McAllum and Miss A. Bell.
i liuniiiMM house i"
it i • ■.«
|U   MM"   " I •■!""        "  »
I   tj   it Itu
n ii»t.
Electric Prcil
We eiffcr ymi expert ttrvlcSe  Print
i    -'Mi  I.M-mi'-s anil uur liobh)   lOO
Tee II,,' bent  -ee le e'ti'.n  (if llHlle'l' lllll
I] I'M if el,! nrlfrlnslltj e* n<l untart'
111 M Ol ele-.i^li Mini  rSpltl ele'lie 01 > i WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER *2G, 1913
■y^>-    -r^MMM^^'m^f ,f ^        ••       % wkMJL   Jfe     -  "■ - Z"M  ■'■" '••'N**:-'
/y       ffi" ■■     t--'l-ir:&x'- a? ■ f* i\       jfty   i«A    // . - "'•'■'"';., : -• -^| %'li;- * ''_%^ - ■ j. -..-".  ;-*^'~ ,, v-   ■     iv. *?•••:■;.•    , '   j
,„ ^'..{''.V       Jm        /: .     ..    '-..l*-^=§:-£=r -. ^s^y~~~"' ......".'..:—-—■- •—' *_■ ■'.','
£?^r:'~r ;,;I y":T. yyy^
,- *
■:'. '*.-•  i*
■   ,..' 'i ,     . ..>
* '■*• *'•'"'.
Humes Christmas Store flews
Know Ye All Men By These Presents.   Thousands of Useful and Appropriate Articles in All Departments, Beautifully Boxed
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Our full range of Xmas goods are now to hand and we
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HOUSE SLIPPERS for   men,   women  and children in
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Wethey's Mincemeat (condensed), by the Package.
NEW HONEY    Deadman's Comb Honey in Quart ' one Ib.   Scalers.
NEW JAMS    Robertson's, in 1 II ind 4 Ib. tins.    V*. ,  ., in 5 lb.  tins.
Car of Apples, very heavy boxes.
Christie's Biscuits.
(        ;  Wheat
■ Potatoes.
Iran, Shorts. Oats.
Try Our 0 0 Coffee. 45c Fer Found.      Try Our Sunbeam Tea, Red, Good, 10c per lb.      Blue, Best, 50c Fer Pound PAGK SIX
Leave orders at Lawrence
Hardware Co. I will guarantee to do a clean job in
taking down pipes and
cleaning pipes and chimneys.
Who Can be found at the
Offers No Illusions
Tlii' result in South BruCu offers io
illusion- 10 Mr. J. Hobs Munro, udiior
of ilu* Ottawa Free Press, the liberal
organ at ihf Capital. He is a Bruce
Co, boy, a Liberal himself and /ie
knows his public, Thisi- what ,,e
says aboul it:
"After the res'ult of the Cluiteauguay
bye-election where a Tory won, The
Free PrebS declared ihat the voting
there did not indicate' thc feeling in
Quebec. Neither does the icsult in
South Bruce whore a Liberal won yes-
tei'day give any particular clue to the
way the political Wiind is blowing in
Ontario, ln South Bruce it, was a titrht.
between riHHM-diitt-B; not between hip
issues. Prom a lengthy experience tn
Bruce elections, where a genial hand -
shake- counts more than statesmanship
Mi. Truux knew how to campaign
close to ihe ground. From lack of experience and because he relied too
much on Dreudnaughts ami 'oo I ttie
on th.' personal touch, Mr. Oargil ct'iH
puigned over the people's heads. As
l/iberals we would like io believe that
South Bruce marks ihe beginning ofa
complete .-ollnpse of the Borden govern
me ii,, hm what is ihe use of cheating
ourselves? In oui' hearts WC know
thnt ns n political barometer .South
Bruee is noi much better than Chate-
auguily. Slill Liberals ought to feel
pn end of the result even if it proves
nothing more from a public standpoint
than that the Bobe Rogers election machine is not invulnerable."
You Can Solve the Christmas Present Problem
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PHOTOGRAPHS are greatly appreciated at Christmas time, and make an
EXCELLENT GIFT.   Good cabinets from $5.00 per dozen.
We have a fine assortment of Cards and Mounts, with or without greetings
and the QUALITY of our work is UNDISPUTED.
The GIVING of a Calendar containing the Customers' own PHOTOGRAPH with each sitting for not less than $3, proved such a GREAT
SUCCESS last year that we have decided to repeat this FREE GIFT,
commencing Monday, Nov. 10th, 1913.
The Trueman Studio.
Corner McKenzie Avenue.
Entitled to Seat
Ai Ottawa the railway commission
made an order forcing the C.P.R. to
carry passengers holding lirst-elass tic-
kets on any train, regardless of whether any of its trains carried a day coach
or not, the passenger being entitled to
n -eat  wilhoul extra charge,
The case was that of Ernest Simms
a Winnipeg Salvation Army offloer,
who boarded ihe' O.P.R. Imperial
bimited at Medicine Hat with a first-
class ticket In his possesMon, and
found that there was not a first-class
dny eoaeh on the train. He entered a
tourist car, and the conductor made
him pay for a seat.
Rich Hair
Long, thick, heavy hair. Want this kind?
Ayer's Hair Vigor promotes growth.
