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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure ns HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
I,-  ilative A$&
I'nr easttof operation and perfection
in remUts prod need, this Machine
is ini»/r|iisK'ii —Price; fOOOOossh.
terior Publishing Co., Agents
».i law awariau—rr —^—nn^T*
Vol. 14.-No G
t ..
\N1I/RY 22, L908
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Preserved Fruits!!
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••      SlopfcPaile, $2.50   Sale Price $1 90
Preserve Kettles $1.25   Sale Price     900
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Dippers 40c    Sale Price     80c
"      Ewers, 75c    Sale Price     00c
Ewers, $175  Sale Price $1 ISO
Pie Plates, 35c  Sale Price     25c
Pudding Pans, 45c Sale Price     30c
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Lipped Sauce Pans, $1 25 Sale Price
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Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1,00.  . .Sale Price
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Quite a number took advantage of our Sale nf Nickle-Plated Ware
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Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 50 x 100 feet.     —$ 050
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Two-Acre Blocks, suitable lor Fruit, adjoining city
Per Aore - " **°° »nd *160
If you are, the question of cost is
no doubt an important consider-
ation.    Design next.
Only snlection of (hit Glass In town
Vast Quantity of Logs Scaled
The grand total of logs scaled on
the British Columbia coast during tbe
year 190? has just been announced,
the amount being 407,065,223 (eet the
average scaling per month teing
33,922,102 feet. Tbe greatest measurement of logs scaled io one month ol
the year paused through the hands of
Mr. Andrew Hoslam, supervisor of log
sealers, in July, when no less than
47,764,544 leet were measured by tbe
provincial government officials.
In January of lost year there were
sealed over 13,000,000 feet; that
aiu unt bos been nearly reached so
far this month, and it 1b probable that
the total of scaling (or the present
month will be in the neighborhood of
.0 000,000 leet.
Chamois Vesta, chest protectors, all
sizes, at C. 1\. Maadonald's.
Thomas Taylor of Revelstoke,
and J. H. Schofield of Ymir,
Open Debate in Reply to the
Speech from Throne.
The provincial legislature met on
Friday at 2 p.m. T. Taylor of Kevel
stoke rose to move the address iu reply
to the speech from the throne. He
reviewed the History of the movement
to cornet tho invasion of the people
of the oast, commenting upon the
reasons for disallowance advanced by
Ottawa that II. C. lacked jurisdiction
in the premises. He referred to the
situation at Ottawa attending the
develupmeut ol the treaty with Japan,
saying that the Dominion Government had failed to make good its
promise of restriction, hence the large
inllux of Japanese. He commented
upon Mr. McBride's miseion to England for bettor terms, and his success,
saying, that the province had never
received back in a fair ratio what it
had paid into the Dominion treasury.
He reviewed the financial record of the
government and the surplus that had
been produced. In speaking on timber and forestry he said that the government had taken a wise step in the
conservation of the forests of B. C.
which would prevent any further
alienation ol this valuable asset. He
referred to the action of the government in granting lumbermen and
millmen a security of title of timber
berths covering a period o! 21 years,
instead of the methods of renewing
licences year by year, which policy
was unsatisfactory to all timber and
mill men. He reviewed the mining
industry as being prosperous saying
that a record ol a tbirty million dollar
product of metalliferous mines had
been established. He commented on
the increased coal output and touched
on the good progress of the fruit industry. In discussing the civil service
he said qualifying examinations
would benefit tbe service and a superannuation would redound profitably.
Speaking further with reference to
the administration of the timber
lands. Mr. Taylor observed that under the present act that befcre tbe
millmen began cutting they were
obliged to make a survey. Tbe mill-
men did not object to this. But there
were cases where unsurveyed strips
occurred between tbe surveyed acres,
and he thought some arrangement
should be arrived at with the millmen
with respect to these unsurveyed
strips, which il not operated upon
would become a prey to forest fires.
He suggested a change also with regard to the cancellation and renewal
of licenses, contending that it was unfair that millmen operating large
plants, and contributing a large annual revenue to the province, should
be subject to the possibility of having
their licenses cancelled if the fees were
not forthcoming immediately upon
lapse of tenure, as a default might
occur through a clerical error or some
unwitting inadvertence. The mi 1-
men, he thought, were entitled to
some concession on this point.
Mr. Taylor then moved tbe reply
which was seconded by J. II. Schofield
(Ymir),'who dwelt on the question of
irrigation and topog<aphical surveys.
Stampede from Hazelton, B. C.
to Finla; River.
Hazelton, B. C, Jan. 21.—Far up
near tbe confluence of the Ingenica
and Finlay rivers, almost midway
between the Canadian Rockies and
Cassiar mountains, comes a report ol
a gold strike, the most important of
any from northern fields for years. A
stampede Irom here has followed the
receipt ol tbe news, and a large party
of prospectors has now outfitted and
gone to the scene .of the new strike.
More will follow. Two of the discoverers are with tbe party which left
to-day. Tbey bod been in tbe district for two years and came out for
an outfit.
From tbe discoverers, it is learned,
tbe prospects are of the best, the gold
brought out by them being extremely
coarse. The diggings at* reported
All the old-timers of this district
are preparing to make a rush to the
new fields.
Why use old dishes when ycuoin
buy a lull dinner set lur $10 at C. B
Hiiwe & Co's.
Ladies' and pent's visiting oards, the
right shape   to   use.   Sold   at   C. K
The Legislature—Sikh Temple
Anarchist Plot — Dominion
House-Costly Blaze—Electrify C. P. R.
Victoria, Jan, 22,—In  the  House
yesterday, J, A. Macdbnald, leader of
tlie Oppi sition, speaking to the add re s
inn ply, moved it votu nf censure on
the government for accepting the responsibility of the lieutenant-governor's action in refusing his assent to
the Natal act. by their failure to
The premier, in reply, argued that
tbo lieutenant governor, when he was
sworn iu, received instructions from
the governor-general to act on his own
New Webtminstkk, Jan. 22,—Over
200 Sikhs, resident mostly of Milleide,
attended the opening of the Sikh temple it Vancouver yesterday morning.
Ilio iik Janeiro, Jan. 22 —The Brazilian police have discoveicd un anarchist plot here having as its ■ hject tbe
destruction of part of the American
fleet now lying iu the harbor. The
conspiracy, while centering in Ilio de
Janeiro aud P«tropolis,;bi, ramifications iu San l'aulo and Min.is Geraes.
Ottawa, J mi. 22—Three resolutions,
were discussed in the ComuiunB yesterday, on the abolition nl tlie Senate,
reform of the Senate and the Kelti-
Santiago, Chili, Jan. 22.—A great
lire at Temuco, a flourishing city in
the south of Chili, bus destroyed
twenty blocks of buildings. The loss
is more than $300,000. There is great
distress among the poor.
Dublin, Jan. 22.—Lord Curzon of
Keddlestone, ex-Vicetoy of India,
yesterday received a majority of the
votes cast iu tbe election to fill the
vacancy among tbe Representative
Peers of Ireland, caused by the death
in November ot Lord Kilmaine.
Montreal, Jan. 22.—Mr. William
Wbyte, second vice-president of the
C.P.U., says that the electrification ol
tbe mountain section of the road bos
been under consideration for some
time. Mr. Whyte is of tbe opinion
that the idea is perfectly feasible, and
that it will be carried into effect before
very long. The first section that will
likely be changed will be the Bound
ary section of the Crow's Nest Pais
■  a
New Theatrical Enterprise.
Messrs. Willis and Ccsgrove, lessees
of the Calgary Lyric theatre and
Edmonton opera bouse, and proprietors of several Edison Theatre
Parlors throughout tbe Territory, will
open in Selkirk Hall next Monday
There   •■ entire change of
picture rued songs on Mon
day and 'inursday evenings of each
week. Messrs. Willis und Cosgrove
beg to assure the amusement loving
public of Revelstoke that they will
cater to the ladies and children particularly, and patrons need have no
scrupleB in attending Jtheee performances as the class of pictures will he
instructive as well as amusing. In
Calgary mid other places, r .niiing
under their management, it is ditlionlt
to obtain even standing room, so
greit i. the popularity of tola class uf
The perfnrnittnc.es will start at 7.30
p.m. and continue till 1030 pin.,
making three continuum Bhow*, so
people may come and go at any time.
The price ol 15c. foi adults and 10c.
for children, will lie within the reucli
of all.
Messrs. Willis and Cosgrove have
been identified with the Bonnie Brier
Bush, We Are King, Geo. Howard
Stock Co., and several others, having
a hall financial interest with Mr. C. P.
Walker of Winnipeg, in promoting
these attractions for the territory.
The bookings in tbe near future are
The Beggar Prince Opera Co. and tne
Montreal Maids, two excellent musical
companies, which are booked at. the
Revelstoke Opera House.
B. C. Fruit Growers
At Victoria the B. C. Fruit Growers
Association held its annual meeting
this week, tbe following ofiiaers being
Pres—J. Johnston, Nelson.
1st. Vice-Pres. — S. Bartholomew,
2nd. Vice-Pres— A E.Gale,Keating
3rd, Vice-Pres.—A.II. MoOleneghan,
4th. Vice-Pres—T Wilson. Van
Seo.-Treas.—W.J Brandrith, Ladner.
Executive—K. M. Palmer, Victoria;
H. Kipp, ch.lliwaek; s Bartholomew,
Summerland; J. Johnston, Nelson; W.
J. Brandrith, Ladner.
Annual Meeting — Matters of
an Important Nature Were
Discussed. - Election of Offi-
and Executive.
The general annual meeting of the
Revelstnke Board of Trade was held
lust night with a good attendance
0, F, Lindmark, us president., took the
Minutes of the last mooting were
read and adopted.
H. T. JulTruy, manager of the Imperial Hank, and Dr. W.H. Sutherland
wore unanimously elected members of
the Board.
Communication in connection with
improved C.P.R. train service, excursion rates and postal arrangements
were read nnd filed.
In regard to the letter from W. J.
Devitt, chief provincial constable at
Nelson, re the losing of a man in the
Columbia recently and tho necessity
of having a boat in readiness lor
emergency, the secretary was instructed to inform him that several boats
were available for this purpose.
E. A. Haggen and the secretary
were instructed to prepare articles on
the financial condition of the district,
advantages nf the desirable locutions
tor factories in this section, the same
to he sent to the Monetary Times nnd
also that the Board of Trade notes
should he included. E. A, Haggen
said that active steps be taken to open
up the upper country, sinco the Grand
Trunk Pacific were shortly coming
through; he said it was a great opportunity to get in and advocate lor
direct communication from Revelstoke to tap the G. T. P., incidentally
opening up a large area of rich land.
The route from here was suitable in
every way and only 180 miles separated Tete Jaime Cache from this city.
The opening of the upper country
would pay the government. This
was very important and would increase Revelstoke's business.
G. S. McCarter in following along
the lines suggested, said that tbe attention of tbe Grand Trunk Pacific
should be called to the fact that the
route from Revelstoke to Tete Jaune
Cache is by*far the most convenient
of any for the transport of supplies
since it was only 180 miles of a route
altogether and with the construction
of a tram round Death Rapids and a
steamer on the upper river for another
forty or fifty miles there would remain
only about 40 miles of road construction or of a tram line to the seat of
their operations at Tete Jaune Cache.
The route as compared with that of
Qucsnel, Fort George and the Skeena
river, was more practical and would
cost considerably less, being more
than half again as short. The G.T.P.
should be advised as to all these particulars, especially the cheapness uf
obtaining power in that section.
A committee, consisting of Messrs. I
McCarter, Haggen and Gordun, were i
appointed to secure maps and data
and to advise the G.T.P. of the!
suitability of tbe route from hero and
the great advantage for securing sup.
pli'-s M their construction operations.
The matter of the traffic bridge was
discussed, the Board agreeing that
the necessity for this was very
urgent and wmiltl go u long way
inwards the development and opening
up of the districts north ol the city.
It was pointed out that nearly every
other city has one, and Kevelstoke as
chief city of this riding and one which
brings in considerable revenue to the
government, deserved this special
grant Representations had been repeatedly made to the government but
as yet nothing had been done. Petitions had been largely signed and they
should at once be aubmittid to tbe
government and the necessity for a
bridge pninti (1 out.
A resolution was passed that a very
urgent wire-be immediately sent to T
Taylor, M.P.P., and the-Premier, requesting that Mr. Gamble, provincial
engineer, be sent to Kevelstoke at
once with a view of surveying a site
for a traffic bridge over the Columbia,
and of having an appropriation lor
this work included in the estimates
lor the year.
