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The Mail Herald Dec 4, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewrit -»r I
m '
For esse  of operatb n and psrfi   'fffy
in   results   pr, duoid,    this   mschinc ~   t]
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Every piece marked in plain figures.
The whole comprisieg Teapots, Sugars and
Creams, odd Cups and Saucers, odd Plates, Vases,
Bon Bon dishes, Salads and many other small pieces.
If you wish to make a selection wc will keep it for you
until Christmas.
"We thank yuu gentlemen      for
generous     and   considerate manner in
which you have treated  us
matter of awarding the contract     f,
the dam, but wa cnnnol   tnke the work
and must withdraw our lender."
Such wnn the closing scene yesterday
evening nf (he live hour session of ll"'
city   council held     to   award the con-
iirucl for the new iliint and gatehouse
foundation when after a long nnd
momentous discussion Mosbi's, Foote,
Abrahamson and Fromey deeidod nol
to  tnke it,
i "Wo havo figured us low ns possible
und "'annul come down and after mir
conversation   with the engineer    lind
hud dune all  tbey could for
but  thu    lowest      tenderer
rights bo accepted.
Tho Mayor snid that the oouncil had
done all  they could to give the   local
men the contraot and asked them      in
'he |meet tUeui by cutting out the 8400.011.
local men ' teratiuiiri and new wing being built on
bould by I to tho hospital,  the furnishing of    tho
ward was necessarily postponed.
Mr, Abrahamson  said  it wasn't   that,   October Whist
do nut  feel  inclined to do the
tried     to meet you in ev
said  the Mayor,  "but it is
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light bill.
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Tinsmtthing Plumbing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Muad Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches M Agents nt all principal points in Canada.
A.tents in Great Britain and United Slates—London, England,
Lloyds Bank. Limited. Ohicago—First Natioual Bank, Corn Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
Cisco—Wells F^rgo Nevada Natioual Bank. Spokane—Exohauge
National Bauk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, aud Interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
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REVELSTOKE,      -      B. C.
thnt   w
"We linv
01 y way,"
up  to you."
A special meeting of the city council wss held yesterday aftornoou with
Mayor Lindmark, Aids. Pradolini,
Kimberley, Smno and Mocdonnld present.
! Tlio meeting was culled 10 lo. the
contract for the new power dam aud
got* bouso
I Aid. Macdonald, as chairman of the
Fire, Water and Light Committee, reported thut tbe committee had met
tho provious evening, the contract lig-
uroB had beeu carefully gono into;, uud
I the looal mon had agreed to reconsider their figures aud would reduce them.
The committee wore iu favor of tho
contract boing awarded to the local
tenderers, provided tho bonds were
satisfactory, and that the work would
ls- dono in the time specified.
I Mr. Befiner, of tho firm of Smith,
Currio & Chase, the engineers sngaged
by the city, was present and recom -
mended thst the lowest tender be accepted; thst work bo oommenoed     at
' once, and suggested that the oity supply the cement so that in caso tho
dam wanted strengthening it could be
done cheaper thst way.
I The Mayor said the Fire, Water and
Light Committee were nil in favor of
tho contract being given to local men,
end tlv> oouncil endorsed that viev, a!l
well. Public feeling was very strongly in (ovor of the local nirii geltlug
tho contract, bin tho council must not
run into any di-ticulties over it.
Mr. Heffner pointed out that tho reason the local mon were higher than
Mr.  Newman,  the lowest  tenderer, was
1 l>oo«uso tbey hnd to buy their plant,
whereas the outside contractors usually had thoir own plant ready for such
work-   He    explained      that   bis  firm
didn't care who rt ived the contract,
but he wished to be sure that the men
who  took  the work  were capable      of
doing it properly,  and  knew huw      to
handle the contract.
Aid.  Stone  snid   the  local  men  wire
[quite capable of doing  the work satisfactorily.
The question thon arose as to     the
, ndvisabitiu of throwing out the ten -
dors and doing it by day work, but
the engiueer Advised against it. Mr.
Heffner pointed out it was bis opinion
thnt ihe loeal men seemed to look at
tho unwnteringN of the river and drying the dam foundation as a serious
matter      where  as    the    outside    men
I thought nothing ol it, and that made
liim Ihink thai the lucal men were unaccustomed to work of this  nature.
II.- didn't want lu antagonize contractors, but be wanted tu Ix- fair
with the i-lty uud du whal was right.
I'he Mayor said there was little difference belweeii the reduced ligure-, of
ihe local men nnd the outside men.
except in the matter uf the ,offer dam
idling, and looic und solid rock work.
The engineer said he didu't think it
iair 10 use the outside men's figures
as n tool in order lo gel the lo,-al
man to come down in iheir figure.-,
and if this was    done it would be M-
iiiblishing n precedent,
The Mayor pointed out if the city
didn't help their own men uo one else
would, but lhe situation was 11,'t a
pleasant one.
Mr. Newman wns then asked tn meet
ihe oonncil, snd said he could nol
lower the figures, but lie had mado
bis tender, whieh was tho lowest, und
though! be ought to gel it. lb- had
carried out   many   large contracts  and
was quite capable of doing the work,
Tb« cbiel difficulty was lhe extra sum
,,f .MO" for 'he collet Idling dnm which
he local mon had put in. lb,- oilier
•onderers not including it Messrs.
Foots,  Fromey   and   Abrnhiiiiison  were
lien callnd in, olid after having tluJas proceeds from
-ituntion explained, and the difference freshments the sa/
n th» figures for the cnffei dam filling bringing their tender up lo Svl,-
7u0 nbovn that of Mr. Newman. Mr.
Foote naid that tbey could not come
down  nny  lower,   having   tendered    no
lose as possible
Mi    Ahrakamsoti  said  unions   llif in
gtnears  Would be on his  side he      for
om would not  take the job
I    Mr   Heffner nploln~l bs    was     not
I,mated in any way, and did not
«ho     got
'his: but thut ho thought in justice the
traot should go to the lowest tenderer
and also tbat the matter of turning
the river wus  tbe dillicult part.
Aid. Macdonald explained lhal the
lowest teuder was jusi Within tho estimates, bin the local men's figures
were over I bein.
The Mayor ngaiii said lhal il ilu-
local mou would wuivo Uio $d0U ihe
OOntraol  would be theirs.
Mr. Abraham-,.11 suid that if Mr.
Ilelinei WOUl(| s'sy hy them he was
willing to go ou ivjth it.
Mr. Fromey offered lo cul lho matter
of $400 in two, but the Mayor would
not accept it.
Aftor 0 sbori consultation the two
local contractors, Messrs. Footo and
AbrohauiBou, decided to agree to the
terms bul nothing wns arrived at.
Again thu throe men consulted, and
this time refused to tnko it, Mr. Foote
saying thut the elements wt.ru against
them, snd after what the engineer had
told them when discussing the affair,
tbey thought lho contract should bo
givon to the lowest tonder. The job,
anyhow wus uot a nice ono, especially
this timo of yenr and so many unfor-
soon difficulties might occur to sot
back tho work that, the risk was utmost too great.
The     Mayor again    put  the matter
ery strongly, explaining that it was
up to tbem if tbey cared to take   the
job at    tlie figures,    wbicb   exceeded
thoso of the lowest tenderer.
Mr. Fromey said he was willing
to go on with tbe work, nud tho threo
men being ono* more undecided, con -
suited together, this time definitely
refusing to take it.
Tbis was final and the Mayor then
said that they had douo all they
oould to hslp the local men but if
they refused to take the work It wat
up to them.
The local meu expressed their thanks
to the oouncil for the way in which
they had been treated and shook
Mr. Newman was culled in aad was
informed that he hnd been awarded
ibe oontraot.
It   was moved    by Aid. Macdonald,
secvudud   by   Aid.   Prft<_.oli_ai,   Tk*t   th»
contract lor the concrete dam and
gate house foundations be Swarded to
W. Newman & Co., ol Winnipeg, according to the plans and specifications, the work to be oompleted by
March 10th, 1910.—Carried.
Mr. Newman thanked the council,
assuring them that tho work would be
'-oniinonoed at once, and that he
would stand by the city aud carry out
lhe contract  to  the letter.
The contract figure of Mr. Nowman
k Co., is 845,482.00.
The lender for the erection of the
office building ul the power house was
let to 6. ti- Shaw for 8446.71.
Among other business the by-law
for tbe providing for nil necessary expenditures for the city for 1009, nntl
the puymeiu of ull debts, debentures
etc., was introduced and received its
three readings, being unanimously
'The court of revision on the voters'
lists will sit on Friday, December 10,
at 7 p. 111., the court consisting of
the Mayor and Aids. Kimberley and
I'ity Electrician North reported that
the hospital hud made a request for
'-'8 new lights.for their new wing. Tlio
iuul ter was laid over.
The council  then adjourned.
Hox  Collections  	
Feb.  Whist	
April  Ball   	
Receipts from  Drum.   So
liefroshmenls and  Dance
Transferred  Account   	
Hobson   Hell,   fruit  elc	
It.   Howson   	
.).   Bull   	
,1.   Maley   	
Keid &.   Young   ,	
Canada  Drug 	
II.   Manning   	
M.  McRae  	
Opera  House  	
Cheque to Miss White for fruit
(Summer months)  ,,,
C.  B.  Hume & Co 	
Bourne  Bros	
„ .8102.00
...   U.oo
..      2.45
.. 55.60
.. 03.0U
..   I 71.ilu
..* 1-2.85
„    U.OO
,.   22.80
. 3.80
.     9.10
„    10.85
.    25.00
McLennan  &  Co     21.79
Woolsny  &-  Lefeuux  	
W.  Bews  	
Guy Barber 	
M. Heodrick 	
Lawreucc    Hardware Co.
Balance in Bank 	
ladies' Annual Hospital Report
Ladies Hospitul Annual roooet.  *'!
The following is Ihe report of I he
Ladies Hospital Guild for the current
year jusi closed, as hnndod in by lhe
Socretury and Treasurer:
Hilling the past your  the Guild    has
kept the hospital    regularly   supplied
with fruil, ns well as furnishing linen,
crockery etc., when necessary. On Feb.
9th a Progressive Whist Tournauieut
wus held iu lhe t'ity Hall, the sale ol
tickets resulting in 855.50, tbe expenses connected wiih same ninountnd to
XII.15, leaving a  profit of 844.35.
On April 20th a Hospital Calico
Hall wns held, the salo of tickets realising 1180.00. On May 24th the Amateur Dramatic Club staged "All the
Comforts of Home," donating half tlie
profits amounting to 808.00 to ths
Guild. Tho sum of 88.10 was roalkod
the danoo and re -
      livening after  the
Mrs. W. II Elson rosigued tbe presidency owing to her leaving Hevelstoke, and the     vioe-presldent Mrs. J,
,!.  Porter filled tbst office till  tl id
of the toi in
At tho meeting uu May 27th it was
risiolvod by ihe ladies present, tlmt a
private ward in the hospital be furnished und ii committee wns appointed
to orrnugo for tbn purchasing of fur-
ths coetrset    Ths  .euncif nlture lor tlw sam«   Owing to th« al-
Conservative Association.
The uuniial meeting of tba Revel -
stoke t lonservative Association wee
beld at the Selkirk Ball Inst evening.
There wero about 220 persons present,
W. W. Foster, president, in the chair.
Tho following were appointed delegates to tho Convention at Kamloops:
T. Wadman. D. Jackson, K. McDonald, A E. Kincaid, H. McSorley, I".
Alternates.—P.  Hooley,  E.  M.  Clay,
R. Tapping, S.     Crowe, sl. Meek,   T.
Downes, B. Smith, T. Dope*-
The following were appointed offi •
curs for the ensuing year:
Hon. Pres.—Hon. K. L. Borden, Hon
Richard McBride.
Hou Vice Pres—Hon. Thos. Taylor,
A. S. Goodovo.
Pros.—W. W.  Foster.
First Vice Prim,—Hoy McDonald.
Second  Vice lJr»-s.—Frunk Holten.
Third   Vice Pros.—Dun  .luckson.
Fourth Vice Pres.—A.  Mclutyro.
Socre i a ry.—Theo XX ail ui an.
Asst. Sec'}-.—B. R. Blucklock.
Treasurer.—Frank McCarty.
Executive Committee.-C. .'. lirown,
.1. A. McMillan, ltobt. Squarobriggs,
G. S, McCarter, ,1. Rogors, ,1. Cump-
bell, II. McSorley, A. Hansen, Hun
Firth, tt. Leslie, XX. C, l.uwlor, Ann.
Meek, XX. Fleming, .1. Ringer, Hugh
Lougheed, 'lames Donald, -J. Lyons,
S. Crowe, VV. Cowan, A. P. Forde, T.
Brudshuw, J. Mclntyre, VV, A. Ainslie,
VV. A. Foote, F. Corson, T. Dow us, J.
McLeod, VV. A. Sturdy, Chus. Field,
Peter Hooiey, H. Ilornell, II, A. Law-
sou, A. .1. MeDonell, Robt, Tapping.
F. Young, VV. II. Humphreys, II. Man
niug, A. McSorley, .1. Luughiou, Win.
Clay, ti. M. Clay, A. II. Armstrong,
W. J. Luw, Vi. Smythe, A. Young, .1.
Nixon, Ed. Trimble, VV. Watson, A.
Armuu, VV. Armstioug, T. Lawrence,
•I.   tlunie,  R.      Smith,  A. G.  Brooker,
Ed. Corning, S.    Sutherland, II.    V
Doyln, C. Holten, E. ,M. Allum .Ioe
Hooley, P, Murphy, T. Barrett, C II,
Oothorill, D. Farquhur.
A pausing feature of the evouing
was thu presentation to T. A. Wadman
secretary of the ussociution, of n
purse of gold subscribed by tbo mem
Iters in recognition of Lhu services rendered by him in llu> late election. The
presentation was mado by W. A. Ainslie.
Camborne Public School
Following is the report ol tho pupils
oi Ctimborno public school for lhe
month of November:
Highest average pen -outage obtained
iu all branches of study,—Olive V.
Abey, 83, Least absent and tardy
marks, Percy Otto, Best goneral oon
duct, Mildred M. Henry.
Miss M. MOSEK, Teacber.
Moving  Pictures To-night.
TIMOTHY UAY.-We have enough
Hay bought to supply all parties
throughout this winter. Delivery guar
iintoed at auy lime. Present prices,
824 por ton. Guaranteed .No. I quality,   MOUNTAIN SUPPLY CO,
Dolls.- largo und small, every kind
you want lo choose from at, Muclou
aid's Druf Stem
High Class Groceries
We have an ever increasing sale for these
Choice Teas.
Have yon ever tried Barringiun Hall steel  cut chaffless
Coffee.''     If not   you   have missed a  splendid   Coffee,
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cans is excellent .aim-  for large consumers,   while our
well known fresh roasted ground-as-you-waiit-it   Coffees
at from 30 to 50 cenls per lb. cannot be beaten for flavor
and strength.
Carrs, Christies and McCormicks Biscuits
All the Best Kinds.    Frys,   Webbs, Robertsons    and     McCormicks     Chocolates.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables,   Special prices on these before witter sets la,
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing ,
I  Crockery    Glassware   Sherwin-Williams \ aints, etc. I
be afraid of
your shadow
make a. good
Cop,,r.<tl,t. !9o7     /,
by * r-C-lulTauV
You can't cast a shadow in the dark, and you
can't stand the light unless you are dressed well.
We can dress you well let us coat you over
with one of our Blue, Black, or Grey Beaver overcoats. Ij will please you. We satisfy out customers. We say "customers" because when a man
once lets us clothe him he becomes a customer for
A clearing sale ot Boys' and Youths Overcoats
and Pea Jackets, sizes from 12 to 35—$1,85 to Sb.75
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangement* hove recently been compleicvl undei   which th»	
of this Bank ore able to Issue DraftB on '!,-- principal points
In the following countries:
Austria- Hungary    Finland Ireland
Belgium Formosa Italy
Brazil France Japan
Bulgaria Fr'ch Cochin China   Java
Ceyloa Garmany Manchuria
China Great Rritaia Mexico
Creta Greece Norway
Denmark Holland Persia
Egypt Iceland Phillipmr Islamls
Faro* Island* India Romnania
and risen
BRANCH—A.   H.;   ALLEN.    MOR.
