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The Mail Herald Nov 27, 1909

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B. C.
The Annual Convention in Session at Chilliwack
The annual convention ol the B. C.
school trustees opeued on Wednesday,
at Chilliwack.
lho delegates were R. J. Steel nud
Arthur .Nolson; J. W. Bailey, and Jas.
Boat, Maple Ridge; Vi. T. liayhiu'st
mul ll. XX. Wright, AniiHtcoug, G. XX.
IHuU, Grand forks; V. V,. McGregor,
Salmon Arm, T. A. Sbaokleton, Kamloops, I). Rose, Burnaby. 11. Manning,
Rovelstoko; Inspectors Stewart, Sullivan and Uillis; J. II. Breeze, Vancouver) .I. .1. Dougan, Secretary School
Trustee-.; XX. ti. Flimierfelt, li. ('
nope, Dr. VV. I). Urydone-Jaok, VV. P.
Argue uml A, Campbell Hope, all ol
Vancouver: Mayor .Jackson, [forth
Vancouver; P, Peebles and J, Loree,
New Westminster; 1). Mcintosh, Violoria; W. McHride, Surrey; .1. (.'. Robert-
sou, .1. I.. Denliolui, A. II. l.illiindei'.s,
E. II. Barrow, i. <_'. Luoas, ,H. J. Barber, W. V. Davies, and A. L. Coote ol
Chilliwack; Dr. E. A. Offerhuus, Spal-
mai'lieeti; T. Lawson, Kelowna; W. K.
Buckingham, J, Thompson, VV. T. Es-
tabrook aud VV. Tilton, Richmond;
Capt, VV. F. Stewarl and J, VV. I'liir-
| hall. Point Grey; II, I!, linker. Co-
quitlam; I'.. Harris. Vernon; Mrs. C,
S. Birch, North Saanich; It. Barker,
South Vancouver; VV. J. Brotherton ,
Medicine Hut; president of the Alberta
School  Trustee Association.
rhe afternoon session was opeuod
with a short address of welcome by
Mayor Thos. II. Jackson, after which
the trustees settled down to the passing of resolutions, the first being of-
tered by Capt. VV, F, Stewart.
Resolved lhal section luT should be
amended by inserting "or iibseiiiin.r
himself for three consecutive regular
meetings ,,i the board, except by permission of same," seconded by Mr, P.
Peebles, ol N'ew Westminster, and carried .
An Amendment.
The resolution of Capt. Stewart,
."that the school act should be amended a- to provide a penalty aud disqualification for u trustee violatiug S.
S. 17 and 94" was lost, Mr. Robert
Barker, of South Vancouver, in bocoii-
ding ihis resolution snid that there
hud been trouble during tbe |inst year
along this line. Mr. Horace Manning,
Revelstoke, strongly opposed this
clause nnd advocated keeping live
business      „„.„  ,,„      ,|„. board, which
could   not   be done      under   the  I di-
tions contemplated by this resolution.
I In' delegates did aot agree with the
resolution of Thomas Lawson, Kelowna, that ii wuuld be advisable to have
the Act amended to allow of giving 3IJ
days' notice to u teacher who i- not
giving satisfaction and where the inspector's report is satisfactory.
Patriotic Songs.
I he morning session was devoted
largely to resolutions, the first being
introduced by,the N'elson board, boing
moved and seconded by C. I.. Hope of
Vancouver and II. Manning of Revelstoke, as follows:' "Resolved lhal as
there i.s greal need 0i national and patriotic songs for our schools \vo ask
that a suitable selection be provided."
This resolutiou was unanimously carried.
C. I'. Hop'-. Vungouver, so strongly
advocalod tho value ol s resolution
passed at Itevclstoko, that, a board ot
school trustee- be given power and a
grant to conduct night ■hisses for ull
pupila who me not included under the
compulsory clauses, thnl the motion
Subool Aye.
I hat school boards ina\ pass togu -
lationa ilmi no child be permitted io
leave school or lie employed in auy
I wageeaniiiiu occupation until he or
iho iii- passed Into the Fourth Bead-
ei i "iiioi grade) ol lho public 11 bool,
wui niei with th" approval of the delegates, aftor discussion by C. Hope,
W. P, Aiijue and Itupoctoi Stcwurt.
Cadet Corps Oppossd.
All '.he delegates did not lake kindly lo the proposal embodied in a resolution offered by J. D. Breeze, seconded by VV. E, I'luuierfi'li, V union ver
'lm' tiuji boards be given power to
buy uniforms and equipment for cadot
oorpi Tho motion failed to carry uf-
tei Inspo'toi Stewart and Mis.. (', S.
Birch, of .North Saanich, who wus
warmly welcomed to the convention lit,
the lirst womun delegate, hurl spoken
against   the proposal.
School Finance.
Ihe verj  Important resolutiou "that
school hoards bo empowered to strike
a rale for school  purposes and      thai
ichool   nioiiic-   collected   li\    il ein-
•il bs placed to the credit ol the
school board to be by them disbursed,
moved by Mi Hope, seconded by Vh.
Vrgue, olid tod sound argumout in up
port of the principle and ii carried.
By-Law Fundi
i in      afternoon session   cl d with
lhe  I'.i--ini;   ol     lhe   resolution   "   thai
unexpended balances ,.| by-lawa   mai
be 'i-c'i fm iii iii ■ i -iiiui.'i! oapital    os
llii.li School Curriculum,
I udoubtodly lhe inosl important re
solution offered was the oue introduced by the Kamloops board in refer -
euce to ihe oxtensiou of tlm High
School cm ii, ulum.. Mr. Hope finally
presented the resolution as follows:
"Resolved thai in thn opinion of
this convention the curriculiiui of lho
high school is not elastic enough and
that it should be so changed as to
provide a choice of education iu arts,
scientific, agricultural oommeroial,
horticultural and manual or trade
lines separately, and lhat the government be asked lo appoint a commission to inquire into this whole question and to advise wilh lhe department."
.School Act.
It  was nn,veil by represeulalivi.i Hull,
aud Booonded by rcpresentatifia ,1. XX.
i'airhall, as follows:
"Resolved that tlie education doparl-
meut bo asked to adopt, und the government furnish n uniform sel of account books for trustees of rural,
municipal and second and third class
The Message From Alberta.
What Alberta has to oiler in I lie wuy
of suggestions to improve the status
of education in this province was lhe
feature of the address of VV. ,1. Rroth-
ei'loii, Medicine Hut, pi c-'nlenl uf the
Alberta School Trustees' Association.
Consolidated School-.
Mi. Brotherton held that tie condition of the eye-sight of the children
was an enquiry of great importance ,
and that the question of consolidated
schools wus a subject worthy of overy
consideration. In this connection he
"Consolidated schools have proved a
great success iu other places, I see
no reason why they shuuld nut do -o
with  us.
What n magnificent counuj British
Columbia was, all nature proclaiming
the majesty of Hod. Hi i men should
grow in breadth ol view in such n
The iiiiiii in li—l have n soul bo dead
who cannot come near to tho Groat
Creator ill spirit with such a majestic
outlook. Look where yuu will, towering mountains rise like great sentinels
guarding the -mis of men. So Miy
«i-h  for yuu   this  afternoon  i-      that
you may  build n  -y-i  of education
a- sirong and .i- wide as those oter -
ual mountains, so thai no matter
huw magnificent lhe superstructure
may be  which   i- erected  thereon,   lhe
foundnti unj   pun,,  -none enough
and broad enough to bear it.
A motion by Trustee Manning, That
lu- educational interests of the mainland would be best,served by establishing a university in the vicinity of Vancouver, wa- productive of considerable
disoussion. T. A. Shackleton upheld
the claims of Kamloops.
Mr. Shackleton submitted the names
of delegates to form a committee to
consult wiih the education depart m. nt
respecting changes in tbeschool curriculum, vix., Messrs. Maxwell Smith.
Manning, Hope, McBride, Peebles ami
Mcintosh. The motion was adopted,
is was also a motion to memorialize
the government io take steps loin-
■ reu.siMlie number of male teachers in
the province.
Dr. Arthur, of >' Ison, read u piper
on manual training and moved that
equipment be provided by the government for schools in places wiib over
3000 population.   Carried.
A motion asking the department to
endeavor to retain the services of In-
spectoi- Stuart was carried withoul
A paper was road by ,1. Brotherton,
delegate from the Alberta'Trustees-
association, on "Whal we expeel mir
schools to In for our boys and girls."
.Mr. Peebles spoke of the education
of deaf mines In tbis provinco. The
Institutes for deaf mules, of Winnipeg, sent ii teacher to Vancouver two
months ago to take to  Winnipeg live
pupils wlio.se  expenses will be paid bv
ilu-li. 0. government. Mr. Peebles
stated thai the government Is prepared in can- in the same manner for all
deal mute children In B. c.
Votes of thanks   were pissed In llie
pi-ess,   the citizens  of Onllllwack for
courtesiesr< Ived, and the banquet
to which the delegates were Invited,
Kelowna was fixed upon for Ibe next
convention and ofllcnrs wen- elected;
(lm- of ihe subjects discussed on
Thursday morning was tin- payment I
of trustees, the decision arrived ul lieing tliat tbe trustee aolIng as ieore
tiiry should n-eeive a fair remuneration,
At   tbe   afternoon session,  T.  A. i
Shackleton read a paper iiii amending '
the   high    school    curriculum.   The
paper was received wilh Ihiinks of ;|ie !
III-. I'agan lead an inst luel ive paper
on public health and medical exami
nation of school children,
Superintendent Argue, of Vanoouver, gave a  inosl  interesting address]
on his six weeks' visit to schools ill '
Manitoba and   lhe  easl,   pointing out
the means adopted In huge centres te
keep the children oil ilu- straits and
the training of tubercular children,
A leporl of Hie Alia ilu Bohool Trill-'
tens convention  al   Edmonton   was
made by   II. Mann ng.   of  llevelsloke
and .1. .1. Dougan, of Vanco'ivcr,
(Continued in next isHiiei
Daring Robbery
Saskatoon, Nov.   21—a    during
crime was eomniillnl yesterday niter-
day afternoon when an unknown man
visited the residence nl tw" tvi inon
living 011 the outskirts of Hie city,
The inmates were   In 111 ml,  gagged and
robbed by the Intruder who is still at
The McBride Government Sweeps
the Country
Thu nltctioiis hold Thursday resulted in a complete victory for the
Guvernment und the railway policy.
They swept the country us it has never
before been swept, hy a party, save
when Iiri-ish Columbia returned 11
solid representation to the Dominion
Parliament.      'I'he lender ol lhe Opini-
i'ion, John Oliver, was defeated in
both Dewduuy and Victoria, for wbioh
electorates he ran, while Premier McBride was eleoted for both Victoria
and Yale. Both Victoria and Van-
c uver returned solid government
representatives. The elections leave
the Liberals with only two seals,
Allerni uml Ksqniniiilt, while the
Socialists hnve one less than before,
Meters. Parker Williams, and .1. II
Hawtbornthwaite In ing the only
So-isiist oandidates returned
The following were the total leaults
so far as tbey have come to hand;—
The following are llie results;—The
letter (>. 0. and S. representing government, opposition and Socialist candidates respectively:
Alberni—Morgan, (li) I-:.; Brewster,
ll.)   194 elected.
Atlin  -llnii.  Dr.  Voting (G.)   10" el	
ted.    Kearns (0)  lin.
Cariboo (2 seats) Callahan (G) 171
elected, Frasor (G) 160 elected, Vors-
ton (L) 89, Jones (1.)   112.
Chilliwack—Cawloy (G) -I elected,
Munro (()) (lli.
Comox—Miinsou I'll III- elected,
Forrester (O) 59, Dunenu (0) 127,
Cartwright (S) 25,
Columbia—Parson (G| I-- elected,
Buckham (0) lui.
Cowichan—Hayw-ard, til) Jii-. Evans
III)   127.
Cranbrook—Caven I11) 120, McDonald, (0) -'(iu, fitch (S) l".i.
Delta--Mackenzie. (Hi ,"ii'J. Ollvei
ill I 392.
Dewdnoy Vlniison, (G i IM, Thump -
-un.   |(l|   192.
I'-squininli llclmcki'ii (G), Jui'diue,
(Hi.   Jiirdiuo elected bi  58 majority.
Fernie- Ross, ((.}) 1073, Fisher (0)
7U2, Harrington, (S) 813.
Gi-nud Forks- Miller (G) I-I. Paltoi-
-ni. (0) I I'.'. Mclnnes "S) 323,
Greenwood .lacksou (G) 101, MacDonald,  (in  'J:t:',.      Ilelherington,  *S)
I-I.unl- Mcl'lnllip-. (ti), pin-vis (Ot
Mcl'hillips elected by DO majority.
Kamloops—Shaw, (G) 578, Va-c.\
(0) 320.
Kaslo— McKay       (G)    109,   Keen.   (0)
bill t—McDonald, (G) Ml, Eaglesou
(H) 7(i.
N'anahno—Planla (G), Hawthornthwaite (S). Hawthurniliwaite elected
by 1200 majority,
Nelson—Wright, (G) 570,  Vluthewson
(Sl   ||S.  (reus,..   (0)  326.
New We-tmin-ler—Gilford nil --I.
Johnston, HU Oil, Dodd, (Lab.)  165,
Newcastle Stewart, (G) 253, Thorn
as. (()) 55, William-.  (S| 313,
Okanagan Ellison, (G) 786, Rehart,
|d|   126, -101111-1,,n (S| 212,
Revelstoke- Taylor, (G) 731, Iiud
mark, l<>) 330, Kempster, (S!  11-_
Richmond Onrtcr-Cotlon, (G) 827,
HeB Farris, i<i| 5S0.
