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The Mail Herald Aug 16, 1913

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h a si isj l»j a h ii a ii li li a ii a a
b a
g Railway    Junction  and   Divis- i«.
fa] ional  Point.   Headquarters  for g
g Columbia    River     Navigation, g
g Hub of   Timber    Belt, Mineral 1
H ^one,  Agricultural    Lands and g
11       ^J Waler Powers of B. C. H „
F       % a
lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps'*
Vol/x    ^    65
[I] Circulates twice per week am-
H ong the prosperous citizens of
U Canada's Premier Province.
g The recognised advertising
1 medium ior Kootenay and lull terior British     olumbia.
?£Hl^ELi|OKE, B. C, AUG Ifi, 1913
IL:—, 's.q,        .ft if, 	
$2.50 Per Year
Will Discuss _7Vlatters Vitally Affecting British Columbia
With World Leader j. Financial Assistance Towards
Development. ^Municipal Finances. Immigration.—
Will Confer With Dominion Authorities at Ottawa.
Sir Richard McBride, Premier ol
British Columbia, leaves this afternoon, for London, Eugland, where he
proposes to present ihe b<'st interests
0i ibe' Province io the financial magnates with a view I" increasing the influx of Uritish capital to thi- part ot
-the Empire. Generally speaking, the
Premier's visit will be taken up with
tins important undertaking, although
other matters of minor importance will
also be discussed. The Premier will bo
accompanied by his secretary Mr. Law
rcii.e M Rae, and iti- expected that
the entire trip will not Btretoh over
more than six weeks.
tm u - v ay to the old country, Sir
Richard will stop over at Montreal and
Ottawa, in order to confer with the
Dominion authorities concerning such
matter-a* ih.. '*i.cti.-t* terms" commis
■ion, and also the greal railway
scheme that is proposed te. link up Al-
aska with iie Mexican oorder. After
concluding his business at these points
thc Premier will entrain tor New Votk
in order *.o connect with the Cunard
liuei  Mauretania a week hen ie.
Alter getting hi- office affairs into
shape yesterday, Sir Richard granted
an Interview, in the course ,,f which
be touched briefly upon the issues that
wei.. calling him to ihe great metropolis at thi- time, and without going
into minute .letail- regarding hi- plans
he ga-.    i. ■ inline of hi-  intentions.
"Vol Wanl t" know thi' object ot
my       \i-.i .' "     he -ai I. '  Well,
that i- a big question, but 1 shall en-
deuvor t.e answer it in a general way.
Briefly stated, my object is to i;et
more money into the country ior development. It mu : ba pretty well-
known that one of i i essentials to
provincial prosperity ,» the introduction of still more capital 10 British
Columbia. Well, that i- my uiissioh
to London, or r.,th r th i ecuring of
il i- my iiii--ie>n; an I I mav say that
lam hopeful of being able to aoom-
pli-h my ends throuzh Various useful
agencies that have regarded us kiml-
ly in the just, and to pave the way
for a Mill greater influx of liriti-'h
ca| ita'   10   further   whal  1   might   term
th" local development of this -ection
of Empire. Under this head falls tho
que-tioii ot the conditions of the West
em municipalities at this time, and
that applies to Vancouver Island, as
well a- to the Mainland. Municipal fin
mice' is a timely topic, and 1 shall
take it up with the financial interests
in Breat Britain. Don't misunderstand n e een t lii - point, and allege
thingi that are neither right nor fav-
orable fo' as a matter of fact, I view
ih municipal situat ion with an Indulgent e-alm. -nti-lii'd ihat I have no dir
«t authority—nor Indeed have I been
re'iucste I to represent any of these
bodies—fur discussing ihi- matter with
tlie moneyed people of the Old Land,
but I take' it ihat it. ones u.i ler the
head of my general pur| on in going
there, nml I -hall in oonsequenco be
pleated to handle it to the Ix-st of my
"However, tbat i- but a phase ofthe
butinels. As a matter of fact, there
are SO many Interests involve. I in the
economic  welfare of the .-ountry, most
cf  which  ar ntrolled      in  London,
<-that it becomes a matier of very con-
jpideraile importance to have tho people of the Old Land kept 'n close
»toiich with the practical development
which the inveslel capital represents
in this. And, Judging from pa<t ex
perience, I am quite satisfied that a
visit to the metropolii of finance ai
this lime will be of more lhan current
value. Frequently, important questions arise In relation to finance that
ore somewhat difficult lo Ileal properly unless one In in direct toue'h with
tho intercuts involved, and, gsneraOj
m s
i«i The   Annual   Meeting   of the B
f) Rev-lsttokc HoMtnl   SoctetJ P
fg will he held in the City Hall, ■
g< Revelsloke, mi Tuesdny,  Aug. H
g 19th, 1913, at 8 p.m. (g)
gl W. D   ARMSTRONG. _
gj Secretary, a
P 1
speaking, from all points of view, [
believe that the matters now to Iw
discussed can best be disposed of by
my presence in London. There ari a
great many affairs also, in these days
of tremendous Provincial expansion,
thai can only be rightly recognized by
a full consideration of their merits at
the money centres, and, of course, the
money centre tp us here in British
Columbia  is  Loudon.
"Emigration is another mutter thai
shall have my close attention. 1 shall
confer with the Hon. J. H. Turner,
Agent-General for the province, in re -
Ltai'el to lhi-1 matter and see what steps
call be taken to have the emigration
t.e this part of Canada more highly
systematized than it is at present. I
shall discuss with him the question of
appointing a commercial agent to represent th' province. This ^question was
biought up some time ago, and has
been received with considerable favor
bo far.
" 1 may also say that on my way
there I shall slop at Ottawa an 1 probably Montreal, in ordt'r to take up
with lhe federal authorities, certain
matters affecting the joint interests of
the two governments. On.' of the topics will be that of the "better terms"
commission, which I desire lo pee on
the Coast and in active Besfciou o.-i
soon as possible, and another will
doubtless* be' that of the proposed rail
way to connect, by British Columbia,
the boundary of Alaska with the boun
dary of Mox'no. That project is still
in an immature condition, but 1 am
a lirm believer in it, and hope to be
able to impress something of its importance and value lo Western develop
ment. upon the Ministers of the Federal  government.
"If all i;oes well, 1 expert to be back
at Victoria within seven weeks, at the
outside, and it is more than likely that
six will be sufficient."—Colonist ofthe
l.'th  instant.
K ah*
ii i ___
Further Evtate Taker.—Engineer Tomlinson Saw Two
Mysterious Men.-Will Complete inquest on
Tuesday Next.
^Attended International Good Roads Convention at London.
—World Experts Discussed Road Builder's Problems.--
Fr.iish Columbia to the Front in Metropolis with New
Bjildin^.  -S..\s Old Country Prosperous.
Kire totally consumed the West
Kootenay Steam Laundry and the
dwelling of the manager Mr. 12, Bar-
raclough this morning.
It seems that about 2:3U a.m., Mrs.
Barraclough who is alight sleeper was
awakened hy lhe crackling of fire.
She at owe Woke Mr. Barraclouuh who
miw that the Hames hud trained such
headway the saying of the h.undry
was out of the question. He lirst took
the 'hildren and his wife toa neighbors hou.se for safety.
He next tried to reach the telephone
in Ihe laundry o.lh-e, but the imoke
drove him lack. He th n ran in his
bare feet down to Fourth itreet fire
a!,nm l*oi No. 17, and gave the alio m  from there.
By this time the entire itruotun Wftl
enveloped in flames and saving any
thing was out of the question.
The lire brigade arrived in duo course
and   did   good  Work in  ns  far as   they
could, but the flrery fiend had got too
much headway before they arrhi-d.
LOSS  S16.000.
The total loss is estimated at 816,
(XIO, while there was only about 85,0110
worth of in^irance.
Like most of these big nocturnal
blazes, the cause is unknown. Mr.
Barraclough says that at 5:30 in the
evening all was well and the i'n out
no siirn of anything lo cnu*e alarm all
evening. He cannot imagine whal
caused this conflagration.
The clothes, lhat is wearing apparel
of the faintly, were save*!, although
drench.* I with watei.
Mr. Barraclough speaks in very
high terms of the manner in whi.-h
many cltieens a-sisted in saving the
clothes anil  other  small furniture. Hc.
Despite the Balkan war, the German
scare and the Buffragettea, Great
Britain is thriving in a n.o-i decided
manner, according to the Hou. Thomas
Taylor. Minister of Public "Works, who
return'd from London, England, yesterday. The Minister left the capital
in June to attend the annual convention of the International Good Road*
Association, and during his stay there
has had an opportunity ot studying
conditions in a manner that does not
come to everyone, and consequently
his lommeuts upon the prevailing situation come with a freshness that is
often lacking iu such accounts.
Upon the general condition of the Old
Lund the Minister of Public Works cx-
press&d himself as surprised and pleased. "I hail thought," he said, " 'rom
the pessimistic accounts that Oreat
Biiiuin must be on the wane and that
ihe war dogs of Europe were merely
developing an adequate appetite to
plunge in upon her and devour her;
but when I tot there and made a st'i*-
vey of the situation and looked into
things a bit closely. 1 came to the
conclusion that Great Britain never
was so prosperous and that her prosperity never waa so widely spread
throughout the populace. Why. the
volume of business that is transacted
there todny in excess of the last lew
years, is amazing and from all ac -
lounts it is still on the increase in -
-tend of on the decrease. Business dose
not seem to be seriously affected by
the political situation at all. Europe
is „ll agog over th. Balkan scramble,
but business in Great Britain goes on
booming as if nothing were happening
And, as for decadence, why there ls r.o
such thing. The country li in a splen
didly vital condition.
"I remainded in London for a considerable time attending to my soveri.l
duties and, consequently, I camo in
contact with many phases of activity
and one of the most Interesting things
I encountered was the genernl interest
that was expressed regnrdlng iiitlih
Columbia. I think I may say without
exaggeration that more people are enquiring about this province than any
other in the Dominion, and it is not
only on my authority when I extend
that remark to cover thc whole of the
Overseas Dominions. The people f met
were engaged in all "kinds of Industrial
pursuits and all of them were Lsenly
interested in the development of Canada. With a number of them I Bpokd
cn intimate Canadian questions, and
Was invariably i    prosse I  with "lis,!
of their disappointment at our reoout
action regarding the nival proposals,
In every other way, however, the peo
pie of the Old Country are deeply interested in all th;lt concerns thc welfare of this country, and in a ne.*es-
,'arily limited way, are alive to th-j
great issues that throb the Domin -
ion's pulse.
"Of course I met the Hon. J.H. Turner, agent-general, and with him 1 had
the pleasure of going over the plans
for the proposed new British Colum -
bia building. I may say that though
these plans are still Uncompleted, having yet to be approved by the County
Council, th<ey represent a very imposing structure. I also paid a visit to
ihe si Ui of the building, which is ofa
the corner of Regent street and Waterloo Place, a very central location, as
all those who know London at all ap-
preciaie. The liuililin; whieh is being
constructed on the commission basis,
will be commenoed al an enrly date,
and in ft comparatively short time visitors from the province will be able
io call thero and attend to aflaira that
might prove .difficult of disposal for
the sinmrer elsewhere in the great
city. When it is stated that it in intended to spciwl the enormous sum of
$.100,000 upon the structure somo idea
of its size and <lesign mav he imagined. It will rise to a height of Beven
stories. The ground floor, will bo used for the Provincial offlceB, the re -
mainder being  let   for private  offices."
Coming to a discussion of the business that callod bim to London, the
Hon. Mr. Taylor said that the International Highways Convention called
together representatives from all tho
countries of Europe, America and all
tho provinces of Cnnadn. "It was a
splendid gnthering," he said, "and ono
that must hftVe done a great deal of
good, for aa you know, road-building
in this country is a matter of pre-eminent (importance and lt is only natural to suppose that it is so in .,n equal
measure in other countries also. The
probloms of road-building and main -
tenance     wero  discussed by tho mosl
(Continued on Page Eight.)
At 4 p.m. ou Wednesday afternoon,
Coroner Dr. Hamilton and jury, re -
suinei! the inquest into the death oi
(supposed) Th.mias Sanford, and thu
Cily hotel fire.
J.K. Johnson, sworn—I wrote tho
report of the tire. The editor, Mr.
Sermon,  wrote  the  editorial.
R. G. Scruton, sworn—I consider
my editorial fair comment and justified by the subsequent evidence at this
|    W. Tomlinson, sworn—1 am a locomotive  engineer  on  C.P.R.   On  Aug.
