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The Mail Herald Sep 27, 1913

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f| Railway    Junction  and   Divis- g
g ional   Point.   Headquarters  for H
g Columbia'   River     Navigation. S
B Hub of   Timber    Belt, Mineral fl
g Zone,  Agricultural    Lands anf \
g Vabt Water Powers of B. C.
g U*
"'Revelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps'*
The Mail-Herald
fS] Circulates  twice  per  week  jra-
g ong the  prosperous  citizens  of
g] Canada's     Premier     Province.
gj The      recognised      advertising
gj medium for Kootenay and In-
gj terior British Columbia.
Vol. 19-No 77
REVELSTOKE. B. C, SEPT. 27, 1913
$2.50 Per Year
Long Discussion re Building Permit Applied for^*1^ ^J"-
by J. C. Tapping.-Council Grant Same on '
Certificate Building Inspector.—Other Important Business Transacted.
The city fathers met in regular meeting Friday night, city bull, al '- p.m.
Ailing Mayor R. Howson. occupied the
chair. Also present. Aldermen McSorley, Bourne, Horobin, MeKinnon. City
Olerk Gordon read thi' minutes of last
meeting and which Were adopts 1.
Ahl McSorley—Aa I see Mr. Gttlan
and Mr. Wallace are here, perhaps we
had bei lei do as usual, and suspend
the regular order of business to bear
whai these deputations have to say.
Tlii- will allow these gentlemen to leave, and avoid delays.
Al! MeKinnon—1 move that we now
proceed to business* under Section 3,
Petitions au.l Deputations. Aid. Me,
Sorley seconded. Motion accordingly
put and carried.
City t'lerk Gordon    then read    the
following from Mr, J.C. Tapping:
Rovelstoke, B.C., Sept. 22nd, 1913.
"Application is hereby made for permit to erect a hotel building on lots
17 io LU, hlo. k 17, Revelstoke, corner
of First street and Orton avenue. in
accordance wuh ihu plans aud specifications banded you herewith, and
prepared by W.H. Wallace, architect.
As the line for the completion of this
building i- limited, I should like to receive a permit at once.
Yours truly, i
Chairman Howson—This appli'ation
came in at the special meeting a few
days ago, and on motion of tho council ii was referred t.e the building in-
spe, tor an I ni- report is now with u-\
which tbo e ny clerk will read.
Cry Clerk Gordon .hen read the buil
dm_. inspector's report a-- fol.ows*
"To His Worship the Mayor und eity
cou il ol Revelstoke. -I herewith band
you plan- and specifications of hotel to
be built on the corner of Orton avenue
and Fii.s: street. I have looked over
both plans ami specifications, and find
same io be satisfactory and in every
way ue in accordance with fire limit
bylaw No. 161.
Yours truly,
building Inspector."
Chairman—This question is now open before.the coum il.
Aid. McSorley—] would like to hear
what ib.-si- gentlemen have to laj and
then this council can deal with the
matter afterwarde.
CB. Gillan—If ihei-e i- anything needs
explanation wi' are here for lhat pur-
pose beyond thai there is nothing loins to say.
All. W. H. Horobin—There is one
question thai wa- brought up in connection with ihe spe.-iti.ations, in connection with the roof. It says a good
quality of tar paper an.l three ply rub-
ceroid. The bylaw say- iho roof shall
lie eif tin. iion, copper, date, tlie or
gravel, or some other material of a
non-combustible nature. Thi- i- on.;
item of lhc specifications whi.h ha-.
been questioned, 1 would like Mr. Wallace to confirm his statement ihai n
ruliberoid  roof is nol  combustible,
Mr, Walla i—There i- no rubber in
rubberoid, Ruliberoid i-1 a special preparation, impervious to heal and cold.
li is perfectly non-combustible. The
manufacturer gives that assurance.
Aid. W.H. Horobin—There is another question in cannection with lhu general description, some of the aldtrmen
think il does not go fur enough. It
reads—"all of tb" sold works arc t.i
be carried out under     the supervision,
h m h ii ii ii si a m no a a a m a m
and inspection
docislon shall
an impression
of the archib
be binding."
thai Included
i-t, whose
There is
in     that
should all
and inspei
o be
"uniler the supervision
of the building inspec-
InvmSjBSHyoung people. At the Wed
ncsilay ecening prayer meeting, lho
Congregation will gather and consider
the subject of "liow to keep young.''
Thursday evening has been reserved for
tho Sunday school scholars, who wi
be treated to a supper at 5:30 o'clock,
au I afterwards they will be entertained by ., seeks oi stories, illustrated by
On Friday evening it
pected ihat Rev. Dr. Primrose ot
Glasgow, will give an illustrated lecture on "Old Glasgow and some of its
note I street characters." Ther* on the
lollowing Sun.lay evening ho will speak
on Un' "S.ottish Covenantors." Tomorrow Rev. CA. Myers of Eilmoii -
ton will be ibe Bpea'ier at all services,
and ihere will be speeial music. The
publi.'  are  cordially  invited.
Accounts for 1913 Submitted. Election of Officers.-- Directors' Meeting* Discuss Fuel Problem. Plans for the
Coming Year.
O.K. Gillan—1 may say that i-' only
between the owner of the building and
the contractor.
Architect Wall,i.e—Tbe enly -ay I
understand thut tha 'ouncil ha^e i>'
lhat the building inspector cau control
the matter so far as the building law al
lows, and I shall distinctly tefuse to
allow the building inspector lo be given any such power as suggested. So
long as ibe bylaw is complied with he
bas nothing to   do With it.
Aid. W.H. Horobin—Again it says,
"Any materials after approval by the
architect. >hall be covered up"   should
Green Stockings
The philosophy
lion   with feminin
paramount interc
f eioihes in  .ciinec-
moods   is one     of
i  to all women, and
one requiring consummate understanding on the pari of an actress. Not-
wilhst.in lie'ij the great extent and
variety of her repertoire Miss Felton
seeks to give each role the very best
in dress. In hei' constant search for
liie "dernier cri" she has come to the
• on Iii-ion that no better gowns
be' secured than here In Victoria,
not lhat   !)'■  after also the  approval of her role of Celia in "Green Stockings"
the building inspector.                       • the costumes worn are importations by
CK. Gillan—He can see every    post Finch & Finch.   Tbc firsl is ft carriage
if he wishes. gown In the new mahogany shade, with
Aid.  Horobin—Section  3 of .'.he  by- blendrf of Oriental colorings a goigeous
laws says.   "It shall be the duty   oi harmony  of     lines  an.l shade's.   With
the building inspector io examine all this are worn a black picture hal with
buildings in course of construction and mahogany plumes and a     magnificent
reporl any violations to the oity coun set of sealskin.   Th.- furs are an    im -
■ il."   I  think,  your worship  and  gen- portatlon by Finch «fc Finch from Bcr-
tlemen if there were a clause put     in, lin.   The stole is ,,f unusual interest in
"to be appro.ed  Iiy the architect and design, evolved  along     draue.l    line-,
building' Inspector"   that   would  meet while the huge muff completes an   ef-
Don't    forget   we  serve both
hot and cold drinks, [ce cream
ami lighl   refreshments,     For
these chilly nighl- try a  I bit
Chocolate i-* un-Urpa'Sed.
ii,e ease.
Ar.-hite. i Wallace—I refuse to put
any Buch clause in the specifications,
Aid.   Hoii.bin—That  is all   1 see      in
connection with the specifications.
Chairman—Any more question- t.i
be asked the architect while le- '- here.
CE. Gillan—There i- no objection to
your building inspector being on the
oi.   Let him be there.
Aid. MeKinnon—Well, your wnr-'hip,
while I am not opposed to ihis building permit, 1 am certainly oppo-ed to
the spirit -how In- the architect. If he
i- here to stop Mr. Tappm■• . ti
lh ■  permit  it is  alright.
Ar.hiie.t   Wallace—In  what   wuy.
Aid. MeKinnon —I consider tho spirit vein have shown i- uncalled for.
Architect Wallaci—I have n position
t.e maintain.
Aid, .M.-Kinnon—So bare wc. We
certainly sho ild have the buil ling in-
spector ihere if wi wish. I am uiticis
ing ih' spirit in whieh you to.jk the
remarks of Alderman Horobin.
All.   Horobin—ll is   a   question      of
opinion between  ihe architect  and ray-
elf.   li  may be  the general procedure,
Mr.   Wallace      will      be more familiar
with it, ye I  maintain that  this i- a
little   harsh,   These rt\ Ideation,   say
the architect's decision shall be final
and binding, >-.•; I ihink. .in fnirnes* to
th" .ity and especially i'i view* of the
thine;- ihat have to be contended with
in connection with this, thnt the build
Ing inspe 'ot ihould be named jointly
wiih the architect.
i'.i-:. Gillan—Well gentlemen —
Chairman—We will have one -i'eak
al a  lime please,  Mr. Gillan
Architect Wallace—There i-n ■ lau-e
which state- thai lhe whole of the
building is lo lie carried oui in a.'.or-
.1 ince with the bylaws.
The iii-.ii..mn continued for some
time al.'ii.  'h-  .■ lin.s.
(Continue ! In nexi   I--'.    |
Nent Simla-. Sepl. J-iii. mark- ihe
beginning of a week of special rally
meetings in ihe' Presbyterian church.
The morning srvl t will hc of special
interesl lo parent   and children,    and
11 bjeci of   the  address  will  be —
"Future  Citizens."   (in  Sunday  afternoon ai   -'llu    a  mass  meeting  of tho
Sunduy  sel I    cholart      and  Mends
will beheld. Foi this srvl S, ci title!
"God*- Helpers," a -I"' ial program
bas been issued by the Assembly's S.S.
Committee The Sunday evening scr-
viev will be
Interests of
■ li        will he
feet of rare beauty. Later Miss'
Felton appear- in an evening gown
which is a delight to behold, pink
satin channelise with over drape oi
rose nu embroidered with a Basiling
design in silver nnd crystal.
Just at Ibis time when fall openings are under way Miss Felton's
gowns are the nubjecl of more than or-
din iry Interest.
Thee twelfth annual meeting of the
Revelstoke Ho-pital Society was held
in thc City Hall Revelsloke, on Monday, Sept. 22nd, 1913. The following
members were present:—Mr. T. Kilput -
rick, president oi the Society in the
chair. There were present, besides Mr.
Kindcaid, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Lyons, Mr.
Simmonds, Mr, Armstrong, Mr. McRae, Mr. Howson, Ur. Sutherland and
ihe Secretary.
The minutes of the last annual meeting having been read, it was moved by
Mr, Kincaid, seconded by Mr. Lyons.
ihat ill -y  be adopted as read.
The President's report wa< than read
an.l it was moved by Mr. Kilpatrick,
seconded by Mr. Wilson, that it be ad-
The Medical Superintendent's report
for Queen Victoria au 1 Chase hospitals
can was presented and ordered filed,
In The revenue and expenditure account
and balance sheet were presented and
laidover to the adjourned meeting,
ii- the auditor bad iie.t
audit of the books, and
Mr. WiUon and the Becretary were ap-
pointed a committee to receive report,
an I report at   next  adjourned   meeting.
The following gentlemen were plaeed
in nomination to serve as directors on
the board for 1913-14.
A.B.Kineatd, Mr. Alex. McRae, Mr.
W.U. Armstrong, Mrs". C.R. Mncdonald
Mr. F.M. Gibson. There being no oth
er nominations these five were declared
In presenting to you thc twelfth annuo! report of the Revelstoke Hospital
Society, 1 take great pleasure In an -
noUncing ihe completion ed thenew hospital, which  with its furnishings      and
Petty    Cash
Contingent  Assets:—
Contract   Patients   	
Pay Patients 	
Nippon  Supply  Co     238.00 j
Following the reading of the ba'ance
sheet, the audit committee were in -
structed to peruse same anl arrange
for audit, thereafter submitting *.o ibe
adjourned meeting as previously reported.
The revenue aud expenditure account
shows an income, including loans cn
account of building fund of 396,*'.47;
whilst tho expenditure account am -
ounts to $30,389 for the current years'
expenses', and the   amount     of  867,958,
a prci ious director- meeting to investi
gate the fuel question, was laid upon
the table. This report included recommendations that in future' hard, oal bc
used and th.it the fuel accommodation
ai the  hospital  be increased.
Dire, tor McRae, and others, pointed .
oul that the coal bill of $1910 appeared very excessive, Mr. Wilson, was of
opinion that a thorough test should
he. made of various coals, by a trained
or qualified expert on fuel values, as
the item was a recurring one and in
view of the large amounts to be spent
in the future, it called for proper Inves
Finally the meeting ded led lo      nr ■
[range for  test of  the various  fuels with
Sl 004.40 a view to   the selection e.f   that found
fiOO.OO  most   sailed for  the ho-pital  plant.
A committee of three were told ol!
to investigate charges of poor * lumb -
ing work in certain portions of the
hospital, and report ba<k in time to
have same fixed for the coming winter.
The meeting terminated at 10:^0 p.m
s-J.'.i-'l Sl
Following are the
balance carried to capital account. The  RevelslokePoultry men
figures for current  expenditure  include  "
captured by
the  Salmon
■ompleted tho the amounts disbursed at
Mr.   Howson,  an(j chase sub-hospitals.
The annual meeting adjourned ai
9:30 p.m.
immediately after the adjournment of
the annual meeting, the first meeting
of the new hoard of directors was held
All ihe members present at the annual
meeting al tending.
The chair having been Vacated,    iho
following were  elected  oilicers  and com
mittees for the year 1913-14.
President—Mr. T. Kilpatrick,  re-elec-
thi- evening and Saturday with a spe
c; il 8 ei ii ine malinei—Victoria Time
Empress  theatre
d October 20.