I You Don't Have To 1
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
jntertor publishing Compang,
Subscription   Rates
iDcluilng po^ta*''- '.o  Lnfiaud, United
aud Canada,
hj tLe j-bttrlthrouKl» po»Luiticc] '■■
Hai*        " " 	
gu.»ruir "
J ,>b    tUXTINU ^rumptly extxnitod at ro»r*oi ■
abie iales.
rtHili— \ tt--_.li,    Hubroni'tiaiir payable in (\U
Loyal notice* I'M tnt- per lino lirst insertion,
S cenU per line each subsequent iti->« riiou
Modeurvuivni. Nuup.inel [12 lints make one
inch J. bicre and general businu-r an
Dooncemttnifi $-'-■>■ per Inch per mouth.
Preferred pj.-uioii-.. J_> ^er cent, ad-
'hui'.il. Births, Marriage* and Death*,
50c   each  Insertiou,
Land i >ticw iT.-'.' All advertUemonU
f ._.'. ,.'-■: to the , :■■ uval oi' tht; management.
\Va.ntvtl and Condetwed Advertisement*:—
Ageate Wanted, Help Wanlod, Situations
warned. tiitu&Uoiu Vacant, Toaehord
Wanted, Mochanicn Wantud, 10 words or
ten '->.•.. eaoh additional lino 1'J cents.
Changttt in -utndiii^ advertisements tnu«t
r>e in u> y *. in. luesday and Friday oi
BCOU week to secure good display.
COtUtEUPON'DKNCK invited on matters ol
public internet. Communications to Kdi-
tor must be aooompanled by namo ol
writer, not oeoedbarlljr io publication., bul
u* evidence uf <oo<l faith, Correspondence
should be brief.
Eight Roomed House on Second Sireet, close in to
centre of'Town, at $25 PER MONTH.
Six Roomed House on Fifth Street; all modern except
fiimncH; exceptionally warm for winter, at $25 PER
Seven-Roomed House on Third Street; plumbing com-
plete,at$25 PER MONTH.
Five-Roomed House on leased land for sale at $200
Four-Roomed House on Fifty Foot Lot, for sale at
B.OKt,   Ii. C,
Nloney to loan,
Offices; KeveUtoke. Ii <
K.   M.   l'lMCUAM
I'raLbrouli, B- l\
J. A. Hakvuv,
Cranbrook, n,
mul wo notioo every high school m
Toronto is to bu equipped for technical education. On this question Chief
Inspoi'ior Hughes says: "A great
many children go to Iiiiii achool only
for n yoar or two, and what they
learn that wny in littlj benefit to
them. If Ihoso pupils had an opportunity to try their hands at technioal
work they might lind n profession
suited to them, and would go on to
the technical school aftorwards bettor
pupils, and with a good knowlodgo of
the rudimentary works. I Ihink this
it bound to coino."
Ban istei
Solicitor, etc,
Solicitor for:—
The Canadian Bank op Commkboe,
Thk Mouohb Bank, Ktc.
Provincial Land Surveyoi
Mining ;'L" voyu
bugmtJuriiiR  of faityul sorvico
The teaching profession in one of the
most valuable to tho slate and -should
Iw put on the civil service lint with
provision for superannuation, The salaries paid ten,Tiers are not princely,
considering the cost of living, nnd after all the annual provision necessary
to compound a fair pension afler years
in not greni, ns
shown by tho working of tho Dominion Government annuities, the teachers are of course
ii nil a discussion of
An interesting debate 1ms taken
place in tho House of Commons on
tho motion of Mr. Miuik, M.I'., for an
investigation of lho present peiiiteu •
tiary system. This is a subjeet whieh
h.-iv hnd much atlontioti from thoughtful investigators, with tho result the
present system lias been condemned by
ovory thoughtful man. It is a breeding ground of crime. Men nud worn -
en are brought before the courts
charged with olfoncee committed iu
thoughtloasnoss, or aa tho result <>t
evil companionship or Qnuntsnl pressure. Tbey ore tried before magistrates, often prejudiced and Ignorant ol
tba duties aud responsibilities devolving on them, and those offenders aro
oourso has Its degrading
elloct to such nn ox-
tent thai it has bocomo almost an
axiom that "once an offender always
un offender."
It hua been proved lhat a probation
system   is   the greatest   deterrent    anil
reformer.   That is a system whereby a
first offender is not sent   to prison  t,,
mainly iutcroBted,   herd with criminals but la set freo, ex-
the aubject at  the   cept in  tho case ol serious offonoee in-
V111 HITKl 1-
AND  KKt HXsTUKK,   11,
I 1,0 ti.
All i-ouiinunicntious nddressi-
tiiiie.  K-v,'l-.ti.lc-. will huv
C.   VV.   O   W.
Mountain  View Cmnp   No. 12B
(Meet*   Sccund  nnil   F.urlh   VVitlui -iliiy,
each month. In Selkirk IlalL   Vlsltin   Wo
sen cordially tnvin<l to attend.
JuIlN CARLSON, Con. Con,.
J   MilNTVl-.b. Clerk.
convoutions would be interest- dlcating a distinctly criminal oharac
showing tho viewi of tho pro- ter, Sow probation officers arc nn
on  tho    proposnl,  und lending  animous iu iheir testimony  that suel
perhaps  to n  practical  solution  ,,f the
I n ll mini
ing ns
ie-  ion
F. O. E.
The rszu'.s: n.eetii.iis «• W.d tu lh« Bsi,llr';
BaU    STorj     Tuesday     evuuiag    Bl     List.
o'olook.   Vi*niuir hrmlireu c,rdiallj lnvit»a.
I    J   WAL8U.   I'tEBlDENT.
Kootaeay LOdB«, No- ">i *'• F. * A. M
Tho regular moot-
inc^ are hold In iho
Oudfeiinw* Haii.uu great,
tbe t: . r-.i Mouda; in
Bncii   mouth    at    &
P ai.  Vi»itiugbretl,
reu    cord:
itiiic b
U a. f HOC UN IKK, Skchktakv.
SELKIRK LODGE 12. 1.0,0. F
_ I Visiting brethrsi, sr,i
Uy .nvi-.t-d to attend.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
Ho. 26, Revelstoke, 8. C.
M1.K1-  . .   .KV   IVEDXSSUAV
.... t .... >\ e I net I.
iu:. ■ ick.    \ I it.ii
-tm^b! rlialiv   r.Tl'.c.l.
Ii is time thnt Rovolstoko took up
with tho postal department tho quos-
non oi a city mail delivery. Rural do-
livery he b's'i, adopttsl nt several
eastern point,- with success, aud surely a city ivi tli the population of Rovelstoke should be entitled to the con-
cession, One condition of the grant -
ing of postal delivery ie that stirets
should be named and houses numbered, but we are sure the eity council
would bo glad lo bave that condition
.-omplled with. Indeed Aid. Maodonald
brought the matter up in the city
.ouuoil some time ago and the Mayor
and Aldermen ull expmnsed favorable Such considerations show that il,e
viewy. The expense would not be very present system ,,f dealing with crime
'md if the council will take | la valueless as b method of protejtion
stops to get this work done ii will of society from the criminal -Li .,
pave the way for the demand trom the and a radical reform of the Byst«m is
Postal Department for free postal de- required, .lodge Lindsay, the i-i-Ii •
livery throughout  the city. brated  Colorado     philanthropist,  has
  set   i  noble oxample in the work     ol
criminal  reform    and  his  best   helper
have been thi        men      il -h" St i
Vancouver proposi a to
ile-     ,
...... form, i ''■■
ind ....
a method ,,f dealing with crime has
I boon  ilu- most offoctivo Bystem of ro
form evtir    known,     and  that 915 poi
'•em ui fiisi offenders dealt with on
this  basis never offend  again  or be
come   hurdtined   criminals.
On the other hand there aro men
nnd women whose liberty is a menace
to iheir fellows. These people are a-
much a danger to society as lunatics
and should tie kept under perpetual
restraint. It is m fareo to comnii,
such people to prison (or a definite
term and then ideas" them, ouly to
again become a prey on society in,I
perpetrators of fre-h crime. Some of
the most notorious crimes of htstJ'-v
have been porpctroted by such man
after  release from  their terms
Although  Canadian finunc
is  Hgain
*SITH, c. r,
ti. H. ilKIXli, K.
J   H
— -
Meet- every Thnr.--
"A. day  eveuiug  io   Sol.
\|eirk Hall at 8 o'clock  in good slmpe, u is perhaps nol  generally known  tjin,   several ol  tha head
[ offices ,,f tho  Hanks  have sonl  out    to
iheir     local     managers    a
.igniii-i  encouraging      •.,»■
any  form.   These eir iilars  point
■hut    notwithstanding      tin
thoro will bi   i     funds available
speculative purposed  and  pe,
have to v» slow  an,'
b isiuoss ongagemeul -
Nor is thin    mdii        „ -,,1.  I!.,
that tho Hunk of     England is
' aining  ite     rat,
ibll    its   Usual   rate.
lition  is world-wid,
ire , xpectii g oppoi I plunge
will nud thej   aro tnintaki o
real estat  ■  \ ;
the provinnial legislatures,
Hon. Wm. Templeman'n bill to a-
mend the Inland Revenue ft,'t provideB
for nu increase in the license fee ol
Inland revenue bonding warehouses
from twenty to liny dollars aud provides, for the doing up of cigarotteB in
packages of '2t, as woll as of 20.
: J. 1). Taylor of New Westminster, on
motion to take up supply precipitin,sl
a brief debate on the question of tho
appointment ,,i u new tloutenant-gov-
ei'iior, for British Columbia, lion .ins.
Dunsmuir, tho present lieutenant-governor, having announced his munition
to rolit-0. Ho said according to newspaper reports the executive commit i't>
of the British Columbia Liberal association had forwarded the government
a recommendation iu favor of tlio appointment of Fred C, Wade to this
position, which was the highesl in the
gilt of the government,
I He had put u question to the prime
minister in regard to lho matter and
had hoped to be told thai tho premier
had administered n rebuke to tne pur-
lies who hud presumed to make ol this
high office a mat tor of party patronage. Instead tho premier had said
ihat sueh u recommendation would
bu regarded as a private unit ler. Mr.
Taylor hud dissented from this view.
He suid that .Mr. Wade in thu course
of tho recent provincial campaign hnd
mnde charges against tho McBrido governnienl which could uot bo substantiated. It waa intolerable be said tbat
a man who had sueh charges should
lie uum'.iJ ub thu advisor oi tbe. gov -
ernmenl whioh ho had accused. Mi.
Taylor declared that no man should
receive a public ollice us n reward Ior
taking  purl   in  a political campnigu.
.Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in reply, said
that the government had received noticu from tho lieutenant.governor that
he would retire at a certain dale nnd
before that date his successor would
have to bo named. When the appointment was made the government would
la- op>n to praise or censure and not
before. Sir Wilfrid ridiculed the idon
that the government should censure
anyone for giving advice as to any
appointment or matter of public moment.
Censure would In- most properly due
in those who criticize beforo an appointment is made. The government
recognized its duty and would endeavor to name some oue of irit-proaeh •
able record for the poat. .Sir Wilfrid
dosed by relating that In this matter
the government proposed to be judged
only by its act.
Martin Burrell said lhat F. ('. Wade
who had been mentioned ior the lieu ■
tenant-governorship, must necessarily
be a partisan since he took part in
the provincial election. Others whoao
names had been bandied about in tho
newspapers had la-en mentioned as
ludgc for the court of appeals.
K. L. Borden asked why the wins,hi
..f justice must stop because Hou. A.
It Aylesworth had to go to Europe.
This excuse for delay in ihe appoint .
ment of judge- was absolutely unworthy of consideration. The appeal
■■ourt should have been constituted in
September la-,' Hon. Mr. Fielding
-aid Mr. Borden's remarks were unfair
to Mr. Aylosworth. The liritish Col •
-rnbia governmenl had shown no haste
ive thu ourt ol appeals constituted.
The opening of a railroad to Kin -
■sliiii, the moat southerly island of
Japan, completes a Urand Trunk line
of about 2.0(10 miles running the whole
length of the country from Hokkaido
on the north east to Iviushiu on tho
south west, oxcopt for ferries between
Moji and Sbimonosokj and botween
Acmori nnd Hakodate. The timo"be-
iwism Tokio and Knsoshima is now
Ifi hours, ,-is against 5_1 days in feu -
dal  times.
Tho Great Northern is expected lo
put on n regular train service to
Princeton early in December.
The Canadian Northern Railway
ain reportF very heavy earnings
last week nud a gain in gross since
July I of 8850,300. Reference was
mado last week to the heavy increase
in gross receipts by tho Canadian
Northern since the grain movement
began, The company is now operat -
ing 8,180 utiles of trackage, and a
your ago there was only 3,091 miles
in use, so thai the operating depart -
ment has only SO miles more thnn last
.venr from which to draw income, Tbe
five hundred odd miles constructed
this yuur have not yet been taken over
by tho operating department, Gross
earnings for Inst week aud July 1 to
dato are:— .
July 1
to date.
Week     end Nov.  21, 8S7,tl0fl   5,170,600
Corresponding period
.   last yuur   287,600   1,829,300
Si OTT. ..i. ol F.
Zbc flDatMherato
... Hon
Ilie Lardeau
-   men,
SATURDAY   DEC. 1, 1009
[only have one ending,  and thai      the
Germany it    evidently  heading    I ir
istlonal     »ai krupt- ■ or   war      I'___•■
..mou: •  ■       ■■•   spei .,.   German' '•
army  ind ar will be &.(1 '--
'er ,000,   i          pared with .-■-       th in
,«_.'T",,<>_'.'- u     during I hia  yeai       I be
bull    i      ■
but   _.■',-_;.'.                .' il, ...     .:
Fa ■ -rii,'. :        being md
game *■ eery land boom he
matti r  bow   la oi ible  tho  , ondi .
i rea tion will   om,
•   . -1   lay, .md     thi isand lie
i igbt     in  -he    maleetrom   uvi  i  ■-
prospe ts ruined lor llf i
I ...    .!...  -.!   ue'  old   l-lll-
■   •:.. lea ..   ■ i,.     amc in  ihis
eek ■■ ■ ith, informs us thai
ind  marble  quarry  .a
-,,   and 90 .n.-n   in
iwo   mills   'il'"       kept
-■;,<! for ',,..   tone
■   res     ..;   " much
■ . will  bo great ly e i ton
eat ,i.
Mi    ,,- the    ardoau
.-ill  not  iee an a tive revival ol min-
iug  -.ill  tha Arrowhead and  Eootei iy
loilwa-.   ;, bid'
II ..
...   ,il.   it
■ .
Higu     ... ifl •
■   ,   it  ■   : if  Wl
'lerman and      iei sl   ie»i en   ■ ho 1
',»efcii follow.,    ol       ' .In,
it is now admitted bj   ibe highesl
thoriti,..- on  th,-      petinti   thnt  Gil
many,  -he Uniii d   Sl    •■     aud  Frn    ■
',.->•.■   reached       "   ol  high    I i ifl
poeeihilities, and ■     , .   ,   hall
hat direction,   Anothoi    ,Im»   wl
ihows  whid,  way   the  wind  blows
'ha demand "f a p iwerful    notion     of
-he  N. '...■  V ,i.   pr,      I ,r iu..  trade  b<
tweon Canada and ihe United Slat,
i»",| grei
p ,     j',' •    I Soeialiai ...
...ne thing ilet' every body mu I admil
lind  admii,■ n,   : he  So . oui,
ei .. and that  is thi
dominion Parliament
■il   OF   BR1
intend   ha  inspect
.   .,.
