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 " Empire" Typewriter
For euse of operation aud perfection
in results produced, this muehiii"
is unsurpassed.   Price, $00.00 Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
Vol. 14,-No 98
.Provincial Library
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead anil Revelstoke.
\l/e are sincere in our Thanks
to the  Public for the tremendous Chrismas Trade of 1908.
May the Season's Greetings,
Prosperity and Happiness attend
You and Yours.
Greetings of 1909
We   extend to one
and all A  Bright
and Prosperous
New Year.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches nr Agents at all principal points in Oniiada.
Agents in Great Britain and united Stales—London, England,
Lloyd's Bauk, Ltd. Chicago- Kirst National Bank, Corn KxcTiange
National Bunk. Seattle- Seattle National liank, Han Francisco—
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 81 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
current rale from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead,
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited ?
For the Gents
For the Ladies
Kings, Lockets, Cuff Links,
Watch   CliarniH   anil
Kolt Slippers, in  all sizes.
Sido antl   Hack   Combs,
Chains, etc.
Purses, etc.
Kvery article guaranteed.
Kaney Hat PInB.
8ee my stock beforo buying elsewhere
Oppoaite Climax Hotel, First  ritreet.
On   Tuesday   Evening  Under
Auspices Revelstoke C. C.
ThiB popular club held its social on
Tuesday night, Use. 29th, in the club
room, over the Burns'store, and the
big Buocess once kagain demonstrated
that in iudoor entertainment, aa well
aa outdoor sport, it supplies the best.
The president, VV. VV. Foster, called
the lirst item on the programme at
8:30, and until midnight the keen interest, enjoytneut and enthusiasm of
members and their guests was sustained. Every one of tbe hundred
citizens present pronounced tbe festive
gathering as something to be long remembered for ita excellence. Quartets, duets, vocal, pianoforte und piccolo solos, apeechea, and a reading in
the Yorkshire dialect, conipriaed the
entertainment, and presentations to
tbe captain, F. H. Bourne; to J.
Maley, the most popular man in tbe
club; to R. Entwistle, the club's
famous bowler, and to A. P. Shaw, the
man with tbe beat batting average,
comprised tbe programme.
The sweet singing of Mr. Pagden
and bis little son, and of Mr. Brace-
well, must be specially mentioned,
they being very welcome new additions to Revelstoke entertainers.
A very handsome electrically litted
reading lamp, presented to F. H.
Bourne, was the material form adopted to express to that gentleman
the great appreciation of bis captaincy
ot the olub and the esteem in which
ho is held by tlie members. The presentation was made by Mayor Lindmark, who admirably voiced the club's
sentiment. A spontaneous outburst
of cheers aud the "Jody Good Fellow"
chorus could leave no doubt in the
captain's mind of the warm regard in
wbicb he is beld.
To J. Maley, who is recognized as
the principal man responsible for the
good showing of the club, and who
has, at considerable sacrifice, given bo
much time to coaching and constant
practice with the members, a handsome and comfortable chair, waa pre-
aeuted—B. K. Atkius, iu a very
humorous speech, eulogising the accomplishments ol the genial Joe.
K. Enlisisli!, who hus tUO ic.i in liable bowliug average oi 4 24 runs iu
the 21 mulches played during tne season, has iii'i.nl tbeoricket hill usually
given to the best howler, nut theclun
substituted a gild iindal, will ins
aveiage engr ve , ou It. Uuiurtuu.ileiy
tins ineil,il bus in,I yel ui ti.nl finm
Vancouver, so thnt his actual rectip
ol it lo Uclened for a day or two.
A. P. rjbiiw captnied the prize bi
presented by Mr Clstreuce Quoch for
the ni_.Inset hatting aveiage, tin; fiEur. a
b- lug over 21 runs per innings, aid
bus totalled nearly 500 ruus for the
The captain of the Victoria team,
who was successful in winning the
silver cup presented by Messrs. Hnl,en
and Downs, will have that trophy to
grace his sideboard (or twelve months,
it being presented to bun hy Mr.
Hoi en.
Tbe winners of the club prizes and
tha surprised recipients ol other prizes
characteristically worded tlieir thanks.
Space will not allow ot each item on
the programme being mentioned, but
those assisting iu addition to tbe
above named were Mr. Edwards, of
Salmon Arm, Measrs. Vilveo, Winder,
Annan, Duck, VV.VV.Leleaux, Murphy,
Veith, Norria, C. VV. Young, Spring,
H. Oouraier, Field and Humphreys,
with J. Hooley at the piano.
An unlimited supply of substantial
refreshments added to the general en-
A hearty vote of tbanke to VV. VV
Foster, the chairman, terminated tbe
Alpine Club Meeting.
Owing to unavoidable circumstances
it haa been found necessary to change
the date of the proposed meeting of
tbe local members of the Alpine Club
of Canada to Tuesday, the 5th inst, at
il p. m i on the Y.M.C.A, The:e
will be an exhibition ol mountain
views by Mr. A. O.Wheeler, F. R.G. 8.
president ol the club, consisting of
many extremely unique and interesting views taken by Mr. Wheeler, and
of some beautiful colored slides kindly
loaned to the club by Mr. Frank
Yeigh ot Toronto. All interested in
mountain accuery and mountain
climbing are invited to attend this exhibition, to which there will be no
admission lee. After the exhibition
closes the members of the club will
entertain Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler at a
-upper, lur the purpose ol diaciiBaing
matters pertaining to the work ol the
Rcnu inhei the I'.liiiiiliii Sisters al
the opera home, Monday nigbt.
Total Loss of Life Estimated at
Nearly 200,000—Surplus
of Frisco Fund Forwarder!
to Sufferers.
Rome, Jan. 1.—Following is a summary made I st uight of the main
events of tin'day in the earthquake
The estimates of the number of
dead are placed as high as 200,000.
Oue of tbe ultra-couservatives say
tbe total will be not more]thun 35,000'
Accural j estimates are impossible,
but it ia believed that between 100,000
and 125,000 are dead
At least twenty cit'es in Southern
Italy and Sicily are in (lames.
All New Year's celebrations throughout Italy were ahandened. All theatres
and public places ol amusement have
been clnaed.
Catanzako, Jan. 1.—Tbe city of
Reggio, with its population of 35,000,
was entirely submerged by a tidal
wave, and less than 1000 persons escaped, according to the statement of a
captain of a company of carbineers
who arrived bere from  Reggio   today.
Catania, Sicily, Jan. 1,—Queen
Helena, at the risk of her life, rescued
a wounded child from u wrecked building in Messina, acoording to an authentic r<*MgfiM8e'VCl< bere through
olliciuD^ftnucTsTuiis Sftornoon. The
king and queen were passing near the
building when the pitiful wails of tho
wounded child were heard hy the
queen and she rushed into the ruins
aud dragged tbe little victim to safety.
Washington, Jan. 1.—The executive committee oi the National Red
Cross Society at a meeting today decided to send the Italian Red Cross
Society $50,000. ThiB amount iB tbe
surplus on bond from ttie contributions to tbe fund for the relief of San
Francisco following the earthquake
of 1906.
Twenty-three Minuio  Dead—
One Hundred Still Entombed
Maybury,   vv.  Vh ,  Jin.   I.—The
bodies oi twenty ihi', e tinuei- Weie
lukeu curly t il..i (r in ibe Lick
ilia cb toileri s C.n,., ucy's . i ■ ,,•
Lifk bianco ue,.i bere. F rtj -. s\'o
injuiid mon were lesi-ued during the
morning, aud it is believed ibut nearly
■ DO miners nre siili on loin ed. Tne
ilisa-iier resulie i fr.un in ixphsiu
.Thursday aiteruuon, nd i tftuialn nl the
company are eSdeuvuiing t_ aacer __jn
i be cause.
Montreal   Wanderers   Retain
Hockey Championship
The Edmonton hockey team defeated the Montreal Wanderers in the
second and final game of the Stanley
cup series on Wednesday night in one
of the closest and most exciting games
witnessed nt Montreal in a couple of
Beasons. Tho challengers, however,
failed to lift the cup, tlieir victory
being by a score of seven to six, while
their defeat in the lirst game was by a
score of 7 to 3, leaving the VVtinderers
holders of the silverware with a margin of three goals in lhu total.
of  Season—Traffic
Winnipeg, Jan. 1 —The worst snow
slorni of the season, driven by a hard
northern gale, has the prairie provinces in its grip today, and local
meteorologists are inclined to connect
this remarkable disturbance with  tbe
The Nelson News says: Two more
hockey leagues have been formed consisting in the one instance of Hevelstoke, Vernon, Enderby and Armstrong, and in the other of Ashcroft,
Kamloops and Nicola. The champions of each of these leagues will
play Nelsou.
