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The Mail Herald Sep 15, 1909

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 /        . \
" Empire " Typewriter
For ease ol operation and perfection
iu rr«u,fs pn.iueeil. |l i-- machine
is unsurpassed.   Prioe, fdu 00 Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Ma
iTovijicial  Library
(—: *>
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publish'
V i      i iii ■   	
Vol. 15.- No 64
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead anil Revelstoke.
Friday and Saturday
Drygoods Department
Hem-stitched Pillow Mips, 42  inch.      Good
value at the regular price of 40 cents each.      Selling
this week onlv at
25 Cents Each
Fine Lawn, 36 inches in width, just tlie thing
for Children's dresses or fine underwear. Selling on
Friday and Saturday at
ID Cents Per Yard
Men's Wear Department
Excelda Handkerchiefs in plain white or with
fancy borders.    A snap at the bargain price of
Three for 50 Cents
A line of Four-in-Hand Ties. . All different
patterns and different shapes. Regular 6oc. and
75c. values.
35 Cents Each
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
The kind  that saves ice.     zAll going at
cost price.
from 1 qt. to 12 qts.
1. 2 and 3 burners £0 Do not heat up
the house in summer. No smell; use very
little oil.
4 and 5 ply rubber, wire wound and cotton:
all guaranteed.
Ball Bearing--the best makes-easy to run.
and do the work well.
cy411 styles and at low prices.
Have you seen the
Start it up and it will run for live minutes
Water Motor Washing Machines in stock,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing
Opened by Mr. A. C. Flunimerfelt
and Visited By the Forestry
Commission-Most Successful Exhibition
The Becond annual RevelBtoke Fair,
which cloned Friday night, whb the
liueat demonstration ol the fertility ol
lhe Hoil nnd progress Ol agriculture
mul industry that has ever heen held
iu North Kooteuay. The number ol
entries wan lar iihoad of luat year and
the Fair had the nieriiol being almost
entirely representative of local pro
ductiuns. The attendance, especially
on the lirst day, was large, and all
voted the fair a greal su cess.although
llie sporting element expressed themselves as disappointed with the number ol outside horses in for the raceB.
This, however, will Le remedied another yeai, as i[tiite a number ot local
men who love a good race, and are
admirers ol horse lleah, say they will
establish stables iu Bevelstoke thit
will take some heating, aud the time
is not far distant when the racing m
the local lair will ttske a leading place
among the race meetings ol the Province. The stewards, who had charge
o! the race program, Messrs. A. J.
MeDonell and A. McKae, however,
made the best of it and put up a local
programme which resulted iu excellent racing and some very close
The Mayor arranged lor Mr. A. C.
Flunimerfelt. who ia one of the moet
progressive and most public-spirited
men of British Columbia, to open the
Fair. Mounting the judge's box in
Irunt of the Urand Stand, Mayor
Lindmark introduced Mr. Flummer-
felt to the crowd, and said fiom the
quality of the exhibits at the Fair it
would uot be long before il was second
to none in the Province.    (Cheers).
Mr. Flunimerfelt, who was received
with cheers, said be felt deeply grati-
tied to have the opportunity of opening this the second annual Fair held
in Kevelstoke. Coming in here that
morning he wns almost ashamed lo
say he had no knowledge ol such an
exhibition having been organised in
their midst. He hnd not the. knowledge that ther were able to rui-e in
this part ol tlie Province the splendid
products they saw on exhibition there
today. They were to he congratulated on tins movement, ami on the
results they were achieving. (Cheers).
These local agricultural associations
were iipportant factors in the development ol tlieir resources. II iw material,      power,   traiisportati  n,     ai d
markets were essentials to ihe progressive development ol any community. They had all tlieae in
abundance snd  it was  lor  them to
utilise them to the hesl advantage.
The products of the soil were essential
to the lite ,-f Immunity.
Their Fair demonstrated the (act
that the soil around Kevelsloke was
very productive They hail also a
great variety ol mineral wealth which
must lai developed. In consequence a
great deal ol lulior would be employed
and this meant a large population
becoming centered here in the future,
(Cheers). They had in the Fair llie
evidence that Ihey could glow ii high
quality nl grain, excellent Specimen!
ol Iruit, and ol other products which
would become widely known and
result iu bringing in people to settle
on their lands. They all heard a
great ileal aliout the production ot the
prairie provinces, Imi il they took ItiU
acree ol prairie land and allowed a
wheat production ol 1.1 to IH bushels
to an acre, ami sold it at a dollar a
bushel, the value of the product ol
that quarter section was about 12,400.
I i they took ten acres ol laud in
liritish Columbia and planted it in
Iruit they could at least estimate an
average yield of ifllOO an acre or $!),()00;
ao that ten acres of their land could
be made to pro luce as mucl. as 100
acres ot land on the other side of the
mountains, (Cheers). Tbey also had
the advantage ol great renour_.es ol
water-power. They had tbe Columbia Kiver lying at their leet and their
industrial lite would become more
active than it wbb at present, while
cheap light and power could he lur-
n i-1 nil to the settlers in their vicinity.
lu addition to tbeir sawmills, other
Industries such an box factories would
spiing up. ami afford incri'iisetl employment to labor. Kailway lacilities
were improviug  and  the time wouid
oome     when   other   railways    would
traverse   these   valleys,   Uiiib   uiving
J tbem improved transportation facilities and lowest possible rales. (Cheers)
He was   much   siru.-k   with   the   line
exhibit of poultry, and let  him say to
the o that it was  possible  within the
ooniines of this provin ;e" to raise from
poultry Irom %2 50 to W per hen.     At
Fetaluma,  Cal ,  wbere   there  whb   a
population   of   0,000   people    mainly
dependent   upon   poultry,   the   daily
income  from  that   source alone was
Jt ,1100 a duy.      There   wiih no    reason
why the $600,00 annually paid out hv
British Columbia to outside growers
for eggs and  $200,000 lo  $300,000 for
poultry, should noi he entirely  saved
to the people  ot   this   province  and
made available for the development of
their     other   industries.    With    improved methods would come   the raising   ol other   products   as tomatoes,
hopj, etc.   Then   would   lollow   canning factories.    He noticed tbey conltl
grow excellent sugar  beet,  and there
waa uo leason  why  the  time  should
not come when they should have tlieir
own  augur factory  and  manufacture
the sugar ihey need  in  tlieir  homes
and   industries.    Let  them  take  up
their life's work   with   a  perseverance
that never tirod and the results   must
soou be  lelt  to   the  benelit  of   their
city  and   district.    He now   declared
the F'air opeD.    (Cheers).
fur exhibits was greatly improved (rom
la-i Fair, show rooms having been
erected for the flowers and Iruit and
for the poultry, Hy the time another
Fair comes round a building Bhould
b? erected for the co npetition in dogs
which is destined to become un im-
por'ant feature of future shows.
'Mayor Lindmark, as President of
the Agricultural Association, which
handled the Fair, waa indefatigable
in his work and waa ably supported
hy the Secretary, C. It. Macdonald,
aud the Treasurer, F. 1! Wells, who
willingly gave a large amount of their
time and attention to the interests of
the Fair   and   v ith   n arked  success.
F. Lefeaux assisted Mr. Macdonald
in the work of secretary. The secretarial work of the piultry section was
io tirst-cliBS bands, being ably performed by F, \V. Laing The following
were the committees who were entrusted with the different sections of
Poultry—.). Morgan, K McRae, XV.
A. Morris.
Fruit—L.   M.   Hagar,     H.   E.   R.
Smythe, U. W. Bell,  G, Colbeck, and j
J. Maley.
Vegetables—11. A. Lawson, .I.KIet-j
cher, C. Erickson, Wing Chung, Geo. j
Laforme and C  K. Skene.
1-T^wers—J. Maley. H. N. Coursier, |
J. Shaw.
Kellie,  and   E, A.
MoCarly,  A. Carl
Mineral;—I. M
Live  Stick—F.
Bii, .1     M .1 ill'-..11
Hogs—T. Taylor, J.J. Devine, F.
T. Abey, C. it. Skene.
Printing and Advertising—A. John-
iou, E. A. Haggen.
Manufactures—F. XV. Hess, It. .1.
Watson, It. II. Sawyer, S. Norman,'J,
Bread and Preserves — Mesdanitis
Howson, Hongard, Mcltae, landmark.
Rae, MeDonell, C. Abrahamson.
Fine Arts — Mesdaiiies Coursier,
Kilpatrick, Holten, Pratt and McLennan.
Fancy Work—Mesdaiiies Urquliart,
McCarter, Wells, Stone, Foole, Need-
ham ami Porter.
Buildings and Grounds—Chas. P.
Lindmark, J. Abrahamson, Holten
and .1. P. Forde,
Finance—C. li. Iluiiie, W. M. Lawrence, It. Iliiwsnii,.!. P. McLennan, A.
I-i. Kincaid, W, Hews.
Deooratlon—W, Hornoll, K. Mcltae. F. Tweeilale, J. Dallas.
Transportation—T. W. Bradshaw,
II. N. Coursier, W. W. Lefeaux, F. H,
MesdaniCB Dongard, McCarter and
Coursier, Messrs, .Male)', Kellie, Math-
CBim, U. Forde, MeDonell, aud Lawrence     rendered    particularly     good
acrvice in their several departments,
Poultry   and   Dogs—Mr.   Waby,   ol
Fruit and Vegetables—Mr, Wilson,
of the Department ol Agriculture, assisted by Mr. Middleton ol tho same
Flowers—J. Maley.
MineralB—J. B, McKenzie, Chas.
Live Stock— It. J .  Watson.
Manulaotures—I. Walker and H.
Bread   and    Preserves—Meidamei
liiingard, Watson and Hall.
Fine Arts — Mrs. Haggen, MisH
Laing, Hon. F. W. Ayliiinr.
Fancy Work—Mesdaiiies McCarter
and Teller.
Session at Revelstoke a Most
Important One
The Timber and Forestry Commission opened its sessions in tbe city on
Friday, Sept. 10th, at HI a.m. and
continued taking evidence until Sat
iinliy evening. There were present
Commissioners Hou. F, J. Fulton
(chairman), A. 0. Flommerfelt and
A. S Goodeve, M. P , It. E. Gosnell,
Secretary, and F. .I. Hartley, official
stenographer. W. A. Ansti", secretary,
nnl .1. A. Harvey, K ,C, were in attendance on behalf of the Manufacturers and Timberbolders Associations.
Messrs. O. I. Boynt in, manager ol
the Union Lumber Co., Ltd., S. 11.
Bowman, Pieaiilent of the Union
Lumber Co., Ltd., W. 0. Brewer,
Manager of the Big Bend Lumber
Co., Ltd., C. F. Lindmark, Manager nf
the Kevelstoke Sawmill Co , Ltd., ('.
K Skin.e, Secretary of tlio Lee Lumber
Co., Ltd., anil J. M. Kellie, gave evidence ol a convincing nature in
support of tlie content ions of the
timber holders and operators for a
more satisfactory title to special
timber licenses, aB contained in the
following petition:
In February, 1008, a petition, with
some minor clauses, which have siuce
been granted, was presented to tho
government with the cndoraation of
the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers'
Association, the Coast Lumber antl
Shingle Manufacturers' Association
and the B. C. Timber and Forestry
Chamber of Commerce, and is still
urgently desired by those interested:—
1. " That the present yearly licenses
be made renewalde until the timber
h -lil thereunder is logged off
2. That the present annual rental
shall not exceed during the term ol
the license $140 west, of tlie Cascades
and $115 east of the Caacades.
3. The attention of the Government
is called to the fact that when claims
are surveyed thero will undoubtedly
lie f. und small areas of merchantable
timber lying between the adjoining
claims which, in the best interestsof
nil concerned, should be logged at the
same lime ns the limits tiny adjoin,
und ih.it statutory pri vision should
be made covering this point.
4. Tbat inasmuch as ihere is con-
staut uncertainty amongst operators
as to the amount of the royally to be
paid in future for limbei and became
of the i.ict that there is already a
difference in royalty in different holdings, we believe it to be in the inter-
eat of the government to lix saiil
royally at 50 cents per thousand
during., term of years, and that the
said royalty should at no time exceed
the amount in force on timber held
under snid lease."
The Commissioners admitted
sit'ing at Revelstoke furnished
nn Bt buiinesalike evidence they
yet heard.
All witnesses wire cirefoil/ examined at great length and iheir arguments appeared incontrovertible and
clearly demonstrated thai the necessity
(or the granting of tbeir request ia no'
only very urgent, in the interest of the
industry and the preservation of tho
forest;., lint ol the maintenance ol
Provincial timber revenues.
Tlie Comiiii sinners left Sunday
morning for Nelson where a session
was fixed for Monday.
(Continued on Page Three)
Brakeman D. McGregor Killed
at Mountain Creek
On Monday night Duncan Mo
Qregor, the well known C.P.R, brake-
man, fell nil' th" Ireigbt train on whicl,
he wus on duty, and was killed. The
acoident happened ni'iir Mountain
('reek. It appears he was iiii lop iif ii
car antl was jerked off, falling bead
lirst on a rock pile alongside tbe
braok. Mis skull was fraotured and he
died   almost     instantly,     lie    was    a
brother of Alex. McGregor the C.l'.K.
bridge foreman, and was the support
ol his aged mother, with whom In
lived on Third street.
Alter lhi-    aooldonl     lhe hotly   was
taken on io Gulden, whore an inquesl
was held yesterday and a vordlol ol
accidental death returned, Thu remains wore then returned tO Kevelstoke lasl evening, and the funeral
will luim place tomorrow alternoon.
Local Sports had a Field Day at
the Race Track
A lug crowd gathered al the Fair
grounds on Sui unlay In have some fun
ami Incidentally to wind up Fair week
with ii few races to satisfy tbe opin
ion:, thoy were ' prepared to back.
Messrs, \V, l'i. MclCon/.lo and Norman
acted   u-  judges  and    Pettipiece   u.'-
The quarter-mile arranged between
Spider nml Tummy was extended to it
half-mile race and Spldor won. Then
Scoiiv backed bis pony against Ahi-u-
hamson's, Tho latter won this as also
the pony I'iici'.
Tom Downs and Pote Levesque wore
Imi champions among tho spot-is, ami
each hnd loii "( hackers fora long oi
ijiorl run. For the Ural twenty-live
yards Lev 'I'"' got tha host of ii bul
Downs Hum lorgi'd ahead and hud lho
nice to himself foi the reel of the dis
laiice. The crowd returned to the
riiv well pleased with iheir afternoon's
eiijoyi it and satisfied Ihey had had
their money's worth,
1 lie Groceries carried
in our establishment are,
from every standpoint, perfectly satisfactory. Ther
excellent quality is conceded
by all who have tried them
and we can guarantee their
purity. It will be money
in your pocket to deal here
et .use ynu not only get
the highest grade of goods
but pay tlie lowest price for
Carrs'. Christies', and McCormick's Biscuits
Chase and Sanborn Coffees
Tetleys'. and Brooke Bonds Teas
Headquarters for Choice Fruits and Vegetables
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
I How
The Picture tells a Story
Now its a Two Piece Suit Sale.     Just the left-overs
of our own choice stock
per cen
Fit Reform
l.ST ABII.slll.Ii   IMI
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-lip Capital, $'0,000,000
AJJtlABDER LAIRD, G«n_t-alM»:..v»     KeSCTVe Fund,    -     6.000,000
The new Travellers' Cbi    ici i Bank are a mosi r __wni
mm, in wfcirli Is OalT) lUOm .   .-i  ■ Hie} .'"' is-.ur.I •!, di-nommtimw at
$10,   $20,   $50.  $100 and  $200
tod  Um  r-A.i   amount  ; I'l-'ru,   Belgium,   I'c n murk, Franee,
German-.. <»icat  liritain.  II..Mind,  Duly.  Norway,   RumU, Sweden
Mid Switzerland  ... ,.,-,- _-_., h . iir_|_-, «tui» ... otw muuufa*
t__M7 mrm payable at cerTSnl i.,,-
The r+H-<|i»-i mi.l ., ' -nt..,._,_.!.... ',-.n m.i l» ol_l«..,r,l ii  mrj «_____■
at the Hank. Ht*
The Best Meats
in Un' market i: in • ■ ■• ' ■• be obtained
here, all i he y. ir ro mil H t • young,
tender und Julcj. any cut or quanl ll y
delh I on short not li e.