Rossland—Bradou, (G) 238, English,
(0) Uin. Casey, (S) 20,1.
Saanich ■ ICborts, (G), Brydon (0).
Eberts oloclcd bj  11 mnjorilj.
Similkain i   Shutford  (G) 31".
(H)   1S9.
Slooan Hunter. (G) 208, Boiuiell
(S) 137, Harris, |(l) 51.
Skeena Vlauson, (H) III, Kergin,
(0) 235,   McKay,  (S)  137,
Vancouver—Bowser, (G) 73hu, Wai
-on. (G) 7281,    M'i'Cow.in (0) 5,190,
lis'lall   Id)   60(19,     Mel.uhe,   (0)   47.'l-\
Sankloi (0) 1010, Macdonald, (0),
3988, Wade. Ki) 8882, Campbell (0)
3407, Stable*, (0) 8206, Kingsloj (S)
1893, I'eitipiccc, (S| 1337, McKouzio,
1380, VIoOregor, |S| 1218, Oarvio,(S)
12 la.
V I. oui.i    Helm en   (0)   '.'l.'ij,     llnvey,
(0) 3490, M. I'.i mI. Hi) 'Ji.7ii, Thomp
sou "H) 287U, Hum, Kl| '.'Hill, lloii-
ton |ii| 2068, Hliiei. (di J077, Muilci
Hi 2283, olive,, (S) i.:,.-..
Vale   M.liride.   (0)   124,    Heud, ,
it)) :ii-.
Vnni Bobofleld, in i -J'.<7. Ullvor ni)
Tho following   are  all  th turn   n>i
At    RoVolstOkfl   lhe   oloCtion   wn-      „,
lied mi in a ien old-lb milliner. The
II.  poll  was  held  at   the Court   Ilo	
•i. H. McDougall wns returning ollieer
and      C    Holten      acted   as   hi I  i lei li
Both tbeso ofllcors carried out then
dull.' veil nnl wiih satisfaction to
the public i M Field was in charge
of No  9 booth   ui Revolstoko      lhe
following    Were    the        deputy    I el ill lilllg
oQloeri outsldsi
Arrowhead, R. I,ane, Wigwam, S.
Ili'inli-iii.u.  I iiuip   -,  It    I'lirici     Hull'-
Landing, J Day; Pingston Creak, M
Jones; Galonn     Bay,    -I   Shaw;   31
Leon,   \    I' \.     Ilnbynii,   II    M,|„
lush. Bniiinii, I    Edge: Comaplix,   w
Reiinic; i iiuiliu.ii.■, \\ Martin; Vduni
Uanch, i    Vd ilm a i, ,i   I' -tuii
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Choice Teas.
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A clearing sale of Boys' and Youths' Overcoats
and Pea jackets, si/es from 22 to 35—$1.85 to Sb.75
Fit Reform Clothing;
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have racantly hecii completed uiuW-i   \i-liir_h  it,*-  fcn__Sch_M
uf this Bunk
arc 0010 \xj I5SU0 Or.jfts an
Un- principal points
In the following counlileb:
Finland                          Ireland
llilr   1111
fornto.s*                        I-.il v
lira iii
France                           lap.tu
FrVh Lnchin-China   Java
Siiulh Atncm
Germany                       Manchurift
Btralla Vtt!•__■___■_»
Great I'titain               Mexico
OreAOi                           Ncrwa/
Holland                         IVrMa
llanda     Went India*          _n
IrHartd                             Philllplnt I
1 .11 .ic  1.1..11.U
IikJia                              Komnania
nnil e'lMcu^Mrv
NO   DELAY   IN   I6SUIN0.          luu    PARTICULARS   ON    S P P Ll OATISN
.   ALLEN.    MQR.
CnntiniiHil un l'iiK« Six)
The Revolstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents I
Zbc fl&aiMbcrato.
Jntcriot publishing Companfi,
Subscription   Rates
Including postage to Kngland, United Slates
.ind L'anutiit.
, |2.5(-
... J.fil
,. . l.i*
Ht the year [through postoffioe].
Half ^^^
J jli   1UN1 ING promptly executed at reasonable ra '<.'-.
nCBMS— Caph.   Subhcnptiotis payable In ud
Legal ootlote 10 oentt per line tirt-t Insertion,
fioentsperline each eubyequont inhortion
UtfuuramenK Nouptiriul [iu lines make om
n.cij)     ritore   aud   gem ml  buslutjas an
... < vi.' it i. -  _$&&■   por tuuti  por inon lli
, i,-.   j.i    pur    uonu    .in
;    ..-„.-   nuil   t>i .i' ■
;, ■ M    ..    ..-    S-....-J     Ail   uuvortlnotiiuiii
ttUUit-ci Lu iixv approval ui iin- umiittguuium
Wtiniw aud Luiidou«od AdvoriUutuuiiu:-
AgvuiA ^ auted, livip WtuiUxl, biiuattuur
wttuivd. aui_uiuuui> Vavaut, Tettuburt.
\\«uu\i. MuuhatUua Wauled, lu wunln oi
It*- it>c., baoft twitlitiotiKl hue 1" couts,
ChaugtM .ii standing advertinemtmui must
ou in by y a, m. i uoeday and Kriday oi
wen week i-j secure nomi display.
(JOHKKdPUNDKNCK Invited on manors of
ini«rt*i»u Communlottilons to Kdl*
.or must be iiooompanted by name oi
*Tiw?r, not neoenarily fo publication, bui
u erlaonoe of good faith, Corrospondonot
-houid be brief.
A.M) l'i Nk HAM,
OrHCL.-:    IMI'IKIAI.  BANK  Htll.lilNl.  IlKVIll-
Money tu lonn.
urtloeo: ilev_.l_,-.<_,__.c, H r.   Cranbrook, II, r.
iiKO. rf. Md'AllTKh
^. M. 1'iMciiAM J. a. Harvey,
Etevelatoki, i ranbrook, b. U,
Kiglil Roomed Huiise on Second Street, olose ill to
.nitre of Town, ut $25 PER  MONTH.
Six Roomed 1 louse on Fifth Street; nil modern except
furnace; exceptionally warm fur winter, nt $25 PER
Seven-Roomed House on Third Street; plumbing com-
plete, at $25 PER MONTH.
Five-Roomed House on leased land for sale at $200
Four-Roomed   House on  Fifty Foot  Lot,  for  Bale   at
A Plucky Act
Uvea ami break ils power, us has been
dono iii tho I'nited States.
^^^^^^B   li.inUlei
Solicitor, elc,
S ilitilur lur.—
Ins: Canadian Ham< ok Uommurub,
The Molbonb Hank, Etc.
I'liivineial l.utnl Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
McKknzik Avhm'k,
Box luti, Revklbtokk
Utl ili'l'l-t l>
VA.NtOl   VKH    VSII   KKVKL.-TCIKI ,   U.   U.
in tion baa attaiued a definite position
in the education nyatoni. Most of the
Swiss railways are novoruuieut <>«*-
ed antl also the posl office. Here they
huve a school for training railway otli
dale, and a complete outfit, trucks.
stations,, onginos, etc. The students
nf tor wards obtain positions in tho government sorviee. I'his training includes signalling and telogi'nphy. Thoy
havo also horologiuul schools, when*
they are  trained  to muko watches.
In most of tlu' States they have u
\aVk by which lhe local Board in
charge of thu trade -chooi ran compel manufacturers t" send thoir apprentices for fi in Hi hum's a week to
attend these trndo schools, lu Munich
thai law i.s enforced uml every one
after having completed the compulsory
(;1\ turn [HMi'-i- u% iue I period of attendance ul the trade
wages, and  they  virtually  license them   school,  musl   attend  what  corresponds
ttue of tho greatest bug-bearis of
travelling in Cunudu i< the tipping
ystODlj and it is worse on the C. I'
H. ■ystoui than anywhere. Revelstoke
people have found, when travelling,
thut ihey could only seeure a berth
by tipping the sleeping car conductor
beforo ihey dial'led, although, if wo
were tu accept tho company's regulations, wo should expect lo find thnt a
traveller could secure his berth for
ihu fare levied upou him phis the
charge for u berth. Wlmi is the genesis of this lipping system V A cones-
pundeni writes: "Nothing shorl of the
fact   that   ii
,\ll     "ill 111 11 llll lllll ile-   llkll'l'SM ll lu i'Ohl
i.iI'ili'.  Revelstoke, will bave prompt
.\llt_,,!-. :uiu ine\ \ iriii.uiv iiii'ii-e mem i ncuuui, miii-i iiiieini num ci u re-pi uue
l.i   i'MiiiI    llie   li.llall.e   mil    of   llie   [lllll-    tO   llll'    llt'itisll   ei Hit i llllil I ii ill   sel I    lul
lie.   The   railway   companies   uan   cure   n  period   varying from   twu  t"       Foin
it    mul    I hey    >ln.lllll   ellle   it.     I'll.'le   llll.-     vein's.
I ii ,'in assumption thai   lipping is uui    Manj   in  (tci-muiiy  rognrtl  tlie ituinii
illi'lll'illlli'   evil.     Uui    I   see   lli.'ll   ll   lintel    III    Uaillille    sl'llOols   OS   llllli'll   tllule    ilil-
mi i^iiikIhii hus ali.ilisheil ii eiiiiiely. piii'i.uii lium -iliiiiil- [or supanilo
It the railwaj ounipuiiios ivoultl pay I traites, an thoy _ji\e ;i Imsi, Irainiiiy
their purlers a liviug iviiy,. ;u„| then nnil ■ -.-..i mlnpt tlipmselviw to spet-ial
put  ;i sien in every uai   Ihul  any em-! lines afterwards,
ployec i'i"'eniiiij » tip ivoultl be 'li- Tlio labor ni'ir:iiiizulioiis ,,( Cuiiatlii
un- eil,   iiii-  uunoying   bugbear   of all   have tleulnrotl  for  leclinical  ecltieutiou,
linveller-    uiilllil   ili-lippeill    ill   nine."      'ilinl   "ill    lie   I ll        alllOllgSl    llll-   Ill-si
—    - -- supporlers nl  the inovoiiieiit.
A o rri-spundent cxpresKes tlie
npi- nn 111 t alt: inivih Mr anil Mra.
A. Mi;Hue Imi' a tid handsomely in
tin- m itiev, Kunie publio recognition
ghon d 1 e made ul the plucky net ul
Magn i Jhiih - Calder in rescuing A
Mill ,e, junior, from the danger of
drowning uheu be went thmugli the
ice un ihe Columbia river a week agu.
Owing lo tl,e unsafe condition of the
ice Muster Calder had to stretch him-
eelf Hat on it with another body hold'
ing bis heels, in order to etlect the
rescue, I bus displaying an amount of
guid sen-e and judgment that was
hiuhly commendable, Fnr the faki
uf ot her« and ns an cneotirsgi ment te
uur b i^s and girls to do ihe right ai (1
tiraveat thiuns in the hour ol danger ii
is tilting that some publio aeknow-
l.'dgenii nt sl ould be trade of young
ChIiIi i V bravi ry.
C.   w.   O   W.
Mountain   View Camp,
aMett- E-kwond and  ICuurlb  Wednosdays In
■-■hcli month. In Selkirk Hull.           " —-'
NO.  229
Visil in    »ooe
men oordlalif invited tu intend.
J. McINTYUK, Ulort.
F. O. E.
The regular meeliuga are tielil iu llie BelWii:.
HrU    every     Tuesday;   enjumg    at     Elglt
u'clecV.   Visitlua tireiiireu oordlall, inviied.
T. J, WALSH, Pbesident.
W. K. McLAl'l HLIN.SaeBKl.ili',.
Kootonay todgo, No. IS, A F. & A, M.
Tbo rOKUlar niecl'
nitfs Hre lielil In tl'i'
Oddtollowi Hull, eu
Llie third Mnuday In
earh nioutli av fi
li.ni. Vi.-iliuK bretle
rtn cordially we'
I.'. A. I'ltyt UNlKlt. BBCHBTAUY.
Meet- every Tbut
■lay  eveuiug  iu   Selkirk Hall nt 8 o'clock
 VisltiUif brethren aie
cerdial.y luvited t-
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. ie, Revelstoke, B. C.
except iu td iicduwii
emrh .nontli, iu ddli-U  \v
Hall    it   8    -'click.     Vision
.- olghu i    " irdlalljr  nvile :.
T   P
SMITH.       ' .
Q. H. UBO'.'ii. K. ol  K   i S
J   H. 9C0TT,
ii;i:i:iiii.\i m  speech
11 oiivention of  lho  Amerii
ileruliuii nt Labor, held al Toronto,
atii'iileil a lein.'ii'kiiliie illiisiiiiiiun ut
the fake freedom and liberty "i tl«'
great ropublii to lho south as .-..rrv
paieil wiih ilie liberty onjoyed uudei
ihe British l'"lag. Xeuuyson desi-i-ibed
old   Kngliiliil  as   lite   lulnl, w here
"I lin by frieuds oi  foes,
A   mail  way      spoull        tho  iliinn       he
kauii s."
