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 «•_______■___•___________, «■!
" Empire" Typewriter
Fur ease ol operation and pet lection
iu results prodiiceil, this machluc
is unsurpassed.    Price, $00 00 Cash.
Interior I'lihlisliing Co.,    -    Agents
The Mail-
/^i l    'New.Wellington Coal
■ / j _/- '■.
"'''"IJ'-t. J5.!';Q. PA GET,   McKonzio
\ TELICPtyONE   3!)
Vol. 15.-No  18
■  V iii.
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
PARIS The new liussnl Tan
Hlenchel'. lllll <£ C f\f\
Cuban heel, ill, Q)J,UU
WOODBINE New Russet Tun Oxford, with three eylet, the new
cupper rivet eylet. AV'itlk easy sole, Cuban heel, (bo IXd
A Lady's Shoe  CpO.OU
RED CROSS Dongola Kid Oxford Hleiieher style. <|JQ Cf\
Extra flexible, nulsless sole, Cuban heel  ipO.iJU
PATENT COLT PARIS A Indies patent cult high lace Hleucher,
cut bill, a perfect beauty, uiillitary heel, plane corn toe. QK C\C\
The lost word in shoe perfection   A lady's dress shoe...  ^)y.V_/v
«**!■•. /
% $1.00
% Kid
One Dollar is the Standard Price of Kid Gloves at
"HUME'S". Any color.
" Lily " a guaranteed glove
a lady's Dress Kid Glove at
Stores at Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
This is the season of the year that the good housekeeper wants to brighten up the home, Kalsomine some
I'ooiiis. Varnish the woodwork, Paint the Moors. Varnish
Stain some pieces of the furniture, Enamel the beds or the
baths, Regfld the picture frames. We are best able to
supply all tliese wants, we cater for the trade, and we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House paint,
l-'limi'paint, all ready for the brush. Aspiuall's Enamels,
ti. A. P. Enamels for balli or woodwork. Baplac Varnish
stains. Irtmite Varnish stains. Lacipteret in all colors,
Berry Bros, house varnishes. Liquid Granite f jr llloors or
oilcloth. Varnish for furniture, floors, boats or carriages,
all for all inside work.
Painters Supplies in all lines and at prices that cannot
lie beat, give us a chance to quote you, we can save you
money. Leave your orders for work with us and we will
send you a man and guarantee that he will give you the
liesl of goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Citizens  Can   Aid   Police   in
Establishing Peace
Many complaints have come tu this
ollice regarding tne actions ot certain
dissolute undesirables who drive westward at all hours of the night shouting and making a disgraceful uproar
generally, much to the annoyance of
the residents ol the west portion of
the city. We do not exactly know
why they bring their complaints to us,
tor we do not happen to be running a
detective, or mural returm agency just
now, ur perhaps it is that we are fre-
t|iiently seen chatting to tlie pnlice
and that we will spread the titling
that way, However, the police are
the proper authorities before whom to
lay any complaints, grievances, or
information, and we have no doubt
that if euch complaints can be substantiated the police will take summary meaaures to way lay some ol
these midnight roysterers snd lodge
tbem in the local parasite propagator.
Such a course perhaps would have a
salutory etVect on these shameless,
licentious libertines and eoon help to
diminish this moat, objectionable
feature ol city life. Tbe police are
only too willing to bring the arm of
the law to bear where needed, but the
publio little dream ol what tbe police
do to enforce law and order in the city
when " RevelBtoke sleeps," for the
police are naturally reticent as to their
doings and it would be unjust of the
public to censure the "lorce" for not
being in every street at. once at night.
The police do all in their power to
keep an orderly city, and succeed very
well, though few citizens really give
them any credit lur what they do.
The public can materially assist, the
police in many ways in insuring civic
peace and quietness il they would
only use a little common sense. Small
talk and id'e gossip does more to
damage the harmony of the town,
however, than many ot those things
to which citizens would term police
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Hank. Seattle—.Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
eisen -Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of .$1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date nf deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Ladies' and Children's Boots and Shoes
I have jii.it received a large shipment
of Spring and Summer Shoes for
Ladles and Children. Made from selected material hy experienced workmen
these shoes are guaranteed to give
good service.     The prices are right.
MRS.   A.   O.   CRICK
First   Strcot Opposite    Windsor    Hotel
Plans for Erection of $16,000
The hospital board, after much discussion and deliberation on the matter, have decided to commence nego
tiations for the erection of a new wing
for the hospital. The advisability ot
petitioning tor a bylaw to be submitted to the people for the raising of
funds in aid ot the building of a new
wing has been voted down and tbe
board has decided to commence the
work with approximately $10,000 in
sight, including the government grant
which will equal half that sum, and
the balance now in the bank. It is
claimed that this amount of money
will be sufficient tu erect an up-to-
date wing. Contrary to the original
idea of building on to tbe uaat end,
the board has decided to add the new
wing on to the west end in order to
afford shelter and shade during the
hot summer .months. Arrangements
are being made at unce fur the drawing up of plans for the building to
conform with the amount ot money
available and when the deBigu of construction has been approved, the work
will be put in hand at once.
Thia move on the part of the Iiob-
pital board for a new wing will be
welcome news to Revelstoke generally,
as with the expansion ol tbe city the
needs ol the hospital are increased
proportionately. As soon aB the new
plans are out wc Bhall be able more
definitely to go into the nature ot the
construction of the proposed addition;
Millie it to say that the hospital
board will do the very best they can
with the money available and secure
fur RevelBtoke a hospital ot which the
citizens can be justly proud.
April Weather
The following rather alarming
weatber forecast for April has lieen
published by Foster st Washington :
April will not be a good crop weather
month. Up to 12 temperatures will
be about normal and (airly good and
then for 13 days very bad. Last half
ol April will be too cold tor all crops
snd in mid latitudes tender plants
will need protection Irom tbe rarages
ot killing IrostB.
From April 13 to 11, a periud ol 12
daya, crop weather will be radically
bad, on all parte of tbe continent.
First two weeks of April will provide
an early spring with good crop prospects, and the laat half ot the month
will spoil all thee tine proepectB.
Look out fur bad simms and all
kinds ut weather extremes from April
10 tu 21. All the furies uf tho element* will be turned loose,
Illegal  Marriages — Roosevelt
Escapes — Women Again
Canada Won't Help—Servian
London, March 81,—Buckingham
has been thrown into lever at the
discovery, which was announced officially today, that all marriages celn
brated at the pariah church of St,
James during the last uO years aro
illegal. It appears that the obit rob
was never licensed tu celebrate marriages. Steps will be tnkoti to legalize
the ceremonies performed,
NEW YoiiK. March 81,— A wireloss
message states a steerage passenger,
Guiseppe Tosti, tried to assassinate ex-
President Ruosevelt on board the
steamer Hamburg. He said Roosevelt was the cause uf his child being
taken from him. He wasuverpowercd
by sailors and ironed. He then refused food, saying tbat Roosevelt was
trying to poison him.
London, March 31.—By a strictly
party vote of 453 to 135, the House of
Commons bas refused to express lack
of confidence in the Government's
Naral policy.
Chicago, March 31.—Ur. Frank Q,
Lewis, speaking of state control of
marriages, said that no one could deny
that the prevention ol degeneracy was
much mure economical than the cure
of conditions which arise from it.
London, March 31.—A clash between suffragettes and police occurred
about the House of Commons today,
in which several ol the participants
were badly bruised. The police gained
the upper hand after a hard struggle.
Ottawa, March 31.—Sir Wilfrid
Laurier stated in the house that Canada's contribution to imperial defence
must take the lonn uf organizing the
nucleuB ol a navy of our own. A
contribution for imperial purposes is
BELGRADE, March 31.—Servia has
given in entirely to the demands of
the powers and the tension of tho
Balkans is at an end.
London, March 31.— A Central
News message trum Vienna today says
that a group of public men are agitating the selectiun ol the Duke of
Deck for the Servian throne. The
name ol Prince Arthur of Conuaugh
nephew of King Edward, also is mentioned. Political leaders here question whether the British goverumeiit
wuuld allow a member ol the English
royal family to accept the tender.
Deadlock in C.P.R. Mechanics'
Winnipeg, March 30.—Alarming reports are current here that another
oig strike of machinists on the Canadian Pacific railway is imminent. The
company, it appears, refuses to negotiate jointly with the men on the
eastern and western systems and as
that ia strongly favored by tlio mon a
deadlock has been reached in the negotiations. Lust night mure delegates
arrived from far eastern and western
points and Grant Hall, bead nf the
mechanical department in the west
for the company, who wss summoned
to Montreal a few days ago, wired last.
night a very diBCuuraging telegram.
The present schedule expires in a few
days antl a new une must be nt unco
agreed upon.
If the men strike Hub time they
will havo the backing of the American
Federation ol Labor, with whom they
affiliated thia winter and will be :n it
better position to secure funds tu light,
the company. Sume 12,000 men will
be involved Irum Moncton, N. B., to
Vancouver, B.C.
Former  C.P.R.   Brakeman. of
Revelstoke Wins Suit
Damages ot $1,000 were yesterday
awarded by a epecial jury to G. H.
McClintick, a former C.P.R. brakeman
tbe railway company being tbe defendants in the sction. Tbe claim of the
plaintiff was that ho was totally incapacitated Irom manual labor by tho
loss of Sogers while engaged at hia
work. The case was heard before Mr.
Justice Clement. C. W. Craig appeared for tbo plaintiff and Mr. Iv P,
Davis, K.C., and Mr. J. £. McMullen
Ior the defendant company.—Vancouver World.