.uui name iu season,     Vou will lind ii
most economlcnl iu the end i" lui> the
very bosl lhal can bu hail,   i lur |ii   ■
are always reasonable.
Sausages and Om ked Meal ■ i pe
eiuliy. llanos • i 'i tin 'I foi Mmi chick
ens dally.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wc Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
desire to express their tlmnki to the
iAny onstomen mul Irlends who lmvu
Change of Business
Messrs. Woolsey,   l*!eao    i   Co., >,R,tr'■'"""■''"»•»' "' *■ P"« »1"1 ***
,    ; , , all   ol   their   customers   to   continue
having disposed "I tbeir business Irom ^..j, j„lr„Img(.,,, llic „,„ ,,,.„.,„, t „
tbe luth inst.,  to  Mr. Ueo.  VV. Bell,  Mr. Bell,
Zbc flfoaiMfocralb.
interior publlsbtng Company,
Subscription   Rates
Including postage to Kngland, United Btatet
.mil Canada.
Ht :ti- v. ir [through poatofflci ]         $■-*.;>
BaU "      LfiO
guarter " " "     1.00
J jB     KINTINO promptly executed al reason-
tble rate*.
1 KRM:-   Cash.    Subscriptions payable in ad
Legal notices 10 estate per line lir-t  insertion,
• ■ ■ - ."-i lun  eai ii subsequent  insertion
Meae in tnenl» Sonpariel [12 lines nuiko one
■ I    Store    ind   general  business announcement*   i~■'•■   per  Inch  per month.
Preferred   positions.   25   por   oenL    ad
naL   Births,   Marriages   ami   Deaths
each   Inseri Ion.
notices _|7.au All advertirtoment
ect to the approval of tlie management
Wanlod and (.'ondensod Advertisement*:
Agenu Wanted, Help Wanted, Situation*
■■ ^l ted. Situation* Vacant, Teacher*
u in ted, Mechanic? Wanted, Ui words Dr
. ■ ., •■.,■■: ,i'l-ii; louul lino 10 cotltri.
i : u gee in -' inding advertbtemonts must.
De in t>j li a. in. luesday and Friday of
ut ch week to wenro Ktiml display,
( iRREapONUENCK Invited on matters ol
public interest. Communications to Kiii
:or must be accompanied bi name of
writer, not necessarily fu publication, bul
a.- evidence of Rood faith. Correspondence
«hould be brier
Money w loan.
Offloea: Revelstoke, B U.   Craobrook, B, 0.
Uko. 8, McCaktek
<_..  M.   PlSKHAM J. A.  HABVEV,
KevelatoUe, Cranbrook, B. C.
Solicitor, elc.
Solicitor fori—
The Canadian Bank ok Commerce
Thk Molsons Bank, En;.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Miuiuk Suiveyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 11)0, Revelstoke
Mining Engineer
Rovelstoke, li. C.
Mem. American Institute Mining
Mem. Can. Mm. Inst.
Examinations  and Reports  on Mines,
niij Mining Investments a specialty.
Blue Prints supplied ul plan- of Land,
Minus and iimiu.k
Cable Address—"Eaiiagan," Kevelstoke
Codes—Moreing uml Neill, Bedford McNeill, Western Union, Clougli,
IS* M.  E. CKEllillTUN
TEA! tlEll' nl
|'l w,,   Vol AL,  TlIKUHY
L'eri idea led  Iroiu  Trinity   University
.iiul Toronto Conservatory
Siii,i..:   Nixi Mail-HkraldOffice
HUg 'Si lin
c. w. o  w
Mountain   Viow Camp, No. 220
Meet* Becoud ami  Kuurth  Wednesdays hi
eacti  int.. u, Selkirk Hull.    Visilin    .Vooil-
meu curilially invited to attend.
JullN CARLSON, Con. Com.
J. MilSTYl'.K, Clerk.
F. O. E.
TL9 rsanlar meet stiff- are field in the Selkirk
Halt evry Sod and 1th  Tuu>day evening  at a
C      *     flatting brethren cordially invited-
Kootenay  Lodge. No.  15, A  F. _& A. M
it.      *&
The reKni.tr meet*
lugs ar»¥ ht«id iu tlm
I "i :•- .,vt- Hall. OH
the third Monday in
each month at ft
p n.. Vi.-itujffbreth-
rei,    cordially    wel-
BKLKIRK LODGE 12, 1.0.0  P.
Meets ararj Th ur ■
iny   -■■'•   • |
.kirk Hi    it I
  t \ ■■*.'   f'--'.f-r^.   i'»
cordiai-y in riled *•> tttei I
Cold Range lodge, K ol P.
No.  26,   Rovelstoke, B  C.
MEKlr   .  ■ t.K.    .iKI'.'.t-i   ll,
.., . , • Ae Ini •■:
Mch moa   ■   i ■' Usll   • ■
H...     .1     -     ....        . l-.'ll
Kn ■ bin        '   .-lully   H7it,i.|.,
T. t    SMITH '    I
0. H. BK1H K'. K   of   K   i »
J    It   ,-u OTT   11. ol F.
Zbc flfoafMberalb
WEDNESDAY, SEPT,  15, 1909
A session of the B. C. Forestry
Commission was held here on Friday and Saturday ol last week.
Many witnesses were examined
and much valuable information
gathered. The chiel complainl
seemed to be against tbe high annual Provincial licence Ioe and the
«hort life nl the licence itself and
it wan conclusively shown that the
Provincial timber regulations did
not compare very favorably with
the Dominion timber regulations
in thin respect,
4.0 AORFQ ''nj'1 Land one and a half
T"U    HbllLO miles from  Revelstoke, to
be had at a bargain,
QA AORCC partly improved, two miles
OU MUrlLO from Revelstoke, Will sell
live stuck and implements.
tn the city.
with   river   frontage;   good
land, partly cleared and close
who are in most ol cases very poor
men, ure compelled for want ot
means to sell out this lind i r In
Amerioan simulators at 1 I p1 r
cent of ils real value.
In 1'ononisioti, it lhe Government
wish lo encourage licencees to conserve Iheir timber for future pi-uor-
ations by tlie adoption of approved
forestry methods, they will have to
deal .villi the present licence hold'
ors on u more li'icrnl luui- than m
the rate of ifl 15 annuallv.
Hold, silver uml Copper, each  50 eentf
ti   ii. WEST, 530 Rii-liarda st.
ViiiH'uiivi'f, li. (!.
Hevelstoke Collection Agency.
i'. O. DKAWEU 013
I!. «'
The forest lire question was also
discussed and here again it was
shown that the method adopted
by the Dominion Government for
protection against the spread of
forest fires was much more ellicient
than the Provincial methods—in
fact throughout the entire session
it was always apparent that in no
respect did the Provincial regulations compare at all f ivorably with
the Dominion regulations. It was
shown tbat the. Provincial licence
fee was exorbitantly high, that the
tenure was ridiculously short and
that the conditions generally, from
a financial point of view, were so
unsatisfactory and uncertain that
it was impossible to get solid investors to put in the capital necessary to develop our latnnt timber
resources to its fullest capacity.
It is evident that this timber
question is a much more serious
matter financially than most
people are aware. To the ordinary
observer, or to those who are not
actually interested in the timber
business and entirely familiar with
the subject, the matter of the annual licence fee of $115 in the Interior and $140 at the coast, seems
a mere bagatelle when compared
with the iuture benefits that are
supposed to accrue to the holder of
a licence covering one square mile
(G40 acres) of timber. Why ifllC-;?
li is a mere tritle thev say, and
then ligure up mentally just how
much this square mile of timber is
worth. i'hey huve heard that '-•">
cents a thousand is a fair price,
and bast- tlieir calculations on Ibis
ligure—'2n cents a thousand feet,
on u basis of 10,000feel to tlie acre,
and 040 acres to the square milt —
nnd they lind nut thut (he owner.
at this price, would realize HOIK)
uut of his square mile of timber,
for which lie had only paid one or
two licences—clearly, this timber
business is a profitable one thej
conclude .ind they cannot see. under the circumstances, why ttie
timber men Bhould kick at paying
$115 annually und ask lhe (.iivrii-
ment for u reduction of tlie liceni •■
fee. The ordinary observer, having completed Ins little -mn in
uielitul arithmetic goes aiviv Feel
ing -ure that he has solved
timber question mice and for all
.uui settled the matter withoul
assistance ol tbe Forestry Comi
sion—anyway he cannot aee an
good reason   why   the I lovernmt ol
Bhould mc. r  gone  to the
pense and ti
mission   appointed   to   go around
and   take   evidence   upon
trilling mattt
but   if   the   ordinar
would   only   take  a   pe i
ihi •: of  paper - or man; ihi i
paper—unl   mill,i. ||     hii
lions, be would -non find o
$116 .i year mean      He would lind
out   that   $11     i   .-.ir with o	
pound interest al 1 per cenl added
meaii- approximately $5620 in ::
year—or at the expiration -f the
term of Ins present licence tnd
I 82 in 10 yeara M9,9D3
in 60 years fl,622,300 in 100
years end $23,02ftyl70 at tbe end
of 140 years, this being the length
of lime at which experts have estimated that it will take at the present rate of cutting to clear off all
the timber from the lands now
held under Provincial timber licences, estimating the quantity to
he III) Iii I lion font.
And this is not taking into con-
uderutioii the natural increase,
which il properly harvested under
iip-to-datii forestry methods, would
produce a crop at the rate of from
2J tti I per cent annually, or equal
to from 2/ to -lj billion feel » year
—or from 'l\ to -li times more thnn
our present market demands.
Now, as we snid at lho start, tbe
timber question is a much more
serious matter financially than
most people suppose. The expense
of holding a square mile of timber
under the present existing conditions is ruinous from u financial
point of view, aud no sane business
man or solid financial institution
would, for a moment, consider it a
good investment. In fact many,
or we may say all, of the banks
consider timber held under the
present Provincial licences a liability instead of an asset. It is
true that, in a speculaiive sense,
considerable Provincial licence
timber has been bought and sold
at fair prices, more particularly at
the coast.
But tbat such timber has any
real or fixed value under present
conditions is questionable; for the
conditions under which licenced
timber is now held, apart from the
expensive and ruinous licence system, is both unsatisfactory and
uncertain, and offers no security to
the investor. To the prospective
investor, more particularly the
British investor with his I'.s.d.,
there must be no element of uncertainly or insecurity connected with
the title or tenure of the proposition offered him. He demands
certainty and security oi title a id
absolute assurance as to the future
conditions before he will risk a
dollur. Por an investment is not
a speculation, and an investor demands abi-oluie assurance before
lie will invest—while n speculation!
is looked upon more as a gamble—
nml a speculator is always willing
to take ii gambler's head or tail
chance on anything he puts his.
money into.
Up nil ilu- present the linibei
held under Provincial licence has
not been looked upon, or considered
a -ait- investment by capitalists]
either at borne or abroad; and
while speculators   Irom the ' ni ed
States who    are    willing    to take n
g imbler's i bam e, bave   bought up
■       . i i nt ed    limber   c
about 1" per cent of it.- real value.
-t.. tlie re il i. restor the British
in vi- inr—the man with thi t -.<!.—
has not al put in his ip] earam e
ind    ml
• grant)
holdii _.
.   ■ ■    in- nl   lo       .'   I'.n-
IU    lllll   •        ■•■ ii.   i.
.i in-
■ hen
 chit inrd"
.nn'- here     It we ur'' desir
..   i investor
• uiiliiliin    | ■
ood   ioni '
..i, i tion
i   . ■',,.   thi    will ki ep
\ ■■ therefore m ike I bt
.  lions
i:. a' ii.- ridit uio i
.   ■    Iii •• i,<-•■  t. e be reduced
lo   ompare   non    fs ■ orabl.
the I 'in,mn.ii timber lioeni s
-••I ond    i uii   condition     i
title   and   tenure   1"-   madi
secure and  permanent; also ■
compare favorably with tbe Domin
ion regulations,    In fact if tbe
minion   timber   regulation-'   were
idopted ii. "iin with tin- sxoeplion
of Clause 12, (which ij not pr n I
able under existing market cond
Ion    11   there .tr-' ton many saw
mill    now,)   it   would  leave very
little to be desired,   Clause 12 pro
ides that licencees should huw in
operation   a   sawmill nf   a certain
• apaoity in proportion to tbe sise "f
lhe limit held under licenie
Third—Thai, there shou'd bs no
delsy in bringing about tl" i	
uv   reform,  and   remedying lhe
grieVOUl    evil    Wbicb    bus   "I Intig
existed und bring iihoiii. the desired
clniiH(ii   beltim   the  smallholder,!
The ioiistry (.'"mniissiun iius
been hi re; held .is tensions un Friday nntl Saturday of InstweeP,
anil is gone. What lhe outcome ol
its del'Virali'in0 will ho we cannot
tell, Imi wh itevei i hey are. the
coiniiiissinnei's wil liuvi- good reason to ii'iuunliei Ruvelstoke; for in
no place up to the present huve
they obtained such clean cut and
outspoken evidence respewing the
timber question under consideration. Here they have been shown
the greut. contrast between the Dominion und Provincial systems of
dealing with timber holdings, and
the contrast between the mature
and almost perfect regulations of
the Dominion overshadowing those
of the Province lo such an extent
that comparisons are odious.
Living as we do in the Dominion
Railway Belt und fumiliar as we
nre with the Dominion timber regulations where the annunl licence
fee is only $5 per square mile to
those operating a sawmill in connection with their holdings; and
where the tenure is sure for all
time, and where the timber holdings
are all within easy distance of railway transportation; und where tie
forest lire protection is almost perfect; it seems strange that so many
people can be found who are willing to pay lit the rate of $115 per
square mile annually for Provincial timber holdings which nre situated in far-away districts hundreds of miles from railways and
where no fire protection is assured;
and where it is a physical impossibility to cut and carry u*ay and
market the timber within the life
of the Provincial licence.
"The Chocolates with
the Whipped Cream
!',. • HI .i UU '
.   ,   ,      .ir) "■■■1 its.  are
„. lelioioua
ream  l ent rei "
11... | ption      i'i'i '      lesorlbe
.,-■.■ thero for
..    .   ,    •■     phlMU
ITS ifooii for you.
■. wh irevsr Den
Foley Bros. Larson & Go.
HWIIItll fflNNIPEC Vrnioouwr
For fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
grown frail nnd ornamental
■ • icr .wn on upland soil with-
ml irri((4tion in tlm only  |.»rt  ol
tbe American continent not in
'--'"I   rltb thS   rtnti   .lout   ncale-
..ir!. i,   FieM nnd Kl'.wr wul.
tested -''.':lc frnm n •• best k'""•
i on  world ~w Ire   fi nolng
mul iiiin«—Sjirny pnmpa,   Kith
'!■ fl Boppllps, Om IllflWOI ',
Spraying material*, etc.- White
labor '.i.ii- - N"w l-r>7  pa^o Oats
i   |        ine
Strawberry Plants
From my celebrated Duo d' Alps
shipping berry, thoroughly HOellma-
tisi d, ol i xipiinile II ivor, iff) per IU0.
