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Empire" Typewrite
For fuse uf operation and perfeetinn
in  results |iruduceii, this   machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $110 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,    -    Agents
jNew Wellington Coal
E. W.  B. PAGET,   McKfiii.ie Ave.
Vol. 15.-No  1
$2.50 Per Year
N )
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Discount Sale
For the month of January wc will run a big
Discount Salt: in each of our departments.
Come in and get your wants supplied at prices
you never before thought of.
For the Men
We liavpexceptional bargains in the following line?
Underware frqiu $ 2 00   to   $2 50   for   if 1 25
Men's eox at
Men's suite at
Men's shirts at
Boys' Hiiits at
for 25
IS 00                    for 10 00
1 50   to   n 00   for 95
g 00                      for 2 50
For the Women
Suspenders           *   50   to   *   60 for $   25
Goats                       5 00   to    -8 00 for     2 00
Skirts                       6 00    to      5 00 for      -1 00
Underskirts            2 00   to      I 00 for     1 50
Ribbon    Remnants   and   a   table full of  other
For the Family
Thirty-three and one-third per cent, discount on
nil furs. Curtain muslin from 15c. to 30c. per
yard. Tapestry Curtains at 25 per cent. off.
Tapestry and Linen Cushion covers from 20c. to
50o. each. Twenty-five per cent, discount on China
ind Glassware.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
We are finding aslot of odd pieces of
Enamelled Ware, these we"are putting
on a Bargain Table and offering at a
reduction ol
All good goods and articles that ure of daily use
in the kitchen.
Book    your    orders  for   Damaged
Pipes with our Plumbing Department
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches nr Agents at all principal points iu Oanada.
Agents in Great Hriiuin and United Stales—London, England,
Lloyd's Hank, Ltd. Chicago - Kirst National Hank, Cum Exchange
National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Hank, San Francisco —
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and  Interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch - A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
25 Per Cent. Off All
Ladies'and Children's Winter Wear
Must be cleared to make room lor
new Spring Stock.
MRS.    A.    CRICK
6 P IHM T    S T U B i: T .
Curling Originated  Four Hundred Years Ago.
Hurr.iy for tbe curlin' I
Here's tae the eurlin' 1
Hip, hip hurray 1 fnr the game wi
the stanea
Tbe roar and the ring o't,
Tiie ilm,t and tlie ding o't,
The flash and the fling o't,
The sweep and the swing o't,
The glint and the gleam o't,
The scurry and the scream o't;
Tbe whirl, and tbe birl; and the
dirl o' the stanea.
This is tbe sort of music one bears
at the curling rink nightly, when
everything is forgotten in the excitement ot tho game. The Scottish
people regard tbe history of curling
seriously and important in tbe history
of tlie nation. They claim that no
other game sn aptly illustrates tbe
national character or tends so much
to the healthy development of physical
mentol ami suciol qualities. Curling
is over 400 years old, but it was only
about the middle of tbe 18th century
that it became a national game. True,
the dwellers iu the stone age were
curlers, but tho "stanes" in those days
weuld be considered geological specimens today. During the last seventy-
live years curling haB spread among
all English speaking people in climates where the necessary conditions
can bo fuiiud. The great bonspiels
of Scotland draw over 50,000 people
ou the ice, and the interest this year
ic the Auglo-Oanadian matches is
sucli ne to attract speetatnrs from all
parts uf the Empire.
An excellent sermon was preached
to all curlers at Calgary last week by
the Kev. W. G. Fuitune,, chaplain of
the Alberta branch of the Royal
Caledonian Curling Club, 200 curlers
being present. The preacher spoke of
the beneficial inlluences of curliug on
men's lives, and drew a comparison
between the struggle to attain the best
iu life and the effort to attain perfection in curling and other Bimiles,
which at a later date we shall publish
in the Mail-Hkkalu.
In no city in Canada will be seen a
more keen and sportsmanlike interest
taken in the game than in Revelstoke;
moreover, the curling club has done
much to promote the winter sporting
spirit. ■' The Knights of tbe Bcaoni 1
here's to 'em."
Cames played in the local competitions, since our last issue, arc as follows :
Equitable Cup—
McRae 11, Dallas 4.
Sturdy 12, Edwards 8.
Burns Cup—
Rose 12, Mchunald G.
Foote 12, Donald 4.
Calgary Cup—
Rae 16, Barber 9.
Field 14, Donald 4.
Only ime game is scheduled lor tonight, Edwards v. Anderson in tbe
Burns, on No. 1 ice.
Revelstoke is likely to be strongly
represented at the Gulden bonspbil
this year, which takes place on Feb
4, 6 aud 0. It is expected that at least
three rinks will be iu attendance, but
the personnel is not yet exactly known.
Those who do go, and who are musically inclined, aie requested to take
tbeir music alung in order to take
part in tbe big banquet wbicb will be
one oi tbe features ul the 'spiel, From
past experience Kevelstoke curlers
knuw that a good time is assured tbem
in (luldfii, and (ur that reason tbe
number ol volunteers lur tins year's
'spiel is particularly large. The curlers
will leave on Wednesday morning in
order to get there in good time.
GliAIOOW, .Ian. 27.—The Canadian
curlers today defeated the Glasgow
province players in a twelve-rink
match at Crossmylotl. Tbe score was
2 111 tO IM.
Active preparations for summer
spurts are already taking place, The
Cricket Club has reorganized on a
splendid basis, and we understand
that lawn tennis will soon be taken
up. There are several new players
this year, who will lie great acquisitions to the club, and it is up to the
men to take a better interest in it this
summer than tbey did last year.
The eleventh annual winter festival
of the Rossland Carnival Aasocistion
will open Feb. 2, with a masquerade
and ball, and cl> se Feb. II, with the
final match lur the hockey champion-
Jsbip of Eastern British Columbia.
At tbe Ky. Y. M. C. A on Wednes
day night latt the road team and the
gymnasium team met in s league
game ol basket ball. Ibe road team
won out by Ibe score ul 24 to I*.
1'iie game was rat ber marred in the
lirst half by rough play, but prompt
measures of the officials Stopped this.
In the second half tbe name was brilliant. The gymnasium team weie
short of Evert Cameron, and bis loss
was keenly felt in the combination of
this learn, who bank on winning all
their games by their superior speed.
Tbe roiid team won out by sheer determination and strength, which bus
always pulled this team out of bad
boles. Next week the Intermediates
team piny the Alerts.
The new buys' quarters in the Ry.
Y. M, C. A, are now taking definite
form and tlie boys expect to have
tbem furnished and lie into them in
another month. Tlie rooms will present a beautiful appearance when
finished, nnd tbe large floor space will
be taken up wilh games suitable to
hoys of all ages. The youngsters are
busy getting the necessary capital together, and have taken a novel way of
securing it. For thia purpose they
have issued stock to cover then mount,
and if you have not bought any, "well,
tbey will find out about it soon and
let you know." Here's to lhe boys,
may tbey have a good time in their
new quarters.
The hockey match on Thursday
night between the City and the C.l'.R.
proved highly interesting, some good
play l.eing put up, Lack of sufficient
practice characterized the players as a
whole Tbe City team proved to be
the better and Stronger team, winning
out with a score of 5 to 1. For the
city Barber, Dickey and Calder made
up a fast forward combination, while
Sawyer and Allum put up a solid defence, Buck making sonio line '-tops
between tbe stakes. The mainstays
ol the 0. P. R, team were Duncan,
Dalglish and Sousci who made several
line rushes towards the enemy's goal,
but were not able to plant tbe puck in
the scoring place. The line up was
us follows :
CITY 0. I'. U.
Buck Coal Smith
Sawyor Poiut Calder
Allum e. Point Sousci
Barber Centre Chambers
Calder I. Wing Dulgleish
Dickey r. Wing Peterkiu
Bews Kover Duncan
Referee—Roy Macdonald.     	
Next Thursday the Baukers and City
meet, this should be a very fast game.
The league standi as follow i
City I      0 2
Y.M.C. A 1       0 2
C.P.R 0       1 2
Bankers 0       1 2
The Revelstoke Hockey Team has
been left out in the cold at the Rossland Carnival, but a series of games
might possibly be arranged with the
winners of the Russlaud tuuruament.
The postponed race between Longboat and Shrubb wiil take place un
Fub. "i, if Longboat is in a tit condition
to run.
Knox Church Annual Meeting
The fourth annual meeting of Knox
Church congregation was held on
Wednesday night, Jan. 27. Tlie pastoral address preseuted by Rev. J. It.
Robertson, spoke of gratitude fur
steely progress and continued harmony during the year. Special mention was made of the increased average
attendance at Sunday evening services
and of tbe large increase in the number  ot  families  in the congregation.
The report of lhe Buard of .Managers
showed that iu spite of the financial
strain of the past year tlie unligations
of tbe board had been promptly met
It was a pleasant BUrpiise to tind the
financial report so satisfactory and
encouraging. The Ladies Auxiliary
reported good work and a revenue ol
over $500. The Sunday School report
showed a large addition In the roll
with increased revenue for its own
work anil fur Hume .Missions. The
piii-i.ii drew special attention tu the
gum! work being done by tbe splendid
stall of teachers under Mr. F. W.
Laing as superintendent, On the re
tiiemciit by rotation ul two members
of tbs board, .Mr. A. E. Rose and Mr,
,1. L. Slark were elected to fill the
vacancies. Tbe congregation look
forward to the work ol another year
with much hope and oiicuiir.goiiient.