The public school and high school
basket ball teams met yesterday in a
very one-tided game. The public
school boys played all round the high
school, who did not seem to huve any
The protested game between tho Intermediate and the Road team was
played over last night. The game
was the hest ever witnessed fn Rovelstoke; close checking and good combination aud shooting were all brought
into play. The game was a line, clean
one, and every one was satisfied.
Score, 22 to 17, in favor of tbe Road
Rearrangement   of   Services
for Next Week
On second consideration it was
found that the program for tho week
of prayer, elsewhere found in this
issue, could not Be carried out and
therefore had to bo rearranged. The
order of services will now he as follows'
Monday night, in the Methodist
church. The young pe. (sle's meeting
tn be led by repreaeu'iitiVel 81 the
ilift'eient. Young People's Societies
Tii'sduy niglit nis., in ihe Met
i.t church. Kev. I' \V Ilu I (till |
Bide ami mid ism? on i'- .., »-i
an I W-iiitlili g _io giv. ,, bj 11
J. ll R . e. -o . a .1 i- - l\
Fie m iu.
VVrdin-sdsy    night   in    l.e   B..,.i..-l
chueh.      Rev.   VV.   P    Fieem.ii. w il
pr mile, <*.iui   ddies-sii.  on V r,,±„ n   u
ll.iine Miss-i ns   wil.   In given b_   Ki v
T. V\   Hull unu H.v.  J. R. I. ulerlBui
ll.u_.il,y    ui  ht    in    Km  X church
Ui v. J. R.   Robertson w II preside, anu
iislduBses    on   tb"   Family   and   the
School   will   bo given  by  Kev T. VV.
Hall and Rev. VV. P. Freeman
Services will begin promptly at 8
o'clock und will last about uu hour. It
is hoped that as many as possible will
avail themselves of the opportunity ol
these services^
Today's Issue.
it   was   the   intention, us usual, to
earthquake at  the other side of the j 0JM0 pubijofttjon Ior an i9SUe  0f  the
Mail-Hekai.h afler New Year's day
to give the employees of the paper an
opportunity to enjoy a holiday during
the week of festivities. But owing to
some legal adveitisenicnts which bad
to appear today, we were obliged to
issue the paper. Tbe local happenings
of the week will appear in our regular
issue of next Wednesday.
world. Low temperatures are working
from the west, thirty below being recorded last nigbt at Edmonton, with
the thermometer just at zero here, but
tbe glass is etill falling and the mercury sinking. Trallic is much delayed
and street cars aro being operated with
dilliculty. Brandon reports that trallic
is dislocated, j]
At Moobc Jaw ono ot tht worst blizzards iu yeiira lias been raging for tlie
puat eighteen hours. The storm is
moderating, but the mercury is 17
below.    All trains are lato.
At Portage la Prairie a roal old-
fashioned blizzard is prevailing today
and business is practically suspended.
Many clerks were unable to reach
work. No trains are in yet. It is the
worst storm in years.
Opera House Tuesday Night
A New England play entitled "Along
the Kennebec" will be presented nt tbe
Opera House, Tuesday night. This
company carries all its own scenery
(or the production and ita stage Bettings are said to be extraordinarily
pretty and well appointed. Tlie play
itself is a comedy puro and simple,
with an abaence of cheap sensationalism bul. un abundauco of good clean
comedy, something that wo can laugh
at and not understand altorwards
what we laughed at. Thu funny duel
scone in tho third act iB aaid to bo n
pretty good cure for the blues for the
evening at   least,   and   tbe   splendid
Doll and Teddy Bear
The doll and Teddy Bear competition for the holiday seasou, put up by
McLennan A Co., dry goods merchants
croated a good deal of interest for tho
past month. The competition closed
at 10 o'clock on Thursday, Dec. 31at,
and tbo prize winners were: Sandy
McKiie, sou of Postmaster McRae, the
doll; Master Donaldson, son ol Engineer Donaldson, tbe Teddy Bear. The
number which won tlio doll was 1434,
and the Teddy bear number 1568.
McRae Mercantile Company
Below are given the names ol tbe
winners of the watch prizes given by
the MoKue Mercantile Company, Ltd.,
gents furnishers. The competition
waa a keen oue, and a largo number
put in for the prizes. The hoys watch
was won hy Alfred Tapping with 5,108
words made from the woida "McRae
Mercantile Company, Limited." The
winner of lho man's gold watch was
II. Dool, driver for F. McCarty.
Liberal Association
A general meeting of the Revelstoke
Liberal Assoaiation will bo hold on
Monday, Jan. lib, at H p. in.   in   the
orchestra will please all lovera ol good  0id   committee roouiB on First atroet,
mUBtoi H, COOKE, Secretary.
We wish the Compliments
of the Season to our Friends
and thank them for their
libe^-il patronage. We hope
that all will experience '' A
Happy and Prosperous New
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
don! study Ion$
^%^m our store-
by  R.F. Ou*tcaollNT.
Come to our store once and buy your clothes
and   after  that  you   will   never  study where to go.
You will always come straight to us.     We will give
you good cloth; a good tit; proper cut and the prices   j
will not be  high.
We  sell  clothes  made  by   P1T-REFORM.
Their name on a garment assures the quality.
!iiii-H & Sutheri
Fit Reform Clothing.
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-up Capital.$ I 0,000,000
alex.  laird, Gen. Mgr.      Reserve Fund,   -   6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, anil in United Statea and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits oi $1 and upwards are received and interest
allowed al current rater, and paid twice yearly. Accounts
may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the number nr by the survivor.
immmm^mmmmatmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmmmmm THE MAII.-tt__.RALD. RKVELSTOKI., B. C.
Hbc flDa.WIXva.be f"
is.    M
1'   uti.-.i ii,*, Sol ii itou! ,   Eti .
0 I   I  ,. W A
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice In Piitcnt
Otiice and befoic Railway
HoS. I'll VRLESjMl Bl'HY, Ml'.
II .urn n'l'i-Hisii.
irriatei    Solh llors. '-. .
......   loKE imi I in" I I IKI  II ''
Off CE8I    I  "•■' I'm >!   '   ■'■'    '      I flM- R_V»L
. II. D,
■.*  ■■.      10 in,
, Office*   !'.■.•■: ike  ..
li. II. S. M< I'AKTKil
4.  M    l'.SKHAM.
Revi .-:..,.".
inbruuk, n  II.
J. A. Habvbv,
Cranbrook, n * ■
:. "  ■  otl i.I.
VV. 1. lli-iggn.
BARRISTERS, Siil.li IT0R8, I'll
Monev to Loan
SOLII i rORS   I "li  M'si.ssiiN-   llANK
Firsl street. Reve ".oke, B-C
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
McKenzie avknck,
Box 106, 1ii:vi:i.sT(ike
I.   O.   F.
.-■ m    .-,; Koubli   :•.     ii'T. ii-.s'ot-s •-'usi anil
'.'  ■ It      u Cl Idfellon ■ Ball, unit to Opera
Hi,   -    ,  iitlag brethreu  cordially iuvite.l to
JAY. Oakland, C.B.
H   W. Kins, sun-   11 S
c. vv. o   w
Mountain  view Camp   No. 220
•■■■,■■  Second  and   Fourth   Wednesdays hi
each month, li   9i'lklrk Hall.   Visilin   Wood-
,.       .,  ■ ...   ..-. ,!■■.: •.. attend.
w. li. ARMSTRONG, Con. Coin.
J. M ISI V UK, ( lork.
lli;VK!..M'nKi:  AERIE  No.  128
F. O. E.
- 7,, .  ....... j-- hold in tho Selkirk
ri ■.     ei  i    Tue-.lay  eveulni!    at   8   oclook
\   .*.:.,. brethren are cordially Invited.
W   I.. M.L.U'l HI.1N.Ski Rlil'AUV.
Kootenay lodge. No. 15. 4  F. & A. M
This reillllur meet
iocs (on hold in tin*
(.1 Idfellows Hull, "ii
tin. thir.l Miili'luy iu
eurh    m"lltli    at     0
I, in. Vi-itiiiK brothron   cordially   mhI-
.*,.  I*KU( I'XIKK. SKCltKTAItT.
^g^tf**-^*^*^ ':"': '.'■.."        'l'i.'   M
Ord       y    :     ted to attend,
G.  H    KNIGHT, V'i
.' IS   M.VI HI l: SKI'
Cold RanfiO toclg-c, K  of P.
Ho.  26.   Revelstoke, B  C.
