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The Mail Herald Jun 19, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
Fnr ease o! operation and perfection
in results produced, thin machine
ia uiiHiirpii.'sed.    Price, $110 01) Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,    -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol. 15.-No41
REVELSTOKE, B. C. .UNE 111. 190!)
$2.50 Per Year
j C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
1 BX__.___.___.  _4   ■__.__.___,...!._>_>__!   __•■__,_>■     n __     .
Stores at Arrowhead and  p.-..y inci
al library
Bargains in Skirts
selling  W. G, & R. Standard four
ply linen  collars  in   the new shapes at    Ofi«
three for 50c, or  each      "Uti
Special Cambric W. G. and R. Shirts, coat
style, culls detached and has several new features
we would like to demonstrate to you in white
ground patterns, with colored spot in fc 1 OE
blue, black or brown, at per shirt, . .     N* ■ • £*■'
Special Winking Shirt  in   Indigo blue, cuffs
attached, coat  style,   two   detachable   collars  of
sune   material   as   sbirt,    absolutely
perfect washing colors at per shirt. .
Bargains in Skirts
I C. B. HUME  & CO.,  Limited
1 Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
June Weddings
c^L Snap in Cut Glass
A beautiful 8 Inch  Berry  Bowl, latest designs, unly a
limited supply, regular $8.50 Now S4 50
Water Bottles, regular $8.50 Now $5
Half gal. Water Pitcher, a beauty, reg, $12.50, Now $7
In Inch Celery Dish, regular $7 Now $4.50
12 Inch Celery Oisli, regular $8.50 Now S5
Lining.' hnu.I painted China, coin gnld decorations,
every piece guaranteed,
_i"> Per Cent Reduction tin all Standard .Silver Quadruple
Plated Goods, comprising Tea Sets, Tureens, Cake
Plates, Berry Bowls, Pickle Jars, Butter Dishes, etc,
I'm the balance of lhe month 'S, per cent off,
A Rare Chance to get Wedding Gifts at Cost
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ice—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Iliuuclics or Agents at all prlnolpal points In'Oanada,
Agents iii Qreal Britain and United stales London, England,
Lloyd* Bank, Limited. Chicago l-'irsi National Hank, Corn Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Seat tie National Hank, Ban Fran-
olsoo—Wells Fargn Nevada National Hank. Spokane— Bxonanga
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits  of $1 and upward,   received, and   interest allowed ill
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited,
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
f No. 97 Had Been on Time
Terrible Accident Might Have
Occurred-All Trains Delayed for a Few Days.
KENORA, Ont, June 18—Almut
16:80 this afternoon lull yards ol the
C. P. R, K. track fell at Hawk lake,
26 miles eust of here, and slid into tbe
lake, leaving only a few timbers. Hud
train Nu. 117 been on time it is probable it would bave gone with it, but
it was abuut half au liuur late, and
probably a terrible accident was averted. The passengers were transferred,
but all the freight trains ure held up.
lt is feared it may take twu nr three
days to build up tlie trestle wurk lui
the trains tu cruse. This place has
beeu leared by train men for sume
time as dangerous to cross, but fortunately it went down when there
was 110 trains on time.
I Several Old-time Politicians of
Klondyke Have Been Named
Dawson, June 18.—Nominations are
being received for the lirst wholly
plective legislature iu the Yukon.
Following are the nominations : Daw-
sun, Ur. J O. Laohappelle, L A.
Smith, Conservative ; Charles Bos-
Buit, Joseph Stingle, Liberals. South
Dawson, James W. Murphy, Dr. A. C.
Gillis, Liberals. John "Grant, Independent Liberal: George Black, Conservative. Klondike, Max Laundeville,
Angus \V. McLeod, Liberals; David
En nis, Eugene A. Hogan, Conservatives.
While dulse—Robert Low, Willa-id
P. Phelps, Liberals; Patrick Campbell,
The election will be held ou June
Fourteen Years' Imprisonment
the Punishment A lotted
FERNIE, B. C , June 18.—The work
of the assize court here was completed
Thursday eveuiug. The Luckbart
case, in which the former secretary ui
the lire relief fund, was charged with
having converted $1100 to his own
use, was sent over to bs heard at the
full assizes at Nelson, tbe defendant's
counsel alleging lhat the prejudice
against the accused wss tou strung in
Fernie to permit nf bis getting a fair
trial here.
Joseph Rameira, charged witb
Blackhand work and breaking jail,
waa sentenced 10 14 years' imprisonment. Evidence was given by Alexander Rizzuttu and Louis Carosell uf
Mr Beaumont has a son on Koote-
iay Lake, who is a ranch owner, and
two other sons are about to establish
themselves as Iruit growers in tbat
locality. Mr. Beaumont himself has
secured an option on 40 acres of fruit
laud on Arrow Lake and owns ten
acres on Kootenay Like. The soil iR a
rich black loam and he suggests that
berries aud vegetal lea could be raised
to advantage until the trees attain a
hearing age."
" The English apple tree Bcema to
do exceptionally well," said Mr. Beaumont. " 1 brought out (rom England
700 trees ol different varieties, viz.,
Cox Oiango Pippin, (liavenstein and
Warren's King ol the Pippins. The
English trees, accustomed us they ure
to the severe English winter ol constant freezes and thaws, have become
very hardy and in tht more favorable
climate of British Columbia, give
phenomenal results."
In speaking of life in the Koutenay
Mr. Beaumont expressed himself as
delighted with what seemed to be a
veritable paradise—the magnificent
scenery and snow-topped mountains
tempering the heat ol summer and
supplying the cuuntry with snow
water, creeks abounding in trout, ap
pealing to those who have an eye for
beauty and to the utilitarian sportsman who will find pheasant and duck
us well as good lishing.
There are at, present many opportunities of acquiring property at very
reasonable prices ami as many Englishmen are already I -cited on ranches
iu this section, it will particularly
appeal to the Englisliiii in who wishes
to settle in an English community,
Mr, Beaumont has just completed
a 50-mile drive over the C. P. R. lauds
in the Strathniore-C.ilgary region and
reports that laud is being taken up
very quickly by Englishmen of the
right stamp, who are all becoming
prosperous, Mr. Beaumont says:
" Englishmen and English women are
wanted for ibe development ol tbis
vast country with small capital 10
take up homesteads and lhe men and
women to work on these farms—the
farm hands and domestic servants."
Mr. Beaumont has just established
the settlement ot a party of immigrants ou the C.l'.K. company's lauds
iu the Bow river valley and will return
to England alter paying a visit to his
son on Kootenay Lake.
C. P. R. Has Completed Enormous Engine.
Montreal,   June   18.—The   Canadian  Pacilic  is  just completing  the
biggest locomotive which bus ever
been built iu Canada which was
designed by H. H. Vaughn, and built
at ihe Angus shops. This monster
locomotive is 70 feet from end to end.
and with the loaded tender weighs
nearly two hundred tons, aud wil exert
■ .... .^fl
Selling ai Cost for Cash
IOR ONE WEEK I will .sell Ladies'
ami Children's Boots and Shoes at
Cost prices, for Cash Only, in order to
advertise the Attics llolden brand. No
better shoe made.    Get a pair now,
Fir»t   Stroot
  a  tractive  force of  30,000 pounds as
receiviug letters demanding $200 and compared  with  110,000 for the largest
$800  respectively.   Otherwise, it  was ordinary consolidated freight engines,
threatened,   tbeir   places   would    be The boiler, wbicli is about the size of
.         ,      , .1            1 1 1    1 111   1     , two ordinary engine  boilers, contains
burned and tbey wuulil be killed.    In- ",                1.7 , um, .    _.   < 1
' the equivalent ol 4,000 feet of heating
lormation   was   laid with the police, puwer    The  engine is of  the Mallet
who gave  evidence  of   arresting the articulated type, and is practically two
prisoner aud  of   finding   paper   cor-' engines under one big boiler.    It wi"
responding to that on which  the  let
ters were written,   envelopes   of   the
same   quality  and   a   passbook.    On
comparing the signature of tbe  prie-
be tried out this week and then be
1 sent west lor use on the heavy grades
in the Rooky mountains. If it proves
! a success a  number   ol  similar size
will be built.
A.  Ci.  CRICK
,Opposito   Windsor   Hotel J
oner aud writing in the passbook with
that ol the two letters, the writing
was found to he identical. The prisoner intended going to the States that'
week, having quit bis work nt Coal
Criek. He was nut tried on the
charge oi jail breaking.
What an English Expert Has to
Say About This District
An illicial report ol tbe Iruit growing district uf Kooteuuy, Arrow Lake
and the Okanagan Valley, from an
eminent point of view has been r«-
ceived by the Vancouver Province from
.lamed Beaumont, of Ipswich, England,
and a representative ol the 0 P.It., but
[l accredited by both the Dominion
and liritish Columbia government*,
which gives an added weight to his
observations upon this section ol the
Mr. Beaumont is must enthusiastic
over the favorable terms ollercd by
the Dominion government to Englishmen coming Into the country. He
says that many recent settlers on the
prairies are already  highly prosperous
and that the opportunities for further
development are well nigh unlimited.
'• The    KoO enay  country,"   said   Mr.
Beaumont, "is simply ideal  lui  young
Nakusp is Offering $1,000 in
Prizes   Big Crowds Expected
Tie Dominion Day celebration at
Nakusp promises one ol tho best celebrations ol the kind in the interior
this year. The enterprising citizens
ol Unit town have subscribed $1,000
lor prizes. The programme will consist ol baseball,lucioBse.ucquaticeveiits
und utblelic gportB, to conclude in the
evening with a grand concert and
dance. Excursion rates on railways
und steamboats will bring a large
number ul visitors, and no doubt
RevelBtoke will be well represented
Wedding at Nakusp
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Na-
kuHp, was the aceno of a pretty wedding on Monday afternoon last, when
Mr. Henry Robinson, ol Arrowhead,
wuh joined iu tlie bunds ul holy wedlock to Mihb Alice Montgomery, of
llushee, County Antrim, Ireland, The
wedding oeremony was performed by
Rev. W. ThuniHS Johnson, Vicurof the
Parish. The liride was given awuy by
Mr. XV. 0. M. Broadbent, who acted ub
best man. Mint Flossies Edwaids of
Nakusp supporled the bride- After
tbe ceremony the wedding party adjourned to the home of Mrs. L. J. Ed-
wardB, Nakusp, wliore  they  were very
Shocking Affray Last Night in
the East End—Man's Throat
Cut ■- Would-be Murderers
Still at Large.