Plain this lull.    Address:
Thos. Skinnek,
Aug 20 lm ,1(. velotoke, B. 0.
A IUR) Wil 15Al), II.C.
Spi-iiiil Attention given lo eoiuuierulal
ii.ni uml lou.isls. I'lisl-olusM sample
rooms, finest seeiierv in liritish Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow I,nke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars/fobaoco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Hanafacturnd fnr hII classrs nf  huildiORi
fur sate iu Inr^u ur Mintll ijuuiitilLiea
at ths lowest prices fur rush.
All kludK ol boildiuu Hndfrlasterlng
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought;
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
A   large quantity of   l'mirie
and   Timothy    liny    iilnuys
on hand
Frank A. Lackner,
Ideal Furniture Store
New and Second   Hum! liooils
C.   W.   Vol Ml,
l\i.puii> nl iill kiiitts iii-uily carried on
r.irvile uml Umi work a specially
Kstiiniites gfven on any class
of work.
Front     Street.
Gillette $£**£
Focket   Edition with   new process blades
Rubber Shaving Brushes   hair
guaranteed noi to come oui
Genuine Badger Brushes, $1
to $r> each.
Bews' Drug Store
• <■
Next Hume Block
"Public Inquiries Act."
OTICE is hereby given that sittings
of  the   Commission  appointed
under the "Public  Inquiries Act." foi
ihe purpose of making inquiry into all
matters in conneotion with the timbei
resources of the Province will be held
ut the following points on the dates set
opposite eaeh, namely: —
Vancouver—Aug, 2-'lnl, 21th uml 26th.
Seattle   August 20th, 27t.li and 2Sth.
Kamloops—September 7th.
Vernon— September 8 and 9.
Revelstoke,   September HI and 11.
Nelson   September lil.
Cranbrook- -September 11 and 15.
Fernie   September Hi.
Grand Forks   September in.
(living lo the members of the Com
mission having accepted an invitation
to attend the meetings of the First
National Conservation Congress of llie
United Stales, to be held ill thu Auditorium of the Alaska-Yiikon-Pacillc
Exposition, Seattle, Washington, on
August 20th, 27tli and 28th inst., the
meetings on the last day of the Coin-
mission in Vanoouver, advertised for
the 20th, and the meetings at New
Westminster, August 27th und 2Hih,
have been cancelled. Arrangements
for the holding of meetings at these
places will be announced later. The
meeting at Kamloops will be held on
the 7th of September, and not on the
30th August, as originally advertised
Otherwise the itinerary remains the
Announcement will be made later if
it should be decided to be necassary or
advisable to hold meetings at other
Lands Department,
Victoria, B. C, 12th August, 1909.
aug 25-sep 18
Kevelstoke Umd District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore at the north-east corner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
about half a mile from llie north-east
collier of Lot 7005, theuce south 10
chains, ibence east 40 chains, tlience
norlh 80 chains to lake shore, thence
along hike shore to point of com
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 20, 1009. aug 7
Take notiee that 1 intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial
Polite, aftei thirty days from the date
of the iirsl publication of ihis notice,
for a transfer of Ihe hotel licence held
by ine loi-llie Koolenay Hotel at Uur
ton, B.C., to Stephen Podbielaneik.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., Oth of August, 10011.
Wiliiam Lovatt,
By his Solii itor Edward A. Crease
aug 11—sep 11
Kevelstoke Lund District.
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice that, Barney Plumton of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkeeper,
intends lo apply fur permission lo purohase the following ili-st'iibed binds:
Commencing at ft post planted at Iho
north-west corner of Lot 7585, thence
south 40 chains to T.L, 12150, thenoe
west 20 chains, lo the coiner of T.L.
12150, thence south 10 chains along the
western boundary of same, Ihence
west Id chains, thenee north -10 chains
to lake shore, thenoe easterly along
lake shine to point of commencement.
Agent for Bai-nev Plumton.
Dated July 20, 1IHI0. aug 7
Kevelsloke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Nels Uml ine, of
Troul Luke, 11. C, occupation Miner,
hit cuds to apply lor permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a pout planted on
the north shore nf Trout Luke betweeu
lliiskins uud American points and
aliout foul' miles from the foot, of flu-
Luke ami marked the s. E. oornor
posl, Ilieuee 20 ehains north, thence
20 chuins west or lo Lake shore, tbenee
following Ilm Lake shore to point of
Located this 25th day of August, looo.
BopSOOtl       NELS BOHINE, Liuatoi.
Ui-vil.-lokc Land Dlstriot,
District ol West Kooteuuy.
Take notice thai A. W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead,occupation Lumberman,
I Intends to apply for permission lo purohase lhe followinguosoi'lhod binds:
Commencing at a post planted near
lilt-   mu-th-east corner Of Lol 7005 and
marked A. W. Dickinson's N. W. C„
I lieiini- soul b   10 chains, east. Ill cbaius,
north 10 cliains to lake shore, ihence
west, lo chains following lake shore to
place of commencement,
Date Aug. 10th,  looo.
M.  J.   HENRY,
Grwnhonwn anil Nurseries
1010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   l». <'.
Branch Nurwry     .     Suuth Vanconver
will give you full value
for every dollar spent
and Keep you dry In
the wettest weather,
Tom Cuaww Oinfn— (>,■!
Bevelstoke Lind Dlst riot,
Dlstriot of West Kootenay.
Taki lice that L. A. Devi al, occupation Housekeeper, intends to apply
im permission to .purchase the following desorlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of tipper Allow Luke, about
one and a bull' miles south of Bannock
Poinl, tbenee west 20 chains, thence
noi lh 20 .hains, I hence west 20 chains,
tbenoe north oo chains to the K. AS.
line, Ibence following the Is. A S, line
east. 20 chuins, mini li 20 chains, east 20
cbains, smith 20 cbains lo lake shore,
thenoe   following   the   lake   shore  to
point nl commencement!
Agent for L. A. Dewar.
Dated July 29,1800, aug 7
Tin- I.n in of Ilu-  late Joseph   Dolan
situate near Kevelstoke, being a pari
Of the N. K Quartet' Section 211 Tp. 'Hi
and oontalning m aores more ov lesa.
Application" for the purchase of above
property are Invited   and   will   Iw
received bv the undersigned lip lo and
including September 80th, 1909,
Solicitor for Dolan Estate.
Dated ut Revelstoke, B, C,  August i
24lh, 1900. lmon
Notice is hereby given that the first
sitting of the Court of Revision to
revise the Assessment Roll for Ihe year
1909, will be I eld in the Council
Glut in ber, City Hull, Pi velsioke, B.C.
ou Monday, Oct'her 1 Lh, at 2 p.m.
September 4th   1009.
sepl lm Citv Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
licence  in   the Division  of
Revelstoke Distriel.
(a) The name, address and occupation of the applicant—-Hugh E. H.
Smythe. Rancher, Revelstoke.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's
Certilicate No	
(b) The name nf the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed the description is)
-A small stream rising on the N. E.
'_, Section A, and running in small
swamp on N. VV. )i Section 3.
(c) The point of division—Where
water drains into swamp.
(d) The tpiantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)—l.J
(e) The character of the proposed
works—For irrigation purposes on dry
bench lands.
(f) The premises on which the water
is lo lie used (describe same)—Bench
lundt sloping to west ol no ht without irrigation.
(g) Tbn purpo es I'm- which the
water is lo be used—Irrigation und
(h) If for irrigation describe the
land intended to be Irrigated, giving
acreage li-iiguiuig 85 acres Money
and dry lu-iub land on easl. li ill' of N.
VV. | Section .'i, Township 21, Hange 2,
West li Meridian, comprising 85.
(il If the watei is to be used for
power or mining purposes describe
the place where the water is to be
returned lo some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between
point of diversion und point of rei urn.
(j) Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied by the proposed works....
(k) thia nolice ivas p..__U-il on the
19th day of August, 1909, and application will be made lo the Commissioner
on the 19th day of Sept. 1909.
(1) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to be
alfeoted liy the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet.—None.
(Signature) H. E. R. SMYTHE,
sepl      (P.O. Address)   Revelstoke.
When you visit  the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop  at  the
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisinc
Delightful Scenery
A few nf your space dollars on winter
Underwear, Clouting and Boots and
Shoes at John Bull's Sale. Must of the
summer goods have been cleaned out,
and the new fall and winter goods ordered six and eiffht mouths from the
manufacturers nre just coming in, all to
In- sold for casl,i nt wholesale prices.
Such well known goods as San ford's
rlolhiug, Stan field's underwear, Hell's,
Mcpherson's and other makes of first
class shoes; all of which must lie cleaned
out by the first of the new year. Are
you interested in saving money ■ We
nave lived uii to what we advertised »l
tlie start and will continue to do so until the stock is disposi'd of.
Revelstoke, B. C.
We will pay $100 reward lor the
arrest and conviction ol any one who
line detaced or obliterated log minks
uu our logs on the Columbia ltiver or
Arrow Lukes. Our registered msrkB
are letter "L" and letter "S."
aug 14 lm Revolstoke, B. C.
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
iii-'aii U1--I--ICKI 111-115 Adelaide St. east
for half year ending 80th June, 1IM)0
By Gross Premiums Income
Jan. 80th   -    9218 008 III
Iaiss rebate und
return premium   ,'<0 IOI IKI
HI 182 (Kill 29
Less reinsurance   SS H99 4881119 598 h,
Hy interesl, (| \m OU
$1115 K97 71
To net losses p«ld$02 170 17
To net losses under adjustment II wm 71
Gov, fees, taxes,
and ali other
charges 17 211 98
Habmce Or. profit
and loss     -        II 1128 86
H. H. Hkik,
Gtn. Man,
|186 1197 71
•i-V-V' ,%^
*y,"".* ■•*•'• ■*."•"'    ■
\ "V-;S
."   '". "•*.   '•
■                               ■   '       "             ''.'*'.         "•.'.■***.■'***,"...'."..'         •       *..'.**       •    ,'■'.'■    •       .         !***«    **»♦**»        ■        ■
"• ■*•>'__»
m'.l* *.*•".*.        ■  • ■
'"'"•.■•' »«•*'•   •»♦•',' t i .*. •  '     ,••'*.**•..•'''''■.*"'                       •'■.*•■- '     '
*   '   "*     .   '     ■   .
. ■ •_
»V-V.'-:. •■••;]
■V:•'.•••'■: ;.:^V'   ; ■A'---.mW'AA-'\':Wjr.■:■:.■.
"V       '■■■# J
Ev#-> •■ J
1£   mTSt
«._.___# 1 a'»»■■ __r  • •'•'••'■■'.•/wl'^nk f/";
_____TT   •
a lril
" ''•-•i'3
IK... •••'•••  ■_#
mWmm  tW*
i V ^ UT ■■ -   _w     fl M.M- ' w            ''   '  MWmm- W. Mm  A
_af _A/    W   W
!>• :••.:.•••#
r|# i
\W/Mf      ■   mimi    '            /"• ■ mm A
mfw    *  *
fJj ■;•:■;#:■
■'.'.'• ■■■'"■': '■■'■'.'■''.-'.' •'.' •'.'•; ••.'■.'.' '_,' ■"•■.'•"•" 1 ,"•■.••''« ''•':' • •'• •'"■'•'••.'.' .'■'
:      •'.-'•!••.*• '.;>'•' •
*■'_ x-"*!™
•• ...  ■.,.    i. - .. •
■•;!•.! •;'; ;"•."..;'•,-.  •'.'•: •.'•'„ .".■'. .'•.'.••'.'•'.'•'.'.■ • •■'■.'■'•'.'• ■ •'.•'.'•' •'.' ■•'•■ ''■.'■■•'.'■•.'•'■' '■,'■■'.•■:■'
■•'•'•/'■ •':•'■
.■.■ -.."   .« . :**:y;
• *..'•*•.-.'••'■        ' ' ' .'•'•'.'.'.''.'•'.'.'.'•'.' -.'."'.* '. ■.' ■ • '•'•''.".' .'.*,,-' •' .',"•*•- '•',-". - •'-' .'•_.- -'.'■','■
-_•__'•■'.•      ' .   ■'.    ..•■•■.•.
•*.'•'.': .*."'
•.'*.'- .,*••■'• -'; •'*'■'• /. t' \' -.•;'••/
We have been doing Police Duty all over the store. All Laggards and Loiterers
have been given "Move On" orders. We must have room for the new Fall goods, now
crowding in. We must compel all tag-ends, oddments and endments to "Move On" in
this store—Stagnation is the death of trade.
We go After Them with the Big Stick and Prices are Radically and Effectively Lowered
What is the natural result ? What happens to seasonable, desirable goods when
they are priced far below regular ? They "Move On" of course, and at a pretty lively
gait.   These are the facts of the story, and you will find them interesting.
On all goods in the store, beginning Thursday a.m. Sept. 16th, until Wednesday p.
This will NOT include the new Fall dress goods, silk and cotton threads, or goods specially priced for this sale, some of which are mentioned below.
REMEMBER—These goods must "Move On," the reductions are genuine, and S
many will take advantage of them.   Get here Early.
—Its a shame to order them off at this price,
at the season of the year when everyone is
buying them for Blouses, Wrappers, Dressing
Jackets, and Children's Wear. They come
in many colors and many patterns, and are
well worth 15c. or 17ic, but we expect them
to move lively at
10 Cents Per Yard
MOVE ON! Hosiery, Buch as we sell, does
not require such an order, but we want vou
to get acquainted with the quality we carry,
and we are making prices that will induce
you to try them.
Good Black Cashmere Hosiery, all sizes, Only 35c. Per Pair.
Lisle Thread Hose, Black, Navy, Tan, Grey, Etc., all Sizes,
Open Work and Plain. Regular 60c. to 85c. Now Only 40c.
Per Pair.
Press (foods
MOVE ON ! This time it ir to a lot ol
extra good Fall Drees Hoods. .1 iir-1 what
you need Ior the cool weather, and particularly good for school wear, something well
worth making up, at the price you would
pay for thin, half-cotton materials. They
sold for from Toe. to $2 per yard, but "Move
On," they must, they are obstructing tlie
way, und the new price ia
50 Cents Per Yard
Out of the way
—we have a
lot more coming   and need
this shelf room ^^^^^^^^
so Silk and Net Blouses are kept
moving. There ure some beauties.
They sold at $0 to $7.50, but we need
the room Ior the new styles that are
on the way, and the "MOVE ON"
price is made only
MOVE ON ! We are giving up
everything in the millinery line
and as we have a lot of flowers
and foliage still left, they must
get out of the way. We have no
room for tham. They sold from
25c. to $1.00, but they are ordered
to "move on" at the small price
10 Cents
the order once more
and our stock of
Children's School
Dresses has to step
lively, they are of
warm, serviceable materials, well
made, and just the thing for school
wear. They have been ordered to
"MOVE ON" at the low price uf
jtf Bargain
Children's %7ams
MOVE ON ! Out comes the
stick again over an overstock of
Children's Tunis — Blue, liluck
und Ked, and just what you will
have to buy very shortly, at the
regular price, whioh means from
05c. lo 00c.| unites you take
advantage of this MOVE ON
price of
50 Cents
and el
M o VE ON I—
Again the hig stick
swings und five or eix
dozen good belts have-
to get out uf the way.