Ones not color the hair.
Ask Your Doctor.
Mado by J. C. Ayer Co.,
Me eitr.-.i. Canada.
Hon. Louts Beaubien, of Montreal,
who is now in ParK says after interviewing a number of French and Engii h  financiers, thai     European conn -
denco in Canada's future has heen
strengthened by the good reports
brought back hy the French, German,
Belgian and English bankers, who re-
ei-ntly visited the Dominion. Thev are
well satisfied at the way Cnnadn stood
the test of Ihe monetary stringency.
Mr. Bcnubaen adds that Oanada will
I continue lo find easily all Ihe capital
' she needs for mnny long years, for
European capitalists and investors
know of no country thnt offers'a better field of action under the protection
of an  absolutely  stable   government.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelatoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
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specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blaukets and everything
required in vour business.
The   family   remedy   for   Coueha   and   Colds.
"Shiloh costs  so   little   and does   so much!"
The Revelstoke Nurseries
W. H. POTTRUFF. Proi-.
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Anyono Buying same must movi** it by December ith.
Sale Now On
$250   of   New   Fancy   Glassware and Crockery from   10c Op
Sewing Machines, in working order, from 16 up
New Lounges, Oak Frames  $6.50 each
New Brussels Tapestry Squares from $8 up
New Rockers, mahogany and oak $3.50 each
New Springs  from -12.25 up
New High Back Diners  $1.25 each
Kitchen Chairs      65c each
Dressers and Stand  for the pair, from -19.50 up
Parlour Tables     from $2.00 up
Three- Piece i'arlour Suites $12.00
Cook Stoves and Heaters from $5.50 up
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Extension Tables   from W.50 up
Hall Stand  "ii" only) $7.00
Gold-Filled 17.lewd Watches   New $4.00
and Lots of other goods too numerous to mention.
V5: WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER *.>6,   ,1913
Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and.verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Boyd, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .    .    .
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rates $1.00 a Day and Up Phone 1629
Furnished Rooms by the Day, Week or Month
Mrs. H. J. Hanbury,   -     Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout.     Housekeeping Suites.
Corner View
and Douglas Streets.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.      Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
Again Condemned.
The Borden attitude upon tho jiaval
question is being justified moro and
more as time progresses by men who
are expert in such matters. The latest. I
justification comes from Admiral Free-
mantle, of the Britinh navy, und one
of its most distinguished officers. On
the general Dominions' nuvul question
he states he is disposed lo treat lightly the alleged difficulty of a combina -
tion of Canadian or Australian squadrons in timo oi war. The Australian
navy al all events cau scarcely be sne- !
ered at as a "tiupot navy" and is already a force to be reckoned with but
whether large oi small any squadrons
provided hy tin' dominions, horn and
bred as they would be in thc traditions
of lho British navy, could not but be
auxious to join in making one greut
Imperial navy iu case of war.
Centralists insist thut wheu Britain
fights every dominion must be light -
ing loo. Free elance for Britain and
compulsory choke for the dominions?
The answer is "Certainly,'' and Laur-
•icr's tentative proposal forthe neulru- |
lily af Canada under certain condi -
lions is un impracticable chimera. An
Empire must "bear each other's burdens" not only in European complioa -
tions, but In the fishery or boundary
disputes of Canada, ol* Australia oi* of
New  Zealand. an se  I rouble  musl
concern the whole Empire, whether fed
era Iik I or not,  an I it is a narrow  view!
to suppose thut the difficulty is     al -
ways a British one, as  th? South Af -
ricun  war should  huve  mude clear.
lt is believed this latter point will
hecomti more I'vidcnt as the question
of union for defence is further studied.
We may have federation, representa -
lion, co-operation, or union, but the
Empire must act in unison. Our dominions Ix'yond the seas have in peace
lhe advantages of our diplomatists,
our consuls, and very often ol our
money, anil they must share with us
thedisadvantages of tbe United Kingdom's geographical, no-iiion in close
proximity to powerful empires with
aims and ambitions v.-hic'e ■ -av conflict with the interests of thf British
Efficiently Administered.
Last Saturday's Toronto Weekly-
Star under "Minister of Labor," contains at least one true statement. As
applicable to it no one will 'dispute the
assertion "the criticism of political op
ponents counts for little or nothing*"
—especially ns in the case where particular and facts are studiously avoided.
It is said that Mr. Orothers' sympathies are naturally wiih big business."—
As a htiije joke that will strike those
who know the Minister of Labor. Dili
he exhibit such sympathies when he
cut in two the prices oi .-chool books
in Ontario*' or when he secured the
reinstatement of the railway conduc -
tors and their back pay? or when he
had the machinists and boiler-makers
returned to work?
Mr. Orotbers hus always expressed
his sympathy with the principle oi
The Industrial Disputes Act, and ha-
administered it with greater efficiency
ihun ii formerly hud been. Wheu he
Was placed in charge of iho Labor Department he found complaints hud (been
made by workiiiL'mcn oi alleged deluys
in the administration of the Acl and
he at once gave instructions thai it
must lie administered as expeditiously
as possible, with the result thut iu his
first vear the time taken in the establishment of a Board of Conciliation
wa- less than half lhal taken the next
year. The number of day* lost in
strikes was less by Wi.OOO. Prior to
the yeur 1912 for 20 years ihere was in
the mines of No\a Scotia on an averages strike a yeur. Since there has
been no strike there, and but two or
three comparatively small ilisputcs,
which were quickly and .satisfactorily
There    ha
The only building material that ha& not increased
in price is
Canada Portland cement
It makes concrete that you can depend upon foe satisfactory results, whelhet jroM use il fe* a s]o
oc a garden walk.
