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The Mail Herald 1908-03-25

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 Asltfor Halcyon LITHIA   WATER
For family use there is nothing oo
wholesome and no purr aa HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
P,-,., i Lnci -i
The Mail-Herald
For 'etiitrpi operation and perfection
in  results  prodticakl, this  Machine
4s unturpnased — Purr: $6000cash.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
VoL 14.-No 21
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Ladies' Shoes
for Sori
Our new stock ol 1»'J8
Spring Shoes is rapidly
coming to hand. We are
making a specialty of the
followiug   high   grades:—
the J. A T. Bell for ladies; ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the Edwin C. Burt, of New York, for ladies; the Instructor
" Stars " for children. These are the highest grade of Shoes
produced in America. You cannot conceive the quality au I
style ol these without examining them. We will welcome
the chance to show them to you.
Just to hand an advance shipment of the new
Summer Blouses in Lawns, Swiss and new Egyptian
Muslins, beautiful creation?. You will fall in love with
them at first sight.
There never has been such a showing of the New
Voiles, Panamas, Poplins, in this section of the country as we have at present.    Come and see them.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
And Mllllntfy R#owtt* bIM rto#r
We have as usual our full stock of READY-MIXED PAINTS
50 shades to choose from.
We have added fur tbis season Berry Bros, celebrated Varnishes, including Liquid Granite for floors or oilcloth, and Luxe-
berry for Interior finish. • . '*
Berry Bros, furniture Varnish—$1.50 a gallon.
Alabastine and Agate Wall Finish ia all shades,
and Tenting Colors.
Bath Enamels and Oxidized Enamels—all  colors,
the world's best.
Varnish 8tain—easy to apply—bard to wear off.
Liquid Veneer—Large Bottles, 60c.s small bottles, Hoc.   Ask
awrence Hardware Co., Limited^
At 8 Per Gent.
Work to be Rushed—Enormous
Winnipeg, March 24.—An enormous
| plant being used by the railway contracting firm of Meiers. Foley, Welch
& 8tewart in carrying out their contracts for double tracking the Canadian Pacific Railway between Winnipeg and Fort William and the fUiilsiing
of tbe Thunder Bay brano'.i of the
Grand Trunk Paoific from Pf rt Arthur
north to the main line, will'je shipped
early next month via tl.e C.P.R. to
Vanoouver. It will be uti'ized In con
nection with the firm's Contracts for
constructing the Kitajiiaat branch
and a 100-mile section,Sf the Grand
Trunk Paoific east from Prince Rupert. The magnitude o. the outfit is
apparent from its diversified character.
It embraces scores of rock drills for
driving tunnels, stem hoists, six hundred teams of horses, ten miles of
track for dump cars, and over one
thousand peddler cars and carts, besides other incidental plant.
This only comprises a portion of the
equipment owned by this firm which,
after providing for the work on the
Pacific coast, still has enough plant
left to build the section of the Grand
Truuk Pacific between Saskatoon and
Edmonton, over three hundred miles,
besides a 120-mile section of main line
west of Edmonton Moat of the grading on the first-mentioned section has
been completed.
With the equipment from points
e,iet of Winnipeg will come thousands
of men who have been employed by
this firm lor several years past. The
work of double-tracking tne C,P.R.
between Winnipeg and Fort William
is virtually finished as only three
railway camps remain. Grading on
the branch line ol the Grand Trunk
Pacific from Port Arthur north to the
main line is also nearing completion
aa all the camps have been closed
with the exception of five.
It is understood tbat the dirt will be
flying in earnest at Prince Rupert snd
all along that section early in May
Mr. J. W. Stewart, managing director
of the contracting firm is now in Edmonton in connection with contracts
in that vicinity, ft is not likely that
be will reach Vanoouver until a fortnight hence.
Engineer Grabowski Saved life
of Small Boy
Cauiary, March 25.—Some men are
known by their deeds and au item
from Innlsfail brings the news of a
very brave deed done by Engineer
Grabjwaki, of C.P.R. engine No. 391
His promptness and presence of mind
eaved the life of a young lad named
Woods, a boy 12 years old, son of J. R.
The lad was crossing the railway
track witb bis school companions and
Woods in trying to run across in front
of switch engine 391, tripped and fell
in tbe right of way. The engine had
too muoh momemtum on to pull up
aud Grabowski ran along the engine
and jumping on to tbe foot board
picked tbe ltd up in tbe niok of time
and threw him clear. Beyond a fright
tbe boy was uninjured.
It was a biave act and ought not to
be allowed to pass without recognition.
It was witb difficulty tbe name of the
engineer could be obtained.
Opera House
A u advance agent Says that "an
altogether delightful play is the
universal sentiment of the immense
audiences which have witnessed the
international success " No Mother to
Guide Her," which will be seen at the
Opera- House on Monday, Maroh 30th,
Tbe play has been an instant hi* tbis
season and tbe press of. the surrounding towns is unanimous in its praise.
It ha« been given a metropolitan production in every respect and nn weak
point is to"be found,.either in eaat,
scenery or costumes. The latter has
become a feature ol the attraction and
tbe gowns wore by the ladies, five in
number, are said to be most beautiful.
The piece is brim full of co.uedy and
The semi-finals in the challenge
series of basketball take place tonight,
when the business men play tbe Gym
team, The game will start at 9 p. m
sharp and there is ample seating accommodation for all in the gallery.
The junior team which went to tbe
coast arrived home tbis morning and
althongb tbey were not able to win,
they made a good showing against
maeh larger and heavier teams. The
Vancouver Y. M. C. A. boys treated
them very well and tbe boys had a fine
trip and bave made a large number of
friends in the coast city by the gentlemanly gams tbey played, even when
up against big odds.
All seniors are wanted out tomorrow
night to get in a good practice for ibe
gymnasium exhibition. All interested
or who are taking part iu it take thla
as notice and get out on time,
Gap in Public Life
Cannes, March 24.—Spencer Comp-
ton Cavendish, eighth duke of Devonshire, died here this morning of heart
failure. He was born July 23, 1833,
and was a son of the seventh duke,
and Blanche, daughter of the Barl of
Tbe death of tbe duke leaves a gap
in tbe public life of Great Britain, for
although his withdrawal from the
Balfour ministry when Joseph Cbam-
berlin launched his fiscal policy,
estranged him from a majority of the
party, he still had a large following in
the country and was president of tbe
Union Free Trade League. He took
an active part in tbe campaign against
tariff reform. He led tbe Liberals
during the ten porary retirement of
Gladstone in 1876, and was offered,
but refused tbe premiership after tbe
Midlothian campaign of 1880. He
was sgain offered tbe honor upon tbe
detest of home rule, but again refused.
The duke bas no family and tbe
dukedom passes to his nephew, Mr.
Cavendish, who married a daughter of
Lord Lansdowne
Tbe house of Devonshire dates
from the beginning of the seventeenth
Booms Bill—Newspaper Dynamited—Maybee Appointed
—Flocking to Canada—B. C.
Ottawa, March, 25. — YeBterdny,
after considerable diacusaion, the bill
to incorporate the Shuswap and
Thompson Rivers Boom company, was
reported and now stands lor third
Rockland, III, March 25.—The
Daily News office was dynamited early
this morning. The pressroom was
badly damaged. Tbe paper has been
attacking the gamblers and advocating
local license.   No one was injured.
St. John, N. B., March 24.—About
665 immigrants arrived from Liverpool and 365 from Antwerp on Sunday.
On Friday next, 1,530 will arrive on
tbe Empress of Ireland, the steamer
Montreal will bring 1,762 from Ant J
werp on April 2, and tbe Corsican oi"
Maroh 27 will land 1,303.
Ottawa, Maroh 25.—Justice Maybee
has been appointed elm inn mi of the
railway commission. The order was
put through on Saturday.
Victoria, March 25.—An invitation
lor the people of British Columbia to
visit Seattle when the United States
Atlantic fleet is welcomed ou Puget
sound next June; has been received by
Lieut-Governor Dunsmuir.
Vancouver, March 25.—Five hundred natives of India, of all sects and
castes, met at tbe Sikh temple Sunday and alter many hot speeches ol
protest sent a cablegram to J. Morley,
secretary for India, warning him tnat
the exclusion of Hindoos from British
Columbia wonld react seriously and
foster sedition in the Indian empire.
A Gruesome Find
Victoria, March 24.—Lying ou a
projecting rock in the bush about five
hundred yards behind -Four Mile
bouse, tbe skeleton' of a man was
found Saturday morning' shortly before noon. A whisky flask, long since
empty, a revolver with tbe only cart,
ridge in the chamber discharged, and
a copy of the Colonist of June Snd of
last year, were the only-articles found
by the remains other than the almost
decayed clothing which once contained
a human form.
Nothing but tbe skeleton was left,
but from appearances the remains
were those of a man about 5 leet 6
inches in height, who at the time of
death was clothed in apparently medium dark clothing, soft brown felt
bat, and possessed apparently brown
hair, though the color is now almost
indistinguishable, From exposure to
tne elements tbs clothing which encased the bones is difficult ol description.
Lying by tbe side of the gruesome
evidence of a distant tragedy was a
revolver, old faabioned and rusty, witb
one chamber containing a shell from
which tbe bullet had been discharged,
apparently of a .38 calibre. Through
tbe skull, above the right ear is tbe
bole made by the. passage of tbe bullet,
presumably from the revolver found.
Man Crushed to Death under
Engine on C.P.R. Bridge.
Another (atal accident in connection with the new C.I'.R. Columbia
Bridge, occurred on Monday morning
when John Hugh Mclnnis, aged 24,
employed as anow shoveller on the
bridge, was crushed beneath the wheels
of a locomotive, bis left ride tiring
badly mangled, succumbing to his
injuries a few hours afterw irda.
It appears lhat a work train hauled
by locoinoli»e No. 2150 hid, shortly
before the acoident, paasrd weat over
the bridge with several cars of bridge
material and was returning, backing
up slowly with empties when the de.
ceased, in eome manner, fell across tbe
track and wae crushed by Ihe wheels
of the tender, tbe body being pushed
several feet before any one in the
vicinity notice the accident. The injured man wss at once removed to tbe
hospital where he lingered in a semiconscious state for nearly two hours
till he died.
Coroner Cross held au inquest on
the body on Monday night in the oity
hall and in the evidence given it appears that the men working on the
bridge had all received due warning of
tbe approach of the train aud that
there was ample means of safety on
either side of the bridge for the men, I
while a train was pasting. No one
actually noticed the deceased immediately before the accident, nor was it
seen how he came to get foul uf the
engine. The engineer of tbe locomotive stated that the track at that
point was all clear when backing up.
The evidence showed that the train
had whistled when commencing to
return Irom across the west side and
that the bell was ringing and tbat
with tbe warning given eaoh man
should look alter himself.
Dr. Hamilton gsve medical testimony on tbe deceased's injuries. Tb*
jury returned a verdict of accidental
death, attaching no blame to anyone.