There are leather, silk
uetic—black, tan--, brown, navy,
etc. They sold ut prices up to
but they have to MOVE ON at
50 Cents
MOVE ON ! Hut comes the
club once more, and Gne Oriental
Luces get their marching orders.
Some sold for 26c., some for :55c,
and there arc white, cream nnd ecru
among them. They should move
lively at the new price
15c. Per Yard
Press Skirts
MOVE ON! We have swung the stick again
and 20 good dress skirts in Tweeds, Meltons
nnd Venetians have their marching orders.
Woll made <>l good materials, they sold at
prices up lo *7..r>0, but they "Move On" now at
Goods marked as these are, are Special Money
Savers, and everything in this Store, except these
articles so priced, and the few exceptions given above
will be sold to all cash purchasers, at One-Fifth Off
Regular Price for One Week. We want room and we
want Money, and you can Save Money by spending it
it here.
McLennan & Co.
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke
MOVE (i.\—There are lots "I
small urtii lee,   some  we have
Int."  nl, others  only  u  small
quantity,  und   ynu    will  lind
ihese   "specially   priced"   in
different   parte of   tho   Blore
Tiny  will  step   lively  ut   the
prices marked, "f   which we
iun only mention a few: Linen
Dii-h Towels, 5c, eacb; Bone
lluir Pins, regular 25o. for a
card of 6, non 10c.; Wash Kelts, regular  up to 3">c,
now I'"-.: Wash Collars, regular up to 4oo.; now   Inc.
Winter Coats
MOVE ON il lhe order, .nnl 20 Kull Coals
begin to get nutol the way. They ure made ol
good Tweeds, mostly three-quarter length, und
.-old at from $12 to 116, but they are ordered to
' move on" ut only
inp.-   mis   ii    necessity   on   111"   'Iill-
facts About the Annual Exhibi- Ascent of Albert Peaks by local Eii^^Hfiil^Sl^I^;::
,,        „,,„,_■ 11       i  ■ of the eh It'-! wus ii'iielu-d.  Mere n. sluu-l
tion Next Wednesday Mountaineers
Tne seventh annual tr'nit fair of the
Nelson Agricultural Association opens
,m Wednesdny, Sppt. i-, und continues for three daye. This i- the
place where people may meet und exchange   views,   study   ihe   improved
From the upper end of McKenzie
uvenue, looking not-thenet from Hov-
flsioki', inn mountains stand mil
prominently nliovr everything else in
the landscape. These are the Albert
Peaks, Ihe north peak heing much
more massive  than  tin-   soulh  peak,
methods, greet old fiiends und make|although the latter is the highei
new acquaintances. Its purpose is to i An expedition of Inloiest to local
keepabreast ol advanced horticulture, '^"''"^'neers vyus made recently by
agriculture and  the trade,   that onr   ^^^^^JSffl;
community will he able to take front  and Hevelstoke Mounlai ing Olub,
rank and   cpe  wiih   the  revolution-   |0theAlhei't I'eak , in the viciuilj of
iziug influences aod changing customs
that are annually taking place. Anil
lor Ihis purpose a time nnd place are
i-et apart to bring together the products ol tbe orchard. Held and shop,
that stimulus ini.'ht he given to thofe
ilepii'tmi nt- < f labor,upon «liieh rests
our great national wealth, li will be
the endeavor "I the ass .elation to di al
fair ly with all exhibitors, lhat tiny
may receive their Bpprnval, and sl the
same lime n.etit iheb'sl wishes ol ilu
citizens ol tbe district lor the suecesf
of the association.
The object of the (air in t" exhibit
ibe resources and products of the
district, and by having the exhibits ol
other and adj.uning districts in competition, to stimulate to greater efforts
for improvement and development ol
the unlimited resources of the interim
af British Columbia.
Progress is the watchword of this
fair in every department, There will
be betterment and improvement ui
eveiy point. The fair days will be
made tbe holidays of the year, a time
wheu people can rest Irom labor and
review and enjoy results. Send to the
secretary and get a premium list.
Notice the money prizes in all the
departmei.is and become an exhibitor
as well as u visitor. Remember the
low rales on all the railways und plan
to have u rest and a good time dm ins.
the fair.
Tue seer, tn ry'- i.tliee is located in
the opera house, on Victoriu street,
where premium lists and other form-
can be pn cured, and where entries
will be received up till .Saturday, riept
Twin Hnl ti
The parly lefl Revelstoke by delayed
menietl   down   the  southwest   fare of  without    much   dilll'-nlty.      The view
ih,. il iin nnl il   proved  fill' more   from   Ihis   peak   is   also mngnliici-nl
The v.ill..v lo lhe south nf Ilm pp <s is
well wm lh n Utile haul hip und In into -i-i-. i-oiitainini! us il dues lin Mb. 11
Glnc-ii i. uii h i'i wonderful see.    -   i   il
tin- 1..-..in iiiii   lillle AP  I__*!__*•-.     On
v.-ill- y is also llie I.mini of U""' b u ' "
ci ii I >. >n appeal' tn have been ' hei.  ' his
sen un.   .-villi.nils    mi uet-iiunl ol    Ilm
Hies.    Porcupines ulso tire conspii non
In- I heir absence,
I.nl   sweel'glissade   uns  iinluli_(i'tl   in,
in.d I  Ihni n  -Inn I   walk   In '-.uii!
made up llie i-eniiiiniler nf I In- descent
(' iin;< iv,is .'cached nl 2 p.m. nnd iifiei
n cup of coll'ei', a  I'Aldi itt,  lhe  packs
mi Iiniilili'inl inn!   : ive   inuiii
in-,.uml Ihe sleep sitle hill below i In
Ubel I Glaciei In i he beautiful eiuernli
green Allien   Luke. This trip nrciipii-i
ii   lil I I ■ over llll hunt',    tl llll   by I till lilll
lhe iiiiii |> beside I In lake was made
siiiij;, nnd ii dinner used up, il was
time to indulge in sleep.
Waking wilh the Iii si glimmer of
the sun upon the summits ouch of the
mountaineers suggested lo the other
ibe propriety of biting the lirst Ic
leave i hi  wai-in blankets nnd lighl lhe
i'i   '
~'"'-_. ^'-V-    C'-
____>».       . ..:»__»!-;..
District Indications for Fire
Alarm Soxes
UKI.   IIHIiiaUK   Ml.   ONE
Box No. 44—Fire Hal] .No. 1
Bnx N" 4fl—Front sireet wist ne: r
C.l'.K. Bridge.
Box No. 46—C ner King nnd I), ug
las Streets ' Palace M nt Man).
B..x N IT— or i" Sec '"'I and
Wales Strip'-   b.i-k ol Conn  Moil-i )
Box No 48—Ci i Tl i-d and Cha-ln
Streets (Cowao Bl ck
Box   Nn.    It—Comer    First   B'rrt-1
and  McKenzie Avenue,  C   B. Hum'
& Cu.
. , V . In — 'or, Kir-i Street ami
K  k-i-l.y     venue,    l'i st ofiice)
Box   No    Iii — i    i ■•' ' Secolid s'P t"
at      (ii i   rnuient   Hoail (opera hon-. i
li  -.   > o    17.— Corner  Third   .-' ri i
an.i Cun pl.i-ll an nue, (Globe  I.n.oh' i
II. x   No,   IS.—0. P. R.station.
P x N -1 —' inner Fifth sim-i
anil McKei nn  ■•>>■    Catholic church
Hi \ N ■ 25 —Corner Sixth street
and nit.ui av. une,' VV, A, Foote),
Box N.. 26—Corner Fourth Btreet
and McArth  r avenue.
Box No. 2".—Corner Fourth Btrcit
and Townley -.treet Cover south tract .
Box No. __>—Corner Seoood streel
ami Robson avenue Mrs. Baker)
Box   No.  34—Fire Hall No. 2
Box  No.  3.J.—Hospital.
Box  No.  36.—School.
Signal for practise—not less than
six   di slow strokes.
i'ne '1) stroke indicates line broken
.- Sre out.
signals are given thus: 2 strokes—
interval 6 seconds—4 Btrokes; equals
Hot 24. No. "I box will also be shown
1 n indicator at Fire Hall.
No.  lion  s.-pt. 7lh and reached Twin I ttie, hut  ii  seems  that cily folks uin
Unite ut 10:30, after creating consider-  not il dy class fond of comfort and
able excitement among the tourists ou i it mis some tinu- before the 'professor'
the train,   who look tin*  well known   found the warm  spot   vacated by his
"professor," with his ice-axe nnd rope, ; companion.    Meanwhile ii wns a ii-vc-
I'iii- u genuine Swiss guide.   After a lation to spend time in contemplation
light lunch und a good swig of water,  of
u start was mude at 10:45 up the ridge thk in i.m h v ok this plai is,
In the eust of   the Twiii Butte bridge. | The lake  wns  half u   mil.    wide and
This part of the journey  proved  very
trying,  oh the climbers carried theh
pucks   under   n   scorching   sun,  over
fallen trees nnd occasional small dill's
without  a drop  of  water.    No long
part of the journey  proved  very  almost perfectly round, while Irom it:
beautiful green waters rose lhe steep
sides of the mountains. Al the east
siiln if the lake i ho tongue of u glacier
 n j hangs over the water, and at intervals
itops were made till nightfall,  which  .hops huge   pieces   of   ice.   This lasl
" fuel wns i-iitlier ului-iuing For ii wus
tjtiite evident that, should au exceptionally large piece fall it would raise
n tidal wave on tin- lake, which, since
I he campers'bed was not more than
two I'ni-i above the water, would In
very likely io involve them,   togethei
came about Tio", necessitating u camp
nt an altitude of almut 0,500 feel
Food, without water, was out of the
question, so a stai'l wus mude al (ive
o'clock on the nexl iiiui'iiin -, Thursday, nml slow Iiiii steady progress
made for an  hour und  n  quarter,  nt
»labor Da) Kick
Itevi Istoke, S pt 7. 00.
l-.iliti.r Mill   111.nil.i.:
Sn; No dm I - 0 "'t;c,il nn
l.iib ir li.iy Hint, Revelstoke Fire Ilii-
^.iile No. 1 made up I hn n oris ..( t e
parade. No. I consider il l-heii dull
p. du iill iii their power in please the
pnlili . .,,.1 in .. tn.ii nil tin V "sk is
.1. i .. ; hr.-.ik. (In ',|" P ''■" li"1 !fs'1
was offered in pri/.-", ol iv ioh !f2H it a
IVer- 'I ■-'' no h dn-iri I II >'t, :"■•' ■ :'
Consul .1 .mi.       Unlil    In-1"  >   ml lloals
icceivcil a   pnz» r.|   $211, f   them
., ii nm fnnr unu - ' hi i"iz" "If- red,
pi i- c,,-.nr il un •'. -riviil twice tlie
ii.iuiiiii ott'errd, while the Brigade
teoeived ui ly oue-half more than tin
uncy prize, leaving $16 ou ihe list
um xpendud. No doubt if we Imi1
.•iiiiiii ii ihe C I' It. Uiigade, tve would
nave hei n n«cil t h i en tin- n- i In- rest,
ir if it hail it:- n Mr l.indinark's pi ts
—No. 2—ive would have received
recognition, The Labor Day Coni-
mitteeaie very shortsighted in using
the tii'i.'ionii in this manner, ns tlu-i
have turned mil, on parade every year
and did ilii-ir nest to make tho duy n
success, but t hey can hardly he t x
pected to keep it up il they
have nothing belter to expect than th
lack oi appreciation they have received
in the oast. Thanking you (or your
valued space.
One ok the Suckehs,
The Fair Judging
Bdltur M A l i.-ll ill; lI.n.
Sin,— I huve to complain nl tin
judging at the Fair. Take the bread
I -r instance. One exhibit w .s lurnei
down because it was tuiuled u.ith coal
oil. Such ao excu-t: is absurd us m
coal oil was ever near it antl it was
mm pled this morniug In (ive or six
people whocori'obni ,!'' this,
i ain,etc ,
Ex iiiiutiii;.
Rifle Shooting
The lollowing semes wer.
tin- llifle   Range  last   SalUulay,   Sep'
■Ith, by "F" Company:
II ink Nn.no _>00
Col. Su'l. .1. Donnlil -A.
I...C mi. .1. Mei-k. , 2.1
Pie.  Mo holl.icil   ..    27
I. .  A.   n.ilV 10
Pte, VV.   All. n.. 2\
Sgi. G. II irin-f  21
I. .-('. li M. I) in i ,1 .2.1
I'M-. \ Paskins .... 28
I' e.  II.   I'nill.     ...   IS
500     UlKl   T<
31      31
21     21
..   iv... rsas;  vtr,  :~a • '-»\.:.
I      * ■■■   .-."i-9    .**.A' \\ :'  .-. ■  *.•'
.   ilftij • rs   *•-■■,: ..
a   i   .A, .;: ,. a ■•       ;-
Rod and Gun tor September
s. ptembt r  - n ted for duck hunti   .
and    tin-   numerous   -p rtsmen
pursue tin- f • m nl sport ■■•■ iti    inl
will find their fat   rite i tinu den t
with 111 an j ' ' ■     -   ; '• '
I Br is-in- nl I   d mil i .on   in  C«u d i.
I ubliibi d   : .     I . . al \\
Hock, (Inl       I '   -      i all : -I    1- i  . -
..ratii g sjnrl reci    .     I'n.i      -
-        - • .        : i.
M.ii.;'   i . -   -, itC   ■  "
hui linn      tbi      ■   il   .. nd   | ,.pi  -     '.
■ :   , :   i Iri
1 l> a ai     HiiUi        .   .     iravtl
and   ho i.ii;    -s. iches    with   lit
i„i • ii   .-..  rai ■ 1} >ud   nli  i   l to lIn
Din      ■ ■ - a ; ■ 111    a
lurtinr papei i•> Mr, Clapham deal
with the Airedah terrier, Aliogether
do betti r comp ini n Ioi the (porta-
man either a- i ui e In c imp, on his
traicls. etc . cm bi secured lhan -
copy   I tbis I   • :-- '
il ml of u bi< li liiiie timl
reach) d on a sharp rid I '
place n >t ream  wn
I., the easl bo the puck . irei
cache und  ■    peed        p  made  to th •■
liquid.      II. .1 ll   .Inn1-
ivni..i    I. .i ■ I he   hesl    i hej
i.i-'. d, which   is   noi   sui prisii
sidei un: i he fact that  thev 11
From  '*ii— time on
lllls    (lf|
packs, the i uituinei i
I In- l itlge I in. - .i\...
allittidi   of s.r.io
pom:   idi
was made t o Hnd -■ nop  ground      \
ideal camping sni
' fool ol
.ii,.l 1 lie  if termini
The Tho-iipion  River   Lumber Co
will build a mill at Kamloops wilh a
capacity of 60,000 leel i day Messrs
McKenzie and It ibinson ol Cranbrook,
are the managers ol the new company,
The   Sidney    l.'iiiila-r     mills,     the
property ol tbe Saaoich Lumber Co
and the Pacidc Coast Lumber Mills ol
Vanoouver pasted to tbe ownership ol
the Canadian Northern Lumber Co.,
Limited, "I which Metsrt Mike Carli i
and .1. (i. Billings ar.' tbe principals, is
capitalized at half a million dollars,
will include the two gentlemen named,
together with  8.0, Jaokion and E.J
Lane, both ol Seattle, and I, O'Brien,
ol Vaocouver. The I'acilic Cia»t
Mills were owned by Ments, Busoombe,
Ceperley, Heliwell and Martin ol Vancouver, aud a very large sum is now
involved in the tiaoeler.
