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 '• Empire " Typewriter
Foi esse ol operation and perfection
in nunite produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $(10 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Vol. 14.-No 94
J7incial Library
[Hew Wellington Coal
'**__    _-
E.-W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
$2.50 Per Year
| C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd |
Storei. at Arrov_ho_td ami Revelstoke.
To lessen the pressure of the last few days of
Holiday Shopping, we would advise early
buying.   Come in the mornings when possible
Christmas Groceries
tiold modal pools, guaranteed full Havor ICnglisli mixed
peels', special cured and candied, put up in fancy boxes, a sanitary way   of   handling   these   ucols—ner   box   30o.     Special
Wagetaffe's English
pudding, extra heavy in fruits
pure, clean and fresh, ready
for warming; two pound puddings for 76c, Christie Brown
plum puddings, put up in 1,
2 ami 3 pound puddings, at
per lb., 40c. Valencia raisins,
lint', off stock. Bulk Yulonoias,
extra cleaned Spanish pack,
per lb. 16c. Mediteraninn
Sultana or seedless rui-ins.
Italian fruit, extra clean, a
satisfactory raisin I H in ;
cuke or pudding—per pound I8c. rtmyroa ligs. tine largo
layers of pressed fruLt—per lb 25c. Raisins and currants, fine
on stock cleaned fruit, specially packed in boxes, a sanitaty and
clean way of handling—two packages for 25c. Royal Dehesia
cluster raisins, the highest quality of table raisins, imported in
lieatuifiil large clusters.
Something new and unique in
Prussia China Migniticent
Boral decorations in exaot color-
iugs. Brush and comb trays,
salad bowls, biscuit jars, cuke
plates, spoon tnys, cream and
sugar sets, cocoa pots, mocha
pota, bon-bon dishes, etc
SPECIAL—One English Tom
and Jerry set, extra large bowl
uud twelve drinking mugH, Moral
decoralious.   A swell gift ■
Remnant   Sale
C. B. HUME *_ CO., Limited
Store* at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
A   Present   For   You
Let us make a few suggest ions lo you in connection with those
Christmas Presents voo are going to buy.—We have just opened
up onr Hist order of -1,1 BBY'8" World's best CUT GLASS WARE
Every piece is a gem, all the late:-' b'signs, and We are going to
sell them at the same prices as you are asked for the cheapest ware,
is.  nmre   approprial
For   Nothing
and more appreciated than a good present
In   Cut Glass
Look Over This List
Sterling Siver Novelties, Case
Carvers, Sets of Knives and
Forks in Ivory or Pearl, Fancy
Clocks, Oases with Safety Raaora
everything in guaranteed Plated
Ware, Soup Tureens, Ten Sets.
Fruit Baskets,Buttei Dishes,etc
We have placed in our eases
Ibis season, the tlncsl selection
ol 1 land-painted
ever seen ill  Uritish   Columbia.
If you want Good Goods, Hood
Values and Quod Satisfaction
Come  and see Our Goods
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches ot' Agents at all principal points in Oanada
Agents in Ureal. Ilrila
Lloyd's Bank, Lid.   Chit
!u   iiul United Stales   London, England,
First National Hank, Corn Exchange
National Dank.   Seattle   Scatt
Wells Fargo,
a I Bank.
le National Bank,   San Francisco
Ni'vaiia Nall'inai Bank.   Spokane -Exchange Nation-
Savings Bank Department
'  UomislU of 91 and upward, received, and  Interest allowed al
current rale fi i dale of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Special line of Indies Silk and Lace Blouses.
| [children's Toques, Mills, Dresses and Bearskin Coats
Ladies'   Fancy  Collars, Belts, Furs, Slippers, etc.
Oj-pOlItC Climax Hotel, Bint Street.
Christmas Stamps Will Aid the
Cause in the Fight Against
the White Death.
Mrs. T. Kilpatrick, president of the
Kevelstoke hiancb of the U. C. Anti
Tuberculosis Society, bus handed iih a
etter Irom Dr. Fagan, who states that
he has sent her a supply of Christmas
stamps just issued by the society with
the object of contributing to the support of indigent patients at the Tran
quille Sanitarium. The price of the
stamp is one cent, and they are intended fur complimentary attachment
to letters, pnrcele, etc, during the
festive season, and it is to be hoped
that these stamps will be largely purchased by the Kevelstoke public. The
idea originated in Europe under royal
patronage and was developed by the
National Red Cross Society to great
advantage during the late war. It is
felt that it will give pleasure to many
when sending Christmas greetings to
friends, lo feel that they are at the
same time contributing in a small de
grec to a great national cause. Two
thousand stamps valued at twenty
dollars are non available in the city
aud these attached to letters and
parcels aloug side of the ordinary
government stamp will be certainly
a novelty. These stamps can be
obtained frnm Mrs. T. Kilputriok,
Mrs. VV, M. Lawrence, the Lawrence
Hardware Co, the Mail Herald
Ollice, and in fact all the stores and
Imsiness houses in the city. The
stamp itself is neat and attractive, If
the putdicas a whole buy them and
put them on all their parcels, etc.,
whether they go through the mail or
not, i he idea oi Chri«tmuB will be
made doubly strong and hy giving
pleasure to our friends a great caiiBe
will lie helped and valuable lives
saved thai must otherwise he lost to
the province.
Revelstoke  Business   Houses
Up to Date—Buy at Home
It is high time to think about
Christmas presents, and with tbe approach of the merriest, the happiest
eea-on of the year as this surely is,
people are anxious to know where they
shall buy and what. The enterprise
of our local bouses wbicb are patrons
of the Maii.-Hkiiai.ii has bejn so
noticeable this year tbat to describe in
detail the many attractive articles so
temptingly displayed would require
many columns of space. Some people
send away for useful articles for
presents for tlieir friends and otherB
go abroad for ordinary comforts and
necessities of life. This ia a mistake,
especially wbeo goodB of all ciasses,
and suited to every taste and want,
and it may be added—bauk acconnt—
may be as cheaply bought at home of
our local merchants who have taken
occasion this year, as in the past, to
try and anticipate every want, no
matter how hig or small, of their
customers. The selection and stock
this Christmas is unusually large and
complete, and our local stores now
stand ready to rupply at the lowest
possible prices the latest novelties iu
almost every lines that a e manulnc-
turcd. Intending purchasers of Christinas presents should go tbe rounds of
tbe local stores where everything bas
been done to give the customers tlio
tinest selection possible its viell as the
most extensive. The enterprise and
up-to-date spirit uu tbe part of our
merchants this season should receive
liberal patronage by the piople of
Kevelstoke, and we can safely say that
in no city in tbe Interior can he found
merchants who know bow to buy better, sell better and cater better for the
public trade. We would therefore
urge our people, the citizens ol Revelstoke, to paliunize tbeir home stores
and encourage the merchants tn lay in
-tucks of the newest aud tinest goods
to be found in Canada The merchants will do their part if the citizens
will carry out theirs, and now that
tbis festive season of Christina*) is
upon us let us live with liberal purses
among our home stores, and by so
doingWS shall reap a reward a- a community and a sell contained city.
Christmas Opportunity
The Mcltae Mercntitilo Co., as will
be si en by a glance at their attractive
window, are offering a prize of a
twenty-year case gold American Wul
th.iin watch to the person who makes
the largest um unit of cash purchases
in their stoic from this date till
Thursday, lhe. .'Met. Those making
purchases there should preserve their
counter checks and hand in same in
a Bigned envelope not later than ten
p.m., on Thursday, Bee. 31st. '1 ben
checks will be counted and the fortunate person wbo is found to have made
the largest amount of csbIi purchases
will lie awarded the haudsome prize.
A novel competition is offered to all
boys. A gold watch will be given tree
to any boy who can m.kc the greatest
mimbei cf words out ol the name
"McKae Mercantile Company, Limited"
Unly one chance is allowed each competitor, and answers must be put in a
signed envelope and placed in a box iu
the store. Thia ia Irce to every boy.
Prizes will ho awarded on Saturday,
January 2nd, 1U09.
Small lings and Carpet Squaref, a
line selection, at  C. B Hume A Go's.
For useful Christmas presents see
Miss Maalen's stock.
Strained Relations — Serious
Collision —British Enterprise
Longboat Defeats Dorando—
—Anarchist Detained.
Ilm .I.i i ic.o, Uec. Ki—The relations
existing - i ween Brazil and tbe Argentine lt | ii ,lie are distinctly strain
ed us a result of the jealousy at the
alleged activities of both countries in
the matter of increasing its naval forts.
Springfield, Mass.,Dec. Hi—Fifteen
persons were hurt, some seriously in a
collision between two street cars today
Winnii'I.ii, Man. Dec. 16—P H
Cooper, well known in western Canada, has made arrangements with the
C J' It for the shipment, of an immense
amount of wheat from Manitoba and
Alberta to Mexicau ports.
Winnipeg, Dec. 115—H A Mullins,
a western cattle dealer, stated today
thut. a British capitalist will next
spring erect a packing plant in Wiu-
nipeg ut a cost ( f a quarter million
New Vokk, Bee. Ilj—Longboat,
tbe Marathon racer, yeslcrd iy de-
feated Dorando, tbe Italia n racer
Dorandn collapaiug in the twenty-
sixth mile. Longboat was a quarter
of a lap ahead at the finish, evidently
having the nice from the start.