IstVice-President—Mr. R. Gordon, re
2ndVice President—Mr. A.E. Kincaid
Arrowhead Board of Trustees—Mr.
P. Cooper and Mr. W.R. Reid, re-elected.
Chase Board of Trustees—Messrs.
Hay lock, Sawyer andUnderwood, reelected. )
Sec.-Tr.-as.—Mr. W.D. Armstrong, re
Executive—Metters. Kilpairick, Howson, MeCarter, McCleneghan and the
secretary, all   re-elected.
Building Committee—Messrs. Kil -
$100,000. To tbis sum the Provincial Patrick, Howson, MeCarter, Gordon,
government  contributed    very   gener -  Dr,   Sutherland and  the  Secretary, all
e piipmcnt render it a model and up-to-
be    repeated  dftte institution,    and one I am    very
sure will compare favorably with     any
In the Interior of  lhe Province.
The total cost of the newbuilding la
$90,525, and furnishings and equipment $S,000. Of this latter, there will
be a few things necessary, that will
bring the furnishing to about 810,000,
making the   total  cost  approximately
lc\ot<>l particularly to the that Ihe Kntnlon-
■.•.un    people, and ihe ad-  ..ur boy-.
on "The Cal   of  iio.l..'
The gym starts out in full bla-t on
Monday, Sept. 29th. Everything is in
jood shape no.v (or a good winter-
The following is ihe schedule for ihe
winter subject to change if there i- a
!• innil. There is also room 'or u
class after ."""each afternoon for SU.'h
as bankers,   school   teachers, etc.
Jr. 1—Tues. and Fri., 4.30
Jr. 2—Wed., 4:30^  Sat.. 9:30. a.m.
Jr.  :'— Mon..and Thurs.,   1:80.
Inter.—Tues, 7:30;   Fri.,  7:45.
Seniors—Mon.  an-l Thurs.,  S p m.
Busy Men—Tue.-. andFri.. 10 a.m.
Road Men—Mon. and Thurs., 2 to
3:30  p.m.
Lea Iers—feat.. 2 to 3.
Tennis—Sat., 3 io   1:30.
Ba-kei ball—Wed., - to 9:30.
Wrestling—Sat..  8 to 9:30.
Gel   busy and keep yourself In  trim.
(n Monday afternoon al l p. m.,
lhe bowling all-ys will be open,, all
those desirous of entering teams in the
bowling league are requested lO'lo so
Bl once, han.lin- their names lo Mr.
i aid Sam-on. assistant secretary. A
word io the wise i- sufficient.
The Busymen'a cla-s will commence
on Tue-lay, Sepi. 30th. Dispatchers,
jewellers, engineers and business men
who can spare anhour should get lined
lip, bring all  your complaints  with you
The football team -pent an enjoyable
lay on Thursday last. The game was
i ayed against Kamloops at in a.m. A
fall gams was ployed but owing to
a k ..f practice on thi part of the'
1 e al boy», the Kamloops team won
I.y a -ee.re of 9-0. This is the first time
boys have defeated
The outstanding liabilitie
out $31,000. The society hai
fiom the surplus of ihe regular revenue approximately $15,000, including thc
purchase price paid for the two lots
mil moving and repairing .10 oil
I o<pilal  building.
Th.. new hospital was formerly >pen-
ed In Jun'of this year by the ;. .lies'
Hospital Guild, mi which iC.'iuOi a
large  numlier of  citizens  at ten*! 1.1     Il.e
are    ab      Finano—  Messrs,   McRae,    Kincaid,
expended  Wilson anl ihe tfecretary. 6
The meet ine.. now being open for
e. neral business the lollowing motion
was mad'by Mr. Kincaid, that the
date for holding the annual meel ing of
ihe Society be the 3rd Tuesday In Sep
tember instead of 3rd Tuesday in August u-i formally. Motion sccoude.l by
Mr. Lyons and cai rie I.
Moved   by Mr. Kincaid,  seconded  by
F. Fleetham:—
1st prize foi pen of White Leghorns,
lockand 2 hens; 1st prize for pen of
Silver Land Wyandottes, . oci- and _'
hens; 1st prize for pen of R.I. Reds, S.
C, cock and 2 hen-; -Jn-1 prize tor pen
of R.I. Reds S.C, cock atad '1 hens;
Ist prize, best Leghorn cockerel in the
show; 1st best Leghorn Pullel in show;
winning live first-aud one secon I.
R.  Balfard:—
1st prize for pen of S.S. Brown Leghorns. 1 cockerel and i. pullci-; 2nd
prize best Leghorn in show, cockerel;
2nd prize bestt Leghorn pullel in show.
One lirst and twosecottds.
R.M.  Smythe:—
1st prize for pen of Barred Kock-, 1
cock and *_'hens; 2nd prize ior pen Ot
Barred Rofks. I cockerel and 2 pullets-,
lsi prize for be-'t Barred Hock, cock
or cockerel in shoW;lst pri.e for best
Barred Ro k, ben orpullel in >howj 2nd
prize forhest Barred Rock, hen. in show
2nd prize for best Barred Ro .. co kerel in show; lsi prize for best Barred
Rock, pullet in bIioW; Ist prize f.>r pen
of White Rocks, 1 co k and 2 hen-; 2nd
2nd prize for pen of While Ro k-. one
cockerel and 2 pullets;lst prize for per.
of Bufl Rocks, l cockerel and 2 hens,
2nd prize for pen..: Bud Rocks one
cockerel and 2 pullets; 1st prize fen- pen
of Partri.lu,. Ro ks. 1 .okand*.* hens.
Seven firsts, and flve se e.nls.
The Country Boy"
opening and very generously contrtu- Mr. Howson, ihat a committee be ap-
ted a quantityof linen anel itait useful pointiil to inspect the old wing and
articles, as  well as  a'considerable  -um  report on connecting heating with new
in money.
There have been no Complaints re-
recived of our hospital service, and llvis
certainly reflects groat credit on tho
hospital staff.
The Alexandra ho-piial at Arrow-
h :il Was closed early in Ihe winter of
l!H2', owing to the lumber companies
having censed operations, but a resident physician lms been employed there
since June by  this society.
The Chase hospital has been in oper
ation right along since itsopening, and
lm-. beendoing a good and useful work.
Revelstoke Ho-pital Society balance
sheet as at   July  31st, 1913.
Capital  Account:—
Balance Sheet   as    at 3lst of
July,  1912  877,038.54
Add surplus from revenue and
planl.   And the secreiary be
ed to write Mr.  Leak and Co
couver for an   estimate of co-u ol same
'* The  Country   Boy,"   Ivi -a-     Sel-
wyn's lomedy success, whi.h the Hi nrj
B. Harris Estate  will present    at     the
Kmpress Th.-atre, Monday. O.-t.    13th,
comes  herewith   thepre-tige ofa  tive-
montb- engagement at  the Liberty the-
atre, New York; two months In Chicago, and   three months   in  Pbila lol]
Instruct'  .,n exoellenl e-a^t and the' fame     com-
•  pleteproduction that ha«been Euch    a
prominent factor in its success wherever presented. The keynote to the whole
Considerable discussion  took      place   ,,l,.iy „ltl ,„, gummed up in the speee-h oi
apply for the hospital.   Merkel, thenjwspaper man. when In ibe
third a.t ,,f   the pla) !;••   -ay-.    " Sorni
nn-nhave nol staying qualities, and lay
down.    Bul Iho-e  who have lhe
stutl in them refuse t.e acknowledg
they are lii ked, -o th">* -hut their teeth har I and go at it once mnr". Per-
baps they jet another solar plexus, but
they're up at tbe sound of th' gong,
an I th"y keep coming up in spite of
their knockdowns until tbe world real-
•onii.'eted with the work *,,.-■ they can't be kept down and so is
feir.-eil ;,, make a \i\tu-f for ihem. A
man i-  never a failure until he admits
ii him-elf."
Contingent Liabilities:—
I.oan     Imperial Bank .
Howson   &   Co  2,778.110
Ingram  & Bell   3911.00
Lawrence    Hardware  Co  1129.00
0.   W.    Abrahamson     1,038.78
W.   H.   Wallace     1,337.00
H: i in Monday evening the boys    of the
IH congregation will meet at 7:30 to   or-
p] gonizefor lhe winter.   The Young Peo-
ra pie's Society  will hold a  io lal  rally
HlfHlfflilPIHilllPllillli  "" Tuesday evening, to whi h theyan
Th    will   lie- a frcp-for-albday      the
* i t   Saturday of every month,  start-
In z on   Oct,   Iih.   The   lbe-.   swimming
will be held on the same day.—
ne will have to enforce Ihis.
Real e-laie, buildings, furnish
ings   $1 12,012.00
Balances Imperial Bank:—
Current     Aec. ...$2,833.81
a- lo the  coal
This was left with Mr. Kilpatrick for
a report as to the best and mo-t economical coal for the hospital furnace.
' The following gentlemen were a|>-
pointed a committee to inspect and re-
I'.hi on changing heating plain in wing
Mr. Gordon. J.H. Lyons and Mr. J.
The directors  meeting under  the head
iug of good  and welfare,discussed various matters
and progress of the institution,
Among other item-', the question of
the very large amount of cxlrawoik
thrown upon the secretary in eeenn.ee -
lion with the new building, and the
question of the secretarial work of the
hospital was thresfhed oul. It seemed
to be the unanimous opinion of ihe dir
ectors llmt some additional recompen-
$25|000.00 or bonus should he voted to Mr. Armstrong for hi- eflorts on behalf of the
hospital, and on motion it. wa- decided
ro tender ihe secretary a bonus of|250
on this accounl , as some slight r. -
ward for strenuous efforts on bei-alf of
(he institution .luring what might be
termed a critical and onerous period,
A long di-i'ii-sion look place upon the
item of $1,010 which appears ir. the
expenditure account as cost of fuel.
There will bea Swedish service In
the Scandinavian ballon Tuesday, the
19th inst., at 8p.m. Rev. J.A. Strom
from Vancouver, wni he here.
I fit IB li   ■   m   ■   a* SI ¥1
. IB. t£l efi. A JL & m. J. mi
»T All changes ot ads must pos- Jt,
¥ itivcly     be    handed into tbis *
g office  by Monday even ng    in g
■: oider     that the change shall gi
S appear  ln   Wednesday's   issue, [a1
]« and any ehan-.es intended for a]
a] Saturday's      issue  must     bo W
D handed     in     not I atcr than fjfl
«" Thursday     evening of     ea- h ti,
3jf week.       Business men please f{
take note of the above. V
The'  report of  Mr.   Jack  L)'on<. chair j[M|
man of special committee appointed at ESHSDESaSlKSaSK* PAGE TWO
WEDNESDAY, SEPT.  24,  1*13.
Leather Goods
Ladies' Hand Bags, Card Cases and Purses. Pur Bags
that will match your Furs for Fall and Winter. Gent's
Bill Folds, Pass Cases, Wallets, Letter Cases. Kvery
conceivable shape and convenience. Music Folios, Cuff
and Collar Hoses and Letter Folios.
New Fall Books
The Iron Trail,"    Rex Beach Sl 50
Laddie,"—Gene Stratton Porter    1' SO
The Woman Thou Gavest Me," Hall Caine"  1 SO
The Heart of the Hills," John Fox, Jr   1 SO
Jifter Nov. Ist. we  are Closing
Out Our Lending Library
WE have heen been building up a stock for 15  years  in
order to have everything  that mav  be  wanted  in  this
WE have always been influenced by the quality of goods
; urchased rather than by the price.
WE have Die highest paid aud most competent staff of
assistants in the Interior of B. C.
As you can readily realize, the best prescription is ob-
tained only when composed of the best,—best endeavors
as well as best ingredients.
specially   conducted S0
He  buys anything  aud everything
at any time, new ami second-hand.
What he has not got he can get; so
be sure to call ahd see him if you
want to save monev.
Auctioneer's Mart, McKenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
In Our Store you get this result-producing combination.
V.eu can be sure that you'll get just what your doctor
ordered ifyou tate advantage of our skilful service.
Quality Comes First at
/Jews' £rug & £ook .Store
The ^&XcdL Store
9 \S33Eg3SUE2E33B3Saa
Repairs,   Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
Connaught Ave.   •    NevolBtoUo
Such a calamity mav not hive overtaken you, but where is your guarantee that any dav aye, to day, a
fire mav destroy your home and
no matter how moderate theamount,
a policy protects you. The premium is so ridiculously small that tie
price of a cigar a day will give you
considerate insniam e. See us
about this to-day remember
morrow may lee too late.
A. E. Kincaid, Manager.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing AgentsA*
and Storage      .    .    .
Legal Forms
for even  purpose are printed
and stocked hy ine Mail-Herald
Single Copies Sold.       Reasonable Price
BattenburR bed spreads and
shams, scarfs for dresses,
.lust arrived, a new line of
fur stole muffs for ladies*
wear—the price reasonable.
Manufacturers of ladies'
dresses: gent's shirts ami
' suits made to order.
Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 22—The strike
of the trunsporl workers here is believed by some observers to indloato tho
birth throes of 'in Irish labor parly,
destined to wipe out ninny oi the traditional lin e.s of cleavage in tho political, religious and industrial life of
The- historic and bit lei* feud between
Nationalist residents and the members
of ilie' Royal Irish Constabulary added
to Iheflereeness of the lighting during
the riots, but the Btrike itself was a
clear cut issue between employer and
employee   o.er   the  queb'tion   of labor
l.lli  eleisill.
'llie' muster mind of tbe street cur
men's sida of lha controversy. Mi*. Jus.
I,.-,run i i ii plctuecsquu character, who
imbibed his 11 ni>>n pr.lnci; les wh lo
working in th,' steel mills eif iln> United
Slates, When he began his wow of organizing transport labor In Ireland hc
found practi ally a virgin lield tor his
Mi. l.ai kin is not even an Irishman,
having begun his career at the Liverpool docks.
