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The Mail Herald Sep 22, 1909

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Pass Through Revelstoke en Route
to Coast on Saturday Last-
Met By a Deputation from
the Board of Trade
On Saturday alternoon the special
train ol the President ol the C. P. R ,
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, passed
through Revelstoke bound Ior the
Coast. Accompanying Sir Thomas
were Mr. William Wbyte, Second Vice
President, Mesaru. Angus, Osier and
Matthews, directors, and Mr. Aldndge,
manager ol the Trail Smelter. Messrs.
Matthews and Aldridge stopped off at
Revelstoke to go u.uth to Trail while
tbe rest of tbe party went on to the
Coast and will take iu the A. A- Y. P.
Exposition at Seattle, returning via
Spokane and the Crow's Nest.
While at Revelstoke a Board of
Trade deputation waited on Mr.Whyte,
there being present Mayor Lindmark,
Messrs. Lawrence, (president) Haggen,
(Secretary) Sibbald and McLennan,
C. ti. Hume, W. H. Pratt, A. McRae,
and E. M. Cooke.
The deputation discussed with Mr.
Whyte the question ol putting on
again a full force at the C. P. R. shops
here, aud handling at these shops Ibe
whole of the work on the divisiou.
Mr. Wbyte Baid he was iu sympathy with tbe aims of tbe deputation,
hut tbey knew the company bad li >l
a lot of trouble with their men in
the shops bere, and had in consequence been obliged to make other
arrangements for tbeir work. He
recognized, however, that they were
getting around the shops again a good
lot of men. As soon as the Ciiy of
Revelstoke was in shape to guars mee
them an efficient and reliable power
service be would assure them ol his
support in arranging to use
it and to bave all repairs
and mechanical work on tbe
division again done at the Revelstoke
shops. The C.P.R. were anxious to
co-operate witb the citizens oi Revelstoke to tbeir mutual advantage.
Tbe construction of the
was mentioned and Mr. Wbyte replied that wbile thev could not go on
witb tbe work immediately tbey would
soon be up against the
necessity of a better route for
their heavy traffic than over these
mountains, and tbe construction of
tbis road would then bave due attention.
V. M. 0. A.
Mayor Lindmark said it was proposed to further improve the V. M
C. A. by the addition of a library,
and to accommodate this another
wing would have to be built, when
further financial aid would be required.
He referred to the appreciation ol tbe
Y. M. C. A. amone; railway men, and
tbe good work it was doing, thanks to
tbe assistance already given the institution by the C P.R. tbroueh Mr.
In reply Mr. Wbyte said they could
depend on the co-operation of the
company in their further efforts
to make tbe institution of value to
tbe  railway men  of tbecity.
The deputation were well satisfied
with the result ol the interview.
Hon. T. Taylor Tells What he
Saw-Declares he will build
Revelstoke - Arrowhead Road
and New Court House.
To Be Enlarged and Reading and
Billiard Rooms Installed
The management of the Y.M.C.A.
are determined to make the institution
fulfill to the utmoft extent the purposes lor which it waa inaugurated,
and with this object in view they have
bad plans prepared lor a three-storey
addition to the building. The addition will provide for, on the ground
floor, a commodious reading room and
billiard room, wbile the two upper
doors will iitlord rooming accommodation to the extent of 34 additional
rooms. Tbe plans for the proposed
addition have been prepared by Mr.
J. P. Forde, C. E. The C.P.R. have
been asked to provide tbe cost of tbe
new addition, which, it is estimated,
will amount to f 15,000.
Tbe Y.M.C.A. proposes to take steps
to establish a first-class library in
connection with the new reading-room
and when the plans are carried out
the Railway Y.M.C A. nt Revelstoke
will be one ol tbe most up-to date and
complete institutions ol its kind on
the continent.
Laurier Replies
"Ottawa, Out., Sept. 17, 190SI.
R P. Pettipiece,
General Secretary Tradrs and Labor
Vancouver, B. 0.
Your telegram received, t^uite disregarding the oll'ensive language 1
bave to inform you that no request
has been made this government by
anybody lor the importation oi Asiatic
Preserving   fruits,    Peaches,   Pears
and I'limm atU. W. Hell's.
.lust opened up, a (ull line ol Kcono-
my Iruit jars at U. W. Bell's,
Speaking to the Post ol his recent
trip into the Interior, Hon. Thos. Tny
lor, M.P.P. for Revelstoke Biding and
Minister ol Public Works, expressed
bis  views aB Follows:
That Bevelstoke is entitled to a new
government building is tbe opinion
the minister has formed alter listening to the representations of the citizens and making a personal inspection
ot the present structure. He has decided, therefore, to ask for an appropriation for larger, more commodious
and more modern buildings at tbe
next session of tbe legislature.
Another important project that
the department of public works hae
set afoot is the construction of a wagon road (rom Revelstoke south along
the line of the C. P. R. Arrow Lake
branch. Here is found a fine fruitgrowing district. The new thoroug-
lare has been built for six miles already end, before it is finished, it will
run to Wigwam, a point fifteen or
twenty miles from the city. These
■vorrs, it is explained, are deemed absolutely uecesBiiry because the interior districts are attracting many more
si triers than heretofore. This has
heen brought about, it is stated,
tin-nigh the action ol the Dominion
government, which has control over
all the land through which the railway runs, in stationing an agent there
to attend to the interests of the newcomers. He allows them to take up
forty acre homesteads immediately the
timber has been removed thus eliminating a difficulty which has hitherto
created much dissatisfaction. Hon.
Mr. Taylor points out that now that
settlement has begun in earnest the
government consider it its duty to at-
tend to the people's requirements in
the way of public roads.
Later the Hon. Mr. Taylor, went to
Arrowhead, where he found two large
sawmills working to their full capacity. At Oomaplix there was auother
in operation night and day. Enquiry
elicited the information tbat the lumber business throughout, tbe interior
wae nourishing, tbat tbe rnai ketnever
bad been in a healthier condition, and
tbat the total output wheu estimated,
it waa expected, wou.d exceed that of
any other season.
The Hon. Mr Taylor also visited
Camborne, one of British Columbia's
mining camps, and while he did not
find the same prosperity as elsewhere
everyone was optimistic, lookiug for
ward to better things. Tlie miuister
declared that near this town were
some of the richest mineral deposits
anywhere in the West. Tbere was
not tbe slight's! douht that Camborne,
witb its wealth of resource and its
accessibility, would forge to the fiont
in the uear future.
At Golden it was reported that tbe
new six-room school heing built by
the governmenl, wus ready for occu-j
pnncy. Tbe news was in par ted that I
His Excellency Eurl Grey, while en
route through the town on an outing
in the Columbia valley, would open
the building. Over this marked honor
the townspeople were rejoicing. H.G.
Parsons, M.P.P., Charles Warren and
Mr. Hope met the minister here and
accompanied him on an automobile
tour of the valley.
Among other points stops were made
at Spillamachene, Wilmer, Athalnier,
and Windermere. Everywhere there
appeared to be a boo n in progress, not
ol a frenzied character but healthy
and substantial. The fact that the
Kootenay Ceutial Railway had been
graded for lilteen miles out of Golden
and it was authoritatively reported
that its promoters were serious in
their intention of carrying through
the work as quickly as possible bad
inspired confidence in the district.
The result wae that the magnificent
stretch of farming country lying along
tlie Columbia between Golden and
Cranbrook was being taken up a .tl
would be more extensively developed
during the next few years than ever
Cranbrook, the minister said, was
exceedingly busy. Now buildings wero
going up and they were all modern
being constructed nl brick lor tbo
most patt, and intended for business
use. The Imperial Bank, he was
informed, eoiiteinpliilad putting up a
fine block He was pleased with the
new government and civic buildings
whioh bad been finished but a short
time. Tbey had been paid tor by the
government and the corporation jointly Biul were a credit to the city. Another work ol importance deeided on
was a new school to cost abuut if fill.-
ooo. On this the government wss
contributing $15,000.
Girl Burned to Death—Burried
Under Fallen Building—The
Death of Governor Johnson
-An Explosion
Mki.ita, .Man., Sept, IT. A prairie
lire resulted in the death of Miss Alpha
McKinney, aged eighteen. Neighbors
found the charred body. Her father
Is in Iowa attending her mother's
OmOAGO, Sept. 17. -Bel ween fifteen
and twenty men were buried when a
three-storey building collapsed. Already four bodies have heen removed
and seven have heen taken out .seriously injured.
RoCHESTKIl, Minn., Sept. 21.—Gov.
Johnson is dead.
London, Sept. 17. A boiler of the
battleship Warrior exploded while
the ship was olV Cromarty, doing
heavy damage to the veesel. Three
sailors are killed and four seriously
injured, Dynamite is alleged to have
recently heen found in the coal hunkers of a number of ships in the navy.
