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The Mail Herald Nov 24, 1909

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" Empire "  " Z 7} t
Kor ease ol operation am.Sj*     yKf
in   ruriiltH   produced,   this   mucin... ^*
is unsurpassed,   Piioi—$i>t| Cash.       1
Interor Piihlihinj>Co„     -     Agcn Is |
*   ;;fM^
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and  Publishers
Vol. 15-No. 84
$2.50 Per Year
A Clearing Sale $
To make room for new goods,  we are  going
to sell in the next few days about
$iooo   worth of
A chance of a lifetime to get  your  Christmas
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We have all kinds of High Class China, in Wedge-
wood, Crown Derby, Coalport, Royal Worcester,
Copelands and also a large assortment of Hand Painted
Lsmoges China. See our windows (or a selection.
Every piece maiked in plain figures.
The whole comprisieg Teapots, Sugars and
Creams, odd Cups and Saucers, odd" Plates, Vases,
Bon Bon dishes, Salads and many other small pieces.
If you wish to make a selection we will keep it for you
until Christmas.
A great Snap in Cutlery for this
week,    see  our South Window.
Tungsten Lamps
We have at last got the sole agency of a good
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the prices are right. We have them in 25, 40 and 60
candle power and the prices are $1,00, $1.25 and
$1.50 each. Try them and see the saving in your
light bill.
Lawrence Hardware Go. Ltd
6 Tinsmlthing Plumbing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Blanches or A((ents at all principal points iiTCiiniida.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—Lohdon, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First Nationnl Bank, (Join Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Welle Fargo Nevada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Christmas Poultry
We  will have a full line of choice
ONTARIO POULTRY. Ruaranteed quality; from one of the largest packers
in the East, as follows : .
Place ynur orders NOW  to   avoid disappointment.    Special attention given
Telephone 251,
Maundrell Meat Market
B. C.
Antagonistic Meeting at Victoria
Last Saturday
Under the above beading tbe Victoria Tillies naj-8:—" The Times in not
expressing Liberal opinion, hut Conservative opinion, when it miys that
the spectacle presented at A.O.I.'.VV.
Hull mi Sutiiriliiy evening wlien Tie-
nner McHride addressed al Inrge audi.
enc» nn hie return Irom what he
desorlbed aa a triumphal tour of the
province was a pitiful exhibition,
Nothing like it Iihb ever heen seen in
British Colombia, the circumnlaui-es
and lhe ollicial position ot the cliic,
ligure considered
The audience wis not in ibe tirst
i; stance hostile li evidently came
0 hear the Premier explain, expound
■,nd defend the cuitraci, the agreement or ihe memorandum of »pree-
uient bo hud entered into with thn
I'aiiailiaii N rthern Railway Company
tor the extension of iia system to the
Coast, and particularly together whal
here was for Victoria in th"contract,
igreement or memorandum of sgre*'-
inent, Ader Mr. McBride hud oot)-
eluded his exposition it is no wonder
nis hinreri! werf in douht as t,.
whether the instrument which passed
hetwieu bim and Mr. Mann waB a
contract, au agreement or a menioi
ttuduni of agreement The Firs;
Minister's explanation was so ramb
ling and incoherent tbat hid audience
might be excused fo.- lecuming con
fused in its mind and impatient in iif
manifestations of inoiedulity,
The const quence whs that the Premier lost his temper, behaved like a
spoiled child, called bis hecklers idiots
aud threatened them, and requested
bis chrsen chairman to accord bim
the privilege of dealing with them a-
they deserved to he dealt wit: .
I'ose, dignity, serenity were thrown
to the winds, and Hon. Richard McBride stood revciled in bis tnu
colors. lie boasted of what wai going
to happen to ihe Liberals on the 3aih
of November. He predict-d that be
would noi be satisfied with the mere
detent of the opposition : tie would not,
be content if a single individual of bis
opponents failed to lo-e his deposit.
The truth is that Mr. Mo Bride
mounted the platform ou Saturday
evening in a veiy discomposed mood
He profctscd to huve rcturuid from a
political tour which ought to have bad
a soothing tiled upon tbe temper
He had addrcssid twenty thousand
electors in the course of this pilgrim
age. Everywhere he went the Pn •
mier said, the indications were overwhelmingly in favor of bis candidate.-.
Vet be acted and spoke like a man
who bad teen tbe hand .. litiug on tin-
wall His demeauor was that of a
man who fcli ihul he was beaten
befoie a ballot hnd been cnsi."
Lindmark Will Win and be a Cabinet Minister
Speaking-at Victoria Sir Hibbert
Tvpper said "1 was given an opportunity at Reveletoke this week, bow-
ever, to ipmk in support of a Conservative opposed to tout bargain—Mr.
Lindmark—who is going to win and
best a cabinet minister on the merits
of this question.''
Will Spend a Million in Improving Main Line
Surveys hava been completed fnr
a million dollars- worth oi construction work on the line <>f tho C, P. K.
betwpi.>n Lytton and n poiui to thn
west of Hope., says tbe Sentinel. The
line i~ Lo bn straightened and the
grades reduced in order that passen ■
gtT and freight traffic may be handled
morr expeditiously and ai lepp cost
than ia possible ai present. The distance embraced in Lhe location surveys just finished is between CH and 70
miles, and both the Thompson and
Cascade sections will be affected.
The principal part of the reconstruction will be performed in the famous
Fraser canyon, through which the railroad runs for'about til milrfs,
In Memoriam
In lining   reiiipmlirance of my ilo.u
son   Albert   Wliitehousr,   who    died
November 16, 1908
One ve.ir bn> passed and hov I miss hnu
nh how, u" i,,iicu, , .in icll
And still 1 li-i' ii (oi ilu footstep
Th.i'. 1 love so well.
The Polls should be closely
guarded to-morrow against
those who are not entitled to
To-morrow is Election Day.
The issues have heen discussed;
The electors have studied the
situation thoroughly and by
this time have made up their
minds as to how they will mark
their ballots.
Owing to the number of
new names added, the lists in
use tomorrow are practically
new. A large percentage of
the registered voters are out'
of the district.
This is a situation that gives
the unscrupulous an opportunity to impersonate and repeat
iheir Votes where the polling
booths.ate so close.
The scrutineers should be
careful to see that no man is
allowed to mark a ballot who
is not entitled to do so. The
law is very slrict and any person caught in the act ol im
personation, or repeating his
vote should be dealt with right
on the spot.
Vote to Start Work Replaced On
lions. Pugsley, Minister ol Public
Works, C. .1. Murphy, Secretary ol
State, and Prank Oliver, Minister ol
tlie Interior, have kept tbeir promise
to Hevelstoke tn have tlie vote for
starting the Dominion postoffico and
Custom house at Revelstoke reinstated
and the work will be started next,
spring. Tbe sum of $10,000 ia on tines! int'itca to provide for a Blurt lieing
made with the building and tenders
will be called about May next.
Thi- estimates also include $1 500
for replaoing the telephone poles nnd
repairs on tbn Qolden-Windsmere lino
and $11,51111 for improve nentB to the
Columbia Rivi r.
Premier McBride aud Attorney-
General Bowser have sent du.ly bluets
of tlieir trumpet to the Government
press announcing tbeir triumphal
march through southern B. C. Tlie
Keruie Oaily tells a diH'urent story
aud deecribes tbeir meeting there as
"McBride and Bowser Discover North
At Westminster li. E, McCruasan
paid: "The campaign has Ih.c.i sprung
ou us without warning when we are
still without voters' lists; lists which
we shall uot be able to procure ior at
least ten days. Tbe effect aud iuteul
ol tins move ou the part of tbe Mc-
Brule-Bowser government is to
throttle tbe Iree expression ._( opinion
of the voters uf British Columbia ou
the great questions coufiouling lhat
province. Nomination Day has come
and gone and still we bave nu voters'
lists; a condition unique and uuparal-!
leled throughout the polititioal bis-
toiy of Canada.
With reference to tbe railway policy
it was not as if tbe province had a
lirst mortgage un the line. As the
scheme now stands he poiuted out tbe
railway company and tbe province arc
in the position of joint mortagors
wbile tbe bondholders ure *,hc mortgagees. The proposed road will not
oe in a position to pay the interest ou
Ub bunds for years and years out of
the earnings ol tbis section of the line
There is no provision in the agreement givicg the province coulrul of
tbe freight rates."
Discussing McBride's change ol
(rout in regurd to timber licenses al
Fernie, John Oliver propounded this
query: "If McBride is prepaied to
'eat crow,' can he vouch for all bis
followers doing the same?" a proposition that again struck borne and
elicited loud applause.
A repjrt ou the equipment aud
maintenance ol the C.N.R. which i,
lakeu from the records of the railway
commission that inquired into tin
c,uses of the tic-uptf trallic on tin
C.N.R. lines in the winter ol 1907
criticises the road unmercifully
'Tbey should not be allowed to buili
another mile of line," reads the report,
"until they have what they now con
trol iu proper working order."
Speaking at Vernon, Mr. K. 0
Wade said: " Hon. Thomas Tayloi
would be defeated in Revelstoke b-
Mr. Lindmark; Hon, Mr. Youni
would be defeated in Atlin; Hon, F
CarterCotten would ntoct defeat ii
Richmond and all that would he >ef
of the government would bo at mos1
McBride, with pussibly Bowser uui
perhaps Price Ellison hanging on to
to the wagon behind,"
Tupper and McBride
Hon. Kichiinl Mi-Bride, who now
abuses Sir Chts Hilda r Tupper, on
Oct 9, 1908, Bent Sir CJiar|is tbe
follown g telegram:—
" Musi apnliig'za for i ,,i writing to
think you lor ni'gnifl eul work in my
own and government's hehjilf, Will
write     Richard McBride"
And the great Richard wrote, and
he snid:
"Dear Sir Churle,—1 expected to
hnve seen you di ictly after the elections and thanked you tor the mag-
nilicenl work yuu performed on behalf
ol the pany during the campaign
Tbe majority I got speaks eloipu-ntly
of the Minimis you must have nude on
the enemy's camps. With very best
wishes (to bis young baby brother)
"Deir Sir Charles, very sincerely
Rtoiunn MoBhide,
Bengough To-Night
H.■ 11l:. ■ i:__-11. the Canadian cartoonist,
an all-iound entertainer and one of
the inosl versatile artisls on the concert platfor n. appears at the Opera
Home to-night, He makes hia car-
icons on a big pud of white paper iu
adored chalks. As be draws be relates
humorous stories, recites (nnny little
poems of bis uwn composition, aid
never allows tbe minute to drag He ia
cartoonist, comedian, poel, re?iten
singei, philosopher, ad iu one, and one
feels from the moment that lie appears
on the stage that be possesses in an
unusual degree the power to get into
sympathy with uud pleu-'e u gathering
of people. He bus u p iwerful bead, a
strong, mobile face, a ready smile, und
a delightful accent He is obviously
u mun who has closely studied man,
and knows intima'ely theif little
whims and peculiarities und weaknesses, and it is obvious that he loathes
cunt and humbug. He bus an inexhaustible fund of anecdote, und be is
as pleased with lm own jokes us is the
audience—and that indicates much,
He is, above and beyond all, preeminent in the art of the cartoonist.
Without fuss or noise, he begins to
draw, quickly, firmly, und rapidly,
and us be works be talks in the cleverest und ipiuintest wny imaginable, nnd
the laughing audience strains forward
to catch every word, (or Bengough is a
very subtle humorist, und meanwhile
the picture grows with incredible
rapidity. Bengeugh will portray the
events of the local political campaign
in u manner that will give lots of fun
See Manning About Clearview
Have you a few dollars to invest?
II so, watch the Clearview townsite
auction sale advertisement Sale will
be held on December 9th in the evening, Keep this in mind, every lot
bought in Clearview will bo bought at
your own price. The payments ure
easy, quarter down, balance 8, li and SI
months. This is the lirst unction sale
of lots to be held in your city, and
when McKenzie avenue is opened up
yuu will be astonished at. llie beautiful
view spot in your town.
The C.P R. are going to contll uo
adding men to tbeir stall' till the shops
aie buck to their old -i am laid. This
with the additional farming done in
lie vicinity of this cily, makes Ki v-
,'lstoke tbe best ciiy in the upper
country. Cleurview has unobstructed
view and also is clear of snow six weeks
before tbe rest ol the town; good
Irainage, good water, and as soon as
possible will be reaobed as easy ns any
part of the city. Remember Clear-
niew will be sold by auction Dec. 9th,
in    the   evening,    Sec    II     Manning
auctioneer, ur .1. I), Sibbald.
Mountain View Ninas cards uud
ealcndut'i. lit Bews drug stoic.
High Class Groceries
We have an ever increasing sale for these
Choice Teas.
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be afraid of
your shadow
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by /»,>-oi ^"-'Trt.
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eis. We say "customers" because when a man
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A clearing sale ot Boys and Youths' Overcoats
and 1'ea Jackets, sizes from J2 to ,-55—S1.S5 to Sti.7s
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under  which  Ihe  !<■H Iw
of tills Bank are able lo Issue Drafts on llie prliiclpal points
In the follow Ing countries:
Formosa Italy
France Japan
Fr'ch Cochio-China   Java
Germany Manchuria
Great Britain Mexico
Austria-Hungary    Finland
Crete Greece
Denmark Holland
Egypt Iceland
Faroe Islands India
South Africe
Straits Settl«
Norway Switzerland
Persia Turkey
Phillipine Islands    West Indies
Koutnania and else
I You Don't Have To
£ Go outside of Revelstoke to make
g: your  Real   Estate   Investments.
E The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
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I Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents 1
fMiuMMuutA. ,tmnm.iuuimu,m., THK MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Che n&ail-Hxtato.
- A 11" K 11 \ 1    Kl
Jntertot publishing Company,
Subscription   Rates
Including postagi io Knglaod, United Btatei
.m.i i anada,
By ths year Itbrough postoffloe]    &•&
Haii      "        " "          l.fid
yukrUr ■■ .   l.OU
J Jb    HINTING promptly executed at reason-
able rate*.
tKHMs  i a-h.   SubocnpMoni payable In m\
Legal notice* 10 cents per Une flrut Insertion,
. oenwpui line each lubaeouenl ln*ertlon
Measurement* Nonpnrlel ll- linos tnaku one
lochl Ston and gi neral business an
nounoements $2.50 per Lnuli per month.
Preferred positions, 26 per cent, ad*
ditii t»l.   hiiOi-,  Marriages  and   Deaths,
each in-i iiiuii.
l*»nit ■ <■- >", >" au adverttaetnonls
-. a- ■ ■ '.■■'.!.■ ipprovalof the management,
Wanted and Condensed Advertisements:
Igenu Wanted, Help Wauted, Situation*
wanted Situations Vacant, Teachers
Wanted, Mechanic* Wanlod, i" words or
I-■-- . ■ • i' i. additional lino 10 conU,
i i inget i itandlng adrortlMemonu tnuBt
c in b) y a, in. luusda) and Krlday of
ttcco week to ieo ire good display,
CORHEaPONDKNCE Invltod on mattom of
I .: Intercut, Communications iu Kdl-
:or muni be aooompanlod to name uf
writer, not necessarily fo publication, hm
,i- evideuoe of good faitb. Uorrospondouui
should be brief.
OmCSS !    iMl'KHUl.  lUNKjUlLlHNO  KKVkl,
Alone)' lo loan.
umoo.; KeveUtoke, B I
Biokk., B. C,   ^^^^^^
Uraobrouk, u, U.
illlo. B, MOCiKTKB
l ranlirook, B. U.
Solicitor, etc,
Solicitor for-.—
Tun Canadian Bank uk COMMERCE,
The Molsonb Bank, Ktc.
KIH-il ST.,   •   BBVKL8T0K-B, B.C.
■ ,Olil.Kl' SMITH
In verj likely uiccessui to Di. J H,
Kins.', il,,- retiring Liberal representative .-a Victoriii. Should he bo return-
eil ii will In- lurgel.v boi-iiusc ,,i person-
: nl   popularity,   iutmlhucll   as   In-   i-   I'Ull-
uing in n dislricl where the railroad
niiin in proiiiinoul, ,nnl beiny n xtauui-h
| SII|I|IUI l,'l     III'     l||,ji.II,Mil     it     I- l'\|l,i|.||.|l
thut his colleagues, withoul regui-d lo
political nfflliutioiin will use iheir fi-nn-
, In-., on In. helmlf.
M. A. Mmil.ni;il,I. ni tho In"  ti>in ui
llnrvey,   He('iii-lei' .V   Mucdoniild,      lhe
I. il ••i.i I i-atididiile, in withoul  cti\ il lhu
benl   platform  apeuker uddt'essiug     the
public I'lilnv. uud hi- cool, i-iihn, din
passionate dissection    ol   the    Mi-Bride
riiilwii.i   policy   -ii  convincingly  ahoWi
up its linlliiuui...   nml crudities thul nu
| tin  im l_'onsorvn.live supporter lm-   at
i.-niptiil     in    debute I'h" iMHiit*.   rt'hni
ever polilieul     persuasion    In- hoai-oi-
' maybe nil lire lorred lo lhe conclusion
| ilmi   In- niukcs mi able exposal nl tin-
Mi Ilii.li-MiKi.n/i" Miiim  muddle,     and
,^^^^^^_^^_^^^^_^__^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^____ llllil     l'i-    IIIUUIIH'Ilt-    111"    ilTi'fill lllll".
_____________-_.^_____——____—___—__.__.—_-—__________——-__—_-—*——-—_— ■      ''"'   "-"■ i ill-I   p.ul'..   nl". r    .iipporl-
ii-i,. arc tin- most numerous in tin- imiu
have tuken   any provinco in     the  ,-,_.,,„, ,.„,„,. ,,„ „ 0|„„|, ,„ ,,. |„. I   . ^ ^^   .   w    ...^^    _ ^
Dominion.   «V  thoroughly  agree   with jtar>. .„„ ppoi.h  ,,„■„  will de.n,      the|r , ',„-  ,,,„,   |m,.v  ,,m      „,' ,,„  ,,
Sir   llilili.rt   rupper when  he eharar -  paBs'mg nwuj     ol    lhe old order     nf
lerinos  the propoiuil u« "wild and un    ihings whieh  <n iniiny nl im haj-e foil
onsidered," nnd the dronm ol tho wil- ],,, |,i- .-, rellection mi the public   lilo ol
Ki^ht [loomed  House on Becond Street, clut-e in to
'centre of Town, at $25 PER MONTH.
six Roomed House on Fifth Btreet; nil modem except
furnace; exceptionally warm for winter, at $25 PER
Seven-Roomed House on Third street; plumbing com-
plete,at$25 PER MONTH.
Five-Roomed House ou leat-eil land for .sale at $200
Four-Roomed   House on   Fifty   Foot   Lot,  for  snle  at
KI.Al.   KSTATK,   l.ll I ,   I I l'i     \SU   V ' I I'I N I    INSURANCE
dosl boooiHtei.
