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Vol. 13.-No 34
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Now is the time for planting all kinds ot Flower and
(inrden SeetN and one glance over our stock will convince you of
their quality and our variety.
All our seeds ure bought from two of the largest growers in
Canada—Steele Brlggs nnil 1). M. Ferry.
The following nre ol the package and bulk seeds we carry.
I). M. Ferry's Garden and Flower Seeds. Steele Briggs'
Garden ami Flower Seeds.
Our Hulk Flower Seeds are i—Nasturtium and Sweet
Our Bulk Garden Seeds are Onion, Carrot, Turnip, Wax
Beans ond Onion Setts.
Our Bulk Grass Seeds are Red Clover, White Clover,
Timothy, Lawn Grass and Mammoth Clover.
All these Seeds are fresh in and can be relied on with
You need a new hat with your new suit. A man never
looks well dressed wearing an old hat with his new suit. See
our new English, American and Canadian Hats.
Christie's Hats are our leaders—the world's standard hat.
If you wear a hard hat, you must buy the Christie to have the
In Soft Hate we have the latest Jim Cracks and Cracker
Jack American Blocks.
MEN'S COLLARS—One Hundre I Dozen Men's Linen
Collars we are selling at a Bargain—$1.00 a dozen, or any size
at 10c. each.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Has arrived again and we are prepared lor it, having just
received a full car of all kinds of Paints, Raw and Boiled Oil,
White Lead, Varnishes, Baplac, Alabastine, Agate Wall Finish
and Kalsomine.
We have also received two cars ol Mixed Hardware, which
completes our stock and puts us in a position to supply all
your Spring requirements in the Hardware line.
Mail Orders receive prompt attention.
Smelters Close Down-Lumber
Scarcity. — Socialism Condemned. — Useful Board, -
Action for Libel.
Rossland, May 1.—Granby, Dominion Copper Co, and the B. C. Copper
company's smelters and n.i.ies have
closed down owing lo tbo shortage ol
luel. Thev will remain closed down
Inr a period ol two weeks, even il the
cal strike Is settled.
Montreal, Maj 1—Yeste.d.iy at
high mass Ron.an Catholic Archbishop
Ui.ichesi, from his throne, condemned
in severest ler.os the socialistic movement, nud which l.n designated as unchristian,!!!! patriotic and un-Canad inn.
London, May 1.—The Standard says
ibat among tl.e aspirations in the will
of Cecil Rhodes, to which Earl Grey,
governor-general ol Canada, relerred
in hia speech at the National Arbitration and Peace Conlerence banquet iu
New York on April 17, were tl.e ultimate recovery ol the United States by
Great Britain, British occupation ol
the whole ol Africa and South America
and of the seaboard ol China and
Cauiary, May 1.—Increase in the
price ol lumber mis announced here
yesterday. Lumber is so searce thai
a bonus aliove the onst price mint be
given with the order to emure delivery. The -onl supply here will he
exhausted iu ten days.
Cai.oary, May 1.—The Arbitration
Board created a few monthi ago hai
settled, with satisfaction to all, what
seemed to be disastrous labor dillioul-
ties in the case of the painters and
FERNIE, May 1—Everything now
points to a speedy and happy termination ol tbe troublo here, and subject
to tbe referendum vote, the mines
will resume operations next week.
Fredericto.n, N. B., May 1 —The
writ in the action for libel instituted
by Hon. H. R. Emmerson against the
Frederioton Gleaner was served by
Sheriff Sterling on J. H, Crockett,
managing director, Saturday alternoon, The amount ol damages
claimed is {25,000.
Dealers in Hardware, Btovei snd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen'!
and Sawmill Supplies, ele,, Plumbing and Tinsaiitbing.
Though the re-organization meeting
ol the City club, which'was called lor
Saturday evening in tho Y, M. C. A.
was not well responded to, it was
thought wise to proceed with eleetion
ol officers for the season.
Reporti were heard trom the lecre-
tary and treasurer; that ol treasurer
showing a cash balance on hand ol
The officers elected we.e: Pres., J.
H. Lyoni; Vice-Prei,, E. H. Lewis;
Sec.-Treai., W. S. Maguire; W, Smythe,
C. Kerloot, A. Arman, to act with
officers ai an executive committee;
Capt., 0. B. Siisons; Vice Capt., W.
The club colors were changed to
blue snd white end the team will
sport natty new iweatcrs. The membership lee will be one dollar again
this lesion, and it is hoped that the
public will support the club in thii
way, as there will be no subscription
lilt opened.
A challenge has been issued by the
shopi to play tl.e oity a game next
rJaturd iy at 130 p.m.
On Saturday afternoon, while en-
in hauling a heavy load, Sam
Peitilla's team got stuck in a rut.
Sam hailed John Mclntyre's, which
happened to be paising at the time,
Ior assistance. Mclntyre's teamster
readily consented to help Sam out of
his difficulty an.l told him to unhitch
hii team and he would pull the load
out for him. San. laughed at Mclntyre's man, thinking he was .ok.ng,
but on the latter iniisting San. linally
contented to give him a chance to see
what his team could do, and bii eyee
fairly bulged out with astonishment
when Mclntyre's team walked off with
the load with with but little exertion.
A pulling match wai supposed to
have takon place last week between J.
Hutchison's team and the Government
team, and it ii understood that Mc-
lutyro is willing to back hii tea.,.
against tl.e winner ol said match lor
Speech from Throne-Expansion of Trade and Revenue
Ottawa, May 1 —The speech from
tbe throne at tlie prorogation ol the
house on Saturday afternoon, included
the following paragraph: "I am glad
to observe that the li sea I period, terminating ou the last day ol March,
was, in proportion lo iis length, the
most prosperous in the history of the
Dominion and that the present indications are thit tbe expansion ol the
country s trade and revenue will continue during the year that we aie now
ei.te.ing upon, a fact tbat is particularly gratifying in view of the important undertakings to which Canada is
Tl.e itream ot immigrants entering
the Dominion continues yearly to
expand it is very satisfactory to note
that a larger number ii coming Irom
the Britiih isles than Ior yean.
The recent reviiion ol the tariff will,
it it believed, meet with tl.e general
approval ot the trade, removing ai it
doei many inequalities heretofore
The substantial aid now offered
towirdi tin establishment ol cold
storage ihould stimulate the erection
ol these necessary adjuncts lor the
preservation ol perishable goods.
I have observed with gratification
the passage of an act having (or its
object the maintenance of industrial
peace in connection with all public
utility. This legislation has already
been applied with success. It is confidently expected that when the provisions of the act (or the settlement ol
industrial disputes are lully understood, both employees and employers
will be ready to refer their differences
to boards of investigation and conciliation and thus avoid the evils
lollowing itrikei and lockouts."
*o a Belgian syndicate lor $700,000.
The propertiel consist of fertile land
•ilualed between Armstrong and Vernon, and have an area of ever 18,000
icres. About 5,000 acres of the O'Keele
ranch and nearly the same are., of tl.e
Grecnhow ranch is suitable [nr Iruit-
grmviiig, and it is the Intention ot the
purchasers to divert water fron. the
Earl Grey canal, now under cu.Hriic-
tion, and irrigate the property. Alter
this has been done the syndicate will
place the land in Small subdivisions
nl five and ten acres on the market in
Arrowhead Aerie Installed by
Revelstoke Eagles-Degree
Conferred on Many.
It is only a day or two since the
lucal Masons went down to Arrowhead
to organize a lodge in lliat town, and
a very successful visit it was too. A
jollier or merrier crowd never lelt
Revelstoke than that whicli went down
to Arrowhead on Saturday night by
special train, to instiisM an Aerie ol
Hades in that rsing and picturesque
little city.
A large contingent ul the local
Aerie took advantage nf the outing,
and were mrt with an enthusiastic
reception on their arrival at the late
town at 10 p m. Tlie room was well
filled when Dept. Grand Press. Von
Rhtin commenced the ceremonies,
and with a large number ol candidates
the degree work was carried ou until
5 a.m. on Sunday, 'ihe Dept. Grand
Pres. was ass'sted by Worthy Pies. H.
A. Brown, Worthy Past Pres. E. G.
Burridge, the latter being in the chair,
Worthy Prei. F. Lynch, ol New Westminster, acted as Prelate and the other
Revelatoke officers filled the remainder
ol the chairs
The Arrowhead Aerie commences its
career of usefulness, auspiciously with
a large membership and a competent
complement ol ollioeis and we wish
them every success,
The lollowing were elided to tbe
W. P. P., J. Parks.
"   P., W. R. Reid.
"   V. P., D.Cameron.
"   Sec, L. A. Dodd.
"   Treas, H. Johnson.
"   Cond, G. Chapman.
"   I. G.i S. Irvine.
"   O. G., F. dinners.
Physician, Dr. Elliot.
Trustees, G. Reid, T,   Moffat, H.
• aiiil,
At the conclusion ol the ceremonies
tho company spent a lew social and
pleasant hours whioh was only dispersed by the sun pushing its way in
to see what was doing Dept. G. P.
Von Rhein stayed over .Monday to
thoroughly post the orliceri in their
new work and must of (be Revelstoke
members arrived home on Sunday
night alter a pleasa.it and enj-.yable
trip to the Halcyon Hot Spring', and
talk highly ol their treatment at Ar
rowhead, which while a busy time was
also profitable and plcsanl.
Principal Sipprell of Columbian
Methodist College Was Applauded in Victoria Church
at Sunday Evening Service.
Victoria, April 80,—" The nationalism of Gormany, the medievalism
and ilillenlantiim ul Franc, and the
broken bonds ol family and marriage
ilea in lhe United States arc due lo
Die secularization cl the universities
.1 Ilic laud, and when I see in our
land the emphasis put. on the secular
..nd fommcrciiil and a disregard shown
to tl.e sacred; when I see men like
I he Attorney-General ol the province
opening the door to the destruction of
our Christian Sabbath, I Bay such
men arc driving the sword of a gross
materialism into thc heart of our
national lile and stilling the convictions that are among ibe grandest and
noblest man can know."
So remarked the Rev. Dr. Sipprell
president of Columbian College, at
the Metropolitan Methodist Church
oo Sunday evening. His remark
elicited hand-clapping and applause
from the cong.egation.
Quaker Brand Canned Goods, Ashcrolt Potatoes
and Vegetables, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness, elc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
18,000 Acres near Vernon Sold
for $700,000.
Vernon, May 1.—The largest real
estate deal ever consummated in the
Okanagan wai put through hero thii
week when the O'Keele and Greenhow
ranchei on okanagan Lake were sold
VANOOUVER, May 1 —The advisability ot reestablishing in this city tlie
old custom of ringing a curfew bell in
tbe evening for the purpose of warn
ing all youngsters that it is time ior
them to be iu lied, has been discussed
at the session ol tl.e counoil. Tl.e proposal was introduced on it report
from the health and morals committee,
and although it did int meet with a
superabundant amount ul sympathy
from' the aldermen not on that com
mittee, it was linally passed, and tl.e
clerk wai instructed to write to the
police commissioners laying the opinion ol tl.e council on the matter in
question belore them.
The roport Irom the health and
morals committee was as follows:
"Facts have been adduced belore
tl.e committee which show an increasing tendency on the partol young
people to forsake their homes for the
attractions ol tlie public streets, and
other resorts, the committee consider
that the lateness ot tl.e hours kept
eonseque.it upon this practice and
the liability ol being thrown into
questionably company, constitute a
direct menace to the morali of the
community. Your committee affirm
tbeir belief that the parents are the
proper authority to control this tendency, aud that many parentB are
culpably negligent in thii particular,
Your committee recommend that tbe
police commissioners be requested to
enforce the provisions of the curlew
by-law." _
Wall paper I Wall paper 11 Shades
and bouse furnishings, at Huwion's.
Conductor Agnew Succumbs to
Fatal Injuries at Hector
A terrible accident attended with
latal results, occurred shortly alter
idniglit on Monday at Hector, when
Conductor J. A. Agnew, for many
years residing in Revelstoke, met witii
bis death. The deceased was in the
act of jumping off the footboard ol the
ciiifine on the arrival of the train at
tl.o H.eti.r pi iitnriii when he sipped
and fell backwards between the platform and tlio engine with his legs
across the rails.. Unable to extricate
himself, the wheels oi the tender severed bis legs cuiuplct.-ly. Tne de-
ci-Acid was immediately conveyed to
the Golden hospital, but died belore
reaching there fron. the severe shock
and loss uf blood.
Conductor and Mrs, Agnew were
very populsr here and had ouly just
lelt Revelstoke to live in Field, De.
ceased wae a great favorite among tl.e
railroad and trainmen, and with all
with whom lie came in contact, being
a member of the Masons, Knights ol
Pythias and 1.0. O, F, The Mail-
Herald extends their deepest sympathy to the widow iu her sad bereavement.
The body was brought dowu from
(I., dm this morning a, .1 ihe funeral
is expected to take place on Friday,
tbe A. F. & A. M taking charge . f ah
arrangements. There wiil be a largo
attendance ot Knights of Pythias, Odd-
fe.lowa and Conductors.
PRICE $600
Corner Lots are very scarce,
and to secure this site you must
not delay.
Oi'KicKs:—Molsons Bank Building.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St Op.
War of Extermination Against
Inspect Pests. Rigid Inspection to Prevent Spread.
Provincial Fruit Inspector Cun-
uinghain will have a bonlire thii week
at tlie Vancouver fumigating station
in which be will destroy an entire
oarioad of nursery stock recently sent
from Tennessee for Siimmerla.id district
Inspection showed 4,11111 apple trees,
lU.'l pear trees, 1,084 peach trees and
8 cherry trees were diseased, being
affected with Boliizueiieiira Lituigera,
or woolly apple louse, an iuscct of
which there lias been previously uu
trace in the province and the introduction ol which might have done
untold harm.
Inspector Cunningham says that
tl.e host hope the Iruit growers of
British Columbia can have is tl.e
fostering ol nurseries within the
province. At present there are 12
such places, but even then more trees
are coming in from outside points this
year than ever beloro. He believes if
local nurseries are encouraged it will
be but a tow years belore they will be
sending across the line instead of
having the Soutl. sending stock here.
