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The Mail Herald 1907-06-05

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 The Mail-Herald
Vol. 13,-No 43
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
' Ihe Seal op Certainty '
Goodvf.ah.Welt -"Sewn
Uhe Seal of
Examine the accompanying
cut closely and the SLATER
shoe irmlo mark. Bo sure
and look for it on tho next
pair of Shoes you buy. You
will lind it menus something
certain to have a thoroughly goud shoe il you huvo a
For foot comfort, ense and Shot* economy wear always
you nr
Thoy come' in Call, Goodyear wult, new shapes. This is a
Blioe ihnt Inkes a superior polish—n middling heavy manly hoot
at per pair   $4 50
A superior Vici Kid Blticher, rational shape. This is a very
dressy and soft, light Summer Shoe, n thoroughly good shoe for
Dress wear Goodyear welt—at per pair $5 50
Corona Colt, the finest quality of patent leather produced
—no fear of cracking or chipping, the acme of shoe perfection lor
a beautiful fine dress shoo buy this $6 50
Three of the best brands of Fancy Biscuits you could
choose from.
HtNTLKY   &  Palmer's „,   ,.,
i  / 7 IT *• 1
Biscrus. .*:;'/)/'.i   *
All  these biscuits have
arrived this week and ar1 ffi
fresh from the Factories.
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
<| ty l{l i|i i|i ifr ifr fr i|i ft ili tJHft *!"$> 'I' 'I' 't' 'I' 1' 'I' 't' 't' 'I' 't' i
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, otc. Stanley's and Starrutt's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Sluirly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in gieat variejy.
Paints i nu Oils, Kalsoniine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
Convenient Olliees for Rent Upstairs.
S Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing and Tiusn.ithing.
■ft-Sn-fr-infr-H" ft'fr 'I1 'M' 'fr $<
Wo have secured.he agency for Prince Rupert properly for a limited li.no
only, all lols 25X 20 I'l. Price $200. Terms, $50 cash, balance 4, S nnd 12
moulds. We have also choice lots und residences in Revelstok-, business
chances.   Also fruit lands close in,     Apply lo-.
BRILL   &   ST.A_G-G-
V.   0.   Box,   US,   llo.elsli.ke, B. C
Proper Medicine
for thc Blood
To everyone is sure to come that
tired, exhausted foollnf.
When tho blood is weak, thin
and debilitated, circulation is slow,
nud iu consequence tho system is
congealed will, poisons nnd wastes
that should be driven off,
The sensible person nets on the
teachings of experiences and
oleanses the blood with .1 bottle ol
A full supply always on hand
Red Cross Drag Store
Hull Onion. RociiIto Prompt Attention
I..TI   lll'll.t
P.O. Box 81,
A.il.n.ilff, lllnls, M»li,
A11I11111I  Kill." M.'iinl"!.
Mo: 'Oorii.r ol First St. mul Hurls Aft.
1 ll.jti.l. Ink., II, t
Vancouver, Juno 4— Wiih hi,
camp reduoed to ashes and forced to
rotire with Ins men Irum the island
lor fear ol their lives being endangered,
Mr, Dave Essun, who operates a
logging csmp ou Knox Iky, Thurlow
island, arrived lasl ight on the C.s-
siar and reported tb" iurgest fire ever
known up coast. All the valuable
timber on tho island is lieing licked
up by the llan.es.
The s.s, Rovelstoke is doing her
regular running from tl.e landing
abovo tho canyon.
Tho inventor of the air brake, one
of tlie greatest public benefactors ol
this day and generation is dead, and
but Ior the invention ol the Into Mr.
Clark the speed ol railway trains
would luve to be limited to lhe extent
implied liy effective conl roi under
given circumstances. Mr. Clark is
deserving ul a suitable tiumunicnt.
Distinguished Visitors - Irish
Bill Dropped — The English
Derby-Libel Case.
Ottawa. June 5.—Duke D'Abruzzi
will arrive in ijuelec with the fleet ol
Italian warships he commands, about
June 20th, and will begin a tour of
the principal cities ol Canada.
,OHDON, June 6 —The Irish Hill was
lor...ally dropped by the Government
this afternoon, with scani  ceremony.
I.oMiox, June 5.—The Hluo Ribbon
ul the English turf, which is lield for
over the mile and a ball course at
Epsom, will be run today, fur a big
purse ol 182.600
FllEOEKIOTloK, N. II., June 5 —
aims H. Crockett, editor ol the
Froderictiun Gleaner, recently arrested
on a charge ol defamatory libel preferred by Hon. II. It. Eininerson, ox-
Minislcr ol Railways, was comniit'fd
ir trial at the next lorm ol the York
County Court, which opens June 18.
He was admitted to bail.
PENSE, S..sk , June!.—A distressing
incideut bin occurred here, lour chdd-
n ol Mr. arid Mrs. Bo'train having
died ol diphtheria. The druggists in
Regina refused to supply anti-Uxine,
because cash did not accompany order,
Junicau, Alaska, June 5.—Judge
James Wickershani yesterday handed
down a decision confirming the right
to the waters of any mining stream
by appropriation as against the rights
of riparian landowners. The decision,
whicli will protect the big ditch companies against extortion by jumpers,
is the most important ever handed
down by Alaska courts.
The liuding was made in the suit of
Thorudyke vs. Alaskan Perseverance
Mining Co. and grants the mining
curpor.ition a title to tlie waters ol
Lurvey Creek, whicli Tborndyke attempted to appropriate under his
rights as a riparian landowner.
Judge Wickershani ho'ds that the
minimi company having appropriated
the waters o( the creek lor ditch purposes, is entitled tn first possession
under the mining laws of Alaska. The
companv, proceeding in good faith,
will be protected against all olhcr
claimants for the amount of water
appropriated lor its ditch. The decision applied lo ditch companies
throughout Alaska will affect nil
investment estimated to be .f-8,000,uOO.
Vktokia, June 5.—Mrs. J. V, Has-
kins, whose husband was taken ill on
hoard tlie steamer Princess May as the
vessel was leaving Vancouver two
weeks ago, and died shortly alter returning to shore, was found dead in
her room at tbe Balmoral Hotel on
Saturday. It is believed that her
death, like that ol her husband, was
due to heart failure.
Mrs. Haskii.s was seemingly in good
health on Friday. Sal 111 day morning
she did not come down lo breaklti.t as
usual, and at U o'clock Mrs White,
proprietress of ll.e In.li 1, became
alarmed, fearing the decease., lady was
and unable to come down. When
she went to investigate, Mrs. Haskius
was found lying dead. She had evidently been attacked with heart trou
blc duriti < the night, and had fallen
Irom her bed.
Tlie. deceased wns well known in
Ittvelstoke having lived there up to
the time ol her marriage,
Vancouver, June 4.—Mr. Yfcrdley,
the representative of tlie Marconi
Wireless Telegraph Company, is in thc
eity, having arrived here Irnin Victoria.
His particular business at this lime is
to carry out the work of establishing
stations on the northern coast and
fitting up some uf the Canadian Pacific
Company's vessels with thc appliance
necessary to enable them to send and
receive messages by wireless telegraphy. These vessels will be the steamers Princess May, Princess Royal and
It is nut unlikely that the Company
may establish a station at sume puinl
on Queen Charlotte Islands, as at present that pf.n of the Province has no
means of telegraphic communication
with lhe outside world,
Consignment Purchased in Montana Reach Calgary.
Oaloarv, Alta., June 4—The special
train carrying a consignment ol 300
bulfoliies has arrived here. Onboard
in addition to tlie buffaloes, were
Howard Douglas, the Banff Park
superintendent and five Mexicans.
The Btory ol the gathering ol the buffaloes, ns told by Mr. Douglas, reads
more like a book ol Fennimore Coop
er'a than a prairie tale ol the twen
tieth century
"It took us no less than six weeks
to gather in the herd," said Mr. Doug
las. "Out of 500 we obtained 300,
and Ihe residue will be gathered in
and brought up during the lall, Forty
bulls got away Irom us altogether, aud
ol this number we caught no less than
twenty in one day. Twenty-two Mexican cowboys rounded up the buffaloes,
md each man changed his mount
once every two hours.
"Tl.o herd was scallertil aliout on
the   mountains ol   Molilalia, and the
point   from   which   Ihis train started
was Ravalli, in the Flathead'reserva ■
lion.    The entire work was brought
lo a conclusion   without  any serious
accident in Montana, and this in spite
ol the lact lhat tlie corralling of the
animals  occupied   nine days.    The
herd is being taken to l.n......it, east ol
Edmonton, where they will be enclosed in a pasture ol 10,000 acres."
Sax Francico, June 3— The g ub-
stttke, one ol the most honored of institutions, has met 0 reversal in an
American court decision. Ever since
1849 the system ol grubstaking by
prospectors Jor the privilege of sharing
in whatever he finds lind been iu
vogue, and more than one great fortune bus come to homostayers who
have outfitted mine-hunters, in tl.e
case just decided a miner, John dates
who, 011 a g.uhstake of iflOOOtound a
fortune of $750,000 has won 11 verdict
deciaiing that the grubstaker cannot
Tbe United States court ol appeal,
rendered lhe decision -sustaining Ihe
district court of Alaska in a suit
brought against hini by Isaac I,
Marks ol this city. Thenclion was
instituted to recover $150,000
agreement made by Marks nud Utiles
in Seattle on April 27, 1U02. The
agreement was that in consideration
of .fl.OOO paid by Minks to Gates the
latter was tu transfer to the fanner 20
per cent of id! property ivl.i.-l. should
bo acquired either by location, pur
chase or otherwise in Al ska by said
Puget Sound Operators Already
Commenced to Curtail
Bw.l.iN.iiiAM, June 4.—According to
tho statement ol a promitiout lumberman uf this city, all members ul thc
Loggers' Association have curtailed the
output ol lugs by one-third. The
action took effect Saturday night, and
will be lullowed l.y another reduction
ol ono third ol the output on Juuo 15.
July I lb.- entile output will be shut
ilotyi until September 1. The reus....
advanced l.y the luggers lor this action
is that the price ul lugs has declined
and that it is desirable to suspend
operations during the open season for
fires. It is snid I bat certain Bellingham buyers are paying $2 oil' tbo list
lor logs.
A local mill.1.an stutes thut tl.e renl
r.-asun for the action ol tho luggers in
tightening up un llieir iiulput is the
tact that tlie market is overcrowded
All nl tl.e mills have moro logs than
they can possibly cut nnd consequently the market is not very aotivc,
 «*» •     	
Vancouver, June 1—Onool the
lumbor companies doing uu extensive
business in this province is the British
Columbia Timbers, Ltd., tho western
general manager ol which is now in
the oity. E. .Stewart, who has charge
of the firm's affairs wns lorn.cily sup
crintendent of tlie forestry depart ment
of the Domini.... government, a position which he resigned to engage in
commercial life. Tlio bond olilco ol
Mr. Stewart's company iB in Montreal,
Don't lorg.-t that tlio Lawrence
Hardware Co., Ltd , are prepared to
handle all kinds of electric work,
house wiring, iiistulling chandeliers,
otc.   First class wurk guaranteed,
Kruiii our own corrsiiondtiliL
At n meeting on Monday evening it
w.'S decided to hold the usual celebration on Dominion Day. A committee
was appointed to arrange a program
ol sports. The Knights ol Pythias
are making arrangements lor a ball in
the evening -
Mrs. F. Giles and Miss Aldana Giles
returned on SVurdsy from Bellingham, Wash.
Mrs. Lightburne is visiting Iriends
in Revelstoke.
II. Stevens is in Nelson.
.Mrs. Warner and Mrs. Stovons were
in Revelsloke Saturday,
G. Dalgleish lelt Sunday Ior Calgary.
Miss Connie Roman has come tu
lo spend the summer in town.
W. Rosivorm and Harry Kirk spent
Sunday in Comaplix.
Miss Sharp has been chosen as
matron of the hospital to fill the
vacancy cans.d l.y the redgnation ol
Miss Mai-Lean. ,
A concert nnd dunce will bo given
in Lightburne's Hall on Friday
evening by the congregation of All
Saints' church. A goud time is anticipated.
(From Our Own Correspondent)
A. Albury tiied his new motor boat
lor the tirst time on Monday last, and
the result was very satisfactory.
Mr. and Mn. Geo. Newman and
parly, ol Arrowhead, were tlie guests
of Mrs. J. Sh.iw on Sunday last.
Now that a goodly number ot Bet-
tiers have located homes in the immediate neighborhood, there is urgent
need of a post olliee here. One or
oilier of the riinoliers close to the hike
might probably supply facilities lor
currying the ...nil to and Irom Arrowhead, Such 11 move, ton, would be
appreciat d by the employees ol the
lumber companies lining business hero.
As an evidence uf the laith tlie local
ranchers have in the fruit growing
facilities of lhe district, a large quantity of apple, plum an-l cherry trees
have been planled out this spring.
J. Shaw has launched his new 22-
foot gnsnline launch, whicli is a credit
to its owner.