I*ave your nnler at the Revolatukc
Genoral Agencies fur a load of good,
dry cedar, cut in Itt-iiich] lengths.
Note the prioe, $6.60 lor lull cord,
Supt. Howard Douglas Shows
Excellent Report
We are in receipt ol a copy ol the
annual report of the Kooky Mountain
Parks of Canada by Supt. Howard
Douglas. The report shows an increasing interest taken in it by tourists as evidenced by the big increase of
visitors in llIDH over 111(17; lasl year
numbering 32,201) as against 28,735 in
11)07. There are now six national
parks in the West, all easy ol access,
having a total of 15,650 square miles,
divided as folloiVB:
Si j iiiii cj miles
Rocky Mountain Park ... 4,820
Vnho  Park       2,812
Glacier I'ark    2,801
Huffiiln Park      000
Elk Island   I'ark         (II
Jat>pi;r Park    5,540
Tliejflora and fauna of|the parks are
attracting mure attentiun every year.
The animals in captivity are thriving
The report deals with the Alpine Club,
enlarging un its value in research and
attractions for visitors. Tho Park
revenue is growing steadily, new
places of interest being opened up ard
fresh attract inns being provided, The
value to the Dominion uf these parks
cannot he overestimated.
The baths at the Cave and Busin
continue to grow in popularity, and
the revenue from that source wil!
this year be at least 20 per cent,
over that of any turmer year, and
this has been accomplished notwithstanding the institution of tlie Hut
SpringB baths a few years ngu. In
tpite of the additions lhat have been
made in the number of dressing
rooms aud other accommodations we
arc still unable to accommodate the
swarms of bathers who visit the
baths during the months of July anil
August, and it will be absolutely
necessary to greatly increase the accommodation in the near ftiUire.
The repnrt deals fully with the
progress made in transportation facilities, bridges, trails, etc., Ilora and
fauna of the park, museum attractions, industries, game preservation,
park revenue and climate and contains tine illustrations of scenes round
Bant?, including pictures oi llowers,
etc. The whole report is an excellent
work and very comprehensive and
will surprise tlmse who have not yet
visited Banff as to the wonders ol
Nature to be found there. As n medicinal ami health reanrt Banff ia
unequalled iu any part of the globe,
the baths and spring.' attracting large
numbers of visitors from all uver tbe
B. of L. E. Entertained By the
Ladies' Auxiliary
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the B. of
L. E. was "at I ome" to tbe brother',
their wives aud families of Divisiou
(157 in the Selkirk hall on Friday last
The brntliers were tvulcumetl by a drill
and chorus called "Oh Canada'' by lhe
Ladies' Auxiliary, which was well
carried out. An interesting program
of songs, recitations, jukes, elc , was
rendered, aftor which a aeries nl games
proved a most pleasant diversion. The
luncheon prepared by tbe hostesses for
their guests was a triumph of culinary
skill and was elegantly served, the
dainty tables clothed in shimmering
damask and superimposed by graceful
palms and fragrant flowers iu the
colors of the Order, making nu attractive appearance. When the company had done (ull justice to the gnnil
things provided   they   retired    tu   the
lower hall ami dancing waa Indulged
in for several hours, Auld Lang Syne
bringing a very pleasant evening tn a
"The House of Bondage"
"The   lliiuso  ol   Bondage," whioh
Seymour llberiner has written Ior
Florence Roberts, and which that distinguished player will tiller al the
Opera lluuseon April Uth, is said to
be a remarkably audiioinus play. Noi
that it tillers anything in the leaal
offensive, but lhe boldness ol its een
tral idea, which involves lhe perform
ing ot a vital operation by a prominent
surgeun on the husband of tlie woman
he loves, has attracted unusual attcn
tion and discussion. The piece is o
English authorship and locale, andf
bits a theme uf universal interest,
while abounding throughout in brilliant dialogue and absorbing situations
Identifying Immigrants
New Yoiik, March 30.—As a means
ol identification among aliens who
como to this country, Fourth Deputy
Polico ComiiiisBiu.-ier Woods suggests
that the federal authorities take moving pictures of every immigrant admitted to this port. Immigration
Commissioner Watobom has the matter uuder advitomont.
W    hai ci  vi-il a ship-
II nd  8   C
Iii i   ... i,.. i- lecured
i be   Agent-)       Tin       I     -   are
noted ne quality ami
ll eiiori ..    ei.... i i
I hej  ai ■■ pul np in
I'ltci    ■    pai
id   el ., |    ten
Dm   lai'gi   ,.ii 1  ,i. i,'. ■ n.   i ',..,.■ i .           i  . Ul.
give value for p            li     li -i- lol uf i he I lull,
Bteol out, .'li iill ■-- r. .iv. ■.■. i                            ... k.     \V •    ■
ivliai   Ihey  . .11  n   "llnd-u it" pn i            ... tin ee
dial in.I il i  ...       ■                I tl                                     one nf lhe  I
kinds does nul nil        i    .       , ■      . -                  no kind of I iffee  will,
We keep.ill 111.. I In   ■■■ Cttll    llllVO   W Iliclll'VOI
ll ivor ynu prefei.     \\     il      have Green CutTee, (  iui| I     ■ ■ . Special
Hnlel Coffee, th i-.. A - Seal Brand ' N    I brand
of fresh ground C'nlTci . etc      We  want j IVs I     fee bin Ineai
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
You'lLhave a f
_#r > l/\
t\'o matter hoi it . oth i.s
s it is cul   right   it   won't   lit   you
well when made into a suit,
fit the other fellow     --'- fi!  y
must   come   to
enough in it ii
will tit you ri^'lit.  We carrj .
Remember our clothii g
sawed out and slung together,  bul    ire
hand-scissored  and   hand-made by the
best tailors.
Ill-All  OFFICE,  IDIIi'Mu
I ■•.    lii-iil l>   i ki, ;
a tr,..-a convenient
denomination* of
b. e. walker. President Paid-up Capital, S10.C0O.O0Cl
ALEXANDER LAIKD,Q«n« ud Manager     ReSt'l'Ve 1'UIld,    -     6.000.000
Tlie new Trai ■■ I
way in whl< h to can
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100  and  $200
nnd the rxa, i amouni | Austria,  Belgium,  Denmark, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Kussia, Sweden
ami Switzerland is sin »n the fm.ee oi each cheque, while in other cot-All Ies
they urn payab     tl i urrenl rates.
The cheques ami  ill informal   n tbei even,- oilier
of the Bank. HI*
Lawn Tennis Club
Any lady or gentleman, desirous of
joining the Tennis Club, •'■ 111 oblige bj
handing tlieir nanus in to any member ol the exeoutlve committee. The
names will then be submitted at the
lir.-t meeting ol the exsutive. The
(nlluwiiig ladioa  and gentlemi
pnsc the executive Mrs. H. I'lt'i-
ningham Morris. Mrs. XV. II. I - :,
Miss J. Hsrdic, Messrs. A. II McCleneghan, A. If. Allen. T. E, I..
Taylor, .1. 0, Barber, ('. V. landmark
F. E. Oigot, H. Sc.it. Subscription!
are now payable to Mr. >'ig..t, secretary ul lho club.
Fire Scene at Paris.
The great lire scent in the "Fore-
Incendiary' in moving pictures
will be bIiowu nl the Edison Theatre
on Friday and Saturday night. This
Is a particularly interesting and exciting aoene, showing the immense lac-
u.ry on in., the whole eity tire brigade
turning out and making the run
tin. ugh the streets ol Paris, tbe brigades at work, and the destruction
a.'oninp.isliii! by the lire fiend, imod
comedy and other features will make
an excellent programme,
Mattress." pillowi bedding, a   new
lot ju«t iii Ht 0. ti. Hume a- Cu'». THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, R C.
Zbc flDaU*1bc valb. g
I'i'iti.i-Hi'.ii wkunkshay anu
i >.\ ^ at
•hevelstoke, b.c,
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
0 T T A W A
Five Roomed House
SU it
Supreme, and Exchequer Court
Agents'. Practice in Patent
Office    and   befoie    Railway
iv, I'M ii.il-> Ml RI'UY, M.l'.
11 lli..I.n FlSllKll,
Ml l All TEH
Second Street $15.00 per month
Third Street $25.00 per month
Fourth Street      $25.00 per month
I   For Sale (Special)   I
UUllilM'HlK, siil.UITiilts, ETC.
iMinuu. Ham. Bl n niNG Kkvki.
On ■ i -
BTOKK, 1!. I .
Money 'o loan.
I iin,-.-. Itevi Istoko, i. '
■,,.,,. _-. Mi. .llillll
v. M   Pinkham
l; .-'■ ike
i r. ii. i.i. ...i.. n  I •
J. A.  11 ni. I V.
ITatibrook  U <
BarrisU I
Solicitor, elc.
s lii il< r ton
lm. Canadian Bask hi < ummbbcb,
I nt. M-I sons Bask, Kti .
Seven Roomed House, Third Street, Price $3,000.
Corner Lot 50x100. Central location. Wc have also a
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would be well for intending purchasers to look into.
in Koine tlu as Rome dues," ahould
lie u good motto for every lOnglish-
nian who wants to live in Canada,
to follow, anil if he is not in full
sympathy with his surroundings
let him hold his tongue and keep
his thoughts lo himself. Tliese
letters containing complaints about
Canada ure mostly written by men
who have themselves to blame and
very rarely contain much truth;
nevertheless they are damaging to
Canada's reputation, and drastic
measures should be adopted to
bring the perpetrators to hook.