\r,A tin- Irocdoui tin- Aineii.nu l-'ed-
erutiou ol Labor h;is tilonu beeu abli'
tn liiul in Canada. Could there bo auy
_-i"eatri' travesty of the boasted repub-
lillllllMIl    llllil    ill-Ill"! Til'V    nf    the    I   lllO'll
States, fast  sinking  into ar oligarch]
ofmillionaires, where frcdom of   p i
uud action i- ilimited  to  Ihe liu	
tyranny and opprossiou'.' Thi tnieri
.'nn federation of Labor placed ou re
cord it.- fealty and recognition of the
value of the iiisittitions under the British Hug when it resolved " That
the freedom uf speech, vilneli we hove
exercised during tli" present convention without judicial restraint, based
-in BUper-constitution
gated autlioritj lm bei i ■. in ion-
t'uiiiiity with the I ind in ental principles ni a free and self-govemu
try than  i- possible at  ; il   in  the
I nited Si ites of America."
IUK 1.1 l.i Tiosa
lhe eleutions held
suited in  an  emphatic  de laration   "i
tho  pruvm ■
i. of F.  polioy propounded  by  Premier      McBride, ami the remarkably  .-.r
doraement    of - hai    pi iii ■
electors approve ui the poli ;   or uot,
lhe fact rumnins that  tue great   mass
oi  the electorate    bas made a delioite
]irxiuouiieetueut  upou  it  such  aa     mm*
__»'.er before made in  this province al
ti".u ballot-box.   Wine'   ■ ■  were oppo*-
Vanoouver     Is     wriaiaJy booming.   '"i t" :""' l'"hvtt-v P'
Evea the    boys bave   taken to uiing   ''r"mi"r McBride ihat he be conj
^be flDalUl3etalb
British Politics
: London, Nov. 24.- ■To-day's develop
moots in lhe budget situation probtib
ly will resit11 in a general election ear
Her than had been planned, which wus
about   t he  middle of .January.
The cubinel met to-daj because of
1 tho situation caused bj Lord l.an-
Idownc's motion to withhold the house
: of lord-' consonl to the budget until
it had been ruliliod by a general elec
tion or a referendum, and it wa- de
cided  to  call  au immediate meeting of
i ho  Liberal  part,)   t it line a  plan  oi
The   House of ' 'om i    w ill  !»■  pro
rogued next ruesilay, follow ing Prem
ier \ -■ p111 li' announcement of thn go
vernment'* decision for an immediate
Winnipeg in Darkness
W innipeg -  Vm    JI - W iunipe     w i
darkness   and   ill thr    I • i     ind
urban   r ir      ire       the   track
thi       it tins
tt i ■ dp  the
week     Thi       Winnipeg eh ,\ reel
.   I
Progressive Vancouver
iver wi
so i boosting • binge
li. -., lit   -..• ►'""''•   '   '.---I  i •      lhe
■ i"i|              ■ ■ ■.   \      ...■■: and Koi
■■■r.-.) iai ■'. railwa
!l;.-  Bend.
...'._      t:    •■-.    .
■.... . I  ■      .
- week   u
S'OW that tbe elect j
bury t•"    ■ ■■ i,
ngt ,      her
,.'    -ur
f.-i on this  remarkably    irong
I rsemei l of bi      policy, t lie upi".-,
-iun  ti) ii   ha' ii .   beei
... [till
in,,.    IVh
.    .i,i._
lo i
sillta ul
KIU Ol'l -
. pipine Con
lU '
lm lim       r, ; -,. li
died  I       ■ .    ■    . ni
•   ,  • a ■
ptlnj i. hi <       I
be | i; i-feri-nli
bl unl
. ■       ■■! ■       ii  bought   ind -uld
-       .      ■     ourts nl    • '   	
Bil Dtl   ui        ii!i   iui      pi"   litll
-.   Standard Oil   oaihiui  li i   l- nt
of thi   n        di ■■    ■ '      tilliieiui
■ I...       ll    llK'    I        lllilli  li   "ll
,.|.,     . llll    '
il   i-i  u| he  ' ii hHi
,...■  ,1m its Ciu    li       "pi" ■
I l.i HNU  xi   I m I   lllll
An   inn ■■ i-dueiiii
, ,,,    .,i   i ,i,.,[..,,,
ind    ir   i    fill   pn
le   i :    in ' he indual i nl  '■■, "i l'i   lu
da]      I'.    ' .-■' a       ihel"    i     i I nidi
I        loi      .'    'i 'el" in  tl lj    Koi
ii, ■   n ,-  there  are    • liool    e' •,,       fm
i liiii.iie''    weep       \ t   X\ iun. I,,   ui   i: ,
il i'.      llie        I     . el, In   |l,»f!       . le.iil- in
il ii   irr  lm .'.(eil     unl  ilie      i, el,.
i I   j  Iwn  mol - pleiel.i   .1." el..
I (linn am where el h in il Id
In   S» il/erlnll'l.      ll
I ei llllil nl
Raiiway Wreck
Mooai  11      S •   2S — I    i li'-.n   '.
ic i- killed in tie  -,irpr-V    i.
PR   a'  l'a.i|iin     ll:- I ome ks
id   -   ■ •    ■    i   k i n ■ i.
west ai   ■   i : er snd
latl        A
|    ,:     ' ii-i     a    e»r
h-.-.'i.i I   by
.     lull  ,,',ll   lli   HI-     I
• ■     I mil a   telegram   addn mi
i  ■      i i •   injured
Engineer Corbin and Brakeman Hea
, taking    itiafaotory pn
Seven Months for Suffragette
i.n  ,.u    '•   .   M      litt  A. ('liHpii
a ii, i.i i.     - .ii 11."  te   ■ njured a
polling      I   '-    ll    tl"'    lleliiiulel-ey    hj
elect mn when   il ashed    tl
containing currosivo acid nn  n   ballol
lim    .-..I- -e'ltene.eii  tu-diiv  t." seven
Gun Accident
Vi'n ol ' nt, Nuv. 26- Alf. Hpi'iir-  „
former baggageman running between
Lnggan and tbn oos '. was lis liy
injured by tin Jiiecidetiinl discharge of
i   gull     lit     l'i nili'l'    bllll'il        He    u.ii
brought down tu tbo hospital   liuru  in
ii pn i-annus OOUdHillll.
AT $25.00
rPHIS wateh is one oi the hest
.X.    values we have ever shown.
The ense is made in heavy I Ik
gold nnd contains a fully guaranteed
15 jewel movement.
Engrm ed with nny monogram
nnd ileli\cred post paid to nny
address in Canada —except the
Yukon—for $25.01).
Our Inndiomely illustrated Hi page ctita*
li'ij u t.t Diamtatds, Jewelry. Siltemire,
Leather, Arm Goods Hnd Novelties, tree
upnn request.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
H4-15S VonRe Street
For Ml Planting;
Bulbs froi.i the Best European |
and Japan Growers.
Hiiiiicj;ri "ni fruit and ornnmeutal
trees, gro-Mi nu upland nuil without irrigation in the unly part ol
the American continent not infested with the San Jose scale—
Garden, Kield und Flower eeedr—
Tested stunk from tbe bupt growers in tbe world—Wire fenciiiR
and Gates—Spr:iy pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Suppl es, Cut flluwera,
Spraying materials, ite.—White
laluir only.—_S> i-. 157 page Catalogue free
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
lli-pairs of all kinds neatly carried ou
Bicycle and Gun work nspeclalty
Kstiinult'S ul'ven on any eluss
of work.
Front     Street.
Small  I louse in Suitable
S15.00   PER   MONTH
[«Vr people who natf nii'k it \y vtu*>
iiiipiu tam I hat I ley sh1-uhl insist nn
on having a uerl ill cat« t'ttmi a iitialilicd
vetfi'iuadan that the cows which pin-
ducu ii an' free frntn Tuboicnlosis and
all other disease gei ms.
It i- calculated I hat over 50 p.c, "i
the cows in U 0. ac»* mnro ev less - j'
Eected wilh TnhiMculosls. and a family
which is uow in town lost one tiC (heir
children th («ugh milk fiom m cow
affected whh (ii'iieM-.ulosis, Bul per
haj)s the wotsl tentui-e of these j^ei ms
is thai thev remain in the human system I'm til h as-, i-"> veaia and then, under Fo-voruble circumstances, develop
diBease and deal h.
Our cows are all certified to be free
from all disease. We sell clean milk
in covered bottles, special milk in
half-pint bottles for babies.
T. Lewis' City Sanitary Dairy
Reveistul.e kind District.
District of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice Unit Annie Louisa Cop-
Ian, of I "i.i.'uitiiM n. Pennsylvania, U.
S.A., occupation tnairied woman, in-
tendstu apply for permission to purchase the following described lands
Commencing at a popt planted at
the iuth-we»l corner of Lot 71)00;
tbenee south 20 chains; theuce east, 20
'li un-: ' hei si ut li 20 chains; I hence
■■.i-i  I     Iiui.-: i in i  ninth I" chains;
I hence ive tl & "Inun- to i he puint of
commenc mem and containing 200
acres more or less.
Date September 27lh, 1909.
Revel itoke Land District,
Distriel of Wesi Kootenay.
:hnt Walter I' Confiur,
of Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation
printer, Intends to apply for permission to purchase ' be following described lnnil
n encing   al   -i   poal  planted al
■ •        enl rani     nulh-e ni nei   "I
 '    •      .   ,,'    n.un      Iheuee
I-  I hence easl In chains;
In chains '" the poinl nl
nd   conl.uiiiiik'   IM
Sept. U7th, IH0H
W M.'l I.n I'  ' umfAHi
Residences,   Building   Lots
and  Acreage,
stoney to Loan
Industrial  Stocks
For Sale
First Street
i ~~ I
When you visit  the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop   at  the
PETE LAUSon, Prop,
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisine
4h,i31 Delightful Scenery
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie 'Avenue
Pruit,jCandies, Ci|i;ars,Tohacco.
Meals 35 cents,
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
•     ■ ■
:'. i I
!■"   ■
■ I
,   B.C.,   I
th, IQIO
i i.    1111 '.I i     ; i     ,':  i
I UK IMII WA ,   m-.i.i
Bftdei     - i  ■    ■   i i ■      '
1 imber    of!    I beii    hi nm   U id
i apply foi  permiI    bo tha agent
ol   : minion lands for fhe di trial, and
KoHi    ■ ho have nol   i imbei   on     their
Lead    and ■ lesire  to oui  on    do*
: ,i,.l nhould applj   to the   time
tl foi  permil
i:    n    WHfUH'1
■ ■ |in;'   \j .ni  Dominion  I and .
18 ix- k Kamloop    ^gati
MannfHctnrftd for till olassei »f   hnildliiKB
fur -nl*! in Inrgo ur imallQUantittoi
st tlie loWMt pflOtl tor I'UHh.
am kind*ol bnildluff "iMilp'HHttirin^
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
t!ash Prices Paid
F.   B.    WELLS,
FtKvnrtor of Purs
mLMk  WEAR WEll and
^-^     io/n by trsr
i>r.mi:t tvmmiir
"i Onto Cunniit Co.m Tomm. Cu
The Man in The Moon
Came Tumbling Down
And Inquired The Way
To The Nearest Town:
Said He—"Fm After
More Golden West:
The Folks in The Moon
All Declare It's The Best
And The Premiums Are Certainly Fine !"
He Took All He Could Buy:
Then Spread His Coat Tail
And Sailed To The Sky
On a Bit of a Gale:
Now Watch The Old Moon Shine.
Golden West Washing Powder
Will Make Everything Shine:
The Premiums Will Make Your Eyes Shine.
JVute Jhe Coupons
P.BURNS & 00., LTD.   Phone 21
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Eut urged ainl Irnpioved.     Kiral-Olnps i" evury rt'Hpfwt.     AH mndt*rti ('onvonioncufl
Luige Sample Uoom .
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
m \V--'frW m
v?*    \ L».i*?J*  'mo rvt | V
HorsE-Stinting & Carriage Worka Specialty
w *
$   The Vernon fire showed the need
$  if our
Tin- hest safe-guard in which you ran invest. livery hotel should
he litteil with these as ;i matter of safety,, lo occupants. Every In,use
should haw oik- on its roof.
Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
$ Revelstoke, B. C.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
■•>.*':i-iiA.K■>__/• *-.«__>•- Km
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our hands', me parlor autl,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, with frames that are in ovory
ooncelvablo diwiyn, and mnde to wear
indefinitely. We have i nny now and
beautiful parlor sets and , ilii pieces for
beautifying the homo lhal are tasteful, i Hi ni ive and inexpensive, and wil<
show your rooms to the best advantage,
Import direct from country ol origin.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
ANY nvnllabla Domlulmi Lands within the
Ruilway Hwlt in British ('olumbia, may
bo bnmestouded by nny person who is tlie Bole
head of a family,or any malo over '8 yours of
nice* t'i ihe extent of oue*quurter eeetiuu <>f 100
acrea more or loss.
Hatrr mUBt bo made porsnually nt the local
luud urace for the ili-tri-i in whieh Mio land is
altiiate: Buiry by proxy nmy, however, hu
iuhiIh un rertaiu rnudtUnos by tlm father,
mother, sou daughter, brotlier or sinter of au
Intending ;iMiiic'"t''''iiii-i
The homesteader Is required to perform Lho
ooadttiouti oouueeted therewith under one of
lho following I'laii- :
(1) At least six months1 residence upon and
eultlvatiou of the land in eaoh your for three
(2) If tlio father (or mother, If tho father is
riecoaaed) of the homesteader resides upon a
f rm iu tho vloioiiy of thelaud euterod Lt>r, the
riMjuirtmuiiits us to residence maybe satisfied
by such po sun residing wiih iho father or
(3) If tho settler has his permanent residence
tin u f.iriniMv' lioid nwoo'i bj hon In ihn viciu-
itj 'I I- li'ln*'!- u ■' ;<■• roqu ionium.- us i,>
r -in'i.'Hiiiio i ■■ ..i'i:i'.  i j  ■  -i-Uniro upou
tli" -li.'i I -Hii
Six nioiith,-' otitic Eo writ iui/ should bo (riven
l< tiih to. iiii--i<'ii..r ot 1'otuinlou Lauds at
Ottawa of lui flu iin* i-> upp'y ff,r patent
( OAL • ' oal mu.'ng rights may he leased for
a period nf tuouij-otic vohm at ho annual
rental of ?1 p- r aero. Not more than 2,8tt0
acres shall bu leastml to one Individual or
Company A nyntty ul tha rntii of live cents
per ton ahall ie olleoted on it.1* merchantable
roal mini 'I.