The excellent'nntbing facilities lo be
had on llie shores "f tliis bay are without doubt thc best on the Upper
Arrow Like. The gradual incline ol
the Icilg sandy beach affords .1
sate and convoiiie.it practice ground
for the would-be siviiunu", besides giving ample opportunity foi* ihe tempering of tlie wuler by the mi umer sun,
A party ul survcyuis nre ul work
defining tho courso of the proposed
tramway shortly to be construct, d by
the Lamb Watson Lumber Co. as au
aid to Iheir logging business.
Meets on Saturday- Lectures
by Prominent Officials.
The supplementary meeting of the
West Kootenay Farmers' Institute
will be held in tlio Court House on
Saturday, Juno Nth. The business lar
transaction if of an important nature
and three sessions will be held during
tbe day. In lhc morning, will be the
introduction ol speakers and subjects
(or discussion, Tlie judging of dairy
call In by students nnd un address hy
Dr. S, F. Tolinie, V.S , on live stock
and oilier unities. At the aftcruunn
siBsiou Mr. VV, 8, Fraser, of Bradford
Out., will lecture on noxious weeds,
selection ol sued, und clover; the raising ol sheep nml hogs, and tl.e cultivation uf suil and under druinings.
The ovoning session will lie taken up
with tho disciissii.ii ol general subjects
ul interest, and Mr. J. It. Andersun,
Deputy Minister nt Agriculture, will
lecture on fruit growing and general
instil.it., matters. It iB hoped thai
lhc attendance will be large as tlie
i|..estions lor discussion will be ol interest and benelit to all and those who
aro engaged in fruit and vegetable
growing will find that much valuable
information will be given. Admission
free, and Indies aro specially welcome.
Sessions will commence at 10 30 a n.,
2 p.m., nnd 7:30 p.m.
Members of Mountain View Camp
and visiting Woodmen will attond at
tlio bulge room at 0:45 ..'cluck on
Sunday ovening, June llth, to attond
divine worship at Knox churcli.
In Our New Store in the Burns' Block.
JUST ABHIVED—New Stocks in Every Department
A fresh stock of high class goods—quality
A lino assortment of Enamel und Granite,
Tin und Woodemvare, Heavy und Builders'
Ilui-ilwiiie, Mining Supplies, lli.se, Lawn
Mowers und all Garden Tools. Screen Doors
and Windows. McClary's Stoves, Ranges,
etc, Hill.-s. s«iit (i.m's, Revolvers and
One of lhe best assortments In the Province
Ton, Dinner and Toilet Sets.   W'ooui-i-y u fui
line of Hotel Supplies.   A lliu- selection ..f
Rich Cut Glass.
We carry a fine stock nf these goods,   Just
nsk for what vou want.   WE HAVE IT.
Telephone -37.  '
Three Lots on Fifth Street, the
only good site now on the
Market north of Sixth  Street.
PRICE $850
Offices i—Molsons Bank Building,
inn & MM
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first i Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Hr.tiicl.es in tl.e Pruviiicos ..I Manitoba, Alberta, Bukalobswau,
Hriti-1. .'ullinibiii. Oi.li.rio, (Jilnttw,
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D, ll. Wil.KIK, I'resi.l
-     (4,700,000.00
■ni; Hon. H. J.u'fiuy, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, Unite.] States and
Rui'ope.  Spocial attontlon given i.. Collections,
Savings Department
Deposits received nnd Interest allowed at ourrenl rule frnm data
of uponing account, und compounded four times a yenr,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
The football cl 111. will practice regularly on the Gun Club grounds cn
Wednesday evening and Suturday
alternoon, The Armstrong club are
anxious tu have the Iccal team at
their big celebration on July Isl
Field also want another match, sn
with these two dates in view it is important to get as much practice as
possible with ns large a Squad ns will
turn out. Any new men will l.e welcomed,   Club lie is only (1.
A wedding ol local interest takes
place this alternoon at Arrowhead,
the contracting parties being Miss
llectoria Macl.ean, late matron ot
Arrowhead hospital, and Wi R. Reid,
ol Reid A Young, Arrowhead. Dr,
Hamilton as best man and Miss
Nesl.itt ol the Revelstoke hospital aB
bridesmaid, lelt this morning lor
Arrowhead. The Maii.-Heiiali. wishes
thc happy couple long lite and
happiness, 1TIm>     •flTN'3ll.-1IV*M"-'llN 1 ■.Bainst  and  where   money enn  bo
ux iiuau-iixiaio.5pentt0),oi(, Bdv6ntage themillooW
pt-t.ije lo Kngland, r.iite.1 State.
a.-.d Canada,
l.y the j-i-ar [tl.rmi.,-1. postofflcel
Quarter "
. 1-2.50
. 1.50
.. 1.0(1
J ,H RINTING promptly executed at reasonable rate*.
rBRMH-Cash, Subscription, paj-ablc in ml
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters .
public interest. CouimualcatloDB lo Ed
tor nui*l be acco.npi.nicd by niiiiie e.
writer, not ni-ei-^sarily fo publication, bu, .   w
^o^d'tebri^0™1'ail1'' tJorr0Spt"ldenc<: I involve considerable   expense
Legal notice* 10 cents iter line iir*. Insertion,
5 cent.-per line ... ■ ■ m->.--: insertion
Measurement. Nonyarlel 112 lines in.iki- one
inclil. Store and gi ncral b i-in.- an
nouncetnenti S. - per in I. per month.
1'ref.rred posiUons. 25 per cent. RU-
il.iii-.-l. li.r:!.-. Marriages and Deaths,
SOD each insertion. Timbor notioesfS.00
Land ii-..,-- 5".'" .Hi advertisements
...,,; , ■. ,■ | i, do! the management.
V, , : . . - .:,..■ :.--l A.i v.-. L .-em. nl *:
A.-,... . v. .- • ; Help .Vunled, Situations
i.,. -. : -...,,...,.- Vacant, Teachers
Wa. ■- . '-: f...-..- vv....:.-... p. words or
... .-. , . .... n.l.litiu.iii! line In Cent*.
i .,..-.- in standing advertUonient* must
beta bf 9 a. m. Tuesday iuul Friday nl
w cli week to stsfitre ^ot.l di-play.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Olliee Agehts
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.
Haicu.o Fisher
Barristers, Soli, it-irs, Klc.
t.k.lulus, cc i-'.i-i-i.
ie no hesitation in sj-ciidin.1 it,
Revelstoke is now  un  the  eve  ol
luaking two ol  the most important
and progressive moves Hint have been
introduced mtothecily businessman!e-
ly the auxiliary plant and  sewerage
system, both being necessities, hence
the spending of tlie money.   To make
a success of thoEe works and to come
out at the end, right side up, will bo
ihe duly of the cily council aud a no
ight charge seeing that these works
before they are actually commenc d,
But since the people have elected this
body to represent them,  the  council
will have to act up to thut trust. The
city council and the people should not
look ut tho amount of .....ney expended
by the corporation  during the  next
year ..r two, but  at   the  manner  in
which it is expended.    Progress and
not stagnation on the part ol the city
council is what RovelBtoke's interests
demand al the present time, and  "a
city divided   ng:iiti3t   itso.t  will   not
stand," cm be taken us a motto tor ull
good citi/.c.s to ponder over.
o<k)^<><>o<mk>o^>o<><>o o-ac o-o-c yoo<
Hook Well! Fee! Well!
Y Do you enj..;- Ihal well diessed foelln :? We nil know whnt
0 il fools like to bo but, to bo .-..Id, or to bo tired, nnil it is
A just us true thnt we all know whnt it fools like to bo woll
T diessed. It fools gotnl, and it's good to fool good. You eau
p never be well dressed if youi clothes are nol made by the
A eighl maker,
X (iet to know we bundle lho SEMI-READY GARMENTS
*? un.l ynu will lind whal a pleasure and satisfaction it is t.. be
(J woll dressed.
p Suits and Overcoats $15, $18, and $20.
0 Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
q Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: $18 and $20
X Special Trousers $5 and $6. i
A Tailoring is our business,   Wo mnko n man look well        A
Y and ho knows it. (   T
9 ..Cressman  and Morrison.. 9
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
Orricss:  Im-huiai. Uask Hlock, Ukv-bi-
Money to loan.
OtBces; Ilevelstoke, B.0,1 Cranbrook, 11. L.
Revelstoke, H. C.
J. A. Hahvkv.
Crenrook, li. c.
J.M.Scott I.L.li W.I.Brlggs.
BARBI8TERS, Solicit, .us, Etc,
Money toJLoan
First Street.
taut Molsons Hank
Revelstoke, B.t'
• I
A.-av-f. ol all .'re-.  Samples by mail or oxnroM
e prompt attention,
A i-t-r-.r.-s
Terms Moderate.
•     -     Box 482 Kaslo
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
'Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avence.
Box int), Kevelstoke.
(Member American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Rkvei.stokk, 11. 0,
Mine Management, Examinations
.iml Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans nnd lliu.
Prints of Lund. Timber Liu.ils, Mines,
Mill-und Buildings prepared in shape
fur submission to prospective investors
or purchasers.
Cbe MaiUlbevalo
" 1 vroiti . . . ill ,c.*tly il vi-e .lieu, for
their ex*! to urd-.-r ilii- paper io be punctually
serve*, up. and lo be looked upon a* a part of
lhe tea   1'iipage-.' -At.Dlsos.
One ol the things that must be carefully looked alter is the handling nf
the city's finances and care aud good
judgment is necessary there. Revelstok.- is advancing along tlie line ol
municipal improvement, and to carry
II lhe'.ale nt consumption ol 11)05
weie maintained indefinitely, without
change, uur coal would last approximately lour thousand years, says M, It
Cam[.bell, iml it the constantly increasing rate which bus marked the
consumption during the lust ninety
years, be maintained, our coal will
practically be exhausted within one
hundred (ears.
Tho question now remains, will this
increasing inte hold? In order to
answer that question wo must analyse
the present consumption to seo
whether all ot ihe factors composing
it will probably ooutinuo lo increase
in the future us they hnve done in the
A lnrge part ol theconl produced in
•his country is consumed by the railroads. According to an estimate prepared by the Interstate Commerce
commission, the amount of osal consumed by locomotives in 1905 amount
ed tu 100,000,000 tons. Will Ibis increase or decrease in the luture?
While it is possible that railroad
building in lhe luture will not he so
active us it bus been in the pnst, there
is every prospect ot n grout and growing increase in the trallic ot existing
lines, and this will lead tu constantly
increasing consumption of conl unless
sume new source ut power is discovered. The same argument applies to
steamship lines, to manufacturing,
and to domestic consumption of coal.
In view of these considerations, it
does not seem probable that the rule
ot increased consumption will be
affected materially l..ra great many
yeurs to como, nml Leuce the estimate
ut one hundred years will be nearer the
truth than fuur thousand years. Tho
real life ul uur conl fields probably will
be somewhere between these extremes
and it seems probable that it tuny be
about two hundred years.
ltihis estimate is even approximately correct, IB-it not time lor the
government to take some steps to
prevent the remaining coal ot lhe
West [rein passing to the hands ol
corporations, to prevent wasteful
methods ut mining und use, and to
conserve for the use of the common
people even this small fraction of the
total coal of ihe country? No d.uibt
there is u great difference of opinion
un this subject, but it is hard to seel
how uny lair-minded person interested i-i tlie good nf tlie people of this
country rather tlinn the corporations |
lucnri-irutoil l.y Acl :'. Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molson Macphkhbon, Pim, S, H. Ewino, Vice-Pros.
JAMES Elliot, Gonornl Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two brunches in ('.ninth, und Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credited four limes ■> yonrnt currcitl rules on Havings
Hank deposils, until further notioo.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Houses, Business Blocks
Business &  Residential Lots
Suburban Lands
in Acreage Lots
Fine Farm and Fruit Lands
in    Revelstoke,    Arrowhead
Galena Bay, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
WE PAY FREIGHT to am- railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta und British Columbia,
Wrl'e for our Latest Prioe List, ii is
mailed boo on requesl.
We only handle tlio^besl goods money
can buy, only goods of besl mills, nninu-
facturers nnd packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and 0el.se. if.
AH Coods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
il is u duty to You, to Your Fninily nud
lo your Pocket Hook to invcstig-ile our
We do I.O( belong lo llio Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or uny
I nisi,
References: Any Bank, Railway or
Express Compntiy iu lhe City, or the
names of twenty thousand satisfied customers in the lour provinces.
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
That's Royal Orown kinc-
iiuile in Vancouver—Largest
Soup Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washiugari-eusy with its help
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
House Cleaning Time
I.ring* lo the eye of tlie careful
housekeeper lhe blemishes of the
carpels under her supervision. When
necessary to make renewals in carpets,
rugs, runnings and oilcloths, visit
HOWSON'S nml Bee Iheir well selected slock before buying. You'll
lind it a time und nionoy saver. Our
Spring display heals anything we
ever offered.
Howson & Company
Northwestern  Supply   House
23') nnd nGi Stanley Slreel
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
ll.Miiiv  McIntiihii,     nlVinni   House
Russia.ul,   -
L cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, nu tut ill remedy foi
nil Neivous und Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Speeiul
rales on nil bonis nnd trams. Two
mails u.rive and .1. ail every day.
Telegra h eon...nil. nti.... with ull
marts of the world.
Thumb-$1*.! tn $IS per week. F.u
further particulars apply lo
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu LaKc, 71. C
Manufactured for all olassoslof I mi Mi huh
All kinds of building mul plnslorinn
uudor taken.
