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11^     JLVXC&AJi  11V1 UAV4
Vol 12.-No 133
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume 4 Co.
Your attention is culled tor tho next, week
to our Crockery Department,
Hand painted Toilet Sets direct Irom England in several differ-
cut designs; alio a number ol cheaper sets at $3.50 per set.
Hand-Painted Limoges, Cream and Sugars, Bread and Butter
Plates, Cocoa Jugs, Melon Bowls nnd othcr articles.
Dinner Sets and Tea Sets all English nnde in the latest patterns.
Our Japanese China and Gold Engraved Glassware aro worth
your inspection before purchasing .Xmas Presents.
New Dressing Gowns
New Dressiing Gowns in Heavy Saxon Flannel, Fancy Patterns,
very warm, Ior Ladies' House Wear, sll colors and sizes, at $3.50.
Fancy Kimonas
Beautilul creations in Eiderdown Flannel, in Delicate
Blues and Greys, prettily trimmed with Wool Lace lor $8.26.
New Fancy Neck Ribbons
In the Floral and Plaid Patterns, all
Belts, etc.
Widths for Ties, Sashes,
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
GALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oati, Wheat and
Express and Draying to
anv part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Heson-
able Rates.
Offlce, McKenzie Ave.
Next Burnt' New Block
TELEPHONE •       73.
"Never put off till tomorrow what
can bo done today" is a proverb which
will touch the conscience of most ot
us. The Bame applies to the seizing
of opportunities when they come.
The winter months will be long and
the evenings quickly draw in, and
what is more cosey than to sit belore
a warm lire with good papers and
books to read. Novels ma perchance
tire you nnd you long for an opportunity to pick up something good,
We have that opportunity if you will
only take it und we can assure ymi
that il you will take this opportunity
offerod to you right now, we leel nue
that you will be satisfied.« We are
offering a new, bright, interesting nnd
instructive magazine for a whole year
to every new subscriber of the Mail-
Herald and in making this offer we
know that all those who take advantage ol it will be satlslled, Do rot
delay in sending in your subscript-inns
$250 lor a whole year (or the Mail-
Hkrai.d and the New Idea Magazine.
Nothing tatter than Our " Speoial,
Express Office Broken Into at
Exshaw - Five Thousand
Dollars Stolen-No Clue to
Latest advices received slate that a
daring and well planned robbery took
place last night at Exshaw, a few miles
west uf Calgary, shortly before No, 117,
which was several hours late, arrived at
that station. (In reaching thee it was
discovered that, the express olliee bad
been broken ii to nnd a large quantity
ol valuables and money stolen to the
approximate value of $5,000, tho contents of the olliee being scattered
everywhere. No cine to the perpetrators ol the robbery has yet been lound
but it is supposed thai they boarded
the train at Exshaw, A general search
ol the passengers was made hut nothing was discovered to place suspicion
on any une of them. Thc matter is
now in the hands ol thc police who
are going over the ground. Unfortunately snow has been tailing since
whioh will probably obliterate any
truces of (oot marks. Further details
are not yet forthcoming. Owing to
there being a large number of men
employed at the cement works near
Exshaw and a large amount ol niouey
being necessarily kept there, it is
feared that the robbery was larger
than first estimated.
outra-.'eiit Niagara, many ol them i--. -
agining that many of th-ir .-nee will
to some extent be held responsible in
some way or ulher for lhe outrage.
Superintendent II W. Worviugtnn
of tl.e Kettle Valley Line railway will
endeavor to replace them ou the wnrks
wiih Hindoos, so that the work will
be continued as heretofore. The Buffering among the Hindoos still eon
tinues. Last night three ol these unfortunate people were found standing
on lhe street corner in a freezing condition, one of them being speechless
with the cold. Tbe city police took
them in charge and gave tlioiu the
necessaries at the police station, otherwise they would have undoubtedly
frozen to death.
Rockefeller Threatened by a
Crazy Woman.
New Yobk, Nov. 29.—Charged with
threatening to kill John D.Rockefeller
unless he paid her a million dollars,
Mrs. Rose Delina Beauvois Handheld,
4U years old, waB arrested yesterday on
a warrant issued by a police magis
trate. At tbe district attorney's office
Mrs. Handheld said her husband had
been in the oil business but that he
had been ruined by the Standard Oil
Mrs. Handfield is charged with having made the demand on Mr. Rocke-
teller's secretary last Friday. It is
stated that she forced her way in his
office on Broadway and declared she
anted a million dollars and avowed
that if she did not get it forthwith she
would kill Mr. Rockefeller and burn
down the building where the company's officers were located. It is
charged she displayed a revolver.
Somo one in the Standard Oil company's office made out a check for
$1,000,000, drawn to Mrs. Hand-field's
order and payable by the Guardian
Trust company. She accepted it but
was followed to the offices of the trust
company. Allred M. Barrett, the
cashier of the trust company, had been
notified not to pay the check, and
wh»n Mrs. Handheld presented it he
said that the company did not have
that amount ol money handy at that
time, He asked her to return on
Wednesday. This she agreed to do.
The district attorney's office wae notified and a warrant for her arrest was
issued. Yesterday when she appeared
at the Guardian TriiBt company's she
was taken belore the district attorney
and questioned.
When arraigned in the police court
Mrs. Handheld said she had gone to
Mr. ltockeleller's office with the purpose of having ins soul saved, to save
it for bin. by blood atonement. She
laid she was a "Saint ol the Sun,
Moon and Water," and tbat she controlled them all.
■jHfr-fn$Hfi i$i i*j) fr fr fr i|i it' 'ti il' '!> *$ 't' 't1 'I1 't' 3' $*|hM
125c-:-CALL AND SEE 0UR-:-25c
In useful articles for the Kitchen
Dining   Room,
Bedroom,    and
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing snd Tinsmlthing.
•fofrfr-frfrN-***!^ ♦ ♦ ♦ A' ♦ $ Q $<$"■$*•*«H»4Nft
Ontario Mines Pooled and E
Stories Told of Riches.
Toronto, Nov. 29.—It has been i
nounced that a big Cobalt merger has
been completed, including tlie Mc
Cormack silver-cobalt properties consisting ut 92 acres in the very heart of
the richest part of Cobalt Camp,
entirely surrounded by the University,
Foster, Lawson, Kerr Lnke, Badger
and Teniiskainiug mines these forming almost a complete circle and being
the heaviest shippers in the camp.
Upon .he McCormack silver-cobalt
property, tliree thousand teet ol work
had been done, exposing some seventeen veins.
Tbe merger also includes tho Major
Mo.rison claims, Immediately adjoining to the south, the Silver LJucen and
Hudson Bay companies, and adjoining on the east the railroad right ol
way and the provincial government
reserve. Five veins have been located
and uncovered on this properly. One
silvi-r-cobalt vein, almost solid metal,
Irom 10 to 20 inches in width, hns
been uncovered for 410 (oet, and on
this vien the provincial government
set a gang ol men sinking and developing on its side ol the line. Another
line cnlcite vein from six to sixteen
inches in width has been uncovered
two hundred and twenty-live feet
Hindoos   Are   Employed  in
Their Place.
Grand Fohkk, Nov. 29.-Great
nyn.ber. of Italian laborers on the
Kettle Valley Line grade have quit
work and yesterday the town was lull
ol them, all drawing their pay. It is
reported that the cause ol their quit-
log work is due to the recent dynamite
Tbe regular bi weekly meeting ol
the mayor and city council was held
lust night. Mayor Mcl.cud and Aldermen l'liliner, Howson nud Trimble
werc present.
Tbo minutes ol tlie last- mealing
were adopted as read. Communications were received from Chief ol
Police T. Bain, re lire alarm rung in
Irom the Hotel Revelstoke, nnd suggesting that the telephone in No. 2
tire hall he connected up with Ihe
central. After considering whether
the city was justified in paying the
extra money for the connection iu the
fire hall the matter was referred to the
Fire, Water & Light committee.
From H. Cook, secretary of No. 1
Fire Brigade, requesting that certain
supplies lor the brigade be purchased,
as well as several repairs done in the
liie hall, This matter was left to the
Mayor to arrange for.
From Col. T. H. Tracey in connection with the most suitable forms of
electrical power, and puwer pr during
plants, and if the cnuncil wished him
to take tbe matter up, to furnish him
with the plans and proposals as to
what theconditions should be for tlie
installation of such plant.—Filed.
From J. Kane, night operator at
the power house, tendering an application for an increase of salary to $80
a month. This communication was
accompanied by a letter fron. R.
Gordon recommending the increase
uf salary and stating that Kane was
in every way satisfactory.—Laid over
for further consideration.
From the Revelstoke Land Co., requesting that a rebate of taxes on certain lots that had been partially
destroyed by the errosion ol the river
bank and on lots adjoining, which
wero now valueless for the same
reason. It was resolved that the rebate asked for should be allowed on
the lands washed away by the river.
From G. S. McCarter, re the alleged
tampering with the electric wires in
the liouse of Mrs. Boultoa on Third
St. It stated that the charge could
not bc proved against her personally,
but that the city should cut off the
light in that house until the arrears
due to the city are paid. Aid. Howson moved that Mrs. Boulton be notified that unless the arrears of light
due tu the city be paid by December
17th the light in her hosse will be
cut oft*.
A petition ligned by a large number
ot citizens was presented by E. M.
Cuuk, accompanied by a deputation
requesting that a rebate in taxes
should be made on the Y. M. C. A.
property. Mr. Cook stated that the
Y. M. C. A. was a, gift hy the citizens
of Revelstoke to the city and wns
instituted for the benefit of all. He
said that the grounds for tax exemption were, that the institution wns a
benefit to the city and went n long
way to improve the moral status of
the city in general. That it was the
only place in town where young men
could meet and spend their time.
That it was a splendid advertisement
for Revelstoke nnd that it had never
had any concessions from the city yet.
He said, in no ease in Canada was it
shown where a oity hnd taxed the Y.M
C. A. and why should Revelstoke prove
tlie exception That the institution
will amply repay the city by producing good, honest citizens. That the
Moosejaw council had granted free
water and light to the Y. M, C, A.,
and lhat he felt that the exemption
was well earned and Bhould be grunted
by the city tu the institution whicli
had made Revelstoke so popular.
Mei rs. Bews and Hume endorsed the
tatements made by Mr. Cook, saying
thai us the Y.M.C.A, were behind in
their financial uffiiira the exemption
on llie taxes would help luatters out.
F. Lewis said that the Y, M, C. A. as
a charitnhle institution would greatly
hem-lit tl.e city aud was a gift uf tl.e
citizens who were proud ol it. He
suggested that a by-law be put before
the ratepayers lor making the exemption permanent. Tbe Mayor addressing the deputation said that the
con. cil were unable tn deal witii tbo
mailer that night as several o( the
aide, men wero absent, but lie said
thai he lelt sure the petition would hu
granted at least tn some extent and
lelt quite satisfied that a partial rebate
would be given. That a speoial meeting would be held next week to Anally
decide the matter.
Several general nwt.te.-B wero then
discussed and the cily electrician, (>,
Lcmhkc, was requested to state the
causes of the constant, burning out of
fusei In public places. Ho said that
thc main cause was tho fact ol thu
wires being loaded with too much current and sometimes thetampering with
the (uses, especially by hoys in the
Opera House, and suggested that all
wiring should be dune under the direction of the city electrician The
meeting thon terminated,
Declaration of Rufus Pope at
Nelson Creates Much Excitement — Vancouver Bar
will Likely Investigate.
The report in The Province hist
evening of tlie statement ninde nt Nelson yesterd y liy Rufus H Pope, tlmt
the vacant Bl'ilish Columbia judgeship
imis (or sale for $7,000, mealed no end
ol a sensation around town last night,
says the Vanoouver Province of Nov,
29th. At the clubs and in the prominent hotels nothing else was spoken
ol. There wero mysteriuus hints tlnit
there was something in what Pope
said, but no one seemed to know just
what that something amounted to.
The senior partner ol one of the leading law linns in the city stated that he
had unquestioned authority for tl.e
assertion that a direct cash offer uf
$10,000 had been mi.de for the appointment by a well known Vanoouver
In well posted quarters it was the
general conclusion that the Vancouver
Liberal Association know nothing ol
the matter, but that certain individuals who, perhaps, are members of it,
bud decided that whoever was appointed would have to make a cash payment as a quid pro quo, the estimates
of tl.e amount varying from thirty-
live hundred to forty-two hundred
dollars. It was also stated that certain local barristers ol standing had
been su impressed with the gravity ol
the situation that they had put the
lull facta before the Minister of Justice at Ottawa.
Sn far as public gossip has gone the
two nanus commonly mentioned in
connection with the vacancy have
been those of Mr. J.H. Senklerand
Mr. F. C. Wade, K. C. It goes without saying that neither of these gentlemen would be a party to the indecent arrangement proptfc'ed, or any
other arrangement that was not absolutely fair aud above board.
The scandal is assuming such pro
portions that it was said to-day that
it is not unlikely that a general meeting of the Vancouver bar will be called
when all the facts get-at-able will be
brought out.
In the meantime exact information
does not appear to be forthcoming.
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Etc.
Tasteful Window Dressing Will
Attract Customers.
Our stores our beginning to open
out. their Christmas goods and -novel-
ties and each will vie with the other
in making their windows as attractive
as possible. Our merchants have ever
been skilled in the art ol window
dressing and dainty effects not only
please the eye but attract business in
every way. The Advertising side of
the window trim is its objective
groundwork; the beauty derived from
thc goods and in the manner ot its
make up, is another sideof the trim.
The two sides combine utility and the
beautiful, thereby strengthening the
whole. The aim is to gain attention
for tlie goods through the pleasures
for the beautilul. This is done upon
the theory that what gives one great
pleasure will create an interest for the
thing itself. Each, therefore aims to
put the greatest amount of beauty
possible into his trim, knowing that
whatever is beautiful will command
Window trimming then, iB something more than the cold fact presented in an advertisement. It is
verification nf those facts through the
instrumentality ut color contrasts aud
harmony in decoration. It must give
the feelings nf pleasure tor the beautiful or it is worthless as an object of
high art. The pleasureable side of tlie
trim, therefore cannot bo neglc.Uid
without destroying its Iim!; end
siiieti the pleasures it is tu afford are
to be reached throuli thu nature uf the
beauty it represents, it cannot divert
itself of the principles and laws that
govern in tbe appreciation oi thu
beautiful in the art on nature.
Two RickB, stove size $3 75
Tliree Ricks, stove size $5 50
Furnace and Stuve Coal $9 00
Nut  Size, suitable  for  Self  Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
Have made mist of their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
would not be unwise for the man having money at low rate ol interest
to follow their lead by investing in the best buy on the market which
we have selected as our Special 8nap for the coming week.
LISTEN I Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable lor stable and in fact everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Price 82,3110.! Terms S600 Down, Balance on Time.
Ore Equal to that of Rand Mines
London, .Nov. 28,—According to tlm
I'ull Mall Gazette, n gold discovery
was made during the past summer
ubuut 200 miles from London. 11 it ll -
crto the secret hits been very closely
A report made by engineers declines
that the ore vein extends (rom 8 lo 10
iniles, with a width of from II to 15
feet. Tho engineers have uu doubt
that it is ut groal depth. The ore is
identical with that lound in the main
vein ol the Rand. Tlie report goes on
to Bay:
"The mine should be quite as goud
as tbe best belonging to tho companies operating on Hie main reel of the
The ore averages 80 grains to the
ton, A syndicate has been formed,
with a capital ol $2-15,000, to work the
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
tlrauc!i09 in th. Province, of Mat.it..!,.,. Alberta, Sii-Uii-ln-w.it,
British Columbia. Oularin. tjuebec.
Oapital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
I). R. Wilkie, President:
Hon. R. Jakkray
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rale from dad- of opening account, und compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parts ot Ottnoda,.United States and
Europe,   Special attention given tn Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
When you /feed
A Jjond^r,
PIsmn every
«moksr~ths "Mania
Snaps in all lines ot furniture, Wo
have 11 nico lino uf all kinds of odd
chairs, settees, etc., just tlie kind to
put a finishing touch tu your sitting
room. Bargains in chenille, tapestry
and lace curtains, blankets, pillows,
ooinfortors, big discounts. Come and
be with the crowd—John E, Wood,
the furniture store.
Dominion and Provincial Governments
Administrators, Cuardlano
liquidators, Municipal Employees, Fraternal Societies
tanks, Loan, Insurance and Trust Companies
Mercantile Houses
Managers,     Secretaries,     Treasurers,     Cashiers
Bookkeepers,    Salesmen,     Collectors,       Paymasters
Agents,      Warehousemen,        Excise Bonds
And lor all Positions of Trust Where Security is Required.
imperial guarantee and Accident Co. of Canada
Capital, $1,000,000.
Ilevelstoke Insurance Ageney Limited.   -
H. f. MoK'innon, Special Railway
For the best \situated RESIDENTIAL and VILLA Lols
in the City or on Hs borders, and for choice FRUIT
LANDS.. Call and see 6. M. SPROAT Soon.
Farwell Estate Office  •   Cowan Block,
hay at
rf.velstoke. b.c.,
subscription rates.
Including postage tn [England, United Sink-
the  connections
uie  nt No, 2 1
H. it
aiitl Canada.
.   1.IAI
RKTINQ promptly executed at roa*un-
r rau-*.
ubscnptioii* payable in ml
COl'.P.K.-PONliKNCK Invited on mailer-- lit
public interest Communications tn Edl
lor must bt aci-uinpaiiic'l by name of
writer, noi necessarily fo publication, bul
a.* evidence of Buod faith. Correspondence
-hould b.- brief.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
C. tUILU.v P. C. El.l.lnll
Oltl-I-      iMPRMAt   l.ASK   Hl.OOK,    ltKVKl!
'STOKt, 11. C.
Mont) to loan. ,   „ ,,
Oiiic*--: Revelstoke, H.C: Kort Steele, 11. c.
A. M I'iNKiiAM. J. A. Harvey,
Revelitoke, B. C.        Fort Steolo, B. C,
J. M. Soot. l.L.li \V, I. Bring*.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Mi inky Tn Loan
solicitors kuk Molsons Hank
Fil-l Street. Revelsloke, li.i'
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveylng
McKenzie Avenge.
Box Kid. Revelstoke.
" I would . . . earnestly n vise theni for
iheir good to order this paper to be punctually
served up. and lo be looked upon as a pnl'lof
iho tea equipage."—Addison.
SATURDAY, DEC. 1, 1900
The theme of many sermonB has
been the duties of citizenship, but wo
do not know that the people of Revel-
Etoke need lessons in citizenship more
than any other people, but we have
yet to learn of a community that
would not be the better for a frequent
reminder of the obligations resting
upon those who constitute the body
politic. In Cauada we hear very much
of tlie necessity of party fealty.
Within certain necessary limitations
a good party man must be a good
citizen. He may not always be able
to discriminate betws en what is for
the benefit ol his own political organization and what is tor the public advantage, but he at least takes an
active interest in public affairs, and
works with all his energy to promote
party success which he can easily persuade himself is synonymous with
the general welfare of the country.
He may be very often open to criticism but he cannot be charged with
indifference to public questions and
between the upper and lower mill
stones of partizan discussion very often
the finest flour ol public opinion is
ground out. The people who need to
be stimulated in respect to their duties
as citizens are those who hold alool
from active participation in political
life, the people who tell you that they
have no time for politics, the people
who do little to promote the advancement oi the country along those lines
which can only be dealt with through
the medium oi politics and those who
complain very loudly when things go
wrung, although tbey rarely complain
when it will do any guod. "It is not
necessary to be a party man," states
the Daily Colonist, "to be a good
citizen," but there are very few questions upon which an intelligent man
cannot place himself in harmony with
one ot the other of the political parties. Itjis not undesirable tbat there
should be a large element in thiB community without any fixed political
affiliations, provided that those who
constitute it take the trouble to keep
themselves informed upon the questions of the day and when election
comei round, rally to the party which
meets nearest to their views. Let
there be greater interest taken by
these nun party people in the active
work of politics, nut only by coming
to the polls to rata but by taking pail
in the work of campaigns.
Municipal and political honors
ihuuld nol be taken loo lightly, as
there n no aspect ol public affairs
which comei more closely home to the
Revelstoke community as ibis.
Apropos ol the fire alarm from tin-
Hotel Revelstoke on Thursduy even.
ing snd the inability of the telephone
central to call up the No. 2 lire hull,
it may be seasnnable lo Btrongly sug
gest that the telephone in the No. 2
hall be connected with the centra
olliee sn that in a luture occurrence of
a like nature to that whicli happened
on Thursday evening, the boys can be
in direct communication will all parti
of the city. Had the fire in the hotel
been ol a lerious nature the other
night, the building would have been
gutted practically before any lire fighting appliances could hnve reached
there In time, .V fire hall is thc one
place in the city where a telephone is
Tlie interest that a few of Canada's
pui lie men nnd Britisli Columbia in
pi licular, have manifested in the
bin banding of the country's forest
we.ilth, is one that might be emulated
wilh much profit by every Canadian
an.I particularly by those who have
mu le their homes in Revelstuke. The
shortsightedness of tlie provincial
governments as u whole in the Dominion has nlreiidy led to the reckless
deslrxction of enormous tracts of valuable timlier ol all kinds. Tbe methods perhaps, of taxing forest ureaB,
have rather encouraged this waste and
in some ways discouraged the development ol a i ew crop, It is only ot late
yenri that the subject ol forest piescr-
ml inn bus received and is now receiving any measure ol attention that it
so much doserves.
Tlie meeting oi tlie Canadian Forestry Ass icinliiin und the Mountain
Lumk-niinn'i- Association, have now
served the purpose of directing public
attention lo the important features
of ibe forest question and will undoubtedly lend In better cure being
taken ol wb.it still remains ol tliis
great heritage, Without a doubt the
ohiel asset ol British Columbia and
our own district, perhaps, are the forest areas whicli of late have brought
so much capital into the country. The
value uf forests cannot be measured by
the number ol feet of timber that can
be cut out of them, for it is now quite
a recognized tuct that woodlands huve
a very important bearing on the coun
try's rainfall and climate, and there
lore on its agricultural value. The
Canadian government recognizing the
important bearing that the forests of
the Rocky Mountains have upon the
rainfall and couBequently upon the
water supply of the adjacent prairies,
hai taken steps to preserve large ureas
from cutting In many cases trees of
practically no commercial value now,
have been destroyed, which trees if
reserved Iiom cutting for a few years
will serve a double purpose of conserving the rainfall and protecting the
lumber i"dustry uf the future. Some
of the p.ovinciiil administrations are
also setting apart large reserves and
aro maintaining rangers to guard
against, the «pread of forest lires in tbe
dry seasons uf the year. In view ol
tbe interest involved, too great notice
and caution cannot be taken of a
problem in which is bound up much
of the future prosperity and progress
of tlie whole country and we should
endeavor to realize whnt superiority
over other countries our timber resources give us.
The Hindoos.
Edilor Moi.-lliaiAi.ii.
Dear Sir,—I see the Hindoos are
with ub in Revelstoke. It was doublet's motives of selt-bettermeut, and a
desire to work and improve their lot
in 1 iie, that induced them to come to
aniidu. They unfortunately have
ciinc at a bad season for getting employment. Let ub help these men—
ignorant of our ways and manners
but yet desirous of working nnd living
In honest and progressive conditions
Do not let Revelstoke citizens show
the unchristian und inhuman conduct,
evinced by Vancouver people whose
"prosperity and sell-esteem'' causes
them to forget tbe teachings nf Him,
who said, ''Inasmuch as ye did it unto
one of the least of these my brethren,
ye did it unto me,"
Revelstoke Citizen.
A Reverie Over the  Passing
of the Year.
The year is fast drawing to its close
and only a short week or two remains
ol a period ol time, which perhaps to
some has been mnmeutous, to others
a tune - i -i.run md to Othors also, a
■eason ul prosperity and gladness It
is sincerely hoped tbat we in Revel
stoke can be numbered amongsl the
latter and that tbe past months nl
1900 oan in future years lm looked
back upon us moments of pleasant
reminiscence,   Christmas is coming
on apace, and with it nil the festivities
tlnit Inmi time immemorial have gone
to make that season one ol Hie bright*
est ol the year. Christmas is looked
lorwaid to by each and every one of
us, by old and young, each in the
milliter to whioh it appeals molt, The
Stores get busy and arrange handsu
and attractive window displays, holding out all manner of tempting goods
to attract the eye and pocket, Without Christmas the declining year
would indeed be dull. Happily in
Revelstoke this festive season can be
well taken advantage of, seeing that
we nre all more or less prospering and
With that feeling we can enjoy it to
advantage and spend the duy In the
wny it was intended to be spent, in
thanksgiving, rejoicing and devotion,
passi a away and the new uncut volume
is placed belore us to open (resh uiul
clean, that we may be in a position to
start the new year bright and harmoniously 'lith a spirit ol reciprocity to
our mutual advantage as citizens and
to the benelil) of our city as a whole.