MEETS   .V-tBY   ■'• t.i'M'-l" 1',
. ■      p| ■  .    ' ••    ...-.!   >    ■
...., . u ddloll  i. •
nan    nt,    _.    .... .,i_.     Vlsltln
EnlKbUiA s c ir-liaUy   uvit.il.
B     CSSIXQH \M MORRIS, i   i
G. H   BBG' -s   K. ol  H   .-. S
J   H   Si "I'i"   M   i.f .'
Zbc _T_DaiU>1l3eralb
"     ■ th" '"« -'  >t !■
._- ■■   ■        ■■'  ■
That -      res any of n-.
"*.-'■        ■•.-...
'.'■ ■■- rarely   .   it  ■■. e c:;j jy  .;. o
fashioned    vinter   like   the    ;   .-   il
5   . pasl slush, run   .rd
■ ■"    . '■ -     en thi ..;
.. '. as, ..ni  the ar h ...
an . th-■   :.:....-..-        -    -,,.-..•
-   .   Ibe   Dpp irtunil
■ ■      ' •
:r, King  l*"ro.l
l lends for the
;  thn i   weeks ;
n ■  .
■ ■'■   * hat   -..:'.--   tbe     u   .,
'■•.. ■ the al itci  ■ isi the I
. ; lied t .i..i., ip
his . ::., that : ie '.':: v: ::.... ;
•'• 'gs in the ,-. ..'.., >r li.c ■ tn j
of I    tbal!  i nd bis     vim.-.   ■ i-
...'..',. :,. i
ordinary tances  c.-ii
full   share ;   i.  -... i .-..•;.
-' III Ign ■.■'.■ ;.,;.     .:
1 ri    .  ir  up :;  th     veil planned   u
■'  ki menu   foi        ■ g  .... ?. ,  hi
be   i    .. i. ■.. uld    iin.l
:   il    ivitl   thi       ...- oi  ::■*    roa   I .
gann       s   • :•'. ... kal
ei .•■.  . .:.h thai ■ ,.   'turn   .
coi-nc, and hi     i .. - ..
ti   I   indulg rating i xer
'tt  so Wi .   ..sre are icv.
pprcciate the delightful
is p.- • luced by a gl >r
; : the   vi... ;   lishe I
- ■.   .   cii impai meat        friends
rling     ... ibou    in   the
lull enjoyment .; a happiness thai is
. |; irent :r. each beaming counteii
ancc Tlie grcus Lharm of s,katinR,
apo: :. ,:.. ita healthful influence, ia
its sociality, its freedom from i in
■■■ ■ . isi restraint, and thi lelight
> it all i la Ihi I'tuvc and
:-■ flirtation md genuine
love making In this respect it will
;.. ■ * - bighesi honors, ?.nd deserves
■ksic _as<K-_-_i.'*s.,-f_i-.--'v-im* iwr.umi"|il|iwawHli..iii* piilwui-*
1 nt'i|ii,illt'il   li ir  ptirily  ol  li mc  unci
beauty nl dc lio'ii.
New Scale Williams Fianos
At the head ,>( the list ol the I ligh Grade
Pianos in the 1 lominion.
'rinse lliyh Grade Pianos can be purchased on the monthly
payment plan. A payment ol -.10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in your home, We are also agents for
the CHASE i.  BAKER and   ANQELUS Piano Players.
Call and see the New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
the first place among the many recreations.
However keenly the skilful skater
may enjoy his spoil, 1 doubt if anyone who bus participated in
A Curling Bonspiel
between two neighboring parishes,
where skill und enthusiasm were
nearly matched, could be found to admit that there is anything in sport
that enn compare with the earnest
enthusiasm, the skilful manipulation,
the combination of strength und science, with just sufficient of chance to
lend :■ charm to the uncertainty thai
is experienced in a well-fought game
.si curling. The loch "ii such a day
presents a scene that is difficult to
di scribe. The rink are ranged in
order; the directors ui skips arc ;ii
lhe tee-heads; the players no! throwing ih,- stone are standing ready with
I room in hand, and the moment it
is delivered they watch il with intense
eagerness; and if it is likely to fall
short of the mark the warning voice
of the skip is heard. Instantly they
tackle it, and thrashing the ice with
their brooms in from of it, they clean
uw.iy every speck or spot thai could
possibly impede its progress, the skip
all the time urging than in ulni"si
frantic terms to "soop her up," until
lis has succeeded in getting the stone
as near as possible to the spot wanted. So intent ir every one upon his
nun garni [hut he knows nothing of
how his neighbor s progresses, but
works wilh an earnestness that is
worthy "i all pi .use to put the high-
.-; possible score to lis own side. As
lhe game goes on and tin excitement
.:. :asl aside and in
. :, 11 -Ic i es iT.im "i iin mon zi al
itts play<; s, .. i i ng with then' ex-
ei iii .ii-, bid di fiam I the nipp ng
i thci eagi: anxiety io secure
., vi. tory. N r can skaters and i
. ikci. re isi iin in in ucc ii the
ei thui iasm of « hn thi j ire witnes
s a, and gem rail; vai.:- ' cl -
oi the game ii icl c jute il li is heei
al all close, you will find the -•
ed company gradually draw
I ■ ti itness the con      ling i 1      :    thai
decide  tl
.'  is some ••   .. t surpi
. . :...: . ■ iifined
■■'    ertainl; ne thai
men   v\ uii .   ■
.'.:. amongst lit
i recent years lha
•    ith oi '.!:•'  I .'. ■ ■ ■ .
.... irmi •. almost the first n
intro luci    ::   ; •   i    .
I Bling
I   ii::.,   .   wh •
at Malton, look a few pis'- .i-
ilged in I
een  it in Scotia
• gular club h •
'...-':•       ttice
i. .
;•..'. - i.i- broom
: . ll
e has
ind 1        ishii
tnparal mknowi
■     -..    :  Engb ihu ei
ill be ibund im e of i
-   wei ■:,   1   purp .       i       very
.   teristici.     '.    .
to tl
I poinl
,    ■   .        mil
I wi th i ■ 11 i
..   praci i
li- ■ :.   imp irted  by
lien      11   ' -       | ,        .   i ■   ■
I,    n  plaj ■■.:.:      mall I
g the lh    I   .'■;    and
b,  in   the  in..;
iinimcr ii •■" is m n pi
pro    ment w,i    effeel ■
....     [ing tl [
.. iden handle to it. bul   I
tie    !.• [innii p
■ niry lhal  attenl   .
■..;,': m, ui .tone
■ p.Ifl.    I'.lllll'':
i- lied
1, l|   littll    ;. pll! ll    -;.   i. ;
". ipiircd   '     fix   the  handl
'-.   : ..!.    notioni   enl    tail   -l   by
our  forefathers.    Aboul    thia    time,
I    ■   ver   a   great   improver fnl   -
cl   ctedi  'i;''  l"'iildi't's    found     ■ ■  •
It 'niiitri il round, and n poli ihcd bol
pill  in  them,  which    ficilil
tin ir progi ess; and ihi   ul rnul
-'i-i. dressing having bi en  .'• ll   i ui
tinned improvements took place,   in
til now the manufacture of stones has
become ;i handicraft, which is carried
to u  high  degree of    perfection    in
ninny places in Scotland.
L'ntil the formation of the
Royal Caledonian Curling Club
in 1838, there was no general cnile of
laws regulating the game, nor was
there any limit as lo size and shape
of stones used in it. Indeed, in inane
districts lhe game for some time alter this continued to be played with
-ewii players a side in each rink, tho
players having only une stone each,
lhe size of which was regulated by
lhe strength of the player. This
manifestly Bave the stronger man an
immense advantage, for while skill
will always beal strength (except
when the ice becomes so soft as 10
prevent fine play), the skill may Le
as much on the side of tbe strong
plaier as on that oi the weak. To
equalize the chances in s..iiie degree,
ii e Royal Curling Club have fixed lhe
miximuin weight of the stone at 50
pounds, and the minimum al 30
p..iiinls. while the diameter must not
eseeed 12 inches. Instead of -even
players a side, each playing one stone,
a inr greater interest was given to the
game by limiting the players to (onion one side, and giving each a pair
of stones to play. There is a great
variety o:"
Stones in Use,
those most esteemed being, as near
a- possible, non-porous, and little
subject t" he affected by dampness.