The usiiul quiet of the city was disturbed last night aliout 10 o'clock by
the report thut a minder bud been
committed near Mr. Julian's house,
Second street east. On investigation
however it proved that the perpetrators bad not succeeded in their evident
intent, although the victim now lieB
in the hospital with un ugly gash of
four or live inches across bis throat.
As tar us can be learned the particulars ul the caae are these: About
10 o'clock last night Police Ollicer
Sturdy was called up by telephone at
the police staliun by some one reporting 11 disturbance down in tbe Italian
colony. No particulars however could
be elicited aa to the nature of the row.
There were no police at the station
at tbe time, but Mr. Sturdy said he
would aend some one up us soon as
possible. In a few minutes Sturdy
wus called to the telephone again, and
he immediately left for the scene ol
the disturbance, and on bis arrival
there be found that Chief Bain and
Constable McDonald were already
called to the scene of the tragedy.
Everybody was so much 1 xcited that it
was with dilliculiy any partioulurs
cuuld he obtained.'
lt appears, however, that Fred. Or-
setti, who works at tlie C. P. R. freight
sheds, a eon in-law of Mr. Frank
Julian, waa leaving Julian's house,
just going out of the gate, when he
waa grabbed by two men, wlio slushed
him across the throat in a most
brutal manner, presumably with a
Immediately on committing the
crime the perpetrators made off, one
of them losing a hal in their hurried
From all appearances it looks aB
though the deed bad beeu premeditated, as the men who are Buppuaed to
be guilty, and who are well-known
locally, having been employed i.y the
C. P. R., had drawn all tbeir money,
witb tbe evidetit intention of clearing
right out.
The police are confident of capturing the men before long, and for the
welfare of the community it is sin
cerely hoped that their efforts will be
The police have telegraphed a dee-
ciiption of the men wanted all over
the country and there is little or no
chance ol tlieir eacape.
Preparations for a Gala Time
on Tuesday
Preparations for the Old Timers'
picnic on Tuesday aro about completed and the event promises to be a
must enjoyable oue. The picnic will
be held on the City Park, belli nil the
Agricultural Grounds, and will last
from about 10 a.m. till the evening
shadow- lull. The only Invitation
which ia being given to this picnic is
that given through the columns ol the
local press and includes all old timers
and their friends in the city and district.
Everyone will bring their own lunch
aud any bankets left at C. B. Hume A
Cn.'s, Bourne Bros, or F. B. Wells'
store before 11 o'clock Tuesday morning will be conveyed to the grounds by
a rig specially hired for the purpose.
A road baa been constructed around
tbe race track so thai it will not lie
necessary to go through tbe ground.-,
the entrance being to the lelt of the
gate at lhe race track. The committee
iu charge have bad the grounds fixed
up (or the occasion anil desire to state
that any "Id timer who fails tu put in
an appearance ut the picnic will be
heavily lined unless he or she, as the
case may be, can furnish boiiic reason-
ablo and valid cxcubc.   Don't forget
that this picnic is for  old  timers and
tbeir friends and practically inoludei
everybedy Ic the city.
Englishmen who have tbe necessury J.JJJJ'^fy "entarLiiied. The happy
capital to make a start—not fur busi- couple will reside lor a timo at Arrow
nets uluiic, but as a pluce ol residence," I head,
Only One Wink Allowed by C
P. R. at the Coast Cities
The return trip tickets from Revelstoke to the A -V.-P. at Seuttlo are on
sale at $10.66, at the C. P. R. ticket
Ollice. The tare rate opened at $8160
for tlio return trip, thus it will be
seen that the company iavo reduced
the price ol the;tickot by $3,   The C,
25 n ifl
On .Silver plated ware,
Fancy China, including
48 piece China Tea Sets,
some very line pieces of Limoges China, a nice assortment
of Wedgewood ware, also Jardinieres, Flower Vases, colored and plain glassware, some good designs in Cut Glass,
etc. All goods arc marked in plain figures and there is no
deception about this sale.
We are also offering the balance of our Refrigerators
at low prices in order to make room for other goods. This
is a goud chance to obtain one Just as the hot weather is
coming on.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
I'm cool enough
Mr. Swell Dresser is cool beacuse he has cool
Why should you wear hot old clothes when you
can get cool ones for so little money and you will
have weeks and weeks to wear them.
It will pay you to buy a nice outing suit because
you can get it at almost half price and wear it for
two seasons. That makes outing-suits at twenty-live
cents on the dollar,
For summer clothes that will give you grace of
form and comfort of mind t
B. E. WALKER, President I  Paid-Up Capital, $1 0.000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRI>, General Manager    Reserve Fund,   -     6.000,000
Tha new Travellers' Cheque! recently totted by this Bank are a most convenient
way in which to carry money when traveUhtg.   They are [aeued in denominations at
$10,  $20, $50,  $100 and $200
and Um euct amount payable in Austria, Hclfiium, Denmark, France,
Germany. Great Britain, linlland, Italy, Norway, Kiismh, Sweden
and Switzerland ta staled on the fare of each t-heque, while in other
tbey are payable al rurrent raii-v
The chetpies an.l all information regarding them may be obtained al ..mty
at Ibe Bank. Ula
It's a Sight
to mi- our collection of Meats
and Poullry( No better assortment w«# ever ihown by m,
Oholoe cuts * tf
Beef, Lamb and Pork
un. in in- bud here al .ill t iun-
Kvery housekeeper who values
the opportunity to iavs mould
make hei purchase! here,
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wa Handle Premier Hams and Baoon
P. H. Company, however, innliit that I like'guud business lur the coast cities,
purchasers ul tickets tu the Seattle fair I lur there is no one who contemplates
mult go right through-fritbout a mo- a trip to the A.-V.-l'. but ooniider a
ment I stopover, and return in the j day or tw.. at Vancouver and Victoria
saiim  manner.     This  dot!  nut  look la part ul the prolamine ol tbo trip. mi
Zbc flfoail-lbcialb.
interior publtsbing Companfi,
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
upreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office and befoie" Railway
Hi.N, Ouaklkb MlllI'llV, M.l'.
Harold Fisher.
OVKICtS 1   I.Ml'l-lllAL Bank Hiii.i.imi ltKYKI.
ortiix-i Revelsuiko, BO.   i ranbrook, a I.
JgO. 3. -Mcl AKTKll
^. M_   I'lKKHAM J. A.  H.lllVKY.
ROI l_li.Ul.__l_. I'millll'OOK. 11- L.
Solicilot-i etc.
S -In itorjfon -
lur. Canadian Ua.sk of Commerce,
Tun Molsons Hank, Ktc.
FIRST ST.,   •   REVELSTOKE, ti.l'.
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mining Sutveyor
Hi ix luti, Revelstoke
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
Menu Second nml Kmirili Wednesdays In
each month, In Selkirk Hall. VlBltln woodmen oordlally Invited to attend.
J. MelNTYUE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
the riuuiiir meetiiiBi. me I'Ol'l "■ U'<> Selkirk
HbII  every Tue.-day  evoinuit . Rt   8   0 cliuik
Vi-iliuK brelliren are cordially invited.
"-'""" lT   j   WALSH. PMBIDBNT.
Six   Roomed  House  with Plumbing.    Price $1550.    Kent
i?l7.50 per month.
House, six  rooms,  on   Third  Street.     Price $2100.    Pent
$20 per month.
Good buy in Lots 28 and 24, Block   II, on corner of Fifth
and Robson Avenue.   Price s-l.r>0.
Two good  buys  in   Lots 2\  and 22, Block 22, just east of
Queen's Hotel.    Priee $750.
Two good Lots on Kighlh Street und corner of  Orton   Ave.,
100 x 100.    Priee $850.
Six Roomed House, Furnished, on  Sixth  Street,  improved
ground.    Price $3500.    House and Lots only $3250.
Double   Huuse, renting for $80 per month, for sale at $2750,
On general principles, why should
thore not be ;i system of general
mail delivery in any ease.
Kootenay Lodso, No. 15, A F. & A. M
■tt,   ^
Tlio regular nmi'l-
iiiL-.. aro liol.l in tlio
Oddfellows Hall, ou
Um tliir.i M lay in
inch    niiilitl'    III     I*
,, ni. VIsitiuL'brotli
rou    cnrilially   will
C. A. HKUUUNIER, SkorbtabV.
SELKIRK LODGE lu, 1.0,0. F.
Meet-, ova ry Tlnir-
day   evoiiliin    in   Sol
kklrli Hall iu 8o'olook
_ _   PVlsltlug Inotliroii are
cordially invited In ulteuil.
W. A. KOOTE, n.ii. Jas. mathik.sw'.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
Ho. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
exce|.t liiini Wednesdaj i.
uai'li innnlli. In l .ddfell nv '
Hall al B o'cl .ck. Visilin ■
Knli?Iitu ar.. oordlally .iiviii-il.,
',. H.  HKOl K   K. „I   H. A 8,
J    II. SCOTT, .M. uf F.
T. I'
KEl I il lil.K. I Hi in 1: 1 Is
Zbc flftatWlberalb
• _J_?!Hi<lJrTk*!Btt'
Why oigarmakers want to go
and put cocaine into cigars is one
of the things lhat passes comprehension, The public which, on
general principles, objects to tampering with peoples murals. The
drugging of cigars is the last limit.
Okanogan Mission vs. Revelstoke- Two Days Good Sport
In spite of lowering weather splendid
und enthusiastic games were witnessed
by a huge number of townspeople on
tlie local chili's grounds Tuesday and
Wednesday. The club, kindly assisted
by its lady friend*, who are legion,
made every hospitable effort to entertain the visitiug players and spectators, and their loyalty and kindness
were thoroughly appreciated. The
splendid phonograph records of Mr.
Humphreys were very pleasing and
gave much delight. Mrs. K. II. Bourne
was a most p'easing and kindly hostess on both days, and was ably u-sisted
by Mrs. Aman, Mrs. Male) and the
Misses I'aget. Messrs. Humphreys
and Maguire were the umpires lor
both matches, and tbeir decisions were
is just as their characters are kindly.
The (.iiiiim were bowlers games, each
ul, their best, and Ibe vic.ory rested
with the visitors by reason ut a better
i alanoed baiting Btrongtb and liner
The local men arc not a bit discouraged, however, and tbey hope
when next they meet tbe Missionaries
to give as goud as they got.
