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The Mail Herald Jun 12, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
For uiiKti uf operation and perfection
in results produced, thin machine
iB unsurpassed.    Prioe, $60 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Vol. 15,  No 39
Visiting Cards -
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers 3nd Publishi-n.
$2.50 Per Year
^■■■■■^■■■■■■■■^■■■■■■■^Provincial Library
C. B. Hume & w.. _lui
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
lere is something for
real comfort for the foot
in hot weather. We
are selling them at a
price that anyone can afford t<> have an extra pair ol
shoes and be kind to their feet in the hot weather.
Men's Grey Colored Canvas Shoes
reinforced with Tan Leather, in low cut, a good, dressy,
clean-looking shoe with two-strap fastener, (hi 7R
They are a regular $2.25   shoe.     Special at     Y ' ' ' **
Men's Grey Canvas  Boots Reinforced
with Tan leather, laced bals.  not laced too high,  solid
leather soles, heels  and   counters—a   shoe that cannot
In: duplicated for less than  ^2.50 per pair, (hi   7R
Special at  $ I ■ I O
Men's Fancy Hose, Light   and   Cool
for the'Hot weather.    Just ilm thing to wear with   Oxfords and low shoes, in fine lisle thread,  plain  or fancy
plaids.     All colors   and   sizes.     Vou can   buy
them here at per pair	
Cool  Negligee Shirts with  our   attachable
collar that vou can turn inside and wear a separate collar.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
June Weddings
aA Snap in Cut Glass
A beautiful 8 inch Berry Bowl, latest designs, onlj 11
limited supply, regulai' $8.50 Now S4 50
Water Bottles, regular $8.50 Now $5
Half gal. Water Pitcher, 0 beauty, i-eg, $12.50, Now $7
10 inch Celery Dish, regular $7 Now $4.50
12 ineli Celery Dish, regular $S..M) Now S5
Limoge hand painted China, coin gold decorations,
every piece guaranteed,
'Si Per Cent Reduction tin all Standard silver Quadruple
Plated Hoods, comprising Ten Sets, Tureens, Cake
Plates, Berry Bowls, Pickle Jars, Butter Dishes, etc,
I'm' the balance of the month 21, per cent nil'.
A Rare Chance to get Wedding Gifts at Cost
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ice -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in 'Canada.
Agents In Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited, Chicago—Kirst National Bank, Corn Exchange National Hunk. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, SanPran-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Fer   Cent.   Discount  for   Cask
MRS.   A.   G.   CRICK
First   Stroot      -       Opposite   Windsor    Hotel
Council Hears Report of Engineer on Flume Question-
Laid Over for Public Works
The city council in regular session
last night heard without a blush the
report of J. 1J. Furde to the lire, water
and light committee on the question
ol the present lighting station and the
trouble that is being bad at the
present tune with the power bouse
situation, The people of Kevelstoke
think tiny have bad enough trouble
over their electric lights without having to have any further worry over
them, As far us is possible lhe repnrt
of Mr, Forde explains the entire'situ-
ation bo far as the advisability ol the
city fur the present lighting is concerned and as far as to what must be
the future of the city's actions in regard to the power plant. Mr. Fnide's
letter reads us below, and alter a lung
discussiiiii was referred to the lire,
water m il light committee ;—
OHAS. F. I.inii.m.hik, Ks.j , Mayur,
City ut Revelstoke.
Sin : With reference to the present
cunilitiun of the dam at the City's
power plant un the lllecillewaet river:
The damage to the Hume was al)
caused by the high water running nver
the crib at the north end of the dam
and carrying driftwood and mcks
against the flume. This is a condition which is liable to occur again
during the summer, and 1 would recommend that a timber and rock crib
be built between me gate house and
the solid ruck to prevent such a thing
happening again. The flume should
be repaired in a temporary manner, su
119 tn furnish water to the power house
until such time ub a permanent ilmn
aud lliinie cmi be installed, which will
b.i a necessary undertaking in a ven-
short time, and, as the upper end of
t ie llunie dues not carry inner uuder
pressure, au open box wbicb cuuld be
covered in tbe winter time, wuuld
serve to repair the break and would be
muoh cheaper than a permanent
Structure. If the crib referred to above
is built the temporary Hume would be
sutlicieut now. Tu lie brief, 1 would
uni recommend the expenditure uf
any more money than can be possibly
avoided on the present dam and Hume.
As you ure well aware the dam is not
8tn ng en..ugh to withstand any exira-
ordinary strain, to which it is liable
tu be subjected at any time, particularly since tbe oribwork built a few
years agu to strengthen it, has been
carried out, and I am ol the opinion
ihat had the water nut found relief
by making a channel fur itself around
the gate huuse, there is a large possibility that the dam would have Leen
carried away. In addition to this,
even a superlicial examination of the
Hume shows that its life is abuut spent
aud if tbe dam is continued iu its
present location, the renewal ol the
llunie will have to be undertaken in a
very short time. I would therefore
recommend maintaining the present
dam and Hume only until such time
as there can be installed a permanent
With regard to the form which the
permanent system should take:—The
site which was neglected, between the
present dam and the puwer house is
an ideal dam site, and at that point
there should be built a masonry
structure high enough to give the
necessary pressure to operate your
plant at extreme low water, allowing
lor a'natural increase in the demand
for power and light for a number of
yeara to cume. This, of course, will
be provided with the necessary bead
gate, fluice gate and spillway, and
from the dam the water should be
conveyed to tbe power house in a con-
tinuati'.n nf the present stave Hume,
or, preferably, in a stave Hume with 11
diameter of al least two lest mure than
the present stave llunie. This will
allow a considerable margin for space
taken up by ice forming on the inside
of tin: Hume. However, une reason
why I recommend tbe stave Hume is
because I do not think you will experience nearly as much trouble from
ice in tlie stave Hume as in the present
box llunie.
The question I moving the power
bouee to the proposed new dam site,
ie one which I consider a little premature just nuw, as it will serve ils
purpose fully ne well in its present
location, and, withoul going into
figures, 1 may sny that the cost of
moving the power house antl plant
and   the   necessary additional  eust of
the dam to obtain the required bead
wuuld be much greater than the  coil
uf instil Mat inn and maintenance of
the proposed 10 [uot slave Hume, 1
therefore oannot see the advantage to
be gained by moving tue power house,
in this oonneotion, i would remind
you that it would be advisable to take
stepB to protect the present stave
llume from the weather, us in ita
present neglected stale, it will soon
reach a poinl where it will be beyond
II it ia considerul advisable to go
into the i|tiestion of the permanent
work recommended ah,ive, ynu should
have your engineer make a detailed
survey of all the ground between the
present dam and thn power house,
with necessary profiles, etc. Hia plans
to clearly indicate the nature of the
ground on both sides ol the river, and
lhe nature of tho foundations likely
to be encountered in river bed to
enable the designer e! the proposed
new plant to estimate lie closely as
posnil le.
1 might, add Unit the auxiliary
plant, while a valuable asset and useful in caee of emergency, should be required to a much lees extent il Ihe
proposed new sceenie is curried into
effect than uuder presiiit conditions,
thus effecting a considerable saving,
huth in fuel and wages.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
Vuurs respectfully,
I. 1'. Fokue.
Kevelstoke, B.C., .lune 10, 1009,
Stun I'isiiatellie was awarded the
contract lor the hauling of the material (ur the sewer contract work witb
Ibe stipulation that he was to be held
responsible fur breakages occurring in
the transit uf goods.
After passing the accounts the council adjourned. There w re present tlie
Mayor, Aid. Wells, Kimberley, Pradolini aud McDonald.
Marriage Bells.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Ainslie
was the scene of a very happy event
on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
when their fair daugbtei .1 isie Frances
was given in marriage to Mr. Andrew
Koss Donaldson, the well known C.P.
K. looomotive engineer, in presence of
a gathering ol friends In .in Vernon and
this city. Kev. Mr. Hall performed
ihe cereninuy, and the bride was given
away by her (uther. Miss burget was
bridesmaid, and Mr. Murray Donaldson, brother of the bridegroom, supported him. The bride was attired in
a pretty blue tiaveliing costume, and
hat to match. Alter tbe ceremony
the wedding breakfast was served in
the dining room, which was beautifully
decorated with flowers. The health
of the bride and bridegroom was proposed by the Kev. Mr. Hall. Mr. and
Mrs. Donaldson, accompanied by sump
ul here uf the company, lelt on train
No. 07 for Beveral of the Coast cities.
Afler spending their honeymoon our
young friends expect to return to
Kevelstoke where they intend to make
their home. The young couple were
the recipients of many beautiful and
valuable wedding presents. Mr. and
Mrs. Donaldson are both popular
young people of the city and their
many friends will join with tbe Mail-
Hekai.h in wishing them a long and
happy married life.
Ou Wednesday evening at 5 o'clock,
a pleasing ceremony wiib performed by
Rev. T. W. Hall, iu tbe home ot Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel McMahon on 2nd
St., when Miss Margaret, Dclcus, Cannon Wilson ol Winnipeg, was joined
in marri.ge wilh Mr. Albert Gibson
Howe, ot 1'lnenix. The ceremony
was witnessed by the mother and
brother of the bride, besiiles a few
special friends, Tbe wedding breakfast waa all that could be desired.
The young couple left on the South
bound train for Phoenix, where they
expect tu make their home.
