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 " Empire " Typewrite
For ease oi operation and perfection
in results produced, tbis machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $60.00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
Vol. 15.-No 3
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Discount Sale
For the month of January we will run a big
Discount Sale in each of our departments.
Come in and get your wants supplied at prices
you never before thought of.
For the Men
We have exceptional bargains in the following lines
Underware from $ 2 00   to   .$_> 50   for   * 1 26
Men's sox at 35 for 25
Men's suits at        18 00 for
Men's shirts at        1 50   to   .$2 00   for
Boys' suits at 5 00 for
10 00
2 50
For the Women
if   50 to * 00 for •$   25
5 00 to 8 00 for 2 HO
0 00 to 8 00 for 1 HO
•J 00 to 4 00 for 1 50
Ribbon   Remnants   antl   a  table full  of other
For the Family
Thirty-three and one-third per cent, discount on
nil furs. Curtain muslin from 15c. to .'10c. per
yard. Tapestry Curtains at 25 per cent. off.
Tapestry and Linen Cushion covers from 20c. to
BOo. each. Twenty-live per cent, discount on China
tnd Iilas,-ware.
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores at Rovelstoke and Arrowhead.
We are finding a lot of odd pieces of
Enamelled Ware, these we are putting
on a Bargain Table and offering at a
reduction of
All good goods and articles that vre of  daily use'
in the kitchen.
Book    your    orders  for   Damaged
Pipes with our Plumbing Department
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario-
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branohee si Agents at all principal points in Canada.
AgpntH in <lreat Britain and United Hi ales—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited, Chicago Pint National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank.  Seattle—Seattle National Bank) Hanl'ran-
cisco—Wells Kui-go Nevada  National Bank,     Spokane -Exchange
National Dank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit* of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from dale of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Tom Longboat the Winner-
Epoch Making Grain Conference—The Socialists and
the Lawyers.
New Yokk, Feb. 6—Longboat last
night defeated Shrubb in a Marathon
race. At the twentieth mile Sbiubb
was four laps ahead but after that
Longboat started in to cut him d wn
At the 24th mill' Longboat had made
•ip the distance and Shrubb collapsed,
the Indian finishing alone in the time
of 2-53-40.
Calgary, Feb. 6—The epock making grain confereuce which has been
in session here (or two days was
brought to a successful close yesterday. The object of the meeting has
been attained and all interests are
united to further a plan by which the
shipment of grain through Vancouver
may be attained.
Victoria, Feb. 6.—A fierce attack
by the Socialist contingent upon the
legal fraternity was tbe feature of tbe
Legislature yesterday. The member
for Latlysmith, l'arker Williams, declared that lawyers were a horde of
parasites on society and should be
done away with. He demanded that
the laws be made simple and clear,
and purged of tlie Latin aud other
foreign words which tbey now contain.
25 Per Cent. Off All
Ladies'and Children's Winter Wear
Must he cleared to make room for
new Spring Stock.
MRS.    A.    CRICK
P IKS T   8 '1' 1* B li T.
Maxwell Smith on Commercial
Fruit Growing
Mr. Maxwell Smith, Dominion Fruit
Inspector, who is always a welcome
visitor   to   Hevelstoke,   delivered the
principal  address  at  the banquet   to
the delegates of the Fruit and l'roduce
Exchange   ol   British   Columbia   on
Tuesday  night.     In  bis opeuiug remarks he stated tbat be was iu Revelstoke   quite   recently   defending  the
Canadian    nag,    and   be    tben    referred    to  the   resolution   passed at
tbe couvention ol B. C. school trustees
recently beld in tbis city urging  tbat
tbe Canadian Hag be used in   schools
of the province.    In dealing with the
fruit industry and tbe Fruit and Produce  Exchange, he pointed out that
be  had  misgivings at  first  as to its
success,   and   now tbat  it  bad  been
launched  and  had  had  a  trial run,
perhaps   with   many   set   backs aud
mistakes, chiefly trom lack of proper
brains, be urged that the  association
be laid on foundations deep and strong
aud tben branch cut, and with a solid
basis build up the superstructure  and
stay by it.   He said that be was convinced  that  the   exchange   bad   the
right idea, but tbat  for such a young
organization  with  no capital- put up
to back  it  up, tbe exchange bad attempted too much.    Co-operation was
the fundamental principle of all progress, and this co-operation was abso
lulely essential for the luture develop
ment aud prosperity ol the fruit industry.    He   referred   to   tbe   B.   C.
shipment of apples  to Australia, and
disabused   the   minds   that   tried to
claim that the shipment »as bad, and
p linted out bis criticism ol  tbe Iruil,
while not detrimental, bad done good,
be simply eaying that tbis  particular
shipment  wai  not up to  the   UBual
standard, although tbe apples sold in
Australia  for six   cents   a   piece, in
spite ol tbe glut iu tbe market at tbe
time.     British   Columbia   fruit   bad
been taken in preference to American
fruit.    He explained that tbe  inspectors criticism ol the II. C. shipment to
Australia, and indeed  to other parts,
had  been used by British  Columbia's
rivals against tho   province, wdich act
was brought about to get credit at the
expense of some one else.    It is the
best snd surest principle to study your
own delects belore criticising others.
Failures   invariably   teach     lessons,
though experience is a hard  mistress.
In   touching   on   packing   fruit,   he
urged tbe importance of packing and
-lopping in   good shape, and practical
packers    were   absolutely   necessary.
.Salmon Aim had   got  into  bad   odor
with  the central  excliange and  had
put up bad fruit, chielly through inability  and  inexperience   in   correct
methods ol packing and grading, consequently the growers at  that point
practically  placed tho  blame on the
central exchange for not selling their
Iruit at better  prices, and  lieing disgusted  pulled out ol   the exchange.
Now, Salmon Arm has a good   packer
and the (mil hss been consequently in I
200(1   demand.     Regarding   orebard .
early grading on the trees, for just as
good fruit will result alter the trees
nad been properly trimmed ot bad
fruit. He then touched on the refri-
geiator carriage [of fruit, and urged
that all fruit be put into tbe cars in a
cool stato, and instancing one cnee
when in Hevelstoke he bad opened a
ear et fruit and more hot air came
out than Joe Martin could give in a
political campaign. This car had
come Inm the Okanagan district. In
discussing generalities, Mr. Maxwell
Smith said that B. C. did not get »
square di ul on the prairies, and he
urged the great importance of marking
and grading hi lore shipment., as the
prairie poinis seemed always ready to
turn down everything that was not
correctly marked and graded. The
Dominion Covernment should employ
more fruit inspectors to see that Iruit
from the United States was marked.
and graded, the same as iu B. C
He enlarged on tlie great luture ol the
fruit industry and agriculture, explaining that, horticulture was the
poetry of agriculture, which would be
the greatest industry of all in a few
years. Tbe fruit industry was ns yet
in its iulancy and cannot be overdone,
although some people claimed that
very soon tbere would be a bigger
supply than could be possibly marketed. In conclusion, he alluded to
the unbounded hospitality of Hevelstoke and congratulated the mayor on
his city.
Work of Strengthening Recommences
The Hon. P. W. Aylmer, Dominion
Government Engineer, has informed
us that the work on   the   government
dam bas been recommenced and will
be pushed forward ss quickly as pus-
sible.    A large quantity ot rock will
be dumped at the end of the (Ihiii in
order to strengthen the structure from
all possible damage from  drift  word
and logs Hunting down tliu river. With
a solid  backing o!  rock the dam will |
bo permanently sute.   From '25 to 1!0
men will be employed, as well as seven
teams.   F. Heden is in charge of the
work.     The   dam,   when   the   extra
weight has been put on at the [a' end,
will be absolutely secure, and with the
successive deposits of sand aud silt on
the lower Bide, which will go on  from
year   to year, a  natural   permanent
bank will eventually form, which will
be  capable of resisting  the  heaviest
1 current or any (1 ating obstructions
Tbe principal of construction,although
simple, has yet proved effective, and
the dam bas been tbe main factor in
preventing any   erosion   of   tbe river
bank, at  tbe  skating  rink, trom increasing, aided by the mattrasB work
of the provincial engineers.
Fruit and Produce Exchange of
B. C. Elect Officers
The annual convention of tlie Fruit
and l'roduce Excliange of B. C closed
its session on Wedneday evening last
The principal Imsiness was llie election
of officers and the final details ol the
reorganization of the exchange as woll
as a discussion on the plans and outlook (or the season. The following
ollicers elected are:
President—I. Johnstone, Nelson.
Vice-President—A. .1. C. Clarence,
Secretary-Manager—L, M, Hagar,
Executive Board — J. Johnstone,
Nelson; A. J. C. Clarence, Peaoblaud;
C. li. Hume, L. M. Hagar, H. E. K.
Smythe, W, B. Robertson, Revelstoke.
Directt rs—H. Puckle, Victoria; P,
Wilson, Chilliwack; W. T. Slavin,
Kamloops; E, E. Handcock, Enderby;
J. L. Vicsry, Peachland; E. W. Mutch,
Penticton; 11. E, H. Smythe, Revelstoke; 0. B. Hume, Revelstoke; C. H.
Cordy, Suiiiiiierland.
Nominations ol directors from Mission, Agassi?, n.ni Nelson are still to
be confirmed.
The head ollice of the excliange will
be maintained at Hevelstoke.