It was also reeolvod to complete the
petition and forward it to the government.
F. Frasor said that the government
should lake steps to compete tin
mattress on I be river bank; 500 feci
mote are required and heavy damagi
next high water will result unless this
is done. The matter was left in ttie
hii'.n.i of the Government Agent tn
take up when Mr. Gamble came here
Well Supplied
Is a wise practice in everv
' 7 i"...'.■■*/'''-'■.\'y\ we"   regulated   household,
Wj*f}i M 'r>'vJ and  in   nothing   does   this
^7^vy  rule   apply   more   than   in
i^k'o/    Groceries   which  are   daily
/. '. j/       needed     in   every   h om e.
=a~"- Think over what you want
in the way of Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Sugar, Flour, Jams,
Jellies, Fruits, Nuts, Cheese, Butter, Spices, etc. We have
the finest qualities procurable.
Guaranteed Pure, in the following :      Strawberry,
Raspberry, Cherry, Feach, Crab Apple.
All   New Goods   just arrived and   we  guarantee
Quality.    Try them.
Bourne   Bros.
HAKD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $0.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coul on the market.
They start Are us easily us dry wood and last as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Feeders  and
open grates, j
We have a largo stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
will.flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first 1 Op. Union Wjj
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Provinces of Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Columbia, Ontario, Qsebeo.
Oapital Authorised ...        (10,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up, ....    S4,860,000.00
Reserve Fund .... •4,860,000.00
1). K. Wilkik, President ; Hon. R. Jaihkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available iu all  parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.    Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed un deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—H. T. Jaffray, Manager
The   following  officers   were ^elected
for the yeor:
President—F. B. Lewis.
Vice-Pres.—E. A  Haggen.
Secretary—H. Floyd.
F.xecutive committee:—T. Kilpat-
riok, A E. Kincaid, W. H. Pratt, C.
F. Lind 1 ark, J. P. McLennan, H.
Cunningham Morris, O. S. McCarter,
A. Johnson, W. M. Lawrence.
Mr. Lindmark resigned bis chair to
the new president, who said lhat he
appreciated the honor conferred on
him and that he would do his best lor
the board. He urged good attendance
from the members and asked for their
hearty co-operation in tbe work. He
aid that members must pay their
uies and the board liii.lly ag'eed that
imtices of arrears will he **ni out t
all members, and if not paid by • certain time, will be lolloaed hy a draft,
which if not accepted, will be an
acknowledgeinent.that such   members
do   not   wish   to remain in the board
and will be cut out.
A committee ol Messrs. Kincaid
and Cunningham Morris was appointed to secure photos uf Revel-
sioke scenery and industries for
illustrative purposes iu Colliers
Weekly, New York. The meeting
then terminated.
Bible Society Meetings •
The annual Bible Society meeting
under the auspices of the local branch
took place last evening in St. Andrew's Church. Tbe attendance was
not large, but&tbe meeting was ol a
very interesting character. The Revs.
Pr cunier and Freeman, owing to engagements eUewhere, were unable
to be present The addresses of Rev.
I' W. Hail and Kev. J. K. Robertson
were of an exceedingly excellent character and mu:h appreciated by those
present. The collection amounted to
|16 70. The proceedings were brought
to a close by the benediction pronounced by Rev. T. \V. Hall. THE MA1L-HRRALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
She tUbaiUlbevalbi
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy,       Harold Fishes
, il.l.AN £ ELLIOTT,
Barriiten, Bollcltori, Etc.
KKYKI.-lmu'. .Mi  IUOl"l LAKE, 11. I'.
C, K (!n.i.»N J. 0. I'.i.i.iivrr
OmCKl. I    lM MllAl.    llASK    1II.OCK,    ItKVKI
•htokk, 11. 0,
Mont') lo loan.
Oftlce.-: IteveUtoku, B. i:.; Cranbrook,,B, I'.
Uail. If. Mel'AKTKK,
»..  U.   I'lN'KHAM, J. A.  llAIIVKV.
ReTslitoke, 11. 0,       I'ranlii'ook, 11. C,
J.M.Scott I.L.U \V. 1. HriitKK
IUrrihtkrh, Solicitors, Etc,
Musky to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Aieay   ot all Ore.,   BamplM by mall or uxitchh
rcct'lre prompt attention.
Term. Moderate.
AliDHEM        -        -       -       11"! ..I'.'  Kas1.ii, It. I'.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Smveylng
McKhn/.ik Avenue,
Box loo, Revelstoke
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and university Examinations,
*TCDIO-At   Mrs.   J.   C   Hnlcliisnii's   Con.
nauKbt Avenue.
Mining) Real E**t;ttc, Hii^iiioss, Financial and Shan- Brokers,
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers" Liabil
ity, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines* Land and Timber.
B. C.
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
escutcheon, so that wa may feel
that in ii Canadian flag we can he
reminded oi the allugiunoe due by
us lo the Motherland and to the
lnnil of out' adoption, nnil also thnt
with the emblem waving over out
heads we may see "Canada," and
thus honor anil tovi'io the euliir.-
wliicli life the sigiiiliciinco oi be]
greatness, With the ofllolal recognition of ii real Canadian King thnt
may bo used throughout the Dominion, loyalty both to the crown
and to our own lnnil would '"J far
moro largely demonstrate The
Union Jack cannot be used hy any
Brilisli subject, and every ling of
that kind thai is Mown tinii-t bear
sumo mark or border which distinguishes it from ilm ofllcinl Union Jaok as used by the Government, Wo as Canadians then may
not use, tho correct Union .lack,
and since every true Canadian
loves bis country and Itsjembletn
tbtru is no reason why Canada
Bhould nut have a flag officially
recognised which she ninl her people may use io demonstrate their
loyalty both tu the Imperial sovereignty as well as to the bond of
true Ciiniulianisin.
Zhe flfcaiU-lfoevalb
Tbo new city council has been
duly sworn in and have all signi-
fled their intentions of getting
(low)) to hard work fur the interests
of the community. We are all still
citizens of Revelstoke and as such
must each do our part in the carrying out of city business and give
tbe new council our heartiest support for the advancement of the
city's interests. It is alright to
get out and make a light in a civic
campaign, in fact the keener the
competition the bettor and more
sure the result, hut when the contest is over, drop it; let there be no
post mortems, but rather let all get
together, both winning and defeated
oandidates alike, those who voted
for the winners and those who
voted for the losers; let there be no
hard .feelingB and let us all get
down to study what is best for our
city, her furtherance and advancement. There is lots of work to do
and every one should do his or bur
share in helping to make Revelstoke brighter, better and more
progressive day by day. Some of
us perhaps cannot do much but
everybody can get in and do their
bit. The council to carry out the
wishes of the people whom they
represent must use a firm, impartial policy and have the confidence
of tbe electors, for there is as much
for tbe community as a whole to do
as lies in the bands of their council and a citizen's duty docs not by
any means cease after he has polled
bis vote.
restriction may bint, themselves
hern ninl there, There enn lie little
fear nf bail limes when a greal
oorporution is willing to ipetid
$J 1,000,000 upon extensions,
There is so much bad in the lie^t of un
And mi much flood iu tho worst of OS,
That it hardly behoove* any of us.
To talk about the rest of us.
The proposal to fly a flag over
each public school in British Columbia has caused some astounding
statement? to be made in the press
and by BoaTds of Trustees all over
tbe province. The provincial Minister of Education aas urged the
adoption of the Union Jack or the
Jack-of-the-Union, as the oflicial
emblem and points out that this
flag and no other can be recognised
by the government, at the same
stating that the so-called Canadian
flag—the Canadian merchant service ensign, with the Canadian
coat oi arms in ■ the lower right
corner, has no oflicial status outside
the merchant service, We underhand that the eastern provinces
are about to adopt the Canadian
merchant Bervice flag as the one to
lie put in general use over their
schools and lhat llr. Young has
written the officials of these provinces urging the adoption by those
in the east of the Union Jack. We
would point out that while tin-
Union Jack, which is the real national Aug of the Empire, and as
such can only be flown by the government, army, navy and imperial
dependencies, is the flag that ought
to wave over our schools and is the
official emblem of the government
yet at the same time there is nothing to show or demonstrate to our
children and the rising generation
that Canada, their homeland, is
represented, Although we arc bom
and reared under the shadow of
the Union Jack, still every branch
uf the Empire naturally wishes to
have its respective emblem in conjunction with that of  the Imperial
The policy which marks a great
corporation like the C.l'.K., says
the Montreal Standard, is indicative of industrial and commercial
The shareholders of the company
met the other day for fifteen minutes and sanctioned the issue of
$24,000,000 of new stock, to be
used, as the president, Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, remarked, >n the
improvement of the proper of the
Sir Thomas was in an optimi.-tic
mood. He saw. in his mind's eye,
the continual growth of the Dominion, which must be met by the
company by increased expenditures. Sir Thomas is, known :"
be daring, but he is also eminently
cautious; and when he spea tl
hopefully of the immediate future
it is a stimulus te Canadian.-.
A great corporation like the
C. P.R. which employs forty thousand men, and which in its operation effects the life, more or less
directly, on the entire population,
may be regarded aa a business
barometer. When it reaches out
and plans for extensions and the
spending oi many millions, it may
be fairly assumed that the general
condition of the country is healthy,
though temporary shrinkage ami
An Unwelcome Visitor in Revelstoke Causes Trouble. &
^Tliis is   the   sonann   when   the   gri|
lionil is abroad and running amuck in
the city puts ninny unsuspecting
citizens under the weather. This unseen anil invidious foe line already
many vlotuus and there is nothing we
die.id more, The following Iron
"Colliers" gives an interesting eulogy
ou ihe nil prevalent germ:
Hall, Qrlp.germ I We who are
about to die (unlesB you do it lir-i)
salute you! You rule tho roost, Vuu
are the easy boss ol  everything   Irom
destiny to tive-n'cloCK tea OOOversa-
tion. When you emerge from yolli
secret lairs upon a Stricken world oui
vaunted median! Bolenoo lien down and
grovels, Well hns Scntt sung you,
O Bacillus)
'•When pain nnd anguish wring tho
A red-hot, ring-tailed demon thou!"
and Gray melodiously moralised
"Tbe purse-proud doctors wctnl. his
weary way,
And leaves the genu to quinine and
to me."
" What hoots it that spectacled wib
(.him, in laboratories, has put you
under the microscope, isolated and described you, "mugged" you for its
Ungues' Gallery, and painted your
horns pink for further identification V
What hvii'iIh it that the wise doctors,
bump their learned degrees together
in conference over your tlisph using
nppnraiicc and charnctor, the ivhile
you romp abroad in our fevered vein*,
and practise foil dexterities upon our
sneezing apparatus? What we want
is, not description and measurement nf
you, 0 genius of a thousand p.ings.
Handsome is as handsome does. Our
crying need, in a very literal sense, is
a cure, nnd n quick one; anil we don't
much care whether it comes in the
form of pill, powder, aniulut, or sudden
death. Like the late Lord Tennyson,
who, under similar delirious conditions
nindo himself an awful nose of Dawn,
"We can but hope that somehow good
will he tho finnl goal of pills," and,
patiently awaiting ttie worst, with the
ailicted Tentmaker:
•'Sneeze, for we  know   not   whence
ye come nor why!
Sneeze, for wo know not when ye gi
nor where!"
And so, exalted above all lesser topics
such as New Year's pledges, high
finance, dementia Americana, civic
elections, we salute you, bacterial
prodigy. Once more, bail. All ha—
Where's that handkerchief.
O, w. o. w.
MoMntl,.ln   VloW Can,i,   No, 720.
Mi. i,   Booontl  lout   1' Hi  Wailno duyi in
.mil iiioiuii, Iii Selkirk ll.iil. Visiting wood
.ui'ii corilinliy Invltud in iiii'iiid.
W, 11. AuMSTUOXU, Coil,   loin,
.1   MclNTVHIO. Chirk.
F. O. E.
.Tim raKiilar mootluKH tu* liald in tlio Holkirl
Hull svory Tuosday oyeiiluii at 8 oolooa, Vli.ii-
nut ln-.it lir„u urn ourmilily Invited.
J   l.lvsl.li.',. I'ltiomniiNi'.
W. K. Mel.AUttlli.lN, SkciiktaHV.
Konl, in,v   l.'iitKii No. liiAF.&AM
,_*    */»»V Tlio regular  mom
ins aru tii'lil in tin
Mti-onli'      Tnniiili'
lllll I'VllllWK Illllf.lU
Uii' third Monday in
laoh iniiiit.ti   at   )
..III.   V Utl in,,- hi'tilll
vii   oordlally   wol
It. A. rltlH'l.'NIKlt, Skohbtaby,
SELKIRK l.ODUE, NO   IS. I. O. 0. F.