■Ith   I came   iiuo   Revelatoke  on    midnight  train;      tinned  over  lhe  engine
and  proceeded  home.   At   1:46 I    wai
1 going  home, I passed   the  City  hotel
noticed  two men; one war the    Bide-
: walls  other hid near    the     building;
they    seemed  very    intent  on     doing
something  and  closed   together   as      1
passed.   There were no signs oi     tiro;
I cannot describe thfl men to recognise
theme, they were dressed in dark cloth
ing,   one   man   seemed   to be   directing
the other,  that  struck me as peculiar
at that   time of  night.   I  went  home;
had lunch, w, nt to bed, saw the    tire.
I  thought il  was a peculiar thing    to
ha*..' seen the men and  then    the Ore
occuring.    They had seemed very  Intent   on doing  b-omething;   they     had
Mark rlothas and -oft hats-, look, li like
[ working men: coul 1 not recognise them
j I  did not   notice anyone     sat  on  the
'front   of   the  hotel   whn I   passed;      I
I passed between     1:30 and  l:4B intho
early mOrning;  there were no signs of
' fire.   It was after the bell rang when
I saw  tho fire.
Juryman   Dickson—Can  we  get  tho
man Daly here who was supposed    te,
have sat on the front of  thehotel.
I    Coroner     Hamilton—Ho  can be re-
1 called.
Witness Tomlinson—As I came al -
ong the sidewalk one  man closed into
the hotel and the othei man warned to
be directing him.
Phil Allen—I am a cook, 1 came to
Revelstoke on Friday night the l-t, I
was supposed to stay ai the Union ;
Baturday at th.' Central. I took a
room at the City hotel. The day after the lir.' I was in the Union bar
with the bunch. They discussed the
lire; 1 hearl the fire wu- -et. I heard
a man say it was set and I heard a
lot of men say it WM -ct as far as that
is concerned. I .io not remember hearing anything in the Climax hotel. 1
mighl have heard two men talking. 1
will not deny Baying something ii a
man will ewear I - M it. 1 do r.ot re-
member bearing two men say that the
City hotel was set on lire, nnd that
was not the only hotel wbich would
be s*et on tire. The men in the Union
hotel said it must have been Nt on
lire because there was no Brt in the
house at the time. They were all work
ing men in the Union al the time. I
was not in the house at the time of
the tii.'. I was down tlie lower town
atthe time of the fire; the building
was burning and the brigade was there
wh n I came up town. 1 saw the mau
,n Identified him as Tom Sanford. 1
came up from lower town alone. I remember hawnga eoni.creation with
Charley in the Climax about the fire.
I Cannot remember name- ol men who
told me the hotel was set on fire or 1
heard say >fo.
Arthur Caley—On tho night ol the
flio early part I was driving round,
I retired ahout II p.m., about *J p.m.
I was wakened by the dogs bnrkinv. 1
woke the people and dressed; the firo
when I saw it was coming out of tho
third He.en. I got out and saw some
minutes later the whole hotel was ablaze; wn iliinl in.- most ..biiiii tho
cottage. I did not see anyone on the
Cross examined—No, 1 was not dross
ed. I have heard a lot of talk or rumors regarding the origin of theflre;
nothing definite.
J. B. Cressman—I retired early on
the night of the fire, at about 11:30 I
awoke with the cold, later t,bowif«' awoke mc saying "Tho City hotel i- on
fire." There seemed to be a Arc in tho
front part, 3rd floor. I was there a
short time More the water wa« turned on.
|    C.  Gardener—1 am  bartender at the
Climax.   1 know Phil All n, I heard a
. .i ersation to the effect that Phil Allen told Harper the bartender he had
heard two men sny that the' climax
would be the' next to go.'' This was
after the fire,
B. Harper—I am bartender at the
Climax; I saw thc blaae of the City
hotel lire. 1 was told several things
by a man called Phil; he -'ail he heard
the break made by two men that the
Climax would be the next to go. Ho
said he beard the break made that tho
City hotel would be set on tire. Ho
was sober at the time. 1 told th«'proprietor an'l he told the night watchman to look out a bit  more.
S. 6. Robbins—I don't know much
about the fire; at 2;lo i was wok-i with
the news ihai there was a fire in the
City hotel. 1 got there about 2:30 a.
in. There wa- a fire in the baggage
room and a hose playing onth,' back;
1 never sai l I i ould set my ba I on u
mmi who set the tir,.. That would be
foolish, -ome insurance wa- place! on
the property a few days bei..re; 1 can-
Mi-- d Mr, Tapping ior the Insurance;
it was put on at my -''.iL'-.'-iion. There
wa- 825,000 on the whole; I do not >;Ou
sulci- the building over-insured; tho
building insured for $21,000 was valued  at   >_'5,tKi0.
John  Shaw—I was  al  work   with bis
prisoners digging the debris over; we
found something which proved io be
human remains. 1 w.-m all through
the whole business where 1 thought
anything could bo. I don't think there
is* any chance of any more bein^ t
Th.' remuiu8 were iu the front part in
the wit wnt. Thc remains were kind
of taugled up with an old be.l-teud.
J. Livingstone—1 roomed at tho
City botel, I was thereon the iiL-titof
the fire, went to bed In room 3 at 10
p.m., woke at -' a.m. someone kicking
on th.' door, ran ro-nd outside. 1 did
not see any tire at fir-t only smoko
coming round the north west coiner
down -tair-. Out on ihe e-trt-et I could
s.e' Barnes on the top floor of ihe S.E.
coiner; la'.er 1 saw names ecning out
of the baggage room  I saw  the mau
on the roof; th.'y , idle I to bim, he Wa*
an oldi-h man, i.alJ beaded an I with
a moustache turning grey, they .ailed
to him **To:n."
Glen Currit—1 did Dot see the firo; I
knew Thomas Seniori, I saw nim la>t
at ihe City hotel in Ri-wlstoke he was
: feel 11 in hv^, ahout .">5 years old,
bald, moi-taehe turning grey. I was
out at Taft; Sanford di 1 not return to
Tune Valley; .-a;:,oid ha- a brother
living in Orangevilie, Ont. Ite \\n< a
-ingle mun. Th.'  name  i-   ipelll  I 8 m,l-
Coroner Hamilton—Thi- is ;,U the
evidence for to-la.. The jury .an either bring in a verdict ..i adjourn. 1
would Mi^-eat that the jury adjourn,
and do ir,i bring in a verdict at the
pie-sent   Ume.
Foreman A. Hobson—1 think that
we mighl adjourn in cade anything
nuns up, anl in ft again m tl. mm ,
Coiti'i Hamilton—Thia Jury stands
■ned until Twaday, August 19th
at 8 p. in
O.V.  HcLeod of EMokson, on     the
Crow-  .Sent  line,  bj  tran-a tinj  busi-
■ lay.
Anothei go.nl i,i<-a put into practical
u«e by Anbiteci W.H. Walla"', in the
in and out driveway now being male
at the hospital. This will be a gtMl
W.  Boyd,  proprietor ief  Halcyon hoi
oprings  sanitarium, was in  town    this
werk-end, tran-acting Imilnesl  Hi sayg^
the  tourist   traffic to the fam iii:>    resort still continues.
- -aiiifflii-iiiiKiiBiS-ai
ii m
m GET IT AT hi
" THK SUGAR BOWL "        ig
For the Best Ice Cream in ft
town, vi«H Us. Don't forget (■)
We serve the Best Cup of Tea SI
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News in Brief
Governor Colquitt was provided lust
week with what purports to be reliable information that Col. Theodora
Roo.-'evi'lt quietly bus organized four
regiments of eavalry of tbe rough
rider type, composed of trained riders
nnd marksmen of Arizona, New Mexico and Western Texas. Jt is alleged
the real purpose of Col. Roosevelt's
present visit to the southwest is to
direct the selection of men for a miii-
, lary division and that he soon will
have it in'readiness to/enter Mexico
I in the event of hostilities with tbat
'country. The report says further that
Col. Roosevelt is tarrying on his work
witli the' knowledge and sanction of
tbe United States war department. Ho
will be placed in command of the brigade if war Ebould  iome,  it is said.
The Ottawa Evening Free Press contains n report to the effect that Col -
(iml W.G.G. Gwatkin *haB been ap -
pointe'd chief of staff in succession to
Major General C. J. MacKenzie.
Though GenMi*ul MacKenzie is gen •
erally understood' here to have retired
from the position some months ago,
military orders state he is oil leave of
absence for four months, liis term of
office expiring in tlie fall. Questioned
rn the report of his BUcoession, Colonel i
Hughes, Minister of Militia, merely
called attention to the matter that he
'Was granted a leave of abftenco. "You
may say, however, said the minister,
I "that if everything 'goes along satisfactorily as it is at present, Colonel
Gwatkin will be appointed to the
position which lie eis now filling in an,
active' capaity. Colo..el Gwatkin is a
British officer anil has in addition had
considerable training in th • Canadian
The' distinction of lieing the first women to at tan the summit of Mount
Garibaldi belongs to Miss L.C. Hana-
fin and Miss l'an-y Mun lay of Vancouver, who climbed this famous
mountain on Wedn s.'ay, July lii.
During the same expedition they
climbed the pta* of Mount Mamquam
which is also a first ascent by ladies,
Both these mountains are over 801)0
feet in height. The' party was led by
Mr. W.A.D. Mumlay. Mr. Munday, in
company of Mr. J. B. llanaiin, mado
the coveted lirst climb of the highest
and most dillicult of ihe Pyramid
group, which they named Spire Peak.
A useful set of observations, pltitude
measurements, sketches, i.nd photographs for map-making pmpo toa vta-i
secured during this interesting holiday, and some valuable facts regard -
ing th' glacers were collected. Mr.
Edward Le Page wns the fifth mem - j
bei* of the | arty. An exceptional
amount of 1'now is reported and fewer
crevasses than usual on the glaciers,    i
Like a giant  Hint,  a  cyclonic storm
oi wind,  rain and  hail,  whipped bade
and  forth across  the     United  Stales
capital,  on Thursday of    last      week,
leaving death    and  ruin in  its  wake.
Three' were killed, scores injure 1    und
hundreds  of     thousands    oi    dollars'
worth  of  properly     ruined,    according
re a hurried canvass made when    the
v   aroused itself  irom half au    hour
i.f he-lplessne-es in the grasp oi the elements,   (nu   of a  blazing sky,    uuder
which  tbe ciiy  was sweltering,      with
the temperature at  the iwi point,   tbo
enn came roaring from   the   north,
Ing ;l mass • • i clouds that cast   a
mantle of   total darkness     over     the
The gale reaching a velocity ol
ne-aiiy  seventy  miles an  hour— hurri -
■ uie Telocity—swept  the streets   clear,
,   . es,  tore   detached small
•   .dures    from    their     foundations,
■ •[I   on"  office   building,  overturn-
iL-oi,    md carrta •■■ in the streets
Washington's      hundred
eai ag   huge branches     from
. and even  uprooting sturdy    old
and  mark-  ofa century or
In .1 '      trade recipro-
wtween   Au I ralia    and  Canada,
Mi.  Arthur Kidman,  the ll-known
■ x'eee! tei i.a "I igpaphed io Mr
■in, the Australian trade com-
net   it. Hm  Pi   n i co, to    como
to     0 Into   'i .id.'  e ondi -
i .,ns with hun    In paving his reasons
loing  Mr.   Kidman,  in an inter-
the News-Advertiser, said:—
, .c       in   ''Anadian Au.tralian
.-  absolutely  monopolized     by
■     /..        l'i      M.e. I!,   •    tO tbe   l-'e'.     e Iltnl'llt
nbeidy, i ths lartfl advantage.
,,    i, ••■ ,-i,n.' demand hers (•<!■
■ o Iui 1   I,nt   WS cannot sell
i   i iii  owiiitf to  tti    b    'lilli' allies.      If
\ e tralia     does   arrange    reoipro lty
n i also give a rabaMy u> the iteara-
er    without   delay   sh''   wlll  give    New
! K.MOiOOO ii,  foohstufli  aluns
during       the      coining   twelve   month-.
whi'h  Ausiialia could  supply   to  ad -
re'n.'c arid whieh trade was pioneered und developed hv  Australian »hip- ,
per*.    Homelhing      should   bs  de ne   at
m.i' by  the New  South  Wales and fed
i iai governments."   Mr.  Kidman od
ded     "Wc don't liognrdg* New     Zea -
land laud her I raids, but we .would like
to inr e a share In it.'' I
Sher win    P 0 i -n f o
Williams r aintS
We carry a full range of colors in the above, both
for inside and outside work, also floor finishes,
Stains, Varnishes, Oil Turps, Johnson's Wood
Dyes, etc. For best results see that S. W. P. is
marked on the can. Everything in up-to-date
Paint Brushes.
