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 " Empire " Typewrite
For ease ol operation and perfection
in results produced, thia machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $60 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   •   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Prn;-.-  :-.  . ,
New Wellington Coal
W. B. PAGET,   MoKenxie Ave.
Vol. 15.-NO   8
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Ladies Smart Shoes
The " Merry Widow " a new new  pomp in  Kniiiiieleil
Calf, turn soles anil  now heel, dull kid trimmed, a
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cisco- Wells ['aigo Nevada National Bank. Spokane Kuchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 91 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.      '
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
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Ladies' anil Children's Winter Wear
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MRS.    A.    CRICK
I'lllH T    H T Ii H 13 T .
Proceedings of Annual Meeting
—Encouraging Reports
The annual meeting of Kamloops
Presbytery, which met on Wednesday
morning in Knox Church, closed its
sessions on Thursday evening. The
meetiug was well attended aud much
interest was taken in the work ol the
session. Rev. W. L. MacRae, ol Ool-
en, was elected Moderator lor the year.
An interesting discussion took place
on the question ol dividing tbe Pres-
bytery and forming another Presbytery lor tbe Okanagan Valley. The
motion for division however was lost.
A very encouraging matter was the
report on Systematic Bencficience
preseuted by Rev. 0. W. Wbyte, showing that great inorease has taken place
in tbe giviogs of the congregations lor
Home and other missionary purposes.
It was decided to endeavor to get the
congregations to make monthly offer-
ingr for such objects.
Tbe report oo Sabbath Schools was
presented by Rev. Logie Macdonnell
of Vernon, and indicated progress all
along tbe lines ol S. S. work.
The work of Young People's Societies was read by Rev. J. U. Duncan of
Salmon Arm, and while the report
showed much care io preparation it
also told tbe old story ol young people's weakness in church life and work.
Tbere is a great opportunity lor young
people's work—to get to work,
Tbe report on Moral and Social'Reform presented by Rev. J. R Robert
son, indicated that conditions are
greatly improving with lespeet to such
matters as Sabbath Observance, Temperance sentiment, Uambling, tbe
Social Vice, Political Purity, etc., and
showed that B. C. is last coming to its
own with respect to the higher moral
life and Christian sentiment of the
The Home Mission report presented
by Rev. I >. Campbell, ol Armstrong,
was as usual one of the most interesting questions belore tbe Presbytery.
A special feature wae the adoption
ol a resolution looking to a more effective method ol co-operation witb the
Methodist Church in the administration of a Home Mission Heidi.
Tbe eongregation ol Summerland
made a requeit that the obaige there
be separate and independent ol tbe
congregation at Penticton, and tbat
Rev. Jas. Hood be retained as paator
for Summerland, A commission ol
Presbytery was appointed to visit tbe
charges and carry out the wishes ol
the request, il such arrangement is
acceptable to Penticton.
Another call was presented trom tbe
congregation at Ashcroft in favor ol
Rev. M. E. Henderson, B.A., which
was sustained aod provisional arrangements made for tbe induction io tbe
near future. A resolution oi sympathy was bere expressed to Rev. and
Mrs. Henderson in tbeir bereavement
by tbe death of their little daughter.
On Wednesday evening a public
meeting was beld and very interesting
and instructive addresses were given
by Rev. Logie Macdonnell and Rev. F.
W. Kerr, In addition to these addresses was an interesting program of
music. Tbe Knox Cburob choir gave
a good rendering ol tbe anthem "Sun
ol My Soul," and Mrs. Bows sang
witb mucb appreciation, "Face to
Face," Two members ol tbe Presbytery also sang solos, wbicb the Iriends
ol Revelstoko mucb enjoyed. Mr. O.
S. McKenzie sang "Rock ol Ages,"
and Rev. J. T. Conn, "Be Still My
Soul." Needless to lay those who
were not at this publio meet ing missed
a rare treat.
Convenors (or standing committees
lor the next year were appointed as
follows' lie?. D. Campbell, Home
Missioni; Rev. W. L.Mackaa, Foreign
Missions; Rev. J. lt. Robertson, Moral
and Social Reform; Rev. Jas Hood,
Theological College; Rev. Logie Macdonnell, Sunday Schools; Rev. J G
Duncan, Young People's Societies,
Rer. C. W. Wbyte, Systematic Beneficence; Rev. W. A. Wyllie, Statistics,
Mr. J. D. Swansoo, Ohurch Property.
The next regular meeting ol Presbytery will be beld at Armstrong.
New Orange Party
Representative Orangemen all over
tbe Australian Commonwealth aie
arranging (or tbe lormation ol an Independent Protestant party, as a new
(actor in federal politics, lays the Sen
tinel. Io thii way, it it believed, aod
io thii way only, I'rotoitants eao become a real lore* in national affairs
Tbe mn party will be launched with
a great demonstration at Sydney.
According to luggeitioni now lieing
made, the platlorm ol tbe new party
will be radical, inoluding probably
such items as old sgi pensions, graduated land tax, citizens' defence force,
an Australian nary, preferential voting, "white Australia," preferential
Empire, a polioy ol
New Association for Protection
and Forest Preservation
Prominent lumbermen Irom all parts
ol Uritish Columbia have been in session in Victoria during the past week,
with the result tbat annuo cement is
made of the lormation of a new or-
ganizatian to be known as the B. C.
Lumber, Logging and Forestry Association, witb which is amalgamated
the B.C. Timber and Forestry Chamber
of Commerce. Tbe objects of the new
association, wbiob will represont
gr ater vested interests than any ever
formed iu British Columbia, are, in
addition to the promotion of mutual
interests, to secure stable titles to
timber lauds, legislation in tbe interests ol its various branches and the
conservation ol tbe loresti.
The ollicers ol tbe Dew association
are: A. O. McRae, president; Otto
Lacbmund, 1st vice presidont; M. S.
Login, 2nd vice-president; Peter Luod,
3rd vice-president; T. F. Patterson, 4th
vioe piesident.
An executive committee ot leven
aod an advisory committee ol 42
members have been appointed.
Victoria is represented on the executive committee by A. C. Flummer-
felt and Miebael Carlin.
At a later melting it is likely that
the association will appoint two secretaries, one ol whom will likely be Dr.
Judson Clark, secretary treasurer of
tbe B.C. Timber and Forestry Chamber
ol Commerce, now amalgamated with
the new association, and Mr. Anatie,
tbe present secretary of tbo Mountain
Mills Association.
To Be Created by the Government at Ottawa
Ottawa, Feb. 23.—Tbe government
propoees to create a department of external affairs, under tbe secretary of
state, and notice bas been given ol a
bill to that effect. The bill epei&es
that a department ol external affairs
■ball be created, witb a minister, who
•hall (or the present be tbe secretary
ol state, snd that this department
shall receive communications Irom the
secretary ol state ol tbe colonies, and
from tbo British ambassador at Washington, and all communications ol an
international or intercolonial character, and communications (rom foreign consul in Canada. Tbe bill also
directs tne appointment of a deputy
minister and staff for the department.
Tbe principal effects ol tbe bill will In
to take tbe function of communication in regard to external affairs from
the privy counoil, where it is at present
under tbe direction of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, and transfer it to the department of state. Tbe new department
will handle in detail the distribution
of all external affairs and communications to tbe departments to which
they should be assigned.
trade   witb   the
non-interference with Iriih questions, I freight, etc., ind otbor queitiom
aod   maintenance  ul  the Protectant | be taken  up  and   all   members
Eng.  W. Tomlinson Receives
Scalding Steam Jet in Face
Shortly after 8 o'clock od Monday
night, while the pusher locomotive
stationed it Notch Hill was pteparing
to meet tbo Rosthound No. 07, a
plug in a pipe oarrying pressure
steam blew out, tbe terrific jet ol
steam lieing (oroed against tbe lace
and oody ol tbe engineer, W. Tomlinson of tbis city, causing terrible scalds.