Revelstoke as a Great Lumber
Centre — Timber Resources
Will Benefit our City.
That British Coluinbin will not owe
thnt abounding prosperity which one
day will assuredly be the position ol
tlie province, solely to the development of her gold deposits bus become
more uud more apparent during the
pusl few years. Nor will she, afler
the fashion of the new Northwestern
provinces be dependent upon miles
anil miles of prairie under grain fur
her wealth, lioth'-lbese sources uf income and prosperity will doubtless
contribute to her progress, but it will
lie as a manufacturing, a timber, u
conl and an iron producing country
that liritish Columbia will lo known
to the world as the present new century rolls on. The greatest ot these
sources is undoubtedly hor timber aud
in treating upon that question, we get
right home at once. Revelstoke is
situated in the heart of ono of the
richest timber districts that can be
found in British Columbia, and this
district containing hundreds of thous-
and. of acres of tlie finest grade timber is year by year being more fully
exploited. Besides this, the climate
is so well adopted to timber growths
that if lires are kept out and the
ground not cut up for agricultural, a
new tree giowth rapidly succeeds the
old, so that it promises to be forever a
natural forest reserve. Tlie lumber
development of the Revelstoke district
nnd Big Bend district, while it began
at a comparatively recent date under
the direction of its own people has
become of considerable magnitude un.
der the touch of incoming capital and
incoming capitalists. We havo, during the lust year or two fairly oponed
the eyeB of the province, and not only
of our own province, but of the United
States. We have cruised, located and
staked, hundreds of square mileB ol
timber, and now the world is beginning to realize how valuable and rich
are these vast loreBt ureaB uf this interior country. Capital has poured
iu, labor has been brought in and
what, will be nsked, will lie the direct
results of thi*? lt will mean that still
more hand cash will be brought into
this country, that Rcvelstuke as the
centre, the leading city ol I he interior,
receive tl.e benefit ot all this
combination ol labor and capital;
lalinr will mean lhat sn many nmre
men will purchase stores, et-., in our
city; that accommodation will have to
be lound for them which menus a big
demand for sawn lumber, they will all
hnvo tu be fed whicli means a rise in
trade, that the money will be circulated in our city, which means business, that the bank wiil receive the
sture of gold which means prosperity,
and the combination ol both capital
and labor will mean a general incentive Inr others to open ip stores and
commercial bouses. All around us
there lie vast tract, timb. areas as
yet. untouched by  the   ■ ions
and billions of feel ol good c
lumber.    Already only i
of it ha. been * ncl -■•■•- e the fm I-
ities lor easy I igging ire to be  found,
Is *...- tin her ■- il * ick ! irther
and u thei ban ing Iscililies will lie
I. --I ii A which will mean thai the
■ nl will in- ippi - -* tc ■ •
struct roads and trails, All that
country north ol Death Rapids - on
tail - iome of the richest Ion-sis in tne
D ti ami ibe neeessity for .teamen up there have I  rely  felt,
l  ,  .        i- necessai   I n the access
the ii iiinn'-,  where  roads
Would in- iniidly warranted ind again
road - i.i '--.ii. in pi ices when.
permanent camps will be i ir I, The
country will thus be opened up, the
inrush ol lumbermen will .ill mean
increased trade in Revelstoke and we
will consequently derive benefit from
it in one way or another, The eyes ol
American lumbermen have been turned  towards   Revelstoke   nnd   already
much Amerloan capital has been spent
here, and II our timber was, even in
different, no Yankee capitalist would
dream ol investing his almighty ilullnr
in it.
Our timber is uur chief potential
Industry, whioh, when unci: more extensive ways ol communication havo
been opened up, by river, trail, road
and rail, will mean an enormous increase of wealth to our city. Lumber
is not only wanted in Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan—ll is wanted
right down the whole Pacific const.
Thn resources nf California are. practically exhausted and many ol the
Other centres ol supply in Mm United
States have sunk to  narrow  proper-
spu s are being thrown oul lo tap tlie
limber land, und it wnuld indeed be
curious if, when similar developments
are being undertaken in tlie Revelstoke distriot, another Cobalt region
were to be suddenly and as nccidently
With the ad'.eiit of American cn.-it-
nI lure, that ot other nations will
surely follow, France is opening iter
purse strings, capital is lending u
liiondly ear in Germany, and even in
Holland and liolgiuin and it will be
very strung if we in RcvelBtoke du not
get a vory fair share of it. All Europe
is getting more and more interested in
the Canadian West and tlie interior is
gradually pushing up Ub bend. Need
we wonder nt that, when facts such as
are shortly touched upon above are nl
the disposal ol any capitalists repute
A Few Statistics for the last
Twelve Months.
liy the way of marking the anniversary of the granting of theso called
"constitution" by tlie Czar in November of last year, cerlain Russian newspapers have been compiling statistics
for the twelve months. The figures,
which arc not complete, show that in
that time there have been 22,721 vie
tims of riots, 1,518 executions, 851
political prisoner! condemned to
penal servitude for terms aggregating
7,138 years, 647 prosecutions of editors
523 papers and reviews stopped, 183
secret printing offices or literature
depots and 150 secret deposits of arms
discovered and 241 bombs thrown at
representatives of the authorities.
These statistics need no comment,
except that Russia iB not a desirable
country to live in.
You talk about the advance price of
woollens and wages, one would never
believe it when such values are being
offered by Cressman & Morrison in
suits and overcoats—$15 and $18.
Snaps in all lines of furniture. We
have a nice line of all kinds of odd
chairs, settees, etc., just the kind to
put a finishing touch to your sitting
room, hargains in chenille, tapestry
and lace curtains, blankets, pillows,
comforters, big discounts. Come and
be with the crowd—John E. Wood,
the furniture store.
,rMrta Furniture I
John E. Wood's Furniture; Store
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing areeasy with itshelp.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give i'or
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
LADIES For dressmaking and sewing foi children, fancy goods and
notions, see .Miss MASLEN, opposite
\\ n-i-.,- Hotel,
VTTANTED-Two Bret-class Cnrpen
\\    in-.  Apply to E. C. Fromey,
rtTANTD (lii-l  for general  house
VV    woik for lamlly of three; guod
tt !.'•■-   Mrs, lin-ii.T. Ludgate, Arrow-
head, B. I . II*
il:   SALE   Medium   -iz.-d   base-
burner - mil -love, only used one
yeni. apply lu I-'. I*. Manmni,,  Cily.
nil! H \I.K   A new Pi , cnsl $27S
I sell lot $200.   Selling same
mi     i- -   ■ leaving town.   Apply to
T P. Barnard, Third sir-.-i.
n -M, ■ hereby given thai 30days
om im, i inltnd lo .pply to the
Chlel i mnmisiloner or binds nnd
Works fm i special license to cut and
ii i -. mi M. timber from the following
di Is iltuate in w, .- k .-1
-■ii ij
I, ConniM-iii-iiig nt .i |im,i planted
l| milesno-th of Timlier Limit 7KH
nml 1 mil.- wesl uf Upp n Irrow Lake,
nnil marked "A. .M. Symnns' north-
biu.1 them -■ wi i 90 clialns,
■   outh -u oh litis, tin mm- i-.i.-i 80
then '■ nuiili 80chains to place
nf commei - emeut,
'.'. Commencing al a posl pi inted
%  nib of the norlh-west cornel "I So, I and msrked "A, M. by-
inmi. i,mtli iitsi comer.' thence wes'
sii - hains, thence touth B0 chains,
thence easl 80 chains, thenee north >#i
chains tn place of commencement,
:: Commencing al a post planted
,i.i the north east comei ot N'n. l and
marked "A M. Symons' south-easl
corner," thence wesi 80 chains, thence
noti li sn chains, thence easl HO chains,
thence south nn chains to place of
 mencemi ml
inini November20th, M00.
I. Commencing ai a post planted I
noli- north nf the south-west cornerof
Loi 800 anil marked "A, M. Symons'
southeast corner," Ihence west ID
halns, thence north lOOchains, ihenee
oasl 10 ohains to the north wesi corner
of Loi Hill), llienei'   S00l.lt   Illll eliuiiis Im
place of commencement)
Haled Noveinbei SSIi-il, lllllll.
dee I sal A. M. HYMONH.
Dwelling nnd Lot, Second Street     .... $2,000
Dwelling und Lot, Second Street  1.700
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street  4,200
Dwelling and Lots, (corner) Fifth Street      .     . .   3,2(K)
Double Oorner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.        , 1100
Lots nn Second St., eustof McKenzie Ave., each  . .     250
Lots on Third Sl., enst of McKenzie Ave., each   .    . ,   200
Lots on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   . .     17*5
Luis tin Fil'lh St., eustof McKenzie Ave., each    .    . .   lull
^■^l^^^^^lJl^*-'.|l^l$^<J5l-^^Hjl i$H$ll-|tt|"ll$H|l$
:   Comox and New Wellington Coal
'+  Hemlock Wood      Hay, Grain, Feed
'. .'h .i1. .fr. .i*. ."K .***fi i't*. «*tt ti*. .'!*> ."i't i't*. ttt A ."fr. /ft. .'I'i i't. .fr. i't. t^i t't* si*, .'fr. ■•
? "X" "X" ".Ir * "X" "X1 "X 'X* X* *<L* *J*' ' JJ-1 'X "X* IP X "X* *X" Tl* *X' ■X' "X' *V "X" **
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
flrct i Op.
Exceptionally busy Summer and Fall selling lias placed
nn oup hands a large number of second-band pianos and
organs, taken in exchange on new styles of MASON &
1USCH and PIANOLA PIANOS. Our "Upper Country"
warehouses—in Nelson and Rovelstoke—are now comfortably crowded— we've winter shipments on way from
factory, too. These used goods must be sold, we wiih
them to move rapidly. You'll appreciate these unusal
Small Upright "Luff & Sons"
piano, English mako, 6 octaves,
walnut cast;	
"Charles Davis" Upright Piano
7 octaves, 4 ft. 6 in. In height,
French walnut case, scroll front
"Bell" Organ, 5 ft. high, walnut case, 6 octaves, T-% sets of
reeds 8 stops, in good tune	
"Avill it .Smart" Upright Piano
7 octaves, 4 ft. fi in. hl-gh, full
iron frame, excellent value at
SlOO-yours for	
"Nugent" Piano, New York, 7
octaves, ebonized case, a geod
huy at	
"Bull" Piano, (iuelph, 71 octaves, imitation French walnut
case, veneer partially off one und
suitable for hall or lodge	
" Mason A Hindi " Piano, 7/.
octaves, 4 ft. 5 in. high, finished
in Kan Domingo mahogany,
slightly used Imt good as new,
was$500 bnt now soiling at	
"Mason & Risch" Piano, large
Upright Grand, huautifnl mahogany caso, 4 ft. 0 in. high, case
slightly marred, otherwise line
condition, splendid t< ue, Was
sold for $550, take It for	
"Mason & Risch" Piano, Upright (Irani! in Art finished hurl
walnut case, practically new,
iirimi' condition, perfect tone.
Was $550, extraordinary value at
" Dominion" Organ, walnut
case, 5 ft. high, 6 octaves, %
sets uf reeds, 7 stops, Vox Humana, Great, and Grand organ
"Bell" Organ, massive walnut
case, scroll front, 8 sets ol reeds.
10 stops, both swells. You'll
not lose on this at	
"Doherty" Organ, black walnut case with bevelled French
plato mirror, fi octaves, 8 sots of
ii'i'ild, 1(1 stops, bass and treble
couplers and knee swells, splon-
did value at this figure	
We've, also a number of others. Full list sent upun
request. You may turn In any one of these Instruments
at full value, as partial payment on a new MASON k
IUSl'J-I PLvNo, within twu years after purchase.
NELSON, B. C.  * V»
Dec. 3 to 10, 1906
For this week we will
make t FREE PHOTO ol
any Ilnby up to 4 years,
This is absolutely free
—no restrictions.
Ilrin|< tbe Babies and
havo their pictures taken.
Msoken/.le Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.
Pleases ever) smoker the " Msroi
Friday, November 30th
Prces  - $1.00, 75c.
Seats on ifi'e nt Canada
lirug & Hook Co's. Store.
Nntift- i. iii-r.-iiy dlvi'ii Uuu 00 iln;» aftor date I
iiiti'inl inmi.ily to tin- Ilnn. I'lili-f '--iiiitiii-tiintn-1
ul  1.1,11.1k iiiiiI WiirkKln imi. h ilu („]]„»,ii -
ili-rlliml limil. "Il'iiili-il in l!-iil..iii illi.rl.-t, I.,C!.i
liiinii cIhk ni a im-i itinrkiiil "II. A. 1'iirbon'
.unlli-wcul ftiiruir post," |>lanli;tl almut IW
i-tiiiiti-ui-! i.i Ira!! mmmiu,,. Ilireiiuli Klitrvfl-
llnii l-lni. In a .iiiiltit-rlv tllrn.-lliiii fnnn Tote
Jaiim-(-iii-lii', riiniiliiB niKili 80 i-liahii, ilioncii
(i»«i siii-lialtu, llirtii-c wnitli »i clialns, thouoe
west80obalni t" Niil'ilnotiiineiitieinent.
iibkiiI '.nli tiny uf November, looo.
lltiv 17 u. A. KOI1I.ES, I,uc»lor.
Jliumiic    Tetnplo,
the third Monday In
-mill niuiitti at 8
(i.m. Vlotttnofbreth-
rcn   cordially  wel
U. j\. FltUllUNIKIt, SucurruiY.
Meets ever] 'llmrsdiiT
evening In .-'elklrk
Hull at 8 o'clock.
Viiilttn:.- bri-Uiren cordially invlit-d to attend
Cold Hangs Lodge, K. of l>.,
No. 26, Rovelstoko, 0. 0.
exce|.l Third Weilne.d.y ol
each tin,uth, lu tin- Oddfellows'
Hall at 8 o'clock, VWiinr
Knlglils are mrdlally nvlted.
A. i. HOWE, (l.C.
Q. H. BROCK, K. of B. * S.
H. A. HROWN. M. ol F
F. O. E.
1 b« roiiulnr meetings are hold in the Selkirk
Hull every Tuesday evening at 8 o'cloc*. Visit-
ink* br.tltreti aro cordially invited.
Ii. G. HUHlilDBE, 1'atsiDBBT.
11. COOK. SH-n«TAIlY.        r.:..-"
Henry's Nurseries
Extra large Importation of
Rill RS   '" V\m fr"m Holland, Fringe
UULU-J   B,id jftImil [j, September
For Fall Planting
Thousands of Fruit uud Ornamental
Trees, Rhododendrons, Koses ami hardy
plants now growing on nur own grounds for
future planting.
Nomi-ciu**, lossordaliyuf fumigation,
inspection iiorcustomiduLJes to pay. Head-
Quarters for Pacilic ('oast frown and Imported Garden, Field nnd Flower Seeds.
Visitors aro always welcome to luspeot
our ifook.
Grecnhouso Plant*,
Heu Hi
Spraying material.
No a (tents-there fore you lia« no som-
misiion to pay. Our catalogue till* you
about it. Let me price yoor list before
placing your ordor.
We do business on our own groundi-no
rent to pay, and are prepared to meet all
competition. Eastern prices or leu. White
labor.  ('utiiluKiies Froe.
uraviinuuia rianis.
Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilisers
Hives and Suppliti, Spray Pumpi and
Greenhouses: — 8010  Westminster   Road.
Branch Nurseries:—South Vancouver.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding nnd Distributing; Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Safes and Furniture.
General Draying.
Office: McKenzie Ave. TnilZ°m.
Offloe Phone Ne. 7L     House Phone No. 7.
VTOTICK is hereby Kireu that thirty days
IA after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for special
license to cut and curry away timber from the
following dtscribed lauds situated In West
Kootenay district, B. (J.1
1. CoBimenciig ata poat planted on tin aorth*
west shore of the nurlh-cast arm uf Upper Arrow
Lake, at a point abuut ty, mitui suuilfwiatof
Comaplix, and narked "John Conuur's nnrth-tut
corner post," theiR'u smith ltiu chains, thence west
4U chains, tlience north IGU chains, ihence vast40
flianiH to point i f commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent,
2. Commencing at a post planted ahout 41
cliains west of tho north-west shore, nurth-sast
arm uf Upper Arrow Lake, at a point about 34
miles south-west of Comaplix, and marked "Mill
Smith's south-cast, corner post," tlience west 80
chains, thmico north 80 chains, thence east 80
chaini. thonco south ko chains to pointof coin-
Donald Dewar, Agent.
3. Commencing at a post plantod on the north*
went shore of tho north-east arm of Upper Arrow
I,nku, al a poiut iihnut VA miles sonth-wsst of
Comaplix, ami marked "Milton Daily's south-east
coriiar-poat," thonco nurth IliO chains, tlionco west
40 chains, thenco suuth lOOchains, thenco east 40
chains to puint of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
4. Commencing al a post planted at the northeast coruor of Location No. 2, and marked "John
Connor's south-east corner pust," thence wont BO
chains, thence north 80 chains,thonce easing
chains, thence south 80 elinins to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
5. Commencing at a pust planted at the loittl*
wesl comer of Location No. 4, aud marked "M. 3.
Smith'* south-east eurner post," tlience north80
chains, tuoncu west 80 chaius, thence ninth 80
chains, tlience oast 80 chains tu point of com*
Dunald Dewar, Agent.
6. Coiumouclng at a -post planted about U
chains wesi. frum the south.west comer ol Location No, 2, aud markod "Juhn Connor's north-east
cornur imst," thence west 8(1 chains, theuce south
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, tlience north 80
chains to point of commencement,
Donald Dewar, Agent.
Arrowhead, B.C., Nov. 7th, 1000. nor 17
Settling better than Our ".SpsolaJ,
Notice i. hereby giv.n iliat 60 day.
from dale I inlcnd 10 apply lo tin Chill*
Commissioner of Lnnds and Works».
Vic.oria, B, C, for purchasi- of following
described lands in Lillooel diatrict:
Commencing nt a post planted near
soulli side of Oiler Creek, 3 miles north of
Adonis Like marked "W. S, Burton's
south-west corner," running 80 clmins
easl, 40 chains norlh, 80 chains west, 40
chains soulh, containing about 3.0 acres.
Dated Nov. uth, 1906.
nov 14 W. S. BURTON.
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 days
from date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., lor purchase of lollowing
described land.-, in Lillooel dislricl!
Commencing al a post planted near
south sideof Olter Creek, 3 miles north
ol Adams Lake, niarked "A. McConnell's
norlh-west corner," running 40 chains
soulh, 80 chains east, 40 chains north, 80
chains wesl containing, about 320 acres.
Dated Nov. Ilth, 1906.
nov 14 A. McCONNKLL,
No.icc is hereby given that 60 days
from dale I inlcnd to apply lo llie Chid
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoriu, H.C, for purchase of lollowing
described lnmls in Lillooel district.
Commencing m a posl planted about
lwo and a half miles from head of Adams
Lake on wesl side of river, marked "J. A.
Knox's south-west comer," running 80
chains east, 40 chains north, 80 chains
west, 40 chains south, containing nbout
320 acres.
Dated Nov. 12th. 1906.
nov 14 J, A. KNOX, & mjx-j     Avad ^aa^i
a, «a jLt^ii,^^ RAUfj^
wen- comfortably established nlli' liol afteriinnu mi
the iiia//u rn* lln- cottage to which wo inul (led but
yesterday   from   n Chicago August,
'Nmi. precious, you nre    going   to ed    the pretty littlo rountennncc.   I
linn- Un- nicest time and lm no hap- looked cm helplessly at the two.
P.v!"   ll is imrhnpfi needless In    nay Presently    she   began   to comfort
thnl  the firs, remark wus   addressed Boss.
mill  iln-i-.   "lln yon niKin that her   name
mn! is not—" sin- began,
nhiniiun     The young woman  laughed   pleas-
.    Imi
lm    is
to me, .he second to the baby.
Bho now constructed a Ihronn   ot
Sly wife rocked lazily, her boskol of .pillows in tho hammock, and,   when
while    I I""' (*',"t' wnu ensconced thereon,   all
embroidery on   hor   lap,
the hammock, with
tlie valuables
"Ho ynu think ihal an.!
tear this child Irom in;
gii" ll tn a brutal
wretch?" antly.  "Her name is Mar
Boss's acquaintance with    proceed-!she is always playing that
ings at law is slight, niul lur  lilcns '.Mlsh .Innumll  Latllt.'    Who
on the subject present un Interesting ever got tlmi  ridiculous    nn
vagueness.   I would gin- a dollar for don'l know."
the mental picture dint engaged   her     "Hul    she   Inld us nil about—
at that moment—herself n heroic fig-  Hess stopped.   "How could
ure. defying lho law and ils minions,  baby keep il up so long*?"
melting by her eloquence the   hearts
ol the jury come to snulrli lho child
from her grasp,   She pointed drama- her '.liuni
tiriilly    now    In the lillle bandaged     "Why, J
arm,    that   w,.   hml   mu dared in
HV LESLIE TllnM \ (.
il   1
in our possession   w,,re
piled up nn he lap, lhe overflow being placed upon a rhnlr wllhln onsy
reach. The Utile peachy creature fell
to playing contentedly wiib lhe
skeins of lirillinnt embroidery silks,
pouring out over them a flood ol the
mosl delectable baby-prattle .lm. I
ever heard.   We looked nt each oilier.
nre you going lo do,    Hoi
swayed slowly
it vague notion nf reading,   at some
pleasantly  indefinite moniont    of .he
fin ure,    Irum tin- magazine    in   my
Th,. prospect ol n month's freedom
from Hi.- olliee—where 1 hnd left matters in good shape—Imparted an optimistic tinge to my mood. I liegan
in expatiate aloud upon our good
luck in having discovered this pretty
Michigan lnke, where we knew no one
and need not lie bothered by callers
dropping in—
"Where we can't even hear the children in lhe nexl flat." Hess put in.
"Yes," I acquiesced, "the wide expanse of territory botwoon    us   anil Paused.  ..'Inuring apprehensively    to-
ihat e.utnge just  beyond the   point ward   the hammock,   .Janunii.    was
forms a sufl.cioi.tiy large light shaft ™*lJ>B ,0 horsell and subjecting the
lo deaden sounds of-
in   bind
"Ho? I don't see anything to do
now-Ih,. child hns stoppisl crying-"
"As if that nere the end!" ahe
cried scornfully. "Ilo you think lhat.
1 shnll let ihal littlo, blessed baby
go   back   to nn Inhuman—"   she
"Ilo you suppose," she
"Ibat the lit do thing had
thai up herself?"
"Yuu may res. assured," I snid decidedly, "thnt I shall Investigate
(his matter. 1 know little nl llie
laws of this Stnio, Imt 1 venture to
sny that Ihe statute books contain
somo provision against cruelly in
children. Vou wnuld lietter keep the
child Inside—out of sight—while I go
up to the hotel and make some    In-
silks to such an ordeal that I, recall*
ing nn neriisiim when I once inad-
vertently produced a slight confusion
In the work basket liegan to fonr Ior
But Hess beamed upon her.
'She shall scruzzlo the silks all up,
If she wants to, thn darling!'
cooed, "Would you like to
here, sweetheart, all Ihe time,
have all the pretty things to
with?   Would you. .Iniiumit?"
The child looked into Bess's eyes
with Hie steady stare of childhood.
When Uu- ipieslion wus repeated, sho
said, with (hat entrancing smile,
"Vesh, 'toy wlv' oo (ill 'e lime I"
Then she went, hastily back to the
bliss i,i "scrtraling" up tho silks,
It was ut this moment that we
heard a wail ol childish agony that
lii-ought us both to our Ieet.
"No. no, no-no—oh!"
(in (he grass plot botween us and
lhe lake u tiny girl, perhaps 3 years
nld. wns running wildly and frying
I'ileimsly. We caught n vision of a
lillle face of terror, belore sho flung
herself upon the ground, burying her
fm-.- in her arm, shrieking and kicking.
Hess—not so fleet ol foot as she
was fifteen yenrs ago—was nevertheless ahead of me. and bonding over
ih,. lillle writhing figure, murmuring
endearments. .
l'ho child sat upright, with flushed  Presently  we heard  her talking
face, staring at us in surprise; in her hfi'-.i
grief and terror she hnd not sen us.
"Whnt   is  the matter, you    li11lo.  ""
precious thing?" nsked my wile ten- "nKs
"1 Mlsh .Innuinit Lntllt." she said.
ns if Hint si-tili'd (he whole matter.