STOVES—A Kootenay or Saskalta Range made by the
largest firm in that business in the British Empire; will give
more heat on less fuel, last longer, look and cook better than
any stove on the market to-day, we can prove this to you.
Camp Stoves, Camp Outfits, Baseball, lacrosse and Tennis
Goods, Bicycles, Pishing Tackle.
GROCERIES, Fruit and Vegetables. We do/an ever
increasing trade in these; Quality Goods, Fair Prices, Correct
We are headquarters for Poultry Supplies, chick food, extra
Grade Wheat, Hay Peed, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
■l i=
A Remarkable Expression
of Public Confidence . . .
is shown in the statement oi this Company for the fiscal year
ending March 31st, 1913. As compared with ono year ago, tho
following figures are exceptionally interesting:
ASSETS MARCH 3lst,    1913   $456,915.72
ASSETS MARCH 31st, 1912  flll.'JfiS.GO
showing a net gain of $34.5,647.12
This remarkable gain is positive evidence of tho convenience and practicability of the C. H. I. O. plan.
If YOU Desire a Home of Your Own—If you Would Be Independent  of a Landlord—Investigate This plan—Now.
The Canadian Home Investment Co., Ltd.
"Canada's Old Reliable"
Home Office:   PACIFIC BUILDING, Second Floor
Revelstoke Office :     -      J. B. WATSON REALTY CO.
P. BURNS & GO., Limited
Huntley & Palmer's Nursery Biscuits, per lb  50c
Molasses Snaps, 2 lbs.  for  «,
Presh Crisp Sodas, per pail  35,,
New Summer Cheese, per lb  25c
Orders Delivered to Any Part of City.
John McIntyre & SON
First Street Telephone No. 93
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Lamb
ami Veal, Chicken and
Powi, Silver Leaf bird,
n eld Butter, Banner
"rand RkRS.
All Meats Government Inspected.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd. SATURDAY, AUGUST IG, 1913.
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
Sash and Door Factory on 100 foot lot.
MCKENZIE AVENUE—8-roomed house on 50-foot lot $7500 00
1st. 8TREET—5-roomed house on 50-foot lot _ $4000 00
2nd. 8TREET-8-roomed house on fiO-foot lot  £3000 00
Double house on 75-foot lot $5000 00
5-roomed house on 50-foot lot $3000 00
5-roomed house on  $1500 00
3rd. 8TREET-4   houses _ _ $2100 to $3400 00
10-roomed house on 300-ft. lot $8500 00
2 lots (the pair)   $ 800 00
2 lols (the pair) _... $1500 00
4th. 8TREET—6-roomed house, nearly new $2200 00
6-roomed house on 50-ft. lot $3000 00
Sth. 8treet—3 6-roomed houses.   Each $3200 00
9-roomed   house $3800 00
7th. STREET-4 lots,   each $ 300 00
8th. STREET -2 lots.    The pair $1600 00
5 roomed house near C.I' R, Shops $ 650 00
3 Shops and roonwon McKenzie Ave
.$ 15,000
Dominion Express Money Orders for Sale.
W.  II.  HOROBIN, Manager.       Local Agency American Casualty Co.
Fire, Life end Accident Insurance     Government Lands       Money to Loan
Capital and Reserve,        -     $8,700,000
Savings Department At All Branches
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
West Salmon Arm  School.
Sealed Tender-, supoia:ribcd "Tender for West Salmon Arm Sehool,"
W.1U be received by lhe Honourable
the Minister of Publio Works up to
noon of Friday, bhe 22n.l day of of
August, 1913, for the erection and
eomplttion of a one-room addition to
school-house at West Sal.non Arm,
in the Kamloops District.
Plans, speeili.'.aiions, eontraet, and
form of ten ler may be seen on and
after the 4th day of August, 1913, at
j the office of Mr. S.H. Currie, Secretary Sehool Board, West Salmon
Arm; Mr. E.T.W. Pearse, Government
Agent, Kamloops; or tho Department
j of Public  Works,  Victoria,  B.C.
Intending tenderers can, by applying
to the  undersigned,      pbtain oue  copy
of  the drawings and specifleations for
j tho sum of    ten     dollars  (§10)   whieh
amount   will  be refunded    when  plans
: and specifleations are returned in good
. order.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted  bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of
j Canada, made payable to the Honour-
j able  the Minister  of      Public  Works,
for a  sum  equal  to   10  per cent.      of
: tender, which shall be forfeited if the
'party tendering decline to enter   into
contract when called upon to do so, or
if ho fail to complete the work   contracted for.   The cheques or certificates
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be  returned  to  them   upon the  execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, signed with the actual signature of ths
tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C.,  August 1st, 1913
1st issue Aug. Cth, 5t.
Ofllce: Lawrence Hardware Block
W.  H.   WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 318. Reveletoke
I, W. A. Anstie, agent for the Forest Mills of British Columbia, Ltd., of
Revelstoke, B. C, by occupation a
Lumber Co. Manager, give notice that
I intend on the 5th day of September
next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon
to apply to the Water Commissioner,
at his office at Kamloops, for a license
to take and Use One cubic feet of Water per second from Crazy Creel;, a
tributary of En^le River.
The water will be used on N. J, Sec.
28, Tp. 23, R. .**, W. 6th M., B.C., for
Domestic purposes.
Dated this 21st day of July, 1913.
1st iss.  July 23, one month.
1, W. A. Anstie, agent lor tue Forest Mills of Biitish Columbia, Ltd., of
Revelstoke, 1!. C, by occupation n
Lumber Co. Manager, give notice tbat
I inund on th3 Jtb day of September
next, at sieve- o'clock in the forenoon
lo apply to the Water Commi-^ioner
ct his office at Kamloops, B.C., for a
license to take and use Nino cubic feet
of water per second from Crazy Creek
a tributary of Eagle River.
Ths water will be used on N. J, Sec.
£8, Tp. i'l, R. Ti, W. Oth M., B.C., for Industrial purposes.
1 intend to apply at the same time
for permission to store (12) Twelve
acre-feet of the said water in a reservoir at Taft, B. C, about 300 feet
north of The Canadian Pncific Rail -
vay and about *.?00 feet west of Crazy
Dated this 21st day of July, 1913.
1st iss.  July 23.  one month.
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rate9 to be arranged.        Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
J.   ALBBET     STOlsra      PROP.
Read M Mail-Herald" SALES AND WANTS for Snaps
I, W.H.S. HoroDin and C. rt. Macdonald, of Revelstoke, B.C., by occupation a Broker and Druggist, give
notice that we Intend on the 19th day
of July, 1913, next, at eleven o'clock
in the forenoon, to apply to theWat-
er Commissioner at his office at Revelstoke, B.C., for a licenso to take and
use on;* only cubic feet of water per
second from Mountain Creek, ft tributary of. No tributary, flows to Ool -
umbia river.
The water will be used on bot S.H.
J of S.E. 12, Sec. 34, Tp. 23, R. 2, W.of
6th M., and on W. i, L.S. 12, Sec. 35,
R. 2, Tp. 23, W. of 6th M., and or. W.J
L.S. 12> Sec. 35, R. 2, W. of 6th M.,
for Irrigation purposes.
We intend to apply at the samo time
for permission to store sufficient water
to feed pipe only.
Dated this 19th day of July, 1913.
C. R. Macdonald.
W. H. S. Horobin.
1st iss. July 30, f.odye.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B. C. Land
Surveyors  and  Contractors.
P. 0. Box 347       KamloopB, B.O.
Branch  Office—Watson  Realty  G«.
Barrietere,  Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Building  Reveletoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Offlcei—Revelgtok.,    B.   O..     a»d
Cranbrook, B. O.
Geo. S. McOarter,
■*■.. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Reveletoke, Cranbrook
COURT     MT.     BEGBIB,   No. Mtl.
OF I. O. F.
Meete ln I. O. O. F. Hall next to
Tapplng'e Opera House every lecond
and fourth Monday in month. Vieiting brethren cordially welcomed.
WM.   8.  CAMERON,  Rec.-Sec.
SELKIRK     LODGE IJ,  1.  O.  O. F.
Meete every Thursday evening In
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. VieitUg
nrethren cordially invited.
KOOTENAY     LODGE. No. 1» A. F.
aud A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellowe' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Vieiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
A. G. BROOKER, Secretary.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No.
Meeta Second   and     Fourth Wednesday!    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
eordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Olerk.
MOOSE No. 1081
Meets every first and third Tuesday ln Oddfe.lowe Hall. Visiting
brethern cordially invited  to  attend.
A. Grant, Dictator.
H. L. Haug, Secretary.
Coal mining rights ot the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
tierca, the Yukon Territory, the
Sorth-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leused ior a term ol
twenty-one years at an annual rental of JI an acre. Not more than
2,560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
iiy the applicant in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
n which the rights applied for are
Tbe lease will include tbe coal mm
ng rights only, but the lessee muy
e« permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
lor shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant himself.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of flve cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
f mn inii the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, suob
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
We are giving away goods to
the value of from $5 to $15 every
week for the person giving us the
greatest number of coupons.
This Week a 40=
Piece Tea Set,
valued at $8.00
will be given. . .
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Ranges.
Snaps  Snaps  £
Here are a few broken lots left over from our Sale
Men's Combinations $1.00 and $1.45
Men's Shirts, reg. $1.50 75c
Men's Work Shirts 65c
Men's Oxfords.   Reg. $6.00 $3.95
Boys' Wash Suits 65c and up
McRae Mercantile Co.   t
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
. . It Miqht Be Hot . .
It is always fine in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs.
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Howson C&> Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C&> Co., Ltd. PAGE FOl'R
This is Fishing Headquarters
" it it is used f:»f fishing we have it."    We  can  tell   you  the  best
to visit.   COME   IN   TO-DAY and look over our Fishing
Stoi k.
FISHING RODS    Bamboo, Cane. Steel.
FISHING LINES- Flax, Liren, Silk.
Spoons. Bait?, Flies and Hooks.
Gaffs. Landing Nets. Baskets.
Leaders, Fly Books. Scales.
Che nDati-UeralD
cum.ish icn wednkhday  \nd
si   '  mm   AT
Ui'*V        TO ( i-     B    O
Inicrior ipii'M'.-iinK*, Couiiuujj
in >»i " i .!
J.  K.  JOHiNwuN    Mnntiter
HAI.I'll  i.    si hi i uN,   Kditor
<UNloV"*fcl   i        . i
■■ •    •■■
Sportsmen's Headquarters.
O 0<H><><K><XK>0<KK>-0-0- O-OOOOO O-O-O Q
0 6
6 Imperial Bank of Canada o
O »«iii(i  O** *-«'     ■•■■—•• a~*n.  Ontario.
X Capital Authorized - 10.000,000.00
0 Capital Paid Up      -      -       -      6,952,00v,.00
Ressrvo and Undivided Profits      8 103,000.00
Savings Bank Department 6
1) ;i r,(s of $1 and upward, received   nml interest  allowed at   Y
current mi* rt-' in date ofoepoM'.   Correspondence solicited. Q
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan. Mgr.   9
R. Z. CRAWFORD, Contracting Painter
SHOP IN CUMING'S TRANSFER BLOCK,  -   21^lsdto8kterebetc.
Sir Hie bar I McBride, Premier of Bri-
li-h Columbia, left Victoria thi^ week
for the m i[iital of tho Empire, where
he will personally take in hand many
matters of Importance io ihu Pacific
Coasl   I'ui. in i'.
He goes 1.1.ih' great metropolis,
backed 1>> the well wishes and sup
port ofthe lest elements of Hiiti-h
Columbia, and his jouiney is undertaken with certain s;,ecilie- obje.'ts.
Kii-t of nil, lie will he* able lo do good
work by clearing the aii' of any doubts
which may exist anion* financiers, as
tn tli" continued progress and perm ■
enniice of British Columbia's prospsr-
ity. and will ih'i- d i much towards
encourugin > the iqovement of needed
capital io assist in the great develop-
mcni no.v going; on and antdcipated,
for ihis section of the Empire.
Siconlly, our premier will ftddrejs
himself to the matter o: Municipal nnd
Civic finance, and in ths tii Ul ,•. n accompli h a great deal towaixU di-sip-
atinj th.> clouds whi h ware created
hy recent speeches and utterances oi
nun clalmiag to te fariliu* with Western cond tion", but whose posltio i
an 1 knowlsdge has been grossly overestimated by British capitalists.
! Thirdly, our Premier will Ire ahl*e lo
investigate on the spot, with the resident agont-gen-sral of this provinoe the
who's question of immigration for Bri
tish  Columbia.
