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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Prioe, $60.00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
e Mail
New Wellington Coal
E. W.  B.  PAGET,   MclCenzie Ave.
Vol.  14.—No   95
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead antl Rovelstoke.
cent table
lady.    He
Rich Sparkling Cut  Glass
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/ Gift to a  Lady.     The tnagniti-
articles and toilet pieces are dear to the heart  of  any
shit married or maid.
Bon-bon dishes    $2 7n to $ A (10
Celery   trays
Fruit   bowls
Koch s vases
Water bottles
Nut bowls
Wine  sets
Water sets ■
I 50
li no
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(i (10
to 00
18 00
25 Ot)
80 OO
In   handsome   decorations,
delicately tin led.    Any piece
Richly decorated in dainty
colorings, Will make acceptable gifts.
Cup and saucer $ 1 50
Cream .nnd BUgar sel B 00
Five o'clock plates, each 75
if  this will be sure b
than please.
Bread and butter plates
Syrup jug and plate
Cuke plates
Comb and  brush tray
I'ream nnd sugar set
Salad bowls
Biscuit jars
llol water jug
Oocoa jug
Bon-bon dishes
English tea sets
$ 1 75
2 50
2 50
2 00
       I 50
3 00
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8 00
$ I 511 to   2 50
111 tldto 1(1 (K)
Dinner sets $10, .S12, $10 nnd _t>18
A better showing than ever ol the numerous small articles
and novelty pieces in Japanese, Herman, French and Limoges
Chinas.     The right Hue to choose for Christmas presents.
Everything packed by experts to insure
safe carrying. We will store anything purchased
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Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
A   Present   For   You   M
Let us make a few suggestions to you in connection with those
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Look Over This List
Sterling Siver Novelties, ('use
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Porks iu Ivory or Pearl, Fancy
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Ware. Soup Tureens.   Te a   Sets,
Fruit Boskets, Bullet DiHhes,etc
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ever seen in  British   Columbia.
If ynu want Good Goods, Good
Values und Good Satisfaction
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Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches or Agents at nil principal points in Oanada.
Agents in (Ireul Britain and United Slales- London, England,
Lloyd's Bauk, Ltd. Chicago First National Bank, Corn Exchange
Nalional Bunk, .entile—-Seattle National Bank, San Francisco -
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Bank. Spokane-Exchange Nation
al Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
outran! rale from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
For the Gents
For the Ladies
Rings, LooketS, Cuff Links,
Willi li   C-biii'in.-   and
Kelt Slippers, in all sizes.
Side and   Rack   Combs,
Chains, etc.
Purses, etc.
Kvery articlo guaranteed.
Kancy Hat I'ins.
See my Stook before buying elsewhere
MISS    A.     MA SEEN
Opposite Climax Hotel, First Street.
Important Matters of Local Moment Discussed—P.O. Site
A meeting of tho Board of Trade
was held uu Tuesday night with good
attendance. President F. B. Lewis
tcok tho chair. Minutes of previous
meeting were read and adopted.
A. H. Allen, manager of the Bunk
of Commerce, was proposed as a member by H. Cunningham Morris, seconded by W. N. Lawrence, and uuanlr
niously elected.
From Hon. F. W. Aylmer, acknowledging receipt of a resolution from
the board re their satisfaction in the
dsm construction in the Columbia at
this point.    Filed.
From H O. Barnbart, Irom Pennsylvania, requesting information re local
and district industries and products.
From W. J. Brandrith, enlisting tbe
assistance of tbe board in an endeavor
to procure a reduction in the freight
and express rates on fruit from B C.
to the prairies and from the Interior
of B. C to the coast.
L. M. Hagar stated that the present
rates were not consistent, citing instances: Sicamous to Winnipeg, 1,113
miles, 75c. to $1; Sicamous to Calgary, 325 miles, 70c. to 85c; Toronto
to Winnipeg, '2,200 miles, 55c. to 66c.
F. Young said that the board would
have to state to the railway commission that tlie rates here were not
C. F. Lindmark pointed aut that in
all probability the rates would be reduced next summer when shipping in
larger quantities would take place.
Moved by R. Cordon, seconded by
K. Tapping, that a committee consisting of Messrs. Lewis, Lindmark,
Hagar aud Lawrence be appointed to
look into this matter and draft a reply
to Mr. Brandrith according to their
finding, aud that this board also
wishes to express sympathy to any
movement in connection with the
loweriug of express aud freight rateB
on fruit and produce.    Carried.
From the Standard of Empire, requesting advertisiug by the board in
tbeir columns.
C. Lindmark suggested that in >ny
scheme for advertising Kevelstoke a
joint action between the board and
the council was best.
E. A. Haggen said that it would be
u good plan to co-operate with the C.
P, R. and the Dominion and Provin
cial Governments.
L. N. Hagar suggested that a cottage should be erected near the depot
containing samples ol products of the
district, discriptive literature, etc.
Others spoke in favor of a publicity
iobeme for the city as money well
The president eaid that tin Board
of Trade should have funds Ior advertising irom the City Council in the
form of an annual gruut or subsidy,
aud it was time the city wake up to
the marvelous possibilities
Moved by Hagar, seconded by
Lindmurk, that a committee be appointed consisting of Messrs. Hagar,
Lindmark, Haggen uud Lewis to look
into the most feasible plans for advertising lhe city and its attractions
and report to lhe hoard at its next
meetiug.    Carried.
K. Tupping suggested, among general business, that a lew lots iu lhe
city should lie reserved for a market
Mr. Liudmnrk replied that there
was land already for that purpose.
E. A. Haggen suggested thut I he
question of freight rates should be
taken up by the hoard with the railroad coinniissiou. The president concurred witb the idea that this wub important since the growth of Kevelstoke
di'iiaiideil better attention in that
direction. Mi. Lindmark said that
if wholesale houses were coming iu
here it was uecessary to have better
rates. Mr. Huggun said that the
grain trallic to tbe coast would be
very important to Revelitoke, which
would be a great junction point from
the Crows' Nest railroad. Revelstoke
would soon become a distributing centre.
Moved by Gordon, seconded by Lindmark, that a committee lie appointed
to enquire into lhe matter of freight
rates lo snd from Kevelstoke as a dis
tributing point. Carried. Messrs.
Lindmark, Liuvreiice, Vuung and be
(mix ware appointed as the committee.
Mr. Hagar pointed out that I. con
vention til fruit growers, buyers, wholesalers, etc., would be held in this city
on February 1 and 2, Iill)'.), and that
since the C. P, R. sud Dominion Express ollicials bad been invited and
ttuuld attend, lhat wai a good time to
discuss height rates.
A resolution was passed that tbe
board ask the city council for a grunt
ot $25 for the purchase of a book case
to hold the reference library belonging
to the board.
The que.tion nf a postollice site was
discussed, the boaid feeling that the
establishment of a government building would encourage the construction
of other large buildingB in the vicinity.
Moved by Haggen, seconded by
Hagar, thst the board recommends
lhat the oiiy council be asked to take
a plcbeecili . to of the people at the
civic election in January, 1909, on the
following suggested situe for a postollice and government building, viz: N.
W.corner of Fiist street and Government roud, and First street and Camp-
boll avenue, (opposite the Club) Carried. A copy ol the resolution w»b
sent to the city council.
The matter of the C.T. P. construction route was generally discussed,
Mr. Haggen pointing out that something could be done to save the government subsidy lor a tram rouud
Death Rapids.   '
Tbe president staled that the trum
would go in if the construction supplies were shipped via Revelstoke.
Mr. Haggen in reply to Mr. llagar's
suggestion, that intending settlers
should be made acquainted with the
amount of lauds available for settlement in tne district, eaid, very soon
the government would issue reports
of the recent surveys in this respect,
and the communication from outside
parties requesting information regarding the district, were disposed ol and
tbe meeting terminated.
Revelstoke Board of Trade Will
Take Up Question
The Revelstoke Boatd of Trade have
taken up the question again of freight
rates in respect to Revelstoke, and a
committee has been appointed to look
into same and report to lho board ub
early as possible, so that a petition
can be placed before the railway commission when visiting here. The
growth of Kevelstoke demands better
attention in this direction aud more
satisiac.ory rates would encourage the
advent of wholesale distributing
houses, as rightly pointed out at the
board of trade meeting. Kevelstoke
has every promise of being a most im-
poitaut junction and distributing
centre iu the near future and deserves
betler consideration than it has had
in the past.
The Victoria Colonist, in regard to
freight rates, says: "Nelson merchants
have reached a satisfactory agreement
with the C. 1'. Tl. over height rules
on goods to and from that territory.
It is stated tbat this will mean the.
saving of many thousands of dollars
to merchants and consumers. This
once again establishes the old maxim:
•ll you don't get what you want, ask
for it,' but it also shows that the
C.inadiun l'ucilic Railway is pursuing
a very geneious policy just now iu reaped to matters affecting the people
uf this province."
Surely if Nelson merchants can
secure their ends, Kevelstoke merchants can likewise gain consideration
ii i hey arc ununiinoiis iu deciding
what they want.
Charming   Operetta  by   Local
Young People.
A large audience tilled the Opera
House on Thursday night to witness
tho production of, " Tabasco Land,"
a Mexican operetta staged by the
Young People's Cleo Club. The caste
and chorus consisted of forty-live
promising young Thespians, who
faced the footlights us fearlessly as
the most, tried knight of the stage.
The piece was under tlie directiuu
of Miss M. E. Creighton, who has been
hard nt work for the past month or so
training the yuiing people. Tho programme consisted of a series uf solos
uiiei persed witli chorus work and step
dancing, this latter being daintily
executed, the young Bctors faithfully
carrying out the principles of tlieir
training. The Binging, on tbo whole,
was veiy creditable, some of the soloists having pleasing voices, showing
much promise. The comic element
was excellently carried out, the Indian
war dance being a very amusing
feature,and lhe chorus singing good
and blight. A chief feature of the
performance wus tbe magnificent display of costumes, which were really
excellent, each girl being charmingly
attired in Mexican, Chilauo and Spanish Btyle.
There was nothing to mar n most
pleasing exhibition, except the fict
that the performers wore not in every
case sure of themselves ou the stage,
being in many ways undecided a. to
what to do,
Much credit is due Miss Creighton
who has had considerable work in
training such a largo number of young
people, and the public cannot expect
too much stage precision on the part
of such young amateurs. lt is to he
hoped that the success gained bo far
by the Revelatoke Young People's
Glee Club will encourage them to
still further cll'orts, and the performance on Thursday evening cortaiuly
showed the talent lying dormant in
the youth of our cily.
Closing Exercises at Schools
Reopen Jan. 4th.
The schools closed yesterday ut noon
for tho mid-winter holidays In one
or two uf the higher rooma promotion
examinations wore being oompleted
in all the others exercises in keeping
with the season were carried out,
Most ol tbo trustees and many visitors
were present. Several ol Hie looms
wore gaily decorated and there wore
Christmas trees loaded with presents
Ior tbo little folk, Santa Claus was
on hand and oreated great excitement
in ono of the rooms by coming through
tho cold-air register. When ho disappeared by the same route many nf tho
little ones tried to follow him in order
to find out where he lived. Ono of
the pleusantest features of the occasion was tho evidence on overy hand
of the good feeling existing between
the teachers and pupils, the teachers
receiving many beautiful gifts as tokens ol the good will of their scholars,
When the oxeroisos were over the
teachers, trustees, and visit irs assembled in the principal's room, whore
the teachers presented Mr. T. Steed
with u handsome silk umbrella SB all
evidence of their appreciation of his
services. Appropriate addresses wore
made by tho trustees, the Rev, C. A.
Procunier, and the teiohers. The
schools will re-open on Monday, Jan.
4th. Tbo results of tha promotion
tests will probably be published on
Saturday, Jan. 2nd.
Wedding Bells
A wedding of considerable local interest will take place on Tuesday next,
December 22nd, ut Chilliwack, the
contracting parties being Miss Anna
Kipp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Kipp, of Westminster avenue, Chilliwack, and Russel D. Clark. C. P. It.
train ih spatchcr in the otlicos bore.
Miss Kipp is a sister of Mrs, A. J.
McDonnell, of Kevelsloke, and has
been a resident iu the cily for the past
two years. The wedding will take
place at tbe home of the bride's
parents. The happy couple are popular
! hero uud will make tbeir future here
I in Revelstoke. Tut: Maii.-Hkkai.ii
j iius in extending congratulations and
| lust wishes for their future happiness
Grip and Password.
At the last, meeting of Crystal
Temple No. 8, Pythian Sisters, the
following olliiers were elected for the
ensuing term:
P, C.—Mrs   Burridge.
M, E. 0,—Miss Somes.
E, s.—Mrs. Garland,
E, .1.—Miss Armstrong.
M. ol T.—Mrs. Somes.
M, of F.—Mrs. Cook.
M. of It. and C.—Mrs. Bennett.
P. of T.—Mrs. Agnew.
o G,—Mrs, Gordon,
i.o. it.
Last   Monday   evening   Court Mt.
Begbie   3401,   held   their   election ot
J ollicers   for   lho   year 1909,  with the
■ following result
I'. 0, R— VV. G. Garland.