Muoii. every Thursday
 Inir   In    Selkirk
Hall    nt   8   o'olook.
VlMillllK lll't't.llrilll 001
illnlly   imii ml   to Kl'
(I, I.BMBKK, S.d.
Cold Rango Lodgo, K. of   P.,
No. 26, Rovelstoko, B. C.
ux'upt Third Wodno»day nl
QftOtl   I.' Hllll. HI   llH'   ' lililtclliiWf'
null   iii   h   o'clock,    VltUIni
Kninliisun* oordlally  iiviiod.
J. MATH1I5, C. C.
Q. H. llltoi'K, li. or ll. A. S.
11. A. IIHOWN. M. of P
To the Revelstoke Public
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke'B FIRST
Good work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
.1. 0. HUTCH I HON, Prop,
That's Royal Crown kind—
made in Vanoouver—Largest
Soap Factory west, of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Hook let. tells what we give for
Koval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Kree—AIbo try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
L...     Baker,
~r Confectioner? JHHP
"Itesiaiirnn' and Ku111 lulled Huoiiih
Meals from 2oo, Up,
Second Street, > East End
Mulls at all Hours
Everything Up -to-Date
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
Climax Restaurant
White Help Only
). HARRIS, Manager.
Miimifrii'l.iimil for till olaasoslof buildings
for salo iu largo «>r small quantities]
nt the lowest price* for cosh.
AH kinds of building uud plastering
u ndor taken,
Pulp Manufacturing
By next September the works of the
Canadian Pacific Sulphite and Paper
Company at Bwanson Bay will lie in
operation according to the plans of
Mr. .1. M. MacKinnon, resident director of the company as expressed to-
day. Everything oi c .urpe depends
upon the delivery of the machinery
but it ia expected that the full plant
will he installed and ready for running hy September.
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also a
kinds of Garden Produce.
Front Street,     Revelstoke
TTT X.VTKH  TO   LET    I-'.'.     '■ iitn.il
\ V     hi ii ■-'     ; .s* pei
mouth   .irlui ni-ln-d  nr $12 per nionlh
fin n shed   Column ■ A.- i    >--  I. .:*
| TTTANTED TO LET- EiKhi-roomed
Ijrjl pet ui'HUh.
l<lil|.tl Hffl(   	
nERV T WANTED A genera
,^ serv ml « it led in .. -mall faiuilv
• i.'"- SU1 Apply to Mwr. Hkkm.ii
office, H-2
SO MOW & JIM SAM, Pnor-8.
Open Day and
Special attention   given   to
Supper  Parties & banquets
Meals, 25c.        Meal Tickets, S5.50
i.KT   Till-: HABIT
OPPOSITE   V.  ,M.   ('.   A.
hou.-e nn   >l' Kenzi-   Ave., rent
•nai |i"t iii  pi :i       \|'|i y   li    i
Agencies   Limited,   n.-x'   t   I'H. Ti-le-
F     Up-staira   over   0.   II.     Brock's
i- - lence, Fourth   Street,   by Miss < .
TO LET—Room or room and board
foi one or two gentlemen. All con-
veniences, telephone, etc. Vpply'to
Mail-Hebald office.
rTTANTED Men and Women lo
VV learn barber trade, mage-seamed while learning, catalogue fire
Write Moot Him,., College. 308 Cur-
i all Hi.. Vanceuvei   B, I'.
rTTANTED     Dressmaking   by   the
V V     day,   by   a   ri n i"*t enl    Dres
maker from the K.ii'     Apply to P 0
H'.x :i| I. sat dei 7
rTTANTED KNOWN Vou i in get
VV     "i I' ilm heal mape to he bod
] In I'it.y hnuwe property from u*. Twn
boiiapHiind 100 ft. frontage lo Main St.
,U f( i $2,600 of Him h only $1000 - i I
i- ri tjuired ind balance can remain nn
mortgage, -■ Apply at onoe to Columbia
i Agent ii *, Limit ed,
'i    h\  A V; «l      SHE'S AN ODD GIRL
vho can eat  Manning's  candies
Without having smne little feeling of   gratitude   fur    the    ilnnor
uf course you've K''t t.r> tight, your
own love battles,young man. but
our cotifeclinns you'll find to be.
a strung ally in your wooing.
Manning's (and) Palace
I have choice
upland prairie hay
and Timothy, also
oat -. wheat and
feed to offer in car
load lots.
I >elivered prices
eriven  on   request
CALGARY,   Alto.
RevoUtoko Land District.
liistrlci of West Kootenay,
Talconotioo that I, B. Y, Rotuny, of Poplar
Grnoki B, 0.* oaoupatlon frospootor, tntonaslo
apply tin' a speolal lloonoo to out and carry
away timbur irom the folluvving duKUVibi'd
SI. Coiiunt'iH'liiK nt a post, plantod about. 201)
font ott the north Hide of I'oplar Crook, markod
"H. Y. Roamy's north*oast oon«or post adjoia<
ing tho woflt boundary of Timber Limit No
114(12, about ono milo WOBt of tho Hrst SOU til
fork of Poplar OrOQK* thonoo WOSt 80 chains,
tbonco south 8(1 chains, thenco caxt 80 chains,
thenco north 80 chains Lo point of commencement, containing (MO apron more or less-
2. Commencing at a post planted about 200
feet on the north side of Poplar Creek, nmrkod
"M. Y. Roamy's southeast, corner post," adjoining the west boundary of Timber Limit Nu
1UU2, about one milo west of tho lirst. south
fork of I'oplar Creek, thence wchL 8<) chains,
thenco north 80 chains, thonco cast 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point of commence
meat, containing 010 aoroH more or lest;.
3. Commencing at a post plantod on tho cant
hank of the second south fork of I'oplar Creek,
about ono mile up markod "B. Y RoamyV
north-oast corner post," thenco west 10 chains,
thenco south 100 chains, thence cant 4" chains,
thoncc north 100 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 ocros moro or loss
1 Commencing at a post planted about 4K
milos westerly from tho first, south fork of I'oplar Crook, markod "B. F. Heamy's north-west
corner post," theNce cast 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenco wost 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of coram en cement,
containing 640 acres more or less,
6. Commencing at a pottt planted about i\_
miles westerly trow the lirst south fork of Poplar Creek, marked '"H. Y. Ituaiuy's north-cast
corner post." thenco wost 4u chains, thenco
south 100 chains, thenco east 40 chaine, thoncc
north 100 ihains to point of commencement,
containing 040 acres moro or lens
ii. Commencing at a post planted about Ave
miles westerly from tho first houth fork of I'oplar Creek, marked "B. Y. Heamy's south-west
corner pool." thenco east Hit) chains, thenoe
north !0 chains, thenoe west 160 chains, thence
south 40chains to point of commencement, con
laining 010 acres more or lesn.
Located 17th December, 1907.
wed Jan 16. B^ Y. KKAMY, Locator.
tote [And District,
of Wf.i Kooti nai
Take notice thai LC. O woodrowof Poplar
hi ii Prospector, Inland u, nppi)
for *  ;-• md i an j . »ajr tfm-
•■ tho following described lands:
ComraetH ng it a post planted about | of h
mile toothsrl) from tbe 37 mils board on the
' p k railroad adjoining Tlmbwr Umft IWfln
on west boundarr, and Pie urath boundary oi
Pirn hoc Limit <«, rnurk-*/] ( Q, Woodnw'n
iior'ii.-n-i corner post, Cncnes prswl lOohatas,
•f,cti'" with "> chains thencs east80 shams,
bhenre nor' h BO ebalns i-o point of oomfnenes
men). containing ato sores mor- f»r lass,
Located Iflth Heo MW7.
-red |an \tl ' • O, WOOPltOW, Loeator,
Certificate   of Improvements
Big Hopo Kraotion If In. ral Claim, si to at n in
theTrmil Laki   vHning Division Of Koottt-tay
Whi rn >noated:   Poplar Ureek,
i iko nation ibnl f.Charh   John Allnn Nnw
i.oii Padloy, of Nelson, n <'   Yrne Miner's < rrll
ll atoNo bOOOOB,  Intend, slxt) days from dab
hcroof, to apply tp the Mining Recorder Torn
(Certifloate f»f hnprovomi nis. for I he pnrno a ol
obtaining n ' irown Omni of the aboro claim,
And  rn thor tako notloa Hint action, un let
■i'iifm _'7, must be iiniiiiM nri.'d  before tin
■ uaiMii of such Cortiii iii' of Improvements,
Datod LhlsWih day or January, A.D, iww,
WoUJiuilJ 0. J. A. N. 1'ADLliY.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that I, B. P. Reamy of I'oplar,
B.C., occupation Prospector, intend to apply for
a special licence to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
west bank of Kusty Creek, marked '*B. Y.
Iteamy's sum h-east corner post," about a miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Hapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, adjoining Timber
Limit 112-Mt running west, thenco west 100
chains, (hence north 40 chains, thence east 100
chains, theoce south 4u chains io point of commencement, containing 640acres more or less,
2. t Commencing at a post planted on tl e wont
bank of Rusty Creek, marked "B. Y. Kearny's
north east, corner host," about 'J miles southerly
from the Lardo river between Kapid Creek and
Tenderfoot Creek, thence west 100 chain*-,
ihence south 10 chain**., thence east 100 chaius,
ihence noii h li chains iu point of commencement, containing 610aores more or less.
3. Commencing at a post planted on tbe
west bank of Ku«ty Creek, marked "B. If.
Iteamy's north-west, corner post," about 3 miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Rapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, thence east 80
chains, thence south BO chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of com
mencemeut, containing 010 acres more or less.
Located loth December, 1907.
wed jan 15 B. Y, KKAMY, Locator.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District, of West Kooienay.
Take notice that we, C o. Woodward and B.
F, Keamy, of Poplar Creek. It. t;., occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special licence tocut mid carry away timbur from the
following described lands:
1. Commencing at a posl planttd on the west
nank of Poplar Creek, about 6 mites up, marked "('. O. Wooorowand B. F. Roamy's southeast corner post," running along G, K. RevelI's
north boundary of No. 2 Timber Limit 12189,
thence  west Bo chains, thenoe north 80 ohalns,
beoee east so chains, theuce south Kii ohalns to
[Knot of commencement, containing ftlb acres
or less.
2, Commencing nt a pout planted on the
nreel bans of Poplar Greek, aboutoU miles up,
roarkfd "('. O vVoodrow and 11. Y. Heamy's
north-east corner post, bbonoa west B0chains
.long 0, K. Ite roll's No. 2 Tlmbor Limit 121811
outii bounder], ihence south so chains, thenoe
east 80 * han,m, thence north 80 chains to polol
ii oommoncement, oontatning oto aoros mora or
_ , 1007.
-red fan lo        c. O. WOODHOW,
K. Y. KKAMV,  Locator".
fill,-    jIHVIlllV    I'l'I'll'HI'lltS   llll'      lllllRt
III I Iniiii HIIH'Walotl  llf   till'   KOlflgmllh'S
oraft,  I'Hnii nitii'li' nn I'liiii'niv   new
iil'uiil.inii, I'liHliinnrilili' tn tin' iiinhi'Hl
ili'Kint',    Unit   will   n|i|ii'iil    In     ynnr
Interest tho inomeut,vim view it. Our
ditununds ouine dii'i'ui from ilm out-
t.i'i'N nnil urn soli)   tn   vim   nt   |ili>iihiii|{
iirii'iiN I'm- getns nf mioh qniilUy miii
ln'iini). Pleased in huve you see ilium
ai iiny time.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Art and Beauty
are aomblned In our new designs in carpets, Our hlnrk Is
oemplete, and the oolors ,-icl,
unit I'll'i'i.'t.ii'i'i llu'ilwi^iiN iii.|.|h-
i.\a, mill ihu " lout. I'liNi'inlili' "
Is striking end beautiful, \w
have never slmwn buuIi a wide
variety  nf piiltuiiib, and we
have  never pi.. I  snob low
piiri'H upon no in nil. liigli
quality before,
Ini-oriHiriilail h, Act cl Parliament, Ut".
Wm. MOLBON MA0PHER80N, Prt'8. S. II. KwiNO, Vire-Prcn.
Jamks Ku.iot, Oi'ini'iil Maimger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in  Canada and Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credited four Minos« yearnt current rates on Savings
Hank deposits, until fill tiler notice.
VV. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rbvelstoke, B. C.