A quite marriage took place in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Anderson,
nn 1st St., on Saturday afternoon, May
29th. The contracting parties were
Mr. Otto Johnson, and Mies Ida Erickson, both of Malakwa. Only a few
friends of tin: young couple witnessed
the event. Mr. and Mr. Johnston left
on No. 07 fur Malakwa where Mr.
Johnston has his new Inline. Rev. T.
W. Hall performed the ceremony.
Pay Offices Will be Established
at C. P. R. Shops
The manager ol the local branch iif
the Imperial Hank iit Canada informs
ns that an important change has been
made in the lucal regulations. Here-
alter a pay ullice will he established ill
the freight ollices of the Canadian i'acilic Kailway Company on pay day
and the day following each month
for tho convenience ul the employees
uf the company. In the larger cities
ollices have been in operation for Some
time, the bank of Montreal having a
regular branch in tlie shops at Winnipeg and  Montreal.
KreBu and kreso sprayers, for dea-
troyitiL' Hice 011 animals, lor sale ul
Hews' drug store.
Three lbs. ol I loll man colVec for $1;
1 Ibe. ol Cosmopolitan coffee for Ifl at
Mclutyrc & tions.
People Think Debt of City is Big
Enough-Public Criticism of
School Trustees. Another
By-Law Probable.
Uotb the money by-laws submitted
to the people yesterday went down to
defeat, line was (ur tbe authorization
of the issuance ul debentures fur $10,-
000 fur "school purposes," the meaning
ot that phrase being indicated in tbo
published by-laws wbicli stated that
tlie object was the erection ol new
school buildings and the purohase ul
Uloclc 1.11. Tbe other was (or the expenditure of $9,000 lor the purohase ol
street improving machinery. It ie the
popular impression that the defeat of
the Becond by-law was due to the unpopularity nt the lirst, and lor the
unpopularity of the lirst no one can
be held responsible but tho school
trustees, Muoh indication wiih expressed by those visiting the polls
yesterday aud voting on both the
by laws that lhe trustees had nut
called a public meeting and taken the
people intu their confidence in tbe
matter uf the proposed school expenditure.
It ie too late now toi anyone lo
regret excepting tboeu who have to
regret over the detent ot the bylaw but
it may be of general interest to suite
the tacts as to how the vote went.
Tbe interest as manifested in tlie
voting strength of the city was a surprise lu both the returning ollicers
aud to those who anxiously afterward
inquired the results. While the number uf votes polled by no meaua represents the voting power of the city it
is a fair average vote ou money bylaws
as compared with other cities.
For the school bylaw there were 107
votes eaat favorably with a vute uf 142
The people are not stingy and never
Will be, and they will contribute tu the
lust ceut in the matter uf taxation,
but they ought to be informed as to
huw their money it tu be expended
before tbey will again vute for a money
As far as the mad making machinery concerned, there will be nothing
hut general regret expressed at the
fact that the by-law [ailed to pass. It
tbe city ot Kevelstoke lift een years ago
hud taken up the question ot strett
milking intelligently there never
wi mill have been the ever recurring
problems ol street repairs that have to
he diced by the City Council to-day.
To save or not to save seeme tu be tbe
problem be'ore the elector and the
bunch decided to save.
It is a pity, however, that the money
(or the street improving maohinery
was not voted for, as that is one of the
imperative necessities il we are ever to
have the sort ol streets that ebotild
dignity the city.
Under the provincial laws it will
not be possible tn submit another bylaw on the school question within six
Judging from the com ments made
on the streetB, the proper course for
the ratepayers to pursue is to call a
meeting and thresh out the whole
matter as to whether ur not there is
necessary the expenditure uf $-10,0(10
in urder tu provide lor the educational
accommodation of the children who
go to school iu the city. Publicity is
everything.    Ue public.
As to whether there shall bo bought
at the expense of the municipality
machinery ul the kind required to
make streets in tbe city is a question
which must be determined by the
people who have tu decide what sort
of streets we shall have in tho city.
Most of them know thut they aro not
satisfied with what we have now, but
whether to trust tbo council with
what we shall have is a question.
The ratepayer evidently thought sn
by the vute of yesterday-
Muiuly Lumber Company Will
Have New Premises
J, 11. Slbbald returned yesterday
from a visit to Three Valley whore ho
had gone to investigate the losses ol
the Mtindy Lumber Company in the
lire which consumed its mill this week.
Ho slates that the mill buildings will
be reconstructed on plana as large if
not larger than befure and that it is
expected by September to havo the
now mill in a position tu rcBiiine its
business on as large if not a larger
scale than beforo the lire.
Incidentally Mr.   Hibbald   tolls the
'story of the heroic olVorts of the mill
New Seeds. Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    McClary's Stoves
Crockery. Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
jQ .Air Swell Dresser
^we&rs the
Swell ©resser"
ir»d„ a\„*    Knj ."US.
To get ths right clothes must you not go
lo the right phec?
We sell clothes with no cotton in the
Just now you perhaps wish a light weight
suit to celebrate in.
You can get righl into one ol" our two
piece suits and wear it away with one of our
negligee shirts, ami as for straw hats we have
them for men or boys.
Fit Reform Clothing
B. E. WALKER, President I Paid-Up Capital, $10,000,000
AUOANDER LAIKD, Genera! Maniijer     Reserve Fund,    -     6.000,000
The ocw Travellers' Cheques recent!) issued by this Hank art* a mo*t i
waj in which to carry money when travelling.   They are issued in denomination* ot
$10,  $20, $50, $100 and $200
aod the exact amouni payable in Austria. Belgium. Denmark, Prance,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy. Norway, Russia, Sweden
and Switzerland is stair,I en the lace of each cheque, while in other
they am payable at mm-nt rates.
The cheques and all information rej,rardn £ them may be obtained at every
of the Bank. UU
It's a Wise Chef:
ili.tt known Hue meal is-fori-
be miiks ii. Ami It's a wise
butcher thnt knoWB noi unly
how in buy, to freeze, to trim
to least waste, but also how to
k.'..p down pi ioes nn
High-Grade Meats
-u.li ii- we always keep on
band. Beef, Lamb, Mutton
unl Poultry always tbe best,
kept In spotless ice-chests, anu
hi prices that are always satisfactory, Give ns ii chance to
prove it.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wc Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
staff to save the  buildings  when   the , minutes all the meu employed by  tbe
fire broke out,   The locsl equipment ID rm won on the ground tu do battle
was called Into full requisition .it thJwiu!the fl»u"'«.   The salvage uf tbe
I yards and lumber Is due to their time-
first .alarm snd though it mu noon hy response and heroic efforts to stay
when the alarm was given  in a  lew i the fire. rilB MAIL HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc fl&afl-lbctalfc.
-A 11'HI. IV    AT
interior pubitsbing Company,
Barristers, Solicitors, Ktc.
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office    and   befoie    Railway
IN. CHARLES Ml Kl'lll, .M.l'-
llAlliil.l. KlSIIKK.
ICKS 1    Lull. II l.ll.  UlNK  Hi II.IUMi ItKVUI.
SIOKK. 11. 11.
'rice $1550.
Price §2100.
mi corner of Fifth
Slock '2'2, just oust of
Mouej-lo loun.
oiflce-i Kevelatoke, B I
Ueo. s. mhakthk
k. m. i'inkiiam
'raubrook, ll I'.
J. A.   llAHVK.V,
rninbiook. II- I'
Six   Roomed   House with Plumbing.
$17.50 per month.
House,  six   moms,  on   Third   Street.
$20 por month,
liooil buy in Lots 23 and 21, Block   II,
and Robson Avenue.    Price §450,
Two  good   buys   in   Lots  21   ninl 22,
Queen's Hotel.   Price $750.
Two good Lots on Eighth Street aud corner of Orton   Ave.,
100 x LOO.    Price $850.
Six Roomed House, Furnished, on   Sixth  Street,  improved
ground.    Price $3500.    House nnd Lots only $3250.
Double   1 louse, renting for $i!0 per month, for sale at $'2750.
$20 DOWN
Will buy some of the best
building lots ueur Vancouver. Lots very easily
cleared and close to Tram.
Now is the time to invest.
Allow me In giue you
fuller particulars,
Money to Loan on Household
lin i i.-t.'i
Solicitor, .-te.
S .Iii itoi'^foi:
Tun Canadian Bank ov Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Kti •
KIRST ST..   •   REVELSTOKE, 13.0.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
MoKknzib Avknvk,
Hox imi, Revelstoke
C. w.  O   w
Mountain  Viow Camp, No. 229
Meets  Seoond  and   Kourth  Wednesdays in
Baotimoinl,;;.n Selkirk Hall.   Vislttn   Woodmen curdialiy invitiid to attend,
j. McINTYKE, Clerk,
F. O. E.
Tin, regular moot-
in«_, um nujo in ilm
Uaaielluwa Hull, im
mo lliinl Moiuiiiy in
Miili moulti HI 1
,1 ui. \ isiuuit liiBtli-
.eu cordniliy wm-
MCUUUNIER, Skckktahv.
Meets eve ry Tliurs
day evoiiiui! in Sel
kkirk Rail ill 8 ii'l'luck
IVisiliuK lirotlirou are
cordiaily invited to stteud.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P;
Ho. 16,  Revelstoke, B. C.
except iiiii-l Wednesdiiy o,
each moutn, in ■ ■ ildlellon -'
Hall at 3 .'i-i .ek. Visltinv
Knights nr" oordlally invited.
.   SMITH. C. C.
