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 ■ MM
" Empire " Typewriter
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, iflii) 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co,,
■    Agents
The Mail-Hepald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol. 15.-No55
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Preserving Time
Our Grocery Department is now in a position
to till your every want in preserving and pickling
CROCKS, with covers in one, two, three and
live gallon sizes.
JUGS—In one, two and three gallon sizes.
SEALERS—The famous crown Hint glass, in
pint,   quart  and   half gallon sizes.
Mexican Drawn Work
Our Drygoods Department has just received a
shipment of new and up-to-date Mexican Drawn
Work which are sure to please.
Bureau and Sideboard Scarfs, from $2.00 to
$4.00 each.
Five-o'clock Tea-cloths, from $1.75 to $4.50
Centre I'ieces, from $1.00 to $2.50.
Doilies, 50 cents each.
Don't Forget Our Saturday Bargains in Prints
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Have ymi seen our "WHITE FROST" line of
Refrigerators, just makes you cool to look at them.
All finished In White Enamel. Circular shelves no
waste nf loom. Ice box easily taken out and cleaned
The most sanitary, and the most handsome on the
market. A l-'OOl) SAVKK. AN ICE HAYEK.
And will lasl a life time. We have a lew Wood
Refrigerators left, and we will clear out at. Eastern
Prices. Small size, regular $18,50, on sale at tfllU.IK).
Large size, for large family or restaurant, regular
$85.00, on sale at $25.00, KOOK1ZERS the Flreless
COOKERS-at $5.00 each.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
llraiiches nr Agents at all principal points in'.Canada.
Agents in Great liritain anil United Stales —London, England,
Lloyds Hank, Limited. Chicago- First National Hank, Corn Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Hank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence soliciud.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
' Net Blouses
and Fancy Collars
ist received a new 1
lllipment from the   East.      The latest
and prices   reasonable.
Flret   Street
A.   ii.   CRICK
Oppoelto   Windsor   Hotol
Board of Trade Discusses Several Matters with C.P.R. Advertising Agent-Scenic Railway to Victoria Park
A publicity building at the C.P.R.
station, nn serial railway up Mount
Revelatoke nnd a general visit to Victoria park, in which members of the
Board will partake with \V. T. Hobson,
advertising agent of the Canadian Pacilic Kailway Company, were among
the matters discussed at a apecial
meeting of the Board ot Trade with
Mr. Hobson last evening.
Mr. Hobson explained the advertising methods of his company, laying
great stress on the value ot pictures
and lantern slides. He said he had
been delighted with Hevelstoke and
its progress, and the company was
anxious to help the town as the success of one meant tbe success of the
W. M. Lawrence, who presided, asked
Mr, Robson what he thought of the
scheme he hnd mentioned ol having n
plnce at the station where they could
distribute literature and give information to travellers.
Mr. Roobou thought the idea au
excellent one, and suggested an artistic booth finished in bark like the
forestry hiiildiDg at the A.Y.P. exposition.
Mayor Lindmark said that a year
ago Mr. Busteed aud Mr. Kilpatrick
had agreed to give tbem a site for
Biich a building iu a convenient place
on the platform, and it should be utilized. The troublo waB that travellers
landed heie and did not know what to
do with themselvea as there was no
one to take care of tbem, though
there waa plenty to he seen if they
were only directed to it. If auything
were to be done tbis season the building should be erected within the next
two weeks.
Mr. Hobson agreed that 110 time
should be lost, and suggested that a
four page booklet should be prepared
setting forth the advantages of tbe
district, so that it could be distiibuted
at the booth.
President Lawrence named Messrs.
Lindmark, Foote and Hagar a committee to aee to the building ol the
Mr. Robson snid the company intended to advertiae thia section much
more than they had formerly done aB
they were anxious to divert traffic
through the Arrow and Kootenay
lakes country aa much in possible.
The president asked whether any
company had yet been formed in connection with the aerial railway scheme
for Mount Revelstoki.
Mayor   Lindmark   eaid   110,   but a
that il any district took a page ol
advertising, they would give in return
one-third ol a page of illustrated
write-up free. Their price would be
$200 a page, but possibly half a page
at $100 might do for Revelatoke. Ho
pointed out that tbe Board of Trade
in Nelson had taken a whole page,
and they hnd about three pages of
private advertising besides, eo that
Nelson was entitled to a page ol
write-up. If the Hevelstoke Council
would order hall a page of advertising
they would try to make up the full
page from the merchants.
Mr. Hume's proposal was heartily
endorsed and the Board recommended
that the Council take $100 worth of
advertising in the Bpecial edition referred to.
Judge Forin Decides that Case Falls Within
Jnrisdiction of Vale
The case of E. A. Haggen, charged
with obtaining money by false pretences from tbe Mundy Lumber Company, is by the lateBt deciaion to be
heard at Kamloops in the county of
Yale, where the oti'ence is alleged to
have been committed.
When the case came up for hearing
belote Judge Forin in the County
Court here on Thursday morning, W.
A. .Macdonald, K.C.. of Vancouver,
appeared lor the Crown, nsaisted ly
G. S. .McCarter representing the private prosecution, while Messrs. C. E,
Gillnn and VV. I. Biigga appeared for
the nccused.
.luilge Forin in opening aaid that
since last sitting the question ol his
juriad etion in the matter had heen
brought to his notice, and he found
that ou the bondsmen's papers the
accused was bound over to appear for
trial in the county ol Vale, the word
"Kootenay," on the printed form having heen scored out ..nd "Yale" written above it.
Mr. (Milan contended that to bis
knowledge the paper waa made out for
Kootenay when signed by tbe bondsmen, and be believed that tbe bondsmen, Mr. Wells and Mr. Abrahamson
wero uuder the same impression.
Mr. Macdonald quoted authorities
to show that it waB quite within the
power of two justices ol the peace to
remand a ease to another county than
that in which they sat il they thought
lit, since a justice ol the peace was
appointed for the whole province.
Judge Foriu naked that Mr. Foster,
oue of the justices be called so that he
could ascertain whether the change
from Kootenay to Yale had been made
in the papers before or alter it was
Mr. Foster being called swore positively that he made the change either
before or at the timo ol the signing ol
the paper by the bondsmen, and called
their attention to it. Immediately it waa signed he handed it over
number ol people were interested in it
aud were ready to put capital iuto it.
Some ol the people interested had
gone to look at similar lines in the
States to see how they worked. If the
C.P.R. could he got to assist the project it would make 11. easier.
Mr. Robson  said   he   thought  the   were uot signed for.
to Constable Kington, and did not sec
it again lor several daya afterwaid.
Conatable Kiugton confirmed this
statement, and added that he hud
Btated that he was ready to take the
accused tu Kamloops on the night of
the preliminary hearing  if   the bonds
company would assist, though he
could only apeak informally. It would
certainly be a unique attraction,differ-
ent Irom anything else in Cnnndn,
The line at Mount Koyal, Montreal,
had proved a paying proposition, and
he did uot see why it might not pay
here, He belli veil also that big game
hunting and fiahing ahould prove
attactionB in Revelstoke, Any number ol fishing euthusiaata had asked
bim where would he a good place lo
stop lor fish.
"Hevelstoke,'' said A. H. Allen, and
facts were given bearing this out.
Mr. If.-iis.in said he had t leave
that uight for Field, but would be
hack in about a week.
It wns decided that on Mr. Hobson'b
return the City Council and the Board
of Trade should accompany him in a
body in a trip up Mount Hevelstoke
Votes of thanks were tendered him for
bis iiilormation, and Sir Thos. Shaughnessy is alao to be thanked lor bis
promptness in rending bim.
Mr. Hume, advertising manager for
the Vancouver World, wbb present and
laid belore the Hoard a proposition lor
advertising the city in a special edition they were to issue in connection
With the Heattie Fair. The World
was the only paper with its apecial
building on the Fair grounds, and
every visitor to the building registered
and lelt their name and home address
011 a Imok       When the special edition
was brought uut iu September a copy
Would be sent tO every address on the
book, and Ihey would have at least
30,000   uatiioi,    Their   proposal  was
Mr, Hnggen aaid he had been present, and was rendy to swear that no
mention had been made of the case
being changed to Kamloops.
Fred Frasor, speaking from tho
audience, said 110 change was made
in his nearing.
Mr. Gillan said that Mr. Wells took
the same stand, and he had alao heard
(rom Mr, Abrahamson, and he said no
change from Kootenay to Yalo had
beeu made.