The deceased'Came but recently from
Nova Scotia witb bis cousin and bad
been employed but a few days on the
The body was shipped to Nova Scotia
this morning lor burial, the deceased's
brother from Rossland acoom#a»ny-
ing it.
f,.---   * ' "TYTI      .'
».'* mi
■^-^Jr-■" •■■•/sf^sra
Order of Owls
The Order of Owls held a meeting
last Thursday evening in the Oddfellows' hall, and after tbe transaction
ol routine business nominations were
received previous to the election of
permanent officers,
The poll closed as follows, the installation to take place next regular
President—J. It. Black.
Junior Past Pres., 1. Frazer,
Vice-Pres., W.G. Astle.
Invocator, A. Caley.
Secretary, J. Morrison.
Treasurer, J. H. Sutherland.
Warden, 8. R. Hennessy.
Sentinel, 0. Moir.
Picket, R. Fleming.
' Tbe members present showed great
enthusissm with regard to the work
of tbe Nest, and aa tho-membership
roll is now fast nearing tbe century
mark, the O.O.O. have every reason to
bs congratulated on the eminently
successful manner in which they have
tided the most oriticsl period in the
existence ol an institution of this
Tbe Revelstoke braneh of this popular organisation has undoubtedly come
to stay.
If you shave yourself you oan get all
makes of soaps and foams at C. R.
Macdonald's, such as Williams', Col
tale's Pears', Coke's, Lloyd's, Wood
bury's etc.
Order   in   Council   Declared
Vancouver, March 23.—The one
hundred, and forty-two Monteagle
Hindus were released yesterday after*,
noon oh habeas corpus.
■ "The Governor General in Council;
cannot delegate his powers in immigration matters to any official even
though tbat ollicial, as in tbis case,
be the Minister of the Interior. The
discretion as to what immigrants shall
be admitted or refuted admission must
be exercised solely by the Governor-
General in Council, as I read the act."
You could almost hear the now historic and now invalid order in council
of January 8 fall upon Registrar Tot-
tengers desk as Mr. Justice Clement
concluded his view of ite invalidity,
Four counsels sat waiting to be
heard in support of tbe contentions of
one hundred and fifty six detained
Hindus, contentions which went the
length of declaring that the order was
not only defective but never should
bave been promulgated by Ottawa,
and particularly against British subjects.
Basketball Tournament
Vancouver, March 24.—The junior
basketball iournament whieb opened
at tbe Y.M.C.A. on Saturday afternoon and continued Monday looks like
complete success snd has provided excellent ball playing. Only Victoria of
tbe teams that had sent in entries
failed to make good their promise.
Revelstoke, Westminster, the V. A. C.
and Y.M.C.A. fives have all played
and put up interesting pertormanees,
The students had combination and
scoring power.
This was ths great fault witb Kev.
elttoke. They were a nice bunch of
boys and brought off some clever
movements, but when it came to tbe
poiut of throwing into th* basket they
failed bsdly. Their first opponents.
Ihe V.A.C., were speedy and good net
finders and dsservsd tbeir win with
tbe ease they secured it, because of
the smartness with which they secured it, because of tbe smartness
witb which they accepted all the
Tbe junior basketball championship
oi British Columbia waa won by  the
So simple is Alabastine to
handle that anyone oan decorate his
or her own home with it.    By following the simple direction given on every
package you, yourself, can reproduce my tint combinations, not enty in
lhe plain tints, but also in th© walls decorated with ataneila. Wa would
like lo (ell you mere about what AUbaatiea will do tor your home, how
easy it ii to apply, end how beautiful are ita reautta. Ask m *• shew you
• tint card and copy of " Hornet. Healthful end Beautiful.*' H	
When House Cleaning Time Conies Round
If you want Alabastine, Whiting, Plaster Paris,
Furniture Polish, Varnish Stains, Gold Paint,
Enamels, Floor Paints Varni.V.es, Crack-Slier1
Paint Brush** or anything else used for Painting
and Decorating. Brooms, Mops, Scrub Brushes,
Wash Tuba, Wringers, Mangles, Curtain stretchers
Chloride of Lime, all kinds of Soaps and cleaning
preparations. We are ber* with the goods and
will be pleased to do business with you.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL HRIQCKTTKS at  $9.09 per ton is th* ehaapcet
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood aod last as long at hard eaal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feeder* and
open grates.|
We have a large stock uu band ready for iiniaediate delivery  and
will^flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
~ >       DEALERS! N.    r
Cent's furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OfTlo*)—Toronto, Ontario.
Brans-has ia the ProTloeea of Manitoba. Alberta, Seaketehewaa,
British CohMbia. Ontario, geebee.
Oapital Authorized ... S10,0O0,00O.0«
Oapital Paid Up ....    *M,02*,oo*>.oo
Roservo Fund S*>»2»,ooo.ot)
D. R. Wilkik, President; Hon. R. Jaftmat, View-President.
A General Banking Bualneaa Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all part* of Canada, Unit*d State* and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collection*.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed en deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C—N. T. Jeffrey, Manager
Y. M. C. A. students, wbo woo foor
games in tbe tournament and lost
none. The second five were Columbia
College, who won three and lost one.
The game* last night Wsre again in-
tcreating and full of merit. Tbey
were refereed by Mr Aldritt, physical
director of tb* Revelstoke Y. M. 0. A.
The game* were aa follows:
First game—Y. M. C. A. Employed
Hoys, 37 points; Bevelstoke, 7.
Hscond gams—Columbian College,
27; V. A. C, 8.
Third game—Y. M. C. A. Employed
Boys, 38; V. A. C. 10.
Fourth game—Y. M. C. A. Students,
20 points; Columbian College 8.
On the two days' play, ths Students
won four match** and lost none, while
Columbian College was second, baring
won three aod lost ons.
The mombers of tbe winning team
ar*.   0. Kenning, L. limitb, forwards
0. Zimmerman, center;   M. Busby, A.
Psok, guards. .•-.-.
On Saturday th* first six gains* of
the championship w*r* play d, B*v*l*
stok* although putting up a highly
■Teditabl* game failed to ssenre a win,
Lovely Werotn
Women ar* nothing if not discursive, and tb* spirit move* as* to qnots
tbe measures of a ptrtaol tig ur*, as
given by on* of the bsst drsssmaksrs
in London and Paris. "Height, s
ft. 4 inohss, neck ltt> lube*; bust, Mt;
waist, 91; bips 84; round tb* biggest
part Of upptr arm,- IS; round tbo
largest >art ol fdrsarn* below Ik*
elbow, 11, Which should ,'grad.ally
taper to 6 io. around tbs wrist."
Thee* srs, Of course, not tb* measures
ol tb* V*nus of Milo, bat simply tbots
of Milo, but thus* of a woll lvrm*d
woman.—London Chronicle. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Gbe fl&aU*1beratt>.
dav at
wbvxlstoke. b.c.j
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mtopitv.       Hakolu Fisher
Butiaters, Sol e tore. Etc.
revBLSToa* .*» trout lakh, b u,
C. B. 01LLi» si. C. BtLieiT
ormas:  Im .erial Bui Block,  R*t«l
•stor, B. C.
Mon.y wa loam.   ,
OSoea: Mevel.teke, B.C.; Cranbrook,|a C.
Oae. S. MoOaarn,
A. M. P15XH1M,   _   ,
Kev.l.toke, B. C.
J. A. HillV«»,
Cranbrook, U. C.
'. M. So** LL.D Wl I. Brigs*.
BAitrusTn-ta, Solicitor*, Km
M*my -re Loan
Solicitors fob Molsons Bank
Ftret Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
assayier a chemist
Aaamy  et all Ores,   Sample! by mall or eifsreaa
receive pfiimisi attaatloa.
Tanea Moderate.
.     ■      Box 4W K.sio, H. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sutveying
McRrkki* Avksce.
Box 1(16, Rbvklstokk
IBS M. e. creighton
Pupils prepared t*r Conservatory
and Lnivei-slty Examinations.
STUDIO--At   Mrs.   J.   C.    Hutchison's   Con-
naught Areiina
Mining, Real.Estate, Business., Financial and ShareSBroken..
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee anil Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints »nd Reports
compiled on Mines, Lend and Timber.
B. C.
CKawtaag T*l»s.c«o
Rich aad MUafytng.
The Uf Uack plug.
Gbe fl&aMDeralb
Thara is so much bad in Ihe best of as,
Aod so much food ia Ike worst of us.
That it hardly behooves any of un,
Tu talk about the real of us.
The greatest of our national possession are not mineral resource,
foreets or utilities, but the quality
of life bandsd down from our ancestors and the stores of knowledge
ol literature handed down and
what ia greater tbe institutions,
laws and customs of th* race, chief
of which ar* tk* public schools
Natural resources are of little use
without education to develop them
and geographical positions are
made important hy development
due to education. There are some
things in schools which are hardly
in keeping with trie needs which
are to equip the boys to earn a
livelihood. A school should be a
means of coisefving knowledge,
imparting knowledge and putting
life at its best. For the protection
of the body politic every man
must be capable of earning an
honest livelihood and capable nf
performing the dutiesof a citizen
and making use of his franchise
or liberty will be lost. The time
will com* when one quarter of the
school dayn will be Jtvoted to doing work with ttie hands on tangible things, one quarter to languages, one quarter to science and
one quarter to mathematics. Education is a series of human experi-
nncss lnading up to an increase of
knowledge, power, goodwill, ability
and skill of body and goodwill of
soul. It ihould be the highest
privilege to advance the education
of the people as it is th* most important duty ol statesmanship. Jt
is not becoming to us to underestimate the valuo of well trained
teachers   or   to   remunerate "them
below what is their right for both
of these unless taken care of will
lead to national suicide. We arc
the heirs of all ages and we should
leave behind us for those who come
after us something just a little bit
better than was left us. It is to
our children we look for the enob-
ling of our future Canadian pride
and it is our duty to lay the seeds
of uprightness and national excellence that may produce the fruit to
perfection. Parents as well as
teachers have a duty to the children and this should be also a duty
to the empire, for the upbringing of
future generations in mental, physical as well as in moral principles
is by far the greatest obligation
that our nationalism demands of
As far as can be gathered there
does not seem to be any idea of
handling any extensive city improvements tbis year and the city
council in their decision on this
matter havo acted wisely. While
a growing city like Revelstoke entails steadily increasing charges
for administrative purposes, it is
quite possible while such civic improvement is in progress to increase
the outlay beyond what is really-
necessary, There are many things
which are desirable but which cannot be had without either adding
to the burdens of the taxpayers or
creating new permanent debt.
Neither of these courses should be
attempted at the present time.
Things really necessary for the
comfort and health of the citizens,
must and should, of course, be had
as far as is possible. But other
schemes and other projects requiring considerable expenditure should
be postponed for a more convenient
season. The condition of the civic
finances and the demands on the
treasury that must be met forbid
any outlay on things not absolutely
necessary. In all directions we see
governments municipal and others,
conducting their affairs |with a
cautious policy and avoiding as far
as possible to commit themselves
to obligations that can only be met
by the creation of a new debt. Rev-
elstoke'e government should adopt
a similar policy. The people must
realize that if their requests for
civic improvements, new sidewalks
or street opening arc turned down,
it is for the best, and that the
council with un eye to the future
as well as the present, have adopted a policy that will, by economy
now, result in far more benefit for
the city and the citizens iu the
future and that foresight practised
at this time will put the city on a
better basis.