Judge Forin was oneol the principal
speakers on Wednesday night, and in
his address he pointed out that Ontario fruit growers were suffering (rom
the etVects of not co-operating and allowing the j ibbers to get the upper
hand. The growers now toiiud it impossible to gei together (or their own
interests. He urged lhat for the
benefit ol the B. C. fruit industry, as
well as ol the individual growers, that
co-operation be brought about, und
that now was the time ti get busy
and develop the Iruit industry along
these lines.
id'A-- •
This ib a cut of the
celebrated " Kootenay
Range " that is doing
such excellent service in
many Revelstoke homes.
There i.s nothing to equal
^^^^^ it  at  the   price    and   no
oilier stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well as
the Kootenay, We have them specially fitted with
oven thermometers and all latest improvements. Be
sure you buy a Kootenay Range, and get vour 1009
Groceries fn m
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
I work, bo pointed out tbe neccseity oil day.
Mayor   Lindmark   Entertains
Young People at Mill
A very jolly party of young people
took a suowsboe tramp last uight tj
the Big Eddy Mill. The trampers
numbered nearly thirty, and made the
trip in excellent time, many laughable
and amusing incidents buppeneing on
the road. By the time the Big Eddy
was reached the appetite of the party
had beeu sharpened, and it was uot
long before tbe visitors were sitting
down to as rich a spread aa any oue
could wish for, The gei.i.1 host,
Mayor Lindmark, who arrived late
owing to his being detaiued at the
city council meeting, made the visitors
heartily welcome and entertained his
guests royally.
The room in thu boarding bouse was
cleared, and very soon inocciisiued feet
were treading the Hour to thu strains
ul two liddies and a gramophone.
Dancii g was kept up for several
hours, antl alter hearty expressions ol
thanks to their host for his kindness
the parly wended iheir way home to
the strains ot the snowshoer's song:
llilluo, hllloo, billon,
The moon is sinking out of sight,
Across the sky dark clouds lake Uight,
Aud    dimly    glomus   the   mountain
lie on the shoes, 110 time to lose,
We must be home again tonight.
Electric lighi bulbs at Bourne Bros.
Moving Picture Tonight,
Stove brushes, shoe brushes, scrub
brushes, horse brushes, Hour brushes,
banister In italics, stable brushes, hand
brushes, feather dusters and whisks.
'I'he best for the least money at C, B.
Hume A Co's.
The performances at the Edison
Parlor Theatre  at  the   beginning   nl
next week will be Tuesday and   wed
esday instead ol Monday anil  Tucb
Gas Plant Will Have 30 Days
Trial Before Taken Over
An important meeting ol the Cily
Council wus held last night, the report ol which will appear iu Wednesday's issue. Among i he principal
items of business transacted was tbe
agreement eigned by the City and the
Canada Foundry Co., that the latter
should conduct a thirty day efficiency
trial of the new gas producer plint,
tbe run to be made under all conditions, and it at the end of the
test tbe machinery is proved to be
capable, reliable and thoroughly efficient, the city will officially take
over the plant. Tbe trial will com
uieuce at once, and the Canada
Foundry Company will defray all expenses ot the run.
Evangelistic Services
The interest in the Evangelistic
services have been deepening during
the week. The afternoon services at
three o'clock have been well attended
by both n en aud women, the numbers
running its high as sixty persons.
Great questions of great interest to
men in this dispensation ol lhe Holy
Spirit, bave been dealt with by Evangelist Russell, in a clear, logical and
S nipt urn I manner. Mr. Russell is a
inosl enthusiastic, but not lumiticul
speaker, On Friday afternmui at 11.30
o'clock he gave a black board lesson
on " Safe Sailing on the Stormy Sea,"
to a congregation of juuiors. IJiiile u
number ol men and women took an
active part at the eveuiug service in
prayer and testimony. Mr. Russell's
address wns one ol his best.
Address to Men
Evangelist Russell will give a stirring address to men Sunday at 4 p. lu.
In the Ry- V. M. C. A. Mr. Russell
Isaveiy pleasing speaker and every
man in town is invited to hoar him.
Local  Relief   Fund Closes
Lady Doctors Do Good Work
Tho (nnd being raised by the local
Italian society for the relief of the sufferers in ilm recent earthquake In
Southern Italy is being oltisetl and will
at mice be lorwanlcil to Italy. The
lollowing addition! have been msde to
the list:
Already mliBCiilu d   |100 Till
I), Fiitiinte	
Mrs. (I. Veltri	
(1. Visonliri	
II. Bcitoii	
A. Bryde	
E, Birrlaul	
Total *»)! OU
In coiini'clioii witli thn relief opera-
| tlons at the scene ol the disaster, lb«
1 00
1 00
1  (Ml
We will furnish your
furnishings Mr.J>re$$er.
-r, Vi-,'tf       ■    j
^^^^^^^^^   £'7~*0»7r««/f£:
If the laundry has knocked out your shirts and
broken your collars around the edges, played havoc
with your culls; if you have made holes in the toes oi
your socks and are not lucky enough to have somebody to darn them for you; if you have dropped
something on each one of your neckties, or if your
collar has "cut": or if you need any furnishings for
your body come to us.
SHIRTS From 75c. up
NECKTIES From 251-. up
UNDERWEAR.". .From 75c. up
Let  us  furnish   your  body  and   make  it tit to
live in.
ESI Alll 1S1IED   1867
b. e. wAi.i-K.i). Prfiident Paid up Capital, SI0.000,000
ALBXAHDKK LAIRD,Gen.rsl Man>rr    Reserve Fund,    -    6.000,000
DHAFTS AND   MONEY  ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS  made In all parts 01 Canadii and i.i fori \    countries.
FOREIGN  BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great Britain and oilier foreign countries bought antl sold.     U3
English expedition (rum Rome, headed : T. E. I,. Taylor,  ol  this  city     Otbel
by Dr. Douglas, li reported to be doing I members ol  the expedition  are Dr.
magnificent,  work at  Villa   San   Gil -1 Ruth Hensussti and Dr. Caroline Mul •
vanni.   The doctor, who i» assiated, [thews, who; with Dr.Taylor, are work-
aiming  others,   by   Miss M,8. Taylor I ing   iu   Calabria amid heart-breaking
lias accomplished good work in aincli-   distress.
(rating  the  suffering  ol  the women I •»•
survivors.    Nothing but words ol the N0tlC6
b ;lie»t  praise   are   to   Iw   beard on j     lake notice that I shall   not  be re*
t.    ry bund lor the noble effort* ol the
1, gllih expedition. Mies Taylor, who
1- 1 qualified medloal practitioner ol
considerable ability, It a sister ol Mr.
sponsible (or any debts contracted ty
Mrs. 1. A   Leslie. I. \. I.i.si.ie.
Moving  Pictures tonight. 'II MAILttEBALD, REVELSCOKE, B. C,
Zbc fl&ail-lbcvalb.
PI-BUSH        '■•    . '■   ■      V .'    L> SA1    it
I      >!      '.'1
1EE\ ET.STO'.E. n.i ,
1 iiristers, Solicitors,   E.-
0 T T A W A
_mra£ -ufj-^
*(*& &wi kl i
Hospital   mul   College
,u;-*isamvMJBt}MMiaitzrLiia*i:M\*.-*ri&.-&-sivMs -.-. -. ;..___.-.-:„i'.j-;..-
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Pi tent
Office and befde Rai way
Ct mmission.
H. .v i li '.     Bs'M   iin. M-I'll Ml-I I.J-'l-lllili.
.     - ■ tors.
•-... nun 1 LAKK H i
A!ivi;y, McOARTEH
, ,.     ..        '_■ ,.-,..      UiIKO RKVKI
,...;.■ :■ .....
iffl ,     .1... baoki. II '
.   ,   ■ BTEll
.    .'-.     ■       ..   .    '
It     Istukc
11.1 .
i i.i brook, n !'•
J. A. ll.ii.vt.i
■.;.».U   11. t. .
Tii.1.1 VM I. BKICCS
r fm:—
j'u   t AN.vi'i'.N Bank "i i om.mkiu i..
Tue Molsons Bank, lire
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sutveyor
Box 106, Re\ klstoke
I.   O.   F.
■■ •■■;  aot Be-tlOv.-. Si    3*61, meets '■'"'> .-'"I
,.l „ lays in Oddfeilows Ualj.noxl le   >|."ia
 I ■••'   re    oordiallj  no "'" '"
'•••-':;-t, .    A. HAUTE, CB.
H   Vi, EDWAEns H.s
C.   W.   O    W
Mountni"  View Camp   No. 218
M,,.-.  Second ami   Fourtii  Wednesdays in
.   .,, Selkirk Hall.   Vlslun   Wood-
. invltod to attend,
W   Ii   i.HMSl RONO, Con. I om,
J.'.M ISI 1 in-. Clerk.
F. O-  £-
'a ^   H ?% ** ■'"'--•''■
There Is Only One Bovril
One preparation which contains all the nutritive
stimulating and flavoring qualities of prime beef.
Do not be induced to accept something else iu place
That name is a guarantee that the article you buy
really does contain these valuable qualities.
BOVRIL is exactly what you need to   increase
the flavor and "feeding" qualities of any dish.
on ail
'3®ylQ & Allum, Lid.
•  tekfct ]
i, ■'>..,/^ff'^',/' ."-,
Price $150 per Acre        $300 Cash
Balance on Easy Terms
This i- an exceptional opportunity to buy choice
Hevelstoke Property.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
oniote  ninl   encour-
uf   thine own town
,.-, arehaM In the Selkirk
v invited.
. i.i: t
...   1  ....MilV'.T
W, B, SdcLAL'i HUN.Ski ai lav.
Ko     .«» Lodec. No. IS. A  F.«  4.M.