Thin i- one ocrusion on whii'h tbr
ronponsibilily r»f suvinp thn provinco
tulla on tho fiiral olontorutos of BrHiHh
Columbia. Bo fur ;i> Vancouver Cily
\% conoorncd il ih in ilu- Ihroos <•( one
"i the wildeal roul estate boomn thai
ijvoi struck ili»' wost j when inou forsake iheir sanity nnd plunge into u
reckloss gamble like the South Son
Hubble which brougbl fuin autl <lis-
astor in its train. It is true nil tba
bankers j levol-hoadcd busiuess mon,
and ihosn whoso interests am Rtakorl
un ilu- i.i-ut's of good cfovornnionl ;ii«'
up in nnm againsl this mud policy (>f
uxtravagancoj and Ircaehory i". and
spoilation of,  tho province.     Bul thoy
Provincial Und Surveyor, | are in a minority.
Mid log ttuiveyt,r
Tho Revolstoko oloctorato has ovory-
thing    to Iobo     and nothing to gain
McKfc.s/.ii. Avknck,  ul!from  this cruzod policy.     Tho   towns
the «iiy and district, and ibe substitution nf mu ith nt titfgrossivo progress
hnd.dovelopnu'iu, mich us ihis distriel
hus nover yi*\ kno\Mi, bul has recognised to bo h- due from the wealth of
its natural resources, and hus nxpoci
• ■•I for long years. Viewing the situation above (ho jungle of purlins und
tho wild scream of Howsorism, us shrill
us it hus proved unscrupulous, wo
firmly believe new forces will, on Lho
morrow, outer iuto our public ntVnirs,
bringing with them a now and a bolter day.
Views of a Traveller Through
,1  Hevelstoke und     Arruwheud      huve I uOUlM   110016113]
their future hanging in the balance on ;   The political poi is f.isi reaching lhe
lliis railway     policy,   lt proposes    to   bubbling    poiui.     and  il  U earnestly
hoped  thai whon   the climax   is  reach
U-IO.N ,v ...Vl.l.i'.it-ll.
HcutTUOTri cut oli' from     Arrowhead   and  Revel
13   (;.   stoke the largo      railway    trallic   lhat
^^^^^^B Kkvi:,--'i.i.<i:,
now comes  through  these  towns from
■ ,     ,,    ,   the south and employs a lur^o amount
...     i.tll'i s^i 1.1    " i "' L
a   ^ ■•     '■ ;';    K    „,„ „„,,  ,„,„„,,,.   of labor.
employs a large amount of labor.
It moans the reduction of ihat traf-
C.    re.   O    W [i,:j   ||„,  reduction of  the lubor  ueces-
Mountain v,ov» camp. No. 229 »ary  lo handle it, and hus, as its lag
Meet, imiuim »ua r._uriti yseuinn-aajti lu | ond, a black-eye lo Revolstoko and Ar-
isl Nov. '_.'.riiti     iiulKiily will  have   any
foolingH of  resniiltueiil  because of  their
oaadidatos defeat.
Thinking that  the situation of affairs
ench niuuLli, in &._.|»irR Hull.   Visilin   Wood- i
aieu u.t\mui> inviiwl to uiiyiid. | rowhead.   So far n-  Revelstoko is ,-,,i
J. MelNTYWC Clerk.
F. O. E.
Thi) r^^uiar meotitift? nre held iii the tielkirk
Hail every Tuesday; eveniuK nt Eight
o'elOc'K.   Vifciilug brethren curdmlly iuvited.
T      y     HO  miU      l-.o -.nil'M
tcn.iy   LO(
along the Crows Nwi may bu of inter*
eat Lo your loaders, with your permission 1 will endeavor to give a free unbiassed, and accurate report thereon.
  The   I'Vrnii nslinietn-y,   wlio.se east-
corned  thi* railwnj   poticj  also moauslern boundai*j" \> lho provinco ol Alber-
the cutting oIT from  this city of     tie' jta. it- southeru iin- ntnto of Moulann
business which belongs to ttou the
north and of which this city is geographically entitled to tho full benelit.
(hir interesl is tho interesl of Revelstoko and wi' aro bound to look ;ii
.,.».,.• ,,-  ,, ,._,, i the issue* ns  I hov affect  litis city   and
T     J    WA13H,   PaKBlUKNT.
UB.'McLAL'i HLlN,tiK('BKTABY.i district.    l.\,-tx   vote easl   loi   Hon-  Mr
 *■— Taylor  us  the representative of       lho
Kootenay locJkc. Ho. 16, A F. * A. M.      jov.mmiii.mi1   m   tin-  election,   in  a   vote
fur a polii \   which everj   man who   i^
i\T,   ^Vi-   -s.     lag? are lieldiothe  loyal  to  Kevelstoke und   Vrrowhead  is
."»«»& f   8dAdffi^lK   '"-di le	
^..Xtir-   ;,.::'"''■■* *!i'!'A '.     '''    '-!"" l'-'1 "-1 luok a
,Mih ^;,'Kb»loli,t/ml  effect of such a poi
Bin m.  Visiiinitlireti'.-
J;,,,    ciirdiHlly   *.'
t ih,- iin.in
I    ll"        ll"   .Ill
•■in   i liai  polic>   Ii ui"-  luw .  ilu- ■ red
ii   .if   liriii-l,  I '..Iiniiiiiii   i-  de ' roved   lo
il \i"iii  ..I  lhe    si",. ,0011 gnnt-an-
lee lo   il"- i anudiau   Noi lliei u,  and    if
we   waul   lo gel   assi  tan • n   rail
tdwu ever, Thnrs-i wnv ',,„,, ,|„,. w^  |i,.,„|
tuy   «vt'U,n^   iu   BOI-
. :. Ball at 8 o'clock   give  provinnul    indueemeui thi
_FVl„i,i.iK brethrsu »r.   ,,,,,..,,,„.    ,,„.    x v,       	
oordlauj tnTilea to auatid.
ALHiKT AHMAN. X.ti.     JAB. M4THD5.SKC   K""'"":i1      railway,        li,
: which il ivdit ni   provi
Cold Range lodge, K. of Pi    paired  will  make
Ho.  26,   Revelstoke, B. C.      ilillicilll   lo     have     these great  works
UIXT8 -O.KY   ,VSUNK.-1)AV,   • ■"'    lo   'he develo|
m  neepl .      t A«>ne«l     -    |.,_  |>,.,,.t lllH| ,i„. | „, , ,
Mch moot a,   i iiuk'lim*-' .     «
^■^T ■      -'.-.   CI.       WMliui: lllll ll	
'' P   8"f B. WM K, K. of H. tti
j   B   >< OTT, w, ot F.
, . .
■.  ■      \ .
and ii< western limit the Kootonay
rivor, has three candidates in the held,
\V, \i. Ross, Conservative, late member of parliament^ tVlexnuder I. Kislicr
who i- mukiug an aggressive campaign
in the Eaberul interests, whilst John
1). Harrington i^ the standard bearer
of lho Sotialisl party, from the fuel
that in this ''on-litui'iny Ote coal mining interests am paramount, and that
tho majority of ihose employed in and
;iiiMind ilw eoal mines arc -it■ m'gly
imbued with Soi ialisl Lcndcin to: Lhe
probubilitiu" arc thai i he i undidato*
will  a|»[o ai lie '-'till .-■..!_.' em
ei ged from | he tirugglo with the oi
del "I K.uniMj revel *ed fi om thai men
tinned    :' ■ and   the
lam  •■hull   Ijp
\       he      .    ■ ■ i .
Im* i
•. alive 4ii| :       - t  \\
^^_^— liu-y^L^^^^^^^^^
representative, and whilst no expectations ure entertained for bis election,
ye1 tbo campaign given u.\ecllnul oppor
niiiity for educative purposes j and lhe
numlier of \ uio- pnlliK] " ill non o h
an indication nf lhe grow lh nf the
Mr, Kiteb ih respoclod b\- all who
know him, being an old limer and an
earnesl worker in lho church and civic
affairs in his ov u low n,
The next riding wosl of lhal of
lYanbronU is included in the Ymir
dislricl, and the principal points on
the cast side of Koolenay l.aUe, Creston and Sirdar, whore F. Schofield,
Conservative, has for his only opponent Alex. ,\|. Oliver, Socialist who will
likely lose his deposit, as bo has to
(ighl practically lho combined votes of
boih Liberals and Conservatives, because t lie\ will lie given in lho main
to Schofield.
To -nm up: Pernio will return a
Socialist  vice u * 'onsorvative,
(Ynnluook very probably may have
a Conservative in lhe nexl house instead of a  Liberal us at  last  session.
Ymir   A  Conservative will be elected
tTT ANTED m let.—B-'dmnui it nil
\\     Si lii.iiionit). in cnnhral posit Inn
in Third Sti i;   \»ell healed;   e> -trie
itfllt: bnth, h"i anil mil) water UpciI
St2Otlphi- uu) ith Apply, Mad Ueiald
Zbc flDatl-lberalb
. i
its jjrip i
- und  we may -i-i
lot pap .-..'.. ,    .
• j l....i__..H^___^H
l  '., .-  off the rail» ij | ,-,
..   to  tb. I  from   11.
-toke UAm\\\\\\\\mmmm       __■■ """'"■■■I'iMi-   -
• irt--    .i .
i candidal
..   .   ,   hon
I.,-,,   .rf ft   i - •   ■  ■
... lie bal
their vote on
, ii it iun   ■ftilit  whii li   tbe ek-ctol        nl
Hritise  '   -  imi'I     lave e\. •   In en  i   -
'.    Is -.      I - ■ -.-      ,ii;    .    ., !-.,.:
they ar..   u i ivm ol luiudiii    ovaj
radit ia ■•.  provii  •       . •       UeK.-
".    >nd      Mhii-1    in  exchatife   loi    ""
- i ■     ->f , ■       ■   \ , . i-'li .i - -
irj    •- un'iM.'-i e<i. hniii,.|\   tin-N.i
Thoiopton Valley    Tn u    ihe |irop-  -
tloo :ip|*a_rt ao outrnifo, and tbe b
_;"-t siesl ol tin publii cradit thai
over put li'-for,, ,i province lo I'mn
British Columbia i-  tl uly  provi
-.-il   »horu  by  the^p  railway  build,
tbey purpoM to   -a*" advanl
ol tie tact to ibur tide provii -
'•   '.Jfc'*'   rr0P "'  fc'is'1   Ht '■
...       .
II : - !   ,
.... I   .
. .     .
Ill V li"
M^MWMM^MM^MM^gt^m ■	
.  polil
■ -
J.   II    lliirriiiu
.        .I,.-.
• lull i
u-1 I] in ; In- .-•„ illli I
slrontthi nail I   il Bi
tt ■!       i.lllililr.    1,1
I-   i,l '   in.d.i.  lm*    i
aided in ilu* dissemination ni Socjalisl
■'  ,n* .   ' bnllli-
I  ol
,,...     it lo hi      ■'•'-.'
ti.ui'ln  n ith   t hem,  w halei ni   hi
ul  view ■-.    in   ' li.iiiiiri.--     up   I in     ".' '. •
ondition ■■< public uffnii mil d.man
dinir Unit lie- publii "- ■ ii e and Ihe
- ..iiri nt iw ' ii '• in It,- "I t'.k. and
i heir nliii ei . hall • ompl; ■ iii. '!->••
high .iinf i l"iin    i.'indiiid of publii ii       md   ..niiin in '
ministration  foi    wlii.-h  tin    liiu     uudieiue    llnoiichoiil  tin   di Iricl
lion stands. i , nnbrook.
y,    1Hchit ai,il In- following ai" "u
trial  Ipmorrow on thoii  record In li"
Vol   t'.k' .   and   if   I lie   i-n  ll      ileal   I oto
ol ih" people is oaei rilotig 'la- puihof
duty, a-- we lii'liev.- ii will lm, thore
will not only Is- on end of thai reoord
in this city bul   Revelitoko  will,     <-rn
I n   * li"   '  i .mini,ok    I I'll'i ■ .    W ho  ''   lllii
it   nre iii" we I    idc ol Kootonnj  11
,'i an.I Ki.ii/ . ile ih" in i poi t "i '."
ti . ..mui.., ii mu Idaho, i la'i" arc also
'lin 0     iii'lidul" ,
Thomas li   Cavon, " well-known am
populai C, V   I!  i onductor, i - tho do
Mining is hard work on shoes-
The    dampness—the   alternate
drying and wetting—the rough
.■.e-ar and '..-art hat a boot receives
ii the mine, very soon
al ■ .■ Hilt of the leather.
Bul    thi    A.MES-HOLDEN    Co.
Ol  specially fitted to
rough   iisai/e.   They
eai of time and atten-
and that, i.s why it
.a-    Calf vamjj—solid
and   inside   soles —all
louble stitched, no ripping
eta   well sewn back
sole    running
n ler I he heel   a defin-
,mil dependable Bhoe
. n' wear
i-r   roo   1H(
' w mum
fear well
and they keep you
di-y while you are
woririna them
to-Diorron',     ,un     »b»H  k»v. ngmwanut;. oi the CotiHT^mHn perij.   ind
' «i.r.
IH Oltl li'CinlHINI, Co ll» TOKONIO C,H
Space Reserved for Hon. T. TaybMmmittee
Here's to You
li wuuld be BUperlluuus, al  lIda hour
to elaborate    furthoi the viowu whieh
wo think    should    prevail in selecting
Lhe inau  who are to enen   on tho tid-
ministration of tlie     urovilleo in     the I
... ,1
next  pnrlininenl.      1 ho  issues  nre   bo-
tore the people nud    il   is lor  lliem   to
Perluip« however, it will not lie tak-
011 amiss by Llie electors of Kevelsloke
if we glvy renewed cvpi-ession to our
individual opinion thnt nny wavoring
or uncertain support of the govern-
mcni might be fraught wilh grave results. While Lho alVuir- of BritWh Columbiu havo now attained lo n very
satisfactory condition and the province has eome into the occupancy of a
position from whirh the movnmonl pi
progress niay be iunugilraled with eon*
Hdonre it is noi yet far enough roitiov*
eil from its pei ind of fovei'Uh turmoil
io make it wiyo thai nny latitude
should he given lo rcuel ionary our*
rents.   While the    province i>     utrong
so.    It  is for  the people iu
her they agroo with us or ■
Buy   whot-
in think   that
1 hulr      poll lion
if   iih   are       In-
lodny, it
ronvillesei'llt .
We are Miinctinie>.
people do noi take
seriously enough. I ^^^^^^^^^^^
dined to forgot( amid lho engroHH-
ments and tares of llie utrugglo for
I'vistenee lhal 'we are the govern -
monl' nnd lhat any folly Jo which we
may commit 'ourselves politically will
inevitably bo raflvolucl sooner or later
upon us. In all matters having to do
with their political welfare or liberty,
the peoplo should search their own
hearts and consciences for inspiration
and apply their reason thereto iwv
from prejudice againsl class or creed
ami at lhe same time yielding -ub •
servient)   to none.
If the issues to be decided tomorrow
are approached in Ihis spirit We an
Btttislled that thero can be but but
result. Seriously and eonscieurioiisl;
do wn wish to destroy the present go
vernmcu ? Mas their record been auol
that tho olor of juHtico can tit Inch tt
a desire for their overthrow.' Are we
willing through party prejudice lo as
sint fi condition which may bring
nbuat u renewal of political lurmoi
and confusion in tho provinco? Evoi
granting that tho government hav.
not satisfied our ideedfl in every minoi
particular can we hdnerftly give judge
inenl uguinsi their adminiulration)
These are quoslioiiM, we ihink; which
should he canvassed h\ the eltt/oiis of
Uovelsloko before they record Ihe'u
opinions al lhe ballot box. Personally we can only reiterate lhe opinion
thalwo have previously intimated, viz
thai Mr. Taylor should have been permitted to rei am in ihegovcruniont
unopposed, Thishuving been tendered
impossible through individual coulra-
iriuoHs if lhe citizens think as wo do
concerning lhe situation here il
joriiy accorded Mr. faylor wil
sullicientl\ large to show tlml
coticptHUH   of   opinion   would    ha
proved that  ael of grace      H	
lu  tin1     foregoing  we have outlined
the opinion we     would have were  the
void   al
I |>1-
ting i
Uut in the present CUSO
ihere i- something more thnn this.
The* goveriAnonl coiner with its record
lo the people and units that ihey join
with them in a policy of progress.
This policy, involving it contract with
ihe Canadian Northern railway to extend their line through the province
to the I'acilic Coast, has boon on the
political dissecting tabic for some
week-   past   and   the  people   have       had
opportunity of judging a- io the result of the examination, line bf the
givatesl of i'anadiau political < rii
Sir Charles Ilibberi Tupper, has given
ihe citizens of Kevelsloke the benelit
of hi< opinions on ihe xuhject, aud ihe
mailer has been lieeb tli-iii--ed ill the
prosy. Our judgement i-- ihut tin* railway )ioli. \ -lauds nnaflYcled b> lhe
-torm of prejudiced opinion ihat has
«wop I over it, us one of the besi rail
wm} bargains ever uiuite in Canadian
hisloiy,   Of   course    similar burgains
must be •tedited lo Manitoba. Mberla
and Saskalchewjui. but this does, not
detract from lhe credit which should
tit Inch io ihe governmenl of Uritish
' olumbia for having negotiated niich
a bargain here.
\i the prosonl linn- ihe grout prairie
country is being occupied by settler*
who huve Inrgel) eome from tho eastern pro\iine- of tie- Dominion and
evoi increasing vitnllt} i- Ixiiug given
lo the movetnenl whieh hus already
commenced of the name people into
tin-   mountain   country    I"   ) OlXtt    past
ihe migration from  ile  easl  IntoBrl
ti-h Columbiu     ha- scarcely exe led
ihe migration from- the Orient and
more   etc MiiruL'enteiil      w a- . given  per-
Imp* |o the   Viiintii   lo   hem than
in om own people The new nru how
ever has now opened, mid in the ('nun-1
• lian Northern railway, clothed In Cau«
itdian Impul o and i> pleol In c\ pry
un - of tin- ioiinir} there i- promise
of an nrtei\ which will lend strength
md s'lgoi to the devetopmeof of the
CnnafUafl Wwi ihroiighoul the vast
i in nn. upied reglono of the mountain
province    If tin- railway pax-ihc^wo-
plfl  will   pi,   nothing on  the deal.       In
guaranteeing lho bond- they simply
pledge kherasolves thai the railway
will      jmy. I ti   other      word
thoy are committing them*olves to the
proposition that the country is worthy of the   undertaking,     On      thi«
ground   tpo OUI   opinion is foi   the go*
The Railway Idea
Wi- in,' uol of tlioau who noi-opl iin-
iili-ii tlmt u i-ity biii-uiiics (.'i-i-iil through
size only. Ill llie growth of ntiis, us
in tlie growth of individuals something is lost often in Buporubundonco
of weight. Tlu-re lire other thiiiHs
whieh i-oiint—lhu iilliii-ul, thu spirit,
tlm purpose, the idiml, For oxnmplo
WO would uot dispute with thoso who
advnUCO tho Idou thnt Hevelstoke is n
grnut city uow. Truo ii is compnrn-
lively siniill in population. But in its
people nnd its environment- it posses-
BUS lhe oloUllintB of nnolher kind nf
stronglh whieh may yet placo it on-
viiibly  in  lhe mind of Cnnildll,
We nre ultogellior out of synipnilo
with ihul idea whieh seeks to engrul'i
o nlhe piililie Hi'hnol syslem n I ruin
inu- depiirtnient fm automatic jump
Ing jueks. If anything wo bollovo thn
eiirrieiiliini is noiiiewhiil overloadod nl-
reiuly. The utronguKl niuseli"- nnd llii»
sii'ongesl minds hnve been duviiloped
by goilllu evenises nnd there i-, a but-
tor Uloul before llie world lllilli Mil.'
