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 PWwe ^y,\
Vol. 13,-No 69
$2.50 Pei Yonr
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Crosse & Blackwell's Jellies
Jams and Condiments
All Fruits, Raspberry, Strawberry, Poach, Plum, Apricot, etc., Orosse & Blackwell's llnesl-lhonaiue is it-guarantee of quality.  Put up in 4 In, litis. 66 Cents
Made of FlneBt Seville Oranges, Crosse A Blackwell's
goods. Purity is ius8tired. These people turn out the
linesi to Iw had.   Put up in 7 Hi. tins at One Dollar
0. A ll. Best Malt Vinegar. Tliis is something you
sliould look for purity in. Pul up iu quart laittles to sell
nt 35 Cents
Or Olive Oil for Salad Dressings, etc. Perfectly pure
Italian Oil, put up by Crosse A Blackwell in 11! ounce
bottles. SO Cents
English Sour Pickle. Put up by Cross.' A Blackwell.
Wb have a fine assortment In Glass Bottles in linest malt
vinegar, all sixes. Finest Italian Olives, Ileal olives, no
imitation cheap goods, but the real thing put up by
Otosse & Blackwell in all size bottles.
We have any amount of all kinds of Glass
Jars and other Preserve Jars. Crown Self
Sealing Glass Jars:
Pint Si7.es at per dozen SI. IS
Quart Sizes at per dozen SI.40
Half Gallon Size at per dozen 11.78
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
■t. i't. i't..-!-. .1*. .-**. .SJ*. .sf. .j.. .if. .T. .T. .Tt .T. .-
iw iii up itf i^i 1^,1 n* i^i iff i^i i^i ij,i i^i 1^,1 ij
In order to introduce, we will allow any  responsible
party to take on a 30-dav trial one of our KOOKIZERS, and
*j> show that what we say about it is undeniable—that you can
cook your food for hours without tire.
This offer, and at a price of $7.50 each, only good for
Thirty day6.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
iTi iti itt itt _fa iti it'i ti'i iti &m\ iti rfi dtk rtl _fa A -tl iti it'i it'i itt _tl -fa (tl ITI tt\
*pill ipim "X""I" 'X" "A" "X" "IT *X* ,+ "41" **   " " * " "   " *<••' "*' *+* *+" '+" '41*
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 371 x ID", on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered—Cash $950, terms on balance.    PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey  Dwelling, plaste.ed and stone baseuiont, Lots
75 x 100 nn Second Street,     Cash $050 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Block
PRICE  $860
At O. M. Sproat's Farwoll F.state Olilco.
COWAN BLOCK.       -       -      -       THIRD STREET
Sucessful Parade—Heavy Rain
Mar Sports — Interesting
Athletic Events—Revelstoke
wins Lacrosse & Football.
"Man goeth forth to his work and
to his labor, until the evening, nnd in
the evening they do rest Irom their
labors, and their works do follow
them." Originally establish..1 as a
day on which organized labor might
celebrate its progress, lor:. time I-abor
Day was mme noteworthy for processions and speech making than lor
holidaying pure and simple. Gradually, however, the transformation has
become visible and now iu Canada
Labor Day combines both a demon
stratum of organized labor and a
general pienio for its conlreres.
Revelstoke has had many Labor Day
celebrations, all more or lesa soccesB-
lul, but it is only Iill this year that
the lab ir organizations have handled
all airiingeiiien.s themselves and made
the success the demonstration most
certainly w..s.
Monday morning broke fine but
unsettled, with ominous looking
clouds gathering over tho hills and
filling up the valleys, yet all the while
the Biin shone brilliantly, doing its
best to disperse the clouds which
were showing collecting forces. The
city had an air oi festivity about it,
visitors and town's folk alike were
attired in their holiday rig, while here
and there a committee man or sports
ollicial could he Been with fluttering
ribbon scurrying about completing
the last details for the day's amusement. Shortly alter 10 o'clock crowds
were gathering at the city hall, while
the gaily dressed and decorated floats,
began appearing from sheds and
stubles where, in myBterious Becrecy,
the different blanches ot labor and
trade had been demonstrated in a
condensed lorm to be paraded through
tbe city. By this time the crowd had
swelled to ample proportions, and on
ail sides, on the faces ol young and uld
could be Been signs ol eager expect
ancy and pleasure as one and all gave
themselves up to enjoy the holiday
and the programme of varied amusements prepared Ior them. Ensconced
in their stand the Independent Band
spruce and business like, enlivened
tlie scene with bright and catchy
music, until the marshal ufter getting
the parade into line, gave the signal
and the procession commenced. Tlie
turn out was certainly the best and
moot elaborate ever held in Revelstoke
quality making up lor quantity, and
those lesponsible for the work deserve
tho greatest credit. Headed l.y the
band, then followed the caletbmiipia.it
who were in groat form, the costumes
and antics ol the driver and his crowd
causing endless merriment. Next
came a handsomely decorated float
manned by the Intern tional Association ol Machinists; the wagon being
filled with samples and specimens ot
machinists work, while the men themselves appeared at actual work on their
trade, several working models ot
machinery being in operation. A
spider Bulkey crowded with young
clowns followed. No. 1 Fire Brigade
hook and ladder wagon came next,
artistically decorated with bunting
and evergreen. The Bowman Lumber Company's float was an excellent
piece oi work, entitled ''Sunday morning in camp" and consisted ol a log
camp house in the toreit, round
which were grouped the lumber jacks
holding an impromptu concert. Behind this oame H. Howson A Cu's.
furniture and carpet float, showing
specimens of the trsde. The next
limit and one whioh attracted much
attention, and won geneia! [avor, was
an almost lile site locomotive and
tender, the work ol the B. ol L, F. and
E., No. 341, the work being perfect in
many details. Next came No. 2 Fire
Brigade, looking neat and smart,
followed ly C. B. Hume's lloat, perhaps the best of them all. This consisted of a miniature departmental
store, showing the salesmen taking
orders by 'phone, and packing and
tieing up parcels, while the girls ol
the millinery department attracted
universal attention, making and trimming hats, etc, The scheme was well
carried out and a good demonstration
ol thc departmental trade. One ol
the most interesting limits in tlie parade was that gol up by the local
branch ol the B. C. Fruit Growers
Association, and consisted ol samples
and specimens ol all Iruits and vegetables, and general produce grown in
the district, thc large quantity ot fine
samples shown, being conclusive evi
dence ol what Revelstoke can grow,
This i- tl.e lirst time thai a flout ol
this description has been got up in
Kevelstoke ...id ihe Iruit growers deserve the highest praise tor their endeavors. A very novol float came
next, being a good representation of
an air ship, the work o! K. MoRae,
ol McLennan A. Co's. Behind his
came a handsome float by tbe Hews
brothers, the scheme being a square
kiosk of white and green 8 .rinoiinted
l.y a mortar and pestle, the inside being dec.iratetl with articles and samples
ol thc druggist trade, some of which
were distributed to the crowd.
The procession headed down to Old
Town along First Btreet and returned
l.y way of Sicond Btreet.   On reaching
the top of the hill again tl.e parade
met a Btrong, gustv wind whicli played
havoc with the floats, especially the
airship, which contrived to get away,
but was recaptured. Rain commenced
to fall, and a fierce driving sleet caused
a hurried-lip ending to the procession,
forcing the crowds under shelter.   In
spite of the sudden  change in tlie
weather and the rather disastrous end
ing ]he parade was up unqualified sue
cess aud tlie be.t ever held in Revelstoke.    The following were judged
Trades Union Float, Machinists.
Comical Rig,
Merchant's Float, C. B. Hume it Co
Traveling Orchestra, Bowman Lum
ber Co,
Special prize for Trades Union lloat
by T. Kilpatrick, B. of L. F. A E.
Fancy float, K McRae (McLennan
A Co.)
Consolation Prize, Bews Bros.
A special prize was given hy G. 8
McCarter to tlie local brunch of the
British Columbia Fruit Growers Association Float, which w.ib highly com.
Bain lell till about 2 p. m. when it
cleared sufficiently to allow sports to
be held.
As the rain ceased and the clouds
melted tu-ny the people began to collect on tl.e recreation ground to witness the sporiB. The lacrosse match,
Revelstoke v. Armstrong, evinced keen
interest, and the juniors, who were
playing their first match belore a crit-
oal audience, were on their metal and
pul, up a splendid game. The ground
was almost too wet and slippery Ior a
last game but some good lacrosse playing was seen on botli sides. At the
beginning ol the game the viators had
the best ol it, but failed to follow up
their goud strokes. After Kevelstoke
hud tasted a few goals the fire ol the
game waB in their eye und at half
time the scure was pretty even
Commencing again the home boya got
down to work and played a Btrong
combination game, which put them
several goals ahead of ihoir opponents,
who lacked the combination. During
thc last quarter several last rushes
were made by both sides, and when
the whistle blew time the score stood
Revelstoke 11, Armstrong 4.
The juniors are to hc congratulated
ou winning their lirst match and
showing thut they cun play the game.
Revelstoke v. Kamloops made an
interesting and evenly matched game,
some veiy line play being shown by
visitors and home team alike. At the
close of the match the score stood at
Revelstoke 3, Kamloops 0, the quick
passing ol the lion... team giving them
the superiority.
Keen interest was taken in the
sportB, their being many entrioi lor
each event. The prize list iB as follows:
100 yds. flat— 1, Morris', 2, Aatle,
Standing long jump—1, Morris; 2,
Running long jump—1, Morris; 2,
Pole vaulting—1, MoLonnan; i,
Hop, slop and jump— I, Morris; 2,
Putting 16 lb. shot—1, Mat Craw-
lord; 2, Pruo,
Sack race—1, Palmer, 2, Thomas.
ObBtade, J mile—1, PanonB, 2,
Boys under 10—1, Mcllac; 2, Fromey.
Single Ladies race—1, M. Porter;
2, Ruby Berger.
Married LadieB race—1, Mrs, Keni-
tun; 2, Mrs. Taylor.
100 yds. shopmen'• raoe—1, J.
Fat Man's race—I, T. Wadiuan; 2,
C. G. Wheeler and It. Fleming,
One milo relay—City toam, Thomas,
(Capl.) Aslle, Creelman, Burridge.
Tho events not completed on Monday wero finished yesterday alternoon,
when the weather wiib perfect and a
largo crowd attended. A number ol
races tor the children wore organised
Agreement Signed-Earthquake
Recorded---Reduce Rates-
Customs Defrauded— Fatal
Train Wreck.
St.   Petersburg,   Sept.  4.—The
Anglo-Russian convention was signed
yesterday afternoon. It. regulates tl.e
respective interest s t.l the two powers
in Thibet, Afghanistan, and Persia.
Ottawa, Sept. 4—Tlio seismograph
at tho Dominion observatory at 12:15
p. ni. yesterday recorded a more severe
earthquake movement than it did ol
the Jamaica earthquake ol last year.'
Liverpool, Eng., Sept. 4.—The
CuiiuTd line today issued an official
statement to the effect that it would
be obliged to follow the example ol
its competitors and reduce its cast-
ward Atlantic (area.
Paris, Sept. 4.—Tlie police have
unearthed a scheme that has been
in operation for.. long time here to
defraud the French customs. The
frauds are estimated at $200,000.
Chicauo, Sept. 4.—Judge Landis,
in the United States district court
yeBterday, ordered the postponement
of the grand jury investigation of the
rebating charges against the Chicago
and Alton road, growing out ot the
recent trial and conviction oi the
Standard Oil company until Sept. 24.
Winnipeg, Man., Sept 4.—In Southern Manitoba, where almost a crop
failure was feared at one time, and
where an average yield of not more
than six or eight bushels ol wheat per
acre was anticipated, conditions have
improved wonderfully during tlie last
lew weeks and now a yield of Irom ten
to fourteen bushels is considered
OltAN'GBVlLLE,   Out.,    Sopt.     3.—A
Canadian Pacific Railway special
carrying 300 passengers bound Ior
Toronto, was wrecked to-day at
Horseshoe Falls, 9 miles south ot
here. The train was Irom Owen
Sound and passed through here at 9
o'clock, a. m. It contained 6 coaches,
five of which left the track. Eleven
persons were killed and 26 injured.
Tlie engineer and firemen remained on
their engine which jumped the track,
and were seriously injured.
Another account of the wreck says:
The train pulled into Orangeville
one hour late. Half an hour later
the locomotive jumped the rails on
the down grade ol the Horseshoe
Curve of the C.iledon Mount. Five
crowded cars were piled up on top ot
the locomotive, .it Orangeville every
seat was tilled and people .veto standing in thc aisles. Ali these cars were l
jammed together iu the fierce shock
Ol those on the trainlal least 250 were
injured, many ot them fatally, aud 6
were killed optriglit. The only explanation of tlie disaster, so tar, is tbat
the engineer was trying to make up
time and took the Horseshoe curve at!
a high speed.
Bourne Bugs.
Guns and
A large stock ol ShotguiiB ami
Rilles from those celebrated niakeis.
—Winchester, Savage   and   Martin,
A lull line of the best quality ol
Fishing Tackle at right prices.
See the Automatic
Repeating Shot Guns
Tne nights,  as usual,  being re-     And all the latest models in firearms,
served (or the cats. Ammunition tor all calibres.
Wo want you to know, however,
that our day is every week day,
und your day, too, it you wish to	
avail your?clI ol the bargains that
arc continually being offered to
our customers.   Seeing'is believ- Pjplimfi TopUfl
ing, and the only wny to convince ' lOIIHIjJ   • ttviMO
yourself is to step right in when     „       .        ,  .      .       n
'    . ,      'b"' ""*•>     Drowning    Automatic    Repeating
passing and examine our goods
and prices. Pistols and Revolvers of all kindB.
$500 GASH
Buys New House finished with all modern
conveniences and ready for occupancy.
Reyelstoke General A-jnies, Ltd-
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.     Telephone 31
London, Sept. 2.—In the House of
Louis tl.e Archbishop ol Canterbury
iu in.success!.illy opposing the second
reading ol the marriage of a deceased
wile's sister bill, said the colonies,
young and eager for home life in
sparse populations, were subject to
conditions other than their own,
They made experiments, legislative,
social, educational and fiscal, which
we are not called to follow. The legislation ol tlie colonies in relaxation
ol the ancient marriage law was very
recent, and it was too boo., to argue
Iiom their exporieuce of the nature ul
and working ol the change. He heard
aui-priseilly from those who, declining
rightly, hu thought, to lie led by the
colonies in the path ol liscul change,
the argument that it was the mother
country's duty to follow then, in a
matter intimately affecting social and
domestic iife,
Tlio second raiding of the hill
passed by 111 votes to 711. The
minority inoludcd every ono ol the 17
Bishops who are 1111.111ln.rs of tho
On behalf ol the Fruit Growers
Association 1 hog to tender my sin-
corest thanks to G. S. McCarter (or
his donation for a prize tor the Fruit
Exhibit at the Labor Day Parade.