-■ '
The regulai meel
-    i« held   ntlie
Od llellow   Hail, on
ii.o third Hondo) In
! ,..i,-n   in..uu,   ai    8
In m. Visitingbroth-
i   oordially   welcome.
moisture fell as rain it would almost immediately wash down
through lho rivers, which would
hardly be fed at all in the summer
when the crop? most needed water.
These facts are not usually recognised, and snow is sometimes
a picturesque, and sometimes a
disagreeable feature of winter. In
ii I parts of the country the notion
prevails that the Bnow is oi great
value as a fertilizer. .Scientists,
h iwever, aie inclined to attach less
importance to its. Eervice in soil nutrition—for some regions that have
ri.i snow are exceedingly fertile—
than to its worth n.- .1 blanket during tho months of high winds. It
p events tin blowing off of finely
pulveri ed :;' hness of lhe top soil.
This,   although    little    perceived,
Would nl'leil be ii :..iitt loss.
U, A. PROCUNIER, Skcuktary.
Meet- everj
day  evening in   So
^tv   .lay   uveuiuu   ...    • —■
%kirk ll ill nl So'cluck
,..- . siting liralbreu lira
r invited I
O. H   KNIGHT. N.O. 'is   MATHIE -
«5^l.     Cold finite Lodge, K. of P.
"'.-££A      Ko. 20,   Revelstoke, B.C.
• '^fe- n.i.:- . v.-.!.       i:si -" v ,
\ £*~_ .       'I   ■ .     i... -
ri      CNN1NUH kit '•'
. !'      '.   ~.
J   1 :
Zbc O&aiMberalb
.. . 1
,10   li
The convention of ibe Fruit and
lure Exchange oi   B.   C.   that
ust concluded its sessions, has
in the point of   view   of   I eight
1   transportation   readjustments
:  en practically Ufcelew.    Kxln me
listtppointnu nt v 1   fi      11   he lai :
I, 1    _;..,... 1:... ... Lu lit." ■    thai
ght and ex pi'  s rules wen
. ..|... ; topic    11 1 el and
•,. ire   . atisfai ton    cond
I no    soli
Id out, ':i '    ufti-i      nn
thi nn •
I hi principal r
■. ■
■    ■
. -- n-..
; j contrtii
and distribution of our fruit is
practically the chief factor in the
development of the fruit industry
the opinion of such men .must be
taken at their full worth.
From now onwards the B. C,
Exchange will operate on a different basis and the mistakes made in
the past will teach valuable lessons
and show that the growers must do
their part and piny the game as
well. Co-operation will eventually
bring about the desired results,
while strict commercial lines in llie
central exchange cannot but give
the impetus lo what is rightly
termed the back-bonu of lhu industrial enterprises of British
Revelstoke's Commandments
1 Thou nlmlt not j;o away trom
borne to do thy trading, nor thy son
nor thy daughter.
2 They slmi'i patronise thy home
merchant, and thy   home  priotcr, for  BtB.ted  to  be  the  names of electors.
in tn> p-'wer top
me tho welfare
and thy people.
7 Th,ni ili.ilt unl suffer the voice
ui pride to overcame thee ind if
other towns entice thee, consont thou
not. for thou rnayest be deceived,
m Thou abii.lt spend thy earnings
at home and tbey mny leturn from
whence they ciuue and give nourishment to Buch as come aftei thee.
ll Thou shall not hear false witness against the town wherein thou
dwellest, but to epeak well of it to nil
10 Thou slnilt keep these coniniand-
iiieutu nnd tench them to thy children
to the third and fourth geueratious,
that they mny be made to nourish
and grow in plenty when thou art
laid to reBt with thy lathers.
Strong Delegation Wait on the
Government With Petition
Victoria, Feb. a.— Probably the
biggest aud strongest delegation thnt
ever waited on the Provincial Executive was that of the B.C. Local Option
League which uppeued before it ou
Tuesday morning. The delegation
was about 150 strong and comprised
men of nil walks of life from every
portion ti the province. Tbe. members of the executive present were
bit mier MoBride, lion. Jlr. Bowser,
lion. Mr. Tallow, Hon. Dr. Young,
Um. Mr, Fulton aim tiie Hon. Mr.
The delegatiou wns introduced by
Mr. McOutra, M. P. P., of Vanoouver.
They bore with them a petition witli
!5,UU0 signatures, ol which llf.OUU were
yea, verily, doth not thy home pi inter
spread   over   the   glad   tidings of thy
goodness aud greatness and they shall
patronize it.
'A    Thou sbalt  employ   thine
The premier promised that the government would give tne matter lhe moat
rn mi -it .■ 11 .i.lcr.iiiiiii.
The  Kev. l>r. .Spencer,  superintendent  il th" l.oenl Option League, said
Enderby; Wells, "I Ohllliwaok; .Ins.
Iligeiii", of F.burne; H. H. Stephens,
of Vancouver; H, Skinner, ol Nanaimo, nnd Wm. Duncan,ol Courtenay,
Apples Bring 60 Cents Each
An item in ihe "Chicago Packer"
says 1 lint a car of prize applet shipped
to that plnee Irom Ibe Spokane apple
show are snid tn be the finest ever received in Chicago, They were wine-
saps. Tbe lirst box was bought by the
H. Woods Co for $67,20 a tox or sixty
cents an tipple. Another box sold for
$40.00 or forty cents eaoh.
Abolish the Tax
The lirst session ol the Charlotte-
town, P, E, I., legislature since the
general election opened on Tuesday.
The speech trnin the throne referred
to the government's agricultural
policy nuil to the extension of the
rural telephone service. Among tbe
bills to be introduced is one abolishing
the tax on commercial travelers, the
increasing revenues of the province
having made this pos-dhle.
Notice to Contractors
CobUM-MA HiM.it Bridge, Huvblstokk, H.C.
Ro Tenders for froo Work.   Addenda:
IN order tu insure tlio rapid delivery or tho
iron work iin BCGortUnce with th* above
Notice to Contractors) 1 toudorers urn invited to
Submit thotr tenders nl it prion por pound OO
oach span separately, aua shall state lu their
tender the earliest dato at which they aro prepared io deliver Um eatno
Tlio Government reserves tho right to accept
tenders for any ouospau or.-ill tho spans; tho
tenderer to fabricate aud deliver the iron work
in iho order to bo describee by the Public
Works Engineer
F. (', GAMBLE,
Public Works Eutfiueer.
Department «'f Public Works,
Victoria, 26th January, 1909.
NoiicG to Contractors
S.^^'i'%'*'SV'^N^'*'V*.'%-'%'%'»'''i.,V%'^'*^/*'*/*A■^•'B,-*.'*.'*.-* X, "B
P.   BURNS    St   COiViPAftY,   L8?VSiTED. J
UKAti OIWICKI   I'.M.iiAiiv,   Ai.nmt'n.
Wholesale and Roiaii Meat Merchants
|>,r . I'.nitei'.- mil Dealers 111 Live Stock, Markets in nil tlie iirlnel
nul Cities .mil Towns of Allien i. British Uolmnhli anil the Yukon.
Ptfkers if Ui' iviele iiei Brand " Impenitof" Hums and Biii'im,
t.i 1 " Sliaint-ni k" Brand I. n( bird,
4/%.%%/* -a^,i».%%^'%.'%'%.%^'W%%',*'^%'*',^^''**-'**^v»ii
Bevelstoke Assessment District
Nutico is hereby given, in accordance uilli tbe Statutes, that Provin-
rial Itevenue Tax and assessed luxes
and income lax, assessed and levied
under tho "Assessment Act" and
amendments, are now due antl payable for the year HUM. All tuxes collectible for the Kevelstoke Assessment
District are due and payable at my
office, situate at llevelsloke. This
notiee, in terms of law, is equivalent
to a personal demand by me upon all
persons liable for taxes.
Dated at Hevelstoke. Uth January,
Deputy  Assessor  and Collector, Revelstoke   Assessment  Distriel, llevelsloke Post Ollice. ittnO Uld
Certificate of  Improvements
bast Chance and Cost. Chord   mineral
claims, situate In  tbo Trout  Lake
Mining Division of West Koolenny
Where   located:   At  head   of    Coon
Creek.   So iih   Fork  of Cardcnu
Tnke notice that I, 0. B. N. Wilkie,
aclina as agcul for Henry \V. Settlor*,
Free Miner's  Certificate No.  B0-1045,
intend, sixty days iroui dato hereof,
io apply to the -Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements,  for the
purpose of obtaining a Crow n Grant of
ihe above claims,
Aud further take nul ice that action,
undor sect ion 117, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated  this  1 -Ith day of January, A.
D„ 1900,
j.uillililJd I). B, N. WI I.K IK,
! lltll.NWI
AT Ul-lV
11.1'MIII 1 llll l.ll l'i
U.RT.IUI., II. f.