High quality and low price are made possible by efficient organization and   manufacturing
economies due to a large and growing demand.
See that  every  bag of cement you buy bean the "Canada" lab J—it is you» guarantee
of satisfaction.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Write fir a fret ctrpy of lbe took " What the Farmer Ca. Do With CttureU. "
zBgs*gm*iitt&3&BaE&i t&*mstias&&*33tG*i-*- *■&«_
and excellent in every respect. Last | royalty shall h* paid ou the m.-r
summer Mr. (.'others, desirous of learn chantable output of the tr.ine at tb«
ing for himself, spent much time per - rate ot five cents per ton.
-onally investigating the matter there I The person operating tbe mine shall
and eflorts are still being made with | furnish the Agent with sworn return*
the view to resumption of work in the  accounting for the full quantity     ol
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that,  on  the
first  day  of December  next,    application    will    be    made  to the Superintendent    of      Provincial    Police     for
Island.     Recognition of    the     United merchantable coal mined aud pay the   renewal of  the hotel  license    to    sell
Mine Workers of America was the ques  royalty  thereon.   If  the  coal  mining I liquor    by    retail in the hotel known
tion at   issue, and each  party seemed    rights are not being operated,    such I as the Eva hotel,  situate     at Caro-
uualterably determined to have        its returns ebould  be furnished at least   borne, in the Province of British    Co-
own way.    Every reasonable eflort was   once a year.
made .  and i< being made, to  effect au I    For full     information     application
adjustment. should be made to the Secretary   ol
Many, including prominent Liberals, Ithe Department of the Interior, Ot-
have expressed appreciation of the ex-1 tawft> or to the AK«nt or Sub-Agent
cellent  work done by  the Department
of Labor since Mr. Crotherd was placed in charge of it. Some Liberals have
gone so far as to say that there has
been more of such work accomplished
under him in one year than there was
in five years previously.
It  we
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  OORY.
Dated this 'J.ith day of October, 1913
1st iss.  Oc.29,  I'M 1. Applicant
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on  the
first  day of December  next,    applica-
welli for the Star to acquire   tion    will    be    made  to  the  Superin-
-ome knowledge of a  question  before .
rather than after, treating it.
Telegraphers Meet
A  Well ni tended meeting of members
tendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to sell j
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Glacier House, situate at Glacier, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 25th day of October, 1913
Canadian Paeifi'* Railway Company,
ofthe Order of Railway Telegraphists,   ,at ,„   0c 2;t   30d Applicant
Was held at  lie: Kine.' Edward hotel on  _________________________
Thursday night.   The attendance     in-1
LIQUOR ACT.  1910.
eluded representatives irom every station on the division between Field aud Notice is hereby given that, on the
Kamloops, The primary object of the first day of December next, applica-
gatherlng wa- to hear Mr. G.D. Robert i*on will be made to the Superin-
son, L-eneral chairman of Toronto, tendent of Provincial Police tm
Mr. A. W. McBain, of Bearvernioutli. renewal of the hotol license to soil
was elected local chairman in success- liquor by retail in the hotel known
ion io Mr.  J.B.  Bidding,  of Sicamous. asthe Beaton hotel,   situate  at Beat-
Notice is hereby given that, or the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor
renewal of tbe hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Criterion hotel, situate at
Camborne, in the Province of British
Dated this 25th 'lay of October, 1913
1st Iss.  Oc.29,  30d. Applicant
and othei* routine business was transacted. The organizers of the meeting
desire to thank thc proprietor and
siaflof the Kiiu.e- Edward hote'l for the
arrangements made for the comfort of   1st iss
those present.
Union  Hotel
A. P. LBVKSQUK, Proprietor
Coal mining rights of tho Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tht
Sejrth-west Territories anl in a portion of the Province of British Col-
.iii ii.l, may be leased ior a term o!
twenty-one years at an annual rental of tl au acre. Not more thap
2,560 acres will be leased to one ap-
heen but one prolonged  plicant.
and serious strike since  Mr,  Orothers Application for lease must be mu it
took charge oi the Department       and by  the applicant in  parson    to    the
that still continues on Vancouver     Is- Agent  or     Sub-Agent of the district
land.   Conditions  there are unique, is- in which  the rights applied for     »r«
pedally  in view  of  the  nearness of  the situated.
Washington mines, aod both parties The lease will Include the conl min-
have steadily refused to use the, Act. Ing rights only, but the lessee may
although by tho Minister repeatedly be permitted to purchase whatever
urged to do -o. And then, in what available surface rights may be con-
was conceived the besft interests of all sidored necessary lot ths working ol
loni-ernod.      including   the  public,      a the mine at the rate of     110.00     an
Royal Commission »*a- appointed to
investigate and report. And Mr. S.