Those mosl extensively used in the
VVcsl of Scotland are called liur-
nocks, and consist oi three qualities,
ihe medium-sized spotted kind being
tli, best \ beautiful stone • uin ■
ii'.'in Ailsa Craig, and, although i'
. !.      lensily,   il   .'. - .1: -   .'. ell,   una  .s
Hindi   e,-termed   l.y   in.illy   playclv       111
1 annrkshii'i   tin   1 rp.wfordjohn   swnc
is deservedly  popular, and whi 11
can   In- ■ uu   dry ■.   tin
;; ne   '. ■ vi    playi '1   with  a
•   [besi   foi      ■ '.' "  3. ars, and
I as eve 1      I ; ■
icatitifii    Vbi      en   _.ranitt   hat    ■■   •
■ mbined v
I ■   .
' '
g started
\   iev.
• .  find •   . I e, bul
11 d    ire
it,  the . ■   of  lhe
■   I ■■ ich as I
lesi   bed
1 .   ■ . , . ■   :
The Kink,
!■• '  .   don
ian  Rule -        12 yard
■ -    ind 1 In   11 d. trigger, or
.   1     ' hii 1   Un- st  ii. !. liv
nd     I '
are formed by 1 leries oi concentric
■  Ic    di'.i" 11  around n  poinl  1 nHcd
il.*'   ie",  the  "liter;.. . 1        •   having
.1  1 aditis ol  1 1  i- ■ 1. and evi r;     loni
' 1 ' .''ii' mn 1 ' un h ..t he within thi,
'   from tin   '■ ■■ al
end ;   ■ 11   1 1....    the
rink, which is . ailed ilu- Hog Score,
and all stones played must clear thll
mark under penalty of being removed
lilt ice, Tli ■ 'eve;, in addition
to a pair "f stones, is provided with a
hroom or long brush, with which to
polish the ice should any stone played hy hi- side require it. The broom
111 sotn 1 ii w years ago was universal,
1 .d -nil il may be said lo he the genuine implement of a curler; bin over
a wide district il l.as given way tu
the brush, which is both cleaner, handier, and more effective. To enable
ilie player to follow the stone with
perfect freedom on the ice, a pair of
ice boots made from any woollen
stuff the stronger the better—is a
great improvement "ii a custom still
very prevalent, of playing with ordinary boots, the steel sparrowbills
or tackets in these scratching the ice
and keeping it much dirtier than
when the feel an. covered. Thus
equipped, the player is ready to take
his part in llie game, and when 1
have espl,oiled the mode of delivery,
we will proceed to play an end.
11 is manifest that to   propel    the
spine   with  the  necessary  velocity
Some   Firmer  Footing
must be obtained than ever woollen
hoots can give, and this is secured in
., vanity of ways. In Lanarkshire
and niany other places the fashion
still prevails of cutting a notch or
hack in the ice, in which the player
places the Ioe of his right foot, and
with the other planted firmly in front
of him, obtains the necessary power
oi propulsion. The system is open
to the suggestion that 011 weak ice
you aim.'st inevitably bring up the
water. Another way is l" have a
Iriangiilar piece of iron, called 11 trigger, which is fixed ill the ice, and affords a good footing for the right
foot, "ii which the strain mainly
ci mies. In Dumfrieshire many of
the players use what is called cram-
pets, being a shod of leather and iron,
with -pike- which they draw on to
either foot, bul Ihis cms up the ice
very much, and looks a barbarous invention. To iny mind the best footing is obtained by a using n strip of
iron, abnul three feel and 11 half in
length and eighl inches broad, with
two small prongs before and behind,
and with a clump of wood at the
hack, against which the ball of the
right foot rests. The board is roughened by perforating it with small
holes, which prevent- ice forming Oil
it, and gives a firm and -ure fouling.
Being made of sheet iron it rests
close l" the ice. and s,, removes the
objection lhal many players felt to
wooden hoards when they were first
The game usually consists of a fixed number of
Ends or Shots.
twenty-one  end-  being the  ordinary
length   of   private   games   and   parish
bonspiels   in   the   West   of  Scotland.
This   length   of   game   occupies   on   a
fine day a little over four hours, but
ii  the  ice  is  not  keen  less  time  will
In   required,   as   the   stone     delivered
with greater force conies more quickly to a stop than when il goes creeping along cautiously on luud ice.   We
shall  -oppose  that  the  frost  has prevailed for a week, and that the home
-aiiie-.  :n  which all clubs engage  as
a   preliminary  for  their  foreign  con-
.   ts,  have been gone    through,    the
II, .,.,,    |,ils   heen   -ent   forth   to   a
neighboring parish, accepted, and the
player-,  1 limbering,  say, eighty on  a
IU-d at tlie loch, ready
If we examine iheir
.    " al a dun's   see what
ocial  game curling is.
. ■   ■ .    -  nu  headed    by     the
. :res   stretch  ovei    • v-
., ;   ■...;...,   name  has
ti thi  . oun:  ;   ol
.1-;. d by the
r,   the    '■ '•"■ '     md   the
■  im. -       merchants,
borers make up the
.       1   ....     10 di tinc-
the g mc. and the
by  ballot;  the
■ orthy  of
"Wabster   Chiel."
■  -:..   and   pinched   ap-
■     •. ardent  I  ve  of
dged at  the
:  1   ratively    empty
\ ng  fairly 1
■  of the
In Wonder and Amazement
■ eye and
.    ; cable
.     ,     .
tu   :. d ii',n,
-   I
■     ; make him ■   I
.. d   from
viil bi
1 up
■ ■
• - i thimbh
.v  that  will
...   ,'
.   withstand    thi
• will be in a 1
lomctl ■'     l|r"'
giving 'li
bi ,;e    w'11
.•I.'/,        ["111. '
:'■ ;
it the very sp
^kip   '■ • . '  thai  an'1,
Tam. draw  yon  in  inv broon ,   ind
we'll help v'i into thi Vhat'
he like  (from  lhe     vi cpers)     lie's
11 ed   bul   1    doubl    he's
ntrnng.   Oh!  Tam,  yer   loo  far,   man;
v.; nearly out of the ring; two yards
ill   11   i.e. I   lime."
Skip  Mo   1       .'■•"",  Fohn   1 im	
ye -ce whi. vi lying J11 1 another
".In! lik- tlie last, ind if v di dump il
up I- .1 feci they'll bl ;l pan Ol grand
anes     Man, yer coining bonny! Just
keep bim clean, lads. That, 1100, nae
mair. Lord! it's the very thing, there's
guard and winner; that will lash
them to take out 1"
Skipi No. 3; "Turn, we'll no fash
trying in lake it out yet. Keep you
gae close, and if you rub the guard,
or lie al my brush wc 11 find a way lo
get al it. There, noo, Unit's gue well
played—that  shot  will  work  yet."
Skip No 1 directs each player in
turn in similar language to defend
the shot, that has been so skilfully
placed, while the efforts of No. 2 skip
are exerted to open a way to it. Al
length the skips, who are selected for
their skill in the game, as well as
their superior play, are left, to try
conclusions, the third players in the
meantime taking charge of the tee
head. The shot so toughly contested
is lying now dangerously open, and if
not guarded. Skip No. 2, whose deadly aim at a "bullet shot' is rarely
known to fail, will get a glorious
chance; hut loud and triumphant are
the shouts of No. l's players as the
stone gradually creeps forward and
comes to rest, covering the first a
good three yards behind. Skip No,
_.' is directed to try "guard and winner" a strong shot that, by driving
the guard straight up, mighi cannon
011 the winner, and SO carry built out
of the ring. Up comes the stone careering like thunder, and as it crashes on the opponent's guard, aud
drives il among the stones that lie in
and around the ring, for u moment
the result seems doubtful, but the instant it is seen that the effect hits
been only, lo displace a few of these
without affecting' the position of the
winner, the exultation is loud on lhe
side of No. 1, whose skip with his
final shut again protects the winner.
Nothing nuw remains but to try some
other more skilful shot, it may be an
outwick or au inwick, which is secured by striking the outside of a
stone ai the precise angle that will
drive il in the face of the winner; or
the player with his own stone may
rich.ochet off lhe inside, and so obtain
the result. It is a difficult shut to
play, and as Skip Mu. J is directed to
try it a breathless silence falls upon
the players. For a moment the skip
looks steadily at the stone to be rubbed, then measuring accurately the
burrow required, as well as the exact
velocity tu be given, he swings il
gracefully behind him, and delivers
it straight from the hand. To the excited beholders it would seem at first
that it had fled the mark, and n shortlived shout of delight comes from the
players of No. I rink; hut instantly
it is found that the twist, for which
allowance had been made, is gradually bringing it to the very spot, and as
it neatly catches the edge of tin: stone
and a feeling of disgust    overspread
The Social Character
of the game. The happy mixing and
mingling of all classes ol the community is productive of the very best
results. Nothing goes further to reconcile the inequalities of lhe social
scale than to see those who are at
tin- top ot the ladder taking a lively
nnl intelligible interest in the nation-
jl sports and pastimes of the people.