'I.KI' TKNIU'HS. iuitlor__t.il "Tenilom fm
WlitlL-tii ami fast Ir.'ll,   per  poilllll," M ill
.. ii'iuivtiil by lho ttiitliii'slgiietl up In mill In
-linliiiK llie sin 'lay uf Ki'lirunry next, for Hie
itiiiittifnctiiro mi'! ilutiwtry, f.o.b. cars at Rnv-
kiokn, tilt the irnnworlt fur Mei nliovo bridge
is eniU'il fnr in '.Iin lulls of Iron ninl Di'iwinKi
.:1 ..li.ii- ilruwlnu-'. bills of [i in, i.-rtii-.
of t'ontniut .ml iiinl-i. mny be semi at tlie
iifflcnof the Public Works ICnginucr, Victoria,
11' .; the . Hi'., .i ihe i'.'i.v limiiil 'limber lie
-:• cl  1.  Vancouver,  111': ami nl. tlio utile,.- ol
iit:  Ijtiv'crunicnt   Aitent.  Itovclstokc, 11,11., on
...i uftcr -Intnmry _i_5i.li, next.
i . :i proposal nui.-t be ncooiiipiintcil by an
. ■ yptcd h.ui, . lu i|im, ,,r ccrlifleate of tlepostl
i-hnrUircil hankof Cuiimtii, inailo tmyublo
tO Iho !lli:ii"--it'!l, ,1. Ill I.108UUI et' tlluU llllll'l lull
i ,11 .vi - <s!:.,i.ni). which -li.ul lm forfeited if lho
party leudcrtiiK decline loiiuer luloconlraol
n called upon lo tie so, or '■) he fail to cone
:,    the   work eoliti'ACled for.    Thocheqiiet)
■  ,■■•:; .:i...ui'- .,1 ilei-.-ii of iin-uccusnful uni-
■   will li ■ returiutl lolhetu upnnthoexe*
tiu    of I lie ■ oni rn t.     I.n.ler- will noi be
...' ■!■.!   in --  untile  "'il   on tli • forms of
■   uj   Iiii-!, --in. i ... iii lhu tvi'lutit slxna-
i ure i.i ' io li ud . er un .  inielui td in I Ile .-in oi-
.;"■ fill-Ill -i	
Tho  |,i vcsl   'j.' any  letulei'  nut nooessHrily
'    K, I . (iAMHI.K.
Public Work.
pirin i ..I Public Wurk-i
Vlelu) a. ii C . January 2otli, 11)
;.      |     lertili    and   well
\. iti red lowl indu  such   at   lie ■  •
it . ■• 1 among     It  i
.   i
■■■ ■ ■ i
tie extensivi regii ns where  irrij i-
tion :- a prime na • Bsity   in   agriculture   that   thi   special   uses ol
siinw come chieil) inl i     • ■■
'   ■ mgh   ' ii''   winter   lhe
u ii ■
, re  ilt in belli lor li,
i.. -  .,1- been .i.-i inci d
i        ar -mu '
Ihi   ■
I  blinhment   ol   Ilu   B ' ■ Central
|.;., hangeand  Bven better  reeulta
All  « mid lav acori ed   bad   lhe
Bno« ii  e : inge b"en iii :i   poeition   to   get
mountains   and the whole f|uantitj   ol   fmit   that
irnil)   into   the ■  ■'"^'■|| »« :,";  t»ginnin
in nalure's greal '      r' ''"■
I   moisture   is     ' o-operalion
VtihjLtyJl.i :', .i.
Notice to Contractors
-T. il,l
fr. en  ' ■•■
;'or  tbeir
II   '       IllVI 11   11   111.
'   ■ •■' pn peril   in, i.i -i.l. mil
.       ml ly iho  Hou.  Um Mh.i-n r of
;.   i,o  and  iti.lu'i!'.,'  Mi.ii'I iv.
fur ilm i    ■'".'. ai .1 .-"in
'ir ' '.,1,11 1   l-iv.T
'     i 1      I'lldl   l.-li-    el
let III       . li   . ii  "l  Ilm Hi'
I   i   bill   Work     Vu m-l i. 111'., al
.   lal Uovuruiiu in l li  li '
'i.    in dm ilm ii...   ...
um i'. II ...   lit  . un ami after lhu
'     ,.    i - elnj.illlil.'f   ll) nil ll''-
...  lip nli  uf di poali
 Ilon   I,"   'luu ut ul Pub
. ■ W »i.     ■..   ...     t i ,\.. itii»ii-nntl it.ill.ir_i
11   mi...I. ahull   i. lied il   lho  1 ly
.im    ;., , i,i, r min uiiitrni't  iilien
■ : ipon to ■'.,, ....    Theolicnucs of uii.iic-
. h.i..• i    • i.i .,.■ 1.1 umi 'i i" thorn upon
 il.......'    .. '-..ni root,
'1     'I i... ■ i i ■ i,.   ,i. con inl londoror will lm
, nt .i  ipon to- furnlslilnu n lunul .ui.lsfan-
•-•■   ' '    '      control ol    ,,.,  ,,■,, n„„ !1(, MinUlorol  Publio Works
,,i      Ho-laid ii ,i   ■■ ' ;  Uin thou  ind [110,01101, fur I lin
'      "    "ll ■ ""'   "'   .  .. i ..n.i ,i theconl
' ''""y ',"'/.   :■ m mip^ictids'ignodllw1tlinihS
as thy neigh        ibove all  tl thai .  ,>•   ■,.     li   ■ /   indei    oesl    ■   intilnwituro ol Lho tontlurer, and onolonod
en    lops furnli had,
sth    • ■      __,!  [i  town, -    While  e id      i...   lowenl  m  an; londoi   not nocomarll;
In I':iiiiiiiii, Britisli ,.. ,   o^jjhlh
■   apart    I hi e   mere   I I'id Public Worki Engii r
1   'i hou -i. ilt not   "sk   [or
us thn goods cost   much   money   ind
il,. merchant   bi»in is burdened with
bills    His children clamour daily Ior
bread, 1 hii wife abldeth  al home
the kev note ol  for raiment as   adorneth   her   sister
!   .'       -Illllll.l  I.
, i   ,1.   I.   ,.   Blessed, yea three blesied  la tbe man
■;     iltimate bucccss i i   the   i..  i . J
that pay a cash.
bar.,, . ■        Snow     hai
rie ll.        I"
[ ,   ,    ■. feed tin  i   •
ti,.'v flow throu
, .    .'j   i.i   iirigati
Ai    ,    ,-,_.,    i,i   .• 11in months  the exchange and its   members   must     -t   Thou sbalt not ask lor reduced
i        lie ri  nd by it not only   for their own  prices (or thine "induenoe'   loi  guile
. t.t. but for that, of tl."  ■     .   '     um'' ■ le ti .mi.I   the   merchants
.„, iii 'Hill,     like     llll     Ol.el       hook,     lie
I hn  whole ii'   n on aro ,   ,    , ,,
, iglu 'h Me e to scorn and sboutuib
i    ".eu.:n ott  In their pur] lo  up   ,,, ,'„ vM.tV |  ha httu
•lf  ,   rt jt. and  sinoe   the   marketing|   0   Thou shall  do  whatever  lletb  Messrs Patrlolc, of Nelson; llanlon, ol
iioiiiieiim lit iea    wilh    a    Inenl   nntlnn    Uopiirtiioint ol Public Works(
municipalities   witn   a   iocsi   option       "Viotorls, B.C.,SOU ry,
Dr. I Ihown, general seorelary ol
.I joolal reloi w oi tbe Mel ho
in ' ' iinnh ol Canada, urged that n
bare majority should ie' sutlioient to
H    '..!.'■ I.aii'l Ilimrii't.
liiHirlnt nl Went Koolanay,
Take in .ti." thai I.   0   It. I.nmi. "I   Ml ■
local  option,    Hn  deprecated UlfH«.. ooou ion m wnor,   Inlands lo-
,ii.i.Iy fnr |..rmiHHii'ii in purchaseInefullowini
tie three til Imm ij uit.y thai prevnileil   deaerlbotl laud,
i   Commencing "' « i"1-' I'lanied m "i" «"niii
in Ontario, ivori  oorner ol loi  Itot and urlbed'U.B
,   ,,  , , [.amb'i   ""iileeii-t  oornor  post,"  Ihsnoe ^n
lhe   l.isliop ol   ( ..liiiniiia also sup    ohaina north, thence 20 chalna west, ibsnoa 30
,   |   , ■. ohalns aouth, tbenoe SO obalna eaat to point ol
1 ' i"1' petition, commencement and oontalning I0aa-.es more
An it  the  uther  spoakers   were I0"**    chakobv bobbbt lamb,
O. B. N. VUIklo, AgclH.
Daled Noncmbijr Uth, 1508.
Revelstoke Land District.
West Konleiiay, B, 0.
Tnke Nolice thui IW lays al'lei- dale
I 1{. W. Lindsay of Oamborne, B. ('.,
occupation, merchant, intend to npply
lor peruiissiou to purchase llie following descrll mil lands situated on Fisli
River, \Vest kootenay district.
l.iiinnienc ng ul ibe noi'lheast corner of -V- D. MacKay's pre-emption
Nu 7,815 and marked " R, W. Lind-
sn v's Noi I li- West Coruor I'osi:'' Uience
8 chains to west, line of McKluuou's
pie-einpiion; thenco 50 cboins south;
ilieuee 8 eh ins east to MncKay's;
.thenee north 50 chains to point nf
commencement, containing Hi acres
more or less;
I, mated Out. loth, HUW.
li.   W.   I.IM.'IV,   1, lieu In).
Kevelsloke l.uiil Distriel.
Di-tiiel nf Wesi Koolenny.
Take notice I but G 'go   11.   Frank-
forler of Minneapolis, Miiinesuin, ou I
cupatliin college priilessiir, intentls luj
apply for permission to purchase tbei
followiug described lands: ;
Coiniuoncing  nl   a   posl planted ol
the souilieiisi eoviiei of lot TliSU, tlience
west  (ill  chains   more  or   less to the.
boundary of loi TliT'.l: thence soutli 21)I
eliainsi l.li,'lice 1'nsl  Iti) chains more or i
less io the shore of Arrow Lake, tbenee j
ilong  said shnee in a noilhei'lv dlrec-l
linn-in chains nmre or less io  point of|
eonimeiieeineul,   containing  1*0 acres
intire or less.