Price, for many years Winin_ Com -
mi-'sioner for Ontario, was appointed
sole commissioner. No man in Canada is better Qualified for that work, for shall be staked out ny the
either by reason of experience, intogrl-   plicant  himself.
ty or reputation, and no fault, has been Kach applicant must be accompan-
found with his report either by the ied by a fee of $& which will ba rs-
miners or by the mine owners—on the funded if ths rights applied for aw
contrary, il  has been  admitted     fair,  not available,  but not otherwise.   A
In surveyed territory the laud must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un-
surveyed  territory  the  tract  applied
ap •
on. in  the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 25th day of October, 1913
Oc.29, :S0J. Applicant
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, appiica
tion will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Halcyon Hot Springs hotel
situate at Halcyon, in the Province
of liriti-ih Columbia. 6
Datod thi- 25th elay of October, 1913
1st Iss,  Oc.29,  30d. Applicant
LIQI'OR  ACT,   1910.
N'.iiie-e- i- hereby _-iven that, on the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent nf Provincial Poliee for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the ho'.-l known
as the Hotel Queens situate at Comaplix. in the Province of British
Dated lhi    .'VI,   lay of October, 1913
1st iss. Oc.2:). 30d. Applicant
Notice is hereby given that on the
flrst day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Tolice for renewal of
the Hotel Licensed to sell liquor by re-
tall in the hotel known as the Lake-
view Hotel, situate at Arrowhead, in
(he Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 25th day of October, 1918
1st Iss. Oct. 25 one mon.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day ol December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Polioe lor
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
asfthe Union hotel, situate at Arrowhead in the Province ot British Columbia.
Dated this 25th day of October, 1913
1st iss.  Oct. 29, 30d. Applicant.
Notice is hereby given that on tbe
first day of December next, applicatiom
Will l>e made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for the grant of a
license for the sale ol liquor by wholesale in and upon the promises known
as Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Company, situate at Revelstoke, B.C up-
cn the lands described ns Lots 1,8,9,
and 10, Blo k 98, Map No. 636.
Dat*d this 30th day ot October, 1913
Revolstoke  Wine and  Spirit Company,
Notice i- hereby given that on tihe
tir-t day of Drceml>er next, application
will be marie to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal ol the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as Lardeau hotel, situated at Comaplix in the Provini* of
British Columbia.
Dated this 0r,th day of O. tober. 1913
l-t  is?.  Oc.29,  30d. Applicant.
Notice is hereby given that on the
first day of December next, appiica •
•ion will b« made to the Superintendent of Provin'-ial Police for a renewal
of the hotel license to sell liquor by
retail in the hotel known as the Arrow
head hotel situated nt Arrowhead, liv
the Provinc of British Columbia.
Dated this 25th day of October, 1913
T«t iss. Oc.29, 30d. Appliintii.
Ttie   family   remedy   for   Coughs   and Cofd*
'Sh'.iob costs  so   little   and does   so inucbl* PAGE  EIGHT
id    iu
I'll. Ashbridge oi Vancouv
the oity,
I a. Johnson of Rogers Pass, is in
the oity.
H.E. Kelley of Nelson, und H. RooS
of  Vancouver,  are in town.
j Ashworihy of Calgary Is a busi-
),'-', visitor to Revelstoke today,
Mrs. H. Patterson ..[ Andover is h«M
thvs week, a guest at the King Edward
Mrs. A. Harkinson and Miss F. Burr
oui Comaplix, were Shopping in the city
j. Hartley of Nakusp, was noticed
among the guests at the Ring Edward
y. i terday.
11.0. Bauiord and W.J. Henry, of
Vancouver, .-ame in on Monday's early  oa-t-boimd.
The Mayor lefl for* the coasl on Sunday night and will transacl municipal
■business during his trip.
The "Haymakers" oantata will practice Monday nights in future instead of
"Tuesday-, as heretofore.
W.J. Les.nre of Vancouver, and P.
K. Thompson of Everitt, are among
«oast visitors ue visit Revelstoke this
Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Turkest oi Well -
•ington,  New Zealand,  are  paying R»V-
There wlll be several first-class attraction? at this popular play house,
during thfl next few weeks. Theatregoers will do well to keep thoir eye
onlhese columns where the theatrical
news will be found.
The funnio-ities oi tho "Girl in the
Taxi" wore enjoyed by a good house at
the Empress theatre on Saturday night
Owing to the fact that the member.-
of the Chas. L. Falcon Coinpuny did
r.ot arrive in town until shortly be -
fore the advertised hour for a com-
mencement, the presentation was late
in starting. The outline of this lively
success is well known! The plot is of
the fitmziest, but ii serves as a peg
upon which to banj fun uf the last and
furious order. The various charai ter*
were well portrayed ond special men-
t ton must be made of Marguerite Leas-
ure as the French maid, Aileen Morris
on, as Mignon, and Georgia Fnlkner a?
Bertie Stewart. The scenery was et -
lective and the dresses quite up to the
standard thc piece demanded. The mus
ieal numbers by Georgie Fnlkner and
Marguerite Leasure wen- >deservedly ap
plauded and in eaeh case an encore was
insisted upon.
people who attended over 25 perform -
nnccs of the piece during the metropolitan engagement, and one family of
live liked it so well that they saw 113
diflerent performances of the musical
e omedy while it was playing the New
Amsterdam  theatre.