It has been reported recently that
there was a plot on the part of
anarchists to destroy British warships
in this manner.
Naples, Sept.  17—Twelve parsons
are known to he dead and scores are
injured as the result of an explosion
to-day in n fireworks factory at Riace,
Calabria, The force of the explosion
completely demolished the factory.
Tanuikii,  Sept.   17.   Two hundred
persons are reported to have lieen
killed and at least twice that number
badly Injured by the explostoi of a
powder magazine at High, in the
province of Tararoualt.
Leadville, Ool., Sept. 17.—Denver
& Rio Grande passenger train No. 5
was held up just before midnight last
night, lour miles west of Malta, and
the express car dynamited, hut the
robbers secured no booty.
The Company Takes a Hand in
Boosting Revelstoke
True to his promises to the Bevelstoke Board of Trade, Mr. .McNicoll,
Vice President of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, has lost no time in giving
effect to the representations made to
him on his recent visil here.
As a result, Mr. Lanlgan, head of
the C.P.B. freight department, wis
here last week and satisfactorily adjusted matters in the department
an affecting Revelstoke.
Now Mr. McNicoll has taken action
lo thoroughly advertise through the
Companys literature the scenic attractions and resources of Bevelstoke
and surrounding country. 'I'he local
ollicials have had instructions from
Mi*. McNicoll to obtain from the
Hoard and other .sources the best local
photographs and information available
and they have arranged with Mr. W.
Hews to get this in shape to he sent to
Montreal iin mediately.
Westward Ho!
The splendidly illustrated and well
balanced contents of the September
issue of Westward Hot marks a decided Improvement iu this popular
monthly, The contributors, too, now
number several prominent magazine
writers, including Oy, Wariiian, Isabel
B. Macdonald, Bonnyoastle Dale,
Agnes Lockhart Hughes, Ktiiest Mc-
(ialfey and others. Among the features calling  for special   mention   is  a
timely character slu-teh of Dr. Tor-
rington, Canada's famous music master, hy William Frederick Tusker, and
an   instructive   article   by    Percy    I'.
Godentath, the Eldltor, on "Advertising ii .city" telling how Vancouver
was so successfully exploited at the
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition al
Seat He.    The  forthcoming   Ootober
issue will he a '-lloiiieseeker and irrigation" number.
A Correction
Kditnr M iii.Hiomi.ii
Silt: Will you lie kind enough lo
contradict the item in your isHtie of
the IKI li inst. regarding tbo Manse. I
wiih not aware that I had piirchiiHcd
the same.
Hevelstoke, Sept. 20th,  I MMI.
|Oiii- Information came direct from
the church management, but of course
Mr. Calder should know his own
business],-lie. Mi'Bi
Hon. Thos. Taylor Declares for
This Policy
Tin-  Post   Bayst      "(im'   continuous
line of excellent roailwaj   (rom Vancou
ver, through   Bast   Kootenay  nnd ovi i
the Knckii". hi the ('roll's Nest Pass,
will he au actual fact before long. Ilon.
Thomas Taylor, Minister ol Public
Works, who returned from an extensive
tour ol the interior, announced he waa
confident, niter Investigation, and .is .i
result ol the reports he has received
from survey parties lhat have been nt
work (or s. uui- nn .lit lis, that lhe project,
sii'iiiingl.i colossal, can be easily accomplished. Already be has taken the ini
tial slips towards the end and he cxpec
ted thnt Hu- Government would be able
to declare the Pacific Const in direct
communication with the Middle West In
wagon road in the not far future Work
nun, he aaid, wen- engaged In cotiuec
ling up the different roads, and the.
would be through sometime in 1910,
without doubt.
allVHI^STOKll'H   HKIIil.lv.
The minister travelled for twelve days
or niiin', making a tour ol his constituency—the district adjacent to Revelstoke.
Golden and the Columbia Vallej nud
Fernie, At the former point he Inspected
the Immense bridge which is being buill
by the Government across the Columbia
river from Revelstoke t" a splendid nn
rlcultural country, This is une ol the
moat Important provincial public works
under way ninl it is expected to do uunh
for the section which Hun. Mr, Taylor
represents as well as for British Colum
bia as a whole, It will mst about 530
000 and ahould he completed and in uav
by next December,
Who arc in doubt as to
where they can best obtain
all kinds of L'p-To-Date
Sporting Goods, should
bear mi mind the fact that
we Larry a splendid stock
of Oun:-, Killes, Ammunition, Fishing T a c k 1 e,
Traps, Tents, Camp Stoves
Blankets, and in tact everv-
the   Trapper   and   the   Prospector.
It will soon be time to purchase that Heater. We have
just the stove to suit you and will be pleased to show you
its good points. Remember that we are agents for the
Kootenay Range, which yon will read of on   another   page.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Our clothes-
values are
easy to see.
Field glasses are not needed to see the
line points of perfection in the kind of
clothes we sell. Style, fit and every detail
of line tailoring arc there inside and out. It
better clothes could lie made this store
would have them. We especially invite
paiticular dressers, men who never wore
ready made clothes io see ours.
iuud office, tobujtto establish fd ib«i
b. e. walkie, prt.id.nt Paid -up Capital, S10.000.000
ALKIAHDIH UALED.GenfrilMA^iicr     Reserve Fund,    -     6.000,000
Thg new TrmveUen < beq lea rei <■■ - l"4, -  *rr * mtvst roaveniesii
way tn which to ntrrv money When tTRVe    ng.    They **'" inned in drnofntnatMM td
$10,   $20.  $50,  $100 and  $200
aad ik» miMci unseal |   paWe in   Austria,  Belgium.  Denmark, France,
Germany, Great lin ain. Holland, Italy. No: way,  Kuxsia, Sweden
ml Switzerland  la s-ao-J on the Ure of each cheque,  while in other
l__MT mem parahlr at till I Wil rales
Tbe dwqoes and all inloniKliou regarding them u~»» be obtained al n<
%i the  Kank. UU
of winning the "badge ol quality,'
ringed with gold and decorated with
public opinion. You'll liml this badge
in mu
High-Crado Meat Market
in .pi ilit y nf inenl-.,   spotless   premises
ana sanitary surroundings your sale-
guard for good cheer and health.   Bell
Hunt-, honesi weight, pleasing prices
Sausages and Cooked Meatsaspe-
clalty Bones crushed for yoin chick.
ona dally,
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
Control ol tbe organiud Dominion     '1 he H. O. Copper Company intend
Oopper Company haa been secured   in   takiii|i   hold   ol   the   Ktunloope  camp
tbe open market bj the British Col-  bonding ovtr thirty olalms.
iiinbirt Copper Compioy Work   bas   been   resumed   on  tho
Seattle oapltftlistl have bonded the ' Wheal Ta-nar, one of the leading Cop-
lip Top Olaim in Skylark camp in j per properties in the Jacko Lake seethe Boundary district. 'tluu ol ,lle Kamloopi mining samp. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE' B. C.
Zbc flfeail*1bcvalb.
bato an AV AT
•jntertot publishing Company
Subscription   Rates
lncluiiutf po-taKc to Kngland, United smtcis
mid Canada.
.    |2.S
..    1.8
...   1.00
By the year [through postoffloe].
yuarlcr "
J JB KISTINO promptly cxeculed m reasonable rates.
l'EBMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable In ad
Legal notice-10oentfl per line lirst insertion
_> cents per line each subsequent insertion
Measurement. Nonpariol [12 lines make one
itichi. Store and general business an
nouucemeiiL- $-.5*' per inch per month.
Preferred positions, 'i.i per cent, ad-
di_.li ail Birth-, Marriages and Deaths,
Sec eaeh iii-erlion.
Land notices $;.do All advertisements
subject tu ibe approval of the management
Wanted and Condensed Advertlsements:-
Atfeul* Wanted, Help Wanted. SlluiUiun
wanted, siluations Vacant. Teacher
Wanted. Mechanics Wanted, 1" words u
ies, ___>_.. each additional lino in cent-
I'haiiKes in stamlliiK ftdvertlHeuients niusl
Deinby'J a. m. 1 nesduy and I'ri.liiy uf
Mch Week lo si-cure KOod display.
L URKKi-l'OSliKM'K Invited   on matters of
public Interest.  Communloatlons to Kdl
tor   Uiu-t   be   accolupiililed   by   iiuui"'   Ol
writer, not neoessarilj. io pnblioation, bul
as evidence of Kood faith.   Correspondence
should be bnur
orricw:  iMi'EKui. Bank Boildino Rsvst
STOKK,   11. C,
Money to loan. „
Offices: Kevelstoke, B I .    I ranbrook, Bi L.
ilao. 8. McCaktkk
m. M. Pinkham J. A. Habvkv
Kevelstoke, Cranbrook, a. o.