Los Ambles, Bee 16.—The Papke
Kelly fight hen- last night,  resulted in
draw in the 25:h  round.     The tight
was o,ie of the hest on recnid.
Vancouver, B. 0 , Dec. 16.—Kinma
Goldman, anarch st lecturer, was
stopped at the International boundary
by Canadian ollicial.- yesterday afternoon and warned not to enter Cauada
She was released from jail in Belling-
bam Monday afternoon on Co dirinn
that she would leave for Vancouver.
She was later allowed to cross the
boundary line, having first been assured by the American oflicials that
she would be taken back to Washington State at any time she wished to
La6t Wednesday evening the nnual
basketball meeting was held at tbe
R. Y. M. C. A.,, with Mr. Brooker in
the chair. All kicks and suggestions
for improvements were gone into and
as far as possible rules weie drafted to
make the game as good as possible.
Mayor Lindmark was appointed Hon.-
President, with R N. Doyle as President, J. Lyons, Vice-President, and
.1. F. Haney, tec.-treas.
A five team league   was   organized
and the  team  captains  met on Mon-1
day night to arrange the schedule for!
the  Lindmark  trophy.    Referees and
umpires   will   lis   appointed fnr each
game by  mutual  agreement  between
tbe captaiuB.   The league is composed
of  the  following teams:—[Gym Team, '
A. Woodland,  capt.    Road  Team, W. I
(Ireen, capt.     Alerts, K. McRae, capt.
Intermediates,  B.   McEachern,  capt.i
Hnsiness  Men, Dr. Heard, capt.   The
schedule ia as follows:
Dec   16—Gym Team v. Business Men
"    23—Road     "     v. Intermediates
"    30—Gym      "     v Alerts
Jan.   6—Bus. Men      v intermediates
"   13—Itoad Team   v Alerts
"   20—Gym     "      v Intermediates
"    "—Bub. Men      v Alerts
"   27—Gym Team  v Bond Team
Feb.   3—Intermeds    v Alerts
" 10—Bus. Men      v Road Team
" 17—Gym Team    v Bus. Men
" 24—Road    "        v Intermediates
'■   "—Gym    "        v Alerts
Mch. 3—Bus. Men     v Intermediates
" 10—Road Team v Alerts
"   '—Gym    '      v Intermediates
" 17—Bus. Men      v Alerts
" 24—Gym Team    v Road Team
" 31—Intermeds.    v Alerts
" " —Bus. Men      v Road Team
An  admission  lee nl 25c for adults
and 10c. (or children   will   he charged
for all double header games
In the Junior cup basketball series
the North Stars and Carmichael tenuis
meet oil Friday night at 8,80 sharp, A
good game is expected.
The Y.M.C.A. boys are working
steadily for tlm New Year exhibition.
All Intermediates arc wanted out on
Friday night for rohi!araal of pyramids.
Arrangements are well under way
fora (otir*team hockey league in tin-
city. The. Bunkers and Y.M.C.A. have
already entered their teams. The City
boys expect to put two tennis iu this
league, bo Revelatoko public should see
Hiiiui' go id last hockey.
One of the chief attractions In
Christinas week will be tbe nightly
porlormanccs ol the moving pictures
at tlie Kdison Parlor Theatre, commencing on Monday, Dec. 21, There
will ho enliie changes on Wednesday
and Friday and over throe thousand
leet will lm shown nightly. A special
Christmas matinee on Friday, Den.
25th, will be given und the films nre
some of the bent, and must up to (late
of any yet shown in Revelstoke There
is iiii better way ol spending a good
pleasant evening than by dropping in
at tbe Kdison and passing an hour nl
real interesting and amusing sightseeing for a sum thut is ridiculously
small. Special announcement ol
Christmas week details will be made
on Saturday.
 * ... — —
Sweet Potatoes, Colery, Lettuce,
0 ran berries, .lap Oranges, Malaga
Grapes, at Bourne Bros,
A meeting of the City Council was
held on Friday night last with Mayor
Lind War k and Aids. Woodland, Stone,
Ford, and Lefeaux present. Minutes
uf ihe last meeting we read and
From Chief of Police, reporting fire
alarms (). Iv.    Filed.
From Chief if Police, reporting on a
case of semi destitution, and the matter was left with the mayor,
From the 11 in. F, Fulton, re voucher
for $371.70, being half of .he expenses
in ponneotion with the construction of
the Lindmark nail up Mount Victoria
From II. Longhead, re Hut rate for
electric lighl iu the Longhead block
The city clerk was instructed to write
that the bylaw iu premises must be
Arrangements for the snow plough
Borvice were left, with the mayor, with
the understanding that tbe service be
divided into two parts und that Fleming's toiin be used in one part and .1.
Nelson'b in the other, the boundary
beiweeu the two servicea to bo Government Ho ,d.
A resolution was passed that the
agreement made by the mayor on behalf of the oity council with the Molsons hank for temporary advances for
the purpose of carrying on work as
provided lor and estimated in Bylaws
112 and 113 he and is approved and
ratified snd confirmed; and further
that the mayor of tho oity do make
further agreements with Molsons bank
for use of suid moneys s i udvauced
until Bticb time . s the debentures be
bold to pay the same.
A bylaw No 125 Was introduced Ior
the construct ion ol ccm nt sidewalks
and f. rinution of aim. and lur the
authorizing the issue of debentures
lor the aaine. The bylaw received ils
third reading and pissed with the
unanimous consent of the council.
A bylaw No. 126 was iutroduced for
the boulevarding of certain city streets
and for tbe authorizing of the issue of
debentures lor the same. The bylaw
received its third leaning and passed
with the uiiiiuiinuiis esinseut of tbe
A bylaw No. 127 was iutroduced to
amend bylaw No. 121, being the Tax
Levy bylaw. The bylaw received its
thiee readings and passed with tbe
unanimous consent of the council.
A resolution was passed that bylaw
No 124, being the bylaw regulating
ihe weighing of coal aud measuring
of wood, be reconsidered and finally
passed and sealed.
A resolution was passed that the
Mayor and Aids. Lefeaux, Foote,
Woodland, Saw er and Stone be, and
they are hereby sppoiutud as members
of (he Court of Revision to hear and
determine any complaints against lhe
assessments made en lands or real
property asset forth in the assessment
made by the i ity clerk under provision
of tylaws 11J and 112 of tbe City of
Revelatoke, and which said assessments or special rates ire to be assetaed
on the lands and real property mentioned iu tlie aid aescB-siueiit or report
under the provision ol bylaw No. 126,
and licit tbe lirst sitting of the said
Court of Revision shall be beld on
January 4th, 1009, at 9 p.m.
The accounts were passed and the
meeting adjourned.
A special meeting of the city council
was held on Monday night with
Mayor Lindmark and Aids. Lofeaux,
Woodland, Sawyer and Stone present.
The council resolved that bylaw No.
127, being the amended Tax Levy
bylaw of 19U8, te now reconsidered
and finally pissed, adopted and sealed.
,\ resolution was passed Unit a
suitable railing be placed on Con
naught avenue at the Union hotel
L, previ nt bucks and other vehicles
from being backed up on the sidewalk,
and the matter be left in the hands ol
the chairman of public works. Tbis
resolution waa the outcome of several
complaints against rigs and horaee
obstructing lhe walks at this puiut.
A resolution waa passed that lhe
chairman   of   the   Fire,   Water   aud
Light committee be empowered to put
in additional   atreet   lights   in   suck
places ns he may deem necessary.
I'he following resolution was passed
That a petition be presented to the
Lit iiteiiaiit'Goveriinr iu Council asking tha! huve be granted tu the council to alter or amend bylaw Nn. 119 ol
the Corporation of the City of Revel-
■toko, being a bylaw lo raise by way
ol debentures the sum often thousand
dollars, secured on ratea aud charges
nf water and electric light rates, and
guaranteed by the city at large, by
changing the dale on which said bylaw shall come into force from October
15th, 1908, until December (the date
i ot specified yet up to tbe timo ol
going to press) HltlH, and that the
(iiy clerk sign such petition and a fill
thn corporate seal thereto. Done and
pa ard in "pen council on Dec. I Ith,
The inert iug then terminated.
C. P. R. vs. Heinze
C. 1*. R. vs. Denize. The Butte mil-
lionsiic wins in the buttle over the
division over the 800,000 aorei in the
Columbian and western provincial
land grunt, hnl the C. P. K. will cany
lho c.se to Kugland. The rihaugb
nesiy-Helnze duel is now a draw.
A meeting ol tbe Police Cominia-
siiiiiiis of Revolstoke will bo held nt
the City Hall, llevelatoke, on Monday
evening next, Dee, 21st, at 8 p.m.
Ch*8. F. LiNiiMAitK, Mayor.
Cream pull's and rolls fresh today at
Hobson & Bell's.