Mr. Tomlinson rccolved the fierce
blast full in tbe throat, his lace lieing
badly burnt and bis baods, which involuntarily went up belore his eyos
lor protection being aim terribly
scalded. Suffering untold agony the
li j lired engineer was conveyed to
Revelstoko ou a special ligbt engine
despatched at ouoe from bore on
reoeipt ol the intelligence ol tbo
accident, arriving bere about two
o'clock yesterday morning.
Mr. Tomlinson wai at ouce taken
to the hospital whore his injuries were
attended to and bil lufferingi somewhat alleviated. We learn this morning from the hospital that tbe patient
ii doiog ai well ai could be expected
aud is resting easier. Much sympathy
is lelt lor the patient and Mrs. Turn-
Union over the terrible accident by tho
residents ol Kevelstoke generally.
Board of Trade
A meeting ol the Board of Trade
will be beld tomorrow evening (Thursday) at 8 o'clock in the City Hall.
Hnsiness In connection with tbe exhibit at the Seattle Exposition, dis
tributing rites   Irom   Kevelstoke   (or
Snowshoers  Club   Outing  to
Four-Mile Camp
The feature of tbis week's outdoor
amusements was the suowsboe tramp
by the members of the Ski and Snow-
shoe Club. An early start was made
about twenty club members answering
to the call. Tbe party entrained
south as far as 11-mile where, through
the courtesy of the C.P.R. tbe train
was stopped in order to allow thorn to
drop off. At this point tbe real work
ol the tramp began and alter a most
exbi'oraiing journey through the
ranches, across ilough and stream,
drift aod bank, a halt was made at
4-mile camp. The sun was very hot,
but tb i air keen and lull of ozone,
which had the effect of an intoxicant
to the souses. Tbe surlaco ol tbe
■uow was in excellent shape, the condition! being perfect lor tramping.
On arrival at tbe camp at 4 mile, of
the Bowman Lumber Co., mine host
Mr. J. H. Jackson, bad made ready to
welcome bis guests, the ladiei being
regaled with a refreshing cup ol tea,
tbe real secret ol whioh is known only
to a logging camp chef. While waiting for lunch a number ol the party
wandered away up the logging road to
where the logs were piled on the roll
way, the forest scenery being delightful. Lunch—tbat most welcome of all
Bounds in the ear of a snowshoer.
Appetites had been whetted by tbe
glorious exercise of the tramp, good
humor had been heightened by the
pleasant chaff and chatter during tbe
trip. Lunch—it would be dillicult to
describe the repast that the genial
boat had provided lor bil merry
guests. A lumber camp is famed for
its menu and for the quality as well aa
quantity. Cook and cookee bad risen
to the occasion, and the long tables in
tbe mesa house groaned under tbe
weight of the good things temptingly
displayed. There was no standing on
ceremony, eat, just eat was the password, and very soon tbe number of
empty disbee told a tale ol health and
plenty. A feature of tbe lunch was
tbe doughnuts—doughnuts with small
boles, and large luscious ontsides.
The doughnut bai been laid to be a
good aign of the timei. K tbe boles
are large and tbe rims small and narrow then times are dull and money
scarce, but if tbe boles are small and
tbe riniB (ull and (at then prosperity
is apparent. From tbe doughnuts
supplied by the Bowman Lumber Co.,
it is very evident tbat good times are
on the wing and prosperity preseut.
Tbe lunch proved a meal al fresoo, a
delightful social event, the worthy
brother Atkins as usual being to the
fore with jokes old and new, the joy of
tbe ladies and butt ol the men. A
pleasant diversion was canned by tbe
party being made to sit lor tbeir portraits, eome excellent pictures being
With a brief spell ol rest and ease
alter lunch a start was made Ior borne.
Words cannot fitly describe the last
stage of tbe tramp, never before was
seen such a merry crowd, all young
and in the prime of life, the snowshoers sped over the sparkling surface
ol the silvery snow, rapid time being
made and wbeu tbe outskirts of tbe
oity were reached shoe strings were
unloosed and tbo party, glowing witb
the stiff walk, the blood tingling in
the veins Irom tbe swift rush through
tbo frosty air, dispersed and wended
tbeir ways homeward, tired but happy.
To the Bowman Lumber Co. and
Mr. Jackson are duo much praise and
thanks lor their oourtesy in tho lavish
enti riainmont ol tbe party, and also
to ibo culinary staff (or the right
royal spread prepared hy them, and in
thu words ol the poet to the "Spirit ol
Winter " .
" Now iu the festal mason
Wo celebrate thy praise,
Kor tbo  Ko.olitoko Snowihoers' Clul
Sends us auspicious days.
All ills lhat Heah ii heir lo
Ho banished Irom our train,
And may the pleasure! ol tbe scene
Keep in each hurt iti
requeued to attend.
I titil wo meet again.
memory green,
Ash Wednesday
Today is Ash Wednesday, tbe lirst
day of I,eni According to the in
junction ul Pope Gregory the Great
in the Sixth century, ashes, which
had been lirst bleiiml, wero sprinkled
upon tbo heids ol worshipper! in order
to remind them tbat tlieir bodies wero
but dust and ashes. It was alio a day
wbcii notorious lianeri professing
penitence had tu appear in church
clothed in sackcloth and ashes lo
solicit absolution. We query bow
msny ol Kevolstokn's notirioussinners
have takon adventure of Ash Wednesday tialay.
For carpets,  linoleums aud Hour oil
cloth go to C. B. lliiine A Co.
This  is"a^cut]*of   the
celebrated    " Kootenay
Range "   that   is   doing
suchJcexcellent' service in
many Revelstoke homes.
There is nothing to equal
it  at  the   price   and   no
other stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well"as
the Kootenay.     We  have them specially fitted with
oven  thermometers and  all latest improvements.    Be
sure you buy a Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries       Hardware       Harness      Plumbing
We wil! furnish your
furnishings Mr, Dresser.
If the laundry has knocked out yourshirts and
broken your collars around the edges, played havoc
with your cuffs; if you have made holes in the toes of
your socks and are not lucky enough to have somebody to darn them for you j if you have dropped
something on each one of your neckties, or if your
collar has "cut"; or if you need any furnishings for
your body come to us.
SHIRTS From 75c. up
NECKTIES From 25c up
UNDERWEAR...From 75c. up
Let us furnish your body and make it fit to
live in.
Fit ReformjClothing.
b. 1. walker, Pniiiiet j Paid up Capital, $10,000,000
ALIXAHDER LAIRIl, Geninl Miiut«r     Reserve Fuild,    -     6,000,000
DRAFTS AND   MONEY ORDERS iold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS made in all parts of Canada and in foreign coontriea.
FOREIGN  BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafta on the United States,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold,     im
A Celebrated Soprano
In all probability we may hive a
viiit Irom tbe celebrated Scottish lyric
•oprano, Miss I_cna Duthie, This
eminent artist, 1 native ol the land ol
the heather, is making a tour ol the
roast cities soon, anil arrangements
are now under way to have her sppcar
here. She is said to be the greatest
living exponent uf tbe undying songs
i Scotland and Ireland, and her corn-
1 ig will lie looked forward to with
much interest.