This is the longest run ever known
for a musical comedy in New York nnd
when it is considered that six weeks of
that time were part of the hottest weather New York hail known in thirty
years, the record is all the more as-
In London, England, at the Globe
theatre, 11 achieved even greater success, if that is possible, inasmuch as
American productions rarely if ever
appeal to our foreiirn cousins, and especially an American play with a foreign atmosphere, such as the "The Pink
Lady' possesses. Several prominent
English critics went so far as to openly state that "The Pink Lady'' was
presented with a wealth of detail permeated with glorious Parisian and Eng
li-h flavor that even George Edwards
ir. his palmiest days failed to create in
his Gaiety theatre presentations. It
will he at the Empress theatre- Dec.
A most enjoyable musical evening
guaranteed by the Revelstoke Musical
Scie-ioty at their first concert to be
given at the Empress theatree on. Friday evening, Nov. .'8th. Come and
hear the Male Voice Choir in their
glees, choruses and quartettes, etc.
Reception and evening gowns, Cress-
man et   Co.,  ladies  and  men's  tailors,
. have placed In   stock some   twenty-four
'evening dresses,   these models aro    tho
. original creations of famous French de-
I signers and  therefore feature the  most
, up-to-date  advanced  styles.   Call  and
see us for your evening dress. —Cressman and Company.
Howson & Co. are showing a most
' complete line of childrens' sleighs and
1 cutters.
If you w.mt a tuner for Piano or
Organ, call on C.O. Brownell, or phone
No. 73.
4>lstoke a   visit tliis   Week.    They       are
at the King Edward.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church invite all the ladies io their
afternoon tea and sale oi home cook -
ing, at Mrs. Jack Hume's residence an
.Sixth street, on Friday afternoon. A*1-
mUsion  15 cents.
Mr. B. Westcott, provincial government engineer, of Nelson, passed thru'
town la-t Week-end niter a trip of in -
_§pecti'jn from Cranbrook through the
Columbia valley to Golden, which he
described as having been mo-t interesting and instructive.
Miss  Myrtle  Lindmark  was  the  re -
ciplent  lasi  Wednesday evening   of   a
handsome  present  when the Cli.0 -
ai>d the     J.B.C.'a of     tb.- Methodist
church tendered her a  slight  apprei 11
tion of   the  high  reg-ard in  which    sl«.-
is held.   The token  was u  lovely  cam
eo brooch set in "gold, accompanied by
a short address.   The meeting     whii b
was held nt  the  home Ol      Mr-.  Walter
lU'Ws,  then     enjoyed a   program     of
games and  music      which   continued
with  enthusiasm  imt. L   nearly      mid -
audit, only  interrupted  to partake    of
cake sandwiches,   tea,   coffee and   other
good things.
W. B. Robertson returned from
French Oreek on Fri.lay, where he has
beeu for the last four months, doing
assessment work on placet leases owu-
ed by himself and Me in U.S. MeCarter and J. C. Montgomery. He • .>•-
the old i ' ;■ : -he- ■ reek was locat
■ed on the pronerty and tbe prospects
are very bright foi the success of the
venture although the obstacles to contend with wen on_jefiei ible and the
time wa- te.u -hort for full levelop -
nent. Mr. Robertson v t- his f unity backfi.ein  Winnipeg in a few day-.
where they      ive  n  foi   the  p ist    n
month-. Mi. Robertson and family
will  winter -,t  Revelstoke.
Mr=. English'- home heM a pit
little gathering on Friday  afternoon,
when Mi-o Hodson - ass o: girls
met to .-ay good-by        Mi     i.r    Li
tuarK.    About a    lo* n    ■•■  .      pi
and enjoyed games ind .   for     a
■    ipie of houi •  !,.-:oe e sitting d
a tempting «U|
lioonRf*-.  Lashley Hal ga
address to the giri-   ... .- _• tbe
gret at loti r H i-iaas-n
JM:.-.- Alma  I.e-    h-;.a mad   M --
a presentation :i  m ,    of    a
bea'it.: d perfume atoo i
ilain'.y bottle of per: im-     Th-        la -
»-nt to *he station in a  bod
Mis-, Lin'JDiaik  awaj    n   s o.   13.
The friends of  Mr.  Ji k  Carta
who as   reported   pi met with
a sei ious accident   i _•■      i i    lasl
week, will   lie  pleas* I
Tuesday he showed distinct rigns of
improvement at ihe Revelstoke hospital) to which institution : • .va admitted foon after the accident. It appears that a burst hal occurred ifl rhe
pit at Roger- Puss uaed for heating pur
poses, with the result tlmt the shed
was enveloped in iteam. The- mmp
hail lc-n opened with .he- object if em
pting it   in  Order to   j-i at   the      leak,
and wa- left uncovered, io thai    when
C_,rmichu"l walked  along ho   was
apatod itito ih" -ump, which contained
fcoilin_-   water and  steam,    The  tinfoit-
unat' m in   grasped    'he  hot pipes  at
the  mouth of the  satin    and  so Saved
]<in life.   As il  wax his l"g-    were im -
mersed in   ihe   boiling   water and      hid
band wa- al«0 leverely  sralded by    the
}H|>es to     which ho    clung   before he
roiild  he oTtrhated    Irom  his  terrible
The clever character comedian, Geo.