I'he late Karl of Eglinton, of Flying
IJutchman aud Tournament fame, was
foremost in his hearty encouragement of all such sports; in fact, he
may lie said tu have created the gallic
of Howls by the great efforts he put
forth i" popularize it,, while nothing
in the wide world possibly presented
a greater attraction to him than to
iii-ad the players ol Kilwinning in
their bonspiels against neighboring
parishes. His Lordship was a very
skilful player himself, and associated
with linn were Hugh Conn, auctioneer: |ohn Napier, studgroora, and
Robert Brown of Lilcston. John
played the lead with a pair of 50
a pair of 48 pound; Hugh Conn played
4'' or .14 pound, as lhe day might require, while his lordship skipped with
a pair of .(-' pound. They were all
powerful men, as well as good players (Hugh C'.'iin was the finest player I ever saw), and thus equipped,
ihcy scarcely ever knew defeat. 1
once saw tliein tudly puzzled, however, and although victory ultimately
rested with them, it was only by a
narrow majority. The day was one
of the finest imaginable for the spurt;
the aii was sharp, the snow crisp,
and the ice polished like a mirror.
I'hey had tlieir heaviest metal with
them, and as luck wuuld have it, in
draw they fell against a rink of pig-
, whose weigliliest stone little
exeeded ,j.|lh. Nothing could be more
,,lining than to watch the chagrin, mixed wtih amusement, of his
Lordship and his players as tlieir
greut stones drove their opponents
the ring, but scarcely feeling
the touch followed, and by dint oi
.veeping, were ill turn carried clear of it themselves, ft was a
I■■:, 1 , .I under circumstances
-m-.il a- I never saw before or since.
i.m I was playing in
. his lordship, when he
'   Conn   to  break   up    a     head
id . 1 nu d badly against him,
and  raising  his  brawny arm,  Hugh,
the   skill   and   stregnth   that
he possessed delivered hia stone with
.: um, and, 1 oming wiih some-
ke tin    • - locity  "f a cannon
ball,  11  id  only  broke up  the  lead
Ij .:    . ni the stone it struck lirst into
a   thousand  pieces,  to    ihe    intense
.1   ,11    lordship  and  the
■ ' a      .    however,   felt
■ .- • 1  to whom the stsne
:. id  belonged, aa  he  sadly gazed  un
.   [rui tion      thai      had        heel!
wrought; bul hi    wrrowlng was soon
g when his lordship
pail ov n, -•'. iiii  ''iiii-
■. -I upon ilu-iii, lo i"- brought
■ ■   gnu 1 fully presented
him, and  10 mad'' the hap-
pii   1  11..   ilu   li '•
1 1,, .,,. ;■ .! thi game in its
1 , althful ui'! locial aspi eta, I would
1 . ■    1.   , word on I he
■ draw i"i iii V\ bi 11 Si dland was
a much pool ei 1 "iiniry than il 1- now
there was less real poverty and destitution tb.in at pie-eiil prevails. In
those ii"! very remote days the game
wa- indulged ill by a wider circle
thin is to be found engaging in    it
now, and the contests were frequently
for a "beef and greens dinner," and
the game being played uver again
with many additions, at the festive
board. Times have changed greatly,
however, and instead of spending the
money in guzzling and gorging the
cry is "remember the pour." I cannot recall evil' having heard of a
match playid lur money to be divided
among the players, aud in this re-
spect the reproach uf gambling cannot be brought against the game of
curling; but many parish bonspiels
and privati matches are played for
the benefit of the pom, and in my
own parish this very icason over
£40 has been raised and distributed among the necessitous in coals,
meal ami groceries. One day last
week I saw a rink consisting of seven
ciders ul the Kirk nf Scotland and
the assistant minister, playing a
match for a loud nf meal, while on the
day after the curlers from a distant
parish, headed hy their minister, met
a home club in friendly e.uitesl on the
same ice although in this instance
only a district medal, value 7s 6d,
presented by the Royal Caledonian
Club, was tlie reward of the victors!
Curling Contests,
the one lhat excites most interest is
the Great National, annually arranged under the auspices of the Royal
Club, between the North and Soulh
of Scotland. When played on the
south side, Casllesemplc Loch in
Renfrewshire is the place selected
and the division of the country is a
line drawn nurth and south of the
Clyde. This loch is remarkable for
il- safely, and the beauty of its surroundings, and no finer sight can be
imagined than lo sec its glassy surface covered by many thousands of
spectators while over 100 rinks of enthusiastic curlers engage iu the game.
VV lien llie nurth, in turn, is llie scene
uf contest, it takes place at Crecn-
loaning, between Stirling and Perth,
011 a series of flushes rented by the
Caledonian Club, and Ihus perfect
safely—an important element where
50 many people arc drawn together
—is secured. The line in this case is
shifted to the Forth, and it is generally found that whatever district is
visited by the club, from that side
there is sure to be a preponderance
of rinks. Unfortunately lor sonic
years past the frost was, not strung
enough tu permit ul bringing off this
game. 1ml litis year lhe committee
had their arrangements early completed, and mi Friday, the 1 Jib, the
great even', came oft at l.oeliwiiinoch.
Su far as the state of the ice was concerned nothing belter could have
been desired; but alasl a fog r.etllcd
on the loch, and narrowed the span of
vision to a score or two of yards on
either side, so that visitors had to
grope their way about without, in
many instances, even seeing their
friends, while at no moment from
-tart to finish did the fog lift sufficiently to give a full view of the
Little now remains for me lo say.
Since I began this article the weather
favorable fur the prosecution of the
game has departed, but the spell we
enjoyed uf it has left so many plea-
sant recollections 011 my mind that I
must heartily wish that thousands
more of my fellow-countrymen, especially those south of the Tweed,
would endeavor tu take advantage of
ihe first opportunity that may offer
tu acquire a practical knowledge of
this healthful recreation; and if information should be required on any
point 1 will be only too happy to furnish il.
Special to the Public.
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E, F, Tucker, Photographer.
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City Clerk.
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huve filed hi Ihe ollice of llie Dominion
Lands Agent al Kamloops, B.C., and in
the ollice of The Honourable the MinislCi
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uud specifications of certain booms and
oilier works proposed 10 be constructed
liy said Company In, over and along tba
Norlh Thompson River in lhe Kamloops
Division of Yal.i District in tho Province
of Brilish Columbia and thai uu the mill
day of February, 1909,,!! ihe hour of i'
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after as lhe application can be heard.
application will be made by the under
signed 10 His Excellency .he Governor
'n-Couucil at Ottawa, Ontario, for his
ipproval to be given to such plans.
Dated this (th day of December, 190IS.
Shuswap and Thompson Rivlrs holim
liy Olio l.-n.hiucnd. Secretary,
Dec. 9, 0o d
nuoiiliualii.li pt Orown Cranl
Whorou. on tlm 20th duy oI November, IUUi 11
Criiwii (1-unt wus. i.hiiod fu tlio 11:1111., oIFl'odel*
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nuy Distrlet. Thai orldoDOO him nince been
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Wailibourne died on ibis ith »f August, Mil
romatlmo prior to iho i..,uuuoo nf the Mill
1 rownGrant. Tlmt liy agreement dated 'til,
Ao-nuli. 1906, ilio said Frederick Waslibon nn
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to Thomas Sbaoks Mcl'hemoii.
Nutii'ii is therefore hoijby Kivoii. in pur_ii<
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oyRiOHV (A l;!x
Capital • $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3 500,000
Has (.5 (.ranches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Among Preparations
Dining Room Furniture is piutic
I'larly essentisl, ami in \iew ol
thin f.ict we have selected a very
desirable line of elegsnt nnd
artistic dining tables, chairs nnd
Sideboards. An early inspection
should be made, ne the price ne
are asking for such superior furniture makes them a most desirable
s.m.knt foh
John  Dbbk
plows, barrows
teult iviltol's.
wagons   ami
farm Impli-
fi_.   menu of all
|f ki'"'s
llittilu   and  repaired.
Horse Shoeing
a Specialty
All Orders Promptly Executed    -    First Class Work Guaranteed
##W^##WWf '$ 'I' 'fr 'fr $ '*' «$"£
___Ma_______a__B m— i*'aan..-z=
Import direct from country ot origin.
I^TnVEjLiS'TOTC-HI    Tr).   O."
Central Hotel
Newly built.
First-class in every respect.     All modern oonveuienc
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates Iti.50 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake. under s.me   manngrtneni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market afford .. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratea $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   _A.Xi-B_E3:RT     STO_CST_B      PROP.