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchan-
dise,slorcd in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
E.  A.   HAQQEN,
Real Estate nnd Insurance Agent
Revelsloke, B.C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paici
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Import direct from Country ol origin.
Vancouver Manufacturer needs good
men to reprent the very latest novelty.
Agents coining money. Oet wise, start
working for yourself. 1C\ "body buys on
sight, Profits over one hundred per cent.
Don't waste lime asking foolish questions-,
bul send one dollar for finest samples in
Spai.e 4, 435 Granville St,,
Vancouver, B, C.
cut the scheme for this all important oan look upon the  present situation
with other than concern, and enn fail
to unite in an effort in avert the evil
movement, money is essential and tbe
judicious expenditure ol the same r. •
quires carelul attention.    80 long aa
this is exercised there is no danger to
the city in a vigorous policy ol public
improvement.   Revelstoke is bound to
Brow and will be abie to take cure ol
an indebtedness!.   The past lew year-
have shown  ibat  money  spent on
municipal   improvements    has had
direct benelit upon the city's -welfare
.   • pi  in a  f.-.v cases where public
vv- rki:..-.. be. n done which the time,
occasion  and  location did not really
warrant,    Buiinesi ol all  kinds is
expanding to a great  degree, industrial enterprise is beginning to realize
Revelitoke'! allvsntagM   and many
|»  pie are coming here induced by thc
city's attractions as a place ol  residence.   Tbil is Revelstoke's growing
time, but what growth there has I.e. n
up to  the present is merely a lore-
runner ot what the near luture bus in
store.    This is now the stage ol Rev
clstoke's career and existence us a city
where  wise  administration ot civic
adairs is ot  the  utmost importance.
Many council's have sat at tbe I...id
ot the city's affairs and much good
has ls.-en done, while at the same time
tiie  usual  nii-tikes have been ina.le
What is needed is 11 liberal but not
extravagant policy ol public Improvements On the part ot the city counci
A   niggard y  penny pinching  policy i
juit  now  uill tend to hold back thc
wheels ..I   progress.    The   council
while bearing in mind Ihe importance
..(carelul financing should be an example in   progressive..ess to the resl
ot the community unnecessary worl
and wane shuuld be cureltilly guarded
consequences that may be in store for
future generations.—National Geographical Magazine.
Local Rovelstoko
Socialist Party of Canada
"-.-.•-. Iuf,i in<l fl.lr.1 w,.ii„..,i.i; In ths month
. -■ lh rk II      ..:...-■ ],,in.    SuUecl for
.lf-Mi-.i..!i  ■ I...1.M l-j.lv  Platform ra.Ke.olu.
f f Part) i-i.'.M-iii."  All Intern I
■ •
Central Hotel
"-     REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly trilt,    First-class in every reject,   All modern convtninacei'
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1.50 per Day, Spec. I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Notice Im hereby given tbat 80 daya afler date.
I Inlriid to apply io the Chief Cninniis-riuner of
bauds and Worka for a special license tucut
and carry away timber from ihe following
described lamln in West Kootenay district:
Coinineneilig at a post planted 40 chains south
of a .-ii.;ili creek emptying Inlo Mosquito Ur> ok
near the north west coruer of K.&S. Hlock
No. 870, murked "W. li. Keid's louth-west corner posl ."thence north Hi chains, tlionco west
Sll chains, thence south 8ll chains, Ihence cast 80
chains to noiiil of conunt'iiccment.
Dated May Knd,lW7.
sat j une 1 \V. U. HK1D.
Nolice is hereby given that sixty days aflor
•late i intend tn apply to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands' and Works lor
permission to purchaso the'following lands
Hitualed on I1 pper Arrow Uke and descrihed
ai follows!
Commencing at a post planted on Half
■Anv i n'l'k. nliiuii ntn' and a half miles from
lake hliur« and marked-'J K. McLean's s. ft.
corner post" thenee west 80 ehniiis, iheuce
north 40 chains, tlience east hi chains, ihence
south 41) cnains to place of coin meneement
Containing 320 acres more or lens.
Dated May 7lh, IWI.
vr my H J, K. McLKAN,
Full line, nl (i r. iceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Kresli stock n'vvays arriving at
lowest prices,
Take notice Hint Ah*. McOrae.ql ttevclstoko.
It. C-. Prospector,intends to apply for aspecial
timber Itcei^u over the (ollowlng dcscrllxid landi-
-iliialc in tliu Ulloflet Dislrict;
1. Commencing at a post planted on the west
hank tif the imrtli fmk ot the Seymour Klvenind
ilinul two miles iiurili of T. b. 82i7i and mnrked
"Alex. MoCrao'sN. ft. corner post," thence running smitli lun uhalns, we t 10 chains, north liin
chaiim, cant Hi chains to pninl nf commencement
nnd containing ftpi ncrea nn.re or less.
Dnted May if.th, 19l»7.
% Commencing at a po4 planted on the east
ilde ot the north fork of Seymour Hivor joining
tne nnrth end of 'I'. I.. 8'<!&H and mnrkod "Alex.
McCmu's S. W. corner punt," thonce raiinin
north sn ohnlns, east SO chainH,niiuih8o chains,
we-^t 8ii chains to point of commencement and
containing Uo acres more or less.
8. CommeueiiiL' at a post planted on tho went
ddo of the north fork of Seymour Hlver tibunt four
iniles north uf T I.. 8^7, ami marked "Alex. Mc-
Crae's ti. ft. conier post," thence miming north Ho
ehalus, went Hi elinins, smilli 811 chnius, east 80
: liains to point of commencement and containing
till) ncres more or less.
Dated May 10th, 1907.
-I. ('on*, menc ing at a poit planted on the oast
side ot the north fnrk of Seymour Hirer about two
miles norlh of T. I,. 9>i% and inarkod 'Alox. Me-
Crae's N. W. cornerpost, thence miming south
80 chains, east 8il chains, north 81) chains wost Hi
• hains tn point of commencement aud cimtaininK
640acres more orless.
Dated May lllth, 1P07.
6, Commencing at a post planted on tlm onst
siile of the north fork of Scjiumii* Hivor about
three miles norlh of T. I. mj, and marked "Alex.
McCrao's ti. W. corner post,' tiience running north
j() chains, OU-.L 80 chaius, south HI) ehains, went 80
i haius io point of commencement ami containing
dpi iu:ren more or lens.
Dated May Ifllh, lf07.
6. Commencing at a post planted one ami one-
hall miles notth of thu forks of tho north fork of
theSey noirlMver, and mrrkeil 'Alex Mc rae'B
N, K- corner post," tlience running south uo chains,
nest 80 chain?) north 80chains, east 80 ehnins to
point of i omiiieiKciiient and containing Mli acres
moro or le's.
Dated Mnv 17 b.lfW.
7, Commeneing ut a post planled ubout one
iini one-hnlf miles in rlh of th.* forks of the mnth
lork of Seymour Hlver.uut marked "Alex. Me-
fine'ss. W, iiiincr P'ist,"TholU'U running mnth 80
Blinlns,cant 80 chains,south 8U clmins, went 80
cliiins to pnint of commoncement and eoiitainlnit
1140 ncres more or lesi.
Dated May 17th 1007.
Bat ray M AM. MrCUAR.
Evans & wooarow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly at
tended to.
First St. Revelstoke
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
safes, pianos, F;rc
Healer In Wood, Cmil and Feed.
Plume 71. House Phone 7
Harness neatly repaired.
Now harness made to order on thu
shortest nolice.
Al, kinds of Whips and Stable requisites kept in stock.
LogKing and Teimi Harness a.
Opposite the Union Hotel
Mnrriaiie Licenses Issued
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Cimp. Ma. 110.
Mi j nd  mil 1* 'th Wi:iliii-*.l.iv- Is
each .....ni... .a Selkirk Hall,   Visiting Wood
in. a cordlallj invited to attend.
vv, li. ai:m-ti:iiNi:. iy.ii. r.iui.
II. w. KDWAHBS, Clork
F. O. E.
Tho rejblar meetings are held In the Selkirk
Hn 11 of ery T lay evening al So'eloc*.   Visit*
ing brethren are cnrdlnlly Invited
H   A. HltuWN. 1'iiK.niiiKNr.
\\   K. McUUl HUN Si.< ESTART,
Kcottnitv LVk'hoNo. 1.1 A F,ft A.M.
'   ' Thc  P'Kiibir  tneel
in***- an: held in lln
UuontO Temple,
)dd Follows Half.on
. e third Monday In
ih month at f
.in. VWtlnttbrolh-
.cu   cordially  wel
suitably furnished wiih the choicest lhe
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate
Hbcty days aftor date 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief (JommiBstoner of Lands and
Works for permission tupiirchami the following
described lnmls iltuated on Cpper Arrow Uke
and re particular!) described as follows:
Commencing al a pott planted about !4 mile
north o( south-east corner uf Timher I,mut 7 'in,
thencB nurth B0 chains, thence east 80 ohains,
smith rill chains, WOSt Ml elialll.1 lo pnint uf cimi-
iiK iiM'tin in. Containing040acres more or lens.
Daled May 4th, 11107.
■"I maj 1 I„ II. Mel.KAN
SEIKIHK LODOF  NO  12, 1. O. O. F.
Meets evoryThnrHdaj.
ovoning   la   Bolklrs
Hall   nl.   S   o'lfioch.
vi.ui.inK brethren cor-
iliullj InvIu-jI to nl
II. I*. LArilllbIN, N.U.       ,1. MATIIIK, 8EC
Cold iiiiiko toilKO, K, of p.,
NO. 26, Revolstoko, B. C.
0X10|.l Tlilr.l VV|..|.ii.L,|Uy ,,l
each lin.nth, In lln- ii'l.lfi-ll.iwH-
.  ilnll   al   s   o'clock,    Visiting
k'iiIkIi.i- aro <:<>r<ll.illy invited.
.1, A. LESLIE, O.U.
0. H. 111IOCK, K. of II  AH.
U. A. IIHOWN, M. ull', I
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - -        Proprietor
■ > ll herehy given thatoodflvs from dale
I Intend to apply to the Houournbm the Cuict
I Commissioner of UiuIk and \\ orks lor per-
minion to purchase ihe following descrilied
lands, sltuKied nt luilciia Huy, In Went Koote-
liny dtllrll i:
:   Commencing at« pom marked "W. it, itoid's
I *oiiti>.(jft>i comer post," an I planted in chains
I sooth from tho north-west p-rf ner of 0, neck's
i i.ul.i.l.i, iheuce «e>,i :,i iimni* thenee north
i ohains, thence east 41 ohains, thonou suuth
halm to pointol o< mmoncoment- and con-
ii,.I.-.' "i lores more or less,
Dated May un<\, tw7. ,
-ni my   i W, It. It KID
Under   New   Management)
B    C
Kirst-elus Rccommndation for travellftri,
Host brands  of Wines,   Spirits,   and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Notice Is lioroby given tho t CO days aftor date I
Intond Ui applj la the Honors bin, the Chief £Coiti<
nn. kif)i*i .1 i indi and Works for permission to
purchase tlm fi.ii.iunu*. < Inner I bed lands, ill tinted
■■ii i pper Arron Uke and ileserllieil m follows:
• ommonirlfig at a po*i planted 10 ciminh
north of the iioulh-essi ooanur of UilfXKW, mid
marks*] "i K, McUan's ri W, corner nost,"
thenoe norlh 10 ohshii, Iheuce eaHtbociminii,
Mi'*iiic fi, to ehalus. thonco wast do chaini
to [daoo ui com monoe moil ti oodtalnlug B*
iMted April mil, ]("l7.
WOdapl? J   K. Mcl.KAN.
NDI'tl K Is hereby given iiini«idav*4-ift**rdiai-
I Intend tn apply to the Hon. Chief Com
mmMitiiier id l,nU'l-i iti'i Works for Mrmlnslon to
nureliane llm fnltiwhiii deserilieil ln.ni < m lln*
West Kootenay District:
Commencing al a post planted about U mite
north of south-oast cornerof Timber Limit mh
hence imrtli sn clialtJS nenl Hi ehains, smilli Hi
lialnsi oas' BO ehains w point«( commencemeni
Containing mo aercs more or Ibh^,
Dated Nay UTi, 1007
tvodmaytl WAitUKN ANIHIKW-y
Take notice that Andrew Kltson uf Hevcliitoko,
11. C., Miner, intends to apply for a suecinl timber
iieense over lhe followinn ilewrtlwu lands
situate iu the Ullooet DiBtrict:
1. Commencing at a post-planted at tho aouth-
east corner nf T- !•. ri'Bund markod "Andrew
Kitson's Hi W, eoriu-r pual," thenre uiuuing north
ltio riiains, cist 40 clmins, soutli n'o '■imins,
west Ju chni is to point of commencement and containing tlio acres mom or lees.
Dated May 16th, 1«I7.
2. Commencing at a post planted on the west
siide ot tbe north fmk of Seymour Kiver nbout two
iniles north of T. h. Bil, and marked "Andrew
Kit-son's S, K, corner post "tlience running north
Hi chains, west 80 chains, south 80 cbaius, east 80
hains to point of commencement nml containing
UlO acres more or less.
Dated May 16th, 1007.