He believes In eon Linen tal and American methods of conducting stri..es and
has im sympathy with the nationalist
nspiiaiion- which nre so dear n> the
! arts o! many of li'.*'followers. He
has little patience with the slow and
i-oiis.Ti ative methods introduced Into
Ireland by men who had obtained their
labor union training in Kngland. so he
soon broke from these leaders and proceeded to oi'ganl/.u the transport workers of Dublin on the basis of similar
organizations in iln* United Slates.
His eflorts mei with Inner opposition
limn iho employers.
The leader of lho capitalists in ihu
Iiulilin Bght, Mr. William Murphy was
formerly a Nationalist member of parliament for Dublin and is a man of extensive Hnaneiul interests, whieh is rein II li-i.■!- un ironical comment on
ili' theory that all tho industrial wealth of  Ireland ii in  Ulster.
He fought 'he strike with uncompromising fervor. He believes In fighting tire wi:h lire and his favorite weapon Iso sweeping an.hiieivilcSK lockout ol every labor mnn believed io have
ihe slightest connection wiih the
Tniii-ion Workers' Union.
Mi. Liurkin  is boycotted  by   all  the
Irish pi-ess and by several of the power
fui organizations which put lb.me Rule
above everything olse, but in spite   ol
this ..|i| o ition lie- has rallied about him
a force which   promises to   develop into
a political  party.
Should  Horn * Kill"     for Iceland home an actuality, fai seeing Irish polt-
licians a-«Ti it will  find a  fresh  alignment of pintles organized ou  tho   eco-
liften ncos  ins ten I   of aa  hitherto the sharply divided Protestants and
Catholics,     Nationalists ond Orangemen.
Rifles and Shot Guns
Ammunition, Hunting Knives,
Decoy Ducks, Field Glasses,
Compasses, Fishing Tackle,
Tents, Camping Outfits,  etc.
McClary's, Kootenay and Sas-
kalta Ranges & Heating Stoves.
Sherwin-Williams' Paints, Varnishes, Stains.
Canadian Oil Co.'s Oils, Gasoline, etc.
We carry full stocks in Hardware, ^Groceries, Hay, Grain and
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
A Remarkable Expression
of Public Confidence . . .
is 9hown in the statement of this Company for the fiscal year
ending Murch 31st, 1913. As compared with ono year ago, the
following figures are exceptionally interesting:
ASSETS MARCH 3lst,    1913   $450,915.72
ASSETS MARCH 31st, 1912  ^111,268.60
showing a net gain ol $31.r>,G47.12
This remarkahle gain is positive evidence oi the convenience nnd practicability  of (he 0. H. I. O. plan.
If YOU Desire a Home of Your Own—If you Would Be Independent  of a  Landlord—Investigate This plan—Now.
The Canadian Home Investment Co., Ltd.
"Canada's Old Reliable"
Home Ofllce:    PACIFIC BUILDING, Second lloor
Revelstoke Office : J. B. WATSON REALTY  CO.
All the Latest Fall Styles
and Shapes. Our display
is always new and up-
to-the-minute with the
Fashion Centres.
Jt+'Reid CSL young**
twa,    Sept.  SL— li   wn- officially
i ii .lit  lh il Hon. A.E.  Mo-
'inin il ot llie
-/ernmeni, had been appoint
ui  oi Ui ii.l imhia.
t   h t- also  appointed   Mr.
EIL.  Hi--.'. .1  K.i ,, iii Moosomiu, Sua
■•■ Supremo Courl    of
ii     W.U,  Fisher,   of
been appointed
-   mi i ..I Duller in.
n  passed by 'ho
.. i..  md
i ■       . .lies
22    lie ' i'ol ■
'   Hun.
ippeal -1 "i i ut
I o
In ap
:     M Phillip    le.i
I ' ii  tin   public
I I    lieM,,
i   ,ii.■ n ■ e la  kiii,wl ■
I ;       llic
:      •     .X. em i v«
11 In     tin-'
h    h i     em  i  th..
nl ilm
• i .
ii' I nl rail   will
find ii    ' ■ ■ uh    a
ly In ll ' ' hi people
^/flbvays the   *Best
"Shamrock!' 'Butter
P. BURNS & GO., Limited
Huntley & Palmer's Nursery Biscuits, per Hi      50c
Molasses Snaps, J Ihs. for    25c
I'resli Crisp Sodas, per pail       36c
Neu  Summer Cheese,  per Hi     25c
Orders Delivered lo Any Pari of City.
♦John McIntyre ** SON
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Premium Ham
Premium Bid. Ham
Premium Bacon
Brookfield Butter
Brookfield Eggs
Brookfield Cheese
Silver Leaf Lard
Jewel Haddies
Also a line assortment of
Fresh Meats the hest ihut
monev can huy,
All Meats Government Inspected.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd. SATURDAY, SEPT. 27th,  1913.
i   n   iifMi«.MM  n««
r     P-
J. B. Watson Rea
Sash and Door Factory on 100 foot lot.
McKENZIE AVENUE-8-rcomed house on 50-foot lot...
$7500 00
1st. 8TREET—5-roomed bouse on 50-foot lot	
...$4000 00
2nd. STREET- 8-roomed bouse on 50-foot lot...
...$3000 00
Double bouse on 75-foot lot	
...foOOO 00
.. $3000 00
...$1500 00
3rd. 8TREET-4   houses $2100 to 53400 00
..$8600 00
$ 800 00
$1500 00
..$2200 00
4th. 8TREET   6-roomed house, nearly new	
..$3000 00
6th. Street   3 6-roomed houses.   Kach	
..$3200 00
$3800 00
7th. STREET-4  lots,  each	
...$ 300 00
$1600 00
.$ 650 00
$ 15,000
Dominion Express Money Orders
for Sale.
W. H. HOROBIN, Manager.       Local Agency American Casualty Co.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance    Government Lands
Money to Loan
The romance of the great pearl necklace, which hus been agitating the poliee nf Paris ever Mince its diappearanue
in July in transit Iiy registered mail
from France is still only partly told
Augusius Home, the piano maker
who found lifty-eight pearls from the
necklace in the street, visited a number of saloons showing his treasure to
anyone wbo . arcd to see it, und ibis
is whai happened, according io Edwin
Lewis, who accompanied Home on his
Utile thirst-quenching tour:
" When     Home  brought  the  pearls
into the  Swan public bouse he had   a
I drink   and  then pulled   out   of his poc
he! a   dirty   mulch      boxand   said:    ' 1
j found those bea Is this morning in tho
street." I said, "Well, whut about it'
They arc no gocdsling th.'in in the
gutter. 1 would not give a shilling
for the lot.'
"Home  replied.    'I don'l   know what
I they are  worth, but   I'm going   to   lake
at     the
at   the
Capital and Reserve,        -     $8,700,000
Savings Department At All Branches
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Oct.  9,  10—Thc  Versatiles,
Bmpress theatre.
Oct.  i:'.-'*The  Country  Uoy,
Kmpress theatre.
Oct.  lii and 17—Tin   Vur.h and Foster
Kngli-'li Comedy Company,     at the
limpness theatre.
Oct.   JO—Allen  Players  for   one   week
ut Kmpress theatre
I them to  lie-police Btatlon,'   so 08   be  Oci.   27,  2S—Kdison  Talking  Pictures,
I went i.e the Caledonian police station.      Bmpress thraire.
We     gol  Ihere   at   9 o'clock.     Home  NoVi   lO-"The Barrier,"  at  Bmpress
wein en while I  wailed outside. theatre.
THOUGHT    I'KAKl.s WORTHLESS.  Nov.  17—"What Happened to Mary,"
"He- was  in the station  about fifteen     E'»Pr^ theatre.
minutes   und   when  lie   came  out     lie  Nov- li'—The Barrier, Empress theatre
said   tbat the   police had told him the  Nov. 25—The Laweence  Brough      10.,
I things   were   marbles,   worth   nothing,     at the Empress theatre.
aici   that   they   woul I    prooably     be Bee. 23—Matheson, Lang and Britton,
given to  the  man on. Home was  given      Empress theatre.
a   lost  property   ticket  and us  it   was	
j then iuo laie to eJO io work before
'dinnei, he went and hud one or two
: more drinks.
"in  tbe  saloon Home  was fumbling
in his pocket when  h,'  pulled out  another   innrlile    which   he   sui.1       must
have  dropped   out of,-ihe  matchbox.
He, laughingly  oflered it to a mun    In
the   bar   in exchange for   a glas4    of;
beer.   The   man  would not  have it, so
we went on.
" We  next called at the public house
opposite   Holloway        Castle,    where
Home pulled   out the     marble     aud
again made jokes about It, olfering to
sell the   ihing   for a  penny, but   no one
wante 1 it."
in a l.-.s frivolous   mood yesterday,
Home was  oppressed  wiih   fear about
b.is share in  the   §50,000  reward,    tho
police  having    refused  to express   any.
e.i in;.ui   as  to  what he   will   get,     if,
anj thing.
sickly stops  coughs,   cures  zo\lzt and   heals
ne throat and lungs. :■        ::        25 cents.
Look!!    Prices Cut!!
No. 2—2x4   2x6    $13
No.    1   2x8    $19
No.    I   2x10   2x12    $20
Wc are overstocked in No. 1 and No. I Cedar
dimension and offer above prices as long .is
material lasts.
Globe Lumber Company
Meanwhile Ijuadra-tein and Brand-
Istatter, two diamond brokers'who secured ibe' arrest of the live meu ac-
. us i of complicity iu thetheft, maiti-
lain ill- re-ward Is entirely theirs.
Home, however, ba- been offered legal
assistance to establish his claim to
' the lion's share, if it should be con-
ll" i- engaged in trying to trace' ihe
pearl he vainly offered for a penny
it ha- disappeared from his pocket,
and :is he \isiie.l so muny saloons on
Tuesday and has sii.li a .oui.ise 1
• lion of the cent- of the day,
the -ee.ir.h is likely io be unfruitful.
Further arrests are expected a-' the
I oli.-e profess to know the person wh0
bad these pearls iu his possession.
Come and look at "tir Triiinele Sad
Irons   guaranteed for ev.r,
PRICE-6 LB. IRON, $3.90
Estimates given free.
Worlds Largest British Steamer
New Triple Screw Express Steamer.
OLYMPIC   46,359 tons; ss.' feet lon^: 92 feet broad.   Fitted,with DOUBLE
SlDI-iS and DOUBLE BOTTOM.   Average time of Passage under 6 days.
B. C.
Sails from New York to Plymouth.
Cherbourg,    Southampton
Sept.  13. Oct. 4 and 25. Nov. 19. December 6th.
S.S.ADRIATIC   2S.000tont.       Baltic   24,000tona      Celtic—21,000 tons.
Company's Office:   A. E. DISNEY. Passenger Agent. 619 Second
Avenue. Seattle. 3 Doors from Cherry Street.
Local Agency   C. P   R. Ticket Office.
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .   .
Hut tbere   arc   still  a   few   |«-ople   who  don't
know wbut n safe combination Bells Bread
and   New  Zealand Butter make	
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Fifty-two     fairs     will be  beld this
year  in  British   Columbia.   The    farthest west fair will be in Alberni   and
the extreme north fair will be held In j
Foi t     Qeorge.   Golden    will bave the!
farthest cast fnir an.l     (irand    Forks
will limit  the fairs to the south. The
province has     been divided into  six
circuits.   Th.; dates for tho fairs were I
arranged  by   the  B.O.   l'aiis  as60eia -1
First Circuit:—
Victoria—Sept. -J2-2T.
N. anl H. Paanich—Oct. 3,  4.
Second Circuit:—
Curquttlum—Sept. 27.
New Westminster—Sept, Ito-Oct. 4
Third Circuit.*—
Richmond—Sept, 26, *-'7.
Fourth Circuit:—
Kelowna—Oct.  1, 2.
Armstrong—Oot. 8, 9.
Penticton—Oct. 27, 28.
Suinmerlaiid—Oct.  29-31.
()kana*;an Vnlley Apple Show
4 to 7.
Fifth Circuit:—
New Denver-Sept. 30, Oct. 1.
Arrow Lakes- Oct, 2, 3.
Greenwood—Oct, 7, 8.
Kaslo—Oct.   1 I.  15,
Sixth Circuit:—
Bella Coola—Sept. 30.
Bulkley   Valby—Between   Sept
I Oct. 15.
so promptly and perfectly as you are
at Ibis restaurant. And the service is
only a foretaste of
It is said that the way to a man's
heart is through bis stomach. We are
sure to reach yours if you'll drop in
md try our bill of fare. If perfect victuals, perfectly cooked and perfectly
served, will gain your friendship, we
are absolutely sure of yours.
A. O. TiitAKiso.N Manager.
We solicit a share.of your patronage
Special  attention  given to children
We have just opened
a shop in the •
After Six Years Service
to the Revelstoke public we
scarcely need an introduction
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Every Five Cent Cash  Purchase gets
one Coupon.
The   Greatest   Value    in     Coupons
Gets the Prize.
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
CH>OOa<HK><HK) 0-0-<>0-CK><KK>0-0-0-0-C><?
For years Women have looked to this
Store for the most reliable qualities in
Boys' Wear with the assurance of the
best values procurable. Here are new
arrivals that will interest many. Make
your selection when choice is at its best.
McRae Mercantile Co.
h<KHM><H><K>OO<K>0<K><>(H><HK><KK) -O
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Plates
. . . It Miqht Be Hot. . .
It is always fine in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Spring's,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, -        Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
30 &
Phone 42  -   Night Phone 85
Howson £& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C& Co., Ltd. PAGE FOUR
SATURDAY, SEPT.  27th,  1913.