There is so much truth in the
following concise statement, uttered by the Municipal World, that it
will bear repeating: "There should
be no faction in any town. The
property of one individual and
every improvement enhances the
value of all property in the corporation. A town is simply one big
family. When this is discarded
there is little progress. When there
is a united pull for anything, its
accomplishment is made easy.
Envy, jealousy and hatred are
things to be despised. Envy is a
canker that i^naws at the heart and
makes folks sour, disgruntled ami
unhsppy; jealousy warps the intellect and makes us unfair in
passing judgment. Hatred doesn't
pay even from a sordid point ot
British Columbia Richest Possession of British Empire.
Luther D, WiBhard, of New York,
vice-president of the lted Fir Lumber
company, of Victoria and Nanainio, ie
on his fourth visit to the capital ol B.
C. in tbe last 18 months, und he can
hardly find words to describe his impressions and bis views of the potentialities of British Columbia.
Alter eighteen mouths of active in-
vestigation of your province, he remarked, I am prepared to believe the
remark of J. 8. DenniB, land commissioner of the C.P.R. that British Columbia is the richest possession of the
British Empire. That description is
not at all overdrawn.
Take your timber supply alone. It
is enormous. In the United States we
aro already within the pale of a timber
famine. Ail tbat wo can do is to get
the tariff off and buy timber from Canada. When the effect of the wholesale
destruction ol its timber areas upon
the climate and rainfall ol the United
States, is considered, one readily comes
to the conclusion that the British Columbia government acted wisely in
placing a reserve upon the timber
areas ol the crown. It is extremely
important tbat steps should be taken
to reforest the areas as they are
Not alone the timber; when you
consider the province aa the prospective orchard of the empire, as your
finance milliliter aptly put it, when on
the top ol that you consider your climate, your fisherie. and your extent of
arable land, and cap it ail witb your
mineral resources,Mr. Dennis' remark
may be understood.
This Province Has Very Valuable Asset in Her Scenery
In British Columbia we have booms
in mining land, timber and real es ntc,
but one ol our greatest assests has not
yet been exploited to any great exten'.
I riler to the tourist trade There is
millions in it for this province if we
will ouly reach out and get the globe
trotters to stay here (or months at a
time. In the summer time no country in tli' world surpasses tbis glorious province in its attractions for
those who love nature in its most
delightful moeds. All tbat is now
neceaanry to do is to have good hotels
at every point of scenic beauty and
use elegant printing to tell the world.
It would pay the government to
spend vast stuns in fostering ibis
trade. The C.l'.R. has done a great
deal, but only at » lew lavored epots.
Years ago I wrote Sir Thomas Shaugh-
nessy asking him to build an hotel at
New Denier, as tbere woold be millions in it. He replied saying tbat
the C.l'.K. was not climbing for mil-
liona and tbat tbe road would give
someone else a chance to build tbe
hotel aud make tbe millions. I agi-
tat.'d'for fifteen years to have a mint
built in I.' ii..i.i. and, one is now in
operation and making money, and 1
hope to live long enough toaee British
Columbia one of the greatest reaorta
for tourists on this whirling planet of
ours.—R. T. Lowery, in Vanoouver
Saturday Sunset.
..vas dune, and the simple serving of a
notice 'if seizure tied up tbe imposing
engine from Maroh 7th to March 10th,
vhen the Company's solicitors paid
theolsiin in lull. The money had
merely been delayed, tbey claimed.
The engine was then free to proceed
where it would.
Mark Twain on Temperance
Mark Twain has this to say about
" I am a friend of temperance, and
want it to succeed," said Mark, "but I
don't think prohibition is practical.
The Germans, you Bee, prevent it.
Look at them. I am sorry to learn
tbat tbey have just invented a method
of making brandy out ol sawdust.
Now what chance will prohibition
have when a man who takes a rip
saw snd goes out and gets drunk with
a fence rail? What is tbe good of prohibition if a man can make brandy
smashes out of shingles on i is roof, or
if he can gel delirium tremens by
drinking the legs iff the kitchen
Yours 'or 00 uenls—is tbe business
call for tbis week. See om window.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Highland Linen Bond writing tablet! at Bews' drug store.
Rsvelstok* cigars —Union Mad*—Our
Special, Th* Union, and Maroa Vuelta
aro ahead of all other*.
V  on stormy days
fay waring a
fjjjf •***fjP
bow In Price
L. O. T. M. O. T. W.
Hold their regular fortnightly Reviews the
Second aud Fourth Thursdays in each month,
at 8 p.m. in the Masonic Hall, Second Street.
L. HcDONALD. Lady Commander.
J. M. MORAN, Record Keeper.
c. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Meet. Second and Fourth Wetlne days in
each month, in Selkirk Hall. Vlsltln Woodmen cordially invited to attend.
W. D. AUMSTKONQ, Con. Jom.
J. McINTYKK, Clerk.
F. O- E.
The rnculnr meetings are held in theJISelklrii
Hall ivory Tuosday evening at 8 o'cloca. Visiting brethren are cordially invited.
J   LKSLIK. President.
w. e. Mclauchlin,secbbtast.
Kootcnav Locofo No. IS A F, ft AM £
The regular meeting- aro held in the
Manonic Temple,
Jdd Fellows Hall.on
the third Monday in
sach month at 8
p.m. Viniiingbrel.il
ren cordially wol
C. A. PrtuCL'XIKlt. 8ECHBT.KY.
Meets every Thursdav
evening in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'olook
Visiting brethren oor
•liiallr invited to attend
(i. I.KMBKK.1S.O. J. MATHIK, Sec
The Best Friend
"I care not a .Luck for a nnu'i nationality, hit politics or Ins religion,"
Bays a prominent western retail merchant, "tbey are all the .nine to me,
but tbe man who ia on the ■qua,** is
tbe man I want to take by tin- band,
and go through life witb as my friend
Nor can we atop with ths individual
or the corporation Empires and nations are today aa never before on the,
basis of the square deal
"One nation ia influenced by the
laws and actions of another nation,
which have their effect on every citizen. A square dealing nation makes
a square dealing citizen; aaqnar* dealing jobber tends to make a square
dealing retailer, and in turn tbe inlluence of Ibe square dealing retailer
produces an effect upon tbe 'ile of
•very patron wi b whom he comes in
contact. We cannot too keenly renI-
ize ibe effect and importance ol a
square deal,"
Sheriff Holds Engine.
Edmonton-, If arch 38.—One  of   tbe!
moat unique seizures  ever   made by a
.Sheriff, even in the   Weat.   where  the
initiative is usual, waa made last week
by   some   ol   Robertson's   assistants,
acting under hia  instructions.     Exe \
cution waa aerved   upon    a    passenger
engine   nf   tbe C. N   R ,  and for two
days the big locomotive  was   tied   up
by legal process in the C  N. R,   yards
at the depot here.     It   waa an unpaid
claim of tl tu1, that  caused   the  Seizure uf the important piece   of   railway
property, and (nr two   dnyi   prevented
the iron horse from steaming   it   way.
down tu Battleford.     The claim arose I
from a case brought  l>y    Mrs     Archibald McDonald of St. Albert, to recov-'
er fii.OOO damage- from    tbe   C   N. R.
Co., for injuries received on a ('   V R,
train at St. Albert in .Inly, l'J<l7.     Mr .
Justice   Harvey   gave   judgment    for,
11,400 in favor i/f   the   plaintiff   and a I
certain period itM given in which   the
claim must be paid.      The bead ottire
of the C. N. R at Winnipeg win-   not!
fled but no payment being received by
Mrs. McDonald before ibe expiration]
of the time limited  for  payment,  the'
Sheriff   was    instructed    to    pot   the,
machinery of law   in    motion        This
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
e*»e|'t Third Wednesday ol
each r..r,nth, in the Oddfellows'
Hall ai 8 o'clock. Visiting
Knights, ar.- cordially   nvited.
J  MATHIE r   0.
O   H. BROCK. K.mf R   AS.
H. A. HROWN.lM. nf F
PatronbM   Horn*   industry.
ettvslsteto Cigars
l)«i«r H- --it   Animal*), Birds, Fish, 1KU\,
Animal   Hogn Moiuiteil.
P  0  BoiSI.
Ktwuo:   I'orn.r of pint at. and Boyle An,
K*vf>litoka.  i:   G
That'. Royal Crown kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winni-
|ieg Houae cleaning and
.ashing t-'m-v witb itshdp.
And tbe   money saving ia the
Premium System
Uooklet tells what we give for
Royal Crown Wrappers "lend
lor it—Kree—Also try the
Royal Soap Co.. Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
\A«"/5Hw^' M
who can eat Manning'* candica
without, having   auin*   little   feel
mg of gratitude fur  i b«  donor.
Of course you've gut to light, your
own love tut ties, young man, but
uur confections you'll lind to be
n strung ally in ymir tviming.
Manning's Candy Palace
$5  TO   $10
High Grade Watehes
Hastings, Doyle k Aim
Art and Beauty
ate combined in our new designs in carpet*. Our stock is
cemplete, and the colors rich
and effective, thedesigns artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and \we
hnve never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
iWf* "•iy"-** .!•** »*j** ,.«-J** ■
For Agricultural Iiniilemeats. Carriages, Wagone Kte., John
Deere Plough., Molina Waguim, Canada Carriage Company'a
Bnggien, Planet jr., Harden Seedera and Cultivator., Wheelwright and Blaek&Dilth Work attended to. Horae Shoeing a
a- •%*«W%/V% %^%^^%^^^%%%%%%%^%'%^%%%%1
HKAD OFFICK:   Calgary,   Amikuta.
Wholesale and Ratal I Meat Morohnnts
I'oik Packers nnd Dealers in Live Stock. Markets in nil tbe mine!
pnl (lilies nnd Towns of Albertii, British Columbia and Ihe Yukon.
Puckers if ihe Celebrated Brand   " Itnpi-riit t" Hams and Bninn,
Lund " Shamrock" Brand Leaf biii'tl.
%%^^%^'%^^^^k^'%^^^t^^'%^^%^%'%V%%5Ma «
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every reBpeict.    All modern convenience?
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates 81.60 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
J-.   ALBERT     STOItTE      PBOP.
