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The Mail Herald Aug 30, 1913

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" a
H'                REVELBTOKE S
8 Railway    Junction and   Divis- g
|ptl ional  Point.   Headquarters for B
|j Columbia    River     Navigation, g
£1 Hub of   Timber   Belt, Mineral g
H Zone, Agricultural    Lands and g
fij Vast Water Powers of B. C. g
■ a
lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Mips."
The Mail-Herald
a ■>
g Circulates  twice  per  week am-   H
g ong the prosperous  citizens  of   8
g Canada's     Premier      Province.   3
g The     recognised      advertising   g
g medium for Kootenay and In-   g
g terior British Columbia. g
g B
Vol. 19   No 69
KEVELSTOKE, B. C. AUG. 30, 1913
$2.50 Per Year
provincial Library   ^-^  ^^  Arranged   Between
City and C. P. R. Teams.-Game Starts at 2
o'clock. Official Line-up.-Firemen's Races
in Forenoon.-A Public Holiday.
Mondav  next.  Sept.  Let,  will be  „        RBVBLBTOKB MAY GET CUP.
bigdayln  Revelstoke  sporting  circles,      As the Labor Day  match is default-
,  ,     ... „   ;.,,i„n   e<l to Revelstoke it puts Revelstoke one
* a general day of celebration Lsplau  ^     ^^ ^    [f ^^
Bed. beats  Vernon     on Lubor    Day, Rcvel-
KAMLOOP8  HAS WEAKENED        Siok0 team will win  the cup, und     ii
,   i,   ,„ „,  ,„i,;,.h   Vernon beats  Kelowna on  Labor Day
Tlie  Kamloops  baseball  team  wlum
the Reve stoke and  Vernon teuuis will
tie for first place.
Owing to the short uotice. It is
impossible for lhe loi'ul team to match an outside team for Labor Day, 80
it is arranged to liuve a match be -
tween a picked city and  C.P.R.  team.
Monday next, September 1st,  Labor
Day, this interesting     match will     be
played mi  the favorite grounds at the
two o'clock sharp
Tlie  two  Revelstoke  baods wili     be
was billed to play the Revelstoke team
at Revelsloke on Labor Duy, lias weak
ened and will not luce tlie music, as
J.he following letter will show*.
Kamloops, B.C.,  Aug, 26th,  1913
Baseball  Club   Revelstoke,—
Sir,—Owing io the tiuancial coudi -
tion ot ihe Kamloops baseball club we
have found ii necessary to disband the
club and will therefore have to forfeit
game to  you on  Labor  Day.  Septetu -
ber 1st. recreation park the game starting   a
We held a meeting last night and
alter going into conditions' thoroughly
we came to the conclusion that it
wo.Id be useless to continue us some
of il.e players find it impossible to get present and render choice selections
away. We are sorry to have to do this ;lt intervals. The boys are out prac-
but it was our only way. tieiug every  evening  aud    some   fast
1 am yours truly, work maybe looked for,
W. FROST,     i    For  the information of our readers,
we publish below the official Hue    up
of the contesting teams which will meet
The knowing sports and those on the  i„  mortal combat  at    the  recreatiou
inside know perfectly  well that Kam-  grounds at 2 p.m. Monday next, Lab-
loops team is 0uly making    an excuse  or Day.
of tbeir financial condition but tbc real C. P. R.—Bingham, p.; Pulley, 0.J
fa, ts are tbat tWKamloops team has white, 1st base-. Oldfield, 2nd base;
played all the home matches and de- Kennedy, cf.; MeCarter, s.s.; Procun-
rived all the financial benefit therefrom ier, r.f.; Gerrard, 3rd b.; Wilson, s.f.
but when ii comes' to playing in out- City—Webb, p.; Derr, c; Haug, 1st
*ide towns which means a cost of a b.; Calder 3rd b.; Fisher, 2nd b.;List,
couple of hundred dollars well they e.f.; Bruce I.f.; Knight r.f.-. Wright,
are not there. short stop.
I    UmpiteJ—Collison und Dickey.
The Kamloops team still ha.- two
more matches io play one with Kelo- Contrary to the original arrange-
ivrna and one with Revelstoke. But ment, and owing to the fact that the
rathe- than -tand the cost of two mat evenings now are growing so sbort.it
dies they     prefer to     drop out of tbe  las been decided to bold the firemen's
iace-at 11  a.m. on  Labor Day.
Juntas  we are going  to press,     we As a most   fitting  tei mination  to    a
learn on pietty good authority     that day  of  genuine  sport, those famou-i n
Kamloop-     and     Savona  learns will tertainers the Frank Rich Co.. will pre
play  nt  Kamloops on  Labor Pay. We sent a special bill at  the Empress the-
eonsMer  that   Kamloop-  has  made    a atre.Monday   evening  which  entertain-
nlirty deal  aud banded  Kelowna     and ment   will be a  lx'n..flt evening for the
Revelstoke   the  double  cross. local baseball club.   Di.n't miss it.
steals second;  Bingham  struck out.
Vernou 5th.
Forrester fanned; Beg-loW out at
flrst;   Stokes fanned.
Revelstoke  oth.
List   Hied uut  t.e first;   Webb  oui   al
flrst;  Fisher struck out.
Vernon Gth.
Mclnerny replaced Wilsou (called) as
umpire ou balls and strikes.
Williams oui to centre List who
made a pretty catch; Fossas out at
first;  Moir out at tirst.
Revelstoke   lith.
White flied oul to centre; Oldfield hit
safe to tirst. to second on a wild throw
by catcher; Wright to first, hit by
pitched ball Derr fouled out to catcher
Pulley up, Oldfield anil Wright advance one h(lse each on tbe steal, Pulley hit safe tn flrstscoring Oldfield and
Wright; Binglium up, Pulley steals
second. Pulley to third on passed bull;
Bingham Hied oui lo right fielder
Stokes. Two more for Revelstoke.
Score end of Gth, Revelstoke I, Vernon nil.
Vernon  Tth.
Conors up. flied out  to centre fielder
List; Eastman hit safe to first; Dale
hit safe to flrst on fielders choi -e. East
man oul at second; Forrester up, hit
towards pit.'her Webb, who made a
poor throw to first who missed the
ball, error on White. Dale scored Forrester to second; Ueglow up, hit out un
easy one towards Webb who just touch
ed lhe ball without holding it, e.s. tried to get the ball but fumbled and
Forrester scored, Beglow to second;
Stokes struck out. Two runs foi Vernon in this innings.
Revelstoke Tth.
List struck out; Webb, outat flrst;
Fisherout at flrst.
Vernon 8th.
Williams out at first; Fossa- struck
out;   Moir   out at   first.
Hevelstoke  8th.
White ■ .ut at   first;  Oldfield flied  out
to tirst; Wright out at first.
Vernon 9 th.
Connors Hied to second, Bingham
dropping the ball; Eastman sacrificed,
Conors to third; Dale singled scoring
Conors; Forrester sacrificed, Dale to
second; Beglow struck out.
Final   seore—Revelsloke  4,   VernOn  3
Secretary Taylor Discusses Forthcoming Exhibition.-
Predicts Record=Breaking Success.=-AI! the Fun
of the Fair at Revelstoke S^pr. 16-17-18.
Hon. Louis Coderre Says Government Will
Have to Decide Question of
a Separate Head.
to first on error by .-.s.;  Kastman up,
Conors out  stealing second.
Revelstoke 1st.
Fisher Was flrst of the home hopes to
but, walked to first ou balls; White sfto
rifled,  Fisher to second; Oldfield      up.
Fisher lo  third on    overthrow,  catcher
to pitcher,  Fisher home on  a passed
ball.   First   blood  for  ReveUtoke,  one
r,., r.lJl  i„    run,  one   down,     bases empty.      Old
d of fans, the great ln- ' . ' *
j^gj.  field struck  out;  Wright out at   flrst.
Scon* end of tirst; Revelstoke one, Ver
Vernon 2nd.
Eastman up, out ut first; Dale,   out
at   first;  Forrester out at  first.
Revelstoke  2nd.
lu brilliant weather before a big en
lhu-ia-ti>'  crow
terior League game Vernon v
Btoke C.F.R. was playwl at the rccren
tion park here on Wednesday afternoon "oa "'
la-t. If Vernon could only win they
..,, bed the |*nnani, whilst a win for
the home nis meant that they move
up in pereentage  table and might     on
future games bring the banner oi tho I*rr ..ut at first; Pulley out at first,
league in triumph  to the  railway  city.   <**** Itop by Pitch* Williams Bing-
The teams lined ip as  follows:- ""•"> ■t™* out.
i ^rron-Fossas, 3b.: Moir 9b., Con- Vernon 3rd.
».., ..s.; Kustman, lb : Dale, I.f.; For Beglow struck out; .Stoke- hit safe
ftster, c. Beglow, cf.: Stoke,., r.f.; to firsts Williams up. Stokes stole sec-
iWilliams, p. ond and given  s„fe on  a very  question-
„     ,             „, ,           , „,.-,      iv, , able elecl-don;      William-    fiied out   to
Revelstoke—Fisher,   r.f.; White,   lb.;
„, ,„,,    „      „ . . . n. .   «k Bingham;  Fossas  up. htoke-   -tole    to
O "field, 'Jl>.,  Wright,  s.s.; Dei*r, 3b.,        K                           '
, , ,:.„». third on  muff by  catcher;  Fossas  filed
Piidey, c;     Bingham. I.f. List cf.                              *              •
*   .  '• out a magnificent  catch by  Fisher.
w±b* P* i Revelstoke 3rd. '
I'romptly at 10 k.  Umpire Wilson an     Us( hU safe tQ „„,. Wchb garplfloe(1
nounced  the   batteries-Williams    and ,is(   |(| „,„.„„j.  Figher  up   hil   ,a(<! ,0
Forrester for Von.on: Webb and Pul- nigt()n fl(,l1)irg (.hoire. Ligt oiit     af
ley ior Revelatoke, and at   16,08 exact- ,hird.   wwt(.  n|i    pi)<her  pto]e aPconli.
ly i .-iy ball sounded and tbi Kume wa* whi|e ^ Qn bnlU. 0WeWd ,lp   , iah.
on in earnest. —      cr t0 (hlrd on pftM.,ed \^\\. white ad -
Fossas o[.ens Hie batiing for the vis-  vanC(>d  |0rt(,ond.     ^^^   home    on
ftors, feeing Pitcher Webb. Fossas n,Kh |mssfld b„||. whi(<, to thjri; 0)(|.
■truck  out.  Moir,  otll at  first.  Conors  n(,M fU||(,k QUt    ^     more r,m   U)f
HBIHHlIllBilBKSailiiiilB ReveUoke.    Score  end of  3rd,   Revel-
-a stoke 2.  Vernon  nil.
g| Vernott 4th.
!■' Moir uul at  first;  Te.nor-  utrue'k out
M Kastman   hit   iafe to first;   Dale   -tnie'k
fl out.
■ Revelstoke   4th.
£     Wriirht  lli.il out to led   field;     D'rr.
With the touring geologists who
risited Rossland on Friday lust was
Hon. Louis Coderre, who, iu the eap-
u'ity of Minister of Mines, while also
being Secretary of State, ds engaged
in a survey of the mineral resources
of the Dominion, over which be has
jurisdiction. To the Miner, after accompanying the geologists underground, Mr. Coderre spoke interesting
ly of his experiences and gave his im-
|u'i'J-iou> of Rosslund and hit toui
On the subject of a separate individual
department of the government to con-
tiol mining matters, and the appointment of an experienced head, the minister st ited that this had not been con
fidered by the government, but that
in view of the general requests,
u decision would likely be arrived at
soon.   Mr. Coderre spoke as follows:
"The tour that 1 am now taking has
been ljuite u revelation to me. Al -
though 1 had read much of the mining
resources of Canada, one has to eome
out among the mines toappreciate
what is being done. Not being very
iamiliar with the minerf, I havesei/.ed
with enthu.-dasm the opportunity that
was given me to come west with the
excursion. If I had followed the main
line to the coast I believe I should
have enjoyid my trip, but 1 should
have missed much experience of value
to me as minister of mines, which
■!n -■ evcursion in theCrows' Nest Pass
Slocan and Rossland have given me.
Seeing what I have seen and hearing
what I hear on the journey, from these
learned men, I believe I shall be in a
better position to do justice to my
post as minister of mines. On this
my first trip west of Winnipeg, 1
have found that there is nolimit to
the country. 1 have been greatly impressed, not only by tlie mineral re-
sources which are in part being develop
ed, but also by tlie rich agricultural rs
eourcee, both in the wlmat belt and in
British Columbia, with ils orchards
and flowers. 1 believe 1 shall return to
Ottawa better, physi.'ally and intellec
tually, and a broader citizen of this
Canada of ours.
"'1 wish the west and the east could
meet oftener. 1 believe then the needs
of the two would be understood by all,
und that everybody would be better
disposed to make compromise on cer
tain questions of common interest.
Compromise is, I believe, what is
needed today, if we want the country
to remain the Canada we know."