O. H. BROIK   K. iif  R. A S.
J.  B. St'OTT. II. nr F.
riiiiNt: lis
Zbc fl&atUlberalb
_1^_" V'-" '''   •
<UNION*fr. ,1J BD
There is -ii much had in tlie best,,! as
And so much youd in tlii, wont ..I u^
That it hardly behoores any ol ns,
To talk ab-nit the rn-l ,.f u-.
The meeting of the imperial press
conference which took place in
London this week would seem to
indicate that there has been a dawn
of what may be termed true imperialism. Nothing more important
to tin.- interests ol empire could be
imagim i than such a meet ng uf
the members •■[ the Fourth estati
from all the parts of the British
empin. M in >l thi o u im istr
visiting London to attend the i on-
ferem ■ bad no! heen exti nsi re
ti ivi... rs_ before  and  their  obsi i
■ •,- •- ri Iiei led in theii spi tn hes
li • ring wbat the word
empire me ins are interesting to tbe
extreme,     Just   bo«    tboro ighl
too indulgent, too paternal, to  ask
us to pay our shure, anil we have
been too mean to offer it. but a
change is impending. Inspired hy
the pluck of New Zealand, Australia anil other colonies ever in the
van. Canada has agreed to send
delegates to discuss the problems
with the Uritish Government, and
it must he gratifying to the whole
of the British world that the Commonwealth, dominions, colonies,
and dependencies have offered
hearty co-operation. This movement originated wilh the Press,
was supported by the people, and
is now espoused by both political
parties." Such an assembly wilh
the expression of such views—
views from every part of the empire
and from every part, significant of
the dawn of a new imperialism
cannot fail in its early and ultimate results to bring about a new-
era in the solidarity and solidification of the empire.
Tbe city of Cranbrook has already got ready for its Fall fair
and Iihe prize list for the events
of lhe occasion has been issued.
Tlie city of Revelstoke or whoever
is responsible for the management
of the annual fair here seems to be
sleeping as no intimation lias been
made that anybody is getting busy
with the organization work. Whatever maybe said for or against the
holding oi local and naturally
limited annual fairs they can never
succeed hy neglect and to make
them creditable close application
to the work of organization is a
necessity. While the hare was
sleeping the tortoise walked into
the goal and bad tbe horse laugh
on the other fellow's bet. Why
should one city be ready ior a Fall
fail wbile another is simply guessing'.'
Prince Rupert Has Its Excitements.
John Houston's paper The Empite
guts off the lollowing
Just belore the ln|; blast wetil oil   at
11,46 this morning, an      i   gent
strolled  down   the  middle ol   Rupi  I
toad.    He wn-  h  stranger,    Hia
was ruddy, and his board  shaped like
a spade,    Presently i.i'  had   the      id
to himself, and while others  stood  in
doorways, or disappeared  he  eami   to
a stop and i;a led thoughtfully  sl
sky    Sevi rai   ■• I    k d al
but it didn't occur to bim that bi
tne object iii.-it in He ist -
looking skyward, an l aa bi ga d
lull I.I. in, smile came ti
hia fatherly countenance I
erasbed the blast, He spun n
ami tinu smile laded nwny like  11
.., ,, • , razor     Books oame^clatti r
ing in the tools, ind  some  i bal
(nrtli.       ...-      i liged    i.    di
1 i„:    ii., i. ■ be   i-' ii !•'■ bit I be road-
waj  be .'im    inder   tbi   eavi -  ol  i he
nearest   building    md   with    il
pri    •'        if the subject  ol  loreignaocenl  isked   ll    leasieml
imperi  lism   waa   impressed   ipon  tbere   Say vot vas dal
them in i) i"   udged bj    i   rem u ' • "
made by Lord Roseberry.who  was      Douks  Migrating to Coast
the orator   of the   occasion   and     |,,,,,,, IE„    ..  .     :,,„.  u     \
who   made   oneol   hie   rare  illu- second party of Doukhobors  number
initiating speeches.    He said parlia- ing 472, mostly women and ohildren,
ment should vote supplies  for   two I arrived    here    yesterday    in     prairie
years and pack itself up in three or sohoonon   to   entrain  inr  Waterloo,
iour war-hip- and take a  trip and   "• ,;-. l" i°'u thl:ir 'rieodB who have
preceded tlmm. Tbe party evoked
[svorable comment Inr their intelligent appearance and oleanlinesa and
foi the system and order apparent in
tlm transaction nl their business.
lllth. Many easterners, who, upon
hearing ..l the wonderful success of
the Dominion Exhibition at Calgary
in 1908, regretted thnt they did not
enine west for that event, have made
up their minds to embrace the excellent opportunity wbicb the Alberta
Provincial Exhibition will afford them
tor becoming acquainted with the
many advantages ol lile in Western
Oanada, and bumper crowds are expected to be in Calgary during exhibition week lor tbe purpose of anticipating in Alberta's annual holiday.
A Vancouver piij er sayB tlie greatest
avalanche ol applications for naturalization in the history ol the county
court ol Vancuuver rolled in upon
Judge Grant Monday. They numbered
over U50. Of tliese about 70 succeeded, heing in the form prescribed
by the Hot. The others were given
until June 2Gtb to substitute the affidavits of "natural horn" instead of
''naturalized" Canadians or British
subjects required with the application.
Practically all of these came from
Vancouver's German and Italian colonies.
The Merry Widow
"Peloy's" Comedians, a musical
comedy organization, at the Opera
House, June 14th, is the biggest and
best company of the kind coming this
season. They present more novelties,
more singers, more pretty girls, more
elaborate wardrobe than any company
playing at the opera house this year.
They present for the tiieatre-goer's entertainment the popular musical comedy " The Merry Widow.'' Iteaerved
seats on sale at Macd nnld's. Ti ose
looking forward to a real evening of
fun and amusement should not miss
this attraction. .Some of the features
with Deloy'a comedians are; Miss
Myrtle Deloy, iemale baritone, Spatil-
ding Bros. Parisian novelty acrobats,
St. Julian, dancer nnil novelty athlete,
and Deloy'a Big Beauty Chorus." The
production is under the direction of
Eddie Deloy, which is a guarantee of
real merit.
unl  Si-Hi'i
I'm   circular   mill.
Lumber Co., Wigwam, B, 0,
WANTED Planer hiinil, able tn
handle Kl Inch matcher noil
ninke mouldings. Apply Lee Lumber
—A   Rosary  uml   Crucifix.
ivner limy have same by proving
property and paying for ibis notiee. -
Apply Nl iii.-lli'iKAi.n office,
WANTED    Wiiilress    ini      I'nlnte
Restaurant,   $i"i   per  mouth,
Apply I". O. Box 142, Revelstoke, B.C.
1) act as oui' agents in unrepresented territory. Sample wheel supplied al wholesale prices. Particulars
free.   Titos. PlimlbIy, Victoria, B. C
IOST I'.itw. en l-'il'lh mul Third Sis
j In tbe vicinity of MeAiih ir ave.
it silver mug ami pitcher, both gold
lined. Mng bus "Borden''engraved
upon it. Will finder return sume lo
A. W, Mi Intvie's bouse and receive
reward. my 20
WANTED   -A   girl   for    general
housework,   npply    to    Mail-
Hkiiai.ii. ■   ju 2 ill
TA*>K SALE   Columbia gramophone
Jj     uml one uiul one-halt' ilo/.. records
Price $25, Apply MAIL-liERALUolIlee
.lune 2-3t,
17IIVE ROOM HOUSE located on C,
' I'. II. grounds near station, with
2d year lease on gioiind, Tbis house is
in good lepitii wiih line garden mul
fruit trees. Will sell nt u bargain if
sold at once, Apply for further particulars in E, J, Bourne, First street.
with "The Meosage From Mare
lind out something aboul tbe
Empire. Dealing with the i|tiest-
ion of tbe defence of empire a burning question at the present time
Sir Hugh Graham touched of! the
situation with reference to Canada's
part in probably the wisest manner
that cuuld be imagined when he
said. "For long years, Canada,
under both political parties, bus
been depending on the Mother
Lund for protection Both political
parties in Ci rent Britain have   heen
•   Alberta. Calgary Exhibit
A laige number ol entries In various
leparttnenta have been reoeivod at the
Alberta   Provincial   Exhibition offices
from Hamilton, Ontario, This is one
evidence "I the wide Interest which is
being taken iu the hig exhibition In
be held nt Calgary from July Oth to
Where Christie's Biscuits
come from—
The cleanest factory in Canada
PHE Christie, Brown       .     i In keeping with
■    the International  repu i firm.   Visitor
know just why Chri   • best baked  and
hundreds visit the big factor on
The Chri.qt.if_, Brown peo r reputation 'm
cleanliness and quality,   Th<- raw pr ,, i is the pun
and   bout,   money can   buy,   and ounce  of   li   is
carefully analyzed before il r the bake room
Every device and machine making for fhe perfection of
tho product ia used in the big fact The brightand
cheerful employes, all arrayed i otlessly white urn
forms laundried on the premises, speak volumes for the
sanitary conditions undor which they work. You jusl
buy Christie's Biscuits unm and you'll know why your
neighbors call them "so good." The beat grocers keep
thorn and t.h(>y cost, no more.