Royal Standard
Wc guarantee every sack o(
Royal Standard Flour to be tlie
purest, sweetest, most wholesome
lucid flour on the market in liritish Columbia to-day. Back of
this guarantee stands ihe mill
which lias been producing this
Hour for years, and in proof of
lie excellency o( tlie product are
the testimonials of thousands of
users. Besides with every 491b.
sack you get a coupon which entitles you to a chance to win a
handsome eliina dinner set.
Vancouver Milling &
Grain Co., Lid.
VANCOUVER,       -       B.C.
September, : 22-23-24
Capital Paid Up        -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Do to t f id to s.e t
(i'i.ri. ii- l< .otenay
. |io-mI ililies ol
C. H. BU5X, to.      F. J. STSRSEY, M§r.
0. C. MORRIS, Secretary.
Nelson, It. I',
Hox 95
If You
Can Afford to use
the BEST buy
Robin Hood
First-class  Work  Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly   Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
,.-.,1 r iour
Co , Ud.
.. fow lialaain fealliei    foi   n   lied  and i ritti hi    four oi
in looklnu ovei Ilm valley. ind I                          i I he    Allmi I   IVnk
On   I i nl.i '■    ni" IK   ' '"■  • liinliei pel p             .          .,.,,
lefl camp al v " ' lock fin  in  m tack on ■                                    ilf
the north peak  IIS02 feet),     The roil te   lieing   pi I   nvei   could   hi    icon io
chosen wa   up tho south arnte  lo the Irlke hui could                  nil
left of tlio Blucier and foi  Ll   ho On the tie  ming, Hept,  ill
I Ills Kiive plenty of  Interesting  work, -. I -    lurl   ivn    iiinde for the nilhond
lhe rope lioing leiptiieil In Iwo  pluce      Thn te
siiniilj  nfter   II  o'clock   Ilm  vrndnnl turn tu lie                   ... on No. o
slopes   iverit   rnaclicd,   nnd   uflei    nn I hi i liml       ivi'iit veij     bII    .ii Hi il
uninlei'oating walk ivllh tlu-u               lis    ng   mude  Lhu
ine.   -i Mini   WA     .i"      nn in   i   i t-enl   "I    il.''   Ni'i'li   Wherl mill
ni   |2 o'clock (i ii  for tin   iii,i inn ml    i i.oi   ..I   iin-  Houth VII wl.
A .-,1 .nn'    was liulll    unl  hntwceii Holh pi-iiks are  well   worth cliiiihing,
iho  n.i     tones   lied   lu nl.hci     .-.I-   Llie Norlh peiik I  much the hnttnr
I.lin ...il i in- i i-i i.i.I "I i li" - imiii.     On n   • liml. h'.ii i,ooi.nn.. i     point, ul
mniill peak ii   little tllsti    froin the view, while   lhe   Snoil. Alhcrl  would
miminlli   and   con Idiiralilj    lower, ..   iiinkeiig I peak on which Hevelstoke
surveyor's    cairn   bland      out,   The people might graduate forautlve lueiu-
deioent  won   almost    directly ooui* bershlpln  the Alpine Olub of Canada
Arrange Mow for Your
Summer Supply of
it i ri i
E. W.  B.  PAGET
Phonn   l'i Ollicti    MnKon-'io A«o
i Bulk    WfiDtVD   -
-13^ tkx 0W - Qf
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
■'.. .A'.yn">\ -i
Make Your Home Beautiful
with oneol our hauds'me parlor sets,
upholstered in lu(;li (iiude silk, or
ili.iniiak, with In imi that are in every
coi. eivable denial , -nil made to wear
imii lluitely. \\ e i me mauy uew and
beautiful parlor m ii hi d i dd pieces lor
beautifying lhe home ihat are taste
ful, ttlictive and ii enpeiiBive, and will
aliow your rooms lo the beet advantage.
in C. P. R. contract for fucinp Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest m-iterialfor a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wu.tn in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about hafe your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
There's a Nice Piece of Ham
for You!
as anyone nan see in a day's walk.
This butcher shop is well known
and deservedly popular on account
of its excellent smoked nnd iliieil
moats hams, bacons, etc, We
take the same pains in cutting
ami serving these as with liesli
meats- and you know what that
P. Burns is. Co.
Wholesale and Rotnll Mont Merchants
Import direct from country ol origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest ihe
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors an i
Ci;^i rs.    Rate:* $   a day.    Mouth!) rutr.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
arc disposing of tlieir entire Stock it «
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry,   Cut  Glass,   Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
■ ii ■
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
iliiveil,     I'liHt-t'laaa In every respect,     All modi
I.nu.. Sample Itouins.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Eul urged ami luipioveit,    Klrsl-Class In every respect.    All modern itoiivotileiiitia
I.nu.. Sample Itouins.
Revelstoke, />.C.
It, I), Imiu- discovers! i.I ibe famous EVANS' CANCER
CURE, desires nil who lutftr with Cancer to write to bltn,
Two days'Irtaliiisnl will cure external or lutirnal Cancer,
Write R. D. IVANS, Brandon, Manitoba. '
Revelstoke First City in Interior
to Adopt System
llevelsloke has the distinction of
being the lirst interior city of liritish
Columbia to adopt the use of concrete
in the installation of its sewerage
system and while there nny be a lew
skeptics who are inclined to doubl the
wisdom of such a course on the pill of
the City Council there is abundance of
testimony to prove there is no material
Io surpass it for strength, rigidity,
durability, indestructibility anil adaptability.
Everything has its day. The l.allow
candle, useful in its time, gave way to
the keiosene lamp, the laiun in turn
yielded to Illuminating gas, and Dually
this became subordinate to llie incandescent light. In building materials,
wood gives way to brick, brick yields
to stone and steel, and all become
subordinate to concrete. The following from the "Cement Eva," July 1908,
may prove of interest: "For more
than IKI years sewers of concrete have
lieen in use in the cities of Brooklyn
and Milwaukee. In the latter city
there are more than i*K) miles of tbis
form of sewer.    Most of it,  moreover,
has been  buill   with a cement  much
inferior to the present day  Portland.
These sewers are subjected to every
destructive influence to which our tile
are subjected, and to the action of
organic sewage adds as well as to the
mineral acids froin various maim
factories. They are to-day in perfect
condition. Cement tile grows much
stronger with age.
On this point T. J, Sheier, of the
Board of 1'ublic Works, Milwaukee,
Wis., says: In all places where we
had lo replace t he sewers that wen-
put in in the early history of Milwaukee, we found the concrete pipe to
be intact.
For instance, only recently, wc were
required to take up a 12-iuch pipe and
replace it with a 20-lnoh, and for tlie
ciiliic length that pipe was found to
be iu elegant condition—very much
stronger than when first placed there.
There was no defect or flaw from one
end to the other."
It will thus bo seen that one of the
greatest advantages of cement tile is
ihe fact that it Increases in strength
with the lapse of time—it has the
power of life within itself—so that
even after it is laid, the process of
acquiring strength and durability will
be carried on.
The uniformity of shape of the cement tile is one of its strong  recom-
rnoulds perfectly round, true on the
ends, and without imperfections in
shape of any kind. This advantage
is most frequently spoken of by the
men who lay them and their preference is always for this class of tile.
Each cement tila lieing a perfect cylinder, they can be laid true to line and
the joints made perfect.
Cement tile can be submitted to the
action of the frost with comparative
safety, and be .distributed over the
ground in winter without any apparent deterioration. Concrete pipes if
well made of proper materials have a
strength to resist compressive, tensile
and bursting strains which is amply
sufficient for all purposes of a sewer in
any large city.
And there seems to bo no question
whatever that cement pipes are much
superior to the ordinary clay tile, and
infinitely preferable upon the ground
of economy.
On this continent the use of concrete
sewers is now beginning to assume
Since engineers have become more
conversant with the properties of
concrete their hesitancy in establishing concrete sewers is rapidly disappearing.
In view of these many convincing
facts in favor of concrete which have
done so much to increase public confi-
mendatlons.     They  come from    th „ dence in this material, the question o'
adopting concrete for use in our local
sewerage system became a live issue
and the present Oily Council of Kevelstoke with cotiiiiiendahlii progress-
iveness, decided to incorporate cement
pipe in theirlislof civic improvements,
With this object in view a contract
was let to the Hickman Cement and
Construction Co,, of Vancouver, B.C.,
to manufacture the different sizes of
bell-end pipe required for the Central
section, to include all Ys, Ts., bends
and other accessories. The accompanying cut will convey to the reader
an idea of the Kevelstoke Cement
Pipe works which are located at the
eastern end of the city, while a visit
to the plant will surely prove of
interest to those who have yet to learn
how the pipe are manufactured.
The work of installing lhe pipe is
being expeditiously carried out by
T, F. Sinclair, one of the pioneer
contractors of B.C., and who has had
a long and successful career on public
works throughout the province.
This sewage system now in course of
construction is being done under the
supervision of the cily engineer, Mr,
Lionel H. Buck, C. E., and the progress being made since its inception
warrants the prediction that in a short
period of time Revelstoke can claim
to having an up-to-date, and greatly
needed civic improvement; one in
which the citizens may take a just
pride and the City Council due credit
for their commendable zeal and foresight.
96 S C Rhode Island lied, cock and"
hen, E W B Paget, J Morgan, H A
99   Canary, green coc1',   Mrs    Hughes.
105    I'arrot, Mrs  A R Maddock, J Bun-
ioi,   Homer Cock, oltl bird,   C A Field,
_*L.E M Cook.
Ai'i'i.KS.— Five nl cull.
jl.    Ki-il Astra'Iiiiii, first   II. It. Smith".
I. Vellow Transparent, 1st., C. Haner,
Jiul J. Ilurbridge, 3rd  I)   Campbell,
.v    Any oiln-r Summer Variety,   1st  T.
■I.    Wealthy,   Isi   I),   Mcintosh,  -'ml C.
Krickson, Ird. 0. W. Hell.
5,    llravciisleiii, Isi  .Mrs.   W. Cameron,
ii.    Duchess, 1st J. Campbell, i»,\ li, W.
I'.i'll, .inl Mrs. li. Re..1.
K,    Alexander,    1st   J.   Slum.   2nd    K
Di-stuiiiiU'S, 3rd C. Erickson.
1-'.    St. I.iimiiiii'i'. Isi T. Steed
II. Twenty Ounce Pippin, 1st lv. Kn"
17.    All) other Fall Vuriuty,   II.   li.  It,
20.   Northern Spy, 1st  ('.. W. Hell, Jiul
II. ]•;. R, Smythe.
23. Snow, 1st ('.. W. Bell.
24, Illeulieiiii Orange,   1st, G I.iiloritic.
>f>.   Baldwin, Isi II. I-;, u. Smythe,
36,    King of Totnkins,   1st   11.    I-i.    ft,
38.    Stark, 1st T. Steed.
44.    lien Davis, R. lt. Copeljllld, 2lltl V,
(i.  Itossley.
46.    Wolf Kiver,   1st   T. Steed,   2nd T.
Skinner, 3rd II. l'i. Ii. Smythe.
36.    Any oilier  Winter Variety,   1st Joe
3b.    Best Collection of   Apples,   not less
llian live varieties, lsl t',.   W.    Bell,
Specials.    Gloria  Mimdi,   1). .Mcintosh;
Duchess, D, Mcintosh.
l'KAHS. —I-'ivt- of each.
64,    Any other Early Variety, T. Steed.
I'I.I'MS.---Twelve   of each.
SO.    Bradshaw, 1st   Hume and Dawson,
Jiut J. Burbridge.
S7.   Vellow Egg, 1st l). Campbell.
93.    Columbia, 1st Mrs. Coursier.
101,    Any other variety, 1st T. Skinner,
Revelstoke Fall fair
(Continued fiom Page Onei.
On Saturday the Royal Con,mission on
forestry visited the Fair,
Mr. Goodeve, M. P. for Kootenay, who
is one ot" the Commissioners, addressed
the gathering. He tirst complimented
ihem on having for their Mayor such an
energetic man as Mr. Lindmark, who was
giving so much ol his intention to the promotion of lhe fruit-growing and industrial
resources of the district. He expressed
Ins pleasure at the splendid exhibition he
had just witnessed of the products of the
district, and which was a surprise lo him,
This was the lirst opportunity he had haj
of thanking litem l'or ihe honor Ihey had
done tpm last Dominion election hy choosing him as their representative, but this
was not an occasion on which lo talk politics. He, however, whs glad ci the opportunity of again meeting them and noting such substantial evidences of Ilie
steady growth of Revelstoke and district,
nu   SPECIAL KMiiiiir
The feature of Ilu- Fair was lhe  exhibit
b) J. Maley.    This consisted of a   niagtii-
liccnl array ol   pot   plants,   llowers and
apples from Mr,   Maley's  garden.     Over
the exhibit,  cleverly   worked   in   Asters,
was the sign, "J.  Matey,   Florist."     The
exhibit consisted ol iwo each Duchess ol
Fdinboro and Iwo display   Fuchsias,   Ilu-
gcara Gloria de Semis  Begonia,  Hock.
wiih's   Gem   Vesuvius,     Ada   Sentnnce,
Kdilh Se Vance, Pompadour colons,   don
hii* while   and   double   purpl
Comet Asters in lour varie
presenting a magnificent
lighted  WR, Mr, A. C.   Fluuunerlelt   wilh
this exhibit that he presented  Mr,  Muley
with tils chcijuc for $25.00  as  a special
prize, and lie  well   deserved it,   this exhibit alone being worth a visil to the fair,
roi i.lin
The IHO-.I improved feature ni the   Pair
litis class was duo to Ilu- efforts and iu-
alios, the laltei
effect.     So de-
iu Hi
teres) taken by the local Poultry lire
Association.   This ii not a favorable lime
for showing poultry, owing   In   ils  being
the moulting season, but the  exhibit   was
11 creditable one notwithstanding, and 0
uinly the line array of trophies offered
prises were an in
ducement to ihe poultry
men lo secure these coveted awards.
Two outside exhibitors, Messrs. Brandish
and Sincdlcy, of Enderby, competed Willi
lhe local men.
There was a very gond display in these
departments, The samples of apples
showed thai Kevelstoke is a great dislricl
fur producing suitable varieties of .this
ti'uii. The hesl apples iu lhe show were
ihe Duchess of Oldenburg, and the specimens shown proved this distriel can raise
this populai market variety lo better per.
loeiiuit than any mlici puii 11I British Columbia. Malcolm BealOII scni in some excellent Ductless apples fun they arrivedl
100 laic I). Campbell, tl, W. Bell, and
Mrs. K. Runt were exhibitors 111 Ibis variety and carried oil the humus in the ur-
der named. Othei gond exhibits wen- in
Ui'avciisifin, Vellow Transparent. Weal*
Illy, Ali'xaiiilei, SI. Lawrence, Twenty
Ounce Pippin, Northern Spy, SlIUIV, Unlil.
tun, King tif'Toutpkiuv Slink, Hen Davis,
Gloria Mimdi, 1.01,nli.01 Baldwin, The
suow applet shown by 0. \V, Hell alliacl-
ed much attention,j and Joe Morgan's
Canadian Baldwins were awarded First
Prize as the hesl winter variety other ihan
named. A special prize was awarded
Dan Mcintosh for his exhibit in Duchess
apples, this being considered the finest
specimen of apples in the show.