Judge Forin suiil there was a Strange
conlli t of testimony hero. Counsel
for the accused were evidently noting
quite under the Impression that the
case wue to he tried in Kootenay and
lor that reason he had called a special
Bitting of the Court last Wednesday,
but in face of Mr. Foster's direct
statement that he changed it ut tho
time the bond was executed and drew
the attention ol the sureties to it he
must accept the Magistrate's statement. He must take it tbst while
they discussed Kootenay tho Magistrate struck out Kootenay and put in
Yale. It was evident that Mr. (Iillan
nnd Mr, Briggs und the others were
in error as none ol them saw the bond
at the time, lie musl accept, thestrong
statement ol the Magistrate as cun-
elusive and send the case lor trial to
anothor county.
Mr. (iillan then claimed tbo right
(nr trial in Kootenay under Section
077 of the criminal code, hut tho judge
stood hy his position that since two
justices ol the peace hud committed
tho accused for trial in another
county it was beyond his jurisdiction
He offered to adjourn 'the court till
the afternoon In givo Mr. (Iillan a
chance to hunt up any authorities to
the contrary.
Mr. Gillan continued his argument
lor some lime, hut thu judge stouil hy
bis decision and remanded the case to
Strikers Attack Train in Sydney
Lord Kitchener May Command
Forces ot Empire - Banker
Murdered in Kansas.
Capetown, Aug. (J.—Five members
of the crew ol the British steamer
Maori whioh run on the roeka on
Wednesday laat are still ou board.
Through clouds ol spray dashed up by
terrific seas, breaking over tbe rocks,
the forms of the wretched men can
still be seen clinging desperately to
the riggiug.
Bekli.v, Aug. 6.—The military dirigible balloon, Gross II, arter an
eudurauce Uight of 15 hours and 40
minutes came to earth this afternoon.
The ship made its way to Halle and
Tromsoe, Norway, Aug. 7.—Members of the Polar expedition have now
arrived from Spitzbergen. Mr. Well-
man will probably start in his balloon
for the North Pole next week.
Montreal, Aug. 7—Micky los of
the Tecumseb lacrosse club, waB
Buspended for the balance ol the aeaaon
at a apecial meeting ol the club last
night, for his attack on Kails in the
Tecuraseh-Toronto match last Saturday.
London, Aug. 7.—Lieut.'Shaokleton
of Antartic fame, will leave iu the
Autumn for a lecture tour ol Canada
and tlie United States.
Toronto, Aug, 6.—Dr, VV. Ilrodie,
provincial biologist, died to-night,
aged 7.S.
London, Aug. 7.—Lord Kitchener
bus been appointed to tho Mediterranean command. He will first visit
Australasia to inspect the troops and
adviae aa to the hest way (or carrying
into effect certain plana for their
further development. It is Baid in
sonic places that all tbe armies in the
Empire are to be consolidated with
Lord Kitchener at the head of organ
Sydney, N.S„ Aug. 0. A detach
ment of the Royal Canadian regiment
was called out late lasl night to quell
an attack made upon a train going
from tlie Dominion to the reserve,
The attack was made in a lonely place
and sticks anil stones were freely used
hy the mob. ll was though! the train
bad on board men coming to work,
lu the eviction cases hero Judge Fin-
Invson has ruled in favor of the tenants holding that they cannot be dispossessed wil houi thirty days' notice.
Queukc, Aug. ii.- According to the
decision of Justice Lavergne given here
today, linkers in Quebec can make
bread on Sunday despite the Sunday
observance law.
PAK1B, Aug. li. A despatch from
Melilla says thu position of the Spaniards there is precarious. Since July
20th the .Minus have cut off communication between Melilla and the outposts every day.     The Spaniards have
lost 60 killed ami ISO wounded In reestablishing their lines of communication.
Constantinople, Aug. <i. The
Porte lias sent a note to Or ie demanding formal declaration by lhat
country of non-lnterferenoo In Cretan
'l'i in hi, Aug. li. Japan today for-
innlly notified tin- powers of its Intention to proceed Immediately with the
construction of the Autug-Mukden
railway without the consent uf China,
diplomatic negotiations having failed
to overcome China's opposition,
Stockholm, Aug, 0. The strikers
held a meeting todiy and resolved to
i-i ml i 11 in- Ilu- Strike until it waa settled
to their satisfaction, They demand
that tbi' railroad, postal nml telephone
monopolies unit tho printers join the
I.m ian, Kails.,
Ien, president of
murdered   by  a
Aug. 7.   Thus. Mul-
tbo   State bank was
demented    farmer
named tins llcaiiges, who suloldod   tonight,
St. JnllN, N.B., Aug.   B,    Sir  Thus.
Upton will vMi Canada this Fail, announced   Cul.    Hugh   .Mi:I,enn   today,
Sume spiirisinin  Informed Col. Mo-
Lean of tin- fut while  iu London
recently.     Sir    Thomas's   party   will
visit  Montreal,  Toronto, Ottawa and
the western cities of Canada,
OODBNSUI mi,   Aug.   il.    The   Floss
roller milts  were destroyed  by fire
hers today, and 21m hands were thrown
out of wurk.    Thi'loss Is $50,000,
Governor Hughes, of New York,
and Governor Jobni00| ol Minnesota,
were two American celebrities who
passed through here this week. Both
wore returning Irom visits to the
Scuttle BxpositlOD, where Gov. Johnson unveiled tin- monument to J.J.
Hill,   Governor Hughes,   who  passed
Summer Cooking
We have a few Gasoline and Coal Oil Cook
Stoves left with ovens for same if desired. These are
very nice to use in the hot weather, as they save luel
and do not heat up the house.
Remember we are agents for McClary's Stoves
including the Saskalta, Pandora and Kootenay Ranges.
These stoves are in use in the best homes in town,
proving that good people appreciate a good thing.
You will make a mistake if you do not purchase a
range of us when you need one, as there is nothing
to equal them.
Sherwin   Williams   Paints,   Oils,   Varnishes, etc.,
rents, Camp Equipment, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing      I
Tackle and a full line of Groceries and Fruits.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
tie's a good
0/the right
to wear,
Mr Swell Dre
Broken lines in uur Shoe Department
of Oxford, Bal, Bleucher and Congress,
from $4.00 to $5.50 for $2.00
lur $1.25
ot ol Oxford
to $.5.50. at
ind Romeo,
Stravv and Linen Hats at 50 per cent off
Fit Reform Clothing
B. K. WALKER, President
AIXXAIf DKH LAJfiD, General Hunger
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000
The oew Travellers' Cheques recently issued by this Bank are a
way lo wtiich to carry money when travelling)    They are issued io c
$10,   $20, $50,  $100 and  $200
and tba exact amount payabls in   Austria,   Belgium,  Denmark,
Germany, Great Britain,  Holland, Italy, Norway,  Russia,
aad Switzerland is stated on Die lm. e of r____.ii cheque, wbile io eul
tktrj mrm payable al cum-nt ratcv
The cheques and all in/ormaijoa re^ardjof Ihem mmy be nhtame-ri al
at the Bank. UU
nml guml cute.    Ah careful attention
in phone orders as  personal  ones—
Dry-picked Poultry,
Better quality, cleaner sin-rounding*
.unl lower prices than elsewhere.
Por all-round goodness your $ in * 9
will Work hard for von here.
SaiiHiiges    and
specialty.    Bonei
chickens daily.
Meats    a
for your
Maundrell   Meat   Market
We Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
s|ic>iiil it day or two at V,lacier and
l.ako Ionise before proceeding further oast, (invcrnor lohnson, who
hail a party ol II) pr uutii-nt Miiiiu'
nullum with liiiu, passed through on a
tbrough on  Thursday inoniiug, will  special train on Wednesday uight. (jot.
Johnson while in Vanoouver expressed himself as emphatically in
lavor ol unrestricted rcaipruoity in
trade between Oanada anil the United
Moving pictures tonight. THE1MAIL-HEKALB, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc  ADaiMbcvalb.
interior B>ubUsbiitfl Company.
Omens:   iMi'KHUi. Hank Building Hkvei.-
8T0KK, B. C.
Money to loan. .,
OlBcc*: Kevcl-toko, B C.    < raubrook, B. I,.
Baa 8. McCarter ,   .   _
i.. M. Pinkham J. A. Haiuev.
Revelstoke, Cranbrook B.C.
Solicitor, etc.
S lii itui'lfui:-
The Canadian Hank of Commerce,
The Molsons Bank, Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sui veyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 108, Revelstoke
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
Meets  Becond and  Fourth   Wednesdays In
eacll nioi.lli. ... Bolklrk  11.01.    Vlsltin    Wood-
men cordially milled lo iilleml.
julIN i VHI.SON, Con, Com,
J. McINTYHK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
w. e. McLauchlin,sbcbetabj,
Kootenay LodK
odKC No. I.r>, A   F. & A. M.
Tho  rogular n.ii.'t-
iugn are I | lhe
11,1,11 ,wa II.ill. mi
Ihe third Mondiiy iii
each mm..nl nt 8
p in. Vlgltiue bratli-
run cordially wel-
Meets ovory Tiiurs
day   evouiug   in   So
ikirk Hull al8o'nlook
 IVisitlng lirethren «
oordlally Invited to attend.