8. Commencing at a post planted on the west
,.de of tho north fork of Heymour Itiver about four
miles north of T. L, 82*7, and marked "Andrew
Kitson's N. K. corner post," thenee running south
so chains, west bit chains, north 80 chains, east ffl
chains to point of nmimenceinent|and containing
WO acres more or lens.
Dated May 10th, 1907.
4. Commencing at a post planted on the west
-tide of the north fmk of Heymour river about6
miles norlh of T. I,. 8227 and niarked "Andrew
KitHim's ti. K eorner post," thenre running north
KO chains, west 80 chains, soutli fcO chains, east 80
i'liains to point of commencement and containing
1141) acres more or lens.
Dated May 18th, 1007.
6. Communcing at a post planted ou the east
nlde ot the north fork of Heymnur Hlver almut two
miles north of T. L. B2*2tj aud marked Andrew
Kitson's 8. W. corner post," thenee running north
sf) chains, east 80 chains, south BO chains, west 80
chains to point of commencement and containing
114(1 acres more nr lens.
Dated May Kith, 1007.
0. ComuieucliiK at a pnst planted one-half mile
uorlh of the dnks nf the nortli fork of Heymour
lllver and marked "Andrew Kitson's N- ft. corner
punt," theuoe rutinhiH south 120 ohnins, west BO
ehaiiiH, north -10 chains, east 40 chains, noith 80
chains, east 4(1 chains to pointof commencement,
aud containing 810 aerea more or less,
Dated May 17th, 1007.
7. Communcing at a pout pluiit-od mm and one
half miles uortli of the forks of thu nurth fork of
Seymour Kiver, and marked "Am'ruw Kitson's
N, W, onrnor post,'1 thenoo running east B0 ohaius,
iouth Hu chains, west 80 chains, nurth 80 chnius to
point of commencement and containlug 840 acres
mure or less,
Dated May 17th, 1007.
8. Coinmonoiug at a post planted one and ono-
half iiiIIph north of the forks of the north fork of
Seymour Itiver, ami marked "Andrew Kitson's
s ft oorner post," theuce rumiing north 40 chains,
west 40 chains, nurth 80 ehalus, west 40 chains,
smith 120 chains, east 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 840 acres more or loss,
Dated May 17th, 11)07.
wahtid A BUYER f0«
1110 aerea first-china FltlilT Land
on Arrow Lake, 20 ncres oleiired,
15 acres now rendy Ior crop-
Frame Dwelling (five rooms,)
chicken house nnd burn (h >lding
foor teams.) Plenty ol cord wood,
just two miles Irom town. An
ideal spot lor poultry and a good
market where top prices are paid
lor all kinds ol vegetables, fruit,
eggs, etc.—Priok $4,000.
I have also large and smaller
acreage suitable lor Iruit close to
market. For lull particulars
apply to,—
No Seedless Plums; No Pitless
Apples; No Cohlcss Corn,—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Gut Flowers, etc,
Oldest established nu.eery on the
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue Iree.
P.8—II your local merchants do
not handle my seeds, send direct.
We prepay fifty packets, assorted
varieties of garden reeds in 5c. papers
(liiaii-d Htucli), to your nearest post
olliee lor $1.00, twenty packets for 50c.,
trial collection.
Notice is herehy given that IW da yH afterdatel
intend to iiiiply lu the chief Commisslouor ol
bands nnd Works (or permission to purchase the
fulluwing 'li'-i'i il'.'il lands In thu West Kouteuay
(lorameiiclng at a post planted at the cast hank
of IheColumlilii ltlver.|itnmil lhe In ml of l2>MUu
HIMlt' ami mnrkeil ■**>, K, D's Horth*W0Bt eoruer"
thence easl '20 ehalllS, tlienee gnuln t-u chains,
theuce wesl 'in chains lo the I obimhla Itiver,
thonce iu a northerlv direction following the
moanilortngi of the Golu nhliv Klvsr hi ch tins to
puint of commencement, containing almul ion
Daled March Bird, A.D,, 11107.
wed tip 10 K. It. DU1TUN,
N ticol* hereby vivon that Wl days after dule
I liil'iml lu apply to tho Him tho Chiof Com
missioner of Luu Is and Works for per-
mlsslun to I'lirchasethe following lands -Hint-
"d on I'pper Arrow Lako aud described a*-
follows I
Commencing si a post planted on Hail
Wnv ('reek ah'til thrfe, miles Irom lakt »hue
IDtl marked 'J [,.M' Lean's B, ft, corner nos','
h.i m-i" wiM 80 chains thenct nnrlh 80 ilm.n-.
thence cat.t 80 chains, thence soutb 80 elialm
to place of commencement. Containing 610
acres morenrlesi.
Dated May 7th, 1907,
weimayft J. D, McLKAN.
Green Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
Certificate tf Improvements.
Minwot Mineral ('lain., altunta In tlu. ItoVol-
alokc M1..1..K DlvLlon ol Weat Kootenny
Where locatod:— At tlio lieiul ol the Middle
S....I.I. Kuril ef Doviil... Oroek, adjoining
tlie Ohio! ol (lie Hill- Mineral Uui....
Take notice Hint I, It. Smilli, F.M.C. No,
IIS8I12. aetliiK an naent for^. M. Clark, Freo
Mlnori Cerlill.-alo No. llHsosi, Inlend, alxty
.lay* frun, dnla. Iiureof, lu ii|.i'l> to the M...I..K
ltto.ir.icr Ior a Cortlncw ul lui|irovjmeul*.
.,.- lhc purpolo ol ohuilnlrig a Crown lira... of
he nbove claim.
Ami farther ink.: iinll.e that aotlon, undor
...ctlon 3", niuat hc  commenced beforo tho
InusouoI .oci. Certlllontoof liniirovcmenU.,
Hated thl. Hid day of Hay, A.I),, IM,.
wed my 89
Summer Tweeds
and Worsteds
There are myriads of shades—a
wealth of effects—and every new
style that well-dressed men are
wearing —in Fit-Ref-wm Tweed
and Worsted Suits.
These summery garments are
designed, cut and tailored with
that perfection which assures
permanent shapeliness, coolness and
Of course, we can fit you perfectly.
Come and try us.
$15, $18, $20. up.
McKinnon I Sutiiericiau  -  Revelstoke
The Sunshine is furnished    \
with a good, big ash-pan. '■
All you have to do is to    :
grasp two strong, firmly attached, always-cool, bale handles and the large, roomy ash-
pan easily comes out
A minute or two is all it
Likes to perform the operation.
All the ashes are in the pan,
Because  they are  guided t^jl
into it by means of ash-chutes
attached immediately below the fire-pot. ^^^
Sunshine is the simplest, easiest-managed, cleanest
kind of a furnace. You don't have to wear overalls
and a smock when attending to the Sunshine.
If your local dealer does not handle the "Sunshine"
write direct to us for Free Booklet.
BOURNE BROS-, - Local Agents
For A'ricrUnral Implements. Cnnlages, Wagnns*| Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to.   Horse Shoeing a
Specialty.     .mmmmmmmmm—
k *%%%%* VV%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
.'ork Packers and Dealer   In Livo Stock.   Markets in all tho principal  Cities and
Tuwiia of Alberta. British uuiumbla and the Yukon.  Packera of tha Celebrated Brand
im er  or " llama and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Loaf l.nr.I. a
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .... $2,W0
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  ..... 1.BUU
Dwelling and Lola, Third .Street ,     .     .     .     . \,m
Lota on Second St., east ot McKenzie. Ave., each   . .      i>0
Lot* on Third St., east of MoKemte Ave., each   .    . .   M
Lots on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   . .     175
Lots on Fifth St., eaat of McKenzie Ave,, each   .    , .150
1—2 and 5-acre Blocks suitable for fruit.
jii.viii.niis ami Opticians
Nbxt to Iini'muAt. Uank
Improperly lilted glasses are w.orae iiinn
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Our Optical n.'p.-.rl.n.'.ii is in charge o
Mr. M. S, Ilns.ings, Ri'l*. I)., nnil posi.
Ilvoly guarantee satisfaction,
li has been proven dial ijo per ccnl. of
liondaches are caused by defecllve oyes
an.l il lines nol follow dial because vou
have good oycalghl Ihal your eyes .-..-.- nol
Have your even allcided lo HOW and
xavr. trouble and expense
Notice is hereby given that 30 days afj
ter date t- intend io apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands ''ml Works lor a
special license to cut and earn* away limber from the following described laiuls
situated in Cariboo district:
1. Commencing at a posl planted about
i)'i miles up Glacier Creek and marked
Gus E. Hedstrum's N. K. coiner posl,"
llienee .south 80 chains, wesl So cliains,
norlli So chains, eait 80 chains to poinl ol
2. Commencing at a post planted ahoul
ix/z  miles up Glacier Creek and marked
Gus E. lledslrum'-s N. W. comer posl,'
thence south 80 chains, easl 80 chains,
north 80 chains, wesl 80 chains lo point ot
3. Commencing al a posl planted al Ihe
south fork of Glacier Creek and marked
Gus E. Hedstrum's N. W, corner post,"
theuce south 80 chains, easl 80 chains,
norlh 80 chains, west 80 chains lo point of
4. Commencing at a post planted al the
south fork of Glacier Creek andmarked
Gus E. Hedstrum's S.E. cornerpost,"
Ihence norlli 80 chains, wesl 80 chains,
south 80 chains, easl 80 chains to point of
5. Commencing at a post planled ,11 the
south fork of Glacier Creek and maiked
Gus E. Hedstrum's N. E, corner post,"
ihenee soulh 80 cliains, wesl 80 cliiiins,
norlh 80 chains, east 80 chains lo poinl of
Dated May 10th, 1907.
6. Commencing al a post planted 1 (^
miles up wesl iork of Glacier Creek and
four chains uorlh of lhe creek and marked
Gus E, Hedstrum's S. E. corner post,"
thence west 80 chains, north Sochains,
iisl 80 chaius, south 80 chains to point of
7. Commencing al a posl planted about
three miles up wesl fork ot Glacier Creek
and about four chains north of the creek
and marked "Gus E. Hedstrum's S, W.
corner posl," theuce north 160 chains,
easi 40 ehains, south 160 chains, wesl 40
chains to point ol commencement,
8. Commoni■im,' at a post pluuted almut llnee
miles up west lork of Ulucior Crook uud about
four chains north of the Crook und murked
"Gus E. Hedstrum's ti. ft. corner post," theuce
north lui) chains, wastAOchuiussouthlCQ cbalm
oast 41) chuius to poiut of couinieut'enieiit.
9. Coinnieiiciiig at a post pluutod about three
and a half milos up west fnrk of Gla ier Creek
and about four chains north of the Creek uud
marked "Gus ft, Hedstrum's N. Wt corner post,"
theuce oust 1*30 ehuins, soulli I" chains, wesl MO
chuius, north -til chains to point of commence-
10. Commeueiug at u po.-i planted about
threw aud a half miles up wosl fork of Glacier
Creok and about four chains north of tbo Creek
uud mnrked "Gus E. Hedstrum's B. K. cornor
post," Ihence uorlh HI chaius, west mi chuius,
south Hi chuius, eust SO chains to point of com
11. Commencing at a post plantod about
threo and a bulf milos up west fork of Glacier
Creek uud about four cbaius north of the Creek
uud markod "Gus ft. Hedstrum's N, E. coruer
post," thenco wosl lWI cbaius, soutb 40 chains,
east UK) chuius, uortli 40 chains to point of coinmencement.
Yi. Commencing at a post plauted nbout one
half mile below mouth of north fork of Glacier
Creek uiul marked "Gus E. Hedstrum's S W.
corner post," theuce north liij chuius, eust 40
chains, south 160 chaius, west 41) chains to poiut
of commeucemeut.
13. Commencing ata post planted about one
half mile below north fork of Glacier Creok and
marked "Gus K. Hedstrum's S. E. corner post,"
theuce north ltio chains, west 40 chuius, south
160 chains, eust 40 ehalus to point of commeucemeut.
14. Commencing ut 11 post plauted at ro
north fork of Glacier Creek aud marked "Gus
E. Hedstrum's ti. E. eoruer post," thence north
ItiO cbaius, west 40 chaius south 160 chains, east
40 ehains to point of commeucemeut,
lit, Commonclng at a post planted ou west
fork of Glacier Creek aud about oue half mile
above tho uorth fork aud marked 'Gus ft.
Hedstrum's N. ft. corner post," thence west Ml
chaius, south 40 chaius, oust hi 1 cbaius, uorlh I*j
chuius to poiut of commencemeut.
16. Commencing at a post plauted on west
fork of Glacier Creek aud about oue hulf mile
above the uorlh fork and marked 'UusK.
Hedstrum's S, E. coruer post" theuce west 160
chains, uortb 40 chaius, east 160 chaius, south 40
chains to poiut of commencement-
Dated May llth, 1907.
17. Commencing at a post planted about a mile
up the south fork uf (JIacier Croek and market.
"tins K. He.htiuni.» N. W. comer post," thunce
aouth 80 chaina, east 8J chains, imrth mi chains,
west Ht chaiua to point uf commencement,
18. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile up the aoutli fork of ti lacier Creek and
marked "iin* ft. Hedstrum's N. ft corner post,"
thence south 80 chains, west Hi chains, north Hi
chuitiH, east 80 cliains to point ot commencement.