Under those th'res hc:vdin;6 a)oii3 .
he will find eitiite sufficient important
work to oe.'iipy most of the six weeks
the trip is espee ted  p> occupy.
The' fa i that een his way east, our
representative intends io take up the
settlement of certain old and out -
standing items' as between British Columbia and the Federal government,
including Better Terms. The Alaska B.
C. and Mexico Railway, Dominion expenditures and Public Winks, nnd the
Naval question, as it effects this si'.i-
board province, i- sufficient to prove
that Sir Richard McBride is not asleep when the Interests .>» his home
proviice are concerned, but rather i<
prepared tee sj.e it every 'effort in the
Berviee of the electorate.
Perfect Scale, Purity ol Tone, Suscepti-
billiy ni Touch, Heautv nf Finish, Workmanship and Durability.
with human-like control contains all the
latest improvements mid devices. They
■ire perfect in tone, artistic in design
and capable of giving life-long service.
The very best material nnd the hest
skill that money can secure are employed iu their construction.
..Diamonds.. I
Watches and Clocks!   ;
Where ?
\    Jit J. Guy Barber's   \
Expert Watch Repairing
Get Your Eyes Tested and
Proper Glasses Fitted . . .
All The Good Qualities
that i.in  I* crammed Into faultless tailoring will find
their W*J into >nnr Suit or Overcoat or anything i on
order here.
it's our plan to please our i ustomers—lo give nil wc
can    to takl U little as we can afford.
Take advantage of ever) advantage, Hunt among the
biggrit variety of tbc most fashionable fabrics and
pay DOt   i cent more than you OUghti
H. F. M0RTENSEN tailor
A very remarkable sign of thc time's
is the anxiety ami additional respons-
s. which recent discoveries and
advancements, are- creating, noi merely for Individuals, hut ewn tor greal
anel  wealthy  nationalities.
Exchange!   to   hand   fiom      l.o.ulon.
show lha       ■    td      t of oil fuel,    and
op ine, ar" revolutionizing thee
oava   warfare, necessitating n-
,   I   reorganizations     e,n
Bd   ex]   DsiVe   -'al'-.       as
r.    ■ the  ent.!*'-      re
nin?     f thi       vh.'!-'   naval   forces.
.t'      ::. u ■  ivres,  disclosed
th  oil  fuel, pos-e -
,t   relauv.- y     oi
lied   vessels. The
■. !■• for     evei y . i '-a*
• .   .
• . e
' ■    '              a
Brite • ■       !.■
.   .   ■
•   I
f.  I
Hie a ■ i mott of
■ be  Bi   i i   Emp i •     \ be
sane' time a ■ ■.]     in
nee  Wedsh coa
will Bnd
■ ndi nl    upon feep'iirii e:y   a| -
nm Bfttagooistii     empirei
factor in 'h«' pit nava
' .■■ many,  foi
i-ould   diaw   e.v.erland   irom   Ku—-ia   »n-l
!ac Batauum fields, her   uppUes >,f '..i
leeure against attack    v  Briti h Wat
lii|es.  whilst every cargo of o4l     for
the      Uritish   navy    would have   io   Is'
Bi ■ sjnred in a foreign or ho«tile
in'', and Ihen i<onvcy«rl m -afeiy by
a long sea route, lo the great home
mn al buos. Thew are factors of
ri tvesl import, ihey depend upon unalterable geograpMi conditions, nnd
no amount ,,t    hiimiin forethought or
McKenzie Ave., Revelstoke.  H. C.
Head Office and Pactory. Toronto, Out,
Phone. 262
A Forccable   Argument
is o'ten needed to pound into a
fell i\v what be (infill to know.
By fore; of habit we conljnu-
ous1\ extol the merits and advantages of
we pell. All c al li irnc, but
sonic burns littler letu; tives mu
more heat than others It's the
"heat that count'-" and yoll get
it in the coal from
The Revel.-Mc Nurseries
r oscs
Sweet Peas
Potted Hants
The Revelstoke Nurseries
Transfer      Draying
Hand'ing Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42  -    Night Phone 85
tavalstoka Land Iiistrict.
*.it of West Kootenay.
noti**'1 tha*     flaude     Wat«on
'in ol  Nakusp   B.C.,  O'-riipatioii
•   Rancher,   intends   ;o  apply    for
i > rmlssioa to    purchase tbe following
:• Tib"d  lands
' ommervlnir    at a po-»l  planted    at
rh  Bast Corner of   Timher Limit
sr 6374, tbence   outh f'l   chain*,
rant  40  chiins,  tben'-e follow
:r.g tl-«j m -gnderinK of the lak" to place
of 'Ommen^emi-nl, containing one bun
Ired  tcro« more or less.
Dated  June 2nd, 101.1.
Nt l«ue .funs 7, Utt,
preparation sn icce 'iuiiy overcome
ih in
Thene  utt-  the   ra I a'  regards oil;
the po   iirilitifs    of the aireo
plane in  peSVne nod   wai.   and   itu nltirn-
imn," I ate  e tv. i   upon      naval
■ trategy and   tactics, they  ate ho vast
a   tO  baffle  any  al tempt   to  BKlequatS
iv foreoail The «»-iio'iB rttmsidsfation
i n.t being i-i' en u, these ubjeeti by
lhe British lav nnd technical |.r--.m,
i ufiie ii'nt proof ineweeer, ol iheir
tremendoui Importance, nnd the end in
not   yel.
COAL!      COAL!      COAL!
Sole Agents for the celebrated Gait Coal
The Best Soft Coal in Western Canada
IN ALL $[3 2
We have over 600 tons of the above coal on hand and can guarantee
prompt delivery. Now is the time to lay iu your winter's fuel. Don't
delay.    See us for terms and prices.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
joiin d. siBBAU), Pres.
J. V. SIBBAU), JK., Sue.
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Dominion Security Co., Limited
betf to   announce that  they  have  opened up  offices at the
corner of First  Street  and Connaught Avenue for  the  purpose of handling real estate, tinilier, etc.    It will   pay   you   to
call and get particulars, and get  in   on   ground   floor   prices
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
President. Sec-Treasurer
P. O. Drawer No. 4.   Telephone No. 3J1.
vou will (ind our delivery wagon at
vour door with tbe groceries you
order. And such j;<»h1 groceries,
too ' If uni judged them solely In
price you would not believe sei much
quality  could  be   had  for   so  little
mone}*. So come and jndge tin-
groceries themselves.
Hobson's Grocery
Phone 41
Box 734
Look!!    Prices Cut!!
No. 2—2 x 4   2 x 6	
No.    I   2x8	
No.    I   2x10   2x12
We are overstocked in No. J and No. I Cedar
dimension and offer above prices as long as
material lasts.
Globe Lumber Company
WRTTB   AT  OHO!   VOU   lll.l.   I'AKTKUr.ARS TO
T. EL DR08TB, Skckktahv
Germany hm the  iihy-icinnit for every  lO.lflfl inliiibitantfl.
T£'   ™ml|r   remedy    fer   Couch*   mai  C*US.
Shiloh CMU  so   lillie   and dots   lo much I* SATURDAY, AUGUST U'i,  1913.
Free Public Telephones on Each Floor
Rest Room for the use of the Public on the Second Floor.
New House Furnishing and Carpet
Dtfirlinil 01 S?;nJ Fiom
Revelstoke's Department Store
C- B- J*um $ Co.. limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During This Month
Look at Price Tickets.
A Large Shipment of "OU Country" Dry Goods
Just   to Hand.    Look over the following List:
Big shipment of "Old Country" Dry Goods just ill that
will interest all people from the Old Country, a- well as
our  other  customers.
You nil know the superior wearing qualities of " Old
Country" Dry Goods with out* great facilities for buying
we are in a position to carry these best " Old Cauntry "
Goods.   Come   in   and and look them over.
Printed Chintz
" ( Id   Country "   Printed Chintz for making   Quills and
Comforts,   eti .,   perfect  wash   goods.   Full   yard wide
.v.   per yard  15c.
Blankets and Spreads
"Old Country" Flannel Blankets, Cotton Bed Spreads
Quilts, Sheets, comforters, Baby Cot Blankets, Baby
Cot   Quilts at   $1;50  to   .    $10.00
White Cotton
" Old Country " fine White Cottons. None better in
the  world.   Beetled Cotton at    15c.
' Old Country " Flannelette in the good washing, and
hard wearing kind stripes, plains, checks, etc., at
10c.,^2ic., 15c, and     , 20c.
Velvets and Corduroys
Oil Country" Velvets nnd Corduroys in all the colors
wide weadths for cutting Dresses and Coats. At G5c.
nnd  75c.
* Old Country " Embroideries now on sale. A Table
each   at   ll* cents, 15 cents and  .35c.
Wools and Yarns
''Old Country'' Wools tind Yarns, from the finest fingering to the heany Scotch  Knitting at   IOc.  to  Z5e.
Curtains!   Curtains!
" Old Country " Curtains and Net-; and Drapery Materials, it is very  surprising the     fine    lines oi these
materials you can get    at  15c.  and  25c.
Dress Goods
"' Old Country " Dress Goods all the new ideas in good
Qualities' of Clay Worsted. Twill Serges, Tailor
Serges, Home Spuns, Cashmeres, etc, 50 cents to $1.50
Nainsook Yard Wide
Full Yard Wide Nain.isook Madapolam, Bleacher Fac -
tory, Long cloth   Cambric at 15c.,  20c.    and   25c.
Over One Hundred Men's Fine Shirts in choice
patterns will be put on the table for Friday and
Saturday only. Choice weaves and nobby patterns. Everyone is a W. G. Cb\ R. Coat Shirt.
Don't let this one get by you. You can't afford
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two days only the price will be	
85c Each
The new fall special measure samples
are'just to hand. Over six hundred of
the newest fabrics to choose from and
your fit absolutely guaranteed. Let us
show you the best finished and best
wearing Clothing on the Canadian
Soft Hats in grey, brown and green
shades. Just the thing for Early Fall
wear. Every one is a Christy and
bears their label. This opportunity
will last for a few days only. Don't
miss it. The price for those days will
$1.20 Each
Oun Grocery and Crockery" Department
We have preserving apricots coming in every
morning from the Okanagan. Leavel your
order early.
Fresh raspberies from the ranche.
Plums and peaches, wator melons, canti-
Ioupes, ripe tomatoes and cucumbers, vegetable marrows, new carrots, beets, cabbage
and turnips. The best assortment of fresh
fruit and vegetables in town.
Why waste-your time and energy slicing ham and bacon with a knife
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Try our Cooked Ham.   Every slice ready to serve.
Swift's Premium Bacon or Boned Ham sliced to suit your taste.    Tell
as'how you like it and we do the rest.
We have a large stock of Wilson's Fly Pads; Tanglefoot Fly Paper in sheets; Two-inch
Viper Fly Catcher, 50 to a box. $1.75; Four-inch Viper Fly Catcher, 50 to a box, $2.25.
i 't. .t% itk ttt ii'i iti iti iti itt ttl ill iTt 1*1*1 iTi iti ttt itt itt iti iTi iT*i ttl iTi itt itt itt leti *t. «^i .t. .t% ,t% tt. it. .tt ttt
' *X *T? fX   X   X   X   X   X   X ™   X   X *4»' '4-' ^y X   X   X *4-' '4-' X   X   4-   X   Xf '4. 'X-   X   X   X   X   X   X  X *X   X*
Specials for Friday and Saturday
WATER GLASSES. Reg. $1.25 Per Doz for 65c Per Dozen
J   JELLY  GLASSES, Reg. 75c per Doz for 40c Per Dozen
We are Overstocked in these Lines and you can get the benefit.
l't*! tt. .tt l't. ttt 1^1 ttt ttt itt 1*1*11T1 iTi ttt itt ttt ttt tti tti 1*1*1 *fr* ''E1* i"1*a ttt tti ttt tti iti it 1 tti iti ili *tt »*i*i i*l*i .t. .t. .'
"X11Tt f tt »jl» »x» »x" "i» 'x* *x"fx* *x" 'X" 'X" 'x1 »x~ * T* 'X* *X X X X ^X" *♦* '■^■1 "4"* X 'j>* 'X* X X X X X X X X ■
House   Furnishing   Department
Big Shipment  of   Old  Country  Carpets,   Curtains,   Rugs,
Mats,   Draperies,   Couch   Covers,    Steamer   Rugs,    Etc.
The Sunshine li.-i ■, advantages which
make it by far the best furnace to install. Our apent will lie pleased to explain them, or wri.e for booklet.