On Ix'ingasked about his trip underground in Rossland, Mr. Coderre spoke
of having visited the Le Roi, Centre
Star. War Eagle and Trail smelter nnd
he was of the opin.o i  what      he
had seen in the way of mineral resources, is insufficiently known
throughout the country, lt required
men of Courage, he said, to put their
money into the opening up of such
mines, and, if they continued to be as
successful as appeared, be oelieved
that the government could do no better
in the interests of the whole country
than to help the men responsible for
the development in all ways possible..
Replying to a query as to \hepro -
posed separate mining department of
the government, the minister staid:
"I really believe that the mines and
mining department is one of the most
important today and will soon become
the most important. Consequently the
administration of such a department
will certainly require all the time that
a good man could give to it.
"I believe that the government has
already considered that question of
giving the department of minesto a
man whose duties would be to administer the department of mines and
no other. As the Associated Boards
of Trade of Eastern B. C. have de -
rided to bring that question before
thc Cabinet, I believe a decision in
the matter will have to be reached
"What can 1 add to all this except
lo tell you how much we all appreciate the hearty welcometendered to Us
at Rossland. This has been the case
everywhere in the West."—Rossland
One ol" lhe busiest men in Revelstoke
these days, ia Mr. T.E.L, Taylor, Secretury of the Revelstoke Agricultural
Association ail I upon whose shoulders
falls the brunt of making arrangements  lor the coming fair.
Between now and September 10th tbe
opening day of the great annual celo -
brution, the secretary will have his
hands full indeed, giving attention to
the thousand and oue details arising
out of the three day exhibition.
A Mail-Herald reporter succeeded yesterday in snatching a ten minute in -
terview with THE SECRETARY.
"Yes,'' said Mr. Taylor, "these fairs
und exhibits are all very well for the
people who do the heavy standing
around, ulso for the fifthy lucres on,
but diflerent here Say I, and it will be
a tremendous relief to me when the
big event is over. Look at all those
letters, from different sections through
out this Interior, aBking for copies of
our program und prize list, and seek -
ing information regarding the shipping
und staging of exhibits. And those
are only a few of the 1500 inquiries
which will be pouring in during the
coming week. I s'ometimes wish I was
a lady stenographer. Thank goodness
however, the horse racing does not devolve upon me, as Mr. A.J. McDonell
will be in charge of that department,
whilst Mr. R.M. Smythe is rendering
invaluable assistance as also are other members of the Revelstoke Pet
stouk and Poultry Association eo fnr
as their particular section of the Exhibition is concerned.
Certainly  the finances     are another
item which must bs closely  watched so
far as the monies collet > I ar.- concern. I. Tr.'asurer F.B.  Wells  will    see
I to ihem. and at the meeting on Tuesday,   Sept.  2nd,   in the  City  Hall,    at
p p.m., the collection committee, and
all other committees will  be struck oil
j tlii-; completing the organization,   and
'ensuring the smooth running of our
entire arrangements.
"As in previous years," Mr. Taylor
continued, "the big hcadliner ou the
amusement program will be a three
day racing card, with contesting horses from the principle stables of the
Northwest and Pacific slope. Many ot
the owners now competing at Minoura
Track Vancouver, huve already signified their intention to be represented
during this Revelstoke meeting. In
addition, a rock-drilling contest for
the championship of the interior,three
team baseball tourney, tield and track
sports, with the usual side shows, hul-
laboytf, booths and specialty features,
will udd their quota to the enjoyment
of the crowds.
The exhibition of horticultural and
agricultural products, field and farm
produce, poultry and pet stock, promises to easily eclipse all records, whilst
in the sections devoted to home cooking, manufactures and miscellaneous
classes, a record entry list is assured,
ln fact the i^ir is going to be  a hum-
i dinger, three Ml days of tast and furious frolic   are    absolutely guaranteed
I for Revelstoke on September Uth, 17th
and ISth, 1913.
flJKMflllfllil««lia«»   outat   find;      Pulley  hit »afe  to  first.
The Annual Meeting of the
IteveUtoke Hospital Society
stands ml join nnl to Monday,
September 22nd, W. 1). Arm-
Btrong.   Secretary.
D Co. R.M.R
A rifle shooting competition ha= been
arranged for Labor Day in connection
with "D" Co., R.M.R. The commit -
tee haie nrmn<ed the following competition-:
I—Conditions, 7 rds. at '^'0, 5(K)     and
900 yards,     o|>en  to all    first class
shots ofthe Co.  and    donor- of the
2—7 rds., al  2tm and 500 yd«.     Open
t.i all 2nd olaM shots.
^1—10  rds., at  20ii yds....O*>eii  to     all
I    3rd class -'hois.
I—Running Man.   5  rds.  at '200    yds.
Each round to he     lired on nppear •
I    ance of  target.
B—Team Shoot. Teams will be drawn
up ni 50ii yds., advance in extended
o'*der and fire one round every 50
yds. up to "2IM» yds.
t>—10 ids. at 50 yds. Open to all buglers of the Company.
Mr. Edwards has kindly consmled
to act ns   Range  officer.
■   The committee are indebted oo    the
merchants and friends for the splendid
prizes they have offered for competition
In  the evening a smoker and present
ation of prizes will be held in the Drill
I Hall. All members of the Company nro
requested to be present in uniform and
bring a   fi i.'ii.l   with   tbem.   Doners  of
. prizes are cordially invited.
SEPT. 1st.
Deer, Grouse and Duck Can Be
bhoi 1 hen.—Sportsmen, Get
The following portions of the yearly
order in council dealing with the open
seasons for game In Br.ti-h Columbia,
as far as same relate to this portion of
the intrior are tuken from the la-t
issue of the B.C. Gazette.
Moose— That a dose season be declared for moose everywhere south of
the 52nd degree oi latitude, except
in the Columbia electoral district until
September   I,  ISlti.
Sheep—That a close season be
decland for mountain sheep in the
Okanagan, Yale and Similkameen
electoral districts until September 1,
Uro'i-'e—That the disabilities as to
thc shooting oi grouse of all kinds
except prairie-chicken, be removed
throughout that portion of the mainland excepting Richmond, Dewdney,
Delta, Cranbrook, Fernie and Chilliwack electroal district.-!, that portion
of Kent municipality in the Yale district, and that port.on of Comox elec
toral district which is on the main -
land, from September 1st u, December
*!lst,  1913, both dates inclusive.
Prairie chicken—That the disabilities
us to the shooting of Prairie chickeu,
be  removed   in  the   Kamloops  andOk -
anagaii electoral districts from September 15th to October 15th, 1913 both
dates inclusive.
Ducks and Snipe—That the disabilities as to the shooting of ducks, geese
and snipe be removed throughout the
mainland and jslunds adjacent thereto
from Sept. I, 1913, until February 2S,
1914,   inclusive.
Deer—That the disabilities as to
the shooting of Columbia or Coast
deer over one year in age be removed
im.eu,'luuu the mainland and islands
adjacent thereto, except Queen Char -
lot tee and Las'queti Islands, from Sep
tember  1st until  Dee-ember 15th,   1913.
Sale of Came—That the disabilities
as lo the sale of ducks, ^er-e and snipe
be removed throughout the province
from October 1st until October 31st.,
1913, both days inclusive.
Thnl the disabilities as to the sale
of Columbian or roast deer of tbe
male sex over one year In age be
remove.)  throughout themainlnnd from
September 1st until October loth,
1913, both days inclusive.
And further that any game bircL
and deer killed lawfully during the open season-; may be kept for the private
use of the owner for fourteen (14) duys
and no longer, immediately after the
commencement of such dose season,
and that ducks, gees-, -nfpe and deer,
if lawf illy obtained dining the open
season for sale, may be exposed for
sale and sold for live days, und no
longer, immediately after the period ol
sale expires.
ln all cas-s. however, the proof of
the time of killing or purchasing shall
been ih" party in possession.
The afurc-euid regulations -'hall no:
apply to the Kaiec Island, nor lo sny
game reserve, or to any water- where
the use of firearms is prohibited by
the "Game Act."
And further the Lieutenant Governor in council has bvn pleased to
declarethat section- 2 and 3 shal' nol
apply to sections 21 21a, and 21b. of
the 'Game Prot.->ction Act."
Nelson, B.C., Aug. 27—Witli the
object of meeting hU constituent! and
discussing with them the neilsof the
ridin;, R.F. Green, M.P., for Koote
nay. is now on a visit to thisdistrlot.
He i< accompanied on the tour by
James H. Sehofield, M.P.P., Neii F.
Mackay, M.P.P., and J.P. Forde, federal works engineer.
Yesterday and today are being S|>cnt
by Mr. Green anil party at Various
points on the Arrow Lakes. Tomorrow he will visit Rowland nnd Trail.
arriving in Nelson on that night. Mr.
Green will spend Thursday in Nelson
nnd will visit points on Kool -nay lake
nnd the we*t Arm on Friday, Saturday,   Sunday  and  Monday.
For the   Best    Ice  Cream  in
town,  visit   U->.   Don't  forget
We serve the Best Cup of Tea  D
and    Coflee   in    town at the    p
» m
SHllillllsisn-ggg fAGE TWO
1. New Kelso Divided Wing Flies
For particular Fishermen. 2 Also  Erect  Wing
Dry Flies  $1-50 Per Dozen
Automatic Reels $5.00 Each
Trolling and Silk Lines 25c Up
Triple Hooks and Gaff Hooks for the Red Fish
2. Kodaks and Brownies
We are always stocked with these well
known Cameras. Prices the same here as in
other parts of the world.
3. Prescriptions!       Prescriptions
We pride ourselves on our Dispensary. We
have as complete a stock in this department
as you will find in the West.
We have THREE graduates from the Ontario
College of Pharmacy to dispense your prescriptions. We dispense only chemically pure
Huntsmen should procure one of
our RUBBER BLANKETS for protection
is u great reliever of worry. Even
ii yoll never suffer from loss thru'
aci'i'leiii. the fact that you are ln-
Btired  will  lessen  anxiety   on that
ihe policy will prove the best
friend you ever bail. If you have
neglected your insurance, better
attend to it al once. Tell how
much you want to be Insured for.
We will attend to all  ths rest.
A. E. Kincaid, Manager,
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs.    wot Air and Furnace
work a Spes ally
-WOHK    8HOP-
nnnaueht   Avo.    •    RovelRlolo
while sleeping out.
£em firug andfiook Jtore
The ^&%aJUL Store
It will pay you to
make a call at
t\    B,    WELL I
Fur Buyer antl Exporter
Ravelatoke, P. C
ni, ■uirnihi i niii'm iiiiii ii ii    nn
before buying your outfit of working clothes
feer the bush. I make ■
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets ana everything
reanirrd in vour !uisine«n
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents^
and Storage      .    .    .
Legal Forms
THE PLANS I  i hiuiliin.
i    Vmi may n««i
rence, but even
knows    OUR   PLANt
and   workmai
 — n ,...
for everj purpose arc primal
anil stocked h\ the Mail-Herald  '
Sink.li- Copies Sold.
Roa.onaM* .nc.
Special Summer Sale
Ladies' Coats
Ladies'    Long    Tweed   Coats,    to
clear at
Ladies' Tweed Suits
This Spring's Styles.     S■ ■
Ohly   a   few  to   select   from.
To clear it
$12 and $15
House Waists
Ladies' Washing House Waists, to
clear at
50 Cents
Ladies' Hose
Ladies Blac'.
-SPr.s. for $1.00
Men's Boots
. ilar  $4.50   and  $5.50   hr.'
clear ^t
$2.50 Per Pair
Ladies' Oxfords
Odd lines to clear out at a bargain .
$1.50 to $2.00
Misses' and Children's Boots
Odds and er,d
10 to 2. to clear at
cTWillinery!   Millinery!
New Summer Felts just
arrived by express.
J+lleid CSL Voting A
Hon. W.Bi Ross, Minister of Lands,
bas brought the question of timber i*oy
altie> lo ii head by announcing thai it
is hia iiiieniioii to yo into the matter
personally und commission-wise, with
a view to arriving at a suitable basis
for levying ihe Government charges
Upon   limber Sales.
This interesting anno incement was
made to Th' Colonist yesterday, together with a lib't ot places and dates,
forming the tirst itinerary of the commission nf the Minister of Lands. Thu
■itinerary is as folfows: Vancouver on
September *-, Kamloops, Septembei* i);
Revelstoke, September 10; Nelson, Sep
tember 12. anl Cranbrook, September I
15th. I
lhal the Hon. Ross has taken upon
himself the task of inquiring inio the I
vai'io i phases of the question will be
wel.unu' news to the lumbering interests i.f the Province. Some little time
aj_o.li' suggestion was nm le that a
eommis ion would be appointed, but I
at that nine it was not conjectured
that ihe minister would be able to
undertake the task himself, and eon-!
seguenily the information will be greeted with all the inure pleasure because
ii isa matterof common knowledge
that ii" man In the Province is held in
high i esteem hy the lumbermen than
the Hon.  W.lt.  Ross, |
The la story of ihe agitation for a
basis for timher royalties in this Province goes hack some little way. When
th" amendment to the Forest Act was
under consideration during lasl session
lhe Government laid before the House
certain proposals fm* readjustment of
that portion of ihe price at which
crown timber is sold, kno,vn as loyalty. Aftor the submission of the draft
proposal to the House « repiesentutive
' ommittee 'if the lumber interests ol
the Province conferred with the Minister of I,.ind- on lue subject, and as a
resull ni thui con-f renci ihe amendment affecting the royalty w;r worked
out en further ■ !. tai. an 1 ,. tentative
agreement was reached which appeared to offer a s.ii i-i'ii 11 .e y solution of
the problem. After mi th i consideration, however, the conviction was reached ihat so important and complex a
subject as the Kale price of crown timber rendered even full r investigation
necessary; and acco.dingiy ihe minister declared lhat time would I e given
for inquiry, ,-ill action, ihat is legislative action, heiiij postponed "uiil ihe
results of th" proposed inquiry were
Some few  weeks ago it   wai thought
that   the' lumbermen e.i  ihe Province,
and lhe minister would gel togetherJn
Victoria and di i uss th.'   ,„ stion fully
A representative     delegation wa-  ,u -
langi d  for from  ilu . o ,-t  nnd  moun-
lain  associations  ,.i  lumbermen,    but
circumsianr s Intervened  to reader ihe
meeting     imp.   -,. le, an I  at   the  la-i
nenl  tlie delegation did not matut-
■     Bui   now   happily   ihe moblem
to be faced  in a manner  ihat
' u t  wuh the commends ion of
■ n    ■■■: parties.