I looked nt Hess in bewilderment,
"She's telling you her name, stupid!—the little darling'" 'I'u Ihe
i-hllil, "Whal did you sny ynur name
is.  Pet?"
"1 Mish Janumtt Latlil." she re-
"Janumlt I.iillit— what a name.
Ami for such n little blossom! Hut
why did you cry so. darling —Janti-
At Bess's question tho baby's smile
vanished, (lle look of fear nnd anguish returned, nnd. clasping Mess's
neck, Ihe child cried out. "Hon'l let
her git me—don't let her lip Janu-
iii'..1   Nn. im. no!" /
"Who wants to get ynu. Baby
Sho looked nt me. her little mini- smash. I concluded lhat it was time
lennnce distorted with foor. ".Innii- '"r ""' tn set on lool some syslom-
nii.'s 'tepmuvver," sho said. "Don't llli'* inquiry lending to the discovery
let her lip .Innumit! No. nn!" of tho    child's    |u-n|s-r     nnil  lawful
Bess looked at me. hor eyes still guardians. So I ventured to nsk:
wide, and demandodi "Robert Evans,  "Whoro is your   papa, littlo    .Iniiii-
'Ilon' cwy, lagy. don' cwy!" she
bogged, kissing her and clasping her
This touching dovelopnient brought
Boss tn herself. She put an end tn
her own subbing, anil devoted herself io calming lhe child. This, however, was not nn easy matter this
time. We have learned since then
that the bless«-d little BoUl cannot
endure lo see any one elso crying —
the sigh, nf another's tours affects
her more profoundly than the t-riiol
oxporloncos of "Mish Janumlt Lntllt" herself,
In dcsporatlon I produced my
watch. I do not, as a rule, cherish
tho idea ol beholding my watch, In
the clinch of immaturity, devoted to
robust uses for which it was not designed. But I made this sacrifice
willingly, and alter we got her attention, I rejoiced to see the success Hon of the lake
ol niy measure. woman were hurrying along looking
Great was our relief when the sobs in ev,.ry dlrecHon.
and teuss finally council entirely, and "Now, don't worry, Hilly," I heard
the buh.v, tired out. leaned her yel- the man say. "She'll turn up nil
low head against Bess's breast, lhe1 right pretty soon—she never gets
"pitty tick-tick" clasped in her .hurt, you know that! Probably they
plump hand. 'have taken hor in at some cottage."
Presently lhe long lushes began to     At  this they both looked    lownrd
waver ami lall; and now- wo    hohold | our cottann, nnil the man snid   In a
"'a5* thnt   cver-benutlfiil   phenomenon   of  voice of relief. "There she Is- right
and childhood, when tin- seemingly    tlre-jthere-on thnt porch! 1 see her pink
''lay j less activity ol the little individual-1 dross."
(ih, sho plavs il for hours,
will only talk with her.   Hid you call
, of course."
"Well, Ihnl explains It—she thought
inn wen- *.iiiKi 'a-playlng,' too."
after ii quick glance ni    Bess   the
young w nu resumed. "Sn times 1
iim n little worried im* fear Mnrjorlo
will grow up untruthful." Sin- spnke
willi an assumption nl young-motherly anxiety, but she was playing
fm- time—our attitude was peculiar,
I.ul in. wero vol the persons I" whom
sh.- was Indebted tor Inking iii her
lillle runaway, "But my husband
thinks thai  it is just imagination."
"Iiiiiiginiilinn,  pure nnd    slmpli
I empty
lln-    lln
gnrdlng    u
reflection      In
glass   which Iio
uml although Iii
ul nn
-    i-nrr
I'oloi- Logram, re-
roinplaconl eye thc
Hi-- small handhold belore his face:
a side remaining hlr-
sute adornment clustered moro |nrtl-
eiiliirly iu liis hend It
down un Imaginary parting -lawfully,
giving n grunt ur iw,, expressivo nf
sat isfnet iim as he did sn.
'fin- plntform without wns appnr-
i-ntly descried, anil-, having halted Ior
ii lirli-l* Interval in u little-frequented
slatinu. tlio train wns now Blowlj
gathering speed,
quiries.   Then I will go nt,    onco to snid the young man promptly. '"Ibe
the    village and consult  the propor adventures of Miss Janumlt    Latllt
As   1 descended    the   sto|is,    the
sound of voices enme Irom the diree-
A young innii and
Want to 'lay wlv' 'e nisch lagy
'o mans nnd play wlv' 'c pltty
Innumit? Want to, Janumlt,
want to-,' Mnrshry let Janumit 'tay?
Vesh. I guesh no!"
'■Where is 'Marzhry,' darling?"
A strange look came Into the bluo-
grny depths. -'.Marzhry nil gonocl a-
wn.v." she sold.
"Who is 'Marzhry'?" I nsked.
"Marzhry's V uvver illy girl, way
of! in o cottage." She waved a silk-
ontangled litti,. fist vaguely, "Ish is
Marzhry's illy dwoss." siie pntted
hor jtink kno,.. -.111111111111 not gut uny
pltty illy dwess—'tepnuvver tooked
'0111 wny." The dreadful (error began tn show on i!u- little face, but
my wife hns! ily rrented a diversion—
wilh my now Held glass.
I wus beginning to realize the.
meaning of th,. look on my wile's
face—a iletermlnntlnn nn which nny
I such trivial consideration ns the legal rights over n child wnuld go In
dn   ynu   bolievc nny woman    could
whip this little angelic tiling'.'"
"lion*, lot her fip mo—no, no' .Inn-
unlit wtinned wny. way nf!'" She
struggled .ml nf H.-ss's encircling
nrms    ninl    flung hers-lf larc tlown-
"Papa nnl love .Innumit now: 'top-
nine.it nut lot papa love Janumlt,"
snid lho pathetic little thing*.
Boss gave mo 11 terrible look. "Hob-
oil. ynu shall no! nsk    such   horrid
<nming upon questions!
re fust   saw ciently Ilk
Hul I f.-li myself sulll-
1 brute nml hastened to
cover mi- iiiifoi'tunntii remark liy the
offer nl toy knife anil pocketbook.
Belween us we    milnngeil    to    got
from ilu- child,  in her Intervals    uf
|llll\     Will)    111
n Inle of er
ward upon lho floor, s,
her liuli- arm ns when
her on tin- cross, of nil pitiful vari-
utions nf baby who I hnd novor
heard iho like More: I. seemed ns
though lho littlo creature, In hor
short life, must hnvo rim the entire
gamut nl Infantile suflerlng.
Bess's face wns white and her lips roused a loss susceptible pair    Hum     1 waited until sho began—as I knew
formed    n    horizontal line—Hint    1  my wifo am! myself,   Somo    nf   tho she would—"Holierl,   you
know well—as sho gave mo nne Innk.  details Ko.iiui.il inn horrible   fm-   bo- hard-hearted, if yon like,
Then she swooped duwn    upon   tbo lief, and 1 foil confident  (ha!   some- novor    allow- ibis child
Suddenly, however, lho sound of
rapid steps and lho    panting    ul   a
rut r caught  liis om- through    thc
upon window. Evidently 11 belated
passenger wns making one final
sprint in the effort tn hoard lho moving train. Then nn adjacent carriage
door slammed violently.
"Idiot!" muttered Mr. I.ngrnm,
testily.   "Deserted to be killed'"
,'he young woman  wilh ^JS^\^C^VM^t'S&
in her eves. "What has she 1-™ toll-!    "•    w R" ' "' hll''f»' ruminative-
i„g vou?  lately, Janumlt has had a ^'.J l "S '   "'"*" hls   '*•';"•    ,,
6       ' ,, •   ., AH  this makoii one  bi-1     quite   11
m"** '"'I"""11""1' j child,igaii,.** ho (bought, smiling.
lle    brought    Hie    glass    noaror.
would    make    your hair stand    on
Boss would no longer servo ns n
model for n sculptor wilh n commission for a figure lo be called Defiance, and I had so far recovered my-
sell ns lo plnce chairs for our visitors.
otherwise adjoining compartment.   Hnl   il   wns
*,,t   full, nnil as in. come In lh.- .-ml one
|V_  In- caughl  sight   nf a familiar    lace
tlir.iiiL'h lln- glass.
"Imi.Iv Parkington!" ho stammered,
hurriedly, "Lady I'urMnton nnd her
girls! What Infernal luck! Vow what
am I In ilic' I musl (i-l iiii nf n is.
ii- rnlsed n hand to his head—"somehow,   I can'l very well take it oil In
siiii ithed  1I1 -rldor,    either    If     nn.i    oni
should see inc., Ami besides! '—
Disconsolately, In- wandered l-nrk
tn Iim former carriage Mi L'arshott
liinki-il up os ho enlerod.
"Hullo!—back again?" lie n mnrk-
ed, pleasantly. "Here, I Bay," hi Interjected hiistih , "di.ii'l In- an .diet
nuw ' K,..|i tlmt win mi ni- you'll I"-
recognized us suro ns eggs. As it is,
vim may get through all right. I
know they wanl you Inr that Livcr-
! I affair "
Presently a slackening of speed her-
said,   lie-
My wife's face grew rod. The young
pooplo wore politely striving 10 keep
very   useful things,
said 11   quiet    voice
"Come in handy now
In    fit
ill.     Ill
nl  thc
and a-
"Il'm! • • * That seems
very woll—looks almost iiatu
Tho Honorable Potor turned abruptly on Iho Inl ruder, an Individual nt-
,   .   tired in a top hnt and frock    conl.
.  J   wilh obvious—but. unavailable —pre-
..».,•—.'        \    tensions to smartness,   llis   clothing
V    was   somewhat disarranged, his   tie
i awry.   His face was red.
"I be
ity gradually \ iolds to the peace
oncoming sleep.
"1 so seopy," she murmured.
Then the bluo-grny deeps were   ob-
nngrnssing playthings, seun-d by the white coverings deeply
ly lhu!    would    hnvo  fringed with black—sleep reigned'
mnn stnod at  the font of the
Ilo removed his lull und stood
thero,    smiling.   "I    hope, Madam,"
may , be ho snid,  "that you  have nut    been
but  I shall annoyed too much.   My wife   und   1
1 lull inlo wont tn lh,, city this morning,   and
.iliili-il |ilnk muss und gathered the thing must bo attributed to childish tho hands nf thnt inhuman—" Sho left
linle sufferer wilh  Ineffable    tender- Imagination.  Ilul milking duo allow- sol lut- teeth.    "Anil whnt is more, 1  havo
1 In
Thoy came rapidly toward us. I1 their amusement down,
uikod nt Hess, and she looked at on the wisdom of honesty
0, and hugged little .Innumit clos-ldor,
"Well, wo mighl as well own thnt
ui' wore n little wrought up by the
child's stni-y. Tu lell lhe truth, 1
thought it rather preposterous." I
diil mil look ut Boss, but she did
Innk a! o. "Hut my wife is very
tender nf heart, nnd 1 don't mind
little girl with a friend. Wo lolling yuu Ihnl she has decided to
just come hack to lind Hint she adopt lhe child."
1 nog your pnrtloii
: oriihle Peter, icily.
"Don't menl ion it!" Iieseerhed the
newcomer, airily, "Don'l mention ii
at nil! I was only saying what ireful Ihings thus"— By gad!" bo cried
in amazement: "why, il 0 isn't 'Dad-
I ily.' guild nld 'Untidy!' "
Mr. l.ogrnin was somewhat Inken.-i-
l-:u'k ul first. Then his elioler rose.
"Whnt. lhe"—he spluttered.    "How
"Hardly know you nl firsl — with
inil Ihnt blnck hair," said lho top-
hiilted gentleman, calmly. " Why.
you're gut up fit lo klll-nlisoliitel.i
ret'.-n-illoss." he added, admiringly.
" 'Dnil.lv,' you're n mnrvel— a perfect marvel!"
!    "How dure you. sir!" Mr.   I.ogrnm
llirnughl mu ut Inst, "Daddy.' Indeed!   (if nil tlie pieces nf iiiipei'lln-
- ence—!"
Tin' other innii broke iuin n ronr "(
laughter,   "(lond.  bill   ii   ivonl   wash
j wilh ino. nm know llm I'm ul!
rich!, nld ilinp" lie wenl Inld paroxysms nf laughter,   "J'm nne 0' tin*
. boys, I nm. Name 0' Cnrshotf —
Jlnimv Ciirshoi.   They'v,, nllen   told
: mo nboul yon down nt lho rlub. Besides, you're n public character, you
nre, vnn know, They've ent n ropy
n!' 'our 'pinsue-." ol ever, liig nnllce
.station    in     England.   I       shuulil
1  reflected  thiiik'*-
11111I   can-1    "Ho you menu tn imply—?"
"Course   Ihey
Hml as well us I
shun,    shandy.
id M
. I'lli-
iilili-d their arrival al thc next ela-
Mr I'iirshott withdrew Ills !»a.I
frnm tin- window.
"Ili- enroful not In say
thnt * 11 give 1110 awny." he
And he deliberately set himself
crawl under (he sent.
'l'ho train stopped. An Inspector
and lwo constables opened tho door
abruptly, The sound almost awakened tho Honorablo Voter Ijogrem,
Inr he grunted ami shifted his position slightly. if ■
"Beg pardon, sir" Tin- Inspector's
tone, as ho tii|ui"i| the sleeper on Idle
shoulder was distinctly apologetic.
"Ilaven'l seen 11 chap in a lop hut
nml frock coal, small blaok musl ache
and dark complexion   I s'pose7"
Mr, Logram opened his pyes lazily.
"Eh! Hup.- I seen whal?" II. waxed
Indignant. "How dare ymi come
here disturbing people hli- ihis'
Can't you attend t" your own business without  my help?"
"AH    right, sir.    nl! rlghl!   Don't '
you worry.   If you've boon asleep, nf
course   *   *   *   " '||„. hvo constables
followed iho .hspielnr in.
Hough hands presently dragged
Jimmy Carsholt, dust-, am) dlsconso-
lale, inin ilie light .,( day.
Mr. Logram    watched tin- nrisoner I
descend, wiih hi* escort, in iln- plat-I
lorm.   llis .-in , * |j even led him. i'"-
prudently enniirh tn thrust his head
mil   nf  llio   wllldoW
"Come nlonir. Slim .1 Im," said one
of tin- constables, iiinn.*! ruilel;
"Wonder you didn't try no ; ,-,.i
(rallies wiil, ih,it gei 1 in yonr rnr-
rinire." Struck by n sudden br'll'iir.l
Idea, ho lurnod in iln- Honorable Peter: "I'iiln't lose um thing iilui.. ..--i
were asleep, I s'pose, sir*'"
"N11." said Mr   Logram.
Tuntlnc nbrupl 1\ In- cnue-ht thc
Inspector's eye. Tlio latter wn* slur-
ilic ol him with 0 L-n-.' nf fixed :n-
ti-n-ily. His fare bore a puzzled '-x-
presslon, ns if he were trying t" recall sumo facl from the unlntbomiiblo
1 -sses nf Ins ollicial mind.' Mr. Ln-
grnm sunk back into his Ben!
"Kr—good iiilii-finnii." In- said,
hurriedly, through Hi'1 window, "Fino
Thi-   train began !" movi  slowly,
bul    In his     dismal     '-If     •""!"''.'!'- ,
wotkod along side.
"(!nt a wig mi I in lice." bo said
imi.-iii inch- loaning forward " Jjcl's
see," lo- hurst oni   suddenl.*,: Iol'   see
llnw   VOU   Inn'-.   W Mil   il   nil'"     (.llll   be
loss. ance    hcri',  il   wus plain    Ihnl     lhe shnll keep her myself!" slipped away nnd that they've    boon -    Boss now spoke with dignity,   " I
"You lillle llnwer. ymi shnll not bo child's stepmother musl be a fiend—n     "I know how ymi fool, my dear," I hooking lor her for nn hour." shall   mil attempt  lo conceal    frnm
'lipped' horo! My little precious one, creature designed by nature nnd snid Indulgently. "I only di-sire lo! lie wae a good-looking young fel- .vou. Mrs. Dent, that my husband
limit ery any more now, darling — molded by environment In sii for lho caution you ngninsi allowing your low uf nboul 110, with nothing in his had just started out, when you camo
Ihere, there, the-ere." portrait of the stepmother   par   ex-  feelings lu run nwny with yuu. A wo-  appearance lo make it. impossible Inr tu consult Hie authorities nml    lind
The baby looked up into hor   fnco collence.   My wife's eves grew   wider man is all feeling—" hlm lo be the father of such a beau- out llio laws of this State    fur tho
with big eyes of wonder. Tt was plain und    wider: anil while 1 nm n mini     "Feeling!" Indignantly,  "And whal  liiul ehild as Janumlt.   But whal ox- protection nf children."
ihal such treatmenl puzzled her—evi- little given .0 emotional display,    1 is a man under sueh circumstances, I  ruse can there be fur a mini    who,     Then we nil gave up, uiul    vented
wish to know?" whatever   his   own   diBnppolntmo.il uur   vented   emotions   in the sumo
"A mnn ut least attempts tn   gov-.may bo in his second marriage,   enn wny.
nine' it nvei
on'l wnsh."
"Ilul Innk I
istulated, "
-friend nf
I hough,
Id fnr.-
1 fori
1 i-li. .11
,"   Mr
nnl Ilu
l.neinm ox
inmi— . li,-—
yon    sup
shnll. rudely,   "Be
conie In business,
gm such 11 thing 11
wigs nnd n change
'em ft
lid Jl:
ilnv   I*.
(lently enough, caresses ami terms of found onco Ihui my nulls hnd cut the
passionate ondearmont wore new    to palm of my clenched hand
l'ho climax oniric when Bess,    who
hail the child mi hm- lap.    policed   a
handkerchief   drawn tightly   around
her arm, just above Hie wrist, part- oxaggcral!
ly covered by her sleeve, nnd pinned this child—
nf .he
g fashion,
s ibis, il'-ni-ost-'
eyes of put lue
hor experience
"1 Mish Janumlt Latllt," she snid
with 11 smile Hint might huvo Irnc
Hired adamant.
"Vos, darling: yes. sweet,"
Boss soothingly. "Where dn
live. Janumlt, dear?"
"Way, way oil, nvy thero,'
pointed In the opposite shun,
'llnw-   dn   ynu   BlippoSo   she
got hero-'" 1 murmured Incredulously,
The ehild heard mo: "Janumlt wun-
tioil nway. way ofl in '0 bun!. "I'ep-
niiivver Inn*, gle me mut." 'flu- little faro begun lu pucker up lulu its
lunk nf agony.
Bess darted 0 glanco nf reproach nt
mo.   "Don'l nsk such questions, Hubert?  Ho yuu wnnl lo mnke her
herself sick?'*
My offenses nro often of nn occult book In her lap, I nsliod. "lln-
nature, although my wife can detoct you gel hurt, lillle Janumlt?"
them evory lime. Ilu! I mado nn She Blared into my eyes fur
protest—thc matter in hund wus too seconds in silence, ns though i*
tragic—as I watched Boss exerting nnl in her bnliy boiiI in reveal
every effort lu suotho the little, cruel truth. Then, wllh greal,
moaning creature,
At lust we were halt distracted. All
ilo- soothing niul caressing Boomed
but In make matters wurse. " For
heaven's sake, Robert, iln something,"   commanded   Bess,   at   her
wit's 1-11(1.
1 hastily mado n collodion of articles that  seemed lu me   sulliriently
orn feeling by renson."  I said mild- allow    his own ehild to In-   grossly
ly.   -'Now,   it  occurs to tne ut   ollCO 1 maltreated'.'
to wonder if there might not bo some     I faced hlm.   "Vou nre Mr. Lallit,
the statements   nf' 1 presume," I snid, icily.
'   He Inokod a! mo bewildered for
lodge nf human depravity! 'I*he idea
that such a baby could si>euk anything Imi 'ho trulli: 1 am ashamed
ol you!"
"She is certainly a lind ehild," I
conceded: "apparent!, wilhoul drawbacks, physical or mental. Everything seems lo be nnrn.nl,   with lhe
In bungll
"Ish my hunehniii'iss." 'l'ho baby
lifted big eyes of pathos, " I got
"Yllll SH I lillle thing'" Boss lifted the hurl wrist tenderly, preparatory tn reluming ilu- awkward hand-
ago, bill Hu- child srrenllieil with
pn i 11.
"Nn.  tin,   nut   Ddtl'l   lOIICh  tl —I   got
liiir-r-l. I gnl hur-r-tl" She struggled possible exception
down tn lh,- ilnor in lerrnr. name."
When Bess hail convinced her (hut     "1  like her imn ii  is.So quaint,
cry wo would nol  Interfere with the lil- it  seems i" suit  hor somehow,    llullo Injured arm, and hud coaxed ler ntn,. dear!   Sow she   veered   round
did and innk  u nexpecledly.   '-Hulerl,
ynu don't in'-ali n wnnl vuu say" —
few her Intuition is somethlng-stnrtllng—
11'i- "vim ore just talking to hear your-
the self talk—vim waul Ihis child just ns
sol- much us I dn* We've been growing
irrisist- friifinfully selfish—n child In our home
"lioberl    Evans,   ihis,is no place'Instant, then a broad grin   liegan to
fur yuu tn drng in Ihnl hateful   pes- lnke pnssossinn of his countenance, A
slmibin of yours mul air your   know- littlo unto uf laughter camo frnm lho
In Hi,, course uf dxplannlions, freely Interspersed wiih laughter, Hess
Indicated the bandaged arm.
'l'ho mother seized il ruthlessly,
uml, removing tho "hanchnafiss,"
displayed 11 plump und llnw less member. "Slu- c'-ls hur-r-l ciiiisiiintly,"
sho explained, "su nn to bnndnge lho
wound. Slu- bandages my liners uml
iirins as lung us I le! lur. and Ihen
horsell    in   ovory
mint hor ii*  Ihen
*  dllllS  for tin-   1
sii. I'll hire '.-tu from inn fm- lln
"I hnve iml!" said lhe ITiinurulib
I'eior. (Irmly.
■■Toll vuu. win ," Mr fnrshntl nm-
llniiiil. unmoved    --I lun! ino nt ',.t>
from Scotland Ynrd  n.  Irnrk nl
tlie    lust  siniinn nml i.nii   numae.'!
young woman bohind hlm.
I stood, n son uf defensive   outwork against  Ihem, while Boss    had she ire's 'liur-i-l'
risen,    n   statuesque figure, clasping noncelvnble place,   She is
lho child sllll closer, be " muse, I Ihink,"
Iml I, under lho growing pressure     "If she Isn'l u rnnfidonr
the child opened hot- eyes   upon the n denier in gold bricks," s
sc ,   Instantly, when she saw     lie-  llu-f
going    I'
iid ilu
fllllliiS.il-    t
snid lln-
ellltl   eyes,   sho   Sll III
ible baby patois,  "1 gol Hur-r-l yes-  will be our sn
siidy-iliiy.    '("pmuvver   hit Janumit eious    littlo
wlv' ti bid knife." dldn'l bring h
Mj  wife bogan in shower   piissiim- shuuld like to
ate kisses ovor her fare und neck nnd     1'nal
lutis.  I gol    up iiiiii walked Liisiil,
across llio piazza and bnck.   I'nss  is
fur from strong, und what    wo  had
\inl litis pr
did,    1
gaudy niul curious—or broakablo and hoen listening to—with Uu- little vie
valuable*—lo nttracl a young child's
fancy, Wo finally gut her attention,
and iillor a lime she forgot her troubles in the examination ul n rod leu
ther noedlobeok,
''The sorrows of childhood," I rv-
mnrkiHl somewhat Irllely, "aro quickly hoiili'il,"
Hess    was benl   upun keeping    the
■•rows nf this specimen ul child-
1 iieriniiiieiilty Itoalod. "We must
'--I   hor  cry  again!"    site    said
Than, in a rapturous tono-
I:* iv,-
1 I I
liin before iis—was enough to iqiset
sirniiger nerves tlinn hers. I wu- nol
surprised to find her sobbing and
crying lain lho yellowy mass il hnii
Lillle .1 nn limit mnnllestod tho some
surprise ns boforo nl llio mii-.-s*.>.
lavished upon her And nuw when
Hu- "nlsoh lacy" bogan in weep lho
child gazed In consternation Then
tin- flood nl her own grief broke
forth anow. 'l'ho grief hml been lear
loss before, Iml umv she subbed un.l
sobbed, and abundant lonrs dtsfigur-
ned-loss I
'(irnnllng tin- period oll-
he child fm* adoption und
.1 avail ourselves nf tho
apparent!) providential opportunity,
ymi musl reflei 1, my d'-.r, ihal there
ma. ! e l-i nl obstacles
■ nimi   legal iitistarl -s?"  Sho ! raced herself 1 - 11 --.i tl-.,-' 1 th- spol,
"Wi II   the rhll I is mil  ours
"dli." Indignantly, "it belongs
i'u. Bti'ptnolhor, nn doiild !"
