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I i
... I a ii   \/rn I -lve -4?«r\
SfJlrf       Y        ffil '"Oil,*   A
Vol. 12.-N0 141 V/Cri^,A'a.Cvy
 **-S>.^''      M^T^aW^-
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
Huntiey & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A thipnient ol these Famous Biscuits juit arrived; hero
' oral Madiera. Sroyrne, Kruit, Kindergarten, Charivnri.
plantation, Housel ild, Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ice
'.ream, Chocolate and Cocnanut Creams, also other van-
-ties, whioh wo would he pleas d to show.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something Nc- in Preserves and Pickles :-
Heinze's Preserve-: Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
|},i^^A«t lhu'n^«*«t Gherkins, Maialalay Sauce
and Tomato CuL-up.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
,   .
MM ■axaaaas*xsna&masMaC
FUEL and FiiED
■ j HALT CUAL The nnlv
I I Satisfactory Domestlo Conl,
i   . bn C. k s .-v.'.  Heater m-
*       ,   Gl   -■■',     l-.l-.li.MlIld    f     Il-.M-I
|    L.i.iki,*.
j    !      !> y "Im, illll   lllie'i.   Wi     ,
Ilny, 0.1 , Wheal i
Express and Denying u
nnv part of lho oity.
l-'iii'iiitui-e Stored at He- n-
uiiii* Kates.
D. Nairn
Office, McKemio Ave.
Next Burnt' New Bloik
TELEPHONE      -      -      73.
Prominent Grits want no Federal Interference,
Victoria, Jan. 1.—In open revolt
against the Ottawa "machine,' resenting the intrusion ol "Billy" Mclunes,
and determined to prevent, il possible,
a move calculated tn destroy the condition uf stability in the conduct of
public affairs which has been established iu Britisli Columbia, a large
section ol Ihe local Liberal assooiatL.n
lias broken awny from that organization—the climax coming at n meeting
held on Friday evening in Pioneer
hall. Leading tho dissidents are such
prominent Liberals as R. T. Elliot,
une of the leading barristers ol thc
city; C. J. V. Spratt, iiinnnging director of the Victoria Machinery depot;
Aid. Stuart Yates, nnd James Murray.
On being interviewed ou tlie position of the Liberal party in pruvlnci.il
politics Mr. Elliot said:
As far ns I am able to judge, the
main ubject is to obtain control of tlie
province in order that the snino may
be manipulated by the Ottawa 'machine.' They desire to get a subservient government lor British Columbia
nnd make an arrangement on the
matter of 'better terms' which will be
financially profitable to the Eastern
provinces aud, accordingly, disastrous
to our people nnd Britisli Columbia,
It is well realized what progiessivo
nnd honorable government has done
to warrant the investment nl capital
in developing our unlimited natural
rerources; und I [eel sale In snying
that under the MoBride regime the
iiinn feeling of confidence will bc
maintained. In fact, I ntn absolutely
lortnin that a change of government
would iiionu a politio.il crisis, an ui-
seitluig ol business conditions, und,
worst ol all, the untitling of the efforts
uf the lust live yeurs. Kor these reasons it seems to me that a man must
put principle above and before party—
therefore I leel it my duty to support
ihe present government.*'
James Murray, who was organizer anil one ol the most active
workers in the Young Liberal association, snid:
"Yes, a number of members ol
the executive and members of the
association have withdrawn. We
lind we cannot support the Liberal
government as it is at present, anil
we will either have nn independent
•iiiiiliilate or support the Conserva-I
ive government in ilu*
campaign. Further, 1 dun
the Liberals acted rightly in lhe
matter ul ll.e I'endray lots on Selil's
Point. '1 in-y wanted lu mnke llio
public believe '.he government did
wrong, ami wanted mc lo hack
ihem up. Lut 1 cniiM not nml
would imt. I knew Ihe whole circumstances and knew well lhat lhe
government'* uciinn in lhe premises was perfectly right and proper;
ainl Mr.  llige.ii)-  knew thai, loo.
A convention was held on Monday
night in the Selkirk Hull for the purpose of nominating a candidate to represent the riding at the forthcoming
provincial elections. Delegates were
present from nil the towns of the riding, T. Taylor, M.F.P., receiving nomination. At tho close of the meeting
a banquet wns held in the Union hotel
restaurant and Ibe management is to
be highly complimented on the manner in which the arrangements were
carried out. T J. Wiulmnn took the
ihair and alter (lie banquet, toasts
were honored nnd ...any speeches
made, musical and vocal selections
being rendered at intervals by Smith
and Humphreys. The evening was
pleasantly spent and the convention
resolved that the needs ol the district
aud city should be still more strong! y
pressed iu tl.e forthcoming year. The
proceedings terminated with the singing ol tl.e National Anlhem.
Freight  and   Passenger in
Collision   Thirty-five Killed,
Sixty Injured   Two Hundred
Passengers on Train.
Washington, Dec. 31.—An appalling disaster occurred nt seven
o'clock lust nighl on the Baltimore
& Ohio Railroad at Terracotta,
aboul three miles from this city,
in which aliout thirty-five persons
were killed und over sixly injured,
some of them so seriously llmi thev
will die. The accident was caused
by llie collision of irnin No. 60,
.lue here at 6,26 p.m., from Frederick, Md., known as the Frederick
local, with an empty freight special
of eight curs.
Over livo hundred passengers
wcte aboard tho ill fated train.
The railway ollieials late last night
were unable to explain the. collision. As soon as tlie news of the
wreck reached this city all ambul
ances available, wilh as many
physicians as could bc *h„sembled,
were sent to the scene,'
The dead bodies werc found lying beside the track fur a considerable distance. The wreck occurred
at 6.29 p.m.    A dense fog prevail
Trains Collide at Arbroath on
The North British Railway-
Snowbound Trains Gradually Being dug out.
London, Dec. Ul.—A thaw has set
in here and the weather conditions in
tl.e provinces are ameliorating. The
snowbound trains nre gradually being
dug out and the railroad companies
hope that the utual traffic will he resumed in tlie course of the day.
Several of the Scottish linn, alter
having been blocked (or two days,
were reopened to 'ay.
The wreckt of tl.e two trains, which
were in collision near Arbroath, resulting in the death of nineteen people
and seriously injuring over thirty,
have been cleared away away sufficient-
ly tu permit trallic being returned.
The accident occurred on the North
British railroad between Edinburgh
ai d Aberde.'ii and some distance
north ol Dundee. Among the persons injured is Alexander William
Black, member of the House ol Commons Ior llanll'sliire, Scotland. The
accident is attributed to the henvy
full of snow, owing to whicli trains
from London lor Aberdeen were held
up at Arbroath. The line was cleared
however, nnd one train proceeded for
Dundee. It bud stopped at Elliot
June! ion, but the danger signals which
nert thought to huve been set tailed
to act through bei.,g clogged up with
snow, or Irom some other cause.
An ixpress train dashed into the
rear ol the waiting train. Mr. Black
had both legs broken.
The fireman of the wrecked express
died this morning in the hospital at
Arbroath, where all the de.ul and injured were taken. Hit death was
partly due lu his lying in the. snow,
pinned down under bis cab, Ior eight
hours. Two ol the injured passengers
also succumbed today as the result ol
exposure before being succored, raiting
the total number ol death to 19. Wm.
Block is making fair progteat towards
recor ry. Among the injured penons
it the editor ol the Scottith Farm.
High Class Grooeries/Fruit, Flour, Food,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Eto.
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
Mr. (Ire.-ii :.n.l i
friendly terms;
lions nuiii." again
lv falsi', I w.ililil
They ihrew ii »n
foreo me help ■ nl
i wi..- si.ii) h ■
.Inch I lost i
wouldn't  stand
had not been on
-ut ns llie itili'M-
i him were titter-
not stand fur il.
i in--, mu! Iria.l io
ler lhe thing u;.
.•ul estate d.*i. 1 in
_i ciiinlnissinii.    1
for   ihnt kind of
thing, and  there are
.ng made objecls imperceptible a
few feet ahead. It was impossible
at first to determine the exact extent ol the catastrophe The passengers in the forward coach wore
I slightly bruised, heard the groans
coming °' l^e dying!im' wounded, a"d did
i| (hjnk ' what they could to relieve theni. A
number of the passengers started
in walk to Brookland, three-fourths
of a mile away,
The niomenl the lirsl ol the survivors reached Brookland a general
cil was sent out for doctors and
ambulances, Several lirooklaiid
doctors responded and were tnken
to tl.e scene in automobiles.
The wreck is attributed to the
second train running past the
signal agninsl it in a fog.
C. W. Hallow .y, superintendent
of transportation of lhc Baltimore
A- Ohio, stated later that it was impossible yet lo determine lhe cause
of ihe wreck,   He said:
"We have on this division llie
nin.-l modern block system, Just
what incurred we are unable ut
this hour to say, because  nf  the
reasons why 1, for one, have decid-; c0,1,fllf',n incident lo the collision,
cd to work against tbe Ottawa gov I !"*.1 0,,the CTr,.n8 ful.lhe dead. ,und
eminent in this campaign.  I don't j iiajurecJ, we  have
intend to hc a part of the 'machine' ■ con8ld,-'r the P'°Per 0BURe*
been unable to
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Prices to Suit all Pickets. . l'rotty Presents at low   prices.
What is more suitabe for a Xmas Gilt than a eeloction ol
% Limoges, Coalpurt or Wedgewood China.  All genuine stamped
China. |
11 you oall and look i.t nor stock ol .Xinns l'roeents,  you will «*
Boon lind whnt you wnnl, .nd at the right price. Y
*#, Dealert in Hardware, Sl ve   and Tinware, Minert', Lumbermen't
and Sawmill Supplies etc., Plumbing and Tintnitthing.
and there  are others who are unwilling to follow ils band-wagon."
Lord Strathcona asks to be Relieved of Commissionership
Ottawa, Dec. HI.—It is understood
In Ottawa lhat Lord Strathcona, High
Commissioner in London, lias cabled
his resignation to the Canadian Oovernment. Lord Strathcona was appointed lo tlie position in 1896. Hit
Lordship has already signified his
with that tlie Government should release him from the responsibilities of
the olliee of the Canadian High Commissionership in London, but under
persuasion he has continued to discharge daily the round ol duties ol
this important ollico up lo the present. Although the purpose of liis
lordship's visit to Canada is not known
at Ottawa, it it quite possible that he
comes to again nsk that his proffered
resignation be accepted. Lord Strathcona is new 86 years ol age and has
been the representative of the Canadian Government in London a little
over ten years.
For tapestry and lace curtains,
curtain rods and fixtures, go to
C. B, Hume iV Co.
"Wc have not yet interrogated
thc operators, nnd until we do we
cannot be certain what the situii-
lion was. Wc will make Immediate
inquiry inlo the cause ol the collision, beginning tomorrow morning,
,irobahly in Baltimore, where all
that train's records are. We shall
make thc inquiry as rigid ns
possible and shall givo the results
uf it promptly to tbe public through
the press."
The ill-fated train runs on Sunday for the benefit of many Wash-
ingtonians who either have country
places on the line, or go to visit
relatives. It leaves Frederick at 4
o'clock in the afternoon.
The annual match of the President vb Vice-PreBident of the club,
took place at the rink on New
Year's Day, resulting in a win for
President Coursier t>v 17 points.
Six rinks a side competed, the following being the scores:
Nairn        2
Brown       8
Foote        4
Mclioe       8
Brock      14
McCarter   6
Two Rickt, stove tiie M 76
Three Hick*, ttove iiu Sfi 60
Furnace and Stove Coal 19 00
Nut Size, suitable for Sell  Feeders,    Bate
Burners and Ranges  8 60
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Motions Bank Building.
Have made in st ol llieir wealth investing in Ki-al Estate, and it
would not be unwise for the man having money at low rate ol interett
to follow llieir lend by investing in tlie beet buy on the market which
we have selected as our Special Snap lor the coming week.
LISTEN I Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, but and cold wate., electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable for stable and in fact everything tbat goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
rric«.»J,3Sa  T.rtn. MOO Down, lalautM on Tim*.
From our own cori-espontlc..!,
The iin.it.nl Christmas tree enter
tn in ment given by the teachers and
children ul thc Sunday school was a
splendid succes. The church hnd
been beaiiiilnlly decorated for the
occasion. The tree luoked especially
pretty uud hud one present for every
one of lhe 117 ehildr n of Field. Tbe
programme was given nltnnst entirely
by tlie children. Tl.e di ills given by
lhc girls were very well done and
relli-ctel no small credit on Miss
Field, the teacher, who had done the
training Santa Claim seemed a,
young and funny us ever.
Tlie Chalet ni Emerald Lnke is
becoming quite a placo of rendezvous
fur tho young people of Field. On
Thursday evening ol Inst week a large
sleighing party found its way there
returning early next niurning. They
report having had a pleasant time.
Dr, Taylor and his family with some
other people from Hidden, came to
Field to take Christmas dinner at the
Mount Stephen house, They returned
to (lolden on the lollowing day.
Mr. Parker, who was here relieving
Mr. A. W. Clark, locomotive foreman,
has gone to Ilevelstoke.
Mr. 1). Jenyon, C.l'.ll, ttorekeeper,
has returned alter spending Xmas in
Miss Field it spending tl.e holidays
with her aunt, Mrs. McPl.adden, of
Mr. and Mrs, John Jones went to
Revelstoke to spend the holiday with
their Iriends there.
The Messrs, Jackson, lather and
son, from North Bond, tpent the
holiday with their daughter and sister
Mra. W. MePherson, of ihis place,
Mist Viva Sherlock is home Irom
Calgary, where she hat been attending school. She will return to her
studies at the end ol the holidays.
Mrs. W. K. Johnston, ol Whitby,
Out., has come to the ...ante to spend
the winter with her daughter,
For the next 30 days, during
stocktaking, we will offer special
bargains in Tapestries and Tapestry
squares.   C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
Mattresses, pillows and bed
comforts, a choice line at C. B.
Hume G Co., Ltd.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branch*., io the Provinces ul Manitoba, Alberta, Saakalchtwan,
Britisli (lolombla, Ontario, (jmbsc.
Oapltal Subscribed        - •6,ooo,ooaoo
Capital Paid Up ....   •4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,28o,ooo-oo
D. lt. Wii.kib, President; Hox. K. Jaffhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Decajitment—Deposila received and Intei-est allowed
at current .ate from date nf, opening account, and compounded halt-yearly,
Drafts boM available in all pints of Canada, I'niu-d States and
Em-ope.   N|K'.iil attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
A Happy and Prosperous New Year
The members of the Revelstoke insurance Agency,
Limited, in wishing the public continued happiness and
prosperity during 1707, desire also to thank them it)t the
increased plumage afforded the office during the past year.
Business inirusted to our care will have the same
careful! attention as in the past, Our facilities and experience
in insurance and financial matters are always at your com*
mand, and we consider it a pleasure to serve you.
H. F. MoKimkoh, Spbcul Railway Aowit
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
.t    A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
!;. lading postage to England, United States
in I Uuiinda,
BytheyearlthPonglipo-iioilUT]      92. .10
H U   ' *'       " -            1.31
;     * r ■■       " "  1.00
vil   IMN'TIXG promi»ll) GwctitcdRl rea uu-
■ ■ ■ •
TKRM>- l .1 h.   Subscriptions paynblo III ad;
roi. '.
OKHEmPOXDKNOK Invited on mafctow ol
• at' interi ■;. ComniuiiloaUoiw to Editor m asl bo accompanied by natno of
writer, not neces^ rily fo publication, but
rt.- oviden leofgood faith. Corrwpoiidctice
should be brief.
crl>.*   t1ftnll-1h<>ralh thep°0ii,a °»"f;ir ca8im' i'"1*' b
^l?L     III.MU'llAlitlU. doej8, not w01,is.   WheiiMr.McUiid
Legal notices 10 conn per line lirst Insertion,
-.-- per line cacl. BUhsenucul Insertion.
M.m-iii mont, NonparicI ll- lines make nne
Inch!    Store  nnd   general businoss an
11   .iiii-nl.* 82.30  lur Inch  per un'ii'li.
Preferred positions,  '-'■*'   per   cent*   nd-
.li-.. -.il.   ll.r',1.-.  Marring,*,  ii.nl   Ili-nlli*.
each 'I lii.be. lis -"i" "-
Land   notlu ■  ■• "   .III ndvi - l»ein ail.
,: prevail: Hi. management.
Wanted n. rl lo.t-od Adviirti-n'moiiL.:
. i-d. Help U in!'!, Si' 'in -
I, HUnnllni). V,i.uiu. Te.icl.er.
v, nl i M'.i.iiiIi- IVini.nl. in wonlt rn-
;... :. . i i.i.  ,.Mii;i,,i,„i ;n„   in   cenls.
|    . in al .nl   ; lulvarli tellU. inn-l
by 9 n. in. 'In..day and Friday ol
t-i i h week : cure good display,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice befole Railway
Chas. Murphy.      ILutoi.o Fisher
, , 11.I.A.N k KI.LIOTT.
y J
I-. ,r. .-.;.  Snlieitora, Etc.
LEV IM. llllll*'. I.AI-.li, II.O,
i   !.. i.ii.l.is I*. !'. I.l.l.l'ii
lISTItl.- .    l.lll'hIU.ll.   II.IX.;    i.I.OO.I,    ItKVIIti
stork, !:.::.
Honey to loan.
Offli.-: '.■v-Mok.-, H.C; Fori Stcolo, II. O.
llKu. si. .M'X'.lllll.ll,
A. M. li Miit*i. .1. A. IIuiviiv,
!:•-.:• -;,,-, 11.'!. Fun Sleele 11. U.
J.M.Soot, l.l.li W. I. llrlggs,
iCiITl   AMI   URIGfiS
Uaiihistkiis, Solicitous, Etc.
I Wonky Tn Loan
Mii.i.-.t.ii.s5,f..u .Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelsloke, B.C.
Provincial Lund Surveyor
Mine Sm veying
McKenzie Avenue.
£be flftail45evalb
"I would  .  .  . earnestly ii v!bo thorn for
their good l-i order this paper to be punctually
im-en ii.i.tuiil tn lm luiikeil iliiiin ns ii partof
lit- ti II fil'lill.l^,'.'-.'.HI.ISDN.