To Set Before You
x2> > tiW \ 's wahing for you here in
\? «Sy the shape of a nice set of
^sr==__2/'» crockery.   There are com
plete sets and odd pieces
such ;is Dishes, Plates, Cups, Saucers, Toilet Sets,
Pitchers, Bowls, Basins, in the best makes of English,
French, German and Austrian ware. Glasses of all kinds,
Tumblers, Decanters, Table Sets, and some very choice
pieces in Cut Glass. You will find this a good opportunity to stock up your china closet and kitchen, or get
presents for your friends.
Xmas Groceries
Our Christmas Groceries are coming in, We have a
complete new stock of Raisins, Currants, Peels, Shelled
Almonds, Walnuts, Fruits, Xuts and other Seasonable
Goods; while in such staple articles as- Flour, Hani, Butter, Fggs, etc., a trial will satisfy you that the quality of
oui goods, and uur priees are right. Let us have your
order for Christmas Groceries.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
Present yourself
w new suit
Mr Swell Dresser.
Mr. Swell Dresser would like to receive as
presents, things he could wear. He likes Neckties,
and you can buy swell ones for him from us.
He likes mufflers, and needs one.
For his dress  suit  he  would  like a pair of
Silk Suspenders.
He could use a tine Pair of Gloves.
And Mr. Swell Dresser will know that the
present you buy for him is the best you can get in
this town ii that bears the name of
Fit Reform Clothing.
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-up Capital,$ I 0.000,000
alex.  i.AiRD.oen. MKr       Reserve Fund,   -   6,000,000
limit, hi*. throughout Canada, and in United Slates and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits  of  ♦!   and   upwards are  received and interest
allowed at current rates, ami   paid twice   yearly.   Accounts
may he opened in the names ol two or more |iersone, withdraw-
1b to be made by any one of the number or hy the survivor.
.___£_ __*k_-s__________^_i^^
C      .'.-^x^rW''  4- '.■-'/.■•■-■■• -r.'cW       f¥    J
Jf tjp-j        Our store is aglow with the spirit of Christinas.     Tables heaped with great bargains.     The useful is combined with the ornamental in this superb array of holiday merchandise.     Useful things make the best kind of Christmas Gifts.     Our lines are all that
kind.    Shop early.    Buyers who often go away dissatisfied with the things they have bought, chiefly because they did not know
^fel^ffc  what to buy, will have no difficulty iii knowing what to buy after a visit to onr store.
-- •
^Z/5   Store Open E-Very Evening till 10 O'clock^ on and after Wednesday 16th inst.
Keen Cutting
Case Carvers
Cabinets of
7 able Ware
Deliciously flavored, nice looking turkey  will  taste all the |
better for being properly carved  ;
and  si-rvi-l.     The  carvers we
.-'•11 are   only   best steel hand-  j
forged blades.    Here arc u few
of our Christmas specials :
Three-piece   sets, fancy stag |
handles, sterling silver ferrules
atnl caps. Saracenic  blade, in
Bilk  and  plush lined Morroco
leather case Per case $8
The same in a five piece     S10
1 X I, carvers, Saracenic
blades, White Celluloid handle?, in plush lined cms $6
Same in Stag handles s.ri
FISH CARVERS in Celluloid and Pearl, in fancy plush
ami silk lined cases SO.50; $10
SCISSORS in leatherette
cases, '■'< pair to case, lloker'e
best brand •->'., 3.2S, H.50
ivory, pearl,celluloid, stag and
silver handles      75c. to S2.50
Silver    plated   knives   nnd
forks fancy  blades,  celluloid
handles,   in     silk   lined   oak  '
cases 818.50
Same with pearl handles   S2U
Fancy case of table ware in |
French   grey   finish,   William
llogers    make    containing   6
plated knives and forks, l> des- |
sert  spoons,   li   tea  spoons, 1  ■
butter   knife,   I   sugar   shell,
beautiful silk lined case     S15
Fruit knives in leatherette
silk lined cases, ivory handled
set of six $3 50 and -1.00
Same, pearl handles   ?5 und ti
" sterling silver handles $11.50
Sugar  shells, sterling silver,
oiie iii case $2 and 2.50
Cake   knives,  silver  plated.
serrated, pearl handled     3.00
Aleut forks, silver plated, one
in box 1.00 and 2.00
Berrv spoons, silver bowl   2.00
gold bowl    3.00 :
Christmas Skates
Nothing will please u boy or
girl more than u pair of good
skates for X.U1HS.     We have no
other kind;
Automobile sknte.*1. light,
strong, beautiful, blades nickel
steel, tops aluminum, impossible to break, guaranteed 5.00
Without aluminum tops 3 50
Hockey club 75c. Favorite 1.50
l'eerlc..-. ladies' favorite 2.00
Beauty, our Indies' hesl 3.00
Spring skates *1 to 3..50
Silver Plated Ware
The Standard Silver Co.'s
iviiru stand; For till thill's good
n: (|iii) lily, rich in desi_.li, and
all thai can be desired by lho
discriminating buyer:
Three piece tea sets 7.,-jO
Four        ''        " lj.00
'■    with tray   §35, 40
Candlesticks 3 50 to 17.50
Butter dishes 2.50 to 5.00
Bon Bon dishes       7_jc. to 3.JO
Biscuit Jars ;i.5_ and *l.oo
Cake baskets (S.50 to 8.00
Special Sale of
Wedge wood Goods
Wi-   Ikivi    in exceptionally
line lino nf   Ibis   popular ware  I
wbicb wc bought at prices thnt 1
would not bo Considered today
at all, and arc thereby enabled
to offer them  to the citizens of  I
Reveletoke   and     vicinity   at
prices at   least  25 per cent below    liiu   cost  price   of   these
goods today,      Listen to sonic
of our prices nnd you will be
convinced that ilieeo are genuine holiday bargains:
Does He Shave?
Moke his Xmas a happy one
liy giving him one of   uur easy
shaving Safely Razors,     Bead   ,
the bargains wc offer:
[fiver Ready m-i. nickel plated  I
12 blade--, leatherette case,   si
Gillell.- Safety, 12 blades,
triple silver plated bundles,
leather case 5.00
Special offer—1 English razor, Fhtiving brush, strop, cake
soap, bevel plate mil ror     2,00
Art in China Ware
A most elaborate display of
all the dainty wares in which
the tasteful housekeeper takes
a pride. All llie best English
makes including Coalport,Royal Crown Derby. Royal Worcester. Copeland, Aynsley. We
also have a splendid linn of
that ever popular china from
the I'ouyels and other famous
makers in Limoges, France;
and a beautiful assortment of
Japanese hand-painted goods.
Tea Pols
Cream Pitchers
i >ne pint .lit!.s
Two   '
Toilet Trays
Vasee  75c...  1,25,
7.00 and
Jardinieres, 2.50,
Ash-Tra\ ,
Jewel Boxes 1.00,
Hair li" stivers
1 25
I 25
."• 00
Any cue of the above enumerated articles would make an
appropriate and inexpensive
Xm:is gift.     Look them over.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Limited  I
Libbey cut glass is as
cheerful   as   sunlight as
beautiful   as   a    flower.
Made in a great variety
of designs, and for all
uses  it   is   practical   as
well as ornamental.   A
few   pieces  of  cut  glass
give  an air of  richness
and elegance to  a table,
and is sure to he appreciated by any woman of
taste.     A few prices are:
Bon Bon tlisht
1 lelory dish 11 50
a gem .h.50
Bowls ',8.50
" large.lo 12.00
Olive dishcs4.00
Oil botll- 6,"G.50
Orettai   & sug.tr
sets 7 50 lo 10
Tumblers,  each
Vases   1.00 to 9
"    12 inch at
Make sonic lady
happy by giving
her  a piece of
Jjibby cut glais
Mail Orders  Promptly Attended  To
Call and Examine Our Stocky
Goods Carefully Packed and Shipped
Che flDa.Mbcvalb.lf
li.*,*!  AT
Barristers, Solicitors,  Et<
.Supreme   and   Exchequer Conn
\gents.     Practice   in Patent
Office    and   befoie    Railway
ll'i.N. I  II \ i.I.K-J.M I HIM 1 . .M.l'
H \U"I [1 FlSHEB.
1 ,:: ..■■■:-. -   .   ::•:-. etc,
in I l.-i'iKK IMI : I .nl '1 LAKK 11 i'
... I.:    II
1 ]_ ,\NU PINriHAM,
BAJtHwrena, suuciTune, iti .
- , ricn     I m , s   s   '      . I ■
S.70KK,  II. I ■
'   ■   f Ir, ',.,.. 1.
level-. ,,.... ......
-     '      ".   I H
'   ':,   •'• ikham, J. A. 1! ikvi _
Kevelsloke. Cranbrook B.C.
i. 11, Boot* LL
rn IT   ._   BRIGG
M.l.:     ..-
Nordkeimer  Pianos
Unequalled  for  purity  ol  tone  nnd
beauty nl design.
Hew Sca5e Williams P
lams 1 lanos
At the hi lisi ol the i ligli (irade
Pianos in th<:  1 lominion.