For Agricultural Lnplemeuts. Cnrrlngos, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Moltue Wagons, ('nnndn Carriage ('ompany's
Buggios, Plonet jr., Garden Seeders nnd Cultivators, Wheol-
wrtght and   Blacksmith  Work   attended   tu.    Horse Shoeing a
Central Hotel
___      RFVFI STOKF   B. O.
Niwiy htiil .      First-class in every reajiect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  management
Berelitoks Lund Plsirtot.
District of W •■•" Kootsnsr,
Ink'- notion Hi at f, J. II, Vouiik.oI ( oinuplix,
hotel proprieur,Intend LoappTyta theChlol
1 omrnin'.ton'-r of  Lands and Work»  (oraspe
Dial ilm be f lloonoe to cut and carry hws>-
timber from the following described lands!
i. oontmenolog at n post planted and ad-
Inlnlnglbe norto*aast corner of 1,011112 and
marked "J El, Young's nonih-sast comer postt"
ind iitnated at.oui <4 mile norlh-etsloi the
need "f ins si m ol a irow I ake, ihenos went n
bains, ibenoe north ho obalm, tbenogeastgo
"hsiiin,  thanes soolb  so ohauu to potm 0
ointii'Micemcnt. containing HO seres more .-r
2, Oommonolng at s post plsnted iiiisJ sd-
Jolnlngths north*east corner of Lot lH2and
imrkcd -'J,H,You'ng'8 sooth-east coruer,' sod
■ ituated SDOUl ! 1 mile  north-cant  Of   the head
if tbe  arm   of Arrow   ■ sk-,   thenre  north so
hains, thenoe cast so ohnlns, tbehoe south So
hains, thenoe west so ohalns to point ol 00m-
iiiciiccnicnt, oofltafnlng d-ioaoros more or lesa
Dated December 23rd, IVW7.
sat Jau 11 J, H. YUU.N'O.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat2s $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens j4otel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thai I, Alex. Mel tue, postmaster,
Kevelstoke, B C, intend, ;iu days after date, to
apply to the C.duf Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to eut und carry away
timber from the following de&eribed tanas:
1. Commencing ab a post planted at the N
W. corner of Section 17, Township 4'Big Bond
District, marked "Alex. McRac's north-west
corner," and covering lands formerly held under
Timber License No IK&i, ihence south Ni chains,
1 heiii-ec.isi, 80 chains, theuce north 8h chains,
t hence weit 60 chains to point uf commence*
ment, containing fHO acres more or less.
2. Commonclng at a post planted at the 8.
w, corner of Section 211, Township 4, Hig Heud
district, marked "Alex. Mcltou's south-west
corner, and covering lands formerly held under Timber Licenso No 9781, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence mini h Hi
chains, thence west 80 chains to point of com*
mencemeut, containing 040 acres more or lof-s.
3 Commencing at a past planted at tho S.K
corner of Section 19, Township 4, Big Bend
District, marked "Alex. Me Hue's south-east
corner," and covering lands formerly held under
Timber Licence No. HTn'i. thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
4 Commencing at a post plantod at the S.K.
corner of Section 20 Township 4, Dig Bend
District, markod "Alex MuRae's sou. h-east
corner," and covering lands formerly held un
der Timber Licence No. 9782, Uunee north 8u
chains, thence west 80 eha,uh, Hit*nee south 80
clmiim, thuiico east 80 chains to point of cum-
muncumeiil, coutaiumg 04u acres inure or le»s,
ti. Commencing at a punt planted at th. N.E.
coruer of Section 1", lowimmp 4, Big Bend
Dintriut, marked "Alex Meiuu)'* our h-east
corner," thence south no uimi s. bhonot* west bo
chains, thence north *•> chains, tin nee east SO
chains to point of comuivucuuitint, containing
04u acres more or le*s.
Dated November 12th, 1907.
wed dec 4 Per N. T. Edwards, Agent.
Revelstoke Laud District,
District of Wost Kootenay.
Take uotice that I, R. M- Sms the.   merchant
fiO days after date intend t<» apply to the chief
Com miss ion eO of Lauds and  Works for per*
[•mission to  purchase the following described
Commencing st n post planted 40 chains
north of the south*est corner of timber limit
7016 aud marked "It. M. Smythe's north-west
coruer post," theuce east 80 chaius, theuce
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chaius, t once
north 80 chaius to point of commencement.
Containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907,
For W. A. Smythe, agent.
Itorelstoke Land District.
District or Went K.wiauay.
Tako notice that I, J. Sauudersou, miner, 60
days after date iuteud tu apply tu the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works fur permission to purchase tie following described
I anas)
i iiiiimmii inw at a post planted 20 chains west
of Mlind Hi) and marked "J. Saumteruun's
*nii t h-Mu»t corner post," thence suulh 80 chaius
theuce wo&t Wl chains, thPiue uurtb 80 chains
thenoe east No chains to point of commeuce-
.'iifiii. conuiiiiius OtO acres more or less.
Iiiilttd Wl, zr.ib, 11H7.
Per W. A. Smythe Agent.
Deer Dead*, Anlmnln, Dlnli, ri»ii, ,Ktr„
Animal  lluifH Mounted.
P  II. BolSl.
Htudlo:   Uomerol Firnl St. and Boyle Ate.
Uevelatoke, 11 0
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take uotice that I, W. A, Heuv<\ locomotive
fireman, 00 days after date iuteud U> apply to
the ('bier Commissioner of Land and Works fur
permission to purchase the followiug described
Commeucing at a post planted about J mile
north of the south-east corner of timber limit
7016aud markod "W. A. Beavo's south-east
corner post/' thence north 80 chaius, thence
west 80 chains, theuce south 80 chains, thence
eustHOcu .ins to point of commencement, oon*
taiuiug 640 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907.
W. \, BEAVO,
^ PerW A Smyths, Agent.
Rovelitoku I-aud District*
District of West Koo.enay,
Take noLice that w , tbe Lnmb-Wstoon Lutn-
ber Compauy, Limited, of Arruwuead, ti. C,
occupation Lumbermen, iuteud to apply for
permission to lease the following described
tore-ihore, being part uf tho fureshureof Galena
Bay, for lugging purposes:
Commeuciug at a posl scribed "Lamb-Watson
Lumber Co." plauted at the 8 W. coruer of
Lot 8407, thence southwesterly followiug high*
water mark, a distance of 110 chains.
Dated this 30th day of October, 1907.
Lamb-Watsun Lcmbkb Co , LTD.,
Jan 1608 By O, B. N. Wllkie, Agent.
ARRY,    DOCTOR   or
despair. " Don't do a
thine" till you see clearly
what s best by old of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, disease, love, marriage and parentage
Tells what you'd ask a doctor, out don't like to
240 pages, illustrated, 1W cents; but to introduce
it we send one only to any adult for postage,
10 cents.
129 last 28th Stmt, NIW YORK.
Gray's Blood Mixture
Sure cure fur ltlii'iiiiiiitiMin,
Lumbiign ant] General Debility. Only the choicest
herbs used.
S. GRAY, Oriental Hotel THE ArAlL-lIERALt),i'RKVELSTOKK B 0.
The Palace  Restaurant
$5.00     Board By Week    $5.00
enzie Avenue.
If you have IJS5 or $5,1X10 tn invent we run Mini ynu hlgh-OlftSS
oppoi tuniliiH which will bring you from five per cent, to \M per cent,
per minimi mi your money.
City Lots, Ili.iist'N, Business Blocks, Fruit Farms, Rural Lauds,
Holds,    .Stores,   Kusiness   Opportunities,   Timber,   Mines,   City anil
Corporation Uomls fur sale.
Money tn loan on approved securities.
Accounts collected and adjusted.
If you are interested send for our circular.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
f-*V %%*»%*«*** ******r**a'«lr%*»/%'%**r-V-4--»/*Ma.*^
t>   .
4    l
P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,
HEAD OKKICK:   Cai.iiahy,   Ai.hkkta.
Who ••*-.!• and Retail Meat Merchant*
LI'ork Packers ami »e iler    In   Live stuck.    M irkuts in all tho principal   Cities and
Towns      alberta, British  ...unntiia and the Vuknn.    Packer, of the Celebrated Bran
or " Hams d Racon, and "Hhamrook" Brand l.tial 1 ard 4
North Vancouvep Water Front
Will prove a desirable field for in-
Values of this properly will be determined by the shipping, railroad and
general    development    of    Western
We have secured for quick sale a
few choice properties and will glutly
furnish full particulars.   Call or write.
McKenzie A.venue.
Certifloate of Improvements
Fidelity, We Two,  Annie K., Spokane, Mpis-
sing and Bosun  Mineral Claims -situate in
the Trout  Lako Mining Division of  West
Kootenay District,
Where located—At head of Horsefly Creek,
Take notice that I, Clara Grace Westfall, administratrix of the Kstate of John WeMley
Westfall. deceased. Free Miner's certificate.
No B 88268. intend, sixty day* from dntc hereof
in apply to the .Mining Recorder for certlflcatus
of Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining
frown Grams of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before tbe
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 21st day of October, A.D , 1907.
Certifloate of Improvements
B.S.. K.D., J.W„and AK. Fractional Mineral
t'litlnis. siiuaU) In  the Tro&r Lake Mining
Division of Wast Kootenay District.
Where Itcated—At head of Honwfly Creek.
Take notice that I, Kiwi C Klllott, Free Miner's Certificate Ho B 8SSI2. ecllng as ngrnt for
Clara Orace Westfall,and the siid Clara Uracc
Westfall. silniinistri.trix nf the Karate of John
Wesley Westfall, decased, Free Miner's Certl
flcate No. H 882*9, Intend, sixty days fr in date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action, under
section S7, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Hated this 21st day of October. A.D., 18W.
Revelstoke Land Dlstrlci.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, C. O VVoodrow of Poplar
Creek, II C„ occupation Prospector, Intend lo
apply for a speolal licence to out and carry
away timber from tbe following described
1. Commencing at a post planted about 1
mile up the first south fork of Poplar Creek on
east bank adjoining Timber Limit No. IStUI, on
the west boundary, marked "O O. Wuodrow'a
north-east corner post,"thence south lSUehains,
thenoe west Id chains, thenoe north 10.. ohalns,
thence east 40 chains to point of commence
ment, containing (Hn acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted on the
west bank of the first -outh fork of Poplar
Creek, about S miles up, adjoining Timber
Limit No. 16915 on the south boundary marked
"C. O. Wpodrow's north-west corner post,"
thence east SO chains, thenoe south Btl chains,
thence wost 80 chains, thenoe north SO chains to
point of commencement, containing 610 sores
more or leu.
Located 18th December, 1907,
wedjan 15 C. O. WOODROW, Locator.
Ilsvnlstoke Land Dlsll'lrU
District Of West Kootenay.
Take notl'-e lhat A tl. Johnsiuu of Poplar
Creek, occupation Merchant. Inti-nde to apply
for a ap.ilal licence lo out and carry away tini
bur from Die following descrlted lands:
Commencing at a post planto,! aboiil vl
miles up Poplar Creek fium Poplar Uiwusltu,
calling for Iho sotllli-uasl corner of Timber
Limit 12180, marked 'A. U. John tun's south-
wes', corner post." thence east. 80 chains, thener
north 80 chains, Ihence west 80 chains, thence
south 8t| chains lo point uf i-oianieiicemont,
containing 04<> acres more or less.
Located IHtli Dec, 1007.
wed Jan 1* & K. Uuamy, Agent.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St John
Sat. Feb. 1. Luke Erie.
l<Yi. " 7, Empress Irel'd. Jan. 24
Fri. '• 21. •' Britain Feb. 7
Sat. " 29, Lk. Manitoba " 12
Fri. Men. 6,    Kmp Ire and       "   21
Second Cabin Empresses Lk. Bonis
To Liverpool       $83 75 $31 IKI
To Liverpool      $17 50 $16 25
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg arid
all other continental poets.
For further information apply to
T. W. Bradskaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver.
Absorbed   by  Others   Institution   in   Liquidation.
The Sovereign Hank uf Cumuli., one
ul the newer of OftoadIan bunking
concerns, is in 1 quldfttlon, VanOiiUVBl
bankers, wini un- thoroughly familial
with lie subject of (lie ,milk's failure,
..•rn not only nut surprised at the
announcement uf this, but declare
thnt the incident is without significance at the present time as reflecting financial conditions in Canada.
The important feature (if the failure ia
l lint its causes all occurred a year or
more ago.