IK-l ST.,
I'liivineial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sutveyor
McKkkzib Avknik,
" ~c"w. o w"
Mountain   Viow Camp, No. 229
Meet, Second aud Fourth Wednesdays In
J\A. : , Sel.irk Hall. Visilin Woodmen oordiaUy Invited » attend.
W   1). ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
_ J. McINTY'KE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
»° officii
• - evening . at   8   o dock
 i   .-..,-ii'i.sr
ft   r.. __!. LALl ui.i: .btaauTAEV,
Tlio regular meet-
in,'- lira liuli! "I tli*-'
, tddlell -.v.- i'.i.i. ...
liiliun. us. through   its   means the
country is advertised in a way in
which unly   an  Alpine Club could
advertise   it.      Many  hundreds of
people   come   to Western Cu inula
every   year   for   no other purpose
than   to   see   mir mountains, and
every   visitor   leaves   from $50 to
$500 in the country.    The revenue
gained   in   Ihis way at the present
time   is   enormous,   and   yet   the
tourist   travel   here   is only in its
infancy.      In   Switzerland,   Italy,
Austria,   and    uther   mountainous
countries,   the   revenue   Irom   the
'."",,.   . tourist travel   is  the   mainstay of
_. i..... i.-1
iiiiiuiiiiUng to many
millions of dollars every year, and
this   revenue   hits been gained for
SELKIKK LODHE No. 12, I. O. O  E.   these countries   almost  entirely by
*rlS*>v-i-w'V V-nV'    Hie wurk    Of   the   different  Alpine
N&L      Xlcirli  Hull nt s,.'..'ni. lk
^»._P Visiting bri
Invil ■_ i to attend.
Visiting bretli-
oordiaiiy wei. iin   country
U.   A.   I'll'n  UNIER,  SKCKNTAHV.
W. A. Fl iiTE. \'.u
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P
No. 26,   Revelstoke, B. C.
MiETK .unv
HI   ,-x ept
cm .1 moal i.
Hall     »t     8
EUNi.-i At'
u-u tiu-a
ddlell .'.
i'ci ick.     \ talon
rliiliy   iivitc'l.
T  P. SMITH, i' !'.
li   H. BROCK   K. of  K. St S.
J. B. SCOTT,  il. nf P.
Che ADaiMbcraR)
There i> su mncli bad in the best of us.
And so much good in tho worst of us,
Thai it hardly behooves nny "f us.
To talk about the rost of us.
WEDNESDAY, MAKOll 31, 1909
Now   that   the   Alpine   Club of
Canada   bas   become   a   National
organization, vigorous and healthy,
growing stronger every day.
every person who is interested in
the development of the Dominion,
and particularly in the western
portion oi it, Bhould take an active
interest in theCluband in its wurk.
Many person- seem to have an
idea that Alpinists are a small
handful of people who make great
exertions and take great risks fur
no purpose whatever, or for a purpose which \i not at all worth the
troubli    taken,   and   that  when a
brethren are Clubs, in iiinking the country
known as nn attractive one for
visitor?. And wheD it ii> considered
that the scope of tliese European
clubs is limited when compared
with ours, und yet that one of
them, the Austrian Alpine Club,
has a membership of over 70.000,
the future possibilities of the Alpine Club of Canada may be realized. This latter Club is only
three years old, but it has already
done an enormous amount of wurk
in making our mountain playground known, and already has a
membership of over four hundred.
the membership representing almost every civilized country in the
world, The Club, by means of it-
annual camps, enables many to
visit and explore the mountains
who would not otherwise Lo aide to
do so, and every one of these visitors goes away to sound the prah
of this portion of the Dominion I
all his or her friends ami acquaint-
ai   .-, and   i
Hub help fur some years yet, or
until such time as tho Club becomes entirely self-supporting. In
addition to this the matter should
also be brought before the (.lovern-
nient uf British Columbia in such
a way as tu cause thein to render
any assistance in their power. The
Canadian I'acilic Railway Company lias recognized the value of
the Club as an advertising medium
from the Start, and has helped it
in many ways, and, in fact, had it
not heen for the long-sighted policy
u! tbe railway company in doing
su il is very doubtful if tha Club
would have been a success, and it
is certain that it would not be the
strung organization it is today.
In Revelstoke we have a valuable
offshoot of the National Club in
the Revelstoke Mountaineering
Club, and everyone who is interested in the advancement of our
district should support this local
club in every way possible. aB it is
one of the objects uf the Club to
provide means of access to points
ni interest in the neighborhood,
and when these points of interest
are pruperly advertised tbey will
be the means uf bringing many
visitors to our city who would
Otherwise never hear of the many
attractions which we can offer
them, almost at onr doors.
There seems to have been a revival lately of the practice of sending
ridiculous and altogether untrue
accounts of Canada and Canadian
life and lisadvantages to England
on the part ol • rsone calling
Valuable   Exhibits  ot   Silver
and Silver Ore
Exhibits ol the linest specimens ol
the silversmith's art and TifYauy's
fragile glass will lie nn display at the
Alaska Vtikcn-l'itcilic Exposition at
Seattle this sum mer. None ol the
exhibits, representing an expenditure ol more than $225,000 will be on
sale and the display will bo oue of tlie
features of tlie fair.
The exhibit ol silver lias heen
loaned by the (iorlmm Manufacturing
Company and consists of nine pieces,
each worth a small fortune, tbo leading one being tbe celebrated Century
vane, manufactured for an exhibit at
the Columbian Exposition, and never
Bince exhibited.
This vane illustrates iu its design
the progress of a century on the American continent, starting frum early
Indian days and carrying the idea
through the transitions ot war and
peace, development and progress to
the civilization and prosperity which
marked the closing decade ul the last
century. This vase is four feet tuo
iucluB high and live feet fuiir inches
across tbe base, is made of sulid silver
and weighs 2,000 ouiiccb. The value
of tho vase is not determined, ns the
vn»e ie nut fur sale, but it is insured
for $'15,000. Four smaller vases accompany the century vase.
Two uther piecea in the exhibit are
a lady's desk and chair of solid silver,
of ornate workmanship, easily worth
$20,000. The silver exhibit ol the
Gotham Manufacturing Company at
the Exposition totals $150,000 in
The Tiffany fragile exhibit is famous and has been much exhibited
at.road in recent years. The glass iB
regaided as the highest development
of the glasiblower's art, excelling in
ricbneeB of coloring. The Tiffany
exhibit is valued at $75,000.
Vai.dez Alaska, March 30.—To
tiring frum Nugget Creek a 1500
pound chunk ol boruite ore, almost
pure copper, for exhibition at the
Alaska-Yukon-Pacifio Exposition in
Seattle. lames McCarthy Ins started
for the mines Five men accompany
bim with camp outfits and he expects tu be lue'; in three weeks with
the nugget. It '..'11 he taken (mm
tbe Valdez claim ou which the principal development wurk has been
done un the group belonging to the
Alaska Consolidated and to the McCarthy Third Hulding Company. Mr.
McCarthy will bring the nugget to
the Fairbanks road and from there Ed.
Wood will bring it to Valdez.
The committee of the Valdez
Chamber of Commerce, which has
olisrge of the wurk   of assembling  an
Ten Costly 109
Piece Dinner Sets
As Prizes
Every month wu will distribute $250 00 worth of beautiful
CHINA DINNER SETS to the persons holding the lucky duplicate
coupons obtained from 4illb. sacks of Royal Standard Flour. Save
your coupons, compare them each month with the prize winning
numbers as they appear in this space. When you lind your number
among them all you have to do is to return the coupon to us, and we
will deliver free of all charges a handsome and costly 109 Piece
China Dinner Set. The full details of the contest are on the back of
each  coupon.
You will rct|itirc little inducement lo ubo Royal Standard Flour
after unce having tried it. It is tho purest, strongest, most delicious
and nutritious bread llour on the market.
Tested stock, Seeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, from the best
growers in England,
France, Holland, the
United S tales, and
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, bee supplies
spraying materials, cut
flowers, etc.
140 Page Catalogue   Free'
M.   J.    HENRY
Green Mouses anil Seed Houses
3010 Westminster Road
English       li   •
.   - •...-.«   exhibit frum  all  parts nl the mineral
a   walking, talking   ;.;,_. sense of   the  district tributary to   Valdez,  is  very
.i.lvurti -_>■,,. -nt    fnr    11.     'riie Ciiihi anxious       . ive the specimens brought
advertisement   tur   ti?.    1 in ictsand       .    -   ■ - ,   • ..
,,,.,. •    •  m. at an early date  as  the  time
- near when the exhibit must be
taken to .Seattle. Sume very lino
specimens have been brought in and a
books of large size, profuse er any  ondition and i
..  istrated   with   attractive photo- ., .   ivllll,   he go«
Journals which  would do credil .   , . ,, .
many an   older, stronger organiza- get along and
arson has climbed a mountain the graphs of the mountain regions ai . .,   ,      frientobe
of lhe flora and fauna of them ,.       ,,r bia Colonial brother
these book, distributed over all thi , lM   |0wn upon him
is nov h     ling   a fine 1 lub housi
a) ,.•:•■  ■■ hen    visitors   can gain
information   regarding   the 1
tinu- i.f   the   region and   wbi
matter ends there. Those \w.u now
think so should inform themselves
fully on the subject, when tbey
will at once 1 bange their minds.