10, Commeuncing at a post planted aliout three
mih's up the south fork of Glacier Creek ami
marked "Gus E. Hedstrura's ti. Vi. cornerpost,"
tbenee nurth 80 chains, eaat Hli chains, suuth Hi
chaius, west 80 chains to poiut uf commencement.
20. Commencing at a post planted about
throe milos up the south fork of Glucier Creek
and marked "Uus E. Hedstrum's ti. ft coruer
post," thence uortb 80 chuius, theuco west 80
chains, theuce south 80 chains' thouce eust 80
chaius to point ol commeucumeui.
21. Commouciug ut a post planted about
three miles up the south fork of Glacier Creuk
uud murked " Gus ft. Hedstrum's N. W. curutr
post," thence south 80 chains, eust 80 chaiu.-,
north 80 chains, west 80 chuius to point of con,
22. Commencing ut u post plantod ubout
three miles up the south fork of Glacier Creuk
and murked ' Gus E Hedstrum's N. E. cornor
post," theuce south ItiO chains, west 40 chaius,
uorth l-'i chaius, eust 40 chuius to pointof
Dated Muy Kith, 1907.
23. Commeueiug ut a post planted ou the
uorth bunk of Douglas Creek aud about 140
chaius from the mouth aud marked "Gus E.
Hedstrum's S. ft. coruer post," thence north 1CU
cbaius, west 40 chaius, south 160 chaius, oast 40
chains to point ot commeucemeut.
24. Commencingat a post plauted ou the
uorth bank of Douglas Creek ubout 140 ehuins
from the mouth and inarked Gus E. Hedstrum's
N. W. comer post," tbeuce eust 80 chuius,
south DO chains, west 80 chains, uurth 80 chuius
to puiut of commeucemeut,
-■V Commeueiug at a post plunted ou the
uorth bunk of Douglas Creek and about 140
chains from the mouth uud marked "Gus ft.
Heudstrum'sS. W. corner post," tbeuce uorth
160 chaius, oast 40 chaius, south 160 chains, wost
40 chaius to poiut uf cummeucement.
26. Commencingat a post plauted ou the
south bauk or Douglas Croek aud about two and
a i|iiurtur miles from tho mouiu and marked"Gus
E. Hedstrum's 8. W. corner post," theuce uorth
101 cbaius, oust 40 chains, south 160 chains, west
40 chaius to point of comoioucemeut.
Daled lluy 15th, HKfl.
27. Commeueiug at a post planted aliout flvo
chains uorth of Boulder Creel; aud ubout two
und a half miles from tho mouth uud murked
"GubE, Hedstrum's N. W, corner post," thonc
south SOch&los, east 80 chains, uorth 80 chains,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
28. Com mencing ut a post planted about flvo
ehnins uortli of Boulder Creek uud ulmut two
uud n*half milos from thu muuth uud marked
**(iu- ft. Hodstrum's s, I-; curuer post," tbeuce
Uorlh ltjlICl.ilII,,-,W.'-t 14("lllllll-, -11 lltli ItiOi'liiiili*,
east 40 chaius to poiut of commencement.
20. Cummeuciug at a post planteu about five
chains north of bVmlder Creek aud nliout two
nud a half miles from the mouth aud markod
"Gus E. Hedstrum's S W. coruor post." thence
uorth 160 chuius, east 40 chains, south 160
chaius, wost 40 chains io poiut ot -.omiuouce-
Dated Mny 16th, 1907.
wed may 22 GUS. E. HEDSTRUM.
In the Supreme Court of Ilrltl.il. Columbia.
1.1 the matter of llie Haute ol John K. Wood,
duauuul, aud 111 the mattor o( the "Olllolal
Administrator" Act"
Take notice thai by order of Hla Honor J. A,
Iiniii, 1.. J., mail., ll.e 1311. da)' of .Ma), IW., 1
waa appointed admlnl$UaU»r ol the estate of
Join. K. Wood, deceased, ni.d all .turtles hav-
Ing claims naalnst the aaid estate uro liorehy
required to lur....1. same properly verified lo
n.e ou or before lhe 8Mb day of June. IIM.
And nil purlies liuli-l.led lo said estate aro required to p..)- lhe al.ioitnl of their indebtedness
to ...i' forthwith.
UKO. 8, Mci'AltTKIi,
...Ik-ial Adinliiiflriitor.
ltalc.1 ll.o Jiili day of Way. 19.1".     winy 29
Application! will be received up tu
noun of June Uth, ler the position of
Kecretary-.Maimgcr of the Fruit &
Produce ExohtPge ol B. C, Ltd. Only
those with lir-Jt olau references and
commercial referenced need apply.
Addles , \V. J. Hraudntli.liUilnet, B.C,
Notice is heroby given ilia: HO days after dnlo
t intond lo apply lo lhe Chief OommUslouu -of
lauds and Works for a special license to nil
and wury uwuy timber from the following (lc
scribed lands situato in West Kootenay din
I. Commencing at a post planted on tbe wpst
hank r.f a large creek abo it ii mil* h south of Big-
mouth Creek, following the Creek and about fi%
miles fmm Columbia Itiver aud marked "B. Me-
Sean's north-west corner," thonce bin chains
smith, thence In chains east, theuce Kill chains
north, thence 4u cnains nest lo point of commencement,
i Commencing at a pnst planted un the wesl
Imnk of a large creek about v. miles soutli of Ig-
mouth Creek, following the creek and about f>H I
iniles frem Columbia River and marked 'ft Mc-!
Dean's north-east corner," thenoe ioo chains
iouth, tlience 40 chains west, tlience.lflfl chains
north, thencu 40 chains eust to point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted about 260
yards west of u small creek aud ahout Limit*
south of Hit-tinmth Creek, and about iUmiles
from the Columbia Hlver and marked "K, McBean's north-west curuer," thence kid chains
somh, tlience 4u chains east, thencu 1(10 chains
nortli, thence 40 chains west to pointof commencement.
4. Coinineneilig at a post panted about 860
yurds west nf a small creek and I mile smilli of
BiiMiouth Creek and 4J miles from the Columbia
Kiver, and murked ''B. MeJlenn i. north-east corner," theuco 160 chains south, thenco 40 chains
west, them-e 160 chains north, thence lOchains
cast to point of commencement
5. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest enrner of Location No, 4 and marked "ft.
McHean's norlh cast corner," thenci' 80 chains
south, theuce 80 chains west, thence K0 chains
notth, Ihence BO chains east to puint uf commencement,
Dated April 23rd, l»"7.
6. Commencing ata post planted almut i mile
north of Uigmoutll Creek and 8 tti lies from the
Columhia Hivur and mark-id "K. Mcil-ian's smith-
west eurner," thence 160 chains east, thenco 10
chains nurth, Ihencu 100 chains wort, Ihenco -JO
chains smiih to puiut of commencement,
7. Commencing at a nnst planted ll miles
nm th of Blginouth Cruek ami timllis from the
Columbia itiver and marked "B. McBeau's south'
west corner," Ihenee lOOchains east, thence 40
chains north, theuce 10) chains west, theuce 40
eh -ins sun: h tu point of commencement.
Dated April 24th 1037
8. Coinmeneing at a post planted at the southeast cornerof Lot 12, about 53 chains south of Big-
mouth Creek and niarked "ft. McBean's northeast coiner," thence 80 chains south, tlienco 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north, thenco 80
chains east to point of commencemeiil.
0. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of Lot 18and marked '*K.',McBean's
south-west corner." thencu Hill chains north,theuce
40 chains east, thencu lOOchains suuth, thencu 40
chains west tu puint uf commencement,
in, Commencing at a post planted at the north*
east conier uf Lot 18. ami murked "ft. McHean's
south-east corner," theuce 160 chains north, thunce
4o chains we-t, thence 100 chains smith, tlienee 40
chains east to point uf commencement.
Dated April Mth, 1907
II. Communcing at a post planted on the south
hank ot Canyon Creuk and ubuut P., miles from
Bigmoiilli Creok and marked "ft. McBoan's northwest curuer," thence |0 ehnins smith, thence (0
chains east, thenco 40 chains smitli, thence SO
chains east, thonee 40 chains notth, thencu 40
chains west, thuuee 40 chains nnrlh, thunce Hi
chain ■ west to point of commencement
ll!. Commeueiug at a post planted mi the north
bank of Canyon ('reek, almut j mile from moulh
and marked 'ft. McBean's norlh-west corner,"
thence 80 chains south, thenee 80chains east,
thenee 80 chains north, thunce 80 chains west lo
point uf commencement.
13. Commencing at a post planted on the ua t
hank of Higmoutb Creek, about 5 miles above
Canyon Creek and marked "B. McBean's southeast corner," thence 80 chains nurth, thuuee SO
chains west, thence 80 chains south, theuce 80
chains east to point of commencement.
14. Commencing nt a post plnnted on Ilic
east bank of Higmoutb Creek, about 5 miles
above Canyon Creok and marked "E. McBean's south-west corner," theuce 80 ehains
north, thonce 80 chain* cast, thonce 80 chains
south, thence 80 ehnins west to point of commencement.
Id. commencing at a post planted on the
cast bunk of Blginouth ('reek, ubout 5 miles
above CanyonCrcek and marked "K. McHean's
north-weat conier," thence 80 chains east,"
thence 40 chains soulh, thence 20 chains cast,
thence 40 chuius south, thence 80 chnius west,
thenoe to chains north, tlience 20 chains west,
i he.ice 40 chains north to point of commencement.
Dated April 27th, 1007.
16. Commencing at a post plnnted on the
north bank of BUmonlh Creek near the mouth
of south fork and marked "K, Mclican's north-
wtst corner," thenou lfin chains south, thunce
40 chains east, thencu 160 chains north, thenee
40 cludns west to point of commencement,
17. Commencing at a post planted about Li
chains norlh of Bigmouth Creek, two nibus
below north fork and marked "E. McBean's
south-weat corner," thence 160 chains cast,
thence 40 chains norlh, thence 160 chains wos ,
thenco 10 chains south to place of commence
Dated April 20th, 1907.
18. Comment ing at apost planted 10 chains
eustof ilicsuuih east corner of T. L. lti|58 and
marked •• E McHean's lmrtb-ue t corner,"
thunce 16n chain* souih, thenoe 40 chains east,
ihciiiv inn cbaius north, theuce in chaius wesi
lo.'|iuiui of commencement.
uated Ootb April, 1007,
19. roinnienclng ut a post plained U mile
north of HO'ith-CHst corner ol i. L, 7618 aud
marked " ft, McBean's sonh-east corner,"
thence 4U chains north, tbenee 8"t chains weBt,
tbeuce 4n chains north, thencu 120 cliains east,
ihence 80chains HOUta, iheuce 40 chuns west
tu point of commencement.
20. Cummeuciug at a post planted about one
mile westof Columbia Kiver, and ubuut one-
hull mile souih of ughwuik* Creek and
mtrked **K. McBean's norih-east corner,"
th' nee 80 clmins wesi, tiience 8u chains *-outb,
tnence 80 chaius easl, ihence 80 .'hains uorth
to point of commencement,
Dated 1st Mav, 1D07,
21. Commencing at a post planted at the
south-west corner of T. L. lu'oo ami marked
"fi, McBeau's soulh-east corner," thunce 80
chains west, tbeuce 80 chains north, Uiuuce80
chnlns east, theuce 80 ehuins south to poiut of
22. Commencing at a post planted on the
south bank of Gordon Creek, about i'-v miles
from the moulh and marked "K. McBean's
north-east curuer." tbeuce 80 chains south,
tbenee 80 chaius west, thenee 80 ebains north,
tbance 80 chains easl to point ot commence-
'S.l. Commencing ut u post plautod on tbo
south bank of Gordon Creok, ubout 2 miles
from tho mouth and marked "K McBenu's
south-wost cornor." thenee 160 chains wost,
thence 40 chuius uorth. thonco 160 chuius east,
theuco 40 chains soutn to pointof commencement,
24, Commouciug at a post plantod on the
south bauk of Gordon Creek, ubout 2'i miles
from the mouth and marked "ft. McHonn's
nonh-eust coruor," Ihoneo 80 chains south,
thence 80 chnius west, thuueo 80 ehuins uorth,
theuco 80 chains oust to poiut of commonco-
Dated Mny 2nd, HM.
wed my 8 ft. McBBAN.
V|0TICE Is boreby given that thirty days
i\ aftor duto I intond to imply to tho Chiof
Commissioner of Landsaud Works for special
licenso to cut and curry uway timbor from tho
following doscribod lnnds situato in Wost
Kootoiiuy district:
Commencing al A posl plunled at the moulh
of Canoo Itiver and marked "K, Hwilaer's
northeast corner post," tbence west 80 chains,
thunce south 80 ehuins, Ihence cast 80 chains,
thencu north h> chains tu the point of com-
Dated May 2nd, 1007,
wed my 20 I. 8W1TZRU,
l, Thoi, Watson, acting as agent for J. Watson,
int-jiid sixly days after date to apnly to the
Hmioralilo lhc Chief C»nimiHsioiierof Laiuls find
Works for pormission to purchase tho following
described lands, situated OO Cpper Arrow Laku,
ami more particularly described us follows:
Commencing at a posl planted at the H, lv corner of Timber Limit 7f-8'l, from tlunice south 10
chains, frmn tbeuce wesl I<hi chains, from thunce
nnrtli 10 cliains, from thence east loo chaius to
puim uf commencemeiil. (Mulciui Bay district.)