Archbishop Sweatman Passes
Toronto, Jan, SO, — Archbishop
Sweatinaii, primate ol all Canada,
tlicd nt 130 o'clock yealerday atter-
iioon, after being ill a week of pneumonia, lie was in bis seventy-first
year. The last ollicial fnnt-L■ in over
which Archbishop Sweiilniau presided
was the consecration uf Bishop Farthing in Montreal,
The ladiei- ul tbe Methodist Chinch
will take a trip around tbo world un
I'hun-day, Feb. 2fiih, accompanied by
their friends. Watch for further de
Ask Relief—Overwork Causes
Wrecks -Canada's Primacy
—Comox-Atlin Seat -Cuba
Victoria, Jan. 'AD.—Lumbermen
have prepared a petition that will be
presented Io the government praying
for relief from the heavy char es that
are made by lawyers iu conducting
cases in court. Tlio government is
asked to adopt some provision for arbitration or Boino inexpensive means
of settling diapn es, and the suggestion
ia made that the procedure be such
thai litigants will conduct their own
Winnipeg, Jan. 30. — Telegraph
operators throughout tbo prairie province on all lines are signing a monster petition lo parliament for an
eight hour law. The preamble de
clares that many wrecks are due to
the fact that operators are overworked.
Where only one man iB employed at
a station he is practically un duty all
the time.
Toronto, Jan. 30.—Tbe Anglican
Synod of tbe Diocese ol Toronto, has
been summoned to meet in special
session nn February 17th, for the purpose of electing a successor to the late
Archbishop Sweatinaii.
Victoria, Jan. 80.—W. W. B. .Mclnnes, W. Sloan Duncan Rosa hihI
Hon. W. Templeman are here. Tbey
are thought to be conferring witli the
Provincial Liberal leaders re the
Ciiiiio.wlilin rent.
Havana, Jan. 30.—The luuo star ot
the Cubpii Republic, on a field uf blue,
ith red aud wmn. bars, fluttered today frum the Palace Del Presedente,
SB the flag uf a free natiun, when Gov-
ernur Magoon formally surrendered
American   control   ol   the   island to
President Gomez, whose inauguration
followed Magoon's withdrawal.
Toronto, Jan. 30.—Steps have been
taken for the formation uf the Canada
Steel Company. The syndicate has
secured a now process nf making steel
at the iraction ul the present cuat, and
that, luu, from cominuii ure, which is
at present plentiful in New Ontario.
The new procees will reduce the cost
of tool steel from $1.03 to ten cents a
Executive Council Holds Val-
uab.e Session
A meeting of the exscutive council
of the Board ot Trade was held on
Thursday afternoon. The ehiai business for discussion was ihe adviaa
bility ol entertaining tbe delegates of
iiult. men, C.P R ullicials and Dominion Express Co. represenlativua to tbe
meeting ol the Fruit & Produce Exchange of B. C. on Feb. 2 aud 3.
It was decided lo make the necessary
arrangements fur a lunoneon tu the
visitors on Tuesday. Messrs W. M.
Lawrence, L. M, Hagar, and W. H.
['rail were appointed a coiiiinit'.ej to
carry out details ol the work.
The meeting authorized the secretary tu make arrangements for having
llie exhibit diploma won by Kevelstoke
at the Dominion Fair at Calgary last
Slimmer, framed.
The question ol the government
Cn'iitnhi.i trallic bridge specifications
vaa discussed, tbe meeting being of
opinion t hat the construction of tbe
piers was uot as it Bhould be, but that
concrete ahould be use Instead ol wood.
It   was   moved   by   A. Mcltae and
seconded   by   F.  ll. Lewis, that tbe
Iiiiiiiii nl Trade forward a resolution to
tbe Minister of Public Worki at Vic*
toria requesting him to reconsider tbe
bridge  sp cilicationa  ol tbe piers ami
pointing out  that the Board is ol  the
opinion  that   current piers-are esseu
I'.. A. Haggen stated tbat tlio CPU.
were applying for an extension of tbe
chaiUr lor llie A.tSt K. railroad and thai
the Board of Trade should protest
against any further extension except
Conditionally that construction should
bo commenced as early as possible
I'he country   round was being tietl up
and  development  hindered   through
lack  ul   railroad service and the got
eminent should   be   requested tbat nu
further   extension   be    given   except
on the terms above mentioned,
E. A. Haggen moved to that elVoct,
seconded by A, II. Allen, (ho roiiilu-
linn being curried, copies to be sent to
•Inn, Mr, Graham, Minister ol Railways; A. S Goodeve, M. P., and Hun.
W, Templeman.
The muutiiig then ailioiirnod,
This is a cut of the
celebrated " kn.vi i:\.\v
Range " that is doing
such excellent service in
many Revelstoke homes.
There i.s nothing io equal
it at the price and no
other stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well as
the Kootenay. We have them specially fitted with
oven therm imeters and all latest improvements, lie
sure you buy a Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Grace 1 tcs fi
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbintr
v W aal::^   '-^b-" * • •
Wftloe -. ...
$ ihe timeiobuy
\ ^m \
A".' •' ■"'
Copyriqkt, 190/
-iqhr, IVO/ /.
MR. DRESSER:—Indeed, now is the lime to buy your
clothes all the way through because the lines we wish to
close will get shorter every day from right now ou aud
you cannot get ss good a pick tomorrow as today.
You see, we don't order any more winter stock and
when we sell 0111 what we bave, we shall have no inure,
but we don't wish any leftovers and are therefore selling
out our winter stock of boy's overcoats at there pricea;
size 21
11    tjg
two only
••   29
one only
..  ^
-  mi
"   :lu
••   81
two only
"    42
one only
•■   :«
■   38
two only
"   33
••    111
one only
"   81
two only
"   33
one only
"   3fi
"   35
•■   ;i">
s 8 DO
it $ "1 75
11 nn
11 on
In 00
a to
s 00
"      5 l'i
tl no
(1 00
7   IK)
4 iiO
8 00
"1 75
ll IMI
(1 00
10 nn
(i to
12 00
a to
12 00
s 60
lo 00
"      8 50
12 no
8 50
12 00
8 50
12 00
S 50
16 (Kl
"     10 60
12 un
"      8 50
16 un
"     Ki 50
18 1 1
"    12 60
Lil i.'.l
'•     15 00
1 SI A III rsiun  IRST
b. e. walkei*. president Paid-up Capital, $1 0.000.000
ALEXANDER I.AIRD, General Mni|M     Reserve Flllld,    -     6 000,000
DRAFTS AND   MONEY ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS  made in all parts of Canada antl :n b   ,       countries.
FOREiG'i   BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     lli
To New York
Nearly 300 men. women and i-hiM-
r'.ii took advantage ol the cheap ex-
1'iirsion rate to New York over tb"
Kdison Parlor railway last night.
The excursion is "ii tonight Hgain am!
those who bave nut had the pleasure
nl a visit to America's famous city
should secure a parlor car seat early.
I 'lie is positively lhe last tbn ugh
i In ot tbis train, "Willie's Party"
I aeetl tlie children and the Com-
eilios were good.
Mountain Lumbermen Meei
The annual meeting of the .Mountain
Lumber   Manufacturers'   Association
took plac )'.-!' nlny •( N. Von, a Imgu
number ol delegate* being present,
Revelstoke was represented by Mayor
0.   F    Lindmark   and   F. W. lima, ol
the i(i veistoke Sawmill Co., ami F.
E Sine, ol the Bowman Luinlier Co.,
and II   li. Happlni .unl (>. 1. it'll liiuinl
ol tlie Arrow Lake Lumber Co, from
Arrowhead. The report will lie given
in uur next issue. Tli MA ILII Ell ALI). REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flfeatl*1bcralb.
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
Supreme anu Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in I'ateiu
OiVice    and   befoic     Kailway
Ho.v. Chari k- .Mi rphv, M P
, t ii LAN & ELLIOTT
.   -    -..;.. Itor-.   i .
ilf.VKi-.-T          ..M.'IKiii r '  IKI   B
-      ,  : : I ■      -  C, ELLIOTT
LI/1"' K- :    !'■'■' I ni ''   I   IM      !;     I   ' '•'    ''' ""
il .. J;. 0.
iii ii ) to loan. .   _ ,,
•i ..       ,-elitoke, li '      Cranbrook,B I.
■: i it
... :.i        ■ 1. A. Hahvi ..
Kev*.l- ikt,, i ranbruok, n. I .
Unequalled  for  purity  ol tunc  nnd
beaut)- of design.
New Scale
iams i lanos
At the head of the list of the I ligh Grade
Pianos in thr I )ominion,
These High Grade Pianos enn be purchased on the monthly
payment plan. A payment of $10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in your home, We are also agents tor
theCHASI & BAKER and  ANGELUS Piano Players.
Ban istel
Solicitor, elc.
i '  .
Tin i anahian Bank oi Commkkck,
. tli  Molsons Bank, ISti
Call and see the New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
i IKS'l ST.,
Provincial Land Survi yor,
Mining Suiveyur
McKenzie Avenue,
I.   O.   F.
Court Muunl '■     ' 181   meet* and aud
Kellov    ii . - "•'-■ '"."!'»
Ho ...     .     t    -   -..    8 i   invitod  "
;, . mm-,, i.il.
11    Vi,  KDWAttDS, K.H
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Cainp, No. 229
■■■    •   ,;;    ' '      tt! wooii"
\ 1-1. Ill     "Ut...
.: . ' ''■
W   li  AllMSI I."NO. i on. I'mii.
