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"Empire" Typewriter
Fur ease iif operation mid pei fieri i
in rtisuits produced, tin- machine
is iiasii pi.-seil.     l'i ice, $1111 III) Cash
Interior Publishing Co.,    -    Agents
The Mai
New fon C< al
"ncial Library
Vol. 15. -No  17
■ ■A
E. w. l:  i  - ■  -
TE'. 39
$2.5' i'ear
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead antl Revelstoke.
PARIS    The new Russet Tin
""Hleiicbei.    Bul <£C   f\f\
Cuban heel. ilt. vPO.UVJ
WOODBINE—New Kusset Tan Oxford, witli three eylet, lhe new
copper rivet "eylet. Walk easy sole, Cuban heel. tfJO CA
A Lady's Shoe  VpO.UU
RED CROSS Dongola Kid Oxford Tlleueber style. <JJQ CA
Extra llexible, uoisless sole, Cuban   heel   ^O.Ov/
PATENT COLT PARIS A ladies patent colt high lace Bleucher,
cut bal, a perfect beauty, millitiiry heel, plane corn toe. <IJE f\r\
The lost word in shoe perfection    A lady's dress shoe...  ytsJ.\J\J
One Dollar is the Standard Price of Kid Gloves at
" HUME'S ". Any color.
" Lily " a guaranteed glove
a lady's Dress Kid Glove at
Store* at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
This is lhe season of tbe year that the good housekeeper wants to brighten up the home, Kulsoniine some
rooms, Varnish tbe woodwork, Paint the Hums. Varnish
Stain sume pieces nf the furniture, Enamel the beds or the
baths, Regild the picture frames. We are best able to
supply all these wants, we cater for the trade, and we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House paint,
Floor paint, all teady for the brush. Asptnall's Enamels,
ti. A. P. Enamels for bntb or woodwork. Kaplan Varnish
stains, Ironite Varnish stains. Lacqueret in all colors.
Berry Bros, house Tarnishes, Liquid Granite f jr Moors or
oilcloth. Varnish for furniture. Hours, bouts or carriages,
all for all inside wurk.
Painters Supplies in all lines and at prices that cannot
he beat, give us a chance to quote you, we can save you
money* Leave yuur orders l'or work with us and we will
send you a man and guarantee that he will give ynu the
best uf guilds'.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Ladies' and Children's Boob and Shoes
I have just received a large shipment
of Spring and Summer Shoes for
Ladies and Children. Made from selected material hy experienced workmen
these shoes are guaranteed to give
good service.    The prices are right.
MRS.   A.   Ci.   CRICK
First   Stroot Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
English Expert Makes Report
on Gas Producer Plant-
Satisfactory Running —Better Quality Coal Necessary
Tu tha Mayor nnd Corporatiou
Ravabtoke, ll ('.
,f the t'ily (if
Gentlemen',—lu response to your
request I have made a thorough ex
amitiatinn and test ol the gas engine
and suction producer plant installed
by the Canada Foundry Co., Ltd., of
Toronto, in your power house at
Revelstoke, B, 0 , and herewith offer
you my report on same.
Alter a careful and exhaustive inspection of this engine, I can, with a
full assurance, that the latest practice
in gaB engines is embodied in its con-
et ruction,
I hold uo brief lor the "Premier"
people, as you are quite aware, but I
may slate here that, to my know
ledge, many German and some of the
leading gas engine makers have copied
extensively from the "Premier" design.
It is also an undisputed fact that tbe
' Premier" gas engine holds the record
lor the highest efficiency. This information in itself wou'd prove to yen
the mechanical excellence of tbis type
of ess engine
I lind the quality ol the material
used ill the construct imi ol the engine
and the workmanship on same is
good. The action ol the engine, when
in operation, is very satisfactory.
1 have taken diagrams and readings
with my indicator and pressure recording instruments, and submit ior your
information, a number of diagrams,
which give yuu an accurate estimate
nt the horse power developed by tbe
engine. In' addition to tlie above 1
have com pu tnl a diagram, which represents graphically the amount ot fuel
consumed pir hnrBC power hour. This
will be useful for future reference.
From the indicital diagram you will
-ee that the engine is capable ol developing 1105 8 b. p. under present
canditions This power wouid be exceeded il a belter class of luel were
being used.
Each diagram is complete with information as to bow the results stated
are obtained, and 1 think will be found
quite explicit:
I. Maximum power, 365.8 p. p.
(taken with a 1 250 spring), maximum
pressure, 425 lbs.: compression pressors, 130 Ibe., in each cylinder.
2 and 3. Light spring cards, taken
with 1-10 spring, prove clearly that
the valve settings and adjustments are
correct. Tbe e etion, compression and
exhaust taking place at the proper
priod ol the stroke, there being no
undue hack pressure nr suction effort.
i. Taken with 1-100 spring, this records tbe compression pressure, which
is I:m lbs
5. Taken at 6 p. m., 1-250 spring,
mean pressure, 92 lbs. each cylinder.
Total power 10(5 h. p.
6. 7 p. m., 1-250 Bpring, meau pressure, 105 2 lbs. each cylinder. Total
power, 210 h. p.
7. 8 p. m., 1-250 spring, mean pressure, 103 lbs. each cylinder- Total
power, 222 b, p.
8. 9 p. m., 1-250 Bpring, mean pressure, 100 lbs. each cylinder. Total
power, 220 b. p.
9. 10 p. ni., 1-250 spring, mean preB-
suie, 95 lbs. eacli cylinder. Total
power, 188 h. p.
10. 11 p. m., 1 250 speing, mean
pressure, 94 iba. each cylinder. Tota
power, 160 h. p.
II. 12 p. m., 1-250 spring, mean
pressure, 94.5 lbs. each cylinder. Total
power, 135 indicated h. p.
Tbe  figures computed from the test
sheet are as follows:
Total weight of fuel, 025 lbs.
Total indicated h. p , hours, 1,124.5.
Mean indicated b. p., 187.3.
Coal per indicated b. p., 0.70 lbs.
Duration of test, six hours.
This has been carried out in a skillful manner, and is quite iu order.
In the erection of tbe engine, most
ol the parts would require to be reassembled. I'pon examination I find
that tbis work has been accomplished
Tbe concrete foundation upon which
tlie engine iB erected, moves slightly
when the plant is in operation; this
movement is not likely to cause
trouble unless it increased considerably. It will be poBBible to reinlorce
the present foundation it necessary.
I thoroughly examined this plant in
detail. Tbe fire brick lining ol generator is in good condition and not
damaged in any part. It is most important tbat this should be so, as
upon tbe good condition of tbe lining
depends the utility ol tbe plant. The
coke scrubber, sawdust purifier and
lhe dryer bave been erected and connected together in a coirect manner.
Tbe general state ol tbe plant is good
and in proper order.
j^Tliere appears to be some difficulty
in getting the gas to tbe engine free
from tar. Tbe reason (or this being
that tbe luel at present in use is practically a semi anthracite and is also
partially bituminous and contains a
Urge percentage of shale. Tbe bituminous constituent iB directly the cause
of tar production and tbe shale, with
other impurities, develop a considerable quantity ol clinker and ash in
the generator and thus hinders the
proper working ol the producer To
eliminate tbe troublo caused by the
tar, which I lind is the only impediment to tbs perfect operation ol tbe
entire   plant,   1    advise   the  use of ti
better quality ol anthracite, this to In
i mixed with coke in the following manner: Anthracite 1 8 and coke 2 8,
From this mixture there will be less
waste in clinker and ash, and a freedom Irom tar in any serious quantity;
also a greater quantity ol gas will be
generated per puund of fuel.
If ymi wish fur any further Information ou this matter 1 shall be pleased
tu meet yuu ami explain anything
upon which jou may noi he quite
Yours faithfully,
J. Emsi.ie Oivkn,
Re elemination of tar, 1 would advise that the dryer be filled with half-
inch pieces of dry, clean coke in place
of wood "bippings, which are at present in use.
A. S. Goodeve Pushes Claims
for A. & K. Railroad
Ottawa, March 20.—In the railway
committee today A. 8. Goodeve, member Ior Kootenay, made a determined
effort to secure an amendment to the
bill respecting the Kootenay it Arrowhead railway company, providing tbat
the company must construct 15 per
cent of tbe remaining mileage within
the next two years and complete the
line within live years. The object of
the bill as frnm id by the promutors,
is lo secure an extension ol time for
the construction for five years. To
this Mr. Goodeve did not object but he
made a strong plea for adoption of
the oompnlsory clause, which he proposed. He quoted from British Columbia newspapers paragraphs to the
effect that work bad been stopped ou
the Kuotenay Central railway as bo in
as an extension of time waB secured
In order tu rush construction on tbe
Kooteuay-Arrowhead line. If Hub was
true there wuuld in consequence be
no hardship imposed on the company
iu putting tbe proposed clause in the
hill. As the line is only 40 miles iu
length, it would mean that tbe c ,m
pany would unly be called upon to
construct six miles in the next twu
Mr. Goodeve pointed out that this
road when completed would provide an
improved connection between the main
line of the C. P. It. and the Crow's
Nest system and tap a large district.
Its early const ruction was important
uot only to British Columbia bin to
the prairie provinces because uf the
improved means ol communication it
would provide. Mr. Goodeve pleaded
with the members ul the committee to
accept hie amendment.
Hon. H. P. Graham declared himself
against tbe proposal: i'he committee
in a past period had declared against
the principle of inserting such compulsory clauses and should be consistent. He suggested that in future the
committee Bhould be more careful in
tbe granting of extensions uf time tor
After discussion theUoodeveamendment was rejected by 26 to 24.