"The management ol the bank tans
hi'flti above reproaoh since tun nhang'
of management many months ngn,'1
aid a well known fi isrn'i I uthorl'i
ii VanuuUver, "But .lint li'&ispl til
n'lore tba1 tune roailitui in ILi
nstiuitiou going into liquidation,
The Becond important, featur is that
other Canadian banks will absorb nil
of the seventy-nine branches ■>( tho
bunk throughout Kustern Canada, All
depoaitora will be paid in full or become depositors in other banks if they
see fit. Interest from a financial
standpoint centres on the point of how
good or how poorly the shareholders
will [are.
Vancouver and Spokane Capital Join in Banking System
8pokane, Jan, 22—The British-
American Bank has been formed here
to operate six banks in Eastern Washington, headquarters to be at Spokane.
A. C. Flummerfelt, of Vancouver,
president of the International Coal
Company, is president.
H. N. Galer, of Spokane, a wealthy
ooal mine operator, is vice-president,
and D. M. Rogers, a Canadian coal
mad, ie also heavily interested. The
capital will be $l,0Oti,U00.
| |The cities where the hanks will be
established have not been made
public. The banks will be started in
April aud will use the Canadion system of banking
Plan Big Scouting Manoeuvers
for Early Spring.
Preparations Hie quietly underway
for scouting mauoeuvurs by the LoglOU
nf Frontiersmen us soon ns flue wuatti-
•r begins. A rumor, though iluuiiit
from suine hi<uroes, has it that the
Legion is waiting for official rueogni-
lino from the Dominion government,
but whether this recognition comes or
not, il is presumed by the members
here that scouting work will be organized in the spring
The Legion of Frontiersmen has
now lift/ members in Vancouver, It
is a   Hriiiaii   institution organised In
'I rent II, it., lin ii I'd all ilio ''.ninnies ami
i'iisi.'s il fui nc nnny men. bklllid
i lip. mi. nl u  r \'li . w || t.r-in tl ,'in
snivel fiall'h   trulls if the ulmrtoi*
.11 nilli'll IIH'V  .ive   ii il-   to    l>    uf    I II"
mediate semen in oa.u uf «a to any
commander who may take charge, of
the (oroea in ihe ti id, hut be Ignorant
ol geographical conditions, Tlie leoes
ill ul n.'ti iii) orgaiitg&tlon Was pnio
iienliy demonstrated ouritig the South
African war,
Bert Blythe ol Arrowhead is the
organizing ollicer of thisdistiiut,
Ideal Mayor
One of the principal riijiiiremonts
of a mayor in Uermany i» iimpuilitied
honeslv, fur in the municipal administration uf that country '"grail" in
any form would nut be tolerated| in
laet, it is unknown. To bee due the
major of a city like Berlin, uOuordiug
to a Utiitid Slates Consul ir report
fiom that city, the appliniiut must
have established his rt|iit .lion for
elliciency in governing 011.or German
communities. His career is carefully
scrutinized by the members of the
Town Council w o select lini, for not
only must he be competent to perform
successfully the duties of hie high
position, but he must still be young
and likely to remain cniup tent for
many years, for a mayor in I russin is
elected for a term of 12 ye.is, and if
not re-elected after that |it)tiod is
entitled lo a life pension ol half the
amount of his salary. After a service
of six years his pension is one-fourth
of bis Biliary, and ..Iter serving twenty
years two thirds. He uotil not necessarily be a resident of the city whose
mayoral chair he tills; in fact, the
mayor is usually chosen from the
residents of other cities.
$50,000,000 Will be Spent on
Railway Construction in 1900
A aiippiiac'l .ml Inn itury   stiites   t llll I
(150,000,000 will be spent     niilwny
cotistiuction in Canada the present
yiiiir, If civil extensive biiililiug is
carried out, nnil it is noi improlniUe,
there ought not to be any general recession iu business, says Toronto Hat-
n nl ay Night. It would mean tint im
pollution of a large amount of capital
iu the shape of building material and
general iiiorcliandiae, and while the
expenditure continued times naturally
would ha good.      The   trouble   would
nnie later, but with average weather
the fertile Inula of Ilm West wullld
oring wealth wi. eh would grcs'1;
more lb .n ootli|i"t ante fur tho uuth ^
Shifting C.P.R. Superintendents
Mkiucink Hat', A.la, Jan. 21.—
Although no iifliciial iinnoiinoemcnt
bill been inane, it. is   generally   under
stood iliat the superintendents in tins
and em. o of the other adjacent divisions of the C. P, R. are to lie abided
around in ihe near future, Superintendent Lawrence, it is iiimored, goes
to Saskatoon, laiiug replaced here by
Superintendent J. (i. Taylor ol Foil
William. Superintendent Browlee of
Moose Jaw in supposod to bo slated for
Cranbroik, while Superintendent
Erlokson ol that district is to be
moved into another branob of tho
Dray Ing:
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and  H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Doa      in Woinl    Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Imperial   Development $450 00
Bank of British Columbia    110 00
Nicola Coal and Coke    100 00
Columbia Fruit and Lund    lot) 00
Hewitt Mines       5 0(1
Km al Collieries  25
Charles  Dickens       lO/i
Great West Loan.
Above subject to confirmation.
Prospectuses and particulars concerning any of these Companies on
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.
stock      SEEDS
z^:r trees
Conservatory     PLANTS
Reliable varieties at reasonable
prices No Borers. No Scale. No
foiniUHliiin to .I..,,, tn*' stork. No
windy agents to annoy you, Buy
direct and get Trees lind Seeds
lhat grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut  Flowers,  etc.
Oldest   established   nu.srry   on    the
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue free.
3010   Westminster   Road,   Vancouver
British Canadian Wood
Pulp and Paper Co.
313 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
We have established the townsite of Port Mellon on Howe Sound, 25 miles from Vancouver'
and secured the water rights of Rainy River, which is capable of developing from 2,000 to 5,000
horse-power, for the location of our mammoth plant for the manufacture of newspaper, building
paper, wrapping paper, etc., the plant to have a capacity of 450 tons of finished paper per week;
the company hope to have the pulp plant in operation by November 1, 1908.
We now offer for subscription the balance of the first allotment of
Preferred Stook in blocks of 100 at $1.00 per share eaoh 100 Shares
entitled to a bonus of 25 Shares of Preferred.
In the event of the first allotment is over-subscribed the Company
reserves the right to reduoe any or all subscription to an amount
satisfactory to themselves.
The preferred stock is entitled to a dividend of 7 per cent, commencing November 1, 1908.
The 7 per cent, dividend is due and payable before any dividend is paid upon the common stock.
After 7 per cent, has been paid upon preferred both stocks thereafter participate equally. There
is no good reason why the preferred -hould not pay from 25 to 50 per cent, dividends.
The books of the corporation are open at any time for the inspection of the general public.
There is no watered slock, no inflated value.-, no ground-floor plan, or huge promoters' projects
in the enterprise. Unlike mo>l Corporations, instead of allowing 15 to 25 per cent, for advertising, and sale of stock, the entire comruisbion, literature, newspaper advertising, brokerage, ollice
expenses, etc., is limited to 10 per cent.
The public are cordially invited to visit our demonstrating plant, 313 Cordova street, and
witness the manufacture of pulp and pap^r from refuse material, such as slabs, discarded shingle
bolts, etc., that is now being burnt at the local mills.
CAPTAIN H. A. MEisLON, J. P., American Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. H. R.COLLISTER, Manager Albion Iron
WorkB, Vancouver.
FRANCIS J. P. GIBSON, British Columbia
Trust Corporation.
J. C. W. STANLEY, formerly Gen. Manager
West London Paper Mills, London, Eng.
COL. T. H. TRACY, M. C, Soc., C. E., P.L.S.,
D.L.S., Con., Eng., former City Engineer
of Vancouver.
FRED. SMITH, member Smith, Wright &
Davidson, Wholesale Paper Co., Vancouver, B. C.
H. M. BURRITT, Western Manager Corticelli
Silk Co., Vancouver, B.C.
EUSTACE II. JENNS, Barristers, etc,, Vancouver, B. C.
GEO. E. GATES, Cates Shipbuilding Co.,
Vancouver, B. C.
GREELY KOLTS, formerly General Mannger
Pacific Const Soda Co.
Columbia Agencies, Lid.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uat:ii Prices Faiu
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
'j i'i.Him'
.nm   ii..uk
• anion" im,
i..id hi, -.
nal Mi hat
llevelstnko I mi.I lilsirirl.
oi- i "l »'■-! Kunleuar.
Taku notion trial 1,0 A, Freeman, ol Ka.lo
li i , ii|.i'ii|.iitiiin Miner. l.it.-i..l to apply for »
special licence over tbe lolluuliis .li'.crilie.l
i. Qommsnolu al • cm plaoMd „n u,.
WOlt Inn'., nl lirlil lire,.,., .in!.,   rum .ha,1 .,
ileal  I ivcr lllill abci l   :  mile, n  rlli .uteri,
(ruin iii,, n. k corner of Lotstv.u.i thane*
wesi -hi chains, iiH'in-e north 180 I'.i.iinn thsnea
easnoiilmin,., ilieuiu south   IM)chains to ths
PulUI ut I'tillilllelli-iMiii'm
I1B il' il |,,..| , !„,, ,.,| ,,„ ,„,.
'"in ' i''' k. .1 mn... ,r„iu Hi,.
mo .: iii . mile,., [rih ..'erlj
niiuei "i U • oi, ihence
.ii i.i • Uui iu .j,.. tis.ua, then,,
i esl«iii'l.». i i'   ...ita iho i,Uain, iu ihe
lllll   ll Ul   |.|l|lll!".||>V|l||.|,[
8, Oominenoins a, , |„„, plant d on tho
west bank "l oriii Creek S, m le. iroui i!ar.
ilium iiivi-r un.i about l', iiuiisn rib easterly
linn, the N   K. iiuruer ,.i   |„H N,.,,  ,   |, ihonis
north 41) I'hain.-, uieui'o awl lOOoti.'Ini, i en e
sulltli.il eh. ins, llu.li.o   »n,|   |6u ohhlUI lu tha
I ..nil nl 0tuninenrtilllfliit
i. i uuiineiii inn «i a posi planted on the
ui'ii imiik ..I  Urfli ire.-k. iU ,„,i,,, irom ,,,,.
..urile.ul    Ivor mi.I nl,...il |i, ,„,|,.. „,,,,„ ,.»„,.
,TI>    ii. in   Hie   N     K   ...rueriil   l^u  m-i  i,   i
iiu-iieu sniiiii in chain,, theuce aaai ISu -imius
iiiunee north .iii'iuiiii., thenoe am nw obalna
In the |..im ol i-iiiiiuielii'iinienl.
... ,'<>■».u.-,it'i.iK at « pott planted on Iho
weal imnkiii Drill Oreet, a umes irom ths
l.ardeaii Klveraiul atmnt i mile north euterli
from iho N, K, oorner ol  LotSSS, 0 I, ihence
iie.si iii I'huiiis, llieiiienurlh liiu chain-, theme
eaaiw ouetua, thenoe nouiii IN obalna lo the
I'ulul ul I'uiiiiiieiieeiuent.
Haled Hon. Ml\, lirnt.
weilJan'/J (J, a. IBEHMAN,
UeveUtoke Land platrlot,
Piatrlot "t \. '.-I In-.ten..,
T.ike Dotira that I. Julio Konnotfa MeliSan. of
BoTolatoke n I . tuiubertttan, Iuteud to apply
. .i..  |pe  . . Iii uui e       ' .a   ..i.ii.ur Irom me
tolluvi .. .1""' liiuii land, i
I oii.ui.ji, n.a nl u |S,»l iii.wi.il a.ljiiii'iiin
Un.iter nu. leil ill., ind iimrkoil "J. helilielli
.1 I.. .u , m.rUi aaj| eorOOT, sliuule ttlsiut
twu miles Dp Half-way Creek un the
.u,t   Mile   ut   Arrow    l.uke,    ihuliee    wosl Ml
obalna, tnenca i-omii lo chains, thoaoastat so
cluiiii... tti.uee i.onli mirhains topolotof OOB*
meni'.iiieiil ouutaiulng mil ftoroa niuie or le.s.
Ii.ii.. i Hee. Iuih. 1107,
■alilae II      JOHN KKNNCTH Mcl.KAN.
itiinT-inkf Land blatrlct,
IliHtrlel of a'eHt Runt 'Hay.
Take notii'c thai I, K.J 1'aika. of Arrowhead,
11.1' , line In nn ni., limn.I n, apply for a special
llmbei llieiu'i- over Hi.' (ullowlua described
Commonoini at a poll plantod at the .outh-
weal curlier ol Timber .Hint Nt, 11171, and
marked "ll, J, Parks' nnrlbca.l enrner poll "
ihtinre nouiii 160 chains, ibcnee we.t 4u chain.,
I hem c iiorih liioc' ions, thence tail 40 chain,
lo pniui ol commencement.