^sNo Furnace
•"   Dust in Your
You wi!! have no fur- $
j      • i
nace dust myour home
if you have a Sunshine
Furnace.    A  special
dust  flue  prevents   tliis  entirely by carrying
all   dust   up   the
smoke pipe.
Editor Mail-Herald:—
Please allow me space in your paper, i wish to state hereby that it wad
not with malicious intent, or with any
intention of informing on my neighbor
or any person that the; police sum ■
rnoned me. Circumstances over which j
1 had no control, forced tho issue. 1
feel the greatest respect and solicitat -
ion for my  neighbor.
Very  respectfully,
^^fc    ^SIXTH   ANNUAL
4|   Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Sept. 16-17-18   &
S-UElsMlie Furnace
London    Toronto    Montreal     Winnipeg    Vancouver    St. John, N.B.
Hamilton     Calgary     Saskatoon     Edmonton 333
ISold by Bourne Bros., Ltd.
—«!!!■■ IMH M III—■■■MINI     IMW—llll I ■■■■!—I
In order that there may be no questions raised later ou, we wish to
announce that nopcrson connected n-i Hi our store or nu mini' of their
families, will be allowed one piano vote, We positively will not
seW.these votes, One single vote ca-nnoi In- purchased from us at
any price. We are going to give the beautiful $400 Upton Parlor
Grand Piano now on exhibition at our store to the person presenting
to us the greatest number of Piano Votes on December 27th, next,
For every ceut of your purchase of anything in our store, you are
entitled to one Piano Vote.
Yours faithfully,
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Revelstoke, B.C., Aug.  13. 1913
Editor Mail-Herald:—
Dear S'ir,—In your issue of the Sth
you publish an article headed "Notes
from Ferguson" by Subscriber, whose
chief notes are describing his domicile
a 4x0—it's  sad that   he  were  not    oc-
i eupying   t'he  same  dimensions   under - j
ground,  or  living not    among  eagles,
but  angels—and vilifying a dead   man's,
name by saying  lhat everybody      was
agreed   that  Bill   Schnell  did the  best
act of his life when he committed sui - j
ride, whieh latter statement I question |
as 1 am   intimately   acquainted      with
Ferguson and its people.     Now,    Mr.
Editor, I  was  astounded  when  J   read
that scrap, to think that you     would
. publish stteh stuff, knocking or defam - j
jing a deceased  person.
1 have known Bill the Barber, since !
] first he struck  this part of B.C.,   'and '
always found him kind hearted, gener- ,
Ious to a fault, ever ready  to  help the
needy,  with ever a  cheery  word,      and '
j au open  cupboard  for those who  were
hungry,'he  being a  batchelor,  1     will;
admit   lie had  his  faults,probably serious ones, who'is  there among us  that
don't,   but   he  was a  mau for a'that.
Scientists are agreed that a suicide
is of unsound mind, then let your eor-
responde'iit M-e to it that his mind be
not ulteeted, but its to be hoped in ,i
diflerenl groove th.m Bill's at his
Thanking you in advance for valued space,  t remain,  yours, etc.,
$5,000 IN PRIZES
c/lgricultural and Fruit Exhibits.
Live  Stock  and Poultry. Home rjTWade Cooking and Preserves.
cTWanufacturer's Exhibits. Ladies' Work.
And Special Attractions.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .   .
;>le  who  'lon't
know ■■   Bell's   '
Butter make	
P. O. Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
Edison Records
Blue Amberol
and Concert
Harry Lauder
Cal Stewart
Will Oakland
.    Ada Jones
c^Vlary Carson
Golden & Hughes
At Bingham's Music Store
^ _jy
immmmm^ >       "■■« 	
Tb« mUiii!* »f a bntlMsi hotifi Ih Wc offer wn txptrlittrrlflt,  Print
n Iti lUtlonarj. It Pais       wii-wa ram       lA mir bualnaai and '-nr hobbj  too
ri'flftrtft'I i
To thfl bait aatactloii of pnyr and
to l-a?" the )<p"i   th it> tfdiiu'    Wi
fi»<- >mi tht* bUhait quality M itt     ciectrib Pro«»     typi- w« add originality and mart
iWMt prioti    I ''■'' • ■ -timaien. DMA of ilt^itfti and rapid 'lulirery.
Special Railway Rates.    One-and-One-Third Fare for the Round Trip
to the Revelstoke Exhibition.
See   the  Special Prizes for   Fruit   and
Vegetables from Surrounding Districts.
J   Malakwa Mews
Mr. Arthur Haycock and MUs Ethel
Fiseh, were uniteel in marriage laBt
Saturday at Salman Arm.
.1. H. Johnson spent Saturday In
F. X. Wintenlierij has returnjJ from
a few days st,,y  at Golden.
An infant -on was lx)rn to .Mrs. P.
LeBeo la I Friday morning, both
are doing nively.
i    W.  W.   Wool   (he game warden     of
Kamloops, was in town Saturday.
Thro.- babied, all ffd with eow milk '
ame   ow, huve     die!      ill
In the lasi  few days.  The
Byn   to::        were much like those    of
dysentery ai I ti a ment for ihat dis-
easi   wa     I without iieneticiai
'■:..- 1 was    fl
I ow believed that    the
.:. on
iprayed with th.e
aids  of  thu
.  '■.    ■    h tl       OiUtiri'i
. Th.-
I  i'.iymon S.  Duncan
f     A.      J.
'«   all
on ly ill.
in Your Scalp
AuthoritiM say  that a microbe
If you are losing
r -nedy at our risk.
€i^ &$ l& ^^
fef H lur-
cording I in
fi ni I
tbe treatmi n( tod i f    Yotu
hit'   request will ."
bai   if .-"ii want It.   Two i* t, aha
and 11 00,
***<>u nm huy Rexall "93" ff>ir TonJo
In tlm Moiiimiiiiity only at oui itorai
RerelNtoke llrltUle  f'olumhl'i
The Jbwtl ftor.
Control   Your   Coal
In the Gurney-Oxford range you will find
more exclusive features, more essential improvements that appeal to the thrifty housewife than
have ever before been found in any one kitchen
But most important of all is the Economizer.
This Jclever device for regulating the drafts
saves 1 ton of coal in every 6 that you would
burn in the ordinary range. It takes the smell of
cooking out of the kitchen and sends it up the
chimney.   You  know what that means.
The Economizer enables you to absolutely
control thc amount of coal you wish to consume and still have a perfect heat for cooking.
It will enable you to keep your fire going
while you go out shopping or visit your neighbor, and all that is necessary for you to do
on your return is to press thc small lever and
you are assured of a hot fire in a very few moments.
A Gurney-Oxford stove is sanitary—no dirt
can accumulate on its beautifully smooth surface.
Its top is polished steel which abolishes forever that dreadful operation — blacking thc stove.
Of paramount interest also are the other
remarkable and exclusive attachments the
Special Grate, the Divided Flue and thc Broiler.
Every woman who knows owns a Gurney-
so promptly and perfectly as you are
at this restaurant. And lhe service is
only a foretaste ol
It is said that the way tb n man's
In-art is through liis Btomach. We are
gure tn reach yours if you'll drop in
and try our bill of fare. If perfect victuals,   perfectly   cooked   and   perfectly
served,   vvill   Kain   yenr   friendship,    we
are absolutely sure e>f yours.
A. (I. Tmiakisiin Manager,
Come and look at our Triangle Sad
Irons   guaranteed for rm,
PRICE    6 LB. IRON, $3.90
Estimates given free
& Revelstoke
**   Hardware Co., Ltd.   H
Thnro in » Tli-mll fllor« in nrtrly «r»ry Inwn
Mid filly in tlin Unitwl HtnUll, Otniuln ud
fifput   flrilnm.    Thurn   in   »   diflnrrnt   KmiiII
k'-inerlv feir hourly every ordinary human ill
«»cli fiUflninlly denlgnwl lor the particular ill
for whlon It in rroommrnded.
Tb. Knall St.re. are Amerk»*a OrMlMt
Drui Store.
Wc solicit a share of your patronage
Bpecial attention h'*,'1'11 to children
We have just opened
a shop in thc   .       .
After Six Years Service
to the Revelstoke public we
scarcely need an introduction.
i --sickly .top. cough.,  cure. cold., and  hul.
1 die throat aod tuns..       ti       is       sa cent.. SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 1913.
tiitiomvim tm
Fall  Fair
September 16, 17 and 18, 1913'
President, A. McRAE, •  Treasurer, F. B. WELLS Secretary, T. E. L. TAYLOR
Address all communications to the Secretary, from whom Handbooks, Entry Forms and all information may be obtained.
NOTICE    Rules to be Observed by Competitors and
Exhibitors, and to be Strictly Enforced.
1.—Intending Competitors must give notice by duly
filing up the proper form, which will he furnished on
application, and returning it to the Secretary, not later
than September 13th; after that date no entry can be made,
'lhe Fair if open to all, hut the Association reserve the
right to refuse any entry, without giving any reason
therefor. In all classes entries must be made in the name
of the producers, or manufacturers only, and by sin-h produ.-eis in person or their agents, duly authorized. Any person making entries as an agent for more than one producer
or manufacturer must pay the usual entry fee for eaeb of
such parties.
2.—All Competitors are held to declare on the printed
form provided by the* Association, that thfl subjects exhibited by them (except bouquets of Wild Flowers, Preserved
Fruits, Jams, anl tbe exhibits of Manufacturers) arc of
thjir own growing, and have been in their possession at
least on.- month previous to the Fair, except in easV of
Live Stock and Poultry which must be bona tide property
oi exhibitor. Any Infraction of thia rule will disqualify
ihe Exhibitor, and render h.im liable to lho forfeiture of
,11 pri*e money. Each Exhibitor must sign a declaration
that this rule has been complied with.
".—Any exhibit having previously been awarded n prize
nt this Association's Annual Fair cannot again l>e considered
eligible for a further prize. (This does not apply to Division
L. covering Live Stock).
4.—All Vegetables must be clean, sound and properly
5.—All articles must be correctly and legibly named as
far as possible.
(i.—Undue dressing will disqualify.
7.—The Fair Grounds will be open for /he reception of
exhibits from Saturday, September 13th to 5 p.m. on Monday
September 15th, before the commencement of the Fair. Any
exhibit may be shipped to the care of the Secretary, charges
prepaid, but in no case will such exhibit be brought on to the
grouuds and placed on exhibition except by anl at the expense of tbe owner or his authorized agent.
B.—On the entry of each exhibit n card will be furnished
the exhibitor, specifying the Class, Division and Number of
entry, which card must remain attachod to tho exhibit
during the exhibition.
9.—No Competitor to stage more than one lot for anv
one prize, exept where otherwise stated.
10.—All Competitors' and Exhibitors must have their
exhibits in the Fair Building not later than S p.m. on Septem-
Dor loth, unless where otherwise stated in particular classes,
;,nd exhibits cannot be removtd on any pretence whatever
until 4 p.m. on September 18th.
11.—The Arrangement Committee will direct the placing
of all exhibits, and Exhibitors must Strictly obey th.'ir
orders. The Committee have instructions to refuse all exhibit? which they consider unworthy of being shown.
12.—Positively no exhibit will be received for exhibition
after 5 p.m. on Monday, September loth, with the exception
of immediately perishable articles such ns lettu o, radishes,
cut flowers, etc, which may be accepted up to 8:39 a.m. on
Tuesday, September 16th.
13.—Exhibitors must at all times give the necessary personal nttention to whatever they may have on exhibition,
nnd at  the close of the Exhibition tnke chnrtre of same.
14.—Though the' Directors will take reasonable precautions to insure safety of the exhibits sent to the Fair, they
wish it to be distinctly understood that the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them, nnd should
any exhibit he a -cidently injured, lost or stolen, the Directors will give all assistance ln their power towards recovery of the same, but will not make any payment for the
value  thereof.
l'i.—Non-members may enter anv artieles" on paying entry
fee of One Dollar ($1,001 for the flrst entry and 25 cents for
each additional entry. Boys nnd girls under Ifi are allowed
to make :iny numlier of entries, whether one or more, on
payment of a total fee of 25 cents.
Ifi.—Exhibits can be sent to the Secretary, charges prepaid, hy parties unable to nttend the Fnir.
17.—Judges will be appointed hv the Board and by the
Provincial Government, and will receive a circular informing
them of the fact and inviting them to act.
18.—Judges "'111 report to the Secretary on vthe erounds.
19.—The decMon ofthe Judges is final, and they have
special powers to withhold or modify prizes where tne
exhibits nre not worthy.