This will come largely as a result ol
tl.e local rigid inspection which will
guarantee the stock to bo free from
A little accident and Bickness insurance sliould be carried by every man
whose living depends upon liis daily
labor. The General Accident Company of Canada is financially the
■trongeit Accident Insurance Company doing business in the Dominion,
and offers the most liberal policies.
Get particulars Irom tho agent, E. A
Haggen, Revelstoke,
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Hranel.es ... tl.e I1...vince- ..I Mauituba, Alberta, Sa.kaUil.AWaa.
British . '..l.in.l.in. Ot.turio, Quebec.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. R. Wii.kik, President;
-     14,700,000.00
R. JaFFRAT, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold avnilal.lt! in all parts of Canada, United States und
Eu.-ope.   Speciul attention given to Collections.
Savings Department
Deposits received and Inteiest allowed at current rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four tunes ,-t year,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Would Bond Shuswap  Lake
Mining Claims.
Armstrong, April 31.—C. Perry waB
here tliis week conferring with the
owners ol the Cotton Belt mining
property at Seymour Arm, Lake Shuswap. He has made a proposition ol
taking over the property on a cash
basis, provided an expert whom he is
bringing from England report" favorably and in the meantime gives the
shareholders the option ol selling elsewhere. The owners will probably
close with Mr. Perry, as tbey have
nothing to lose. Sliould the deal go
through, the price will be in the
neighborhood ol $100,000,
Lake Shuswap and the bill on either
side ol it are again springing into
lavor with proipectors.
A ipecial meeting of the city council was lield on Monday night with
Mayor Brown and Aid. Abrahamson,
Howson, Sawyer  and  Stone preient.
It waa moved by Aid. Sanyer and
seconded hy Aid. Stone, that the report of the City Clerk dated April 29,
giving assessment per loot frontage ol
each property benefitted by the construction of tbe proposed sewerage
system, be received—Carried,
Moved Aid. Abrahamton and sec*
onded Aid. Sawyer, that the above
report be accepted, subjeot to such
allerati ns and amendments as may
be moved by the Court ot Reviiion
convened for that purpose— Carried.
The meeting then adjourned.
The purest of medioines goes into
your preicription rilled at the Canada
Drug Store. Cbc flDau*H
! 1'HUsHKI. WKIiNKsi.aY
l.ielu ling postage i.i England,
and Canada.
Ilylhc vear|l!irm.glil«.-t..ltiv.'l
Hall      "
Quarter "
.   l.Sd
.. 1.01
1 ... . ttlNTINU |iro...|.tly executed a. reason-
able rater.
I'KRMS-i'fvli.  Siib.-crir.tic.ns payable in art
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters o.
public interest. Communication, tfl Editor uni-t be aooomponled ny name oi
writer, not neoosaarily fo publication, I.ul
as evidence of nood laiili. Corrospondcnc.
should be brief.
Legal nolice* le cents per line Iir-. Insorllon,
6ccnuperllne each -....-. ....-■..*. InserUon
inehl   Store   ami   general bu.lnos« an
nounoemenu l->   per Inch poi i ■ ''
Prelerred position..   -■*'   per   ton.   on.
,-.;-,. •..:.  Birth., Marriages  and Dcathi,
. , b Insertion,   limber notices*a.i«i
,.,. .  .    ...  *:..-   All advertUeinent.
...        hi ipprovaloflhenianagcmoiii.
.v ,-•:,. -      clued AdTortLeinonu.
,....:- Hanlod, Help H mted, BUuattons
ranted    SI iation.   \ want,    roachcr.
,y„   . . M,    ,,..- «»i ..I, 10 words oi
;,....     , . ;    ..... II .....   lun-   1"    .'.-'I'-.
i hinge. In >t«i ling advertlsemcnlj nm-
,.,,.. week WMcaro good display.
Solicitors, EtcJ
,0 T T A W;A|
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy,      Harou F18'1"^
, ,11.I.A.N ,*. I.I.I.10TT.
l'..rn-!ir*. SohclUir., Etc.
(". E.I1I1.US. E. (". ELLIOTT.
.JmCES :  Isi "LK.-O.  Hank  Hlock,  Rkvbl-
'btokh, B, 0.
.Monej- lo lot....
Olliees: Revcl*toke, B. ('.;
Uko. 8. McCartkb,
a. si, 1'inkiiam,
Rovelatoko, B. 0,
libruok, H. C.
J. A. Hakvkv,
(ran rook II. ('.
J. M. Scott I.L.ll W. I. Iiriggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
MORBTi to Loan
Solicitors for Molsons Bank
Revelsloke, B.C.
First Street.
This Inn been a late ipring in Britiah Columbia, as well as throughout
ihe Dominion as n »h i.e, hut ih s
slowness may be a blessing in disguise
as in a late spring ihere is always less
danger "( un ill limed frost nipping
the buds. Everything points ton
bumper year for the fruit growers ol
Brilish Columbia, and peuple have
shown tbeir appreciation ol that [acl
l.y setting to work in re il earnest to
get their orchards into shape this
year. Sever before has there been bu
much energy put into the work ol
the spring cleaning. Throughout the
ivlujlu interior, farmers are busy in
the orchards, pruning, spraying and
getting things into shape. This show*
that fruit growers have confidence in
lhc crop and they would not be going
to this exponse and trouble. And not
only docs it promise well (or the crop,
but that the market also shows signs
ol being better than usual. There has
always been a strong demand lor Britiih Columbia Iruit, but it sit-ins Ilinl
the demand i» now stronger ih..n ever
This in, ans, of course, a new impetus
to t! e work of fruit growing in the
interi .r. It has already beoo.no quite
a large industry, but there is always
nn lor improvement,
I: MB If UIU CIH lcoouiio ibll    VVW\rw-
Miss C.ickburn, in«triirror in F.i*cy
Work lor   Bidding,   Paul & Co   l.'d.l
wiil take pupils, in all btnnol.es ol silk j
and lin... embroidery nt Mel......... .. j
Cn 'a  st re  lor   In  day.,  beginning!
Wednesday, May 1st.    I....i.s fr.... 10
to 12, and 2 to 4.    Theso lessons are
entirely tree   >ud Mi-tCickhur.i aill
have a nice exhibit of fancy work....
display.   Come and enroll yonr nun.es
at .McLennan ci (Vs.
fell! Fee! Well
Do v
il  fe
Asiarr ol ill Orel, .-ample- by mill or express
receive prompt attention.
Term. Moderate.
AbbREsi     •     •    •     Box 482 Kaslo, B. (J
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mine Suiveylng
McKenzie Avente.
Box 1U(J, Kevelstoke.
iMeiuhei   American   Institute   of
Uiniog Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Kevelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans nnd Blue
Print- of Lind. Timber Limiti, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared In shape
for submission to piospectiveinvcstois
or purchasers.
The twentieth century may, perhaps, be distinguished by an abate
ment ol the red tape plague, says the
Calgary Herald, II anything has prevented progress in a hundred different
directioi s throughout Canada and
even down to a comparatively small
city like Kevelstoke, it has been the
artistic, inane Bumbledom and officialism. It is impossible for red tape
and common sense to be joined together, eilher in the Government,
railroads and other corporations, and
while it lusts, [notion and complaint
are bound to continue. In government departments nil over the world
the quality ol good, Bound sense is
taking the placed ancient and useless
working methods, tinged with meaningless etiquette and running only in
the grooves prepared lor it.
Local Revolstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meet* First .ni.l Third Wednesday in tin......nil.
ia Selkirk 11.11, upstairs, at s p.....   Subject Inr
.Iticisslun -"Tunics I'niiniis.ii v. S<i<-i!ilisin."  All
iilli'l'iMl.-ilitre .velcnnli).
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain view Camp, No, 229.
Meet, Seconil un.l Fourth Wednesdays In
eni-liliiinilli.il. Selkirk llllll.   Visiting Wood-
men cordially Invllod to aiieinl.
VV. li. ARMSTRONG!,Con.Com,
F. 0. E.
Tlio rogulnr meetings nro bold In the Selkirk
Mull ('wn Tuoxday otMinff atSn'olDM. Visit-
lun bntliroti aro curdlnlW Invltads
II. \. HUuWS, riti;nini.XT.
Kooltnnv LoclKe No, 15 A F.& A.M.
Tlm regular meet*
\     luge aro held in tin
f| Miti-onic    Tetnpli,
/   .nld ITellowa Hnll.ui,
,. tho third Momltij h
'-'. -iit-li mon Lb   at   .*
p.m. Waiting broth*
ivn  cordially  wel
i', a. FKOOUNTKR, Skcuitauv.
SELKIRK LODGE. NO 12, 1.0. 0. F.
Moots overj Tlmrfidt-v
ovuniiiK In Selkirk
kHall at 8 o'clock.
JVlriititiK brethren coi-
iliullj* invited Ui el*
:.('. LAI/UIILIN, N.U.      J.MATHIK. 8i<o
tbe AaiUDetalb
"Iwoul . . . earnestly a vise theni for
tt.eir good to order this paper to be punctually
-erved ap, anilto be looked upon a.- a pari of
the tea equipage.1-—AoDISOK.
ln spite ol the lateness of the spring
and the continued cold weather tbe
tourist* and travelling public are beginning to move and Revelstoke has
even now commenced to received her
ibare. The question of advertising
Revelstoke as a tourist resort has been
mooted in many different ways and
excellent schemes have been planneo
to draw this transient throng into our
midst and so add to the business and
popularity of our city. There is, however, another side to the question
which must be looked at in a business
light, and that is, to provide means ol
socommodation lor our visitors belore
we bring them here. It ii useless I
try and think ol attracting large
crowds ol tourists and other transient
viiitors to Kevelstoke, until we can
lind ncc nf!.- dation I r them. It has
over and over again been proved that
in the busy season tbe hotels are not
capable ol lodging all the arrivals and
in many case! have tbey been forced
to wander all over the town in search
oi accommodation Ior tbe night. This
is not the way to advertise Revelstok.-.
neither is it an incentive for visitors  to get  off   here.    No, the hotels
Doyle Scale to Apply on Coast
in Case of Small Logs.
The amendment to the Timber
Meaiurement Act passed at the recent
session ol the provincial legislature is
an important measure which promises
to have, under certain circumstances,
an effect so far-reaching that the possibilities cannot now well be gauged, according to the Vancouver Province.
The amendment is conditional, as to
the time it becomes effective, upon an
order of the Lieutenant-Governor In
council. Briefly put, the measure legalizes the Doyle scale for logs of all
territory east of the Cascades, and
weBt ol thatrangeol mountains it may
be made to apply to logs of varying
dimensions at the will ol the super-
visor ol scales, but the intention is that
it shall apply only to logs ol comparatively small diameter,
At present the Doyle soale is much
if not practically entirely, in use tc
tlie east of the Cascades, where the
average timber is much less in diameter than that which grows to the west
ol tbat mountain range. On the coast
the British Columbia log scale prevails
Ior the measurement ot timber, and
that scale was some years ago devised
by a commiision of lumbermen ol
whom Andrew lliislam, present supervisor ol log scalers, was .1 prominent
Lumbermen on the coast are ol
course little concerned as to what rule
lor scaling is adopted as a standard
east oi the Cascades, but the possibility of the application ol the Doyle
seal.-. Ibis district is causing some
ol the operator! here to question the
advisability ol the amendment which
makes tbe Doyle seal.- possible,
Cold Range Lodge, X. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
Meets every Wednesday,
c.v-epi Third Wednesday ...
each n.oulb, in llie Oddfellows'
Hall nl s o'clock. Vlitting
Kiiiejits are cordially nvite.l.
G. H. IlltOCK, K. of it. A- S,
H. A. IIHOWN. U. ol F
Deer lle.uls, Animals, Birds, I'M., Etc.,
Animal It.in* Mounted.
P. 0. Box 81:
Studio! Comer of First St. anil Boyle Ave.
Rovehitoke, 11. C.
ill enjoy ll.nt well .lies ed feidllln? We nil know- whul
•Is like tu he hill, lo he eol.l, ...-lo l.e li.-e.l, i.ml .1, is
jusl ns nue lliil we all kn.-w whal ll. feels like In lit* well
.l.e-e.l. I. feels good, and it's good lo feel good. Vouch
.lover be well dressed IC youi clothes are mil made by the
light, make.-.
Gel toknow we handle lhe SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and you will iinil whnt a picsine and satisfaction it is to be
well dressed,
Suits and Overcoats  $15, $18, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
Tailoring is our business. We make a man look well
nnd be knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
Incorporated by Act   ' Parliament, 1851),
Wm. Mi.LSON Maci'Heiihi.n, P.es,           S. II. Kmtnh, Vice-Pies.
James Elliot, .;..........i Mi gei,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two lii-anlics in C.-..I. ,i.|   A;...ie* in  nil puds .1    the
Interest. e.-...lii...l four limes .1 year at i-ni..-..l rales on Snvinns
Hunk deposits, until further untie,
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, li. C,
ihould each and every one, wake up a
little and build additions io their
premises, so that there will be no
cause to turn away any tourist or
stranger that may come. Another
large first class hotel iB one of tbe
most needed improvement! in Revelitoke, and although it is apparently-
impossible to get another licence, yet
a special dispensation might bc granted to secure this which would mean
the almost immediate erection ol a
large hotel in a central position. That,
or let the hotels now in existence
increase their limited accommodation;
but until some active steps are taken
to remedy the trouble, the tourist
trallic will never assume large pro
portions in Revelstoke.
Grave Robbers Were Seen
Lingering About the Cemetery
in Deseronto.
Toronto (Int., April 29.—Fortified
against the work ol supposed grave
robbers, who for nights lingered aboul
the little mortuary in Deseronto cemetery, the body oi the late Dr. Oronh-
MnnufncI11 red for ull clasBeslof buildings
All kinds of building mul plastering
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchandise, stored in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, B, C,
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought.
Uash Prices Pan..