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor fori—
The Canadian Bank of Commkrck,
Thk Molsons Hank, Etc.
Provincial Lund Surveyoi
Mining Suiveyo
MoKenzie Avenck,
Uux inu, Bevelstoke
^Mining Engineer,,
Kevelstoke, Li, C.
Mem, American Institute Mining
Mem. t .in. Min. Inst.
Examinations   ami   Keports   un  Alines
and Miniiib'  luvusiuiuuts a specialty.
Blue Prints supplied ol  plans of Lino
Minks aud I luiu.n
'  lievclstokl
Cable Addree
Codes—Moreing and Neill, Bedford McNeill, Western Union, Clulltfh.
teacher  of
Piano, Voi al, Theory
Certificated from  Trinity   University
ami Toronto Conservatory
Sti lUi'i-N't-vr Mail-Hkuald OFFICE
aug 2n lm
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
Meet.  Second and   Kuurth  Wednesdays
each month, In Selkirk HalU   Visilin   Wo
men cordially invited to attend.
JOHN CARLSON, Con. lorn.
J   Mi 1ST Y RE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tht reiftilar m_.atiu.js are h«ld iu tbe Selkirk
H,    erery Ind and Ith  Tuesday evemug  a* »
u clock.   Viailine brethren cnrdially invited.
T   J. WALSH. FekbiukNI.
W. E. McLAUt HLIN.Sbcbktabv.
Kootonay Lodgo, No. 15, A F. _k A,
Tba regulnr nieei-
,:.n- are '•-•■■ i iu tue
Uadfeliuws Hall, <>u
the third Uondaj In
eacti mouth at a
p.m. Visiting brethren cordialtj wal-
cordis../ tartUd V
I. O.O. K.
Meet* efery'Th'u--
dity   evening  in   Hei-
kin HalUt iu't lock
Visiting brethren are
N.O.     MH  mathie;^
Cold Range Lodge, K ol Pi
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B C.
MKKI-   . . tKV   iVBDMSl  lY,
•xe«| t . in i *•■ iin-r.. ■,.
Mi b n. ii'.u. i ii i U".i >w •'
H»..     et     I "I       Uniting
Kmgan . ■ oorSliUj   iiTiiel.i
0. H. KKOi kl K   •.!  H   4 a,
J    II   Si UTT. SI.
uf K.
Sbe flfoaiMberalfc
WEDNE8DAY, SEPT. 22,  1909
Fruit  Land one and a half
miles from   Revelstoke, to
be had at a bargain.
Qfl     APRCC partly improved, two miles
OU    HUntO from Revelstoke.  Will sell
live stock and implements.
to the city.
with   river   frontage;   good
land, partly cleared and close
and Shuswap Division, us well as a
lot of work in connection with the
0. P. K. steamers on Arrow
Lakes, was done at the shops here.
Since the mechanics' strike, however, much oi the work hitherto
done at the Kevelstoke shops has
been sent to the Calgary and Van
eouver shops. This entails un
necessary haulage and loss of time
to the C. P. K., while the labor
which should be employed here in
effecting the mechanical repairs
and maintenance of the company's
plant is lost to the city under
existing conditions, it is in the
vital interest of Kevelstoke that
conditions shall be restored by
which this shall bo brought about.
Mr. Whyte has shown the action
necessary on the part of the City of
Kevelstoke to have this done. The
conditions are fair and reasonable
and it is certainly worth an effort
on behalf of the city council and
citizens tu give effect to the coin-
pane's requirements. These have
practically to do with the supply of
permanent and reliable power at
reasonable cost for the operation of
tlie shops. It is therefore up to
the city council and citizens of
Kevelsloke to meet the conditions.
At the present time the power is
unreliable and what is available is
now all used up. The city council
have taken time by the forelock
and secured a report from one of
the most capable firms of Canadian
hydro-electric engineers, showing
what is required and cost of same.
To put the [lower plant and equipment iii shape io Bupply permanent and reliable power, and enough
oi it. to meet the demands of the
city and C. P. K , involves a present expenditure of 570,000. The
ngineer'e report provides for this
expenditure forming tlie basis of a
Ian to generate six times (lie
power now available by additions
from time to time as required. The
the parks on the latter mountain,
lt would be well if the City
Council got this matter in shape
during the winter months, so that
by next spring it contract could be
let for the work. The new water
supply could thus be made available for next summer so that the
City shall not again experience the
shortage of water supply felt last
month. It must be remembered
that the city is steadily growing
and the demand for water increasing, so that the present supply will
not be able to meet the demands
made on it bv another stimmei and
an increased supply must be sought
for in any case.
Mt. Robson, nt the Western
gateway of Yellowhead Pass, is attracting mountain climbers from
all parts of the world. When it
was lirst proposed to organise expeditions to explore and climb
this mountain, Kevelstoke was
fixed upon us the outlining point,
provided access could bo got to the
north. That is three years ago.
Tlie Board of Trade then took the
matter up of opening a trail to
Tete-Jaune-C'ache and putting a
ferry across the Columbia Kiver.
The trail was only completed laBt
fall and llie ferry is not yet in operation though authorized months
ago. ThiB is an instance as to how
Revelstoke lias been handicapped
in its efforts .to forge ahead and get
the country opened up.
The result is that northern business and outfitting has so far been
lost to this city. The lirst expedition went from Laggan, and all
other expeditions have gone from
Edmonton, although tlie route from
in size and importance with rapid
If the people of Kevelstoke wint
to do their quota towards the up
building of this city, they should
patronise their home merchants.
There has lieen an impression
abroad that the cost of living is
higher iu Rovcloluke than in other
cities. Several merchants have
been comparing notes with Va i-
couvet, and the prices quoted there
and lu ie ou tbe lines referred to
Bhow prices heio to be as favorable
in most cases and less in others
than quoted at the Coast on the
same goods. Cases have come under our notice where people in lhe
public employ, drawing good salaries directly from the pockets of
llie tax-payers, have sent to Timothy Eaton's or some eastern department stere Ior the whole of
their furnishings and supplies
when they could have been better
served in their home town. They
could have personally selected at
home what they wanted. Ry the time
they paid freight they would Hnd,
quality for quality, they have not
saved a dollar,and have injuredtheir
town to the extent that they have
sent out of it the money they
earn and should  spend  at  home.
In contractors supplies for in
stance it is a fact that Kevelstoke
prices are as favorable as at the
Coast, and we know of a case of a
citizen who was furnishing a house
here who got prices both in RevelBtoke and Vancouver, with the result that he made all his purchases
in Kevelstoke. Those who patronise the eastern department houses
in preference to tlieir home merchant are disloyal to iheir town
and fellow-.itizens, and fail to do
their duty towards the up-building
of Kevelstoke. Everybody should
pull together with tlie object of
boosting Revelstoke. The more
the city grows, the better will be
the advantages offered to ils residents and the more economical
will it become to live and make a
home here.
We should like to see the City
Council or Hoard of Trade arrange
to offer prizes for the best-kept
workmen's homes in Rovelstoke,
the competition extending over
two years. The conditions of the
contest should provide that the
homes are owned by the competitors themselves. The prizes Bhould
be substantial, the lirst being, say.
$1,UU0, and * 1,000 between lice  or
there is-100 miles as against 180|B'X Others in proportion to the
miles irom Kevelstoke. Is it any ,""rit ol P,ace tlllU they earn. Sueh
wonder  there  is a   strong  feeling a Policy would   help  to   build   up
Kevelsloke as   a   home  town,  and
abroad that the Provincia
■.> i
tinanuial market is favorable. There | ment  has   not   done  its  duty   by
a big demand for Kevelstoke debentures at the best price. Now is
the time to take this matter up in
earnest, ca"
is  a
would probably result in a substantial increase of tlie industrial
Kevelstoke in the matter  oi   roads
and trails?      Certainly   this   year
better work is being done in this
i meeting of tlie rate- j direction but the delay in carrying
payers, lay the scheme fully before i out the works asked for has ser-
them and  ask   their  authorisation i iously   handicapped    the   develop-
for the amount required to put in I ment of this city, which, from Us d -alers shall sell only the prducts of
a new and substantial dam to re-, geographical position, should be lhe trU8t
place the present one t which ;- in the supplj point ior the country
such bad shape it may go out anv around Tete Jaune Cache and the
day,) and provide the additional head waters of the Fraser River,
plant to meet the growing require Two of the lirst works that
ments of the  city   as   well   as   the  should be undertaken by   the  Pro-
C. P. R.   This is a case where  de- ' rnment in  the way  ol 	
.ni- dangerous.    The  report oi rl  --u country  and     ,,,   .      lifficulties in delivering in
Supt.    Ihick,   which    appears    in   putting Revelstoke in   direct  com-   November and   December, we will not
An advance of half a cent a pound
hap heen made by the B. C. Sugar Bt.
fining company on their granulated
product.    Another stipulation is  that
Last Chance for
Mill Wood
Royal Standard
Makes Better Bread
You will appreciate this fact if
you have tried it. Those who
have used it admit the fact, and
they are the more competent to
Judge. Royal Standard makes
more bread. That is because it
goes further—because it is a
pure product of genuine quality
throughout. You will require
but little inducement to use Royal Standard Flour if you have
once tried it. It is its own best
Then too with every sack you
buy, you secure a chance of
winning a beautiful 109 piece
china dinner set.