WEDNESDAY, JAN, 2. 11107
Apropos of iln bill to bo introduced
itit.i parliament nt the present session
to establish n cheap parcel pus!
sysi. in in t'niiiid i und whereby the
]--t office iliiill ei'lleet on small
parci Is, the scheme would undoubtedly
I,- ul greal benefit to thc Dominion in
general.aud alleviate the burden now
imposed by the extortionate charges
of th? express c impanies, bul thoro ia
anotln r side "f the iiuesti -n that we,
in liritish Columbia, must study, nnd
thai is the likehnod ol our trade being
threatened, which is u very possible
r. s. ll -1 ti i ei e.ip pare. I p st institution
M. rcl inta in tlio wesl i xpress the
opinion that the bill threatens to very
.-I rially injure the trade in British
Columbia, at tin measure i ractii lj
ii.- .ns tl cl nil-   .:'  tin   large
centres 11 E litem Canada «'■''' bi abl -
to do :i :•' iii trade in the We-t. with-
:• .I.-.- ol the ui abilities which at-
t cl.e- to iiiiiiiii lining i-t.il-h-l ni'-iii-
i: • it pr vin ■  :. tbe way ol 1
:':,._.' raiea higl wagi I toi    pi   -  ■
tra :■ Iio ncet     Whereat lhe : ■
c.  pott tch ii   ■   ellenl
lor prival     ..:-..-   tnd   - -   lo
- -. - ii.• ii ire (or mti :- ■ * -  il
th. ■ nne time lho meaturc  ll I
c :... | pulai ihould :•   i    .- i,,-i. |
■ •    rhil l.   will   :, •    -,.  ■•   •
merchai it In B tith C . imb .i and
have the ret   t ol pul  ng - ■■■ p to
!..'       .:.'!' -MM , ,    M-      i !:   . .■ ■        iim!
mon i ■ ie- n * ex  cit. ! - -l -  . yed
bj ti '■ expr. ■• c mpti ii
Inul; i Hire it cannot l« d-ni-il thai
the financial condition of tlie province
was vory periiii.s, 1: tins ill- in talk
ubout our gro.t resources and lhe
i.v.in lerlul things that iv uld l.e ao-
,-.....plishi.il in ih. fi.turo ns long as
th. io was n hig hnl nice on lho wrong
side "I the ledger in d n large niuounl
nl bunking eiiiiilul locked up in n
government ourdrnlt. The firsl duly
ol Mr. McBride was to set this matter
right; it involved tlio curtailing of
xpi'i.ditureaiiil n recasting ol taxes,
and unpleasant ns tlie whole Inisii.c.s
was, lho resell bus In en excellent, and
the government certainly deserves the
thanks and confidence ol :he whole
province. Another feature .! lhc pnst
gi vcrnniciil bn ileen tbog. n. ml si use
i.i stability in a-Jminislraiion due t
modi i'jI'uii, lliiitiico uml ni It- a.sltt-
.iiii-e ni ll.e ministers. Mr. Tatlow, tu
ii." lumi of tho l-'in.inei' department
bas I'M'ioi.-i'il n h i;h degree o! husinesi
.md adininislrntivo nblliiy nnd tbo
ailmirnb'.o condition ol ibe public
limine.-.* Ii.ri.isl.es ll.e besl evideneia
ihnt cm be askoil of his nines, tor the
wo:k entrusted lo him. As Premier,
Mr. McBride hat sh wn himself
possessed "I ii":!- and prudence, nl
though be hn' many ciismiot in tie
r,pp..sition, yot it cannot be gninsuid
th.it the province bus prospered under
his leadership, his taotftiluess being
exhibited in tho manner in which be
carried ou affairs with u very narrow
majority. Fur Ihis reason his op
pononts and friends fiol lhat he bus
the welfare of the province ut heart.
I., view 11 those things we question if
it would be wise to upset tlie old order
ol nll'nirs, hut ii Ihe pen* Ic (iol cin.li
dint tlmi lliu Liberal govcrnnieni
Wul. d du li'-ini- lli.i'i hns it-en done
.luring thu lasl three and i. hull yeurs,
tliin lot ilii-in pul tbntn luiinistration
in'   We Imve  had  enough  political
nsinii uml expe
in.t-iits imi tlie
people ure not disposed to adopt any
course thut will disturb the existing
snfe state tif tilings, but il the opposition bus developed nny liue nf policy
fn- whioh thoy enn ask public endorsement, which will materially
strengthen tbo already firm basis of
the province as created hy the conservative government, then the people
will have it 111 their power to give lhat
endorsement. The time is growing
short before lhe election campaign
and political change i! nuw darned
might I'l-nve n serious error, Honcvi r
both parties will be judged by their
record in the Legislature nnl tho
results will show whoro the salest
policy lies.
Frum nnrown corroa|H)n(tn>u",.
Principally  owing  lo fow men
"Companies' Act, 1807."
Canada: i
I'ltOVlNCEIIl-'litllTIHH CoUlM.U.l I
THIS is tn certify thai lie "Hiiti.h
-. iilllllllt I    ' l-lllll'l-     1 liii' i •::      1.   i,ili!
-n-isi'il nnd licensed lo i-iiviy on business within the ['rovineo of fl.-iibl
Coluuih.ii, mul In carry oul in i Hi'.'
.ill ui- nnv uf ibe objeeis of lho I on •
,',-iiiv In which ll-i* legislative iiuthn.
ily ul' the legislature of Iiiiii h Co'-
tun bin extends,
The bend office of lho ('ouipMiy Is
situate at the City of Mnn! re. I, In tin
I'rnviiii-t' ul Quebec.
The uui it.nl of lie- cnpilnj of the
Cumpauy is une huntli-ed tlionsind
d.-lln.s, divided inl . one lll.il.annd
sli.-i.-e.s nf one hundred .lolln.-s eaeli.
The head .111 f lhe Company In
Ihis I'liivi .ce i- Bluialeou Piist Slue!,
Rovolstoko, and William living
llriggs, Bu.'iisti'i-.il Law, ivh ■*- in •
dress is the samoj is II." ..ttorney f. r
ll.e Cn.upn.iv.
Given iiiidei- mi   llninl nml .-.'nl of
i.llieeul Victoria. Pioi'ln. i I'rliMi
Colunihlu, ii.!.* iiiii day ul Dceeinber,
one ihi'Uiiiind nine hundred and six.
|l„H,|     S, V. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock C inpanlct,
Tho objects I'm- ivl.lch lho Cni.ipi.ui
has been established ninl licensed are:
1. Tn em ry mi throughout Cumuli,
und elsewhere the business nl* lumber-
pes, iiu.lm.- merchants and inanufac-
tuicis nl limliei- .-tnd and lumber iu nil
ils bi-itiicl.es, nnd nil other business
incidental Ihorolii in- eoniiectcil thero
with, Including lhe ni.-.tiufiiellire of nil
products nf ilu- forest or lumber industry.
2. Tu ncmiiro by purchase, lease or
otherwise und In own, utilise, .-.nil
operato tin.hei- limits. Umber lands,
nud linibei- berths, nnd rights in such
Umber lands, timber limits and limber
berths, licences ue eights to cut timber,
lumber yards, mill nnd factory sites,
ivntoi' has, docks, wharves, piers.dains,
slides, ,'i(|U"diif!s. viaducts,steamboats,
and nit.ei- vessels, sjiiv ii.illn, pillp
mills, wiilei' nml steam powers,
hydraulic powers, nlnul-, hn-
priivi'.'ii-iil.-i ... i.-ik, s, i ivers nm!
eroeks, .ind othei- i..ii'-i-i\ii;.-. i'-u linn-
bi-1-i..g'.l llllllS|)Oftillg logs, li.ol.el-llllll
nil other rights ...id ioiei-esls. 1 ev i-,i
kiiidappet'taiuiii^ to an} o, tlio above
euu...''.','i!iil property so acquired, as
may in- necessary foe the develi.p-
inent mid put [luses of the Cumpauy,
uud the s.ihi pi-opet'ty abovo specified
...- any ul* ii, iu i.np.-ove nml develop,
-eil, mortgage, exchange, lease ... dispose ol' tin- cash, ot- iinim rentals, or
for any ot he.-ennsiilermini. as may In1
in the inieiesis nf the Cnitipiliiy.
!l. To const. uct.O ei-ute, i-h.ii-t -. m d
employ vessels of ull kinds I'm- llio purposes nnd business of the Company,
and I'm- Iho purpose of trunspui'ling
products of tin- mills nnd works or
oilier materials ut- manufactui-ei's for
uny place nil lib. Cauudi. or elsewhere,
und todo it tini.spo.tatinn business in
Canada nr olsoivh.To, In lease nrac
.p.ii-eall accessories necessary fur the
proper working of the said vessels, nnd
tn lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of
said vessels, or aeeessoi-ies, or moveable   ell'eels   ill    rei,tlinn III.Tell. IH it
maybe advisable in the interests of
the Coniliiiny:
1. Tefconstruct, or aid, or subscribe
iiiu.iiil ' lie- construction, maintenance uiul improvements uf muds,
ducks, piers, .linns, slides, aqueducts,
viiitluels or other ivotks.tnil buildings,
including Ilu.lies, bridges, .lit.-he-,
waler, Sloan, ni-olhe. liy e I id u lit- i-ighls
uf pi n\ els. ,11 ul ..I IV ul! n-i Mill!*'. Iieee*
stiry Ini'  lln- purposes nl lln- Coinpauy
in-   .in lln- i.ill villi;   eul  i-l   ilu'  (J •
puny's po.vei s:
j. Tn establish shop- in stores on
lln- pti pe.'ty nf lie Cunipany, uiul In
sell morel, .mli- ■ the i. ill  i   fill n.
il may l.e uecessarj  I u lhe i   nip in)
 t'l-y mi il- Mid I'll  :i
ii. I'i u-qllil -. ii im, *■'.!. I'-u- ' ninl
i, pn ie of shf.res, iL-benttu      .   .
■ -
in  Ihis i on.pai y, and
.ii ■ mm mm ha.
nn:   "!-| i   .    m     mi    ■     !.' ..h.ii iir.
b.M.-by  ii.,  i'.    , ■        i such term.
in!   fin   sueh      lis -. llie
in iy  cl. ' im. 1*1,1
eWMVtun/Kl ■ ■' ' ..J;**u.^,ijaA.--j.-^-JT^rri*5j:Tc:'r.-;Mi'w.-i!
Christmas Furniture ^i
i i inliiiiif iuiiely. eiuis ii ing ii
many slug!.- pi, a uf su, erl. el.
g.tnee ai.d ii n t'uln -m. Wc Imve ^
,-i specially selec t- st iek nf link- \
era, Reception i I: lira, M n'is
Chairs, elc. ns ivi'! ns .!-.- .ke, hook
cases, china closets, writing ilea s
nnd other siiilnble nt-llclos thn' aro
sure lo lie appi-eci tied und add un
elegance und r. Ii.ium-*ni lu lhe
furnishing of any romn.
R. Hows on & Co.
coining in from llm camps, storekeepers reporl Lulu nionoy in circulation, ninl   lhe qliietcsl Cliti-i
mnsliill'   nl    Xolcll    Illll  -line lie
yenr before Ondrado.ick.
i'lie only social evi n! ol lie week
was ilu-  marring,   i i   Mr. Dani. I
Smiili, merchant, in Miss  Ban It,
our local school tun her,
At tlie Lake settlement tin -
t    i , .. . .   ..   t
,.f  pleasure  v. »hlled -
mul is no! quiti hm   ed yet.   Mr.-.i,.,
.Mil,-nil.   Mrs.   In i ininii ir.'l Mr- I   i.      .
Dunne cncli gave u Christi
. I      M I       '     M
lj'    tt!   1    Ml       ...    ^   il.     -     ■
i. you nre looking for something ni- i in SPOOMS AND
SPECIAL" lur Souvenirs, we l.avo llieni here,
C. P. R.
.  Ua l.~ . ft ,     *"
Import direct from Country of origin.
":zFn-ii-m\i?Kwa .ri.ij-.-cnaon..wksss* •jirt.-«ssrJ:-.-)™'swTOWT3a:
Q O^<)-O-(K>-O-<>O-<>0<)- OO OOOOOOOOCKX
lln vou enjoy thnl null diessed feeling?   Wo ull know what T
il   feels like'In he Iml, In he cold, or to be tired, llllll it is V.
i -*: ,-, i true, llnl we u!!  know iil.nl il, feels like lo be well /•
i'l-e--.I..!,   li feels good, i.i.tl l''s good lofeol good.    Vim can T
never he well dross d if yum cothu-tnre nnl made by lho Vj
eight maker. C
Gel lu know ive handle the SHJII-IIEADY (1ARMENTS f
nnd ynu u ill lind '.vhnl n pleasure and snlisl'action il is tu he I
well dressed. j
Suiis and Overcoats  $15, 818, and S20.' C
Bine and Black Suits, l'ie best made, $20, &. S25 (.,
Righ: Overcoats, up-to-Uate -Prices: SIO and $20 r
Special Trousers $5 and SO. r
Tnilnrlng Is um- business,   We make a man look well r
and be knows il. j*
..Grossman  and Morrison., i
ON I'1'* RM
■"'■ T:-"':"y-y~:€>'3::.:
= J
-..-.     , '■'"•■:.yi ■rv.-Ka;-.zrvs;.•>>?."
^ui.rxs-Jf.\Jx-s.'\r: ■:&■■:J r-\
most mj"; ibl
i my i* ■   ;■,.
7 om smKEH
I'i'l.lllr.ll. .-III.*, IIO.N.
Few p" ]'.<: quite appreciate  v. Imt
an  .i ivantago ii .   to t country •
have ii- public finance! on a sound
l.i-:-     The fuet thai ll.e Pinanoo
Minister ni Canada hat l.n n able y. ai
nft.rli.-ar  lo claim  ..   surplus  hat THE MONEY  SAVING
developed confidence in Um country Wjjt}'f.^*)V|lif' ^QAP
im ; ,i:   although   wholly duo to a
sis;, in ni bookkeeping,    It i- sufficient f--r ii - -i |" pie in know thai in
some  way  ur ulher the   Dominion
finmces nre exceedingly healthy, No
matter what party is in powor, ivhothor
l.i., ...I nr Conservative, the condition
of lho cnuntry should  be euiisidered
and what is beet for its advancement
ttudicd, and the results will show
which administration has the soundest
tactics. The province no the eve .1
nnothtr election und let the beat
party will be uur motto; let each
ihow and prove what il can  do ai d
Mr. Aitkei
by having
residence,    He was awakened
four o'i lock un Thurs lay mornitij
by a violent s-lia   ngo!
nd wm:.
events sn lily following one anothi
ill liis ll.
fullv expecting lo lind i'r imen
M, v...,-!
- n
.       ISO
made lor th
-,       .....       ,      .   , . iro..,o- ers t...
.11"     nl '.!!      ■ ...
. i i| -I  ■ m
I I.'   ■ I! '
-I i-  iiu-e I by tho sides of a si.l
-.:■,.,.-,:.       -   ■       -
iii ' i  ■ i u
under the house, subsiding own
! i iln-  recent thaw.   N-    I a
n i- i.i-.-'. d  b. ■ .-IM1   he '''.-'■■
lieing  knoc --!  crooked   nnd ,
ii      i.     ,-i i      W i '    !
nervoim diock to Mr. Aitken, wl ...
■ays in- feels like a Sen  i'r incisci   . ■.   .  I   ■ ■ of nn
survivor. having objeel i   n ,'..
[Inr i-i- Cnuipni    pi ivitl. il
______________^__ ,,    |,y l.m .,
Cump i'     - .: ■     ive f.
.m-i  iln     nil   ■
■ i. Honed of
than two Ihlrd mm, .
Ml    i-f lie- I  'M       MM.    M M   ii
I'lini.'. Royal Crown ki.;.!-   „,.,; ih    nl thei mi puny   ill
i .-., ! n large shipment ol Pipes, Imported
■ tiuli.'ry nnd  Tobacoo, we nre   now pro-
...   i I. the highest grade goods at the lowest
ilowelry nnl Sil.'01'war.i hnve n
eli uiu .i.i distinction iinnllalii-
ible in iiHyiithni'..b|eetsof honuiv
...ul ul . i!,-,.   .nei   when  llie  slunk
"ii'-n-l I'm' v I.ichous ■ from Is su
- uiliilly -eleeleil .mil nf sueh (.loll mi workman hip ns Ihnl shown
Hastinss.Doylc & Alluin's
-.ui Minimi  fall  in Indulge your
1(1    ■ Hid fine,'.- iii lie- iilniiiiil.
Next liTipcnal  Bank
.*»«** . r. 'M.-WW..M
madi in Viiiieiiiivi'r--Liir;-i-sl ed foi the put po       f co               nd
Snap Factory west of Wlnnl- iipprovln«of said by-law,      * -1 j ■.■ :■!
pi-g.    Houae  cleaning  and
washing aro easy wiih Itt help
p : / ""'" E. W. B. Paget
Premium System ■
Booklet tells what we give fm
Royal Grown Wrappers, Send Fnrwardlng nml Distributing Agent,
for  It—Free—Also try the Pxpross nnd nnggngo Doilvory.
Hoap, Moving ol Plnnos, 8afos and Furniture.
_            _         , Canornl Drnylng.
Royal Soap Co., tii. m uv , -- ,	
1         r Office; McKenzie Ave, K,1;*;'ffi
ViillCOllVCr, B. C.                  I omoe rnom. Hn. 71.     Homo Phono Ho. 7.
.flKir. y '      ' I'.-1 -I-MI.  IJH,
IIKAii OfFfi l*; • ■ [M0NT11KAI
Wvi   Mm   "■   M-ti-i'i'i! ■.-.-, I't H. II. I'!ivi\-u, Vi'-el'ies
VI   IVI.'M     i-il,'   I'll,     MM,|l.   l|     ,\|   ,.,   ,,'MI       (
Capital paid i ■-, $3,000 '00
Reset, $3,000,000
KveiTilling in ivuv uf bank
1,,'HMjiii ; ||   |n\ ,
Interest credited twice, i yeai it current ial
11,ni..nhil wilhoul ....-
Hl,ii..-;s  lliil.k
V,', II. PRATT, Manager,
X.ilii-e is hoi-i'liy giv.m I'm' Hoil-i-vs
Iter due   I lj.!.. ml In apply In lhe
Chief  Cininilsai • uf   Lnnds md
Works I'm- ,-i spoehil license lo eul m d
i-.-.t-i-y niViiy liii.i'ei- fr .... .be foil.living
l.-se'iiheu lands situate in Wesl IC.i'.'l-
!. Com ii'ii'ii-i-.: nl" n posl pluiiiei'
;; niilea ..nih nf Timber Llu.il i'':;!
mil 2 miles wes uf Upper Arrow l.l* ■
.ml marked "A. M. Symons' nnrth
mst Burner," Ihence ivesl Sii cbnins,
bonce soul ll RU ch-ilns, tlience ensl W
limine, thenco norlh SI) ehnins to pluee
if i-'iinmi .'cu.uent.
2. Commeneing ut a post planted
iu ehnins smith uf the norlli-wesl corner of No. 1 and marked "A. M. hymens' uiii-th-i'iist corner," tbenee ive.*'
80 ehains, thenee south Sll ehnins,
thenee east 80 ehnins, thence nnrlh 811
ehuins to place nf commencement.
il. Commencing al n post planted
it- tho norlh-easl cornerof No. 2 and
i nrkoil  "A. M. Symons' sotiUi-ousi
■inner,' thei west' HU chuius, thenee
norlh 80 chains, thence oust 80 chains.
hei.ee soul!, SU ehuins In pluee"I
Dated November 20th, IIHK),
I.   I'......ne..,'ing nt ii pusl phlllled I
mile ..nilI. ..I' Hie siiiilh-wesi. cornel'ol
1.1.1800 uml marked "A. M. Syi '-'
.null, east corner," Ihence wesl III
..•Inline, Ihenco north 100 ohnlns, lln'"1'1'
ensl lu chains lu ll.e north-wesl corner
of bui Slill, thence soulh 100 ehains In
pluce uf et.nil.i.-...-.-men!.
