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Vol. 12.-No 149
$2.50 Per Year
We are Stock-Taking and have a pile of Remnant
Bargains which we are clearing at Bargain Prices. Get
Your Share.
Hundreds of samples of Children's Silk Dresses,
Children's Coats, Misses' Coats, Misses' Silk Dresses,
Misses'Serge Dresses, Misses' Wash Dresses.
Ladies' Dresses and Coats. They are about Half
Price.   Get Vour Share.
Specials for Next Week
Our tn bit- of Assorted Jams, .I.'Hies, Syrups,  Molasses and
Uli.ii.ix .lams and Jellies in 5 111. Palls, the following kinds:
1'enr, Plum, Peach, Rod ('iii-irut, Apricot, Apple,  Uaspl.ei-ey nud
.lav,-, ("nne Syrup in I quart, bull'gallon and 1 gallon tins.
Ontario Honey In 20c, 30c, and 75c, Jars.
Marlin Burrill of Grand Forks
Addresses Electors on 3e-
Mr. McBride had Inkon the only
attitude possible when the conference at Ottawa refused to give
liritish Columbia special consideration,
In dealing with the ('. &.. W, he
oxpl.iineil fully the whole  matter
ami showed how lhe contract had
half   Of   TilOlliaS   Taylor— been an honest one lind the C.I'.R,
Ofher Speeches. entitled to the land ..subsidy,    lb-
made a forcible argument ion  the
Despite il..-  inclemency  of  lhe I B. C, & Southern, saying Hint thai
weather lasl  nighl  and  nothing line i-nnnot   be  taxed till after n
daunted,    Revelsloke once  mine certain time has elapsed nnd .vl.nl
nsBomhlrd cn ...-..-. it.   the  Opern more could bc done,    lie reviewed
Lin.biiark,   ipe it six weeks in  **xmMumimmmammm
Victoria to  help in putting the luni- fl  "T~> /*\T1—F*~> TCT" ITI      "PT3nC!
|,r industry on a solid basis ,.u.l had li  BO U JC\,JN -Cj      -D-ttUCD.
il in.- good wurk (cheers) with the CO-
i.poriiii.u. of Mr. Taylor, lie exhorted
Ihe people ol Lev..bloke 1.. give lair
piny It all men (cluers).
A v.ile nf il.ii.k-' .v.'-- passed toll.
Iloiten,  chairman, and tin* meeting
House t
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment nf those Famous Biscuits jmt arrived; here
are a fow specials :—Philippines, Brazil, Rich '['en, Casino
lliirnl, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ice
('renin, Chocolate and Cocoauut Creams, also other vai'l-
. ti. s, whicli we would be pleas .1 to show.
Preserves asid
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Preserves and Pickles :•—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Hcinzo's* Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter.
Hein/.e's Sweet Onions, Sweet Gherkins, Mandalay Sauce
and Tomato Catsup.
B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
HALT   COAL    The
Satisfactory  Domestic (
for ('..ok  Stove,   11.-..let
Grate, clean .....1 free 1*
Dry Fir and llir.-h \V
any Length.
Hay,   Oats,   Wheat
Kxpress and   1 Maying
anv part of the city,
Furniture Stored at Boson-
able Rates.
Hot Water
Office, McKenzie Ave.
Next Burnt' New Block
TELEPHONE       -       •        73.
Guaranteed for one Vear.
A comfort for sick people
in cold weather like this.
Always keep one In the house
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
'l iVl if I i't I i*ti it'i (ti it I it i ti'i At it'i it'i il'i iti ilS i*t*i ti'i ft i iTi tti it'i it* i it) Vfrl i
? l*'+ ™ "" " + " + * X " * "" " ^P 4 w ■*• + + + ▼ *
Besides njt'ciii.g Bargains In Chinn and other useful articles
at attractive prions, wo beg to call your special attention to n
"The Kookizer"
Cnoks your Broakfast while ynu sleep.
Cooks your whole dinner while ynu play with baby.
Call and let us explain to you all about the Knokiior.
Made especially for British Columbia.  Wide Web fo
Strong and Durable, X
T* 9 Dealers ln Hardware, Stoves sod Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's tp
fo and Sawmill Supplies, elc, Plumbing and Tim.nithing. ♦ *.
-      .|i^^*|i^-}i*|i^^^^$^,^^^i|>^<Hl<|iV
hear llio closing campaign
of our respective candi-
Jales uml repn-senl.ii.ives of nil
tliree parlies. Chas. Iliilten took
the chair ind called on Mr. Lefeaux
to open the proceedings.
W. W. Le r'eiiux explained Hint
he wus before Ibe people In pi. a.I
his cau.-.i and the causo of the
people, lb- -ai.I thai be had ll
charge to make against Mr. Taj lor
und Mr. Caley in tlmi they didn't
properly repiescnt the working
classes. .Mr. Caley had. no ability
as a representative of Rovelstoke
since ho li ol Inul no experience
lmong the workers to know what
ihey wanted.   The Socialists did..'.
-,l Liberalism at nil bo said, and
pointed oul that it would soon he a
back number and become unknown
ill a few years lie had beard Taylor and his opponents slinging
mud, but neither Taylor or Cn ley
really understood whal political
economy was. He referred to
Taylor's record in the house as
against tbe workingmen, and gave
extracts tor the aels wherein this
was noticeable. He touched on
tho present condition of labor as
compared with that of the prehistoric, days, saying that slaves
were better off under tbe chattel
system than the wage slave of
to-day. Trades unions help the
workers out, but are being squashed
by the advent of labor-saving
devices. Higher wages would
mean higher priced living commodities, and over-production and
congestion of the market would
lead to revolution and panic. Parliament should cope with ihe dilliculties, and be questioned whether
the iiieii in power were capable of
guiding our country's affairs. He
reviewed the results of capital and
the surplus of men's wages and
urged that a climax was comin;
and trouble with it, since markets
are getting played out, and unless
tin- sooi ili.-ii- could stave it off the
eftVet would be utter desolation in
B.C, He exhorted the people to
look niter themselves and send
good men and not puppets to
T. Taylor commenced his address by alluding to Mr. Le Penux
and his attack on him, and said
that he hml always iiom- bis besl
for the province and riding and
had helped tho workingjmen as fat-
as lie could. In touching on the
8-hour bill be said that il hnd been
badly constructed and would not
have been satisfactory if passed at
Hint lime, and bo asserted bis
claim in  huve  bad   practical   ex
perience in manual labor himself
and so knew what he was talking
about, lie reviewed lhe flnanolal
policy of the government as conducive in the country's prosperity
ami worked along the line taken
In- iho govornmoiit since they oame
in*o power, showing how the financial condition of B, C. bad gone
ahead. Ho defied any man to
show him how lhe province bud
Buffered Ihrough the McBride administration and how the Ottawa'
government bad had anything to
do with B. C.'fl prosperity. Mr.
McBride bad encouraged capital
and bad don." much for tlm lumber
industry in making lhe timber
titles secure. He urged that steps
be taken to remedy the evil in
connection with the lands in lhe
20-mile railway belt and throw
them open for settlement and nol
lor limber leases. The Ottawa
I government had nover helped In
i B. ('. development ot the 20-mile
belt, but the province itself had
done it. and B. 0. gives to Ottawa
three times as much as she gets
back [cheers]. He touched on
I "belter terms," pointing out tbat
lho gril policy as being no ] obey
and full of empty pel phrases. He
pointed out thnt tin- Dominion
government in vetoing continually
lhe Natal Act were responsible for
tlie oriental inlliix. lie referred to
Mr. Muedonald's desire ior slate
.schools as Lad for the province nud
impossible lo he curried nn snlis-
faeloiily. In dealing wilh revenue
and expenditure ho said Ihal be
I'lialize.l Ihal we must help oul
places which are in need of development and said that llie appropriation for the river bank had been
obtained. (Cheers), and lie look
exception lo Mr. Brown's insinuation over lhe grant on the Fish
Creek bridges, lu conclusion he
said that victory was assured
everywhere and that he
carry a large majority at the poll
and foresaw a majority oi 128 as
compared with 08 of last election,
and he hoped that the Revelstoke
electors would line up with the
other constituencies behind Me
Bride und the Conservative government.   (Cheers.)
E, A. Haggen upjlogised Ior Mr.
Caley's absence as being unavoidabli
he alluded ta Mr, l.cleaus's remarks
on Mr. Caley and vouched for Mr.
Caley's capal ility as a representative.
He referred to tlie 8 hour bill and
pointed out that in spite of the socialists the Inbor men at Rosslnnd had
rallied round Mr. Maedonald. He upheld trades unions as cementing the
interests of working men and showed
that money was the cause ol overproduction. In reviewing the tax
question he urged that all railways
should be taxed and so alleviate the
taxes of the people. He showed how
the prosperity ol the. province .vns not
due to Mr. McBride, although he admitted that the conservative government had dune much good lor the
umber industry, but at ll.e same lime
had got the idea from Otiawa. lie
urged the revision of administering
land in the 20-mile belt and asknl
genera! co-operation on 'his (cheer.)
In alluding in liiiiini-es be said thai
Revelstoke gives to Victoria live limes
m ire than she gets back and suggested
that Tny loi should advocate botto.
terms (or Ilevelstoke. He reviewed
tl.e needs ol the riding and asked
whore the appropriation Ind gone lor
the road at Death Rapids ns nnd
hnd ever been put in, tu concluding
he touched on the C, & W, ns being a
bad piece of work by the. Mcllrldo
government who gave nwny public
lnnds to the ('. I.'. II. nnd lie said that
Maedonald when elected will give no
n.ore lauds nwny and ■ ill begin surveys.
M. .1. Burrill who received a warm
wolenmo complimented the Young
Conservative Club on their excellent
work. He direotcd his opening re-
murks to pointing out thc unnecos-
amy problem ol socialism and suggested that the present day questions
were nl more moment, lie referred to
Mr. Haggen..» in some way helping
Iiii. ei.iiservativi! I'liuse ill several re
marks he had mud" nndalliidid to the
barren policy ol tho liberals in other
ridings. He bad faith in Melliide
and allirtiied it l.el.ire all thc liberal
big gnus (cheers), lle touched briefly
uu the wanderings nl Mr. Mclnnes
ami reviewed tho Kaien Island deal
saying lhat if tlio liberals got into
power It will be spoiled. Short, bill
conclusive allusions were made to the
B, 0. AS, and "butler terms'' pointing ..ut that MoBride took a manly
stand and refused In do business with
Ibe conference unless he could get
justice. He explained tl.eC. &W.
grant and the validity ol iU claims as
tested by (our govern ments. Allusion
was made to the alleged bribery ol
Mr. (ireen <vor llm Tolqun lnmls und
the attitude taken by the Vancouver
World and he said it w.ia a tissue ot
lies nnd he supported Mr. Green in
his endeavor to further and safeguard
tho public lands. In conclusion hc
he snid that the government had done
much for the lumber industry saying
that ono of Revolstoke's citizens, Mi"
Sugar Men Fearful   Canada's
Contribution   Tolstoi Dying
Winnipeg  Blaze - Mammoth Elevator.
OfT.v.v.v, Jan. 110.—.Mr, ll.irslonl.
Canadian Agent at St. Kilt.-., says that
ci.ufi.lernb.p apprehension is being felt
aiming -ns'.i'i producers at the proposed iticriiiiso in duty nn raw sugar
oi '. I -J. cents per hundred pounds,
which it is ie.i.ed will entirely nciltra-
Uso il.'; advantage of preferential
Ottawa, Jan. 30.—Tho Dominion
government Ins received a cablegram
from the Governor of Jamaica thanking Canada tor its contribution and
stilting tiinl no aid is required except
fin- ro-buikling. The Dominion is
would replying that the balanoe of the money
voted will bc sent to buy building
Stockholm, Jan. 30.—A despatch
from Bt. I'etersburgh suys that Count
Tolstoi, the novelist and social re
former, is dying.
WlXNll'EQ, Jan. 30 —Fire whid
broke out last night in the warehouse
own.: by Bright & Johnson and oo-
cupinl principally by representatives
of cistern wholesalers and manufacturers, caused loss estimated at
over #200,000 and only the excellent
lire-li ;hting of the brigade Baved a
conlbigration, involving a possible
loss of many time! that amount.
London, Jan. 30.—That London is
due for nn earthquake was the admission reluctantly given by John Milne,
the expert seismologist, today, Milne
liases his expectation on tho fact that
a two hundred year cycle between past
sliccks hns nbout ended, which would
indicate the coming ul another quake.
Pout Artuoii, Jan. 30.-Bennett A-
MeAJueen, eiovalr.r builders ni this
place, haw received a contract from
tht* Grand Trunk Pacific Railway foi
the construction of the largest grain
elevator in tho world. The capacity
he close to ten millions.
Kingston to be Relieved of
Taxes for Fifteen Months.
Kixoston, Jamaica, Jan; 'ill.—It is
understood that Governor Swettenham
tendered his resignation to Lord Elgin,
Secretary lor the Colonies, a few days
ago, iu conscquenco of the Admiral
Havs incident, and his inability tu
solve lhe problem crealed by tho earthquake. On Saturday the Governor
visited ilie temporary olliees of the
municipal council and informed lhc
vice-chairman, who is acting iu the
absence nl Mayor 'fait, who is injured,
that the Government had decided to
relieve tl.e people ol Kingston of rates
and taxes lor llltecn months, beginning January I. This announcement
has been received by the residents ol
the city with pleasure, whu will be
encouraged to start tl.e work of rebuilding as early as possible.
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Two hicks, stove size,
Tliree Kicks, stove size
.$3 76
,$5 50
Furnace and Stove Conl t" 00
Nut Size, suitable  lor  Seif  Feedors,    llase
Burners and Ranges  8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
ihe tm n. oi emu
I Have made niist of their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
| would not be unwise for the man having money at low rate of interest
.to follow their lead by investing in the best buy on the market whicli
j we have selected as our Special Snap for the coming week,
j LISTEN I Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable lor stable and in fact everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Prlco $1,350. Terms $600 Down, Balance on Tlmi.
Fifty Boats Sunk and a Hundred Chinese Drowned
Heavy Damage to
IIonii Koxo, Jan, 211,—A terrific
ruin is.|null broke over Hong Kong
this morning, hi tl.e space of ten
minutes over Illty Chinese crafts sank
io the liiiiln.r, more than a hiuiilre.l
natives being drowned. There were
no casualties among the white population, Launches Irom tho shore
rescued ninny occupants ol Ilu
H.vainped boats. Tho harbor was
littered with wreckage of sunk.*.,
era lis,
Tbe damage to property is very
A.J. Clark, of Minneapolis, is in
town and will be engaged on the
rearrangement and enlargement of the
How...an Lumber company's mill at
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Braucl.li in thl Provlocei of Manitoba. Alberta, Snstt.icltrj.vaii
British I'l'lnriiliia. Oiilttrin, (Jjiir,l>ef.
Capital Subscribed -       -       -        $5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....    14,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        $4,280,000.00
li. 11. W11.K11:, President; Hun*. It. Jakfi.ay. Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
savini.s Dkiwiitmunt -Deposits received and interest allowed
nt current rule irom dnte of; opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attontlon given 1.. Solleotions.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A lew good City lots still on thc market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
0. M. SPROAT, Real Estate Offiice, Cowan Block.
on astronomers,  Therefore the transit
next lall will be watched will, unusual
scientific interest.
Interesting Phenomena Visible
in Revelstoke.