Mr. Goodeve then moved that the
company be compelled to spend 15
per cent ol the estimated cost within
two years, but this was rejected on
division by 32 to 27 and tbe bill was
reported in iis original form.
Kenora Y.M.C.A. Opened - Vic
toria Fire Chief Asked to
Resign LUtteur III. Wins
Grand National,
KENORA, Ont., March 27.—The new
home ol tlie Yuiing Men's Christian
Association, built by the C.P.K., was
formally turned over by Second Vice-
president Whyte last night.
Victoria,   March   27.—On aooount
ol ciiiiipliiints nf the way the I'umber-
tnn block firo was handled, tbo lire
wardens nave asked for the resignation of Thomas Watson, lire chief.
Belgrade, March 27—Prince George
has renounced bis right tu the thrut c
because ut persistent rumiirs that be
was responsible lor the recent death i f
one of bis servants.
VANCOUVER, March 27.—The first ol
the C. P. K overseas trains to bo run
under the ui-.v contract with the
British Government, arrived in Vancouver yesterday, running as the
second sectiou of the I'acilic express.
The uverseas was a very heavy train,
cu isisiing ol eight cuaches and tuo
cars of mail and baggage.
Liverpool, March 27—L'Utteur III.
the crack French entry, with Parfre-
nionte up, won the Grand National
Steeplechase stakes yesterday. R. \V.
BarrB' Judas finished second aud
Caubeen Mason third.
-Men   Present
-Open Shop
Winnipeg, March 2(i
for a new working agreement between
the Canadian Pacific railway and its
mechanical employees were opened
this morning, when an important
conference between representatives of
the company and of the men, was held
in the ollice of Grant Hall, assistant
superintendent ol motive power. The
conference adjourned this afternoon
as Mr. Hall bud to leive lor the ea.-l
on account ol a sudden bereavement.
The men's delegates represent machinists, boilermakers and helpers,
blacksmiths and helpers, carmen, lit-
*ters, coachbuilders and storemen.
Among the principal matters complained of is the pension question, tbe
men wanting the old workers reinstated to the positions tbey filled before
the strike ol last summer.
A sore point with tlie men and une
that might lead to trouble, is the question ol the union shop. At present 0.
P R. shops are what men term "wide
open," the union nut being recognized
as tbey cunsider it sh uid be Tbe
cmipiny is likely, however, to strenuously oppose the agitation to have a
strictly union shop The question of
working time is   also to be dealt with.
The conference is being conducted
witli reference tn the wes.ern lines ul
Mie C.PR only, and alKic'.s about six
thousand men, the territurj covered
being from Fort William tu Vancouver. It is confidently stat.d t at an
—- , amicable   arrangement   will be   made
Over   Right   Of   Title tO Arrow   between the two   parties, though both
will prubildy
Lake Timber Limits.
A case of some local interest took
place on Thursday at the court house
before R. Gordon, gold commissioner,
being a dispute as to the valioity ol
title of certain timber licenses near
the Arrow LakeB, between the Big
Bend Lumber Co. and Bert Blytbe,
representing a syndicate composed of
W. J. Lightburne of Arrowhead, D.
McCarty of this city, and others. J.
A. Macdonald ol Rossland appeared
for the latter parties and .1. 1). Swan-
son of Kamloops for the big Bend
Lumber Co. Through a misunderstanding between parties, G. S. McCarter and C. E, Gillsn, who were to
bave appeared in the case, took no
part, thereby necessitating outside
counsel. Both parties claimed that
they staked the limits on Feb. 18,
1907, although it appears that the
milling company were on the ground
first previous to that year and held
the limits by changing the date on the
slakes Irom year to year. Bert Blytbe
claimed that he staked the limits on
the day mentioned and paid the money
over at once to the govcrninent.wliore-
as it appears that the Big Bend com
pany omitted to do this. A number
of witnesses were called and tlie case
lasted all day and hall the igbt, Mr.
Gordon reserving his decision lor a
Horse Shoeing Contest— Seconds in Duel Meet Monday
In reply to the challenge sent
through the press this week by Mr.
Green, ol S. MoMahon's blacksmith
shop, for a horse shoeing competition,
I hereby accept ths challenge and will
appoint a representative who will meet
a representative ol Mr. Green on Monday, Marcli 29, lor the purpose ol
making all arrangements Ior tho com
petition, place, time, conditions, etc.,
and tho appointment ol competent
judges. The matter ol tha eaeh do-
posit and stakes eacb side is to put
up will alsu be discussed. I would
also state that 1 have had no personal
friction with Mr. Green, and any
trouble that has taken place is between tho twu shops.
L. P, Lk Beau.
have lu make concessions, The conference will be resumed
next week
Revelstoke Gun Club.
A t_ucc_.__i.lu I meeting ol lhe Revelstoke Gun Club took place last night
with a guud attendance, The secretary-treasurer read the report ol llie
past year, the financial statement
showing a balance of $2834 on hand.
The club was reorganized lor the coming season and shouting will take place
on the McKenzie Ave. recreation
grounds, where special arrangements
have been made Ior theaccommudiition
ol the club. A new Legett trap has
been purchased. The election of olli
cerB resulted as follows: Pres., A. McRae; Vice-Pres., ,1. Guy Barber; Sec
Tress., A. J. MeDonell; Exeoutive-
W. A. Sturdy. Dr. Sutherland, J. R.
N. Cooke, C. li. Skene The membership lee lor the year iB fixed at $1
Tbere will be regular shoots lor spoons
and theeliib will be divided into A and
B classes. Other prizes will be offered
timing the season, Shooting competitions will be arranged with teams
Irum Kamloops, Armstrong, Nelson
Calgary. The season's outlook is ex
ceptinnally good and u large membership has been enrolled
Evangelistic Services
The special services iu the Baptist
Church have cunlimied each night
with unabated interest. The response
ailing all lines bus been splendid.    It
is with regret fiat we am nee that
the services I Sunday will mark the
closing ol the services. Messrs. Baker
and McLean have lelt u mark upon
the town, and they will be gladly welcomed back by all whu have beard
and met them. Their wurk has been
characterized by sincerity and until-
ness. (Ivor a score have expressed a
desire, to live the Christian life, and
many weak Christians have been
strengthened. All along the lines God
has honored the efforts ol bis people.
A hearty invitation is extended to
all to attend the closing services on
Sunday morning and evening. The
singing ol Mr. McLean and the male
quartette has been much appreciated
and will be beard again on Sunday.
Edison Parlor Theater louight.
Vgei . i
ility  ami
wh rever
:"i:   d i he;     , >  put up in
.... • ■
and   evi ;   tea
-1 ■ uld li)   i p   ind  tin or more.
Dm   large ninl  increasing Coffee  trade  is due I       ■ tbat'wa
give value for price. Another lot of the celebrated Harrington Hall,
sii'i'l cut, chadless Coffee, put in stock this week. SVi are offering
ivbiii ihey call a "find-out" package, price HO . mtnlning three
distinct flavors of Coffee, and the firm claim thai if one ,,f the three
kinds dm-- noi - n Isfy a customei - palate, i hen no kind of Coffee will.
We keep all the three kinds in stock so lhal you can have whichever
Flavor yuu prefer.     We also have Green Coffee, Camp Coffee, Special
Hotel Coffee, Chose k Sanl i Seal Brand Coffee, our own No. 1 brand
of fresh ground Coffee, etc.    We  nam  youi TV i and Coffee business,
Groceries        Hardware        Harness        Plumbing
Ybti'iyiave a fit
,>-' ^   \\
our st*
No matter how good the cloth i.s
11111 l'_-.s it i-- cut ri^-lit it won't tit vou
well when made into a suit.
And remember the suit that wil
lit the other fellow won't i •   ,,  ..     You
must   come  to  a   store   thai     a
enough in it if you want h
will li; you right.  W - :arry
Remember our   clothing  is not
.-.awed out and slung '  gethi r,
hand-scissored   ai .1   hand-made by the
best tailors.
k WM
Fit Reform Clothing-.
i Mini i.sin.ii imi:
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-lip Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXAIIDER LAIRD, Gene^l Miliar     Reserve Fund,    -     6,000.000
Tlie new Traveller* Chi -..: i \ thi* Bank arc a roost convenient
way in wlmh to can       jitc) wlii*i -     l   ■ ■ are ia  led in denomination! of
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100  and  $200
lind the i-x.ii ami Austria,  Belgium,  Denmark, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
and Switzerland i- staled on lhe face of eai h cheque, while in other countric-
ibey aro payable al current ratea.
The cheques ai i       ul rtnation regarding tbotn nw   be obtained ,   every office
of the Bank. 13 U
Spring Millinery Opening
There will certainly be no excuse
lor the Bevelstoke ladies if tbey    ■
the latent style tbifi spring ar lar as
In ud jjear is concerned. If we are
correct in uur judgment, ivhicb is
generally the case, the lucal millinem
this year will certainly rite I thi
Occasion and when Messrs. Keid tt
Yuiing, nnd (' I!. Hume ,•< Co . inaugurate the opening ol "Spring in
the    Kashiiimtble    World"    at      their
Spring millinery openings on Tuesday
next.    March   110th,     afternoon    and
evening, we foresee :i distinctly busy
isaion, Revelstoke has the reputation ul being up with the tlinen and
the displays uu Tuesday will again
prove it.
The V. M. C. A. athletic held is nuw
almost dry, nnd tbe boys nre now only
waiting lur longer evenings to get out
and try the summer sports,
(in Wednesday night last the V. M.