0. R.—C. Hail,
V, C R—H. II  Maundrell.
Ilea Sec—11. W. Edwards.
Fin. Sec—B, F.Cayman.
T'reas—G, Bell.
Orator— H. McKinney.
!_. W.—0. F Austin.
J. VV.—F. BatoB.
S  11—S, McMahon.
Court Dep—T. Smith.
Court I'hy.—Dr. Sutherland.
After the work a banquet brought
the evening to u close.
Union Christmas Service
The congregations of St. Andrew's
and Knox I'resbytcriun, Methodist
and Baptist churches will meet in tbe
Uuptisl church nn Christmas morning
at 11 o'clock, iu a union Ciiristmas
sarvieo. Rev. C W. Culdor will preach.
Music will bo provided hy a union
choir. The members ol tbe different
choirs are invited to meet in thcvcBtry
bolorn tho sorvioe.
Men's Service
Tho usual men's gathering Suuday
at I o'clock in tho Ry. Y. M. C. A.
After a half hour of singing the Rev.
W, 1'. Freeman will make a brief address,   Tbo service is open to all uicu,
To Set Before You
Is waiting for you here in
the shape of a nice set of
crockery. There are complete sets and odd pieces
such as Dishes, Plates, Cups, Saucers, Toilet Sets,
Pitchers, Bowls, Basins, in the best makes of English,
French, German and Austrian ware. Glasses of all kinds,
Tumblers, Decanters, Table Sets, and some very choice
pieces in Cut Glass. You will lind this a good opportunity to stock up your china closet and kitchen, or get
presents for your friends.
Xmas Groceries
Our Christmas Groceries are coming in. We have a
complete new stock of Raisins, Currants, Peels, Shelled
Almonds, Walnuts, Fruits, Nuts and other Seasonable
Goods; while in such staple articles as Flour, Ham, Butter, Fggs, etc., a trial will satisfy you that the quality of
our goods, and our prices are right. Let us have your
order for Christmas Groceries.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
Present yourself
a new suit
Mr Swell Dresser.
|    _h;£T_rr.;
Mr. Swell Dre-).--cr would like to receive as
presents, tilings he could wear. He likes Neckties,
and you can buy swell ones for him from us.
He likes mufflers, and needs one.
For  his dress  suit   he  would  like a pair of
Mlk Suspenders.
He could use a tine Pair of Gliives.
And Mr. Swell Dresser will know that the
present you buy for him is the best you can get in
this town if that bears the name of
.Fit Reform Clothing.
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-lip Capital,$1 0,000,000
alex. laird, oen. Mgr      Reserve Fund,   -  6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States snd England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of 11 and Upwards are received anil interest
allowed at current rates, nnd paid twice yearly. Accounts
may be opened in the names 61 two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the number or by the survivor.
Helpful Hints for Xmas Shoppers
Our store is aglow with the spirit of Christmas. Tables heaped with great bargains. The useful is combined with the ornamental in this superb array of holiday merchandise. Useful things make the best kind of Christmas Gifts. Our lines are all that
kind. Shop early. Buyers who often go away dissatisfied with the things they have bought, chiefly because they did not know
what, to buy, will have no difficulty in knowing what to buy after a visit to our store.
yr''W^ __	
^;~ _^0      This   Store   Open EnJery   Evening   till   10  O'clock^ until after the Hviiday*s
Keen Cutting
Case Carvers
Deliciously flavored, nice looking turkey will taste all tbe
better for being properly carved
and served. The carvers we
sell are only best steel hand-
forged blades. Here arc a few
of our Christmas specials :
Three-piece sets, fancy stag
handles, sterling silver ferrules
and caps. Saracenic blade, in
silk and plush lined Morroco
leather case Per case $8
The same in a five piece     S10
I X Ij carvers, Saracenic
blades, White Celluloid handles, in plush lined cases $H
Same in IStag handles *_,
FISH CARVERS in Celluloid and Pearl, in fancy plush
and silk lined cases §6,50; $10
scissors in leatherette
cases. 3 pair to case, linker's
l.est brand •">, 3.25, 3.50
ivory, pearl,celluloid, siag and
.-ilver handles       75c. to $2.50
Cabinets of
Table Ware
Silver plated knives and
forks, fancy blades, celluloid
handles, in silk lined uak
cases $18.50
Same with pearl handles    $20
Fancy case of table ware in
French grey finish, William
Rogers make containing (i
plated knives and forks, (> dessert spoons, (> tea spoons, 1
butter knife, 1 sugar shell,
beautiful silk lined case     "515
Fruit  knives   in  leatherette
silk lined cases, ivory handled
set of six $.50 and -1.00
Same, pearl handles   sfi and 6
" sterling silver handles $li."iO
Sugar shells, sterling silver,
one in case $2 and 2..50
lako knives, silver plated.
serratod, pearl handled     .'..00
Meat forks, silver plated, one
in box 1.00 and 2.00
Kerry spoons, silver bowl   2.00
gold bowl    3.00
Christmas Skates
Nothing will please a boy ur
girl more than n pair of good
skates for Ninas. We have no
other kind:
Automobile skates, light,
strong, beautiful, blades nickel
steel, tops aluminum, impossible to break, guaranteed 5.00
Without aluminum tops 8.50
Hockey club "Iir-. Favorite 1.50
Peerless, ladies' favorite 2.00
Beauty, uur ladies' best o.OO
Spring skates Sltoi!.50
Silver Plated Ware
The Standard Silver Co.'s
ware stands for all that's gooil
in quality, rich in design, and
nil that cm be desired by tho
discriminating buyer:
Three piece tea sets 7.5O
Four       "       " 1..00
"    with tray   §85, 40
Candlesticks 3 50 to 17.50
Butter dishes 2..so to ...00
Bon Bon dishes       7..c. to 'i.i"
Biscuit ,lars .'i.jo and -l.oo
Cake baskets ti.50 to S.oo
Does He Shave?
Make bis Xmas 11 happy one
by giving him one of our easy
shaving Safety Razors. Read
the bargains we offer:
Hiver Ready set, nickel plated
12 blades, leatherette case,   *1
Gillette's Safety, 12 blades,
triple silver plated bandies,
leather case 5.00
Special offer—1 English razor, shaving brush, strop, cake
soap, bevel plate mirror     2.00
Art in China Ware
A most elaborate display of
all the dainty wares in which
the tasteful housekeeper takes
a pride. All the best English
makes including Coal port. Royal Crown Derby, Royal Worcester. Copeland, Aynsley. Wc
also have a splendid line of
that ever popular china from
the I'ouycts and other famous
makers in Limoges, France;
and a beautiful assortment of
Japanese band-painted goods.
Special Sale of
Wedgewood Goods
We have an exceptionally
line line of this popular waro
which we bought at prices that
would not. bu considered today
at all, and arc thereby enabled
to offer them to tbe citizens of
Revelstoko und vicinity at
prices at least 25 per cent below the cost price of tliese
goods today. Listen to some
of our prices and you will bo
convinced that these ure genuine holiday bargains:
Tea Pots 2.o0
Cream Pitchers 1.25
One pint .lugs I 25
Two " " 2.50
Toilet. Trays 3 00
Vases 75c. t.25, 1.00
7.00 and 8.00
Jardinieres, 2.50, 3.00
Ash Travs 75c
Jewel Boxes 1.00, 1.25
Hair receivers       L.50
Any one of the above enumerated articles would mnke.ati
appropriate and . inexpensive
\mns gift.    Look them over.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Limited 1
Libbey cut glass is as
cheerlul as sunlight as
beautiful as a llower.
Made in a great variety
of designs, and for all
uses it is practical as
well as ornamental. A
few pieces of cut glass
give aij air of richness
and elegance to a table,
and is sure to be appreciated by any woman of
taste. A few prices arc:
Bon Bon dishes
Celery dish (i...O
a gem 8.50 .
Bowls        '8.50
arge,to 12.00
Olive dishes'..00
Oil bottle 6, 6.50
Cream iV* sugar
sets 7.504to 10
Tumblers, JJench
Vases 4.00 to 9
•'    12 inch at
Make some lady
happy by giving
her  a piece of
Lihby cut gluts
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To
Zhe _1Da__*1bcval&.
PUBUSHKn  WKtiXl.s_li.-ii' ANI
Call and E,jcamine Our StocK.
Goods Carefully Pacfted and Shipped
Barristers, Solicitors"  Etc
Supreme an_ Exchequer Court
\gents. Prai ticc in Patent
Oflicc    and   befoie    Railway
Hon. Charlks.AIi rphy, M.r.
Harold Fishbb.
ti • -. -.. .   toi i. eti.
KKVEl.STOKE .Mi lltlll'T I.AKK IJ. O,
■   ■.      , ,  C. Ellin
i     . ...   i-i i.. ,-. Bank In ilium. 1;km-i
es, li. O,
; .     :. -..   take, BI,   I   si.br.olt, li i.
Ii     .. S.  " .'   .'"-I.K
s      _     ,'.-   .WH. J. A    H.lllVKV.
(M _o I      ,.■-.-.!..       I
.  M BceU LL
tuTT   .V-    isni(''!~
W. I. Brings.
iams Ftanos
neaci ol the list
l'i.UKIS    ill    till-
tne fii.
li uninion.
learn  a   lesson irom the children.
Far more than the child's realization of  Christmas  joy should ours
| be.      The   child's   heart is full of
j love   ami    its   Mann   nature fresh
from   God  and full of  divine ten-
dernese    and  sympathy   encircles
with love all who come into kindly
touch with it.    "A liltle child shall
end them.'' and   at this Christmas
let the child's joy beam and let the
. • etisi    if that  wondrous message on Christmas morning till our
:. ...,? with overflowing gladness.
i'liesc High Grade I'i.u.'
payment plan      A payn I   I
itiful instruments in     ur 1
the CHASE .v  BAKER 'and   ANGEL
-   . ere.
and see tlie i.ev.  u\
Barristers, So u itobs, K
Monk?      Loan
SOLICITORS K"lt  M'.i.-n-.'-  Dank
Reveistoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Fi mt £
.:■■:■ «,0_     li-'
.v.ni, il Laud S ,i vi-yi.i,
Min i a H irveyi i
I.- ■ ■ seiing
.'■!   Ki''-'"T   AVK'HT.
H"X 1",.  Ki.s i L8TOKH
,\   In hotel,   Apply to Mall-Herald
. '".if. tc
I-uilt  SALE*  Ant Rhl  Heater,   self
r    feeder, Pri •• 113— Applv  mail-
llv.KAI.ti, dcc'i
I IOR   SALE   One    bedi    suite,
i    nls,ii i.in- three-tjuartei  Iron bed.
All in tb it   il iss  conditioD,    ( .in be
ii bel ween 1" a.m.  and 6 p.tn,   Ad
- IMI, Bol 7_0.
Men should
look for this
Tag on
Tobacco, it
guarantees the high quality of
Black Watch
Tbe Bio Black Plug.
rn' all ou
iv Ht   UKN'T   Residence   of J,   M.
r    Scott.   Apply to Scotl .t Hiign-.
1"-1   B-i.iv.i n Posl Office aiid Mc-
j   Phail's residem e,   i fui    Pel lai
' unb 11.11 ii      I'mdei   pleoi
M .ii.IIkuai.i..
Zbc flfoa.l-lberafo
Tl,flrn ll ", much hail in tt,si In, t •>! HI
Aliil so murti K'soil in Uih sViriL ,,f n
Thai It hsiS'lly b^lnw,... miy .,f D I
To Ulk «li-silt ths r .-it 'if nJ
Hut S|nii^-
VV    Hot Springs, thoroughly coin.
I" tent dininK renin unities.; board,
" is-hing ati'l room, wag'-- W per
t: .inth. -II. Miliit's-li. Prop.
, _ s     At thia festive i-eason of  the your
,it   ll.div. iii ' with all   its   plca:-nnla automations
WANTED   Bedroom? to let furnished, board il required, terms
!' i ite.   Apply A. ti.uii, lib street,
corner "f HcBenele Ave.      oct94 lm
it would be amiss to refrain from
mingling in the sentiment of the
imotional which should Iill oach
and every heart in Ibis prosperous
oiimtntiiiity. We fully believe that
the  Heavenly  ineHstigo associated
As   .(  season consecrated to the
'.. rosity    forgiveness,
and      I will  and all
-ni b nets stand for,
•   ■   •'"ruled.       Long
- nf      mg men, gem Ic
ving ch    . ■■ .   kneel
.'..•' :   . -I .      IIO       if
: :..•    ■   • .-..;•::; iro   - and
:  • .• ■  ii    ring1.