H, F. Hay,
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Ilratudioa in Ilia Pr.ivincas ul Mat.iU.ba, Alberta. Bukstshswsjl,
Itritit<li ('olumbia, Ontario, Quabec.
Oopitai Authorized       -       -       •       $10,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   >4,83o,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       •4,83o,ooo.oo
D. H. Wilkie, President; Hon. R. Jakeiut, Vice-President.
Uoiitliiuctl uu 1'i'K.i Four.
'reserving peaches are now in
C. B, Hume A Co.'s.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United 8tates and
Kurope.   Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
quarterly, ,	
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager. IHUI IVlilUj Ul-JliAUU,  1VCJ V 1JUOA \xi\n,  IJ.  \J,
. T
Cbe flfoaiUlbcvalb.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.       Hakoi.h Fisher
Barr'uUn.,1 Solicitor,, Etc.
C. K. I.II.UV • C. KI.I.U.TT.
Oreit-KS :  Iv. "Kkiai.  Bank  lii.orK,  Hkvki,
'STOKK, 1). .',
Moi.cj- lo loan.
Office": Ilcvel-toke. H. 0.1 Cranbrook, H. C.
OlO. 3. MCiHTEB,
L M. l'lNKUAM. J. A. Hiavav,
Revelstoke, B. c.      Cranrook, H.   .
J. M. Scott I.L.D W, I. Hrlggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc,
Money to Loan
ibolioitoes^for.molsons bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C,
As-ay of all Ore,,  Sample! by mail or expri'B.
receive j.romi.1 attention.
Termi Moderate.
Al-L.RRS!        -        -      *       BCX i.ll KAR1,0, B. 0.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKknzik Avenue,
Box 108, Reyelstokk,
Paorweui assavek A Chemist,
Phone 2      NEW DENVER, B.C      P.O.BOX ll)
(Member American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers,
its promoters would l.e, at the same
time, ol great convenience to the public. But to bring about this, dr.iBl.ic
changes will hate to be made and
greater restrict ions put upon certain
sections of the community, and until
tliis has been accomplished the status
of any hack or cab will never be re
Apropos of the demonstration of
local Iruit and vegetable growing, as
evidenced in tlie limit iu tl.e Labor
Day parade, arranged by the fruit
growers, this is the lirst occasion 011
whicli this industry has been brought
bo prominently belore the public eye.
It is only ol recent years that Kevelstoke people have paid uny attention
to practical fruit growing, being evidently ignorant ol what their soil
could produce. The samples and
specimens ol Iruit, vegetables and
produce exhibited on the rig in the
parade will show that the possibilities
of this district as a Iruit producing
country are very bright. There are
acres and acres ol good land only
waiting lor the plow in the vicinity,
which could he turned into profitable
orchards. We would point out that
the samples Bhown were not "exhibition specimens" but merely ordinary
products of the different ranches
round the city. It is to be hoped that
the citizens will encourage the local
Fruit Grower'B Association and endeavor to develop tlie industry now
in its infancy. Let those who are
members oi the association be more
regular in their attendance at meetings and show keener interest in what
iB perhaps one ol the most promising
movements in the district.
Cbc flfoafUlberalb
" 1 would . . . taiuestlj-advise tham lor
their good to order ilii* paper to bc punctually
served up, and to be looked upon as a part of
tl.e tea ciuiDAge."—Addison.
The bylaw for the regulating and
licensing of hacks in the city has been
read by the council and is again under consideration by the bylaw committee. The atticles collectively cover
Ior ihe most part the ground which
the citizens, during the recent disturbances in the city, have considered
should be covered besides several other
niinor points which are also of moment
to lhe community. The crux ol the
bylaw rests on the conditions under
which licenses ehall be given, whether
to the driver himself or elee the owner
ol the cab. The Citizens League have
expressed a request to the city council
urging that licenses be taken out by
the driver* themselves, thus tending
to keep a check on those whom cab
owners employ. We venture to suggest that the Bcheme would not answer at sll, seeing that a hack driver is
very often a man of no fixed abode
and drops per chance in to this city or
that to pick up a job one day and is
goDe tbe next. L'nder these conditions
it would be almost impossible to keep
track ol the licenses tbat were issued.
We think that by issuing a license to
all bona lide cab owners and making
them rei|s.i.iit.le lor their driver's, conduct and behavior at tbe peril of their
license, the plan would be far more
certain to have the desired effect. Regarding fares, a fixed echcdule should
be arrangul which will he at once suitable to cab owners and civic authori-
tiei alike, and moreover these ipecilied
rates should be strictly adhered to.
The license inspector should sec that
all caI-s running in the city should be
used for no other purpose than for
carrying passengers over the city, and
he should have the po„er of suspending a license il he thinks that it is
being abused, at least till the council
have taken the matter up. The carrying of lights on all cabs, rigs, drays
and other conveyances at night should
also be enforced, as the danger at the
present time through lack of this has
been very prevalent. Hitherto a hack
in Revelstoke has not been deemed a
very desirable conveyance lor any lady
ta be seen travelling in lor obvious
reasoni, and it is this fact that the bylaw belore it ie linally passed should
pay special attention to. There is a
good opening Ior a clean livery and
cab business in the city, and a bust*
nets which besides being profitable tu
Proclaiming Canada the best country in thc world, and British Columbia
the best province in Canada, the Hon.
J. F. Turner, lormerly premier of tlie
province and for years agent-general
lor B.C.. in London, Eng., returned to
Vancouver Thursday, alter an absence
of six years. Mr. Turner, who looks
to be in excellent condition, and as
though the cradle of the race agreed
very well with him, had a number of
things to say ahout the prospects 0!
British Columbia and English money
and English people.
Regarding tlie mines with whicli
the province haB alwayB been cliieily
associated in London, Mr. Turner
states that it is difficult to get money
tor mines in any part ol the world in
England just now. British prosperity
having caused the absorption ol large
sums right at home in the enlargement of factories, etc.
Regarding the labjr problem, just
uow of absorbing interest here, the
agent-general gives two reasons for
British Columbia's small share of the
immigration to Canada from the
mother land. Oue is the great attention paid to selling lorth the easy advantages ol the prairies by emigration
agents and companies and the other
the fact that while seven or eight
pounds will take an immigiant to almost any part of the Northwest, it
costs more than twice as much to
reach Britisli Columbia, though the
diffeience had been to some extent reduced hy the efforts of the Salvation
Army, which expecta to land 1,500
larm laborers and domestic servants
in tliis province by February next, In
connection with lhe domestic servant
problem, Mr. Turner said he had received much correspondence on this
subject while in London from the
Hon. Joyce, who, he understood was
associated in the work with Mrs.
Skinner, of Vancouver. He was sure
that if tlie ladies on this side formed
committees and ...ade proper arrangements the best domestic help could be
secured in Great Britain, hut it would
be nesessary to assist meat of them to
come out,
Mr. Turner was very enthusiastic
over the possibilities of the liritisb
market for the British Columbia fruit
raiser. He declared that if the province coui.l supply such (nut to tho
British market as had been seen in
recent exhibitions, thc trade would be
worth millions to the province, The
recent exhibitions ol fruit, including
tl.e products displayed in some of the
most prominent show windows in
London, had attracted much attention,
not only from the consumer's standpoint, but also Irom the producer's,
antl were leading many English fruit
raisers and gardeners t con e to this
province to embark in their occupations where such good results could
he obtained.
Another class of immigrants mentioned by Mr. Turner as likely to come
here in increasing numbers was that
of retired army ollicers who, besides
having pensions from $8,000 to $4,000
a yeur, had in many instances come
capital saved antl world make a very
desirable class of settlers.
Two other industries dealt with by
Mr. Turner werc fir block paving and
the salmon trade. He wsb ol the
opinion that liritish Columhia mill
men would do well to turn their attention to putting fir paving blocks on
the Britisli market, there being an
impresBion that they might be. more
satisfactory than the Australian hind
wood now much used, the latter being
so hard ub to splinter a great deal.
Regarding the salmon trade, he was of
thc opinion that the frozen article
would now find a ready market in
London at Irom a shilling to eighteen
pence a pound—World.
A $1,000,000
On lhe Engineering Feat at
Field—The Heavy Grade of
Famous Big Hill to be Overcome.
One ol the most interesting anil
complex undertakings In oonnecti n
wi h the railway building anywhere t n
tho continent, oue in which engineering skill and constructive ability
co.,.bine to overcome the obstacles
presented by Nature in her roughest
mood, is the driving of the U-o long
tunnels on the main line of tlie C.
P. It, near Field, which will cut the
grade ot the famous Big Hill in hall,
Over one million dollars will be
spent in tlie driving of the tunnels
and the grading ol eight miles of line
wh eh lies puictically all In rick. The
contract lor ih - tunnel and rock work
bus been awarded to Maedounell
Gisoivski & Co., engineers and contractors ol Vancouver, in competition
with contracting firms scattered all
over Canada and the United States.
Work will he commenced immediately
and in twelve months trains will be
running over the new line which will
increase the length ol the C. P. R.
transcontinental railway l.y exactly
four miles.
Ever since tlie Canadian Pacific
was built through tlie Rocky Mountains, locomotives in pairs, threes and
lours have been pulling and snorting
up the long and steep grade of the
Hig Hill with freight and psBBengcr
trains, throwing ont through their
snicks hundreds ol tons of half burnt
■hitlers, which now line the track,
The grade was one of the heaviest on
any trunk line on tlie continent, and
the cost of hauling trains over it was
generally known to every railroad
man in America. To cut this grade
in half the company is now spending
over a million dollars and it will save
money in the long run through
tleci eased costs ot operation.
The most interesting feature from
the standpoint of the layman in connection with this project is the tunnel work. Two tunnels, one on each
side ol the Kicking Horse River, will
be driven through tlie solid rock of
the Rockies and both will bo curved
and carry a grade throughout the
entire length.
The tunnel which will attract most
attention is that lying to the south of
the Kicking Horse, owing to the fact
that the exit will lie almost beneath
tlie entrance. This tunnel will form
practically a complete circle driven
through the solid rock in the heart ol
towering Cathedral mountains, It
will he 3,800 (eet In length, and its
western end, whicli will be the entrance for westbound, will he 70 feet
higher than its eastern end. On
leaving the tunnel westbound trains
will pass under and across the, track
which took then, into the tunnel "O
feet above.
The tunnel on thc northern side of
the Kicking Horse will have a length
of 3,400 leet, all this distance running
in tlie arc ol a gigantic circle. Between these two tunnels runs the
Kicking Horse and it will be bridged
there and also to the west ol the tunnel on the north side of the river
wherethe new line will agfin cross
the stream to its southern shore.
Between the two tunnels will be one
'220 feet in length, an insignificant
drive when compared with the big
bores in such close proximity to it.
The tliree tunnels will be ol standaid
All theae improvements will be
made between Field, on tl.e west, and
Hector on the east. The new line
will be built from lleetor westward to
a point about a milo and it ball east ol
Field where it will , in the preset
main line of the Canadian Paoiflo,
Ily the present line the distance be-
tween theie two points is approximately lour ...il.-s while the new line
will traverse eight miles to cover the
same distance.
Thepresentli.il! crosses the Kicking Horse River in but one pi .OS
between Hector and Field. The
route between theae two points, winch
it follows was the only one available
in construction days when money was
not so plentiful as it is now .....I
when no long tunnels were built
which could hc avoided even at tbe
expense ol saddling heavy grades on
the lines.
Between lleetor anil Field, a distance ol eight iniles by the present
main line, thc difference in  altitude
la 1148 (eet, Hector's elevation being
5207 feet and Field's -1,0(1-1 feet.
Probably for twenty years tl.e e>:ec-
utive and engineering ollieials of the
Canadian Pacific have been discussing
tin. necessity of wiping out the Big
Bill ami numerous plans were advanced to accomplish that end hut
till now every scheme ended merely in
lu the mallei' of .1,unes Oi'iiivfinil,
lu the mailer i.fib.. '-OHli-hll  A.l.l.l..-
isll-aliu's Al'l."
TAKE NOTICE lh.il hv in.Ice if
llis Honor.I. A. Forin, ninde nn ilu>
l.'.ih.b.y of Angus., 1007, I win in--
pointed ..dn.inis.i-al.il of the esi.il.. . I'
-aid .l.-.n.cs l!nuvf..nl, do-eascil, i.i.-l
nil parlies having .Loins again-d ih»
...id estate ..re hereby required In
f ii nlsh siiiiii' properly verified to me
.... or before Iho Isl. day of October.
10*17. And nil purl Ies indebted In said
.•slate.ire hereby re.luiieil lo pay the
, unt of their Indebtedness In n.e
Ollicial Administrator.
Uiileil ilu*27ih day nf August, 11X17.
Local Rovelstoko
SAc.a.lst Party of Canada
Meet, First and 'I'lilnl Wcfltiesilny Iii the month
in Selkirk Ilnll, upstairs, at8 n,m. Subject Inr
.llacuailnn -"Aruiiiiniiiem i.f I'iiitilallHin.     All
...I,,],-*.,-,I hi.- welcome,
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Moot! Secii.t nnd Fourth Wednesdays in
i-i.. I. .......lb. In Selkirk Hall.   Visiting Woodmen cordially Invited to attond.
IV, 11. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
.1 McINTYItK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular meetings nro bald in tlie Selkirk
Hull every -ml and 4th Tuesday evening at 8
o'oloc-. Visiting brethren aro cordially invited.
H. A. BROWN, President,
w. k. Mclaughlin, smrbtar*.
Kootenav Lodge No. 15 A,F,.ft\VM.
Thu regular meet-
intfr arc held in thc
Miiponic Temple,
Jdd Fellows Hall.on
the third Monday in
■iicli month at ti
i.m. Visiting broth
ren   cordially   wel
Doer 11 M.fls, Animals, Ilinl,, Flail, il'tc.,
Ani...i.l Itngs Mounted.
I* 0. llnx 31.
Stiiili..:   1-,.01,-r... Flint St un.l It.iylt; Ave
ll.vel-ln |i.    .(
Full line ol Groceries nnd Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Elc.
Fresh si..ck a'tvays arriving at
lowest prices.
Place your orders for youi'
Harness,. -Hand-make Boots
and Fancy Leal her Goods. . .
Manufactured Tor all clanse-Jof buildings
All Vinls.of building and plastering
Meets every Thursday
ovcnlng   in    Selkirk
kHall   at   8   o'clock.