Boldk'i- drilled into un ailloiuuloii or
(lie aihleie dovolopod into ii Suudow,
All lhe lighting Bti'Ollgtll of Siuilaiid
would huvo h-fi nothing bul u burbur-
oils pngo in liisloiy hud it uot
been morgod in iho groaluoss
whioh prodiieed Carlyle, Seotl,
and Burns. Scotland to-day is
prouder of ils intelleet
tliiin of ils soldiers and lhe strength
even; of llie Inner is found in the spirit whieh tlotObts war but is willing lo
s.-n'i'ilii'e nil if lho i-ause is good. The
weiikness ul* ileriiinn\ uml iither eollli-
tries of Klll-ope Iinlnl i-i found ill II
military ByBtein which is "ill of mui-
pathy with lhe I'UopK' and whieh ran
io supported "it no bighor ground
lliuii thut which i-^ remoiely lixwl in
iavagoi\y.. Thi-HO tuitions will ni'oiitunl-
ly find thoir iin-ouutlng uol with oilier tuitions bul within ilii'maulvcs. C«r
sonitlii  we prefer the ideal of Seollnuil
to   t lin 1   of   |-'.lll'o|ie   mill   here   ill   Itl-vel .
stoke in a I'ountry wlu'i-h bus opened,
iu ti newer civillzatioa tin- Si-ottish
idea should be impelled still further
onward. Military oduoation iu tha
publio Rchools Is equii'nlent tt. nn nv
witit lo tlm idea of warfare; ii ixirpv
tuut."- ilmi idea aud looks backward
into those iibysseM of horror oui "1
whieh iiioilerii eivili/.utioii has euiei'iri-'l
Ml lllis 1,1.1% lie in, I,IrmaIK lit Inl
into it comment upon the polities of
the duy, The railway i.. u |/i'odiicl of
moilerii civillzutiou nnd in n measure
hus iissisied to ropel the suvugu impulses of warfare whieh in pusi tiuu-s
exercised themKolvcs in invasions and
buii'heiies. IVapotoou would si-arccty
think lhe inviisiou of Hreul Britain us
feasible today us he did in ISl'J, or
therenboiits when he dreiiined of kill -
ing a few hundred thousand Britishers
to enable him to place nuothor king
ou u ihioiii,-. Anil su we would in ull
modesty su'ggesl ihut the citizens of
Hevelstoke mny vole for the extension of the Canadian North,th with
their minds free from the suggestion
that il will be a line rood for hauling
soldiers on  .
If the people ol Revelstoko will kindly pardon ihis digression whieh afler
all has something lo do with Iho subject oi greatness, we will i-ull atton -
ii.ui to nu announcement of Premier
McBrido, made yestordny ut Victoria,
iluit tho building of 11 rnil'wny in lhe
Columbia Valley is actually iu eon
templ.itioii mul i ll ti, lhe cit) IUUJ
llierefore look forward lo a further
assistance in its development, noi iu
the ml- of ivur bill in lhe arts of
peaee; uol  iu opening up territory for
il inpluymciil of buoyuels, but    for
il inploymenl     ul the lumberman't
u\e mid the miner's pick, uud the
plllllghsllaru ol the hll-liuliiluinii. This
niiiiouuii-iiieiit. ns chroldolod in lhu
\ ieloiiii Colonist is .staled as follow-:
Vieloi-ia, Nm. JJ, 1'niiiier Melliidu
reieixed  uu oMilioli   upon  hi-      home-
coming on Saiiiriliiv nit'lii froin n
uniupuigiiing i,mi- uf ih,- provinco liml
bus proved h>nssiiring to him in ihe
highest degree, mul in which bo    has
spoken in Iw,, and even ihrec places
daily iliirin^- the pnsl three weeks. Al
two overflow meetings in tin- course of
tho uvonlng he o\|ilniiiod' and iimplUed
the rnilwny policy whieh is ihe Issue
in nexl Thursday's oloutlon, stating
tlm arrangumiints huve been mude in
connection with Cauadiau Norihern
inniu line construction for ii series of
branch contributory lines of colonization value iu practically nil as yet virgin districts uf the province,
Imong lhe lii-sl of these In Ik- built
on the mainland will be one to cnlire-
Ij |ieneiriiie the nkniitigiui district,
one from ('iinoe river, and another via
the   Anon    lake-   In  |H.-lel rule  lhe  Mtl
f Iho i oiiiinbiii.   Competitive     roll
facilities for llie Siinilkiiineeii ure like-
wis <it.iupluted.   iiii Vancouver Island  Hirvoyors will ink,- lhe Bold im-
uiiiiliaieli      upon lhe    present eontriii-t
wing ratified by lhe oleotoralo, it ln-
iiil' tin- intention to extend the    Can-
uiiiini  Norihern from  some point      on
tie Victoria and Barclay Sound divi-
loii  iioithward  lli  lh.: end of the   Island,  wilh  an   ultimate   Irniiseoiitilicu-
lul lerminu, al .-iihcr Qnatsino or
Hardy Bay.   Kor eadi of theso branoh
lines the province contemplates a guar
mitee of bonds of -imiliir nature to
that contained   in the agreement    by
lornin.-nt.   We   -tnnd to support them j which main line construction in  to be
■ !• thfii      ord aad on theit policy el-    wured ^^| THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE B. C.
Vote for Local Optioo
1. To save the Democratic Suite.
2. To give people control of the greatest combination
of capital in the Province and the world,—a combination that
has hitherto controlled the people,
3. To save our legislators from the power of the
greatest corruption influence in the world and give them a full
hand to carry out the wiil nf the people.
4. To control the power that destroys more manhood
and womanhood than "War, Pestilence and Famine."
5. To save our boys anil girls from the clutches of an
evil thai ever seeks tn capture them to fill the place vacated by
those slain by thai evil,
6. To get a grip upon the enemy of the home, the
Church and the Commonwealth.
7. To control locally that which takes Irom the earnings of men and women at the rate of over $2,300 per minute
in Canada and the United States, and gives nothing yes,
worse than nothing  -in return.
8. To give eaeh municipality a right to say they shall
have the Licensed Saloon or not.
Below is a copy of the Ballot which will be handed to
you in addition to the one for the candidates.
REMEMBER !! Vou must poll your vote for some
one Candidate or your vote for LOCAL OPTION does
not count. In other words " Plumpers " for Local Option are
to be listed when the ballot is received and these will be scored
out of the count.   This is Authoritative.
3 hits -t3*__M.'M:ta <uraiua
(Form P.)
Notice of Poll being granted, and of Candidates
Electoral District of Revelstoke, to wit:
PUBLIC NOTICE   is   hereby   given  to the Electors ol  tbe.
Electoral   District   aforesaid, that    a   poll   has   become    necessary j
at the  Election   now  pending  for  the same, and that I have granted
BUOb poll; and further, that the persons  duly nominated as candidates
at the Baid election, and for whom only votes will be received, are :—
Other Names
Charles F.
Rank, Profession
or Occupation
Revelstoke      Fitter
Revelstoke     Sawmill Man
Revelstoke    Minister of Public Works
As in the Nomination Papers.
Of which all persons are hereby required to take notice and j
to govern themselves accordingly.
GIVEN under my hand at  Revelstoke this  llth day of November in the year 190!).
Returning Officer.
The following names have been certified to  me  as  agents for
candidates :
0. E. (lll.l,AN, Agent Thomas Taylor.
XV   I. BRIGGS, Agent 0. F, landmark.
J. D. McDougall.
(Continued From Last Issue.)
When  ibe preliminary  bearing cumo
nil   Mr.    Foster   of   course   had   tin-    _znll
to hear it. Now I have been e magistrate myself and elected by mv f-1
low citizens to the ohlof magistracy of
the town in which 1 lived.
I11 my capacity as a journalist 1
have reported hundreds, ii not thousands of court proceedings i-i juslioos,
magistrates, county, supreme, and appeal courts, Icertainly never heard
of such an outrage ns perpetrated by
Mr. Foster in sitting on n case in
which be could not but be personally
prejudiced, ns bis whole conduot proved, Not ouly did Mr. Foster sit on
tho cuso but ho saw Mr. Jackson uud
put it to him in such a way us to ob»
tain 11 pro-judgmeni from Mr. Jack -
son, who, though ordinarily a careful mun, (ell into the trap,
There were other justices in Revel -
stoke against whom no charge ol prejudice could huve been !>r,nielli,    and
the proper course  Was   to   have  lelt   il
tu be hoard by thorn when tho case
could have been fully gono into at the
preliminary hearing, Bul this would
not suit Mr. Foster's spirit of vengeance, Jo the satisfaction of which ho
was apparently prepared t.. -train every means and power al his command,
notwithstanding his oath ol oflico
which he had  thereby abjured.
The incapability ol 11 bench sn constituted was evidenced by the fact
thut they wanted to pill -<(i,iMto bail
on my head and when I objected, they
practically snid "What will ynu give?"
And Ihey cumo down to S-1,000 in two
sureties of ^2,110" each as well as my
own recognisance of like amount. I
don't know how they arrived nl ihis
amount but presume they figured that
my exposures of Hon. Tom Taylor
nnd his Tammany Boss, Police Magistrate Foster, might fairly be set at
the year's sulury uud expenses that
the Hon. Tom, as Minister of Public
Works, would draw from the taxpayers of British Columbia.
The fact thnt the County Courl considered u personal recognisance of
itiHHI sufficient only magnified tho monstrosities of judical administration in
The next scene in whieh Mr. Foster
appeared was in the tampering with
Court documents. 1 tried to got u
trinl at once before a superior court
but 1 found that while the bail bond
originally fixed Kevelstoke a- the
place of trial it had since been altered
to Kamloops. The result wus thai nt
the time of the first hearing the documents were found uot to be ut Revelstoke but bad been sent to Kamloops
because the policeman, this man Kington, hud told XX. V.. McLaughlin, clerk
of the court, the ease hud to go to
Kamloops. So wheu this excuse was
given Judge Forin he suid to Mr. McLaughlin: "You have uo business to
take nny instructions from anybody
but mo as to the wuy in which my
court is to be run. Neither lhe police-
num (Kingtou) tmr anybody else has
any right to dictate to ynu as t,, the
business of ihis court. I told you to
fix the silting ol the court nnd it was
your duty to do it. Ii anyone has
any objection lo my jurisdiction ii is
bis duty to cnnic here and make his
objection, .1 u-^i give me thai objection thai I may enter it iu the records
of llie court for future reference.''
Well anolher date was set  by Judge
Forin  for  tho  hearing,  uud  again      1
eudeuvorod  to   gel  n  trial, bul     ihis
timo     I  [ound     the Attornoy-Cioneral
hud come to Foster'- r ue und ugaiu
objected Hi iny having a hearing on
the gunnel lhal the ease wa- -et for
Kamloops. A reference in the doeu -
ments showed tlmt th art documents Iiud lieen delilierulely nltcrcdby
Policu Magistrate Foster ami the following discussion look pluce:
lli- llntini. tpparentlj ihis recognisance was made to Kooteuay anil
was afterwards     altered    tn Yule.     I
want       tn   find     out   when   this   change
| took  place.
Mr. Gillan—1 understand from those
who were present this was read out
as  "Kootenay."
Hi- Honor—Mr. Wells, une ni the
sureties, spoke in nn- about ii and
said it  wns read out a-  "Kootonay."
Mt, Maodonald—] admit if that
change was made subsequently ami if
he was committed to Koolenay it
would havo an import uii l bearing nn
tin- question of jurisdiction.
His Honor—The change wa., apparently made iroiu Koolenay to Yale at
a different time and iu different ink.
lt is a different impression.
His Honor haviug expressed a wish
to hear what the justices who heard
the ease hnd to suy about the alteration ol the boud, Mr, Foster appeared aud the following  took  place:
Judge Forin—When did you make tho
change frum Kootenay to Yale?
Mr Foster—Belore or at the time
the bond was signed, nud I drew their
attention to it in some wuy. I am
not certain ns to tho words 1 Used
but I remember doing il  quite well.
Judge Forin—Mr. Haggen what have
you to say abuut  Ihi-.'"
___.fr. Hnggen 1 havo lo saj limt Mi.
Fust.it'- statements arc iib*otut<i1<i nn
line       the   bond    lead    K n. ilen.i \ ,n.|
nnl Yule Mi I" tel mule nu -mh
remark at ho Inte ha did uud did
uot draw otu  attentiou to any change
in  ilu- bond.   Huth my  linndsmcii and
myself arc clear uu the poinl.
Mr. Frasor, A. P, slated lio was
present ut tho timo tho bond wus
signed, and understood it wus liooto-
nay. Thero was nothing said ubout
A telephone message was recoived
from Mr. Abruliumson, who was ill in
bed, but he j_jol up arid went in the
phone to advise the Judge that when
he signed ihe bond it was for appearance in Koolenny.
Mr. Gillan—1 understood it wns for
Now  here  we  have  a   inall  who serv-
■d us assistant to the superintendent
iu charge of the railway division fulsome years and did his wurk wel,.
Thnt work necessitated accuracy. Yet
the lirst time he conies beforo n Judgo
to defeud his alteration of u court document he makes a statement that
bo-urs on its face its own refutation .
The. Judge said ibe change w-us made
in a different ink und ut a different
lime, The dilleretue in color uf tho
ink  wus      probably      tlie sume ns   the
difference in     the ink at  the oflli f
the Globe Lumber Company where Mr.
Foster worked, und the court-house
where the bond wus originally drawn.
Then he says he drew our attention to
it. nt the time. He was noi certain us
to how he did it but romemborod it
plito well. Thut is his mind was as
.iear   us   mini—clear   abuui   one   thing,
■uid nm about   another, though both
thu same mul ler.
Now   I   have a  eol'tifiod   ollicial   copy
.f    the     bond.   The     alteration from
Kootenay   lo  Yale was  made in      Mr.
Foster's  handwriting  und  bear-      tho
initials XX. XX. F." only, although both
Messrs. Foster und Jackson, Well-, Abrahamson  nml   Haggen  all  signed   the
boud, and as parties In il  Mr. Foster,
as   a   business   man,  handling  business
documents, well knew nil parties  to a
bond should also Initial any alteration.   That  is  conclusive evidence that
Foster  did  not  alter   the  bond beforo
nr at  the time,, or draw the attention
of     anybody     to it,  but  did  il   after
wards     when      he found he had mnde
such a mess of things  thnt   he wnnted
to send the ease away from Revelstuke
at   any     cost,     and would  havo  beeu
glut! lo have changed it  to Timbucluo
hnd  his extraordinary range of juris -
diction  only  extended   that   fur.   That
is ihe truth nnd uo une knows it better thun Mr. Foster,   If he or unyone
else doubts  my  statement,   I   shall   be
glad to show him or them the certified copy of lhe bund un calling at   my
There was lhe further fad thai, although the Judge sent for Mr. .luck-
son, he     was  not     given  the Judge's
message  when il  found  he stated    his
recollection  of  the  bond   was   that    it
wns for Kootenay,  and  that  the case
would be. tried ut  Hevelstoke, and not
at   Kamloops,    1      huve   ulso evidence
that   Mr. Jaeksou was asked at     that
time to give nn affidavit  to help   Mr.
Foster out of this mess and refused to
do  it,   though  afterwards  he  gave  the
affidavit  published iu the issue of Nov.
10th,   That affidavit does not  help Mr.
Foster one  iota.   Mr.   Jackson      dues
not, and will not swear, the bund was
altered Irum      Koolenny  to  Yale,     or
thai   Mr.   Fosier   told   the   truth   "hen
he said   he  called  the  attention uf  my
sureties  und   myself   tn   lhe change  us
-tilled   to   the  Court   In    Mr.   Foster.
Mr.   Jackson  either could   nut    havo
read   hi-  own   allidavit   however,  m'  lie
niusl  be remarkably     careless  fur    a
business man nf his reputation ns
lu what  he signs.   He swears:"      "No
change  was made in   lhe wording  of it   ''   '       '"'   '"'
after it was read in them ur after
ihey signed il." How can Mr. -lack-
son swear that? The bund wns unl
iu his hands aflorwnrds nnd he     hnd
n muni   nf  il.    On   the   other   hand
Mr. Kington swears Mr. Foster was
lhe man who Iuul possession and control uf it a- he (Kingtou) dopositod
it in tin- -afe in Mr. Foster's nffico.
Mr. Jackson knows he initialled no
alteration, as he Bhould lune done
had il been mude. and the whole evidence goes in show it wus altered idler ihe proceedings and ihe. fact  thai
it   was   placed   ill   the  safe   ill   Mr.   Fns-
ler's office afforded the opportunity in
make the alteration.
i'he affidavits put in at the trial al
ihe Supreme Courl at Kamloops by
Messrs. F. ti. Wells. .1. Ahrnhiiin-uu,
F. Fraser, XX. I. Briggs, and myself,
und already published in full, -honed
that Mr. Foslor's Hlnlomoiil tn Judge
Forin vvns absolutely false.
'I'he next   inun  ivo  have   uu   Ilu-scene
signs himself "II. Kington, provincial
constable." He swear- I told him the
Judge had been seen und ull lixed up
thut afternoon beforo the preliminary
hearing. I novor told Kington .-un
such thing uml cuuld uut have   done
lu the fust place I did mil ihink
Mr. Foster wuuld have lhe indecency
to insist on hearing the ense. lu the
second place 1 was noi guilty of the
offence charged, ind knew thul us
soon «is I gut my evidence before the
court 1 must be acquitted, and I Incuse could  mil  i;n  to any oilier court.
Consequently thi- affidavit of Kington's contains stnlemoiils Ihul only
exist in his imagination. Besides 1
hnd no use for Kington und he is not
the kind of man with whom I should
discuss anything. I had already criticised the discharge of police dutie in
the  press.   The cap  lifted,  for   he   im-
mediately pul ii on.   He called un 	
and put  nu a- much  bluff and  side as
Hilly   ItoMset       Ile      told   mc   he        klleW
lhe law ftOUl beginning tu end, and I
-•uu hi hnn only another ol Ihe thtugs
that eonslitutu the police force ol this
provinoe and have earned for il the
cunleinpl   uf  all  good  citizens.      When
this man swears th,. bund read 'Yale'
iii lhe face uf ilu- absolute proof to
the contrary, it unly shows the necessity of cleansing lhe Augean stable
which lias grown up under Tuylorism
and l'osiei'ism, and restoring the administration of the law lu lhe builds
uf those who have sonic rospoct for
truth iuul public decency.
This uHidnvil loo bears on its face
it- own refutation. Mr. Kingtou
swears "No change wus mnde after
lhe signature by the accused nnd sureties ns 1 could huve seen it hud il
beeu done." How can bu swear lo
such rubbish when he admits leaving
lhe bond in Mr. Foster's ollicu. Does
he want us to believe Mr. Foster locked him up in ilm safe along with it,
and that ho hud his eye on it from
that time till the altered document
cumo to light in tho county courl'/
While these, documents are published
as affidavits, perhaps I am wrong in
milling ihem such. No jural showing
before whom they were taken accompanies them, although the Intention
was lo make tho public believe they
ure sworn documents.