Tliese High Grade Pianos can be purchasi
I..;. ment plan.     A 1 ayment  "1 110.00 will secun
i" lutiltil in-       • our home.      A'i .
theCHASE 1.  BAKER and   ANi.KI.I'S  Piano Players.
ll and see the New D
MuNKY   TO   l.".\.*-
SOLICITORS  POR  Mot-RO,*<"   t>\    i
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Annual Report -   Big Increase
of Liquid Assets
The  Bank 0! Commerce report fnr
the year etidinp November 'All. has just
heen issued to ihe shareholders of  the
hank.    It shows that the protlt8of the
hank are slightly lets   ban than those
of the year previous.    The Iiank's as-
lets   bave  increased,  however, to the
extent   of   approximately   $11,000,000
Current    hsun.   have    decreased   and
In.-i   been     11   corresponding
-■ - igtbening'if tht quick assets.    In
ilu lat.1  mnual report tliese «g regnted
$35,743,423,   (■chen-an   this  ynur   they
iinounl to $60,446,178     Coin   bullion
ami Ii iminion notes in the possession
I 'mis' t.'nk amount to $13,087,342,as
-:   $11 053,118 a year ugn.    The
I of 1 be bank is now six
n ire     I"h    ai '.-.v  report  is
-    .      1    .. and Bbows what great
■ ■ Bank of Commerce is mak
•'sli      _    II    \ llau,
local bra   il    rep irtf
and   ■■     ■ nine-
■.. ....,.;
BRACELETS   l(Ukfl|K-_.
DIAMOND SETT AT $75.00  vpgfc**
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
 ^--^aIII A   %
1 i,:A-   \..   -    '"
_o-.r,,_H,  ./'.;, I,      ^        ■
. -
r       Street
Kel,      Okl      lh I
Provlni ml Laud H u .ejror.
Min i.k' s'u reyi i
I'.iit'u.i'.i li j
'■1  Kknzik A vi- *•' i
Mux  ll»i.  RKVKL8TOKI
_i   tli .     il    hereby   given   that   the
,. | r i:,,  ri'" I'tMi.  "I tenders  Inr
'.  mon   Ii   C   Publio  Building  bai
i ■ u  . xtended   to   December 80th
: K)8,
Plans and specil-cati mn are also to
h. -een at Victoria ami Vancouver,
By Order,
NAI'iil.iov  TESSIFjR.
Di partmeot ol Public Works,
Ottawa, Nov. -0th, 1008.
Black Watch
BI*<k Plug
Trie CI: :v ing Tobacco
of Qjjauty.
vim ^
t_.be flDaiUTbcvalb
Hevelstoke Assessnient District
l AKK NOTICK i but 1 shall hold a
' ni '.| Revision nnl Appeal, under
llie provisions "l ihe "Assessment
Act.' respecting tbe Assessment Rolls
for H«w, fur the lievel-toke Assessment
11 -trid. ou MONDAY, ths 2\h\ day ol
December, 1808, at the hour of eleven
a'clock in the forenoon, al the Oourt
House, Revelstoke.
Dated  ui   Elavelsloke this ITih day nf
NovSraber, 1008,
(.'. M, PIBLD,
Judge of tho Court of Revision and
Ap'ii il, Rovelstoke Asaessmunl
Uissiriii of \\'e-i Kootenay,
Vm is Dec. 0,
|      Tlium ,  so maob bad lo tha best of as,
Alt'l  in milisl, ^sk,,| In tlm _,,r.l   ,f   ,
Thnt il lnirsi;j. iKiliisntm imy of n
Tn Ulk nl„„,t tin, rsvlof in
In    roviowinj!    the   work   ol  the
Revelstoko School Board (or the  past
year, wo hnve every reason to be Krati-
lled at the /.eaiuiis and faithful manner I
in which they fulfilled tbeir obligations ol trust to the people. The
[board, as » whole, have nevor lost.
iljjht lor a moment ol the real objects
fnr which llicy Acre elected and III I
plaolng oonfldoDoo In them and  loav-
then     the  oi
i d
ml,.;  I, ,   ,        .     .
i bs par   its
Km-.,- ..(   i heir   children   u
ultimate  iucc -   icho in      '■'. e
.  .   thai   i he lists
lentimenl botween "ur   i rustees   md
their teachers, winch has been ' iti
hy   n  true desire ol do ihi
best    Conscientious   work   on   their
part, and  the full Conviction ih.it. what
ti,. . i,.i■/'■ done and um doii .* is right,
bas borne its iruits, While it is not
lor us tn endeavor to bias public 'i|im-
i ni in lavor "f i i.e present trustees
more than any others win. intend to
sonouoee themselves this yen h*
oandidates,   yet, at   tbe   same  time
those    win.    nniy    he   elected ill their ;
place have had   a  %n<i,\   example ie)
them      The sohool hoard and the city j
Ouunell have   worked  hand iii hand in ;
everything, which is a pleasing si^n
and one whioh goes to prove that tne
murk accomplished this year has been
such as will hear good fruit iu the
future. '
Cul Flowers,
Wreaths, Bouquets
.ni the
.  )
. prioei
P.O.Box 146, C.id,tri-.im, Vernon,B.C.
. s, lett
pi   ittenl i ■   ind
.  ifi   ■ packed
;.   _me of the fli m
Prise al I bs
■  - n  the 18th -'■] ■
<■■ ■•   ;•  iral ami Horticnl*
lurni  Display,
Among Preparations
Dining Room Purntturo is particularly essential, and in view nl
ihi? fuci we have selected a very
Jl, ilcKii-ihli' line ol elc,i_niit and
ui'tistio dining tables, ollairs and
sideboat'i's. An early inspection
.li mid h" mndn, ns the price ive
are asking for such superior furniture makes thrin a most desirable
R.  HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For tho Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties al reason
able prices, No lioreis, Scale
Or fumigation to damage Mock.
No windy agents lo annoy you.
Huy direct ami get trees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Hee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,   Cul
Flowers, etc. Oldest established nursery oi\ the mainland
ofB. 0»    Catalogue tree.
(.ireen Houses ami Seetl  Houses
Import direct from country ol origin.
r,kiv.ei_stok:__3' _=$. a.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
{   P.    BURNS    &   COMPANY,    LIMITED. J
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Wn.jifi'.ith-.ri of Crown Cr-tnt
'    ■ -ii ■ i,   the tOtl) rla,  ,' ".oTeml or, ISO] i ;
Cro-ra Ctrnnt wn   >  mod in thn nnrn_iof Proder I
[All .'.I hhonrrtfl for !>■'   IMI   Qfmip 1, Kootivl
■,   Din trie I    Thul      Ld ■■■■• <   hn      Inofl b6#m ■
.iMnn . r-.'in.-ri ihowlng fehflt thi   i' (cj PrnHni <*. '
■ ■ bou as   Hflrl r»n i he /tn nt Auuu t   IW1
i ■■ mii,m  prior  to  i im I ■ "Linen of thn   ifd
l ro wo Qrant   Tlmi i.y BffrMmotit  Intiwl
An ■ ■      1""'-.  Mi"   i-i Prodafli u W i dlKmrao
:   -"I    nl1    In .   9*| lite, riKlit    tltlo      nt4j 'i It
olitim nnd demand vhatioover to tlm n.liffand
in Tin.in.i   _5hanki MoPnerton.
'-i-ii.i'i, i tht. r of ore Imrnhv u'wfm In pursti'
tuoeof Section '.rttuf the "Laud Aol that It Ih
the Intention  to oanool the said (/own Grant
■ii.*i In the na no o of Fredefloh Wii-iiiiMinrnn
and hii.iir. miio in  Iti ateod  in thennmoof
ThomMSnaufca MePhnrum   I'll rim in'ifitl • frum
tho date hereof itnjABi stood oatue In nhown to
the i.orifriiry.
V. .1  POLTQN,
i lit.of I ommiwilouef "f uandiand Worka.
aud   and W irk-, Douartmatil..
vlotofia, H 0-- uth October, im.    oot _i-_*in
0 I'"ik Pnrktrrannd Duulfu-aln Livestock.   MurkulB In all till, im im i
4 ii,ii CiijcM .unl Thwiih ul' Aiii'iiu. Bt'lUah UolambU nnd tho Yukon.
a I'iiki-i-. if the OtdebrriLed Mniul  '* ItDpuratcr" Hattia nnd Jtainn,
\ .i ni " Hh/itnrock" Brand Uaf Lard. *
Queens ftotel
Beal brands oi Wines, Ijlt|uorsand Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
I lotcl.	
"Hut, I lee. i'i. Like Krie,
•Pri. Dec ll Bum id' Irel'ill
Pri. Dec. 2."i Up, nf Ill-it. I'VI Dec II
Weil.Dec. in Lk. Manitoba
Kri.Dee. 2n l'.ni|i. nf Irelmnl
"Speclnl I 'In ill miiH ships
lit. Class .ml. Class inl. Class
$K2 so   $.(K 7J        ' .$.'3 7..
isi, Class 2nd, Clas,-. 3rd,] Class
$6j on      $43 .so      $17 50
Drum Lakh BOATS—
2nd. Class 3rd, Clas>
$45 no       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlmitic Seiii» mil
puinisi In connection with steamship tickets.
I'liHsuliKels  liiinkcd   tu   Niirwav,
Sweden, Antwerp,  Hamburg  aiid
all other continental ports.