Astronomical  ph.- n-i.a. lor tlilts [    It might have been noticed by those
year will embrace two more eclipses
ides  the two which have already
taken plaoo,    Tbe partial eclipse ol
the moon  yesterday  (rom 7 n.ni. till tinunlly  bowing  their  heads tothe
10 11,111,  win visible in Revelitoke, at earth.   This would have beeu noticed
least it  would have been but tor the to have been going on up till 10 a,in,
snow clouds that settled low over the The reason pi their somewhat itrange
city. There will bean annular eclipse j behaviour was caused by the lunar
who are practically observant, yesterday morning, that for a abort period
tin*   Hindus  at  work here kept cou
nt the sun on July   10th, visible in all
ul  North  America  and  the Pacific
Ocean.   The moat Interesting phenomenon nf the year arm One "f most j Ral:
scientific valuo, will be the transit of owing
eclipse.    According  to the Hindu a
lunar eclipse  ii the contact between
tbe  moon  and another planet called
ut   tho  masses  believe that
0 the will  ul (I.ul, Kahoo nr
the planet Mercury Oil the morning "( the serpent-like planet, catches hold
November Uth, whicli will be generally visible In the United States and
Canada, the sun rising with the little
planet plainly visible across the disc
of the great king ol dny. The theory
of Mercury's  movements has always
ol the moon by its hideoi.B mouth
and releases it niter a short while. At
first contact the Hindus bathe in thc
sea (they couldn't do more than make
obeisance to the ice this weither)and
anxiously await the release.     During
been a source of trouble to istrono-'the interval tbey are not allowed lo
mors, even in Leland'S time, It is eat or drink as they believe that dur-
said thc planet seems to exist lor no iug the contact the wbolo world gets
other purpose than to throw discredit | polluted, Z\k flfoaiUlbevalb,
POBLISHKL Wl.liNKsli.W \M. 3A'lti:
lnV AT
ln.ltiling postage to England, I'nitcl Sintci
fiiul Canada.
Ry '.he y. it [through poslofflocl. . Si.'"
Hall      **       - "           I.-*"
Quarter"       "" "'   1.00
'JB rlii."- UNO promptly executed at ri-n-on-
tth.p: ilea,
TERMS     i-h.   Subscriptions payable in mi;
ORP.E-l'-lNI.fiN'l'K u.v.tod on ailUer* Ol
publ., Interest. Communication, ij .-Mi-
tor t.t'J-t be accompanied by name of
writ. j. f-.o: necenarUy fo publication, but
ueridi nee of good faith. Correspondence
ihou'.ii be brief.
Legal nol txlOoenU per line first insortlon,
5cent- .*rline each nitaequcnt in-eriiiin.
Men.- .-. ment' Nonpar!.-! Iljline-innkr .in"
inch! Store ana genera) bualne-ti an
nonr..-.teifl* $j..Vi per Inch p,r month.
Preferred pwlUoni, -l.i per cent, ad-
dltli"ill Uir; h.-. Marriage, and Death.,
too. each Iniertion. Tluibcr nollceiJ6.00
Land notices ?:..'«. All uilvi-rti-m....-iit.-
-.ib.it • • -o ihe approval nf tin- managi-mont.
IVaoti . .nn'. Condenaed AdvortficmonU:-
Agei ill VVanled, Hi-lp Wanteil, Sitiiatioi.-
wanted, Situation, Vn.ant. Tcaoher.
Wanted. Mechanic. .Vantod, I" wordi nr
1--- *■. each addiUonal line in cents.
Change, in Handing advertisements must
o.- in by 9 a. .... l.le-Jli.y and Kruliiy of
«ch week to -,■.- ;r<- gt>o<i dlaplay,
duct of the mines in lllllll wns approximately *"2C.000"llll. ,..- IH percent
over that ol the previous year. 111
1905 British Columbia for the first
time in the history of Canada led all
the provinces iu tin- value of its fisheries. The output of limber and
agricultural industries have showed
eve., more remarkable expansion. Thc
revenue ol the province will be approximately $3,250,000 fur tl.e current
year or three times greater than in
ll.e Inst two years, while lnnds nnd
forests will turn in over $1,000,1)00
which is n large increase as compared to
previous years. These progressive
figures wilt show what the province is
capable of producing and with inert',-!--
ed immigration of a suitable description these figures cnu he more thon
doubled in u very aboil time,
si'.In t.i adopt in m ike lb "• **'oke tbe
lcdi.ig tourist resort in fit - mountains and ifweasaprogreisi.oco.i..
n.unity would co-operate with the
Hoard of Trade, the City Council and
the Tourist Association, our oity would
materially benelitasn whole by these
combined interests which could, if!
rightly placed, put us in tbe fru.it
rank of tourist and commercial repute,
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Oliice Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas, Mcrpiiv.      Harold Fisher
?] ILLA's'k W.lToTT.""'
Barrliten, Solicitors, El.-.
11EVKI.-I i    t.VD TROUT LAKE, B, U,
(' I'.. OltUX. I*. C. K..I....TT.
Okkices : lurERiAL Bank Rlock, Ukvbt-,
'stoke, H.C.
Money to loan.
Office,-: KeveUoke, H.C; Fort Kteclo, B. C.
(jEO. 3. McCARTKR,
A. M. 1'i.vkiiam, J. A. HarVBV,
lievelftoke, B. C. Fort SU-ele, B. U.
J. M. Scott 1.L.D W. I. Brlggs.
Bai bisters, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solicitors Fin: Molsons Bank
First Street, Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Lfind .Survey...,
Mine Sun-eying
McKenzie Avenue,
li. .x 100, Revelstokl.
Cbe nt>atl*1beralb
" t vvof.l . . . earnestly a viscttietn for
their k-oorl to order this paper lo be punctually
served up, and to be looked upon ..* u iiin-i nf
the lea equipage.'- AninsoN.
WEDNESDAY, JAN. au, 11107
One bears a great deal more about
the Northwest provinces these days
than about britisli Columbia owing
to the rush ol settlers and the boom in
landa but the figures for Britisli Columbia show more remarkable advances. Another (actor too in favor of
this province is the growing popularity
whicli has been aroused over the
facilities (or Iruit growing, mining,
lumbering and advantages of an
equable climate over the more rigorous one ol the prairies, and incoming
settlers are beginning to see Hint there
are just as many opportunities fir
carrying on successful farming in
British Columbia as there are in
those provinces where such extreme
ciimatic conditions prevail.   The pro.
BE IT* AND 1)01 Nil I
This is now (he midwinter season
when the days are gradually yet perceptibly lengthening out and the
worst hall of the winter months have
passed. Tl.e lime has arrived when
wc should nil he getting busy nnd
piecing together schemes nnd laying
plnns Ior the coming spring. This
coming tourist season promises to be!
one ol the Iiest nnd busiest that Kevelstoke has seen and to obtain tic
full benefit ol that traffic which is a
distinctly lucrative one, we sliould get
to work und make the preliminary
arrangements for the forthcoming
term and so, when the tourist fn.
ternity commences to arrive theie
may be nothing lacking on our part
to attract them and in every way
possible to so advertise Rovelstoke
that she may become even nioie
popular and better known than she is
now as a tourist centre. It is dillicult
to see where llunll* has a superiority
over Revelsloke in the matter of
scenic nnd natural attractions, and
we have here in addition to that the
pleasures and pastimes of a city as
well. The fact that Banff has the
superiority over Revelstoke as a tour
ist centre is simply because the place
has been most extensively advertised
in every quarter and bus become the
fashionable resn-tof tho Rookies; why
then, should not Kevelstoke, whicli as
a mountain city and as headquarters
ior a hundred und une excursions and
trips, be as extensively advertised and
even more so, owing to her unrivalled
position, sconicly us well as commercially. With u well organised scheme
ol advertising Revelstoke could very
shortly be made as popular a resort as
Band' and with increased hotel .iccu.n
modation nnd every convenience whicli
even the most faddish individual
cuuld ask for, we would very sunn have
our city at the bead ol the Canadian
mountain resorts. The Tourist Associiition should be getting together
now und preparing for the coming
season and the citizens should cooperate as much as possible with it in
carrying out any plan which may require financial aid, for the furthering
of the city's popularity. Tlie movement on foot last year for the establishment of a park on Mt. Victoria
will again be taken up this spring and
we will not be very far wrong in saying that the result is practically a
foregone conclusion. Tbat this park
will greatly add lo Revelstoke's attractions goes without saying and
when once the road up to it is con
structed half the buttle is won. Then
is a diversity ol ways which it is pos-
Apropos of the lumber coinbhie
that is alleged to exist amongst lumbermen and lumber dealers in Britisli
Columbia, it can easily be seen how
such an allegation will not hold water
and tail to stand up against tbe evidence whicli will shortly be produced
showing how such a supposed combine dues not exist in Hiitisn Columbia, Tlie inhabitants of the
prairies must lail to realize the great
difficulty nnd the many obstooleu
which nre iu the way of the British
Columbia lumbermen. The pi ice
tbe iiiillmcn are changing today for
lumber nre not unreasonable. They
hnve to pny Iron. $10 to $111.7:". lor
llieir logs; they have to pay tlie cost
of towing and take the risk as well;
they have to pay more highly than in
the past for labor mid they hnve to
pny heavy freight rates besides. At
the pricesoharged lor lumber there iB
not a great deal lelt fur the manufacturer. No one can exaggerate the
importance of lumber to the settler or
settles of Canada. There has recently
been on increase in the price of lumber and this bad been alleged lo le
due lo the operations ol combines,
The Mountain Lumbermen's Association and the Pacific Const Lumbermen's Associiition, apart from de.lying the allegation, go further still und
are courting tho fullest investigation
into the whole business and ure willing to give every assitance iu their
power to lhe investigation committee
to show how the workings ol such a
oombiueas is supposed to exist would
be impossible, The present high
prices of timber are Ibe direct result,
of scarcity ol logs, scarcity of labor
and the large demand for timlier in
the prairie provinces caused by tbe
good crops there, and because these
things are not studied by the dwellers on the praitie in their proper
light, the obstacles in the way uf
keeping timber prices down, and the
enormous demand fur lumber lar
greater than the supply, being justly
weighed ...it before jumping at wild
and unreasonable conclusions, the
wrong attitude is taken ..I the matter
and an allegation thrust upon tl.e
British Columbia merchantmen of
practicing unlawful dealing.
The seventh annual meeting of the
Canadian Associut.m fur the Prevention of Consumption and .ither lurn.s
of Tuberculosis will be held in Ottawa
the Llth ami llth ol March next, A
public meeting of tl.e members ol tn.
nspt.cisitir.il and of the citizens generally, ;it which His Excellency will | reside, will be held in the Assembly Hall
of the Normal school here on Wedma-
'I iy evening, March 13th, a: which Dr.
Sheard, the chairman of the Onlsrii
Pr ivincial Bi ird ■:' Health will deliver u lectur- upon "11 -..- 1"re il
of Ci nsumption
Constituency—Retiring Men ber
Atlin—Dr. Young, Con	
Alberni—Wm. Manson, Con.
|Caril-o<j—J. Murphy, Lib	
2nd Seat—H. Jones, Lib	
|Chiiliwack—C. Munro, Lib	
Columbia-W.C.Wells, Lib	
Comox—It. Grant, Con	
o.wichan—J. N. Evans, Lib....
Cranbrook—Dr. King. Lib	
Delta—John Oliver, Lib   	
Dewdney—R. Mcliride, Con.
Bsquimalt—C, E. Pooley, Con. .
Ferine—W. R, Hon, Cn	
Grand P. rki—Geo. Fraser, Con.
lOreeuwood—J  It. Brown.  Lib...
Islands—T, VV. Paterson, Lib.
Kamloops—F. J, Fulton. Con.
K'ash—B. F. Green, Con.	
Lillooet—A. McDonald, Con..
Nanaimo—J,   llnwthi.rntbw.iite,
Nelson—J, Houston, Con	
Newcastle—P. Williams, Soc. ..
New Westminster—T, Giffoid, 0
jUkanngan—P. Ellison, Con.	
Revelstoke—T. Taylor, Con	
Richmond—F, L. Carter-Cotton,
Capt. John Irving
H. Brewster. ..
R. Yorston	
H. Jonei	
0. W. Munro...
W. C. Wells....
.1. li. Bennett...
.1. N. Evans ....
Dr. King .  .
.Iniin Oliver ...
Robert Jardine
John Jardine
Wm. Dicker, .  .
Herbert Gregory
E. Nmlcii	
T. W. Paterson
J. 11 Swanson
John Keen,...
Mr. Eagleson.
II. Sheppard ..
Dr. G A. II Hall
Im W. II..way
Dr. Maedonald
Hubert Caloy,
|J. W. Wean ,   ,
Dr. Young 	
Wm. Manson.
Charles Wilson
L. .1. Champion .
8, a. Cawley	
H. n. Parsons	
it. Grant	
W. II   llaywaril.
I a Harvey   	
F. B. Mackenzie
ll. .Mcliride ....
C E Pooley    ,,.,
w. II. Ross
Ernest Miller
E, 0. Warren	
A. E. MoPhilllps
F, J. Fulton 	
Neil I-'. Mackay .  .
A. McDonald	
Dr. s O'Brian . .
.1. A. Kirkpatriok
,1. B. Cairn's	
T. GilToid 	
Price Ellison. .
Thos, Taylor	
I-*. L. Carter-Cotton
.Hit, Lal
James Cartwrigl    -
Rossland—J. A. Maedonald, Lib,,.
Saanich—Hi Tanner, Lib	
Similkameen—L. W, Shatlord, Con.
•jkeena—C, W. D. Clifford, Con. ..
Slocan—Wm. Davidson, Lab. Soc...
Vancouver. 1—It. G, Tatlow, Con....
"        2—C. Wilson, Con	
"       ll—J. F. Garden. Con....
"        4—W.J. Bowser, Con	
6—AH. 11. Macgowun, Con
Victoria, 1—R. L. Drury, Lib. .
"      2—W. c Cameron, Lib,,
li-J. D. McNiven, Lib...
4-R. Hall. Lib	
Yale—Stuart Henderson, Ub,...
Ymir—II. Wright, Con	
J. A. Maodonald   Lorn.' A. Cumpl.nlI
Join. I'ierey.        D. M. EbertS	
Smith Curtis ,    L. W. Shatlord
Dr. Knrgin.... ,)AV. It. Lord	
A.II. Dooksleader. Wm, Hunter	
It. P, McLennan ill G.Tatlow.,
.1. W. Dell. FarrlsDr. G. A McOuire,
Judge Henderson J. F. Garden ,
T. F, Neelandi . ,]W. J. Bowsor	
JW.W.II MolnueiJA. II. H. Mnogowan
It L. Drury...
W. (I. Cameron
11). McNiven j	
H. Hall IF, Davoy,
Stuart HondersonO, IV. Bomlin
.1. F. llllllll-     , .  !j. Scholield.
It. Mcl'.iule    ,,
II, ll, Totnpson
Henry Ilehnscn
C, a. Mackintosh tnd Riobarda Soc
r E Kell;   - -■
,\ ll More - .
-oi Mclnni -. Soo
r,.|_m- ]-, Dj.net  Doc
W. .1. I..-.I.-,.   in   .-i.
I ll Hnwthornthwaito,
Frank Phillips, Soo
P, Williams, Soo
,1 8, Kinney, Lab,
J. W. Logic Soo
IV, W Lofeaux - «
.'lii.rl<s Kilby Hoe .
A. F. Berry, Sue	
Geo, H. Winkl. r, Soc
It Sergeanl      	
Wn. Davidson Sue.
II, P. I't Hi piece,   Sllll,
.1  II. Mt-.Vcty, Hoc	
.1  II. Iiubherly. Sue.
A. It Stebbii.g«, Boo, ..
I-. Williams, Lab,
A, (I. Porry, Lab
J.C. Walters, Soo	
IV, II. Maroon, Lab,.
Dr. I'l. Hall, Lab.
K. Johnson, Ub,
John Houston, Iml.
J.T, Mortimer Advocates Work-
ingmen's Rights. — W. W.
Lefeaux Pleads His Cause
at Monday Night's Gathering.