Well, the, effect of ull this was that
Mr. Foster pays mysterious visits to
tho Const, i'he Attorney-General, to
help him out, employed XX. A. Mao-
lonald, K. C, ol Vancouver, at heavy
expense tn the public trousury, to come
Revelsloke tu object to my haviug
trial here where my homo is, and
whore the witnesses were, und on the
misrepresentation to Judge Forin by
Mr. Foster becuuse of his great position as polico magistrate, I had to go
to Kamloops and take mj' counsel
and witnesses ihere nl gl'Olll personal
expense, while the Atlomey-Gonorul
aguin employed W. A. Maodonald, K.
C, to go nil the way froni,Vnncouvor
to Kumloops, while the public trousury again paid his legal bill as well as
the expenses of taking lhe witnesses
from Revolstoke. Was there over ,o
greater outrage perpelrated in tho
sacred name of Justice-' Was there
ever,so evident a conspiracy, hatched
in malice, nursed by tho whole provincial force of officialdom iu XX. Vi. Foster, Police Magistrate, lt. Gordon,
Stipendiary Magistrate and Government Ageut W. E. McLaughlin, Clerk
of lhe County Court, II. Kington, a
Provincial Constable, and Iho Attorney-General himself, simply because in
my capacity as a public journalist 1
had attacked the iiiul-administriition
of the Hon. Thos. Taylor, the wrong
he had, in his place of power, dono to
individuals in land, home-slends, timber limits, votors lists, police administration and expenditure uf public
Here is what  the Judge of  the Su -
preme Court  who heard  the ease, suid
of it according  lo  the  officially certified record of his charge:
"I'he magistrate even is involved in
this ease. There wns a Mr. Foster,
and there is some evidence lhat Mr.
Foster is connected with this transaction which I do not think tun remote
lo lie brought befure you. Thus Ihere
is a bad atmosphere uboill lhe whole
thing. If there i- ..ne thing that magistrate -huiild have dune il was to
have kept clour n- he would of a
plague of Illlggou or any charge against Haggen. lie was nut the unly
magistrate there, and if there i- une
thing thut a magistrate should be
careful of.il is limine nothing lo do
with n  case  (luu   would  L'ivo  the slicli-
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Doyle and Allum, Limited
not acting properly.    Now   my opinion
is that  the very lust  man  to have sal
thai   case ur had anything In     do
th     that     information was Foster.
Mill   he   did   do   il.   and   he   did   il  ill   the
way you  have heard I  would
say this iu all fairness, and huviiig
regard to ihe old stllteillenl lhal wc
have heard so much ubout, ainl which
is so often ignored, having regard to
Uritish      fair    plai,   this   man  should
liaVO   been    tried   iu    Kevelslnke       wlici.
Iie is known.'1
His   Lordship  also  referred   in      the
prostitution  nf    justice  in  connection
with the matter.
I'.Mi  fills PUtl.H   ROTTENNESS.
I  regret   to take  up tho.matter     al
such   I,'Until,   hut   lhe  fn.'l   ihul   the |liil
linn   of   the   M.'lil-lleruld   sel   aside     foi
Mr. Taylor was first   used  for  the pub
lieuilon  of    Ihoso    hitherto concealed
documents -inned hy .Messrs.  Jackson
and   Kingion,   in defence of  .Mr.    Y„A
ter, warrants ine in saying thai     Mr.
Taylor roeogui-wni     it    i- noi ihe .M.
Hride government   ,,r  their railway  po
Iny   thai   is on  trial   in  this election .
but  the administration of justice,  tho
stor\    of   the   inters    li-l„,    the   tulnpcl-
ing with lioni  records, impropor   re
lin,v nl   nf   false   nnt ill ali/ation   alhila\
ils from th i   files, and lho whole
rotten atmosphere that has Iwon uncovered iu Rovelstoke during the past
'file old Koman said "Lot justice lie
dono though the heaven- fall." So say
I.   If crime is committed,  if wrong  is
dune, lot it moot with the punishment
il deserves. Hut let ns hnve tho public
administration, the courts of justice,
the franchise of the [>eoplo in the
hands of clean and decent public officials, thai the honor ol our liritish
Institutions may be upheld iu Navel •
sloke and ill lhe province, instead of
being stoopod in dishonor as ihey have
I n during the pasl year.    I may havo
been   I hn martyr in  this liu'lit,  but   the
wrong of which  I have been  the vie
lyim  maj   li'' repeated ugaiiisi. nny ol he
iiti/en wh" may  ini-ur  the wrath      "I
the powers thut be ko long us evi ui.
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Sole Agents in Revelstoke.
conditions are allowed to continue, ministration ol justice, and in thooffi-
Lotus then dean out tin- i---.il tree, .,._, ,,f th(. |o05] „„VW-Mlm.nt &ni our
for whose growth tl,.- Hon. Thomas Luy nnil dutriot m,iv hold ^ ho|jol
Taylor is directly and solely respon- th8< big|, pitic«, which I believe is iu
sible, and on tho 36th ol November destiny in the upbuilding and develop-
east our ballots „i ii,.- direction that mon, of British Columbia.
shall unsure to Revelstoke a new and
lirijjhtei     and cleaner   day in the ad-
C, f, Lindmark and R. P. Pettipiece Address [lectors
it  tbe I Parlor 'J heat re  Mon-
■ ■  .      was a  large iilteud-
: ■ ision "i u meetiug i-nl-
(. hull ol  the  Socialist parly to
In .■   i,    :'   Pel  i   orguniser ui tin-
I'iri'l-..-  nnd   I abor I oum il.    P.   Piirkct
..a- in  lhi     ■ lil
i hi    h iii m ii.       -.I     Ur,  Pettipi ■
dd enlighti     • Mem on  the record of
Hon. Mi.   raylor on labor questions in
legis  -' ure,   Mi.   Taj lor  had  lieen
uvited i '  'iieetiiiL- in plenty     of
ll.-     was  in   town   the  previous
nut   thai   morning   bad  evideutl}
igbt     it     wise     to    leave  town.
Gi ''.l-i.
Mr.   i                 ..ud      ihey   frequently
In -T-.            .■   iii n   ... ked     "W liu     is
So i ilism       I i.-.    averuge  miuii     alii   realized   I hero  was  o  i ,-■
mem thi        lance,   did   uol   realize
what it  wos     Socialism  wus  the phil-
... ij .       ■     unan   life,   ic   i he  process
ol evolution     lhe  theories  and     dis-
■. •:."-  ol Darwin iu the field ol biology  had   been  applied   to   human    so-
."■     Darwin's  theory was  that      ol
the individuals of a spocics thai i-aino
into the world through  the process of
variation an individual was born, mid
in its natural environnicnl  it hud     a
better chance to live, and consequent-
there was ,,u     improvement in the
species,  aud ven- often a  change, and
 efore  new   type-  were 'leuted over
a  great  length of  time.    Ihis sugges
lion was      applied      to  society, which
grew to its  logical  conclusion and then
died down.
Therefore Socialism analysed Ilio
capitalist system from the poinl ui
view- of uther previous systems. lie
referred to tlie Berf system of labor,
which was '.tic outgrowth of the previous system and was succeeded by the
wage system.
Socialism was a system of thought,
•ailed the dialectic system. Wage
Invery had succeeded chattel slavery.
Many working men objected to the
U-tu_. iil; claimed they were not wage
slaves When u working man became
acquainted wiih the system under
whicn he worked he would find there
was no interest in common between
him and the capitalist. Then ho
would be the tirst to see that wage
lavery existed. Socialism was in op-
pooition to the old system of thought,
Ibe metaphysical, which they heard
from iheir pulpits. Socialism doall
"!'!i the material side of life, and
when t lies' adopted the new system
they were re-.,ihni,mists in thought,
ise working men then saw the
■'•• ■ >i apitalism and the truth ol
the position they took up—that they
were   wage     slaves    They    rocognised
■ •■   i  I'.iwei     wn- a commodity.
In   ilu-  capitalist   market   ihe  working
i-vel    gel    ' in1   full   i .due  of
I   working   mun   in    i   few   hours   labor can  ,.!,  !,. keep him nnd his
■ •:; i11__'   and  -heller.
'I'he i-esi  ni ihe time In-  worked ini tin-
'    _. :    paid        inl
-I     in      that   li        \
te f      -    iali in was a  vote to over-
-;- -i.'in   nf   private   propert}
■ •■   workers   the lull
ibor.    .1 'beers i
'     F    Lindmark.
mil  win    i\,.il
■ _     if.  snid  i'
"• '■- ed  pleasure  to      him
■    ibh   ■     ■:.. uk    o  • hem from  llie
form     i •   _■ is.    i hem    an
. '    ' f get      _         :    ••■_.   I .
' '    ■ not thin]   that  would hurl
f'heei lli      had   no   hone
i pick will       ■    -      dis't  puny.   Let
ey.-s mi  ihe fu
lhal      ■ dd  hi nefil     lu-i
u nulii
...      leas
thi    - movement.    lie     did
not    hi
.... -;.        .  .
■ ■ ■   •'•   ..
e  foi
lie future       II■
rig i ','      K
party had dot
ml I    n
lal.-   il
     i   !
i   •   .
.   '. "   .
■ rtai
■ L  -   3    •   •
'   iA      :      '     .
Ri  di .
• ■    igi tit of i  .  ,
■  ■ .-.
However hi
tl i    thai ■■     itw i vi-
ind       I i   11ing   •
'    -   ■  . ...
tt firsl     h'      il iuj ':■    ■ i •  .    luudi
wen    ir- ulaU-d by onl;    . fen . but
he beli I ihe •■■ ■ A,  bun li ol Iii
pone-ii.   mu -t b>  on  I hi    •lander •   i i
unit...     . I  iughti • i       When  he n       ,
• >l Irom  the   .ou"   I •   found  in  hi
• I   e tin-    laudt i      mini I lee had    •   n
■ ii   tlatii . toi      • hiell  had  Won   d
somi  of hi- friends  to  Ihe odei'
he hnd reported a railway man lo    r,
Busteed      f-.t      bein.-   drunk     Noi
knew nothing ol thi  charge reforred io
.-md h id  • eithei    ■■' -   Mi.   Busteed
th nsi'in refetri"!  lo  nor talki I    o
Lim aboul   ihis or  any other mi
(Cheers).    In      fm t  he  did   not n
know he was in town.
Aiothei thing hs i- Knti <f ■-  tak    >•
eoption lo. Wheu he decided lo become i candidate iii this election he
culled lho cii. employees together and
mid ihem ihe\ should laku no part '
in ihis election either for or against
llilll, us they represented the whole of
ilu- citizens whose opinions tbey must
respeei,      Let   them oxercise their vote
I'm   uii    the}   liked,    lie would      imi
usk oue of them for their vole,  (Cheers)
I'.ut  in  the i Iovernment  sen ice w hut -
did they iiud-   Every     t ,   from  the
i Iovernment Agent down lo the Po- I
lic'iuuii, was mn in this election working and using lho position iu which
he had been placed as a servant of ihe
public, in support of the Ilon. Thos,
Taylor. Now ii had been necessary
for him tn get a committee, and that
mi- ii committee of detectives lo keep
the other     follows  straight. (Cheers).
lie had the pi f aguinsi him already,
and if Mr. Tuj lor was elected he
would be unseated within ihirly days
1 hoy had in. dniibi read his iilu- speaker's) platform and as im as he was
concerned he was going lo adhere
pretty strickly lo thut if he was elected, and would     do his best  in  their
interests in  th si  four years     ut
Violoria.    (Prolonged   Cheers).
II. P. Pottipieco,
ui Vancouver, and one oi the Socialist
candidates for lhat city, nexl addressed them. Ho was glad to be again
in his old home town and to moel
tIii-iii. Jt was in this town thai hobo-
eamo a Socialist, (Lindmark: Don't
blame mo for it). (Luughtor), Tbo
electors of this cily hud been particularly fortunate in having the groal politicians from the I'rcinier himself, and
ihey no doubt urged them to vote for
the old party tickets, Now tho Socialist party appealed to only ono
class, and thai was the workers. They
did not it'll ihem Ihey were going lo
build railways und dovelop tho country. How much had they seen ol the
old parties since 1 he} slanted their
votos? Tho Socialists were at il 366
days in the sear educating the people
in their cause. Lust year they had
5,5811 voles for .Socialists in the liritish Columbia elections. Thut was to
say one voter in eleven voted the Socialist ticket. I'hey svould know nexl
lliursday just hosv effective had been
iheir propaganda since lust election,
lie regretted they had not here this
evening oue ol the sponsors of thi
governmenl whom they returned lo
power lasl election. Mr. Lindmark
was particularly fortunate iu that he
hud uo political record. ( Laughter).
Ho would think so too wheu ho (the
speaker) told them the political record
of Ihe inun who had represented them
Mr.   Ins lur.   (Renewed laughter).
'I'he first thing the corporate interest- wmihl have them set iheir minds
on wus a railway policy. Every election I lies would lind tho governmonl
jig up a railway pulicy. (Laughter).
i'he workers wore tuld ihi- railwaj
policy would gise thorn work. There
svus im question ubout that.The gov-'
ernmenl would guarantee the bonds to
pay Ihem lm lhal work. When lhe
Workers buill llie mad. and lhe gov-
ernineui paid for ii McKenzie nnd
Mann wuuld own ii. (Roars nf laugh-
tci ). That wn- all there wa- to it so
far  a-   lhe      _■ ot'kei      were i oncerned.
Lois  ..I  I I-  and  lm-  nf  graft.    The
I'. I'. R. ,-iill held lour fifths iif ih..
Jam!  ui  Cmittda
\ few >",u i^,, ihej cuuld pick up
und pad, iheir blankets and locate
mine- and uther ,,i thi natural resources   ni   the   country,    fhen        -i	
uloug   the   promoter,   an,!   nfiei       him
tin'   . lipiltllisl        I in-    pruinutel    -..:
the  w nter  and   lhe   i apilalisl     lie -hip-.
. i   lughtei I.    Now It.   i   .
the cupilalist   -i -'cm  fairl}
loped.    I In-v       h„il   on
resoui    Ihe mine      ll
ih-  timbei     Hill,  Dm   .
coin   concern      owned
. aie
• ■    md
lhe pai
of capital  ■■
Pien   ■      -I   Ri-iili
t  out  if  In
mure i
lo wn
.    ;,li.I    Ml.
il. e   It,
.... ,
iributed  a    in II
•i   •     Mt     r.nyi .i  I,..
then       ... ■
ternntional    ri'      He   ■ inl
■. • ,,
lb   n i.n. d   -..   ih.-   i... ni   I,..ii ||,h
. id..11'   ...i   I i...      c|,., iii,    •■ ,,,,    ,.
Wi   ' 'in',   li in     I I   dei ini    a, ,
nn I.     ' I' I:   I mull..      I,.id   ' '■ ,   |
fed  -mi   through  _'i.i        .ni,     in
Ihe  part   rn'   the     employers,   lo    i
the dangoroii      i ile ol  theii   line  ii nl
been   i lied   ..ul    li..    lli,.    I i  ,,|, ,,,,|
I  'ilu.I       ( nillli'll.   bill    llie.    ci,l||l|
make 11,.. ,,, i ,, ■ imp,.,, rtnenl be
..ni •   ihe..   hud  io   -ci  aiithorit;    from
the   Pn,aid   ul   Ilu... lu, ,i t,,,..    ,,,    I     ,
don. lie referred lo the reeonl in 11
dent in lhe llun inun i ...il nunc i. hero
30 lis" ■ wen lost, lei' Ihnnks in the
improved legislation thej hnl ■ ■■ urod
through the efforts ol Mr, Hawthorn
ihwnlto  and other    Socinlli i   ii[iii   in
"i'i'" ,      thai    i idem     ■ o iid   u il
Dunsmuir (800,000,* Tbla wai cms ol
ih,-  legislation   thai   Ilmi.   Thos.   fas-, in Toronto a-  iu  Revelstoke.
Inr   lined   up   wilh    fallow   and   the  rest       Thut   outside   tiid cluints   are   il)   busi-
ui'  ilmi   bald-headed  bunch   in oppose,   ness tn     make     all  the money nut  of
fLaughter).     Hiisvtlioi-nthwnile       nnd  you  without  jivinc  sou or your town
Parker  Williams      had    gone  in  thoir   anything  in  return.
posl   ui dills      immedialely   lhal   aci-{   .—..
" Shakespeare's Greatest Comedy
Tu all lovers uf the I est in drums I
it will indeed hen welcome announcement whi"h Irs just heen made bj '
Mining"!- Tapping tn Hie effect thai
Mr. 0. I'. Walker uf Winnipeg will
send bis elaborate production of "As i
Vou Like lt," the most delightful ol
all of Shakespeare's comedies to Revelstoke. The company presenting the
play ia composed almost entirely of
English players and a really intellectual and Hi ished perforins nee is
assured. Mr. Walker bas bud ttfu
sets uf scenery constructed for the
play, one to be used in snob theatre-
aa Iii- iiw 11 beautiful Walker in V\ in-
iiip'-g, and tin- other an rxaot reproduction nl lhe larger set lo I 0 use I on
bbe smaller stages,so that we ca i la
a-sund of a perfect Bcetiitt equipiiit nt.
The costumes sre new and rich uml
add gnsiiy lo ihe beauty of the
performance William Yule, a comedian, well kui-wii to the theatre
goers ol the West, has been espeoiatly
engaged for ibe role ol "Touchstone"
apart, in which l-c lins uo superior
amoi.g ihe ci medians of to-duy."
i hi ough      I he    enquiry     w hen   i t   w u -
shown  lhe inspector  had  not d  his
duly, and   lho jury,  instead of placing
lhe bin   mi   lhe  righl   shoulders  had
placed     i        poor God   tlmighty.
I Lnughtei I.
What     did     the    term I' rvulivo
 an  a-   applied   to  a   political   parts'.'
li meant tbey were to consorve all
the evil- thes had in society to-day.
It (ileum consers-ing llun-inuir in llie
ownership nf the mine-, li mount con-
vine   the   railways   as   thc\   were,   ll
Patronize Your Dwn Town
Neighbors, <li<l it ever occur t" you
that your town merchants ;u ■■ not n
baud of robbers, Inn ure your neighbors and frienHs, human beings, Uk<'
youreplvos, striving in make a living
for themselves nnd families.
Thai foreign merchants have no interest  in you  aside from  ymir money.
Thnt they contribute nothing, nm
even taxes, towards building up your
Thai (omething for nothing is not
i he practice nf i he business world
however much i'  may be advertised.
Tliat  the desire for pniu  i- ua great
Yt y^efrm. ^____^---^ J
"THE All-purpose Flour, and
* superior for every purpose.
Highest grade in die world. Purity
abel guarantees success, or your
money back.
"More bread and better bread."
Oil.-,-. W mnipcj, M.niiolu.
E.    G.    BURRIDGE
TinsmithinK, Repairs,   Hot   Air'
Pipe and  Furnace  Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Corner Third 5■& Campbell Ave
UnrsE'ShoEing Umiaae Work.a Specify
Seven iand n ball' (711  acres  of «ood
land  nl.   Maliksva.  H.C.    Terms cash
■$350. l-'ive aeres of Rood fruit lund
and 1), acres first.class vppptnble hind
One liundi'ud fruit trees; balance of
land easily cleared.