I. MtlN'l '. IU .     ""
have io provide for the worst pos-
lible contingency, if the people are
to have continuous light, and while
other municipal improvements nre
going nn, they should not bo at the
expense of a syptem whioh is chief
among tli" assets to the city in
value. Tninin.i to the ;.'i-: producer plant, the lab ' toy of the
citv, great things were expected of
it, although so fur littl" or nothing
has been lhe result. The Canada
Foundry Co. claim that they could
have Imii the machinery running
months ago if the city had curried
i out what it undertook to do, that
is, to supply water continuously to
the producer. Yet on the other
ind we think that the Foundry
Co. have been unreasonably long
Kootonay Lodge, no. is, a. f. & a. m.   .in   the   work of   erection, thereby
„■.'.'.- Tt,,, regular moi ■   bringing it about lhat the tests anil
"*■',        v      Lugs are neitl in Hie ... , ,
.    \       Si   MASOSIi TEMPLE  mail- a re lnude in  winter when the
i •      '/   Oddfellows Hull, on I
t^, the third M '•>?•'"   plant   should   have   been  reullv in
, . ,   >-Aewih   mouth   ut   ai
V--i____.ii ni.   Vis't tue broil    I i     i   • i
..   _ '-_££■# .ci' cordially wei- commission  and doing its work as
-      - - r"~- «i)   Cl .'i". .,. , ,
an   auxiliary   to   the water plant.
F. O. E.
„;.. :...-:   - meetings are held in the Solid h f '1
Hal   ■■ i rv  ] .■   lay ng    at   s   o_.mii.
Visiting brethren are e^dmll^nvned^ ,h
W.E. M-'LAl'i IILIN--... i.'-.i in.'
v. a. PROCUNIER, Secretary.
SELKIRK LODGE No. 12, I. <>. 0, 1 .
l^e'^^ftM..- ileet- ovory Tl.ii:
las   eveuiug in   So!
> kirk Hall atSo'dlocl
p Visiting brethren are
cordially invited t.> .uieud.
eti upon lt would be good policy
to construct concrete piers in order
to secure permanency in a river
where scouring and underwash to
bridge piers is the greatest menace.
The cost of the work would be \m 11
warranted aud require little or no
repairs for num.. years lo come.
In view of these facts we would
suggest that a change be made in
the specilications for the piers and
the wooden |iiling be superseded
by concrete. While this fuTther
delay would probaoly preven completion this year, yet lho fact that
the bridge wns on a solid foundation would   more   ihnn   repay  the
Annual   Meeting  -Election   of
Officers -Bright Prospects
The nuiuuil general meeting of tbe
Kevelstoke Cricket Club wild beld on
Wednesday evening in the City Hull,
many members being present,
Under the utile chairmanship ol
President W. VV. Foster an immerse
amount of business whs done, little
being lelt over for the executive to
The secretary's report of the clubs
doings dining the pust year, and containing ninny excellent suggestions,
was an interesting document.
H showed the present membership
to bo 02, an increase of 41 during the
Thai 2'A matches bad been arranged
by tlie exeeiiiivi', nnd that 22 lind been
played, bail weather having prevented
play in tho last, match ol the cup
That the olub bud won eiglit of the
nine matches played with clubs of
oilier cities ,intl towns, und tb it the
Victoria te.im bad won the cup presented by tbe Enterprise _ Brewing
Company in the inter-club series.
That tbis cup series of games had
proved very popular, giving many
members un opportunity for good
practice and enabling the captain of
the club to make a good choice ol
pi iyci'8 for matches with neighboring
That very cordial relations existed
with other clubs the R, R, C. bud
Thut A, P. Shaw, with an aggregate
iver 400 iuns, und  un  average ( f
over 21 runs per innings, hud tbe distinction uud winner of the batting
prize presented by Mr C. Gooch,
That It. Entwistle, playing iu 21
inning-, Iiul teem eti 77 wickets at a
cost of 421 runs per wicket, antl bad
won the gul.i medal presented by the
club to the best bowler,
That a Limerick contest and smoker
concert bud been held and bud materially assisted the funds ol the club.
Many other items of interest to club
members were recorded Uy   the   Secre
delayed completion  und il
cost of the structure.      Tin   Board i tury.wbose report was unanimously ad-
of Trade   huve   made  a request to °Pted   aud   hearty   thanks   accorded
the   Minister   of    Public  Works to       .     ,,    ,.. ,,
c.   M.   1'iel.l,   tliu   treasurer,   and
this effect and   we understand that   Messrs. Aman, Blacklock und Bourne,
Hon, Thomas Taylor will endeavor I the auditors, in tlieir reports showed
to have the pile plans reconsidered.  tlu' olub '" " 1,Ci,,lll>" condition.  That
.,, ,    . ,'in  membership lees, donations, gran*.
Although lie cosl will be increased ; ,-,.,„, , ;,.„., , •.,, ,        ...    ,
Irom Inn committee and   prohts from
(I. il   K.VIQH1
Cold Rangro lodge, K. of Pi
No.  26,   Revelstoke, B  C.
MEETS     .'LiiY   ' i'.l'.Nv.-i'.
IU   n  ;;i . « ..,!.,,.. i-
lh, in ddfel
Ui:     a:    a .. _i.      1 taltill
Kr. --:.:-   re cjrdially   nvited.
'j. H. BEOI :i'   K     IH.4<
We have no doubt that when trials
'arc made under bettel weather
conditions the producer system will !
fulfil all expectations although the
lessons taughl by tli" severity of
the wiu!"'' sn far must not be forgotten but must be profited by.
I'he pcopb do not object lo paying
taxes ou machinery and equipment
■vhich will   ensure  continuous ser-
tbe Government wi
tbe long run.
iv it in entertaiiim uts, the receipts amounted
, to $'A*1 26, uud that the expenses, in
j eluding  new outlit, priming, postage,
I lease   rental  aud   the entertaining ol
I \l.\IT.I> MONE^ visiting clubs, exceeded the reoeipts by
Ilu■ 11- is u good deal "1 hypocrisy   "ut *°-
,, ,        , .-     ,  • The Grouud Improvement Commit-
in ihe contempt for tunned monei. ,, ,. ,
tee,   Messrs.   boiler,   Bourne,   Maley,
'"' '» '-v  earned and gained from   .vtkinsaud Kield, reported tbat MessrB,
some  medium   that   is contrary t"  Field aud Vtkins had secured $20450
I ir the speoial  purpos-e oi improving
the cricket ground und pitch, and that
the laws oi   the   community, or in
other wo .i- mi !.'     . b i
under  the   supervision  ol   J.   .Maley,
ind been   expended  entirely
_ '_i l!' ■"'oTr„1'1' ;,f K-   v"-'1' fur twelve ,m'"ilis ' ' llu' .^":lr'  direct opposition t<    the moral and  on ground improvements, in  clearinij
but to   pay lor  con-.inii.il intcrrup-  dviJ llw. ,..■ .;.    countrv,    | nfor.   Ibe   back   partly lining ia ditch nnd
-■ .   ing, pitch,    Thai.
tich bad in tho bo^t of US,
A:. ; -   much good ia tha worst ol as,
That i; hardly behoove^ any of us.
To taU about ihe rc^t of na.
man)   years  I   it the citi- lernlPtefl1^    lmdfr "' « „   , ted that the club I r
Public   opinion   is ,.-■ tting to I
very stro: - •■■•■ r thi      nt        I in-
terruj lions   ii    thi    el   trie  light
power   - ■ this   'being th
• ■ - . I to put up with   - . •
e this in    iveuii i b<
. ■■ hands ovei his I     is and
bat  hi
dim        • . .     . = con
: . - ed I
This -   ; I .   .'
•     . ■      . ■     ■• ' - .:. the
:     '    '     '.
ii     ir hili
.•    -   .    ■ ipe with an,
iy arise.   The
■■ ii   I thi     ng li ii n
''.- '   rbines ha        er been
[acl   has been
pr   • I  has g ,-en risi t< coi
trou   •     and     expense,
..' • ; .   ' ! ■ '.   .    ■:
poss        langei   "f tin
,   tin',     i   thi
tiuns   and   inconvenii m
thereby and have an elaborate und
costly plant lying  idle, either ft
lack of  systematic arrungemen tor
else from causes arising fi .::. clim-
itic   conditions   and   other
ks, the  public  will   noi
lie cil   count      -■■ ■    ■  ii.
point   whei    the
, ■   .
iiileh noney 1
■        er $200  was ui gently needed to
the   preparation   ol    the
indivi I ground in rly s ring, and thai
.- was "ii.  necessary to collect that
:;'  V.
1..-. iptain, F, H. Bourne, mada s
i . . .esiioi,  ii,   his  report,  that
.     - - '     -1 ""!"   under 16
.   : e  encouraged   Lo join
ind that the  new  executive
idi  .i, a smaller member-
eta than liity cents for
.'.' .:',..- '        - aft8r
.      , -
That, if funds allow, u niiin be engaged during tbe summer months to
keep the ground in order, and thut »
more suitable olub house for outfit bo
built, on the ground.
That correspondence furthering tbo
formation of an Interior Cricket
League be continued, and tbat H. B,
Atkins act in this matter for tbe club.
Mr. A. P. Slntw generously announced the gift of u bat for club uso.
Some few mutters were left witli tbe
executive to deal with and this enthusiastic meeting adj turned about
Kililur .M.Iii.-Heiialu.
Ueab Sut,—This town is certainly
noted for its originality. At the ice
carnival 0, March wns awarded
"Comic" prize for representing "Mep-
bislopbeles." We think Ibis lhe lirst
time in the history ol oarnivals that
Biicb u costume wns awarded comic
prize. Probably the judges will realize
that it is a more t.ragioal event thm
cjinienl should they ever meet the
person whom he was supposed to im
Yours I inly,
The Uppehouustehs.
Bevelstoko, B. C, Jan. 28, 1009.
of John Smith, lute of  Malakwa,
in the I     ,1  ee of British Ooluin-
bla,    I   .       d.
NOTICU i.s hereby given pursuant
lo the Trustees and  Executors Ael.
to nil creditors of tbe estate to deliver
to the undersigned before tbe 27th day
of  January,   1000,   full particulars of
claims, ve. lied by Statutory  Declaration.   Afte-such date  the  Executor
will proceed to  distribute   the  assets
aet: li'ding to law.
ol' Div'bOIis   bers, Vm   im, B.C.