Colli Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26,   Revelstoke, B. C.
oxcept Imrd rt eiliiiisiiii.i ui
em ii mouth, In "' ulilfell nvs1
Hall nl s n'clock. Viiilini!
Kulglitsar.  i.Tiiiilly   nvin-il.
T. P,   SMITH. C, C.
li. H. BROCK! K. ol   It. ft B.
J   B. SCOTT, M. of r.
Six Roomed
Six Roomed
Six Roomed
at $15.00
at $17.50
at   $20.00
80 Acres near Revelstoke, [8 acres cleared,
house, stable and fencing. 280 fruit trees, live stock
and farm implements.    At a bargain.
10 Acres at Summerland, near landing, all
newly fenced and under irrigation, 050 fruit trees.
Good buy.
800 Acres at  Galena   Bay,  65   acres  cleared,
fruit   trees,  good   house and stable,  live stock and
farm implements.
S and 10 acre lots.
Desirable properly to subdivide   into
Only $32.00 per acre.
thn provincial government in creating the police board was that it
should lm a representative and
democratic body, and not an olig-
archv, much less nn autocracy.
The drifting, easy-going method
that is followed by the Board uf
Police Commissioners here, would
never he tolerated by the management uf any large business bouse,
and surely the public affairs of
llevelstnke are worth attention ns
close ns that given to any private
Till-: NEW
Hurrah foi
last Sunday tbe
ing down from 11
it and folded Ibe
ils embrace and
face uf ilu- earth
Zbc n&alMberalfc
There seems tube a slipshod way
of transacting certain public business in Revelstoke that in our opinion culls for some comment. We
reier more particularly now to the
Board ui Police Commissioners, It
was understood that there was to
have been a meeting of this body
last Tuesday evening, but Commissioner Trimble was the only one on
band and nothing cuuld be done.
It is generally known that the verba! resignation of Chief "f Police
Bain has lieen in for a month
or more, but as yet no successor has been appointed, and
tbe Chief i^ kept banging on in nn
unenviable position uncertain
at what day his duties may terminate.
Such a drifting m"thod of conducting public business is to be
deplor'-d in any town, and musl
inevitably tend to laxity and in-
■ ■    .. 11."   mei tings of   the
Bo ird ' I Polii • 1 ommissionere
ought not to I"- lelt to the whim oi
tbe mayor or a ■ other indivi . .
A   stated   time   sho 1  I       sei ior
em «bether monthly, ur otherwise, and il u.•■ one member
al-• nti : himself irum ti\o nr
thn -  mi ■' ing    bu i »sivel\. with-
•   special   leavi   ol   absence be
..  . iri 1 ;. - .1. ililied and
bin place   "ii   the  Board ta  en
someone who wi     1    ttend 1   ll
pub ic   inten Bts   better.    It might
be   argued   that   the mayor coul
not be  disqualified in tin- way lor
one. at be holds the chairmanship
bv virtue ol bi- oflii ■•.      1 hal in i
• •■ . but two i- n quorum of the
Board and if the mayor won' not
present they 1 ould carry on tbe
business    without     bim       Wbile
; •. 1 mi el ' .'- might be 1 ailed in
nny c .-•■ of emergi m .    I oertainly
• erne u .- Uial I here should bo
regulai meetings on lixod dates.
This would give the chief of police
an opportunity to gel hi- report*
111 Bhape, and il would also give
people who had any grievance*
against the force or the Hoard a
1 bance to ventilate tbem whi n the
other idi' might also be heard,
We   believe   that  the intention ol
einie ' A year ago
lire rn mi' swoop-
uinls around
little coal city in
whirled il oft" tbe
It wns n town
one day and n smoking desolation
the next, witli n few isolated dwellings in the outskirts left looking
down sadly upon it. The structures of the past years lay in ashes
and wreckage around the feet nf
the builders. It wns enough to
strike disomy into any heart. But
there was true Saxon stuff in those
Fernie men. They looked around
and saw that the mime, the coke
ovens, the land and the river were
still there. The) knew what these
had given in the past, anil while
the smoke wns still ascending from
the ashes the hammer of the builder was heard again.
A year has passed since that day
uf desolation, a day that taught its
lesson by drawing all hearts out in
sympathy   toward   tbe    homeless
people of llie stricken city and
in thai year a new city has arisen.
The trite old allegory of the Phoenix rising with renewed life fnun
its ashes, has lieen illustrated
again. According to the Fernie
Free Ptobs, since tbe day of the
tire the population of Fernie has
increased by over 1,000. Mine that
time I 100 residences hnve heen
built nt a cosl of over $1,000,000.
Fireproof buildings costii . threi
quarters of a million have been
erected in the business section, and
$3u0,000 worth of such buildings
are under contract now. Thi Id
frame court house :: 1- bei n re]
by a stately Brepro il
cosl "i   near ;   51 00     Iti ■
lie buildings   its   bi sini bs   I
its  Btrei'     ind ■ ■   ire  better
and more permanently built  than
tbeyjwere ine  fire
away   the  temporary  sha -
ricki        .  ctures of pion
: their ashes I 1
ed a 1    '.    veil built and   ■
city thai is a credit to the
of British Columbi,
it.-    plucky   citizen
tha     '
While Tennyson had no peer in
his superb manipulation of lan-
gunge, lie will be remembered and
honored chiefly because he made it
the vehicle for the conveyance of
noble thoughts. The man himself
with his magnificent presence, his
splendid culture and lofty ideals,
seemed littcd by Nature to be a
lender of men, and even the gruff
Carlyle acknowledged bis taciturn
charm and mastery. It was a
mastery, however, Unit did not
shine in social assemblies. He
lived retired, apart, fighting like
his own King Arthur the war of
Bense with soul and winning his
way ever inwards higher ideals,
lie wrought out his thoughts in
musical language which will wield
its inlluence for gnnd ns long ns
thi- English tongue is spnken on
the earth. A warm lover of his
country, he cuuld vet. see the good
in others. The inun whu addressed
to America the words,
«JThe Hour ai
I Inn  is wnnti
Miiio.l  flavor  ii osseinial
Sodas ive  1
We take n.
makers al li
Sodas is tn;
t Imi yeast,
Never sour,  never Hal
all ilii' ivav through.
111:1 v In- ir
Ilinl used in nuv soils:
in n satisfying biscuit
ilic imporlatici
- a ii!. our yeasl
hut «e do not ill
r own l-'ni'i urv :i
ml, lun that is mil
ill that Foley's Soc
or ul   Pole
K11111I   unl'.ir  ul   I'ulev s
rfectly-otieriitiiiB yeast.
We inuiii buy 11  Inun musid..
u   -nil 1 he yen-i used iii  Foley's
I hv seciirini! pi-i'li'i'i working of
lolightful llnvor for which Foley'* Soda
or  pasty—always  sweet, crNp   and good
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
Strong mother of 11 lion line
He proud.of th.isi- strong miiis nl' thine
Thai wrenched their right* lium il	
was nn hidebound patriot. lie
hived his own cuuntry ns " the
land wbicli freemen till, which sober
suited Freedom chose," and not
in a spirit of vainglory because of
its conquests nver other nations,
lie was nn ardent loyalist, but bis
loyalty wus infused with a love of
popular liberty, and his chief
praise for Victoria wns that her
throne was "based upon her people's will " lie hated the wrongs
and oppressions of his time, but
warned against rash reforms, and
bade the rulers shun "nuv haste,"
which he styled "half sister of
delay." His verse breathed patriotism of the highest urder. but it
was 11 patriotism consistent witb
popular progress, a patriotism that
turned to  scorn   with   lips   Divine
the fa Iseh i of exl remes."
Jt is safe to -.iy that no preacher
of   the   ... ni leenth  century  had a
greater inlluence on the religious
thought of his period than Tennyson, lie lived in a time when
science was making inroads into
old superstitions and undermining
old beliefs. He was open to the
truth and new light as it came to
him, and he stood always for the
spirit rather than the letter for religion. J Ic was the lirsi preacher
nf the larger hope with his, "yet
we trust that somehow good will
be tbe final goal of ill," or his
faith, "that not one soul shall be
destroyed or oast as rubbish to the
void, when God shall make bis pile
complete." He wrote: "There lives
more faith in honest doubt believe
me than in half the creeds," nnd
yet he warns the doubter to "leave
thou thy sister when sbe prays, her
early heaven, her happy views."
He preached enlightenment with
moderation, be enlarged the hopes
and subdued Ibe fears of thousands
of thoughtful men and women.
()f Tennyson's mastery of the
melody of language there is no
time to speak or quote examples
here. It is acknowledged by all.