For further Information apply in
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.Q.P.A.
llevelstnke. B.C.     V*incimvor,ll.<:
Christmas—This is the season fnr
visiting cards. Keniiaii linen and
plain cuds in tbe newest script and
old Knglish, done up neatly in Iiums
of 50 They make au inexpensive and
acceptable Xmas remembrance. Hco
samples uml prices at the Mail-
IHkkaIjU office.
^ ^_k
i_j__i_{ti_i:_aic<__ : ___3____£-"ra____-____^-TH_^^
yggestions for
Don't put off buying to the Last Minute
Buy Useful Presents
Christmas Skirts
In navy and brown, good value
nt ?'10, special Christmas price $6
I'nui-ual cutting in prices. Black
Moriette, Bsleen, etc., deep flouncing, dust ruffle, regular price $1.50
and S2 Now $1.00
Ladies' Blouses
At  sale   prices.     All   wool Cashmere, Lustre  nnd   Fancy   blouses
Regular prices were $2  and 2.50,
Christinas price $1
Handsome Mantles
Kmpli.itic Reductions. Christmas
-ale prii'HS. These nre new steles
nnil this »eiison's goods. If we
httve ynur size ive will mnkfl the
price iu suit lour pocketbook.
Shop Early"
Golf Jackets
i.mlies Golf Jackets in all colors,
Norfolk stylos.
MtFses' Golf Jackets—to lit girls
from 10 to 15 year--, regular $2.50
Now selling at ?2
Dainty Waists
lu N'et, Lace and Silk. The unusual low prices presented make
this an offering that should cause
every woman o make note of it
Prices from $2 up
For the Children
Winter   coats     and  dainty   silk
,    dresses at Christmas sale prices
Collars and Belts
Just arrived for tbe Christmas
trade. Nice assortment, now and
dainty goods
Our assortment of goml umbrellas
is perhaps the best we have ever
shown. Ladies' nnd gentlemen's
umbrellas, best tape edge, gloria
and silk covered, beautiful showing of fine handles—gold plate,
sterling silver, all guaranteed—
Tries range from $1.50 to !?G
We hnve thousands of them, irom
children's picture handkerchiefs
to tbe finest embroidered linen.
Fancy Useful Gifts
We have a largo range of inexpensive articles, such as, Leather
Bags, Children's fancy leather
lings, opera bags, necklaces, coinli
sets, wool jackets for the babies,
fancy bibs, garters, cushion tops,
linen centre pieces, etc.
Furs ! Furs!!
Ladies' sets, children's sets, odd
neck ruffs and muffs, shoulder
capes in sable and soul.
Regular price $35 now * 15.00
Xmas Goods for
Men and Boys
Fancy braces, ties, cashmere scarfs
cuff links, armlets, sweaters and
cardigan jackets, Smoking coats,
men's suits at #16.50, sale price
Sit; men's overcoats $12, sale
price $7; boy's heavy warm ovi r
coats, long length, $3; bo\'s rcefi r
velvet collars at $2.60; boy's "
tweed suits at $2.50.
Boots and Shoes
We can offer you some exceptional values and all goods are
Kid Gloves
Nothing more appreciated by lady
or gentleman, than a pair oi good
kid gloves.
Dress Goods
20  per. cent  discount on ull our
Christ um- dress goods.
Blankets, etc.
Full size white blankets selling at
"?s..T5 per pair
Trimmed huts, regular prize S10,
Christmas sale prize $5.00. These
bats are new and of tbe up-to-
date fashion, and you can re^t
assured ol receiving double value
ior money invested in this hue
ol goods.
REID     &    YOU_N"a
Shop  Early"
Always Leaders
Hand tailored garments,
ready to try on, yet so constructed that alterations can be
made quickly and accurately,
were originated withFit-Reform.
The system of training tailors
to become perfect in making an individual part of a
garment, was introduced into Canada by Fit-Reform.
Styles whit's _.:;./ supplant the efforts of the
best custom tailors are created by Fit-Reform.
The protection to purchasers of guaranteeing
satisfaction or money back, was original with Fit-
..rn_.vr Full
John   Dure
plows, harrows
wagons   and
farm inijili-
ini'lil'i   nl   nil
pn I r
11 in se Shoeing
a Bpeolaltj
Capital - $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has (>5 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowod at highest currant rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Revelstoke, B. C.
m*fm  iti   .'j. .   .*t*«   ■♦_   -"fr-   -T-  .'j'■   Am  A*   __V__   . f.   m£m   _'_T.   ■___*_. l'i* l   •+*  ■♦.   ■*_. .  -*_■_   iti   e'j'e   _T i   ,*t.   .'j'-   _*_! .
is i^i -ii iai -iji i^i <^,i i^i *^* *^,* ■,£■ i^i ix* 'J,1 'X1 'A1 'X1 'X' 'X' 'X1 \L' 'X' 'A' *X' 'X" 'X"
*   S.   MCMAHON   I
I I r,is— ±.
and  re   Ve
rod. ,$,
L '"""ling   A
3| AU Orders Promptly Executed    -    First Class Work Guaranteed \
A. .*_■..■_»_. .*_■_, .♦_. A A A* A* A* A A A* A A* A\ mt lt*_ lt*l ■"__*■ ___3l ____■ _____ ___B_ A ***•
*V '%\y W '*"'" *Wy. V *y *__f tJ-f **\y *_k ™   + ™ ™ ™ "    " ™ V  " ™ "X* "' 'X'
Halcyon Springs Water Cures
Numerous Ailments
Those whoae health has been benefitted by a stay st the Halcyon Hot
8pring6, and in this is included a large
number, declare that they constitute
the greatest health reBort on the continent. Invalids who go there ailing
leive fully restored to health. Actual
results in health restorations nre what
have built up the patronage of the
place to its present generouB proportions. Halcyon is located 1,400 leet
above sea level. It has many scenic
beauties, as there are views of long
reaches of silvery lake water, grand
mountains with evergreen treeB ornamenting their sides. The hotel is
commodious and there nre cottages in
connection wi h it which are provided
with lint and cold liaths, The wuter-
are the finest in America lor rheumatism and kidney troubles and are the
only springs on tin- continent where n
cure is guaranteed for rheumitisiii.
An analysis of the water shows why
it his hiich wonderful curative pro-
perties. The analysis shows that tbe
water contains the following ingiedi-
Chi,,rim.      8.14
Sulphuric Acid 303 43        !
Silica  7_._9        !
l.ime   «4 f'7        I
Alkalies, as Soda     5 71
Magnesia 282.00
Litbia 8(1
Sulphuretted Hydrogen 112 00 j
From the hotel ground, are trails
leading along the lake shore and into i
the cnnl pleasant woods, while the
grounds aie provided wiih milks when
the invalid may have the benelit of
sunbatliB. Kor tho»e who prefer to
take water excursions there are two
launches and several sail nnd row
boats. The fishing in the lake in
front of the hotel is good and some
excellent catches of large fish urn fre
ipiontly made hy visitors. Ur. Whit
man, of the university of Toronto, is
in attendance and looks alter the
henl,li nl the guests. lu the gardens,
where tin• growth is fostered nnd orced
by hot water from the Bpriugs, nre
grown the fiiiett of fresh vegetables
fur the special use of guests. The
vegetables ure grown iill the yeur
round. There arc also extensive poultry yards, insuring fresh eggs nud
early ppring chicken. 10 dear to invalids, for the tabic, 'ihe hotel and San-!
itarinm ere under the direction ol
Iluiiy Mcintosh, whese reputation as
a caterer and first-class hotel mini Ins
long been firmly established, lu order
that the guests may keep in cose
touch with current events daily telegraphic bulletiiiB are received. Besides
a telegraphic olAce there is an express
otlice and post office. Mails arrive
twice a day on the palatial and handsome steamers ol the Canadian Paolflo
Arrow lakei are largely favored by
tourists and it is kept open all the
year round. The best of iitteiidiince
may lie found at the hotel and sana-
tarium. Frum the waters of the
•pringa lithin water and suit drinks
are bottled in a large und complete
plant and are used all over western
Canada. The quality is good and it
is meeting with increasing lavor and
III use is extending.
Deer Hunting Prohibited from
Dec. 15—Birds Protected
But a lew weeks remain during
which the devotees of the chase of
British Columbia mny indu'ge in their
favorite recreation. The season closes.
according to the provincial statutes, on
Jan. 1st. Grouse, pheasants and quail
after that date are protected, It is
now illegal to shoot deer, the open sen-
son bavins, terminated yesterday,Tuesday, Dec. 15 Until lhe end of Fehru
ary however it will be possible to kill
all varieties of duck.
Analysis of Coal Oil   Reveals
Some Surprises
Winnipeg,  Dec.  1ft—A   sample nl
coal  oil  on  sale at Neepawa wns analyzed   here  yesterday  and   found to ,
contain absolutely no  kerosene ut ull  j
lt hub a combination nf nuphthii and
gasoline and bad n Hush  point below i
Hockey Association
Keen    interest   is   being taken this I
year in winter spurts :ind the   various !
branches are   receiving   considerable
support by a large number of  enthusiasts.     There   is   no   excuse now lor
anyone not to get. in and join   one in
other nf the various   clubs   nf   winter
pastime, be it curling, Bleating, skiing
Snowshoeing nr hockey,
to   co-operate  in  tini drawing up of a
schedule, should sond in their entries
to the secretary at once.