In addition to the hearings arranged
Which, ley   the   way   will   lie   of      a
public character,  ihe members of   the
• iuhei   iivlii>try  will he  invited to sub
iheir  views te,   the  . ommUsion   in
hould it in   Impossible or dim
i     nt at  any ol
Ind .after the matter con
D ihe    .irtence has heen crrapil-
> nsid red   the    next
i,  which  will be  ihat
m iking   be announcement  regard-
i nl   io be affected    in
."wm.   upon     that
nd .   I'Yr-
t Ael .■    the changes, « ll
■ '.  ion of
o  thai   next year    the
.    will be in   possess-
I      regard In .  the
■■I   up-
Evorybody  Says
Tho Piano is Pine."
Board    bai
■   i'   i- . ctae, ii
: •      \1     I.    I'   ll
■    .; ll I  .,■  Ill     .1
Imi   ton   un li i .
a  :        In
• Harvard Uni |
II dli II.''    111
D.H. M -     ■■     *■
.-. •. 11 v • • i and
: I    . bullet
Pol.  last
■  A\f,y Ili-
he   ,■       er I lbli        li
.il    the       11
I   ll.    ha. I ft   fail
pit n i v   "I      pri i" i ly.
II ... liVtlllllll
bad no n i tion   In \ .n ouver but
■.  ■   t-    . r hi
found  in  Stanley     Park
,linear tie la '  fi *  montha.
Rifles and Shot Guns
Ammunition, Hunting Knives,
Decoy Ducks, Field Glasses,
Compasses, Fishing Tackle,
Tents, Camping Outfits, etc.
McClary's, Kootenay antl Sas-
kalta Ranges & Heating Stoves.
Sherwin-Williams' Paints, Varnishes, Stains.
Canadian Oil Co.'s Oils, Gasoline, etc.
We carry full stocks in Hardware, Groceries, Hay, Grain and
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
A Remarkable Expression
of Public Confidence . . .
is shown in the statement of this Company for the tiseal year
ending March 31st, 1913. As compared with ono year a^o, the
following figures are exceptionally  interesting:
ASSKTS MARCH 3lst,    1913   {466,915.72
ASSETS MARCH 31et, 1912  1111,208.60
showing a net gain of . $34.r>,G47.12
Tbis remarkable gain is positive evidence of the convening  and  practicability  of the O. H.  1.  0. plan.
If YOU Desire n Home of Y'our Own—If you Would Be Independent   of  a  Landlord—Investigate This plan—Now.
The Canadian Home Investment Co., Ltd.
"Camilla's olil Reliable'1
Home Office:   PACIFIC BUILDING, Second Floor
Revelstoke Ollice :      -       J. B. WATSON REALTY CO.
fomi»l«l»l»l«lMlM|«|M|«|«[»|»|«W»Tlife ,'«i«!»M«J»;j<LMljj|»l«|»|»|»|«l»|»|«|»W<
P. BURNS & GO., Limited
Huntley & Palmer's Nursery Biscuits, per lb     50c
Molasses Snaps, 2 lbs.  for     J.Sc
l'resli  Crisp Suilas, per pail $6c
Neu  Summer Cheese, per lb     25c
Orders Delivered to Any Part of Cily.
John McIntyre «s* SON
First Street. Telephone No. 93
We have a limited
supply at rock
bottom   prices
AU Meats Government Inspected.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd. SATURDAY, AUGUST 30, 1913.
6 -Nights -6
Labor Day, Mon., Sept. 1
iBusoball Benefit Monday)
- ^Vr^ ^-c?-^rv^-7,1/if-
Change of Play Each and Every Night
%i5" "Tivtv" ^Y<y ^"*""7(Vtv'
Fine Scenery
Rich Costumes
Riotous Laughter
A Bi? Hit
Catchy  Music
N'fty  Chorus
H i?h   Class
King of Shows
Price  -  25,  SO,   75  cents
Baseball Benefit
Labor Day
■J. B. Watson Realty Co.
Sash and Door Factory on 100 foot lot.
McKENZIE AVENUE- 8-rcomed house on 50-foot lot $7500 00
1st. 8TREET-.>-roonied house on 50-foot lot 54000 00
2nd. STREET- S-roometl house on 50-foot lol $3000 00
Double house on 75-foot lot |5000 00
5-roomeil house on 50-foot lot $3000 00
iVroomeil house on $1500 00
3rd. STREET -4   houses - $2100 to $3400 00
10-roomed house on 300-ft. lot $8500 00
2 lots (the pairl $ 800 00
2 lots (the pair)  $1500 00
4th. 8TREET—6-roomeil house, nearly new $2200 00
6-roomed house on 50-ft. lot $3000 Oo
Bth. Street   3 6-roomed houses.   Each $3200 00
9-roomed   house      $3800 (MJ
7th. STRUT- 4 lots,   each $ 300 00
Sth. 8TREET--2 lots.    The pair $1600 00
5-roomed house near C.P.R. Shops $ 650 00
3 Shops and rooms on McKenzie Ave    $ 15,000
Dominion Express Money Orders for Sale.
W. fl. HOROBIN, Manifer.       Local Agency American Casualty Co.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance     Government Lands       Money to Loan
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
Union   Hotel
RATES,     .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly snd monthly rates to lie arranRed.        Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LKVKSQUB, Proprietor
"History dues not recall u better investment than the one that you -100.-
000 people of British Columbia have
made in building good roads. I know
of no other country in the world lhat
has spent S16,*000,000 iu three years
on mads with only a population of
400,0110, but it is the best investment
that you ever made/' said Judge J.T.
Ronald of Seattle, honorary president
of the Pai-ifi'- Highway Association,
before the Progress Club luncheon
yesterday. The luncheon was one of
the largest that has beeu held for
some time, every seat available being
States government has built 101 ob-
ject lesson roads, and tltcse roads
have proved very interesting to tho
economist. On the average old style
road it cost on an average $2.07 per
ton for a farmer to haul produce,
either direct to the market or to a
railway for shipment to a market.
The average haul was fixed at nine
miles or at the.' rate of 23 cents per
ton pet* mile. On these object less'on
roads, which were just good roads, it
i-ost 8 cents per ton per mile or 7*2
cents for the average nine miles,
which means a loss of $1.35for every
ton of farm produce that has been
hauled to market for the past ten
years on ihe old st^le road.
"In the past seven years the farmer
has hauled 300,000,000 tons of farm
produce per year to market ait a loss
of •"'I.'15 |x>r ton through had roads,
amounting in all to $405,000,000,
which we pay euch year as a     taxiB
'to bad roads.     Multiply this by    five
In  order to  prove  his  statements as  and you will s6(? how 1 c0ul(J Jo     &,,
he put it  himself  the judge  produced
the things that I say with the money
some figures that  held the interest of thaUhe    Araerican   farmer loggM
every  member of thc club  during    his
half hour address       With the    money
five years.
"Is it any wonder then that I   say
that the American farmei*_ pays   every |lhat BritJA ColumMa Mver made   a
five years as a tax for bad roods,
said Judge Ronald, a person could
build aud fortify the Panama Canal,
pay oil the interest bearing debt of
the United States, and have enough
left over to build twenty-seven Dreadnoughts, and in addition eight of the
finest paved roads across the ccntin -
ent at a cost well over $15,000 per
"During the     past   few
Gootl Rends Bureau    of   the
better investment that when
spent $16,000,000 iu three years
good roads."
I    On behalf of the delegates     to   the
Pacific Highways convention.      Judge
I Ronald  thauked the   people   of  Vancouver for their great hospitality.
years the ,
...   The   family   remedy   for   Coughs
Untteo i "Shiloh costs  so   little   snd does
snd  Colds
so much I
Opera House, Sept. 1 and 6
1st., 1913
6th, 1913
"The Mikado'
At Macdonald's Drug Store.
Laughton C& Tapping, Props.
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Ciffars.    Hates $1 a day.    Monthly rates.
J".    ALBBET     ST03STE      PROP.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.'
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Read "Mail-Herald" SALES AND WANTS for Snaps       Agents for Calgary Beer
Every Five Cent Cash Purchase gets
one Coupon.
The   Greatest   Value    in     Coupons
Gets the Prize.
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Affents for GURNEYS CHANCELLOR Ranges.
5   Terrific Price Reductions
| Our Week-End Special
O                  In order to clear one of our fine lines
O of Suits—values up to	
We are offering them practically at
half price, viz	
Every Suit is perfectly tailored and
finished  with   Superior   Trimmings.
McRae Mercantile Co.
Edison Records
Blue Amberol
and Concert
Harry Lauder
Cal Stewart
Will Oakland
Ada Jones
cTWary Carson
Golden & Hughes
At Bingham's Music Store
\ie Keuzle Avenue, Revi-utoke. it i .
^^i€/ PAGE FiTP.
This is Fishing Headquarters
•• if ji | U!.,; [or fishing ive have it." We can lell you the best
spots to visit. COME IN TO-DAY and look over our Fishing
{.        FISHING RODS    Bamboo, Cane, Steel.
FISHING LINES -Flax. Linen, Silk.
Spoons. Bait?. Flies and Hooks.
Gaffs. Landing Nets. Baskets.
Leaders, Fly Books.  Scales.
Sportsmen's Headquarters.
boys of ibe obi brigade be lucky en -
jeiuM-b lo lay hands on bim, be will get
a swift passage lo that fiery pluce
where the flumes burn so high that no
alarm system is needed to Warn sinners
who might wander within five hundred
million miles of tha existence of lhe
Ji Forceable   Argument
is o ten need el to pi nnd into a
fell iw wb.it he ounht to know.
Bv fore-" ol b.el it we continn-
eeu-lv exti'l ihe merits and advantages "(
we sell. All conl burns, but
some burns better and gives out
more beat than others It's the
' 'hi at that counts'' and j ou i et
it in the coal from
5 Imperial 0*ank of Canada o
.*.<*•••*#*•.   Antano.
X Capital Authorized
0 Capital Paid Up
O Reserve and Undivided Profits
8 100,000.00
6 Savings Bank Department
Y l'-e    P:*R()f$llHld    ll'eWll.l.    I IVPlI      .'lllll    ileti'l,-:     Ve'eWcd    il!       Y
Q    .•un, e,    i-« iii.l,..!   leposil.    Correspondence a  b. iii '1. Q
I   Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    9
6-0000-00000000 0-000000000000
I     l.St 40  V ..   RS
GJJD  THSN     .J^.  1 iiii  Nov.
Perfect Scale, Purity of ','■■•., Pnsvpii-
bili'y <•: T"uch, Keanty <,! finish, Workmanship ana I) irability.
with human like control ••■■- tab■- ..'  tbe
latest improvements and devices     Tbt-\ ,
ire perfect   ;:*  t no.   .-e.e-'.isi;.'   in  design
and cap bleof giving ltfe-loni; -.
News from Kamloops to thei eflect
tIi;li the baseball team of thnt city
lias beeu disbanded before lhe close of
the season with several engagements
still unfilled, nn 1 amid reerimiuntions
and ii > loud of financial trouble-, will
not cause greal surprise among spoi't-
ing circles ut ReveU'to'te. Tbc public
here, have long known tle;it tbe so-called "sports ' of Kamloops, were in
reality only "oluiis" .>t the rug-lime
brand, overbearing with a moment oi
victory, "poor looters'' in the uour oi
defeat, Apparently Ka.nloops cannot
choose, even from among the hundreds
,,i experts who mcroiiched on tbe field
al every home match, a scritteb uggre-
-nteien sufficient tn journey to Revel-
since an.l thus tavo their city [rom
ihe ilisginco attuelving to lho name ot
iii ,,.u whn .In -ij • their engagements
hy  refusing  lo "play ball."
However, Revelstoke uns will doubt
less appreciate ibe' absence of suuh
miserable sportsmen even more ihai
ilnii presence, tlie' more particularly,
iis arrangements are' completed for a
contest on Labor Day between two
t.;',,iusi)ei;li pieced from this city and
dls'trict, linr either of wbi:*h can con-
tidntiy le relied upon to put up a
bettei display than lhe notorious
"Kamloops Quitters" ever furnished.