.,,„! men   ire
,ig , ioi        i -   ' aken
■'       '  .-        ine and have
•ikwr,   steps   to gl n
i thi
We are great   believers    in tochni, i
education for tho publi,   ichool       I
present school system  -rain-, tho hi
out  leaver   untrained   lhe   hand,   w!
after all is   the   greal    poi i    bel
,fha'.    William  E,    Glad   om   decl
'be dignitj    ol la  -,r.   Ontario   is
ting a  good     exaoij'l" in  'l'i'   rt"-'.~
,.,  ,   absolutely   I ee  Irom   bi iboi      in i
corruption,  I,Milling  for  their        , , ■
-.,•  believi        it,    md
eacriti, inj   •  •    11 ing   for il
a grand   pirit, made i il  ; he
liu- brought   ,',"   British    Etnpin    lo
v.l,,,l it is  todaj ■   Iv oi
mora   eai       ontosted     h      oi   .1   ,.,
notwil li landing lhi   fael   lhal   I lm ?|(JH
deposit is .,.     gene all;       „
11,„  publi,    I I,'., •',
I he  noblest    i;j.. i. ■■ man  mi
h,    fellow    ,      >..'    , :      '
and >" erv     ' il ,/,',i     should hs ■
right  to offei  his  ,,ri.e. lor the pub
lie good withoul. being pemiii I
this way. We hope the no t lej
tlllo  will   lake      steps     to     bl      I  lhi
oli  tion d,.]". it,   ft ii a lollo    I bur
barisin.     and    contrary   to ,1, ■ ijn«io
prlni iples of free spec, h and frm   dli
ctiBsion ol    public que ition       ' H   in-
ai  the baals ol the  Uilti-d, '  ■ i liiu
■iei    of
-te,    1 hei •-   ■
rea .
l   .      oi
ir,,-. in,
in n.i
ipalitie    -. i.I
problem  bul . ..,,i
lhe v ,,   „||       \)r
1 nn ie added  lhal    lei   lhi   pi	
of 11 i a h
nd fou
I   discii    ioi   follcn	
ol ih,- bill iho iid I. i' . bcoti pro
"■ lod with 0. ;, formal nwolutlon, il
boing ,i n ilti ■ ', „•;. n id,
il wn allowed lo nl md until ihe
oil,,',.,I of lhe hon i, mid , Ivn n do
cl ion In idi,,' ill, ,, Wilfrid l.niir
lor i pre . .1 lIn .,, [,,{ , lhal the
weighl ,.( broad doe nol ome undoi
Iho jurisdiction ,.| the Dominion Go
ernmenl bill should bo deal I with   b)
I .        ■	
'!      ...
.   j]
'■■'   I o,''' I rolled Ic.
Dr.  Vi r of H
ith li
ior plnnl   and    ,nlT ol
hall   ' :    -I  men.
 I   mining  and  citing   pi   peri io     In   the coppoi   ,1, tricl
of   111 il I ',■    <  ,ilnti,I,ia    hall'    lie, on,, ii
h, I,., ,i„.   .< 1.1 ii ii i.iioi 1.1 mi i i oppei
 pnlatwl   by  J    P    Morgan
.'■  I        ,1   ^„w Vork, is believed generally in lo >,l mining cirolei.
Increase   -    100,300    860,800
C, P, R. traffic earnings Ior tho week
ending November 21, 1P00, 81,993,000
for lho aarne week lasl year $1,651, •
000.   Tiicrenso 8342,000.
A Paris despatch states tho Com-
pagnio Tfansatlantiquo availing itself
of the now Franco-Canadian commercial treaty will run special mail ateam-
ers to Canada, receiving n subsidy ol
3,000,000 francs, paid equally by Canada and France.
Capt. ,1. Vi, Iroup, superintendent
of tbo C. P, It. steamship service in
Uritish Columbia, hus left for Kng
laud lo superintend the construction
of two new steamers lo l>e added to
the Vancouver Princess ll,-ei. One will
replace tho Charmar.
Dan Mann     says arraugemeiite Ioi
the  construction of the C.  N.  R. in
British  Columbia  will bo ontored into
-.-'.__v.,S>—---: ''-■-...- 'i.'.^l .  •
'^ r/Ai'i
'•Ai.--'* ;
'-. '*    -   ''. s,    '
. ,-./■■'o —
.  i
"'■ '   ','      ■ x '
t",\ ""\f.-A    ' .
i ,
.             ,
[ri 'ja-a- '
• . . ■■■
V  ,   ■:.!■■:
i ' .''■■"■ ""     : " *'
?-\aa:'-:•"' ' i
. •- 'A.. ..a _   •   .
__•:,,'. );'
dining is hr.t'ti ,v . a ■-
Fko    ti'. ,v,".o. •   i,!-.,-.    A...-:-.,
'.,. in-- nud •.■,.::     -I .'.- :■   ..'
ivear and a-.,.; a a. ___'.. ,.: ...',
ieep down in tho. mine, v ry soc
lakes tho Yiin out of tha leather
But    the   A.ME8'IIO_LDEN    Co
mako a I    '   ■■   ■', !!;   r to '   I
itand thia n>;.;.,_i usag     I'he;
jive ■- deal of time and al-t< i
tioi   to it, and tlml \-  R'hy  ;'
■ pi ice.   Calf vamp   so :
.,' lide   and   in tide   sole i    i ■
I dou i ■   • :. i ■;': [.iiii;
large <  <■'■■      v  II i ■ « n I aoi
■ I uble    si le    runninj
heel—a d fill
ii'-, known and dependabh  ,' i
for miners' ■•■ "fir.
ask  ron ihc
AME8-H0L0EM P"     '
•    'live yci full vdluc
'"ry dollar spent
, «p you in"/ in
"•■ wettest v, latner,
Imii Cc.miAi, Omt CirmuK Cfl.«i lotrua Cu
A Favorite Member
Royal Crown Witch Hazel Soap:
Soothing and Healing
With a Rich, Creamy Lather
Tis a Dainty—Efficient—Toilet-Expedient
And  Produces Beautiful Complexions.
;.   . . . --V ;-„■■. ;■-'•'.;«'."»■  :
,    .'       A i^-i... ■'tfptfi.'&y''''*''
' if~        \ ,'..-Ni?'<,    .:i'.><iii'_i-
(■ itqF"'
P.BUBN8 & t0.f LTD.   Phone 21
S&iZHfrAA ■■',--• :>'.v.t. -i.A- IZJiSH&AAii.. A
hrfP War Spa  Imsn I  - ■■■-   B«ac
thin<   of   •rnz.'i ■"■','.,a The   inosl   freqiionl   disappoint i.ienl
AND FOLEY'S' TOOBl'HtH i'i   ll 11 i '»  - "Ills  i-  in   filldilli; (hell,   lillt
wHtN  vou    ov   ■   ->\ '    mste :i,i-l old In npnoaranco,   You
n  .' v it'll that in Foley's Sodas.
We make I''Icy-  l' »i   '■'■    ',■•'■■■ m -hi \i_i.l.    No shipping from
plled-upol Islouk   -, I  ■ ■      - n i l-t'i' i ■ •' lb-v ri id.
We   ship   only   il   lu-i'   !■■•   '•"'•    Im' -„•"',   :,:;-•„■,,f tin pails.
Foley's so-.lai rea -'i '•' ' i   n > n • i i   'vi.-l,- tb-i   i-m   >-r'-c;,   (resli,
sweet, p.diiaM.- ■• i i 1 l, m , i   . i: • i i'i-,'l-n-> Cu i.n: >r,-.
Fofcjya arc well-Hi'.' t , I. w -li ,ii i i • a , ! p.- •;' :',,' pack id ?rash soda3
Foley  Bras.   Larson 3t Oo.
I  The Vernon fire showed the need
t  gf our
The best safe-guard in which you can invest. Every hotel should
be fitted with tliese as a matter of safety to occupants. Kvery house
should have one on its roof.
J Only 45c. a foot.   Sample on view here.
} Revelstoke, B. C.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohas.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
stags .irs"
Make Your Home Beautiful
witi. one ol our hands' Die parlor Beta,
iipliiilste.ed in liiich (rrade Bilk, or
damask, wi'.b Iremes that are in every
oone.oivable design, and made to wesr
indetlnitely. We have r.inny new and
beautiful p irlor sets and odd pieces lor
beautifying tbe home that are tasteful, elteotive and inexpensire, and w I
show your rooms In the bept »dvnn
Import direct from country ot origin.
T?,TPVl3iii,ST,OK:-E!    Td.  <"\
mmm TmE mail-herald, revelstoke b. g
Scotch  Whisky
Necessity of Large Reserve Stocks.
Only when adversity comes, can we know
our full strength—or weakness.
A smaller concern would have been completely dismayed by the disastrous fire which,
in one night, wiped out our Dundee warehouses,
together wi'h two million gallons of Watson's
But we were carrying on business—without
inconvenience to any of our customers—the
very next day.
The large stocks of whisky we continually
hold in reserve at other points, enabled us, at
thut c-ucial time, to fill all orders witb tbe usual
promptness—and with whisky of tbe uniformly
high quality that has always distinguished our
When you consider that a two million
gallon loss could not hamper us, you can readily
understand how well we are prepared to meet
any untoward circumstances that may arise, and
to ensure uniform age and quality for the
contents of every case we ship.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR  — A o,,iu. thorou||liIy matured Scotch.
"NO. 10"-A lulUoJi.J. richly lUvoi.J Scotch.
JAMRS WATSON ,<i CO., Limited  - Dundee.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour.  Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock tt a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
*^&* At*' 5       ______
"*   « .l-.-'l! Xt„ _>__.*._. 1... .OW»-.        r
NOTICE is  berehv   Riven   that   the
Municipal Council of'the Oity nf Rovelstoke intends to undertake lhe con-
Mi notion of certain works of local
Improvements, viz., the construction
of branch sewers to the line of street
and for constructing branch sewers to
connect lhe lands or real property and
buildings thei-eou with main or common sewers laid in nr under tha street*
and alleys upon which llie said land
or real property fronts the said streets
und allevs in or order which main or
common sewers are now laid being us
follows: —
In lane between Victoria Road and
First street from Government street
on the west to lane between Campbell
and Boyle avenues on the east.
In line between First aud .Second
Streets from Charles street on Ihe west
to line hetween Campbell and Boyle
avenues or. tbe east;
In lane betwoen Second und Third
streets from Kooteuay street on the
west to lane between Campbell and
Boyle avenues on the oust;
In liitie between Campbell and Bovle
avenues from Victoria ltoud on the
north to Third street on the south,
I hence along north side of Third street,
lo l'onnau/ht avenues
Along Conuaught avenue from first
street on the norih to City boundary
on the south, tbenee to Columbia
Along First street from lane between
McKenzie ami Orton avenues to Con-
naiigbi iiveniH'i
In lane between McKenzie ami Con-
naught avenues from Vieloria road on
the north lo Oily boundary ou lb"
In lain- lietween McKenzie nnil
Orton avi lines from Victoria road on
the north to City bouudary on the
s nitli:
In lane between Kirst and Second
street, Block Oil:
In lane between Second and Third
streets, Block 07:
In lane between Third and fourth
streets, Block US:
In Une between Third and Fourth
streets, Block U'J;
Along Fourth street from lune between MoKenzie and Orton avenues
on the east to Connaught Avenue,
on the wes ;
In lune between Fifth aud Sixth
streets between Orion avenue on the
east und the lane between McKenzie
and Orton avenues on the we6t:
In lane between Fourth mid Fifth
streets between Mi-Arthur avenue on
the eaat and the lane between McKenzie and Orton avenues on the
In lane between Third and Fourth
streets between McArthui- avenue on
tbe eaat. anil tho laue between McKenzie and Orton avenues on the wesi;
In lane between First and Second
streets between Block 30 on the east
and the lane between McKenzie and
Orton avenues on the west;
In lune between Victoria Road and
First street between Orton avenue on
tbe east and bine between McKenzie
and Oitou avenues on tbe west;
Along Itobson street between First
ana T lm u streets.
Iu Block 21, between Connaught,
juid McKenzie avenues;
In Block 10, hetweeu Connaught ami
McKenzie avenues;
The expense or cost of said works is
to be us.-ossud upon the lands or real
property fronting or abutting on the
streets, lanes nud alleys aforementioned and lo he benefited thereby,
said works to be carried out according
to specifications uud csiiuiates prepared by the City Engineer under thu
provisions of I. cal Improvement
Branch Sewers Bv-iaw No. 145, 1900.
A statement showing the land or
real property liable to pav tho assessment therefor and the names of the
owners there' f so fur ns can be ascertained together with the specifications
and estimates, of the City Engineer
and the proposed assessment nud report thereon of the Citv Clerk are now
on lib- in the office of the City Clerk
I and open for inspection during office
The estimated coot of the work is
$8,000.50, of which it is Intended that
the city ut large shall beat' $2,504.(12
and the property owners of $0,004.88.
Any objection to the proposed undertaking nnd assessment therefor
shall lie made by pel ition to the City
Council within fifteen days from the
date of the first publication of this
notice, the persons entitled to petition
being Ihe owners of the lands thereby
Dated this 28th day of Nov,, WOO.
City Clerk.
Date of first publication 1st. dav of
Dee. 11)00. Dec. 1-U.
Spokane Apple Show
Spokane.—Five ijoxes of the finest
Northern Spy apples on exhibition ai
the national apple show will Iw sent
by Canadian exhibitors at the show-
to His Majesty King Fdward VI]
through the Board of Trade of Vernon, B. C, tho apples being a part of
the prize winning Vernon exhibit which
attracted much attention during the
show. Canadian growers also contri -
buted a large purt ol a presout ol 21
boxes ol different varieties that wdl be
sent to President Talt. Those sending
apples to tho president are V. Fan -
quier, Arrow Lakes, box ol Baldwins;
Vernon Board of Trade, box of Norihern Spies; Kelowna Board of Trade, a
box of Wagoners.
Tho Vernon exhibit* gave to lhe
children in care of Spokane's associated charities- six boxes of tho best, apples, while lhe Salmon Arm booth
gave the children some tinu Americ in
Beauty apples.
K. II. Fortune, agent Ior lho sal •
mon Arm fanners' exchange, has tiled
with the executive board ol the s'.n>w
a protest ovor the awarding t |ii_.es
in the "limited" apple display, asserting that the scoring rules in regard lo
decorative affect wen- not follo.v.id by
the judges.
II. C. Mallam, of Kelowna,   von fie
•*lfl0 prize    for tlie best, displnj
outside  the United States, whil
Salmon  Arm display was given
in  this class.
British Columbia growers b.-a
Montana upple raisers in t lie contest
for Mcintosh Hods, Montana's own
variety, .1. .1. Campbell, of Willow l'i.
winning u prize offered by Missoula ,
Montana peoplo. A. D. Lowe, of Vernon, was second in the special ,',,nli-st
for four tier winter varieties.
Other lute awards that wont to B.
C, wore: H. \V. Collins, Carson, second best box of Wageners; H. IC. Harris, Kelowna, best box golden russets,
Wllllatn Cockle, Kaslo, second best
box Golden russet, Coldstream Ranch,
Vernon, second beat box Northern
Spies. The Canadian exhibitors hud
no trouble disposing of their apples
ior  local and eastern consumption.
Political Notes
r     , t 'A^ft^"   "
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Impiuveil.     First-Class lu every respect.     All modern convenience!
Largo Sample Rooms,
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Repairs of nil  kinds ncally carried  ou
Bicycle and Hun work h specialty
Estimates given on sny class
of work.
Front    Street.
Special Attention given  to  eoinim-rrlti!
men   and   tourists.     FitlUulwH   sample
rooms. Finest scenery In British Coitus*
bia. uvi',looking I pper Arruw Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prpp.
National Defence
Lt. Col. Hamilton Mei-titt, in his
address al the F.iupife Club luncheon
declared himself in fuvor of compul -
sory Bervice in tho militia along ihe
lines of the old act of IS08. ll was
this act, hu said, thul had saved Canada iu the 13 invasions during lhe
win ol 1812-13.
"We require," ho suid. quoting I..