Ask your grocer for Royal
Standard Flour.
Vancouver Milling fi*
Grain Co., Lid.
VANCOUVER,       -       B.C.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Florence New-man,
occupation Housekeeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following descrilied lands;
Commencing ut a post planted 011
the lake shore at the north-east coiner
of A. W. Dickenson's applieation and
about half a mile from the north-east
corner of Lot 7005, thence south 40
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 80 chains to lake shore, thence
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 20, 1909. aug 7
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney Plumton of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkoeper,
intends to apply fur permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted at tho
north-west cornel' of Lot 7685, thence
south 40 ehains to T.L, 12150, thence
west, 20 chains, lo the corner of T.L.
12150, tlience south 40 chains along the
western boundary of same, thence
west 40 chains, ihence norlh 40 chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Biirncv Plumton.
Dated July 20, 1909. aug 7
Hold, Silver and Copper, eaeh  50 cenh
(i.  li. WKST, 530 Richards st.
Vancouver, B. V.
Altltll A'llKAIi, H.C
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Nels Bodine, of
Trout Lake, ti. C, occupation Miner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing ut a post planted on
the north shore of Trout Luke between
Huskins and American points uud
aliout four miles from the toot of the
Luke and marked the S. E. corner
post, thence 20 chuins north, thence
20 chuins west or to Lake shore, tlience
following the l_uke shore to point of
Located this 2."ith day of August, 1909.
sep 8 OOd      NELS BODINE, Locator.
Kevelstoke Lund District.
District, of West Kooteuuy.
Take notice that A. W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead,occupation Lumberman,
intends io apply for permission to purchase the following desorlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted near
the north-east corner of Lot 7905 and
marked A. W. Dickinson's N. W. O.,
thenee south 10 ehains, east 40 chains,
north 40 chains to lake shore, thenee
west 40 ehains lollowing lake shore to
place of commencement.
Dale Auk. Kith, 1900.
W.J. Lightburne, Prop.
Manafaotnrod fur all classns of buildings
for tittle in Inr^o nr small quantities
Ht tbe lowest prices for cash.
.ill tvimiH oi baildiueaud plastering
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
another column -tales plainly the
serious condition of the present
dain. and the shutting down of the
plant by BUCh n   mishap  as   seemi-
ikely to happen under existing
conditions must lie forestalled.
I'he power plant and water mppl
are the two belt assets the il
Kevelstoke bas. They bring In t
revenue ol nearly 20 per cent, on
the ' apital invested in I hem and
it I- vital to the welfare of lins
city that tliese valuable franchises
hould lie protected to the utmost.
The progress and prosperity of
Kevelstoke are intimately linked
with the progress and prosperity of
the Canadian Paoific Kailway It
is in the interesti- ol this city that
there should be a good understanding and cooperation with the railway company, Much lias been
done during tin- term of ollice of
the present Mayor and aldermen
to bring this about.
There was a time when the
mechanical work ol the Mountain
An old timer who know- the district and surrounding mountains
thoroughly, with tln-ir souroei of
water supply, advisee as that in his
opinion the Maii.-IIi hai.ii is on the
right trunk in urging the securing
of an additional supply of water
for the city from (Ireely Creek. Ile
points out that this heing i glacier
fed stream, its reliability in summer, just when the supply is most,
important, [daces it far ahead of
anything that can be derived from
Mt. Revelsloke, while it also has
liit advantage Of being sanitary as
ootupared    with   water    liltoring
through the decaying vegetation ot
munication witb Grand Trunk oon-  ?"""'."" pr ,mpt dp|ivery B'ter Nov-
l"t      A .   have   two teams on now and
Uon   work    in   roads around   will deliver all orden promptly at »2
Death R i| ids and between the head  per load under Hv» loads and ifl 7.ri per
d I inoe River  and   losd f' idsand over.
irand Trunk   Pat i
ii.    u rets  11 .n<- Cache,     -Vm Is
. •    o   arrange   for   and
cirr beee   worki-   this  (all,
they il ould be    provided    for   and
nd immediately the snow
ground next spring.
U'e Iiii v.; never seen the people
of Hevelstoke more hopeful and
full of confidence in the future of
their city and district than they
are today, Developments which
have taken place within the last,
lew days point to the fact lhat this
town is entering on a new era of
progress and prosperity. There
will lie a great deal of htlilrling of u
substantial oharaoter next year.
This is us it should be. From a
geographical point of view Revelstoke holds the finest position of
any city in the interior of thn pro
vinoe, ll. is surrounded hy a vist
territory, rich in land, timber and
minerals, The development of
these resources must come, and
when they do Kuveistoku will grow
Bowman Lumber Company. Ld.
n p is
For rail Planting
Bulbs from tlie Best European
and Japan Growers.
Home grown fruit and ornamental
tries grown OO upland soli without irrigation in the only part  ol
miirioan continent not infested fl iii tbe Ban Jose scale*-
Harden field and Flower seedt-
1 - -'' itook from tbe best grow-
m in the world — Wire fenolng
and dates—Hpray pumps, Fertilizer! Bee Supplies   Out Blowers,
Hprayitm material", etc..—While
lahor only.—New l'i7 page lliitii-
I igue free
A   large quantity ol  l'raine
and   Timothy   Hay    always
on hand
Frank A. Lackner,
lit pain '.I all liimli neatly carried ou
Bicycle nnd (Jun ttork a specialty
[estimates given on sny class
ul work.
Front     Street.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West, Kootenay.
Take notice I hat 1.. A. Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, Intends to apply
l'or permission to purchase the lollowing described lands-.
Commencing at a post planted on the
west siile of Upper Arrow Lake, ahout
one and it half miles .south of Bannock
Point, thence west 20 chains, thence
north 20 iluiins, thenee west 211 chains,
thence north UO chains lo IheK.&H.
line, thence lollowing the K, & S. line
east 21) chains, soul li 20 chains, east 20
chains, sonth 20 chains to lake shore,
thenee following I Ile lake shore lo
point of commencement,
Agent, for Ij. A. Dewar.
ftated July 20,1909. aug 7
September, : 22-23-24
Do not fail to see the possibilities of
Glorious Kootenay
C. W, BUSK, Pres.     F. 1,5TARKEV, Mgr.
D. C, MORRIS, Secretary.
Box 96 - - Nelson, B. 0.
For Sale
tinier Instructions from clients I
have to offer for sale the following
InsiruMc residential properties
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOtTVMR,   B. <'.
branch Nursery     .     South Vancouver
1. Residence   and    three   lots on
McKoi /,ie Avenue.
2, Residence with lot and ono-hal'
frontage, on   McKenzie Ave.
8,   Residence  and   two  lot-    on
Fifth Street.
I. Two good building lois with 60
feet froninge on MoKenzie
6,    Rooming House, (18 rooms) on
Kon rt li Streel.
Terms to suit purchasers.   Por
prices and particulars applv to
sep 11 im      First fit., Rcvclslckc.
First-class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail Orders Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Palace Restaurant
McKensie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars.Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Notice is herehy given tbat the first
Bitting ol the Oourt of Revision to
revise the Assessment Roll for the year
1909, will be held in the Council
Chamber, Ciiy Hall, Revelstoke, B. C.
on Monday, October llth, at 2 p.m.
September 4th, 1909.
sep 4 lm Citv Clerk.
Notice is hereby glvtn that, an application will be made under Part V. of
tho "Water Act, 1009," to obtain a
licence  in   the Division   of
Kevelsloke Dislricl.
(a) The name, address and occupation of the applicant -Hugh E. It.
Smythe. Rancher, Itevoletoke.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's
Certifloate No	
(b) Tho name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed the description is)
- A small stream rising on the N. fl,
>4 Section il, and running in small
swamp on N. W. % Section 3.
(c) The point of division—Where
water drains into swamp.
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)—1.^
(o) The character of the proposed
works--For irrigation purposes on dry
bench lands.
(f) The premises on which the water
is to be used (describe same)-—Bench
lands sloping to westol no iei-without urination.
(g) The purposes for wlileli the
water is to he used—Irrigation and
(b) If for irrigation describe the
land intended tn he Irrigated, giving
acreage -Irrigating So acres stoney
and di-v bench hind on east half of N.