Following will be found u detailed
score of the two matohes with innings
ol both sides:
First Innings.
A. H, Crichtoii b, Maley      1-1
ti. 11. Packer h Maley        1
A, Montgomery o Cooke, b Brooker   20
W. E. XV. Mitchell b Maley.
11. Farell c Cooke b Maley   	
A. Q, Bennett b Maley..'	
H.C. Mallain b  Brooker	
IJ. E. Crichton, run out	
W. P. Walker c Bourne b Maley.
I. H. Thompson 1 b.w., I. Maley
F. Thornloe, not out	
Tfiere i_- *> much had in the bsst of OS,
And so much uood iu tlie worst nf u*.
That it hardly behooves any nf u?.
Tu talk about the rest of u_i.
" There is a brisk demand for
liritish Columbia lumber on the
prairies, and your lumbermen have
a right to feel cheered over the
prospect," says •'. <■. Burry, general
manager of western lines of the C
P. R. to the Vancouver News-Advertiser. "The bulk of our immigration tiiis year i- from the
briti-h J-.'-- and the United States
and settlers oi that stock will live
in good houses. Tbe town.- which
will spring up to meet tbeir requirements will be Boundl) con-
-tri.i'.. i and tbat means a good
m irki I f ir your lumber. The railway company ni.d the expreat
company b ive all along been mui h
impressed with the great  | iiii
itiet of Iruit rai.-ing in British I o
lumbi.,   md are well equip] ed to
handle  B. C. fruit, ami it Bhould
reach it- destination in good con
ditioii.    I   hope  the  fruit grower
have made ; rovision fur distributing the fruit on its arrival on tbi
prairie.    I hi"  bas heretofore been
the weak point in tln-ir otherwie
excellent   organization,   and    ha
sometimes resulted  in  dissatiafac
tion and loss lo them.
Westminster has a mail delivery
which is said to be satisfactory
considering it- juvenile proportions. Why should not Revelstofcs
receive equal consideration at the
hands of the Dominion Government, Revelstoke is half as big nr
Westminster, uud bar- just as good
a class of people as the latter city,
Brooks, not out
Ex Iras
Brooker b Tboriii.loe  (I
Foster c Montgomery b Mullam.. 5
Brier b Thorneloo  15
Entwistle c Farell b Mallain  0
Maley c I'acker b Malluni  0
Kield b Thorneloe  3
Atkins c Malluni b Thorneloe. ... 0
Brooks h Thorneloe  10
Bourne c Mullum b Thorneloe ... 2
Bonilla not out    2
Young b Thorneloe     1
Extras   3
For Rent
House on Flrai Street, $2H per month,
Four Illinois mi MeKei zie-Avenue, $10
per month
For  Sale
Good liiiildini; Lois.
Two  hoiiBcs  suitably  located on McKenzie Avenue
Acreage for Market Gardening,
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
Lois in Block 52
For Sale
For Prices and Terms.
Enquire of
Revelstoke Realty Co
*A9   ~--r^..
Notice to contractors
uKALKl* TKNDKRS. eupornoribud ''Tender
n for Look-up," will bo recoivod by tlio Hon*
ouiablo tho Min Inter of Public Worka up to
noun .if Wednesday thoSOtb day of Juuo, 100P
for tin; erection nml completion of u throo-v
lock-up und conBtablo'i quarters at Nakus
Plans, specifications, eonlrart and forme nf
tender may bo seen on and after tho 7th da> uf
Juno, LOOO, at tho oflloefl of tho Uovcrnni. -it
A gout ut (Casio; tho Government Agon* at
Hevelstoke; the Mining Recorder at Nnlui-p;
aud at the "Department of Public Wort;-, Victoria, B.C.
Kaoli proposal must hn aecomvi.nod by an
accepted bunk ohepuo or oertlfl ■ u *if doposlt
on a chartered bank of Cana1'" made payable
to tho Hon. Minister of Publl »\orks for a sum
equivalent to ten per oont 'il i ho amouut of tho
tendor, wbioh shift bo fivteltod if the party
tondorlngdoellno in onto." into contract when
called upon to do so, o* if he fall to oomplote
tho work contracted 'or. The cheques or car-
tiilrait's of deposit of uusuooossfiil tondorors
win bo rot urn od to tbem upon tho oxooutlon
of tho contract.
rendors will not bo oonsldorod unless made
out on tho forms suppllod, signed with tho
actual signaturo of tho tenderori und enolosod
in the envelope furnished.
Tho lowest or any tendor not nocossarily
V 0. <i \MIILK,
Public Works Kiigluoor.
Ten Handsome Dinner Sets
Given Awiy i'i
First Innings
I'acker b Maley ,  11
Montgomery b Kntwistle  3
Crichton b Entwistle  1
Mitchell c Bourne b Maley  3
Farell b Entwistle  S
Bennett b Maley  0
Mallam not out  33
Thorneloe b Bonilla  11
Walker l.b.w.  b Maley.
Orlchton li Maley	
Thompson b Entwistle.
III. IN in \N    MISSION'    SPORTS'   '
Second Innings
Crichton not out	
Montgomery c Atkins h Maley
Mallam, not uui	
Total   . 'il
OKANAUAN    mi-shin    STORTS'   CLUB
Second Innings
A, 11. Crichton b Cooke    0
G. II. Packer c  and   b Entwiatli 9
A. Montgomery b Cooke   I
W.  W.  Mitchell c   Entwistle   b
Couke  2
R.   Farell  c  Maley b  Kntwistle  . -
A. Q,  Bennet  l.b.w   b. Entwistle. 9
H. C. Mallam b Cooke  0
B. E.  Crichton b  Entwistle.. I
VV. P. Walker b Cooke...
J. Thompson l.b.w, b   Entwistle
F. Thornloe, nut out .
Total      50
C. M. Field b Thornloe        12
K. H. Bourne bMallam. .   , ,
A  ii. Brooker, l.b.w. b Mallam . "i
VV. Brier b Mallam
J. Maley. run out...
.1. K   -M. Coi ke b Mallain
II  K  Atkins c Mitchell b Thornloe                                 -
K. Entwhistle bThornloe -i
— Bonilla, not ont
0. VV, V 'UtiK. run out     	
A. Annan  b I'liur 6
Extras 2
...   _    , ,,
0, M. Field 0 Packer I.  Wall iin
—Bonilla st. Farell li Wallam
J. Maley c Bennett bThornel ■
J. R. M. Cooke c Crichton b Mallam .... T
B.R, Atkins c Crichton l. Thorneloe ...      I
I-. II.  Bourne c  Montgomery  b
M y     I
R Entwbistle o and b Mullam
A. ii. Brooker b rhorneloe
A. Ariiuiii c and b Mallam
0. W. Young o Bennett b Mallam     (I
.1. Aldridge not out.
Total     18
Field c Walkor b Parker ........      H
Bourne o Walker b Mitohell 2
Maley b Packer       7
Brier b Thorneloe  15
Entwistle b Packer.     12
Atkins b Thorneloe  ,'i
Foster b Thuriieloe  (I
Brooker b Thorneloe        U
Bonilla li Packer  7
Young li Thorneloe         ...      1
Score at call of time.
The visitors lelt Thursday morning
to play Vernon Ciicket Club (bat day
and the result will be interesting to
all lucal wicketers. The Missionaries
are a jolly and sportsmanlike lot ■ i
fellows who made many friends iu
their all too short stay in the city.
I) mt us our agents In unrepresented territory, Sample wheel supplied at wholesale prices. Particulars
tree.   Tuns. I'limi.ky, Victoria, B. 0.
1711VK ROOM IIOl'SE localedonO.
J.' P, K. grounds near station, with
'2D year lease on gionnd, This house is
In good lepiiii wiili line, garden and
fruit trees. Will sell nt a bargain if
sold al once. Apply I'm Iiul her par
titulars to K. ,1. Bourne, Kirst.street.
1,il>ll SALE—Some heavy horses,
1 which have been used for logging,
Have a Stallion, inures and geldings.
Write RevelsUike Sawmill Oo„ Ltd.,
Big Eddy, II. I .
WANTED—Planer  hand,   able  lo
handle   litiiich   matcher    and
make mouldings
Apply Lee Lil 1)1 bei
WANTED -Waitress    lor     Palace
Resliiurant,   $2Ti   per  month,
Apply P, (.). Hox 112, Revelstoke, B.C.
VTTANTEI)    llaily  work.   "K.   \VY
Mrs U, Bruce, Ctimutiight
WANTED -Nighi, fireman, holding
Fourth eluss papers. Apply,
stilting wages, in liig Bend Liunbei
i'u., Arrowhead,
WANTED—A fresh cow slate price
and particulars, Apply Harry Mcintosh, Halcyon Springs, B. I'.
► 5 Children's work. Orders left at
my home In the Samson block on Second Street will receive prompt attention—Mrs. IS. Ilickei'tnn.
Why Christie's Biscuits
are the best
r^OOT) BISCUITS are marie
by more than one or two manufacturers, and ' an be baked from any
one of a few ex< ellenl brands of flour,
but  the  Christie   wa    is  different.
The hrst millers ml.       i shi|    us  samples  of
their  flnur   twice a er.     We test the
sample* and '.el.-. I ' r our purpi   i
Wc Men.I the brands ive proved be il
keep on blending ami te ...I baking until
we ^ft a dough  good  e tain, or be-tt-r,
the Christie reputation.
■ry ounce of raw material is rarefully analysed
before  it ran  pass into the  mixing  room.
The  best  sugar,  pure,  fresh    re-imery butter, new
sweet milk and delicious i rean     these pure ingredi
ents  mixed with our blend  of flour,  in   the. Christie,
scientific way, yields that delightf il, appetising crisp*
ness and delicate flavor whii h has made
Christie's Biscuits
favored aboveallothrrtable cUinfirs from ocean tnorran.
Yes,  Christie's are the   best   biscuitfl   money can
buy, yet they cost no more than just ordinary biscuits.
Hold by Oorer* tvery where
Christie, Brown A Company, Limited, Toronto
Public Works Doparttnnnt,
Viotoriii, H. 0., Juno 2nd, 1000.
JO td
Notice to Contractors
Wn.Mi.ii Scnoni,
Q13ALED TBNDBR8, auueraoribotl "Teudor
u for Sflnuii-lHuisn/ will hi) rocoivod by tbo
lion, tlio Edtulster of Public Works up to uoou
ul Wcdmesduy, Uui ltkb duy ol' Juue, 1000, tor
tlu) ereotiou und com plot lou ol n small ono-
room frume tjohool-houaeut Wilmor, It. u.