S. Amery, a British expert, "a military system capable of putting, if it
came to the worst, 2,000,000 men into
the field in Canada iu the second yoar
of war." War with the United States
vro« not ho unthinkable ns some supposed.
Tho urniy system ol tlermany and
Britain were compared lo tho disad -
vantage ol thn latter. Tbo moral effects of compulsory servico were declared to be better than under voluntary
Land safety ahould be considered belore we took up tho question ol the
sea, Canada was the weak link in the
chain ol empire.
"Let us mam- our liuk. stronger" he
declared, "by training the manhood of
Canada, every man getting training
to fit himsolf to serve at sea or on
land in defence ot his country, should
it be neoossary,"
IE England required iuimcdiato cooperation on tlie sea, then we should
start both thy land and sou defonco
basis together.
The present basis was wrong and it
would be better to throw tlio money
spent on the militia into the lake,
than continue on the present  lines.
Hon. O. E- Foster gave notice to
move in the House nf Commons "that
iu the opinion of this house the prevailing system of party patronage
constitutes a meuat-o lo honest uud
efficient Government, incites ,1,-st
waste of resources and oxtri u_;eu.'e-
of  expenditures,  tends  luevi.uil.-      to
Address by the Hon. George P.|s«!ls of Zmtm ^^ ^'
The outstanding
ing's  programme
.•orrupt aud    lower the  lone of public  convention, says the
morals, aud should forthwith lie eliminated  from  our     federal   ad-a'lLll'd*
Speaking in Toronto, H. L. Borden,
ol the Conservative party, said: "As
long us there was a govermnout, iu
Canada the ouly way tho people could
servo tho country was by taking an
active interest in their party." Ilo
reviewed the history of the Cousvn-
tivo regime from 1S7K to 1896, uud ho
declared amid applause that tho re -
cord wus one to be proud of. J lo
country waa developing very fast and
it was not udvisublo to dwell on tbo
past. Foi; 13 yours they had boon
grappling with the problems, and he
believod thut at tho noxt general elections they would be returned to power
The Liberals hu said, claimed them -
solves responsible for the good timeH
iu tho country, but they could not
point to one executive not that had
anything to do with good limes. Pro-I oould not do better than devote them
gross and development hud been world | to the study of Canada."
wide. ;   Thu time had come whon Canadians
11. II. Watson, of Vancouver, may wora lookwl ul>0" "s Proprietors-uot
enter the McBride Cabinet, as well a'sl""11*1* a" '"n'l"<«- And '" *»"> OOming
W. R.  Rohs of Pernio.
feature oi the even-
a, the insurance
Financial Chronicle, was tho address upon "Canada"
delivered by lion. Geo. P. lirabum ,
Minister of Railways oud Canals. He
urged strongly upou those preseut
thoir individual responsibility in the
upbuilding of Canada and in ite good
government. ""Young mon," ho said,
in part, "huve uot beeu taught, aud
are not teaching themselves the necos-
sity for taking pert in public ijffeir3.
Perhaps it is the fault of as older
ones. But this country has been jiv
on, with ull its Mouderful i-esou-,v.-,
to the poople, and overy man bas a
duty to perform in return; and ;lr
man who refuses is not giving n proper quid pro quo for what ho is gat-
ting from the country."
His speech was largely a resume ol
tho constitutional development of
Canada. "Tho young man," said Mr.
Graham, "who is looking lor somo -
thing to interest     his spare moments,
A B. C. Liberal convention is to bo
ailed to deride lhe course ol the opposition. It is probable Brewster will
resign in Alberni to permit the plac -
ing of the party leader should John
Oliver reconsider his determination to
withdraw from politics.
Toronto Telegram.—"British Columbia Liberalism is where it is today because Sir Wilfrid Laurier " put his
money on tho wrong horse" when ho
backed the Siftons, the Templemans
and the Ralph Smiths against Joseph
Martin. It was Joseph Martin who
first put Liberalism on the map of
provincial politics in British Columbiu. If iu 1000 Sir Wilfrid Luurior
had oven kept his hands off Joseph
Martin, Mr. Martin would huve established an honest, strong, capable,
progressive ami genuine Liberal Government,
Messrs. Burrell and Goodeve, M. P's,
have been appointed lo the following
committees >»f the House.,,f Commons:
Railways, Canals nnd Telegraph lines,
Private Bills. Standing Orders, Banking and Commerce, Mine- and Miner-
ills. Mr. (londevo is al-., «,ti lhe Public Accounts Commltlco, niwl Mr. Bur
roll is on ihe Agricultural .-md Colonization Committee.
Add political nolcs.
London Lloyds     is ec-orditig wagers
ill   II   l„   I    il,   fu....    .,(    I I,,.   uu.-VMM Dt lllH
Liberals   al    the   fortll-coraing    British
On motion of Sir Wilfrid Laurier the
House ol Commons ordsro'l, Hai
Messrs. W. L. McKenzie fChg, Monk,
Turcot to (Quebec Count} I. Burrell,
Magrath, Wilnou, (Laval) umi Kyte,
compos* the Select Committee Appointed to investigate mu d'li'eroat s>s'-
Unns of proportion il  Popvusoutntion.
Tho Columbian  and  Western,   I'i- and ,
N.    railway,     Kutnlomw aud Vellow • j
head Puss  mul Nicola,  Kamloops ami j
Similkameen ruilway  companies    h i. ■-
all applied to     tho Dominion {.arils -
ment for extensions of their e'.uir'ci-.   i
to this status there were involved certain responsibilities, Thus it was,
while plans for defence might differ,
Canadians generally felt that it was
time they did something towards guarding their coasts and protecting their
sen-c, iiiimer,',-.
As to internal development, ho
thought Canada could boast that no
people in the world had spent more
proportionately in the development of
their country. And tho expenditure
wns warranted. Canadians hud the
greater part of ihe water transportation ou the continent, If the Geor -
ginn Bay oauul was constructed, Canada would have the bent wator route
in the world. Canada hud spent dollars on her waterways, where the United States had spent dimos.
A NX available Dominion Land, wtihio ibe
Bsilwsr Bait ie Smith < olun.bie. m.-;
(..j bemetteeaed I7 soy person wbo is ihe .< ,e
bead of a fan.Hr, er suy uaele iter 'i years ut
aae, tu ibe exieotoi o__.e-qusr.er eectiuti of i™
acres mora or lee.-.
Kutry iru^t be made personally at the local
laud umce fur ibe di.tn-.-t In wbicb tbe laud ic
.iiuate: Eutry by proxy may. heweeer, be
made on cerlaio conditions by tbe father,
mother, eon. daughter, btotber or _ 1-ter of ao
unending homesteader.
The homes'eader Is required to perform the
conditiou. connected tneiewith under one of
the following plans .
(11 At least sli mouths' resldeoee upon and
cultivation of tbe laed io each year for three
(21 If the fatber (or Bother, U the father is
deceased! of the homaaieader resklee upon a
farm in tbeTicinily of theland entered f»>r, tbe
requirement; as lo residence mar be satisCeH
by -neb person residing wiih the father or
(9) If tbe settler hai hie permanent residence
upon farming li-nd owned by him in the vicinity of nis homestead, tbe reqoiresients aa to
ri-icteii,•, may be .-stiifled by reuidenee upon
the said land.
writing should be gie
uf Uominion Lands   at.
Six mouths' nolice iu 1
to lhe   CoB.li,:-.,.._,er
Ottawa uf iutoniiui. 10 apply for paienL
t'OAl.—Coal mining rights may be leased for
a penuil of twenty-one years at au aunnal
rental of, $1 per acre. Not more than 2,(eS
acres shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at tba rate of five cents
per ton shal. berullactWon Ibe merchantable
conl mined.
Deputy ut lhe Minister of the Interior.
N H.— Unauthorized publication of this ad
Tartifiement will nul be paid tor.
Bevelstoke Land District.
Distiict of \S est Kootenay.
Take Notice tbat I, Al. K. l_*w»oti,
of Kevelstoke, housi.neeper, iutend lo
apply lor permission to purchase the
lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a posl plauted at the
south-east corner of 1/it H.WJR, and
marked "M. K. Lawson'B Nortb-west
Corner Post": tbenee 40 chains soutb;
lbeuce 10 chaius west; thence UO chains
north; Uience 20 chains east; thenoe
UU chains norih to line of Lot H,tXJ8;
ihence along said une to place of commencement.
Dated October JJJtb, 1808.
Nov. 17 tf.   MINN1K K. LAWSON.
Conservative Convention
Tlm annual tntjfting of tho liritish
('olumbia Conservative) A«so<*iutinn
will hn held >\i Kamloops oij Friday,
Oeeemlror l". \vhi>u delegates front
Conservative organizations in nil purt"
of tho provinco will attend. The oleo-
tiou of oflicora will take placej plans
will l«' mnd<' for tlm future work nf
the aHHorintion, antl (Woputos will In*
appointed lo atleml ilu* Dominion
Hanafactnred for all classes of  buildings
Logging operations aro pretti brisk
this season. The Arrowlaiad Lumber
Compouy have two logging camps at
work at Galena Bay.
The Bowmuti Lumber Company have
three logging camps on the Columbia
river between Revolstoko and Arrow-
J. Brudloy, who is iu charge of tbo j ^e»d.
mining operations on French Crook,! ,). McKinnon hus a logging.camp at
has 14 men employed. Work ia pro-)Trout Lake City, below Measra. 01-
ceoding in tho old workings, two shitis aon's ranch, whero he in gutting out
being employed.   If    Mr, Bradley   can  log* (or tho mill al Uorrtird. The
get     moro     men he will put ou (lute   mu,, mill has a logging cump ul Five
shifts, and expects to have the      pio-   Milo on Trout Lake, and another     at
party in such shape that 75 to hi) mcu I Tenderfoot Creek,
will bo required by sptiag.
the ground is reported  to  bo  looking
Tho      Rovulstoko   Sawmill   Company '
havo sixty     men and two logging engines at their cump in the Dig Band.
F. 8. Burr is starting a camp al
Benton to get out logs for tho Oib
bona Lumber Company, whu havo pur
1 liuecd a million aud a hall leot of
timber on Uilluian uud Beaton's pro -
Tho     Brooks-S, aulon  Lumber Clomp.
any      are planning      10 erect   a large
sawmill  on  tho Fraaer river     at Now
W. McKensie, of McKenzie and Maun   Westminster for the purpose ol maim
About sixty men and iwo logging
engines ure employed al Strawberry
Flat, getting out logs fur thu Revel -
stoke Sawmill Company, tlie *i,rk being in charge of .1, Nixon, fiSwimi ,
who came duwu to tho city on Thursday.
Opening the North
of tho Canadian Northern railway Co.,
will shortly visit British Columbiu in
connection with their usruugement-
with tho McBride tiovuruniunl.
Mr. C. S, M,'Outer has arranged to
moot him on behalf of thu Revelstoke
Navigation Compuny, und if tho pros
fleets ol business wnrrcbt it the Navigation Company will ex loud llieii
transportation system to none ,'c
Cauoe River country uud as far us
Tete Jaune Cache, 10 us to build up
what business ie possible botweott tin
oity and the construct ion cuin|
the     Canadian
fa,-luring tho logs from  their SXtsnsiVs
timber limits alohg Harrfoon lake it.
10 lumber.
'lhu coast mills advauci-d th" priv
of luinls 1 OM doll,,, per thotisund nnd
it i'i reported there will lie another
rniso within a lew month,,. The mill
men mid that for some lime ilu- pries
of lumber has not Usui coimufinsurute
will) lie- price of logs and thoy in lact
have been selling at less than the cost
of production.
for srU iri Inrgeror small ijotnVHii
at tht Inwast trices fur ■ -:L.
All kind* of hnHdiDfi (trujfrlasti.'i'lrin
For fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Homegrown Iruit and ornamental
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part ol
the American continent not infested with the San Jose scale—
Caiden, Field and Flower eeedn—
Tested stock Irom tbe beet growers in the world—Wire fencing
sud Oaten—Spray pomps, Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Cut (flowers,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
lahor only.—New 157 page Catalogue tree
M.   .3.   HENRY,
Grccobotscs and Nnrwriej
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery Sooth Vancouver
lU-veistokc Land District.
Uiotrict of NN eel Koolenay.
Take notice tnat Roderick William
Lindsay, of Ferguson, b.C..occupation
liificliiini, intends to apply for per-
mission to puichase tne following
descrilied land;
Commencing at a post planted on
east boundary line ot I .ot 7805 about
-10 chains north of south-east corner of
said lot, Uieuce east 2" chains, thence
north 20 cbains, thence west "JO chaini,
tlience south 2n chains to point of
Dated Oct. Ith, 1009.
aikxindkh McKay,
cm- Ho Agent for ti. NV. Lindsay,
Ilonu»,t«adeia who deane Us -.-ul and
remove timber ofi their homestead*
ahould apply Ior permits to tha agent
of dominion lands for the district, and
those who have oot timber on their .
homesteads and desire to cut on dominion land should apply to the earns
othoial lor permit*.
R.  D.  WRIliHT,
Acting Agent Dominion Lands.
Nov. iMiri... Kamloop* Agvn<y,
Trunk Pacific railway system.
the   lelkwu     Mining Company,     "I
Northern  and fityind'wlm-li Harry HtiWsOn Is monagei ownv
lho  Inland   ileviume   (Vlnondiuunl   lis,
es the fee fur uu oxciao bo^dijig  » nr..
house at $60,
IV mineral und sjx ,,,j| claims in  the
Bulkley vnllny country, about l_M mill
from Aldormoro,   N'oxl   year  lh«i romp
iinj   will  -vpeiid |100,000 111  the deiel   ,
opnisut ol  the" claims.
Union Hotel
I niler New Munagrnietit
Stewart Macdonald
Revelstoke Land Distiict
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that NValler P. Coniarr,
ot Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation
printer, Intends to apply for pei una
aiou to purchase I in following nwaciin
ed land:
Commencing al a post planted at
the ii-i-nti'iiiii soiilb-weat Corner of
Lol 707P; Iheuir west 10cbauioi thenc*
south fi chains: thence east SU chains;
ihence north 4" chains to the poiut of
commeucement, and containing WO
acres, more oe less.
Date Sept. ii7th, 1WW,
Kevelstoke Land Dialiiot
District of Weet Kootenay.
Take notice that Annie LouUa Con
Ian, <>f I'niontown, Pr-nnsylvain«, C.
S.A., occupation iiiairied woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
(',-111111,11, ing at a post planted at
the aouth-weat corner of Lot TWO;
thence south 2" chalna; tbenoe eaat 80
chains; thence soutb 10 cbains; tbenee
eaat 44 chains; thenoe notth 40 chauis;
thence west '10 chains to th* point of
commencement and containing 200
acres more or less.
Date, Heptember 27th, 19uti.
For pwpls who use milk it is v«ry
troponin.! that they -li uid insist upon having .1 certificate tioina rjiialifUd
veterinarian that the cows wbicb produce it arr free from Tuberculosis and
all otbei ,!>■■,1 .c germs
It is calculated that over 50 p.c of
the cows in D. 0. are mor* or leas ef
fected with Tuberculosis, and a family
wbicb is now in town lost ore of their
children through milk from a cow
affected with tut>errulo*is. But par-
haps the worst leature of the*,, germs
in that thev remain in th* human *ye-
t-m for nt least 16 year* and tben, under favorable circumstanced, develop
disease and death.
1 '111 om s ai" al I certified to be Irw.-
(1 "in all disease. We sell clean milk
iu covered bottlvk. Special rodk In
half pint Ik d t lee for babies.
T. Lewis' City Sanitary Dairy
Christmas Gift Suggestions
The useful is combined with the ornamental in the splendid array of Holiday-
merchandise which we are showing- for the Christmas trade Useful gifts are
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Roasting Pans
Those kind   that   make   Ilic tough
Turkey eat  like Spring  Chicken
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50c, (Wo., 75c, *1, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75
Story de Tins
It ound, Square or Oval, ll antl I in
:i net. Jusi tho idea to bake your
Christmas Cake in. And ive have
Icing Syringes to ice them with nt
ifl it set, with all tin- dift'ert-nl
tubes. And if you want your raisins seeded we havo the machine
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Uon'i .-hivol- round unu ol those
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see one ol our up-to-date heaters—
handsome to
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n n d e a s y
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keep it fur you until
Fish Sets
In   Leatherette  case.-,  silk-lined; silver-plated  blades and
pearl handles.   Makes a handsome  present, at
Children's Knife, Fork and Spoon Sets 50c.