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Foil line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest pricea,
Many are selecting their ranches now, and, for a small deposit,
are having them reserved until they can arrange payment, thereby
getting all the advantage of early purchasing and at (he same lime
accommodating their finances, Our property is a seller, and when
buying il you fail to see us you may not buy to your best advantage,
The Oity Council require the services nf a ni*:lit operator at the Power
House. Salary $80.00 per month.
Application, staling qualifications and
experience to reach the undersigned
by Friday, May 10th, 11)07.
11. FLOYD,
April 27,11107. City Clerk
Tho Council require the services ol
a Pound Keeper, at a salary of $00 00
per month. Applications to reach the
undersigned by noon on Thursday,
Mav 2nd, 1!I07,
April 27,1111)7. City Clerk.
SEALED TRNDKiiS will bu received up to
iMn-yliih. d p.m.. for thu purchase of tin1
business anil tilnnt nf the Hevolsiuke Steam
Laundry Company. Business averages lietwoen
?,')W mul -Himimnni lily. Plum eomprl-cs nil ma-
ohlnory, hurt-it) uml wagon, etc, mul o in-half of
building nuw owned by the Kovclsluku Steam
Laundry Co Thu highest tendor not tioces-
sadly accepted.
Address nil lenders lo
Sec.-IViw, RnvolBtoko Stenm Laundry Co,
Thai's Royal Or.*wn kmd—
iiuide in Vino..uver— Largc-t
Snap F.intnry west ..I Winnipeg, House cleaning and
washing areensy with its help,
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet lellB what we give tor
Koval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try tlie
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
From 25 to 50  Per Cent
Saved on your Grocery Bills.
We Bell at retail st lowest wholesale
pricei. Hotel and boarding house
keepers, farmers, miners and lumbermen will lind it to their advantage to
investigate us
to any railway station in British
Columbia. We only handle lirst-cla«a
and pure goods. We guarantee
prompt delivery. No order too small,
none loo large. Write for our price
list. IT IS FREE, lle convinced
that you can save money,
250-2111 Stanl. y Ht., WINNIPEG, Man.
House Cleaning Time
brings to the eve of the careful
housekeeper the blemishes of the
carpets under her supervision. When
necessary to make renewals in carpets,
rugs, mattings and oilcloths, visit
HOWSON'S nnd see their well selected stock before buying. You'll
find it a time und money saver. Our
Spring display bents anything we
ever offered.
Howson & Company
Nolice Is hereby nl en that80 days niter dnte
I Intend In apjih I" tin- Ihiiioriuil'- lln* Chlel
OiiimiSMoin'r ul Lulu's nml Works for Uptclftl
liconso io eut uml i-iury away Umber Irom the
followlnKdeRiirlbed land*- ■situated tn Hihtrii-i
oi West kootenay, B. c.
Commoncing nt a nost planted on lho sou-h
side of Downie 1'icek and ahout three miles
above Canynn Creek, markud "1>. iMeConneH's
sumh-wc-l.corner j*o i," thenee Jill ohnins north
thenee cant In clmins, theueo south 4(1 chains,
IheiK-c. tast in chains, thenee soulh sodium-.
thenoo west 1" ebains, thenco norlh -111 ohnins,
thonco west KI chains lo point of commence,
Dated April 181 b, 11107.
aatap27 D, McCONNKI.L.
Notice Is hereby ulvon that HO days aflor date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
laud-, and Works for a special licence to nit
am) enrry nwny timber from the lollowliiK
descrihed lnnds situated in West Kootonay
Commonclng at a post plained on Ihe oast
bank of Long ('reek nud uno mile north ol
Downie Creek, ami marked "K, McHean's uouth
west corner post," thonee nortli KHi chains,
thonce east 40 chains, ihenee soutn 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains tu the point of commencemeni
Dated this ilth day-fl April. 1807.
satap2o K. MeUKAN
Notice Is hereby given Hint (HI days after date I
intoml to annly to the Chief Cmmtiissiiinur of
blinds ami Wnrks fur permission h» purchase the
fnllmviuR ilt'scrilml lands in tlie West Kootenay
Commencing nt a post planted at the east h.ink
of tbe Columbia Kiv.'i,^ilinul the head nf li-Mih*
Hittle and markoil 'K It, D'a mirth-west corner"
tlience east 20 chains, thenee somn go chains,
thence west 2o chains to the i olumbia Hlver,
thence in a imrtlierlv direction following the
meanderlngH of the nolu nhia Hivur M> chains to
point of enmmenrcment. containing about 160
Dated Maroh ssnl, A D.,tlX)7.
wed ap lit K. R, HCTTON.
yatekha, Supreme Chiel Ranger of Ibe
Independent Order ol Foresters, waa
laid to rest in a sealed grave by order
of tl.e executive C( uncil of the 1.0, F
reports having reached them that.
medical students Sought the bend r.l
the late Supreme Chiel lor examination.
Three young men were sctislly
seen Irequently about midnight in the
Deseronto cemetery, Arrangements
at once were commenced for the
interment ol the remains in the
Mohawk burying ground on tbe reserve, where the widow and Bona were
buried. Extraordinary precautions
were taken to make the grave as secure us possible by the .ise ol cement
and Btecl,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new managvuienl of
llAHUY    Ml ISPf-ll,    llolfl.l...     Hon —
THK MEDICAL WATERS ol Halcyon a... tbe mosl curati.
world. A perfect, natnial remedy f.i
..il .\e.vol.* and Musculai bless.
Liver. Ki.ln.-y ...iii Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tir.-.l Feeling." 8pecial|
rates on all boats and trains. Twi
malls strive ind depail every .Uy
Telegra h communication with all
in.ii-i.f- of  he world,
Tbbmb   J12 to (18   week.   I-'- i
further particulars apply Ui
Halcyon Hot Spring!
Arrotv Lake. B. C
No Seediest Plums; No I'iilcs-
Applei; No Coiib -■ Ci rn — juil old
reliable varietiei at reasonable pricea
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumpi
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers etc
Oldest establiahed nu.sery on die
mai..la.,.l nf B.C.   Catalogue tree.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Central Hotel
*mv1)   uit,    First-class in every respect,   All modern conveniinces
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same munagemeni
P.S—If your local merchants do
not handle my seeds, send direct.
We prepay fifty packets, assorted
varieties of garden feeds In 5o, papen
(tested st. ck), to your nearest post
..llice for ifl.no, twentypaokttalor 60o.,
trial collection,
VfOTICK I.s HKUKBY (KVKN ih,.. thirty
lS   .lays iifi'-r iini'-. Iini I to apply to thu
. hiol Cnmmlssionor ol bantls au.l Work-, for it
.pools] lioonsoto fui ami carryaway limber
Irom it... r.illiiwii.K tli-Mfi-iiiifii iim,i, .,, ih,.
I.i-i-riifi. nl Wost Kootenay:
Commonolng >.. n i'..*i plantod ni tho ,onth-
i-ihi cornor i«.-. nl Ti.nl.-..- Llmll N... ill.i.
marked ".l.l. '.i-i.hi-dy'* north cast oornor post"
Hi™.-..-nut.. SO ohalni, Ihoneo wail sni.i...lns,
. honoo mn 11. »n chains, thonco ca.1 s(. chain, to
iniin. nl......i....'.iffi-nii'.il.
Hated Maroh Mtli, II*.;.
wed up 10        .1, 1). KK.N.NKUy, Lcculcr,
. i.il.ly  furnished with the choicest the
irket affords     Best Wines, Liquors and
1 igars,   Rat is |>i a day,   Monthly rate,
Queens Jtotel
Notice Is hereby given that 'Hi days after dato
1 inteml to apply to the Chief Cmnmis.Hloner of
binds and Works fora spiriiil ILcine Incut
and enrry awny timlier iron the following
descvihi'd lands siluatcd lu West Kootenay,
Upper Arrow Luke district:
I, Commencing at a posl. planted on the
north sidool Leon Creole, about foil f mllen from
the numb, marked "10, N.Hullnck's initial
post," thence snulli III < Imins, iheneeeast80
clmins, Ihence north Kn chains, Uiotice west 80
chains, theuce s uth ID -chains t i plaoo of
i. Commend na ut a poat plantod lo.-hains
from lhe souih sido of Leon Creok und about
'I'.-iinil a from the mouth, marked''15, N. Hul-
lock's north-went corner pusl," Ilieucc south 80
rhnius, thonce east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to place of com-
3, ('ommenclng at a post planted on tho east
side of Lho west fork of Leon Creek and about
2 milos from tlio Fork, niarked "K, N. Hallock's
noi lb-west corner post," thenco south 80 chatliB,
thence ct-ust 80 chains, thenou north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains Lo place of commencement.
i. Commencing at a post planlcd about 6
chains east of the south-west corner of Limits
on thc west Fork of Leon Creek, niarked "F,
N. Hallock's uorth-west corner post," thence
south 80 chains, tlience east 80 cnains, thence
north SO chains, thunce west 80 chains to place
of commoncement,
f>. Commeuelng at a post planted about il
cbnins east of the south-west cornerof Limit
No. 4, marked "E. N. Hallock's north-west cor
nor pout, thenco south 80 chains, thenco east
80 clialns. thenco imrth 80 chains, thonco west
80 chains to place of commencement.
il. Commencing nt a post planled on tho
south sldo of Leon Creek nnd about nine miles
from the month, whore said creek empties Into
the Arrow Lake, marked "K. N. Hnllocif's
north-west cornor post-," thonco south 4n chains,
ilmnco cast 100 chaius, thonce north to chalna,
ihenee west 100 chains to place of commoncement.
Datod April 33rd, 1007.
wod my I K. N. HALLOCK.
Nut Iro it liereliy ulvon that HO days after datu I
Iutond tn apply to llm Hon. tho Chief Cinimlssimi
er of Land** and Works for a special lln-nte to cut
and carry away limner frmn the following de.
Hcriheil liimls In Cariboo district:
1, Commencing at a post mmked "W, J,
Otto's iiorih-wesi corner," planted on Canoo
Kiver. about 40 miles from mouth of Ptarmigan Crock, thence 80 chains omL, thenco 80
chains south, iheuce 80 ohains woM, thonce80
ch.iins norlh lo point of commencement.
Dat.'d March Wth, 1907.
S, Commencing at a post marked "W, J.
Oito's soti'ili-w.st enrnor," planted onPlarml-
gun Creek abmu 4 miles up horn mouth,Ihenee
.mi chains ea-t, t hence80 chains norlb, thenco 80
chnlns west, thence Wi ehains south to point of
3. Commonclng at a post niarked "W. J.
Otto's south-win corner, planted on Ptarmigan Creek, ahout 7 miles from mouth, thonce
80chains east, thetice *.'n chains souih, thenco
Ml ehains east, t hence 4ll chnlns north, thenco 80
chains west, thenco 20 chains north, thonco 80
chains west, thencu 40 chains south lo point of
4. Commencing at a post marked "VV. J.
Oito's south-west corner," planted on Ptarml*
fan creek about fl miles from tho mom h, thonco
AO chains east, thence 40 ehaiiiH north, tlionco
UIO chains wi\t, Ilieucc 10 chains south to point
of commencement.
Dated March 28Lh, 1907.
5. Conimenclng at a post mnrkod "W.J.
Oito's norlh-cii-i, corner,' planted on Canoo
Kivor, about 110 iniles from mouth, Ihence 100
chains west, thencu 40 clmins south, thence 100
chains east, thunce 10 cliains nortb lo point of
Dated March 31st, 1U07.
0. Commeuelng at a post marked "W.J,
tutu's north-east, oorner. planted on l anoe
Itiver nbout BA miles from mouth, thonco 80
chains south, thence 80 chalna west, ibenco 80
clmins north, thouce 80 chains east lo puint of
7, Commencing at a post markod "W, J.
Otto's south-cast corner, plantod on Canoo
Kiver, abuut 66 iniles from the mouth, thence
80 ohaina north, thenco 80 ohains west, thence
So chains south, thenco 80 chaina oast to point
of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post marked "W, J,
Oito's north-cant comer, planted on Canoo
Kiver, about 70 miles from mouth, thonce 80
clmins south, thenee 80 chains west, tlience 80
chains norlh, thenco 80 chains eaat to point of
0. Commencing at a poat marked "\V, J.
Oito's Bouth-east corner," plantod on Canoo
River, aliout 70 miles from its mouth, thenco
lOOchains west, thence 4(1 chains north, thenoo
100 chains east, theuce 40 ohalna south to point
of commencement.
Out ed March 30th, 1007.
satnpiff W.J. OTTO.
Notico 1« hereby given that tho copartnership heretofore subsisting between thu undersigned as Harbors, uml-r the tlrm name of
Morgan & I'ursuns at Kevelstoke, ll. C, has
been this day dissolved by mutual cunsent All
deliis due to the said partnership aro to bo paid
to J, A. Morgan, formerly one ot aaid firm, and
all partnership debts lo bu paid by him, tho
said J A. Morgan continuing ou thu business,
Itovelstokc.B. C., April 8th, 1007.
wedaplO A. PAHSONS.
I, Tlmi, Watson, acting as agent for J. W-itmm,
Intend sixty davs after date to apply to the
Ifiniiinblu the Chief Cniuuilmdonur of Lam In anil
Wnrks for permission to pnrehaae the following
di'sci ilinl lands, situated on Upper Arrow Lake
and nmre particularly described an follows:
Commencing at a posl planted at the .s. K. corner uf Tlitibur Limit 7,'i8'l, fmni Llumt-u aimtli 10
clialns, frmn tliuuco weal HHl elinins, from tlienco
nnrlh 10 cliains, from thetice eaat 100 ebaltm to
point nf i-iiiiinii-iireiiii'itt. {(lalutiH Hay dislrict.)
Dated April Mb, 11H17,
wtul my 1 Agont for,I Watson,
NOTICE la hereby Kivcn that 00days after
dato I intend to apply to the Hon, tbo
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase tho following described
lands, situated in West Kootenny, un the west
■shore of Uppor Arrow Lake;
Commencing at a post marked ",l. C. H.'s
north-east cornor," planted at tho north-west
cornerof Lot 411, thence west 40 chalna moro
or less to the north-enst corner of Lot 3269,
thonoo south 40 ohalna, thenco onst 40 ohaina
more or less to tho aoulh-wost cornor of Lot
444, thenoo north 40 ohains to point of commencement.