W. | Seel ion ii, Township 21, Range 2,
West ti Meridian, comprising 85.
(i) If the water is lo be used for
power or mining purposes describe
the place where tho Watei' is to be
returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between
point, of diversion and point of return.
(jl Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied hy the proposed works,.,.
(k) this notice was posted on the
tilth day of August, 1909, and application will be made to the Commissioner
on the 19th day of Sepl. 1009.
(ll Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whoso lands are likely to he
affected by the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet.—None.
(Signature)   II. K. li. SMYTHE,
sepl       (P.O. Address)   Kevelsloke.
When you  visit  the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop  at  the
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisinc
48a31 Delightful Scenery
A few ol your space dollars on winter
Underwear, Clothing nnd Hoots and
Shoes at John Hull's Sale. Most of the
summer goods have been cleaned out,
and the new fall and winter goods ordered six and eight months from the
manufacturers are just coming iii, all to
he sold for cash at wholesale prices.
Such well known goods as Sanford's
clothing, Sl.'infield's underwear, Hell's,
Mcpherson's and other makes of first
class shoes; all of which must he cleaned
out by the first of the new year. Are
you interested in saving money ? We
Lave lived up to what we advertised at
the start and will continue to do so until the stock is disposed of.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
Ul'.An OFHIOKI  1)1-05 Adelaide St. cast
for half year ending IMIth June, 1909
By Gross Premiums Income
Jan. mil h   -    $211) IIDH III
Less rebate  and
return premium    nu 104 IM)
$182 OVA 29
Loss reinsurance    53 399 45$129 flH3 84
By interest 0 H03 90
$135 897 74
To net losses paid$(l2 17(1 17
To not losses under adjustment 11 800 74
Gov. fees, taxes,
and al) other
charges      -        17 211 118
Balance Cr. profit
and loss     -        11 1128 85
H. ll. Buck,
Gen, Man.
$185 3117 71
w. B. Robertson,
The farm of the late Joseph Dolan
situate near Rovelstoke, being a part
of the N. E. Quarter Section 211 Tn. 23
and coniaiuing 81 acres more or less.
Applications for the purchase of above
property arc invited and will be
received by the undersigned up to ami
including September 30th, 1909.
Solicitor for Dolan Estitlu.
Dated at Kevelstoke, B. C,  August
Kith, 1909. lmi'ii THE MAIL HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Well, Well. Bless Our Souls;
They've  Discovered  Two Poles:
Now They'll Have to Shake Dice
To Decide it.
There Will Be Some Rare Fun
If Both Claim The Same One,
How on Earth  Will They Ever
Divide it?
But While Cook and "Cap Peary"
In Lands Cold and Dreary
Were Ploughing Their Ways
Through The Snow,
We Discovered a Fact
Worth Ten-Dozen Poles Packed!
And We Hope All Good House Keepers Know
Save Coupons  for Premiums.
The Vernon fire showed the need
sf our
The hest safe-guard in which you cun invest. Kvery hotel should
he fitted with these ns a matter of safety to occupants. Kvery house
should have one on its roof.
Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
Revelstoke, B. C. $
The best equiqped school west j/" Toronto.
c_y4utumn  Term opens September First...
Send for Catalogue.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Impioveil.     I'irst-Olass in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Import direct from country ot origin.
_R/EV_e3IjStok:e  __b. o.
Sl, Boniface College, which is situated across the river from Winnipeg, in the city uf St. Boniface, is directed hy the Jesuit Kathers. It has
four courses el studies, a Oours* in Arts Hour year), leading lo B,Ai
degree In Ihe University of Manitoba; a Grammar Course (three
years), preparing tor Matriculation, medical entrance, law- entrance examination, etc,i a Commercial Course (two years), leading to a diploma of accountant,'and a Preparatory Course (two years), lor lhe
hi-iu-iii ol those who arc imi sufficiently prepared for iho Grammar Course
and the Commercial Course, Thn Commercial Course is conducted in
English, and In all the other-departments there are two parallel courses,
one iu English nml one in French,
Students arc accoplud eilhn
ili-is,   ilny
or   hull'
boardersi      Kor prospectus and particulars apply  in REV. FATHER
Rector, St. Boniface College, St   Boniface, Man.
The Oollego reopens Wodnosday, September i, al ; p.
ep a nn
What Our
Means to You
TT means that the flour contained in bags and barrels
so trade-marked is decidedly
whiter, a great deal stronger
and more nutritious than
other (lours.
u means tnat the flour hasbeen
propei Iv aged to mature its
full strength.
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
It means elimination of uncertainty—' 'your money back"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs more than the other kind,
hut worth the difference.
Western Canada  Flour Mills Co.,
Mills at St. B0MP.1t n, Godbrich, Brandon.
Office, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Theo. I. tlutton
Musical Recita
Friday & Saturday
Sept. 24th and 25th
Saturday Matinee
Opera House
Music, Songs and Readings
Humorous .Musical Sketches
"Harmony Hall"
"Our Village Concert"
"A Suburban Soiree"
'■The  Quarrel  Scene" froin
"The School for Scandal"
Sir Peter Teazle... Theo. .1. Hnltoii
Lady Teazle Ada Hut ton
An evening of Music and Mirth
Of Railway Belt Issued By the
Dominion Government
A map of the railway belt of British
Columbia has just heen issued by the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa.
The map is handsomely printed in
colors on heavy map paper. The information upon it is corrected up to
July 1st, 11I0II. A glance nt the map
will show a person exactly how any
particular area in the Belt stands,
colors being used to indicate lands that
have been dealt with in any way.
For instance, all hoincsteaded lands
are marked in yellow; sales, special
grants, mining lands sales, in red;
lands disposed of by Provincial Government in grey; Indian reserves in
pink; forest reserves and parks in
green bonier; timber berths in green
hatching: grazing leases in brown
hatching. There are also figures as to
the acreage included under each of
these headings.
In addition all available Information
regarding railways, post ollices and
topographical features of the provincial lands adjoining the Belt have
been inserted so thai the map provides useful information with respect
to a comparatively large part of the
province. In fact the map covers
British Columbia from north of tho
railway belt right down to the United
States border, including the Boundary
country, the Allow and Kootenay
Lake regions, and the Crow's Nest
To make the map complete an insert
has been added under the title, showing the lower Coast line and a portion
Vancouver Island.
The map was prepared under the
direction of Mr. H. K. Young, Supt. of
Railway  I-tnds, Department of the
Interior, Ottawa. It is to be iHsued to
lhe public free, and applications sent
to Mi. Yuung will lie promptly dealt
The Kootenay Central railway surveyors have now arrived at Hanson's,
twelve milea north of Kurt Steele.
The Canadian Northern is pushing
its survey work in the region ol the
Cranberry lake summit, aud tlio junction of the North Thump ion and
Clearwater rivers. The surveys aro
extending northwards along the valley ol the former river. Tlie Cranberry
lake summit is about GO milea north
from the Tete Jaune Cache. Another
party of the same company is now
working westward through the foot
hills of the Rockies towards Yellow-
bead Pass.
The latest report with regard to a
steamship service for the (Irand Trunk
Pacilic, is the company is negotiating
for two line turbine liners, the Cairo
and Heliopolis, for service in tho
Pacific. They are reputed to he two
of the finest steamers in Great liritain
—both turbines,—and fitted up for a
company, recently wound up, in Uncostly and rich style (or the Marseilles
and Egyptian trade.
A woman contractor, Mrs. Dennett,
runs one ol the best construction
camps on the O.N.R, She has also
been eminently successful rs a railroader. Sbe handles with equal
facility a scraper ur plow, and talks
about cubic yards ol eartb, six foot
grades, "scoops" and "dumps" as
glibly as most women talk about fancy
work, frills or lurbeloivs. Her crew
consists of herself, husband, three
boys and her brother in-law, and each
handle their own team.
Frank Cooper, purchasing agent of
the C.P.R. commissary department,
has written to the Pioneer Poultry
Ranche ottering to purchase their
entire output tor the next 12 months
of poultry and eggs.
Attend Divine Service
The members ol Gold Range L dgc
No. 26 Knights of Pythias held their
annual church parade on Sunday
evening, Sept. 19th, attending divine
service in the Baptist Church. The
preacher ol the occasion wns i he pastor of the church, Rev. VV. P. Freeman. The music rendered by the
choir was excellent. The preacher
took as bis text the see.aid great command as given by Christ, 'Thou shall
love thy neighbor as thyself." He
said, while the first, great command
eet forth a man's relations to God,
this second one set forth all a man's
relatious to his fellownian, ami covered the grouud of the latt six commands of the old Decalogue. In answering the question as to "who is my
neighbor" tbe preacher said that the
stability of tbe basis of any fraternal
order is strong as it approximates the
universal. Then, me in the teachings
ol Christ, every man in nee I is our
neighbor. Kvery man is our brother
irrespective of race or tongue or creed,
for the breath wc breathe is from one
The Knights of Pythias aR a fraternal order stand iu the very front rank,
with their motto of "Friendship,
Charity, and Benevolence" as their
principles, they have done a splendid
work in relieving the distress of
widows aud orphans, the helpless and
aged. But far greater things still re
main to he done.