The socialist elon.ent of Revelstoke
received another call on Monday night
to bear J. T. Mortimer, of Vancouver,
who, ut a very short notice, arranged
to speak at a public meeting iu tliis
city. II. (lough took the chair and
opened the proceedings l.y calling on
W. W. Lefeaux tojaddress the meeting,
Mr. Lefeaux in bis opening remarks
said that he much regretted the
absence of the conservative and liberal
candidates on the platform and referred lo the meetings at Comaplix
and Arrowhead, where he had spoken-
He pointed out that no party had
attacked socialism, but that lew
understood really what it was. Ho
reviewed the prosperity of the province
ub being In no way beneficial to tbe
workers, since outside capital applied
machinery to the natural resources of
British Columbia and with 11. C. labor
take* all the profit lor themselves; it
was very unfair, he said and hc impressed liis comrades to get control of
the natural resources for •their own
benefit. Social evils were attributed
to capitalistic ideas and the seeking
iui markets abroad and capital exploitation led to war. Lack of work
and money led to prostitution and
drunkenness, and made men outcusts
of society. Socialism was the remedy
f ir these evils and ll.e co-operative
commonwealth, where each man gets
the product and value of his lubor,
where there is no coiun.erci.il buttle
nud no inun will nsk (or charily. 1!
pointful out vehement ly that politicans
take uu interest in the workers and
reviewed at length in the steps whereby socialism will evolve, without causing panic. No real difficulty would
be loiiiid in evolving socialism and no
work will be dune in the country unless necessary,
He explained the various menus and
ways of arriving at the value of each
man's work and bow each would
receive justice, lle urged that the
men who are sent to Victoria should
have business experience to grapple
with the important questions of the
day. Hu refened to the socialist rule
iu New Zealand us working well, and
huassorttd tbat socialists would run
the country in the same way as liig
businesses are run. (Cheers.)
.1 T. Mortimer rof. ned lo the prosperity of B. 0. as not benefitting tbe
workingclas.o nnd touched on Karl
liny'- report ol the necessity for cheap
labor in Western Canada. It wiib Hie
working men who sent men to power
and Ihey wero themselves rispousible
for what una tl nc lie explained thc
difference between uver production
and under consumption, tbe former
being detrimental in the country,
Labor was the chief subject now. yet
Inl   -- :i.:. ;it Victoria had always been
. :'. d by iberala and conservatives
wl. ted i m. Bt tin in. He wished
to clei n tin :' ■-.:, not tear it down, and
rei. rred I the Chii i-e slaves in South
All ■ i d th. 2,000,000 unemployed
me i- stains on th   em-
it that  in ih..  Kaien
Island     il b   i government . liberal
re i m-i. trying to
.. - ■ ■    it of it, and it was real-
. on the ('. P. II,
who ivould get
■ what 'mis left of
: I., act bud bi en passed
en on those lands.
Wl DS   noli ■-. -   I-'-   low in an
11 market and be ex-
commodities were
-I, ai'.r.     Socialists
want I-- tall il ol tbe category
of the commodity  market.    Labor
ui.. mi -I  lorn. . od to help thework-
■ iain. lies will nol
il I . i-.|,n-
iliem   and   In   explained   bow  tin
Standard  Oil  snd
oul   'Mi-  small
Over   production   means
. . .tion   and  tbe
i.. iaii   thi
crush.    He  ■     bed  on the a eged
il an - -  ilists   and  comer-
-    - alistsdid'nt
wanl to tin . -.- in   the  government
• ■ "..   .;.).. li-.    tO
tin eounti; • . had ni rei la. ri-
lii-r-'l aiiytning -    keep the   McBridi
.MM  |I,-,. I   ,
ll.- touched the private scqulr-
ing .1 industi ■ being wrong and
In,vi.I i ,... . i; ,   imni   novel   done
any good in il Labor alono bad
give.. ..iio.' ... every industry and
laotorj and th. - - filth ol oapitali ts
iviib niiuii- Inn ier paid labor. 'I ho
difference botw. cn capital and labor
va- that tho former bought labor at
tho oheupest rate and labor sold itsoll
at tbe highest, mte, Ho forcibly
showed how ll.e .luve. iu the. United
Statci bi lor.- the wur ol emanoipni	
woro lur bi'tlii off lhnn the Inborn™ i>|
iln present dny.   "Until socialism,'
lie lain, "lie put. into practice, wes uuu
luver be anything el-e but Mnvea."
(Cheers.) Incensed wages would be
of no u-e, hiicauao commoditi 's would
be correspondingly increased.
Ht'.ndvocutod the state ownership
ol co.il mines to alleviate tl.e distress
'.lie prairies caused I. tho coal
Ian.inc.   If the people want a  chiingo
to then b'tte -nt, let llieni vote  lor
Le'eniix (Cheers.) But il they agree
to capitalistic rule then let them send
Mr. Taylor or Mr. Caley to parliament.
He advocated that a law be pnsscd
allowing any man after being a certain timo in the country to be nblo to
voto anywhere, provided that he registered alter 30 days. If the people
wisn to vole .'or the capitalists then
let them take sboir medicine without
squawki .g. ( .beers.) He hoped
they would rally round Mr, Lefeaux
on Ft lu uny 2nd,   (Cheers.)
A collect imi was taken up to defray
expo..ses and the meeting terminated.
Will Not Retire Just Yet.
Montreal, Jan. 28.—Lord Strathcona left last night, for New York
whence be will sail for Liverpool. It
is now known that the question ul
Lord Sti a I henna's retirement wus nut
discussed by him with tho Premier
and it is generally conceded that the
day of his withdrawal from public life,
will bo retarded as long us poBsible,
It is understood that His Lordship
will pay a return visit to Canada in
the spring.
i   Couple of young ladies willing to
i\   ahi.ii- sn.nu room, ...... procure
li.ii.nl nud comfortable lodging with
sfiimll family on MeKen/.ie .-*,venue.
Apply Mail Hkiiai.i. Olll.-e.
1*1*1011. SALE—Kuiii" lull I'b odeil Fox
1* T.'lI'lorsS Apply at Union Hnlel
1,1011 SACK-Magic Lantern and
L' Slides at a siiciilicn, liun pla.it-
*A', M, Uilihie. Bli.nel.ii.il Street.
Vit-li.i-iu. Il.C.
I OST-Al. llie (l.l'.lt. llepl.1, ii gnld
.I.J ling with gold uugirei and Initials
inside ,1.11. Filider will.eeelvi! liberal
revvm-il by leaving saiue at   Mail-
li KHALI) olliee.
VTtTANTED—A single iiiiiii requires
VV    well heated, romforlnble ro.	
iviUiout   hoard.     Replies  to MAIL-
Hni.ALli Office,
WANTI'lD-Conti-aclso.- oi-ilci-s for
..run...eutnl and plain plasler-
ing. concrete, stone dlessing and
general masonry. First-class work
guarunleeil. Applv at Mail-Hkhald
Thai's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy wilh itsb.-l|i
And the money saving ib the
Premium System
Booklet tolls what we give Ior
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
I'or it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Notice Is hereby glvon lhat iWiliiyi alter date I
iiiti'inl in uitplv In On- II irnlilr, thei:lii.'f ;.>...-
mis-iiim-riif Landi and Worki Ior pornilai	
purchaie tin following doiorlli.,.1 Inula, illuated
almul one-half ratio ..orH.-c.ul of Angui McKay's
n -i-nipti ni l-'ish Biver:
Beginning at n |...al marked' 0, SJ.'i S. K ••
... r noat," tlionco 80 .-liains north, so chuina west,
8>j cluilna Bouth, 80 .-Itiiios easi to jiolnt ol com-
natciUnnnarj mil., 1007.
ll. Sl MNKII.
.veil jan .10       l'.-i Qetngo. lnl.lin.lth, Agent.
Io The [te 01 ReveistoKe iinf
GENTLEMEN:—Having been nominated to contest this
Hiding, I beg to offer you my best services, anil to state that
if elected to represent vou, 1 will do my utmost at all limes to
advance the interests oi the Hiding.
I believe in clean Government, und that the party in power
should be beyond thc suspicion of wrong doing.
in the matter of Public Works, 1 will see that wo get appropriations commensurate with the large amount of revenue
we turn Into the Treasury, anil suitable to our extra needs of
roads, trails, and bridges, and the proper maintenance of same.
I believe in the return to a system of State Education,
which will allow proper salaries to our School Teachers; will
make provision for the up keep of Schools in the Rural Districts, and the free distribution of school books, etc.
I will at. all times oppose the introduction of the Asiatic
element into our midst, or the bringing ol aliens who cannot
bo'assimilated, into this province.
I believe in the conservation of our lands and other assets
and will strongly oppose the giving the same to Corporations.
I believe in the reorganization of the Lands Department,
and would favor the surveying by Provincial Land Surveyors
of the lands suitable for agriculture or fruit raising, so that
proper information can be given intending settlers; also assistance to settlors in clearing the land und making tbe same
available at an early date.
Awaiting the honor of your call, gentlemen, on the second
of February, 1 beg to subscribe myself,
Your Obedient Servant,
Winter Carnival
February 124344-15 and 16
Five Grand Trophies and $2,001) hi prizes.   Two hands in attend.nice
IIOCKKY—Internal ..nil and inter-Provincial championships.
KNOWSHOEINO—Ohumpionsblp of British Columbia.
TOBOGGANING—A mile n minute down the "ZIP."
SK1-1NG—Jumping und Racing.   Cliumpinuship of Canada,
SKATING RACES—For championship ol British Columbia.
CURLING—A Provincial Bonspiel.
Horse Racine,, Masquerading, Tug-of-War and tillirr interesting events,
Reduced rallwav rales.... all lincU      For further particulars apply to
J. S. I*. FKASKR, President. E. ADAMS, Secretary.
NOTICE ll  liifl-elij-.iveil Hint.10di
Sale I Intend ... tippl) n> Hi1'
Chief I'liiiiiiissiiini-:- nf Lunils ai'tl U
permission In purchase I lie follijuiuK it
Mini., iniiiii-illii .Vest Kootonay
.inm- nf Upper Arrow Lakoi
doglnnlug at a poit on tin; iouth litis
II.nn running eait BO chalna. aouth 81
woat 80 chain., north BO ehalm along lnke
 I ol i ncemeiit.
Datid January 17th, 1007.
u-i.i i mi jn Tims. Wright,
Inn. tl.o
orks for
lhe eusl
nf Cape
i. i-lniins.
aliote to
L.KAI.KI) TLNl.KIIS iiiltln.-in lo tho under-
n  .Ig I, ..ml .-.nlni-si-il "Tendor for l'n*i
Hill..-,   Kcrnld,   IO'."   will l.e n-oi-ivi'il ill Ihls
..ill.,  uno! Monday, Fobr.inry 18, ItHrf,Inolii
..  [...ilruotlonofn Poil Ofllomfce,
building .i- i-iiMi-. Ill
I-  md in, .ii..iiinn .nn hi'-i'i'ii..ml form.
'   •   ■ ■       .-.nl    ii   LI.I.   lupin-It nnl iiii
lolloberl A. K.-.-r, Kin., Clark of
Work    .IK*.
i-.-i-i.i. ronutirlng- an notified thattondori
..   . in, nli-r.-il   noli-**  lilnile in.   tbo
,,i'i.'"i .* supplied, in.'' ilBiiiut ivllli thoir
llU.ll -Itf... Mn--.
i  .,       mi .nr   .not   In-  ili:r'ilil|innii'(l   l.y tin
ft-. i.oi..I chen.i.   nn a '■Ii.,iii.-i,"I Imiili, ininll'
0   'i Iirnf  Ihi-  II..IiiiiiiiiIiIi-Hit-
:      .    nl Public Wnrk-, i-t|iinl Ui Uui per
f.-  .   ..!   Ill''    nl   lllltleoifir,
..  Melted If tho party tendering
decline ... enloi into n contract ivln-n ...ill.-il
 i in (.nl I'li-iiiiipl'-ii- tbe work
. ! f .      If   ll.- Wilder l>0 nn. iliTi-pl.l-il
in chft.ni. ..ill in r.-lunit-it
i. . I, purl. f 'Im - no. bind .1-.-If loan
iowi - .t finy ...iiiliir.
in, ....I.-i,
I i-l'li. OKLINA8,
.. '   M ,   .   •    .'. Mill.,
ii'i.M'.i,, January is. li*";.
-   ■ |.np. i ■ - i. hm !,.  imiii for Ihi-. ..(Ivor
 'M      mi •   I    It    wllhOlll t.illl>...il
.Mllll   'IM     I'l   I' U't	
Millie, ii li-rnliy a!?»n tltal t*i iliiyn nftm ihU. I
intenil Lo iipjilj Utttn lion tlioClilufl i>i«ih)mI*-4i
. ■■ i ...ii. nnl Worku (-I* i ipoclnl ii- ii"* <" < ■!'
■ 1.1. in-, ,.u .-.* llmlwr (mm n»' folluwlnji ilu
pf|li«. hm Wnnl Kntitona) <lHlri'*t:
'"mmtumi on; ni ap'ial iilnnteri l" < IihIim wiat "I
Mi." iuiiii .*"-.i i .ni.T.if Timbor*Until moo .nni
niiilo'il "I'. Miumii'i h north-enst cornor,"thenee
Hlohnhuflptith. tlinni'O l» chain* OMt, ifiniice it."
Imiim iiiirlh. Ili.'iii'i* |o ctmliii win! to placo nl
Lm itori li"i-i'inlirr hi, 11)06.
due I'i wl A. M. Syiuom, AgOttti
Is a specially milled high-grade granular Hungarian
bread Flour. Every particle ot line dust, or break Hoar,
is eliminated and the grains are uniform in size as well
as superior in quality,
" BEST " is milled Irom the choicest Western Hard
Wheat and so d under our unconditional guarantee.
Secure a trial sack of " MOFFET'S BEST" Irom
your Grocers and you will novor use any other Hour
Ior Broad.
M Mills (i ltd.
Notice ts hereby given that 80 daya aftor date
iveiniend lonpply to tUo Chief Com wlaslonerof
Undi ainl Works for tupeelnl license to eut
(iml rtirry nwny timber Irom tlio lolloivlug
ile-crllioil lainiti In West Kootciiaj* ilhtrlct:
1. Commenolng at a post planleil about 1
mile north from tho north-west corner of the
K. A S. iilnek m\ nml marked "Hig Hend
Lumber Company's south-east corner nost,"
thence nnrtli «i chnlns, thence went 80 chains,
thonco south 80 chains, thenco nisi mi clmins
to point of commoncement,
3 Commencing at a post planted about 1
mile nortb from the north-west eoruer of K. A
S. Hlock wm, and mnrkeil "Itlg Hend Lumber
Cnmpaiiy'a north-easl corner post," thence
wost ko ulniin-. thonce south BO chains, thence
cast Ml elmiiiH, tlience nnrtli hi elinins to point
nl commencement,
H Commending nl n post plnniid iili.mi *-»
miles WOBl from llnnnoek Point, on Upper Armw |(nke. und marked ,*H,H,L(!o.'h south-east
enrner post," llionce norlh 81) ohains, thence
wo<ii *n eliuiiis, llionce soutb 80chains, tlience
eiHl mi clmins to point of winnnonocmcnt
1. Coram (tolling ut a posl planted about!!
mllea went from iiiuinock Point- on Upper Ar.
nnv I.»ke, nud marked '*H,H,I .Co/s south-ensl
ijoruor ptisL" llionce north ho eliains, tbenee
weit sii elm ins, thenoo south go chains, tbonco
ensi sn chains in pnint of commencement.
iinii'il Decemberist.lt. iiniii
sat Jan fi      Hit. I.KM) LUMHKH CO., LTD,
Notice is hereby given thai III) days
after date I Inlend lo apply tothe
Thief .'oininissiiinei' of Lands nnd
Works for iim-iiiis-iinn lo nuichuse six
hundred nun forty aerea ot b.n.l lying
in lhe fosthall Vulley on ll.e west side
of Upper Arrow Uko, dosci-ibcl....