Apply for particulars lo
.1. H.   WOOLBBY,
Malakwa,,B, C
•I'l'he Hour nml lard u-cd In any  '"In- may be _: I, bul lhal is noi all
lhal is wanted in a satisfying biscuit -it i.- Uui all thai Foley's fodas
"Uond flavor i- essenlinl. In securing (he gond flavor of Foley's
Sodas wo recognise the importance of n perfectly-operating yeast.
We lake no i-iuinecs wnli our yensl. We could buy tl frnm outside
makers al Ic— ■■■■-,. but we do -mi do no all the yensl used in Foley's
Sodas is mude iu our own l-'u 'lory and by securing perfect working of
that yeast, wc gel lhe delightful flavor for which Foley's Sodas are
Never sour,  never Hai   or pasty—always sweet, crisp  and good
all lhe way I In mch
FpS&y  Bras.  Larson & Co.
THURSDAY, DEC. 9th, 1909
? li.ieH^
ji* • ••' 	
,*„    >i ■•  * I';*:"* $        I  J  J  .   ;
£   S *tOc#j
MUL OCK       S ^^CZ1_—
ry  uf  C P rtotlmcty     "'J*' or "'/    TV
North of the C. P. R. Hotel, Revelstoke
Best Residential Site in City.   Buy a Good Home-Site
REVELSTOKE is coming to Its  Own.    Prosperity is Assurod lor Next
Watch the  increase in numlier of men employed at C.P.R. Shops.
A. J. Bury, General Manager of C P. R., has given dofinito assurance
and is backed up by Wm Whyte. 2nd. Vice-President.
REVELSTOKE is fast becoming the Centre of an Important Fruit-Growing District.
REVELSTOKE   is   the   acknowledged   Centre   for   the   Lumbering
Industry of North-West Kootenay.
Investments in this Realty is better than a Savings Bank Account THE MAIL-HERALD, KEVELSTOKE B. C.
%X:,A~irrJft ^-''V'sH^C^^
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
ANY available Dotptoinn Landu within tha
Bailway Belt in liritish Columbia, may
he bomesteaded by any person who is thu Bole
bead of a family,or any malo over 'S years of
u«o, to iho eztoutof one-qnarter sect inu of 100
aorea more or lea".
Eutry must be made persoually At thn local
i.i mi ofiice for the distriel in which the land is
situate; Eutry by proxy may. however, ho
made un certain conditions hy tlio father,
mother, son. daughter, brother ur Bister of au
intending homesteader.
The homesteader i> required i<> perform tho
conditions eouneeted therewith undor imo or
tlie followiug plans :
iii At least six months' residence upou 'md
cultivation of the land in ouch year fur three
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father is
deceased) of tlm homesteader resides upon a
f.trni In Wit vicinity <■! tho land entered for, the
requirements as to resideuee may bo satisfied
by such person residing with tho f-ithor ur
(8) If the settler has bia permanent residence
upon farming land owned by bim in iho vicinity of his honu-r i; i.| r requirements us to
residence mti> bo sutitilol Ij residence upon
the said Uud
Six mouths' toi ieo in writ:in* should bu glveu
Id tbe Co-'im--' nor of t'oinlutou Lauds at
Ottawa of Lntouiioii i < apitly for patent.
Coal- t'oal mttiiuK ri.*ht- mny be teased fur
a period ol iwouty-ouo jrenw a' nn annual
rental uf, Jl per arre. N >t more than 2,500
aores shah be loaded to one Individual or
company A royalty at tbo rate of live oents
per ton shall > o ullecu-d uu tne morehantable
coal min' ,1.
W   V.   - OltV,
Deputy of t e Min ist ur of tiia I u ter lor,
N B, l'i.,ttiih it'zod p lit'-tti'ii of thia ad
ve rtl semen t will uot lie paid for.
f *#
Notice is hereby given that, In compliance with Section 7 ol Chapter 115, Revised Statutes of Canada, 1 ;o6, plans and
description of a proposed bridge over the
Columbia River at Revelstoke in the Pro*
vince of British Columbia, have been forwarded tor deposit with the Miuister ol
Public Works and a duplicate thereof bus
been deposited in the office ol the Registrar of Deeds at Nolson, and that al tbe
expiration of one month from this date the
Minister of Public Works tor the Province
of British Columbia will make applieation
to the Governor General for approval
Dated at Victoria, Jist October. 1909.
oc 33
Public Works Engine
Hevelstoke Land District.
Dintrict of Wesi Kootenay.
Tnke notice ihut Roderick William
Lindsay, of Ferguson, B.C.,occupation
merchant, Intends to npply lot- permission to purchase tbe following
described hind;
Commencing at a post planted on
east boundary line of Lot 7805 aboul
W chains north of south-east oorner of
snid lor, theuce east 20 chains, thence
north 20 chuins. tbei.ee west 20 cbains.
tlience south 20 cbtiins to point of
Dated Oct. 4th, 1000.
Alexamiku McKay,
oe Hu Agent for It. \V. Lindsay.
irt -'■
A . ■.-, -   ..J     i
'.   ■    - ~. N.
''.' ■ '     I    '
_.   '  >
Regbie School
BALED TENDERS, snnorsrrlbed " Tonder
tor Behool Bnildlng, Begbie," will be ro-
jaived by tlio Hon. tho Miui*tnr nf Public
Workt, up to, ant Including, the 30th day nf
November, 1909, for t>io eroetlon ami completion of a small one-ronm frame school building
In tho Begbie Sohool District. Bevelstoke El«c-
tnral District.
Plans, s peel floa tion e. c-utract ami forma of
tender mny be seen on aod tutor the luth day of
November, 1909, Ht tho nitiru-of tho Government
Agent, "t HeveNtnlto aud at tho Department of
Public Works, Victoria.
Kach proposal must bo accompanied hy an
accepted bank cheque or certificate nf deposit
ou a chartered bank of Canada, mado payable
to tbo Honourable the Minister of Public
Works ftir a sum equivalent to ton por cent, of
the amount of the render, which shall be for-
felted If the party tendering decline to enter
Into contract when called upou to do so, or if
ho fail tu complete tho work contracted for.
Tho cheques or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will ho roturue I to them
Upon the execution of the contract,
Tenders will not he considered n Mo .,
made out on the forms supplied, digued wiib
the actual signature of the tenderer, aud
enclosed iu tho envelopes furnished-
Tho lowost or any tender not necessarily
ace p ted
Public Wurks Engineer,
Dejiartmuut of Lauds,
victoria, B. (\, November IHh. 1909.
m _.
VTOTI^E Is hereby given r-ir the Information
^> of Voter-, that tlm Lieutenant-Governor
in Council has determined that the holding of a
General Rl act ton offers a favorable opportunity
to obtain the views of tho Electors on tho question of Local Optiun.
Fur such a purpose, a vote will ho tnkon on
tho25th November instant, at the sumo timo as
the vote for Ilm election of candidates to tho
Legislative Assembly.
Nov itj-td. Provi _ iui Secretary,
C. F. Lindmark Has Successful
Meeting at Arrowhead
I    On Saturday night  a  meeting     wus
held nt  Lightburne's    Hull  in  the interest    ui     C. F. Lindmark, the hide-i
pendeni  candidate in the present election. The meeting ss-as ihe largest   uf
the     campaign.   The     steamer Piper,,
.made n     special    trip from Comaplix
J and Beaton  with a number of electors
! ss'ho wished to attend the meeting.
Dr. Elliott presided, and on the
platform with Mr, Lindmark were
Messrs. XX. I. Briggs, J. M. Kellie, K.
A. Efaggen, XX. Vi. Leleaux, and
Socialist candidate Mr. Kempster.
Tin- chairman 'idled Mr, I3riggs
open the meeting.
Mr, Briggs -aid they had In
landmark a man iur whom they in
Revelstoke great regard, lie was running as mi Independent, although a
greal many people thought thai where
party lines existed thoy should have!
had u straight parts- man, Hut they i
Found in this election straight party-
men like sir Charles Hibbert Tupper
throwing mer their pans- mul coming
-nit in what Ihey believed the best interest ut the province independent of
rty.   There  were  u  number of  mat-
Revelstoke Land District.
Distiict of West Kootenay
T"ke Notice Hint I, St. l-i. Lawson,
of iii-vi-Isiokc, bun-■!■_■ i .-pei'. intend to
npply fm- pei nd siov. to purchase the
following described I   id :
Cnmtuenoitigat n p-isi planted at the
southeast coruer of Lol 8,(168, and
marked "M. I\ Lnwsun'a North west.
Cornel' I'osi": tbenee 10 cliains soutb;
thenee III chains sves". i hence :_li chains
norlh; thence 20 cbains east; tbenee
Unchains nni-ib to im of Lot .S.liilS;
iheuee along sni'l Inn- to place of ci in-
n.il, ,1 October 18ib, I KID.
Nov. 17 tf.    All NML IC. LAWSON,
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
lers with which I"* would havo liked
to deal bui ms there were several
speakers he would prefer t<> give these
speakers the opportunity of addressing them more fully and if Lime permitted he would he would uri» into the
matters he would like lo place before 1
Lhom.    (Cheers).
11.     Kempster
the Soeiulint  cawlidute,  who was  the'
next speaker,     said    tho time allowed
him wus brief, but  he would like     to
sny     a few     words in the interests of
the class he represented,  the     wage-
workers.    The  wage-workers  bud   tried
strikes iiti'l lock-outs and  all other remedies they could adopt but  had   not
boon able to get ahead and got satisfactory adjustment of their grievances.
They had never been able to get      the
militia   out   to   safeguard   their   interests,  nor     had   they been able lo got
injunctions   to  pro teet   them.   The    system under which they lived had been
found  to  be      wrong and   thpy wanted ■
to srel  'l changod to a new and better j
ayetottii     by    which     the labor of the
workers   would be    employed to produce for uso and not  for profit. Thev
had the experience of tht* capitalist legislation they got from the Honorable
member  who   had  represented   them   in 1
the legislature halls,for the past     ten !
years.    If ihey     did    not know his re- |
COl'd  let   them  read   the  Clarion.  What I
tould they expect from  thoir opponent
Mr.   Lindmark, who, while he had     no
doubt ho would prove n faithful servant* |
would  not   represent   the  interest        of ;
the waETC-earners.    If   they  looked into
tlie matter they would find iheir interest would not be reprenemed by Mr.
Lindmark or Mr. Taylor. They knew
what Mr. .Taylor was in the face of
his past record. That was why he was
in the contest.    (Cheers).
C, P. Lindmark
wa« the best speaker, and was received with hearty cheers. He said la-
was before them that night for the
first lime. This was a unique experience for him, because speaking wus
not his long suit, lie had always
tried to work and let those follows
who were filled with hot air talk as
much ar- they liked. (Cheers and
laughter)< Talk was cheap and the
only thing lhat counted was hard
work. The chairman was good enough
to refer to him as a man who nevor
losi a fight, but he was always careful before he went into one to seo
that he was in the right. (Cheers),
lie had always aimed to stay wilh
the boys and they had always stayed
with him. The position in this c< litest was somewhat peculiar, lie hud
been n life long Conservative, bul
things had happened, and change*
had come, with the result that he hud
changed to a certain extent in his
When they pul up a yellow dog a*)d
asked liiiu to vote for it ho had simply to say lie would nevor be n party
it) voting for anything ho had no use
for. (Cheers). This railway policy
lhal the government had tried to
force on them withoul a minute's notice he was ihere to oppose to the
lasl ditch, because it was not in lho
interest of the province and not in lhe
interest of Kevelsloke Riding.
He produced a map issued by lho
govermneut in connection with this
campaign as showing the effect of their
railway policy and pointed out there
was a great blank where Kevelstoke
and Arrowhead should be. These
towns, although represented by a
Cabinet Minister, were wiped off the
map. and thai was about the effoct
the railway policy, if carried out,
would have on thorn, an it would eut
off on the south the business that now
came through Arrowhead and Kevelsloke and would also CUt off Kevelsloke on the north. Thoy could see
from Mr. Taylor's posters lhal he was
endeavoring to make a greal doal of
tho fact that he was a Cabinet Minister. Well a Cabinet Minister should
be useful as well as ornamental
(Cheers and lu ugh lur)- If they analysed Mr. Taylor's career tor tho last
ten years he had represented them
he would ask them what was lefl to
show for it? No one knew Mr. Taylor
better than he. Mr. Taylor had been
connected with his firm for thirteen
years and he suid tins', Mr. Taylor
had not made good. Yot ihey would
$00 011 his posters "Taylor hus made
good." Mr. Thompson: Hear hear). If
thoy could show him whore Mr. fay -
lor has made good he would lake off
his hat to him, He was trying to do
one     thing    and that was to involve
British-Canadian Wood Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.
GREELY K0LTS, Fiscal Agent, 407 Hastings Street, Vancouver. 3. C.
MILLS AT PORT MELLON. B. C, 24 Miles from Vancouver.
Manufacturers of Butcher's Manila, Building and Roofing Paper, No. 1 and 2 Manila,
Drab and Colored Fibre, Book and Writing Paper.
Wc are pleased to announce that our big plant at Port Million, with a daily capaci v of 25,000 lbs. of paper,
is now in operation, and in order to provide for additional work of the company, we now offer for subsciiption
£(JO OOO HIIAlilSK of the Preference Stock of the Corporation in Blocks of 100 Shares,
at $1,00 per shun-. Payments: 15 per cent, on application; 15 percent, in 30 days \. balance, 10 per cent, per
The Preference Stock is entitled to an annual preferential dividend of 7 per cent., but unlimited as to
further dividends. That is, after ; per cent, has heen paid on the outstanding preference and ordinary, both
stocks thereafter participate equally.    We are confident that this stock will pay from 25 to 40 per cent, annual
THE COMPANY HAS RECENTLY purchased the entire assets of the
Western Canada Wood I'ulp and Paper Company, of Victoria, consisting of 55.699 acres of timber land at Quat-
sino Sound, northern part of Vancouver Island, foreshore right : 20,000 inch water record; railway charter; saw-
mill, etc.. and we are anxious to proceed as soon as possible with the erection ol a mechanical pulp mill, and
install another paper machine, so as to increase the capacity ol the mill to 100,000 lbs, of pulp per day, We
are now manufacturing butchers manila, building and roofing paper, Nos, 1 and 2 manila, drab and colored
fibre.    Our plan is to have the new machine operate exclusively on newspaper,
The Present Estimated Value oi the company's assets is over £700,000
$700,000, and in offering the Preference stock of the corporation tor subscription we do so with a feeling that it
is the best dividend-paying stock ever offered in Western Canada. As a matter of fact it is not often that one has
the opportunity of securing a preferential stock in an established concern. We are positive ihut inside iwo years
the stock of the company will be selling at three times its present price.
The public are cordially invited to visit Tort Mellon and view the mill in operation.
J, lHII-'l1' STUART, Presl ent Clark .V- Stu&rl Oo., Ud., Wholesale
mul Retail Paper, Vanoouver,
FREDERICK APPLBTON, Managing Dlreotor, 51, It. smith A Co.,
VV. INNBS PATERHON, President Paterson TlmberOo,, Vlce-Prefl-
dent Terminal Lumber Oo., Dlreotor Cedar Cove Lumber Co., etc,
CAPTAIN (l.ll. FRENCH, President French Tugboat Company,
Ci, J. V. 8PRATT, President Vlotorla Maohlnrry Co., Victoria, Iir.
THOMAS HOOPER, Arcblteol Victoria and Vanoouver,
JOSEPH McPHEE, tiini-iiil Merchant, Uourtetiay and Cumberland,
CAPT. II. A. MBLIiOM, .1. P.. American Lloyds' Agent, i-lo.
A. ll. HARMAN, Illinium k I'linin-it, Vlotorla, H.C
A. M- BANNBRMANi Member Bannerman (i Borne Company. Vlotorla. B, ('
RD, !•'  ALLEN, Manager Flsoul Agenoy, Vancouver, B C
F. ,i   MBRsHALL,  formerly Assistant Manager National Hunk of
India, Victoria,
GREELY KOLTS, Fiscal Agent.
Vancouver, B. C.
iho province in a liability of 815,OOU,-
000 (or noinetliing that was no value
to thorn whatever in thiy Revelstoke
Riding. What were ihey guaranteeing
this *15,000,1100 for? Sometimes they
(jot t'icldy in talking about large sums
of money, but the lime hud come
when Ihey had to consider whal these
figures meant. What would be lho
resuli of burdening the province with
this guarantee of $45,000,000? It
would so tie up their credit and finances thul they would be unable to Gu-
once those undertakings which, from
time to lime, they might lind necessary for the good uf the province, ami
which   its   development   might   require.
j They did not want to be stampeded.
Some of lhom knew, and some of them
might noi know, that if a man put
his endorsement to the back of a note
! if the other mun failed tu pay it he
'would have to do so, Now the way
■ the thing stood wus this. The province was lo guarantee these bonds a-
| mounting to 815,000,000 in all, $21,-
000,(111(1 principal and the balance iu
interest over ihe terms of tho bonds,
lie would nol make any objection if
they had any value for this $45,000,-
ooo. lim practically all Ihey wore to
gel for it was 195 miles of new country opened up. The real ot the O0o
miles the government claimed ihey
wen- gotting paralleled in existing
roads and opened up no new country,
Ho had no objection to the opening
of tho oouutry between Ten- Jaune
('ache and Kamloops as that was uew
country, bin the rest of the road was
simply paralleling  tho C. 1'.  It.
A leading ('. P. It. ollicial i„| I in,,,
that ihey could haul out ol lho section paralleled by ihis road the .viiule
production of that country for a year
on one truin, Ile objected to involving tho province to this extent for nny
sueh inadequate  result.   (Cheers).
Mr. Lindmark theu draw the attention of the audience to the government map which he had lixed on lho
wall. This was one of tho maps with
which Ilon. _\lr. Taylor's committee
had been embellishing the billboards
and walls of lhe olootoruto. Mr, landmark showed from the map the amount of new territory opened up and
how the proposed line paralleled the
(-'. P. li. to Aggasiz, where il crossed
the Fraser River and then paralleled
the II. C. 1'.. R. to Westminster. Mr.
Thompson interrupted the speaker repeatedly, whereupon Mr. Lindmark
called him up to show him where Kevelsloke and Arrowhead were ou Mr.
Taylor's map. Ile dolied him lo liml
ihem. Mr, Taylor's own constituency
was wiped off the map. II,- challenged
Mr. Thompson to say "hear hear" to
lhai amid loud choors, and needless to
say Mr. Thompson did not interrupt
any more. Wlij were McHride and his
government iu such a hurry lo put
through this deal? Something was
wrong. Why did thoy not give the
people aoinc reusocuvbl.. ii,,,,. t,, ,.,,,,.
sider a matter of such importance ?
Their only answer could be  lhal  ihey
1 were afraid of public opinion looking
.too closely into this dual and (lectin •
! iug to .approve of it,
I When Mr. Roblin wns making the
deal with the C, V ll. for Manitoba,
he called  the  Hoards ,,i Trade and  re-
Iproseutativos of public bodies into
conference on tho matter, s,_, that the
public  interest   should   be  safeguarded,
Iwith the result that whereas the government guaranteed tho bonds of Mc-
1 Menzie and Mann to the extent of s-IO,
1000 u mile, lhe people got full villus
for their guarantee in reduced rates
and other advautages. Hut here in
Uritish Columbia they were asked to
cuter    into      a  contrail   to  guarantee
, these bonds to the extent of 836,000 a
mile without over being consulted in
the matter,
In this campaign it was not their
intention to say anything reflecting
on Mr. Taylor's porsonul character.