I'litus, speciiloatlous, ooutraot oud   Forms of
lomtur uiiiy ho SC0U on uud .(tier Uio 2lst day of
May,   l'.Hni, ut Uio oflloea ot thu Quvorumeot
AffOUt al (itilduii; of __?. (i. Ball, l'.si| . Soi-rultiry
ot tho Sobool Hoard, Wilmor. II C, autl Ht lhu
Public Works Departuient, Victoria,H  (.>.
Baob proposal must bo aocompauled by ao
nccopted bunk cheque or certificate ot doposit
ou u cburtcrod hank of VJuiiuda, ttiude [inyuble
Lo the Hou. the Minister of Public Works for h
-ipii .>.|mvaliMit lo toil por cent of tho amount
of iho teuder. which shall bo forfeited if rlio
party leudoriiiK decline to enter iuto contract
whuu culled upon to  do HO, or if ho tail to com
ploio the work coutraotod for. The cUetiue^or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers
will bo relumed lo ilioiu upon Uio executiou of
tlm contract.
Tenders will not lie considered unless made
out on ttie fornix supplied, sltfued with lhe
actual signature of   iho   louderor, aud enclosed
iu ihe envelopes furnished.
Ttie lowest or uny tendor not necessarily
Puolio Works Bogineer.
Public Works Deparfmont,
Victoria, It. (J., 18th May, 1900. jun 1*^
The numbered coupon contained in overy 401b. sick of Royal
Standard Flour gives you a dance to win a beautiful low piece china
dinne set. Watch thin Bpaot the lirst issue of every mo ith for the
lucky numbers. Gather all the coupons you can, anil compare them
with lh   winning nutnberB.
Royal Standard Flour is a pure, clean, tfholeBO'ce Hour, made
from specially selected win at, brought from the choicest wheat fields of
tho Canadian West, milled in Vancouver, and handled with the utmost
care through every process until it reaches your kitchen—the best Hour
on sale in Bnii-h Columbia today. j
Order a Hack from your grocer.
AMDREW K   F, LIDDLE, PluiutllT,
(Judgmeut Creditor)
T. J. TOMPKINS, Dofeudunt,
(Judgment Debtor 1
H1.1 oui. His HoNoiii Ji noi; 08ANT In I'mam-
B1GB8, Monday, ino  i'iin   day Of   Muy.  A.D.
l'PUN THK APPLICATION of the Judgment
Creditor auU UPON HKAKlMi Mr a U. Harvey ou helmII ol tne Apptlcuui and L'Pt'N
HEADING Lhe AHIdavits ut A. K F. LtdUle auU
A.U llarvoy sw«ru htrelu, tlio 13th Uuy ol May,
A.D. 190U and lllou;
IT IS OKDEUED that sorvlce upou tho
Judgment Debtor, T. J. Tompkins, uf Lhe
Notice lI Motlou uuuexed hereto, ottlliug upou
him io  Bhow cause why cerlaiu luud therein
ilaiui'd should UUt oe -old tO roall/ti lhu uniOUUt
of the Judgmeut herein hy publishing this
Order together with lhe Notice annexed hereto,
iu four consecutive weekly editions ol h newspaper published or cirrulutlug in the CItyof
Revelstoko, B,0„ be doomed guod and sullioieut
service upon the aluresuid Judgmeut Deolor,
of the sai'l Order uud Notice ol Motion;
coni of and iticiueniul tu this 'ippliciiiou,
Should bo uddod lo tho amount of the Judgmeut
TAKE NOTICE that a Motion will be made
hetoro ihe L'ceslpiug dudge 01 Chambers, at the
conn House) Vancouver, B.C;,on Friday, the
23th day of June, A.D. 1900,01 the hour of IU
o'clock Lu the foreuuon or so soon thereafter as
counsel may bo hoard ou an application ou
behalf of the Judgmeut Creditor, 1 ran Order
■ .li.iiic upon llie Judgment Doblor to show
cause why Lots oue tl) aud two 1'-) in Blocks
Forty-six, Furty-soveu, Forty-eight (4ii, 47, 48).
District Lot Two Thousand aud Twenty*two
12022), Vancouver District, or a oomueteut pun
of sunt luud, Bhould uot be sold to roahze tlio
amouut payable under lho Judgment heroin;
suppurt thereof, will bo read the Allidavits ol
\. K, F Liddle aud A. U. Harvey, both SWOm
tbo j3th jay of May, A.D. 1909, and lited.
Solicitor for Judgmeut Creditor.
To T. J. Tompkins, Esq .
Judgment Debtor.
RevelBtoke Land District.
Distriel "I Weat Kootonay.
Take Notice thai Roderick \V. Lindsay, nf ( iiiiiliiiiin', B.C., occupation
merchant, Intends to apply for permission in purchase tbe following
described lmnl :
(lommenclng nt a posl planted ut 11 >• -
north-easl corner of A. I). McKay's
pre-emption. No, TSiir,, ami marked
"It. W. Lindsay's North-West Oorner
Post; thence about k chains east to
n. i line of McKinnon's pre-emption,
thence about 60 chains kuiii.1i, thence
about 8 chains weal to McKay's sidr
iun., thence north about i'iii chains tn
point of commencement mul contain
in,/ l'i acres more or less.
liiiiiMin k William Lindsay,
Dated April BOth; num. my 22
Certificate of   Improvements
I. v L,   and   Utilvm   Pick   mineral
i        ii until   in   tin'   Troul   Lake
MuiiiiK Division nl West Kootenay
di irict,
\\ hero l.i.iitiil. between the norlh
..mi louth forks "i I.nili. iireek.
Take notice thai I Catherine l-'lnr
unco Realty, of Vancouver, H.('., I't-oe
Minn ( Hi'tillciiUi No. II IHI7H, Inietid
. dui . from iiiii' hereof, to npply
to tlie Mining Recoi-der for n certllf.
rate of improveiuents for the purposi'
of obtaining Crown    grants   of   the
jili'ivi" I'lnini-i.
Ami further take notice that action
under Section 87 must be commenced
before the Issuance of Buch Certificate
nl' Improvements.
Dated  thii twenty sbventh day of
May, AH. imiu.
UiySW CATHBItlNB I''i,..iu;.m H BUATTY.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
$3 500,000
Has 65 Brandies in Canada, and Agents nnd Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities cf the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. P3ATT, Manager.
Make Your Pome Beautiful
with one nl our hands'-me parlor acts,
upholstered in high urmlc silk, nr
ilunns... with li'iiiiii'S tint arc in every
cnni'iMViililc design, an i nisde to wmir
indefinitely. Wc have .iiny new anil
beautiful parlor aet.H and odd pieces Inr
beautifyine; tlio home tlmt arc taste
ful, elf .civu and inexpensive, and w il
slum ymir rooms tn the best iiilvnn-
in (J, P. II. contract for facing Kevelsloke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable i rices for large or small
quantities. By far the ohea pest material for a substantial
bouse. Cool in summer, wa.in in winter. Saves most of
your painting ami about have yovr insurance,
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
'  P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HKAU OKKIim; 1   OALOABY,   Ai.iikuta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers In Livestock, Markets in all the prlnci
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British QolumbU and the Yukon,
Packers of ilie Uelebrated Brnn I " Imperatnr" Hams and Bacon,
j  and " Shaiitrock" Brand Loaf .Lard. ■.
Import direct from country of origin.
REVELSTOKE    _ks.  r*.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Proprietor m
P. 0. 1175.
Certified Copy of a Report of the Committee of tho Privy Council, approved
by His Excollency the Covernor Cen-
eral on the 2Sth May, 1909.
(in a Memorandum, daled 25th May.
IIIIIII, In.in the .Minister nl' Public
Winks, stating thai on the 81stof
March, I'.m'.i, an Order in Cuuuoll was
passed approving plans of certain
works proposed to lie constructed by
the Shuswap & Thompson Rivers
Unoiii Uu. iii the North Thompson
Itlveis, B.O.i
That the Oolleutor of Revenue of the
Department of Public Winks has prepared the annexed regulations for the
operation nl' llie pruposed booms as
weli as llie tariff of lulls to be charged
liy the Oonipany for the use nf tlieir
win ks during the season of IIKJil.
The .Minister recommends that the
Shuswap ami Thompson Rivers Bo'bra
Co,, In- authorized to levy tolls in
accordance with the annexed tanIV for
the use   nf   I heir   winks  during   the
season ut' num.
The Minister further recommends
lhat the annexed regulations for the
operation of the booms be approved,
saiil regulations, however, to bo subject to amendment from time tn lime
as  may   lie euiisitlcretl   neeessnry ami
advisable in the opinion uf the Minister
Of Public Wurks.
The Committee submit tlie same fur
(Signed)   K. K. BENNETTS,
Assi. Olerk of the Privy Council-
The Honourable,
The MlnUter of Public Works,
Of Tolls proposed to be charged by the
shuswap anil Thompson Rivers
Boom Company inr the use ut the
Company's Booms ami Wurks uu
llieNnitli Thoinpson Hiver, in the
Province   ul'    liritish   Oolumbia,
liming the year 10001
Logs and Poles under 17 feel
lung, nver  lli  Inches in diameter     8c, each
l.ugs and Pules under 17 feet
long,  VI Inches or less iu
diameter     4c,    "
Lugs and -Poles nver 17 feet
long, and under 'AD feet
lung,   nver   \2   Inches   iu
mean ilia met er    Ule.    "
Logs and Poles nvei 17 feet
lung and under 1*1 feet lung,
12  inches or less, in menu
diameter    3c.   "
Logs and Poles over 80 feet
lung, any diameter for
every ID feel additional or
fraction Lhereof  27e.addi-
tion tn the 10c. rate
R. R, Ties and Fence Rusts..    Ic. each
l-foot wood for any use     ic.   "
Other lugs ,nnl lumber shall be
charged for al such proportionate
rates as would be chargeable under
this Tarilf against the class of lugs and
lumber to wnicb they are morn nearly
allied, but not to exceed the proportionate rates prescribed by Stat. Can.
M Vic. Gap. 20.
Any excess collected under this Tariff over and above ihe actual eust nf
operating expenses and ten percent on
capital invested, shall be returned proportionately in the contributors
Directors Fees or moneys voted by
the Directors to themselves shall not
lie considered operating expenses as
meant by the preceding paragraph,
The books and accounts of the Company, as far as they relate to the operating expenses shall lie open tu the
inspection of any of the contributors
under this Tariff or to their agents,
when so required.