C. A. athletes met to disonss the siiin-
..: ip itr al ui Sfi members turned
out nnd an interesting evening ensued,
Committees were formed to take charge
ul baseball, lacrosse, football and track
work. A busy season ib ahead and
the boyn are all enthusiastic,
i diver, olives, olives, ipiart bottles,
pint buttle- staffed olive-, celery
olives, pitted olives and ripe olives in
cana. Get uur prices. C. li. Humu
Zbc ADaiMbcralb.
UA^   AT
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
0 T T A W A
Supreme, and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office    and   befoie    Railway
Office    and
Chakmeb Mriii-iiv. M.l'.
11 Ml..1.1. I-'ISHEK.
,,_..      . . _L  I-.vr._li.}'; 11.1,IM' lU.VtL
STOKK,  B. 0,
1; .      . ratibro
M,-,:,. ■. :o loan.
l-,;..., r. M.i  _lHTl.li .,,„„.
!l    M.   PlMillAM J- A.   HABVKY,
1'..". "
Cmubrook, B. C
ti u i isU i
Solicitoi. elc.
The Molsons Hank. Ktc
Canada, Australia, New Zealand
and other units of the IS in pi re were
each contributing to battleships at
once to asi-ist the motherland.
Some will say "We cannot afford
it." Hut we have got to afford il;
for il is the same thing us a business niiin earrying insurance on
his stuck. This is a matter that
must interest every loyal Canadian,
We in Kevelstoke cun do our share,
even in a small way, and we would
suggest that the Hoard of Trade
take up the matter frum a pubhc
point uf view.
i )OHl'.Kl SMITH
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sutveyor
Eugil ring
McKenzie Ayknck.
Box 11K5, Revelstoke
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp   No. 226
-,,...   _    ,    ,   ,:,i   Kurt!)  Wednesdays in
e^h muni,,, n, Selkirk H*'"•. Visum   Woodmen cortUaUS Invited toaiteno.
iv   li   ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
_ J.'.U. INTYKh,  tTi-rk.
F. O. E.
. The tegnlai nesting! are.held in tho Selkirk
H« .  everj  I ■■   '■ U   '  ' !""s' . "'   8,   """lh
' '      ^^"••■j'.l''|i'H'l'U^DKNT.
Kootenay Uodec No. 15, »F.&». Nl.
.Tlie reitultir aiool-
Inns urn liel.l iii l*a'
Oddfellows Hall, on
tlm tliirn llouday in
-li in,.nth at s
ii. Visitingbroth-
oordlally wel-
Mr. E. N. Lewis is pressing the
government at Ottawa to make his
'Daylight Saving" bill a government measure. It would be a good
thing for Canada :is a whole if this
bill is passed and becomes law.
While we do not favor the scheme
locally uf putting all clocks an hour
ahead in order to get more daylight
unless the change of time is made
by the C. P. R. as well, yet at the
same time we would welcome the
law. should it be passed, compelling
every clock in Canada to be put on
an hour. Nelson has been inflicted
with two times recently; aud between cily time and C. P. il. time
there was almost continuous contusion. We tlu nul want anything
like that, and it is signiticant to
note that the people of Neleon recently voted the thing out. A general order pulling all clocks alike
one or more hours ahead would be
a welcome move, especially i nthe
summer months.
Speaks  on  Relations Between Traffic   Bridge — Construction
Canada and Mother Country Could Be Expedited
Toronto, March 2ii—.lue Marlin
the   breezy
V. A. >')'.'iiTMF.li.
Meet- ovory Tlnir--
tiny ovoniin.' in Siol-
kirk Hull ,il Bo'clook
Visiting brethren ure
cord .   ) Invited to attend.
W. A. I," iTK. N.li. JAS. .MATH1E;si:i'.
Colli Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26,   Revelstoko, B. C.
„\ _i i i.. id ,i ednesd _
each month,  a ddlel! i.t;-'
Ha!',    at    5    t'cl ick.     Visiting
Knights it-e c trliftlly   nvitetl.
T. SMITH. I'. C.
0. H. !!R0i K   K. ,,f H. A S.
J    B. SCOTT, .11. t,f F.
Zbc fihaMxmlb
There i= so much bad iu tlie be-t ut as.
A:. 1  - • much itood in the wi.r-t nf U-.
That ii hardly belinuvet- auy of us.
To tallt about the re_-l ef OS.
Moral Reform at Phoenix
The Phoenix police and license
commissioners have given the chief
uf police a list, of orders that would
be well for 11113- probable offenders
in the cily to take due notice, says
the Pioneer. For the benelit of
such we present them herewith;
1. Strictly enforce curfew bylaw.
2. Obstructing sidewalks antl
lualing on sireet corners must not
be tolerated,
3. Any person using profane or
boisterous language on the street*-
or in any public place must be
4. Make an extra effort to locate
persons carrying concealed weapons and have them prosecuted.
The Vancouver Board of Trade
iias considered the question of a
Canadian contribution to the lm
periai navy important enough to
warrant the calling of a special
meetii..- to pass a resolution on the
■ on.    It is to  be hoped  that All
Glorious Kootenays
Judging from the present indications, this year promises to surpass
all previous ones in the settlement
of this section of the Kootenay
country. During the past week 15
families of settlers from the eastern
states and provinces have arrived
bere bound fur points tributary to
Nakusp. Everyone seems to be
well pleased with tlie unsurpassed
climate for which the Kootenays
are noted and the future possibilities of fruit growing in this Bection.
The Curse of Civilization
We are iu receipt uf  a letter from a j
commercial   man   in   the   far nurth.
the west, addressed the Canadian
Club yesterday on questions nf the
relation between Canada and the
mother country.
There was something inure in it
all than any question cf trade or
tariffs, or any question of dollars
and cents, and this sentiment
evoked applause.
Mr. Martin placed Canada at the
tup uf the world, but did nut forget also to lind some faults. Rightly or wrongly, Canadians believed
thai their laws and institutions
were better than those of the
American people. He would cast
nu slur on them. Next to the British (Umpire, they were the great exemplary of civic and religious
But the coin mon people of the
United Slates had backed up Theo-
dorelloosevell in his war against
graft and the trusts. There had
been no man like that in Canada,
and Mr. Martin feared if there had
been Canadians would not have
backed him up as the people of the
United States did Roosevelt.
Canadians had the advantage of
being part of the greatest nation in
the world and tbey did not pay a
dollar directly or indirectly, while
they had absolute protection from
war. What, then, were these men
going to do? He was ashamed of
hem. Would they increase the
cost of living to the unfortunate
millions of England, the submerged
tenth, by 11 tax on wheat? He did
not know a farmer in the Northwest who would accept live cents tit
such a cost.    (Applause.)
Canadians were protected in
their lives anil property by the
enormous expenditure of Britain
on army and navy. They should
not rest under that, but he was
opposed to any closer relation between Canada and the mother
"I say we don't want to have
any part or lot with the affairs of
the old country because we could
not control them. We would be
running into trouble at once if we
gave up any control of our own
affairs.. But we ought to be proud
enough to say we would, through
parliament, contribute each year a
sum commensurate with our population to the support of the Imperial army and navy."
Kdttor _tl.iii.-ll_.itii,11.
fearless orator uf      Bill —Tbe ahuva I mils the he di
Nakusp Company will Handle
Arrow Lake Crops
Nakusp, March 26.— At the regular monthly meeting of the Slocan
and Arrow Lakes Farmers' Institute held in Woodmen's hall last
Thursday evening.it was decided
tu place the marketing of this
year'.- crop uf berries in the hands
uf the Nakusp Produce company, a
company recently organized liy the
merchants uf Nakusp. Last year
considerable confusion was experienced, and in consequence many
crates of berries were spoiled owing
to ilu- lack uf having a proper organization tu handle the product.
Under this system tin1 grower of
small iruits will be assured oi a
ready market, ami nil! be reli'-ve.i
of the inconveniei es which tbe
in .     lual shipper .- subject to.
of a paragraph in tie Mail H khai.ii,
whioh either exhibits the most painful
ignorance, or eUc is inspired by a
''knocker." In either case, the article
is a striking commentary upon those
principles ul "fairplay," and, "pulling
together," we Bee advocated Irum time
to time iu the columiiH ot the MAIL-
Briefly, for the information of the
writer ol the article, and auv who may
perchance have been mit-led by it, allow us to point out that that tjouie
thirty days have elapsed since the contract was let, and the contractors have
eleven months lelt in which to complete their work.
As b ion as a contract of this nature
is let, it is necessary to get bids upon
piliug aud structural material, and as
all such material is cut specially, estimates are dillicult to obtain withont
loss of time, and tu t-pcak cl getting
spans framed out in the yard, when, as
a matter of fact, there has not been
lime to get the material cut by the
mills, is indeed ludicrous. However,
in order to save all the time possible
quarry work was commenced at once,
aud the whole undertaking is just as
far advanced as under the circumstances it could possibii be
At any time the Mail-HERALD re
quires reliable information for the
benefit of ii8 readers in regard to the
progress jf the bridge, the contractors
will be pleased to furnish it.
Gillette & Mac Donald,
[Note—In refeieuce to the above,
the writers uf the Infer have jumped
to the wrong conclusion, thut a
"knocker" is getting Iub wurk in, Ior
there is absolutely nothing in the
article referred to that would inspire
any idea ol ''knocking." The public
ure allowed opinions and suggestions
00 matters uf Incal interest, and the
article in question merely represented
the scutum ms of a large number of
the public. We take exception to the
statement that "at auy time the Mail-
Hkkai.ii requires 'reliable'information
for ibe benefit ot its readers, etc ," on
the grounds that it ia insinuating that
we do not print reliable inforinalion.