But at this tiius when a century
bas passed since its birth, it is well
tbat we should stand fora while in
tbe presence of this great man. In
the pasl the wreath has always
been for lhi warrior's brow, but let
us hope that we are entering on an
age when we shall have laurels to
spni'i' for those wbo have given us
loftier ideals and nobler thoughts.
England had her Alfred the (ireat
of old, but we believe that her
future historians will say that she
had an Alfred still greater in the
nineteenth centnrv.
Yeeterd 1      va
i-r-nry ol  the birl h
Tern. man)
third among the Engli ih poet    nnd
■ ti -I lyric   poet  in the I
lish   . inguage.      li   1-   tafe to   1
tlmt    he   lm-   left    no
Browning   and    Swinburne
their   admirers  bul   their  sl
too abstruiie lur 1 he iveragi
and the Bphere of their influent •■
in so   far   hampered and crippled,
With one or two notable exi ep
Kipling 1-   1   mere jingoistii
Her, anil beside 1 he organ itrain   of
the   great,   laureate who  pp--1 .
him Um   babbling stringi of   A 1
tin's Iuto   sound   feeble nnd effete
In his   rn-. n   1 ime   'I ennyson   bad
unly one rivnl in winning the affection ami admiration of the general
public, and thnt   win  tho Amerii nn
Longfellow     and    In-  himself    will
the in 1 tu acknowledge I onnyson's
supreme  mauler)   in   lhe  art  oi
The Best of
All Breakfast Foods
There's a rea■• nd all fads and fancies.
We required light breakfast foods and the
market wa.-, flooded with health foods (so-called.)
Rut the best breakfast '. .od in the world is
"Zephyr Cream" Soda Biscuits crushed in cream
or fresh, sweet milk.
"Zephyr Cream" Sodas
have more oi in all other sodas
manufactured on More than that,
the original goodness of Christie's Biscuits t*
lasting.   The flavor does not vary.
All big b' ' a yrxxi  brand of
flour. We buy all good brands. Then we blend the
best brands, sift and test the blend until we find
a dough that. Brill he Christie reputation.
Expensive! >.<■ know no othw way
of starting to make biscuits up to our own high
Every ingredient, entering into our "bakes"
Is the purest am! best  we can buy.
Our " Zephyr Cream " Sodas crashed in
cream, or fresh milk, certainly do make an excellent light breakfast.    Vou test th«n.
Sola!  io buill, *r in  amlill  family lint   .I.m,,  mmel d»I prmmt
Christie, Brown & Co., Ltd., Toronto
Winners for July
You probably drew one of  tliese
numbers in a sack of Koyal
Standard   Flour.
73137  61148   56087
68273   56542   67592
39997  57342
70002  65738
If you did you are entitled to
a 11 ji) piece China Dinner Set
Each month from the duplicates
of tbe coupons placed in the
sacks of Royal Standard Flour
leaving our mills, we draw ten
numbers. If you are fortunate
enough to secure one of these,
you are entitled to a dinner set
free of charge. There have been
many winners. lt may be your
turn now. Watch this paper
every month.
Royal Standard is ihe besi and
purest (lour on the market in
Western Canada today. Remember Royal Standard is a
better Hour—not merely different
—but better.
Vancouver Milling 6*
Gram Co., Lid.
For Rent
Souse on Kirnt Street, !f2() per month,
Four Rooms on McKenzie Avenue, $10
per month
For  Sale
Good Building Lots.
Two   houses  suitably   located on McKenzie Avenue
Acreage for Market liiirilemug.
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
First, eluss Wurk   Guaranteed.
Mail Ordert  Promptly Pilled,
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Sireet and Robson Ave.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boughi
clash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our limdsome parlor sets,
upholstered iu livh grade Bilk, or
dmnaek, with frame* iliat are in every
conceivable design, nn made to wear
indefinitely. We have . lany new and
beautiful parlor Bets nnd odd pieces for
beautifying tbe home that are taste
ful, effective and inexpensive, and will
show your rooms to the beet advantage.
in C. P. R. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on band. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. Ry far the cheapest material for a substantial
bouse. Cool in summer, waim in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about hafe your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. *■
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stink.   Markets in all the piinclj
nnl (lilies and Towns of Alberta, British Oolumhia and the Yukon.
Packers of tin- Celebrated Brand " Imperator" Hams and Bacon,
.   and " Shiinii'iit'k'' lli-iind Lenl' Lard, m
t\\y%,%r%r%r% 'V%.*%'%%'*%«/%*%*«||1»%*'%%<»«<%%%'%|% %rw
Import direct from country of origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are disposing of their entire Stock al a
small advance on cost. It will pay you lo
investigate tlieir prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches-
Doyle and Allum, Limited
If you can afford to use ike best buy
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour tbat is Different
ll  vou  do   you   will   find    that   the cost  of
ROBIN HOOD is smallest after all.
'1 he   bigger   loaf is  one  difference.
Easier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
The sweeter flavor is a third dilKeience.
Tbere arc other  points   of   difference.      Any
one of them worth the extra cost.
me Saskatchewan flour Mills Co, lu.
Moose  Jaw, Sask
Ypur money
back if
does not prove entirely
satisfactory in the baking.
DON'T simply buy flour from the dollar anil ccntsiilc of it. Buy high-
quality llour. That means rt'RITY FLOt'R. The first little extra
cost is more than made up by tlie extra immhcr of loaves of bread itiuakes-
hy the superiority of the bread and pastry in sweetness of flavor anil nourishing qualities. Buying Purity Flour is a safe investment. Vou get large
returns, not only on account of Purity's ability to produce more, but because
Purity contains the greater nutriment and the vim of a strong hard wheat
llour. Fund made from Purity Flour gives the consumer health, snap and
force, which cannot be gained from the use of tbe weaker soft wheat flour.
Vou can buy ps little
as a 7 pound cotton hag
ur in 14, 24, 49, anil 98
pound sacks. Also in
barrels aud half-barrels
Purity may cost a little
more than some flours
but you'll find its more
than worth the difference. To be genuine,
must bear tbe Purity
trade mark.
0!fiie, Winnipeg, Man. Mills at St. Boniface, Goderich, Brandon
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given that a sitting
of the Oourt of Revision ro bear and
determine nny complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tux proposed to be levied nnd
imposed on the lands or real property
affected under the provisions ot Bylaw No. 143, being known as the "Local Improvement sidewalk By-law
No. US, 1908," providing for the construction of concrete sidewalks (a) ou
tlie north side of Kirst Street from the
eorner of Campbell Avenue to the
cornel' of Boyle Avenue and (li) on the
north side of Second Street from the
corner of Pearson Street to the corner
of Forde Street anil (clou the west side
of Front Street from the corner of
King Street to the corner of Victoria
Koad, wil! he held in tlie City Hall at
the City of Hevelstoke on the llth day
of August, 19UU, at the hour of eight
o'clock iu the aftei noon.
A statement showing the lands or
real properly liable to anil proposed to
be specially assessed foi-tin- said improvements ami tbe names of tbe owners theieof as tar as same can be ascertained from the last revised assessment,
roll anil otherwise is now on Hie in the
ullice of Ihe Cily Clerk anil is open lor
inspection during ofllce hours.
All notices of appeal shall be served
on the Clerk of the Municipal Oouncil
at least eight days prior to such Court
of Revision.
Dated this _llst day of July, 1909,
jly 21 7t City Clerk.
Revelstoke Land District.
Dislriot of West Kootenay.
Take notiee thnt Lafayette Lainli, of
Olinton, Iowa, IT. S. A., occupation
Millowner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a posl planted at tbe
S. I1., corner of Lot 7648, then north 2U
ehains, then easl 20 cbains. thence
south 20 chains more or less to lake
shore, thenue westerly along lake shore
20 chains more or less to point of commencement.
10. McGIauiikan,
Agent for Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June 3rd, 1908. jun 2H
"Watkk Ait, 1900."
Attention is called to section 192 of
the • Water Act, HHHI," which requires
any person to whom any power or
authority has been granted, pursuant
to the "Rivers and Streams Act," to
surrender such aethority within one
year of the passage of said "Water
Aet," and receive a licence for same
Chief Commissioner of Lands.
Lands Departmenl,
Victoria, 19th July, 1909.   jy'S, lm
Revolstoke Land District,
I list iiei of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert It. Oaldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends tu apply for pet-mission to pur-
chose the following desorlbed lands:
Commenolng at a post planted about
Ave miles north uf Downie Creek and
aliout fifty miles north iif Revelstoke
ou the Columbia River, thenee 80
chains north along the Columbia river,
Ihence 20 chains west, thenee 80 chains
south, thence 20 chains east to point of
Robert R. Oaldwell,
Per John W. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17th June, 19011. jun 30 Wid
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Koolenny.