Dated this 23rd day of Fob, 1007.
inch fl sat Hy his agont 8, J. Harlow.
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,   Travellers to
Fish Creek wiil find excellent accommodation at this
I Intel.
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprietor
Under   New   Management)
Notice Ib hereby given t'ml BO daya afler date
I Intend loi'i-j !\ tu tbe Chlof Commissioner of
Undaand \\urks fnr a special license locut
and carry mwiv tlmucr from the following
described lauds In Weal Knetcnay district;
Commencing al a pusl planted at T. J. Pearson's
8. K. corner, dated April Kttli, 1,-nl, uiarked ".lohu
Mnltloon'fl N. I), comer poat/' Liionco south lot)
chains, tlience west nl clialns, thenco north 100
clialus, tlience east lit clialmi to point of coin-
Dated April 18th, WOT,
wed my 1
h'irst-clas ucc.oiiiiiio.lfii.ion tor travellers.
Iiest brands ol Wines, Spirits, an.l
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Notlcit, luroby glnii that outlay, alter date 1
Intend to apply... tin Uon. (liiul Comtniiilonor
..[ i.iui.l. nml Winks fnr iiirnilKMlmi ... nareltlHe
tin. fi.ll.iH I.IK di-i.i-1 iln...l Ii.i.iIk 1.1 Wv.l Knntenay
II .trli.f
('niiitni'iii-iiiK nt a punt |il.iti..jil .in lliu uaatcrn
hank nl tl... Columbia Kiver al.nilt ...... I..mil. ol a
...Hi. I...I..H l'n. .. ItJ.piflf. ami iiiiiik.-.l -'I-'. ll. W.-M
■...nn eul i-n.... r," li..'...-.. n-i Oi 10 .-iliiiin.. il."."-'-
ur.l in .-Iiaim, ll..'...'.. -".I li in i-l.iii..- In tl.e Lank
... tl.... olumbia llio r, llawe In a louth-IMtorlii
direction Inil..*...« tbo meandering, ol thecal-
.....l.l i Hirer tc | .t ol iii.ii.nieiicen.ent, cnntoln-
Iiiii fi limit IBO nt-ri-s.
baton March Mtb, A.n„ Wli.
wedanlU f. B. WKUA
for  ,  .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Notice la horoby given that 30 daya aftor datu
I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Units and Works for a special licenco to cut
and carry away timbor from the following
described landa situate in Yale District;
20, ComuiencltiK at a poat planted 40 chaiua
north of tbe nortli-eaat cornor uf T L. 104fi.> and
marked "A. M. Hymens' s. K. corner post," tlience
north 40 chalna, thenco weat 100 chalna, thenco
aouth In chains, thence east 100 chalna to place of
21, Commencing at a pnat planted 10 chalna
oast of tho north-cunt cornur of Nn. 'iii, on the eaat
hank of lhe Htmswup Hlver, and marked "A- M,
Hymens' 8. K coruor piiaU. thenca nnrth 40 chalna,
thenco wust 100 chaina, tlionco south 40 chains,
thence eaat ltio chalna to place of commencement,
22, Commencing at a pnat planted 10 ohaina
oast uf the nurtb-onat cornor nf Sn. 21, on the eaat
banknf the Hlmswap llm-r, nud markod "A.M.
Hymens' 8.K, corner pust," thonco imrth 40 chalna,
thence wost 100 chaiua, thence aouth 40 chalna.
thouce oaat 100 chaina to place of cummencement,
23, Cnni niem-iiin at a pnat planted at the north*
oaat eonif r uf Nn. 22. ami marked "A. M. Hytuuns1
H. K. cumor poat," theuce north bO chalna, thenco
west 80 chaina, thonce aouth 80 chains, thence eaat
80 chalna to place of commencement.
24, Commencing at a poat planted at the southeast enrner nf No. il and marked "A. M. Hymona
S. K. enrner post," thonce north -JO chains, thence
west til chains thonco aouth 80 chains, thence eaat
8n chalna to nlice of commencement.
Dated 23rd Mar-jh, 1007.
wed ap 10 A. M, SVMONS.
Notice fa hereby given that CO days aftor date I
intend tf apply tn the Hum rable Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Worka for permiBsloli to pur
chum* tho following described lands:
Htartinn at a pnat marked "R, N. Honderann,"
planted at the uorth-west corner of Lnt 803 on tho
oast shore of tipper 4rmw Lake, running oast 80
clialna, north 80 clmins, weat M) chains, thence
along the lake shore aouth to point of com
Dated Fob. uth, 1007.
satmch2 U. N. HKNDKKHON.
Notice la huroby glvon that 60 daj a nfter date 1
intend toapply to the Chief Commlaalonerof
Lan 1- and Works fur permission tu pnrcliaso the
following described landa In West Kootonay dislrict:
Coinmeneing at a post planted at the soutlewest
cornor of Lot 211!!, abont ^ mile, more or loss,
from eaat shore of Upper Arrow Uko, thence
nurth 80 chains, west 40 chalna, south go chalna,
eaat 41 chaina to point of comuencement, Com
tainimt 320acres more or lesa.
Dated mh March, 1907.
wed meh 18 & 8. MUKU».
* 1 t
Long'and Heavy Work Ended
Three Big Measures Passed.
Ottawa, April 3(1—Prorogation ol
III.. flvc->ii<..ith session of I'arliainent
on Batnrilay llnrls (lie leader on ether
side thoroughly played on! and ready
Ior the holiday that lhe recc-s allorils.
Hon. W. 8. Fielding and Hon. S.
Fisher will leave lor England to join
Bir Wilfrid Laurier.
Hon. R. L, Borden, Conservative
leader, is much exhausted wilh the
lat.er slave nf tho sesiion, which has
cariieil wilh it. attendance in 111011.111)'
chamber <•( eleven, twelve or thirteen
hours daily,
The Com nous legislative result! for
the live iin.nlha include only three
inefo'iii's nl any trout importance—
the revision nl the tariff, the increase
ol the 'provincial subsidies, and the
balnir Hill l..r the compulsory  hives.
ligation ni disputci that threaten in-
terriipiinua of such worki as coal
mine-, railways, light and power work.
Mr. Livergno called attention to a
newspap- r* siaienicn I that the Lieu-
tenaut-lioveiiii r of Britiih Columbia
had registered hii aisent tu a hill respecting iiuiifi.ration, He nsked what
sotii'i. I hn federal government en
tended titi.ig. Hou. W, S. Fielding
replied that the Dominion government
had no Information on (he matter.
Amalgamation of Two Branches
—Dr. Low Deputy Head
In the debate in the Ottawa House of
Commons on Mr. Templeman'i bill to
create a department ol mines, the
minister explained that there would
lie two branches—the ecological anl
the mines branch, iavi the Ottawa
Free 1'ress. He explained that Mr. A
P. Low, now directors nf the geological survey, would probably be the
deputy head of the department, while
Dr. Hannel would I e the head o[ the
minei branch. An administrative
branch would also be created. The
government lelt that the new department would he to mining what the
department of agriculture wis to
tanning, ll wnuld not add to the
expense ol the country as it waa merely an amalgamation of twu branches.
Mr. G. H. Perley and Mr.Armstrong
pleaded for retention ol tlie geological
survey, which had done such good
work under Logan, Cawson, Bell and
The opposition took objection to the
prop.iial that Mr. Low should be deputy head o! the new department on
the ground tbat it would weaken his
control of the geological survey and
also because it would place him iu the
invidious puition ot being placed in
command of l)r. Hannel, now hit coequal.
Mr. Foster insisted that thi hill
was but a duplication of the bureau uf
mines oi the various provinc-s antl
was adding a HI-h wheel to the each.
The lederal mines department would
l.e only aide tu "butt in" on the |.ro-
Mr. \V. F. Maclean again shotted
his independence by a declaration in
support ot the bill. He thought that
the new department would be a valuable adjunct to the department! ol
mine! iu the various piovinces.
Election of Directors at Revelstoke May 15.
Much activity has been going on
aiming Iruit growers and since the
organization ol the Fruit Groweri'
Excliange the buiinees which it will
do thii year will be pushed forward as
rapidly ai possible. The Exchange
will be incorporated with bead office
in thii city, to exist within a period of
60 yean, the capital itock being $1,000
in 100 shines of $10 each. Local associations become members by subscribing hr one share. Tbe management
ol the combine shall be veiled in a
board of director!, five in number, the
directors being elected at an annual
meeting ol delegate! from each member asiociation, each member association being entitled to one delegate lor
every 20 members lor the lirst hundred members, and then one delegate
lor each 50, An mociation may send
une delegate bearing proxies ol tlie
other delegates from that association
but no other. Two director! are to
retire each year. The director! will
appoint a general manager whose head
office shall be at Revelstoke and be is
to appoint travellers and other assistants subject to tl.e approval ol the
board, Each local asiociation is to
lell III produce through the general
manager ot the central Exchange.
In order to get the machinery in motion lor thii year's business the lint
election ol director, will take placo at
Rovelstoke on May 16th, when a
meeting ol dolegatei trom the leveral
member siiociatlinii appointed as
stated will be held.
Fluor oil, Linoleum! Carpets and
Matte, at Uowiun's Furuiture Store,
The New
Sack Suits
Here they are—matchless
In their richness and
Superb colorings —
exclusive effects—the
choicest weaves of the best
mills in England and
Grays and Browns are
most in demand. Fit-
Reform, as usual, shows
complete assortments in both
these favorite shades.
$15, $18, $20 up.
McKinnon & Sutherland -  Revelstoke
The Sunshine is a good, "all
round" furnace. Burns, with equal
facility, either coal or wood. Coke,
too, if you prefer it.
And so perfect is the combustion
of the Sunshine that it extracts
every unit of heat from the fuel.
What's left n the ash-pan is n t
worth sift ne.
Sunshine consumes less fuel, too.
Because Its perfect system of
dampers prevent the escape of the
hot air up (he chimney—compels
it to come out through the registers.
You pay for heating the inside—
not the outside—of your house
when you buy the Sunshine.
If your local dealer does not
handle this most economical
furnace write direct to us for
Free Booklet.
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons'i Etc., John
Deoro Ploughs. Mulino Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivator!-, Wheel*
wright nud Blacksmith Work* attended tu. Horse Shoeing a
HKAD OKFICK: Caloakv, Amikbta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
I'.'rk Parker, an.l IVal.-r   In Live Stack.  Markets in alt the principal an .1
Ton... ol Alberta, British ........iil.lii an.l tl.e Yukon. Parker, of the Celebrated Bran.)
"Im orator" lla.... au.l Bacon, an.l Sl.amr.ick Hmnil, Leaf Lanl. A
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Hai a nood itock of Groceries and
a fine assortment ol Japanese China,
Agent for Revelitoke Farming
Company, growers ol all kindi ol
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelsloke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Reef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fiih and Game in
Seaion. Orderi promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Notice is hereby given tlmt flu days after date 1
intenil to npply to ilu-Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds and Works for permission to purchase tlie
(ollowlng described laiuls in West Kooleuay district:
Commencing nt apost planted at tlie south-west
corner of Lot ■iim, ou the east shore of Upper
Arrow Lakes, tlience south 81) chains, theueo east
IU clialna, thence north Ni clmins, tlience west 40
ehnins to the point of commencement, Containing
Mil acres more or less.
Dated March nth, 1907.
wed meh 13 L, RAE.
Notice Is hereby given t luu Go days after dale
I ii.tcnd toapply to the Hon. Chief Commls-
sioner of I^ands and Works for permission lo
purchase the following described lands:
Situated nbout two miles north of tin; mouth
of McDonald Creek, on the cast shore of Upper
Arrow Lake, joining T. L 6.015 on tin: [uouth-
wefit corner; running east 10 chains, south III
chains, west in chains, north 40 chains to place
of commencement,
Dated March lth. 1007-
sat inch 8 THOMAS WRIGHT,
Notice li hereby given thit 60 dayi afterdate I
Intend to apply lo tin- Honombk the Chief JCom-
missioner of Unds and Works fur permission to
purchase tba following deacribed lands, situated
on i'pper Arrow Lake nmi deerriltfd as follows:
Commencing at a poit planted 10 chaini
north of the soulh-east roanerof Lot WW, and
marked "J. K. McLean's B. W, corner post,"
thence north W ehalm, (hence cast 40 chains,
Ihence ?nuili Vi chsins, thence west 40 chains
to place of commencement, containing :wo
Dated April 18tb, 1W7,
wodap 17 -J. K, MCLEAN,
sionorof Lu'i'U hi il Worki for a ■ nil lico.ioa
to cui and curry uway timlior from llio follow.
1ng described Linda situatod in Lillooet dl*
tnct. B.C
1, Commonolng at a post mnrked "Lamb.
Wutson Lumber1 Co. south-east enrnor pust,'
planted at head nl1 small oreek;2J*s miles south
from Smoke House Creek, thonee north Ml
ohains, thence west sn obaina, theueo soutli SO
ehalus, thonee oast So chains to pointol commencement.
J., Commencing at a post markoil "Lamb-
W«taon lun,bur Co. north-west cumor post,"
plnnted at heud of small creek about 1% milos
.-outh from Smoke Houso Creek, theuco south
80 chains, thouce east SO ehuins tlienco north
VI chnin«, thence west SO chnius to pointof
3, Commonolng at a post marked "Lnino-
Watson Lumber Co. south-west corner pust,
planted at head of small ereek about SH miles
•outh from Smoke Houso Creek.thence north 80
chains, thenco enst 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thenco west hO chnius to point of commencement,
I. Commencing at a post marked "Lamb-
Watsnn Lumber Co. north-uast enrner post,
plnuled at head of small crook about % miles
south of Smoko House Creek, thenco smith Nl
chains, thenc? wost Nl cha in 8. tnence north Nl
chains, thoncu east 80 ehuins tu pniutof com-
Dated this 25th day of Maroh, 1907,
Lamh-Watsos LlWBBB CO., LllUTUD.
wed up 'A
Notice la hereby given flint -«* dnys after date
I ii,lend to applv to lho Hon. ( bief Cominis-
.inner of Lauds and Wurks fur a special li
iciic-u toeui and carry nwuy timber from llie
following described lands lying about two and
,i Imlf mill's norlh of Halcyon Hoi .-prngi-im
the Upper Arrow Uko, and about one mile
trom the shore, marked "J. ffftllls Shepwlli*
north-easl co. nor," running west in chains,
Ihencu souih mi chains, theiieu nisi In ehuins,
thenee north 80 ebains to point ol commence*
m cut.