' ■ • :i ' he heart
■ ■ far imi
ty foi
thi ranee of
■ '■        Lin
I ,.       A' :
■   tl con
may   si li  man
..   •■ and hum in
he   great   li. ide on
'nr-' ii. i-   Day, and   heart   in-ain
witli iieart   in ction in thll
great    festival   of   rejoicing.     The
• - ,f lo '■ devotion  and affection
if   mor    firm j   strengthened at
tin" season   and   Ibe better side of
human nature   is   shown in every
[ word and aotion,     With foil con-
fideia" ■ benifii ent influences
of  Christmas  Day, that tbe loving
I made  Great Britain, Europe and »'"ive &™ l" H» w"rl'' on that
the   United   states   a very Merry flret Christmas morning ie growing
Chrietmas, '" ""  '"'ar,'u  of  '""" people, our
______ earnest   desire  in that Ravi litoke
.. may enjoy the very bent nf peace,
Peace on earth, good will l'i men!
iiii .     i     ,,    un ii   prosperity and happiness.
should be our natural motto   With •
man   it  ifl the victory over selfish
new, self interest and uncharitable
nos"   anil   niivyings, and   at.   this
time We should.     The littlo ohlli
in anticipation ol  lho happiness in
probably erroneous conclusion, trying
all the time to remember what ban
been going on during tbe year in order
to be able to say something. He hears
talk round the street corner, tbe great
public meeting [mint, where ali the
big transactions take place, and lets
bia tickle mind be swayed by plausible
talk, and the .opposed short-comings
of the administration going out ol
business, and agrees with himself that
be ivnntti a change, as il a change wns
nn infallible remedy for all ills, One
oannot help being a little suspicious
ol men who are no good that they are
cla coring for the Simple Gospel to
serve Mammon tor six days in the
week and then listen to a  little   quiet
administrations seem to be the proper
thing in tbe mind oi a deluded public.
Why cannot a community havo a
mind of their own and speak it?
An Essay on Man
Man  that  is born  of a  woman  is
small potatoes and  lew in a hill.    He
rises up today  and  flourishes like a
ragweed,  and  tomorrow  or  the next
dsiy  the   undertaker  balb  bim.    Ho
gocth forth in the  morning warbling
1 like a lark nnd is knocked mil in ono
■ round and two secon 's.   lu llie midst
i of life he is  in  debt and the tux col-
! lector pursues him wherever ho goeth.
'The banister ol life is full of splinters.
._'"'.-'.',!V* -•"•:      -VT"■""-
.   ■    •    -   ime
ng to      rselves
— is   to givi than   o
• i .•   ■      i.nng in.'      '      ■ as be
i*'■■ i   and   the     message
|brings sink  deeper each year into
our   hearts.     Petty    ealous
personal spite should be forgo  -
and a genial feeling of friendship
be established  among  us.   Th
a happy time  in the true sense of
tiie word   and  it is in no ordinary
conventional manner licit the Mail
Hihai.I' wishes  all   its readers in
Kor   eleven   months   prsotlottlly in
ths year tlio average citiP.nn shows ab-
I solute  indifferenot  to civic politics,
t'*f,'i: "' ' l»'i-i''.*"- ■"    ' " r 1Dd Is generally spsthetlo as to what
a city OOUnoil dues or duos not do. At
Store for bim) Christmas is ohhcii- j tho last minute he wakes up and boars
tlally a child's day yot we all may j the rest of   the story, and   jumps to a
sermon on Sunday. The simile is
only tOO patent! If tbe citizens refniin
from tiiking an active interest in clean
politics and do not support the men
when tbey are electetl and who do
their best fnr the community, tbey
Hr« responsible lor the evils wbicli
wreck » cily In too many oasis does
a oity council suffer for tbe wrong
doings of Others, and receive iibuso
■• • I.en abuse is not due. Few civic
oiiiciiiis there are wbo, after having
served n t'-rm in tlm council, ran really
say that tbey Imve public opinion
booking    'h«'ni   Up,    Tbe public is tbo
most tickle thing on the  face ol tbe
tarth nud tbe m ist easily swayed,
while conclusions are jumped at when
the spark ol sectional diiitntlon ignites   tlie  ohsrgfl.   We   wonder bow
many mayors nnd boards of aldermen
in Knvolslokc have really come up to
the expectations ol the public after
being circled; we vonture tn say not
ono, and there never will be. Unjust
aoouiations hurled at the hssd of city
and ho slidelh down witb considerable
rapidity. Ho cometh home at eventide anil meetetb tho wheelbarrow in
bis path. It rieotb up and miittth
him to the earth, and fnllelh upon
him, and runneth one of its legs iuto
his ear. In the general springtime
ho |iiitl<l 11 on his summer clothes,
and a billiard strikcth him far Irom
home nnd lilleth him with ours words
and rheumatism, He lmyoth a watch
doc mul when he cometh home from
the club the milch dog trceth him,
and sittoth near him until rosy morn.
He goeth to the racecourse and hot-
tetb his money on the bmwu mure,
and the buy gelding with a bla/c (ace
wionetb. He marriotb a rcd-heuded
heiress with a wart on hor nose, ai.d
the next day the parent ancestor
K'H'th under with a crash and great
linhilitirs, and cometh home to live
with his I .loved son-in law.
Keep Tooting Your Horn
If you toot your little tootei and
then lay aside your horn, there's not
a bouI in ten short days will know
that you were bom. The man who
gathers pumpkins is the man who
plows ull day, and the man who
keeps a humping is the man who
makes it pay, Tho man who advertises with short and sudden jerk, is
the man who blames the editor because it doesn't work. The man who
gets the business has a long and a
steady pull, and keeps his trade and
local paper Irom your to year quite
full. He plans his advertising in a
thoughtful, honest way, and keeps
forever at it until be makes it pay.
H has faith in nil tbo future, cun
withstand a bankrupt stock, and like
a iiiiiii of scripture lias his business ou
a rock.
An Amusing Letter
i     I'he following letter, with only lhe
1 names changed, was lately received by
n bicycle iiini from one if thoir cui-
tomors in a little village,    lt rend-:
mister t  j. j mes und com pa nee
notro dame street.
Mont.i ul
Deer stir:—1 rcocev do bickol witch
i by fen'" i  -Ms"  but for why ynu
diint send me ii .i stub I. wnt is do use
of do bieykel when sho dont have no
BRib.l. lui lose to me Biy customers
«i e  nu);   by no Iniviiij! de siidcl   and
d.ils not very ploasur to me. wat is
de matter will you mt, t. j. ji.nos ami
ciimpnnee'i is nut my moneys so good
like auiiuder mnns'.' you lose to mo
my trade and I am very angry for dat
and now i tolls to you twat you aro a
dam fools snd uo good mister t. j.
jones and companec. I send to you
baok at wince your bieykel tomorro
Ior sure hecawse ye aro a dam foolishness peoples.    Yours respectfulleo
J. B. Drums.
I'. 8.—Blnce 1 rite dis letter 1 find
de sadel in do box; exouse me.
Children's  Warm   Dresses   at   hall
pries st McLennan's.
Cut Fiowers
Chrysanthemums, Carnations and
other Out Flowers supplied by J, p.
Bealby, Nelson, B.C., (P.O.Box 897.)
Special to the Public.
From 10 a.m. tu i! p m. these short
duys ure the best hours to have baby
or group photos tukc.i. No objection
to cloudy weather during tliese bourn.
Kxpurioiico of moro than IH years, not
at travelling photographer, but stationary in Eastern ciiini has proven
this fully to tue. Studio open overy
day ill the year in Kevelstoke and lot
Retell tola people, " sec my special
K. F. TogiM, 1'hotogrsph.r,
Suggestions for Christmas
Don't put off biding to the Last Minute       Buy Useful Presents
Christmas Skirts
In navy aud brown, good value
at $10, special Christmas price $ fi
Unusual cutting in prices. Black
Moriclte, sateen, etc., deep flouncing, dust rullle, regular prico $1.50
and $2 Now $1.00
Ladies' Blouses
At sale prices.     All  wool Canh-
mere, Lustre  and   Fancy  blouses
Regular prices were $2  and 2.50,
Christmas price $1
Handsome Mantles
Emphatic Reductions. Christmas
sale prices. These arc new styles
and this season's goods. If we
have your size we will make the
price lo suit your pocketbook.
Golf Jackets
LadieB Coif Jackets in all colore,
Norfolk styles.
Misses' Golf  Jackets—to  fit girls
from 10 to 15 years-, regular §2.50
Now selling at $2
Dainty Waists
In Net, Lace and Silk. The unusual low prices presented make
this an offering that should cause
every woman o make note of it
Prices from $2 up
For the Children
Winter coats and dainty silk
dresses at Christina? sale prices
Collars and Belts
Just arrived for the Christmas
trade. Nice assortment, new and
dainty good.
Our assortment of good umbrellas
is perhaps the best wo bave ever
shown. Ladies' and gentlemen's
umbrellas, best tape edge, gloria
and silk covered. Beautiful showing of line handle.'-'—gold plate,
sterling silver, all guurauteod—
Prices range from $1.50 to $6
We have thousands of them, from
children's picture handkerchiefs
to the finest embroidered linen.
Fancy Useful Gifts
We have a large range of inexpensive articles, such as, Leather
Bags, Children's fancy leather
bagr. opera bags, necklaces, comb
sets, wool jackets for the babies,
fancy bibs, garters, cushion tops,
linen centre pieces, etc.
Furs ! Furs!!
Lntlies' sets, children's sets, odd
neck ruffs and muffs, shoulder
oapes in sable and seal.
Regular price $35 now $15.00
Xmas Goods for
Men and Boys
Fancy braces, ties, cashmere scarfs
cuff links, armlets, sweaters and
cardigan jackets, Smoking coats,
men's suits at $16.50, sale price
$11; men's overcoats $12, sale
price $7; boy's heavy warm over
coats, long length, $3; boy's reefer
velvet collars at $2.50; boy's
tweed suits at $2.50.
Boots and Shoes
We can offer you some exceptional valueB and all goods are
Kid Gloves
Nothing more appreciated by lad)
or gentleman, than a pair of good
kid gloves.
Dress Goods
20  per.  cent  discount on all our
Christmas dress goods.
Blankets, etc.
Full size white blankets i-eliiiig at
$3 "o per pair
Trimmed hats, regular prize ""-.IO,
Christmas sale prize $5.00. These
hats are new and of the up-to-
date fashion, and you can rest
assured of receiving double value
for money invested in this line
of goods.
Shop Earljr
Shop  Early"
MAUNDRELL—At Kevelstoke, B C, on
Tuesday, December 16th, to Mr. and
MrB. H. R. Maundrell, a son.
Local and General.
Hon. R. G. Tatlow, minister of finance and agriculture for B C. is en
route for Canada.
J. B. Cressman is putting on a fine
new billiard room to his handsome
residence on First street.
The Rev. W. C. Calder has surli-
ciently recovered from his illness to
resume his work on Sunday.
A livery man would make a good
politician for be would huve good
stable qualities and plenty of horse
The children of St. Andrew's Sunday School will hold their Christmas
festival on Wednesday evening, the
23rd inst.
We understand tbat J. Laraeu of
Downie Creek it. about to enter into
tlie blissful state of matrimony in a
very short time.
Wc have noticed that u man enn be
a professional loafer, a sin cost-fill idler,
witb less braius than arc r.quirrdin
nny other profession.
Patting yourself on the back and
making voursell believe that yon nre
heller tnan your neighbor dot" nut increase your stature one bit in the
A. H. Allen, manager nf the local
branch of ihe Canadian li.mk of Commerce was unanimously electid a
member of the Board of Trade latt
Tuesday night.
Crystal Temple No. 3, l'ythian
Sisters, have arranged tn hold n dance
in the Opera House on Wednesday,
February 17tb, 1909, Detnils will be
announoed later,
A dunce will be held iu the drill hail
un New Year's eve, Thursday, December 31, under the auspices of K company, R. M. It. Tickets, gentlemen,
$1; extra lady, 50c.
Some inquisitive man asked us yesterday why the man who waters bis
milk is put iu jail while the man who
"waters" trust stock is called a great
financier and allowed to go round at
"Do not lose sight of the fuel for a
moment that this district, iu tho nature of things, must come to the frout.
and that right speedily, and tbat Revelstoke is the leading city ol a progressive district,
Friends who would like to make
small donations to a "Christmas
hainpor" for thoso to whom Suuta
Claus may not come, will kindly send
them to Rev. J. R. Robertson before
Christmas Pay,
Wm, Whyto has boon dismissing
with 11. C. olliciiiln at Winnipeg the
better handling of fruit in this province, lt is pruposed to build large
barges for use on the inland lakes and
rivers, running cars ol Iruit directly
unto the burgos, which will bo pushed
by steumers to connect ng rail points.
Cars eau thus be loaded with great
care. The first will be put into commission ncit season, Cnpt. Gore ol
Welt-on bu ths matter in obargs.
The 1 itest addition to the lubjr
saving devices in Burns' meat store
here is a Sterling hum sheer, made in-
New York. This machine cun cut
hum slices in thickness from tissue
paper to inch blocks.
The Mail Herald extends to the
Victoria Daily Colonist its hearty congratulations on its Fiftieth Anniversary, celebrated on Sunday last, and
express a wish that' that enterprising
journal may long live to continue in
the good work it is doing for tlie
Thursday night was the coldest yet
tbis winter, the thermometer registering 1 degree above zero, according to
government standards. There is on
an average ol at least 3 or 4 degrees
difference between the upper and
lower ends of the city, the latter end
beii.g the warmer.
The matron of tlie hospital will re-
ovive donations of Christmas cheer
Ior the hospital patients on Wednesday, December 23rd. All those who
wish to help the patients have a merry
and bright Christ mas shtiuld give
something. Every gift, no mutter
how small, is acceptable.