Take notice that John VV. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation .Miner, intends lo apply for permission to purchase tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
live miles north nf Downie Creek on
the Oolumbia River and about, lil'tv
miles north of Revelstoke, thence 81)
chains south along Columbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thenee 80 chains
north, thence 20 chaius east to point of
John W. Falls.
Dated 17th June, 1909. jun80 60d
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd.
Steamer Revelsloke leaves Landing
at the head of Canyon evory Tuesday
and Friday at, li a. in. (water permitting) and arrives at Downie t'reek
about 2 p.m., returning same day. T.
A. Lewis' passenger singe and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all city hotels and Landing
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with the steamer. The number
is B215. All Information as to rates
and other business may tie obtained
at ofllce on board the steamer from
F  8WANSON, Purser.
will eoine back to you if you spend it
at home. It is gone for ever if you
send it to the Mail Order House." A
glance through onr advertising columns will give you an idea w here it
will buy the most.
Put a little
in your
An  old-fashioned,
ill-working furnace is a non-
It consumes the coal, but through leaks and
cracks wastes the heat.
It is not economy to bave such a furnace in
your own home, or in your tenant's home.
If you are thinking of building you should be interested in Sunshine Furnace. It adds 100 per cent, to
home comforts.
As soon as you let the contract for your house decide
on your furnace. The " Sunshine" man will be
pleased to tell you just how the rooms oupht to be
laid out with an eye to securing greatest heat from
the smallest consumption of coal.
If you want to experiment with tbe question don't
specify "Sunshine."
If you want to settle tbe question specify "Sunshine."
MTIaryfc  ..
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
Attorney-general Bowser has returned from a lour months' trip to the
old country. He looks well and thoroughly enjoyed his bo'iday. He lookB
(or a largely increased immigration
from tbe British Isles as a result o'
the B. C. fruit exhibits, and a judicial
settlement of outstanding differences
between tbe Dominion and the province within the next year.
It is stated that 0. H. Nelson, formerly city editor of the Victoria
Times will establish an independent
weekly in Prince Rupert.
The name of the Keremeos Trumpet
has been changed to the Chronicle,
Editor Brown celebrated the first anniversary of tbo establishment ol his
paper with a very creditable illustrated
edition, describing the big ditch which
has been completed by the Keremeos
I.aDd Company.
F, XV. Peters, assistant to tbe second
vice-president of the C.PR. during
his recent visit to Nelsou, stated tbat
it was tbe intention ol his company to
build a first-class tourist hotel on
Kootenay lake at some point between
Nelson and Procter, or at Balfour on
the main lake. The hotel would be
of the same class as those established
on the main line, and should be ready
for occupation next year.
F. XV. Peters, stated while in Nelson
recently, tbat the C.P.R intended to
commence and advertise the resources
of the Kootenay district, and a district
pasBenger Hgency would be re-established in Nelson. He promised alsu
that the nuestioii of settlers rates on
Kooteuay lake and au improved service between Lethbridge and Kootenay
Landing would be considered.
Prince Rupert is to have a fall fair
this year.
It is quite likely that Prince Rupert
will be incorporated as a city next
Tho C P.R. has surveyors out looking ror a route through the Cci|iiihnl a
pass. The ohjeci is said to be lo
secure an alternative mute connecting
the main line with Okanagan and
Similkaineen. The route would begin
at Ruby Creek, cross the Kraser, and
follow the Coiiuihalla over Hope
mountains, thence across country to
Penticton and aloug Okanagan lake
to the laodiug where it would connect
with the SicamoUB branch.
That is not easy to build bridge
piers that will stand the wash and
scour of the Columbia river is
shown by the fact that during tbe
present week the south t-nd pier of
the C. P. R, bridge over tlie Columbia was almost washed out.
There is no particular need for
alarm in this, aa tlie company has
promptly attended to it and had
il lixed up temporarily with stone
and rock till a new pier can be
built in. So many bridges have
suffered in the swift mountain
streams around Revelstoke during
tbe present year that it seems as if
some special means of defending
the piers will have to be adopted.
Revelstuke Land District.
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notloe that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
follow ing described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore at the north-east corner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
aliout half a mile from tbe north-east
cornel' of Lot 7985, thence south 40
chains, thence east 1(1 cliains, thence
north 80 chains to lake shore, thence
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July at, 1909. aug 7
Revelstoke Land District.
District uf West Kootenay,
Take nolice that Barney I'lumloii of
Arrowhead, occupation Botelkeeper,
intends to apply fur permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post plained at the
north-west eurner of  Lot 7585, thenoe
smith 10 chains to T.L, 12150, thenee
west 20 cliains. to the collier of T.L.
I21uii, thence south 10 ehains along the
western boundary of same. Ihence
west Id chains, tbenee north -III chuins
to   lake   shore, Ihence   easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Barney Plumton.
Dated July 3i. 1909. aug 7
Revelatoke Land District.
District of West Kooli-nav.
Take notloe that L. A. Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, Intends to apply
for permiaaion to purchase the following described lands:
Cuinineniingat a pu-t planteil on the
•vest side of Upper Arrow Lake, aliout
one and a half miles south of Daooni k
Point,   thenee   west 20 chains, thenee
north 2o ihalna, ihence west ai chains,
thenee north Wl chains to the K. fi S,
line. Ihence following the K. fi S. line
east 20 obalni. suutb 20 chains, east SO
chains, smith ai cbains   to  lake shore,
thence following the lake shure to
puint uf commencement.
Agent for L. A. Dewar.
Dated .Inly !», 1909, aug 7
A Vancouver syndicate bus 108
stjiiarc miles of coal lands staked on
the Copper river.
A six inch seam of free milling gold
is reported to huve been struck on the
volcanic mountain, North Fork.
About a dozen men have heen put to
work on the Apex property ut Olalla,
owned by the Colonial Gold Mining
James Cronin bas returned from
the north. He bas made arrangements to work the Dibble mine on the
Babine range next winter.
New machinery is being put in the
Monarch mine at Field. It is said
that there are 10,000 tons of lead ore
in sight, worth au average value of
$25 to the ton.
The B. C. Copper company has been
organizing its forcas during the past
week, and although a large number ol
men bave heen started to work, the
company ia still in need of more experienced miners. Most of the former
shift bosses and other officials have
taken their old positions. Cars are
being loaded at Mother Lode, but no
shipments had heen made up to a
few days since. None of the furnaces
at the smelter have beeu blown in as
J. J. Marks returned recently to
Hedley from a trip east, where he
reports he has placed most il not all
of the treasury stock of the Golden
Zone company at par, which is the
lowest that any has been sold. He
reports much more attention paid to
Camp Hedley on the outside than
ever before and expects to see mining
capital look this way from now on.
Another piece of information that Mr.
Marks bad to communicate was to
the ill'ict that the deal for Nickel
Plate had been consummated. Tbis,
he claimed, was no mistake as he had
it froin each ol two parties whom he
named and both these should be in a
po itioti to know.
Victoria Exhibition
Five days' horse racing, in which
will compete some ol the most celebrated runners and trotters of the
I'acilic Northwest; a daily ascension
of the modern airship, which will
cavort above the grounds just to show
that man has almost solved the problem of aviation; a horse show, in
which will be entered the finest
en nines of British Columbia and the
nearby States; au illuminated portrayal of the bombardment of Alexandria, to say nothing of a comprehensive display of pure bred stock ol
agricultural products and ol industrial
ware, are some of the features that will
mark Victoria's exhibition to be held
from the 20th to the 25th of September. The lair, in a word, gives promise
of being the liuest in every respect yet
held in the Canadian iior-.li.ve.it.. The
entries in all clauses will outnumber
those of the past while the entertainment program will provide thrilling
interest and uninterrupted round of
fun from the opening day to the
closing evening. Thousands ure ex-
pecttd to attend and preparations are
being made (or their reception and
welcome. Cheap rates for people auu
for exhibits Iroiu as (ur east us Winnipeg will he inaugurated.
Fire Harm System
Scores Woman Into Swoon olid Chases Chiltl
Systematic Hunt Arranged
The Sheep Creek Valley bear with
which Mrs. Gill and her children hud
the encounter a lew weeks since, bus
again been in evidence. A few days
since, Mrs. Beach, in company with a
little girl, was going over the trail,
down the valley, when she was suddenly confronted by the hig she bear,
which stood erect, clawing the air in
front of .Mrs. Beach in a threatening
manner. Mrs. Beach simj ly went to
the ground iu fear and lost consciousness for some minutes. When she
recovered the hear was gone. So was
the child. But both, fortunately, and
owing to tlie bear's solicitude for the
safety of her cubs, escaped,
Tho woman und the child came
upon the bear just us it wus emerging
from the woods. The child, who was
a little ahead of Mrs. Beach, uttered
the moat terrifying screams, and started to run, with the bear after her.