On ii recent historic occasion, the
whole Kamloois bumh were ordered
ofl ihe field by the mayor of theii own
city. Fortunately they dropped out
of ihe league, just in time to save
tbem-l.es being kicked out, dying
in ih> dirt of their own eho'cs, but
nol before they bud hi en -',, ,},-.•; ivelj
whipped :i< to io'i them of anv pretence of    lilllli   eSU*.     ViCtO.*y.     K.llilnu.'-
started the Ben-on witb :i greut blarj
of trumpets, i n.l lo il In.;.-1 ie. ■ on-
cerrvlnu the certain y oi their ; n h
ing as "i hanv-" , f 'lie Interior Ea ie-
1 a'.! L.a.ie fe, • I '!:'.; ihey th n ; ro-
c e led in ere •;! int i t' e cellar, an '.
i ■ er fn' *b ■! n v hari . r at all, but
s.i.c e:I?:l in ea ning foi themselves tha
-i.ui''! -.-.tit title "!. i     1 ,Y -■■ .,' B.C."
The Piano Ref«il.s
for     £400.00    Oj:h
The *. cry best matei nd the 1 ■•-*.
skill thii: ir. nicy ciiu secure are employed ::: theii i  mstl u
R. Z. CRAWFORD, Contracting Painter
kv%*%.*%.-%.*«.-%.*%-%•%*%-%*-*%%%*%*%%^%^^%^*%'*%*%**^-*- v»
Watches and Clocks!
Where ?
At J. Guy Barber's
Expert Watch Repairing
Get Your Eyes Tested and
Proper Glasses Fitted     . .
Halcyon, B.C.,  Aug. 29—The steam-
el   r. nnington  mad • n .-, ec al t Ip ou
Friday  from  West   Robson  with     the
.        logical congress party.   The longest
j.lm*1>*p.4rfr/ii        '      '' •'   "nicy,       whi I'  «
rea hed a l   ion  and  where  u pleasant
' •       t, uir was  spent   mo-t    o:   the dlsting-
ui-heil   vimto.a   fo it in ; it   up the steep
Phone. ?f">2 hill to     the springs.   The Minto ioo'.
■™™~"""^^    * I'm.llili.  :.   n    in-        tic
CbeflDail-«vtaU> ,J,l"u"
P.   A.  Beachamp ol  Ban  Francisco,!
■ 'lown nn Friday   from Silverton,
ere ha    is watching  tb- operations
new    < m.-< ni ration  plain on thfl
Jntenor B>ublt3btng Company M"v""   """"   "" '"in'as tomorrow
will  bc  there   tor about     two
  at.h-  more.     When  Mr,  Beaucbamp
n i*e     iii  the beginning ol  July,
•   the recommi ndatton .it Dr. Brouse,
it*   t wa     barely    able
.elk wuh    the  help of   two   canes,
•  ■     he  discarded     ono
ithei    Went   the'   third   week.
el  'en  on    August
 il.     lie    i-
All Tlie Good Qualities
thai can   ■•!■ crammed  Into iaulttea   I. find
the' ' ' ''
'.:i|e-[ !.'
It'sonr plan to please our customers   *o ijlvi   nil we
can   to take as little ai we can afford,
Take ,.|e..int.i "• of everj advantage,    Hunt  itnongthe
biggest variety  of the  most  fsshlonabli   fabrics    ind
pay im' i icnt more lhan yon ought,
H. F. M0RTENSEN Tailor
■ I
|l  Iiui 'i nf
• tO len' ii   iinil
fine '      Othl '.' tlie     Illle.V.'     f,l.'
will  sun be In . ei  he be io
• atari
In the     a I   of   th*   lust    ,,f        Un-   two
IhUp Hiaiin   turned In   iboui  11 N on
Th ei   'l.'iv   iiii'ht, 'Ic   in nun'*   wii
Uh bell >• , within m i' i- ni being cap
lur«l II" will be f 'itnnnte if the po
ii.. ,-. i bold of bim iii i, Hbniii.1    lho
A E   ' .i.e e.i Bloi in, with her
Mi      E    •" on    ol   !<•
Inyi      last
,   , m vi      ol    he I  ma
,-' il ii lay.
:   Mi Rn bi """!     of
'   ,   ■ ■     e.l    'I III'.ll
lll I        \li
Mi -    P.A    !*■      ifMoo -l ' w
COAL!      COAL!      COAL!
Sole Agents for the celebrated Gait Coal
The Best Soft Coal in Western Canada
IN \LL 3 C 2 3
We bave over 60(1 tons of the above conl on band and can guarantee
prompt delivery. Now is the time to lay in your winter's fuel. Don't
delay.    See ns for terms and prices.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
J. I). SIBBALD, JR., Sue.
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg to announce lhal tbey Iiave opened up offices lit the
corner of First Street nnd Connaught Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you to
call and Ket particulars, and get in on ground floor prices.
We alfo m!lke a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
President. Sec-Treasurer
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321,
,«t>     ".-■ .'"■"in fi
ll/' ft ■ ■..■■'•• k
4'\yi-   -I
' )il|W> 11WIW
In th • way of rrli-'heR, pickles, prc-
Berves unel daintio.-i either to round
out a menl or to fix up a hurried refection for unexpected visitors. If it's
good nml good In eat it is here anil at
u I'lie-e whieh nt nine stamps this as
the most economioal us well ns the
most reliable of grooeries.
Hobson's Grocery
Phune 41 Box 734
Look!!    Prices Cut!!
No. 2—2 x 4   2 x 6    $13
No.    I   2x8    $19
No.    I   2x10   2x12    $20
We nre overstocked in No. _' nud N'o. I Cedar
dmension and offer above prices iis long ns
material lasts.
Globe Lumber Company
Ladies' Tailored Suits to Order
All thr laivM colon in Mitnlm-M Oliilli, I ..n. y
i ».'.■. It, »lrir*i nnil cheeked u„i,i,.,i..    ,,„.,
 hundred latest patterns to ehoow rron
im twoaltke.
FANCY COATINGS rli.. 'tint New Yot*
craatkmi ami ihe most up-tn-iUta rtoc* in
II. O.    I. Hllra who idtptet nineli (mm h », car.
""t '"* '''"'l 'nted Khan iliey dat< in.ir suit
or LonftCatamr Cost made b) us. W«ln««
ihiven hnt dMlgna toon Parh in riuune nt
thUdi-partimnt, ThonhnouKortuAl im,
fancj form to make.
Wi<lne <l,i;       tn
on,       ,nil      i.tie-i
■ . ■ ■ or   a   hoi t
.•       0     1 ■ IH    ll'i:
i. i.'l,     B,      li. .v. re
, . !'■
>    \t ui ■:    .;   \ ,ii,e ouvet   ,,i 11 ed
,1,    Ke ■• |H     i I     Ivi,11.m,•< ..f   Sill
■I   ■ ',     (oi     '   ("**'    'I  eVS*
a    w ilkei   et   ...min. i land,
j, nd   ol I'hn. nix. w.   J,  Ruthi rlord,
*.. i nn  "i   Revel toke,    It   r"i ib»l ,-
,    R« sl '"ke', .1.   Miieyr I'   ol      Trail
inii  w,  Bl ■ i   ol i'l mi  nre   bere.
Burnaby  munii IpnMtiei adopted     .i
new means ol (rntMogovor the financial
'. in■■■ li -i    hy elTe. ting llie Ulle in    I,nn
donoi f i..*.nn.oun wm th of six percent
Irea ur| notes, repayablt Inten years.
Three Big Days - Sept. 23-24-25
A.T NKl.SON,   H. f.
The Kvent of the Kootenays
in      nm   vuv.v.   acts   twice  daily      is
A .lei c'.ii feu young iimi old  'THE BLUCHBS," "LB8 JARDY8"
l'un in ,i iin w.ik'ii. A Ruropean Sensation Walter Stanton & Co.
Chanticler, the Giant Rooiter, and the Dancing Greee,
"Y  M. *.'  A " Pyramid Buildenin LivingPyramidi
i' ...-." the Strong Mun, iu marvellous (eats of strength.
HORSE RACING, ROCK DRILLING, and other numerous attractions
Till   HATH.K INI Special I'eature Day and Night I Till' HLRCTHtr
\m presented nt the A.Y.P,
A.D.EMORY, President. G.   HORSTCAD. Secretary and Manurei
P. o. K..\ JM, Nelson, B.C.
Hair Falling?
Then (top I I   stnp it nnw!   Ymi
can dn it with Ai/cr's Hair Vigor.
Dues not color thc hair.
Ask Vour Dodor.        Momrm. Canada.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42  -   Night Phone 85
AUCmONEBH   am»  VAi.niit
spcciiiilv   conducted S0
He buv< anything and everything
it any time, new and iecond>hanai
What be h;is tint go) he cm get; so
be sure lo call nhd see bim il uni
want to save money.
bn tioneer'i Mart, McKentle Avenue
Revelstoke, II   l*. SATURDAY, AUGUST 30, 1913.
page Fiva
Free Public Telephones on Each Floor
Rest Room for the use of the Public on the Second Floor,
New House Furnishing and Carpet
Dcpirliiiint 01 S33>:iJ Flor.
ievelstoke's Department Store
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aS t'tt A t*t- Am ttt ttt ttt ttt ii'i 1*1*1 iTi tti A A iti ****' ■'*'■ **fr* ttt iTi ifrt tti tTi iti ttt ."tt tti *^* A '*fr* A ■**« *'*'* -**- ■*ti
T+/ *+* *%* tJT T+T ,4.''+" *+" \£* 'J * ,*1 X" fX* "" "4." \fT *4T *X   4>" +? "" 4.   +   +"  " +^ + '4," TJ7 \J ty ty t-yt-ty \ + | | + |
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The Revelstoke Nurseries
Sweet Peas
Potted Plants
The Revelstoke Nurseries
Notice  ls    hereby  given that  by  indenture   daled the  aiatelayof  August,
1913, Chester    S. McFarland, carrying
on business at Revelatoke, Golden a ud
Atholmcr all in  the  Province  of  Brit-
lish Columbia, as merchant    has made!
an assignment to me oi all his estate
and personal, credits and effects which
j may be seized and sold underexecutiou
I for the benelit of his creditors.
I   A meeting of the creditors will     bo
[herd at   31   Leigh-Spencer  Building, 55;!
i Gram ilio  street,   Vancouver,   B.C.    on
ITuesday the !>th day of September 191*3
atthe  hour of two o'clock  p.m.,     to
receive statement of affairs, the giving
'of directions with reference  to  the dis-
! posal    of the said estate, and foi  tha
general  ordering of  the estate.
All claims must be filod with the mi
' dersigned and verilied by statutory declaration, and lo entitle any creditor to
i vole,  his claim must be filod on or be- |
fore the day of lhe' meeting.
All persons indebted to the suiel
Chester S. McKarland arc requested to
i pay the amount due by Ihem to the
! said assignee forthwith.
And further take nolice that on and
after  the flth day   of October,      1913,
jthe said assignee will  proceed to   distribute tlie  assets of  the said  Chester
IS. McFarland amongst the parties entitled thereto, having  regard  only    to
claluu of which he    has then rtceived
notice and that    he will not be liable)
feit* the said assets or any part thereof
to    any person or persons of     whose
claim  notice shall not  have been      re-
jreceived by    him   at the last     above
mentioned date.
Baled at the City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia, this JJn 1
I day of August, 1913.
1st iss. Aug. 25. one time.
I, W.H.S. Horooin and C. ft. Macdonald, of Revelstoke, B.C., by occu-
I ii ition a Broker and Druggist, give
notice that wo intend on the 19th day
of July, 1913, next, at eleven o'clock
in the forenoon, to apply to theWat-
er Commissioner at his office at Rev-
elstoke, B.C., for a license to take aod
u>e on ■ only cubic feet oi water per
second from Mountain Creek, a tributary of. No tributary, flows to Col -
umbia river.
The water will be used on Lot S.E.
4 of S.E. 12, Sec. 31, Tp. 23, R. 2, W.of
Gth M., and on W. }. L.S. 12, Sec. 35,
R. 2, Tp. 23. W. of 6th M., and on W.J
L.S. 12, See. 35, R. 2, W. of 6th M.,
for Irrigation purposes.
We ini-'Dd to apply at the same' time
for permission io -tore siitti'-ie'nt water
to feed pipe only.
Dated ihi- 19th day of July, 1913.
C. R. Macdonald.
W. H.  S.  Horobin.
Isl iss. July 30, 6odys.
Crying piteously for help an-d endeavoring to cling to a companion
who was compelled to throw them off
in order to save his own life. Henry
Harms and Otto Jung, two 15-yoar -
Q.ld boys, both drowned withiu a short
distance of shore ai Renata, on the
Arrow ■ lakes, yesterday. The boys
were bathing aud gol oul of their
The tug Elko and other crafl which
hurried to the scene arrived too Olate
to lie of assistance. Large nets Were
use'el in it fruitless effort to recover the
Arrival- from lho Arrow lakes who
reached Nelson last night slated that
tho third boy had a narrow escape
from death, both boys clinging to him
when they discovered that they bad
gone beyond their depths. They eould
not swim. Struggling madly, ihu sur
\ ivor succeeded in kicking oue boy
loose and in separating himself from
the other and made his way to the
Heartbroken at their loss, the father's of the two beys, both ranchers at
Renata, sent out the following description of the victims in the hope that the
bodies may be washed up along tho
shores of the lak,', and returned to
"Otto Jung has very light hair and
blue eyes aad wore a navy blue bathing suit. Henry Harms has dark
brown hair and blaolt eyes anil had
white ilannol bathing trunks on. They
drowned about 1:30 o'clock in the afternoon. Everybody please look for
the bodies."