No Place (or Her
It was the lint vaudeville perform
aoee tbe old colored Isdy had ever
•ecu, and she wss particularly eicited
over the marvolous leati ol tbe magician Mut wbeu he covered a newspaper with a cloth and read tbe print
through it, sba grew a little nervous.
He then doubled the cloth and again
reid tbe letter! accurately. This wis
more tbso she could stand, and rising
in her seat, sbo said: "I'm goiu' home.
This aint no place lor a Isdy with r\
thin oil ieo dress." THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. Cl
£be fl&atMbcratb,
pjbi.ished \>."i:i'M-:.-HAY Asn ^*ti;h-
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc,
Supreme^ and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office and befoie Railway
H"N. 1'HATil K-JMrHl'HY, M.l',
Omen :  Imperial Hank Hi ii iuko lttvui.
STOKE, ll. L'.
.-■t..:.^j' to loan.
Office..: Revelstoke, li I .   Craubruult, ll I ■
Olo. 5. McCaktkh
A.  M.   I'lNKHAM J. A.   H.lltVKV.
l'.evoi*toke. Craubrook, 11, U.
^^^^^^1     H.iiii-lii
Solicitur, i Ic,
Solicitor fori—
Thi. I analian Hank OV CoMMKKi i.,
Thb Mni.- in.- Bank, Eti
FIRST ST.,    ■    KEVELSTOKE, li.r.
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
Eng1 ring
McKk.nzie Avenl'k,
box luu, Rkvelsiokb
I.   O.   F-
Court M>_iuQt Begbie, NY . 8461, moat* 2nd aud
ith MuL' lay- in Oddfellows Hall, next tu Opera
Hju=e. Halting hrethreti cordially invited Up
H. W. Edwards, K.tf
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain   View Camp, No. 229
Meet- Seoond and fourth Weduottdaya in
t*ch month, in Selkirk Hall. VislMn woodmen L-ordialljr invited to hi Lend.
W, 1). ARMSTRONG, Cou, Com,
- J. McINTYliK, Clerk,
F. O. E.
fcTLo rejnilai iriAntiug? are held iu the Selkirk
Ball ever; Tuesday eveniuK »t k o'clock
V;?:tujc hrittLren aro cordially invited.
T    ,!    WALSH,   PRK8IDRNT.
Kootenay Lodee, No. 15, A  F. & A. M.
Adjoining   tho   new   Catholic   Hospital   and   College
Grounds, South of City Park,
12 Acres of
Price $160 per Acre       $300 Cash
Balance on Easy Terms
This is an exceptional opportunity to bu\ Clioico
Revelstoke Property.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
'-., .        t >   ~s        turs are imHi m mf
,Jj C_3*S       in   liSsONICTEMPLK
f 'i-jrKd     *«    7/   Oiuifelli'ws Hull, "ii
•'   ' ftfi^^R    J}, the third Monday iu
interest; this we contend should
not be done, as the money is needed more for actual public service.
British Columbia is undergoing the
developmental stage which process
requires a large amount of acttiiil
cash to carry it along and the public would fur rather see their money
expended for tlie tangible progress
and advancement of the province,
than to have it tied up in banks.
A systematized scheme of colonization could very well be carried on
by ibe government, und once good
men are placed on the hind to stay
there, the resultant opening up and
developmenl of these rich areas
'would   noi   only   repay dollar for
ett lets lu come in
Ttio rtiitulur ment- i
HfeA&sl&'liHi-Vir dollar  expended,  but   would
courage   other
p.m. vurtiuitbretl.-iwht'ii the   rapid growth of revenue
-'ally   vel-
l_'.  A.  1'KUl'l'NIKR, SKCKKTAltV.
SELKIRK LODGE No. 12, 1.0,0. l'\
Miet? ovory TIiu r -
iiay  otou'iuh  iii   Sol
kkirk Hall lit SoVlnck
___  IVi-itiuit brethren are
oordlally iuTited to attouti.
; realized.
lands    wus    properly
W. A. I''
JAS   .MAT HI J-:.-'
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
MBBTS  ,. VtllY   « EDN-ESUA! .
except rnirtl ii etlnosda)
eloh moQth. tu      ■    .itiilell \\*
Hall    at    s    i'cI rt.     VlBltln
Knights rt:,  ;..rlirtliy   nvitt-!.
T. P   SMITH. I.'. C.
0   K. BROl K   K. of  K. i S
J   lt. St O'l'T. >1. of F.
There is m> much bad ■     ebestofun.
Aa i .- . unci .■     I in the wont  il i
That it hardly behoores iiuy ol a?
Te talk aboat it, I ■:' as.
It is some time now since we
J heard of the Agricultural Society,
I and although the winter is not yet
over, it is high time, nevertheless,
to begin to get busy and think
aboul the arrangements for this
year. The Fair of 1908 was a distinct success and the experience
thus gained will stand us in good
■tead this year and years to come.
It is not a bit tou early lo go into
all preliminary detail-, for such
take considerable time to prepare;
the great fault last year being that
ii stall
or so we shall have the Dominion
Fair in Kevelstoke, consequently it
should be our chief object to further the interest, popularity and
success of our Annual Fair in order
that our prowess as an exhibition
city may go before this great event.
The earlier u start we make this
year with the Fall Fair tlie easier
it will be to carry it through. This
is it movement which means much
for Bevelstoke and her advancement, anil our people, one and all,
should evince the keenest interest
in bringing the Annual Fair lo
profitable account.
We are glad to see as announced
in the coast newspapers that the
government lias finally decided to
amend the timber laws this session
and has promised that the timber
men's request for better title and
longer tenure would be favorably
considered. This is a move in the
right direction, and the government
is to be commended for its foresight
in providing now such legislation
as will encourage the timber men
to conserve tlieir timber for the distant future by the a'doption of up-
to-date methods of forestry in the
management of iheir holdings. To
encourage the timbermer o adopt
the most approved of forestry meth-
tions would soon cense and a ie
feet system would lake its place
To encourage the license holder ti
outer into any such programme foi
the future the government wouh
have not only to lower the annum
license fee from year to year, bu
would also have to extend the lift
of the license in perpetuity, and ai
tlie same time keep down Unroyal ty fee to within reasonable
bounds. in proportion as thi-
licencu fee was lowered, so could
the royalty unstumpngc be proportionately raised, so as to meet the
reduction on a fair basis, and on a
sliding scale system such as by
gradually lowering the licence fee
at the rate of about 10 per cent,
per annum and raising the stump
age loyalty proportionately, the
one to offset the other. But if the
government should persist in exacting high licence fees and short
tenure, it would force the licence
bolder to cut bis timber and rid
himself of bis burden as quickly as
possible by abandoning his licence.