'S.MB'* \
suckers, surrs
ore the men who have
put them to the hardest tests in the rough-
list weather.
Get the original
Toweri Fish Brand
made since 1636
catalog rirer roit rue asxwc
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKi'- 3.   -   $.500
Atnini(iictnr..| fi-r
rliissns nt buildings
WANTED At once, nt Halcyon
Hot Spring-,, thoroughly competent dining room waitress* hoard,
washing and room, wages ,$mi pei
month,- II. Mcintosh, Prop,
Children's Fur Co
bit's and Mulls, at
List of Voters Court of Revision
The Oourt of Revision, to oorrootaml
revise the Voters' l.isi for the year
im is, will hold ils first sitting at the
Council It ditv Hull, Revelstoki.
nn Monday, December 21st, mon, m in
o'olook a.m.
Rt OR) Clerk.
Certificate of Improvements
Wiiisinw Mineral Olaim,situate in the
Trout   Luke  Mining   Illusion   nf
Wesi, Kootenay Dlstriot,
Whore looatedi—At head of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Take uutice that I, O, If. N. Wilkie,
acting uh agent for Neil O'DnmiclJ,
.Special K.M.C. 8708] William Bonnetl.
I'.M.C. No. IMIiW!; Hrucn White, I''.
M.C. HlliVilinnd I\ II. Murphy, P.M,
0i 1I_!1_W7; intend, sixty days from thu
date hereof, to apply to ths Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, tor tbe purpose of obtaining it
Orown (irant of the above olaim.
And further like notice thai action,
under Section 87, must be commenced
beforo tho issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 20th day of October, A.
n„ 1908,
oot 81B0d O. B. N. WILKlli;.
fur ialo iii i.irtM nr imall qunatltlcu
ui tlio Iowa i inn-')  f<>r emm.
a u kinds nl baUdlug and plMtartug
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
dash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Tako   notice   Hint    a   ml I ing of  the
Court of Revision iii hear and determine fitly eiunpl'iiiiiH or uppenls
ai'iiiu.i   the assessment of rates or
fl'QtitngO tux Proposed tit lie levied nnd
Imposed on the Intuit, nr real property
nil'ccictI under the provisions uf Bylaw
Nn, i iii >, being known us "Local Improvements Boulevarding Assessment
llv-lnw No. ISO, 1000." will be held in
Ibe City Hall at the Oity of KevclMokc
on Monday, the lib duy of January,
HUM, nl the hour of nine o'clock in t he
A   Stateninnl    showing   lhe   lit lid or
real property liable to pay the assess.
inenl   Ihereior nnd   the names of  the
owners thereof ns fur as tbe same can
lu> ascertained and the proposed asses- •
inenl nnd report Iheienli of lhe Cily
Clerk ai*e now on llie in tlm ollice of
the City Clerk mul  open to inspection
by nil persons during offlos hours.
And further take nolice Hint ull
notices of appeal -shall be Nerved on
tbe Clerk of the Municipal Council nt
least eight days prior to such Court ot
iiai.il this i:*th Dcoombor, loos.
City Clerk.
Special to the Public.
From 11) a.m. to 2 p ni. the.-e short
days nre the best hours to huve buby
or group photos taken. No objection
to cloudy weather during these hours.
Experience of more than IN years, not
ns travelling photographer, but stationary in Eastern cities iius proven
this fully to me. Studio open everyday in the year in Revelstoke und for
Reielstoke people, "see my spicial
Kl, F. TtJOKKK, Photographer.
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   65.OO
Single   meals 2D c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Hevelstoke Land District,
West Kootenay, B. O.
Take Notice that 60days after date
I R. \\ . Lindsay of Oamborne, B. O.,
occupation, merchant, intend to apply
jor permission to purchase the following described lands situated on Fish
Kiver, West Kootenay district.
Oommencing at the" north-east corner of A. I). MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked " K. W. Lindsay*! North-West Corner Post;" thence
S chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption: thenee 50 choins south;
thence 8 chains east to MacKay's;
thence north 50 ehains to point" of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or Ir^v
Located Oct. 16th, 1D08.
K. W. Liniisay, Locator.
Notice is herein given lhat pursuant to
ihe provisions ol Chapter i.... of the Statutes of Canada ;-*•:, Edward VII, Shuswap
and Thompson Rivers Hoom Company
have lileU in lhe oflicc of the Dominion
Lands Agent al Kamloops, B.C., and in
the office of The Honourable the Minister
of Public Works al Ottawa, Outario, plans
and specifications of certain booms and
other works proposed 10 be conslruclcd
bi said Company ia, over and along the
North Thompson Kiver in tbe Kamloops
Division of Yale District in the Province
i .'t Uritish Columbia and (bal on tbe ■ .-tli
da) ol February, ujuo, at the hour of ii
,., lock in ttie lorenoon, oi   so soon thcn--
I after as the application can he heard,
application will be made by the undersigned to His Excellency iho Governor-
in-CouncU at Ottawa, Ontario, for his
approval lo be given to such plans.
Dated ihis 4th day ol December, hjoS.
Siiiswai' ami Thompson Rivers Boom
By Olio I.".hamnil, Secretary.
').  Oo ll
Here's a Happy Couple
slurliiiy on the road to owning
property, und they'll b* living
under their own i""i when
their friends " ill si ill i„- paying i en I. We are i '11 ei i nn t belli
thnt within tin' rears, mil
double in value,   i ktn do lhe
sume by ot bet -.     Ile-t   1..1 —   in
vicinity, righl along the road
to Improvements Set on tbe
bund Wilson foi  Revelstoke.
Heal Estate and Insurance Agent,
.   in hoiel,   Apply to Mail Herald
olllre. ti
I,IOR SALE Aiinithi [jester, -If
r feeder, Pine ni:i Applv M m.-
11 i.k a i.n. dec 8
I..OR BALB—One bedroom siilti.
Ji also une t ttroo ipiui lei iron lied.
Ail in lirst class condition, Can be
seen between 10 s.m. aod 6 p.m,   Ad
dress P. O, H"X 7_8,
},.OK   KENT    Reside f   .1     \l
1     Heolt.    Apply lo Btotl A: HiigKs.
WANTED   Bedroom-i  to lei   fur-
Dished, bi'iiril il required, terms
moderate.   Applv A, Gain, lib street,
corner ol McKensie Ave.        net lil lm
In ihe Supreme Court of British Columbia;
Between Grace Westfall, Plaintiff)
•I.i -I. Stewart, Assignee for bene*
lit of creditors, under "Creditors
Trust Deeds Aot. 1001," of James
A, Griffith, ami James A. Griffith,
Notice is hereby given that pursuant
in tbe Order made herein, of the Hon-
ourabls Mi. Justice Olemcnt, May tbe
18 b. 1007, and to the directions oi the
Registrar of ilns Court al Nelson, I-nt*
__ 28, l_. ami 18 in Block 61, In Trout
Lake  cily Toivnsiie, registered plan
.".in, will be offered for sale at public
uiiilioii on lhe premises in Trout Ij«ki>
on December the I6lb, iuns, at the
hour of _ o'clock In the afternoon by
George M,   Violins Auctioneer.    The
said  premises will be offered for sale
subject to u reserved bid.
For furl her particulars nod conditions of sale apply to Taylor ■- O'Bhea,
Nelson, B, C, solicitors for the plain*
Duled nt Nelson, H.C., this  17th duy
of November, A.I)., kkin,      nov 21 .'tiv
All   kiudn   of   now
Dealers in
Wah Chang, - Front St.
~,    *v*
e ?he msimas *oy jnop
9M\       Country Newspapers
i lie i illui iue  -\,., ,-pt is I akeil fr-m
il up-to '! Kc    i-i kly j lurual  Satin
Sin set,  uud  proves  ibat in tb
Vever before in the historj oi Revelstoke iius
tliero been such :i displ.-iv of Christmas Toys
a- aie t,' he found here his season. Toys to
suit boys anil girls  .i   ill  aj.;es     All   prices. ~*sg
D0lL~. dressed and undressed si   to $20   Mechanical Toys _0oup    Z^§
Dolls'Co-oarta and Sleighs    names    Puzzles    Books, etc
|£_ Itfacdonald's Jprug & J}ook *Jtore
""•-* ,
"^S   I - ihnrgi   ' I ib" duties   tl .';
-*& i in ivspaper is  jaet as alive us the coast
^  dailies:
3     " rl,l;     Rovelstoke   Mail- Hekai.h
--.»  humps intii ibe Vancouver World lor
suggesting tinu   ;,invent ions, referring
to that of the school   trustees,  should
be   held   in the const cities, where Ilu
daily    newspapers   have  stall.   largi
—^ 1 eiiouj.li   iu "cover" the proceedingi ,
-Jl,   Tiie Mail Ukkaj.u  justly   points ou' ' Q-
_^gj   that ita own reports fully cove.'eil tbe |
^_3 | proceedings of the convention.
" Another question suggested by tl
World's comment  is,  why docs not
il.al Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Olliee on First St., Opposite the Club
Nor.uiv Pniiuo
Local and General.