Dnted Nnvomhei -ilul, IIHHI.
dee!.-, snl, A. ,11. SYMONS
Nnliro is lion.!..- glvon tlmi nn Wmliin-lio
llio llllll ilny ut .liiiiiinry, lull;, nt »i»|...ii. nl
iln roiiisloro.1 iilli.-o nl tbo iibvoleloko & ,M<*
I'iiIIiiiibIi ('i-iil, Hyilruiilic MiiiiiiKl'n.. Liii'Ui-1-
Ili-volsii.kii, 11..'., I will offer Ior snfo l.y I'nls
Ilo Auotlnn to tho lilghtatbl idor lor Cnsl., roi
Bhnros, cortillcntoa .......l.oro.1:
Cnrtillcnlo Nn. ill   ji«l   In arrears $201
 ' a itn     -"i
 ' 4',l     UKI      "       "        1"
•'     "     "111   iim    "     "       m
"    "    -■ i,.-.  no    "    "      in
,.    .,    ..I,,.   ]l(,    ..    ..      in
"    "     " iti r.n "     '*      *!*'
 in bo "     "     :-n
"    "    "us mi "
 'H2 m "
••     "     "123 im "
nnd com|irlsl).B tl.o sl.uros i*.,iio.l by tho eniil
Ctniiiniliy !.. tlm nli .n-iin.iilii.ri'il ciii-lilii-.U'--.
un.l tlintsiit-li *n!ci i.iiilvcrlisi'il liy iirili-rel lliu
lliinril n! lliriicuirs. liy reason ut anhl slinr.-*
l.oiii«iiii!o!niil.iiii ucniiiiiliif iinii-iiiiyiiii'iii nf
Cull.* in-Aasiiss.iii.n.s tlmrtiiin, .....iiuiuiiii.'I" un'
sums iil[icni!(iii|iii*i.o.;iicli corlillrntoniiiiiliaroii
in lui* notice ilul; mado anildomkiulwl und
inn- unpaid.
I),noil nt ltoi-ij!.*!.ilio. Dooo.nlior 17th, IPO*'.
wuil du.: I'.l Sni-y.-Tlmi*
\ ::'-e Is hereby given that 30 days
11. nil"  I  inl.-n.l to .....ko appllca-
,;„!   ;u    ll.e   Ohief  (!....llliissiuo.'l' nf
1.1ml- .ind Wurks I'm- n special lieet.se
1,,,-tti niul carry away timber from
il,,, inlluwing ileseiilied landssiluato
iiiW'.-sl Kootenay Dlslrlcli
I. Commonclug nl a post planled ut
ili.. north-west no. net* ui Timber Limit
,.,.;! n.ni  marked  "A.   M. Symons'
, i!i ens! eurne.-," tbenee suuth SO
.l.uii.s. theuce west 80 chains, thence
iiiir.li 80 ehnins, theuco east 80 chains
,1 ..I .'■' uf ('..nniieiieeinent.
■i. Commeuelng at a pnsl planted
ii il.e south-west cornel'of limber
Li.nil 758-1, un.l  marked ",\. M. Sy-
 is'  north-west   corner,"   ihenee
.milli SO ehuins, theiieo e.ist Sll ehnins,
il.iii.i- norl.il Sll ehuins, thenee west SO
rlinins lu plu.-e of oummencomont.
.;, I'niuii.enclllg ill a pnst plnnted
nl ili" niii-Ui-enst Burner of Tin.her
I imi. Iti!!,") nnd muiked "A. M. Sy-
iiin.is'sui.th-easl cornor," ihen.-e west
[,,! i'Ii,tins, ll.R.ice mu lh III elinlns,
',,. enl, Kill chains, Ihenee suulh
|ii.-Imins In place of commencement.
|lee. Illll, lllllll.
i. Commeuelng nl a pusl planted
mi ihe lake shure, three miles north
,,l S'nkiisp, on the west side..I* Uppor
iim.. Luke iiiiiI markod "A. M.oy-
num. iiorth-onst cornor," thence west
in ill dun, theuce soulli Illll chains,
llunie   east   10  ehnins, thonco nnrtli
liin i-lmins tu place of commencement,
*i. Iiiiiliiieiieilig nt il posl plnuled
mu iln- wost side of I'ppei- Arruiv Luko
niul nue mile north of the norl I.-ensl
1'i.i-ui'i' of Nu. I .....I marked "A. M.
sm s' north-east coiner," ihence
nesi Sll ehuins, I I.e...'.'soulli 80 chains,
11..'ii.-e east 80 chains, thence nnrth 80
i-lininslo pluee ul* .-..iiuneiieemeul,.
Ih-i'.Iotll, 1000,
wed jail 2 A. M, SYMONS,
Nuiiee Is hereby given that 30 days
ufler date I intend to apply to the
Chief (,'o.nmissitmci' of Lauds and
Wnrks for,-. speciul licence lo eut nnd
int i v,-.wny tin.ber from the following
,  ..-..:..„.i ..........
Airliih'i'tiiml Competition for Dr-jmi't-
mental ami Justice Building/.
1 -.OIII'KTITIVK drawliiKt nre Invlli'il '"i
\j Dupnrtiiicutal und .lusti.-n Uuildlngs in l.i-
e.-i-L-tnl for Uiu limiiini.111 Uovonunun. nl
nl OUiiivn, Out,
I In-niitli-n-nf Ilu-lies! desiau will lii-in'.ul
nil n .ii-i-niititit ul Ss.lllili. tli.-s.-u.ilul bi-sl si ,
Uiu Ilii d In-sl ft.l'nllniiil lln- fo.u-.l. In-sl sl.	
Drawings will bo rocolvod nut lalortliun
l|iril l.iili, llmi, niul un' I.) bu uil.lrus.iud lo Hit
Sei-rotnry uf thu Dopnrtuiont uf 1'ni.lic Worka,
Tills .'.......Otitlol. is opoil to Cnnillun Al-cl.l
touts who huvo boon resident ... Uamuln im
utli; jinii- or nioru.
Conditions or con.i.ulitlo.. Btatll.g .-.-.|.i.ii-
niuiits of biill.linas uiul ni.ii.s showing sin-. &,-,
...ny bu hml on ii|ii.ll.!*llun lo lliu unaers-gnctl,
Ily ord.-r,
Doportnti'ilt of Public Works,
Ottawa, Dec. ...bur 12, I'M.
Ni-ii-.-liiiii. .-swill mil bu iii.i.l for Ibis mini-
lisi'ini'iit. if limy insi'il. It withoutnutliurily
from ibis Dopa.ttnonL
Revelstoke Licencing District,
Nol Iiu is l.croby given thai I hnvo rccclv.-d
upplluatlon lor n rolnll ll-iuor licence fr	
l-i-i.nk.luli.u. for .In- UniopoIlolel,Rllnnled
iii-iii-.hui-i.y..I Itovolstokii,
.-iml further lnke ...iiii-uilu.l n special iiiccl
lliu of I bu Hoi.r.l nf l.i ce I iillililis-iniu'.-. nl
uu- Ilevelstoke Llcoiiclnij District will l»- hold
In the l'rovtncliil I'ollco Olilco, llevclatokc, on
Tiusiliiy. .Inn. l.ilhiii-il. 11107.
Ili order,
ii. a. i;i'i'Kn.
Chief Inspector,
Itcvi-lsloliu, Il.C. lli-u.21, 1!M|-,.
iles.-i ibed lnnds,
1. Conimenclng at a post planted
mi llie norlh bank uf Snuiv Creek
iiinn! eight iniles eust uf llm Ion Citv,
liulu" ivesl Sll ehnins, Ihenee soulh Sll
.liin-. thenee eusl, Sl) eli nil. s Ihenco
iiurili.Sl) ehnins to poinl of commencement.
2, Cniiinieiieing al it pus! planted
in !"■ ehuins north nf Nn. I p. sl,
iiii in ■ ensl SI) eh ibis, llienee suulh SI)
tb tins, thence ivesl 80 ehnins, thonce
inulh 80 clialns iu point uf com.uence-
::. Commenolng at. a post, plnuled
mi i-lniiiis nasi uf N... 2 post, thenco
i.i-l Illll cbnins, thenee soul li 111.-hnins,
.Iiiiiii' wesi lili) chains, Ihence north
l.l .-bains tt. point of .-...uu. iicen.ont,
linled December20th, 1000,
.ml jui 2  J,H. JAMI1SSON,Lucalnr,
A   days nil or duto I Intend to apply to tho
Cliiuf I'liiiiinlssi.uii'rol Lunils mul ll'iirks lui-.-i
sen ini lieiuii.iilii eul nnd carry away limber
..mn lliu following .l.i.*.i.-ib.d lnmls in Wost
Kootenay distriot: ,  ,
il. Cniiiiiii'iieina ni ii i>..si marked "Qua
I ..mi's north-wit oornor, .ii....u u miln licloti-
north fork nf lioldi-lri-nin. Ihunui- smilli Hi
uhuitis. wust s.1 clialns, north 80 chaliit, oaat SU
cbnins to point of commonooinaaL
Srjiiniuil Juno mill, IM. 	
doo J wod Oils 1,1 ni.
1 wish to notify the pubbc tl.it 1
will not. be responsible for uny debt-
contracted  by  my  wifo, Mis. L. M
wed dec 12 lln L. M. OUIMET,
\Cunplii of young Indies willing .,,
sh.i.-esiimn i-ni.iu, .nn procure
huuitl nod eoiiifoi'tiible lodging will,
sinnll fm,.ily ou .M.'Ken/.ie Avi'li...',
Apply MAlL-HmtALDOIIlci*.
nOUND-A lady's parasol .... l-'i.si
Jl Slieel. Owner mny Imve sun,,.
by paying I'm this ii.lvcriisen.oiii and
proving property.—IL A. Ui'i'ifii,
i.ioil SALK-Magic Latiteni   nml
J'   Slides, at n sncrillcc, Hoe pliint
lv*.   M.  Ritchie,  liliinehii.-d  Street.
Vletorla, 13, O, ,
ANTD-Girl fur gi'iierid house
wo.k for lamlly uf llnwignoil
ivuges- Mrs. I'll.*..,I'i Lu.lgale, Ai-rnw-
heud, II. C. If
WANTED- Waitress, .I..lies very
lighl. Wages $!(0 pel month,
Apply to Chief Young, Queen's Hotel,
Ou.nnpllx, B. O.
WANT1SD (iiii I'm general house,
work, tlood wages pnld i„
.igi.i. party, Ai ply in Mis. V. n.
Ll-iivis. Hnckeiinle Avenue,
WANTIil)     Yu.i.ig   mnn ivnnls
room ni'room and himi'd in .-uy.!
ehl'.l|l,     Applv Mill. Ill IH llili'.'
.' iiii- Is heroby given that ll.lrtv dHya ufler
I,- I lull'...! In applv tn Hi.'.'hli'll'i Us
... r nl Luiiils nn.I IVnrks rn mi a| In! II.-un.su
i .i 'iml carry nivuy Ll.nbcr Irnin lliu fellinv.
i .1. i-riii.-ii 'inini* ilt.in.ed on Rock Creok
i i.i tn ld.ii.ia I uko iu Lillooel liisli  l:
i-i'iuiiii-ndiia uiu lms! planted mi aoutl. ..est
im i rkud -.1 Met'ounoira aoutli-ueat ■ o.nor
.1. Clock, Limit Nn. I," altuated alhiat jvbii
lis llnin tilt lilinitll uf  l.ni'k Cri'i'k,........ i; Ml
< rtli, sn .'Inil... .-nsl, su ,-l.ni.M sun ii, se
iiu- neat in placo"! oouiaionconioiit,
iiiiiiiiit'iii-inn nl a poat planleil on .mill -inst.
in iiiiili'l;i-il".l. Mi' mini Il's aiiiiUiiift.t i. nur
"I, iii'uk, Limit Nn. 2," HiOl-ltnitiiliiiill null
li- [rom inini li i,I Itnek Orook, niiuii.: SO
.im- north, 8» i-halna u-eat, 80 cliilna ao.. n, 80
ii,- - hi tn plat'e nf cuuiniuiiaetiio.it,
|. I'.iuuiieiichig ni a pnsl planlcd on. nrtli-
-i I'nriier innrki"! "A. .McConncll'a unrtl.- roat
i> i Huck Croek, l.intli No, m" "inm ml iiiinut
. lunloalr ...nutluil Uni-kCwk, rm ;•■(!
iiu* iinilh, Hi clialna ensl, 80 clmlna mn ii.i-.il
..ii. neat to pln.ee nf coi.uncncen.e..t,
I Coiun.eni'lngiita post plm.i"d onii .til-
m in i- iiin.ki-il "A. MuCon.mil's unrtl. asl
um- Hock Crook, Limil N... I," sin .tnd
'Mil uiven miles lunu mouth of Itnek ("-.'uk,
i.ni'U Hi) i-lmins smith. Si i Imins in i, mi
in nli, Sll eliuiiis.-..*.. to plucooi  one
i.' mont
I'liinmenelng nl. a ami planled on ao.ith-
I rei ner marked "A MoConnolla -mniii ..-cat
i       Hock   Creel,.   Liu.il   Nil    .1/  siliilteil
Uu- mllea .inin iiiniitliiif Hook, reck,
■ -;-m sn chains uortli, su elinin* oust,Sl.
uiu- iniiib, sn -ili.tln* we-i to iil.tre ni com-
:. ' mii nu in-iiij, ill ii pn-l i.i. -imiii.mt,i i-.i.--
 ked "A. "ilcConnol.'s a Ii-ea-t cornor
ii-k t'roek, Limil N*o.0." rIUihIciI ul t llv.-
il--irnin .iiii.i.b..f hml, Croek, Limi. Nn .!,-*
iin'isl nboul lliu uilicdfioiu mouth ul llm-k
■' - • i i..*! sn i-linins north, so clialna west,
i-l s suulh. sn ehniiis i-iki lo placo ot com-
.   i'liinmenelng nl u post planlcd un north-
' i-nrner mnrked "A, Mui'o ip. tmrib-
sirorncr Hock Creek, tlmli   ..      i.ui.ed
imn   livu iiilli-s In iii ul  llni'ki ruuk,
....llll,   Ml   ,-liiun-n nlli,   Ml ilnn,,.  ,.„„, m
norlli,80chaiua weal lo placed .•>,..-
- - inmenclng »' a imit planled -.. north.
..nerinnrkeil ",, '.' . oiim-lr, .p.mm
ui  Knot. IT"'.:. Limn  \,.   i,t. ainmou
m   mil-    '       lnnt.ll.,   i;,i,.|; c,t.ek
I   ""   'I'" 'UH,   Sll ,.| |. „,., j,)
' me ib,. u en eaal lo pine nl emu-
' i .inmcaolng m n pnst |.lnulc.lmi north-
■ dirtier marked ",., n.-c .:,:..:•■. „,rin.
■i ijriicr Huck Creok, Limit Nn n," ...uatod
It hiinkol buck i*-a i.i.,,i,i„ul..ii.ii
u m.u creek ..ml nhnn lour mllo. o.ll ol
line   LllkU,   rillllllllB   Ml t'llllill* , mi,   m
mn tail, ki) cluilna norlh, 80 oliilni ivctl to
" -I comniencemont,
ln.ol licci'inlii-r lOlh, in...!.
'-Il'1"2 A. >I..J)S\K|, ,
Mis, il. ,1. Ilii.ibnry. Muiingress,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
Ltrst I'iiiinnrii'iii for
I! iiu't*. Sopi'i"-, olc.
Furnished Room--, To Let
Mlit[liliorobyilvonthil :i n, ,htP i
"''■'■I '''"I'l'J* '," UioC f Co ilnlonerol
|jini|.iml Wurkt Inr.. apecn   cenaotoftanil
""'.'tvi.S'iiini'1' In- Inlion-Z deVcrllm
|      .«••?'•#■ ui i„ .(inii'f °
bill. il liMiri'-i. li, aoitflllo:
i   inniineiicliijj nt a unit plan! ntl,o»-o.t
I.ni. if .-nsl I..L M .1. l.-.i-i-ki.imn. einltttnllu
''«"" i-.i"-. in; ki"i -a. M,t-„,,;"'iT.,
l...ut corner Michel (Jreok, bbnlt No, I,"
'mi:.mii|iiiiii*,,ii.i .ii chain, n.uiii,Miulmln.
'ClHll.1SO..ll.lo| It, I.f inn,,,, m..
i   ,l';"!l,» '"s"':' nnit planted on tlio woit
Hi!.  Um ,...,t fnrk Mhlidorcokn Ight
" -"mi Ailius Ink,., marked -A. ine at|'«
""till nat cornor Mlcliol crook, Limit Nn 8"
". ■ ...it -ii ......bia ,.;,*., a i ,.|,;„„»„, mi, ,0r|ral„a
ii- • "ii-liiinisiiimli Iii imiut ,i|,-nu,,,,;,,,„„.„!,
,:',,:;ll.'|!"™,l"«i1" j .tplanU ,.,.n,t
- ' n-- ee-i-kiil,. ..I .,x,„ll,.s I,,,,,, ,,,.„„„
bn.- n uk-d A Ale nmicllai.n.lh.,vea| .-..ner
.'in 111root,i.imii Ni',8, .-..niiinesiii-liiiiiiapnal,
l""-l» Hi. 80 clialna n-B»t, Ml clialns eout). td
I'!'-'   if I'lllllllll'lll-t'illl'llt
-  '„ m-J ... -     i,'! "il,lil'*;h"iiiAiliiins
li ■ I . in ■'•.,>'" ""'"■" i"'"Ul'-w..l. i-ornor
•    '",,.',;',   ,  ".■'' "" B*-ll.'liiil.H.'H»l,
-Misaiuiili.siii-iii,,,,, »-oat,8fcl.al.ii north to
pi.i' - 't I'liiiniii'iit-cniunt.
nmi mni-in-i nl n poat plant. , t]i0 vvesti
"  I •Mlil.i'1 i".".'k nbiiiii. loveui , ron
j!   f ;""rii'*'    '-■•I'-Cnuii-ll'i. siillllii-nat
■     „   I   „ ',"'•* l,i""1 ***■'"•-''■"'■' Imr IG0
I,   ,'    ''' I-l    I'bli-llaiiusl 100 Ol s snulli, 10
 ,sl .-'P'"l-i'ilcii|iiiiu'iici'iini|it,
liilnl Ike. Iill., limn.
1 ' ""I A. MolONNBLh,
Evans & Woodrow
Hu'lers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
I'aultry, Fish and Camo in
Saison,    Crdcrs   promptly at-
tended tn.
fihst stbw, BBVELSTOKiiFirstSt. Revelstoke 1
.»• Vegetables
In small nr '.urge Lots,from 100
lbs. to a Curl- ad,    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Has,, .      - .ck of Gi -ei ies and
a . ■ .:.-.:   ! i im -e Chinn
,\o nt ; ■ Rev. stoke Farming
C ., v, c .vers * ill kii ds -1
Fan   1'r'ndu     Hay and V
Front Street, Revelstoke
Wing Ch   . ■ newly im-
I    ted : of Chinese
and Jap i is
'1. best .-■ irtnv nt evi i
landed in Revelsi ike of
Dwelling anil Lot, Second Street     .      .     .
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street   .
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street ....
Dwelling nnd Lots, (corner) Fifth Street
Double i'in-ill r. Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.