If the life of ilu- present licence is
noi extended for a longer period
than 21 years, then forest destruction will result—in fact we can
measure the life of our forests by
the life of our licences. However
we feel that the Covernment will
deal with this matter in a business
Will Solve the Problem of the
Unemployed in British Empire
Ktl. Ailnir, who has just rcturnid
rom a visit, to England, informed tho
(Iail-Hbrad Lhat the Salvation Army
hid no intention this year of bringing out any immigrants to Btitii.h
Columbia, hut that they would devote
tliennelves to organizing a Bchenie if
colonization ol tho vast trttclB of land
round the G. T. P., and other portions
ot Cuninlii. Such a scheme as this,
he contended, could be well taken up
also hy the government, who would
prolit on the opening up aud settling
ol the land hy men who wero honest,
persevering farmers, and who would
stay on the land, In discussing the
probabilitiei of British capital being
invested in Oanada he pointed out
that there wns a better and stronger
feeling toivnrtl Canadian invest incuts
tlinn formerly, caused by tho fact tint
thu Canadians now realize that tlie
British investor would not be trilled
wilh anil was willing to put his money
into any gum! thing that was safe
and secure, itutl would not touch any
wild cat scheme. Ibe British investor had heen treated Letter, and
consequently he welcomed aoy proposition that bore the stamp of Canadian
security. He pointed out that the
necessity ol mime scheme being adopted by the Imperial as well as Can
like  manner and  do whatever  isiatlil1" B°verDn'eat.   '" order to cope
with the "out of  work" problem, and
right and just with the timbermen.
The New Water Act
E lit.ir M lll.-Hi.li iJ.n;
Sut,—The Hon. Mr. Fultou, in presenting the new Water Act to the
House, has been gjotl enough to say:
"I have no wish under the present act
to injure any one if it is possible to
avoid it, anil only where the public
necessity absolutely demands it." He
also further said Hint "I am satisfied
thnt if the members of the opposition,
as well ns the members on this side,
will give me every assistance in their
power to make this act as good as possible, any amendments on matters
such as appeal to me, I am willing to
accept; nnd in other matters, such
perhaps aa granting no appeal Irom
the water commissioner's decision,
which, iu the opinion of this House,
may be thought too drastic, 1 shall
only ne tou pleased to accept reasonable amendments aud make the
chai ge proposed."
There may be many other persons,
ns I am, without a copy ol the proposed act, who will be concerned as to
whether any provision is made in the
bill for protecting tlie homesteader.
After the very f.tir statement made by
tlie Hon Mr. Fulton, it will probably
only be necessary to draw his atteu- i
tion  tJ  tlie  matter in order that he
suggested lhat a colonization would
be etl'ccted, if carried on nil over the
Weather Forecasts
The foi lowing is tho latest report
given by Mr. Foster on the approaching weather oonditions;
Following February '23rd dangerous
storms may be expected to end of the
month. The cold wave to reach
meridian 90 about 26th, will turn to a
cold wave in the Eastern States. Not
much precipitation. Look out for
strenueui weather.
L-'it disturbance of February will
reach 1'acilic coast aliout 2<!th, cross
Pacific coast by closo of 27th, great
central valleys 28th to March 1st,
Eastern States March 2nd. Warm
wave will cross Pacific slope about
20th, great central valleys 2Htb, Eastern States March 2nd. Cool wave will
cross Pacific slope about 28th, gient
central valleys March 2nd, Eastern
States 4th.
I advise all readers ol these bulletins
to be prepared lor severe Btornisdurii g
the passage of this distuibnnce.
Temperatuies will go very high as tl o
low or storm centre approaches, noil a
cold wave, with snowstorms north and
cold rains south, will follow. These
great extremes ol weather will make
it very disagreeable. Precipitation
ucrease during the high temperature wave.
A period of eight days' severe cold
progress  eastward across the con
wag   made   too late in tl
A  series of district exhi
Wl- DNESDAY, H-.-lKlAKY 24,190!
Apropos  oi  Ibi   fact  that Capt.
[atlow, provincial minister nf   lin-
i.. •. i.a-   in-.-, -ted   a  large Bum of
tbe laat  British  Columbia    .rplti-
money   iu   debentures   .it   ■'.. per
cent, an I   while  a surplus ia most
desirable   in   every   way.   yet  we
tbink  '.bat. with a  provin. •   sui i
a- B > .   srhii ;.  needs development
. . ever;  -■  I on  if it, which devel
•  • agitate the ex| en
.     - .   Kiel- tin £100,000
:. io  ..; I i ii expend-
...    v. u -.- a i. i improve
lor tin he peopb
levelupn ent   ol tha • oun-
'..-   at largi      I be .--..• rnmenl bat
it province before Ihem and ....
.   .   _■   .-. h oh   t tb i he
• \p.-i. liture ol publii i inde an
the plai i.. ol - il ibh men .. on
the Ian i to work it would ' ntu-
all) I'M.-, in n handsome return
lor tiie money invested, besides in-
creasing the value of tbe land over
liJO   p'-r cent.     Money spent on a
• .Ionization scheme such as thai
.. . iii be far more wisely Bavi tl
than .i |ilaoed in a savings bank bi
■ ,, ii a low mt. rest. While such
,iu  investment  ,,- the governmenl
lias     ii-i    ii, i ,.    ii, i;,    be  good an ■
sale financing yel  tb-- ni meyooul I
i,.ni been ui i e profitably laid "n
for instance in mc ■ • ■• heim at «
bave suggested,     Tin    larger poi •
tion of this turplu     ii;   •  ipt, Tui
Jow,   ii   plaoed   in   ilu.   lunik- nt
ods the government should   do  a
in   tbeir   power   when   considering j should insert a clause in the bill, if he
any new  legislation.     It would not  has  not  done  so,  to make it certain
be proper, however, for the govern-  tbat every owner of a homeatead Bhail I tit,ent~Mareh 3ri to 10th.   Last hall
menl to for.-.'   any   particular   for-  bave all the  water required  for  <»°-  of month „i|| bo warmer than usual.
entry scheme upon the license bold- naeitio and irrigation purposes online j QMer nor(1) gml eftgt Umu ,n aouth_
Not much rain March 8th to
28th. Crop weather of March will be
bid  up to  16th,  then   lair to end of
ers   by   making   it  compulsory lor; homestead  from  nny creek   running,      t
him to follow any certain rub   but through   "'9    1,ume,tead'    Oircum '
., , ,". . stances  may  very  probably arise   in
  but rather iv.>.. ire   -iti- . ,     ,
l.ilx   pliniilil    be   arranged     nn es ...... connection   with   the creeks   passing
in lb   Eiiouui   ot   arrangeu,   pri t.   factory to trust enUrely to the busi- ., ,        ,    ,      ,     ,
,    ,      ,    . iii througli  li unesteada  whereby a power
from wholesale hrms secured, and a  ,,,...  jaelcitv   t the timberman to .,.,,,- , ,     ■    .
 '     .iuih io C0Ill(Jftlly  may attempt   to   tnke the      For your spring  house cleaning try
summary oi  the general prize lis!   manage the matter to suit himself nater from the creek to tbe detriment * bottle of  Veribrite furniture polish,
B>porti the  homesteader, and this should j 8old at C' "  ll""1^'  C|)'B.
nolo     Suitable amusements, and  ior   in
outdoor  attractions ol a clean and   value of the product increases
;-    be absolutely provided  forin the new
vu in ] r ned act
reiiutable   nature should be looked    .. \ ,^^^^^^^^^^_
,el u «o that in tim<-1
ior  and   every   possible attenti in   .  , . .             - .....
paid to the grounds and buildings, j methods s
Yours truly,
Frank Richards, .1 1'.
IVi r. B, C, Feb. ISth. 1909.
It 1
s  very probable that in a year both
pera-      Edison i',in.,r Theatre tonight.
The proposed B. O. Medical Act haa
aroused much protest. Intended, as
it waa, to stop quackery, it apparently
Kives ton large powers into tlie hnmls
of the Medical A -toeiation and thereby
threatens medical institutions such iih
lint spring sanitariums.