UKiiutile 1!. Fi!AN'i;i''iiHT|.;i<.
I i.i i e: December U, 1U0S.      janll nud
1,'..| elslnke l.iinti I lislricl.
Di-ti id ol West K.ii.ien.u .
Take notice  thai   hT'iink CI. Winter,
ol     SI.      I'.llll.     \li  .1,1.1.      oei llp.tlillll
merchant, intends to npply for per-
ml siou lo piii'ch.i .■ the follow in^ ilu-
ei ibed lnnil :
( oiunelii ing at i p"-l pl.ilileil ill lhe
-milli  _\est   ciil'liur nl   l.nl 7UIKI; theni'f
IV.-sl li" ell.lillM I llctlct! 1101*1 ll S'l ellllius;
Hn nee Pill I    to   ell.ll'e:   thence -i,lllll   III
chains; ihn., , .i-I 211 cbai iih; tlience
■ ouiii 10 chains tn i».iiii ol commeiice-
iiient. containing luOacrus,
I'u \m< O, Wi.x'ri-iu.
Dalei December U, inns.        iauOUUd
Nolicu is hernby tfiven thnt pursuant lo
the provisions ol CnHptor 155 of lho Stat*
Hi.--. ofCanadn 7 K, Rtl ward VII, Shuswap
ami Thompson Rivera Boom Company
havo tiled in tin* ofHco of the Dominion
I,amis Afffinl al Kamloops, H.C, and in
IhoofficeofTho Honourable the Minister
of Public Works ai Ottawa, Ontario, plans
and specifications ol certain booms mid
other works proposed to he constructed
by said <. ontpany in, over and along tlie
North Thompson Rlvoi in lho Kamloops
Division ol Yala District In the Province
o| British Columbia and lhal on the loth
day ol February! 1909, at the hour of 11
o'clock in the forenoont or so soon there-
aftei as the application can be hoard,
application "ill be made by the undersigned if His Excellency the Governor*
In-Councll at Oitawa, Ontario, lor his
approval to be given to such plans,
Dated this 4th day of December 1908.
Sin SWAP  am»  Thompson  RlVBRS BOOM
By Otto Lachmund 1 Secretary,
Dec. 9, 60 d
Tested stock, Seeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, fiom the best
growers in England,
France. Holland, the
United S tales, and
Oanada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, liee supplies
sprayjng materials, out
flowers, etc.
140 Pago Catalogue Froo
M.   J.    HENRY
Green Houses and Seed  Ileuses
3010 Westminster Road
Certificate cf Impiuvements.
Kingston, Maggie B, Tongue, Senator,
uud I'itioek Fraction Mineral claims,
situate in tbe Lardeau Mining Division ol West. Kooteuuy Dlstriot,
Where lucated—On tbe western slope
ot Lexington Mountain near Oamborne, I*. O.
Take notice that I, F. lt. Bloobbor-
ger, F.M.U. No. ti, 2:«i_i_i, agent for ilie
United Kingston Hold Alines Limited
non-piTsiinnl liability, Free Miner's
.lei'iiiicnle No. Lt 1)1812, intend sixty
days fiom dnje hereof, to apply to tho
.Mining Recorder for a Oertilicate of
Improvements, for the purpose of oti-
tainlng Urown Grants of the above
And farther take notice Unit action,
under section j", must be commenced
before the issuance of such Oertilicate
of I MlplOVCtllL'lltS.
Daleil litis 21st day Of December,
A. I)., 1008.
I'', tt. IIi.ih nui-iiiiiKu, Agent,
Certificate of improvements
Wlnslow Mineral Olaim, situate in the
l rout   l^ike  Mining   Division   of
West Koolenny District.
Whore   located;   At,   heud  of Seven
Aluc Oruek, Trout Lake,
'lake notice that t, O. li. N, Wilkie.
acting as agent   lot   Neil O'Donuell,
Special F.A1.C. 87UI; William Houuetl,
F.M.O.  No.  B05877;   Bruce White, 1<;
M.O. Hltri-.il-ami   f. II. Murpliy, F.M.
i.'. B2aOS7s intend, sixty daya iroiu tie-
dale  hereof,   to apply to tho Miniug
Recorder for a Oertilicate of Improve
Incuts, l"i tlie tint pose of   obtaining a
iiowii liiuiit oi the above claim,
And l'ui'tbor litke untie,, that action,
under -Sei-i uui it7, must lid coiumeitceti
before ihe issuance ol such Oei'lifluato
ol liuprovemeuLs.
Datetl this sJOtb day of October, A,
li., IHU8,
outUl'UUd o. il. N. wilkh:.
Nollcu la hereby given thai I Intend
In apply iii ihe Superintendent of I'ro-
vineiul I'oliee  I'm- pelllllsslull to trull8-
lor i" Arthur h\  nl Heulon, B.O.,
tlie retail Inpior liuense held hy mu in
respect ol i In- premises til Uuutoii,
known n.^ llie Hotel  Beaton,
Duted Dec, _ilsl, UKIS.
lluvulsloku Laud District.
District ni' West Kootenay.
Take notloe lhal Annie  Louisa Cop
i.in nf iiu/.ei,iii'iil. Wesi Virginia,
in eiip.iliou mmi i led ivoiuan, Intends
,n apply'im pei'inUsloii in purchase
i lie I ul to wing iles._ril.cd lauds:
loinii dug  ui   n   posl planted ul
llie SOU 111 west cin-nci- of Lot 71*10:
thulICO SOUth UO chains; Uience eust un
iiiiiiiii-; tbenoe Bouth &J oliohisi theuce
eiml III chains; thence north ID chains;
thenee west 111) chains lo point of eoiii-
iiieueeiiieni, ciiiitiiiiiiug _SO0 acres.
ANNIK Louisa (Jdi'i.an.
I late; December II, 1008.        janll OOtl
Rootlfloation of Crown Grant
Wliorous uu tlm 'Mt\i day of Novombor, lUOi. it
t rown tlriiiitwiis Issued to lhu iiuhh» <»T Fi'udsr -
,i k W.i; Iih..iini'i for Lot M li, (<nni[i 1. Kunio-
imy UlHtriot. Thai BVldODOS Iuih .muh- himi.
boon i iii-iiino'l --huwitiK i nut iii« B' id Kroiloru*
Wu."bl>ouriio died OD lho 7tn of Auku.hI, ItHrt,
■ itriiMitii" priiir In lho i muiro ol tho Mid
1 lu'ii'n in -n.i. Tliiit hy iigruometit 'liuo.i ;in;i.
August, lUOti, Um ind l*'rodoriok VVubhboii u»
., ..'iKti"l nil bis ustiitu, right, Utlo ntorost,
claim aud dentaud wbatuoovor iu lhe nnld lutul
LuThnuiHs HtiiiulcH McPhersou.
Nulifo in th' iMii.ni horehy givou. hi pm u
>'.;.i'n "f ri»rii"ii '.'* "i il"i "Lund Act, tlnttiti-
Ihe lljleultUU   lo   CdUCol   thSiald  i  riiWh I.nn.
i   umi In the name of   !_■ 'rodorick W .t .hit.	
and to is-ue one in Ur- nluud in tho Dane "1
1 bODB ttha.i j -IcFherrion ihrou moatLl Irom
the do lo huru .t unlof;? gjod cuunu is shown lu
lhe (Muirury.
thiuf Couiiaib.iioiior •■! Laudy itnd Worki
!_,.ui'.i_- aud Works Deparuueul,
Victoria, ti ('. llth Ooiobsrt > Jt .   t| lo
': j
■ ■■'AQl*
%   M   I
v    -'       «_,.       JM&i
Prize Winners
Tin' following ti u numbers have been dr.iwn from dupli-
e.iles nl the coupons which lefl our mills during |anuary:
28415       56S6        7423        26307      27775
17000       28201       257tiS       27579      25993
I'n each person reluming tlie coupons bearing any of the
above numbers we wiil, as previously advertised, deliver free
ul all charges, a Handsome Dinner Set of 109 pu-ccs.
Cut This Out and Keep for Reference
D^!** amU«tr ;i" l'"' couPons bearing the al ove num-
i\ernv»lfl!UUr ^,rs jiave |eft our mills, but some may
still be in the hands of the dealers.    Prizes will be awarded no
matter when the lucky coupons are returned,
0_f\W,'fr  PrtKO'tfk'fr wc are S'v'n£ away   to sets of
LsOrl  E,  rUlgcl dishes every month, and every
49 lb. sack of Royal Standard contains a coupon.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Piranches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ail the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Dining Room Furniture is particularly essential, and in view ot
this (act we bave (elected a very
desirable line ol elegant and
Artistic (lining tabled, cbaira end
sideboards. An early inspection
Bhould be matle, na tlie price we
are asking for such superior furniture ma Ices them a most desirable
li.  HOWSON Sr CO.'Y.
Import  "   ' l from country of origin.
■Rj-ETVEilLtBTOlCEl    1=1. C
Central Hotel
A—,     RFVFI STOKE   B. C
Newly built,      Firet-olasa iu every respect,    All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lako, tinder same   managemeni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rant.
JT.    AEBEBT     STONE      PROP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
of John Binlth, late of  Malakwa,
in the Province of British Columbia.   Deceased,
NOTICU is hereby given pursuant
in the Trustees ami  Exeoutors Aot,
to all creditors of the em ale to deliver
to the undersigned before tbo 37th day
of January.   WOO,  full partloulars of
claims, verified by Statutory Declaration.   After sui'li date the  Executor
Will proceed to   distribute   llii!   assets
ace iriling to law.
of Davie Chambers, Victoria, B.C.