20.—Anv protests must be lodged with the Secretary, in
writing, within four hours after the awa"ds have hecn, made
bv the Judtres, and the derision ofthe Directors on all matters arisln-? under these rules shall ehe final. A dco-it of
J**.00 to be lodged with all such protests, to lw refunded il protest i« sustained.
21 —No person shall net as Judge in anv class in which
hc is an exhibitor. It shall hc thc dutv >f the Judges, before leavine the erounds or citv, to ascertain whether any
protests have been filed atrainst their awards in anv sections
they have indeed, in order that explanations mav b" duly
presented to Board.
22—In addition to the stated premium! offered for exhibits enumerated in the List, the Judces slmll have the
power to recommend premiums not enumerated, as they mav
consider worthv, and the Directors will determine whether
n*vy premium bo awnrded- and the amount of ouch premium.
The .TiidernB mny also distinguish surth exhibits as thev mav
consider deserving of notice, but which have not received
prizes, by ticket with the words "Hiphly Commended."
23.—Tn the Fine Arts "tid McchnnWl Departments,
diplomas will hc awarded, in addition to th" money pri/es,
to nnv specimen evincing "rent skill in Its production or
deemed oth"rwiB" worthv of such distinction oi its boln<7
vr commend''<1 I V ths .Tud -es and ennnv-ed of bv the Direr-tors, 'o whom all such matters shall be referred.
21.— Tn the "bsence of competition in rnv section, or if
th" nrtieles exhibited l>o of Inferior OUftlitV, the .Tud-cs arc
fnstrltetw! to n'vard on'v SOS'1 nremiums as tbey thi'ik tbe
nrti'l"s rlcse rcin^ e.f Thev will sTerdls their dLcretle n n°
to whether they will award thc firsl, see-on'!, thii*d. or nnv
Vi.—Touching* of exhibits Jn the Fnir is Mrlctlv prohibited,  and any  peftfon  found takinc- cutting    off    plant',    or
taking fruit or other exhibits, shall lie expelled from lho
Fair Grounds.
2<i.—The violation by an Exhibitor of any of, the rules
shall involve the forfeiture of all prizes awarded to bim.
27.—All prizes not claimed at or prior to the Annual
Meeting will be forfeited to the funds of the Association.
28.—Membership tickets do not entitle the holders thereof to free admis'siou to the Fair Grounds.
29.—The Fair will 'be open to the public at 8 o'clock a.
m. on Tuesday,  September the 16th.
.'10.—Members or others desirous of havintr particular
Plants, Fruits, etc., better represented at the Exhibition,
may offer Special Prizes for the same, subject to th ■ approval
of the Directors, Notice of such intention should be given
to thc Secretary as soon as possible, so that it may bc inserted in the Prize List.
31.—Growers are invited to contribute to the Exhibition
such productions, not specially mentioned in die Prize List,
as are likely to prove of interest, and espeeially new recently introduced, or imperfectly known varieties of Plants,
Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables. The Association does not
pledge itself to vote awards for such articles, which will
be pla'*ed on the tables for exhibition only: but in cases
where meritorious productions are brought forward, the
Directors may grant an extra award, on the recommendation
o! Judges.
32.-Membership Ti ket entitles, Free to the holder, ns
many entries as they wish to make, but winners of Prizes
amounting to $10.HO or over will hnve deducted Id percent,
of Seime.
33.—Single Exhibits under any class number cannot
be brought together or judged for any collection exhibit.
34.—A collection exhibit must be entered and staged
separately from all single class exhibits.
35—One Collection Exhi'iit entered and staged is eligible
for entry for any and all collection prizes in their respective
36.—All collection exhibits may ba judged in combination as a collection of the whole.
37.—All varieties of Fruits and Vegetables must be eor-
rectly, neatly and l"gibly named. Failure to do this renders
exhibits liable to disqualification.
Section A—Poultry and Pet Stock
Pigeons, Cage Birds, Rabbits Cavies
Entries Close September 13th, 1913. Single entries 25
cents ea>h. Pens 50 ceuts iach. Holders of Agricultural Society Membership Tickets may enter as many exhibits as they
wish without payment of above entry fees, but winners of
premiums aggregating $10 or over, will have deducted from
same   in per i*ent. of such amount.
Membership Fee of J1.00, entitles holder of ticket to free
entry of exhibits. Tickets may be seurcd from T. E. L.
Taylor, Sei retary of Agricultural Society, or from R. M.
Smythe. Secretary of Revelatoke Poultry and P. S. Association.
Local exhibits mny be delivered at Poultrv building ut
any time after 7 a.m. Monday, Sept. 15th, but will not be
accepted  later than 7 a.m., of Tuesday morning September 16
Arrangements have been made t'i take delivery of and
care for outside exhibits' from the time they arrive at Revelstoke depot and to return same to Express Compnny. Charges
to be prepaid by exhibitor.
A competent attendant will lie on duty to care for and
feed stock while in the custody of the Exhibition Committee
but the Society will not hold itsell responsible for any damages whilst in transit or whilst on Exhibition Grounds.
The Poultry Building is equipped with coops for Ih'e
nceomnodnteicn of exhibits.
Exhibitors of Cage Bird* must provide suitable cages.
No Exhibitor shall interfere with nor enter into discussion with the judges whilst they are engaged in their work.
Any Infringement of this rule will disqualify such Exhibitor
and Cause forfeiture of any premiums which may bo awarded.
Judges decision in all oases shall be final.
All birds must be entered singly as Cock, Hen, Cockerel,
Pallet, Duck, Drake, etc. Birds entered singly mav compete
In breeding pens, pens to consist of three females and a
mnle. if additional fee is paid. This Exhibition will be
judged by comparison.
The latest Revised American Standard of Perfection will
govern the Judges* in nll recognised varieties.
Judging will commence Tuesday, Sept. lcth at 8 a.m. All
birds not in placo at that time will be del arrod from competition, unless delayed in railway tran-it. proof of whieh
must  be given to the Poultry Committee of the Exhibition.
All exhibits must be bona fide property of the Exhibitor
at the time of exhibiting.
All protests must be handed tc the Secretary in writing
nnd must lie accompanied by (1 deport of $5.00. If, after
the matter has been thoroughly Investigated by the Executive Committee of the Agricultural Association, the protest
shall prove to bc without good foundation the deposit Bhall
be forfeited.
All birds must be provided with leg bands showing their
number. No other distinguishing mark such ns ribbons will
be allowed. All birds not marked will have leg bands placed
on them by the Association. These will he charged to the
Exhibitor and must be paid for before the specimens are
Entries for Poultry and Pet Stock must lie forwarded
on S|ocial Form provided for th" purpose, and addr-ssed to
R. M. Smythe, Secretary of Revelstoke Potiltiy and P. 8.
Asjoriation, not later than September 13th, 1913.
Tho following trophies are thc pro-ierty of the Revelstoke poultry and Pet Stock Association, until won ns
All specimens entered for competition will bo considered
nJ competing for both (he regular and special premiums
without  an additional entry foe.
1.—Challenge Cup—Donated by Revelstoke Poultry and Pet
Stock Assoeiation. Highest scoring cock and two hens,
any breed, open to members of Revelstoke Poultry and P.
S. Assn. only.
2.—Challenge  Cup—Donated   by   McKinnon's   Cigar   Store.—
Highest scoring Buff Leghorn cock.
The following cups must be won three times before be -'
coming the property of the Exhibitor:
3.—Mail-Herald Cup—Highest si oring Rhode Island Red,
cock and hen. Won in 1909 by E. W. B. Paget; l'JIO. by
J.J.  Devine;  1911, by  J.A.  Morgan;  1912, by H. Seigfried.
4.—R. N. Doyle Cup—Highest scoring S.C. Bufl Leghorn, cockerel and pullet. Won in 1999 by J. J. Devine: 1910 by
H. F. MeKinnon; 1911, by H. Smythe; 1912, by JI. Smythe
5.—P. Burns & Co. Cup—Highest scoring S. L. Wyandotte,
cockerel and pullet. Won in 1909 and 1910 by Rev. O.A.
FroMunier; l'Jll by F. Fleetham; 1912, by F. Bourne.
fi.—Maundrell Meat Market Cup—Highest scoring Barred
Rock, lock and hen. Won in 1909 by J. Shaw, 1910 by
R.A. Upper; 1911, by R.M. Smythe; 1912, by R.M. Smythe
7.—J. G. Barber Cup—Highest scoring Game, cockerel antl
pullet. Won in. 1909 by Mrs. R.A. Upper; 1912, by Naylor
and Dean.
8.—Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co. Cup— Highest scoring
White Leghorn, cock and hen. Won in 1909 by J. A.
Morgan: 1910, by W. Daws'on; 1911, by J.J. Devine; 1912
by J.  A.  Morgan.
9.—C. F. Lindmark Cup—Highest scoring Brown Leghorn,
cockerel anil pullet. Won in 1909 by J.Morgan; 1910,
by A. J. Kinnear, 1911, by E.G. Woodland; 1912, by R.J.
10.—McRae Mercantile Co. Cup— Highest scoria; Barred
Roek, cockerel and pullet. Won in 1909 and 1910 by
Mrs. R.A. Uppert. 1911, by R. Smythe; 1912 by J. Shaw.
11.—Enterprise Brewing Co. Cup—Highest scoring breeding
pen. Won in 1909, by J.A. Morgan; 1910, by A.J. Kinnear
1911, by J. A. Morgan; 1912, by F. P. Creech.
12.—Rev. P. and P. S. Assn. Cup—Highest scoring Black
Minorca cock. Won in 1909 and 1910 by G. H. Smedley,
of Enderby;  1911, by  J. Mathie;  1912, by J. Mathie.
13.—The American Bufl Plymouth Rock Club will give as
special prizes, four handsome Silk Ribbons.—One for the
best Rock shaped Male: one for the best Buff Surface colore!
Male; one for the best Rock Shaped Femaltt. on< for the
best Buff Surfai*e colored female Only members whose dues
are paid to July 1st, IS11, are eligible to compete for tht~e
specials. Membership fee is only Sl.Oo and this pays up
to July 1st, 1914. For information in regard to the club
write Thos. B. Elliott, Secretary, R.D. No. 29, Box 163,
St. Louis, Mo.
Largest and    best     exhibit    in eaoh of    the   following
classe—American,    Asiatics,       Mediterranean,    and
English (must be 10 or more birds}  $ 5.90
Largest and best exhibit  of    the whole  show    10.DO
The winner of this prize cannot    win    any    of    th'j
$5.00 prizes.
Best Pen Duck  (1 Drake, 2 Ducks)   $ 5.00
Entry Fees—Single Birds, 25c{ Pen, $1.00.
PREMIUMS—Under 5 entries,  1st prize 81.U0, 2nd 50c,    five
entries  or over,   Ist,  $1.50:  2nd,  S1.00;  3rd,  59c.   Ten  entries or over, 1st,  $2.90;  2nd,  $1.50,  3rd,  $1.00.   Breeding
Pens—Ist prize, $3.U0; 2nd, 82.00; 3rd, $1.00.
1—Americans :—
Plymouth Ro< ks—Barred, White and Buff.
Wyandottes—Silver,    White,    Bufl,    Black,   Golden, Partridge, Columbia.
Ja\ as—Black, A. 0. V.
R. 1. Reds—Single and Rose Comb.
2—Asiatics :—
Brahma—Light and Dark.
Cochins—Bufl and A. O. V.
Laugshuus—White and Bluck.
3—Mediterranean :—
Leghorns—Buff,  White and Brown  an.l Black,   (S. 0.  and
R. C.)
Minorca*—White and Black, (s. C. aud R. C.)
Dorkings—Colored,   A. O. V.
Orpingtons—Bufl, White and Black.
Red Caps.
E—Folish :—
White Crested, Black, A. 0. V.
6—Hamburgs :—
Golden and Silver Spangled, Golden and Silver Penciled,
7—Fiench :—
Hoialans—La Fleche and Favcreles.
8—Exhibition Games :—
Any variety.
No Pen Prizes Awarded
9—Turkeys, any variety, Male, Female, young anil old.
10—Ducks,  any  variety,  Male,  Female, young and old.
11—Geese, any variety, Male, Female, young and old.
Entry Fee 26 cents.
12—Bantams—Best Collection,    any   variety.   Not less    than
six birds.    1st prize, $1.50;  2nd, $1.00.   Ten birds    or over
1st, 82.50, 2nd, J1.50.
13—Pigeons—Best      Collection,    any    variety.   Not less  thnn
six birds.    1st prize, $1.59; 2nd, $1.00.   Ten birds or over,
1st, $2.50; 2nd, *1.50.