I'nl......-lliing..I n posl ma. ked "Willi..... 11.it-low's: noi'tl.-ciul corner post,"
planled Ilu chains westof Lot 4670,
(ii-oiip I, Kootenny; Ihence westW)
elinins, thence Botitti 80 eliains, ihenee
.-,;*. m. chainB, thonoo north 80* chains
In the pl.i.-e of eoiunn-ncenient, con-
lltillillg UIU acres. 111. I-e or less,
Dated Ihis 2lll. duy >f November,
nov 'H wed  Per T. S. McPhersou,
Notice Is hereby siren tint 30 days afterdate I
intend to apply io tho Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds and Works for a apeclal license to cut and
carryaway timlier from tna following described
lands on Michel Creek, tributary to Adams Lake,
Lillooet District, I), C, on east side;
1. Commencing at a post planted on the west
bankof east fork Michel Creek almut eight miles
(rom Adams Lake, marked "A. Mci'onnelt's
south-west comer Miehol Creek, Limit No. 1,"
running 80 chains enit, bO chains north, BO chains
west, Sn cliains south tn point of commencement.
'i, Coinnieiiciiig st a post planted an tbe west
bankof the east fork Michel creek about eight
miles from Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnell's
north-west corner Michel rreik, Limit No, 2,"
running sn ehains east, 80 chains south, SOcliains
west, 80 chains north to point of comrconcement.
3. Commencing at a post planted on the east
bank of Michel creek about six miles from Adams
Lake, marked "A. McConnell's south-west corner
Michel creek, Limit No, 8," running 80 chaini east,
»(i chains norlli, 80 chains west, so chains south tn
place of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted on the east
bunk nf Michel creek about six miles from Adams
Lnkn marked "A. McConnell's north-west corner
Michel creek, Limit No. -4," running KOchains east,
Kn chalna sum h, so clmim-i west, 8U chains north to
(d;u-ii of cniumencenieiit.
5. Com iicnclng at a pout planted on the west
bank o -Michel creek about sevon mites from
Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnell's south-east
corner Michel creek, Limit No, fi," running IW)
clmliiH uortli, 40 chains west, 100 chains south, 10
ehnins easl to placo of commencement,
Datod Doc 17th, 1000, ,
j,ui2wei| A. McCONNKLL.
Notice is hereby given Ibat (io days
alter dale I inlend lo upply lo ll.e Chief
Commissioner of Lands 8t Works for permission to purchase lhe following described lauds, situated in the Wesl Kootenay
districl on llie wesl side of Upper Arrow
Lake in Ihe Fosthall Valley;
Coinmeneing at a post marked "T, S,
McPherson's loutli-wesl corner pnst,"'
planleil al llie north-weal corner of Lot
W.ji Iheuce north 80 ebains, llienee easl
Ho eliains, thence soulli 80 chains, Ihence
wesl 80 clmins to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres, more or less,
Located J,.rd day ol November, 1906,
nov a wed   t. s, Mcpherson,
r 1 ^&££Sr
Head Tailored Gaimenti, Completely Finished
The Double Breasted
It's more than warm
and comfortable. It's
stylish. Fit-Reform tailor-
men know how to
combine all three of these
Made in the hand-
somest Scotch and. Irish
■Tweeds you ever saw,
I ,
McKinnos! I Sutherland
Incorporated by Act :! I'arltnaiout, 1855.
Wm. Molso.v Macpherson, Pres. s. II. Cvvin.i, Vlee-P
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid uo, $3000 200
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way nf bunking business trnnsacti'd without unnecessary delay,
Interest credited twice n year nt current rates on Savings Bank
W. Ii. PRATT, Manager,
Reveutokb, B. C.
f^VVV%-V^-%%V%^-»'%%'%/VV&'V%'%V%%'\%%%V% V»
F..r Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Etc., Join.
Deere Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company'*:
Buggies, Pliiuot jr., Garden Seeders und Cultivators, Wlioul-
wrlght and Blacksmith Wurk atteudod to. Horso Bhoaiug a
* Specialty-, i
Under   New   Management)
ROBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE.   B    C.
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Besl brands of Wine.-, Spirits, and
RATES   Sl   AND   81.50   PER- DAY
Central Hotel
Newly v-u:it.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales SI.50 per Day. Special Weekly R.-.tts.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Alpine Club will Camp this
Year Amid Grandest Mountain Scenery.
The Alpine Club ol Canada held a
successful meeting last week at the
home ot the president, A, G. Wheeler,
F.U.G.S., Calgary.
The president, in bis addrssB, made
a report as tothe nourishing condition ol the Alpine Club linancially
and the bright prospects Ior the ensuing season.
In tlie course of the lecturing tour
from which he bad just returned live
centres were visited namely. Culling-
wood, Ottawa, Woodstock. Toronto
and Winnipeg, at all of whioh places
successful lectures wero given.
At Ottawa tlm meeting wae held
under tl.e auspices ol the Canadian
club, Sir Sandford Finning, patron ..(
the Alpine ch..-. presiding.
Aftor the necessary outlay had been
made he wai able to turn iu $100 tn
add to the funds of theclul. Altb .'
tl.e club was not a year old it was
becoming widely known und the seeds
of its objects were germinating and
would spread uver tl.o entire country
eventually, The report ol membership is most Botislaetory so tar. There
are six honorary members, nine nSBO-
ciato members, ninety active members
and sixly graduating members. At
tbe Yoho Vulley e imp last July, 11
members graduated, 15 of whom werc
ladies. With prospects of 200 members at the end of the present season
a paid stall' ivould soon become a possibility. Tbe estimated revenue for
this year would exceed $1,300 und it
was desirable that by some other
means, preferably an entertainment,
tlie revenue should be increased to
Paradise Valley waa suggested as
this year's camping ground. This
valley is four iniles ensl ol Lake Louise
near Laggan.
Mr. Wheeler pointed out that the
class ol mountaineering last summer
at Yoho camp was not of a very advanced order. The mountains within
range ol Paradise Valley were among
the most dillicult of those in the
Rockies. Mount Temple is 11,1100
feot and Mount Aberdeen 10,300. The
first named of these two is more a
Strenuous than a dillicult climb.
There are several othcr peaks in thc
vicinity and plenty of climbing would
be assured from such a camp. There
would also be a two-day round trip
arranged Irom the camp, sleeping out
night. This trip would appeal tn
those who wanted some really bard
work, but lots ol easier trips were
within reasonnl.il. distance of the
camp. Accommodation should be
provided for at Imst 201) tliis year at
the C.tnip,    Mr,   Wheel.-r suggested a
outnmitt I   Indies  should take in
band the question ol ice axes, nailed
mountaineering boots and the matter
of knickerbockers, ne il was nol safe to
attempt climbing with skirt.- o.
bloomer.-, niul these matters must be
promotion ol scientific study and tne
exploration ol Canadian alpine and
glacial regions; (2), the cultivation ol
art in relation to mountain scenery;
(3), the education ol Canadians to au
. appreciation of their mountain heritage; (4), the enoouragement ol the
mountain craft aud the opening ol
new regions as n national play ground;
(£.), the preservation of the natural
beauties uf the mountain places nnd
of the fau.iu and lloia in their habitat;
(li), and the interchange ol ideas with
other Alpine organizations.
Iluring the Coming session ol the
legislature of Prince liilward Island,
an appeal is to be made lc tl.o throne
asking that ihe Dominion be asked to
oiury out the terms uf confederation,
or failing that, to grant separation,
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Mt-i-l- Siii'iiml nail I'liiu-lli W'eiliie.-iluv.*
nol. montli, In Selkirk Halt VUttluii Wo.
..... i-ii.-i.iiil.j- inviie.Hi....I.-...I.
»*. ii. AltllSTHONU, Con.Com,
II. w. Kl.iv.ilil'fS, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Tint.-t-i...I.ir innii. i. ik- .un littlil in lln Selkirk
lltill ovory Tuoiilui- uvonum in s ..'clue. Villi-
im: lin-ilii-'-ii nre .-..nlifillv Invito.!.
li. 11. Ill HHIIXIK. 1'llESlDBNT.
II. COOK. Sifi'luiriiiv.
Kootenny Lotlu., No. 15 A^F.&A.iYl
' - -    ""v     tin., m-i; held
.3)  -Ui-Minic     Ti
31      Illll I'Vlll.VVK 1
Tint riK.ilnr moot-
iiiu- un; lieltl in the
". iimili'.
third Miniiliij it.
t.-.l. ....ml I.   ul   •
in. ViiltlnRbroth-
-I.   euiilially  wnl
I'KUt'l'NlKR. Bkcketakv.
.NO 12. I.O.O.F.
Meets evoryTluiridar
'-v.-"i!iK  h.   Selkirk
.Hull   at   8   o'clock.
■ Visiting brethren cordially invited ui attend
,1. MATHIK, Sue
Cold Range Lcdgo, K, of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
os-..|.t Tiiln! Wednesday ..l
Hull   ui   8
Enigma arc
i lld.lf.'ll.iw
o'clock,    Visiting
■itr.liiilly nviltfil.
J. A.
LESLIE, I'.l'.
11. II. BROOK, li. of It, A- S,
II. A, UUOWN. M. ..( F
Deer llcatli. Animals. Birds, Mill, Etc.,
A.ii.nf.l Bugs Mounted.
V. 0. llnx IU.
Studio: Cornerof First St. antl Boyle Ave,
Bovoletoke, II. C.
Mrs. H. J. ll.i.ibury, MnnngresH.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
Lfirut. DiniiiKruiiiii Ior
Banquets, Suppers, oto.
Furnished Rooms To Let
for  .  .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Ratss $1 ;i day,   Monthly rate,
Queens ftotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation al this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - •        Proprietor
01   Furniture,  Real   Estute,
Lin-    Stock   and    General
E. JOHN CODDARD, „»"!*,?!!„.
Iir. Herdman  moved in lavor of an
ippropiiiitiini .1 *.-."• i thee!ub I'linl-  C  %&/  R    PAGET
..„..,-,..     ....,,-,,,.,, i, irlill    i.i*    I int..  *'f     ■■■    W ¥■■#■     i      "^"ll    ■
toward'  ti •■ mi n     i    ■:' '1..- late -
James ll:c;.ir al I .gg in    ; - ol Can
mliis gn itest ■ ■-,    ■:- ii .*■ scientists
C, W, Rowleysecon ledand the m. ti n
was carried.
lt wai ala..   iitifiitiii.    -      i.    d
thank President Wheeler lor hi.
a!, i- Wl rs  ni. '.   thl   $100 I ■   bad   <- :.
able k luppiemem ':'All Kinds of Light and Heavy
The tit.M... ... .   .                      -■-
lie closed   •. '.■■■     il  .   - ol yea! instead of March nf at pi   -
An ..um n - '-' 0          .-■ red  U
he expended in ine pul    il
year  book   nl th.   elnl   md a small
. reaoluti... i            Iding thi  ■>■ ^4 j«v      O   A   I     C
camo at I'm        rnmenc.    f~    *W   I»        W *^   ■■   t
.... July 2.   [or  1   week    van   paiaed 	
a committee ■*..- app. int. .if
D raying
Hauling Undertaken
Beauty Unfolded
Eye Delighting
has residence in our show rooms,
will have residence in your home
if ynu need a lloor covering. jVp-
preolate the elegance of the designs spread out before you, and
have .. thought of youi" pocket
hook. Many real cm-pel bargains
nre here ready for your choice,
Avail yourself of them,
R. Howson & Co.
Rfrita run ohll
Good, sound, So. 3 Apples at
85c. per boi, I, u, li, Vernon.
11 you are looking for soiiii.ll.liig .lieu in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" lm Souvenirs, wo hnve thorn here.
J.   GUY   BARBER,  -    SSRSSJ^
In small or large Lots,from 100
lbs. to a Carload.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Import direct from Country of origin.
Hook Weil! Feel Well!
!).i you . 11 joy that well diessed feeling'.' We all know what
il feels like to be hot, to be cold, or to ho tired, and It Is
jusl as true that we ull know what it feels like I.. he well
diessed, ll feels good, and it's good to feel good. Vol. can
never bo well dressed if your clothes nro nol mado by the
eight maker.
(let foknow we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and you will lind what a pleasure and satisfaction il is to bo
well dressed. *
Suite and Overcoats  $15, SI8, and $20.]
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $8. A
Tail.icing is our business.  We make a man look well       Q
and lit- knows it, j.
..Cressman  and Morrison.. 9
To chcckmutc tliu dishonesl use of
In1 name of " JAEGER," look for llie
iilx'l on eacli article, and insist ihal
llie goods bc invoiced as "JAEGER"
Sell.no Ar.liSTS IN Revklstoke
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
lln* .1 "'.il stuck ol (iro.-eri..- an.l
a fine assortment of .1 p......*.. China,
Agent for Ilevelstoke Fi-nning
(Ion.puny, growers of all kinds of
Farm Pruilu'jo, llnv aad Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Manufactured far all elnssoslof bulldlutis
All kinds'of Imi Mil 11- uud plaslorlntf
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in llecf, I'ork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Gnme in
Season. Orders promptly attended to
First St. Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Springs
Lf anil ar turn.
Under the new inaii'<ir..in..iit of
IIaiiiiy MuIxtosh,  Hiilfiiiiu  House
mllK UEDlOAL WATCH"! of Hal-
1_ ey.n. are lhe tin ml era. ivn in the
worid. A perfect, iiutuiiil n-inedy for
nil Nl'IVOIIS nnd Mu-'-uiur diseases,
Liver. Kidney aud Hlo.iuc'n ailments
un.l Melnllir Polsonin... A sure cure
for "Tli.it Tired Feeling," Special
rates on all bouts mid trains, Two
...nils in rive .....1 depa.t every day.
Teleg.-u 1. ..-..in.....ni.-.iliou with all
.Hurts ol* ibe world,
I'EllMH   f-Yl to $11 p.'i" week.   For
further pnrtieub.i's upply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arret.. Lake. B. C
Henry's Nurseries
lloudqunrlfirH 1 "r Piu'iflo Cnast -grown
mul ImiMirtwl Garden, Ftcld and
Flower Soode.
Thoupnuda ul I'ruii mul Oruamoatal
Trees, Kliododoni is, Ham nnd   liimly
planl- now gruwtn*r un our own grounds for
future planting.
No expense, loss or delay ot rumtBotiou,
in*-pnct iuu uui* cu-imn*-ilulii'-i ii p.ij.
Visitors ure always welcome to inspect
our Htock.
Greanhouso Plants,
Cut Flow i - nnd Floral Desigus, Fertilisers
ltei) Hivis .nnl Suppllos, Spray Pumps and
Spraying material.
Nn agents therefore you have no commission to pay, Our (Mtalngue tells you
about it. Lot um price your list before
planing ynur order,
Wo du business on our own grounds—no
rent lo nny, and are prepared to moot nil
competition, Eastern prices or loss Wliito
IiiIhii*.  Gnt&luguOfJ Frofl.
■ \i E8,  Pi VNOS   ETC.
!•.". - r     Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone "! Houae I'lmiip 7
int" tiit; suggestion foi in enterta n
menl in Calgary to m.-- fundi
Tbe -Alpine Club ol i anada waa or
gani/od in Winnipeg n Maroh ~i~
L906, with SirStandlord Fleming as
patron, and A 0 Wheeler, P, it G. H ,
ai president
The ubjecta q oluban     I)  l! i
^UrUdf^^'fM to '
Hum IMaXILi foJpfori&& <^
HOT1 i.   '.in- i.i 1  and
profitable businesses in
, i olumbia—116,000,
HO'l El    SITE—Immediate buei-
--iiri-il.   Importanl min-
l Industrial - nlerprisei
pro -' ted in vicinity $1,600
DKN'I \.   PRACTICE  in one ol
th. ' cltiei to the Province.