Solicitors for the Executor,
1 lat eti this 17th  day   of  Uecemebr,
A ,D„ 1808,
llevelstnke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice thai Walter P. Confarr
of St. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
printer, intends to apply for permission to pm chase the following descrilied iniiils:
Commenolng al a post planted along
side of Hie re-entrant south-west corner post of Lot 7878) thenee west K)
j cbaius along the south boundary of
Lot 7II7U; thence smith 10 ohatnst
1 hence ens, HI 'Iiains; ilieuee north 10
chains to point of commencement,
containing itm acres.
Date: December 8,1008.        jauU Oud
t    ' . K'y- *$?
."  " "■,.  •■%* &_*■■■ ^. ■:■     ' .-
'.'■'• ' 9) • -. '"■*   . ^LdS-,-"''-
krt-z esmfx "v y   ' 4*®i»mm.■ v, ■■.■-■,
5 "**_*-. '
- ■ rtp
rd v
V   , 3
^.mpnrarasrnsKssiTaan '."-yj!»rr__ijmgi_."a-^^ sj
, '•   ' "'I
•*\  :-3   -•   '4
So Clear, So Shining and so Kvideni tii.it it
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
Will  Also   Move for Heavier
Duty on U. S. Canned Goods
An important cpnference between
representatives of tbe British Columbia fruitgrowing industry, tbe Provincial Government and the Canadian
Pacific Railway will be beld in Vic
toria at the end ol the month, niys tbe
Vancouver Province. The dale has
not beeu fixed. It is expected that it
will synchronize with the date ol the
railway c- mmission, which will sit at
tlie oapital city on Feb. 26th and .27th
Kvery fruitgrowing section ol British
Columbia will et ud delegates. Apart
fiom devising the best uieaiiB for the
encouiagement ol the industry in the
way of irrigation and other met buds,
advantage will be takeu of the meeting to ask the Canadian Pacific, llnil-
way to reduce the freight and express
rates on trnit shipped to the new pro
vincrs and coast points ThiB matter
especially affects fruitgrowers in the
Okanagan and Kootenai's
Mr. K. Marpole, executive assistant,
and Mr Fred. \V. Peters, of Winnipeg
tlie official bead of the new industrial
department ot the Canadian Pacific
Railway, will be in attendance and discuss this and other questions with the
11 a satisfactory agreement cm uot
b". reached the fruitgrowers will apply
to the railway commission (or the reductions sought ditect. from the railway. It ia anticipated that an ap-1
peal to the commission will not lo
Resolutions requesting the British
Columbia membera at Ottawa to prtss
this session in lavor ot an increase in
the duty on American fruit, fresh and
canned, will also be submitted,
Every Town Will Have a Day
at the Big Fair
Every town in the West, will bave a
day at the A*Y. P. Fair in Seattle,
and the people will be given an opportunity to pins awuy their time and
loose change on lhe " Payttreak "
From June 1-1 li to 18til haB been set
aside as British Columbia week at llie
big Exposition, Vancouver ami New
Westminster being ailsteil llie first
day. Victoria and Nanaimo, aid
Revelstoke and Vernon will also have
a day, while eveiy small town in tie
Interior will tie invited to shut up
simp and come along lur a big time.
During British Columbia week several
important conventions will he held in
the Sound City, viz., Grand Free Lodge
of Accepted Masons, Pcilic Coast Advertising Men's Association, Grand
Oommandery Knights Templars of
Washington, Order of the Eastern
Star, and the California Press Association,
The A.-Y.-P. Fair will open on June
1st, and will close on October lSih.
abundant supply ol waterpower from
which electric energy may be developed, especially in British Columbia.
The lid will be on. You should see
the whole tilooinin' police force disap
pear in the "Vacuum Cleaner," to
night at the Edison Theatre,
Muij.ufru-1 ni'M'l fur all olaSSOS of   buildings
fnr sale in large or small <inuntitios
at Ilm lowest prices for cash,
ft 11 kinds o[ hull Una and plastering
Of the By-Election of Revelstoke
Electoral District.
Old Timers' Reunion
The uld Timers' Association is on
the trail to successful organization.
The first Bteps arc being taken tor a
grand reunion to take place in the
Opera House on Thursday, Feb. llth,
and the affair is now in charge ol a
capable committee ol arrangements
Ticket" lor the affair, including supper, can lie procured foui F. B. Wei's,
and all who expect I" attend nre
kindly requested to notify him by tbe
Uth oi February. All who are eligible
(fifteen year-rcsi lence in the Knote
nays,) are c irdially invited to be present, aud tbe committee will be glad to
hear Irom them at any time before
this interesting event, as it is greatly
desired to have this reunion thoroughly
representative of tlie whole di.-tiict.
All trail-blazers "1 tbo town and district, with their Indies, are .kindly invited to giv the affair the pleasure of
tbeir presence and the association
which it is hoped will permanently result to the benelit nf tbeir support and
Tickets (including lady) are only $2
eich and will be gladly seut to any
address ol eligible persons requiring
same. Those expecting to attend are
invited to note that the reunion is not
n dress affair Tailors did not make
the men wbo blazed thia district, and
whatever is their ordinary apparel,that
ia what tbe committee would like to
receive them in. Come one; come all
old timers and renew your old ac-
ipiaintauces, and tell again the old,
t Id stories—ever new—of the days of
"Auld Lang Syne."
What B. C. Needs
The greatest need British Columbia
has today is the development ol ita
agricultural resouiccs, and it is time
lhat the great machinery employed
(or settling the North West should be
utilized here. And it never can be
utilised while a penalty is placed on
the head ol the man who wants to
convert an area of wild land into a
I11IOIH   NT.MIit.1;
1    Revelstoke	
. 184
. 107
3    P.ig Eddy	
.    13
•1   Gamp Ei ht ....
"i   Clan William
ti    lllecillewaet ,
7    A1 licit Canyou
.    in
8   Glacier 	
',!    Arrowhead	
..    58
10 Halcyon	
11 St   bell	
12 Wigwam 	
.     12
.    23
16 Caml orne	
10 Hull's Landing  .
.    12
17 Games Creek ...
18 Srawberry  Flat.
.     14
Ill Galena Bay	
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paici
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
LrOr Sale—34 acres finest
fruit Land at Revelstoke.
Partly cleared. Ou easy
terms.     Price $2185
Loan Wanted
$500 on freehold security
nl 160 .iGi'i's dust: in the
Ghares Waited
lui' client, iooo to 2000
shares Paince Mining and
1 lev clopuient ( onipany's
stock. Price One Cent
per share.
- Apply to  ... ■    —
Total    5l)'r>
Majority for Taylor—IXi.
I hereby declare the Hon. Thomas
Taylor duly eleoted as member ol Ibe
Provinolal Legislature ol British
Columbia, lor the ltevolstoke Electoral
'111 Mil   .1.  W A I >M AN,
li .turning Ofiioer,
Systems Which   Will   Be   of
Ottawa, Feb. ,ri.—Dr. Kugene Haa-
ncl, director-general ol miius, returned (rom Europe where be made inquiry
into three new zinc processes wbicli bethinks could be employed to advantage in the development ol Uritish
Columbia ziuc deposits. Dr. Haanel
will also conduct important experiments in tbe conversion ol peat into
fuel. A vote bas been submitted to
parliament which will permit of tne
erection of a plant in Ottawa for this
Tlie piincip.il feature, however, ol
Dr. llaanel's rdport will be bis observations regarding tlie oommerolal
success of electric treatment ol iron
in Sweden, which he describes as an
event ot the greatest importance to
Canada in view of the enormous de- j
poBits ol irou iu this couulry and   the
Ileal Kstate and Insurance Agent,
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
t rum
St. John
IM. Jan. 20 Ep. of Brit.
Sal. Feb.  0 li- Ohainplaln
Fri. Feb. 12 Emp. of Irel'tl    Jon, Lil
Fii. Fell, ail Emp, of Britain Feb. 12
Sai. Mm.  ii Lake Brie Feb. 17
Fii. Mar. 12 Kmp. of Ireland Feb. 2li
1st, Class 2nd. Class jrtl. Class
$Hi so   $4« 75 $!i 25
IS!, Class and. Class 3rd.I Class
$115 no       $42 50       $30 00
Otiiuk Lake Boatb—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00      $30 00
Cheap rates to Atlantic Bnabi ard
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked to Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and all oilier eon) inenl til
For im . bi -■ Information apply to
T, W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.ll.l'.A.
llevelsloke, B.C.     Vancouver, H.C
? W& !3 R MK
■j   i££i a m
.•■ ;:.v'^
A Canadian   Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced the EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITEK is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no   complicated   movements,
while its manifo, ling alignment, margin '. facilities,
luiliitiintie conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in opi ration
make it the typewriter pur
The" EMPIRE" needs less
cure than any oilier machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity lhat
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
UMPIRE Typewriter in
1896, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than Tun
of thepe machines.
The British Covernment
" French Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The  Price
iTT- '■KSS2££_-S_a_2»H__E£Sa3»»
\IPI liHii
All Work Promptiv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
All goods sold at cost and  under and  all   lines  placed  on  our  Sale
Tables  must go  regardless ol  cost.     Good staple seasonable goods.
Ladies' Underskirts
Heavy hi*ck morine skirts selling at
$i, Black satin witli deep flounces and
dust flounces for $i.oo.
Flannelette Drawers
;•'.,"      '. i iu   drawers,   regular
\ ■. ' per pnit   Si/.ct: 4 to 16 years
White tindervesl . regular  price   ,,se.