14—Canaries—Best  Collcition.   Not less  than  four  birds.   1st
prize, $1.50", 2tid, 81.00.   Ten birds or over.   1st priz.a $2.50
2nd, 11.60'.
15—Rabbits—Best pair, 1st, ?1.00; 2nd, 50 cents.
The remainder of the Prize
List will be published in our
following issues.
E.J, Camerou of Calgary
S,   McArthur   •:' Toroi     ,  is  i1.
Johnson of CO'iuitlam, :- 1
is in  the DEPARTMENT    OF   MILITIA    AND
the New Drill  Hall  at Merritt, B.C.
Main aud  J.J
are in town.
Fat  ■•' of  Van-
v      .. | Mrs, ti S. Gilleapli , of Nar-
were     yesterday.
d Mi-.
J .W. Steve a-i'ii of Sas
i itors  iu
Scaled    Tenders   marked on the envelope  "Tendei* for   Construction     of
Drill Hall at Merritt, B.C.," and   addressed to  tho Director of Contraots,
H   Wood oi Arrowheace, was at the  Department   ol     Militia and   Defence,
Revelst '   *."d.y. ,°ttaWa'      will  be received until noou,
rieptember 11, 1013, for the construction of a new Drill Hall at Merritt,
B. C.
Specifications may he seen and full
particulars obtained at the office of
the District Officer Commanding the
Military District .No. II. Victoria, B.
0.| tho Town Clerk, Merritt, B.C. mil
the Director General of Engineer Services, Headquarters, Ottawa.
Tenders must be mude on the form
.-upplied by the Department ati'l ac
coinpanied by an accepted cheque ,en a
Canadian Chartered Bank, for ten pet-
cent i It) p.c.) of the amount of the
tender, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Militia
and Defence, which amount will be
forfeited if the party tendering declines
to enter into or falls to complete the
contract in accordance with his* tender
Thc Department does not bind itself
At the    Trueman     Studio, all por- f   The Trueman     Studio ls the house
traits are high grade aud guaranteed, for high class finish for amateur work
—A. Douglas Touroer. nil prints with white borders.
GALT COAL Is handled exclusively'   All Old  Country people and others,
in  Revelstoke by the Revelstoke Gen- read CB.  Hume  & Co.'s big display
eral  Agencies, Ltd. ad on page five.
Revelstoke's home of art—The True- Coursier has contracted (or a.  large
man     Studio.   Call and  see us,   when supply of coal andean supply your re-
I discussing   portraits.   Prices   to    suit quirements for fall  and    winter with
all. the best in the market.
Come and see the High Grade Fnrn- The McRnye concert Co. will  appear
iture   being   -'old at   the   Residence     of in St. Francis Hall uuder the auspices
Mr.  J. Lee*, McKenzip Avenue. of Children of Mary, on Bept,  Bth,
I .    I
of N'elson, was  in
. -   m:i\ home
H, Horo iin ha i li > h i ft Litte
ening   ■■•   Whi: ■ i I■"*•   l1"--
I :,v W.H. Pra
I    :       Mrs.   H.    \l ■   ;:-'
ouvi i,   ue p lying   Revelstoke
, . .-.     this wei   ■■ ad.
i .  Gordon   u I     Roy W. Grim     ol
... transacting    business
urday. Guest     it  the    Hotel
beer, i ngaged
.; K nn n's
owling es
-     past few   la
; ag   :Ji, y     ,     :■ 11-:,,       ovefl)   uling,
; 'veiling.
he GIRLS a" gla I to welcome
Leo McKionon ; " " coast,
-,-. ■    has       '   a va ation visit
ing ri ativi s ..a the Island.
Pi adolini    avi     ■■ :i\ aw -
i . . ract ioi   i paii ng     old
he lime bt ■ . . Percj
.   ,       :up     lhe  ground    o ir  ns
„ A.   '     .-llO,'.
English Comi lienne, M-- L i -y
Webling, who wis the original Little
Lord Fauntlet oy, will appear with the
M R tye con "ft ompany in St. Francis hall on  September ith.
Readers  of  eh"  Mail-Herald  ivili    bo
interested     to,   know   thai    'he  Sir
eup, presented  tor
ya ht  race competition at   the
B.C. C nni\ tl wee ., wa ' won bj
Messrs. C. and R. Cao, ofVancouver,
| m ,,   The   Winn i ' - '
T.E.L. Taylor ot this .ity.
Barrett and Chiel Inspector -Mil-
he Dominion government   lu-
.   Revenue r-ervlue, were in Revel -
..'.urday inspecting tbe lo-
office.   Tl   j  ■ ipres-
.  ihemselvcs as highly satisfied with
a reasing business being  transact
epartment  here,  an 1 con •
tulated  Mr.   Ross upon the ilourish-
! it ion of *>bt office, and the ef-
nt  manner    In which  matters  are
ged h'Te.
i ■ ha ■   i ;.
ion   - '■ '   n ■.   '     "
hat the excursion to
T ■    laj     a    I'-en
lied.   A" . • I  all
train     thd
I   .I'm',  that   the  C
, an   iuvi ..      were
oaches     . t   toi
•hv har e ions and lhat they
.     o furnish the I
as promise!       tl     o al     i ithorlt les.
omn ittei    1- called
f ■  t at 7:3    in the Y.M.C
to accept  the lowesl or any tender.
EUGENE  F1SET,  Cob tvl.
Deputy  Minister.
Department  of Militia   ,n,l Defence,
Ottawa. July 31, 1913.
Newspapers will  not be  puid  i;   thia
advertisement   is  inserted without au-
thority from the Department.
Ist issue Aug. 13, 2t.
S!SSSISISSSSSIS!SM aj"3j*i21 11 SfEE ii.
g IOc line   ::   Minimum 25i
WANTED—To Rent, lOmfonable houso
furnished or unfurnished. Write X.
V.  /... Box 914, Revelstoke.
WANTED—Domestic Work hy Super
ior pi r.-on. Good cook, needlewo •
man.   Apply  81,  Third street,  city
TO LET—1 have Two Front Rooms,
Furnished foi house keeping, on
Fourth   street.    Apply   liox   73o city.
WANTED—Ma cimiy Nurse Superior,
wants engagements, cheerful and reliable.   Apply  Sl, Third street,  City
lm. July lCth 1st iss.
WANTBD—Smythe's Employment Of-
:. ■.  m n   for work at   good  wage
Apply to  Smythe's Employment Of-
Klrst  street, ReveUtoke,  b.C.
Lt 1ST   Al   tl     i.ian i-tand at. '
July 30th, ;l Briestley
I'.a.ncoa*..   Fiudei
ft   by to
Bee. it
MISS    PORTER—Grad ia ■   Maternity
Nurse,  compete .  .
entire     charge  of    home.   Bo
Revelstoke. lm.  .1.10.
WANTED—Yo in.- Lady Si hoo. Teach-
ei I      as      !,oar . . k bO
D d ra 1,    lo  e
ird apply to Box
914,   Revelstoke,  B.C.
E.C. Tra t Bu n-	
„      -., •      Westminttei      a   •> 1  FOR  RENT—Advertiser bai
*. from  *
Mi   Tra\ . ne of Ihs
nd    owners .en K
:     ol   ths    '
nd   a  Fire  Valley    Befoi       a***
I Idgewoo 1 tie let a   onl
, i|     all  the Ian i on the    e.l I
Edge wood-Da
.... r men-   road.   Mr.  Ti avei
be Edgewood di tri I   al be-
n       • l • "'lin_rly     good   conrdlt ion,
pro pacta excellent,    ,nd farmers
tally    in  a    Mouri=hing  . oodition.
There  a>*e  now    two schools  one      at
iding  and another  In  the '
furnished   t eent,  in
house    - ,,
for ■-■   •■■  advertiser,  p
B  x  914, RsvelstO ••
Ol able  one and one
half 'oi". ri -. gix rooms, modem con' plendtdly situat-
■in itC At rash, bal-
ance it. n*. Courier
The ti. Verdi Han.I gave their flrst
publicband concert at the new stand
. ornerof Orion avenue aud Second St.
n*ad for upwards of two hours delight-
ed a very large audience wiih a
fine program oi classical and popular
Appropriately, the musicians le'ad ofl
with "Thc Revelstoke March*' composed by Prof. E. Civlta, who himself
acts as bandmaster and musical director oi the Verdi ban I. aad tine loud ap
plause with wliicb the piece wasreceiv-
ed showed that the eflorts of the
composer-director and his musicians
had gained the approval of their audience.
, ,. owing is the full program.
1—Revelstoke  Match      E.   Olvita
2—Symphony   Mercadante
o—Miserere    (.Travatore)  G.   Verdi
I—Last   Kissed  Walts      Austrian
5—Baritone iolo (Travatore—G- Verdi
0—Moonlight  Day  	
This program will be rcpeatc 1 iu
the lower town bandstand at their
con 1'it  on Tuesday evening nest.
it is hoped thai the success attending th.' tirst public band coneeri of
the new musicians, will encourage
them to com iuu.■ tho c.ood work oi
a>-i-ting in satisfying th^ wants oi
the' music lovers e.f Hevelstoke and in
helping io [dace and maintain oui
cityspeaking irom a musical stand -
point in the highclasa where it rightly
Critics notioed a very decided improvement a-1 ompared with the music given wh'-n the band made- th.-ir
Erst appear in.e -ome weeks ugo.
Pandma**ter Professor C'im* i, is prov-
. re-uit- that be not only is a
uum ..ai, ieet pos=o=,3es tho.-e ,iualitie
oi  bei d,  necessary for    the
rg.iM/ation of an entirely
:. layers.   Thc Rev
elstoke G. Verdi  Baud  seems likely  tei
develo] *      ' •■•   "tnplish-
iC a- I,   vh .   will   worthily      up
be     best     traditions oi I*    Ian
ank    among
'hose'  publi.
who by    ont'
, •       facil.
il   .1    M
p.m. n
e-,i  ih»  musicians, whil">     tb
•he .ity.
.  reeterday
STfii.KN—Pnlces the man who stol •
the- par-el containing .-lothes and
letters from under the sidewalk ne.,,r
the old Bowman Mill, lendi it to
the Polios Station within !hn>eday
be will be arrested.—A. Jnknbonsky.
Furniture and .ellectR, including high
grade Piano, i-hair-i, nigs, StoVei,
liodroom furniture nntl everything In
the home.—J Lee, McKensie atenne,
opposite   f.'alholir  church, 3t.A13
Mr. and Mr.-. A. E. Miller returned
I m Vancouver on W'-dnesday and
are now busy getting in their old
home, "Inglewood," at the rornei ol
Kit• h strct e,ud McArthui avenuo. Mr.
Miller's inspeetornte now Included all
tl," school- in th" Columbia rivei valley and in addition thos.' ofthe Kettle
riicr valley. A uew district to • on
n?t .,f the' okanagnn valley anl the
Sitnllkamo-n valley  will  be in    iharg.il"
of I»spector Anstey. Mr. Miller's placi Italy ha-/ 4,576,000 cotton npindles.
in Vancouver dty will be taken by When f)r. ff.f, (toss, H dentist nf
Inspector Gillis. Inspector Denton. Canaan, left therein his automobile
who had his headquarter- here for n for ths Ohatlemac clnb. of which hois
jesr. gies to the conRt and will hav.) a member, at f,akn Ohatlemac, in the
Charge of the -hool- In the rural Adlordnnks, early in last month, he
municipality ol South Van ouver. In took along n Maltese cat whieh R.T.
f>ptcior  Pollock,  for many  years  con-Fnrnum,  n dtllggill    fn    Canaan hnd
nect'-l  With   ih"   el 1-   here, iroBi   into  given      him.    Jurft  twelve  days  later,
Vsncoiver City to  replace    Inspertnr when Farnuin was locking up his storft
Win=by who takes charge of a 'I' ** difl-
Irict on Vancouver Island.
at night, the name cat, nppearml nt the
door.   It had hiked IflO milos.
.1 , Il
'l im.
match     wil in    WHn
! sue
Mr I ' \       It e • »    l'lge,
Alia    wa. st  .he     Hots     Revelst ok -
Mr. Mtd Mi     F *.    '
Alta.,  are  pnying     Hovel ,'tikr
this  weed
The report  of la '  evening*! couSH
meeting Is unavoidably held over til!
next issue.
Mr-'. Ii   Van Horn nrrived boms this
week from tho oast, where uh" Una
boon vlsilinif.
AW    ThnmpHon   dllM  clerk   at     tho
Hotel Heveittoko, I'-ft this morning for
Ft. liOon. He will pel Urn ,n Hundny
with Mrs. Thompson, who bni been S1
Ht.  I.eon  for the past  wnok.