The delights and pleasures ol mo in-
•...:.-. ..nu ing are only to be re 1 li -
>■ , by \ partii ip ition in them, and
until they b ivi bi en ai lually experienced the noni limber will not permanent exhibition ol mountain
have iny dea of the satisfaction I " •"- wnl '"' kept, and many
which.t climber feels after he has who would otherwise pass through
gained the Bummit of one'of ,-jUr from r.-oa-t. to <ua-t. iual<iiin only a
mountain peaks; nor can hie im- -'""■' -,a.v at ""r;'" perhaps two of
agination begin to picture the the mountain resorts, will thus be
magnificence ol the views to be had induced to spend an extended boli-
from these summits, It is at such day among us, tu lhe enrichment
atimeas this, more than al nny of the district and Dominion,
er, thai ... realizes, in a small The Governments of Canada and
icant man and of Alberta have always been will-
. g ■•.. rks an when 1 om] an d with ing to assist the Club in every poi
tbe immensity •• the « rid, or of sible way, realizing what a valuable
tbe very small portion of it which asset it is as ii is the most effective
wecan aei at any one time. assistant these Governments could
But  even   from   a   commercial have to help them to bring wealthy
point   of   view tbe Alpine Club ol  visitors   to   the   country, ami   no
large nun ber bave been promised but
not   arrived.    The   committee
desires I   send out a las'  imperative
Employs 300 Men
i mill built by tli"  Adams
x   ol   guod   brii ■ ober Company at the foot of
world, advertise oui  playground 1
 lid do.      ll..- Clu than a cad and 1 '     ,kl  ""' '" the bead of tbe
iliaii    life   should   get buck home,
but il is  detrimental to this coun
try    Iur    him    to   circulate untrue
reports of conditions whioh may ur
Canada is a most important insti'i doubt  they   will continue to give may not influenoe others.   "When
il"   -Hill
irum tin
ited    ind   -'a.'
.     .    1 in.1.1.1
,-..iitli    I hompeon     river,    will     I     In
d ■ couple .. weeks, giving
to 'in ■ brtwei 1.  260   md   KK)
t.i   England   workmen aooording  to  tbe  Informs
in   mde ir     1 ihtdownb, Mr J   !■ sbaw
■• -    nwap,    Tin-   mill  it one ol   tb'
re.|iiirnl Inr the mill  is already in the
-  md work   111 are „„.re        _. ,yu)   ,,|il,l,,„,rit   „vl   ,„,,
of!.-n   ilm   outcome ol   some man   . m.i Minneapolis and Bp<
frum England   wno baan'l gol th " r»pital ■« behind it.   li." labor
• I .1 breeding or gumption lo
work shoulder to Bhoulder with bis
neighbor in the same class of work
1 llause 136 of the I riminal Code
provides that any one sending out
false news hkelv to injure any
public interests is guilty of an in
dictable offence. This class of
Englishmar if he limls he cannot
submit to the conditions uf Cana-
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade Bilk, or
damask, with Irames that are in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
indefinitely. We have many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the home thai, are taste
fill, effective and inexpensive, and will
sbuw your rooms to the best advantage.
11 HOWSON fr co/r.
Big Discount
on all
Cash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
.   P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.
HEAD OKKICK :   Oaloaiiy,   ALBERT!.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Livestock.    Markets in all the niinti
pal Cities and Towns of  Alberta, Uritish Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " Iinperutnr" Hams and Bacon,
I   ani " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
4^%.-«^^^«^%'%%^%^».%%%%^%''%^%'V%^%^%%%% vi
Import direct from country ol origin.
are cut on lfM«
fo qlvs ttu» tmortr
the ulmotf OMWH
uan-wMitf am
MA*3 nti -let*/»r tu t
T»wia Cama»ur Cnmrn
Central Hotel
^—     REVELSTOKE, B. O.
Vewly built Pirst-claM in every reapOCt,     All modern convenience)-
Large Sample  KnuiiiH.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Quoen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   manajjemeni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rale.
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion Mineral Claim, situate  in
the Trout Lake Mining Divinion of
West Kootenay District.
Where located I—-Rapid Creek.
Take notiee that. I, Catberiue Maud
Fraser, Free Miner's Certificate No. II
W203, intend, sixty days from the date
horeof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Qrant of tbe above claim.
And further take notice tbat action,
under section 'AT, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Cert ideate
of Improvements.
Dated   this  22nd day of   February,
A.D. 1000.
may 12      OATKERINK MAUD Fiiaskb
Certificate of Improvements'
Pluto and Oalllleo Mineral rliibns. situate in
tho Trent  bnlta Miuiiitt  Divisiiui uf Wn_t
Kni'li'iiii) DiBtrtot.
When,   located:  On Dlvltle between Caaoade
anil Piiplar f reeks ami about SI mile from
A- A- K. Ilaihviiy.
Take unl-ico Unit 1.1). II N, Wilkie, nrtiujt es
agent for Edward Halllie, Kren Miner's Uertifl-
cnte No. B8839!!, intern!, sixty   days   from date
hereof, to airnly to the Mining Heconler for a
llertillintii of Improvement!!, for the pimmse nf
obtaining a Grown Grant of the almvo i-luimn.
And further  mini  notice that action,  under
section 37, must he iiommeticod before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Ith day of March, A.I)., luim.
feh 21 Trout Lake.
Notice of Dissolution
Nul ice is hereby given that the partnership heielofore existing between
the undersigned as merchants at Revelsluke, H 0., under Ibe name ami
siyle of Hobson & Bell, bus ihis day
been dissolved by mutual consent. The
Imsiness will in the future be carried
on bv Alexander Hobson, who assumes
ail liabilities ol tbe partnership nnd
who is entitled to receive payment of
all sums due and payable to the partnership.
Dated March 23rd, 11108,
Alexander Hobson,
G. \V. Bell.
synopsis of  regulations ao>
A  LICENSE  to cui  limber can be »c-
iiuinil   only   at   pubUc   competition.    A
rental ot |6 por snuuro mile la charged
for all timber bertha except  ihoae illumed west ot i'ule for which the rental Is
al tiie rate of 6 centa per acre per annum.
In addition to the rental, dues at the
following rateB are ohargcl:—
Sawn lumber, iu centa per tboueand
feet   U.M.
Kailway ties, eight and nine (eel long,
I l-a und 1 3-4 centa each.
Shingle bolts, ti> cents a cord.
All other products,  5 per cent on me
A license Is Issued so soon aa a berth
is grunted, hut In surveyed territory no
limber can be cut on a berth until the
licensee has made u survey ihereol.
Permits lo cut timber are also granted
ut public competition, excepl In the case
of actual settlers, wno require the um-
oer lor iheir own uae.
Settlers and others may also obtain
permits to cut up to 100 cords ot wood Tor
sale   without   aunpeUtlon.
The dues payable under a permit are
11.SI) per thousand feet B.M.. for square
limber and sawlogs of any wood except oak; from 1-2 to 1 1-2 ceau per lineal
foot for building logs; from 12 1-J to i&
cents per cord for wood; 1 cent for fence
uosls; 3 centa for railway ties; and w
cents per cord for shingle bolts.
Leasea for grazing purpoaes are lasuea
for a term ot twenty-one years, at a
rental of two cents per acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchased at 111)
per acre for soft coal and $21) for anthracite Not more than 320 aorea may be
acquired by oue Individual or company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton
of '2W pounds is collected on the gross
"linirles for land for agricultural purpoaes may be made personally at We IO-
eul land oOlce for lhe dislricl In which
the land lo be taken up Is •ltu1"«_f »'
If the homesteader dealrea he "J*)'. »"
appll.aUon lo the Minister of the later or
nl Ottawa, the Commissioner of Immlgra-1
lion at Winnipeg, or the tooal agent 'er
the Dislricl, within which the land Is
situated, receive authority for some one
to make entry for him. __._.._._._.
A fee of 110 Is charged for homestead
' AiittlM who haa received an entry for
a homestead. Is required to perform the
conditions connected therewith under one
of the following plana:— „_„
Hi At least six months' residence upon
aud cultivation of the land In each year
during the term of three years.
It Is the praetloe of tbe Department lo
reou re a settler to brlnf « acres under
cultivation, but If he prefers he may Substitute sio^k; and 20 head of calUe to be
actually his own property, with bulldlnge
for their aooommodaUon. will be required
Instead of cultivation.
I'D If the father lor mother. If lie father le deceased) of any person who Is
tll^ble to make a homestead entry under
the provlslone of the Act. reside, upon
a farm In the vicinity of the land entered for by such person as a homestead,
lhe requirements of the Act as to residence prior lo obtaining pateni may be
satisfied by such person residing with the
rather or mother.
131 If tha settler bas his permanent
residence upon fermlng land owned by
hbn In the vicinity of his homestead, the
requirements of the Aet as to residence
may  be satisfied by  residence upon  the
Applies'..'on for patent should be made
nt the end of three years berore the loesl
h Ki.nl. sub-ngent or a homestead Inspec-
Refore making application for a patent.
tin. nelller must give six months' notlo*
In wrttltis to Ihe Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of hie Intention to do .0^
Deputy Minister of 'the Interior
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Li^.iis. Tiavellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation ;;i this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
IOR SALE   Two  25-fl   lois on MoKenzie avenue, next to Me, Buck's
house; hesl,   location   ull nventie.    XV.
Hammering Away
al the fact that uur sanitary,
Well supplied and ul tractive
market, offers only the tinest
Meat nud Poultry obtainable,
expert selection safeguards
public health. We're no novices—have heen selecting meats
for 25 years. Our guarantee
your satisfaction in quality,
health and money-saving. We
invite inspection of both premises and pi ices. Give us a trial.