This command presupposes a love
for Bell, a lovo based on the first
command, that will always seek tu
make the highest type of manho d
possible. A man loves his life, his
manhood and his integrity. Then to
carry out thia command, and be the
true brother of nmn, he miiar lirst love
himself, then give himself to guard
these in the persou ot his neighbor, to
give unto him sympathy, practical
help, and seek to remove the temptation that will destroy him.
The Traders' Dank will opon at
D, 8. Fraser, formerly of the stall' of
the Bank of Commerce at Nelson, is
relieving at Nakusp.
J. H. Hawtbornthwaite, M.P.P., bus
informed bis friends that at the next
Provincial elections he will seek ti e
suffrages ul the people ol Victoria, as
well a« those of the people ol Nanaimo.
Matter Introduced at City Council Meeting-Mayor Declared
Increased Provision Necessary
Supt. Duck's Report
In reply to a question by Aid.
Wells at the meeting ol the Council
Friday evouing,tlie Mayor said the city
was in a serious position as regards its
water power plant. They hud a sample
the previous evening of the light
going out. A portion of the uld llunie
had to be taken out the previous day
to put in tlie nuw portion and they
had to rely on the gas producer and
engine to provide tlie light in the
meantime. To enable this to hudonc
they cut out the arc lights, but the
engine proved Inadequate for tho work
and ihe plant broke down. Tho
capacity of the hydraulic plant was
Kit) h. p. nnd nl the gas engine plant
251) h. p. so that in case of anything
g.iing wrong the gasoline plant was
wholly inadequate to the requirements
ol the city. In fact the present demand fur power absorbed the whole of
the power available from the hydrmilic
plant, and Bonie action must be taken
without delay to meot the position.
The following report from Supt
Duck was then rend!—
During lho spring lluod of thiB yoar
the dam received a bad buffeting, and
about (il) feet of the llunie at, the upper
end, the head gate, and pie-sure hox
were completely wrecked, as was also
the oribwork buttress, itwa-i thought,
however, at the time, the dam had uot
reci-ivtd any treat damage, hut as the
water falls iu the river, a forlorn state
ot things is revealed.
The underworks ol the dam received
such a shaking that tbe face boards are
torn from the timbers, allowing the
water to percolate through the structure undermining and leaving it in
an uusate condition. When working
in the stop-log pit a day or two ago 1
found that the heavy timber framing
was very badly sprung It, is not at
all a safe place for any man to work
in. I am afraid that il such a lloud
takes place next spring as did this
year, tho dam wiil be completely
The llunie is gettiug in very bad
condition, The framing timbers tlio
whole length of the Hume are in a
more or less decayed state, and 1 nm
expecting that sooner or later there
wiil bo a serious breakdown I might
put down new timbers, hut to make a
good job 1 should have to renew them
all, and I question if it is worth the
time and labor Of course I renew
such as get too bad.
The llunie has been in me now for
12 years, exposed to the action of
water, sun and air, and must be near
its finish aJ Inr as strength gins.
There is almost enough water leaking
from it to run tbe plant.
The condition ol the water turbine
is fairly good, except that one of the
runners slipped oil' the key, damaging
the hub rather badly. I have a new
runner to put ou, but the trouble is to
lind the opportunity to put it on. I
intend to try while the Hun o is being
repaired. Owing to sand and gravel
action the shaft is being gtadually
reduced in size, but there is no inr
mediate danger from this. The generators are all in good condition and
giving no trouble whatever.
Perhaps, gentlemen, yon can realise
how dillicult it i° to maintain a 21-
huur Bcrvice tinder such unfavorable
conditions. There is nothing duplicate, and should the jack shaft gei,r
get out of order 1 can neither run
water nor gus plant. And trouble is a
thing always to be lookid for where
there are so many friction clutches,
pulleys and belts, without even considering tlie minion t ol power absorbed
in these several apparatus,
I oatimatu our load for tlio dining
winter to be in the neighborhood ol
221 k.w. per hour at peak loud. This
represents about 110 h.p. required at
the turbine shaft. The water turbine
iB capable ol developing about 120 h.p.
under the present head of water.
From these figures it can he seen
that there is no margin left. The gas
engino lias a guaranteed capacity ol
260 b. h.p., which is entirely Inadequate for the work, should the water
[ail us at any time during the winter
months. Facing the situation I am
impressed with the lact that something musl. he done and done very
soon, if we are to have a satisfactory
service from our electrical plant,
A. G, Di.ik,
Owing to the small meeting it was
decided to call a special meeting to
consider the whole and matter.
.....     r.   e,<fta'tWF%
*K  MM,Mm":
HamBaking Powder
No alumf no Itme phosphates
As every housekeeper can understand,
burnt alum and sulphuric acid—the ingredients of all alum and alum-phosphate
powders—must carry to the food acids
injurious to health.
Read the label.   Avoid the alum powders
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
!   .- /_ ll I-gffliW},
■ iv.-i •"
■•"<   _r"!;PKr?^'t--v.>v;.vi
I - :'-.-'li,.' -   -V__-».*-.'_j.*---    -    '
...^.ftf-i'ft.    -er. i-ijAj.cf .' .   «
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our liands-.nie parlor sets,
upholstered iu Inch grade silk, or
damask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
ir.di finitely. We have many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces lor
beautifying the home tbat are tasteful, effeotive and inexpensive, and wil]
show your rooms to the best advantage.
£.  HOLVSOW Sr  CO.'Y.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
arc disposing of tlieir entire Stock -it a
small advance on cost. lt will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,   Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
r l       -*    - fe5 ?y...
i fr  w ft
S&    1 ! IM rv   .
j$jjii-57&Campbell Ave
I Carriage Work a 5pErialtt/
The Uownian Lumber Company will
not guarantee prompt delivery of mill
wood alter Nov. 1st. See tlieir advertisement in this issue,
500 More Orders for Winter
fruits and Vegetables
Whv  pay  Iwo prices  foryour winter
wants when  by  sending .llrcci  to the
producer vou can purchase at tirst com.
We are non quoting as follows;
Turnips, Carrots and Potatoes, 7 5c.
a hundred pounds.
Cabbage and Beets $1 per 100 lbs.
Onions, well dried and ourod, 4c. Ib.
Citrons. Watermelons, antl Muskmel-
lons, 5c. alb.
No. 1 Wlntor Apples $1.25 a box
i. 2       ii       "       $1.10     "
Conking Apples 75c. a box
Crab Apples, Si 25 a box
Al I   I'll III lis I A Kl I     1.1       I   I     , '■■
General Morohant.      -     Salmon Arm
WANTED—Girl foi domestic duties
in  small family,   Hood home.
I'm address npply Mull Herald offlce.
1710R SALE   An Edison Phonograph
'     once  $3500,     Applv at   Mail-
llnu.u.l' Otitic.
ANTKD—Millinery apprentice by
0. 11. Ill .11K AMi I'n.
WANTED—Local Salesman, at
once, to sell l.ovell's seiiesof
Private lil-eetiug Xmas ('arils; liberal
coin mission; about 7 weeks worki
energetic worker can make good
money; >tate references, age and qualifications The li. ,J. LoVBLL Co,,
Ltd., lm onto. Sept. is-i;.
TTTANTED   Nigbl   watchman    for
\\      s.nvmill.     Steady job   foi   lhe
nghi party,    Apply to mail-ubrau).
I', ii. box ul I. Revelstuke, Sept. tii'22
"ANTED   Two furnished   rooms
light    house-keeping,    two
li.Idi. ii.    Write Stating rent for same
HENRY 0,  CODE,   Salmon   Aim.
Coal Goal Goal!
iu|{ SALE   An Lli  Phonograph
|X    .unl  iu records   Applv at MAIL-
■ Ilii
ep 18 lm
If you want good, clean
lump coal, suitable for
kitchen or furnace, see
me.   None better.
TTTANTED—Lodgers (with break-
\Y i.i-i, it preferred) iu a comfortable borne mi Second St., near the
school,    Apply at this ollice.
Take notice tlmt I intend tn make
application to the Superintendent  of
Provincial Police fnr a transfer ol retail liquor license of the Lardeau Hotel now beld by .los. Dumont to K, M.
Dated Sept. 22nd,1909,
K M. Evans.
Revelstoke Land Dlstriot.