Respectfullv submitted,
(Signed)   EDW. T. SMITH,
Collector of Public Wurks Revenue.
Ottawa, .'lid Mav, lium.
Fnr the expeditions collecting, booming, stiiring. holding, protecting,
suiting, and delivery of saw lugs,
pules, pulp, wood, ties, wood limber, lumber and all sorts of timber
and lumber produots, hy llie shuswap and Thompson Rivers
Boom Company, at Its Boom and
wurks mi the Norih Thompson
River in the Province of Uritish
Columbia :
Section 1. Whenever hereinafter
used the words "logs and lumber"
shall Include saw logs, pules, pulp,
wood, ties, wood timber, lumber and
nil oilier wood goods ns well as square
nr Malted timber,
Section 2. The Company shall at its
said Boom and assorting wurks in the
North Thompson River intercept, stup
and take exclusive possession nf all
lugs and lumber coming down the said
river loose, or driven therein, and
shall, as expeditiously as possible and
without unnecessary delay, assort the
same according to the respective
marks, and deliver the same at nr near
the font of said boom in pockets
assigned tn the respective owners of
such lugs or. lumber or to such person
nr persons as such owners may designate, excepting that when it is the
intention tn  pass   my  lugs nr lumber
outside the Company's wurks, the
Cumpany shall be notified nf such Intention 24 hours before such logs and
lumber reaches lhe works nf the Cumpany. Should the owner or owners of
such logs and lumber fail nr neglect
tn give such notice, then the logs aud
lumber shall be chargeable with the
authorised tolls thereon, unless specially exempted by the Governor in-
And the Cumpany shall at all limes
provide in a place nr places tn be indicated by ibe Resident Engineer nf the
Department uf Public Works, and of
such widi h as may be determined by
him, au opening nr upenings sufficient
fnr the sale passage uf crafts nf all
kinds ami rails ur lugs and lumber,
either louse nr in buoms, and must
always provide fur Ihe free navigation
uf the river as required by Stal. Can.
7-S Edward, Cap. l.Vi.
Section 8. The Cumpany shall have
the right tu allot space for assorting,
pocketing, rafting and mooring all
lugs nml lumber coming Into its Boom
ami works, nf determining the quantities thereof that mav be allowed In
accumulate in the Boom nf the Company and shall, subject to appeal tu a
Court of compel cut jurisdiction, have
lhe power uf awarding  the amounl
lhal may   be  due   for damages In Ibe
wurks, through the  mismanagement
nf lhe owners nr persons   in   charge ut
lugs nr lumber, ur by reason uf the
works being overcrowded with lugs,
ur any wilful or malicious injury lo
the works caused bv the owners of
lugs or lumber or by their employees.
And the Cumpany may detain anil
linld In pnckel booms OUtslde the suiting gap or gaps the lugs or lumber
causing such damage or Belonging to
the persons who, or whose employees
unused such ilmniige, unlil the amount
ill res| I nf   such damage   be paid, ol
selling the logs and lumber by public
iiuciinn iih hereinafter provldeaand ol
l1UQV»rlt)g In anv Court ol competent
jurisdiction such damages, whenevei
Ihu owner uf the lo^s or pel's.ms In
i barge thereof, refuse nr no*leet tu
i pay the Baiue: Should Biioh claim for
damages be disj m,<! the Company
sbnll release all such Ing* and lumber
upon the owner lurnisulug bonds tn
the satisfaction of the Company orof
the County Judge should tlieCumpan-y
lel'use seemly teudered, for the due
pay men I of such olaim when the same
lins been established by agreement or
Courl of competent jurisdicl inn. Aud
the Company shall pass and sni mu
inin pnckel booms all logs aud lumber
coming Into tbe wurks, in the order in
wbicb they arrive, and sbnll not detain
any of the same within the main
wurks nf the Company, unless requested to do so, in writing by the owner
nr person in charge of such lugs ,„•
Section I. The Cumpany shall provide n separate pooket fur tbe lugs and
lumber of each separate owner,according to tho re-ipeclive luniks, in such
manner that said lugs and lumber, as
the same may come down the river,
may be taken pussessiuu nf anil re-
innved by each such owner without
hindrance or Inoonvenience, after the
same have passed through the Company's Iiiiiiiii and the tolls and other
charges bave been paid or secured tu
the Cumpany: Provided however
that un the demand of the Com
pany, each owner shall, within 21
hours after such demand in writing
shall have been served upon bim or his
agenl, provide his own booms at the
place to be Indicated by the Company,
into which his lugs and lumber may
tie turned and delivered Inun the said
poo.cet booms and when the Company
lins tn furnish such bnnins, because
the owner had failed tu pi ovide them
after due nulice as aforesaid, the Company may, in addition to the ordinary
mils ami (lues lew a penalty of ten
dollars for such day after the expiration of forty-eight hours from the
time such nulice tu the owner or his
agent has been sei veil upon him, unlil anil Including the day upon whk
the lugs and lumber are removed fro
the Company's pnckel
Section 5. The owner uf any lugs
and lumber proposed lo be driven
down the North Thompson River,
through the Company's Boom ami
Winks, shall give uutice in writing,
ten clear days at least, befure the
pei imi when such owner reasonably
expects that his lugs mul lumber may
art ive at the Company's Boom and
specifying the approximate number
of lugs and lumber the same may be
and whether such lugs ami lumber
shall be driven loose or bagged within
a boom, and in default of such notice
the Company may be relieved nf any
obligation or liability under these regulations for delay or unreadiness in
receive, assort nr deal witb any such
logs and lumber and from any damage
whatever consequent upon such delay
nr unreadiness: Provided always, that
any such owner whu has made default,
in giving nf such nulice, shall he and
remain liable lo the Company Inr all
costs, damages and expenses uf any
kind borne, suffered nr indirectly incurred by tbe Company ihrnygb lhe
interference by tbe lugs mi,I lumber of
uch owner with the logs and lumber
nf uther owners in the Company's
Ruoin oi Wurks ur passage through
the same ur obstruction tn navigation
caused by the lugs and lumber uf such
owner, ami the Cumpany shall have a
lien against such lugs and lumber for
all such costs, damages and expenses,
which lien shall be enforced in the
manner indicated in Section 8 uf these
Hut this clause shall have no force nr
eliect if it can be satisfactorily shown
that the lugs anil lumber came not-
withsianiling ordinary precautions
thn nigh unexpected high water or
other unfurseen circumstances beyond
ihe control nf tbe owner.
Section tl. The Cumpany shall, i in-
ploy all the men necessary to.assort
and deliver such logs as soon as practicable after they arrive within the
wurks nf the Company, and shall use
all reasonable diligence to effect such
delivery promptly! and the number of
men to he so employed shall be within
the discretion nf the Company, pro*
vided however that, upon the written
complaiut i f mie nr more owners of
logs ami lumber, addressed tu the
Resident Engineer of the Departmenl
nf 1'ublic Wurks, that lhe number of
men su employed was nut sufficient fu
pass and sort the lugs and lumber
expeditiously, the said Resident Engineer, shall notify the Cumpany to
employ at once such an additional
number of men and for such time as
he may judge necessary to perform
the wink tn his satisfaction, and shall
the Company refuse to comply with
his request, he tbe said Resident Engineer, or his deputy, is hereby authorized to employ the necessary number of men al the cost and charges of
the Company and report all proceed
ings, with the evidence, to lhe Department of Public Works.
Section 7. The Company shall nm
be liable for any delay in assorting or
delivering logs or lumber caused by
unusually high or unusually low water,
or by any unusual press or jam of logs
and lumber ur floodwood within its
boom ur at its works, ol any of which
causes the Resident Engineer uf the
Department uf Public Works shall be
the Judge, or by Ihe Act nf Hod, but
the Company shall use all reasonable
effort tu shorten the period of such
delay and in no case shall the Company
be liable for damages or loss tn the
owners uf any lugs and lumber, arising
uut of- or in connection with any such
cause of delay, when such cause of
delay has been eeitilied by the Resident Engineer as beyond tbe reasonable control of lhe Company.
Section H. Every description uf lugs
and lumber (excepting what may be
exempted by the (iuvernor-in-Cotincil I
which passes through the winks nf the
Company Shall be liable fnr the payment nf damages ami dues, including
the lulls imposed under any authorized Tariff nr Tolls, and the Company
may seize anil detain, in tlie manner
provided in Seciimi 3 iif these Regulations, any parcel uf lugs and lumber
until payment, of such damages, dues
and tolls is made, ur until the owner
ur person in charge sbnll have given
satisfactory security fur the payment
thereof, within 80 .lays after the same
shall have lu en ile. lined tn have been
incurred or demanded, by persnnul
service established hy declaration or
by registered letter) and the Company
shall have a first lien thereon!
and in default of such payment
being made within ibe term nf
IK) days as afuiesaid, lhe Company may proceed tn sell the same by
public auotIon, giving at leasl six
weeks notice iif I he day nf ihe Intended
sale by auction by the Insertion of a
Sale Nnl Ice iu sume newspnper published in the Town of Kamloops, B.O..
and by posting up the Notice fnr a
period nt four weeks in a public and
conspicuous place al or near the Company's works where any suuli lugs and
lumber may be lying and held, nml if
lhe costs attendent upon such sale, as
well as all other costs, dues and damages imposed nr awarded cannol be
realized frum Ibe lugs aud lumber
I so seized Hlld Bold, tbe sume shall lie
recoverable from the owners thereof
by action taken lu any Courl nf competent j url-diet ion.