W   vv   « ORY,
Deputy of t.i» Wluistcr ol the Interior,
N H, -I'liniiilioi f.ed puhrnatitn of this ad
vertiaeuient \<m not be pu <i for.
Notice is hereby given that, in compliance with Section ; ot Chapter 115, Revised Statutes of Oanada, mob, pi.ms and
description of a proposed bridge over the
(.'olumbia River at Revelstoke in Ihe Province of liritish Columbia, have heen forwarded lor deposit wiih the Minister oi
Public Works and a duplicate thereof lias
been deposited in the otlice ot the Registrar of Deeds at Nelson] and that at the
expiration of one month from ihis date the
Minister of Public Works tor lhe Provinoe
of British Columbia will make application
to the Governor General for approval
Dated at Victoria, 2ist October, icjog.
oc J3 Public Works Engineer.
RnoniK School
QBALET) TENDERS, superscribed "Tender
\J for School Hun.ling. Bertie," will be re-
oelved hy tho Hon. the Mmi-ter of Public
Workt, up tn. and lueluribig, the 30th day of
November, lflOfi, for the erection aud eotnnte-
tion of a small ouo-ronm frame school building
m the Heebie School District. Revelstoke Eleotoral District.
Plan«, specifications, oentraot and forms of
tent ler may bo »e"U on and after t' B 13th day of
November, 1P09, al the offlce of thi* Go v.-rn ment
i Ageut,   t Kevelstoke and at the Department of
Public Works. Vlotorla,
Each proposal   must  bo accompanied   by an
accepted hank cheque or eertlflcate of depngtt
mi n chartered btuu of (lannda, made payable
to thn Honourable tho Minister of Public
Works for a sum equivalent to tnu por cent, of
the amount of the fonder, which shall bo fur-
feitud if the party te tutoring doullue to aotor
intocnntrucl when railed upon to do ko, or if
h"  Tail lo complete the   work contracted for.
Th" ohnques or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returnei to them
1.non the oxecul Ion ol 1 l*e contraot.
T-Mider. will not be pnorfHnnH U I"--
made out on the torms HUppliud. pi trued wiih
ilie ht'ioiI signature ni the tenderer, aud
ena o-.'d in ihe enveh'pi's furnished-
The lowest nr any tender not necessarily
aeo piotl
Public Works lCng'noer.
Departmenl of Land-..
vlotorla, H. c. November llth, iifcjti.
Kevelstoke Laud District.
District of Writ Kootenay.
Take nolice that Roderick William
Lindsay, of Ferguson, B.C..occupation
merchant, Intends to npply for permission to purchase the following
described land;
Commencing at a post planted on
east boundary line of Lot "Su3 about
40 ehains north of south-east corner of
said lot, thence east 20 chains, thence
north 20 chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence south 20 chains to point of
Dated Oct. Ith, llhjO.
Alexander McKay,
dc 80 Agent for R. W. Lindsay.
VTOTIrK Is hereby given for Lho Information
fc> of Voters, that tin* Lieutonant-Ooverunr
in Council ha-- determined that the holding of a
General Election offers a favorable opportunity
to obtain ibe views of the Electors ou tho question of Local Optiou.
For anoh a purpose, a vote will be taken on
the-oth November instant, at ihe name time ns
lho vote for the election of candidates to the
Legislative Assembly,
Nov.lti.pl. Provincial Secretary,
Reveletoke Land District.
Distiict of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, M. K. Lawson,
of Kevelstokn, hrn-iKt.'i <t, intend to
apply for porrntewiun to purchase lite
follow iii^ ueflcHbed lends:
Commencing al n pnsl planted at the
south east cornet' of Lot s.tiilS. and
marked "M. K Lawsnn'N North west
Coruer Post"; thenc -l'i chain'* smith j
thence 1(1 chain* west; thenre 20 chains
north; thonce 20 chuins past; thenee
20chaius north In due of Lol 8,fiflS;
ihence along said hue to pl.-t.ee of commencement.
DiiL'mI October iSili, WW.
Nov. 17 tf.    MINNIE U. LAWSON.
Union Hotel
ruder New Management
Stewart Macdonald
They Run Day fitter Day With
Their Lives in Their Hands
Why -.houlil tlie locomotive engineer
be a fatalist?
I have been askeil the question time
and again, says a writer in the Chicago Tribune. There i* only one answer for the question. That is lor tho
reason that everything in tho life of
tho engineer points lo the necessity
fur philosophy if the engineer is tu
pursue his liuo of work with a steady
hand nnil nerve.
Ordinarily when a layman st anils beside a great stationary ougiuo working under heavy pressure ho is
startled at iti power. In the hot
close atmosphere of the machinery
roniii, filled with sliding pistons, grout
Byiug wheels and rumbling shafts
whirliug and flying overhead, ho l«"
Kins lo appreciate the latent power
ilmi iu encompaaBed within iti mechanism. If In- wore to stop lo consider lhal tlm locomotive ongine is
mounted to travel at lift}-. Bixty or
Kovonly miles an hour, whilo at tho
-ami' linn' operating under a a loam
pi-ossuro ol -"J" pounds t" 2-10 pounds
to every square inch ol boiler surface
hi' may got some idea ol tho position
of lhe engine driver who holds tho
throttle. Layman that ho
is In-       feels hii     insignili -
ounce as compared lo tho giant boiler
which ii anchored fast lo it- foundn -
lion of stone, stool and cement far lie-
low the surface. If lhe design of that
boiler were to travel a mile a minute
whilo lie was looking on his sense of
iii power and insecurity would be
greatly exaggoruted,
Anything that might interfere with
the physical (light of Jiii great boiler
through space is nt , onco a double
menace t" the engineer, lie ii responsible for everything in the operation
of ihis huge boiler, while in its working its whole foundation changes with
every fraction of a second marked oil'
by his watch. Not the ben stretch of
track on his divisiou is proved und
Bufo. An open switch, a flaw iu a rail,
a careless topograph operator, a sud -
den washout of bridge or culvert—anyone of these il<ni(s may send the engine driver into eternity without a
moment's warning.
It may be that Ids engine i- n type
having a driving rod plunging up and
down and forward and back squarely
tinder the seat which lie must occupy-
in holding the throttle hour after
hour. Tlie -mapping of a .rank pin on
a great driver may send tin- flying
steel liar crashing up through the engineer's -^i.-at and mean death
in an inilunt.
Or Hying in u mile u minute and
having to lake for granted a greal
deal concerning  ihe condition of     tht-
water in the boiler tho menace of the
superheated steam itself may bo something w Inch ho .'an only lake for
granted, while he turns blindly to Iiii
Feeding water into tho locomotive
boiler through automatic injectors
while holding a fast schedule leaves
the engineer dependent upon tlieir workings, They may work or thoy nmy
Low water in a boiler is one of the
greatest dangers that confront tlio
engineer, and if the condition shall
escape his attention for any roason
and the bulking injectors Buddonly
pimip cold water lo     the superhoatcd
surfaces,   lho  likelihood ol xplosion
menaces him-
What a locomotive boiler exploding
cannot and may nol do never has lieen
determined. A low weeks au'o on ono
of tho moiiulain divisions of the Haiti-
moro k Ohio railroad in West Virginia the boilor of. a great froight engine
was pulling in on n sidetrack,  li  loro
nwny from  tl ngino  mountings  and
jumped 100 foot clear ol a freight car
near hy. Striking tlio ground lho boiler i"i'- again tor 300 foot and fell into
a farmyard, lifting a third time nnd
clearing tho farmhouse into an orchard 500 fool From tho ruins of the locomotive annul.: whioh both onginoor
and fireman lay dead.
Holding ilu- llnoltli- blindlj and
blindly trusting to "luck" lhe engineer moves out upon his run his life in
hii hntidi. Any um' of a dozen conditions may mean death. lie has no
control over any of thorn. I" a threatened hend-on collision ho ii at sueh a
heart  and moving at  such sp I us lo
make jumping suicidal.
His only resource is fatalism, Ilo
will nol  "gel it" iiii 5.1— timo eomes."
I'. J. Higgins returned u few days
ugo from tho Omineca district, where
he has been for the pan five months
lie reports to the Rossland Miner that
the section is much more active than
ii was lasl yoar and thai the lirst
shipment of ore from lhat district was
recently made and consists of ton tons
of ore sent from Harvey & Brown's
claims on Nino Minn- Mountain, lo tho
The Dibble group in the Habiuo sec-
lion, owned by James Cronin, ii looking t'uu'. A tunnel has been driven on
the group for  liiu feel  along the main
ledge and  there     is ore for  ll mire
distance. 'I'he St. Eugeno group which
Mr. Higgins located in IH0H and afterwards sold to William Pemberton who
in turn sold an interesl to Mi Law of
Vancouver, has been undergoing development during lhe summer, and n silver-lead loan from four to eight feet
in width lun been uncovered for u distance of inu feci. Besides this two
shafts have been sunk on the ledge lo
a depth of  10 feet.   A crosscul     from
British-Canadian Wood Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd,
GREELY KOLTS, Fiscal Agent. 407 Hastings Street, Vancouver. B. C.
MILLS AT PORT MELLON, B. C, 24- Miles from Vancouver.
Manufacturers of Butcher's Manila, Building and Roofing Paper, Na. 1 and 2 Manila,
Drat) and Colored Fibre, Book and Writing Paper.
We are pleased to announce that our big plant at Port Mellon, with a daily capacity ol 25,000 lbs. ol paper,
is now in operation, and in order to provide for additional work of the company, we now offer for subscjiption
|QQ OOO SHARES °f l':e Preference Stock of the Corporation in Blocks of 100 Shares,
at $1,00 per share. Payments: 15 per cent, on application; 15 per cent, in 30 days; balance, 10 per cent, per
The Preference Stock is entitled to an annual preferential dividend of 7 per cent., but unlimited as to
further dividends. That is. after 7 per cent, has been paid on the outstanding preference and ordinary, both
stocks thereafter participate equally. We are confident that this stock will pay from 25 to 40 per cent, annual
THE   COMPANY   HAS   RECENTLY   purchased the entire assets of the
Western Ca lada Wood Pulp and Paper Company, of Victoria, consisting of 55,699 acres of limber land at Quat«
sino Sound, northern part of Vancouver Island, foreshore rights; JO.ooo-inch water record; railway charter; saw
mill, etc.. and we are anxious to proceed as soon as possible witli the election ol a mechanical pulp mill, and
instill another paper machine, so as to increase the captcity "I the mi.ll to 100,000 lbs, of pulp per day. We
are now manufacturing butchers manila, building and roofing paper, Nos, 1 and 2 manila, drab and colored
fibre.    Our plan is to have the new machine operate exclusively on newspaper,
The Present Estimated Value of the company's assets is over $700,000
$700,000, and in offering the Preference stock of the corporation for subscription we do so with a feeling that it
is the besi dividend-paying stock ever offered in Western Canada. A.s a matter of fact it is not often that one has
the opportunity of securing a preferential stock in an est iblished concern. We are positive that inside two years
the stock of the company will be selling at three times it i present price.
The public are cordially invited to visit Port Mellon and view the mill in operation.
8YLVBSTBH li.  PAULKMNHK,  I'resident.
J. DUFF BTUAKT. Preal nut Chirk \, Stuart Co., Ltd., Wholesale
and Retail Paper, Vancouver.
PRKDBBICK AlVl.KTON,  Managing Director, M. R, Smith & Co.,
Victoria. t
W. tNNI'..S PATBBHON, President Pateraon limber Oo., Vice-President Terminal Lumber Oo,, Dlreotor Oedar Cove Lumber Co., etc,
(JAITAIN (1,11. FRENCH, President BYenoh Tugboal Company.
0. J. V. Nl'HATT, President Vlotorla Machinery Co., Victoria, B.C.
THOMAS HOOPER, \ii'liiieii Victoria uud Vancouver.
.KisKi'il McPHEB. lii-iieial Merchant, (Jourtenay and Cumberland,
CAPT. II.   A. MKLLOM, .1. P., American Lloyds' Agenl, etc.
A. 11. BARMAN,  llainiiii ,t: Pilnnett, Victoria, B.O,
A. M. BANNERMAN, Member Bannerman & Home Company, Victoria, H, c.
ED. F  AJjLBN, Manager Fiscal Aeenoyi Vancouver, B V.
I-". ,L MBR8HALL, formerly VsslBtanl Manager National Bank of
Imiii. Victoria,
GREELY KOLTS, Fiscal Agent.
Vancouver, B. C.
ilu- bitter waa started for tlio purpose
..I tupping ilie lead, but work Iuul tu
lie ntoppod owing to tin1 coming on of
fi'intor before it  \\a< reached,
Mi. Higgins located four claims iu
■Vugust last of thi-; year within 100
feet of the St, Rugcnc group, with a
lodge running parallel witli that of the
main St. Eugene load. Tin- ledge i-
from si\ io ciglil feel in width, and
Tarries stet-l giilenn of a lii_;li grade.