Solicitors fm' tbn Executor.
Dr.ted Ihis I7lb   day   of  Decemebr,
A .1)., 1008.
Notice to Contractors
luoNwoim, Ci
l MUI A lllVKH ItltllKil.. Al   It)-
KI.STOKK, If. 1'.
CfKAUCO TKNDKRS, endoraod "Tendon for
O Wroughl and Goat Iron, per pound," wiil
bo rocoived by ilio undonignod uptoandiii'
eluding tho8tn day nf Kebrnary next, for ilu'
nmnufaoturo and dolivory, f.o.b. can at, Rev-
oleLoko, nil ilic Ironwork for iho above bridge
as called forin tho Iti I in of Iron and Dmvtnga
tipoolflcalionai drawings, bills of iron, forma
of contract and lender, maybe seen at tbo
otlice of tho-Public Works tfugtueor. Victoria.
B.O.J the ollice of the Provlnolal Timber In-
apeotor, Vanoouvor, IU'; and atthooMooof
tf'e Qovornment Agent, Kevelstoke, 8,0., on
and after January -'nh. next.
Kach proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank cheque, or ccvtlHoato of doposll
on a charlorod batik of Canada, made payable
to tho undersigned, in ihosum of nine hundred
dollars (UOO.OUJ, which shall i»e forfeited if tho
party tendering decline to enter miu contract
when called upon to do SO, or if ho fail to complete tho work contracted for. Tho cheques
or ocrtlfloates of doposil of unsuccossful ton*
tlerors will lie returned to them upon theexo*
cutlon of the contract. Tendon will nob bo
considered unless made oui on the forms of
tender supplied, signed with Lho actual .signature of the tenderer and enclosed in the envelope furnished,
Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily
K, ('. GAMHIjE,
Publio Works Engineer,
Dopartmonl of Public Work-,
Victoria. B.C., January 20th, 1009.      jan J."(
Notice to Contractors
vac   ..■        ti ily adopted
■ ither and otherwisi
. d
I have   been
light and power
.   ■       /. :
.   .   ■■ ei ' '
Till   TRAFFIl    1.1,'liH.I'.
.mi- ■ a ulverl
-I,   at the  locul governm
md    ill (or u   woodi . ■   !'
i ■
Hltli'iu:. COl.UMilU tin nil AT ttl-lt l.l.S'l 'M
CiKALKD TKNDEBS, proporly Iniioraod, will
n be received ty tlio Hun. lint AtiiiiHtir of
t ublla Winks up lu nuil Including Monday,
I iiinmry 8i.li next, fur tbe erection aud completion of a bridge aorosa llie Columbia Ulver
ai. Itev cltloke, H.o.
Drawings, Bpoclfloatloni), and oundlllona of
tendering and oontraot may lm booh al tlio lin-
partment "f Public Wurks, Vlotoi-la, II.U., at
il,,- uilli-u uf thu Provlnolal Govortiment Tlmbor
I i.-pi-, ,,,r. Vanoouver. B.C-, and at ilm Qoveru-
unlil. Dilii-f. RovelfltoKe, Ii.u . un iiini itflur tlm
warn- pu        .      te in thi   torm ol h  .,,,,1, ,„.,.
k.hIi londor musl bo aocompanlod by an accepted  iiunk i'1't'iuu or certinoato of doppidt
inadi pnj-abloU  Hun.ilm Minister of I'uh
ile Works for llie sum uf two thousaud dollars
.,  whii h -hull do forfeited 11  ilm party
d gdecllno iu ontor Into contract when
.i,uu iu ,lu no,    Tlioobctjuea of iiii-ue-
oi ml tondereru will bo returned to thorn upon
 ,' ton uf ll"i runt runt.
I'he oliequc nf the Buoceflflful tondoror wil] lm
tl  1 upon Iiim fiiriu^liiiiK it Inuiii MllUliu:-
i tho Hon. the Minister of Publio Works
ram of mn ilm,i-,n'd (IIO.IWOI, for lho
.,,,,, ul the conl ract.
endor will  bo considered unlessmodG
 i.n  supplied, signed   wiih  lho
- .; ure ol lho tondoror, and onolosod
: .;.   furnished.
i   ,    .,-.      or .my ii'u,I,t  nu' nacossarlly
i . c i, IMHLIC,
I'ubllo Worl   ti,ini,it
..I .,1  I' lllll,    1\ .,,_,,.
■ th lanuary, iho      Ian 23
instead i i July.
•   be ,,:"1""1 "■'"'
i   1900
'     ■
II  I.    .
'.      II     II ,n
i    woodi .   i'i    the  ' ii
.niiin and in
rticture       Sow that the (In !>ad
ili-i ided    to   build ' '■'■■-
• ■,.   ibe   peopb Revi inone. ul ?ui h i
•   '             111
'■,:     - grow ■
: i .   '          ■   '    ■
0 • ll 'Tie cut -
r   ,  '    ,i    i'i-.:..'.     .''
■ ii .on ahould
i'i';"    ' i
....           '..
ol the watti
. 11 .     It
lo insure t onliu
I of llll
gei."i itorg,    '1 he m
■re Hi
year luu-  made  it
.lain    .      ive
hould be sa ...
iin   ci ip| "'i   up n   i
■  ■■   pei ii. inency   ol   a       i    tin
ull     s i'U   pi' r-    in   i river
i   e   the   Col mil,i.i.      \\ ''  ■■
!  ■.■    il   |j||     ll   :    ■■     l."I bit   .      I
deiired yet we  think that tho Uov«
i, i.ineiii   Iiiik  made a   miiitake  in
t putting in concrete  pier-.    We
nwar" tbat tho cost of  concrete
onsiderably above that "f wood
I'd -i'i," iiiiiii}.' yet on lho other
ivejhund at tie) bridge has been decid-
id ol !,|i|iu,r
.  ■     m   Le
i ..: .  fi i   .i i.ei   I lung-   iii lik
ed  il       k tin
"       I   ;
'  ■, ■ .      Ing  I     -  ■ •, ■       ' •■
v«l 1 II
II. .1. U 11,1,1 \.M.-.ii."'   'iii     ..
Itovelstolce Sleam I        li      liating
now ilm Agonoy for the   vancotivei
Sleuiii   l.iiundiy,   will   call   nl
bouse    Mondays,    ruesdaya    and
All Work CuanintaoU    Prloes Moderate
men.!.' ,.      I f'i
uitho i/' 'i
- .  ,   nutfit  during
lm fortbcouiing vi. il to Rnglanil
'iv,  math by Mra. t     I
gu ui/, .i prugn   ' i - whiat
•■ i • i.n ii ry lor tin' purposa ol
i   , olub lunda be  hearlIly taken
up by i bo uiemDi i.'
Tllttl 'loi nn.: 11 B   a mer   I lm  olub
have a boat excursion on  the Columbia nver,
■■ ,    un i [Mi irii i.
■ Kooti ioi',,
i»k-   until 0  H.nl I.    ('.    I;,   f iimb   of    MI li lie
. upallon  mill  owner,   luieinin to-
■ inn tu i un lm-'- the f. How ing
,,:■   I   ;„!)<!.
Cora men     .- ■■  fl no I | I inti J al  [lie louth
HrMl   rorner of  I ol   7MH  and   ior 1 bed ■ <:  ft
Lamb a   so itbi    '   erirnei   poat, '   thenee  20
pbafofl weat, ibefice 20
th, i halna eaat to polnl of
nn oontalning nt acre« more
■ HAI ' I .   KOHKH I   IAMB.
fi B. v wilkie. Agent,
or em hi r .'im, I'JOa
K. .. I ilnl .  I.uii.l Iii ni' i.
ii  in i of Weal Kootenay.
Take nnl Ice I hat frank O. Winter,
nf si, I'.i'ii. MinneHotii, oorupatlon
uin, li.ini. Intends ,o apply ♦,. peril n 1,1 pui'chase  the following do-
serlbetl land*;
i 11111iii.-11, |ng ui ii posl planted al i lie
iuiIIi-wi'hI comer of Lot 7000| thenco
in i 110 chaliiBi i hence north 80 chains;
thence ea st ID chalnsi thenco louth in
chains; thonoo easl 20 chains; tlience
-.oulh in chains to point of commencement, containing lOOaores.
Frank 0. Winter.
Date: Ueiieinher 11, IDHtl. junllUOd
Big Discoun
on all
Cask Sales   m
Doyle & Allum, lid.
• >*. -v.-V-^.*:.*.^ 4t'»,'i'»»%*'****t. Wt^^%%^%^<k%^i^ V
'  P.    BURiMS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED.
&EA.D OlfKIOR 1    CALOAHY,    AL11KKT ..
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork I'tifkevs and Dealers hi Live Stock, Markets in all the prlnci
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Oolumhia and tha Yukon.
I'.u'ki'i-i of the Celebrated Ih'uinl " Imparatui'" Hams and Bacon,
nil "Shamrock" Brand Leaf hard,
Revelstoke Assessment District
Notice is hereby given, in accord-
unco with tbo Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and assessed luxes
and income tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Act" und
amendments, are now duo and payable for the year 1000. All taxes collectible for the Revelstoke Assessment
District ure due nnd payable at my
office, situate at. Kevelsloke. This
notice, in terms of law, is equivalent
to u personal demand by mo upon nil
persons liable for luxes.
Dated al Hevelstoke, 8th January,
Deputy Assessor  and Collector, Ituv-
t'lstuke Assessment District, Revelstoko Post Offlce. i.inll tud
Certificato of  Improvements
Lust Chance aud Lost Chord  mineral
obihiiSi situate iu  the Trout Luke
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Whine   located;   Al   head   of    Coon
Creek,   No till   Fork   of LiU'dcuu
Take notice that I, O. li. N. Wilkie,
uctiiiL' us agent for Henry \V. Schloi«,
I'Vee Miner's  Certificate No.  H010I5,
intend, sixty davs from data hereof,
lo apply lo the Mining Recorder l'or it
Certificate ol' Improvements,  for the
purpose of obtaining ii Crown Grant of
the above claims.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 117, must lie eonuneueetl
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this  llth day of January, A.