"Then * '!,. In Imi in be reckoned
nnl, ||o nun nol wish in resign
Ins 1 -Is; 1 Ing, u'.'l In- would in thai
caso 1 ..ie lhe law un his side "
■gun in struggle,
and. kicking herself uut frum Bess's
arms, sh" fled—not In iho remiilesl
enrnor uf the piazza, but slrniglil inin lho nrms nf lho young woman.
Tho latter liegnn slrniglil wny In lie
bine much us my wife had (lone previously, acting under Ho- evi.lonl delusion that the ehild wus literally as
well us metaphorically u pouch. Tlio
young woman's hair wns yellowish-
brown, her eyes were lihie-grny. and
slu- wns very good In Innk upon. She
did mil carry a knife,
"My inline." said Hie mnn. still
smiling, "is liont. Hid she tell you
Uiul  her name wns Lnllil*'"
"Mnrjorlo, ynu naughty little rntrue
wluit have you peon doing?" The
young womnn shook Uu- rhlld, lui
imi in 11 fashion accurately tn In- described us stepmotherly.  "Hid   * nu
tell     Hie lady Hut!  ynur liniiie    was
Janumlt Latllt?"
"I    jus'   ii-pliiying, mama!"   Tho
small Impostor lot furl I f ilu.se
you insinuating and engaging smiles with  "f lil'i
1 which she Is accustomed in mnko !!,■- ships.
Imiii nf lit'- easy fnr herself. Then she
recollected something, "1'npn, did ou
luiliii;- my dully-fwlng?" she doinnud-
01I a dozen limes.
Bess had itinilo some pi-ne/ross In
Hu- process of pulling herself    toge-
u gn llllllll', wlghl now!"
Iiild iniperiimsli, "\latit In
s.-e mv dollu-fwlng!"
"llnl um suid yuu wnuld stay
Willi us, iliirlitig," said Hess, willi
reproach llmi  wag no!  all feigned.
The young fullier surveyed thocol-
li-i-iiuti nf valuables Uml covered thn
I i-izzu mul chuckled soflly us he roso
nml ruling his offspring nn his shoulder.
"Where is Miss Jnnuinll l,nllil?" I
"(limed wny nil! Wny up fn '0 'ky,
nil 'o cliuii "linn CIII'H!" Willi 11 Insl
iniigiiiliceiil sweep uf fancy.
nil   llie   I
lil"   In   llio
pnlnl  where
iy girl," Iii
In t-iitel
frnm 'em
They're sun
1111111-   inul 1
ll II I-.I   fn.  lue
"That's in
I.IU-I.IIII   let,
"lilt,  good
In  tin II   lot
Lucky ilnn"
In Ihis in.il
The       Ilnn
bond hi-b-l.-s-
"llll.   Well
il'-iiinn, Bhnr
tu Sllci-osl-
lleis.     -'H,    1
ilenli, "fore,
chaps ,-it ilu
ll   the     nil,,-
ynu, I
track again
"Me    uiu
Hns train uml
In   lie- -kin  uf
In MUM nu
illios'll lout
III   llie   lull
1 fm- hull IH
uiii-il hlm
,,,.,  I.
s,i|i| i|„
■    ' if
If- slu
.... I    I .
Mm-      1.
1   -l ,.i : it- ,
1 ... .   .
ler    sl
J*     I'll*'      * 'll
Inn-halted 1
iMl'le      I ..'I   ■ H
11,.. il liis shoul-
' . .nl I. siid-
nn II !..'. ■
i i'i -L' aboul
k    mi
II ii'   V,
■ I
*s nu   your
fine Mr Logram 1
1. nl inn Iii* hond
ilu- Ilnn. I'eter
moro, L-nspiiiL- 0. i
■•lla*    I    know    ."..ei mm
Wilson!" cried ' Hu-   stnul
triumphantly, pnntlng wiib
With a viiil.-ni efforl he .1
In hoard    n  Irnin,  bu!   his
puis was aeninsi  hini, um!
milling quickly    by  nov.
lu- wns loll bohind
Mf Logram grpnned: (hen s<! himself In adopl drastic measures t.-.
rniintcrncl this, ilu- latest development. Wilh r.iiisiil.-i-nl-le (rouble ho
packed his ihlrk traveling overcnal
inlo a quite iriiii!oi|ttul. space, and
donned in ;is slend n light-colnred
,li*i toal, which b" drew Irom "in- nl
Ills  luiL'S
■■Wish I'.! never undertaken '" c"
these blessed wigs. Private Ihenlrlc-
:t!s are a lienslly nulsnnce.
But mi arriving nl 'In' nnxl - Inlion, nml in-' - 11- lhe nm ful pn pnr-
,...,,,,* -ii,,,li ■ 1 s reception, 'bo
humorous sldo nl lhe affair raine up-
m   --    I -   Ihnughls    I'      "os
\i - - „ pensr nf pleasurill !-■ ■ fl '- -
, „.,,-    ihal   11-    passed   successlully
t|,c, -ui    -I .    suspll OUS   n'lii Iol-     ulin
in, :,,| (,,1-    Daddi '   Wilson    n    ">-
.. tal - 1   ,-f   on epnrh-mnkli n rap-
dive ne- n f--w .t ids ,.(    gn use
1.. -:   or whal ■ lhe.  rail II     by
,Iove'"sal I the lion I'eter I .u.rani
in himsell triumphantly, "mul lot
my linir cf- w ii lill longer, and I bark
i-i 1 heal llmi chap Irving nl
his "tu, gi -
iisI.mI    M,-    I iii-iulu
ifo '
ensile inn- *'
''Hnl you're
I am iinmnri'l
ly    Your - n 1   ll
she rode away triumphantly fl-.rrelv,
i.i   Mi-  I.
dtage insl   I
'Mnrehry, llm
Mr.   Lal
uui   Ilu
ver  H-
nil   ■
Cupyrlghl by lho S.
ild   nu.11'
fully,   "Venn ii
1    1  " 1,!  r.'iih
1, 11 inn ui    1: "
us lmvo
u| I.
Ilii-.t take
I'dt'kj luirls uf ilu-
lili'-hiiriiic 1 Iii-iii, 1
uf lln- 111-M Shu- 1
ploees Afler die *
fl'uglliotils nre |tlckl
lil-eltiiu I
n prlii.il 1
t It.' 111   In
ciiiisl, .nnl
"llie   lhe   br
'11 suinsli  lh
•il  111
die Hunting
Mini    '."Id    Ut
""li. 1
Unit list
she's aflt
Thn lliiiinr.ilile I' : ■   .
nnd began In cull-el his I
Ihink   il  wnuld lie boll, r
frigidly,    "if  I  im,  :,, .
ufler nnii.lier cnmriarttiienl "
liters!    "(ih' linn 1 wnnl In gel
It   In   Willi      Ino   win.11   id,,     lees'
llepresentntive l.nngworth. "n    his
mm- return Irnin Cuba, pus nlcd speaker
N'-w-  Cannon with n cigar    purchased    in
Havana, which mis mn fee.    long,
- 1*   -..i.i Hi,ok nml blnck,
gram,     1 nclo .lm-   was Im dllng do-   gilt
[enderly, when u colleague apprnach-
l! ed. nml m iiiiiii/i-nu'iii exclaimed
■'Whul ine -.iui going in   'l-i   wiih
"I'm thinking," Bnld ilu- Speaker,
confidently, "dint I'll keep 11 until
-nine tutu- when I'm sick uiul Ibe
dear doctor advises me tn curtail my
sued.ing to -'ii" cigar 11 day."
r   lie
e\|ins..||   (liiriilli
"      hi
igeoffo   "1
In-     Slliil
Concrete Blocks led Machinery
Ixod   un    THE M|LES Concrete Building Bio
l.l A    llll-  mini  rri.n.in... 1.1  .-wl .... .1*.
qullo   iiiiilni'Klnud
Interfere wilh ynu.
Mr. Lngrnm mo.
1. i ni.s" !    | ... '(
lly-l    !'
d  ii) inward   'In
< MdChini ,
 iry concicle
machine mihc world,   l-'and Mui ks ...r all buildins;
|i<:i[Ww;smade neon, tiijihiuc.   Semi lor CllllOBIM
to \ inmg Hu... Mfe (■„, Nlifir. Fall., Onllrio, » JU
w  \v«v/niii»v,iisi i»i
Yokes Defined Upon the Newest Blouses
Longer Skirts Gaining in Favor
A HONG the dressier sort uf
suits bave come out 6omo
that art- veritable costumes,
tbo waist v.um with llieni so
di nite a part of the suit that tlio
i-. -ion of unity is shurt and
disi  . it.
Ibe Bkirts of suits nre fitted
rn, thl; about tbe l.:p=. th. cir-
i ; r -■.;-• ri::. ning the favorite
tl - fall, ii- il did last, only this
.... .*. ; i] .r ..-.-■ ih ws tl ■- - mo
d • -- : ■ nd back, -*•* bed and
, . - |ti I : etnpll isise th : '■"
t'- .1 • :•■ :■ i* ii nm
I'l ■:-. of thorn -aim it all   '' **■
drusaier type, iu tact—are      -. so
mg that tbey must be held up in
tl.e street.
But vou'll never find a woman resenting thut!   i hi thing in
fashions so altogi thi t
gracef I  as   i trailing
in per a woman who w
fully en'-   i skirt 1
for th- exquis I
gin; that
after her over -
Jackets have .-   wi
longest reaei. - -
•-,.    ■  bil    '
, was seen on only a few ot
■■-..-    "..-     :. ■■       .   .-
■   ■    m    I gib il
■    -
- ii
Ai i:i;;a:n smartm -   ■■
Ui   : BI  '•■ ' i  ' ■'
re is i     ing thai  * ■■•■*■
it, pla - in * is in 'l- *"'
.- - - mosl -■- •  - '■,; '
ol .   the : ■ '■■' ' *"
gantes eve.       early in thi  - «i -'•
as this; ai '    tnpli it*}
th  *   : ■••". ■ lemin      - -;"   .*.
...    ■ :   : .  I   i tbat "smartness
its If.
-   ■ .      .-   f point d
i     k gowi
spangled .-
fur evening wear
of them of
are much favored
Empire scarfs Lave laki u a firm
hold u] m i.i Parisicnne's offcctioni,
st,; are used chief.,*. I r necompl ih
lug tlmi spol of ■- ilor that all Paris
Is outdoing itself over.
Tho latesl cra-i  continues to he
Hip I'iorrctto neck ruffle, usually of
fa. r, th . .: -.,
nab      ■■ ilth      . .
St.; ei, ond sl      . -    tripi
being usod, Luis nchievc I ho      irel   taxed I
genuity   of  designers   and
factureri to tho itm .st.
Silk voile makes somo fascinating
- .-,:..-1, oni tr ingly pretty ono
of ccriao finished with n touch of
I lack taffota.
Amber hatpins nro even mom
|.i.pillar lhnn ihoy were in tho
ejiriiig; nml soreo nf tho new ones
incru of d
ther ]
.     -
e being mu
the f .■■■'■ ■
on nnd
scorning by fo .
or a littlo of it is
trimiM   ..
Very pictun iq n
- - ii large t wind hai of Bras
hoIs ii"*, with h -',!'■' double frill on
ilm edgo nf die rtn nnd al the top
uf ilu- erown   'I ho
i) i.olil by a jet
THERE has been a definite
change since last year in
the position blouses occupy,
brought about by the vogue
of whole costumes in place of last
year's stunning suits, relieved by the
sheerest and most beautiful of
blouses. No longer is the blouse tbe
inevitable accompaniment of any
nnd every costume, except tho truo
"dress" affairs.
But. the blouses that nre left to
us have boon found plenty of use
f"r. Host of them have yokes, introduced perhaps as the only pnrt
of the hand-embroidery thnt ic on
ninety-nine out of n hundred of
them. And the majority have the
embroidery concentr»t
yoke, with spray, scattered upon
tbe rest of the blouse, sleeves as
'until fronl and back,
The simplest treatment of nil in
making is to finish "If the yoke with
a small scallop—the sume wee. simple kind thnt is in evidence upon
::;- ut 'if ten pieces of lingerie
thnl Paris sends over. The Mouse
itself i- tucked a couple of inches
be the edge, the tucks made so
fine that in spite of their number
the full -- i- controlled, Deep cuffs
mny end nt the upper ctlii-e in the
sami sort i f a Bcallop, frnm whioh
-'.. - ■;■** if the sleeve Bpreads out in
• : ;e thos. jusl In low llie yoke.
: i.i-.  - ■T   * • ■    ous * are made
place i (r min-
leasl I of hniiil
lery,   When  the  former is
I    . lown the
• embroidery is
idIIj quite
■ i b luce, tho
'Inn there is
■    . high mi
i, perhaps, Iw   - .--1.
■    - - -    iack, nr
,ugh 101
beaded ruse, with a bit of exquisite
lace for the centre, is used instead.
Whatever the motif, it is invariably
repeated upon the culls.
A pretty treatment of sleeves ia
*.o mako tfiein in modified leg-o'-
multnn stylo, with tho omlir..iiili-ry
.-- -    - tratcd mostly al tho cuff, yet
willi littlo touches of it placed hero
und there all ovev thc sleeve.
Sueh a sleeve seems nu .c Individual—moro ns though the whole
scheme of tho mnldng were planned
before even a stitch of tho embroidery wns tnken. Just a small motif
nn a cuff savors ton much nf thn pat
terns which come nil icndy for milking up—some of them rich enough,
but many of them as nearly nliku in
their gen nil stylo ns if they were
machine mado uud tut off lho nunie
The eolliirlesB blouse is no longer
seen, although the collarless dress—
or a gnwn cut so slightly low as to
scum little more than collnrlcsB—is
in high favor with the younger clement, who don such gowns for a
dozen occasions where in seasons
past nothing but n high-nocked gown
wns permissible.
Ami there is very lillle Mousing
in front, the idea lieing to get the
effect of ii loose blouse, while in reality every scrnp of fulness is cure-
fully considered, and the blouse
fitted villi fnr more euro lhnn even
thoso boosted thnt cnnio out to
wear with the tight-fitting tailor
soils nf a year ago.
Fall Fashions Are Sane and Very Becoming
Fruo •
■. - -
t, at
lently thi
il   thli
be the u
...... .
i colors
[about  «       I,   tho u-!i   ilm
ning dres.
f'nqii       f)
'. M i '. ,      |1
ire i       the loin eagerly
Hi-, will be larger, with wide,
.- :   .' i    :i id  n iiuriiuil  wny
ing mi  the  head.   Though
i   light bandeau, with
Hillo arranged  ii   tlio  now timo-
honorod .. m , ita office is moru to
.i "cocho pi iini"' iiinn in
it int.
■  -ill Ihore is is Inriveril, bo
-' al   hi  thin, ilul Iniin describes a
itif.il i irelo above Ibo brows.
As usual, tho French Idoa "f light-
mi * llrsl  ii nsti ling a
: ii [ti :nto of I toil -i/.e, many of
tho heal milliners fashion their
brims merely of enough layers of
li  to m-i " ihi  i opaquo.  Theso
i,re stretched flatly ovor lho wiro
fr nu".
A. [nighl no imi.fined frmn BIIOil
a constriieiion, Ii;ilo nmre than lho
edgo ul ilu- brim is visible, tin full
tiiiii o' shunter crnwn of velvet or
silk covering it on top, while beneath ilu- puffod linir ninl fluffy
lull" >>f the bandeau fulfil lhe same
Hats will continue to he ot a contrasting shade. Rig blnck lu.ts are
much in vogue, ofton trimmed with
n magnificent paradise feather.
Those nro to bo especially fashion-
nliln with tho gray and striped gray
.md block costumes that promise to
bo niun o, tho season's fnvor.ios.
An fur colors, sn fnr nothing moro
qvjioi limn ihu.i.i fur streot wear
could lo imnginod. Dark blue is the
ono i .iipl'iyi'l in tho must "cbie" of
tho I lels ihnt hnvo been txhibltod,
Ami gem-rally tlmt is trimmed with
bliuik hriii'l nr wilh block fur.  With
it is worn a hat of tho m-.v llnhlia
shade—lhat rich, beautiful color
half-way between Bordeaux nud
purple that is becoming iu ulmost
every hotly, und especially so to
brunottos, E. 1).
A marquisette in pule blue, lavender ur onu of t' o new soft yet
bright greens makes a lovely gown
in which to locoive ut on informal
afternoon ten or card party, or to
wear to the theatre in lho evening.
For matinees tlio tuilor suit ami
dressy bloUBO is moro generally
Yenetinn cloth is little seen; less,
perhaps, than 'ny of tho finor
woolen weaves.
.... '
'     ii ' * '     r   ■
f(        \-.\     '   i
L -..    '..*>
7/**     Ll
**—^ ^^Jto-i*-^' 'i     ;■>■?, **a TkE POSSIBILITIES
imperfect plsces
Housemothers' Exchange
I TJ/ehstwcrytojgeffhe cores out.,
Peppers Scalloped With Rice.
HALVE the peppers, taking rare
that the leeds do not touch Hi**
Inner walls. Extract Uie seeds
with equal care. Lay the halved
peppers in boiling water and let them
gi i perfectly cold in the cooling water.
If tiil^ he done before cooking green
11 ippcrs m any way, they win be mild
ainl Hwet't, not offending the must ton-
dor mouth They are also made tender
by tin* process.
Mix wiili a cupful nf cold bolted rice,
lwo tablespoonfuls ol Parmesan cheese
cnai nne nf melted butter. Suit tn tuste
mn] nil tho halved poppers wiih the
mixture, rounding it neatly over the
tii|m. Arrange m n pudding dish, cover
and bake for half an hour, then un-
cover and brown,
Baked Peppers n la Creole.
Prepare tin' peppers as directed in the
foregoing recipe, and whon culd and
ilnn. llll them wiih forcemeat of a
cupful nf minced chicken, two table-
spooiituls nf minced ham, one nf iin.i
crumbs nnd two of melted butter, Arrant;!' In a hnke dish, Btrew tine crumbs
on top and |nmr about them a goud
cupful nf chicken gravy, Hnke, cover-
od, half an hour before browning,
A West Indian Pilau.
Prepare the peppers as I have directed, and, when cold, fry In butler.
Drain nnd chop or cui inin .small pieces,
In the bulter left ln the pan fry a
small sliced onion, and strain It out.
Add to Uu- butter Hire.' tablespoonfuls
.if chicken Htnek. Have ready a eupfiil of boiled flee  which had been kept
hot und dry In the oven. Turn It intu
a deep dish, boll up the stock, »dd tho
chopped pepper and injur over the rice,
l.unseti the rice with a fork, to allow
the peppers ahd gravy to penetrate
mass, and serve,
Fried Green Peppers.
Cut "hen lengthwise, taking care not
tn let Un* seeds touch the sides, Take
out tin1 seeds, slico the peppers crosswise and lay In bulling water until It
and they an' cold, Drain and wipe the
sliced poppers and fry in butter. Serve
dry, un an accompaniment to lish,
Peppers Scalloped With Pish.
(Mien, empty and scald the peppers as
directed, and nil tho halves, when cold.
wiih .1 in:n f lish. well seasoned nnd
mixed wiih a tableapoonful nf fine
crumbs for each cupful, Wet with rich
tomato sauce and nn the poppers, Strew
whh line crumbs, arrange in a deep
dish, pour more tomato auueo about
them und   baKe.
Spanish Salnd. (Contributed,)
Two quarts of diced celery to one
quart nf llaked cooked salmon, one raw
tomato, cut luiu dice, and a little chopped onion, Mix with mayonnaise, season tu taste, then till cleaned peppers
with lhe mixture. Place in ice until
very cold and servo nn lettuce leaves.
Stuffed Peppers. (Contributed.)
Minced shrimps and bread crumbs in
ei|iini ports,Worcestershire sauce, lemon
juice, anchovy sauce, salt, pepper and
butler tu taste, Mix all Into a Bmooth
paste and ulu-TC  intu  cleaned  peppers,
THE letter with which we lead off
today Is sprightly, and well worth
the reading nn that account, lt
Is valuable, moreover, as ihruwing u
'new light upon a disagreeable, but tou
often an Important suoject tu the agonized housewife,
Tho despairing cry of a Bufferer from nn
Invasion of "red rovers" arrests my atten-
1 saw one of tbe rflce for the tirst tlm**
a littk' over a year ago. l mistook It fm
a "lady bug"-, took h up carefully on a
bit of paper and deposited tt safely on the
lawn, thinking it would Joyfully "fly away
home" and rejoin lis walling family. Tlie
next morning l was undeceived, horritied
and liumlliaii'd. I considered myself disgraced, and forever,
All manner of remedies wire suggested
an.) tried faithfully, bul the Intruders we.e
Immune, und l returned from n long visit
to find that Hit had Increased und multiplied. 1 wus iu d-simir, when a friend—
whose name should be written In gulden
letter*-'—advised nie tu use formaldehyde.
To iiiy delighl, Ii was :i complete success,
li was tried several months ngo, and not
one has put In un appearance -since.
Apply ihe formaldehyde with u brush or
a garden syringe. It Is odorless and it does
nm injun tbe bedding. 1 nm told that tne
"red rovers" hold their annual eat nival in
August nml September, w I am preparing
to meet th" enemy
Forinul'lvlivd-d it. also a remedy tor small
red ants. A WESTERN WOMAN,
Gasoline is rightly considered unsafe
except in exceptionally careful hands,
lt should never be committed to the
management of servants or heedless
young people. While 1 regard it as an
almost *\wo exterminator of the abominable "scarlet runners" we all shrink
from naming. 1 hesitate to recommend
It unreservedly, in nur perplexity, our
bright-hearted "Western Woman" steps
In with a substitute, harmless to humankind, non-explosive, and warranted to
kill the pestilential Invaders. Will
somebody else try it and report success
through thu Exchange?
More Soap, Less Scum
Lest "Mrs. P." and scores of her sister housewives who have pinned their
faith to galvanized iron washbollera
should be clean uiscnuraged bv the
thought that the utensils must be
thrown aside, a sensible conservative
com<>s to the rescue of the boiler und
to the cheer of the owner thereof;
I an-nld Uke to tell "Mrs. P." that I
have hnd the aame trouble in boiling clothes
ot whim phe complains. It wai while using
water from a spring, and my "John" naid
it came from a mineral uepoalt-gypaum, I
thlnk-ln   the  wnler.    I    never   trk-d   any
"breaking" preparations, bui from observation I karned ih.u ihe more sonn the
leu a um; and fn m 111 il 1 reasoned that
enough ftoap would do tway with the mil-
aan •*■ This pruved tu bu the cade upon
If   "Mrs,   P."   wmiM  u«" a bar of B0B0
Initea i * 1 halt s bar, l think aha would
have im forth* r trouble. Tin- fact that the
h.-uni appears on ihe first and nnl on thn
Bccond boM'Tfu! of clolhei might be due to
tha addtti -ii cf mors soap with more clothes,
* r t *.'!■ elroumatam a ihal mi lho mineral
■I*-;- ;* rises i-i the flrr-i bollerful, leaving
the rest vt the boiled water clear.
M  ,1  li. (Mahumot, ill.).
That Iron Boiler
The evil case of the worried house*
wife and the galvanised Iron boiler has
drawn out n number of letters of sympathy and counsel. As opinions differ
somewhat as to lhe cause and possible
cure of the trouble, we will give two or
three, and let ber draw ber own conclusion.
I would *?ay to "Mrs, IV" about her
boiler, that I think tha reason tin aecond
boiler ot < '■ thea doea not show the icuin
is bf'-auFe there l« moro soap in It Hum in
th<  -first    if .-le* win make stiotig nuds. I
dn not believe It will form. A gummv nub-
stance  is   likely   to form   upon   galvanised
vessels, which is ham to remove, It makes
them unsatisfactory in «'-me caHc*-.
"H. I.   H.'s" Pleas a.*- to rcvllng morning
and nft er tn "in are the same I have ulwavt.
be]l(-ved   In.   but   ihere are   few   who  can
oi,.*;- the exsetl**r.t rule   A baby-or babies
Interfere, to say n,,Uiing of 'Hhe butcher,
lhe Inker and  the randb-stiel*  maker."
I -le ulii hk*wlsr like to ask "C   E   H."
why nn iron aaucepan is belter for cook-
Ins  i| i le -.ii'. ■   in than u granite   u  mi
enam-ii    wwi, ti, 11  (Liberty villi, III.),
UiiaUcipiitLthaiiy'iy of "C. ic. ti." bv
asserting that apple sauce and other acid
fruits should not be cooked In un Iron
Utensil when any other is attainable. It
is almost certain to darken the fruit,
nnd, unless perfectly free from rust In
every crevice, imparls u metallic taste
which is not agreeable. 1 have not
used an iron pot or kettle in my kitchen
for thirty years.