■Visiting brethren cor-
'dially Invited to attend
James Evans
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
excel.. Third Wednesday ol
each moult, in lhc Oddtellows'
Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
Knights arc cordially invited.
G. H. BROCK, K. of R. 4 S.
H. A. BROWN. U. ol F
Mourners of both sexes with to exchange ('-ink Hend 2» ceuls lo join mul
receive lo lancy, handsome, imported
Post Cards and your name entered ou
list. au 14 lm
IO Haddon Bldg., Vancouver.
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with itehelp.
And the money saving iB the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
CarpctB, linoleum and wall paper at
0. B. Hume A Co.'s,
fruit lnnds
I have many enquiries for
Fruit Lands :'r,,m Winnipeg,
Toronto,and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose of
tbeir holdings, large or small,
will do well p. list them with
nu-. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
From Fpance, Holland and
reliable varieties }l ressonsble prices.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Bpray Pumpi
Spraying Material, Cut Floweri eto,
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland ol B.C,   Catalogue (ree.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under tho n.-w management of
Harry  ,\l< iNi-ieui,      ..IT......   House
rnllK MEDICAL WATKlts of ll..|.
1   cyon are tin- most curative in the
world. A perfect,, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
ni.iilH nirive .....I .1. ait every tiny,
Telegra I. cotmnun atlon with all
marts of the world.
Tiiii't!,. $12 lo $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arretv Lakt, B, C
Rifles, Shot nuns. Revolvers.
Fl«hlng Tackle, Tents, Hunting and Outing Suits, Canoes.
Boats Typewriters and Office
D. sk, Field.'iml Opera Glasses,
All nl. less lhnn half price.
Write at once for hig list,
Naihvlgeivn.nl;, N. II., Canada,
The best Brick in the Province.
Well burnt Brick in huge or
small quantities at Reasonable
All kinds of Green Vegetables ready for the Market.
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 and $3.50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries 10c.
Per Lb.	
Ppont Street, Revelstoke
25c. to 50c. on the S
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT to any railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Britisli Columbia,
Write for our latest Prioe List, ii is
mailed Iree on request.
We only handle the "best goods money
can buy, only goods ol* besl mills, inaiiii-
facturers and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Dellve.y.
EAU Coods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is a ditty to You, to Your Family and
to yonr Pocket Book to investigate our
We do nol belong lo the Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
References : Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in the Cily, or the
names of twenty thousand satisfied customers in llie lour provinces.
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
Stora? e
All Kinds of Light and H lavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Conl nnd Feed,
Phone 71. House Phone
To Buy Property In and Around
Never Again will It be so Lew
I llave lor sale tbe following!—
One Cottage, corner Charles and
Douglas Sl.—$800, easy terms.
Two Houses, -Third St.—$1,500
One Mouse, corner King and
Front Sis.—$1,700.
One House on Douglas St.—$800.
Eiglil Acres just outside the City
Limits, suitable for fruit—$100 per
acre. Together with larger lols
of Fruit Laiuls near tbe City.
Also one 25 foot lot suitable for
business site on First Street, close
to McKenzie Ave,
For lull particulars apply toj—
Revelstoke, B. 0
Cariboo Land District.
District of Ceil......
Tiiae notice lh.it S. M.-Mfihon of
Revelstoke, Il.C, iiccilpuliun Blacksmith, intends to apply lur special limber licences over tii.- fulluwing described hit.del
1. Commencing at a post plunted
IJ miles above Done Creek und 10
chaius more or less from Thompson
River, uiarked "S. McMiihiin'sN.W.
corner," thence east 80 ehuins, thence
south SJ ehuins, thence wesl 80 clmins,
thence north 80 chains to point of
commencement, containing .110 acres
more 01- less.
2. Oommenclng at .1 pust planted
alongside No. 1, mnrked "», McMahon's S. W. eorner." tlience east 80
chains, llienee north 80 ehuins, Ihence
wesl 80 cliains, thenct. south 80 chains
to point of commencement, containing
010 aerea more or less.
ii. Commencing at a post planted
alongside of D. Mcintosh's No, 12,
marked "S. McMiihun's N.K. cornet-,"
thence west 80 chains, thence soulh 80
chains, thence east 80 ehnins, tlience
in.rlh 80 cl.ains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or
4. C.mimeiiciiig tit a post planted
ul muuth of Thunder Creek, niarked
**S. McMahon's S, E. oorner," thence
west 100 .(bains, Uience north 40
clmins, Iheuce east 100 chaiu,, Ihence
soulh 40 chains to point uf commencement, conlaining 010 acres more or
Dated August 1st, 1007.
.">. Commencing at-11 pust planted
alongside of II. McMiiIiuii'h No. I), and
marked "S. McMahon's N.W. corner,"
thence east 80 chains, tlieuce south 80
ehuins, thenee west 80 chains, tlience
norlh 80 chains iu point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or
tl. Commencing at a post planted
on west hank ul Thompson River,
about 0 miles from Hell's Gale, marked "S. McMahon's N.K. curuer," tlienco
ivest 40 uliains, thence soulli 100
chains, thence eusl 40 cliains, ihence
north 100 chains lu puiut uf commencement, cuntaining 040 acres mure
or less.
Dated July 20th, 1007.
wed aug 21 S. McMAHON.
Northwestern  Supply   House
239 and 261 Stanley Street
18, 19, 20, 1907
Largerland1, BeLler
Than Ever
Something Doing
Every Minute
Cheap Excursion Rates
On All Transportation
L ins
For   Information   or
Prize List, Write  •
P. O. Box 95,
v» L
Central Hotel
_»_.    RFVFl BTOKF  B. C.
Newly built,     Kirst-cliiRs in every respect.    All modern conveniencec
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably   furnished   with the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day,   Monthly rate.
Queen's Jtotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Pifh Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Under   New   Management)
Kirst-clns accommodation for travellers.
Host brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
Lillooet Limi District.
Districl ot Lillooel,
Take notice thai Nels Thomas Edwards of Revelatoke, 11. C, cruiser,
intends ... apply for special limber
licences over llie following descrihed
1 Oommeucillg at ii post markeil
"Nels Thomas Edwards souih east
corner pus.,'planted one mile easl of
Loi BODo, in. north fork ol Seymour
itiver, on easl siile, tlience nurth 80
eliains Iheuce west 80 chains; thence
south80chains, thenceeast 80 chains
io point uf commencement, containing
Oil) acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post uiarked
-Nels Thomas Edwards' south west
coi'iiei-post," planted one mile east of
LutUOOo, nu 1.1.lth fork of Seymour
Itiver, on eit-t side, tlience north 80
chains-, thence easl 80 chains, thence
soulli SO chains, Ihence 'vest 80chains
to point of commencement, containing
610 ncres more nr Icns.
Dated August 16th, 1807.
3 Oommenclng ut a post marked
"Nels Thomas, Edwards soulh east
corner post," planled about 8J miles
east of the norlh fork of Seymour
River, ou soulh side of Deep Creek,
thence llllllll 100 chuius, tlience west
40 chains, Iheuce soulh 100 rhnius,
Iheuce east 40 chains In pointof commencement, containing 610 acres more
or less.
4 Comineucing at .. post marked
'•Nels Tl.....c.s Edwards' smith-west
corn.1.-posl," planted about U.l miles
east of the norlh fork of Seymour
itiver, ou soulh side nf Deep Creek,
Ihence norlh ISO i'liains, thenceeast 40
chains, Ihence south 100 ehnins, Ihence
west 40 chains to pulut of commence
menl,conlaining 040 acres more or less.
Dated August 171 ll. 11)07.
we.l...tg 21 Locator.
Sealed Tenders, supersciheil "Tenders I'm- Lock up.' will he received by
the Hon. the Chief Commissioner, up
in noon on Tuesday the Hid day of
September, 11)07, for lhe erection and
completion of a Lock-up at Revelstoke.
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of lender may be seen on and
afler the 26th day of Augusl, 1807. at
I he OHiee of tin, Government Agent,
Revelstoke, or at the Laiuls and Works
Depi i-tmenl, Victoriu, B. C.
Govci'iiin.'.it Agent,
NOTICE— Tne u'lnje  pi tl..,  sp.'.-i.
cn inn. ail co ilea,-t   for.iti   Inv,)
een withdrawn.
Court of Revision.
Nm.ice in herehy given that the first
sitting nf the Court of Revision to revise and correct tl.e Assessment Roll
us prepared by the Assessor for thc
City of Revolstoke for the year 11)07,
will he held at the Council Chamber,
City Hall, Revelstoke, B.C., on Wednesday, September 4th, 1807, at 7:30
td H. FLOYD,
City Olerk.
Ill-strict nl Wesl Kuotenay.
Take tioliceihatltichard Davis ol Ilevelstoke
11 .:.,...-.-..|.a.lm. Saw tiler, Intends toapply lot
aspecial Umbel licenso over the-lollowlng
described lands:
Oommenclng at a post planled about one
mil.' below Keck Point, and sbo... 80chains
Irom Ibe east bank ol the Colnmbla Kiver. and
marked "Kichard Davis' snulh-easl corner
post," thanes nnrth 160Chains, llienco west 40
ohains, thence soulh 1C0 chains, thence east 1(1
chains to the point ol commencemeni, and
containing 1.0 acres more or less.
Daled August 3rd, 1907.
wed aug 14 HICHAM) DAVIS,
Nolle.- i.- hereby given tho. ildrt. daji alter
dale I iuiiii lonpi.lv lo the llmi..ruble chic
Co.uui.siloucr ol i.ii.nl* ami Ho. k- lor special
license loci ....'I carry awaj llinhei ir llie
lollowlng described landa sliiiiueil In He*.
Kootenay. Upper Arroiv Lake Dislricl:
i. Commcinilng ..t a posl planted on Ilic
south sulci Unit Crock, and about twi'llly
chains mill, ll.e Creek, .....I ..b>".i lour pji.c.
Iron, Uu- nioii.holM.lil, malic, "li. N, Ilal-
lo. k'a be ulh-we.l curnor post," thenoe eu.i su
i-iiioiis. ihcnrc iiurili Sti uballia, theuce ivesiw.
ehalus llieueo soulh so ohains, lo place ol
■I. Commeuelng a. a post planlcd ou the
notth siitc ol Uou Creek, aud ahoul Ml lee.
trom the houlli-east corner post ul ol Tin. er
Limit No. Tlss, anu about f'sj tccl Iiom UO
sooUi-wosl conii-r puslol limber Limit 7sU,
marked .'K.N. Hallock's lolltal post," tbeuce
west MJ chains, ihouco noiita iu chains, iiicm-u
cast biu chums, tlience norlli lo chains, tbonco
west su.-liuius lo place ol coiiiineiiceiiit.nl.
8, Comincncing a. a post plnuled on the
.oiiihsldeol Uou creek, shout nine miles
Irom the inoulli, near iho iotllll-Wisl corner ol
T. I„ .\o. 7190, miokcil' K. . . llall.i.-k's liorll-
ivesl coruor p...*t," IkOllee a-till. IO Cams,
thenee cast uu oluilns, llituico nonh iu ohaius,
theuoe west llkl chaiua lo place ol beginning.
I. Comu.cucl.ig ai » Posl planlcd ou the
eai. sole ol lhe ...uth lorn »(I eon crick, un.l
aboul iwo miles Irom tliu lorks, marked "t. N,
llulioiVs uui'lli-wesl miii.it posl," theuoe
soulh sii cbaius, llufllce cnsl ou clia.ua. iheuce
north so. ..inns, llienco wen so chains lo place
ol beginning.
6 Co.n.iiciicing ul a post . lun'.eil .... lhc
wesl ,...c ol..... souih loik ol I cn Creek, uud
snout ititec an.l one hall miles iron, llie inoulli
in snlil loin, ...uiki-il "It, K, Ilnlloik's north-
wcalcorncr poat," Ihenco souih So ouains,
llulice ensl su chaius, ...ol.ee ....nl. SO chuilia,
Ihence west a, cli...us Io place ol bcgllinplg,
... Coinineneilig nl u p. »l plnuled on lite
wesi sl.le ol mc ...nlli ui k ol U'ou Creel., aun
uliuui lour and line ..nl. mllei i.ou. ll.e nioulli
ol aaid lork, marked ••», N. Bullock's norlh-
wist eoruer poat," tncti.e somh su chains.
theucecas.sucbaius lhcuce uonh su chains,
inoiiee uc.t bU chain, lu place ol beginning,
KI.WA1UI N, 11 a [.LOCK.
Datod July 3lsl, I1H7, lievclslokc, II. C.
ltovelsloko Laud District.
nislrielol Wosl Kootonay.
Takeuolicoth.it Wurreu ..ndrowa ol Kovol-
stoke. B.U., occupation Proipeolor, intcudi to
apply tor special limber licousos ovor the following doicribed lauds:
1. UomiUcuclug ... a post planted BU milos
wostol Coluiiibiu Hivor aud H mile north o!
Bodu Crook, murked "Warrou Andrews nnrlh.
east oi.tuor," iheuce south so ohains, tbence
wesl SO chains, thonce north SO i halns, thouco
eusl 80 cl.u.uslo poiul ol con.inoucon.ii.il, cou-
tuinim: MO ucros ...oro or less.
2. Coinmouciug al u post plnuted 3| milos
west oi iiielo.un.bi.. KIVoi,UOchaius ..orihiil
Sodulroes, murked 'Wurreu Andrews norlli-
eusl coruor," llieuce soulh so ch.ous, thonce
west Suc.iu.us, theme norlh 80 chaius, llieuce
east SO cbaius Ui point ul comn.e..co...oui, cou.
tniuiug Oltl ncres moro or less.
3. Commencing al a post plnuled .) miles
west ol Columbia Kiver uu me uorth uauk o.
Sudu Crook, murked ••Wurreu Andrews uorlh-
eusl coruor," iheuce south 80 chuius, llieuce
wosl 811 Cuius, theuce uorth 80 chnius, iheuce
eust 80 cUuius to poiut o. commencement, count ...uig MO acres mure oness-
1. Commeueiug at a post plaulod .1 mil
wo«l ol Colu.ub.ii Mvor, ami oue m.lo sou.h of
Sod.il rook, marked "Wnt.eu Audrews uorlh-
eusl coroor" theuco soutl. SO chiiiim, ihouco
wust SO chuius. ll.oui-0 uorlh W chu.us, ihouco
eust 80 chnius lo poiul ot comu.ouce.uout, coutaiuiug OIU ucros moro or loss.
5. Commouciug at a pusl plnntod 31 miles
wostol Columbia Hlver and 60 ohains south ol
Soda Creek, marked "Warren Andrews northeast cornur," thouce soulli SO clinlus, theuce
wost 6U cuius, thouco uorlh 80 chains, thouce
oust 80 chalna to point of commencement, con.
om,mc IUU acres more or .ess.