To Let
HOI -i    On Kir-* Street,  Revel-
-tr,.:.    115.00 per month,
Arrowhead Ranches
hi'.Ill f sores nexl   Hall Bros
RlflHTY acres of  rub  alluvial
land, above high waler. Partly
Improved.   Prioe $1,200,
Kor particulars nf above
Apply to
Insurance Agent, Revelitoke, ll. OJ
Exceptionally busy Summer and Fall selling has placed
on nur hnnds a large number of second-hand pianos nnd
urgans, tnken in exchange on new styles of MASON &
KI8CH and PIANOLA PIANOS, Our "Upper Country"
warehouses—In Nelson and Revelstoae—are now comfortably crowded— we've winter shipments on way from
factory, too. These used goods must he sold, we wish
them to move rapidly. You'll appreciate these iinusal
P. 0, Address nud flreenliousesi- SOW West*
minptpr ifcii.l. Hniucli Nuraorlesi- Smitli
| V„,„.„„.„r.
Small Upright "Lull A- Sons"
piano, Rngllsn make, H octaves,
walnut oaso	
"Charles Davis" UprlglitPlano
, octaves, i fl :. in. in height,
ii"))'ii m.iiinn iM-.e, Bcrollfront
"HbII" Organ, fi ft. high, wnl-
mil ,-..■"... nctaves, 2! j sots of
""I- - itopn, in u I tune,...
\.iii,\ • mart"Upright Piano
octavo**, 4 fl :. In, liigh, full
Iron frame, excellent value at
Mini   yilUM (*.r	
"Nugent" Piano, New Vmi,:
, i-iuiiii/.i'ii case, u K'Kid
Itull Piano, Ouelph, 7| on-
tavei imitation French wnlnut
■ i .*. renoci partially oil one end
-nituMi- for hall orloilgo	
Mason a Itlsch " Piano, 7',
nctftves, lit .'.in. high, lliilslioil
in .-nn Domingo mahogany,
lightlj JHed l-nl gowl um new,
* '■ *','■». i,ni. now Helling al	
"Mason a Rlseli" Piano, large
I'lirinhi (inniii, litiftutiful mahogany case, 4 ft. o in. iiinh, casu
slijjliilj* nmrrt'il. ollicrwisu line
condition, splt'iiiliil trne. Was
sold for (S50, take it for	
"Mason A Klsoli" Piano, Upright Grand In Art linishi'il inul
walnut case, prafltloally nuw,
nrluie comlltlon, lu-rffi-t tone.
wus -f.'i.-tii. extraordinary value at
" Dominion" or-inn, walnut
cant'..') fl. Iii(-li, ft ootavoB, '%
sots of reeds," .-tups, Vox lln-
lllllll,I    Hi I'll I, llllll   I llllllll   .Hjliill
b wells	
"Hell" organ, uiasidTc walnut
mw, scroll frmii, ;i sets of reeds,
ID  stops,   I'l'll)  swells.    You'll
iiiii lose mi this at	
"Dohert)'" Organ. Jilaok walnut ooiie willi nevuneil l*n*urli
[iluli' inirtnr. Bnotavt'S, 9 Hi'ts uf
roeds, 10 stops, hosi and treble
couplers und knee swells, aplt-n-
did value at this flguro	
We've also a number of others. Full li*t sent upon
request. You may turn In any one nf these Instruments
nl full value, ns partial payment on n new MASON .V
IIIKCII I'l AM., wil hin Iwo years after purchase.
{ P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. !
4 HKADOKKIORi iauiaiiv. .....u-.R-ri. f
f Wholoaalo and Retail Meat Merchant! \
4 I'ftrk l'i.-ki-M »...l Dialer   In Llie Sloclt.   Marin Ul tin- nrlnclpil Clliw nut 4
i li.ivii i... Alla'tttt. Ilrltinlt ...lUtuliU ami lit. Yukon.   Plfkotaol ll.e nillbntml llraml 4
a "I... orator" Uami and fiiAton, .ml Bhinrtiek Brani), tell I anl. d,
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and Lot on Sieond Street, fill
leet, one block Irom School
bouse, llrick, ten rooms with
furnace and all modern plumbing, oloiets, pantiles, basement,
stone foundation.
House and Lot, on comer First street
and Boyle Avenue, a buiineu
Warehouse and Lot.... Corner Smelter
Tivck and Third Stieet with
spur to warehouse,
Villa Lot inlj-ining City Limits on
Dig llend llond. A guild stone
11 nn rry aid lirst class gravel
and sand :.r building purposes.
A good beil ■ f ll.ink (liny and
three ace- . eared inhabit, for
fruit giovvii..!.
Six Lots In Hlock 4U.
One Lot iu lllo.k 41, :'.tl loot.
Two Lots on Eighth St., 10 loot,
One Lot, lll.ioli 1)7, -.,i ii .dice
Four Lots, ISIocli 118, 'l.i I .0', Cor.
Third Street and Ooniuinjihl Au-uue.
One Lot, W) fo .t, on D luglnt S reot
Hill. Contains (j. e I buildh.', gravel
und sand.
A well bred Mure, Cutter,* heio'-crat
Wagon, two «cts l.n.ne-B—(I BOr, of
driving, 1 set ..I work.
Farm Lands In Okansgnn.
Interest in guild mining ptnperty
and timber limit*.
Twenty acres good land in North
Vancouver—$90 per acre.
G:od Farm lundi in Buckley vn'ley.
Four lols in the tomi ..| Gulden.
Kirsl clais re-id....ti. pn pony
One Cn  Hlm k   I*   ...  in  guod
working m.l'-r nil. 11. ..' I ..oh mei ts
Km inil punii'iiIn.-, npply in
ifi NtLU.
From our own corroapon.lc.il.
With all the hot air, which seems
to be tho nee ssary accompany ment
ol a political contest, one would ex
pect thc weather to get warmer and
ro it has.
On account ol the ilhusi of Miss
Field, tho teacher, the school has been
cloied for a few days. We are glad to
lay that she is around aud able to go
to her work again,
Indeed there is a great deal ol sick-
~ nets in  town, none ot it of a very
leriom nature, but yet enough to keep
people from their work. Dr. Brett
has made three viiits here to sec
the sick.
Mr. Wm. MacPherson, who is
threatened with an attack of muscular
rheumatism, hai gono to Banff.
Mrs. Howard Macrae ia visiting
friends in Revelitoke.
Miii Patrick has gone to Calgary to
visit Iriends and meet ber lather who
has come from hit home in Montreal
to visit- his (riendt in the west.
Mr, J. Buckham, ol Golden, was in
town the other day.
Mrs. A. B. Clark has returned Irom
Lyton where «he has been visiting Ior
a couple ol monthi.
There is another change in the
management at the C. P. R. boarding
house. Mr. and Mrs. Brydon, who
are at present in charge are going east.
Tbe (,'. P. R. store house is at last
finished and tbe workmen who built
it have gone to Ashcrolt.
Political meeting. ..re the order of
the day. On Tuesday night Hon. C.
W. Wells, the lilieral candidate, and
ex-Judge Henderson, of Vancouver,
addressed a meeting ol the citizens
♦ here. Tliis evening a meeting will be
held at which Mr. H. G. Parsons, tbe
conservative candidate, and Mr. Lewis
ol Vancouver, will speak.
Mr. Fletcher finer in the C. P. R.
shops here has returned Irom Montreal
with hia bride. They have taken up
houBC-keeping in part ol the house
occupied by Mr. Sahuond. The best
wishes ol the people ol Field sre with
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher in their new
Mr. C. Wyckoff went to .Banff the
Other day to try what the bath would
do for au attack of rheumatism Irom
which he h.u been suffering for. a
week or more. Mrs. Wyckoff accompanied him,
Miss Yates ol Golden spent a few
daya last week at lhe home ol Mis.
Fred Mackinrott here.
The annual meeting of tbe congregation of St. Stephen'* Church will be
held on the evening ol Tuesday, Feb.
6th. Relreshmpnte will be Beryed alter
the busineis of the meeting ia transacted.
Over-Seas Mail Makes Good
Time From Laggan to
Alter making the run front Laggin
to Vancouver in 21 hours and 20
minutes, when the usual time for that
distance made by the Imperial Limited is 29 hours and 30 minutes, the
Over-8eus Mail arrived at Vancouver
on Friday night last. Between Laggan and Vancouver the train made up
over three hours in addition to making the record ron for the Pacific
division. The train was many hours
late and no paitia were spared by
eilher officials or trainmen to do their
beBt to make time and thus the record
for the Pacific division was made.
The Over-Seas wae not delayed be.
tween Laggan and Kamloops, but
made excellent time over every part
of the diviaion.
Fire Damp Explosion Destroys
Many Lives.
Two frightful disasters occurred on
Mon Jay almoat simultaneoualy in
France and Pruieia, both attended by
appalling loia ol human Hie, lire damp
being the primary cause in eaoh caae
The disaster in France occurred at
Lievioc in the Courrier diatrict, where
it may be remembered a terrible ex-
plosion happened a lew months ago
when hundreds of lives were snuffed
out. Further details are lacking
apart from the lactthat the explosion occurred when there were double
ahifta at work and the mortality is
leared to be very heavy. The other
fire damp explosion occurred at 'Aux-
bruoher, Rhenish Pruisia, where four
hundred ond twenty-five minerB were
ontombod. Thc dispatch states that
over one hundred and sixty-lour
corpica and many injured minora
have been taken out, and there are
still 200 miners missing.
__ , y ,.	
The C. P. R. have announced au
excursion rate of a fare and a third
for the round trip lor lho Roailand
winter Carnival next month, Irom
Revelitoke and other points.
To tie tlectors ot
Revelstoke Riding
GENTLEMEN: —Having ..gain received the honor ol the
unanimouB nomination aa the Conservative candidate nt the
approaching Provincial elections, I tike this opportunity of addressing those ol my supporters and friends whom I may be unable to
meet personally, or who may be unable to attend the various meetings ol electors whioh I shall address during tho Bhurt campaign
whioh ia now on,
My record aa a public man during the eight years I have had the
honor to represent you is before you, and I challenge any man to lay
his linger on one single act of mine that was not in tbe interes i of
Britiih Columbia and my own Riding, and I challenge any man to
ihew a single instance in which my own private interest was forwarded or the public interest neglected by me. Practically my
whole time hai been devoted to the public atrvice, and, while my
private interesti have in consequence suffered, I have been honestly
endeavoring to give the affairs of this Province and Hiding my be-t
attention and, these facts being well known to the majority of the
electors, I Irel confident that on election day a substantial majority
of the electors ol this Riding will shew thcii appreciation ol my
efforts in the public interest by placing me at the head ol the poll.
lt waa largely owing to my cfl'orta that thc timber law'B were su
amended as to make the title to timber licences absolutely renewable
for extended terms of yeara, thus rendering such titles secure and
inducing capitalists to come in and purchase and develop our timber
resources and creating a high state ol prosperity in the lumber
industry in our midst.
I have been and am a consistent supporter ol the Government
of Hon. Richard McBride.
That Government has done more to bring about confidence in
the administration of the affairs of this rrovll.ee and to bring
about the present high state of prosperity, credit an.l stability in this
Province than any any previous Government we have had. When
you recali thc bad condition into which affairs bad drifted prior to
Mr. McBride's Government takinu otiice, you will at once ag.ee with
uie in the statement I have just made. Such being the case, 1 say to
you that no good reaaon can bc shewn by the opposition why a
change should take place.
In the matter ol public wurks, the Government have dealt as
liberally with thc different parts ol the country as I heir limited
resources would permit, but now that the credit of tho Province has
been re-established and the public income bus been so largely increased, it will be possible to undertake with confidence many important public worka which will serve to develop the rich natural
resources ot the Province, and this will mean increased prosperity to
the miner, the lumberman, the fanner, the railway man and all
With regard to the Civil Service, I may any that my policy is
and always lias been to retain in the service men who are competent
and honest, irrespective ol their political leanings.
I am
oppused to the granting of subsidies to railway corporations,
The demand made upon the McBride Government by the Grand
Trunk Pacilic Railway Company for a land subsidy and other enormous concessions Ior building through the northern part of British
Columbia, I regard as an attempt to rille this Province ol some of its
richest territory and rights, and, if elected, 1 shall oppose with all my
might the granting ol any such property or concessions to that ur
any other company.
All of you are familiar with the cost of opening up this vast
country in order to reach our mineral, timber and agricultural
resources, The provincial subsidy now paid by tlie Dominion to this
Province is wholly inadequate and entirely out ol proportion to that
granted to the older and more settled Provinces and still more out ol
proportion to the share ol Dominion revenues this Province pays per
capita into the Dominion coffers, and I feel sure that every elector
knows full well that it is only by taking such a firm stand as that
token by Premier McBride belore the Conlerence ol Provincial
Premiers at Ottawa recently, that this great wrong con be remedied,
end that if this Province iB to be placed where she belongs, namely,
in the Iront rank of Canndian Provinces, it is only by endorsing
Premier McBride and his Government in their fight lor "Better
Terms lor British Columbia " and Provincial rights, and that il a
Government made up of the present Opposithn be placed in power at
this time, only a compromise measure suitable to the Ottawa Government and unfair 11 this Province can be expected.
I therefore ask all lair-minded British Columbians in this Riding
to study carefully the issues of this campaign and weigh carefully
the respective claims ol my opponent and myself to represent this
Riding, and I feel confident thnt after jou have done so, you will
cast your ballot in my behall on February 2nd and, if elected, 1 shall
continue to do all in my power to further the interests of this Riding.
Your Obedient Servant,
Electors of the above mentioned Electoral District, that in the
Election now pending, the respective candidates have appointed
the undermentioned person as his agent:
William I. Briggs, of Revelstoke, Agent for Robert J. Caley.
Wallace W. Lefeaux, ot Revelstoke, acts for himself.
Robert Smith, of Revelstoke, Agent for Thomas Taylor.
Of which all persons are hereby required to take notice
and govern themselves accordingly.
Given under my hand at Revelstoke, this Nineteenth
day of January, Nineteen Hundred and Seven.
Returning Officer.
Notice la hereby given t1 si W days alterileh
welntend toapply imliuChlof Commissioner o
I.mills aud Works tor as eelal license m cm
«:;.I carry i mber from tlio lollowlng described
lands smiaiud lu Lillooet dirtriuti
uiiiiiHicini*, at a pout marked "Hriti-.li
miT post
i i-nriit'r nf
IN chains.
BO chain
Columbia Timbers Ltd., iiortn-oast
Nn. 1 Limit." pliiTiu-ii at tlie BoiltU'WOi
Limber Limit No, 501*3, tlience wes'
tlience soutli Sfl chains, thence wesl
thenco south 40 cliains, ihence east 80 elialm
thence north 20 chains, thouce oast 80 chains,
thence north -in chains to point nl commencement.
2. Commencing al a post murked "liritish
Columbia Thnheri Ltd, north-wont corner post,
So. t Limit," planted on south boundary ol No, l
Limil ul'oiit 1 mile Irom enst vml. thence south SO
chains, thence east 8(1 chains, tnence north 80
chaini) thence west Hi chains to pointof com1
Duted mat December, 1000.
8, Commencing at a post msrked "British
Columbia Timbers Ltd., north-west cornor post.
No. 3 Limit, planted at tho south-west corner of
No, 2 Limit, thenco south 80 chains, thenco east
80 chains, theuce north 80 chains, thence wesl 00
chain"- to point of commencement.
Dated Doc. 24th, 1006.
i. CommeiiciiiK nt a post marked "British
Coluniliia 'limbers Ltd,, north-east comer post.