I rn* in, Second St., eust of McKenzie Ave., each
l.ols i"! Third St., .-nsl of .McKenzie Ave., each  .
i M. in. Fourth St., ensi of McKenzie Ave., each
|,ol   ,ii Fifth St,, easl of McKenzie Ave., each   .
.    21111
useful    and
arti Ies:
'!"■■. -■'.:■■-
i , .- * ■ ,   i
Handkei I
flower Pots
Umbrella Stands
Lunch Unnketi
EJmokli : J ioV tls
BllkGo ' .
Comox and  New  Wellington Coaj  f
Hemlock    Wood    Hay, Grain, Feed  &
I...... ind fi.il- in town.
Front Street, Revelsloke.
rtk V% •*"&"*'*'&'*•*'ft %^*"e.,&*Vi*VV1-******i-^^
For Agricultural Implement!. Currlages, Wagons Etc, John
Deere Ploughs, Molluo Wagons, Cuiiiidu Cnrrinao Compunj-'s
lliisuii-. I'lii.in. Jr., Uiinlun Su.idurs and I'lilth-iilnrs, Wheal-
wri.-l.t un.l llliii-li-niiib Wnrk nttonded to. Horso Shooing n
%-ft %-W**. *r%%%H^%*^M***VMVM •V&/**v*Va-"t
Stock. Share
and Financial Broker.     ,
Mining Kent Estate, Husiness Brok-
ei ige, Insurance und General
Commission Agent.
London Mutual Fire Insurance
Company ol Canada,
Ottawa Fire Insurance Co.
M mtreal-Canada Fire Insurance Company.
Ti iders' Fire Insurance Co.
H iil--.li Hay Fire InturanceCo
Ai gl i-Anierienn Fire Insurance
Equity Fire Insurance Co.
Ci oi ial Fire insurance Co,
D. minion Fire Iusuranco Co,
Dominion Plato Gnus Insurance Co.
Pioneer Live Stock Insurance
Nortb American Life Insurance
LondonGuarantee and Accideut
Insurance Co.
Employers' Liability Insurance
General Accident Insurance Co.
ol Canada.
Dominion Trust Co.
Canadian Loan and Securities
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., Ltd.
B.C. Agency Corporation, Ltd.
A. L. WISJ.EB 4 CO.,
Hankers and Brokers, New York,
''to let
11   — - of frmn lour to 1" rooms,
r,tjV%*/i4.^*fc,V'*t'>V»"fc %nV%V%%"%V%*t%% l*l*l*M
HEAD OFl-'Il'K :  ClMiAliv,  ALKKXTA, *
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants £
I'erk Puckers und Denier 'in Live Stock.  Markets In nil the principal Cities ninl    f
Ton-lit of Alberta. British ouiumbin andtlio Yukon.  Packers of tlio Celebrated lininil   Q
i   "l.n I'lilnr" llama and Bacon, and Shamrock llraml, Leal laril, ..
L%%"%,"VVV»"**VV-*^Vt -*.%^%i^v*-*v*%.%^%%*%*V'»^
City Lots, Hn'.i-'i. Farm Lnnds
Timber Limits, Mineral Claims.
11 ti.- 1. very Stables, lieniral J
Stores, Blacksmith Shop, Rettau-
rants, Barter Shops, Bakeries,
II,,: | . ire •-: :■ - I' itcher Shops,
Groceries Gent's Furnishings,
Boarding Ho ises, in all parts of
British ■    d M   thivest,
Money to Loan
Cobalt,   Nevada,  and   British
Columbia Mining Stocks
for Salo
B  md   :: .. -•   -  ti only    recon-
Iim :. ll  '. "    ' ..ell'-.
Next C, P. R. Telegraph Ottico
I.   ■:. -    nd. No. 3 .'.: p'l * it
'.V   ; ■       7   f.o. b. Vi   i" .
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
Cash Prices Paici
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Onnen 61 building, and eontmetoi  ire !i-r,-!,y
■•-■ l.l.,        • -ie        '   ■ tl -.- ndi Iw
mwl, . ,.. nil ihe Inil llatlon ui
building  I ""-I   ;' I ■* -i "' '->
t a e -y Klectrlclan, ,   ,    , ,
HequeaU ft ii.-i'-iiinii -li"n!'l I-' !--!' -u tlie
Clt.Clerk .Oft •-  md »..-■ etc., -I Id nol In-
tiiitii'il in Iill -UM iii-|„,li..ii is inn.lt-.
Bv .rler i.f Uu-I'u jr Council.
Dee, - It CUT Clerk.
Now Ihni lhe strike* is settled, full supplies of this celobrati
again be available nfter this week.
PRICE,0   Special Hand-pirl.r.1 ei-n'-l-e-: in ll-.o r irkei- $9 Per ton
SCREENED COAL  $8.50 per ton
RUN     tUllNE  '*50 per ton
Having taken over F. McCarly's Coal Warehouse, full stocks of this
i onl will be kepi and oi ders promptly filled,
E. A. HAGGEN, AGT.    Revelstoke, B. C.
Offlce—Mackenzie Avenue, .Next C. P. li. Telegraph Olliee.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc
A G E N T   F O R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first 1 Op. Din Hole
School Inspector Gillis Reports
Enthusiastically on Koote-
"It is surprising the changes which
have taken place throughout tlie
interiordistriols ol Britisli Columbia
within Hie past year or so," ststed
.1. I). Uillis, public school inspector
for the Kootenuys and Okanagan districts, recently. Mr. Uillis lms just
returned from an extensive tour ol the
country included in liis jurisdiction,
and is enthusiastic in speaking of the
grow h iu population nnd thc general
development along all lines of industiy within thc period mentioned.
A short time ago, bo says, I usinoBS
generally was somewhat Blnclc, especially throughout East Kootenny. In
tho Okanagan nnd surrounding country tlie (armors were enjoying a mod-
crate amount ol prosperity, Sow
there was a markid eh.ii.gc. All tbe
agricultural country wns being taken
up by outsiders eagor to enter into
tbo fruit growing industry. Districts
hitherto unoccupied ivete being settled
with remarkable rapidity nnd now
section * which were before but barren
wastes were beginning to iissttme the
appenrance of well-kept and profitable
ln Eust Kooteray tbe development
ol timher industry wus specially
mnrked. It was impossible for one to
go any distance without seeing a mill,
and the majority of tlicni employed
large numbers of men mid were making shipments daily.
In short, Mr. Gillis snid, tlie trend
of immigration appeand tu be westward. It wns being discovered that
Britisli Columbia produce would command n big price in the Northwest und
trade, consequently, was developing
along those lines. This, he thought,
wus tbe principal leason lor the rush
for fruit lands and for the constantly
increasing number uf lumbering mills,
lie believed thnt the output of the latter product- alone for tne last twelve
months would be much in excess of
that of the previous year. It also was
his opinion that a corresponding and
perhaps, a still greater increase would
take phice-during the ensuing twelve
Speaking ol Inbor conditions, he ob-
ertcd that unskilled luborers could
command tho exceedingly good wage
of !f*i a dny almost anywhere. If it
became bruited abroad, be aaid, that
there was a man in a certain town
willing to work and onto! employment
the companies came to him and preferred a position. Instead oi tlie men
having to go around looking Ior work
it came to them. That waB the condition at the present time. This, he
thought, dexonstrated the wisdom of
the government's action in enlisting
the services of lhe Salvation Army in
the endeavor io bring large numbers
oi desirable settlers from the Old
Country to British Columbia. Undoubtedly there was an opening lor
practically all that could le obtained,
In n word, Mr. Uillis affirmed, that
the country was prospering. The people everywhere were optimistic and
the conviction was general that the
■... .1 Mine- which had been so much
desired, had at last reached British
C il imbia,
o'clock, und all departed lor men
homeB satisfied that they bad spent u
plensnnt evening.
Miss McArthur is spending the
holidays with Iriends at Armstrong.
Mr, anil Mrs. ,1. Wolsey are staying,
during the holiday week, with Mr. 1).
Miss Solum Johnson is visiting her
sister Mrs. Erikson,
A new stove lms been placed in tho
waiting room by the C.P.R. and litis
moved very acceptable to u number of
passengers lately, who have been romp-died to iv.it all night for No. 07
Tlie want oi a telephone here is evident to anyone who has totiikon
jniirney by rail.
I.oxii.in, Jail, 1.—Nine persons huve
been found frozen to death on roads ill
England during the pnst '2-1 hours,
The list doubtless will be much larger
when communications with isolated
parts ol the provinces, now snowbound
is restored,
The conl inning snuwfull has created
a situation tho worst known In tlie
city or Great Britain nnd the cunili
tidim existing nre gcnerul tlirouglio.il
Europe. From all purls ot Great
Britain comes stoiies ol trains buried
in snowdrifts, the worst ense I eing
that of a passenger train bound from
Dundee to Edinburgh, which ran into
a snowdrift nt (i o'clock lii't night
threa miles from St. Andrew's, and is
Btill imprisoned. A train sent to its
assistance stuck in the drift nnd all
the efforts during the night to reach
them were fulile.
At the regular meeting of the
Kootenny Lodge, No. 16, A.F. & A.M.,
on Thursday night, the newly elected
ollicers tor the ensuing year wore installed by l'ast Dep. Dist. Grand
Master F. Fraser. The list of ollicers
arc as follows:
VV. Morris—Master.
C. .1. Aman—Sen. Warden.
A. Armand—Jim. Warden.
A. E. Jessop—Treasurer.
Hev. C. A. Proeunier—Secretary.
G. Knapp—Sen. Deacon.
G. Lembke—Jun. Deacon.
H, A. Pratt—Sen, Steward.
Dr. Sutherland—Jun. Steward.
J. B, Scott—I. G.
Ed. Paget—Director of Ceremonies.
After the installation, the interesting ceremony of presenting the retiring niaBter, Stewart McDonald wiih a
paBt master's jewel took place, and
the lodge then sat down to a banquet
when many speeches nnd toasts were
Deer Heads, Animals, Rlnls, Mali, Etc,,
Animal Uugs Mounted,
P.O. Bos fll.
stmiin: Cornerof 1'irat St. and Boyle Avo
RevoMofo, B, C.
In addition to our exclusive
creations in Gray Mixtures and
Black Melton, we are showing an
exceptional line of Overcoats for
blizzard weather.
These are the famous Fit-Reform
Double Breasted Ulsters—in Irish
Freizes and Scotch Tweeds-
exclusive cloths that have no
duplicates in Canada.
McKinnon I Sutherland
We TalK Comfort
because Knit-to-Fit is first of nil comfortable. ^ And n
mnn wants comfortable underwear above anything else.
K.iit-lu-I-'it fits perfectly-all the time—fro::, neck to
ankle,   That's the secret of its great popularity,
xf4~ (If
'/Kf'if 1} &<-*\
' a/
.ij.-.i'^l^-r -
Combination Suit
ine;," 'ii, —	
5 a Jill are steadily growing in favor with men who den"-.".::d
'I 3 \M undergarments that fit right and feel right, as w-dl as
lll'l'l weir right.   You are sure of getting all threo in Kn '.-
1 ![ to-Fit.   Made In anv size or fabric.   Write for our..':.- .-
lugi.e if your dealer cannot supply you.
P. 0. BOX 23.10, MONTnC.ii-
V.ilG CC
! *.«*
.    Hummer I K«
i. ..... Imi .1- . lm ...   i nu -       f second band ,
: ik, ii   in   ... li nn;,-   .Ul   n- i : IHON ,'.
,i   ,,,    ■ '■■   ■ i.   ,!.:.'. ti
-,■.'..-. i.     rilese .1 '-"1       ' lit   Illll
li  li ildlj       'i- 11 -I   api  Bcbl
$ 20
$ 40
Bell   P   ■■ ui
*i ,! itli i- i . 'iii '<■   ■- Ilinl
,!-.-, ranter part inili nfT onft nnd  (M RA
niltftli-leff.i hall«»rlodge JplOU
'-I,- ., .-,   I:   [-Ji      !■   ■
id ivi -. if!. .". In lilftli, Hnhli-id
n -*ni  h'ltfi ■ H
D r
,    *
i. ll"own,.'ifi i  I
.'!.-.■■      ao| -     '
' .Mlli\ * ii  i.      i     ;     -     I'    *
; . : i 1
■    •■■..*  I1- :il,   - ili,'-   Ll
Ifi fill
\ I*
I - *     I
'  I     *
■ UOQ 'mt' noM nelllnn ll
'.I.- ii | l: P 11
i .,     .
I...-J..HI ,■..-!'      ■  ■
. ,. ■ ■
sold for -- " '
"Mn nn . ftl ■■-   ;
right rir-imlln 1
wulmii . ...■
prim*' i"*i'*
*,•, ,.   ..ii
|i..-ii. ■
i . .     ■!
i.    ,f ■ . *  , .        .   11
iiiriii.i. cr.*..., and tl
Dell   >■ ■. ■ ". - - -.
none, scroll fi *    I
In itflpn,   i *
imt |i   .   ■ . -;    ..
■|j.,|i. ■'     I)  '-
nut. 0OH0 v.i*
phili'iniriM       ii    <
rood**, in nt..*, rrlil
ominloM antl kneu >w«ll    ■■'
.li.i value at till Hf-.nre
$ 30
$ 50
$ 50
We've ul*,, a number nf others, Full Ilti senl upon
request, Ynu may turn In any ...... of these lustrum Mint full value, as partial paymenl on n new MASON '.
UISCH PIANO, within two yeni'snfli'f purchase.
H"g,!ScVmv NELSON, B. C   p'°o,r.ox
■ re. pi... mi:
On Friday the 21st, of Dec. quite a
i ■   people ol Malakwa
- the pul ..'■ tohool to
- , ,cl   n- recite their lessons
:i their itudiet in
i pracl I   think  all  came
■ ■ -. ■! thai   Mist Mc-
i • .    ■ ..'i.',,.-   ii     ilth
i,.-I-  pupill nnd
i,,. were aorking ns H
■mi  day sn
ind Cl -i-'n i- tree pul
work   ■ -      icceti
.ml giadn. sl children doing
..: !,:.-' effort in
.' nee.
20.15 o'clock Mi. ■!. H.
\\   .. .-...'   I the Canadians,
.,   mm   Iill    ,n   turn:
M - ,-i-iity years, was
tali and in the opening
remarks.- - irnns wise i mnoil
and .. I. -v skb lights on ednoational
life in Canada vhen he wai a boy,
i..,.; , , . nli ,' and ■ i sl telcc-
tions the usual Saint Nick appi ired
.nd commanded tbat if tins was M .!..-
ltW,...!! the .nd othei things on
the tree must be distributed among
the children. While the tree was being dlsmantl. I, our worthy chairman
appeared »ltti I vo sled* under lus arm
mul stated ii.,it. they wore lor tl..-
si-Iim .1 niel that all were  to   hnve   an
i'mimiI share in them.
Ton, coffee nnd cuke were served nnd
......   nr   two  drills by yuuiig nnd old
in lulg.il ...   brullght  the  ontortaiii-
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new iminngemenl ■*'
ILuiry  McIntosh,   Huffman   House
L eyon are the most curative in the
world,  A perfect, natui nl remedy for
.. Neivnus un.l Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney nnd Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
fnr "That Tired Feeling." Special
•ales on all bouts and trains. Two
m.iils airlve and dep.nl every day.
Telegra I. communication with all
marts of the world,
TERMS- $12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu Lake, *B. C
1)1   Furniture, Real   Katnte,
Live    Stock    und    Gcnerul
Matin facto reel for nil i*1 iikfiifof buildings
A i i. i-e nl liieiiiii.e'iiti'l platttrlri
M..|"llllk. II
Henry's Nurseries
, ifton for Pftolflo Coin*! grown
, ni if, |K»rt«d Qurdou, Ploltl I Flowor
. , i
Tlio'iinndi nl Frull  and Ornui itnl
T-,..- Khtflodonilrcin Renos und linrdy
,,l jrii ,-ofi growing '-ii out own groonds for
fntnrfl plHiillng	
So pipflnw, Ion or delay ni iihmIkiiIiuii,
m ;,.,iM,-t.,t....|iiiii. hi pay. Iliiud
.'. ror Pm i'1** ' ■" ' grown mul im
.„,;.. lOntdei   i nld itid FloworSoadi
V   ■'-:   ire nlway w do lo In po< I
Orncnhoudo Pluntw
(*nl Plower and Flornl Do< Igo*. PorllllzorB
I;,.. ii. .    ii i *.*,p|.i■■ ■ Hpray Pompi nnd
Bpraylng muterlitl
No agonl IhOfflfnrfl you nnvo im com-
m| jou 'm pay, Our - itnlogtio tiiii yon
ubout it. Ut mn prlco yourlUt boforo
placing yonr order
Wo iie im-mn- on our own grounuii lid
rent to p-'j. and ore propflfed to mool nil
competition Knutom prlcoiorloii. Wliito
Inbor. ('nn>i"gii'' Ftpb.
P I). Aililm**....iinrsn..l....
milliter Road. Draooh Nn
Yjiiiei nivor
Win Wn-l-
We would like you to try your firsl
suck of "BEST" when cooking ii "Finn
tion Dinner." That's when your critic.1 nf
flour quality. It's then "HEST" will u*ll
youi* good judgment hou* very good a
flour it is.
We know "BEST" to be the cmlv
flour justifying its name and filling its claims
on the market. We know how ii i. miiied.
In fact we take more care in selecting and
milling our wheat than seenis necessary lo
other miller's.
Under   New   Management)
LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
FirHt-olas acoommoilatlon fnr travellers.
Iiest brands of Wines, S| iritH, niid
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect,    All mn .
Large Sample Booms,
Ratos $1.60 per Day, .Special Weekly i
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under sami
1 I'OH'-l .'!"CC3
niun igement
suitably furnished with the choicest lhe
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors nnd
Cigars.   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate,
Best brands ot Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,
Fish Creek will 11 nti excellent nccommoi
I'ravcllcrs to
laiion at this
I    !
I ■ i
Carries ilic best Line of Goods to bo had from        -J+
IN  dote. I  intend t Ui liiul l.iul rom
misainuor of Un '■< rks fur iiorinMiin
in pnrcliaso t '".Ins   do cribod   landis
situated in Luri c, Bl\:
Ci'iiiini'ii ii iN'»t tuarkcd "Alexander
Melart-n's ii.-i.-t-i corner pusl." plnnied
ai..,*.i ■;-i i-i.-- k wi***.*.! of trallruiiniujilnrout.il
Starved >n Hats in a somberly dlrociii.ii from
I't'to Jaune Cache, running north H) ehains,
thence "''-' SUi'liitins. iheneesouth mi chains,
Ihon e i'it-t H i Indus to j ulut ol commence*
Dated thlstUh day of November lOliG
uov 17       ALEXANDER. i\a' AUKS,
—— ■—   THE
Assurance Company of Canada.
C.is. Cockshott, l-is.|, Prealilout. I). It. IV....,..:. Etq., Vlce-Preahlent.
Associated with General Acclilont, I'ire and Life Ataurai.ee Corporal!	
Limited, Perth, Scotland, whon Aaaota Itxceod Five Milliun Dollara.
E. A. HAGGEN, Agent for Revelsloke and District.
Poraonal Arcidunt. Einployois' liability, lloaltl.
l'ulilic nml General Liability.    Indiiatrlal, Aeoltteut uml lli'ultli .lluntlilj- Payment.