In Leatherette
Cases, plated
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The Autoi-trap  and    Arnold's    Fountain
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Sbavewell Safety Riwor at
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...■ .      pockel
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' - .-.«*»_;{.
e~v»- .-._*•?__..-
fct- & %\ A i-_ £l ;ii it $ 1? W. i:
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io one can
have too
j,:-   t:i •   I-
.-..■       '    . .     |     ;
.   . :  lilvcrwai 01
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j    ....
Flir platt;   is    ritllit.   t
■■«  lui    ,'.   .,.
C ill in   .ind   nee   ion       i
-   I.8W   pieCSS
This   i I,, i,-i-,,i,.,
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Glass Water Sets
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II Warning Voice
The political crisis in Great Brituiu
-.lands out as a warning to colonial
statesmen to avoid the pitialls ol older governments. Britain today is paying ior the wrong done the uiu.ss oi
tho poople, when the feudal lords were
allowed to grab everything iu sight
and hold up humanity ou the necessity for dependence on the production
anil occupation of tlie soil. Tlie time
has come wheu the musses ni tbe Lug-
lish voters have begun to think for
themselves, aud ask why their very
llvcs should be at the mercy of tbo
despoilers. Mr. Byron Walker, President of the Canadian Bank of Com •
mcrce, who stands out amoug Cana •
dians as a statesman aud a financier,
has shown in an interview recently
published by us that his Impressions
ol conditions iu Britain justify the
tho ndvnn,-ed policy brought down by
the British Liberals.
The absurdity of the affairs of the
nation being placed in the hands of u
hereditary house like thu house of
Lords has long boon recognized as un-
demootatlo and inconsistent with the
intelligence which statecraft demands.
A struggle was Inevitable, and it bis
come, though whether now to a finality lime ulonu oan tell.
Compromises may dolay tho evil
day but the timo must come when the
House oi Lords must pass away, and
government must be entirely by the
poople, for the jieople, and of the people tliomBelvos, resulting perhaps in
only one legislative chamber. Pwo
chambers are no more necessary in
Britain or in federal Canada than iu
the provinces, and though Quebec retains the diuil house it is an iinneMS-
suit burden on tho public expenditure
and as useless as the fifth wheel ,.f „
The dual legislative both owes its
origin to class privileges and land
monopoly, and it is against the creation of a landed monopoly that British Columbia should bo warned.
The land of British Columbia is
limited, and il is one oi the lirst necessities of our lime that strict precautions should lie taken against lano
monopoly, and the growth of iurp!
landed estates. Tho land laws should
bo such as will encourage the occupation of the land of tho province iu
small holdings, and still prevent l'-e
aggregation of these holdings in tho
future by a few wealthy men. As Mr.
Herbert Temple, the chancellor of the
British  Kvolieqiior, remarks:
"The real meaning of tin- enthusiasm
aroused by the budget is that tbe
country lias risen in revolt ngninst
the land monopoly, ll hus impoverished our iiiinl dislricl-. ii lias driven
old industries away from uur villugCH
and lias proveulod the estnblishiiieui
ol uew ones. Ii. has emptied Ibeliigh-
lands, audseattered the robust popu -
lation from which came the most
, -plondid material Ior the defence of
the country to the ends of lho earth.
It. has cramped llie natural healthy
growth of our towns."
Let us see then thai in British Columbia wo take to heart this lesson
of tbo battle now being su vigorously
waged iu Ibe uld land, thai, in Ilia
days tci come the couditious uf landed
monoply which now i-urso the mother
eountry and which bus cursed Australia und New Zealand, shall not be repeated in this fair land.
io hian. Messrs Mocdonnld and Or ■ March will commence at 9 p.m. eourp,
borne w«re contractors lot tbe plaster- and all wbo purpose taking part are
ing and the Lawn-bee Hardware Co. requested to be ou hand at that hour,
did tho plumbing. Tbe hotel will Iw. Good music, a good flcur. a dainty
handsomelv furnished throughout Mr. Isuppcr and genial crowd on pleasure
Stone is to be congratulated ou his.bent, a bewildering galaxy of gor-
enterprise in furnishing the city «itb;geous and haodsome costumes, the ex-
such  an excellonl  hotel building   end ieitement     of the scene.—and then—let
sueh au excellent    hotel building   uud
we wish him tbe success he deserves
New Judges
judges hi
the people decide'
Police Court
New Buildings
The new additions to ilu- Contral
Hotel and tho Oriental Hotel make
imposing additions to lhe buildings ol
the city, nnd are a great improve -
ment to Front Street, which is yet destined to be ono ol the most import-
unt sections of Hevolstoke. The addition to the Central Hotel wns completed last winter aud the addition to
tho Oriental notol, which has now
been in hand for lhe past three months
is men im.- completion, llie top Hour
boing already furnished and available
for use.
With the new addition the Oriental
Hotel has now a Irontago to Front
•Street of ST feet, three storeys ia
: hoight, making one of the most imposing buildings In the eity. The new
portion of the hotel consists of a
three storey addition 80 ft. by Hn It.,
with a one-storey addition Ixihind II
feet wide, mid extending tin- whole
length of the new portion.
Thu entire building rests un a concrete basement. The new- giuund liuur
portion "I the building Is sub,Inl,I,..I
into the billowing rooms:
Oflico or ooiiinv-reial room l-ia^ll ft.,
with private ofBcO 11x12 ft, behind;
sitting room 2i»'il) ft. with lavttoiio.
behind, and also in tho east end
bar-room lHx'2V ll. with two card
rooms behind, e«,-h I'_!xl4 ft.
Ont he first floor above are ten bed
room-- of an average of 10 ft. ,'piare,
some opening into one another for
family use. On the second floor of the
new portion are 1.1 bed rooms, from
and book stairs are provided lu ths
main landing.
The    portion     of     lhe former build*
ing now used as a bar will bs eouver-
p led into    a    dining-room 2H ft, by II"
ft.,  and  the    kitchen will  Ix, enlarged.
' A  commodious  parlor fur gunati   will
be provided on th" second floor of the
former  building.      The  whole   building
ns completed will     give 4<5 bed rooms
fm the use of guests.   Toilet aud balb
rooms nre provided on each floor   Tbe
building  in  plastered  throughout     ind
of first clues workmanship. W. Ahra
hnmsnii was tbo contractor and      lhe
! manner in     which    the contract    ha-
been carried out is     highly crydiuMc
A' the     -hy police court on Thurs •
day Mr,  and Mrs.  Silver appeared bo-
fore Magistrate W. Vi.  Foster, on     a
summons of     infringing the city by -
law No   _!,     being the by-lew governing licenses    Vi.  1. Briggs prosecuted,
and G. fi   McCarter appeared for   tha
defondant    The    defendant   hod  be«n
''"      selling musical  instrumente  in the city
ior tho past ten days,  taking out      a
retailers  license ol W from  the     dty
hail.   A house to house oenvaes     had
bees mad* selling  the instrument, for
a small sum with a course of instru-
tions free.   Ihe Chief of Polioe,     who
had been watching the defendant, ,<_n-
eluded that  thi.  was an infringement
of the by-lew  and a summons was issued.   The  ui-.ii.u-au  imposed a  *m,
to the amount of the balance     of th"
Ou Wednesday,     Deoember   it'i,    ihe license namely 848 and costs.   It     is
Revelstoke public will  assemble i '-  the  understood     'hai     these parties ha.e
opera house for lhe great annua! Mas-   been   operating  in   Kamloops  but    oid
querade Ball  held by   the Firo Brigade   not   carry   out   the  course  of  inst.ic-
No.     1.   This    "Bal    Masque"   has be -   lion     to    the buyers of their irstru -
come  the chief  cosmopolitan  event   in   ment*.
Kvelatoke's     social     season,    and  no 	
moro popular gathering has ever tak- \    Bring your     -iri to see "Our Boys"
been  gazetted,
includiug those ui the Appeal Court
F. A. Macdonald, formerly oi Ross
land, bas lieen appointed Chief Justice of the Provincial Court ol Ap •
peal; Justices Irving and Martin are
Bench to inuko Up the three judges
constituting the Provincial
Court. W. A. Galliher. former!;
for Kootenay iu the House oi Commons, uud Lieut. Col. F. B. Gregory,
of Victoria, are appointed to tbe Supreme Court Bondi lo replace .fustic's
Irving and Martin and Denis Murphy,
of Ashcroft is also anpointed Supreme
Court  Judges.
eu place in the upura house. The fascination of the "Masquerade" is world
wide, the freedom and air of mystery'
surrounding tho motley throng of disguises bein:; pleasant and -tibtlo. Tb"
more fancy dresses there are th" jollier ami more interesting will be the
ball. Not even the most staid can
deny thai I bere is something alluring
in a masquerade, and everything will
be done this year tu eclipse the ball of
last  December.
From report.-, round town th„ costumes will be something out oi the
ordinary, and the Grand March led by
our fifty tire fighters should be a mag-
sh     comedy
Dec.   10th.
it   the
the   great      Englis
opera house Frida)
dian statesmen as well as a financier,
democratic and ineomelsteut with th.
intelligence which atatescraft demand t.
the provinces, and though QuVbco re-
oi new obos. it has emptied the high-
advanced     policy      brought  down   by
Tho floating dock to bo built at a
,-ost of il,'2.',0,0W at Vancouver, has
been commenced by Swan & Hunter,
London It will be st«el throughout,
and Wl ieot long and seventy wide ,
thirty feet over the sills with a lift
capacity oi ll.ooo tons in three     and
nilicent   Bight, n   kaleidoscopic melee of  ono  half  hours.      This  dock  is subsi •
color,  glitter  and   Bheen.  The      Grand  diied  by  the federal  government.
Every housewife   who uses flour must be
interested   in   ROBIN  HOOD "the flour that
is different."
You hear it makes a bigger loaf, that the loaf is
sweeter-flavored, more nutritious, more easily
assimilated than bread made with other flours.
We can tell you why ROBIN HOOD Flour
makes that kind of a loaf, but what ought to interest you more than "why it does" is that "it docs. '
You can prove what we say as true at no risk of
loss to yourself.
lt is largely a matter of making up your mind to
use "Robin Hood."
The Saskatchewan Flour Mills
Co., Ltd.
Moose Jaw   -   -   Sask.
P. S.   Ask your grocer aboul our cuarentec, inJ when you use
Robin Hood add ,imr; -.inter than usual
New and Different
There is never anything
commonplace about Fit-Reform
Suits and Overcoats.
We create styles — we select
patterns at the mills—we show
effects that are confined exclusively to Fit-Reform.
Honest value for
your money, is
mmi* the Fit-Reform
»i»»<» motto.
Solo Agenti in Revelsloke. TIIE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, BO.
To tho"-,- who are interested in tho
; rogree? and development ol Revel ■
.toke and the sdjacant country, "
iv&lk down through lower town to tbo
scene oi the onetru 'ion ol tho now
government traffic bridge across tho
Columbia Kiver will amply repay
usem. A= ie generally known tbi!
bridge waa tbs result ol repeated and
constant representations mado by thi
Board of Trade and others, lo tho
provincial government in order that
'.Lo large Jreas oi valuable lands
screes tho Columbia might be oponed
up,  and :.   - ita bj   road   into
the Okanagan  Galley i arried through.
The government acquiesced in the
requests of li- vi' it, ko in d prepared plana an,l called Ior tonders,
the contract being awarded to Mcssi i.
Macdonald und Gillette, of Nelson in
•he neighborhood ol $60,000 Work
tree commenced laet spring, bu' pro-
pre*- was dolayi.fl by lho latouees ol
>he Miuo ind lho unusually high
■v»t« thai kept up two mouth? later
'han 'i;ua!, and prevented pile driving.
During ii,. aununei and (nil work
-va9 carried on Bteadily and, ou tho
average to men ha-'n been employed
on »h<. f-ork
Mr irillette informed tho Mail-llci
aid representative that th,' bridge
-vould b*» tho heai-ioit, lx>th m material and carrying capacity, of any
thing of ita kind in B, C, aud wae tbo
big^e-it work tho provincial govern
ment had done thin year. Tin, bridge
which ia a Howeltrusu structure, trom
design of Mr Gamble, provincial _;,"■
nrnmi-ni engineer, rontsinn nix spans
-,f 158 (>-■' ■ ■• :, in, I idiug nu over
noad tmo lrusi span, two 1,,-" span-
and -.hi".- deck -pun-. Tho wosl approach will bo ovor IT"" feel in length.
The bridge will bo IT fool wide, clear
track, the dc k boiug 60 feet uoove
nveraga water level. Each trussfiahio
measures 22 leel from top to bottom
11„-  pi -i-i  ,,i       solid      pilinu
driven '-'7 (   down  into  the -and anil
i I,i.i- forming a     solid foundation,
whilo 'J,Mio yards ol rook will bo uiil
i_-e,| ii. weiijliiny down lho luattruHse*
round  them.
Kai-h pi-r will In planked up with
•.,,'.;. timbers end will present a x
point to lho currenl (,, ic-iit lloaiinc
io^- and drifting tree-. Over 00,000
feel ._'i lumber will Ire used iu the oon
strur-tioj ■ -' ihe bridge, supplied hy
:i_e Globe Lumber Company, and ovor
To tone of castings and iron furuisheil
by  New   WWminster.
At the present Btngo ol the work,
all the false work i-. put in and ono
span, conatruction being carried on
irom the weat Bide eastward.
A leature ol '.he methods employ,.,!
in a cable tramway lor hauling out
material,    .-onsisting    of a    one inch
Harrying labia span 1600 ft. loin.-, operated o> .. I :*-h -peed double drum
-'.•_. .:'      sngiuo        telephone
communication ia established between
o.j'.ti snds ol ths «-urk.
M: Gillstte stavee that no lm tb-i<-
aaa been ac accidents o! any U:'„!
during oon I 11 ition, whioh apoaim w-ell
lor tho system adopted Two thirds
o( ihe Doutra : money, ho aoid, is paid
,ut ■_. wagw ■.. -.he men, who aro
awarly HI residents of Revelatoko, the
'o«e»'.   wag* o-ing  UuO t, day.
■Mr. GUletM claims -hat the oonlru,:-
tors are paying th>- beet wagop here
and better than any other bridge
woik in B, C
Owing to tbe inclement weather mu-li
tfculty han l>-cn expurieiiciJ inpu.ii-
irg on the work, especially 1-i.in, .;,
last few- days, as the river aae riw-n
at :ea«' -w .... The contra rs
•tat* thst the; . finish iho » >i
before the rivei rise next Bpring .
•.idi-d that fair weather is experienced
Tho.-- Is cbargi    I tl
I     -*, r  ...... -'I i .,._.   fi .,Lj   b|
J.   H.   Edwitd-i-'jeijiirai   foromn
N. A   Ro-      Pier arootor.
E   AsbtMl— Truss  .-recto:
W.   FUtiung    In      -'.urge ol man  a a
E   Trimble—Clark   ,i  *or,.
It m«y ht    added    'ha-  tbi  u
ire trained OJt or. shore, '. ikei to pi*
SSS, marked,  ani  rebuilt on   theper-,
"h*n oomple'eu the bridge sl.uuld
'*idj t' ■. ire -h-'.-lopueot oi much
•■'.mi. try thai will benefit1 ith
"a, i ■■■   , :. i   -,..   pjroviaes general.