It will probably surprise you to know the cost of a bad stove
in i xcessive coal bills duriug lhe winter. There are plenty of
reasons win one stove wi'l burn more cual than another.
Ci me in nud let us explain why our stoves are more econom-
.   than auy other.
I selection of good stoves  an.l  thnt   will  cost   yon   no
■  ',ii in the coal •devouring kind.
Sto-Ves for Hard or ~/~cjft Coal
or 'Wood
TLbc flfcail-lbevalb
Local Rending Notices and Business
locals 10 cents per line each insertion.
Minimum local ad charge 25 cents.
Display advertisements 25 centB per
inch eaeh insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Munieipal Notices 12
cents per line flrst insertion and 8
cenis per line subsequent insertions,
allowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Applications for Transfer of liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Land  purchase notiees,  $7.00
Water Appli.'ation Noti.-es, up to
100 words. $7.50, over 100 words in
All o'her classes of advertising not
included in above to be .-barged at
rate to be arranged with managei* on
•Interior flMiblisbtng Company
J. K. JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH   G.   3CRUTON,   Editor.
SATURDAY, SErT.  27th,  1913.
o o
X Imperial Bank of Canada o
V Head •*■>♦***>«»    v.. rr.*~«.\, On+xxrio. V
o  ,  0
A Capital Auth'T'z d - 10.000,000.00 I
0 Capital Paid Up 6.952,0(k.00 <J>
0 Reserve and Undivided Profits      8 100,000.00 0
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  iwived.  and  interest   allowed at
current rat* from dme of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
f-•%.*%•%•*.-*•%% %%•<•,-%-%-%-V%.%•**.•*-*»•*► %.-%-fc-%** *-*.*».-**.*%.-%.% %-»
..Diamonds.. \
Watches and Clocks!
Where ?
At J. Guy Barber's
Expert Watch Repairing
Get Your Eyes Tested and
Proper Glasses Fitted . . .
%/%.-%•%.*%>*•> *«v*»>*%.•%.-%.•%*VV-V-V**V*%*V%•■%.*%•-VW %a%.*\.-%-%-%.*
In recent issues of the Mail-He al I,
we have quoted extracts from the press
of outside cities, dealing with the Col-
imb'la River Grain I one, an.l the
Port of  Revelstoke.
The items reproduced are only a few
of ihe very many similar articles deal-
in,- wiih ilie' same subject which nre
constantly appearing In newspapers and
periodicals published in the United Sta
t.'- an I our own Dominion, and there -
fore only represent a small tithe of the
enormo.is interest which iho project bx-
iites everywhere, and dei not give any
a le piate i lea e.f the valuable publicity
Card which the Columbia River Grain
Route has placed wiihin the grasp of
ih" progressive inhabitants of this
city nnd  district.
Durin|    the   last    eighteen  months,
many art ii les on ih' subject  of RevelBtoke to  Panama  via Columbia  River,
bave lieen written tor the Mall-Herald,
■ .1 prominently featured. The project
of  greal  economic  and romantic  interest, possessed ot all tho-e feature* which, whilst  useful as advertisements for     Revelstoke, are   sufficiently
.one  might  almost   ael sensational in  th ii   scope, to attract the atten-
tion ••'. ■ i I   ...     s'.' alike
on '."** the In ten ationnl lino,
lh ■ • mat ter, ior the
R Board ol  Trade ors me oth
■i'.iile   body,    io     se>e-iir.'   from
he Mail Herald, suffici-
D    ;■• i  which to base   a
to similar , i-gan-
N'..r*h Ue SI  ru   pn
1 afie
Tlii- tno*. ■•  might ik  plan-
I would be
140 Lives for $20
*^ He: ^
&- i     ■ If hes -^
READY    TO    RESPOND    TO    VOUR    CRY    OF    " CNCORC -^
Pianos and Players
SHEET MUSIC      ! all
^52    -
Canada's national Society
Itu* i anadian Order ol f* n
Ironomy of M;i i    itrmont,
-.n   nf   Trr"   t'   r f
Pi"imp?nfi»» -n P. i y m r r> t r>*
All the latest "Rags"
I eelli'ei
Sc* O.W. KAMUiMrid Organl/ei
Coroner Dr. Hamilton and a coroners jury sat in ihe City Hall Tuesday
night at s p.m. io hold an inquest into the enuse of death of B.E.Knowlton
., C.P.R. flagman, who met death on
the trncUs close to Revelstoke on Sept.
JOth as previously reported in the Mail
Heral I. The jury consisted of Foreman John Abi'nhaniEOn, G.W. Bell, F.
[!. Wells, F. Uourne, J. Guy Barber, .1
B. McKenzie.
The evidence went lo -liow ihat the
niiiii of ih.' accieli-ni was very fo_'gy.
at uboul - a.m. deceased was at his
work as flagman > n lho C.P.R, track,
close to where the double track con-
traetors were working with K dinkey
an I Cars. The brakeman of the second
dinkey noticed his cars jump over some
obstacle on the track, slopped his ears
anl body of decease I was pie-keel up
from thc rails. No one seems to have
wiui'- ed the accident, but deceased ap
pearod to have stepp" I <o cr from his
own train truck whi'st signalling to
lis engineer, antl to have walked right
inlo lhc path of the dinkey and load-
e I ears which ran over him.
The unfortunate man was almost
dead when extricated from under the
wheels and expired shortly afterwards.
There were ue. lights nn the end of the
train whieh ran overdeccasod, .,n-.l ihe
night was   foggy.   The  only lighl    was
,,ii the dinkey engin n ears away an I
back in : up ih ■ tiai i. 'i he brul email
ed the din ey train, who was riding
e ii ill '  . ii ^ill ■ wii u   ih ■ a -e.ldint happen
id. 'lh' brakemen of both dinkeys appeared to l«' foreigners with scarcely
sui'iei'iii knowledge of I iiilleh to ensue ith.' questions of ths jurymen al
ih ■ inquest.
The d'n'tey brakeman xa'.-d he had no
instructions to ride on iln'rear ofthe
trams when backing up. lie rode on
i he Uiu ey i ii j in - I e a.i e il wns ill i
safest   place.
'I'll' dinkey engines uad trains on lhe
construction were in ihr service of tho
contractors, Grant,  Smith & McDonell
VV. Dumas, cniilneer of the dinkey,
.-worn, paid in pari I Wns1 working on
Friday nighl and Baturday morning on
lh ' -lm .el train. Tho hr ikeina'i told
ine tlie lineman was under tli.- .ar. The
train bell is rin,- whn stn.'tdng from
lhc shovel. Th' bra .em a i-}des on lhe
eiijine. The lira'.eu an In- n i dull it
i n ihe engine.   N'o lightsare carried on
ill • rear of   the   train.    A   light     w.iuiel
have lo be taken ofl at the lump. Thore
is no place for  lights on  ihccnrs.     On
 aslon the he'll  is rung at tbe dump
and the ahiivpl. The bei! wn-- not i-ii _•-
.iil'a' the liuie.ef the accident. L"n:-re
« s no reason to suppose anyone was
onthe' track. The d?ad flagman wis
; ,' up] n-el io Btnud on that tra *k to
flag the train; there is eight feet i.i
room between the tra.-ks. It is ittppi.s-
. I deceased   was un  his way  across the
• a ' toa tire there. We do not get
any   -i.i il-'*from   th? bra'.emnn,     Ue
h • en fine .    I   ha 'e  notl ;ei_;    to
• I'   with    hi- orders na   regards swing
he iim '.   i-   'I 'nr or   showing n     liiriit
when backing  up.   There are lights  al-
• track.   Th ■ .le ul mi n's ' in; .*.i
m I   wiih li"h*.   out, hnnging   on
lhn      real of lhe   .linkey   . ar;   his     i:lst
-n.iwn   nd  .' I        i... C.I'.'l.train
•     efiire
The- Foreman of the dump gave evi-
al there wn    room hei ween tho
od   lhal   ; ol  the dinkey
night, 200  to '100  feet
The   dinkey   • ia.n w is   Ofl   ieet
by    he jury fore-
10       en       ■eell-tl'UC-
Ihe engine,
on. mei hi
, er   by   the
i   ■
T       urj   recom
■I   ;.. cai
e     ol
■I      father,
al       "UV      I
i'ii'.   I Ore
.   ■ ■■
I .'     I I ,„■
I      'i-n   the
■ ill      lm
, harlc*
■ e   i,nly 1 11',   'i
In-i  I ..■ .i ,. ■  ■   . i   hi
111 lie |..i||.l .■      Revel
COAL!      COAL!      COAL!
Sole Agents for the celebrated Gait Coal
The Best Soft Coal in Western Canada
LV A.LL 3C3 3
We have over 600 tons of the above coal on hand and can guarantee
prompt delivery. Now is lhe time to lay iu your winter's fuel. Don't
delay.    See us for terms and prices.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
In Use 40 Years-Good Then-Better Now
We Invite Comparison
Known f.ir—
Perfect Scale
Purity of Pone
Susc opihil'ty
of Touch
Beauty of
Work ,n in ship
-W e   Hav e
More  Medals
and   Awards
Than anv oilier
W.v Oil.'.ins, I SHI
London, IC11.wr. l.ssi)
Cliic KO---. Is"'*-
Jrime.-,iown,V, 1907
•'•m    1  i    i: Ct   ro   M;.le-nvio flve 1:1c, Phono 2C2
stoke for the pn-t  two  months.     Our
home U at  Clear Lake, Minnesota.     I
! will not lie lien' lor tho impii'sl as  I am
leaving   with  my brother's   body  for
Minnesota to bury it at the old home"
I HI') SAM hi      30      30
I wish to express my deep thankfulness to nil those who have heen so
very kind to nn-and my children In
our recent bereavement.
Mrs.  A.  E. Higgs.
« *
9    if
*     t
9 fi.f.  U"
6 w
il m
i 6
■ - A
9       *****      VfceftO
A meeting of the Revelstoke Poultry
nnd Pet Stock Association will he held
.it Smythe's HaU, Tuesday, Sept. 31),
at s p.m. All members ine re |uested
to attend. Business, re Winter Show,
and M,.ttiiiM; out prize lisl for same.
VOU   PAY   FOR    IT.
Complete Poultry Plant. Im-ludes
fine Flo I: oi Bufl Orpingtons, S feet
by 9 feet, Double-deck Chicken House,
and appliances. Prico moderate. Ap-
ply to A.W. Bennett, Boyle avenue, be*
1 tween Fourth and Fifth Btroota,
TheBowling Alleys nt the Y.M.C.A.
will    be open   on Monday, September
I .".uh,for the   season for  members only,
from 9:30 a.m., to H>:3ii p.m.
N'ext Week we will tell yoli
Notice i- hereby given lhal the Canadian Pacific Uailway Company did
i.n the Eighteenth day of September,
1918, deposil in lhe l.und Registry Of-
li.cinihi' City of Nelson, in the Province ni British Columbia, plan, i rofile
and Bool of Rcfereni-e, showing grade
■ ., ion and double tra i of ihe main
i.i in' aid Oan Kllan Pacific Railway from Mile 0 Io Mile JTi. Bhuswap
Subdivision,, Revelstoke io Taft, "As
i...e ni ■'!." duly approved hy the Board
.a' Railway Comml loners for Canada,
Dnted this 21th day of Beptember,
l il
B.W.  Bateraan,
la.  .i id hi ni Wavan.l Lease
Agent,    Vancouver ii.   0.
S.27 2t.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old T).vn.    -   Revelstoke, B. C
btfort baying yonr outfit of working chillies
for the bush. I make .
spi-cialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, 8oi, Shirts
Blankets ana everything
r»einiireit In vour Inmini-MB
Ily  a   ri'i'i'iu  order  in  council,      ihe
Dial Executive  hnve ord< I tbat
the publi ihi '1 lisl of land   in the Rev- j
elstoke a   .    in. ni   Hi 11 cl for   unpaid
ha   been withdrawn, and     the
i ■ nl    iiii     Inn.Is is     hereby
po t| '-'I till November  llth,  1918.     |
N.  H.   BROWN,
Deputy A— oi mei  0 Hector.
The Revelstoke Nurseries
The   family   remedy   for   Coughs   anil  Colda
'Shiloh costs  to   little   antl does   so much I' SATURDAY, SEPT. 27th,  1913.
Free Public Telephones on Each Floor
Rest Room for Ihe use of lhe Public on lhe Second Floor,
New House Furnishing and Carpet
Dsparlm^nt on Se;5i] fkr.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. J4ume & Co.. limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During This Month
Look at Price Tickets.
Women's Kitchen Aprons
A lot nf Women's Kitchen Aprons  in   Ilin Styles,
cover up the entire dress.    This line is all made
in extra good   qualities  of  good   ginghams and
galateas.      Von   could   not   make   Ihem   for the
| New Arrivals |
|   Women's Winter Coats      |
|   Children's Bear Coats       %
|   Children's Carriage Robes   3
1   Children's New Dresses      |
|   Wools and Yarns           f
|   Colored Corduroys          |
Ladies' Suit Bargains
On Friday we have on sale 10  Ladies'   Suit-,   new
models, navy, blue and  ler.euu, tailors'  serge, new
long coat, cutaway front, slashed skirt,   nice  large
buttons, satin  lined, anj   si/.e     You  will recognize a bargain when vou see them, al $15.00
Children's Coats
One hundred Children's Jerseys and   K::it  Coats,
all colors and si/es      Snug, warm, little  ideas   for
llie little tots at each $1.00
Warm Fall and Winter Coats   for   little  girls   and
children—tlie very newest and latest   novelties   for
the small ones in the new f.ilirics and trims.      Fit
children   from   1   to   lu   years.    You   should   see
English Cushion Covers
I.ovely colors anil designs, great wearing line-all
new goods.    At $1.00. 50c and 25c
Dress Goods Bargains
Hid you get your share  of  the  big  Dress Goods
Bargains  this   week.    There   are   still   plenty  on
sale.    Plain cloths, serges, fancy  dress   gooils, all
Sale of Aprons
A big lot of Fancy Tea Aprons, muslin,   with  embroidery trim, Swiss,   with   laoe  trim,   anl    some
fine Iv8\vn with colored flower.    All at 50c
Men's Working Trousers
 4 .       . _   ,
Every boy knows this Famous brand
and is struck with the smart, snappy
appearance.      Every   mother   knows
that "LION BRAND" wears longer
than any other.    This season's models
are made with full fitting bloomers, neat
double-breastedj 'coats,  and have the
unbreakable shoulder, so well known
in all "Lion Brand" Suits.     The  new
ones come in nobby tweeds and close
woven worsteds.