I'.W. Harms and Hiiiro Jung are the
boys' fathers.
We -eilicit a share ol it If ■'
We b it i-
a -hup in the   .
After Six Years Service
to the Revelstoke public we
scarcely need an introduction
so promptly  and perfee * in are
at this restaurant.    An Ice i?
only a foretaste of
It is taid tli.it tbe « ■ ■   to   i   man's
heart is through  bis itomach.   '.'.'•■ ire
sure   to  reach   yours  if  you'll   drop   In
and try our bill of fare.     If  pe
tuals,   perfect!)   cooked   snd   perfi
Served,   will   gain   your   friendship,
are absolutely sure of cours.
A. ('. Thiakison Manager,
qui lily morn  counhn.  curt* colds, «nd  healn
■he throat »nJ lunci..        ;•        ::       IS cent*.
•     Ti odec    ad
. ned .n :   n torse I     ren . *   -
Jetty   b '■'■:   v.  *
of tho  Fraser River,    B.    I
T lesday, September   •
i -Hon of Jetty . n_■ at
•.ii- North Arn   of   ihe Pi.
B. C.
tract   au ;,,.  ,\.,.a ,,q<i tendei
Offl  •       Ofl m.    -     .    ..    '.:.
■ .     Engineer,    New West
0.;  W.7..   K I Matr it   ;.
er,   Win: ;;>••_.   Ma
Esq., DUtrlot Engineer,    . cor.a.  a.
C;   J.I..   U
P.Q.;    J •
!( i
* i
0. nt   re ci in - tu in
•:.,    i - of    b>
i *ion,  and  pl ,C'i  of  i ■
■•I !. membei
E ich te-nde'i  mu *        i
an a> ceptad    obeqtle    o:e     i    ha
Lank, payable to tbe  >i lei        •■ Hon
ourable  the  Minister of  Pu
equal to tlve per rent (Sp.e.) o'   the
amount ofthe tender,    which
forfeited if th>e person tendering   leei inn
to enter in'n   ,  contract   when   "ailed
upon to do bo, or fad   'o   lomplete   thfl
work contracted tot    If the tend
n'it accepted the ohoque wlll
The Department doe   ne,   bind itself
to acOept the lowest q, anv tender,
By order,
Secret ,i
Department of I'ublic Work-".
Ottawa, Augu,t 18, 1913.
Newspaper*  will  not  be paid   f..r thii
advertisement if they Insert  ii   rrithoul
authority from  the  Department
Ist  isn.   Aug   18,  2t.
N'akusp,  B.C., Aug.  JO—A.H.  Boole,
contractor for  the  new   Sneddon  blOCK
at the corner Of Bay and Slocan avenues, has a large gang of men at   work
The frame Is  up and already  the new
block  presents  an     imposing  appearance from  the  lake.   It is easily    the
largest   building  of   its   kind   in towu
and is divided for two large aioi-es ou
the greiund floor,  with   offices   above.
Mi.  t'oole    signed  a contract     this
morning for    a tw,,--,ioreyed residence
for  Mrs.  Stone, to cost nearly jsi.UUO,
,-n  Denver avenue and  Francis street.
Tbe   street    will   be  opened   up   from
o this new property imme-
laid    hat   Mr.   Rawling-
wii   Uso   irect a     residence on. Denver
■    eason.   Nei er    be-fore ,ia
.... manj   build -
isp, and tii'-re
ai -a tew more in view o^iore wimet
aet.-. .n.
A    rtturn
cricket   .- x e playe
■ a     and
.ra n oi i will be  nidulg-
■ ne-w     re    -a
had  offered   t
/•■ns  of
l :.
■    bi   *
a   I
•       .
i    ite
■ •
I-*       A
i i
at   t.h"        , n   riere 01
norning,    ,   -■    ■ toted  by     Ma
bride       They     rill   o    iny   tbeir    ne*
Thorns     vi oi     M -
bank, v     ion t.„
i     h m -| • j    Mr.
."II of Mew  Weefltrr/lnstflr.
Herman Du wn . • I sl Lind
lay Hr,,then pole yal I, fell from a
pile of poles on .HamnJny and was
c.,n' '-v-I 'ee the ho i-i'al. In la
thoughl lhal hd i«y i ■ fraotnred, but
thn pat Ian I  >  loini; nicely,
Mr. and ,\11• Oleafle of Grahams
Landing and Mrs. Potts of Nnku p lefl
for Bingland y terday They nil by
I. Canadian Northern boat for Bristol, Kntr.
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
(i) Pursuant to Local Improvement Boulevard Assessment By-law, No. 134, of 1909,
tlie Couneil of the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke undertook tlie construction as a local improvement of cet-fiin boulevards on the following streets in the City of Kevelstoke: McKenzie
Avenue from tlie North side of Third Street to the North side o( Eighth Streel ; on both sides oi
Third Street; on both sides of Fourth Streel; on both sides of Fifth Street and on both sides of
Sixth Street, from the Hast side of McKenzie Avenue to the West side of Vernon Avenue and on
both sides n\' Douglas Streel Irom King Street, West, to the Canadian I'acilic Railway right-of-way;
bul said works contemplated bv said By-law were only constructed in part:
(2) The cost ofthe said work so constructed in part is $4,387.34 and by said By-law the
whole ofthe cost of said work was directed to be paid by the owners of the property benefitted by
said works and the special rate per foot frontage under said By-law was lixed at 0.79 cents, and the
special assessment thereunder was directed to be paid in twenty annual instalments :
(3) The Council of said Corporation having declared that they deem it inadvisable to
complete said works so constructed in part have, pursuant to Section 162 of the Municipal Act,,
passed a By-law known as " Local Improvement Boulevarding Assessment Amendment By-law,
No. 186, of 1913," providing for the making of an assessment upon the lands benefitted by said
works so carried out in part such assessment being based on the amount expended (inclusive of all
incidental expenses) on the works so constructed and on the proportionate amount of benelit accruing
to each section or parcel of land within the area benefitted and for amending the o-iiginal By-law by
readjusting the assessments thereunder and by providing for the levying and collecting of the deficiency (if any) in the basis of such readjusted assessment and for refunding by payment in cash or by
credit on future assessments any taxes imposed and collected under the original By-law (in excess
of ordinary taxes) in respect of any lands not benefitted by the said works so carried out in part and
the excess collected (if any) in respect of any lands which have been benefitted in a less degree than
was originally contemplated and have annexed to said amending By-law a schedule marked "B'
shewing the lands whieh have been benefitted by the construction in part of said works (which Bylaw and schedule "B" are on tile and open for inspection by every interested parly at lhc office of
the City Clerk at the City Hall, Kevelstoke, B. C.)and which schedule shews the land owned bv the
several persons assessed and which have been benefitted by the said works so carried out in part and
which are affected by said readjusted assessment :
(4) The special rate per foot frontage imposed by said amending By-law i.s $1.08 and the
special assessment imposed thereunder is to be paid in sixteen (if)) annual instalments:
(5) A Court of Revision will be held on the 12th day of September, 1913, at ,S o'clock,
p.m., atthe City Hall, Kevelstoke, B. C, for the purpose of hearing complaints against the proposed readjusted assessments or the accuracy of frontage measurements and any oilier complaint
which persons interested may desire to make and which is by law cognizable by the Court.
Dated August 20th, 1913.
Acting City Clerk,
City of Revelstoke.
Oaigary, An;. 29—For the proper
housing of the men employed uu tho
work of Constructing the gigantic tunnel tkrough the Selkirks at Ula< u*r, B.
0., a railway camp ia to be constructed which has no parallel in history.
One of the problems Messrs. Foley,
Welsh & Stewart, the contractors, had
to faoe wa- the 'bitting snow m winter, whi h made' it well nigh impossible
to proceed with the work in a Satis -
factory manner, s.> thoy conceive.1 a
plan to  liuihl ei wilaa*e- on stilts.    The
mh 1 j,,  11,6 hands ol
iln ter, a  well known arohltoot,
ie,   ■■■ leie-h,      when
I, will 00 '  wo.ooo.
ioor. of  tbi    iou*      whii li   will
ibttantial  construction,  are to
• •     allies •   the grous I      the
do   idewalki I>> 11  will
have a wall   in the   entrn of the street,
n be   round   lcvol,
mm i'--ei   m ],   ■ lie doors  of the
by    little   hrrditv .       When   Mr.
Camte-r  whh ii' 1 asked to deaign  Hun
trillage,    h-  * nt   it was    a     jok<i,
,,'     ,n    oiiHlli'ring  th"  malice   furth-
;.e.HSili|e- plant* be realize 'I the'   t  .,. ,      ., go,.,] nee*ion      1 le
lea   from preHetoiia hike dwel
..■      Switzerland and the
il Come-, and the rei nil lea mo
;,t enginacdng Interesl
in  what iis<-d  'o lie known aS the will
>/.'»I v   wes'
i.i- M'mdred and 'n gold -leokon
left. Oofdova, Alaska, Augu-t |gt on
ihe morning train for Mcfiarthv. where
they will take the trail nvpr Skolai
pa-K tn thr, new Rhushimna goVI Bald
Tho men took throe '-ar-i of homos nnd
four ears of upplic. Zeeks Mnllm
nnd another prospector nnmed Boone
wh'i reaobod McOnrthy from Hhunhann
le, I Thursday night said Hie new ditf •
glngn hnd an area of 16 niiare miles
of rich plaeer grouted.
Nolice is hereby given thut tho Honourable ihe Minister of Lands will &lt
at the following places for tho purpose
of hearinn nny persona who desire to
givo evidence concerning the royalty
on timber cul from Provincial lunds:—
Vancouver—Monday,   Septembei   bth.
Kamloops—Tuesday.  September 9th.
Rovelstoke—Wednesday, September
Nelson—Friday, Septembor 12th.
Cranl I.  -Monday, September 15th
Siiiing- will commence at 9*.:t0 a.m.
each day it the court-house in *uoh
cily. Ihi   iss. A.ilO, St.
London, Aug. 2<i— Jack Johnson,
lays that he is going to uppe-ar at tho
public mush halls, where he ls hilled
for two days, to llird il ih ■mlilic
wanl him to show. If they do he will
lill  his engagements.
He entered a boi last night at Eus-
ton theatro of varieties, and was
leeudly cheered. Two performors, who
had taken n prominent part „gainst
• lohnson in the controversy that has
l»*en waged over his promised appear-
alii', were unable to finish their turns,
owing to demonstrations in his favor
Johnson, from lhe bai ony, addrene-
ed a great crowd outside the Euston
theatre, thanking the people for bis
kind reception, and asking for fair
Mr. David C. Proyer, an art criMc of
international reputation, fell last weok
from a window in the fifth floor apartment house in Central Park West, New
York, ami was Instantly killed.
New Drill Hall at  Enderby, B. C.
Scaled Tenders marked ou the envelope "Tenders for Construction of Drill
Hall at Bnderby, B.C.," and addressed to thc Director of Contracts, Department of Militia and Defence, Oi -
tawa, will bt received until noon, September 15th, lull!, (or the conetrue
tion of a Drill Hall at Enderby, B.C.
Spei illi -nt inns may be seen nnd full
particulars obtained n< ihe' oll.e- ol
the District (Hirer Coiiiuiniidiiij Military District No. II, Victoria, B. C,
the Town Clerk, Enderby, B. ('., and
the Diroutor General  of  Engineer Ser-
1 rices, Hoadquai tors, Ottawa.
Tenders must be made on the form
supplied by the Department and ac -
im .in|.ani.'d by nn accepted cho<|ue on ■'
Canadian Chartered Bank, for ten per
(■ent (10 p 0.) of the amount of the tender, payable to the order ofthe Hon
ourable the Minister of Militia and
Defence, which amount will be forfeited if the party tendering de<lines to
enter into or fails to complete (he con
'tract in accordance with his tender.
I   The  Department does not bind  itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
B1IOENE FI8ET, Colonel,
Deputy Hlnd'ter
Department of Militia and Defence.
Ottawa,  August Uth, 1913.
Newspapers    will not lie paid If this
advertisement  is  inserted  without  authority from (he Department,
lit iss. Aug. 28, 2t.
Hon. L.P. Pelletier, postmaster gen
oral, who left Ottawa shortly after the
session clos'sj, returned today and attended a cabinet council. Hi« health
le much improved after two montb*
vacation. SATURDAY, AUGUST 30, 1913.
The  Hand That Moves The
Lever Saves 162-3 Per Cent.
of Your Coal  Bill
Here is the opportunity for the housewife to
deal the high cost of living question a hard jolt
without any effort on her part.
The way is to make sure that her new range is
controlled by a Gurney Economizer, which will
save 1 ton of ccal in every 6 burned in an ordinary
The Economizer is to the stove what the control lever ;'s to the engine or automobile. Without
control neither is efficient.