Maundrell Meat Market
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kinds of shingles, bul the best
l oof-Covering that any man can top
off witb is a
Fire Insurance Policy
in a reliable company. So that if the
flre-flend lays his home in ashes, he
gets dollar for dollar without delav.
Can the manufacturers of shingles
offer a kind to beat this? If not insured, let us shingle your roof To day
for tomorrow may be too late.
Ixiwest premiums in best companies
Real Khtatk and INSURANCE
Further Investigate
The Anglo-American
Fire Insurance Co.
8l8T.   DECEMBER,  1U08
Security Fop Policy Holders
Paid  I1U040N 00
Unpaid    174272 00
274680 00
Full Gov't requirement .. 208642 33
Balance at Cr       18483 56
Total Security  $501705 89
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Kevelstoke Land District.
Ointricl of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Harry .1. Lallraab,
of Nakusp, occupation hotel keeper,
intends to apply fur permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing ul a pust planted at
nort h-east eorner of Lot 78110, thence
west HO chains, thence north IX) chains,
thence east 80 chains, tbenee south (10
ehains to place of commencement, coniaiuing 180 acres more or leas.
Dated Feb. 8th, WOO.
feb 18      Harry .Iamkh La Hiiinii.
Notice  Is  hereby  given thai, nl tin
expiration of three muni lis frnm dale
hereof, application will be made to His
Honour, tne Lieutenant Governor in
Council fnr nu Ortler in Council changing lhu name of   Wnnlsey, Lel'Vaux fi
Company,  Limited, to  "Lefeau* &
' Sutherland, Limited."
Dated this 8th day of February, 1000,
Harvey, McOartkrA Pinkham,
Sulicilors fur the said Cumpany.
may 12
FOR SALE-Lnt 12, block -">1 50x100
uu iinrllielist corner uf Seventh
street and Itobson avenue, next In the
new public school block. Particulars
of \V. Smythe,
FOR SALIC—I ui res near Lal'orme's
Ranch, all in Iruil I lees; 00 trees
bearing last yeat, most trees will bear
Ihis yeiii; apples, plums, cherries and
pears: one nf ihe best fruit orchards In
li. C. Part Icillars nf W, Smythe, Rev-
elstoke. B. 0,
FOR SALE-One down thoroughbred Wh to Leghorns, with Cockerel, Blanchard's strain; 2dozen Brown
Leghorns, with Cockerel, Morgan's
stiaiu. Apply or address J. A. MORGAN, Bux 227, Revelstuke, B, 0,
I7IOR SALE—Four acres of rich land
' cleared, fenced and planted in
red cloven only 75 feet from eily limits
electric light aud water mains; on main
road to eily: valuable property; suitable for market garden or residental
purposes; owner must sell; price $1,1X10
Apply Mail-Herald otlice.
"I TONEY WANTED-$500 wanted
IVL on 100 acres of fruit land as security. Apply to Mail-Herald for particulars.
girl 13 years old, wauls situation
as housekeeper or rook, will do laundry work. References given ami required.—Box 70, Punoka. Alia.
roomed hnuse on Second street,
between ihe Liiugliead Wurk and B. B.
Camozzi's store. Apply to F. E. Wiffen
"UT-ANTEP-S. A.  Wai rants.     Will
*'    pay, $725.  Send Merchants Bank
Vnneetiver, B. C, with sight  drult on
B. XV. Ilutkell.
WANTED—Experienced flrst-clnss
liinilieinian wants employment
as I ravelling "alesinan, nr any position
of I rust with lumber concern. Apply to
"Successful," Mail-Herald, Kevelsloke.
meh 27
WANTED—Position las yard fore-
man or edgerman by first-class
lumberman. Apply to "Faithful,"
USUI, Mail-Herald. Revelstoke.
Strawberry Plants S.'JXE
" DUO d ALPS " Berry. Thoroughly
acclimatized, of exquisite flavor. At
$2.00 per hundred.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Before the First of May, two six-
roomed bouses, in Bevelstoke, with
two acres of land each; including, il
wanted, horse and rigs and all garden
tools. Situated west ol C P.R. track
Lower town.   Apply to
tc Box 236, Revelstoke.
Manufactured for all classes of  baildiugs
for sale io' large or small^uantities
at the lowest prices for cash.
All kinds of building and plastering
Vancouver Acreage
Send Description, Price and
Terms to
Andrew E. Llddle
Real Estate Agent,  Box  137
500 Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B. C,
Notice of Assignment.
NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant In the "Creditors Trust
Deeds Alt, 1801/'and amending nets,
TheFiuit   and  Product Exchange of
British Columbia, Limited, a corporation having their head office at Ihe
City of Revelstoke, B. (',, Cnmmission
Agents, did on the iill li day of March,
llinli, assign all their peisonul estate,
credits and effects, which may he
seized and sold under execution to
William Blair Robertson, of the said
City of Revelstoke, Accountant, for
the benefit, of their creditors.
And notice is hereby given that a
meeting uf the creditors of the said
debtors will he held in the office of XV.
B. Robertson, First sireet, Revelstoke,
B. ('.. on the Seventh day of April,
1(1011, nt the hour of 2:30 o'clock in Ihe
All pei'sous having n ny claims against
the said debtors nre required lo Ini-
ward particular! of the same duly verified, tn the assignee at Revelstoke, B.
0.. nn nr befure the 1st day uf May,
And nnl ite is hereby given thai after
thai ilal. , the assignee will proceed In
distribute the proceeds of the estate,
having regard only lo ihe claims of
which he shall have received notice Slid
he will uui he responsible for lhe
assets, or any pari thereof eodletrlb.
ll led, lo any person or persons of w hn*8
debt he shall noi then have received
Daled thiiil6Uiday «f March, n»w.
inch 27 Solicitors fur the Assignee
..„, ;forest reserves.
| Department of  Interior Deals
Fully With Question.
Mr. A. Kuechtel. Inspector ul Do-
minion Fnrest Reserves, has written
an accnunt ol these reserves which
has been published as Bulletin No. 3
of tbe Forestry branch nt the Department of the Interior.
In regard tu the purpose ot the
forest reserves, Mr. Kuechtel writes:—
" The Dominion Fore-t Reserves are
intended to preserve and produce a
perpetual supply of timber for the
people of the prairie, the homesteaders'
needs heing considered ol lirst importance. They are nut intended to
furnish wood for the lumber trade.
Hence the policy ol the Department
is favorable to small mills rather than
to large ones which needs large tracts
ol forest, and manufacture lumber
beyond the needs ol the settlers."
Mr. Knecbtel then gives in detail
the area of the different reserves with
tbe dates of their formation. The
areas are summarized as follows:
Manitoba— (6 reserves) 3575.} square
Saskatchewan—(Four reserves) 740
square miles.
Alberta—(6 reserves) 11,702 square
British Columbia — (10 reserves)
2,21)5 square miles.
Grazing will be allowed, under certain restrictions. Good grass Bhould
not be allowed to go to waste, the
Inspector thinks. Besides, grazing
may even be desirable un portions of
tbe reserves, as the cattle will consume tbe grass and peavine, which, il
dried, would be very iutlamable. Besides, tbe cattle, in going to water,
make paths which, narrow as they
are, serve to check any fire which may
cume along tbat way aud give lines
from which a hack-lire may be started.
The lire problem in the West Mr.
Knecbtel shows to hi oue ol special
ditliculty, much more so even thau in
the East.
The reserves are under constant
patrol summer and winter.
Various methods employed to prevent tire, such as the burning of fire
lines and the ploughing of fire guards
are mentioned. Roads through the
reserves and along tlieir boundaries
are also being constructed largely
with this end in view. One hundred
and titty miles of such road were
made last year.
Experiments are being made witb a
view to reforesting areas on the reserves tbat have been denuded by fire;
sowing is favored rather than planting.
The boundaries of tbe reserves are
being marked and timber surveys
conducted on tbem with the object of
ascertaining lhe present amount of
timber and the annual growth.
The species of timber growing on
the reserves, with tbeir average size
and condition, are stated aud an
approximate estimate given ot the
timber on the different reserves. The
estimates total as follows:—
For the Manitoba reserves, 602,033,-
000 board feet of saw-timber and
6,250,000 cords of fuel wood;
For the Saskatchewan reserves,
55,000,000 board feet of saw timber
and 61)0,000 cords of fuel wood;
For the Alberta reserves, 3,402,-
000,000 board feet of saw-timber and
54,220,000 cords of fuel wood;
For the British Columbia reserves,
60O,O00,0J0 board feet of paw timber
and 6,000,000 cords of fuel wood.
The saw-limber cut Irom the reserves during the year ending 31ist
March 1906, totalled about 45 751,325
board leet and the cordwood 105,943
The regulations lor homesteader's
permits for cutting on the reserves
are given in full. Proposed regulations for portable mills (tbe only kind
to he allowed on tbe reserves) are also
given. Similar regulations have already been imposed on one mill in
Cypress Hills, Alta., reserve this
winter and have appareutly been a
a success.
The uee of the reserves as pleasure
resorts is also noted.
The bulletin is illustrated witb a
number of good cuts.
It may lie obtained by addressing
R. H. Campbell, Superinteudent ol
Forestry, Ottawa, Oot.
30.000.000 Feet of Logs for
Pingston Creek Lumber Co.
A. XV. Dickenson, tbe well known
lumberman snd contractor, ol Arrow-
bead, was in tbe city on Friday and
Saturday closing arrangements with
tbe miliums Lumber Co., of Pingston
Creek, Arrow Lakes, which will involve
the putting in of 20 to 30 million feet
of logs Irom their limits on Pingston
creek and covering a period of Irom
two tc three years. Mr. Dickenson
spent several weeks this winter looking
ovei thia big proposition. He left
Arm*head to-day lor Pingston croek
lo commence nperatium.