Queens ftotel
Hest brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Week of Prayer
In accordance with the call for the
general   obBsrvanoe  of  the   week of
prayer, issued by the Evangelioal
Alliance, lour of tlie congregations of
Hevelstoke will joiu in holding union
services. The arrangement is ns
Monday, Jan. 1th, in the Methodist
church. — Subject : " The Bible,"—
I Praise that ths Hilda siill demonstrates
it" pre eminence is the incomparable
source of spiritual life, snd that the
lii;ht o' ie-i',iu:ii and the glanoe ol
criticism have h i*_hf ned its resplend-
ai-ceunil imi^uili-d its p"wer This
on- iue i- ■ speei i ly f r i lie \ in g
people and Wll> bu bd hi r oc. .ti'ii-
i ves ol tin- Y. P. Bucietie.
Tuesday, ,Iiin. 5th, in 8t. Andrew's
church,—Snhj rt : ''The family and
tbe Pchool." Prayer thst the family
everywhere nuiy he h Unwed hy love*
lhat public opinion and wise laws may
be Its defence, and that the divim
blessing mny rest, on al' our schools
and institutions of lea-ning, The
p-siiirwill pri- ul . and Huv. T. W
Hi I will pn,it'll thu s. mi.in at ibis
VVedinsiliiy Jan Bib, in the BapMsl
church—Su' ji c : (1) "Foreign Missions." Praise and prayer for missionary achievements with special reference to Knria, China, Jupau, Turkey,
e'c. Kev. VV. C. Calder will _ive nn
address on tbis subject, (2) " Home
Missions." Prayer for tlie spiritually
destitute parts of our own country;
for tbe organized movements of laymen in missionary and evangelizing
work. The address on this subject
will be given by Kev. J. It. Robertson.
Thursday, Jan. 7th, in Knox church
—Subject : "Intemperance and Gatnb
ling." Praise for the national awakening to the evils ot intemperance and
public gambling. Prayer that the
spirit of the awakening may be purified, eulightened and confirmed. The
psiBtor will preside and the address
will be given hy  Kev. W. P. Freeman.
There will be nu meeting oi: Friday
night, lt is especially desired that
tbe people of these several congregations give faithful attendance at these
services, so that the week of prayer
may be a means of help and  blessing.
Canada's Forest Area.
Further investigation has led Dean
Fernow, oi the Faculty ol Forestry of
the University of Toronto, to tbe conclusion that bis estimate of 300,000,000
acres as tbeextentof the commercially
valuable timber land of Canada is too
high, aud he now believes that 200,-
000,000 acres would be nearer tbe
mark. The commercially valuable
forests of Canada.be reasons, are those
comprised within the ranges of the
white and red pino in Eastern Canada
and the Douglas fir in Uritish Columbia. A certain proportion has to he
substracted from tbis to provide for
the land that is at too great an altitude for the growth cf trees, rocky
land and other waste land, and when
all this has been done there remains
little more than the figure cited.
Dry Wood For Sale
Four-foot drywocd fur sale, apply to
John Ledqkkwood, Taft, B. 0.
LOST—A new blue serge suit o!
men's clothing, on the etiening of the
P.lih iust. The finder will he rewarded
by returning the same to McKinnon
& Sutherland.
Kemember the Polmatier Sisters at
the Opera House on Monday night
Cut Flowers
Chrysanthemums, Carnations and
oilier Cut Flowers supplied by J.T,
Realby, Nelson, B.C., (P 0, Box 897.)
J\, lu hotel, Apply fo Mail-Herald
offlce. tc
I7IOR SALE—Airtisrhl  Heater,   B.lf
JP     leed.r,   Price $18—Applv   Mah.-
l .OH SALE—One bedroom suite,
L ali-o une three-quarter iron hid.
A I in lir-i class ii'iul'i ion. Can l.e
-f.-u li< I ,vell 10 i.in nnil o pm. Ad
li'.-s- P.O. H x 728
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS. -   $.500
Cut Flowers,
Wreaths, Bouquets
If you want Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, etc., made up from the
choicest flowers, by a fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name ol the firm.
They took 1st Special Prize at the
Vernon Show on tbo Kith Sept
(or the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
-< MUD ...  i ill      nu   i -     II   ll    .    Ii       I
Ur  in s i   un  ' -i .    s in .,    ii
ii, ni -. itipnrl .sin U mi li .ti I' i.
i li divisional |iiiiulN, Gmnl cnmuii*,-
.iiiii allowed. Rs't'eri'iices required,—
VV A. Oatnpliell, Nin'.'ii B nek, Win-
I   (1ST- B  ! ii'"ii Posl  Offlce mill Ml-
Ij   Pimd's i.-ili'ii.t-, ., fur—Persian
lunii rnllnr.     Finder please leave ul.
.Mail IIi.uaM).
\TTANTEp   B.ilrinim-1   '■  I i   I'm-
> V     in-lieil, ii" .nl il I'i'qn   •■ I, !''rni-
 lel.lle.     Aliplj'   A    (run. 4   ll.l   i'1't,
.•"iii.i' i.I M. K ii/.i' A-.'.        • ■ i 21 lu
\TT ANTED -A Hi-u-.-1'i-s P n einutn
.V    unu Bisi-il.ts-s l''dgerniiin. .Musi
'•e Hl'-t-i'l is— aud ii Iill* In look nflei
i heir own uinchlne and I urn oui. well
iiinniifaciui'od lumber. In replying
slate wsigi'i ri quired. Address *K,"
care of Mail Herald, RnvelHliiUn.
Publio noticu is horobyglvrn to bltoolootors
of the Municipality of Revolstoko, Lhat I ro-
quire the proeenoo of tlio suid olootord nL the
City Clerk's oflicc, City Hall, McKenzie Avenue, in the said city, un the uth day ot January, 1900, at 12 o'clock noon, for tho purpose of
electing persons to roprosent ihcm in the municipal council ns Mayor and Aldermen, and al no
for the purpose of electing two School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall
be as follows ;
The candidates shall bo nominated in writing; the writing shall bo subsciibed hy two
voters of the municipality as proposer and
seconder, and shall be delivered to the l.eturn-
ing Olliccr at any timo between the date of thin
nolice and " p. m. of the day of the nomination;
nnd in the event of a poll being necessary such
poll will be opened on Thursday, the Uth duy
of January, 1900, in the City Clerk's office, in
I ho City of Hevelstoke, and kept open between
tiie hour of nine o'clock in the forenoon and
the hour of seven o'clock in the afternoon, for
taking and recording the rotes of tho electors
0. the said City, of which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern himself
The persons qualified to he nominated for
and elected as Mayor shall be such persons as
are male Biiu-h subjects of the full age of
twenty-one years and uronot disqualified under
any law, and have been for the six months
next preceding the day of nomination the
registered owner in the Land Registry Ollice of
land or real property in the City of the assessed
value on the last Municipal Assossmont Koll
of One Thousand Dollars or more over and
above any registered judgment or charge, and
whoarc otherwise duly qualified as municipal
I'he persons (jiialitied to ho nominated for
and elected as Aldermen shall be such persons
as are male British subjects of the full age ol
twenty one years and are not disqualified under
any law, and have been for the tix months next
preceding the day of nomination the registered
owner In the Land Registry Ollice, of land or
real property in the City of the assessed value.
on the last Municipal Assessment Koll, of Kivc
Hundrod Dollars or more over unl above any
registered judgment or charge, and who are
otherwise qualified us municipal voters,
Tho persons qnnttnou ._, .... -.qrafnated for
und elected as School Trustees shall Ijo sucn
persons us arc householders and being British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one years and
otherwise qualified to vote at ao election of
School Trustees.
Kvery candidate nominated shull signify hy
a writing accompanying tho nomination paper,
his consent to such nomination, except in case
suoh person be absent from the municipality
when such absence Bhall tie stated in the nomination pnper.
Kvery candidate nominated for Muyoi or
Alderman shall, on or before the hour of two
p, in, of the day uf nomination, furnish tho Returning Ollictr with a stuiumcul m writing,
hpueiiying the land or real property upon
whicii lie qualifies.
Given under iny hand at Hevelstoke this 2nd
day of January, lOUtf,
Returning ufilccr,
Here's a Happy Couple
stnrtlnR mi the road tu owning
property, and they'll be living
under their own roof when
their friends will .i ill lie nay.
ing rent. We are offering them
thai wilhin live years, will
double in value. Can do tbe
same hy others. Best lots in
vicinity, right along the road
to impiovenients -Get on the
band wagon for Kevelstoke,
Henl KhIhIc nnd Insurance Agent,
Notice Is hereby given lhat I intend
to apply to tin* Superintendent of Pro
vinciiil Police for permission to transfer to Arthur Evans, of Beaton, B.C.,
the retail liquor license hold by mc in
respect  of the premises at Beaton,
known as lho Hotel Ileatoli.