Pears were disappointing, there being
only one entry, although varieties ni '.his
Iruit will do well here. This enlry was
disqualified as lieing wrongly named, bui
should have had a prize,
lu Plums Messrs. Hume and Lawson oi
Revelsloke, and J. Burbridge ol Beaton,
showed some tine specimens of Bradshaw.
D, Campbell was Ihe only exhibitor in
Vellow Egg and Mrs. Coursier in Columbia, as named classes, while for lhe best
I of oilier varieties T. Skinner carried oil
first honors wilh Niagara, G. Laforme
taking second place with Japanese, ami
Wall Chung third with More's Arctic.
The district should make a far belter display o( Plums by anolher fair as Ihis fruit
does specially well here, though il has noi
received Ihe attention of growers to which
it is entitled.
There was an excellent display ni Crab ,
Apples, tint   the   judging   was   bad   and
names of varieties were  mixed   up  badly
hy     the     judges,      who    were      weak
iu this work.
The entries iu vegetables were exceedingly good. Competition In potatoes was
excellent, and lhe exhibits were oi the
highest class. Rose of Norlh, Early
Rose, Oarnicn, Beuuly ol Hebron, and
Bui hank were all represented. Citrous
were shown by J. 1'. Nelson and <'. Haner. Th.' exhibits included some immense
pumpkins and sipiash.
field produce showed lh.- maiked advance being made in Agriculture in ibis
district. The cere ds were represented
hy spring and winter wheal, oats and barley. Root crops wen- represented by
splendid samples, especially 111 the swede
turnips shown by Messrs, Skene, Hell and
Brclksoil, and nuingold w'urlZeis shown by
C, Erickson nnd G. W. Erickson, ol Malakwa, and f. Reighlv, George l.aloiiiii-
Showed sonic enormous eggs from his
poultry lariit.
Coeai Interesl was tuken in ihis de«
pudiiit-iu both by exhibitors .md the public. There was large competition in
bread, Mrs. A. McRae carry ing oil'ilm
honors Ot lllO special prize awarded l'\
Hobson & Co , lor the best loaf of bread
in the Fair, while Mrs, Willurd won lhe
firm's special prize for die best lo.it made
from Purity flutir. Mrs. A. Mcliae snd
Mrs. Corley were lhe fir-.! prize winners
respectively in the classes for white and
brown bread.
mini 1 m n KM.
This class brought out few exhibit, but
those scni in were highly superior, The
Revelsloke Sash and Door Factory Company, Ltd., made a tine exhibit in sashel
and doors, G, H. Carter, one of lhe cily
employees showed 11 working model 01 a
railway engine and lender made by him,
mul ii is .1 mosl creditable piece ni work.
W. Greene   had   ;   .volt-finished   sel   of
horse shoes, and I,. Sniylhe exhibited a
model ol a yacht which must have taken .1
lol ol time and patience to ,.ort out.
white it   showed   mucti   constructive in-
of producing power.
The entries in flowers were not numerous, and ive think if lovers and growers of
flowers sent oui their exhibits a much
larger and more creditable display could
have been provided. Tlie entries were
generally good however, Mrs. C, B,
Hume had a magnificent display of pot
plants. The exhibits in sweet peas and
bouquets were particularly attractive.
The art department was very creditable,
almost all branches heing represented, and
the display  included   oil  mul water color
1 paintings,    photographs,    pen   and   ink
'■ sketches,    Some  excellent  pictures were
i loaned  for   exhibition   only.    Mrs.   John
Lee sent   two   pretty   Venetian   scenes
Mrs. T. Taylor  loaned a  very  creditable
painting of Premier McBride executed by
I Mr. Clark, a clever local artist.
Mrs. A.   B.   McCleneghan  generously
I loaned a tine collection ol' high class painl-
[ ngs, and J.   M.    Kellie   loaned  a valued
painting ul" a   waterfall.      Mrs.   Hnggen
I loaned a case of stuffed  kiwis.   Ilia   celebrated New Zealand   wingless  bird,   ihis
being lhe only country iu lhe world where
this rant avis  is  found.    A   preiiy   view-
was also loaned bv Miss Hall.
Mi. I.. M. Hagar and K, B. Wells
showed   several wcll-cxeculed scenes.
The entries in photography wen-
superior, K. Copeland showing a large
variety ut artistically executed work, while
Mr. I.. M. Hagar's entries in the highest
class ol photograph) work were u subjeel
of much attention by visitors, The water
color paintings shown by Mrs. Coursier
and Mrs. I'raii would grace any collection, lhe oil panning tii Miss llnylock
was .01 especially line piece of.w-ork.
I.M ll WORK AM) I Ullll|i||ll in.
While lhe exhibition in this iln.s was
smaller than lasl year as regards quantity,
the entries were iciy superior in quality.
A marvellously line pice ,.f wool work
wa-. a coal and cape 111.ule iu Imitation ot
Persian lamb. Mis. Haggen sent on exhibition onlx sonic well exet uled samplos
ol lulling.     Mesdaiiies I'.   Bourne,   U.K.
R, Smythe and R. A. Upper were the
principal exhibitors and prize inkers, the
latter taking the prize 1,-r the hesl collection oi embroidery work, while Mrs,
Hutchison took lli-a place foi lhe hesl
collection ot lace work,
point of view. The Ladies Aiil Societies
of St. Peters anil the Methodist churches,
each had refreshment booths on the
ground and did a large Imsiness.
Oil Thursday a lacrosse match took
place between teams captained respectively by S. Norman and J. .Mercian. The
laltei- won by 6 to 4,
The success of this lair should give an
incentive lo intending exhibitors to prepare for the next one, which, though a
long way ahead, should be kepi in view-
by those anxious to see the Revelstoke
Fair take, as lhe Mayor described it, a
position second to none in the Province oi
British Columbia,
55.    Peppers, green. Wah Chung.
I. Wheat, Autumn, 1st  J. Lonzo,   2nd
W. E. Smith.
-'.    Wlie.u. Spring, J. ["...teller.
3.    Oats, white, 1st   A. McRae.   2nd C.
Ski-ue,  M.l W. Ii. Smith.
ilarlci. 1 sheaf, 1-t W. K. Smith.
II. Turnips, for cattle, Nt 0. R Skene
-'11.1 O.W. Hell. 3rd G.W. Erickson.
13. Mangold Wurtzel, globe,  C. Erickson, ti. W. Erickson, J. Reighley.
14. Mangold Wurtzel, lone red, 1st   ('
Erickson,   2nd G. W. Erickson.
13.    Sugar Beets,   C.   Erickson,   C. It.
16. Carrots.   White,   Wing   Chung, C.
Erickson, hi. Coursier.
17. Carrots, red,   W.  Iv.   Smith, Wing
1.    Dairy  Butter,   in rolls or prints,   1st
Mrs. li. W.   Erickson,   2nd Mrs. •'.
3,    Hone) in sections,   1st    Rev.   C. A.
Procunier, 2ml J. Fletcher, 3rd II,E.
lt. Sniylhe.
I.    Honey,    strained,     lsl   H.   I-i.   R.
Sin> ilu-.
Special, hive bees,   Rev. C. A. Procunier.
1. Bread, white.   1-t   Mr-.   A,   McRae,
2iui. Mrs. While.
2. Bread, brown, lsl   Mr-. Corley, 2nd
Miss Fraser.
3. Dinner or Bread Rolls.   1st   Mr-. A
McRae, 2nd Mr-. Corley.
4. Plain Biscuits, Isi  Mrs.   Lougheed,
2nd Mrs, Corsun.
5. Scotch Shortbread,   1st   Mrs. J. Telfer, 2nd Mrs. J. Lauglltoll.
6. Cookies, lsl Mr-. Coursier, 2nd Mr-.
II. 0. Cameron.
7. Cake, Pound,   l-l Mis. Haggen, 2nd
Mrs. White.
('nke, Layer.   Mrs. Cor.-aii, 2nd Mrs.
Cake, Fruit,    1-1   Mrs. T
2,„\ Mrs. Matheson,
Cake. Chocolate, 1-t  Mrs
A. John
s. McMahon showedn new gnscnglnc,
lor which he is agent, al worki and it is
certainly a Valuable mul economical means
All classes 00 the list  were represented.
lhe Hoard oi  Trade showed samples oi
■ilver-.cad and copper ores, also llie DX-
hibil oi local  ores they   had   collected lol
the Spokane Interstate Fair,
There were very few entries in horsei
and cattle. A. Carlson alniosl swept tin
boaul in prises foi dairy slock with a fiuc
lol ol cows and a bull.
The exhibit m  dogs ua.  noi large bul
Was good as far a. it went,  'the principal
competition was  in  collies,  mul   in this
, lass I'. Ti Abey s kennels,   ul Camborne,
carried oil all honors.   There were good
entries in spaniels mul setters.    Mr. L, M.
Ilagiir non the medal given liy Mr. Allen,
manager of the  Hank  ofCommcJcc,  for
the large-t pi «e t.ikcli in Ihis class.
1,1 Mini.,
r«o of the   churches  decided  lo lake
advantage of die  lair drama practical
3    Brahma, light, cock and hen, 1st   A.
Pradolini, 2nd A. Grauer.
15 Orpington, cock and hen. Winnie
Smythe, A. Patterson. 11. Smythe.
16 Orpington, cockerel and pullet, B.
Brandish, B. Brutulish.
19 Plymouth Rock, barred cock and
hen. Mrs J Shaw, J Clelnlld, G. Infertile,
20 Plymouth Rock, barred cockerel
antl Pullet, R A Upper, ('. I.af.irtne.
1-' Y Laing, G Matheson
22 Plymouth Rock, while, cockerel and
pullet, E M Cook.
24 Plymouth Hock, buff, cockerel and
pullet, II Smythe.
25 Wyandotte,   silyer-laccd,  cock ami
hen, b' Fleetham, K McRae,
Wyandotte, silvcrlaced cockerel and
pullet, Rev. C A Procunier.   K   McRae.
Wyandotte,   while,   cock and hen.
Mrs J Shaw,
Wyandotte,      white,     cockerel and
pullet, J J Deville, Mra J Shaw.
Gallic, II II Rid,   cock   ami   hen, E
M Cook.
Game, B II  Red, cockerel  ami pul
lei, E M Conk.
Game, Indian, cockerel and pullet.
R A Upper.
Sl' Minorca, black, cock and hen,
G Sincdlcy, Is McRae, E Fleetham
R I' Minorca, black cock mul pullet, G Siucdlc.i.
S C Minorca, black, cock and pullet,
G Sineillei, I'. I.aing, Mrs It Gil.
Leghorn,   white,   cock   ami   lieu, |
Morgan. !•' l-'lcclham.
Leghorn, white, cockerel anil pullet,
J Morgan,  J J Devine,  F Fleetham.
48    Leghorn, brown,   cockerel   and pullet, J Morgan.
Leghorn, huff,   cock ami   hen, II  1-'
Leghorn, buff,  cockerel   and pullet,
J J Devine, 11 1-'   McKiiiiion, J Clel-
Hamburg,   cockerel   and   pullet,
Bantam Game, black, C ('oriuier
Bantam, Game, red, 0 Cormier.
Dam,nn. Game, any other variety
Bantam,   8ll,vcr Sebright, cock,
Ban tain 1 Silver  Sebright,   hen.
McCarter, 2nd and 3rd.
Pair Geese,   It A I'ppcr, II Smith
90    Pair Ducks, 11 A. I'ppcr.
92 Pair Geese, bred In 1909,   R Upper.
93 Pair   Dm !;s.   bred   in 1909,   Mrs E
Picard, 0 balorme, II Smythe,
S C Rhode Island Reds, cockerel
ami pullet, W A Foote, R I'ppcr, J
2nd G. Laforme, 3rd Wall Chung.
CKAIl   AI'I'I.KS.--Twelve ol each.
1U4. Transcendent, 1st G. W. Erickson,
2nd C. Eraser, 3rd With Chung.
1115. Hyslop, 1st J. 1'. Nelson, 2nd C.
107.   Siberian, lsl J. I'. Nelson.
1119. Martha, 1st C. M. Field, 2nd
llunie and Lawson.
111. Any other variety, 1st J. P,_Sutherland, 2nd D. Campbell,
115,    Blackberries, tiny  variety, l plate,
1st Mrs. Needhani.
1. Potatoes, Rose ol Norlh, lsl G. La-
forine, 2nd Wing Chung, 3rd G. W.
2. Early Rose, 1st J. Reighley, 2nd I'..
W. Hell, 3rd Wall Chung.
3. Carmen, 1st G, w. Hell, 2nd w.
Smith. 3rd G. W. Erickson.
4. Beauty of Hebron, 1st W. Smith.
5. Burbanks,   1st   D,   Campbell,   2nd
Wah Chung, 3rd C. Erickson,
Largest, C. R. Skene.
Any oilier variety, named, J. Smith.
Any other variety,   grown   from im-
ported seed, 1st C. Laforme, 2nd W.
E. Smith, 3rd J. Matheson,
Turnips, any variety,  1st  J.   Lonzo,
2nd J. Johnson, 3rd Wall Chung.
Carrots, Short Horn, lsl w. Smith,
2nd G. W. Bell, 3rd J. Reighley.
Carrots, any variety, 1st W. Smith,
2nd li. W. Hell, 3rd 1-. G. Hossley.
Parsnips, any variety, 1st Wing
Chung, 2nd F. G. Itossley. 3rd •',.
W. Erickson.
Cabbage, Summer, 1-1 J. Reighley,
2nd Wing Chung.
Cabbage, Winter,  1st Wing Chllllg,
2nd C. Erickson.
Savoys, lsl J. Human.
Cauliflower, isi   Wing  Chung, 2nd
C. Skene.
Unions, white, Wing Chung.
Onions, yellow. C.  Krickson, Wine
12.   unions, ml. Isi c. R. Skene, Wall
_',t.    1 minus, Pickling,   lsl  J. Reighley,
2nd Wing Chung, 3rd   Wall Cluing
21.    Peas,   inisbelled,    lsl    |     Human,
2nd C. R. Skene.
25. Beans, yellow, IstW Smith, 2nd I-;.
26. Beans, green, lsl I-i. Picard, 2nd W.
li. Smith
27. Coin, isi f, Laforme, 2„,\ G   w
Heel-. Globe,   1-1   I.   Iliiuy.-ni,   2nd
c,. w. Krickson, 3rd. j, Fletcher.
Celery,  green,   Isi  R, Desmoliles,
2nd J. Human.
Olcri, yellow, 1st Wall Chung, 2nd
Ilium- and Lawson.
Lettuce,    lsl   G.   W, Bell,    2nd G.
Radish, .1  Reighley.
38,   Squash,   Hubbard, l-i  J,   Human.
2nd J. Johnson,
12    Pumpkins,   isi   Mrs.   Picard, 2ml
Wah Chung.
Pumpkins, largest, 1-1 Wah Chung
Vegetable Marrow, l-i Wall Chung
Tomatoes, smooth, Isi 0, R. Skene.
2nd I   Human, 3rd Wall Cliuiig
Tomatoes, ribbed. 1st Mrs, Picard
Tomatoes,  best collection,   1st  j,
Cucumbers, greenhouse, 1st |
('iicuinbir-. garden,  l-i  j   Shaw
2nd W. E. Smith, 3rd D. Ualliplh.il
(..iioiinibi is,    pickling,     lsl    Win.
Chung, 2nd W.   E. Smith,
il.    Melons, witter, 1st J. Lonzo.
13.    Cllrotl, 1st   J. II.    Nelsoi.,    2nd (
Plum Pudding, 1-t Mr- J
2nd Mrs. J. II. White,
15.    Fruit Pie, l-i Mr-. A. Johnson, 2nd
Mrs. T. Hughes.