Dated Ooc. nth, iuu7.
wed Jen tn D. Dewar, Anent.
KovulHtoko Land DiHtrioL.
I Ml i irl of Wont Koutuiiay.
Tuku noiicu t.iiai Nell Thomu Bdwardi of
Kevolxtoke, M (\, Crulnur, mil-ini-. u> apply fur
Hpuotal ilfonm-K ovur ihu followintf -ic-tcribocl
1. i niiiiiii'iirinti ai ji -Hi*.! planted alwut two
mllot. dlRtatlt iinri in un uhk'i>|'I** diret'iion fruin
tlm HOUlh-WWt corner of beOtlOO i, in Township
it, Ki'W-lMoku i.iiti-i DimriPi, and  nmrkiKl "Nel-t
Ihomoti Kiiwuriis' Boutb-west corneri thooofl
nnil li -<\ idinin.-. t Iii-iii--.* «'it>i   tiO  i-.Miii--. Uii-iic-
Routh ni ohalnBi thenco went ao ebtini to the
point of coii.iiioiit'fineiit., cunttiininir 010 acro-
moru or Iohm, and boing Suction :' in Town-jhip X
2. Oommonolng at a pout planted about one
mile distant and In an .iifilerly dirooUon from
tho Huuth-onHt oorner of Suution iii. Township x,
HcvulHloko Land I>i-.trh;t. and marked '•Nil*.
TiuinutM KiIwumU' nnrtli w-vi corner,"thuaofl
oaHt 8U chalnrt, thfiice south 80 chain-, thence
wphI wi chanifl, Ihencv north BOobftlna u> ihu
point of coiiniH-nciitu-nt, contain iiik O40 aoret
moru or Iuhm and being ductiun 11. rownnhip i.
3. t'nniiiii'iu'iiiK at a po*H planted at*out onu
milo dimaut and in an uawiurly direetion from
tho lOUth-OMt Oorner of Section 16 in Town-dnp
3, RuvulcUiku Ivind Dintrict, and marked "Ncl*
Thomaa faklwarda' Mouih-weHt coruoi," thence
noi th Stf chains, thence ua.it BO cliain*. tiiutico
south biichaiiiH, thence wu*«t 8n ehajni to point
of t-oiniii--iir.ru.uiit-, cooiaintng 6*j>) AQTSS more
or 1u«h and being Seiamn li in Township A,
i. Commencing al a po»i planted about one
milt* dUtaot '•■''* U) an uauterlr dire.-nun from
the s0Uth*eMt corner of dOOUOU *!». m Towimhip
3, Ituvulriokf Land Dntn i and ma< kt-d ' Ntin
IhoiiMih Kdwardri'north weet cur-jer," thonce
rant 8o clnkiiin, then, e ttouth HO * liaina. ihenoe
went &o chuiiiH, thenoe north Su obelus to ihe
point of coiiiuiunci lunit. containing 04u aeree
loom or leis«, and being section £i, in Towoahip
& Commencing at a poet planted about one
mile distant and in an easterly direction from
the rtotttheaHl cortur of Section ti. in Town«nlp
it, ltovui-tokf Land District, aud marked "NeU
Thoniafl Kdwarda tfiouth-weai corner," tht-nce
north 80 chain*, thence east 80 chainn
thence HOUth 8i> chaiiiK, tlunce west S0chaui>*
to the point of commencement, and cuuiaiuing
Wu teres mote or leas, and being Section H ol
Townehip 3.
ti. Commencing al a poat planted one mile
dihtant and in au easterly directioi. from the
northeast corner of Sec Jon 33, In 'lown^hip 3,
KuveUtoko Lund DIstrlOti and marked "Nell
Thorn...*. Kdvvutds' DOrth-WOSt conu-r," thence
. a.-i "ti timiih. iiii-inc -.outh ni ebalns, thenos
west !"< ohnlns, ihence north ttchains torn-,
point of coininenceuic'it, und containing ol
acre-, more or Ies*., and la i'ih Beotlon 3J It
Towiiftliip 3.
7. Couimoncing at a post planted one mile
distant and in an easterly direction from :!..
SOttth*ea>ft corner of Seonon i. Township 4,
Kevelstoke Jjimd Disticiot, and marked "No's
i'homes KdwanW' south-west oorner,' thence
noiiii .mi cbelnrf, thooca east 90ohalns, theoce
south 80 chainis theoce we-Asu ohalns to point
of commencement, and lonLniiiinii* ■-. > acres
more or less end being Section 2, in Township
Dated Dt*c. 4t h. 11)07
sat dec 7       NKLS THOMAS KDWAHDS
FiveUtuke Land Uistm-i.
Uiatrictof Wi-m Knoieuar.
Take uotice lhat 1, Y U.Htrausa, of Nahusp.
Free .Miner, intend io a, ply for special licences to cut Umber from the following debcribed
lands i
1. commencing at a poat planted about 10U
jrards from post of T, ... li,2*S aud running
vu.ili itio chains, thence weat 4i> chaiua. thence
mirth lt>Ucbalu», theocs east 40 ciiaiut to point
nf commeuceuiem.
.. (,'nmmenclug at a poit planted on the
uorih-weit corner uf Limit No. 1 and running
west su chaius, tnenca north so chaini, theuce
east so chains, theuce south 8U chains to poiut
of commencemeut.
3. Commencing at s poat planted on or near
the 8. W, coruer of T. L .So, 7410, sod running
south 80 chalna, thence easts- i hales, theuce
north so chains, thence weat Su chains to point
of commencement.
Dated Dee. 14. 19U7.
4. Comment ing at a post planted on or nsar
the s K corner ofT L. no lu,i4J, and running
east itio chaina. thence north 4u chains, thence
west 160 chalna, theuce south 4U chains to
point ol commencement.
6. Commenclug at a post planted on or near
tho N K, corner ol T. L. -o \u;2ii. and ruu-
ulug aouth 40 chains, ihence east 16o ehaiua,
theuce uorib a1 chaina, ihenod weat 160 cbaius
to point of commencemeut.
ti. Commenclug at a p^at planted on or near
the .-i. K. coruer oi 1 imber Limit No. )OJ36, ami
i mining north 4Uct.aina,iheuceeeji lSOebates.
theuce soutn SUohaisis theoce we*t 160 cnaius
io point of coumeocemeul.
Dated Dee. IS, isu7
7. (Jommenulug al a post planted on or near
inert K. corner of Timber Limit .No lu,J4j.
and running norlh so chains, tbenceeaetsu
chains, theuce south do chalos thence weat su
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dee. 19, isuT.
sal jau IS T. O, BTrtAL'SS,
Kevel.loke Land Dlitricl.
lilsirirl ul Weil Ku'.teuar.
Notice is hsrel y given thnt thiity
ilnys from tho dat« hereof I intend lo
iipply to the thief Commissioner of
I jiinis iiiiii Works for Dfltntlsaion to
cul and carry away liuilur fiom tne
following descnlieil lauil:
Ootntnenoing at. a poet plained "ii
the ninth sine ol    the   .V. !•-   Ann   it
Upper Arrow Uike hi the M. tl. C L.
82U4, (i.i., and marked H. Bmllb's
.S. H. 0.," Theuce West half a mile,
theuce noilh one mile, thence east
une halfinile, more or less to lake
shore, thence along luke shore to point
of commencement.
Per II. 0. Hull. Agent.
Dated Dec. 19th, 1U07.
Kevelaloke I...I. I  liu.111, I
IllnlriCl "I I. "si K....|..|m*
Tuke uutioa lhat 1, J Doufal of Nakubp
faplalii, iutaiiii Ui apply lur ^uruii.siuu lu purchase tbe li.l low in.* • I".1'nli... 1 1.11.11-.
I.'uuiuiouciuk- al a poat planted al lb* N. W,
curner ,.l Lot Nu, Ml,, iuuu.uk «,uin ai chains,
tbtuot au.i -u ennuis, Uieuce   ui.rm tli cliuius,
iiioiic. e.i -i i'i'. (..in,. uii,H>,m oi oummtuuemeut,
Dated boo. iui„, iuu7.
Jtollal i).  Uuwur. Aa-eul.
DUiriLi ui
ittat. DOttU
( huuleuey,
11 iJhariea -Ue.Mi in-iU, of .-u*
i>llou, iiujberoruner.iuleuds
£"ftppl* for s|Hjutal uiuoer Uoeoses over me
liuwiUg tier., in.vil lauUH ,
..uuiiem ing   at   a   post  planted ou the
branch ol  Haley trees   aouui ka'Ues
iruDt un- [UtSI   tUSrSUO "(J   ..:c.NieuyiJe)'r,uUlu.
est    uruar u-jsh"    ueuoe  eo i imiiu uurta,
iu u-K.tu.tiu* sasti iheuoe suuhaiassuum*
isuueeucueinswest io iiaeuoi conneDoe*
via, i itijiain.ug i.e. acres more or lu»a.
Dated iMn DtL-uliiuer, lUu7.
2. Uommeooipi ai s poet planted tM mlloi
uptatiyon Ureei ou west side luarkud --C. Mc*
MlOhOUt1 Bouih-peht eomor poet" ihence lt>0
chaius ivi, uieuee io chains uurih, thwitcu imi
ciiaiua wests theooO i" chains aouth to place o(
■■■inimenefuieiit, Duntalnlnj bio acres more or
as.   Located Decernbei tan, iwo7,
Dale Dec. :u; i>. .a-,. hftl liw A
bt) l
the Supreme In-urt of British Columbia.
tne   matter   of   the A ludiug L p Aci, being
Cliapler   144   ol   liiu   iiui „*,j     ai-unua   ."
the matter uf The I.i si iMttl Tin Wurkers Gold
atm,ug i ompatiy ol Lnrueuu, tiriush vol-
uinuia, Ldnuted, Nou'UereuuaJ LisbiUiy,
Nonce Is beraby given mat upuo ino puiuioD
... 1 harle» Lewi;, au nnier %*.»> made b> me
uouourable Ur. tJostlOS i leiueui iu liiu mImjtu
■■tailor, duiud liiu JiLti DmuinUer, li"., wtiergbr
Ma»ordero«l mat me uo*jT«-uaineU Outnpany
j wuuud up uuder Ue prufn>uiu& ul the Wiud*
.-jg Lp Act aud Hint John B .Jones, ul Cam*
borne, li.c, was •pnolnte-i I'roriaiouai Liuui*
Further lute uotice thai iu aud by mi id order
lue-Hley Hie Utjtday of January, lme, «t tne
mur ol lUSW o'cloos 111 the loreuaun aims
i>uri Uou»e, Vancouver, D.i... was hxed as ths
ime aud pla e fur the app-i-mtueui of aa
)!ticial liquidator of tho above uaioed oompauj
'1 whicu an parlies coucerued are reuussted to
Laleti mi.s 80th December, 1W7.
S1ABTIN, t Halu 4 bOL'liNK,
OrauvihaSireev, Vaucuuver, B.C.,
JHU * « Soiicikira fur tue I'etitiouer,
ReVelfltoke Lsaiiu 111.11,ut,
TJlsiriel ul IV uel Kuuunay.
Take nonce that 1, O. Dewar, of Arruwhead,
emuir,intend u, apply t„r a.|.en.ti umutr
licouco over lb* IuiIowiuk OoscrHwu lauds;
Ooinuieucin.- al tbe H.B. coruer ol Lot Nu
Mi riiuiiiun uonu .11 cuaius, tueuce east leO
oUauu, iheoie ..uuili 4u cuaiue, luauce west leo
- onus iu jjuiui ui eummenfiemeat
dialed Dee. ,10, iwii.
»«>J»n »   P. DEWAH
Kevel.loke Lauu 1.,-..,, .
Ol.irict ol Heel ,uuuu,;,
laae uollee Itial ,.». ,'Arm.trun|. al Ar-
runueau, B.C., uctuK..,uu iimtr, luleiul.
10 appij lor a .peciai uuiiajr Uoeuoe o.er tue
luliuaiu. uc-Mir.uea ..u.i.
Cuuimeuclut al a po.l plautod aboul  llklyda.
nonu ui ,*,., marled ,s. >.. ..;*«, .uu uianed
Kuuerl ..riu.uuu, , a « . cu, uet uv.l," lueu^e
O^caiu. u   "u.eo.ua.u. ea.i,ev. cu.lu.eoulU,
oui'Ualu. «esl lo ,..,,.,., com—vucemeui.