Elevator nnd Theatre.     Vesaola Teania and Contingent,.     Workmen's Collcotivu.
_^____^___—. Allllllllllllill' lilt!  Motor llnOt. ^mmmmmmm^mmmmm^n
Kooti nny LoilKe No. 15 A F, 4 AM,
Tlm regular ment
ing- arc held in lho
Masonic' Temple,
jdd fellow. Hall.on
the third Monday in
each month at s
ip.ui. VlsttlDKbrethren cordially vml
MccU. every Tliurs.1 ni-
evcniiig In Boutirk
,Hall »t I oclock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend
11..1.TA.i.iAltT, N.G. )■ MA'JHU'!. Si:e
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
cx-eni Third Wednesday n
ciuh i. null., lu the Oddfellow."
lull ai s o'clock. Vlritraj
Knights are cordially invited.
G. II, UltOCK, K. ..! H  AS.
F. 0. E.
Th. regular meetings are held In tlio balkirk
Hall ev.n Tue.daj evoiiiint nl Ji] clue   Visit-
iim hrattir.n are cordially iuvi.nd.
ing oral....  « Q   B1,H1j11)t.1j pBB,iDBl.T.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp. No. 229.
MceU Second and Fourth Wednesdays in
each iiioinh. In Selkirk Hall, Visiting Wood-
...en cordially invited to ulteiid.
Notice is herein" given thnl 6o .lays
from dine 1 Intend to apply to the Ohiel
Commissioner of Liimls anil Works ul
Victoria, B.O., tor purchase ol following
descrilied lauds in Lillooel dislricl:
Co.iiinenci.iK at a posl mnrked "J. 1.
Shaw's north-west corner," plnuled on
ivesl side of Upper Adams river, about .*
miles from head of Adams lake, running
So chains soulli, So ehuins eusl, So chains
norlli, So chains wesl, containing about
640 acres,
Dated Nov. 1'Hi, woe. 	
_J1ov>4 J- P- SHAW.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
alter date I intend to apply lo the Lhiot
Commissioner of Laiidsn.nl Works lor
permission lo purchase six hundred and
forty acres of land lying In the Foallmll
Valloy on the wesl side ol Upper Arrow
Luke', descrilied us follows:
fJonimem-iug al a posl inarkod Russell Nichol's south-east corner post,
planled at lhe north-west corner 01 Loi
86', Group ., Kootenay, Ihence norlli So
chains, thece west So chains, Ihence
soulli 80 cliains, ihence easl 80 cliains lc.
the place of commencemeni, containing
640 acres, more or less.
Daled this 23rd d.-.y of November, 1906.
nov 28 wed     Per T. S. MePherson,
n„ilm In liereliy give, that 60 iluys altor ilnto
►loner of LaiutH nud Work- far PW**» 1"
ni.rcli..*c ihe following;ilMurlhurl aads:
Co mencing al ll.e N. K. cur..-'.-of t, I,. No-
TOI  on the "lioru ol Blind Hay, Upper Arrow
.boa Ihenco soulh  III cllltlll", theuco ensl. Nl
hains' thenco north about Sn chalna, thouco
wScr'ly ol *. ing ho touthorn abort 0 BI nd
SS ui Mint Of e,...o..c..ce...cnl, cu'.lining
aatdcoi-: .1. II. Icl-.NNW'V.
Nolice la hereny given thnl. JO doyt alter 'Into
It., 1 lu! mil* 1 "ll'ul*l'l'*M*""!"'"*■'»'•'*,»
Iinil .....I Works for .1 fOOOlol llMIMI to out
and cany awny tlOlbo*. troui tlio following
•i   l  lli'atnn'a 8. W.I orner Full, einninene
„,u«,.!a.',ii,.'..n.iic«....ti.''n<;;i I j Creok
KlS . eM offlf,! lorl.* "l..l».,wo».
m • a   siiiiiiiiiiiniieinine"1™"0111-
,   1   Ilealoii'a N. W. u-nuer Foil, oommeno
w...i hin-liuiiij lu tiuiiili'l t-iniiiiitiliicuiiiii.
M I..." B « . Corner I'Otl, euiiui olio-
|„' * ,ft po abuut Uiree miles UP hojd reek
.,,■ 11II. ensl ul Iiom noil line llu-i u-ociisisi
c aC."o'rlli SO elinlns, iv.-xl su cUi.l..s, s.,.,11.
Null* I, hereby ulvon Uml00 .laya iifl.'r ilnle I
-.i.iiih-wi*-:  corner posl,      dnnti'n uuuui *w
Vl'.n KI.    in ,. s.,iill.i-rly 1 iii'i'iiiiu I""
I... ei ii-iie. n ius oorib sn oka111,1 uuu-.-
.;r*ii.".'ii.MI'e«ee«"'Hh Wel'i'Hi.. hence
weal Sll .-lul.it tu I'l'liU "I coinine eeinonl.
liiiti-il'Hli day ul Niivcinl.i-r, lliell.
nov 17 0. »' l'Olilll'iH,l.ecnlur.
gSRi Furniture I
John E, Wood's Furniture Store
Nolice is lioroby given thatiiu dayi ufler date
I intond to apply to tbe Honorniiln tbe Chief
Commissioner nf Lands -ami Works L>r Vermis-
sion tn purchase the following described lands
in Osoyoofi dlvlslou of Yale District:
1 I'ummtiiicii-K »t ii pot [limited aliout Hill
feot, from iioi'lli-cusi mid of RoiU'or Lake,
marked "tt. II. Hollingiworth'f* S. \V. oornor.
Ihoneo north tl) uliullis, cattt K* chains, .smith 20
ohains, tiiwt 120 elinins, uouth HI oh*-Inn, west
12Uchains, norlli 20 ehains, west ID ehuins lo
plaoo of ('oiniuenueiiieiit,
i Commencing at a post inarked "W. II.
Holllmfiwurtli's south-east eorner." thenee
west'20 eliains, nortli 20 ehuins, west I loeliains.
north Hi ehuins, eusl lliiclmins.sonlh-in-jlniius,
cait*A) chnlns south 10 clmins to place of commencement,
;i Commenting at a post nluulcd ubout 7fi
yards miulli from lhe west end of KeillVr Land,
mar kitl "W. H, 1 Iol I inifs worth's north-wesl
corner, * thence easl, Sir ehuins, soulh tti cliains,
west Wl ehuins. north 80 eliains Io pluce of Dom-
IMtml Oct. 21, mm,
I Commonclngiit a post planted About Ha
mile nortn of the mouth of 1'uoler Creek where
It rmm into Baruon Crook, mid mnrked "W. IJ
Holliugsworth'a northeast corner," thenee
south W ehaiiiH, west Hi) ehains, north -III
ehnins. enst hm clmins to point of commencement,
ii, Commcnuingal n pofltnlantod about J-^n
mile nonh Irom Uie inntiili ol I'oo'or Crock
where it iilliH into HiiiiioH Creok, ftlld murki'd
"W. 11. Holllngswol'lh'H uoutll-owt corner."
theueo nortli Hi elinins, west, Kill ehnins, south
in ehains, eust Hin ehnins to place oi coin
Dated Oet. 211l.li, lMO.
il Commencing at u posl planted about 1 of
a mile southeast, of eust end of Maiv.ll Luke.
murked "W. II. llollingsworlirs north-east
eorner," thenee south In ehuins, went Hi'
eliains, noi til til chain?, east Hio clmins to pluee
of eoiiiiuem-emeut.
7 i Otnmouollig at a post planted about | of a
mile eist of west ond and near wulluldu of
Marsh Lako, marked "w,u, UoillngnworLira
north-enst corner," thence soutli tn eliuiiis, west
UX) ehuins, north hi chains, eust li.il ehuins lo
plnce ot commencement.
Dated Oct. 27th, lOuti.
.*- t ommeiieing ut a po.4 plnnted ubout 200
jiinl*. faun Uu: Miuth Mile and ahout half-way
of Kcitl'oi* Luke, marked "tt'.ll.llolling-iworth s
north-west eorner," thenee soulh Uuch Ins,
east (W ebains, north 00 chains, eust 20 ehains,
norlli 20 clmins, we-t 00 ehains, nortli 00 ehains,
west 20 chains to poiut of eomineiiccmonU
!) Comiucncingat a pust planted about 2iH)
yafils ■•iiiitli and ahout bait way uf Keilfer lake
ana marked "W, H, Hollingsworth'.siiorlli-ciwt
corner," thenee twiiih Hin chains, wont 40
i Innii-., north 100 ehains, eisi, to chains to placo
nl eoiiiiiieik'umenl.
10 Commeneing at a post planted on tho
bench ahout Ja mile enst or we-L end of Keilt'er
Uike, marked "W, 11. Iloiliiigsworlli'suurlh-
east corner,' Ihenee snuih HHicluiius, went 10
chains, uorlh ItiO chains, tliouuu 0491 lOchains
to point of commencement.
II Commencing at u post planted nboul1
mile south ul' Kettle itiver, ahoul 2 miles wesi
of Keiiler LuUc, marked "\\ 11 HollluuswortliV
north'West oorner," thenco ooBt Hi chains. $ ti h
20 ohftiliS, enst lOrhuins, si-uiliMi ehuins, ivont
III chill OH,   iiiuili  20 elmln-,   west  Hi eluili-,
north SUoiiaiiiH lo po.nl of eommoncemoiit
Dated Oot.ifflth, HJiiil.
12 CoiiilUOUOing at a post planted ahoul I
milu oust ul Kettle Itiver, nhoiil -j of a mllo
Mjuiiiui I'orcuplno Crook, marked "tt\ ll. liol*
Ungswoi'lli's uortll*oast eoruer," theuce west Hin
chains, south lo chains, casi 1(11 clmins, north
Ueliaitis io imiiit of couiuionouuieHt.
i:i Cuiumeuclng al a post planlcd about \\
inllcseust ui Kettle Itiver on I'rap Cruik, and
marked "W li, Holliagsworth's s V, eurner,"
thonco north 8u chaini. urwl HlchainMoutiilw
eliains, eusl Hi) ullililts to point of coinmcmi.**
ii Commonolng ut u posi. plantod about fiO
yuids abovo tho lorusontho imrthfork otTrap
Creek, about '■ mile eust of Kettle liiver, murk
ed"W H.Uo.lingswoi'th'sS.W, corner," thenco
north 80 ohuiiuMV est UUoliahw, south mrclialns,
eust SOeliuiis, to pomtol coninieiieemem.
Dated October altli. IIKKI.
i.i Commoneliig at a post pl*,ncluhnu ,
mile south oi ilic forks of Trap Crock and about
ituOyurds west ol llie creek, marked "»t. II. Hoi-
lliigswoiili's noriii-we.-t coruor," thonoo south
80chains, u.istMl elinins, uorlh dl chain-., ivcat
Ml elinins io point uf ootnmencciuciit.
Hi Coinineneilig al a post planted abiut HM
yards to I he soulh nf Kast Creek aliout Mj mlio
cast ol Keltic itiver, marked "W 11 Holungs-
uurlh's north-wcht corner," llienee south I1'
chaius, oasl ItJUchains, nurth loeimins, woat bio
chains lu i mul of coiiiuicneentcl.
Datod Oct. 3lst, ItltiO.
li Commencing at a post planted abuut "o
yattls westof Ivctilo Itiver about n nille bolow
l'oicuplnu Creek, marked "tt fl. Ilo lings*
worths BOllth-weHt corner," Liionco nnrtli 10
chnius, eust Kll chnius. suuth IliO chains, wesi
lo chains, nurih mj chains, south lOchains to
pluee ofcummuiiccineul-
i.-i Comiiionoing at a post planted on ihe
south li.uik nf lh i'-ejilniu Creek uboui S linkup Iiinn Kettle Itiver, inurkod "tt'.il llnlliims
worth's humhwc'l curuer," Ihciu'C oust 100
chains, uortli H) chains, west MM chains, souih
10 chnius to pluce of tumiuciicciuetU -
III Commeueiug at a post planlcd on soulh
bank ui llupscjduiu Creeii., about !• milo from
Keltic lliver, marked "tt. II Ilolhugsworlh's
soulb cast curuer," thenco norlh He chains,
wesi Wl ihiiln-., smith bQ chains, east mi chains
lo pointof euniiiiriK'cinciit.
20 Coinmonoiug nl n post plnnted ou the
-mul. iiiii.i*. ot liopiuydillll Creek ahoul \i mile
I'roui Kellie Kiver, markod "W II.ilodingS'
WOrllt'd north*WDM cuincr," thenco en-t tO
chums,south mi chaiiir, woat btJohnlns, north
ft> i'luini- to place nf couiineuccmciit.
21 Com met ic I ni; at a post planted on the
south bauk ot llepseydaiu 'Creek ahoul ] mile
irom Kettle Kivor, marked "W, Ii HolllligB*
worth's sou li-oaat corner," thenco west |o
chains, norlh 20 elinlns, west liKhulnviorlh 20
chains, wesllio chains, nurlb 10 chains ea.il *n
enuiiis, soulli 20 cliains, casi |u chains, sout)i20
clialns, e.ii-i in chains to point ol coiuinciice
Dated Nov. 1st, HM
wed dec HI      tt. 11. HOIiUNGBWORTH.
Notice Ib hereby given lhat tio days after dale
1 Intend to make application lo thoUbiol Coin*
missioner ol Unas -.V Works lur iiorinhtduii to
i.iiieiiii:.t' thc [uiiiiu nut dCBcrlDod in ml situnto
in -.'nrilui'i ili.sini't, It.(J.:
Coinmeneing nt a post marked "J, M. Kellic'A
south-west corner post," planted on the south
bnnk of l-'rnscr Itiver nenr Tele Jaune Cache,
i -I ii ii i iu north ho ehalm, thonoo east ■" rbaiuK,
theuce soutli Mil ehiilus, theuce welt eOchslns
U> poluiolcoiniiiciicetnent.
Dated this Iiith day ol November, 1006,
uov 17 J. M. KKTLXJT, Locator.
NOTICE i* lioroby glvon that 80dayt altor
ili.h- I Inli'iid lo..|.|il) Ii. the lleuii.....I.lc
llm. hlef t'n !**iiiiii'i- uf l.-.nd.i.nil Work.
for |n"...|J-l'i.. Iiii'iurlit.-.' .In- liillmiinKdc-
scribed landi la Cariboo dlalHot, H.C.!
iliimuh-ui'lUk- nl.. iui. iniirki il-ii Ul.au. Kcl-
lie's ...irlll-».Mi-i.ru.r |iu-l," 1-li.nli'il a.in... a.
i-tinlii-i iu-it nflriiii riiiiulun llirintuli s.iiria.
III,,, h'laialll a ani.ll.erly illr.Tl.iiu Irnu. It-lc
Jaune i in-Ill', riniiilnu ennl so t liatna tin ne.
lolttit Sii chalna, llielii'i- west HI i-hitln,, tln-n, c
iimi Ui sll, limn, In l-nllll ul i'iiinlili'tli-1-l.K-..l
imni'l ml. day nl .soii-uiher, UM.
uov 17      ' ■•'■""
vol ,\ovt'iiii.er,.»«.
ll ll.l.l.i.a Kl.l.l.lt, l.iiu.tur.
ate date I Intend to apph 1" the lion, Ohief
(muu.,ii.*nii r of Lunils mul Wnrks fnr permlulon
to iiiin-tiii*!' iln- fnlliiiiiiig deacribed landa situate
i.il'.u-ilii.n diatrict, Il.C:
Commencing nt a post innrkeil "George H,
Binett't uortb-eall corn, r ims.," idanicd
about 20 chaini weit ol trail ruuuiug through
Starvation Plata Ina tnniUicrlydirci-liult Irom
Tele Jaune Cache, runnine west su chain.*,
tlience BoutbSOcbaina, thence castsi elinln*,
tlience imrlli Mi eliains iu | uiu. ol commencement.
lime.] mli day nl November, IMS.
IIOV 17     lil-.l) 'HE 11. IIISSKIT, i.o.-atnr.
,> duel Intend tu apply u. in- nu... n.e
' hiil t'on.mlssionor ol Uud. a-d Works for
permission to purchase tho fullua Ing de«crtbed
liuuis.-iltiunil in Weel Koni.-iiiii.ini iln-eust
alio i-nf I'luiu- Arroiv l-.uk.-:
(iiiiiiiii-ii'-iii.: al alios! adjoining T. I. ITSOnn
Ihu i.oriI. sldo nii'l marked "L. A. Dowar'.
north-west cn.it.-r," tlienco en*1 su ehilns
llii-iiecsuuili Sinliniti*, tlie.ie/i ivefilfti chiiilb
moro or len. lo tin* cast shure nf Upper Arrow
Uko, il.inic.i.ii ih following Iho shure ul said
lake su ehains m tho liol... uf iiomuicnccmoul,
Datod (Id. nil h, IO*
nei-.') I,. A. I1EWAR,
Certificate of Improvements.
River Edon Mineral Claim, situate m llie I'lc
clllewaot Mining Division of Kooicnay dis
Where located:   Kish Creek.
Take notice that I, John Albert Kirk of ibe
town of Kevelstoke, U.C., acting AS ngotltfor
J,S O. Fraser, Kbi„ Km* Miner's Ccrtitlealo
No, llT.nluundMiiigarel A. Klson,Ki*ec Miner's
Certificate No. B8S59S, inlcnd, (Ixty days from
lhe date hereof, to apply to the Minion He
eorder for a Cortiflcato of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Oranl of tho
above claim.
Aud further lake notico lhat notion, undor
Boction 17, inn-l lie commenced biforo the issuance of such Certificate uf Improvements,
Dated this 2llh dny of Seplemher, A.D., lilOfl,
nov2| J.i A. KIUK.
Certificate of Improvements.
Sllvor Hell and Laurel Mineral Claims, situate
in tbo Illecillewaet Mining Division of Koot-
omiy Dislrict.
Where locatod j—Tbroe-tiuurlors of a mllo onst
of lllocillcwnul
Take notico thnt I, J. A, Kirk, acttiifl as hkoiiI-
for John Newell,Froe Miner's Certificat" No.
B.-SBSN] 0. lioburt Duhl, Free Miner's L'ortltti
cute No. \i. 88596; aud Qeorge W. Jells, Free
Minor's Cortillcato No. H. ism. intend, sixty
days from tho dale horoof, to apply in the Mining Recorder for a Cortiflcate of Improvements,
fnr tho purpose of obtuiniug a Crown Urnntof
the almvo claim.
And further take notico thai action, under
section 37, musl bo commoncod before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dnted tliis.Mli dny of September, A.D., 1U06
oet 20  J^A- KIRK.
Certificate of Imjrovements
Silver Hell Mineral Claim, situate iu theliov-
eUloko Minim: Division of West Kooteuay
Where located:   Keystone Momiluin.
Take notico ihal I, James I, Woodrow,F.M,t\
No. HSWI0. iiKont for Alex. tt'.Melntnsli FM.
C. 8801'; Ueu. Johnson, F.M.C. 1188174, and
Bllsinboth MeMuhun, l-'.M.C, Nn. I188WI,intend;
-ixty day- Inun thodati hereof, tu ajipfy tu the
Mining Heourilor ror n Cortltlcato uf Iinpruve-
ments, fur thupurpuso of obtuining a Crown
Urnntnr tin).ib-'ve claim.