Dated Oec. 21st, 1008,
decflO WM. BOYD.
All   kinds   of   new
Dealem in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
____.<_«__._■.- K
f e3 •*.
P. O. Box, _"(>.
Phone -2d
ilmni'. I'lnrnU fnr nil olaim I   build lu  ■
for suh) iu lur«n nr small quantities
ai thu luwoat prlooa fur cash.
\ ii kinds of building and plastering
Notice of Assignment
Notice Is hereby given that, pursu-
..iii in lhe "1,'iutliims' Trust Deed Act,
1001," and auiuuit ug aula, William
li'leiuiug ol the Cily of Kuvoltjloku in
the Province of liiiiish Columbia,
Livery Stable Keeper, diu on tin lllih
day of Deceiubur, 1B08, assign nil bis
personal estate, credits and effects,
which may be seized and sold undei
execution to Charles Holten of tbo
said City of Hevelstoke, Brewer, for
die hem-lit of his creditors.
And notice is hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors of llie said
William Fleming will be held in the
ollice of Gillan it Elliott, Lawrence
Block, MoKenzie Avenue, Kevelstoke,
B.C., on .Satuiday the 2nd day of .Jiin-
u.iry, UKIS, at the hour of 2.,'II) o'clock
in tiie afternoon,
All persons having any claims
against the said William Fleming are
required to forward particulars of the
Same duly verified, to the assignee ttt
Revelstoke, B. 0., on or before the
15th day of January, 1UO0.
Aud notice is hereby given that
alter that date, the assignee will proceed to distribute the proceeds of the
estate, bin ing regard only to the
claims of which he shall have received
not ice and he will not be responsible
for the assets, or any part thereof so
distributed, to any person or persons
of whose debt he shall not then have
received notice.
Daled this 23rd day of December, 1008,
.Solicitors for Assignee.
nu: price
So ( Ii-.i•.   -ii -i!':n - "  .ml ■  , i   ,||   i|
will  gliinmei   uu itigii   .   Liiinu    Wan -   : n.
A Canadian Made WiitinL;  Machine
Take  notice  that  a  silling of thu
Oourt of Revision to hear and determine  any    complaints    or    appeals
against   the  assessment  of  rates or
frontage tax proposed to be levied and
imposed on the lands or real property j
affected under the provisions of Bylaw J
No.  I2(i, being known as "Local Improvements Boulevarding Assessment I
By-law  No. 12(1, 1000," will be beld in
the City Hall at the Cily of Revelstoke
mi Monday, the lilt duy of January,
1000, at the hour of nine o'clock in the
A statement showing the land or
real property liable tu pay tbe assessment therefor and the names of the
owners thereof as far as the same can
be ascertained and the proposed assessment and report thereon of the Cily
Clerk are now on lile in the ollice of
l be Cily Clerk and open to Inspection
by all persons during ollice hours.
And further take notice that all
notices of appeal shall Ite served on
lhe Clerk of I lie .Municipal Council at
least eight i_iiys prior to such Court of
Dated ihis, l-'ih December, 1008.
(ll) oi> .i..
Revelsloke Land District.
-.Vest Kootenay, H. C.
Take Notice that 00 days after date
I H. VV. Lindsay nf Oamborne, B. C,
occupation, merchant, Intend to apply
Jul- permission to purchase the following descrilied lands situated on Fish
Kiver, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north-east corner of A. I).  MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,806and marked " li, VV. Lindsay's Noil h-West Corner I'osi;" thenee
iH .'hains to west line of MoKinnoo's
pre-emption; ihence iX) chuins south;
thence 8 olialns east to MacKay's;
ihence north   01} ohalns   to   point   of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less:
Located Oct. 13th, 111(18.
R. W. LINDSAY, Locator.
of John Smith, laic of   M-ilakwu,
in lhe Province of British ('nliim-
liia.    Deceased.
NOTICE In hereby given pursuant
to the Timlin- mid  Executors  Am,
i I creditors nf lhe estate i_i deliver
to i.he undersignsd lief re Uie27lh day
of. J iniiarx, Hl'.'l', lull particulars ul
claims, voillfed b> Mia umry Des l.u.i
! i. Hi.    Aliei -mil  dale,   ilu*   ExBClltoi
will proc lin distribute  the  assets
ice titling io law.
of Davie Oh unburn, Victoria. B.C.
Solicitors for tne Executor.
D.'iletl Ibis I7ih dav Of Decemebi,
A .D„ l»'(8.
Kor ease of operation and
peifection in the results produced tbe " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
np complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there arc fewer parts
to bo cured for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Government
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Notiee in hereby given that the
time (or tbe reception ol tendorc for
Vernon, II C. Public Building 1ms
been extended to Doccmher 80tb,
Plans and speculations are also to
be seen at Victoria and Vancouver,
B.C. By Ordor,
Nai'oi.kon Tkssikk.
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa, Nov. _0th, 1008.
KovolitokQ t.iuid DU.r.ot*
DiHirictof Wo*. Kootonay,
Take nottoo timi 1, 0, K. i.ami- oi ttlnn*
npollli m-i-uimtloii null owner, Intend, lo-
ni'l'iv (or I'lTiimiimi tn I'lircliiirie thu following
■ |.si f i tn «l   IiukI.
Oommonolng hi h poit Plantod at tbo loutfa.
ivOlt  corner n(  lot 7648  and   lOflbod "0, K
I ft in It's lOUtb'OMt corner poiHl," then.'.- .'ii
<lmlnH north, thenee StOohafni went, ihonee 20
chains ooiith, tlionoo 8Q elitilnn cant to pmui nf
i ''iniHi'ii'Tini ui nii'i i un:n,uin,: io ncri*' mon1
or les..
Oi B. ft, Wilkie, Agent.
Dated Noveuibcr 24th, iw .
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Call Inr Estimates and Advertising Rates
Reid «*■_. Young
We wish our many friends
and patrons A Happy and
Prosperous  New   Year.'
v , ,	
Q-OOO-O O-OO-O O CKH> OH_K>-CKKKH_>^ 00-0--Q
Roal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
I   Ofa on First St., Opposite the Club
I      Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public
i 0<MKKK>0<>00<H>0<><> O-O-O-CHW <KKM
To all our Customers and
Friends we extend the
Season's Compliments.
<£ Macdonald's Drug & £ook J'tcre Es
tette; solo, "Angels, Sing On"; nii-
thcm, "Send Out Thy Light,''Gounod;
"Wake, Ye Harps," male quartette;
Anthem, ''Angela of Jesus," Shelley;
solo, "Why Should I Be Troubled";
duett, "Face to Puce"; anthem, 'The
Sabbath Day," Qoffe.
Plays that appeal to the heart nnd
plays that heads of families can In ing
iheir children to sec are the plays tbat
thrive. Such a play is "Along the
Kennebec," which will he presented in
this city'on Tuesday night,at, the
opera house, with its wealth of bpau-
tiful scenery and a company of aci'.re
unexcelled by any iu their respective
lines. The play is said to he full of
bright, Bparkling comedy uud a splendid band und orchestra is carried ;iil
| gond music is one of the many [p tl ores
Local and General.
'pi ra
Write it   1-0'.'.
No '.'ii...-   picturi *   t
i. Iii  n  Theatre.
Tbe Polmatier Sinters at it
H u-'.' on Monday next.
Come and see the Automobile Knees
at the Kdison Theatre lonigbt.
There will be an ice carnival at the
skating rink ou Tuesday evening,
January 12th.
The public schools will re-open on
Monday, 'au. Ub The promotion
lilt was not available Ior today but
will be published in Wednesdays issue.
The sermi.ii in St. Andrew's church
turn r.-ow night will  be "Answers toI
O! iections to Loci' I Iption with Refer-1
ence   lo  the  Coming Mayoralty Contest."
On   ^jnday   afternoon at 4 o'clock I
in the Ry. Y.M  C  A.,  there  will be
special   music   and   a   talk hy F. VV.
Laing on 'new   beginnings."     Kvery
man invited.
Tbe peri.-sruih i.ees next week al   the!
Edison   Parlor    rheatre   will   Ik?  on
Wednesday,   Thursday,    Friday   and'
Saturday nights.     There   « no
performances on Moodayand ITiesday.
On sundny evening Kev. W. P.
Freeman, in tbe Baptist church will
preach a sermon on the "Bar room
Fr :. a Morai Standpoint." This
sermon will be complementary to the
one on the ' Bar-room From a Fin.ti.