I)., moo.
jatil3 00d O. B. N. WILKIE,
Hevelstoke Lund District.
West Kootenay, Ii. 0.
Tako Notice that 00days after date
I R. W. Lindsay of Camborne, ti. C,
occupation, merchant, intend to apply
ior permission to purchase the following described lands situated on Fish
Hiver, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the norlh east corner of A. I). MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 und marked " It. W. Lindsay's North-West Corner Post;" thence
8 chains lo west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption; thence 50 oholns south;
thence 8 chains east to MacKay's;
lbeuce norlh 50 chains to point of
commencement, containing 10 acres
more or less:
Located Oct. 15th, IfilW,
K. W. Liniisay, Locator.
Revelstoke Lund llislrict.
District of Wesi Kootenay,
Take notice that George H. Prank-
forter of Minneapolis, Minnesota; occupation college prolessor, intends io
apply for permission to purchase tbe
following described lands:
Comiiieneing at a pnsl planted at
the southeast oorner of lot 7(180, thence
west till obalna more or less to (he
boundary of lot 7II7II; thence south 20
chuins: thence eust (il) chaius more or
less to tho shore of Arrow Luke, thence
along said shore in a northerly direction 20 chuins more or less to point of
commencement, containing 120 acres
more or less,
(ll'.l)ltill':   11.   l''llANKI't)H'l'|.'.U.
Date) Deoembei'U, nuw.      janOOOd
Tested stock, Heeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, from the best
growers in England,
Prance, Holland, the
U n i t e tl S tates, ami
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Pei tili/.ei's, bee supplies
spraying materials, out
flowers; etc.
140 Pnjro Catalogue  Free'
M.   J.    HHNRY
liieeii Houses aud Seed Houses
3010 Westminster Koud
Certificate of improvements.
Kingston, Maggie R, Tongue, .Senator,
and Pillock Fraction Mineral claims,
Bituale iu the Lurdeau Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located—On tbo western slops
of Lexington Mountain near Cam.
borne, 11. C.
Take notice that I, P. li. Hloehbei-
ger, F.M.O. No. li, 2.'(I122, agent for tho
United Kingston Gold Mines Limited
non-pei'sonnl liability, Froo Miner's
Certificate No, b 01842, intend sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Ceuitloateof
Improvements, for the purpose of oii-
tainlng Crown Grunts ot the above
And further take notice that action,
under section j7, must be commenced
lief ore the issuance of such Certidcaio
of Improvements,
Dnied tbis 21st day of December,
A.D., 1008.
P. R, lii.tiiiiiiisutiKit, Agent,
Certificate of Improvements
Winslow Mineral Claim, situate in the
Trout   Lake  Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where  located;—At  head  of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Take notice that I, O. II. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent for Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C. 8703; William Henneu,
F.M.C. No. B«5S77i Bruce White, F.
M.C. HI 1521; and P. II. Murphy, P,M,
C. U22087; Intend, sixty days from Hn.-
dale hereof, to apply lo the Alining
Recorder for a Oerttlloate of Improve
ments, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant ot the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under .Section 87, must lie commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 20th day of October, A,
D„ 1008.
oct 31-00d O. ti. N. W1LK1K.
Hevelstoke Land Dlstriot,  .
Distrlet of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Walter P. Confarr
of St. Paul, Minnesota, oooupatlon
printer, Intends to npply for permission  to puii'b.ise  the  following de-
iiilied lands;
Oommonoing ul a pust plantod along
ii It- of tho ic nit iiul south-wosl eorner pust of Lot 70711: tbenee west 10
chains along Hie soulh boundary of
Lot 7II7H; thence smith 10 chains;
thenco em-, in ihainsj llionco north 10
chains In polnl of commencement,
containing inn acres,
W.M.TKII   P.   1'llM'AUU.
Dale: ll inhei'K, ltKIH. junO OOd
Notice is hereby given ih.u pursuant lo
die provisions ol Uiaplcr ms ul lhe Statutes nl Canada 7-8, Eel ward VI I, Shuswap
ml Thompson Rivers Boom Company
have died In lhe offlce of ihe Dominion
Lands \geni al Kamloops, B.C., .und in
lhe odice of The I lonourablu lhe Minisler
ul Public Works al Ottawa, Outario, plans
ml   spcclflcalions of certain booms and
I her works proposed lo ho constructed
by -uiil Company in, over and along the
North Thompson Rivei in the Kamloops
livision of Va|a Distriel in the Province
of British Columbia ami 1 hal 011 lhe 101I1
,!.,i ol  February, 1909, al  ihe hour of 11
,lui It in the forenoon, or so soon Ibere-
.iin 1 as die application run he heard,
u|i;ilu utii'ti will be made by the undersigned ie Id-, Excellency the Governor-
iii-l'oiiiiiil .11 Ottawa, Ontario, Inr his
approval to be given to such plans.
Dated ihis 4th day of December, njo8.
sin sum' ami Thompson Rivers Booh
By Ouu L_u.liun.iiJ, Secretary,
L'cc, y, bo d
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to npply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for permission to transfer to Arthur Evans, of Beaton, B.C.,
lhe retail liquor license held liy me in
respect of the premises at Beaton,
known as the Hotel Beaton.
Dated Dec. 21st, 1008.
dec 80 WM, BOYD,
Revelatoko Land District.
Distriel of West Knolenay.
Take nolice that Annie Louisa Cop-
Ian  of   llii/.elwootl,   West   Virginia,
occupation married  w an,  intends
Lp apply for permission to pun base
Hie lollowing described lauds:
Commencing al 11 pusi planted at
the south west corner of Lot 71KHI;
thence soiiili gOcbttlnsi Ibence easl :'ii
chains; thence south iJOcholnsi tbenee
eust 10 chains; ilieuee north iO cliains;
Ihence west 00 cliains to point of com'
mencement, euniaining 200 acres,
Annik Louisa Coi'i.an.
Dale; December 0, HJ08.        janliood
KeutilloaUon ot Qrown urant
WiioreaB oh the 20th dny of [jovoraber, 1907, n
Ci.iwn Qrant was Issned in tho numoof rrotlBi*
id. Waslilxmruo for Lot 8U7, Group I, KootU'
iih>' Dlstriot* Thnt uy id one 9 has bIiico l>eon
been i roduoad Bhowlng that tin. b* id Froriercj:
Waabbourne died on tho 7th of August. iWtl,
sdiiio timo prior to lho IsaUOIloa of tbessln
Crown Qrant. That by agrpemeDt dated .'ih
Au^uht, 1900, tbo said Froderlok Waanbon no
osBlffncd ull bis osi te, right, title ntere>c,
cluim uud cluniand wloitfobver in the Bniq hunl
to Thomas Sna1 !ta McPharson.
Notice is thiTuroro ho'-ohy glvoDi In imrsii
nine of Septlon 98 of the "Land Act, that it is
the intention u> oaucol thesald Orown Qrant
Issued in thoimmp of Frederick Washbourne
and to Iune > a in Itastoad In the name of
Thonioi Bhanka McPherson three uuuitl.H from
tho uuLf1 hereof unless good cause is shown to
!•'. J. FULTON,
Chief (.^juimid.iionor of LhuUs aud fforka
Lands and W. r'. - tJeuartrneub,
Victoria, li Ui Uth October. 1W8.     uoUl-.'Ja) THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE,
B. C.
$250,000 IN PRIZES
Given away every month
absolutely free with.
Every 491b. sack of Koyal Standard Flour leaving our
mills contains 1 ti 1 n bered coupon, On the last day of •ach
month, ten numbers will be drawn and published in the first
issue of this paper following. To each one holding the
duplicates of these numbers, we will, upon return to us ol the
coupon, deliver free of ail charges to any address, a
Handsome China Dinner Sel:
of One  Hundred  Pieces,   value $25.00.
Full particulars on the back of each coupon. Begin
saving   them   today.
Remember we guarantee every sack of Royal Standard
to be the purest; sweetest and most wholesome bread flour
011 the market.
Manufactured only by
Capital - $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches iu Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Lining Room Furniture ,4 particularly essential, and in \iew of
ilii" fuel we have selected a very
desirable line of elegant and
artistic dining tables, chairs and
sideboards, An early inspection
ihould be made, as the price we
are asking for such superior furniture makes them a moet desirable
decoration. |
.'f. ttm Am m'tm A.  ."fr.  ■'t'l At ."fri Am ,Vt . _T.  Am Am At At Am  A. Al At  |T| At  |Tl  A*  At At
*   S.  McMAHON   I
John   Drre
plows, burrows
wagons  and
farm luipll-
'   ill
$ .
fa inents of a
± kinds
3[ All Orders Promptly Executed
made   antl  repaired.
Horse Shoeing
11 Specialty
First Class Work Guaranteed
Import direct from country of origin.
Central Hotel
fl—       RFVFI STOKF   B. C
Newly built.       Flrst-olaSS in every respect.     .Ml modern convenience
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rats8$iaday,    Monthly rate.
J".   ALBERT     STOGIE      PBOP.