With the Gurney Economizer it is possible to
quickly vary the heat ofthe oven. Various foods
require different temperatures. Thc Economizer
keeps thi j desired temperature absolutely uniform.
It also r
may nave a
going Whi
few minutes
Ifyou possess a Gurney-Oxford your advantages
arc innumer '' «~ —-■   ■ — ■
for every hr
Grate guards ^^^^^
every inch cf the coals.
cans that when cooking is over, you
ccol kitchen ar.d still have your fire
le you can have thc* fiercest heat in a
' _.* a slight pressure on the lever.
. csj .. vj ut ncy-vjxiui u your advantages    j-jjjj.
able.   The Divided Flue means heat    ^r;
io!e on the stove.   The New Special
:s the lewect fire.   The Broiler exposes
These  f;
atures   are exclusively "Gurney-Ox-
It   will  furnish  your  kitchen  handsomely
will do your work adequately.
Hardware Co., Ltd. Jj>
An dnt.uio engineer who has returned  [rom  :i  \i~it     to   Europe t.i study
-;   approved nieihods of   road-
is that   France has    the
!i iih roads in the world, and the
maintained  roads are  to be found
y all the business Bection of
Athai-a- i Landing has been wiped out
* v hie. Two lintels were destioye.l
:nd over thirty business houses.
llu !.■ i     brigades   tinnlly .becked   the
flame-, but not bei  a total damage
■ lin.- half a million dollars was
don.'. Constable Blair received serious burns waking the iruests oi the
Grand t'nion Hotel. The city council
mei nnd formed a relief committee.
One hundred people we're absolutely
lestitute and twice as many had     no
la ••  tn buy nmenl or f, ; plnee to
■  ;
(in Sepiember *?th, in the Exchequer
('.mil at Ottawa, tho case of tha King
versus the Vancouver Lumber Com-
|e,ny will be heard. Several former
liberal cabinet ministers will be wit
nc-ses. This is nn action hy the Dominion e-overnment to set aside the
m i nl lease to Deadman's Island.
Tobacco is exceedingly efficacious in
the killiiij; of microbes according to
Messrs, Langlais and riartory. wh>
state their experiments have shown
that in five minutes tobacCO smoke
will kill almost all the microbes in
ilie saliva, thus nearly completely sler
Hiring the mouth. One of the ex|ieri-
ments carried out hy Mm. Langlais and
Surtory wns to place severul cigars iu
wnter containing many million cholera
microbes to the square inch. The. to
bacco sterilized and destroyed the mi-
uobesin twenty-four hours.
The Canadian Northern issue of $7,
500,000 five pcr cent secured notes at
98 has been over-subscribed in .London,
the liBts heinc closed in advance. The
script was quoted at quarter premium
for special settlement.
Thc British Parliament was prorogued on Friday and will not convene until February next year unless some -
thing extraordinary happens. Tho
King's speech, as read in the House ol
Lords was colorless.
A new grain elevator, especially for
export trade, will be built by the Montreal harbor commissioners with a capacity of nearly three million bushels,
this bringing the capacity of the port
to  10,762,000 bushels.
Fred  SI.   Armour,  the young    chief
■ lerk oi the' fuel department of tho
O.P.R.,   was  found  guilty  at  Calvary
■ ef padding the payrolls to the extent
of $7,000' and Waa sentenced to 1hro«
years In  the penitentiary,
Mr. Z.A. Lash, K.O., and Mr. B.V.
Bodwell, K.O., the Federal and Prov-
incial representatives respectively ol
the British Oolumbia Better Terms ar
bitratlon have so far failed to agree
on the. third arbiter. It is believed
that tic choice may have to ae made
by Right Hon. Lewis Harcourt, the
Colonial Secretary, as provided in the
Order-in-Oouncil in'the event of a
Rapi I progress is being mad" with
ihe improvements io Rideau hall, and
it is expected lhat the Vice-Regal residence will be in readiness for occupation again when the Duke and Duchess
of Oonnaughl return lo Canada lut<* in
October. It was thought for a time
thai it would be necessary to engage
u temporary residence for their Royal
Highnesses, but the prospects now are
that Rideau hall will be' in readin tn
for them when they return.
The latest immigration returns show
that since 1890 we have received nearly 1,000,1100 immigrants from the
United Kingdom, n good proportion of
whom ha\e cone upon the land, and
nearly 900,000 irom the United States,
besides 650,000 irom continental
Europe. The bulk have gone to the
wc.-tcrn provinces and Ontario, although Quebec has received a great
number, and ihe maritime provinces
over loii.ooo. The udal from all countries since 190U exceeds 2,500,000, British Columbin getting about 10 i*r
icnt.  of them.
Calgmy will .-oon have u brand-new
industry of great importance, in that
ii will consume th'entire potato crop
of all producing centres of Alberta.
Th ■ ('ana ban Flaked Potato company
is the name of the new corporation.
The t.-n lory will be located in Oaigary
wiih otlices and store- in British Columbia and the east. The Calgary
ia'lory l- the firsi in the couutry. Its
coming will     mean  ihat  the ordinary
work of  peeling  ..n.l  king  potatoes
.an he done away with. A handful of
flaked and a pot of water will tn . e
mashed  potatoes  ready  for thetahle.
j CJLKelDS |
0. B. N. WILKIE!
Ollice*. Lawrence Hardware Block
W.  H.  WALLACE,  M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 313. Revelstoke
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B.  C. Land
Surveyors  and  Contractors.
P. 0. Box 347       Kamloops, B.O.
Branch  Office—Watson   Realty   Ca.
Barristers,   Solicitors,  Etc..
Imperial  Bank  Building  Revsl-
stokt, B. O.
Money to Loaa.
Offlcss—Rsvelstok.,    B.   O.,     aid
Cranbrook, B.  O.
Gso. S. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
■       I
It Miqht Be Hot. . .
<X>URT      UT.      BEGBIE,    No.  Mtl.
OF I. O. F.
Meets ln I. 0. O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera Houso every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
H. V. MORGAN, 0. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Ssc.
SELKIRK     LODOE 12,  1.  O.  O.  F.
It is always fine in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our)i*ecord of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. COYn, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Meets every Thursday evening In
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
aad A. M.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
Regular     meetings are held in MAS- ,
ONIO TEMPLE,     Oddlellows'     Hal] j
on tbs Third Monday in each month
at 8 p.  o>.     Visiting brethren      ars
cordially welcoms.
A. O. BROOKER, Secretary.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain Visw Camp, No. IM.
Make Us Prove It
We dare not exaggerate to you. We are dependent upon
your patronage. To get it we must have your trust and confidence. We make the following statements with a full understanding of what they mean to us. You are safe when you
believe in these statements.
r.f bowel ills and in a short timo
usually make unnecessary tin1 continued tiw of physics and puraativee,
time, tending to -leep inch unhealthy
habits as may havo been Termed.
Make us Prove This
We   (lei    heel    ii^k    \eell    I,,    take   eelir
word for this, We Want you to mako
us prove it, end al no oost to you.
Huy a Ikix of Rexall Orderlies at
our store, !'*'■ them once, or use up
the whole tx.x. Then, if yeeii uro
nol thoroughly satisfied, just rome
back empty handed anu tell us.
Without obligating you or question-
iiiK you we will return tht money
you paid us for tin in.
Doesn't that Indicate that Rexall
Orderlies sre el least worthy 'ef trial?
Doesn't it prove our faith in them?
Doesn't it merit your confidence?
Could any offer lie nn.re' fair to you?
We particularly recommend Retail
Orderlies for children, delicate and
aged persons. Rexall' Irderllescomo
in convenient vest-pocket size tin
boxes, 13 tablets, [Oo; .'to tablets,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     i!6c; HO tablets, ■ I
CAUTION: Please ln'iir in mind that Rexall Orderlies are not sold by all drug'
nists.   Vou can buy Retail t Inlerlies only at. the Retail Stores.
Vmi can buy Retail Orderlies iu this community ouly at our store:
For the Bowels
If you only knew ;»■< much iis we
and iho^e- who have- used them know
about  Hexall Orderlies, you would
I lltllllS tltlO    lleeeilt   re 1111111 < tl'1-
Ulg tln-iii as we ar.'.     They taste just
like candy. Tiny tel io easily and
to pleasantly thai the taking of them
is i pleasure.
Even children like Hexall Ordrr-
hes; and you know that if a medicine appeals te. | iluld, it will appeal
to grown-ups.
help chose gloom, dispel blues and
make you feel happy by tluir splendid tonie, cleansing and strengthening effect upon the bowels, — They
net to fret the system - and keen it
free — from the distress aie I ill feeling
thai naturally results fr.'in Irregular
and inactive bowel*.
llexnll   Orderlies  do   lliis  quietly,
without griping >er causing nausea,
fpunins or otoettive looeenest, 'i'he.y
net to overcome und remove the cause
The pfegaCC Store
British  Columbi.i
I bl ee ie n lleinll Store in nearly SVSnj te.un  Ud eity in thn United PUte., Canada and
(innl Itntnin.   Then is n elifTcre-nt Heinll  lleinisly for nearly every ordinary human ill —
peel elK .!.   'good lor lbs pftrlicuUr ill fof whieh it is PSeOflUDSOOSd.
The Rexall Stores are America's Greatest Drug Stores
The work oi linkiiiL: up the Pacific
by means e.f wireless telegraphic st, •
tion- ia being plgoriously pursue.! by
the Australian government. A thousand tons of material has just been Ian.
ded ,,i Apia, in Samoa, for the proposed station there, andwork will be
riish.d tocompletion with the object oi
having the apparatus in operation by
lbe close of ih- present month Apia
is abmit 2,liMi miles irum Hawaii and
while the wireless station is equipped
f,.r a inn-e of two thousand miles
only, it is believed ihai under favorable conditions it will be able i com
mnnic.ii" with Hawaii.
Forty-five publio refrigerators in the
Dnited States report the number of
epgB in cold storage na 1«Q6Q,M6>000 on
July I. This i- more than eleveneggl
for ea< h man. womnn and child in con-
tinenial United States territory.
Smaller OOnoei*HS nnri ported would undoubtedly hiinu' tho totnl up to .1 <I"Z
cn per Capita. Sixty cck~ are in the
coolers Waiting for you to buy tbem.
if you have n family of five to provide' for. Wc cannot resi°t the rafleo1
tion that fresh ones would lie bei icr,
that all of these were fresh at some
time, and that the condition icvealed
is a most sn imis arraignment of our
national system of distribution.
Postmaster-General Bamoels, writing to the British Kmpire I^aicue run-
Liratulating it on thc formation of B
committoe for the prcmotion of improvement in postal and telcji tp
communication throughout the Empire
says that nrrunL'emcnl0 are now brine:
made which he hoped would pas- into
lnw during the present yenr, to lectin
government control of the rntos
charged by able' companies through
their licen'ss to land cable!, The government, hc S,,;,', proposes t,> :'ex these
ratc= nt a reasonable amount having
ragard to the i ompany's eipmditnAM
nnd receipts, nny diffle ultlcs boing re •
fcrri'd to arbitration.
.Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednss
days    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen ars
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
MOOSE No. 1081
Meeta every first and third Tuesday ln Oddfe.lowe Hall. Visiting
brethern cordially invited to attend.
A. Grant, Dictator.
 H. L. Haug, Secretary.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
n Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
■eita, the Vukon Territory, the
N'orth-wcst Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Col-
imhin, may he leased lor a term ol
•.wenty-oue years nt an annual rent-
\1 of $1 an acre. Not more than
I.SSO acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
e>* the applicant in person to tbe
Agent or Sub-Agent ot the district
n wblcb the rigbte applied for are
The least will include the coal una
.ng rights only, but the lessee may
• permitted to purchase whatever
available eurface lights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an
In eurveyed territory the land must
bs described hy sections, or legal
subdivisions of sections, and tn un-
surveyed, torritory the tract applied
for shall ho staked out by the ap -
plicant  himself.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee of tt which will bs refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of tbe mine at tbe
rate of five cents per ton.
Tbe person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting ter the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon. If the conl mining
righte are not being operated, sucb
returns should be furnished at leaat
once a year.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary rrf
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to tbe Agent or Hub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Write at Once for Full Particulars ro
T. li. DROSTE, Secretary
Capital and Reserve,        -     $8,700,000
Savings Department At All Branches
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelatoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson £& Co., Ltd.
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .   .
Hut then- nre still I few people who don't
kiinw what ii safe combination Bell's HreatI
ami   New Zealand  Uutter make	
P. O. Box 208    QROOER & BAKER    Phone No. 23 •PACE Etr.HT
MIbs Margaret Fields of St
31..  ie- in the city.
.lolin, N
Mr. and Mra. R.O
tre il, are iu town.
Some peoplo say,  "it goos in     onu I   The Trueman     Studio ie the Inm io
car and  out   tho othor.'*   That's   easy   for high elaBB finish for amatoui* work
Sportsmen     will    hour   with   regret' they have nothing    else for   it to go; all  prints with white borders,
mpbell ol Moa t|)ot t|10    Kamloops    baseball     team   through; but people who stop to think
i l.ave  boon compelled by  financial ox • , huy  thoir clothes Irom  Grossman  thu
Thos. Manning and CH. Willie,   ol igence to'drop out of theloagus,   anl Tailor
ine, are  in the city. Itllnt thoy havo cancelled tho two   re-
! maiuing panics, one of which    should
Thos.W,  Wyndon uf  Vanoouver, is a huve boon played tomorrow at     Ko-
i   todny at  the Hot-el Revolstoke. |l0wna,  und tho othor on  Monday    at
1 Revolstoke.
The 'funds already show a deficit    of
Tho MeRaye concert Go. will appear
.in St. Francis Hall uador tho auBpicos
'of Children of Mary, on Sept. Hth.