Oaleu lui. £jiu us, ul ,,uv„ tvuj.
k*l UUV ii SUDL..1   .....NUiKO.sli.
UUI lot
itovolatofco Lanu li-iatxiuu.
Dutriot or Kool-juu>.
Isau utiuoc uwi j, vauu AJhorl Kirk, of Kcv
ulalokf, D.*-.   IM.U1MUL1U   U. C l«uud  --ui'.eju
uiooa to apply lur peruusetou  t~ purui»« aie
loUuViiug ..I."*. 1 ;i,vu laud:
Commencing ai a post planted about forty-
live i* >) chain*, north ot Lhe imiti, uu-si cuiner ut
L-ol live itioUaai.d luur OUUdreU ana lourtecu
10414-. QroOp oue Uli vUuoc« Meet, -.ixty iUU,
chaina; theuce south forty live i,4o) Cbams]
ihence eaet slxiy (tRQohalne, tauenoo north forty*
Qretiol ciia.ii* to point OJ couiuieuoeinoiiL
baled ^sth .November, iyu7.
wed (tec 4 JUd.N ALLKHT KIUK.
BeTelstoka Land Diair»cu
Lis.rut uf West Kootenay,
Take notioe thatL F. H. liutfey,  miue man*
gfer.GOUeys after date Intend to ai ply to the
1 [..<■[ t t'ji.uii.-.-U'ii(*r u.'   Laud-   ana   IVoric*  fur
i--:!ii,-''. 1.1 Uj purctia.se tUe /uJlowiiif dart-cribe-d
lends i
1 ...i.uitj.it.-.jia, at a i«i-i plauted 40 chaina
norm ol the south-east corner uf nmt>er .unit
Toloaud marked "K. 11. Uutley'» Uuriu*ea-,l
ci.rner post," it.euce c*uutti eu cuaiu*., lUeuce
wetted cuain» ltieu<e uortn au ciiaiua, theuce
I*.i-t. .*-' '.-lin .:-■ lu pulut ut cummeucemeut, cuu*
taiuin*- tiki ...'io.- more or less.
Dated Oct. 2bth, Iwl.
Per W. A. Smythe, agent,
In the County Court of West Kootenay, bolden
at Berelatoke,
Iu the matter of Joseph Dolan, deceased,
and ._ —
in the matter of the Admtnietrators'Act,
TAKK NOTICE, mat by au Order of Hu
Uuuur J, A. Fonu, made m« ldin day ol Octo*
oer, 1WJ7, I Veu eppoiuted Admiuislratur ot
Joseph Dolan, deceased, aud all parties naviug
claim*) agiiii.-c me said h.atui-e aieuereuy re*
quired to furnish *,ame property veriOad to iue,
ou or be 1 *«rt- tUv ilst day ul January, l*-oo.
AU partie-i ludeOted to tne eaid La.ate are
required to pay the amount of luaebv-Kiute-s to
me before the Jl.i of January, lvut.
Dec. 11th. iWt
dec 14 4t          Adgu*uetrator.
Ke .elstoke Land Diatricl.
District of Wesi KooUuay.
Take uutice tbat I, W. A. Smith, ...ut. su
days aliar data iuteud lu apply lo tbe Uhief
Commisaiouar of Laud, tad ,,urk» for permission lo purehas* lb* followinf de.cribed
l'uuim*iiciii| at a post planted about h mil*
uortb of »oulh-«ast coruar of umber limit 7olo.
and marked "w A. Smylba'a B.W. ooru*r puat,'1
lb*ue* uunb an cbams, tbaui* •as, to cbain.
tb*uo* south an cbaius, tueuoe wwt tu chain, to
puml uf coiuuiauieaieut, coniaiuioe e*(J acra*
mor* or l*as.
Dated Uci. Klh, wut.
Weat Koownay Land Di.lrlcl.
Disinct of We*t Kootenay
Take notice that Jauie* Adam. Sutaon, of
llulutb, Minn., I'bi, oocupaliuu Timber
tsoaler, iuwnds to apply lor a special umber
licence ever lhe followluK dncrlUed land..-
Commencing at a poet planted at the N. VV.
oorner po*l of C. L. Xo *t7* on U>o w«*l aid* of
the L pp*r. Arrow Lake and marked "U D.
Uovrard . VK. oorner," thenoe west ltu chaina.
theiice auutb *0 chain., theuce east 1*0 ohaina,
Ihence uortb It) chalna to point of eeaun.nc*-
Staked Nor. (th, 1SV7.
C. K. UOWAB1),
..     ...    Agent for Jamee Adams Stetiwii.
Dated Dec  Jnd, 1S07. wod j^",'
Herelatoke Land Dt-li lot,
lii-lnctof .lost kootenay,
TAKE NOTIi'B that Oeort* Mcl-art.r, of
He.ei-loka, B I ., Aceut, luituds to apply for
.iiiiii -siuu iu purcba.a th* folluwiuf described
lauds :
. ..ii.uienein* at a post i lanted nt the northeast cutuer ul lot siKw. lo Dr..up One. Kuuteuay
Dmricl; lb. nee we-l 11 iilD cbaius; ihence
-urlh SO chains; tbei.ee we-l 10 chains; theuce
niirtbXHbaius. theuce east 21,6111 chains mora
or less lo the wast bank of the Colombia Rieer;
iheu-e following the wesi bank of tbe Columbia Rieer southerly to tbe poiot of commencement, containing 91 acre., mure ur leas.
Deled November 1st.. 1IW7. Not, » THE MAIL-HERALD. KEVELSTOKE, B.C.
♦$h$h$m$h$h$» *i$H$H$nfH$n|i
fy Pure Drugs
S Careful Compounding
. Prompt Delivery '•'
*i+ tin ru
Canada Drug &• Book Co
Rkvki.stoki , ll. 0,
Mail Orders Promptly Filled       •;
sum— At Revelstoke, B. 0., <>u
January Ith. 1008, tu Mr. mill
Mrs Geo, D, Shaw, ii aim
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Jan. 22, fur 24 hours,
—Fair, with cold indications, cloudy,
occasional enow. Temp,, i,n»x 41
degrees; naln ,86 degrees,
Local and General.
Friday n i^i.t tbs Intermediate
League bave a name.
Maternity casfB taken ut my homi',
Second Sit. west—Mrs. A. E, licnnietm
Tbe new city gaol  ii  progressing
rnpidly, the largest part uf tho struc-
Hire now being built.
We want good agents tu represent
us       Liberal     Commission.      I'ncilie
Bteam Dje Works, Vanoouver,
TO LET—New huiise, ur part (it
bouse; every convenience. Apply to
Mail-Hekai.d Otlice. .Ian. 15 8t
Tbs Higlit Kev. Bisbop Dart ol this
di.icese will hold conlirmiitioii iu St.
l'eter'B church on Sunday, Feb. Hi.
Pacific Steani Dye Work, clean, dye
and repair everything, Send for price
list.   680 Seymour St., Vaucouve".
.1. McLeod of this city has been appointed a justice of the pence in and
for the province of British Columbia.
•it. Il Truemiiii will persoually visit
Kevelstoke studio, Feb. 15th, for two
weeks. Kindly reaeive your orders
and have the best.
The past month bus been one of tlie
heaviest and busiest that the hospital
lias experienced, there being over (SOU
days' cases ior treatment.
Send 10c. for Omega the ailert revelation. Telia truth ou business, luck,
wishes, wealth and marriage.—Omega,
liox 578, Vanoouver, B.C.
The Ladies' Guild, of St. l'eter'a
church are having au "afternoon tea"
today at the residence uf Mrs. H.
Cunningham   MorriB.   Third    street,
A. H. Curne, Dominion Land Agent
of Kamloops, ia in the city and b
making arrangements fur tlie survey
of all available Dominion lands for
Tbe general annual meeting of the
U. C fruit and Produce Exchange
wili be held in the City Hall on Wednesday, Feb. ."). Representatives from
all part, of the province will attend.
Tbe Y. HI, C. A. Literary Society ia
now holding regular sessions on
Friday evenings in their parlors. Next
Friday u debate will take place on
"Whether the While Races Shall
In the recent Salmon Arm elections
J. Evans was elected Reeve by 72
majority Councillors: J. 1). Mc-
Quire, J Kew, K. J. Kirkpatrick, A.J.
Armstrong and J, Johnston. School
trustees: M. McKay, K. B ohaw and
The meeting of the Revelstoke
branch oi the B. C. Timber aud Forestry Chamber of Commerce adjourned
from la t night, will be held in the
City Hall ou Thursday, Jan. 23rd.
(tomorrow) at 8 p.m. All timber men
are requested to attend.
The Kleine Optical Company, under
local auspices operating the Edison
Kinet scope and moving pictures, will
give a performance to-night at 8
o'clock in the Opera House. The
performance will be repeated tomorrow
evening. Over 3.UOU feet of tilnis will
be used.
Active work ia now !>eing carried on
»l tbe C'lunibia dam, about twenty
men being employed, llrilling for
rijck. and preparations for hauling
same to the dam are now going on,
. the rock to be utilized for tilling in tlie
breach. I). Bale lias returned from
Windermere and is again in charge of
the work.
Tlie C.P.R hotel at Field has dispensed with tbe services of the Japanese waiters who for tome time have
• •een irritant to the labor clateet and
now iiae a lnrce of skilled white men
attending tin* tables The management of the hotel states that the
white waiter- give much   better   satis-
faction than the yellow ones, us they
understand tbe wants of the guests
much be ter than tlie celestial! and
alao are much more attentive.
That's ii fair question,
After the doctor has prescribed for you, then who
makes the medicine? Our
business is making good
medlolne to tbe doctor's
Druggist & Stationer
in shell' lino,     They uiin lo have
nil the pi'iiilui'tsui  our ovens ns
dainty and attractive looking us
they nre delicious tustliig, From
tho simple morning rolls to the
lii'hesi cukus uui' baking Is done
in tin' most perfeol mul olennly
manner. A mole look at our
millets will glvo you an appetite
An Appetizing Breakfast
is \\hut is most  iiiipoi-iniii
most dllilrult to provide,
buckwheat    limit',   cereals,
other "iiii'iiiea will help
nuke lhe ini'iil iill that ll should
be. Conic anil lei uh supply you
Tviih ihe things thill tempt other
women's husbands to out lu the
morning. Give yours tho same
treatment mul Und how much
I'l'iulii'i' he will pay for thnt new
hut or dress.
REAL ESTATE,    INSURANCE:-Fire, Life.iti 1
Accident;    MONEY TO LOAN
Kincaid   &  Anderson
bF I K S T   S T R E E T -#•
mend , I ti io uf tho I 'I'll inenibir ol
|i i. I.i 11 UlH only ami ill I 0 iuni-.il Ilinl
no right in butt in and court, u turn
down by the government. lie pointed out that, liei OIIUIIOll bad billler
leave   it    alone   since   it was noi lhe
custom to nnikii u recommendation i>(
any sort. Tho in i tier was then
Tlie  Mayor  In  a few words briefly
Btated   lea  Intentions 'or ilm yew ol
ni.iiagiiig tin oily'a business, puinti. g
out that there was a lot. of work ahead
and that he in his responsible ollice
would work fur the best interests nf
ilm city anil would try and curry out n
beneficial ami progressive policy, The
council might differ in personal matters, but aH a council llicy should pull
together fur tlie city's inIcreata uud
success. 1 iipui'tiiut issues needed
close attention and ti nances must, he
placed un a sound basis,
The  aldermen   then,   Individually,
aiginlied their intention of getting
down to hard   work and attested then
lesire to do all In their power for the
city's interests,
A resolution was pa aid that the
liiiiiiic.ini statement of the past, year
Bhould hu im dii-hi d iu the MAIL-
i 11: it a 1.11 (or three weeks and copies
printed for circulation.
The meeting then terminated.
It is fo't that lhe valuable privileges
iii'c.nnleil ilm chartered hanks arc ailvsn
nut.    for   their   bum fit,   lull    for  tho
accommodation ol   tlie publio,     The
banks arc not icgardid rib justified in
meeting the financial stringency with
i single eye to their own Interests and
withi-tit a sense, u' duty In the public.
Willi a margin Ol   eleven anil a half
millions and the danger past there is
no excuse for the further refusal ol
loans o i unimpeachable security,
It remains lur the banks lu   restore
necessary ciiiiiiilniii c in it to ire guiz-
Ing the stability ol commercial conditions and responding to the needs
they are expeoted to meet, The large
cash reserves, accumulated  for safety,
should not Im   retained    in   financial
pride tu the further detriment uf the
business community.