We can conscientiously claim that at
all times our information published iu
Our columns is reliable and has never
yet beeu contradic.ed by our reuderB,
and tbe writers of the above letter very
well knuw that all matter publishid
in connection with the bridge has
beeo correct."—Kditor 1
Ten Costly 109
Piece Dinner Sets
As Prizes
Every month we will distribute $250.00 worth of beautiful
CHINA DINNER SETS to the persona holding the lucky duplicate
coupons obtained from 491b. sacks of Koyal Standard Flour. Save
your coupons, compare tbem each month with the prize winning
numbers as tbey appear in this space. When you tind your number
among them all you have to do is to return the coupon to us, and we
will deliver free of all charges a handsome and costly 109 Piece
China Dinner Set. The full details of the contest are on the back of
each  coupon.
You will require little inducement to use Royal Standard Flour
after once having tried it. It is the purest, etrongest, most delicious
and nutritious bread flour o.i the market.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ail the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Heip to Bear the
Imong   many   interesting   items  he  nanaJa    uy
the Kevelstoke Board of Trade will .says.     "The Chinese  Imperial Mari-
time   Customs   returns   for last year, i Burden
just  issued.show   a   decrease in the      ,, March 21  -Al t caucus
total   value   of   shipping   tinder  the   o!   ■ .   .   .
take r-iu.iiar action. The effect ui
such action is dependent upon the
promptne-s with which it is taken.
The people of Engl in . ire all carrying a he ivy load to ki ep up
Britain's army and navy, and
surely il is non time ; r Canada.to
Reply to Roosevelt
Editor .M.iii.Hkii n.i):
Dear Sih,— lu your issue ol the
'2tth inst. you give prominent space to
an ixtract frcm an ebullition of the
man Kuusevelt, who asserts (he was
always strong un "1 say bu") that Socialism would tend to break up the
home. Will yuu kindly insert some
o! the standard definitions ul this fur-
ward movement, as well as a hint or
two iiii the results ot the present
The ethics of Socialism are identical
with the ethics ol Christianity—Encyclopaedia Brittaiiica. Has such a
thing as this a teudeacy to break up
homes? Not unless the Davids have
over run the country. Socialism is
applied Christianity.—Prof. Ely. Aud
wbat is lhat! it is the golden rule
applied to everyday life. Is this ever
practiced   now !      How long  would a
British flag in the China Seas   foreign   -     . - ies tion   buiioeu   nan   last  under the present
112,000,000.     All   the   Nippon boats
Canada  is om ol  the  most   *ereoI  course manned by native offi-
, cent ami crew, meaning   further disas
prosper    -   i     nl   es in the world, ,   „ .'  . „
'       • •     ter to the British  mercantile marim-
and has had   (iieat   l.rii.iii.
and coastal)   oi   26,000,000   Haikwan ol a contribut   ■ u ids lo the
taels.  ur   approximately   $19,000,000.   tmpi issi I
The increase   under the Japanese llag   f
nae 16,000,000 taels.or somewhereabout - Ivor ol  the Dom
taking i. lion towards
ng    ha ml   lu    the
mother country.    It was decided to
..-. ission uf Hon.
pro-   [ i,u, does   our   utuwii brother repay
:   .- ■ •   iti    iting   the   naiiuu   that   lias   petted  it,and
heracent,    Whal  position   would  taught it how to build-ehips, and even
. lent it the money lor tbe
.   :  anj thing Bhould . —.
ereby we should I  Wholesale Slaughter
British   protection 7      We   would      The provincial police are investigat-
,   ing a Case of    illegal dear kibing near
Bimply be a derelict floating round     *       , ■    „
N itch Hid, say- the Kamloops Stai d-
at the mercy of the Jap, German, ardi thepeltsof 11 deer, consisting
or any other country  who  would of  four  does, tbree   bucks  and four
grab  ub.    W.   all  know that it ialf*"D,i "ere  '"'"■ll   bidden in a bush
, , ,, .      about in ne   miles   Irom Scotch creek
nececr-arv fur tie  v. ■ .r.-i - pi-ut •- that .ui_.ii        \      i  no
and across the   lake frum Notch Hill.
Great Britain Bhould remain mis- Tbe police am now working una
tress of thi seas and what a disas- strong clue ami have every hope ol
ter to ourselves and   the   mother- running  tbe *"'"'y  party  t0 e»rth'
II. HishofT was found with venison in
land  if any  other  nation were tu hi, pOMe„ion   „„,, mu „rMted,   ,,„
gain  the  upper hand.     It  is the was lined  $25 and costs and the meat
duty of every unit of the  British wa« con floated.
Empire to bring home to tbe na- Easy Money
tiOOS Of the World   the   realization       Money is sn easy  now, says a Mon-
of how Great Britain's colonies are treal paper, tbat hankers arc begin-
crowing and huw determined these! "ing to protest when brokers pay off
their loans
colonic-   ar"   thai   Great   Britain |pg|d off
should remain the mistress of  the
Seas,   What a warm glow it would
K-nd through the   heart  of  every
Englishman  were he to read that
The uther day a broker
large loan with u hank,
and the banker culled him up uver the
'phone. "Why arc ynu paying us
Off?" asked the banker. ' Because I
don't need the money," replied the
broker.   "Well, keep uur money ami|
l .... I   .       . . ' .     »V     1        1     lL,J.l.,..,l'.,r
li.    K.    Foster-   motion which  in
effei' - •       inada should no longer
de —_. her proper share
.ity and financial bur-
■ 'iiialili-  protection
uf ber ne and greal
.    -   motion 1ms been
iper since the begin-
f    ." session.
C.P.R.  Official Changes
a ;■ March '2i',.—Robert
Kerr. Pa ei ■ 1 raffle Manager of
the ' P.R. tor many year-, - to
be retired m a pension, and VV. I.
Mclnnis, Freight Traffic Manager,
•■ .1 <i Mr Kerr, having control of both the freight ami passer
ger traffic departments. Mr. Lani-
gun i- appointed to the position of
freight traffic manager, having control of the whole freight system
under Mr. Mclnnis, and bis headquarters will lm in Mont res I,
Will Divide Remains
Spokane,   March 2(1.—The dispute
over the remains uf the two men killed in  the  power-mill  explosion   at
Wallace, Idalm, last week, Inn bfnn
settled by placing portions ol the remain- in two caskets, and each widow
takes one,   Mrs. Pico sends a Basket
to Seattle   fur   burial, and Mrs. Steal-
pay somebody else otV,"said tho banker,  berg senda one to I.us Angeles,
conditions if be tried it.' Tell us Mr,
Editor bow often yuu have known
be done under our present
"practical system? Did Christ institute a oode (nr the guidance anil
welfare ol lis brother man which
could nut lie practiced' Have m. today not gum absolutely over to com
meroia Ism and entirely away Irom
tbe ' nrp. liter s teachings .'
\i bal are itest ital istics Irom tbe
greatest commercial and largest heathen converting nation on tne earth at
tbe   pn - aient—tbe     : nited
Kingdom Ool of 807,167 worker* In
clothing lactones 197,820 ire women.
Can you -'ingest (don't be too plain
in print wbat becomes ol tin-sons
and uaugbU ri >l the many i il ben
thus empli >■►.I' What will tbeir
home- i.. 31    ', d    *  system win  I,
won!.i ■ . ■ imlllei to have homes
antl enjoy b me i.f'- be deprecated
and maligned «* home breakers?
I  ■ ,i IKI it
Building in the West
A Winnipeg correspondent estimates
that thirty million dollars' worth nl
new buildings will  be   erected   in  ten
oil bj ol Western Oanada during the
present season,    la this amount the
twin cil ies at the head ol the lakes urn
ex peo ted to -in"'' to the extent ol six
millions, Winnipeg will run tietween
ten uml twelve miliums,  snd  lhe lull
aiiee will be distributed between Brandon, Keginu, Mouse .law, Calgary, Kd-
iiituit.i.n, Hevelstoke, Victoria and Van-
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of uur hands imp parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, ur
damask, with (rami8 that are in every
Conceivable design, and made to wear
indefinitely. We have many new and
beautiful pari, r sets and odd pieces lor
beautifying the home thit nre taste
lui, effective and inexpensive, and will
show your rooms to the best advantage.
kV&_N*afcs       ^   HOWSON Sr CO.'Y.
Big Discoun
on all
Cash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'ui-k Packers and Dealers iu Live Stuck.   Markets in all the prlncl
pal Oitltts and Towns of Alberta, Uritish Columbia and ihe Yukon.
Packers of ibe Celebrated Brand " Iinperatoi" Hams and Bacon,
j   .in I " Shamrock" Brand Leal' Liiird. a
C%.'V%^%^%.'W%%^%'%%^%^%%%%^^%%%%%%% \*
Tested alnck, Seeds Tin.
farm, garden or conservatory, from lhe hest
growers in England,
France. Holland, lhe
United H tales, and
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fl'Uita, home grown.
Fertilizers, lice mipplies
spraying materials, cut,
llowers, etc.
140 Pago Catalogue   Froo
M.   J.   HENRY
Green Houses anil Seed  Houses
3010 Westminster Knad
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion  Mineral Claim, situate   in
the Trout Luke Mining Divisiou of
West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Hapitl Creek.
Take notice that I, Catherine Maud
Kraser, Free Miner's Certificate No. It
IH-lllo, intend, sixty days from the dale
horeof, lo apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 117, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
uf Improvements.
Dated this 22nd day of February,
A.D. limn,
may 12       CATHERINE Madii FllAHEIl
Certificate of Improvements
Pluto and Qalllleo Mineral rial ub- situate in
the Trout Lake Miniug Division of West
Koutenny District.