Lnudet, gai-o several .lumping oliorn,'--. we^ packed on ponies Irom the roil
tor songs. The drill by tho Willing 'way to lho eaves. This improvement
Workers waa a creditable exhibition, wan deemed necossary in order that
tho neat Highland lassie costumes be- accidents to nervous pooplo might bo
ing mot.1 becoming to the bevy of averted, and to make acccs lo the
banning girls who went through coves easier by nil classes of peoplo.
iheir work in dainty precision, A ! During the yoar ovor 1000 people visit-
tableau with colored lire effect con-led and explored the Caves, nnd every-
eluded their performance. Candy ind one returned enchanted with tho wonders they had seen in those quaint
rook caverns, eaten ont by the water's
action oi centuries.
I'h.' C'asoodo Trail and the Asulkan
Valley trail are becoming very popu
lar with tourists who linger for n
low days at the Glacier House, und
Arthur Gowing, ol Tasoo, Queen wish to make easy excursions among
Charlotte Island, who staked the War- 'he beautiful scenery in that vicinity,
wick group oi seventeen ciuims, states I hopp during the ooming your lo
tLi:- promises to make n very largo complete the trail mentioned in my
mine. Mr Gowing stntoa the main report ol Inst yeai ronno ting tho trail
tunnel lino been driven a'distance of from Rogers Pass to 'he headwaters
100 loot  and     is in ore for the entire   of Bear Crook, villi the end of the pre
'■ome from r,t,e     locality,  there would f   Box No    '4—Corner Filth street end
have boon enough death    lo complete-1 McKenzio avenue (Catholic ohurch.)
ly depopulate the town of Renfrew for |    p0-_.   yt,     25_Cornor   Sixth  street
instaneo,     nnd     wlpo   oft    i|„, mnp a | anj Orton avenue,  (W,  A. Footo).
a  lish pood kept   tho  little Ones  aiiils-
ed during the evening..
The Warwick Group,
couple of thn neighboring villages as
well. Railroad accidents ior the pnsl
ten years have boon responsible for tho
death of an average per year of ovor
100 persons. The I,,west year's slaughter was -JT0 iii 1806, while 1907 evened
tho record by running up tho death
roll to 587. A iarge number of the j
fatalities mny be blamed justly on the'
crossings—one ,,i lho grim standing
evidences that tho boast ol civilization aftor all is more or less of a joke
when money end lives arc weighed I
against each other. The last report of
the Britijli Board of Trade r.hows that
on the steam road:; of the United
Kingdom last year  not   o  single pas-
iho  I'
, The ledge, according to Robert
Smith, P. L. S., who recently surveyed It, is 360 foot m width,   By means
|of surface crosscuts tho ledge has been
opened for a    distaucn   of 6,000 to-t,
i which initios il a verilublu whole of a
mine    The values range from fi to 17*
' per .-,,nt in copper, 81 in gold, and 83
in silver to lhe ion Tlie _.-r,„ip has
been bonded '<-> an eastern syndicate
for £450,000 nnd a substantia! initin!
payment   has lawn made.
Tho syndicate i„ now engaged iu developing  the group,   lion    i'lios.   Toy
lor nnd F. C   Elliott are intoresiod in
the projwty.
The    topper  Trust.
.1   I'.  Morgan \- Co., nro consjiinmn-
tiug ihe details for n eonsolidntiou ol
intorests  in  ih pjrer industry which
will   riwil   in   importrinee,      ,,'ipit Hi/i
ii,,ii  Mini earning i-iipnoiiy,
Statos .Stool     corporation
referred  to ns the "Stool Trust."
lh,' i-su,',l capitalization <i( the companies, which nre lei'luin I,, lie included iu ilu- ini'iuer. i-- ?507,!JS2,0U0, and
llii^. issued eapitali/iili,,n, has a ninr-
lo-i valuation nmounting in s7'.'s,'.i|o.
js", indicating tlyit ii provision i-
lia,le for ib,' absorption, from timo lo
timo, .A additional couipaiuos, the
new ooppor trust will bo incorporated
for not  Ies- than $1,000,000,0(11).
",i ihi- inurkol viiluittion, thosu
,-,"iiipiuiies are now earning und paying
dividends -ii the rule "I 8-'lll,003,16S
nml by economies i,;, bo olToclcd and
by increuscd in,'inl [iriees, ii i- beliov
ed by ihe proprietors of the consolidation -Imi lho now trust oan ensilj
increase to double ih„ prosonl earning
lias   been   lll.l.l,.   ;il    lhe
uiil,,',   nl    Ailiswort I,,  w here ii
iwclily fi.,,l   lodge  ,'f   -did  ,,re bus b-eli
uucovorotl.   It  is  regarded as   he ri h-
esi  lind  in  ihe     history  of the  Koolenay.
Western prospectors, wh" lune Imi
erto confined thoir energies for th"
search for gold or copper, havu boon
siirred io enthusiasm by Thomas F.
WulHb, iho well-known mining muu .
who declares hi.-, belief that radium
exists in the Jtocky Mountains
'Ihe .Standard say-   Tha new- recen
ed in Kamloops to the effect tbat  iho
Iron  Mask  mine would shortly  be op
eruted  again.      and      that   the owner
would construct    ,m,l operate   i  larg,
smell, i,   is  welcome  uew-  indeed.      I
mean, muoh i..  tb.- city ni Kamloops,
und  aside  from   ihe  benefits   to  bl   ■:.
lived from  u large payroll which mils
bo spent  chiefly in  the city, it  i-      an
industry  that will  i„. ,i »pl0Ddid  ud
vertieemeiit  for tlw district
i aont trail at tho Caves, Thi6 will
niakn a good (mil for lhe round trip
ol nboul I.S miles from (,1,'icler llou-e
at n comparatively small cost, which
will be ol greet Interest and ploasuro
to tourist9.
A   rich   slrilu
Beuger was killed,     and that  in
ln6t  ten years  the aveiage number
passengers killed had only been 21.
Box No. .ti—Corner      Fourth Street
aud  McArlhur Avenue.
Box  No.  27—Corner     Fourth   streel
and Townlev sireot (cornor Boush track
Box   No.   28.—Corner  Second    streel
and  Robson Avenue  Mrs.  Bakerl.
Box No. Ml.—Firo Hall No. 2.
Box No. 36.—Hospital.
Box No.  36—School
Box No.   14—Fire Hall No. One.
Box No.  15—Front Street west, neni
C. P. R. Bridge.
Box No.  46—Corner King and Doug
las streets (Pa:bco Moat Market).
Box   No.      17—Cornor    Secoud   anc,
\   tight   i'.n   cm,roi   is  ,
tion with Cobalt Central
The Recessional
Scottish Concert
ihe annual Scotch Genualt  wa
_*-•.  nigh;,   -•    Andrew'*  night
Ar*it.    bouss bal       i good aue
Th*  Bsvalstok'     ^ympli i.    Orr'.
,\ft,jA*l   :l..     ;.ii.,-   e.'i,.     .1'.'.   Bi
mut     Th*     •  ,. , -ie ills.   M
Buck,   wle.  java  1    erv  --wi^i  i.,
ng ol "Mars ol  Ugyle,1   sdtl i
lavoriW ' Annls I,. " ,.< an i ,
and  Mr*   ¥   xx    Cameron  •"..
t.i "Scottish Bi ii    '-'.•     -'i-l,
fenlng, and    on      b- ng  ,- ailed
'ha fin* old     ballad    ' Uobln Ad
W    M     I iwrenoe     javs   -w,, h
,-, ■.»,-c i.c'Iuiga ji   in,   ,,iy bro
Sool '.  and  anjmi"!   tbi    jokl     hi
nvr,-y bii   i,   iqoi i   .,    lie- nuilinie.
Mi      W    A   StStd)   redtsd  a  hum
UUI   pieoe  ,,U'   '.I  ' Ilu,don-   ii.    I In  ,
by liarric.
im.  ,,(    the features   of tl	
was the fi.oo perdu mini',, ,,f •'
Slaitery on th, violin, ncconip
on the piano b.c 1 . IKi Mahon I
item- showed ri.»l . first olai
,-al lajenl and dqsei'ed ill ,!•
idause ley ,, ■ , *ml I' H. P>,
Lffiw    ailed   iiii   i SbUlli       M
il  thi     A-ee| ■ ,.   ., ■
,;   ■
: ■   .   il our lathers   -
Lord ,,i oui fm :lui
Beneath nrhow  awful !_.___, __. i-	
1'   D   D ■.:■.  and  [,,u»»
l ird ' !od "f Host •   be witb
,- ii   ,.  forgo
.'  ■     .,.. ..'  snd  tho    bout i „ dio
lhe Cap'im. snd  'he Kings depart
-■ ill  itands tbtns  in isnl
l :  .mbla na,: ,t contrite lien,-
Lord  l "( Boits, be «nh  .
I..*!    ft-   I, rg„l     lest    we   I, ,,.;,-
Far   ail, ,i     ,r :.., in, ■■ ci t
Or. dun,, and headland links tl
I,',, nil oui  pomp ■ i   ■ i'i ,
', ■    i •■  ., r !.   ' |  I
I       ' thi   ' ■ tl,    ■    ipsrn ii
I*.-   wn  (,' y. •     |,   •    . „  forge I
If.   ii sail    'I-.,   ilghi    ■   , ■  ■ ■
iVUd  tongm      hnl hs      nol   I , •■
Such hnnstirif   n    the ' -• ■, Hi
Oi   , breed    tithom  'I •   h
Lord  I .,i  lb. ti   I,-    ■, ii|,  ,i i j-nl
I.PSt     W.      f<,|_,'eI        I, -.1      , .      f,,rL'e,
National Park
Uoporl by Supl, Dniigl ,
I he     annual     report   on  Dominion
parks lm   just boon piibllnhod,  In ihi
report Mr. Dougla , tlm wuporintandenl
Glaier  Park.
Al      lhe    I'livil' lhe    l.ldl'i ll      11,0
III,,1'M    llailg'-IOII        pill"'        III      Hie     'le       I-I   ,
were  replaced    b\   woodim    tuirtvii;  ,
and     railings,   tlm lumbei lor   which
Fire Alarm System
Xuve   thai,
a In nn
the   new
lhe loss on Canadian railways is
positively np pulling, suys au editorial
in the Roufrow Journal, un udiniiuhK
conducted newspaper. Some idea ui
the number of lives sacrificed t,, ilu-
railways may perhaps be nio.-t casily
grusped when it is said lhat during
the pust ten years passengers, em
Jiloyee-   ,-itid   uther-,   lu   lhe   number   nf
Gamewoll fire
ystom has been installed, the
lollowing instructions ns lo tho location of (Ire alarm boxes  their number
land system uf signalling may prove uf [interval •', soconds—I strokes   Box
service: N'o. of box will also be shown on
Firo   Brig.idi   No.   Iwo dioator at Firo Hall,
Oisi.riet     Indieatious   tor   Tire     Men   «;»»«_»_»-————«—_—.,—«--_____
i Wales Streots  (back of Court  House)
,    Box No.  18—Corner Third and Chas.
Streets (Cowan Block).
Signal for  practice—not    less    than
1 six (6) slow strakes.
One 11) indicates   lino broken 01 fire
Signals  are given   thu.-:   2 slrokes-
1,200 In
of   lb.
i iclli:
-  lhal
- lu lhe Clllli
ill lhi- II,,Uiil
ll  i,      'ill    the  Vie
uf ileslnii-lion'
E.    G.    BURR TGS
Fur either a man «r woman
ou more r>ensib!i: \mns gift
oould befoun.) than this P.yrie
Fountain Pen.
It is fitted with n Hit
Iridium pointed pen nib, und
iiofety clip. Compleie in case
with filler nml instructions.
Delivered post-paid, (or
$1.00, to any address in
Canada—except the Yukon-
Order by  the  number—698.
Our twndsouielv Illustrated IH P"K« emu.
h>|ut ol Diamonds. Jewelry. Siker»aie,
Leather, Aril Goode «uH Novelties, tree
upon requctt.
RYRIE BROS., Limited
134-138 Yongc Srjct
Tinsmithlne. Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  furn.-iie  Work
Connaugitt Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Why Pay Rent when ynu
can Ou 'i yuur Hum, ?
Dwellings,    I iui i  mg   l.ni-,
and   Acreage.
Also Business Property
First Street
„!,;::,; Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Box No. 11—Corner First stroi
McKenzie avenue, C, !'•. llunie
Box  Nu.  IO—Curuer  First Streel autl
Rokeby nveuuOi post oflico,
Box     >,,.   Hi -Corner   Second   iti -.-I
.ui,I    (lovei'iimeiii     lioad   uml  Op'eni      Kruit^OomlioH, Ci|iurH,Tobacco.
I":"'J"' .,.,. Mrnla So ronls.
Box  Nu.  17   lur •  Ihiril Hlreel   mil
C'auipbi'll iiveinio (Globe I.umbo'   ,,ei- -
'''i'.'u.x'\,,. is ecu. -.ui,,,,,. .A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Corner Third 5-& Campbell Av^.
Mse-ShQEina * Carnage Mark a Spec/a/ty
Auction Sale
THURSDAY, DEC. 9th, 1909, 7:30 p.m.
* it
Si i
/ V^'*0"^^-?^,,,
<:    .U^j "      *■   r (C '■: i
- J  ...
- UJ-u-JmJ^     street
mulock ...,s.T*?eii --—
fttnur.rfnry   »r   «•• ' •'
'jdoo'fr frtrn.   nnrk  Con t re
C.ntrtr    ■>>     C.P   ft:l»t»
North of the C. P. R. Hotel, Revelstoke
Best Residential Site in City.   Buy a Good Home-Site
REVELSTOKE is ooming to Its Own     Prosperity is Assured for Next
Watoh the increase in number of men employed at C.P.R. Shops.
A. J. Bury. General Manager of C. P. R„ has given definite assurance
and is hacked up by Wm. Whyte. 2nd. Vice-Presidont.
REVELSTOKE is fast becoming the Centre of an Important Fruit-Grow-
ing District.
REVELSTOKE   is  the   acknowledged   Centre   for   the  Lumbering
Industry of North-West Kootenay.
Investments in this Realty is better than a Savings Bank Account /h
,_^__£»' „■ '■*. .., '^i.V.'iiriiiKi.-iiidiilmm'Wli, . "
sssbsb-SEZBESii . :.:i. jee■;
;   |
Con i- nnd   -ee  the
Fi,-.,   I',s-.-.i.r.-r  El.-
V ■       r      III       II ii'l,,i|
- ,,i-     I..-I .... I,   Win
in | e r -i nd   ' he  c ,1-1
Saturday Dec. 4
Saturday   Dec. 4
" Ihe Worries of the Season," Let us lighten the strain on your purse (for everybody's
is too small at such a time). Hundreds of Fancy and inexpensive Novelties from all the mir-
k?ts of the word, co venienily arranged for inspect on. The useful medium-priced article,
attra tively paclag d, s<ems to be the favorite gif:.
Msil Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Telegraph Orders.
Send the children.
C'une yourself.
Have  uur   traveller
call fur orders.
Choice Fancy Groceries for Christmas
Xmas Table Fruits and Dainties
Wo have just placed in slock this week a Choice assortment of Xmas Fruits, compris'ng Lemon
Peel, Orange Peel and Citron Peel, New Raisins in Packages,  Sultanas,  Valencies, Loose Muskatels,
Now Currants in pack-ages nnd bulk, Pulled Figs, Pressed Fig?, Dates in packages and bulk, Sh lied
Almonds, ami Walnuts, new and the best quality, Layer Raisins in bulk, fan extra good quality) Almond Piste and Apple Cider.    Everything needed for your Xmas Cakes and Puddings.                             ^
Delicious Jamsj Jellies and Pickles
A large import order of Crosse A- Blackwell's goods ju«t arrived.    100 cases ol the newest and best
stock including Olives in quarts, pints, and half-pints; Anchovy Paste, Bloater Paste, Crab Paste, Lobster paste,  Sardine paste, Potted Chicken, Potted Turkey, Russian Cavair, Puite de fois area, Capers,
Curry powder; Mixed pickles in quarts and Pints, White Onions in quarts and pints, Pickled Walnuts
in quarts and pints, Chow Chow in quarts and pints, Girkins   in quarts and pints; Orange Marmalade
in lib. and '21b. glass jars, and 41b. and 71b. cans.    All kinds of  Jellies   in lib. glass jars, and Jams in
lib. glass jars, and 41b. and 71b. cans. Lucca oils in half-pints, pints and quarts: Vinegar in qt. bottles
Hotels, boarding houses and camps  would do well  to get our prices on gallon pie fruits, a large
assortment  of   the  best  fruits packed this year—Pears, Peaches, Plums, Pumpkins, Apples, Rhubarb,
Blueberries, and Corn on the cob,    The cheapest and best fruits for pies.