Money lo loan—H. >'. Coursier.
Lord   Bishop   of the   Diocese
Holds Service at St. Peter's.
The Right Rev. John Hart, Lord
Bishop cf the Dioecfc of Koutenay
and Westminster was the preaeher un
Sunday morning last in St. Peter's.
At the evening service the Bishop
held the urder ul confirmation, laying
his hands on eighteen candidates.
The cungregation waa a large one and
the sacred edifice was taxed to its
utmost seating capacity, chairs having to be placed iu the aisles. The
service wsb choral, the choir making
their entrance with the fine old Processional hymn "Onward Christian
Soldiers." The Biidiop, prior to the
laying on of bauds, preached a senium
devoted to the ordinance nf confirmation, explaining its origin, and the
reasons why the English church had
perpetuated it He went into the
spiritual as well as temporal sides of
the ceremony, pointing out that confirmation was the final initiation into
the church and brings with it privileges which should not be forgotten
He dwelt at length on the meaning of
tbe sacrament and concluded by urging that tbe sanctity ol confirmation
and the giving of the spirit of the
Holy Ghost by the laying on ot
bands must not be lightly considered
upon. Special lessons touching ou
the order of confirmation were read,
the first being from the 35th chapter
of Isaiah showing a beautiful picture
in the spiritual descent of the Holy
Ghost and its peace-giving inlluence.
The second lesson was taken from the
8th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles
verses 14 to 17, telling ol how St.
Peter aud St. Paul and the other
apostles were given the Holy Spirit
by the laying on uf hands. The
Bervice, which was impreBBive throughout, was concluded by the benediction
by His Lordship and the recessional
"PraiBe the Lord" by the choir. The
rectur invited a few special friends into
the Rectory atterwards to meet the
Serious Erosions in Property
Above C.P.R. Bridge
A petition is now being circulated
through the city calling the attention
ol the Minsster of Public Works at
Victoria to the serious erosion being
made by the Crlumbia river on its
east bank just above the C.P.R.
bridge bere, Lots 22 and 23, on tbe
north half of Section 33, Township 23,
Range 2, being particularly aft'ecied.
The river hits made a deep cut into
the bank at that point, and unless
something is done at once that portion of the laud is liable to be swept
away and much valuable property
lost. The lull lorce of the current is
directed against this portion of the
bank and in order to save tlieir homes
and prubably a large part of the land
extending towards the C.P R. track,
tbe residents and property owuers in
that vicinity have circulated the
petition requesting the Provincial
Government to take immediate steps
to remedy the trouble and prevent
any further erosion. Repairs to the
bank now would probably save heavy-
work and expenditure later on as the
erosion increases. The Revelstoke
public should interest themselves iti
this matter ami assist by their support in bringing abuut sume action un
the part ul the Government that will
materially elimiuate auy further damage and loss of property.
The Ledge on the Hike
Tbe Ledge, published at Greenwood
by R. T. Lowery for the past two
years, has ceased publication in that
city, and will next bo issued at Nel-
aon. R. T. Lowery is one of the best
known newspaper men in the west,
having been the founder of no less
than 22 journals at different points,
and having made himself famous a
few yeai-B agu in the publication of
Lowery'm Claim, which wag on two
occasions excluded Irum the Canadian
mails. This is nut the first shift uf
tbe Ledge, however, having bad
Nakusp, nn Arruw lake, as a birthplace; it also made Fernie an erstwhile residence. In ies last issue at
Greenwood, on Thursday, the Ledge
gives tbe lulluwiug ultimatum to ils
readers: "Owing lo the fact that our
business is becoming almost as great,
in Kootenay as in the Boundary, and
one or two other reasons, this is the
last issue of tho Ledge in Greenwood.
Tbe next issue will appear in Nelson,
where it will he published in the
general benefit ul mankind."
Wanted a Warmer Place
A Chinaman waB hanged in Macleod
a few days since for tbe murder of his
brother. The mercury was pretty low,
somewhere botween 50 and 05 bolow
tero when the Chink was put on the
trap. Bel re the trap was sprung the
usual question was asked, "Have yuu
anything to nay ?': To this the chinaman is said to have replied: "Hurry up,
ge cli, tuo cold!" aud with this be was
jerked into eternity,
When  Editors  Could  Tell  the
Full Truth
The following despatch from Toron o
appears to ub highly Interesting in ils
originality. We would gladly lake
advantage ol the privilege mentioned
and have a regular gnnd time untrammelled by the letters ut libel proceedings, Such a law us suggi sled in the
dispatch would tend tn unburden the
soul ol the' editor aud enable him to
get off his chest the many items ot
interesting news which would all'ect
all brunches of society in the Oi immunity, especially Kevelstoke. The
despatch says:
"An open season tor editors as a
cure lor some disabilities under whioh
Canadian newspapers sutler In regard
to he law of libel, was advocated by
Provincial Secretary Iliinna at the
annual dinner ot the Canadian Press
association laut night.
" 'As a matter of fact,' Hon. Mr.
II nn mi eaid, 'the Ontario Government
ie going to puss a law which would
be a Bimple remedy lor all their truu-
ble. Kor one week in the y ar they
would have an open season, when editors wuuld say just what they liked
about everybody.'
"Thanksgiving week was suggested
as a suitable date."
What the result ul this liberty would
be is difficult to contemplate, but we
know that that one week would be a
lively one.
Worn Out Lamps the Cause of
Poor Light
The question ae to how long the
efficiency ot an ordinary electric lamp
will laBt has been frequently discussed
locally. It iB only reasonable to
expect that a lamp must give out sume
time or another, and belore it actually
becumes useless it must nl necessity-
give sume signs nf uld age nnd decay.
It will be seen that an uld lamp dueB
not give the brightness of a uew une
with the same current and this fact
hag caused many citizens tu imagine,
often, that the dimness of their light
iB caused from the power house and
that the generators are not doing
their work. Many of the complaints
regarding dim light are traceable to
people using worn out lamps. Another indication of a lamp having
passed itB state of useful and economical efficiency can be seen, in that the
glass ol the lamp appears to be blackened. People should not condemn
the source of the light before they
ascertain whether the trouble begins
at home. For the benelit of those
who don't know or who have not taken
the truuble to find out, the life of on
average electric lamp is a thousand
hours ur less.
£JE   :i~  9VB,   ii  ■
YUJ'Z   1       [CE
A Concatenation on the Roof
P. I). Rue, nf Pnrt Moody, Hi".,
Vicegerent Snark ol the Hoo-HoO
Order uf British Columbia, aiiiuitmccs
a Concatenation to be 1 eld iu Vancouver, B. C, nn Friday, Apiil 28rd.
A real gnnd time is looked fnr, and a
Urge number ut playlul kittens, Irom
mountain and valley, have announced
themselves ready to piss through the
valley ol the Onion bed, in darkness,
tear and trembling, aud Ink..' the oath
of eternal allegiance to the S.icnd
lilark Oat, AM live members ol the
Uoo-Hoo Ortler, in this vicinity,
sliuuld get busy right now and Cat-cr-
niobile around and brir.g as many
unregenerate kittena lo the fold uh
they can get their claws on, Furl her
announcements as to hall and other
arrangements will be made later.
How to get
a pure white
THE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this object is attained
by lhe use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness, It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see, to get the really beautiful while loaf you must use
l flour.
"More Bread
and bettor "
Wrili",, i..ii.-l. Flout M.lli Co ,  Lid.
OH,« WjnnjtM Mtahokj
So Clear, So Shining a lent that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian  Made Writing Machine
Kor ease uf operation   and
■ perfection in the results  pro-
duced the  "EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER    is    unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifo.ding alignment,    margin 1     facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter pur
The "EMPIRE" needs less
cure than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to he cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the in chine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
181)5, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use moro than TOO
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
ami all educational institu-
tions of Canada
The Price
IIW'HWHil'll1 Hi    "li1  ' '    '       ' r    '" ''- ="-
''V^TV!* /*<*
m\   r^ f;\ tt #&   I
KV-'iji  Fi
Ail Work Prompdv
and Neatly Execu ed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
1 flF
Tuesday, March 30th
A- have much pleasure in announcing that on Tuesday,
flan h 30th, 1909, and following days, we will have on display
our New Spring Millinery.
We invite you to view what is correct and fashionable
for ladies to wear for this coming Spring.
Tuesday, March 30th
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Hunts Collected. Loans Notary Public
> <KK>0<H>OOK><HK><H>0-0<>0<><H>0-0-0- (
More Spring Goods
Pure Drugs
nding,    p   in pi
.      . i .•imi.;.'
whi"       ■ ip   ii-
pn "" ■
e   p r oportions,
Bring       ■        pxt   pri
:      if   yuu
. . • - i . . : ■■
Macdonald's Drug Store
We aim   io keep  only
Our Bread, Cakes and Pastry
1 est in Groceries.    A trial  .
are made fresh every day,  when
will   be  appreciated   as ive
tired of yuur  own   baking,   try
lonvinced that we ran save
ours for a change, you  will  lind
mom y.
it very appetizing.
H0B30N & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
., __■.*.«,.__.«...
N . iham — At Revi istoke, ll. i'.. i n
Tuesd iy, Man 1; :10th, 100!), to Mr.
and Mr-  r- a iii Needham, a son,
Weather Forecast
sday,   March   31.—Moderate
iei! rip winds,   unsi   tied,   mild «ith
' ii :        I     i; |.     OttX. 48 ° , 111  ;.   Utl " .