6. Commonolng at a ixist planted 2V1 miles
wost ol Columbin Kiver uud S mile soulh ol
8u.li. Crook, murked "Warren Audrews'uorlh.
eusl coruer." Iheuce wosl ,-0 chains, thouco
souih 80 chuius, ti.euce east 80 chuius, thouce
uonh IS) chums ui poiul ol eouiineiiceineut,
cou nun ins C4U acre* mors or less.
Dated July Win, Mil.
Revelsloke Land District.
Districl of Wesl Kooleuay.
Take nolice thai The Smith Creek Mining and Development Company, duly
registered in British Columbia and engaged in placer gold mining, intends to apply
for a special limber licence over the billowing described lands, for the purpose of
obtaining limbers for mining purposes!
Commencing n a post planleil a distance of 1584 feet south from a point on
Smith Creek, situated 440 feel below Ilic
moulh of Pot Hole Creek, and marked
"The Smith Creek Mining and Developmenl Company's norlh-west corner post,"
thence aouth' 80 chains, thence easl 80
chains, tbence nortli 80 chains, thence
wesl 80 clmins to ibe point of commence
ment, and conlaining 640 aerea, more or
Dnted August Slh, .907.
The Smith Ckbek Mining and Development Company,
Per Frank II. Guffey,
wed aug 11 .Manager and Agent.
Cariboo Land Dislricl.
Dislricl of Cariboo.
Take nolice lhat Donald Mcintosh of
Revelsloke, H. C, prospector, intends lo
apply for permission (0 purchase lhe following described land:
Commencing at a post planled about .'J
' miles above Blue Kiver, marked "D. Mclnlosh's S. E. corner," theuce norlli uo
chains, thence west 40 cliains, thence
soulh uo cbaius, ihence easi 40 cbaius lo
point of commencement, containing 480
acres more or less.
Dated July 31st, 1907.
wed aug ji D. McINTOSH,
West Kootenny Land Dislrict. Dislrict of Itcvelsloke, H.C. Take notice that llupert William
Haggen, ol Ilevelstoke, Il.C., occupation lllsur-
.on-.- Agent, 1..(cnl.* lo apply [or permission to
purchase the following described lund:—Coinmeneing ut a p ftt pla.ite.l 1.1. tl.u western shore of
tipper Arruw Lake, at Bannock I'olnt, and mark*
eil "It, W. ....mien's south-east comer ooal,"
situato ahout so cuius Irom tl.e southern extremity ul llannock Pulut, thence nurth l.l cuius tu
the southern linilllilnry ol (leorge llojM's pre-uinp.
liun, theueo west iu chains to the eastern boundary o( Lot SU, theuce suulh 30 chains tu the shore
ol Upper Arrow Luko, tlienco east (ollowlng the
shore ol I'pper Arrow Lake to place ol conimeneo-
meut, couiuing an urea ul llio acres, mure or less.
DttSO J illy Mh, 1«07.   Hupult Williams llnggen.
In the matter uf Archibald Squall',
In the matter of the "Official Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE by order of His
Hiinoi .1. A. Korin, muili- the luth day
of August, 1007, 1 was appointed
administrator of the estate of suitl
Archibald Brechin Squall', deceased,
un.l all parties having claims ug.tii.st
the suid eslnle are hereby requlied lo
furnish same properly verified to me
on or before the let, dav of October,
1007. Ami all pnnies Indebted lo sf id
estate a re required to pay the amount
ol I heir hull-Ill.-.Iiu-ss lo mu I'm ili.villi
Ollicial Adiiiiiiislralor.
Dated the27th day »f August, 10.17,
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
R-VI-lslnI.e Lf.l.il Dislrict.
Districl of W.-sl Kooicnay.
T.ke   Nolice   Hul    I,  i)ln.-'-■< L,
Hyde, of Revelst..k», B 0., iu-,-np-.'...i.
Ton bei- Cruiser, ioleiuls iii apoly fur a
spiel .1 licence (o eul   linihel   l.n lh
following dosi i-Pieil bin.! .
1 Cnn icing nl pos' plunled ii'mlll
o miles up tiie niirili-easi folk ol' Gold
si  mnrked   " Cl.,.-.  L. Hyde's
\. W. Coi.tei Post," Ihence somh 80
i-liai.is, thenci-eusl 81) cliains, ihence
noil li SO ch-.i.is, Ihence wesl 80 chains
lo poil.I of c uutiioiiccnicnt, and containing 610 acres, ...ore oi- less.
Dated August oih, 1007.
2. ConiiniTicing a< u posl planted
al...nl II miles up I he iioi'lh-eiisl folk of
Gol.lsii'i-iiui, uud marked "Chas, L.
Hyde's N, E. Cornel' Post," thence
soulh 80cli..in*. Ihen..- wesl SOchaius.
. hen.-., .iinil. 80... ..ins. 1 Ill-lire enst 80
chains lo point of commence menl, and
.-.nil .lining OKI a. res ...... e or less,
D.ued Augusl 8. li. 1007.
3. Con....enring ai .. post, planted
Hand a half miles up .he nurth fo.k of
GoltUlmini, mill I mile west of lhe
nuiili fork, murked "OIiub. I.. Hyde's
N.W. Corner Post," Ibeuce east 80
chains, ll.e. ice soulh SI) iliains, Iheiite
wesi 60 chains, I heme u -rlh 80 chains
to point of cou ..lie. ice.ll. 'Ill, lln.l  col.
lui.dug 010 ncres, inure nr less.
Dated Augusl l).I., 11X17.
I.  Commencing al a posl plnnted
ithoitt 3mid it half miles up ihe no.ll.
fork of Golilslie.il.. .....I ahoul, 1 mile
wesl of I1..: iioi-ih fork, marked "Chas.
I, Hyde's North-east Cornei Posl,"
Ihence soutl. Kill chains, Ihence weat
40 cliains, theuce nnrlh 100 chains,
llienee east 40 chains to point of c.im-
ii.e.icenient, and containing ,0-10 acres,
more or less,
Dnted August Olh, 1!'J7.
5. Ciimuuiiicing at a pnst planted
nhoulH.ii.il a hall iniles up the nnrlh
fork uf Goldstre-ttu un.l ahoul 1 mile
ivesl of lhe noith folic uiniked "Chas.
L. Hyde'sS. K. Oorner Pnsl," Ihenee
niiilh IliO ehniiis, Iheuce west-lOchains,
thei.ee soulli 100 cliains thence easl 40
chains to poini of commencement, und
containing610acres, nmre orless.
Daled August Dili. 1Q7.
0. Coniiiieiicitig at a post planje.l
ahoul 1 mile up Camp Creek anil ahout
half a mile east of creek, Onion Creek
lieing a lrih.it.try of G.d.Isl renin,
marked "Clias. L. Hyde's S. W.
Corner," Ihence norlh 80 chains,
ihlnee east SOchaius. ihence south 80
chains, theuce west 80 chains tn the
poinl nf commencement, nn.1 containing 610 acres, more or less,
Dated August 12th. 1007.
7 Coinineneilig at a pnst planted ubout
half a mile from Columhin Rivet' nnd
almut 111 chains south of Dowoie
Crock, marked " ('has. L, Hyde's
S. W. Corner," thence north 00chains,
lhei.ee east 40 chains, Ihenee noith 40
chains, theuce east 40 chnius, .hence
soulli iC'Jchains, thence wesl 80chains
io point of commencement, ami containing 040 acres more or less.
Dnled Au Tiist I8lh, 1007.
Chas, L. Hyde.
ll sir
el Lo
e. of 1
.k,-,  1
'! Ui-im.
1 ! I'll I.
i|. 1 A -I  -.
1   .   'll.e.-,
ipplv 1,
ll.e  foil
IC II  S,'
. tv i iu
!  ■ "fl   IT 1
.1.-1 Ifi.,,1 .III,
Cariboo Land District.
Dislrict uf C.n-il.oo.
Take Notice that H. McMahon. of
Rev. Isto ,6, B. Oo intends to. pply for
aspecial timlier license over tlie following deteiihed land :
20 Co nii.enci.ig nt a post plnnted
ntlhe Fo.ksof Aloreda River, North
Thompson, mnrked "II. MeMahonV
S W,burner," Ihence east 80 ehuins.
iheuce so.i.h 80 chiiius, thence tve-it 80
chains) thence uonh i") ehuins to point.
..I* cou.>...-.ii.-....-nt, containing ("10
aires more or less.
Daled April Kith, V,Ti.
H. McMahon.
Revelstoke Land District.
District uf West Ivoolouay.
Tnke e unit Andrew Kilson, of
RevclslOb.o, B. C, miner, intends lu
apply for a special timber license over
ilie lollowing described lands:
1. Coinnieiiciiig  nt ,-t post planted
...... quarto, mile al.ove the north fork
of Kbit Creek, on tlie norlli Imnk, anil
innrkeil "Andrew Kilson's S. E, Curlier," Ihence north 40 ehnins, thenee
wesl, ISO ehalus, lhcuce south lOchains,
tlience eusl 100 chnlns to point of
..uiin.e..it-...em, ..ml containing 610
ncres more or less.
Dated Augusl. 20,h, 1007.
2. 0iil.linei.ci.lg at a posl plaiitetl
one quarter mile above the nor.h fork
of Flat Oreek on the muii hank and
maiked "Andrew Kilson's8, W. Corner," tbeuce north 80 uliains; ihence
easl 801hains; theuce soulh 80 chains,
thence west 80 ehuins. lo point of
commencement and containing 040
iieres more or less.
Dated August 20th, 1007.
3. Commencing nt a post planted
aliout one mile aud three-quarters
below lhe norlh fork of Flat Creek, on
the tuulh bank, .mil innrkeil "Andrew
Kilson's S.W. Corner," ihence north
80chains; theuce east 40 chains, Ihenee
south 40 chains, thenee eust 40 chnius,
llienee soulh 80 ehnins, thunce west 40
ihalns, Ihenee norlli lOchains, theuce
west 40 chains to point of son.mence-
int-iil and cuntaiuing 610 .teres more or
Dated August 20th, 1807.
HcvelsUlk.) Uiul District,
District ul West Kuotenay,
Tuko notice thnt lliiwiunn Lumber Cumpauy,
Ltd., of Huvelstoko, 11. C, ucciipatiun Luuibur
Miuiufnctni'ors, Intends lutipuly fora special
timbor liccii.fi; ovur ll.o lulluwing described
Commencing ntn lost oluutcd on tl.o soulh
sl.lu uf inn-l lu:;i*i ui'iii upper Arruw Uko ami
uiarked "llowinuti Liu.iih.i- Cunipauy's N. K,
curuer post," lhcuce casts.] cbnins,tbenco suuth
80 chains, theuco went so ohalna, Ihencu iuulI.
80 chains lo oulul of uuiumencoment, and con
tinning ii.ii acres, mure or loss.
Bated July III, 1907,
wug7   Hy their Agent, John G. McCarthy,
In the .untie,  of William ,1.  Elliot,
lu the mutter of the ''Official Administrator's Ac."
TAKK NOTICE ihal by ordel ol
llis lloiior.I. A. I.'iiiiii. llunie oi, the
I5lh,ilayiif August, 11*17, 1 was up-
polnleo administrator ol (he estate ol
sai.l Willi.iii.I. Elliott, deceased, and
all parties having claims against the
said estate are hereby required ...
furnish same properly verlHed to ine
mii orlil.lnie lln-1st.   duy  of O.I..her,
1807. And ail parlies Indebted lo suitl
pBtate are hereby required lo pay the
am...uu, of ihen Indebtedness lo tue
(Ulii i.il Ailuiiiiisiuitor.
Dated thu 27lh tiny of August, 1007.
1. I'ffiiiiii-iii-iifg f.t a post  pin.led
un ll.e .-us. hunk of lhe norlh link ol
Seymour River, alii-ill lj miles ..hove
ih.'- fork ..I  ll.e same  and  hIiiiuI 81
miles up from Shiuwup Luke, and
mnrked "Andrew Kilsuu's S. W. Coiner," lhe...... nurih 100 chain*, lh.-i.ie
easl 40 chains. I hence so..11.1001 liaiiis,
Ihenee west 40 chains to poinl of . ......
llienee...enl, and conlaiiiing 010 ncres
uuueor less.
Dated July 81st, 1007,
2. Commencing at a post planled
.... lh.-east Innk of lhe uonh forkof
Seymour River ahout H miles above
lhe fork of Ihe same un.l abn.ll 81
miles up fio... Shuswup Like aid
marked "Aiuliew Kilson's S. E. Corner," thenee norlh 100 chuius, thence
wesl 40 chains, llieuce sotllll KiO
chains, tin me east 40 chains lo poinl
of c.uou.....ceme..laud conluiuiog 010
ni res in... e ur less.
Dated July 81st, 1007,
3. Coiiiiiii-miiig al a post planted
on the east hank ol lhe uorlh fork of
Seymour River, about 4| ...iles above
lhe fork ot lhe same and ah.ml 81
miles iiliove Shuswup Lake, am
marked "Ami.ew Kitson's N.W. Oor
ner," thenee south 80 rhalns, theme
enst 80. hi.hu>, I heme uorlh SO chains,
Iheuce west SO cliains to point of coin-
meneement and cuntaining 010 acres
more or less.
Daled J uly 81st, 1807,
4. Cummeuciug nt a post planled
on tht. eastliank of lhe norlh lork of
Seymour River! nboul 4t miles ..hove
lhe forks of the same and about 34
miles up frnm Shuswap Lake, nnd
inarked "Andrew Kilson's S.W. Cornel., Ihence norlh SO chains, theme
easl 80 chains, tlience south SO iliains)
Ihence wesl SO chains lo point of eon.'
iiiciiieineiit and conlaining OKI acres
more or less.
Dated July81st, 1007,
5. Commencing 'al a post plnnletl
on the easl hank of the norlh fork of
Seymour River, abuut one half mile
helow lhe fork of the sume, nn.1 nboul
21) miles up from Shuswap Lake and
marked "Andrew Kitson's 6, E. Corner," ihence norlh 80 chains, theme
west 80chains, Ihence soulh 80 ehnins,
Ihenee ensl SOchaius to point of commei..-...i.e.it und containing 040 acres
mure or less,
Daled Augusl 3rd, 1007.
6. Commencing nt a post planted on
the east ..cuk of the norlh fork of Seymour River, ahout one half mile below
lhe fork of lhe sume and nhiiiil 20
illiles above Sbuswap Lnke, and
marked "Andrew Kilson's N. E. Cm-
tier," Ihence south 40"chnlns. Ini-nce
wesl lOOchains. ihence norlh lOchains,
ihence easi 100 chains lo poini of commencement and containing 040 acres
moreor less.