Queens J4otet
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
D raying
St or a? e
All Kinds of Light and H vavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Sat., Mch. '28. Lake Eiie
Fri.,   Apl.   :i. Kmp. Ireland
Sat.. II. Lk.MaiilUibaMcb.25
Fri., 17. Emp. Britain Apl.   8
Sat.,    ■    as. Lk.Champl-.ltt '«    8
Winter Season From St. John
1st. (fla*s and, ci.iv   jrd. Claas
$Ho rn.   $47 50        ' $.,8 75
int. CIh.h snd. Cii.s. ini. Class
SOjiiu       $41 50       Si? Jo
O'llll K I,IKI    HllAIS —
.1 ll.   I   111.-.   3rd.   11-'.s
$45 on       Si? 50
L'benp i.si,.., lo All,min- tSenhourtl
points In connection with iteain-
abip llofcstJ
Passengers booked to Norway,
Mweilen, Antwerp, I liunl.i.i k' ninl
all other nomine till pi ul a.
l''or ful III"! infill illation apply In
T. W. Bradshaw,    E. J. Ccyle,
Aiffiit. A.O.P.A.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, (Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable priceB
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windyjagents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flower's, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B. C.   Catalogue free.
' WreeiilioiiBcs and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -     -      •     B. C.
|Fi-st-Class Clover* and Timothy Hay for sale. Also a I
kinds of Garden Produce.
nrtll IT MAURY,   DOCTOR   or
II II M      I 'ii -imii      " Oon't do  a
I I I I ll       I *•>•»* •• till you |M r|,..rh
U U  11       I what" taw! lij alii of
'flashlights on Human Nature"
on lis»allh, iU.e.1.1,, lnva, niarrlas/i. and iwrs-nunf
Toll, wlial. /ou'il ti.i a dns-tor. but don't Ilka lo
110 pa(resi, llln«inili.'l. Vi coma; but tn lnt.rii.liii <-
if. wa mi,ml one onlv in any adult for poatasn,
10 oanta.
IS* ■■>•*. lath air***, NSW YORK.
telephone 2».
Front Stkkkt,    Revelstoke
Restaurant and Furnished Rooms
Meals Irom 25c. Up.
Seoond Street, • Eaet End
TAKK NOTIOK that the shareholders of the abuve iiiiiiiii) Company
have by special resolution resolved tn
change the name of the Company to
" KcvelRioke Agricultural Society,
Limited," and intend to apply to tlm
Lieutenant-Governor-ui-,Qpuiicll for an
Oiiler changing the name accordingly.
Dated 11th January, 1H08.
A. Y. Andkdson,
feb 8 8m Secretary.
It la tba Intention of tbo B 0. Government ts
brins into force the following ament!moot* to
tbe Act aa cited bel'iw, at the next sitting of
the Legislature.
Hon. I'iiikk Commissionkk
No. SB ] I 1901
Ad   Act, to   Amend  th«   "Highway
Traffic Heirulatiori Aot."
TT IS MAJESTY, by end with the edriee end
l.L consent of the Legislative Assembly of
British Columbia, enacts as ollows: -
1. This Act may b» cited ns the " Highway
Trafi)' Regulation Act Amendment Aet. 1908.'
2. Section 8 of the " Highway Tnitlic Kegula*
tion Act,'1 being ihapter 93 of the Revised
Statutes, 1897, as enacted by section 2 ot chapter
90 of lho Statutes of 1902, is hereby repealed and
the following section is substituted therefor:—
'8. It shall be unlawful for any waggon or
vehicle carrying a load of more than two
thousuud pounds to be drawn or driven oo any
publio hignway unless thu tires of such waggon
or vehicle shall be at lea.st four inches iu widtn.
3. Section 10 of said chapter 92 it hereby re*
pealed and the following section is substituted
therefore :—
"10. It shall be unlawful for any person or
persons twdrag logs or timber over or along any
public highway "
4. This Aet shall not come lato force so far
as that portion of the Provinoe of British
Columbia situate east of the Cascade Range of
mouutains is concerned, until the 1st day of
January, 1900.
Manufacture! for all cleans, of buildings
for sale in large or nmall ijiiantitleH
at the lowest prices for cosh.
building and plastering
under taken.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo-
Take notioe that I. Alexander JUcRae Latimer of Revelstoke, occupation Cruiser, intend
so apply  for a special timber Ihence over the
following described lands;
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of Little Smoky River, about one
mile from the mouth, theuce west 100 chaini,
theuce north 40 chains, theuce east 100 chains,
theuce south 40 chaius to point of commencement aud containing 640 acres more or less.
2. Commencing ftt a post planted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River, about one mile
from tbe mouth, thence east ItiO chaius, thence
north 40 chains, theses west 160 chains, theuce
south 40 chaius to point of commencement and
contaiuing 640 acres more or less.
a. Commeuciug at a post planted on the
right bank of Little Smoky River about IH
miles from the mouth, theuce 160 chaius west,
thenee uorth 40 chains, thence east 160 chains,
theucesouth 40 chaius to poiui of commencement and containing 040 acres more of less.
4. Commeuciug at a post plauted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River about 1| milen
fiom the mouth, thence east ISO chains, theuce
north 40 chains, thence west 160 ohains, theuce
soath 40 chains to point of commencement and
containing 640 acres more or less.
ft. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bauk of Little Smoky Rarer, about 2 miles from
the mouth, theuce east SO chains, theuce north
80 ohains, thence west 80 chains, thence south
80 ehains to point of commencement, aud containing 640 aeres more or less.
6. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of Little Smoky Rivor, about 2 miles from
the mouth, thence^weet 80 chains, theuce uorth
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thenee south 80
chains to point of commencement, oontalning
640 acres more or less.
Dated Deo. 17th, 1907.
To B. F. Rsamj, lira. A. B. Nwsk and O. F
Keibel.or to whomsoever they mar have
transferred their interest.:
Take notice, that wa, the undersigned co-
owners with yon in the following mineral
clninis, via.: Viviau'a Luck No. 1, Vivian's
Luck No. J, Vivian's Lock No. S, Vivian's Luuk
No. 4, Vivian's Luck No. 5, Viviau's Luck Nu.«,
aud the Silver i.r„wn situated on Qoul Mountain, Lar.leau Mining Division or West Kootenay District ul the Province of UriMah Columbia, liiivti doue the required work on the above
mentioned mineral claims fur the year ending
October 2Dlh, 11*17, in order tu hold the same
uuder Sectum 24 of the Miueral Act.
Ami turther take notice that if within DO days
from the first pulilicalinu uf this tu it ice, you tail
or refuse to contribute your portiuu of such expenditure, together with Ihe cost uf this adver
tisemeut, yuur interest in the said mineral
claims will beeome the property uf tbe mul«r
sigiinu, uuder Section nr.ll of the Mineral Act.
Dated at tlainborue, III'., this 21st, day nf
Januar;, I9UI.
satjnnSii Co-Owners.
TAKE NOTICE that 1 shall hold a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
tbe " Assessment Act," respecting the
Supplementary Assessment Roll for
11)08, for the Revelstoke Assessment
District, on Wednesday, the 26th day
of March, 1U08, at the hour of eleven
o'clock in tbe forenoon, at the Court
House, Revelstoke.
Dated at Revelstoke, this 3rd day of
March, 1908.
Judge of the Court of Berlaion
and Appeal.
Revelstoke Assessment District
of West Kootenay.
KevelaUike Land Dlatrict,
Dlatrict of Weat Kootenay.
Take noUce that A. O. Johnston of Poplar
Creek,, occupation Merchant, Intends to apply
Jar a special licence Io out and curry away timber from tha following deacrited lands:
CommencinK at a post planted about fl
milea up Poplar Oreek fiom Poplar townsite,
calling for the aoutb-east corner of Timber
Limit 12180. marked "A. O. Johm-ton's southwest coruer poat," tbenee eaat SO chalna, theno*
north 80 chaina, thence weat SO ohaina, thence
aouth SO chaina to poiut of commencement,
containing 640 acree more or leaa.
Located 18th Dec, 1907,
wed Jan 15 II. I', ltenniy, Agent. .
Kevel.tuka Land Olatrlct.
Dlatrict ol West Kooteuav.
Take notice that CO days after date I inland
to apply to the Chief Oonml.sUsuer of Lands
and Worka for permission to purchase the following described lsnda;
Commencing at a post planted at th. northeast corner of Lot 1805 O. I.nu Fish Hiver,
thence east» chaina more or less to wait Una
of A. A. MacKinnon's pre-emption, thenoe
south SO ohaina, theuce weat S ohaina more or
lesa to ea.t line of Loi 7809, O. 1, thence north
SO chalua to point of eommencemsnt.
Located thia Srd day of Feb. UK*,
aat feb I        THOS W  WILLIAMS, Locator
Kevelstoke lewd Dlstriot,
M.trlct of Weet Kootenay, ..
Take notice that I. Donald Dewarof trrowheail,
occupation Crnlfer. Intend to apply for ■ermla.len
to parcliam tba lollewlng described land •
Comm.aclng at the seath-west oeraer of Lot
Mil. Group 1, In aaMI dlatrio,, theace weatai
olalai, th.nce north SO chains, thence weat IS
chain., thenoe .outh 4S chain*, thence east Ml
chains, thenc. nurth SO oliaias to point of onm-
Dated Jan. 15th, 1*418.
•.edjtjil" DONALD D|WAB, I
How Much
Do You Wish to Pay
for a Spring Suit?
$15 to $35  is the Fit-
Reform range of prices.
$ 15 marks the lowest
—and $35 marks tht
highest—that any man
should pay.    Fit-
Reform   Suits at $15
mean reliable fabrics,
handsome patterns,
perfect  fit   and   absolutely
correct styles.    Fit-Reform
Siiifj at $35 are the finest that
Fit-Reform makes—and that means
the finest in Canada-,
No matter what price you pay, the Fit-Reform
trademark guarantees satisfaction. 312
Revelstoke, B. C.
] Bourne Bros.
Local Agents [ Hobson & Bell
I Woolsey, Lefeaux & Co. Limited.
Chinese Groceries and all kinds of Fruit and Vegetables.
Board by Week,
A. H. SINGrr
Mackenzie Avenue.
Best Local Grown _^j£>
Fruit Trees for Spring Planting
Most suitable varieties for this soil and climate. One and Two
Year-Olds. Prices 100 and under 86c. each; over 100 20c. each.
Varieties are: Duchess, Uravenstein, Jeffery, Wealthy, Mcintosh
Red, Winter St. Laurence, Laurence, Jonathan, Kins, Northern Spy,
New York Wine, Red Cheeked Pippin, Spitsenberg, Salome, Wagner,
Winesap, Newtown, Pippin. York, Imperial Apples.
Hyslop and Transcendent Crabs.
Orders Received hy
Incorporated by 1st cf Parliament, MSB.
WM. Molson Macphrrbon, Pres. 8. H. KwiNG,;Vic*-Pres.
Jamb* Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two   branches in  Oanada  and  Agencies   In  all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Havings
Bank deposit*, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
t luixtrti
Import direct from Country ot origin.
REVBL8TOKB;   3=». O.
Bev.l.lnke Lasil Dlatrict.
?latrletef Wwi Kootsonv.
eke notloe tbat I.   '. Donga I of  Nake.p
Captain, lalend In apply for ssrmlsalon lo pur-
eliase Ihe folliiwltg dssorlbsd land, t
Ciniinaii.luf at a l.i.t planted al.theN. W.
ooruer of lait No. laji running aonth JO chalne,
thence wast til chains, theuce  north al chain.,
theme eaal JOi lialsl tniimlulsf sommeneement
Dated Dec. litis, MU*.
jenlast D. Dewar,ateut.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
clash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
F. Yeigh Describes a Selkirk
Mountain Trail and its Fascination to the Mountaineer
—A Vivid Picture.