They would deal with his career simply as u publio man. (Loud and pro
longed applause).
Sir. Taylor had rupiosoutod lllis con
stilueney for nine years and if ihey
were asked to poinl out one thiug
he had done or inaugurated on lii_,
uwu Initiative tor the good of Ills cun-
jsliluenej in a pi'nctiuul, Useful _.a__,
thej had lo liimg then heads, and ao
had every supporter of Mr, t'aylor,
(UlioorB), Ihey knew in their heart ol
hearts ho hud done nothing ol nny
couBoquonce for this constituency because It wus nol In ti,,i m„„ |,, |,„
aggressive and progressive.
Some ul t hem knew lhe In tie tuwn ,,i
I ■olden,   which,   like   A ri ow head,       was
undoi provincial jurisdiction, Woll
its streets wen- woll looked after, sud
good    clew,,lk    luel I n I,mil        I nke
Hugos  I'ii ,s, ,,| ,, in  i|M,    ,,,,,,. ,,,,, ,,
i'uiny, reprosonted by Mr   Parson, ol
Golden, and lho) liml | i  Mow,ilL.,
bill   in  iiiii  Important town oi Arrow-
head, represented by Hon.   I hus    i uj
lor, Minister of tho Crowu,  they   hud
no sidewalks built by ihe govorumout,
Hid Mr. Taylor coino to lhom, or did
limy go lo Mr. TmjIui and t'oprotont
their      righl       lu  have audi   .mention
given to ilm Inlovests of then  town ?
Where were some uf Mr. Tuylui'i
strongest boosters that Ihcj did ii',i
nee thul he attended lo these mallei -,
(Cheers), I'hey paid as heavy laxa -
tiun as any  part  uf  the oountl'y      and
their Intorosts wen- ou tilled to reasonable attention, It was true they had
had half a mile uf ruad built to the
tontiierv to which Mr. Taylor evidently wished to hurry thorn by.lhli railway bill, uud lium then- were Minn)
among  Ihem  who      hem Inured"   snd
ehosrod loi 'I oyloi    (Cl rs ami laugh
i*i i    H  was lime imilli iif those |	
plo got sonic sense    II they  were  ,,,t-
isfied with the tteatineiit Arrowhead
hud received iu the pust from the provincial   governnienl   then   all   h Id
say wus that    Arrowhead was a very
they had ti spend on the wagon road
and timt country would have boon in
o prosperous condition today instead
of in '.he present deplorable mate     in
pleasant pluce to represent. He would which they now foand it. (Cheers!
tell them what he would do for Ar - But that wai too big an undertaking
rowheuu. He wuuld huve it wagon- for such a man as Mr. Taylor, and so
roud built between Hevelstoke and Ar- the country suffered from such u bad
lowhend. (Loud cheers), Ihey would management of the publi-' affairs of
Iiud be never started in to do auy- thu district. He would like to bear
thing but lie made good, Mr. Taylor that gentleman who was supporting
hud lohl them in the wonderful smok- Mr. Taylor sny "hear hear" uow.
er in which he hud marched irom Hev-   (Laughter).
elstoke uu army of governmenl em- He -iid not know how they were
ployces lo forcibly impress mem with situated in Arrowhead, but in Revel *
nis (lower auu inlluence (loua cheers stoke they had a wonderful staff of
and laughter) thut lie (Mr. LiuumarKj government ollicials who had all lo
hud promised lo havo the Arrowbead get out and boost for Mr. Taylor and
aud Kootenay railway througu Arruw- the government. Now if there was one
head completed aud in operation, but , thing he would not stand for, it was
that hn could not do so as it was a thai government officials should take
Dominion matter ami the provincial | au active part in party politics. When
charier hud lapsed. Well he would hit he nud decided lo become u cundidute
them what he would do ior Arrowhead lin thi- campaign he called the city
lie would hang ins imi ou mat verj stall together a- Kevelsloke and told
programme, uml would .-ay that dar-j them that while !"ir votes were theirs
iug thu next term ui four yeai re| re- , lo use as tbey .ik,.-,i nu- ur against
sentalion,    Ihey   would have tho poy- him, thev must  taki  no active part iu
lion of th«! railway connecting Anuw-
head and Uerrard completed and the
through trains of lhe Crow's Nest
railway nmiiiiiL- through Arrowheud
(Loud cheors). Mr. t'hompson: Vou
have not got it yet." Hell 1 have not
had anything to do with it yet, Sli .
friend Mr. Ta\ lui is lhe uiaa who hus
represented vou and whal bas hi ■: m
about it?
He hud, in connection with I ,.■ U,
volstoko Hoard of Trade, had ii., plea
sure of waiting on Mr. Uury ami Mr.
IVhyle, ami thoy had brought up this
matter among other things una the
result they had been assured this
work would he undertaken in i.,.- verj
near future. Thai line would then become the main tin,- of the Crow's Nest
Road to connect with the Coast, so
Unit Arrowhead would then be un a
main line ni ihe C. I'. U. It would
of course be an expensive undertaking
owing io the roek cutting und tunneling that would be necessary at the
bltill' east oi Arrowhead, but tho congestion of traffic on ihe mainline made
iL necessary. Now if Mr. Taylor was
siii-h a wonderful man ihat sume uf
ihcin were kissing his toes (roars of
laughter) well he had seen some -ii
them lifting their huts lu him which
ho thought was the next thing tu it.
Renewed laughter), Why had he nol
tried to do something to push through
the construction of this roud? Simply
because when Mr. McBrido held up his
thumb Mr. Taylor sut down.(Laugh -
ter). lie hud repeatedly warned Mr.
Taylor about his weakness in ihi- respect. Thej did not elect Mr. Taylor
to knuckle down and flu anything he
was told by Premier McHride. They
hud elected him to reprosent thi- riding and iu light fur it- interests. Why-
had he nut done su? Bocause it was
not in Mr. Taylor, that wus why. He
liudii'i ilu- stamina and leek-bone to
stand up for tlie righis oi hi- constituency. Party was first with him,
wheu he should have put the interests
of his constituency lirst and tho--e of
party   second.    (Cheers.)
Now, how would il u.i !<' mpple-
meiit tin- bonus offered by the Dominion Government for this Arrowhead
mul Kootenay railway by another
83,500 to 85000 a mil, to gel the construction ui ihi- 'iH mile- ui road : ash
ed to completion no thnt tin- whole
road could be put in operation. Did
they not think that would be a good
investment?   (Cheers).
He condemned Uu- rotten system "i
the provincial administration and the
manner of currying un public works
If u mun did nut vote fur Mr. Tnyloi
he wus blackballed. If he was elected
there would be uo black-balling of
men bocause ol their political opinions
(Cheers). A man who lived in lhe
country had a righl to Bhare in the
publii- expenditure so lone as he would
render valuo fur ii      Renewed cheers),
Take ihe condition ui th- Lardoau ,
when'  people had  been 'bii en  out  unr
|by one,  hoping to  return  when   things
improved,  'thai country w-ns one    ,,i
the richest     portions ol the provini
Hi;   cuuld   lell   thelll    thOBO   peuph;   Would
never leiuiu lu the bardeuu io long
iis Mr, Taylor woe thoir representative
(Cheers),   Th      people   bad worked
bard i"i Mr. Taylor, ami had eiectisl
hiiu ui iheir representative.   What was
the cause  uf   this   regrettable   colldltiun
of things at  I'roui  Lake uud the I u
doau?   Simply  be,., , .   there w«      ao '
propel  communication, nu transports-j
I tiou through the country,   No matter
| huw  rich ii country  was, II it     ■ ould
nm gei     ii anspoi tation to make    it- |
mineral, uad     agricultural and iurest
wealth available, il  was bound to die, I
and remain doad, ull thai transp u I i
tion     was    provided    Ind that  was
whal bad happem I to thi   Lardeau
l le ie had oe-ii a proposition to bo
aus an electric tramway to gu up Fish
('leek,    lake    ilt 1'el't'U   00       Ull'l     I lull!
Luke i liy, and the country bi two •
thai and Beaton, thu i ]„-,,■ Iding the
whole section "f rich country with    •,
n ■ ary    moan     ot    'ran |  ition
Tho promoters n ked Mi I a\ loi lo
support a bonuc of Jl1"") a mile lo
enable the entoi prise lo be t miied
through, liu; instead of giving it his
support a he should have dons loony
legitimate ichome calculated t" "pen
up and benelit the country, he turned
it down. Th,.\ knew the Camliorne-
Beaton wagon road ind tbej knew
thnt. road hnd lost ths government m
great deal more 'ban the 11000 a mile
Which  ll   would      have ,••,.{ lo provide
ihe eloclrii  tramway    (Cheers)     Bad
thu governmenl  i used  lhal electri
road tu ths exl«nl inked lor ihej
would have been ahead "u 'he money
tlio light, or lhe official who did .so
would oc discharged no matter wheth-
ei ne was Bupp L'liug "i opposing him.
it - idea wot — as the government
. publi oil . .:- were the servants
oi the wh ill people and (uud by ilium
ine} repn scaled pe<'pie ol *' ades
ol opinion and n ivas theii duly to
keep deal ol party politics and keep
• ',..,t bands clean, (I beers). Tbey
bad lhe right lo their vote, bui when
the;         active partisans tney must
reineiubei ihey would be up against it
some  time or another.
Ho liked Mi. kempster auu Mr. Le-
feuux, whom iUey had with them thut
nighi, because ihey were personal
frionds, and in this campaign they
siiuuhi not ridicule them und the views
they put forward as Borne people did.
They must remember they were placing before them problems Ihey would
oon have to take up and deul wilh.
So far as tin.- Conservative parly in
Kevelstoke was concerned he was done
with ii, because bo could not support
the gang that was handling thut par-
lie urged then thai ii was time
thw Revelstuke llidiug demauded progressive aud aggressive representation.
li be cuuld uot curry out what ho had
undertaken to do Ior lhom he was
willing  to go dowu nnd out.
Look at lhe light they liml had lo
gel tie, Columbia river bridge ut I(c\ -
tokc, a wurk that was must urgently required. I'he goveruniout officials
and Mr. Taylor had ridiculed their demand for that work, and it was ouly
when they got Hon. Mr. Fulton, thou
Minister of Lands and Work-, to go
thero and look miu the necessity ui
that work himself thai ihey got it,
There was uo credit coming to Mr.
laylor in the mutter whatever- Us
had   oimph   I.e..,,,   thi    apologist   t"i   ilia
govermneut in then failure to do these
thing., whi i. they had a right to expect irom the government and which
had been neglected. However, aitor
the 25th of November they would no
luiiger have Mr. Taylor blocking ths
progress ol the district nnd neglecting
those duties ihut he owed them ue
their representative 'Luud aud prolonged  applause).
Messrs. Lefeaux, Kellie and Huggen
loll iwi i with short nddre	
At the 'lose of the meeting hearty
given for Mi    Lindmark.
Uuiing the evening Messrs. Sluttery
snd McMahon contributed musical selections and Mustei Slattcry gavi. n
olevti character song for which he wa,*
heartily encored.
An amusing feature of the meeting
was the fact that Jlr. Lefeaux protested against the valuable time of     the
meeting    called   to discuss Important
public matter- lieing luken up with
uiusi' al selections whereupon Mr. W, I,
liriggs culled on the orchestra for another contribution amid roara of
laughter (rom ihe audience.
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I I 't  cr, Aril timid, .ml Novell,... n, r
iip'iii rtiji-f •! ____^	
Ryrie Bros., Limited
154.158 Yonge Slrecl
Provincial Elections 1909
To the Electors of Revelstoke
GENTLEMEN:—I have the honor to announo* my candidature
for tbe representation of Revelstoke Hiding in tbe election to be held
on   November   26th, and  request   the   favor of  your support in this
contest.    Tup following ia my platform ;—
Completion ul the Canadian l'aoifio Railway Company's Arrow-
bead & Kootenay line to open up ihe rich mint-nil renourcet uftlio
lardeau autl Fish Creek, and make tbe fruit and farm lauds of
Benton, Halena Bay, Comaplix, aud Camborne available to the best
markets, besides placing Arrowbead on a main transcontinental lino
nl railway and making it tbe principal shipping port nnd manufacturing centre on the Arrow Lakes. The construction of this railway
will establish through connection between the main and Crow's Nest
lines uf the C. 1J. R. system. Thin will result in Revelstoko becoming
tbe main junction und railway centre ol Interior British Columbia,
and pave the way fur making this city the Spokane of this fnir Province. Any financial assistance that mny be necessary from the
Provinc to ensure tbe immediate construction ol this road should be
willingly rendered.
I be construction ol a railway ii|i tbe Ooluiubi.i and Canoo River
valleys to open up Revelstoke's licbt-st heritage lo the north should
be pushed ahead. When in Revelstoke recently Hon. Frank Oliver,
Minister of the Interior, made public tin- nsBiiratice that the
D iminion Governmenl would give iho assistance neoeseary to secure
the construction ol a railway to ipen up ibis county, and il any
furtbir assistance should be uquired to secure its en ily coustruotiou
it should be given by the Province.
The Government's railway policy, proposing to tie up the credit
of the Province to the extent of $45,000,000 in principal and interest
ior a railway tbat must be built in any case to complete the Canadian
Northern Transcontinental syetem, and which opens up only
two hundred miles of new territory in the North Thompson Valley,
is i.ne which should be opposed by every well wisher nf Revelstoke.
8ucb a policy, if carried out, would be a serious tiling, for not
only would it destroy the credit uf the Province fur an extensive development und railway construct iun policy fur which this Province
will be required in the near future to provide, but ho fur as Hevelstoke
is concerned it would cut this city off both north and south Irom the
business properly belonging to it. Tbe northern business would be
diverted down the North Thompson Valley to the Coast, whilo the
southern trallic which now forms such a large volume of the transportation business coining through Hevelstoke would be diverted byway of tbe Okanagan and Nicola Valleys, thus largely reduoing the
railway labor employed here. A more suicidal policy, so tar as Revelstoke if concerned, wsb never placed before the people of this city
and district, aud I call on every mau interested in the Revelstuke
Ridiug to rally round me, and Btop once and lor all the attempt so
deliberately put up to injure this section ol the Province, whioh nu
many ol us have spent the best yours ol our lite in endeavuring to develop and build up.
Considering tbe iuiuieuse revenue contributed by the Revelatoke
Hiding in tbe shape ui Timber Licenses, the Kevelstoke Ridiug hae
uot had a e'juare deal, and it is time it got oue. The Riding should
be uiieutd up by a thorough systt in of roads aud trails constructed iu
s peruiauent manuer uud under competent supervision. The first
worki tbat should be undertaken iu this direction are:—
Construction of a waguu road between Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Construction and operation of a tramway past Death Rapids.
Construction ol such portions of road as are required to give the
best possible transportation to Big Bend aud point* between Rovelstoke and Tete Jaune Cache, so that RevelBtoke, as tbe nearest busi-
neee centre thereto, shall share in the benefits resulting Irom tin-
large expenditure in the construction of the Grand Trunk I'acilic ami
Canadiau Nurtheru railways west of Yellowhead Pass.
Construction of the balance of the ruad from Revelstuke through
the Eagle Pais to give the settlers of Malakwa and uther puints tbe
access they desire to this city.
A ne« Court House, Provincial Gaol, aud Land Registry Othce
should be provided at Reveletoke without delay.
I     pel uol Licenses should Le given tu pre-otit bo d< r- ill    I'm,i e:
Nanaimo   Herald.
i    ,
.■ ■ • - . title 11 tin ber ae t   oi I)!-    forms  ul
:.   ■     b ch will be avail .Lie «- Una
r,qu   i-d,    Laud held u del   iiiniwi     re  -e  suitatili • • !  lement
,.   •,.    ,d- ■   .   i, le .0   - i r   -   io   ...- ii,   tiu     r is removed
In. Property T»x ti iw levied in tbe cities ihould belong I
tnunicipaiHien   wbicb require ibis revenue to euahle tbem to carry
on an effeotivesystem of ednoation by the addition to the school
system of Manual I raining and I clinical Branches
In view of tin fact that tbe Province has over fLi*X),m)<i in tb
Btnkl pn fined deposit st three per cent, interest, it is evident tie
psopli  <>.•'   m n   heavily tnxnl  ihan necessary,   Taxation  should
there! re I* reduced, care being taken tliat the remaining taxation
U pi.cnl "ii tbe sboulden oi tboei heel able to bear It. Al 1000 ae
the   Provincial  linances  will   admit   ol   it   the   Poll  Tax   lh  uld     •
abolitbi d
LAND .-h ril.KMKN'l
In connection with tba Good Roadi Policy  sn effeotive aysten
ul survey- and land sottletuen  -l. mid be adi pted,
I an. in lavoi oi the aqiiai' di il lor everybody and oomider that
the Civil Service ihould be abi- lutely free from political interference,
promotion being by merit only ae  reoognlsed  through  the   liritish
Civil Service.
Iii publio expenditures all b >nld bave equal consideration without regard to their political opilii me or party alliances.    I stand for
tbe clean administration of jus' without fear or favor.
In conclusion I wish to is that in my opinion tbe time hue
cume for Revelstoke to demand i /grcssive Representation, and light
f. r bet rights in the forefront i lie program anil development ol the
! am, (l
Obedient   Servant,
(in November 25lh the electorate ot
liritish Columbia will decide for "i
against the railway policy ui lhe McBride government, and as to what
thnt verdict will be no man cun yet
say. It is easy to sny, us does the
partisan, that his policy will, or it
will not, win, but the man not a parti
sun will give the argument presented
by either sido a cureful bearing, and
will vote accordingly- und tho numbei
who are uot active partisans will cast
I the deciding vote. It will be readily
admitted by ull who discuss the matter with fairness that since the present government has been in power the
! country has made wonderful progress.
lit will be further admitted thai times
land conditions havo lieen the reasons
'for Ihis progress, but thut Mr. McBride's government has been ulerl and
has done many things for which it is
entitled to credit, and with oqual fairness it may be said that the late Fin-
nncc Minister, oud his eoUonguo, Commissioner of Works l-'ul ton were
among the Premier's most valued col-
leugues. Giving all credit to the Mr-
Bride government for what it has
done for the past six years, we arrive
up to the presont.
Premier .McHride iur- decided on
wbat he terms u railway policy, one
that two ui his advisers refuse to san-
i lion, and lo prove their earnestness
Finance Minister Tatlow and Commissioner ui" I.amis Fulton both resign.
Sir Charles Ilibberi Tupper, sun ol
that stulwari of stalwarts umoug
Conservatives, Sir Charles Tapper who
was for many years Premier of Canada, and who wus himself for many
year- a member uf iho Dominion Cabinet, a inmri whu for ubilitj displayed
as counsel in lho Behring Sea dispute
tates wa- knighted,
ii   it
sion uf this province, which with all
its varied resources will prove the justification of such a progressive policy.
the   I
as laid down by Premier McBride, uud
ii is now announced that he will take
the platform in favor of lhe Liberal
party. The above ate obly u few "I
the signs of lhe timos. Another week
will show tin' eti'cet of lhe discus-ion
of Mr. McBride's railway policy upon
iin' taxpayers, and we An not believe
ii will Iill them with enthusiasm.