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Royal Standard Coupons
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the coupons bearing the numbers corresponding to those
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All you have to do is to   buy a sack of  Royal Stan
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full details of the contest are on the back of each coupon.
The   housekeeper  who   buys   Royal Standard  is
securing the best llour thai mature milling experience, No. 1
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Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 05 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Dining Hoom*Furiiiture|is pat tie-
ularly essential, and in view ol
tbis fact we have selected a very
desirable line of elegant and
artistic dining tables, chairs and
sideboards. An early inspection
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are asking for such superior furniture makes tbem a moet desirable
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Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
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I'ltki'n r.f ih' Oli'hriti'il Hfini I  " Iinpiriit...!" Hams and Bacon,
III" Sh. IIIII -ill ll"   ill  III.I   I,   Ml    Lllll,
1*1 %■%■"»•*% V %%-%/W%%^%'%'%'%"*V%-V%/». »-3
Import direct from country of origin.
i^iilVJULSTOKEJi  lei. O.
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Large Sample Rooiiib.
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to the Largest Load of Merchandise it ever pulled
S   _■_»_■«   ^ !____■  ■ «     11    I*  I — I   ■     —
LEWIS BROS. & Company are offering more goods for less money than
was ever before offered in the province. The McLennan & Company Adjustment
Sale has been in progress Three Days and much has been sold. However, the
management is not satisfied and have redoubled their efforts. They intend to
make a clean sweep of the entire stock in the required Thirteen Days regardless of
loss or cost. A chance to purchase drygoods, shoes, women, misses and children's
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Do not class this with ordinary season-end sales. Positively every article
in the store is on sale and will be sold. McLennan and Co's. loss is your gain. Do
not neglect this golden opportunity.
McLennan & Company's Stand
Revelstoke  District to be the
Great Distributing Point
Revelstoke people, as a whole, or
rather those tbat really take an interest in the welfare and progress ol
the city, want to eee the city take its
place among the Canadian cities ol
the West, and tbe way to insure its
growth and development is by a united
effort to (tive wide Bpresd publicity
to tbe advantages of tbe city (rom a
manufacturing, industrial aud residential point ol view. Tho Board of
Trade are taking a lively interest this
year iu the advancement of the ci y's
interests, ard has made nn nppe.ti
which amounts to an increasing: i tlort
to advertise the town and d atrlct to
the I eat advantage.
We are oonvinced llutt th tin- bus
arrived to push Revelstoke mid We-u
Kootenay to the front. We believe
that wc urn located in the heart of the
cream of Western Canada Wist
Kootenay lands have spoken lor themselves bv the marvelous yields ul frui'
in the past few years These lands
have proclaimed to the world tbat
they will be a veritable gold mine for
the larmor. As lur the City uf Revelstoke, wo heliove it will I o tbe national
diBliibuting point of tbo Interior and
adjacent torritory, and DO organized
elVort is being made, headed by Ibe
Board ul Trade, to lecure distributing
rati- (rom Revelatoke, which, II
brought about, will at onco result in
the establishment of many wholesale
bouses in our midst. Kovelstoke today is a great city in embryo. In the
near future Revelstoke should be a
second Spokane, in the heart ol a
great inland empire ol marvellous
productiveness. These convictions
have grown upon us and have been
loroed upon us by the development, ol
the peit few years.
Uur Board o( Trade has dune a
splendid work and deserves tbe commendation ot every citizen ol Revel
stoke; but it il our conviction tbat
West Kootonay and Kovolitoke havo
reached the second stage ol development. We have patted thu period ol
inlntioy and oolic. Wo aro developing
into tbe lull strength ul a magnificent
manhood. A groat Inline ia at lho
threshold. Tbe conditions aro ripe
lur an advance movement. Nature
has boitowcd upon West Koutenay
and Kevelstoke evory natural resource
-•mineral,agricultural, climate, scenic
antl loreitry, The evolution ol thoio
natural endowments into llnialied and
inaguiflcint products bal juat begun.
Vancouver Acreage
.Send  Description, Price and
Terms to
Andrew E.  Liddle
Real Estate Agent,   Box   137
600 Hastings St. W«', Vancouver, B. C.
This applies wiih aa much
force to
as to any  other business.
Tlio Oompaiii is represented
in   ihi~   office   liiu-   Good
Rfcords in .I   u ■ in position
| Low Rates ar,d Good Sectiriiy
For full particulars apply to
It (alls tu uur late, wo bolievc, to lay
bruad and deep tbe foundations (ur
thia great and growing country and
city and develop here a splendid in
land empire with a magnificent city
in the heart ol it,
What we need is tbe Uritish investor
with capital to develop our rich lands
by means of honest and law-abiding
men aud win Irom tbem the harvest
uf untold wealth, Then, tou, we need
the manufacturers to take tbe products ol our resources, and through
hia (actoriea bring forth the finished
articlei to supply the needs ol a great
population. In other wurds, what we
need in It. C, iu West Koutenay, in
Kevelstoke, ia mure people—people
lull ol enterprise, energy and enthusiasm—people witb money. How
aro wo to got these people? Sume
wuuld lay they are coining; let „•
play the Micawber act and wait (or
something tu turn up. Or, they will
continue tu cntne—wc noed do nothing
but reap the harvest of the rising tide
nl immigration.      Uut nul
II the people ot Revelstoko will
band togetbir, ai tbe stockholders ul
a great ror| oration, to build up bore a
great city and intense agricultural ai.tl
commercial district, simply as a business proposition, West Kootenay will
soon be in the advance guard ol all
\\ 'Stern Canada and Revelstoke without a peer upon tbe great transcontinental distributing system We refer to tbis as a business proposition
Any money that might be put into
such an enterprise would not bo
charity—it ia an investment. A dollar invested in tbis way today will
bring back tomorrow ten fold to tbo
investor. Kvery manufacturer, every
wholesaler, overy retailer, every banker
—every man engaged in any line of
business.—will profit directly and
largely by audi a growth.
Who will daro say that tbe time is
not ripe Inr such a movement? Wo
believe that practically overy citizen
of Revelatoke is ready with sympathy
and money fur such an agreasive campaign. What our people are waiting
for ia an organized movement to boost
Hevelstoke and diitricts adjacent. The
City Council and Board ol Trade are
getting In the thin end ol tho wedge,
and it il up to tbe public to get behind witb maul and sledge and drive
it borne,
Finance Minister Shows B. C.
Progress in Fiscal Year
The Minister ul Finance brought in
the budget to the legislators last week.
According to tho estimates (or tbe
year ending March .list, 1010, the receipts ul the province will be $5,948,-
620.611, and tho estimates also provide
for an expenditure ol $6,615,798 11.
In his speech Mr. Tatlow defended
the financial policy ul tho McBride
government. Alter reviewing the
•toady and phenomenal inorcase in
the revenue since 11103, he poiutod tn
tbe liBiiennnic surplus ul tbe past year,
upwards ol a million aud a hall dollars, as a fitting culmination ol thut
policy put iulo practice Thii increase, ho stated, was largely derived
(rom tho exploition of natural ro
sources ol the province, notably from
lands, limber and minerals. Whereas
in IU04 thirty per cent, of the
total revenue came from income, personal and roal estate tax, these sources
now  constitute only   12J per cent, ol
the revenue.