Rome "f the ore is on exhibition at
the Clarendon hotel in this city.
Mr. Law bonded during il"' past
summer n group of claims owned bj-
.lai'k   Mi'Kinroi'k,    which   proporty    i-
I tti-il almut h    mile voutli of      tho
St. Eugeno group, The consideration
mimed in the bond waa 820,000 and
thero an- four claims in lho group.
The claims would uot hnve boon bonded for so small a sum Iuul tho owner
known how rich the ore was, lint there
was no assayer iii lhe country and ii
was impossible, therefore to have il
nssayi'il. Ii i-, understood thut the oro
when assayed at Vancouver went 81.00
to the pound, or 82,000 to lho ton.
As Seen by the President ot the
Canadian Bank ot Commerce
Mr. Byron IC, Walkor, Presidoal     of
tin* Oanadiun  Hank of Conimovco,  1ms
L'oturtjod from u trip to tho «'l*i country firmly convinced     Lhat  it' Britain
does  not deul  immediately with      the
problem of  bur unemployed she     will
rapidly filter upon     her decuy aa     ;t
great nulion.   Mr. Walker believes that
this problem  is much mure critical in
Britain  than in     any othoi*  buropoan
ruuntry,     becuuso, ho says,  there     i.s j
not iho vigorous countrybrod popula- \
tion   in   Britain   that   there  is   in tit hor I
European     countries.*    Ins toad,   said :
Mr.  Walkor, in an interview  with   tho]
Globe, in  Kimlniul we seo county      af-
ter county     given over     to     grazing ■
with vory little intousivo fanning, and |
the profits  of growing foodstutfs   for ]
ling lish consumption  given  largely  to
thoso of other countries,  while couut-
less   Knglitsh     city   bred    peoplo  want
food and work.
Terrible Congestion.
"Now the result of ihis and other
causes," Mr. Walker continued, "is
that while there must be congestion
wherever peoploat'O crowded as thoy
aro in Kuiupo, there is nowhere such
terrible congestion and vast pauper -
ism as in Kngland. Sueh congestion
is practically always accompanied by
drink and physical degradation, and
in, Britain the extent »if both the drinking and the physical aud moral degradation is appalling. I musl, however, say tliat one of the most intelligent Liberals known to me denies that
conditions are worse in Kngland than
in Germany, and claims that there is
less distress than some years ugo. But
whether worse or bettor than a few
years ago, the condition must be faced if England is to endure.''
Only  a  Partial  Step.
The British Government's scheme of
old ago pensions Mr. Walker regarded
as beginning at the wrong oud, because he hold that it was only by taking care of the newly born and guarding tbem from pauperism, drink and
degradation that hope for tho future
could be entertained. But old ago
pensions should bo regarded as only a
partial  stop,  and  Mr.   Walker      hoped
that both Liberal and Conservative
parties would not rest unlil some solution of the problem had been found.
A Most Serious Problem,
"But nearly all government pro -
blems are," ho aaid, "in the last analysis problems of finance, and, while
Britain is one of the riohent countries
in the world and ono of the most in-
telligeni and willing in tho matter of
bearing taxation, this ia one of tInmost serious problems financially that
any British Government bus boon called upon to face. And it comes at a
time when a large part of the people
aro culling for Lhe greatly increased
increased oui lay on thn navy, which,
if met by tho Liberal party in tho
measure domandodj will create another
problem in finance    "f great  magni -
The Need to Build Ships,
Among the Liberals there aro mon
apparently free from political bia., who
deny that theru is any roason to foar
war with Germany, and, ol course,
the overwhelming body of ilu- people
do no I bo the i about ii, bocause the
iiwin in ihe it root rarely ovor eeK to
understand such questions, lb* will
back bia government when war has
beeu declared, hut be does noi appro*
oialo the uoooesitj  of preparation.   It
is enough for me, llOWOVOr, that < ier*
many in building ou a scale which
will make hor the equal of Great Britain in a few years, unless we stand
by the policy, which BOema to bo generally accepted, namely, that Great
liritain must as far an possiblo, huild
ho that no single nation or no two
allied nationn could cope with her.
Tho latter, in some imaginable conditions, might bo impossible but thai
we .should keep well iti advance of
every other nation seems as clear as
the noonday sun.
I'ieaHod With Canada's Action.
"I  am delighted   that  Canada  U beginning   Lo    admit      hor  duty   In   thin
groat   maiiei.    li' one seeks  lo  Im-     a
nation with u     well-distributed  trade
with   both   halve-        of   lhe   umM     thll
duty »ill nol be merely lu defend oui
trade ronton <>f Ihe empire, This will
moan Dreudnoughti  worki tig in harm
ony Wtlh Cielu Mn tain''.    Dreadnought-,
Scotch  Whisky
Popular the World 'Round.
The world-wue popularity of Watsons
Scotch Whisky is one of the strongest proofs of
its ex-jcptional merit.
The Canadian will seldom he disappointed,
if he asks for Watson's Scotch anywhere from
Halifax to Vancouver
If he travels down the Pacific Coast oe will
find it at the "Portland or the St. Francis.
Should he continue his journey through the
Orient, he will find Watson s in Honolulu ; in
Levuka (Fiji); at the "Grand in Yokahama;
the "Imperial in Tokio; and at every house of
any consequence in the Flowery Kingdom.
Even in far-off Korea the brand is weil known.
It is the favorite of our American friends
in Manilla, and can be had at the "Hongkong.
From the famous "Raffles Hotel in Singapore
to the "Taj Mahal in Bombay, it ia known
and enjoyed, and Australasia has accepted it as
Scotland's best.
Insist     on
"THREE STA*" — A mild, tliomunhly m.tut.d Stoict.
"NO. 10"—A lull-bodied, otlly II.vol.d Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited   -   Dundee.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Graii., Feed and Chidken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
■_    JLLBE1PIT     ST03STE3      PROP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock it a
small advance on cost. lt will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry, Cut Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
New and Different
There is never anything
commonplace about Fit-Reform
Suits and Overcoats.
We create styles — we select
patterns at the mills—we show
effects that are confined exclusively to Fit-Reform.
Honest value for
Snili .-I
your money, is
the Fit-Reform
Sole Agents in Revelstoke.
whatever diiniroi   iliroalsiu lhe ampin
l*'_uud  in   this
lirin_(  outm-Ivoh
in   possible,   Irat
great 'iuy uf lint*
ai ii u Imii- VI,' ni
Ifi-oat work, [.o't a,
into line im quickly
«,' bo too late il th
lie comes."
• ,"■ i-iiitiii-iii'    Hard  I u-k_
Tin' . iiui in   olvo -l  "•'"    problems nl '"-'. Mi   V, ilki-i said, ii'.uli'il
in ih,' Irnming ol Ihr budgrl bj      ths
Liberal tiovornmi'iit,   hnd  precipitated
ilrugKli!* ia modern Britieh politics.
Still, ho ii-, ■•„■.'.ueci ( ill) the difficulty
oi the 'Tn ::..., .a t:,._, wluah lhu yov -
(.•rumen', bad belore it. "Tbow who
aro out nf sympathy wiib Un- Liberal
party,'' U Baid, "arc apt to lonjet
lhat soiueh.m Uu> money must Im
(ound Very little taxation levied
anywhere is "iitirely fair, and politl-
i ms have generally been willing to
l*»  tbo ».'i(;lit   ..I  tarnation fall  where
ill,;    "i    lh''
• ir
biit^r  lhe votes ur" leweet. TIIE MA TL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, RC.
Important Finds in the Far
\ Blur) oi uew found wealth •"" pui
,   (    u.. .1  .       »ld    i.<>   Alfred   \ iulvtU'i
...... ;.   toi   und  rancher      of
:ne westei ;■ "' •■'■■ •' Uu i"'" tu >' I"
raontoa recently from a yoar spent i i
the wilda oi tko KoLkiua, ut the Uritish Columbia vud ui the Peaco rivor,
w i.0 ^uiiu.3 *o have ai^uvcittu tUu
groauwi Uepudtt oi mica on Garth.
.. .. .■■   DlUi    u.-^..-c   t_u.aa.ucia   Ul        i.*.
.     |   ■ .     .1,      x... .     A'   I -   ■   ...    '■-..'   i f      ■ ■■•      ....
.....        £   ] '. " ■ ■    •   . UUu
-.:.<.•  i       i as tuny    uuwn  trom   uu
...   ..... to form the t'oa •■ I ivor, i.-
..--.   tui i     • "     depoaii    "i uiiua
^ loiette claims to have tii icovi rod, lu
Lhe one solid tilty Eeot wiUe, unu
mu milea long inyrt- ia ouougn micu
to suppl) Lviuvation i*>i uocudob, to
turuisu un tne electrical tihope in tin
world for a score ol yoare, ' ompareu
with vi'ia particular vein, tho richest
gold mine on earth would by a more
bug a telle.
but   Lhe  solid  blue walls of  grantlo,
ruing  several     hundred    feet,  with a
■ ii rent of w titei rushing in u mud
whirl down between lhem, guard this
immense     itore   of     wealth.    Nu   man
■ ".•■!      ssfullj      na\ iguted      the
torrents that lluw through the L'uucc
rivei inyon, I" build u Uue <>i railway that would tup this amazing
v eulth  ui  im it  would  mature   ilu1  for
... of a Jim liniati ami lhe iugenuity
i, soui 'I'luiU"--- uud enterprise of a Hill
A.i'i■ : \ . .■■••■. I la? Kn u< h Vim-man
- ip| >],'.. do limn? lhi i-retlit of ex-
posit y I he huge veiu of transparent
n ii rai, lefl Ldinontun in lhe siunmer
of ii".1':, with no particular [Joint of
• ■- Lh .: ■ ■.:. ami wild unly one object,
ind that, to investigate for himself
lhe stories of mineral wealth in lhe
Nn■,:.•-■ *,  liri . h  i.oluinbiu  sei tion   oi
■ hi K ,.,.-■ , ihai contiuuuUy wure
touting n from 'In* Vorth. lie wandered ; i1      ''i1 ulong  the     I'euee river,
■-.. •.:■ _   ! ■ ri   St.  Johnson Lhe eastern
.   of  the   ri" ki--     Ile     penetrated
• bi     !'• ice  11\ ei     • .in\ "i..  ii\   il«ui itug
down   ihe   Kiulny,    of  tiie   two nnly
■■-   m    h iii-i'   m\   (uiispeetor       eould
■ ■: ■    io reach I li.   base  of   M'Hint
Sel win,  where  the big deposit  of mica
I he oi I hei   route lies In   w uy
■ Veil- wheud   I'aas  and Tele Jiuui
tii'isi ombe   porluge,
iw :i  the I'ai -nip.
\ ioli ■■■■■• be  nu- it   vein aa   far
i>   he dared   go,      Uo
found  the veiu lift)   feet  wide,  and  he
foi   Lwo miles,
\   in greal   iheet $,'' said
be j r■-i-i-   tor,    'whieli   I  could      puli
up *>* '■ ■   ■■ ■       ■■ i-. and w hi< h,  stund -
iug  on  end      was    a-   broad a-  1   iun
"But then I ies, and will continue
o lie, »*< rthless as a pile of din. until somi railway company with millions at it* back, penetrates the granite walls. 1 ':•• not rhink a railway
will ever be built from the eastern
side, H would '"o?t too mu-'b to cut
the line through th* thirty miles of
canyon to tho mica deposits. What
is th** use of staking any claims'.' You
could not pack enough of the mice out
on your baok to make jt uortb \vhi,e,
und it would be impossible to perform
your assessment duties »m th" claims.
"The only way I 'bitik the mica
could ly rvached by a railway would
be up over tbe Griscombe portage
irom the Tote Jaime (-'ache and alnnj
the Parsnip or in through the Yukon
frcm Dawson city.
Cheerful    indeed     i.   thi   meesagi   A
i*ri-,fes»or Whitney, chief of the United
Statea bureau ci agriculture, who h:i=
issued a -'.n-..a.eat to the effect that
in reality there in no such Uur,,
'worn out i»ru.." or a:, exhausted
ioi lhe soil, •■ iys, is the oue
iadesti , ible mm el I h.'
'^e nation posseeaea li is tne one re-
• .no* tr.j- >:.:.-,i > hsiuted, I
 it oe ii.ed up."
Kesris      iron.    : '   parti      '   I   •
iiuii i'-   '   ii ■■■'
'ion . i   ':.-   poi
by irost    -iunng I sn ip,   u d
i" .,•.-• anticipati ' ...