Queens Jfotel
Hest brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Pulp Concessions  by Government are Basely Abused
Apropos of the pulp iud.i-try the
following article which appeared in
the Victoria Week states correctly the
bluff tbat pulp concession holders
hive and are continually putting up
to the government, The.'e concession-
have been "bused time after time, the
agreements made by the parties to
erect pulp mills in consideration of
tbeir conceisiotiB lor large areas of
timber lands being repeatedly broken
aud requests ninde for extensii 11 oi
time, which bave been foolishly
gianted bv tbe government. There
would bave been no harm done il the
agreements bad teen kept, but this
continual bintv of tlie concession
holders, wbo _>re consequently tying
up valuable timber arena, shoiiid be
no longer countenanced, aiid the government shiiiiltl tnke steps to free
these lands from the clutches of unscrupulous parties who are a menace
to the legitimate development of the
public domain. A further instance of
the graft tbe ptil, concessions on the
Skeena river may he mentioned Such
business should lu put a stop to by
the government for such concessions
under such conditions will not be
tolerated by tbe public. Tbe Week
"Some yeara ago, longer than the
Week can remember, but ut any iate
live or six, a concession wns grunted
by tbe Provincial Government for the
establishment of a pulp industry on
Vancouver Island. The details of tlie
concession netd not be r-.eitel here us
tbey are tolerably familiar to every
persou over the nge of ten, in nnd
around the City ol Victoria. Il is
snllicient to buy that the cencestion
carried enormous privileges over a
Urge limber area, wbicli lias now beeu
tied up all these years, and withdrawn
Irom public sale. Also that tbe con.
cession specified thai something substantial iu the shape of milling and
manufacturing should be effected
within two years. Whatever tbe intention ol the promoters may have
been the course which followed waB
the usual one; indeed it is doubtful
whether such concishoos are ever regarded seriously by those wbo obtain
them, tbe main object being to secure
something bearing tbe imprimatur of
a government, wbicli can be prolitably
peddied. . The pulp concession developed into the l^uataino Power and
Pulp Company, ar.d has been peddled,
not only from tbe Atlantic to the
Pacific, but in pretty nearly all the
mirketa of the world, lu its anxiety
ti nffoid every opportunity to the
holders of the concession to "make
good," tbe government bas renewed it
from time; but as nothing but broken-
down deals, and disciedit to the province has eventuated, it was generally
understood that no further extension
would be granted. Indeed it was not
reasonable to look for au extension
after the fiasco of the past, and especially now lhat there numerous buyers
in lhe market who would be glad to
purchase the limits as ordinary timber
sections. S >me of tbe firms, wiih
with whom the l^ualsino Power and
Pulp Company have negotiated for
the sale of the concession looked
rather to make a timber than a pulp
proposition out ol it, snd have gone
the  length   nf  ascertaining, or trying
to   ascertain,   to   what   extent   they
would   be  permitted to dispose of tbe
timber as lumber if ihey incurred the
minimum of expenditure iu  tlie production of pulp.    A week or two ago,
however,   something    startling    hnp-
pemd.    Wiih the meeting ol the local
Legislature close  ui  baud it became
necessary to do something, so wiih a
great  Jourish  of trumpets the daily
preos announced, of course on information   supplied, that tbo property hud
been sold, that capital would  at  once
be forthcoming, that pulp would ne
manufactured, that an important new
industry   would   be   added   to   those
already   IIjurisliing   in   the   province,
and that in Bbort the provisions of the
pulp oonci .-.nuns would at list be complied with.    This  read   very well, and
no do duo.11. if il cuuld have been substantiated   would   have   been   highly
gratifying,   hotli   to the   governmenl,
and   tu   the   public.    But  there aro
several  notable omissions,  especially
iu .tlie   panegyric   which   the   daily
papers   print   ou    the   new   venture.
There is a notable absence ot inllueu-
iiul names, there is no deliuate  statement   as   to   the   amount ol capital
which  has actually   been   subscribed,
and   fiom   information   received  tbe
Week is disposed to believe that the
millions Bpoken  ol  as  available are
slili safely deposited in tbe cash boxes
ol the)  inhabitants  ol  Vancouver Isi
anil from whom t e promoters hope to
extract  them by Ibe aid of a number
of expert  canvassers,   whom tbey arc
seeking to engage  for   the  purpose of
selling stock at six per cent, commission.   Tlie stock ii-  i" be peddled in
the   usual   manner of   the   most in-
signiliccnt stock   proposition, just on
tho same principlo as  that on which
the book agent transacts bis business
—so much down and so much periodically.    The agent ii to get his six per
cent, deposit secured, and the success
of the scheme  is   guaranteed   by the
employment ol an  experienced com
puny promoter "from across the line."
To   such   base   uses   has   the public
domain  been brought  by concession-
mongers in British Columbia.    It will
be interesting to learu what the public thinks abuut it.
_ . _ __^ 	
Frum Our Own Correspoudeut.
K. Hurkins has returned Irom a trip
to Ottawa.
A number of citizens are tilling
their ice houses.
VV. C. Brewer is making a trip
through the prairie provinces.
Mrs. Geo. Wayward, of Galena B^y,
visited friends in toivn thi* week.
The Stuttz Theatrical Company attracted large crowds to the Opera
Heuse on Monpay, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
The annual congregational meeting
ol the Presbyterian Church was beld
on Monday evening. A programme,
in wbicli tbe orchestra assisted, and
refreshn cuts provided by the ladies,
helped to make this a very enjoyable
M. J. Donovan, C. P. K. agent here,
having received a promotion, wiil
shortly leave lur Vanoouver, Mr. and
Mrs. Donovan are among the oldest
residents of Arrowhead, and their de
parture is regretted hy a large circle ul
friends. As p ■ lil ic school trustee uim
in other public ollices to which be bus
been called, Mr. Donovan has always
ncted honestly and conscientiously.
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan will be long remembered   in  connection   with   the
building ol the Presbyterian Church
here, tbe former having been a member of Ibe first board ol managers,
while the latter was one ol the or
ganizers of the Ladies' Aid Society,
which succeeded in raising Hourly all
of the fluids required for building,
Tbey take happiness and prosperity in
their new borne.
!■ V¥B««
Y. M. C. A. Boys' Department
The Y.M C.A. have organized a ven
ingenious plan to raise the funds
necessary for the furnishing of tie
Hoys' Department of the V M. C. A.
The scheme is hi the form of what is
termed a "Boys' Department Furnishing Co, Ltd.."capitalized ut ifDUO and
divided into liUO shares at 50o. each.
Stock will be sold and thereby the required amount of money subscribed
By this means every buy who tukes
one share will become a shareholder
iu (lie company and it will be to i.is
interest to work for that 01 nipany.
The need of a buys' department b..s
been badly felt and it is cliielly
through tbe physical director, W. A.
Alldiilt, that this scheme has been
promoted, Mr. Alldritt takes a keen
and lively interest in the boys aud
tlieir welfiire,and it is to be hoped that
b.lore long the Boys' Department will
be ready for occupati n,
Parents Take Notice
At the beginning of each term a
class is organized lor pupils who are
then of school age. Parents aro requested to have all children who are
qualified to enter enrolled not Intel
than February 1st. When lhe class
being formed at present is oompleted
no more pupils will be received until
tlie formation of tlie next class, which
will take place in August. Due allowance for age will he observed so us
to avoid any injustice
J. T. Pollock.
Uiiiiiifiiotiiro'l [nr all classes nl buildings
for Bale in large or small quaotltioa
at tho lowost prices fnr cash.
a 11 kinds of building and plastering
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bough b
Oash Prices Pain
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
For Sale—34 acres finest
fruit Land at Revelstoke.
Partly   cleared.    On easy
terms.    Price $2185
Loan Wanted
$500 011 freehold security
of 160 acres close to the
Shares Wanted
For client, 1000 to 2000
shares P-iince Mining and
Development Company's
stock. Price One Cent
per share.
=Apply to=
. W-ll- '•'
_•;■ '■•'..-■-■'
Real Estate und Insurance Agent,
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic steamship
M.mlr .,1
St. John
I'YI, .Imi. ii K f Brit.
Hal   I'', b.   11 I.k. Olmiiiplaln
I'VI. Ki b   12 I'nip. ol' held    .I.,,,. HO
IM. K, b. Ud IJ up, of Britain Feb. IJ
s.i'. Mn-.   (11,-ke Kiic Kb. IT
I'YI, Mar. 12 I'hnp. of Ireland Pi b.2H
1st. Class 2nd. Clans  )rd. Class
SS.. 50   $4875       ' $,,, a«
1 si. Class and. Class  |rd, Class
$0500       $4:150       $.111,111
i'n.I. Cluss 3rd. I I.i-.--
$.(<; no       $30 no
Cheap 1.iles in Atlantic Seatu ard
poinl:- in connection wilh steamship tickets
Passengers booked lo Pull.
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, limn-
burg  un I    all    other  continental
Por further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
.    Agent, A.d.l'.A.
llevelHtoke, B.O.      Van .Oliver,!).!'
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
Y,. % '
A  Canadian  Made Writing  Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the result1-- produced the "EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER ie unsurpassed.
The" KM I'I UK. ' embodies
no complicated movements;
while ils in mil" 1 iding align-
iii' nt, margin I faciliiiee,
automatic con. niences, durability, vi-iine writing, minimum of noise in opi ration
ni.ike it the typewriter pur
The" EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be caretl for alr-o due to tbe
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. begun using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
lsiio, continued to add to the
nuuiber, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of tliese machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The  Price
m,.       __■■*_«
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
1 . 2   :j*
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Call for Estimates and  Advertising Rates
All goods sold at cost  and   under   and   all   lines   placed   on   our   Sale
Tables   must  go   regardless of cost.      Good staple seasonable goods.
Ladies' Underskirts
I [eavj bl        ■ .   i    selling   at
jl.     Black satin   wah   deep   flounces   and
lusi flounces for Si.00.
Flannelette Drawers
Child's pi
now 40c. pe
liti   draweis,   regular
Sizes: 4 to 16 years
White ui
rn iv  :• •! •   Si;
Odd   lines   and
mantles, child's
regular  price   75c.
■ nn _) to 1 2 years
We are disposing of  this  seasonable
line of goods at a 25 per cent,   discount.