Whore located 1  On Divide between Caaeade
and Poplar Croaks and utmut % mile from
A- A K. Kailway.
Take notice that  I. O. H N, Wilkie, acting as
aKont for Edward  Kaiilie. Froc Minor's * nrtifi-
cato No. B88898, tutend, sixty  days   from ditto
horeof. to apply to tho Mining Recorder for a
Cnrtificate of Inprovomonts, for tho purpose of
obtaining a Grown Grant of fhn atiovn chums.
Aud furthor  talco   notice lhat action,  under
sort inu 'X\, must lm Commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this 1th day uf March, AD., HHK).
feb 24 Trout Lake.
Revelstuke Land District.
District uf West Kunlenay.
Take Nnl ice that Roderick William
Lindsay, of Camborne, B. C,
occupation, inerchiritdntends to apply
l'or permission to purchase the fulluw-
ing described land;
Commencing at the noitb-east corner of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7.H05 aud maiked " R. VV. Lindsay's N. W. Corner Post;" theuce 11 bout
8 chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption; thence about 5U chains
south; Ihence about 3 chains east to
MacKay's side line; thence north about
a!) chains tu point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or less.
RtiniutitK William Lindhay.
Dated Dec. 80th, 1UUS.        Jan. 25th.
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
Newly hui It.       KirHt-iilass in every reaped.    All modern convanienceH
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates 81.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under sume   manii^eineni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   .A-IiBERT     ST03STE      PROP.
A LICENSE to cut limber can be acquired only al public competition. A
rental ol $5 per square mile Is chargetl
tor all timber berths except those situated west ot Vale for which the rental Is
at the rate o£ 5 cents per acre per annum.
In addllion lo the rental, dues al the
following rates are charged:—
Sawn lumber, 60 cenls per thousand
feet  li.M.
Railway ties, eight and nine (eel long,
L 1-!! and 1 3-4 cenls each.
SliliiEle bolts, IH cents a cord.
All other products, 5 per cent on the
sales. -
A license is Issued so soon as a berth
is granted, but In surveyed territory no
timber can be cut on a berth until the
licensee has made a Burvey thereol'.
Pet-mils to cut timber are also granted
at public competition, except In the ease
or actual settlers, who require the tlm-
uer for their own use.
Settlers and others may also obtain
permits to cut up to 1110 cords ot wood for
sale   withoul   competition.
The dues payable under a permit are
11.60 per thousand feet B.M., for square
Umber and sawlogs of any wood except oak; from 1-2 to 1 1-U cents per lineal
loot for building logs; from 12 1-2 to «
cenls per cord for wood; 1 cent for fence
posts; 3 cents for railway Ues; and w
cenls per cord for ahingle bolts.
Leases for graxlng purposes are Issued
for a term of twenty-one years, at a
rental of two cents per acre per annum
Coal lands may be purchased at 110
per acre for soft coal and tlio for anthracite. Not moro than S20 aores may be
acquired by one individual or company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton
uf 2000 pounds Is collected on the gross
Entries for land for agricultural purposes may be mado personally at the local land ollice for the district In which
the land to be taken up Is situated, or
It the homesteader desires, lie may, on
application to the Minister of tiie Interior
at Ottawa, the Commissioner of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the looal agenl for
the District, within which the land Is
situated, receive authority for sum* one
to make entry for him.      .
A fee of tlo Is charged for homestead
tnArsettler who has received an entry for,
a homestead, Is required to perform the,
conditions connected therewith under on*,
of the following plans:—
ill At least six months residence upon,
and cultivation of the land In each yeai
during the term, of three years.
It is the practice of the Department to,
reuulre a settler to bring IS acres under
cultivation, but If he prefers he may substitute stock; and 20 head of cattle, to be
actually his own property, with buUdlnj;
for their accommodation, will be required
instead of cultivation.
(2) If the father (or mother. If the father Is deceased) of any person who Is
, lutlliie to make a homestead entry under
tlie provisions of the Act, resides upon
a farm In the vicinity of the land entered for by such person as a homestead,
the requirements of the Act as to residence prior to obtaining patent may be
satisfied by such person residing with the
rather or mother.
131 If the settler has his permanent
rpsldence upon farming land owned by
him In the vlclnlly of his homestead, the
requirements of the Act as to residence
mav be satisfied by residence upon the
said  land.
Application for patent should be made
at the end of three years before the loosl
intent, sub-ngent or a homestead inspector.
Before making application for a patent,
the witler must give six months' notlw
In writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his Intention to do so. _____
Deputy Minister ef the Interior. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, R C.
Baking triumphs are everyday occurrences with Purity
Highest  grade  in the world.
Home-made bread
awarded first prize
at  the   National
Exhibition, Toronto, was
made from   Purity   flour.
Western Canada Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
Mills at St. Boniface,
Goderich, Brandon. S<V*
Officc, Winnipeg, Mtnitobt
More bread and better bread
Queens Jtotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kinds of shingles, bul the best
I oof-covering that any man can top
ulT with is a
Fire Insurance Policy
in a reliable company. So that if the
fire-fiend lays his home in ashes, he
gets dollar for dollar without delav.
Can the manufacturers of shingles
offer a kind tn beat this? If not insured, let us shingle your roof To dav
for TO-MORROW may be too late.
Lowest premiums  ill   best cumpanies
Heal Estate anu Insurance
REVKLSTOKE,    B.   0.
Manufactured far all classes of  buildiugs
for sale iu lar^e or smallicjiiHiitities
at the lowest prices for cash.
A11 kind* of buildius aud plastering
Vancouver Acreage
Send Description, Price and
Terms to
Andrew E.  Liddle
Real Estate Agent,   Box  137
300 Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
clash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
llevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kooteuuy.
Take notice lhat Harry J. LaBrash,
nf Nakusp, oooupatlon hotel keeper,
intends in apply fur permission to purchase the following descrilied landsi
Commencing  at   a   post planted at
north-east corner of Lot 78IKI, thence
west Ml chains, thence north 110 chaini).
tlience east 'HI cliains, thence south IK)
chains to place of commencement, containing IHU acres more or leas,
Dated Keb, Nth, IIKAI.
feb ill      Haiihv JAMKB La Hiiahii.
Notice is hereby given tbat, nt lilt
expiration of three months from date
hereof, appllcallun will he made In His
Honour, the Lieu tenant Governor in
Council for nn Order in Council changing lhe name nf  Wnnlsey, Lcl'Yuux fi
Company,   Limited,  to   "Lefeaux &
Sutherland, Limited."
Dated tbis 8th day of February, Iihxi,
Solicitors fnr ihe said Company,
may l'i
i fmirth class ti V. certificate.
Apply staling experience und wages
expected to .1. Kemnghan, Salmon
Ann. mch 21)
FOR SALE—One dozen thoroughbred Wh tn Leghorns, wiih Cock
er 'I. Blunt hard's sl rain: 2 dozen Brown
Leghorns, wilh Cockerel, Morgan's
stia n. Apply or address J. A. Morgan. Box 227, Revelsluke, B, C.
FOR SALE—Four acres of rich hind
cleared, fenced and planted in
red clover; only 75 feet,from eily limits
electric light and water mains; on main
rood to cily: valuable property; suitable fur market garden or residenlal
pin poses: owner must sell: price $1,000
Apply Mail-Herald ollice.
MONEY VVANTED-$r_00 wanted
ou 100 acrea of fruit land as security. Apply to Mail-Herald for particulars.
roomed house on Second street,
between .he Laughead block and B. B.
Camozzi's store. Apply to F. E. VVilfen
WANTED-S. A.  Wai rants.     Will
'*     pay $725.   Send Merchants Bank
Viiiireiivei-, B, C, wilh sight dratt on
B. W. Huckell.
WANTED—Experienced lirst-clnss
lumberman wauls emplnyment
as travelling talesman, nr any position
of I rust with lumber concern. Apply to
"Successful," Mail Hei aid, Revelstuke.
inch 27
WANTED-Posilion as yard free,
man or edgeriiian by first-class
lumberman. Apply to -Faithful,"
1900, Mail-Herald, Revelstoke.
Eggs for Hatching
Single   Comb   Black   Minorca!—The
Large White Egg Fowl
No. 1—Exhibition 1'en 1(13 per 13 Eggs
No. 2—Heavy Laying Strain $2   "
Apply—G. H. SMEDLEY,
Enderby, B. C.
Strawberry Plants H"Z^
" DL'C d ALPS " Berry. Thoroughly
acclimatized, of exquisite flavor, At
$2.00 per hundred.
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Further Investigate
The Anglo-American
Fire Insurance Co.
81ST,   lil'.t.KMIIBII,   1H08
Security For Policy Holders
Paid   f10040K 00
Unpaid     174272 00
274680 00
Full (iov't requirement .. 208542 33
Balance at Cr      18483 56
Total Security  »501705 89
Before the First ol May, two six-
roomed holmes, in Kevelstoke, with
two acres ol land each; including, il
wanted, horse and riga and all garden
tools. Situated west of C P.R track
Lower town.    Apply to
tc Box 23li, Revelstoke.
B.C. Mineral Display at Seattle
-Revelstoke Will Help.
11. L. Br. ml eut 1.1 Ihe geological
survey branch ul ihe Do niniun De-
p .ilii,cut uf .Mines, Bim mis tent uut
Irom Ottawa to arrange ftr ihe British
Columbia mineral exhibit for the
Alaska-YukoD-l'acilic exposition at
Seattle, arrived in RevelBtoke on Wednesday evening Irom Nelson and remained over Thursday ompleting
arrangements for the local display.