Au     Electric    iron  Is tho prize thW
week  al the  Itevelstoke  Hardware Oo.
A full report of Friday night's coun-
vrtll  appear  inom*  next
. i.   meeting
about $000, and il     waa decided  last
night  by   the  management  not   to iu-!    0AL,T U0AL U handk'd ^^"^
Mrs.  Fred  Sangfelder of  Spokane, is cur  the   additional K150    which     the |ln  *V**** "y ,to Revel8toke °en-
a  week-end  visitor to  Revolstoke this two games away woul.1   have   involved. jC &        '
week, It is  expected  that  n game    will    lie j    Secure your seals  for     the     Frnnk
A J.   Law,,,,,,,  of  Montreal,   and  1). ??**?  between two local  loams    to  Rich Co., at  Mucdonald's drugstore.-
„       ' ... tal><* place     at    the  park on     Labor
Doberty ol  Vancouver when* nolle- Day.-Inland Sentinel.
i the streets yesterday. 	
Why we are invaluuhlo  to  you. Our
stock is kept at high waler mark   al
At tho   Trueman     Studio, all por- ways,   wu koep  the best, the  work    wo
traits are high grade uud guaranteed,  turn otitis the  host,  you might     as
—A.  Douglas Tourner, j well havo thebost, it wlllcost you no
moro   .—Cressman,   the  leading  lai lies
and me i's tailors.
Prices,  reserved 75c.  admission 50o
Prof.   G.O.  Hrowm-11  n  graduate
Che Q, Verdi Band will give an open
concert at  ihe Molsons Bankcorn-
iefore the Laboi  Day sports, com-,
ing 1 30.
Mr.  Ralph Bell of the firm ol ti. W.
i •       bas returnod Irom ., very enjoy-
but all too -lioii a holiday     at
*8t    Ix-on hoi   springs.
Mrs.   S.C;.  Tuttle of Montreal,     ac-
« ompanied  by her  .-on     and  ilaughter,
are slopping over a few days at Revel-   thorough  bass and  harmony,  arrang-
• eu tbeir way west. ing score for hand and orchestra, vio
lin, brass and reed Instruments, etc.
M Ldam Noona,  the noted     palmist,     pro{   B,,)Wncll „„„„.„ to „s with tho
paid Revelstoke one of her periodical
visits this week. She managed to sep
ai i'e several businessmen from thoir
Coll iteral.
C.ime ninl see the High Grade Furn-
. ituie  lieing  s'old at   the   Residence    ot
Mr.  J. Loo, McKenzie Avenuo.
Laugh overleaps laugh, surprise follows surpiiise, final thrill cluiHOS thrill
in the unfolding of bhe plot and story
of "Ollicer Glifi' the sensational laroo
I whi. h will bo presented here at. tho
EmproBs bhoalro on Monday, Sept. I.r>.
the Dresden Conservatory  of Germany  Tho  Frank  Rick Co.,   Western  at
,,n,l a Pupil l>f Schaler and     William Empress theatre.
Shakespeare  Sr., of     Govcnt harden,
London,     will open a  sehool,   teaching
piano, pipe organ, and vocal culture',
for singing and speaking.   Prof. Brow-
nell will adel other brunches stieih     as
Revelstoke's home ol art—Tho Truo-
man      Studio.   Gall and  seo ub, when
discussing   portraits.    Prloei   lo Huit
Sept.   1st,  Labor  Day,  special attrac
ot tion under auspices of baseball     club.
lho {
Kor ibe motion picture patrons Start
ing on  Mouduy next, the  Star  theatre
Wax, only 20 oeuts a pound, suitable   will  show pictures,  with    a  complete
for    sealing     fruit   jars   or      washing   change every  night.   Those pictures are
clothes.—Revelstoke Hardware Oo. direct  from (he coaBt,     ,.,nd will     lie
BhoWO   in   Uevelstoke before   ihey      ai
shown in Calgury and  Winnipeg, Tbere
Messrs. T.W. Bain and T. Hope left
for a prospecting anl hunting trip in
tn; mountains south of lllecillewaet,
yesterday. They figure on bringing
!     k at least a couple of grizzles,
S • more harvesters are
the prairies according to
Brodie, general passong
the British Columbia division oi the
C.P.R. after communication with the
governments of the wheat-growing pro
very besl of recommendations.   To be
gin right means time and money sav-]    Remember    the Baseball Benefit    at
ed.   School will open to receive pupils tho Empress theatro    Monchv,    Sept.
(rom Sept. 1st t0 Sept. Mth, at     St.   1st.—Help tbo ball team.
Francis' Hall, McKenzie avenue, at  10
Not  huving  sold   sufficient shares  as
advertised for Sepl.   1st,   it. will be ox-
. .      .,      , . .,, ,.     .      ,    will always be something doing   every
tended lo Nov. 1st and will then bc allotted absolutely without fail.—G. D.
Shaw. 2t. I
a.m. and :l p.m.
>r a
night, always a new program ami high
class films. The very best ofdiumas,
In two anl three pans. Gazettes that
are not UO days old these will nc put
on every week. Some programs will
contain fi,O00 feet and thc greatest
llamas ever shown on n scr.'OU, 101
on War Pictures' anil great. Indian
war pictures, also just watch the Slur
Mary promise you a jolly ,rdn| Blter Monday and we will surprise
you. This is a great treat to tbe the
atre goers of Revelsloke lo see pictures
your hard-earned votes in   right from    lbe   makers.    Remember—
Keep In mind the MeRaye Concert ou  ..
, ,     tils
Bept.  Sth.  in St. Francis  Hall.     The
Children of
night's entertainment.   Admission, adults T.'iC., children 50e'
Settlement   With    Buyers   of
Oregon Railway Land at
&2.5Q is Authorized
Washington, July 15—The HouBe
public lands committee today reported
favorably   a   bill   to authorize  thu At-
Mr.  Alex McKay  has gone  to
Mrs.P.   Ainslie
lo Moose Jaw.
is  away  on a
Miss M. Fleming     has    returned  to
i oi ney-General  to     settle      witb     the   work in CB. Hume'it milliuory depart
purchasers  of  more thun 800,000 acres   ment.
of railroad grant lund ln Oregon ut the
Mrs. W.A. Footo went to thc coast
on Friday morning for a nip and to
lake iu  the  Vancouver exhibition,
rate of $2.50 an acre.
The Oregon and Calilorniu Company
aiid also the Southern Pacific, to which
the land was granted iu the 'lib's, are
now defendants in a suit for the for-
feiture of ld,:(O0,ii.Kl acres still held with   j^T,  noo„        „.    ,
out >ftl°' I to Bdmonton.
The land   Was   granted to bo sold   lo
actual  sVtllcrs at not  more than frl.50 Miss Agnes Thomas returned from a
an uere.   This stipulation  WaB held by holiday to the coast Tuesday and weui
lhe courl to have    beOn  ignored.     To south oa  Friday      rnomlug  to  Fernie,
clear title to innocent  purchasers,    thu where   she will   take up her   profession
Mrs.  Telfer,   Mrs.   MacDonald,      and
Utile Isabel MacDonald,  wont east on
Monday, Sept. 1st, Labor Day, the
over popular Frank Rich Co., will present that great musical comedy hit,
"College Days,'' with all the latest
songs, dances, dresses and scenery.
Twe-nty-ti\e per cent of the gross proceeds froni the show go to the Revel -
has put  the hotel parlor   ,tnk(. Bas„lml| Team   the youn_r ladies
e a' , will be  round selling  tickets,  everyone
is invited to attend, helping out tae
boys and having the time oftbeii lives
at tho last best show winding up the
Rich Company's week engagement in
iie. elstoKe.
Don'l  losi
the Lawrence Hardware Piano Contest  starting      Moi
by keeping  them back..   Hand them in   Star  theatre,
each Weelnesday.   Votes are not to be
held over.   The colors  will be changed
and the old  voles will then be value-
Miss Boyd, t.acher of the Schumann
method of pianoforte playing, is at the
Hotel Revelstoke, where she has made
temporary arrangement- to t.each.
Thr.nigh the courtesy of Mr. A.J. Mi>
Donell, who
Aug. 26th, one week, the Frank Rich
Co., Western, at the Bmpress theatre.
The highest degree of rare taste, rich
fabrics, exclusive in pattern, distinct- j
ive in style are the ladies tailored]
suits turned out by our Paris Ladles'
tailor, have your suit mado to-order
with  Grossman  the Tailor.
legislation  Was  re, ollilliemlod.
The hill us amended validates con-
•eeynnec.-' to  all   purchasers   ol less than
a thousand aores al $2,50 au acre approves the course of tbii department of
Justice in lhe prosecution of lho pros-
inl suit, and provides that iu cuse ol
forfeiture lands an* to lie restored to
the public domain subject to eutry un-
eler ihe land laws and are not to Iw included iu forest reserves or otherwise
Under tin* terms of ibe giant by
which the Oregon ii California Railroad
Company acquired 11,100,1)011 acres of
tiinlieiianil iu Oregon, it was .stipulated ihut ibe railroad should sell thc
lauds to bona lido settlers only in
quantities not exceeding 100 ucres each
and ai a price not greater than IfJ.&O
uu acre.
Three years     ago   the government,
through   11.1).   ToWnsOttd,   s| ial      as -
-isiam io ih,' United stales Attorney-
General, Instituted suit, against ihe
railroad company for ibe recovery of
'ue ] tbut portion of ihu original giant remaining  Ml    llie   posse-siou   of   the   1 uil-
road company and aggregating -,300,-
of nursing.
Ralph Neimer's many friends will hu
pleased to learn that he i.s malting a
line' recovery from his rocent severe ill*
noss, Ho was down for several weeks
with typhoid fever.
The machinists of tho C.P.it. shops,
Willi iheir wives and children, are ar -
ranging tor a big picnic up the Dig
Rend road in Labor Duy, with a program of spoils in the afternoon.
Miss Smith, formerly of
school stall, has been llle
week of   Mrs.   Southworth,
gue.it tins
She leaves
today for Calgary where she has been
appointed on  tbe city  teaching  stall.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Barber and child-
ion from Norili Demi, arc visiting In
town this wook, tho uin-sis of Mrs. R.
Squarebriggs. Mr. and Mrs. Barber
wore formerly well-known citizens of
our town.
(Juite a party wont up lhe mountain
tins morning intending io stay at the
cbalel until Monday night il the weather   permits.    Several   of   tile      BChool
i 00 acres, alleging    violation oi      the  teachers chaperoned by Mrs.  Dent ure
terms 'if the grant hy th<' railroad • om   in the party,
pany in disposing of the other 800,000
We ha*>e received a communication
from J.D. Phillips ot Rovelstoke, re-
lerrtng to his recent trouble with the
executive of the committee handling
the 1, i-V-ball affairs of that cdty. As
(tl omniuni' ation is very lengthy and
t1 ■ ■ not concern Kamloop-. consequ
♦ntly we do not neeour way clear to
[      si, the same.—Standard.
30  and Sept.   1—The  Fran*
at the Empress theatre.
IOc. Line   ::   Minimum 25c
FOR RENT—Furnished Rooms.  Apply
Messrs. C. Haldane and D. Pbterson
have embarked in the theatrical busi-
a - , having leased tile opera house for September 8—The MeRaye Ceincert C.>
» * mid  ,,f  year.-.   It is theii-  Intention in  St.  Frane-is Hall    under auspic.-s
<.    novate the     interi..r of the hall, Children of Mary.
and instal a  moving  picture  machine,
travelling  companies  and   show,   will Sept* 15_" 0fflcer r,6C " ftt     Empress
al-o be  boo'sed during the sen-on.      A ,hoatre*
f dances are planned for the win Oct.  9  and  10-The Versailles, at
*.« r months.
t . ■
Bmpress theatre.
Oct. 13—"The Country
Bmpress theatre.
M-*. Thiakisaoc of th.- Windsor Res-
taurant. who Ins been toll.ewing the
e'Cessof th- Revelstoke baseball club
c '-f the season with the greate-t Interest, onsiders, in view of the defaulted gam-going to Revehrtoke that
ter boys have practically inched tho
I-inaut. At any rate Baid he thought Mrs. K.D. Hubbard and M.--
tbey h .ui.i .-et it. and to elebrate line Green of Chics*©, are paying Rev
th ■ past iu cess tend-r-d theboys a elstoke i visil thi- week.
*ii*.eron Thur-day evening. At y p.
t.. the banquet was sei .'.Lao! all
tb- members of the team enjoyed a
gen .ine spring chicken feed, with the
a al trimmings. Alter ihe Vast cig-
4:- were haud.>d roun-i. and an enjoy-
•u evening was im-s-.i by Mryonft
.'■'.nday, August 31, will be obseived
aa Flower Sunday in tbe Meaho-nst
■ bui. h, McKen Is avenue. Singing by
• b:Uif-nof ih- Bunday -rhoo*. will
,* • a ■■•ecial -ignifie^an •• to the day.