Alter going about fifty feet, the cries
of the cubs, who were still in the
thicket, attracted the attention of the
mother bear, and she gave up the
chuse and turned buck to them. Then
she continued on her journey and loft
the prostrate woman undisturbed. A
systematic hunt for the bear is to be
undertaken liy the men of the valley.
—Rossland Miner.
Appellate Court
Attorney-General Bowser who has
just returned from a four mouths' trip
to the old country,announces that the
new provincial appeal court will he
established and working hy the lirst
week iu November. This naturally
arouses boiiio curiosity as lo who will
till the bench. It is generally conceded that the position ol Chief Justice will (all to .1. A. Macdonald, the
present Opposition leader in the local
house. It is also intimated that Justices Martin and Clement, both good
authorities ou constitutional law may
be removed (rum the Supreme Court
bench and placed iu the new Court.
For the fourtii position the names of
Charles Wilson, D, G. Macdonell,
and J. H. Scnkler have all been mentioned. It seems probable that if Mr.
Wilson were chosen, one at least of
the latter would go on the Supreme
court bench. It is also said that E,
P. Davis, K.C., has been approached
but it is not thought that he would
be willing lo abandon his lucrative
practice lor any position ether than
that of chief justice of the appellate
As the vegetables grow larger tbe
prices grow smaller. Tel. Reighley's
Now that the new Ganiewell lire
alarm system has been installed, the
following instructions as to the location of lire alarm boxes, their number
and system ol signalling may prove of
District  indications  for Fire
Alarm  Boxes.
Box No. 11.—Corner First Street
and McKenzie Avenue, C. B. Hume
A Co
Box No. 15,—Cor. First Street and
Rokeby Avenue, (Post ollice)
Box No. 16—Corner Second street
and Govern men t Road (opera house)
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, (Globe Lumber
Box  No.  18.—C. P. It. station.
Box No. 2-1.—Corner Filth street
and McKenzie ave. (Catholic church)
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street,
and Orton avenue, (W. A. Foote).
Box No. 20.—Corner Fourtii Btrect
and MoArthur avenue.
Box No. 27—Corner Fourth street
and Town ley street (over south track).
Box No. 28.—Corner Second street
and Robson avenue (Mrs. Baker).
Box  No. 34.—Fire Hall No. 2
Box  No. 86,—Hospital.
Box  No. Ilti.—School.
Signal lor practise—not less than
six (II) slow strokes.
One f 1) stroke indicates line broken
or lire out.
Signals are given thus: 2 strokes—
interval 6 seconds—4 strokes; equals
Box 24. No. ol box will also be shown
on indicator at Fire Hall.
The New Kililiun nf lhu
Vol. \ III issued May, 1909, contains 1500
pages, wilh nearly 50 per cent, more
mailer than the preceding edition* The
chapters with nine descriptions and on
statistics have been carefully revised and
the Imlk of the matter therein i^
There are 25 chapters,
Covering Copper I Uslory, Geology,
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting, Refining
Brands, Grades j Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, Slates, Countries and Continents; Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports]
Finances) Dividends, etc
The Copper Handbook is conccdedlv
The Copper Hanbook contains, in this
new and greatly enlarged edition) about
50 per cent, more matter than   Ihe    Bible
though nol necessarily a better book
because of its greater bulk. It is filled
with FACTS 01 vital Importance to
Price Is $5 In buckram wilh gilt top, or
$7.50 in genuine full library morocco.
Terms are the most liberal. Send no
money, but order the book sent you, all
carriage charges prepaid on one week*n
approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory,
or paid for it it suits. Can you afford noi
to see the book ami judge for yourself oi
its value tO you?
Write now lo the editor and publisher,
tt I. Stevens
'I'he niiin with u full stomach is
always happy. Try Reighley's vegetables and be hippy,
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 3!)       uiiiini   McKonzio Ave
6Z\c. per acre cash
and 62[c. once each
year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Oolumbia Southern;
Oolumbia and Kootenay and Oolumbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain   or  Stock
and may be purchased on these EASY
TERMS from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps. Application   Forms.   Regula
tions and Literature.
Assistant tu 2nd Vice President
Hox 1317, - Calgary, Alberta
Please send me all facts petaining
to your lands in B. C.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Home grown Iruit and ornamental
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part ol
the American continent not infested witli the Sun Jose Male—
Garden, Kield and Flower seede—
Tested atock from the beet growers in the world—Wire fencing
and Gates—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Suppl et, Out fllowen,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor only.—New 167 page Catalogue tree.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      •      South Vancouver
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Canilie.", Cigars,Tobacco,
Meals 35 cent?.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
M.e i.Iiu'inr».| tor all die.-.*, of  buildinfl
for sain iu Urge nr smell ijciHiititlts
at the lowest priced for cub.
AU kindl ol building mid'plastering
New Goods By Express
Ladies' Knitted Golf Coats in all
the new styles. Misses' Knitted
Norfolk Coats in Navy, Cardinal
and Greys.    Buster Knitted Coats
Tliese are just what you want for these cool evenings and
mountaineering trips
Haiui— i'n August   1st, to  Mr.
Mrs. C. A. Unite, a son.
Henry Isles, n larmer, of Firdale,
Manitoba, was drowned while bathing
in a Blough lust Sin.day.
There wn.- no regular meeting ol the
city council on Friday evening as a
quorum wss not mi band at tlie required time.
It, 11. Trin iniiii nil be io Ibe studio
Irom the llth tu 17th inclusive. Will
you kindly make your appointments
.Mr. Hislop Dickson, M.A , of Knox
College, who is working on the Ule-
cillewaet mission held, will preach in
Knox Church tomflrrow, morning and
J H. Gillis, of Vancouver, lias con-
: riin-d bis right to the title ol
champion amateur athlete ol Oanada,
by an easy victory over all others at
the Toronto police Fports laBt week.
Lewis sniith who was arrea ed here
on a false charge laid in Grand Forks,
haa beeu acquitted and is on his way
back to Kevelstoke to his old position
with the Maundrell Meat Market.
A number "[ Doukhobors near
Swan Kiver. Sask , were reported as
parading in the nude last week
old woman died and was left by the
roadside while the deluded procession
passed on.
G. A. Harris, who was in charge of
tbe Ukaniigau. published at Vernon,
has gone to .lapati to succeed W. T. K.
Preston as trade commissioner lor
Cauads. He is a son ol the late John
Harris, one of tlie founders of the
MaMsey Harris Company.
Andrew l.&idlaw, ol Spokane, president aud largest shareholder of the
Ruyal Collieries .if Lethbridge, Alta ,
recently passed through after a visit
to the Coast. Mi. Laidlaw was at oue
time a well known newspaper proprietor of t-ialt aud Woodstock, Out.
Wing Chung says the strawberry
season now over, has, in spite of want
of warm weather, been ou the whole a
moet successful one with him. He
has sent different shipments to Calgary and other points, aud finds that
the Kevelstoke berry is highly pri/ed
wherever it ia known
Hon. Charles Murphy, secretary ol
■-tate, has returned to Ottawa after
his trip through the west. He enjoyed
it thoroughly. He said he found very
little interest in tlie question of Imperial defence, one man remarking to
bim,'We want bjx cars more than
Rev. Wigie Hamilton, pastor of
Zion church. Winnipeg, on Wednesday evening gave au interesting lecture in tne Metbodilt church "On
Horseback Through 1 alestine," He
had ridden through tbe If ly land in
equestrian iariii in and described the
different scenes very vividly. He admitted tbat .lerueaiem was on some
-. spectt u disappointing and wretched
oking city. Modern improvements
such as street cars and electric lights
ere unknown, and tin. -ireets were
unlighti-d. Tie i» iph emulated tbe
good old proverb aboul early t.. bed
and early to ri-i . tl tiny went to bed
at dark and g..t up »t daylight, bit
did not seem to be any bealtbier,
wealthier or wiser than the general
run of pople. He found evidence ol
the truth ..( Bible prophecies in fragments ol citier- ivin.se overthrow had
been (.iretold lung ago.
uii. ii groceries are needed from our
choice stock nl' een,-ils, lens, etc.,
.•ind yon nil- always sore ol' getting
only pine .'ind adulterated fresh
Hoods in nny line. Our sevvice is
pi-oiupl nnd oui prices nre lower
than what vou will pay loi' inferior
goods elsewbeie   Telephone II.