In the course of an interview Mr.
Broadbent Baid tbat everywhere be
bad been most cordially received and
had been givea every assistance in his
wurk. Mining men and others appeared to realize the benefit of having
a good exhibit at Seattle and are prepared tu du their share toward this
end. The result iB tbat there is every
prospect ot a first clasB exhibit of
British Columbia ore at the Seattle
One of tbe features of tbe exhibit
will be a display illustrative ol mineral technology. This will comprise ore
as it comes from tbe mines, and as it
appears alter each of the various processes through which it passes until
it comes out tbe linisbed product.
For this display samples are to be
supplied (rom the mines and smelters
of the Consolidated Mining and Smelt-
iDg company, at Trail, the Granby
company at Grand Forks, and the B.
C. company at Greenwood. One ol
tbe features of the display (rom the
Trail smelter will be a pyramid consisting of about $12,000 worth of silver
bars, such as are turned out there.
After the exposition thiB Bilver will be
shipped to tbe Canadian mint at
Ottawa, while the rest of the display
provided by the companies mentioned,
goes to the new national museum at
the same place, as tbe first instalment
ol a permanent exhibit there illustrative of mineral technology. All the
ore and other samples being collected
fur the expositiuu will also be taken
Mr. Broadbeut has visited Trail,
Kosslaiid, Phoenix, (irand Forks,
Greeuwood and points in the Similka-
meen and Osoyoos districts. At Trail
be met W. H. Aldridge, general manager, and Jules Labartbe, manager of
tbe Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Company, with whom he arranged to
look after tbe exhibit from tbere,
while at Rossland be arranged with
Mr. Culdrey ol the Le Roi No. 2 and
Mr. Purcell ol tbe Centre Star to look
after the exhibit from tbat section
A. W. B. Hodges kindly undertook to
look after the exhibit of tbe Granby
mines and mselter, and Messrs. Warren and Keller did the same in regard
to the B.C. Copper mines and smelter.
At Hedley Mr. Broadbent arranged
for samples Irom tbe Nickel Plate and
the Golden /one mines aod tbe King
Bton group. During his trip to the
west he also secured collections from
the Princeton and the Oeoyocs district. The Nelson and Slocan exhibits are in the hands ol the Boards of
From here Mr. Broadbent goes to
Kamloops, the mainland coast and
Vancouver Island. All exhibits must
be in place by May 15, but they ahould
be ready as long as possible before
that date.
All tbe exhibits will go forward
addressed to tbe Canadian display at
tbe exposition and for this purpose a
special label has been prepared consisting of a large red ensign with the
maple leaf and beaver on tbe ground.
Sunounding tbe llag is the address.
Tbe label is so striking tbat tbere
should not be any danger of any of
tbe exhibits marked with it going
The Revelstoke exhibit is in tbe
handB of the Board of Trade, the Gold
Commissioner and others who have
consented lo collect the specimens.
Owing to tbe depth ol boow around
tbe pruperties ol this district large
samples will be unobtainable, and Mr,
Broadbeut has allowed a lew mure
weeka time iu which to get the collection together.
W. W. B. Mclnnes for Judge.
Ottawa, March 26.—It is understood that tbe appointment ol Mr. W.
W. B. Mclnnes to the vacant county
court judgeship of Vanoouver will be
made within a abort time. He will
take the place on the bench ol tbe late
Judge Cane.
It is regarded as probable that an
increase in the salary lor the position
will be announced at the same time
as tbe appointment of Mr. Mclnnes is
Absconding Teller Arrested
WiNNii'Ku, March 2(1—Fred A. I_ee,
the absconding teller ol the Nt rtbern
Crown Bank branch at Saskatoon, who
lied with $7,000 ol the bank's funds
and a woman some weeks ago, has
been arretted in Jos Angeles after a
long chair. Extradition papers are
being nude uut at Kegina, and tbe
lugitive will lie brought back at once.
Lee came (rom High Gate, Out.
British Explorer Gets Wnhin 111
Miles of the South Pole
I.ONDON, .March 2li — lie polar re-
g. ns ate gradually y el.ling up tlieil
secrets to human perseverance and
di termination, and En-tat 11. Shackli-
inn, of the British navy, who left his
permanent quarters last autumn lor a
dash to the pule, has succeeded, and
an arduous sledge journey ol 176
miles, which occupied 126 days, in
reaching within 111 miles of the south
pole, or 354 miles nearer than that
attained by the Discovery expedition,
of which be was an officer. As the
expedition to the south was taken
rather for tbe purpose of geographical
survey than with tbe idea of reaching
the pole itself, it may be said to have
succeeded beyond the most sanguine
Profiting by former experiences in
tbe Antartic regions when all the
dogs succumbed to the strain and
rigors of the climate, Lieut, Shackle-
ton made some departures from the
usual preparations for a journey across
the snow, and be look with him a
motor car, which it iB believed he converted into a Bled, and he substituted
ponies for dogs, and ligbt woolen clothing (or heavy furs.
The main expedition of which Lieut.
Shackleton waB in command, reached
latitude 811.21, longtitude 162 east,
while a Becond party pushed forward
to she southern magnetic pole, reaching latitude 72.23, longitude 154 east.
Tbe British llag was left flying at both
points The narrative ol Lieutenant
Shackleton's achievement shows that
the expedition endured the greatest
trials and privations.
A. 0. Wheeler Will Lecture in
We are pleased to be able to announce that Mr. A. O. Wheeler, F.K.
G.S., president of the Alpine Club ol
Canada, has consented to deliver a
lecture here on April 15th, on the
Mountains ol Canada, and mountain
climbing, profusely illustrated by
stereopticon views. All who bave
beard this lecture are unanimous in
declaring it to be one of tho most interesting they bave ever listeued to,
delivered by a master of the subject,
and on the occasion of Mr. Wheeler's
visit to the city next inuiith. The
Edison Parlor Tneatre, where the lecture is to be given, will, no doubt, be
crowded. Tbis lecture will be given
under tbe auspices ol tbe local Mountaineering Club, which, judging from
present indications, will Boon be a
very strong organization, and one
which all wbo are interested iu mountains are strongly advised to join.
Arrangements are already in band for
the building ol a club house in the
park on Mount Kevelstoke, and many
a happy vening will be spent by the
members there thia summer. All
those who have not already applied
for membership should send thiir
applications to Mr. J. P. Forde at
Celebrities Will Visit Big Bend
and Kootenay
Many big game hunters are signifying tbeir intentions of coming out to
British Columbia this year to burn
powder, and, no doubt, a large number of visitors to the Alaska-Vukor-
Pacific Exposition will be diverted to
this province by its splendid reputation and attractiveness as a bappy
hunting ground.
Charles A Dana, ono of tbe stste
prosecutors in tbe |Thaw trial, will
hunt in tbe Cassiar district.
Baron Von Fleinmiiig, a famous
German huntsmen, and Herr Obcr-
lander, the Austrian, will hunt cariboo
in the Big Bend and sheep in the
Lord Vivian will also hunt in tbe
Kootenays and the Big Bend districts.
Lord Hindlip will deer stalk in tbe
There are, of course, a large number of less known hunters who have
announced their intentions of coming
out here to shoot.
In many cases Revelstoko will be
made a headquarters Ior a number of
big bunting expeditions.
Dedicated to the Men of Revelstoke.
The lollowing stanza was inspired
bv a walk down McKenlie avenue tbis
week when tbo snow was melting into
mud and when the usual curb stone
corner crowd was much in evidenoe:
Idolaters ol old did bow
Belore the golden call.   The crew
Still worship at the call, but now
Tis draped in hose ol any hue.
Trimmed and untrimmed hats to
suit all taites at Mrs. Crick's store,
opposite Windsor hotel, Tuesday
March 30th, altornoon and evening. .
Enthusiastic Meeting    Election
of Officers.,
A very enthusiastic meelii g ol  lhe
llevelst ke   Lawn   Tcnni.   Club took
place on Thursday night   iu  the city
hall,    T  E, L   I'aylor  was appointed
to the chair,   Before proceeding  with
the general business, a resolution  was
passed requesting the   hospital   hoard
to   refrain   from   piling lumber on or
near the tenuis court in  the hospital
grountls,   during   tbe construction of
the new wing.     This  resolution   waB
submitted to the hospital board  who
were in   session  at  the time.     The
election of ollicers then followed;
Hon. President—Mayor Lindmark.
President—T. E. L. Taylor.
Vice President—J. Guy Barber.
Sec.-Treas.—F. E. Gigot.
Executive—A. II. Allen, A,   B. McCleneghan, A. J. Scott.
Ladies' Executive—Mrs. W. H,
EIbou, Mrs. H. Cunningham Morris,
Miss Hardie.
A resolution was passed that one
court be reserved for gentlemen ou
Tuesdays and Thursdays, but if the
men do not make use of their privilege
the ladies can play on the court.
After /a discussion on the annual
subscription it was decided the membership fee for gentlemen be $5.00'
ladies' 2.50, and honorary members
(non players) $1.00.
It wsb agreed that special attention
be paid this year to keeping the courts
in good condition, and the services ot
a capable man will be secured who will
look after the cutting of the grass and
rolling and watering the courts. The
Mayor promised that the courts this
year would not be wanting in water.
A vote ul thanks was passed for the
use ol the hospital grounds and the
meeting adjourned.