Canned and Smoked Fish
Oiu Fi-b Depanment is now oompiete, Lobsters in \ lb. Gluss Jar", 4 lb. cans, \ lb. cans and 1 lh.
cniis, 1909 Rock Srtlt Herring in \ barrels, Holland Herring in kegs, Salt Trout in k-gs sold by the lb.
Codli-h, new, in 2 lb. boxes, Digby Herring, smoked, in small boxes, Salt Mackerel in kegs, Swiedish
slock fi'h, 10 diff rent varieties of Sardine", including smoked, mustard and in oil, canned Oysters,
Clams, Kippered Herring, Bloater, Herring 'lomato Sauce, Shrimps, wet and dry, Salmon, and everything thut looks like fish.
100 Teapots ai 20c. Each
One Hundred Teapots ul the newest and latest design just arrived and will sell them on Mondaj
and Tuesday only at tho small price of 20c.   One hundred customers can lie made happy witb a new
Teapot.   Come in early and be sure you get one.    Remember this price of 20c, each is lor Monday and
Tuesday only.
Put up in separate
fancy boxes of neat
and attractive designs,
just right for mailing.
All colors.     Prices:—
75c. $1.1.25. 1.50, $2
Suspender Sets
A most suitable gift
for a nniii; the best of
embroidered silk
suspenders in different
shades of blue, green,
biown and red, wilh
hose supports and armlets to match. In neat
fancy boxes at
$1.25, and $2 per set
Plaited Silk Hose
A splendid hose put
up in fancy holiday
boxes that add holiday
attractiveness to the
worth of tbe goods. An
appreciated gift, only
Always  an  acceptable   Xmas   gift   for   a   nmn;   good, long, stiff bristles,  leather
backed, with sterling silver mounts.  Prices $1 tO $3.00
QNCK IN A YEAH. very, very near the
^^ end of the twelve in,,nib, there conies
a Certain Night. It is II nigbl of Happy
Thoughts of ileal-, pleasant memories, Little children K„, ,,U i,„, soon, to bed, and the
kindly old Sandman delays hit- coming, for n
lime ut least, reluctant to interrupt their
childish hopes and fears. Grown-up folks
I l'or grown folks have a strange habit of
Bitting up on such important nights) lip-toe
stealthily ant creakiiy aboul the house.
The little empty slocking hangs at the
chimney piece—a dear little, quaint little
slocking tliat is all too suiall to hold the
precious things lh" loving Saint will bring
la-fore the ilitwn will break on Christmas
morning. Perhaps the Utile stocking will
be a bit larger at each recurring Chrislinns-
I ide, anil hung alone. Or, in years to come,
uther and still tinier stockings may bear it
company; peihaps even there will come a
dreary time when ihe Ibe place is bare,
when longing eyes turn away and the filck-
,'i ing light of the lire is bard and cold. But
no mailer what the years bring or take
away, the spirit of Friendship and Kindness
remains: At the end of the busy year, full
of eifoit and struggle, comes tbo season
when we forget lhe trials and welcome the
opportunities—when we count our friends
.mil lind them many when we choose for
i liein remembrances (not hastily and because
iif llieii cost, tint because of lhe pleasure
Ihey will bring)- when we realize to the lull
lhat life is worth living, because for once it
i- unselfish.
French Kid Gloves
When In doubt give
(•loves, always welcome, and ifjyou don't
get right size the first
timo wo arc always
here to change them
for the receiver. Standard French Gloves in
fancy   holly   boxes  at
._*£.'._& Bigger, ^brighter, jollier than ever—The Holiday _.___,
Toy Department (upstairs, sends its imitation to all wy
the Little Folks whose parents can bring tbem on a trip
_feaLt0 Santa Claus Land (Upstairs.)
The present'style of Hair Drersing requisite, j- more
hair than any lady posses-see. The province of hair
goods is to dres.s your hair becomingly and to conform
with what is required with the new hats Our Hair
Goods Department is.showing new coiffures, switches,
etc.. in New Sanitary French Hair.
In Fancy Holly   Iius.    A   pretty   gift   suitable   for   any-body's   Dressing   Table.
The Price is marked at ... SI
Christmas Handkerchiefs far Ien
What man has too many of ihem and what man would not be pleased lo hive
mn e? Linens, Exceldas, and Silks, a vast variety lo pick from in plain colors
and fancy borders. U'e will box any Silk U.m,Ikercbi f, or nny line-- Linen
Handkerchiefs, in a neat fancy box, free of charge.     Price.- 20 cents to ifl ea h
LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS  in fancv boxes, half dozen to ihe b,,x. be-' nl Irish
linen IL.. *1-W to 13 per box
MEN'S INITIALED LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, Irish 1 n, liem-sti-cb-.l, -ix
to a box  Pr'4* *1-"6
1 Hockey Boots for Men and Boys
Men's "Fisher Patent" Hockey Hoots, black box cull, light and durable, *8.50 pHir
Men's Mule skin hockey boots, black with ta i facings and toe cap, ankle protected
and  strap      Price M.00
Boys'box oalf hockey boots, "Fisher Patent"  Prioe 18.00
Ti i 1 i  \\ I
mm tn null Pt
Gift Umbrellas
The real thirg for y ur gerdle-
iniiii Irii Hi's. Silk 'up, with
heavy go,d handle. All weighs
$5 to $850
Xmas Slaves far Men
A specialty with us Ior the Xma« trade—Ihe
the best of Old Country nnd Domestic makes.
Fowne's silk-lined Mocha, dark and light brown,
the nentest and dressiest glove on the market.
llur Special Fleece-lined Mocha, mado by one
ol our Hest Canadian firms, light and dark shades.
Smokers' Sundries
Any man who smokes always appreciates something in ti is line fur
PIPES—The best of Meerschaum
with amber mouth pieces in straight.
and curved stems—from $8 to S7.50
nf two pipes in a case made of Best
Hrilir, either straight or curve stom.
Prices— *6 00. S7.50 and l'J.00.
POUCHES—Undressed Doer Skin
plain, at $2, silver mounted $'2 50
Rubber Pouches, 7.ric.
CKIAR ami Cigarette Holders in
nnv style and shapo. From OOc. to
CIGAR CASES in a largo variety
ol leather, all sizes. Prices VI to lli.
Leather Suit Cases and Sags
A most acceptable gift for nnv man; Suit Cuss- hoth  linen nnd leather lined from
12 50 to 114.00 each
Travelling Hags, both linen and leather lined, ranging in price from $2.00 to 17 60
Our Special Suit Case Offer
Made from Solid Sole Leather, steel fr.tne, ilaik brow   i-iilnr, 2tnu-les  long, lined
w lli Moire Silk hml 0 1 wi'h sterling n n •• I   1'nilei    »ri <!»--,  including mill
lary brushes, eliaving l.ru-li, .-:,        PRICE—'118 00
Some Choice Bargains in a Few Ddd Lines
50o, I.ithogrngh Pillow Tops for        36o, *l 50 Dress Goods
75c. Tapestry  Pillow Topi for 85c. 'Aon. Wool Hue
60.:. Ha by  Hi bs   J>. 81.00 White Cot Quilts
11.60 Child's Sleepers 11.00 $6.50 Lace Waists
$4 76
A Piece of Cut Glass—A Popular Gift
The ossonso of luvli-
ness rich, sparkling
Cut (Hush. Tho piece
Do Resistance wilh the
ladies, tho always-desired gift. Cut (Hues
Knife Rests, Hun-Hun
Dishes, Celery Dishc,
Vases, Wator Hollies,
Salad Howls, Fruit
Wine and Liquor Setts, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Furs for the Christmas Trade
A Fi 11 Range at, Piicet
to Suit all Pocket Books
One Maish Set. $100. One Persian Lamb Set, $55. One
Isabella Fox Set, $75. One Isabella Fox Set, $45. Marmot Sets at $10, $15 and $25. Separate Stoles, Persian
Lamb Collars, Children's Furs, etc.
The ollice ol lieputy Mining Recorder
at  Poplar Creek haa been closed,
Tbs MayBoberte-Gillnrd Company
will appear at the Opera Howie on thi
9th, 10th and Ihh.
The Smoke* under tba auspices     oi
| tbe Bevelatok* Grioket Club on Toet-
day Doo. 37th promisee to be a gnat
,i,ess.   A good time ia
The New f hurch ol England Hymn ,
Booka at  Macdonald's Drug Store.
.ltibnn S le—Sua Lion—Suit Case
md Club Bug—fitted al Bows' llrug
Improve the flavor of your Miuco
Meat  with a little Apple Cidur,   Irom
Children's     Books and   Gaines     at
i Bew
Don't  suffer   with cold when you
can get our Eiderdown   Quilts  a
cozy  and   needful   commodity   for
cold weather.
Latest Millinery
Come in and take a look over Our
Millinery   Department.     Hats   for
young   and   old,   all   shapes    and
styles at prices that art: reasonable.
Warm Blankets
Soft,  All-wool, made from the best
that can be procured in Australia.
Boots and Shoes
We   carry   a   lull   and   up-to-date
stock.     V'our inspection invited.
Mo-ant- Pictures 'Io-nit;ht.
». "Don't-go-to-C'anadn campaign
has been started in Chicago
The Cricket Club are holding .1
Smoker in Selkirk liall on Tuesday
evening   ue.\t I)w.   7th,  with  an  excel
The Pythiau Sisters are arranging
■o givu a date'e \>w your-, eve in the
opera bouse-
The Pythian altera are iouviug nothing undone to make their il-ono
S'yw Year'B eve a social BUt-cess        It
On Monday nnd Tuesday, Deouniber
6 and "th, tin. "Acme Stock Company
will present Captain Kacketl," a
i'aroe oomedy iii ilir.'c acta. Resolved
§»-«i dab- do^' on ttt Macdonald's ,1 '-v
Ihe provincial government hue. bi
canned to atari, tlio work on the re
placing f,t the bridgo over 'I", llleeiJJi-
wae*. river at bteveJatoke, which was
waahed out during high water !.;-,.
lhe tax-,, >i. i-> property become
•lue on Do. llth, ami all whu uinl) to
tAko advantage ol tie- uiie-si\ili di-.-
count rate must pay their taxes to
vho city collector bet'oro Monday, tlm
.TTib day  of  December.
Tho aU-ires are beginning t-o assume
a iesiive and elaborate appearance,
■.ne Linijtiiia^ stocks being nearly all
jpeiwd up. The display is uuusuully
altxucU'-a itw« yoar aud the mcrchan' |
s»p._>rt that they anticipate a busy |
ChrisunM Mason
A mee-ing -,f -h» V'eeti    ol     -'   J'-'
Vers oiur.li was held at the rectory , ,
*e«in»-iri»y   evening    last,   lhe matt"
ol a now church     waa txeely discussed
and a cotcir.;-*.c-   appointed  'o canvas
tha city  and  see what  «m  be,    ruiue-l
-..--iward-  '.ac fund.    A   letter  ol   thank,,,
•u  Lnv) Reveletoke     lor his donation
'.ow'aruta tne    new   building bind     wus
jroi'-d ar,.l d.spatched
Our reader-, will do well ii lb,>\
«tudy .aieiiulj ihe attractive ad.-i
_ne.-n_.ouio in the currant issues of this
mouth, carried by all the merchuu -■
Some ideii .•' lhi large _.u-l vaii-'l
s.lc liou  ul  . aitable for l li     '
lias presents carried by  the store* , 11
be obiaint-l and u round ol  -. c   *ili
>i Elusive■ _> prove ihai .,,,-1 ,- _., , d
■atisfooUun can l-e givjn righl al
come, both in Lhe uhoicu A .,,'.,
and alao iu ine prices, .1- by li ,. ,r
out of town from utalogUe li "I- -
1 iui advertising _>pj..., will tall .hi-ii
■  . ■     I-,,.
_\   Isi j.   :.,.,, bei    ,■   puopli
»•   -i,»  Hethodi ■      ,!..    !
eight  to * in.. --    ■ -,   ,,,"- iug pii • in ,■-
by  M.      I ling    ,1  1 ling  Bi
mon    Mr    Laing "Hi, _    un ■ ,
' 'er BUSpi ._■■    il  , 1...  1 1 ,"   1 • i_- ,.    1
Method bur, 1,     11„   -.iin.■ ,-
• ludi          •           it  ihe /,.... ., .   . 1
Mini, t ..,i..i     1                    ry drill
. lUrcing   ,"■' ii "I,.'	
ing   it*  iuul,..   1 ngines ol   II"    ■,.
• ,l   n,,rk   00   11   ,, ..     ug     ,.._.   ui'l ' In-
• -»  mg  lie- 11.in.,'.      ■: I lie
i.O'.ion   ..    1.       .                 1    ,    .1
entertaining mil     itutm mv.-      i ie
. ... d» wen ■•• 1 ■     itisfo 1 1
• ntaje going to  the I", a.  brand      I
■   Epn 111 -■ eague
Owing to the increasing demands of onr BAKH
HOUSE PRODUCTS wo bave greatly improved tl,..
qualify of our gordd by procuring one of the be.-:.
Bakers in th» Province iu the person of Mr. Y,
Biyle, (late of Vanoouver) wbo make* s sicoialty nl
high class goods, anil in order to prove our einti
ments we invite our friends to try seme oi our
Almond and Oucnanut fakes, Marguerites, Kiasrs,
Russian Cakes, German TnrtB, Crestn Puffs, Ru Is,
etc., also an.' Fancy Goods to order, A TRIAL
Men are invited to the , ■ il. C. A.
Sunday at 3,45 10 take part in the
singing and hear the Orchestra, uud 11
talk "Does il pay to do right" by \V.
C.  (.'alder.
Messrs, ('. IS. llunie &. Co. will have
their new electric elevator running
(his evening. A trial was made lust
night, the machinery working smoothly and without a hitch.
Iliibeii E. Wallis is appointed Sti •
pendiaiy Magistrate for the town uf
Arrowhoad anil adjoining distriel within a radius ol twenty miles therefrom,
1111,1 iu huve jurisdiction
"Small   Debl-.   Aci",
.Mr. Iti,lue, iniei'iiaiiuiial boys secretary for Canada, visited lhe boys uf
the liy, V. M. ( . A. jostordny, and
had a conference with the juniors, ju-t
after school, and with the iniei'iiiodi.i-
tes in the evening. He was surprised
10 lind such a splendidly equipped
building in our cily.
lho sudden drop in the temperature
last night was the cause of 11 false
lire ahum among the bouse bells of
several oi the members, ol No. 1 Fire
Brigade, who turned out to the Fiix-
Hall. The frost had lowered the current iu the battorios, causing the ro-
lay to drop and make the connection.
The young people's w-hi.,1 club mat
ut the home uf Mrs, W. H. Prat I last
night t'ur their weekly touruumont. Alter a close game the prizes were so-
cured by .Miss M11111I Hyatt, 11 book;
Mr. F. E, Crouyn, leather calling bag.
\ recherche supper followed and dancing brougbl 11 delightful evening to n
We are ready for busiuess aud shall
be glad to serve you. We have 11
large number of sound investments iu
Vancouver city and Suburban properties which offer ureal opportunities to
investor-.   We  have  a   spe-inl  depart -
Drug Sture,
A full range of hockey shoes, just
opened. Men's women's and children's
sizos.-BElD & VOUNf..
Toys, Toys, Toys.—Only good, substantial up-to-dato ones handled at
Macdonald's drug store.
Six cans Raspberries, six cans Straw
berries Ior ^l any day of lhe week ut
G. VV. Bell's.
A full range of hockey shoes, just
opened. Alcn's women's and children's
sizes.- HE ID V VOUNG.