Dnted August 3rd, 1CJ7.
7. Commencing at a post planled
on lhe ivesl hunk of lhe norlh fork of
Seymour River, about three miles
lielow lhe forkof lhe same and about
2(lj miles above Shuswap* Lake nnd
marked '-Andrew Kilsrin s S. E. Corner," tlience north 80 chains, thence
west80 chains, Ihence soulh 80ehnins,
ihence east80 chains, to point of commencement and containing (MO acres
more or less.
Dated August 3rd, 1008.
8. Cummencing at a posl plnnletl
nn lhe west hank of the north fork of
Seymour River, nbout 24 ami a half
miles above Shuswap Lake, and
null ked "Andrew Ki son's S. E. Corner." Ihence north 80 cliiiins, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chuius,
thence east 80 elinins. to poiul of commencement und containing 040 acres
mure orless.
Daled Augusl Hid. 1007.
8.   Commencing at a  post  planted
aliout one mile insl of Ihe north fork
nf Seym......River, .... a tributary of
the same ah...it 21 miles up iron.
Shuswup Lake and marked "Andiew
Kilson's S.W. (Joiner." thence north
40 chains, ihenee east 100 chains,
Ihence south III chuius, Ihence wesl
100 ehaiiis to point of commencement,
•mil conlaining 010 fines more or less.
Daled August Oth, 11)7.
10. Coin.nei.tingal a post plallte.l
about one mile eail of the north fork
Df Seymour River, on a tributary of
the same, ubout 21 miles up fro...
Shuswup Luke, and inarked "Andrew
Kilson's N.W. Ciirner." thence south
40 chains, Ihence enst 100 chains,
theme north 40 ehains, thence west
100chains lop..inl of cotiiineiieeine.it,
nud cuntaining Oil) ueres more or le.-s,
Dated August Oth. 1807.
Andrew Kitson.
Revelsloke Lund Districl.
District id West Kooteii ty.
Take ooli.e lh U we, .Iol... Occoniii-
andC. O. Wtindruw, of Poplar Oreek,
11. ('., ncci.pi.iiun Lumbermen, intend
lu apply for special licences tn enl Umbel- over* the following described lands.
1. Cm.......-neing .it apost plauted
on lhe east hank nliout out mil.- iq. on
the llrsl soulh forkof Poplar Greek,
Ihence south 160 chains, thence west
40 chains, Ihenee north 160chains,
theuce easl 40 chains to point of coin
2. Commencing at a post planted
.... the wesl hank of llie lirsl soulli
fork ..I* Poplar Creek, 3 miles up,
them-e e..st SO chains, thence south 80
ehuins, thenco west 80 chains, Ihonoe
no.li. SU elinins lo point of commencement.
8, Commencing at a post planted
on the wesl hank about 4 miles up the
lirsl smith forkof Poplar Creek, Ihence
w.-sl 80 ehnins, thenee south Sll clmins,
1 hence eust 80 chains, thenee norlh 80
chains to poinl of commencement.
Daled Juno 16th, 1807
0. 0. WOODROW,
I. Commencing at a pust planted
on the wesl hank of Poplar Creole,
6 1-2 miles up, running wesl SO chains
along G, E, Revell's No, 2 Limit, souih
boundary, thence soulh SI) chains.
Ihenee enst SO ehuins, ihence norlh SI)
elinins to poinl of cummencement,
o. Commencing lit it posl plunled
on the west bankof Poplar Creek,
about6 mile* up nml running along
G. E. Revell's norlh boundary of No.
2 limit, tlienee west 80 chains, thonce
north 80 chaina, thence east SO ehnins,
thenee soutl. St) ehuins lo point of commencement.
Located June Iiith, 1007.
0. Commencing at it post planted
3000 feot from C.P.R. track opposite
the 27 mile board, about one mile wesl
of Rapid Creek, ihence west SO chiiius,
tlienee -south 80 chains, thence ensl 80
cbnins, tlience north 80 ehuins to point
of commencement.
Dated June 27th, 1007.
wed jly 31  J. C. RADY, Locators.
Revelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Arthur G. Johnston
of Poplar, British Culumbia, occupation, merchant, intends to apply lorn
speciul timher license uver the following descrihed lunils, situated on Poplai*
Creek in the West Kootenny District.
Comincncing at a post planted ahout
Bj miles from the town of Poplar, B.C.
on lhe enst side of Poplar Creek,
marked "A. G. Johnston's south-west
corner post." theuce east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chuins,then.fc west 80
chains, thence south 80 cbnins to poiut
of commencement, nnd containing 040
ncres more or less.
Located June 23rd. 1007.
In tl.e matter nt Lewis Eyru Sleeves,
In .the matter oftlie "Official Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
His A..nor J, A. Koiin, ninde the loth
ilny ot August, 1007, I wns appointed
Administrator ol Lewis Eyra Sleeves,
deceased, ..ml all parties having claims
ugninst lhe said estate are herehy
required tu furnish name properly vn-l-
II.dl.. me on or before lhe 1st. day of
October, 111117. And nil purlies indebted
to said estate are required to pay ihe
amount of Indebtedness lo ine forthwith.
Ofliiinl Administrator,
Dale.l lhe 27th day of August, 1007.
Kcvulstoke Land District. .   .
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that HurIi McLean of Revel-
htoko, B. G,| occupation t'roupcclor, intend.* to
apply for special limber licences over tlio following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted 20 chains
north of Potlatch creek) 2Jji miles oiwtt of Columbia Kiver, marked "Hugo AlcLean'ssouth-wust
corner," tnence north 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chains.thence eouth 80 ohainrt,thence went80
chains to noint of commencement, containing
(HO acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post nlanted li miles
north of Potlatch Creek, 'i\i miles east of Columbia Rivei, inarked "Hugh McLuaii's southwest corner," tlienco north 80 ehnins, thence
enst 80 chains, thence south 80 clmins, theueo
west 8ii cliains to puint of commencement, containing til'1 acres more or less.
3. Commencing at a post planted 1 mile
norlh of Polluted Creek, 3J,- miloseaslof tol
uinhia River, marked "Hugh McLean's north
wesl cornel*," thenee south H)chains,thence east
80 chains, llienee north -SO ehuins, tlience went
bo chains to point of commencement, -contain
ing (Ui) acres more or less,
4. Coinineneilig nt a post planted !i mile
nuiili nf i.orili fork of Mica ureek, .M milea
Irom the forks, marked "Hugh McLenu's south
wtst eorner," tlienco nortli 80 ehnins, tlience
eii^t 80 chains, thenee BOUth 80 ohnins, thouce
wesl 80 chains lo poiut ol commencement, coulaiuing tllU acres mure or loss.
5. Commencing ai apost pinou-ii i; milo
north of imrth lork of Mica Creek, 2\ miles
from forks, murked ''Hugh McLenu's south
west corner," Uience norDi 80 ohaius, thonco
enst 80 chaius, Ihence noulli 80 chains, theueu
west 80 chains to puiut of commencement, containing 010 acres more or less,
G. Commencing at a posl plnuled on lho
north bnnk of lho norlh lork uf Mica Creek,
3 miles from forks, murked "Hugh Mc Lean's
soulh-wesl corner," theuce nui'Lh 80 chains,
thenceeast 80 cliains, tlienee south Hi chains,
thence west 80 chains lu point of continence
ment, containing 010 acrco more or luss,
., Commonclng ut a pu.-t planted on tlie
north fork of Mica Creek, H miles from the f.»rks,
mnrked "Hugh McLeans north-we.-lt curuer,"
thencu south bii chains, tlience ensl,ill i'liains,
tiience north ni chains, thence west 8>i elinins
to puint uf commencement, containing 010
acres more or less.
8, Commencing ul a post planted on the
soutli fork of Mica Creek, throe miles from tliu
forks, marked "Hugh McLean's BOUllfWOgt
corner," thonco nurih Mlchninn, I lionet* east &■)
chains, llieuce soulh 80 chains, iliuncu west 80
chaius to point ol eoiiiiuencuiuuiil, eantaiuiiig
010 acres inure or less,
0. Commencing at a pn*l planted on the
south fork of .Mica Creek. 3 miles from the
forks, marked "Hugh Mclean's north-wes'.
cornur," thenco suulh 8n ehains, thenee eitnlUO
U-haiiis, thenco nurth 80 ehalus, ihenee west su
clmins to point uf lumineneeinciit, coutaiuiiig
(ilu ueres more ur less.
ll). Commencing al n post planled at a point
!j milt* Miniin»i .-until inn. ni Mien Orook,and
It miles from lorks, marked "Hugh AleU'im's
norlh-wesl corner, thence nuutli 8U chains,
ih.-in i' imm 8u chains, ilieucc nurth Ho cliains,
I huuee weft Nl chains lo puint of commence-
ment, containing Olu acrus more or less,
ll, Uommonoing at a post planted Vi milu
suulh ul .-until tork uf Mien Cl'oek nud lj*j
lulled frum furks, mnrked "Hugh VlcLuuus
nurlh-wunt cur..ce,' thenco soutli ltio chains,
lheni'uea»t40chains, thence nuriii 100chains,
theuco went 4-j clmins io point uf aommonoo-
meut, containing oio aorevi moro or less,
Uuieil,llllj  .'Mli. IW'..
WflriaugH IH 'ill McLKAN.
In the mailer of  Willhthi  Tlniiims,
In the matter of the Olllciul Administrator'. Act/'
TAKE NOTICK tbat bv order of
His Honor J. A. Forin made tin' loth
day of August, 19Q7- I was appointed
administrator of tbe estute of suid
William Thomas, deceased, und all
parties having claims Hgalnst the tmi-1
•state are hereby required to furnish
<iimi'|HMpeiiy verified to ine on tn1
before the 1st, day of October, 10n7.
And all parties Indebted to said estate
are required lo pay the amount of
their Indebtedness io me forthwith.
Ollicial Administtalor.
DatedtheSTLfa day ol Auk, H*i7.
AnfpsiioD orptnMni found cnttlogototr<
ryiiiK SWST tlmbot uff the Comtiplix lowiiMie,
wllhi'Ui i*'rmir-Moii Irom the owner Ilnn,
Ileum DoltOQk, of hln aiiciil Chief Young,
will be proM-cnid lecur'lliiK to law,
Lillet) ilm , th daj ul Augua., IW7.
wed tuii 14 -in Ul- A in bOBTOCK.
Cariboo Land Dislrict.
Dislricl ol Cariboo.
Take notice thai I Ian)* Sawyei- of Kevelstoke, B.C., niillmati, Inlands lo apply
for permission lo purchase the followiug
described lands: ,
Commencing al a post planted about
one mile above Blue River, and markeil
"II. Sawyer's N. W. corner," .hence easl
Sochains, Ihence soulb So chains, Ihence
vesl So chains, llici.ee norlli So cliains lo
point ol commencement, conlaining 640
acres more or less.
Daled July 30th, 1907.
ivctl ng 21   Per Donald Mcintosh, Ageni.
Revolstoke Laud JJlHtrluL.
Distriet ol Wenl KiKiii-nny.
lnke nuilc: that LAiiioii Hansen of i'oplar.
Il.C,, .nTij|.utHiii Miner, Inlend lo apply for
pSfmlBSlOD lu purchase tlie lollowlng described
Commencing ai a post planted ou tho norlh
■I'lo ol Hie Urdu Uiver. oppwlto the town ol
Poplar, markod "A. Hansen's N.W, eorner,"
lliunii.'eietUU ehnins, tbenee Hiiuih lu chains,
lhcuce west 40 chaini, thQUOO nurih lu chains
lu iiulnl uf eommciicQuieut, nud coutaiuiug 40
acres, moreor less.
l-Ml-<- .nd Julv, I'-*"'.
wod Jly 10 ANTON IIANSliN.
: lstokn L;md Dislrict.
,in*.i <ii W-M ICoutonay.
tii nutlco nm Hugh M<-Lean, ol
Hi-vel-teki.', H, O, occupation Prospootor, Intends lu apply for special timber licences over
the follow.!.* described lands;
1. Commencing at a imst pluutod at the
norlh-wost cornerof i. 1.. iwio,marked "Hugh
.McLean's south-west comer/ thunce enst su
tjiaius, limn.-.* mntli 8U i'linins, thunce wost Su
chains, tlienco smith 80 clialna lo point of commencement, cuntaiuing uiu acres wore nr leas,
2, C-imnioiu'l ig nl a pnst planled s ehains
eail nl uorth-east corner uf 1 L< uoio, markeil
"Hugh McLean's south-west comer," theuce
nnrtli .vi elinins, thenoe eaet 80 ehains, tlience
south8 'chains, tlience west BO chains to pointof
ci.in uie icetnenc, containing 010 acros more nrless
a.  Commencing at a post planted - miles north
nf .Mien Creek uud 2 miles east nl Columbia river,
marked "Hugh .McLean's Bouth-west corner,"
thence north 80 chains, thonce east su eliains,
then soutli so cnains, tlieuce west bo chains to
puint of cummeucement, containing 040 acres nmre
nr less,
i. Commencing ata postplanted 2 iniles nortli
uf .Mica Cre-jk, unit 3 miles east nf Columbia
River, marked 'liugh McLean's south*west cor
ner," Ihence north  80 ehains,  thenee   easl SO
chains, tlieuce smith sn chain*, thetice west su
chaina to point of commencement, coulaiuing 010
acres un ire urleas,
Q, Commencing nt a pnst planted 2 miles
ninth nf tlie imrtli fnrk uf Mica Creek nnd -1 miles
east uf Columbia Kiver, marked "Hugh .McLenu's
north-weit comer," ihenco south s i clilans, thouce
east nd chalna, thunce nurth so cliains, thence
west Nl i'linins tn puiut of eummeiicsuieiit, cnu
tattling tun aerea more nr less.
0. Cum noticing at a post plantcil 2 miles
north nf ilm imrtli Imk of SltcaCreek ami -I miles
ensi nf Coluinbin Kiver, marked ' lluiiii McLean's
south-went corner,1 tlienco north 80 chains, thence
east 8ii chains, tlience aoulh so ehnins, thonco
west Hu chains tn point nl commencement, containing U4U avrus inure or less.