Tbo gloriei and wonder, of the
Selkirk Mountains are but realized bv
a tew, snd to fully appreciate the sublimity ol nature here displayed in her
majestic grandeur, one must bave
tasted ol the disci nation and delights
of the "challenge ol tbe mountains
and   have   answered   the   call of the
"Here's the start, along the railway
track dodging Imperial Limited) and
Pacific Expresses and groaning freights
as only broDohoes can, for tbey are
born dodgers.
"Then a plunge into the Selkirk
forest, the mountain sides a mass of
verdure, a tangle of leaf and bush and
flower. The course is full of ups ami
downs, creased every few yards by a
galloping little riverlet fussing along
on its way to the river, and to the loss
of its individuality.
"For a space we travel ever the old
tote road of C. P. R. construction days.
(Could it not tell tales and spin
yams?) For another space, remnants
of snow sheds in the shape of huge
timbers strew the side, revealing their
wilds " Frank Yeigh of Toronto,
one of the most descriptive writers of
tbe day in Canada, aptly describes a
trip in the Selkirks up the famous
Cougar Valley to tbe Deutschman
Caves so well known to our Revelstoke
people snd indeed the world in general.
In a descriptive letter to the Winnipeg
Free Press, Mr. Yeigh says:
"Once more I have hit the trail.
' It is a trail in the Selkirks, and
who shall adequately sing of the joy,
the freedom, the exhilaration of tbe
journey over its sinous length!
"How health-giving the blessed
breath of the mountain air, the scent
of the wild flower life, the aroma of
nature in all her bewilderment of
luscious growth.     Tbe  real life it the
story of avalanche or snowi-litlc power.
"Down and down toward* the ever-
lowering Illecilleivaet wo drop till
Mount Sir Donald and all bis statelli-
tiei arc lost to view.
"Ferns, mouses, big-leaved plants,
webs of vegetable growths crowd all
the areas between the forest monarebs
for monarchs they are, clean limbed,
straight-limbed, erect as grenadier
guards, seeking the sun with ne'er r
distorted branch. Clean-hearted too,
judging by a recently felled specimen,
and not even cross-grained. Excellent qualities in tree or man.
"Paddy is now doing the first ol a
series of climbing acts. On the left
are the railway loops, iiug.-ing Ab'iott's
b.ise, nearing Bonney's ice field and all
life of the open air; and the real world
is the out-of-doors world.
'Down by the Illecilleivaet glacier,
where the mountain hotel is crowded
into a cleft between the hill wateway,
our pony train is packed, with the diamond hitch, and saddled with the ten
derfeet travellers. Sid Baker shouts
the word of command to Paddy, the
lead horse, to start the procession, and
Paddy, tbe obedient Irishman that he
is, solemnly hits the trail, bearing on
hia back a precious cargo of blankets,
grub, ice axes and ropes.
"We make for Charlie Deutsch-
nian's cabin away up Cougar valley to
tbe north. I wonder if there is such
another trail in Rockies or Selkirks, in
Cascades or  Coastal   range?     It is a
but colliding with Ross Peak. Even
the abiding hills must have marvelled
at the audacity of man in finding footholds for his tracks of steel over which
the snake like trains crawl. D.ies tbe
mountain realize that man ia greater
than its broad-based mass?
"Or perchance the mountain does
not design to notice the tiny human
intruder into ita realm of majesty and
might, 1 don't believe Mount Sir Donald noticed the tenderfoot wbo, climbing the Cheops trail, gazed back and
marvelled aB he gazed oo the dominating bulk of this kingly spirit throned
among the hills.
"For bb Paddy shows us his sturdy
heels, on' the next corkscrew bit of the
trail, where the trees are bigger at the
way of charm and delight, of never-
ending change, ol ever-unfolding panorama.
butt and higher in the reaoh, all the
iiimintaint to the southward are shifting their positions.     Dus ahsad, and
higher, rise thu white crowned and
sombre-shaded »lopce of Cougar—tbe
mountain with tbe half-score of peaks,
toward which tbe trail is gradually
lifting lis.
"And the life on toe trail too—
alarmed partridges lying to us as to
the whereabouts of their young, Gophers making faces at us, and marmots, perched on the boulders along
the narrow path, whistling their
challenge and alarm. Come to think
of it, there were birds too— but one
can't be au ornithologist, when geology and botany demand attention, so
we'll let the birds sing without trying
to classify them according to tbe bird
"If you hit the Cougar trail long
enough, the trees will be left huddled
in the valley depths. Alpine meadows
will come into view, where mountain
eh<°ep find rich browsing and where
your strong-minded mount will frequently dine as if it were a free lunch
counter. Patches of snow, remnants
of the spring's snowsheds run their
white tongues between the   meadows.
"Don't forget that we are still
climbing. The next bit takes us up
another corkscrew way with mighty
sharp corners and mighty narrew
horse space. Waterfalls, too, are decorating the entire sides with their
white ribbons and some careful navigation through tumbling streams is
made by the keen eyed ponies.
"I tell you this trail-hitting is great
sport I It brings the higher peaks
nearer, it makes the hitherto hidden
ways reveal themselves, it penetrates
nature Eldorados and lifts the trailer
physically and spiritually, high above
tbe va'ley bed.
"Deutschman's cabin—hut ..crimps
you do not know wbo Deutschman is.
Permit me to introduce to you Mr.
Charles Deutschman, pfospecter, guide
mountaineer, hunter, philosopher,
friend and flapjack cook, the discoverer of the Cougar caves and the
ollicial government guide thereto aud
Charles is not at home when we cry
a halt, but presuming an old acquaintance, an entrance is forced, a fir*
started, a dish of tea brewed, a rasher
of bacon fried and a pot of jam opened.
A feast of rare satisfaction follows,
with a night's sleep of rare soundness,
despite tbe efforts of porcupines, gophers and mountain rats to gnaw their
way in. Only the two latter succeeded
and they kindly scamper over my
travelling pal instead over his pal.
'Nature sings us to sleep with many
voices—and silence i, with the songs of
the cascades high above us, that never
stop for breath; with the nearer song
of the Cougar liver right at our cabin
door, and with tbe wierder inutile of
the river that reaches us from the cave
world din ci Iy below, with its inferuos
aod pits aud Humes and canyon depths
steeped in ihe daikne.s of blackest
"The ear y morning glimpse ol the
world reveals ft wonder corner ol Canada, surrounded by v shaped lines of
peaks, with a va.t sr.oiv Held crowded
in between. Here the trail bitteis
leave their pouies to the enjoyment of
a pasture banquet nnd hit number
trail up the Cougar snow slope, passing
a line of trees cut off near tbeir bases
by an early spring snowslide.
"The river is roofed in by snow
bridges over which we carefully pick
our devious way, noting many, a fresh
foot-print of mountain animals.
Where the snow roof had fallen into
the it ream through the watery undermining, miniature icebergs float in
miniature fords marked by rarest color
"Up and up the snow slope the amateur alpinists puff their way. On every
hand we tread upon the strange red
snow—an unsolved riddle to the scientist, though he has identified it aa the
algea of nature. To the red man the
colored spots represent billions ol
snow-fleas. Snow spiders and snow
flies, of unusual size and blackness,
dot the white surface. Later, a inouii
tain goat run gives '-s the best of
trails to the peaks above the summit
of the pass.
"The hours ol upgrade toil in the
mountains have their exceeding great
reward. The first peep over the roof
of the Cougar ridge is worth all ths
breath and strength spent in reaching
it, for the eyes ret for the lirst time
upon other valleys, other peaks are
martialled in military line, other
glacial masses are wedged in between
towering rock walls whose depths
make the mind dizzy in an effort to
measure tbem. Other extensive snow
areas give a note of white grandeur
under the blue sky and above the blue
mists of the vallry deds.
"High above our beads, the six
peaks of Cougar mountain dare ua to
scale their boulder strewn shoulders.
The challenge is accepted, in a spirit
of ascendenoy that seizes upon the
climber. Peak No, 1 is reached, Ko.
2, No. 3, No. 4, each higher than its
neighbor, and ss those without cairns
had probably never been conquered
before, stone men are duly built. Along
narrow ridges of rock we crept, now
negotiating a snow cornice ol uncer
tain security, mw enlireling a buttress rock tbat throws ths upper part
of the body over indefinite depth,
now scaling a sky-aspiring wall.
"Hitting the trail is rare aport, but
hitting the summit of a dignified and
aristocratic old mountain, for the first
time, ie rarer sport still, It ie cine-
thing to bite one's teeth en, and to
test nerve and wits and self control.
"Then tbe vision! Tbe fifty miles of
tbe I'lecillewaet dtiyon lies io full
view, bordered on the west by Mount
Begbie and the Columbia; Sir Donald
and his family loom up grander than
ever; the Hermits stand forth in
startling majesty, the world is lull of
mountains !
"But man cannot for long aubaisc on
scenery. Already a score of hours-
have slipped by since the bre - kfast in
the cabin, and already this chronicle
is too long drawn out or else there
might be recoided tbe unsuccessful
efforts of the trio climbers to find
short cuts to camp down the almost
perpendicular walls of Cougar, negotiating chimneys too long for our
longest rope, getting in the path of
dangerous rook slides, and testing rotten rocks and elippery snow,
"Back the way we came, traversing
again the quartette of peaks, glissading down tbe snow fields, the tender-
feet (ah, their feet are tender in all
truth by this timet) hit the welcome
trail to Charlie' bunk house and food
cache, back to the Glacier House,—
back home !
Lord Chief Justice Coming.
Lord Alverstone, the lord chief justice ol England, and a number of other
notabilities of tbe English bench and
bar as well as a number of distinguished eastern Canadian and American jurists, will in all probability visit
Victoria towards tbe end of August
of this year. The occasion will be the
annual meeting of the American Bar
association which meets this year at
Seattle, the eeaaion opening Aug. 26.
ATTENTION - Men and Women
Wanted to learn barber trade.
Free. Cnllefrpa in all leading Aineii
ran cities. Beware nf iiuirat.ns— Moler
Bui In-r College, 208 Curtail St., Vancouver. B. C.
FOR SALE CHEAP-Four gasoline
lamps, am. 800. 700 and 800 i and,e
tiower. all in good working order; w 1
light 100 feet building each. The
reason for selling is the electric light
in all my buildings. Apply to Chief
Young, '.touiiiplix, B. C.
MATERNITY Cases taken   at  my
home or   otherwise.     For  particulars apply Mrs.  A.  E   Bennison
Second St.. Wesi, or P. O. Box 911.
feb. 12. Im
Apply to Columbia Agencies,
Limited. Revelstoke. 7 11-14
WANTED KNOWN-You. can gel
une of the best snap* to be had
in City house property from us. Two
hotises and 100 ft. fionlage to ind St.
all for $2,500.if ivbiibonly $10UOt-a-h
is required -tod balance can remain on
mortgage.—Apply atonic to Columbia
Agencies, Limited, 	
WANTED—By family throe adults,
furnished  house for Summer,
fi mn 1st April.   Answer P. O. Box 207
Rent a fllat-cjass furnished bouse
I'm   it   month.    COLOMBIA Agencies.