"\ Q-<XK><K)^<H>00<K)-<KH><H><><KK><><><><?
Beal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Otlice on First St., Opposite the Club
1 uese
whicb sold
are   diis   seasons   best   goods,
at ioe. and iSc. per yard,   now
1 !
selling at 1 2 '_c.   per yarc
iavy, wide width
e. a yard, now ;
c. per yard.
renin.nils,   dress   goods,
'. "i'i jackets, child's bead
I ms, golf jackets,
wear and millinery
:lear these lines to make room fi
hi  new fjooQS.
child's coals,
al your own
tor cash.
RE Iii  &   YOUNG 1
pr-.tr-oejap. mex wmkWKW
<:..--.:   :--"-.- ■
Pure Drujis
'  ;
[loundii        p
.  ...     .   .  d  . bl
prices  are  tin    '    tors
ch bavi built up our
--:• ...   ... i' - presi nl
proj ortions
next   pre-
sci ption   here   if   you
want (satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
Weather Forecast
-.,   ...        ...   ..      il .1. rate wind
:   ettled     I'robal      in ■
. . M ix. 20 '-. M iv  — ID'- .
Local and General.
M  ving Pictures ti
Hi   will   tie ol liged   to  .11 > ol 0111
.... ... I the Mm.  Heiui -
.-   : lai uary I3lh and January I61I1.
. ting of lhe Ski and Suowsboe
will  , •   .n.i in the eity hall 1 11
laj   ..■ nil g, Feb.   i. at 7:45.    A
.    •■. 1 dance  ■ n quest d,
I   .   city   ".i-   inel  111 da 1    ■
■ _   1  •■       .        In    igstall     :
I:.   •■ -1  ke, which  i.- a (im
iition I   that part ol thi city.
ipec .'.   ■'■    ting   ol   tiie   l.ndii
Auri _"•:■. ' . thi   V. M. C. A,,  will   '
,..:..' .;- ol  the  associati n
hni  . M   iday,  February   Ul
,; 3 3i 1 .•
I) n't iorgel * hist   1 mrty undi
mspicec Ihi    I.idiea Hospitn
8d 1". 1 eb.  0, in the 1
1     1 nu 11 1
■    1 ■
,     i eb   111
r tbe 1    • tl    11 tea a;   tin 11
f Mrs. I'rquharl ,
ipping has been appointed cit)
B b baa now a broad -
it ...-. ..■ 1 .•. .- u tti ' 1 ward«
: iniii'ii.i'y gen Ij d tbe
da   nd c.'p[".-r -: :
. 0 nl     ling 1 ;
. •
I la 0111
.11   ;
lor Thu
-       i
I,, I-
Wo aim   :,.  ki ep  only   the
st in Gn cerics,    A trial   order
!■•■  appreciate I   us ue   ure
convinced that we ean save   you
Dor Dread, Cakes and Pastry
are made fresh every day, when
tired of your own baking,
ours for a change, you will
it. very appetizing.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Rents Collected.
iN'otaky Public
) <_KH><><>OOH>0<>-0<><M>00<-K> 6
Nice Five   roomed
House l'or     SI.800
Nice   Six    roomed
House  for    $1.^00
Other Houses  at reasonable
prices. - All kinds of  Insur-
aiK.;. Agents   for  the cele--
bratcd KARN   Pianos and
Piano Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Finnncial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Lumber   prices   have   advanced $2 togethei in an
per thousand feet on common  grades | suitable   for  u
ililice which   is   more
packing   case than a
it   the  coast,  and it is expected tbat I band ataud.
,,it!,.„ ,1 very short time there will he     n   ,.   ftnnive        „, „,,. lilr|h
tn advance affecting all outa de and    ,   B bl). great   Scot lib
interior points,    li is stated   hat tl ,  , (.r!,,„.„„, Ih|_ ,, ,.'k J,
price ol logs baa advanced conaulerably
bereavement in the death of tbeir
mother, Mrs. ti. N'eedham, also well
known as an old time resident, here.
There will be general regret at tlie
announcement ol his death here and
particularly among the old timers ot
the dietriot, who hnve known the de-
eeiiKed for so many years.
The funeral will take place from the
family residence, Douglas streot, on
Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The Mail-Herald joins with tli
friends in extending u message 0
sympathy to the bereaved family.
Business Locals.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Special bargains in Tapestry, Curtains, Curtain Muslins and Draperies
a' C. II  11 nine & Co.'s.
Cur of oils inst arrived. Kor prices
inqhiro nt Fruit Exchange.
Another batch of good second bund
furniture nt the [deal. Come and get
a bargain.
We uve offering many special bar
gains iu our stock-taking sale. Call
and see tbem.    C. li. Ilimic & Co.
Prepare for tbe cold snap this week.
We nre unloading 2 oars of briquettes,
I car Tabcr coal, I car Wellington
coal, and I car of Bankbead stove eoal
is cu the road. Order curly and avoid
delay in delivering when the cold
weather comes and tbe demand is
heavy.    Kevelstoke General Agencies.
School Attendance.
The attendance at the public schools
for January was as follows:
—Div, 1.    15
'•   II.    18
Sli 12
1—Div. 1.   24
—   "II.    2'A
—   " III. IS
so 75
—   " IV. 34
—  " V.    :)H
—  " VI. iH
—   "VII. 53
—    -VI 11 17
84 87
—   " IX    (iO
— "   X    41
711 3d
. -•   -'
:    i
-      1    '
li. _.
lay i
•nice last summer.
The total im migration foi Decern
her, 1908, into Canada was 1,960. Of
ibiH number 2,908 came in by ocean
• cts and 2,862 from the i nited
States. Tbe total immigrate n .1 iriug
ibe lasl cal nd ir yi i
il '.'7 276 .- une ii '
75 124 tr  the I'nited St.
At the n. st ai fthi  ■.•'.' coun
cil lhe board of   '.rude   will
resolution   requi
... 000   be   raised by bylaw on tl
. nture plan foi
■■nit a sobenu    I pu in
tisement > I
idusl   es ai ictiuna
- imp "•   ' . ical product
Hie board ha
J    ■
W   Ine   ay, 1
■ -■.,■    .
• 1 irge numb
tnd        -   i.
jive tbem ■
i-   ; -   'i
11  -
lired 78    ir u
■ i
It.   Th*
"■er   tbe   globe
It was on Janunrv
Notice to Men.
The minting Sunday afternoon at 1
in tin V. M.C. A. will bo addressed by
Evangelist Russell. lie ia worth hearing.   All men are cordially invited to
this um 1,1'i'iou-.
Sirs. A   II     - B on       '  '■   olic. — Rev,   Father   Coccola
Sen i ies ire beld on the Firs',
d   Sund i\ -  in  every month
ra ing  hours;    ft a.m. Oom-
;   10:30 a.m. High Mass
1759, near Ani,I Alloway kiik that
:ii" ever-famous "blast o Janw ir win1
blew banael in on Robin.' Hi- life
■ ■'• ii'le.l ver 37 years only, the poi t
dying at Dumfries on July 21, 17!'ii.
',.inn.   oi :
Social and Personal
n m;   2  p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
3chool; 7:30 p.m. Rosary,
and Benediction.
it's Presbyterian—Kev.
Sunday, Jan. 31.
-i.n     7 30   p n, .   Sunday
i   I Paator - Bil le  i floss, -iii)
ni ing   "ii  Wednes-
ir praotit e and teach-
Friday 8 p m.
VV. ix   will  abort
, j 3rd
Mi of 8
■. .
-.     I   R, Robert-
■ Follows —
lorning  servicn at 11 o'olool     Sun-
n i   Bil le Clasa at 2:30 p,
, ,, ' 10    n in
'Annual Election of Officers-
Better Support Deserved.
On Tuesday last the annual election
of ollicers of tbe Independent Hand
took place, the following being elected
Lender—R. II. Sawyer.
Assistant Leader—Ed Edwards.
President anil Manager—A. Hillier.
Vice President and Assistant Manager—Q. Knapp.
Secretary-Treasurer—S. Lefeaux.
A vote of thanks wus passed to the
retiring ell'icers. The Hand is looking
forward to a bright and successful
year, nnl it is to bo hoped that the
public by Iheir liberal support and
pattonage will encourage the boys ai.d
enable them to still further show their
talent. Revelatoke has a hand to be
proud of, and deserve far better Blip-
port tlmn it lia? hitherto received.
Old Timers' Reunion
The Old 'rimers' Association is on
the dail m successful organization.
The lirst steps are being taken for a
grand reunion to tnke place in tbo
Opera House on Thursday, Feb. llth,
and the affair is now in charge ol ii
capable committee of arrangements.
1'ickels for the affair, including supper, can be procured ( om F. H. Wells,
and all who expect to attend are
kindly requested to notify bim by the
Bib of February. All who are eligible
(fifteen year.- reaidonee in the Kooee-
nays) are cordially invited to be present, and tbe committee will lie glad to
bear from tbein at any time before
this interesting event.aa it is greatly
desired to havo this reunion thoroughly
representative ol the whole district.
All trail-blazers of the town and district, with tlieir ladies, are kindly invited to give tbe affair the pleasure of
tlieir presence and the association
which it is hoped will permanently result to the leuclit ol their support and
Tickets (including lady) are only if2
each and will be gladly scut to any
address of eligible persons requiring
same. Those expecting to attend uro
invited to note that ibe reunion is not
a dress affair Tailors did not make
the men wbo biased this district, and
whatever is their ordinary apparel,that
is what the committee would like to
receive them in, Come one; come all
old timers and renew your old acquaintances, and tell again the old,
uld storieB—ever new—ol the days of
"Auld Ling .Syne."