7. Commencing nt a pnst pi mted :t miles norl h
uf Miea Creeii and 2\% uileaeastof Columhia
Kiver, marked "Hugh McLean's south-west curuer, ' thence imrth su chains, thunce oaat ho
ehnins, thenee .smith  bO chuius, Ihence  west sO
clmins to pnint ul commencement, cuntaining liiu
ncres muro nr less,
8. Guntraouoing at a post plautod 'A mil*
nurih «i Mica Creek and 'A'^ miles easl uf Columbia lliver, markoil "Iliiln McLean's south-west
cumer," tlienco nurth Wl chains, Ihenee eaBt bn
chuius, thence south ttu chains, Ihence wesl 80
chains to puiut uf commencement, containing 040
acres more or less.
ll. Commencing at a post plnntod 2'/j miles
norlh uf lhe nurih fork uf Mica Creek uud {%
miles east nf Columbia lllver, marked "Hiiuli Mc
Lean's suiilh-west eurner," tlience nnrth 80 chains,
theuce ensl 80 clmins, thenee smith 80 chain*-,
theuco west SOchaius io pninl of commenoement,
containing mo acres more ur less.
lu. Commencing nt a poul planted 2 miles eait
of the Columbia lllver and 4 mlies north nf Mica
Creek, marked "Hugh McLean's snuib-west corner," llienee nurth 80 chains, thenee east 80
chains, tlience smitli bO rhn,as, thence  west 8U
ehnitis tn puiut ul commencement, containing uiu
acres more or loss.
11. Cummeuciug at a post plnntod on the smith
Imnk of Potlatch ..reek, t miles from the mouth,
marked 'Hugh MlLeati's uurth*west comer,"
llieme south HU chains, Uience east 80 chains,
thencu nurth mi chains, theueu wust 80 chains In
puinl of commencement, containing tilu ncr-js
uiure or less.
12 Commencing at a post planted 2 miles east
uf Columbia Kiver nml i: miles south uf PnLlutch
Creek, mnrked "lhif-.li McLean's north-east; corner," thenco wost iiu cliains, thuuee suiitti &U
chattel tlienee east 80 chains, tlienee uorlh HU
clialus to point uf coiumeiicoment, containing 010
acres inure or less.
18. Commeueiug ut n pnst planted 80 chains
east of south-east corner uf T, L. 0068, marked
"11 ugh McLean'a south-east corner," thenco weat
Hit chaius, thence north 80 chaius, tlienco onst 80
chaint, theuce smith eu clmins to pointol commencement, Containing lilO acres nmre or less.
11. Coinnieiiciiig at a post plnntod 80 chains
enst of suuth-east corner uf T. L. ytiiiS, marked
"Hugh McLenu's smith-west corner," tlienee
nortli 80 chaina, thence east 80 ehnins, thouco
soulli bO chains, tlienee wesl SO ehnins lu point uf
commencement, containing tilu ucros muro ur less
15, Commonclug 'it a post planted 80 chains
east of north-east cornerof !., L. 7.i4b, marked
''Hugh McLean's suuth-east corner," ihence uorlh
HO chains, llienee east 10 chains, thenco inntli 4u
chains, thenee west 80 cliains, theuco auuth 80
cliains, tlience west 40 chains, Ihence soutli 40
cliains, thenee east bU chains to point of uum*
meiieeiueiit, containing oto acres more of less.
Dated July 23rd,lU07.
wed nun 11 HUUH McLKAN.
Carihoo Land District. :   Cariboo Land District,
Districl ol Jarilwu. District ul Carihoo.
'lak.' ...iiice thai II. Mcilitlmn ol Take notice thai II. li. Sawyer uf
ltcvi-lstok... H.i'.. inlemls In apply foi Revelstoke, i!..'., occupation Millnian,
special timber licences over llie fulluw-1 iutonds lo apply fo. special I uio -er li*
ing described lauds;
- i-il" d
lonimencillg at a post planted ""f w-ue ...-less,
ih. above upper crossing of Al-1   Dated August 5tb
Hovolstuko Laud District,
Dlstrictof WestKouiumiy.
Tuke uotice that Warreu Andrews of
Hovolstuko, occupation Prospector, intends
to apply for a special timber licouse over the
followiug described lauds :-
1, Commencing ut a pust planted 80 chains
west nf Columbia Uiver mid lj miles north of
8-Mile Creok, marked "Warren Andrews' southwest cumer,''thence uurth 80 chains, tlience oust
bU chains, thencu south 80 chains, tlience west 80
cliains tu puiut uf coinmoneemout, containing 010
ncres more ur less.
2. Commencing at a pust planted l mile west
of Columhin lliver and \% miles north of 8-Mile
Creek, mnrkeil' Warren Andrews' aouth-eastcor-
ner,' theuco north su chains, thence west 80
cliains, theuce smith m elinins, Uience east HO
ehains tu point of commencement, contaiuiug oio
acres more or leas,
8, Commencing at a post plantod 2 miles west
of Columbia Uiver ami 1 mile north of 8-Mile
Creek, maiked "iVariim Ant'-ews' south-west
corner," ihence uurth 80 chains, thenco east 80
cliaiiH, theuce suulh bO chains llienco wust bO
clmins to puint i f commencemcnt,Joontaining etu
acres mure or less.
I, Commeueiug ut a post planted 3 miles woat
of Columbia Kiver and 4U chains uortli ot 8-Mile
Crook, marked "Warren Andrews' aouth-t-asl corner," tlienee north Hit) cnains, thouce weatlO
chains, thonce smith IOO clialus, Hk-u.-u castle.
cliains to pnint of cninmeiieeiiient, euiiUi.iiiig 010
acres mine orleis.
5, Coinmeneing at u post planted ,i miles west
nf Columbia Itiver, ami 2 miles uurth of 8-Mile
Creek, mnrked "Warren Andrews' south-oast corner,'1 therce nnrth SO elinins, thence west bU
ehains, thenee suuth 80 chain.'!, theuce east 8U
chains tu puint uf :ommeucemeut, ennlainingolo
acres mure oi'iless,
0. Commencing nt ■>. piM planted 1 milo suiilli
oi 8 Mile Creek ami IK mites westof Columhia
Uiver, marked "Wurreu Andrews' nurth-enst curlier," thonce suuth 8U chains, thenoo wust 80
ehnins, thenee north 8" ehniiis. ill nee easl 8u
chains tu puiut uf commoncement, containing 040
acres mure in less.
Dated July Wth, 1007.
7. Commencing at a post planted 2 miles -smith
of 8*Mllo Creek, and 2^ iniles went uf Columbia
Uiver, markeil "Wurreu Andrews' north-east corner," theueo west hii chains, tlionco snutli mi
ehains, llienee east till eliains,  theueu  north  8U
chains tu pnint of commencement, containing tiio
acres inure or luss.
8. Commencing al a pusl planted u'i miles
west uf Columbia   Itiver and  2 miles smith uf
8-Mlle ('reek, mnrkeil "Wurreu Andrews' south-
eust corner," llienee north 80 elinins, iheuce west
bU ehains, llienco sniilhBu chains, tlience east 8U
ehains tu pnlnt uf cunmieiicomoul, containing Olu
acres-morn orless.
ii. Commencing at a post planted mi the south
hank of 8-Milfl Creek, .ft miles west of Columbia
Uiver, inarked "Warren Andrews' mirth east eurner," thenee smith 80 chains, theuce west hii
chains, thence mrth 80 ehalus, thoneo unst mi
chains In puiut uf eumuu'iicement, cuiilaluiiiK Uiu
acres nmre nr loss.
In,  i in -in;; at a oust planleil '■ mile
-uuth of south fork of 8-Mile (nrk nnd it1,
miles wosl uf Columbia Hivor, markod "War
ren Andrews uorih-east eurner," Ihenee nuuih
80chiiius, tlienco west B0elinlns, llitine north
8(i ohains, thencu.cast 80 elinins to point of cum
uitiicoiiiuiil, coiitiilnliiK Ol1' ucros more ur less,
II, Cuiiiiiieiieiiigal u post planted lj, iniles
south of s Miln Creek and ty miles west ol Columbia Kiver, niurkud "Wiutoii Andrews'
iiorlhoanl curuer," thunce suuth 80 ehains
lhcnco west 80 chains, Ihenee nurth 8(1 ehaiiis,
lliiiiice cast Hu clialns lu pniui uf coiiiinuuce
mont, coutululiiK 010 acres mure ur Ichh,
Yi, CuinmuiiciiiK at a post planted ou
thu south buuk of the suuth lurk
uf 8-Milo Creuk, I, miles wud, of thu Culiiuibla
Kiver, marked "Warren Andrews' uorth-oast
cumer," tiienco south 80 chains, thonoo west 80
chains, thenee nmlh 80 i hums, llioiiuc east 80
chuius tu pulut ut' cuiiimuncouiunt, cutilaiuliiK
DP) nei os muru nr luss.
13. CuiiiinuiiciiiH al a pust planlcd 1 mile
soulh uf tho suulh fork of 8-MUu Creek, l\
miles west of Columhia lliver, marked "Wurreu Androws' uorth-oast conior," thence south
80 chuius, tlienee west 80 ehains, thuiieo north
He uiiii lus, thenco oast 80 chains tu puiut uf
cutnmuiicoiiioul, cuutalnliiK 010 acres more or
II, I'liiniiit'iiciiiK at a post planted \ milu
M.iitliiii' -.milli fork of 8 Mllo Creok,ill miles
Wost of Columhia Kiver, marked "Warren An-,
drown' i-ouih - .st corner," thencu nurth 80'
chain-, tlienco wesl 80 chains, ihenee soutb ttu
chains, theueo east 80 chains lu pulut uf coni-
Mii'iH'i menl., coiiLaiiiiiiK 010 acres moru or less,
Dnl tl July 20th, IDOL
1. Uommuncing at u pnst planted
one mile above uupei' crossing of AJ-
liieda RiviT, uiarked MU. McMahon's
S.K. corner," thence we-t Su cliain*,
thenco north 80 chuius, theuce east 80
chaius, thencesouth So chains to puim
nf commencement, containing t>40
acres more or lo:
2. (.'i
one mile auove upper crossing
breda Kiver, marked "11. McMahon'
S. \V. corner,' tlience east SU cliains
Ihence nnrtli SO chains, theuco went SO
chains, Uience smith 80 chains to point
oi' commencement, containing 040
acres moreor less.
Uated August 6th, HW7.
U. Commencing at a post planted
on the north boundary of Lot U""j-,
marked'"H, MoMahon's N.W. corner,'
Uu nee easl SO chains.thence Bimth 80
chains, thence wost SO chains, tlienci
north 80 chains to point of commence
moot, containing Oio acros more ur
Dated August 1st, 1007.
■i. Commencing at a post plauted
nn wost boundary of K, II. Sawyer'
Nn. 8, and marked "li. McMahon'
S, li, corner,*' Ihence wesl SO chains
ihence uorlh so chains, theuce east so
chains, ihence soulh 80 chuius lo point
ot cummeucement, containing 040
acres innrenr less.
5.  Commenolng at a pnsl planted
alongside of  No.  1, marked "11, M
Mabou's N.li. corner," Uience south 80
chains, thenco west HO eliains, thence
norlli HO chains, thence east SO chains
cencea over the following des
1. Commencing at a post planted
oue mile above upper crossingof Alhreda River marked "li- LL Sawyer's
N.W. cot ner," thouce south 8U chains,
tiience eust ni chaina, thence noith 80
chnius, thence west 80 chaius to point
of commencement,   containing   040
lo poiul of commencement, containing
641)acres more orless,
0. Commencing at a post planted
2 miles .south of It. H. Sawyer's No. 8,
and marked "11. McMahon's N. W,
corner," thenee east SO chains, Uience
north HO chains, tliouce west SOchaius,
tlieuce south 80 ehuins to point of
commencement, containing 010 acres
more or loss,
Dated July 29th, 1007.
7. Commencing at a post plautod
2 miles south of Thunder Creek, and
inarkod "H. McMahon's N.E. corner,
thence west SO chains, ihonce smith 80
chains, tliouce east 80 cliains, thence
norlh SO chains to point nf commencement, containing 040 acres more or
Dated August 1st, 11107.
wed aug 21 H. McMAHON.
Km.'Islukr Land lli-lncl,
Ills! riot uf West Kooteuay.
Tuko notice thai we, Lamb-Wat:,on Lumber
Co,, Ltd., of Arrowhead, occupaliuii Mllluwu-
oih, in und lo apply fur permission lo purchase
Ihu following described land:
CmniiioiicinK at a pust planted at the H. K.
cornerof Kulph Simpson's appileatiou, (lalena
May, llieuce north 80 chains, lhcnco cnsl lo
chain , iliuncu north "u chains thonco uasl 20
chum-, thonoo south 2o chains muru or loss lo
i mien i Hay, Iliuncu southwesterly along nurth
shoroof Qalonn Kny to pointof commencement,
Datod88td July.iooT.
wud aim 7 O.lLN.WIIklu.Ageut,
I,ill....et L.ii.il Disliiift.
Dislrict of Lillooet,
Tiiku notice thnt William PerlBtrom
of Revelstoke, U. C„ miner, in-
tenil*. lo apply for [special li.ul ..r li'
ceuci's ovei- the following des ribed
1 Commencing nt a post in rked
'Willi.un Perlsttom's north-enst eol'llel' post," planted one mile i-asl nf Lot
8222, oo nnrtli fork of Seymour Kiver,
on east side, thence soul h 80 chains,
tlienci. west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 ehnins lo pninl
of commencement, containing CM)
acres more or less.
2 Uommencing nt a pnst marked
"William Peristroni's not'th-.vest cor-
ner post,'1 planted one mile enst of Lot
8323, on north fork of Seymour river,
on east side, llienee so..lh 80 ehaiiis,
thence east 80 chains, thence norlli 80
chains, thence west SOchaius lo poinl
of   (oinnieiiceiiienl,   containing
ai res more or leas.
3 Cinimencing at' a  post murked
William Pei'lstiiiiii's Bouth-east corne.' post." planted on? mile east of L..I
S323,.... nuiili fork of Seymour river,
ii east side, tlience nonh 80 chains,
ihence wesl 80ehnins, thence south 80
chains, thenci- enst SO elinins to poitil
of   t........entei.R-..t,   containing (ill)
acres more or less.
■I  Oommenclng at a post innrkeil
'William Pel'lstrom's south-west cor-
let* post " plnuled one mile ensl of Lot
8323, mi norlli fork nf Seymour river,
ilii-iiu- north 80 chains, theuce easl Sl
chnlns, thenee south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains io point of cautuience-
iient,containing (ill) acres more or less
fi Coinmeneing nl a posl niarked
'William Perlstrom's Bonth-ensl cor-
ier posi," planted ...... mile ens. of Lot
8224...I .ih lork of Seymour river,
1*1 *...le, ihenee north 80chains,
thenee wo.»l SO chain*, thence south 80
elinins, ll..-....'  i-,.si 80 elinins lo point
if   commence in,  containing   Oil)
ires iiioi-i- or less.
ii  (i.iinmcucing ..t a post marked
W. in. Perlstrom's south-west cor-
In tiled one iinle east nl L-it
li fork of Seymour liver,
oneisi sii . thence tuuth SOch.iins,
llienee e..»t 80 chnlns, thence Bonlli 8
. Iinins, llienee we*.l S) elinins tn pnlnl
uf commencement, containing oio
iieres iiuii-e or less.