Westminster News.
Still another proof ni the unpopularity of tbe Canadian .Norihern agreement entered into by Premier .McBride has conic to the front. This
is in the form of a strong demand by
the Vancouver Board of Trade for the
limitation of pusseugei and freight
rates on the projected line or hues uf
the (_'. N. It. as a quid pro qui, for
the assistance o> bo given by lho provincial government to the ruilway in
the flouting of it< bonds. The potency
ui this 'fi'iuaml lies in the circumstau-
<•,.„ tlu.i ii it, mude by a body of oleai
sighted, intelligent business men whose
interests ard purely commercial and
uol iii any way political Thei recognize,   as  every   oilier fllil'-llo l!'l"d   per son
must recognize, aud. us wo have already insisted, that the province is to
givo much and practically gel nothing
in return,
Victoria  rime
Have   ui'      oi our readers  beslowed
-erueis thought upon the lo-callcd agreement  between the government    and
thi- Canadian Northern''   Hum-     they
tuksn  pencil   in  hand  and figured   out
the tromendo'i.   responsibility th« pro-
'iit'-e is asked to assume to insure the
onsti iction oi  i railway   that
older any     tircumstances which     ar«
now apparent enable  the road  to      ot
self-sustaining or earn interest
bonds io say nothing of ' 'b principle   oi
a liability ih» governmenl :■
assume and ■ bid life I
it  will have
-.,. Iti
the "contract
have i...
■   ■ ■
,-- ■ teet
s bearing interest al  tbi
rato of i.utn
.".lied   n'
i?.',,,A»)  a.  tinu smoUDl     ■•    tbi
BOO!   sum   Oi   '.     '•    "
anfAfld [uteres! ' tow r*'r
•     annum on 121,000 OHO li 1840
Bar.   In thii
■■    iniiri.      !•-■
•""   11,1
• I
■ '
' lieu
Iturdei    in ll
Cha ». F. Lindmark
i".   :
I   .,
\   farm
Revelstoke and Arrowhead are
Left off
Hun. Tom Taylor s committee havu j
ittsolted i Lo citizens of-Revelatoke au'l
Arrowhead by placarding tho town
with an election postor in which KeveUtoke, though tho largest city on tbo
main lino of the C. P. R. in Interior (
Uritish Columbia, ami an important
town like Arrowhead, are both loft
off tho map. This is what tho Mc-
Uride-Taylor-Bowaor ruilway policy is
evidently meant to accomplish, Tho
poster reads "Vote for tho Government. No Asiatic labor. Fair wugo
claueo. Nino hundred milea now railway."
The United States and Alborta aro
Bhow n but not ther Revolstoko nor Arrowhead. The postor should have another clause to make it romplote.
That clause should wi\d: "Revolstoke und Arrowhead wiped off lho
British Columbiu hus hoard of iiii I
und Dun ns railway builders beforo.
Why did not MoKenzie and Maun
build the railway from Penticton to
English lUuli" whieh thej contracted to
commence by May 8th., ISU9? There
was no moro memorandum of agreement about lhat (loal, il was a duly
executed contract In MoKenzie and
Mann on ono part nnd by .1. II. Turner, then premier, and I). M. Aborts,
theu attorney -general, on behalf of
the province, on the other part, and
of a hard and fast  nature.- -Sentinel.
Hon. Tom Taylor claims he has
done certain work for Revelstoke, bul
if ho will refresh hi> memory he will
find le* did nothing he waa noi forced
to do by tho Board of Trad..- and de
maud nf  ihf citizens,
lor Fall Planting
I Bulbs Train the Best European
and Japan Growers.
llunie gi wn Iruit and ornamental
trees, grown on upland soil without irrig tion in the only part oi
the Ann can continent not in-
tested wiib the Sun Jose scale—
(iai-den, lipid und Flower sei d —
Tested Btock from the best grow-
era in tbe world—Wire fencing
und Unles—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Supples, Out (Dowers,
Spraying material*, eto.—White
labor onlv.—Mew 157 page Catalogue f"0
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -       South Vancouver
Revelstoke Land I lint rid.
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice thai Annie Louisa Clop-
Ian, ol Unioutown, Pennsylvania, l*.
S.A., occupation man-led woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tin- following described lands
Commencing at it post planted ul
ilu- south-west corner of Lot 71l(iU;
thence south 20 chains: thence oust 20
chuins; thence .south 20 chains: thenco
east 10 chains; thence north 40 chains;
thence west no chains to the point of
commencement and containing 200
acres more or less.
Hate, September 27th, 1009,
Revelstoki- Hand Distriel.
Distiict ol Wesi Kootenay,
Tak,- notice that Walter P, Confitif,
of   Winnipeg.   Manitoba,   occupation
printer, intends   to  apply for permission to purchase the following aesorib*;
ed laud:
Commencing at a post plauted ut
tbe re-entrant south-west corner of
Lot 7670; thence weat 4U chains; thenco
-.outh   |u chains: thence east III chains:
ihence north IU chains to the point oi
•ouinieiicenu-iii, and containing ltd!
teres, more or less.
Date Sept. 27tb, 10011.
oo80     WALTER P. CON'FARR.
Repairs of all   kinds neully  curried  ou
Bicycle and Hun work a specialty
Ksliiiiiiles gfvon on nny class
of work.
Front     Street.
Small   House in  Suitable
S15.00   PER   MONTH
Residences,   Building   Lots
anil   Acreage,
Money to Loan
Industrial  Stocks
For Sale
Sotici is hereby given tliat one month
after date I intend to applv to the Super*
mtrnilcnt .'i Provincial Police tor a renew-
U ol na hotel license ta sell intoxicating
[•qjoi under ihe provisions oi' the Statutes
•'. thai beh&ll In the premises known and
■ : .!> tbe Kootenay Hotel, situated
at Burton, B.C., for the half-year from
-     (ist,  19091 to June 30th, 1910.
Dated Oct. 1 jrd, 1909.
oc 11 tm        Stephen Podbielancik.
When you visit  the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop  at   the
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisine
48a3l Delightful Scenery
\b   P,| |t|r      .1,1.   |,| line'!   '
■. 1 ,    ii, irked     I 1.1       i mp
thai  Hn- ■ In, Inrnti m li
1       pn udii 1
Ith thi   ,!:u    ie nature nl
loi pri a  1 hal   Premini   Mi III I'll
 ■    havi   unilei I il mi
\ mon    ■ ...nn'    up| I
Ilm poli' .    o" men  pron nl   in     ' hii
I ib'',.il 1 null   men ti I ulenl   iu
I. li     ' li' 'il    liu'        I ele '
■ ii 1  11, .1   inun I   1 Iiul   1    Iiuiih'I   lo
11 It 111   tlm di'M'lupinuiii   au'l I'lpiu
[Cl       ■'   mi.Mi - ■ 1 U)ERS    IN
RAI1 WA,   BEI 1
c . .        bo desire lo cul end
letnov- ■■    ■ bell     bon e itoads
1     ipl permit* to (be agent
1 ■. fur the dintrict, nnd
iinber   ..ii       then
norm i>'.im   lo  cut   un     do-
si,otlld   apply   i"   the     urn"
II     II     villi', II I
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie ^Avenue
Fruit,!Candies, OigarSjTobacco,
Meals 35 centH.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
lianafoetorad (nr nil ol.u.i ol bnlldingi
for mU i'i law or imftjl quaotltUi
«i tht IowmI prleM f"f cmd.
aii klodi "t bolldtni indSpluttrtng
To Trappers
Raw PurH Bought
tJash Pricos Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Dzporter of Purs
■ N
. ■■   hej   1. uld    1,
■ !i..,|,
bat the |,iu
'!   ""    II'    III       I      ll
. |,, I
i:  1   .in   n
Tnhpn ul"
ft   1,      ■ , '
rougl   m
Bul     |i'*l
1  '   i-'iiiii- .'• 111,.
main  n thi   h imai
M.l    *  !,'■,, ,',
dei ' in.-' ne ■       li vlup
■   I ■;■
Hi-   ill ' .'I ' ii • ■ hee
,    • XX '■      ell        ||    , 'nil
bol i li---     -p'" Inl   in d>   In
T. Lewis   City Sanitary Dairy
During my abienM In Obinaduring
tiie three  or  four month, my
bumii' 1 luerelniiil.   mul   ri Hlmiriiiit
keeper   ,,,  MeKeii/ie   Avi'ii'ii,   in   MiJh
•■iiy will '.1 managed by Wah Ohung, Thtir«!ay eroding until lurtbor notloe
\  II, HI NCI      All eiiiptiii, tu lm returned,
Ki'vei.i ,le  " c, Nuv Mb, 1908 BV OKDFK
V CuiupKiiy, U.M. li. will drill every
A Big Healthy—Hearty—Happy
Able-Bodied—Three-Pound Package
Golden West Washing Powder:
Competent to Do All Kinds of Cleaning:
Washing Dishes a Specialty.
Neat- Pleasant and of Good Character:
Can Refer to Everybody Who Knows Me.
Will Not "Sleep in"-Chew Gum-or "Talk Back."
Wages No Object:
I Want a Place in Your Happy Homo,
Meet Me at The Grocery Store.
P.BURNS dE TO., LTD.   Phone 21
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged und linpioved.     l-'irHt-CluaH in every renpect,     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Kouinc.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
The Vernon fire showed the need
§f our
The best safe-guard in which you can invest. Kvery hotel sbould
he fitted with tliese'as a matter of safety to occupants. livery house
should have one on its roof.
J Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here. i
Revelstoke, B. C. 1
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
NV.-'""_V»>-';V'     ''" "
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our bands' me parloraeta,
upholatered in I1111I1 grade silk, or
diiiiiaak, with frames thai aro in every
conceivable design, ami made to wear
indefinitely, Wc have many uew and
beautiful parlor eete and odd piccca for
IiiiiiiiiilyiiiK the home that are taate-
ful, effeotive and inexpensive, and wil-
show your rooma to tbu bout advantage,
import ilirect from country of origin.
wholesale   dealers   onlv.
i^-r-v"^!i_,stok:ei  :b. o.
FOUR ACRES.—Ground all cleared, lenced and in crop; land on
either aid'-; oity water and light up
to property. Suitable lor orchard,
Strawberry growing, poultry rsnoh
or factory   aito     Area  10 II   I chuins.
Prioe »huo.   Apply to
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists, First-i-liiHH nample
rooms, Finest scenery in liriiiah Oolumbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
Mail orders.
Telephone orders.
Send the children to the
Ask to have Our City Traveller call;
Come to the store yourself.
Always something new to see.
Saturday Nov. 20
Saturday Nov. 20
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding towns and settlements.
Our aim is to place before the purchasing public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
The elevator is being installed, it may seem slowly,
but there is an immense lot
of intricate machinery. This
is the best type of elevator
that money can buy—safe
a till sure.
Children's Coats
A Coat for the Little Tot. Here
you are White Hear Coats ami
Robes, line, new. while curl bear
cloth, to lit cliililren up to 4 years
of age.      A   regular $4.50 coat for
Hello Boys
kri-  kringle lit
Hume's as per
usual busy in
Un- basement
unpacking ibe
Lovliest thing-
for Good   Hoys.
Be Good.
ii-w, --_'.-■ - Y
*^«^Wli«_. --■■•— ^/
."•'>■."■   [Jk'J'-V
% :■-'.■',"
Hello Girls!
Kris Kringlo 111
Uuiin'- as per
usual busy in
the has1 iiient
unpacking tbe
Invliest iliings
fur Good Girls.
Be G-oocl.
Shirt Waists
Shirt Waists! Ha! H»l W'.-ll
\011 are nil inleri'sleil I ll !
Solid favorite Willi all ll'f s.'""il
dressers this vear 1- I In- 1 ui lured
I/m-n and Vesting \Vai«t. N"'i'
ilon'l tbev launder hen 'it'u'lv.
A -1 eoial lit"- mi Hume's wilh
laundered cuffs ami  collar ut
Glassware Sale
Kor two days only, and they may not
last all of the two days, so if you want
China or Glassware, better come first
call—Monday  22nd, and Tuesday 23rd.
New Opaline and Irridescent glass vaBeE,
two sizes, tine bright goods, very pretty
for holding cut Bowers, table decorations
holly, mistletoe, eto. They usually sell
at 50 cents.     Pi k   the best now at only
35 cents
Here is a smaller size of the above lrri-
descent ghss vases thut sells regularly
at 10 cents, get   one  during  the  sole at
25 cents
Crockeryware Snaps
Families, hotels, restaurants want these
Cups and Saucers. They area stock
pattern we are clearing out. They will
llll sell Monday and Tuesday n xt sura
nt  the  hig  price reduced from $1.75  to
$125 per dozen
Sen the elegant  l.nes of china, cups end
saucers, dinner i-ois, toilet  si-is, eto.    We
have tt full line   "I   stock  pi rn dishes
frmn which ynu might (ill up your set,
• •r have a  dozen   nciV  cups and saucers.
Choice Groceries
PRIMES CHEESE—Canadian Cheese
20c. lb. Stilton Cheese, old, 25c. lb.
Stilton Cheese, new, 22c. lb. McLaren's
Cheese in jars nt 15c, 860., 55c, 11.10.
For your dinner desert, Quick Tapioca
15c. per package., Quick Chocolate 15c
package. Bird's Custard powder at 20c.
A nice soup for lunch on a cold day—
Van Camps, Chicken, Mock Turtle, Vegetable, Tomato, Bouillon, and Ox-tail,
ull at 20c or :t lor 50c Iiient-/. Tomato
Soup in large can at 20 cents.
The famous Headman's Honey in glass
jars at 20c, 80c, X5c. Five lb.cans 11.25
Our (lakh Carrier System
has bson 1 thororghly overhauled and is in line shape.
This, with our new modern
ollice system, make for one of
the most systematically had -
died business in the province.
Ladies' Sweaters
A delayed shipment ol Knit V\ 1 1
Coats lur Ladies, in.,1 arrived. Ni «
liirie'il Knit in Reds, Brow 1 -
Greens, and Navy, Just the thing
for skating or ski-ing, selling now at
Dress Goods Bargains
Hor' 1 ni Dress Goods ior you and iin- (iirls. Sev-
e'al htirgaiin iiiive gone out Ihis _t"i-o" li t none lo
equal iiii- hi'. Tii'-rt are u roun i dozen of the new
colors nml shades and a ilo/.i-n diff-r-ni materials.
'I iii'!-i' :. n ifl   tnd $1 50 L-Uithf, the price now is only
75c. per yard
Millinery Sundries
These winds say you must wear veils. Well
here is a price saving: The Milliners have
put a lot of Veiling" on the Bargain Table, an
overstock, they are worth 40c, 50c, and OOc.
Now 25 cents
Those Ribbons are not all gone yet, some 50c
Ribbon should not stay long on the millinery
counter at half-price.    Come and get them at
25  cents
Trimmed Millinery—11 table of new ones,
s-nme $4 und $5 huts among the lol. No reserve, thev are on the table for vour choosing
At $2.90 "
Shapes—all kinds and at all price-, but we
have arranged a lot at the low prioe of 05c
some   as   high 11s $2 50, your choice now for
95 cents
Men's Underwear
STANFIELD'S has become a household word
from coast to coast, ami well does it merit
its reputation. Made from pure Canadian
wool, unshrinkable, elastic ribbed, natural
color,  heavy weight, splendid value.     Price
$2.75 per suit
Our Woolsey underwear, No. AOi'A, has yet tu
be excelled in high grade woollen underwear.
Knglish made,stockinet weave, natural shade
and guaranteed absolutely UN'SHRliS'K-
ABLE.      Sizes   run   from   M'2   to 48,    Price
$7.50 per suit
Carpets, Rugs,
and House Furnishings
A room to lix up for the approaching Holiday Season?
Well our carpet man will help you in ymir trouble. Let
him show you what a swell Wilton. Axminster, Velvet
Brussels or Tapestry Carpet he can innke up for you.
Here is it special Tapestry Rug, high pile and entirely
new design and colorings, ei|iiais some of the high-priced
Brussels, with border, size   9x1) ft.   Laid on your lloor for
Simplicity is the keynote in present day furnishings und draperies. Our Madras muslins nnil Reversible Velours, in Greens, Reds antl mixed colors, ure strictly up to the minute. Wc are showing
a nice range of tliese popular fabrics, at prices which will commend your patronage.
BLANKETS AND BED COMFORTS—Once you realize the full significance 0! that delightful,
springy, downy softness of a Maish Laminated Cotton Down Comfort, it is irresistible. Warmth
without weight, is what a Maish Comfort stands for, try one.   A beauty at $.'{.75.
MATTRESSES—The famous Health Brand mattress, the most popular medium priced mattress on
the market.    A mnttress that gives genuine satisfaction for the money.    A good one at $.'i.50.
WINDOW SHADES—A complete stock in regular and special sizes. A full line ol the famous
Lancaster shade cloth in all widths, which wc innke up lo special order.    Cannot be excelled.
SANITAS WALL COVERING—This popular washable wall covering commends itself for Bathrooms, Kitchens and anywhere a washable wall covering is needed, Absolutely genu proof. Any
dirt, grease or soiled spots of any kind can be washed off it, comes in   tile, black and llorul designs
Ladies' Bags
fa,.*; l.viS&S^^OTBSW
fcjfc             A chance [iick-up of Ladies' hand-
Ugl            some Leather Ham!   Bag-, several
ijsjjl            styles, solid   metal frames.    Some
jBTM           bags in the lot worth $2. all selling
S5ji™|          ut   lhe   ridiciilou.-iy   low   price  of
A stylish winter
dress coat 50 in.
long in black or
gray cheviots.
Always in style:
50 inches long
45 inches long
Special in Men's Shirts
Coal Shirts at a price. That is what we are
giving yon this wi ek. All our soft and stiff
front shirts, in solid colors and patterns will
be put on sale Tuesday morning, l.ate?t in
style, perfect in making.     One  priee for all
85 cents each
OARS8 MACKINAW,--Mude from pure
Canadian wool li- cold aud wel misting
properties combinod witb light weigh) make
it an ideal outdoor garment. I pocket ('oat
|6;2 pockel#6.60.   ['anU, long$4, short 8.76
Our shipping to -ettlemenUi
and outside points is on the
increase, Ranchers would do
well to investigate our facilities for shipping their orders.
Ladies' and Misses' Coats
No better prices were ever offered in
this line. This Season's Model of
Winter Coat.
Ladies' and Men's Underwear
Natural Wool Vests Ladies' Sizes selling at $1 each. Ladies' Combination
Suits at $2.50. Children's Fleece-lined
Underwear at 30c. per garment. A full
range of sizes in Misses' ami Children's
Blankets and Comforters
Beautiful Eiderdown Comforters. Blankets made from the Best Australian
Boot and Shoe Department
In the last few days we have opened up
15  eases of New Fall Lines.    See our
Boys' School Boots befora buying them
Pn rERs HoooEBWBKi — At Brouse
Church, on Nov. 18th, 1909, by the
Rev \ G. Bell, Engelbert A. l'iei-
orB to Sophia M. Hoogerwerf, both
,,! Nakuap; BC,
A caae 61 scarlet fever has broke i
out in Revelatoke.