No. 4 Limit," planted at tho south-west corner of
Timber Limit No, -S116, thenco smith 80 chains,
thence west BO clmins, thonce north 80 cliiiins,
thenceeast nu ehuins to pointof oounuonceraout.
.-*., Commencing ui a post marked "British
('olumbia Timbers Ltd., north-west corner post,
No. 5 Limit," planted at the south-west corner of
Timl.ei* Limit No. 5410, thonce south 80 chains,
thonce east 80 chnius, thenco north 80chnius,
thence went 6(> cliains to point of ennimoncoinciil.
Dated Dec, Mill, 1006.
1 Intend to apply In tlio Chlof CommUslousrol
Lmitis and Worki tor ii iporlal licenco tuem
utnl curry uway timbor frum the fnlltmintfdu-
soribiul lands i
I'lUinili'llritn; ill .1  pQSl   planted M llie north-
woul cornor of I ho -uu* h w.-sl nun rl ci* of Sod ion
•Ji, TowiHhipoT, iimi'kud "W II frillltwsworth's
|s.iiiili--,v,*si oornor nosl," thonoo oasl St chalna,
thence nurth mi chains, thouoe wesi 80 chains
theace south sn clmiiis iu place of commence
Tin' nlmve locution is lho north half of Sco-
tion eiland tho south half "f Section .tl, Town-
ship dt.
Dated November 22nd, limil.
wi Jan "iii    W, II. KOLLINQSWOUTH,
Notice is hereby given that OO daye aftor dato
I hiii-iid lo applv to lhu Hon. Chlof Con-mils-
sioner nf Lands and worka for pormbelon to
piii'dlmsc tlm following described lauds:
Commencing nt the N. K. cornur of T, L. N'o.
7010,011 tho shore of lllind Hay, I'pper Arrow
Uko.*, llienei* suuth 10 idiiiins, tliouce east80
chnius. thonce north about 8D chains, thouco
westerly following tlm mint horn shore of lllind
lliy in pninl. ol' commencement, eonininlng
four hundred and night)1 uoi'Oi moro or loss,
Datnl this Kh duy of Ueaombor, liuni.
sul,ilcu 'i'i .1   ll, KKNNF.HY.
Notice ls hereby given that60 days after date
1 intend to apply tu the Honoranle tho Chlol
Commlsslonor of Lands antl Works f.ir permission tn pureliiise the following described lands
Iu usoyoos division of Yale District;
1 Commencing ni a po*t planted about inn
feet from north-enst end of Koofoi Lako,
marked/'W. H. Hollingawortlifl 8, W. oornor.
theuce north 10 ohains, cast 4" chains, soul li in
chains, cum 40 chains, south 20 clmins, east 80
chains, south 10chains, west 8" chains, north
20 ehuins, west. 40 ohnlns. north 20 chain-, weM,
4uchains lo plnCc of commencement,
2 Commencing at a post murked "A. H.
Hollingswui'ihs south-oast cornor." plumed
ahout Hin yards frum ilic north-oast ond uf
Kecfer Lake, thijiicu west, 40 chains, north 2u
chains, wosl hj chains, north '20 chains, west ffl
chains, nun li 10 chains, oast 80 chains, -onl li -jn
clmins, cant 4ii chains south 20 chains, cast, 40
chnlns, south hi chains to place nf commencement
,*( Commencing nt. a pust planted ahum ifi
yard- soulh from lho wosl end of Keofer Uko,
marked 'MV, IL HolllllgBworth's norm oasl
corner,' tlienco wosl SO eliains, south ■*' ohains,
cast 80 chains, north 80 chains to placoof oorn-
I Commencing at a post planted nbout ti U
mile norlh of the moil til of I'olar Creek where
It runs intu Barnes Croek, and mucked "W, II
Hollingsworth's north-east corner," thenee
south 40 ehains, west lliil chains, norlli 40
chains, oust ldn chnius to point of commencement.
,'). Commeneing at a post planted about, % a
mile nurih from llie mouth ol i'olar Crock
whoro it i uus Into Barnes i rook, and marked
"W. IL Hollingsworth's south-oiwt enrnor."
Ihence uorlh III chains, west 100chains, suulh
in ohnlns, oast Kin chains to plaoo ot com*
li Commencing ul apOst plnuled ubuut | of
a mile snulh-uist uf oast end of Mnrsh Luke,
marked "W, II. Hollingsworth's north-oast
cornor," thonoo south in chains, west lt'm
chains, north lu chains, oust ii*n« ehnins to plaoo
of oohiiiiQiiouiuouu
; (.ommeneing ula post planted about lulu
mile ensl nf wist end and near south side of
Marsh Uko, marked "W.H, jjoillngsworth's
noi'tli-ciisi, corner," llienco soulh 10 ehuins, wesi
lOOchains, norlh 10 chains, oast 100chains to
place of commencement.
8 Commencing at u pn-t planled about 200
jurds from the south side mm about half-way
of Keofer Uko, marked "W.H.Holllngswoi'th -
norlh-west corner," thence south Unchains,
east 60 chains, nortli 0" chains, cast -'i chains,
north 20 chains, west On chains, north "in chains,
west 20 chnius to puint of commencement.
II Commencing ut a posl planlcd about SWO
yurds south and aboul half-way nf. Keofer lake
aim marked "W. H. Hotllngsworilrs north-east
corner." thonce uouth 100 chains, west in
elm Ins, norlh 100 chains, eist 4u chains to place
of commencement,
10 Commeueiug ut a nost planleil nntlio
beach about % mile cast of wost end of Keofer
Uko, marked "W, II. Hollingsworth's northeast corner," ihenco soulh 100 chains, west 10
chains, uorth 100 chains, thenee east m chuius
to poiut of commencement.
11 Commeuelng u< a post planted about 1
mile south of Kettle River, abont 2 miles west
of Keefer Lake, marked *'W,H Hollingsworth's
north-west corner," thence cast 40 chains, sunt h
'20chains, cast lOchains,south80 chains, west
in chains, north 20 chains, wesl 40 chaius,
norlh 80 chains to point or com meneement,
12 Commencing al a post planted about I
mile south of Kettle River, about i,1 of a mile
cast of Coreupino ('reek, marked "W. H. Hollingsworth's north-east corner," thence south Hln
chains, west 40 chnius, north lii-i chnius, east
Id cliains to point of commencement.
l.i Commencing al a post, planlcd about IJ
miles south of Kettle River on Trap Creek, antl
marked "W. IL Holll.igs worth's N W corner,"
thonce south mi chaius. cast 80 chains, uon li 80
chains, west 80 chains to point of commence
14 Commencing at a pust pluutod about oO
yards above the locks oil Trap Greek, about
one-half mile south of Kettle Kivor, uud marked "W H.liolIlugKWoriirs 8.W, corner," thonce
north 8>i chains, east 80 ehuins, -oni h 80chains,
west 80 chains, to point of commencement.
15 Commeneing ul a post plained -.num. '
inin: west of the lorks of Trap ('reek and aboul
Boo yards wost oi tho oreok, marked "rt. H. Hoi-
lings worth's nurth-east curlier," ilieucc south
80 eliains, westt*i chains, north 80 chains, o:
bO clmins io poim of uonimencumenl.
iti Commencing at a post planted about ioo
yards to tho soutli of Kast Creek aboul U milo
soutli of Kettlo Itiver. niarked "W H Holllngs-
wur Hi's north-east coruer," thence soutli ion
chaius, west 40 ohains, north 100 chains, cast 40
cliains lo pointof couiiiicnocmot.
17 Commencing at a punt phmlcd about .'-0
yards norlli of Keltic HI Ver ubout ln milu below
l'orcupiue Oreok, marked "W. fl. Uollings-
worths soulh-wesl cornor," thenco eusl in
chaius, suntii 8ll clmins,east lil chain-, uorth 12u
eliains, west 80 chains, south 10 chains to
place of communcumout.
16 Commencing at u post planted ou the
soutb hunk of Hcpscdum Crock ahout!., milo
up irum Kettle lliver. marked ".V. 11.Uollings
worth's north-west corner," thonce somh 10
chains, east 100 chains, north 10 cliiuuv, west
100 chains to place of tommciicuuiont.
10 Commencing ui a pust planted on south
bankof Hcpsedam Crock, a I nun. \t mile hum
Kettle Hivor, marked "W.H.Hollingsworth's
south-west corner," thenco north so chains,
cast 80 chains, south Ml chains, west 80 chains
to point of commencement.
20 Commencing at a post plauted on thc
south bank of Hcpscdum Crock about J-j mile
from Kettlo River, markod "W. H. Hollingsworth's north-east corner," thence west 80
cliains,south 80 chains, cast SOohains, norlh
bj chains lo place of commencement.
21 Commencing al a puhl planted on the
south bank of Hepscdum (/reck about } mile
from Kettle Hivor, markod "\V. 11 Hollingsworth's south-east corner," thonce north 40
chains, west 10 chains, north 20 chains, west 10
north 20chalns, west 80 chains, soulh 40 ohains,
east 80 chains, south -n chaius, cast 40 chains,
south 20 chnius, oast 40 chains to point, of commencement.
Dated Dec 31st, 1000.
wedjan 30      W. H. HOLLINGSWOUTH-
Noiice Is horoby given tlmt outlays afterdate I
inli'iid to apply to the Chief Conunissioiiin* of
Lands and Works for pormission to purchase tliu
ollowlng ileserllieil lunils In Cariboo dislrict:
I'nniiuoucing at a post marked "W. IL (dive's
Boiith-eastcoruor post-;- planted ou trail lending
frmn Nm ih Ihoiiipson River to Vellowlioad Pass
utnl nlnnit s miles ina northerly direction from
Cr.iiil'i'ii-v Uko, running nnrlh Sll chuius, thence
weat 40chains- tlienco south -tu chains, iheuce east
4" chains tu puiiiL uf commencement,
Dated lull day of Novombor. 1006.
uov-2) w. ll. ni,ivi*,. Locator
"Con pa Niks' Act, im>,
Canada: i
I'lillVINCKuI'llltlTISll CtW.IWlhlA I
Nu, HOD.
THIS is iii certify thnl the "Kiiii.-h
Col (i in bin Timbers, Limited," isniith-
niisnl nnd licensed io curry on luist-
ni'ss within tin* Province uf British
Uulumb.u, ami to curry out nr effect
Nutlce is liereliy given that .JO days afler i
we iuii'ini toapply mi In* riiicirum missioner ui
Lands nnd Works fur it special license to onl
miii carry away timbor from tho following
described lauds situated in Wort-Kootonay
Commencing nt a posl planted '-. mile north
nl iln* suulh east corner nl l.m 7047 and marked
"I, W.I, Co.'s K.W, eoruer." ihenee 160 chains
eust, thonee 4u chains soulli) ihenee n'o chains
west- ihenco to chains north to place o! commencement,
hiiieil Hoi einbor 81st, 1900,
Notice Is horoby given tlmt 80 days artor date
we Intend lu upply Eotho Chief Commissioner of
Lands nml Wurks fur a special license to cut
aud carry away limber fmni the following described  lands in  district, uf West Kootenay:
Cummencing at a post planted .', mile wosl.
from north-easl corner nf Lot No. 6140 and
inarked "Ji. W. L, Co.'s s, W, enrner post,"
thence nurih IOO chains, ihenee east III ehnins,
tlienco smith lliil ehalus, ihenee west 10 chnius
tu place of eommonootnont,
hilled December 2<)ih, 1000.
sal jiin.i   LAMB-W.\TSDN LUMBKH CO., LTD
Nolia' is hereby given tlmi Oo dayi**
lifter dule 1 inlend to apply lo the Chiel'
Commissioner of Lun da & Works for permission io purchase Ibrce hundred and
twenty acres ofluitd lying in the Post hill
Vulley on llie west side oi Upper Arrow
I.ake, described as follows:
Commencing ul u post marked -'Roberl
Abbie's norlh-easl corner post," planled
ut lhe nonh-west corner of Lot Hd,
Croup it Kootenay; llienee So ehuins
wesl, llienee 40 chains smith, ihenee So
clmtns cail, llnsnee 40 chains north lo the
poini of commencemeni, contuinlng 320
acres, more or less.
Dated tbe 23rd day oi November) 19061
nuv :S wed       Per T, S. McPerson,
Noliue is l.tireby given thai (Hi .lays
aller tlate I inlenil lo apply to the Cliief
Commissioner ol* Laiuls niul Works for
permission to pt.rcl.asc six hnmlretl antl
forly acres of land lying hi the Koslhall
Valley on lhe wesl liile of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing al a posl niarked "Kui-
sell Nichol's south-oust corner posl,'
planted at the north-west corner 01 Lot
862, Group 1, Kootenay, llienee norlli 80
chains, Ihence wesl 80 chaini, Ihence
soulli 80 cliains, iheuce east 80 chains lo
the place of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less.
Daled Ihis 23rd day of November, i.job,
nov s-8 wctl      I'er T, S, Mcl'hcrsou.
Notice Is hereby given that we tlm undersigned
intend, 36 dnys frum date, to applv tn the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lnmls and Works, for a
Hpcclal licenso to eut and enrry away timher from
the following dem-rllied lands;
Cummencing nt a pnsl planted about one-
quarter of a mile east of Fish River and onu milu
from Camborne, thencu north Wl chains, thencu
east 80chalnx, thence souih HU clialnu, thenee west
80 chains to point uf coniniciieeuiuat, Hliined,
Dated January 12th, 1007.
Patronize Home Indmtry,
Rmlitoke Ciff«r*
Notice is hereby given that O) days
after (Into I inlend In apply to the
Chief Commissioner nf Lands &
Wo.'ks for permission to purchase six
hundred and forty acres of land lying
in ll.e Fosthall Valley on the west
side of Upper Anow Luke, descrilied
as follows:
('.....mencing al a post niarked "II.
llai-lmv s north-east corner post,"
planted lit) chains west of Lot 157(1,
Group 1, Kootenay: thenci. west 81)
chains, tiience south 80 clmins, thence
east 811 chains, thence north 81) chains
to i he place of commencement, containing UIU acres, more or less,
Dated this 21th day of November,
ini'v 28 wed   Per T, S, MePherson.
Notice Is hereby given that "30 days
lifter date I intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of
Ij.in.ls and Works for a special license
to cut anil curry away timber from
the loll..wing described lands situate
in West Kootenay District:
1. Coinnieiiciiig ut a post plnnted at
th.. north-west coiner of Timber Limit
75*11 and maiked -'A. M, Symons'
north-east corner," thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 ehuins, thence
Horl h 81) chains, thence east 80 ehnins
to place of com meneement.
2. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-west oorner of Timber
Limit 75111, uud marked "A. II. Sy-
inoiis' north-west corner," thence
suulh 80 chains, thence eust 80 chuius,
thence north 80 ehuins, tlience west 80
ehuins to place of commencement.
It. Coinmeneing at a post plunled
at the north-east corner of Timher
Limit 1X185 and mnrked "A. M. Hy-
minis' 8..uth-e.ist cornel'," thenco ivesl
100 chains, theuce north 10 chains,
thence east llll) ehuins, Ihence south
1(1 cbnins to pluce of commencement,
Dec. 1 lib, 1000.
I. Commenolng nt a post plunted
on the lake shore, three miles north
of Nakusp. ou the west side of Upper
Arrow Lake and marked "j\. Jl. Symons' north-east corner," (hence west
40 cbnins, thence south 100 chains,
tinnte eust II) cliains, thenee norlh
100 chains to place of commencement.
5, Commencing ut a post planted
on the west side of Upper Arrow Ijike
and one mile north of the north-cant
corner of No. I and marked "A. Jl.