Here Is the advice of another of our
cons tit uents:
"Mra. P-." of Ilnn ton Harbor. Mich.,
must get a new boiler. The water In her
region is strongly Impregnated wllh minerals (Iron and sulphur), and when cily
well water Is used it has lhe effect described up"n galvanized boilers, particularly if any washing rlni.i be used in washing. I
liorax may all.-viaie the annoyance, but
ii usually means a new washbofler us the
easiest way out of lhe difllculty.
This was my experience during twenty
years of housekeeping in that part of the
Mrs. MaoC, i Howling Green, Ky.).
Another State Is heard from In the
Having had tho same experience with a
galvanized lion boiler as has "Mrs. P.," uf
Benton llarbur. Mich., I hasten to help la-r
oul of her dilemma. The trouble Is with
the boiler Itself. Tell her to make two or
three baga of coarae muslin or of ticking,
aii-iut the sin,- of common pillow slips, to
put her clothes In before placing them in
tlie holler, using one for Ino finer articles,
one for table linen, another for bed linen,
and su on. A drawstring may be run In
the top of each hug, or it muy be folded
down and fastened with large safety pins.
No scum can then touch ihe clothes. The
bugs, when emptied, must 11" well rinsed
and hung out with the clothes.
1 shuuld like very much to have the
recipe for "cracker Jack," which is made
in candy kit hens and s>.ld ul county fairs,
if some one would kindly contribute it
through  your department.
If you like pickled airing beans, ihey ,)r«
easily  put  up.
Hiring the liciins; conk whole until tender,
not soft, in boiling salt water; ill! your cam
With the hi'utia and pnur over theni scald-
lug hot spiced vinegar Seal at once, They
are good. M. L.  II. (Decatur,   Ind.).
The water must be lightly salted, I
suppose, or the beans would need snaking before the vinegar is poured on.
And apropos of beans, the next letter
on Hie for today has a word of praise
for a recipe put Into our hands last
year. It Is refreshing to know thai one
has cast good seed Inlo good ground,
And, al'tei alt, It Is ibe Utile helps that
count lit daily life-the timely lifts over
rough places that try strength ami patience, while, iu the canless onlooker,
they seem bul n lliing Incrtualltles iu tho
beaten track.
A Remedy for Onion Odors
I notice in "Our Corner" frequent allu-
sii in-, io the offenah lor of milium upon
hands and articles used In preparing this
vegetable, If you win wash your hands
In cold  water   wilhoul   soaps,   nlso Idling
(ho  wnter  nm li llslies,  etc.,   used  for
'holding and culling the onions,   I) "i
«iii t ■ dl sii paled
ISven n  Kettle In which onions huve been
rooked will tint retain lhe a II after u
cold w.it.r Imih wllh.ml map, Time ||
no necessity foi tho handi to hold the odor
longor than the lime required for tinning
on ihe cold water faucel
|.* ii w iMarlnette, Wis),
A useful nml ii timely hint, onions
an- palatable nnd nutritious when properly cooked (always lu .wo waters), Tho
pervasive and obstinate odor lefl in the
bouse and upun hnnds und breath banishes them from many imuseholdB.
A Word of Praise
I wish tn toll tlie members around the
"Council Table" lhat It would be worth
while to irv the recipe for canning beans
given last year by "(I. M, 1'.," .Sab*m,
N J. I menu string beans. 1 tried a few
cans with perfect auccosa, and I shnll try
main* more this year.   They were delicious.
Will some one give me a re.-lpe for a
cream dressing without eggs and wilhoul
cooking'.'   1 want li for caribaga salad.
|l   for  cllbtillge   sii.ol
It. II.  W. iW'w'imnln
Two recipes for crenin dressing with-
out eggs are given In nnolher column.
In tlie same column appear the
directions for parking down eggB fur
winier use, sent by ynu In response in
(be request nf "A. 0, II.," I iddlelown.
TIME wai when the orange was
a luxury; now It hns become a
necessity even to families of very
moderate means. \\ u have come
to realize that this fruit is more than
palatable—it is health-bringing, except
where overticldity of the blood exists,
and even then thi! orange may often be
taken when ull oilier fruit is forbidden.
Fortunately, with California's competition, and the rlvalrv between the spicy,
seedless navel varieties of the I'acilie
coast and the sweeter but uncomfortably seeded iruit of the Indian river
and other parts of Florida, the orange
has become so chenp that It can form
part of our daily menu. If cost is at all
a question, then dispense th ment occasionally.
About the only drawback to the orange
is tbe eating Of It Juiciness is delicious;
but juiciness on face, lingers or front
of a fresh white blouse lias ils disadvantages. The proper method of serving
is therefore a somewhat Important subject.
There are two distinct ways in which
the orange is used; one as a fruit, pure
and simple; the other as a part or accompaniment of salad or dessert.
When eaten for Itself alone, the orange usually forms a first course ut
breakfast or n lasl at dinner and luncheon. Now, opinions differ very much as
to the besl way in whicli to treat it for
this meal. Nine out of every ten people
cut it in half and use a spoon. While
this method is undoubtedly more sightly
than many others, it, to mv mind, quite
destroys the real flavor of the fruit. It
also has the uncomfortable habit of
spattering juices. This may be somewhat overcome if an orange-spoon with
a nurrow bowl Is used, but tbe best
way is to remove the core and loosen
the pulp from the skin, so each section
may be lifted oul Intact.
Probably the neatest method of orange eating Is tu remove the skin entirely, get off all the pith with a sharp
knife, then separate Into sections, If
lhu fruit has many seeds, they should bo
unioved before they reach lhe mouth.
An orange Icnlfc with jugged teeth and
two small prongs al lhe top is useful
for tills purpose.
The fashion in tropical countries of
paring an orange whole and then eut-
Ing it suspended on a fork Is, to say the
leasl. unsightly, Scarcely less so Is the
sum.-what prevalent hublt'of cutting lhe
fruit in lengthwise unneeled sections,
holding an ond in each band and eating
from the skin. If Burns had ever seen
a woman In the procoss of thus disposing of an orange, his appeal to "pome
power" for lho gift nf seeing ourselves
US ol hers see Us Would httVo butm even
more impassioned.
As a rule, oranges arc served whole in
n fruit dish or basket, llie deep orange
tints bringing out lhe paler colors of
less strongly toned fruits. Then- are,
however, several dainty and novel ways
of preparing oranges   for  BOlllO   special
 ■: bin - a children's party, for instance.
im- of thrsr. ts tn have a platler
edged with large green leaves, from
which appear oranges eul lu represent
water lilies. CUI Hi" peel lengthwise
Intu narrow notul-shnped neollons to
wllhln un Inch ur su uf tin- Indium,
folding ihe piipor half of ouch back on
Hi * ll Thon romovo lho core and Bopa«
rale iln- o I'll Ugo Iuin ihi different natural divisions, Or ihe orangi mav be
lell whole, ihe place fm* ilu- coro being
lined wiib candied cherries,
Another  and simpler arrangement  Is
to draw a line around ih mire of the
rind and turn hack each half. Nat-
urally, these both must he prepare.] at
the lasi possible mlnuto, or tlio fruit
dries mil.
Orange baskets give an attractive
touch to a formal lunclu'iin or dinner
iiililo. either lo hold a salad or sweeis,
Score Die rind a llltle almvo Hu* con-
ire, leaving aboul an Inch space mi
either side to form Hie handle. Then
make two transverse cms on each side
of this space. Romovo Ihe Iwo sections
nf rlml. scoop out iln pulp wiih great
rare nnd throw lhe basnet into Ico water to erlsp.
These   baskets   llfn   exlremelv   prellv
when lllled with a deep-tone orange
Jelly.    Pistachio mils can bo scattered
OVl'C   It    light -eulnred   jelly,    while    lh"
darker may be garnished wiih shredded
almonds, or with whipped cream.
Orange SOU file, orange Ice with can
dled cherries In It o. orangi Bavarian
cream, all are appropriately served In
these buskets; also French' vanilla Ico
cream,  garnished  wilh  candied  orange
eel or violets.
Sometimes the two halves nf the
orange skins are use.'., lllled with an
Ice or charlotte russe, and tlod logeth-
er with a pale yellow nbbon or with
asparagus vine.
When salad Is served in the orange
skins the handle is omitted and but
the one half used Tils may be set on
a bed of fresh watercress,
A pretty dessert is to have a melon
mould of vanilla Ice en am. sui rounded with the halves of small navel
oranges that have been dipped In boiling* syrup ami jell'nd A circle nf
whipped cream is massed on the outer
edge.   A round platter should be used.
Or the Ice cream mav be frozen in a
circular mould, the centre piled with
raw sliced oranges and the Whipped
cream served in a separate sauce boat
or howl.
Wine or lemon Jelly makes a pretty
dessert when moulded with oranges.
Take six small seedle»" oranges, peel
them, remove every particle uf the
pith, separate fn sections and remove
the skin if it can be done without
mashing the pulp. Fill the bottom of
the mould with a lltth jelly, let It
grow cool enough to hold, cover with
the sections of oranges. Pour on more
jelly, let it set, add another layer of
the fruit, and repeat till the mould is
full. When cold, serve with whipped
cream heaped uround it
The gelatine should b» kept liquid
till wanted by putting lt in a pitcher
and standing ii in o dish of boilini;
water. This fruit jelly [a somewhat
tedious in preparation ar.d. should he
started early in tho day Remember,
all jelly stiffened in th.* ice chest loses
its flavor, so avoid it whenever the
weather permits.
A novel way to serve nranges Is to
Ice  them  till  they  look   like balls  of
snow. Remove the skin and pith and
run a thread through the centre of
each orange. Make un Icing of whites
of egg and confectioners' sugar, allowing two eggs to a pound of sugar.
R**at till quite smooth. Dip In each
orange separate!). fasten them to a
stick, place the stick across a very
conl oven and let them remain till
dry. The oranges should be well
coated and smoothed with a palette
The following thoroughly tested
recipes of a well-known caterer aru
interesting ways in which oianges
may be prepared for dessert.
Fried Oranges.
Take as many oranges as required
(navel preferred), peel and cut cross-
Wise, roll In flour and fry to a gulden
brown in butter. Dust With powdered
BUgar and cinnamon and place ou
escallops of toast-'-i sponge cake.
Serve with hard sauce.
Orange Meringue Pie. '
Line pie plates with paste, puneturn
them all over aud bake. Fill with the
following cream: Stir In a vessel si*
yolks of eggs, three ounces of sugar,
one ounce of cornstarch, the Ju.ce of
eight oranges and grated nnd of one,
nnd three-quarters pint of water.
Place the mixture on fire, keep stirring
until it begins to boil, remove, beat in
one ounce of butter, ornament the top
with meringue icing of ary appropriate designs. Sift with powder-,l
su?ar .and bake to a nice gold'n
Orange Dumpling.
Take as many small navel oranges
as required, peel and sugar them. Roll
In pie crust, bake to a golden brown
and serve with wine or hard sauce.
Recipes—Contributed or Edited by
Marion Harland
A Summer Sago Pudding.
PUT a half pound of sago Into a
two-quart pudding dish, and pour
wr-ter upon it until no more spi cks
rise to*the surface. Drain, anl fill tl •■
dish iwo-ihlrds of the way lo the top
with tepid waier, Bttrrlng in a Beam half
teaspoonful of salt, Cook ovei ,. -. iw
lire until very thick.
Have ready in u howl the yolks of
four eggs, beaten light with a hi iplng
coffee c ipful of sugar, the grat d rind
of a lemon and lho rtralni d Juli ■■ of two
lemons. When yuu have beat,:, thesi
Ingredients lo a r. h i re im, Btlr thi u
Inlo th" cooked sago, Dissolve ., p|m I.
of soda In a cupful of sweet milk, and
mix well wllh the pudding, liake in s
Btendy over for iwi nty minutes, or unit) the pudding is "»i t," whi n cover
wiih ii meringue ,,f th- A ■ if foul
eggs whipped s.iif. with four to ■
fuis of powdered sugar
Sol iln* pudding •■ w in a slow oven
foi li.iii on hour longi r, Whi n - ■ •*■
.*oid, icnvo .ni Leo nnl I nexl de ■
will be enough for ton i •■■ pie, and will
k'*. p for several days It in i nici B in
day dessert.       Mra .1  K tt   uowa
Society Cnko.
one-half pound of flni Iy chopped  i
monds, oni half pound of   sugar   one
pound of flour, i Inn imon to l
ll all with nue pound of no lit d
roll   this dough  one-hn f  Una
cover with any fine preserves,   tt l
rest nf llie dough m.ik" ban
berry  lart,   nalni  will   i rr  ai ■!  b ike
slowly.    It. K. A. (H'.i' htnont. M . • |,
Packing Eggs i'i Sait for
Winter Use.
(llv reoiieai of "A   (1   II  '1
Put a thick layer oi dry, fine sail In
ih.* bon im of a stone |ar and puck the
I'ggs In this, small end ■'■■■■■■  « ird   *    -
erlng each layti of eggs with -
ihe crock is full
Afler  packing eggfl  a-- din   ted,   pi ll •
the receptacle on lhe cellar bottom in n
cool, dark cornel whi n thi wil I fi :■
window oi outside door eai m t strike it.
Keen  tho  far closely covered  with a
hoard or any tightly fitting cover, If
this is always replaced after the eggs
are removed eacn time, as needed, I
think you will have no trouble with
thi * omlng ban).
i in i ■•* * ontrary, I find it gets very
wet, ,1- ; i have never broken an egg
when removing it from the salt, nor had
oi ■■ -;* ill I have j ist used the last egg
from a jar paci ed a year ago this
month, and r.o one could have told tl
from a fresh egg.
B. B. W. (Wisconsin)
, itii-
.f .ri
mill, ler
>eam Salad  Dressing -No
<!iv repu-sit of   n  li  W ")
t it a half pint  of pure,  rn h  c
nt, r Hav* ready the shredded
i igi that h is lain in Iced water fi
i,  .:    pi tin, sj rlnkle lightly with
. uir into the whipped
■    Ivor fork, turning and tossing
il is ci ■■•■I with the cr. .ui   Servi
: *.- . ibl -ig" must bo te
I rtsp
Cream Salad Dressing   No. 2
Beat a cupful ol rl li en im which is
■ isi on ihe turn" roi flvi  n  i ites in a
chilled II ':    '! lc  ' earn Bh< uld also be
i-,   old   Add aa you whip It a table-
■ : .i -.f ;  wdcred  iur *    ind      tl
),: ire you give the final beating, half
a p .-;... mf .1 of h mon Jul- *.
I;.-,.* iho while i i  one egg lo a stiff
fn lh, stir into it two tabli s| nfuli -•■»
powdi ••■ ■■ ■■ ig tr in i toui hi ipli b table-
Bpooi full of ch ip "■<! wain its, Mix wet*
ni | -; :• , I .;. "I i ng narrow crackers.
Hi • In a quick ovi n and i olor lightly.
Scalloped Hominy.
Rub ;i cupful of cold bollod hominy
Bn lh with two tablespoonfuls of meir-
, .1 butter, Item three eggs light ami
whip Into the hominy and butter. Add
a lablespoonful of sugar, n small tea-
si if.I of -in. and  al  the last lwo
cupfuls o| milk. g< nerous meat-ore.
Heal all very lighl and turn Into a butler, d pu Id In g dish, Hike until ■•ai-t."
strew flno crumbs on too nnd brown,
** 'V       1   v. Y      J     "     i^^ffllF     ', , \    \ -J  ( /   4   .''.
y      '     ' i      . •    V
\ I)«-M«!)yWM
fW£K"W'w'Aiii "^if cow*,*: .w**/
00 M'r IfDl/
tfE/W? T/yE
music wnmij.
One day Little Growling Bird and Aunihk, the Crow, were poking .round among the
rushes hoping to find the Pcp-egwun, or music-whistle, they had lost some time belore. Green
Frog, who had grabbed and carried it away at the time, was sifting on > lily-pod with the
whistle m his mouth. Il looked like rain, so he lelt a strong desire to pipe up and make some Irog
When Little Growling Bird heard die trilling .ound he knew it was Ihe lost whistle «nd
tried lo see who it was that was blowing it. Sure enough, there was Green Prog puffing out hi.
tliroal and blowing with ail his might! Suddenly the deep hoarse voice ol N.hbay O-muk.
kukee, the Bullfrog, boomed out, culling: "Oondaus! Oondsus! Nahdin Pep-egwun!"—
"Come here I Come here! Bring whistle!"
So they kept very quiet and wiited to see who would happen. Green Frog heard it, too,
•nd quickly swallowed the whistle, hiding it in the big pouch in hi. throat. Then he looked >s
innocent is you please.
Meanwhile, Big Bear htd also heard the ull and, thinking it was Little Growling Bird,
came lumbering alo.g to see what hi. Ilnle friend wanted
Alter a little while Green Frog coughed up the whistle and blew another shrill blast:   "Prip. pir-r-r-r-r-np!" he trilled. Bii: Bearatarted toward
the place where he thought the sound came Irom and poked his nose here and there trying *.o hntl the musician.   Little Growling Bu-d and Aundak
peeked through the reeds and saw him nosing around.   "Sh-h-h1" whisperer! Aundak, "he thinks WE are calling hin.1"
"Let's keep very quiet," said Little Growling Bird, "and when he sets closer we'll unrip out an.! scare him."
Now Nahbay O-muk-kukce, the Bullfrog, thought HE would go and investigate the source cf the whistling also: so he dived and swam under
water (he can swim faster that w-ay) until he came right under lhe nose of Big Bear, who was, just then, taking a dnnlc.
Now the O-muk-kukee-wug, the Frog-People, will grab at any small, red object that catches their eye. They will even jump up and Kite a bit
ol red flannel on a fish-hook, thinking, perhaps, that it is a bug or butterfly, or something good to eat.
So. when Bullfrog saw the bright red tongue ol Big Bear in the water, in Iront of his nose, he didn't stop to find out what it was. but grabbed
hold of it at once!
WOW! What a row there was when Big Bear saw the round, goggle-eyes of Bullfrog right in his lace and lelt the cold, clammy mouth holding on to his tongue!  He roared with Iright and disgust and quickly knocked Bullfrog llying back into the water with a stroke oi his big paw.
HE, HE I HO, HO !!
CA   %
. ., WW A WE ON i      <r as
'■Ti\ bid 3EAR
If fa
.v//t, i ii . y\>.
.--■ ■• ......,.,,,. i . * -
 --.'  -aSC-   '   -     '
It was Ihe first time Little Growling Bird or
Aundak had ever .een H.f. Brar excited, and sni.k-
ered and .huckled to themselves among the Tecum.i Big Bear heard them.  Thin—
'■■*'.- ~;-—~^.' '      .
";i|""    ~;C„r     ■      "'■  ^'!^-*Mi'M-!..V..WlWi*'!
 - Jvy .-Miif'i****- ny
Tl""/"   "* '   F their hitlit        -     I                               ..   ,   "Oh, mughl" they  ■-'     Look at Keerh. v„t .,   ,.
yen, the Bullfrog I You said, Usi                         .....                 ,       ,..,.,.,,    ,,.      ,.   ,            ,   Y k "*'," Bl« ,l»r- '•" bon in W,n,|Cg0 Land, alr.nd ol Old Goggle-
Nm, mint thi. mean ol Utli . -„  .......   .    .,   .          ''"
Well, Big Bear looked loohh enough, to btiure, and when h« remembered how HI    id t      .     ,.      , „,, „„■.„,„,.„,     ,.k
BrowlIng Bird. Wi're even now   Ltt'i lay no more about it, bui    m<        „:,.,, Hied hlm yellow frog, he joined in the laugh, and said: "AJI right, Llttla
Then ll:r*v VTrw v»r*/ frt *-.-..*'.   ill   .t ...,,-,.__ .;,,,„.„„ '*.,i. t,. ..„   ....i      ...   ...
Thin they grew
, Im -• nv liti      •      md : rla <v,
' nice to en   Ro«
■■■■Mlemirmtm ■•*m*mmn'**im"i3iiiK<'imnT-WmUmnrrf..rmiuxuil
Tlicy sal down together ami Big Bear opeiied
his dinner pall, which was lull cl nice, ripe wild
cherries I
Mow, ever since then, the Brown Bear dislikes
i?Jn.,r?6-peoljl'   ("'though   sometimes,  when
VF.RV ■"..■nt.ry, he will kill and est tlictrl.
im z y i
(Tl fl-t-V )
-**'W/   'Vi'.'^j
i% .   /
\ and curry uwuy limber from lhu following ne
scribed lands, situate uu ibe east hIUu of Uppor
Arrow Luke, wesl kootenny dislricl :—
1; (.'uiaincin*inK ala post marked "Dairy Mu
Intoih'l   sullt i-weat  culliei   punt," uhulil is miles
oust iii Nakusp, mi asuiull creek tributary tu Na*
kii up creok, uuu about lo chains wost from the
north-east corner post ut llmlwr limit No. 78D0,
tlieucu i."i ih lliu cli'iiiib, iltencv east, -i J chains,
tlience -.milli lliu chums lu abuvt i.ainvil coMCI
pusl id lllllbeillli.it ,No.7;i*jll,(lk"Hcc ncal 4U cllttlllS
on the line uf timbei Nu, 7W0 tu puint of commencement,
i. Commencing at npuat tUUlkuil "Hairy Me
In tosh** auulb'West curuer punt," ju chains w *-.
tiom po-,1 No. i, uml on the nurth lino of inula)
limit No. 7660. thencu nuilh ICO chains, llienei
UttaUU clmillB, tlkliec south Ifli) chains lu llultl.
Hue uf lllilbur limit Nu, (1*611, Uiuuce wesl -ui
chains mi ihu hue nl limber lliii.t Nu, 7J:iu iu
puail uf coin ihoi nc me nl.
-j,  to iiumiclugata punt imi'ked "llmiy Mc
IllUisliH snuliiWcst curlier pusl,' 4UollUlliS UVbt
(roiupoat Nu t, and uuticBQitliliiiouf MuIm
liun ao, 78.0, tbonco nuiili 160 lamia-,, llienuu uuol
ill cllllilll, tliOtlcesuUlll IBU Cll.llli.-l, UlBIICU   Wc.-l-ili
chain*, uu ma- oi timber limit Nu. T.Wlu point ut
4. Com Noticing ul a pnsl murked "Harry Mc-
Intoali s Houtli.wust cornor post,'* 4U chains weal
bum pw-si Nn. .i, and on lliu nuiili line uf timber
limit Ne. 7860. thouce north 100 vlialus, thouco
eusl <U .haii.i, llcncc mntli Uiu chains tu the
north in.,' oi iiiiiki* limit umuor 7BW,tlieueo
Host-to ci.alus un Uio Jitioul Umber limit No. 7860
tu puim ui cuinmciicfinciil,
6, turnn.cin*in*•; ui a punt marked 'Hairy Mc
Intosh's Miiiili-wi'Ni coiner poat/' lu chains wesi.
li 'in the .iii.h.-euil corner punt uf tun bei lunil
nu. 7861, Liiui cc imrlli nm chain*, ilieuceeoat la
i bain,, i in. aouth uio chains to nurtlpoast curlier poat u. uan or limit Nu- 7861, tlionco west 40
Chains uiu nc m Imi Ult limit sNu. 7861 tu poinl of
liun in en ic. cm.
o. i in nn at a post marked "Hairy M*.*-
Liti.a,.-.  ...,,ii i,v*i toruui poat," lu chains wost
fi'oiu p..... N    and uu lln* uoitli line uf  tiiuLut
Ilniu .-u. , •!, hence iioiih WO.cllilllh, thencu oaat
iu c am*, t.i ii e auuth MUclialu* to tho nuttli
Imu ..i umbor unit Nu. t.im, thonce wust40
lliailm uii Hig  til line ul tiiahci limit Nu. 73j|
to point ui cuiiiiLiciicemt'iu.
7. i uia.oii-.niK at a pout uiarked "Hairj Mc-
Iiui'M.'.. »ouln*west cui nor post.' ami uu the north
line ii i-iuoci iiniii No. 7861,thenco iiurili iui
cliaiiiB, thonoo east 4U chams, uience smith no
oha|ps to the north Inm of timber limit No, 7861,
thenee west un the nurth line uf Umber limit No,
7851- 4U chain*, tu puint uf cuiniiieiiccme'it.
0, Uuiaiuuiicui-,1 nt a pust marked lorry Mc
lutiwli's suuth-easl cunier puat," about SO chains
imrtli uf pust Nu. 7, thunce west UJ chums, tlience
imrih tu ctiaitM, thencu west 2-J chains,thenco
imrth '20 chains theuce west 80chains, theme
nurih 80 cliuiua, theuce west 2U chains, thunce
nor.h ti) clmiiis, tlience west 25 chains, thelice
north U5 clmins, thoneo oaat 10S cliains, Miotic
auuth lu.'i cliuiua to iiuiut uf en uumiicomont.