,\ : • tu i'   -
A Sad Fatality
viilnaai  Ivdwai i     ll • '
daetor Joseph Mali,  shile working   i
bral enutfl ts      , im
a crual     i'i Iden  ill al I
■ ■, •    i|   U.Tr..  .       ij    the Ci mbi
Hera i    A    thi wo     ipproui
in^ Jewell*'  --ai'  n ing 11        ti
•• - foi - mi i    v. r tin lie i'
ward "i 'i        lie train tn l*       idy I
11. ililUI il-
ihi    i i     mill.   Hi "■   lho     .-.' ''ule
'• -■       .  ip| n ' now*,  bul
uppn,      il      witb l       now     o
ii  top ol     the ' ii    the j    ■
ini   fn in     >i "  ■ "i    i'i ui
pod and lell       oatl    lie in
..  -i.   .. • bould
,. ■     ,i.     tt'hoi   hi   i ■ -I by i
ri,n,     -      i handcai
^.nt   Im I.   i"  -fai  I   foi      I
wns foui       I " '" •'
, died   :   '''.-
Winnipeg Chemist Succeeds Where
Edison Has Failed
Winnipeg, Nov. 15. An eleetrieul invention of great interest to tho West
is attracting much uttoutloii hero. It
is n system by which olectric light
uud powor tic generated from primary
batteries, the same us tliosu used in
tolegraphic oilicoa, by chemical agencies only. Tho light is extromoly brilliant, uud tho power is tmtliciont tu
drive small motor boats, croum separators etc. Prof. Alluu, ot tae Ji.au110-
oa  c ui varsity,    auoi    a   sovuio  itatj
,.. .'.Mm.   t:t»        tl»0 UlVUUtlUli     •-.     ,,      ■-
ummui ■ iui t, uluu, *\'itti yiuai t ■ ■•■
.,i •. i no cost <>i iue tuuii riui con-
sutuod during tno tosi oi 57 nours is
ubout 2D «tills, ilu- invontiou is considered ono of the electric wonders i>t
iin* agOj aud exports say tlmt Ur. Dar-
Dy, of this city, tho ui Ion ted choraist,
nas aecomplishod Homothiug that lidi-
son  has long  been striving   to  attain.
I—x   >V- .   ,.f"k f
An Interesting Bit ot Far Western
Canada History Brought to Light
Mam nf tin' historic posts of the
Hu'Ii-iiii' liny Company iu iViberttt
iiud Itritisli Uoluinbiii v-ill be disturbed in'M year through ill" building of
the I Irani] Trunk l'milir which is even
nuw ruiinui'iinn ilu- passage oi the
kinky  Mountain- ami il nasi range.
in f Hn- iiiii-i  notable "I  ilu-"' old
f ,i.-1 - ami which na- used a- a let-"'
inr ilu' supply ul the [n".i- iu the interior "i llriiisli Culuiubia i- daspei'
House,   situiiteil      on   lhe      Vthabuseu
livi-i' ninl ul i  2 idles along     lhe
route ui ilic (,'riinil I rank I'acilic
wesi   ul   Kdtnoiilon,
■ la-|i,'i Hnu.,- was buill al,..ni IMIU
anil lhe iv,'.. nl- ol llli' Hudson's Ull}
Company show lhal il «us established  in   tin'  forusl   mi   tin'  -I     of      a
small   lake   -nn- led   Ik    high   rocks
i-xi-epl   on  lhe lake  side.
In I--I7 lhe Fm loi' in i-halLM' iiav
.laspei'    llau...     li    is     his Chiisliaii
in    ivhiell   g\\X'r    lie-   nam,'     In        llll-
l-i i-i. tt liirli. howe\ i'i. in i he cart}
year- of ii- t-slablishmenl ivas poptil-
nrl} km.una. lhe. Hock} Mountain
House, althongli Ihe post of thnt
iiuini' wns ai't.'iw aci- i.lli.ialli uslab-
lisbed nl ilu- juiiction rn' ilm mu lli
Saskatchewan ii\.T ami ilu- Clearwater river In Albortii.
.lasper llnwes was celebruted foi the
grant shuck of yellow hair Ihul he
unr.- nml ihe Indian mul hull bleed
hunters referred i" him a- " Tele
.Inline," thiiii Vellowhcad Cass, al lhe
..rial of ., lm I, .lasper House i- loi u
led,  and  beyond   lhe   Vellowheud,  Tete
•li   ' ache,  where   lhe  parting of tho
it ii} ■ came fm inam a part} of Con-
i-curs de Uois nf lhe Hudson's Hay < n
covoriiig iIn' li'h fur countri of the
interior of liritish I olumbi i, Kvon a ,
the liiifialn trails which deepl} indented  the prairie  in  every directioti a few
:,r> since it" being rapidly obliterated by the march of settlement and
ihe building of railways, ■■ wil] the
landmark:- of early Canadian frontier
history be onlv n cold record in the
files of the fur troding companies
>*- rMMm m
Every housewife  who uses flour must be
interested   In   ROBIN  HOOD "the flour that
is different."
v ,, • ,.r i, -,o'-s a ' i     r loaf, lhat ths 1 af is
mra   nutritious,   m-ire ea ily   g
,u tcJ u ^aJ ,;i.-ah with o her flours. |
'■'      Wccan tell you why R03IN HCOD Flour   |
makes that kind of aToaf, but what ou^ht to inter-   £
li   est\ou more than "why It does" i.s that "it djea."
I Vet; can prove what wc say as true at no risk of
I loss to yourself.
| It is largely a matter ot making up your mind to
I use "Robin Hood."                                                   fl
'■ The Saskatchewan Flour Mills |
* Co., Ltd. ,     I
Moose jaw   -   -   Sai-k. p
P. S.   Ask ynur grocer about our guarantee, and when you use m
VV.     Knhin Hood add more water tlm i usual $
l-'til'l! A IRE8,—Oroiind all oh'ar
nl,   fenced ainl    in   erop;   lnnil on
either Hide city water ai-d   li>_lit  up
tu prnpert; Sniliibbi   lur   crabard,
.-i.iawinTiv   urnwing,   pnnlti-v   r b
in   i    ry ite     All-il   ll)  x   1 Ctl  ms,
I'rioe $800 Apply to
11. SMYTH I.
Steel Range
I'V   (iKHKH.
li'ii Ing my iii M-ni-i' iii China during
be ihx'   lime   nr   four   months n y j
1 in-ii is- ei. lne-i luim  snd  restaurant I
keipti on Mi-Kin/.ii' Avenue,  In   ibis
•■ity, will lm unu iifiil by Wsh Ohuny,
A   ll. SIMi.
Ronalslokfl  " 0„ N .e. i) li, 190(1,
he Kootenay
broiler and
toasting" door is
very spacious.
Large enough
for a feed door.
Free Booklet
open clean-
out door. Use
scraper and
pan, and flues
oan be
out in
a minute.
li.    G.    BURRIDGE
Seven and a half (7J) acres of good
land at MtUnkwa,  B.C,   Terms cash
!j>.'l."ill.   Five sores of gond fruit land
nnd 7\ acres llrsl.class vegetable hind
' :i"'"  "   Tinsmithinc:, Repairs,   Hot  Air One  hundred  fruit  trees; balance of
Pipe and   Furnace Work land easily cleared.
S|iecial Attention given  l
nun   anil   tourists,    first-class  sample
rooms, finest scenery ill llrilish Colum-
hia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake. y._,ORK   SHQp
W. J. Llghtburne, Prop. Cjnnauf;,,t AvB. . Rovc,siokt
pply f,
u pat'tlc
ilars in
.1. II. \
. tllll.SlCY,
M ,
iikwii,.l3. C
For Sale by BOURNE BROS.
A New Vork Paper looks Away
1    i     \. -,   york |   pi
'1 he  follow ing  n«.   ■ •
'Wall  sl ■• •
«iou  to  uewi      ol • ■ rtai
from   British      Col u  h
Trunk Vm. Ifio ■ i  ■*■
- • ■ oatro ■ ■ Folej ^"i h in i
-■••■a- iri foi i third .■■■•. f 14'
milea of railroad in  Briti il
■ ■   :. .;■<■'. i weal
, ead   IV-.     I*      will  hn'"
ning from     Prim e    Rupori  f" Velio*
:.■■,! !  pa      ..
■ ime of the i i   timbwr,
■    .
■ ■     ■
ll .-
-.-■'■       .     rnc
I    . i,   i
'A  - ■   .. • ■
• :n ■ ■     .1 r.'.; - ij
tf i! Sl .■•■ .1 Sow Vm i. thai il ban
di ■ ,j   l'i it ■      nifl  miner
i; i. •     .    i rul   :\ > ■. 1.1:11      i r j
thai   of  i lit1  ' '"i ui-iii  t'lnjiirn,   unci        t
• lima '     nn 11rpn    ini
,Mi.c'■■ 'i   11    ii horic     ui-   'in
• rn   \.\w  rt iifiil      md  il     .   ; ind,       it -
■ i.i ■     m   ri     i ii'l   iiii miitaii      ■ i-nt'i ■
iilLrive        liri       '   lh -hi
I'n in i,   I nliinilii ■    -I    ill   [mi ■
lhe   N'oi Lli   \iih'M' nn  i mui infti        ■   i
be wat* lied li\   coinrnamal  man       I lin
onergj      of 20,000, I    hoi  g        m he
-.ii-' Mil from i ■ irivnt'i and il coal,
iron, old il •■>. oppfi, land tnti
ni''h' .i-'i /in num ill yol ri' iii
, de     rea • be  world.    Woreo im
hi h \\ hilMMiaii1 i-oijiitrv, ivilli Ilu
hiweHl luxation and tIn* ln'.t [juptilm
. -   im monl ci. ihe i outiiitnt.
THURSDAY, DEC. 9th, 1909
 — ->„1. ,f tftr    4000  fl-fr.>r.   Trctc*  Centre
0t>   C P  fail way      "iy*' or  "7     T"
C.„,re     ore       C  P.   lfailMty_
North of the C. P. R. Hotel, Revelstoke
Best Residential Site in City.   Buy a Good Home-Site
REVELSTOKE is coming to Us  Own.    Prosperity is Assured for Next
Watch  the  increase in number of men employed at C.P.R. Shops.
A. J. Bury. Genera! Manager of C. P. R., has given definite assurance
and is hacked up liy Wm Whyte. 2nd. Vice-President.
REVELSTOKE is fast becoming the Centre of an Important Fruit-Grow-
ing District.
REVELSTOKE   is   the   acknowledged   Centre   for   the   Lumbering
Industry of North-West Kootenay.
Investments in this Realty is better than a Savings Bank Account
Shop Karly—tlm regular
Christmas rush will soon he
Only throe short weeks till
So much to ilo anil such
little time to do it.
Saturday Nov. 27
Saturday Nov. 27
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding towns and settlements.
Our aim is to place before the purchasing public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail i 'rdeie.
Telephone Orders.
Telegraph  Orders.
Send the children to the
Come to the store yourself.
Have our city traveller call
ut your home for orders.
Steam up! All aboard for Christmas. Christmas the Glad Season, the Gift Time, only a short
Four Weeks away. i\re you with us. Multitudes of Timely Donation Articles in all the Departments attractively put in special Holiday packages, Fancy Cartons, and Holly Boxes, that add
Holiday  Attractiveness  to the every day  worth of the goods.     Here are some good Bargains.
Appreciated Gifts
Albums .$2 to $5
Wuisl Lengths ifl to $3
Skirt Length 3 00io 1000
Fanoj Waista 2.00 to 10 00
Fancy Neckwear 26o. to $5
Boxed Ruching 25c. to $1
Bells    25c. to $5
llelt Pins  25c. to $5
Belt Buckles 25c.to$5
Luce Scarfs 50c. to $10
Wool Mufflers 60c. to $2.60
Stick Tins 60c, to 3 50
Collar Pins . 50c. to $5
I ir-s.-er Clucks 1.50 to 7.50
Fancy Barretts 50c. to $5
Table Linen $1 to 25.00
Manicure Sets $1 to 7.50
Bootees, Bibs. 25c. lo $2
Toilet Sets $1 to $10
Children's Sleighs
Baby Push Sleigh $2.50 to 12 60
Boys' Bob Sli igh- 75c. to 5.00
Qirh' High Sleigh $2 to 5.00
Swell body curved dash board,
extra well braced side rails,
handsomely upholstered in
velan, white enamelled with
gold transfers, a magnificent
baby   push   culler—S12.50
Silver Plated Ware
Several pieces of silver plated
Hat ware, a line of Bam pies.
We do nol stock these regularly so will let tbem out at a
bargain, nicely boxed for cift
purposes,   each  75C.
___»«!-3   "*'
- .; 71s. yy,
mis' »rt.   ^ v       v .
getting these
'fmt,   Beauty Dolls
///.t^l^t:  >     ■
S dressed for
^feil Good Little
v■■, :*>wz 'u-/'--',Aj	
^^'^^'■^rWi Friends-
Aa;±W£- \.v*VtfWM
m.,hA.   & >^^^5%M^/'4   children in
Dried Fruits
in Hulk and in  Hygenic
Sealed pkgs., Fine New off
Btook of Raisins and candied Peels. California
table Raisins iu Fancy
Cartons        -        •        25c
Fresh Confection
Q. B. Chocolates, lho high
grade, sweet meal, pure
confection, made und put
up in sanitary and modern factory. The new
Evangeline line in Fancy
Boxes at per lib.   -     40c.
Canned Fruit
A welcome news item, this
Canned Fruit Bargaiu for
Monday and Tuesday,
Nov. 29 and .'-in, two days
6 Tim Raspberries or
6 Tins Strawberries' foi
Choice Produce
Get our new price list on
Hams, Bacons, Lard, Butter, Eggs, Cheese. Tbe
price of these lines of produce is up among the stars,
but wo can still quote yon
Saving Prices
Furs for Her
Tbe royal gift, most seasonable
of nil gifts und the most appreciative. New styles in Cushion  Muffs   and   Neck   Pieces.
Very elaborate sett of Jap.
Mink large Stole and Cushion
Muff, trimmed heads and tails
Sett   -      •      -    $25.00
Rich Sett Isobella Fox, new-
style, wide Throw, Elaborated
with    head    and   tails,    sett
New Neck  Pieces,   odd   Muffs,
at $4.00, 500, 10.00
The most appreciated gift. Specially boxed for the Holiday
trade in neat Scenic
anil Holly boxes. The
new Cape Glove,
Fownes Famous English Gloves, Gauntlets,
etc. A Special Slnnil
ard   French   Glove  ut
Sixty Lace nnd nett
Waists, Ecru, Paris,
White, Blnek. Butter
and (irey are the
colors, the sizes are
3-1,36.38. You will
concede tlieni to be
worth it lenst $7.50
Pick yours at
Fancy Hose are not
despised by the Fair
Ones. Indeed, tbey
are among the elect
when it comes to n
present from Mama or
Sister. French Lisles
Embroid er e d Silk
Clocked Hose, Silk
Plaited Luce Hose, elc.