Section 0. -Ml dues ami lulls Imposed, ur tn be Imposed upon and
collected against any logs and limber
passing through ibe Company's works
according to any duly authorized tariff
nf tulls sbnll lie payable when delivered into pnckel booms ns prescribed
in Section •! mid I uf these regulations
and when demanded by personal ser-
vi.-e nr registered letter, and before
shipment nf any part uf such logs or
lumber nr further removal nf the same
ami nu person shall remove ur lake
possession nf nr assume control nver
said ]ni;s nr lumber or any part thereof until such dues anil lulls bave been
paid  and   it   shall   be   lawful   fnr  the
Company ur iis duly authorized agenl
In enter upon, seize and detain at the
risk, ensts anil charges nf llie iiwnur
or owners thereof any parcel nf lugs
and    lumber   wbicli   shall bave   been
moved away from tbe Company's
works, whether for .shipment, manufacture or otherwise, upon which any
dues, lulls nr damages awarded may
nul have lieen paid nr  secured   In   lhi-
satisfaction of the Company, but this
clause shall mil ill any way apply Io
logs and lumber exempted liy the
(levernor-in-l'iinni'il.    And   when   the
security tendered for suob tolls, dues
anil charges shall be refused by the
Company, appeal may be made   lu lhe
County Judge whose decision shall be
binding un ilic Company,
Section lu. The Company shall set
apart a pocket in storage boom fur all
lugs and lumber coining into their
works, wbicli bave not been stamped
ur marked in such a manner as to be
Identified by tbi' owners. And the
same shall be sold by public auction in
such manner and nn a date lo be approved by lhe Minister of 1'ublic
Wurks, and uutice uf such sale shall be
published forat least thirty days befure the date lixed tbeiefur ill at. leasl,
une newspaper ln£he City nf Kamloops
and conspicuous copies nf such notice
shall be posteil up at the works of the
Conipaiiyand it oras near as possibleto
lhe piace w Here such logs aud lumber
are stored and are to be sold. And
tbe proceeds nf such sale, alter
the jusi ilues anil charges owing tu the
Company anil all cusls uf sale, including advertising, are deducted, shall be
credited pro rata lo the accounts of
all the owners uf lugs and lumber
which passed through tbe works of the
Company during the then current
Section 11. When any quantity uf
logs or lumber which have been exempted by the Governor-in-Couniii
trum tlie payment nf tolls shall accumulate in tiie works uf the Company to
the number of 100 pieces, it shall be
the duty of the owner thereof tu furnish at nis own expense and charges
such pocket booms and appliances as
may be necessary, al the place indicated by tbe Company, within 4S hours
after the same has been demanded, in
writing by Hie Company, and shall
furnish at leasl une man lur each 1,1100
pieces, tu assist the Company in removing the same from the works of
lhe Company to such pnckel booms.
Should the owner nr owners uf such
exempted lugs and lumber nut comply
witb the demand of ibe Company in
this regard, then tbe Company may
supply such booms and appliances as
well as such labor as may be necessary
and may hold and detain such logs
and lumber until tbe cost of supplying
all such, witb ten per cent, thereon
added, shall be paid. In the event of
dispute as to the amount su charged,
the lugs and timber may be released
upon furnishing security therefor, in
the manner prescribed fur securing
lulls and dues in Section Nn. tl uf tliese
Section 12. The Company shall keep
a strict aud accurate daily account of
all tbe lugs and lumber passing
through its works, which shall he
entered in a book to be kept for that
purpose, showing the number of pieces
nl each kind nl lugs and lumber belonging tu each owner, thai passed
through the works each day, and the
Company shall produce, when required hy any owner ur person in
charge, aiid permit full inspection of
the same by such owner or person in
charge, the book containing ilu- dally
record herein required as well as all
original tally boards,memoranda,books
nr other record from which lhe entries
in lhe said bunk uf daily record have
been made. And all such tally Iniauls,
memoranda books or other records
shall be carefully preserved by the
Cumpany su lung and until all disputes
as to the quantities that have passed
through its works are finally settled.
Section 13. The costs of all applications to a County Judge, when prescribed by these regulations shall
always go with bis decision.
Section II. Any owner nr owners
of logs and lumber, whose operations
may be delayed by reason nf the Company's works being inefficient nr any
uther cause attributable to the Coin-
pan v, its agents or employees, may
lodge bis complaint in writing with
the Resident Engineer of ihe Department of Public Winks, and he or in
his absence lhe person authorized by
bim, may take all necessary measures
In remedy Ihe Injury at the expense nf
the Company   and  shall   make  a full
report nf all action under this Section
m the Department nf I'uliiie Wurks.
Section 16. The Company may demand Iiiiiii the owner nf any timber
intended tn be passed through any
purl inn of the works nf the Ciniijiauy
ur Iiiiiii the person in cliuige nf the
-.•une, a detailed specification nf each
kind iif limber ami nf the destination
nf the same and if nu such specification "la given when required ,„■
a false specification is given
the whole nf such timber
ur such pari of it as has been omitted
by the false specification shall be liable
to double toll, and may also demand n
return, under oath nr Statutory Declaration, of tbe actual measurement
at the Mill nf all Ings and poles wbicb
have passed through their wurks,
under a like penalty, And such specification  shall   show  the  number uf
pieces of each diameter nf all Ings and
poles under 17 feel lung. And the
diameter at both ends of all Ings and
pules over 17 feet long. Hut the Ciun-
pany may unly charge tulls un the
actii.il number of pieces counted out at
the sorting gaps and jacks.
Steamer Revelstoke
On account ol the sudden rifle ol
water in the river tbe steamer lelt to-
diiy (or the Kive-Mile landing and will
until further notice leave that landing
every Tuesday and Friday at I) a. m,,
returning the sameday. T.A. Lewis'
stage connects with the boat.
Calgary Exhibition
The dates fnr the Alb na Provinolal
Exhibition si Calgary thin yosr ire
July 5th tu  10th.     Lust  \r,ir the  Ilii-
minion Fair was held at Oalgary aided
by au extra grant of $50,001), so that
tbis year's fair wuuld naturally be
expected to be much smaller, but (ruin
present indications the 1909 exhibition will he bigger nnd belter than
last year's. Tho exhibition company
is expending $00,1)00 to make tbis
possible. $25,000 will be offered in
prizes, and exhibitors frum all over
Canada will compete.
in tho live stock department the
horse exhibit will be an important
feature, and the array of Clydesdales,
l'ercheroiiB, Shires and Belgians, will
be the greatest ever soon at any ol the
Canadian lairs. Tbo cattle section
will be strong, as will the sheep, hogs
and poultry. The attractions will bu
the equal of any that appear at any ul
the large exhibitions acrusu the border,
Mush, will be provided by the (anions
Navassar Ladies' Band ol Mew York,
as woll as by the Calgary Citizens'
Baud. The great historical pageant
will be lho outslaudiug loaturo uf the
exhibition, The pageant will illus-
strate tho development of Alberta
(rom the time the Indians roamed over
the prairies to the present day. This
parade will tako place un the forenoon
of the opening day, July I'ltli; Indians
will lead the procession, followed by
missionaries, lur traders, Northwest
Mounted Police, and others in appropriate costumes. Then will follow
agricultural, live stock, and other
parades, and li mi I ly an immense automobile parade of 50 to 75 autos.
Moving pictures ol the pageant will
no taken and shown iu all parts of the
world.    Other  important attractions
Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability
Mining  &  Development   Company. Limited Liability*.
Revelstoke, June 19th, 1900,
Nulice is hereby given that tbe annual meeting of the Shareholders of
the Prince Mining & Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
held at the Company's ollice, First
Street, Revelstoke, B, il., on Wednesday, the twenty-first day of July, A.D,
limy, at the hour of eight o'clock in the
afternoon, for the purpose of electing
officers for the ensuing year, and for
all other purpuses relating to lhe management of the Company,
The transfer book of the Company
will be closed during the fourteen days
immediately preceding such meeting.
Dated at Revelsluke, B. 0., this llllh
day of June, A.D.. 1909.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
retail liquor license for the Springe
Hotel at Albert Canyon, B.O., from
June 80th to [December 31st, 1009.
Dated May 19th, 1909.
Bernard Morris.
In ilic County Court uf West Koolenny hidden
ut llevelsloke, between
DOMIN1CO HARON, Plaintiff and
To Antonio Antuso( laborer, Shleldn, li. ('.
Takr Notick bhata Plaint haa been ontered
and a. summons issued agtUnsc ymi in tlie above
County Court by Ooniiineo baron uf Bevel-
Bioko, B.C., fur tho sum of 510.00 for board
furnished by bun lo you at your request during
tin- months uf July and August. ilXi? and an
order has been made that the publication <>f a
Notice of Oie entry of Httcli I'iuiiiL in two successive issues ol tlie Mail-Herald, a newspaper
published iu the t-iiy ul KevclsLoke, Shall be
deemed fo be good aud sultleieiiL sen ice of Lhe
.Summons upon you.
Vou are required to enter a Dispute Note
within M days Irom tlie tilth day of June, 1900,
at tbe Registrar's offlce ut Kevelstoke, B. c,
and if you do not so enter suuh Dispute Note,
judgment may be signed against yuu and thu
plaintill'may proceed to Kxectitiou.
Dated this 10th duy of June, 1000.
w. k. Mclaughlin,
Deputy Registrar of lho County Court,
jun 12 2t
Sealed Tenders will be received hy tbe undersigned up to noon un June 34th, lotm for the
erection and completion uf an addition tu The
Queen Victoria Hospital, Bevelstoke, H, C.
Plans and snooifloations, may bo scon at tbe
Ollice of tbe llospiUU .Secretary, City,
Kach proposal must be accompanied hy an
aeeepted hunk check made payable to the
Kevelstoke Hospital Society for a sum equivalent to 0 per cenl. uf the amount uf the tender,
which shall bo forfeited if the party tendering
decline to enter intu contract when called Upon
to do no, or if be fails tu cumplete thu work
contracted for. The cheques of unsuccessful
Leinlei'oi'n will be returned to tbem upon the
execution ot the contract.
'i'he lowest ur ani tender not necessarily
The Hevelstoke Hospital .Society.
\v. l>. ARMSTRONG,
jun 18 U 8ccrclary-TreaMiicr.
Uur logs are tttamped un the end
"E," and all persons are warned
against taking tbem, or tbe driving ol
nails ur spikes or nails therein,   Ilo
not touch our lugs
Revki.stoki: Sawmill Co. Ltd,
Revelstuke Land Distriel.
District nl' West Knntenay,
Take nulice that I, A'dran La Brush,
Of Nakusp,iiccupiitiiiu married wunnin,
Intends   to   apply   l'or   permission   to
purchase   the   following   described
lands :
Commencing al a post planted on
the south-west   corner of  Lot ill Hi,
tlience west   1(1  chains;   thence   nurtb
80 chains: Ihence east II) chains; thence
south <ki ohains to place of oointnenoo-
Mns. AmiAN La Brash,
II. J. LA BltABil, Agent,
Daled May 17t.Ii, 1009. my HO
at. ihe big exhibition will be the good
horse rsees, the 0. W Parker shows, »i
sensational limp lhe loop act by nn
American girl motor oyollst Etuhn
8 ileldi), Hie • Jib .iliiin cumeiliui, will
be tho ollicial aunouncpr, Ile in sup.
iinned tn luivti tbe strongest vi ioe in
N irt 1) America. Howard's (Ings and
Ponies will pi-rlnrni every iilteriuion
und evening in from ol the grand-
(liven line weather, the Alberts
I'liivineial Exhibition slui'ilil he a
granil suooess.