District nl West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, M. K. Lawsorti
,.l Revelstoke,occupation housekeeper,
in ten 1 to apply foi permission to purchase ihe lollowing described landsi
Commencing al a post planted at
tbe southeast comer of l_ot 8068 and
in.u keil "M. E. Lawson's northwest
.oilier   post,'   Ihence JO chains south:
thciu-e 40 chuins west; theooe20chains
norlh; thence 2IJ chains east; thence 20
chains north io line of Lot8868; thence
all.ng said line to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 7th, WOW. sep 8
will collie back to yon if you Hf end it
At home. It is gone for ever if ymi
send it to the Mail Order House. A
glance through our advertising column! will give vou an idea where it
will buy the most, THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
$10,000    NEW GOODS    $10,000
Dress Goods, Flannels, Flannelettes, Sheeting, Blankets>
Comforters Men's Suits, Odd Pants, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps
and Gloves to be sold at prices that will keep the Register busy
at a loss to us. but a gain to you. Come early or late, enough
bargains for all.   SEE BIG POSTERS
while camping at Mount KevelMnke
They went out to Miller's Lake, whir
is about tive miles beyond the i Iinlnl
at, Protection Lake, and wi r rai her
late in starting to return I-. r nip
Dnrkoess overtook them aud l .ei ind
to remain out. all niitht. To make
matters worse the night was Horniy
and snow fell. They reached c.niip
next morning none the worse Ior iheir
Remember the date nl the Rebekah
Dance Tuesday, the I'S'li inst.
Remember the gymnasium opening
st the   V. M. C. A.  on   Monday,  dot.
The Board ol Tl ule had a lengthy
meeting la.-t uight. The report ii
held over till next issue.
Kamloops Board ul Trade has secured the old court house tor offices
ami publicity purpose?.
The Keliekah- nn- making special
ertorts to make liieir dance on Tues-
day, the 2Mb, a hie success.
A representative of Bradstreets de
clares the Payne Aldriob tariff adopted
by Congress a legislative  monstrosity
Kohiuson   A    McKenzie,   of   Cranbrook. who bills timber limits ou Sey
muiir Kiver, propose to build a mill al
Mr. Wright, Dominion Land Ageut
at Kamloops. is on a visit to the city
on business connected with his department.
The regular monthly meeting of Mt.
McKenzie Hive L.O.T.M. will take
place Thursday Sept. 23rd, at 3 p.m..
Masonic Hall, Second St.
The Bowiiinn Lumber Company will
not guarantee prompt delivery of mill
wood after Nov. 1st. See tlieir advertisement in this issue.
iin Monday two offenders were
charged before VV. W. Foster, Police
Magistrate, with drunkenness and
were lined ohcIi $6 and coBte.
Kamloops OityOounoil granted the
Board of Trade $500 iu addition to
$1000 recently given, (or the advertising ol Kamloops and district.
The Baseball Club will Bend a team
ou Friday to Salmon Ar.n wbeie a
match, Reveletoke v. Kamloops, will
be played on the Fair grounds.
M. Carlin has secured from the Provincial Government tbe contract for
the Mill Bay road to connect Victoria
with tbe north end ol Vaucouver Island. The amouut ol tbe contract is
You are hereby advised tbat the
regular monthly meeting ol the Board
of Trade will be held at the City
Council chambers on Thursday, Oct.
2nd. at *, p, in., and the favor of your
attendance is requested.
To fall ten feet into a steel car and
be buried under fifty tons ol rock for
nearly two hours, and still living, is
the ezperien se ol Edwin Edwards who
lies at a hospital at Phoenix, with
good pre-; BCU ior recovery.
A. J. McDonnell, manager of the
Hotel Reveletoke. declares Halcyon is
tbe l-ett [dace in the v.,,rid for a -ick
man to go to. The baths in Haley C
water and the internal use of this
■r. ndi rlul curative of nature make
the sick mnii well in abort order
Speaking ol Canada Jim. Hill --sni
"Canail i bar one advantage n-r na
in a gresti-r npuit of unity. In many
is>- there .- stealer stability ol
ght in Canada. We may see this
.ii ti • .lev .ipini-iit of the western part
if lLat country. Her people are more
concerned with making progress, lest
with the popular istuei ol tin- ilny
The Canadian! an- making i_n-.it
itridas, I here sre a gnnd many tlnngi
we oould learn Irani tbem. I do not
knuw of anything that we need -et
ourselves up to teach tbem.   'Ihey nn-
Beetling al .ng very well.
Tin- Rebekah Danci- in to take place
Tuesday, the 2Stb at the Opera House.
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity is very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and wc will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
quite liable to he disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
1 lalf-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to lit
Hobson s Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  onu of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
The Bowman Lumber Company will
not guarantee prompt delivery ol mill
wood after Nov. 1st. See their advertisement in this issue.
At the Police Court ou Tuesday
morning, belore Mr. VV. W. Foster,
police magistrate, Robt. Maddocks
and Sam Hubbard were charged with
lighting on Second street, opposite
(he Queen's hotel and each senteiiceil
to a months' imprisonment.
Charles Bwanson, Formerly in charge
of the post office at Three Valley wae
arreeted and brought into the city
yesterday on a charge made hy 3. A.
Mundy, postmaster at Three Valley,
of stealitig $50. The charge will ne
heard tetore R. Gordon, S.M., this
Among matters taken up before th"
Nelson Buard ol Trade waa the deci-
e'on of the publicity committee to
Bbortly commence a publicity cam
paigu iu the press, the proposed visit
of the Calgary hnsiness men to the
annual fair, the mail service on tiie
Arrow Lakes nnd to Comaplix and
similar point- and tbe question i f
lighting of buoys on the lake.
\V. A. Foote wai badly bitten yester
day by a bull-dog, owned by .1 Btevi na
of tbe C. P R   .Telegraph Office    Mr
Foote wa- on his bicycle when tin   :
rmlied at him and   sei/.ed hnu by
leg, and In-   had   to   have   the   wound
• in --id I'he matter same up sl thi
court laei evening before W. v, Foster, Police Magistrate, when the owner of the dug whh ordered to deal roy ii
or bave it rem ved        il the oity,
Kvery housewife will tell
you thai it i- ii"t ui '•! >
ma'i'i ■'. keep "iii-"- Iianda
iu gmd condition: nnd evei J
housewife, who lias used
iul.li. i gloves "di also tell
von ihni ilny are tbe greatest help in keeping one's
bonds --li and white,   -   - -
$1.25 per pair
Bews" Drug&Stationery Store
NKXT  III Ml.   lll.'ii l<
Mr- r ii Home lelt Thursday on
a visit to Victoria,
Fred, Franer returned Monday from
a trip tu the Coast,
Mr» Howson expects to he able to
return home hy next  week.
Reeve Kvatii of Salmon Arm will
nul. run again for that office.
Mrs Lindmark left fur Salmon Ann
yesterday to attend the Fair there.
Mr. and Mrs. It. P. Lewis, of Winnipeg, are rejoicing over the birth of a
.1. Iliiighain, piano toner, is settling
in Revelstoke and ban arranged for lu-
wife to join him here.
W. Smith, ol Revelstoke, is now in
charge ol K. A. Palmer & Co.'s but
eher simp at Salmon Arm.
It. Gordon, Government Agent, haa
taken lhe holme at. the west nnd ol
Second   street,   formerly occupied   by
W, II. Pratt, and  will move into  ii.
Theo. J. Hutton the Foremost
Musical Entertainers
On i'l'iday nnd Saturday of Ihis
week. Mr. Theo. J. Hui ton, the well
known musical entertainer, wlllappunr
at the Opera House. Mr. Hutton
comes highly recommended liy llie
press of lhe province and no doubt will
receive a gond reception from theatregoers ol' tlie city. The following
speaks of hi» entertainments;
Vancouver Saturday Sunset. "At
the Veterans' Society Concert, prominent among tho performers wns Then.
.1. Hutton, whose musical sketches
were very clever and amnslng und
wen- well received by tbe audience,"
Ohllliwaok Progress -"It wns a large
nml appreciative audience which attended the concert given by Then. .1.
Hutton in the Oddfellows' Hall on
Saturday evening, Artistic In every
sense of the word was the concert,
The audience entered Into Ihe spirit of
the evening nnd were eariied away
with uproarious laughter or breath
Ing iu the sentiment of ihe music
which only a liiiished musician can
convey. His performance on lhe
piano was weli niuli perfect. Hi-
recitalh ns showed mastery in elocution and the humorous mul musical
sketches were very clever and amusing
and fully satisfied the audience,"
Talking and Singing Pictures
A   remarkable   exhibition   »ill   in-
given at the Edison Parlor Theatre on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday even
inns.    This will he the lirst  in trod lie
lion   to   Revelstoke   of   llie   eniiien
phone, depicting living piotures, which
actually talk and sing.   This remark
able invention is one  of  llie  wonder
ol the age nnd will   interesl   all   thi'iie
wbo attend  "There will he a ehaug
of pro raniine Satuiday evening,   tw
performances     nightly,       The    pri •
gramme includes a representation  ol
the world's lending stars in   mechani
cal opera, drama and   vaudeville      It
introduces   Alice    Lloyd.    Eng and«
famous   comedienne;   tlie  McNaugh
tons, England's star Comedians; Vcbi
L. Osman, the  banjo   king;    Collins
and    Harlan,     comedians;     Lillian
Swain and Will Risimr, fatuous   opera
singers.   There will be dances, cake-
walks and in fact all  vntieiirs of tbe
amusement features of the day.