Within the last thirty year-, cxclti
sivc of 1908, 1,958 persons are known
to have perished on this eontineut in
forest lires or tiros caused by burning
forestB. Tbe liBtof death* for 1908
niimb.-rs ut least *_!)li uml may be
larger. ihe average annual loss oi
life from this cause is thus about 7*2.
A couple of society young men of
this city during tbe recent skating on
the river in discussing arrangements
for-an evening's gathering on '.he ice,
one of them complained that bis .ir)
oould not tika:e "Then let ncr slide,''
replied the Other, "Where'' Was the
next question,   Eoho answers, where?
A. 8, Goodeve, M.P., has returned
from a visit to tho coast cities, where
be went to confer with the other B.C.
members of parliament on a policy to
bo pursued during the fort booming
session ol parliament. A course of
action wbicb il is thought will be of
the most benelit to tho province waa
agreed on.
The delay on the part ol the Can •
adian General Electrio Co. in the
erection of the auxiliary gas producer
plant at tho power house is absolutely
uncalled for, since the work should
havo been completed months ago
This is the time when the auxiliary is
necessary when tbe slush and anchor
ieo troubles are liable to cause tbe
abutting down of tbe generator.
The annual Christmas Tree and entertainment of Knox Church Suuday
School will be beld in the church on
Tuesday night, Deo. 29. As no personal canvass is being made these who
wish to make contributions to help
meet the expenses of the Tree will
kindly band them to tbe superintendent, Mr. F. W. Laing, or to the Pastor,
Rev, J. R. Robertson, or any of the
Sunday School teachers.
J. M. Doyle returned this morning
Irom a business visit to Kamloops
Mr. Doyle bus lieen appointed district
manager of Messrs. 1'. Burns & Co.'s
numerous brunches iu tho interior
with headquarters ut Nelson, uud will
shortly leave Kevelstoke for that city.
Tho many friends ol the genial .luck
and Mrs. Doyle will grcutly miss
them in social and oilier circles where
they have made themselves moat popular,
The following will, no doubt, be
beard on many sides t' Christmas:
First Citizen—"1 thought you were
perfectly delighted with tlie Christmas
present your wife guve you?" Second
Citizen—"At that tune I didn't know
that she'd had it"   i:.ged."
Christmas—This is the season for
visiting cards. Kennnn linen and
plain curds io the newest scrip, and
old English, done up neatly in boxes
of 50. Tory make an inexpensive and
acceptable Xmas remembrance. See
samples nnd prices at the Mail-
Herald office.
At the meeting of the Hospital
Board this week among other things
discussed ■ is the building of a new
wing to ihe hospital. We understand
that a petition is being circulated
round the city to present to the City
Council requesting them to arrange
for the introduction and papsage of a
bylaw authorizing the raising cf $10,-
000 by city debentures for tbe purpose
of erecting the new wing.
Editor Mail-HekaIjO.
Sir,—In looking over the Revelstoke
papers we noticed some peculiar antics
of the Board of Trade and Trade and
Labor Council. The Trade and Labor
Council are reported as desiring the
ward system This will swamp the
west end vote and have a tendency to
take away the representatives from
Wart'. 3 and deprive that ward of any
voice in civic affairs. Ward 3 contributes many tens of thousands of
dollars to the civic treasury annually
and received for the enormous revenue
collected by tho city last your a dozen
second-hand chairs for the lire hall, n
"idewa'.k 220 feet long and a few lumps
to ligbt the streets.
Now it appears the Trade and Labor
Council want to take away  our  fran-
Kelowna Carries Off 13 Firsts
at Spckane Apple Show
The   apple   exhibits sent from Ke-
lowna,   B.C.,   to   tho applo show in
Spokane, has   won   the  most coveted
prize   lor   which nearly every state in
North Ain-iica exerted  every effort to
secure.     Further   than  this it is unofficially announced that the Kelowna
1 Board of Trail" will be awarded a mag-
I nificent   loving  cup,   valued   at over
1200, as a special honor of carrying off
i tbe largest number of first prizes.
The exhibit    were sent to  tho Bpo*
| kane show unltr  the auspices of tho
I Kelowna Board of Trade, and  wero in
I charge   of   Mr.  F.  R.  K.   DoHart, a
member of the board.    Discussing the
j exhibits of Kelowna  apples,  Mr, De-
Hart  stated   tlmt these exhibits won
for  Kelowna |4,370,   besides medals,
, cups and diplomas.
Skates, sirups, hockey sticks, suow-
1 iboei, at Bourne Bros,
cbiae and make the west end residents
outlaws. II the report is correct ss
publicly stated, taxation without
re) resentation in a pernicious principle
and ahould not ■ btain recognition.
The Board of Trade is reported as
having passed a resolution asking that
a plebiscite be taken at the eivio elections to orteiminr whether the post-
office Bite be •elected opposite Revel-
stoke's Chi on the corner of Campbell avonue and First stroot, or the
northwest oornor of First street and
Government road. Has the Dominion
Government asked the Board ol Trad,
to take any ac.tioo it may soe fit to
select a site for the new poitnfficc?
Does the Board of Trade of Kevelstoke
represent the views ol tho majority of
tbo citizens?
How many atiendod the meeting
when that resolution was passed. II
tbe rumor ia true that 99,000 is tho
prico asked for the bts on tbe cornor
of Campbell avoruo and First stroot, is
it not u lurge order to put up to the
government  for a poitotlioe in Revel
Btoke, considering the revenue derived
frum the town. How many lots havo
changed bauds iu that locality for the
price asked for those lots?
The continued agitation, and controversy over tbo post office site lias
retarded the construction of a poat
office for a number of years and if continued may deprive Revelstoke of a
government building for years if the
mutter is not loft in abeyance. I
would suggest the government representative of public works in this province is quite capable of deciding the
question in the interest of the city ss
a whole.
The last issue of the Mail-Herald
atati"?, "a leading citizen was hoard to
remark thut the west end was dead
ami unly waiting to be buried." 'Phi-
is certainly line Christmas cheer to
hand out to residents of War! 3. Are
there many leading citizens of a 2 it I
oalibre ol this character inourefty.
.Surely this is not an average rcpie.en
tat ive citizen nf llevelsloke, the proud,
haughty, aspiring city of the interior
.1. M. Kellie.
The Y. M. hookey boys aro rapid y
organizing nud ..heady nunc new material is showing up. Veith bids fair
'o hold down the position between the
posts judging by the way he iB atop
ping the Bhotst in the gymnasium,
Hope must be ruing to play, be has a
n iv stick.
Wednesday   night   lasl     the   (lym
beam fought u hard game against tbe
Business, men, eventually winning by
one point, 28-22, With a little more
practise tbe I. .silicas men will Uks
luiiii' boating.
The gymnastic exhibition to be put
on in tlm gymnasium 00 Now Year's
night, followed by a social hour, bid.
fair to be very suocosslul. All taking
inirt are reouestcd to turn out Tuesday
night at 8 o'clock at the gymnasium.
Uwing to a badly sprained ankle
Charlie Palmer will bo unable to go to
the cousl for tlio Now Year'a Day road
Last night the North Stars defeated
Carmichael'** team, 18*6, atbaakotbull.
The game was a very rough one, with
close checking on both aidos. Tbe
Stars had the game all their own way
Irom tbe first.
The Bishop's Chariot
A prominent bishop iu the West
haa arranged, we understand, to make
a tour of his diocese in a motorcar
next spring. The tour represents a
lurgo area and will occupy only a low
weeks' motoring, instead ol lho usual
long period.
Lord,  how  the gospal does Ily these
In clouds ol dust with a potral haze,
(But it rather takes away your breath
when you think ol  the Man of Nazareth.)
The Bishop travels by lire and gas,
The Prophet rode on an humble ass,
Or tiudged along in the wayside dust,
Y'cs, he was Blow, but he got there, just
The same aa  the  Prelate, grimed and
Who rides in h's fiery chariot;
Frightens a cow with his ev'ry bound,
And wukes the dead with the horn's
dread sound.
See Hubson & Bell's assortment of
Christmas stockings and Christinas
crackers, a full and complete line.
is the man who
has tried to gei
the same service
out of soots
other make
Clean Light-Durable
Guaranteed Wutcrproaf
and Sold Everywhae
Revelstoke Lund District,
West Kootenay, B. O.
Take Notice that (X) days after date
I R. W. Lindsay of Oamborne, B. O.,
occupation, merchant, intend to apply
jor permission to purchase the following described lands situated ou Fish
Hiver. West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the" north-east corner of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,806and marked'"R. \V. Lindsay's North West Corner Post;" theuce
S chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emptioni thence 50 choins soutb;
thence .8 chains eaat to .MacKay's;
thence north 50 chains to point" of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less:
Located Oct. 15th, 1908.
R. W, Lindsat, Locator.
Bevelstoke Assessment Distriet
TAKK NOTICE that 1 shall hold a
'• of Revision and Appeal,  under
tbe   provisions   of   the   "Assessment
Act.   respecting the Assessment Rolls
for 1909, for the Revelstoke Assessment
District, on MONDAY, the _lstdav of
December, 1908, at the hour of eleven
I o clock  in  ti„- forenoon, al tbe Court
! House, Revelsluke.
Dated at Revelstoke this 17th dav of
NovStuber, l'.ws.
Judge of tli.-Court oi Revision and
Appeal,  Revelstoke Assessment
lbstri.it of Wesi Kooteuav.
Nov 18 Dec. a.
All   kinds   of   new
Dialers in
Wah Chang, - Front St,
P. 0. Box, 206,
Phone .!('>
of John .Smith, lata of Malakwa,
in the Province of  British Columbia.    Deceased.
NOTICE is  hereby   given   pursuant
to  tlm Trustees uml   Kxerntors  Aet,
tu all creditors nf the estate to deliver
to the undersigned befure the27th day
of January, 1900, full particulars of
claims, verified by Statutory Declare
lion. After such date the Executor
will proceed to distribute the assets
acording lo law.
of Davie Chamber*, Victoria. B.C.
Solicitors for the Kxecutnr.
Dated this 17th   duv   uf Deceinebr,
A ,D„ 1(1118.
List of Voters Court of Revision
The Court of Revision, tn correct ami
revise the Voters' List for the year
IlKW, will hold its first sitting at Hie
Council Room. City Hull, Revelstoke,
on Monday, December 2Isl. KKIg, at 10
u'clock a.m.
3t City Clerk,
Notice is hereby given dial pursuant lo
lhe provisions ol Chapter |« of the Statutes of Canada 7-8, Edward VII, Shuswap
and Thompson Rivers Boom Company
bine filed in the office of the Dominion
Lands Agent at Kamloops, B.C., and in
the office of The Honourable the Minister
,'t Public Works at Ottawa, Ontario, plans
and specifications of certain boom-, and
other works proposed  lobe constructed
by aaid Company in, over ami along lhe
North Thompson River in lbs Kamloops
Ibusion of Yal.i District In the Province
ot Hniisii Columbia and tbat-on lhe loth
day ol February, 1 goo, al ihe hour of 11
a clock in the lorenoon, ur so soon thereafter as tin* application can be heard,
application will be made by tba under-
signed 10 Hia Excellency tho Governor-
iu-Coiincil at Ottawa, Ontario, lor his
approval 10 be given to such plans.
Datsd this 4U1 day of December, 1908.
SRVSWAT  imi Thompson Kivbbs Boom
By Otto Lachnnaad, Secretary,
Dec 9, 60 d
Reetirioation of Crown final
Whore,,,, on Ilm tui.. day nf Kofsmhtf, UM, I
1 ri.wii Oram wu- issuud In 'ho nam...( Krsd .-
ick Wa..|,b..iimn for Lot JU7. Ornun 1. K,_,te-
par District. Th-it svldsnea la. .inc.. _.....
been1 rodnced ibnwlof Uut Un .- id pr,.i8rv,
"H-libuiiriio died on lhe ith of Atmon, UVI,
iMim ..(iiii,, prior to lho l,.i,ani-r of tbs SOU
1 row__.Mii. That h. M-roemont Jaud Sub
ions . im, the laid Fredert k WsXEmmm
h-m»ii".i   all   In. ostium. riKlit. litlo     merest,
Ui Thomas Shanks McPherson.
Notice li therefora hereby lirsn. in muss.
• nee ul Section,- of tbe "Uud Act, ' Uii It i-
tli* iiiUniuui to cancel the said Crown Qrant
i-uediu tbe name of Frederick Waahboiirite
t. _.'"_." V'"1 »i it" Head iu Ihe uui. of
Thome. Shanks McPhersou three BOnltl from
the date hereof nules. »ood cause Is, ibowu to
the contrary.
_. ,      P. J. PCLTON.
Chief 1 ii'iinus-sinner of Uuda aud Work ,
Lend, and Worki Department
VIcwrla, B. c, llth Oetober, lin.,    o«t tl.. m. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
I ^ Xmas frf •
ng   sin..,.
Fall   of   a   Great   Man."   Good
i music.     A cordial welcome to all and I
|| strangers specially invited.