Gymnastic Display
The annual closing exhibition of
the Y.M.C.A. gymnasium class takes
place at the Y.M C.A. next Thursday
evening. This is always a popular
event with the public and this year
the boys will put on a different class
of work to the usual run of gymnastic
display. A number of selections will
be rendered by the Glee Club between
the different numbers, making the performance a continuous one. The pro
gramme will consist of: Mat work,
pyramids, parallel bar work, club
swinging, junior and intermediate
pyramids, pillow lights, wrestling,
weight lifting, and one or two special
features of which announcement will
be made later. All friends of the
Association should keep April 1st open
and see the exhibition. Popular prices
35c, children 15c.
,   are cut on large
1 Fo give the wearer
the utmost comfort
uon-Miwii am
, tunrnrnvtmr mam
To win Ctuuuiu C* met
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given lhat the partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned as merchants at Rev
elstoke, B. 0., under the name ami
style of Hobson Ac Hell, has this day
been dissolved by mill uu] consent. The
business will in lhe future he carried
nn bv Alexander Hobson, who assumes
all liabilities nl the partnership and
who is entitled lo receive payment of
all sums title and payable to the partnership.
Dated March 23l'd, WOO,
Ai.KXANiiKit Hobson,
fi. \v. Bull,
Notice of Assignment.
NOTICK is hereby given that pur-
suai.t In the "Creditors Trust
Deeds Act, lull," and amending ails,
The Fruit and Produce Exchange of
British Columbia, Limited, a corporation  having Iheir bead  ullice at   the
city nf llevelstnke, H. I),, Commission
Agents, did on the24th day uf March,
I!»)!l. assign all Iheir peisuual estate,
credits and effects, which may he
seized and suid under execution lo
William Blair Robertson, uf the said
City of Kevelstoke, Accountant, for
the benefit, of their creditors.
And notice is hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors of the said
debtors will he held In the offlce of \X.
ti. Robertson, First street, Kevelstoke,
B. C„ on the Seventh day of April,
1000, ill the hour of 2:30 o'clock in the
All persona ha vinga ny claims against
the said debtors me required to tor-
ward particulars of the same duly verified, to the assignee ul Revelstoke, 11.
Ci, on or before the 1st day of May,
Anil uutice is hereby given that, after
that dale, the assignee will proceed to
distribute the proceeds of the estate,
having regard only to lhe claims of
which he shall have received notice and
he will not be responsible for the
assets, or any part thereof so distributed, to any person or persons of whose
debt he shall not then have received
until e.
Dated this ttilh day nf March, WOO.
inch 27        Solicitors for the Assignee
^^E___BEgBEaEBEMBB£-a_BZr^i:'^2B ,mX'.7Z2atVSC fiZ- Ty-.?-B J. . j
So Clear, So Shining and su Evident that ii
will glimmer through a   Blind  Maas   Eye
A Canadian  Made Writing  Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, margin 1 facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs lese
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Government
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
".Merchants^Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Tuesday, March 30th
nf   /
v..  have much pleasure in announcing that on Tuesday,
M   i ii 30th, 1909, and following days, we will havo on display
our New Spring Millinery.
We invite vnu to view what is correct and fashionable
for ladies to wear for this coming Spring.
Tuesday, March 30th
Real Estate, Insurance anil Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected, Loans Notaky Public
> <H>0<>0<>0<KK>-0^<_K><> <
Pure Drugs
,'ith  caieful
delivi ry an n utile
■ ■  the    factors
j 1 in .!_   pre-*
: ■ ...
I I satisfactory n -nits
I Macdonald's Drug Store
^&£^&zirmKmtmmi&&wm>'i' -
. i
i ' Mr.and Mrs.
Local and General.
I i ■ :.; ...
ed a branch at New Allerni
We ami lo keep only the
best in Groceries. A trial order
will he appreciate' us we are
convinced tlmt ive can save yuu
Our Bread, Cakes ami 1'astry
are made fresh every day, when
tireil nf ynur nun baking, try
ours lor a change, you will lind
il very appetizing.
SS0BS0N & BELL, Grocers, Bakers |
f .)■;: .   M*MI
Nice Five
House for
Nice.   Six
House ior
Other Houses at reasonable
prices. All kinds ol Insure
ancc, Agents Ior the celc
bratcd KARN Pianos and
Piano Players. Money to
■,. _   .
.  •  .    i     i   . ■.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance anil Financial Agents.     Monoy to Loan.
irienced   u       p-
■   '•-. 8, W .
ented   the fine
■ i" I.i it night at
the opera house I    i small audience,
Ladies'Auxiliary   tu I! R.T. ate
giving a   dance in opera In use, April
n jl; I adieB 50c.   t d
thie  spring are  going   to
wear » i.it  tbst   looks Iiki-  a  peach
■ 11 il  pi acbes—
that ie
i itvnei
e by p        g pruperl
: ir   this       '       .-incut.
ind   Mc-
- -; i :,i. .  i un Suu-
- ing.
...      I     lent ol
I   Local  Oj
i,      -    ... ■   -
i     ;..:■;    bliC I     ■
.   . I.. ■ i ■
las dec iduuugh
E  gland    prefer; ing I
■■'■'•■■' j
. ;, .
ill  bold      - ■ e in I
Every i
•  -
A .   ..... y Ki,   '
... -
•'    .
- .   -' •    ..     ■■ is
the       leatiul      iii
.:,        ' i decided
I atten ;"i
i       .• •
ty   i       ■ y I
i . , .  h. . .     i.. - .. i .... .
i beatre luuight.
Mr  Huali   McLean   will conducta
oi .       rvicc   tor men at   l o'clock in
i  M.O.A.      This   in   his lust
ui town.  Cume nnd hear him,
As announced in our Inst issue the
Right Kev. John Hurt. Lord Bishop ol
New Westminster nn.l Kuutenay will
lu;ld confirmation in Bt.Peter's church
tomoirow evening.
The new C 1' li. tug Mogul, built
tor handling the huge transfer barges
between Nakusp nnd Arrowhead, is
completed and will be launched s me
time liming ihe comiug week,
I'he Gloria   ■   1 i   ' ,. lo-
/.,; I   winch is one of   the Got
numbers, ie       id   l
tnd hai   ieeii      ', pled by the I
i     church   as   well        1   e   part tor
eresl    that   Mime
tin  rnui .1 -■ ites
• •_ ■  i■..  .        .     -   :
is  - i   .
wbo    are
1     '     .;:
ling e
iatu igden, will   as- -
'.!  ■-
■    - • i
ng    .(Unlit;.
...      i j..       '
-   ■        ■ 3iii   s knov
-;. Andrew's c u ii re h.
Iu   a  communication   Irom M
i   ■
Hi ■■■ 1st. In    mini   i
Hi-.Iti | il.   ■
,.., .ii;       . ■       i ii    nmi. i '•
I.- the
lelrs ...       the
. exhibit.
- ■
; r il,-    h iNpita easl
i-. .
■ .|.ii| |..il
':; ... " ■■
11    *  . _.        i .
.    ,   ,   .   ,.'   hand-
....    i. ...,       i - hi. n
Social and Personal
,    I
-■ .       ,-.
iria   is '.u a
isit to tin city,
tml    I     ■    11. Hume i iiturni .1
i 'l liurnlaj li om » vi
Mn   \.  Moll ui   wm    al   I. une   on
. ■   .. .. .   " ..
;   ;■ ..il- l'i
...   .   i ii       . •  iction,
Mi, uml Mi .'.  II.Hobei tson |
ugh   I: ■ i' i i ,     111i i ....
No, 96,' n  unii. to 'I oronl u ti attei I
the Musi   i   y   Oongrci    m 81 I In I
.   . members ol the Kevelstoke mess
were at homo last night to a  numbei
l bl il li i.ueIn nl "1 li" I '"li" nn I' If!
I reet,     Tbe   rooms   were   tastefully
decorated, Btrings of electric lamps
being ii feature of the "tout ensemble.."
Progressive whist, tuok up moet of the
evening, resulting in the prizes being
won by Miss Spurlingsnd Mr. A. V.
Anderson. After the cards, and tbe
"whys and why-note" ol winners and
losers bad been explained, time was
put back s(Yer,i. cogs anil the party
indulged in various juvenile games,
such as gues.sing competitions, air
gun matches and ther things, giving
n breath ol youth to the surroundings
I n.. supper was the feature ol the
evening and was enjoyed by all, tbe
mn iy d. licacil - disappe irii % with
ighln . :.. lity. W. Veitb presid d
; brougbout I he   eveoiog,
and Ion .-.ml excellent dance musii
lancing brii ging tl • af iir I i closi
Sot until -•-.,. ■     ...
I tbe (.art;
up       H       .   I  --■ ii. I   r ia!
. be given shortly   and   la young iolkB will
ia   ■ er.
Business Locals
l*imol jet's
-   .' -     :•
tl  Bews
i lei and
-...Is    that    grow—
... .■ ii.-'t - drug ston
, r^t, i    reside!
■ -I.-.—if. N Conn
I    K I    I.I   '.l     -
.. ■ . drdg il
ub    .... ,i   ■.   ... —The
.. tnd Second
"    i.i-   if ci -
d  di
ipening  Tuesday March
V     .,   i rick   . ppofi
i     •
. -        pillows nud   bedding
i..   it C,  B,   il ii
te A moil '" i"'1 in.,
in .■ . . ,. resull Bold il I I
Home ■'■ Co'a.
iti  i Paris md Ne ■   i ■
i ■ inter h ns .u Mrs I
ipp .hit<-   U iii.lsi.r  hotel  Marcl
ill ...i ami evening.
k at nnr corner nindov
foi   ll    itlej      I'nlmei 'a blsc ill
i don'l   ae ask lm ii. v\.
it,   (    B. Hun .