. Stsi ..p.'int.
\ .j-eeiii! meeting of the executive •
:' ;;ie Local Option League is called
■ : ieet iu the vestry oi the Methodist
church on Monday nigbt sharp at 7 j
•-.'clock. All members are urgently
requested to attend as important matters are before the meeting.
Oneol tiie hig local attraction
be . • year will le the product! in
oi the dramatised version ol J M.
11..-.-;•--; popular novel, 'The Little
M ... :•:. indei tbe suapices ol Kn
Church choir. iue production is
to tski place al out tli" i nd f
I nth      Watch   for further par-
ti uisn
A Happy und Prosperous
Now  Year
To You and Yours.
Hobson & Bell
Bakers and   Grocers
McKenzie  Ave.
Nice Five   roomed
House for     $1,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House  for    $1,900
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of  Insure
Agents  for  the cele*
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
i_j£        Real Estato, Insurance anu unancial Agents.     Money to Loan.
P.    BURNS    &    COMPANY,    LIMITED.
,     !
BEAD "KH.  E      ■   :    . :
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
k Packers ml Dealers in Liv-i Si    ..     M , ■-    -
Cities and Towns of Albert i. Brii Ytiki
kera i f the (lelebr iteil Brand " 1 : |
Shatnroi k" Brand Leal  I
'iii''   .'.   the   teal  D's   big   dramatic
-   -C'«*■*.-   I- "Al ng  ilu- Kenni •■• i
»uicti rill   • ie«i  si tbe i ipers n
I    -i,.- evi: mg  next    January
• ..      i ie icener.      I   tbii    pro»
>   said   to SOrpau   .ii.y'i .:..'
in  th-     iral  ..ue  ever carried  I j a
rursi pi ..:.n".. i, m every icsne snd
p . ".re i| -t»ii"l wi'h   special scenery
ti .    di ■ lusic   :s  lurnialiiil   betwi
tbe sell  (|   *- •   c tnpanj ■   s..
11 • foil iwing is I ■   ■    I song
1    m.i. ii.)        ,i,g at   tic   VI ■
Chord      I'*     .        ■      ..'. •    \ i
hem      '1 s I •   ii      Hopki      il
'I ' ■    King «    1!   -.:.   --       :i I" il   'illlil-
V e extend to   one
and all    a  Bright
and Prosperous
New   Year.
it, tt, ."t, tt,
ijl tp iff »X'
8£W3' li.'lUC  STORE'
A., Aft A-. Aft Aft Aft Aft Aft Aft Aft Aft A- Aft A- A. Aft Aft A- Aft A-, A. Aft A., Aft Aft Aft .._.
To all our
and Friends
we wish the
Catholic — Kev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays in every month
at lhe lollowing bonis: 8 a.m. Com-
ii'ittiion Maes; 10:30 a.m. High .Mass
and Sermon; '2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:110
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30 p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Prebbytbrian—Kev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday,,Ian. 3rd.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
■school and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. in. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p m,
Knox Presbyteruk—J. R, Robert-
eon, "en-ices on Sunday us follows :—
Morniug service nt 11 o'clock. Sunday School and Bible Class at 2:30 p.
in. Evening service in 7:30 p.m.
A special New Veat service will he
held in the evening. Qood music. All
cordially welcomed and strangers
specially invited.
BAPTIST—Kev. W. P. Freeman, HA.
pastor, Serviccsatlla.nl. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible classat
2.80 p. in. "ii. V. P. 11. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. All aro invited to these services.
Morning subject, A New Year sermon.
Evening, ''The bar-room trom a moral
standpoint." Mr. Bray, of Vancouver,
will sing a solo, "Fear uot ye, 0 Israel," hy Duncan Buck. On Monday
evening the Young People will meet
iu the Mctbcdist church, ub the first
meeting of the week ot prayer.
Methodist—Rev.T.VV. 11a 11, pastor,
Services on Sunday as follows: Morning al 11 o'clock; Sundny school and
Bible class 2:30; evening service 7:30.
Services bolh morning mid evening
suitable for the first Sunday of the
new year. The programme of service
of song for the evening elsewhere in
this issue.
The Season's Greatest
Musical   Event
Revelstoke Opera House
, Jt 4
Orchestra and Concert Company
The   most   unique and  brilliant
musical organization in the world.
Special elaborate scenic and electrical equipment,
Seats selling at 0, It. Miicdonalif's
Drug .-   Hook Stole.
Prices:   $1.00, 75c, 50c.
D. S- A.        W. B.        F. C.
We carry lhe most complete Hue of
Corsets in town and bave just filled up on
sizes and styles wc were short of. Wc
would   particularly   call attention   to  the
D. 0% A. Corset
as combining nil] the hest points of corset
manufacturing. Model No. 212 is for tall
and avorage height medium figures, and
will give you the best figure ynu ever expected to have, and will make your new
gowns lit perfectly.
We have Corsets for all figures, long
or  shull   waists and   stout,   medium   or
" slender figures.
Children's nud Misses' iv.iisls in all
styles from one year tri seventoon years,
End of the year bargains
We have had a splendid Christina* I rude, but of course
there are somo left-overs, and we want co oleai them out. See
mu-Hi cent and 25 ecei counters.    Tbey are full of bargains,
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest   Stock   of Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture   now   on   hand
antl made  expressly  for  us by I). K. McPherson.
Drv rcdur. HI inch lengths, lull conl of 12S cubic feet—$5.50  per  curd.
Dry lliinliirk, Hi inch lengths, full cord of 128 cubic feet—$7 per cord.
Special quotations on four foot wood and  on   huge
orders for stove wood of any length.
This coal is equal to any domestic soft coal on the market. No
clinkers, and makes very little
$8.50 per ton
Manufactured fiom hard coal,
The lies! antl cheapest fuel on
the market. Free sample given
to any who have not tried it,
$8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
********.*."»■_ . ■;:-.-:. a*a*.--«iRW%__s«j«-Jt-W)K_«--««»»»*w*«^jgtJt.w*«-__iil»*K*i(t
-I li
Now that the Excitement is over and you have propably overlooked
some friends in the hurry and bustle of Christmas gift giving, this is the
time to send them an appropriate New Year present, as we have scores of
things which will make them beautiful and useful presents at a
reduction in prices.
.!. Gr'U'Y   BARBER,
Smoking Jackets
tine   ine of Jackets r hich cold
19.60   now  si-iiing  nt
Bath Robes
Whii Irom   - I .".    p to $_
■   ■ -   j
Iken I ci- «Inch
•   ."       -ilk hand*
■ -ii            lei old
it'       ■    ■
Full Dress Scarfs
'I he* ■ ■ it -.' 60    ■'•■'.    ' 50
I-ni; 'irc-j- scarfs which sold al fs'1.50,
no ■ selling si A :'. ■
Fancy Vests
■'. '     li '     '■    I    ll  N      lefl      IVl.l' ll      Hi       H'lll
ell at a i'i'-11 reduction
-. \AftAft,*ft."ftA« ''ftA-   IftAftAft^MfoAnAftfa.faAftAftAftAftefaAnAftAftAft'**
Fancy Sweaters
Men's fancy sweaters in all shades
ut twenty-three anil one-third per
cent, discount. *
Men's Shirts
We have a fmv men's fancy shirts
in broken lines, wbicli sold for SI.5(1
and $1.76. now !IOc. They arc of
odd sizes Iiiii you can got nearly
any fize in tho collection, Men's
heavy flannel shirts in broken sizes,
sold at J1.60 and ¥1,70, now BOo.
Men's (iilil pieces of nil wool under*
wear In broken lines whioh sold for
si,60 eaoh, now 76c.
White Shirts
Men's white tdiirts iii sizes of 16J,
17. 17'., wbicb Bold lor (1,60, now
-idling ut 86o.
Men's Suits
Sec uur special line of men's suits,
sold from $12 to $18, now $., and
from |19 to $25, now $1*1.50. These
two prices apply to large and varied
collections of odd lots from many ol
our lines! suits. The miitcrialH are
of excellent qualities, some of blue
Kerg. others of unfinished worsted.
Men's Shoes
We have about 86 pairs otodd sizes,
perhaps only one size of some lines,
but we have all sizes which sold for
s5, $5.50 and $0, now S3.
Boys' Suits
Special line of boy's suits  for   $2.(15
und $8.06
Boys' Rubbers
Boys' one buckle heavy rubbers,
which sold for $1.50, ton pairs left
in sizes fit 8, 4 and 5, now selling
for 75c. per pair,
ae Mercantile Company, Ltd.


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