L!ai'TIST—Rev, VV. I'  Freeman, H A [
pn tor.   Korvices at 11 a.m.  and  7:30
,  p.m.   Sunday school and Bible class at
;•« 2.30 p. in.   B. V. P.C. Monday at 8
_5jJ  p.m.     frayei    ucolinj   Wednesday 8
■^28' p.m.   All ,'.•'  invited to tliese services
^Jjj   ii.....    -iibjool. Tin   lasl  word from
the   Cross.   "Father into tin bands I
I  commend  my Spirit.''    Evening sub
PL^, son, II mister.    Sunday services   !>0<K>0<><^->0^O^_K>*0-O<>--Cr^^
■CdM'.-O   11  a in.   nod    i 'III p. in.      Sundaj      . X
—»  Sel ! and 1'. t  r's Bible Claei al 2 30   V 9
__Jc|.oir practice Friday night, 8 o'clock. I 6        JTS TT  A  Q          T\/T          T_?TT_?T    T\ 9
.__f  JloruingBubjeet.   •llreater than Solo-j $        Lfl/iO.         1V1.        P IJjLJJ 6
__^  in..ii.     Lvening   subject,     II..    li_i ; T T
N'evei before in the histi . . ... Revelstoke hu.s
there been such a display of Christmas Toys
as ure to he foutui liere'lhis season. Toys to
suit boys and girls  "i     il  ages     All   prices.
DOLL?,  Irsseed and undressed 50c to $20   Mechanical Toys o'3_ up
Roils f'.-carls and Sloths     C   ues     Putrlc     Books, oto
Macdonald's Drug <3 JJook *Jtore
Local and General, i
i niialmas si imps in aid ol the
. i j ■■■ rculi -.- - ciety of B. C   a.e
ng vi .;    rap dly   and   are   being
rally used    These stamps can be
.-• d  foi    me cent eaeh at most
of the stores.
I. Gordon, government agent, stated
st tin Board of Trade meeting on
Tuesday last that Mr. Gamble bad ex
••'■ ed to have  bad   the  plans fjr the!
nc.\   trallic bridg. to be constructed
bv   the Provincial   Government over,
imbia river at this ] 'inl completed
.   •   rts   or four weeks from the time'
when In   was  passing through Revel- !
Sti I -  but that iie had been delayed by
other work.    Over 20U piles had been i
taken out and were  now in readiness, ,
but he had no  further information on '
the matter.
.-i*i^t__«_tts*to_"-i^ ^^-ft_ae*V.**^.'__«ffi-VSMr._}__*»   -<• cMttld
Our new fruits arc now at your disposal, all fresh, and the
'liiality is such ihtit there is none better. Ask lur prices,
We can interest yuu.
If you wish your Cakes and Puddings made we will do il
and guarantee the quality as good, ami we think bettor
than most people make,    Ask our prices.
In one lb. packages or tins, also in hulk, equal to any
home made, and the prices arc within reach of all.
Hobson & Bell, Bakers and Grocers
Social and Personal
Miss i.ore: la Garvin came in from
Vancouver this morning.
Mrs..!. Purvis will not receive on
Wednesday u*_st: Dec. 23rd.
F. C. Elliott returned on Thursday
night from a visit to Winnipeg.
Fred. Forrest, uf Albert Canyon,
was a visitor to the city last evening
Mr   and   Mrs. R, Hawson   returned
tsterday  from an extended trip to
tiie eaet,
r ii Hon. I v\. Aylmer left on
lueadoj night for ths coast and returned this m ruing.
<-. Jl. Robertson, oi Victoria, passed
through RevelBtoke last evening and
made a short call on Ins brother, Kev.
J, il. Robertson.
Mrs    W.   H.  Pratt   returned   ibis
ring from an extended visit to tlie
•. . t     "Baby" Pratt has made wonderful   strides during her visit east and
look- lat and strong.
Nice Five   roomed
House for     51,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House for    $1,900
Houses at reasonable
-All kinds of  Insure
Agents  for the cele/
KARN   Pianos and
Players. -Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Heal Estate, Insuranoe and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Real Estate, Insurance anil Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
Res rs Coi lkcted,
Notary Panne
6 <K)-0-0<K>OK>0<KK>0<)<>0<K><)<H>0<>0<
Store Windows
Revelstoke oan hold her   own   with
[ whole being beautified by so't lights.
The opposite window contains u very
attractive tabloux called the   "Teddy
any cily in   H.   ...   for store   window ■ ^rt (,,„.„„_„
dressing, aud several ol the merchants     McRm   Meroantile    Oo    ,,    Bull|
bave made very   tasty   displays   this Lawrenoe    ,|,i.ilware.    Hews,   O.   R.
vear.      Prominent   among   them are   ,,     ,       ,,        in._i._j_v
B Macdonald   ami   Held ts youngs, are
Messrs.  0. B. Hume & Co., wbo have   i ,,.,,■
' also neat ami attractive.
a line eurner window display   consist-  „	
ingcf table delicacies, comestibles,etc.,
a nnimoth plum pudding   being   chef
d'oeuves       This   store will hnve Inter
on, its usual .Santa Clans display.
McLennan & Co. have perhaps one
uf Ihe daintiest windows in the city,
composed of« full maple leaves and
fiiilai'.i', beautifully shaded and samples
of table centres and dainty linen,   tbo
Weather permitting tho rink will he
upon for ioe skaiing on Monday night,
Deo 21, or Tuesday 22. Nolice will
bj given lo the public Inter on and
further announcements made.
Order your printing for 1909—Now.
-  ~--, -    -• Baa— —
Choice tabic apples, Jap and navel
oranges, Malaga grapes, bananas, ligs,
dates, table raisins and nuts of ai
kinds. All fresh stuck at Hobson &
Have you looked over our fancy
China aud glassware, tables of cut
glass, Japanese china, Austrian china,
glass vases, tea sets and a special table
ol colored glass at iac. for any article
-C. IS. Hume .- Co.
From Monday morning until Xmas
wo will offer n cheap .-.11u uf children's
mugs, aud children's cups- aud saucers.
Regular price mugs, 10c. and _2."ic. now
10c. and 20c : cups and saucers, "J-">c.
nud 80o, now 25c and 20c. each.—C.
Li, Hume it Co.
For Christmas and New Venr holidays the Canadian I'.tcilic Railway
announces a rate nf fare and one-third
for the round trip. Tickets on sale
fur Christmas   December 21, "2_, 23, 2-1
  and  25;  fur New Year   December  28,
29, 10 and 31 ami January I.  liunl roll! t!      latest   bookset-Bews <l'"r tuni |m,it „,, ai| ,,,kcls January .ith,
''  "•- i 1909.
a want good ladies'  purses and "**~
Cbatelains. go to C R. Maodonald's UlUI'Clies.
MissMasleu  has   her now stock of     Catholic. — Rov,   Fathei   Cocci n
Call and sci .     a. | pastor,   ('.erne,', nn held  in the I irsl
and  Third   Sundays  in  every mouth
at the following  hours:    8 a.m  Com-
Business Locals
Christmas go us.
iue Gr.At Fight, by   Drummond, at
Bev.-s' dreg et-'ie munion Muss;   10:30 a.m. High J i
Don't forget to see   the   Chrietnim   "",  ^erTDi_ ?  ''■"'- 1?.'!1' '''".•' ' ''"'
'.rd-   and   calendar-,   at   O. R. Mac  P*w* Bunday *jhool; 7:30p.m. Rosary
Instruction ami ,!■ nediotiou.
Si, .'.■ '•• in's Pkesbyti iiian
: ...i d .
Try   Hobs      b Boll   ioi  y -nr icing
,-    ■  •    tl     verv choicest kt ,,i in
Services on Sunday as follows :—
Morning servic at 11 o'clock. Sun
day School and Bible Clasn ,it 2:30 p.
m. Evening service at. 7:30 p.m,
.Morning subject, "Lessons from the
Transfiguration." Evening -object.
"The Prohibited Tree in the Garden
of Eden."
St. Peter's (Anglican)—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M.A., Rector. Fourth
Sunday in Advent. Services, 8 a.m.
Holy Communion, 11 n.ni Matins
and sermon. 7 30 p m, Evensong.
Sunday School, 2.30 p.m.
— -  -.»._  ___
Edison Parlor Theatre
A special line ol attractions are
billed lur Christmas week at the Edi
sun Parlor Theatre commencing on
Monday, Dec. 21. nver 3,000 feet of
moving pictures will be given each
evening, and tbiri will be complete
changes on Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
Tho following arc included in Mon
day-Tuosday's programme ' Poor
I'u -;., "I nliicky Artist,' ' Dream ol
Upium," "Gettiug Even.' "Magnetic
Removal, all of good come lies " I'he
Waif, a drama, I esidi .■ n d robes-
tin! music nt d illustrated songs.    I he
best   lines ul films   ban t n   ecured
for Pmas week, end the public cannot
Be Your
at  our
lore  (luring
two week's.
tho   next
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Silverware, Cut Ulass,
China, Leather Goods,
Umbrella*?, Novelties, etc.,
is at your service for the
selections of Christmas
All Goods Marked
In Plain Figures
Twenty years catering lo
tho Christmas wants of the
people uf this city have
shown us what they want
and we think wo have il.
Come and See.
I. Guy Barber
Gifts for
Our selection of Christ-
inns (lifts for men never was
larger or more varied,
Study this brief li.-t for
a few moments and see if
we can cater to ymir wants.
Watches, Rings, Cbains,
Charms, Lockets, Scarf
Pins, Cuff Links, Toilet
Sets, Military Brushes
Travelling oaBC, Gillette
Safety Razor, Razor
Strops, Shaving Brush,
Sinning Cup, I'liihrelhi
Kniblcm l'ins, Clocks,
I'ipcs, Cigar or Cigara-
otto Case, Match holder
lite, Ktc.
]. duy Barber
'*-■■»--■■ i _■ -sw__g—i-_ai ii  .■■na _»■■_■ ii ■ »i—_s»_i _____«<
Do four Christmas
Shopping Here
And if ynu can'i gel uut in the tla> time come
iu the evening. Wo tire open every evening' from now
until Christmas.    Only   Pout' inon' shopping days left.
Yout'   will   bale   lo bllV   sunn.
See Our Window of Christmas Linens
Any lady would bo glad to have some of tbem. Table
Cloths, all sizes feum .,:>..>n tu $8.00 each. Napkins in
tiiiitoh from $2.60 to $8.00 a dozen, Damask lunch cloths
from 75c. lo $2,00 eaoh. Drawn linens In lunch cloths,
sideboard cloths, doylies, dresser oovors. etc, Button
burgs, all kinds and sizes.
Umbrellas for Christmas
Umbrellas make practical,
unliable gil'is. Wo hnve u
very complete line, in .ill
styles uf handles and coverings, and at an attractive
range of prices Irum 75c. up.
Don t miss having a look
.at  tbem.
Bell Lengths in Xmas Boxes
Something new, 'These have
just cume to hand anil will
make dainty, Inexpensive
gifts, T'lii-i come in ptulty
designs, gold or si Iver ground
with white, brown, old ruse,
blue ;inil black designs, cult
■ me in a neult gift box with
a pretty Christmas card, 75c,
Christ Gift Gloves
lu butli lined .-nnl uillined
kid. Ul tho desirable colors
and every pair guaranteed,
$1.50 and $2 per pair.
Women's Neckwear for Xmas
Is always appreciated liy lhe
recipient, We havo n beautiful lot iu all culms and
pretty boxes to put them in.
Coats for Christmas
A warm conl would suit
many people. Wc nre tjuot
ing special prices on all our
winter coals, and this cold
weather is just when a good
warm conl would be appreciated.
Blouses for Christmas
We have just received n new
lot of blouses Iiiiiii I'.uglnnil.
and yuu will Iiud something
different to anything olse
offered in town. They are
cut and made by female experts and the price is so
reasonable thai anyone will
save by buying litem.
Special Sale of Handkerchiefs
hoi lhe next few days we ate .showing a special line of
Handkerchiefs. All prices from 5c. e ch up. We have
splendid values and can suit any purse.
Get your COUPONS for the Doll and
Hoar. Some one is going to get them. It may
he you.
McLennan & Co,
. ; ys preseul
1 in    nicei'.    0     ol   ti j    bo       . ir
Idrei evei    bu '   sold il   1.1
■ ■.. aaid -.
Ibristmae bells an I  di c irati ,<■■■
any descriptions nt Bews' diug   tore
Eb n :■    bail     nd    cloth    1   ishee
. irrors     '..at   brushes    eti        1 eery
-, at C  '•'. Macdi uald's.
Tabii     . - '    ..   .- dates, nut.-,
.;   gi oget ":.i everything
1 as licuta with.    All
B Hume '■ ■
.    ..    mi    .-   gi tting short if   you
.->- plum pud*
.: ! Hob JO I
Fret        ■ y, Mistletoe,
... Plant       r
i I -   '•    leriei
'.    ■      -      .......; \ .0.0 uver, b. C.