Syinnns' north-oust corner," thenee
wesl 80 ehnins, thence south 80 ehains,
then.:., east 80 chains, tlience nni-lli 81)
chains to plnce of commencement,
Dec. 15111, 1000,
wed jan 2 A. JI, SYJIONS.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days
ufter date I  intend to npply In the
Chief Commissioner of  Lands and
Works for n special licence to out and
carry away timlier frnm the (ollowlng
described funds:
1, Commonolng al a pnst planted
on tbo north bank of Snow Creek
abmit eight miles eusl of Burton Citv,
thenco wost 80 ehnins, thenco south 80
chuius,  thenee eusl 80 cbnins thence
north 80 chnius to p..i..i nf commencement.
2, Commonolng nt .. post plnnted
throe ehuins nnrth (if Nti, 1 pnst,
thence enst 8(1 chains, I hence south 80
chains, theueo west 80 ehuins, thence
nnrth 80 chains lo point of commencement,
II. Commenolng ut a post plnnted
80 chnlns oust of No. 2 post, thence
enst 100 ehuins, Ihence soulh III chains,
thence west 100 chains, thenco north
10 chains to point of commencement,
Daled December 201 b, 1000,
wed jan 2 J. R, JAMIESON, Locator.
all or anv nl the objects of the Company In whieI. ll.e legislative uulhor-
ll y of tho Legislul ure of Uiltlsh Columbia extends,
The I.end office of the Company Is
situato ul the City nf Jlnnlrent, in the
Province of Quebec.
The amount of the capita! ..f the
Company is nne hundred thousand
thilliiis, divided int.. ..lie Illt.ll3.lntl
sl.ares.if ono hundred dollars end.,
The head office of lho Company In
this Province Is situate on Piisi Street,
Hi'velsliike, and William Irving
llrlggs, Uu.-rister-..l-La\v. whose address Is Hie same* Is lho attorney for
the ('.nnpuny.
(live., under my hand and seal of
office nt Victoriu, Province.if British
Columbia, this 17th duy of December,
nue thiiiisninl nine 111..Hired nnd six.
|l..s.|      S, Y. WIIUTTON.
Registrar ot Joint Stock C nipn.iics,
The objects lor which the Company
bus heen established and licensed arc:
1. To carry on throughout Canada
and elsewhere lln- husiness nf lumberers, ii.nl.ei- ineroliu.it*. and manufacturers of timber and nnd lumber in .ill
its I.runches, nnd all other business
incidental thereto or connected then.
wllh, including the manufacture nf ull
products nf lhc forest nr lumber In.
2. To acqiilro by purchaijo, lease or
ntherwise nud In own, utilise, and
operate timber limits, timber In...Is,
and timbor berths, and rights In such
Umber lands, timbor limits and limber
norths, licences ur rights tnoul timber,
lumbor yards, mill nnil factory sites,
water bits, docks, wharves, piers,dams,
slides, aqueducts, viaducts,slfuuilinnts,
and other vessels, saw mills, pulp
mills, water und steam powers,
hydraulic powers, ..hints. It...
proveiueiits In hikes, livers und
creeks, nnd other waterways for lumbering or transporting logs, limber and
all other rights and interests of every
kind appertaining to uny ... the above
enumerated property so acquired, as
may be necessary for the development und purposes of the Oompany,
nnd the snid properly above specified
or any nf it, to improve and develop,
sell, mortgage, exchange, lease or dispose of for rush, or upon rentals, or
i'or uny othor consideration as may be
in the interests nf the Company:
8, To coiislruct.operntt*, charter nnd
employ vessels nf all kinds for the purposes and business of tl.e Company,
and for the purpose ..f transporting
products of the mills und works or
other materials or manufacturers for
any place within Canada or elsewhere,
aud tu dn a transportation business in
Canada or elsewhere, to lease or acquire all accessories necessary for the
propev working of tlie said vessels, and
lo lease, sell, or otherwise dispose i.f
snid vessels, or accessories, or moveable effects in relation thereto ns it
may lie advisable in the interests of
the Company:
-I. To construct, or aid, or subscribe
towards the construction, maintenance and improvements of roads,
docks, piers, dams, slides, nqueducts,
viaducts or other works and buildings,
including Humes, bridges, ditches,
water, steam or other hydraulic rights
or powers, and any other woiks necessary for the purposes of the Company
or for the carrying out of the Company's powers:
3. To establish shops or stores on
the property of lhc Company, and to
sell merchandise thereon, in so far ns
it muy be necessary for lhe Company
to curry on its snid husiness:
0. To acquire, own, sell, leaso and
dispose of shares, debentures and securities in any other company similar
to tins Company, and to acquire or
amalgamate with any company lowing objects similar to the Company
hereby incorporated, on such terms
and for such considerations as the
directors mny decide, nnd to pny for
the acquisition of uny such company
in shares of the Oompany fully paid
up nnd made non-assossable for culls:
7. To make, allot nnd use in payment or exchange in whole nr in purl
for uny real or personal property,
rights, licences un.l privileges which
may be purchased, tnken on lease, or
otherwise acquired by the Company.
shares of lho unsubscribed capital
slock of the Cunipany as paid up and
made nm.-assessable for calls m ac-
cnrthince with the terms of nn agreement executed by und bet ween the
Company and any such vendor, lessor
or other grantor on or before the issue
nf such paid-up shares, nnd which
shares shall lhereupon be deemed and
taken In huve been fully paid up, and
shall not thereafter be liable for calls
or future assessments;
8. To make, allot and issue as paid
up slock, shares of the .inscribed
capital stuck nf the Company for services rendered tnthe Company or to
the promoters thereof, provided a by-
law nf the directors is passed s|H-cify
ing thnt the value given tn the Coin
pany la equivalent to the value of the
shares sn mndepuld up and i ssucd and
nllotod for such services, and suid bylaw bus been passed und sanctioned l.y
a vote of not loss than two-thirds of
the shareholders of ihe Bald Company
present  ill  peisnii  or  l.y proxy at a
special gcnerul meeting nf the Oom
pany duly culled  for  (he approval of
11,   To sell or dispose nf tbe under-
taklnu nf the Company for such consideration as lhe Company mny liiink
III. nnd In particular for shares, debentures and securities nf any company
having objects similar, or In part situ-
ilar lu those of this Cninpai.y.pi-nvidcd
a by-law is passed l.y the directors
specifying Ihe consideration which the
Company will receive for the said mile,
and tlie' said by-law shall have been
passed und sanctioned l.y a vote of not
less than two-thirds of the shareholders nf the Company, passed ut a special
general meeting nf tlie Cninpany .-..lied fm tbejpurposes of considering and
approving of said by-law.     wedjan 2
.iim-i   ii ,1,.   I   .,, uppij ...Ihe
. I.lei Ci-..ii..i--i.it.-. ..f La., s mi.i
W'.iik.* ti.ri.t'iiiiis.ii.ii lu |iiiii I..-tc ll..*
following descrihed land situated ...
Wesl Ki .ilei.ay ili-t.i I.
Coinnieiiciiig ..I a i "*i planted on
lhe imiili side of Downie Cn-ek almiit
I of a mile soulh of the 'Jt\ mile pnst
.... il... Downie Ciei-k Trull mul marked "E. M..Ur.-... * south-west corner,"
thenco north 18chaini. thence cast (ill
.hains, thenoe south 40 chains, ihence
west 00 chains tt. pnint of commencement, containing UI0 acres mo.o or less.
Iiai.-.l December nub. 1880.
wed jun 2 B. McBKAN.
Nut ice is liereliy given lhat thirty
days nfter dale I intend tu apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner nf
L.l..Is and Works fori, special license
tne.it and carry awny limber In.in
I he full..wing.losc.il.r.l If.ml situated
in the Wes. Kootenay District,
Commencing at a posl planted \ of
a mile eiust of Boulder Creek and about
ihiee-tpinrtcrs of n mil I nnrlh of
Downie Cnek and in.irked K. .\lc-
llenu's soulh-east enrner, 111. nee uorlh
80 chainB, thenco west 80 chains, thence
BOUth80chains, thenceeast 80 cbnins
to the pnint of coinmencement,
Daled the 18th dayof December.lOOfl
wja K. M.HKAN.
Notice is hert'ly given that thirty daye after
dale 1 Intend tu apply to ibe thief Commli*
Hlouer of Laudh and Works luraapcclal llcenie
to cut and carry away timber (mm ihe following described lund" -minted on Knek Creek
trll.iuary Ut Adamn Lake in Lillooet District;
I. C<mi mr nc int; *»t ■'*• poit planted on south-went
Oorner marked "A McConneU'i aouth-weat corner
Rock Creek,  Limit  No.l,'   lltUttOd about M«H
mllea from too mouth of Rock Creek, running w
chains north, mi cu&lni etui, BO ehniiiH -■•mit. *-"
ehnins west to place of com me ncemeiit.
'.'. Coinmeneing .it a post pluuted on iMith-eHMt
corner marked "\. Md'on nei I'.i Houtliea-si comer
ilo. k Creek, Limit No.*," iltuated about men
miln from mouili of Rock Creek, ninninB W
chain-, north, 80 chaini weat, 80 chains south, 80
chalna ■ ■.bi to place nf c^m mei ice ment.
s. Commencing al * post planted on northwest comer marked "A. MclionneN'i north-west
cnruei Rock Creek, Limit No. :i," situated about
seven mile- from mouth i.f Rock Creek, running Ml
chains Bouth, 80 chains east, 80 cliHfmi north, so
chains west to place.,(commenoement,
1, Commencing at a post planted on north-
eat.) corner markod "A, McConnell's northeast
oorner Reek ('reek. Limit No. l," situated
ubuut seven miles from month of ltoek Creek,
running Hi chains south, Hi chains west,8U
ohains north, Sn ehains cast lo place of commencement.
fi. Commenolng ai a post planted on south
wesl coiner marked ''A.MoConnell b south-west
corner Rock Creek, Limit No. .'>,' situat-ed
about live miles from mouth of Rock Creek,
ruining Hi chains north, tn chains euM, s>
ehuins south, 80 Dhalos west to plaoo Of commencement,
0. Commencing at a posl ou south-east cornel markoil "A. McCouuell's soulh-east corner
K'K-k Creek. Limit No.0," situated about live
mile, frum mouth uf Rock Creek, Limit Nu.6."
situated about live miles horn mouth of Rock
Creok, running SOohains north, 8u chains west,
ni chains uniin, r*> ehains east to place of com-
7. Commeueiug at a poi pluute<l on north-
wosl euruer marked "A, MeCouucll's northwest corner Knek Creek, Limit No, 7," situated
about live iniles from mouth of Kock Creek,
ruuniug hi chains south, w chains eut, so
chains north, S" chains we^t to place ol commencement.
$, Commonclug at a wnsl planted on north-
cant corner inarked "A. McCouueH^nortb-easi
corner Kock creek, Limit No. ft," iltuated
about live wiles frem mouth of Rock Creek,
running H) chaius south, 80 chains west, so
chaina north, 80 chaini cut to place of commenci ment.
9. ( omraeucing at a post planted on northwest corner niarktil "A. McConnell's northwest corner Rock Creek, Limit No. 9," situaled
ou north bank ol Kock Creek about one-half
mile frum creek and about four mllen east ol
Adams Lake, running -c chains south 80
chaius east, HJ chaius north, »o chains west lo
place of comniencemont.
Dated December 10th, 1906.
wed jan i A. MaCONNKLL,
Notice i** htreby given that bo days
after date 1 intend to apply to the Chief
Coramiseioner of Lands « Works for per*
mission to purchase six hundred and forty
aerea of land lying in ihe Fosthall Valley
on llie west side ot" Upper Arrow Lake,
described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Fred*
erickWashbume'a Bouth-eaat corner post,"
planted 8o chains west of lhe north-wesl
corner of Lot %2, droop i, Kootenayt
tlience north So cliains, tnence west 8o
chains, thence south 8o chains, thence
east 8o chains lo the place ot commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated this 23rd day of November. 1906.
nov :S wed       Per T. S. MePherson.
NOTICK is hereby giftn that60 days after dale
I Intend to apply to the Uon. Chief Con
missioner of Lands and Works for perm Its inn to
purchase the following described Iamb In tin
West Kootenay District:
CnmiiU'iicinu it a pn*t pltinli-U 1 ■ ti.ii'i*- *»»■■
from tho nonth-wesl conier of L"t u.>.'- and marked
"K, C. Tralfiml's north-east con er post," thewe
luuth 40 chains, thence west -20 chains more ■•■*
leas to Lake shore, thence north aluni* ihore Ui
smith-west corner nf Lot wm, tlieort uit HO
chains to point of commencement.
Dated November Dili, 1008.
dec 5 wad B C. TRAPFOBD,
Revelltoka Cigar** Union Madt Our
Speoial, Tht Union, and Maroa Vuolta
art ahsad of all othora,
Certificate of Improvements.
River Kdi*n Mineral Claiin, -ituaie in tho Illccillewaet Mining Division of Kootenay district
Where located:-Fish Creok.
Take notice thai I, John Albert Kirk of the
town of Revelstoke, H.C., actios a* agent for
J,8.O. Fraser, Beq,, Free Miner** Certificate
S'o. B76740 and Mat Baret A. Elaon, Free Miner's
Certificate No. BfJUK, intend, sixty daya from
lhe date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Ro
corderfor a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of thc
above claim.
And further Like nolice that action, under
section ST. musl be commenced before ihe Issuance of •■iicli Certificate of Improvements,
Hated ihis 21th dayof BepU-mbcr, A.D.. 1906.
nov 21 J, A. KIRK.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days after dato
I inlcnd toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timber from the following
doaortbad property -nluau-d on Fisher Creek
omplving into the head of,Adam<* Lake In lhc
Dislrict of Lillooet, I). C:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the west
I'.mk of Fisher Crsek. South Fork, about fnur
mile-- from Adanm Lak-t marked "A. McConnsll's
Y 1. comer," running So chains sruth, thence So
chains west, thence HJ chaini imrth, tlience 10
chains eait to puint of n-tniiini.■■*■ ii,.-ni
t Commencing ntapost plant-ednnthewtit
bank of Fisher Creek, south furk, marked "A. Mc-
Connell'i N. W. comer," almut four miles from
Adtiuia Lake, running 80 chains south, thence 80
rlmins east, tlisnci- 80 chains north, thence 80
chains we-t to point iff '■'■tiiiinMirciiii'iit.
3 Commencing at a pout plant*-.! un the west
bank »f Fisher Creek, South Fork, about Are miles
in.u. Adam*- Uke, narked "A. MiConnell's N- K.
corner, Limit Mn, S Fliliar Greek," running 80
haius south, so chaius went, 80 chains north, 80
hains east to plare uf commencement.
I I'-'iuiuHhciiig at a post planted on thi went
lt»nk of 1 i-ln-i Creek, South Fork, almiit tin* miles
(rom Adams Uke. marked 'A. McCouoell's N.W.
corner, Limil No. i," running tti chaina south,
th<Mict) 80 eliains east, thence B0 chains north,
ili.-rini 80 chains weit to place of Anntnencemeot.
b. Commencingat a post planled outbe west
bank of Fisher Creek, South Fork, about six miles
from Adam- Uke, marked "A. McConnell's N-K.
.■'.run, limit No. 8," running K0 chains south, 80
chaius west. 80 chains north, W< chalna east to
place uf. ..mntnii I'tiiiiii
Commenting at a post planted on the weit
hank-it Fisher Creak, South Fork, alwut six miles
from Adams hnke. marked "A, McConnell's N.W,
.-mer, limit No. 6," mining 80 chains south, 80
hains rait, HI ehaiiis north, 80 cliains west to
place uf comuienceuient.
January Mli, 1SW7-
•at jan Id A- MrCONNKLL.
NOT 11 K ll hereby glveu that thirty days
nli«r dau* we Intend to apply to tho Chief
Cummissiontr of Laudhaud ttorks for special
liceu-e to cui aud carry awar timbor from the
following described laud* situated In West
Kuoteaay diatrict, B.C.;
Commencing at a post planted on the Bouth'
•ant bank of Fish mer, about one mm south
of Jchc-mi ('reek and marked D Mcintosh
snd Wm Roja« north-wo-st corner," thanes
east SO chains, thence wnth 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thenee north 80 ebains to place
of eoimiBncemsnt.