1  . joe. Si e-. from .| to 1 : years
We are disposing of this seasonable
line of goods .u a .'5 per cent,  discount,
These are this seasons best goods,
which sold at 16c. and iSe-. per yard, now
selling at i j ' .1. pei \ ard.
Heavy, wide width flannelettes, regular i.-'-.e'. a yard, now 7c. per yard.
"''"'    dress   goods,   hirs, golf jackets, child's coats, ladies'
mantles, child's wool jackets, child's head wear and millinery  al your own price.
'      .     ',...' lines 1 1 make room for new foods.     These prices arc lor cash.
>  (><K>-0-0-<><><KK>-CKK>0-<^
Real Estate, Insurance anil Conmilssion Agent
Ofllce on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected, Loans Notaby Pohlio
I <KK><KM>0<H>0OO<HK>0<H><H)O0K>0 <
Ml—    Mil .■■■TIM. I      I     ~    ' ..'■     I' "      I        III      ■_■-.. Il|,i.|_ll   ■l-__-,_l--_p___-__-__-_p_l__i__________>___-_-_-_.__l|l__l__--Bl|____--.IMl_W«W-_-l.l-M..I I ¥___^ II
t&%XK .
Pure Drugs
With   can iill
ii|   'i iding,    prompt
ry and reasonable
ire   the    factors
... built up our
. ■  its present
e   1     i|   rtiona.
111 ,1    pre-
Boription   ler"   ii   you
wantsat islaotory results
We itiin   'n   keep   only    the
t in Groceries,    A trial  order
will   be appreciated  aa we  are
convinced that we can save  you
inuiii y.
Our Bread, Cakes and Pa
are made fresh every day,  w
tired oi  your   own  baking
ours for n elianxe, you   will
it very appetizing.
intsatisiaotory results        ■ ■    ,, - _,«, n p.   _    p,,™,,,,        -. ,,    ,
Macdonald's Drug Store ?! I   ^r>< >        3ELL,   UrOCCrS, Wtimr.
Local    • General. y
i     1  bu  ting at the Edi   :. Parlor
-   .■■
.\ .1 mine    Puesday   ai il
Wi lm ■•■ )       Edison  lie .r. •■
1' ■        rget   1        hirt waist dan ie
. .     17.  C    im nci    .it '■' i'. 11    "I
W, ar. requested to announce thai
il-,. dance on Feb. 12th is » Bbii'l
.\'   st dam   .
Be - ire aad keep 1 lie  d ite,   Pbui
d ;■'. Feb 25th, as a gi 1 d time is  an .
cipstcd i r thi trip ir und the world
Tie   Imperial Bank ol Canada bar
■ • "    , traticli at Elk Lake,    Monl
River District under tho manag
•    I Mr   \   H. Si j'.iiii.
igbt ii. in game ai Glasgow,
■ • nd, c n I tu -'Liy ; be r.uiadini
•.-.'• r-   defeated   Steriingsbire   by   .
re    F 211 to I •*'■''
1 In the  Methodist Clnnc'. ,
viil ■ trip around  tbe  world on
a,;    '. eb 25l b, s 'com pan ii     l-j
riends    Watch  for  further tb
W   -•_ T urnanu ot, under th ■  ,iu-
t   ■ 1   lies II    pit il ' uild, ii
1   ,_   -'i.      11 e  lay    Feb   '■"!>,  -;-
.   .      A    irt   •" Icome.   Ticket
Sunda; I  ■    Metl
■ . "■ tb	
:   erl      . full attendance  i
■ '_.' 1, VV. 'j   v. v. ill give a soeia
■ 1 .  .   •' ..ii cards and a Bmoki r
in-   only, on  Wednesday, Feb.
i'ri/e: will be given,    liy   re.
'.. e committee.
The reference lil rary belong   ; 1
■'  .- -   II rade in the Citj Hal
'.,..'•     .   .     -       ... -      :.'
ited ii      in    .   igi cult .i'   -...I genii   ■ :.'
8:30 p. 1 •'.      ity ball, 1
inder tl
-; Hoaj
. •  • .    1      .   „n,j have ,
1    -•
... - -
-   I Cl arity   - expei •• d ti
R  .•    ■   -.
■ ing 11 t 1 ti •
,    '    tbolii    il  ■; Ita.
....     -,..
1      •     1'     A      ..• .
ely  engagi . , er I
pointi      I t excellent bus
ts. The
■ uaivi )■ over I 1 improTed
f.»r thi                  ■-
■ itting   . ■ ■ ■ M ireh.
ythi     a' . .     -.-'    -        Fel
tbe 1 'i".    II ..   ■      1 .
will be (111 i
1:       bment    will be
 issured t'l
Nice Five   roomed
House lor     51,800
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of Insure
Agents   for  the cclc'
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Roal Estate, Insurance uml Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
I lev r,'il.ii'. Hi inch lougths, lull conl of 128 cubic feel    $5.60 per emil.
Dry Hemlock, IU inch lengths, full cord of 128oublo feet Ifl per conl.
Special ipiiit.tl ions on I'our foot wood and  on   large
orders for stove wood of any length,
This euiil.is ei|iiiil to ,'iny iloines- Manufactured fiom hard  ooal.
Lie soft coal on the market.   No The best and cheapest  fuel on
ollnkors, and makes vury Utile lho market.    Free sample given
smoke. lo any who have mil tried il.
$8.60 per ton $8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Wo have now opened up in onr new store on FIRST
STREET, opposite the Union Hotel. Wo have
already made many new customers uml hope lo
make ninny more, 'live us a trial aim see what
we can tin. We-ciin save you money,
j!WcaiK.,vrs__arc -r/WMaF-aatwimB
.. 1.
,  lhe
v.    .
\ti\.'..' .        roRt
Arrangements sre In progress lor
the trip around the world on Thursday evening, Feb, 26th. Japan, Sweden, Canada, Ireland and Scotland are
s une ol the countries where the ladies
if the Methodist church propose tak
ing their friends.
l.ant night Doyle and tin high
school tC'ini played a fast game of
basket hall, high school winning by
the .-cole oi Is to 12, This is the iir.-t
game Doyle bus lost in tbis league
Ilu 'liil not have Oaldl r n mil the
school hoys took advantage ol this
and put it over them.
I be i.n. ens ul Ma skwn  in    taking
the co-operation of tbi Board ol l'ruile
11   tbeir   requi     to tha B  C, government to open up a  wagon   road   from
Kevelstoke via M  .   ■> t     Ma  1
will be largely instrumental     . -
oping the Eagle Pa - -
alile land.
I'ne leaders ol sedition in   Indii
tirring up troul ting   their
._:... ,:■_.   t.    in., lioi    bj   meal ■
pet obes reproduced by pb inogi 1
bi: si    ">- fiendish iugenuity.   Every
s-    a-   t.i wbat  length a pbono-
l|       .1 ■■■.    ;       pit
' ini     I ills I be railway
■1 ittee of thi  i eilen    ll  usi
will  bs
; lilway Act  mak-
ng all ra at    ■• sir all fires
, ron
ty 0!  negligence
. ■   - ■      •     egretted thai
.. ,1 lermen and
.j   take a livel]
■    nre ol B velsto	
motions, did ii"' 1 ut  in   1     1
at the pu 1      el    ir   i' ies
lay night,
Arte made  by
the local K
hi engi -     ■
Mr. F. VI ei . brated
• -•-... \t 1
A'.ir 1 ia ' i • 1....
....     . . ......      ■'    ,
....   in tbi
1   |i •   -       I-.   I lo    II Ml;, lev '
■ ;.    11  . Id iv .   last night in
D III i.i-        .     , r      i
tests al te 1 ling     .'. 1 usual   In   1 ndc
ind   acq ni
Imir ; ■
:■-.!■' I      I
1 in- ball were   lasl      .
1   ui
1 •     ..uii..    ... .   .   letters
gluten tl in 1 lai adian  postolliei    1   I
. ..ii.iiniii" »ums    I money i
.in,) •   ,p to fli.OOO, did  not   reach
icir d    : inal. in during thi
1 'i"-,     cc iriling   in   ..ilic, il   rep     <
Uuhiil 1 ou'i lettei -. >'■ bich
;  incd   money,   but   ■- bioh  were noi
gistertai,  also (ailed  to get  to the
ptrtlos to whom they were addressed
A  ■  ind bonofll   I inc   lis    been   ir
Frida)   nighi.   Feb.   12th,
Opera House, iinilei   the   aus
1   ilu    Bevelstoke Anti-Tuber"
ilosts .-- iciety, in aid of tho funds for
' ne great, light against consumption ur
white death,   Prizes will lm given
to llie buys and girls who sell the most
tickets. The Independent Band will
be in attendance, Tickets inoluding
refreshments -tl 00. 2t-fefl
The full,nving incident was told us
yesterday us heing authentic "Yes.
your reverence, ' -aid tbe parent to the
minister, who was mildly complimenting the totiii mother un the brightness
ol Mer son and heir. "Our Johnnie is
a wonder, II. can play card-, bowl
.mil cuss like 1 trooper." Can ie - ij
hi- prayers ' isked thi '1 ■ isti r
"No; he's too little for that
1 'ne    il   our .-. .
low for sales ■ - ,j...|
cow for sale, gi\ nilk
ihickens  11 • several
Wh le 1 .       :, id
It   S        ■'        :
1 the junk shop bus d she
... ded :.       .   ■ 5 01
- • up.