In ibis line we pride ourselves
in ihe quality of oui' goods. If not.
already a customer give ns n trial
.ind judge I'm' yourself. Our bakery
is ihe must up-to-date iii the province and our stall' of workmen one
the most competent to In- hnd.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  une nl   the   must   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Cutting of early wheat commenced F.arl Grej has consented to open
in Manitoba this week, hut harvesting ] the new Granville street bridge over
will not be general till alter August False Greek mi his return from tin
20th. ! Vuknn early next month.   Afterwards
qo will come east and go into camp at
A Brand New Idea
Hinged lop Talcum Can
Williams     New
Talcum Package
Tbr hinged lop
pi events leaking
letting   Fine   'Inl
im   Stunning Perfumes
('.ii iiiiiiiui and  Violel
iiei   i  pocaage \\Idle itV
in-ii    Prii r _i.'> i i sts,
Neit Hume Block    "Phone No. U
The grading ot the V. V. it E. line,
between Keremeos and Princeton, ia
nearing completion, and the rails will
probably reach Hedley about the
middle of the month.
Big catches of sockeye are reported
on the Fraser river during the past
week, Thirty-six thousand Bal mon
were caught at Bellinghani and fifteen
thousand at Point Roberts.
The work ot supplanting the Hin-
|dus at the Fraser river mills with
French Canadians is to start this
mouth. Twenty families will be included in the lirst arrivals and they
will be housed in buildings put up bv
the Fraser Kiver Mills company for its
In the current B. C Oa/.ettc Hugh
Baillieof Comaplix lias been appointed
a commissioner lor taking artidavits
lor Kevelstoke division and H. H.
Scotoey-George, veterinary surge. .
Kamloops, is appointed an inspector
under the contagious diBeases act.
The Canadian   Bank of  Conn.
has purchased $1,030,000  Manitoba   I
per cent, bonds at par. Tbe debentures were for drainage purposes and
their ready purchase shows tlie ..
standing ot Canadian securities in
the money markets of the world .it
thia time.
At the regular meeting of the Bl
of Trade on Thursday evening, VV   M
Lawrence    lin-    president   reported on
In- recent conference in Vancouver
with C.P.R, officials in connection
with freight rates. He said be
overy hope that iati.-diict.ury arrange
ments would be arrived at.
James Pattison, a leading merchant,
ol Fergus, i intario, was seized fii li
hemmorbage while sii giug in the
Presbyterian church choir in that
place   last   .-Sunday.     He   waa   carried
out dying ad passed away immediately
afterwards. Several of the congrega
tion fainted and the service was discontinued.
The Governor-General (Earl Grey)
passed through here on Wednesday
night nn a -pecial train From Van-
couver he went n-irth on Lieut,-tinv.
Duiisiiiiiir's yacht I'eliinra. On his
return he will stop off at, Golden anil
go down to Windermere where he will
remain in camp for a few weeks befure
going east, again.
The Black I'att.i troupe performed
before a large audience in the opera
house here on Friday nigbl,. The
performance WM  thoroughly   enjoyed,
the oom So selections being oonifdered
particularly good. The company
travelled in their own private e;ir,
which   went mil   on    this   lnoming'1
Windermere, in the Columbia valley,
i country tbat he declares to be lull)
equal in scenery to the Yellowstout
park in the I'nited States.—Vancouver Province.
Buster Oould, tlie youngest son nl
Mr. and .Mrs. Jack Oould formerly ol
this city, (ell 23 :'i-ei o ._. bridge io
Vancouver, striking on bis head, fracturing an arm, leg and ins skull. Tbe
child, who is 2] years .if age, is now-
lying in St. Pauls hospital Mter
consultation li or : -• --
i if tie hope ol recovery. The news was
received today by I. Gould oi tiie
Observer staff, brother of  Jack G mid
\   .   -t'-r for  the  Bevelstoke Fall
• :ch has just lieen tamed  ool
-- -   I tb    Maii.-Hkbai.ii,
ai      admiring  remark-.
-   '    I -        i . :   .-   printed  in
veil balanced colors of nine,   red   and
brown       The   bright  lithographs   uf
salvers    ! fruit set oil tbe opper edges,
- ,i piel ore of 1 w
jockeys Btei ; lecbaring, and tbe letter
ing is br ..■ nl pn mini mly in
bright ts, ire throughout. Nothing
■'' 'ter co , ! :„■ produoed by thi
net netn polltau cities, and it
lere is no need to go outside
Revelstoke  for excellence in  tins class
'    r .
M isa   Pal i ck   -mer  of   Mi
\i fl    ii W ednimday   last for lur
bome .n Montreal.
W. A   \l icdonald, K 0., Vat
 is   representing  the  ('rnwn   in
the Haggen rase, left  fur  the  Coast
again on  I h.ir_.il iy ifterin,' in
1 :.' resi (nation of  Prof, am
gymnastii instrnotor for tlie V M.C A
:j •    taki    Ifed  at  the   end   ol   tbi
iiioiil h      lie will   leave   for   i.
early in September.
' \ nderson, at present in charge
nf l In- C P it, eeotion at.  Sandon    md
an old timer on the railway in Kootenay, passed through on Wednetday
afternoon on a trip to the Coast
lohn Oliver. M.L.A. for Delta,   left
on Thursday morning on  the south
train hound  for  Kossland,   where he
will assist the Liberals in their organ
ization work.
Kev.    w.   K.   rioaa,    Preibyterian
minister of Grand Forka, was  in  the
oity   last   Wednesday   to   meet   bis
daughter on her return Irom a visn to
' Portage   la   Pra rio,    MiaH    Rosa   waa
laooompaniod by MIhh Bannorman, a
I trained nurse residing at Qrand ForkK.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agont
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Kkntb Collected. Loans Notary Public
F. B. Lewis, of Vancouver, was in
t iwn this week.
XV. T. Robon, advertising agent lor
the Canadian Pacilic Kailway Co., who
was iu tbe city yesterday, left Ior
Field, but will return in aliout a week,
vlien he will ascend Mount Kevelstoke
in company with tbe members ol the
Board of Trade.
Miss M. Foley, of tbe Orangeville
Sun, spent yesterday and to-day in the
city on a holiday trip through the
country. Miss Foley is a niece of
Jerry Foley, formerly proprietor of the
Lakeview hotel, Arrowhead.
Seeing is believing, eating is the
naked truth. Get Reighley's vegetables at P, Burns.
Private sale of household furniture
of Mrs. 1). XV. Foote, Third Btreet.
Same may be seen between the hours
ol 11 a.in. and 1 p.m. any day.    17tf
Wireless telephones for talking
without wires (!ini^ or short distance)
nre the latest great invention of thinge. Agents wanted lo sell stock.
References required. For particulars
address litl'KIU.U. FINANCE Co., "B"
Department. Pender Street, Vancouver, B, O. July 17-lm
As the vegetables grow larger the
prices grow smaller. Tel. Reighley's
Body of Harcourt Poole Found Lying in Very
Shallow Water Near Wigwam
The body of Harcourt. Poole, a
young man well known in the city,
was found lying in a .stream near
Wigwam by some 0 P.R. trainmen at
aliout ten o'clock on Wednesday
morning laBt. Life was found to be
extinct, and the body was removed to
Howson's undertaking rooms in thiB
city, from wbicli place the funeral was
held yesterday afternoon.
Harcourt Poole was a inun about 24
or 26 years of age. Hebad worked at
different occupations around town,
For some time he drove the bus for
Mr. Caley at. the City hotel. On
Sunday morning he left to walk out to
Muivaliill's ranch near Greeuslide.
He seems to baV9 slopped tbere for a
day or two. and then to have struck
out for Arrowhead and that was Ihe
last seen of bim, The body when
found was quite fresh and had apparently ouly been in the water fnr a
short time Dr Hamilton, after inquiry, attributed death to heart
failure, and did uot consider an
inquest necessary. It is thought that
he may have been leaning over the
water and have been seized hy an
attack and fallen iu. lt was quite
■hallow und under normal circumstances he would have  struggled   out.
Poole- parents live at Lacotnbe,
Alberla. Ttiey were communicated
Willi, but a telegram was received from
.. - lal er aaying that their house was
quarantined for diphtheria and none
of them could come. He asked to
have the funeral  here.