7 Commenting at a pnst marked
"Willinin Pel'lstrom's smith-east corner po»t," planted one mile eastof
Lot 8223, on  nortli fork ol Snynioui
river  ens. side, tbence norlh si
chains, ihence .vest 80 chains, thenes
snulli S) chains, thence east80 chain
iu pointof coinmencement, containing
illo ...ies mure ni less.
8, ('on.in.-neing nl a pnsl iiinikeil
''William I'eilsiinui's south-wesl cur-
iieipust, planted one uiile east of Lm
822,'i nn nuiili fork of Seymour river,
on e.ist side, thence uorth SOohains,
thenre east 80 chnlns, thence south 80
chaius, llienie «esl HUihnins in pniui
of    rilllllili-lliClii.-lfl Ill.ltllllg    Olo
acres more of less,
llited augusl Hill.. 1007,
weil iiiik 21 Locator.
8221, oni
2. Commencing at a post nlanted
ou south boundary of Lot B752| uiniked "It. H. .Sawyer's N, B. corner,"
thenee wesl 80 clmins. thence south 80
elinins. thence east 80 chains, thence
north S) chains to point of oommence-
ment, containing (MO acres more or
3. Commencing at a post plnnted
alongside N'o. 2, marked "H. H. Saw-
ve.'s X. \V, coiner," Ihence east 80
chains, thencesouth 80chains, thence
west SI ehnins. thence noith S) ehnins
to point of commencement, containing
640 acres mora or less.
Dated August 1st, 1007.
I. Commencing at a posi planted
at mouth ol Thunder Creek, marked
"It. 11. Sawyer's N.W. corner,"' thence
enst Ml ehnins, llienee suulh SI ehuins,
llieii.'e wesi 80 chains, ihenee north SJ
ehnins to puinl of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
6. Conimenclng at a post plunled
at the mouth of Thunder Oreek, marked "K. 11. Sawyer'sS. W. corner,"
thence east 80 chains, tlience north 80
ehains, llienee west SJ chains, thence
snulli 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 ncres more or
ti. Commencing at u posi planted
one mile aliove .Meadows, und niarked
"It. H, Sawyer's X. K. cornei,'* thence
south S) ciniins, llienee west S) ehuins,
thenee noith SJ eliains, ihence eust SJ
chains to point of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less,
Dated July 81st, 1007,
7. Oommenclng at a pust planled
helow mouth of Big Slough, murked
"It. II, Sawyer's S.W. eorner," ihence
enst 80 chains, thence norlli 80 ehuins,
llieuce west 80 ehuins, thenee south 80
chains to point of commencement,
containing Olo acres more or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted
alongside of No. 7, uiniked "It. H.
Sawyer's N. W. coiner," thence east
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
llienee west 80 ehuins, thence north S)
ehnins to point of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
0. Commencing ut a pust plunled
about 3 miles above Hell's tinte on
Thompson Itiver, marked "It. 11.
Sawyer's S.W. coiner," tlieuce east
SJ chains, thence north 80 chains,
tlience west 80 chuius. thence soutli SJ
chains to point of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
10. Commencing at a post planted
alongside of N'o. 0, marked "K. H.
Sawyer's N.W. corner," thence cast 80
chains, thence south 80 elinins, thence
west S) ehuins, thence norlh 80 chains
to point of couiuiencement, containing
040 acres more oi- less.
Dated July 20th, 1007.
weiluug21 lt. II, SAWYER,
l.i.lk.irsvllluU...I l.lslrlet.
Il.slrlifl nl* iinlH.0.
Tsks milli-.f 11.si f, 'hi* K. II.-,Mmin, ,,! Huv-
L-lsldk.', tt.'(!ii|>al!i)nTliiili..r (.miser, [iiloilil to
Apply lur ii -."-Mul iIiiiIrt lk-ui.se over ll.e (ol*
l.i.n.Mfils-i ri.-'-l lH.l.1:
). Gutntnonolng st a pust [.Imucii on Ulaoter
(Jreob s.i'l Aljuut tivu miles Irum ll.c mouth ul
lilarli-r Orook H.i'l uuirkert ...us g, Ile.li.lrum',
loutheut cornel pust." ilxm.-e nurth *- etialns
thenc.. wesl Su elinlns, theuce loulb so ebaltis
theniu enst so chain, io Uu- puint „t co...,
mifi.i einciil, mi'l .foul.ilt.liig Clu Hems more nr
■I. Oommonolng at a |„™t t.lai.tc.l mi Olaclcr
i'i.-.-k no.i nl...ut ...,, inili-. [rum the mouth ol
lilacler Creek, au.l in .rke<l "Uus B, Hoditrom-
sonltiive-t corner post."theiii-i. north SU chains
theuce east mi chains, ihutn-c iouth Njcl.alni.,
thence west su chains to the j-ului ul corn-
men, e.i.em, and contain.ng >., acres, more or
Haled July ISO., 1907.
»e.lA..K'll i.l.a E HXD8TBOU,
Huvelstuke Lund Ditdnct.
District uf West Kootonay.
Take notice that Richard Davis. A Kent, of
i.'*n'i-.t.iki>, 11, ('., occupation. ■ .i« mill manager,
mt i-n. 11 in npply fur a ipeclal timber licence over
tho fnllowiiiK described land-!
ComTDSHoIng at n post marked "Uorth-wost
COmM poil," siluated abuut a quarter ul a mile
beliiu I'ivi! Mile Creek, on tha wast hank <>( the
Columhia itiver, running tut cinht> chaina,
llieni-u Himlh ri|(lit> chains ihence wait elgltf
clialus, ihoneo north t-itftity chains 'n tin- pnint uf
Dated July 17,1W7.
Cariboo Lund Dislrict.
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that H. Sawyer of Revelsloke, B.C., occupation Hillman,
intends to apply fur special timber licences over lhe folluwing described
1. Commencing ut a post planted
one mile above upper crossing of Alhreda Itiver uiarked "H. Sawyer's
N. K. corner," thence south SO chaius,
tlience wesl SJ chains, tlience north 80
ehuins, thence east 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 010
teres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted
one-half mile below upper crossing of
All.ivdu Kiver, marked "11. Suwyer's
N. K. corner," thence south S) elinins,
thence west Si chains, thenee norlh 80
hains, thence eust 80 ehuins lo point
oi commencement,   containing   1140
ncres more or less.
Dated August 5th, 1007.
3. Coinnieiiciiig at a pust planlcd
10 elinins from Big Slough camp, unit
maiked "11. Sawyer's S.W. corner,"
llienee east 10 ehains, thence norlh 100
Iinins, thence west 10 chains, Ihence
south ioo ehnins i..point of commencement, containing oio acres more oi
I. Commencing at a posi planted
alongside No. 3, marked "U Suwyer's
N.W, coiner," thence ensl lOchains,
Ihenee south 100 ehuins, thenci west
10 ehuins, thenci' north 100 ehuins to
point ol commencement, containing
I'10ncres mole ur less,
Daled July 2Dlh, 11)07.
.*>. Commencing ut a post plnnteit
alongside of It. ll.Suwyer's N'o. tl posl,
marked "ll. Sawyer's S. K. eorner,"
Ihenee north SI i-lmins, thence west 80
eliuiiis, thenee soulh SJ ehnins, thence
east SJ ehuins to point of coininelice-
ine.il, coin.lining 010 acres more or
Dated July 81st, 1007,
li,   .'on. n.e ii eing nt  B pusl plnuled
alongside ol D.Mcintosh's No. 20 post,
marked "II. Sawyer1! N.E. oorner,"
tbence west to ohains. thence south
l.l.) chains, Ihence east 111 chains,
thetice north Iilu chains to pointof
coil.monceu.ent, cuntaiuing  010 ueres
uml rless.
7,  Commencing ul a pnsl planted
nliout  .'ij  miles  above  Hell's   (late,
marked "11. Snwyei-'s 8.W. cornei*.
thenee east Sl ehnins, Ihence norlli 80
ehuins, llieuce west, SI elinins, Ihence
smith si ehuins lo puint uf commence-
ment, containing oto acres mure or
S. Commencing at a pnsl planted
alongside ol No. 7, and markeil "II.
Sawyer's N.W. corner," tlience east 80
.■hains, tlienee suulh S) chains, llienee
wesl S) elinins, llienee nnrth 80 chains
in puint ..f commencement, containing
Oil) ueres mme nrless.
Dated July 28th, 1007,
wed aug 21 H, 8A.WBP.,
Lillooet Laud DiMrlct,
District ol Liltooi't,
'lake nutlco lhat Andrew Kitsuu of
KovolMoke. H, I'., occupation Minor, iutonds
toapply for a M'eeial umber Ik-eiite over the
following described landi:
1. CommcnclUK at a \xM planted about two
miles nurih ot smoky HoUM Creok ueartbe
north-went eoruer uf T, L, 8l&> aud marked
■Andrew Kitson's N.E, corner," thence run-
uluft ionth 8n chaius. Ihence west 80 chains,
thence nurth fa chalnn, thenc* eail 80 ch ilnn
lo |. •! :i; ol commencement and conialulnu G*>0
acre* more or lei ,
i'-.;:;:;i* 'i. iiii- at a poit i>Uuud about (Wl)
milos north o[ the moutb of Smoky House
'.reck, near tbe north-west cornerof 1. L- 816.1
and marked "Andrew Kit-ton's B. K, corner,"
thenco runtiliiK uortb Kchains, thoiiee west
Si chaint. theuce south 8(> chains, theuce east
MJ chains to poiul nt commencement aud containing 6Ui acres more or less.
I'ftI' I July Hlli, ,'."-..
wed aut li ANDUEW KITSON, r
Arrival of New Fall Goods
£adies and
Misses Coats
Don't buy your New Fall Cunt without
lirit looking over the lines we are showing.
J^adies'and Misses
Cjolf glouses
These   are  new   and   direct   from
makers.   Just right for this weather.
Qoys Knick Pants
•just the thing for
Good Hard Weaves
school pants.
Soys' School
We will guarantee our Boys' Special
School Shoe. Try a pair of these for your
Hoys—wc know they will give good satisfaction,
Men's Suits
Mens and floys Sweaters
Wc have put in stock the largest and
best assorted stock both in styles and prices
ever offered by us in the above lines.
MAt A% A, i^s it« A. A, A. .ti ■♦. J
ij," "X* 'X" "X* "X" "X* "X* "X" "X* P \
Mimilil leave your
script ion with us ^
BECAUSE     *.
We use the Purest of Drugs <j
and Chetnicala ,■
ty    BECAUSE     i
Z. Every Prescription Ib checked   ;
before it gues out tl
Our prices ure reasonable and t<
g. we will deliver your prescrip- /
9        tion if you wisli it. ;
I Canada Drug & Book Co. \
At i__ At A* AtAt _t__t_ jt»_!__ _______ _*
W*P *P 'JT !f ty Vff *V V "f "' T *
Wednesday, Sept. 4th, lor 24 hours—
Generally line, sultry and cloudy
light winds, more settled. Temp
Mas. 76 degrees, Min. 52 degrees.
Ap.uk—To Mr. and Mrs. E. Adair, at
Vancouver, on Saturday, Aug,
31st.. a son.
Local and General.
WANTE1)—Ten laborers—Bowman
Lumber Cos, Mills.
0»ing to tbe rain on Labor Day
the excursion on tlie Columbia by the
s s. Keveistcke did not take place.
li Gordon has received the appoint-
meet ol Government Agent and
assumed the position on Tuesday.
"A pair ol Country Kids" will be
produced to-nijht at the Opera
House. New specialties in eongs and
dances,   Prices 7">c. 50c. and 25c.
All who intend applying forcatering
or refreshment privileges on the Race
Track on sept. 12th and 13th must
forward their names and application
to A V. .Anderson, secretary.
A very enjoyable dance was given
on Friday last by Purity Temple, N'o.
11, Arrowhead Pythian Sisters. Tbe
music BBS excellent and a large gathering filled the lodge room.
We have pleasure it announcing
that tlie dressmaking department
will be opened next week by an experienced dressmaker Irom the East,
who comes highly recommended,
It i-tl.e intention of the C.P.R. to
set apart a sum ui $10,0<XI (or the
er ctir.n ol a YM CA. at Kencra.
Min., and will also give a further sum
ol $1500 a month lor the maintenance.
Watch for the date of tlie social on
Mrs Kinciid's* lawn under the aui-
pices ot the Ladies' Auxiliaiy of Knox
Church which will be held on Friday
evening. September Ctli. R. I. B. in
The "Pair of Country Kids Company " will play again this evening at
lhe' ipe:-. II .uie. All who wish to
see a really amuiing play should go.
On Fridiy night there will U' i'i en-
tin change ol programme u id a
vaudeville show will be put mi, including ull the lulcet songs and dunces.
S|iecinl (.rices, 5Uc , 3.'.c, and 25c, At
the conclusion of the vaudeville entertainment, which sliould draw a big
house, ihe company will tender the
audience a Iree dance.
Only a glance at our slock
..I* Groceries will onc&urage
you to try them.
A trial will convince vou
they are the purest and best
on the market. Try our
j Hobson & Bell;
' Grocers, Bakers it Confectioners  t
All parties having bills against thc
Labor Day Celebration Committeo are
requested to forward same to T. Wad-
man, secretary, before 18k. tomorrow,
in order that all accounts may be
settled immediately.
For the remainder of tho seaBon the
b.b. Revelstoke will make trips to
Downie creek and return twico per
week, leaving Kevelstoke on Tuesdays
and Fridays at t) a.m., leaving Downie
on Wednesdays and SaturdayB at 8
a.m., reaching Revelsloke at 11 a.m
Good accommodation ou board.
The ollicers, non-commissioned
officers and men of "E" Company,
R. M.R., haveisBued invitations for a
dance and presentation ol prizes won
at tlie rille shooting on Labor Day, to
be held in the Drill Hall to-morrow
night at 8:30. MrB. H. A. Brown has
consented to distribute the prizes,
\V. Baty. who has been confined in
tbe gaol for tlie past few days as a
luuatic, disappeared this morning
hortly before noon while having his
usual walk in tlie prison corridor and
was traced to the river, where it is
supposed lie lell in and waa drowned
The deceased was to have been taken
down to New Westminster to-night.