17.    Besi assortment ol Pickles, 1-t Mrs.
19. Best assortment "f  Jellies, Mrs. C.
20. Besi   assortment    of    Canned   or
Bottled Fruit, 1st Mrs. T. Steed.
Special Prizes—by   Hobson   ,v   Co.,
Bread'made from PURITY PioijK, Mrs.
Willanl. Bread made from am ll"iir.
Mrs. A. McRae.
1.   Home .Made Wine, 1-t Mrs. Hutchison, 2nd Mrs. G. W. Erickson.
6.   Strawberries, not preserved. 1-t Mrs
C. M. Field.
S.    Raspberries,   red   noi preserved, ist
Mrs. J. Huuyan,   2nd   Mr-.   0.   M.
10.   Jellies, 1st Mrs. Hutchison.
12.   Currants, red.   preserved.   1st Mrs
J, Shaw-.
17.   Strawberries, preserved, 1st Mr-. C
B   Hume,
is.   Raspberry Vinegar, 1-t .Mr-. Matheson, 2nd Mrs. II. 0, Cameron.
19. Home  Made Mixed   Sweet Pickles.
1st Mrs. II. Cameron.
20. Home Made   Mixed   Sour   Pickles,
lsl Mrs  J. Bunyau, 2nd Mr-. Urine.
Home Made Catsup. 1-t Mr-. Steed.
2nd Mrs. Hutchison.
Pickled White union-. 1-t Mt- 11
C, Cameron, 2nd Mrs. G. W. Erick
Miss Hobl "•■   Telfer.
-6    Ii- elet 1 "ii.,: _:.2   1 ..ii..   i t   Mrs.
28.    He-i   old   !. ::•.-.-     work    -June   by
year       I Mrs  Bezley.
red Monogr un or  Initials
. Linen, i --. M 1 -    1    .
31.    Bouquet of Paper Flowers, I-t Mr-.
X", •:!:.■:]!   _-M .Mr-   Coui -:  r.
}2.    Best   Collection     "f     Embroidery
Wi >rk, Mrs      : :
;;     Best Colli ■ tii :: "f I.i.-.-   Work,   1st
Mr-. IInt.
34     Embroideri on Linen, !-t   Mi—   F.
M, Donald.
41.    Heuistitche 1      I I.uul- enliic-f
SKI Tl' in   I FLORAL.
1 -■: Allliilcrrs Only
Best   Collection   .if    Annuals,
2     II"--. 1 ..:.. etion ..f Asli r-,   Mr- l
-hi, Mr- Hume, Mr- Huggen.
[Concluded mi Page Four).
First-class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders   Promptly   Filled,
R. Z. Crawford
Comer 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
NELSON, 1!. C.
September, : 22-23-24
Do not fail to fee the possibilities ol
Glorious Kooteuay.
C. W, i
Box di
JSK, Pres.      F. I. SUMl Mgr.
D. C. MORRIS, Secretary.
Ndtfuij, .B. 0.
Display <>f Iron. <», Carter.
Display nf  band  made  Horseshoes
W. Green.
Display of Hash and   D<*n-s,   Kevel
stoke Susli ami Door Co   I.M.
Special, Yacht, !.. Smythe.
SUCTION .[.---r.\INTIN«*.. in'1-.
nn Painting, original, Miss Hay lock
R k Copeland.
ihi Painting, i"|>\. Mrs. Coursier•
Water Color, original, Mr-> Coursier,
Mis. Pratt.
Pencil, copy, J.   .Lawrence,   H- Hur-
Pen and   ink  Sketch,  original, R K
Pen .unl Ink Sketch,   ii Coursier,   R
Hun.i Painting, Mrs Coursier.
II    Pyrography  <>n  Velvet  or Leather,
Mi- Coursier,
lh   Pcnoil, copy, lioj "i   girl  under 12,
( I  <''HI! SUM.
1,    Pencil, original,   Ikjj   oi   ,;irl under
\b. L Coursier,
IS   IVndl. copy, 1«>\   "r   nirl under 1^.
RC Miller.
1    poiui   Lace,   Mi-   Bourne,   Mi-   H
Sui) the.
j   Houi ton Lace, Mrs H Smythe
.    Hattrii'.utv      Mi-    II   Mm the     >,\: -
Tenerlffe  ■>:   Braiullau   Poinl  Lace,
Miss Hobbs, Mr- Haggen.
Shawl In Wool   Mi- Laughlou,
Byelet,   Kmhroid< red    Shiri   W.iist
Mr- Upper.
Tatting', Mrs Haggen.
Drawn Work. Mis   11 Sinytin     Mn
Netting, Mi- lledslrum    Mrs  Hag
Embroidery, iu Mount Mellick, Mi
Upper   Mi - I   ll".ii im .
Kiubroiderj,   In    Welachatut
Tea Cos). Mn 1  Bourne.
Kiuhroi'Icn.     Uyelet,     Mrs
Hume, Mrs J i,,(urence*
Work iloite by ('hiMrrn under 16  year*
19.   Kmliroidered No/a Cushion,1st Mre.
Uppci, 2nd Mr-  ll. Smythe,
l\t    Best St\   Button   Holes,   lsl   Mrs.
25.    Darning    S^ks or   ^trxkin^   1-t
- ■ -•    i'aid       i     BiSGULATlONS   *J^\
i »U\*j     lili^    Uiai'USJAi^    Ui'    i->U-
:.i i S iu.s     UAS Jjb     WITHIN     'i ti t.
i..-. l..,\ Ai    JttJ_£L.'i    i.N   THE   PttOV-
l.M i. ua' BHXTXSH LUi.L^iiiiA.
ii ...u.asl lu cut Umber can tt*$ &.m
quired utu> at irj.>_..c competition, a
ieni i. u; *o per yy-aie niile is charged
i. . all uoibei UertUa except tUooe mu-
a ted wi.-i ui  jau iw.   wiiicU tne leuta,* is
:..-  ..... ot 6 centa per acre per annutu,
in uUoiL.un  ui  the  rental, uucs at  tn«
lOWing   I.aca  a.it;  ctiuigrd:—
Sawn iuiiitKi, Jo ecu is pei tiiuusami
feet  B..M.
h.ii.s.1..   iicc,  tig nt  and  nine feet long,
. __. ,i   . i v\ cents each.
.- ,-.-   bolls, ^i cants a curd.
All olliei tduJut;^, i l«jr lciii. on tli«
A   .ic.-nsc   in   iaautd   too   .-won   m,  a.   bfTtil
. -  granted   but   _,;. surveyed  tei rltory  nu
.: i can 'j<2 cul on .i berttt untu tiie
ll en«e<  :. . . made .. .....■> thereof.
Permlui lo cut umi-c-r art  also grantc-d
ut public competition, except in tiit ca«o
of actual buua-is,  unu require  tne Um-
.   men own u*c.
Settlers ui*d utln-n, m_i> also obtain
ij.-mms to cut up to loo _.uid» ut wood tor
sale    w.tiiout      ii..-* f :.:.■■:.
..,,..■.- pu>aoiu   ....■,.-.    i   ,   : in :  are
il.JJ per '.:.iii.-..iid :<<■' .'■.:._.., lor **jua i o
mnix i una ouw.ugK oi un> wood except -juk, irum 1-* to i 1-* ccuu per lineal
in,a i i building logs, irom tf i-i tu <■•>
oenls per oord tor wood; i cent lor tencu
post*; j cen ia lor railway ties, and M
cents per cord Ior ainngle bolt*.
.Leases ior giunmg puiponea iue iseueu
iur a term of Lweuty*une yeara, at ■«.
rental ot two centa per acre per annum.
Com lanus may o« purctiueed at *. -•
per acie ior autl ,i-.i. ana tM Cur anthracite.    .Not   muie  inun  %Uu acies   may  '"
.lcqulli-d   by   one
individual   or   company.
Hoy ally ui ma rate ot in cunta per ton
ul -.ia-o pounds is collected on tiie gross
;.!.:.,..    Cur   land   for  agricultural  put ■
poses may be made personally at tbe ;°"
cui  tana  ollae  toi   tlie dislricl  lu wbicli
ine  laud  to  be   ta,.- n   up is aitualed,  or
:;.     bomeateader  desire.s,   ne  may,  on
C   B
io make enu y tor bun.
A tea oi $lu U cnarged for homestead
A settler Who baa leoeived an entry toi
a Homestead, is required to perform m«
condition* connected therewith under one
or   the   toilowing  plana:—
di At teasi »»ix months reaidence upon
und culUvatlon of the land in each >ear
during  the  term of  :..;<••■ >ears.
It is na- pi actio.* of the Uepariment to
■ ■,:.[" a nrliier to bring U, acres under
cultivation, but if he prefers be may suo-
■Utute stock; and 20 head of catUe, to be
actually his own propel ty, with buildings
Tor their accommodation, wli. be required
instead  of culUvatlon.
Ci a lhe father lor mother, It the fa
th«r Ib deceaaed) of any person who is
eligible to make a homestead entry under
the provislona of Ibe Act, realdus upon
a farm in the vicinity of the 'and entered tor by such person as a homestt-ad,
the requirement* of the Act aa to rual-
uence  prior  to obtaining patent  maybee
■ i-i.- :..-i b> auch p. _ j. .i. residing wiu the
lather or mother.
U> If Lhe aettler has hi* permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
lam in the vicinity of his homestead, the
requiieiiterita of the Act as to residence
may be aatlahed by residence upon tne
■■ u i   land.
Applies;.un tor patent ahould be made
ai the end of three yeara before the tocai
igi it. sub-agent or a homestead inapec-
Uefore making application for a patent,
lh< pettier must give six month*' notlos
In writing to the Commissioner of ix>-
mininn l„tn<is at Ottawa, ot hie Intention   10   do   BO.
W.  W.  CORY,
Depwty  Minister of the Interior. TIIR MAIL-HERALD. REVELSTOKE, H. C.
Our new Fall Goods are
coming to hand and being
put into Stock as quickly as
Ladies' and Misses New
Skirts, in all the new cloths
and leading colorings for the
coming fall styles.
New  Hats,   Ties,   Under
clothing,   etc..   for this  fall's
New French Flannel Shirts
with detachable collars of the
same material, just what you
want if you are taking a trip,
soft and comfortable to wear.
Revelstoke fall Fair
(Concluded fr  Puro Thi?
K. M. Evans has resumed possession ol the Hotel Lardeau atComaplix.
The griat "Confusion" comedy tonight and Danci—admission .r>0c.
Reserve Tuesday, the 28th, fur tho
Kebekab's dance at the Opera House.
J, VV, Garland, Laker for A. Hobson,
bas purchased J. I- Headrick's bakery business.
' 1". H. Allen bae let to W. A. Foote
the contraot iur the ereotion of a
bouse ou Filth street.
Don't lorget the Reheltah's dance
on Tuesday, Sept. 28th, at the Opera
The Opera House is the place for
you on the 2Mb. Tne Rebekah 8
dance is the treat in store on thai
J. W. Sinclair, contractor, fnr tbe
extension of tbe cement sidewalk on
First Stieet bas completed the work
and is now laying tbe cement sidewalk on Front sireet.
J. Maly brought into Bourne Bros,
store yesterday a shipment of tomatoes grown ou doors at his garden on
the Big Bend Road that could not be
beaten anywhere, the Iruit being
large, well gmwn  and   nicely ripened.
E. Burridge who has lor the past
twelve years been with the Lawrence
Hardware Company, has decided to
go iuto business tor himself, and is
building a tinemithing shop adjacent
to his bouse on Connaught Ave.
On Fridaj alternoon a house occupied by Mr. MeLeunan, on Second
street, east, was damaged slightly by
lire, ihe alaiiii bringing No. 2 Brigade
on tin ground in time to suppress tin
Ure belore it Lad lime to spread. Tin-
cause was an overheated due.
McLennan & C i. have  inaugurated
a new style ol clearing Bale known as
the 'Move On" sale, a full account oi
which ami ol the character of the
bargain? oiler ed, will be [ound in n
full page advertisement in this issue
ol the MaIL-HehALD. 1'rogiessive
methods in advertising pay:
Now lhat the river ia receding tlie
contractor, for the Columbia bridge.
Messrs MaoDooald and Oillatte, will
push the work f..rall they are worth.
They nave now got hair lengths of
cable stretched across the river (or
handling the timber anil will have the
pile-driver actively at work in a lew
l.i>- on the piers. The trusses are all
ready to place at- soon as tbe piers are
Rev. T, \V. Hall, pasl r of tbe
Ui • bodist church h II this morning
lor Vancouver when hi it • pected
to attend ■ joint committee on co-
jurat;. : I the Mi th dial and Pres-
byteriai hi ■    n  - ime    I thi ii
holm   i iiui   :   WOI.. ii-  U C.     Mr   II I
will return ... day.    Rev, A.J,
li yie   ii.    -  • i •    ipp intie    -   rI •
i leneral C nlerenci   11 hi cburcl   s i
■pi: I Sun l»j in   Revelsl ki  ind
will pn icb  :.  tbe   Mm  disi
mg and evei
I hi citi Revelsl ki gi ■..-rally
{lad • • i. ihat mutually
-.:..: ici ry ;• ■ ■ ■ ol unl in have been
arrived at between tbe i»" Presby-
lerian cburcbe. of tbe oity Knoi ami
81, Andrew's, Rev. I. H Robertson
will preach io Kooj church on Bun
day, <>ct :tnj, holding bi. farewell
service in tbe evening, On tin- following Sunday there will he no service
iu Knox church and that day Kev. W.
C Calder wil! preach bia farewell
sermon in Bt. Andri « - church whirl
will thereafter be closed.
A Mile.I I...i.In 1 pencil hon
with rulei combination given
free to evei y purchaser of
school book, at
Bews' Drug Store
Public   and   High    School
Books on Hand
lion'i   forget   the place
Bews'Drug&Stationery Store
Nhxr mm: i.i"' ii
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity i.s very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
q ti ile liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to fit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one of   tlie   most    important   items
in your business
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Mi■-. .1.( ihi jli'fl yesterday morning on ii trip to Montreal,
Judge Calder, ol Ashcroft. is an
expert performer on the bagpipes.
E. C, Fromey returned yesterday
from a trip to theOkanagan Valley.
Hurl liny, the Governor-General,
opened the new public school at Golden
last week.
Mr, and Mrs. D. 1. Swanney returned from .Scotland and F.nglaiui where
tbey   have   been   spending   the past
three mouths.
\V. li. RobertBon left   tin*  morning
for Bpokane in charge oi the  Board of
Trade mineral exhibit for the Spi    i
Interstate Fair.
,1.    McDonald     of    the    lirm     of
Macdonald   a  il  Gillette, contractors
lor   the    Columbia   I I idgi     rei i
yesterday morning from the r ast
J. i,i Mi'Kiini' n returned Saturdaj
Irom a prospecting trip to Sheep
Creek. He reports the country staked
lor miles, He did ool make any lo
catii   - in ii      ■.   ice out.
VV. Hon.' the  -imi ol  C. H.
Hume '. i'      ret timed Monday
In.- eastern trip, having been detained
by the illness ind deal h ol his f il her
a ho bad re lohed I he ripn old age of 7o
Don i forget tbal   Reighley  has the
lilver -km pickling onion,
Fall Dress Skirts ust arrived Mrs
A Crick, First Street.
The new Church .if England hymn
and prayer hooks now on sale at Macdonald's Drug Store.
Shampoo powders, pastes and liquids
and (imps—nil  makes.     Vou   nan hoy
them at C, It. Macdonald - Drugstore.