H. Summers, and his sixteen talented
associates open an engagement in thee
Empress theatre on Monday, Dec. 1st, i
for one weok, presenting the Mrreat Eng
lish comedy success, "The House Next j
Door," to be followed by the splendid
American comedy, "The Great Johu
Canton," and a dramatization of E.P.
Roe'.- novel, "Barrier's Burner Away"
"The Boss,*' "Little Lord Fauntleroy"
and others. His company Ihis season
i- undoubtedly the strongest he has
ever carried anel includes such well-
known players as Milburn Morante,
Eugene I,an. , Grace Whitcher, Myrtle
Adell, Louise Croliusm, Roy Bowman,
t'harlc- E. Harris. Florence Nat'd,
Charles Whitehou*, Edgar Gordon and Harold Yosberg. Every play
will be produced with handsome special scenery ieet- every play. Popular
prices will prevail.   L'sual matinees.
Geo. H. Summers has won his place
"in the sun" through his admirable
talent as a haracter comedian and his
sound business methods. It wad the
writer's fortune t" nuet and know this
representative Canadian ae-tor in his
early day- in the profession. Geo. II.
Summers made Ir.s debut in the Grand
Opera ifous.- in Toronto as n child in
1-S79. It was there thai Harriet Hol-
niari, ih.- tion.-. r of Canadian *
cal  tiinna_. i iw the  boy
a ers  perform and  immediately
negotiations   with   his   parent-   *
appearance in that    famou
: ie.n. The     Holman Opei
r  her   mat   .
e.l him in'.
■ omedians ol By wa
ouragement sh-has often patted   ihi
lie-'lian   Hi.
"Another Billy Crane"—ar.
- mo
to pro cor-
•iminir    en.-a_. nent   here,
-.n    life
-'■irn--   n ■ n
Th- Boi ...        a
i .iris Le
p ir-
December Lsi
* THK   PINK   I.AIiY "
During the    id   ■   Th-   Pin
in   N>'W   York,  JohS   C.   Fi-hei
■ ■lose  'ab     upon    i.e      annus    records
ie    nn e afnl produ I .on md
figures  were   : he  ro -
-nit.   One-    o .       piote  figures   ' .        i
ind ni iust the detai '
record      , maahsd,   li
i,earl-   n   foai    v,!he, |< an  in'"*
In that  'ime: 867,998  people
0 As tbe    htghl r-rvl
1 '■'• ami the    le in        * I
it i- erased slightly fe si | io |,er
pi. nn n ■I ■ ee tei of "iff ■ on, ■!
ii will in. teen  'ha'   the gro I
woro - lose te, ihreo t|uai tei ol ., mil
lion dollars In New York lty _JOM
From February to December not a
pei fe.i itinnce was missed and manv
ipecial ones had io tw pn! Into aecom
moil ite lhe il'in. md.    Tier-   no- several
The attention of all resi'dents Is directed to the forthcoming cone-ert whieh
is io be given in the Empress theatre
, n Friday, Nov. >'th. This event promises to be oi unusual merit all round
nnd the fact that the program is" to
be presented entirely by local talent
should weigh with people more especially as the program is in itself sufficient L'uarnntee that patrons of the concert will have an enjoyable time. The
choir is in particularly fine form just
row, as the result oi careful training .
coupled with the enthusiasm of its
members, and a real treat is assured
all who visit the Empress? nn the even-
For Baby cutter robes go to       R.
1 Howson's.
GALT COAL is handled  exclusively
: in  Revelstoke by the Revelstoko Gen-
I ••rai Agencies, Ltd.
The Male Voice Choir Concert,     to
' lie held in the Empress theatre on Fri-
! day oveninir, Nov. 28th is an inovation
'for Revelstoke ns this is  the  first concert of  this   kind ever  held   here.      Be
sure nnd secure your seats early.
Ladies' evening dresses, the most up
to date stock from const to coast. —
Cressman and Company.
Gold Range Lodge, No. 26, Knights
of Pythias, will meet in future on tho
1st and 3rd Wednesday evpning, and
any Sth Wednesday at 8 o'clock in Selkirk Hall. Visiting brothers cordially
invited,   A.  E.  Kincaid, C.C. t.f.
"Dropped in the   Jm    J*
Mail Herald Post Boj
Editor Mail-Herald:—
Sir,—As the Civic Elections are approaching, may I ash you to reserve
space in your issuo of December 3rd.,
as I have in hand something which
will make it hot for the City Council,
and other officials and shall then place
before you an important announce -
Yours truly,
H. N. Coursier.
I Or. line Minimum 25c.   Cash in AJvunct* 1
FOR SALE—Two horses, wagon, two
ploughs; also other farm implements.
Apply to Charlie Loo, Revelstoke,
B.C. 1st iss. Nov. Ifi,  tt.
FOR PENT—Eight roomed housc,$25;
Six-roomed hourie, $30, conveniently
situated.—H.N.  Coursier.
Revelstoke Clothing Company
We have purchased the Sio-k of C. S. McFarland, Howson Block
and arc carrying on business in the samo stand. We find when taking Stock unite a few broken lines which we are offering at i-emurk-
able reductions. You will find your size in some of these lines. We
have daily replenished the stock and it is now as complete as you
would wish.