Dated March Kith, 11KI7.
WOdap 8 J. W ALUS SH Kit WIN.
Notice In hereby glveu that .'II days Irom dale
I inieii.i to apply io thu ilutiourtiblc the Cli iol
Commissioner ol unds and Worki. ior a special
license to uut and carry awaj limber from the
following described lnnds situated in Wesi
Kuuteiiay dislrict:
Commencing at a post planted i:o clmins east of
the south-nest curuer oi T. L. tkiim, and marked
Thomas Kileen'a north-east coiner," thenee west
411 chains, i lu'iiiT south liii) chuius, tlience east -in
chains theuce north loo chains to pim* of colli'
Dated ilii'-ttth March, 1IW7.
wed ap:)
A. M- HyiiioiiSi Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai tin days after date 1
iiiit'ud to apply iu the Chief C< nmiissioiier uf
Lauds and Works for permission to piuchasethc
lollowlng desciibed lumls, situate in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planlcd atthe north-east
orner of J, E. Johnson's application ami mnrked
•A  McPhaddon's south-east comer post," tnence
nurth 80 chains, tnence west Ni clialna, thenee
south 8i) chains, theuce east 80 chainslo point of
Cummeucement,  Containing flit) acres.
Dated llth March, WU7.
wed meh 18 A/JUcPAuDDBN.
VfOTICK is hereby given that thirty days
l\ after dalo I inteud to apply to thu Chief
Commissioner of Landsaud Works for special
license to cut aud carry away timber from tbe
followiug described lauds =-'iuniie iu Wesl
Kooteuay district:
Commencing at a post planted mi the west shore
of Upper Arrow Lake, four miles north-west of
Nakusp, B.C., marked *'K. A,'s N.K. coruer"
ihence west 40 eliains, thence south 160 chains,
thence east 4<t chains more or less to the lake
shore, thence northerly 100 chains following the
lakeshoie to point of commencement.
Dated the 2nd day of April, lflW.
mii.«)) tl 11. Nelson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that (10 days after dnte
I intend lo apply lo thc Chief Commissioner uf
Lands and Works for permission lo purchase
lho following described lands in West kootenu)*
Situated in Galena Bay, commencing at a
post planted on the oast shore of Uppor Arrow
Luke closo Ui Galena point, and uiarked "R.
Simpson's south-east corner post," thence wesi
10 chains, thonce north 80 chains, tlience cast
10 chains muru or less lo lake shore, thence
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated April 12th. 1907.
Notice is hereby given thai "todays after date
I intend to apply to she - Ine/ Commissioner of
Landsaud Works for i erinls-don tn purchase
the following described lands In North-east
Miuu-imy District)
1. Commeneing at a post niarked "W.J
Otto's norlh-easl corner," planled on the Columbia Kiver, about 'im chains up stream from
Kinbasket Lake, thenee wostliiuchains, theuce
south 4(1 chains, theuce cast liiu chains, theuce
norlh 40 ohains to poiut of commencement.
Dated April 7tb. 1907.
i, Commeuelng at a post marked "W.J,
Otto's south-west corner," plained on Middle
Itiver, about 80 chains from the mouth, thence
norlh 80 chains, tbenee easi mi ehains,
tbenee south 80 chains, thenee west 80 ehains
to p lnt of commencemeni.
Dated April tith, 1907,
satftp27 W. J. OTTO
Notice is hereby given that 30 days nfter date
I Inlcnd to apply to tbo Chief Commissioner of
Lands and works for a special license to cut
and curry away timber from lhe following described lands situated In the Lllloout District,
B, 0.1
13 Commencing at a post planted on tho
west side of small stream running south and
tributary to the norlh fork of Noith Ilarrlure
Lake and about four miles north from the
fork", marked "A. McConneM's N, W. corner
Limit No. IH, Fisher Creek Hlock, running Kin
chains soulh, 40 chains easl, KIO uhnins north,
10 chains west to place of comineuceir.eiit
11. CommeiiciiiK nl a pnsl planted ou the
west sldo of small sl renin running soul hand
tributary to north fork of North Hurrlore Lake
and about four milos north from forks marked
"A. McConuuH's 8. W. corner Limil No, II,
Klshur Creok Hlock " running KIO ehuins north,
10 chains easl, 100 chains soulb, 10 chains west
lo place of coiiiincmciiieiii.
Dated March '.'3rd, 1007.
IA, Commencing at a po-t, planted ouo inllu
south from creek running S, W.froin head of
Fisher Creuk and about three miles BOUth*west
from lake al head of Fisher ('reck, markud "A.
MoCouiieli's S, W. corner limil No, l,'*, Fisher
Creek Blook," running 100 chains north, 10
chalna east, 1110 chaius south, In chains west to
place of commencement,
Kl Coinmeneing at a post planUul one mile
south from creok running S.W from head of
Fisher Creok, and abuut 3 mlliis H, W. from
lake at head of Fisher Creek, marked "A. Mc-
ConncH'B 8. K. corner Limit No. HI, Fishor
Creek Hloek.runnlng 100 chains north, 10 chains
west, lOOchains south, lo chains east to placu of
17. Commonolng at a post planted on the
north side of small stream running S W, from
head of Fisher Creek and about 3J iiiIIck S, W.
from Lake ut head of Fisher Creok.marked "A.
McConnell's N. K comer Limit No, 17, Flshur
Creek Hlock," running 10 chains soutli, KIO
chains west, 10 chains north, 100 chains uasl tu
place uf commencement.
Dnted March 27th, 1007,
wed op 24 A, McCONNKLL,
Lnmls nnd Works hn* ii»peehil license In cut
nud carry awny timber frnm Mm full ■■wined*--
-crihud lands in dislricl tif Wflal Kfuiteiiny:
I. Commeueiug si a p<w plantod aim u one
mile (rum lhe nimi'h of MeDnnald Creek, slid
marked "A. E Evans1 N W. tinnier p-st,"
thencesouth 80 ohains, east ni ehnins. mnth
«o ehalm, frost su chains to pointof commencement.
2 Commencing ut a post plautod abnut ono
milo irom tbe mouth of McDonald Greek, and
mnrked 'A. E. Evans1 S. W corner post"
thence north 80 ehalus. east Ni chains, sooth
.-u chains, west 80 chains to pointof coin,
3. Commencing at a post planted si Ibe
mouth of McDonald ('reck, and marked "A K.
Evans' ti, E. corner post." thence north Hi)
chains, west Bu chains, south 80 chains, east mi
ehniiis to poinl of o mme ncemeiit.
4. Commonolng at a post planted at the
moulh of McDonald ('reck, and marked "A K.
Evans' N.W, corner post." thence souih ho
chains, cast Kd chains, north 80 chains, wesl 80
chains to j uiul of ooraim ncoment
l>. Commencing at a post plunled at the
month ot Silver Tip Creek, and marked "A. K,
Evans' S, K. corner post," thenee north ni
chains, west HO ehains, soulh 80 chains, eust H"
ehnins tu point of commencement.
li. Commonolug at a post planted at the
mouth of silver Tip creek, and marked "\ E,
avails' S'.K corner post." tlienee souih ho
filial us, west HO chains, uorlh 80 chains, easi 80
cnains tn pnint of commencement
7, oni'-eneliig al a nosl planted on lhc
west foik of Diincaii Itiver, between doDonald
and Porcupine Creeks, and marked "A, K.
Evans* N W. onrusr post," tbenee south ho
chains, oust ni chains, imrtb 80 chains, west hii
ehains In pnlnt ul ouininenceinonl,
linled April Illll. 1007.
8 Commenolng at h post planted nn tbo
wi-t tork of Hntl oan Itiver, between McDonald
and Porcupine creeks ami, marked "W. K,
Oglhie'sN-K, corner imst," thencu soinliHO
ehnins, >vesi Ni chains, north 80 chains, custou
chains io pointof commencement.
'.). Commonolng al a posl planted atthe
month of I'urcuplnc Creek, and marked "W.
K. Ugilvie's H. E, corner post," thenee north 80
chains, west 80 chain-, soulh 80 chains, east HO
clialns to -mint of commencemctil.
io. Commenolng nt apost plantod at the
inniiili oi Porcupine Oreek, and marked "W.
K. Ugilvie's N. h,. comer post," theuoe south uo
chaius, we-t Hn ehniiis, north 80 ohnlna, east80
chnlns io pnlnt of commencement.
II. Commonolug nl it post plnuted at. the
muuth of Porcupine Crook and marked "W F.
Ogilvie's South West Curuer Post," thonce
nurth Nl chains, oast KU.'chuius, sonth 80 chaius
west 80 chains to point of com in mien in out.
12, Commencingat ti post plautod ouo mile
from Porcupine Creek and markod "W. F.
Ogilvie's South Wost ('orner Post," llionce
noith 80 chains, oastSO' haius, south SO chains,
west SO chains tu poiut of comnioucouioiit.
Dated April Uth  1007.
sup 13. W. F. OG1LVIK.
Notice Is hereby given thai ill days afterdate I
intend lo upply tn the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase tie
following described lands in West Kunl.imy district:
Commeneing at a imst planted about onu tulle
eastuf Lot70i0, onshoroof N. E. Ann uf Arrow
Lakes, theuce south N) chains, east 80 cliains,
norlh Sn chains, w sl 8u chains to pnint of commencement.   ('mil lining 010 acres,
Daled March ink im.;.
wed inch 13 H. MOURIfi,
Notice is hereby given that 00 days afler dale I
Intend tu apply in the chief Commissioner of
Lands ami W orks fm* permission to purchase the
following descrihed lands, situate in West Knoteuay district:
Commencing at a post plauted about pi chains
south from the south-west corner of Lot No. aus
nud marked "J. I'.. Johnson's south-east cornor
post," thence nn-th 80 chains, theuce wes ho
'haius, tlience soulh Si) chains, thence e.ist 80
ihalns tn point nf commencement. Containing
0t« acres,
Dated llth Man h. IIKI7.
Wed muii 13 J. E. JOHNSON.
Notice is hereby given that IHI days after date I
intend to apply to the Chief Coiuiuissioiier of
Lands and Wurks fur peiniiislon to purchase lhe
fallowing descrihed lands, situate in West Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post planted ope chain east of
the N W, corner of Lot UK), Group 1, ami marked
'"A. Johnson's S. W. coruor posi," thence east 80
eliuiiis, them-e north 80 chains, Ihence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains tu the point of
commencement, Containing two acres.
Dated 12th March, 1007.
wed inch 18 A. JOHNSON.
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days after date 1
intend to apply to ibe chief Commissionerof
Lands and Works for permission to purchase tlie
following described lands, situate iu West Knntenay district;
Commencing at a pnst planted at the north-easl
enrnor of A. Johnson's application and marked
' W, J. Fraser's s. B, corner post" thence north 80
chuius, theuce west mi chains, thenee south Si>
chains, tlience east 80 chains to the point of com
meneement, Cuntaiuiu^ *j1o auces,
Dated Pith March. 1907.
weil meh 18 W. 1, FUAsKU.
lint ice is hereby given lliatti'i days after dite I
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase thu
-folluwing ih'sciiln.'d lauds in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted nt the south-west
cornerof Lot 2111, east side of Uppui* Armw Uke
(.hijuce easi mi chains, soul i m chains, west-80
chains, ninth 40 chains to poni- < i ■ uitneiicement.
Containing ttSd acres inbre or less,
Daled March Pith, 1907.
weliik-hlS Il.C. MOUIllS,
Notice is hereby given that Oil days after dale 1
inlend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase lhe
followiug descrihed lands in West Kooteuay district:
Commencing at a post planted at the N E.
corner of Lot Tt'-ifl, on N. E. Arm of Arrow Luki s,
thence south 80 chains, east 80 chains, iionl. n
cliains, west 80 chains to point of comtnencemei.t.
Containing e-m acres.
Dated March Uth, 1007.
wed inch 13 D. McPHADDKN.
Notice is hereby given that Oil days alter date I
Intend to apply tothe Chief Commissioner of
Lands und Works for permission to purchase the
following described lands In West Kootenay district:
Commencingat a post planted about oue mile
south from tin- S. E. corner of Lot 811. ou shore of
Upper Arrow Lake, them-e west so clmins, soulh
N) clialus, east sn chains, north 8>i (hains to point
of commencement.   Containing 040 acres.
Dated Marcli 12th, 1007,
wed meh 13 l„ A. M. MORRIS.
Notice Ifl hereby glveu that 00 days from dale
I Intend tu apply to lhc Honourable lhe Culcf
Commissioner of Lands ami Works lor permission lo purchase the following described
lands, situated at Oalena Bay, In West Kuutu-
nay district:
Commencing al a pnsl marked "W, It, Keid's
Miuth-i um coiner post," and planted It) chains
south from tho uorlh-wcsti-nnier of Cheek's
Lot "ohl, thoncu west'ju chains, thetlCO north
It- ohnlns, thenct1 cast *.:u clialus, thence south
lOehuius to point of commencement, and containing no acres more or less.
Dated March itind, llio"
sal ap 20
W, It. ((KIO.
missioner of Louis ami Wurk- fur spocial
licenses toout aud onrry aw y timber frmn the
following described lands altuiiodouMcDuoald
Creok, Uppor Armw Lnko. Wast Kootenay
1, Commencing at a po*t marked "W, B,
Keid's soiitli-wL'it. cornet* post," situated neara
Beaver meadow, about (7) seven miles frnm the
mouth of McDonald Creek thence nortli 80 chains,
tlience east ni obaina, thonce south Sochains
thencu west hu clmins to point of coinmencement
2. Commencing at a pnst planted nl ihe south*
we-t corner of ^u, I, marked "W. It Keid's imrth
went corner post," theuco soutli Nt eliaim, thence
oast 80 clialns, them-e north 80 chnius, tlienee wesl
■tn pli i us to poini of commencement
:i.  < ommenclng at a post planted at the north-
east ■ .rner of No. 2, marked *'W. It, Keids
i.mla-.-.oat comer post," Ihence suuth 80 chains,
tlienee east 80 clmins, thence imrth 80 chains,
thence west HO chains tu point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1007.
situpu W. R. REID.