See the oOc window at 0. XV.  Bell'i
A few boxes of fancy candy left a
O. W. Bell's at half price.
Moving, talking and singing pic
tures in Edison Parlor Theatre to
morrow night.
lapen's Missionary Movement
The spirit that is stirring Canada in
the form of the Layman's Missionary
Movement made itself felt at a meeting
held in the Methodist church last Tues-
lay evening, the -1st inst. Secretary
Cook of the V. M. C. A., occupied the
The chief speakers of the evening
were Mr. Allan and Mr. Armstrong, representatives of the movement, from the
cast. Mr. Allan clearly and tersely outlined the aim of the movement as being
the upbuilding of the Christian church
at home and the evangelization of the
world abroad, This work was not to
be left to the clergymen and faithful
few, but to be undertaken by all Christian laymen lie pointed out that not
money alone was needed, but that, by-
prayer nnd intelligent study, every man
should become interested. Thus all
should be at the  work, nnd always at it.
Mr. Armstrong then rose to explain
the purpose of the meeting. After
briefly describing the work of the movement last venr he said that in continuance of Inst year's policy a deputation
of prominent business men from all
pnrts of the Dominion would tour western Canada, from Port Arthur to the
Const, beginning October 19 nnd ending
November 30 The purpose of this deputation was to arouse interesl among
business uii-ii iu ihe great Layman's
Missionary Movement. It wns not i
money-raising campaign, but a stimuln
ting, inspirational, educational move
ment. Would Revelstoke receive this
deputation? In conclusion Mr. Armstrong suggested a banquet as being the
most effectual method of receiving the
lt was then moved by Mayor Lindmark
anil seconded by Air. 1'. \X. Lang that n
committee bt_- appointed to arrange lor a
banquet for the reception of the travelling deputation. This motion wns tin-
.iiiiiniiusli- carried
Mr. li. Howson moved nnd Mr, C. I..
Anderson seconded, thnt the pastors
each appoint four Inun their respective
churches to forin a joint committee ti
arrange tor this bauquet. Tin* motion
carried, lt was decided lo hold the lirst
meeting ol the committee Tuesday evening, September 28, iu the Itnpiist church.
With a hnu i.i vote ol thanks to Mr.
Allan ninl Mr, Armstrong for the whole-
souled inspiration they hnd given, Uu
meeting closed.
Edison Parlor Theatre
Talking and
Singing Pictures
Reproducing the forces of Opera
Stnrs, Vaudeville Artists and the
world's Leading Stars.
Thursddy, Friday, Saturday
Two Performances Each Evening
Change of Program Saturday Night.
Admission, 25 Cents.     Children,
Gallery, 35c. end 20c.
10 Cents
J. E. Taylor and bride will leave
England snortly for Kevelstoke, whore
they propose to make their home.
Hou. F. VV. Aylmer will leave Kevelstoke   uext   month   for  Kamloops,
where he intends making his home.
The ladie-i of the Catholic church
are arranging to hold a tea durirg
the afternoon ol the Millinery opening.
John McKane, of Rossiand and
GoldBeld faun-, and once Oonsei-
vative candidate for Kootenay. ha-
gonc to -Japan.
Mr, Tucker tiie photographer, and
Mrs. Tucker are taking » vacation at
thecoastand tbe studio will l* closed
until Oct. lat.
A. H. Allen, manager if the B»nk
of Commerce, accompanied hy Mrs.
Allen,spent tbe week iund at Halcyon,
returning Sunday.
Mi-- Hall baa accepted tbe position
I tbi   oboir  ol  8t.  Peter's
church, and will play tbe irgan at tbe
evening aervicea
i. Campbell the we km wn rancher
ol K i-i       pi, a ■  ol  t ne   pioneers
ol the country ia in the Jubilee
il lapital, Vietoi a wbere be has
indergom sn   peration
Mr Bod in   .1 tbe   iffioe ol  Messra
Harvey McCarter and   Pinkham
oompanied by Mrs. Bodin, lefl foi   thi
ft-' M inlay on a holiday trip snd
 in i he -'-in le Fan .
Mr ii..i.i,- ■ ime keeper foi Mei -
Marl Mmi hi .ind Gillette   contractors
lor the  bridge   over   the   I olumi   I
Revelstoke   ia io the Jubilee ll  ■
ii     .'.,: ii wbere be went to undergo
.in   operation
Mr.   unl   Mr-.    II     i unningbam
Morria   have   taken   passage   by  tbe
Allan Liner, Virginian, leaving  1
pool. England, on   October   16th,    md
will arrive  in  Kevelstoke   about
end of i lotober,
I he wedding ol  E.  F,   Allen
well known 0,P I! engineer, and Mia*
Pehle was fixed for to day.  I he .
couple   intend   leaving   to-nigbl
Nt-w York and saltern pomt- on
honeymoon trip and   will  return   to
make   tln-ir home   In  Revi Istoke   in
aboul two months,
im Saturday afternoon Mesara \
McRae, W. II. Pratt and VV M
l.iiwn-iicc, took Mr. VV. Motion
Vtol'herson,   ['resident   of   the  Mel
ions   Hank,   for   a   drive   round    the
suburbs,    Mr.   McPherson expressed
himself much pleased with the fruit,
growing     experiments     being     mude
aoutbeastol the city by Messra, Hume
ind Lawson, A. Mcltae, A.J. Mo-
Uonell snd Oi K. Macdonald.    Miasm.
MoPlierion and Elliott left. Sunday (or
I he Coast.
Mr. nnd Mis. llniirnirr had ruthiir
au  unpleasant  experience   last  wm k
Toi-njiya good   juicy  roast nl bee',
in gel it.    If you can't oall, phone 21
If tlie phone  ia not working, send
P.   HERNS  & CO.
Wholesale nnd Retail Meat Merchants
You May Be Sure
Of securing the best attention
and the most reliable goods
when dealing with
G.   W.   BELL
Successor to Woolsey & LeFeaux, Limited
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Koyal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Means, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Poods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
E. W.  B   PAGET
The Finest Loaf of Bread
.it the Kevelstoke Fail was made from
"ROBIN HOOD " Hour. A prize
winner eery time, Try il and convince yourself. Order a sack as a trial
right now Irom the
Mountain Supply Company.Limited
First Showing of New Fall Dress
Fabrics at McLennan's
The lirst showing of the
new Fall Dress Goods is
now being displayed at
our store, and it is, in
every way surpassing to
anything we have ever
attempted to show in this
particular line of goods.
Everything new. Plenty
of snap. Tlie best grades
of cloths, stylish in all
respects, and prices the
  most reasonable offered.
The New Goods
Every piece is beautiful, the prettiest we have
ever seen, and we know that you will think
likewise. This includes every style and color,
and many distinctive patterns.
Our line of Fall Trimmings have arrived, and like the
fabrics they are unsurpassing. All colors and shades to
match tlie different materials. Jet Trimmings, ornaments
and buttons. Braids of every kind and color. Everything
up-to-date for tlie season.
Tasteful Dressmaking
Wm need not seek further, buy everything that your
dreiss needs; step up to our first-class Dressmaking Department; pick out the style from our fashion sheets; and within
short notice we will have your outfit complete to your taste
in style, workmanship, quality and price.
McLennan 6& Co.
H-.v.'.'.-.'.'.'.'.'i.v.'"."/.'.'^..'.'..-.'.'.'..'.':.';, .'■■■■■■
You Don't Have To 1
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents |
Just   arrived   from   the   East   a   shipment
Just the  kind you   need   for   this  Season.
Come in and look them o\ cr
M11H.   A.  O.   CRICK
U First  Street Opposite  Windsor  Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada I
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario. ™
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branohei ni Agenti at all prlnolpal points in Canada,
Agenti In Great Britain ami United states- London, KiikIhiuI,
l.lnyilH Hank, Limited, OhloagO- Kirst National Hank, Oorn Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Heal tlo National Bank, Ban Fran-
iiiHin Weill Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Dank,
Savings Bank Department
Ilepn-iii. iif $1 and upward,  received, and interest allowed at
currenl rate frnm date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.


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