Datsd January 7th, 1907.
■antewed WM- BOYD, r"'
gi-ffx\-.*:U"ijj^ Jw-jH^aiiiwy^aJW'j'A'vfc^ mmw*M*m
New Shirts
These goods arc direct from one of tlie
best manufacturers in the East, New Spring
Styles. Tailor-Made Garments, Right up
to the minute in style, These Shins are
all guaranteed to fit, If you are looking for
something good in this line you had better
drop in and look this shipment over.
New Waists
In plain Black and Plain White Washing
Silks, showing New Spring Styles. We
can guarantee this lino. You will only have
to look at them once to know iheir quality,
We invite the ladies to inspect these Waists.
This shipment is only jusl in.
I Sore Hands     |
| and Faces      |
fo Wo have the nicest prejiai"- +£*•
T -rn.mi you have Sver uii'il. fo
9 oalled " Benzoin nml   Al- "
<$* iiwiiil Cream."    Only   86
S ceuti a bottle,    lt heals in
a iiiji'iit. i?)
q, SnI.H AT 4$i
I Canadu Dra? & Book Co, f
fo 9
<&$$%$ fofofy ibfofofo -y
Wednesday, Jan, 80, fur 2-1 hour.
Light northerly winds, continue.1
mow fall, milder but ol short duration. Tom. Max, 15 degree?, Mill. :\
below zero.
Local and General.
P. Dunne has returned Irom a short
visit to the coast.
Mr. and Mr.-. E. L. Kinnian are in
a short visit to the const.
TO BENT—Comfortably lurnished
r -ii in private hnuse, Replies to
Mail Herald office.
Tho annual convention ol the Provincial Teachers in-litute will be held
this year at Nelson, the date being aa
yet undetermined.
The reorganization ol the Ymir
Mining company is the most important event of the week, in Kooteuay
mining circles.
it. I, Kane will address a public
meeting in ihe Opera House tomorrow
night and other speakers have heen
invited.onto the platform.
The E. C. Gazette announces the
incorporation under the Companieu
Act, of the Kootenay Financial Corporation, for which a certificate has
been grautid.
To Revelstoke is due the credit of
the putting into effective operation
thi f-ystem of thawing out frozen water
pipes in Vancouver by the application
of alternating currt-otr 11 the pipe
Tenders are out for the design of u
new poit ...tiice lor Fernie, It may
uot be out of order to say that a new
p. itoffice in Revelstoke would be ..
very acceptable and welcome institute n.
George Laugbead brought in a line
ipecimen of a lynx yesterday which lie
had trapped and shot ai Williamson's
Like. The animal weighed well over
3511.- and measured over 3 leet ti in-
chi - along Ibe back,
Never before lm? our stock
heen so coinpleto in Funny
Groceries, including New
Nuts, London l.nyor lleis-
ins, Pigs, Dates, Oranges,
Bananas, Cm n berries,
Lettuce, Xinns Stockings,
Smith's Grnokors, Mistletoe nnd Holly,
The Young Conservative l-lul. nre
In.I.ling a social (liuico tu-night in lhe
Selkirk Hull.
Tu lluy :i House.
To Rent a House,
To lluy Nice Building Lots
close in.
lo Duy Splendid Fruit
Kind & Anderson
M Mil Mil
(in Saturday nigl.1 loi the lirsl time
tho city of Nelson wn* supplied with
light from tho now municipal  power I
and light plant at Bonnington Falln,  gt-Boil, EcJat0 ..„, j.i^i.i-.tticc W-
just oomploteil at a cost of if'iOO.UUli.
At present the plant  is under a 30 j -
daystostrun under tl.e direction ol   ADVERT|S|NG   SIMPLIFIED.
tlio macbinery oontraotors ainl ii this i
proves satisfactory, the city will take
it over and opera*.e it. i WoodS-NoiTJS Ltd. Will do Work
A   political   meeting  was  held on j all Over the WOl'Id.
Saturday night at Arrowhead, under
the auspices ol the liberal party. W,
W. Lefeaux, socialist candidate, and
T, Taylor, conservative candidate wero
invited, antl took seats on the platform, each addressing the meeting on
behalf of their party. Mayor Brown,
R. Culey and E. A. Haggen delivered
addresses for the liberal cause.
"There was a man in Revelstoke,
and lie was wondrous iviso, lie marked
n silver dollar and then gave it to
'l.i/.e; she went to the butcher's shop
and blew tbe dollar in—it wns'nt long
belore the c .in oaino back to hini
again, lie took it ton merchant and
bought a dress Ior Jane, belore tho
week had finished back oame that
plunk again. He Bpenl the coin in
Revelstoke quite fifty tin.es or more,
anil always got It back iijjnin and
spent it o'er and o'er, but when he sen
a dollar out to the T, Eaton's Btore,
l'wus gone for good, forever and be
never saw it more.''
J Between Great Britain, Canada
and Uniiccl.-8ta.es.
At u Iiucwoll dinner at tho London
Club, Mr, Ur.icc in hisspeo.-h i.i..ring
to national relationship said;
"Even moro significant was the
recent visit ni Komotary flout to
Canada. I hupo y. u will read the
speech tu Mr. Hunt. I nuvi r r. men
ber the doliveranoo of a lespunsible
statesman uttered in a higher or
broader spirit, and nothiug moro calculate I by it s recognition of tlie
splendid progress uf Camilla and its
lucid statement cl ili: teasons fur
good fooling botween Canada and tin
United States an.l ourselves and llie
United Slates. This speouh is an admirable omen It., iln future, It ia an
admirable sign oft lie mnv spirit ol ri
lalitinsliip  oi   thoso   three people,...
rather these two people, alter all, p rl
of the Britisli people, lhat such a vi: ii
has Ihtii paid .....1 .-ut-li a speech made.
'II...... is  nolliing limi  ought it.' o
dourer to un thai, iln- maintenance nl
th.- in.. I Iriotidly .-.nil Ilu: must Iliiiin
at.- it liiiiniiH with lliu giviil repuhlie
..cross the Aili.i.iii-.
"There is.... higher task tu whicli
...ij' uno can be called, than trying, in
however small a .1 igree, t. ntribiito
to llio drawing closer ul these lies, nol
only uf interest, bul what is higher
.ml greater, oi sympathy, lies that
icst in ciimiiiiinity ol language and in
iiu- possession of the -iiim- literature
and the sumo political instiiutioi s
ami traditions,
"1 have had the honor of being s.l
eett-il lo ropi'oieut ihis government in
tho Uniied Stat.*," the speaker co..-
tinned, "hnl nol niily this guvarnmuni,
but Hi.- Bi.glish |.. .pie desire lhe
olosi-st IrieiuUhip n.ith thu United
Nothing bettor tlmn Uur "s.iccini
Ni&s Margaret Creighton
Teacher cl riann, Veoal und
S'rnnio:—Lawkuxck Block,
Pupils prepared for  Utiiversity and
Conservatory Exams,
J v —<vj ■
•r *.
We have some broken lines in our Corset stock that we want to close out.
They are new stock, but we need the room to say nolliing of the money and
vou will find ihem good litters. They are the well known I'. C. make and you
couldn't find a better.   Not every size in a kind, but every size in the lot.
at $1, S1.25, $1.50.   Now 75 cts.
We have lots of Remnants of all kinds, Dress Goods, Table Damask, Flan nels, l'rintsi
Ginghams, Flannelettes, that we have marked at clearing prices.*
Come in and Save Money.
Men's Underwear
We have a large assortment of all sizes and qualities
and can give you sonic Bargains.
Penman's Unshrinkable guaranteed (Inly $2.50
Per Suit.
Stanficld's Unshrinkable none better made. Wc
guarantee every garment aad will replace any that shrinks in
the leasi.   $,mo, $-!-<'° and $5*5° per Suit.
20 Per Cent. Oft" All These Lines.
taoHtom .-*■' '■■*■■ '"'■
mviv*!* w' -t*1' <i*vf.-»*«■-" ■•« m*mx4Hvmiuttmtivnamv***mv*Mmni0H*B^iojmttam*
Jj WlclNTYRE & SOn
lhil\ line nf Groceries and Hairy
Prodi,*', Men's Supplies, I'-''*
j.-^-l, fUoli ii'wuys arriving «l
lowest prices
■j««.-=.   tvrnBtIT NDCT MM TO
,'lt'Sl STREET, ■ oity bbtaubaht
Rich Blood
Keeps You Warm
II yonr blood ..- th 11 and poor
tiie winter winds blow right
through you. You get chilled
to tht 1- ine. You are only
comfortable when close t - the
will i-iiiich the blood, improve
the appetite and so supply the
necessary warmth Iron, within
W. BEWS. Phm. b.
Druggist and Stationer,
Mail orders promptly attended
On Friday the C.P.R. will inaugurate a system of Japanese porters on
all transcontinental Uaina betwe n
Vancouver and Montreal. The C P R
is the lir-t railway on the c. ntinenl
mli .pt purlers ior its tirst-clasj day
cinches and colonisl curs, .....I it is
this work which the Japani -- wi .
The system will be inaugurated at
the Vancouver end ol tbe line.   For
in   ..   '-* 1 lorci   f ei[hteen '    ■	
ha- beeu 1    -■ 11 ■-i lj drilled in Van-
i-M-ii-i r in the work to be done,   Due
.l.i|i;i  p irter will be  issigned to
eacli train nnd it will bo Ida 1 ty to
clean md hi all tl.11 class day
coaohes and colonist can itti nd tn
the wants -1 1 assengeri in inch cars,
and make h'.n.n II .-. nei ill;
Heretofore th. re haa 01 n no purti r
-. 1   ci  .ttaehed lo this els
...- in the past colored porters will
.-, 1- cl arge ol the Pullman" .i.ul
,. iirisl '• aches,
Advertising is more and more becoming tlie business of experts, to tlio
great relief and benefit ol all classes
ol advertisers. Many firms and individuals require to advertise, and are
at a loss lust how to reach In the best
possible manner tho psople they de-
sin' to ri-iiiili, and it often happens
that much time and labor ate lost and
and considerable money spent before
advertisers learn where and how to
get tho best possible returns (or their
efforts, A firm which mdertake to
arrange lor all classes ol publicati ns,
from ih.' daily paper to lhe ye r
volume, is, thercl ire, filling n place in
the business life of Canada which
oannol «i il be filled in any m i
iiit-.l this ..- what the Wu ids-N .
Limited, i* doi ig.
Th t  firm  1   j',-,. s itself al   .-
i     idvi I   • tteraort, for
commercial, financial and edm all 11.1
Former Resident 0' Revelsloke
1 - *
:.     >'    N- -
■:.        -.    -.    * ' - -    Kooten
and me :        - in men
distri -■   in   : 11
1890    M    1 .-
.. lai
elt here severs NVIio.
mm   I hii
.... ol   If '-    I'm-
vinoi .1 goal in I   it 1
IM- lecei led wa, km
and bii      lyfrii
Two Dwelling  Houses
PRICE   $3,500
For particulars apply to
Water Notice!
Tin jiiililli'nti. rantl....e.l ngnlnal nlliuvl.tu tnjn
lulu' n|.i-ii (■.,i..iii...,.i«|v in iii.ti'tii Iretifiiigni
thlinnnw too gnat n. tlralii mi lira iwwvoir.
l.n..ili-1-li.fillmv tlio l-.'*i-lTi'il- In Iill "I'il mn:
to ,...-,-*.f!iv, occi-loiinlly, .tonus tl.la nvon
.......In i-l iiii...|,-ly..ln,: oil'tho water aill.pl:
li,lli,.|..ini.   Wl.t-i.tlil- linatoboilolio twll   1.
InmSliilii'rIiwk In tlio .iIton...n.i, a.i.1 ll.o onblli
nre liereliy notitlo.1 lit Iio pn'Mr, .1 Inr I ifi- nny ':.i>'
I'.i iinli'i'.
•I.tii. iiiiiii, 1007, City Clerk.
11.* v.- ilium iittomled la ntnv foe
llii'ii' is ii" telling .vl.ai. Ihey
u.igl.l fall yuu,
Tlmi i-y.'s. ship eyas, i.i|l.iu....l
eyes, lilyeslhal got tired ami blur
iiflevn short tlmt.. Wu cm remedy
nil thu irniihles.
On.' Optical Department is in sole
charge oi*M". Jl.S, Huntings, Kef.
I)., ui... has had a Ihin'oug!. train-
ing mul witi • oxpoi'ldnce In tho
l.-iintiiiai.l of il... ayes l.y glosses,
If y "eves give yon trouble, don't
delay in having then attended to,
Fitting children's eyasa speolalty.
,■>--   LSI    |/B    II IU
*-     ■: ft       ig If
ul i VULlXj   If
I Thursday, -Jan. 81st 1
&t    "'*J>. li
ud hear   In      interesting expose of the
* ampaign
£0. T.
■: ose KAIEN ISLAND and oil.or trans
-.:i  of the present Provincial Government.
K ittend and will i.- given an oppoatunity
^ of fiil-ii" .ml. 'i !■ meeting,
lm ■
Equit.' Ic l.i:'.- .'-.ii   R -.--•   I. 11
(mi ■ .let     ter 11
I-.. :,- II McRae
The I'.--..   I   .-.   *.. - - .I ■
.,. u .,,,,-! :   I tha  llethodisl church,
I,, in in iln. .poaker at the V ll I   \
ii-mvi Sunday nfternoon,
'I in- singing in  a   featu c of thli
gathering, and this is the free lor nil
Kn.... tii.r Own i ..tf.- iniiiiliiil,.
'I I.- !■*•..-. Un.- land In- again n ■
sinned    »crvice  after  undergning
f. | ih
Miss Connie llowan is the gin-:-i
nf Mr-. Lightburne.
K. C. Fromey Bpenl a dn; in
town this week.
Mr. Alex. McR.no -|..-ni a day in ■ pari nl the i rngramtni
town nn his way to Tronl Lake,
Miss Lillii- Ilnyi  lm- bean on
the sick li-1 for the past week.
Geo. T. Kane arrived in town
Tuesday from Trout Lake whoro be
has been holding meetings in the
interest of John Keen.
Mr. nml Mrs. Boyd have moved
into their now house on Nob Hill, Exporter of Furs.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boughi,
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Bakery for Sale
A. I   lil-.W[SON, I ctircd   rom business, hi:
i i ..'nn -;   concern, including
■ : ;--.-m     --.'ii , t-i..
Scott & Briggs
f^rpfofofofofofofofofofo^fo^ fo ,|, ,|, ,|, -frfo-j^!".
Carries lhe besl Line of Goods to be had from        fo
fllKilli! & mm
I) EA I. li! RS   1 N
Gent's Fur ishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T  F 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Dwelling .-iml Lot, Socond .siiwi     .... 82000
Dwelling ami Lot, Second Strool   .     .     ,     . ,   TItoo
Dtvolih.g and Luis, Tilled Strool  '   i/jk.
Divullhig and Lots, (corner) Killli Streel      ,'    , :t,m
Double Coi'iioi', Second Slreel, near V.M.t'.A.        . (ioo
Lots auSeci.nd St., east of McKoiwio Ave,, each   . .     2.'itl
Lots an Third St., ensl of MuKonsdo Avo„ eacli   .    . .   an
Lols on Fourih St., east of Motorists Ave., eaoh   . ,     175
I.oIhou KlftliHi ast of McKeii'/lu Ave,, eaoh   .    . .15(1
Having jusl received a large shipment of Pipes, Imported
Cigars, conlcotionory, stationery and Tobacco, wo are now prepared to Iill your orders with tho highest grade goods at the lowest
prices in tin- City.
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