South African  Scrip, Apply to
Columbia Ainu ie-. Limited.
mO LET   Two Houses, apply to Col
X    iiinhii. Agencies, Limited.
Coat, new, size 38; two Ladies
Ousts, one fur, slse 80; lady going to
cuau.il    Applv   immediately   to MAIL-
IlKHAI.Il Offlin.
rpO RENT-Five Rooms, suitable foi
JL living rooms, over Knight ie De-
vine's tailor shop. Apply lo Knight
& Devine.
WANTED-A  First  Class   White
Cook   for  Sawmill     Bosiding
House, 100 men.      Wages,  nn object to
Ihe rjght man.     Apply Box 817, Ar
i- i win-mi, B. C.
Meals st all Hours
Everything Up*to-D»ta
Perelitokc Land Diatrief,
District ol *e*t KootSDST.
Take nutlet that I, F O street*, *f Nakstp,
Fre* Miser, Intend to sppiy tor ipedal licences to cut timber from the following H-wcrised
]. uomneaelag st s pest slsaie* shout IM
jar:*, irom pott of T, L, 12*341 sad running
touih 160 chain*, tbenee wstt 40ehstnt. thence
north 160 chains, thence sstt 40 chslnt te point
of coinmeneement.
.'.   Commenclni  »t  s sett  pinnies' on the
north*wett corner of Limit No.  I and running
we*i 80 chain*, thence north lochslat, theses
<\,pi so cheint. Dieses tarns m chain* "f poi»»
f commencement.
it. Commencing st s poit slanted os er nssr
tbe S. W. corner of T. L Ko, Tilt, snd running
south 80 chslnt, theses eatib i halnt, tawnre
n o rtb SO chains, t hence west 80 ehslct (e peist
uf cummencereenl.
Dated Dec. 14. IfOT
4. Commencing st a poet slanted es sr seer
th* S.W. coruer of T L No 10,342, sid running
<«uth 140 chain*, th. see sstt 48 ehsis*. theses
north 160 cbr in-, theuce west 40 chains te
point of comment' ment,
4. Commenclug at s poet pleated es er seer
thc S £, corner of T. L. Ng 10,2*3. snd running went 40 chslnt, theses sonth lSOchslns,
thenoe eajft 40ehsint. thence north leSehslms
to point of ctsssmencemest.
0. Commenting st s jxn pi as ted eser nesr
the S.W. corasr of Timber Limit Ne. 10328, and
running south40 chains thsneeesst 180ghslns.
theur-e north 40 chuins, inence vest 188 chain*
to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 18 1907.
7. commencing st s poetplsntsd es er near
thefi K. corner of Timber Limit No 10,348,
*ud running north 40 chains, thence sett lev
chains, theuce south 40 chslnt thenoe west Id*
chaini to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 19,1307.
sst feb 15 P. O. ITHAOS8,
llevelatoke Land Dlatrict.
Diatrict of Weat Kootenay.
Take not ice tbat we, C, O. Woodward aad B.
F. Hi nmr, of Poplar Creek, B. C„ occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a .pedal licence to cut and carry away tinker from th*
following described land,:
l. Commencing at a pa.1 planud en the wee*
bank of Poplar Creek, about t miles up, marked "C. O. Woodrow and B. F. Reamy. southeast corner poat." running along- O. E. Bejsll's
uortb boundary of No. I Timber Limit TJ18S,
Ibence weat SO obalna. these north SO bmUas,
Uience ea.l IO cbalna, th.ncejouth SO chejui. te)
point of comuieeoem.iit, eAlainlng SUrlcrea
or leaa.
1 Commencing at a poat planted eu th*
west bank of Poplar Creek, about 6- milee up,
marked "C. O. Woodrow and a F. Beamy'a
nori h eaat oorner poet, thenoe weat Su chaina
along O. K. lierell'a No. I Tlmbor Unit HIS*
soutb boundary, thence aouth 80 chaina, thenoo
uut Suchlike, thence norm so. sainslo point
oi commencement, containing SAO acre, more or
Located 18th December. ltOT.
wed jan It
a r. HI-.A.vl., Looatore.
PUBLIC NOTICR 1. herbi giren thai th*
Canadian P.citlc Railway Co npanv ha. thio
day depuailed ia the Oi.triet Land Bagialrr
Otlice at Neleoa. in the pr-fim e of Hri.iah
Columbia a plan profile and kook of referee***
showing a proposed branch line from aha Bevelstoke Smelter Spur k, (j, g. Hoaao a Coaa.
pany'a warekoue. .i.aaie ie the I Ily of Beroi-
ntoke in tlie province of Briaiah Celambia
aforoealdi and thai the eaid i aaadian PaciSe
Railway company will, aa aooa efler Ike expiration uf lour week, from the fire, pebli.a.ioa
of ibis Notiee a. the application eaa he heard.
apply to lb. Board of Hallway Coanianoaere
lor Canada for approval of ire eaid broach line
in accordance wit* Ihe ppuvi.ion, of the Bail-
way Act.
nated Ikie fifteenth g,ro( janaary, A.».,
aat fee it Im        Qeaeral Executive Aaeletast.
Certificate   tf lnrproviaiiats
Big Hope Frsctlon Mineral Claim, annate Is
the Trout Lake Mining Dlrieion of Ksotenay
District.   Where .ocate* -Poplar Croek.
Take naiic* that I. Charles John Allan New-
ton Padloy. of Noam*. I.IJ„ jrne Miser, i eoa-
0 sis Ne «•* a intend, .lily day. free. d_t>
h.reof, to apply to the Mining Becord.r I3H
Certificate of Improvement*, for th* parses, of
obtaining a Crown Grant ef the above claim.
And further take notiee that action. *nd*r
rtectlou 17, must be eommenosd hefor* tko
issuance of aoen Certificate ef In.sr.vrai.au
Dated this Sth day of Janimry. A.D., USD,
w il jas 16 O. J. A. N.'PADLBY.
Certificate of Improvtacats.
Revenue xfiuerel Cisim al.uste is the L.raeas
sibling Divi.lon of Wast Kooionay District.
Where loostsd —Os Posl  Creek,   kolas as extension of  the Tariff  mineral cUts.. sn*
parallel with  .he htosoew ssd Mohawk em
the aouth-weaterly aid*.
Take  uotice that  1,   B.  Smith.  P.sVC. ho.
tSU2 B.  agent   lor Oils. Aheliug, Speeisl Pros
Miser'.  Certificate No. MS. inieue, •ixir days
from ths dsts  hsrsof, to apply to tha  sUsiuK
UecorJer for s Csrtmcsls of lmpr'.vomouts, for
ihe purpoie of ohtamisg a Crows .Brant of tho
above alalia.
Aud   further  take  noliee thet anion, under
-action 37, must bo ciinmenced before the issn.
sine, of .sch Certificate of Iuiprevimeuva
Dated thi. I'.th dsy of March A.8. IMS.
mch 18 wed B. SMITB.
Stewart MeDonald,
Revel.take Lsud District.
Iliatrier of Weat Kooleejay.
Tske noiioe that I. li. w. Beamy, el Poplar
i'reek, II. C, occupation Paotpeoior, inland, to
.ipply fer a apecial licence to eat SB I carry
....iy Umber from tht following deeca.be*
1. Commencing at a poet plantod about SOS
(set on the north aide af Peplar Creak, markot
"H. ¥ Heaniy'. north-eaat corker poet.* a.1 joining tbe wost boundary of Timber limit No.
IlliiS, about on* mile weal oi tha first aonth
fork of Poplar Croak, thenoo weet t) chslss,
ibenee aouth SO ohalns, thenoo east to chains,
thence north SO chain, to point of eommenoo-
inent. containing *M aproa moro or leas,
2. Commencing al a wast planted about SB*
feet on the north elds ef Poplar Creek, marked
"EF, Reamy's south-esai corner past,* adjoining th* weat boundary of Timber Limit N*.
Iiiu2, about on* mils weat of the (ret eoath
fork of Popls. Cresk, thenee west 10 ohaina,
tbenoe north 80 chalne, theno* east t* ohains.
thenoe south 80 chain, to point ost ssaimsuee
ment, containing Set!acree more or last.
& Commencing at a poet planted so th* east
bank of the second aouth fork of Popltr Crook,
about one mile up aaarkofi "B. t. Beamy's
north-east corner poat," thenoo west i» .haiue,
thenoe south ISO chain,, Ihence oast «i ehains,
tlience norlh ISO chalna lo point of eommonco-
nici.t, containing MU acre, mora or lesa.
I Commencing nt a poet planted about 4k>
mile, westerly from the fiisl soulh fork ot Poplar Creek, marked "11. K. lteamre north-wset
corner poal," thenoe esst Ss chaise, theno*
•oulh SO chaina, theno* weet tt chalna, thenc*
norih 80 chains t* polntof comm.noemsct,
oontalning 8*0 scree more or lass.
a. Commencing at a post pleated aboat IM
miles westerly from tbe first aoatb fork of Poplar Creek, marked "B. jr. Beamy a norlh-sast
corner tnat." thenoe west 40 chains, theno*
■outh ISO chalne, thenee esst to ehsino, then**
north 180 chaius to point ot oommssoemena,
coniaiuing 6*u acres nioreorlsee     ,
t Commencing at a pest planted about Is*
miln westerly from th* first aonth fork ei Psp-
larCrsek, marked VU. f. Beamy's south-wss*
comer pool," thence east ISO ehalae, theno*
north 10 chains, thenoe weet 1*0 ohains, thenoe
-oulh tOcbain. to point of commencement, eon-
laiaing Sill seres more or lees.
Located I,lb Deoember, 1»J7.
wed jsn 15 BP. REAMT  Leeetor.
Imperial   Development   $460 00
Hank uf Urilish Columbia  110 01)
Nicola Coal and Cuke  100 110
('nliiuiliiii Fruit anil Land  100 00
lt.ivr.1 Collieries  26
U. 0. Copper  4 "6
Consolidated M. A S  72 00
Diittnond  Vale Coal  1K
International Coal  Wl
Hullivan   08
Abor* subject to confirmation.
Prospect u«ea and particular* concerning, any of the** Companies on
Maekansi* A»*nu»,
t," aboat 8
,bs -ejal
Kevelstoke Land IJMrtct.
liiaini'i of West KtsVenay.
Take notloe tbat I. H. f. Beamy ef Peefiar.
B.C., occupation Prospector, Intend lo apply far
aspsoial hoeucs tu uatand oarrg awsy tlmbor
from tke following described laud.:   .
1. CommenelnST at • poat piaatcd o* th*
weat bank  of  Itusty   (risk, marks* "B    P.