■ .   a*: t   t      ...    our   displ iy '.1
ind  English 1
.,.(■ « :. • thing really it—at I
I;   .'.'..   d  '.-* 1
I j 1 1 -. : irj _- Hi '■• rtl a - Mc-
,. .. - . lat,. ;;, fancy pack-
and  in    ulk ■•   il
rtmenl ol candies
11 Bi true Bi i
i'ou   can   di pi nd   ■ a    Truem in «
..   • ...     Supei   ■   ' -rs. only     I bii
iiii until Dec. 31.     -■      ir ei   irged
.  with one .1 c.en  pb itos.    1 his
11, .    ni • wh dow for ail   u od
•   ngi   di eded t   make the little   nei
ippj Christmas daj   end thai .- .. t
• r itock, cun   insidi  ind   ot tin
I , ,;,_(•    p.   II,,.,...   .'.   CO
Hi ,    du  l" Ui 1  than   pa n nine the Edison
IV,C. Calder, pastor. Sunday,  Doc. 20   each  evening     I'he  programme con
'■"*    lists rf ton
i'lccs 11 a.i       7:30   p.m
-'■   ol and       ;■    -   Sibil   Class, 2 30
i,. iv. 1 j-   11,      Prayei ..  rt edm -
day * p.m.    Choir practice aud '■ 1
- 1 ■ meeting, Friday S p.m.
'■' \'i.\   PKI tSUYTKKIA!)      '    R. 1
..-   .
- .'
5? • §r~-\
I't \ i I'diir, Iti iu
I (i . Heml i
I   .BER    -aOFT    CCAi
tiP'i ity ts
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
1 hi
, •
i i
Re ■
1 he
1   );•                       'A
., It
M    ' '
Gold Watches Given Away
See our window lot our Krce Gift ol Gnld
Watches. Ilcic in ;i chance lo win a
handsome prize for cash purchases. Novel
competition Free for hoys.
Men's Christmas Special
l'ulubinnt lu'l    Sets    nl      llt.u-es,
\i in Hands and tlarloiH, a glfl
any man will appreciate, prices
$1.25, 1.30. U.iKi.
Cuff Links
1'iom :i-".e.
.Ml pei pail.
in fancy boxes
«ift   75o., 91,1.
a IIIOSl  useful
i, 1.80, 1.76.
Mufflers and Ncckscarfa
A splendid naeortment In  all
■ h,id,>s and culnrs, t'roin 50c, up
i,,.s:i.v.-,. I'u 11 Utoss Scarfs, lhe
Inlesl thing nul ti<2.."iU to :i.7."i.
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
'    irg i aud iiioic vai • I
•i, •  ..,(., before,
Hpt cial !.'" ky Mountain
View tiarils.
Christmas iJurt i urds in
lusty ( alendart
.*■*.;.»#. I*' . ,■*.#*##_»#4
I III.'  -i*\' I-   I-. illil.h TOR
III   -IM    -   i:i'..-.|'l',UTKI l,l,V   HOI,I
***,!,*-.*-..<.--. '■.-   --       j_. ., V*-*-**.****#*>-'#*'<>.*sl
- -
r ,. Initial
\ -'
■     '
i          l
l,i    III
Fnncy 8hirt«
(n .... i
Fancy Voati
i    all    ii oh.    h mu *■' .0 up ii
11,150, Make i., baud, umeprosenL
I 'anoy Hw satei      villi veal '"I
:    iii |l ;., up In 81.7."..
I .,i,. v .s ,,,,, ,i.,i • .j k:i.v.'i eaeh,
Handsome  li .u hi i    iiillcnucs
frum -'' ... up In (10.60
Hand III ips •• I H lu H
Sknting Boots
l'or men ;i,<\  I"
ijCI and »I3.7."i
bmokin-i Jackets
A splendid Mm* nf Smoking nud
House Jackets, $1110 B.fiO
The drossy young man will Uml
something tu please him here
in nil the latest styles and
shades tunn ICo. up to ml, A
populai seller in  n fancy box,
.111 ideal glfl     7.V.
Christmas Shoes
250 pairs Just opened up, all llie
latest stvi -.    See l.ieiu.
Stick Pinn
V good variety, at prices rani;
uif,' from 60a lu $i,7.j.
Fancy Hose
Faiioy hall   luisu, caulitncie, 16,
50, T.i. and Ul*c. per pair.
Kid Qlovcs
In all si/.es, nnlini'd, wool lined,
ur line Mocha silk lined, comfortable 'iiul dressy, I'lmn (Klc.
In I..!.7."i pet1 pair.
Bath Robes
The latest Importation irum
Now York, soinothlng new in
Revelstoke, $4,76, .5, 6.60, WU.
House Slippers
Rest your feet iu a pair of uur
comfortable house slippers, all
sizes, $1 to $!l pur pair
Illuming pumps, fancy patents.
Silk Underwear, Etc:
I'iue Silk Ind'Twenr 05 pr suil.
Onld I'li'iee uiiilcrwc.il' $7    "
silk Pyjamas, Wl.r-o i.> *7.
.Silk Nfghl Bhlrts 91, 1.60, *.">,
Special Bargains in Clothing Until Christmas
20 p.c. Discount off all Mens Suits       35 p.c. Discount off all boys' suits
• •>• axB
J     I r
Where and What to Buy Revelstoke Merchants HavejMag-
nificent Stocks Temptingly
Displayed—Gifts for All
We would call tho attention ol our
teadeis to the necessity ol making
■heir Christinas purchases al our local
store! whore temptingly displayed can
be founds vast and varied assortment
ol new and up-to-date g,tods suitable
lor Christmas gilts. Christinas ia
usual!) the grert purchasing poriod
of tne year. a nine when the purse
Strings an lot Bfluod and the more gen
erous side ol human nature ooincs t"
tin- surface. Irom looking uver lho
lists antl stock.- ol our local sturts, it
would be i' ry strange if any of our
people send east to catalogue houses,
for the array of quality and quantity
to be s •••■ii in .very brunch til business
cannot but compel the purchaser to
spend bis money it home. Ilelow is
a li-t oi enterprising merchants and
others who are looking forward to a
large Christmas trade and depend on
the people to reimburse tbem for their
trouble in giving them the best value
I .   II,   III  Ml.    i   ' o.
As usual this enterprising firm and
depart mental store are thoroughly up
to date with the latest novelties and
dainties io every department. Ulanc-
ing over the various counters and
shelves can be seen an array of seasonable gifts in ladies and gentlemen's
specialties; fancy goods in Bilver,
china and leather. There is n large
variety of handsome silk, lace and net
waists, kimonas, fancy sacipies. silk
dressing gowns and other creations,
gloves, fancy hosiery, neck wear,
handkerchiefs, merry widow belts,
hand bags, toilet sets, manicure sets,
furs, elc; gold mounted umbrellas at
tbe lowest prices: children's dresses, in
Bilk, etc.. to lit children of all ages.
In ibis department there is excellent
choice and selection. In men's wear
can be seen a large variety of dainty
and neat seasonable goods. Fine china
is a specialty- as is also cut glass.
In fresh groceries are all tbe season's
delicacies and necessities, including
plum puddings, etc. Toys there are,
in galore to pleiiBC the little ones, besides n host of general useful articles
u evi ry line. To thoroughly realise
what iiiaguilicent selections can ho
bad. Christmas shoppers must visit
tbis up-to-date store
i vu KEN''I    UAUli" UIK co.
bave » particularly large assortment of
silverware, lamps, clucks and general
Smss novelties .met the thing lor |
presents. A choice line carvers in
neat cases, butter knives and general
cutlery, cabinets of table ware, fruit
sets, etc There is a large assurtment
ol wedgowood goods at popular prices
suitable for season's gifts, and a full
line ol art china ware, including
Coalport, Koyal Crown Derby Worcester, Copeland, Aynsle*. i Ic. This
st,.ii i- showing a lull line ul skates
ol tin best makes while salety razors
thermometers aud a hundred and
things that should satisfy all purses.
Tbe feature ol this year'- goods is
i ibby's cut gloss, 1 « bich then - i
fine ai 'I binds*' im assortn ent [hie
.tor .-■ n plessu o I v -
goods i ..glit bere are tin er> esl
v.'lm I r is.,  money
bavi   . 'liter -tuck than evei this sea
. .-. i ■   i lies, gei tlemeu     I cl    I
including i largi    -     tmeni
■en     si ,.-; t,   bands
0 .:    icki ti     it   •"•- mal es  in
tbe best material-!
.....      . ousts uid
dainty sill dress -  i ■ ■  eti
belli   imbi     i» duini
..'..    i ,. •   lane    ■    . '   -  •
.-. ! .'.-   , •,,'■
make occeptab e gi Kurs
ire al   ■,, pr,'-' -   whili   .ii men it fur*
iii-hiiis- tbei mi* many   III    .
1 pel ided  iu   this line   issorl mi   I   I I
high   class   __ axis    are   nick    nacks
fashions! le   mil   m r;      Iress   .
blanket" ind   ,1 hei   iseful and  season
.,. . purchases
bonis and shoes, dainty hose and
gloves, smoking jackets, bath rubes,
silk wore and a large and up-to-date
seleetiou of seasonable gifts at all
prices. .Special discuunts are being
made on clothing.
HI.IAN IN    ,1    CO.
are showing a large ami varied selection of dainty novelties tn ladies
goids, notions and other article.-- for
Ninas presents. Silk goods, leather
work,silver ware, pretty handkerchiefs,
oollars, waists, silks,costumes, ribbons
and a host ol other gifts, which will
well repay any une for a visit, Hand-
si'iiic furs and dress goods are a
specialty, while the prices are such as
will tempi ovoii tin must slender
It.   MAI On:. 11.11
i\ .   ItKWS,
These enterprising drug stores havo
anticipated every want of the purchasing public tins year. Among tl"'
many beautiful articles shown iue
cases of silver wuro china, toilet
manicure and writing sets, and dainty
novelties in silver. Wood, leather and
ohina. A huge fi'li-i'tiiiti of calendar-',
Xmas cards, hand painted plaques,
bunks' "te, perfume. ornaments,
smokers' sets and hundreds of new
and up to-date ii ivelties, too numerous
to mention These stores carry a full
stock with large -selections. Books,
novels, pictures, toys gaums, stationery and glass ware are leaturis, ai.d
these linns can compete well with any
firm iu the ens*.
i.I   .    IIAKIIKI!,
OliVI.I.   .i   AM.! M
have a particularly handsome and hue
selection ol silver ware, solid aud
plated, besides dainty articles of
jewelry, cut glass, ivory and china,
silver tea sets, table wjre, ornaments,
trays, clocks, case sets, rings, pins,
bracelets, watches and all the newest
design.- in table and drawing-room
silver. These stocks arc replete and
each line is full of variety, and seldom
bas Hevelstoke seen audi values at this
II0I1S0N    i   HEM.
are exhibiting a lung list ol choice
groceries and Christmas specialties,
including tlieir famous plum puddings
and cake-. Bonbons and Ninas tree
gifts, biscuits, candies, chocolates and
a well selected stock of general goods
of n high class description.
1101 km: BI108,
This up-to date store has a splendid
appearance this Christmas and has
made provision tor a brisk holiday
•ea-on. A large selection of fruit and
table delicacies, beside- an almost unlimited supply ol season's goods are
| shown. Silver ware, lamps, chinn and
utlier handsome articles which makes
appropriate gifts. A general assort
ment uf tiaelitl and ornamental lines.
including stoves, cutlery, china and
glass, "ill giic excellent value, and
tlie firm can supply every requirement
fur Ninas tallies.
have as usual a large and varied  it ck
of    high    class    furniture,    piet
lamps  and  mirrors   includiog    isnd
some parlor suites, whs
a-snrtn ■ -      ,   - -   -
...   ii ! icceptal
winter  season  by  sto.k'ng   up   witli  little establishment when in ,|iic3t oil
all  lhe  latest styles and patterns in   Christmas pills.
cloth,   ti   Knight, Cressman & Mor-      The Beaver and Union cigar lactones
risiiii and .1  .1. Devine are all showing are turniug out the finest brands, all
excellent guilds suitable for Ninas cheer.
MASMMi's caxiiy mi, ii in. The   Interior  Publishing Company
As usual lhe ' Children s Mute," are < H'ering as Ninas gifts neatly |
is attracting considerable attention I printed visiting cards on Kenmare
and  is   up to  date in   every   respect.
This year's stock is complete with a
lull line ol new toys, games, books,
cards, pictures, dolls nnd "Minis novelties, while silver, china, leather goods,
case cots, cutlery, sitinkers requisitiee
and fancy articles will suit nil tastes,
m'kin.non's ' III Ul .-JUKI
is sin,i\ ing a   full  line of  smokers re-
i|iiisile- and nuvelt-ios, including siller
mounted   pipes,   cigar  and   cigarette
tnl nice,
well as
linen and plain cards in the tinest
scripl and other lettering, in boxes of
60, at reasonable cost, and arc making
Ninas menus a specialty,
E. T. Tucker and It. II. Trueman
lm vu arranged for settings for portraits
handsomely mounted, which will
make neat Ninas gills. Until these
firms have a huge assortment of local
und other views.