And   further lako  uotlco that Ucthm, Uudor
sectl'Ui $i, must bo commenced boforo the issn*
unco of niieh Curiilieaio of Imprnvemonts.
Dated thls20tb day of Ootohor,A.D.,l«W.
.cl2i -JAS. 1   WOODROW.
Notice i*. hereby given llmi 6o days
Irom (lute 1 intend lo apply lo lhe Chief
CoininiSsioner of Lands nnd Works al
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described laiuls in Lillooet dislriclt
Commencing al a post marked "T. Kii-
Patrick's north-west corner," situated
aboul i mile from west bank ol Upper
Adams river and l wo and a half iniles from
head ot Adams lake, running 40 chains
soulh, 80 chains easl, 40 chains north, 80
chains wesl, containing 320 aires more or
Dated Nov. 12th, 1906.
Notice Is hereby given that Onlays aftor date I
inlcnd In apply I" lhe UoilOlirnblo the Chlel Commissioner »f bunds and Works fnr pormission to
piirehase the following doserilioil lands In tho dis*
irlctof West Kuutunay, llevelstwlce division;
Commencing at a post planted mi ihe west hank
,.f iln- Columbia River almut half a mile lielow
prliwt Rapids and marked "tt. II Sutnerlaud's
north-ut'st comer pint," tlienco south l!0 chains,
thenceeast 10 clialns more orlcBS to lhe woat bnnli
of the Columbia River; thencu In u north-westerly
■litvetiuii and following the west hank «.f (ho Col*
iiutliiu River tn lhe point of comuioiicnuiont.
Hated Ihis IllUldayof iKli-li-r. uwu,
„.i *i| tt. 11. SUTHKR1.AN1).
Nolice Is hereby given thaWW days alter dnlc
we luteud lo applj to the Hon. Chief Commit
•jloiter »i I suds and Works lm a Bpeulal lieeii--..'
.0 eut au 1 carry nwaj timbor Irom ihe fullnw*
.ngdcBurlboii lands ou limiwaj creek in West
Kuotemiy district:
1, commencing at a post plantod atthe
»onih'Wflatoorner of T L. No, 7109,and marked
■'i.w.l.Co .Lc.'', tlienee 3 chains uorth,
thence Wchains west, tnomo80chaius houth,
ihenee east tWehMlus to piste of comincnoo*
1. Commencing nt a post plnnted at the
Hurt Invest corner ol I'.L .no lm, vml marked
L.\.|j.,to NKi.", u.ciie 80 chainsbOUth,
ilu nee Hue. a ns west, iliuuroW chains north,
hence SO ehnins chm to placeof cuiniueiire-
in tilt.
8, Coinmeneing al n posi plnuled at lhe
nouth-essteoruerol 1.1.. No, 71wtaud mnrked
* L.tt',1 Co. S.tt'.r,;,I ihouoo nonh so elinins,
li enoeens; hi chnii.s. iiiemc si.uin Mictiiiins,
thenco wosl W ohaliiBlo place ol commence*
4. commencing ni a post planlcd ni the
iit.rth-cnsi corner ol i.i. No. 7ii:i*i, ni.d marked
"I.-.V.1 ,io. is.tt (.'.", ilieucc north 80oh ins,
theueo east wchaius, ihainosouthbuchaina,
llii'ticowest ffl chains to place of etunntonoo
;i. CijinnicucniK at a post planted at the
Bouth'Bit cornor of Local ion No, 1 nml marked
'l„tt'.i.,Cu. BAV.C," thenee esst !W chnlns,
thence nurlb It. chains, llionoo wesi lOOohalUS,
Uience souih 10 ehalus lo plnce oi oommeilQQ*
ii 1 'omiiiencitin sl a posl planled at lhe
lurtli-cn--. oornor Ol T.U rio. mt, and marked
•L.W.L.Co, N.tt'.C ", theuce east lOucbaiiui,
ilienee south Ui chains, thenoo wesl lOOolinllll,
ihenco north 4U ohalni to place ol commencement.
linled nils 21th dny of .November, 1600,
7, cummouclnii at a post pinnicdahoui-lii
elinins north of Llioauutlcwoslcoruorol Locn-
iinii No. 2, nliout 800 feci Irom nest Imnk of a
-.mall crock and marked, "I..W.L.C0. BK.O.",
llienco nonh 80 • hains, Ihoneo west mi ehnins,
theuce south mi ehniiis, thenct* casi mi chains
lo plaro ol coinuu'iiceuieiit,
■3, Commeuelng at a post planted at Ilic
nOUlh-WCit cornerof T.L,.No, KiOiuul iiiarkcil
'L W.L.Co. ri.K.C", tlience north fflcbaiiis,
thence west BU chains, Uiunpo south 80 ohalni',
ihence easl ni chains lu place ul coiiniiciicu-
Dut'ed this *.,lilli day of Novcinher, 1006.
Lamii-Waison Ll Miit-.u Co,, LtMITBD,
dec:. wel
Notice is hereby given that 00 days from dale 1
intend to apply U) the llunorahlotlio Chiel Cui-
mlulonerol Umlsand Works fm ueriiilHsiiiulo
uurolnuo the fnllowln^ descrihed lands hi tlm
West Kootenay District:
cuintnciu'ing nt a post marked "L K. Me*
iiouiisld'a sonUi'west corner," plnnted on the
enst side ol I'pper Arrow Lnke,''miles norlh ol
NsKusp, B.C., Iht'iiee north .'- eiialii'., Ihenee
east-lu chain-*, thencu 1101 til W ciniins, thonce
east to chains thence loutu M chains, more or
less, to Arrow Lake, thence westward H) chalna
moro or lou, along lho Arrow l,uke to point of
i-'imniciuePienl. contain I Ug ':•■< H.-it-.-. mine m
Daled this loth dny ol October, 1-Jun.
Kntlci i-lii'ii'h) nivi-uih.il iiO.lujs fionidale 1
Intend tu apply u> tbo Hon. tho Chief ComiDls<
■loner ol Una* and tt orki for nertnlulon to imr-
chase lhe following described lands, in thc Wesl
Kootenay dlitrlct, west ilioru nl upper Anow
■'Commencing al a p'»st markod "J. !„ Hirscirs
...uili west ci'Mi.r,' ut the smilli east corner ol
LoHMu; nml  almul U mllei smith of   Koslhall
Crock; thence north Bu chaini, Ihence cast 10
chains, Uience south ho (halns, thence west to
chains to poinl of eomiponcenient, coniainiiiK awi
n ru ii.i.ii" or loss,
Dnted thil tilt day of Mny, 1000.
J. 1. iiiitscn,
oct 18 I'm Ralph Mj*-, Agent.
KoUco Is lit toby given that ou days after date 1
intend to apply to Ilic llmmaralilc the Chief Com*
laUiiouei "i bands and Works for pormission to
nnrchoBO Uie lollowlng descrihed lauds in tlie dis-
triel of West Kootenaj,Itovelstoko tllvislonh-
Commeucingatajwst planted ou the west hank
of the Columbia River uppuslto W-Mlle Unpids
and marked "K, v. McCarter's south-easl comer
pust," tlienco west 3l chains, ihence north '2D
chains, thencecasl 20 chains moro or less to the
went hank of the Columbia Biver, Uietico south
following tin- west bankof .it, Columbia River 20
'-hains more ui* less to the point* fcommoncoment.
Daicd October mtli, imm.
oct24 K. 0, MeCARTKR
Notice is hereby glvon that im days nfter dale
I intend to apply to iho Chlof Commlsslonor of
Lands and works for permission to purchase
llie following doscribod lands in Wesl, Kootenny, on tbe casi shore of i'pper Arrow Lake:
Commonolng ut n post adjoining T, L 6108
ou the south-wesl. eorner and marked "D.
Dcwiu's north-west oornorpost," Uience easi
80 ehains, thence son' h 80 chains, thonco west
BO chains more or less to tho shore of said lake
ilieucc noith along thouasUliore of said lako
*>'i chains to lho point uf commencement.
Daled Del. llilh, IIMI
nut 21 D, DKWAU.
Notice is hereby given thnt (to days after data I
inteud to upply In the Cliief Cmiiiiiissionnr of
Lands aud Works for permission to uurclmsu the
ullowlng descrilied lands in Cariboo district!
Commencing at a post marked "W. 11, Olive'a
south-east cower post,' planted on trail loading
from North I houipsoit Itiver lo Vellowlmad Pass
and ahout, & miles in a northerly directiun from
Cranberry Lako, running imrth su chains, thencu
west-JUchains, tlienee south ju eliains, lliuuce east
lo chains to point of coinmencement,
Dated UUi day of November, UWU.
nov 21 W. 11. OLIVK, Locator,
\M)TICK U hereby niveti that 8U days after date
jlj I Iiileml in apply tu the Hon, t'he Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works tor a Special
License to cut and carry nwuy timber from lhc
following described lands hi West Kuotenay District:
Coinmonoiug at a postmarked 'T.KIlpat-
rick's north-enst craer post,'' plnnted on norlh
eassurmof Uppoi Arrow ui.u, about '- clmins
west uf tho uorth-wost oornor of Lot No-'iU'i,
tbonco south 80ohuln*?, woat 80 clmins, uortli Ml
ohaius,'eust80chalns to pointof commencement
Dated Nov. 1st, lOUl,
N.iiLeis hereby given that an days after dale I
iuieml tu ap|n) tiii.ii: Ihm. lhu Chief Coisiuisslm
er of l.aul.1 uiul Winks for a special Reuii-HU tu cut
andiiiirv unay iiiiiiiii irom Uu fulluwlllg de-
scribed lands in Wost Kuuteiiay distriet:
Commencing at a poul planted IU chains west of
tlie si mill-wu.it e nner m Timher Limit IHIlW and
marked "CSkiiincri ilh-easl corner,"thenco
liiu chains suuth theueo lu cln in, east, ihei. iu II"
ehains norlh, Ui'iicii tn cliams nest l-o placoof
Luealed Uoiumht r 1st, I0WJ,
C. SKlNNllR,
dee [> sat A. M. livmnns. Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days after dato
I mli nd to npply to thu HonoruU.e tho Chief
Commissioner of Lumlsaiul Works lorn special
liceiihc to cut, und carry away limber from lhe
followingdesoribud lnnds:
1, Situate in ihe West Kniiteiiay district about
10 miles from Burton City, Conununcmg at a post
planted nu lhe wist side ol Cariboo Creek, tnence
south leu chalna, then e easl lo chains, theuce
uortli too chains, theueo west 411 chains to puint of
2. Situate in the West Ko.ituuay district about
14 miles f nmi Iturtuu City. 1 m nine nei n.u al a
pust planted 011 the wesl side uf Carihmi ..reek,
tlienee smith 100 ehuins, thencu eaat 4U eliuiiis,
thenee north luu ehuins, thenee west 40 chains to
pulut of commencement,
8. Commenc in}- at a post planted 011 tho west
Hide ol Caribou Cieek, uhoat lit miles from Hurt ib
(lily, tnence smith luu chains, Ihence oust 40
chains, ilieiii'e umili li"' t hains, thenee west 40
ehains to pnmt of commencement.
4. Conimenclng at a pust planted on the south
side nf Cariboo Cieek, ahmil 1: niilea Imm Rurton
City, Ihence eastpw chains, Uience north 40chaius,
thenco west luo chains, thenee south 4U ehams to
puim uf commencement.
ii, Cmnmoneing at a post pi .ntcdou the smith
Bide nf Cariboo Creek, uliuut 7 miles from Hurtoii
City, t iciiee suuth Idi chains, thence west 4i'
chains, liiunco imrlli 101 chains, lliulico nant40
chain i tu puint of enuimenecineni.
ti. Conmienulng at a posl plantod on tho east
hank of (JarllKioCiuek, abuut n miles from hurlou
City, tlienee east 8U o iliiiin, tnence north Wi
chains, tlience ivest su chaius thuiicu south 80
eliailistnpn.nl of coinmoiiooiiieiit.
Dated Uthdayuf September, HWO,
wed dee IH s. ,1. HARI.uW.
1. IViII...... [In....iln... I.i-ri-l.y ylvo i.ii.ien Unit
it i* my itiieitii.... .1. iipiily in iln- Hoard ut l.i-
CL-iiai- l.-uliiiiiis*ii.lii-l-H for 1 ne uuttlot o. Uovol-
hli.Ke. fiit-ii iriiii.-furiil ...y liquor lloente fm* tlio
llninl l.iir.li-11.1 111. Oo.11.1pUx, to tlustoll M.
UOUIIiplk, H.C., Hue. 121 ll, lltti.
anttloo 1830.1    WILLIAM HAMILTON,
INIi-Ul'Al.i'l' 181)8," AND AMEND-
Tlio Pingston OitoI. Luiultet* Ooin-
piiny, Liniiliil, lms |*'.'in'inl" vi.Ii.ii-
Iiii-v li,|iiiiliiliiui umili- llm iiiinve Ai-I.
llllll Illll  ll|l|lllillte>l   llllllll   IL .lliel..MHI,
II Hit' cily nf IL".t-.i'.iil.i-, II. C, licet...11I..11I, ii.ilii|iiiilnii.i foi* lliopiirpoao
uf .iiieli M-'niiliiiK up.
lllliell lius ils llcnil.illliT ill sililll-ily uf
ll.-1-elsi..li.', iiiiiI nil ullion havingitny
i-lniiiis agalntl sniil Oiinipany aro ro-
(i.ili't.1, on 01 iiei'ui'i' Hm 1st ilny of
January, limi, toooiul tn llarvoy, Mo-
Oai'tcv « Plnkl.aiii, aallolion fur stilt]
llqiitdatui'i al thi'li' ullluo I'liit Htruot.
Itevi-Miike, II. <*., 11.eil llllllll'l llllll
.ulllt'OWl'S mul ileseiipliuiis, nnil llie
full pai'lloilhl'i.nl llii'ii-i'liiiinsiirilcliln
V.'lille.l hy unlll mill  lln- lulllliv llllll
amount of lho tuoiii'llloB, if nny, ln-l.l
liy llieni nml ll"' «|..'.:ill.'il iuhii' of
sll.-l. seelllilies, allll. If 80 rei|llili'il liy
l.l.liee ill IVt'ltlllg lllllll sniil liipiiiliilul"
in-his siilieiiuis, lo como iii ami prove
Ihlill* Mllll dolltl Ol* elllillis ill tllO llslinl
liny, ill hiii'Ii linn* iiiiiI plaoo uh shnll
lie s|iccilli'.l ill sueh null.'.'.
Alter llie Hist ilny uI' .laniiu.y, 1IHI7,
Ilu. si.i.l liquidator Will pi-iiei'i'iilnills-
tribute Uu* iisseis ul* lho 0 puny
i.inui.Ks! tl.e uni-lii's cnlitli'il llu'i-i'tu,
having regard only lo tlio olitlint of
iviiloll ho then lms Inul notico, nnd the
liquidator will nut Ihon bo liable for
the assets or any part thereof smlis-
trlbuted, in nny person ol whoso oliilm
he hml not nolloo nl I lie! inm ul* ll.e
distribution thereof,
Datod tills 21th day of Novombor,
nuv il sat BOd Liquidator,
Notice la hereby glvun lhat sixty days alter
date I Intend to apply to Um Chlel Com-
missioner of Landsaud Worki lorpermlahlou
io purchaie ihe I'lliuuliuf described landi lu
the district ol Weal Kooleuay:
ComtnoucInK at a posl marked "Herbert Rod*
furn's iiorth-wit.it i* et post," and plantod on
the east buuk id thn Columhin rivnr, about fuur
mHOSlOUtii or Nakusp; thnncnnnst 40ehnins,
thoncu Miuth 40 chains, Uiumm west 40 ehniiiH,
thonee nnrth 40 cnilnfl to point of eominoiico*
inniii, eontiiiiiiiiK 100 aorai moro or loss,
Dntod the Mh Hu pi em bur, A.D., IIHHI,
of lhe Province of British Columbia al the
next session, ioi- an Act, incorporating a
Company lo build, equip, maiulaiu ami
operate a line or lines of railway of stand*
aril or other guage, with any kind of
motive power lioin a poinl on Upper Arrow
Lake- West Kooicnay, near Arrowhead,
Uience following the Columbia River
northerly on either side lo a. poinl at or
near the confluence of Canoe River wiih
lln.* Columbia Rivor and Uience lollowing
along Canoe Rivor on eilher side, to a
point al or near Tele Jaune Cache, on
rraser River, with power to conslruet,
operate and maintain branch lines lo any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway; and wilh power to construct- operate and maiulaiu all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and lo
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith; and lo construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operate tho same on
ain navigable waters, and lo construe!
operate and maintain telegraph ami tele
phone lines along llie routes of lhe suid
railway and its branches, or in connection
therewith,, and to transmil messages lor
commercial purposes) lo generate elec*
iriclly and supply light* heal and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
lhe necessary buildings and works, and to
generate any kind ol power for Ihe pur
poses aforesaid,or in connection therewith,
lor reward; and lo acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporation or per
sons, grants of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance 111 aid ol the
construction of the Company's underiak-
ing; and lo connect wilh and enter into
trallic or oilier arrangements with railway,
steamboat or other companies, and lo
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of Un* " Water Clauses
Consolidation Acl"; and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental lo llie premises, and for other
Daled lit Revelsloke, H.C., this 31st day
of August, 1906.
Solicitors tor lhe Applicants
-ast 40
Nuliee is lii'.-ul.y given that 00 dnys
nl'liii- dull* I intend t» apply to the
Chief Cn.emission.-.- ..f Lands nud
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred nnd forty acres of land lying
iu llieFiistluill Vnlli'j tho west side
uf Upper Arrow Lnko, described ns
Commencing at n pust marked "William 1I...-1.m's iiiii-lli-i'iisl corner pusl,"
plunli'il 1411 elinins tvesl uf Lot 4570,
Group 1,  Knuli'iiiiy, Ihence west 80
clmins, thence soutli 80 chains, theuce
enst Sll elinins, thenco nnrth 811 eliuiiis
liilhe place of .......niei.ci'n.i'i.l,.mn-
litlning 111') acres, uu re or less,
Dated ihis !ilth day uf November,
nov 28 wed   PerT, S. MePherson,
Nolico is liereliy given Uuu Go ilnys
after ilnle 1 iiik'.ul lo apply lu Hie Chief
Commissioner of I-miils ,-* Works for permission in purchase Ihree hundred ami
twenty uores of lund lying in llio Fosliull
Vulley on the wesl side of Upper Arrow
Luke, described us follows:
Commencing ul u posl marked "Robert
Atihie's north-east eoruer post," plnnted
xl the norlh-wesl corner of Lot 862,
Group 1, Kootenny 1 thence 80 clmins
wesl, Ihence 40 chains south, thenee 80
chains ea.t, thence 40 chains north to the
point of commencemeni, containing 320
acres, more or less.
Dated the 23rd day of November, 1906,
nov 2S wed Per T, S, McPerson..
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
ufler date I intend to apply to the
Cliief Commissioner of Lands ft
Works for permission tn put-chase six
hundred nml forty aores uf lund lying
in the PmUirII Vulley on the west
sideof Upper Arrow Lake, described
...s follows:
Commencing at a pnst marked "II.