Local and General.
Fire i-xene—Friday and Saturday at
Edis  :. Theatre.
ime ol yeai it ia a long lane
iiii tin cans in it.
rial Bank of Canada has
.    ranch at   Lethbridge, Alta.
'■'   -      ... mild will hold
in    I he   opera house on
I >rt — •  :,N : — ■ p. . ieuoed  and  apprentice.-. iip-,ily   Miss Brimacombe, at
C, B, 11 ime     Co's,
A won i   ".     -        mi.  .'.inn tn
gei y that u     in
■ :
I' >. ... ne    in
notion pictun
ui Frida ■  .-.i.d Saturd
i       .
:. «   i io   bn ■ mado
R.T. are
ipers      ise, April
_ i •:, (;   Ladies .'i...\    i d
t .' ' 'ity I   .
inigl i al 8    cl ick in tiie
'   g _■ : -i ■-.  ry.      '        ti  ■ -• .'
.... ivif 1 •     ' 'I'
A largi party  il surveyori    i it   on
la;    light I ■ -    ■     j ml;
end tbi    -   i I   Shuswaj
_.    Adai .- I..... el
I -.        .'.■_.
.    -      . :.:■.'
C u r r i
r     .    at
11le, bave to |
throw • i
Nice Five
House for
Nice   Six-
House Ior
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of Insure
Agents  for the cele--
KARN   Pianos and
Players.—Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
It is tn be Imped that the Fall Fair I The regular monthly meeting of the
is still before the minds of the public. I Board uf Trade will take place tomor-
Altbougb  spring has scarcely set iu, I row evening   (Thursday.)   in   the city
yet the  earlier  a  start  is made,  the
easier antl better will be the result
hall at 8 u'cluck.
The   members   uf   the     Revelstoke
Snowsboe Club are bidding their   lirst
annual "snow slide"   this  evening
City Hall.    The suowsboe parade will
will commence promptly at 9 p, m
E, \\. I',. Paget is moving his ullice
in.in McKenzie avenue to a site un
First Btrecl oppusite tin- Climax hotel.
We understand that this firm will
I ranch out in a bigger scale Bliurtly,
dealing in Hour and other commodities
If you want good Potatoes wc have
just unloaded a car. Special prices
for ton lots. Now is your chance to
purchase some for seed. Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke. BO.        'Phone 248
Every day adds to our already  large stock of
up-to-date goods.    Wc have just opened a new lot of
Dress Goods
in exclusive designs, in the popular chevron stripes
shadow checks, etc. No two alike, and all the
new  colorings.
Wash  Muslins
You will have to sec these, if you want to see
the prettiest line shown in town, and the prices are
very low. Stripes, checks, figured and (lowered are
among them, and some beautiful goods in white.
McLennan & Co,
* *
priBes fifty-seven numbers, consisting
of solos, duets, ipiartettes, orchestral
pieces, etc. It is the purpose of the
Methodist choir, through the coming
year, to work on many of the choruses
with the hope that,with the assistance
of others, at a future date the Oratorio
may be given here—excepting a few
The Ladies lluild ul St Peter's
Church have purchased tw i handsome
pendant electroliers Ior the church.
the Lawrence Hardware Company
being the Belling agents for the firm
in the states.
Si .■ a great city's fin lighters and
their trained horses turning i ut to a
fire.   This scone is depicted by motion
picture   a-t clearly   a-    !   v   u   '.viein   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Pans « itching thi     n .    \t l- lison       , ,   ,„,.,  , ,          .      ,.,,,,■■
, i beautlfu trio,    Ancels  I.ullabv
:      i     Friday and baturJay. ,       ...      .,,                »""    ,„*./'
1 by     Aot,    wn, ne   given liond Friday
A dollar   bill   b       I evening in   opera house, by six young
a     ., I j mouths.     A 15 bill  Ives on voices—mostly members of the Metho-
an average   -   yeai      -        il   sworn diet   morning   cbnir—Mi  Patrick
out aud the government is called upon        ■   .        Pagden   ind   Masters Pag
to   ri plac     it.      ii'ii .1. liar  bills lasl d   i and ?amsoi
ii. ul   three years and $20 bi Is more        , ,    .,     ,
1 Revelstoke seems to be tbe   ne iriti
'' :l"    :" '"'' -                     . .  .i au a number ol
Rev.   J.   il.   L imberl    M. A, ei                          i ■ .. •     , .... • .
n, and rural the                     illowaj  *
I   Revelstoke   lor  a
n  Friday.    I i ........ _
ii sl  uf Englisl g   -,    -,,.   -trauge
■■•_.'  .....
■■'    "   ■                 •' B  C.Oaastti
itiol         Cam -                                           ler tbe  new
in   1901)   will be 18 i                         irthei   proi ision Ix
bai been  divided
see ol   the Maj ■-     y,,r   jQai
v-;' •                                           ling division
ildero - ■   '   • , ia   It Down  as
I the fin Revelstoke water district: Robert
,    ,   da to undertake this system
...    ,.   windows raves     ■   i
that thi  anniversary ol   tba rei
■ ■ th,   and   il
expend    ice    nl Ior > wbi      i •
tad on
nine delights
,. . .... ,.,
i  mn,
lhe  iii-n    i.   payment  of  this
COmm sni.mer,
■ iii. n It    that   Karn-
- a Marathon danoe
i '• r    I.i nl   ami   will   In
aei   to tbuse lol lowed h)
i :   Mot res      i':i" -
•    maple dan. ing I In
italics   .n   ■   given   I ■   ■
chanoe lor Revelsti ke tip-
ing i ■:. theioM   ' -
ni- lied i.y   tlm din 11
■• . .,'ii.p   line  'llaigow
... mn'
ive been   tied will   •
• ■• est    ipptratui      The
wil    therefore   be io
...,.._ itreson eithi   ildi
V,l*nllc!,fr,"" u">»'"','•"'.,leMi?«"<"
being fl illy
Easter Goods
i     Chocolates
Lu wney's   I
L.-i. i    i.i   i     ind   Noveltlei
Turk'- I'u ■   Card
. ■  ■
•   -■ •.    .   i.ii.,     ni tho House   .i
.    .,   .     . ,     . ml   tbe
...,'.-ii clock bciug ioi forward twenty
es on ita  lour  - <
Uut parli i n ni pi .(.-  .   and man will
dispose     I bore is no  clause  making
il a j..-, i     11  tice not i i ,;i i up mil g.i
i nil i.y i be ml', inceil minute band
1 le    wurk   nti   Ibe   nOW    slei n
river buill low in i ourae ..( consti uc
i oil :' il ll. ii ■ .-awyer i.y I- I veoddale
is progri - mg satislaotorily ami will
bein ooriimiasion very shortly. When
completed lhe will be a very line tiralt,
anil    iniinli    lucal     interest    iH    laing
evinced in her building. We understand lhat there will l.e n Inrmal
christening ceremony and that, the
new craft will be named the " I>i<;ky
heir arrival »t the .'her.
.....   .i  Revelttoki
i        ..'> - mul  .nil   2'
Th"   oppi "
■ i n ii be  resitted  sppsr
Hi   Lewis i«  now   in
i .   v,i president ol lhe Kev
ird   of   1 tad"   and    alsu   ..
member   ol the City  Council      Mi
in by nn  means   a   stranger    as
1 i"    years   li"   bus   paid    Ire
isits here and nmn tbe old
Lecki' property on Howe street, near
Dunsmu i as well as other property.—
Vancnuvei Provinoe,
lin na. mi'1 hearing the Hallelujah
ul, .inn Good Friday evening In opera
In,use, Alt.liiiiigh written uver I60
years agu il, is witlinnt. exception the
greatest piean ol praise ever written
The Oratorio "Messiah" from whioh
Ibis ohorus is taken, was written In
twu weeks' time. A must amii/.ing
lent when   one considers that   it cum-
Social and Personal
H. A. Brown, of Sioamous, is in the
city today
MiBS Day is visiting Mr. and Mrs
C. B.Paget.
Mrs. Mercer of Regina is visiting
Mrs. F. E Elliott.
Mrs. Thos. Sturdy will not receive
Thursday, April Ist.
Perry Leake, of Gulden, was a visitor
to the city this week.
Mr.-. E. A. Haggen will not receive
on Saturday next, April Aril.
Mr. W, H. Elson returned on Monday from a visit to the Coast.
Mrs. W. A. Morris will nut receive
until the lirst Saturday in May.
XV. M. Brown of Victoria is renewing old acquaintances in the city.
Gold Range Lodge Knights of Pythias will confer Third Rank this evening.    Brothers take nutice !
Lord and   Lady  Aylmer and family
will leave Ottawa on April luth and
will take up their reeidenca in the
Interior of B. C.
.I.   P.   Hume   returned on Monday
■    from    i   visit to the east.    He
has recovered frnm his recent accident,
| but ie still far [rum strung
Mr. and Mrs .I. M. Doyle lelt ye«-
terday morning fnr N'eiaoo where the)
will   make   their  headquarters.   The
gen;-. : populai     lack" will he
greatl -- ; ia all circles in Revel-
-■  ke
ll.. •       '• rks   ol  Idnii i has i it vis-
     i   V. Perks, ol   this
oity Harry is weil known lime having   Lu".   ni   Revelstoke   some eight
ami   is  now   renewing uld
Mrs    li   vv.  Foote entertained tbe
'      ■ ■ '.pie's    wills! I'lllb last   lllgllt,
i'i      '   otaDt iiiiii' U-iiig spent   'Iiii
..■ii    were   extremely    hand
. .   won   by Mtfi McParlane
;        l   (Jig! t      Reebi i.'ii..   re-
...■,,  si rvid.