Noiiee is hereby given thai 30 days after date
l intend to apply to the chief camralsiloner ol
Lnnds und Works for a special license to ent
and carry away timber from the following
described lands In Wesi Kootenay district!
Commencing at a post planted 40 ehuins smith
of a small creek omptying Into Mosquito Creek
near lhs north-west cornerof K, & H. Block No.
870, marked "W, it. Keid's south-wesl corner
post," tlience uorlh 80 chains, thetice neat 80
chains.thence south so ehuins, thence east HU
chains io point of commencement,
Dated March 22nd, 1007,
satapo w. H KKID
Notice is hereby given tlmt 00 days after dale I
Intend to apply tothe Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wnrks fur permission tn pur
ehuse  the   fnllni*,im*   described lauds   in   Wesl
Kooteuay district:
Commencing at a post planted mi tin-wesi slmre
of Upper Arron Lake mi ihe mirth tide of the
Lime Kiln post, marked "1. II. McKltu's S, K.
oorner." running west to chains, imrtli lo chains,
eusi -iu chains, smth 40 chains to point of commencement,
Dated Marcli .",*th. 1007.
sat ap tl  T. H. McKIM.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days afterdate I
Intend lo apply tu ihe liun. the chief Commissioner of Lands ainl Works for permission to purchase the follow im; described lands iu West
Kootenay district!
Commencing at a pust planted at the north-west
comer of the Lime Kiln Lot. running wot in
chains, theuce souih lu chains, ihenee east P
chains, thence norlh pi chains In pluce of cum
Dnted March 21th, 1007.
satapo       TllOMAS SKINNER SCOTT.
Notico is hereby gi ven Hint (i'i days after dale
I intend lo make application to ihe Hon. Chief
Commlsslonor of Landsaud Work- for permission to purchase lhu ollowiug described land-.
situated in West Knntenay district, on the west
shore of Upper Arrow Lnko opposite Nakusp,
B. C.
Commonolng at .i postmarked "H. Nelson's
north-east conier," thenco west 10 chains,
theuce suuth 80 cliiiins, ihencu cist. 10 chains
mure or less to hike shore, thence north so
ahnitis following lake shore lo pointof commencement, containing 320 acres more or less.
Dated this 2nd day of April, 1007.
Nortec is hereby given that 00 days after date
1 Intend lo make application to thc Hon, Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lauds
situated in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted on the west
shore of Upper Arrow Like opposite Nakusp,
B. 0., and marked "F- Wilson's south-east
corner," thence west 40 chains, thonce uorth 40
chains, theuce eust 40 chains more or less lo
laku shore, Ihence south 4u chains following
take shore to poinl of cunimciiccinciit.
Dnted this 2nd duy of April, 1907.
sat ap 0 Harding Nelson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai30 days after date
I intend lo apply to Llie Cliief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for a special license to cut
and entry away limber from the followiiiK described lands siluule in West Kootenay districl:
1. Commencing at a post planted 1*} miles
uorth of the north-east corner of T. L. 0035, and
marked "A. M. Symons' S.E. cornerpost,"
tlience west ltio chains, thence north 40 chains,
theuce east 100 chains, tlience suuth 40 chains
to point of commencement,
2. Commencingat a post planted 10chains
suulh and Id ohalna more or less east of lhe
south cast corner of No. 1, and murked "A. M,
Symons' ,8. K. cornor,' Iheuce west ltW chains,
thence norlh io clmiiis, thenco cast ItiO chum-,
thonce south 40 chains tu place uf commencement.
3. Conimenclng al a post planted at the
soutli-easl corner of No 2, and murked "A. M.
Symons' N. E. corner," thence west lliti chain*-,
tbeuce south 40 chains, iheuce east 100 chains,
llieueo north I'i chains to point of commence
Dated April 3rd, 1907.
satapO A. M. SYMONS.
Notico is horoby glvou that thirty days aftor
date we inland to npply to the Hon. Chief
Commissionerof Lauds and Works for liconso
tocut and carry awav timber from the following doscribod lauds in thu District of West
Kootenay iu the Proviuceof British ('olumbia,
about h milo south of Salmon Creek:
Commencing at a post planted at Thomas
Pearson's S, K, corner post and marked "Bow
man Lumber Company s N. E, corner," tlience
soulh 10 chains, thence west 120 ohains, thenco
north Ni chains, thonce east III chains, thenoe
south 40 chainH, thunce eust 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated April 21th, 190?.
eaUp27     Bowman LimubhCo., Ltd.
Notice is horoby given that 30 days aflur date
1 Intond to apply to tho Hou Out61 Commissioner of Lnnds ami Works for a spocial llcouce
to cut aud curry away timbor from t.,e following described lauds, situated iu tho Osoyoos
division of Yalo district:
1. CommeiiciiiK at a nosl planted about 'i'l
chains north ol thu nortli branch of Ireland
Creek and about 2M miles east irom the N. K.
cornerof Section 20, Township No, 43, and on
lhe Sugar lake trail, marked "H, Mclntosh'i
S.W.corner post No, I,*' Ihenee north 40 chains,
thence east ltiu cliains, thetice south 40 chains,
thence west 100 chains to point of commencement,
Dated 10th Marcli, 1007,
3, Commeuelng at a imst planted about
three chains north-east of the north-eat corner
nf Sugar Lake ami about 21 chains east ol
tho mouth of Sugar creek, marked "11 Mcintosh's norlh-west coruer post Nn 3," thence
south 80 chaius, thonco east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence westuo chains to point
of com nieiicemeiit,
Dated Uth March, 1007.
wed np 3 ByG. K. Brink, Agont.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after date 1
inlenil to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Landf and Works for permission to purchase i lm
following described lands In West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted on west shore of
I'pper Armw Lake, ut Shelter lluy, nt the south-
nnst corner of Lot 811, thence following the south-
em boundary of Lot 811 west 80 chains, tlflaco
south 80 ehains, east HOchalns, north 80 chains to
point of comniencemont.  Containing UlO acres.
Datud March 12th, 1007.
wed meh 13 D. M, RAE,
Notice ia hereb] ni ven mat 30 days after .ate
I iuicnd io apply to ihe thief commissioner of
Lauds uud Wurks ior a special license lo cut
ami carry awny limber irom the lollowlng
described lauds m ilu- Kootenay district:
'il Cumc cueing ai a posl planled about
four miles up ibe north-easl fork ol Cold
Creek, murked "Alex Veilletle's southwest
eunmr," ihi-ucc east 80 chains, thenee north
wp n.dus, (hence wosl 80 ehalus, thence souih
m 11.un.-, I., point oi commencement
'io i,i iniiii-nciiig at a post planted alwut
(our miK-, ji tue north-east furic of Hold
Creek, marked ' Aiex. Veilleite's south-east
comei," im nee wesi so chaius, iheneciiorih 80
chains, ihe..ce enst .So Phalli*, I ence soulh 8U
rnaiua tu poim o com men cement.
2i> Coinnieiiciiig ul u puat c^uted about one
....( ine-quarter miles up Gold Creek irom the
in .. n ol ihe liurtlieu-t fork, ni the south-east
cui.iLi ,<: Location No, 4 and murked ' Alex.
Velllcue'- .mrih-e.tsi comer " tbem-e south 8o
chains, Uk. >■*■ \ esl so chains, theuce nortn Ni
chains, tlieiiev east 80ehaiu.> in point, oi commencement.
30. Commonclng st a post nlanted ubout one
and uiic-n muter miles up (.iold Creek Imm the
mouth ot lhe north-east (ork.tii thet-onih-wtsi
cornerof Locution No, 5. mid marked "Alex,
Veilletle's norih-WHsi eom-r,' theuce south
4U chains, theuce casi liiu chains, thenee uortb
40 chains, them-e west 100 chains to pointol
3). Commencing at a post planted abuut -*!4
miles up the nortu lork uf Uold Creek at the
uurih-wcsi eurner ol location Nu. :.'>, and
murked "Alex. Veilletle's north-caul eurner,"
ihencu wust 40 chains, theuce south 160 chain-
theuce cast ID chains, thence north ltio i hum
iu point oLcoinuiuiicemuul.
32. commencing ai a post [dan ed abuul .t1^
miles up the north fork of Uold (.reek al the
suiilh-west coruer ul Location No. Ji, and
inarked ' Alex, Veilletle's south-east comer,"
Ilieucc ue-1 to.: mn., thenee north lis) chains,
iheneeeast 40chains, theuce south Pie chains
io poinl ol eomiui-lieemelll.
88, Commonolng m a post planted hi> >ui dW
miles   up  (he uorlh  lurk ul  i.old i reek ttlnl
marked "Ami VellldUe'i luuth-sui oornor,"
tnence west 80 chains, theiu-e north hu i-hitiu-i,
thOUOOOUt60 chains, ihenee -oulh si^chain*
lo poim oi commenoement,
Daled 1007.
i in.f Cuiiiiii >.-iiuit*i' nf Liinis ai.-l
Works toi a special licence tu cut n d
i.uiy nwny tiiiilu'i* Uniii tlio following
denciibed laiuls, situate in \Yi*v
Ivmiienay district;
i. Commencing at a posi 30 chnius,
more or less, south ol the souih-west corner of the soulh-east quarter of Section
24, Township ;o, Range 1, west of the
Sixth Meridian, thence east 40 chains
more or less to ibe intersection ot'the west
line o( Lot 811, thence soulli along said
west line ol" said Lo! 160 chains, Ihence
west 40 chains, thence north 160 chains to
poini of commencement,
z. Commencing at an iron posl planled
on the soulh-wesl corner ol Section 24,
Township jo, Range i, wesl of tbe Sixth
Meridian, said post being situated un the
south line of lhe Railway Hell in the Province oi' British Columbia; ihence soulh 80
chains, tlience west 80 chains, ihence
north 80 chains, ihence east 80 chains to
the point of commencement.
3. Commencing al a posl planted 80
chains west ol an iron post on the south*
west corner of Seclion 24, Township 20,
Range 1, west of the Sixth Meridian,
ihence south Ho chains, ihence west 80
chains, llienee norlh 80 chains, thence
east Sti chains to the point ol commencc-
4. Coinineneilig at a post planted 160
chains West and 80 chains south of the
souih-west corner ol Seclion 14, Township 20, Range I, wesi of the Sixth Meridian, ihence south So chains, thence west
So chains, ihence north Sochains, thence
east 80 chains to the point ol* commencement,
5. Commencing at a post planted 80
chains wesl and 80 chains soulli of lhe
s.uith-wesl corner of Section 24, Township 20, Range i, wesl of the Sixili Meridian, ihence soulh 80 chains, iheuce west
Sochains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to the poinl ol commencement.
6. Commencing at a post planted 80
chains south of the sonth-west corner of
Section 24, Town*hip 20, Range 1, wesl
of lhe Sixth Meridian, tlience south 80
chains, ihence west 80 chains, ihence
north 80 chains, thence easl 80 chains lo
the point of commencement.
7. Commencing at a wooden post
planted on lhe souih-west corner of lhe
south-east quarter of Section 24, marked
■4 in Township jo, Range 1, west of the
Sixth Meridian, thence south 160 chains,
thence wesl 40 chains, thence north 160
chains, iheuce east 40 chains to the point
of commencement, |-** |
8. Commencing at a posl planted 160
chains south of the south-wesl corner of
Seclion 24, Township 20, Range i.wesl
of the Sixth Meridian, ihence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, ihence
north 80 chains, thence cast 80 cliains to
the point of commencemeni,
9. Commencing al a posl planted 160
chains soulh of the south-west comer of
Seclion 24, Township 20, Range 1, west
of the Sixth Meridian, thence east 40
chains.thence south 30 chains more or
less, tlience east 40 chains mure or less lo
the Intersection of Lot 811, thence south
50 chains.thence west 80 chains, ihence
north 80 chains to point of commencement,
10. Commencing at a post planled ioo
chaius south and 80 chains west of the
south-west corner of Section J4, Township
20, Range 1, westof the Sixth Meridian,
thence soulh 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north So chains, jhonet
east 80 chains to the point of commencement,
Dated this 91 h April, 1907.
•atap20      D.J. McDonald, Locator.
Sixty days alter dale 1 Intend to apply to tbe
Honorable the Chief Commlillooer oi Landt*
aud Wurks for permission tu purehsK* the lollowing described land*,, situuted ahout three-
(piartersol a mile up Muii-ulio Creek, Upper
Arrow Lake on the east »lde, Joining''K, 48,
Hlock No. H70oti thesoiiih-easi corner rutiulug
norlli 80 chains, theuce east in chains, south se
chains, west in chuius to point ul commencement.
Dated Maroh Hud, WM,
Nolice is hereby given that N days after date I
intend to apply io the chief Commissioner uf
Lands and Worka fora special licence to cut and
carry away timber from tbe following described
lands iu West Knotetiuyi
Commencing at a post planlcd at thc northwest corner of the C. I', R. Block No 373, near
mouth of Mosquito Creek, and running 10
chains wust, lhcnco 100 chains south, thence 10
chains easl, Ihence UKi chains north to place of
Dated 7th April, 1007.
VCOTICE Is hereby given that on daya after date
ll 1 Intend tu apply to the Hon. The ChM
Commissioner of Unds und Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands in West
Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post planted aliout two miles
easi of Lot 7040 on shore of N. E. Arm of Arrow
Lake, thence south Ni chains, east 80 chains, north
Nl chains, west 80 chains to pointof commencement.
Dated Marcli llth, 1007.
wed meh 111 A. MORRIS
Notice is hereby given that 80daya ufterdato
I intend toapply to the Chief Commissionerof
Lands and Works for a special licenco to cut
uud carry away timber from the following descrilied lauds iu thedistrict of West Kuuteiiay.