Wing Chung and Wah Chung, on
Front  siti'ii.  hnve a full lino ul lb
Kit!).M   THK
DIAMOND SETT AT $75.00   ^
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
*. ^l1--is_.s£.s*___.-,..i_^,;1_
"—* ~-~   -•' v. ^9^^**mM
t*. ,fw'<sj-*t£jj»gijir«
vtp^r _v_a i*ii___2___S_j
-.«'*.■V'iPl'**" "V'-SSSP
___r .-''.*■'
:      '
r**V           ""*-                        1
Hining Room Furniture ia paitio-
uhilly essential, ard in lii'W ul
Ibis fact we have sc|ei tnl ii very
tlcsirable line uf elegant and
anistic dining tables, chairs and
sideboards. An early inspect ion
sh 'iild he made, as the price wc
arc asking for such slipeiior furniture makes I hem a must desiraide
large assortment of tobacco and cigars.
Here yuu can enjoy a game of pool or
billiards on first-class tables.
P. Burns and the Palace Meat Market ns usual hnve their stores elegantly
decorated with samples of their business, aud have arranged for a full
stuck nl tiie season's delicacies in
meat, poultry, fish and oysters for
Xmas, geese and turkeys being a
The Oity Bakery will BUpply choice
dainties in pastry and confectionery,
candies, bread, etc , besides rich cakes
and puddings,
wise ami snail co.
The Kevelstoke Wine & Spirit Co.
will be well worth a visit this season,
and a walk through the cellars of
plenty will repay any visitor. They
have a choice list of line cigars wines
and lii|ii,,rs, all Mutable for Xmas
-  .    Ill's ( USAH    -IsiHI
lias a iull stock of smokers requisites
and   all brands ol the choicest cigars
and tobaoeo.    A  large varieiy .,f sea-
irticles .in displayed.
i      i     SI'IIISU
season's dainties, as well as china; silk
and other novelties.
The restaurants, City. Windsor,
Union and Climax have all arranged
for elaborate menus for Christmas
Day, as have alsu the hotels. Sn that
throughout the length and breadth of
tills fair city of ours will be spread
like u spirit of the season tlie sung
" Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards
Christinas this year in Hevelstoke
will be a happy time. Live and let
live should be our motto, while a give
and take principle should be adopted.
This is a season of joy and happiness,
and we should feel thit it is tt good
time and that Revelstoko is a good
place wherein to spend ones money
and ones days.
Labor Troubles at Nicola Coal
Reports Irom Nicnla state that all
the Nicnla Valley Cnal A Cuke Co.'s
mines were closed on Monday. Lust
Wednesday all the miners employed
liy  the Middlesx  collieries  organized
has a  line -lock of trunk-   bag.- and j under   tbe   United   Mine   Workers
leathei . cd«   Deluding many articles America were laid off.   Over 100 men
mital ■ sents for horsemen and j are affected.   F, H. Sherman, ul tho
Import direct from country ol origin.
►■%^^%^%^%-%^*%^_^^-%^-ev%'%%'V%^%^% %-*-%-%<%-% %-»
HEAD OFF1CK:   Caloaiiv,  AiaiKitr*.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers nnd Dealers in Live Stock. Markets in alt the priori
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, Uritish Ooliimbi-i and ihe Yukon.
Packets of the Celebrated Brand " Impenitoi-" Hams and Bacon,
and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lird. >
. _*•%*--_/■*-_.*%/%'%-_•%/%. -t^k^/*^**!*-.^-_•%-%%__•%%■%*_, •*-"*•
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   ALBERT     STO_tST_E      PROP.
have   a      ittrai ■■•
stocked a
, -•«-■-.
spl i
■   i-
■■■  ,  ■ l      II.Ki AM II.I
Tlm i- the ' r-t X mas that this
terprisiug llrm has been before the
public snd as its manager, K.O. Mc
Kai is well known nan expert sales
man. n '■ isil b this si u ■ ihould cei
tainly he pari "I the Christmas
routiue, Horn can be found a large
assortment "I men- furnishings, um'
brellas,  fancy  vosls,  soil cases,  tics,
Queens ftotel
In-si brands oi Wines, Liquors anil Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Civck will linil excellent accommodation at this
11, late
tin!   ■ mas ii
pared a large u
iiuvelties and in !
- .i   . j,
1 -I'll MAN   C \\ I
\l    V\
II    C     bus
,,     ■     ■-      ig|
laried   selei lion
.....        , . , i
icceptable   presents    i ir    Ohi
Men ol ii. cl use i lind t,
 "   Id ustal  Ishi d il    i
,,,(   i .,,.,, -
I In   tailors Un- ,,!.,.   rspoi'   iti ady
busiuoii and  have prepared   (or the
I •■
, .   ..■        , .   .   ■
 hi annul but
.iti.i»i ■   .ill  who '.'nit, this up i" date
A Remarkablf,' Showing
th lime iu foui consscu
h Colon bin has been
. ,. ■        he gold   meds   i lie highest
ho H y.il lloiti-
thus lolly maintain
. i  ,  iti ii   a-   tho  product ol
thi pi ■ . ier
' ,,,<i.|.i
ring disti id - in
(Iluldri ii i I'm Cull nd Mulls at
MoLenuau s,
I'l'i-i'lHinlia Land Dislriot.
niHtrioi sn urst Kiiiiii-miv.
lain- milli'i' Ilinl I, C It. Inuiii nl .'linn,'
i.tiili-. i„.|.|i|,iitiiiii mill nutirr. intetiilH to-
i,|,(.i) for citiiusss-1,,11 tn nuroliabstliufoilowlug
I.-.,,,,■!  hill,!
1 iiiiitni'iiiiiii; ul ii pout I'liinn -I nl Uu- lolltll,
ivi'-l i-iiriiiT nt ; ut silts unit -i-rilti'il • 0. II
Lamb's s-iinlli-i-n-l inriiiT pnKt, ' llicni'is M
.-li ill i,-, nnrtli, itirm-i' jiii-lm In- uutil, ilioneo 20
I'liiinis M'litli, tlii'tn'i' Utl I'liniiis easl in point <■<
r. Hi, III'-III '-irli- lit II It' I i- III Ull II inn    III in-lt".   Illliri'
or liui
' II tlSCIll   IIIIII* I! I' I.IMII.
ii ii   -   Wilkie, Aseiii.
l'Ni.,1 Siivi nibt'i .'Uii   li -
In ihi   rtiipifiiiH i uui'i nl  llriilsb Cul
Hi mi. , n t.i ice Wi'sl.ull, IMaliilllTi
I.noi ■ L. Si, uui. AhhIuui'I' fur bene
III iif i ri'ililin h, iiiiiler "Cieililnrs
Triisl Di "!■■ Act, 1001," of James
\   lliilllil,  and .1, s A. (liiiiilii.
ii.'i hints,
Vol ice Is In i i'b> given i hat pursuant
lo tin < Irili i in "l" herein, nf the lion-
niirnble Mi*. Justice Clomi nt, May the
lil'b. 1007, and in ibe directions of lhe
iti io ll ,l of Ihi-- I 'inn I nl Nelson Luis
:.-' M \2 iml III in llhi''k BI, in Tmiil
Lake City Townsite, registered plan
.',.'(u. will lie  offered  fur sale al public
am ii ni the preiiiltms In Trout Lake
i,n   Decern ber the   loth,   1008,  al ilm
h  ,.l  2 o'clock  ui Hu1 nfii'i niniii by
(,,.,,,.. \|, Vulll ns Auclloiieor. Tin
mid   premise ■   will Is  offered I'm sale
,ll,|,< I   tO fl   li'Si'l Mil lllll,
Kill loll ln'1 niillii'iilai' ninl I'otidi-
tiuilK ni .ah'  ipplj I" TilJ hu .V (I'Sbcn,
N,.|...,n, ll. i .. solicitors for tho plain-
Hu..,I in Nolson, Hi .. Ibis IVili day
..I Noveuibufi A.lb, 1008,       nov31 _iv
Take  notice  thai   a  silling  of  the
Ciilll't of Revision tu  hoar nnd  deler
mine   any    cnlliplilluls    ni       appeals
lllglllllHl   lhe     nsMcssmenl   of   lilies  in
I Iron I age lux   proposed  to  bo levied
I and Imposed on the lands or real pro
I porty affected iindui the provisions oi
By*law Nn.   125,   being   known   ns
"Local Improvement Sidewalk Assess*
inenl  Uylaw No. lilS,  1000," will   be
' held iii Ilu- Oity   Hall nt   the  Oily of
of Revelstoke, mi MONDAY, the  lib
I day of January, Hum, at the hour nf
'Mn clock iu I he aftcruiinn.
A stateiuont showing tin,  laud   oi
i real property liable in pay the assess.
inenl Hn refill' mid the names of the
! niviieis thereof its far as the same can
j he ascertained and Hie proposed ass
essmenl and report thereon of I In
, Cily Olork nre now on Ule in lhe office
of the City Clerk and open tolnspeo
! i Ion by nil persons during oflloe hours,
Vlld Iiiiiiiii   tnke nut ice thai all nu
itices nf appeal shall be served on the
I Clerk nf the Municipal Council al leasi
eight days prior to such Onuri of Re-
' visiini,
Datod lids L!ih December, luu*-,
City Clerk,
This Trademark Guarantees
M* ^yk, that Fit-Reform Suits and
iftl FIT- y\\ Overcoats are always in perfect
style and taste—that they will
give excellent service—that they
are the best values, for the
money, in Canada.
This trademark guarantees that every garment
bearing it, must give complete and lasting
salisfaction or your money back.
Behind this trademark is the Fit-Reform
Company, founders in Canada of hand-tailored
Fall styles are ready.    $ 1 5 up.
Revelstoke,  B.C.
1{>-_H>-$_$*$$_{| <$H$I $. ♦£ l$H$l#-$-$H$»l$H$Hf» 4$ $M$I <$n|f
$   S.   MCMAHON   I
S Ai.KNT liiu
.Isill*. Dkkk
plows, harrow
ti+ cnllivators,
± uagiuis nnd
**/ farm impli-
menls of all
ii "rii.'us
made   and repaired.
Horse Shoeing
a Specialty
A All Orders Promptly Executed    -    First Class Work Guaranteed
Am A_ -*_T_ iTs its -Ti m*Tm. _T_ iT. .Ti  iT_ _T_ iTi -Tl _*_■_ 1T1 1T1 _Tq m*m*m t'j'.  _*_r_ .*_. .  tfr, ,^, ,'
•$.* 'j* *^r '.j,' *jfp *y *j* \j '4,' "X "   ♦ '-I** "■_•' "-fi" "4.1 •*. '-_k 'X1 'X1 *X 'A* "X" "X *
Capital • $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 05 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
OK RKV.':i..T01v_.,
Take uutice lhat a sitting of lhe
Court of Revision to hear and determine any cutiiplilitils nr appeals
ugninsl the assessinenl nf rules "i
I'lnnlngc ln.\ proposi'd to bo let led lllul
imposed on the Innils ur real prnperly
■iile. ted iindei iho pun iiiniis of Hi but
N". 120, Mug kmittn as "Ducal hit-
piiivemenls lliiiili'vnriliog Assi'ssmenl
Uv law Nn. ISI. IIKiH.' n ill be held in
llie Cily II.ill  il Ihel'ilv of Kevel-lnke
.ni  Monday, lhe  lib ilny of January,
IIKJII, nl Die hum of nit 'clock in the
.ill,'I Us,nil.
A statement showing the land or
real property liable to pay lhe assessinenl therefor and Ibe names of the
owners thereof as far ns tho same can
be ascertained and theproposed assess-
inint and report thereon of thu Oity
Olerk are iiiiiv un tile in the ullice nf
the Oily Olerk and open to Inspection
by all pel-suns during office hours,
/Vml further lake nolice thai all
notices of -i i linn I  shall  be served on
the Clerk nf  llie Miiiih ipal Council at
least sight days print- to such I'nun of
Dated this Iiii li December, 1008,
IlItlt'K A.  I.AWSON",
Cily Clerk.
Certifloate of Improvements
Wlnilnw MineralOlaltn,situate in tin*
Trout   Lake Mining  Division uf
West Kuuteiiay llislrict.
Where   located|    At   bend   of Seven
Mile Creek, Trollt Lake.
Take notice thai 1,0. ll. N. Wilkie,
noting ns nK'i'1 fur Neil i >' I iiiiiiiii I.
Special K.M.C. 87(j_| William Bennett,
I'.M.C. Nu. B0__77| Hruce White, K.
M.C. HI I.",..; and I'. II. Murphy, P.M.
C. 112:81*7; Intend, sixty days frum tbe
dale bereiif. to apply lo the Mining
Recorder for a Oertlnoatoof Improvements, for ibe purpose of 11111,111111111; a
Orown Qrant ni Ibe above claim.
And further lake nut ice Hull net inu.
(tinier "-li'timi 117, unci be commenced
befure Ibe Issuance of such Certificate
oi Improvements.
Haled this -Uihibiy nf Oolulier,   ..
Ogt-1-OOd Ui B, N. WILKIE.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
•■int.. Dee. "i, Lake Erie,
Iti. Dec. II Kmp. of held;
Pri. Dec. Iii Kp. nl Hi it. Ki i Dec 11
Wed.Dec. in I.k. Manitoba
Kri.Dec. i"i Emp. of Ireland
'Special Christinas ships
Nl. Class snd. Class jrd, Class
$Kj su    -4* 7-, $_tH 7_
isi. Class snd. Claas 3rd. Class
ftij uo        $4.! .so        $.*;   .0
otukk i.akk Boats -
ind. Class _|ni. Class
$45 00       ft; 50
Cheap rales to Atlantic Sealu aid
points   in I'unnectinli   with   steamship lieket"
Passengers I ked   to  Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp,   Hamburg  ana
nil other continental ports.