Harlow s north-easl cornor pust,"
plunted 140 cbnins west of Lot 1570,
Group 1. Kootenny* thence west 80
chains, thenco snutli SO cliains, thunce
eust Kll cbnins, tbenee north 80 cbnins
tu iln- place uf commencement, containing 01.) acres, muru or less.
Dated this 24th dny of November,
nnv 28 wed   Per T. H. MoPherson.
Nolice is hereby given thai 60 days
afler date I Intend io apply lo Uie Chief
Commissioner of Lands ot Works for permission to purchase six hundred ami forty
acres of land lying in lhc Koslhall Valley
oil lhc wesl side of Upper Arrow Lake,
described as follows:
Commencing at a posi marked "Fred*
orii'kWashburno'ssoiilh-oasi corner posl,"
planlcd Ho ebains wesl of (lie norlh-west
corner oi Loi 86*4, Grout) I, Kootenay;
Ihence norlh So chains, thence west so
chains, thenco soulli Ho chains, thence
easl So cliains lo the place ot commence*
ment, containing 6jo acres, more or less,
Dated ibis aird dav of November, 1906,
nov „'S wed        Per T. S, McPliei'sOII.
Nolice is hereby given lhat 60 days
from date I Intend to apply to lhe Chief
Commlsslonor  ol   Lauds   and   Works at
Vlcloiit, U1C.1 lor purchase of lollowing
doscribod lands in Lillooet dislricl:
Commencing al a posi planted near
noulli sideof Otter Creek, 3 miles north
ol Adams Lake, markod "A. McCoiuicH's
norlh*wesl cornur," running 40 chains
south, Su chains east, 40 chains north, 80
chaius west containing, about 330 acres.
Daled Nov. utli, lOOfi.
nov 14 A, McCONNELL,
Notice Ih hereby Kiveii that on the tU\ day of
Novumher, IIH^I, an (Irdcr was Brunled iui|iolnt-
hiK (loorgo Smith Mct'iirlcr, Ollicial AdmlnU*
1 ml or fm* 1 he Reii'l-ioU Klcctuml UUIrlclof
llio County of Kootenay, to bii AdmlnlHlrator
of all aud -diiKUlur thu Mule of the huIiI Intcs-
Notice Is hereby further ulvon that all credit*
ursand ulher*. haunt; ciniins u^nn-i ihe li-
lain of the naid UOOOMCd are required on or
before the llth day of January, nm;. io send by
uiiHt prepaid or deliver Lo the umlertdKiiou,
iheir thrhliaii and Surname*-, addn <c*. and
de -erl|il Ion.; tho full inul lenhiri' of their claims
duly vei'ill'-iil, lhe  *.|;.l<"neiil  of Iheir lleconnU
and tho nature of the hcciirlflcH, If any, held by
And further lake milieu llmi after uuch hwt
menlloncd date tho Admlnlnirator will proceed
lodhtlrlbuUifhi' AhhuIh of tho said docontwd
.iniuiiKKl tho purlieu entitled thereto having
i*"Kard only to lhu cluiniHof which be shall
then have notice and thit tho Bald Admlnlfl-
1 r.i!nr will nut he liable for the said auotiOr
.my part thereof to any imr-uii or pcrKom* of
wIiono claim nutlco Hindi not have boon received hy hlm at the ilnto of such dltdrlbutlon.
Daled nt Valicotivor, llrilinb rnlumbin, thin
ilrd day of Doeombor, A.D.. lOOtl.
Suliciiur*. for Ucorffo SmRb MeCarter,
doo A wod Im Administrator,
L'omniiniiiouenif Landsaud W-urltfl tor gpeomi
liceimu to cut tuid currj nwuy timbor from tho
fnlluw.UK dii.-crihed landi situated In fteil
hoo.eiiay district, R I'.i
1.  ('.■miui.u.i ii.ua i""-t tilunttfd on lhe north
Hcit-tbott-elthuiiorth-euKt ftimol Uppei Armw
Late,ata pulnl al-wit  ili  miles noiUli'Wtotof
Comaplix, and marked ".lohn Clamor's mirth -cut
corner post,' Iheuce iouth iui the Inn then
JU 1 liains, lfnsi.cu north 100 chain*, theuce
eliiiiii.-, to |ioi;ii 1 f tomuieuoement
Douald Dewar, A^tni.
i Comment'lng at a poit planted about iu
chains wcii of tlie north-west shore, north-eait
arm of Upper Arrow Uke, at a point about SU
miles south-west of Comaplix, and market! "AL J.
Smith's south-east corner post," thence west80
eliains, thence nortb & chain-', ihence ea-Hbo
clialns.thencolotlthtftl chains to pointof com-
Duilldil Dewar, Aj-elit.
9. Commencing at a post plauted on the north-
west shore of the north*east arm of fpper Airow
Lnke, ut a poinl about 1% inile.v-i.nth-west o(
Comaplix, and marked "Alllton Daily's soulh-east
eoraeriiiHl." theuce north Iti'ichalna,thence neat
tu chums, tlience south 100 chains, tlience east iO
ehuins lo point of commeucemeut,
Donald Dewar. Agent.
4. Commencing at a post planted at the north-
eusl enrner of l.ncalioii No. *-', end marked "'John
Connor'.■* south-east coruer post," thence westbO
chains, thunce north so chains, thence east bo
eliains, thence iouth so chains to puint ol com-
Donald Dewar, Agent,
h. Commencing at a post planted ut the auuih-
tu'it cornerof Location No. t, und murki'd "M J.
Smith's south-easl comer post," ihence north so
chains, tnence west an chains, iheuce south s<j
I'hii inii, ihenee eust hu chains 10 puint uf commencement.
Domtld Dewar, Agent.
tt. Commeuelng at u post planted about -ih
chains went from ihe south.wiit comer oi Location No, ii, ami marked "Juhn Connor's north-eust
corner uohI," tlience went mj chains, thence south
so chains, thence **h-u So chains, thence north SO
clmins lu point o( eoiunienceiuelit,
Donald Dewar, Agent.
Ariowhead, H.c, Nov. 7th, rhju.        nov 1;
Notice is hereby triven thai 3U days after date
l inteud li> aiiply to tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds and Works for a special license to cut
and carry uwuy Limber from tbe following described Uuds situate in Kast Kootonay dUtrict;
1. Commencing at a post planted mi the
80\ith*easl buuk of \Voouttl?er about 2 miles
bolow tte wost fork und murked ' K. UcBeau'a
south-went coiuer," Ihence uorth ho ohalaa,
theueo oust tw obelus, theuco south SO chains,
thenco wust so cbaina to thu Mut of commencement.
'i. Commencing at a post \ hinted ou the
south-oast bunk of \Yoon Kiver about 2 miles
holow the west fork nud marked "K MclleuuS
imrtb-wust corner," theme eust 80 chuiu--,thetif e
south WJ chuius, tlienco wost No chains, thence
nortli so ehains to the puint or eominenceiuniit.
a, fiuiniu'iichii; nt a poil planled on Ibe
soulh-L-Hst bankof Wood Kiver, opposite thc
mouth ul lhu west fork snd marked "E Ale-
lleuu's north-weal eoruer," thouce south too
chains, tlienee oast iu • hains ihenee uortanki
ehams, llienee wesi -to ehuins to the pointol
Hated Ilii."* While; of Augi.M, VJUti.
■I, Couiiiicuciug ul a post pluiilcl ou the
north-west imnk uf Wood aiver, jn-i above the
uiouih of tue west iork ami marked "IS. Mc-
Dean's suuth east corner,'' Uience norlh uu
clmins, theuce WOSlSO chains, thenee south M)
ehains, theueo oust su chains lo Iho point of
Haled this-..til n day 01 August, lowi,
5, Commenolng at a post plained on the
south-east bnnk ol Wood Ulvcr, opposite the
mouth of tho wesi lork smt markod "K Me.
lleuu's south-west corner," Uience norlh so
chains, 1 hence enst 80 chains, IhoUce soulb mt
ciniius, thenoe wosi 80 obelus to tho point of
cummein. onion t,
n Commenolng at a post planted on the
north-wesl bank ui Wood Kiver ahoul l telle
below tbe inouih of the wesl fork and marked
"K. MoBuun'K south-east corner," in* me north
■lu chains, oiii-HU chaius, north IU chains, west
bo chains, south 40 ehains, west -10chains south
4u chaius, east su chuius lu the point of commencement.
7 Commeneing at a post planted on the
north-west bank ol Wuod Kiver ahoul I mile
below the wesl fork and murked "b. McHean's
Uortb-east comer," ihence south -to chain*,
thencu wesl iu chains, ihenee south 40 chains,
tbenee west su chains, theuce north 40 ebains,
llieueo east 40 chains, theuce uorlh 4U chaius,
tbeuce eastSU chains to the point ot commence
s, Commeueiug at a post planted on the
suuth-easl bank of Wood River about 4 tatUi
beluw Uie wesl fork and marked "£ McBean's
south-west eoruer," thenca north lliu chaiua,
tbenee easl 40 ehalus, theuce south ibo chains,
thence west 4U ohains to the point of com-
Dated ihls vim day of August, YM.
U, Commeneing at a post planted outbe
uorth-west bank of Wood Biver ami'J mllei
below Jump-up Crock and marked "K. Mu-
Iteau'x soulh-east curuer," iheuce east lOo
cliains, iiitmce uorlh 4uchatns, iheuce west 100
chains, tbenee souih 4U ehalus to the point 01
iu. Cuiumeuclng at a post planted ou tbe
ninth-west bunk of Wuod River atwuri mllea
below Jump-up Crick aud marked "£. McHean's tioulli-east corner," theuce wesl *
chains, theuce nortn suehalns, iheuce east su
ohains, Uenee soulh mi chains to the Mm ol
com me nee ui en t.
Dated this-^ud day ol August, liMi.
uovitHsal K. UcBKAN.
Notice is boreby idvt-m that thirty days ulter
date we intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for special licenses to cut uud curry uwuy timbor from the
following described luuds:
1, Commencing ut a pusl plnnted ubout ti
mile norlh uf Kelly Creek, J mile eastuf Kish
Creok, theuce east SO chuius, souih tii chains,
west SU chuius, north St) chains to point uf com-
2, Uuwmuii Lumber Company's north-west
corner post, commencing ut u post about two
miles up Hoyd Creek ttl the Domiuiou line poat
llienco -niiUi bu eliiiiii*-, ea-il SU chuius, uorth SO
chaius, west SO chaius lo poiut of comuieuce*
H. Hm*. nuiii Lumbor Company's south-oust
Corner poat, commencing ut u post about two
iniles up Hoyd Creek, ut Domiuiou line; tbeuce
uorlh SU chains, west SO chuius, south SU chuius,
eust SO chuius to poiut ol commencement,
4, llowmun Lumbor Company'3 uurth-east
corner posl, commencing al a post alwut threo
milos up Hoyd Creek und one mile easl of Do-
minion liue; theuce south SO chains, wosl tii
ehains, north HO chain;, eust til ohalni to point
,i, How 111 an Lumber Couipuny's south-west
cornur post, commencing at ,U".-i uUui twu
miles up liuyd t'ruek, at Domiuiou line [tost:
thoncu tmrth so chain-, uh-1 Sn chains, south tii
chuius, wii»i BOohalai to pointof comineuce*
a. Cominonoing nt u imst planted outbe
-until ensl cuinerof Timbur Hurth No -tllO. ou
Kish Creek; tliouce norlh ltin chuin-, »a-l 4U
chains, -uuth 100ohains, we>t lochmn-. to point
of commencement.
Dulud Nov. Silt, iWi.
nuv 2t silt     BOWMAM l.i much Co., Ltd.
Notice in hereby given lust :** days after date
I Iutond lo apply ,0 the Chief (.'umuilM-iuui-r of
I ..I'uls .md \SoiLh fur a Ipeclll licwnnc to cut
and carry away tiuih.-i irom lhe fulluwlug
described laildfllltUalfl lutlut Vule Dislricl:
1, Comiimiieiug at a |*osi planted it the
north-salt coruer of Timbfr Limit tMyjaud
marked "A. Al, Hymonn' >oalhwest corner.'
thtiiei: iimih -mi inm,r-, ii.en. i* east Muchalu*,
tlieueu soutli-IU chains, tbenee m*v>1 IOj chains
to place of comineiicemenl,
i. Commonolng at u post pluntt-d atthe
nnrlh eaal corner of ".I. Harrys No. Sand at
the mouth of tbe UUtll fork "f the nast branch
of the Hlmswap Klvir and marked "A.M.
Symons' soulh went corner,' thence north 40
chains, Ihence eusl It'-utlntim*, Ihenee touth 40
ohains, theuce west nm chulu-toplaeeof com
8. ConimeticinK at a pout planted about 'i\
miles south of the norlh-west coruer of Lot
>|s and marked "A. M. Symuus north-easl
corner," thence sveut l«0 chains, Ihenco south
in chains, thunce west 10 chains, thenct soulh
OH chains, thencu cast 0) chains more or lc- tu
boundary of 1/jt 'JSI8, Iheuce northerly along
paid boundary 111) chains more or loss lo place
uf commencement,
Datod November BOUl, IH16.
A. M. SYMONS. Itoculor,
--■ii dee II 1'. I'iIjIi-mu \genl.
Nutlco is hereby given Unit 'ii dsys after dato
'. Intend to apply to the Chief CommUsiouar ot
Lands and Works for a special licence to cm
nud carry awny llmlwr from the followiug de-
-cri bed lauds;
('ommenclng at a post plnnted nt tho north*
west corner on he south* est ouarter of Section
H Township 57, marked "W.H.HollingHworUi's
south-west corner post," thenceeast tit chains.
Ihence north so elinlns, thence west tn chains,
thenco south Sh chain" to place of commencement.
Tbe abpvt location Is tho north half of See-
Hon Stand tho souih half of Section JO, Township 57,
Dated November ttnd, IMI.
sntdeclfi    W. H H0LLINQ8W0UTH,
COHPiKIRff Act. \tSTt."
I l.eiel.y 'vriify that the 'Uood Lumber Co."
i.as iid>i!ii :   it rtgitietnl as an.Xxt|**pprovin-
■ul C.niiii; ... i'.'I . ' e ' C...I .panic* 'Act. 1S'J7,"
to t.ir) out ib'i all «r a»y ol thr objects of
Ik-i;..iui'i.iiv to which the legwlatlre autliurityof
the Ligi la iiK* ul Kritub Cufnuibla extendi
lhc heud utticeof the tampan*-*- is iltuate ui the
City oi Rpokatie, >p--k.*.. i- County in lhe State of
The amount of the captltol of the Company U
I'll ree Hundred Thuu^and D'-lhui, ilivideU into
three hundred thousand ihares of one dollar each.
Th*j huad office of the Company In this Province
is situate at lmperiul Bauk . lock, Kevehdoke,
and eicuige Smith McCurter, barrister-at-lawt
whose ulutQii is the same, i-i the attorney for the
Company, ma empuwi-red tu i.-ue und transfer
The time of the existence of the Company ii
Hlty yean from the ggnd day of October, IMS.
(iiven under mi hand aud beal of Office at Victoria, Province <>1 British Columbia, this twenty*
ninth day uf November, one thousand nine hundred ami -ix,
Rcgisttar of Joint Stock Companies.
Tlie objects for which the Company has been
established and rci*>tered are:—
To manufacture, export, iiupoil, buy, tell and
generally deal lu goods, wiires, merchatidiie ami
propertl of every class and description within the
State '■/ Wiwiii^i.ji., it,-- United Stales ol Ameri-
en, Uie PnvlnOl of Rrlliab Columbia aodelsi-
whareosmav frun time to time be fouud neces-
ury cr cunvenfeht fur the purpusus of the
Company; lo carry mi and conduit a genera)
wholesale and retail milling, manufavturing and
lumOeiiiu; huiineii within -tahl territory; to om,
operate. buy,«-ll, lease, erector other alee acquire
»aw mills and any oilier kin.li of mills or factories
for the manufacture of lumlier, either In the
rough ot finished sUte.ajidfurmanutacturioKor
linishiiiit all unities of trade made therefrom, and
to own, buy, »'ll, lease or otherwise Ocijulra all
uiui'hinery ami appliance* of every kind and description that muy lie necessary or usually had or
used in connection therewith; tu purchase, take on
lease, or In exchange, hue or otherwise acquire or
hold and sell lauds, estates, buildings, righta-of-
»ii light or water or any other rights or prifi-
legft, machinery, businesses, good wills, plants,
stocks in trade, or other real or persoual property
of any lutture or kind whatsoever as may be
deemed necessary to carry out anyoltheobjects
or purposes of this Comyany; to maintain, lm*
prove, manage, work, control ami superintend any
trails, roiuls, ways, tramways railways, bridges,
reservoirs, water courses, -wwrnifls, shingle mills,
factories, hydraulic works, electrical wot**-* or
othei works 01 convenience! which may seem
coiidticlre lo any uf the objects M purposes of the
Company, ami to buy, sell and deal in the same;
io me steam, water, electrical or any other power
a» a motive power, ur otherwise, and to buy, sell
and deal in the same; lo purchase, acquire, sell,
hold, erect, and operate electric light and «4htr
pi me 1 plants for mltlUigau.l luanofacturlng-pur*
pose-i, ami fm the purpose ol furnishing light*ami
creating power for sny and all other purpose*; to
hond. buy. -tl lease, locate and hold diubt-s,
■lam.'- ainl water rights; hi construct, lease, Amy,
sell, build or "h-iate railroads, ferries, tramways
or other means of trail spurt aikiik for transporting
logs, Inmi". 1 01 i-iti.i material or paiscii-
gcra. To uwu land, buy, wli, lease and
locate or otherwise acquire timber and Um*
her claims; to buy, acquire, hold, improve,
lease and sell timber, farmlug, grazing, mineral
and ulher lauds, aud tbe products thereof; to
acquire, purchase, lay out, plat and sell town and
city loi>, and l<> plat and put upuu Uie market
town sites and erect buildings ami improvement*
of every kind and sell h.t**, 01 otlierw ise dispose ol
Uie same, or any part 01 portion llu-reuf, and generally tu do a real estate, rental, buying, selling,
improvement and investment business; to carry un
ageueial merchandise and commission business;
to acquire, -ell and conduct itoros.hotell or board-
rn- house-.; tu subscribe for, purchase or otherwise
ncqulra, sell, aud hold witii Uie ---uuie rights ol
ownership therein as may 1* permitted to natural
persons, Uie shares, Iwnds and obligations of any
other corporation wherever organtsodt to procure
the Company to Iw registered, incorporated, or
recognised in any other state, or-Sdoun^ 01 province and to do all und eveiythiiiK iieceasary
suitable, convenient or proper tor the accompliuu*
iu, ut uf any "I Uu- purposes, or the attainment ol
au) one or mure of the objects herein enumerated
or Incidental .0 lhe powers herein named, ur
which shall at any liine appear coDdnclve or ex
pedienl fur lhe protection or ben-jOl of the corpur-
atiou, uud tin.illy to do everything consistent,
proper and requisite fur the carrying out ol tbe
objects and purposes aforesaid in their fullest aad
broadest sense within said territory,
wed dec U w-ta
il(.«r iUle 1 intend In <*•!, la Iht Um. Chlel
UowuiiuiuMr v. Lutds ui. Work, (or panalulon
lo purchfcie the lollowai deaoiilml I.ml. ml*.
l\ est KiMileu*) diatrict:
t'ummencuii. u > poat plwM on .1.. wh. .Id.
of North-Fwl arm of AiTownead Lata, 1 of t all.