Admission 50c. aod children 25c I i
sit. Andrew's Concert, Sox 30th,
opera House.
There will be no drill o! "F ' Cc._ H.
M K "ii L'buraday evening, Nov. 25th,
on aecouut o. itsbeiug election day.
Messrs. C. ti. Hume It Co. are in-
Stalling their tine new Weatingbuiire
dynamos and motor today lor then
passenger elevator,
Mr. Young M.E baB taken hold ol
the Lanark mine ai Laurie on beball
ui eastern investors and will shortly
start development work on it.
There is to be a uotable address to
men next Sunday in the V. M.C.A.
by Mr. ChaB. W. Bishop, of Oalgary.
He is oue of the traveiliug Secretaries
of the Y. M  C. A. for eastern Canada.
The regular review ol Mt. McKensie Hi--e, L.O.T.M ,will take place on
Thursday, Nov. 25th, al 3 p.m.,
Masonic Hall. Second street. All
members are requested to attend.
in unusual good   program   for   ll:"
aoti'ta!   St.  Andrew's   concert undi
the  auspices  of  St.   John's   Willing
Workers.    Watch for it in Saturdaj s
A tea will he given by the W.C.T.I.
at the residence of Mrs. Laing, Sixth
street, on Friday afternoon,Nov. 26tb,
from 3:30 to 6 o'clock. A paper will
be reaJ on Social and Moral Reform
Silver collection in aid ol the W, C.
T. I . Home.
The C. P. H. yard eugiuc lelt the
rails yesterday afternoon ou the sou b
track at the foot of Second St. and
, icveiittd the oomh train from draw
ing into the station, the paasengers
being transferred. I'p to a late hour
laet uight a crew was working at tht
"goat ' getting her on the rails.
H. B. Slonez made a business vis'ii
to St. Leon Hot  Springs this week for
the purpose     I       U'ug over the nen
prcposed   pipe   one     irom    tbi    b
springs to   the   hotel which is to c
vey the   miueral  waters   to the boti
batba      The  new installation will be
ready   for  the t-peuiog of   the season
neit year.
The Keveistoke publio aie reniit.dtii
that Wednesday, Iac 8th, is tbi lati
■ il ;,.e annual masquerade ball
undtr t e au;pic>-- i f Fin- Uri.alc No
1 , iu the Oper* Hoi.se. A brilliant
... i -- ;- i..'.-., iipated and all who I
tend me assurrtd of a  good   ti rai      ',
■... A    - . -I' .   Ig   .'   g     till"      I 1-t
tiiiiu-  will   i •■  iotn duced ,n il  , c
per-- - pn -•..   ban « oba u      I v ii .-
i a  * bai  '.-•-    i  shi   c nsidera  ti i •
woi by "i a i'.'i<" ■
.s'c.   .".   khie      «i   bi •'.■•-'•
roiog •'■ ith d    bl ler n a  ni
'.,_■.-._.    rock    nu      md   ii   .i -i ■
near Glei   .    derailing I  tli  -   i
Knd   i lock ■-■   tbi   track   lor m
i un,     f rtun ite j   the   tr iii
travelling   ■   *■>   and   engineei 1/u
Patrick with   hii prompt tcti n -  .. tl
wbat might   have   I ei a  * bad *    ik
li 'tb  engini -   '•'•< ri   ditchi tl  bu   il
in wi i -.'m  d ivitho it it jury, tin i ■ -
seugerr i nly receiving s slight shi
a wreck ug    tew    all   yesti rdaj
the track will be clear thll afti  a
Owing to the increasing demands of our IIAK'K
HOUSE PRODUCTS we have greatly improved the
quality ol our goods by procuring one of tbe be-l
Bakers in the Province in the peraon of Mr. Y.
Boyle, (late of Vancouver) who makes a specialty of
high class goods, autl i i urder to prove our Male
mints wc invite our f: ieuds to iry some ol our
Almond aud Cocnanut Oakea, Marguerites, Kisses.
Russian Cakes, (ieriiian Tarts, Cream Putt's, Rolls,
etc., also am- Fancy Goods to order, A TRIAL
Your Insurance
Is  une ol   the   most   important   items
in your hnsiness
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this bi inch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
NyaPs Cod Livei
Oil Extract
» ill .top VOIII . llUgll .unl
„',i e i lie ay item the pri
|!,-i tone to throw off any
, uld "i woakness ol long
standing, \Vi have proved ible pi tipat-ation ami
m ill guarantee i'.    Price
SI   a Bottle
Bews'Drug & Stationery Ston
'. IS I   IU MB HUH l.
Come and hear the Cauadiau Harry
Lauder at the Scotch Concert
Don't fail to hear the Canadian
Harry Lauder at the Scotoh concert,
Nov. 30th,
Mr. Lawloi ba p i lid -I. McLean's   hou.-!.'  ill.   Mi I-.'!,. ;■     \\ ■■   .,    thi
l'i ice being $3,500
Mr. and     Mrs      II I lell
week for Spokane,  Mi    i1
aevorod  liis eonnei tioi
I umber Company
Wo are in receipt ol tl
her of tin' Fruit  M ■.
Vaucouver,    und edited     bj     \l   . • .
Smith, formerly fruit  in ; i
Dominiou    Governmenl      Mi     Smitl
tudied th" iruil    udu
'leal  au-1  should   be   l
on    it.   The   magazim
monthly, is    well  illuati	
"lining severs
fruil growing,
A niO'lern  Spai Ian
en-y ear-old      'osel  Brodin,  Wort-eater,
Maes.   Ue having been painful
ed by » »wing  tnd being  i ked by tbe
physician with  bim in  ths ai
ou  the way  to  tlm hospital  now    be
could refrain from
i   .     ■    I oo ildn ■    ■■    i
worry  my tnothi i,  tad fathi
!: iu     . i ...
■    .
tO W"
yon and ki >.       u
ii    ■   i ki . I   ,
- bam■■    "... . ■ i ■
mon   •          liu from      o
town tha
mbim Pi     .,
An  alarm  ol *fire turned in
Xo.  2 I ire  Hall     • ,,      ,,,: .
obo I1
teieph :ti    il I ire  alarm   <,,..   Vn
'AA wa    run     ind I he log I.«-11   nnl  i i
Warning   booming   n oi   tho    il I he
had  their apparatu    on  the    poi    I   ■
i'i '  ni alarm  wai   a had   liiinm
in one ol the double hou n  on   -,<■, ,ntl
Btreet neai  tho    di ill    hnll    Mo u itn
wai  turnod  on but  lho brigade    ' I
by unlil all danger   «n   p i   -"l     l lm
alarm ivn t alao i ung In No   I bull nnd
i he l-i ig nd  i urned mil hnl  i
led  by  telopliom      n hal   Ihere
■Mmi  no liir.
Mr-. .1   P.. Cressman will not reeeivi
Friday tne 26th.
Ole   -    .in rg   '    Vlberi Canyon ii
milking :, I . iness visit ..  ihe city.
Mis.   Holt u   ail   ri ceivs totnorioa
(Thursday) n d   the  fourth Th ir    .
of each immih.
Mr. ind Mi-  i; ,.. ii IDg da
a viiit t.i   Mr   D ualdeoo - | srenu n
H.   Manning   returned  on  - inda
nventi .'.
'    8 i • .--., - ■ ■ i ■
Hon   :
nd  -• tnrned in tn
Mra   W. H
'■  H   .
ltd   ■ iii ted   tbi
A   M  i , -       ,,,, fri,,n ,
"     - tbe ii (.ii
di of tbe iii'.-
■ :-r -ftft     Hi
tilh i   lum , ■,.„..
'•nl-   Mr   laoksoi
■ Lumbi
'   •   il ii, Mr
larks .n It .' -.i- .  i     ,'.■
■ • npai
• nil of tbli
ned   bi '
| ' iho ents
B   gam
vi >ri   ft,iti   by
Wis   Mi. I,.  a   i.ii-.   chins cap  snd
moei    tf rs   A   li    - 11 md  ,i oui
Mi i.   V\    ■' ice, o
cut gl i-i bi
At i rn .
■ession mi • ■ i 11 light the mi tn
bem of ihe Scaiidii mun Aid and Pel
lowship Soole'y entertsined ibeii
. It   -I   il -    cial  and  n nuicale     h
irgi nln'i "f ladies and young |- i
pie were p i lenl  ind ■< ti ry  enjoyabh
'  ■> ■ »pi rn  including n  program
■ and ipeeohes   Ki
ii'i'.-hmi'iii- were served   and danoing
nroughi the evening to an end,
Con piny     f     It M.l: . will hold a
social    iin in- ■    io    Mu-    Drill    Hall on
Friday evening next, Nov   26tb, com
monclng .ii '■) o'olook       Music will bt
• ii   In 'ih) ibe Kevelslnke Symphony
11 •      Irn     Admission    7,rn-. a oouplc
extra   ludj   I in,     (I I <nuiio, i I
il'ini, good Mmi'
The Opposition have their Slander Committees
out. and you will be surprised at the number of lies
they can hatch between now and Election Day.
Pay no attention to them. The fact that they are
springing these slanders at the last moment when
they think I shall not have the opportunity of refuting
them is the best evidence you can have that
Mr. Taylor's Cause is Lost
before a vote is cast at the Polls Tomorrow.
Otherwise why this necessity to resort on the
eve of Election to Slander and Lying by these Slander Committees appointed for thts discreditable
Chas. F. Lindmark.
Mr. Lane bus been appointed Deputy
Returning Ullicor for lhe oloction .hero
on November -'ith.
Thus, Creuusltido lias opened n incut
store bore ill connection witb the
_Swift Packing Company, having leased the I'Voin street portion of \1. ,1,
Lightburue'a building for  llie purpose
Mr. Itulpb Siuipsou bus made a I'm"
Ihoi- iniprovouienl lo his shingle mill,
In ilio addition ul a ::u-ligiit dyuumo,
bj which bu .will I.n- enabled lo light
up iin- mill und keop ii running nil
lluv. Mr. Uiillas, who is iu i-hurgu of
tin- 1'ii'sliy ii'iiaii ehui-ch bere, is gin -
tiug up all i'iiti-i'iniiinii.-iii lo bu given
In ihu children ol lhe Sunday School,
in eoiiueuliou with tlieir Cbristinus
li will nol he known whether lhe
Big Heud Lumber Company will ru
build their mill, recently destroyed by
fire, iill a meeting ol lhe directors is
beld ..ii lhu return of Mr. Hall, M. P.,
lo  lho cast.
i .  Ila\ ia's Iruit  trees did wull      Ibis
Btia ,   10 i nds "i fruil   haviug I u
lukeu from u 5-year     old     crab tipple
tree.    He  finds  tbe  Duchess  of  Oldjn
burgh uppjes    do particulurlj   weil    in
this  section,    Mi.   Ilmi-  intends pluul-
iug oui num' fruit  uees nexl  spriug,
A pruttj wedding »a> celebi-nled ai
lhe Auglicun church here, Sir. li. Davis au'l Mi-- .I.'i'i.h- lii'iiig the eouti-uc-
tint- iiurties. Tbe britle hails from
.-,, ith Aii i.n Mr. Horace Davis ai-
tended the groom and Miss Muggie
Do - w as In idesmaid. Ven, Archdeu-
con Beer performed the ceremony; After tl vein  the happy couple gave a
reception al  their new home.
Afraid ot His Platform
' Edmonton Bulletin)
Premier .McBride does not,  -ci'in   to
have so good au  opinion of  bis eb c-
tion platform ss  -ome  admirers  wbo
i . n il I'll, ij  r. lideuce in   the   I'.icillc
l'r  trinee.    Perhaps Hub is one  of  the
itasi-s   in   which   distauce   lends  en-
cbantmint.     Certainly  it  has  lieen
clear fr in ihe first that proximity did
not d     -       Pn n ler  McBride  indeed
j.rofi in •   chai ni'il with  it, bul
•   ri markahly,  f,,r   a
■ ipturea     H"  seemed   to  bi-
... id 'bat nliii r   pcoph
• miiigh to the   r:iilwa\
i out what it waa  like,  am'
be i i that if I bej
•.nliii   vote against  it
being a sagacious man  be
decidl d        el  I hem suow ai   little   as
|, .- ■     il     ■  .t      An   eleotion   was
.   tt tbe time I be public were
, deal bad   la i n   n ids
XX bal « ill   lind
• —thai   I-.   ali'-r   tln-y
I nr Premier  ludgea bia
It is i 'i . iei   iy
-■   "i
prsotict - ap t, i
il tfgumeni - tisi .' I y Hon.
i .y.i.r -   - ipporteri m  tn  ! I e
n i-        ij be -ic -'I i* re eli  ted  to
repn -        Ri in Istoke   In    I be    I ■.
bet Cha rle    Lindmark   is
- , iod mayor It would i •• against
■ A Revelstoke tc take
bim i tbe preeent position if
Miiym | indmark is such t g-mii
Kevelstoke that is all the
more reason why he ahould represent
this constituency In the larger iphere
nt  Xa,,    . i
Watch  for  ihe  programme  nl  tho
Bool'      < ouoi n  in he  held  In the
(ipers il nn u Ht, A min w a nlghl
Ttieaday SOth inst.
Charming Fairy Play by Local
Seldom bas the Opera House beei
filled with such a large mid interested
audience as that which ilnessid tht
performance of the ntii-ical f-ilry spectacle entitled "The Pixies" which was
produced on Monday nigbl Pew are
tue plays lhat are perform d ut Kevelstoke I hie have shown early om
bundled and fifty arli-ts i • the siagi
il once, and yet in tin juvenile extra
viigaiii.ii on Monday night tbe thcatie-
going public witnessed the perl, r
mance of 150 members ol local famil
ies, each playing a happy part in the
pretty and charming Utile play "The
Pixies."    Kevelstoke his always  been
j proud of her budding Thespians and
un this occasion, when most  of them
I were in tlieir earliest youth, purlieu nr
interest was evinced in the manner in
which they coiiipored them-elvea.
I' li ta lahy spectacle is the wel; nf Mt
VV. A. Milne, a well known atiihur if
light pin; s and children's p intoiiiines,
ual il was in der his maungi incut
md direction, assisted by .Miss M. IS
Cloi-tbtOIi, that Ibe host if childii",
were latight and drilled iu theii work
As regards the piny itself lhe plot
though sight was well sustained,each
member doing Ins nr her part with
life and vigor. .Mrs. 11. S. Squar?-
briggs. as the Queeu Titania. was. exceedingly charming, and under ber
leadership the army of dainty littl"
fairies, in spangles and silk, defied and
conquered the band of hideous goblins,
with the assistance of the cohort ol
Pixies Mrs. F. W. Cameion,
Prince Floriuiel, leader of tbe Pixies,
played a pretty part., while Miss
Lawson hh ibe Fairy exquisite,won all
hearts especially tbat of her dude
lover Cholly Chrysanthemum (Mr. P
Le Feaux. "Little Sunshine" the
stolen une, the tiny heroine, was
played by Miss Kdua Johnson, and
looked sweetly pretty, The many
musical numbers were well and
prettilj tendered, encores being Ire
quent. The absurd unties of Ihebiyi
cittsed roars of laughter. The chil
dreiiasa whole deserve greut credit
for liieir efforts, for they appeared to
take considerable interest iu their
work, entering into the spirit ol it
wilh /.est and energy, being wholly
lacking in self-consciousness, 80 common a trait among amateurs. The
costumes were excellent, being varied,
from the grotesque to the beautiful
and including pixies, brownies, gob
lins, insects, monkeys, lairies, butter-
tlie-, etc The chief feature of the
play was Liu; musical drill by the
Auni/on      lluards   composed    of    tin-
youth aid beauty ol Bevelstoke,neatly
a'i red in white, short, serviceable
■ k ris fitetSOIl bus and red sashes and
c illar- The same ladies also uppearid
i i a charming scene dreiaed as Qelabu
giils, their representation of the
beautiful almond eyed dweller of the
flowery kn gdom being nusl capn
vatliig I he play was a great sllCH'fs
The ohl'dreu oDtrlel out their work
faithfully   and  Hevelstoke   will  look
forward lo iiiilther production helme
long from her youthful actors and
BCtrclies, 'The Pixies" was produced
again last  night with   go .il  suqooss,
Ilu-    I ii ce    heing     most   gencriuiH
with their applause,
The prneeidi are tube given  to tho
V. M.C.A, and i handsome  sum will
be turned over to thul institution,
"The Foreigner" hy   Ralph Connor,
(H.'ifi, and $1 BO al  Bews1 drug store.
Toilet  and  manicure  sets, a large
■took at Hews' drug store
The  new Anglii   hymn book, 50
dilTiiri'iil styles at Hows drug store.
IWli have gathered to-
" getherone of the
hest collection of Fancy
Linens and Lace Work-
ever shown in the city.
I'hey come in all sizes,
and in many qualities :
Plauen Lace Dollies
Round. Square and Oblong; fine linen
centres, with beautifully hand-finished
lace borders.    Prices range from   .    .    .
50c. to $7.00
Battenburg Linens
Doilies, Sideboard Scarfs, Tablecovers,
Shams, etc.    Prices range from  '.     .    .
25c. to $5
Irish Hand Brawn Linens
liveiy piece hand made and sold at such
low prices that you wonder how they are
made for so little money—Tray Cloths,
S i dc board Scarfs, and Lunch Cloths from
50c. to $2.50
Japanese Drawn Linens
livery year has improved these goods and
this year is away ahead of any previous
year. Beautiful patterns in Drawn work,
handsomely embroidered. |ust whal
you want to fend to absent friends.    .    .
•We arc prepared to do stamping ol all
kinds -Towel ends, Pillow Cases; Doilies,
Centre Pieces, Initials, etc	
o   CJ   o
G  O   O   O   S .
Leave  your  orders  with   hie  at  once
while lhe goods are fresh and nice.
Grocer. Provision Merchant Telephone No. 23
25 Per Cent. Discount on
25 Per Cent. Discount
MRS,  A.  O.   CRICK
First   Streot Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Fancy Gr oceries
We nave received a large shipment of New Fig",
Cluster Raisins, etc, which wo offer as follows i
Smyrna Layer Figs per Ib. 25c.
Glove Box Figs, each 15c.
Basket Figs - - each. 25c.
Malaga Cluster Raisins a lb. 30c
Imperial dusters -   per Ib. 35c.
(encrnl Merchandise '   Telephone 248
Have ymi wen Tnoker'sspecial offer
ami prizes given Irom Nuv. LStll until
Dec. 111. It is worth youi wbile to
rislt bia studio. tf.
own home. Secure a lot in (Uoarview
at the auction sale to he held in this
oily I'ec. tl. I.ols are large, the view
ia unobitructed, the price is your own
choice at the auction. Make liirtlter
enquiries from II.Manning, auctioneer,
or J. I). Hibbahl.
W'ANTHIJ-At (!lly  Hotel, two experienced    WHill'I'SSPH,      WflgCH
$:«! per monl h.
FOUND—Ladles' puree containing
coin, loser  apply to \V, \V. Kim-
ler. (.'il v.
Ooinc tu the  Union Itoataurant (ur
Oysters, any style, or a fried  chioken,
ora turkey   but  ur   culd.    We   lave
everything  that  in   un   the   market.
i Short urder_i a Hpccialty; nov 20 It


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