In Fancy  Carious 50c.
Vases, Jardinieres
The little house decorations—Vases
and Jardinieres—have an innings
at this season. We prepared for
this season's demands, now you can
view the results in our China Department. Beautiful china piece,
magnificent Delft ware, chic French
modes, dainty Japanese brie a brae.
Royal Crown Derby china, Limoges
china. Come, get acquainted with
Nothing makes a more acceptable offering than a pair of nice slippers, or shoes.
We have them in all sizes for Men, Women, and Children.
Men's Felt Slippers of Jaeger pure wool, leather sole—Low cut $1.75; High cul $2.
Women's Felt Juliettes, leather sole and heel, fur trimmed, brown, blick, red and
plaids.    Prices ....$1.50, $1.76, aud $2.25
I'ndressed   Leather Moccasin  Slippers, fur  trimmed, brown shades, prices $1.75
and $2 25 for women's sizes; Men's without fur trimming $1.75
Children's ten-inch top button boats are the newest thing or, the market.      Broivn
vici kid  with superior oak sole, McKay sewn, Hat brass buttons-—$2 75
Same as above patent leather vamp and white kid upper, large black buttons, $2 75
Women's Colored Slippers for evening wear, made from heavy corded poplin on
the new pump last. They are fitted with ankle straps to prevent slipping at the
heels    Colors—wi ite, blue, pink and gray, all sizes.    Price per pair $8.50
Women's Pateni Leather Dancing Pumps.    These are the correct evening slipper
for the present season.     All are  fitted with the new ankle .-trap and an
the product of the celebrated J. & T. Bell Co.    Either Culm
heels, with leather or Bilk bows.     Price per pair
or   French
Gift Umbrellas
The real thing for your gentleman friends. Silk top, with
heavy gold handle. All weights!
$5 to $8.50
Cocoa Mats
We have received a
shipment of these A 1
mats direct from tin
factory, which lands
them at 20 per cents
less than ever before
in Revelstoke. By
using one at your door
they protect your carpet from the wet and
grit of the trallic from
outside.      'let   one at
75c. $1. $1.25
Bed Comforts
Why should you use a Maish
Laminated Cotton Down Bed Comfort .' Because Miiish Comforts give
warmth without weight. Ii enables
you to completely relux. You get
the full benelit of your icsl. It
gives you u sense of of ease you cannot conceive of until you try il,
Try the Maish, and  fully   appreciate its worth.    A choice   range  of
coverings iu silk, silkolene and satin
any size l[om  Bassinette  and   Crib
to extra large.   Start at $1.75
Carpet Sweepers
Buy   S    Carpet    Sweeper   for
Mother   or   wife.    It  combines  all
the elements of   nicetv   and   prac.li
bility .............      $3.50
The largest showing we have ever had of these mo.-t useful Christmas gifts, has
just been  opened.
The new Knitted Muffler oi Merceldu, fastens with a Dome fastener, neat and comfortable.    Colors white, black, brown, fawn, grey and  red.    Price,        75c
Men's Foldei-:—Thirty-six inches long by sixteen wide, made of heavy corded
Bengaline silk, colors black, brown and  purple.    Price $3.00
Saino us above of he ivy brocaded bengaline at 3.50
Men's Full Press Mufflers:—High standing collar, button front, made of black
silk with white silk lining.    Price $3.(KI
A full range of padded mufflers in blacks, browns and polka dots 75, 1 00, 1.50 2.00
(iloves in fancy boxes for gift purposes. Gloves of all kinds; unlined, silk-lined.
fleece-lined and fur-lined, kid gloves, mocha gloves, dog-skin gloves and
wool gloves. Brown, tan and grey gloves. They are all here and prices
are right 75c to $3.00
A Piece of Cut Glass—A Popolar Gift
The essense of lovli-
ness—rich, sparkling
Cut Glass. The piece
De Resistance with the
Indies, the alwnys-de-
sired gift. Cut Gluss
Knife Rests, Bon-Bon
Dishes, Celery Dishes,
Vases, Wator Bottles,
Salad Bowls, Fruit
Wine and Liquor Setts,
Gifts for Travelling Friends
A shipment of new trunks and grips has
just come to hand. From the Telescopo
Grip to the Wardrobe Trunk, we have
them all. Wo draw your Bpocial attention
to the fitted grip, loather lined, and silver
mounted toilet articles.      Price—18.00
A Ie d for Ibe Baby
A beautiful line of Silk Bibs, French
made, embroidered, and have a Raffel of
Fine Silk Embroidery   at  only—fSOC.
Toys and fancy Goods
The Toy and Fancy Goods Department
—up stairs—will be opened next week.
Bring the Children to Bee the Toys, an
unusually large and varied assortment
this Seaeon.
Do Your Shopping Early
Anything vou may wish to select we will
lay aside for vou till you wish to have it
sent home. We respectfully advise early
shopping.   Stocks are complete now.
Ladies' and Misses' Coals
N" bettei prices were ever offered in
this line. This Season's Model of
Winter Coat.
Ladies' and Men's Mrwear
Natural Wool Vests- Ladies' Sizes selling at $1 each. Ladies' Combination
Suits at $2.50. Children's Fleece-lined
Underwear at 30c, pergarment A full
range of sizes in Misses' and Children's
Blankets and Comforters
Beautiful Eiderdown Comforters. Blankets made from the Best Australian
Boot and Shoe Department
In the last few days we have opened up
15 cases of New Fall Lines.    See our
Boys' School Boots before buying-them
Come and heat tbe Canadian Harry
Lauder nt the Scotch Couoert
Curlers nre urgently requested le
nttend a meeting of the Curling Clul
on Monday next nt 8 p.m.
bunt fail to lie.n the Oanadiai
Harry Lauder al thi Seotoh concert,
Nov. 30th.
The Paris Journal contains n niein-
.iiwiduiii oi the Articles of tin
Association uf Canadian Coal Consolidated Limit, with n capital ol
The 11 minion estimates provide a
vute oi ir4.,jW ior n telephone line
Irom Kuu. ■• i ; - ti Queuuel and $7,OUO
fur iiuprovemeuta ou the Cjuesuel-
Fort George line.
The total eclipse ol the inoou iasi
night was unfortunately invisible her.'
uiving to tho sky being cloudy. Un
Dec. 12th there will be a partial
eclipse of the sun.
Bordenites who try to piny policy
with Wilfrid Laurier might remembei
thin sir Will, hue forgotten nmn
about the game than they will ever
learn —Toronto Telegram.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
has opened the following branches
during the past week:—ElfrOB, Sask.,
Yorktou, Sask.. Virden, Mau, bringing
the lota', number ol Iheir branches to
The copy for the programme fur tbe
Scotch L'oucertuu Tuesday eveuiug
next, et. Andrews .Night, was noi
ready lor today's publication, but the
programmes will oe distributed round
the city on Monday.
Ice Dominion estimates include
$1,600 for a wharf un the Columbia
Kiver at Atbalmer, $1000 lor extension
of river protection works ou the Bpal-
lumcheeii at Enderby, aud $7001) for
improvement of navigation on the
Fraser River al Furl lleurge Canyon,
above 'Juenenelle.
Advices irom Louiluu state this province has captured gold mednls for
it-        apple-. exhibited ot
Ba-.ii, Southampton, GraveBend und
BiBcitbuiDi a .diver-gilt medal at the
Cryjtsi Paiatc, London, and Bllver
niece,  at Croydon and Bristol.
Toe Furt Oe rgt-Tiibuue says: W.
F, Cooke iimdi' lhe :rip through ti
'feu JauneCachi .mid lii.uiju pound-
01 supplies lui iiic Canadiau Nor then
Railway. The Neobaco took the supplies to tbe east eide of Goat Rivi
Haj ids, 205 :... es Ir m 1 rt G jurgi.
(•.-..ii. ioe rrpida io the Cache, 11'
tni.e-i, in live and * hall days, 0
q.uuk lakii.g over 4.I.HJU p nm!-.
The   M .-., eradi   B      ui der    th
au-,. ti  il Fire biitmli S i  1 oi   I1
Su   promises       e a b igi success am
•.   tlfoits an      ing  -, ired   to  attai
•.bai end.   Tbe  bal   last  year   was
brilliant  apecucli    :>nd   it   ie  h ;
that ti.e l'JO'J event will eclipse it.   A-
gut;'.-' )f tbe eveuiug tne members
Jfo  . wil   -   •  pirate and   ail  whi   .it-
tend  are   assured   ol   a   night's   real
Shortly aiti i i o'clock in Thurs-
la) evening tbe main shaft whiol
arries   tbe   water   turbines   it   tin
A._r house broke, necessitating tbe
tb ,i down ol the plain. N I in -•
nu sustained by the ligbtii r b
ine and the fracture w;.. b, reps sd
with all poeslble despatch; mean*
the auxiliary gas engine will supply
motive power fur the power mid
lighting generators,
Moving Pi ture* I u night.
I Christmas Goods!
Holiday Buying Should be
Done Now
i iu: stock is complete XV,
invite you to our rlore when
you may have an unlimited sup
ply of Fancy Goods, Books, etc
from which to select gilts.
We are always pleased to pul
aside goods selected early, and
deliver ihem at any time.
Bews' Drug ^Stationery Start
NKXT  HI MK  111."' H
Hiving lo the increasing demands ol unr BAKE
HOUSE PRODUCTS we have greatly improved Llie
quality of our goods by procuring one ol the beM
linkers in the Provinoe in the person of Mr. V.
Boyle, (late of Vancouver) who makes n specialty of
luilli class goods, and in urder to prove onr state
ments we invite our friends to try sunn, ul unr
Almond and Cocoanut Cakes, Marguerites, Kisses,
Russian Cakes, German Tarts, Oream Pull's, Holla,
etc., also an Fancy Gnnds to order, A TRIAL
Hi iiii-inlii-r tlie Auction Sale ol
("li'irvi. w Ton n-i'i' Imi.    Snle   Starts
at 7:30, Deo.  (Hh,  nt   Edison   Parlor
Vou imii  gel  ynur   choice   ol any
style ol ihu i civ  Church  ol   England I
hymn ho ik nt Mnc-lonald's drugstore.
Remember   the    Auction   Sale   ol j
Clearview Townsite lols.    Sale starts
ut 7:.')0, Deo. Oth, nt the Kdison Pallor.
Get one ot our local view oalendsrs
to seml nwny. Duly S5o and all
boxed 0. R. Macdonald, Revelstoke,
li, C.
Remember the Auotion Snle of
Clearview T wn* te lots. Sale starts
• i "ilio, Doc Oth, nt the Edison l'.ul i
Io Mj Fiidfiiis auJ Supporters;
(■I'.N H.i MKN :—Pi • nil     III ll
i my heat  tnnnks   to   tl '    who  sn
11 rn il mi' in the eleotion on Thursday.
\Itbou 'h   the   result   el   t e   bulli'i
sh iwed ihu ninny who na-uired  me i I
I tbeir support evidently lailbd i-i  their
pledge, I appreciate the work ol  Ihnue
who stood lu   me.     While debated, 1
j have the satisfaotl u of knowing tbat
^1 Imvc only shared the common lot nl
j many of the best men in the Province
I who opposed  n pel icy ivhich they are
I satisfied the greal mass of the people
i when Ihey have lind time   to  compio-
Inmi iis effect, will as strongly con-
ih mn as they have n « endorsed ii
1 hnve tin- mti [action ol knowing
'that my Irieuds pul up a clean ligli",
'ninl thnt the support accorded ine
was purely voluntary and free (ruin
any taint of thai corrup ion and
bribery which I regret to say too
often Plots an appeal lo the badot
I'll llll.I.S   F.   LlSllM.lllk.
School Board Meeting
llir  lu.nl      board ui  - liortl   Iranlce.-,
; met lust uight  in the citj  hull lo di--
etias Beverul  miiltors  of  impoi'tanco,
j    Besides  lhe gciiurul  run line  the nun
' ler of  relief  limps  wus i- hided, und
lenders  fri lie  Revelstoke (ieneriil
| Au.'ii.-i."..  uud  II    X. Coursier, for sup
j plies of .-..al  for Ilm school     ieee| I.
The     resigiiulion     of   Miss   Merrier,
teuelici', «n-  received  nud  in pled.
Miss   Morcicr   i-     leiivhig   Hevelslokn
~ \ in .'in.'i   Ilm   N,.rn,nl    school   in   Van -
ii'iin iuuml Inun Pago mm i
ei'liiiiil; III."'illiwm-i. >l, I'l'.toi. Alberl
I'liiiyow, ll -Johnson; flrooly Creok,
XX. Watson; Clauwilliatn, .1. Thompson;
Big Eddy, T. Barratt; Canoe Hiver,
l.'. Harvey; Strawborry Flat, J. Nixon; Sandslide, J. Walker; French
Creek, XV. ti Wilcox; 14-Mile House, .1
The following are the roturna in su
Kotup.   Ltiiiltn'k.   Tny
Big Eddy
Camp S
Greeley ('reck
Helps Lauding
Pingstou Crook
Galena Bay
Alln-rt Canyon
.Vdnin's Haunii
St. Loon
C npli.v
Majority foi
115 with
Hivur and  Frei
ell    Cl'l'i
k  -iill   ti
,   hear
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   the   most   important  items
in ynur business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Applications   for  positi
The Amateur Dramatic Cluh will
give oue of tlieir popular productions
at the opera house on Dec. 10th.