Dated April Mb, 1007.
wed my 1 Agent for.1, Watson,
Notico Is horoby give that (KI daya after dale
I Inlcnd to apply to the Chlel lloiiiiiilmlonor of
Und. an.l Works Ior pei-uilssiou lo (lurchnso
ll.o fullowiiiKdescribed landa III Heat kootonay
Hllualod In (liilena Hay, co......o..eli.|( nt.i
post planted on the mist shore ol Upper Arrow
Lake close ... (lal.-..a point, und uiarked "It.
Simpson's aoulh-easl curuer poat," thencu woat
HI chuius, thoncu uurth *■" cnains, thenuu oaat
10 clialns ...oro or leas to lake ah...c, thonco
iiIouk hike shore lo point I eoininoiieeiiiont.
Ilatod April mh. mil
■ataplS ltAU'H HIMI'HON.
Nnl Ice Is hereby given that 30 days after dato
I Inlend to apply to Hie Chlof Comminsloncr of
bind-uml Works for a speciul licence to utij
and carry nw.iy timber from the fulluwing
described landi situate in Yalo District:
24. Commencing at a post planled at the
Huuth-mst corner of No. 21, and marked "A. M.
SymoiiH'H. W, corner nost," thonoo north 80
chnlns, tbciicc e.isl 80 chains, thunce south hi
chains, thencu woat 80 ohnlns to placo of 001 n-
U-ait-.l2.lrd March, 11*07.
wcdmylj A. M, BYMONS,
By-law No. 99
A By-law to provide for the construction nf in.,ii. niul common sewers
in (lie City of Revelstoke un.l to authorise the issue of debentures for the
purpose of r.ii.sihi: the stun required
WHEREAS ill the opinion of lhe
Ciniiicil .....I in i|... Interest of lhe Ciiy
it is .1..sit.il.le to construct n system of
bowers in lhe City of Revelstoke uc-
rin-iliujr to the plans anil specifications
therelor prepared hy Tims. II. Tracey,
Esq., City ltiielnoer, and approved ol
by the Onuncil and that the funds to
In* provided for sueh Improvement
shall l.e repaid by special rule of front-
tgo tux to lie levied on the lan.l or
real property In or on or fronting or
abutting iini.n the portions of the
streets anil laues throughout the Oity
and Immediately benefited thereby,
And Wherens such work is a local
And Whereas undei' nnd hy virtue
of the Miinicip.il Clauses Act the
Oouncil duly passed a By-law kiinwn
.is the "Local Improvement Sewage
By-law No. US, 1007," being a By-law
to provide for the means of ascertaining nnd determining whnt lnnds or
real properly will l.e benefited l.y
such improvements nud of ascertaining nnd determining the proportion in
which the assessment is to l.e made on
the various portions of lund or real
property so benefited.
And Whereas in pursuance of the
rid By-law tho Oity Engineer has
ascertained and determined tlie snid
works and Improvements nud has certified as coiTo::t, a plan or description
thereof, and has made nn estimate
und report of tlie expense or cost
thereof, und bus ascertained and determined un.l shown on said plan nud in
suid reports what land or ie.it property
will be Immediately benefited by the
proposed Improvements,
And Whereas In pursuance of the
said By-law the Oity Clerk has .iscer-
t.'iined and determined the proportion
in which the assessment is to be made
nn the various portions of land or real
property to be benefited and has duly
made his report thereon lo the Oouncil and which report has been approved
of and adopted by the Council.
And Whereas notice signifying the
Council's Intention to undertake such
improvements anil of making the
assessment therefor has been published
and given as required by said By-law
and the Municipal Clauses Act and no
petition has been presented against
the proposed improvements.
And Whereas $0l),.-,11.75 is the total
amount of the cost, of the said Improvements and is the amount nf the
principal debt to be created by this
Antl Whereas by sub-section 17 of
Section ill I of the Municipal Clauses
Act the Council is empowered in the
case of by-laws passed for works payable l.y local assessment, in order to
facilitate the negotiation of debentures
thereunder, t.. declare that the debt
or any po.-lion thereof is further guaranteed by the Corporation at large.
And Whereas the total amount required to be raised annually by special
rate per foot for paying the said debt
and interest thereon and for creating
a sinking fund for paying the said
principal debt within 2(1 years, which
said debt is created on the security of
thespeci.il rate as settled l.y this Bylaw, and on that security only, and
further guaranteed hy 'he eaid Oot-
poraliou at large, is lor inteiest
$l,li7.*).u8, and for sinking fund
■$8,703,88, milking a total of $8,678.00,
And Whereas the tolal assess.-.!
value of the whole real property rale-
able under this By-law according to
the last, revised assessment roll is
And Whereas the Council is desirous
of passing a By-law for the purposes
THEREFORE the Municipal Council ot the Corporation of lhe Citv of
Revelstoke enacts ius follows:
1, That the said hereinbefore recited
estimates, plans and reports be
adopted and that the proposed improvements in conslriictitiL' main ami
common sewers and the works connected therewith throughout the City
of Revelst..ke be made, constructed
anil carried out in accordance therewith,
2. That tho land or real property
which is Immediately bonoiltod by the
said Improvements shall be Hint which
has been ascertained iu tliu said plan,
nud reports of ibe said Oity Engineer
ami thesharesoi' proportions In which
Die said assossmonl is to be Hindu....
lhe various lols or  portions  of  lots
benefited together with the amount
iieci'ssniy lo fot-iii it sinking [lind ami
interest shnll be as shewn by the report
<f the said City Clerk whicli lnmls or
real property and assessim uts are
shown in the said report of tl.e said
City Clerk ami Hit. said lauds or real
property and portions of land or real
property mentioned In said report of
said City Clerk are hereby assessed
accordinuly will, lho payment of tl.e
amount as therein set mil Opposite
each said portion of land or real property and tl.e said leport is liereliy
adopted as the assessment roll for the
purposes of tliis By-Law.
8. The amount t.I Ibe special rale
assessed as..foresaid against earl, lot
or part of Iol respectively shall be
assessed, levied nud collecled in each
year I'or 20 years al'tei' ll.e passing of
this By Law during which the debentures have lo run,
4. It shall be lawful for Ihe Mayor
of the Corporation of the Oity of
Revelstoke to ho'i'ow upon the
security of tho apeelal  rate hereby
Imposed and upon tlm credit of the
debentures hereinafter iimnliiinetl,
fnnn any person or persons, or body
ir bodies corporate who nifty be willing
to advance the sumo, a sum n t exceeding in the whole the sum of
$UI),f>il.7f> being the sum necessary for
llm work, and localise all such sums
st. raised or received to be nnl.I int..
the hands of tlie Treasurer of the said
City Ior the purposes herein recited,
tores, to be called "Local Improvement Di-bei*ttli'e8," lo i.e made,
executed and I- sued for such sum or
Bums as may he required for the purposes al'oieui-uii-i.i-il not exceeding
however th. .*.:... "I $00511 7.'., each of
the said d-lieiil nre» heing . !' ihe denomination nf One Thousand Dollars
except in tin■ c.ia.' of .n.-i.f such debentures uliiili may be fur alesser
sum if deemed requisite by tbe said
Mayor, nnd .ill of such debenture*
shall be sealed with tho seal of the
Corporation of llie City of Revelstoke.
.....I signed l.y lhe Mayor and Clerk
II, The said debentures shall be
muii.. payable in twenty years from
the day hereinafter mentioned for this
By-Law tojtake effect, at the olliee of
the Molsons Bank at Revelstoke,
li. 0., af.ires.iiil, which snid
place of payment shall l.e designated l.y snid debentures, and shnll
have attached to then, coupons for the
payment of Interest, and tne signature
tothe coupons may lie either written,
printed, stamped nr lithographed.
7. Tlie said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of Five per centum
per annum from lhe dale thereof,
whicli Interest shall be payable semiannually at the offlce of the .Molsons
Bank at Revelstoke aforesaid in
lawful money ol Canada.
ll. It shall be lawful for the sai
Mayor to negotiate and sell the said
debentures or any of them at ft rate
below par if lie may deem it necessary
to do so, and to authorize the Treasurer to pay out of the stuns so raised
by the sale of the said debentures all
.xpenses connected with the prep&r-
ttion and lithographing of the debentures and coupons, or any discount or
commission ur..ther charges incidental to the sale of the suid debeutiiies.
0. For the purpose of forming a
irking fund for the payment of the
sni.i debt and the piiyiimnt of the
interest, thereon at the rale aforesaid
us tlie same becomes due, there shall
be assessed ami levied over and above
ill other rales and charges the annual
sum of $8,(l78.l)li in each and every year
until the said sum of) $fl8,611.7o 'and
interest is fully by special rate per
foot frontage upon nil the land or rer'
property according to the respective
amounts hereinbefore recited as set
forth iu the snid report of the said City
Clerk, such yearly rate to l.e assessed
nud levied in each year at the same
time and in the same manner as
ordinary taxes are assessed and levied.
II). The amount of the special rate
or frontage tax levied hereunder shall
be added to tl.e taxes for the financial
year in which such rate or frontage
tax is assessed and levied, antl such
special rate or frontage tax may be
enforced and recovered in tlie same
manner and in every respect as ordinary land or real property City Taxes,
whether by tbe sale of the land or real
property upon which the same at
laches, or l.y registration, as a charge
upon such land or real property, or
otherwise its provided by the Munici
pal Clauses Ail.
11. If lhe owner of any portion of
the said land or real property hereby
assessed shall desire to commute the
special assessment imposed by this
By-Law, he or she can do so by pay
ing to tlio Treasurer of the Corporation, on or before the Fifth day of
December, 1007, the amount set nppo-
site the real property, lots or portions
of lots mentioned in the seventh
column of the said report of the said
City Clerk.
12. Any amounts paid in commutation shall or may be invested according to the provisions relating to tin
Investment of the City Sinking Fund
18. It shall be lawful fur tl.e said
Corporation from time to time t.
repurchase any or all of the said debentures at such price or prices at or
below par as shall be mutually agreed
14. The said debt as created by this
By-Law is hereby further guaranteed
by the Corporation at large.
la, Tliis By-Law shall come into
force on the Second day of July, 11*17,
may be filed as tlie " Local Improve
menl Sewitg.) Assessment By Law No,
00, 1007."
Head a lirst lime lhe 21st day of
M.,y. 1007,
Read a second lime Ihe 21st dny uf
May, 1007,
Read a third time, and passed, llie
21sl day of May, 11X17, with llie
unanimous consent ol the Council.
It. considered and linally passed and
adopted l.y lhc C..iiu.:il lhe
day of 1007.
City Ci.kkk.
Take notice thai the aliove is a true
copy of,-. By-Law which is intended lo
bu linally passed and adopted by the
Oity Oouncil'lot' levying a frontage
ran. to pay I'or the construction of the
Improvements therein mentioned antl
tbfil. the Assessment Roll as contain.-.1
In tho report of the Oity clerk, mentioned in tlie said By-Law, showing
the lute and the lands or real property
liable to pay tlm saine, together will,
tlm names of the owners llmii-of, is
now on file in the olliee of the I ity
Clerk anil is open for Inspection during ulllce hours.
Tlm llrsl sitting of llie Cnui-I ol
Revision to revise the assessment will
l.e held on Wednesday, Julie 12lh, 10117
at the hour of 7,'iii o'clock in the afternoon at the Oily Hall, Revelstoke, 11.
Cm for tho purpose uf hearing complaints against llie assessment as' proposed by said By-Law, or the accuracy
..I' tin. frontage measurement or any
ulher complaint which persons interested may desire lo make and which
is liy law cognizable by lho Court.
All complaints against lhe said
assessment must be served upon ll.e
City Clerk at leasl (8) eight days prior
It. tbe date of the Hrst sitting of the
Court of Revision.
Dated May 22, 1007,
City Clerk.
Notice In hereby given that 60 days aftor date we
intend tc apply to (ho Honorable chief Comrali-
iloftor uf Laiuls and Wnrk* fur pcrminsioa to pur
chime tbe following ilescrilied land* in Went
Kootonay district;
('ommeiieing nt u poll pluutod on thoB. K.
cornor of Ihntnnnu pra*omptlon*506, marked
Bvani iVOgilvios N. W. corner [mst," thenco
to chains ru -i. 40 chains <H>utli. 4') chains west,
10 chains north lo point of coinmeiicflinont, con-
luiniuu ion aerea more or lens,
Duted May ath, 1W7.