Speaking of the use tu which the
large surplus uf the year had been put,
the minister pointed nut that $570, -
0.10 ul the outstanding $600,000 debenture! ol tho million dollar loan nf
I'.llll bus been redeemed, leaving unly
$21,0011 still niilHtaiiiling. In addition
to thia $100,000 in value ol tho 3J per
cent, dyking debenture! of tho province was .' ncured on the Loudon market lor $01,000. A part ol tho surplus
waa also used in undertaking sume ul
the mmo urgent public works iu the
pruvini ii, but the larger portion was
placid in the bank at interest.
Appropriations for Bridges.Fer-
ries and Steamboats
A copy of tbe estimates ol tbe
revenue and expenditure of B, C. fnr
the lineal year ending March 81, 1910,
is to hand frum the King's Printer.
Victoria. Among various itsma of
interest I > Revelstoko ia au  apprupri-
ii tion ol $85,000 in public works, in der
the beading of roudn, bridge! anil
wharves—$2,.riiK) (or a steamboat subsidy on the Columbia river al. .te
Ri'velsloke ami $1,860 lor a steamer
above (iolden, $.'l.riH bas been appropriated lor a ferry at Goldstream tn
the Columbia river, and $1,240 for tbe
establishment mil maintenance of a
ferry at the continence of the Cauoe
river with the Columbia  river.
Included in the supplementaiy estimates lor tbe year ending March 111,
11)00, are $4,000 fur rusds, streets
bridges and wharves, with $17,000 previously voted.
Among the general estimates are
Hospital grants, $180,000,
Tuberculosis sanitarium, $20,000,
(iarno protection, $30,000.
llestructioii ol wolves, | anthers and
coyotes, $16,000.
Forest protection. $117,000.
Education, generally, $611,0611.
Public works, $2,881,100.
We have just received s shipment
ol wall papers for spring, call and tee
tbem—C. B, Hume & Co.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic  Steamship
i'n. .inn. ao Ep. of hir.
Sui. Feb.  'I l.k. Cham plain
Fri, Feb 12 Kmp. of liel'd Jan. 20
Fri. Feb. 26 Bran, of Britain Feb. 12
sm. Mar, 6Lake Erie Feb. IT
Fri. Mar. 12 Emp. of Ireland Feb.26
1st. Class snd. Class jrd. Clas-
$82 «0    $48 7s $11 .-i
IS!. Class 2nd. Class jrd.! Class
$'15 00 $42 JO $.1" OO
Otiibr Lakh Hiutb—
2nd. Class jrd. I'las-.
$4.S no       Jjjo 00
Cheap ralea to Atlantic Seal* nnl
pninib iii connection with steiun
ship tickets
Passengers booked lu Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and all other continental
port h.
For further Infortunium apply tn
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B.Foster,
Agent, A.U.l'.A.
Hevelstoke, H.C.     Vancouver, II. C THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE B. 0.
r                                                                                                                 -\
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HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Local and General
Moving Pictures tonight.
Tbe ladies ol the Catholic Church
are preparing an excellent programme
foi their annual St. Patrick's concert.
Thi regular meeting of Mt. McKenzie Hive No. 6. L. O. T. M„ will
take pl-icc at 2 o'clock p. m., Thursday, February 25th, in Masonic Iiul.
Second street.
Advice? from London, Iin;. , state
that tlie House oi Commons has defeated Austen Chamberlain's moti. ■
to abandon tree trade by a vote ol 27.'.
to 117.
Tbe   l.idiei-   'mild   ol   St.   Peters
church held a very successful alien i
nnd evening "at home' at the rem
dence •■■' Mrs. C. B. Paget, yesterda.i
T lie proceeds will go towards the fund
ol i lie (.tidies liuild.
The adies auxiliary ol Kno.x ohurol
are:; king arrangements lor a fancy
dress carnival in tbe rink on Monday.
March 1. weather permitting, Ti
hands, me prize" >:: be on exbibitioi
in Doyle i Al  in -   rindow
1 Bailway (' nin issi i are nov,
»itting at \ ancouvi r. X■■ less tbi .
fifty three cases will bi disponed t
before the session i- complete I Tie
Commission will sit at Nelson ilttrii ■
the lirst week in March. If Kevelstoke
bae   ■ -...       ii plaii •.-   the}  should be
I res   .'.• :   .;   uci     i thai sitting,
I'I ■ lore Rooievelt wil uot kill any
big game in tbe Kootenays thia year
He lias declined the invitation .( several Kootenay mayors owing to a pre-
i ui arrangement to mingle this
season in Africa witli hippos, rhinos,
|i ns. elephant!, jackal... kstlirs, Zulus,
1; ers. and other big gu uc and varmint.
A del cation of 2,000 persons, advo-
c.itin.: the abolitii n f bars in Maui-
t' ba, waited on the government last
* ■• i rhen were many ladies pres-
■»n •; plauded tiie speaker-.
Premii r K_blm promised careful cou-
•i leraii :. iiis rep y being quite non-
-■ mn it! il nd c icbed in careful
Mr. A. G ! New York, one
he Interoati nal Secretaries of tbe
'i M C. A Kailn a.l Depirtment,
j;..vc o very intereiting  and  iuitruc
ti..- address a Monday ev.-niiig.it tbe
V M.i' A on tin.-* rk if the suocia-
ti :i. which was listened t by a large
i. imbei '. cititeni ,,•■ ■■ ited in V M
C A, » rk
season I r the   wayward viiitor"
■ i    1 ilitoke   is   approaching   .m.l
a.iea.i. we bave iiad several ol tueh
gi nth men   bi re    in    busini ss   In nl
II in Green .. n indi script ..! doubtful
cbaractei was lagged n Friday evening by ibe Chiel of Police, and five
in Ml,- lor vagrancy being banded
out t. him by Police Magistrate \V
\V   Foster.
Nice Five   roomed
House for     $1,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House lor    $1,900
Houses at reasonable
—All kinds of Insutv
Agents for the cele*
KARN Pianos and
Players. -Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
ka.       Real Estate, insurance and Finanoial Agents.     Money to Loan.
New programme ionight at the Edi-
son Tbeatr".
The programme for the St. Patrick's
concert will be varied and interesting.
The wrecking tram, with the fragments of the wreckid cars, the result
ol a slide neai \iilo recently pulled
into Kevelstoke on Sunday.
Supt, Kilpatrick haa been attending
tbe first "time meeting oi ollicials of
the C. P, R. ever held on the Paoitlc
division, this week. The presentation
and sifting of plans for train service
at meetings oi this kind is an innova-1
tiun on the 0. P. R and is being tested
for,tbe first time on tbe tluee western
divieions, Central   Western and Pacific
A member of  the vagrant fraternity '
going under  tbe name ol   Gallon, was
sentenced   on   Monday  to 18 months
hi. \1   labor   at   Kamloops,   by Police |
Magistrate  Foster, for  robbery.   Calico broke into   a room in the Climax
Hotel   on   Friday   uight   and sti      I
watch, n volver, and $,"iO in cash.    He 1
ilso visited other houses  in town and
tried   to   effect   an entrance, un .
was lagged by the ever -i^'lant police
aod safely placed in qu d
While our crit'cisi   in our lasl   uue
ol the condition   ' .lie dressing rooms,
etc, in the opera bouse was perhaps .
little too severe, yet at the same
we think that Mr. Tapping could pay
t little more  attention to tbat pari
be   hi use   to   advantage.    Th il
vant   ol    i   little    care   ..cease:..