Dated October 16th, IWO.
oet 27 By his agent O.K. Brink.
and carry away limber irom tho following
described lands:
l. M.Bealou'sB. K. (lornor Host, com menu*
in«ai a eusl about'.t tniU* Uorlh Ol Kelly Creak
and \ mile GOBI ul Hah I retk, ihence nurth ICU
chaina, west io ehnins, aouth ItiO ulialus, oast
iu chains lo point ul coiiiiueiiecmcnl.
2 M. Beaton's is, W.l oruer I'usi. eommenc-
iiu: tit H post about J^ralle north ol Keiij Creek
one-hull mile east oi Wsli Greek- thouoe north
mi chuius, ciibt 80 ct-Hiiu, south 80 ehalus, west
80 chuina to point of uoin inoncemeut,
■j, M. lies ton's N, W, Coruer l'o»t.eoinnieno'
|ti(j at a post about tliree miles up Uoyd Creek,
une utile east ol Ijoiulnlou Hue, thenoo south
>u clmins, mut hu chains, nurth hu chain.-, weal
mi ciniins to point oi commencement.
t. N, Beaton's N. \V, Corner Post, ooinmeno-
in;; nlii pnsl  ubout    iniv in lit s up lluj d I 'reek,
on Iruil twu miles oust Dominion lino, theueo
suulh 80 Chains, eu.it SO chains, uortli 60 chains
west nu ehalm. lo point nfeommoiiecineiit.
o. M. lteuiuii\s \\,Corner l'ust,eotnuiene*
ii i: at ii poit about throe miles up Boyd Creek
unc niilv oust ot iiouiiiiiou line, ibonooeast&j
chains, uorlii HO cluilna, west mj ehnitis, smilli
8U chums lo polul of commencement,
Nov, 21, WW.     WlUOvN      M, BEATON.
Notici ia hereby ui ven that 30 daya after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Landa* and Worka fur a special licenso to cut
and carry away timbor from the following described lauds ia Big Bend district, of Wost
Cummencing at a poat planted about 4 mile
from anal hank of Columbin river, ubout 1), miles
below Kocky Point, markod "C. F. Lindmurk's
■eolith-we.i corner post," thence east 100 chalna,
north 40 chains, west ItiO chains, south 4U chains
to point uf commencement,
Commencing at a posl planted nbout j mile
fnnn east bank of Culumbia river, and About I'.i
niilea beluw Itocky Puint, marked "C. F. Liudmark's north-west corner post," tlience east ItiO
haina, aoutli 4U chains, weat 100 chaina, north lu
cliains to puint uf commencement.
Dated Nur. 9th, 1906.
Commencing it a post planted About 1 milo
frnm vast hunk uj Columbia river, and about' a
milt bolow Kocky point, marked "O. V. Lind-
mark'a ami.h-west corner post,'' thence north 100
chains, east 40 chains, aouth 100 cliains, west 40
chains tu point of comuiencamont.
Commencini* at a pnik plantad about ll,
miles from eA^t bunk of Columbia riror, and about
i mile below Kocky Point, marked ,-C. F. Lind-
mark'a south-west corner pust," thence north US)
eliains, east 40 chaina; south 160 chaina, wwat io
tbaina te point of commenoement,
Commencing at a pust planted about 8 miles
from oast hank uf Columbia riror abuut j mile
below Kocky Point, marked "C. F. Lindmark'a
aoulh-waat eurner post," tlianct north 100 chains,
eaat io chains, aouth ltio chains, west 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Commencing at a poat plantod about i*-,
miles from enst bank of Columbia mer and about
1 mile below Kocky Point, marked "C. F. Lind*
mark'a aouth'Wes! corner post," tlience north 160
clmins, east in chains, soulh 16U cbaina, weat iu
clmins to puint of commencement.
Commencing at a post planled about 3
miles from east bank ol Columbia river and
about 1 mile below Kocky Point, marked "C.
t. Liudmark'saoiitb'west corner post," tbenee
north 160 chaius, eaal 40 ibitna, south ltio
chains, wen 10 chains to point o( commenc*
Coinmeneing at a post planted about 3^
mites from oast bunk of Columbia river, and
about 1} railee beinw Rooky Point, marked."C.
F. Lindmark'** soutb-west comer pusl," thenee
north 16u chains, «an 4U chains, south 160
chain?, wn 40 chains to polutof commence*
Dated Not. fttb, 1906.
norlu cn*.«. F. LINDMARK.
Notice Is hereby Riven t hat 30 days after dote
wo Intond to npplr io the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Landsaud Works fora ipeolal
license to cut nnd carry away timber from the
following described lands:
1. Con i nut i iui uk ai a pnst marked "O. B
Campbell and (', B, Kirk's north-west coruer
po-t. planted on tbe caat bankof the north fork
of Fife Creek, 8ti miles abovo the forks; thenco
cast 40 chains, tnence IliO chains aouth. theuce
lOchains wesl, thence lu chains uorlh to point
of commencement.
2. Commencing at a pout marked "Q. B,
Campbell and C. B. Kirk's north-bast corner
post, planted on the east bank of tho norlh
fork of Fife Creek, 6H miles above lhc forks
thence 40 chains west, thence 160 chains aouth,
thence iO chains easl, thence 100chains norlh
lo point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post niarked "O. B.
Campbell and C. B. Kirk's north-east corner
post, planted on the east bank of the north
fork Of Fife Creek, JH miles above the forks;
thence 10 chaina west, thenco 100 chains north,
thonco 40 cbaina oasl, thenco 100 chains soulb
to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post marked "G. B.
Campbell and C. B. Kirk's south-west oorner
post, planted on the cast bankof the nortb
foik of Fife Creek, 6*^ miles above the forks;
thence s) chaina east, thenco 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains weat. thence 80 chains aou.h
to poinl of com meneement.
3. Commenolng at a post marked "fi. B,
Campbell and C. B. Kirk's north-west corner
pnsl, planted on the west bank of the north
fork of Fife Creek, 8 miles abovo thc forks;
theuco 80 chains cast, thence 80 chuina uouth,
thenco so chains west, tbenee 60 chains uorth
lo point uf oommoucoment,
fl, Commencing at a post marked "G. B.
Campbell and C. B. Klrk'a aoulh-eaat corner poat." planted on tbe west sideof tha
north fork of Fife Creek. 8 miles above tho
forks; Ihence 80 chalna woat, Llienco 80 chains
norlh, Ihence 80 ihalns east, tbenee 80 chains
south to point of commencement.
7, CommeucinK at s post marked "G. B.
Campbell and C. B. Klrk'a MUth-Weit comer
post, planted on the wet aids of the north fork
of Fifo Creek, 8 miles above the forks; theuco
tw ehalus eaat, tlience Wu chains north, thence
40 chains weat, theuco 80 chaius south, thence
iO ohains west, thenoo M chains south to point
ft commencement.
8, Commoiicliif at a post marked "G. B.
CtfmptH II and C. B. Klrk'a south-oast corner
post, "plantod on the wost aide of tbo north
fork of Klfo Creok. 10 miles nlwve tlio fork*;
tlience 80 clmins weat, thonco 80 chains norlli,
tlienco 8U chains east, tlienco 80 ohalni south to
■point of commencement. ,   , „_ „
9, Commenolng at a post marked "ii. B.
Campbell and C. B. KlrYsnortheast corner
post, planted on tha weat Bide of the north
fork of Fife Crook, 10 miles above the forks;
thence 80 chaini west, thence 89 chains south,
thence 80 chaius east, thence 80 ohains north to
point of commenoement,
OoUb.rMh.lWl.     aBCAM1>BKUi
norS C. B. KIKK.
Nolle. I. hereby giren tint 30 (lays altir .late I
lutein! to apply to the Chief Con.ratafflO.ier ol
Until anil Work. Ior tv .peclnl license to cut nnil
cmtj awny timber Imm 111. lollotvlng ile.orjbeil
liinih situated In the Big B«nd district ol W«»t
Kootonay: ,  , „„ „ ,, ,
Commencing at a po«t raarkeil "0. t. lino-
mark', .oiith.we.t corner pout," plantod about jn
chnlns .outh Irom tlio north-east corner ot Lot
1881), tlienco nortli Oil clinim, tlionco o.»t 10 chain.,
thenco north 10 chain., tlience ca.ldO chain.,
thenco noulli 100 chniui, tlienc. woit 100 chain, to
pointol riiitimonctinient.
Dated Uct.ath, 1900.
no, l(| CHAS, F. UNDMAIlli
Notice Is hereby kI.oii tint *' lltB »"•' fl"1" '
Illli'llil tu npply to tbe lion, the CliW lliii.liil»«l"ii
er ul liiinil. nml Work. Inr ti .Mil lic-nie to cut
ami rarry nway Hmbor Inmi llie lollowlng lie-
Bi-rllmil Inmi. In Wc»t KiiiiIiiiiii)'llHlri'-l: ,
Ciimiii'-iiiliig ul n uml innrkiiil '.I. 1'uiti'i"
nnrlli-i-irt enrner pm*. at llm Miuili i-«»l coriijij
ol Tlioimw I'ajnon'i iiro-amptlon, tlienco lontli»
cliulii", Uience i«'«t SO I'linim, tlionco nnrlh K"
cliiiltiH, thence cn.l DO elialm to point "I commencement.
Located Kept, 17th, ■ Jim.
Notice is horoby given that 30 days afto* dale
1 iuloiid toapply lo tlioi liiof Cniiimissionorof
Laud* and \\urks fur a special liconso tn cui
antl carry awny timber fmni tlm fiillowiii-^de*
scrlbul lands situato In Bait Kooteuay dbtrict:
1, i iiniiiiiinciiii: ut a post plantod ou the
south-oust bunk of Woudltivur ubout 2 milos
bolnw tho WOlt fork and markod ■ K. McBeau's
sotilh-wust cut nur," thoneo uortli HI chuius,
tbonco east 80 chains, tliuuco south Hi) cliains,
i huuee wosl 80 chains to thu ixiiut of cuuiliiutico-
2, ('omiimnciiiK at a post | lun tod on tlio
Miiith-iui>t bank of Woou Hivur about 2 milos
below ihu wust fnrk and markod "ti. McHonn's
nOfllbWOSlCOrUOr," lluum-eii-l Hi)chain.-,limine
suulh 80ehalus,thouoe wostW ohains,theuce
north mi chains tn ilm point of commouceiuont.
3, I'umiiiuiicii)*- at a pust plauted on lhe
suuih-ea-i bunk ul Wti.nl Kivor, op|iusl!i; the
mouth uf the wesl fork uud mnrked "K Mc-
iteaiiN north-west oornor," thoneo souih ion
ehuins, theueoeitsilu t luiius Ihenee imrtu HiU
ebains, thoneo west -111 chaius to the poiut ol
Huled this wh da; or August, PJOtl.
i. Commencing »t a post planted on the
north-wesl bank uf Wood ilivor, Jusl above ihu
montli of lhe west fork und marked "J*.. Mr-
(lean's suuthtnst eurner," thenoe ninth au
chains, thenco woat 80 chains, theuce souih mi
chains, theuce east 80 chulua tu the point of
Dated this 20th day of August, looo.
6. Commencing at a post pluuted on the
south-east bauk of Wood Kiver. opposite the
mouth of the wosl fork sad marked "E McHean's south-west corner," thouce north 80
chains, ihenco east 8u chains, theuce south 80
chaina, tlionuo wesi 80 chains lo lhe puint of
0 CummcncliiK at a post planted on the
uorth-west bank of Wood Kiver about 1 mile
bolow the mouth of lhe weat lork and inarked
"E McHean's south-east corner," thenco norlh
40 chains, cast iu chains, north 40 ehnins, west
30 chuius, soulh 4U chains, wost 40 chains south
40 chains, east 30 chainB to the point of coin.
7 Commouciug at a post planted on the
north-west bank ol Wood Kiver about 1 mile
below lhe wost fork uud marked "E, McBean's
uorlh-east corner," thenco south 40 chains,
theueo west 40 chains, thenco south 40 chains,
tbenee west SO chaius, ibeuce north 40 chains,
theuce east 4U chains, tbenee nortb 40 chains,
thenco enstSO chains to tho point ol commence
3, Commencing at a post planted on the
south-cast bank of Wood Kiver about 4 milts
below lhe west fork and marked "E McHean's
south-west corner," thence north 100 chains,
thence easl 40 chains, ibeuce south 100 chains,
thence west 40 chains to thc puint of com-
Dated ibis 21st day of August, 1900.
9, Commonclug at a posl planted on the
norlh-west bank of Wood Kiver and 2 miles
bolow Jump-up Creek and marked "E. Me-
Heiui's south-east comer," thence.cast 100
chaius, Ibeuce nurth to chains, theuco west Hill
chains, thence south 40 chains to the poiut ui
10. Commeuelng at a post plained on the
norlh-west bank oi Wood Kiver about 2 milos
below Jump-up creek aud marked "JS, Mo-
Bean's south-east corner." thenee west 80
chains, thenee north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, tlienco auuiu soubuiusio iho pointol
Daled this 22ud day ol August, 1906.
nov24 sat E. MeBEAN.
Notice is hereby given thnt thirty days niter
.Into we intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ot Lands aud Works for special licenses tu cut nud carry nwny limber Irom the
lollowing described lands:
1. CommenciuK at n post plauted about',
mile north ol Kelly Creek, J milo enstol Fish
Creek, theuce enst 80 chains, south 80 chains,
wost 80 chains, north 80 chnius to poiut ot com-
-. Ilowmttu Lumber Company s north-wost
corner post, commencing ut u post about two
miles up Boyd Creek at lhe Domiuiou liuo posl
thence south 80 chuius, east 80 chaius, north 811
cliains, west 80 chuius to point of commencemeni. , ,
3. llowmun Lumbor Compauy s south-east
corner post, cominonciug ot a post about two
miles up Boyd Cre.k, ut Domiuiou Hue; theuce
uorth 80 chaius, west 80 chains, south 80 chuius,
east 80 chaius to puiui of commencement
I. Bowmau Lumber Company's north-east
coruer post, commeueiug ul u post ubuut three
miles up Buyd Crook aud ouo mile east ol Domiuiou line; thouco south 80 ehuins, west 80
chnius, uorth 80 cliuiur, oust 80 chuius to point
ut cuuimeucemeut.
5, Bowmau Lumbor Cumpuuy s south-west
corner post, coiunicucing at u pust ubout two
milos up Boyd Crook, at Domiuiou line jiost;
thence north 80 chnius, eust 10 chuius, south 80
chuius, west 80 chaius to poiut uf commonco-
0. Commencing al a post -planted on tho
south-eust coruor of Timber Berth No. 36(1, ou
Fish Creek; thenco north 100 chuius, east.0
chuius, south ItiO chuius, west 10chuius to poiut
of cummuueomeut.
Dntod Nov. 21st, 1900.
nov 21 sal    Bowman Loiiiuii Co., Ltd,
The Pingstiiii Oreek Lumber Company, Limited, lias gone Into voluntary liquidation under the above jlct
anil has appointed John II. Jaekson,
of the ciiy of Revelstoke, B. C, uc-
ii.utaiit, its llquldiito. for the purpose
of such winding -up.
The ci-edito.-sof the aboveCoir.pnny,
which bus its bead olliee in suid city of
Kevelstoke, and all others having any
cliiiins against said Oompany are i-e-
quired, on or before I he 1st day of
January. 11)07, to send to Harvey, Mc-
Carter & Plnkhaiii, solloltors for said
liquidator, at their olliee Firsl Street,
Kevelstoke, 11. 0,, their names anil
addresses and descriptions, uml tbe
full iiiii'liciilui-s of thnl.-claims ur debts
veiilled by mill, and the nature and
amount of the securities, if any, held
by theni and the specified value of
such securities, and, if so required by
notice in writing from said liquidator
in- bis solicitors, to (.'nine In and prove
their said debts or claims in the usual
way, at such time and place as shall
be specitled in such notice.
After the first day of January, 1IKI7,
the said liquidator will proceed to distribute the assets of the Company
iimongst the parties entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
which he then has had notice, and the
liquidator will not then be liable for
the assets ot-any part thereof so. dla-
tribtited, to any person of whose claim
lie bud not notice at tho time of the
distribution thereof.
Dated tliis mill day of November,
nov 'il sat aild Liquidator.
Notice ia heroby given that sixty days after
date I Inlcnd ui apply to the Chief commissioner ol Units and Worki tor permission
to purchase the following described lands in
the district of Weil Koolenny:
CopunOUOJngat a post mnrkeil "Ilerbort lied-
font's north-west comer post," and planted ot*
the oust bank ol the Culumbia river, about four
inili'--'milli uf Nakusp) tluinco oast 40chuinj,
tbonco Boulh 4l) chains, thonco we.-t 40 chains.
theiicn muili (n obilui to isiini of commencement, cniitiiinin-rf it'**) aero* mure ur less.
Dated tbo 20th September, A.D., 1'."'
oot20 11KKBEBT HKUfc'KKN.
next session, for an Act, incorporating n
i Company lu build, equip, maintain ami
operate a line or lines of railway of standard or other gunge, with any kind oi
motive power irom a poinl on Upper Arrow
Lake, Wesl Koolunuy, near arrowhead,
Ihence following lhe Columbia River
northerly on either >i*.le (o a point ai or
near the confluence of Cnnoe Kiver with
the Columbia Kiver ami ihenee following
llloug Canoe Kiver on eilher side, to a
poini al or near Tete Jaune Cache, on
l-'raser Kiver, with power to construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles Irom the main
line of railway; aiu! wllh power to construct, operate uiul inaiiiiain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways nnd lorries; and to
construct, acquire, own ami maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith) and to construct, own, acquire,
equip and inaiiiiain Meam and other vessels and boats and operate the same on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the routes of lhe said
railway and its brunches, or in con nee I ion
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; to generate electricity and supply liylit, heat and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
Lhe necessary buildings and works, and lo
generate any kind ol power for the purposes aforesaid, or in connection therewith,
lor reward; and to acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporation or persons, grants oi land, money, bonuses,
privileges or oilier assistance in aid ol the
construction of ihe Company's undertaking; and lo connect with and enter into
trallic or other arrangements with railway,
steamboat or other companies, and to
xercise such powers uh are granted by
paris 4 and 5 of the " Water Clauses
Consolidation Act"; and for all right
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to ihe premises, and i'or other
Dated at Kevelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
ol'August, 1906.
Solicitors tor the Applicants.
and can*-, away limner 'coin Hie following do'
scribed lnnds sttualnd iu the in* llond distriot
of Wosl Kootenay:
I. Commonolng at a posl marked "Gus
Luud's Man h-ca-t oorner post" plant., -1 abuul l
mile up lloldu-li or One Mile I reek, and about
I mile from the west Hunk of Columbia Hirer,
Ihence north mi chains, wnsl 80 chains, south Sll
chiiiiii.. u»i tiOuliulutito poim of commencement,
'.'. Commencing at a ponl mnrked "Ous
laindV soulh west cunier DOBL,"planted abuul. 1
II ile up Holdieli or One Mile Crook, md nbou1
1 mile iidin the west hunk of Columbin Kivor.
thenoe north HO chains, oast BOohahls, south su
chains, we-l 80 ohains to point of uommuiicu
'A. Commencing at a posi  mnrkod   "Uus
Lund - suulh ensl oornor prat," plnnted uimui 2
; miles up I luiJ 11 h or dim Mib-1 -rook, oasl hank,
and abuul -.'milesfrom Columbia [tlver,tlionco
, north *" chains, west 80ohains,kouMi HO chains,
i cnsl "j chains to point of commencement.
j   1. Commencing at a pu*-t   murked "Uus
Lund's south* west cornor pusl.' planted about i
1 miles up lluldicbor Unc Milo Creek, cast bank,
and nboul 2 miles from Columbin rivor, llienco
nurth so chains, oust Sn chains, sihilli Ml chains,
w< *l Ni chains [0 point of couitucncciiiuul,
Located Ocl.'.'lsl, 1000,
nov 3 til'S LCN1).
Notico Is hereby given that 3d days after duto
I intend to apply to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for special licenses
to cut and carry away timber from the following described lands situated in the Dig Bend
District of Wont Kootui.uy:
1. Commencing at a post marked "F. W.
Davis' south-west corner post," planted ono
milo wost from the north-east corner of T.L.
071)7, thence north 80 chains, cast 80 chains,
south 80 chaius, west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. and, 1900,
2. Commencing at a post marked "F. W.
Davis' south-east corner post," planted at tbo
south-west corner of location No. 1, thonco
north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains,
east 80 chains to point of commencement,
3. Commoneliig at a post marked "F. \V,
Davis' southeast corner post," planted at. tho
north-west corner of T. L, 07117, tlienco north 80
chp.ius, wc4 8'l chains, south SO chains, east SS
chains to point of commencement,
Dated Nov. 3rd, IIM.
4. Commencing at n post marked "F. W,
Davis'north-east corner post," planted at the
norlh-west corner of T.L. 0707, thence south 40
chain\ west 10'J chains, north 40chains, cast 16*1
chains to point of commencement.
fi. Commencing at a post marked "F. W*J
Davis' south-west corner post," plantod at the
north-west corner of said location No. 3, thenco
north 80 chains, cast -SO chains, south 80 chains,
west 80 chains lo point ot commencement.
Dated Nov. 4th, 1900.
nov 10 Por Gus Lund, Agent
Notice is hereby Riven tbat 60 days after date
we intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commis*
siouerof Lands and Works for permission to
Surcbasethe following described lauds iu tbe
istrict of Wost Kootenay:
CommeiiciiiK at a post planted 20 chains west
from the north-east corner of Lot 4,949, and
markod "Big Beud Lumber Company's southwest corner post," thence north GO chaius;
thonco east 40 chains; tbenee south 65 chains,
more or less, to the lako shore; theuce west
alongshore to south-east cornerof Lot 4,949:
1 hfiiico north 1 chaius to north-east corner of
Lot 4,949; thouce wost 20 ohains to poiut of
Dated October lad, 1906.
oct 0        Bio Bend Lumber Oo,. Ltd.
Notice iB hereby given that60 days afterdate
I Intend to apply to tbe Honoranle the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission tu purchase the following described lands
In West Kootenay District:
BcKinuiug atu post inarked "Margaret Hammond's south-west eorner." and planted on
tbe oast shore of Upper Arrow Lake, about one
mile suuth ol Cape Horn; thenco north 80
chains, theuce west 40 Jchains, more or less, to
(hc shore ol Arrow Lake, thence following tho
bike shore in a general southerly and easterly
direction 80 chains, more or less, to point of
commeucemeut; containing 820 ncres, more or
Dated thia 1st day of October, 1906.
oct 10        MARGARET HAMMOND,
liy I'. L, Hammond, Agent,
Vf OTICE is horoby given that, 60 days after
1\ data, 1 intond to apply to tlio Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and Works for permission
to purcbaso tho billowing described lands
situatod iu Cariboo district, B C:
C'uinmeucing at a post mnrked "Alexander
McLaren's suutb-easi corner post," plauted
about'JO chains west uf trail running through
Starvation Kbits in a southerly direction from
Tele Jaune Cache, running nortb 8U chains,
tbonco west SU chains, thenco south 80 chains,
Iheneeeast 80 chains tu poiut of commencement,
Dated this 0th day of November, 190ft.
nov 17        ALEXANDER Mcl-AHEN,
after date 1 intend to apply to the lion, chief
Commissioner of Lauds ami Works for permission
to purchase thc folluwhig described lauds situate
In Cariboo district, B. C.;
Commencing at a post marked "Ueorgell.
Risseti's north-east corner post," planted
about ~o chains west oi trail running through
starvation Flats lu a southerly direction from
Tele Jaune cache, running west 80chains,
tbenee south so chains, thence easts,' chains,
llionce north 80chains tu point uf commence-
Dated 9th day of November, 1906.
nuv 1"     uiiO OK H. HISSKIT, Locator.
Certificate ol Improvements.
Silver Bell and Laurel Mineral Claims, situato
in tlm lllecillfwnut  Mining Dmsiun id Rout*
un.ij Distriet.
Where locutodi-Tbroo-quarlorti nf amilooiut
uf Illocillowaot
Take nut ice that I, J. A- Kirk, acting hs agent
for John Newell, Free Minor's Csrlificato No.
H.W.7J4; 0. Robert Dalil, Froe Miner's Certificate No. B. 8S596; aud Gtorgs W, Jeffs, Froo
Minor's Cortiflcate No. B. 18695. intend, sixty
days from tlie date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder fur a Certificate uf Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
tho uboTOclntm.