WE HAVE MADE laioli,   but     are
lei  the now making better    vroud ul G.     XX.
'Hell's.     Try  ,,   loaf.
! Neekwear
One of the inosl lu-eeplnl-le
pn sents at Xidhp is n nice
Collar,      It    is   something
Your Insurance
Is   mie ul   the   111,ist   important   items
in your business
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
A  iull    range  of   hockey  shoes,    jusi
peued.   Men's women's  and children's
sues.--KEID &  Ylll NG.
(Id a Hevelstoke View Calendar ■•
only 'AiK. All ready boxed to .mail, al
C. It. Macdonald's Drug Storo.
A full range of hockey shoos, jtibt
opened. Men's women's nud children's
sues.-UElD 4- YOUNG.
Tmeman's Photo Studio open until
January let,     1U1U.   See    our specie
offer Ior this mouth only.
Try our home made Bread,—itist like
Mother used t.i make at G   W.  Bell'
Pork Pies and Oyster Patties every
Saturday lit 0   W.   Bell's.
D,,n't forget to look uroundour
store, when seeking Xmas. presents.
We have a big assortment at Macdonald's Drug Store.
Order your Boya or liiiis Own, Sunday at Home, Chatterbox or the Illustrated Papers, We will keep them for
you till Xmus.—At Mucdonald's drug
ment for
■nul  all   en-
-llclil       ^^^^^^^
prompt      ut lentil,11.
When in  Vancouver let   us  _,lu_>w   you
whin       wo      have  to uller  befure g'-ing
elsewhere "ur listing department ensures ,|iii,'k    -ales.   We    have    several
g 1   -lubdivieions   on     'he     market
which it will pm- you 1,, iuvestlgate,
Iill. DOMINION -link AMI BOX!)
CORPORA I ION "!' \ \Ntol Vi;i,',
bill.. Wind, Hull,line, (ground floor),
llastiugs Streel w. (nexl tu nen P.O I
P, 11. Hun litis, \ unoouver, B, ('.
As You Like It
at  the Opera  House Thursday
was enthusiastic in ita pralso
[excellent  performance and stngiug
"As   You      Like     It,"   Shakespeare's
if      the
most attractive comedy. To Mr. C
P Walker, of Winnipeg, iiii! theati
going public are indebted for the effort ho has made to place befure them
a ropertoire of high-class plays, and
his work in this direction is highly
appreciated. Tho next company he is
sending along will appear in "The
Bonie Briar Bush," which should
[prove a delight to om Scotch friends
I particularly.
! Seldom «•»< such a wealth ol stage
j sisenery uud effootr. beon neon ou the
JHtage of the opera house as on i'hurs-
'i vol day night, and stage management
was superb, avoiding    the   long waits
Tlie monthly mooting ol the   Board
of Trad" u-ill lv held on next    Hun
,|ii,   evening.
lhe big ••'.,.,,' ,,l the week will "-
the production of "Our Boys" nl tin-
ujieui  buns,   ,,r,   Pri,lay  iiIl'Iii
lhe (sjli iit 1 ■ 1 e,-,. ,, , reok wus
brought in I'huruday by ('. Harvey,
aud resulted    Taylor  1".  I indmark  .'
The cloaring and rluutiiiif
tail race for tho uew   pow-er daui     on
the  Illocllltwtto!   was  com] •
Ih.   Willing  Workoi      ■   -
Churob deitira tu  Lbunk nil  du
i--i-U'i.l   tu  inakr   ilu   S
I'ivi"     imiiili.")
brttughl   on'   !•■' >tn
-ti    I'iV'Ol        iv.rnili
•■H ac  t»>inu  well
»l»'W     IhiIIIi'-
I  LVH. ll        '   II
I i,.-   -■ ■
< impair
il   witli
■ i 1-nM-
■ ■ •
L'OIUQ ■ ii u ■ i ■.- '■ ( "ii-; 1 *1 H"i
with IK. v I 'obt.'U uml faiuil} tn in. i
■tt  the EHison  Parloi    I Ii.mm...
A ii'"k.-\ nii'.-fii., 1 - ii:. .i MuuUh>
uveniuy at ~ i» m nt * he I ity Jl.-tll
All  tbo ■"  ir:-- :■■ •■ ■;  ii   bo kej    in*   n
-|i(t>-ic.j    tU    bo    I'li-'-l."
Hie  linion   Ri»-*taui ni t • n
for nighi   1 .      ■    :
! '■-  om   I'-   R ■ •■' .■ ei
■ •   _■■•-■
Iii.-   fii
::._   1 . ■:.■■ lhe   \     M    '      \
won bj   Lhi   V. i'.  R. 1
■ -   .
Ait.    A      ii.   Mill.-j   will  in-'
during Decembei  "u-l January. 	
Messrs   E. and A   Ulllman, M.  n".-!,vhi,ch 5U oliw """  nn otherwise good
ton, end T   Downing arrived      from P«*ormanco.
„   .      T, „ The part  of Rosalind was taken bv
Ben'.,n (Thursday ' r
Mr. Mill.-,-,
 I   f.'.lhe,
arrived from  'h»-
■i  A
I■„   Miller.
,,  lako  up
Miss Eddy,
_» •
Christmas Goods!
Holiday Buying Should be
Done Now
U 11 nock is '■ triplet, We
invlf .. ' to "iir niore where
y ,u may bave sn unlimited sup-
u j l Kam-y'toiids. Books, etc.
Irom which to select gilts.
Wl- are a*Hjs pleased lu put
Mid* goodl 81-lpclul early, and
deliver then, al any time, £
fiews'Orug&StationeryStore I
ITSZ1  >'■ MB UhOi J.
Siybl     -■•li""t Ihhsi
■■■i'i. iti ■ '"■ ■          irtii
1 (Terenl   publii' ihouh             ■   ■
bl   thi       ' .'II lie   i'.-i
for the   -■   i«>n ' '■ Uibei   LJ        \1
.:•'.  IUIO
['hi    I    ;>-ii-it.im.-in
... >  1 I 1 etii h
'      -        - H    :,[   ,
I  I'.l
\\. Mlgl
-   1 i '  . \      I'.l .lie ii     1 .1 I I.-
Dominion   Mtn«    l*«p irttn*ni     il    i
(ere t in),   publi ittou,    fith   man .
',• i'- _.'  Ci itlsh fi iliimbiii
AIln-i 1 b     and   - fi ileal ■ Ii«m hu,
b)   U   J    Do* ling    of  the ilepartmoni
1     ti ,1 ■-. ■     -i I,-,      .     Lppointei ■     li
, 111 -.-  ret in i»(j   iffi ei   foi   I he     i ani ■■
"7] polling    booth)     wai     inable
rhrotiifti to 'u • station In • im« foi b)
f»*non Hay, owing lo  tho   wo
*ho*i_ing, -in'! iifuJ  fo return,   io no poll
wae   tnkefi   * h^r*-
■  ,
T .
Aua trali
iii> residence in  Revelstoke
1.. ■' Kerr, formerly "i Arrowhead i
baa goiifl to Pri nee Kujicrl with u viow
to contracting on tli»i (irand Prunk
Pacific .
lefl >< -i«.j.l.i\      for
tend  tlif ineetiiu;     of
l'i.--i.\ i.m-. ,    Kniyltts
\   \    M.
A   C     Hrool*
Rosfllnud  to
• I ■      RoHfllund
r»'in|>!:tr'   .\    \%
Rei     Mi    Uiill, pastor uf ihe  Mc   u>-
dist church here, haa re«*eived un   ir..I-
itioi    " anothei  charge ;n  ti,.      iasl,
• •      ■ .'|it."i jt,  the   -.' n ■
.   indei   '11- ■ onsid -i 11 ion.
M ■. ■   > ,     ippointcd man i-
(tun     ' ■■ .  ii-'i-   rei'irned
'■'■    ■■]. ■ ■ win   un
the (*' »mpain
whh a thomo of admiration, whilo bee
enunciation was excellent. Mi so Young
an Coliu, ably HUpporUnl her. The ot*
hei Indie-, of tlie company wer.- Mian
Milne n-i ij- Beau, and Audruy and
llisH King n- Phobcj who ^uatained
their parts well.
Mr. F.riv. ;iril> ;i)ipt'fin'(l u<j I Irlmido,
land made an excel)ent presentation
I Uiroutfhout. Tlie o^aenco of the com*
idy. howovor, wntretl round .Mr. Vulo,
n- Touchstone. Mr. Vulo 1ms been a
great favorite with local {Utdieucea.
Tho ml)- which lie filled on Thursday,
gave him omplo room for tin1 dovelop-
n»ent of Oie humorous alluations in
whi.-h he Bhinea.
p i'
I   W    tt    I .. ler   has
I,- ;   .       ,\| mu del        of
i,. ..    i,,..      I .■ lor,  M
'i   take
A noiol eleetri,  ai    lam^i has toceni
Ily been deeignedi in which tl thou
jam formed out ul plastic ro a tens I
-.he lamp  itself     I'he laiuf,  is  provide,
with two receptacles in which lh,, plai
lie rnafvi'il Is plaoed,  and  thi   ll   Iw
through   tuU-fc   to   (urn,   the   two  oUx
tlodes ol  the arc.    The ends ol  lhu el
eotrodei are baked by moaoi ol eloc
trie heating Oolls, und  lhe process is "
ooetlnuoue one   The gas generated o
the material is heated i,. utilized     lo
press iho material into  the ulectrodi
forming   tubes
A e
, .    I .i uio,     publi
'   .■    I   ...,-      I i ■
 te of Pei
tm i ible  fifi rnnrknble
growth ,.f ■," ■ ■  ■
iphical ...i ke. inship   u
- ork of tl ilii ■■   - h .*   ■ ■
printed    ll  is ,    iihtnbte   ouvenit and
ihould   ■        ■ urge   ir, illation
York fleral
I • .-I     i... iid ."•   ,    iu -■  - • •,.
ind l mad	
oi    ..      ',  ., I,   md I '••nnv
l, mu,,   .,.  ■ lu   ioulh      I lie i"i',
natural Ian ■ I n In  tho fm I   that
i.i.'piu-  iiui Dominion's  tariff disoriin
ination ,,, favoi  ol fire»,  Britain the
|-"I' f   Canada  bil       Ull     one-fourlll   iWi'   U™8   Sl"r"
of theii
llie win,I
' \ I IHM.li He,. Father I Coccola,
|,.,.,,,i Servicos are held on tlio lirst
and third Sunday s in every month at
the following hours: * a.m. Communion Muss; 10.30 a.m. High Mass and
Sermons; 3 p, m. Baptisms; 3.30 p.
harming in Sunday School; 7.IHI p.m. ttosary,
novel    and diiintt    Instruction and Benediction,
that no ludi
runny.      We
made a lm-
ever   li s   too
have   al«ays
- 'dally of  iIh-sh
and our showing ilii- year
m better than ev. r. VW
have all colors and stile,
and all priced, Dainty etu-
lil-oiilort-il Linen Collars,
l/icc Stock Collars, Dutch
Ool ar-, Finn" Stocks, etc.,
at prices rang'ng from
25c. to $5
Stylish Jabots and Bows
In all   the   New Shaic, in   Net
and pretty Hand Embroideries.
leicc   and   Chiffon
Guaranteed Gloves
Uur stock if complete in sizes and colors. We guarantee every pair we fill. We ore showing a nice lol
of lined gloves in plain anil fur lops, and liiu sume
guarantee goes wilh tbem,
New Cushion Tops
Another lot of these  Pretty  " Arts anel Crafts "
designs, antl n lull line of Rope,  Filo and Floss.
Watch For Our Coupon Announcement
in Next Issue.
The Cily Bakery to our Hlore, .1. Garland managing ilie Inik'iv department, and is turning
out a very fine • ji:;tlily of bread and cakes, j i-t
like Home-made, we solicit a trial. Our grocery
slock was never more complete. A full line of
Christmas goods just opened up.
Ci.   W.  HELL
Grocer   ami  Baker
imi. nov WH
Ladies Fine Shoes
The Ames Holilen shoes are made for Comfort
and Service from specially selected material by
competent workmen. A complete stock always
ou hum! in Ladies auu Children's sizes, and at
reasonable prices. A pair of shoes make a sensible and appropriate Christmas gift.
MRS.   A.   O.   CRICK
First   Stroot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
■ i
'he ,,
01      lit"
■,. ii  point   ■,
__________________________________________H ^^^*- ln
. milled
i ,, i
tt    11 ,. i    ,,
il        I'    H        ■ .
M, \ I. Kl,:'
.    pel.., ■
'• i-wird,-,,       ■!        p. ■..-,nm-i,   M
I'le-lll lei inn   I 'hllivll,
tt    i     Calder.   Sen,.,- .
nl 7 .'In p. in., Sim ),iy
School nn,l I'.ible I l.i . 3.3H p. 111.
Heeling W'edne duj .,, s p. ,,,..
1 boil  pi ui tii ,■  I , elm  ni  s j,   ,,],
Hw-n-i Rev, W. P, l-'reeiiian,
pastor, I'n-iiiiiii^ at II a. in. and
7:J_K) p.m. 8unday school and VouDfl
Hens Ul ble Glow al 2i80. K. Y. P. I.
Monday ai n p.m. Prayer meeting
W'eilne-il.iy at M p.m.    Sunilav   uioin-
iik subjeet;    " The Work of ib<- I lol-,
spoil '     Bvenlna  eulijeot,   "A Oon-
i        I'ivi-i vbody Is ciiliiilly Invili d
to Ihese sel i ices
\ 11 __.' 11 • .III
\ .   I'.l,
■. „
barrel  ' „p
"" .|j,m.,l   up  al
l'i",.      .uods li
.i  , i mbei
,l|l     Cl'er        Cl lie    nl
imports    from the "mothei      rhousands ol < brl tms
and  nearly  three li h     ol   n..  ,,.,     ,•    i, ,,,
from tho i'iiiie,l  -tnie
11   "      , '      md  tie
l|    PI ' i"   ■" nighi n,',
Hev,  l
_______________  '"'
.->',.-el,,;,    ,r,    td' ,'l,'      At   fl   n     a
'    i,.'nui,i"ti,   11   ,,        iu .   Hnl ins      inel
Hole Communion;  7.30 p   in.,  Even
ong   2.30 p   n,    Bundnj   Sel I
M,iI, ch- • i I, ii. I, Sen ne. un Sun
. ■ ' hi . ual hours 11 a m and
7.'.Vi p in taki n ibargi ol bj tbt
pm'., Sunday School and Bible
nan,. „, '.! no p in. Epworth League
meeting on Monday evening ai s p ,,,
All are Invited, lhe Christmas enter
''inun,mt for ihe Sunday School will
l». held on 'Iuc.,I,h, |i...    21
,,   He*
li king Cu,,,..i i  in   ii,,. Revolstoke
iiidiei ciui, ,„   ihe    Selkirk Hall ou
I'uesdsv evening, Drc   :th   C'omo1
Christmas Toys
Now on View
Mountain Supply Company
General Mcrohandise
Telephone 348
WHY PAY RENT! Own your
own home. Secure a lol in Clearview
at the auction sale to be held in this
oity Dec. U. Lots are large, the view
la unobstructed, the price is your own
choice at Ilm auction. Make further
ecipiiries from H.Manning, auctioneer,
or J   I). Sibbald.
Have yi u seen Tucker's special offer
snd prices given from Nov. lptb until
Deo,81, It is woith youi while to
visit his studio. tf.
WANTED-Two Waitresses, OoTd
wages   io   (food   parties—at
ome.   Apply to Box H14. Mail flet-ald.
W~~ANflOiF'Tir KkNT   I'm- three
months a furnished house Irom
end  of   Oetemhei,    Apply at Mall-
Herald i Hlce.
FOK SALE-Half an utie of land
and Fiiiir-rnniiipri house and oiil-
IliiildiiiK al (Jotliaplix. Bearing nriiliattl
Pi he jstdjn.   Apply to p. Uirriud. Rev.
Moving Pictures to-night


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