Watch lm particulars.
A gentleman of uo fixed abode or
occupation, and answering to the
name of McAdain, wns brought up before the Pulice Magistrate this morning charged   with   vagrancy.    A   tine
if $25 and costs or six months hard
was the sentence. The police have
■.een particularly vigilent nver the
putting down of tin-horus and  gamb-
ing and a few conviction- will bave
the d sired effect.
We acknowledge the receipt  oi  the
first nuinberof  the   Fort   George  Tn
bune, pm lished at F.rt G orge, wbicb
fill   be   an   important   railway   and
avigal ion   j mcl ion   on    i he   (irand
Cruuk r.-icili ■ Railway     .       I
i- i unli'hi d   by  J ilm   II
;,- rly d! Nelso i  and   Pi    oi
mi is brimful   ol   ii I rm itioi
■,    ie nh  country      ,   .     pei
he now r.ii way.
W, 1   Dall  a,  l be arcbiti ol    f I bi
ipital, was in town ruesday.
Mr, L  11   Buck ami  family   intend
_. Reyelsti ke fur Vancouver.
:     -  Manning   i :   I lal _■ iry,   -
g lesl   I bis bi 'ber, II  Manning
\V. i.i:.- ■:       ..• relsl  ke       relii
mj: agenl Kelly nt  Armstrong lor   i
couple ol weeks
|i   \\    Brand   tbi    C II ...tun    llnrr;
Lander, is ia  i hi     Itj  ... d   viil   take
part in tbe Scotch Concert on 81
drew j nigbl ni il I uesday.
Miss Mary i' Uickeyol - Stephens
N. li. ia nu.v -uiil ber uncle - imuel
Hunter   uf thu eiiy  where she will
make lier ii.in.- lo the future.
I'..y Ackman  late ol t In- sin
Lawrence   Hardware   Company,  and
now bookkeeper  f- r  the   P dson Mercantile Co., Enderby, was ,, visitor  to
the city on 'I bursday,
Mrs, XX. M, Lawrence entertained i
few mends last, night at progressive
bridge in honor ol Mrs, Bacon. Tbe
Hands.une pn/is wero won by
Chas. Holten, a Doulton jug,
.Mrs. R .1. Watson, a vase
The yuung people's whist olub
its first meeting last night nt the
home cf Miss Hetty McLennan. Seven
tables made up the game, the prizes
falling to Miss K. Watson, a silver
photo frame, ami Mr. K. E. Crouyn, n
brnss   ash  tray.    After    enjoying   tin-
dainty supper provided, the room was
cleared    and   dancing   Wound   up   H
iighiful evening.  His tho intoiition
of the club to   meet   mice  each   week
during the winter months.
A very successful gathering in connection with tin tV C.T.U. was In 1:
yesterday afternoon at the resideoci
of Airs. Lain.,-, Sixth street, Mrs.
Hall read a eery instr ictive paper i i
"Purity Instruction in the Home'
connecti n with the si cial and mi
reform movemi nt
Mrs. J   I'  - rtaiued i d «
[rii ads  on   '.\ edm • I...     <    ing
.-   ol   Mr-    Bai
Ir >m G • dei wbo is  ni-ii ng
'   '  -  est     :   Mrs    A. R, B    ll
ithan.    A    p . is ml    time   was
Over    pr   _-   -- _■..      thn    priz^-
ind   Mrs
■ .        . ...
i:   M   H
1 ■ i thi
i   -
.:    . ■     \ pply H
•   i.   Mac
I   i aid 'i       igs I
1010   pocket  a ' ee   I i   i
\1 icdonal I - i iruj
ulk at Bews
-Inin  •'
Luuk nt tin \uias numbeii ol the
English illustrated papers for the
pictures at Macdonald j drugstore.
A full line   I ebony goods, fill
and odd pieces at Bews   'irou; store
i mii aftei IIbrislmas uur advertis
ing uf our Afler Supper Sales" will
in-  disc niH.iieil.  ns   we   require the
space tn lei you know ni i, the spies
did stuck   nl  goods   fur  the holidays
flint we ire getting    ready.      We will
hnve "nine good seasonable snaps on
snle every Saturday night, and it. will
pay ynu to investigate tbem      Watoh
for mir coupon nifls this scuhoii.   They
put lasl   year's in I he -hade, huth
in   , lality ami number,  -MoLennan
ft Co,
uf     ll'.l.ll
jcn's u.'iv received frum Miss I' Keuii.l.
of I'cuehlund, and Miss Thoimis UU-li
ani-, of Wiliuipcg, Tlie Hoard, nftel
cousiileiillion, resolved lo iteecpl thu
Conaidet-uble discussion urose on lho
niini.'.li.'ite   neeessit.i   fur   Inci-ensiMl    ue-
.■iiiiiiii,,iInline   I'm   ll hildren,   as   the
rnunic were becoiniug overcrowded.
Tin- Board ns n whole, fell thai
steps should be litken m secure addi-
liounl rooms, and ii wns resolved thnt
i proposition be made to tho trustees
of the old St. Andrew's church for
ihe renting nf lhal luiildin.;. tg be
ised as n school room, mul that 15
new desks In' procured from Woodstock, inn..
The offer for the building will be
mnde ul  once.
Popular Comedy Coming
When Manager 0. P. Wnlkir com-
pleted arrangements whereby he secured the fnni ms English Players foi
a tour of the west in "As You Like ft"
he insisted upon especially engaging
Win    Yule   for   lhe   dil'icult   role  ol
r bstnne.    Mr  Yule is one of the
ii st   popular   i-nmeilia  s    that  ever
need sn aud ence ind in the opinion
ol Manager Walki r he has   no equal
ss tb   merry  jpeier  in  Sbak'spc-are's
htful   comedy,      Mr.   Vol-   has
payed touchstone in the  New   Y rk
luction   I this play and ihe critics
[in thai most critical of all cities de
dared h a eiactlj suited to  the  part
and pmcla med nis noting most clever
i  d iri ■ ts ymi   Like   It"  will
I '• '■   2nd,   and
. ■ i . It    M... il.iinlds
Clever Cartoonist
,.    '.      il     y X] .
■a      Cm   .;,,,
\\   due-
■ , '■- ■   ii
na i ii it i uvi
-  . : oity      Mr    Bengough
■ -.I   .'    .        manner
ittrs      .       -    in hence   h -  |,Ih". d
entertain n
imi   'i-   programme    n   Wednesday
■ :-   brim   lull    ol   num..runs
'   pal
'■    .'■■   .
• ■ >■  -■ n imstaoci      il ia
•  ■' r ■', ■ i.'.[I -■,,!'
in i were I
■ -     u  largi
I • -  md i oli -
■!   :-   'i. ,   B   Stiiili.-B
origioali j
I i tbe p        ■   .   ■ '
interesl d
.  -■    tbe  liki di --. -   ■. ng
0      i .'■ rsday  night    a
i mge of programme  was
...   ■ i  ■.   ikett bei ,,l
in   :■     Ur    I'-nS   ,^tu
ittil uiles caused eonsi lei ibis
in. . - Mr  Bengough li s ki an
n iture ami can  portray its
.I  with   subtle skui aod all
■ has tbe power ol keeping
!: I'teiiti'.n   ol hii audience
H ,. ,, gartoooli I i i remarkable
being produced   rapidly
in I n ,i style thai oan be laid
to be uni pu .   At, tbe olow of th   lai I
perlurm u ,■,. the sketches were suid off
by in
"As You Like It"
Seats nre now selling for the engagi -
ment i.f "As Yon Like It," the most
piotureque and iieliphtful of all the
dhiikespeilau oouedies which appear-
here one nigbt, Thurs , De i, 2nd, mi
der tbo 'iii'ei linn of C I' Walker, pre
sen ted by n oompanj i.f experienced
Shiikespi I'inii actors, wilh ii most ela-
lotuie oostuiiie nml Bcei ic i quipment,
"As Yon Like ft" is  id al  i utertain
ment,   Th mpany are i   .■  famous
English l'i:.vi rs with Win    I ul",  th
popular Camidiaii ci-niidini . nnd Vio
l.i   Eddy, a   winsome  ynung  actr bs,
especially  engaged    fur the   rules   i I
■ Touchstone ni ,i Rosalind.
Lord Rosebery Warns Lords
London,   Nuv.  25—Lord   Rosfehrry
made a great speech last night in   the
I house of lords,    He said he would noi
vote for Lord Lanedowne's  motion of
' r. jection and he warned the lords thai
j they shuuld not  force   the   issue   by
refusing   Ibe   budget     He   declared
that tbe upiii-i house had no  rigid lo
nj.ci fiunncc hills,     lh mt,.eked tbe
bnritet    hu-   a inl   the   lords   shoul.i
en o-v t to iiiiii nil il
Address to Men
The Sunday afternoon progiummi-
at 3 -15 in the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow is
nn attractive one The symphony
Orchestra, a solo by Mr. Allien Ar-
man, and an address l.,\ Mr. O. VV
Bishop, of Calgary. He is a splendid
type of n   young   man,   and   is   well
worth hearing.    It is needless   to  say
this gathering is Iur all men
To Correspondents
Buqle MAJOR—We don't know
what has become of the Hugles of the
It. M R. Perhaps some of our readers
enn enlighten us.
All curlers are urgently requested
m attend a meeting of the Curling
Club at the City Hull at 8 p.m. on
Monday next, Nuv. 29th. Important
Chas. M. Field,
Hci^hti'il Comedy
Opora House
One Night Only
Wm. Vula and Violet Eddy
ti p.'i.iiK  Engaged,
l'rn.ui,   Mini,   7 50 ,   60c.
■i.    ile il -lacdouslil'   Urns 	
llie I      .     Ho pii .1  lliiild  ii iM hold
the I ii   mrr     ;  ;n   .        ||n
tit    H   II   hi   I uo idul       .
I,ioi:   H \|,i:   lim-  large  Oak  Hide.
I"     bu ii I, "nl um' medium sized conl
ui   Kuuil  condition.    Apply nt
M nl IL i.ihi uiil,,..
I.inl M> Al the Edison I'm Lu
J'   Theater a parcel containing plums,
1'iiiih'i mov iiiii'iin same from this
WWI'KH   to  iet.     ll.-diiii.in   nnd
Hll i Ing in, In cenl rai imsii Inn
nu Third Btreet! wi ll heated; eleclrli
light; inu h, In.i unl i ..I.I ii.ii.i l(. ni
UIZ.ISIpel in..nih    Apply, Mail Herald
K.7r.::...- -pm
^ ^'ji-,k.A
■:-■ *.:*<: A
'ii-. -Mu ■■■■
''     '    ft    %Lil
A' /ft
^- A..
9i   A
-;'.a \
--..'..    ■ ■
\.  _ .,:,iA-^
W'' have gathered to-
" gether one of the
best collection of Fancy
Linens and Lace Work
ever shown in the city.
Thee come in .-il1 s'7i\s,
and in n     iy - •
Plauen Lace Doilies
Round, Square and Oblong; line I'nen
centres, with beautifully hand-finished
lace borders.     Prices range from   .     .     .
50c. to $7.00
Battenburg Linens
Doilies, Sideboard Scarfs, Tablecovers,
Shams, etc.    Prices range from    .    .    .
25c. to $5
Irish Hand Drawn Linens
Every piece hand made and sold at such
low prices that you wonder how they are
made for so little money—Tray Cloths,
Sideboard Scarfs, and Lunch Cloths from
50c. to $2.50
Japanese Drawn Linens
L.i cry year has improved these goods and
this year is away ahead of any previous
year. Beautiful pitterns in Drawn work,
handsomely embroidered. |usl whal
you want to send to absent  Iriends.    .    .
Wr are pic pared to do stamping ol all
kinds Towel ends, Pillow Cases, Doilies,
Centre Pieces, Initials, etc	
Leave  ymir  orders  with  me  at  once
whilo the goods are fresh and nice.
Grocer. Provision Merchant
Telephone No. 23
25 Per Gent. Discount on
25 Per Cent. Discount
MRS.  a. a. CRICK
First   Street      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Fancy Groceries
We have received a large shipment of Now Kige,
Cluster UnisiiiK, etc , whioh  we  offer ns follows ;
Smyrna Layer Figs per Ib. 26c.
Clovo Box Figs, each 15c.
Basket Fijts - - each 25c.
Malags Cluster Raisins a Ib. 30c
Imperial Clusters   -   per Ib. 360.
General Merchandise
Telephone 248
Have you seen Tucker's special oiler
nml prizes given from Nov. l.Oth until
Dec. ill. It in worth your vdiile to
vinit Ilia Studio. \ tf,
WHY 1'AV RENT? Own your
nwn home. Secure a lot In Clearview
lit the auction aale to he held in this
city Deo. 9, Loin nre large, the view
ih unobstructed, lhe pri* if your own
choice lit the auction.      Mnke further
enquiries from H,Manning, auotiutieer,
or J. V. Slbbald,
WANTED—At Oity Hotel, two experienced  waitresses,    Wages
$141 per month.
TTIOUND— LadleB' purse containing
i jt coin, loser npply to VV. W. Pos"
Met-. Uiiy.
Come to the Union Restaurant for
Oysters, any style, or a fried chicken,
or a turkey hot or cold. We I nve
everything that ia on the market.
Short orden a specialty,        nov 20 H


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