...ii order  at ihe Revelstoke
. genoies lor n load of   gnnd.
di.   i ■ dar,   cut.   In   Hi Inob  lengths,
■.. |u loo, |■'■ B0 f-.r lull cord
K'i'|i a iiiilo cony oorner In yuur
cupboard lor one ol mir dinner sets
>' i, tvi ' lie quantity and quality to
obooifl Inin.    G.  II. Hume iV. Go.
If you want good Potatoes wc have
just unloaded a car. Special prices
for ton lots. Now is your chance to
purchase .some for seed. Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.        'Phone 248
*       __________
D. (2& A. Corsets
We have just opened a new
lot ol this popular Corset. The
new designs embody exquisite
style and gracefulness, and we
can furnish Corsets for all figures
in all styles from the short girdle
to the long "Directoire" models.
The later models are longer
in the back and higher in the
bust, suiting exactly the present
style of dress.
Have  your  new dress fitted
D. CBl, A. Corset
and get  lhe   most   perfect satisfaction.
McLennan & Co,
Five Roomed House
SU ll
Second Street
Third Street
Fourth Street
$15.00 per month
$25.00 per month
$25.00 per month
I   For Sale (Special)   §
Seven Roomed House, Third Street, Price $3,000.
Corner Lot 50x100. Central location. We have also a
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would be well for intending purchasers to look into.
Trueman, the photographer, is now
and   will   remain   until Saturday, April .ird. last visit until   .lune.
\ "ur choice of   8x10 enlargement of
or view of city:   special fur
-   iail   nly.
H.n '"I your spring house-
11    not   cume in and ex-
sti ck   ni   laundry   soaps,
wders    brushes,   brooms,
ind all  the "ther necessaries
thai  purpose.    C. li   Hume
.  C
.,    rlj     ue   thousand nice
I iotograpbs, and Irom
tl ■". '     I   wlil  Kiv''
.--.    with   . I 0  nny
- taken by me.   Coi ie either
r    citindy    days.       E      K.
Edison Parlor  Remodelled and
i.m-   ii gbt tiui patrons  >l   I hi   Edi-
I'arli    I iiiatri'   were   treat! d to a
lurpriai    when they anti red
ng   for the   liral time lines
,.    . _..   md   -i '   tbi   n in.
•... n  mui. and
. ati introdui • d     I be « hole
tl i,, . i,    -... Ditroi ted and
i.i_Md it. -ii"i"   t'  lhi .'.i.k nf
. ug,   tlm-   giving   ... a    .!.
minlerrupted ritm ol tbi -• teen, 1 im
fallerit -     i a   b< i d   made   into one
,:,y   alsu     wltfa     -' »t«   raised
tiers        i ailing bating beei    liaed
,  . .  . . pie bead room     I bi   ipi r-
n lins Ueeii iimv.il to llll   lldl
md completely  lined vnu   metal ami
...     making    ll     ... ■ I "
prool    i   awitofa  board,  electric lioi
ilao la-en i.i cl     I i.n screen
i-     ■     placed   further   lawk thus
■ ., more seating ... i ommodation
il        A   mat Itage  " iiii sulii
wings, the ... 'i ' s ol H  it
met, ha   been ereoted, inniiiiig it
..in i.f   the  last little theatres In   the
l nterioi
l,a-l, night, a line sen-s ol lillus were
shown   h.eluding,   Australian  sports,
i.     .■  lie raolng, rough ruling, ing
chupping mul sawing, etc Tbn programme will I." repeated tonight. Mr
,\ \ 11,.an in ins Illustrated song m ide
many Irloodi,     Tim management de-
siitve Otjligiatiilations   mi   lhu maimer
in which they have studied the publi"
safety and comfort and the Edison
deserves the support and patronage ol
all Bevelftoke ti. McCarthy had
charge ol all the remodelling designs
and structural work, and has made
use of every inch of the building to
.he best advantage.
Opera House Tonight
Frederic Clatko sprang into prominence again at the Dominion last
evening, and in his powerful presentation ul the dual rule nf"i)r.
fekyll and Mr. Hyde" in   the   play  ol
! that name, gave his huge audience a
thrill that will last for a week or two,
Clarke   was  supeib in the terrible in-
I tensity   of   his   acting,   holding   the
j audience enthralltd.
Clarke is supreme in the role ol
Dr. Jekyll.      He   has spent hours and
, days in the preparation ol   lhe   facial
Iexpressions alune. Mr. Clarke deserves great praise fur his first pru-
duction ..I this play in Edmonton,
In his version of the weittl drama,
Clarke avoids the mistakes ol other
actors in lhe mie, antl reserves his
whole vitality lor the ileal li scene in
the last net. 'I'he entire play draws to
a terrible climax iu this scene, where
Dr, Jekyll, (ailing in his struggle to
reiisl supremacy of lua lower personality, Mr Hyde, swallows poison
ami snllrrs a horrible enti. Tbe audi-
. mca wae tense a« Clark pictured
Un' iminl aguny nf I ir Jekyll. when
he linils his uther personality gaining powei and coming into being,
realising thai since there is no possibility ..f obtaining more ol the
ilmg wbicb will relieve bim Irom the
influentM nl   the   horrible   personality
iif Mr Hyde, be muit allnw himself
to sink Into that personality fnr iver.
Ill ordei In BMMpB the gallnws fur the
murders    Hyde   hsd    committed,   ho
lakes poison.—Nelson News.
Ladies  Hospital Guild
Tin re will be a Hireling I I lhe Ladies'
Hospital Guild un Tuesday alternonn
next, March With, al 11,'III o'clock ill
the City Hall. All members arc re-
qUOlted to attend.
Mits.  II    CfSM....II*M MllltlllS,
Rough i aIn.g at Kdisuu Theatre tonight.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest  Slock  of Cigars and
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture   now   on   hand
and made  expressly  for us by I). K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Stoves, Tin and  lSnamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Exchanged,
Furniture Packed for Shipping.    Furniture Bepaired.
First St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprietor
Catholic. — Bev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays in every, month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Pheshytekian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Mch 28.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m , Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. in. l'rayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Ch ir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p m.
Knox Presbyterian—J. R. Ruliert-
■on. Services on Sunday as follows :—
Morning service at llo'cluck. Sunday School and Bible Class at 2:30 p.
in. Evening service ai 7:30 p.m.
Murniiigsu! ject "A marvellous thii g "
Evening subject, 'The Macedonian
Call," witb special relation In Canada's
National Missionary Congress. A service foi men especially. Good niiiBic.
A cordial welcome to all.
Methodist—Rev.T W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday aa follows :—
Praise and fellowship in the class room
10 lo 10:45 a.m. Regular public
service at 11 a.m. Sunday School
and Bible Class at 2:30 p.m. Evening
service 7 30 p m Morning subject,
"Christ our Example in Serving
Others." Evening, "Prnlit and Loss
in the Christian Life." The Epworth
League ol C. E on Monday at 8 p.m.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
A cordial invitation iB extended to all
these services.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p. m B. Y. P. U. Monday at 8
p in. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. Rev. A. K. Baker will preach
morning and evening, and Mr. McLean will sing. These services will be
the closing ol the serieB conducted by
these evangelists. The ordinance ol
baptism will be administered at the
cIubc ol the morning service. A hearty
Invitation is extended tu all.
St. Peter's (Anglican)—Bev, C. A.
Procunier, M.A., Hector, 5th Sunday
in Lent. At H a.m. Unly Cummunioii.
At II a. m. Matins and Sermon.
7 30 p. m. Evensong. Sunday School,
2 80 p.m. lhu usual Lenten weekly
service will bo held on Friday night
at 7-80 o'clock.
The High! Kev J, Dait, Lord Bishop
nf the Diocese will preach buth morning anil evening anil will hold cunlir-
maliun at the evening service.
I.ion HALE   Two 2,vi'i. bus on Mo-
J       Kili/.e avenue, licit In Mc, llllck's
hunai'i best  location  on avenue.   W.
I lllll SAI.E    Lot 12, block
I'       nil   niil'lbeilSl
•iv pill
VV, s
I. 60x100
■ in ner nl Seventh
I and Id.I.-iiii avenue, nuxi   In the
mbllr school   block,   Particulars
I ,11 111 SALE    I  in ies iii-ui- Laliiiine's
1    Ranch, nl! In fruit ireeei 60 trees
In-uring last yeai, must trees will bear
Ihis yettli apples, plums, i hei lies ami
pears; une ni lhe lies! hint "l .hauls in
11. 11,    I'm I n iilaib uf XV, Smythe, Kev.
ilatoke. u. U,
Arrange How for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39      Office   MoKenzie Ave
Hammering Away
al the fact that our sanitary,
well supplied and attractive
market, offers only the llnest
Meat and Poultry obtainable,
expert selection safeguards
nubile health. We're no novices-have been selecting meals
for 25 years. Our guarantee
your satisfaction in ipialily,
health and money-saving. Wc
invite inspection of both premises and prices. Give us a trial.
Maundrell Meat Market
Revelstoke Mountaineering Club
A special nice: iug of tbe members of
the above Club will be held in tbe
City Hall ou Thursday, April 1st, at
4 p.m , for the purpose uf electing
members aud arranging (or the annual celebration of the formation ol
the Alpine Club of Canada. A full
attendance of members is requested.
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
While' Leghorn    frum    Blancbard'a
hi rain,
Hrnivn Leghorn Irom Morgan's slniim
Khotle Island Heds Iiiiiii Miller's strain
A selling of 15 from nuv ol' the it hove
strains $2.   Apply or address
Box 227, Revelstoke, H, C,


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