TL- rhurch will he decorated with fi'.ral
tributes s.iggestiv.- of th» ocra-ie<n
'ibe ,-hoir will render appropriate mue**-
ic. and discourse- will be delivered   In
tbe morning, ftt   ll.on   the   me-aag* of
•J:.* 'lowers, and m ? SO in the evening
.;n *h.e beautifying of a rity, Many are
returned now from ,.ampin... who will
be present, and we hope to see you
ib^r*. Am Mraneers spending ths
P ;->day in IVvelstoke an'l paying us
a isit will carry back pl...,aam m<-m-
cti*s. 'Come thou wiih us and we
will do thee good" Re . t.ashley Hall
r a»tor.
Tn juMition  f>    the singing by   the
chlldrnn  at the     Flower serviee.      on
Sunday al the Methodi-d. rhurr-h. aolos
wUI be sung,  morning and evening, by
Mr.  A.E.   Stillmnn.   E-rj.,   baritone,  Of
Calpnry.   Mr.   Stillman hai also very
Wrtdly rt-annentod to qinp to the child -
ran at the aiternoon service.   Tn     the
evening  the choir will render "o Olve
M .nks      unto    thn     Tjord."    l*Roland
fmith.) ,
L12, Second street, west.
TO RENT—The Opera House and Tapping Block to rent, for lurther particulars apply to R. Tapping.
WANTBD—Smythe's Employment Of-
tee, nun for work at guod wages.—
Apply to Smythe's Employment Office,  First street,  Revelstoke, B.C.
Unless  the dirty     sun-of-a-gnn    who
-tole my     b',at returns   same to its
rings immediately, he will be pro-
>ecuted with the utmost vigor of the
law.—G.D. Shuw, Revelstoke.
Owing to the Are aU those who have
bad work done at tho West Kootenay
Steam Laundry, will please pay the
.-in.mills to the ReveUtoke General
Agencies, in order that the wages
may be paid.
Ranchers please take notice that all
orders for powder will have to be handed into tho secretary of the Farmers'
Institute in order tli,t the samemay
be ordereii [rom the coast as the stock
on hand is all sold out.
| acres.
Between ihe     time the grant     was
made in 1869 and 1902. when the Iambi
'we're withdrawn Irom sale by the rail-
road company, BOO,000 acres had boon
disposed  of  to  Individuals.   Of  ttthat
' acreage, it     Was discovered tha* fully
l(io,(Mju acres had been disposed of    to
timber companies iii quantities exceeding 10«o acres to tl
for prices exceeding
Miss McOonnell, head milliner iu
O.B. Hume Ai Co.'s store, returned ou
Thursday from u month's trip to the
east. She visitod Chicago, Now York,
Toronto and other eastern cities, and
brought back uil tbe prettiest things
she coul 1  hnd.
Mrs. La>hley Hall is slowly convales
ing irom a   lengthy   attuck   of   illness.
individual    and   Mrs.   Hall's frn-nd-  regret      to      learn
-'/iO  au acru,  all   that she has bjeen confined to the house
terms of the far Dearly six weeks with an attack of
"mountain fever" followed by severe
headaches and rheumatism.
it  the	
Alex.   Bruce of Taft, Mine in  on yes-
terday's  early east-bound.   Hm . *
'he Hotel Revelstoke.
Mrs. G.B,  Matton aocompank
Midi Matton, -inpimii off at Rev=i§toke
this w...-k on -heir way wes-
Mr. VV Elkington of tbe King Edward hotel Staff, has returned from a
■ hreeweeks'  rtsil to Victoria.
t'.H.  Wbit-woriie of Nelson und Mrs.
ind   Mi       .1 H    An iersein   ,1   l,. ■
t'l iho, wer» passengers   0n Thursday's
' i am
Mi Stokes, proprietor of toe Ideal
pool r,)om, with Mrs Stokes nnd
daughtei   is aws i two week-  nol-
••lay al   'he .oast.
FOR SALE—Having sold my Studio,
! will sell my house and two lots,
N'o. 4. Fifth street, with asmall cash
;. lymentsrnd the iialance as rent, or
x.l. sell the furniture and rent house.
E. F. Tucker.
Any persons having any accounts against the RevelBtoke C.P.R, Baseball
Club, are requested to present same to
the Secretary K.G. McRae, not later
than  Sept. 3rd.
being in   violation   of   lhe
Conferring with ihe. public lands com-
mittee of ihe House of Representa -
lives, Mr. Townsond and Ins assistants
for the prosecution reached the conclusion that if the government was correct in its contention-^ in Its suit
against the railroad .ompany and recovered the 2,300,0011 acres, the other
siiti.ooo acres necessarily would alA) he-
come subject to rocovely.
lt Was to meet this condition that
tin. bill, which has been favorably reported by the public lands committee, ber of friends brought iheir work bags
was framed and introduced in Cou- and spent a couple of hours -'oeially.
gres8. ll would give nil purchasers ot Mrs. W.A. Foote assisted tbc -iostcss
granted lands in quantities ej-eeding in serving very dainty refreshments.
1000 acreB title on Confessing judgment Tho aBnir was quite Impromptu    and
very successful.   Mrs. Telfer und   Mrs.
Mrs. ff.M. Lawrence entertained    i<>
bridge on  Wednesday evening for    her
two sisters. Three tableB were made
up and the play was greatly enjoyed.
Mr-. A. McRae won a lovely prize lor
highest honors, and Mrs. R. Urquhart.
the consolation. A deliiioiis supper
brought  the evening toa close.
Mrs.   Km. uul  gave a
on Thursday afternoon.
lob-phone     lea
A  large num-
F.rnrure and .-fleets, ia-luding high
era*l» Pi-mo. ehairH. ruga, stov»s,
oedroora firnitur" and everything in
th«- home.—J !/•<■. M Kenzle 8*>en«e,
op;. *ho'ic  church. 3t.A13
LOST-i.ii'l        - M»«h  Purs'    be-
* een  5th -tre^t and  McKenzie  Ktt ,
and   t W.-dtn-sday
e        Finder   plea e   return   *o   M.i
Hei ild en   to  Party   whoai
.ii_.riv.^   on tbe  purse fram* 2t
Tickets at Fare and One-third will
be on sale from West Robson 'north
, to Revelstoke, from Field on the east,
from Kamloops on the west and all
•eoinl* on ihe Okana._ran branch from
Tickets ,,n   sale    September    lfith,
I gewyl to Beptember Mth.
The next trip of 'he Steamer Revel-
rrtoke will be mad.- on Monday. Sept.
l-t . lea*.1nit here at S a.m., returning
3ept    '-ed
in   the   Federal   Court   Hnd |iaying   the
government 83.50 an acre in addition
io what   Was  paid to tin-  railroad.
Marshtiebl, Or., Aug. Id—Many local
men are making an cllort to secure valuable landB which are now held by the
big  landowners   and   there   has      been
,\i  ■ Dons
ie moon.
•sis  of  li.i   af
Thc approaching departure of
Telfer and Mrs. MacDonald for
 nton,    has been  th, asio>i
of a
Kelowna Fall Fair
quite an exodiiB io the mountains. The m|mbcr of little farewell parties
settlers include two classes. One class wcok* i,ls' Briggs invited a number
is endeavoring to secure lbc Southern "' 'l','"ds '" afiernoon tenon Wednes*
Pacific lands held under tho old Ore- Juy' w'"'n a V|,,'y sociable hour was
gon & California land grant. This land enJ°yed. Mrs. w.H. Butherland enter-
has been iii litigation for some time tain*90 Informally for quite a large pat*
past, tlie government claiming ihai tt ty of ladies.
waR Eiv ■ ""• Southern Pacl^only     Mrg, Kil,>atri,-k returned to
in trust, lo be sold for W.-B0 „ii ucrc to
actual settlers in lois of not more t'han
100 acres   to  one  person.
Tho io  who  ars endeavoring  to    get
Ihese  lands are  goim:   on   thesupposl-
I    Heavy Timber  land  to be  sold      st
Tha following at- -.iraeoi therfporu *,>',,,  nom ia lu^tion,  Bis your ap-
•hat will be pulled ofl at ;he Kali Pair  ,.!,, ;itl0n for 180 arras.   I came to visit
OU  onnget  your   winter*, coal   thLs to be held in Kiiiowmi  September 23M   ,„r,   Clough    „,1 brought  a  few local
For parttcuUti wat.-h   ior ,.r\ m,iV. papers, comeand let me    ex-
year by   making  far.-a at   the   ''n.-;ineer, an,l   ;
as tbe 11 ain goM by, but you ian wear po-ter.
a smile if you obtain your Supply from Motor ' j le
Coursier, t.c.
There will be a m-eiing of the Revel-
-toke Poultrj and Pel Stock Association on Monday evening, Labor Day,
Sopt. 1st, nt Smythe's Hall. a» *
o'clock,   Important   business.
The Nnktisp and Arrow Lakee dis -
'rict have decided to oom» in with Rev-
elstoke and make the e oming Poultry
-how a record breaker. Hurrah for
Nakusp ami the Arrow Lakes'
Rae*--. Pony ra-e, 14
hands aad .nder, ,-4hetiand Pony race;
Cowboy race: Klootch ra<e; Thread
and Needle race Harness ra-e, Tan
dem ra. •• Chariot raoe; Bicycl» race;
Tug of War on horse bade; Ruckins<
horse contest, ~,tem riding; Wild horae
race; Fancy trick roping; Fan>y rid
ing; Roping contest, and other f'.a'n
too numerous   to  mention.
The Sports romnritten are arranging for two of Ihe best day's sport,
over held in  the Okanagan. 2t
: plain  il
.1.   EARL,
O.P r-inker aod P. Wallers of Vancouver, e,n- in   the  'ity.
Mrs J.B Lash and the Mmes Lash
of Toronto, am at lhe Hotel Revel-
H'nk. this  we-ek-end.
lion and lielief that ihe Southern Pa-
■ illc will slop the litigation audallow
settlers to talie the land-. Such a tip
has liw-n given out and the thoory is
lhal tho (list one who oilers to buy the
, lun lut I'J.50 an acre will be the ones
recognized as the purchasers when the
railroad decides to let go of the land.
Thc lands have been held by tbe railroad for many years and of course ars
highly Valuable Much of the land Is
heavily timliered and there are
se.iions which ato worth mnny
amis ol dollars.
These prospective settlers aro making a tender (o the Southern Pacific for
certain quarter sections und insisting
that  iheir offer be acknowledged.     M
,nill ler
this morning from a lovely trip, as the
guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Grant Hall sho
accompunie-d ihem in iheir private car
down io Arrowhead, across on the
barge to Nukusp, and thence across the
Kootenay lake. They visited a while-
a i N'elson before proe-eeding through
the Crow's Nest to Macleod and then
up io Calgary.
Two 'lever English women will arrive in town next Thursday, Miss -
Pease, LI.D., and her Iriend Miss Helen
Bturge, both of Bristol, England. The
Political Equality League are arranging for a big public meeting; on Thursday night to hear addresses by these
ladies. Miss St urge has been for years
■peaking in England on equal suffrage.
Misa Pease is a prominent educationalist. The meeting will be held in the
Ciiy  Hall, commencing at  8:30 p.m.
Four of Revelstoke's champion ten -
St. Peter's churcb Fifteenth B
aficr Trinity, the Ro,:tor, Rev.
Procunler, begini the fourteenth
of his incumbency of St. Peters.
communion „i 8 n.m., Matin* at 11 n
m.,   and  Evensong at  7:30 p.m.
J.A. Bovard of Calgary, is in town.
He arrived   a   ,-ouple   of days   ago.
F .1 Hnsaons of Winnipeg, and H.
Wright of Vancouver are guests this
wok '-nd at tl,.- Hotel  Revelatoke.
lhe railroad de.-i.los lo let the landgo ois players went soulh 0n Friday moro
to the settlers the first ofler, it is as- ing to Balfour to attend the tourna-
sinned, will foe the ones uocepted. There ment. This begins on Snturday morn-
is not an acre of the Southern Pacific ing for three days and ds open to all
Dr. HE   Ba"ke. „n eminent Ot-rman   '"nr' in ('"0" county which would   not members of the Kootenay Tennis   Ab -
 Io-i-i, waa al   the Hotel  Revelstoke  be ngreat  bargain at 82.50 an acre and sociaiion.   The Revelstoke club, which
for a few   days     ihia wook.     He says  "ome claims aro highly valuable.   Lo- belongs now to this association, is **vcll
that in hlq travels which includes sev-   calors  who have been  inducing others represented by Mr. K. Betz, Mr. J.D.
Yon  n«-ed not worry  and muss     dp'oral round the world trips, he has seen   10 *l'l''y ,,,r ,n* londs.it is said, ars Sibbald,  jr., Mr.  Reynolds  and     Mr.
your  wife's  tidy  kitchen   with   smutty   nothing to      compare to    the   scenery I doing soon a commission l,a-i<if   the WiUon.   This quartette le expected to
pipes  ifyou  use Coursier's  coal.   t.c.     of the Roekisa. ; land ts  secured. return laden with southern spoils.


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