A pure wool Halifax Tweed :
comes   in    dark  grey only;
made with   the  " CARR'S "
label, which stands for everything good  in workmanship
and just the  thing  for cold
wet weather.
Our new stock of Fall boots and evening slippers have just  come to  hand.
They are the product of the J. C& T.
Bell Factory, and   we feel confident
that nothing has ever been  shown  in
the city to compare  with  them.    All
the new lasts and leathers in both boots
and slippers.    The  most  careful and
fastidious shoe critic would be pleased
with the new ones.
BOOTS                     FROM $4.50 TO $6.00
SLIPPERS              FROM $3.00 TO $5.00
>   )  es,   $5.00  to  $12.00
Oun Grocery and Crockery^ Department
How about your Pickling Onions and Cucumbers. We have them fresh every
morning, also green tomatoes, ripe tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and celery. Best
quality of malt and white wine vinegar.
Preserving Peaches are now coming in from Summerland every day.   Leave your
order with us and be sure of price and quality being right.
Apples, Plums, Grapes, Pears, Canteloupe, and all seasonable fruits in stock all the time.
Carrots, Beets, Turnips, Squash, Pumpkin.
Flower Pots and Butter Crocks
Just arrived—a shipment of Flower Pots, all sizes.      Get the ones you want before it
is too late.
We are unloading to-day a carload of New Baled
Hay.    Order early.
»####*###i|i ili i|i ili i|i iii >t»*|»»^4H|n-H*>^f^i3i i|i >|i ifr ili 'ft
IMPROVED   GEM    SEALERS   BEST   ON    EARTH        <■$»
t^T fjr Mj! tJi i^t rj? 1^1 t^l t^l i^i l^t m t*jl f^T f^f Ijl iff (J^i Tjt l^i fji tyi 1^11^1 l^i Mel 1^11 jj fy| fjl fj4 frft ♦ Ji •¥• •$! kg 4
House   Furnishing   Department
A New Lot of Curtain Goods just opened   up,   in   Scrims,
Madras and Nets.
lt will pay you to look over our Table of Wall Paper Bargains this week.   The Prices are right as the goods must
SATURDAY, SEPT.  27th,  191
Sold   in   Revelstoke   by   Bourne Bros-, Ltd.
are the only fruits and vegetables used in our canned
goods ar.d preserves. Picked
where grown and fully ripened, they aro at once put
into cans and jars with all
their goodness retained. Try
them if you want something
extra good for the table.
Hobson's Grocery
A let toi* ive e.i, i'ii at Seward, AlasUu,
by Dr. Charles C.Daggett from Frnu's
liu,wn.a former i-esident of Se'Waril .
who i- now on Alfred creek, says the
Alfred Greek st tike' in theCariboo country in good. The letter continues:—
"Olson and Getchell have struck pay
nn I are shovelling in dirt that averug-
,- better than $1" per yard, but are
mining under difficulties. Thore is a
e■niitiiiiioiis paystreak em Alfred Creek.
I have a lay of 5r>n feet of ground
above Olseu nnd Gek-hcll and I ara
taking oul money.
"Tuesday night my wife panned
■'.!._" iii     iyi.'  pan.    I am   running     a
I odrock drain, and as soon as it is
completed will be Inking out gool
pay. At. presenl 1 am only on tine
edge of  ihi- pay.
"The pay is'from four io six feet
in depth, ami how wide is um known.
The country reminds me of Fair-
hank and looks good to me. 1 nm
going to siay ine,-,. tin the freeze-up,
and ilii'n will .jo lo lown and return
in th.'   spring with   a big   outfit.
Beveral parties left Seward een the
steamer Dora and more aro leaving
o*> erland.
The Seward Commercial Club plans
, a se'nilin_: a man immediately to in
vestiigate  thoroughly   (lie  mining aud
II b 1 conditions.
The richest quartz strike in this
section wa- made last week un 'ho
Primrose property, eighteen miles
from Seward, which is owned iiy De-
iiek Lane and Herbert To>tier of Be-
Completion of a iOO-fooi tunnel
tapped a vein al a depth of 12a ft.
and hit over -.-v.-n feet of ore, Feme
assays were taken across the- seven
feet. They run 8211, $2*-Jl>,Sl(>0, an!
*Tm; per ion.
Fifty tons of nre aro now on ihe
dump ami will average better ihan
8200 per Ion. It is planned to instal
a I;.; mill thi- winter, lnthe meantime a crew will lie- kepi busy nn 4c-
velopmcnt  work.
that tho legislature pass a law enabling mon of uny nationality to acquire
land and have a lease of the same s'ub-
jeot to certain conditions as to keeping
the land under cultivation,
J.M. Swaine, etomologist of the Cau
adian Conservation Commission, has
In sti engaged for some timo past in
making a study of economic insect
posi- iii Liritish Columbia. He has
Iw.en working in conjunction with tho
Forest Branch of (his province. It is
understood that ho has discovered up
to'date several now species of dangerous forest insects, one of which prays
tei a largo extent onthe larch wood of
the Province. In such a thickly Umbered country as British Columbia
it W doubtful if measures for tho des •
(ruction of theso insects, or tho miliga
tionof the harm they achieve, could be
accomplished without unwarranted oxponso.
That the crop of 1913 will total two
hundred million bushels was tho statement made Iiy Mr. Andrew Kolly, retiring president, at the annual meeting of
the Grain Exchange in Winnipeg. In
tlie course of his address, Mr. Kelly
said: "If (he farmers could be educated
I., provide storage- for fifty pcr cent, of
In the matter of the estati' of Arthur
Scothorne, late of the Oity of Uevelstoko, B. C, deceased.
NOTICK is hereby given that all
persons having any claims or demands against the late Arthur Scot-
home who died on or about the 18th
dav of April, 1913, nt Hevelstoke in Ihe
Province of British Columbia, are re-
quin d to send liv post prepaid nr to
deliver to the undersigned Solicitors
for Waller II. Bell, tlie administrator
uf the estate ofthe seiid deceased,their
names and addresses and full purl iou-
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
ln Manitoha, Saskatchewan aud Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and iu a portion of the Province of BritiBh Col-
iarsin wriii,egoftheiiclaiiiisandstate-   um|), ,)e   ,eaBcd   Vjr  ft  term  ot
ments or i hetr account and the mu ure ... _
of the securities, if any, bold by tbeni,
and that after the 3rd dav of November, 1913, said Walter II. Bell will proceed to distribute the assets of the
said deceased among the persons entitled thereto having regard only to
the claims of wbioh be shall I hon have
had notice, and that the said administrator will not he liable for the said
assets or any pa. l thereof to anv person of whose claim he shall not then
have received notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. ('., this Sid
day of September. 1913.
Haiivky, McOAHTBR & Pinkham,
Solicitors for Walter II. Bell,
liu lino sat. sop li
I, W.H.3. Horotiin and C. R. Mac-
i lie grain they produce it would bo of donald, of Revelstoke, B.C., by ocou-
greal henclit lo tlio western provinces, pation a Broker and Druggist, give
We have jfist about finished harvesting notice that wo intend on the 19th day
ih.' crop Of 1919 which ig conceded to of July, 1913, next, at eleven o'clock
be a record ono s,, farm quantity and in l^e forenoon, to apply to theWat-
qualltj are concerned. I expect our er Commissioner at his office at Rev-
whe a I crop will run well over two hun- elstoke, B.C., for a licenso to take and
died million bushels. Oats aliout the u**0 on- on'y cubic foot of water per
same as last  year,  and  barley    about  second from Mountain Creek, a trlbu-
32,090,  bushels, and Hnx  about  lii,-  tary of. No tributary,  flows to  Col-
000,000  bushels.    Based on   the  present  umbia river.
twenty-one years at an annual rental of .1 an aero. Not moro than
2,560 acres will he leased to one applicant.
Application for loaso must he made
by the applicant in porson to tho
Agent or Bub-Agent of tho district
in which the rights applied for are
The lease will Include the coal mining righti ouly, but the lessee may
he permitted to purchase whatever
available surface righti may be considered necessary Ior the working of
the mine at tbe rate of $10.00 an
In aurvoyod territory the land munt .
he described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, aud in un-
surveyed territory the tract applioel
Ior shall tie staked out oy the ap -
plicant  himself.
Kach applicant nviet be accompanied hy n feo of Id which will be refunded if Cie rights applied (or ar*
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty      shall     be  paid   on  the  tner-
chantable output of the alne at the
rate of five cents per  ton.
Tho person operating the mine shall
prices, the crop should nei the farmers     Tlle water will bo used on Lot S.E.
>'17n,i)IH\ii0li; a  wonderful  showing con- 1  of S.E. 12,  Sec. 34, Tp. 23, R. 2, W.of  furnish the Agont with sworn return.
sidering only  1*2 per cent, of our laud is \ Gth M., and on W. h, L.S. 12, Sec. 35,! ■'
un let* cultivation."
•j: '•**-.   r~ *"***»
' c? r h
Phone 41
Box 734
I would res] of Woollen
and Win! *
I would a takei
^f instruct on incuttin t mi nl t   il   ' 'the
\ew York C
!' vi   worked
lafelv recommend tnysell
I IU    CLVB."
Mi. H.'I". (;u--ow, Dominion botanist, estimates that tho anuual loss to
ihe farmers of Canaela through lessened yields and lowered grade- ot grain
■ i by -inin diseases amounts t'>
noi les fi en ?l 3,000,000, nn the basis
l      i       ia 1911 this i-  nn  B
of   s|   cents,       The
ihie-hi'.   machine is  recognized  asthe
mo- (gent    in  the  spread     of
.a .   * rougly  recom-
i    n 'ial authorities pass
i      -  >he fumigation     of
iry  before    *icy    '-an
d new   premises.
from      Waila   Valla
. * i ainl
il   honor not   *o   at-
* rm       n   a
i   Ami
Systematic work in siock taking of
the foresl wealth of British Columbia
will commence in the course of ihe
nexffew weeks with the arrival horn
of Dr. H.N. Whitford, of the Canu lian
Conservation Commission, assisted by
iho Fore-'t Branch of the Provincial
government, he will commence the col -
lection of complete data relative to iho
extent of the finest area-' throughout
the provinc.. Special attention will be
paid io the nature'of the land wich a
view to such as is suitable for agri-
cullural purposes being made for preemption when ii has hcen cleared of
timber. The work to be undertaken by
Dr. Whitford In co-operation with thj
Forosi Branch will probably involve
a complete survey of iho Province, will
In- very far reaching. Dr. Whitford
wus for several years connected with
Ihe U.S. Forest Service iu the Philippines.
After one membei* of the Quebea
moving picture censors*, Mr. i;. Maxwell
Sinn,  had passed a film depicting Har-
| rights are uot being operated,
should   lie  furnished  at
R. 2, Tp. 23,"w. of Vth M., and on W.J j merchantable coal mined and pay the-
L.S. 12, Sec. 35, R. 2, W. of 6th M., ! royalty thereon,
for Irrigation purposes.
We intend to apply at the same time : rBtllr»e
for permission io store suftVient water j once a year-
to feed pipe only. For ,llU     Information    application
should be mado to tho Secrotary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent*
of Dominion  Lands.
W.  W.  TORY.
Dated this 19th day of July, 1913.
C. R. Macdonald.
W. H. S. Horobin.
1st iss.  July 30, Codys.
ry  K. Thuw in   variou-
poses in    Sher-
brooke gaol and particularly a portion
•showing ihe Sherbrooke*townspeaoplo
cheering lhe slayer of Stanford White .
Dr L.J. Lemieux, another member of
ihe board, on Friday niLdu condemned
the eamereel, and a merry internal
strife of authority la on. Mr. M. J.
Walsh,the ihirel memberoftho hoard,
is non-committal. "'I don't intend to
ii ak.- our people a laughing stock     0f
\nie-i ican-,*' Bays Dr. Lemieux. "The
Bim shows citizens Inin ing a common
murderer, anl il i- no ere lit to Canada
The- til tn was one tending to cultivate
■ nly morbid curiosity. Thore was
nothing educative or calculated to im-
*ii" public Ideals contained it it"
To win '  Wi    s,,,,, repHe |    "Bosh."
0. B.  N.  WILKIE
Ofllce: Lawrence Hardware Block
W.  H.   WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
Box 20a, Tolephone 313. Rovolstoke
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B. >C. Land
Surveyors  and   Contractors.
P. 0.  Box 317       Kamloops, B.O.
Branch   Ollice—Wntson   Realty   Ce.