The  annual   tournament  which      begins on Wednesday  the 20th, is hoped
to be a great  success, all  that is  re-
I quired is Uno weathef.
The courts are in exielleut condition
thuuii- to the hard work of the
grounds committee who huve spent
much time und energy bringing the
com i- into perfect  order.
'Ilh' hief events arc the cups kindly
presented by the Lawrence Hardware
Co. nnd A.E. Kincaid, osep, for tho
gentlemen's open singles championship
and ladies' open singles championship
of Revelstoke. These cups have t»> ba
iwon three successive year- before being
the property of the' winners, who otherwise' only l.oids it oue year. Horn ■
u . oniest - may be expected for
these Important events.
| Several prominent players representing the following dubs:—Four from
'Kamloops; six from Golden, seveu
fiom Hosslaud, are competing for the'
championship and other events.
It is to u.' hoped that Revel-toke' will
do well in the championship events he,
ing represented by Mr. K. Bet*/., who
showed goo.l form in the Van. ouver
an.l Victoria tournaments recently.
He will ha\c very strong opponents
in Mr. Pearse, who is an old country
Oxford Blue. Mr. .-'.th trom
Mr. Dempster .,f Kamloops, who it
will be remembered played and won
our open singles here last year, beat -
ing Mr,   Reynolds  in the  llnal--
Mis- Hardy, our best lady player ,
will have ler work out out to hold her
own in the ladies champion-hip singles
against -.ime very strong players such
as Miss Scott Allan of Vernon. who
won the ladies sinel.'s al Kamloops,
and Miss Bohmits who played so well
in the Vancouver, Victoria tournament, al.-o Mi-s pram of Kamloops,
who is reported to he very good.
While «■ knc.v the ability o.' Miss
Hambv from Golden, who won the
i.i'lh's singles here last  season.
Tin-re are several other events    for
wliieh  l-i  aiiel    ind prises are living
iwarded.   These pn/.is have beenk-tnd-
■ ented to the elub by many pro-
iim-nt  men an I firms oi the towu, the
maybe seen   in G.R,  Macdon-
,1.1's window   of .,  t.nal value of two
hundred d.e.
The pri/.c  will Imi  presented a!  lhe:
. n.iusion of    the tournament   by the
Mayor" '    Ml     T.  Kilpatrick, who has
.  ".,ii ented to eitii.inte.
It is to bs hoped that the splendid
if   the   tournament   committee,
.viii !>• ■.  gre .t    io •   , .m.i
h 11   the  tourney  may prove at   least
iTge  and     popular   as     others
*  I inferior.
A   sc ,    ,nt-   will    Ire
■f all  kind-   maj    i      a.l  .luring      the
ie green,
On      1 .    .    will   Ire
lei   h'  p.it
m ion and  00
m.I  ..tlhe aie
II      iiii .1       0.8. Mo
ll       \ B    *.!■'■   i   .-h ui,  Mi .
H.  UeU II   It    M, \, y.
.1      f M   '. •■ "i    II       i B.L. Tay -
..na. I,  Hi     Ray
Mm    P    I!    Wilson,  fo.   win h
rlially rei)
Dancing eommene    al '< p m. inu mn
im    Orr1     oi
ipt all   I'.f..-: >t,l,.  wlll   „„n    i„
msktog   'ho 'lot. . .       ,., i     ,   ,ni;
pii i nnt   I.  ..Ilo. 'IOt»       of
their   vi if   to   this    Dy.
(continued from page one)
eminent engineers of Europe nud America, awl some of liie mOBt valuable
papers ever written on the hubjeel
' were delivered. There were uo windy
addresses by people of casual' acquaiu
lance with lhe subject, all the lectin*-
'ers being men ougagod in ihe practical
work of roa I construction iu oue coun
try or another. Verbatim reports oi
these addresses were taken, and iu a
short lime 1 expect to receive a copy
oi the complete report from theseere-
tary. That report will he a most s ul-
uithle adjunct to the public works library, beoause it contains information
on the subject of roa I construction,
..which i   am -ure is     not io be fouu I
anywhere else.
"lim the addresses were not lhc only
features of thc convention, Pending
tho mooting there preparations had
been made' for an inspection ol actual
work, a piece of road in the environs
of London luiei ben Boleoted and treat
eil with lh.' various types oi pi\einOUt
most in us,' nowadays, and we were
able' to tell ulmod iu ,, glance which
of ihem was standing the tosi of the
traffic best. I think that was u good
rdi'a,l.i'i'aii-i' noi only did ii show the
delegates the various pavements, but
ii showed them under eond'UionsJ lhat
formed a splendid test, and grauted a
similarity of climatic alld olh'i' .011
.iitii.us, the tc-t mighi very will be'
applied lo othei lountrles. 'Ih" next
convention was arranged tube- held at
Muni, h.
"Anothei" interesting convention.
whi h I attended during my stay in
lionlon was thai of tlie Imperial Motor Transport company, which, however, lam.ly consisted of a demonstration of the superiority of the mot
or truck. It was extremely Interest
ing. bul not exactly of 'he' nature ,it
the other."
while in London the honorable minister   was   invited tO   attend   the Uoyal
Colonial Institute and bad tho distinction of being electeda member of that
honorable body,
lie alse, visited Ireland, Bpending   .1
week between Dublin and points ln the
Tho Board oi Trade met  In regular
meeting on Tuesday evening last.
Mrs. R.H. Urquhart returned this
morning from a few days at Rogora
Mr. Anstie, manager of the B'orest
Mills Co., came back last night from
a week  in  Winnipeg.
Mrs. E.C. Traves and daughter of
Now Westminster, spent Friday visit-
ing friends  in this city.
Tho Misses Dewar of Calgary weru
visil ing in Revelstoke Friday the
guests of Mrs.  F.W. Laing.
Mrs. W. H. Sutherland and family
returned Wednesday afternoon Irom au
enjoyable weok at St.  Leon.
.lack McOarty and Gordon and Arthur Young canii' home Thursday afternoon from holidays at St. Leon.
Four to mix Inches of snow whitened
ihe camp on top oi Mt. Revelstoka
lasl Wednesday morning bill failed to
driv home aiiy of the campers.
Mr, Chas. Duetchman paid a Hying
vi>it to on- e-,iy e n Friday. He reports a busy season oi tourist traffic
to  \isit   the famous Deutchmau caves.
Mrs. Bradshaw and family and her
mother, Mrs. Miller, arrived home this
morning, much benefitted hy a fine
week's holiday lu the sea-breezes of tho
Pacilic  . Oast.
Mr. and Mr-. \ .m Home ,,a I laughter Margaret, arrived from Victoria
Thursday noon antl will remain here
some time, They are staying at the
King Edward.
Nurse Gciger of the Victoria hospit
al stall, left ..n tho noon train Friday fo 1 a liieeiuh'- vacation in tin east
Mrs. t'uiniiiLi a M.einpaiii .,1 ,,.,- f0t* a
short  visit   10   Kield.
Mr. an, I Mr-'. H.L. Parker aa I family who have been enjoying the summer in Revolstoke as the guests oi
Mr. H.J. McSorley, are leaving to-'
morrow morning (or iheir home in
Richmond, California.
Cne of the pioneer homes of RevelBtoko changed hands the other day,
win 11 Mr. Thos. Lewis sold hi- residence on First stree't east to Mr. W.
Bell, conductor on iho C.P.R. Mr.
Lewis intends moving out to lho ranch
nt  once.
Mi •'.! sie McKay hus just received
the honor of being appointed a Dean
e,i Ames college of the University of
Iowa. Mie-s MoKaj is addressing tho
Women's Oanadian Club this' afternoon ai   ihe home of Mrs. Coursier on
President  0.   B.  Hume occupied the the subject of "Domestic Science'
which she is  Professor iiv Ames college
One  of   th"   prettiest   sjrefiu   in     the
city just now is Mrs.   Palmer's  garden
on  Thiid  street.   The  lawn is  bordered  with  thc most   magnifloent  dahlias
lull  and  has  the same    yet   .     ,,,.. . . ,    , .    . .
in  full hlo,1111  and  e.f every  conceivable
color.    Some af     the  plants are fully
live feet  high.   Mrs.  Palmer has     al -
ing  s'pecilic  parii.ular.-  trom   tho  Pro- , , ,
,,.  .      .   .    . ways been a very successful grower of
leTeKs I     111-,      I   enl      iu ...nit....    ...ul  .1. ■* ° —
chair at S p.m.   Secretary c.K. Ma
lonald read  thc minutes of last regular meeting and whieh were ado| teu.
P.M. Gibson—On a poini of information what wa-ihe amount of Mrs.
81 bailor
been settled
ri'-si.leni   O.B.   Hume—We are wait
greas    club, that  is ., mait
shoul I be settled.
dahlias,      but she has  surpassed herself this year.
The  wet   eat he
has Iretn responsible
Various communication!  woro order-  for a number of     vacationists cutting
ed  answered 0,   liled. short  their  holidays and returning   to
Foinia .. . ■    role tereal   tbe city.   Mr.     anl Mrs. Harry Dews
estate  speculators   and  grafters,    und  camo up from  St.   Leon on Thursday
asked  the co-operation of tbo     Bourd   afiernoon.    Mr. and  Mrs.  R.    Howson
in thoir campaign against ths evil ol broke up camp,   after a pleasant  two
ieal ..state swindle!. weeks at Tappen    Grove   and arrived
p.m. Gibson—Before we endorse the home Thursdny.   Miss Hell „i-., cams
resolution sent  us     undercover   from in from Tapp>-n on Friday.
Pernio |>ciiiiips ;l committee might bo     ...      ,,   ,
Miss Stephen, a first-class certlflcatu
teacher i,(   Vane ouvcr,  bas  hcen accept
primary grades in Has oity.
Smith, who was doing excellent work
last year in the reseiving room in Con
iral -chool, di.l nm pass iui examination last month, wc regret in ay and
tonseqiii'iitly is not returning to Revelsloke. The appointment- to thi)
stall aie  now  complete  for  next year.
appointed to draft a suitable roaolu
lion as    certain phrases ol tho »>ernle u'acn"1 "l
ns., on do noi  apply  to Revelstoko C<1'" ""  ,"M' °    lhu  v"««ce-  in    the
P.M.   Qibson-t-l   move   that secretary ,"",m''y
acknowledge aml Inform the Fernie
Board thai ihia board approve the
principle .■( theli resolution and that
ih- chairman    name a    committee i*
ii if   a  re .elude,n on  tbe real estate
lituation suitable to the local condi-
.a Revelatoke, copy ol which to
1 hinitteil tn  the  noxt meeting    of
tins Board, Seconded by w.M. Luw-
tenci     nd Can t ommillee, t .  r
Ma lonald, P.M. Qibsotl anl A M.
Th- dlreetoi   of  Mines  nnd  Forestry
department   .,/   tfnn oi*ei   Bibibitlon,
wrote for «ainple* of ores suitable for  ln01'nill«
tbe • oming exhibit.
Sfteietary instructed to communicate
with owncis „| mining claims in ReveUtoke, Hig n,1ldi Trout Lake and
Camborne  mining   di|tricts tributary
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Barraclough winb
to thank all those who so kindly as -
silted them in saving somo of thoir
furniture and clothes at the  lire  this
All persons who have not pni I their
Dog I.i .-ti.. . foi th» current year, on
oibeforn Saturday. Augni Ir.th, 19U,
will forthwith and without further
notioe, lie prom-wled against in M00dQ>
n I  with  the Ry-Law.
te.  Revelstoke to secure the specimens
a-ki-l for.
W. H. Walln-p.— The |K>sition in regard in publicity uf un«atisfsi?tory as
we passed a resolution to leave all
th so matteih to the Progress Club
but they seem to have diod..
After general dis"umlou the meeting
adjourned  at   10:30  p.m.
J.H. Mahr of    Armstrong, if doing
boefaMse here today.
Mr.  nnd  Mrs.  deo.  A.  Wntign,      of
Owing to the llro the public nro
hereby requested to kindly pay in all
monion due the West Kootonay Steam
Laundry that they owo Ior worK done
: so thnt wages can lie paid as soon as
R.W. Harrison of Red Deer, is |D
Miss L.  MefJaghren of  Arrowhead is .
at thn King Kdwerd.
A.B. Noble of Arrowhead, oame ain
on Frtlay'i south train.
J.F. Collins of Calgary, and Frank
Hi. king of Golden, arc iri tho oity.
Mr. P.  Rohbin  of Calgary, Is in the
(algnry. are at  the  Hotel  Reveletoke.   city, a guest at the King Bdward


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