Christie, Brown A Co., Ltd., Toronto
JH)       gf   —rft.r
Notice to contractors
CJKALKD TKNDKRS, superoorlbed ''Tondor
t> Ior Look-up," will bo received by tho Honourable llie MlnUter ol Publio Works up tn
noon nf Wednesday tlieUOth day of Juuo, UK1"
for the orootlon and ooiuplotlon of a threo-r i
lock-up nml constable's quarters at N'ukn
Plans, speoUlcatlons. oontraotand form0 if
lender may bo seen on and aftor the Til. (tn.  of
.llllli',   lit".',   nt Ilu- otllci-s llf   tlio   Ull., rim    111
\t_eiit, nt liuslo: the Government Ainmn at
llni'iilsiokii: tbo Mining Recorder nl Niikimp;
nmliii tin-Jii'iiiii'tiiunil of Public Worlw, Victoria, B.C,
Miii-li proposal iiiu„l lm aocnnr i.ilod I.y nn
acoopled bankohopuoor t'ui'i'ii u of deposit
mi iiclini'ti'i'i'il Inuiii of iinnn iiiniK- payablo
In tlm lion. Minister of I'nl." iVorks for n mini
equlvaleni i« ten per oont a '''" amount of the
tendor, which shall be f <t felted if tho party
tendering deollno to enti .' into oontraot when
called upon to do bo, "' if ho fall to oompiete
tlio work 1'onlniiiU.il or. Tho cheques or cer-
tilloatos of deposit of unsuooesstul tondorors
will in. l'l'tni'iHil to tbem upon the oxeoullon
of the contract.
Teudors will mil bo oonstdoved unlesu inodo
out iiii llii! forms supplied, Blgnod with tho
ni'tiinl Blgnatun. of tho lendoror, nml enolosod
in ilm onvelopo i irniahod.
Tho lowest i.i nny tondor nut nooossarlly
l' r. QAMULK,
Public Works Kiiglnoer,
$250 In >rL s
Given Awry  ! ree  With
Royal Sta   c ird Flour
Publio Works boiiar'tnnnl-,
N'lotoria, H. t:., J unu Hud, 100U.
Notice to Contractors
WiiMi.i: Si until,
OI2AL1SD TENDERS, auuorsoribetl "Toudor
^5   for Selioul-liuiiso,' will be reaelved by tlio
Bou. the Mfulsber of rablic Work** up umi i
,.r Wodmesduy, tbe Wth day of Juuo, IWH), lur
the erection and completiou ot a smull oue-
room frame Sohool-hoiiBeat Winner, It, 0.
Plaus, speeif loat ions, ooutract and runnsof
tiOinlur may lio mjoii un ami aftor lhu 2Ut day ul
■May, 1909, at the oilicos uf tho Government
Agent at Golden; of F. G. Ball, Ksq., Secretary
nl tlm Bohool Board, NVlhnor. II.C, ami at tlm
Publio Works Department, Victoria,H 1-.
Eaoh   proposal   must ho accimipiiuiod hy an
adopted hank cheque or rortiUoate of deposit
un a obartered hank of Canada, made payable
to the Hon, tho Minister of 1'ublic Works for a
BUiu equivalent to ton por ceut of thu amount
of tlm tondor. which shall ho forfeited if rho
party tendering decline to outer Into contract
when callo'l upon to do mi, or if lie fail to com
plete the work contracted tor. The cheques or
certificates uf deposit of uusuccesaful tenderers
will 1)0 rotnrnod to thorn upun tho exoculiou ol
tho contract.
Tenders will not beoonsldered unless made
out ou tho forms supplied, signed with tho
aotuat siguature of tho niuderor, aud onctosod
in Lho envelopes furnishodi
Tho loweBt or auy tondor not ueoossarily
1-. G. GAMBLE.
Puollo Works Bugineer,
Publio Works Department,
Victoria, H. tJ., 18lh May, 1009. jun 12
AMDKKW i;  F. LIDDLE, Plaintiff,
(Judgment t redltor)
T. J. TOMPKINS, Defendant,
(Judgment Debtor}
Befoke His Honouh Juooe Gbant In Cham-
hkks, Monday, tuo 17tn d*»y ot May. A.D.
Creditor auu UPUN BEAttlNG Mr a G.Harvey on hohttit ol .no Applicant amlt-'IViN
READING iho Allldavttsoi A. ii. F. Liddle abu
A.ti Harvey SWurn htroiu, um 13th day ul May,
A.D. VM* and filoa ;
IT IS ORDERED that Borvioe tfpou the
Judgment Debtor, T. J, Tompkins, of the
Notice cl Motion annexed hereto, calling upun
him Lo show cauM) wnj oertuiu land inerem
named should not oe sold to realize um amount
ot  iho Judgment herein   uy  puuiisuiug this
Order together With lhe Notice .iimoxod liUretO,
lu four consecutive weekly editions ol a news-
paper published or circulating in the Cityof
Revelstoke, H,t,. be deemed good and ButHoieut
service upon thu aforesaid Judgment Ueutor,
ui the said Order and Notice ol Motion;
cost of and incidental to this Application,
.should ho added to ihe amount of the Judgm
TAKK NOTICE that a Motion will be made
before tho Presiding Judge m Chambers, at the
Couit Hoiho, VaUUOUVer, Hi':, on Friday, the
25th da^ of June, A.D. Itw.', at the liourol IU
o'clock di ihe foreuoon or bo Boon thereafter aa
counsel    may   he   heard    ou   an applicationon
behalf of the Judgmeut Creditor, I i an Urder
calling upon the Judgmeut Debtor to show
cause why Lots ono fl) and two (2) lu Lilucks
Forty-six, Forty-so ven, Forty-eight Utf,47, UK
District Lot Two Thousand aud Twenty-two
(2022), Vaucouvor District, or a competent part
of said laud, should  nm i>u sold tu realize the
amount paynhle uml or (he Judgment UOTolU;
supp.irt thereof, will be road tlieAllldavitaol
V. E. F. Liddle and A. G. Harvey, both swum
tliu >3th jay ol May, A.D. IIWW, and liied.
Solicitor for Judgmeut Creditor.
Ti.T, J.Tompkins, K-i .
Judgment Hi-hii.r.
Kevelslnke l.nnil UiHtriot,
Disti'lel nl West Kiiiilen.iy.
Tnke Nnl ne Ilinl Kiiiletiek \V. I.inil-
..iy.   nl    I ninliiil lie,    ll.l'.,   ni'i'llplll iun
inenl i. inieiiils in npply  inr par-
inissii.il in puruliiiHo iiii* tulluwing
■ i....11I....1 land :
i in.m in;,' ni n pusi planted nt lhe
iniin i nsi corner of A. I>. McKay's
iniiini ii.    No,   7_SHf»,   .unl   inni'lvi'il
If   \s. I i  i.     Noi in Wesi Cornel1
PoHl      I liiii'e    llUOIll     s    , halll--    ellHl    III
ni' i I ii  McKinnon's pre-emption,
i hence atioiil 3d chains soutb,  inence
ii i Bchains weal  '<. McKay's side
line, thence north about  611 ohalns to
poiui iit .ui,mien, >.iiii ii,   .nnl  contain
uv P. .11 i-e     ■ rn In ■-.
Ilu1.1' llll K   Wil I I I VI   I.IMlSAV,
li.11. .i Ain il :intli. imiu. my '22
Certificate of   Improvements
Kvery llllli. Rack of ROYALS AND.'!.!. FLOUR leaving our
mills contains a numbered coupon. On the inst day of the month
ten numbers urn drawn and published i t tin first issue of this paper
followiii".    if mu hold one of the lutl; _• number],   return it to us. nnd
we will forward  you  free  of charge
lO'.l pieces.    Fi 11 particulars are on d
Columbia li n
wheal, by I •
a pure, swt  '
ii wife, lt is a perfect !!
ihosl modern process 1 -n
..'.holi'stiine Hour, uiisi..';.
i hand ome China Dinner Set of
i li'iiik of each, coupon.
ii   is  tho  piide  of   the   liritis,
iur, ma !e fnun specially selected
iivn  to  l'i"   -i llling industry—
issed in An.        i.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    53 500,000
Has 65 !'tranches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities cf the World.
At all Branches     Interest allowed at hi.-.Iiest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, ¥/. H. P.1ATT, Manager.
mVXZK.Tnr. Ena
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one nl our huuli me parlor sets,
upholstered in bi.-li entile Hilk, ur
il .inisk, with franiea iliic are in every
e i n.eivable design, an . i utile to wear
ii. li ll litely. We nave i iny new and
hem iiul parlor sets and <lil pieces for
bea'.i.il.ing the home tint are tune
ful, .1 •: ive and inexpensive, and « 1
alum y .ir roonia to the bee' advantage.
/fc  HOWSON Sr CO.'Y.
in C. P. R, contract for facing Revel-Moke station. A large
slink nuw un hand, Reasonable | rices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest m-itorial for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about have yo •: insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Go., Enderby, B. C.
Wholesale and Retail Moat Merchants
Pork Packeri and Dealers in Live Stock, M irkets in all the prlnel
nnl Oitlus nn I Tmvns of Alberta, British Oolumbia and the Yukon.
Puckers i.f the Celebrated Brand  " lm ief.it,ie" Bams anil Bacon,
Lml " situ ii 'tii-L" Brand Lent' Lard.
ck    ii
I' I
I   Kn
I.   V  I, il    Sill, i
i Inn, I,        ll ll,lie     III     I lie
Mining   I in i   U
.I. 'im i.
\\ hen- loi ih .1 In i inin ih,. norlh
nnl   nm h im k ■ '.I I ii'du i leek.
I ik.    nul ne  l h.i   I  I nl I,., in,.    |- lm
i ■   • Hi ally, nl \ an ver, III., l'i..