I in   i. idge olub net in   Monday
.  . in.' ol Mn I   i   i■ I Iei
. /ie   t ven us 11."   pi I/, s
i.y  Mis   ll   i! inoiogbam
and Mm   I . ___   I. la;, lol       \t
-.     1 th.   gam .")'   dainty
i. -   M.., •, go round    '■    il    I lub
|p tl   | . i   r. -nliii"" nl  M '   ami
Mr. I!  il   Urqubarl,   I inrtfa  itreel,
_; to s|iend soother ol tbe
club's jolly evenings  Tben  *.r. slgbl
ss   p .tying      Al   i ie- close .1 tbe
•    ■     i   dainty supper wss served '.y
i  i .....   ,  holten      I bs   p'l/' i were
Mrs. T. I. Lawreoee aod Mr.
,    Hook,    while    Miss   Mel oil.nigh
I id    VI.   i:   M   Hume wot,    11,"    ,•.,,,
n pri/.ei.      Harming   brought to
a alow  ont   ol   tho jolllMt parties ..I
! 'ii- '..i^i.t.
Board of Trade
I be regular muni lily meeting nl llie
Revelstoke    Hoard    ol   Truth'    will   be
held  in  the  Oity   Hull on l horidty
next, April 1st at, H p.m.    All mem Iters
are requested to stttend
II. 0l NMNl.llilM  Morhim,
Carpel sipuirus, a cbniee  lot at (!, II.
H ii nit A Ou's,
Dainty and Varied Display of
Spring Fashion
Yesterday was "ladies' day" iii Rev
elstuke, being the uccasiun uf the
spring millinery upenings of the linns
of Messrs. C. B. Hume & Co. aud
Keid & Young. These two stores this
year, aa usual, have been up'to date in
every respect and the very latest creations in feminine heud gear were
temptingly displayed before the cuvet-
uus eyes of the large nun.ber uf Revelstoke "grattdes dames," Among the
many irresistible mudela shown, there
are styles to suit all heads, the predominating fisture thiB eeaflon, however, being the extreme siae. There
are scores uf hatB ol every imaginable
sine, shape and ell'eet. combinations
that both as tu color and material are
must artistic. Daring styles can be
noticed, while others mure modest
these are though nu less dainty.
The upenings frum a commercial
point of view were satisfactory and
both stores repurt excellent business
The display this year bas succeeded
thai uf L'.IOH and tbe public taste in
fashion cau be well satisfied.
There are more fr.ak stj Ies ordained
for this season than we have ever en-
cnuiitered befure. Sume are like tunnels; others suggest a uual bud, covering half the face and all the hair; limn
there are the Tallica casques, the
Pulish sohapska, the Bagdad turban,
the Moujik, the uld time page's turban
and a pot shaped hat that has no
heritage that can be traced. Yet
these strange and curiuuB fancies aro
bewitching, lu most ul tliese the
bead sinks iuto them deeply aud the
face peeps uut piquanMy. Nearly all
tliese hats are made withuut bandeaux and must be wurn with hair
Hit un top ol the nead anil set un the
new Psyche knots quite comforluhly
These hats made thu new cuill'ure
styles imperative uud suuuded the
death knell ,.f the pumpadutir. Of
cnurse, there are many small hats
s niwn, but ihey have unnatural, large
cruwtis, sn that the effect is tup heavy.
Un all hats the brims shuw a decided
tendency tu tlrnup, but must not be
cunfiistd with the mushroom shape, as
they are sumewhat dill'ercut. Among
tlie tttrtuigest favnritOH for early wear
are large turbans of the Bagdad anil
Spanish nrder iu   cltiche  and   draped
Trimming! are varied this year.
Foliage will be used extensively as lhe
MatOU advances, and in these there is
ii predominance  Ol  American   beauty
treatment combined with lilacs.   Alio
lilies nf tbn valley, nasturtiums mill
large Uteri snd lilacs are shown.
White plums will he used a great
deal and alsu satin  iibbnn   effeOtl in
bowl, roiettei and limps.    Ornaments
in the I..rin nl eiilincbiins and large
i.uill Ies, principally in dull jet head
ami cut steel cIl'octH will lie lavurcd.
Unlil   and  silver elutli ealincliiins  are
ail popular.
I be latest lad is perliiming the hut
wub ibe icent nl the llowers nn it.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best and largest  Stock  of Cigars and
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
The  Original   Mac's   Mixture  now  on   hand
and made   expressly   for   us  by D. K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Stoves, Tin and  Enamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, ur Exchanged.
Furniture Packed for Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
First St. West, Hear Beaver Cigar Factory.      -      J. C. HULL, Proprietor
Programme at Y.M.C.A. Tomor
row Night
Tomorrow night at the Y.M.C.A.
the boys will close the indoor season
by a grand gymnasium exhibition,
The following is a full programme of
events and should prove us popular as
Junior Tumbling.
Chorus hy Clec Club.
Parallel Bar Work.
Parallel liar Pyramids,
Mat Pyramids.
Presentation of prizes by C. F. Lindmark aud ll jN. Doyle.
Light Weight Wrestling limit.
Duet—Messrs Watson and Lefeaux.
Intermediate Ladder Pyramids.
Fancy Revolver Shooting.
Comic Song—C. F. Norris,
Pillow Fight.
Heavy Weight Lifting (special).
Chorus hy Glee Club.
Illuminated Club Swinging.
Grand Tableaux.
The perfurmance will start sharp at
8 p.m., at the popular prices 36o. and
loo. Goud aceonimodiition lor all.
No reservod seats. First eome, lirst
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phono 39       Office   McKenzio Avo
Business Locals
Remember Hews' Enter chocolates.
Organ   Inr   sale,   good as new—The
Itevi Istoke New ami Seenndhand Htnre
Wall piper, witidnw shades, curtain
pules   and    futures, at 0, li. Hume ft
A   large  stuck   nl   new    kmluks   at
Hews' drugstiiro.
Trueman, the photographer, i» now
here anil will remain until Monday, April iltb, last visit until June.
Your choice of Hn II) enlargement of
your phuto ur view ul city; special lor
thiB visit only,
,  and
Eggs for Hatching
Single   Comb   Black    Minorcus—The
Large While Kgg Fowl
No. 1 — Exhibition Pen ifS per 18 F.ggs
No. 2—Heavy Laying Strain $2    "
Apply—U. H, SMKDLEY,
Enderby, H. C.
The lollowing olliccri for the School
l.iiei'.isse League was elected Friday
aflernunn at a meeting held in the
Hon. Pros., E, Coursier.
Pres., J. G. Pollock.
Vice-Pres., G. Matheson.
Secretary, M. Leet.
Assist.-Sec, F. Fraser.
Treasurer, D. L. iMiT.iiiuin.
Executive — MeasiH Dickey
Calder Irum the Public school
Messrs. Prucuuier and Cuursier
tho High selninl.
Teams Irum the High schuul and
Public sclionl have been furmeil and
league games will he played fnr tlie
hiiiidsnme shield trophy.
The first lacrosse match nl the sea-
sun will lake place un Good Friday
between the City and the Y.M.C.A
Ou Mnniliiy night the Methodist
Sunday Bohool basketball team administered a defeat to Ibe Church ol
England team. ll was tin snap huw-
ever ami lhe game was strenuous Irom
the start. Pettipiece made a very
I'llicieut referee,
timid Friday will bo a Htrenuous
day at the Y.M.C.A. At Id a m. the
annual paper chase; at 2 p.m. tnothall
game; at I p.m. lacrosse. All inter-
tuted in these sports should interview
lhe physical director.
■ _» .
Flush garden seeds in bulk or package nt. Bews' drugstore.
I have nearly one thousand nice
calendars fnr phntngrupliK, and frum
now unlil ihey ure gone, 1 will give
une oompiete wilh every du/.en any
sine phultis taken by me, Cume cither
nn clear or cloudy days. B. F.
Tucker. Ili-tl
Money to luan —H, N. Cuursier.
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
While  Leghorn    froin    Blanchard's
sl tu iii, >
Brown Leghorn from Morgan's Blralm
Rhode Island Reds from Miller's si tain
A Setting of 16 from any of the above
strains $2.    Apply nr address
Box 227, Rovelstoke, ll. O.
Strawberry Plants STfJS
"DUOd ALl's"Heriy.   Thoroughly
lu'riiiiiaii/.i'il, of exquisite flavor,   At
$2.()U per hundred.
llevelstnke, H. I',
duplicate Certificate of Title fnr
Loti I, 2iiml :i. Hluek uu. Town
of llevelsloke I.Map 080),
It Ib my Intention to Issue at the expiration "f one month after the first
publication hereof it duplicate of the
Ceriillcale   of   Title    to    lhe    above
mentioned lots In the name nf Dennis
McCarthy, which Oertilicate is dated
lhe   nth    of    Decern Ihu-,     lium,    and
numbered HAM).
Diiiti-ici Registrar,
IjiihI Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, B. c, Marota 21, 1000,
Tin) lulluwing stnry has emanated
Irum the Inenl se In nils,
'II 1 laid two eggs on this desk,
Johnny, and you laid three, how many
would lhat be" said the teacher.
Nn answer from Johnny.
"Take her upon it, Jack," whispered
Jimmy, "I'll stake you two bits that
she can't.


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