Men's Pine Shirts, including all sizeB, made by such mukers us
Clett, Peabody, Van Allen, and Tookes, regular prii-os *1.25 to J--."'
Sale Price  65   Cents.
Men's Shoes, including such makers as Dr. Reids, Bell's and
McPherson, which regularly sold for $d.OO to $7.50. Now on Alio
at  $3.95
Men- Shoes which regularly sola for ?4..i0 to tS.OO. Sale price,
while they last,  J 1.95 as
Men's  Suits  which  regjlarly sold for &2.">.00 Sale Price J 13.90
Boy-'  Shirts.      Sale Price 45 Cents.
A  Big Assortment  of  Neckwear which was regular SOc. and 75c.
Sale Price  25  Cents. !    - . . .    . . V
Revelstoke Clothing Company
FOR SALE—A *_»1 foot Motor Launch
Seven H.P., Fairbanks engine, with
reverse. Will sell reasonable. Apply
to F.N.  Roberts, Arrowhead, B.C.
WANTED—Smythe's Employment 01-
toe, men for work at good wuges.—
Apply to Smythe's Employment Office, First street, Revelstoke,  B.O.
WANTED—Washing woll and carefully
done at the Colored Hand Laundry,
McKenzie and Victoria Road, Fone
WANTED—A competent general house
girl. Apply Mrs. R. Howson, Mo -
Kenzio Avenue.
WANTED — Nursing, apply lo Mrs.
McDonald, Connaught avenue, Becond door from Second street, between First and Second streets.
S        28th,   Friday  next
. mpi  -■ popular
, ones, plantation me-
bumoroui   part   -oni;s,  double
.    * ind     Mr
r>- in       at-
, 1  ■ - resident   of
.    M aus-
•o b<< providi
H 1 the   -e-1-Mary,    and
\ I
.., * *   Hour of
-. ..   Bei
1 ■•'!    I   I
Moi d iv    M    ..-.. * *        parts;
1 arts     . B lie    *S*l
•'    *     {
a      ne   It/ei
we,  par"/     Wei,-
v !   . ■    xe.     for S    Wife,
il,    Mnv'i
Hot  Stuff for a  Hard Coal Heater is
Coursier's Coke.
\  Six room  Hou«« foi  n*"t. Second
street,  east.  —H.N.  Coursler,
Boys'     Hoys! !      Buy your Aeighi
from Howson's.
"The Pink Lady'' company, which
plays at the Emprei*- theatre on Dee.
-th, is the biggest company which has
• si played In Itevelstoke, they travel
fiom Edmonton to Revel-toke dire :l ,
three baggage   cars and two
nrlv   1   train of   their     own,
and *he  t.he ■ o     promiwd    a
\  hf      ii.-    -th    Keep    the
ipen  as  von  cannot   afford      to
big     ompany
Dress Ball, under the auspices of
Fire Brigade No. 1, will be held ot.
December .led,  1913. t.d.
TO RENT-Well heated furnished bedrooms, Victoria Road, Boylo avenue
near O.P.R.    Apply  A.R.   Mail-Her-
aid Office.
Mr. Chns. Kipp has rented Mr.
Greenwoon's house on Eleventh street.
Mr. Robt. Howson is at Halcyon,
taking treatment for   his rheumatism.
Mrs. Sheppherd is receiving tomorrow, Thursday, for the first time since
making hero home In our oity.
Mr. Bland, an engineer whose homo
is in Victoria, is spending a month in
our city for tho benefit of his health.
Tlio Ladies Auxiliary of St. John'a
churh will hold a bazaar and sale of
works in lhe Howson Illock on December 17 th.
Mrs.  E. Bongard uud her sister MrB.
J. Fraser, of Glacier, went to Vauc0u-
I ver  011     Saturday   for   a two  weeks'
Mr. 0.  Aman bus rented Mr. Dennis
: McCarty's houso 011 Third street, west.
Mrs. Aman aud llie family ai rived here
from the coas't  last week.
Rev. Lashley Hall, went to Victoria
on Monday on biLsincss conneoted with
his duties as president of conference.
He  is expected lioine  un Saturday.
Tho Ladles' Auxiliary of ihe Y.M.C,
A. will meet at the home of tho president, Mrs. Kilpatrick on Friday afternoon at 3:30, All interested in tho
work please accept ibis notice.
The ladies of the Methodist church
are holding a sale of home cooking and
funcy work on Friday afternoon com-
menclng at three o'clock, at the homo
of Mrs. Jaek  Hume,  Sixth street.
Mrs. Merle, who was for a long time
a well-known nurse in town anil is now
Living in Vancouver, went through the
city goiiii-; east to Ontario, having received word that   her   im-   en > a 1.
Rov. J. tf. Henderson, during his<
stay in this city, was the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. N.R. Brown, whose pastor
hc was for twelve years iu New Westminster. Mr. Henderson went east
TuoBday to conduct social service meet
iiim- in (uildeu.
Mrs. Aiuslie's home 011 Fifth street,
entertained n merry crowd of young
people last Monday evening when Miss
Pierce was the hostess of a dance party numbering twenty or more. Tho
ladles present in turns at the' piano
furnished the music, Miss Hobbs, Miss
Creelman and   Miss  Robinson  playing.