Separate sealed tender.-, superscribed
"Tender for Manufacture and Delivery
of Superstructure Metal, Bridge at
Taghuiii, B.C.," and "Tender for Sub-
struoture au I Erection oi Superstructure Bridge at Taghum, B.C.," will iw
"received Iiy tho Honourable tho Minister of Public Works up to noon of
Tuesday, (he 14th October, for the
manufacture and delivering f.o.b, cars
at Taghum, lit'., and tor tha complete
substructure anl erection of superstructure, respectively, of the bridge
over the  Kood-uay   River  at Taghum,
  B. C.
Meets     every flrst and third Tues-     Drawings,     specifications,   contract,
day    in  Oddfe.lows    Hall.      Visiting and forms of tender oan be seen nt tbo
brethern  cordially  Invited  to attend, offices of lhe Government Agents     at
A. Grant, Dictator. Nelson, New Westminster,  Vancouver,
H. L. Haug, Secretary.     and  Revelstoke. and also  at   thc  otlice
, ofthe l'uhiic Works Engineer, Parlia-
School of   Music and    Oratory, under menl  IluiUings,  Victoria, B.C.
Direction of Intending tenderers can, by applying
PROF. C. 0. BROWNELL. to the undersigned, obtain one .opy of
Teaching Piano, Organ, Violin, Voice the drawing and one copy ol the apeoi-*
Culture for Singing and Speaking, Nation for the sum ol twenty-live dol-
Coaching Plays and Acting. St. Iar8 (*'-r)-**
Francis    Hall,  on    McKenzie    Avenue,
MOOSE No. 1081
LODGE. No. 11 A.
and A. V
We hnv.< i.. nd i p!ae*e of business
OS McKen'i" avenue, in thc building
'.n.ewn » Manning' old candy sior".!
■vnero we will ilisr lay n stock of jewel-
ry. We wil mak" a pecialty ol tbe r>
pnir f'-partment. Our experience In th'
. eati h is, clock , [ewelry and
,11 warrant yeur giving ui
i   • al    Thanking you in advan ■■
\ ery   r. spe (fully
Ad  ni"
If you ure one of
those particular
men who insist on
having Suits unci
Overcoats made to
your measure —und
made right - u e
are the tailors who
can please you.
MeKinnon &
-.*' un'
' onlj
nt. Mi  T K
li riii    , tie, effect
Stops falling Hair
Hall's Hair Ranewer certainly stops
r  No doubt about It what-
 . will Hurdy In* satisfied.
Regular meetings aro held ln MASONIC TEMPLE. Oddfellows' Hall
on ths Third Monday in each montb
at X p m. Vlilting brethren ars
cordially  welcome.
A. G. BROOKER. Secretary.
O. W   O.  W.
Mountain  *- t.*  Camp, No.  Wi
Meets Hecond    and      Fourth  Wednesdays    ln  each  month  In    Helklrk
Mali.      Visiting  Woodmen  are
Cordially Invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS. Clerk.
HKI.KIRK     LODOE  12.  1. O. O. T.
Meets svery Thursday evening ln
Helklrk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visltlss
Krfthren  rordlallr Invited.
MT.     REOMB.
OK r. O. r.
No. 14(1.
■    e a    Um'   oa thei
to mi next, appli' nium
e le ■ o I lie Bupei ln''-nil Bl    'if
i.    i   i     les lo astei nl tbs
Hi" salt   '>f liquor hy retail
• nd    i' ii Oi       'ii ■   en.mi a    He'     Meets In I. 0. f).  V. Hall nsit   to
Lardeau Ho Kts sl    i e.ienplii.  Tapplnf's Opera House every second
ti II   h   ' o        In,   from   Vdolphs Boll- and fourth Mnmlivr In month. Visit-
.uum POWDER i
e iu lo   Ain. il    Kilwin   .Inwilt of   I
[ilix, iint.i iti Columbia.
i'        I I ■ ih dnv  .,f     ,-i'pt' iill	
Adolph''   Iliiilcnu,
MoleliT'of  Lhenie.
A1 Um I   K.dwin .I ■ ■ w i' •.
Applicunt   Ioi  Trin I'.i.
1st Issue Bept, 17, 80 days
>n» hrethrtn rnrdlallv welcomed.
H. V. MORGAN, 0. R.
WM    P.   OAMFRON.   RflC   K»«
Barristers, Soli''itors, Eto.
Imperial  Bank Block,  Revelstoke, B.C.
Bach t'-ndei* must he sooompsnied hy
tn accepted hank cho<|ucor a-rtiflcate
of deposil on a ihartcrcd hunk ot Can-
,i'ii-. niiiii' pnviihle to lhc llouoiirnhle
the Ulnlster ,,f Public WorkB, (or the
(Aim ol 81,000, which shall he (orlriled
If (he paity tendering decline t• > cuter
into contrast when cn!led upon io do
SO. The cheques or rertiflfateH ol de •
pn it ol Unsecoessful tendercre. will he
returned to them upon ths execution ot
the contract.
Tlie successful ten'lcr r 'hull ''urn -;i
a iioinl ofa fUarantos company sntts-
fadory io the Minister (,i Public Vorks
In (he sum  of flvo    thousabd    lol'ari
(15.000) for the due (ninl nt of   tte
Tenders will nol he ...nsi leie I unless
made out on tho (nrms supplied, s\(B*-
i-d with the nctunl tignature ol ih-ten
dsrsr, and enclosed in the cnvcl.ipee
The lowest or nny tod. t not ieee
sarily accepted.
Public Works En rai-it
Department of Public Worku,
Victoria, B.O., September Srd, 1918.
Insert lo    8th Oct.
No'l'l1 Bis hereby given ihat .lohn
• In lun  Tapii'ni.'.   ths    ll'i'del'of  a  li
ceo** tn **|| liquor bjr retail „i tIw
premium known hn ths t'itv Hotel,
F.'rst Btreet Revelstoke. namely Lota
I in 7 Inclusive, In Block ft, Mnn
080 ItevpNtoke, It f!. Intends to
apply to i ha Board of Ucense Oom
rtilssloners for the Oity of Revelatoke
nl   a   iini'lint;  nf  (lie snid  hoard (0 bo
he'd ne\i sftpr the expiration of thirty
dav- fn in ths Ural publication nf ihi*
notice for th. tran«f*r of said license
lo th* premises situate on lbs oornsi
of   Kiisl   M'irt and Oi Imi ineiiiie. In-
;«u lot* IT. I*-and III in blook   1". Mnl,
itniA, Revelatoke.
Dated this Sth day of Bentembor, 101
J. ('. T.M'I'IM.. SATURDAY, SEPT. 27th,  1913.
Real Estate
And Insurance Agent
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
market forthe farmers of the "Inland
Umpire", establish homes for an in-
ii'i'.i in- population and create a region
of intense prosperity."—Technical World, Oct, 1013.
H, J. MoSORLEY, Proprietor.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly nnd monthly rales to he arraiiRed.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for |6.(XI
A. P. LEVBSQDB, Proprietor
The following extract from thut well
known authoritative publication, "The
Teihnieal World," ior October 1913,
together with (he extract wc publish
elsewhere in this issue from the Bdmonton Journal, will give readers
some idea of the interest which is being excited throughout the country regarding Ihe possibilities of the Revel ■
stoke Panama Grain Route, nndwater-
ways improvements along the Columbia river.
The Mail-Herald, for the past two
years, ha~ slink lo this great project,
and it is evident that our campaigns
of publicity arc bearing fruit in fields
widely separated one from another hut
where th" real significance of (he scheme is being rapidly realised.
•'While nil eyes arc turned (owned
the opening of the Panama Canal,
there is, almost unnoticed, another ca-
; mil thai is rapidly nearing completion.
This canal will be of great economic
importance to the world, but especially to the Northwest, It is The Dalles-
Celilo Canal  at The Dalles Oregon.
"The Canal, whieh is eight and a
half miles long, is being built by the
federal government .around obstruct -
ions in lh? Cnliiinh'n river to effect
more rapid and economical transportation nf freight. When it.is completed,
ii will mark the opening ofa navigable
waterway from be wis ton, Idaho, to the
I Pacific Ocean, a distance of four hun-
' dred  an.l sixty-six miles.
The canal will be tini-hwl by January I, 1915) at an estimated cost of sev
| en million dollars. It is sixty-five feet
wide'and the water will hc eight feet
deep al low stage. Five locks, two of
which have lifts of thirty-five feet each
raise and lower boats eighty-one feel.
"For many years there has been considerable traffic on the Columbia and
the Columbia at The Dalles, it has
I been necessary to transfer shipments
Snake rivers, but because of rapids in
from the boats, using rail transportation for the distance around the rapids
The transfer caused extra freight charges which will be eliminated when outgoing boats may pass through the canal and on io Portland, and boats lo-
ade'il at i oast cil ies may ply on the
upper river,
"When hi- considered thai almost
half the wheat and flour exported from
the I'nited States passes through Paget Sound ports, thc value of water
transportation from the "Inland Empire'" io llie grain markets of the Pacific coasl 'an be clearly defimd. Idaho. Oregon, an.l Washington, the States thnt will be directly benefited by
The Dnlles-Celilo Canal, produced in
1912 over twelve per cent of the wheat
crop of ihe Fnit.-d States.
" The building of lhe Dalles-Celilee
i'anal may not increase the size of a
loaf of bread in New York or even in
Portland, bul it   will   provide a  better
Hon. Dr. Roche, minister of Interior
in a speech made this week at Reginn,
mail" seeini' Important announcements,
which will be welcome news to. the western farmer. Dr. Roche announced
Ihiu he was planning to encourage mix
ed farming and the cattle industry on
the prairie provinces. He stated that
the government intends to carry out in
lhc main the recommendations of tbc
Ranching  commission,
An eighl or len year lease that cannol bo cancelled without an appeal to
the government will be enforced and
other minor changes of Ivonelit to the
rancher will be made.
Dr. Roche announced that thero
would likely be some changes in the
homestead regulations this comingsea-
son Theregistration system will be
simplified and the regulations will be
ma le less s'tringent. It will also bo
stipulated that a man on n home -
steal may, instead of breaking certain
acreage, substitute the raising of a
certain head of cattle.
Parcel Post By
First of Year
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
That  Canada will have a panel post
service next   January, which would   be
of immense b'-nefit to the whole Domin
ic ni was ih-  recent   statement ol    Hon.
L.   P.  Pelletier,    Postmaster  General.
La-t session il   was   announced   that a,
system Would lie established but  since,
then few details have leaked out. Under the  direction   of  the minister   offi- j
i iaN have been engaged in watching the '
American and     English sy-tem-' carefully so  lhn(   initial    mistake-      could
be avoided,
The servi.-e will not be Ior one   par- f
ii. ular part oi the Dominion  but   wilt
extend frnm East to West.   The  differ-
ent province- will be u-od   as /ones.
The Postmaster Oeneral sai 1 recently
"The Baving to private citizen-' will
be enormous, the ra*U>s, of ooorso, be-
inee; much less thnn at present, but tho
expense to the country will be largely
ine reased. It wifl certainly be a great
iii/cns' benefit.
There is every indication that when
the system comes into vogue it will he
a smooth running machine. The words
. sed by the Po»ima-tcr, thus show
that he hn- ibe interests of the people
at heart nnd that he will hnvv to his
credit the inauguration of the greatest
po*tal men-ure- of at lea-t a nenera -
Equal Heat In Every Part of
The Gurney-Oxford Oven
Every woman well knows the bad results from
constantly opening the oven door to move a cake
to another shelf or turn a pan of biscuits. Often
the shifting or the cold air striking in proves
utterly disastrous to her baking.
The Divided Flue on the Gurney-Oxford range
equally distributes the heat to all parts ofthe oven
which is regulated to the exact temperature required by means of the Economizer.
This wonderful time-labor-and-money-saving
device controls the heat ofthe whole range.
It is worked by a-small handle which moves
around a series of six notches. The housewife
soon learns that by moving the handle to No. 1 she
has a very hot oven, to No. 3 a moderate oven,
and that No. 6 checks the fire so as to burn
scarcely any coal while she goes out shopping On
her return she simply moves the handle to the
number that gives the required heat and the result
is prompt.
Of inestimable value also is the Broiler Attachment and the Special Grate.
But a most delightful feature about the Gurney-
Oxford is its constant bright and shining appear-
It has a smooth polished top that never requires black lead and is thoroughly sanitary.
For years stove experts have been working out
woman's problem in the kitchen and the Gurney-
Oxford range is the solution.
Revelstoke Hardware Co.. Ltd.
Agents for Calgary Beer
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
J.    ALBERT     ST03STE      PROP
Ladies' Tailored Suits to Order
All ihi- i.ui-si colon In MaUlaa* Clotb, Fancy
i «e', ||, <i up,>.i umi cheeked Worsteds,   over
onehuadndlatent pattern! (ee ehooM (rem
no i we> alike.
FANCY COATINGS    I     | latest   Ne« Ye.rk
crnatloni and Uh moil np-to-datn-ftook in
n.c. Ladlsswl iptcl mnoh from tu, cannol In' disappointed nlifii thtj intra (tu'lr suii
eel  1,1.111! I'eilineie  I'.ml milel..   I'>   DA,      W*S li:i><-
lhi' vie,j l.c.1 dsslgni fr.'iu P«rl.< in ehaifi "I
this dspartmsnt.   Thin It no •nil oreoattoo
taACJ tui ii- I" limit,'.
That . .
*Pays . .
T*ays you
Advertise in the Mail-Herald
Your business status i.s often judged In*
the style and quality of your Printing. A
poor circular hasn't half the convincing
and busincss-bringirgpower of ilu* better
one. A cheap and common-looking letter-
• head lowers your credit with thc wholesaler.
Tays Vs
You arc delighted with MAIL-HERALD
Printing   for we do our utmost to please
you. We have thc stall, Stock and equipment tO deliver the goods SO wc gel vour
next order, sure. Then your satisfaction
results in recommendation and so our
business grows.
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg to announce that they have opene-1 up offices at the
corner of l"ii>t Strut ami 0>nr.ati^ht Avenue for the purpose ol handling rea! est.iU- timber, etc. ::•.".'.! pay you to
call and get particular!, and fret in <■:•. ground floor prices.