The Story of   a Tramp
The Ski and Suowsboe Club having
arranged for an opening tramp across
the river at the Dig Eddy and up the
Jordan trail upon the occasion of the
lirst good moonlight eight with good
travelling snow, it came to tbo ears of
Mayor Lindmark, who promptly in
viled the Club to join bim ut tbe
boarding bouse of the Kevelstoke Sawmill Oo. and there partake ol tbo best
cheer the camp can put up, Not to
he behind, Mr, Hess, of the sumo coin
pitny, has notified the cluli that, ut the
oli se oi the supper, the liig Eddy or-
tbe paator chest rn will have tbe Uoor cleared and
BS    fuller
Ul tig   thi   . uhjeot,
'   em
tnd   ti 'liters
M .
p iti: I
WAL1EK bi .
D. ...
. . .
s mmmtvrf *-»w
K      i :
II leave ill   Fel icon
.  ,:,.•      ii..1
IUCI ' • ■'■ i
l.e      llj'
ind Mt
■  .-
.  in thi  part nl v iaili r« I   tlm
i    . lidon    ioi'.;  inconvi nient   , i I
luitable I     ' ii to play in
cenl I. ind i t.i .iil.l.'H I ■■ It ■
, wculd I* money well »pi nl and
w mid also i,e .in acquiaition to the
city, In thi" MoKenzie avenue ibor
i.n there is ic ihelter, no arrange.
nt for accouatic proportion uml no
convenience lor the musicians who
have i" ijrsdo through grssi and mud
r .,i, nl      I"   gel   I"   ll      Wu    wonder
ituol Imi - how the band   iiirvivod  an
ir'l   lilting on damp iieats, huddled
nad     .,.   ibe
.    I      ii   . .    :
-   ,   . . .
il   i.    the  Mi i'
I 18 i.ate ivlr Needhani
11 ■ p.is- d  away  st l'i 30
laal nighi in the Victoria Hospital
"in ,,i Revelstoke's old tinu is in the
peraon ol Mr Samuel E Needhani
The   deceased   haa   heen  ill for some
,   , ind hi    death   w bile n t u
peeled   t'.iiiin    us   n   nnd    t.low   t,,, |]||
family nnd li lends.       About  Ilu- I im
In-il year   the   family   sustained   u snd
I [ ',.
■   il
[0 a .       ing
■  ■
II a.m
■ ,
■  ipeci ii religi   i   i i   paign
'  c„        I "ing,
tatioi        .   )• udi 'i io tho
me and hi ai  Hi   Ru sell
lit ei ■       Re'   'A   r Fn eman  u A
. rvlcea al 11 a.n    and  1 :t'i
;, m    .-.'.ml,iy school and Bible olaaaal
2,80   |i    in.   'll. V   P  I      Monday   ,|  i
p in      Prayer  meei ing Wi dneiday   s
' p in. \ ii sic Invited to these serve ■ i
Morning subject, "The Greatest in tbe
Kiin;'l"ni "    Evening   nuhjeot,   "The
U'oik"! nn A inl'ilssinloi. Tin'men a
bible c.la.s at '.'■ llll p iii. will consult'!
llie question ol "1 he I' lOOd and Nimil."
All men invited.
choice selection of dan00
music including ibe vety newest
quadrilles, two-atepa, and waltser, ami
her, that should the exercise of
>h'. 'lamp and the amusement follow-
ing be too firing fur   any of  the int-in-
i, thi   i'..inpiiiy   will   have learns
ready to convey tbem home—and n
-    them   to   he   used   too       11  is
evident from tins that the Snow Shoe
'   ■' list a splendid evi mnn • enter-
 nl >.< lore ii.  ami ih.it it may he
," pei Ij appi ci ii d, a full attendance
ol un mbera is requested al a meeting
sailed   lm   Monday, Feb,   1st. in the
,  ball .it   K   p.in.  when   a dale nnd
irting poinl will I .■ agn fd upon and
■ I lyi i ind Mr. Ileaa notified,   All
ne im.. m ii" particularly requested to
I 'In !ing.
Canada's Biggest Creditor
Ureal Bi Haiti It i auada'a fig eicdi
'..i I In Domini' i, "W ^154,000,000
I I le pi uplo i.i llie I mi, I K Ingdom,
ind in" pi ivinoea 160,000,000, while
tlm indebtednesa of railway* and other
btisinesi oonoorna will swell the total
t31600,000,000. Canada'i greatest,
borrowing record wai last year, when
9196,000,000 worth "I securities ol all
kinds were sold abroad, of which the
i,iled Kin.Inin look 11 7.'i ,000,000
I he "111 lady across the herring pond
seems tn have an inexhaustible stocking.
Silks at Half Price
We have a lot of Japanese Silks that we  want   to clear
out  belore  stock  liking.      They   are   27   inches   wide   antl
there is a good   range  of   colors.      For   blouses,   children's
dresses, etc., they are just what you need.  They sold   QAp
at 50c. per yard, but we ofler them at         *"«*■
We have about twelve dozen   fine  lawn   handkerchiefs,
all embroidered,   some  with   hem  stitched  edges and  some
embroidered.      They   are   not   soiled,   but a little
mussed. They   sold   at 30c. and 35c, now only	
Table  Covers
A lot of Derby Table Covers in red and gold, blue and
gold, and green and gold, and a few in Chenille. They came
in 1 yrd., 1 ' j yrd. and two yrd. squares. We arc offering
them at ONE-THIRD off regular price.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading: Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best  and
argest   Stock
of Cigars
Pipes  in
Original   i\
lacs   Mixture
now   mi   1
anil macli
for  us bv 1).
K. Mi Pher
*«■«■*«•*:* **.*:_t-_t-***t{..«^
Drv Cedar, 111 inoh lengtha, lull cord of las cubic led -95.50 pec conl.
Dry Hemlock, III inch lengths, full cord of l28oublc feet   .$7 por cord.
Special quotations mi four foot wood ami on   tat'gQ
orders for stove wood of any length.
This eoal is equal to any domes- Manufactured fiom hard  coal.
lie soli coal on the market.    No Tbe hest and cheapest   Fuel on
clinkers, and nukes very little the tnaikot.    BYoe sample given
smoke. to any Who havo not tried it,
$8.50 per ton $8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Edison Parlor Theatre
Tonight's programme at this popular
rendezvous includes
"New York"—A complete tour of
tho great city.
"Willie's Party"—A picture for
"The Thieving Hand"—Comedy.
"The Sailor's Hog"—A soa tragedy.
"The Miller, liiH Son and   his  Ass."
—A pretty Fable.
'Mini Llkoi Qarlio"—A good comedy
Illustrated  song   by   Mrs,   W.  A.
Chamber! and orchestral music.
Friday, Feb, Bill, to bo held at the
Drill Hull. Ilcfi'cshniinits. Tickets,
iff    Extra lady f)0c.
Thos. Morgan,
Aiii.iie.il Gloss and Wood Hlgn Writer] House iindCbiii'i li Decorator) High
Class I'nlnlei and Paper Hunger, Hind
Wood Finishing  and   Fine  Work 11
Specially.      Designs    a ml     I'Mini ttes
l liven Free,
AcJdross.Y M.C.A. Revelstoke
(in to 0. II. Iliimi) A Co. for Carpelu,
Carpet StpmroH, Linoleum Olid Oil
Notice to Contractors
■ 1 Mm 1 Kn 11 Hutu..1   id vjxbtokk. H <;
HeTonrim-g f.-r frou Wort,   a<I'I«ii>1h;
)v; urdflrtu laiuro tlm rniiiii ilolltoy *>t tlm
Iron wmk 'in ftccorilttuca with tlm abpvi
"lico in Coot ration , leudamr urn in v it oil lo
■ ubmll tlmlr lomlir    ,d a brlot   |>nr  imuiiiJ   mi
mull -jmii itDBmloly, iiii'l -li»ll -.into in thuir
tflndar iho rurllcit data at whioh they uro pra<
I j j 11 Of I (<> dellrOf tlm ,-jimo
Too OororomoQt roMrroi lho rittia to iktoiii
ii'ii'ler-for any OOO upRQ Or al] tho -ouim. tlio
tondoror hi fnliricnlo nii'l 'lihvfir tho iron work
in lho OfuBI to lm d9Mrib«0 hy tlm i'lililic
Wnrlc Knifiimor
K. I . UAMpLB,
Pobllo Works BofflUMf.
Doptirtinont of 1'iihiir \Surka.
Victoria Nib January, 1900.
2\ foi' sale at $17.00 CASH per inn.
Inquire nl city Bakery,
Dltllss.MAKINii ni moderate lorma
Ladles'suits from $6 up. Applv
Mis. Oiddiiis, tme Mis. fl. (ireen, Ii Ii
street, jan 2(1 w A 8
itiASTIiilN (IAPITAL ready to In.
l'i   vcciignie legitimate Investmenii
land-,  umber nr mines—In British
Cohiiuiiia,    Addross iu first Instance
with  full    particulars—F "Capital."
cue Noble <V Co., Molsons Hank Bldg,
Vimcoiivel'i jan au
i.iul Nl) A lady's gold watch, owno*
I1 mny have same by proving pro-
pcrty nnil paying fm Ibia notice. 'I'he
waiih is in the hands nf Ihe Olilel nl
WANTKD      Vodllg   girl    In   look
after Child,    House work ligbt,
Apply Mrs. ll. Cunningham Monls,
Third Sticel. west,
WHITK   WOMAN   COOK   «i,m's
work, also foi' daughter of 14,
llixoii, Plngtlon ('reek, IbC.
WANTI-:I» :gecimd-hand furnli ure,
stoves east i,ir elnllilng, etc	
J, C. Hull, —•.»I street, opposite Knox
chin tb.
W\M'I li liy ii. lined couple (no
i bililieiii li or .1 I.n ni,h,.,| ,,,!,„,.,
lm hght hoiisekeeplng, Apply Mail-
HkbAldi iii «.


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