The Revelstoke New and
Second Hand Store
Furniture, Reds, Stoves, Tin
and Enamel ware Boots and
Clothing bought, sold or exchanged.
J. C. HUll, PI'OP.   L^ga^ciy
juue '2\>
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   MoKonzio Ave
Put a little
in your
An  old-fashioned,
ill-working furnace is a non-
hi^ producer,
/ It consumes the coal, but through leaks and
cracks wastes the heat.
It is noi economy to have such a furnace in
your own home, or in ynur tenant's home.
Iif ynu arc thinking of building yuu should be interested in Sunshine Furnace. It adds 100 per cent, to
home comforts.
As soon as you let the contract for your house decide
on your furnace. The "Sunshine" man will be
pleased to tell you just how the rooms ought to be
laid out with an eye to securing greatest heat from
the smallest consumption of coal.
If  you  want   to experiment   with the question don.'t
specify "Sunshine."
If you want to settle the question specify  " Sunshine,"
McCIaryfc   .
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,Tobacoo.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
First-class Work  Guaranteed.
Mail   Orders   Promptly   Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
*       These destroyers oannot live where trees have been treated with     **^
W A R N O UK'S   T R E E    PAIN T
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. TIIE COST IS VERY SMALL. H will
not wash nir. One application protects for two years. Warnook'e Tree Paint
is not an experiment, It has Btood the test for six years In all parts of the
United Slates, lt is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight, We
invite investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station has used tbis tree
pain I for three years November, 1907; they purchrsed 5tl gallons for free
distribution among leading orchards.     Send*for  16-page free bouklet to
G. R. LAWES, Enderby, B, 0„ Sole Manufacturers for B. C.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
To Trappers
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Manufactured fur all classes nf   buildings    I
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
ini.i.ruii.,, VANCOUVER,   B. C.
Fruit and ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our trees do
not have to be fun igatld.
They are grown in the (nly
part of the continent not
infested ivitli the San Jose
157 Page Catalogue Free.
for Full in larKU-iir n.iiniri|tintititi«_i
attlieluwo.it prioss for .'ash.
Ail Jciuiln ul buildiua aiiil'lilastlTlliK
South Vancouver
Be Sure to Attend the
July  ."th to  IOtii
Western Canada's Greatest Agricultural Fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
The Great Historical Pageant Monday morning, July  5th, worth going round
ihr world to .->l'i_.
The Famous Navasser Ladies' Band of New York.
Ce-Dora in the Golden Globe, ihe greatest loop-the-loop act*in ilu: world.
The Eight Mirza Golems acrobats direct froin the court of the Shah of Persia.
Howard's Dogs and Ponies, Rube Shields the Comedian, C. W.Parker Shows,
mul other   interesting features, any <>! which cannot be excelled even
in New  York City.
Information regarding low passenger rates and special excursions to the Exhibition, may be obtained from station agents.
Entries Close June 19th
Send for Illustrated Pamphlet to
i        E. L. Richardson, Manager, Calgary, Alta.  # TilE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE B.C
"">.  (>O-CK>O<><>O<K>0<)^0<>OO-0<>-<_><K>O<K>-Q
?:_. _.".'-v.v:_       '**-' "-'■ "iTSTrrr;:._•:/;»!
Men's Suits
Bargains in men's Si i itch
and English Worsted Suits
Fifty   Suits  srlllin..   regularly at   $14   and $18, Sale
I'rici: fiio ami  $1 2.
Boys' Suits
Boys' Suits, sizes from
... 1 in ?2, best Canadian
Tweeds and Black Worsted
Suits in two pine and three
Special Sale price 1 in every
Men's Pants
Men's Tweed Pants,
Sale price ;j 1.25
Beal Estato, Insuranoe ami Commission Agent
Odice on First Si., Opposite the Club   i
I      Rents Coij.koteu. Loans Notary Public      Q
I <H>0<M>0<_>-<><><>0-O<>0<>-0-0<>--CK>0 O Q-O-6
$15,000  -STOCK--$15,000
We are giving up business and selling oui   our entire  Stock
of Men'-. Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and will be continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed o(.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie ave ue      |
Local and General.
Moving pictures tuiiiKht.
\\. B. ttobertson has been appointed
a notary public for the province.
Tbe return fare to the Culgary Expos tiun this year iu $7.50. Tickets
are good for ten days, from July 3rd to
the 13tb,
E. Preston, ol Toronto, lias been appointed muster mechanic of the een
tra.1 division Bhops ol tbe C. I'. Et. at
Tbe Junior Class of the Methodist
Ch. ir will yive n concert in the
ohurch on Monday evening. Tickets
ior admission will be -•'. cents.
fhe linn, arrangements are about
completed loi lhi Old-timers' picnic
to be beld near tin 1 xhibition grounds
on Tn-.-da.v afternoon next.
Mr. C. 11. Temple, formerly of this
city, has been promoted to the in.siti.iu
ol assistant Buperinteudent "I motive
powei tor the western division ul the
C. P. K.
Jas. Rigbly, the well known west
end gardener, lias the contract lu furnish tbe C, P. K. timing cars at tbis
point witb all Winds ol garden vegetables and small Iruils.
J.C. Fai.itiahiirson.a tinsmith, aged
111 years, was awarded a verdict lor
111,500 by a Vancouv r Supreme
Coun j-iryon Wednesday. Earquharaon
ivai! injured in the train collision at
Cedsi Cottage on the B.O. Bleotricl
Kailway Company's line last fall,
Ked  cliuii   in    fruit   height    rates 1
running   imiu live In seven   cents per
hundred . u carload lots are announced :
by the C. P   R.  freight department
Cull i
■lien   Seeds ill' all kinds
None l>ui Dew se
ids k,'|
1 in stock
We carry   a   complete   lino  of
tread, elk.' and pastry trade
staple and fancy groceries,  and
1-   r
ipidly    in ireasing,   a  1 iiul
ian 11IV1T ynu ibe  besi   nm .ds ai
1 Inr nny one  of the above
the same price as  you pay fur
explain why.    Our aim is to
interior lines.
only the best,
Hobson s Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  une ul   ilic   most   important   items
in \.mr business
LE1  Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch nl ymir business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Police Commissioners
Tbe police commissioners met on
Thursday eveuiug. Chiel Bain in his
report to the commissioners on the
resignation ol Sergt Terry Btated thai
he bad been ignored by Police Magistrate Foster iu connection with tin
circus line, and that having bein
offered a pusitiou with tlie C.I'.R.,
were the clii I causes which ltd to Ins
resignation. Tlie commissioners by
resolution have asked ibe p.line magistrate' to explain why lie scut 11 special
to Medicine Hat locullect tbe circus
line without lirst conBultiug the police
commissioner or tlie chiel uf police.
Tims. Sturdy was appointed by tbe
commissioners as sergeant .'I tlie loroo
and T. W. Bain was  appointed jailer.
Moving pictures tonight.
Tbe  sialV uf  teachi rs  1 1
sell.mis   are
Tin date lor tbe operation ol the new   vicinity ul Eight-mih  Falls
schedule is not   given, bul it will  be '.     Tonight Me-.- Hall   and   her
effective ior this season's shipments   are at   home  to  their  friend
This rate will be ol benefit to shippers Ojiera House trom 1 (•>
ind consumers alike.
in tlie
l'. me ni-.i - Peck - Bad H
In- Chums," "After Many Yea
the Kills.ui Theatre tonight.
.   ai
I'm:   Hetherington, ol Columbian
Methodist College, is ',' :'.>! a thru
niL-nthi- t-_. 1 r il tii._ northern districts
ol tbe province. It will do the pru
[ess r no barm in acquire some direct
information as to the resources ol the
country and that there is no doubt
that be will acquire it during his trip.
A Bejious accident occurred at Rose
bank. Manitoba, on Tuursday. Mrs.
Steevcs. wile of 11. M. Steeves, hardware merchant, was lighting a coal oil
Btove, and in some manner her clothing became ignited and she »'»= terribly burned about the face and body. I Mrs. J. P.  Sutherlai I
The   missii nary   11111 : ing   in   K
church   mi   Tb:..   ■ • i   ■•■ ,
tense]■_■ Miss
1 lie trave ling secret 'A'. F
M. .-  ol rian   church   11
Canad 1, ip
held the rapt present
by  her  vivid pres ol   miroi 1
md child
work c
argea ctun
Thi  Hi spital Societj   ire ird  Misi not
tenders lor the construction of a new a
east wine lo the hospital   The tl ml. i-    ,
cl.-se at noon on June 24tl is probs
Victor  Wood,,111.1 met with an  1 -   •« :•     '
cittern at the  Bowman   Lumber  &   -   church cong
mill yesterday morning, having I b city Miss Js
fingers of in- right hand bad ycrusbed ' ''        -    '        '';'-
111 the machinery     I —— —
lin St. Andn « - church 11
advertised to
Social and Personal
Very little hope is held out for her re
co very. Mr. Steeves »»« also badly
burned in trying to save bis wife
Then are many way: ol expressing
one's sell, but it remains fur tbe West
nnnetc-r Ni ki to strike the keynote in
tbi statement that fresh milk will be
manufacture.: at Prince Rupert in tbe carrying
evening was postponed    .wing  to H
clement weather.
held on Monday  ■ ll   il:     - ll
erlaud's b •      net        permuting.
near   ijtur...
art',.\.-   bat   i'. • D
w •..-   tbi i'i mi ■ 1
wae*. is to lain, r tbe fresh milk man-
ufact1;.'. by sending cows inb tbi tie*
1 ■ klj flights   f 11.!• Van
H     ing 1 igi   1.'    -i. «•'• proving m at
-ucc- -- ..    says thi   ■ Pn
Inci     ■ • ■   ■   ' •' "'■ "ill !'•■ on
21,  fr. :i.   Kam. ops   to tallowed
in   tn.   -■ ft- 1.   1 :•   races Irom
li.     --. ki    11. ;   1 ■■ 1
Col. M.'D ■ _ ■ •      ..
tin-   Si Ins
. ill  this v
t a series [drill      ectun   '
Hitherto   the  canni d   ind general      ti net
the  goods.   A, C    ii.'i members    I    E     I        li. M  R       M
... :... I Chi ' "•••." .1 •!' /."ii mi'ii to"k pari md 1
are rep irted to b ive success! illy ■ -■
tin- • lamination
J. M.   Muir,   formerly   pru..
the Victoria   Hi|il.   lobooi    ii
bulletins under the reading
eximinal ioi used."      11   is    tin
1.1|,. se the .urii.-.   ■
11 hi pa|
Ri     st  ki    an I   uiacu        1 . 7 ;■•■                 _.