Bat my 2-i KVANS A UUILV1E,
Nolice is hereby gffen f at tndayi afierd-*i»
1 inlend to apply to ihe Thief Cnmmluionei <>'
Lands and tt'orli for as eeial itcenie to ■ t
and oarrj t ruber from the following dojcrlU'd
landi miiiate'l m thu Cariboo District, B Ci
1. Commencing at a poat marked "W.J OlU'i
north-weit comer," planted on Canoe Hirer al-ut
40 miles from uuniih of Plumlgan Creek, tbenee
go rhainj ea*t, thenre 80 chain*, mnth. thenee Ml
rhniiM weil thence 80 chalnj n»rth to point of
commences eul
Dated March mh, Wl.
i. Commencing at a imst marked "ff.J. Otto"*
iouth -west corner," pUnted on punui-gaii rr.i-k
almut 4 mile-, up fmni mouth, thence Ki chains
east, thenee 80 chaini north, thence 80 ch; mis
went, thence so ohaini south to point uf commen-
3. Commencing at a port maiked "W J.OUo'a
south-west corner," planted on Ptanalean Creek,
nliout 7 miles frmn mouth, thenoe 80 cualm east,
thence 20 chains south, theuce ^u chaliueaat,
Uience 40 chains north, thence 80 chaini weal,
thence 20 chains north, thence sti chains west,
tlience lOchains south to point of commenoement.
Commencing at a post mnrked "W, J.
Otto's south-west corner," planted on Ptarmigan creek about 9 miles from the mom h.thence
ICO chains east, thence 40 cbalni- north, ibeme
K4J ebains west, thence 40 chains south to
point of commencement.
]'tiled March .'Mb, 1W-7.
j. Commccciug it a post marked "W. J.
Otto's north-east comer," planled on Canoe
lliver about CO miles from muuth, thence 100
chains wesi, ihence 40 chains south, thenee 100
chaius eait, ibence 40chaius uortb to pointof
listed March :«lst, 19uT.
0. Commenolng at a uit marked "W.S.
Otto's north-east corner,' planted on Canon
River about 63 miles from mouth, thence 80
hains-outh, thence iSO chaius west, thence 80
chains norlh. theuce Sh chains oast to point of
1. Commencing at a post niarked "W. J.
Otto's south-eaat corner," planted on Canoo
River aboul'65 miles from the moulh, thonco
80 chains north, thenoe 80 chain* west, thenco
80 chains south, thenoe 80 cbaina east to point
of commencement.
8. Coinmeneing at a post maiked "\V. J.
Olio's north-east corner," planted on Canoo
Kiver aboul 70 miles from mouth, thence 80
bains south, thence HU chains west, thence 80
chains north thenoe 80 chains east to poiut of
Tom menoement,
9. Commencing at a po.st marked "W. J-
Otto's south-east corner,' plauted on Canoe
River about 70 miles from Ite mouth, thenoo
160 ohains west, thence 40 ohalna norlh, ihence
160 ohalni east, thence lOchains south to point
of commencement.
Dated March 30tb, 1907,
s:ii jun 1 W. J. OTTO.
Nolice if hereby given that Ml days afler dato
I inlcnd lo apply lo theChief Commissioner of
Landa and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry uwuy limber from lhe following described lauds in North-cast Kootenay District:
1. Comincncing at n post marked "W.J,
Otto's north-east cornor," planted on lhe Columbia Rivor,aboul '.Mu chains up stream from
Kinbasket Lake, tbeuce west Id chains, thenco
.souih lu chains, thenceeast lftr chains, thenqs)
north Picbains to point of commencement.
Dated April 7th, lt*07.
t Commoncing at a posi marked "W. J.
Oito's south-west corner," planted on Middle
Kiver, about 80 chains from the mouth, thenco
north C3chains, thonce east 80 ohains, thence
suulh Hi chains, thence west Hi chains to point
of commencement.
Dated April Gib, 1907.
sat jun 1 W. J. OTTO.
Certificate of Improvements.
Richmond Mineral claim, situate in the Hev
eMoke Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located:—At Standaid Hasin, South
Cork of Downie Creek.
Take nolice that 1. R. .Smith, F.M.C. No.
B88712, acting n.s agent for W. H Willcox,
Free Miner's Cortiflcato N'o. B88380. intend,
sixty days from date hereof, to apply to tho
Mining Recorder for a Certificate or Improve*
meiils. for thu purpose of obtaining a Crown
U rant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section :t7, must be commenced before the
issuance o* -nch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 23rd day of May, A.D. 19u7.
wed my 29 R. SMITH.
Revelstoke Und District.
Distriot of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George H. Campbell, of
Arrowhead, occupation Timber Cruiser, in-
tends io apply fora special timber licence over
the following described landi;-
Comuiencing at a post planted on thc south
side of 1 >ot (5*1 about 15 chains west of Poplar
Creek, thenee west 2n chr.ins, thence north Ti
chains, thence west 140 chains, th.'iice south 4:'
chains, thence «iM 160 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, and containing 010 acres, more or less.
Dated .May llth, 1907. wed my 28
Notice is hereby given tbat 30 days afterdate
I intend to apply lo tbe Chief commissioner of
Lands aud Works for a apeels) license to cut
aud carry away ember from tbe following
described lands situated on McDonald Creek,
Cpper Arrow Lake, West Kojtensy district:
1. Coinmeneing at a post martS'l "W. K.
Keid's soutb-west corner post." situated i.car a
beaver meadow, about 7 miles from the mouth
of McDonald Creek, thence north 8") chains,
thencecasl 80 chains.thence south 80chains,
thence west Hi chains to point of commencemeni,
'i, Comincncing at a post planted at tho
south-wesl comer of No. 1, markod "W, It,
Keid's north-west corner post." thence Miuth
Hi chains, tbence east 80 chains, thence north 80
oha(us, thence west BO chaius to point of commence in cut.
*i Commencing at a post planted at the
north-east corner of No. & inarkod "W, it.
Raid's northwest corner post," Ihenco south 80
ohains, thenoo oast SO chains, thenoe north 80
ohains, thonce west SO chains to point of commencement.
Dated May 25th, 1907.
wed my :"J W. It, It KID.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after (Lite I
intend to apply to ue Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for in-rmisiiioii to uurch-mu
the fulluwing ilcscriln-d funds in Wilt Kootenay
I) strict:
Commenolng at apmrt planted on the eastern
bauk of the Colombia Itiver alxnit oiie-fotirlh uf a
mile lielow Priest llapids and marked "V. B. W.'n
loutu-eost corner," Uience mnth tu chaini, thence
went in chains, thence south id clialus to the imnk
of the Colombia River, ihence in a Hoiith-e&Merlv
direction following the meandering! of ilm c«i-
umbia tttrer to point of commencement, contain-
Ing abont leoum***.
Dated March Mil. A.D., IU07.
wed an 10
V. \i. WKLLH,
Revelsloke Und District, .*-^^^^^^^™
Districl of Wost Kotaay, B.C,
Tnke notice that K, BwiUer, of Hen vermouth,
I,c,occupation I'rpepootor,Intends toapply
or a spocial timbor licence over the following
.Jc«cribcd lands: Siluatwl In West Kooicnay
District, H.c.
(onimcncing at a post plantcil al the mouth
of i anoe Hivur and marked "K. HwlUer's
no rib east corner,'' ibeuce west 80 chnlns,
thonco South Hi chains.thence eust 80 chains,
theuce north 80 chaina to point uf commuuee-
DODt, aud cunUtlmng 61m acres, more or lesa,
Dated May '2nd, IW7. wed my 20
In tiik Count? Court nv Wkst
KlM.TIiNAV    ll.ll.llKN   AT  liKVMl,-
Ii. lhe iiiiiI ter of the Kslate of Oscar
V,. Ni,-vens, deceased, and in the
matter of the "Official
Ailuiinisliiilors Act,"
TAKK NOTICK that by order of
llis Honor.I. A. Forin, Judgo, tniidj
the 28th day nf May 1007, I was appointed administrator of the estate of
Oscar K. Hi evens, deceased, and all
parlies having claims against the said
estate are hereby required to furnish
nue properly verified to nm on or
before tho 16th day ol June, 1007, And
parties Indebted to said estate are
required to pay the amount of their
Indebtedness to me forthwith.
(lK(). S. Mll-AHTEH,
Official Administrator.
Dated this 1st. day    June, 1007, NEW ARR Vil
in a very ,.Nt.-n*iv
/ y
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Wednesday, June 5, (Inr 2-1 hours)—
Unsettled, cloudy, occasional showers,
light westerly winds, probably line
later, Temp. max. 05 degrees; min.,
.'il degrees.
Local and General.
Judge Forin is holding County
Court session in town today.
E. M. Cook, ol the local Y.M.C.A. is
spending a tew days in Sun Francisco.
Gold Range Lodge No. 2(1 Knights
ol Pythias will hold a memorial service
on Sunday alternoon.
Tht lacrosse bovs will in all proba
bility oross sti-.-lts with the Armstrong
teani at lhat town on July 1st.
W. Cowan, of the Revelstoke, Trout
Lake & Rig Bend Telephone Co., hm
increased the lucal Staff ot operators.
The regular weekly band concert
wil) be rendered irom the lower town
If ind stand on Thursday (tomorrow)
N mm- .*, Rowe's circus advertising
car came in this morning au.l is billing tbe town lur a performance on
June 19th.
Revelstoke Is big enough mnv to
lave city scavenging wagon ol its
own, instead oi nuking that work the
duty ol the citizens,
li i' .k ol Revelstoke, lia.-l.een ap-
[i anted commissi ner toi taking affidavits in the Supreme Court, lor the
Revelstoke electoral distiict.
William Thomas, who was brought
in to the hospital trom a nearby logging camp  this: week, died yesterday
ming with symptoms ol meningitis,
A »reck occurred early this morning a lew miles ivest ol Golden, which
l.ss bl eki d the track and delayed the
traffic a wrecking crew has left lur
the scene ol the accident.
Tbi  thirty-sixth annual communi-
it. m ol lhe grand li dge ol British
. 1 iml ia I thi Ancii nt. Free and
Accepted M ,- ns, will be held in Van
, uvi: -■ mn ■ ni;:. .; ini 20. 111
grai d lodge st iti lasl c m munical n
de:ided b   fneel lhii yeai in V. i
it this had t   ■- ch u .  I   rcausi   :
the Vern n M - nic hai I iving beei
■ ..-  down.     A-   so. i.   ae  it wis
knowi, th it Vern -  ■--..- o i m lied thi
lm il   mi -       - - ■  ■'■•- wai S' m
I . .    ••   u   ... iei i   K
. ... - in tb   . o.il registry, ami il ii
expecled, including those fro... Van
eouver, that there will be abollt 200
.1.-legates present.
Among tlie items ot 1 usiness at the
School Board in....ling last night, it
wasdtcided to advertise lor a principal lor the High School in the place
of C. B. Sissons, resigned.
A lacrosse match has been arranged
between the business boys and slu-
ilenls ot the cily to be played on
Mackenzie Avenue grounds, Friday
next. Sticks will be crossed sharp ai
7 o'clock and an exciting game is
promised, Admission to the lirst
game ot the series will be free gratis.
Everybody turn out nnd rout.
.1. C. Stuart, advance agent lor ll.e
Greater Norris i'i Rowe circus, was in
town on Monday making arrangements tor a date Ior performance.
June l'.ltli Ins been arranged and this
well known circus company will then
exl.ibit here. This show played in
Ilevelstoke very recently nnd shuuld
receive the patronage it deserves.
With impressive ceremonies, ground
was broken on Saturday for the Alaska-
Yukon-Pacific Exposition, whioh will
be held in Seattle in 1909, two years
from date. The day was a holiday.
Seattle presented a gala appearance,
as an.id the blare of trumpets, the
marching of a military pageant, inspiring speeches and banqueting the !
inauguration ot active work was
Tbe feeling throughout the States,
tnd more especially in the western
states, with reference to the recent
purchase ot buffaloes from M, Pablo
by the Canadian government, has
been bitter m tl.e extreme. Such
comment as has been published in the
newspapers of the states has been
aggressively anti-Canadian and it is
nut too much to say thai a de i ■•
ell'ort was made by the press to inflame the people, A hostile demonstration occurred al Missoula after the
buffaloes had Leon loaded on tbe ears.
A number ol the inhabitants ol the
city, which is nut remarkable tor placidity, and when- the Y.M CA. do not
prosper, plied the cowboy* ... attendance with whisky until they cared lor
neither heaven or earth or any other
place, They then proposed to let the
b iffaloes .: .1 tb. cars and let tbem
I.. >.  ... -:.-1. line once more
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Splendid  Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
prog......n.e   in   a   pleasing  manner.
Local talent made up ail excellent
musical aggregation and as guud a
little concert as Revelstoke has
Business Locals
Bananas, Oranges and Lemons, at
C. B. Hume & Co's.
Nothing bettor than Our "Special.
Patronize  Home  Industry.     Smoke
Revelstoko Cigars.
Mattresses, pillows and In-.l comforts at 0. II. Hume .v. Co's.
Rovelstoko Cigars Union Made Our
Special, Tbo Union, and Marca Vuelta
are ahead ot all others.
Lace and Tapestry curtains, curtain
pules and fixtures, at C. li. Ilium-
& Co's,
The Lawrence llardwiu
nplete stock ol rilles,
Reporls of Industrial Progress
from all Parts of B. C.
lint the approaching Bum mer season will s.e a large volume of business
tf.i s cl .1 in lirilish Coin i.bin is now
a 'iiro.l.    Reports iron, all nver thc
p   vince  are  to  the effect that tbe
outlook was never better,   Mr. Hugh
11. liilinonr, of Vancouver, a gentle-
n....whose business is..f suolia nature
tb .1 it takes bin. lo all parts ol   the
province, and  enables bin. to keep in
close  touch   with ll.e industrial p.o-
grssol tl.e various sections, is ol the
ppinii ii tl.-.t business lur lhc sn....... r
is sliaping well
-| am coiiain," said Mr. Ollmour,
'.bit Rritish Columbia has a bead a
period nl progress that wi'l excel any.
lhii.got the past. K, tin all parts, f
the province, which I have visited,
comes tlie same gcnerul report—good
times. A number ot big companies
are being financed for business it.