The meetings of the Ladies' Aid ol
the Methodist church which have
been suspended during tlie summer
months will l>c resinned on Thursday
afternoon at Mrs. Crcelninn's resi-
residence at 3:30. Every member Is
requested to attend and strangers in
the congregation are also invited
Meetings will be held lirst Thursday
of every month,
Iftl.eweatl.tr ia at all favorable,
three of the Sunday schools of the
city, including the Methodist, Kimx
Presbyterian and Baptist churches
purpose spending Saturday in holding a ba ket picnic on the Gun Club
Gaounds. All families connected
with these Sunday schools should
unite In making the day one ..I great
pleasure to the young people. Hall
pa.-t nine is the hour set fur starling
To Buy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agte.
For tl.e Monday Opening.
Every purchaser will be
supplied with a Scbaol Bag
to enny away their purchases. A large assortment
of supplies.
Diuggist and Statiuner.
Muii Orders promptly attended
o ut ilii*. Slore,
Social and Personal
Mrs. P. Uavu ami larail} are ipend
ing ,i holiday on tl.e count.
G. Sumner left lor Vancouver ..n
Saturday where he will make his home
Mr, an.l Mrs. W. Chambers have returned from their honeymoon trip.
Miss Mcltae un.l Miss Dale returned
this morning from visiting friends mi
tlie const.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McDonald ol Bio-
anions were in town this week taking
in Lal.or Day.
II. G Parson and T. Phiighwriglit
ol Golden, spent  Labor   Dny   in   tin:
Mr. and Mrs. II. It. Atkins have
returned   frum   an extended  trip tu
Mr. Taylor, representing English
capital, Is visiting the cily and will
look over several mining properties
Miss Grace Somes left on Saturday
for Vancouver where lhe will lake a
three year training courie iu Bt, Paul's
nursing school.
Business in the customs department
lias been very heavy during the past
month, and it will be seen by the figures given below that the chiel port
lias collected more than all the other
ports put together. The following is
the statement ol revenue collected for
Revelstoke   $8,2.13 IS
Ashcrolt  1,100 00
Golden  1,849 47
Kamloops  403 31
Vernon  2,159 75
('oiiiiiiiied fi-iiiu I'agoOne.
To hi
,$11,84*1 71
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Special
For clu.ice eating or cooking apples
try C. B. Hume A- .'...
Patronize   Home   Industry.     Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Special   bargain,   in    odd     its
wall paper.   0. I! Hume & Co.
Revelstoke Cigars  Union Made   Our
Speoial, The Union, and Marca Vuelta place last evening un McKenzie  Ave.
are ahead of all others.
which gave pleasure  und amuse...enl
to young nnd uld
OHILDKEn's hacks
Girls, 12 tu 10—Ruby Pirgcr 1;
Lillian Lee, 2nd
Gi.ls three-legged race—Mabel 11 ni -
derson and Lillian Pettipiece 1.-:;
Evelyn Johnson and Lillian Lee, Muy
Field un.l .1. MoEachrari, 2nd.
Hoys lh ree-legged race— McRae
brothers, 1st; Calder and Samson 2nd.
Boys under Ki—Sunily Mcltae, 1st;
McMahon, 2nd.
Boys obstacle race—Muriel Calder,
1st; Sandy McRae, 2nd.
Boys under 12—Simpson 1st; Samson 2nd
Girls under 12—Burridge, 1st; Mc-
Eichrau, 2nd.
Men's wheelbarrow race—Hope and
Marsh, Ist; McKinnon and Carpenter,
Men's ol.siucle—C. Palmer, 1st; K.
Mcltae, 2nd,
Throe lagged men's race—Hope and
Marsh, Isl; 'I humus and Roller, 2nd.
Although play was not possible in
Hie match between "pioneers" and
"new chums", until 3.30 on Labor
Day, the game was, however, played to
a finish, and the "pioneers" have the
honor of winning the first of three
matches for a silver cup presented by
Mr. Charles Holten. They winning
by the substantial margin cl 88 runs.
Hall, Nurth, Fleethuin and Bertillon
scoring well (or the "new chums" and
Bourne, LeFeaux, Maley, Edwards and
Watson piled on runB for the winners.
The second match will he played on
Saturday, Sept. 14th, and it is hoped
under better weather conditions.
ltil'I-E   BI100T1KQ
In spite of the inclemency of the
weather ut lhe range and the strong
winds that kept sweeping up the hill,
the shooting was good, many visitors
besides local shots competing, The
official score will appear in Saturday's
200 yards oft-hand shooting—1st.,
Sergt. Major Wheeler; 2nd., Hawkins.
Disappearing Target, all classes, 200
yards—1st., Segt. Donald.
TU(i ok WAR
This event caused the utmost interest and the large crowd to a man
watched the contest beiween tl.e Big
Eddy Mill and the C. P. R. Many
wagers were laid and by tbe enthusiasm displayed it was evident that the
teams each had a large number ol
backers. Thc first pull, alter the first
few minutes, got down to a test ol
endurance, both teams holding their
own, the C. P, R. having the lirst advantage. Fifteen minutes were allowed
for each pull and ut the end ol the
lirst, tbe C.P.R. had the advantage by
5 inches. The second pull lasted the
lull,[mirier, both teams doing splendid
work, neither of the anchor men moving. As time wus called the C. P. it.
had the advantage again ol 4 inches
and were declared winners. Both
teams contain men of fine physique
and weight, the 0. P. R. having the
advantage there. T. E. L. Taylor
acted as referee.
Tlie firemen's races were postponed
until the weather  cleared   and   took
In the Hub.v Huh 100 yards, No. 2
Brigade took first prize, and No. 1
Brigade took second prize, the race
being a cl..-.- ..i.e. In ll.e wet test 75
yds. So. 2 ran first, having a jet ot
water Irmn llie nozzle in 33 seconds.
No 1 ...a le a very good attempt but
did nol --. -'"! in getting the con-
neotion snd nozzle on before the
wat.-r was turned into the hose. A
large crow.I witnessed these races.
frepiratlonu i.ai been n.adch.ra
grind tournament, Kamloops and
Golden, besides local player., competing, Needleii i..«»y that the local
people wen   disappointed wl..-.. tl...y
,-     ,   ''•"'■""■I"""  M   '«""   Kl""l""l"
ol 1907 the iteamer ' Revelitoke" »>"• »n,y two men Irom Golden turned
will make trips to Downie and ret.in. ] up. It ii ill tin: harder, seeing thai a
twice per week leaving Revelatoke on i,w weeki ago oo leu than nn lidlei
and   (nur men  went up to Golden to
Anyone wishing lancj work fw
Christmas ibould l-stv-a their orders
mw. Battenburg tea cloths, embroidered centr. pie. ,-f,, ■!,. fi| all
kinds, drawn thread work, hardanger,
etc.   All ivork guarauteed,
Anyone wishing t" .-.->■ iimplei -
work can call il residence,
MrI  R, A, Upper
Notice of Change in Sailings,
New Fall Styles at $3.50 to $10.00
Our New Styles for Fall are certainly far in advance
of anything yet shown. Exact copies and close
adoptation of recent Paris models—the new moss-
greens, the New Dark Blues, the new Golden
Browns, in all the new Fall shapes, materials
and trimmings, Made hy experts in their line and
equal to any custom made at from one third to one
half less in price
We hnve opened a splendid showing of Table Cloths
and Napkins in matched sets. Thc clothes arc 2 yards
x 2]4 yards and 2 yards x 3 yards, and lhe designs arc
very handsome, with border all around the cloth, The
napkins are ,-n exact match. Linen Damask Towels
with fringed ends, make handsome stand covers.
White Bed Spreads in Honey comb and Marseilles-
all sizes.
Nazareth Waists for Boys and Girls
If you have both boys and girls at home you'll be interested to know
that thc Nazareth Waist is suited for both—button it in the back for the
girls; button it in front for the boys—and it will fit in both instances.
There are over four million of these little tinderwr-ists sold every
year, and we've never handled anything of the character that was half
so satisfactory to child and parent.
Sizes i to is Years
Marriage Licenses Issued
At tlie close of tho play the hall was
cleared for dancing and many couplei
took the lloor and danced away the
few remaining hours of Labor Day
to the delicious stiains ol the Independent Bund. Tints ended one ot the
most successful events ever held in
Ah I have purchased 11 suitable
building I inlend to remain in tin.
city and open a lancy, dry good, dresH
making and millinery business nn
Firsl street, opposite tlie Climax hoU.l.
Mrs. 0. E, spilsbury of Vancouvor will
huve charge of the millinery department A. Masi.i;.-,.
Tuesdays and Fridayi ll D I m , reaching Downie at -. p... and es , ig
Downie 00 Wednesdays a...I Saturday*
at *< ,1 in, reaching Revelitoke at II
a.m. Parties desiring to ...uke, this
trip over the linest scenic route 111 the
Interior will find good accommodation
on board, Reduced rales to parties ol
1(1 or more,
Itevelsiok.. Land District,
District of Wesl Kootenny,
Take notice that I. Rol.e.-t, Sim, of
Ilevelstoke,   11,   (' -i-iipill inn,   L.l...
I.e......... inlet..Is In upply fur u  speeiul
timber licence over the following .1	
('lil.e.l lnnds:
Con.in.-..eing nl... poll plunled alioul
'HI ehuins lm... the soul Invest coi'iici' of
Timher Limil 1082and 10127, and aboul
2chains .vest nl ihe west boundary
and n.u. ked "Robert Sim's N, K. Cor-
her Post," running west Wl cbnins,
thence smith 80 chains, thence nasi 80
chains, I hence noi i h w clialns to place
ul* beginning, containing mo acrei
...oi.t o. less.
Dated thli 8th day ol Augusl inn..
JtoiiKivr Sim.
play there, ind Ibe compliment is
returned   IO   bnilly.     At  lhe time ol
going to preil I -.ne good tennis, however  hn   been   played   l.y  the two
visitors md the  local players.    The
score-.... ..nt yet to hand, the differ
cut events not having been all pulled
off, and the results will I* given on
11.,, day's a..ius.....t.nts were finished
... a most Siting manner in ll.e Opera
House Tl.e, sports committee had
arranged with manager Tapping to
play the comedy company ol Mr, ,1. 0.
Smith, now in town.     Tho house was
pack.d wiiii a demonstrative audience
"A Pair nf Country Kids" was put on
and kept thn house in a tnlrtlif.il
ripple (rum beginning lo end, The
play is lively ami bright, and well put
ou and ..tin ol tin. hrHt, yet stngid in
Revolltoko, Ihiring the performance
the distribution of prizes  took  place,
In the Matter ol Duncan McEachran
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
His Honor J. A. Forin, made on the
2(ith day ol August, 1907, I was appointed Administrator ot the estate
of sai.l Duncan McEachren, deceased,
nnd all parties having claims against
tlie said estate nre hereby required to
furnish same properly verified lo me
on nr before tl.e 1st. day nf October,
And all  parties  indebted to said
estate are required to pay tlie amount
of their indebtedness to mc forthwith.
official Administrator.
Dated this 31st day of Aug., 1907.
Jewelers ano OpriciANS
Next to Imperial Bank
The Woman is An Exception
who will buy her jewels, silverware,
cu. glass or walches at any oilier
slore but Hastings, Doyle A Allunis.
You need no guarantee of quality.
" Our word is our bond," and
"when we sny ihal you are buying
lhc besl, or that a diamond is of
first water, il i.s as unalterable as
the laws of the Medes or Persians.
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
In uui' Store if you wnnl. In purchase
a New Carpel, Fine Oriental or Wilton nig, malting ur linoleum and see
how much further its contents will
lake ynu in purchasing than it will al
any other slore in the cily. Our
Spring styles nre ready for your
hai iiiiii .ii I'lANo, vi.caI.
Pupils prepared Inr Conservatory
ui..I Dnlveiilty Bxamlnollons.
-Ti DIO  u M.-   l   o   Bntolilion'i Con.
rivi KENT     Furnished w   unfur-
1 i, li il I.,,..-.-. ...'in lhe Knslein
Semaphore, nn C, I'. II. Apply lo J.
Haiti., ut ih....hove residence,
ANTED   A g'-nlleinun of g I
family  nud   with    ttiilveisily
qunllflrat'.'iis desires pupils for II.
.....,-.   i* Ion.    Modern language.
.....sic,    English    nnd    mill beu.nl i.s
taught     Feel   moderate.    Hlglu
ii.fen-ii..-.. ami testimonials.
Incorporated by Act cf I'arl.a.nant. 1855.
Wm. Molbon Macphkhsiin, Pres. 8. H. Ewma, Vice-Pres,
James Elliot, General Manager,
Capiat paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two liruncl.es in Camilla and Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Hunk deposits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, fi. 0.
Import direct from Country ol origin,
in- partially furnished
-ping   I Minis  I'll Wl.lite!
op town,   Ilin.l.T.lfc   I'.'Ul.   for   Indies
only.   A(l|ll'i'wl!"x732, Cilv.
I'    hnuscke
I,iiill mai,i: n-h'mI teams ..f g I
' logging homos, si.ilul.le for nny
kl'ndof teeming. Apply to Bioiunu
Davis, Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd.
KLL EDUCATED capable lady
requires position ns mothers
help, u.,.'f..le.....p....i. housekeeper.
Co..1.1 LOHCh.    Apply MAII.-llKIIAI.il.
y a N'PI.'.I >   Profitable propoiltloit
open for reliable man acquaint-
I mining r.'.uf growers nn.1 wilh
ability as Hiilesinuii, Full ut part,time.
State ago, experience nnd reference!,
Lm, Brown's Nurserjes, Ont.
'. .1,1,1
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merohante
Port Packers anil D.mlor 'In Ll.o Stuck. Murks.* In all tho i.ri...-l|...l Cities un.l
l'...v..s ..I Allwrlit. llrlllsli .....umlilaua.l tht Yukon. Packers ol the Celelirate.1 1.1.1...I
"llll cr   ur" lluiiHiil.il Ilj.-,hi, fiii-l Sii,iiiifii'fk llrfiuil, IiiiiI f.irii. jl
P..r Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wugm.s'| EtcRJohn
Dot.ro I'l.mglis, M0II110 Wagons, Cauada Carriage Company's
HoggioH, Plfluol Jr., Oanloii Seeders and Cultlvntors, Wheelwright ami blacksmith  Work ;ti.i.ii.l.i.| to.   Horse Hhoelng a
**%*«**%%%%«%%«,%*%-»%%%%%%%%*%«-» v4
Huntley A Palmer's biscuits ire tbe
best wherever tbey are shown lor sale.
C. II. Hume A Co.
Gordon A IronsideB and Grillin's
Premier bacon always in stock. O, B,
Hume A Co.


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