Iron. Hock Bin*, .nuked "K. t. McK.'a »o.U-«.l
cornet poat,'" Um *> cbtlm north, Ihtmc. t»
chum weal, ...t-ni-e W chsiu wull), tlMhnlO
chaina east along Uke shore to point ot ton-
luted Nor. loth, 1MB.
nov H .Mils. K. B. MtKITltlCK.
ultCK is hereby given thai OU days alter date
_, I intend to apply to the Hen. Chief Com-
missioner .if Unds ami Works for MrmUsloato
purcbuee the following described lamb In tht
West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a post planted SU chains cast
from tbe sunlh-wesl eurner ul Lot Sittaad marked
K. c. Tralfonl's north-east corr er post," Ihence
iouth 4U chains, thence  west Sue liains more or
less to Luke shore, thence north along short to
outh-west corner uf Lot Kt&3, thence east 20
haius to point uf commeucemeut.
Dated November Mtli, 1W6,
dec 6 wed tt. C. TRAFFORD.
Noticcls hereby given that 30 days after dais
we intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commls*
alouer of Lauds and Works lor a special llctnse
to cut aud carry away Umber from the fallow
lug deueribed lands, situate In West Kootenay
CuuimenciiifE at a post planted at the north-west
corner of K. uiendlnning s homestead, aboul three
tulles below the foot ol Upper Arrow Lake, and
marked "H.H.LCo.'s north-coat turner pnst,"
thencu south so chains, thence west SO chains,
ibeuce north tu chains, thence east 81 chains to
point of cumniencement.
Dated Nov, mli, lwutj.
dec.«. wed    Bio Brno LtMHCR Co., Ltd.
Nolice is hereby given lhu 60 d«yj
fro... Utile I inlend to apply to Iha Chiel
Comniittionei" of Land, mid Workt al
Victoria. H.C, lor purchatte of lollowing
described landa in Lillooel dislricl:
Commencing at a pout planted about
lwo anil ii lull miles from head of Adam,
Like on Weil side of river, marked "J, A.
Knox's -touih-ivest corner," running Ho
-Lain-, eatt, 40 .-hains nor.h, 60 chains
weal, 40 chaini south, containing ibout
310 acrei.
Hated Nov. uth, 1906.
.101 14 J, A, KNOX.
Notice is hereby given Ihal 60 dayi
from dale I intend 10 apply lo the Chief
Gommiitloher of Lands and Works at
Victoria, H. Cu for purchase of lollowing
described lauds it. Lillooel diltrict:
Coramincing ... .-. po.. plained near
uill side of Olie. Creek, j miles nurth ol
Adams Lake marked "W, S. Hurlon'i
south-west corner," running 80 chains
easl, 4U chains north, 80 chains well, 40
chaini soutli, containing about ijoitcrrs,
Dateil Nov, uth, 1900.
nov .4 W. S. Hl'KTON,
Nolice is hereby given lhat 60 dayi
after date I intend lo apply to the Chief
Committioner of Lands *k Worki for permission lo purchaie tho following detcrib-
ed lands, situated in Ihe West Kootenay
district on the wesl side ol Upper Arrow
Lake in the Posthall Valley:
Commencing ul a poll marked "T. S.
Mcl'h.'. son's MHi.h-wei. corner poet,''
planted at (he north-wesl eorner of Lot
slu; tlience nortl. bo chains, thenceeast
mi chains, ihence soulh 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains lo poinl of commencemeni,
containing 640 acres, more or less,
Located 23rd day ol November, toofl,
nov 18 wed     T, S, McPHKRSON,
For Sale
One team ol Hea-jr Draft Hortei
1400.  Apply to R, TAPPING. NOTICE
•   '     days ■
nVMMP 1 '5* *&V**SS*»'G*&''**&*****K>l'*E*&t.T£
W/s^ a// .'/Wr /J?a/;/ patrons aro friends
jttn j'i.i—mul j ——— m^m we win i uma-i-iiiimi^s'iMWi mt&mm* ■—**——O   i**i i timsswi
Mer /Ae rt/s/j we iv/7/ once more #ef (/oty/j /o re^w-
/or business and find certain lines thai we will mark to
sell regardless of cost, to clean up odds and ends
Clearing-up Sale of Millinery.   We are selling it at
Nd i.v .'•■; Kj^e^p^^^—
J| aftor .1 i- I intend ti. ..|yl.\ in the
Cl.ii i , n i,ii-.--i mi*, if in h iiiiiI
Vi i fiii-iiriiiiis-ii-ii In imi .1.. -t. the
f. ig il-- i-.-.li -.1 ! mil   S I; i.l.-.l  in
\\.    .v..nl enny tlUiicl:
I   - u-li.-ilii-   Hi   a   |in- ! |i!:iil!i .1 on
tin- .....i.. side uf Downie Oeei; ul.-uit
 ilu smith nl iii  :'.' mile post
.- i iiwuii-1"ti-. 1. i im mul .. -i.-k-
.,   . IcIJean's im, - h-w.   i i nl ili'l,"
111 :'n |8i..|.nii i,  in. nr .-.--i Iill
Chilli; I,    i.   line ■ Mllll.   Ill I'll   Mm   II I'HCC
WOSl li '     ,.'ii   •  In   ilililll    III 1-1:1 MM .-1UT-
lllt'l'i. i-nll'ltiliill: i-in u:l i'.i llli.li '.'.less.
ll.itetl Ueuoiiibei- ill ,i, l:-.-:i.
ivt'tl jun !i K. .MiTm-IAN'.
i ina
■ -,i §
IM i
ft ^
Nolice is hereby given Uml, thirty
iliijMilti'i-il.iii' 1 iiiiei.il to apply I.,
il... IliiiH.i-.-ilili'liiiii'f Commissioner nl
Lunils nnd Works I'm- n speciul license
to cut .inil curry a.V'iv timber It-,,,,,
llit'f.illi'.ii..,, ile.sci-ilu-il' :.,..' si'.i.iiletl
:.. i o Wesl Kui-M-ii .y Di l.id,
(' miii i neing in ;■ ;iii*l piilii eil i of
,-. ii i. i-usi »l', iiii,! '.-I'l-i-.-k uml nimi.i
ihr.i•.,... . i-i.-. nt .i mi' ■ noilli nl
ii.iv, ..it- rick uml mnrked !-'.. Mc-
Iti-iin's south-east i.iii-iit-.-, in. n.i' niuil.
si. i-li.-.ins, thenco wesl 8U chains, thence
sm.ll. tin .-lmins, iln-ii.-i- f.-ihi S-J clmins
in tin- po ninl i-iiiiiiiii-iii'i-iiii-uI.
Dated I he 18lh ilny of l)M-i-..il.i-.-,l!iiii
I. K. .Milli-...X.
This week we begin stock-taking and we have a number of lines that we want to clear
out before we make our inventory, To accomplish this wc are going to offer liberal discounts
on many lines that are good values al the prices they are now niarked. Mere are a few
samples to choose from :—
$1.50 Per Fair
OVERSHOES for Ladies and Misses.
af «»HJW*«lW»'-'-*e*a,|,,"'<*-'
fo ^^™       ■       "    T"
i Canada Drug and Book Co., Ltd.f I .l,,.,;wi:r;— i
fo  , ._-    —— Aid        .    ,, I
fy Wc  take this opportunity ul' wishing
% our many Mends and P'lll'ons
* iiil'ilfJUHl^ 01DUUIV Ul., lu,, nu lutein,, uv. a
I'd llinit a
To lluy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
71777*^(1 u Dovoictiib 77 Si KWH & Anton
(illli M & BOOK (fl., Ll!., MM, Ui. |;
Wedn *-i! y. Jan. 2. For 2*1
hours, liglu, wetter!)' winds, line
and ele -r. colder. Temp., Mux.,
15 degree?, inin. 2,
Local and General.
Watch fnr the date of llie fiiucj
dress carnival next week at the
ri i.k.
A Swede suffering from enteric
lever was brought in on Monday
morning from i-Jicimotts and conveyed to tl.e hospital.
Don't forget the Polmatier Sisters
orchestra and concert oompany on
January 11 ih in lhe opora house,
the musical event of lhe season,
Mrs.T.Clean*, of Ballard, Wash.,
'. mother of'Mrs, A. Johnsou, arrived
in the eity last week on n visit lp
Mr.  and   Mr.-.  A.  Jphnf.n  nnd
la, toily,
'P. R*. Mitchell leaves on No. 96
for Otiawa tomorrow lo represent
G.'.'. !; itige Lodge No. 341, ll. of
L, F. an i i'... on lhe -Legislative
B ..
-he M ul-Heiiai.ii wishes nil itt
ri,-. li:- and friends a happy and
I -'■-: -: •■:•■ New Year nnd man..'.
th ..: : : ihe generous p ilronage
extei    - io il I y all.
'I -   -.*• : i.'.iu   nuiili1-1   in   lln
•- .-:*;: tlie. ihinel ni -11 - r
N'aii '    Irug   store is IIs!.   Tin
p .- - lhe winning coti| on
*•'•*    ]     ie call for tlie prize.
i.   ■   . men's meeting
On Sll!  : iy,.I   11  li i. ll   ■'<:".!! --'
the Y.M.C.A,    - ■   nl eei will
I... Oi.l I.- il."
Never before lms our stock
been so complete in Fancy
Groceries, including New
Nttls, London Layer Raisins, Figs, Dales, Oranges,
Bananas, Cra n berries.
Lettuce, Ninas Blockings,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe and Holly.
MONEY  TO LOAN       -i
XOTI.'H IS HEBEIIV UIVKN il.ul fmni and
ittor .Ida ditto ni.d .mul lurtlior nolice, ..II
ii'ci.iiul*ilnn mo in (i.i.iiiiic.ii'.. Willi my luili-1
iii-iii,■**ntr.'ui.-ii.lix.iu-.iiu 1)0 ,niii tolj.ll.
I'ojij-jrtivo, tvliinii 1 huvo u.iiiuliito'1 iii'iuiiRoi
lllrilljniiy ab-aiico, .mil nil necouilta oivllldb)
,uo will bo paid by him.
Hi..i-il lli-i-i-iiilii-r'.'lilli, IW,
.1. Ii. YOUNG,
PrniirlDtur Ouooi.'a ilotol,
3. 0. O. F.
Selkirk Lodge No. 12
All i.H.nl'.-iB nre requested Inntteiitl
...i Tluir-.lay, .lanmiry 3rd, 1907, Ihr
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, in
speaking of the influx of Hindus
into British Columbia, stated that
while the C.P.R, wiif only interested ns the carrier, lhe Hindus ought
to bo welcomed in view of the great
demand there is on the Pacific
Const for nil kinds nf Inliur in the
mines and fields.
The Liberal Associiition will hold
tlii-ir ciiii-,Tiiii.,ii al eiglil o'clock
this evening in their cominitlee
rooms opposite lhe Union Ilolel,
Firs) Street, for lhe purpose of
nominating n candidate lo represent Ihi* riding in llie forthcoming
provincial elections, I'he meeting
will be fnJInwed by a ban i let.
A grand prize masi|uei - li h il
will In* lield in Si Ikirk Hall on
i\'i iini-.-ii.iv.   Jan.  Ulii,  itiiiler til
Real Estate and Insurance Agts,
■KsnaanmaBiBBKiniisBBBni I
\\'AS'll'*,!l   A readier
\\     p!iv Plllllll- S lllllll,
lm-   (.'iiiiiii-
  Hull s  I
..'in' -in-,   7ili  Jaiiimiy, lill'7-Anpl)
Im (i.u-.i.i.i  Hiilliii'innil,  See)'. Scboul
rl, 1 i nm; In:.
20 per cent. off.
Ladies and Children,
33 1-3 per cent off
NECK PURS, in all the Fall Styles,
that sold from $2.50 to $20.
33 1-3 per cent eff
Hoods and Coats.
Now 25 Gents
CUSHION   TOPS that sold at  35c.,
40c and 50c, eacli.
25 per cent, off
JACKETS for  Ladies  and   Children.
Everyone of them new this Fall.
25 per cent, off
LADIES' WRAPPERS,    Flannelette
and Cotton.
20 per cent, off
FELT   SLIPPERS   for   Women and
Lots of Odd Lines
We have lots of odd lines-loo small to
advertise on which wc are making very low
prices to gel them out of the way.
If you want bargains come in and pick
them out for yourselves, They are here for
your choosing.
ITTANT'RD  A i.ii-i;i-!.i'.! I-..U1-1.
\)      re, I.   Apply J" ii  A.   II.1..P
ml* Herald
match wns arranged and aff irdt-i
much interest In those who visile,
lhe parlors. The musical projiram
was well seleoied, Mi-s-i*.. Veith
nnd Doyle acting a< orcliesera. Tin
following ladies assisted Mesdnnies
W. Kl-on, R. Mow on, ll. N. Doyle,
"Rev. Robert Kerr" as an Employment Agent,
Mi.xTHK.u., Deo. 31 —A Login clergyman, pm ii g nuiili- tho name ol
'Hev, Hubert Kerr," Ins lie* 11 stiind-
1 ng many people throughout Ontario,
iloplivceil iln- i I ■ wing uilve.tise.ne.it
.11 the Tornnl 1 j-ii| 1 rs :—' Wanted—
Ilev. Roi mh Kit 1 "i Wesl nou.it, Que,
,--.:. ■  ;ii tliiini  lor mi   y- ting girls
S h-lll     . .:■!■     i. ii I'l iM'i'*   I--,      - tl,'
I. ed  ..   . n  '   many replies
Ili ,v ia th,!   0  -■ yi..- - a    a
mi   v 1 .       1     -.■•..... father,
nil in   girl.      Lite   l.ved 111
1,        .   . . .
JANUARY, 3-4-5
IV,       llllll,       -'i'l,      '.lll'l'.-|     III'
auspices of ilu- Forgei-me-iiol Ch ii    "   '*' ' {"
an . 1 lizes   for   the  be.-! c. r-ttimes   ' ■ :
will l-i-  .: nn lo Indies ntli
men.     I ickcts i:,iu 1" obtain, tl al    id-.-.v
II. 1-1,n-..-. Do) ie tV Allum's jewel
tore _
Fori in ui Mi-  iiiiii lln- niisfor-
111.    lo   li.se ihi     lingei
:•■!!  liaii.1  rn, Suinl -
-luu  .!■'.-■ :.
..,,  In
wen -
. 1
, a; J.I!  n,     iiclii,ro..i
■  ,; ....--'- ;.
,, •   po 1: ■'.-1      '       '     -'•',     ,,:
1    : -     -      ■   ng Judge Ch menl
0|    Iii   :        :        -   1 : -ll "led   I" llll
.,..,, 1     ■  ..., h,
lho I'., ol   I.  E.,
0 R, 1    I*-   i l: T., 0. R. T., I, A.
01 M.I;   I I. V. i 1- ■■'■-" Bl!
othi:- nd - in niemb. rs ol  an In-
.-■,,•     .  i n. m, are requested      ttend a meeting lonigl
.';. -   ....    -. I. ...   ll '-" O'l lOCk.
tl 1,1
lu.ii.ei ii
^^^^^■.1 .   ..
.    ■ ■   to go
Brantford,   1
I-        ■- Ottawa.and
ther placet mil
11 in ntioned in  lomi ' these placet
■   ■   .     . ;  ■    evert
 *Hln I ■■"■ I
and guitar .|'u'inlette is one of the      '    '    ' I ! "   ''"' *'r"
features of the entertainment,                  ': !"    '   '' :'        '  ;'"'
„.,   ,,     ,    ,             I.,     'i-'i youi In me .- itt 1 .-■ plane
i-ii-i.ii was playi I yeati   la     ifti
:n| in, under the ausipei of tii
1,11. F. -:' Revi •!- i.i ii     .  i- -I,.
of their excellenl perform 11
.i mi   ry 11 li n i:.--1 Ipi re II ntse,
Will tl     '■;' -ii • are .in    - or
inn-! .iml a lady tromh -i mho
ii.- receiving unstinti -   -
ever  they  appear,    A mand lin
. ai I etwi -;. lhe i - rn-! lho '
I'. II., ,1 large number ol p. - * itor
icing present, The game wn in
ho ham!- nf tho r. I' It. practical-
ly the whole  time,  11 Ithough   the
fi i-iiii-ni.   And -    H ."- p' el  lhe
,„■" i  ii- '  tick ts, I wi    leethai
in v nre 1 11  the 1 1
1  .mh y ■■'  i
Alonn enme ihe 1 unit   Ki    had
ranged   ii..-  cm        ether in in -
individual play oi tho City   team -       hnl 1 tlun-.li
was worthy ol much credit,   When ,,,,,  |0I hin.  f.11 rallwa*
I'"'"   v (r:'|"'"1  ""' Bcoro   l'""1- Hon inipulatcd hit plan that there
■■'■''■     ' were only three or lour   I iy. in which
A slrong westerly galo swept ovei the money was to arriv.  	
ri   i- 1- inquiries thai mighl mean
in- undoing could be mode h.  -   ild
nr ninny iii.t.jri tiivoy
The imperial Limited Theatrical Attraction which has kept pace
with the phenomenal growth of the Occident and has done
more to advance the present and future Dramatic situation
of Wester/i Canada than all other interests combined.
i' ecity '-ii Sunday alternoon raisin:: lie- -n.i'.i in 1 louds and causing
lhe sidewalks to be blocked b)
drills in man) places,   l he winds
.I'lu'-iiv nt mil' period reached 60 ...    ...   ..     .   ,,„.„„.,
.,          ,       1   ,  , Nothng bottor than Our" Jpoolal
mile   an   hour, mul   the culling
blasts   broughl   thn    temperature Patronize-  Hnmn  Industry,     Smoko
down n-rv tpiickly,   Tlm ^ale blnvi levolstoko Cinars,
,:-,-li out ycslerday ovoning hutinj At)uor.t,Be y0ur homo City.    Send your
Thursday, Jan. 3
lA. comttll vnnr Pliy»lcl»n.H"N«Uon News.
Friday, January 4
uii Gill"
"I dream't I dwelt in Marble Halls."
"Then You'll Remember Me."
1 probability n repetition porhnpi. ,,   ,   .' ,„..,., ,„ ^,
1       .,,   , ■ i       ',       ,  , i        ' Ir.i.nU a box ol novolstobo CiKurn  for
worse, will   nke n aco l.e lore verv
I .i Xmas Prosont.
°' Rovolstoko CiRiire   Union  Mndo   Our
A very  pleasnnl social wn  held Opsolal, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
last night nt tho V. M, C. A. Ulldor .ro nhon.l ol nllothors.
llie allspice nf   the   LlldioB1 Alixll-|      	
'be enlorliiiiiiiiiiii. consisted
of vocal  and inttriimontnl music,
rild III'jS'J    Large eon .llmi boil '
.,.. |-'il'.|  Sl.'l'.-l,  it I  I
relresiiiiionU boing Borvod through- .,„ -rs, 0| tlm the schuol. Apply
lut  the evening.     A basket ball | to W, M, Lawi-ence,
MHCESreiERVEP tl-00-   Qanerai Admission, 75c


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