__ta_-_0_s-_-___-____B £______ ______._. ft "mi.- _Jtl_____.*X
R.' lib. ins, ol  Pingston On sk, is in
Mi _. G, Robl iue ■ I not rt oeive
on T hui iday  the ITth.
■      letui ■ ! :. .. .rt ui tho Bi ird of
i   . .-■ .. jsi m . i-t uight will   be   pub
-    ■'. ..n Satur lay,
rhe |    ice com in is doners nave call
a   ] im io meeting to he held in tin
■    hall   on M clay next, lli c. -I, nt
8 p.iii.
V. C Wainwriglit, of the Imperial
Banl ,■:'. leaves this ev. ning :.ir
Vancuver. where he has been  trans-
W. b. Robert! >u left n 8 turday
nighi fi i iniuiic points on a busiuesc
trip in connection with the Fruit _t
Pr (lure Exchange ol 11. C.
R  U.Sawyer has iefinitely informed
•   that  in   will   be again in ttie field
I      ....■; m ■     .  :      ■ rd 2 in   : he  ap-
pi moiling civic elections.
.   committee   appointed    by   the
Board  oi   Trade   will  look   into gen- I
ii.-liy the   most   feasible plans {ur ml- .
vi rtisiug the city and its attractions &*](»
Our new fruits are now at your disposal, all fresh, and the
quality is such that there is none better. Ask for prices.
\\'<• cun interest you.
ll yuu wish your Cakes and Puddings made we will da it
and guarantee the qualit. as good, and we think better
than must people make,    Ask our prices.
In one Ib. packages oi tins, also in bulk, equal to any
honii made, a id the prices nre within reach of all.
Hobson & Boll, Bakers and Grocers
Nice Five   roomed |
House for     51,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House  for    $1,900
Other Houses of reasonable
prices. All kinds of Insuiv
ancc, Agents for the eel?'
bratcd KARN Pianos and
Piano Players. - Money to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Business Locals.
You can depend on Trueman.
piiotos. superior work only. This
visit until Dec. 31. See uur enlarged
phi t"6 with une dozen photos. This
visit only.
Ths    curling   seasun   bus opened ul ™~
lilen.   the   ici    bsiing   in   splendid Table Clothe witb Napkins to match
shape.    Tbe  first game, Pinkham vs, —u most acceptable gifi—at McLcn-
I'.iinaril. resulted in a win for the In- nan's
t. -.    What is the matter with holding
a   ousing 1".' Bpii 1 here this winter? ' •-•" to C. li. Hun c A Co. for Window
,,_,,.       . .shades,   Wall   Papers,  Linoleum nnd
Ai the lust meeting oi the Cabinet it pjeor oil Cloth
was decided to call Parliament for the
spatcl   oi bjBiness ou  Wednesday. Ho not   forget  ynur Xmas cake and
arj 20th.    Members will be sworn plum ppddings ready   Ior  the table ut
il in unit day and the Speaker elected, Hobson iv Bell's.
The  formal   opening will  be the next
,jav New Tafl'etine I nderskirts, look as
well   and   wear   better  than   any silk
■ syndicate is being formed  in   tbe akirti at MoLcuiiau's.
— l cm   >  the city to operate a motor
•   and  street   car   service.    While Laco and Tapestry  Curtains,   lira-
final  arrangements  are not yet c.mi- peries and Fixtures, at C. B. Hume .(.-
pleti-d, the contract with automobile Oo's,
firms lor a lirst class cur ie practically
n.i-.lsloln) l.i.inl District.
Ill -ii,.: „i Wi'sl Ks.i.l.'imj.
I'nke notice Uml 1,   ('   It. Lamb nl  .Ilnue-
|.'lis. oucutiatiou  null owner,   Intends  to-
ci'lv Ior i.i-riii (-i.si.jii to lairiluist. tlio inllinvitiK
. -iiil.,.,1 lonil.
Coniiii'onolng hi a j.u-st I'liiiu.'i in the- -aiiuli
ins'i' ill  .nt   7048  mul   srrihisil • 0. R.
tuiatli-i'ti-'t  oornor  post,"  (heuoo -u
Iniiii- nurli), ilii'in-... "ii i-lm ins i\f.st. . lumps _u
iiiii south, llicnco :!!> olialns eo.-i to iintiu ot
pnrlaiit   conventions  does  not arguel ""nnnenuomeutaiidooataliilng Wuoros moro
thai   tlui   would  have ' covered' tho| uiiakcky ttoutsin* luib,
ii. li   *. Willi,, .netii.
I November llllb, iwn
'paper which prints lho news when il
's ui m-' .--inl a unci in the convon-
ti' n i" wire reports Of course that!
form uf newspaper ent .rpri.c is more
expensive limn home made, special
di-epatchas, still it is real enterprise..
I'i.e in.,:n,er in which the luc.ul dailies | J,*,'
have fnileil to do justice  to other im
OST- -Bi'lweiMI Posl  (llll  r and .Me.
school it unices' convention hull us well
as did the Kevelstoke Mail Heiudii
When the lust fruit  growers
lion was held here the fact was  *■ irely 1 ii   Plinil's residencr,  n fur ■ PetDluii
mentioned in any of the daily   papers I hnnh collar,    Finder please  leave at
md   the  vsrious   pipers   rend   never,
would have got t" tin  public except in i
u hilaled printed report,  had   not the'.
columns of the Saturday sunset given '    Chrysanthemums,   Carnations und
them stri-illv " other Out Flowers supplied   by J.T.
I Bealby, NelBou, B. C, (P.O. Box 897.)
■niveii-1  I   I
barely   1 J
'    I.nn'
Mail Ifl'iuAi.n,
Cut Powers
i.;. Board of Trade lust uight passed
i resolution rec .mmending that the
City   Council   be   usked   to   take
ll it is quality yuu ure looking for
see Hobson A Boll for good fresh
raisins, currants und peels.
Plain   sewing   done   al   reasonable
prices.    Apply   by   letter  or   call   Oil
. _be_cite vote ol  the people at tin   fj^. S. Bickerton, Douglass street,
same time as poihn^ loroivic eleotionB
in January on tbe following sites for a      Our   navel   and   .lap oranges bave
I   -    Hce and  governmeut   building, arrived and are very line.   Order early
un  First strict und Campbell   nnd get the best at Hobson A B< IPs.
Fresh Cul  Berried Holly, Mistletoe,
Out  Flowers.   Greenhouse Plants  iar
ivei.tii opposite the club, uud on the
northwest corner of First street and
'• vernment road, near the English
/St' -   o ~-y^cA
In 'be mutt, r   ol   public  impr ivi ■
ts    win ther   civic,   provincial or
I,: • i ,i -.-    il    tiling.-  (ni
tions  il the city must be i"oki d
\   leading   citizen was heard ti
.    .rk when discussing the post  .(Iiei   ■
,it( (bet   ,t   was  no use building it si
Take notice that n sin iny of the
Court of Revision to hear .anil detor-
mine any complaints or appeals
agalnsl the assessment of rates or
frontage lux proposed lo be levied
and imposed on the lands or real property affected uuder the provisions of I
By-law No. 125, being known its
"Local Improvement Sidewalk Assessment Bylaw Nu. 125, 1009," will be
held in the Citv Hall at the Oily of
of Revelstoke, on .MONDAY, lhe' lib
day of January, 1009, at the hour of
8 o'clock in i he afternoon,
A statement showing the   land   ur
real property liable to pay the assess
ment therefor and the nam t  iin-
owners theieof as far us the same can j
he ascertained and lhe proposed assessment .nul report thereon of the
City Clerk are now on We in the office
of the City Olerk and open to inspec-
lion in all persons during office bonis.
Christmas, Henrys Nurseries, dOlO A.nd further take notice that all no-
Wi'stiiiiiieter Bond. Vancouver,  B. C.ltiues of   appeal shall be served on the
For Christmas and New   Vear   inn,-  ^'<\ "'" 'I'" .M....i.-i|...l •' icil
Railwav etg-   '' ■
Be Your
nt   uur  store  during   the
t WO weeks.
Watches, (Hocks, Jewelry,
Silverware, Cut 'llnss,
China, Leather Goods,
U mbrelliis, Novelties, etc.,
is at your servict for the
selection? of Christmas
All Goods Marked
In Plain Figures
Twenty year* catering to
the Christinas wants of the
people of this cily have
.shown us what tbcv want
nnd we think we have it.
Come and See.
I. Guy Barber
Gifts £
Our selection ot" (JhriHt-
inns Gifls for men never was
larger or more varied.
Study this brief list for
a few moments and see if
we can enter to your wants.
Watches, Rings, Chains,
Charms, Lockets, Scurf
Pins, Guff Links, Toilet
Sets, Military Brushes
Travelling case, Gillette
Safety Razor, Razor
Strops, Shaving Brush,
Shaving Cup, Umbrella
Emblem Pins, Clocks,
Pipes, Cigar or (lignra-
etle ('use, Match bolder
Etc., Ktc.
). duy Barber
What Shall
Give Her?
is the question of the day ni present and this is the store
to help you out of ymir diflloulty, whether it ha for young
or old, large or small. Ki member there are only eight
'•hopping days left hi fore Christmas nnd you will be wise
to avoid the linul rush. The store is full of sensible, useful
practical pleasing presents, but remember, the prettiest
always go lirst.