Aud further tako notice tbut uotiou, under
section 37, must be commenced before tbo
Issuance of such Certificate uf Improvements,
Dated this 30th day of September, A.D., 1W11
oct 20 J. A. KIRK.
NOTICK Is hereby given that :m days afterdate
I intend toapply to the Hon, the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for a Special
License t" cut and carry away timlier from the
fulli.willi: descrilied lands in West Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post markod ' T. Kilpat-
rick's north-east coruer post." planted on north
onss arm of I'pper Arrow 1 a-ko,,at)ont 2 chains
west of the north-west corner nf Lot No, 505,
theuco south 80 chains, wost 80 chains, nurth So
chains'oast ni chains to point uf commencement
Dated Nov. 1st, I9C8.
Good, sound, Xo. 3 Applet, at
85c. per box, f. o, b. Vernon.
Notice is hereby given (bat Oo days
afler date I intend lo apply to lho Cbiel
Commissioner of Lands & Works for per*
mission lo purchase ihe following described lands, situated in Ihe West Kootenay
dislricl on llie wesl sideof Upper Arrow
Lake in the Fosthall Vulley:
Commencing ul a posi uiarked "T, S,
Mcpherson's south-west corner post,"
planled nl the north-wesl corner of Lot
86J) llienco north So chains, ibeuce easl
So chains, lhence south So chains, ihence
wesl So chains to point of commencement,
containing (140 acres, more or less.
Located 23rd day oi November, 1906,
nov 28 wed      T. S. Mcl'ilKRSON.
Nuliei-is lii'ii'liy given thut00 dnys
utter ilnn* I inli'iid tn npply ta the
Chief Commissioner of l.niids nnd
Winks fm- permission tn niirehi.se six
hundred nnd forty acres of Inmi lying
in the Fosthnll Vulley nil llie west side
of Upper Arrow Luke, described ns
Commencing ul u post marked "Wil-
lliini Harlow's north-enst corner pnst,"
planted 100 ehuins westof Lot 4570,
Group 1, Kootenny! Uience west 8(1
chuius, thenee south 81) chuius, Ihene
enst 80 chnius, thence north 80 chains
to the place of commencement, containing 010 acres, more or less,
Duted this 24th duy of November
nov 28 wed   Per T. S. MePherson.
'•I tl.MI'.\MI-;s ,-UT,
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission to purchase Ihree hundred and
twenty acres of land lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the west side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Robert
Abbie's norlh-east corner post," planted
al the north-west corner of Loi 862,
Group 1, Kootenay; thence 80 chains
west, thence 40 chains south, ihence 80
chains cast, thence 40 chains norlh to the
point of commencemeni, containing 320
acres, more or less.
Dated the 23rd day of November, 1906,
nov 28 wed        Per T. S. McPerson.
Notice is hereby given that 00 dnys
afler date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lnnds &
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred and forty acres of lund lying
in the Fosthall Valley on the west
side of Upper Arrow Luke, described
as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "H,
Harlow s north-east corner post,"
planted 140 chains west of Lot 4570,
Group 1, Kootenay; thence west 80
ehuins, thence south 80 chains, thenee
east 80 chains, thence north 80 cliains
to the place of connnenceinent, containing 040 acres, moro or less.
Dated this 24th day of November,
nnv 28 wed   Per T. S. MePherson.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
ifler dale I intend 10 apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Laiuls & Works for permission to purchase six hundred and forty
acres of land lying in the Fosthall Valley
on tbe wesl side of Upper Arrow Lake,
described as follows:
Commencing al a posl niarked "Frederick Washburne's south-east corner post,"
planled 80 chains wesl of lhe north-west
corner of Lot 862, Group 1, Kootenay;
thence norlli 80 chains, tlience west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, tlience
east So chains to the place ot commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Daled tliis 23rd day of November. 1906.
nov 28 wed      Per T, S. MePherson.
Notice is hereby given Ibat thirty days
alter dale I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license lo cut and carry away
timber Irom the following described laiuls
situated in the Ossovos Division of Yale
District :
Commencing at a post planted near tho
northern boundary of timher limil No.
76S5, ahoul 80chain-*, from the north-wesl
conn i* of same; llienee north 60 chains;
tnence easl 160 chains; iheuce south 20
chains to the norlli.-east corner ol limber
limil ',684; thence wesl So chains along
said boundary to Ibe norlh-west corner of
same; tlience soulh,40 chains along lhe
western boundary ol limber limit 7OS4 to
ilie north-east cornor of timber limit 7681-;
tlience west 80 chains along lhe northern
boundary of said limit 7685 lo point of
Dated this 2S1I1 day of Sept. I906,
nov 14      j.h. Mckenzie,
NOTICK Is horoby given that (10 days after
dale I intend to apply to tbe Honourable
thut hlef Commissiuner of Landsaud Works
for PC-mission to purcluuKi tho following describe! lands in Cariboo distriot. B.C.:
Commencing at a post marked "William Koi.
He's north-went comer pout," planted about iill
chaius westof trail ruuning through Htnrva-
lion llals in n snulherly directiun from Tule
Jauno Cache, running east 80 chains, tbonco
soulh 80 chains, thenoo wesl 8U chains, thonco
north 80 chains tu point ol commencement.
Doled Oth day of November, 1908,
nov 17 WILLIAM KBLLIK, Loo&tor.
Nolle, ll licroliy given that 00 .lay. .Iter date
1 intend to in... »ji|,lli>niii.ii to tlio Chlel Com.
' '   ,di' "    '
n i finlimi tllHlrli.-t, 11.(1.
mluli.n.r ol Una. ,1 Work. Ior pernil.ilim to
punilime llie lollowlng ilemiribcil land altu.le
Commencing.. a |iohI market! -J. M, Keltic",
lotitli.wcflt corner imst," iilanled nu the noulli
Innk nl l-'ra.cr Kiver near Tolu Jaune Cache,
running north (ill i-lnilm-, thence cant 80 ohulim,
thenee .outh SO chain., thonco wont 00 chain,
to point ot commencement.
Dated thin loth day ol November, 1000.
nov 17 J, M. KKI.LIK, Locator,
Canada i \
I'muiNi'i; ol' Iim nsl. Cou'Miu \. I
No, ,',ii-'.
''Lamb-Watson Lumber Company, Limited," is aiiilioiisi-tlniiil licensed to carry .mi
business wllhln tlio Province of Htiiisli
Columbia, nnd to carry out or effect all ut-
nny ol llm objects ot tlie Company to
which tho legislative authority of the Eeg-
Islaturc ol Hi-itisli Columbia extends.
Tin' lii-iul office of lln- Oompany is situate in tlio City of Winnipeg, in ihe Province of Manitoba.
Tlio amoiuil ol ll.e eapilal of the Company is eiglil hundred and Iill) lliousand
dollars, divided inlo eiglil thousand live
hundred shares of one hundred dollars
The head office of Ihe Company in this
Province is situate at Arro.vlio.id, and
Olio Lachmund, lumberman, whose nd-
tlr.'ss is Arrowhead, is lho attorney for
r.e Company,
Given under my hand and seal of office
al Victoria, Province ol lliitisli Columbia,
(his 5II1 day ol November, one thousand
tiiii.- hundred niul six,
|i..s.|        S. V, WOOTTON,
Registrar ol Join. Slock Conipiuilei.
The olije.-ls for which the Company lias
been established and licensed ai-ei—
To manufacture, buy, sell and deal in
loji*, timber, lumber, sl.ii.gles, fuel, pulp,
sashes, doors, boxes, ties and all articles
manufactured from wood, and in all kinds
of building material ami building supplies,
Including lumber, sion..-, brick, tilts,
cement, marble, look, Implements and
mnchlncryi 10 acquire, hold, purchase,
lease, sell, mortgage, operate, conduct,
manage and dispose of snw-mllls, planing
mills, nouses, buildings, factories, wharves,
docks, stone quarries, brick-yards, coal
mines, peat beds, clay and plaster beds,
limber limits and real anil personal property of all kinds; to earry 011 the business
of contractors and builders in ul its
branches) lo own, operate, conduct and
manage slores, magazines and all other
places for storing, selling and disposing
of goods either to employees of llie Company or lo Ihe public generally, or liotllj to
acquire, construct, operate, purchase,
lease and hold on the property of lhe
Oompany convenient tramways and logging railways; also lo have and acquire
steamboats lot- the purposes of the Company, and to charge and colled tolls for
freight and passengers carried thereon; to
act as agents for other persons, firms or
corporations; to acquire and hold shares
in the capital stock of other companies
engaged in a similar business; to amalgamate wilh any other companies pursuing
llie like or similar objects, and generally
to carry on any oilier business and lo do
all ads and tilings necessary or convenient for the carrying on of any of the above
businesses or operations, or calculated,
directly or indirectly, to enhance lhe value
of llie Company's properly or righls.
nov 14
Iri.-lnl Wot Kootenay, Itevelitoke illvliloni-
i- iii-tit-iiiit at 11 poat planted mi tin- west bank
nl Um Columbia Blveral tliall 11 milebelon
l'rii-»t l(.i|iiil* ..ml in.irki-il "IV, II Sutherland".
iini'ili »ci cornor pint," Ui.-m-..mulr-n i-inon...
llienee oait in oliaiua more or leu tothe .-eat bank
nt ilic Ciiliiiiiliiii lliver; iln-ii-i- in n north-wciterly
illrocllon anil fallowing the w«t bank ol U1.C0I.
nu.liin l.ivt-i In tin- 111111K iiti-iiiiiiiii-iii-L-iiit'iit.
Dated till. IBthdaj nf in-inlii-r, lime.
..eli. IV. II. SIlllKHl.tND.
Notice ia hereby given tbat 30 daya after date
1 Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a speeiul license to cut
aud carry away timber from the following
described lands situated In Lillouet district:
5, Commencing at a post marked "A. Mc-
Connell's north-east corner, Limit No. 6,"
planted un east bankof Upper Adams River,
abuut four miles from mouth, running 80
chains west, su chains south, 80 chains east, 80
chains north to place of cummeucement.
6, Commencing at a postmarked "A, Mc-
Council's south-east cornur, Limit No, 0/'
planted on east bank of Uppor Adams Kiver,
about four miles from mouth, running 160
chain-i nurth, 40 chains west. 100 chains south,
40chaiuB east to place of commencement,
6}, Commencing at a post marked "A. He-
Connell's noitb-east corner, Limit No. 6},"
plauted on east bank ol Upper Adams Kivor,
about 17 miles from mouth, running 40 chains
west, 160 chains south, 40 chains east, 160
chains north to place of commencement,
7, Commencing at a postmarked "A.Mc-
Counell's soutb-west corner, Limit No. 7,"
planted on west bauk of Upper Adams River,
about is miles from mouth, running 80 ohains
cast, Hi) chains north, 8(1 chains west, 80 chains
south to place of commeucemeut.
8, Commencing at a post marked "A, Mc-
Council's north-west corner, Limit No. 8,"
plauted on cast bank of Upper Adams River,
abuut one mile abovo outlet ol Mica Lake, running 81) chains south, 80 chains east. 80 chains
norlh, SOohains west to place of commeucemeut.
ii Commencing ot a post marked "A. Mc*
Connell's north-oast eoruer, Limit No. 9,"
planted on suulh bank of Harbor Creek, about
2 iniles from mouth, running 80cbains west, 8U
chains suuth, 80 chains east, so chaius nurth lo
place of commencement.
111. commencing at a postmarked "A. Mc-
Connell's nurtb-west eurner, Limit No. 10,"
planted on easl bank of Upper Adams Itiver at
outlet of Mica Lake, running SO chains south
81) chains east, 8U chains north, 80 chains west
lo placu of cuinmciicemeut,
11, Commencing at a post marked "A. Mc-
Council's north-east corner, Limit No. 11,"
plumed ou wost buuk of a small unnamed
creek, tributary to Heaver creek, the feedcrof
Mica Lake, running 80 chains west, Su chains
souih, 80 chains cast. SOohains north tu place
of cummenceiactil.
Hated Nuv.'Jib, llHHi,
nov 14 A, McCONNELL.
Notice is baroby given Unit % days aftor date
1 inteud to apply to the Hon. Chief Commis-
siuuor uf Lauds and Works fur a speoial llcouso
to cut and carry away thubor from tho follow-
iug doscribod lauds iu Kauilnop.- distriot:
Commencing ut a post plunted ou tho oust
buuk of Adams Hivur ubout oigbt miles ab'ive
Adams Lake aud marked "U. i, Lamiuors1
-south-oast coruor post)1 thonco imrtli ft') chains
thouco wost «'i chaius, thonco south t * c .., as,
tlience easl b(l chains to puint uf comtnoacoii.uiit.
Dated 5th Nuvoinbor, IIHHI.
Noilco Is hereby given that thirty days alter
dale 1 Inlcnd to apply lo lhe chief Coiuuili
sinner ol Lands aud works Ior a special license
to eut and carry away timber from tho following described lands lu West Kootonay Dislricl:
1. Cuiuiuciichig atapiml planted at tho anulli*
west ooriier of ItohlilH.ju's land piirdia-n' uud
murked "W, (I. BelllllUe'e suuth-eaat corner punt,"
l hi'iin* 40 chains north- theuce 100 i-haln-t west,
llieueo 40 chains Hnulli, thencu lliu chaini ruxt
along lake shore to place of rnmme.ictmiuuL
Dated Nov. Villi. IWO,
2. Coiinueiichig al a pnsl planted ahoul lij miles
east ol T. L. HUM, on uuiih-tiast arm uf Arrow
Luke, ami marked "W. (l. HrhulUu's north-went
corner pusl." thence ku chains south, thence su
chains unst, tinmen 80 chains north, Ihencu 81)
chains west along lako shore to placoof coin-
Doted Nov. nlli, 1000.
W. O. N  IIULT/.R.
nov u Per W*. P. Ojtllvlo, agent.
NOTICK IS 1IKKK11Y U1VK1I lhat sixty dayo
alter date 1 Intond tu apply to the llmi. Chief
Commissioner of Landsaud Works for permission
to purchase thu following desciibed binds In tlio
West, Koolmiay district;
Commencing alu post pliuilud un the west sldo
of iiurtli-Hiist, arm of Arrowhead Luke, | of n mile
from K.iek Uiiiii, marked "tt, K. MuK.'-j soatb-euHt
corner pnst," thence 20 chains nurih, thence bO
chains west, theuce an chains smith, thence 8U
chains west along lake slioro to point of commei iccmeut.
Dated Nov. 10th, 1000,
nov 14
Pleases evory Smokor -the
VfOTICK if horoby given that UOdavs aflor
ll dale I Intend to apply to tbo lion, the
Chlof Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to iiurchaMi tho following dcMcribed
lands, situated iu WchI Kootenay, on the cast
shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing at a post adjoining T. L. 1780 on
tho north slue and marked "L. A, Dewar's
north-west corner," thonco oast Wl chillis
Ihence mumb ;su chain.,, thonco wont 80 chaini-
moro or less lo tho cast shore of Upper Arrow
Lake, I hence north following the shore of said
lake sll ohains to tho point of commoncement
Dated Oot, Hil h, 11)00.
osb H L, A, DEWAR.
Notice is hereby given tbat 6o days
from dnte I intend to npply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, t3.0*i lor purchase of following
described lauds in Lillooet district j
Commencing at a posi marked "J, P.
Shaw's norlh-west corner," planted on
wesl side of Upper Adams river, about j
iniles from bead oi Adams lake, running
8o eliains south, Su chains east, So chains
north, 8u ebains wesi, containing about
G40 acres,
Dated Nov, 12th, 1906.
nov 14 J. I\ SHAW.
lhe partnership heretofore existing between Percy Scholes, W. K. Edwards and
F, Wi Worsnup, all of Comaplix, has
been dissolved antl all business will in
future be carried on In lhe name*- ol W,
I*!, iidwards and F. W- Worsnup.
Daled Ibis 1 -pli November, 190(1,
nov 14.11 F, W, WORSNUP.
Notico Is hereby given that 60 days after date]
Intoml in apply to the Honourable the Chief Commissioner uf Lauds and Works for permlsslmi to
pnrcliaso llio following described lauds in the di>
uh I of West ICooten&y, Ruvolstoko dlvlilon*-
C'liuiui'iiciug at a pust planted du thc ivest bank
uf the Columbia River opposite ta.Mil.* Rapids
and marked "K. c. McCarter's souttpeost corner
post," thence wesl •11) chains, thouce north 80
chuius, thenceeast no chains moro or lesa to tho
west hank uf Dm Columbia Kiver, thence south
following the west bank of 'tie Columbia River'JU
elm ins mure ur less to the point uf commencement.
Dated October ltftli, lHUe.
oct 21 K.C, McCAETElt
away  timber from   (ho  following  doacriliod
lands in Wesl Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post planted ou the north
ilde of D'.vuiie Creole, about one-fourth of a
milo south of iho Downlo 'reek Trail, near iho
-S-Milo post, aud marked "G. IJ, Nagle'.- Miuth**
eait coruer post," tbonco uorth in cbnins,
thence west 100chains, thonce south 40 chains,
thenceeast 160 chains to the point of com*
Daled this llth day of Sfiitomher. liuni.
nuvi Q, B. NAULE.
Notice Is heroby given that BOdayB after date
I Intend to apply to lho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Work* for permission to purchase
thu following described lands in West Kootenay, 011 Ibe east shore of Upper Arrow I,akf:
Commencing al a post adjoining T, L. 5108
ou the south-west corner and marked "D,
Do war's north-west corner post," thenceeast
8U chains, thencosouth 80 chains, thenci- west
80 chains more or less to tho shore of said lake
llionce north along the cast bbore of said lake
80 chains to thc point of commencement
Dated Oct. 10th, 1900,
oct 21 D. DEWAR,
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date
I inlcnd to apply lo the chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands In the district of West Kootenay:
Commeueiug at a postmarked "L. H. Fra-
ser'snorth-wnst cornor," and planted tabout 2
milos south of St Leon on the east side of Upper Arrow Lako about oue mile from the shore;
tbonco east 40 chains, thence south 160 chaius,
thenco west 10 chaius, theuco nortb 160 chaius
to tbe point of commoncomont.
Dated this Oth day of OUoher, 1906.
nov? L. H. FRA9EH.
Notico is hereby given that 80 days after dato
I intend to apply to the Cbiel Commissioner
of Lands and n orks for a jpecial license to eul
and carry away timber irom the following
described lands situated about a half mile
west of the Upper Arrow Lake, and across th*
lake from Naltusp, B.C., iu the district ot
West Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "Kii
Lcgasfy's south-east corner post." running
west SOohains, Ihenco north SO chains, thence
ca-l >u chains thenco south 80 chains to point
of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post plantod at the
south-east corner of No, 1 timbor limit and
marked "fill Legassy's north-west corner post,"
running oast 80 chains, theuce suuth 80 cnains,
theuce west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement.
3. Commencing nt a post planted at the
n'-rtli-wost corner of timber limit No. 2 and
marked "Kii Legassy's south-west corner post,"
running north SO chains, tlienco cat-it $0 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenco west 80 chains
tc point of commencement.
Located SopL 29th, liXtf.
oct 31      K. Provost, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 30days after date
1 Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ot
Lauds and Works fora special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described lauds situate In the Vale district:
Commencing at a post markod "8. Hill's
south-oust cornor post" pluuted about oue
mile oast of tho Shuswap river, about*) miles
north uf Cherry Crook, theuco uorth !>U chains,
tbonco west 80 chaius, tbonco south 80 cbnins,
tinnier* east 80 chains to point of commencement
Dulod October 25th, 1908.
nov T S. HILL.
Notice is horoby glvon that 0U days after date I
intend to apply to the chief Couuolsslonor nf
Lnnds ami Works fnr permission lu uurchxoe the
ollowing described lauds in Cariboo district!
Commencing at a post marked"W. II. Olive's
south-east comer post,' planted on trail leading
from Norlli Thompson Kiver tn Yellowha&d Pass
and abuut 5 miles iu a northerly direction from
Cranberry Lake, running north su chains, theuce
west it)chains, thence south an chains, thencu east
in chains to poini of commencement.
Dated 11' h day of November, 1906,
nov ill W. ]|. OLIVE, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 3U days afler date I
intend to apply to tin* chief Commissioner ol
Lnmls and Works fur a spveia! llceuse to cut und
curry uway Limber from tlie following described
lnnds situated In the district of West Kootonay:
I.   Coimuuiicillg at a post planted about du
yards si.ath of tlm Ton (10) Mile Tree, Bbj Beud
trail, und marked "Ceurgij Lafenue's south-west
corner pest," running oasl hm chains, thenee
imrth lu chains, thencu west Uio chains, theuce
south -lOchains lo pninl of commencement.
2 Commciiciim at a punt planted al-onii--
yards suuth of llio Ten tluj Mile True, Big Bond
trail mid marked "George Laforme's north*west
comer post, running easl IW chains, thtm-e south
40chains, th-iM- wosl 100 elm 1111, theme nurth le
chains tu pointof commencement.
Datod UStli day of Uclolwr, h<"
:(. Cuiiiiueiicing at & put planted about on**
and oilt'lmll 11)1 miles nurth of No. 1 poit and
marked "George Laforait'D lOQltfffett corner
post; ihence east su cliains, (henoe uorth K
chums, thunce west B0 clialns, tlience -uc, -
chains iu puint of commencement.
Dated Snl Nov. 1900-
nuv iu QUO, LAIukmk, Locator,
Notice i.i hureby given that 0U days from dat*J I
intend to apply to ihe Honorable the Chief Cum*
missioner of Landsaud Works for uenoisniua to
purchase the fuiiuwinp described land*, iu ihe
West   Kuuteiiay   Districl:
Commencing at a postmarked "L. F,Mo*
Uuu ai'i's soutb-west roruar," planted uu tbe
eusLsidc ol Cpper Arrow Lake, (miles north of
Nakusp, H.C, theuco north .", chalnv tiicm *-
east m chains, thence nortli ai chains, theuce
easi lu ehalus, thencu suulu Oo chains, mure or
lens, lu Arrow Lake, thence westward unchains
more ur less, abmg the Arrow Lake 10 point of
commencement, coulalnlug Sac acres mure or
Dulod tills lutb day of Uclobsr, IM.
oct 14 I.. K. .McDiiL'UAl.li.
Notice in hereby given that 60 days
alter dale I intend to apply to thfl Chief
Commissioner oi Lands and Winks for
permission to purchase six hundred and
forty acres oi laml lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the wesl side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Russell Nicliol's south-east corner post,'
planted at lhe north-west corner 01 Lot
8(12, Group i, Kootenay, thenee north (so
chains, tlience west So chains, thenee
south 80 chains, tlience east 80 chains 10
ibe place of commencement) containing
640 acres, more or less.
Dated this 83rd day of November, 1906.
nov ;8 wed      Per T. S, MePherson.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after dale I
Intend to apply Co the Chlel Commissioner of
Lands and works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the toUowinf described
lands situated on Cariboo Flat about threo miles
east of Upper Adams River, Lillooel district, B.C.
1, Commencing at a posl marked "A. McCon-
noil's n.irth-ea-it comer Limit, No. l,"running80
chains west, W chains smitli, so chains east, 60
chains north lo place of commencement.
•.:. Commencing at a postmarked "A. McCon-
nell's south-east c-rner, Limit No. if," ranuing 10
chains north, ni chains west, hi chain* smith, 80
chains east to place of coinmeiicemuiit,
3. Commencing at a postmarked "A. McCon*
nail's north-east corner, Limit No. 3," running Su
chains west, 80 chains soutn, so chains vast, 8C
chains north to place of commencement,
4. commencing at a post marked ,lA. McCon*
nell's south-west corner, Limit No. 4," running so
chain, vast, >o chain* north, SO chain* west, 80
chains south to place uf coiiuueiicuiuvnt.
Dated Nov. «h, im.
nov u
Notice Is hereby given that S3 days after date
1 Intend 10 apply 10 the Chief Comnleslonot of
Lands and Work* for a special license to cut
and carry timber from tho lollowlug described
lands situated in Weil Kuutsuuy dfmicl:
8 Commenolng at a post marked "ous
Lund'i south-wen corner po«t," planted at Ihe
uorth-west corner ol Umber Limit -9201, thenco
north 4u obaina, oast lou chtins. soulh 41)
Chains, we-t iw chuiu- to point id commence-
Dated ^vpl. lsili, 110)6,
86, Commenolng ai u posl marked ''ius
Lund'a north-east corner post," at the northwest corner ol limber Limit 6206, thence Kouth
t" eliains, west 40 chains, Bouth 40 chains, west
« chains, north 80 chains,easi 40chains, north
4u chain*, cast 4U cliulu*. to poini ol commeucemeut.