Illnei    i .-I i iih ni' No, ll 18170, Intend
»lxl.y ilnvH from iliitu hertuif, to npply
111 I lie  MllllllK    Id ...III. I     lui    (1    eel lil!
i lie iif illiptiiveinelils fin   llie   purpiisn
i.f obtaining • Irown   grants   of   the
nlnile el.illlei.
And further take notice thai action
iindni s,i i inn :i7 must in. commenced
liei'iiie ihe Issuance ..I such Ceitlflcale
ul' liiipiuveiiientH.
I luted   this i iieni v seventh day of
Mny. A.D .  1009.
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
S'ewly built.
Kirst-tilass in every respect.     Ml modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Spocinl Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under s;ime
suitably furnished with the choicest the
murket affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBERT     ST03STE3      PEOP.
Queens Jtotel
Hest brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent arcommodation at this
Apply First Street West
at 5 o'clock.
The Revelstoke New and
Second Hand Store
Furniture, Beds, Stoves, Tin
and Enamel ware. Bunts and
Clothing bought, sold or exchanged.
J. C. Hull, Prop. K^offtSS?,'
tbe Municipal Council of the Corporation of tbe City of Kevelstoke intends
to undertake tlie construction of Con-
eiete Sidewalks on certain parts of
First Street, Second Street, and l'i out
Street, within the suiil City; viz:
(in the North side of First sireet
from the corner of Campbell Avenue
to the corner of Boyle Avenue, and
the North side of Second Street from
the corner of Pearson Street to the
corner of Ford Street, and on the
South-west, side of Front Street from
the corner of King Street to the comer
of Victoria Komi, according to the
specifications and estimates prepared
by the City Engineer, and to assess
the expense or eust thereof upon the
lnnil or real property abutting on the
parts of such streets as above mentioned, and in be benefitted thereby,
and that a statement showing the land
or leal property liable to pay the
assessment therefor and the names of
llie owners thereof as fur as enn lie
ascertained together with the specifications and estimates of the City Engineer and the proposed assessment
and report thereon of tbe Oity Clerk
are now ou tile ill the ntlice of ihe City
Clerk and open for Inspection during
office hours.
The estimated cost of tlie uurk is
$4811.60, of which it Is intended that
the Oity at large shall bear the whole
of the Just ol the work nn street crossing nnd necessary retaining walls and
one-third of tbe cost of the Concrete
Sidewalks, and the property owners
bearing two-thirds of the eust uf the
said sidewalks.
The total estimated cost to be borne
by ihe property owners being $3274.34,
ninl by the City at large $1637.111.
Any objection tu the proposed undertaking nml assessment therefor
shall lie made by petition to the Oily
Council within FIFTEEN (IS) days
from tin* date hereof, the persons entitled to petition being tbe owners of
the lands thereby affected.
Dated this 29th day of Mny. 1009.
my 211 Cily Clerk.
Revelstoke Lmnl District.
llislrict oi West Kootenay.
Takenotieeth.il I, John ll. Selkirk,
Agent, of Vancouver, ll.C',, intend, to
apply tu the Commission r ol Lands
ninl Works tor permission to ptir.-hnse
ibe folluwlng described landsi
Beginning at a post planted about
2u chuins east ut' tin- nurth east corner
of Timber Limit No. 12ir_ti, mi Upper
Arrow Lake, West Kootenay, running
west SU chains, thence north mi chains,
theuce east (IU chains, thenee south IU
chains, thence easl 2D chaius, thenee
south 2u chains lu puiut of commencement.
Dated April 7th, 1909.
ai> 14 JOHN 11. SELKIRK.
Hevelstoke Land District,
Distriel uf West Kootenay.
Take uotice tbat I, Atlran Utfiraah,
nf Nakusp, occupation married woman,
Intends lo apply lur permission to
purchase ihe following described
lands :
Commencing at a pusi planieil on
Hie south-weal corner uf Lol ill in,
thenoe west in chainsi thence uorth
(in chains: thence east III chains: thence
south 00 ohalns tu place ul' commencement.
Miis. Ann in l.\ Huasii.
II..I-. La Huasii, Agent.
Dated May 17th, inun. my 2(1
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Miuiufiicliirnri fur nil dnmms of   boUdlllgl
for Iftle in IfincO.r  wimll qUKUtltlftl
nt thn I'i'.v" t priati for CUD.
aii klndiof bt_dldiuffand!plailor!tij|
Tiirilling   Story   of   Attempted
Rescue of Suicide
Niagara F.ill- neivs items contain
a story uf a tragic suicide nt the
famous resnrt on Juue 7 The despatches say.
A thrilling tragedy occurred here
yesterday, when the young wife of
Airon Cohen, of Buffalo, suddenly
stepped from her husband's side, nnd
without warning, east herself into thi
swirling river between ihe Second and
Third Sister islands within a short
distance of the cataract. Cohen in
stantly plunged into the raging water
and succeeded iu catching hold of his
wife. Then followed a territic strugg'e
against the Btrong current, Final y
the man bumped into a tree stump
that had become lodged In the stream,
and, holding the hotly ol his wife in
one hand, he held on to the stump
with the other aud cried lur help.
Word was  sent tu   the  pulice, and
Policeman .lames  Martin hurried in
the river bank, bringing ropes. Two
or three other men joined the officer.
Several times the rope was thrown
tu Cohen, but always it eluded his
grasp. Alter his strength had lean
exhausted, Coheu succeeded in catch
iug the rope, but was unable tu fasten
it abuut his waist The couple were
noi, more than twenty leet from the
shore, lint so swift ia the current at
this point, that the would-be rescuers
did not dare to attempt to enter the
water to render aid.
Finally, with Cohen holding to the
rope, the men began to pull bim and
his wife ashore. When i.taring the
shure Cohen lost liuld of his wife's
li.nly and it was carried down stream.
It was later res-tied from where it
hail bulged agaiiiBl a ruck. Life was
When brought to shore, Cohen win
unable to speak frum exhaustion
After resting lor sume minutes he
uianiiii'd tu gasp mil: "My wile is
dead, l'leaso go and got her body;
she died in my arms."
Cohen says that l.e believes worry
over tbe lact that she was unable
to nurse her infant, caused hia wife's
desire fur death.
Irrigation Congress
Si'OKANE, Wash , June 1).— Regarding the importance of the work of the
National Irrigation Congress, whieli
will have its 17th session in Spokane
on August Oth and 14ih, K. Iusinger,
chairman of the board uf control, says:
'The National Reclamation Act
was passed in 1902. At that time
tbere were in the government's name
In the 10 States affected, 000,000,000
acre- of arid land, of wbicli it was
estimated pussible to reclaim eullicient
to support .riU,000,000 people. By 1911
the reclamation service will have reclaimed nearly 2.000,000 acres at an
estimated cost of $70,000,000. There
are 40,000,000 acres of arid lands susceptible to reclamation by irrigation.
The construction cost of the reclamation wurks is returned to the government for the salejof land, the proceeds
to be again used in furthering irrigation development. Irrigation ia now
making a garden spot and an empire
uf the great American desert, and the
work uf tbe irrigation congress is yet
in its infancy."
Want Western Paper
A Methodist paper fnr the Weat was
the suggestiuii hailing from Winnipeg
at the recent Manituba Methodist
oonferenoe, and the Conference Cum*
mittee repnrt was accepted, stating
that Alberta thinks lhe lime is tn t
yet. The Christian Guardian aud its
editor, Dr. Creighton, received votes
of conlidence, but strong opinions were
expressed iu favor uf the request uf
the oonferenoe last year that a westeru
editur should be appointed,
Steamer Revelstoke
On aoeount ol tlie sudden rise of
water in the river the steamer left toil iy for the Five-Mile landing and will
until further nulice leave that landing
every Tuesday and Friday at 0 a.m..
returning the same day. T.A. Lewis'
stage connects witli the bunt.
HOUSE l'.\I.N"II.\(i
First class  Wurk   Guaranteed,
Mail  Orders   Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Express  Companies Declaring
Heavy Dividends.
interesting ligures as to the profile
mnile hy express companies were given
before the railway commission by W.
S. Buell.nl Brockville, solicitor for the
!■'. 11 Chrysler, eolioitor ol the Dominion ExpresB Company, wanted the
figures iliseiissed in camera, but
Chairman Mabee said all proceedings
must be publio.
The Canadian Express Company
wns incorporated under letters
pstent in 1805. Only $27,000 was
paid in as capital. In 1802 it waB
taken over by the (Irand Trunk Railway, which paid $000,000 to lhe sban-
holilers, although the equipment was
.hen valued at only $00,000 The
equipment is now valued at $212,7111-
15, although no fresh capital has been
subscribed since the original $87,500
The earnings for the past seven years
average yearly, including receipts fro-v
all sources $217,729, or 100 per cent,
yearly on Ihe value equipment,
The l> .minion Express Company
was incorporated in 1SS2. Only $26,-
500 was paid in as capital. The C. P,
R. transferred land giant bonds from
the government to the express company. In a short time the bonds paid
off all liabilities and the directors gut
hack Ihe $25,500 in vested. The equipment is uow valued at $502,239. The
average net profits for live years ou
tbe property was $5211,230, or 92 per
The Canadian Northern Express
Company  was  incorporated in   1902.
The s:r,ck then issued was $300,000,
ol which the vendors, Wm. Mackenzie,
U. W. McKenzie, 1). I) Mann ami '/..
A. Laecb retained ali but $5,000: The
property is valued at $308,393. hast
year the net profits were $57,402.