1. Commencm*,' at a imst planted no the
north-east bran h of Dowuie Creek, about 5
miles beluw the Tangier Mine and markoil "O.
Sand berg's uorih-we.-i coruer post," thonce
eaat SO elinins, tbeuce south Stl chaius, thence
we.-t 80 cbnins, thence north *N! chaius to point
of commeucemeut.
2. Commencing at a post plauted alwut 20
chaius uorth of the uurth-we^t corue'uf No. 1
Limit, ou the uortb-east branch of Dowuie
Creek, aud marked *'0. Bandberg'a -ouih-wost
cornerpost,'' theuce uortb Ni chaius, thenco
east mi chaius, thence south 80 chsins, theuce
west Nl ohalna to point of commeucemeut.
3. Commencing at a post plantod on north-
eaat branch of Downie Creek, at the north-easl
oorner of No, I Limit, aud marked "*0. Sand-
berg's south-west corner post," ibeuce uorth 80
chains, iheuce east 80 chaius, theuce south SO
chains, ihence west 80 chains to ixiiut of commencement.
1. Cummencing at n post plnuled on uorth
oust brunch of Dowuie Creek a unit 30chainJ
from south-east coruer of No. 3 Limit aud
inarked "O, Bandberg'a wost post,
theuce north Nlrhaius, east 40 chaius, south Pi"
chains, west lOchains, uortb Nt chaius to point
of cummeucement.
!i. Commenc it. K at a post planted ou tho
uurth-east brunch of Dowoio Creek, about 120
chuius oasl of No. 4 Limit, aud marked "O.
Saudberg's south-west corner post," thouce
imrth N) chuius, thenceeast 80 chnius. tbeuce
-uuth 80 chuius. thence west 80 chains to poiut
of cummeucometit.
l.i"-;ti--ii Mh Murch, 1007.
sat ap nu O. BANDBEBG. Locator.
Notice Is hereby given thut 80day-- afterdate
I intend to apply tuiheClaef Commissionerof
Lauds and Worki for a special liceueo tocut
anil carry uwuy limber from the following de*
bcrlbed laud.*, iu dlstrictof Weit Kootonay 1
1. Commencing nl u po-t plauted on the
north easl branch uf Dowuie Creek, about 8W
mile-beluw the Tanjiior Mine, and marked "J.
P, hoi.in.-ii) NUth-WMt cumor post, aud
aliout tti) loel north nf mi id crouk, runniug
uorlh 40 chain-, thouce ea-t 4<l chains, thouce
uorth Jo chain-, Iheuce ;n-t 80 < hams, Ibeuce
-outh 8Uohalni,thence we-t IBOofaatU to point
of commencement
2 fjommanolog at a poit plmu»l ubout wo
feet frum Duwuio I reek on the oust sido and
about half u mile -outh-wost uf lhe suuth-east*
eil) cumer uf Nn. I Limit, and marked "J. I'.
Kennedy 1 north-sait cumer post, thence
-uuth Ni chains, west Nl chains, uurlh N) chaius,
i-a-t Ni chains tu  olnt '*/ cummeucement.
3, Cummencing Ht 11 put planted at the
smith-m-i eurner uf No.  2 Limit, and markod
J. I' Kennedy's uorth-oast corner post," run-
.img .-uuth Ni chains, thunce west K chains,
iheuce uorth 10 ehuins, thence oast Wchains to
jMUUt uf i*iiii,n.ei.ren.i>:it
l,.N-„te,i .'Mb Match   1 ",
UtapeO J. P   KENNEDY, Locator.
Notice li hereby given tlmt oo days afterdate I
inlend to apply to the Hun. the Chief Cuiuinhc
lionet of Lands .ml Worki fur permtlllon to purchase the following described landa, situated on
Cpper Armw Lakes, and mure particularly described ui follows:
Commencing at the toutb-mt comer of Lot
lin, thence easl SO chains, ihence soutli fl")
chains, thencu west toihonof Lnke, thence following meunib'rinjtH nf said lake north tn point of
commencement, Containing llll ncres mon or
Dated March 17th, 1907.
mi inch B0 Per Q, Jitimner, Agent.
Notice ii hereby glren that BO dayi after dato 1
intend to apply to the Chief Cummhiloner of
Lands ami Waki for »special licence to cut and
carryaway tlmberfrom the follnning described
land's, situate In West Kootenay district:
1. commencing at a oust planted on tho
tuTib tank of bam Hill Creek, running 40
chains uortb, 80 chains east, 80 chains south,
no chains west, thence t ■ chains nortb to place
ol commencement.
ilateiUpnl Htb, 1007.
2. * nmn#uclng it a post planted 10 cbalni
south from ibe south-west coruer of Lot 7*244,
running eust 80 chains, thence iouth80chains,
thence west go ehalm. thence north 80 chains
lo place nl coumencement.
Dated April 10th, 1907,
sal ap Al
CHECKi, AN Invitation;;
We cordially invite each lady in tlie City to be with us and examine the hundreds
of prettv things we have gotten together for her approval and criticism. It was thc old
story: Goods delayed by the C.P.R., being unable to get freight here in time. But our
stock was purchased from the best manufacturers in the Kast, before the last advance in some
lines, making our showing the best and cheapest in tlie City.
"       Embroideried Linen
Waist Lengths
"      Embroideried Linen Costumes
"       Embroideried Muslin Costumes
"      Summer Underwear
■i. .t. -t. ,**.. .t. ,'t. ,t. .-1-, .t, ,1", ,t, ,-t, ,ti
*¥     We are Agents for the W
S famous     " International *&
Stock Food." V
¥    Large stock kept here. Y
S     Write   for circular or V
call and see it. W
f Canada Drug & Book Co. f
Wednesday, May 1, tur 24 Injurs.
Generally fine., with light to moderate
variable wind Night Irost. Temp.,
max. (i.i degrees, min. 31 degree!,
Only .. glance nl o.n- stock
..I* Groceries will encourage
ym. in try them.
A tt'lal will cnnvlnce you
Ihey mil the purest nnd best
on the umi'ket, Try out'
I Hobson & Bell j
Grocers, linkers & Conteotionera
To Buy a House,
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Local and General.
.1. Donald received the sad intelligence yesterday ol the death ol liiu
father in Scotland.
Seversl important cases will he
iir.ught up tomorrow at the Bitting ol
the supreme Ca.rt at 11 a. in.
C. J. Aman is building il new two
stores- house on Second street near the
school. H. Lougheed has the contract.
Chiel ol police B.tiu leit on Saturday
night lor New Westminster in charre
ol a demented and troublesome Swed
whom he haa consigned to the asylum
in that city.
Owing to the death ol Mr. J, A.
Agnew the "at home" to have been
given by the Young Conservative Club
in Selkirk Hall tonight, is postponed
ior one week.
( Rev. J.S. Wordsworth ami Kev, 1)
Hatt will conduct the services in St.
Andrew's Church un Sunday the Slh
inst., Rev. W. C. Calder being absent
at meeting ol synod in New Westminster.
Messrs. R. Armstrong nud 8. I.e
Keaux lelt Monday nighl tor Armstrong, where they will represent the
Kevelstoke Independent Hand at a
meeting ol the Interior Hand Associ-
tion to decide where the annual band
miet will be held this year.
Do not forget tiie Evangelistic services in Selkirk Hall, commencing
tomorrow, May -2nd. We live in a
tune when there is great need for the
declaration ol the fundamental truths
Ol the Gospel saints love theni.
sinner, need them.   All welcome.
As the result ol one week's canvas
in Nelson, lor lund, lor the erection
of a new Metbodut church, the hand-
, mesumol $8,060 has Wen raised.
Thii ii certainly a remarkable achievement and refleoU great credit on Nei
(i.-n ai.d tl.e members ui the Methodist
Tin- Ka.-l" Kootenaien in nn article
on th.-ir Vict.-ria Day celebration
.ave "The committee in oharge have
been singularly fortunate in securing
the'..,.-:-.-■'• attract...!..     Nelson has,.
, ,| bunch of stick handler,, while
the Revclstoko players made a good
name for themselves last year. \
go.d exhibition ol Canada's national
game will be enjoyed l.y all,"
.1. Henderson of this cily was sentenced this inurning by Police Mngis
trate Gordon, to two months imprisonment with hard Inl.or, at Ktt.nloopB,
tor theft on a charge preferred against
him l.y McU'iimui & Co., who hnd
supplied tl.e accused with goods on
approval, the accused having lelt the
to .ii with intent to iletnuxl the company, J.M. Sett appeared for the
prosecution. There was no counsel
tor the defence.
A fatal wreck took place yesterday
nn the C. P. R. nenr Schrii.er, caused
l.y a height train running into a
washout. The train was ditched,
several cars were burned and Engineer
Pinter was killed. Fireman Favebrau
was seriously injured and brakeman
Villein is missing.
Enderby iB making every ell'ort to
organize a band nnd a goodly sum has
been promised. It is proposed to purchase instruments to the value ol
1(4115. By the way, now that the
weather is line and warm the Ind.'
pendent bind might treat its patrons
to a little publio music now and then!
Members ol Selkirk ladge, No. 12,
1.00.F., are requested t>. assemble in
the Selkirk Hall one hour prioi to
the luneral of the late Bro. J. A.
Agnew. (At the time of going to
pftss we have not been able to obtain
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
The cantata, Jephthah's Daughter,
was repeated last night in the Opera
House as n benelit fur Miss Creiglitnn
and the Independent Band. The
house was well filled and the audience
showed their appreciation of local
talent. The performance, although
rellecting crolit on the artists, was
hardly as good as the previous one,
which may lie accounted Inr by the
(act that many of those taking pa rl
were suffering from Springculds, while
others were absent altogether, The
individual parts were lille.l the sam..
aa before, and did their best to make
the piece a success, the soloists sustaining their parts well.
May Day siea   the
When you planl  SIMMERS
SEEDS you are sure of lwo things.
nv f.til.f
-Thai they'll grow—never
2ND. Thai Ihcrcsull willi..
whether flower or vegetable ....
lhnn yo.. hoped fur.
W. BEWS. m.
Druggist and stationer.
I'm.i-il   States
any deli..ite advice ns to tlie funeral  labor world more at   p.-ace  th-in  in
arrangements,  but  notice   will    be n).U)V y,,.ir<i   Following is a summary
posted through the town shortly as to 0, tbe 8ituation .
ll.e dav and time). ,
New 1 ..rk—Brighti-r than lor many
Bourne Bros, have nearly completed I vpars. no ,r,„ih|e m right,
moving int., their new premises in the      pittgburg_E!(pec, ,„,;...  *,,.,,   Day,
Burns Block and   are   already   dui.it        ,. . ,
business there.    The  plumbing d»-: Machinists .,...>• men on itr.k.
partment wiil be commenced  sh..rtly.     Chicago—Never soharmonii it
The Revelstoke Cigar  Store  will  at     .^;lll Franciico—Car men threaten
once begin alterations in the premises|Mrike not ,.,;,..;, ,| „.;„. ,;...-  ...
recently vacated by Bourne Bros
and will open up a first-olass cigar
store, poi.l and billia-d rooms.
-• ,. ilis—Bright outl
New  England—Contentions    few,
unrest in cotton milli mosl s.-rioos.
Social and Personal
Mr*. 1-'. H. Lewis will not receive on
Friday next.
W. (i. Webster l.n- returned trom ..
visit I.- tin- Similkameen
W,  I.  Briggs
I   :i ,i -.,-:t to ill.
returned yesterday
Mr* B A, Lawson will nol be it
home tomorrow tin- :i it Thursday)
Thon .* faylor, \l l* I' I.a- returned Irom Victoria, at il..- close nl mm
■eiaii -1 ol tif legislature.
F, II.-ss, ..I Minneapolis, arrived in
the city -fii  Monday to a. '-.-[.i i i osi-
......ii in tlie .fficet ui tl..- H'-' -.-'- ke
Owing to injuries tu l.i- leel while
.-ii route up tin- Big Bend, .1. D. sili-
i-.ild haa been forced to return tu the
.-uy. wiifi-.ii In. will reach tomorrow
Wc trust that   the   injuries   are  nol.
Mr. un.l Mrs, R. 8, Teague lelt yesterday morning I'm- Calgary, where
Ihey   will   make   their   hum.: in lhe
future,   Mr. Teague lms lien., appointed locomotive lure....... of the C.I'.R.
-Imps at Calgary.
Bowser to be Attorney-General,
Fulton Chief Commissioner
VANCOUVER, Mny  I.—Several changes will l.e iiiiiiuiinc.ed Immediately in
the Britisli  Coluinbin cabinet.   W..I.
Bowser, K.C., senior member lor Vancouver, will be Attorney-Go oral, Hon,
', ,1. Fulton, will he transferred to the
,ands and Works department.
li ii the intention ol the C. P. It.
during the comii g lomme. to com-
I■. ,i-a iy with
the "big hill" grade, whioh mi -• -.
|y down between the mount* - - etui
nl   Field     The work li one ol greal
• m -   ng difficulty ,  ! ■
ii.-..-. ..I appr .nu itely $500,000   Tbe
■-,.,.   .... M- e.iitao   thi
| thi     -       --      . bridge*.
■  llr.. River in... thi
the  big  grade     When the
•ri - .-.I the train! will  ent.     .  tun
nei curving .I.rough the mount .ins,
:„. letter - :'■ f .boul  3,800  leel
Emerging Irom thi. it will recross tbe
river in  another bridge and again
travelling through  a....(her ourving
tunnel, will issue again on the main
nm- near the top ol the lug grail...