.«-    mght   the   Busineaamen   deli ited the Intermediates  in  a  rather
slow gun,i <,i ball.     This  is  the  lirst
- ■'a-ori for the  Busineaamen
bave   two   more   games   to
play      The    Intermedia e   team   was
ad   in   this game  owing to
- ma        a playera not being able to
i be Scoti Greyi now  lead
led ub   having loat two garni -
whil      .'.-      . ntermediati -   itand   in
• •    living lott three games
• el   tin-   H w rs  on  the
id   i  gOOd  ga.ie    :-  •       i .t<<l
'in   H ednesday   nej     tbi     n mor
.•ii ar< a ,ing o,  \ rmstroog
a Ai   itrotq     i
it  '. -d.iead.iy nigbl tbe   Beavers
- an in tba junior league.
i.ior baseball lelied ile   us re-
I  .    -  anils
ri  Borers, Augusi  10th
Oreys vs. Buaineiemen   Aug. 13th
o i ibiesimen tt rntei mediates, Aug
games a II! itart as 'i If) sharp
ind ill players should endeavor to be
oui  "i lime
i >n' ,moor baeeball schedule now
stands, that is if McKsohern'a team
wins one more game,  liny lead   in the
Tim  lioala  in  the   jiini.n-   laoroua
will In  played on Thursday night mint
Y.M.c A. grounds,
A, E. Miller Appointed for This District, with
Headquarters Here
A. E. Miller has been appointed
nspector ol public schools tor tho
districts ol Okanagan and Arrow lakes,
and on tbe main line Irom the Alberta boundary to Sicamous, with headquarters at Kevelstoke. Revelstoke,
Kamloops and New Westminster
have all been created headquarters lor
new districts.
The complete list of inspectors and
their districts is now as follows: J. S.
Gordon, Vancouver island, beadquar
tera at Victoria; A. 0 Stewart, frnm
Port Simpson to south of the Fraser,
headquarters at, Vancouver; J. 1). Gillis, the south liank ol the FraBer,
Chilliwack and New Westminster,
headquarters at New Westminster; A.
Sullivan, Agassiz, Harrison Hot
Spiingsand Kamloops, headquarters
at Kamloops; A. K. Miller, Okanagan,
Airow Lakes and main line to Sica
inoua, headquarters at Kevelstoke; G
H. Deane, aout. ei'n Kooteuay and
Boundary, headquarters at Nelson.
Moving piotures to-night.
Barbers and Doctors Raise Ire of San Francisco's Chinamen
San FRANCISCO, Aug. 1.— Barbers in
Chinatown hnve raised the price for
shaving hoiidsjfrom 25 to 35 cenls and
the Chinese berh doctors have iii-
creasi'il their fees (nun 25 to 50 cents.
The result is almost n revolution in
tlie Celestial quarter, as a Chinese
cannot shave hia own head and every
Chinaman regards herbtaking at regular intervals as a guard against sickness. Several ecoreB of barber shops
are scattertd through Chinatown and
all do a nourishing business, as the
Celestial head must be shaved every
day to keep up proper appearances,
The barbers also clean the ears and
trim the eye brows. The barbers declare that the high prices ol fond aid
the excessive reuls compel tbem to
make an advance in tlie time-honored
price of "two biis." The herb doctors
claim tbat tbey have been underpaid
for years and they cite the lees of the
white doctors aa prool that at 50 ceutB
their prescriptions are very cheap.
The dead walls of Chinatown are
Qaming with r.d poBters today attacking the barbers and doctors for
advancing tlieir prices, but theae
lampoons lave had no effect.
Will Sit in Vancouver on August 23rd, and
Then Come West
The Forestry oom mission recently
appointed by tho Provincial government will hold [our aessioriB in Vancouver beginning on Monday, August
28, On Friday and Saturday ot that
week the commission will sit in New
Westminster, alter which they will
make an extended lour ol the interior,
and bold sittings at Kamloops, Vernon, Kevelstoke, Fernie and Cranbrook. Tbis is the announcement of
A, G, Flunierfelt, one of the iiiemberB
ol the Commission.
Mr. A S Goodeve, M.P., tbe third
member  ol  the commiason',  in ex-
peeled to arrive fmin Nelson early
next week, Hon. Frederick Fulton,
commissioner ol Crown lands, the
chairman will, it in understood, ut the
opening session ul. Victoria fully an-
pl.m and scope of this
enquiry, llmv best Io
Columbia's   area   ol
nounoe ihe
conserve Uritish
merchantable timber, the largest in
the world, and the question ol making
perpetual the limlair licenses which
now have a life of 21 years, renewable
(rom year to year, a proposal advocated hy many lumbermen, are tlio
viial questions with which Ihe commission will deal iu all its sessiona.
I beae will be completed in ample
im,i! lor tha Qommiailonera to prepare
iheir nport on i.inch the government
will act ou ils legislation on  the  timber question,
August Prices
Summer Goods must go  and   wc  arc   making prices
that  ounlit  to start them
Wash Dresses
In Lawn and Chambray for   ladies  and   in   Linen
and Duck for children from five to sixteen years of age.
All  at  the  one   price   of $1.00  each.
Children's Parasols
Regular 75c. and $1.00, new selling ni  ;}oc.
See our window of   Embroidery,   Edging Strapping and  Insertions.    The price will please you.
McLennan & Co,
I You Don't Have To
^ Go outside of Revelstoke to make
£ your Real Estate Investments.
£ The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
f heave the best bargains in the City.
E      Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
I Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
drain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Poas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Moving pictures to-nigbt.
lhe mini with a lull stomach is
n I ivkym happy. Try ICeighley a vegetables and hu hippy,
Two Men Narrowly Escape Death on Thursday
Two workmen narrowly tscaped
death in the city sewer between Sec-
oud and Third street, near Campbell
avenue, on Thursday afternoon. They
were digging in very sandy soil, when
the cribbing suddenly caved in and
the sand poured down on them bury-
iug one of the men, Robertson, lo the
shoulders, while the other man, Isaac
Johnson, was pinned by the le^B
against the woodwork. . T. F. Sinclair
and a large gang of men wero working
near at the time and immediately
rushed to the assistance of the men,
Shortly afterwards Mayor Lindmark
came along and energetically superintended operations till both men
were released, while \V. A. Foo'.e did
good work in the dangerous position
down in the newer.
The sewer had to be partly cribbed
again before the men could go to work
to dig out their hall buried comrades,
and the work ol the rescuers was
itself full of peril aB tbe earth was
liable to cave io and bury them at any
moment. Johnson, who is a Swede
newly on the job, waB lout released
and tainted as lie was being taken out.
He was immediately removed to the
hospital ill the aiulnilani-.e. lt took
about another hour to got Robertson
out. He bore up pluckily in bis
position and never whimpered. He
was quite conscious when removed
and in this condition was also taken
to tlie hospital. They were attended
by Drs. Hamilton and McLean, who
report lhat Johnson's legs wbere be
was pinned between tho timbers nre
somewhat luiiised, while Itobertson
has a fractured hip.
For Robertson especially a great
deal ol sympathy iB lelt, as his injury
may result in permanent lameness,
He was the pipe-layer and an excellent
man at Ins job. He was standing up
to receive a pipe when the cave-in
came Had he been stooping he
would probably have been buried
completely. It is the third time be
has been in accidents of tlie kind,
having In en caught ui CSVe-ini twice
at Kamloops belore.
Revelsloke Land Distriel.
Distriel, of West Kinili-iiny.
Take notice that Bai'tlci Phimtou of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkeeper,
intends io apply for permission in purchase the following desci Hied lauds:
Commencing ut a post planted nt Ibe
north-west eorner of Loi 75*15, thence
soulh III chains to T.L. 12160, thence
west, 2n chains, lo thu eorner of T.L.
12160, Iheuee south III chili IIH along tbe
western boundary of same, tlience
west 10 chains, thence north 10 cliains
to hike shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent l'or Harney Plumton.
Dated 3 lily 20,1009. aug 7
Revelstoke Land District,
District of West. Kootenay.
Take notice that L. A. Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, intends to apply
tor permission to purohase the following described landsi
Commencing nt a post planted on the
west side of Upper Arrow Luke, aliout
one and a half miles south of Bannock
Point, thenee west 20 ohaina, tbenee
north 20 'hains, thence west 20 chains,
thence north 00 chains to the _____..& 8,
line, thence following the K. & S. line
east 20 chains, south 20 chains, east 20
chains, soutb 20chains lo lake shore,
thence following the lake shore to
point of commencement.
Agent for L, A. Dewar.
Dated July 20, 1000. aug 7
FIVE ROOM  HOUSE  located on V.
P, R, grounds near station, with
20 year lease on gioiiud, This bouse is
in good repair with line garden and
fiiiil trees. Will sell at a bargain if
sold at once. Apply for further piu-
tiriilnrs to E, J. Bourne, Kirst street.
ININO ROOM GIRL   wanted apply nl the Oriental Hotel,
FOR SALE—Potatoes per 100lb8. $2.
Gooseberries 7e. per lb.   Apply to
John Malz. P. O. Box  158, Revelsloke.
aug 7 14
Fire Brigade No. 2
On Tuesday next the loth iiml.,
during the afternoon, it will be necessary to ring the Kile Ahum Hell, lo
finally adjust and complete the system,
In the event uf a fire occurring during
this period the bell will be rung faster
than if rung by the automatic striker,
wi*limit any intermission.
Alter Ibis date the new Bysteui for
No, 2 Kire Hall will be complete,


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