Dated Sept. 28rd, iim.
oct81 UUS LUND,
Notice is hereby given lliu. 60 day.
from dale I intend lo apply 10 the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, ILL'., fur purchase ol* following
described lands in l-ill-'Oitt dislricl:
Commencing at a post marked "T. Kii-
Patrick's north-west corner," situated
aboul 1 mil.' from wesl bank ol Upper
Adams river and lwo and a half miles from
head ol Adams lake, running 40 chains
soulli, bo chains east, 40 chains nortli, 80
chains west, containing 320 acres more or
Dated Nov. mh, 1906,
Notico is hereby given lhat 30 days after date
we intend i<» applv tothe Chief Commissioner of
binds and \\ orks for permission lu cut and
carry away timber from I he following described lands situate iu Went Kootenay district!
C>mmenclUgatapost planted Sj chains north
if lhe north-east cornerof l.ot 7687 and marked
'Lamb*Watson Luuilur Co.'s uorth-west comer,"
thence Su chains south, thonce B0 cliains east,
thence Wi chains north, thence 80 chains west to
point of ■*(iii,uiu. ■eii.rii!.
Located October 17th. 1W6.
Arrowhead, li. C, Uct.Stith, 1906. oct 3|
ll days afler date 1 intend toapply to ttlS
v. hief Commissioner uf Lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from thu following described lauds situated
in thc district of Vi est Kootonay:
1. Commencingat a post marked "Alex, Me*
Croe's north-west corner, planted on the Uaauni)
Creek trail, about 18 miles from Argenta, running
east lv chains, thence v-aii, 40 chains, tbenee
west 166 chaius, thence uorth tu chains to place if
2. Commencing at a port marked "Alex. Mc-
Crae's uorth-west corner,'' planted un the Ham-
mil Creek trail, about Ki miles from Argcnta,
running oast IW ohains, theuco suuth 40 chains,
thenee west liii chains, thenco north 4u chains
io poini of commencement,
3. Commencing at a post niarked "Alox.
MoCrao's north-east corner," planted on the
Hamuli! Creek trail, about 10 miles from Argcnta, running west I0U chains, tbenee south 10
chains, theuce east ltio chains, thence north 40
chains io poiut of commencement
Dated October bili.tiMi,
octal a. MoCRAE.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend 10 apply tothe Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Work*, foraspecial
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands iu YPost Kootenay
Commeueiug at a po-t planted Indies op Big
Creek, on north sldeol ireek, and marked "Ruben Armstrong's sop tb* west corner," tbenee east so
halns, thenee north t>o chains, tlience west 80
bains, theuce south Bo chains to point of cum-
iated Sept. Ictli, loot).
Certificate of Improvements.
Biver Kden Mineral Claim, situate in thu Ilie-
olllcwnel Mining Division uf Kootenay district.
Where located:—Fish Creek.
Take sotice ihal 1. John Albert Kirk of the
town of Kevelstoke, B.C., m-i infra* agent for
J. s. C, Fraser, Esq., Free Miners Certificate
No. BidilOand Mniguivt A. Elson,Free Miner's
Certificate Na B8at), intend, sixty days from
the dale her. of, lu apply iu llie .Mining Re
conier for a Cortiflcate of Improvements, for
the piirpo-c of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho
above claim.
Ami further take notice thataction, under
section C. mu«t be commenced before ltio Issuance ot such Certificate o( Improvements.
Dnted IhUWth day of September, A.D., loui.
nov?i J. A. KIRK.
Notico Is hereby given thai 00 days from dale I
Mead to apply  to the Hon. lhe Chief Cummis-
ier of Lands and Worki. for permission'---.pur'
following described lands, in thc West
llstrlct, west shore of upper Anow
Commencing atapo-t marked'M.L,lllrscb'e
south nest curlier," alilu- nutith ou.»t cornur of
Lot4676; 00(1 almut l} miles suuth of Fosthall
Creek; theuce north so chains, thunce easl 40
chains, thence south B0 chains, tlmum wait 10
clialns to point of commencement, oontalnhigMO
acres mure or lest.
Imie.l thi* list dav.il May, :>»..
.(   L   HIRS- II.
"«'t l> I'ei Ralph BJye, Atfeat.
Notice is hereby given that SO days afterdate
I iiili'tul to apply lo tho Chiof 1 oiiwni-Huaur of
Lauds and Wurk- for a special licence to cut
and carry awav timbor frum the followiugde-
sertbod lands situate iu West Kootonay district:
CnininonriiiKiil u [mst inarkod "L. li Fraser>
north-west oorner nnd pluuted about 34 milos
north id 1 .ii"1 Hunit) on the nasi side of Cpper
Arrow Lake, Hhuut oue half mile from tbe
ihore: thence oust 40 chains thonce south 160
chain-*, thonce west 40 chains, thenca uorth 10(1
chains to tho liuni "l cummeucement,
Dulod Ci ;■ Vlli dny nf October, liui.
oct 20 L. H. FRABER.
Certificate of Improvements
Silver Bell Mineral Claim, litaatt ia the Rev-
el 10 ■■ Mining Division of West Kooteuay
Where located!—Keystone Mountain.
Tako notice tbat I, JamejL Woodrow, F.M.C.
No. 11^*1 agent for Ales. W, Mcintosh, F,M.
c. atoll; Geo, John-son, F.M.C. BS8174, and
Elisabeth McMobom F.M.C. No. B8SM1. intend,
tilt! dnv- from tbe date hereof, to apply to tho
Mining Recorder for n Certificate of Improve-
menu, f(,r tho purpo*o of obtaining a Crown
Grant of tho above claim.
And further tako notice that action, uuder
section 37, -. n-t !*•■ commenced before tbe issu*
mice of Mich I 'ertilicnte of Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of October. A.D., 1006,
oct 27 JAa I WOODROW.
Is heralded in tliis store by the
greatest of all days—Christmas, and
opening up of goods suitable for
the oldest of all customs—Gift-giving,
1 with the beautiful, which make the most
to the beautiful
useful .■.Hiiluneu     ^^^_^^^^^__
Every day the express is adding its quota
is that our Christmas Stock will
Here vou find th
acceptable gifts.
showing, and we can guarantee our patroi
reach, if not surpasr, its usual excellency,
It's no use trying to postpone the Christmas shoppin
time will bc  here before you  realize  it,  and every
wanted" snapped up.
'he good old
day sees "just what I
111!  STORE
i ii \ i \EVER
|      THE OLD COUNTRY      *
t issssassssssissssssssssssssaassHisssssssSBiwsssssssssss
"•$• Vou will shortly have to get your Xmas Presents
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1 CanadaDru^& Book(o., Ltd., Revelstoke, B(.l
,Ti i'i!i ili iTi iTi t*ti 1*1*1 iT, i*li tl*. it'i it'i iTi   i*li iTi it'i iTi 1*1*1 ti'i il*. 1*1*11*1*1 ,Ti i****! i*l"i ilfi
'I' '¥ 'V 'i' 'V Vp 'V 'V 'V 'V 'V 'V 'V i~V '* * 'V'+''+''+''+''+''+' 'li1'+'
Saturday, Deo. 1st., fm* 21 Injurs.—-
Light variable winds, cloudy and
milder. Indications of heavy snow
fall. Temp. max. 38 d.-gfess, inin, 10
Local and General.
Miii Queenie McCoy will sing in
Knox C'linrcli tomorrow at the evening service.
Selkirk Lodge, Ko. 12, I. 0. 0. F„
will meet in Selkirk Hall eery Thursday at 8 p in.
.1. li. Smith, a noted solicitor ol
Calgary and well known in Revelstoke, is dead.
Miss I'ueenie McCoy's reputation
as a singer is well known from coast
to coast—in Knox Church Tuesday
Do not miss the concert in Knox
Church Tuesday evening, Miss Queenie
McCoy assisted by local talent. Tickets 50 cents,
Do not forget to prepare your cos
tume ior the carnival as it will be
lield just as -oon as the ice ia good in
the rink.
Dr. Curtis has given up his former
surgery un First Street, opposite 0. B.
Hume & Co. and has new premises
adjoining his residence on Sec nd St
Tlie Imperial Hunk branch at Trout
Lake City lias been closed and the
manager, H. L. Reid, has gone to
Athabasca Landing. E. I). Gates has
been transferred to Kevelstoke.
A motor car system will he operated
ir. Calgary on the street railway plan,
The first consigutiie.it of machines
have already been ordered. Tickets
will be at tirst teu cents.
Why do you bake your own bread
when we can deliver it to you Iresh
Irom the oven every day. There is
niiiic better, il any ns good.
Cakes and Pastry
A large assortment ol Cakes  und
Pastry on hand.
Quality and workmanship
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of Tha Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Xmas cards nt Camilla Drug Bture
Calendar with low., view 35 corns
at Hews' drug Bture.
See the windows in Benson's plio'o
lluy souvenir Christmas curds nt
Hews' drug store,
(let. the I aby's picture taken at Benson's—Free.
I landmine celluloid and Horn I
Christmas canlB nt Bews' drug store.
(iet your picture taken at Benson's
to send to your Iriends at .Vims.
SKATES—The best ever, at Bourn
Our big discount saleot tui'llitllls,
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Bananas, oranges, lemons, eating
and cooking apples at C. B. Hume it
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currants, mincemeat, llgs, tin' best'
quality obtainable ut Bourne Bros
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raisins, ligs and dates, tresb in at (!,
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ami inspect our new currants, raisins
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Investigate the splendid offer we
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If Iii and $18—Crcssmuu & Morrison
Fancy decorations. Chinese lanterns
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the week at C. I!. llunie & Co's,
Something nice lor Sunday's dinner,
lamb, mutton, veal, grain fed pork
heel, lish, oysters, ohicken, at Evans &
Wood row's.
Come nnd see lhe pretty and useful
nrlicles in China, Cut (llnss, Plated
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at. Bourne Bros.
Christmas is Coming!
Stand on a chair and you
emi almost see it. How
abuut thos. present! you
have to make up. We have
everything that you need
for Fancy wurk. Wc have
some Special   Bargains in
China Silk
"27 inches, tor -IOc. per yard,
20-inoli for 20c. per yard,
ji.Bt what you need for Pin
Cushions, Sachet Bugs, elc
These sills are ol the best
quality and are very pretty
W ask you to inspect litem
it you are looking Ior something really goud.
Is the best in town. We
are always getting in new
patterns and keep our stock
well up.
Wo want to get those all
out ol the way belore our
Christmas Goods have to bo
displayed, bo you can have
yonr choice of any in tho
store at
Make a very desirable
XiniiB gilt and we hare t
"dandy" assortment nt very
low prices. Our souvenir
ol Revelstoke has had a
lurne Biile and we have a
new lot, that will not last
long. We have everything
you need to make up the
Cushion., Pretty frills, 4J
yards long, worked in colors,
only 70 cts. each. Ribbon
Frills, Cord and Tm.sels at
35c, (ilic. and -fl.00 each.
Cushion Forms, tilled witii
softest. Down, or Cotton
filled, and all colors in material for hacks.
Now is youe opportunity! Subserlbe
for the MAIL-HERALD and the NEW
IDEA $2.50, for a whole year for the
two.    J
lt. will be worth while for every mnn
to hear Dr. White's address to men in
the Y. M. C. A., Sunday at 3:30, on
the "Four Mechanics." Song by the
male quartette.
The Willing Workers desire to thank
those who bo generously nnd .heartily
assisted them in making the Scottish
Concert of llllHi. sueh an unqualified
The annual Scotch concert was held
last night at llie Opera House and wai
largely attended. Tho programme
was well carried out. The singing
and dancing were warmly applauded.
G. H. Goebel lectured on Socialism
In the Selkirk Hull on Thursday
night belore a large audience. Mr.
Goebel is a very clever and forcible
speaker and brought out his views on
socialistic questions clearly and pointedly.
In spite ol the cold weather and
seeing thut it is out of season for
tourists to travel, the transient public
Social and Personal
S. A. Mundy, of Three Valley, is in
A. E. Phipps has left on a short
visit to Victoria.
John McCrum, of Bradford, Pa., is
visiting tlie city.
.1. E. Taylor returned this morning
from a visit to tlie Coast.
T Aitkin, of Notch Hill, has been
spending u few days in the city.
F. Gtiffy is in town for a few days
and leaves lor Pittsburg on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McRae returned from their honeymoon trip to
J. I. Woodrow has left ior Victoria
to undergo a course ul medical treatment.
On Saturday last Mrs. ,1.11. Sibbald
gnvi- a small, but delightful tea iu
honor ol Miss Sibbald.
Yesterday Mrs. 0. B, Paget entertained a large number ol Iriends at ten
in honor ul Miss Sibbald.
Mrs. F. Carr, ol 1'uwassnn, arrived
ii. the oity lust week on a vi.*it to her
daughter, Mrs. N. McEaehnin,
A, J,Taylor, ol the Pacilic Loan
Co., Ltd., ol Vancouver, ia visiting
Kevelstoke ior a tew days on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick entertained a large party ol guests to an
I evening .it home at their residence on
Mackenzie avenue.
The chief oi poiice. T. liiin,  is
once more   liter   i   fen
A Solid Oak Cabinet of Table Silverware,
valued at $ioo, will be given away to the holder of
the LUCKY NUMBER on DEC. 31st, 1906.
A Coupon, giving one chance with every 5 Cents
Purchase of goods at our Store.
Coupons will be given on all accounts paid before
that date.
We have a fine stock of Xmas goods. Call and
see them.
* J. A. DAVIDSOIi, iiiii
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
P. Nairn. ■ Zed Cross Drug Store
Some ol the prettiest mountain
views anl souvenir books, just the
thing for sending long distances, sold
at the Camilla Drug it Book Store.
li. II. Triii-tiiaii, the photograper, is
in town today  at  tbe studio on Mc-
Kenzic Avenue and will take sittings
In the latest art style.   Mr. Trueman
out  will I* in town for ubout a month.
tt Miss McCoy at the concert in !""" *-j""°*
Ciiurcb  on Tuesday evening]",''*10?   ,
.   ..n.i -   „„,i „-n,„! tne city i
"Bobbing" parties are now in
-wing and nightly is the lower town
bill the scene of animation and mirth
as boys and girls, young and old, enter
into the fun ol the sport.
Word has been received that Wm.
Gait, now in Vancouver, will be here
to assis
Knui   ..	
and  will  sing "Calvary''  and "The
Flight oi Ages."
Tbe nominations fur the electi-n ol
orlicirs ol Gold Range Lodge -No. 2li.
K. of P., lor the ensuing term will be
ballotted upsn at the next convention
in Castle Hall on Wednesday, Dec, 5.
It is requested that all members ol
the h-dge be present on this occasion.
skating b»a been freely indulged
the lust lew night; on the rin-r below
the dam, and the Ice ia in moderate
condition In a short iui..- now the
ri 11 k -..ill !•■ open, and when once
skater, have letted the ice there, thoy
will nevei go mi to tho river again to
A resolution was made and carried
last night at tin-meeting .f theoity
council tu the effect that an cliclric
arc light, similar t llm! at the Imperial Bank comer, -hall be placed at
the north end ul McKen.io Avenue,
ippcite ihe Canada lung A* Book
A lancy dress carnival will be In Id
iti tin- lasting rink, weather permit
tint, Tuesday, Dec. llth, next week,
under the auspices ol Knox Church
IjSiliee Auxiliary. Prizes will I
given lor tlie best Ladies'nnd (iet
tlemen's, best Girls' and Boys' and
l*st comic costumes,
These are the days of IniBtling and
HUick .ravelling, and the C, P. K. undoing their utmost to lessen the time
of transcontinental trallic. Passengers
who lunched in London on Friday
the 16th inst., have crossed the Atlantic '.cean and continent ol America
and breakfasted on the Empress of
China on the Pacific, all in less thun
eleven days, which is certainly rapid
F;--. shed house on   Fourth street
! to rent ior three months.    Revelstoke
through  Revelstoke  is considerable
Hotels all report every room occupied and around
ami accommodation is hard to get in days confinemenl       in bed ".uth
town.    Pleased  with their reception severe chill. *-^^^^^ , ,j issssssssssssssi
here they go on their way  ndspread     Miss F. A M-K-- ira.    laughter ul  :;---'-':'" Agency Ltd.
abroadthe news of how Revelstoke is  Mr  ind Mrs S    -..- Leave your orders ior The Buys'and
doing many things and prospering.       n the city ast w, - ....      chaiD8i   chatterbox,
The  business  block  on McKenzie ■    "uby l""'le*' Young Canada, St   .Nicholas, etc., at
1  by Roy McDonald |    The Rev. C. A  Proeunier a      M      .  . ,,  ,    Drugstore.
Proeunier gave an ev. ning ..:  b
mire this week to a party in I at the Reel ry
desiring a permanent invest- ehoir >n	
ment   The property was owned by P. Averypleasi t evening w«     -
Wren a former resident ui I-!-. -■ I and   other  indoor   nasi	
oow in Vancouver, the deal being pul  » ■<" ■'" excellent -uppe
toke Insurance gathering -   ..     -
No. 1
.Vvenue occupier     _^^^^^^^^
land Cressnian A- Morrison was -..Id al
-iiig it the
through by the  Reve
Agency, Limited,
Wc hav.- been requested ly the
Cbiel ol Police t" mention ihnt thoie
who have anv old ami cast oil' clothing
that they wish to get rid ott, wil
kindly have tin- same sent tu the
Chlel il I' -ia '■ office where mei. arti-
e'es will I.. J --,.-, ited ;,i iln- Hindoos
in town who in- sorely in nei 'I ol
eli tii' -
It is pns.il le thai even the Ir.iii
groweri -i British Columhiu as yel
hardly understood what a -|iii-'. lid
li-.iluri- lies iliiml oi their blisim-
Fruit 'Inil can yt-ur alter year capture
lir-it prizes mul gold medals at the
leading exhibitions iu England um!
Se-,tlaiiil may certainly he classed
among tlie -.ery best that the world
pr idlices. It. is only a matter of time
our apples will command an even
higher price in ilm London market
th.in that now obtained hy (he famous
ll-ioil lliver brand,
.-mill iiH-.-.iiit'iii tin   Hockey
.  :   ■    I iiur-iliy  evening  was
indi d ii.!  mm -■    nl
wing   fflai- verei ected
II      I' - C  K. t.iiiiliiiiirk
t'n - u ot,, Bews
■•it-  i real C B. Sis ons
Exi   .live Commlttc,—<l K
Percy Dunne W G **! iguire.
Capl i M W, I. Burlier
A  ii,-.-'   ■ •   ,     , i-    ..-    i' i ir
Tin- Ladies' Hospital Guild ivistn -
to announce! that there are -nil 7
dishes which were l.nttothe Hospital
Hull supper unclaimed   The articles
,irii now in th ■ Cure of A   I.   Ili nnison
ii tin- < 'ity Bakery, where [hey oan
mi recovered,
i- r^et  where you can see all
-   ., ..I ■' md up-to-date Xmas cards
, - . !,n-,   the   Camilla   Drug &
Bool -■ re sell them, all ready in en-
re   pes   - ■ oxes I r mailing.
I     the c lildren lhu Xmas we will
-.-■I tnd choicest (election
I toys   - ■  shown, besides toy hooks
tears  i      Bul r  Brown   Book.,
Rocking   ll-irses,   Hand   Sleds Dolls
,       bei i *i ■>-,•- Games ol all
i   and   -'•'- 'I"- ii—Camilla
Brigade Turns Out in
Quick Time.
A lire alarm wai turned in by telephone to No. 1 Fire Hall by central at
7:45 Thursday evening, the telephone
olliee having received a call from the
Hotel Revelstoke. For some reason,
and mistake the al inn was not given
to No. 2 Fire Hall, and on receipt of
ihe intelligence No. 1 brigade responded quickly, and in a lew minutes had
a team hitched on to the apparatus
and hurried to the scene of tl.e fire.
On their arrival atthe hotel, it was
found that an over heated due had
ignited some of thc wood work round
the chimney, hut the Are had been
extinguished a lew minutes belore the
brigade arrived. Considering the distance frum the hotel and the time
necessary to procure a team, the boys
turned out in very smart time. Tlio
ilain'ge dune lo the root of the hotel
amounts to nothing.
Lacrosse Boys Receive Medals
A very pleasing (unction took place
on Thursday evening in the band
room when the general executive of
the Labor Day celebrations met together Ior the purpose of distributing
i he lockets given by the citizens of
Revelstoke to the members ol tl.e lacrosse team, who so succeislttlly won
the match against Calgary at tlie
Labor Day celebration in September.
Alex. McRae took the chair, and
after the minutes of the last meeting
hail been read and adopted, briefly
stated why the meeting had been
called. Hc said tbat he was pleased
to see that the committee had taken
the affair in hand and he thought that
it wiib up to Revelstoke to make some
recognition ul the splendid work done
by the team and that lacrosse should
be encouraged in every way. He then
presented thc lockets which are neat
iittle gold trophies, engraved on the
one side with the initials ol the recipient aud ou the othcr with the winds
"From the citizens ot Rcvelstuke,
Sept. 3, R. L. C." C. P. Latham and
C. W. Kerloot received tho lockets on
behalf of the members and made suitable speeches showing their appreciation of the gifts. Several members of
the committee said a few words in
connection with the presentation uud
the meeting terminated with a vote ol
thanks to the chairman and secretary.
The company then adjourned Ior light
The members ol the lacrosse club
who received lockets are:—D. G, McKenzie, C. W. Kerloot, C. P, Latham,
A. Hillier, P. Dunne, J. McCorvey, G.
Knight, E. Edwards, P. Lynch, N. L.
Lee, I). I). Dickie, W. Buck, VV. Barber, A. Woodland.
Cathouo.—Rev. Father R. Peooul
O.M.I., pastor. Services every Sundy,
at!).«following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
Knox PitEsiiYTEituN—J. R. Robertson, B.D., pastor. Usual services at
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Morning Subject: "What is Truth ?" Evening
subject: "The Problem ol the Church
in Relation to the Homeland." This
will be the parson's third sermon on
the Problem ol tl.e Church." Miss
Queenie McCoy will sing at the evening service. Sunday school at 2:30
The Young People's Sooiety on
Monday night at 8 o'clock in tbe
church parlors.
Cottage prayer meeting on Wednes
day night. Choir practice on Friday
St. Peter's—Advent Sunday. Services as follows : There will be a
celebration ol tl.e Holy Eucharist at
8, and alter Matins at 11 a.m. Sunday
being within the octave ol St.
Andrew, the morning subject will deal
wholly with the Brotherhood of St.
Andrew, and its place in Ihe church.
Sunday .choul at 2:30 p.m. Tl.e Rev.
C. A. Proeunier, rector.
Methodist.—Dr. White will preach.
Morning subject: "Passing th. Bread."
Evening: "An Ancient Prophecy and
ItB Modern Fulfilment." Communion
at tl.e close of the morning service.
Special music in tl.e evening. Anthem, 'Softly now the Light of Day,"
with solo by Miss Mclntyre; male
quartette, "The Old Wayside CroSB."
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Liiill  SALE -Medium   sized   base
i'     liuini-rrn.il sl.uve. only nst'il oni
i-iir, apply lo F. c. Mannino, Oity.
The Latest Fiction:
I me Cable VfcCutcheon
Call of the Blood      Hickens
I In- iM-tor. Connor
Hii Nigel   . Doyle
I he Man Who Hone Again
i .'• heart that Knows...Roberti
Benita  Haggard
- ■ ■ -i.i.ii Cl un hill
Children's Books:
Butter Brown, Maud, Foxy
Grandpa, Poor Lil Mose, Kat-
zenjamor   Kids, und Buddie
Tucker     $1 each
Grimm's uml Anderson's Fairy Tab's, Gulliver's Travels,
I.sop's fables, oto, I'eter
llaliiiii Series,oto     860 oaoli
Etc, Ki.:.
Protty Volumes Fancy lo.ithor, 85c. each; Lgc. Poots
75c. each; Burnt Leather Books $2 oach . Half
Leather Binding* $1 oach ; Tonnyson yoar Books
I'.c. each ; also many othor lines.
WALTER BEWS, Phm. B., Druggist and Stationer.
Mall Orders Ronolvo Prompt Attention,
Headquarters I
FOR THIS XMAS, 1900, IS AT   '
Manning's Candy Palace
v Santa
iit Claus
*i*'       m^^m^M^MH^HMB^m^a.
if Insist on Having Fresh Oandies for 4
largest ..ssurtnie.it in  Toys,   The latest  In  Toys.
Everything New.
Magic Lanterns, 35c. to 115 ; Steam Engines, 50c, to $10.
Friction Toys, Spring Toys, Stuffed Animals (large and
small); Tools, Games, Toy Pianos, Blackboards, Rocking
HotBot, Bureaus, Sleighs, etc.
Xmas  Get Some of Manning's
Home-Made Candles.
All orders Ior Santa Glaus should be addressed to Box 207      ^
S . ja3


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