The Grand Trunk Pacific Express
Company started business on October
27th, 1908. The net profit for two
moniiis was $725
The express companies have completed arguments against a reduction
in rates.
Plans   for  Daily   Airships  in
French Aerial Service
A Paris despatch announces that
plans have been perfected whereby the
French aerial league for lines ot dirigible balions to cunnect Paris with
Nancy, Lyons, Rouen and Pau. It is
planued to put live dirigibles in tbis
service, all uf which will be capable ot
maintaining a speed of thirty miles an
hour. A daily service will be inaugurated in September, and one of the
machines haa already been constructed
Wants Death Penalty
The Governor Ger.eral was severely
criticised fur patronizing the Wood-
line races by Rov. Dr. Chown, addressing the Monties! Methodist oonferenoe
Dr.Chown denounced the bettiogevil,
ami said that next session if the government tailed to introduce a prohibitory bill, a private member would,
they having a promise to that elieet
already. Dr. Chown also commented
on tbe white slave trallic, and saiil lhe
penally bhould be death. He should
like to see a law pas»ed making
adultery a crime. The speaker was
very optimistic regarding the growth
of temperance sentiment in Cuiada,
and wae thankful for the prohibition
of liquor from military camps.
Maxwell Smith Makes  Report
After Inspection
W. Mcxwell Smith, Dominion fruit
inspector, bus just returned from a
tour through the province, says the
Vancouver News. He has made a
caielul inspect iun of all fruit growing
districts except the Okanagan, on
wbicli he is already in receipt of detailed reports. He summed up his
conclusions as (ollows;
The apple erop will be good all
through tbe province. PearB will be
light, plums and prunes promise well,
peaches will be very light owing to
the severe winter, strawberries will
uot Oe quite a half crop, cherries are
in doubt, raspberries and blackberries
promise a full erop.
The Fraser river valley has come
through the winter aa well as any
other district, but the strawberries
will be nu better there than elsewhere.
Development this year promises to
be on a more extended scale than
ever before, and there will be a large
increase iu the fruitgrowing acreage.
Many fruit trees have not yet matured so that tbis year tbe season is
not likely to show much increase in
actual produce over last, especially as
the peach, strawberry and pear crops
have suffered much from the severe
winter. Interest in tbe fruit industry
throughout the province continues to
increase, promising a very large addition to tbe acreage in tbe near
Mr. Smith found in the Boundary,
Kootenay and other interior points a
lew cases of illegal packages which
had been imported and not branded
with the word "short" as required by
the provisions of the Dominion Iruit
regulations. These packages were
not up to standard size aud therefore
would give purchasers Bhort weight.
Such packages have to be branded
with the word "Bhort."
Carpenters' Strike
Ko'iiiMon, June 15.— As a result ol
the indifference uf the Builders' Exchange, 400 union carpenters went on
stri)(e here today. The ultimatum
Irom the carpenters on Saturday waB
tbat a minimum wage of $3 75, or approximately five cents an hour increase
be granted The strike will break in
on the lust liiiihling year the city has
had lor some lime,
Archbishop Dead
Most Kev. Joseph Thomas Luhamel,
Roman Catholic Archbishop ol Ot
lawa, died suddenly on the evening
of June 6 of angina pectoris, at Caetle-
man, Russell county, where he had
gone to administer confirmation. The
deceased prelate was a prominent
churchman, and it was gcncratly understood that he was soon to bu
created a Cardinal, and devoted his
entire time to the administration of
his See. He took no part in politics,
and seldom appeared at any social
Made No Contracts
Montreal, June 12.—Mr. Arthur
Cuate, one of the tlitectors ul the
shipbuilding firm ul Hawthorn, Leslie
A Coate, ol Newcastlc-on-Tyno, who
is now iuMontreal, gives an emphatic
denial to the story published in some
New York puperB as coming from
Montreal, lhat the Canadian Government hud made contracts with the
lirni to buiid a number of'warships
for a Canadian navy.
The belief that an editor knows
everything is widespread, but one small
buy disoovered the limitations ol the
editorial mind. Here is the anecdote
a» we get it Irom a contemporary:
"Father," asked the small boy of an
editor, "is Jupiter iiihabilated'i"'
"I don't know, my bou," was the
truthful answer.
Presently he was interrupted again.
"Father, are Ihere any sea serpents?"
"I don't know, my sun."
The little fellow was manifestly cast
down, lint presently rallied and again
approached the source ul information
"Father, what dues the north pole
look like?"
But, alas' again the answer: "1
don't know, my son "
At last, ii. desperation, he inquired,
with withering emphasis, "Father,
how did you get tu be an editor."
The People Back of
Sunshine Furnace.,
Sunshine Pumace is ihe triumph of sixty-
one years experience- growth from a sni
tinshop to l6ji acres (if floor ipace, from a half dnren
artisans to 1,500, from an annual waj*ff sheet of $4,000
to one of $^70,000, trum a capital Of energy tO one of
$3)000,000! from obscurity to recognition ai Largest
Makers of Furnaces in the Bntlsh Kmpire.
WU  placed
he market the first furnace  to  bt  wholly and
olely designed by a Canadian Company. *   ^
\\> employ a consulting staff of furnace exprtM,   who are     *
continually experimenting with new ideas in order that Sunshine
Furnace   shall   not   have  to  travel   on  its  past   reputation   for    ™
We buy materials in such large quantities that its quality is
guaranteed to us. We have our own testing rooms, so that super,
viuon of construction is exercised down to the finest detail.
McCIaryfe   .
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
jn E  All-purpose   Flour,   and
superior  for  every   purpose.
Highest  grade in tiie  v\or!d.     Purity
label  guarantees success, or  your
money back.
"More bread and better bread. "
Officr. Winnipeg, Minnob*
-*- ^PURsiy Fi;ou£
Uur lugs are slampetl on the end
"E," and all persons are warned
against taking them, or the driving of
nails or spikes or uailB therein, Do
not touch our logs
Bevelstoke Sawmili Co. .Ltd.
In thn Cuiinl.y Court ol Wosl, Kootenay lioldi'ii
al Kovelstoko, lieiwisen
DOM1N1CO UAHON. Plaintiff and
To Antonio Autuso, laborer, Shields, li. C.
Talk N'l'iiii: thai,a Plaint has been ontered
anil a summon.-, issued iiituiiisL you ill the above
County Coiiil by Ilomlnieo Huron of Rovelstoke, H.I'.., for the sum of Slli.uu for bouiil
furnished by linn lo you ut your reqaest ilnriiiij
tho months of July and August, uior and un
order lias heen inude Unit tin, publication of a
Nolice of the entry of sueh Plaint in two successive issues ul Hie Mall-Herald, u newspaper
published in tho mty of Kevelstoke, shall he
deemed to bo koo.I ami BUlHotent service of llie
Summons uiiun you.
Vou are required to entor a Dispute Note
within H days from the llllli day of Juue. Wull,
at tho Registrar's oilico ut Kevelsloke, B. r.
und if you do mil so enter sueh Dispute Nolo,
judgment may bo signed against you uml the
pluiulill may proceed lo Kxeclition.
Iluled this Huh duy of June, Him.,
Vi.  K.  MeLAI CHI,IN.
Deputy Kngistnir of tho County Court.
.11111 12 Ji
*       These destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with    ^^
W A R N O IK'S   T R i-: i-:
A I N 'I"
1 eat;Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, -San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. TUB COST 18 VERY SMALL It will
not wash off. Une application protects for two years. Warnoek - Tree Puint
Is not an experiment, It bas Btood the test for six years In all parts of the
United .States. It is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight. We
mvile Investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station has used tbis tree
paint for three years. November, 1907; they purchrsed 50 gallons for free
distribution among leading orchards.    Send for 16-page free bouklet to
G. R. LAWKS, Enderby, 11. C, Sole Manufacturers for B. C.
Paget Supply Company. Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
Mmleil renders will he rooolvod by the undersigned up to noon on .111111" mill, inun for the
erection and completion of an addition to Tlie
Quoon Victoria llospiiul, Revelstoke, II. C.
Plans and specifications, may be seen at lho
oilice of the llospiiul Seorotary, City,
Eaoh proposal must be iicciiinpaiiicil by ull
accepted liank cheek nuule payublo to tho
1,'evelsl.oke Hospital riociely for a sum ouiiivu-
lent to .'i per cent, of tho iiinoiint of the lender
Which shall he forfeiled if the party teiideriim
decline lo enter into contract when called ujior
to do so, or if lie fails to complete the wbrk
contracted tor. The oheuues of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them upon the
execution oi the contract.
Tho lowest or iinj tender not uocossarily
Tho Hevelstoke llospiiul Society.
"in 1* 'I Secrclary-TreiiMircr.
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Palace Restaurant
McKensie  Avenue
Fruit,Candies, Cigars,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cent?.
Fruit and ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven Uur trees du
not have to be fumigattd.
They are grown in the only
part ol the continent nut
infested with the San Juse
107 Page Catalugue Free.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery
South Vancouver
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Ollice   McKenzie Ave
Be Sure to Attend the
Julv  ,~th to   IOth
Western (nib's Greatest Agricultural fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
The Croat Historical Pageant M la)   morning, Jul)   5th, worth going round
ilir world to see.
The Famous Navasser Ladies' Band of New York.
Ce-Dora in the Golden Clobe, the greatest loop-the loop act in tin- world,
The Eight Mirza Golems, ai robats direct from the court ol the Shah of Persia.