The coiistsuction ol the second of
two largest concrete piers in the world
for I be substructure of the (i. T. P.
bridge aoross the North Siiskatchewan
river at Clover Bar, has been completed. The pier cost approximately
$52,000 and contains about boon
cubic yards of concrete.
The annual congregational meeting
of Knox Oburoh will be held in the
church tonight,Wednesday at 8 o'clock
Interesting reports will bo presented
from all departments ol the congregation and other interesting matters
will be dealt with. The Ladies Anx
iliary will serve refreshments. The
whole congregation is invited to le
The public accounts for tbe last
fiscal year of the province, presented
at the legislature last week, show that
the total assets of the province are
upwards of $'i,000,000 in excess nf the
total liabilities. The net revenue for
l'.lOu 7, that is the revenue exclusive
of the deposits for various trust
accounts and the payments on account
of lhe railway guarantees was $1,111,-
5i)3, and the nett expenditure was
$2,8411,47!!, leaving a surplus of S?l,-
First Meeting and Appointment
of committees.
The lirst meeting of the newly elected city council was held on Monday
nUhtwith Mayor Lindmark and Aldermen Sawyer, McCarter, Foote,
Stone, Woodland and Lefeaux present.
Police Magistrate A. M. Pinkham,
prior to the opening of the meeting,
performed the necessary requirements
for the swearing in of the new board.
The minutes of the lust meeting
were read and adopted.
The principal business at this the
first meeting was the appointment of
the various committees, the following
aldermen being on the several b.iards:
Public Works—R. H. Sawyer (cnair-
nian), W. A. Foote, J. J   Woodland.
Fire, Water and Light—J. J, Woodland (chairman), J. A. Stone, W. A.
Finance—W, W.Lefeaux (chairman)
G. S. McCarter, J. A. Stone.
Health and Bylaws—J. A. Stone
(chairman), Q. S. McCarter, J. J.
A resolution was passed arrangii g
for the council to   meet    on  alternate
More   Plentiful
Stocks Rally.
The Columbia Agencies report:
The week has seen the fulfillment
of recent optimistic predictions. The
Bank of England has reduced ita rate
to Hvo per cent, the banks of France
and Qormany have followed suit, the
premium 011 American currenoy has
disappeared and payments resumed
ho.riled money is flowing back to the
banks, the American bank deficit has
disappeared and is replaced with a
surplus, remedial measures to prevent
a recurience oi existing conditions are
planned by an additional bank circulation of $260,000,000 and the guarantee of deposits in the National
banks standard stocks haxe rallied to
rather over lhe point at. which they
stood before the crisis. The year thus
opens well, and there is no occasion
for pessimism.
At the annual meeting of the Bank
of Commerce, President Walkor foreshadowed brighter conditions in worldwide finanCe and great prosperity for
Canada. Pierpnnt Morgan snys the
year's outlook is of a substantial
Silver has risen io 58$, and oopper
also shows Improvement, The world's
supply of gold, which is now $90,000,-
000 per annum, is likely to be increased this year by improved condi
tions in South Africa, where dividends
of 10, 12 and 15 per cent are now the
rule. The famous Homealake is again
paying dividends after nine months
In Canada tlie mining situation is
better At Cobalt Nipissing Bhippcd
nre to the value of .111,375,000 during
the   year   and   has about as much in
A grand Fancy Dress Skating Carnival will be held in the rink by the
management on Tuesday, January 28
A novel and interesting innovation
will be introduced and will consist of
a Qrand March at the openin ol the
carnival, which will commence at ll
p.m. A grand march on tlie ice
should lie a pretty and pleasing sight
Every skater is particularly req tested  council should recommend to the gov
to hand in, on a card, their name and : eminent   fur   appointment, Aldermat
character   represented, at    the   dixir
This must be taken notice of.
  Alderman   Sawyer   aa  police commis-   This mine is   xpected to produce  this
rt       .    a J  D I ' sioner, year   270,000.000   lbs. of   copper at n
wOCIcll  3.110  r6rS0ri3l       Alderman   McCarter   said  that th-  est of Oc . and a dividend is expected
_ government   has the right of   making  in April.      N irth   Star   has declared
[The editor wishes to malo this column a-   3Ucn appointments through tiie reoora-   another dividend of 2c
complete us isissible   and  to   tlii-  "
co-operation of our many  patron.
scriber-, for notices of social  Functions und tli
Fridays, commencing Friday, Jau 24
The mayor   tben suggested that the sight, with the result that shares   are
again up.    There is also more activity
in llritish Columbia   mining   stocks.
Mi tarter as licence commissioner at.d   Granby is a leader, having risen to lit).
Basket Ball.
An exciting game of lnsk.it. ball will
tako place tonight at '.I o'clock, when
the I'ppi'icruslera meek the C.P.R.
Ships and OllicoB in "deadly" conflict.
This is Ilm llppei'ciu-tiirs last chance
of making it league shoving, and they
will doubtless put u   a
The league stand lie
C.P.R. Road 3
C.P.K hhip-OIHces    I
Gym, Team !l
Cpperci listers 2
Shamrocks 2
Tho medals which
championship are presented by R. N.
Doyle, and are on exhibition in his
jewilery Store window. They are of a
handsome design and should make
tho teams keener than ever to play
good ball.   The public are invited.
till' game
is as follows:
d   Won
go   with
RESolved--wearemak.no apo.nt
of style as well as quality! ve
Just opened a big shipment of
throat lozenges, ju-juhes and cough
drops, any kind you wish for at  C. R.
Special Attraction
A scries of First Class Entertainments of moving pictures
will be given by
of New York, consisting of Two
and a half hours Fun. Continuous amusement without any
intervals or waits,
Wednesday and Thursday
Jan. 22 and 23 at 8 p.m.
General Admission 25c
Reserved Seats 50c
Seats on Sale at Canada Drug &
Book Co.
Complete Change Each Night
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Pecoul
O.M.I., pastor. Services every Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Vass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
A Burster.
we have made our, mark in the city
because we have always tried to give
our patrons merchandise that 1.5 good.
we believe in asking only a fair price
for good merchandise and not selling
poor stuff at any price.
just now you will save money by
coming to our store, for we have a lot
of lines we do not wish to carry over
and are making reductions that will
make your money hate a long reach.
Gome and See Our Mark-Downs.    Here Are a Few of Them :
Stanfield's Underwear $4.00
Men's Fine Shirts, 1.25
Boys' Suits. $5.00
Flannelette Underwear 1.00
Good Lustre Blouses $1.75
Warm House Slippers, $1.25
Boys' Heavy Wool Hose 75c
Fine Wash .Goods 40c
Ladies' Coats
Childrens' Coats
All Our Furs
Silk Initial Handkerchiefs
Ladies' Handkerchiefs
3 for
3 for   25c
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Speolal.
Ankle supports, shin guards, hockey
sticks, etc., sold at the Canada Drug
Large navel oranges, bananas, and
Russett apples are our specials in fruit
this week at C B. Hume & Co'e.
Great bargains for Friday and Saturday only in toilet soaps, four ditfci-
ent brands, (or 17.c per box at C. B.
Hume & Co's.
WANTED—Small Furnished house
or Rooms for housekeeping lor small
family ol adults, central location.
Apply ollice Mail-Hkkai.d.
Orange blossom, cucumber, hawthorn blossom and wood violet toilet
soap, 2 boxes lor 35 cents, Friday and
Saturday only, at C. B. Hume & Co's.
Please tnl e notice thai the Board of
Directors ol the Revelstoke Hospital
8ociety, at their meeting ol 18th
January, 1908, decided that t—All
bills and accounts against this Society
are required to be in the bands ol the
Secretary, duly vouched correct by the
person ordering same for the 8ociety,
by, at furthest, the 5th of the month
following purchase, otherwise, they
will not be considered for payment till
the month succeeding that.
Please cm form to this rule and
greatly oblige,
The Revelbtoke Hospital Society,
Per B. R. Atkins, Sec.-Treas.
January 16th, 1908. 3t
Revelstoke Cigars-Union Made Our
Speolal, Tho Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
The purest nl drugs are put into
your prescriptions that are rilled at
C R. Macdonald's.
of society   iu   ,,'eiiernl      As
impossible lor us t.. iitteml every e.tn.t in town
we would umdi appreciate any retsiri nr notes
>.f social utfiiirs tiiippeuiutf in tho city. I
Mr. and Mrj. dine have left for a i
three months' visit to Chicago,
Mrs C F. Curtis announces she
will not receive tomorrow, the 23rd.
A. P, Levesipie left un Monday for a
three months' visit to Hull, Quebec.
A. R Hillier, of the Mail-Heeai.c
ststV. returned yesterday from a visit
to hie home in Snohomish, Wash.
J. M. Doyle has gone to Nelson for
three months to take charge of the'
..dice .d P, Burns & Co. in that city.
Miss  McKinuon gave an afternoon
tea to the yuiing people on Saturday
last, a pleasant, sociable time being
,\iiss Nellie limine came in Irom
Vancouver and is spending » few days
in town   while  in   route to visit her
parents at Arrowhead
Miss MoKenny, of Messrs Reid .v
Young, left for Arrowhead yesterday
to utt«nd the wedding ol Miss Hull
and Dr. Kaid  of While flurse, Yukon.
Rev. J. K. and Mrs. Robertson are
expecting a number of relatives to
arrive tonight (Wednesday) from Man
itoba on their way to Victoria, and
who will pay a short visit of a tew
duys in the city.
Mrs. Drown, and Mr. Brown, who is
Qrand Vice-Chancellor of the Knights
of I'ytliias ol H. C , have just returned ;
from a tour of the Okanngan in   com
pHtiy with Grand Chancellor Hammar
of (Irand Forks.
Mrs HA. Brown, supreme representative for B, C. in the Order of;
Pythian Sisters, while nt Arrowhead
attending the joint Installation of ' "
officers ul Arrowhead Lodge, K. of I'.
and Purity Temple No, 11, I'ythino
Sisters this week, ws( presented wth
a handsome cut glass bowl.
Patronize   Home
Revelstoke Cigars
Industry.      Smoke
Dress Goods
LOc. and 50c, Tweed for 25c,   75c,   ind  85c, '{'weed
for50c.   si..".h Tweed for 9] 00.
Comforts, Blankets
We nn. now offering at Our January Sale Price.
Men's Odd Pants
Heavy Tweed at $1.25.   Extra Heavy Tweed. Reg;
Price $3.00, now $2.25.
Ladies Skirts Spumes
One Lot of Ladies' Skirts, Prices  ranging from $4
lo $11.    Now jiint half their regular price.
Voiles, Panama mid   Venetian  Skirls.   These arc
new     Just to hand in the last 10days.    We are
offering them  now  at greatly  reduced  prices  to
clear then) out.
one only Ladles'Costume, size 80.    Regular Price
•7.80,   nuw $l.v, Regular Prioe $22.60, now$12.00|
Regular Price 916, tmw *«.
All Wool Venetians
Regntni Pr ci $1.25, no*, B0
Men's Suits
Extra  good value, $12,   now  $0,00;   Fine  Rlack
Serge, $10.00, now $10.50.
Broad Cloth
(Imported)    Regular Price $2.2.1        > .<! i
Boys Norfolk Suits
Itegular Price, $5.00; now $3.00.   Boys' Odd Pants
Dress Patterns
$25 values now .->l^ SO,
Misses Underwear
In   drey   only.    Bxtrn  good values   al   Hoc.   each.
Sub- price 20c.   all sizes.
at 50c. per pair.
Heavy Sox for Men
Furs! Furs!
Men's Overcoats
Regular Price 112, now 08.00) Regular Prioe $8.00,
now $8.00.
Boys' Overcoats
BoyV Overcoats nnd Reefers at Half Price.
Cashmere Sox-0 pairs for $1,00.
One only,  Isabella  Fur Sflt.     Regular Price $75.00
Now Wio.m)
(in,' only t in ell in Mink Boa      Regular Price $10,
now $27.00,
KiM"inn Mink Boas nnd Stoles,   Ol nlv, Hon. $ Iii,
now $80j mie only bun., .Kilo, now $15;   ineonly boa,
i«IK. n,,w $10; oneonlv. Stole,    $20, now #12;   one
only. Slide.   $10, now $8,
Men's Underwear
Men's Heavy Fleeced Lined Underwear at 50 Cents
it garment.                       t    - 1
Men's Extra  Heavy AIlWool Underwear.   Sale
is'... H  Price 75c. Per Garment.
This Is a Clearing Sale All Over the Store.
No Reserve. Goods at Your Own Price.


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