We also make a specialty ol listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
President. ■ Treasurer
P. O. Drawer So. '.   Tele] I • ne N >. 521,
Make Us Prove It
We dare not exaggerate to you. We are dependent upon
your patronage. To get it we must have your trust and confidence. We make the following statements with a full under*
standing of what they mean to us. You are .safe when you
believe in these statements.
For the Bowels
If vmi only knew im niurh ua wo
and those whn bave used then know
nimiii Retail Orderlies, you « imjI.i
In ai enthusiastic about recommending ilii'in a." «•!■ are. Tlii-.v taste just
likr candy, Tbey ari so easily aad
hi pleasantly that the taking ot tbem
in a pleasure.
Evan children liki- Retail Orderlies; anil vnu know llial il a tin di-
dne appeals to a child, i( «ili appeal
to grown-ups.
help chase gloom, dispel Mii- and
Illlike veell  feel  I|M|>)IV   ll.V   tlli'ir -J.J' I.-
dill tmiii'. I'li'iiiminK anel strengthening effect iiiinii the. bowi la
net to free tbs system .mei keep ft
free from tbs distress and ill feeling
thai naturally results from Irregular
ami inactive bowels
Retail Orderlies do liiin quietly,
without griping or causing n
I'liii'iini nr eteetsive loo* ness.   Tiny
in 11,, .ei. i. ome and remove tbe oause
of bi wr I nl- and In a short time
usually make unnecessary the eon-
timinl ne-.' et physics and purgatives,
ih is tendi     * . .'. unni althy
11 e n formed.
Make us Prove This
w.- u   take mil
word foi this.   We want you to make
U-  I reel e    n,    ... 1   .,'    e,v|   (,, yoll.
Buy                '   Rl '-.il i lldl Hies at
■■■     i -• thi i  ■, or use up
(lie       Wboll       i ■'   \.        Thl ll.     ll     .Veell     lllf
not tle.ei. igbb satisfied, just eome
back emptj banded and t«ll us.
Withoul e.i ligating you <,r questioning you wi ie ill n turn tbe money
\e.n paid n~ tor liuin.
licati that Retail
Orderlli - are ai li .1-1 worthy of trial?
Doesn't it prove "nr faith in them?
i ii merit your confidence?
i',"ilil any offi r be more lair In youf
We. partli ilarly recommi nd Retail
Orderlies foi children, delicate and
at-e e| i ■ i Retail i iriliTlii-neome
in convenient vett-pookel rise tin
I s, 10c; 86 tablets,
20e; mi tablets, 60c.
CAUTION: Please beat In mind tlmt Reiaii OrderUi   sn not sold by all dru***-
gists.   Yon ean buy Ratal! Orderlies only at the Retail Stores,
You can buy Hexall Orderlies in tlii." community only at our store:
The Jfe-xalt Store
British Columbia
TbMV is ft n^rill Rtorr in nrrirly rvrrv town hod rity in th'' United Stat©*, Canada and
(irrat l-tntnin. Then ll n iIifTrrrnt Knitll Hriii-ti) for marly tVtQf ordinary bumao ill-
each MfW Wl) -I' ifnrfj for ibt particular ill for which it i* rp mm tne tided.
The Rexall Stores are America's Urcatest Drug Stores PAGE   SIGHT
SATURDAY, SEPT.  27th,   1913.
i.   \   Stragg a
i iei- week.
1'ro. uni ir   and     Miss    Mny   Manning,
while Mrs. Harry Bows out thc ices.
Saturday     afternoon matinee from
now on nt 2.;t'i p.m. nt Sim' theatre.
Thero will be Thanksgiving service in
St. Peter's   church,   tomorrow,   Sunday
I Three Valley, Is   m    , ,   ,,
at both services
.      , _        .,„. f ■     1{ev- 0-   A-   Myers,   M.A.,   0f   fildmon-
A""n  Pl«y«r-w*k ■>■■"-    -'*■    at, ton, will, be  tho preacher atthe Rally
*-"  K,"!"v-   lh6fttre serviees in  the Presbyterian church to-
,,,,,.,,.      , morrow.
J.E,  Ma i.m'nt Kamloopa, was     U'i-
t   •!,.n  the  streets yesterday The Versat-.les wlll put on at tha Bra
.   press theatre,   The Oanadian Express.
I     Roos of Vancouver, was- noticed . „nil U|, Thp R.yer   Remembci. ^ ^
streets the past few day- (1;.,   ,, and  10_
IOc. line   ::   Minimum 25c
Hoy, waiter ol experience, cau also
dn anv house' worl".—Tommy Kendo,
in i are C. Tagalaski, I'. 0. Box D.,
Revelsl ike 2t.
I'H   RENT—One   single room   with private  family, at  reasonable  rate, ceu-
I     trolly   lueated.    Apply   lo Box   '.111.
*. -.  C.M.  Newburn of  Nelsou, camu
tithe south train last Monday
Ri membei the \ ersal i.e • oming to
>t..    Empress I heatre, Oct    fl tn ■  LO,
I. B. Cook of Calgary, and li. R.
! ■     ison of Ai rowhead       ire   in   ths
: ■   i.e on  Wh te ol  New \ oi        nd W.
-.    ii ,i.  | ill ol   Van ouver,  are  in the
nd Mi     \.   Pai i y   ret irned    ou
ij Irom n plea anl  i olid iy '   the
• -
Si ai pe d;   P iterboro, Ou(.,      i'i
n   an i v nl - .* Kinj-
.* Cowell and A. M Donald, oi
mm, are business vi s hei this
■ •nd.
.1   Merrill of Kamloops, and J. Flash
:  .•.:. the   Vancouver  jew dlci. were   I er ■
a J, Lafon ainc of ll ilcj m, was
transacting business here the lore part
o:  this w.ek.
A C. Voder, th.' popular mai igerfor
Lindsey Bros., pole rontraotots of Na-
is in town.
VV  i. Fltzmauriee, the    uai   manufai
-. irer of Nelson, is making another busi
* rip to the citj ■
,W. Si.ii .ph td of G acier, and F.
Moore, ot Arrowhead, are in the city.
They can be found al the King Edward
3? a typographical error we omitted
the name of J. Shaw from ihe lis' of
Revelstoke exhibitors at (he Salmon
Arm fair.
F. BowneBs of  Chase,  is among    the
many western visitors to transa I busi-
■   -      i   ihis week,   He is at the King
ird hotel. ,
ations a>"      i ie     Master
.. der foi  huviUL* won ihe   News-
Ad      i-i -h'tlunJ pony contest,  with
a  ny  gO"S a Sael lie   an 1  briddle.
Theatre' Tonight—The Spell, iu
arts; Ranch Girl and Sky   Pilot;
i el   Weekly;   Monday   night     His
'. ■     Blood, in twoparts, Professional
msy; Tuesday night,    the Super-
Law, in three pari     Gaumontweek
ly    •• .   night   Forthe Sultan's
gi of program overy night
Tl eatre.
Tom  Bain, eity jailer,  sboi     a
pei mien ot   ihe     ' Golden
-    _      whilst hunting above *br (dm-
. ■ i.   i-   i,  < Ireek,  last wee . end.
* Ibe air is now     being
I,   nl  th reader   will
e   .n_-  r.iom of th--   Ha;-   home
-   si ison  as
M    Bail over
Ml. Earl  Bai   . i
a,!'." h
* a, ton, wl     i hi l
a-'. fan A.,
.    Mr.   II  •
a   Ol  lie-   I.s'o.--'   best
.   .ed   apple "
■  •   ij
■    I    tl
D ■
ay  del ii
I t I n
*>"li I. • D    *
e'.ely or o iime
.      hai it  '.,
K.H S    M l
b I ll   :
I *        even.   Mrs.  M Lean,
rr.-,--      bi  oi'  - ■!<• | In     i]
■•:."! bei   -     ■     o    the
nun . ered in by
dainty little Torino Smythe. Mr- w.
Bews in a rmvy s,l iri and he' in
ma' h i ■:  n In       the
dining room Mi D M i Donal I p tr«
tti (es md Mi i: Bmythc presided ov
er *b'' roflee a* i • iie pn Hlj rli I
PTith a -t ■■ ■ n ■■ Mis Ma Donald
Joe ■ .1 nd ome in n dies of taupe
brocade ' 'in with touchesnf cerise.
Mr« Smythe won a beautiful dress
of brown silk with man trimmings. |
fAMllting  in Serving were Miss      Irene
Mr.and Mrs. J.D. McMillan of Bran-
don and Ur. and Mrs. Geo. Miller oi
Calgary, have been here' this week, guests it   the King Edward,
Mr. an.l Mrs. fci.V, Morgan, Mis. Mo
Kinnon and Mr, Tucker, will leave to -
lay for Vancouver to attend the High
Court session of the' Independent Order of Foresters, which meets in the
i.a mi' Temple,  Vancouver, at 10 a.mi,
on October  *Jnd.
The following special music will be
rendered ai the Rally services in the
Presbyterian church tomorrow:— 11
a.m., anthem, "O Come lei us Wor .
ship," S'-fu p.m., solo, "Lifes Lullaby"
chorus, "Willing Band of Workers,"
7:30 p.m., anthem, "Sun of My Soul,'*
solo, "The Better Land." male iiuar
(Otto, "Though your sin be as Scarlet"
s.jlo. "into Thy Hands," with refrain
\ y choir.
Tomorrow is observed as Rally Sunday all over the land. In the Method-
is i church, McKenzie avenue, appropriate sermons will be preached by Rev.
Lashley Hall, the pastor. Morning iter
vice begins at 11, evening 7::'.0 p.m.
There is a general rally in (he afternoon al 2:30 of the Sunday school for-
res.scholars, big and little, parents,
friends. You will enjoy youi'Relf if you
eome.   Come and lend a hand.
TO LET—I havo a niee Furnished
House to lot, on Third street, West.
A.W.  Connolly, at G.W. Bells'  Store
FOR SALE—Four Milch Cows, in
good shape, animals ean be inspected ami terms obtained from Charles
Granstrom, across Columbia River
Bridge, Old Town, Revolstoke
Mrs. J. Hopgood is away on a short
visit lo Kamloops io lake in the exhibition.
Charitably minded parties having
old clothes to dispose of, are requested
lo hand same into the city jail, where
they mighl ho ot great uso to some of
our hard up prisoners. ^B
The Editor is well aware, that il is evening for Vancouver, where he will
easier to colleot $1,000 for transmission I"1' in llis second year in Arts at Mc-
to sonic grafter in tho    Timbucktoo - GiU colleg°'
Mrs. P.   C. Ainslie returned Sunday
Miss Jessie Duncan who has heen
visiting her brother Conductor Duncan
left   (liis  week for the coast.
Mr.  James Lawrence left on Monday
WANTED—Smythe's Employment of-
Hoe, men for work at good wages,—
Apply to Smythe's Employment Offlco,  First street,  Revelstoke,  B.C.
boola Islands, than to raise a nickel
I'm* a local lad who may be temporarily
"up aKainst it," but we have boon requested by the City Police to print
this notice, and gladly comply with
their request.
Handing in old cast off hut perhaps
slill wearable clothes at th''cily police
station, would ho au act of charity
that might be twice blessed, bringing
comfort lo the poor unfortunate who
needs something to cover his back, and
a warmth of glowing satisfaction to
thi'hrari of the donor, al the thought
nf a kindly deed well done.
FOR SALB—Modern Seven-Roomed
House. Furnished or unfurnished on
easy terms. Apply to D. McLcod, 28
Sixth street.
FOR SALE—A good second-band Rem
ington Typewriter. Apply to Mail-
Herald Office.
,n   Mi
WANTED—Advertiser  wants   furnished  Hai
or unfurnished house for rent,    close  The
in, good repair, state rent lo J. Mo-j ticulirly pathetic as Mr.Higgs
Pherson,  general  delivery.
WANTED—Washing woll and carefully
clone al   the Colored   Hand   Laundry, I
McKenzie and  Victoria Road,  Fono , mon.i
Vernon, B.C., Sept. 26—Work on hall
u do/en big bridges on the proposed
iknnagan-Revelstoke road will be rush
ed to completion this autumn, according to B.P. Girdwood, assistant engineer for ihe district,
**The Eagle River Bridges will be
leuili at  on -ays   Mr.  Girdwood.
The bridge ovei the North Fork, one
mile west of Tal. will be a Howe truss
UUfeet Ion.. The Eagle River bridge
at Malakwa wil be 11" feet long. The
bridge al Sicamous'will also bea 14U
;    ■    li nv,   truss.
St.  John's church uas  tbe scene of
a very  pretty autumn  wed .
aftei noon,   :\lif   M.a-   M . . Is
Hyatt, eldest  daughter of M    an    M:s
M    Hyatt a   I on
ind   best   beloved   girl       •   i
I'liou.a-    M I
popular   young physician •      .'ai:...v.
x. r iii. m
ated with
.    :
a   •
WANTED — Nursing, apply to Mrs.
McDonald, Connaught avenue, second door from Second streel, between First  and Second streets.
TO LET—A Comfortable Bedroom,—
Bath, etc. Suit single gentleman,-—
25, Second street, west.
WANTED—A Fresh Milk Cow. Must
be a good milker. Apply to Mrs. A.
W.   Sutherland. Dairy,  Nukusp.   B.C.
NOTICE—The public are again re -
[nested to ...end in all accounts owing by the Agricultural Society.
A Joily Party
death occurred    al  ihe hospital
n lay. Sepl. Sin.I, al 7 a.m. ot
Arthur Edward Higgs of East
ley, near Wantage, Berks, Eng.
oircumstauoes surrounding nre pai
had ouly arrived here about two weeks ago
with his wife aud two Utile boys, hop
ing lo improve their lot in life in the
prosperous west. They remained two
in Ontario and then came to
Calgary when iho homeseekers' excursions started in August aud Unally reached our city. Mr. Higgs caught a se-
I vere cold en route whieh was furthei
augmented by unfortunate conditions,
when they tirst reached here,
! taken io ihe hospital a week
ho succumbed to pneumonia.
night from    Moose Jaw where she has
bein with her husband, who is foreman
of the shops al that place.