Iteamy'. ao«i h-east oorner puel," aboajt 8 mil**
southerly f        " " " ~~*     '
Creek.   "
Limit  ..„-         —
I,.Ins.. theno* north all chains, theno. . sal IS*
chains, thsao* south Ml chains I* psiat of commencement, oontajslni Mu scats mar* or lota,
2. Commencing at .post plaatsd oaths wss*
henk of llu.iy Creek, marked "B. r. Kearny's
mirth ssst oorner post,* snout S milee souihsrlT
from Ihs Lardo river setwsea Mapld Ursek and.
Tenderfoot Creek, thenre west Iff chalnaF
thence south eO ohaina, thsnee oast IfS chains.
ulticrly frois IbsLsrsorlfer, be •«■ Rapid
eek snd Tenderfoot Creak, adjoining Tlmbor
mil  lit* running  west,  theuce   w.ss   MB
on  tb*
thenee north ft chslnt Wpoiatof can
west bask of Ru.ty Crsok. marked ■•». W.
Kearny a northwest sornsr poet, aboat I mile*
southerly from ths Lardo river, between Bspid
Creek sod Tssderfool Croek, theses eeet tt
chains, tlience sonth tt assise, thess* wssl SS
chams, theses a»rthWsh-t>>*«M>-4nt *« ooss-
niencvmeiit. containing tlOasraa store or less.
Lnealcd li»h Dsvember, IBS.
w«4J** 11 B, r.BBAJtt.Lsoassr. THE MAtL-HEttALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Millinery   Opening
We beg to announce that
Our Spring Millinery Open-
ing will take place next
Tuesday, March 24th, and
following days.
We extend a cordial invitation to
all the ladies.
at. iti iti III ,Tl 111 SXA Jl sTh lit s*Ta all ■' Jn
^t^^TTTt^^li ^F^F^ ^TuyvTi ixt *yj*x* t t
Pure Drugs %
Careful Compounding 4
Prompt Delivery        Y
Canada Drag 6- Book Co. Lid. *|t
♦Jt Retelbtoee, B. C. tit
J.     Mail Orders Promptly Filled     %.
T^TTT^aPTcTPviT'mi   X   Ti *T* ^P *»B*
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, March 25.—Southwesterly winds, unsettled, mild. Temp.:
Max. 54° ; Min. '&%-. During passage ol storm centre last night, temperature fell to freezing with slow rise.
Local and General.
ft. H. Trueman will visit Kevelstoke
Studio for two weeks, commencing
Thursday, March 21th.
The Rev. C. A. Procunitr left yesterday morning to attend the executive meeting of the Kootenay Diocese
■ t .Nelson.
Members can secure stock uf Clark
Seedling strawberry plants from Hood
River, by applying to the Fruit and
Produce Exchange nf B. G,
•*hii*a on the east track among the
mountains have been keeping the
attention of the local authorities busy
during the pan week.
A meeting of St. Peter's church
committee will be held on Monday,
March auth, «t 11 a.m., iu the' office
of E.VV.B. Paget, MeKensie avenue.
House cleaning seaaon is at hand.
We can help you. Your curtainB,
carpet., rugs and carpet squaiee, we
make tbem look like new.—Revelstoke
Steam Laundry.
Private s.a.c of furniture al tlie residence ol E. 9, Jackson, McKenzie
avenue. Anyone wishing tu inspect
the same may do so between the
boon ol 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Tbe Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic
Club are now hard at work reheursiog
one ol tbeir popular prudnctians to be
staged in the Opera House on May
25tb. Victoria Day holiday.
Signs of spring are evident on all
aides, Irum the moss luids on tbe trees
ti.. tbe tiny green shouts ol blade grass.
The heavy rains of tbe last few days
baa aided much in causing the anow
t'j dissppear.
A vsluabl* horse belonging to P.
Burns sit Co. ran away un Hasting"
street yesterday and crashed int. a
brick wall, l«mg instantly killed.
The horse was valued at fo-OO and bad
captured t sit..ml prize st the Horse
Show last week.
A meeting uf tbe Revelatuke Curling Club will be held to-morrow
night st 8 o'clock in the City Hall for
the purpose uf discussing tbe advis
ability uf erecting a new curling rink
lor next season. All members are
n.(nested l'i attend.
Some tine samples ul Burbauk
potatoes are to be seen in the window
of the Fruit and Produce Exchange uf
B. C. offlo*. Member* ol the local
Fruit Growers' Aasooiatiuu who wish
Btook fror spring planting can secure
the same from the Eicbange.
is a demonstration of out'
ability to supply high-grade
«oods at lowest jrrade prices.
Conic and see it befole nnik-
ingup your grocery |ordei'.
You'll tlnd no many gaud
things to eat here at such
moderate price's Unit buying
here means better living nl
lens expense tli.in you
thought possible.
Hjpi j| it**..
-sTsmmmml \   SsmMMtSMTJt*.
thnt equals any Unit "mother
used to bake." It's so good
. that once you try it, you'll
sec the folly of bothering
with home baking any
longer. Suppose you take a
rest for a week and have us
supply the bread. We think
you'll like our bread as well
as yotirown, perrmps belter.
Try it anyway.
INSURANCE: -1-ir.:,   Lifewnd
K IN C A I J>    &    A N DERSO IN
We hare made s thorough
study of perfume*. We know
huw to take care of them so
that tbey retain every iota of
theit delicacy and sweetness of
Cloire de Paris
I"  n.sg Ot OUR   t.ATKHT
Druggist & Stationer
 «-n   ■■ ■■ i p- ■■*
Police Constable Nottley while in
the act ol switching off tbe arc light
near the C.P.R. track mi Monday
morning, unstained a severe shock,
through h'akiug current, which gave
him a bad shaking, und according to
his own report r.f it. threw him In
There are some pretty women who
dun t understand the law of the road
with regard to handsome facea Nature
aud custom agree iu conceding to all
males the right uf at least two ilia-
tinot looks at every co:i ely female
I countenance, without any infraction
ol courtesy or the sentiment uf respect.
To stand his trial for the murder nf
Louisa King, whom it is alleged he
killed in hia attempt !•■ dynamite the
Canada hotel at Niagara, B. C., un
Nov. lWHi. Antonio Ceddio, is now
on his wsy to British territory. Ceddio will, at the furthcoming assi/.ea at
Greenwood ou May 2ti, be put on trial
for the murder ol Miss King.
The body of the late .lubu Slither
land, who died at the New Westminster Asylum last week, was
brought up to the city un Sundny
night. Tbe funeral took place on
Monday, the Rev. W C. Calder
urTiciating. Tbe remaiua were followed by Mrs. Sutherland, deceased's
mother and a unmoor of friends,
In Italy soldiers are being detailed
to learn railroading. They are em-
plosed as hrakemen, switchmen and
ih making up trains, anil when aurti-
cimitly proficient receive a testimonial
which entitle* tbem to employment
on the State Railrr-ad* when vacancies
occur. A short road out of Rome is
worked entirely by engineering troops.
The most successful ball ever held
in Camborne took place in that town
un Friday in McDowell's hall, under
tbe auspices of the Camborne hockey
club. The hall wan tastefully decorated for the occasion. Over a hundred gim-ta attended from Ferguson,
Trout Lake, Beaton and Comaplix.
The committee ol management consisted of W. Martin, .1. Dunne and H.
W. Lindsay, w ,u ni" to hi: congratulated on the aide manner in which nil
arrangementi of Ilu."   enjoyablu   toci.il
event wore carried out.
Hi' Brock, the newly appointed
secretary of the Kuotenay Fruit
Growers Association of Nelson, waa in
the city on Monday discussing matters
in connection with the Fruit and
Produce Exchange uf B. C, with I..
M Hagar, secretary-manager. All
Kootenay fruit will be bandle.1 this
season through the medium of the
Centr .1 Exchange
The Enderby Fruit anil Produce
Association wa:s organized aud instituted on Saturday last at Enderby and
will work aa a member of the Central
Exchange >',. R. Dawes w*s elected
president and Messrs. Dawes, Hand-
cock, Gracie, Callart. Anderson,
Hayhurst and Salt, director". Meesra.
Iiowes, Handcock and Call* t, execi.-
tive committee, with C, E Strickland,
All details are arranged for the
Whist tournament to-night under the
allspices of the Pythian Sisters and
Knights of Pythias in . aid of the
Widow- and Orphans' Fund It may
be deemed advisable to outage the
opera House to-night owing to the
large number of peopl* wh i signified
their intention of coining Due,
notice to tbis effect will - •• p.,.ted
Proceedings will commence at 8 :i<>
The Epworth [/.ague ul Christian
EodsBVOr is to lie congratulate! on
the excellent programme that, waa
rendu ed on Monday evening in the
ohiirch. Where all did si well, invidious distinctions would he nut of
place. A fairly good number of peo
pic were present, though the streets
were in a worse condition from rain
and slush than they have been for the
entire past winter. The proceeds
were satisfactory.
Rev. E. Tromayne Dutistan, uf Sydney, Australia, will visit Kevelstoke
and preacli in the Methodist church
on Friday evening, the '27th instant,
Mr. Dunstan is pastor of a large congregation church in Sydney by wbiob
lie has been granted leave nl absence
for three month*. He is a strong
man in the pulpit. Mr. F. II. Wilson,
who accompanied Mr. Diintl.an, ia a
singer and is expected tu help the
service In song, Everybody will Im
made welcome. Seats free; no collection, ou Friday evening. Service
will open al. H o'clock.
A young man, a native of Ireland,
tlie other day had the niisfo:tune
while cutting his OWO hair to snips
piece out ul his enr, indicting a d.mg-
er.nis wound The Kevelstoke public
will he inle est. ll to know what blip
poiifd and why this man pieferred to
cut. his own In.ir instead ol patronG.
mg local industries who never tnke
liberties with the rleali, The Biiiull
sum of SO cent,', spent at any'store
will enable ihose wbo know to till
their Mends
Our fj-uit tree ninti, R. Tupping hud
a consignment of fruit trees shipped
it Penticton by thi'Okanagan Nursery Co. on Saturday, Mnrcb 14, and
planted tbem in his garden in Kevelstoke on the morning of Monday,
March 16. Why should you patronize,
foreign nurseries, when you can buy
such beautiful fruit trees as these,
cheap and Irish, home grown. Samples of the Okanagan Nursery Co 'b
stick can he seen growing in the gar
lien ol R. Tapping, sales manager    3t
A slfo'ng nrjrthwest gale swept over
Revelstoke last night at about ten
o'clock, increasing in violence until
the storm centre skirting tbe mountain slopes, and edging round the
valley wae at its height at about 11
p. m. No damage of any note occurred but many buildings shook in
an alarming fashion and trees were
laid low. No trouble with broken or
crossed electrio wires resulted. The
wind when at its height reached a
velocity of nearly 70 milea an hour,
mid sweeping off the ioe and snow
clad hills, hardened up tlie surface of
the streets and congealed the mud
and slush.
Social and Personal
Mrs. C. B. Paget will not receive on
Friday 27ih.
C. S. Dent is on a holiday visit to
the coast.
Mrs. E, M. Alli.m will not receive
on Friday, Macb 27th.