S   1  •      .e.dfrom N rtl  Bend    nd •'":"'    '
fulled i                  «.             .... '«»800ddeal ''truth in
Betu.   Last Saturday a '     '     '""-' Mr' Mmr'
■ .. successful    ight was held I I Md               ■'
lahcroft, in whieb birds owned by tbe d theii   1111 is     1 1
-ame fanciers   finished  in   tbe same berry   entertainment   nn  Juno 2lib
Purses and Bags
1  11 1 y
. ni
ISC ll
. ul 11 w
iv di
-   the
Lilt   ■
lis  liiu
ill III.'
iftern ai.d on    Maj
l.iinlmark « lawn. 1 hi best if every
thing necessary will be -ervid. Hon i
made cooking will be old during th.
afternoon I he Ret i toke Indepi
ent Band will be in attendance during
the evening, Ten lenta admission tu
the grounds. jlfi ll
The Ladies Aid ol the Mfithodi il
Ohurch aro making special prepare
lions for their annual strawberry and
ice cream festival to !"■ held on Mayi i
I Lindmark's  lawn, June 211b, ns ■;,.
nounoed previously.   Tbe home mul.
| cooking, which will  be offered li
during tbe afternoon will be a special
: fi'ulure uf tin: occasion,    Thn loverH nl
■ such n lestival will do  well tn resorvi
the date, J lUU: 21th.
Screen   doors,
fishing tiukle, etc.
hammocks    to ii ts
al Boumo Urns.
-'■_..      ! -
. ml.      \I-    ,
' ■ ing for Tor nl
real and N'ew York ni
W. Crs
: , who t\
pear here on J une 28th, in   "II 'I
i be appea i
of Hn- f minus com,
Miss    tellii    McR ie    nh
weddi Bk to Mr. K, A
\ ndruw * i-.bii ..     ■        he ri
..   handki rcbief  sh n> ■
VI 11      McLennan    ami   a      p
i       r by Miss Buck   lasl   wei k
token nl good  wishes   i.y her
young friends in tbe oity.
Mr   and   Mrs    W.   II.   Rlson   loavi
next week for Kamloops,  wbere  thej
will   reside   in   the    future.     Ml
Mr« Elson have many friend   in the
oity   who   will   join with the   M tn
ll 11: ti.n in regretting their departure
nnl wishing ihe.ni nil  prosperity In
their now' lioniu.
Al Roller Rink
lhe Central College Glee Club ol
l'ella, la., will give a grand concert in
the Holler Kink on July 8th, Tbe
club is on a lour over the mule chosen
by tbe management, and popular
dates have, been fixed tor work along
the line. Tbis club was specially engaged ior iiic A, Y. P. at Seattle and
is returning home by way of ibe C. P.
K.. and in consequence Jo velstbke
cili/.enB will lia.te an opportpnity ol
hearing tins trained vocal organization.
Big Sawlog Loss
Uvei twenty million leet ol .-tiny
timber has passed Bonner's Ferry this
week, ■ iv ; b !;. nnei 's i • rry Herald.
Three million feet gol nwny at Libby
Imsiiny night, and six million feet al
\\ i dner, B, C, on Wednesday night.
I'his tiinbi i bwi , in d iwn with the
heavy current, carried with it everything nn t lie river, including several
milli ii leel ol timber belonging to
the li .un. i i . rry Lumber Co., and
thi Cresceut
Woodi .   ■  Box Manufacturing
v || i il rtB l   stop it weie uselees,
. into the
:       .■ _■■ -■ lots ■■ ■- ■..
nd Thu    lay,'
imber passing
d a i   llion f el
.   nn ans a
i   . oi rni d,
ie recovered al   a
. 1 In in will
Junior Choir Concert
Boston Grand Opera Company
Here June 28th Next
A clipping from the Brandon Sun
tells of ine BoBion Grand Opi ra Company:
For the lirst, in the bisimy nl Brandon the citiz'ns were lust night given
nn opportunity ot hearing, ns a community, g.niiil opera of the highesl
calibre, when Mr. G. S. Starling presented the Boston Grand Opera Company in Verdi's world-famous "II Tro-
In the first instance, let it be said
tint the performance was brilliant in
its success. N'o finer or more pleasing
introduction into the banuties of the
great Italian opera could have been
imagined than the performance given
at tlie A iditorium.
The audience wns literally curried
nwny, nml iir- approbation una t.\-
preseed with a lavishnoss that knew
no bountlb.
Madame Francini bus a high soprano
voice of beautiful quality, and she
Binge and acts with all the verve ol
n young Italian giil ttlm feels the pari
she is portraying Sue Ins line I.n nth
ci nti'ol and iuliini.il teebnic. Her
artistic efforts in the Btreuuous role
was fully recognized and applaudid
by it crii nuil audience,
Signor Gherardi, the tenor, is an-
othii' remarkable Biuger His voice
is Inii ol musical metal. He singB
with artistic feeling and embodies bis
own natural tcmpeianiei I in the role
he fills.
Signui Cnnioii ic a 1 i.iiitone i i lhe
lirst water wit!: u rich vibraul voice.
II b declaration i^ suberh, and he jh
filled witb n dramatic energy thai
carries the very element of life into
the scenes in which be appears
Tin- basso ul the company, Mr. John
Macdonald, waa perhaps as great a
revelation to hi- bearers as was Signor
Grehardi. His voice is ol lint deep,
resonant timbre tbat thrills every
fibre, and though he is still quite
young, wiih little moro than a year's
experience in grand opera, be bus a
delightfully strong singe, presence.
Tbe Huston Grand Ope a Company
will present "II Trovatore" in Revelstuke on Monday uight, June 28th.
New Net Blouses
Some nf the prettiest as well as the cheapest Net
Blouses we have ever shown, have just ln-cn opened. 'Ihey
come in Cream, Ecru and lllaek. All lorg s'eeved, and made
over silk.    The priees range from $4.50 to $7.50.
Muslin Underwear
The daintiest showing you have yet .seen. Sheer Lawns
beautifully trimmed with the ftnest'Laces, Insertions and Embroideries. We have Gowns, Skirts, Corset Covers and
cTWadras cTWuslins
j list what you want for hot weather draperies. We
have them itj cathedral effects, ns well as all the pretty .shades
in Green, fid Rose, Tans, ete., and a very pretty variety in
While, Cream and Ecru.
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoko to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents 1
Vancouver Lots
Within one year ymi must get your
money back tenfold if yon invest it
iow .a i h ice l..tn close to Second
.Narrow bridge in Vancouver. Let iue
explain wny? Price pei 60 foot lot
only $125; ', cash, balancoiflOquarterly Apply to K. O. WINKLER, 429
Sixth  Vve., East, Vancouver, B.O.
;•     .        ......
• ■ Men
■ ...   ■
!;,--   '
.  .'.
i   •
i Soli
,1 r    I-     -  .:
i . Kerititck) Home
■' ' ■ ■
II    I , ,/ ,    I   ,    . .   : .i |: . ' e i ■. .
C ,: >. and piano
Edison Theatre
'ill     I -'.      "I      till       I'   Iiiiiii
i he itn  .. . night to sec I ho   ; loud id
prugrs mini   .i moving plotun i      I he
-    [i un  Will    bu   lip. .ill ll   III
i  Kl.l  '.I. \ I |u\
■   I    nnl    Hi nl    l'i ulTiIH)
ever 1 aid in ' he »ikanagan
by   tin-   Bl n-;i. lonal   nil   bal
aud gymnast " I.Ki IRA "
I... ■. n   Knilorby
Kelowna vs. Summerland
H       ■ ik'i   .    Vernon
K    .wmi vs Armstron
SEE I'n.-I I,lift AN n llll.I..-
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
drain. Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayor's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
The Leading Cigar Store
and 'Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest   Stock  of Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture   now   on   hand
and made   expressly   for   us  by I). K. Mel'herson.
A. J. HENDERSON. Eye Specialist
Refracting Oculist, Doctor of Optics, Scientific
Optician, of Toronto, Ontario, is taking charge of
Doyle & Allum's Optical Parlors
Do not miss this opportunity to have your eyes
examined and attended to by one who has had
many years practical experience with John Wan-
less & Co., the leading Optical Parlors of Toronto, besides four years study of medicine.
Nothing bul highest class of work done.
R.M.R. Inspection
"E" Oo. U.M It.  were   inspected  on
Wednesday night by   Brigadier Gen.
ill ler, cnminiiniler-in-eliiel oi the
Canadian militia, accompanied hy
Major HiiiihI, adjutant at Victoria,
ami Lieut, li. II. Leo,
I In I'oinpany under Lieut. C. Hart,
although not many In number, were
put through a terioa ol movements,
company drill, eto., wbiob brought
forth theoompllmeiits of (ien. Otter un
tbe sfflolenoy ol the men on parade,
The general expressed regret tlmt »
bigger turnout oould  not have been
made, but be lully readied that it was
a dillicult miller tn Ket H big crowd
out at this time ul^ the year. He
expressed bimsell as tunl pleased with
the progren tbe Company had made,
Gun Club Shoot
The following in the reeult of the
(Jun Club .Shout . ,1. R, N. Cooke, TA
handicap ,'i, making 20; W. Sturdy, 17;
W. Lawrence, III; A.J. MoDonell, ID,
handicap 2, making 17; J, Devine, 10-
H. Mulholland, 12. Miss and Out
Class, A. Sturdy, II; A. J. MeDonell,
$?00 Reward
I will pay the ahnve reward to any
person whu oan give me Information
as to huw lour sticks ol Ol) per cent,
dynamite were dropped nr placed in a
pile uf kindling wood at tbe back door
of my bouse, The dynamite was found
on tbe evening of Sundny, ,lunu 0th
and must have been dropped there nut
inure than a iviek previous,
A. Johnson,


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