TO RENT—Two furnished liedrooms,
well heated near O.P.R., hoard optional.      Apply  A.  R.  Mail-Herald.
TO RENT—Well heated room, house -
keepinM; privileges; nLo sint.de bed.
room.   Apply  A.R..   Mall-Herald.
wanted—Snow Shoveling or Woodcutting work. Apply iT, Third St.,
PIANO LESSONS — On the 1st oi
November, Prof. A. De Feo, will
start bis class of Piano Lessons in
his Studio at thc corner of Second
street and Railway avenue. Phono
-'112. The teacher prefers to teach the
pupils at their own home-.
Oct.29, lm.
WANTED—A competent general housemaid. Apply Mrs. R. Howson, Mc -
Kcnzie Avenuo.
WE WANT a Salesman to represent us
in this district on our DIRECT
proposition. Ton bright, active and
well recommended man, this means a
permanent, independent business.—
Don't bother us with letters unless
you mean business nnd ian furnish
good refci-enros. Apply by letter to
RBO 0IQAR CO., 437 Main Street,
iiddi.  i-  1       \   test M-ldl.
ind   I!- ttin*       th(
Ml           iill b.   m   lt/-veU *
Thai (day thi   .'7'h. ■      when
\. ill aie   requested   torn™' him      il   an
"ftt.   houn'     toM   held   _ hr   How   on
I Block.
\M>   \ lllll IW
LAKES potnvrm
■   lATInN
DRILL H w.l.,
Th> i:. . in the Interim
Pi h    loi   BihiW
liOa I I .    I'.reeds.        Hll
vnr    I -, I     -*|i'-cml ,   ihf
l*»i in Ibe I ind
WE WISH TO APPOINT a Sole Agent In Revelstoko to handle several
new domestic utilities that sell at
-icht Exi-ellent proposition for live
snlriman In view of Xmas trade. —
Waddy A Young, Northwest Trust
Iliiildinir,   Vancouver,   R.C.
1 LOSI    ' 1911.
■ _■>-■■________*
Holder*of reserved   sal  "ekets   for
the Male Voice concert   ire rtqasttod
to l>e e,,e nnr\ han.' same as early
I possible m I'll Madonald's drug
(it ore.
, November     2&—The     Revelsloke Mail
Voles (thoir at the Empress theatre.
Deoember I, One Week—Summer Stock
Coinpuny,  Kmpress  theatre.
Deoember 8rd—Firemen's Annual Mas-
qiierade Hnll, In the opart house.
Dee. 8—Tbe Pinl< I,edy, ot the Em-
|ne«n theatre.
December 10—Tennii Cluh concert, at
the Empress theatre.
13   MatbesOO,  LaDg  and Britton,
Emprtti theatre.
D. Orr will supply the orchestra music for the Male  Voice Choir conert—
I ■mprwrfj Friday,  Nov. 28th
Thc Women's Missionary Society met
cn Tuesday afternoon in St. John'a
church and heard two excellent papers
on "Corea'* nnd "The Mormons," illustrating opposite variolic- of religions energy. The former paper Was
givon by Mrs. McQuarrie, the latter by
Hrs. Haug. A thank -ottering collect -
ion was taken.
Mrs. Sheppherd gave a delightiul
party last week in honor of Miss
Pierce, whose birthday it wus. Five
tables of "600'' played several lively
games, in which Miss Creelmau Won
tirst prize and Mr. Clifford lUipihart
second Mrs. Sheppherd servoil a
dainty supper after the games, and
aiioihi-i hour was enjoyed with music
and singing. Miss Pierce received some
pretty mementos of the occasion in
the form of a handkerchief shower from
the ladies.
On Monday  evening ,      St.    John'a
church  held a   very  attentive  audience
when   Re 1 1 rnon  spoke    oa
, tbe   pressing need   for   social   reform
throughout our province.   Rev. J. W.
Stevenson occupied the e hair and Introduced the speaker. Mr. Henderson
spoke on the two topics, commercialized vice and lhe li.|iieu traffic, dwelling
wiih emphasis on ths fearful ravages
wrought in every community by these
evils. At the elotfoof hi- addiess Mi.
Henderson answered questions and explained what amendment had recently
Iwn  made to  the rrimlnal  cods
The condition of Mr. Jack Carmichael, who lies' in tha ho-pital siiflerine;
fiom terrible hums was reported yester
dny to In' somewhat more hopeful. Thu
accident happened about one o'clock
Inst Saturday morning at Roirers Pass
when in the dark he stepped into tho
drain pipe, which carries away tho
wnste oil and boiling waler from the
engines. This was being siphoned mil
al the time and in the steam arisinc
Mr. Carmichael failed lo see the opening and stepped into the hole plunging
up to hi* arms in the m-aldlnc liquid.
A doctor who arrived on No. 3. np -
plied first aid remedies and the sufferer was brought quickly to the Revelstoke hospital and everything pos -
sible done to alleviate his agony. Mr.
Alex Carmichael of Calgary, Mr. Sam
Carmichael of Van'ouver, and Mrs.
Conncher of Vancouver, arrived on
Sunday and -are slaying with Mrs.
Clnylon Tapping, who is another sister of the injured man.
J.L. Morris ,,f Portland. Oregon wns
noticed on  the  streets the fore     pari
of  thi"   week.


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