I'i... present grade avi ragea over f ni
and a Imii per cent and -  * . h.
engines have to be used on il bul the
change proposed  will  reduce  it to.
about two and a quarter,
The 0. I'. R. hav.. decided to remove
the master ....-chani.:'.' office ami   'till'
from Uus ciiy to Vancouver In o dei
to be In close touch with the general
superintendent,    This position is a j
very Important ono, not only fur ths
city but tor the whole ..I the province,
......I the (-. I' R. have deemed it n.-c...
iary to have this office at the const
terminus, thoroby doing away with
il... delay hitherto caused by tbe
necessity nl having tu rofer all matters
in thnt '.il..-.. to tho gen.'nil superintendent, Mr. and Mrs. S. I'llippa and
the master msohanlo's stall' will thoro-
fore be leaving Rovolstoko .-hurl l.v
It  is   said   nil   good   nut lin'My  ..I
Midway that in..tiers in .".unneOtlofl
with tlm Midway di Vernon road have
I.e.... satisfactorily k..tiled an.l lhat
.•..instruction work is lik.'ly to be
resumed in the near future,
Business Locals*
See Howsou's add in thi issue.
Nothing bettor than Our "Spocial
l.ally's l.'e-t Lacrosse Stxk*—Law-
re.ice Hardware Co.
Carpets, liiinhiun.s nnd lloor oil
cloth at C. B Hume & Cu's.
Sporting goods anything ym want
lal Canada Drug & Buuk Stoic.
I   Patronize Home Industry.     Smoke
Rovelstoke Cigars.
Uo to 0, B. Hume & Co.'s Ior unit,
tresses, pillows and bed cumlorts
Call and seo Howson's large stock
ol furniture—Homes furnished on the
iustalnun  plan.
Lowneys, Huylei's and St-warts
choci.lates, at the Red Cross Drug &
Stationery Store.
We have a nice line o! wallpaper,
draperies, curtain p-.les and Hxtures,
C. li. Hume .v. Co.
S.-e the window ol Holland l.i..en
no!.' p..por at the Red Cross Drug &
Stationery Si..re.
Revelitoke Cigars Union Made-Our
Special, The union, and Maroa Vuelta
aro ahead of all others.
Field Compasses fur Timbor Cruisers, c.ll uud inspect theni, made by
Messrs, Shurt & .Vinson, London, Eug.,
—Lawrence Hardware Company,
'lhe longer you buy Crow'B Nest
I'nss Cual Co.'s coal iiom me, the more
money you will have t.. spend on
ulher llimgs—E. A. Haggen, Agent,
Revelstoke, B. C.
For first-class Painting and
Paperhanging, go to L. A. Mc-
Ulanahan, one block east of
ihe Queen's hotel, in the
Lougheed Block.
Just received, a car of general hurd-
waie—We can supply your wants in
poultry netting all sizes, screen wire,
screen doors and wind..iis, lawn mowers, garden tools of all kinds, wheel-
harrows, etc.—Lawrence Hardware Co
We have opened up our now Wall
papers, ni.d have some beautiful designs i'.-r 11)07,call and see ihem before choosing. We have a few lots ui
last year's paper wo iwo selling cheap
while ihey last— Canada Drug &
Book sture.
Ol curse two or tliree dollars n
we. k coi. t up rapidly, and (hat's just
whin you want Ihem tu do when you
you are paying for a home. Tlie instalments are nol.. weekly expense.
They are a weekly saving. I can let
you have a good home on good terms,
E. A. llaggen. Heal Estate and Insurance Agent, Revelstoke, B, C.
A Ily ni.d a lie., in a Hue
Were imprisoned, so what culd they
Said the Ily: "Let us llee."
Said the Ilea: "Let us Hy."
Su they Hew througha flaw iu the Hue.
—Lile (Melhoume, Australia.)
Tea and Refreshment Rooms
Will be Instituted Shortly.
A iien enterprise will shortly be
launched in the city by local capital
in the [urn. of refreshments, ten, ice
cream and candy rooms. The movement baa i-cen on loot lor some little
tone and l):ta only just come to a head.
M.-S.S, A. Homell and .1. Mcl'hail are
the enterprising promoters, and have
made all arrangements Ior the immediate erection of tl.e ruonis on McKenzie
ivenuc, near Bonnre Br..s. new
(.remises. The rooms which will measure appr. ximately 24x76, will be
neatly built and tilted, everything
being of the latest and most popular
-.,,- ii ...ling soda fountain, case",
tables, chairs, elc. A general line ol
light refreshments will be served, and
the p nc -hnoId Iill a long felt want
... Rev. Istoke, when a g.-od cup often,
ii ream and cnu! drinks iii the
i i hot sodas,: n, coffee and
0,, ., -. the winter can be had in a
da -*y 'iiii comfortable manner. The
resort, aa it certainly will become, will
appeal especially to transient visitors
■*    ■  . rule make the cup .,( after-
i -..I-al event Wn are
assured by the loture pr iprioto - thai
thi   eal   I everything will be obtained
blic still be we I call red I.
i-. .   i   ,mej I.,- tl.e contraol and
thi      hi lotion work waa commenced
this o   ning.
Embroidery Lessons Free
^   Mi
Fancy Needle Work
MISS COCK BURN is now with us, and
hns on exhibition a splendid lot of A UT
NEEDLEWORK, in which Holding, Paul &
(Jo.'s materials are useil exclusively. Classes
are held every day from 10 to 12 a. ni. and
i to 4 p. ni>, at which the instruction is
entirely free. Come and eni'.ll your names
and le.u-n the new stitches and the new
kinds of Fancy Work. Il Is an opportunity
not often.ill'oi ded I be ladies of Revelstoke,
Belts and Neckwear
We are showing .. very pretty line of
these gnods In Wash Mat. .inls from 2V.. up.
Nothing nicer bus been shown and the
prices will appeal to every one. We hnve
them in plain white, or in white wiih colored design.
New Fancy Collars
In Fancy Collars we always lead, having
nil the new designs ns soon ns they appear;
while our line of Fancy Belts, hntl. in silk,
leather nnd Elastic, are the Iiest nf many
Nobby Parasols
Last season it was impossible to secure
the White Embroidered Parasols (lining
the Summer. We have a Bplendid line
direct from the makers in England and yon
will And the prices very low for these goods.
We have nlso a nice variety of SILK
PARASOLS in all the best colors such as
Navy, Black, Dresden, Champagne, etc.
and you will be wise to secure yours before
the best are bought.
Summer Hosiery
In Cl ton, tin..7,.- Lisle, Luce Lisle,
Embroideried Lisle and Si.k, in Black,
White, Tun and Grey, We cnn show snine
splendid values in Hosiery, nnd will be glad
to have you look through the lot.
Our Goods Guaranteed
We guarantee every article we sell and
you can have your money hack at any lime
if you nre not satisfied for any reason or
even NO reason.
}   ,
<   i
Marriage Licenses Issued
1(10 ncres first-class Fnnn' Land
on Arrow Lake, 20 acres cleared,
lii ncres now ready Ior crop —
Frame Dwelling (live rooms,)
chicken house nnd ham (1. .I.l.ng
four lea ms.) Plenty of cord wood,
just two miles from town. An
ideal spot- lor poultry and a good
market where top prices are paid
for all kinds of v. gctabl. s, fruit,
eggs, etc —PBI0K $4,000
I hnve nlso lnrge and smaller
acreage suitable tor fruit close to
market. Fur full particulars
apply to,—
Dwelling nnd Lot, Second Street     .... $2,000
Dwelling und Lut, Second Street  1,700
Dwelling and Lols, Third Street  4,200
lails on Second SI.. east of Ale,Kenz.ii. Ave., each   . .      250
Ls.ts on Third Sl., east of McKenzie Ave., each   ,    . .21X1
Lols on Fourth SI., east of McKenzie Ave., each    . .      175
Lots on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    . .   150
1—2 nud 5-acro Blocks suitable for fruit.
FOR SALE-llous.. ...id Lot $1850-
Lot ul) f.'i't. Hnnse five rooms.
Part cash, balance to suit, Apply this
lM)USALE-278.ic.cs, Bltllllted on
I* Salmon Aim nenr Sieumuus, $2o
per ace, Apply E, A, Harris & Co,,
Victoria, II. v., •
I EASE of Furnished Rimming
j House (12 ruonis) with furniture,
fur sale cheap paying Investment,—
Apply Sibbald k Fibld.
sale cheap, or
Ipply to J, Tii.NKii,
Mni'hlneiy fur
ph.nl if il..*i|....l,
Pense, Sask.
1,1,A IN* .....I Ornamental Plastering,
Artlfl. id stone of any design fur
• \ ".TKI)  Tw
t......  Appl
. .•nimi lu.-ii-
118,   Revel-
Cement .....I cnn.
I IOR 8ALB Nine Inv..* ol bees,
I' j Investment. Apply nt once
to ( .., McClean, Mattel Mechanic's
I.,   iln-   Spring I   thl - 11
i eds toning up,   Vour appal a
,,, ,r .mmI ymi don'l feel lik.- ;
IIM'll  IO,
, ,, ih. -...inn .mil pni lhe
body... condition for lhe Summer,
$l.O0 Por Bottlo al lhe
Bed Cross Dpi Store
II, J, I1KWS, Mm..rn.
jl-wki.krs and opticians
Next to Impkriai. Bank
Improperly filled glasses ;ire worse limn
110 glnsses and neglected eyes often means
Otir Optical Oepariment is in charge of
Mr. M. S, Hastings, Ref. D„ and positively gtiiirantce satisfaction.
It lias been proven Ibat 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and it does not follow that because you
have good eyesight thai your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended to now and
save trouble and expense,
FOR HIRE—A comfortuble, fast, 4 h.p. Gasoline
Launch, which will seat eight comfortably, and will
accommodate the tents and outfit of a party of
three, for an extended hunting or fishing trip. Lake
Shuswap has unrivalled fishing, and from the shores
of its far reaching arms start many trails into some
of the finest big game country in B. C.
TO LET—A four-room' furnished Cottage, on the
shore of Lake Shuswap.    For particulars address,
NOTICK  IS  KKItEHV  GIVEN   that  the
Muni.-il.nl,I'miiii'il ul the I'l.r.inriiliiiii "f llie
(III)' ..I  It.inil-lnkil il.te.iils In  ...ul......... the
((niHlriicliiiii..[ inula and comnu... sewers ....
tl.e *t nml* au.l lanes tt.ro.iKl.out tl.o City, as
-li.iw., 11 iiiii i-'iim ill iliiir.lv l-;.u!iii...ir l.oreln-
after iiii-iit 111111..I, ami lo 11*-"-* tl.e eX|.Hi.se or
i-.i-i thereof n.....i tl.e 1.....I or real iiruiinity
niiuii iiu. .111 mi'-|i *t nmi* nii.i liuni* to ue Limo-
IU...I tlmr.iliy anil Hint a -1..11..1.1...1 sli.iwiiiK the
land ..r real properly li.il.lo to ..ay the assos.-
iiuii.t tlioroforo and tin. nsn.os und owners
il.oreol. .*.. (ar nstlmy .-.in l.o ascertained, to-
.....1111 willi tin-n.....fI* un.l [ilnn*.,! Tims.  H.
'rn'foy, .'ity KiiKineer. and the proposed asaws-
llie.lt .....I llm iif|Kill linir.mu oi llm I'ilv I'lerk
nn-....w mu liiu iii tin. nllici) ..( the l.'ity Clerk
in.! m|h.ii f..r in*|.'i'-linn of ull persons during'
ulii... hours.
Tliu oHlin.uto.l i-ost of the work is 8tm."ill.i5,
Any nl.....-t im. to tl.....ru.,..-....I assessment und
un, lull.. Ill in. *I"UI In- lini.li. l.y  p..tilt".! .0 th".
Council wllhiti IKLunnduysfron. iho.la.ol.eroul,
.In. porapua entitled u, iiotillon liolna lhe
..wn... of ll... lands ullecled .hereby.
UK pill puses
work taken
.link.   Apply lo .1.  Wai.KKH .....I ,f.
BaVIOENT. ItMielslok.., I\_0. ^	
WANTED      Waitress,   $80 per
uk...ih.    Apply   to  Queen's
Hotel, Comaplix.
WANTED     Everyone  having ..
house   in   soil "I-   li'lll lo list, il,
will.......   I an. flooded wilh enquiries
lm house properties. Phone, rail, nr
Iilmp iiii-.i ...nl with full description
fm,1 purchase price, or runt i-eipiiieil.-
L A. Kflggen, Ileal Estate and Insui-
.inc.' Agent, Revelatnke, H.C
J1   .Kilt  SALE,  in. leased   I.....I   two
'    mail l.o.isi-s, furnished through-
I out.  Small nne containing tw.. rooms
..ni. ,115c. th     Also :«) laying
hens mul :i cockerels, chicken h....-..•
Hml wh.. fencing, only live minutes
walk 1 istatlnn on east track,   Will
In- -,.1,1,11 :l  tNinUill IWOWIHT ll IPIIVlllg
Revelitoke,    For further pnrllrulars
upply lo .1.  (lAlil.ANI., at  II..I.M111 A
Ilnll'-.. ._..	
1,10UNO A gelltli'llilllis peai'l lie
I |' piii. Owner can have tin- -1111...
hy calling al Mrs. Willis Aiiii-Iumic's
residence and paying fnc this advertisement.
1,1(111 MAl.K Six room bouse willi
I' inliar, .....I modern plumbing,
Half an ..ere of gulden, good fence.-
#171,11.00, Easy icnns. For further
particulars apply to W. 11. llubciison, | plans,  Apply this ufllee,
llllli.illli.   li... .luyof Miiy. All.   I'M'i
City Clork,
Ti'i.il.T.-. wanted lor ll.e couitruction ul an
iiililliii.il u. my mldenc, m. UcKonsleAve.
Ti-iiiIit" n. Is. In hy 'I'll"..!!.)-, April mil..
Plana and ipeclllciktloiu .'».. Iw  "sen at the
Lawrence il.r.f..sr« Btors.
Address all .....der. to
W. M. Lawrence.
A|i.il Mlh, 10(17.
UILDI'llt will estimate  Ior small
house  promptly,  and    provide
often starts Irom some trivial
cause. No one excercising ordinary caution in business affairs
leaves his property uninsured
against lire,
this coming year, make up your
mind al once to have a " Policy
of Insurance" un yuur property,
household goods, stock and store,
G«t our rates.
Agent lor the Non-Combine Insurance
Companies, Kevelstoke, B, C,


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