Britisli Columbia ..ml a large amount
nt oitts'de capital is coming in all the
'•There nre so many valuable natural resources to be developed thai it is
no wot,tier that these companies arc
taking hold nl some of them, and that
the remits have proved satisfactory,
"Ti.e industrial development is not
confined to any one district, but is
general all fiver tl.e province, and has
the appearance ut bring on a very
suliil basis."
Hive Organized in Revelstoke.
A public meeting was held las!
night in the Opera Hume by Mrs. J.
C. Kemp, 1). C, for British Columbia
of the L. O.T. M.O.T.W., lur the
purpose of explaining the order an.l
pointing out the biiielits to be derived
Imm the establishment of a local Hive.
Mis, Kemp pointed nut tn I be meeting
Hu. cbiel points tf lite order and the
different branches ut wnrk it embraces
-Iiuuing that Ihe membership was
rapidly increasing and that the
fraternal and benelit work had dune
much good. Phe explained that, by
increasing the number ol the Canadian
members, Canada could then Iniles
great Hive ul her own and make her
uan laws. Alter a ihorougb explanation ol the benefits ol. the order, Mrs.
Kemp received tlie names ul intending
members tor Ihe tornialion ol a luenl
A vole of thanks was cordially
passed to Mr. and Mrs. Tapping (nr
the use nt the Opora House, and also
tu the Press.
The attendant
lor .Mnv was as I.
■ at the publio schools
High Sell...
Public Sell.
Co. .-..rry
shot guns
:il   sights,
I—Div. i
'* II
ol—Div. I
— " 11
a c
nnd  ammunition.
orthoptics, etc.
Rhubarb,  California Cabl i -   an
all  other preen  vegi tabl. - daily,  al
C ll, lln:...  -. i   -,
To reel ive B, C, si;.... i rric* tn b!i
evi y   ■-.:;...      isve Ii i sl
C. B, Uum.  I .'  -.
3ee our I
!-- -i : enl   to cboos. .1     B,
Sii        Co's
A fine selectioi
Bonni il CB.
H        : Co'l
III. I-l
IV. 33
V. Ill
VIL 59
8fi 30
89 80
I -..U -1(17 86.71 138
Mackenzie Avenue (South)
Thursday. June 20
at 1:30 p. m.
Suit Cases
and Trunks
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them in all styles, sizes and prices.
Leather, Imitation Leather and
Matting Covered Suit Cases, Canvas Telescopes, Cluh Bags, etc.
Trousers at
Special Prices
During this week we are offering a splendid line of Trousers,—
made of the Best Wool goods, in
the Best Styles.   See "them in our
$3.50 m
Hot Weather
Our line of Summer Underwear
is very completes, comprising Balbriggan, iu Black and White and
Natural Wool in all weights and
Silk mixtures.
Straw and
Linen Hats
The best assortment in town
and sold at very low prices. We
have also a very large lot of Crush
Felt Hats, in black, blue, brown
and grey, that can be rolled up and
carried in pocket or grip. They
are just what you need for travelling.
Ladies Summer
Wearing Apparel
Wasli Ties, Soft Collars, Belts,
Stocks, Light Weight Hosiery in
Cashmere, Lisle and Cotton, Canvas Shoes, Gauze Shirts, Negligee
Shirts of all kinds, in fact everything you may need to keep you
cool and comfortable for the next
three months.
Wednesday, June 19th
Performances al 2 and 8 p. m. Performances at 2 and 8 p. m.
. 1..-.i known
-fpiiiiie- from y
i-ineily to
.ui house,
If pn
need foi
perl)    smudged,
,11 ... ii oi 1"-- ..I ale
60c. a Pound
Druggist and Stationer,
Mail Orders prompllj attended
Social and Personal
M ■• l; ig lm* lelt (..r a visil to
t:.- i' ast,
'.',  Bi m retui I y.--ii.-i--l.il >
busineti trip to the c .ast,
Mr- I- B, la wis mill be sl home to
her Iriends on I riday June 7th,
Mr. snd Mrs I-. tt . Aylmer Imve
taken up the i residence in town,
ii. Aman   has  i '  visiting  bis
l.rotl er 0. .1. Aman, while i n  n nte
fur Kt.gland
Mrs, I, T Morris, ol .Notch ll.ll, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. H,Cunningham
Morris,... i .wn,
Mrs, II. Cunningham Morris will bt
i.   |i   no"  mi  'I uosday, June 11. al
In i rcsidi nee I bird it.eot,
I), M. suit..hi has relic ed li li
Atkins al the. nsl n House, who Is
mi route lor lhe Old Country,
What - vithmit il
parade    It ha
again thai the   Amci ■ an
, . m. ... the
and in-ill--    ■ i cil
i-n- that  doi *  noi -    • itrcel
1 splay      l liei   in     iny i
ito (lus expensive
le.iiii.-e if they   lured
:.-        sveroven     lidered   n
his iti i. '   ■      I In
present is tin heir '*" I"'1
nership nnd to make this year - visil «
mcmorabl .-■ *   paradi
will be "I- I .-   -     [rand
ihey li;.--   ever ittempted
iuiiii.  ..i  tl.e  lady  and   -
riders;    tl.e    glittt     .-        j|
on   fi.iiiini.il   and    - - ■   .i
tiatically    carved     mm sier
wagons; llie tabli tit    lion
paintings nn '1 '■ n anj opei   !- n  and
, j  will  to  morn g.-f -    ...
, .   :       I     tl.il I'.'- (lid   ' -1' -i1 I" b
,. toatuii - whicli they never l.av.
in (-.. able in show belore.    Tbo lirsl -
1'inl.--.   in-- tions from MRS, II
liol liSK. I will sell by Public Auction  the  entire furnishings of  her
. iu pari of the follow-
Three    -    - Oak   Bedrrn m  Suites,
,:. •-. I',..l Springs, Matt-
; a  I  I:--   ing Chairs,
m   ,.    I  Mewing   Machine, I
i tdy's  in.I gent'sl
2 I'm.. [/.tinges, several Biaas Lamps,
ii-.ii. IV n   I ible   Oak  Hall  Rack.
■   *       ■    Range will, hul watei
 rl   l-.nl.-i .   dak     Ml.alc
Cal 11 nb .- Table md Chili™
M. -ll. Imm     .....I   all
-...*  io this   (li
f isl la. sold a    party !«
• . M
me will
ii  .-.. n pi  -
:.'■  ' •    pen f..i   ft.
lime I-.,     - il,-   i.fk.v
-.   I ..,,•  -JUili,
-   .  III,
t) - le   :       ii Ml
II-.IIMS   i   I   ||
II  MANNINO.  \ii.ti...i.,-,.
\22 Famous Equestrians -
faring Aarialists
by Clowns
Double Menagerie
Real Roman Kippodro
Scores ol Trained Wild Beasts^
Putt! BU MARE1
The Only Udy in im. Enlire World who throws
SOMERSAULTS on the Nokod Book or
., Swiliiy Running Horso
Thundering Roman Chariot Races
- EdBl»,cd SEALS & SEA Ll
Inly Lady Japanese Artists in America
20 Astonishing Acrobats
,@ Fleur r™E2
10 Lovely Ladles of Faultless Form Id Classic
Poses on a Great Revolving Pedestal.
11 Arabian Tumblers
(10) F
Imiiici'i Oinliil Cycll.li asl Mill. Slilin
JO Reckless Rough Riders
Aerialisl*. Supreme
7 Russian
\      \    SUPERB
%     \ENTREE
Helresbing indeed was the onnoert Hw lilil"*1 "' w,y <" !'» *""1 li"
no  Mm..lay  night f.i  Bt, Andrew's cutest ot cub lions which arc sure to
church when Miss I-',..id Martin sang interest thc oliildron at well  .- Ihoii
before an appreciative audience.   Asa elders.    Othor Jeatlirei  will  be the
singer, Miss Martin is giltcd with a wild beast display In the ...nny open
iicbyet surct  voice with won.lorlul dims and  cages;   olephants,  llainas,
range and Intonation.   I n the Bcvoral oanu.Vlromedarlw, Hhnil I ponies,
numbers whioh she   ronilcrcd   slu. prize heavy dmlt stnol. and the beau-
show..I .iniisniilly pleasing style, and tifu] tl.oruiiglibreil rnolng stool, nil!
her repertoire imr well ohoBcn,   Eaoh ' march in stately procession,    Clowns
1, ber was warmly received and hor will enliven tlie line "I marol d
reception   w*..s   only  what, such a there will bo enough musio to mnko
charming singm   as   Miss   Martin the parado inspiring    Norris & Howe
deserved,   Miss   Harvey  bus   ii   well -exhibits at kevelstoke on   Wednesday
trained conlrallo and rendered her June Will.
. . <■ .
■ M
ion Min* *
i   ■     . ,
10 flhul     Ihi '■'■'■ north ii>'
cliain   a- poinl  "i " i ■ *"" ii1 nnfl poii
, h
til,!*. SANIjHI l:t.
Dalf VI *.   '.'n  . ■<.,
i - -      ■ i m i
llll.'ll.l    I"     ,|,l ',    M. I.„. II'.I.   'I'-     III..!   I .iiiiii
'       '   '   111 I-   Ml I  IV".If '  ("1    I-   IM"    IIUU  Ul |l
rlt....  lln  lnll.iwl.iii iloirr I lamia, * Mini
I' 'I f '     >M. I I, i..ll|   li In. I
' "I,,.,..'..-,...' -M m'..i pi int. 'I -ii ■ ■      I.
Iran, tin     IV i-  ..( 1...1 Will, mil ....irki'il
if,,.. T   .v,M,iii,n . s. K  (' r 1'i.at;"1 .In n..-
....rtl.ft".'In  iii.'ii..- iv.",.  -.. i liains: iiii-ni-..
until ..I.-I.aim   il .-  mil 10 elialm: thonce
...Ntll»i,Lillll-   UlOIII Ml  IH .'lllli...U.  |'l. I
r..ll..ll.'...'..||| l.ll, ."..Intuit...  IHU i.'l". III....' "r I. .,
ii  r NKWMAfi.
IJulwl at A.e.wln.nl, J....'. 1st, 100*1*.        "nil J l>
I "ill N M.K   Six   (-..inn hmisi1   with
I'   , ii ii. nnd  modern   plumbing.
Half.... a.-..- of gulden, good feme.- ]
0171)000.   l-l.i-y  i.-i...*     I'm   fiuilii-i
i :i iln- apply io IV. II. Ilnlm.Inm.
WANTKU   A   dining r
I,-I I lintel,  Naliii-
AN'TICI) I'ivoiyone having a
house lo sell ..r rent to list it
with me. I nm Hooded with enquiries
for house properties, Phone, call, or
drop me a i-iii'd wiih full ilesiiipiion
and p....-base prlc.*, or rent required.- |
K. A. Ilnggi'ii. Heal Kstal.e and Insui
.....-,. Agent, Ilevelstoke, II, O,
no l.l
I)   Al oiiee n llinlunroon. j
Apply Old IOTA I. II..TKI,.
Il.-vi-l-ii.k.f bind District,
lllslrlel.il Weal Kootenay,
Tako notice that Olo »a...ll.o.'K, of Alljcrt
. 'anyon, ooo..t.ali.». Mlnur, int.-ml* lo aiii.ly for
.1 *|..f.-ial tlmlair l.......ec ovor tin- following
ilifscr-b.:.! Inini*:
.'i.iiiiiii-nriiiK at a litis, planted aliout :vio
yurds wust or tl... nortliKHwt lork ol Downlo
brook and <»<irk<t! '"Uio Sandlioty's ...trUi-enst
Fun. lltli.in oornor posl," n.!jol..lt.n "J. 1'. Konnody'a No.:.
.'.,;,l,.„.,,,,,c.  biinil, tliiiiniiisoulh Hi cImIiih, thonoo wests.
nu kit. nousiH ,,||llln^ ||m||(.c mir||| sn t|m||IH| thonco oiuitsn
in  --liaiii- to point of .ff.iiiiiH'ii.-.fi.iiftil, iiml.'.ni-
I.Tim   SAM'*   (IIKM
J'    Fiirnislietl Hul
Itiiuliiilor, .......Isl. ...I ..ml garden,
good cnndltlntj aud leadv for iiuii.i'il-' MlnlnK6W ilcros tiioro or low.
late occupation,  also a moffij* of   m „   all, m,    o""»ubm».
i chickens fm- sale.   Apply on premise*.,    ■-.-.   -.-.--.-,, --.r;—"u;—r.—"i
llining Itotiin Girl, at three minutes walk from depot uu |    Advertise in llie MAIL-HERALD and
Climax llutel, east tr«ck,-Mis. JgwlH, | gel tue be»t result*,
,   I


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