A. E.   Phipps,  Imperial    Bank  In
spector, is in the city this week.
Chief Young, of Comaplix, was in
the city jcsterd.iy.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lewis arc on a
visit to ibe Coast cities.
A. E. Kincaid lias been laid up lor
some time with a severe cold.
Mrs. T- H. Corley left yesterday
morning on an extended visit lo her
parents at Meaford, Ont.
The members of the Y.M C.A. j'jnior
basket ball team returned from-the
coast tbis morning.
II. 0. Churchill Carter ol the C.P.R.
ollice b aff retuined this morning from
a sh .rt visit to the coast.
Mrs. T. H. Dunne, ol Arrowhead,
passed through on Saturday night, en
route for Notch Hill where she will
be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C.A.
M. Morris.
A. P. Leverque,- of the Windsor
hotel returned yesterday evening Irom
the east accompanied by bis bride,
Miss A. Myre, of Ottawa, Ont. "Pete"
is being kept bu y receiving the congratulations ot his many friends.
|   Wedding Bells
A.quiet wedding took place in the
dining room of the 1.eland Hotel,
Nakuap on I lie evening of March 17th
at 8 o'clock, when Miss Nellie Daniels
and Edward Young were united in the
wedlock u( holy matrimony. Sharp at
8 o'clock Mr«. Bradford played Men
delsohn'* wedding march, when the
bridegroom made his appearance, supported by Mr. Currie, sfiortly aftsr the
bride made her appearance wearing
cream ehirTuii and Valencia laces, she
was enpported hy Mr. W. Ugilvie and
Mrs Herridge The Kev. Mr. John
ton, of Arrowhead, tied the nuptial
knot and pronounced them man and
wife. The imppy couple received the
heartiest   congratulations    of    their
; friends, ivbu wished thenijlnng life and
prosperity. Mine Hosts, Mrs. McKit
rick and W.   Ugilvie gave a nice little
! social   dance   and   supper   at   which
} there were about 110 couple present,
and much   credit    is   due to them for
j tbe way they conducted the enjoyments fur that evening.
Business Locals
Beat Sarsapanlla—spring tonic at
Bews' drug store
See our snaps in enamelled ware for
thia week      Lawrence Hardware Co.
When you arc looking fur the latest
books go to 0 K  Macdonald's.
Choice heme, breakfast bacon and
new laid eggs can always ..•- had at C.
B   Hume 4 Co's
New comic poet cards at Bews drug
$1 enamelled goo<l« for 00 cents,
genuine bargains all new goodn
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Easier cards in large assortment at
Bews' drug store.
Kipe bananas, sweet navel "ranges,
lemons and russet apples at C. H.
Hume A Co's.
Your prescriptions will Im carefully
tilled at, 0 It Mv.ilon.ilsl'« witb the
purest of drugs.
Our Special weekly bargain for tins
week ia on Meat of Wheat, regular 20o
packages will Im .'I packages for Aim. at
C. B. Hume A Co's.
(lilotte's Salety Ilu'.or, tbe Auto
Strop Salety Razor, Baker's Safety
Razors, and extra blades for all of
them sold at C. R Macdonald's
Meat of Wheat, a delicious breakfast,
food, will sell for the balance of thia
week al 8 packagea for Ilfiu. at 0. II.
Hume ik. Co's.
C. B. Hume & Co., and Reid &
Young Have Artistic Display.
The spring mi'linerv. openings of
Messrs 0. B. Huw A Co , aid Messrs
Reid A Y'ti g took pine - yi-eterday
afternoon a il evening. Dull weiitbei
marred Ibis must popular and iiltrac
tive event In spile (if Ibe inclemency
of the elements, the fair s 'it were mud
in evidence and the millinery staffs ol
these two progressive linns were kept
busy. The creation* this year are
very marked and show a new style in
many cases The large hat is rather
fashionable and tlie merry widow ie
distinctly noticeable. There is no par
ticuliir pre| nnderanoe in color, and
flowers are extensively used in Irim-
mings. As a whole the spring millinery of l'JOi is daintier and more elab
orate than lhat of lasl year, and these
Arms have both risen to the occasion
and have goods tbat eastern cities
might well envy. The beads ot tbe
departments have carried out tbeir
in a dainty fashion and it will well
repay every member oi the Revelstoke
lair Bex to visit these two up to dale
stores where all the latest fashions ol
spring millinery are so temptingly
displayed and wheie in effort ie lost
to satisfy even the most fastidious. It
makes a highly interestin - and pleas
ing morning's diversion to look over
this season s goods and to cboose from
a large and replete stock the very
latest thing in feminine headgear.
To the most critical each specimen
ol millinery possessed some special
teature either in shape or style ol
trimming, or color scheme and all
bear evidence of good taste in selce
lion and skill in manipulation. Great
ia the variety in trimmings, flowers ol
moderate to large Bize, ribbonB mostly
in plain effects, here and there relieved
by brilliant Persian, o^prey and ottrioh
plumes. Blues and Roman piuk are
stylish colors, though black, white
and natural tones are more in evidence.
Speaking generally tbe display this
year is highly creditable, proving tbat
in millinery Revelstoke is not going to
be left behind and showing the same
determination to forge ahead, tbat has
been so well demonstrated in other
departments of these two firms, in tbe
business life of this. city. Miss Me-.
Kenny is in charge of tbe millinery,
department ot Reid A Young and
Miss Chamberlain of C. B. Hume A
Successful Event in Aid of the
A very successful progressive whist
tournament was held last night in the
city hall, under the auspices of the
Ladies' Hospital Guild. The council
chamber had been tastefully decorated
for the occasion. This is the lirst
entertainment of this nature that has
been held in aid of tbe hospital and
proved an exceedingly popular - and
enjoyable ;event.. Sixfy-four,: players
eat down to sixteen tables aud played
cm uteadily till midnight, tlie only'
diversion being the strong westerly
gale which swept up about 10 30 p.m.,
shaking the city hall and causing
every window in the building to rattle.
At midnight an excellent supper
was served and thoroughly appreciated
by all present, During supper the
tally cards ol the players were counted
the prize winnets being Mrs. E. A.
Haggen, Mre. H. Cunningham Morris,
and Messrs. W. A. Sturdy and R. Gordon. The prizes were exceedingly
The supper proved a most enjoyable
item ot the ovening, the guests finding
much amusement in recounting incidents ol the game.
Tbe Guild reports that a large
number of tickets were sold apart from
those who attended the tournament
and a handsome sum will be turned
over to the hospital. Tbe Ladies'
i.uild are to be congratulated on tbe
success of tbeir undertaking, which
will in all probability lie the lirst of
many such enjoyable evenings.
Editor Wrote the Speeches
Arthur I Micros, tbe newly-elected
member ol Parliament lor Hastings,
England, lias been plaoed in an em-
harassing position as the result ol
an setion brought against him hy
Frank Harris, editor of Vanity Fair-
Harris it suing lor 3f>0 guineas lor
services rendered during the recent
by election.
Harris' bill it as follows :
" To ten leading articles (or ps|icr
established to promote Ducros interests, Wl guineas.
" To biographical sketch ol Ducros,
100 gtincss
" Tn preparing two speeches of
2000 to 3,000 words, 100 guneas."
Harris explained that he had written speeches (or several politicians,
whose names he refused to disclose,
and his terms never before bad been
considered to Im too high.
UaoKiNG Around every
Cn»vRiesTHe».*v-r>lt BiiSTSaBaowMC(i.CKlc»eo.        LOOKINC AfiOU*.
goods and ready-to-wearj;   wedo^ot
SPRING OOAT8 AND 8KIRT8 -We call especial attention  to
our Spring Coats and Skirts made of the best and newest materials
tailored in the very best style, workmanship and finish.in advance of
eastern made work, and al prices almut two-thirds of niaclc-to-ni'di'i-.
LACE CURTAINS—You will lie- needing some Curtains and ive
can show   you   prices and values, tbo best yet.   Nottingham  Lace
Curtains from 65c.  ihu- pair to  $ii.00.   Swiss   Applique   t'uilaiiiR
dainty designs, the prettiest cut-tains made.   Beautiful   Ecru  Madras
Curtains with silk worked designs.
OURTAIN MUSLINS of every kind. Our Madias Muslins come
in white, cream and cathedral glass effects and you can And nothing
prettier. Hohbinett with lace edge ,ind insertion-just n hal you need
for liedriniins,    Kt washes- well and wears for years.
BIO SPREADS   We have a few sets of Swiss Applique Spreads
and Shams to match.   We will 6how them to you.
 iitor a      I    i        a
Rsralstoks Clrrar*
Speolal, Ths Union,  am
nra *h*ad of aH othsr*.
ArtlstiiS and GWrgeoUs Production of Their
Bsutiful Romantio Musloal Drama
By  Clarence   Bennett, million
of "The   Holy  City."
Superbly Mounted.
"""Beautifully Costumed.
Cburiicleristic and Diverting Specinltie. .
A Thrilling Story of Love,
Hate, Passion, I n t r i gue,
Revenge, Devotion and
Heroic Daring.
75c, 50c, 25c.
Opportunity knocks'at ivery mau's
dure wanst. On some men's dure* it
hammers till it breaks down th' dure
un' thin it goes in au' wakes him up
if lie's asleep, an' sit her ward it wurrks
fr him as a night watchman. On
other men's dures it knocks nnd runs
away, an' on th' durot iv s.-mc men it
knocks au' whin they come out it
hits tliiiu over tb' bead witb an ax.
Hut ivirywar. has an opporcbunity.—
Mr  I loo Icy.
Fire Alarms.
NO. 1 Fliu; HALL.
Hoi 1—Near Palace Ment Market
" D-Near   E. A. Bradley's  snd N.
T.   Edwards'   residence, 2nd
street, west.
" I—H. A.' Dawson's corner, oppo-
Cowan Block.
" —Call from Fire Hall Mo. 2.
NO. 2 Tl*T. HALL.
Box 2—Alarm at No. 2 Fire Hall.
" 6—Mrs. Little's residence 2nd st E
" 0—Opposite tbe Roman Cathidio
Churcb, McKenzie ave. W side
" 7—At Canada Drug oorner.
" 8—Opposite. Custom  House and
Opera  Hon**, and eall from
" 9—Revelstoke Olub oorner.
tation began like this:—
"La fanthi worlaf swldheu.
Oui panju oui pelone I "
"That's i asy," ssid the   expert  tu
whom she submitted  the  note..     'It
it part of a poem tbat begins.—
" Laugh and the world laughs with
Weep, and yon weep alone.' "
Easy  Translation.
The young Francb stenographer,
wh ,ss progress in English bad not
kept pace witb her proficiency in
shorthand, was pussling over' 'some
notes sbe bad I* ken ol a recitation
at a public entertainment.
At  tbe   trtntcribed them the reci-
J08T- Ladies' Fawn colored Molt e
J Underskirt. Kindly leave nt
ail-IIkrai.ii Office.-- Reward.
ANTED-Flt'st  Clais   Waitress,
apply at, Union Restaurant.


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