Por further Information apply tn
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.O.P.A,
Iteve istoke, H.C.     Vancouver,It,C
The Organisation  and History
of Revelstoke's Musicians
It is now \2 years ago thnt 11 number of Revelstoke citizeus recognised
the need of music to Ibe community
and resolved to organise a band. The
name of tliese public spirited men who
thus became tbe founders ol what is
today the Revelstoke Independent
Band, are duly inscribed in the records
of the band, being as follows: C. Holten, T. Downs, J. Edwards, J. A.Stone,
F. Vandal], H. N, Coursier, J. U. Barber, Abrahamson Bros., F li. Wells,
J, R. Hull & Co, B. R. Campbell, .1.
1). Graham, R. Gordon, F. McCarty,
R. S. Wilson, C. Ii. Hume, antl
Bourne Bros. It is pleasant in passing, to retlect tint must of the above
named iue stili ol Revelstoke, and to
know tbst time has dealt kindly witli
tb m.
Tlie money subscribed by tliese
citizens was used to purchase instruments fir the embryo musicians, and
the use of a room in the old school
house (situate whsrc the large brick
school building now stands), was given
paid   by   receipts Irom engagements,
-iippleineuted   by    uccasionul   grants
J bum   tbe city   councils, which bodies,
to their credit  be it said, have invariably encouraged  city band music.    It
; is proper here tu observe that lhe band
1 always tries to   remember what is due
Irum itself in   return   for  public support und by  its gratuitous services for
charitable  and  religous undertakings
each   year,    materially   helps   along
what   is   good   and  best in the daily
life of the oity.
It is dillicult in a short article to do
justice to those whose length of service in the band and musical ability
entitles tbem to special notice, but
may name, Mr. R (lordon, lion, pres.;
R. Edwards, pres. and manager; R. II.
Sawyer, leader; R, Armstrong, secy.-
inns.; A. Hillier, II. Sawyer, being
some ul the men who fnr years have
given time, talent und money to promote the development of gocd hand
music for Revelstoke. The band numbers 10 membeis, and the uniform
worn—n dark blue with black braid
trimmings, is both neat and smart.
In short, without incurring the risk
ul being considered anyways hasty, it
mny   be claimed that the R.I.B. wil]
the band in order to curry on their
practices. While ou tbis strain it
might be ss well to mention that alter
leaving the old school building, the
next quarters were found in Revelstoke's first skating rink, through the
kindness of W Cowan, after this to a
room in the Cordou Block, then Irom
there tu their present room, which
tbey havo occupied for a period of at
least * years.
The first band loader was Mr. P.
Webb, wbo had for a lung period been
a member of a military band in England, previous to comiug to Revelstoke. and most of tbe members,
through bis untiring efforts, received
tbe foundation fur a musical education. From this time until now the
band has continued to lahor in the
held of musical effort, and it is one
of the oldest institutions in the city
today. More often than may be sup
posed, has its permanency depended
upon tbe faithfulness of the few, us in
tbo earlier years, tbe membership was
somewhat of an itinerant description.
The industrial facilities of the city at
tba' period not offering mveh chance
compare   favorably   with any similar
organization in B.C.
With regard to the most important
particular—tbe quality of the playing
—the tiles of the secretary contain the
unsolicited written testimony from
managers of public entertainments in
other towns and coast cities, who have
hired the services of the band, and in
all cases do these gentlemen express
their unqualified satisfaction with the
music supplied and with the manner
in which tbo band fulfills its engagements. The cut shown is of the band
that played at the Dominion Fair,
Sew Westminster.
The social side of tbe band is well
looked after, and there arc generally
some, wbo, when not otherwise engaged, prefer to assemble for a social
intercourse round the stove in the old
band room. It is dillicult to suppress
tbe hfgb spirits uf youth and the
sounds of boisterous merriment issu
ing from the band room, sdoubtlcs
conveys a mild shock to the staid and
proper citizen | assing on his homeward way. I f he is wise he reflects
that   the   boys   might   be   in   worse
J. U. Barber, P. Webb, II. R. Nortbey
B. Uaiuer, E Edwards, J. Edwards,
R. Gordon, F. Vandal), Clius. Wilson.
.Ian. 1, 1000—R. H. Sawer, H. Sawyer, L, McKinnon, D. Smythe, J.
Ringer, .1. B. Scott, J. Armstrong, R.
Armstrong, F. Terry, B. Lefeaux, N.
Lee, F. Robinson, F. Bates, .1. Graham,
M. Huner, T. Mofl'att, G Knapp, E.
Edwards, A  Hillier.
Probable Candidates at Elections in January
Frank Bourne 1ms informed us that
he is retiring from the contest this
coining year. As a school trustee Mr.
Bourne fur the past year bus fulfilled
his duties capably and in a conscientious manner, taking 11 keen interest in the administration uf school
affairs and giving the public full returns for the position to which they
placed him. We understand that J.
1'. Ford, C. P. R. resident civil engineer, is offering himself as a candidate
in tho coming election as a school
trustee. Next year will probably see
considerable wo. k in connection witb
schools commencrd and some carried
out, and were Mr. Ford electe 1 as a
member of the board, his knowledge
of C'liistructinnal work, building, etc.,
would be very valuable iu carrying
out the plans and erection of a new
sobool building, the need of which is
making itself strongly felt. H. N.
Coursier is a'so retiring and statrs
that be will not again offer himself as
a candidate, although his excclle' t
record in pust terms, it would be useful in still furl Iiei 1 ng the iusterests of
the Fchiols. T. W. Bradshaw and J.
J. Porter remain with tlie board. W.
A. Foote and A. Hobson have signified tlieir intention of entering the
contest, while R. Tapping is openly
in lhe running. A number uf uthcis
are allowing their 'names lo bo mentioned, but the contest will probably
simmer down beforo the day ol nomination.
Society Novelty
The latest in Revelstoke society
functions is a white elephant party,
one ol those new innovations iu social
amusements being beld recently. The
idea is that each lady guest must
bring something that she could not
find any use for and yet too useful to
throw away. The party, we learn,
would have been a great success but
for an unlocked for development,
which practically broke it up. Seven
oui of the twelve women brought
tbeir husbands!
Notice is hereby given that the
time Inr the reception of tenders for
Vernon, 11 C. Public Building has
been extended to December .'Wlb,
Plans und specification.! are also to
be seen at Victoria and Vsiicuiiver,
Hy Order,
Naiui EOS  Tl -mi K.
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa, Nov, _oth, 1008,
for permanent employment, and many
names are therelur inscribed upon the
band   roster.      It   Is difficult to over*
estimate the good that lias been done
to tlmse young men, whu coming to
the town, perhaps   as   strangers, and
leoorlfig employment, would, through
joining the band, lind recreation
among its members and tilso cultivate
the musical talent within them.
It is much to the credit ol llevelstnke that during the past lil years it
has possessed in the Revelstoke Independent Band, what is practically a
school ol music, where n young man
might attend and under actpalile,
leader, and under .1 capable leader,
receive n musical education, and this
at no monetary cost to blmsell what-'
soever, as tlie expenses of the baud are!
places I ban the bund room which i-
besides, a club whereat the members
may relax and have a good time.
The recent formation ol the Old
Timers Anaociatinn suggested the ideu
nf writing these few particulars upon
the past history of one of lhe oldest
institutions iu Revelstoke—Tbe Independent Band. May it have many
years before it uf continued usefulness
antl prosperity.
From Information gathered from
members ol the bund are given herewith
for comparison, the names of the
members of tbo bund, who played the
first engagement on January I, IH07,
and of those who are supplying tbe
music of today;
Jan. 1,1807- It.   8,   Will  II. N.
Coursier, C.  Holten, B. ft. Campbell,
Christmas—This is the season fur
visiting curds. Keiinan linen and
plain cards in the newest script and
old English, done up neatly in boxes
of 50 Tbey make an inexpensive and
acceptable Xmas remembrance. See
samples and prices at the M.m.-
Hekai.ii ollice.
Revelstoke Cricket Club. 1908
Wc were strung In the arm at Arm
Cul  clean cuts it ben ive cut  out l hi
I 'en! I,-,
Made   tin   mi.-- nil our mission to Mis
'I'll,nnl, imi lulling  Kelutvnn,  ue bent
Then Iiiiii- Imuie Vilnius, olio a loss and
I \t II  tl Ills.
While I be I',,in I h tu- abandoned .then
wel to uui- skins,
Iiul lhe best uf nil games nl' Ibis memorable year,
Was I be hist game al Vol nun: of that
diil ynu hear!"
The score iii uur favor was ,mv In ibe
Is' I.
When each club hud an innings complete,
Bin lhe margin was inure ere one day's
match was o'er.
And ihen Vernon acknowledged defeat,
oh, tbe way thai uur mei lebrated
just then
Is still quite lhe talk on the street,
II. i . < ., USUI.
Wil b good men uml gnu,I ground, i he
prospects are line
Por the besi nf all games in ihe yeai
Aud we'll win more Inurels than tvo
ever hnve tvnli.
If all I him mil in practice when th*
ni'usiiii is iiii.
Now,   with  hearty good   wishes  and
Xmns greeting,
Tl Over"  is called   till   Hie  Social
Which takes place nn Tuesday, its
Well to remember,
Over Hum's Htoro, at 8, the anil of
Kach member is Invited  lu  bung a
And the Ji'lhi st "i ail |olly evenings lo
spend. Umpire,
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS,  -   $.500
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   tS.OO
Single   meals 25 o.
McKenzie   Avenue
Cut Flowers,
Wreaths, Bouquets
If yuu w.ii.t Wreaths, Buiiquets,
Crosses, etc., made up from the
choicest (lowers, by a fully qualified nrtiste at reasonable prices
scud to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
sh'ppcd carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the linn.
They toon 1st Special Prize at the
Vernon Show on the 16th Sept.
for the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Manufactured for       clasde.-. of building-
for .-ale iu large or BmalKqua_atlt.es
at tlio lowest prices fur cash.
All kinds ol building aud plastering
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Here's a Happy Couple
starting on the road to owning
property, nnd they'll lie living
under their own roof when
tbeir friends trill still be paying rent, Weave offering tnem
Dial within live years, will
double in value, tan do tlie
same by others, Besi bus in
vicinity, lighi aliuig tho rood
iu Improvements Get mi the
band wagon for Revelstoke,
Real Estate und Insurance Agent,
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For th* term    ,:.,,,,.„ i_„„.,
er ConMnsatonr
Reliable varieties ,,, ,...,.,,,,
able prices, No l.'i. . -. s..:,
ui fumigation io damage -.,,., k.
No windy .i^enti i„ anno) you.
Buy direct .n,l gc ',m uml
seeds thai gtutv,
Fertiliiers, Bee Sum lies,Spra)
Pumps,  Spraying Material,  i ul
Flowers,   etc,     Oldest    eslab*
iisin-,1 nurser) on Ibe mainland
••I H. O.   Catalogue i	
(ireen lies-,... and Seed Ho ■>■ •
! B>
A Vv
^.<<in,   /_<_.
I old they np more loved,/ perhaps—
Tho' they loved in their chosen way—v	
The Christmas creeds and the Christmas deeds^jgj
Than we ^ho l\ye today.
But the world was far more childlike then,
While we have wiser grown;
And rather scorn their quaint beliefs
In favor of our own.
' ^_r 'i.
One fact they held as true as faith:
At the time of the Saviour's birth
The season moved in the sea, the
And the smallest things of^e__rth.
The beasts of the field wer^fed to speak,
The stones had tongj_.es for words-
Trees, grasses, bloomsXvere eloquent,
And speech was with the birds.
Scarce was a beastf in all the field
Or bird in all /the wood;
Those simple folk at Christmas time
Made not a theme of good.
And when the humble meal was done,
Or humbler gifts were sped,
They told of thAm strange-fancied tales,
And what they\did and said.
All simple stories mr^nly meant
To teach the noble part,
That sympathy and pity's due
Should hold in every he*_u;t.
And one ran thus:  "Long years ago
The robin at rhe door
Upon his breast in winter days
No shield of crimson wore.
'«_*!» '
.'   .,
• .     tt,.
^But as time passed when Christmas dawned
The bird in love's good will
And chlhsjty, with cooling water's store
^ould _U1 its tiny bill.
Then, flying\p that trying place—
To purgatory—where
Soukxhicsted in the flames, would leave
^^fiedropof water there."
Aye, even more these untaught folk believed:
>•_? ti  sajd jkg robin came
Solent and z _ alous in his task
It needed not the flame.
And scorched, even there where it had sought
To make its presence blest,
Has since befen scarred—sweet Mercy's badge—
With rera upon the breast.
Th-v/lesson is not in the deed
much as in the will,
nd while the world shall run its round
Must hold its value still.
The smaller works of charity
Of sacrifice and pain,
With no thought save of God and love,
Are those of richest gain.


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