Howard's Dogs and Ponies, Rube Shields the Comedian, C. W.Parker Shows,
and  other   interesting features, any of which cannot be excelled even
in Nuw York ( iu.
Information regarding low passenger rates and special excursions to the Exhibition, may be obtained from station agents.
Entries Close June 19th
Send for Illustrated Pamphlet to
E. L. Richardson, Manager, Calgary, Alta. THK MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE' B. C.
Seasonable (^Merchandise
At Special Sale Prices    Substantial Cuts in all Lines
Men's Suits
Men's Tweed Suits Belling  nt $9.   These
are new—thie season's goods bought at special
prices, easily worth $15.    Come in and look
tiiem over.
Men's    Worsted    Suits—Sale   priee   $10.
These   suits  nre  made by  one ut  the   best
manufacturers   and  come  in blue and black.
Your  choice   now for unly $10; good value at
from 116 lu IflS,
Boys' Suits
Boys'   Tweed   Suits   at $'2.50.      We are
sellini.' all our boys' - nit.-- at great reductions,
Tbis ie  yuur opportunity to dress yuur boy in
a nobby suit at little cost.
Ladies' Specials
Special priees   nuw given on Wash Suits,
Wash   Skirts,   New   Blouses. Ladies' Underwear, Holts, Collars and Hosiery.
Boots and Shoes
.Men'.-   elastic   side  boots,   regular   •$.'!."iO
selling   now  at $2.25.     .Men's   box calf   lace
boot, regular $4.50, now .f2.uo.
All   Ladies'odd   Bunt:- and Oxfords that
have   been   on  sale  at $1.50, are now being
cleared  at  $1   per  pair.     These are regular
$•"> and $ 1 goods,
Never   before   in   the   history of   tin: cily
have  such   bargains   been offered as are to be
found now at our store.
Robebtsi n—At Kevelstoke, Sunday
June Btb, to Rev. and Mrs. .1. R
Robertson, a daughter.
Local and General.
Mi ving pictures tonight.
Don't forget tbe date—C tt'.O.W.
dance at the opera house,  Juue  18th.
High water did serious damage
washing out mads and bridgeB in
theSalmo district.
"Peck's Briy Buy and His Chums"
at the the Kdison l'url ir Theatre on
Monday nnd Tuesday.
The Old Timers are trying to arrange fur a picnic on the 22nd inst
in the grove behind the agricultural
grounds. Further particulars will be
given  later.
Two deaths resulted from a drowning accident at Vancuuver. a yacht
being capsized in the hay on Wednesday. Tlie bullies were thrown up on
the beach at Brockton Point and were
recovered the next day.
A large number ol river ur lumber
drivers are in the city at the present
time. T'u judge Irom the conversations nl tliese'.daring men it is as mucb
a hazard where to get work or where
to take chances on staking their lives.
Then would seem to be little tillering
locally in the matter of driving lug
boomi down the river.
An arrangement bas been entered
into I.y the merchants uf the business
section of tlie city fur the sprinkling
ol the streets during tbe Bummer
m, nthe. commonly known as the hot
weather. Each uf these will pay u
proportionate Bhare ..f the eust, and
the Bprinkling will be made in the
hours oi Hie morning most convenient
iur thi.- work.
Work mi the Bluices desigued t..
c„rry the water Irom tbe to-be diverted
streams passing through the city is
goiug steadily un About forty men
art- at wrk on tiie trenches and they
•ire placing tiie sluice troughs where
they belong. Apparently no ..ue is
fretting very much about the water
records which wire supposed at une
tune to bold up the sewer work proposed by the city.
Muses Webley, a fifteen-year-old
boy, oi l.adysmith. met with instant
death un Wednesday afternoon, while
it wurk in the Extension mines, lt
•feerns tbat tbe lad was tending a trap
dour and attempted to cut in alter
tin usual tive car trip had passed, evi
dently forgetting the recent addition
jf four car- t' the trip. As a result
bt was knocked to the rails aud
dragged aloug the track tu a horrible
Tbe city eugineer aud hie workmen
are having all kind- of trouble with
the power plant, and a frequent ipies-
tiun asked in the homes of rooming
citizen - Is: "Wbere wm Moses when
the ligbt went out " The washout ol
tome forty feet ol llunie waa ,i seri tie
enough matter at lirst, but the oity
workmen hurried lumber air! men I
tbe ground t replace the washed out
part o! tbs ditch. The high water
prevenb I sel. n loi t time, bul it iv,,s
bi ped rn. Wednesday night that tbere
would be in. lurther difficulty lr.un
tbis - urce. The water rose again,
hewever  ind tbe trouble was resumed
At l»nt aOOOUOtl   tneri-   is   I vry pr I-
l*oi that tbe llunie will  be resumed
and tie- lights in the  city burning a»
brilllsotly as iver.
Lem .Hade   p wdei  and  sherbet at
Bews' drug Bt iti'
Call and Inspect mu-stork of Onion Sets and Garden Seeds of ali kinds
None hut new seeds kept in stock
Wi- carry   a   complete   line   of
i lur bread, cuke and pastry I rade
staple and l'ancy  groceries,  antl
is   rapidly    increasing,   n  trial
i'im oiler vnu ihe   liesl   goods  at
ordei1 for any one ol   the above
the same priee us  you pay  for
will explain why.   Our aim is to
Inferior lines.
keep unly the best.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Furses and Bags
I 'i e n ly   .lilli i .-ui
•-iy!      ' i . I, i fron
i'i Ice ■ .ui away down
Now Is the time '"
i.u\ tbis line and he
in the -wim.
•.i \ i ii \ii 11", i.
JMuving pictures tonight,
Gome and see "Peck's Bad Boy  and
his Chums" nt the Edison Theatre  on
M..inlay nml Tuesday,
II. Jackson wn- elected mayor uf
Chilliwack Ly acclamation in the
place uf s. T. Cawley, whu had resigned,
First annual "At Home" nml ,: >  i
will lie  held  in   the  opera   bouse mi
Friday, June 18th, under the auspices
uf O.W.l).W.     Independent Band wi
lie   in   attendance.     I lainty   re
ments will bi  served    Gent's  tickets,
$1.    Ladies, 50o,
'llie aunual concert "i i be M I
Junior Choir will be beld on June 21st
iu the Methodist ohurch. An attractive programme consisting ol glees by
choir, choruses by childred violin and
vocal sulos and instrumental duel-.
full programme in next Saturday's
Miss Mamies i      iecretajj
Woman's Foreign Missionary s... ■•
of the Presbyterian cburcb in Canada.
is expected  tu  visit Reveletoke    i
week, and meetings are being arranged
fi r.    Miss Jamieson is a very interest-
iug speaker nnd   her  visit   wtll  :t'
au opportunity which  should u
lost.    Watch ior further notice.
K. H. Dalton, of I lalton & i-.i.
arcbiteets, Vancuuver. lias been in tbe
city in consultation with the hospita
hoard  with reference to the p ms
the new wing fur the Queen victoria
Hospital,     sume   slight   changes
the submitted   [   <n-   '■■!.. -uggested
and these wiil be forwarded irum V i
-• uver fur t in-  i mil .'I msidei il li i
i... i "nnl I., reach tne oity next week
Tenders are now being sailed lor the
construction of tbe wing, the ten.I.   ■
tu lie in by the 24th inst,
One ol the prettiest gardens in
Revelstoke is tbat of John Sanderson
in tbe lower town, The garden is a
render in for citizens k bo gu i here to
gather i! ,wir^ frum the blooming
trees And I be ipi I 11 ne of delight
iur children w ho bivooao n Ithin il •
confined, A particularly attractive
tree at the present time is a line honeysuckle winch «.,' i, .• etended arms
coverings wide space dispenses both
its beauty uml its fragrance to the
breeze. Mr, Sanderson Is an oldtitner,
one of tbe lirst residents uf tbe ciiy
nml im- the distinction ol lieing a
Fortyniner having itruoh ('.ini.u.i
and gold ahuiit that time
Social and Personal
Kev. Dean Paget ol Calgary is in
tin- oity the guest ol his brother Mr,
0 B, Paget,
S, iliiioiiin returned on Thursday
Irum Culgary,  where  he   lind gone Iur
two weeks mil,
Mrs. J, li Cressman left yesterday
lor n lour month': vinit to friends in
Del roil and Toronto.
II Cunningham Morris returned
irum attending tbe Anglican Synod al
Nelson on Friday. The familiar "bonk
hunk" i» a resumed Bound un tbe
Norm in Fraser who has  in ibii I
train despatcher at Revelab ike foi I he
Inst two years bas been transferred to
M . -. , i ' l|, eft lor bis new
appointmi nl    a Tbured iy ... .ruing
(I. W.   in ,  _ ie stall
Imperial Bs - been |    m
the position . ■    ants
ink's       .        a-    Edmi
l   • ...
with.    Mt   Jr.
ink ass     ,
-    ■ generally.   A
tbi   i, |
ict I .-1,
bank ton ten yi
A Message From Mars.
. Met  ._ Man    tbei
tbi '.       anil
I I be   mo-! . ..
cessl        i . '■. : ,. both
igland ».rn        . n ted States  li •
,.   presi > uii bere
, era H  a night    .lune 12
with • . impetenl playi rs
1 '.' in were in tbe easl during
lompany was on ■ iew fi i
i   -     ii    I.uiiilnii    anil   in   Set
fears     I ).•   mtbi
i said   ' .■ medy thii
i ited ipace, i  fully oom
. -   ptfon     11..
i. ui.   tail ii
oks   if tbe interesl
. - rants tun own way.