Oive liter Some Handkerchiefs
We  have  an   immense  variety  to choose (rom in Lawn,
Linen unit Luce. Some lovely little boxes with six
handkerchiefs from 35i, io $1 f*0.
Give Her a Pair of Gloves
and lie sine they are Fowncs, either line kid or warm liner!
ones with fnr wrists. II you do not get the right si/.e wc
will exchange them. Every pair of gloves put in n prottv
gift box,
Give Her a Dainty Collar
This promises to be fl very popular gift this eeiiBon Riui we
huve tbo very newest styles. Every luily appreciates a
pretty piece of neck wear, und we have pretty boxes to put,
th<-iii  in.
Give Her a Useful Fur
This is one ol Ihe things that every woman delights
in possessing. Lots ol beautiful furs bere to choose from,
al  kinds, at uncommonly low prices.
Give Her a Pair of Slippers
Tiicy arc made lm _
liuie n larg" variety
ml looks and s-lid comfort, aud we
in   nil   sizes  fur   ivonn n, girls and
. *_.-_..*_ tj-.s-T-^aua-.   ...j. __-.!.?,*..__***-.._•.»-. Milln .lawful.-** -
,.ii'h ('"iu i "t  Re-
ays  the  Canadian   Pucihc   Kailway    .», , '
.  .    .     \ Is 11 s|I.
announces u rate ol lure uml oiie-tiorii      _y,i_ed this I2tli December, IIK18.
for  the  round   trip     Tickets on sale HRUl l    \   I  VWSON
City Clei k,
:: -J I
r  28,
Etna   :■
,    - ".   rd. was dead and   20,30 and 31 and January J    ti e-      Bias   I ■  Carpel
., j    Th|,|. jj, | turn limit on all tickets Jsnuary   ith,  splendid  I
• nly   waiti  g
, .....;   i    lie tolerated in a city
it is 1    k   •-   ... pi '|_rese ami devi I-
pu.. DI
A very si     ■ --• ai ul wa
a-i    uight   in   the   Methi
I  Christmas
I   ring      \ mige (.' ■  ber ol people,
.'....:. ani1
others "''it  uini  purlici|   ti
■■ -   .   ies,    A   -p.< a lid   pn
_    ,. - ■   i en by tl
: ■      '"hi     ipp •
ips I -'   .   i ,!-'' It o thi
■   - lorn
.-, ni-i'.
pi i ening   prnvei
.   I • i
■ '• . it  ii .   pro*
.    . artiste . -   cei
-   k     mill   I
■ operetta    I obasco   l_snd   si
...       ii  usi    • iiuorro*    i .  i
. .;,     rhe i   ■■ md im idi n
I .... i .■   attractive    tl i
Ipal parts t. ip|
snd supported by a strong i        -   I   •
program mi   -    sri      I
llolis   and    ll.''    \ "'":'   I'e  ,  '
:■     .     i« auspices the    i" i
. tn || ' ■ log ; ■ .' eed bars -i in i
....   tbi    snteri liomeni
         i iidir im able leadership
Miss Creigbtoi  •: • opsretls should
provi      cban  lag   i venlog's   smosi
ii •
Bi   - in     i I   i its ' '     ir si ok o
-   '.' .niir- , i ,'., '-   I'ickll   and   I
,     i .  -,.i.   .   || . . ...     I" ckl
md Table Colli rj    Bi isi i   li   -■'
Safety Br/ >r-   ind Higbl
li urne Bn -
-.... ,-,.p, re
jiit     -
mm®   i-
'v" "*•_:__
Drv ( .-.in. inin hlei
In ■-  Hem! ii k, III inch ;
,i i ...
I |c  ..ii coal mi i ii
lit>L. iii. and
68 50 per ton
'■1 ...
SS 7 5 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd
The Loading Cigar  S.orc
and Pool Room in the City
.:   ;..:■•   .I-Klj   ■'
.-:■    :■ -.''.-I. '..1'.
*.-T,'v l—v'A .-1.** "?S______V_fK>53|
'iV'!     P>   ''*-'■   '-"-■     ^W"^
.    -      .   y    .... .   .  _____oci. ^•"t'ssiiJ"
•i h  '/i
siei'jlt.   _'J    >_.
1 a*      ^
Give Her a Pretty Drawn Linen
Nothing is more acceptable, as no woman can lone loo
ninny. We have them for Tables, Sideboards, Hres-ers,
und Stands, lots of small centres, etc.
Give Her a Pretty Sofa Pillow
and when wo met ion tliese we want ynu to see our new
organdie covers with ribbon work. Tbey are now end
particularly handsome.
Give Her a Pretty Blouse,
in lace or silk. We have nil kinds and all sizes, and we
have some especial bargains in while and cream l.ice u'u'd
silk, that will please any lady.
II thescjhiuta are. not sullicicul, come in aud let us give
y_u some personal pointers. We have the right goods at
the right prices.
Don't Forget to Ask for Coupons
for the loll and Hear. We givo one with every 25c. cnsli
purchase, or I"tir on every dollar spent bere. This npp'ies
lo all bills paid ibis month.
k McLennan & Co,
Useful Xmas Gift:
For Men and B
I :,
,'.. ■
il   I
1 . I ,
,   . ; ,| i
I). K   Mi
i   \
Gold Watches Given Away
Sec uur window loi our I'rec Gilt of Gold
Watches. Ik-re is a chance to win a
handsome prize for cash purchases. Novel
competition Free for boys.
Men's Christmas Special
riunliinal in'I     lets    of     Unices,
\i m ll,nul.-. aud Cartel -. a gift
my iiiiiii will appreciate, priees
._ | .L*-".,  l.sO. '.'."II.
Curt LinUti
up In
I per pair.
In   lain l    luim  -
Kifl     780.,  *.!.  I.
a un", useful
.. 1.60, 1,76.
Muftiere und Nockacarf*
A  splendid  iumioiIiiioiiI   in   ull
h.ides uml  colors, froin ."lUe. up
io*it:i.7.'..   Full liii'ss Scarfs, the
Inlesl iliiug mil "ti-.""1) to B.75.
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
\ larger and more varit il
-toik than ever liefore,
Special Rocky Mountain
View < 'arils.
Christmai Posl Curds in
Tasty Calendars,
Lk '
I HIS  -l'A( I. [H  Hl',1,1) FOR
IH'SlNI'.ss  liKSl-KCTI'l l.l.v  HOLICITHID
Handki rr.hiefi
■ •
■ nb.
\ (rood   umbrella  u   ■ •
...     rule
i di 2B to *■! . •
.  i
Fancy 8hirt«
di ivi-i v ih a i ipi i'ni  and In nil
/.    f   11 to .11:1.7.1
I'uni . In -il noloi . 13,!_(),
I     ■" '..  i.i.   poi 1	
Fancy Vc.li
In  nil    li ub'.  li  sl'.io up io
'i.'iu Mat.', a handsome present,
I .ne •.   Hweatom  with vest eol.
lar, fiom $l.7s"i up In $1.7.1.
loiiuv waistcoats al 98.7ficaoli,
11.unl. .inn'   leathei    niitc
in.in .-ci.'i.i up to li0.1V)
Hand Crips |2,ri0 to |7,
Skating Boots
I'ur men  und   boyi
$:i and h:|.7."i
.'II        l/.l'S
Smokin-g Jackets
A iplendld line of Minokiiig und
House Jackets, (8 to 8,60
The dressy young iiiiiii will Ilinl
something lo please him here
iu   all   the    Inlesl    stiles   anil
shades froin Inc. up to #I, A
popular seller in  a fancy box,
(III ideal Kill     7-"u .
Christmas Shoos
230 pubs just opened lip, ull the
latest styles,    Sec them.
Stick Pine
\ good varlely.nl prices rang-
iiii. fiom niic. to 91,76.
Fancy Hoso
I'iiiii) hull' Iiijsc, cashmere, 43,
60, i"i. ninl 900i per pair,
Kid Cloves
In nil slices, iiiiliiieil, Moid lined,
or  Hue   Mocha silk   lined, coin
fiiriuhle uin! dressy, from OOo.
to .2.7,'i per pair.
Bath Robes
The latest Importation irom
New York, Hometliing new in
Rovelstoke, $1,73.1% 0,50, uui.
House Slippers
Ileal your feel ill a pair of our
comfortable house slippers, nil
sizes, $1 to %'A per pah'
Dancing pumps, fancy patents,
8ilk Underwear, Etc:
Fine sdk Underwear 96ur suit.
Unlil Fleece iinderweiiv $1    "
silk Pyjamas, tnl.30to..7.
Silk Night .Shirts $1, 1,60, 06,
Special Bargains in Clothing Until Christmas    ,
20 p.c. Discount off all Men's Suits       35 p.c. Discount off all boys' suits
■ I      x?:.'".- '-■■'." BBSS-SB ___-___! '-_'■--■-"'•'-"•■.--'-'- "J" ■-■■■   ■   --'-■-p-»s" i--     i.    .   ■■■■■■■.(. ■ ■ __-.-_-__■


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