Mr. Tucker , photographer, disposed
ofthe balance of hi- household effects
by auction sale on Monday ami be and
his family left on Tuesday afternoon
for Victoria.
Mrs. T. MotT.it and children huve
come irom Lethbridge to make their
home in Revelstoke. They are al present slaying with Mrs. Moffat's mother
Mrs. Wm. Watson.
Mr. J. Caley anil family an* going to
spend the winter in Iheir hotel in Ar -
rowhead. Mr. Caley has ren led his cot
lag''here io Superintendent McKay,
who will  lake possession October  1st.
for announcement at  the soiinl on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Walter Bews will receive next.
Wednesday, Oct. 1st.
Mr. Leon Coursier left on tho mid -
night train last night to begin a course
in the college of dentistry, Toronto.
At a meeting of St. John's Ladies"
Aid, held yesterday, the dale of the
bazaar was changed to December tho
Mrs. D.C. Craig, who lias spent tin-•
past six weeks visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Southworth, Second street,
west, leaves today for her home in
Novtlach, Sask.
Mrs. Patterson, who has made n
great many friends during the past
year shehas been visiting her sister,
Mrs. Corley, left last Monday for ber
home in Sault Ste. Marie. Mrs, 0. R.
Macdonald accompanied her as fai as
Golden* and remained there for a few
days' visit, returning to the cily on
The secretary of the Women's Canadian Club has received a telegram from
Mr. W.W. Poster, saying he will be it
town about the first of October, and
will address the Canadian Club. The
meeting willbe hold either in the afternoon or evening. Mrs. W.M. Lawrence
has kindly loaned her drawing room
for the occasion.
Mr. ainl Mrs. J.I'.
Tuesday  afternoon
trip  to  the south
which time  Nelson.
Kaslo  and oilier point
Stevens of the
Forde returned on
from a two   weeks'
country, (luring
Rossland, Balfour,
were  .isited.
leaching  stall n
re -
Mis    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
making a good  recovery from   her
cent ilin"-1-.   she left the hospital
Friday and accompanied her sisiei
Chase   where she will   recuperate
a time.
Mrs.   Lashley  HaU is compelled     hy
continued  ill-health to  try a change of
air and  nllitude. and   leave-1 the end  of
He   was  this week for a visit   to Vancouver. Mrs
go where Hall will  therefore  not  receive   onth.'
^^^^^^ Urst Friday of October as  intimated,
The funeral look place at one o'clock
Wednesday afternoon from Howson's Mr. F.W Laing left lasl Friday, to
undertaking parlor and the service, was teach the school uI Whatshan, near
conducted by Rev. J.W. Stevenson. A Edgewood. This school i- a large one
large number of sympathizers with the in the Mennonite settlement, highly
bereaved family were present, including  commended by   Inspector  Miller,  a cot-
Mr. and Mrs. Tamme and family, who
accompanied Mr, Higgs from England.
Carriages for the funeral were sup -
plied hyMr. McCarty and Mr. Turnross and many (lowers sent by sympathizers   throughout  the .ity. The pall-
tage for the teacher is also supplied,
tin Tuesday evening of next week,
the Yening People's Society will hold
iheir lirst soc:al ofthe season in St.
John's church.   Everyone     who    fceU
bearers were six ofthe businessmen oi   Jom« **_ invited lo come to this open-
gates of     "Ballyna-   the town, Messrs. A.E. Kincaid, K. G.
of   Mr. andMrs. H.N.   McRae, W.A.  Sturdy,  A.   Johnson,  H.
Manning and CR. Macdonald.
The   hospltabl
lunch''  th" homi ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Coursier, were wide  open   last  evening
to welcome the  merriest  crowd of   tho
.-'.•u>on.   The  party was    nominally   a
en    ho.vei.,    for  the  biide Miss
Mauele Hyatt, butit also was of     tho
nature of a farewell to Leon Coursier,
who  leaver the end   of   this week      ior
Toronto,  and   to   three   otner  popul u
; oy, who jo ea-*- at .he same uiiie.
Tue n.jui v 'in,,-  -omewhai  cold,   the
ll   giow of   blading  logs in      the
out a ciieery welcome
-1 lutttinn  i ol-
.i [colors (nrough   all
Bt      a te   of    • . ■
iden e     in
red aid crimson  a
Following  are   (he  names of
winners at  the   Reveletoke  fair:
Founh   Grade,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    junior—1, Dorothj
if  a  wealth  Mackinrot; 2,  [da Hay, .'!, Naca Gosh,
well-       Intermediate  Grade—1,   Chester Lau-
ange .      r. ) tain a-h-  ghead;2, Mary  Porta.  :',, Francis Turk.
in - . ond Reader...1, Cecil McSorley; 2,
Jack  Carmichael;  J,, Rose Mi. -belli.
! , First    Reader    I, Rosimund     Law-
tn-e r.-nc.'. J, Romy Turk; .:, Charles Mack-
iiom start to fin: High  Second Primer—I, Rosie Fny ;
: id
OWel . -e
.,'   Ill 11 .
I a «iiil
i    ind      irr'.in • n la
pink     ro ■ ed s
■   '
l -     Ml 'he i pported
i, Di    M irpny of i- t
1   Mi      McPhei "ii in" "e'll.'.l    (mi
, he   tal "en. 1" i
an I '.'hei     met    itles,  where    h
. moon will ',•   ipent,
The  bride   received a    plendid      dl
iv ol   wed  in -     if' [i "in bei    n
i,,   fi Ii n I-, thi '  imi pi" bein      i
• f.i,/ hiooch, whi •   h    '
lhe  first   I,tide in each  family for    five
en.aaiions, on her mothei'     Wo,
nn ih, ir  return  Di. nnd Mi i,      Ma
phor nn will i'  id-- it Salmon Vrm. S,,
in ide   ha    over loft her home  arrying
wiih hern greatei   hare ol good wish
ex for her future welfare and bappinesn
in all of which the Mall -Herald  wishes
to join.
Mr. Reid -   ow
2, Linda Pi ido        ;, Fred Skene.
i 'Josephine Sirj,
'.  Alberta  Hobo,   j,-Josephine
*-' i'rimer—I,   innie  Go-h; 2, Nat-
inni .i, Laui , Pui  i
. i ■■   Oarland; I
■■„ McSorley
[•RAL     l linul,
ing social and gel   acquainted, and enjoy a good program.
Rev. David Smith and Mrs. Smith,
returned missionaries on furlough Irom
India, arrived in town on the midnight
(tain last Tuesday nighl and aiv the
guests of Mr, Smith's oollege friend,
Rev. J.W Stevenson. Mr. Smith will
address a meeting in St. John's church
on his work in India.
Tho directors o' tho Y.M.C.A. met
for a business discussion Tuesday even
ing at six o'eloek in the parlor of the
building, where several nilairs of importance were arranged over a delicious supper laid for the occasion by
the La lie's' Auxiliary.
A number of friends nn.l neighbors
were inv ite.l to afternoon t"a last
Saturday by eMis. S. G. Robbins to
meet her friend Mrs. Breene ot Vancouver. A social hour wa- pleasantly
spent with conversation and some beautiful musical selections by Mrs. v. \iiy
and  Mh< Grant of Winnipeg.
Professor Urownill gave a concert on
Thursday evening in Bt. Frnncii Hill,
forthe Young People'- cluh. Mr. Umw
nell i< a   leiiin   -i:,..,!   with  a   very agree
able voice.   He was accompanied     by
,\liss Lawson, an I Mi     Hell.   The hall
I ll"    I   '.'..It     I I'l'   IH   ■    d il'l ,llllll   .llg,
• on tinned i,, ihe music of On '•
i ■   until twelve o'clock.
M  r
ncly, Mrs   Law
.   an
-i .,    ■
• i i
i.      '  0        [ ifli    ■
lr     ol    ream Duri
he'   • .i rl     h
■ ol kiti hen   i on  '   rtW b
• in-  finai'   "i  any  ho
pan   "i aluminum and bl .      eeei
ti   rranitew u e, mingled with ki I •
and e in I. I'm   ni..a 'i"      anil   mixers.
nn i poi mi I nai      if all    I ipes      end
\ lien vv. ■ ■. . ,i in    mil
Mi    and Mi      ' 'mn ner  hem I Ily     ii i
fen    Hl|..     C/f     llie     IlieiSl      -M|eCC      f||]      |
svei given in Revelstoke,
•   2,  Ri ■■
o   .   loliffe
-el'.n.l;    ll,
li lla   I., ./i.ion
al"    \ Li.  i,   listell i
if '   " |m,.
L igb; 2  Dorothy
■ ,■ i he.
on   Readei    I   Tom
Dochar ■ ophei   Terry; 3,  Leu
na Bind ■ i ■   Readei. i, Kim-
It ■ Margaret MichelsoB
I, Jii i .   o
Dl      ■ ii , md Pi mei    I, aileen
I,   Bord .;   \i (ntyre; ■'..   Netherly
f I'm bi    l,      Alfred
i   1*1      M
1 ■    ' n
in     -in    Pi Imai v   I.   Doris
In   honor 'ii   Ml   I   Maude   11 y it 11 'i ap
proaching marriage, Mrs.  Holten   en-
alned aboul twenty of the friends
of the  bride-olci i mi  Monday aftern i
■Fiie hundred" in whi.-li lho pretty
prize were won by Mrs. Downs and
Me       A     Mi Hae, an I   a   souvenir
pi t/f presented lo  Ml ■    Hyatt,
followed by refreshments served
Mi    Holten     assisted by Miss
Office Diaries [or l'.Ul. jusi opened&t
Macdonald's drug store,
Heating Slows, all kinds and sizes,
coal hods, siove rfhovels, ash sifters.
stove pipes, etc., at Uourne Bros.
At the Trueman Studio, all portraits aie high grade and guaranteed.
—A. Douglas Tourner.
Tho Canadian Order of Foresters,
have paid to their members and departments over 88,456,386.61 since 1879
.inin our national society.
'i in' Trueman Studio iB the bouse
for high class finish for amateur work
nil  prints with white borders.
Alger Bessis and Toy Hooks'for boys
girls and children at Macdonald's
drug store.
After the cbnrier is closed it will cost
you double to become a member of the
Canadian Order of Foresters, Make
application no a io O.W. Rand, District Organizer,
Revelstoke's home ol art—Tho True-
man Studio i'ill ium sec ue, when
discussing portraits. Prices to suit
The Oanadian Order of Foresters
haven   reserve <>f tt4,A19.58U.7J   io   pay
sill- and  death claims  ,,f   their      mem
Tracing linen, eloih     oil and watei
color paints iu tubes and      pans,      at
Macdonald's drug store.
GALT COAL ls handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke Gen
ernl Agencies,  Ltd.
A iins'tiiij f,,r the purpose of n.stitut
ing a newCourt ol the Canadian Order of Foresters, will lie held in  the I.O
o.F. Selkirk   hall,  Wedn--May   evening,
October  1st,
Did you gol yours this week ' If not
get it. next. What'* Coursier's Smokeless Coal
Twenty-five charter members l>u\<-a'
ready hcen secured for the new Court
of Canadian Forester- bore. Charter
members are being taken now at $.1,110
eOUilli;    lee      Chiller       i,p,n no.v.     See
District Organiser O.W.   Rond,  I'niou
Winter will s, ,oii lie lire. How are
you fixed fm Coal ' t'oiusier's is the
Rest.   It is Smokoless.
Poultry, Btock Foods and medicine
,n Ma. donald'l drug store.
gu" i
i      Alb
A bra.
GIBBON Ai Revel toke, B.C., on the
I ih Inst., to Mr anl Mrs. F. M.
OibiOn,   ei   daughter.
lh"  Young People's Society of   Bt,
fohn       church     hid   iheir    inaugural
meeting lasl Tuesday evening, tulleers
im 'he' .oinin.' vai we'ie elected as
' Hon Prei., Rev J.W. Steven .in.Puh , Mi W. Mclliarmi.l; 1st
Vice-Pros., Mist Kali" Little; 2ni Vice
i Ml Ruth lii-iwn, "idviee-preB.
Mi it. Chlsboltnt Ith Vici Pits., Miss
.in He Young; Sec, Miss .Munro,
Trias.. Mi .lohn Little; I'ianisi, Miss
Viola Crowe, as-isiant Pianist, Miss
Aieiahiiiwein The' four vi'-e-presidents
ai'onv ner  of the four commltl f
Ihe   Soclelv,   dei o'ional,     Ocial,   clue-a-
iioee il and missionary, The executive
ivilline'" n"xt Monday evening and
prepare Ibelr    winter's se-hedule ready
Ah, mother, your girlie is  weary—
Givo ino a cup of ten,
For this ha- been a busy doy,
Asa, militant's day  may  be.
I hnve  smashed ten  windows in  Down
ing street,
I   ha*"1  fired a  church  in  Surrey,
I have thrown a bomb at Astmith, m>
So give me my tea in a hurry.
And give me a bun for   strength mother
Kor your darling's a frail young thing
And  to-morrow's  the    day   of    days,
moi her—
I'm to chuck a brick nt  tho king.
New York  "Tridune.-
White Star I.l, Baltic sailod Irom
Liverpool via Quecnslown, Sept. 1Mb
with rtir. first, 410 second and 'tin 3rd
class pas^enifers, and is due Ne-v York
Friday. Sept. 2fith. Vnncouver and
Victoria pa«»engcr- ore due October 1


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