•hould   have   the  effeot   ol  spoiling
what   is   otherwise a really line home,
lin't rigbt, and   while  we do not want
i criticize unjustly or injure Mr
ling's reputation ami ng hii theatrics
clients, yet   a   reminder in lhe -i.
lirection cannot be am ill
This is the   time il year a .,.
tverage bobo'i thoughts lightly turna
o thoughts ..I love lor n me   me •■ •• ■
■ roperty ami  effects      It is impost
i expect two oonstsblei to bave their
■ yes  covering    everybody's   premises
• brougbout   the   «hole cilj ail nig I
md the   police commissioners should
rrange tor the appointment ol ipei ii
• they deem   necessary   t.. assist the
egulsi  otHoers,     When   the. vag is
.in,ad it is dillicult (or two - Ulcere to
■• everywhere at once, especially In a
ity like  Kevelstoke-
■• Ing i
• ict'ire- 1
,    E   i       ■ .Vm'i  i., ■    ;•   ' -■   Uld
,' ■     Wi-    imy  the
m.ii ki i    price
■ ■i  ii..-   On-
- ■ I'liarmai j.
i-■ - I  ni   js  |he
:•■ - , • ioni
A c ■< ■•■■ ■-■ ilu liiflhi a. kiaii<
lard I     ■ ■   >  ■'   il   ''..I
" irk.
BEWS' CHUG -ctor:
Social and Personal
■I. 0, Montgomery left thia morning
■  r Spokane.
\\    W   Foster left   last   niglil   oil   a
i -it to I In I Ikttiuigan,
|.. r Klliutl has   returned   Irum a
li illness irip to iiii: coast.
C! 8i McCarter returned on Saturday from it business trip to \ lotorla,
Mr. antl   Mrs, !•'. 11. Lewis have re-
t  rued Irom a visit to the const cities,
K. W, llaggeii   left   ou   Hiinday for
thn enlist on a short   holiday, alter
which be will reilimu hia duties on the
lu.'vny round Shuswap Luke districts.
Tbe   Bridge  Club  met on  .Monday
; night »t the home of  Mr. and Mra. A.
E. Kincaid. At the clnse of the game
I the hostess provided u dainty supper,
I The prizes for tbe month were won by
i Mro.   VV. M. Lawreuce    Mrs. T. E. 1.
Taylor    A.   E    Kincaid  aud    VV. M
i Lawrence
Sibbaldene' was the scene of a gay
young people's evening on Monday
The youth and beauty of Kevelstoke
were well represented. Progressive
whist,   with  six   tables, passed away a
J most  enjoyable  time,  followed by refreshment!, "ad jtistum.''    i'he  many
I delicacies provided were thoroughly
appreciated by tlie young people, thi
'piece ile resiitance" heing 'tardiness
la poco a pi ieo. ' the whole lieing con
eluded  by "mer de glace.     Iianeing
! was ludulged in tiii ,i late i ir the
young people thoroughly enjoying
tbe evening. Mill Paget and Win
Mel eonau provided del gl I i m t»ic
Tbe pn..- wi ini - were Messrs I
Watera • .      .'•.' - H iy! ck Miss
Mel eai  snd M isi H :,:te
Rebekah   Entertainment
\t -    G    i*     Edwarde      lertained
i - . dge N    -I
it ber ret   ■ i ;..
on Wednesday   i ••  n ion tbe 10th  in
honor of the:- Grand President, Mn,
ol   n.w Westminster,    in the
.-   Kebekaba snd   ri I In ri
■■--..   .
ils rtii    nt part   I   tbe i vening
p   '.,     dge  work and initi
, table! were spread
■at dowi       i very nioe repast,
■ -■• ri   '1 ibli ■ cleared
i....   .. ■ ,-    idulged  .n until * very
\[r-       I -.,,.,       Mis-
tnd  M     1 '■   Hooley provided
1 Hiring tlw evening
Mn      ith  gave  an eloquent iddress
: otnnei ol Oddfellowihip—
-.•     i.I      .--,..- Ill    were
ted wil      (r delivery an.I
:.-■■],..,-   , mpri -.seil    feeling ihal
they jl hen nl a Ipcture from
ne wl... prai I
i   il   ihe   preaohed      On Tbureds]
tlternoon   Mr-    MoLsuoblin   held   i
eCSption    at    her    hou:..
ill street i here the sisters ami a
lew or tben, bid good by s to theii
esteemed preaident Ureal praise Is
due to Meadamei Bain, Trimble and
foliffe lor the able manner in wbiob
they fulfilled iheir offloeai ihe com
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
00166 on First St., Opposite the Club
> KtsiB Cui.li_it-.-U. Loans Notary Pinnae
> 0<)^<KK>0<KHH>0<>0<>0^_K><KKH><><> 6-
Dry Cedar, HI inch lengths, full cord of 128 oublo feet -$5.80 per cord.
Dry Hemlock, 111 inch lengths, full cord of I2H oublo feel    $7 per cord,
.Spceiiil iiiiotiit ions on four foot wood and on  large
ardors for stove wood of any length.
This eoal is equal to any domes- Manufactured  ftoni hard  cual.
tie soft eoal on the market,    Nu The  best and  cheapest   fuel  on
clinkers, and makes very little the market.    Free sample given
smoke. to any who huve not tried It.
$8.50 per ton $8.76 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, ltd.
Just Arrived
Gar of Hay, Car ol Flour and Feed, Car of Oatp.
Our prices are tlio lowest on thu market. Come
antl see us if you want any, as we are selling
it last. Our iirocories arc all fresh and prices
right.     Frosh   Butter   and .Eggs always  on  hand,
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.        'Phone 248
Matsuda Defeats Daily in Two
One of the best and most interesting
wrestling matches seen lor many it
day in Kevelstoke took place last
night, the contestants being M. Matsuda tbo well knowu .lap wrestler ol
Vancouver and ohampion welter
weight of Canada, and G, Daily e.x
champion of Oregon and Washington,
in the eiitcli-iiacatch-can. The match
had excited considerable interest locally and a good crowd attended. At
U:4."i J .1 ■ mes, as referee, introduced
the contestants and a minute later the
bout began Matsuda weighed 1 lllhs,
while Daily turned the scale at 136,
the Jap being considerably the heavier
built of the two. Matsuda secured a
fall iu 11.', niinutea by very clever
wrestling, forcing Daily's shoulders to
the mat with a toe and bar hold,
After an interval of ten minutes, time
was called ami the second round
commenced, both being upon their
mettle After ;< abort span
the contestants closed on the mat
and a fair exhibition of wrestling
was given, neither man losing any
punts which would lell against bis
adversary. Matsuda with sever.I
clever moves, kept Daily bard at. work,
the latter getting out ol some very
difficult holds which the Jap lined on
him. Tlie second fall was made in 12
linutes 1" seconds by Matsuda with a
bar arm, forcing Daily to the mat liy
sheer strength, thus winning the
match for the Jap.
Daily put up good wrestling, but
i i- :. t | lite a match for the heavier
and better tr lined Jap.
As   a    preliminary    match,    Sbiba
Marei   two local Japs),  in ten
minnte»  with a rear hall Nelson and
'  -i    .      I     They wrestled ior 11(1
minutei il another fall, though
Sbiba had i little tbe best of it   8hiba
weighed 125 pounds and Marei ISO.