New shipment ol l.ahy food6 jiiHt
opened at ('. It. Macdonald B.
See the supply of nicely framed
pictures, all sizes nnil shapes, at C. R.
Local Industries
The Kevelstoke Hash and Door Factory Company, Limited, bus been
incorporated with a capital of $60,000,
This company will handle tbe properly
purchased from Mr. Watson and cx-
picts io develop ii big export business
"Confusion" and Dance to-night at
opera house—OU cents admission.
A. McRae Will Build Six Houses
for Renting Purposes
A, McRae bas fniih in Revelstoke
and i- showing it in a practical nay
' ine f the drawbacks to tbe growth
nl Ki velstoke i. is been the want ol
the smaller class of bi uses which can
be let a modi nu- rental, and Mr.
.Mcline proposes to d !.:-•■
wariN filling this want. Recently be
bong i  on   Sixl    streel   nut he
will i    *     reel 'hereon   ei.t .-■ -   I
let with  one   exce| t   n I   the
T. E  l..
I iv.   - -   -  „ ,        : .
'    • is "il    in     a      •-■     ts«
hem wil  each b ive
,i ions
-Parlor    12x10
12x14   feet.   ball,
i   10x13 leet   and on
the upper   Boor  three   bedrooms,   re-
11x16 fi set, snd
12x12 fi bath oom   7   In  feel
gel ■
...    .-■       bave tin
      Parli      12   I I.
linn.,oo'.hi. I lxl.3j feet   kitchen, 11 '
ill-'      ■• ' ■    pantry,   hall   ami
■      it the   gr .uml   floor.    11
upper flooi  i here  will   in-  three   ix d
- respectively,  11.} ■ 11   leel
by I3j • I i feet; with bathro ti
hall snd closets. Bach house will i„
erected on ci ncrete basement with
cellar 10J ■: 22 It., I in.
Tbe houses an- built on  plana  prepared bj   K  F   Brickell   architi i
Bradiord,  Pa., and  tenders   are  now
called lor the work.
More " Confusion" To-night
l be   Dramatic   Club   will give u
other production tonight of their greal
comedy   mocess  "Confusion," at the
"pern hon ie      I bose who saw tbi   pi I
on Friday night wore delighted !<•
• i.ei-'ir. and many expressed a desire
lo see il, again,       In or.ler I.o meet the
wishes   ol    their    patrons  and to give
those who, owing to the limited sent,
ing capaoity, were deprived of the
pleasure ol witnessing tbe performnnoe
i lm (Huh dooided to reproduce it tonight. A dance will take place after
the performance Only line price i I
admission tonight—60 cents to any
part ol tho house.
i    Best   Collection   of   Calliopsis,    Vrs
I    Best Collection ol Carnations,     is C
li Hume, Mrs Haggen,
.i    Best Collection   of   Dahlias,   Cactus,
Mrs Haggen.
7    Best collection of   Dahlias, any other
variety,   Mi-   Shaw,   Mrs Huggen,
.Mrs Biiuyan.
I II.--I collection   I'.eraiiiuins,   Mrs   l'i
card, Mrs i uursier.
lo   Hest collection  of Mignonette, Mrs
II Besi   collection    of   Petunias,    Mrs
lh. ■■.■en.
IJ   l!i i collection of Phlox Drumnioiidi
trusses, Mrs. Huggen.
I.i    Best    collection    of   I'aiisies,   Mrs
15 Best collection ..I Hoses, Mrs. Com
mi r, Mrs landmark.
16 Best collection ..I Sweet Peas, Mrs
Haggen, K M Cook.
Is    Besi ...lleili -I stocks, J Sh.ui.
iy   Hest  specimen    Truss    Hydrangea
PuiiiculaUi, Mrs I higgen,
Special,     1'ereiinial     Phlox,     Mrs
I 'olllMlT.
l''l,ii|(.\I.   DKSU'.NS,
Jo   Best Hand Bouquet,   Mrs Coursier,
.Mrs | Buuyuii,
21 Best 'fable Bouquet, Mrs Coursier,
Miss Haggen.
22 Best l'lorul Design, II V, li Smythe,
Mrs < 'oursiet.
2A Best Bouquet of Swecl Peas, special
prize donated by Mr \V J. Braurilb,
of I.ii.hier. li. C,, Miss Haggen, Mrs
(' ll Hume.
I-I)'['   PLANTS.
24 Bcsl Begonia, oilier Hum tuberous
rooted, Mrs (' B Hume, Mrs Need-
25 Best Begonia, tuberous rooted, Mrs
Coursier, Mrs Bunyatt,
29   Best three Perns   Mrs Haggen, Mrs
(' B Hume.
.il    Best collection    House   Plants, Mrs
Miss   Urquliart,   2nd  C.   Field.
■12,    Map iu Colors, 1st Miss  field, 2nd
H. Miller.
43. Drawing, Pencil or Crayon, 1st
Miss Procunier.
44. Specimen Penmanship, 1st A. Tupping, 2nd J. Robbins.
45. Drawing, Pree Hand, lsl Miss Procunier, 2nd I,. Maley.
46. Best Collection of Postage Stamps,
positively the property of Exhibitor,
1st O. A. Procunier, 2nd C. Field.
47. Best Collection Souvenir Posl Cards
positively the property of Exhibitor,
1st Miss Haggen, 2nd Miss Sibbald.
49.    Picture Scrap Book,   1st  C.  Field,
2nd Miss Huggen.
50    Water Color Drawing,  1st C. Field,
2nd P. Rabouchese.
1,    Best Display of Gold   Mining Ores,
1-t I. A Haggen.
1.    Best Display of Silver-Lead Ores, 1st
li A Haggen.
3.    Best Display   ol Copper  Ores,   J M
I.    Besi Display ol Zinc Ores, 1st,   I.  \
i.    Hesl Display -.1 l)i\ Silver Ores,   lsl
E  \  Haggen,
hiiKsi -.
J   i ..iii -   Turnout,    single,    1st   C   R
Skene, 2nd E Frisby.
-1    General Purpose, 1st   A J   MeDonell,
2nd i i Laforme.
- •    Turn.,in   lsl   Bourne   l!r..s,
i     I!   Hume .V Co.
■    B Horse, 1-t   |,   Howson,
:   Coursier.
i'i i.i
Besi Milking I ow   any    Breed,   Ist
■ i
Besi     :  ■    i ow.     lsl   (111  Skene,
n i'. iw    I sl A I 'arlson.
1 'ow . 1st A Curlson
•■'■ breed, lsl A Carlson
ii       .     DOGS
I Dei nu . 2nd C ]■'
i: A Upper.
I  I   Mrs   Hun
1 i !•' Abbe; . 2nd A If
1st  I, M II.,
,   ■■    ■ t  W Mi
\|  l I.i
li t LM
■    ■ il
.    M. Hagai
i u   PRIZES
uid    . .■      hen i,    ,on
."■    I"   lie"I.i.el       ..l      I ,.,,„ ,;,
K, Mi Rai
,    I up, -I..H.Ii.  i ' I        lenl
its     ? ii    biglid ■        . ing
■ kerel and  pul
. ■   f   . \l. Km
.   '        ■'■   I"     fO       '""   II .,;
. k      M    I-    Mi K.i,.
1 . -,...-..       |, ,,     I,,.
lhi   propi in  ..I il.,  I...
|.   I led by ilu   Wail Herald, foi
 I   I cli    I ,1 1   Red
i lien.    K   W, II, Paget,
5-    I up  I ni iled   I.y   R,    N,   Doyle,   foi
• tiring  Hull' Leghorn, i... li
''»' I    mil   I un pitlll-ts.      .1.     |       I le . ine
6. Cup' donated hy P. Burns & Co., for
highest icorlng Silver Laced Wyan«
dotte i... kerel and pullet, Kev. i .
A.  Pn i.
8.   Oup, donated  by C.  R.  Macdonald,
'for  highest  scoring  Black  Minorco,
cockerel and pullet, -G, II. Smedley.
I. Cup,   donated   by   J. G.    Barber,  for
highest scoring Game, cockerel .-nul
pullet. -R. A. Upper.
i -. Cup, donated by Sinylhe's Cigar
Sime. for lii^liesi scoring K .11 Orpington, cock mul lien. Miss Winnie
- mythe,
II, Cup, donated by Revelsloke Wine &
Spirit Co., for highest scoring Whin
Leghorn, cock and lien.-  .1.   Morgan
i j. Cup, donated by Lawrence Hani
ware Company, for highest scoring
Silver Laced Wyandotte, cock and
hen.    I-'. Fleetham,
13, Cup, donated by O. F, landmark,
loi-hig hesl scoring Brown Leghorn,
cockerel and pullet,    j. Morgan,
14, Cup, donated by McRae Mercantile
Company, for highest scoring Barred
Rock, cockerel and pullel, R. A.
15, Cup, donated by Saw ver Bros., for
highest scoring White Leghorn, cockerel antl pullel,   J. Morg*an,
16, Cup, donated by Enterprise H revving
Company, for highest scoring breeding pen 1 any description, to consist of
one male and lour females, .1. Morgan.
Kor Single Competition;
17, Cup, donated by Paget Supply Oom.
panj, tor highest scoring White
Wyandotte, cock and lien, .Mrs. J.
iS. Pair of Pictures, donated by Howson
and Company) tor highest scoring
While Crested Black- Polish. J,
uj. Cut Class Celery Dish, donated by
C. H, Hume ami Company, for highest scoring Rhode Island Red, cockerel and pullet.    W, A. Pootc.
jo. Vase, donated by W, Bews, for
heaviest dozen liens eggs. tl. La-
foi me.
Delay's Comedians
The Deloy'a comedians, presenting
the musical comedy ''Merry Widow,
Jr.,"and "Li Hung Chang," will be
the . tiering at the opera house on
Thursday and Friday evenings
Toll* Deloy makes his usual ami
very pleasant appearance as the widnv
ibly supported by Mies Myrtle Deloy,
who 'ippcurs as Tina, her chum.
Eddie Deloy, being one ol the funniest men on the load, is bound to
keep the audience iu roaring laughter,
he bein.. ably supported by Aivin
Realty, a renowned comedian, they
111 ike a j illy team.
Miss Myrtle Deloy ia the big lent-
ure in 1 he musical numbers.
'Tlie Beauty Chjrua is one of the
brightest, prettiest and most lively on
the road, being attired in lhe finest
wardrobe, is alone worth the price of
Rail and Steamer
It ii r mured tlmt actual co- "true
tion work on the liritish Columbia
Southern Railway is at out to com
inence between- Koolenny Landing
and Proctor.
W. H. lindane has arrived   in   Nil
hou to  lake   up   his   new   duties   as
general freight agent, nl the   C.PR,
succeeding R. E  I.armour.
E. S'irling bus I..in appointed trim
master of the Nelson division of ihe
C P.R, in succession to .1. M. Oum-
eron, transferred to Vancuuver.
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Aereage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
^"Clearance Sale of Summer Goods*
To make room for Shipment of Fall
Stock all our Summer Goods must be
cleared out. Now is an opportunity
offered you to buy goods at a great
reduction in prices.
MRS.  A.   G.   CRICK
First   Stroot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Mining is brisk at Portland Canal.
The Portland ('aimI Mining Company
has blocked out 50,000 tons of ore
worth from !t>15 to .$'20 a ton.        ,
The Stewart Island Development
Company is doing n lot of work nn the
l^mial and getting good results.
Lady Sibyl Grey, daughter of (iov-
ernor (leneral, when al Dawson, herself located a placer claim which she
will woik.
Private Furniture Sale
I am leaving the cily and will sell
i.y private Bale the entire furnishings
of my home, consisting of Range and
Kitchen furniture, complete Dining
liooni Sett, nn A I Iron Bedstead and
Ob ter moor Mattress, lino Oak Bureau
anil eoiiiniode, etc. Must be sold by
Saturday. Come and sec the goods,
they me new and good.
rhird Btreet, west of Cowan block.
I   beieby   notify   winners   iif   prizus
that sncli  will   bu   available   for   payment on and alter Monday, Sept. 'iOlh
('.. R. Maiho.nai.ii,
For Sale
i ni ler instructions from olienls I
bave to otier lm Bale Ibe lollowing
desirable residential properties:
1. Residence   and   three   IoIh on
Mi Ke   tie Avenne.
2. Ill" idence with lot and mm-luilf
frontage on MoKenzie Avo.
8,    Residence   und   two   lotu    on
i'lflh Street.
I     two good building lois witli 60
feet Frontage on   MoKenzie
6.   Rooming House, (16 rooms) on
Fourth Street.
Terms  to suit purchasers,   Kor
prices and particulars apply to
Solid tor,
sep 11 lm       First St., Revelsloke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Ili'iiiicbi-s oi- Agents at. all principal points   n Canada.
Agents In Great Britain nnd United St.iius- London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Hunk, Corn Kx-
ohange National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National. Bank, San Francisco—.Wells Fargo Nevada National Hunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and inli-ii-sl allowed at
ciii'ienl rale fiom date of deposit.    Ooi'l'eapol'.h'lliiu solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. bicCiene^iian, frigi.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Mountain Supply Company.Limited
Big Slaughter Sale
Starting from Saturday, August 14th, we are
.selling at ridiculously low figures all our Stock of
Hoots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.    Must clear our stock to make room for new goods
loom ivaihil.le in good home.
$12 per 1111.nl ll, Apply in lirst iii-.|iiiiii
lo ,MAll.-lll-.lt ll.11 olliic. sop II lil
WANTKD   (iiii I'm ilniiii-sllc duties
in small liimilv.   Uond  home.
Foi-uddiess apply Mail Herald nlllcc.
IjlORBALlC   An Kdison Phonograph
<     iiiiiii   $8000.      Apply  ul    Al or-
Hiiim.ii Office,
ANTED   Miiii v iippii-iiliii'hv
(!. II. lll'.MI'l.lMi Co.
IOST On Labor Duy a small Re-
1 hekiih pin, hearing ibe bull' moon,
between Ilu- llUUALU office und Mr.
Howson's residence, Fluderwill please
leave at nffice, sep s
IOST Pair ol gold-iliiimed eye
j glasses at the Agricultural l-'uii-
grounds, Finder will iveulve rewind
by returning biinic lu the _ii.wi.-HUK.
AU) office,
lievolsloke Land District.
Distriel of W'eht. Koolenay.
Tnke   notice that   I, M. K   Lawson,
ol  Kevelstoke,oeeliput ion hotl.siikei'pi']',
In ten 1 to apply I'm permission to purohase the following described landsi
Commenolng at   a   post planted at
the southeast corner of   Lol   suns anil
marked   "M.   K. Lawson's northwest
corner posi,'  thence -10chains south!
thence 10 ehiiiiis wi-sl: tlicni'1'20 chains
ninth: thenco 20chains east; thence 20
ohalns nortb to line ol' Lot SOUS: ibence I
along said   line to place of imminence- i
Dated Sept. 7th, 11J0U. sep 8    I
Opera  House
Sept 16 and 17
Miss   Myrtle Deloy,
Female Baritone in the
Merry Musical Comedy
"The Merry Widow Jr.
First  Ni(,'ht
li Hung Chang"
Second Night
Funny Comedians, Elegant Wardrobe. Pretty (liila
PRICES -25c, 50c, Reserved Seats /Dc
Tickets at Maodonald's DrugStoro
Tenders wanted for the emotion ol
six houses In theOlty of Revelstoke.
For particulars,   pi ms unit  specifications, apply to
sep II ALEX. Mc-KAB.


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