We .  d   that   the  Confer
K. Tr .:l|-> -,
been lor
is Tayloi
rn*. at Vie'
-    if tl
Social and Personal
n   i lefl   esterda.
ilaggrm Kan
bia home
\l      !■   W  ■  ■ ...
ni Wed ies  1     !•
Mrs    W, II. K -
9   .1   1 unningham   Mor
Tuesday, Fel
M ,i       l lllll i''on   '-nl, ,
. ..- i|   ..'
.   if t,
en ts were served   il  tin
... iy    11  I iv
'     III-.     .1    '.I-i,   \    I.    I,' ,,
md \|i    i:   :i   . rquharl
The si"' boarders ol \ 1 rahamson
Urn o he Central Hoti I, still hold
■ beii .. ■ .. villi in; il . iuee in
..',v, wm;. ' I,..-,. I'cni emen ' hem
lelvea '■ ol 1 1 that 1 hcj bave no
weigh I to speak of, yet. the ind re
mains,   It  being learnt that Messra
C.B, lliiinn ,t    Oo.   had   a   large   size
»cal" in the store, two of the stars
1    I up ti ■■ 11 to gi;. w ii  '"id
prove what 1 bey sail Much
f   1.    1 ohagrin   lound they 0 mldn't
nt ^.'iii lis.   Neither 01 11    ■  ,-   we
are  glad   tu sny, were "weighed in the
balances and found wanting,"
In   aid   of   the   Revelstoke   Anti-Tuberculosis   Sooiety
Opera House, Friday, February I2ih
Prizes will be given to the hoy or girl selling the greatest
number ol tickets.    Ist. prize, $2 00: 2nd prize, if I.till.
Business Locals.
Kdison Parlor Theatre tonight.
Carbo Magnetic  and  .Safely razors
at Bourne liros.
Moving pictures tonight. First
class progran ru .
t'.aruf oats just arrived. For prices
inquiri at Fruit Exi , inge,
A car uf Royal Household Hour,
rolled iiitte. corn meal, etc., at Bourne
1 11 ki the phntographeV, hue all
-, - f lameras and Minis and supplies
foi sale at his studio. td
Celery  Scotch kippered herring ami
- :   ked liniian   haddie fresh   in   this
morning it C. B. Hume & Go's.
Anotl   1   shipment  of   dinuer   seta
•  irri  ed     All the newest patterns
iigi - it C. B. Hume & Co's.
1      10I our Huntley & Palmers
I  scuite at 2."ic. per  lb,, and
lenior.       -•    its   and  ginger snaps at 2
- 26    i' C. Ii  Hume & Co.
*    .—-
Golden Bonspiel
I G   den Bi nspie openi d
..      ing   ivith   thirteen
: u six, Band two,
Revelstoke three
In the C. R.   I.   Co 'a  trophy,  Rae
li, lu i,
i'i. - ,'.;- — Itiu-     a j,   (nun
:  ii |roi
I. ma .     14 6     McRae won from
Hendi rs n (Oi Idei     11 9
• 1   tti.it    i'lnk
c ip  for  Revel-
, -
stails ie 1
ur in r'  i-   ..
Choir pi "
:   K   H ilierl
■■-._! 30 p
l -■-■'.' ■ .     i      ,   ;'i   |. i„.
- ;_]:,-■    l W  Hall
- i , , 1 i .      IS    (ol
Dgeliat I
I'he i inu,int.' d Life    I hi  service
etn ill    it 101 i.i,ni
., , ■ .,..   ...    ittend
ihes    - ill   ■ ■.,
ich I .' Ices      I'ui'
lie service at li a "! .    ibjeol      ll   li
... .i i./ school md Bible
i     ii ,' in   p in      K ven ing  tervioe
i   . in n'olook, subject      I he World s
Curse and Cure."     Mr.   liiiaaoil   will
Idresses In t he elm rob  dur
lay,   mul   will   address   nun
1 i, ll"' V M 0 A    Sni.   ol
The Power ol  Purity ''     A   cordial
Invltstioti   ii  extended   to nil these
■ i. ieei
Baptist—Rev, W. P. Freeman, H.A,
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. anil 7:30
[i m. Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday N
p.m. Morning subject, "Touched by
the Fire of Uod." Evening subject,
"News" The men's Bible class at
2.30 p.m. will Study the call ol Abraham and the beginning ol the Hebrew
nation.   All men invited.
St. Peter's (Anglican)—Bev. O. A.
I Procunier, M.A., Hector. Septuagesiina
i Sunday.     At S  a.m. Holy Communion.    11 a. in   Matins and  Holy   Communion. 7 30 p m. Evensong. Sunday
! School, 2.30 p.m.
Vancouver Acreage
Send Description, Price and
'Perms to
Andrew  E.  Liddle
Real K-tate Agent,   Box   137
• IK
600 Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B, C.
H. .1. WILLIAMSON (late collector
Ri velstoke Steam Laundry) having
now the Agency for the Vancouver
Steam Laundry, will cali at ynur
house Mondays, l'uesdays and
I     Wednesdays,
Ail Work Cuarantoed.   Prions Moderate
Thos. Morgan,
Ail i-i , ui Glass anil Wood Sign WTil-
. i: II..ni nnd Church H ralori High
Painter and Paper Hanger. II.ml
W'.'.d Finishing   and   Fine   Work a
lit.)        Designs   and     Estimates
Address.Y M.C.A. Revelstoke
»  iii M il nl' Nu   I HALED HAY
. \     .I"  ii .id? ihi ( ASH per ton.
Inquire al i it y Hiiknry.
i |KKS8.MAKINU ul moderate lerma
I) I... 11 ii-,' suns from $6 un, Applv
Hi i, ddii,~, rare Mm, O.Green.4lh
itreel, j in 2n iv A a
iiASTMItV CAPITAL ready  iti in-
l' i ' I'M '■   li'i'it un ite invesl meiils
ind      I linbol   . i   none •    in  llril ish
i   i imi vidi   >i  in lirst Instance
i .ih l ill p ii i ii ulai l' ''Capital."
..ur Noble A On,, IHolnona Hank lildg.
\ uu om ei, inu 2i|
Iidi \ii    \ I.eh   i".M ii.iteli, owner
n re      t'v pi oving pro-
imi i •. ii d paying foi ' Ins notli e. The
iv itch i In "i" I. md nl lhe Chiel id
WANTKD Young girl to look
aftei ilolil. Utilise work light.
Apply Mrs, II. Cunningham Morris,
I im.i Street, weal,
WHITE   VVOM \.\   COOK    ■ nits
worki also foi   daughter of  11.
Rlxon, Pingston I ireek, B. 0,
WANTED    By llll I   ro ipleino
children) 2 or .'I rurnishnd rooms
for ligiit. housekeeping,    Apply Mail-
Children's Underwear
Wc aro. offering a splendid lot of underwear for
Children at very low prices, They come in the
sizes to lit ages 3 to 14, Good wool with just
enough cotton to make them feel comfortable and
prevent shrinking in white or grey. Small sizes
.j.Se'.; large sizes 50c. per garment.
Flannelette Goods
l Inder wear at bi^ reductions. Wc want to move
out the balance of these goods and the price
should do it. Gowns, skirts and drawers, well
made, of good material, and well worth the original price, bul they must go at the new prices.
Furs!   Furs!
Wc have only a few left and if you want a fur
you can save a lot of money by getting it now.
You will find chances to stive money in almost
every line in the store.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading: Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best   mul  largest   Stock
ol   Cigars mid
Pipes  in
Original   Mac's   Mixture.
now   on   hand
aiid inadi
expressly  for  us by 1).
K. McPherson.
J *
***» «*** «-•**,*:>■>>*•:.«♦*##*««.**«*******«****#*#**»»,*#*«**<,
Vancouver, January 25,  tyog.
I III'. INSURING PUBLIC is hereby notified that the
Agencj of the following Companies controlled by the undersigned as general agents, has been transferred from E. A,
Haggen to W, 11. Robertson, who alone has any authority
to  issue interim receipts or accept applications.
W. S. Holland Aoency.
Companies Affected :
London Mutual Firk Insurance Co. of Canada,
Montreal-Canada Fire Insurance Company.
Anglo American Fire Insurance Company.
Equity Fire Insurance Company.
Ontario Firk Insurance Company.
Traders Fire Insurance Company.
Standard Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Winnipeg Fiuk Insurance Company.
Colonial Fire  Insiikanck Company.
Brandon FiRE INSURANCE Company.
Special Notice!
thai I
Al Lowest  Rales  Consistent with Sound   Insurancee Finance
[laving lieen appointed ngent for the STRONGEST and
BEST Non-Tariff Insurance OrgnnizntinnH operating in Canada and
the United Stales, I resigned hint month the agencies of most ol the
Fire Companies formerly represented by me, and 1 am now in a better
position than hitherto to secure for my clients the MOST FAVORABLE INSURANCE RATES, combined with UNQUESTIONABE
SECURITY I >K POLICY, tlm rinks now placed by mu being backed by
a oapital of several million ol dollars.
These orpiiiiipiitiiuis curn linen of the largest insurere und
financial organisations in Canada und tbe United States,
Lumber Insurance a Specialty. *
Single lines written up to $100,000 if required in one policy,
n volume of luu-iiic-H no other ollice in llevelsloke can handle in one line.
(let my ratec before placing your insurance. You will he
surprised io lind the saving 1 can make you in your cost of Insurance.
Special lines of insurance placed or cancelled hy telegraph.
Write me your requirement! when I shall he glad to quote
rates.   Your insurance interests will have my prompt attention.
I huve to rei|iiest my present clients to leave their Insurance
interests in my hands as heretofore, in preference to those of Mr. W.
B. Robertson or anybody else, m they will find J can give them unparalleled service at lowest cost.


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