Play in the competition! is narrow-
to   'be finals  the interest
■ - .-in.:      The     r-i
Uual     I   • ..-   leason   waa played last
be   ^lunly    link,   after
i   "...    i,,. '-.ii . undefeated Cup to
mat i mi     nli 'nn. ol business in the
ID   liy  ' -'"re ol  12 10
M gbl   m n' down belore
•   oon - Ination    14 9     1 he rinki
»' re
[confident that they will come out
[ ahead.    The City will not he able to
play Dickey and 11. Calder on account
! of sickness, but players ol ei|tial ability
[ w.ll be chosen to replace them. Aleo
Lillie, ol the V. M. C. A , who hurt
[his shoulder doing B mio grandstand
1 wrestling,   will- be out of  the game_
\l    H<Ksr
\   1 .
W J  W Brown
Kev J '.
I   H   lackson
W A. Sturdj   -
Kevelstoke Lund District,.
Distriel of West Kooteuay.
Take Notiee that Roderick William
Lindsay, of Camborne, B. (".,
occupation, uierchanMutends to apply
for permission to purchase the lollowing described land:
Commencing at the notlli ensl cornel- of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked " R. VV. Lindsay's N. W. Corner Post;" theuce about
8 chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption) Ihence about 50 chains
south; thence about 8 chains cast tn
MacKay's side line; thence north about
50 chains to point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or less.
RoiiKitit k William Lindsay.
Dated Dec. .'tilth. WOK.     feb til
Tenders Wanted
Tenders are invited for the construction ol a new building for the Molsons
Un n k.
I'I.ms .unl specifications can be seen
,n the liank.
Tenders   to   be   in   not   later  than
Wednesday, March 10th.    The lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted,
tc   Malinger.
For Sale
1 will sell two of niv houses on Hrd
stieet, south of McKenzie Avenue,
full two story with furnaccB and all
modern improvement". TcrniB reasonable.    Apply to
Corner of  3rd St. and McArthur Ave.
II. J. WILLIAMSON (lute collector
Kevelstoke Slenm Laundry) having
now the Agency fur the Vancuuver
Steam Laundry, will call at your
house Mondays, Tuesday! and
All Work Guaranteed.   Prloes Moderate
I lie management of the Steam
Laundry wish it clearly understood
that the new Household Kale ol I ilic
per dozen does not include Starch
Work running over 10c. per piece on
Ills, but everything lUe. and under.
Ki.vii.siokh StBAM   Laiimiiiv
A new programme will be preieoteil
tonight ni, the Kdison Parlor I'beatre,
and will include some beautiful Irish
sconei at Lake Killarnoy, alio the
handsome hand-painted picture Mr.
Ku//, as well us first-class oomedy<
There will be no performance on Fri
day,   but  on   Saturday   lhe new pro
gramme   will   include    the    English
Olynipls " Marathon Raoei.
I he magic finish, lor line iuriiitlire
Verilnile Vfttioil, try   it—C.   II, Hume
,t 0o
lust arrived it nice line ol JipanciO
matting! mid mats, call and see I hem
—C. II. Hume A Cu,
,.   M    Ki.    -kip  ^^^^^^^^^^^
.ii   Monday   nighi   Rose defeated
h   ... - .   . .s tette in ibe sen.i
, • ■  ilgiry    i" -    ind wil
,,.■-.,, ■ ol  tbi   - mil i.  'i idi i
l bi
1 in - in■! tnderion rinki
• ■ Roil for I i,t- Horn- cop
iiip    competitions   are
. boal I   mere is .i rink   .1 bens
diet! *i .iv" conceit enough in
them* - to think they c«n trim * y
rink of old   bachelor!   that can pe got
together      Kor   forthet    particular! I
apply at the Lawrence Hardware store
There will he   two  bask el. bill I games •
tonight—lined team v. Intermediates
and ''yin team v Alerts. Ilot.b games
sin,old lie good
Un Friday night Ibe North Stars
piny the High School, II Ilm Stars
win t.liny take   the cup and the  junior
i"ui_;iii! ohamplonihlp, but ihonld they
lost tbey will bave to play oil wiih
the Doyle team for Ant honon,
Thursday al M |. m the City and
lhe   V. M   0.  A,  will   play   lhe   final
Kiime of hockey for llie iiliampuinshi|,
nf Kevi'Istoke Both teams have heen
having   bard   practice,  and  bulb  are
The Burden of Loss
would noi in- io heavy If you
were proper!) protected by a
good I'll. Insurance Policy,
If you are riot now Insured
yon should give iin- mallei
wiih Immediate antl serious
consideration) To go unlit-
ui ed ii lo emu I disaster and
serious iimiiiehil loss. our
termi are most liberal.     Lei
us lell yon  aboul   out   polieies,
ItBAfi KHTATK VM' lN8l ham 1-.
llliVtlLSTUKl!;,   ti.   Oi
Frank W. Healy
The San Francisco
Opera Company
With Teddy Webb, Mabel Day, Geo. Kunkel,
Amy Leicester, Lucele Palmer, Carl Haydn,
and  all  the. old favorites  of last  visit.
" A   Smashing   Beauty   Chorus"
Revelstoke Opera House
Two     glits Starting
Friday, Feb. 26
Geo. W.   Leaderer's  Famous
Musical   Comeny
Lulu Glaser's Greatest Success
The daintiest ot all Domic Operas
Postively guaranteed the
best Musical Festival ever
offered in Revelstoke.
Prices: $ 1.50, $ 1, 75c.
2fi«        Macdonald's Drug Store   ^fi§
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest  Stock  of Cigars and
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
The  Original   Mac's   Mixture  now  on   hand
and made  expressly  for  us by D. K. McPherson.
LOANS        t
♦ ♦♦***♦**♦**■'■>.» J.»■»*♦<■♦*4-*+ *#*Ji**.|i*»l**##*i«**|i**.||i««*»•»
■ vRKHBMAKINO nl iiiodi'i'iitu terms
1) Ladles'«ults fl'tiin #6 up, Apply
Mrs. Glddlns, euro Mis, 0.Qrt'on,ith
street, J11 ■ i 31 iv (i s
WANTED   Second   hand  cooking
Stoves.     The RevelBtoke New
ii ml Seeond 11 nnd Si nre, First Si., west,
/ 1AHH I'AII) lor wen's caul off
\j tlolhlllR. The Revelatoko Nuw
uml Second-hand store, Plrsl si., wesi.
Certificate of Improvements
I I'li.Ui himJ  GalJlIep  Minnnl iltiim. .  MtuHltj in
tlm Trout Uk» Mining Division i.f Wistl
K(Kitfiti(i>- Dlitrlct.
WhAta lu'iitwi    Uu Divide betweenCtiaoudi
■lu-i 1'opliir Oreekl uml   il-.-m >>, mile from
j        A- nt h   Hnilwn.v.
i   Tsko uotjoe tlmt I, Qi H S( Wilkie, actloifM
1 tg«D| for Bdwtrd  Utlllte, Free Miner's Certlfl-
r»to No. IWMin, Iuteud, ility da/a  from date
hereof, Ui npply  to the  UlQIDf Recorder rot ■
Oettifloftteoi rmproTomeaU. for tne parppie ol
uiitaitiitiv n Crown Grant of the above elalmsi
And  further  Uke  notice that ttclion,  under
section 87< mn4 he cnmmeuced before the Inu*
mica of lUOh Certifloate Of 'mpruvemont-,
Dutad tlile fth dav of Mnrch, V.r>., I90P,
'->. B. N  WILKIB,
(lb '-. Trout Lake
Fruit Growers, Assoc.
A meeting of the
Association is call*
ed for Thursday,
Feb. 25th, 1909, In
the afternoon at
2:30 o'clock. All
interested are par
ticularly requested to attend.
Fruit Growers* Assoc*


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