...  perform a sen I .■
■ .u   fir bis -
nidsl   of   in-   super
• •     ■
visited bj i
■ met Mars     While
i he sl ige   i-  wrapped
.   , M,-I impress
ind wl sn I h   ii
light. .1   again    the back  wail .,,
id -i   man in 1 Bl r ingli
- .ii  i be  full lig
tin  •'> ['his is I he i nger from
■I plains tbe superior i
nt thi     hal    in     .11 hal pis net
Boston Grand Opera
Mr \v Cranston, wlm  Is probably
Hi. besi kn wn theatrical manager in
Western  Oanada, will  arrive  In  tbel
oity In a lew days In  advance of the
Boston Grand Opera Company, which
will present Gonoud's famous opera,
'Faust'    Mr. Cranston ban been cun
tieoted wiih nil the best operatic oom
panics lhat ham ever visited here, ami
Roal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
Hunts Coi.i.ki-i'Kii.
Noi'.utY Public      Q
> oooooo<h>oooo<hh><hh><kkk:
$15,000 -STOCK   -$15,000
Wc are giving up business and selling   out  our  entire   Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at  Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and  will  be continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock i.s disposed of.
JOHN    BULL Mckenzie ave ue
lias tuo good a reputation to ass ciate
himself with any thing but the hest.
The Hu-lun Grand Opera Cuinpni y
eunies from liusiiin, Mass., and are en
route to an engagement at the Music
Pavilion of the Alaska Yukon Kx
hiliition. Many artists, wh se name-,
are familiar to llmse who keep in touch
with things operatic, are in its east ol
principals, and, wherever they have
sung, nothing but the must (Uttering
notices have been received of iheir
excellent work. The oompany will
appear al tbe Opera House on Monday night. June 28th.
Tonight's Programme
A fair audience wit.nesi.eil the first
class priigiiiniine at the Edison Parlor
Theatre lust night. The smne pru
gramme will he repeated at die two
performances tonight. The programme inoludes ihe biograpb picture
"Tiie Bavarian," "Ingouiar," •'lh-i
uml Rose," ''Huw Mabel Caught b
Husband," "Army Dogs," mil till
"Lady Masher." A new progranimi
will he presented Monday and Tues
•• Peck's Bad Boy "
Among the subject to be presented
in the new programme for Monday
and Tuesday at the Edison I'arlur;
Theatre will he big comedy "Peck's
Bad Boy." As nearly everyone has
rend the story uf 'Peek's Had Boy" it
will be of special interest to many to
see it put on in motion pictures. The
balance of the programme will be
fully up to the standard
Close Call from Dynamite
ALGIERS, June 11—The crew of the
German steamer Ava lias arrived here
following     tlieir   escape    from    tbe
Ava, which was blown to  pieces   by  a
dynamite explosion.    Fire broke out
at   nigbt   on   the   German    steamer j
and  as  dynamite   formed  a   greater j
part of the cargo, tbe crew made haste
to launch the lifeboats and pull away i
from the vessel.   Tbey were none too j
soon, lor within fifteen   minutes after
it had  been abandoned, a terrific explosion   took   place,   which  tore tbe
vessel   tu  pieties, covering the  water
with wreckage.
—      .«.       _ _
Black Hand Again
Chii Alio, .lune 11.— Because she did
aot comply with n demand to place
$600 in a secluded spot near her home, i
Dr. .lennie A. Heardaley, about 40 j
years uf age, was stabbed twice and
seriously injured by alleged members
of the lllaek Hand Bociety, Since the
receipt of letters Dr. lieardsley has worn
a Bteel ribbed corset, which fact alone
saved  her life.
Sei Hew- window display of nlli-
gator purses and lings at reduced
A special selection of hammock's at
Irug store,
Salmon, peas, beans, com.—to-day,
2 tins : ir +1.    llcl ntj re & Sons.
Mr .   oi   st—Rev.T W.Hall,pastor.
- inday   aa   follows i—
i--  at   10  o look,   public
.   ,     Sund iy -ch ml and ,
_   10 p   in., evi nnr;     er
" p  in     Morning   -m ject,
controlled Tongue";
'The Almost Perfect:
Members    of    the'
i a inmi n  ai      I he
i   i doctors wil    ttend
- rvice     The Epworth
thi   auspici the
trtmenl   ■• el on
...   .     - Mid
. • vice   un   Vi ■ i  sad iy
elook     am in . ivited
I Kill AS'- .1     |
- ' . -i.n
i-  —Morning il
I   i ds of
'. a i
I  i  Life     I!
and     Bible   I    i.«    ,,|
i.     e p in.
i   .      .ii
.     ■ • r v I    ily    -    '
— Bev.   1 -. ola
, -
■I a.m, I
10 30   i  i    ll igh  -. .--
-  10
. ,•'. rn lid
i l.'i V
lostoi ■    H
1 30   pn
r ■
p, ii.       Prayei   meeling dnes-
.   i ui ;,r..  i.     nnl touch
ids v  8 u
n mm ;- ;     Hew   VV   ('. Freem in, B A
pasti r     Services at II .• m    md  7 80
n m    Bund i,   ohool nnd Blbli o issal
.'.iu  r   in    li v  P, I!   Monday m 3
p.m      Prayei   meoi Ing u i dnei il iy   h
Si   I'm i. H     Anglican)   Iiei   I   a ■
I'riiciiiinr,    ,\i     A ,      Hi 'ell,i. .    i
Sunday.    .'<   i    n       II ,1, I lol unl ll
II a.m., Matins,   Evensong 7:HU p,m,
.-. School   2.30 p. in.
TTTANTED- Nigbl liiviu.in. holding
VV     Fourth  closs   papers.    Apply,
st.nthiK  wages,   to   11 g li.n.il   Lumber
I'u., Arrowhead.
niOK SALE Some heavy Inu-,-..
J' which have been used I'm log-ging.
Have n sl ti 11 ion,  mures and  geldings.
\\ in.. Revelstoke Sawmill (',,.. 1,1,1..
Big Eddy, B. t .
WANTKD    Daily   work,   "13.   \V."
care Mrs B, Bruce, Conniiugbl
Lots in Block 52
For Sale
For 1 'rices anil Terms
Enquire ol
Revelstoke Realty Co
Opera House, June 14
Deloy's Comedians
IN   Till
Merry Widow Jr;
Big Beauty Chorus
20     People    20
Singing Dancing
Acrobat and
Other Novelties
Uup from start ttfioisli
Matinee and NigHt
Saturday, June 12
Mu- I. is English comedy
A Message
from Mars
\    III     1 I i   |>. .ll 1   >ll   i    1st
\    I   II '    111 .1  .11(1
\ I. mi' tiiinnlly   'ni i ■■ i ul piny
l i. .il  > .i.I   un lillllUK
Bcrcsford  Lovctt
Ilii'  I'in.'l. ll S 'l III
Positively tlie Event of  (lie Season
Night Prices:   $1.50, 1.00, 75c.
Matinee: Adults 50i. Children 25c.
Muslins Given Away
From June 9th to ISih
For Ten Days We will Absolutely G_ .c Muslins cAway
Something for Nothing.    A Rare Opportunity
for the next ten days wc u.ll make an extra effort
to clear out the balance of our Summer Muslins
and lo do so we have put oui a larye lot of pretty,
good washing material, Buy what you want ol
any piece and get the same value from any other
piece free of charge.
REM EMBER—You may take your choice of any
of the goods in sale and get the same number of
yards off any other piece, provided the price is the
same.     Prices range from I2',L, to 40c.
Summer Corsets
A large lot of Summer and Girdle Corsets. All
sizes from 18 to 26.     All one price    Fifty  Cenls.
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To |
Go outside of Revelstoke to make 3
your  Real   Estate   Investments. 3
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd. 3
have the best bargains in the City. jj
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
-'tinei ieau Wonder I'eas
Medium Olnvet'.
Ohampion   ui   England
.Mu  li 1 'lm ei
While   Miilili Clover
Hi.-ii'k   liye   Marrowfat
Sutton's  l.aivn llriiss
(lulileii  Wesi   Heitns
tin inun .Milli-l
Heats, I 'nt'i'iits. Turnips
Onion Nels,  Multipliers
Sweet pens Nasi ui'tiunis
Kive Roses, Royal Standard, Wild Rose, Harvest
Queen, Western Hungarian, Wheat Sheaf,
Whole. Wheat,    Graham.
Barley Hakes, Toasted ('urn, Wheat Pearls,
Rolled Oats,    Wheat (Iranules,
Hay, Wheat, Oats, Cracked and Whole Com,
Oilcake Meal, Vetches, Chick Food, Beef, Scrap
and other Chicken Specialties.
Manitoba Frost Wire Fences and dates,
Warnock's Tree  Paint.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and  largest   Stock  of  Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture   now   on   hand
and made expressly  for us by 1). K. McPherson.
A. J. HENDERSON. Eye Specialist
Refracting Oculist, Doctor of Optics, Scientific
Optician, ol Toronto, Ontario, is taking charge of
Doyle & Allum's Optical Parlors
Do not miss this opportunity to have your eyes
examined and attended to hy one who has had
many years practical experience with John Wan-
less & Co., the leading Optical Parlors of Toronto, besides four years study oi medicine,
Nothing but highest class of work done.
g ATI SIr ACTION   o uaranteed


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